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"Greenland is not for sale. Greenland is not Danish. Greenland belongs to Greenland," Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told the Sermitsiaq newspaper. "I strongly hope that this is not meant seriously."

I find it interesting that in U.S. history, we have the Monroe Doctrine, established in 1823, that European powers could not colonize in Latin America. Even though this isn't colonizing, can there be a doctrine that can prevent Trump from trying to purchase Greenland?
This president is an embarrassment
Every day I'm more embarrassed than the last..... we are just a laughing stock to the rest of the world.
What about the outstanding huge national debt trump and this administration have caused? How could we even afford to buy it if trump and his little cult members want the wall sooo bad? That alone would have fed all the needy children and the poor for years to come!
It’s not a terrible idea I think Greenland is pretty nice I wouldn’t mind owning it, I don’t know what we would do with it but we got Puerto Rico and Guam we don’t really have anything to do with them either
Amereca, WE can't take care of our own, but hey, Greenland?
And The Deplorables still follow and support this thing occupying The People's House...sad and despicable. Always remember, the majority did NOT vote for him.
The world has more things to laugh at US. We are already a laughingstock of the world.
It will be ours by the end of his second term....
I can just imagine how he'd build resorts & casinos for profit. Then he could displace the natives there & hire them for cheap labor.
I would have just continued to call Trump directly and asked him for an offer. Then mention that Greenland is for sale by open tender and his good friend president Xi is also an interested party.
Its actually an insult to to put up somthing for an offer if the owner is not selling...maybe he wants to build a tax haven for his friends
I think Epstein's Island might be for Sale Trump ! You Remember. Be Best Stay Young 👭👑👭.
I think we should buy Greenland. Then if global happens we can move there, and maybe change the name to Trumpland.
Why are we making enemies of our allies. We all know that this is Russia's intent. The world is less safe, nobody respects US and we are weaker in the Pacific. Someone is making America weak and end it once and for all from within.
45 would just drill it to death for personal and bestie friends profit, who do not pay taxes. 45 leave Greenland alone. We don't need another country destroyed by you.
Why does Denmark maintain Greenland to the tune of 600 million dollars per year. Generosity??
This isn’t the first time. Truman wanted to ‘buy’ it, too.
You want it go ahead buy it but use your OWN money then take yourself and your family with you. Seriously folks more diabolical rubbish coming out of this mans mouth.
man, Trump can't even build a wall from the south to stop the "brown walkers", then, now he wants winter fell, haha!!!
Another day, another international embarrassment
I can't wait for next year's campaign ads where Trump talks about how we're respected around the world again!
They can sell it or we have enough firepower at Thule AFB to take it from them. Their choice I say
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New Zealand is often seen as a progressive place for women. But abortion is still a crime there, unless certain conditions are met.

Pro-choice activists have been trying to change the law for decades -- this is why it's taken so long.

For all the people saying men are not allowed to have an opinion on this, I disagree. We are all free thinking beings, thus everyone is allowed to think as they see fit.
Good law for New Zealand. Keep it
Great job New Zealand!
It's taken so long because the people of New Zealand have actual souls
If men could get pregnant, I guarantee there would be abortion on demand. It wouldn’t be a question. Women know their health and their bodies. They know whether they were forced. They need to make this difficult choice.
Thank you New Zealand.
It’s legal in Canada. BUT rarely used. We have FREE BC and morning after pill. EDUCATION and SUPPORT. Also many options for adoption or free education and childcare if she chooses.
I was pro life but I became pro choice over time as I talked to women who have had abortions. I still don’t think it’s a moral act but I understand why it needs to remain legal.
Ever been to New Zealand? It is one big welfare state!
Put it this way... if my mom had an abortion with me.. i wouldnt know... nor would i care
Well I don't think abortion should be even thought of. We practically give away condoms for free and I believe we do for those less fortunate. Birth control pills don't hardly cost anything. The best way to do is just not have sex until you're married but that's not going to happen. However I am very biased I'm a Christian. How can a Christian and I'm speaking only to Christians abort a baby when God knows that baby before it is formed in the mother's womb? For whatever it's worth if pro-life doesn't win.... there is absolutely no doubt in my mind it shouldn't come out of the tax dollars of the American people. Why should we help support something that were dead set against?
Why has it taken so long? Well.... because it is murder? Because New Zealand's Government has people with common sense, logic, and critical thinking skills?
Hopefully, the reconstituted US Supreme Court is the beginning of the end of the American Holocaust.
When a man can get pregnant then he is allowed to be pro-life. The choice is up to the woman only
The argument about abortion starts and stops at body autonomy. It is a well established human right that every individual has body autonomy. You can not take organs from a dead person without prior consent. You can not have sex with someone without their consent. You can not use or force another person to give you blood, organs, tissue without their consent. Even if that person is your only chance at survival. You can not force a woman to gestate for 9 months and give birth without her consent. A fetus is 100% dependent on using the females body to form and as I already said you can not use another persons body WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT! It doesn’t matter what your religious or moral beliefs are, or weather you think terminating a pregnancy is murder. Your beliefs do not invalidate a persons right to their body. period
“Why has it taken so long?” CNN... you’re a hack. Nothing objective about your network. Everything is progressive. Everything is from the left. What a joke.
Advanced nations are moving towards more progressive laws more so than other countries... it’s what’s best for everyone... these are the happiest countries and voted best places to live...
Notice that most comments regarding taking away a woman's right to choose are from men.
Go ahead, New Zealand. Join the list of all the other countries in the West that are morally bankrupt. Smh.
If a woman doesn’t want a baby, that is their choice. Not your religion.
Free speech is also a crime in New Zealand. How progressive of them...
Michael Peyton, I agree with your point, but being baptized doesn’t save anyone
Even the US Constitution says everyone has the right to life. Abortion should be illegal here also.
Because New Zealand doesn’t much care for the state-sanctioned murder of unborn human beings, that’s why.
Because it is the murder of unborn babies and is evil.
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The presidential candidate's efforts to make amends and rebuild her relationships with the Native American community have gone far beyond apologizing, according to CNN's interviews with almost a dozen people

Some of these candidates need to look at themselves and ask an honest question. Am I the best person to lead our nation?
I just cannot vote for her. I work with natives daily and couldn't imagine someone lying about their heritage to get an advantage at the expense of a true Native American. I wish her the best of luck but she can't earn my vote
My sisters and I were told our grandfather was Native American. According to Ancestry, I don't have any Native in me. So who's wrong?
How can anyone vote for someone that lied on her school applications? Shows that she does not have integrity.
Wel, since it is Elizabeth Warren we're talking about, I would expect her to work on policies regarding Native Americans. She is running on her policies, and talking directly to their leaders would be a good way to find out their concerns. I suspect many of her policies will continue to be discussed by Democrats in the days to come.
Hamberder Helper presents: Deep Thoughts with Uncle Donny. Tonight we examine the nature of trade in a piece entitled “Huawei.” Enjoy “No. That was reported. And, actually, it's the opposite. Huawei. Huawei is a company we may not do business with at all. And it was sort of reported, I think the opposite, today -- I was surprised -- that we are open to doing business. We're actually open not to doing business with them.”
I can relate. My mother's last name is Saint-Hilaire, and I grew up being told I was of French descent. When I took a DNA test, I found out I had 0% French. Since I also found out that I'm 1/4th black, my best guess is that the French last name was inherited from slavery since France once owned the entire island that I came from.
She is probably the most unrelatable and odd person ever. She has a 1/1024th of a chance to make it to the nomination.
So when is Trump going to apologize to the Native American community for his tone deaf Wounded Knee remarks?
She is a member of the Fugowwi Tribe, who were known to aimlessly wander and forage the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Her Fugowwi name was Forked Tounge.
I can identity with Mrs Warren because my family also told me that we have Native Americans as apart of our heritage. Yet I took a DNA test which revealed that I had less than 1% Native American heritage. The test show that I am 70% African and 27% European. Prior to this knowledge I had marked down Native American in addition to Black to acknowledge having a racially diverse background.
I’m from her home state, once Indian Territory. She has no chance of winning here.
Warren was the 1st woman of color to be a tenured professor at Harvard law school.......😂
Tim Hamilton according to her 23 and me test. She's like 2% native American. Now I'm 1% native American and you better believe I'm just holding on to that.
She already scammed the education system. Not to many complaints from the liberals that she just outright lied. She gained an advantage and by doing so denied another qualified person.
i waa born half hopi/navajo & adopted by the apache tribe of OK and grew up with a each foot in a differnent shoe at all times. ive visited 46 states, had many teachers and also learned from many cultures over the last 20 yrs. i also grew up partually on the navajo rez. i know more white americans who are more native american than my most my redskin family. it has been told long ago that family would come home. a native americans heart is with the land and people of this land. i know more native americans with white skin than red skin, and they prove it.
You guys do understand that sometimes people have family stories that are passed down generations after generation and they turn out to not be true. It’s not your fault if your grandparents told you that they were told by their grandparents they had Native American blood. You believe what you are told until it’s proven otherwise.
What relationship, she's as native as I am African.....
Of course, any underdog rising in the polls, will upset the status quo, God, they are insecure!
She's been lying since before she took office. She lied to take office. Unfit for any position!
What real Native American lost a faculty appointment at Harvard because of fake Indian Warren? Her ill gotten wealth from being a prof should be given to the Native American community
I am a native American, and she can pound sand
How dare she ever darken the doorways of true native Americans! I'm surprised she's even thinking of showing her face to real indians!
She ensured herself to never receive the Native American vote.
Any Democrat candidate is better than Trump at this point.. let’s just have one strong democrat candidate to rip trump out of WH in 2020
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The party was "just a random group of people receiving an invite" on messaging app Snapchat, a detective told CNN affiliate KHOU

Before I come to any conclusion on this matter I need to know demographics and whom they voted for. Thanks.
Time for another round of "our thought and prayers "
Common sense is the least common these days... Darwin would be so proud.
We parents should help the kids turn off the location setting that is on when they get the snapchat app that shows everyone in the area- not just friends & shows them up to everyone. I learned this need from listening to podcast about The Delphi Murders. One of the girls had just sent a snapchat. (Libby & Abby)
Stop taking authority from the parents to raise their children so they don't grow as thugs and stop giving phones and tablets to your kids from such small ages, they do not know better than that!!! Kids need to socialize and learn a bit more patience and love for their people around them. MAKE LOVE NOT WAR! Life is priceless and NOBODY has the right to take it awayfrom anybody else, NOBODY!!
If you do your own research instead of what MSM wants you to believe you find out so much more.
No need to ban guns in America. They have thoughts and prayers to deal with gun violence. Absolutely absurd....
there is one every day! Everything is working!
So it was a mass shooting right ? When will CNN be setting up camp ? Oh wait we don't know the Race of the person or persons involved but I'm sure this is the only time CNN will report on this Mass Shooting if it doesn't fit the pandering narrative !!!
The longer it takes for CNN to announce the race of the shooter, the more likely it is a POC.
Most of the “Christian” Conservatives, who attended church today, will defend the gun and NOT the people/victims.
Did they advert that on the flyer? Come get shot at our insta party? Cause i think that'd be a big draw for some folks
Hey it’s TX the most open carry state in the union. Why didn’t the “ good guy with a gun” stop it like the NRA says?
Kids don’t learn EVER??? how are you gonna invite strangers into your home ? This happened here in La Jolla few months ago and a young girl was killed ! don’t invite people using an app PLEASE !!!!
Texas with its "more guns' being "more safe" again. Lets see how long the population of Texas can keep up with this before actual laws are passed by congress.
What's the background of those so call kids?
What's going on with our children and these hate crime that's commended by young folks...
Why that sudden interest in place snapchat near this kind of things while is the safest social network right now?
$5 says the shooter gets a slap on the wrist. Because that's how the justice system works nowadays.
It's called natural selection...
What about all the shootings in Democratic controlled Chicago over three hundred murders this year why don't CNN cover this
Yall are sickening, make a joke out of kids being victims of unnecessary violence, parents dealing with their kids recovery. Wow really make you think of what this world has become. 😢😢
This seems really odd to me and like the person who did it may have set it up by inviting selected people 🤔😔
Just another day in America these days. In Australia our gun laws work. Nobody carries or has a reason to carry a gun.
Well I'm sure if they had gun liability insurance this would be ok, or maybe more background checks could have prevented this.....😕
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President Donald J. Trump's comments come after he met with top national security advisers to review a US-Taliban peace plan that could end America's longest running war

God bless President Trump & his family! Everyday he is bullied so bad by the Democrats and MSM, and everyday he just keeps working so hard for our wonderful country and us Americans all while donating his paychecks to charities. What a wonderful POTUS we have ❤
May as well wait for a real president to take office next year. Just go golfing Donnie. Leave the work to the grownups.
A laboratory for terror ...great tag line. He must have heard it from the generals and is co opting it.
Resign! You're in over your head! If you really care for America surrender your position! You're not qualified! Forget your ego and pride! America needs someone who knows what they're doing! This is out of your wheelhouse!
Good! President Trump is a amazing person inspiring us all to become better people! He is a nice kind caring loving intelligent most bashful conman in the whole world! A moral beacon of light and fugitive of rational thinking into MAGA and Space Force and also KAG and BTW! He has been faithful to his wives and misstresses! He is so awesome we wont need Elections anymore once God makes him the devine Grand Dictator! He is a true Christian warrior fighting for all real "LEGAL" Americans! President Trump is a servant of God! God bless the Lord of the Lies and let him keep silencing the salty delusional brainwashed haters!#MAGA2020 #KAG2020 #ANYDEM2020 😉😎🤔😥😣😏🙄😁😀
Honestly. I mean honestly. Can anybody tell me where this guy has been the last 50 years. He doesn't have a f****** clue
We should only let Donnie go to war with a country if he can find it on a map on his first try. We'll be in a new era of world peace.
For once I agree with Trump. he’s right, Afghanistan can’t be a laboratory for terror,. That’s our job in the United States , they can’t be cutting in in our action we created Al Quadra and ISiS how dare they get all the credit
Liberals may hate him to the bones, but he has been a very good influence on the world. Obama and Bush had a horrible agenda on the Middle-East and Afghanistan.
I guess we're staying. How is the most inept man to ever see the inside of the Oval Office going to keep the Taliban from overrunning the whole of Afghanistan two weeks after we leave?
The Oval Office has become a laboratory for Hatred and Theft.
No confidence whatsoever in Trump on any issues and certainly not helping in stabilizing Afghanistan. The man can't manage a two-car funeral!
Not a problem, Trump is going to solve Afghanistan in the first year of his presidency. He knows more than all the generals. Trust him. Oh, wait...
Maybe the Americans didnt read history. Afghanistan is the grave yard of great nations.
I am a Republican ready to do anything for this guy because I am tired of everybody's lies We have to defend the president even die for him . Protect him from everyone and everything The most educated The most incorruptible The most humane The most charismatic The most charming The best human being on earth The most lovely The better husband The best The one and ONLY MR PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA ...❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ other than him trump is just a piece of sh.....t
Didn't he say he helped defeat isis...the taliban are still raiding villages Kind of hard to broker a peace with Terrorists. Overseas or domestic? Keep drinking the koolaid.
Every time he opens his mouth, he only confirms how unqualified and incompetent he truly is.
I can’t believe CNN and it’s viewers are rooting against peace. Oh wait, yes I can.
So trump is wanting to turn over Afghanistan to the enemy and ensure that every soldier who died there - died in vain. Well played Satan, well played. ............ While the deal will include other elements, including a US-Taliban ceasefire, it also has at least one crucial omission: It is not expected to secure a commitment by the Taliban to hold its fire on the Afghan people or the Afghan military, according to sources familiar with the talks.
Alexander the Great's Afghanistan strategy worked pretty well. Marry a princess and then leave the country.
Yeah...Theres only room for one laboratory of terror ...and its the United States😐
Trump should try getting his troops and military hardwear out of the entire Middle-East, stop taking their oil..then the war would come to an end
I thought Bush 2 ended that controversy? And I don't know for sure if it was actually declared a "war". Not sure about that.
Trump couldn't even beat bone spurs....How's he gonna beat people who eat raw goats and have become experts in modern day weaponry...fighting a plethora of nations, with limited resources and land to hide. Trump is a failure and an example of American tomfoolery in the face of real terrorism
You liberals are comical. Continue wars in the middle east, you hate it. Trying to reach a peace agreement, you hate it. See the common denominator here?
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"This President has the backs of farmers." White House trade adviser Peter Navarro defends Trump's commitment to American farmers, as some farmers say the US trade war with China directly hurts them.

It's so sad that this administration continues to lie to the people who had so much faith in them, BE BEST
VOTE the Great Wizzard out of the WH, for the sake of our children children , enough of his BS
Keep believing the crap coming from the WH. It’s not going to help you one little bit. If you can’t sell your product you can’t survive.
We have a bigger fight on our hands that's been decades in the making. You can thank the last several presidents for getting us here.
so many states are giving all of their electoral votes to the popular candidate anyway. so the rural area won't get to decide the winner.
So we pay for our food twice? Once in taxes used for propping up the farmers and again at the store! 😞 And that’s winning?
Even if this was over tomorrow, the relationship with China is over. They are doing business elsewhere. Those subsidies he's passing to them can't be doing much. Alot if they haven't has already started filing bankruptcy, following in the footsteps.of their fearless leader. They ain't got too many more cheeks to turn
Trump don't care he's all over the place in I'm sorry to hear that the farmers may suffer cause they are very very important to all of us and business . I'm so many ways.
I want to hear that from the farmers and the agg support system that moves the products from farm to market. If there is no product then there is no work for the support system. They all suffer.
Donald Trump created this nightmare. The farmers are now the welfare queens that they once disparaged. I take no pleasure in the problems of others but I have no sympathy for those who themselves created the problems. No more taxpayer monies should go to the farmers simply so they can avoid the consequences of their votes. We have all had to live with the consequences of those votes.
This wh needs to stop lying to the people and tell everyone the truth. They need to stop getting rid of the advisors who do tell the truth. Every time the truth comes out they say it's fake news. Wake up people see and hear the truth for yourselves.
Protect the criminal at all costs and at the expense of America!!
I wonder if this is the end of trump. 'he has the backs of farmers' while they go out of business. while they sign up for welfare
Most farmers voted for him. They’re singing a different tune today.
Trump is following Peter Navarro's advice word by word. Years ago as an international trade economist I came across some of Navarro's writings and thought "is this guy insane?" He was turning on its head every established principle in the field, reviving ideas abandoned for well over a century as damaging and wrong. One of the first things I learned in Econs 101: the damages of mercantilism, which is what this ridiculous presidency is doing right now. So if the WH adviser defends the President's strategy he is only defending himself.
If trump is behind the farmers, he can be at the auctions when everything is being sold. He can buy their tractors and the other machinery so they can feed their kids for another day
If you listen to the farmers themselves, they don't want a taxpayer handout to carry them through a trade war, they just want to work their farms and make an honest living. #nofarmsnofood
He has their backs by giving them welfare checks; not what they want. Farmers I know want to work (hard) and earn a good day’s wage. The benefit checks from DC do not solved the trade war issue.
Trumps got everyone one in his administration campaigning now. Let's hear from the farmers !!! More promises that will go unfulfilled. No matter who gets hurt. Trump is a weasel !!!
Can't believe a word this administration utters. All the sociopath's advisers are yes people, otherwise they would not have a job.
Trump is simply a hollow lifestyle brand...”who figured how to profit from the rage and despair it (corporations) left behind in communities that used to do the kind of well-paid manufacturing that companies like his long ago’s quite a con.” Klein (2017) p. 27.
and how many farms have you visited over the past month, Mr. Navarro, and heard from the farmers own mouths what they are thinking and feeling with all this tariff crap and trade war? Winning or going bankrupt? I would bet it is different than the story you are hearing from those in your own bubble.
Does he understand that China is going to other countries for the produce that American farmers had been supplying, we are never getting those markets back
How much of your tax dollars went to bale out the farmers who are still on his side again ?
Obama bailed out the automotive and bank industries and that was bad (per Repubs) but Trump bailing out the farmers to compensate an unnecessary trade war leading to the evaporation of their markets is a good thing?
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Officials estimate the seized drugs are worth $2.3 million

Weed and nachos - the new peanut butter and jelly!
Gov keeps seizing drugs worth millions, can the civilians living in that state get a cut?
Allyuh go waste all dat weed? Really.
I got a great idea! Let’s build a wall with no doors so no trucks can get through. 🤪
Drugs are made in a laboratory by scientists changing chemical bonds. This is a fkn flower 🌺 wtfu!
An opportunity was missed to call them HIGHLAPEÑOS.
I bet lighting one of those dubbies up brought tears to your eyes. Lol
Angry Dave Trading Post Can’t this be shipped to a legal state and sold for a profit?
Come on, I was looking forward to that salsa.....
Glad we got that border wall.....oh wait, this was discovered at a port of entry.
Those peppers are going to taste amazing!
4 tons of weed confiscated at a normal checkpoint without the aid of a wall, astonishing.
Waiting for the “we need a wall” screams
I'd take the peppers before I'd take that reggie
Good camo. What dog could sniff through that?
We need to do away with borders... people in mexico should be able to freely move their product as they please
Some think individuals crossing the border on foot are the primary mules. Get a better understanding, folks. Drug smuggling is big business, huge quantities per shipment, so cleverly disguised that they routinely drive through or sail through designated ports of entry. Trump’s si-called invaders couldn’t carry enough quantity to interest the cartels. The individuals who carry condoms full of cocaine and such come by air.
they're going to just flip it for a profit. what exactly is this protecting us from?
Jalapenos eh,wonder where it came from... Gives new meaning to the phrase, ' the whole enchalada'😄😄
This is a headline heading to extinction. We will see the day in the near term where this is legal.
A piss in the ocean to what the drug companies make . And they are " legally " making people sick who take their DRUGS!
Imagine rolling up and rubbing your eye to instantly having flashbacks back to when you got O.C’d in the military 😂
This needs to stop. Just legalize it already and cripple the supply chain of all of this smuggling, money laundering and importing.
Sell it to the Canadian government and they'll distribute the weed to all the weed retailers here and make a buck same time..
This is rediculious. Take the power away from the illegal market and regulate marijuana like alcohol. Stop wasting out tax dollars fighting a substance that is safer than alcohol.
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The sister of a New York City Police officer who died by suicide — the ninth this year — says the department took his weapons away twice. And twice, she says, they gave them back.

So sorry I lost a loved one by suicide and I know your pain God bless you and may your brother be at peace.
They have to pay more attention to situations like this, these officers endure alot, and don't always ask for help. They should pay more attention to the family members, who know them best! So sorry for your loss, my deepest sympathy and thank you for his service for helping his community!
So sorry for your.loss may.God grant your families peace and comfort and all the great officers out there 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
So the department knew he was a danger, not only to himself but to the community. And they did nothing to help. Wow......
He did us a favor! We need more volunteers!
I’m grateful no one else was shot but him.
Officers are faced with danger and high expectations to perform thier jobs. But there are no machinizimes available for them to deal with human emotions. They are left alone.
I'm sorry for her loss but if he really wanted to kill himself he could have done it any number of ways and taking away his firearm would not have prevented him from finding one of those other ways. That said I totally agree that the department did the right thing by taking his gun away although obviously we need to know more about why they ever give it back to him
NYC we need to show NYPD that we have their backs. Lets not Let anybody hurt NYPD in anyway. They are the once that are protecting NYC (US).
Well, I'm not sure if the weapon was what was a matter with him. He didn't get the support he needed which is too bad. Maybe the entire system is extremely strained.
I'm calling for a full investigation into why so many committed suicide, and even if that's what these deaths really were. Also if these officers had any connection to the Clinton Foundation.
If CNN didn't bash the officers so much and try to understand their jobs are very stressful maybe this wouldn't happen so much Maybe CNN needs to watch the Cop shows and some real news for a change
Here is my issue ... many stories on the news about how police don’t seek help because of the stigma. This includes taking one off the beat as well as taking ones weapon away. Then, when they don’t (at least permanently), that’s the cause. Hmmmm. No win situation. I’m not a police officer... none in the immediate family. But logically both can’t be a basis for blame. Unless you believe humans are required to be infallible. Can there be improvements. Of course. But please, be intellectually honest.
PTSD and Mental illness Support those with it. It's just not the Military.
Maybe the good cops are being mentally tortured by the bad ones. And there are many bad ones. People who should never be on the force. It must be awful for those trying to maintain integrity and do the right thing. Police Departments need a more honest look at themselves It may not have helped him. He may have done it regardless. Peace to his sister, he knows you tried. Sometimes that is all you can do.
Sometimes people don't want help. They've been there & done that. They want to die. They are at peace. It is those left behind who suffer their loss.
So he passed protocols to get back to active duty... the news is what?
Was the gun used by him his department issued service revolver - or did he find another firearm elsewhere?
All cops need to take after this guy.
Someone has injected undue stress verbally and in policy on the officers and citizens. They are right in the thick of it.
Suddenly CNN cares about the police? Only to use gun control as an agenda. Give it a day and they’ll be back to pushing an agenda because of some entitled punk who thinks they’re exempt from lawful stops.
Who provided the gun is irrelevant. If the dept has kept his issued weapon, then he’d of just bought another if he didn’t already have one. We salute another casualty of the 2nd amendment
Fathers commit suicide all the time because of these corrupt unconstitutional illegal child support courts, but you don't hear about that from the media
Maybe all of these cops were corrupt and being investigated. Ir maybe some of them just couldn't face themselves in the mirror anymore because of all the horrible things they've gotten away with. Nurses, doctors and EMTs deal with the same things these cops deal with and they aren't killing themselves. This is a cop problem. Maybe they're just weeding themselves out. Either way, the department needs to get a handle on this.
If laws were enacted to take guns away from the mentally ill, no-one in the police department would have a gun.
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He was a British-Canadian national who fled his home in Oxford in 2014 to allegedly join the terrorist organization in its self-declared capital, Raqqa

The primary role of Britain’s Home Secretary, Priti Patel, is to protect the British people. That involves keeping out dual nationals who pose a threat to Britain’s national security. If Canada didn’t want this guy they should have stripped him of his Canadian citizenship.
May we do the same with Proud Boys in the U.S.
Should punishment not be saved for after a trial and a guilty verdict? I have no sympathy for anyone who chooses to join a terrorist organization, but the principle of innocent until proven guilty is sacred.
But of course. How evil would you have to be to join an outfit with their reputation?
And his Canadian i hope. We do not house Terrorist in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!
Canada needs to become fully independent of the UK by removing the recognition of the monarch as their sovereign.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news anyone will ever hear, and what a person does with this news will determine where he or she spends eternity. God is calling you to choose life. Call on the name of the Lord and be saved (Romans 10:13). So please believe that God sent His one and only son Jesus Christ to suffer and die on the cross to shed His blood on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. Believe that Jesus died and was buried yet arose again in 3 days and ascended back to Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God The Father. Believe that without a relationship with Jesus Christ as your Savior you are headed for Hell and an eternity in The Lake Of Fire And Brimstone. That is The Gospel Message Of Jesus Christ, believe it and be saved
That’s inhumane, he’s a global citizen, he should be able to live wherever he wants, there are no borders,
He should come to California and get free healthcare and school and a government check paid by the tax payers! Democrats love killers like this Newsom would love this guy
It’s fair to say that he deserves a trial. The worst people in this world get trials, regardless of the crime, this is the idea behind justice. Give him a trial and convict him officially if that’s the outcome.
So he doesn't want to be treated like a wartime criminal now that he has been detained and upset that he isn't just placed into a convenient jail cell? So sad... ok not really.
Can't wait until liberals want to defend his "right" to go back home. I'm sure Omar will just say he's "misunderstood."
Just hearing him talk... he sounds mentally ill. His pauses, the tone of his voice. I believe that he is regretful for his actions, but I just don't believe he understands what the hell he did. It just seems like he is sorry for the consequences it had for him.
“The move means that the repatriation of Letts will become the responsibility of Canada, rather than the UK.” You snooze, you lose, Canada. 💁🏻‍♀️
Can we do the same to AOC, Tlaib, and Omar?????
Our liberal government will have him in a rehabilitation program and hooked up in a high rise. Canada is a dirty doormat
No sympathy for him whatsoever. What in Hell was he thinking???
Democrats would love to have him in the US....with healthcare and all
sadly canada cannot do that, as it violates the charter of rights
Definition of a traitor. Let him enjoy the weather in Raqqa.
Almost as if declaring yourself the enemy of a nation and taking up arms against it should have lasting repercussions 🤔
This is why Trump is soo effective as President. He keeps our borders safe.
And america and all countries should send back of all people who are supporting and call for the death of all countries people .
Why did Mueller lie in his report ? Mifsud is not a Russian agent, yet Mueller said he was
What war in oxford did he have to flee his home for😂leave it where it is, he chose to go there😂👏
CNN5 hours ago

Authorities arrested three men in different states who each allegedly expressed a desire to commit a mass shooting. Here's how the threats came to light.

Good news
It's about time law enforcement started stepping up and off the donut and on to serve and protect. Oh wait, that was their job the whole time...
Great examples of “see something, say something”.
A huge Thank You to all of those concerned people who reported them to the proper authorities and to the Law Enforcement agencies for taking swift action.
The people who informed the authorities are courageous & probably saved lives & heartache. Stay diligent —in this crazy world, there are no jokes.
Nice, upstanding, "superior" people.
I'm still in shock that our society has come to this. Glad people are taking things seriously and authorities are doing their jobs so well in an effort to prevent any more senseless loss of life.
It's a good trend that people including law enforcement are taking these situations seriously. Too many have slipped through the cracks as it is. Keep up the good work.
Nothing to see here, folks, just another group of well regulated patriots exercising their God given 2A rights at the expense of everyone else. Move along now.
Instagram and social media?? Hopefully more preemptive measures can be made to protect the public. They all posted stuff expressing their willingness to hurt others.
3 lone wolves with mental illnesses, thoughts and prayers. WHY POWER!
I'm not gonna point out flaws of other police departments not taking threats or signs more seriously that might had prevented other mass shootings. Instead I will congratulate these officers and these departments for a job well done and thank them for their services to their Communities.
The people who informed authorities should get some rewards to save many life Big thanks and salute to them
well, people are complaining about privacy, if the government workers have no access to our personal information, how can they determine potential threats. Well, there are always 2 sides of a thing, I guess 😞😞 Wish life could be simplier
The proud boys and oath keepers but yet Trump always screams with the name antifa!
Good, now lock them up for 20-30 years with no chance of release to send a message to others. Maybe after 30 years we can discuss letting them out if they have matured.
Thank you law enforcement for stopping these a-holes.
It's strange that the mass shootings in Chicago don't get this kind of press just because they don't happen to be done by the same shooter. Must not fit the networks agenda 🤔
And they keep posting about their guns on Facebook. Sound familiar?
The one in FL could have been prevented also if the FBI had done their job because he also posted on facebook about shooting up a school but they ignored it even after multiple people reported it. Free speech is not unlimited you do not have the right to threaten anyone and all these threats should be taken serious. No sane person would even think that shooting up a place and killing innocent people would be a good idea so if anyone is posting on social media about doing it they should immediately be investigated and have their guns taken away.
And it was done without passing any new laws. This is what should have been done with past shootings that happened. This is the police doing their jobs. Credible threats being followed up on. The current system is fine without infringing on the rights of the law abiding.
So. Buying large capacity magazines and being charged and attempting to build his own gun. So tell me again how gun bans deter criminals? A vigilant public law enforcement effort nabbed them, not touchy-feely grabasstic gun control laws.
More murderers on our home turf. No wall is needed. The monsters are amongst us.
Sigh, where is the diversity? 🙄🙄🙄 but really, thnx for putting in some work this time, it only took 240 something shootings
CNN6 hours ago

Former FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation executive Katherine Schweit says when it comes to preventing incidents of mass violence, community involvement is key

Require liability insurance on all gun purchases, then hold the owner accountable.
And hope the authorities have a law they can enforce so as to intervene! 🤔
You mean thoughts and prayers aren’t working?
Respect and responsibility. When this society honors these again, there will be little worry about mass shootings.
Any group might start out for protection only for the community at large to need protection from them. A check upon all forms of power is necessary.
I can’t believe it comes to this. I’m so worried for my kids especially at school.
A few years back I heard of someone talking about doing a mass shooting, I reported it to the AFT and FBI and neither one of them was interested in it. Lucky the person hasn’t done anything.
I've come across a Facebook profile I felt I needed to report to the FBI... And I was a heroin addict at the time if that tells you anything. Some people are scary
How do tell a good guy at Walmart with body armor, a semi auto and a high capacity magazine from a bad guy at Walmart with body armor, a semi auto and a high capacity magazine?
No one including judges are listening to what some of these people are doing and saying. with a slap on the wrist they go right back home too often. To plan something worse and carry it out
It’s legislation and gun reform prevents things like this from happening. There is not a national requirement and background check to posses guns and so many people who commit these acts do so at a young age and without knowing their true intentions why they are of owning guns.
An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. Robert A. Heinlein
Since everyone's definition of red flag is different this will be of the utmost help.
I prefer that these people are never able to own a gun. No one is paying ME to report them. Stop the problem at the source.
Wow.... let's cause sheer panic and use this RED FLAG excuse as a means to start rounding up people who are resisting the Left. In speech. Silence or whatever. If you do not agree with the Left THAT will be considered a "Red Flag."
Red flag law? You ever pissed off an ex? How about an exes new fling? Your neighbor who is always in your business? Maybe “hurt” someone’s feeling on FB? These are the people who will be calling in reg flags.... innocent until proven guilty. I thought the left thought police were racist and killers.... you want the government and police to be the only ones with guns?
Red flag - “I plan to shoot up a mall/school/government building” Not a red flag - “I believe in individual liberty and limited government”
Instead of learning how to escape from mass shooting, lets fix the root of the problem: take away assault weapons from the people. When the constitution was written, there were no weapons that could fire 100’s of bullets within seconds
🗣️ Look what we have become people are actually laughing at this post keep that same energy when the Shooter is at your kids school .
Red flag laws violate the 4th amendment. Our system is designed on innocent until proven guilty, all these new laws do is create guilt without due peocess.
Look for the BEHAVIORS or changing of behaviors. Sudden fascination with weapons, usually tells someone of plans, social outcast, etc.
Parent need to be aware of isolation, not be social, spending time alone writing or watching negative crap on tv or social media. Along with mental illness. All shooters had this in common. They also want a body count to be all over the news.
I’ve been saying that for the last couple years 🙄
Oh, this is too hype up the "mental health" component of mass shooter and why they do what they do.
I remember a couple of mass shootings that happened even though the FBI had an eye on the people. We need less troops in the Middle East and more police here at home. It’s not like Iraq and Afghanistan are paying taxes to us!
CNN6 hours ago

The Carter County Tennessee Sheriff's Office says it got free tickets to the Bristol Motor Speedway night race along with others who responded to the crash

We never see anything anti American from NASCAR. Just look at what an embarrassment so many of our sports entertainers are today.
Say what you want about NASCAR, but they sure do love their family. Thank you to the first responders that came to Dale Jr. and family’s aid.
Wow that is super! There still alot of good people out there! They.deserve it, these people put their lives on the line, every time they go out!
Great thanks be to,God they were fine
Awesome! The first responders deserve it!
Yes they deserve thanks everywhere
Blessings to them all😍
True American Sport. Awesome prayer and National Anthem sung by children before the race. Just wish #42 Larson would of won. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Sports brings hearts together its the most second powerful tool from science much respect
Right here in my town. Beautiful to see!!
Wow! I guess that is a good thing!?!?
Did they include 911 operators??? They are always forgotten heros....
Not my favorite sport. You won’t find much nicer fans though.
Wow, I'm Surprised to see an American Flag displayed on this #PROPAGANDANETWORK!
I swear they all got out on their own.... so I guess they do deserve something I guess for putting the fire out ...
There needs to a complete uprising at the polls next year. I'm talking near 100 % turnout. To send a clear and uncompromising message to any one that believes this kind of hatred, bigotry, and pure ignorance will ever be tolerated again. Vote out 45. He should lose very state. For all those of you who support, his lies, hatred, divisiveness, and un-American ways, then shame on you because you just ruined your children's, grandchildren', and their children's futures This fraud is a generation killer. The only way to stop him is at the polls.
One of the last sporting events where you can bring your own beer, soda and food. Just no glass. As long as it fits in a cooler that can fit under your seat your good to go
The gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news anyone will ever hear, and what a person does with this news will determine where he or she spends eternity. God is calling you to choose life. Call on the name of the Lord and be saved (Romans 10:13). So please believe that God sent His one and only son Jesus Christ to suffer and die on the cross to shed His blood on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. Believe that Jesus died and was buried yet arose again in 3 days and ascended back to Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God The Father. Believe that without a relationship with Jesus Christ as your Savior you are headed for Hell and an eternity in The Lake Of Fire And Brimstone. That is The Gospel Message Of Jesus Christ, believe it and be saved
Oh-no 😱 I'm calling the flag police and patriots on Nascar for violating the Flag Code. The flag shouldn't lay flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free.(Flag Code: 4 Code U.S. 8, Respect of the flag)
They also gave free tickets to the brave" Proud boys". Donny Dumps favorite racists.
NASCAR the only sport that does not kneel for the national anthem and will praise all the men and women who served this great country
CNN7 hours ago

Decades after she was raped at knifepoint, a woman asked police to take a fresh look at her case. A DNA match has finally led to an arrest.

I hope other victims will fight for reopening cases and catch these monsters.
Too long!! Why aren’t these rape kits being tested wtf?!?
I wish cnn could report on real news and not make it up. Statue of limitation is 3 years so he can't be charged with that.
Cell phones are the new DNA. Or at least a happy companion.
Is that Hillary Clinton?
With technology advancing the way it is, these criminals might as well leave their identification at their crime scenes. You might get away with it for a while, but truth always comes to light.
How can you possibly get a conviction?! How? The Statue Of Limitations has surely ran it's limit since 1982? Depending on that State's statue of limitations? I mean, if they can? Then great! I can't stand rapist and serial killers! If I had to live my life over, I would be in those particular units of investigation and apprehension in law enforcement.
Not sure about statue of limitations but now she can sleep at nite and shes at peace thats a long time to be waiting for some type of justice
They need to run all the DNA kits!
Knifepoint? And we didn't ban knives then ?
I'm glad it was resolved, but I thought there was a statute of limitations?
It's on their DNA
All "Rape Kits" need to be tested ! Women deserve their day in court !
No Statue of Limitation (?) I heard, the limitation was GOING TO BE LIFTED(?) but I have not heard the Statue of LIMITATION on RAPE has actually been eliminated (?)
"Oh, but it was how long ago? I mean he was a young guy. Why should this follow him now?" Funny how people only hold that position when it is someone on "their side" of the political aisle. (For the record, I do not believe that way and I'm not saying that about this case. I AM GLAD justice was found. I just wish justice could become non political and people would stop excusing the evil acts of their "political team.").
Good . He was certain he had gotten away with it, Surprise !
35+ years she had to live with this. part of me wants them to tie him up and give him to her for one day. But I know, Humanity.
Why hasn't implemented a mandatory education, at home and at school, to teach men that women's bodies are not items, they can use whenever they want. Women are human beings, their bodies belong to them, and you, men, need their permission to get close, touch, or if that woman is comfortable with you, have sex with her.
Every rapists will be caught except trump!!! He gets away with it even though he bragged about it on tape!!!!
So this shows crimes are not being investigated after some time. Wonder why rapes are so low on priority🤔 yet such an violent act towards another😳
Don LeMon should be arrested for allegedly raping that man in the bar. #WhatHappened
What gets me is why ppl do dna test and they know tje committed a crime
Good! I hope more of these cases can now be resolved.
Why would a victim have to reach out? The cold case detectives should be fired immediately.
Statue of limitations refers to how long a victim has to report the crime... she reported it immediately therefore statue isn't an issue.
CNN7 hours ago

The National Park Service has closed several portions of Indiana Dunes National Park after a chemical spill killed hundreds of fish in the area, according to a statement by Portage, Indiana, a nearby city

This is so saddening. I wish some Americans cared as much about the environment as they do guns.
Just a beginning. All the regulations are lifted - wait and see :'(
We are ruining this planet and the beautiful creatures we share it with 😔
The EPA is celebrating. We his is what they want to see more of. Thanks Donny minions.
A great park. We camped there with our kids 30 years ago.
Congrats Trump and the EPA for lowering standards. I applaud you for making America “toxic” with your greed and looking after your bottom line instead of the health and wellness of Americans.
Seems fitting, given Todd Young’s love of bragging about this park.
Hopefully with our great president the company won't be held responsible. Accidents can happen to anyone. /s
Every seemingly little bit of pollution gets us closer and closer to making this biosphere uninhabitable. It is a shame so many animals and wondrous species have to go down with us; who with the intelligence we have, are not capable of correcting course to avoid a now impending planetary meltdown!
Call the EPA!!! ( Oh, that's right, it's been gutted by the current administration.)
I live here. This isn't the first time it's happened. They've poisoned our water supply!!
A chemical spill? Now who would do that to such a lovely beach?
This is the price of de-regulation! Most people will continue going about their business as usual until maybe the water or air stings and burns, or when there is no food on the table. By then it will be way too late and beyond repair!
This is why we started regulating businesses in the first place! Left to themselves, big business will pollute the world. Anyone who grew up in the 70’s remembers this... or should.
Any area with the potential to release these toxins into waterways should be contained within dikes and have chemical sewers leading to special waste treatment facilities. Protection of the lake should be their highest priority.
Where is the EPA and interest in protecting our waterways??????
The mayor needs to own his vote. Trump said he'd roll back environmental oversight and regulation in favor of business and that's exactly what he's done. Indiana voted for it and they got it.
But it shouldn't matter, I'm sure were all fine, because apparently we do not require any environmental regulations. I'm sure the poison will just effect the fish.
Booming economy on the back of our dying environment. Not even safe to swim in lakes or the ocean.
It’s almost as if they know they won’t get in any trouble when this kind of thing happens.
Oh my God! "Hundreds" of fish died?? Oh the horror! How will the population ever recover?
The sad truth about Indiana Dunes is that there are steel mills and power plants right in the middle of it, pollution is common, with accidents like this happening almost yearly.
Well the spill is probably not considered a big deal since water quality has been deregulated. Anything to increase profits of big business. ☹
It took 3 days to notify residents when cyanide contamination occurred! They thought they could cover it up until the dead fish arrived on shore.
This is is unacceptable!!! Greed is destroying this world there won’t be any waters to go near or in for our grandkids!!!!
CNN8 hours ago

The 20-year-old has been booked into the Mahoning County Jail on one count of telecommunications harassment and one count of aggravated menacing, according to jail records. It's unclear whether he has a lawyer.

Look at this basement dwelling liberal. I’m certain talib is proud of him.
Instead of gun control, looks like we need millennial control. Specially those liberal ones
Thoughts and prayers. How disappointing. He looks like such a nice young man. His parents must be so proud.
Nothing to see here folks. Just another well regulated militia member exercising his God given 2A rights at the expense of everyone else. Move along now.
You see what happens when we enforce the regulations that are already in place, and the FBI does it's job? Good on you, fed. Now I'd just be interested to find out what his motivation is for wanting to carry out this attack.
I'd love to knock that smirk off of his face...
Well glad he's happy, he will make some man or men very happy.
He definitely looks the part!
Free food, education and a nice orange jumpsuit for him!
Another one of trumps very fine people that has come out from under his rock. Glad this one was caught before hurting anyone. Voting Blue all the way.
He looks like he is a few sandwiches short of a picnic basket. The lights are on but nobodies home. Good thing they have him safely locked up.
Give him a few weeks in the Pen. That smile will go away. Always does.
"The positive result here is a clear example of the importance of monitoring social media to identify credible, hate-fueled threats before they are acted on," guess it's time to arrest everyone with TDS and most of the DNC.
This is the third arrest they've made since Thursday! All three individuals threatened to commit terrorist attacks in Florida, Connecticut & Ohio! Ridiculous!!!
He looks way to happy in that mug shot. The cops should have given him a bit more justice when they picked him up.
What a schmuck! He's actually smiling in his police/jail booking photo as if it was a selfie & something to be proud of. For me, it's better to be proactive & take action by putting him in jail where he can't harm innocent people with his hate and firearms.
Looks to me like he ought do a DNA test. He might get the surprise of his life!
Wow, he looks very innocent for a White nationalist. I guess looks can be deceiving. Wonder what Tucker Carlson and Steve King have to say about this.
We're doing something wrong as a society when these 18-25 year old men are rapidly continuing to do this. Seriously, put this guy in a hole for year straight with water and ramen noodles and show him these aren't funny jokes. This isn't a game. Peoples' lives matter.
One of Trump's fine people... Proud Boy material.
Hilarious. Why read? It says right in the article he’s a white supremacist, yet the trumpterds are claiming he’s a liberal.
De Santo De Santos Tesso. It doesn't mention anything but the contrary to your idiotic comment. ------------ According to Andy Lipkin, the executive vice-president of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation, the post was accompanied by a caption that read, "Police identified the Youngstown Jewish Family Community shooter as local white nationalist Seamus O'Rearedon." That is a Gaelic version of Reardon's name.
I never understood why people would target unsuspecting people beat it crowds and churches and schools I mean to me that's a coward's way so with that said I put them in general population just to see how tough he really is when people are facing him without guns and can stand on their own two feet
At least, on a positive note, another Trump voter is taken out of circulation.
He actually described himself as a white nationalist. So no, he's not a liberal.
CNN8 hours ago

The investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed at this time, the prosecutor's office says

It amazes me at the level of incompetence of some parents.. Your children should always be on your mind.
They never forget to put them IN the car but want us to believe they forgot to take them OUT!?!? No one forgets their babies for any length of time!!! God rest this angel and all the other angels!!
Wow. RIP little angel. The parents, family must all be in shock and real mess of emotions right now, including guilt. I can't even fathom that. Thinking of everyone involved.
Before I come to any conclusion on this matter I need to know demographics and whom they voted for. Thanks.
Not sure how parents continue to forget their children in vehicles. Just sad to keep reading these stories. Double freaking check before you leave your vehicle. RIH.
People don't care much for their children! Who allows a child out of their sight even if the parent has other thing to take care of? Children come first! No matter what or don't have children just so you can allow them to suffer. This is unconscionable! There is no excuse for this!
NO MORE EXCUSES.....HUGE FINES, and LOCK MOM or DAD up & THROW AWAY THE KEY....unless there's other children at home and then we wouldn't want to separate the parents from their children ...🤔😉🙄
i love how a good amount of pro-life people aren’t speaking out more about THIS- literally letting a living breathing child die in extreme pain, cooked alive. please, worry about living children more. worry about the kids in cars. these parents should’ve never procreated.
Wow so sad and disgusting I never hear about anything like this happening when it’s cold outside accident my as&
So I have my one yr old grandson for 4 days a week all day. I had my boyfriend watch him one day while I went to target. The whole time I kept thinking I left him in the car. Which I didnt but I thought that. I DON'T EVEN HAVE HIM EVERYDAY AND I THOUGHT THAT!!! what is wrong with people?? Its not possible to leave kids in the car!! IT'S NOT!!
When will this stop. Advice has been given to help. Why isn't every parent needing them?? This hurts so many people.
This will continue until we start PROSECUTING these murderers!! That's what it is! MURDER while keeping your hands clean!
I'm really tired of people defending the ones who leave there babes in cars. It's pure negligence or murder. Good way to get away with killing your kid.
When will these people learn? The stupidity of ignorance! I’m sorry for this little soul, but what does it take?
I still don’t understand how these things constantly happen. I used to be a single mom with lack of sleep and just pure exhaustion but never did I forget to leave my kid anywhere.
This is so annoying and at the same time pity those babies who are a victims of this incidents.Ruthless parents deserves to staybin jail forever.
There is no test to qualify as a parent.
In a society where we have safe surrender laws there is absolutely no reason why this should ever happen.
If you are a parent, how on earth can you forget your child is in the car? Did you not remember strapping him into his car seat? Your child is your main responsibility in life!
Some people want to blame the car companies. Why? It's your responsibility as a parent to know where your child is. Also checking your vehicle before entering and exiting.
I have come to realize people that do this aren’t true parents I never left my children in a car. I didn’t care if I was going in to just pay for gas... my kids came with me
You never hear “Kid left in freezing car over night”. It’s always during the summer. I doubt people are “accidentally” forgetting their kids in the car.
How many people are held accountable???
Is it possible people are just using this to off their kids. Cause when something happens so many times it stops being a coincidence in my book 🤔
I don't get it. I never left any of my kids in the car no matter what the weather, period!!! Don't have kids if it's too much trouble to take them with you even if it's just to pay for gas or pick something up. You had them, keep them with you or leave them with a grown-up!!!!
CNN9 hours ago

Authorities say they've searched almost 5,000 square miles of ocean for two firefighters who disappeared after setting out on a fishing trip on the east coast of Florida

If there is anything we can take from this terrible tragedy, all ocean going boats should be equipped with personal gps beacons designed for oceans/mountains , one for everyone on board. They’re about 350$ and up, they need to be used more often, with gps technology today, these guys could have been found. We’ve had daily hellish storms here, they are worse on the water.
That's what happens when you think you know more about the sea..sea always wins
The second you go in the ocean you go from the top of the food chain to the bottom.
My God? What did they know about the Clinton's?
I was a large boy. Got football scholarships in highschool. Joined the Marines fought in Viet Nam. Boxed in the ring three years. Had this incorrect view of myself. As a big bad dude. Was invited to go deeo sea fishing. Went out 50 miles to fish. A heavy wind came up..the ship went up and down into these deep 50 60 feet water sink holes. Had us down in the hole with water above us all around us. When i left that boat i never considered my self as a tought guy.. Mother nature is always the tough one. I hope these fellows are found okay... but i can understand if they aren't ..
I get so tired of seeing people send prayers God is a myth. If you think that a God is making these decisions then you are diluted. I hope that they are resourceful and don't panic I also hope that the coast guard finds them alive. Relying on a God to fix things is not realistic. So when you evoke this God to be the one to save them then blame this mythical being if they don't survive
Like finding a needle in a haystack
It’s trumps fault, he changed the Bermuda Triangle into a square.....
Kahn Souphanousinphone My condolences to these firefighters, but this is clear evidence of the extreme weather caused by climate change. Donald Trump is causing irreversible damage to the environment, and he must be impeached in honor of these two heroes memories.
The Curse of Epstein Island
Must have been tied to clinton
Was it a three hour trip?
There’s 4 guys who disappeared on fishingtrip in Puerto Rico they been missing for 9 days now may god be with them
Can FB get rid of SPAMMER KHAN???
Kahn Souphanousinphone is a CNN bot... Designed to increase clicks. CNN is crumbling from within... 100’s more layoffs coming. This is the direct impact of the evil from the left.
Wonder if they put the drain plug back in the stern of the boat. Seen it happen many times before. Get in a hurry to launch and forget that plug Everytime. Hope they find them
There are 4 people missing from PR also.... Bermuda triangle?
So a body recovery mission at this point. Don’t kill yourselves over it boys.
Kahn Souphanousinphone makes a silly comment as usual. No matter what the topic he complains about Trump. 🧐it seems to be a paid political campaign. Don’t be fooled by it!!!
So bad, might have been hijacked or the Florida sea creatures most have dined with them... I pray they're safe...
Sad but why would you come from Jacksonville all the way to Cape Canaveral with a boat that has mechanical issues? Hope they are found.
I'm surprised this got national attention. I've been keeping up with this story b/c its local for us here on the Space Coast. I truly hope they are found safe. Sad to say but, it would be a miracle if they are still alive.
Engine probably broke and their cell phones don’t work.
Wow if they can do this for the regular folk...
Just a hunch...hijacked and picked up by pirates or cartel, was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unlikely for both of them to slip out of the boat but who knows?
CNN9 hours ago

A Florida man has been charged for threatening to commit a mass shooting after his ex-girlfriend alerted authorities to a series of ominous text messages he sent her

Wow all these terrorist and none praying to Alllah. I'm sure tRump will speak on his kind soon because, he's such a great leader!
His ex girlfriend is the real hero! I’d rather see her picture because she really saved hundreds of lives. Thank you for being brave and reporting his messages to the proper authorities.
I guess we should be thankful that these guys are so full of themselves that they can't help but text/post their intentions, thinking they are superior.
This is the kind of action we need to prevent these needless deaths. Bravo to the girlfriend. That took courage. Hope she receives some protection since this guy has already proven he has violent and deadly tendencies.
Kahn Souphanousinphone We need red flags laws. The government needs to power to confiscate these weapons of war from individuals they deem dangerous.
Great job. Go Blue and others. If we all are on our toes we might be able to stop these awful deaths. Good job
A Proud Boy from Florida?
All jokes aside...I thank God she contacted the authorities over this. That was a clear cry for help. He's suffering mentally to even consider shooting up a school full of innocent children.
Thank you girl friend, you saved him and a lot of people.
It appears we need to fear white guys in their twenties! God help us all!
If you read his "comments", it becomes VERY OBVIOUS, this is a SEVERLY DISTURBED, PSYCHOLOGICALLY very SICK human being... My questions are always the same: WHO raised him??? HOW DO the parents or whom so ever raised him, JUSTIY the very messed & screwed up job they did??? Children are NOT born ... with ANYTHING... they are a "BLANK SLATE"...a "TABULA RASA"... it is WHAT those close to him, with the MOST AFFECT on the growing child DO... or not do....SAY...or not say... MODEL... or not model... etc. etc. etc. ; especially BEFORE the age of 8 or so... WHEN weill we wake up and BECOME reliable ADULTS...raising decent human beings... instead of all the very SICK people we seem to raise...
These comments make me sad. We are so divided in this country. Everyone pointing fingers at their opposites. Trying to place blame somewhere. Have some compassion people! Not for this sick SOB though. Glad the ex-girlfriend had enough sense to SAY SOMETHING.
Sick, sad individual looking for attention. I say give it to him. 24 hour style
I’m glad people are starting to act on the things they hear - it’s keeping innocent people alive
Interesting case....I dont think there is a lot there in terms of evidence he was actually going to carry this out.
Nothing good ever follows, "A Florida man..."
Sounds like a state mental institution would be real helpful in this situation. Prisons are not equipped for people like this.
He is a terrorist. Everyone who threatens innocent civilians with death is a terrorist because his intention is creating terror.
If he wanted to have fun while he was dying, let him jump from an airplane without a parachute.
So why are all the demacrats voters and supporters and politicians not in jail. They call for mass murders of babies and threaten the president and his supporters daily. Why are they allowed to make these threats and walk free ? This story is an example of what people will do with the red flag law. Break up with a wife or girlfriend shell be calling in a red flag. To win in a divorce . Just like some women do now with CPS
This last week, a man walked into a crowded grocery store in Pensacola Florida and open fire. There was a short blip on CNN about it. When the sheriff announced that the only person shot was the shooter, it was no longer news. Once they found out that the shooter wasn't white, CNN denied reporting on it at all. Sounds like to me that if they can't scream racism it's not worth reporting.
He may be behind bars, but his gun is home alone! We are still in danger!
Thank you girl for keeping us safe. Every other female, mother, friend, father, or sibling could do the same if u have a young angry male saying the same. They need help ! They need to stop the hate!!!!! We all do! This is how it’s done!
he wanted to break the world record for longest kill...and all he had was a 22. I'm glad he was dumber than he was dangerous.
CNN10 hours ago

Cedric Benson, the former University of Texas running back and 4th overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, was killed in a motorcycle crash. He was 36.

Midland Lee 💪 My deepest and sincerest condolences to his family and his girlfriend's family. We lost a town phenom! 💔
Rest in peace my friend. Love my Longhorns and loved watching you play, you were one of the best.
I lived 1 mile away from the high school Stadium and I also played on the same field before him. I never missed a single home game of his high school career. Every Friday night you just knew he was breaking a long run. RIP #32CB
Wow. Ride safe to the pearly gates sir. Prayers for you and your loved ones
Man he was the best...r.i.p Benson thank you more the memories...go with God now my brother..taken to soon and to young.and to the young lady that pass go with God my condolences to her family r.i.p.young lady
RIP and the rest of us, watch out for motorcycles!
As a proud Texas Longhorn, I’m just shocked to hear of this tragic news. I watched every game he played, and he was a beast on the field. My sister covered his collegiate career, and she said he was one of her all-time favorites. RIP 🤘🏼
Sad. Condolences from the biker community.
Just this week so many posts of people dying so young. Yesterday an ex colleague & 2 more already passed. Now another one in icu. So sad. Rip.
As both a bengal and browns fan and also a buckeye i enjoyed watching you tear up the field! May you rest in peace.
What s beautiful smile. RIP 😢
Let's cherish Ricky Williams while he's still here..the last great Dolphin to get excited about and former Texas great.
I'm sorry what does race have to do with a tragedy I hope his family can find some solids and how wonderful their son was I hope you all have God in your life God embrace your son
He's a former Chicago Bear! Rip Ced. Thank you for always leaving everything you had on the field!
What a tragic loss. Young people should avoid recklessness at anything they do because life is dear. Rest in peace Cedric.
Always giving back to his community. RIP Cedric.
One of the best to come out of Texas! Hook'em in Heaven #32!!!
Rest In Peace. Some people are meant to come here to make their mark and leave early.
I wonder what his BAC was this time ? No thoughts and prayers for the innocent woman that died ? Smh
Used to hear stories of him challenging Austin police officers to catch him and they never could. He used to hurdle through backyards with ease.
We will miss you cedrick😭 it will feel alittle emptier here in Austin. Always will be a longhorn hookem
It hurts very much. He was loved on and off the football field. So sorry for your loss Cedric Benson Family.
I think people should be extremely careful with motorcycles. It has taken a lot of lives.
Why would anyone rich risk their life on a motorcycle? Too many people out there lurking to end your life, deliberately. Losing your life offers no second chance to enjoy your money! I can never understand the thinking.
Hook"em"Horns,sorry for your loss Family!
CNN10 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump's push for plastics comes at a time when corporate America is trying hard to appear more responsive to the issue of pollution, writes CNN's Zachary B. Wolf

Trump is doing a great job. Considering he don't get paid. A Little "Thank You Trump" will be a good head start CNN and all Americans
Everyone have a big responsibility to take care of common home the earth is suffering now much more that ever.
Until the other nations in the world step up, we can only do so much.
Plastics, coal, removal of EPA regulations, getting rid of FDA regulations. Trump is the destroyer of our lives and our planet. This is a dangerously sick individual running and ruining our country.
Exactly where was this photo taken? I can almost bet my last dollar is wasn't a picture taken in the United States
Why should anyone in Washington care. They will leave office and blame the people in office at that moment for their inaction. The current politicians only care about how much money they will walk away with.
Has anyone ever been to the beach after spring break? Have you ever seen the location after a liberal protest. People nowadays don't know how to clean up after themselves. My mother made me clean up after myself. This is learned at home taught by parents. Pathetic!
it's really sad how out of touch the president is. First he promised to put coal miners back to work at a time when coal was being phased out and fewer and fewer plants, etc. were using it. Now, when plastic is being phased out and people are using less and less of it, he's promoting the production of more. If he's such a smart businessman, why doesn't he support products of the future instead of the past?
Wow. Selling something that's bad for the environment to fund the campaign of someone who's bad for the country.
19Aug19.....CNN and the other eeejit environmentalists would do well to visit India and China to get a true perspective on who exactly is causing the mess they complain about....Go figure...
Why should Trump care when he has a short time left here on earth.He has never appreciated GODS creatures or our Earth .Trump has no morals and isn't a humble person and has no love for anything or anyone..he only cares about Money..Trump doesn't even care about his own grand children.. Don't be surprise..But what Trump doesn't get after he's gone .We will get back all the good things he took away..This is how a sick narcissistic person thinks I'll be gone why should I care about the rest of you..Its about Him..Trump is just a pure evil hateful person..
I got my Trump straws in the mail on Friday and plan on selling them to the people in San Francisco when I visit. 😂
Considering how much of our ocean wildlife is dying off, it’s our duty as humans to do better. To continue to perpetuate the plastic problem in our oceans should literally be considered a crime against humanity.
Trump deserves the same fate as the rare mammal in Thailand- he and his supporters are truly enemies of the survival of humanity and the cheerleaders of mass extinction. Always pushing more pollution- never conservation
Wait...are trying to say that our President is out of touch or something?
Are you SURE it’s just Trump? I’m thinking corporate America is only pretending to be appear environmentally responsible. Behind the smoke screen, it’s all about profits. Besides, where would they dump the by-products from petroleum processing, if not to make virgin plastics? Want to cut plastics? Cut our dependency on petroleum first. Otherwise, lost cause.
What is wrong with this man. How far can he destroy the states until there is an uprising
Strange article, being it was the left and democrats that pushed plastic on us many years ago. So what is the point of the story? Why is it the libs think they know what's best for everyone and everything?
Have any of you ever seen the aftermath of a democratic protest or gathering?
Trump and his administration are pushing hard to destroy this country and his Cult is to mesmerized to see it!
There is plastic coming down in our rain water. We seriously need to address the plastic issue and environmental repercussions.
I have no choice but to vote against the GOP 🐘 I am not going to put a political party before my country 🇺🇸 And I will not put their interests before the planet either 🌎
He just signed a bill to clean up the plastic continent in the Pacific, most of it from Asia.
Trump believes that anything progressive is wrong. He believes that any learning from any mistakes is wrong. He wants to stay sorely where he is, in an attempt to make everyone who CAN learn from their mistakes and who DOES want to do better look bad. He feels this makes him look like a greater person, in some way.
Trump’s yet to find any 19th or 20th Century technology he doesn’t like. We’re going back wards rapidly to when America was great. Anti science is not the way to move USA into the future.Science is the only thing that distinguishes us from the rest of the animals . There’s a reason the rest of the world thinks America has lost its collective minds
CNN11 hours ago

#CNNTheMovies concludes tonight with the early years of cinema! From Casablanca to Citizen Kane to King Kong, hear the stories behind the movies you love on the series finale of The Movies tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Captain Marvel is this generations version of Gone With The Wind...js
Where can I find “The Adventures of Fredo”?
Why horror movies never classified as great classic movies 🤔🙄 The Exorcist has an phenomenal story in and behind the scenes
Omg I’m so pissed off im going to miss this, our cable sucks this summer, we’re missing half our channels including CNN and the cable guy is still trying to fix it, brats
From a time when movies were actually original...
CNN has finally shifted from pretending to report news to being the comedy show they are.
As a member of the "Comment Reading Association" (CRA), I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. have a great day ! thanks
Great special. Love the back stories. Kudos CNN
Fredo is my favorite movie character.
Orange man is plastic fantastic l
Dear world, pls help Indian kashmiris. They are hungery since 5 August. Because of Indian army. 🙁
This may be the fill-in for Don Lemon ....Is Don in Jail ?
The only good thing on CNN
I thought for a second this was a movie about CNN, I'm sure it would be in the fiction category
Adrian Mazoy se ve buena esta serie. 🎥
Check this out: The Adventures of the Book of Truth (son of the high god 1) Unitr...
Mainstream morons unite!
Those people who are reading this, understand one thing, I am the messenger of God and for this you will immediately send me friend request, it will be good for you
Is anyone online If yes, send me a friend request immediately
CNN11 hours ago

“It’s also a fool’s errand to think you’re going to be able to get China to change the fundamentals of their economic model by poking them in the eye with some tariffs,” says presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

I regard Peter Buttigieg as an amazing candidate with a clear view and message, which he expresses in the most articulate way. An extremely intelligent person. We will be lucky if he is the Democratic nominee but I doubt it will happen in 2020. He has some weak points of which he is cognoscente and is working to improve. Hopefully, Mayor Pete is here to stay for the long run.
The more I hear Pete Buttigieg speak, the more I'd love to see him in the WH. He makes so much sense.
My god he is amazing. One of the only people running who stays calm and reasonable. To the point Pete!
Move! Are u against human reproduction? I will not support people of evil nasty characteristics.
Kahn Souphanousinphone Donald Trump is a racist, but at least he is not a sell-out like Mayor Pete.
Trump is America’s Greatest President- FACT
Just to put a little clarity on the situation, You should know, republicans had complete control of government, for the last 2 years, they have controlled the House, for 6 years of the last administration, 8 years in total and 10 years of Senate control, they even control 35 states and most of the Supreme court and federal judges, despite that, in all that time, what have they done? No infrastructure bill, no jobs bill, no minimum wage increase, nothing to protect our vote from foreign influence, no Healthcare bill, remember remove and replace, no comprehensive immigration bill, no common sense gun laws, Nothing! Only the biggest tax scam in history, and a slew of radical abortion bills and countless voter suppression bills! And anything Obama passed, Is this what you call Governing? Republicans are what's wrong with this country! How long will we ignore the obvious?
I am all for Pete Buttigieg. I may not agree 100% on every issue with him but that’s an unrealistic expectation to have for any candidate. Plus he’s so calm when he speak, he’s like the Zen to all my worries and gives me hope that everything will be okay again. He’s listened to and spent a lot of time with our farmers, so much so, he has put forth a tentative proposal to help farmers out of this tariff disaster. He’s smart and articulate. He’s not all in your face with loud speak and he has a very common sense approach. He’s also willing to compromise and seek advice where he needs to. He’s served our Country and is mindful of what our service members and vets need. He really is a pretty amazing person. The kind you would just love to sit down to dinner with. #TeamPete ❤️
Even if he doesn't get a nomination, he's doing the country a great service by telling the truth to power day after day.
Putting it out there. If a 39 year old vile Stephen Miller can direct WH policies, I would like to propose that the 39 year old Pete Buttigieg is ready to lead our country too and in the best direction. He's my choice.
Excellent responses to critical issues. Articulate, reality based on factual management of matters facing an administration and the needed strategies to effective deal with these issues. Impressive...far beyond his personal life's orientation on loving another person...He's a true American who espouses values that are representative of a functioning Democracy.
Pete would make an excellent Secretary of State.
I love Mayor Pete.
I say go back to the Obama Liberal days and do absolutely nothing! Pete would make an excellent choice to continue down the path of Obama’s destruction of the country, just check his empty record out!
Wouldn't it be nice to actually have an intelligent POTUS ?
Mayor Pete is adorable, beyond intelligent and sophisticated. All the things trump is not
We can only speak true, talk straight and be outspoken, if we prove to be able to decrypt the veiled elements of the puzzle inside and outside our environment; describe the intricacies of the social constructions and the emotional sensitivities; analyze the feasible contingencies and practical options; arbitrate and come to sensible conclusions; and invent pragmatic proposals and equitable solutions. 🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸
So do nothing like we have for 40 years? Is that the answer. Must be that mayor Pete is getting some sweet donations from China. I'm all for as many tarrifs we can impose on those jerks. If jobs keep going to China for cheap labor eventually we are all poor. Wake up
America is so passé. The rest of the world is progressing. Get well soon America before you self destruct. Positive vibes from Canada
Democrats are in deep, deep trouble.....Check the projected electoral college map in 2020....Trump only has to win New Hampshire---and can afford to lose MI and PA---and he will be re-elected....Trump will be re-elected. It is all but a foregone conclusion....
Kahn Souphanousinphone The Ballad of Bill Dauterive Bill’s diabetes returns and he loses the use of his legs permanently, and this time doesn’t have his old friend Thunder around. Hank’s no longer speaking terms with Bill after he lashed out at Peggy over his condition and knocked her unconscious with an iron fireplace poker. Peggy has no memory of the incident, and out of mercy, Hank covers it up for his former friend. Now a pariah in the community Bill becomes a reclusive shut in as he continues to degenerate. Eventually due to his excessive drinking, the diabetes takes his sight as well. This further isolates Bill from the community as he struggles to make it through life friendless, blind, and alone in a wheelchair. Since the accident Peggy needs a full time nurse to care for her due to brain damage, further cementing Hank’s animosity for his old friend, and the guilt of covering it up for Bill leads to Hank isolating himself from Bobby. The only bright spot in Bill’s life is when Lenore comes to visit him once a month, but she only comes to take his disability check. This further compounds Bill’s misery as Lenore gives him false hope once a month only to leave him living his life of squalor. Eventually, even Lenore stops coming, and has her long time boyfriend Tony come for the check. Tony doesn’t like Bill. In order to make ends meet Bill takes up the vocation of being a full time street beggar. While Lenore still paid Bill’s property taxes in order for him to keep his home of record for the check.She left him no money for anything else. Bill just longing for any human contact accepts it, and decides taking up begging is the best case scenario. Bill’s life on the streets does not bode well with his diabetes and his health starts to rapidly deteriorate. Eventually Bill is found dead behind a dumpster with his head slumped over as if he was in a deep slumber. Because this was in McMaynerberry his death is largely overlooked and very few people attend his funeral. To his friends, the Bill Dauterive they knew died long ago, just as the Peggy they used to know died after Bill’s craven assault. Lacking family or friends Bill was cremated, and unfortunately his ashes fell out of the truck, and never made it out of the parking garage. It was there they would begin their static fate of being alone and forgotten. Such is the ballad of Bill Dauterive.
Yea I have to agree with Jake from CNN. I Feel that Pete Buttigieg sexuality is holding him back from taking the lead especially in the Black Church. But to me Pete Buttigieg has the next best solution beside Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. It is sad that people will continue to judge other by the color of their skin and not by the contents of there characters. Pete would be a good and fair name to place on the ticket.
A Republican strategist admitted that no one scares trump more in a debate than Pete.
I keep saying we can get everybody out of office. All we have to do is have a president all members of all houses in place and we could take over. Lot of people don't know that. We sure would do a better job then what is in there now.
As Hong Kong chants the pledge of allegiance and the American National Anthem. Crazy times we live in when so many here want to be like everyone else, and everyone else wants to be like us.
CNN11 hours ago

The pilot of a stunt plane that crashed, killing a New Orleans TV anchor, radioed the tower that he was having unspecified problems with the aircraft shortly after takeoff, the National Transportation Safety Board says

Come on people. What has happened to our Society? This is very sad. Please dont make this political. Have some compassion for her grieving family.
This is terrible!! Condolences to her and the pilot’s family.
May The God of all Comfort and Grace be with both families as the mourn the untimely passing of their loved ones. Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal...
My condolences to both families.
One of my worst fears. Condolences to the family.
Our City is in Mourning. Nancy Parker Boyd is NOLA! She is a legend, our friend, sister, mother and the best part of waking up! Mrs. Boyd touch so many people in different ways, people she met and those who watched her on TV. The sadness that we in NOLA and the surrounding areas is personal because when you live in NOLA your family no matter where you were born. Nancy we love you and we will hold your family tight with Love! God needed you more! ❤
May the pilot and Anchorwoman Nancy Parker rest in peace and condolences to their respective families.
Such a bad news... Condolences to her!!! But we can avoid more of this in the future
Awful. Condolences to everyone. She was there to do a simple fluff piece for the news and ended up losing her life.
So sad to hear., prayers of comfort to her surviving family members🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
My condolences to their families.
So sorry she lost her life and the other passages.
RIP I watched this woman every morning she was fair and compassionate . Godspeed and God bless her family.
My goodness ,, she was so full of life and ready for the next day
The majority of the comments on this article are disgusting. My condolences. I hope the families will never read these.
Very rare to hear that statement 😅.. Gosh! 😂
We have lost all compassion. What an ugly lot we've become. RIP to those who died. America needs to invest in education. Many of the trolls posting here can't spell the simplest words. We are embarrassing ourselves in so many ways.
Heaven has another Angel...God is in charge Bless her family..
Dr. Weil (aging and nutrition medical doctor) suggests the daily use of mushrooms for immune system support. I have found this to be true for me. For example, for a major abdominal surgery less than a year ago, I was out-of-the-hospital in less than a week. IMHO, it was due to the daily use of mushrooms and Tumeric.
Terrible loss,great person. She will be missed. 😥
So sad.
Kahn Souphanousinphone Donald Trump has been mercilessly cutting federal services, how much more blood has to be on his hands before the American people take action?
WhEre's Fredo?
For love of your country, vote red.
CNN11 hours ago

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro says the US tariffs on China are “not hurting anybody” in the United States, despite studies from Harvard, the University of Chicago and the IMF suggesting otherwise.

“All I would say to you is look at...

Alternative facts
Who you vote for tells me who you are. I never watched The Apprentice, because I have despised this man since I first saw him and heard him speak in the 80's. Aside from his criminal activity, every single thing about him offends me. His voice, his mannerisms, his chronic lies. I will NEVER understand how anyone with even a half of a brain can embrace and support this pathetic excuse for a human being. He cares NOTHING about anyone but himself. Why did so many people fall his lies?
Of course the taxpayers aren’t feeling it. Companies altruistically take the loss from having their goods cost more to come over here. They wouldn’t pass it on to the consumers. They value the consumers and understand that the increase could be detrimental to them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to feed my Pegasus. The leprechaun that brings his meal gets testy when I’m late.
This is BS! We just paid $100 more than before for the same windshield replacement from a couple months ago, and we were specifically told it's because of the China tariffs. So yes, we are feeling it!
Not according to my monthly grocery bill and quarterly household supplies increasing by 80-100$ and I live alone.
Every spokes person from this administration defends incorrect information and puts blame where it should not be. Wake up speak the truth and start turning things around. Take your own advice and look at the true data not the data your president wants to hear and believe no one is fooled by your deception.
Then PLEASE explain why there's so much chatter about an recession looming over the COMING months....and to whom is buying any of the U.S. grain and PRODUCTS in mass as previous....and why farmers ARE receiving subsidies payments/ welfare...BECAUSE they CAN'T sell WHAT they've produced...BECAUSE of the tariffs...
I’m so tired of the “what you’re seeing and the truth aren’t really the truth.” BS!!
The Peter Principle is strong in this Cabinet. They’ve reached their level of incompetence 😉
Peter Navarro has invented the "flat curve". Congratulation America for your great innovative minds. What's next? ...The "soaring drop"?
This guy is another one of tRump’s minions that have no clue about the responsibilities of their position. tRump and his administration have NO redeeming qualities and spew lies at every opportunity.
It's simply amazing how easy it is for people from the trump administration to just get before the tv cameras and the american people and just blatantly lie.
How about we ask the farmers - you know, the ones who voted for him, are against socialism, but took the “bailout” check because otherwise it meant bankruptcy, when China stopped buying their soybeans? Ask them if it isn’t hurting Americans & American taxpayers (bailouts come from taxpayers, not the government, just saying).
During the whole interview he failed to mention farmers, the farmers bail out, or the word YET.
US companies buy the products from China. China raises their prices due to the tariffs,therefore,US companies have to pay more for the products. US companies pass on this price hike to the consumer. trump's tariffs certainly do hurt American consumers.
Let’s blame China for all the farmers woes. This administration has single handedly destroyed a working relationship between China and US farmers which had been built over many years. Now no one knows even if the tariffs are removed what the future holds for US farmers
I can tell you from personal experience that they are hurting Americans. Our counter top product for our new kitchen and bathroom remodel was $80 a square foot before the tariffs, they will now cost us $92 a square ft.
So if they don’t, then why did the orange one specifically move his latest Trade deal to after Christmas so to not effect consumers with Christmas shopping?
I disagree. Food prices have increased. However, as a tax payer, we certainly paying for this. All you have to do is look at how much has been paid to farmers hurt by the tariffs.
What else should we expect from this administration? Facts, science, data, and objectivity don't matter. It's disturbing to hear this administration constantly tell the American people not to believe what they're seeing or hearing is real.
The price of groceries has gone up a lot in the past yr, rich people probably wouldn't notice
People will see how bad this tariff war is when Christmas comes around....... I hope Santa has very deep pockets.
Then why the billions of dollars in support for farmers?
Kahn Souphanousinphone The Ballad of Bill Dauterive Bill’s diabetes returns and he loses the use of his legs permanently, and this time doesn’t have his old friend Thunder around. Hank’s no longer speaking terms with Bill after he lashed out at Peggy over his condition and knocked her unconscious with an iron fireplace poker. Peggy has no memory of the incident, and out of mercy, Hank covers it up for his former friend. Now a pariah in the community Bill becomes a reclusive shut in as he continues to degenerate. Eventually due to his excessive drinking, the diabetes takes his sight as well. This further isolates Bill from the community as he struggles to make it through life friendless, blind, and alone in a wheelchair. Since the accident Peggy needs a full time nurse to care for her due to brain damage, further cementing Hank’s animosity for his old friend, and the guilt of covering it up for Bill leads to Hank isolating himself from Bobby. The only bright spot in Bill’s life is when Lenore comes to visit him once a month, but she only comes to take his disability check. This further compounds Bill’s misery as Lenore gives him false hope once a month only to leave him living his life of squalor. Eventually, even Lenore stops coming, and has her long time boyfriend Tony come for the check. Tony doesn’t like Bill. In order to make ends meet Bill takes up the vocation of being a full time street beggar. While Lenore still paid Bill’s property taxes in order for him to keep his home of record for the check.She left him no money for anything else. Bill just longing for any human contact accepts it, and decides taking up begging is the best case scenario. Bill’s life on the streets does not bode well with his diabetes and his health starts to rapidly deteriorate. Eventually Bill is found dead behind a dumpster with his head slumped over as if he was in a deep slumber. Because this was in McMaynerberry his death is largely overlooked and very few people attend his funeral. To his friends, the Bill Dauterive they knew died long ago, just as the Peggy they used to know died after Bill’s craven assault. Lacking family or friends Bill was cremated, and unfortunately his ashes fell out of the truck, and never made it out of the parking garage. It was there they would begin their static fate of being alone and forgotten. Such is the ballad of Bill Dauterive.
Peter Navarro is a scary person who understands nothing about tariffs or pretty much anything else when it comes to economics!!
CNN12 hours ago

A Welsh seaside town plans to install public toilets with measures to prevent people having sex inside, including a squealing alarm, the doors shooting open, and a chilly spray of water

Kahn Souphanousinphone Immoral behavior has been running rampant ever since Donald Trump got elected. I wish this Welsh seaside the best in trying to abate the problem, but it is clear it won’t be solved until Trump is impeached and answers for his crimes.
That's fantastic! It just so happens squealing alarms, doors shooting open, and chilly sprays of water are my turn-ons! My dates will be all that much more satisfying!
I think it will probably become one of those badges of honour for the teenager. Nothing like proof to their friends that they just go laid and had a shower very soon afterwards. Actually, quite convenient!
I only opened the article to see a video demontration of this amazing technology and was disappointed to find only the article which I did not read. 😛
So it will be like the first time every time, wonderful.
It took a particularly warped mind to come up with all this for a bathroom.
If someone with a disability takes their service dog in with them ( which by the way is normal practice) they are going to have issues. Apparently no one thought of that.
So....they have the ability to deep clean them after every use.....but they are choosing to torment people instead?....🙄
I’m guessing there is lots of squealing anyway, they are usually exhibitionists and the water will cool them down. Well done 👌
This won't solve it. The moral decay in our society can not be corrected by such measures. You make it impossible for me to be intimate with my girl in the toilet then I'll just change the location, but not my behaviour
And how exactly do they tell the difference between that and someone who really has to use the facilities?? 🤔🤔🤔
“We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.” ~ John Lennon
Bathroom is a necesity. But it should be with someone there to maintain cleaned and secure. Because when you have to go you got to go.
We have the “mile high club”. What are we going to call this?
Will they install video cameras so the rest of us can laugh at screaming, soaked people bolting out of the stalls?
Imagine you help your old and handicapped father to the toilet, he almost falls, you have to hold him, a lot of movement, and the toilet AI will conclude that someone is having sex. A real nightmare!
Because nasty public toilets always make me think..."gosh, this would a great spot for a quickie"
"Movement sensors inside the toilets will respond to "violent" activity, while weight sensors will be installed to detect the entrance of more than one person, triggering the deterrent measures." So what's the weight limit on theses restrooms? Asking for us fluffy folks.
What about parents helping their toddlers use the bathroom?
I can see a heavy set American having stomach problems moaning while pooping and this will think 2 people having sex and sprays the big guy while opening the doors and flashing the lights. Bad thing for Americans using this toilet.
How do I go about getting this installed in my bedroom?
I wish bright yellow lights came on near peeing perpetrators if urine is detected in swimming pools.
I can’t wait for this system to go off on a person that is just using the toilet.
But wouldn't that spraying and screaming or doors opening make it more exciting!? 🤔🤗
Only the Welsh. And how is sex in a public loo immoral? Is it the venue? Is it the leading woman and man (or other combinations)? Committed or married couples need “the pause that refreshes” every so often too.
CNN12 hours ago

Organizers say 1.7 million took part in a mass demonstration in Hong Kong as protesters hit the streets for the 11th consecutive weekend

Kudos to the people of Hongkong for fighting for freedom to decide one’s future. Inspires those who cannot do the same now but hope to do so in the future.
They know how to voice their opinions.... I'm impressed
Why don't you report there were 4.7 million people supporting the police on August 18th? You CNN always distort the fact, shame of CNN.
The turmoil in Hong Kong is opposite to Democrat party values Hong Kongers are waving the stars and stripes, singing the national anthem, and issuing a global cry for freedom. For a Democratic party that loudly supports bend-a-knee leftists who hate the U.S. flag, such as Colin Kaepernick, that's a problem. And for a party that is trying to sell socialism to the U.S. public, well, thug-state China's got socialism in spades. President Trump has taken flak for his response to the crisis, but the real clown show is in what's coming from the Democrats.
It’s way more than 1.7 million since that only included people who entered the Victoria Park, the Tin Hau and Causeway Bay area. A huge proportion of the participants couldn’t make in into those areas (over-crowdedness, metro stations closed due to crowd control) and had to join from Fortress Hill, Wan Chai, Central, Admiralty etc. It’s definitely more crowded than the previous 2-millions protest, if not 1/3 more.
Kahn Souphanousinphone Donald Trump is sowing chaos in China to support his trade war against China. We must support China, and not let Hong Kong be used as a pawn in Trump’s War.
Dear fellow HongKongers, regardless of police officers or protesters. What will be shared could be piercing to some ears, or resulting some others into tears because unfolding the damages could take years. Understand some are fighting for the future, while some are representing the law maker. But at home, you are a Mother, a Father or a children with a loving nature. Believe it that while alone in the shower, You too will be asking for peace talk to come sooner. While other nations have pple dying of hunger, or studying under lights that are Not proper, pls don’t throw away what those before You had work hard to make the nation prosper. The world may Not have the solution for You, or even understand how You truly feel, but please! No more Violence as the future of your victim may come to a stand still!
Many of them waved American flags. Over here, the protesters BURN American flags, because they are always connected to leftist entities..
People in Hong Kong fighting for freedom while here at home, Democrats are doing their best to strip us of our freedoms.
Better for them to go home and let the people work before the army go in and collect them one by one and never see the daylight
Please see what a British economist said about Hong Kong. HK has to change but not in this way.
I bet the people of hong Kong would love a right to bear arms right now...yet the people are on the path of doom and death, defenseless against an oppressive government.
Tremendous examples for freedom loving people all over mainland China: Stand up for what you believe in!!!
Donald Trump wishes BOTH side, including China, "Good luck; I hope it all just works out." (What a negotiator.)
Yep won’t happen in the US. All in jail before it form this big. Portland Oregon hello!!!
This is not America‘s problem!! Do you see other countries trying to run and get involved in Americans problems? Democrats remind me of being on an airplane when they’re explaining to put the oxygen mask on yourself first then help others the Democrats do it completely opposite. Democrats worry about everything else which is not relevant and they try to politicize everything just because they lost the election and they’re gonna lose the election again.
It is like California wanting to break away from USA. Now replace California with HK, and USA with China. Do one think the same? Hypocrite.
“Hong Kong was built up by Chinese people, not the British. And the young people here are throwing all of that away. I'm disgusted by it,” said Erich Beck, a retired Australian who has lived in Hong Kong for 28 years. Beck believes overseas elements are at play in the recent violent protests that have rocked the city, with the purpose to “poison Hong Kong” in order to hurt China. He joined hundreds of thousands of local residents in an anti-violence rally on Hong Kong Island Saturday afternoon.
Kahn Souphanousinphone makes a silly comment as usual. No matter what the topic he complains about Trump. 🧐it seems to be a paid political campaign. Don’t be fooled!!!
I noticed in a Live interview they was doing in Hong Kong right now that it was nighttime over there while it's daytime over here in America & I'm just thinking how is this possible on a Flat Earth?
What would happen to those Americans who want BETTER GUN CONTROL LAWS PASSED, if they came out in these MASSES and BLOCKED airports, streets, roadways, and such, and STOOD STRONG and LONG, and FOUGHT HARD to get the government to LISTEN to the PEOPLE and to WHAT the people WANT? No matter what the people of Hong Kong are protesting about, they are taking it VERY SERIOUSLY, by putting their LIVES on the line and should be COMMENDED for their efforts. American LIVES are being put in coffins, because Americans are NOT SERIOUS enough about GUN CONTROL to put their LIVES on the line.
Trump should stay to protect American economy and safety of citizen. Supreme Court granted Pres Trump emergency fund to close the border wall and that task should be finish by Pres Trump for another term. If Supreme Court supported Trump for this wall, American should Obey God installed leader in our society.
Wonder why they wave American flags and sing our national anthem?
Hong Kong played the US national anthem....they are more patriotic than some Americans.
If you’ve been in HK, you will know it is impossible that 1.7million people in A TINY PARK! CNN just misleading peoples. Fake news!Shame on you!
CNN13 hours ago

At least 63 people were killed when a suicide bomber linked to ISIS blew himself up at a crowded wedding ceremony in Kabul, Afghanistan

Families that should be celebrating a joyous occasion will instead be planning funerals; how devastating...
Kahn Souphanousinphone Donald Trump has blood on his hands and has doomed future generations in Afghanistan with no hope of peace. Trump must be held accountable!
My prayers and thoughts are with the families of the victims. I am an Afghan I live in Kabul a capital with no security and no peace.The situation is deteriorating day by day and the government doesn't do enough to protect its citizens. They spent billion dollars on a process which turned into a fiasco they threw dust into the eyes of people they are responsible for the deadly attacks in Kabul. They held peace talks with the enemies of Afghan people and they responded with more bombings and suicide attacks.Innocent people are killed left and right and officials condemn this is our tragedy.
This is so sad someone is celebrating their wedding and someone bombs it? That is so sad
The same ISIS our brave President "erased" from existence? Thoughts of prayer to all.
This is so sad. Celebration turning into tragedy is a nightmare for anyone. 😢
I thought the president of the United States of America said that he has successfully defeated the so called ISIS? Or Maybe I didn't heard it right. T May their so rest in perfect peace ameen 🙏🙏🙏🙏
The gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news anyone will ever hear, and what a person does with this news will determine where he or she spends eternity. God is calling you to choose life. Call on the name of the Lord and be saved (Romans 10:13). So please believe that God sent His one and only son Jesus Christ to suffer and die on the cross to shed His blood on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. Believe that Jesus died and was buried yet arose again in 3 days and ascended back to Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God The Father. Believe that without a relationship with Jesus Christ as your Savior you are headed for Hell and an eternity in The Lake Of Fire And Brimstone. That is The Gospel Message Of Jesus Christ, believe it and be saved
This blood is on Obama’s hands and he should be held accountable.
This person in the White House, can’t wait to give power to the same people who is perpetrating these genocide on a daily basis in Afghanistan. He wants to withdraw the troops at any cost, and call it an achievement in the longest US war and take credit for it. I thought the US never negotiate with terrorists and yet they are hosting terrorists leaders in Qatar and negotiating with them every day.
We can say gun control worked very well. 63 people dead in an instant and not a single firearm was used.
Tougher laws on bomb control in Afghanistan please! This will surely work! May the souls of the departed Rest In Peace
This is the democracy we brought to Afghanistan and Iraq.. death and destruction
They do it because they think they are getting 70 virgins in heaven. Little so they know it’s not true.
The world should watch and react on our genocide. AFGHANS has been in war for four decades. Isnt it enough? We the people of Afghanistan are ready to give up on all resources mines government for Peace!
So Epstein " Commits Suicide" ( yeah,right!!!), and all of a sudden "Isis" (Isreali Secret Intelligence Service), is making a strong comeback.
This is Impossible because The Orange One said that ISIS was defeated almost a year ago. This is clearly fake news, reflected off of a weather balloon coupled to some swamp gas possibly caused by fracking.
These kind of people who love evil will b thrown into the bottemless pit.into outer darkness with there father saten the devil
Interesting. I thought Isis was defeated and no longer a threat. According to trump and his word his law...right trump supporters?
How does an American president have anything to do with what goes on over there? We don't make the laws in that country.That would be like blaming Thier leader for Elpasso.and Ohio.
I wonder if it was one of ilhan Omar's many husband brothers? Asking for a friend
This president just spews lies , that's why real news is so important. Fact checking with this administration is so important. "Fake" news has no place in our democracy.
Ooooooofffff I’m getting tired of all this ridiculous bombings and shootings resulting in innocent deaths that don’t make sense 😟🙄😐
This is India that is creating an environment of terror to sabotage the peace process. India don't want widrawl of US troops from Afghanistan, peace is in favor of Pakistan. India don't want peace in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. RAW And #GhaniNDS is behind this attack to distrupt peace process. As India and #NaziGhani don't want peace in Afghanistan In the meantime India Will genocide kashmiri people... Turn majority into minority
Why people keep blaming us tho. I mean honestly. America didn't so this. We drop bombs, we don't walk em in physically.
CNN13 hours ago

Connecticut authorities arrested a man who they said was interested in committing a mass shooting, had weapons and tactical gear, and made his intentions known on Facebook.

He violated so many rights that were given to him! He has shown he doesn’t deserve these rights due to his inability to live peacefully with others in our society. He violated the responsibilities that go hand in hand with those rights! ❤️🇱🇷
Great job! Thank you Blue and others. We all need to fight these extreme crazies.
All these young men with this evil ideas, lack of love, guidance and presence while left exposed to too much sad news, violence from news and fiction and access to way too much.
50 years in prison. Speedy trail. No parole, hard time, serve everyday of that 50 years,
Further proof that we already have laws on the books for just this thing. They only need to be enforced. Taking away law abiding citizens constitutional rights is not the answer.
It is NOT until one acts out that it is found they were/are suffering from MENTAL-which is emotional-ILLNESS. By posting his intentions on Facebook was an obvious sign this boy was looking for some MENTAL HEALTH attention. He wasn't thinking straight to PUBLICLY announce his plan for a mass murder attack. Whether his/their plan was for a cause it is BECAUSE there is a need for ATTENTION to some kind of UNSTABLE/IMBALANCE in the MENTAL/EMOTIONAL THOUGHT PROCESS. Some where along the line of UP BRINGING the thought process was altered and overlooked or neglected. Until one ACTS OUT there is NO WAY to know if they are suffering mentally. RED FLAG on WHO WHY and WHEN?
In the united states children are born with guns i saw on videos parents buying gun for the anniverssary to there childten so what do you expecting?so this is going to a total chaos in the usa look at the history of the USA
hmm. I believe in and will defend the 2nd amendment as a defense right... It has limits in it with the words "well regulated"aka rules and limits... You do not need weapons of war to defend yourself in your daily life... You don't need an anti-tank weapon against a peeping Tom, you don't need a smart bullet against trespassers, you don't need a tommygun against burglars, you don't need a grenade against a purse snatcher, you don't need an armour piercing bullets against the deer you're hunting... There is common sense which is where the "well regulated" comes in... If our founding fathers would have thought (they only knew of cannons and single shots) there would be kids and terrorists shooting our kids with these kinds of weapons they would have amended it themselves...
That's how's it's done authorities using social media to find the crazy people before they can strike; well done and thank God. It seems like after all mass shootings these people were pointing in that direction on social media before it happens or people were worried about the person well before. I truly think that's one of the best tools to prevent mass shootings is identifying these people before they strike.
You can bet this man's "bubble" does not float to the top. He needs a decade or two of evaluation, counseling, and medication.
Another irresponsible gun owner leaving their firearms out for others to take and kill. They need to be banned and locked up. I hope this father is prosecuted too!!
This is what this "great" country has come to, hatred, xenophobia, mass killings, racism and violence?! Due to a "leader" who has instigated and relic this type of behavior. The strong MUST stick together and stand up against this type of behavior.
Notice to the Fascists out there. Keep posting to FB about your murderous intentions. Thank you in advance. "The FBI and Norwalk Police Department started investigating after the tip. They discovered the suspect was trying to build his own rifle and had posted on Facebook expressing an interest in committing a mass shooting, according to a statement from the police and the FBI. It did not provide details on what his post said."
I thought a court COULD rule that an individual can’t be in possession of a firearm. I know that they can in some cases. If this creep was bragging, on Facebook about the massacre he was planning another Facebook user must have sent a copy of the posts to the FBI themself because I can’t imagine Facebook doing anything about it if it was reported to them.
They just caughter another guy on Florida. We can pretty much bet this will be happening again and again and again.
Well done to that citizen in flagging this to the authorities, likely prevented another massacre.
"While some of the weapons were registered to his father, he had access to them, authorities said." How about locking up weapons so that 'children' even 22 yr olds, cannot get to them? Gotta start somewhere. How about making is more difficult for people to gain access to weapons?
It’s a good thing high-capacity magazines are illegal in Connecticut or authorities would have had to settle for giving him a stern talking to.
He should be held without bail. We don't need people who wanted to harm others.
Please folks, stop hurting innocent people when there are so many deserving ones out there! If you wanna go commit a mass shooting (please don't), at least make it against something worthwhile. Here's somewhere to start looking for people who are absolutely begging for it. I suggest starting with the neo-nazis and white nationalists...
Only law enforcement, the military and veteran's should own guns how does that sound?
People all over the world suffer from mental illness; people play video games in virtually every other country on earth. Yet we are by far the king of the gun mass murder. What is different between the US, and all those other counties? Bet you can guess....
Treat him like as if he were a terrorist planning an attack. It’s time we start giving our own that treatment
He had illegal magazines and was planning to build his gun, so in other words, gun laws failed to prevent him from originally obtaining these objects.
Wake the hell up America. Enact some real laws restricting weapons and put a stop to this madness
CNN14 hours ago

Toni Morrison, who died last week at age 88, tops Barack Obama's list.

I miss a president who knows how to read and what to read.
I miss having a president with intellectual curiosity. And intelligence. And empathy.
Thank You, President Obama!! You have blessed this country and this nation in ways that many people will take years to comprehend. I am so proud of you, Michelle and your lovely daughters. Never before has the White House been represented with such class, grace and intelligence, all with a loving and sincere heart. I will miss you. I miss u already. God Bless you and the family. ..
A big thank you to President Obama, I will certainly try to read a few of his suggestions. I miss his guidance and wisdom in our world today. What a great president he was, and a great man he is.
I love Toni Morrison's books. He has wonderful taste in reading material.
Obama is a great man by any standard, any day, any time, irrespective of what somebody is doing to disparage his good legacies and run him down. His achievements would continue to speak for him. No doubt he was well brought up from home right from infancy. Highly intelligent, diplomatic, well nutured and polished for the exalted position. He is neither a bully ,racist or a drug addict. I want even like to suggest that psychiatric examinations be carried out on future Presidents before being sworn in.
It find it incredibly disturbing and that there are ADULT human beings who watch how Trump conducts himself, listen to his inept crude speeches, read his ridiculous tweets and think to themselves “Yes, I trust and support this guy!" 🤦‍♂️
Lol Trump "I reed tha berry bestest buks from fantastic arthurs
Unfair reporting. Trump has an amazing reading list too! The cat in the hat. McDonalds menu. Mein Kampf
Good list and a good use of his position as retired statesman.
He should read all Trumps achievements. That would keep him busy for a while and he can learn what he did wrong.
I read the article so I would know which books to never read.
Trumps summer ..books to read 1.kims love letters and me not a puppet. 3.national rifle and bribes 4.immigrant and hate... beautiful wall. 6.what to feed my sheeps..part2 hair and a sguirrell.. 8.dictators for dummies...part 1
Finally America!!! A President “, who is putting all of the American People first of all races , creeds , and colors! God Bless America, and the President” Mr Donald J Trump 🙏😇
Obama is my forever president! Trump is still riding his way if Maia continue LOL Obama is the best thing that has ever happened to this country and we are seeing what happens when Grace, dignity, and class are missing from the White House. I wish you could come back home LOL. Obama for ever
Had Toni Morrison made her book in a pop-up version with phonetically spelled words and no words then Trump would have added her to his list too....oh and if she had been white!
Demorcrats were mighty proud of the fact that Obama had record high number of people on food stamps and welfare and he also had told a record number of lies about health insurance!!More Black people are working now more than ever in history!! Something else Obama or the Dems' would want to happen since they love having their constituents dependent on the government for years because all you mean to them is a vote for them!! The Dems' hate the fact that Trump ruined their plans,they had 3rd & 4th generation Families on Welfare!! Year after year 50 to be exact the Dems' kept that scam going with empty promises!! Those innner cities we're thriving with poor schools,terrible housing, no jobs & High crime,but HEY THEY GOT YOUR VOTE!!
Last time I listened to Obama he told me I'd save $2500 on my health care
I'd rather see a list of Trump's coloring books and TV guide.
Dwayne Winter, the fact that Trump is our President is a tragedy. We have a President who can bulky but not read, write or speak! We have a President who is an embarrassment and disliked by most of the world. We have an egocentric brainless President. President Obama was not perfect, but we were and continue to look up to him. Intelligent and a man without scandals!
Trumps reading list - Stormy Fest , Weekend at Epstein's Island and my Favorite -Trump Tower in Moscow. Coming Soon
“How to Skate through A Presidency”. Autobiography. Step 1: have the DNC, their buddies in the MSM, support you, prop you up, cover for you and all of your many shortcomings.
Oh how much I miss President Obama, things were pretty cool for 8 yrs. The world has come to a end with that clown 🤡 in office.
I miss a President that who was qualified. Ialso miss republican followers that had some integrity and morals!
Barry, Barry, quite contrary, how does your libarry (in a city I used to enjoy visiting, Chicago) grow?
CNN14 hours ago

More than 10,000 firearms have been voluntarily surrendered to authorities in New Zealand, as part of a buyback scheme that was introduced after the Christchurch mass shooting.

Gun owners have until December 20 to hand in semi-automatics, parts that convert firearms...

Thank you, New Zealand, for setting this example. I only wish the US would follow.
When a government of New Zealand come and take your property and your freedom remember you gave up your right to fight back
Well new Zealand is a goner. Send my thoughts an prayers to all those who just lost the right to protect themselves
I’m always amazed at how willingly people give up personal security to the state.
I hope one day the people of the U.S. one day do the same, peace and love is the answer, not high power guns.
I live in Christchurch New Zealand and I can promise you nobody volunteered to give up their firearms, they were extorted out of law abiding citizens.
Wow! Great success! They managed to collect a quarter of a percent of the Firearms in New Zealand!
Given their PM is a queen sheep, she is incapable of understanding the US. And I'm ok with that.
Yeah but good luck in America. Most Americans have grown to miss trust the government. As a nation were divided on this issue. We also have the attitude I own, it I bought it ,it’s mine and no one has the right to tell me what I can and cannot own. attitude
Awesome. If you don’t turn in your weapon by dec. 20, they will classify you as a criminal and come and try and take it by force. Let’s see how that goes. Stay strong New Zealand, power by numbers!!
“Law abiding citizens give in to the best interest of criminals and mad men” Awesome news
Well done New Zealand, let's continue to show the Americans how it's done. We in Angola did this as well by surrendering the guns some few years ago and trust me, the death rates also dropped dramatically. Well done once again.
New Zealand put a Law about guns out in Less than a month.America",Oh no there trying yo take away 2nd amendment rights,The answer is MORE GUNS"Meanwhile Mass Shootings it seems happen every week.New Zealand had the guts to do what's right.In America ,As long as the NRA is running things and Congress allows it,We're gonna be in for more funerals,More under the table payments,And a long funeral list.
Not true, this also counts firearms parts like scopes, rails and so forth. The compliance has been dismal.
In the United States people love guns more than they love each other 🙁
A quick google search told me there is approximately 1.5 million firearms in New Zealand (that they know about). So .6% were turned in...... I'd be interested to k ow how many of those were broken and unusable too. Great job indeed New Zealand.
All of you applauding New Zealand for this are clueless about the real world. You think criminals or people who want to do harm are going to follow any gun laws? You people are naive and should not reproduce. If you take away all guns in the world, you think that we will be safe? The government will walk all over its citizens. And people have killed people since the beginning of time.
I’m hoping that once we vote the crazy people in our government out in 2020, the US will be able to follow New Zealand’s example.
Goodbye New Zealand you will soon be subjects of your government and not citizens.
10,000 guns- but this number includes anything loose as in parts and mags. So imagine 1000 guns and the rest parts for guns.... it hasn’t worked
A Swede may be given a license to own up to six hunting rifles, ten pistols or a combination of eight rifles and pistols. ... It is illegal for a civilian in Sweden to carry a firearm, unless for a specific, legal purpose;such as hunting or attending shooting ranges.
This bill amends the Arms Act 1983, with the aim of tightening gun control in New Zealand. This bill seeks to remove semi-automatic firearms from circulation and use by the general population in New Zealand by prohibiting semi-automatic firearms, magazines, and parts that can be used to assemble prohibited firearms. As in any Tyrannical Government not even one vote from the people.
US courts pretty much left firearms as a guaranteed way to protect themselves. Police have no duty to protect.
Let's hope that China or Russia does not have any immediate interest in New Zealand . Soon to be easy pickens.
CNN15 hours ago

As mass demonstrations in Hong Kong took place for an 11th consecutive weekend, young people, families and the elderly braved heavy rain under a sea of umbrellas, underscoring that the protest movement is far from over.

It was great to see them with our American flags 🇺🇸 singing our Athem! Freedom 🇺🇸
Kudos to the people of Hongkong for fighting for freedom to decide one’s future. Inspires those who cannot do the same now but hope to do so in the future.
Proud to be American!
It was great to see them with our American flags 🇺🇸 singing our Athem! Freedom 🇺🇸
Saw you on CNN this morning your hair style is all that! you look younger the cut highlights your beautiful eyes this one is a keeper!
Carrying American flags proudly too, the Chinese have to be furious👍🇺🇸!
Hope their complaints are recognized now
A wise man known as W. Axl Rose foretold of this prophecy, circa 2008.
Dear fellow HongKongers, regardless of police officers or protesters. What will be shared could be piercing to some ears, or resulting some others into tears because unfolding the damages could take years. Understand some are fighting for the future, while some are representing the law maker. But at home, you are a Mother, a Father or a children with a loving nature. Believe it that while alone in the shower, You too will be asking for peace talk to come sooner. While other nations have pple dying of hunger, or studying under lights that are Not proper, pls don’t throw away what those before You had work hard to make the nation prosper. The world may Not have the solution for You, or even understand how You truly feel, but please! No more Violence as the future of your victim may come to a stand still!
Teacher asked her class who is a Bernie Sanders fan ? The whole class raised their hands wanting to be liked by the teacher except for Johnny . The teacher asked Johnny why he wasn’t a Bernie Sanders fan and he replies “ because I’m a conservative . She asked why was he a conservative ? He said , my daddy is a conservative and my mommy is a conservative, so I’m a conservative . The teacher replies back to Johnny and said , what if your daddy was crazy and your mommy wasn’t bright , what would that make you ? Johnny replies back to the teacher “ A Bernie Sanders fan !
Thank you so much for Hong Kongese
Why don't you report there were 4.7 million people supporting the police on August 18th? You CNN always distort the fact, shame of CNN.
This is your future America, a disarmed America where you can protest ALL YOU WANT, only to be gased and beaten by state police. And you know what? You people deserve to be controlled.
Hongkong please keep from the Netherlands
Official stats: They can only count limited area and counted 1.7M, and expect the actual number of protesters far more than that. Meanwhile, the police announced that at 6pm (4 hours after the starting time), there were 49000 people at the starting point. (Protesters spread across several districts and they counted people in a park lol)
Friends, I have a question if we take medicines and after that if I go to the toilet, will that medicine come out through the toilet or not?
Please see what a British economist said about Hong Kong. HK has to change but not in this way.
Hmmm more patriotic then Democrats I see. Holding our flag up instead of stomping and burning it.
$3 million for 800sq ft apartment, no wonder they are protesting
Is it safe to travel to Macau? 😇
Very few in Hong Kong or abroad in supported 2014 protests. THIS is different. Trying to pass this extradition bill violates the HK basic law of 1 country 2 systems. Yes HK is part of China but mainland signed a deal that agreed for HK autonomy until 2047. Almost no one wants independence or violence. They want to keep the rights Deng Xiaoping and Thatcher agreed to give them. This is why they protest.
Also need to clarify, airport violence was created by police. HK citizens always rally and march peacefully.
And just imagine. They have to BEG for their rights. Guess who doesn't beg the government for their rights? GUN OWNERS.
I find it interesting that there isn't any post on your wall about the attack on a reporter by April Ryan's body was disgusting. What kind of action is going to be taken against her because not only did she direct her body guard to take the action but she stood by and did nothing and allowed him to be attacked. And how does a reporter tell others that she doesn't allow her speaking engagements to be covered by others...a little elitist isn't it.
CNN15 hours ago

It's not clear whether she was infected on a flight, in New York or in Israel, according to Israel's Ministry of Health. She was vaccinated as a child, but like many people her age around the world, she received only one dose of the vaccine.

This is why I took the titer test to see if I still have immunity. I was vaccinated as a child but over 40 years later it is still working. Vaccines are awesome.
They fail to mention she developed another infection after she was in the hospital. This led to her death. And since she had been vaccinated then this just shows that vaccines don’t convey lifelong immunity. Death from measles in the US was rare before the vaccine. And is even more so now. CNN hasn’t done any articles about the deaths from staph - 20,000 a year. Just focusing on one rare death from a mild childhood illness to try and terrify people.
Measles is far from a mere mild itchy problem. It can be life threatening. Get vaccinated. You could save your life, and others lives as well.
And she also contracted a bug in the hospital that caused her deterioration. But no one reports that. I wonder why? Because healthy people do not die from the measles.
Thanks once again to all the crazed anti-vaxers.
Schilling for Big Pharma. WHY don't you list how many DIED From the vaccine so far this year???
What if all the “anti vaccination” BS is actually being spread by people with evil intentions?
That is certainly one of the dangers of illegal coming into our country. They do not vaccinate like the US does and who knows what deseases they are bringing with them.
Krassenstein Brothers Parents, please make sure your children are vaccinated!
Measles does not kill.complcations from measles does such as pneumonia. More fear spreading.
Who's paying you creeps to keep promoting these lies about poison vaccines? Of course whatever pharmaceutical giant pays the most! You can't find 1 person on Earth who, has the knowledge of healing or health and wellness, that would ever put those poisons in their body's! Only the unhealthy followers, who know nothing of health and wellness, fall for those tricks. It is a total impossibility to enhance immune function through poisoning the cells! It's illogical, and nothing but a fantastic money making affair, that continually makes money from the devastation those poisons create. Many of the problems unhealthy Americans have today, who are the 99%, has it's roots in poisonous vaccines, but they are simply the first building blocks towards atrocious health and life! CNN, you are truly FAKE news! #DariusWrightthenaturalhealer
What a tragedy! Back in the 50s, we got immunized for everything. We got our shots at school. Consent slips would be sent home which one of our parents had to sign. Consequently, my generation has been pretty healthy against the typical childhood diseases for our lifetime. As a child, I remember getting the measles and chickenpox but because of the immunizations, they were mild. I also remember when the polio vaccine came out, we needed three doses. The first was a shot and the second and third were the vaccine on sugar cubes. Hating needles the way I did, I liked the last two doses the best.
I had a titers done earlier this year. I was born in 1964 and was absolutely vaccinated as a child. Titers showed insufficient immunity so I got another measles vaccine last month.
I had measles both kinds when I was a kid, both my children had measles when they were kids, we all still alive.
Bullcrap, she got an infection while in the hospital, measles doesn’t last 3 months
There are no regulations requiring flight crew or airport staff to be vaccinated against communicable diseases. Don't you think this should be a basic "safety" measure they should take, it's like scanning passengers.
I was vaccinated, yet contracted measles in my teens. It was horrible. I was almost wishing for death. My 27 year old son was checked for MMR immunity and failed even though he was up to date. He needed a booster to work in the healthcare field. Thank goodness they checked him. Vaccinate, and check yourself and your family for continued immunity.
Another reason not to go to the apartheid occupation and ethnic cleansing regime of Israel
Oh great. Now comes the push for multiple measles vaccines, because the first one is no longer good enough
CNN us all about the agenda of population reduction just like its founder Ted Turner
If you can’t find the record that you received 2 doses. You can just have a test to see if you are immune to it and you are good to go.
Many adults need a measles booster. Childhood vaccines during a specific time period require a booster.
So is the conclusion that the vaccines make measles deadly in the 1st world or, that in the 1st world, new strains of measles are deadly or that She would not have died if everyone was vaccinated? I have mold in the bathroom that won't die from bleach because I have been using it on it for years.
I find it sad that everyone on here has gone bonkers over who to blame when we should really be saddened by a preventable death. Really people. 🙄
Do Not interact with this Kahn, he is suspiciously appearing in many post. Security risk..
CNN16 hours ago

"Mommy can't do this for much longer," Erika tells her five-year-old daughter Loie. "There's a chance we might go home soon to Portland."

"But that means you won't get a liver," Loie responds.

"I know that," Erika says.

God bless her. Hope her liver transplant will done ASAP. She wil get a donor soon. I wish her long and healthy life.
Heartbreaking! My dad was going through the process for a liver transplant. Unfortunately the last test they found out he had adrenal cancer. Everything was called off because his liver couldnt take it. He passed away 2 months later.
I cannot understand and never have been able to understand the lack of organ donation in this country upon death… Why are people so reluctant to become an organ donor and their families so reluctant to help someone live using their loved ones often times perfectly healthy organs! It doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever that people would rather let these organs rot in the ground or get burned up in an incinerator rather than to share life and love!
As a living donor (left kidney donation July 2nd, 2019) I will be also donating a part of my liver when my body is healed enough to do so, than on to bone marrow. Everyone deserves a second chance at life! I urge people to look into being a living donor! Your life doesn’t change! I am a mother of 4 children (12, 10, 2 1/2, 9 months) and nothing has changed in my life. Please help save a life!
My uncle passed away this year while still working on the red tape to get on the list for a liver donor. (While doctors debated if it was time, he had a major event and died.) This is very sad- but my friend who needed a kidney and a pancreas was also failing when her transplant came through, and I know miracles happen! Prayers that hers comes quickly.
8 months ago my son died. I kept him on life support for organ donation. Few weeks later I recieved that his kidneys went to two different ladies and his lungs to a man. I was so disappointed his liver wasn't used or heart. They had plenty of time to find matches and fly them in before we took him off support. We knew about the lung recipient being brought in And we were asked if we could wait a few more hours. We waited, I just thought they would have done more. It is what it is unfortunately.
Heart wrenching. The system of donations “change” of scoring should have not been executed this way. Sending your prayers sweet Erika 🎉
Such a painful and important reminder that life, at its most beautiful is often lived in the final moments. I hope and pray that she can be pulled back from the grip of death and take the beauty she’s found in the fundamentals and live in that light for many years to come. Erika, you’ve moved me and I’m so sorry that you’re the one teaching us all that life is more special than we appreciate. I’m pulling for you so hard.
My brother passed away 3 days before being put on the transplant list for a liver. I feel for this family. It is a horrible way to go and it can really put a lot on the family and caregivers.
She should be prioritized due to the fact that it was a medical error that damaged it irreparably. My heart breaks for this mother, because the only thing worse than dying is leaving your children behind, especially if they are minors. My heart and prayers are with you and your family. The hospital that messed up should be doing everything they can including eating the cost of this!
My mom was on the liver transplant list and her case manager mishandled her case and got my mom bumped off of the transplant list. She was in the ICU in our town and her husband called to report it to the case manager and cancelled her doctors appointment with her transplant doctor. They marked it as a no call no show and they removed her. It took her about 6 months to get all the testing done and a month after that she was in multi organ failure, at 2 months after we had to bury my mother.
Such a sad story and one that I know far too well. My brother, a husband, father of two, is also currently waiting for a liver 😭.
I can understand their pain. We went through the same when doctors told my wife she needed a kidney transplant. Luckily us she got it in a swap surgery. Praying for them.
My dad is currently on the transplant list as he fights liver cancer. Watching him go through radiation therapy and chemotherapy has been very difficult to say the least. It’s a sad reality that he may never get a new liver. I pray that more people take the step to become registered organ donors because one person can save so many lives!
My loved sister died 4 months ago from a brain aneurysm 💔 all organs was mach for others she was a organ donor her liver was trasplante to a 30 year old girl ! I hope one day I can meet all her donors it was more than 6 lives she saved ! It’s sad that someone else has to died to save others people lives but this’s how life works 😔
Colorectal cancer with liver metastasis is a tough one. You can bypass a heart with ECMO (for short periods of time) and augment the kidneys with dialysis. But there is nothing we can do yet for the liver. I hope she is kept as comfortable as possible during this time.
I do appreciate the honesty she has with her children it will make it easier for them to and reflect upon as they age. Very challenging and sucks nonetheless but often times we don’t talk about death enough in the world when it’s cyclical. We prepare for a birth but hate preparation for an exit.
The heart breaking thing is even if she does end up getting what she wishes and hopes and prays for there’s still no guarantee that the liver won’t fail and be rejected by her body. The odds are better than they were years ago.
Transplant world isn’t that easy, specially for the patient in need. But unfortunately it all comes down to her MELD score and need of more registered donors. Usually a patient’s score goes at 30 at a very delicate healthy stage and it’s just a matter of time whether they have a donor match during that time. Prayers 🙏🏻
I am contacting my local donation network tomorrow. If I can help, I want to.
And why can’t someone donate a portion of their liver? I’m confused. Does she have a strange blood type or something? My dad was approved to get my siblings liver... didn’t have to wait.
Less than 1% of people die in a way that allows organ donation to be a possibility. Only about half of those people will actually be registered donors. Donation is not nearly as simple as having a person die. A deceased person is not typically going to be a donor. *This comment is not to detract from the story posted. However, I see numerous comments where individuals seem to have misinformation and an oversimplified view on the actual process.*
These stories are gut wrenching. It is abhorrent the way in which many folks’ fate is determined in our health care system. I hope she gets the liver so she can live on and be there for her husband and little one. I simply can’t imagine what she is going through.
Initially it was an insurance issue; now it's an issue of a shortage of organ donors. PLEASE people, become an organ donor. Put it in your driver's license, make sure your family knows your wishes. One donor can save 7+ lives!
I would give her part of my liver.I am also a living doner.I gave my right kidney to a man back in 2010.I have two young boys and I would hope that if I needed a liver someone would help me.if some how you see this message.I would give you part of my joke.😀
CNN16 hours ago

Joe Biden writes that the United States has a "huge problem with guns," and that assault weapons are a threat to US national security

Kahn Souphanousinphone Every gun owner has blood on their hands and needs to be held accountable.
I own guns and I certainly understand our 2nd amendment rights but I absolutely agree with Biden that there has to be some common sense to this.
Headline should read that Biden if elected will push to violate the constitution and attempt to infringe upon our rights.
Conservatives bash Liberals for their solutions to this problem. But what exactly are their party's solutions, aside from their "thoughts and prayers" nonsense? 🤔
So, that goes for the secret service and all of the law enforcement community as well? I know I do not need a machine gun. Are you a mentally ill man? That means you need help as well? When I am sent off to the war or if my child is what's the soldier to use? I hope there is no invasion in the time you are elected, if you are elected. We would all die as an American citizen or over sea's or on American soil. That's for sure buddy. I won't vote for you. A mentally ill person or drug dealers will always find away to hurt or to kill innocent life's. They dont only need to own a machine gun. What's good for you, is not good for me.This is what you are saying. Your a hypocrite Joe Biden. Joe Biden you are a communist leader, not a leader of the free world.
The federal government has the power to regulate firearms. Biden is not suggesting a violation to the 2nd amendment. The problem is that it's too late. There are literally millions of them in the hands of Americans now.
Well thank God our Second Amendment and our rights will not be altered for the worse because Biden will not get far or be elected!
Your job would be to support and defend the constitution. Not tear it up
CNN, Biden and the DNC are the threat to US national security and the only thing holding them back from putting on their brown shirts and marching through our neighborhoods murdering people for perceived thought crimes, is the 2nd Amendment.
Kahn Souphanousinphone We need red flag laws so the government can confiscate these weapons of war from individuals it deems dangerous.
So the same government that has concentration camps according to CNN wants my firearms? That’s cute
He’s writing now and has cut down on public appearances......writings can be edited! I like Biden ok, but he is soooo past his time!!
Hes a threat to national security. His job is to uphold and protect the Constitution did they not read it. I think number 2 as the right to bear arms??
HELLO??? The reason we do not get invaded is because our people and military have so many guns... Take them away and what is stopping other countries from invading us??? America has ALWAYS HAD A LOT OF GUNS and we have NEVER had A MASS SHOOTING problem... How come all of a sudden we have all these Mass Shootings??? IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT THE GUNS!! The guns have ALWAYS been there!!
Over 5 million AR-15’s are owned in the United States. 13 have been used in mass shootings in the passed 11 years. Tell me again how it’s a gun problem! I will wait!!
Just what have you accomplished in the last 45 years as a politician? Just now your going to fix it?
Hey creepy uncle joe: “assault rifles” are fully automatic and already banned, don’t you know that? Oh, you already showed you know nothing about guns when you told everyone to buy a shotgun and shoot through the door 😂
I cannot wait until Joe repeals the 2nd Amendment and rewrites it. It’s been done before to another Amendment, it can be done again. 🇺🇸🇺🇸. I cannot wait until they come knocking on your door to collect your guns😂😂. A liberal president and the collapse of the Nazi “republican” Party will ensure this will happen.😊. Do you realize how much safer you and your children will be?
I'm sure the 30 people who showed up at his New Hampshire rally will be embarrassed. That this is the leading presidential Democrat candidate .
But not push for more mental health care? That is our biggest problem.
I love how people use the word “assault” it’s such a loaded word. Any weapon could be an assault weapon. If I run at you with a fork and try to stab you then it’s an assault fork. Weak minded people buy into such loaded language. This page is crawling with them
It's time to save our children from the United States guns are not more important than our childrenat least he's somebody that's trying to save the United States and clean it up instead of provoke people to kill each other United we stand together☣️☢️⚜️☑️☑️☑️
That’s what most of us want, but just falls on deaf hears of the Republican’s supported by the NRA! So good luck to you VP Biden
Yes, Mr. Biden you are past your time. Please step aside so another Democratic does not loose votes.
I like Biden, but he rides the fence too much. It’s not what we need right now.
CNN shared a post.17 hours ago
But this can't be happening. President Obama resuscitated and restored the economy and put it on a path of solid growth that's lasted eight years. President Obama restored our economy after the prior Republican Administration, with the help of Mitch McConnell and the Republican House and Senate, completely and totally destroyed the economy, so much so that millions and millions and millions of Americans lost their jobs, their homes and their entire life savings and almost caused a complete collapse of the entire World economy. President Obama bought America and the World back from the brink of total ruin. Eight years of growth. What could have possibly gone wrong? What happened?
Thanks to the very stable genius!
Krassenstein Brothers And I'm willing to bet that Trump will point fingers at everyone but himself. It will be the media's fault. It will be the Feds fault, and it will be "The Democrats" fault, but definitely not the man in charge of the country.
GOP has never seen it coming and always acts surprised. It will be here shortly after the beginning of October, definitely for Christmas!
Sending thoughts and prayers to global recession
Hoping the silver lining is that the environment might have a chance to recover.
It’s not just manufacturing and farming. Subprime auto loans, subprime small business loans, corporate debt. We are repeating the same mistakes of the early 2000s on a larger scale.
Americans be afraid. Some of us have lived in depression our whole lives and we're now used to it
I really hope so. I want it to hit Trump supporters hard so that they feel the consequences of their vote and unwavering support.
So typical for the "compassionate" people to be hoping for financial hardship just so their political party can use it for political gain. Their hate consumes them.
Oddly I'm happy this is happening because it will make it difficult for 45 to get reelected. The man is as incompetent as they come and this should wake people up.
Congrats trump you have accomplished what you wanted. Guess he really mean business when he start to undo all Obama has done, this is his major undoings. Congrats again
Key points to take away from the narrative. We don’t really export anything anymore. In a few years we are not going to be able to feed ourselves because some people will end our livestock and agriculture structure in the name of the Environment and Global Warming. Some freedoms are going to be lost, then WWIII will happen. After losing our steel industries we will loose the ability to make new ships, planes, and tanks lost because of the war. Then some nukes will fly. At the end of the day some lying Liberals will blame disloyal people saying hell no to losing freedoms and liberties and dying to affirm such notions. Can’t have a recession based upon a service based economy where nothing tangible is traded.
I been talking about this for a few weeks now....just know our economy cant be streached so far and wide while the rest of the world is having issues and we are dealing with Donnie the bad business man as president. Gotta give out soon. (maybe that is the only way to rid this country of him.....sad).
Just hunker down, cut back on expenses, and save up everyone. Cuz once we (the global economy) hit bottom, it’ll be our time to shine and invest into things that’ll rebound in a few years time.
sold my portfolio and I sleep like a baby trumps actions are dangerous to the investor better to keep what you have than to loose it all! Words of wisdom from my broker
They’ve been warning about this for the last 5 years. We’re overdue.
For the kids and the galacticly ill-informed; our economy ebbs and flows with consumer confidence and our economy directly affects the rest of the world. Get on board or be left behind. It’s on you! If you fail, it’s nobody’s fault but your own!
The finger can be pointed squarely at the house Dems, they are the ones with control of the purse, control of spending. Plus they have done everything they can to resist any spending Trump suggests and come up with their own bills.
I'm waiting for Trumpsters to explain how the economic boom which was already well underway when Trump took office was due to Trump, while the recession that starts while he is in office is not due to Trump. This should be fun.
Kahn Souphanousinphone Welcome to the Trump Recession, followed by the Trump Depression!
By no fault of the billions of hard working people around the world. The one percent, those parasitic "geniuses" are as always responsible for this.
What tax breaks to the super wealthy didn't help? Who would've thought?? Historically, tax breaks to the rich have NEVER boosted the economy, or helped middle/low-income class. But here are dummies constantly voting for the party that puts more of their money into the pockets of billionaires.
Yet the Trump-inspired booming US economy continues to break records! Our strongest economy in 50 years. Rising wages, especially for lower income brackets and minorities. Low unemployment, low inflation, high GDP, lower food stamp and welfare recipients. Low fuel prices, a stock market which has doubled in 2 years and low interest rates with rising home prices. President Trump will win again in 2020!
Maybe the media shouldn't ring the alarm bells so enthusiastically.