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All aboard one of the most luxurious trains in the world, the Maharajas' Express

This sounds absolutely magical!
The monorail at Disneyland is a better ride.
Still nowhere near as beautiful as the Trump train. #2020IsLockedUp
Go trains? Go planes? Go automobiles? 2018?
Becky Simon maharaja
Nothing like the MUELLER TRAIN!!!
Ai Chát love với bé ko
Odile Dijkhoff
Dustin Byroo
How much to ride....on the roof?
Leezen Amatya
The most luxurious train in India .Bit expensive but great experience!!
One area of our infrastructure need to invest in.
A microwave has no place in any respectable chef's kitchen....
A dysentery-free zone in India. All aboard!
Couple Thoughts I learned that who doesn’t look for you, doesn’t miss you and who doesn’t miss you doesn’t care for you… that destiny determines who enters your life but you decide who stays… that the truth hurts only once and a lie every time you remember it. There are three things in life that leave and never return: words, time and opportunities… therefore, value whoever values you and don’t treat as a priority whoever treats you as an option. . . Please check out our page for some truly amazing content 🙂
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This mom pulled her two young children out of their toy electric car just before it burst into flames

So she needed the fire department for a fire that a water hose or bucket could have put out. How do they know she didn’t set it on fire herself. Not much evidence left over.
Just as I thought before the Video ended . I was thinking that it was made in China .... then was watching the subject . Yep Made in China .... Manufactures are making dangerous items and cheap labor . In the 15 to 20 years now many items made in China had problems 1. Drywall’s 2. Lead paint on children’s toys 3. Lead crayons 4. Shrimp and other fishes had sicken the people. 5. Hover boards caught fire 6. Cell phone batteries catching on fire. 7. Now children’s electric cars batteries catching on fire . If I’m correct with all these items were dangerous coming from China . I could be wrong . It’s all about cheap labor and we ended up paying more . I’m glad the mother had the sense to get her daughters out of the car quickly before it caught on fire . Who ever owns the manufacture companies should be held responsible for their actions .
This happened to my daughter's one back in 2006 it was a Dora the explorer Jeep and the car burst into flames I ended up getting lawyers onto it as I was pregnant at the time and got an electric burn from it when it happened luckily my kids were not in the car the battery itself was to blame and dodgy wiring. We fought for them all to be recalled too
So was the vehicle ‘as-is’ from manufacturer? OR Did someone make modifications to it? Some people put bigger electric motors in such so they go faster along with bigger batteries. The wrong combination can cause a fire
Too bad toys r us and similar toy stores aren't around anymore in america. This type of thing would force a recall ASAP and more kids would be saved by grassroots action.
Kids should be getting exercise by playing. Not sitting in a motorized car.
You gotta appreciate being broke sometimes. Lol
My kids fell off one of these while not wearing a helmet. I called 911 for paramedics. I called local news to do a story on rollovers... Just kidding! I told my kids, turn it over, and get back on it.
Made in China see this is why we need the Wall 😂😂 But joking aside glad the kids are ok . The battery probably overheated causing the fire . Many of the toys imported are cheap to make and the laws over seas are not lile the laws here so they can actually cut corners . Still a very scary sight .
Dad didn't put a bigger battery in there to make it go faster? We all have those husbands
Thank goodness she acted and they were safe.
When I was a kid, we had to set our toys on fire ourselves. Kids have it so easy these days.
Good job happy your kids are safe!
The mother did a good job. I'm happy because the kids are okay
I'm glad the kids were not injured.
Thank God she got her babies out!!
Most plastic is made of oil........and given half a chance, oil BURNS...
That was a baby issue, not a motor problem.
for me, "made in china" is synonymous with "danger"
Looks like Allstate cant cover that
Good thing adults were close. Never thought one of these could catch on fire....
Should my kids wear helmets in their power wheels? Lol
Nick Kim you guys have probably already seen this but better to be safe
Che wahhh same unit I bought for Zach u better watch him always if he uses it
Kind of like our nation right now. Who will swoop in to save the rest of us? 🤔
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Aretha Franklin, whose gospel-rooted singing and bluesy yet expansive delivery earned her the title "the Queen of Soul," died earlier this week. She was 76.

Franklin's signature song and biggest hit, "Respect" burst from dance halls, car radios and porch windows amid...

It is a great loss for the world of music. She was the embodiment of femininity and all the best. She will miss her very much. She left the following songs: Whos Zoomin Who, Try A Little Tenderness. 😥😥😥
Her music and her voice touched everybody. I heard her music growing up, but the first time I actually saw her singing one of her iconic songs was in “Blues Brothers”.
We'll miss her sweet heavenly voice...
No she did not vote for Trump! Cat, you need to get your facts straight! She was a Democrat!
Respect is a work that our President doesn't understand.
RESPECT, just a little bit
Respect is earned, Disrespect is earned as well!
And she refused to sing at his Anoration
If your saying I am crazy, well did you see her sing at his swearing ceremonies!
something we all will do one day, die sooner or layer born to.
Beautiful women beautiful voice n beautiful song . RIP .🙏
She's a legend. Everyone knows it.
she was great, but she was no Ronnie van Zandt
Great singer
Respect is earned...
She's Huge.
From haven you gonna singing again my Queén
Soprano voice.
RIP queen
Music lifts my spirits..
Old news next
Museveni stop the political purge in Uganda. #freebobiwine
The Blue Wave has just been increased by 70%!!!
Aretha Franklin made most of her wealth doing gigs for President Trump and he helped push her career. RIP Aretha Franklin!
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At least 14 people were sent to the hospital after a strong storm knocked over concert entrance trusses at an Oklahoma outdoor venue hosting the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees, a spokesperson said.

I think what they meant to say was "ALL 14 fans at Backstreet Boys concert hurt as storm rolls through."
Is the Backstreet Boys still exist?
The Cajun Navy Imagine being so embarassed to be at that concert when you have to tell the ER?
Desiree Vazquez, maybe they should of Checked the weather.... Calm down people I know I'm going to hell already
BSB and 98 Degrees is taking you by storm!!! #LEGENDcontinues
Agreed that is not good at all to have concerts during storm season: as Ryan Styles once said smoothly: Oklahoma with a not-smirk, just the bittersweet- somberness knowing of "ahhh do not mess with nature" (was a decade ago). It was, too, that..besides the improv of the scene involving the quote.
Wow!! The comments on I hope the people are ok..geez
Feeling bad for those injured. Praying they will heal quickly.
This would never happen at an *NSYNC concert.
Anyone watching a Back Street Boyz or 98 degrees concert would need hospitalised anyway from nausea.
I’m pretty sure that was God sending a message
This could of been montage pavilion but they also chose money over safety.just because they didn’t want to refund or postpone for another day.sorry this venue wasn’t so lucky.maybe general managers of these facilities should take a close look what’s more important .
Well, I for one never wanna hear anyone say they wanted it this way. I mean, tell me why. ????
I am sad for the injured and their families.
Wow, there are some savage comments in here.
From a first person account of what happened. I think the WinStar needs to tell the correct story.
Yeay they're sunshine after the rain!
I knew I shouldn't have come to the comment section.
If ever there was a solid argument for “Act of God”...
I just pray that everyone who was hurt will be okay!
I'm sure all the men there planned on being sore the next day anyway 🤣
Oklahoma doesnt believe in safety with it.
New headline: God punishes attendants at boy band concert
I am surprised there was anyone there in the first place
Hillary Moody Jamie Andrews Callie Jestis....did they tell you to take cover? They are saying they did
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These may be the best tacos in LA

If I won the lottery I would travel this Great United States and sample the cuisine from every state! This, among many other things makes this country great. Not the bull the snake oil salesman in DC is trying to make you swallow … Diversity rocks, and makes this country stronger!! 🙂
So thankful that Omarosa has those recordings of Tiffany Drumphf. Trumpanzee MAGAmaniacs swear Drumphf doing it for them🤣😒🤷🏿‍♀️
Black unemployment and unemployment in general at all-time lows, one of the best presidents in all of our lifetimes, and this is all you can talk about. Trump is a top-five president already whether you guys want to acknowledge it or not. Get ready for the statue coming or we can put him on Mount Rushmore, the choice is yours. #KeepAmericaGreatForever #StopHatingYorCountrymen #Trump2020 #TrumpTacoBowlIsBetter
I will never report my brown brother's and Sister's! In fact I support them even more now!!!
Wow!. Real Mexican food is not a crunchy chicken taco, and potatoes with beans?. How cheap looks like. No thanks.
No no no. Everyone knows the best tacos in LA are at Tito’s Tacos in Culver City 🌮🌮
Saide Lola Bugsy maybe you should try these the next time you go to California? 😁
Lies. Everyone know the tacos on Olvera Street are the best in LA.
King Taco? She's definitely an Echo Park chick... ugggghhh. Curb the enthusiasm, Muchacha.
Any news on the flooding in India.
I would love to be part of the team that determines/awards this title...
Thank for some new ideas in town to scope out
I want some of that deliciousness!
Fritos no no no, thats junk!!!!!
Daniel Poe Kris Lin We gotta try these tacos 🌮 guys ...
Gena Jill Sophia we need to hang with this chica😉
Or like Tucker knucklehead Carlson says....hands of my tacos
CNN cam very well move there headquarters to Mexico.
I thought they were in Mexico. It's all spanish
Don’t tell Tucker about them!
Trejos tacos!
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A dense forest, starry nights, waterfalls and fresh draft beer. What could be better?

Take away the beer from this picture and it becomes perfect. Yes i am 1 of the very few American men that doesn't take alcohol.
lol. I need someone to chat with am really bored. send me friend request.
In more interesting news: K-Fed is still undefeated against John Cena.
Carlsberg & Tulamore Dew take me away.
Rolling up the sleeves and clasping the wrists of the rest of the ones who would be silly bodies that would go on an alcohol rescue mission (quirky-like). Down boys. Down. No all night beer
big warning changing warning ..
Museveni stop the political purge in Uganda. #freebobiwine.
do they speak english?
another bombmshell.
Chris McCoy
Emily Hicklin
Arielle Rawding
Jason Jennings
Free weed
Ai Chát cùng em hok
Nathan Turner
Nikki Russo
Michael Greenberg
who they are?
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The $716 billion defense act is named after Sen. John McCain, but the President Donald J. Trump never once mentioned him or thanked him in his remarks

Trump is such a low life that he can’t give credit to a true hero. Senator Graham why didn’t you speak up since you are supposed to be such a good friend of Senator McCain
I watched this, and I could not believe how blatantly obvious the lack of McCain's name was. Sad excuse for a president we have.
Stop the insanity in D.C. Vote blue in November. The republicans have social security and Medicaid on the chopping block. We must stop these rich sleaze bags from doing anymore harm to the American society and security
No class at all! No wonder he's so jealous of Obama... He can't be a strong big hearted man like Obama is, becasue he/trump is weak and has no heart at all...
I also noticed that the Drumpf scored out John McCains name on the document! He obviously doesn't want a lasting legacy from a true Hero of the USA!
He knows McCain is everything Trump could never be. Five deferment Trump is a joke when he goes in front of service men. Wonder why they don’t laugh him off stage.
McCain is two things Trump lacked the nads to be. One he's a veteran. Secondly he's a former POW. It would have required an enormous amount of class to mention McCain. Tweetie is simply incapable of any exhibition of class.
45 does not possess any kind of generosity when dealing with or speaking of others. He is a mean spirited and very little every way. He is precisely what he was raised and nurtured to be by his self entitled family.
Pretty sure John McCain doesn’t need meaningless words from trump to know how much he (McCain) is loved and appreciated for his commitment and service to America.
100% shows how petty juvenile and all about him he is. This prisoner of war hero who dedicated his life to America and this FIVE Time draft dodger couldn’t mention his name. Embarrassment #Impeach #TrumPutin and #DaughterWife He’s not even smart enough to know that doesn’t help him.
War fighters 45 makes up words , It’s easy just to say soldiers or warriors . But the soldiers know it’s McCain and they know he is a war hero . Because real men understand honesty, bravery and honor.
Our economy is going to crumble with all this goverment spending. It's going to be worse that 2008 and great depression put together
As commander and chief he is too afraid to even go to a war zone to meet with the troops. That says it all. McCain was a prisoner of war for 5 1/2 years and was tortured to the point that he can not lift his arms above his shoulders. The Vietnamese offered him the chance to go home after they found out his father was an admiral in the Navy. He refused and said he would go home when his brothers were released. I cannot imagine Trump ever doing anything to put others before himself.
Not saying I hate Trump, but his ego is massive so no surprise, good on him for the economic climate change in the US well done Mr president but do not tale credit for others work please?
Because Trump is a little man with a big ego and can't handle McCain who is a hero and patriot and he will never be.
Of course not, he is such a selfish bully, he doesn't know how to compliment, love, have compassion, be kind or give a sincere hug even to his own, much less mention Senator, John McCain's name in regards to the $716 billion Defense Act. Oh but if it would have been something he did, he would not have stopped saying "I" I this and I that!
Did we actually think he would do the decent thing? He doesn’t know how, or care either.
He’s a creep, ok? He envies the accomplishments of others and goes to great lengths to make a point of it. And, no, neither the economy, or jobs has anything to do with the potus. What he does have to take responsibility for are the hundreds of children taken from their parents with now little hope of being reunited, the demeaning of the free press, his interference with the Manafort trial and the collusion with Putin to be elected in 2017, the dismissal of regulations effecting global warming, and I could go on and on. Please, let us just survive til 2020 or sooner.
Whomever is thanked- or blamed, it is a bloated, militarist shopping spree and unconscionable waste of taxpayer money, not really a "budget" at all- but a capitulation yet again- to the "military-industrial complex". If you think $716 billion is for the "troops", you're as delusional as Dolt 45.
President Trump is comprehensively unfit for his job. He’s bad at the big, historically important stuff, like understanding legislation and how it gets passed, setting coherent diplomatic goals and then pursuing a rational strategy for advancing them, and not orchestrating crimes against humanity. But he’s every bit as bad at the little things. The man is simply incapable of fulfilling his most basic responsibilities as the figurehead of the American State — responsibilities like giving a speech to the Boy Scout Jamboree without bringing up the orgies he once attended on his friend’s yacht, or making a condolence call to the bereaved widow of a fallen soldier without insinuating that her husband was responsible for his own death, or hosting a White House solar eclipse party without staring directly into the sun, or meeting with Vietnam veterans about their health-care concerns without getting into fight about whether he understands the difference between napalm and Agent Orange better than they do.
Mr fuentes- one of these days u r going to understand that Trump does nothing unless it benefits trump- the tax cuts put another billion dollars in the Trump corporate account,,-,when Trump took office unemployment was at 4.7 - all he has done is take credit for other people's work- Mexico still has not paid for the wall- health insurance is still rising- we are still in Iraq and afghanistan- our allies are frustrated- the world hates trump-he has totally disrespected a true patriot in John mccain- if trump wants my thanks it will be to thank him for resigning
What do you expect from this low life guy ? McCain is a hero and Trump is a 5 time draft dodger !! Malik, that why we call them “deplorables” !
Am reasonably sure that absolutely NOTHING will be named for him - except perhaps in celebration of the prison where he spends the remainder of his life. He gives the word EGO a meaning that far, far exceeds the wildest of imaginations - and his is ungodly active...
Apparently now he's going to change the name of Washington D.C. to Trumpington D.D. (district of Donald) Just as soon as he revokes George's security clearance!
Senator McCain is a true war hero! If the current administration will bot recognize that I will. God Bless John McCain for his sacrifice for this country. Dump trump has no conception of what this Great man did for our country.
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"I felt wanted. I felt important for the first time in my life."
An incarcerated young woman in Oklahoma shares how she's found healing and discovered hope through CNN Hero Ellen Stackable's writing program

Without knowing what offense she committed, it’s sad the comments here. It’s likely drug related. Rehabilitation is redemption. There are many that have been incarcerated for too long. We need prison reform and our courts need a major upgrade. I admire her for her diligence to make something of her life, even if locked up. We all need hope. Major cudos to this woman as she is making a meaningful contribution in the lives of these women.
We forget that we as citizens of the United States of America, are more than just our political parties. We're neighbors, family, friends. We need to get rid of this belligerent "Us vs Them" our enemies want us divided, at each other's throats. For what ? To say "I was right" or "my side won"? We're much more vulnerable like this. And the one dividing this country like it's going out style happens to be the president.
Positive stories.... I'm all for it. I'm thankful for people that volunteer to give these women a little direction and a little hope. *Angels come in many forms
Why in the world are we imprisoning drug addicts. So sad to see her life behind bars, I do hope she gets out on parol and can feel worthy of love and feel a sense of purpose.
Prayers sent their ways, just happy that some can see the light and find their ways back to the shore, to safety: life doesn't end in prison if tge crime was related to addiction...Best luck
Thanks Terri Stewart Haas! And thx for being on the Truth beTold board and letting us meet in your office so long ago! Your good heart, open mind and appreciation of authenticity made you so valuable to us in the earliest years of becoming a 501c3 organization.
Four alleged traffickers didn’t get to their destination from California Sunday after a traffic stop led police to discover methamphetamine, heroin, pills and marijuana inside the vehicle they were traveling in through Duncan. Christopher Lee Campbell, 53, of Kingsbury, California, Amy Helen Nichols, 28, of Kingsbury, California, Salvador Chaidez, 39, of Elgin and Tina Vania Gifford, 20, of Rush Springs, were all arrested and charged with trafficking in illegal drugs, unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.
She's gained the freedom that a lot outside the prison don't have and I rejoice with her. Wish she could get my hug. ❤️
This awesome, giving people the opportunity to heal and change their lives.... way to go !
May the program continue helping to heal the 'broken , injured' spirits of the people there✌️🍀
Oklahoma ranks #1 in female incarceration & most of them were defending themselves against domestic violence. Oklahoma also ranks #1 in women killed by guns by their spouses. Something needs to change over here.
Poverty breeds crime. A fact that republicans are so reluctant to accept. Or maybe most of them accept it and don't care.
Cecelia Holland you are instrumental to helping inmates find their creativity too.
Dave Murphy....Guessing you saw this?
Prayers for healing for all people in prison🙏🙏🙏
Tasha Golden. Exactly the Hope YOU give each day in your work.
No... in prison you do not have your choice of footwear You can not have shoelaces This is reminiscent of Romney acting like he was doing dishes at a charity event by donning gloves and apron
But you forgot about all the damnnnnnn money the democrats steal from us every day the democrats are no better, they don’t care either
Red state finishing school. Sad.
Voces desejam fazer mal a um comprovado miseravel ? Sempre foi assim na historia da humanidade As vezes os livros , filmes conseguem descrever um pouco a realidade Que difere a maldade , por nome vaidade As vezes nem sempre Desejo que isto se tenha passado com voces Eu ODEIO...a rede globo de televisão brasileira Eles são HIPER ...MEGA super coniventes com pessoas ruins Que matam estrupam, pedem dinheiro a pessoas boas Para financiar o mal Existe algo errado em não gostar deles? Se estivessem no brasil saberiam com seus proprios olhos ... Ai tudo mudaria Na internet é facil se passar por bonzinho Enviar um doutor em letras educado para conversar ... As novelas deles aqui no brasil apenas incitam o ódio, vingança Ensinam como ser uma pessoa ruim E NÃO ESTOU MENTINDO agora se voces derem conta da verdade. Ai a historia muda serio eu não tenho culpa . Apenas um orfão sem pai mãe..que usam para se aproveitar enquanto sofro..seja esquerda ou direita Sequer conhecimento do que se passa com meu nome tenho Continuo sobrevivendo nas ruas...O que mais dói mendigar atenção amigos, um pouco de afeto carinho E a rede globo brincando com todos de esquerda direita EU APENAS DESEJANDO TER A MINHA VIDA FAZER AS REFEIÇÕES DIARIAS REGULARMENTE . NÃO DORMIR NA RUA TER AMIGOS JURO VOCES ESTÃO ENGANADOS
What did she do tho?
Great program!
I wonder how many of them have children that were ripped away from them because they broke the law.
Hopefully hope will be her key...
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Gone are the days when flying transatlantic would cost a small fortune.

Dublin is the cheapest European city airport to fly into.
Air travel is HORRID.
It's even cheaper to swim.
It's actually more expensive sometimes to fly to Arizona than across the Atlantic. Crazy!
problem i have is living in interior of us. no way those flight work for me and i need baggage!!! don't have a safe place over there to store things
Still costs a fortune if you want to be as comfortable as you were back then.
I beg to differ. In the early to mid 90s I routinely flew round trip from Detroit to Paris or Amsterdam for $350ish. That included baggage and a meal, plus a coach seat then is like an economy plus seat now. Plus plus, when I got on the ground the dollar was waaaaayyyyy stronger then, than it is now.
£1100 for Heathrow to San Antonio. If that's cheap then I'm a $20 hooker.
Parmida Shariat also plzplzplzplzplzplz
Depends where you are heading
I prefer one week house swap vacation road trips or one season house swap vacation road trips! Airports that ask me to fly next to an animal-who search me and my bags like I am a criminal is not the America I support!
Easy enough to do...hand baggage only, no-frills no bills.
Awesome let's buy the Trump family a one way ticket to Korea North Korea that is
Cheaper to sail with my wooden canoe
I can almost hear the cynics say "yeah across the Bermuda Triangle". Rolling eyes and tossing a bag of chocolate in the trash can direction of those males I know who would say that snarkingly. Hush snarks
Of course you Can find single ticket from 120€ !!!( Without luggages ) With wow air , . but also good prices with Brussels Airlines with luggages.....depending thé period of Travel and discount prices....indoor european flights is less cheap also.. Ryanair , wizzair,..
I am home sick missing my mommy terribly i can’t afford airline ticket no more cheap tickets
Doesn’t feel that way to my bank account....
Old planes cheap flights...
Miss Elma Peterson. Grab your purse, pack your panties and bra and get your good wig ready. Here we go
Amy Rodia Smith perhaps a trip to Europe vs Florida for winter break 😉
Sorry - but that is not true
Thanks to Capitalism...
Is this photo possible?
CNN4 hours ago

K2, sometimes incorrectly called "synthetic weed," is a mixture of herbs, spices or shredded plant material sprayed with chemicals that can pose serious health threats.

Legalize recreational marijuana so that this crap doesn't happen.
How about this novel idea....don’t use drugs and this won’t happen!
How many overdoses related to marijuana this week?
I heard they were passing it out for free
Garbage !! Why is there even a need for fake week? If you need to smoke just smoke the real thing ! Less harmful then a beer
It boggles the mind that a superior, completely organic product already exists, and people still turn to this poison.
This crap shouldn’t even be associated with marijuana! This crap is nothin like or comparable to marijuana! Wish they could come up with a different name!! And your dumb if you do that crap! I emphasize crap!💩💩💩💩
I live in Portland. OR. We have tons of legal, cheap, top shelf cannabis available in all shapes and forms. I wonder why K12 is not a problem and other drugs are down, even beer is down... I wonder 🤔
Fact is, most of these people are on probation. Urinalysis is part of the requirement to be on the outside. K2 test is available but too expensive. That’s why they smoke this.
the real and d main things should be legalized. most youth love drugs, harmful drugs should be seized. let d promote d seized of harmful drugs. let stop d abuse of harmful drugs. I need someone to chat with, am really bored. please fake friend stay off
This is an easy problem to solve. Legalize recreational marijuana.
Story here in CT is it wasn't the K2, it was because the K2 was laced with fentanyl. I've never tried it myself.
Legalize weed and this stuff will go away
Hey, here's an idea: legalize the real thing, which is mostly harmless.
It's a great drug, if you want to find yourself eating someone's face off.
Ugh, legalized weed would prevent this
Contains no natural or synthetic copies of any cannabinoid compounds so is not synthetic cannabis. It's other than. Find a new name.
THE REAL DEAL, is safe..and NATURAL, and has been tested by "stoners". everywhere for CENTURIES, as medicine and cures along with the other benefits.. Do not screw with the perfection, of Mother Nature...
Why would anyone trust a drug dealer?
All the more reason to make marijuana legal and affordable in this state and nationwide.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning statement on July 19, 2018 about numerous health emergencies, mostly in midwestern states, caused by consumption of synthetic cannabinoid products laced with brodifacoum, an anticoagulant (blood-thinning) compound commonly used in rat poison.
It’s got NOTHING to do with weed! It’s toxic crap!
This has nothing to do with cannabis. It's a marketing ploy to get ignorant to try it. There are no parts pieces or even a hello from cannabis to this poison. Which is what this combination alone without the chemicals is. These herbs should not be smoked together period.
Don’t smoke synthetic weed period.
If its not the real natural stuff then it's not weed and don't smoke it
CNN5 hours ago

Most of the people who got measles had not been vaccinated, the CDC said.

And guess what: those children who were not vaccinated and now have measles end up much stronger and healthier on the long run than the kids who were vaccinated. (same with adults: neighbors of ours, the husband always gets a flue shot at the beginning of winter and the wife does not. Who gets the flue? the husband. As for the wife, never.)
So CNN, you're telling me that some people got measles and were vaccinated? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that tell you that the vaccine might not be working correctly? Asking for a friend.
And now they have life long immunity and a lesser chance of developing cancer 👌🏼
I will be 70 soon. I had both kinds of measles as a child. Both Rubiola and Rubella are dangerous, make you very sick and can blind you! This is not something to fool around with. I still remember how sick I was. I still remember a little boy my age who was a Rubella baby. Hearing impaired, visual impairment, and intellectual challenges. I think people who are against vaccines do not understand and have never seen the damage these "childhood diseases" can do!
Vaccinate your kids or don't bring them near mine.
Fun fact: The MMR vaccine, which is supposedly for measles prevention, is a required vaccine for all kids entering kindergarten. Another fun fact is that this vaccine is a live virus that sheds. So which one of these is more likely, an unvaccinated child spreading the disease he doesn’t have or a recently vaccinated child shedding a live virus? Shedding of Vaccines What's shedding? http://iShedding of Vaccines What's shedding? Flu (FluMist Intranasal) - Shedding (Section 5.4) Chicken Pox (Varivax) - Shedding (Section 5.4) Shingles (Zostavax} - Shedding (Section 5.2) MMR Shedding (Page 5, Under Precaution) Rotavirus (Rotarix)- Shedding (Section 5.4) Smallpox (ACAM2000) - Shedding (Section 5.4) For any who post this and needs PROOF of this since it's an "old article" here ya go... Therefore, even young, recently vaccinated children may serve as reservoirs and potential transmitters of infection.” (Pertussis) “Transmission of diphtheria can occur in vaccinated individuals who become asymptomatic carriers of the disease as a result of the vaccine.” Vaccinated people can still carry and spread diseases if exposed-FDA study on pertussis... Flu (FluMist Intranasal) - Shedding (Section 5.4) Chicken Pox (Varivax) - Shedding (Section 5.4) Shingles (Zostavax} - Shedding (Section 5.2) MMR Shedding (Page 5, Under Precaution) Rotavirus (Rotarix)- Shedding (Section 5.4) Smallpox (ACAM2000) - Shedding (Section 5.4) Therefore, even young, recently vaccinated children may serve as reservoirs and potential transmitters of infection.” (Pertussis) “Transmission of diphtheria can occur in vaccinated individuals who become asymptomatic carriers of the disease as a result of the vaccine.” Vaccinated people can still carry and spread diseases if exposed-FDA study on pertussis... Studies regarding recently vaccinated/shedding (many reported shed occurrences from recently vaccinated babies!) Peer-reviewed studies regarding vaccine shedding Shedding (measles) DTaP Shedding Whooping Cough at Boston University Resurgence of Whooping Cough May Owe to Vaccines Inability toPrevent Infections Whooping Cough sheds Shingles Vaccine sheds as chicken pox
Children who are not vaccinated should be homeschooled, period. You say that you have the right to choose for your child, but that doesn’t give you the right to become a focus of infection for others.
I imagine antivaxxers also believe the world is flat and evolution never happened. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Hmmm. It would be super awesome if scientific research could provide us with an antidote for such a deadly disease.
Remember polio??? Thank a vaccine you are not in leg braces or an iron lung! (Don’t know what those are? Be glad vaccines were invented!)
You obviously need to do more research since the measles vaccine(MMR) is a live virus and a common adverse reaction to the vaccine is measles and after a person gets the vaccine they can spread it to anyone 10-20 days after receiving it.
All unvaccinated children should not be allowed in public or private schools. They should go untreated as well. If it’s not important enough to prevent, it doesn’t need treatment.
Wait, you mean people are getting the measles right at the beginning of the school year when everyone is getting their MMR vaccine and spreading it everywhere from shedding!?! Imagine that. 🤦‍♀️
What would surprise me is if the line stated “most people were already vaccinated “ We know anyone who has measles hasn’t been vaccinated. there are also those that can’t have the vaccine which makes this even more devastating.
There is a reason the vaccine was developed - it can have serious repercussions, including death. Why would you take the chance on your child's life? BTW, I have determined that anyone who uses the phrase "Fake News" has nothing viable to say and limited intelligence.
So I’m hearing that people made the choice to either get or allow their kids to get a totally preventable disease because they believe unfounded garbage about the harm of vaccines?
It’s no longer the parents right to not vaccinate their kid when there’s a risk for he/she or others. Keep kids safe, not your beliefs.
Wait, what?! People getting measles are NOT vaccinated? I sincerely hope those folks were able to recover and didn’t end up dying or with some of the more life altering sequela as a result. #vaccinessavelives #vaccinate
Beware...I can still remember how very, very sick I was as a child when I had the measles...I think about it often and I was young, so it must have been terrible. Could not stand light, they had to cover all the windows and my fever was so high. Please avoid them for your children if you possibly can.
Same amount as every other year. Report something else. 41 of the 107 werent vaccinated sooooo more vaccinated people caught it, probably from the vaccine its self since the side effect is MEASLES😒
It is such a miserable disease for babies and little kids, and there are some truly serious complications sometimes. It is HORRIBLE for older kids and adults. Jesus H Christ, vaccinate your kids, people. Who is gonna be the first baby sacrificed by POLIO???????? 🙄🙄🙄
107 is 106 too many cases of Measles that I rather not have around me. Period. Get vaccinated you flat earth people!
The measles can leave a person blind, deaf etc. I think I’d rather get my child vaccinated. It’s your choice. We are not doctors or other health professionals so we don’t know. I’m glad all of these people who don’t get their children vaccinated got a degree in medicine before having children. WTG parents!!!! My daughter has many disabilities and disorders but, I’m not blaming vaccinations I’m thankful she’s alive.
So. Out of millions of kids we have 102 cases wow what a statement. And then you have thousands of kids with autism and disabilities and deaths caused by vaccines......uhm! I have seen people getting a flu shot and then catching the flu 😷😁 and then you have kids vaccinated that develops all sorts of allergies and a relapse of that disease WOW. CNN your mathematics and reasoning is out of wack ... as per usual...🤬🤬
My aunt had german measles when she was pregnant and my cousin has severe eye troubles. It is very important to immunize your children.Schools request proof of immunization when you enroll them.
CNN5 hours ago

McGahn has provided "detailed accounts about the episodes at the heart of the inquiry into whether President Donald J. Trump obstructed justice," the New York Times reports

Thousands of fake Facebook accounts are rolling out today I see. Mueller is obviously closing in.
Why has the trumpet refused to sit down with Mueller and answer questions if he has done nothing wrong. And please don't use the defense that the guiliani uses about the "perjury trap." If he doesn't lie, he doesn't get trapped.
Every minute of the day the noose is tightening around Donald we can safely say the current presidency is more or less over bar the shouting.
And Don the Con is in a panic!
Trump’s own legal council is working against him 😂😂😂
If you people would listen president trump encouraged him to talk to Muller. He even said that trump didnt do a thing wrong or seen him doing anything wrong. All this is again is another witch hunt because Muller is running out of straws here. A nothing Burger.
.........if you have NOTHING to hide and only tell the truth, then you have nothing to worry about.
CNN is being accused of attempting to intimidate the Paul Manafort jury after the far-left cable channel (and six other anti-Trump outlets) requested the jurors’ names and home addresses. Manafort, who worked for a short time as President Trump’s campaign chairman during the 2016 presidential election, has been charged by special counsel Robert Mueller with various financial crimes, none of which have anything to do with Trump or the campaign. Manafort’s fate now sits with the jury, and after two days of deliberations, anti-Trump media outlets like CNN are becoming concerned Manafort could be acquitted, which would be a major blow to Mueller’s credibility and his ability to remove Trump from office — an outcome the establishment media are desperate to orchestrate. And so, on Thursday, CNN, along with six other far-left media outlets (the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, Politico, the New York Times, NBC, and the AP) sued for the release of the names and home addresses of all of the Manafort jurors, a move that is both disturbing and almost unprecedented. As Bre Payton at the Federalist points out, “Publicly outing the names and home addresses of jurors is considered ethically questionable, as outlined in this guidance sheet on the topic from the Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press.” To begin with, it is seen as unseemly to thrust jurors into the spotlight against their will when they are not volunteering for publicity; they are chosen. What many see here, and not without precedent, is yet another attempt by the media, most especially CNN, to bully and intimidate private, everyday citizens into convicting Manafort. CNN’s intimidation tactics have been well-established over the years. After President Trump tweeted out a short video (or GIF) mocking CNN last July, the last-place cable channel launched a jihad against the GIF’s creator with the public threat to dox (expose this person’s personal information to online mobs) if he is ever again caught criticizing the network. In February, CNN sent one of its reporters and a TV crew to dox and humiliate an elderly Trump supporter who might have unwittingly promoted a post-election event “coordinated by the Russians.” It worked. Afterwards, she was abused and threatened online. In 2013, CNN led the mob in a campaign to destroy the career of a local rodeo clown who performed while wearing an Obama mask. During the previous administration, this same rodeo clown had performed in a George W. Bush mask. Also in 2013, CNN broadcast the social security number of George Zimmerman, the Hispanic man who shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense. CNN’s overall behavior during the Zimmerman case (he was acquitted) revealed the network’s desperation for a conviction in that case. Among other things, CNN fabricated evidence against Zimmerman, falsely described the Hispanic man as “white,” and spread the fake news that Zimmerman was motivated by racial prejudice, though the evidence showed the exact opposite. Even more disturbing was CNN’s coming out this week to legitimize violence against Trump supporters. Wisely, the judge overseeing the Manafort trial, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis, who says threats against him require his own round-the-clock security detail, declined CNN’s request to out the jurors. Nevertheless, many still see the move as a desperate attempt on CNN’s part to intimidate the jury, primarily because the media showed no interest in knowing the names and home addresses of the jury during the 13-day trial. It was only after deliberations began and the jury started asking questions about the meaning of “reasonable doubt” that the media sued to out the names and home addresses of these private citizens. The timing is also suspect because CNN and its left-wing confederates did not wait until after the verdict to request this information. In other words, this is not a sequestered jury, and as we head into a weekend break from deliberations, jurors are almost certain to learn that these powerful anti-Trump outlets are hunting them down. How can that not be intimidating? At the American Thinker, Monica Showalter writes: Less than a week after making a stink about freedom of the press, President Trump and ‘enemies of the people, CNN and apparently other news outlets have decided to get into the harassment business given that reporting news is just not good enough for them. … Wow. So now they’ve gotten into the jury-tampering business. They’re more interested in who the jury is than the court trial itself. And that may well be because they suspect Manafort, whose real crime seems to be serving as Donald Trump’s campaign manager, will walk. Powerline’s John Hinderaker: Why do you suppose seven news organizations–all liberal, presumably–wanted to know who the jurors are and where they live? They are worried that the jury, having heard the evidence, may not render the “right” verdict, i.e., the one that helps the Democratic Party. So they want to know who the jurors are so they can apply pressure on them through mob action, newspaper denunciations, online harassment and so on. This is how today’s Democratic Party operates. If the jury fails to render the Democrats’ preferred verdict, what do you suppose Maxine Waters will suggest Democrats should do to the jurors if they venture out in public? Even the Never Trump RedState writes, “So the message has been delivered from the Resistance to the jury by way of the media.” William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection: In a case such as this, that could be seen as an act of media intimidation — the jury is not sequestered so they certainly would hear about it. In an environment of online mobs and CNN having threatened to doxx a gif maker who mocked CNN, the jurors rightly would be concerned if the judge released their personal information to the media. The media could have waited until after the verdict, but that would not have allowed the media to camp outside jurors homes in time for the immediate news cycle. Jurors also could have been given the choice, after the verdict, whether to have their names revealed. That’s not to say these same media outlets won’t take it on themselves to out the jurors, particularly if there is a not guilty verdict, but the judge wasn’t going to make it easy for them. .
Lol is trump doing strip searches of his employees every morning yet? It's got to be hard. Every time he turns around someone close to him is either making public statements or rumored to be cooperating with Mueller. I'm wondering which of his kids is going to turn first? My bet is Ivanka. He can't trust anyone anymore.
What, Exactly, has he obstructed? Nothing. There's no There there... Not one single piece of evidence exists of a crime that he has attempted to stop. He could have fired Rosenstein, Mueller, and every single one of the 17 Democrats determined to take down a sitting President. They serve at His pleasure. The Constitution is clear on that. If you want to get rid of him impeach him. Or, wait 2.5 years and elect someone else. Or 6.5 years, since he's going to win again after the conspirators are finally indicted and imprisoned.
Another fake narrative and anti Trump story from propaganda CNN.
Oh boy, he cooperated extensively. Forgive me for not holding my breath to see if this turns into anything, anything at all.
Trumpless is the complete opposite of our justice system you trumpless zombie apocalypse supporter go back under ur rock
White House counsel does not work for tRump. His role is to advise president and administration on law. There is no client privilege on criminal investigations.
In the meantime Trump, in an effort to distract and disrupt the Muller investigation is going after United States 🇺🇸 retired Military leaders and former Directors of Intelligence agencies instead of Putin and Russians 🇷🇺 Trump publicly Influences the jury with his statements about what a raw deal Manafort’s getting. He keeps obstructing Justice
I wonder what McGahn told Meuller about Trump’s state of mind when he drew up the clearance revocations. In the case of Comey and Orr it might be seen as witness tampering in that it interferes with their livelihood and they are potentially witnesses. Could revocation of Brennan’s be seen as a warning shot at Comey and Orr.
FBI shot La Voy in the back for defending property that was owned - FBI refused to go in NM compound for violent Squatters !!! You dems are do messed up !
We need another John Dean to help end this cauchemar
Sing like a bird. Sure looks like the walls are closing. Wonder if Putie will save his puppet?
In government and in life , that act is called , covering your rear ! It's a well honed art in business and government ! In a way , trump could be snared by his own "personal" attorney , other than Rudy .
If Trump has done nothing wrong, then why does he keep tweeting about no collusion, no obstruction, witch hunt?? Why doesn’t he think the facts will exonerate him?? And he has never accepted that Russia tried to help him get elected like the Senate intel committee Concluded ...why is that?? Just more ranting and raving instead of worrying about trying to keep them from interfering again.. Why??
Well, guess he has nothing to hide, or this is one onf the greatest shows on earth that we are viewing.
He is saying what the implicated wanted him to say. I hope Mueller honors his reputation as a clever man and doesn't get distracted with all that BS. There's too much money invested in keeping IGOR in the WH, it will be difficult, but not imposible.
To all the folks who work for the orange man, the bottom line to them is how much they are willing to be the scapegoat for the orange man. Facing potential indictment or jail time, likely they will save their own future.
May this latest news cause T-rump to finally burst a blood vessel in whatever passes for his brains!
CNN6 hours ago

Second lady Karen Pence installed the first beehive at the Vice President's residence last year and it now has about 60,000 bees. Her first honey harvest was this month. 🐝🍯

Who is Karen Pence. I think if I passed her in the street I wouldn't even realize it. We hardly see or hear about either the 1st or 2nd first ladies or what their causes are. But thanks for the honey. Too bad this administration isn't doing anything environmentally sound.
The story is about the first honey harvest, yet CNN made it about a bitterly divided town. Then you say you aren't biased or hateful against the President and Vice President. Stop spewing your hate and then maybe the President, Vice President and America would stop calling your the enemy of America.
The only positive thing done by anyone in this administration.
Finally. Someone in this administration doing something. Anything.
She has to do something given Pency isn’t paying her any attention, but he probably is ogling the gardener.
Meanwhile deregulation is killing the environment!
I already commented on this somewhere else. Why are they doing this? So hypocritical when the EPA is destroying the bee population with Monsanto's pesticides with no ban in sight. This is ridiculous. Who do they think they are fooling? Let me see that lady get in there and really work the bees. (I'm a beekeeper).
There is a serious problem with the bee population in the world. The EPA approved pesticides are hurting the population. I like she’s trying to nurture bees, but if she lobbied Congress to give the bees protection by law. I think the EPA would eliminate the pesticides that harm them.
Care for the bees, but first care for the people, immigrants, children, prisoners, the sick, widows, the poor!!! This is why we find you Repugs so hypocritical!!!
I hope trump to eat more honey in this month to enable him do better in office than before. Honey will be better with his brain for good
One question Mother; who's paying for the upkeep and tending of the hives, you or us?
Cool. There was that French tree that was planted. But they had to pull it up. Hope the honey bees get to stay. Good story. Carry on with the great activities at the Pence house and cover more news like this CNN. I would not mind seeing more of the Trump grandkids or the Pence's pets or Melania in the garden with Barron.
Nice way to spend my tax dollars. Not. How about fighting for women's health care Karen or getting more money to our schools? Your predecessor along with prior first lady worked tirelessly to find vets jobs and worked with companies to create special programs for vets. Oh yea the Obama administration never existed. Of course
Though I applaud her effort, I cannot run away from the environmental issues that her husband and the current administration are embarked on. Just gets overshadowed
I have little use for her Dominionist husband, or her own theocratic views, but she reportedly (and appropriately) considers Trump “vile” and is apparently the only one associated with the Trump administration who’s doing anything positively productive. #BeeBest
She should tell her hubby not to reverse EPA rulings on pesticides that are dangerous for the bees and us!
Too bad this administration is doing away with anything remotely related to helping save our environment. But thanks anyway, Mother.
Great and thank your "daddy" for destroying the EPA
First productive endeavor this administration has undertaken that has produced a positive result, thus far.
But this administration can destroy the rest of our environment? 🙄
What is it with the headline @CNN? The District of Columbia is not a bitterly divided town. It is a majority Democrat city.
Thank you Karen Pence for saving the bees. Now if we could get people to stop using weed killer in their lawns which kills bees.
Finally something useful... For when Mike Says, “hey Mother, can I go out and play in the yard?” 😂😂😂🐝
I winced when he crushed all those bees. I try to be so careful when I put my hive back together. If I even squash one bee I am sad for it. She might consider getting a new beekeeper.
Should use Flow Hives (Australian invention). More efficient and much kinder to bees and beekeepers.
CNN6 hours ago

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says his company does not discriminate against any political viewpoint. Watch the full interview Sunday at 11 a.m. ET on CNN Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter

Of course Twitter has an obligation to censor fake news or conspiracy theories that are damaging to the public. Why is Alex Jones still tweeting about the DNC murder, Hillary Clinton pizzagate, uranium one? These ridiculous stories have been debunked. It's Twitter's interest to shut down these ridiculous stories and its not about shutting out conservative voices.
Its not about discriminating against a political about using Social Media to spread lies and extremism. BS.
No one is asking you to. What they are asking is to uphold your TOS and get rid of Russian trolls and stop letting people like Alex Jones harass innocent families by using Twitter and other social media sites as a platform to launch that harassment.
I even don’t know who is CEO of Twitter until I saw this video.....he looks like a hippy & pimp! He could have deleted Trump’s Twitter easily but if not how come he’s a hippy who was supposed to hate the President?
It’s ridiculous to think Twitter is discriminating against conservatives. Alex Jones is a maniac. Not to mention, Trump uses and abused Twitter as much as anyone and yet he still has his account. If they were really bias he would have been tossed off the platform years ago.
Right, but you had fake news sites taken down. While you allowed Donald Trump post fake reports, slander, discrimination comments and more. And Facebook allows their commentators to threaten the US Olympian calling her a terrorist, allows them to say comments like wishing Californians all dead for being a liberal state, and so on.
I know this is not a comment for this post however, I would like to share with CNN that when Omarosa said Trump thrived and enjoyed media coverage of his failures, it's wrong. It's called reverse-psychology. That's what he makes his staff believe. His actual actions (immediate tweet attacks) demonstrate truly how he hates that type of attention. Media should not stop or cover him less.
does that mean that Twitter supports America's known enemies access to Twitter to tear apart America by infecting the ignorant 'social media' ?
If twitter or Facebook want to ban anybody, that’s THEIR right. It doesn’t help anybody but that is within their rights. They aren’t the government. It’s funny, if this was the other way around, conservatives republicans would be the first to say the same. Especially when they support Citizens United or homophobic bakeries. they’re SUCH hypocrites
Just close your Twitter account already. Never bothered with it as the concept is boring, ludicrous and dangerous. Stop caring what morons have to say over and over. All it does is give a platform to nasty people and make other dubious people rich.
In other words "we want users no matter what". Our stock prices depend and user's and advertisers period. Guys like Alex and Trump can violate our polices because they have millions of followers.
Perhaps Mr. Dorsey does not comprehend the difference between a political viewpoint and hate against humanity. One can be harmless the other can kill and inflict great suffering. Ignorance is free and requires no effort which is perhaps why there is so much of it. - Cyn
How much money did he make out of demented idiot’s “tweets”? He is destroying culture of eloquent communication! How shallow one can be to ha e. And thing n their mind and heart that can be expressed by 240 characters ?
Anyone who leaves a job that had security clearance NO LONGER NEEDS SECURITY privileges! That is in EVERY business ~ I guess, except certain government positions.
Too bad it probably won't be the truth. They have forgotten how to do that. Oops.. forgot they can twist words, places and everything.
I'm not sure if hate speech is considered bias, right is right and wrong is wrong that is beyond political views and party affiliations!
Jack Dorsey you just proved your bias against conservative speech - everyone who has a job will now be leaving your platform
Because the idea that children at Sandy Hook who were slaughtered in their school really were faking it is a "viewpoint". GTFOH @jack 😡
Loooove that he took the time to sit for this interview. He got the message out clearly and beautifully. No bias.
If you aren't going to enforce your terms of service for everyone, do away with them. I hope when one of Jones' supporters kills someone because he incites them that Jack Dorsey and Twitter are named in the wrongful death lawsuit.
....sure. But what is the ETHICAL, 'correct' eg. caring, intuitively moral thing to do to protect the country from the haters and those wishing to divide and destroy the country from within...? There is a moral obligation here...
Dorsey is allowing nutcases like Alex Jones to spew poison onto American society. And he has some nutcases like Trump who believe his lies. Cancel Twitter
Glad I am not on twitter. Facebook is enough social media for me.
Sod using Twitter that orange womble is never off it
“Softball” with Brian Stelter...
CNN7 hours ago

Because of a variety of factors -- such as the statute of limitations expiring, or the accused or accusers having died -- the cases can't be prosecuted, one Pennsylvania district attorney said

Easy fix! No more statutes of limitations for the abuse of children. Get back to work Congress.
Isn't Pennsylvania the state that convicted Bill Cosby? So, what's the rub! Phony Clergy can't be prosecuted for sexually violating children years ago, but Cosby could be prosecuted and convicted of, supposedly, violating THOTS?
There should be no statute of limitations on child abuse crimes. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to gain the courage to come forward.
print their names, make them public, anyway
the church can do something but they CHOSE not to do anything...good old boys club at its worst
CHANGE THE LAW, THEN! monsters enjoying impunity! predictors go unpunished. horrible for the victims
But the Pope could offer much more by firing everyone who was even marginally involved in the abuse and coverups. ALL OF THEM! Reformation time is nigh
Thoughts and Prayers is code for “We will do nothing “ whether it’s child sex abuse or gun control.
This doesn't mean justice can't be found against the living abusers. How DARE the president of the Catholic League downplay these accusations and belittle what the victims clearly went through, based on the thousands of prior proven cases.
Like most of us who were abused as children there is no justice, only pain.
To minimize in future: ordain women as priests; allow priests to marry
Oh really? How about they are being tried in the court of public opinion?? How horrid can this church really get? Degradation at its worst.
My FAVORITE solution to this problem comes from Bill Maher, make all of the priests wear bodycams on their robes!!
that's calls for vetting of all Pastors and bishops before any church assignment
Some of the cases can't be prosecuted, due to the statute of limitations....what about the remaining cases?? Pennsylvania state law allows victims of abuse as children to sue after they come of age at 18, and must do so by age 30. Criminal complaints must be filed by the time the victim is 50. These rules leave the majority of abuse survivors, who came forward later in life, with no legal recourse. Some include people as old as 83. The attorney general and grand jury also recommended opening a temporary “window” to permit older victims to sue abusers, and the church. Earlier grand juries in Pennsylvania made similar recommendations, but the Republican-controlled State Legislature has resisted calls to lift the statute of limitations, despite several attempts by lawmakers over the past dozen years. (NYT)
True, but you can charge the Church itself under RICO statutes.
Wait what about Bill Cosby Case like what am i missing here?
And justice for some. Here's an example of a law that doesn't work in reality of youth and shame and guilt.
I say put all those pedophiles up in front of a firing squad. ...And let Satan sort them out!😈
We coming with love is real
What a shame these catholic rapist just keep getting away with there corrupt ways
Absolutely disgusting glad I'm not religious gives me more of a reason not to be
Jesus, Mary and Joseph! The solution is simple! Allow your priests to marry! This abstinence nonsense is not only unnatural, it turns men into pedophiles! Instead of screwing their wives, they're abusing children! Where's the abstinence in that?! It's 2018! Time for a change!
But the Vatican could! Do something Pope or Catholics should start walking away. I will too. 😡
CNN7 hours ago

"Are we doing something according to political ideology or viewpoints? We are not. Period," Twitter's CEO says.

Yeah but sadly most liberals media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC are constantly pushing Twitter and Facebook to ban only conservatives while neglecting the constant hatred with calls of violence from the left!! We the people already know your biased against conservatives and president Trump. #MAGA #MINORITIESFORTRUMP #WALKAWAY
Get 45 off Twitter !!!!!!!!
You don't have to discriminate against political viewpoints. But it's fine to discriminate against hate speech, racism, and threats of violence. I don't think Dorsey understands this.
I am no fan of Alex Jones but you can see that CNN is so scared of Info Wars. Alex Jones conspiracy theories don't come close to matching the insanity that can be seen on CNN.
Social media is committed to removing fake news. Since conservative "news" consists of lies, hoaxes, conspiracy theories and propaganda, then of course it's going to be removed. It's a start in deprogramming the trump cultists.
It just so happen that the far right using Twitter are compelled to spew hatred, racism, xenophobia and misogyny. Just like their Dear Leader.
As long as Jack Dorsey doesn't make Donald Trump stick to the rules, everything he says is redundant.
The rules of Twitter are pretty clear about what is and is not acceptable. It doesn't matter what your politics are, if you post hateful, racist, threatening tweets, you will be penalized. A friend of mine got a tweet that basically said: "You need rapin' & killin', C-U Next Tuesday". She reported him. When he got out of twitter jail, he was whining that he was put there because of his politics.No, it was because of his threats. (Yes, her friends were checking up on him because we were worried)
Drumpf transforms into a whiny little bi!ch whenever things don’t go his way. He’s the world’s biggest victim. Ask him. He’ll tell you.
I don't see the problem. Surely there are right wing media outlets that would love to pick up those that have been shutdown on other outlets.
Well, to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without condemning of one's view's and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say. 😜
IDK, Jack, giving AJ a slap on the wrist and then allowing him to come back and do what he do seems like you're doing something according to a certain, albeit psychotic, political ideology.
Wow...conservatives' heads are exploding (or bots need to tweak their scripting) Just two weeks ago Twitter was their hero because they refused to ban Alex Jones for his hate speech... now they are blasting Twitter for banning Alex Jones. How do they manage to keep their heads on their shoulders having to snap it back and forth and round and round trying to keep up with their own talking points?
Since lying is a religion and a political belief, therefore, we must not ban lies and make believes in any shape or form, thus sayth the conservatives.
Translation: If you want to hate people, it is cool to do it on Twitter? (Trump certainly seems to think that is okay...)
Jack Dorsey - the platform which you run has "rules" when Alex Jones or anyone breaks those rules then they should be treated the same, as you are doing, allowing Alex Jones to change his behavior after his "time out"...however if he does not change his behavior on your platform then you must enforce your rules and ban him... no matter what the right says. I would / will expect the same treatment for a far left or centrist party regarding breaking the rules of the Twitter platform.
Imagine you are living on a gated community and someone moves in. The new neighbor has the tendency to wake up early every day and go around with a loudspeaker talking bs and conspiracy theory all over the place. Now, because of this part of the community has become kind of toxic. Eventually people starts complaining about it an when you review the rules of the community it says that you shouldn't be going around shouting like crazy your crazy thoughts, I mean, you are free to think what you want, but you are not free to disturb other people's lives because of it. So now that there are formal reviews, the new neighbor starts rallying his fan base to attack the other part of the community that is denouncing him and you have had serious incidents happened because of it. So, if you were a neutral neighbor, what will you like to happen. Keep things going as they are until everything goes up in flames or get the new neighbor to follow the rules that everyone agreed upon of move somewhere else? Plus, if a platform wants to ban someone they are allowed to do so. It's their right as private companies. If you want to have your ideas distributed in the internet the only thing you need is a host and a website and web host usually have almost no content rules so if your message is really important and resonate with people, you'll do just fine. If it doesn't, then that means that it was not that important to begin with.
Whether they (Social Media) say "We DO NOT NOT NOT!" restrict per political view or "Yes we restrict for sh!ts & giggles" some will accuse them of it. Gives them unsubstantiated claim of bias.
If your death threats are politically motivated, that doesn't mean your ideology is being oppressed. It just means you're doing it wrong.
They're not discrimination for banning an organization that literally called for a civil war against liberals WHILE Republicans control all 4 branches of government. Lol In either case, it's a private organization, they can discriminate against certain views if they wanted too. Organizations have rights now, including refusal of service, you can thank Republicans for that. 🙂 Love it when Republicans get upset over policies they try to force on everyone that isn't one of their own.
Democrats are embarrassing,, if conservative talk ideology is so bad why not let them talk?
Jack Dorsey is running a platform that is based on a pick and choose system of what he believes to be acceptable behaviour on Twitter. He can spin it any way he wants, but the entire world now sees who he truly supports. He suspends accounts of regular people who make the tiniest transgressions of his rules, yet allows mutants like Alex Jones et al, to feel right at home there, with no repercussions for the most heinous statements ever made in a public forum. I'm out! Twitter doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Dorsey can't tell the difference between free speech and hate speech! 🤬
When Alex Jones was put on his first time ban kyle kulinski of secular talk said and I'm paraphrasing here " know I hate Alex jones..but he can't be banned bc if he can be banned then we can be banned " and not even a week later on his show they starting banning left wing talk shows that arnt even remotely as bad as Jones. So..I don't get offended by words..I don't let ppl know my opinion unless they ask for it..and I try very hard now a days to just give facts and not be bias.
He is absolutely correct. This is just a business model, ( successful one ) , Our culture is to blame. The hate sewn on Twitter is a product of what we have become. It is a barometer of the all inclusive buffet of fear and hate served up every day. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
#spanky's lying, racist, violence-inciting tweets are evidence 1.
CNN8 hours ago

Must be something in the water

What struck me as a Canadian nurse, is the fact they only get 12 weeks maternity leave. That’s heartbreaking...only 3 months with their newborns. Thankfully, nurses here get 12 months and no hospital bill. The USA is so behind the rest of the world when it comes to healthcare and mat leave
And one doctor is sweating profusely...
Paging Doctor Drake Ramoray...
Wouldn’t want to be that unit nurse manager!
Who cares. I'm not one of these "CNN is fake news" people, but "women get pregnant" is really not anything earth-shattering.
Congratulations ladies...... hey folks positive comments mean a lot.... Trump's world is negative enough!!!!
There's a movie about chit like this, very old movie... forgot the name. It has to do with people in town falling asleep and when they wake up all the women in town are pregnant. It gets worse from then on. 😀
Who’s going to run the show when they are all on maternity leave?!
Hahahah... the NICU from the hospital i’m working has 22-25 pregnant ladies and their due between october til February next year.. 😅🤰🏻
hmm, what's really going on in those break rooms??? LOL, JK, Congrats!!
Well there r different ways to handle stress.. However working at the intensive care unit has you going home straight to bed lol 😂
And you thought there was a nursing shortage before... wait until delivery time. 🙂 (Seriously, this is a blessing- they're going to have great stories!).
Patient “I don’t remember my nurses name but it’s the pregnant one” Nurse “which one?” Patient “there is more than one?” Nurse “hahahahaha”
Simple biology. Look, a baby. 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Look, a baby. OMG I want one. And so, the species continues. It's good that the children will have at least one (assumably) compassionate, educated, competent, capable, intelligent parent. Our species needs more of those genes passed on.
So sorry for the first patient who causes problems there. Collectively, their hormones will beat the tar out of ‘em.......🤔😳😲😆🤣😝😜
Not a doubt in my mind that the doctor from the “in my feelings” challenge is the father I knew him not being able to form a heart was a telling sign!!!! Now which one’s Kiki 🤔🤔🤔
That's cute. When I worked at a bank I took over for someone on mat leave then got pregnant for the first time shortly after and the person who took over for me had a similar situation plus other workers in our building were getting pregnant so we always joked something must of been in the water at that location
This was like all our TMMC secretaries back in the day Christina Sweeney 😂😂😂😂😂. There were so many i can’t even think who else to tag
Thank goodness in AZ they didn't spend 11 months without power like in Puerto Rico....... the whole staff would be pregnant 😂
Note to self: do not get sick or injured in Mesa, AZ this year. They are going to be perpetually short staffed for about 12 months.
Happened to us at South Crowley Elementary School in 1978-79. Everyone of child bearing age had a baby (also a couple of adopted children)
My first thought is that it must be a great place to work at. Doesn't excessive stress sometimes get in the way of being able to get pregnant? Keep the employees happy and it will all work out. Although I don't envy the nurse shortage that will occur however well run medical facilities have contingency plans for staff shortages by contracting nurses. How exciting for all. 🙂
I guess all them episodes of Grey’s Anatomy are accurate. Hospital staff be getting they freak on at every opportunity 🙂
It is CNN y’all late af. Here in Arizona we all get pregnant and give birth around the same time I should know lol. I’m pregnant again my friends just had their babies recently im next in 2 weeks. It was the same way last year too. It’s something going on what we literally all get pregnant at the same time
Avoiding the water there should be added as a means of contraception Congratulations to them but it's going to affect their workforce when they start going on maternity leave
CNN8 hours ago

To curse or not to curse? Many comedians consider a clean routine the highest form of comedy. But then again, sometimes, you just need to let loose… Explore the surprising debate around clean comedy in #HistoryOfComedy Sunday at 10p on CNN.

I can watch either. I’ve seen clean and then Bob Saget, where I felt like I had to douce myself in sanitizer after. Good thing I have that sense of humor. 😂
Stopped going to comedy shows due to foul language, the majority seem to think they cant be funny without it, no thanks. Jimmy Tingle is one exception as is Trevor noah,the master of satire.
Many go for cheap laughs using profanity. The challenge is in funnier, not necessarily dirtier
I can see why CNN is considered low on the scale when it comes to news. THIS SHOULD BE "BREAKING NEWS"!!🤣😝
Red in 2018. Cnn polls what a joke. How about that cnn 2016 president poll? Lol
I would like to thank every single American who does not post political commentary on a piece about comedy. Obama & Hillary are private citizens and have nothing to do with the current state of affairs. The current state of affairs is not a comedy it is a farce, there is a difference. Don't make me go all Lew Black!
I enjoy both styles. Some just work better blue.
There's no need to swear or curse telling a joke or saying something
We coming with love is real
George Carlin could work clean and still be funny, and did so when he was obligated. He just didn't see the point of intelligent adults avoiding "BAD WORDS" and "SPOOKY LANGUAGE."
Richard Pryor .... the funniest person ever ...
Amazing <3 I know u miss me friends and dear CNN <3 Love for Us <3 Regards and all the best :)
Nasty filthy potty mouth liberals! Not funny! And so illiterate they have no other vocabulary!
Please tell Kevin Hart to join the 'Many Comedians'
I think CNN path toward comedians
Clean comedy? Boring!
Try Gabriel Iglesias.
I think a little profanity is ok but many take it way too far too often . Limit the F bomb for sure .
Whatever happened to Kathy whats her face?
How's the parkland little boy.feel about the compound in New mexico.
Some bits, like Eddie Murphy's "Filth Flarn Filth" story, can't be done without cussing.
CNN9 hours ago

Netflix is setting the record straight: It's not adding commercials. It's testing out video promotions between episodes and movies and they can be skipped.

My Netflix doesn’t have commercials. What are you all talking about?
No! Unless they plan to lower the cost I do not even want to see promotions of their shows before or after.
i just want it to stop asking me if I'm still watching.
Stopped watching Netflix when they announced 44 and its spouse were going to produce shows. Not worth my money.
YouTube originally let you skip ‘video promos’ then evolved into not being able to skip the first 10 seconds and then some you can’t skip at all. Don’t fall for this spin lol
Ive never seen commercials on Netflix or video promotions since I had it... So what did I miss here
Ever since the Obama's joined Netflix, profits have gone down. Lol!
NETFLIX run by NWO nuts like Susan Rice and the Obama's BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Advertising helps pay for the shows- I don't mind
I don't think anyone has an issue with a skippable promotion.
Well, to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without condemning of one's view's and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say. 😜
E,io passavo i tempo feci vari esercizi ed cui fummo in lire ma perché da ci troviamo nell'euro.Ma no,noi fummo cui in italia vi fronole £,cioé il prezzo era _ ed poi l'esaltarsene a il rialzo dei prezzi.Ma un gomma da masticare prima costò solo 10 lire,sciolta.Cioé poi la banca volle entrare nell'Euro buono,cioé ci daranno il doppio no.MMa non si può tirarsene via oramai se il governo volle fare l'Euroconversine cioé farne il passaggio dalle £ in € ed poi ci é cui ne alza i prezzzi ma i banchieri nostri ci hanno dato un euroconvertitore,ed cioé un caffè é = a 1500 £ d devono vedere quante cents sono 1500 lire,fu 0.77 centesimi adesso l'avrebbero portato a 1 € cioé 1936 £ ed 27 €cents.Vedete un po' da coi.!!>>
Really getting tired of all the old movies. Maybe time to move on.
Yes everyone. Trust the multimillion dollar capitalist corporation. Not like any one of them have ever straight up lied or anything.
Ok from a person that is a big fan of house There is only one place i can see house and thats on nbc tv app It sucks every five minutes five fricken ads popup Netflix dont sale the space Your product sales itself
Ugh. No. Just no. It’s bad enough they ask if I’m still watching after every 3rd episode and now I gotta skip their self promotion too?
If I have to see a commercial on Netflix just like YouTube, Netflix might as well be free just like YouTube. I don't pay Netflix to see commercials, I pay Netflix to see uninterrupted movies and show.
Commercials that play in between episodes instead of interrupting an episode are basically the same thing. Unless it's an option you can opt out of completely. It won't be though...
That's how it starts... I remember times when TV stations told us they would interrupt movies "only" once....
Aaaand Netflix cancelled the Michelle Fox Show .also .....Well done's a good day for Adult viewers...
Honestly Netflix doesn’t have any good movies or tv show I don’t know why I still paying
I wouldn't mind trailers of movies or shows that they have or that will be coming, as long as it's relevant to what I'm watching. Like don't show me a horror trailer if I'm watching a 30 minute episode of friends or new girl.
Prime is doing that, too. Also can be skipped. Not *nearly* as bothersome as the constant interruptions for commercials on the lower cost version of Hulu and CBS Not-even-close-to All Access.
I'm fine with it. Hulu already has commercials. It's NBD. If it's not too intrusive and it keeps the service price low, go for it.
Why even test we are just going to skip them 🤷🏽‍♀️
CNN9 hours ago

Trump's attack on Brennan comes a day after the former CIA director accused the President of stripping his security clearance as part of a "public relations strategy."

I was in the U.S. Air Force and had a Top Secret Clearance the day I retired from the Air Force I lost my Clearance. Mr. Brennan is the FORMER CIA Director, if he no longer has a government job that requires a clearance he should not have one.
The more Trump badmouths John Brennan, the more we realize how threatened Trump is feeling about being GUILTY!!
He is taking away security clearances so no one of them will be able to view security records re. The Russia investigation.
Okay CNN dumbasses let's put it in terms you can understand, the term EX MEANS NO LONGER A PART OF! If you break up with someone do you let them keep your house keys or car keys or mailbox keys? No!! You take them back!! Now STFU and report something worth reading!
Whatever you think about Brennan, He’s a man with years of experience in his field, and an ongoing asset. The only reason for the security clearance revocation and the personal attacks by a sitting US President is because he has an enemies list and puts himself before his office and country. Trump should be dragged into the street by an angry crowd with pitchforks and torches, And he should be tarred and feathered. The fact each and every one of us doesn’t agree with this shows how far we’ve fallen as a country. If Mueller had these results on a democratic president, the cries would be deafening.
He doesn't NEED a security clearance. When I retired from my OWN job no one gave me keys to the building or access to the computer system. I wasn't working there anymore, it made sense to not give me further access. Seems like a lot of PRIMA DONNA'S have gotten their panties in a wad.
Where are our Representatives and Senators..this silencing and retaliation of those who disagree with or criticize Trump can't be allowed to continue..what's next..jailing journalists who speak out..maybe "disappearing" those who disagree with his Trumpness..our congresspeople need to grow spines and save us rather than worrying about their campaign donors.
45 is so childish. No wonder China is drooling at the thought of taking over top spot. Every strong adversary is looking to advance because of this immature bully. It's so sad to watch this fiasco
The bullying and name calling by trump continues. I remember when I was proud of my president. His name was Barack Obama.
Former CIA Director John Brennan has more brains in his little finger than Trump has in his whole body. God help us all, the sooner Trump's gone the better for all of us.
Orange man must’ve looking at the mirror when tweeting loudmouth hack. Brennan is eloquent, with substance and wisdom.
Loudmouth hack? This coming from the loudmouth who cannot stay off Twitter and who tweets every day/several times a day. So I guess no one is supposed to criticize that pos or fact check his lies with the truth. How many years did the Republicans and let’s not forget Trump criticized Obama. Especially Trump with that birther cramp. Not to mention they are still criticizing Obama to this day. Trump is the biggest threat to our national security. Did Brenaan ever leak classified information? No, not to my knowledge but Trump sure did. Guess to whom? Take a guess. He revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in the White House. When is Trump going to stand up for this country instead of himself? He is more upset when someone criticizes him, mentions Russia, the Russia investigation, and Putin than with Russia interfering in our election. Now it is being said that the Trump administration has come up with a Revoke me Security Clearance Distraction List. So I guess every time Omarosa release a tape, audio, or texts or the current day events is not in favor or criticizing Trump one or more person will lose their security clearance. So now we have this tit-for-tat childish behavior game from the White House. Sad.
Everything Trump does is public relations to sell himself and stroke his ego. He does nothing but serve himself. Making him president was not going to change who he has always been.
That's exactly what Trump is. If anyone should lose their security clearance, it should be Trump. I can't wait for impeachment so we never have to hear his insanity again.
This is one of the few people with a spine! There are not enough of them in America! But there are heaps of gun toting cowards! Americans obviously were never taught that “the pen is mightier than the sword”! a metonymic adage, coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, indicating that communication (particularly written language), or in some interpretations, administrative power or advocacy of an independent press, is a more effective tool than direct violence.
Never in our history have we had such a vulgar, petty person in the White House. Think how many conservatives heads would have exploded if Obama had tweeted daily insults like this.
If you vote for a clown, a circus is what you get.
I know you all think he is stripping clearances because of pay back. Relatedly, however, why would Putin facilitate security experts who might publicly expose, deter, or influence his effort to undermine the US’ national security.? CNN always needs to consider Russia when Trump acts. How does it benefit them? Pretty soon, Putin will have full access to our intelligence, and no one at the highest levels to challenge them. He is blocking those who would protect our country. Brennan and Trump’s other critics are not politically motivated. They are motivated by duty to US, and know who and what Trump really is. Democracy matters! No to Russia. Fire the Republican Congress.
He cannot communicate without calling people names. Should they call him a sexual predator?. No that would be true
45 does not understand how people who have a lifetime of service to this country are so passionate about national security! It has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat...ITS NATIONAL SECURITY and love of this democracy!!
Wow, he's got a lot of nerve. What is this now? Two old coots just facing off and making fools of themselves?
Why should anyone who is not involved in the government have a security clearance? Especially one that becomes a political pundit! This person voted for the communist party and Obama put this jerk in office? Must have been the Russians!
I have a feeling when the Donald was trying to think what to say about Brennan, he was looking in the mirror. and he asked himself what do you see and he thought to himself, I see a loudmouth, partisan, political hack
Thank you to John Brennan and William Mcraven (oversaw the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden) for your patriotism to our country. Keep the pressure on the 'loudmouth' Trump.
The Sh*t Stain in Chief’s use of his power to attack those that dare disagree with him will only hasten is inevitable downfall. So I say keep doing what you’re doing DT.
CNN10 hours ago

Second lady Karen Pence installed the first beehive at the Vice President's residence in June of last year and it now has about 60,000 bees 🐝🍯

If she and her husband are so concerned about the bees, they should do something to protect the environment so the bees could thrive.
Please explain to your husband how important bees are to the environment. Please explain to your husband that the "P" in EPA stands for "PROTECTION."
I hope they creep into their house at night when they are asleep, and they are allergic to bees stings
Kudos to them for this but why do they approve of pesticides killing bee's and causing brain damage to children in our farming communities?
Good for Karen. Now, she needs to have a talk with her husband whose helping destroy the environment. She does hold the key to the chain around his neck.
Finally something useful... For when Mike Says, “hey Mother, can I go out and play in the yard?” 😂😂😂
This makes me sick...they have no respect for the environment. What are they trying to prove with this endeavor? I am a beekeeper and I know that one of the problems for the bees is the lowering of standards of the EPA for pesticides and other devastating perils for the environment.
What a joke! Any one with money can hire a hive and beekeeper. Put on that hot suit and get in there. The BK in the video was smashing bees like crazy. The centrifuge was not balanced or secured to floor..
Only good thing this administration has done.
There was just a segment on NPR where the specialist said having beehives will not help. Pesticide use and the loss of habitats are causing the decline.
So, she believes in science yet her husband works to destroy our environment?! I guess she saves bees as penance. 🐝🐝
I’m impressed! 😊Now help stop the distribution (selling) of products containing neonicotinoids or chlorpyrifos. Seems I’ve heard Monsanto mentioned in connection with these.
So does that mean you are going talk to the EPA, and Zinke, about the importance of bees verses chemicals that are not only harming the bees but our ground water...just asking?
This is the MOST productive thing done by this entire administration
I carry an epi pen because I'm deathly allergic to their sting. I can't even eat raw honey, watching this I almost had a panic attack.
Well this is certainly nice to know. I had all but written off the Pences given what I have read up until now.
What special about them having the bees? I don't see anything special cause am not surprised this bee thing suits perfect to them!
I am surprised to learn this and I hope her efforts to continue with maintaining bee hives go well for her.
This won’t make a significant difference. Need to ban neonicotinoids and other poisonous pesticides.
Can we please stop calling her Karen and instead use her preferred name, MOTHER (as said by Glenn Danzig)?
Hey, they're not gay bees are they? Ok, just checking.Because you know,after the frog thing,you can't be too careful.
Yet her husband goes along with using a destructive pesticide in protected areas that almost wiped out bees before. All for the rich!!
very cool. Bees are fabulous for our eco system. more people should do this. Do we really have to make everything political folks?
The 🐝 bees are going to realize who they are and turn on them. Ouch, that stings!
CNN10 hours ago

If Trump is able to hold on to his additional African-American support, Harry Enten writes, it could aid him in 2020.

Donald Trump employs thousands of African Americans and Latinos he employed the first ever female to oversee a large building project. He's not as bad as you liberals like to make him out. I'm not surprised by this at all people see he is good at his job regardless of his character and that's a nice change of pace for America. CNN is to blame for all of this
It’s because people are starting to open their eyes and see that he is taking care of business. No one wants to be part of this leftist BS of hate. I wasn’t a fan of Obama but I accepted him as our president and didn’t wish for his death or impeachment, and Obama did NOTHING for us, he was a complete joke. That is the difference between the mentality’s. I don’t have hate in my heart, especially for things that are out of my control.
I don’t get how any person, let alone African-Americans could possibly support a President who calls a woman a dog. How can this be? How is this acceptable on any level?
Remember when he told them : you are already in a crappy life , so what do you han to loose ? The jerk was at his worst
trump has not signed any EO or passed any bills to help the jobs rate he loves to boast about. He would have nothing if he wasn't riding Obama's coat tails.
I have a hard time believing that he's gained among African-Americans. But then I'm in total disbelief that he still has an approval rating in the 30's.
That’s a lie... I’m black, intelligent and can’t stand 45 and surely will NOT be voting for him. Don’t believe the hype.
No sir we arent with him and i hope the rest of my Africans pull away and fast!!! No Treason here😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Well this Black, intelligent, employed, woman voter will NOT be voting for this person as president of the U.S. I cannot see where he has done anything to benefit people of color or anyone living in urban areas. What I do see is this country going backwards instead of forward
There is too much "hypothetically speaking" in this commentary for such a bold title. I can't speak for all of black America but, I'm confident enough to speak for my family and most of friends, and Trump is garbage, disliked and NOT getting our vote in 2020. Add that anecdotal data to your poll!
Look at all the dogs standing around wagging their tails and fawning over their master.
Remember when the "polls" said Hillary was winning? Forget the polls and vote Blue! All know African Americans dont like chump and polls wont matter in Nov. #VOTEBLUE
Satan the devil has gotten a lot of people fooled but not me and I'm not a house N####R
Mexico will pay for the Wall .... that's what Idiot said and his " Bright " supporters cheered and believed that would happen ... talk about " Stupidity "
That's most of that 1% in that picture. As for me and my house, ain't no way in hell.
This has to be the fake news he's always raving about... Which AfAms?! Where are they?! We need their stats...
Wow! So many jobs! Why aren't people heading out to the farms to pick lettuce, squash , cucumbers etc. Also there are no one applying for picking lemons, limes, apples and all kinds of fruit....Nope.... people would rather get a unemployment check and food stamps then to sweat out in the fields... this job apparently too good for an American Citizen too do.... for some reason I believe it's degrading because a privilege is a privilege!!!
I can imagine they all belong to the same church, yes your faces will be in the history books as the fools hovering the imaginery orb.
Goes to show there is no shortage of people will to side against their own best interest for a promise of profit.
Replying to some of the comments on this thread is like talking and texting to people who does not use logics; it’s like administering medicine to the dead.
I think it’s very telling that the majority of responses to this post are 😆.
I don’t know how that can even be remotely possible! The world is upside DOWN!
If there's so many black people for Trump. Why are they trying to close so many polling places in Georgia where black people go to vote?
Blacks/ latinos are voting slaves for the democrats. Policies that broke up the family. Then getting Multi generations hooked on entitlements. More and more minorities are picking up on this and will be voting for trump.
You must be freaking out! 🤣🤣😂 The fact is that many Hispanic like me and Asians and African Americans are tired of the manipulation by the media and the labels put on us by demócrats. At least President Trump is up front and deliver on his promises. Minorities for Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸
CNN11 hours ago

As friends seek answers on how a picture-perfect couple's love story ended so tragically, records show Chris Watts filed for bankruptcy before he allegedly killed his wife and children.

Stop making excuses for the sociopaths...he killed his family in cold blood, stop humanizing monsters.
Couple of things - I bet he is going to say the mother strangled the kids and he tried to stop her, hence the defense wounds and his skin under her fingernails. Also, as a real estate broker, I’d like to know how they qualified for a $400,000 mortgage on that low of an income.
It says the girls bodies were in a crude oil for days! So he killed the girls while mommy was on her business trip. How horrific. How can you look into your babies eyes and strangle them. Unbelievable. If you're unhappy with your life LEAVE!
Cowards do cowardly things! Instead of him manning up & trying to find solutions with his wife TOGETHER, or just divorce, or even kill himself...he chose the cowardly way by killing 3 innocent kids, & his wife! No mercy should be shown for a lowlife like this!!!
Looks can be deceiving. That's why you should never compare yourself to what you see people post on Facebook. You never truly know what's going on behind the scenes. I know people who post lavish vacation pictures...but don't post about the massive amount of debt they went into for that yeah, a lot of people only post "happy" stuff on social media. They don't post the reality of their situation (which is fine-- just don't compare your life to someone's life as posted on social media)
In the video of her telling him she was pregnant again you could tell he wasn't happy. He tried to fake it but it was obvious. He was probably far from "perfect"!
Oh, watching the video of her informing him of her third pregnancy- you see the wheels turning in his head, immediately. He did NOT want another kid. So obvious by his forced reaction. He knew what he was gonna do since that day.
It was obviously more then debt..People face that everyday and they don't murder their family..geeezz
This is so sad. I physically cry, everytime, I see a picture of those beautiful little girls and their mother. There is nothing in this entire world that would justify this tragedy.
Try again.... they were making a lot of money since after the bankruptcy. Shanann was making 80k a year with LeVel/thrive and 18-19hr at her other job. They were doing very well since their bankruptcy. Maybe her more than him.
One of the effects of a universal income is a sharp drop in spousal abuse. Not that theres any possible excuse for what this man did, but grinding financial stress and feelings of hopelessness, guilt and anger at that helplessness are often released on those closest to us.
My husband filed for bankruptcy last year and I’m still alive! This guy is just a sick psychopath. I can’t even understand how this can happen at all.
None of us know what went on in that house. Something obviously made him snap. We can speculate all we want but we may never know the whole truth of the matter. My heart goes out to their family and friends.
It wasn’t a perfect marriage.. mental illness... was in that home .. very sad for the wife and baby girls.. but he had to have mental issues to hurt his family.. just saying...
Why would a bank allow them to buy a $400,000 home on their salaries? Just stressing couples for no reason. Don’t give them the loan.
This story reminds me of Scott Peterson. This wife was so exited about her pregnancy. He was cheating on her and couldn’t man up and get a divorce. This would mean paying child support and possible alimony. Being the narcissist that he is, he decides to kill them both. He also played up their disappearance with the media.
It’s not the children’s fault why did he have to take it out on them and his unborn baby!!!! Selfish as**h*** deserves to feel so much pain!!!!! This monster is showing no remorse for what he did!!!!! Idk how someone can live with themselves after seeing your sweet innocent little girls in the eye and taking their life away! 😡
This is a little irrelevant but can someone tell me how a family of four with a combined income of 91K can buy a 400K house but isn't able to pay of 70K of debt. Is my math bad or am I not smart? I would like to know who their held their mortgage.
This sad tragedy is portrayal of the pressure that some American families feel in order to appear ideal. There is no such thing as an ideal family. Your family is whatever makes you happy and trying to live for others is not what will make you happy. The right thing to do is to be honest and face the challenges together. Painting a picture perfect image only adds more pressure on an already bubbling situation. So so sad especially for these innocent kids.
It’s just mind blowing! If you look at her fb page he seemed like a very involved loving husband and father. Just goes to show you don’t really know someone.
Living a life they couldn't afford. One of the dangers of social media, you build a fairy tale you want the rest of the world to believe. Eventually, you delude yourself into believing your own hype.
These kind of instagram and facebook photos that are saturated in millions of pages, shows a happy fun and perfect life. I look at some pages and think, "No one is that happy and perfect" Be real
This is a local story, so they’ve been running it constantly here, and it makes me sick to my stomach. I watched his interview live and just saw something so off and untrusting about him. There is absolutely no excuse for this. We still don’t know what his motive was but whatever it was, there was no reason to take those poor babies and their momma out of this world.
Authorities found the girls’ bodies in a frigging oil well. If he’s found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, I say tie his hands and dump him headfirst into the same well.
Lots of families struggle with financial problems. There is no excuse for this monster of a person. A wife, 2 little girls and an unborn baby. He deserves the worst punishment available.
CNN11 hours ago

What’s the biggest hit you remember from the 2000s? Crank it up and get ready to explore a revolutionary decade of music in #2000sCNN. Sunday night at 9.

I'm just here to see how many of you turn this into something political and negative for no reason at all...............
OMG - pre-election trolls are rabid. WTH does all of this baloney have to do, at all, with opinions about 21st-century music? Not particularly a fan, but, if you have to pull this baloney to comment on music you must be terribly desperate.
I love the dance music of the 90’s and 2000’s when Britney Spears started out Shakira Destinys Child JLo Haddaway La Bouche Ultra Nate (your free to do what u want to do) so much great memories.
This reminds me of a Corner Gas episode where they had an annual time capsule and used it as an excuse to drink.
Don't Worry, Be Happy....and Vote Blue!
Beyoncé single ladies (put a ring on it) That was my jam
Who the F cares!!!!!!!!
Move back to Cuba America Haters !!!!
From many but not these two low life tw@ts beyawn and Jzee...
Me and my husband met that year! Good year that 2003!
How the crap do people like Crazy in Love?? It's h*cking annoying!
This is how you remind me why nickelback is the butt of every joke about popular music.
It's also the track that he played when he banged Rihanna....
ज्योतिष से पूछें सवाल, पाइये समस्याओं के समाधान. भारत विश्व प्रसिद्ध ज्योतिषी समस्याओं कैसे दूर होगी | पति-पत्नी के बीच अनबन को दूर करने के उपाय प्रेम विवाह की समस्या ka समाधान सिर्फ एक कॉल कीजिये +91-6378458980 सभी प्रकार की समस्या समाधान - vashikaran specialist- black जादू Intercast शादी विश्व प्रसिद्ध ज्योतिषी usa- ऑस्ट्रेलिया , दुबई , जापान, कनाडा , इटली , मलेशिया , संतोषजनक समाधान +91-6378458980
Oh, the good days before Trump. VOTE BLUE 2018 and 2020!
Jlo is way better than her No doubt
Hey Ya by OutKast.
Never heard of that first song in the video, but Courtesy of the Red White and Blue is probably the biggest hit of the 2000s. Any show about that decade's music should heavily feature the hits of Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, and Carrie Underwood. That's 80% of the music of that decade right there.
Courtesy of the Red White and Blue by Toby Keith. It was popular in 2016 as well and it will be again. STFU
Who gives a s***
NICKELBACK is amazingly awesome!
Becky with the good Hair Thou
There was tons of good music in the 2000s.
Who cares?
CNN11 hours ago

The former Trump campaign staffer pleaded guilty last October to one count of lying to investigators over his interactions about the Trump campaign with foreign contacts who had connections to Russia.

CNN is a great station where you get the truth on what is going on in the world and of course they tell the truth about trump, and trumpsters do no like it...too bad!
Hey CNN. Can you explain why you guys sued to have the jury members names and addresses released? Just curious if it’s for intimidation reasons
I heard CNN wants the names and addresses of the jurors so they can bully them into convicting Manafort. Unbelievable.. Shut them down America!
Yes he should .Actually it should be more than six months if it was one of us that lied we would be spending a few years in jail besides him being a treasonous traitor to this country.
I heard ancient aliens has more views than your news station during prime time. LMAO Lahoo sahers
So Breitbart is putting out allegations of CNN requesting information about the jurors in the Manafort case. And look who believes Steve Bannon's propaganda.
Thank you CNN 4 keeping us posted, best news channel!
CNN has been peddling a Russian Collusion conspiracy theory for 18 months. This conspiracy has sowed division and resulted in violent clashes led by extreme leftist gangs like ANTIFA. Shouldn’t CNN be kicked off of Facebook, Apple, and Spotify too?
I guess CNN is annoyed that George Papadopoulos did not have a trial where they could harass and threaten the jurors.
He could have gotten 5 years, but now 0 to 6 months. He gave up good info on POS in white house
Thank you CNN for giving us the facts and the truth. And not spreading the trump propaganda
FYI Trumpers: It was Papadopoupos's mouth that led to the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign, that was the one Truth, Devin Nunes memo made...
And trumpazee’s still insisting that there was no collusion.. people in jail.. others indicted .. but they are not worry cause pardon for criminals are always allowed..
Criminals should spend time in jail. Sometimes giving little fish less time. Is worth it to take down the big fish.
Let me see. I have a friend named Jane. Jane has Russian friends. Therefore, I have Russian friends. Like 1+1=3.
When trump fires Mueller and pardons Manafort then you can see how innocent people with power acts .
Good info that he gave Mueller, 45 is getting SCARED
The law locks up the man or woman Who steals the goose off the common But leaves the greater villain loose Who steals the common from the goose. The law demands that we atone When we take things we do not own But leaves the lords and ladies fine Who takes things that are yours and mine. The poor and wretched don’t escape If they conspire the law to break; This must be so but they endure Those who conspire to make the law. The law locks up the man or woman Who steals the goose from off the common And geese will still a common lack Till they go and steal it back. --17th Century folk rhyme
What he did was wrong and he needs to pay for it, but he is now cooperating. If this ends up with the truth coming out, I am fine with it.
The guy literally did NOTHIG wrong. What a friggin disaster Mueller is. How many millions these SOB's he and Comey make with Defense contractors it would make you puke.
So, Papadopoulos gets prison time for lying to federal agents. Now, we have a solid place to start from for Krushner, Don, Jr., and the rest of the Trump administration....
Thanks CNN for giving us facts! Now, if you could not give us ALL drumpf's blather 24/7 we would be happy happy ☺ campers! He apparently has a whole list of distractions that they pick daily to keep the serious need from airing!😈
End the corruption. Indictments are coming Trump (Putins'princess) and his appointed cover up stooges. Fake president + stooges = Real traitors. Hear and fear the footsteps of Truth and Justice. Lock them up!
So, he will serve maybe 60-90 days. I would give him a year minimum. Plus 5 years probation, and set a down That he could not hold any future jobs in finance, government or lobbying.
A few of my co-workers ask me to meet up with them so we can plan some thing illegal and unethical. I say sure and meet up with them. They say just kidding. What was my intent?
CNN12 hours ago

"I wish I could have one more day to hold you, but until that day comes, continue to work through me and give me the strength to bring awareness, my love," Morgan Miller wrote, two months after her 19-month-old daughter tragically drowned.

Ugh. That awful man. What kind of father berates his girlfriend to get her to abort, breaks up with her and tells her he refuses to acknowledge or support the child, and AFTER she moves where she gets a job and has family to help her files for full custody of the child claiming alienation. And before the order was reversed in appeal, took the baby, renamed it and have it call his turn girlfriend mom. He is repulsive. I pity his wife and it’s awful that a child died, but he’s the last person who should be talking about parenting
I couldnt even imagine going through this. And while pregnant?! 😢
The average person would be in jail for child endangerment.
I can't believe the awful comments. It's just a terrible accident. Why comment if you're going to be mean.
I feel really bad for her, as I have two daughters myself. One thing I learned real fast as a new cannot blink!!
This man is a total POS! Karma came knocking and he just paid the piper! Wow!! Never doubt that you reap what you sow!! 😳
If he was a swimmer were they teaching the child how to swim? This is a wonderful way to counteract child drownings. Sorry to the family
My heart is with Morgan and Bode...... This tragedy could happen to anyone in the blink of an eye....... No judging them, they are in enough pain without complete strangers adding to their pain with judgmental comments....... RIP Sweet Angel ❤️🌹
I find it interesting the folks with a pool lacked a fence and/or no one was paying enough attention. I get the distraction thing, same distraction as leaving kids in car. Maybe people need to use their iWatch to tag them every 15 seconds when kid is awake and in their possession instead of worrying abt number of steps walked.
Morgan and Bode , my heart aches for you. Because of you, I am enrolling my 11 month old in swimming classes (much earlier than I intended to). Thank you for raising awareness. Your baby girl’s light will forever shine through your beautiful family 💫✨💫
Prayers for the Millers and I agree awareness is a good thing.
I don’t know how you could even recover from something like this.
My whole heart breaks for you! So incredibly sad that you and your family have to endure this tragedy. May the God of all comfort hold you together as you continue to process through this indescribable pain.
It only takes a second. When you are a parent there is no down time you have to constantly be on alert for things that can go wrong.
I can’t even look at that picture. All I see are my babies. Heartbreaking. I don’t know how these people live on.
Cannot fathom their pain she was such a little beauty heartbreaking beyond for any parent 💔
Just keep an eye on the kids without assuming someone else will.....or during friends gathering hire a babysitter to be with the baby at all times since you are so busy chit chatting with your dear girlfriends...
The Millers are ALL of us. Ask any parent, they will tell you of multiple close calls with their children that could have ended in disaster. And many parents stories include that disaster. This is the reality of life. We do our best as parents but life couldn’t care less.
Pay no attention to the cruel comments. They don't understand and have no right to judge until they walk in your shoes.
Oh God....Lord please give them comfort because their baby is with you and safe.
As parents we don't blink while in our presence. Constant alert because anything can happen in a blink of an eye.
So profoundly sad. My heart aches for them.
So sad, I can't imagine life after losing a child, God bless you ❤
Governor Andrew Cuomo: "AMERICA WAS NEVER THAT GREAT!" someone needs to stand in front of #CNN, #MSNBC and other offices of #MSM with the [attitude] of "burn this b+ch down" and FORCE them to acknowledge their bias! WhyTH is this not "Breaking news" day in and day out on a constant stream???? #WakeTheFrigUp! >:(
It is the worst pain in the world to lose a child. I pray for them.
CNN12 hours ago

"The President has sent a message to despots abroad that you can disrespect the press," says Dean Baquet.

When the press recognizes ONE thing he has done for ALL people (and he has done many) then you can have an intelligent conversation. Otherwise enjoy the fight! Otherwise screw you
Bet he never thought of that did he? He will have blood on his hands because someone will take him literally and attempt to eliminate this perceived enemy. I don't understand how people can call the press the enemy of the people and defend the first Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech? 🤔
The most alarming thing I have discovered in the past 2 1/2 years are the number of people who cannot think for themselves, cannot come up with an original thought of their own if their life depended on it, believe in conspiracy theories & cannot accept the truth. Five journalists have already been killed in our country. They all worked at a small town newspaper & covered mostly local news. Many journalists in this country are now getting death threats. Journalists are being arrested & killed in dictatorships all over the world in record numbers. The NY Times editor is right. It goes far beyond the free press, even the Parkland students have been getting death threats & now the judge in the Manafort trial is. This needs to stop.
Then stop your bias news reporting and hate campaign. Editorials and opinions are great, but 95% of what you put out is pure hatred driven articles or reports. Funny thing its not working.
The press has a responsibility to spread news....not to push agendas, biases, intentionally write things out of context, or spread opinions as fact. "News" organizations have lost their way and are, in fact, an enemy because of it. The press plays a very important role in our ability to remain a free country, and are all failing us these days.
Most journalists are after the truth. Just because Trump doesn't like the 'facts', he calls it fake news and his followers follow suit. Every news agency has some bias, but the truth is the truth, it is not 'altenative facts'! Most news calles him out on his lies and half truths, except Fox. They have become the Trump network.
Sorry but the press is no longer what it used to be. They post opinion pieces rather than reporting who, what, why when and where. They intentionally make leading statements and partial videos and stories for the reader to assume what happened. I'm sorry but the press is not your friend if they report "news" in this manner. The media should be held accountable for the damage they do.
Donald has turned himself into the epitome of evil around the world, a man baby who disgraces the USA, who metaphorically defecates on the free press and whose contempt for American values and the rule of law will end up being his doom.
This puts all democratic people in harm's way.a free press is good for a free world and puts evil dictatorship on notice.shame on trump,but he did this on purpose following Putin and others just like him orders
Such ignorance, you won't be happy until someone is killed,because of your lies and hate! Praying you won't succeed!!
the truth and only the truth will set you free; many journalists died to protect freedom of expression...Right to express one's ideas and opinions freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication but without deliberately causing harm to others' character and/or reputation by false or misleading statements. Freedom of press is part of freedom of expression.
An op ed is not news, the opinion of the commentator is not news, we are spending too much time believing others opinions and not creating our own . News is not fake if it's reporting the things that are fact. However that same news can get all screwed up when it's givin over to opinion .
An advice to the journalists - when trump says stuff like that, don’t print it. Let his voice disappear in the dark. The reasons everything becomes an issue is because he knows you will print anything he says.
It is our own responsibility to be discerning when we read or hear the news. We are not discerning and have just become reactionary to everything. Quit blaming the messenger.
I never thought that in my lifetime America... land of the free which everyone around the world respected... could come to this. Trump is not just a danger to freedom but a danger to the world. I despair when I read some of these comments. Such ignorance.
That's putting it way too mildly. Words do have consequences, especially when it's coming from the leader of the United States, and Donald's words have indeed caused horrific consequences on the world.
The failing NYT is owned by Mexico’s richest man - Carlos Slim Helu. Helu is a secretive character with deep ties to the Mexican government and rumored ties to cartels. The paper is being used to sow discord among political parties in the US. You want to talk about collusion? Look no further than the NYT. Shameful.
The potus is undermining his own country and administration with many lies and threats, the press is informing the people about it, and about that many people and governmentworkers say that. And so, like in Russia, Turkye, Hungaria, and so on, he will do anything to shut the press up.
Well if you undermine the government and the will of the people for a foreign state, or foreign ideology. I guess it is called “cause and effect.” When doubt is met with characterization and labels. I can only think about Fascism, where open disagreement is welcomed with a jail cell or a execution. You guys from New York and California is pushing this quite hard, and Donald Trump in a way is exactly like you.
He is just plain evil and dangerous. (Along with all those hundreds of other words, that have mentioned repeatedly)!
However, the fact that they speak out of both sides of their mouths depending on where they are selling papers, and appear to give aid and comfort to the levying of arbitrary wars on the people by the Swamp Things in DC, has nothing to do with it right?
Who and What Donald Trump Is... As a malignant narcissist, Donald Trump's entire life has been to exploit and profit from other people's pain and misery without remorse. As a salesman and as president his only concern is selling his brand to his base using lies, fear, anger and hate that is tearing our nation apart. This is why he is unable to lead and continues to campaign. Campaigning is sales. What he gets in return from his easily manipulated supporters is the idolization his paranoid insecurity craves. For Donald Trump's there is no 'truth", there is only what works or doesn't work in protecting his fragile ego. He will do anything to defend his delusions and desperate need for approval even if it means sacrificing our country. He will do it feeling justified and without regret because he believes nothing is ever his fault. This is a very sick, dangerous man. The only reason he has been able to get this far is because of a treasonous Republican congress that has betrayed the American people, our Constitution and their conscience. As president, Donald Trump is the greatest internal threat to our nation. His sickness is a divisive disease infecting our democracy. In business and as president, he believes everyone is his servant and must be attacked if they offend him. With his hateful vindictive assaults on free speech, the free press, minorities, women, veterans, the disabled, our intelligence agencies and human rights, Donald Trump has shown a complete disregard for our Constitution and must be considered nothing less than a tyrant and a traitor. The world is watching and sees the chaos, confusion and division. Our allies see an unstable America as a threat to world peace. Our enemies see a weakened, vulnerable America open to attack. It will take the effort of every American of good faith and conscience to turn this around in putting America back on the path to being the country we hope to be. ~#WrittenBy Gary Borgnis, Feel free to copy and paste this post......
In the First Amendment, the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The public has the right to know what's going on.
Yes, dictators, despots, are seeing what the leader of the free world is saying and know that they will not be criticized or sanctioned by him.
So much talk about how journalists are being "hurt", but zero changes in how they report the news. When they decide to actually report the news, and stop the "opinion pieces" because who cares what you think, they may get their respect back.
CNN13 hours ago

A Georgia state lawmaker says he would not have an issue if President Donald J. Trump used the n-word in the past

Whut.. like saying hey I robbed a convince store years ago but it's cool I shop there now
This isn’t surprising that he feels that way. There is a long list like the 20+ women he abused sexually that the same people were ok in ignoring. They took his word over all of them.
Lol... Something is either wrong or not wrong! Just saw " don't care" because it sounds buffoonish to try to sell the idea that "yeah it was bad 10 yrs ago but its cool now".....
Wanna let your true color shine through...this guy is a jackhole with deep-rooted Georgia ways. Reminds me of home in Alabama.
I love reading these comments from certain ppl who thinks its fine to use this word and the excuse is "well its in their music so why can't i use it". Smh lets not play that card.
Wow his trumplicans cannot stop their lap dog behavior. They might change their minds if he found a reason to come after them.
What a comfort we've progressed so far. Dotard really deserves that No Bell Piece Price award,
Right!!And he sitting there explaining it like it suppose to make since and Victor was Like WTF did I just hear.Lml..
This dude could have literally killed and raped and his base would find a way to defend him Slump said it best I could shoot somebody and no one would do anything
Didnt Paula Deen use it years ago, but got slammed for it years later. Wrong is wrong people stop defending this moron.
I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem with it. As long as it wasn't hurled at him, why would he care? Basic human compassion maybe?
I wouldnt have a problem with people dragging cretins like this out of their cars and pounding them into pulp in the street. Doesn't make it right.
Three years ago he wouldn't have been so bold but I'm glad he came out and said let's see how the voters feel about it!!
I once marveled at how a squirrel figured out how to get to my birdseed. A natural gymnast.
This country is in a STATE OF EMERGENCY! who will come to our rescue? Obviously not the people that claim to run it.. Help us all!!
This idiot reporter doesn’t want to understand what the Gentleman is not “trying to say” but “clearly saying.” I wonder if he ever used the word before? I bet he did.... but he won’t use it on air. Now he’s playing ignorant as if he can’t understand. Man!!! I’m so tired of CNN’s regurgitated crap.
I saw this interview. This guy was tied into knots trying to back pedal and restate, apologize.
I do not understand how they excuse everything he does. He really could shoot someone on 5th ave,and get away with it.
Omg. The Food network fired Paula Deen for using the n word 30 years ago shouldn't the President be held to a higher standard?????😡
This is a video everyone should keep and show it to his kids and tells them ..son when you grow up don't be hypocrite like this man
Sounds like this guy use's the N-word frequently. Birds of a feather flock together.
If he used it in the past, he has used it in the present. If he doesn't care, I would say he has used it himself. Racism exists, and the only difference now is the ignorant swamp racists feel it's safe to emerge. There leader is calling them out daily.
What a jerk. Who would vote for him? And his promiscuous behavior doesn’t bother voters either? Ok so we have a bigoted lying foul mouth cheater as President who doesn’t even read or know anything about our past and makes horrible decisions to the detriment of everyone in America and beyond but supporters an overlook it all Blows my mind
All these excuses, all these apologists because ... Why again? Yeah, I know: Power and control. That is all. They got it. They don’t want to give it up. Even if their Dear Leader is clearly a putz and a jerk and a racist, sexist, anti-semite and so much more.
FYI: Immoral people don't care if a person is a racist, a molester, liar, bigoted, racist or even a traitor to their own Country, just saying..
CNN13 hours ago

Since taking office in January 2017, President Donald J. Trump has directly insulted, attacked or otherwise maligned nearly 100 individuals.

That should tell you something. Why would 350 newspapers take the time to denounce Trump. They did so because he needs to be hauled out of the Oval Office along with his kids.
😂 Sarah Vivian you're joking right 😂 and lets make something straight most of us don't like or care for DT he is and will be considered the worst person sitting in the White House.
He is dividing our country more & more every day. His hateful childish name calling is beneath the dignity of the office he holds. The hatefulness is spreading & destroying our country. Parkland students were getting death threats, journalists have been getting death threats (5 even killed), now a judge has been getting death threats. When is it going to stop?
Donald Trump is a bully. I have to explain to my fifth grader and sixth grader that it’s not appropriate to talk like our president.
Shameful. Bully. Thug. And the people that voted for him still have no issue with this behavior. Bullies and thugs too?
Well, Trump is a Sociopath.. so·ci·o·path [ˈsōsēōˌpaTH] NOUN a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.
The truth is he has attacked millions. His crude generalities of various groups especially the Hispanic shows how little he values decency.
What CNN neglected to mention they attacked TRUMP first. I don't blame him. A person can only be kicked so much. I am a democrat and stand behind TRUMP
Well trumps legacy is well featured in this piece... he owns it all... this is what people will remember him for..vindictive, liar,attacking anyone who disagrees with him, refuses to listen to his advisors, all for himself, jealous of Obama and his accomplishments... etc etc
If Pinocchio spent as much time doing the job we HIRED him to do as he does maligning people can you imagine how QUIET it would be. Never seen anyone with such a fragile ego and as ignorant. Why is he still in the Oval Office?
Here we go, Dr. CNN Goebbles the minister of propaganda can't help themselves, their masters keep telling them Trump is evil, and feed it to the mindless zombie party of Democrats.
And your news has spread false reports for years,and should be jailed for treason,, you support your president No matter what
This is the definition of presidential? I think we can have just about anyone in office and have them do a better job than Donald John Trump.
Philip Roth put it best: "I found much that was alarming about being a citizen during the tenures of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. But, whatever I may have seen as their limitations of character or intellect, neither was anything like as humanly impoverished as trumplethinskin is: ignorant of government, of history, of science, of philosophy, of art, incapable of expressing or recognizing subtlety or nuance, destitute of all decency, and wielding a vocabulary of seventy-seven words that is best described as bigly covfefe Jerkish rather than English." If ever a person was ill-suited for his job - trumplethinskin and his ill-informed imps serves as the poster children.
These comments supporting his behavior make me sick. If it was a Democrat doing this, you’d be all over it shouting for impeachment. Such hypocrisy.
Didn’t trump say that when he takes office he would never see ANY of his golf courses because he would be so busy fixing this country!! WOW thanks President Obama for leaving our wonderful country in such great shape!!! Sorry Trump with all your vacations and constant turmoil please leave our Country the way you found it!! I use too call it a work in progress,but that’s all stopped!!!!!!!
If he respected his position and authority yes we should respect him but he does not show respect to others and therefore does NOT deserve any respect of any kind 🙁 He is a disgrace and a embarrassment for our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and never should have been allowed to be put in office he cheated our voting processes and lied and continues to lie and smerk and tweat his embarrassing and hurtful rhetoric as a unmannered and loathing child !!!
That man couldn’t lead a toddler to the bathroom, never mind the free world.
Shorter list is who he HASN'T tried to insult. he's covered most populations and groups in addition to individuals throughout his career.
That we know of. Have you noticed he doesn't just want to malign people who criticize or challenge him but to totally destroy them!! He can't let up. If he would just stop the mindless, relentless, pointless, tweeting then things would probably just go away but he just can't stop himself. He wants those that criticize him to stop and if they don't start supporting him, then he begins trying to erase them and destroy them. This behavior is purely punitive and has no connection to access to security information. We don't punish critics in this country. That's what they do in China, N.Korea, Russia, Venezuela, Saudia Arabia, Syria, and Cuba. This is a democracy not a dictatorship therefore we handle criticism different. At least we use too? Remember we have the first Amendment and you don't get to censor someone expressing their opinion.
Hilarious all the people crying that he was attacked first. Aside from the fact he's not being attacked - but called out on his lies and idiocy and bigotry - Obama was attacked for years by the right and he didn't retaliate on a daily basis. 🤔
Tired of the drama. Tired of the subterfuge, Tired of the uncertainty of constant chaos. ENERGIZED to vote to restore balance. We, the people, deserve better governance. We need someone who represents our interest and are not there to gain adulation for themselves. We need competent leadership with people who can set good examples and manage our businesses fairly. We must vote to let our collective feelings on how we want thing to be known.
And this GOP Congress hears and sees nothing! They let this happen when obstruction is daily and corruption is dangerous. THEY ARE TO BLAME for all these nightmare Groundhog days. As long as.....Before it's earned..our money's always spent!!!!
This lady got into high places in the government to spy on President Trump and catch him in doing something illegal. Ask her who paid her and how much she was paid. It is so said when the president cannot trust the persons that is hired to work in his government. I think this women would cause trouble for anybody.
Oh give me a break, this Trump i can’t take, his Twitter is full of debased views, Yet seldom was heard, a disparaging word, about Putin, just claims of fake news.
CNN14 hours ago

The parents, who met while working together at a daycare, are overjoyed to welcome their daughter to their family. London O'Neill was born on August 3.

Unless you have experienced multiple losses and infertility you cannot understand the emotions that go along with it. To say someone is selfish to want their own biological children when you yourself had biological children no problem is hypocritical.
In that time period, you didn’t consider adopting a child and saving them from foster care??? God, people are so proud of invitro but never take that as a sign to consider adopting parentless kids. As a pediatrician, I see some kids in foster care or wards of state because they come from such horrible conditions...these kids would love having a real family who cared for them.
So everyone who says "Adopt!" How many kids do you have? How many are adopted? How would you feel when you went to start a family you were met with heartbreak. Doesn't every woman have a right to feel the joy of growing a child inside of you? They didn't use state money, or funding. Adoption is a great, but so if wanting to grow a child within and giving birth. 💜✌
You know there are 400,000 kids in the foster care or adoption system who need a family. I think it would be more beneficial to adopt then make a baby. Either way, you'll still be a parent 😀
I'm just skipping all that heartbreak and going straight to adoption. Biology is unimportant to me. It's the journey and the relationships that really count.
It is appalling and so sad to see the amount of people that feel people are being "self centered" for wanting a baby of their own. Pregnancy is an amazing experience, there is nothing wrong with adopting, but the experience of giving birth to a child and feeling them move and grow is very special. I hope people continue to try and aren't discouraged by all the negativity on this post. Some people should not be parents and bring children into the world anyway....but it is not the fault of couples that have infertility issues. Why should they be told "sorry, just give up and adopt you're selfish?" That makes no sense at all.
Oh boy.. With the amount of money they gave doctors to get this baby they could have fed and housed 5 children for 18 years. Miracle or ultimate selfishness?
This is literally why I became an ob/gyn. Growing up, my mom had fertility problems and with each pregnancy, a miscarriage followed and my mother was devastated. During my med school rotation, I delivered my first baby to parents who tried for years to have a child, and I was hooked. I didnt want to do anything else with my life. I wanted to help bring life into the world and help families. Infertility is heartbreaking beyond words, and I wanted to make people happy. I wanted to help people have families of their own. In my office, I have a an entire wall filled with pictures of “my” babies. Parents send me pictures of their children as they are growing and last week I got my first high school graduation photo of one of the children I helped come into the world. I love happy stories just like this.
I hear stories like this all the time and my first reaction is these parents are so self centered! They are willing to spend years and money to have their own child because someone else’s child who needs a family isn’t good enough for them? Adopt!
Congratulations on finally being able to build a family. . . But at the same time, feeding our corporate healthcare system and perpetuating the continuation of genes that shouldn't be passed on and continuing to over populate our crumbling world is horribly irresponsible and wasteful; and for what, to selfishly make yourself happy? What about the baby, who now has that chance of dealing with the same heart ache, issues, illnesses that should have been weeded out due to natural selection. . . Sorry but the world needs a restart
Those of you who are advocating adoption make it sound like it is so very easy to “just adopt”. I have news for you, there are a million hoops to jump through, regardless of how you choose to adopt. So many good people can’t adopt because of the legal hoops. Age, home ownership, past medical history, etc can all rule you out of the ability to adopt. The world is not black and white so do some research before you start making calloused and rude comments to good people who want to have children. Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong or selfish about wanting to create a child of your own dna.
By reading the comments I can tell how many people havent experienced miscarriages, the correct response is, wow! what a miracle and congratulations! Promise it isn't that hard.
5 years, 6 miscarriages, several thousand shots and pills, and astronomical debt later, still no baby. We are heart broken. Adoption is equally expensive and the foster system is broken and a road of trauma and more heart break.
or...adopt? Adopting is actually a feasible option...and millions of living, breathing children currently need homes. Consider adoption.
Just be happy for the couple lol is that so hard?
What this girl tells the world about herself. "I was born from a lesbian mom and anonymos spermdonor. I am so excited". We dont know what we are doing.
Then they grow up and blame you for all their insecurities because you didn't buy them that cabbagehead doll the FIRST year it came out
There is a fine line between desire and obsession. If you counted the 1616 shots you are clearly in obsession territory. God bless you, I hope parenthood lives up to your expectations.
Gosh!!! I am happy for the baby but this couple is smth I can't digest, that is against nature! And those thousands of needles!
Congratulations! Had two miscarriages and now two healthy girls (16 and 12 y) with Heparin. That amount of needles is about right. Thank you doctors and medical staff who care and make research and make this possible.
It took us 7 years, 6 miscarriages and tons of IVF, IUI till we had our rainbow baby girl in August 14, 2018! Yes we looked adoption and it was to expensive to afford (around 40k) and IVF and iui was covered by our insurance so trying sometimes is your only choice !
Yeah, yeah. I read the article. But the photo is what people see first and what's supposed to make them want to read the article. A baby surrounded by syringes still evokes a weird vibe. Trust me -- most people see syringes and think something like "heroin," not "fertility drugs."
Whether you adopt or fight infertility and win they’re both difficult, often times heartbreaking but incredibly rewarding journeys. Neither option is wrong. I’m adopted but I’m sure I’d at least try to have my own before adopting, just like my parents did ♥️
Ya'll must have horrible lives if you cant be happy for someone. That baby is a blessing. Its amazing how far medical science has come. Love that precious angel. Very beautiful picture! I finally had my rainbow baby last November 💙
Beautiful story. I had a similar story in 2000, and my baby just celebrated graduating high school w honors, became an adult last month and is off to college this past week. Milestones have come and gone, but the love of his conception is still impacting on my life today. Modern medical technology is amazing.
CNN14 hours ago

Santa Barbara usually gets all the attention, but just east of it is the idyllic village of Montecito

CNN needs a refresher on geography. Both Santa Barbara and Montecito are on the coast. Montecito is SOUTH of Santa Barbara, not East.
Why can't people get along in this world. I am sad to see the world distance from religion, humanity, country, leaders, Peace my Friends who every you are. 🌈🌈🌈🤧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦☕️☕️🇨🇦🇨🇦
Nice save by the daughter to her dad's Santa Barbara's becoming more and more "crowded". Good PR 😂 Gotta protect that family business.
#Keralaneedyoursupport As you may know, Kerala, a state in India, is going through the worst time of its history. We are exposed to tumultuous and disastrous flooding which have destroyed both our life and living. All the rivers, streams and lakes are overflowing throughout the states due to heavy rainfall. The shutter of all the dams have been opened and the water rush have washed away the towns and villages on it's flood path. The situation is much more frightening than we can explain. Over 1.5 lakh people are in rehabilitation camps. Even hospitals are under water. The count of the lives that we have lost and people missing are still not confirmed yet. The roads, bridges and homes damaged are beyond repair. Rivers have been spilling over and the hills are crashing down in landslides to thickly-populated settlements. Our government and rescue bodies are doing commendable work for saving each and every life, but are facing severe shortage of funds and resources. This has affected the efficiency of the rescue efforts, which also contribute to the increasing death toll. It is estimated unofficially that the cost of disaster can be up to 100 billion INR, which seems to be a huge fund for our small state. So hereby we are requesting your kind donation and aid towards relief fund of the state.Your valuable donations will grossly help us to ease our efforts for relief, re-habitilation and re-building. Unlike donations to national organizations that can take months to begin distributing funds, your support to us will have an immediate and substantial impact in our state. With your help,we can feed families who have lost everything in the aftermath of the flood, give them a warm place to stay and help rebuild the landmarks that make our Kerala such an amazing place to lives. So we kindly request you to join our effort to reclaim and rebuild our state . Any amount you decide to donate will be very much appreciated and will make a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors whose lives have been upended. Together, we can restore the place that we all know and love. We love you and we expect your kind effort towards this natural calamity. Bank Transfer Bank : State Bank of India (SBI) Account Number : 67319948232 Branch : City Branch, Thiruvananthapuram IFSC : SBIN0070028 PAN : AAAGD0584M Account Type : Savings SWIFT CODE : SBININBBT08 Name if Donee : Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund Address : Govt of Kerala District : Thiruvananthapuram State : Kerala Pin : 695001
Village? It a millionaires gated community. Village makes it sound welcoming.
One of the most expensive places to live in the state, if not the country.
Montecito is very very very very beautiful and very very very expensive.
I would love to see Montecito again!
Would love to go there one day.
It’s beautiful if you want to pay 12mil for a 4 bedroom. I guess you could get 5 families together and split the 85 million 12 bedroom house 😂
Would love to live there
Oprah and Ellen live here .... tres cher.
Else Fjogstad har du inte hört min skönsång på whats app?
What a wonderful news item - no drumpf!😈 Have turned off the news! Can't take any more of him!😈
Is a bunch of libtard men wearing scarfs and lacking testosterone
This city looks gorgeous! Would love to live there. Big plus is they don’t like trump 😊
#JimAcostaisinBEASTMODE. Jim filling in for Wolf has been awesome. I actually dvr'ed him yesterday due to my timeframe
Montecito is open to the public? 😂
Has Smerconish time slot changed?
Maelyn Adornetto butterfly tho
Beautiful beach
but so $$$$$$
Anyway, what a beautiful place!
CNN15 hours ago

For four years, nearly half-a-million dollars quietly vanished from cafeteria registers at two schools in Connecticut.

Trump voters and white ladies defrauding the Schools they worked for and in fact they found Trump's art of the deal books in their collection Lol . I guarantee Trump is going to pardon them like he is going to pardon Manaford for ilegal money laundering and tax evasion!
Hey let's crack down on the kids who are short of money for their lunch. After all schools can't let the kids get by with owing even 10 cents. And then let's be sure to put the food in the trash in front of them.
500.000 $ div. by 2 ladies div. by 4 years div. by about 200 days means about 312 $ they took each school day. Each of the 2 ladies!! I'm sorry, but if you don't get by logistics that each day 312 $ are missing in the cashier you have a huge problem! That management must be a treasonous disaster... I mean a disaster as huge as the Trump supporters who have no clue about anything.
Authorities were tipped off after they were observed with diamond encrusted hairnets and the only school staff not driving a car from the 90s.
This is even more funny to me because I was watching a scary movie with my 9year old last night who I kept telling "that old lady is suspicious". He kept sayin "ma, she looks like a nice grandma". I said "son, never trust the old ladies that look like nice grandmas". Now I'm gonna show him this. 😂
The school accountant needs to be charged too...
Meanwhile kids lunches are taken away from them when their balances are in the negative
So much for over sight, checks an balances ..They must have worked for the CLINTONS PREPARATORY for financial improvement..
So what was going on after the first $100K went "missing"?? That's a pantload of mac and cheese over the dam. I guess they needed another $400K to go out the door before they could make their case.
No one was checking the books or something that's a lot of money.
How much does school lunch cost in New Canaan? Sheesh! $50K bond was paid. Interesting. 🤫 Now lunch lady types will be profiled, they'll be getting hassled by TSA at the airport. Alex, Danielle
Good Point of Sale systems can catch this right away, not years later. I design and build the types of Point of Sale systems that would have demonstrated the thefts real time each day.
Nobody did an audit? I mean come on, they should not have stolen but that is so irresponsible the school did not do an audit. Once again, I had no idea they even used money these days. haha
And why so long to audit ? Makes it wrong to steal but who was monitoring .price x meals served should have ballparked income And how was budget line item deficit missed ?
Let's say you spend $500 for food. But at the end of the day you only show sales of $200. But the food is all gone. No one caught this for 4 years? Come on man!
Sorry folks, there should have been auditing procedures in place even before any computers were installed!!! That much money should have showed up in an extreme loss of at least at the break even cost!!! These women were guilty, but the administration holds a lot of guilt for no proper oversight!!!!
Um---what on earth sort of an accounting system did this place have? Two or three years of this going on?
Can you blame them? Probably minimum wage, bratty little kids, disrespectful, bratty little kids, and likely some moms who go in every day to make sure there's no gluten, sugar, red dye, purple elephants, or anything like a santa, chocolate, Halloween, or caffeine in the menu.
Did it ever occur to anyone it might be the people in charge of food services? Why didn't they transfer these sisters to other school to see if if was this school. I doubt they were the only cafeteria employees and another employee would have seen something. Someone else did this or there is a glitch in their computer system. I would talk to the supervisors of food service.
It just goes to show you how much school cafeterias make, in order for them to steal that much, I thought food programs in schools for children were government funded, guess that was a lie
Criminals have many face folks..But all are presumed innocent ,until proven guilty...The law applies to all citizens...Now,Tell the truth...The whole truth...And nothing but the truth....🤥🤥🤐
Actually a lot more than years ( statute of Limitations ) Ponder the question ,How does a Bureaucracy loose track of this kind of money ??? And some people want a bigger Government ??? Makes no sense Just loses cents
The Russians ARE ALREADY in our system. The experts say that all they have to do is to eliminate voters from the system. The Rebloodblicans WILL NOT DO ANYTHING to protect our Democracy, ON THE CONTRARY, as long as it benefits them. Please, request PAPER BALLOTS by mail and VOTE EARLY. Let’s avoid the lines.
“She gives you a purpose And she gives you a goal You should be kissin' her feet And kissin' her mole Now all the angry foods Just leave me alone And we all live together In a happy home” Adam Sandler “Lunch Lady Land”
They installed new software that indicated there was more monies taken in during the time frame of the new update than from the years prior with the old accounting program. So their next step is to accuse two sisters of taking this money because now their new accounting software says we have more money coming in than years past. Other than computer statistics where is the evidence that they were the ones to have taken the money? What tipped them off, new cars, trips abroad, living above their means. There physical appearances do not reflect people that have thousands of dollars in their pockets. Cuz I know if I had that kind of money i would be looking better than they appear in those photos. So I hope they have more evidence besides an accounting software glitch
CNN15 hours ago

Mexico's navy says it seized nearly two tons of alleged cocaine off the country's coast after spotting a suspicious boat, resulting in one arrest

I see where that wall would help with that boat situation.
A demand driven problem cannot be solved by attacking the suppliers...We need to treat drugs as a health issue and not as legal one. Instead of spending billions of dollars on chasing traffickers, money should be spend on education.
This won’t stop no matter what, border walls or no walls! There’s a hungry consumers for it in the US that’s why it exists. Start from punishing and putting people in death squad who uses and caught distributing it.
Its sad you don't have enough confidence to think for yourself, do a little research and soul searching and have the courage to denounce a pathological liar and conman. Instead you're his puppet whining about trumps fake news. You have a computer. Open your eyes and you find the truth.
We got one on my counter drug op deployment in 01 had 9 tons of cocaine then another ship when we where otw back got nailed one few days later think with 11...never ending story lol
The helicopters should have dropped special ops-guys with K-9s to chase down the drug runners that fled into the jungle. I know American special-ops guys and their K-9s do this. German shepherd dogs or Belgian melanois breeds.
Well to ship that much cocaine in a boy so terrible thing but you understand people are using that's why they have a market that's why they're making so much of it so unless you deal with the problems that cause people use these drugs you always have cocaine and by the way you could make it right in the United States so I'm glad this cocaine didn't get your distribution but so much bigger problem here
If people from the states would stop using drugs none of this would happen.... it's your fault weather you like it or not. You guys have a serious problems with drugs. It's called demand and supply.
Doesn't matter if they escaped. They all dead now. Might as well have stayed and gone to jail, might have been much safer for them. Now Escobar will find them all within a week..R.I.P guys.
Someone should tell Trump the Racist and Drug Dealer's Country, "Mexico" , well their Navy is working with our Coast Guard to stop drug trafficking! Impressive!
Driving prices up makes the Black Market more dangerous, especially in our crumbling cities. Legalize Now!
Ohh Americans....the most ignorants in the world, poor you, no culture and a fierce wish to get high
I have a dream where our cocaine comes not from a dubious black market, but from professional growers and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.
In other news, the Mexican government makes a small fortune selling confiscated drugs back to cartel...
The wall will deter some traveling illegally across the southern border. Never along the Rio Grande. Drugs and illegals shall just increase along the very long Pacific Coastline. The Coast Guard has always dealt with the problem. With construction of a wall, the Coast Guard numbers must be increased 100 fold. Also smuggling of drugs with increase even more by planes.
Saw this story on Fox two weeks ago. CNN has been too consumed with hookers and Trump hate to report real news.
Call the rodeo clown you'll have another party Coke and hookers then they could pee on the bed
I volunteer to test it to see whether it's actually cocaine or not LOL
Prayers for our work and witness team as they are in this country!
Working together, that is how to get things done
wow, look at the cockroaches running!!! LOL.
Oh look, Trump didn’t get his wall up in time! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
CNN Fake News , missing the biggest government cover up ever . You’d rather push Trump hate , than thinking your viewers deserve the truth . No wonder your ratings are in the toilet with that So called blue wave .
Send the US forces and bust all the cartels in about 2 days
Its ok the CIA brought in 10 times as much the same day
CNN16 hours ago

Annan, who was born in Ghana in 1938, served as the seventh UN Secretary-General from 1997 to 2006.

Fox News will undoubtably show a picture of Morgan Freeman when they announce the news.
He leaves behind a legacy that is so rich in dignity and idealism. It is not to say that his tenure was not flawed, but he took full responsibility for the mistakes conducted and did his best to rectify situations. While the world lost a gift, heaven gained a beautiful soul.
Shame on you for your political and/or hateful statements. That doesn’t say anything good about you. A man with loved ones died. If you don’t want to leave condolences then don’t post.
Rest because you did your good works. “Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation, rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.” Kofi Annan
One of GHANAIANS 🇬🇭Greatest influenced man and for the U.N. you will be missed,R.I.P thank you CNN for not giving us Fake News this time and being real for once in the humanitarian world. Fare well Kofi Annan🇬🇭
Africa and the whole world miss a man of integrity, wisdom and intelligence. May God be with his family.Kofi Annan
Let the powers that be in Hollywood, GET Morgan Freeman to play Annan’s life before its too late for him too !!!! PLEASE!!!
Wasn't he the one whose nephew was helping Iraq sell all their oil to our ally France, and enemy Russia?? Both lied about it until the money, paper trail was proven. Yeah, what a great guy!
Sir, it was a pleasure serving under you at the United Nations in New York. I remember when you were first voted in as SG back in 1996. And then later after serving two terms, we the UN staff, finally bid farewell to you at the cafeteria. You will be remembered. Till we meet again... may you rest in peace.
I had to take a second look because I thought for a moment it was Morgan Freeman, RIP Kofi Annan.
When one looks at his face .. one can see the sincerity of his human kindness radiating as a reflection of his good heart . RIP
The Real Giant, a Global hero, a peace Maker and patriot of social justice. Rest In Peace Elder Annan
We come with nothing, go with nothing; but one great thing we can achieve in our beautiful life is... A little remembrance in someone's Mind and a small place in someone's Heart rest well hero
it is amzing how many lowlifes void of any decency use someones passing to make morally bankrupt comments that you would only expect from a four year old with no filter!
" We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race." Kofi Annan
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (Arabic: إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ‎) "We belong to God and to Him we shall return."
RIP Kofi Annan.You did a great job and you will be truly miss.A great loss to the world.
Am kenyan and i still remember the 2007- 2008 war, the blood he was there. and to this day i always walk away
Another of the very few, true African leaders, with true love for better life and improvement of the masses conditions in Africa and the world have completed his mission and destiny. RIP - Pa Kofi Annan.
Kofi Annan served in the U.N in the humanitarian world and is from GHANA🇬🇭 and Morgan Freeman is an actor who is african American and live in U.S.A and they are separate people but look identical that is the difference so people read before mistaking Morgan to our very own Ghanaian Kofi Annan 🇬🇭is that simple.
Great Icon it's indeed a great lost for our eloquent brilliant and valour we miss you, but God knows better, may your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord till eternity
One of many UN Secretaries-General, who just express their concern over very critical issues and humanitarian crises and stand idly by, and do nothing about those crises.
Allah says in the holly qur'an kullu nafsin za'ikatil maut every soul shal taste death. My condurance to his family,,,,, innalillah wainnaillah raj'un
Oh! What a Breaking heart 💔 news . My condolences to family and friends. May God and the Angels guide his soul ! 🙏🏻R.I.P
You've inspired so many. May your gentle soul RIPP noble man. My condolences to the entire family. May God be with them 🙏🏽
CNN16 hours ago

All students enrolled in the MD degree program are eligible, regardless of their financial need or academic performance. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, which this year amounts to $55,018.

New Zealand just made all University education free this year. Get with it people. Education. Healthcare. A roof to live under. These should be basic rights of a developed nation.
That's why they are ranked as one of the best hospitals in the Nation, as well as the state of New York. This was an endowment! The funding was not provided by the state or federal government. Big donors support these programs and in some cases even get centers named after them. NYU is a privately run elite medical college similar to Yale and Harvard only the best of the best are selected. To all the haters, for your sake and mine, I hope those very same doctors are the ones who find a cure for cancer that will someday save the life of someone you care about. Way to go NYU!!! Make us all proud we are rooting for you.
Now medical degrees will become participation trophies.
All students " regardless of academic performance ", are you kidding... just what we need is sub standard Doctors.
New York's highest tax rate in the USA probably just doubled or tripled! Can you say mass exodus? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Governor Andrew Cuomo can have it! New York - The Big ROTTEN Apple!
So a medical scholarship that offers free tuition to the poorest performing students.... sounds like a great way to flood the medical field with poor performing doctors.
What is of concern is the fact that “All students enrolled in the MD degree program are eligible, regardless of .... academic performance.” ... Did I miss something? I was under the impression “academic performance” is a necessity??
My daughter is just starting school this year, she would love this, Im sure your gpa needs to be high though. 🙄
...just until their federal funding runs out.
That’s where my daughter will be going in about six years:)
First top 10 to ... where does the Texas univ fit in the rankings.. you know, the one that already confirmed that the new class of 2019 med students’ fees have all been taken care of? Somebody made a huge donation?...
Most successful countries around the world believe an educated citizenship is a smart investment … as such they subsidize post education costs or even provide free … the exception … the USA. When challenged with this fact … the typical GOP response is that is socialism and we fight socialists. Huh … maybe why the USA ranks 34th worldwide in providing basic education to its citizens … stupidity is stupidity.
For all those people who commented on grades and scores, to get into NYU medical requires only top performing graduates. Get real
That’s amazing! Maybe more of them can become primary care doctors, since they won’t have $250K in debt when they graduate!
I love that students will not suffer for years after graduation with debt from their education. I want to make clear that this is wonderful. Of course I approve. I do however wish this same gift of a free education would be granted to art students, education majors, those studying to become social workers etc etc. Struggling artist are often unemployed or must accept employment outside of their field. The world needs artist, teachers, scientists and doctors. None of the above in my list ever make the income of a doctor to pay of their college debt or to live. It’s time that education be free to all students in any studied profession. If we are going to grant free education should it or should it not include financial need and academic performances? I’m uncertain I believe a millionaires child should be granted a free education to become a doctor until all students studying in any field are. I’m even more uncertain that dropping academic performance as a criteria to receiving this full scholarship is a great idea.
Maybe now their debt will allow them to become Family Practice doctors. We desperately need them.
Ok but how about Villanova Law? Andrew Marco Belack
Jonathan Xu u still going to west point?
this amount is peanuts (soya) these days,great investment for this hospital,they get to keep the best and the rest will have a great
I'm sure that this will not have any affect on the prices they charge their future patients. They will still charge an arm and a leg and claim they have massive student loans to repay.
Of course, the cost of living in NY is pretty close to the cost of tuition, so that's nice.
This is fantastic. Someone should step up and do the same for nursing students!
🤔 something is wrong lol
Cuba has done this for decades.
Wow. I wish it was the same for medical students in Ghana