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He is NOT a fan.

Donald Burkett If Trump had his way he'd ban everyone that disagrees with him, starting with SNL
Kareem Rashad It's about time someone stood up to the menace baking its way into the crust of our pies..for too many years we stood idly while Pineapple attempted to corrupt our steal the rightful place of true luminaries like chorizo, salami..and I dare say it had the gall to even attempt to unseat Canadian bacon from its rightful perch upon the throne of longer I say..time to put the pineapple back in its can!
Cindy Worden I used to hate Hawaiian pizza because of the pineapple. I liked pineapple. Just didn't think it should be on pizza. After awhile, I gave it another try. Now I like it. That guy should give the pineapple another chance.
Daniel Gonzalez People who think that Pres. Trump is the coming of the next Hitler...You have an opportunity to do something that would be well worth your time...there are still a few - precious souls - that lived and survived the rise of Hitler...ask them if our President is close to Hitler...This may give you some insight into what evil really is....Make no mistake...Our President is no Hitler.
Peter Hire As someone whose home state is Hawaii, I completely endorse the President of Iceland, and invite him to come take over the US government, as he understands pizza toppings, one of our finest traditions.
Michael Armstrong Sr. All good things come to favor in time just like stopping racial hatred you seek out the bad taste and illuminate it with a presidential sledge hammer . ) Go Trump 🙂 !!!!
Judy Juju This is just what we needed to take our minds off the horrors being experienced by the people of the USA. Pineapple on Pizza. GREAT.LOL
Judy Clarke I love pineapple pizza my three ingredients are pineapple chicken and pepper from Domino's and they put just a little bit of pineapple on the pizza which I don't appreciate. ...
Alex Marquette good lord, why is this even a debate. If you like pineapple on your pizza fine, if you don't like on your pizza don't force your taste buds on someone else.
Alexis Selover-Brewton Think about this. How awesome is it that Iceland has come so far in the last couple years, that their biggest problem is pizza toppings? I wish America he those problems.
Ralph James Bishop Must be wonderful if a nation only has to worry about this. I think both sides could agree.
Craig Goodsir Waiting for Trump's news conference announcing terror attacks on pineapple pizzas in Iceland.
Lisa Kay Lockwood So, CNN is really going to post MORE about Trump's alleged Sweden gaffe THAN the actual riots in Sweden the next day? Never mind... back to Pandas and Pizza until the irony blows over and your followers' memories reset.
Frankel Lisa Great - now tRumps gonna say Iceland is unsafe and sad now! Plus he's going to ban pineapple and pizza and so on.
Stuard Lori My all time fav pizza is pineapple with toasted sounds was available at several pizza joints in So calif when I was a kid.
Michael Weza For everybody who's associating pineapple with Hawaii, they just grew it here for a while. It actually originated in South America.
Patricia Spoon it's just a food people have nothing better to do with their government then Ban food what is up with the world and their diplomacy
Petra Doll If I can have it my way I'd have the Democrat Party declared as a terrorist organization and have them put on the terrorist list and I'd have every Washington pedo in the Dem Party arrested for running a child sex ring for years. Dang, if I could only have it may way, if I'm going to dream, I might as well dream BIG!
David Westbrook Watch out. There is going to be snow flakes protesting in the streets. They will be burning cars and pizza joints if he does
Wanda Edwards Maui pineapples are sweet and I love them on pizza with ham.
Brandon Langlois It is an abomination. PA doesnt belong on pizza or hamburgers. Screw you hawaii
Jerry Huang Disgusting and nasty. Only meat and cheese belong on pizza.
Britt Leclair Nate La Brie you aren't the only one who doesn't like warm pineapple !
Dave Schlagman For once, CNN reports something that isn't fake news. Stick with the pizza stories CNN
Michael Thibault If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide Illegals are trash!
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Would you want to take a 3-year-old on a 16-hour flight?


How about a Panda?

Elizabeth Barajas Montoya I took my then 7-month-old baby on a 14 hour flight. I say I managed to keep the entire plane entertained the whole trip 😂
Michael Cardamone Took several little ones to Bosnia- two plane rides and layovers and long drive. Worth it to give our kids an edge, to be bilingual, to learn how to adapt. Can't live in fear. Long as you try to be considerate to others by keeping them entertained as best you can on flights.
Gayle Dicker Thank you for peaceful conversation this evening. Watching journalists bickering and yelling over each other is NOT professional. What a pleasure to watch!! KEEP IT UP!!
David Murphy Can everyone just relax and realize that it's a really cool thing for this beautiful animal to go back to her roots. The people that have raised her love her, the people that will receive her love her.'s not a normal upbringing but what is these days.
Kofi Living Stone I bet you $8741806096 that you didn't actually read that whole number, So im guessing you didn't see the letter in it.... You just went back to check and saw that I lied... Lol I want my like! 🤣
Robert Jaco I think the panda will be ok. But I do feel bad that the panda has to leave its home.We need to keep breeding to keep pandas. If anyone has heard about this. Stop the over turning of law Bill. H.J. res 69. It's already passed the house now it's moved to the Senate tell your senator to vote no against it. Basically if they overturn it it allows Hunters to do inhumane hunting to wolves and bears. Shooting bears and their cubs in hibernation and wolves and their pups in dens. Just so Hunters can have more moose to hang on their walls. This bill is is about Alaska and the Alaskan government is wanting control of wildlife management because right now the federal Fish and Game Wildlife Management has control. Correct me if I'm wrong
Sharon Goldstone Hell no! Ban all airlines transporting animals until safer measures are in place. Airpets and British Airlines KILLED my beautiful Golden Retriever by stuffing him in a crate too small and did not complete measurement paperwork out. NEVER put your animal in cargo...
Mark Porter If only we cared this much about people.
J Dinero Thomas Oh no not FedEx...have you seen the way they deliver fragile packages lol
Siretha Brown Mr.President instead of you throwing the refugees back to where they from , where no jobs , where there no hopes are dream, since Hillary rob them dry ; can you just help them building their country back , the wall sound good but their country sound even better , plus they deserve it after , what Hillary did are let her pay it back..
Michael Crouse There are a whole bunch of them out there somewhere whining in the streets protesting ... is there any room for them on that plane? They have a President where that panda is going. I'm sure if it.
Bernardo Málaga ..can we deport those whiny liberal anarchists Hillary supporters to China as well?
Jace Berndt I'd like to take Hillary Clinton and all the liberals on a flight straight to the moon
Mike Moss Just to let you deplorables know, this post has absolutely nothing to do with politics and it's not "fake".
Grace Jasmin Awww cutie pie sooo squishy how I absolutely adore and love panda bears!!! Let's take care of our animals
Saúl Navarro Guess you can call that "Panda Express".
Leigh-Ann Ellipses I love pandas. They're not on the endangered list anymore.. Or so I read.. Woo Hoo
Gina Dunn Why did we send the panda back to China?
Daimien Wolfgang Taylor Don't trust UPS to do the job, they will drop, run over, and mishandle that package
Jackie Jauregui Poor panda going to China 🇨🇳 , these people are cruel with all animals
Michael Perry With all the accidents FedEx drivers get into on the roads I sure would have put Bao Bao on a different flight
Shawn Hurley I always thought fedex didn't do international flights. I know off topic.
Edna Lomeli All animals that are transported should have this type of treatment on a flight instead of being treated like luggage.
Amy Barish Safe travels Bao Bao! You will be missed! 😘🐼
Moises Torres Not even the animals are safe from Trump's travel ban and deportations 😂🤣😂🤣
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As they head back to their districts during congressional recess, many lawmakers are facing tough questions from constituents.

Aaron Alton I love it! Every American should be applying pressure and holding our elected officials in our districts accountable! This old type of politics with smiling in cameras during election season and disappearing after they are elected and not making any changes needs to stop!
Ashley Keller I watched Congressman Buddy Carter town hall, and someone said " if the people in your district are for amending Obamacare instead of repealing it will you listen?" And without hesitation he said "No". Congress is our problem in America, they are so out of touch with the people and what we want it's not funny. They forgot they work for us. The first executive order should have been to cut out their lifetime benefits.
Joe Villarreal Give it up left wingers. These are left wing plants. The rest of the country is pleased and seeing their 401Ks skyrocket. More real paying jobs are coming and we're going to secure our borders. What else can we ask for? 😊
Jane Harrell Farabaugh The constituents have a voice. It is their right! Those of you that want to hang onto this misnomer of "fake news" are out of touch with reality. If you disagree, just pass on by without comment. Try being informed and grown up. Our Country depends on it.
Terrisa Pettine Our Medical Doctors have finally determined what is causing all the liberal snowflakes to melt with grief. They call it P.E.S.D which has spread across the country. This term is not to be confused with PTSD which is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder suffered by many of our people exposed to combat. PESD is more of a spinal disorder often referred to as lack of a backbone, or the jelly fish syndrome, and is self inflicted by amoebic brained left wingers. Some are able to recover quickly from this disorder while others are afflicted for months and possibly years. Fortunately, this disorder only affects liberals so the majority of our population is still sane. So far, medical research has determined that the only cure for PESD is pain transferal through a swift kick in the posterior. America First!!!
Barry Sellers Ok. I've seen enough. Most of these people are not interested in meetings. They're not looking for dialogue. That's why they shouldn't even try. And some media and electeds keep it stoked. While most people are busy with their lives working and contributing. These buffoons keep yelling and cursing to the cameras.
Craig Morris To those people saying "Paid" or "Rent A Crowd", I hate to break it to yu snowflakes, but this is the Voice of the People speaking. You had better listen or you just might find yourself on the out real quick.
Debra Kelly OFA is a organization founded for and by Obama and funded by George Soros and Saudi folks. it is a 501C 4 which is for Social welfare causes NOT political issues or protest. That is in it's self is a felony violation and against the IRS laws on Charity organizations. Wonder is CNN will report on this. Doubt it.
Michael Mallette I am convinced that CNN is totally in bed with the DNC. This is flipping ridiculous. DO you people wonder why you are labeled as Fake News? Get flipping real. The American people are sick and tired of bias.
Uchenna Oguekwe The same criticism Trump supporters are giving on those attending these town halls is very similar to what liberals said about the Tea Party in 2010. They said they were not grassroots and paid plants just looking to disrupt the town halls. We all know how everything worked out for Democrats that year. Now Trump and Republicans are failing to see and understand that the majority of the people in this country did not vote for Trump and his policies and they can't see that a real push back is boiling up.
Matt Currie Yes. Like why did you waste all that time sending legislation to repeal Obamacare to Obama knowing Obama would veto it more than a year ago, but can't send that same legislation to Trump? The legislative branch is the swamp that needs draining. Democrats, not that you have a platform anyway. But, now would be a good time to expose these RINO's. And take some seats back.
Josh Lewi Y Mgbabu Organized cry babies by Demz, didn't know it hurts this long to concede defeat, CNN will always AMPLIFY every weeping child from the left
Trevor George This will be the start of the biggest recession to ever hit this land, I said before and I'll repeat,Americans do not travel abroad,most of all overseas travel are immigrant related. For every 1000 passengers that travels abroad you'll find roughly 3 to 4 Americans.Now that travel has been disrupted because of a white house turned DARK, expect mass layoffs from ALL airlines because of the fact immigrants and their families will travel elsewhere,the start of the greater depression.....You heard it here first..
Diana Mendez You want to make it right in 2018. Your health care will be taken away. And Obamacare will not be named changed because they don't like what its called. They won't make it better either. They just don't want to give you that benefit of health care. So you can fix it you put them there you take them out. Vote the Republicans out of Congress. What have they done for you? Nothing! Vote them out cause they are putting a death sentence on you, and on your healthcare.
Eben Williams So the "left" are using "right" tactics in public meetings. Perhaps we should pool money together instead so they dont need special interest money. Maybe if we gave them free food, transportation and housing they will be appreciative and listen to ourthe concerns. Heh. Either side you are on we are screwed
Mike Waters CNN, where was your coverage of the 20,000+ who stood WITH President Trump in Florida this weekend? It's time YOU start facing some of those tough questions!
James E. Garcia OK “Blue Falcon” Steve Pearce, are you still backing Comrade tЯump on this? We are better than this New Mexico. I am even willing to bet that Stevan (Steve) Edward Pearce of New Mexico adores Comrade Putin as much as he adores Comrade tЯump! God help New Mexico.
Alberto Beto Love how people are fighting over the gov be united and pay close attention to what is and what will happen in the coming months economy wise/jobs. Everything is going to get very expensive
Melissa Adams I'm not a Hillary supporter but the majority of the people voted for her. The Republicans that support Trump will be voted out of office the first chance the people get.
Matthaios Ghanim Well for that Muslim I want to say, do your job in fighting terrorism. Or at least have a massive protest against terrorism, women's rights and minorities rights so we can believe you. Other than that, silence means acceptance.
Ben Thurman Thats the stupidest thing I ever heard. They come to these townhalls to ask questions but it clear they love hearing thier own voices and not the answers. Pound that playdoh a little harder
James M Lowe Issue; Sweden muslim story; muslims are the Worst Nightmare for crime stats in Sweden. Their story is typical of all European countries: they steal, assault, kill, rape, look to get "free rides for all income activities from the government of Sweden." Once a soft, kind, gentle people," Swedes have had to turn Violent with muslims to stop violent demonstrations, destruction of any property they can damage at will and turning Sweden, like the rest of Europe, into an unsafe place for women to walk in during the day or night. Once again, this is typical for ALL European countries. Look for all of European countries to make loaded guns a regular part of their lives on a day to day basis. Fake JV Liberal Media in America reports NONE of this and seeks to HIDE what these muslim people who have NO desire to assimilate into American law, religions, Capitalism and life can do. This is in teaming with democrats to bring these people here for one purpose; to get democrat votes.
James Flournoy No those are Democrats. Maybe they will set the new standards. Just think of what will happen when our guy or gal loses and election and conservatives start protesting with their guns? Food for thought!
Matt Parchem I find it interesting that they are now complaining about the very tactics that got a lot of them elected during the rise of The Tea Party. I find it ironic that it's about the very same issue too, ObamaCare.
Lloyd Stone It's about time our elected officials were reminded that they work for us; we are the boss. Our taxes pay their salaries. They have a job to do - so do it!
CNN was live — in Morgan Hill, California.3 hours ago

We're in Morgan Hill, California, where flooding continues after record-setting rainfall.

Dan Ort-Patrick It's amazing all the nasty comments but then you probably go to church on Sunday acting like a saint! Easy to hide your bigotry on social media!
Angela Holden For you people who have never experienced a flood, you have no idea what these people are going through. Have some compassion for your fellow Americans.
Cesar Maya The comments about your respective parties are out of place here. It doesn't matter what party you are, in time of need and tragedy, we are all brothers and sisters. United we stand.. or did we forget ?
Meg Kostisin Gray Laughing emojis? Probably by people claiming to be Christians. News flash: if you think the suffering of others is funny you aren't a Christian, you're a sociopath.
Melissa Werle Good Luck if we do secede. Where you gonna get your crops? Not to mention California pays more in fed taxes than it actually benefits in return.
Whitney Dickerson These comments are despicable. This is a flood. Not politics. Those with the rotten comments, you are what's wrong with America.
Robert Hill California produces way more revenue for the U.S. than any other state...stop with the hate. These are human beings. Christian conservatives are filled with hate.
Sandy Sanjurjo Still don't believe in climate change? I've lived in the Bay Area for 30 years...never seen anything like this. Not normal.
Julie Turner-Ennis Hateful people saying hateful things on here have never heard of the word KARMA. Your turn will come one day. Meanwhile, I say a little prayer for all those affected.
Laura Withers This is not politics! This is a disaster and people deserve our compassion.
Tamara James I'm a conservative, and I don't agree with California's politics but all these people laughing is ridiculous. I'm praying for California and the people there.
Ken Ramos People making non compassionate statements, do you have at least some concerns for the children or are you really playing the devils' advocate?
Edward Espinoza I'm taking a screenshot of ignorant posts and sending them to their respective employers 🙂
Kathy Nelson-Keane People making your mean, political comments should be ashamed This is not funny and this community is in need of prayers. God help you 🙏🙏
Mirla Reyes How small minded you are and how miserable your life must be to make derogatory, spiteful comments about people who are in precarious situations
Jessica Inez Trahan Prayers for everyone. For the poor people going through this and for those misguided fools who would laugh and say the deserve it.
Emily Bennett I feel sorry for all of you that are making jokes.These are real people. Shame on all of you.
Shirley Awana So sad to read all these hateful political messages when there have been flash flood warnings since yesterday. I live in NorCal and there have been a lot of flooding everywhere. Be safe everyone.
Jason Brown Why are so many people laughing at this ? I don't care how you feel about California if you are laughing about people having to endure a natural disaster of any kind you're a horrible person.
Hamdi El-Sissi A lot of sick comments from the deblorables and the orange ape worshipers!
Ginny Phillips Allen God have mercy on them. I went through the August flood in Baton Rouge. Horrid experience and takes months and months to recover.
Rachel Garcia-Feezel The Anderson Dam is Morgan Hill is full..they had to release water...this is whats causing the creek to turn into a river and spill over
Rickey Boyce This is in direct correlation to CNN's legitimacy on reporting the facts. They probably dont have the staged dramtic scene ready yet ....
Rachel C. Parial This isn't about politics. This is human compassion for those in need. Some of the comments here resonates so much hate, if hate to see one of your family/friends to go through this.
Craig Wade The governor will be digging deep to get the state back on tract after all the flooding. Maybe he should think about whether or not illegal immigration is worth it.
CNN3 hours ago

A bull escaped from a slaughterhouse and eluded officers for more than an hour as it trotted through Jamaica, Queens.

Michael Gomez Who wouldn't run for their lives or try to defend themselves from being slaughtered? Animals do have a sense for when they are in danger just like us.
Elizabeth Ann God this makes me so sad, I hope he got his freedom and was pardoned. We forget what happens in those slaughter houses, he very much knows what's going to happen to him. 🙁
Princess Laura Here's a lesson for those that make it seem like the animals are ok with being taken to slaughter. Poor animal. I liked eating meat until I found out the horrors that animals are put through before parts of their bodies show up nicely packed on a supermarket shelf. Eggs, dairy, fur, feathers, leather, wool... no!!! Not ok. Vegan lifestyle is totally cruel free. It's pretty to watch crops, take your kids to a farm. It's not pretty to watch slaughtering and it's a trip that nobody takes their kids to. #ifSlaughterHousesHadGlassWalls
Dustin Kli This is very sad. People too often forget that the meat they eat was once a living, thinking and feeling sentient being much like yourself.
Audrey Comisky It died due to the tranquilizers. At least it had one last hurrah since it would have been killed anyway. #GoVegan #GoVegetarian
Bee Christine Having grown up in Queens, I can guarantee that this is the closest any of those folks have come to a live animal that wasn't a housepet, rat, pigeon, or squirrel! They freak out (rightfully so if it's charging at you)! Bulls are something they see on TV!
John Durham Well New York is a majority liberal Democrat City. There is an easy way out of this for the bull. All that has to happen is for the people to say that the bull identifies himself as a human. That should do the trick.
Chico Garcia My thing is, SO a WILD DANGEROUS ANIMAL Charges at a person, NO SHOTS? But a HUMAN being talking trash on FB Gets SHOT to death? A human being sells cigs to survive, HE gets shot. A human being goes to the store to get a bag of>>well You all get it..What's wrong with this video? PUT a Bullet in THE BULLS HEAD and be done with it!
John Durham The nerve of that bull! What type of self-righteous son-of-a-b**** leaves a hungry customer waiting without showing even the slightest shred of dignity.
Cindy Folks Lester CNN stop with these stories. This didn't have a happy ending because they overdosed it with tranquilizers. Last week you kept showing the cow that escaped the slaughterhouse in Texas. Yep, I'm one of those tree hugging liberals who thinks animals deserve to be treated decently.
Kris Thomas It seems so cruel that these animals be transported to inept keepers in places like Jamaica, Queens ! There has to be a more humane way for competent and Compassionate handlers educated in livestock care to conduct a swift slaughter .
Richard Ray He deserves a pardon, he was smart enough to know what's up and split...let his future be happy fields not happy meals
Gail Bentzinger It died after it was caught. White-muscle disease? Too much tranquilizer? The darts on the side look like those what-do-you-call-them? those things the picadors stick in the bull.
Carlos Carrillo All because there's not a single matador in the area when you need one! Cops,reporters and dozens of onlookers and not a single matador! What a shame🗡🗡🗡🗡
Leigh-Ann Ellipses When animals escape from their death they should be allowed to live on a farm somewhere.. jus chilling til they go naturally.
Mimi Marsh Murphy Very sad that a scared animal ends up dead like that.. Too many people shooting it with tranquilizers might be a clue as to why it died..
Chester Cassel Bull had at least 5 tranquilizer darts in him, maybe more. That killed it. It would have rather died in the streets than in the slaughter house. Ole!
Mark Kolkin Let him go! Darwin's law dictates the strongest/smartest survive! He is a master escape artist of a bull! FREE THE JAMAICAN BULL!!!
Helen Yee The bull escaped the Queens slaughterhouse and was given a reprieve by a sanctuary in NJ. Sadly he died after being captured.
Karen Fulmer I hope this poor creature was sent to a sanctuary. No sentient being should have to go through the horror that is a slaughterhouse.
Robbyn Hoffman Heartbreaking reality friends; odd that he escaped, but not the life preservation...he was scared and prob knew his sad.
Kurt Giese "Headed to animal care". Ba ha ha. What a bunch of BS. Going from the slaughterhouse to animal care. BS. Headed to the nearest taco stand.
Jeremy Miller He's not ready to be butchered, he needs 2-300 pounds put on him first. If the first dart didn't work, more darts won't work. Why would they dart in the rib cage anyway??? They hit the liver, it would kill him! Darts go in the neck. Just rope him before somebody hits him with their car. There is so much ignorance in this incident it's painful to watch😖
Aaron Skoien To everyone "so sad" to see this, I hope you're not a meat eating hypocrite. You don't need animal products at all and eating plant based is ethical, cheaper, healthier and better for the environment.
Steve Gluck Life is so much more interesting when there are wild animals roaming around ... and so much less interesting when they're aren't ... which is just one of the reasons NYC is the most boring place on the planet ...
CNN shared Great Big Story's video.3 hours ago

Our friends at Great Big Story introduce us to Steve Feltham. He's kept vigil for the world's most famous cryptid by living in a van next to Loch Ness for the past 25 years. It's his thing.

Great Big Story
For the past 25 years, Steve Feltham has kept vigil for the world's most famous cryptid by living in a van next to Loch Ness. It's his thing.
Jøhn Davis If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either workplace or residence) and any other specific information you can provide.
Mel Blank There's something BIG in the Canadian Gulf Isle waters... Headed to Telegraph Harbor, taking a different rout than usual, relatively narrow channel... Out of the corner of my eye... a HUGE splash, close to the opposite shore... Taking distance, into account, landmarks on shore... Whatever it was, had to be at least 50 feet long... It never surfaced again...
Brenda Sisson You report this and not the riot in sweden...police say it was like a war zone. The citizens say it is a daily occurrence and areven afraid. Muslin gang rapes of Swedish women and girls are very common. Again you never report the "real news"...trump is messing with you dombocrats. It's like a cat with a's fun for him. He knows you dumbocraps will become unhinged and psychotic!! It's a hoot to enjoy the show...please don't stop we love it!!
Siretha Brown Mr.President instead of you throwing the refugees back to where they from , where no jobs , where there no hopes are dream, since Hillary rob them dry ; can you just help them building their country back , the wall sound good but their country sound even better , plus they deserve it after , what Hillary did are let her back..
Kendra Durham Oh for fox sake. Why does everything have to get turned back to talking about Trump? Can't we just enjoy a simple post without seeing his name? Or Hillary's? Or the name calling? Sheesh.
Joan Nelson Thanks for covering the hard news CNN.
JoAnn Rust McCarty CNN posts something about The Loch Ness monster and your fans can only talk about Trump. Way to go Trump!!!!!!
Richard Woodring Loch Ness Monster do you think this is fake news CNN come on get real. #CNNFAKENEWS
Andrew Keen Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump Feb 17 More The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!
Michele Kogan All I keep thinking is Chris Farley lives in a van down by the river sketch
Stephen Wayne Purvis Jr. Loch Ness is dead. It must have reached its life span. However, there may be a Sasquatch around here and there.
Lynne McCartney Tired of hearing "what Trump done" or "What Trump is doing". Trump is enforcing WHAT THE AMERICAN VOTERS ASKED OF HIM. He is fullfilling the "American's requests". He stated what he will do. Period. We voted accordingly. He kept his word like an honest man. Go Trump. American's Admire you! President Trump is NOT a politician, yet president. You liberals are just not used of candidates keeping their word. Either are the Conservatives, that is why we voted Trump.
Lester Phinney There'll be plenty of time for living in a van down by the river when you living in a van down by the river.
Vinicius Rangel What about the riots in Sweden 🇸🇪? Is there journalism yet or just fake news?
Dave Beale You haven't seen it in a quarter of a century because it's not there.
Siretha Brown Sound like those town hall meeting is a bunch older generation that moma and daddy owe a slave , hollering at the Republican to do their job and their job consist: making it hard for the Africa America community, and cutting off black America food stamps do your job in their meaning, stopping black people for using the bathroom together that they share with the public but we have go behind the bus , these so call protester that's value the America constitutional sound racist and against black for stepping ahead , Those protester with old whites mens and ladies should set down some where, why we all can make America great again , meaning don't dwell over the past but move forward to our future...
Jace Berndt You wanna find a big extinct smelly fish then all you got to do is look underneath Hillary Clintons dress
Jemima Thompson Oh yes, he's definitely a wacko! Nobody devotes their entire life to chasing fake monsters.
Sunan Vongchaiya hate you america the system is the movie with robot & hate you every much for your life it like & like & robot order & reader it into brain signal teamwork so much too much american mask & slave around the world bank planning
Sandee Lynn Nice to enjoy this change of pace. Thanks CNN!
Tim Casey The group that accused Milo Yiannopoulos of defending pedophilia is funded by an anti-Trump, pro-McMullin PAC that once tweeted “we hate white children.” The Reagan Battalion Facebook page, which alleged Monday that Yiannopoulos supported pedophilia, has a link under Contact Info that directs visitors to a web domain titled, “” The domain no longer resolves, but a screenshot of the site can be found here. The Stop Trump PAC also has a Twitter account from which it once tweeted the phrase “we hate white children,” which has since been deleted: (Twitter/Deleted Tweet @StopTrumpPAC) Read more:
Luke Burton Seeing CNN meltdown is the best part of Trump's presidency
Roman Meneses Loch Ness monster is real y'all!
Charlie Mullins He was living in a VAN down by the RIVER!
Alexandra Collier So he must have some good photos and videos by now right?
CNN4 hours ago

"This is the country that welcomed us … then separated us." As President Donald J. Trump's travel ban looms, a father races to reunite his refugee family

Gary Hartzell I see many homeless Veterans on the streets here in the USA every day. CNN Why not report on our needy Vets? I do feel sorry for these people in the video at the same time understand that these people would slit our throats if we were there in their territory.
Deborah Mehlbaum The hatefulness and lack of compassion in many of these comments really shows how American decency has disappeared. I hope none of these people claim to be Christians. They are smugly happy that their ancestors got here and are afraid someone else may take something from them.
CJ Burr How would she pay for medical school? Aren't refugees on welfare ? Do refugees get their college expenses paid? How is that fair to our own citizen children who want to be doctors?
BT Haile Most refugees are hard workers, decent folks. Even moreso than many of those who were born here and take this country for granted. They know deprivation and insecurity. These guys will dig ditches, scrub toilets, and work three jobs just to have a bed to lie in and not have to worry about someone coming in the night to kill and steal like back home. Freedom yearning and chasing a dream. These are the same people who come to this country with nothing, and within a generation are prosperous and educated and give so much back to this country. I should know. I am one of them. Decades ago, even during the Reagan era, this country had more compassion and wisdom about fellow human beings fleeing persecution and seeking refuge. Aren't we supposed to be getting more humane and intelligent with the passing of time?
Anna Bresovski when did cnn go to africa and film this,obviously it wasnt filmed her,we dont have goats,cnn is spreading propaganda and deviding us
Andre Layfield Let's commit financial suicide and just take in everyone like we are doing now and we can not even feed our own people. We can't even find jobs for our own people, our economy can't support it and our national debt can't afford it and if they have committed a crime and get deported they deserve to get deported.
Padraigin-Aine O'Hare Once again do you want another 9/11!!!!! Trump said Once again extremest and radicals. He is trying to make America safe. If I steal it is illegal and I'd go to jail. If you are here and should not be you go to jail or get deported. It is sad, but if we can break laws for one, we have to do it for all.
Jay Doescher If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide.... I've already reported Obama but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to report him again . Thanks
Kathy Pollack DiBiasio Why isn't CNN reporting on the refugee riots that broke out in Sweden last night??? Also, there is evidence that the Swedish government and media are under-reporting the number of rapes committed by refugees. Really unfair of CNN not to report on all sides of an issue!
Zie M Double CNN should run for POTUS and bring the whole world in America......the whole world population can fit in the US...then there will be 1 president the whole world...that's the agenda here...Globalization......1 World 1 President 1 NWO....candidate CNN won't report this
Cita Custodio I live in San Diego there are a lots of homeless here and there are also a lots of organization that help the homeless but some refuse to help them self and some do get out of being homelessness, those who refuse are the one that have some mental illness some have drug problem or alcoholic you will see them on street corners panhandling so don't tell us that we are not doing anything to help them, even I will cook some food and distribute to some that are close to where I live, now my question is have you done anything to help this people?
Amanda Fortney The hate is strong here in the comments. While you are spewing hate for people in the meantime did you miss that our streams we get water from are being deregulated and our poor children going to public schools will not get breakfast. Why are we turning on each other instead of making the elected do what is right?
Dyan Webber As someone at the immigration office would say the US didn't separate his family he and the rest of his family had a choice to stay behind with her.
Luke Burton CNN is like the parents that tell their children just a small part of the truth with a spin on it to get their children to see the world how they think it should be. cnn's viewers are like 25 year old children living in their parents house because they can't cope with reality .( snowflakes)
Christina Kiolbassa How about we bring in the refugees. All the refugee men ages 18 and up join our military to be trained. Send them back to fight for their homes, then send their families to join them.
Ak Cal Can I walk into an office in CNN office building and take Amanpour's office like my house (Illegal)? I'll need to state my purpose, who I'm coming to see, pass security checks and sign certain passes to allow me in (Legal). Why can't CNN International understand that that is the procedure when you go to a place?
Eugenia Herrera What I find so sad about people since 45 was elected... there is no compassion, no consideration, no love for others. Just your true colors shining bright! Just so sad. Your day of judgment will come, may God have mercy on your soul.
Myra Lara Rabadi I hope they are reunited soon. That said I agree people should be properly vetted and these countries have issues with verification, meaning it is hard to verify information. However, that doesnt mean we have to be cold hearted and hate on anyone from anywhere. Yes America first but don't turn your back on humanity. God bless those in war torn countries.
Beverly Rideaux There are some ignorant, bigoted, racist comments in this thread! #45 has really incited out the hate in people in this country and its very sad! What happened to compassion for everyone! Divide and conquer is the goal of Bannon whose pulling #45's strings.
Joey Richard Some people are so insensitive and not compassionate at all. These are human beings we are talking about here not animals. Instead of breaking up families and deporting people let's fix the immigration system, provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who are already here and make the process easier for people to come here legally. And before anyone says we should take care of the needy Americans first and not immigrants/refugees, why can't we take care of our own poor and veterans and also take care of immigrants/refugees too?
Scot Bumgarner Not the United States problem why can't their own country take care of it let me guess they taking the millions that we probably gave them and gave it to the rich people
Sarah DeVault It's really shocking to scroll through the comments and see so much hatred. I see no compassion for human life at all. I hope this man is reunited with his daughter and should be welcomed with open arms.
Tom Renick Thousands of Syrian Christians were abandoned under the Obama Presidency and left to die in ruined cities. The USA took in mostly Muslims from Syria.
Carlos DeCarvalho It's not a perfect system. But allowing the vetting process to be better improved could benefit some in the near future. I don't support illegal immigration! It's illegal!
David Whalen We will do whats necessary to keep America safe. Unlike Obama, Trump is putting American safety first. Get used to it!
CNN added 2 new photos.4 hours ago

A "REFUGEES WELCOME" sign was unfurled on the Statue of Liberty by a group who claims: "We wanted to send a reminder about America when we're at our best -- the country that's a beacon of freedom to the world, built by immigrants. Walling off...

Thomas Kollar Does anyone know, why far, far, far left/communist alleged journalists (on cable TV) continually imply the President Trump is communist leaning? It does not make sense. That is, for alleged journalists, that are communist, to imply that President Trump is communist. Does it make any sense?
Teresa Rao Ambrosio Diapo come,to America legally and work and go by,our laws and constitution then fine but other wise stay where your at !!!
Dylan Koji-Cheslin The value of human life is not contingent on paper work.
James Crawford-Dadpool If your agree about this you clearly don't understand what she stands for
Obi Wannosi "refugees" are not the same thing as "illegal aliens". Illegals break our laws just by crossing the border..
Teresa Rao NO TO ILLEGALS!!! Need to take care of our own people first ! Veterans elderly and home less and disabled !!!
Iram Nadeem Love it 👌
Michael Lipa Trump has every right to do what he's doing. 8 US Code 1182 “Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by president. Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, the president may, by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”
Donnie Die
Ambrosio Diapo This is i want to go in usa to picture my self in statue of liberty
CNN4 hours ago

Ivanka Trump has been the humanizing force of the Trump administration

Carroll Ritchie Lefebvre In my opinion, she's as much a liar as her father. She was interviewed and basically said that it was offensive to her that people would even think, let alone mention, that she would be the "stand-in" for her step-mother as First Lady. Um...isn't that exactly what she is doing now???
Cindy Mull Noll She should have absolutely no role in the administration. This is not the royal family & they don't get to pretend they were all elected.
William Petto Kinda sad when a president is so far out of touch with reality that he needs his wet dream daughter to humanize him.
Suzanne Hopkins Lol , Republicans still think a red lipstick wearing blonde in heels & a dress , is enough to distract from the real issues .
Benjamin Birdsey No one voted for Ivanka, and she has no more right to influence policy than Tricia Nixon, Michael Ford, Maureen Reagan, Jeb Bush or any other adult children of presidents!
Anthony Ahmar Petrone Who was the humanizing force of the Obama administration? I don't recall an article similar about prior president. Stop your biased reporting!!!!
Lupe Ryan LOL....She describes a wonderful, caring, loving human being, but that's not what he shows us. He may all those things to her, but not to the rest of the country. He's an evil, arrogant, vile, racist poor excuse for a human being. His daughter can try to humanize him, but we've already seen his true colors.
Gerard Adderley I think they used someone just like her to deliver smallpox infected blankets to the Mandan Indians. A wolf in sheep clothing is still a wolf folks. (For the historical record, the stories of the U.S. Army delivering smallpox blankets is entirely fabricated and whole heartedly untrue.)
Peter Hussmann So what exactly is her role? She has sat in on some meetings with foreign heads of state already. Is she a member of his cabinet? What security clearance does she have? Is she on the government payroll?
Gilly Carson Well if she had been a candidate things may well have turned out less sinister for the USA ..... but she didn't, and this isn't a reality show .... 😪
Lj Shep Do we really need s President who has to be monitored, proped up by his daughter/ others constantly.......seems like he's just there for the photo op while the family snd friends cash in on the business opportunities and profits?
Erika Buigas Rogers This isn't a dynasty, she wasn't elected, she isn't the First Lady, she doesn't have an official position.... so why is she there? To babysit her daddy? That's reassuring. 🙄
Erson Aguada Post-election stress disorder" is the new term created by mental health professionals for what some liberals are experiencing after Donald J. Trump's win.
Larry Holt So after Trump dumps Melania for being too old and he starts sleeping with Ivanka, will she be considered the First lady or the Second lady? 😜
Eli David Such an insulting headline, implication everyone else at the White House dangerous animals, imagine if FOX NEWS had written the headline when President Obama came into office "Sasha and Malia bring human touch" CNN would of been up in arms and would be calling for the electric chair for the one who wrote it
Mike Borkowski So what has he actually done for the people that pushed him over the top??? Hired Sachs Exec Rolled back coal regs. for rich guys Hired Billionaire who bought Senators. KC promotes daughter's clothes Spent $10m for trips to his golf course. Etc. So where's anything for Joe Average who voted for him? It's been all BS. You got played!!
Melissa A Lissa With all due respect, she was not elected; he was. Her opinion though valid and sane, does not mentions Jews in particular and is no more legitimate than any unelected rational human. Credit to Chris Cuomo for saying essentially the same thing
Molly Katherine Danzinger From my perspective, as a jew reading this story about a convert, if she was sincere she'd have spoken up against the immigrant ban, not just speak up several weeks into Jcc bom threats...just saying
Fredie Harrell His daughter/wife. Its sad he has more respect for Ivanka than he does his wife. He just props Melania up and tells her what to say. Its like Pinocchio is also married to a puppet.
Anthony Cooper I think so too. All he needs is to get Bannon out, and maybe he will be able to Governe, with her help. Bannon needs to be out for the Whitehouse to function with a sense of stabelized control. I`m glad of his Security Advisor Choice, at least we got somebody with experience and brains around them now.
Fawad Amin Oh the same Ivanka Trump who kept quiet when a mosque was burned to ground and 6 people were killed in a mosque but now that her husband's religion is under threat, she felt the need to speak about religious tolerance??
Colleen McLaughlin She's being used, just like everyone else. DT would sell his grandmother on the corner if it brought him what he wants OR satisfies his ego.
Erica Solano maybe we're all taken aback bc like many other people he's appointed they have no true political background. they're business men/women. this is not a fast food or clothing business, this is a country. unsure why she feels she has to take a strong role in his presidency. we've seen children participate in things but the way he wants to entitle her to things is not right.
Carole Ballard It's insulting to the great US of A that Melania isn't handling duties becoming of a true First Lady. She is in NYC to stay away from DT and our tax dollars, many of them, have to pay for this. They are all a bunch of spoiled brats!
Carole Gayler she needs to be investigated for her relationship with Wendi Deng who is one of her best friends and happens to be Putin's girlfriend. Right under everyone's nose! There are even pictures of her on the internet with both of them.
CNN5 hours ago

"Make no mistake: The anti-Semitism coming out of this administration is the worst we have ever seen from any administration," the center said in a searing statement about President Donald J. Trump's administration

Brett Aldridge The reason Trump supporters don't listen to reason and facts is because most are devout christans (so they claim) and believe Trump was sent here by God to fix our country. And because of that they basically worship him as a prophet of sorts and don't think he should answer to anyone but Jesus. Trump supporters are a special breed of ignorance. If you're a Christian and this upsets you then please explain how you could support someone who couldn't even recite a single phrase from the Bible and has done everything in his life and candidacy the is complete opposition to the teachings of Jesus? And if you're only rationale is Obama this or Hillary that then you've just proved my point.
Scott Schauland This makes no sense to me, considering that Jared Kushner is Jewish, that Ivanka converted to Judaism, and Netanyahu's positive relations with Trump.
Scott H Bornstein The one month resume; Three falsified terrorist attacks. An illegal Executive Order (43 seperate judges ruled the same way, zero ruled in his favor). Alienating some of our closest allies including Australia. Attempting to delegitimize any and all press that doesn't agree with him. Offending the Jewish reporter at his press conference. Failing to send a single bill to Congress. Using three different Presidential locations at massive taxpayer expense. Taking each weekend away from the White House. Making poor EPA and Education picks. Signing a bill to allow those with mental illness to acquire firearms. Firing the acting head of the DOJ for performing her job. Bannon, Flynn and Conway.
Tracy Moe-Riley I am a Christian and I actually agree with you. I'm so confused on why so many Christian believers and Pastors that I look up too are behind Trump. He is not even representing what a true republican is.
Alan Rummel This is beyond ridiculous. Where was this fake center when Obama left Israel to fend for themselves at the UN? Or when he tried to give Palestine a couple hundred million bucks the day before he left office to use bombing Israel. More fake outrage.
Sandy Trask Stainton It's beyond reason that people on this post (and others) claim this is fake news. There is a statement by the Anne Frank Center which says exactly what they are reporting. In what universe is that fake news? Because it's unflattering to Trump? You want to talk about snowflakes? From the whining I see, anything you don't like is "fake news." Put your big girl panties on and get over yourselves. Fake news is not an acceptable blanket reply to anything you don't like but don't have facts to refute. That's BS.
Laurie Wordehoff He can read words denouncing that someone else wrote, but it's just another lie like everything else he says. Steve Bannon. His actions speak louder.
Abdul Linkin Lol ... this guy. No one called this 'terrorist threats', so I will. I'm pretty sure those aren't Muslims or democrats who are bombing the Jewish centers and spraying swastikas on subways and walls... vandalizing tombstones in Jewish cemeteries .... You reap what you sow, Mr. russian elected 'president'. PS: LOL ... the trump supporters in the replies below just prove my point. (xenophobia, Islamophobia, racism and insults -- what's the name of that basket again?)
John Dickson Fake news. CNN you're doing a disservice to he American people with your biased news and Trump bashing. For God sake his daughter is Jewish, real anti-Semitic. CNN if you want to be taken seriously again stop pushing your agenda. We all know that you colluded with the democrats and Hillary Clinton. Just give us the facts a let people decide for them selves.
Donalea Loewen Why is this man and his administration still in the WH??? They do not deserve to be there and they have soiled everything great about this country. They disgust me and so do his supporters.
Ken Hasenauer 😂 Really? Netanyahu doesn't think so. Obama's administration set a low bar indeed but Trump has shown absolutely zero hostility towards Jews. Perhaps you are mistaking presidents. The anti Semitic one was the black guy.
Jawed Jawaad There are two points I wanna make. Firstly, who gave him the right to speak out against antisemitism when he himself is the personification of islamophobia, sexism, racism (especially against brown peoples), authoritarianism and cultural bigotry. Who gave him that right? He should either be a proper genuine bigot or a decent human. Noone should applaud him for his obvious hypocrisy. Secondly, how can we just ignore the fact that when he talks against antisemitism, that seemingly noble act is actually genuine nepotism. He hates jew haters because sweet Ivanka and her awesome husband happen to be Jewish. Noone knows what is in his heart but when looking at his personality, one can easily see that nepotism and personal interest are alot more valuable to him than abstract and universal phenomena.
Anthony Johnson CNN is the biggest joke! Left wing propaganda! News should be fair and balanced. Why do you seem to always have an agenda? Stop dividing this country.
Adam Babb This is the biggest joke I think I've ever seen. The Obama administration was the most anti-jewish administration we've had in decades. He had no problem stabbing Israel in the back one last time on his way out the door. Trump is a lot of bad things, but he sure as hell ain't anti-Semitic
James Weaver What a bunch of crap CNN. This is a full blatant lie. This report will be challenged. Nothing was true about anti sematism. For crying out loud his son on law is jewish. Bannon as well. Crazy lie to hope it sticks while taking chances knowing it being false.
Ben Zeloof I call BS. Trump's daughter and grandchildren are Jewish, his Jewish son-in-law is a key advisor, his ambassador to the U.N. just called out the security Council last week for its anti-Semitism wrt the resolution condemning Israeli settlements that Obama's ambassador abstained from, and plans to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. I know this doesn't play into CNN's narrative about Trump, but try harder next time when you have a little substance.
Luke Burton CNN is like the parents that tell their children just a small part of the truth with a spin on it to get their children to see the world how they think it should be. cnn's viewers are like 25 year old children living in their parents house because they can't cope with reality .( snowflakes)
Darryl Eric More Fake News. Anne Frank Center is such a fraud it's unbelievable, just research it. And how is Trump administration anti-semitic? Did you not listen to the meeting with Netanyahu? Also, try Googling what the word "semitic" actually means..
Joe Foderaro His daughter and son-in law are Jewish. He put his daughter in the chair at the Oval Office desk. In fact didn't you post this Not too long ago? So which is it, he anti-Semitic or is he just interfering? Or whichever fuels more hate in the country and boosts your ratings?
Carrie Horn Ferris Weird. Seems like liberals, and Obama, turned their back on Israel and Jews a long time ago. Netanyahu is secure in this administration. Obama showed outward contempt and helped Iran & Palestinians through giving millions in cash. The only group I see supporting Israel are conservatives.
Shelly Womack His denouncement was flat and he acted like he was told he needed to. He is more enthusiastic about his huge crowd sizes, his big win and How bad Nordstrom treated his daughter than this subject. If he really concerned about it he would have addressed it twice last week instead of deflecting
Fara Roe Anne Frank Center is a LIAR to say Trump and his administration is anti-Semitic. MAYBEtheir employees need to ask Bibi Netanyahu, PM of Israel if HE thinks Trum is anti-Semitic.
Tony Brown Lol trump's' beloved beautiful daughter is orthodox Jewish... so sad the Anne Frank house has become political. Obama couldn't help the black panthers endorsing him as much as trump could help some of his supporters
Jason Westgate Really? You mean Obamas former special assistant is saying Trump is anti-Semitic? Oh you didn't know the new head of the anti-defamation league was special assistant to Obama? I think you have that backwards CNN. Obama was the one working against Israel in a very public way.
Wendy Shaw Wendorf I feel as though I am living in an upside universe, reading this article & particularly this quote, "The anti-Semitism coming out of this administration is the worst we have ever seen from any administration." Like Trump or not, President Obama acted an a far more anti-Semitic manner, with his treatment of the ONLY Jewish nation in the world. Stabbed them in the back, multiple times! This group has lost all credibility for making this statement!
CNN5 hours ago

"The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centers are horrible and are painful and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done..." President Donald J. Trump said

Chris Kohler The rise in hate crimes is a direct result of your hateful rhetoric Mr. Trump-and oh yeah -SteveBannon your Key White House advisor is a racist, anti-Semite.
Traci Ferguson Marks He should've responded that way at the briefing last week instead of berating the Jewish reporter who tried nicely to ask him what he was gonna do about it.
Christopher Levy As a Jew, I won't take his statements seriously. Say what you want to say Trump, but as long as Bannon is your right-hand man it's safe to assume you are anti-Semitic. Actions speak louder than words.
Michael Farber Says the man who is culpable for this type of obscene behavior. When you have a white supremacist sitting in the White House you can only expect more of this behavior.
Kenneth Williams It's about time. Now do something about the white racism and the idiots who are terrorizing the Muslim people here in the United States. Including you trump. Stop acting like Hitler. Stop all the hatefulness that is going on here. Put the KKK and the Other white supremacist back on the domestic terrorist watch list. Even Hitler gave speeches and told people not to do the Jewish people harm. Mean while he was ordering the murders of Jews by the thousands.
Christina Holland I guess the speech writers weren't around for the press conference last week. When this "simple question" was asked by a Jewish reporter on live television. What a fraud.
Dustin Nelson You know what else is horrible Mr. Trump? Islamaphobia and racism. Ugly sentiments that have become greatly exacerbated thanks to your inflammatory rhetoric and fear mongering concerning terrorism and immigration.
Ivo Iontchev Says the person who has insulted just about any other community. The Jews are the only community he hasn't insulted thus far. Cause he knows where the money is.
Rico Föhse That is why Steve Bannon is in your administration? Sorry you re the biggest hypocrite in the world. You didn't mention even the Jews on the Holocaust Rembrence Day.
Rona L Peckich Obviously he did not write this - he read it the whole time...much too eloquent and kind to come out of his mouth or Baby fingers...
Chris Elliot Does he know any other words beyond horrible and terrible? Yes, those actions are horrible and terrible. Just like Trump's grasp of the English language. At least he finally made a statement.
Dina Zaki Unfortunately, you harvest what you plant!! This is all because of your hate speech against minorities, disabled, women...etc.! If the highest figure in the country is targeting and bullying the weakest of the tribe so what do you expect from the ignorants and commons in the street!
Brandon Carlson This idiot signed an executive order banning refugees on Halocaust Remembrance Day. Extremely disrespectful to Jewish individuals, if he wants to point fingers about anti-semitism he needs to start with a mirror.
Jay Brandt The Anne Frank center said it best for all Jewish Americans and Jews world wide: "a pathetic asterisk of condescension after weeks in which he and his staff have committed grotesque acts and omissions reflecting Antisemitism, yet day after day have refused to apologize and correct the record.”
Robert Jimenez He shouldve denounced the incidents asap. But the fact he has Bannon he wouldnt touch the issue until the media pressure but Ivanka stepped to the plate prior her dad on this issue.
Beth Dickinson Too little too late, Chump. Throw out Bannon and all the other white supremacists in your Cabinet and I'll start believing you...
Frank Hoffman And what work does he have in mind? Given that the statement was clearly written by someone else and haltingly read by Trump, it's unlikely he has this issue much in mind at all.
David Gleason He's only started talking about the rise in anti-semitism because he got in trouble for not doing so, just like he only started talking about a "travel ban" when he got in trouble for calling it a "Muslim ban", just like he only got "tough" on Russia after the Michael Flynn scandal. This is what he does - he refuses to acknowledge bigotry, misogyny, etc., until he gets so much in trouble he has to. That's way he's on record as having spoke out against it, but his bigoted fan base knows he hasn't to be dragged into it and only did it because "he had to". This man-child has no principles whatsoever.
Linda Dulude Another fraud lie. You and your father are racist for years. Denying housing to blacks. LIAR! You won't fool anyone except your blind supporters. The majority of the people didn't vote for you. You lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes. You are a loser and have always been a loser.You are unfit to be president. Hope your gone soon.
Roshini Jagnanan-Moore OK, so my only reaction to this is that he did not write that! This man can barely string a couple of words together to form a coherent sentence!
Luis Ricra It took him long enough...maybe someone finally really twisted that arm. Omits the Jewish people on holocaust day and selfishly reflects this issue into an "I" discussion when asked about it in that bizarre press conference last week. Racial topics always require him a few days to properly respond to them.
Phillip Day The Grand Wizard of the KKK is playing his role, he's acting for the media. Steve Bannon Is Trumps right hand man, the racist Steve Bannon. the Religious Bigot Steve Bannon. This is a fake act.
Jonathon Cole Should have addressed it a year ago before you spilled out all of the nonsense about illegals from Mexico being thugs and rapists and running your mouth about Muslims. You brought the whackos out.
Starry Gwalla But you're the problem trump. You're the reason for all this hatred going on across the world. You need to fix yourself and dirty bannon
Ibrahima Diedhiou You claimed that you would be the law and order President, get this right. Anyone caught doing these heinous act should be prosecuted and send to jail.
CNN6 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump's administration's plans include a potentially massive expansion of people detained and deported, but emphasized leaving Obama's DACA program intact

Brandon Horan Good. Now they should start with a German immigrant family that came to America and became rich stealing rich man jobs from white Americans and don't pay taxes. Their family name is Trump.
William Petto And there goes our economy. Somehow I don't see Americans too eager to pick crops or wash dishes for minimum wage
Travis Richter Remember when we all studied WWII history and we learned that Nazis first claimed they were only "relocating" Jews? No? Well, don't worry. You'll get a refresher course soon.
Andrea Junker America was built by immigrants. It was the Irish and Italians that were treated like garbage back then. And the Asians that built the railroads. America has a history of close-minded bigotry. You should erect a statue for that.
Sam U. El anything to try to save the white majority that's all this is
Bryan Baccari And yet this won't help the economy, won't help bring back those factory jobs, won't decrease murder, rape or crime. This will do nothing but waste time and money.
Rob Kay When you let millions of people enter the country illegally, eventually someone wants to enforce our laws and you get "mass deportations"
Nicole Hess I am a legal immigrant living here, paying my taxes and obeying the law as I would in my native country Germany. I went through the regular process to gain my visa and be able to live and work here. I agree that people who are illegal and /or posing a threat to this country should be send home.... That's common sense
Kirstien Demuth This is one of the few politicians truly fighting for us little people! Keep up the good fight Senator Elizabeth Warren as we will be ready to support your Presidential bid in 2020!
Steve Rodriguez CNN you're doing a cover-up! I just received this email from my Swedish friend in Stockholm: Hey brother! It's been crazy after Trump's talk about Sweden 😊 I wouldn't say we have a particular problem with Somali refugees but we have problems with refugees from some middle eastern and Northern African countries, including Somalia. There are reports that this group of people do the majority of a certain type of crimes. But it's hard to get to the truth since media and politicians aren't willing to talk about real facts and statistics and they just don't want to see reality! But we had riots in a suburb to Stockholm yesterday with cars on fire, throwing stones at the police and stuff like that. I wish that we could both recognize the problem, deal with it and at the same time help people in need. Hope all is well with you brother!!
Israel Arriaga Ups, it looks like very soon you will have to cut the grass, clean public restrooms, harvest food, etc., on your own...are you ready? or it is not a job for you?
Mark Melton In case anyone is interested in facts it's against the law to come here illegally. Trump did not write the law it's been our law for a long time. Trump is enforcing the law as written. You know when you come here your taking a risk of being deported. Obama deported lots of people as well. If you want to come here and not be deported then come here legally. It's not racist to enforce the law. Obama deported more than George bush and I didn't hear all this fear mongering.
Anna Sagan Ocacio Veterans dept cannot hire new employees when another leaves (verified by a customer I have who works there) yet we are hiring 10,000 border patrol agents and 4,000 ICE agents. Don't complain about lack of care for our vets while cheering on deportations. There has to be balance in hirings so that we don't neglect those who serve our country.
Dustin Hinds Obama deported more than anyone, Trump can't make new laws but he can enforce the exiting laws, if you don't like it then you can go out with your cute little signs or you can call your representative to change the law.
Carlos Evans Look this is about illegal immigration. I am an immigrant that got my citizenship the right way. If you knew you were illegal when you came why complain when your time is up. My family sponsored each other and went through the right procedures. Find a country that allows illegal immigration. Don't get illegal and legal confused. And I am a Democrat before you start on the conservative thing.
Steve Seca Sexton Migrants in any country legal or illegal who work and respect the countries laws and help local communities should be allowed to stay , but if you enter a foreign country and commit serious crimes you should be thrown out immediately !
Frankie Russo I just stopped by for a post. I tried to have an open mind today and watch other networks. How the hell can anyone watch this garbage. It is so depressing. I have never seen such negative anti-American twisted liberal vicious people that are on cnn. Really how can you people get to sleep after watching this brainwashing propaganda. It's so negative nothing positive they really are a arm of the new world order. What a disgrace to America. What a disgrace to Democrats and Republicans.. They really aren't news anymore.
Stacey Hill Wondering how soon before we see make shift concentration camps since everyone is entitled to their day in court... And so happy to know that next time I call amazon it will now be a minimum wage, 45 supporting american, with attitude, on the other end of the phone because they wanted to make 'murica great again 😁😁
Ernest Gavrilette FINALLY!!! Get rid of the ILLEGAL parasites and let's make one thing absolutely clear: ILLEGALS ARE NOT (!!!), AGAIN; NOT (!!!), AGAIN; NOT IMMIGRANTS!!! They're lawless intruders, and the ones bringing kids into the US are child-smugglers and human-traffickers! 🙁
Sylvia Marie Gardner If they are going to take illegals then take all of them... mexicans, columbians, filipinos, chinese, russian, german, korean.... Take all of them!
José Nava Is time for all of us to start selling our homes, stop paying cars or sell them, withdraw all our money from banks and start sending it to Mexico! People please don't wait to be deported, get all your stuff ready and make a mass migration; instead of a mass deportation! here we go! let's make our country great too! Tenemos un país libre y soberano y muy rico! Hagamos una migración masiva en lugar de una deportación masiva!
Dana T Paine So - food will rot in fields and on trees, no more roofing and landscape people, no more help in restaurants or vast numbers of factory workers, and many more examples... WHO will do this valuable work?
Murilo Ven You want to fix this problem? Deport the criminals and those who used the government benefits and legalize those who have always worked and helped the USA. Now people do not want illegals but the rules to become a citizen or legalize the situation is getting tighter and more strict.
Terri Stockton Hannon The Whitehouse just said TODAY they are NOT planning on mass deportation!! However, if you are a criminal or on any terror watch list and illegal you will Go! I don't know why this is so hard to understand!
Ahmad Yousef Maybe, just maybe I agree with illegal deportation with this admin, but just as Obama stated, you can not get rid off people who's children were born in America. 😰
CNN6 hours ago

The former Senator clashed with CNN's Chris Cuomo over who is responsible for a rash of anti-semitic acts since President Donald J. Trump's inauguration

Deborah Weber Kuhlman No, it comes from "fake" Christians who are actually neo-nazis and white racists parading around carrying guns trying to firighten anyone who thinks differently or believes differently than they do. No sane person believes anything this nut job has to say anyway.
Michele Kogan So all the white kids, in my middle to upperclass town that are bullying my daughter in school because she's jewish are secretly pro-palestinian muslims? Seriously...these kids learn it at home from their parents. The world hasn't changed one bit and the racists, antisemites and bigots think trump has given them a get-out-of-jail free card to say and do whatever they want since the president says whatever he wants.
Bob Magee No, you moron. It comes from white supremacists like the one right next to Trump...Steve Bannon and the Breitbart website, from the Klan, from neo-Nazi groups.
Jacoby Reyes Anti-Semitism comes from anti-semites, who could be Muslim, christian, agnostic or whatever. Singling muslims out doesn't address the problem at all.
Tricia Palmisano He's another one that I can't stand....he is a "former" Senator, which means he lost cuz nobody wanted he feels the need to be relevant , so he goes on shows and is amazingly annoying.
Estelle Townshend Rubbish. Far right groups are very anti semitic and there are considerably more far right in the US than Muslims. I would look closer to home.
Joe Horner I am not sure how Ricky came to the conclusion that it must have been Muslims that did it. When no one has been caught or charged. It's a racist statement, no matter how you look at it.
Joey Juarez We all know its the white supremacist in this country who have been coming out of the shadows since trump came into office. We the people will show the world all races and religions will unite in defiance of the GOP, crooked Donald administrations agenda. SMH, why do all white supremacist groups support trump? We all know why.
Beth Chavez Santorum lives in that alternate universe of a rat infested swamp with Trump and the rest of his minions. He needs to get back to that swamp and under the rock where he came from. The hatred is pervasive in this country and none is more prevalent than from the conservative, far right, white supremacist, neo nazi radicals that bred the hard core Trump supporters like Steve Bannon, Steve Miller, and others.
Shelley M Gerig Why does CNN keep getting this pin-head on their show??? Santorum is an 18th century bible-thumping, bigoted know-nothing....everything he says to any and all questions is totally well as WRONG!
Chris Jacobson Honest question, is Rick Santorum the best interview that the network could get or is their desire for a argumentative panel so great that they would seek out someone with the lack of credibility that Santorum has intentionally. He feels like a very low rent Kellyanne Conway, both of which sacrificed their credibility a long time ago.
RK Gomes No, it comes from arrogant, racist white men - like yourself, Santorum, and Cheetolini McSmall Hands.
Sheila Dyar Saxberg No, it comes from a place of hate. Please stop interviewing this hateful former politician. Trump and cronies played on fear and stirred hate to win an election. Shame on them.
Selina Whiteley Clearly it wasn't the Palestinians or the Muslim community. Both the indigenous Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Diaspora Jews are fighting for their inalienable human rights not to be violated by violent fascists whether Zionists or US fascists.. Scapegoating also happened in Nazi Germany.
Dan Taylor WTF!?!!? No, far more of it is coming from new Klan and other white supremacist groups given tacit encouragement by the rise of Trumpism. Being pro-Palestinian is not anti-semitism. I'm sure there are plenty who are both- but obviously Mr. Santorum equates all Jews with the State of Israel and their supposed "holy" cause. By the way, the Arabs- including those in Palestine- are also a "Semitic" people. I can't believe whole states elect Senators who are educated at what seems an 8th grade (at best) level.
Nancy Ward Stewart It comes from the alt right Trump supporters that he refuses to distance himself from. His policies and verbiage make this kind of hatred acceptable in the minds of his followers. God help us
Gustavo Machado Well, Trump is lying but his useful idiots who put him in office will never admit that their judgement in political presidential choices is lame. They are stuck with having to defend a bad choice. What a chucklefuck.
Brett Aldridge The reason Trump supporters don't listen to reason and facts is because most are devout christans (so they claim) and believe Trump was sent here by God to fix our country. And because of that they basically worship him as a prophet of sorts and don't think he should answer to anyone but Jesus. Trump supporters are a special breed of ignorance. If you're a Christian and this upsets you then please explain how you could support someone who couldn't even recite a single phrase from the Bible and has done everything in his life and candidacy the is complete opposition to the teachings of Jesus? And if you're only rational is Obama this or Hillary that then you've just proved my point.
Tim McGinty Another cheap attempt to portray anyone who stands up for human rights in Palestine as antisemitic.
Simon Brace One day folks will stop shamefully supporting the main cause of modern day antisemtism; that being, of course, the Apartheid State of Israel. And when that happens - when we see Israel cease committing it's crimes against humanity - when Israel abolishes its worse-than-South African Apartheid regime - ends its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and the continual theft of their land and resources - when it stops brutalising, terrorising, and routinely killing them - in short, when the Israeli's are forced to act like normal - decent human beings, then we shall see a dramatic fall in antisemitism world-wide. Let's hope sanctions will be soon imposed on the Apartheid State to help the process along.
Evelyn Zavos Fisher He was a self serving, no nothing senator who only was looking out for himself and ripped off the people of PA to pay for his children's education, while living out of state. He still knows nothing and like the other Republicans spouts out alternative facts. I'm disappointed in CNN for even hiring him.
Helen McInerney From my personal hero, Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer. '“If we want to stay really human beings, we must get up and call the Zionists what they are: Nazi criminals,” Meyer said. The hate of the Jews by the Germans “was less deeply rooted than the hate of the Palestinians by the Israeli Jews,” he observed. “The brainwashing of the Jewish Israeli populations is going on for over sixty years. They cannot see a Palestinian as a human being.”
Paul Werkema So Santorum's argument was "Something bad is happening. Muslims did it!" Then provided little to no evidence to support it. Sounds about right.
JoAnn Perez How can they be antisemite when they share more DNA with Jews who had remained in the region than Jews from Russia and Europe share with Jews living in Palestine before the creation of the Jewish State in 1948? The media keeps confusing anti-Zionism with antisemitism. They are not the same. Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionist. That is why you will find Jewish rabbi's and Jewish Holocaust survivors calling for boycotting Israel and standing up for Palestinian right of return. Check out Dr. Hajo Meyer's articles on Judaism vs Zionism. Dr. Meyer was a Jewish Holocaust survivor of Auschwitz.
Ciaran Shanahan Anti semitism again wrongly equated with anti Zionism, it is right to be critical of Israel and their inhumane treatment of Palestinians.
CNN was live — in Fairview, Tennessee.6 hours ago

We’re watching Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn host a town hall in Tennessee.

Suzanne Tilden-Mortimer Vote this woman out of office. Can she be fact how many of the republicans in House and Senate could be impeached?
Joel Matthew Republicans were too worried about Obama getting credit for everyone having healthcare all they did was obstruct and create barriers to a successful ACA rollout.
Rodney Britton 2018 is just around the corner... vote these awful GOP legislators out! I love that they are being held accountable by their constituents!
Shana M Dellos How can she smile while these people are sharing their heartbreaking stories? Because she's just planning her discpicable response while saying 'bless your heart'.
Shana M Dellos Does she know her own beloved Williamson County is rapidly intaking 100 "progressives" a day and that We Are Watching? The local dems and new local dems are about to deliver a strong wake up call.
Brian Chavez If you think people were mad when they thought the government was coming after their guns, wait until you see when they try to take away our happiness.
Shana M Dellos She is just the worst. Happy the Williamson County common sense and fair voters are there to have their voices heard because this chicks' days are numbered. We can and will vote her OUT.
Ray Slason Keep calling Republicans out on their lies. From Planned Parenthood to pizzagate to Hillary's Health to crowd sizes to legal voting, they do nothing but lie
Cheryl Wilborn Leroy Federal funds does not pay for abortions do your research Leroy. A man thinks he knows more about women reproduction right is laughable.
Jeannie Folsom-Diaz Tax payer funds are NOT used for abortions. You are misrepresenting the truth, which is a nice way of saying you lie!
Pam Lemble 2010 law prohibits federal funding of abortions. She flat out LIED!!!
Cindy Carlson DeSa This mom knows more about public school programs for children with special healthcare needs than this woman....
Anna Ybarra Lenardson Your taxes do not pay for abortions. It is illegal since your research people.
Sherry Hicks Lying Republican. As a nurse I can tell you, you are lying about the reason for the changes
Mark Fossey I would not vote for her if I lived in Tennessee. She is obviously one of the bureaucrat's she speaks about getting rid of, just now.
Smokeytyrone Bowers we need to get these republicans out of power in Tennessee
Shana M Dellos I feel for these people trying to do the right thing and having to see this woman play acting and smiling when she cares NOTHING for people.
Kelly Milner Halls She is utterly out of touch with real people.
Latrell Walls She's lying! Obama has had one of the strongest at immigration plans then any other President. He vetted hard to keep us safe...
Pete West Jr. She is not even a strong woman when it comes to her colleagues in Congress. She cowers down to the Republican men like there is no tomorrow.
Marjorie Ann Keepingitreal She has sold out the people and should be voted out...😡😡😡
Jane Astley Please, everyone... post on your FB timeline that Marsha Blackburn LIED about federal money going to pay for abortions when it does NOT! TWEET it! as well.
Ronald Spero I can't listen to this anymore. GOP health care plan: Don't get sick
Yvonne Clayton Access is not the same as be able to pay for will give you a door to walk through but that doesn't mean you walk out with what you need because of the costs
Ben Leienberger They have no plan. So all this talk is going to take years. Instead of making corrections they just screw us over. Boo boo boo
CNN was live — in San Jose, California.7 hours ago

We’re high above San Jose, California where flooding is happening in the city’s Nordale neighborhood

Martin Rabkin Hard to understand how so many people watching show how self centered they are, turning everything into a political attack. People's lives and property are at risk.
Miles Cole Keep threatening to spend money on a huge wall instead of fixing americas failing infrastructure and more stuff like this will happen in the future
Jose M. Meza California actually contributes more to the federal government than what it receives back. You know where it goes, red states.
Sally Smith Leonard I'm so sorry for these people. I find the negative comments on humans in harms way incredibly ignorant and hateful. What's happened to us!
Yolande Boettcher The people who aren't worried about others or their environment should be ashamed.... a little empathy and compassion are needed not haters
Matt Gardo Remember California not your president... maybe the celebrities will help you. At least you have cheap labor from the illegal immigrants to help repair your flood damage.
Jervis Ford This wouldn't be happening if Jerry Brown would have fixed the dams instead of spending billions on ILLEGAL, yes they're illegal not undocumented immigrants
Joaquin Lios Why are you people laughing?? I am in San Jose and this ain't no joke 😡
Martin Rabkin Amazing how many of you think your political posts are funny. But they're shameful! Grow up....
Pauline Butler chile please. There is more flooding to more rural areas in Louisiana, and way more environmental damage happening there. This is every day in La. Get ready to fall off into the Pacific, Cali.
Chere Whitfield Does anyone believe in climate change? I think Mother Nature is telling us something but we have people who refuse to see or hear it.
Jarrod Brown Lots of emotionless comments. We have to be better America..
Marcela Lopez Major props to all the rescue workers getting people and animals to safety!
Maria Thomas All that rain ☔️ is tooooo much for San Jose California,,,, Praying 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for them. Here in Louisiana we know what you are going troughs 🙏🏻 amen.
Julia De Villatoro Today was San Jose California tomorrow any other state global warming is real !!!!
Joe Ruggero I live in San Jose, and it does not seem national news worthy.
Pamela Celesnik there sure are a lot of nasty awful people on here , I hope they do not think they are Christians Because I know God would not consider them,
Kami Tajik We got two days raining and will be continue today too...California needs rain, No life at the risk so far but some damaged. Thank you for your concern.
Cathy Delgado Praying for the peoples safety. And for the people helping them. Stay strong. God is look out and helping you. It may not seem like that but he is there for you.
Larry D. Elston So those are called washes. Natural low areas in the geographic elevation..... If your home is in a wash it should not be........ San Jose and California need the water. Ten year floods are here!
Lauren Riemer Flooding anywhere in the US has an impact on the local level, which quickly snowballs into the national level. Of course, this should be covered.
Kami Tajik Hello from San Jose and Thank you CNN for covering this news...
Firas Souri California will rise again after the storm. This is where all starts. Positive thoughts and thanks for all the relentless work by rescues teams.
Vanessa Anderberg There are asshats on here that think it is Great, because of the "sanctuary hatred" they Spew. Just sick trolls with nothing better to do than wish harm on others...
Roxana De Anda My poor San Jose! The coyote creek here flooded into the nearby neighborhoods!
CNN7 hours ago

The owner of the BMW wanted to thank this teen for leaving a note with money after scratching his car

Corey Hardin As a teenager I probably would have kept on riding. His parents are doing a good job.
Melissa Barton That's awesome. Recently my car was hit and the woman just left....unfortunately she didn't know my teenager was in the car and he took her picture and a picture of her license plate. You bet she paid for the $2,000 in damage after the cops tracked her down.
Megg Adams I have had a few incidents where I've scratched a car, and I've always left my info and a sincere apology. It can be frightening, but I've found that if you do the right thing, it always works out. One person just asked me to pay to have a dent buffed out, and he even gave me the change back that he didn't use. Another person came to my door and thanked me for being so honest and told me not to worry about it. Just do the right thing, and others will appreciate it! *I'm going to clarify because people have a hard time reading the comments, and they feel they have a duty to tell me how to drive: this was all when I was a fresh driver. Like 16 and 17. That is all.
Michael Chen Of course it has to be an Asian involved in an car accident ... sheesh. 😂😂
Noralyn Dudt In Japan, when someone hits your car, that someone will come to your house and addition to the compensation from his's not just about's the polite and right thing to do.
Amilcar Alfaro I scratched a lady's car at Trader Joe's last year and agonized over leaving a note or not. I did, it cost me $497. While I feel better it would have been cool if the lady was a super hot vixen with friends and in return they wanted sexy times. I'll settle for not feeling terrible.
Akiko Abe Scratched a brand-new Maserati belonging to my neighbor (the parking spots are tight!). Agonized over it for a minute, but left a note on his wiper. Braced myself for a call. A few days and no calls later, husband bumped into a guy who asked if we left a note on his car. He said he wasn't going to worry about it since he owns a body shop, and it was a very small scratch. When in doubt, do the right thing. No promise of a happy ending, but at least a right thing is done.
George Ann Sabo Beam Years ago, my neighbor's car was sideswiped by a teenager. It happened late at night. The next morning the youth and his father were at the neighbor's door to exchange insurance, etc. i admire this young man and his parents. It is so nice to see such honesty and maturity. Congratulations to the parents and to the son!
Roberteen Bruce A lady hit my car on a grocery store parking lot last week. She waited for me to come out of the store. When I got there she apologized for the incident and gave me her information.
Silva Dasilva When I was a kid someone crashed Into my 1966 mustang and left it was on aviation way and Mathews avenue in redondo beach if you're the prick who crashed into me I want my 3,000$ that it cost to fix my fender 👍🏽😁😒
Eva Morales When I was going to college, I went to a nearby strip mall to get some over-the-counter medicine for a cold that was killing me. When I parked I scratched the car next to where I parked, I waited for the owner if the car, half hour went by, still no driver. I wrote a note with all my info and left it on the windshield and went to the pharmacy. When I went back to my car the driver of the other car was putting her groceries in the trunk of the car, immediately grabbed the note and told her I was the person who damaged her car. The lady said the car belonged to her son, that she was going back home to tell her son to contact me so we can meet at the police station to file a police report. Two weeks went by, her son never called my. I called them, she answered and told me her son said he wasn't interested on filing a report because I was honest, waited for the owner when I could've easily left the scene, and he wanted to "reward" my honesty.
Andria Bissell I was backing out of a very tight spot, downtown seattle, when I lightly tapped another car. To my horror, the lady was in her car😣 She hopped out, told me not to worry, then invited me to sing karaoke with her and her daughter!
Kaye Waters Beebe I attempted to parallel park in front of a little cafe a few years ago. Failed, damaged a car. I went inside and had the manager go from table to table asking whose car it was. So embarrassing.
Yer Yang Thanks CNN for this kind of news! Really enjoyed it, especially with all the negativity going on around lately 🙂
Lori Gay Blalock And yet Domino's Pizza (who I'm sure has more money than this young man) delivery guy hit my retaining wall, messed it up in two places, breaking his tail light and leaving it all over my driveway never said a word. When I called the store to lodge a complaint, actually had the name of the driver and the make/model of his vehicle, I was given the run around by the manager. Go figure. Honesty is definitely the best! Way to go young man!
Mario Avansino Isn't it a shame that we now live in a world where doing the right thing is newsworthy. Thought taking responsibility for ones actions was the norm not the exception?!
Sheila Barron-Teggart BMW ? Who cares what kind of car it is. That's everything that is wrong with this post. I wonder if he had a chevette it would have been just as news worthy. (Just an example for those who say "they haven't made chevettes in years"
Alma Rodriguez Well that happens to me once, just that the note was form a cop that saw the other car hitting my park car. And He had witness everything from a bridge. He even got the license plate and left me a note. Couldn't go after the guy he was long gone. So the cops waited till I put in the report and went to his house.... surprise!!! Fkr!!!
Soraia Nour Abdulbaki I was driving down a parking lot and stopped for a relative to get off the car. A lady backed into my car and then gets out the car yelling didn't you see me???? I'm like huh? You backed into me. 3 years and a recorded statement later I got my car paid for. #smh
Michelle La Bonne CNN-Candid News Network. Keep fact-checking and doing investigative reporting. Not everyone believes the lies coming out of D.C. Keep asking the hard questions too. As for this piece, thank you. It is a nice reminder that there honest people with morals in the world and that all is not doom and gloom.
Natalie Tran I had back out and hit a car in a parking lot. It was a pretty new car and it was a little bump. So I wait a little no one come out and I wrote my phone number. She call later and say... she will take it to her body shop that she know and would call me for the prices. Thanks god! It wasn't much it only cost about $150. I felt so bad cause it was a new car and my car was pretty New too and I had a bump on the back of my bumper too and mine was worst. I could of drive off but I didn't. I guess when it in the parking lots it would be no fault.
Carolyn N. P. Seo I did the same when I was in my teens. My cousin was surprised that I stopped and left a note. If I didn't, it would have been hell to pay from my dad explaining the damage to my car and I'm a terrible liar. Kudos to the teen and parent!
Monique Oliver I wish I could meet honest ppl like this on 3 occasions someone hit my vehicle and drove off. One time I was actually walking to the car and this lady pulled in too close and scratched my new car and had a nerve to tell me it's only a scratch instead of apologizing. Smh
Colleen Edgington I was sitting in my car and a woman opened her door and hit my car. She apologized and there wasn't any real damage. No need to breathe fire on someone. I appreciated her apology, it reveals character.
Martin G Wheeler Your headline is completely wrong, CNN. "Honesty is the best policy" is a moral statement = "Do the right thing". This teenager clearly believed in that principle before the accident. The fact that he benefitted from it is irrelevant.
CNN7 hours ago

Dramatic video captures the rescue of this five-year-old Syrian girl trapped in rubble after a house is bombed in Damascus. Since the Syrian civil war in 2011, about 400,000 people have been killed

Megg Adams I'm so lucky that I was born, by chance, in place where I can tuck my three year old into bed without worrying that my apartment building will be bombed, and that I'll have to find him in rubble. These people were born in Syria, by chance, and do not get to have the comfort I do. Something has to change!
Richard Chapkis Trump's ill-considered immigration ban would have real world consequences for potential refugees, such as this girl. We should look at facts, rather than alternative facts, when deciding how dangerous refugees may be.
Kathy Dye Is that the same little girl who has been featured repeatedly being "rescued" but the White Helmets who are really terrorists paid for by UK and Americans taxpayers? The same white Helmets who have been caught carrying rifles and abusing rebels they claim to be helping?
Hani Bakri This is Putin crime against civilians and children . This is Syrian suffering for people who refused to become a refugee and elected to stay home . Brave people elected to face death than ask people for refuge
Lei Kui When this war will stop? Seeing this I feel so sorry for children who have been robbed with life. Freedom to play, study and live peacefully. I pray that she and the rest of the children affected of this war will be have a new life wherein they will not live in fear but in happiness. I hope leaders of all nations will try to have dialogue for the sake of these people. No one wanted a war, no one wanted to lose a family, friend or colleague for this war. We all wanted to live in peace and harmony within our communities, in our own country and to our neighboring country.
Lonewolf Howl Man seeing this footage just Makes me wanna start singing Heal the world by MJ. Matter fact everyone join me ( heal the world make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race, there are people dying if you care enough for the living make a better place for you and for me) 😢😢😢😢
Cheryl Brown Drabek And yet in America, we keep moving towards a day like this in our country with our cold cold hearts of supporting elected officials of bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, misogyny, racism -- all those "ism" that hate rather than accept our differences.
Dean A Zabian 😔😔humanity died long time ago , there are no more people with good consciousness , because if there is , the war in Syria would have been done and forgotten , and someone like bashaar alassad would have been brought to justice . And one more important matter to raise is that 99 per cent of those people who are dying in Syria are Muslims , therefore the world doesn't give sh..t about them .....!!!!
Tony Araujo Hey leftys you want this to happen on our nation? Who's doing this destruction?! I answer;those you want so bad in our country. Think god we now have people in power that understands this and is acting accordingly despite your deranged attacks at them. Use your loosers.
Kranti Pusalkar I can't bear to see the state of that girl .... glad she was found and is being treated!!! Wonder how many unfortunate there are buried under there ... 🙁
Billy Berger Are you kidding me? How the hell can we not extend our aid to these poor people? Who can watch this and, while claiming to be a proud American, say we will not welcome them because of their country of origin or their religion. We should all be ashamed of ourselves
Irene Mertens But trump wants America to be afraid of Syrians. What crime did they commit except living in a country in the midst of a war. Who is to say she shouldn't come here with what is left of her family.
Maryam Zarin Ozv I was born and lived my childhood in the war zone, I feel so sad to see kids going through the same thing! No one should feel that scared, specially innocent children! I wish the whole world peace!
Luka Ray Awe more media trying to sway the people's opinion with the unfortunate casualties of war. The question you should really be asking is, do we really want the people here who are bombing themselves over there?
Cynthia Byther Kutasy It is really a shame that we live in a day and age where everything needs to be fact checked to stop angry, bitter suspicious minds. Humanitarian efforts could never be considered just that! No, they must be fodder for hate. Shame
Jennifer Cardenas So sad! I count my blessings that my family lives in a world where we can relax in the comfort of our home with no fear of being bombed. She would have died there all alone 🙁🙁 stuff like this isn't normal... sadly for them though , it is their normal. when Will it stop!
Tony Araujo Hey Megg who's causing this chaos?Who helped them?The current administration,despite your criticism at them, was not in power.They're just starting to fix the problem created by those you so gallantly support. Everybody feels bad seeing this terrible suffering by the innocent people,not just you.Use your head and see things as they really are. It wasn't this administration that created this problem,but they are trying to fix it. And you leftys are undermining it. Sad!...
Tanya Antunez I was watching the news and my daughter just passed by and asked me " what movie is that ?" . I did not know how to explain to her that in this century will still have to see all this nonsense and evil things
Pat Walbran But...and i firstly agree with saving the children and women...but any healthy male who wont stay and fight for his own country doesnt need to be in mine.
Sabine Krusche When is the Rest of World Waking up and will help Syria? Russia you destroyed Afghanistan already and USA you again just close your eyes!
Cliff Redmon Maybe if all the men weren't running away and stayed to fight for their country. Then the women and children could get out. Look at Greece where the young men have fled and doing sexual favors for money.
Denise McCord One of the most moving things I have seen in this endless, heartbreaking war. Trump should be made to look at this over and over for a full day. Maybe his heart and mind will be touched, provided he has one of each.
Alex Paoli Sad, but that is war. Tell the Muslims to knock it off right, maybe a Skype call. The ideology is spreading and death follows it. If your Sharia then kill sunni and so on and so forth.
Charles Small Why is it that this world is not united. These continual barbarian acts keep our souls from exploring and being in harmony with our creator which would lead us to bigger and better lives. We should be explorers of this vast universe, instead we spend all or time and money fighting amongst ourselves until the inevitable doomsday.
Jamie Gale Lay Thank you for the graphic content warning. As a person with postpartum anxiety these images are especially triggering, but reading the article's content is so important.
CNN was live.8 hours ago

We’re watching Republican Congressman Buddy Carter answer questions from constituents at a town hall.

CNN Thanks for watching, we'll have more feeds from town halls later tonight.
Kevin Leonard Lies - Social Security and Medicare are sustainable. If you stopped raiding them and spending money on wars, tax breaks for the rich, and filling your pockets they would be sustainable.
Cathy Davies Boston Social Security and Medicare are NOT funded by the government people! The government has borrowed from these programs. When are they going to pay that money back? When is everyone going to realize that?
Sharon Forconi Betsy DeVosis is a ignorant, rich, money contributor to the Republican party, who doe not have the qualifications to be Secretary of Education.
Donna Ellis Well, if you don't want any immigrants in the country, then go pick produce and stop dumbing down education in this country. The Bible is for faith but it won't buy groceries or cure cancer.
Sharkee Carl EPA is the reason we are still living on this nation...that s why we have clean air..that s why you have clean water to drink...that s why you can swim at the beaches..
Niklas Eriksson Can i ask you to ask a question? What happened here in Sweden (where i live) the other day? Still havent understood what it was 😂👍🏼!
Stephanie Tuzun How to you explain real news to your kids when our president makes stuff up?
Barb Faith If CNN is fake news, why are you all watching. 45 puppets.
Sharon Forconi Ask him what kind of insurance benefits he has, and how much he pays for them, and how long he receives them after he is voted out.
Jason N Jackson Explain how this is fake news when you are viewing it from the! Just goes to show how many bots are in here. Smh
Andrew Mikos Ask the people of Flint, Michigan if deregulation is the answer......I'll wait....go ahead.....
Leigh Owens Dear person who said CNN is fake news. Had it occurred to you that this is a video of what actually happened .When you refuse to believe what you see and hear because it is inconsistent with your politics belief then we are truly lost
Sean Chandler the problem is the whole "obamacare" word people hated it beacuse it has obama name on it. the affordable care act was a great thing for our country
Jake Northrup A former member of Homeland Security just said no to the wall! This man deserves all the praise!
Christopher Allen The illegal immigration problem is over a hundred years old. Anyone who thinks Obama was to blame for this is seriously misinformed. The US has tolerated it for a very very long time.
John Reggans The Mid-Term elections are right around the corner! V.O.T.E, V.O.T.E, V.O.T.E!
Keith Cyr These town halls should be held on the weekend when working people can attend. It's all retired people and stay at home moms.
Clark Stone Remove or increase the income cap on Social Security contributions so high earners contribute more and there will be no problems with funding it for generations.
Melissa Branchetti Atkin Love seeing these town hall meetings, CNN! Please continue to show them live, from all kinds of places across our beautiful country. Thank you!
Jane DePriest Wow ...listen to all the little Nazis screaming "fake news" ... hard to watch the real thing after so much online Breitbart propaganda . You guys are scared of the truth ...this is LIVE ... get it? 😀
DeNiece Marshall As a Christian, I don't want the Bible taught in schools! That's MY job as a parent.
Cindy Denton Number 45 has spent extremely close to more in one month on weekend vacations and related items than president Obama did in one year.
Katy Bennett The debt is completely unrelated to Social Security!!!
Jason N Jackson No wall will stop illegal immigration when the majority of illegal immigrants fly into the country with legal documentation and then stay after their documents expire. #dontwastetaxpayersmoney
CNN8 hours ago

He finally went too far

William Petto Like all the other bigoted stuff he said wasn't far enough. But I'm glad this disgusting pig is finally gone. Hope he fades away into irrelevance and gets help for his sick urges which I'm sure are soon to come out!
Alex E Andrade Now that he is no longer working for Breitbart, his work permit is no longer valid so he can pack his bags and go back to England, see if they are more accepting there than we are here of Pedophiles!
Juan Ramirez You mean that person pushing the fake "pizza" story actually is okay with child molestation as long as it's not Hillary Clinton doing the touching?! Now that's just hypocritical....
Matt Jones WOW! That's how you're reporting his News Conference to your sheep viewers?! "He finally went too far." Are you going to tell them that his book will still be published this year with 10% of proceeds going to child abuse victim charities? Are you going to tell them about how Milo is planning a new tour? Are you going to tell them that he's resigning from Breitbart to pursue his own, independent media platform? Goddam, CNN. #VeryFakeNews!
Brandon Horan Milo last week: "F**k your feelings!" Milo this week: "I am a victim. Pity me."
Luis Abel He saw how much money Ann Coulter makes by saying that liberals should cook their babies if they want to solve world hunger and wanted to get in on the action. But he forgot that the rules are different for gays in the GOP
Ryan Carranza Jeremy Lynn Considering he is not a US resident and is here exclusively on a US work visa... he is now considered unemployed and must go back to England. Solid Tuesday if I must say...
Mark Robinson Welcome everybody to Reality TV/Drumpfworld 2017, where every jackhole and loud obnoxious tool is a star. Shock value replaces family values as our singular guiding principle of life. Demonizing whole groups of people based on the most shallow characteristics is what makes money and grows power. If this ahole can get big time media exposure, the next logical step is we start idolizing serial killers and child abusers like they're Jesus. How long will it take for Drumpf to declare him “mistreated” and give him a job in HHS?
Sabrina Guarino Correa Couldn't of happened to a nicer guy! He has been at the center of many controversial comments. It's sad that a comment about underage boys was the last straw but at least everyone now sees him for what he is.
Paul MacDonald He went too far a long time ago, for human beings with an ounce of compassion and/or empathy. That it took him endorsing child rape for the Alt Right to QUASI abandon him speaks volumes about the Alt Right.
Mark Robinson Yiannopoulos spoke fondly of "the sort of 'coming of age' relationship ... in which those older men help those young boys discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable sort of rock, where they can't speak to their parents." "Breitbart News has stood by me when others caved. They have allowed me to carry conservative and libertarian ideas to communities that would otherwise never have heard them," he said. So what he’s saying is that pedophilia is a conservative value. Am I reading that right?
Michael Glirbas Wow, not even a week ago since his awkwardly absurd appearance on Bill Maher, and Milo is crashing and burning and it could not happen to a more deserving SOB not named Trump. His views and believes are disgusting and it is very eye opening that it took THIS MUCH before the psycho right turned against him. Interesting how he attacked gays not even 2 min into his rant on Maher's show and look who is not going to be showing up to work anymore :P.
Phillip Day Trump will miss him, they're buddies. Child sex is right up Trumps alley, at least he's been accused of such and had a court date he bribed his way out of....
James B. Matz's not like he's going to go away. Another low-life scum "news" outlet will sign him up. Probably the same one that made up the story of the child sex ring run by the Clinton campaign out of a pizza parlor.
Janet Wright Oh no! Who will provide this turd a platform to spew his garbage-filled, self-righteous rhetoric??? Whatever will Milo do? 😱 *No one cares. 😉
Anthony Cooper I guess, he will still be real good freinds (BFF) with Steve Bannon,, Steve probably told him to resign...He should be deported, maybe Bannon will , miss him so much and not be able to concentrate in his job, and resign himself. jajajaja
Dana Elise Milo whines that the videos were "deceptively edited," yet every video I have seen shared by him is edited in the same nature to fit his specific narrative. I can't believe it took people this long to wake up, although I am sure even an incident like this won't stop him or change who he is, nor will it stop his cheerleaders from defending him. Nevertheless, your plushy little platform where you can be big bad bully isn't so much fun any more is it, Milo? Karma will sure take care of you.
Clinton Hood STATEMENT DELIVERED AT PRESS CONFERENCE 2/21/07 I am a gay man, and a child abuse victim. Between the ages of 13 and 16, two men touched me in ways they should not have. One of those men was a priest. My relationship with my abusers is complicated by the fact that, at the time, I did not perceive what was happening to me as abusive. I can look back now and see that it was. I still don’t view myself as a victim. But I am one. Looking back, I can see the effects it had on me. In the years after what happened, I fell into alcohol and nihilistic partying that lasted well into my late 20s. A few years ago I realised it was time to do something good with my life. I started focusing on work. But the black comedy, gallows humor and love of shock value I developed in my 20s did not go away. I've reviewed the tapes that appeared last night in their proper full context and I don't believe they say what is being reported. Nonetheless I do say some things on the tapes that I do not mean and which do not reflect my views. My experiences as a victim led me to believe I could say anything I wanted to on this subject, no matter how outrageous. But I understand that my usual blend of British sarcasm, provocation and gallows humor might have come across as flippancy, a lack of care for other victims or, worse, "advocacy." I am horrified by that impression. I would like to restate my disgust at adults who sexually abuse minors. I am horrified by pedophilia and I have devoted large portions of my career as a journalist to exposing child abusers. I've outed three of them, in fact -- three more than most of my critics. And I've repeatedly expressed disgust at pedophilia in my feature and opinion writing. I was also the first journalist in the UK to ask after Jimmy Savile’s death whether the real story of his rampant child abuse would ever be told. My professional record is very clear. But I do understand that the videos you have seen, even though some of them were deceptively edited, paint a different picture. I am partly to blame. I do not advocate for illegal behavior. I explicitly say on the tapes, in a section that was cut from the footage you have seen, that I think the current age of consent is "about right." I do not believe any change in the the legal age of consent is justifiable or desirable. I do not believe sex with 13-year-olds is okay. When I mentioned the number 13, I was talking about myself, and the age I lost my own virginity. I shouldn't have used the word "boy" -- which gay men often do to describe young men of consenting age -- instead of "young man." That was an error. I was talking about my own relationship when I was 17 with a man who was 29. The age of consent in the UK is 16. I did say that there are relationships between younger men and older men that can help a young gay man escape from a lack of support or understanding at home. That's perfectly true and every gay man knows it. I am certainly guilty of imprecise language, which I regret. Anyone who suggests I turn a blind eye to illegal activity or to the abuse of minors is unequivocally wrong. I am implacably opposed to the normalization of pedophilia and I will continue to report and speak accordingly. To repeat: I do not support pedophilia. It is a disgusting crime of which I have personally been a victim. The remarks I made on podcasts and interviews more than a year ago were about my personal life experiences. I will not apologize for dealing with my life experiences in the best way that I can, which is humor. No one can tell me or anyone else who has lived through sexual abuse how to deal with those emotions. But I am sorry to other abuse victims if my own personal way of dealing with what happened to me has hurt you. I will never stop making jokes about taboo subjects. Go into any drag bar or gay club and you will see performers cracking jokes about clerical sexual abuse. I am not afforded that same freedom, because the media chooses to selectively define me as a political figure in some circumstances, and a comedian in others. But I said some things on those internet live streams that were simply wrong. My employer Breitbart News has stood by me when others caved. They have allowed me to carry conservative and libertarian ideas to communities that would otherwise never have heard them. They have been a significant factor in my success. I’m grateful for that freedom and for the friendships I forged there. I would be wrong to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues’ important reporting, which is why today I am resigning from Breitbart, effective immediately. This decision is mine alone. When your friends have done right by you, you do right by them. For me, now, that means stepping aside so my colleagues at Breitbart can get back to the great work they do. My book, Dangerous, has received interest from publishers after my previous publisher Simon and Schuster informed me they no longer wished to release it. The book will come out this year as planned. I will be donating 10 per cent of my royalties to child sex abuse charities. I haven’t ever apologized before. Name-calling doesn’t bother me. But to be a victim of child abuse and for the media to call me an apologist for child abuse is absurd. I regret the things I said. I don't think I've been as sorry about anything in my whole life. This isn't how I wanted my parents to find out about this. But let's be clear what is happening here. This is a cynical media witch hunt from people who don't care about children. They care about destroying me and my career, and by extension my allies. They know that although I made some outrageous statements, I've never actually done anything wrong. These videos have been out there for more than a year. The media held this story back because they don't care about victims, they only care about bringing me down. They will fail. I will be announcing a new, independently-funded media venture of my own and a live tour in the coming weeks. I started my career as a technology reporter who wrote about politics but I have since become something else. I am a performer with millions of fans in America and beyond. I’m grateful for the tens of thousands of messages of support I’ve received and I look forward to making you all laugh, cry and think for many decades to come. My full focus is now going to be on entertaining and educating everyone, left, right and otherwise. If you want to brand or stereotype me, good luck with that. Don’t think for a moment that this will stop me being as offensive, provocative and outrageously funny as I want on any subject I want. America has a colossal free speech problem. The land of the First Amendment has some of the most oppressive social restrictions on free expression anywhere in the western world. I’m proud to be a warrior for free speech and creative expression. I want everyone in America, the greatest country in the history of human civilisation, to be able to be, do, read and say anything. I will never stop fighting for your right to do that. Thank you. I will take 5 questions.
Jim Moran The far rights poster child now is just another GOP fallen idol now. This is what you get from organizations like Breitbart that promote lies to further the radical rights agenda.
Robb Alenko It would be best if this news went largely ignored, CNN. Don't give more fuel to his already-hate-filled fire. Silence regarding his actions will end his influence, or at the very least, discredit it. That being said, when it comes to Trump and the machinations his administration covers up with tweets and comments about Bowling Green and Sweden, silence is not the answer. I don't care about their latest spoken stupidity. I care about what they are trying to distract us from.
Ben Ngai The manner in which the alt-right has attacked Democrats during the election has a habit of being prophetic of the Trump establishment itself - remember the fake news of the underground child-sex ring being tacked on to Clinton during campaigning? We now see the difference between false partisan rhetoric, and reality. Let these guys come into the limelight, the so-called alt-right, a movement that includes elements such as American white supremacy which are becoming bolder and more public. Let's see how they hold up under public scrutiny.
Jesse Valdez Did you forget that Lena Dunham admitted to molesting her little sister? Hypocrites. Milo was talking about his personal experience as a "victim"
Kaz Worland The thing is, all the times they said they didn't agree with his racist anti feminist views, they just believed in free speech, they were clearly lying. He has found something that upset them, meaning all the horrible things he said before didn't upset them! Disturbing!
Michael Logan Milo resigns from Brietbart amid media witch hunt over words taken well out of context, distorted, then twisted further by fake news click baiting headlines such as this CNN article.
Becky Blyth Hardy His comments were misconstrued purposely of course. But the left will take any opportunity to suppress a black person, a woman, or a member of the LGBT that doesn't agree with their policies
CNN8 hours ago

An Afghan man asks Senator Chuck Grassley at an Iowa town hall: "Who's going to save me here?"

Joe Matos Funny how everyone is calling this fake news. More people should demand an answer from this senator and not let him just move on to the next question. Remember they answer to us, we don't answer to them. They are our representatives and need to act like it.
Chester Shellman Wow! So disrespectful! He didn't even have the dignity to answer the mans question! Just brushed him off...smh
Haluk Kaya Aydin He helped the USA and is here legally. Edited my post to reflect that.
Toby MacDonald This just being rude to a human... not even speaking when spoken to. Everyone in his state should remember NOT to vote for him when the time comes.
Terry Oswald Maybe if the American Muslims spoke up and protest their brothers and sisters from those that wish Death to America and American we would back them up.. But when they are silent . It's easy to assume they share the same thoughts as their families from those Countries!
Jeremy Kochel Who's going to save the women and children you left behind?
Eric Shufelberger My interpreters from the wars are some of my best friends. And I helped some of them come to the States. They aren't the issue. It's the ignorant anti women, anti gay, anti freedom people who don't deserve American liberty. Also the anti freedom liberals who don't think I deserve to believe the way I do should follow through on their promise to leave my country.
Susanna Duran This was shameful! Grassley practically ignored this man that helped our troops in Afghanistan. These career politicians are a disgrace. They are loyal to their business donors but can't stand up for Muslims that sacrifice their lives to help our troops. He is a career politician loyal to all things Trump.
Suzanne Tilden-Mortimer He will get no help in Iowa a state that is Republican, full of bible thumpers and farmers rich from fracking the land...all of them truly brainwashed...'unhinged' in Arizona.
Sally Ulfberht It sounds like he was working with U.S. troops. A former Army special Ops friend told me years ago already, they really depend on locals to help them. Often they volunteer to help the U.S. Army even though it puts a mark on them and their family for being killed in their own country. If we don't protect and provide people like this a safe haven in the U.S. they won't be there to help our soldiers next time, why should they? The lack of gratitude here is stunning and dangerous to our soldiers who continue to fight in the middle east.
Mark Gima You want to know what is wrong with America? See comments below. smh.
Craig Brown Doesn't say if he's illegal or not... figures... how can you interpret this video??... if your legal no problem.. if your not it's a problem... why is this so hard to understand.......
Christopher Levy Bannon in charge of the Security Council should be the main focus! Bannon is who was REALLY elected. He is the hate whisperer behind the throne. Read this quote – Trump is not smart enough to have figured out how to implement this. This is what the media needs to focus on***
Gene Beretich Doesn't look like anyone is doing anything to him. What does he want save from? Is he here legally? If not why does he expect us to do? Save the world? Good thought, but highly impractical!
Craig Bradshaw grassley dodged the question because "scapegoating" muslims and immigrants are his current "bogeymen" agenda. folks, a little history for you.........scapegoating was part and parcel in hitler's germany, pol pot's campuchea, franco's fascist spain, etc.
Barbara Trieff Grassley, you SUCK! You haven't changed your signs since you first ran -- Grassley Works. Sir, you don't work anymore; you take money to help you along, but you DO NOT WORK FOR THE PEOPLE OF IOWA who are the VERY people for whom you should work. Nope, you SUCK!
Ibie Isai We as a society are putting the wrong people into power. Putting people into power that can't answer a question on the safety of all its people #whatashame
Poly Schmitt Shameful and willful ignorance on behalf of the Senator who refused to address his question or thank him for taking bullets in Afghanistan for us.
Greg Lloyd It is amazing how many liberals are suddenly showing up to town halls. Makes me wonder where they all were when they lost the election. Personally they are just being disruptive as possible trying to make news. I find it pathetic.
James E. Garcia OK “Blue Falcon” Steve Pearce, are you still backing Comrade tЯump on this? We are better than this New Mexico. I am even willing to bet that Stevan (Steve) Edward Pearce of New Mexico adores Comrade Putin as much as he adores Comrade tЯump! God help New Mexico.
Brandon Mourich Senator Grassley is a coward. His indifference to this man's plea is simply more evidence of the widely held, or at least tacitly accepted, hatred of Muslims thats now being so well observed in the US. Our enemy is ignorance and intolerance, not someones skin color or country of birth.
Jim Champion So if this was an American in Syria or Iraq, Afghanistan etc. Who went to a town hall and asked this same question, first he likely wouldn’t have been able to attend, second he likely would be killed on his way home. This is fake news. Wake up sheeple...
Sandee Lynn Many congressmen need to start answering to the voters. But because trump is a weak man who hides from press questions they follow his poor leadership. Thanks for sharing this news story CNN
Denton Dillon If he is here legally, then why on earth is he disrupting this meeting? If he is not here legally, then he needs to leave. This is actually very simple.
Romeo Benjamin Who saved those so many Americans killed/murdered in Afghanistan? Those that are applauding are nothing but fools and traitors...smh...
CNN9 hours ago

The riots came just days after President Donald J. Trump was widely mocked for remarks he made suggesting immigrants had caused an increase in crime in Sweden

Kerstin Grundström As a Swede I hope it is okay if I comment! Some suburbans far out of Stockholm and Malmö have gang problems. We got criminals from the eastern europe and the riots are facts. But they are not muslims and they are not refugees from Syria!
Lee Estrada CNN, called him a liar and made fun of him. CNN can not be trusted. As with many things Trump has proclaimed, when he calls CNN liars he hits the nail on the head.
Henrik Søndbjerg This is everyday in Sweden and Denmark, nothing to do with US. Riots, rape, and violence all over, from our new " friends" migrants and regugees. A big mess all over.
Justin Konrad Democrats always encouraging people to burn things down in the name of peace...
Melanie Emigh Swartz Wow, I can't believe CNN actually put this on here. You actually admit that President Trump knew something about Sweden! Yes, Sweden has huge problems with the immigration issue. Do we want to be in the same situation as Sweden? NO, let's get ILLEGAL immigration under control!
Daniel Torres CNN the riot was caused by teens demanding Police release someone they arrested on drug charges. Why would you make it look like refugees just came out the house and started rioting?
Neina Cichon It kinda makes you wonder... Did Trump accidentally get intelligence mixed up with reality? Was Trump aware that these riots were going to happen (with intelligence information) and just get confused? ...I certainly hope not. Because, that would most certainly make him a security threat. 😕
James Rocco Oh my President will not only complete one term but how does a second term sound,,,,,,,,you see the Media is causing the Dem Party to sink deeper and deeper into a hole in which it will take decades to recover,,,,,so look for a republican nation for the next 16 years,,,,,,,AMEN to that.,,,,,GO TRUMP.....
M Hilal Arfeen Trump is a big joke for presidency,everyday his blunders become embarrassment for america and the nation,this comedian should resign immediately
Craig Osborne Any person that pays attention to world affairs knows Sweden has been destroyed by Muslim refugees......Crime, rapes, murders, only an imbecile pretends it hasn't.
Michelle Standlee CNN is just ridiculous. I don't know anyone that watches CNN anymore. They ought to be ashamed. For example, a 2-hour live shot from Micheal Brown's(Ferguson, MO) funeral. Showing pictures of him when he was like 200 lbs and 10 years old, when he was 19 years old and 650 lbs. What a joke. Trying to make some POS thug a victim or a hero. Shame on you CNN.
Ton Jon I'm sure the Trump admin. paid or organized supporters to start trouble in Sweden but it was supposed to happen on Saturday to go along with his statement. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility with this malignant narcissist nut.
Tony Herrera Did Trump have foreknowledge there would be unrest? We all know he isn't smart enough to keep a secret. Maybe someone planned it to make him look right about immigrants, and he was supposed to mention Sweden at the NEXT campaign speech.
Lars Häggström well, read the articel... for starters Rinkeby is a suburb to Stockholm, in a problematic are. The Polis went in to make an arresst, and they did! As in every area i the US i have visited there are places where small groups of people dont like authoritis. Rinkeby has a population of about 10 000 people and about 30 was involved in this, those 30 should be charged for rioting. To be honost O have been working in the area for the last 15 years, first as a security gaurd and now as a teacher. Its a area full of problems, but compare those problem with terrorism och everyday murder aint true. The biggest problem is probly that this is the first time the polis shoot at the rioters, something thats long over due. The polis have been sort of afraid of laying down the law on the criminal elements of the community. A good community, with people that are trying to get buy, hand to mouth. I can in all honesty say i gave meet both the criminal elements in that community aswell as all the good forces geting togheter in the community, for the good of the whole community. Non of this gas anything to do with President Trump, but everything to do with criminals covering each others backs. In the same way you have diffrent groups och gangs and kartells in the US.
Philip Shane The video in this article must be watched and I wish CNN had the insight enough to title this piece appropriately. The per capita rate of refugees that this benevolent country has received is astronomically higher than anything remotely close to America. At 112 homicides with 10 million people they make our culture look like animals. The violent crime rate towards the refugee population has doubled from around 300 to over 600 so they are more the victims than perpetrators. The majority of the crime rise associated with the refugees is tech related and this skews the stats so do your homework and presentation properly MEDIA. Or you're just as guilty of fanning the flames as 45. This is definitely directly related to 45's ignorance and lack of ant tact or International respect.Provocateurs must not be ruled out because Sweden is not without their own extreme right which would gladly follow 45"s racist lead and patterns of old that have been part of their culture since prehistoric days.
Justin Uehlein Trump wasn't right. He still fabricated an event-- or FOX did, if he indeed did hear about it from FOX, which is the only news station he doesn't call fake news apparently making up news (IE fake news??). While this is certainly problematic, it does not prove Trump right. He still lied and that's still a problem.
Steve Eh CNN you are a joke. You are on the same level as buzzfeed and the young turks. Do you not see the hypocrisy in your caption? The president made comments that the immigrants were committing crimes, they got upset in response and committed crimes, yet it's Trump's fault? Has your ideological lens caused your journalistic integrity to degenerate into this? Looking forward to your next victim-blaming story - I'm sure it will be completely unbiased and truthful, you absolute parasites
Eileen Dunne but of course this started, right? I mean, the MSM has been claiming nothing is going on in Sweden. Yet, look. ........I'm sure we will see an apology to President Trump soon......(yes, that was sarcasm)...the media is never wrong, you know. Just ask them!
Dennisbecky Yon So people who are not in the USA are rioting in another country over our president. LMBO!!!! OMg!!! They are tearing up their own country in the name of a president in another country. HAHAHA LMBO. HAHAHA makes sense.
Kenny Sullens It doesn't take an expert to look at the private videos put out by the people of Sweden. A country where you can be arrested for speaking out against the government. There have been significant increases in rape and violent crime that the liberal media is ignoring.
Lorenz F. Fett To all of you blaming this on Trump, what evidence are you using to blame your own president for riots by Muslim migrants in Sweden? Instead turn your obviously great skills to researching whether the Swedish government has been suppressing problems with Muslim migrants. At least one article in the Guardian from almost a year ago confirmed that the leftwing party in power in Sweden was imposing news blackouts so rightwing parties wouldn't get more votes. For those who don't know, the Guardian is an extremely liberal paper and would hardly lie about it. To blame this on Trump is to automatically discredit yourselves.
Denise Willie Jordan It was over a drug bust, and I have not read anything that said different. This is the first indecent of this kind in 4 years. But you Trumpettes just keep on spreading false info......
Joe Hazelton Like Bill Maher said, the liberal media keeps taking the bait. They take a comment that Trump makes, which is veiled attempt to discredit the media, & they run with it only to have it blow up in their face. I am not happy this is happening but if that's what it takes for the biased liberal media to report on this stuff then so be it.
Mark Sutphin This has been ongoing, for many years where migrants have taken over parts of Europe to terrorize, commit crimes and drain the welfare state. The #FAKENEWS that chided Trump is eating CROW today for even suggesting he misspoke to Americans of this obvious culture change
Shawn Hewson I don't get it hahah he says crime is rising due to immigrants, Sweden laughs it off and says it isn't true... So people riot!? Lol
CNN9 hours ago

A group of teens fell through ice into a pond while taking selfies in Central Park. They were rescued by at least three good Samaritans and treated for hypothermia

Freeman Stevenson I just love the fact that they filmed this instead of helping.
Mariann Groshans Just to let people know if this ever happens to you. Stay calm and float on your back. Back up to the edge of the ice and work your way onto the edge of the ice.
Pablo Lobo Natural selection at work. Watch this, creationists!!
Diane Paul Lovely how those other people just took a video rather than trying to help. But hey, I guess it worked out well for them since their video is now playing all over the Internet. And isn't that what life is all about? Views and likes??
Jennifer Lauren Sorry.... morons. I am glad they are ok, but we were there the day before and ALL OVER THE PARK there are fences around the ponds and tons of signs that say "stay off, thin ice". Obviously they are there for a reason...maybe next time they will actually FOLLOW THE RULES!!
Lee S. Coles It's this sort of thing that makes me wonder if some sort of sterilzation laws should be enacted to prevent idiots like this from beling allowed to create more idiots like them:(.
Navid Bin Islam I am sorry to say but they are bunch of idiots. It's 50 degrees in NYC for past few days. Why would you walk in the middle of the pond?
Holly Pannell Gritton Thank goodness they stood there and recorded it. It would have made a nice last video for their mothers since obviously they were useless and unwilling to help. Great job though, good samaritans.
Whitney Fry "Yeah let's all stand in the same spot, no need to disperse our weight so we don't break the ice."
Faisal Rahman If I were the only bystander there I would've just stood there and watch them struggle and see what happens lolol
Kelly Harvey Carsillo It was in the 60s for the past 3-4 days. What kind of morons stand on ice on a day like that?
Keith Regna As a veteran...I was in much worse places. I helped myself out of those situations. Just let natural selection do it's due diligence. I've read some you're gonna blame the city for not having guards? You're truly dumb!!!
Dawn Mc Millan If anyone had told these ninnies not to go on the ice because it could break they would laugh and go ahead anyway. I guess no one in the lot was smart enough to say "no" let's not. What a set!!!!
Matt Whiffen Idiots. Shoulda let them drown. Evolution shouldn't be tampered with.
Carrie Elkins Wow some people are so insensitive so if that were your child you would let them drown what a loser you are . I would have jumped in to help
Carissa Marie Literally teenage brains don't measure consequence the same way adult brains do. Every teenager makes bad judgement calls. It's part of growing up. Shame on the folks here acting like these kids are different. Extra shame on those who grew up before social media and didn't have their mistakes plastered all over the internet.
Jenifer Rosenberg If you don't know what your doing you can just add yourself to the people who need to be rescued. Helping is a natural reaction and it's wonderful, but you can't imagine how fast hypothermia can set in. What gets me is they tested the ice what with rocks or sticks. They have to be a combined 700 pounds or more in a small area of ice. It might have been OK with one or two, if that, but 7. Clearly they were not thinking. Plus it was above freezing. I'm Just glad they get to grow up and hopefully wise up too.
Robyn Kumar The weather here in the NY, NJ area had warmed up for a couple days... I hope that they all remember this lesson on ice in warmer temperatures starts to melt. Looking safe and being safe are two separate things. Glad they are ok, but it is still depressing they didn't know better.
Alessandro Josephine Tocco Wtf is wrong with these kids .... Old enough to understand that you shouldn't be out there...and to boot theyre just standing there filming 🙄
Kayla Bennett i would love to know where this was because i was in the park sunday and it was 60 degrees and basically i havent seen ice in the park for months #globalwarmingornah
Debbie Quiles People are really mean. People who call themselves adults name calling these young boys. It's not like they set out to do something distructive. They were outside playing....exploring. I remember growing up on Long Island and we lived near a sand pit that would catch water.....And yes, me and my friends walked on it in the winter. Was it smart? of course not. But we were just being kids not realizing the reality of the danger. Give them a break, I'm sure they feel foolish enough with it caught on tape and all over the internet. So releaved they are all alive and well.
Ryan Mathis Hey CNN what happened with those riots in Sweden last night? Can we get the scoop on that? Don't care to report that, do ya??Losers!!!! #FakeNews
Elizabeth Jennings Live your life asking: If this were my brother/sister/child ... what would I do ? Who cares what the motivation is. Who cares what the cause is. Just care.
Nicholas Austin Lol, growing up in Minnesota I can laugh at this. We were taught at an early age how to approach frozen lakes and ponds. Poor kids are too stuck to their cell phones to actually listen and learn basic human survival skills these days...
Gilmarck Moncada Holy crap, this is the same exact spot in Central Park where in 1988 a group of my friends cut school and went there. The same exact thing happened and 3 of my friends fell in the frozen lake, they eventually got out by breaking the ice towards the edge. Very very scary situation for anyone. To think that once we headed home on the subway my friends were soaking wet and smelled like funky water .
CNN10 hours ago

Now she has a doll modeled after her.

Troy Legion Oh god a kid doesn't even know wat they want to eat but can make the complex decision to pick their own gender??? Cant drink till 18/21 but yea can pick gender at 7,8,9 this is what is wrong with the world
Christopher Robin Linde So now that we've broken through the stigma of making dolls for people with mental issues, will we be seeing Down's Syndrome dolls, etc etc etc?
Lesedi Les Ndlovu Is this really what we should be exposing our children to?
James Grubbs Cool..little democrat boys need a doll to play with.
Jay Pearson "Of course it is still just a regular girl doll because that's exactly what I am: a regular girl!".................ummm so which one is it? Is it a transgender doll or a girl doll...or are we clueless and just making things up as we go?????
Angela Harrington My son plays with dolls. He has Elsa but his favorite is Anna. He also plays with toy guns and is firetruck obsessed. He's three. As a feminist I believe in equality and believe the transgender movement is damaging equality. It's still putting people in boxes and saying "this little boy is a actually a girl...because he plays with dolls." Do you realize how sexist that sounds? Reverse it. "This little girl must actually be a boy because she likes sports." WTF?!??
João Albino HE IS just a boy with serious mental helth problem! If it can't be helped HE deserves to live the way more confortable, but will be a MAN with a lack of testosterone! Simple as that.
Tina Judd-Lawson It may not be in the DSM but it most certainly is a mental issue. I don't care how many changes people make either you have DNA or female DNA. You can't change that.
Jordan Dickerson "assigned male at birth" is far more accurate than "born a boy". She was never a boy, but doctors and her parents told her she was.
Jason Gallant "Transgenderism is a mental disorder! They should be treated by a psychiatrist!" If you say that, please understand how ignorant you are on the topic. You should refrain from expressing your opinion because it is not based in fact. 1) Transgender persons often are already being treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist. 2) Transgenderism is NOT a mental illness. Scientists are still studying what is the underlying cause of Transgenderism and have recently determined that transgender persons' brain physiology and anatomy more closely resembles the brain of the gender they feel they are. This means that structurally, their brain is the same as that of the opposite gender. 3) Gender Dysmorphic Disorder, which is wrongfully equated as the "transgender disorder", is an anxiety disorder associated with being transgender and not having your body match your mind. Transgender persons have this order to varying degrees and the best treatment for it is to live their lives as the gender they identify as. So please, instead of passing off Transgenderism as a mental illness, please do some research. You will come to realize that the "treatment" you so badly want them to get is to live their lives as the gender they identify as... which is what you don't want them to do. So explain the rationale of that.
Allanna Dagley I love her show on TLC. It's so sad that after airing, she received death threats via voicemail and written mail all because of who she is... The nerve of some people is astounding.
Gregory T. LaForest these horrible comments are the exact kind that were probably made when the first non-white and/or female dolls were produced ... sad
Luis Matamoros Ben Shapiro "I refuse to pretend that men are women and women are men, i will not modify basic biology because it threatens transgender people's subjective sense of what they are"
Johnsy Jones This is the product of the liberal agenda; boys who think they're girls, girls who think they're boys and want to join the Boyscouts, men using the women's restroom, and you wonder why you got Trumped 😉😆 Moral fortitude is not in your vocabulary, but bigotry is. You protest Trump for women's rights and want open borders for refugees who think women have no rights. Liberal = bigot!
Natalie Guadalupe Cabello Unless you are sleeping with somebody, what gender they identify as should be irrelevant to you, you arrogant people! Just because you think it's weird or disgusting doesn't make it wrong. Are these people harming you in any way? If not, go back to your arrogant little corner of the world.
Erin Webster The negative comments on this post are incredibly ignorant. There is nothing wrong with diversity being showcased in children's toys. Children should feel accepted and loved, and if this means having a doll that represents their physical characteristics then great! I think that Jazz is very brave to be so young and so vocal about a cause that is important to her. We should be spreading joy and acceptance, especially to children, and especially to children who are seen as different.
Sarah Westervelt Bizier The Jazz doll is beautiful for whomever decides to purchase it and play with it. Don't worry folks, she's not going to turn your child transgender!
Lola Pablo I don't believe any child has the mind of an adult to make such dramatic change and the ability to fully understand to make such decision on their gender. I mean if you can't drink, or smoke you shouldn't have the right to change your identity until your old enough to be legally an adult and able to obtain a job. Less likely have this be expose for children to learn from.
Danielle F Walters It's sad how many people feel that because they don't personally agree with another's decision that they can throw their hate, fear and ignorance far and wide. Seriously, she feels like a girl, get over it
Sheila Urlaub So cool that cnn finds a toy that caters to .03% of the population so newsworthy. I can hardly wait for your report on how we need underwater basket weaving classes for lefthanded redheads.
Tabitha Brewster Love it and love you Jazz Jennings. We have been following your journey for years. I also LOVE what you wrote in your comments on it. "Of course it is just a regular girl doll. Because that is what I am, a regular girl." <3
Yosmel Yosh Mantilla I think Jazz is a great role model for all teens. She's a very independent, intelligent, & very well spoken young lady. The fact that shes living her truth shouldn't offend any of you. Stop criticizing & judging something you know nothing about. Just saying.
Glen Urbina How do you make a doll transgender? Giving it a stick and then cutting it off? Note: don't piss off, take the joke. I did read the article and I know it's trans because it was based on a trans individual .
Cynthia Trevino Love CNN, but please rework this post wording (and the article)!! The more I read this paragraph the more upset I become. It is a doll modeled after Jazz Jennings. End of story.
Jackie Newman How the hell are some people making this about politics? So bloody childish...There are transgender people in the world, why not have a doll for them? Is it doing you any harm? NO... Tell you what.... Don't buy it! Simples
CNN10 hours ago

Unfortunately, the officer struggled with the math problem too

Shawna Marie Rose Why the hell does everyone keep bringing up Liberal vs. Conservatives here? This article has nothing to do with politics! It's a sweet story, enjoy it, and quit being a**holes!
Kevin Caloca If you dont like this exchange you take life to seriously. If you try to make this political you really just like to hear yourself talk. This was awesome. Well done by the department.
Katie Bergey As a mom who struggles to help with Math, I love it! It takes a village and I think it is amazing that he took the time to genuinely try and help. As far as mistakes, they happen! That is not the story here. She will remember this and carry it forward. That's the story.
Jabin Emmanuel I love this part "Seeing as the police were up to their task to protect, serve and calculate, Lena didn't stop with just one math problem."😁😁
Janemary Vongdara So cute!! He said he's just happy that the mistake was caught before Draper turned in her homework at school.
Liz Wright Didn't he get the instructions for the second question wrong. PEMDAS, man. Parentheses first, yes, but then you multiply the sum of the second parentheses by 2.
Fox Omondi The beauty of employing literate cops. If this was a Kenyan cop who most likely bribed his way into the force....this post would have been hilarious.
Ronny Sharma A cop that can't do 5th grade math. Sounds about right.
Thomas Cumiskey not many jokes about Trump and his Sweden comments today no..... none.... is that got something to do with tha riots there all last night by immigrants
Ripley Harrington Well with our new education minister Betsy Devos, I think we will do some great things with education. I love all of Trump's picks but she is one of my favorites. #MAGA
Natalia Moreno More cops like this! I would love to see my country happy again! We need more happy news, enough with the politics, let's all be nice one to another. #COPSAREGREAT
Donald Graves After 20't16, these days are few and far between. We need more people like this and less people like donald trump!!! We dont need donald trump period!
Ted Rodriguez Tell me if this sounds familiar: police officers have more important things to do with their time. Where are the parents in all of this. Parents should be the ones answering these types of questions. Oh wait, we aren't blaming parents on this one? I don't understand
Chinedu Temple am scared. The stock market is booming, the pipeline is coming, the wall is coming, immigration control is almost here. Things are terrible. I am scared to protect our borders and keep terrorists out. Poor me. I just want to love everybody and accept anyone that wants to be here. I lash out and destroy because I have that right, it's called the first amendment, duh. Please, don't burst my bubble. I need my safe space. Women are better and funnier. Please, no more big scary orange man. I am shaking in my skinny jeans.
Kerry Branam CNN says this is (satire)... Host Fareed Zakaria Calls For Jihad Rape Of White Women. Zakaria's blog post unapologetically calls to increase the death rate of white Middle America by systematically targeting Caucasian females. "Every death of a white person brings tears of joy to my eyes," Zakaria posted on his Twitter account CNN officials have refused to take action against their employee, stating that there was no evidence of hate speech or racism in Zakaria's writings because he only targeted whites and not minorities.
Carol Madsen Yesterday, "The Donald"s personal attorney confirmed he was meeting with a pro-russian Ukranie and the Russian-born mafia-affilicated guy who used to "rep"Trump in Russia. To NYT he admitted to putting their secret plan on Flynn's desk. To WP, he said he did put the envelope on Flynn's desk. CNN's web page is putting the cyber attack on the USA down the memory hole
Nick Smith Now this has to be one of the most interesting things I've seen in a while. (8+29)×15 = 37×15 = 555. I did that in my head. PERMDAS - do what's in the parentheses first, then the multiply is the only thing left after that. I see the "37×15" as "36×15+15", "(36÷2)×(15×2)+15", "18×30+15", "18×3×10^1+15", "54×10^1+15)", "540+15", then the final 555, for how I did that in my head. When I multiply in my head, I use floating point math, hence the multiplication of a power of 10.
Rodrigo Nogueira Mota On her defense Math is a real emergency case people. How many of you guys lost that nice party because of Math? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Math is that mean ex-wife decided to screw you. I believe that she did the right thing 😂😂😂😂
Siretha Brown For some reason , I belived the America people that goes to those town halls meeting hollering at the Republicans to do there job' sound like Klan Klux Kane.. .
Myra Johns This is a sweet story. Congratulations to the Officer who went well outside his duty to "Serve & Protect". Gives me a positive feeling about our future. Thanks for bring it to us CNN.
Siretha Brown Thanks President , for visting our inherited I was happy to watch the President of the United State of America at the African American musem without him trying to kill us..
Lee Walker The left hasn't been this upset since Republicans freed their slaves
Roxanne Hodge I made the same mistake before reading further down. It's been a long time since I've had to use PEMDAS!
Jennie Brady And some morons can only focus on the part of the story where he made a mistake with the math. So sad......
John Baldea This is the "DICTATORS" that mccain talked about in America and it's NOT Pres Donald J Trump.
CNN was live — at Washington Dulles International Airport.11 hours ago

We’re at Dulles International Airport where Bao Bao the panda will be boarding a FedEx plane for a 16-hour flight to China. She will be in a roomy, customized crate, with a stash of bamboo snacks, apples and sweet potatoes

CNN Read more:
Felipe R. Carmona Black, white, Asian, undocumented and overweight. SAD. Such a nasty panda. Deport her. Time to make American pandas great again!
Molly Stapelman People complain that the news is only about politics and when something else is reported the media gets shamed for it. Can't win for trying. And ease down people- it's a panda. Save travels girl!
Darrell E. Housey Jr. One day we’ll treat humanity with half of the love.. Compassion.. Reverence.. Respect.. That we do to animals…. We really won’t… But it’s a nice thought….
Paula Singleton Jordan we only 'rent' pandas and at any time the agreement is China can have them back. even those born in captivity do not belong to us. bye, bye, baby. have a safe trip home.
Donna King Yes she has snacks and yes she is accompanied by one of her trainer/keepers. No, she is not drugged and is traveling in a crate. She is familiar with the crate.
MaryEllen Wanchick Meagher They are not our pandas. They are on loan from China and must return before 4 yrs old. That's the agreement. She is traveling with one care taker and physician with 6,000 lbs of food,,apples, pears, bamboo.
Jerry Meeples A FedEx plane?! Hopefully she doesn't get stranded on an island like Tom Hank in that movie. I'm sure that's why they packed her plenty of bamboo and apples.
Barbara E Uchurch I love CNN and FedEx, blessings to both!!!
Sharon Griggs Have you noticed since the election all the negativity? Seems like there isn't any kindness about anything anymore. People are so hateful and cruel. Like they don't have a kind or decent bone in their body. 🙁
Lynn Mathers Thanks for the fun you gave Bao Bao. Hopefully your mom will have a new baby soon to give our children hope for the future! Thank you China for allowing our Country to be part of your breeding program
Will James The deal is with China normally we send them back when they turn 4. They are sacred in China and treated like rock stars when they come home
Brenda Morris If you don't have anything nice to say, or on the topic please refrain from being so negative
Luis Roldan Love CNN and thank you for keeping the people well informed.
Victoria Grace I'm excited for the panda but please can't you cover the frightening situation taking place in North Dakota!!?? They are going to raid the Water Protectors camps in less than 24 hours. People are going to get hurt!!
Becca Sharp Patrick Nicholson what does your post have to do with Bao Bao the panda??
Jeff Sommer Sounds better than my 16 hour flight to China last month riding in the back of coach with United Airlines. Bye, Bye Bao Bao!
Felipe R. Carmona Undocumented panda. Living here without papers for 16 years. SAD
Nick Dennis Sharon, the team transporting Bao Bao is a specialized team for animal transport, with Zoo employees also attending. This is not the same as a commercial airline transporting a dog.
Samantha Kat Stevenson Thanks for letting us enjoy your impish ways for a while. Thank you China for letting us enjoy her.
Cathy Chrost Oh no! Did she not have a green card? This new immigration policy it's just awful
Donna Hayes Hey CNN, Can you ask China to send us video/pictures when she arrives so we will know she got there safely please? She is part of our United States family. Thanks.
Lydia Angel Khaytekov So this is what CNN does now that it's been proclaimed to be very very fake news ? Wow what's next CNN filming children feeding peanuts to the elephants at the circus ?
Harley Hill I really worry about any animal who's shipped via airline. I do hope it's better than the luggage compartment where commercial airlines ship crated dogs.
Jean Matlosz Goldberg Bao Bao is carrying secret messages to China, hidden in the bamboo stalks she is eating and they will be retrievable by secret agents when when she takes a dump. This is based upon reliable unnamed sources.
CNN11 hours ago

"Apparently the racism and anti-Semitism wasn't a dealbreaker."
Jonah Goldberg, a senior editor at the conservative National Review was unimpressed by the recent fallout from Milo Yiannopoulos' comments on sex between children and adults

Allen Hena What Milo said isn't free speech, isn't hate speech, it is sick speech. These people who are still defenders of him despite his promotion of pedophilia are terrible and sick people. This is not a left or right thing, this is a WRONG thing. End of story.
Bobbi Verma So pedophilia was the straw that broke the camel's back, everything else was acceptable by their standards? SICK PEOPLE. DISGUSTED DAILY.
Joey Funtjar "Literally 24 hours ago, this guy was viewed as a dynamic young conservative who represents the future of the Republican Party."
Brian Allen CNN stop covering him! Anybody can go out in the world and be controversial and become famous but that can only happen if news networks give him the attention he wants.
Steve Harvey A private company deciding not To print his book isn't an attack on free speech. There's this whole thing about having your name attached to pedophelia that's bad for business. I'm sure the wonderful people at brietbart will help him out
Matthew Coyle Milo's response... A note for idiots (UPDATED): I do not support pedophilia. Period. It is a vile and disgusting crime, perhaps the very worst. There are selectively edited videos doing the rounds, as part of a co-ordinated effort to discredit me from establishment Republicans, that suggest I am soft on the subject. If it somehow comes across (through my own sloppy phrasing or through deceptive editing) that I meant any of the ugly things alleged, let me set the record straight: I am completely disgusted by the abuse of children. Some facts to consider: 1. I have outed THREE pedophiles in my career as a journalist. That's three more than any of my critics and a peculiar strategy for a supposed pedophile apologist. (a) Luke Bozier, former business partner of Louise Mensch (b) Nicholas Nyberg, anti-GamerGate activist who self-described as a pedophile and white nationalist (c) Chris Leydon, a London photographer who has a rape trial starting March 13 thanks to my reporting. 2. I have repeatedly expressed disgust at pedophiles in my journalism. 3. I have never defended and would never defend child abusers, as my reporting history shows. The world is messy and complicated, and I recognize it as such, as this furore demonstrates. But that is a red line for any decent person. 4. The videos do not show what people say they show. I *did* joke about giving better head as a result of clerical sexual abuse committed against me when I was a teen. If I choose to deal in an edgy way on an internet livestream with a crime I was the victim of that's my prerogative. It's no different to gallows humor from AIDS sufferers. 5. National Review, whose journalists are tweeting about this, published an article defending Salon for giving a pedophile a platform. 6. I did say that there are relationships between younger men and older men that can help a young gay man escape from a lack of support or understanding at home. That's perfectly true and every gay man knows it. But I was not talking about anything illegal and I was not referring to pre-pubescent boys. 7. I said in the same "Drunken Peasants" podcast from which the footage is taken that I agree with the current age of consent. 8. I shouldn't have used the word "boy" when I talked about those relationships between older men and younger gay men. (I was talking about my own relationship when I was 17 with a man who was 29. The age of consent in the UK is 16.) That was a mistake. Gay men often use the word "boy" when they refer to consenting adults. I understand that heterosexual people might not know that, so it was a sloppy choice of words that I regret. 9. This rush to judgment from establishment conservatives who hate Trump as much as they hate me, before I have had any chance to provide context or a response, is one of the big reasons gays vote Democrat. 10. In case there is any lingering doubt, here's me, in the same interview the other footage is taken from, affirming that the current legal age of consent is about right: "And I think the law is probably about right. It's probably roughly the right age. I think it's probably about ok. But there are certainly people who are capable of giving consent at a younger age. I certainly consider myself to be one of them, people who were sexually active younger. I think it particularly happens in the gay world, by the way."
Christopher Levy Oh My God a White Supremacist Nazi who is a Jewish Gay but hates gays turns out to be a bad guy afterall. Hmm Who'd have thought? I mean that racism and xenophobia is normal right?
Matt Peters It took me about 30 seconds to figure out that this guy is only saying controversial things to get the publicity. And he's done a bang up job of that. Luckily, his 15 minutes are over and we can move on to more important issues. NEXT!
Loretta Luglio He's an excellent representative of Bannon's Breitbart. Racism, antisemite, woman hating. May as well throw in defense of pedophilia to round it out. Or is that the only one not ok?
Robyn Kumar Well, I need to shower in Lysol after reading this article. Milo is such a vile waste of oxygen... before... I am not sure there is a proper description of how vile he is at this point.
Matt Mags If the racism and anti-antisemitism was ok, but not the pedophilia, you need to stop pretending you were defending him before on grounds of free speech. You just liked what he was saying about minorities.
Jim Stowell If you're going to condemn Milo Yiannopoulos for what he said and did, are you going to do the same to Anthony Weiner? John Podesta? Jeffrey Epstein? Bill Clinton?
Ohad Akhtari Now we'll just have to wait for someone to release trump's sex tape involving him and his children. Apparently conservatives draw the line at pedophilia, maybe even incest. Maybe not.
Teresa Mac So now the right is dropping him like a hot potato after saying that the left was denying his right to free speech. Perhaps those who were protesting were already aware of his podcasts where he supported the idea of men having sex with young boys. I found him vile, self-serving and prone to self-aggrandizement long before that.
Matthew Wilkinson Milo never said he was in support of pedophilia, if you believe that then you haven't watched the full interview of The Drunken Peasants Podcast #193. What happened is someone who doesn't like Milo sat on this interview that happened a year ago and then released parts totally out of context at the time they thought it would hurt him the most, they did the same thing to pewdiepie last week.
Alex Perez Sr. Milo is atypical of a sizable portion of the extreme right neocons and the new Ultra's conservatives. Most are frustrated closet homosexuals and deviant pedophiles..
Ben Gebert why is he involved in our politics? And our issues? He's not even an American, he has a British accent for god sakes! Hello people! Imagine if an American went to another country and popped off at the mouth like him. Just imagine how that would be received.
Ryan P Truesdell Thanks to the liberal "protest" the nation now knows of this man. If they had not protested his speech in Berkley, he still would only have a few fanatics. Talk about a backfire, lol. 😂😂😂
Sharon Pickner And, he has a seat up front and center at white house press conferences. As trump puts it, Milo heads the only honest newspaper. Former Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon, now a key White House adviser, hired the Greek-born Mr Yiannopoulos three years ago.
KJ Nossreve A human mind is not fully matured until around the age of 24-25 depending on the human. So many people seem to justify the age gap among legally mature adults. Although many see age gaps of ten ,twenty years , as predatory. A 17yr old male sleeping with a 29yr old male is no different then a 17yr female with a 29yr old male.. It's wrong in either case. (unhealthy in most cases) It's controlling someone less developed-emotionally as well as mentally. For the means of sex.Just cause this happens does not make it ok. Justification is not acceptable. I can understand why people would not want to support Milo after his comments or statement after the fact. That's my twos cents worth , (hands the soap box off)
Aps Khajuria But you're okay when sites like slate normalize pedophilia for years. Have some consistency will ya. And milo should be getting the criticism he is getting and more of it. Child abuse is not OK. Victims of child abuse, such as milo should be given professional help.
David Chase Hernandez If you voted for Trump or hate him the fact is White people are priviledged enough to try him out.. But you cant say the same for minorities immigrants or dreamers! Alot of broken hearts are crying right now in the background.
Tatyana Mereshensky So "conservative" equals "hateful" ? This idiot is a hateful human being. If the conservatives / Republicans embraced him, you gotta wonder about this "values" thing they keep harping on or hiding behind.
Mekah Hill The sick a$$hole, I have grandsons and just thinking about what he said really pisses me off. What consenting adults do is their business, but stay the hell away from children!!!!
Ana Mere In the videos I saw he jokes about being molested by "father Michael" and claims that he was a "consenting adult" at 13. Not a fan of his or a psychiatrist, but think he needs therapy, not condemnation.
CNN11 hours ago

"You can pass on my respects to the grand mufti, but I will not cover myself up," she insisted.

Shawn House So, if you wore a headscarf out of respect for a muslim nation, then they should remove theirs when they come to non-Muslim countries, no?
Elena Dire Good for her. If he is unwilling to meet with female leaders on equal terms, he doesn't deserve a meeting with any leader at all. This is the 21st Century, no matter how big of a tantrum religious people throw about it.
Jason Taylor I don't like her but I agree with her here. It's one thing to "respect the culture" but it's another when that culture doesn't respect women. Imagine our Congress trying to force women to wear a head scarf. What would liberals of America do? So if we want to pass a misogynistic law we can just pass it off as "our culture"? Liberals lose a lot of legitimacy here when they defend these backward laws in other countries. I want progress for all women all over the world, not just American women.
Crystal Minarik Why do people get in an uproar about Muslim women wearing a headscarf but they don't say anything about nuns wearing one. Paul says in First Corinthians that a woman should cover her head.
Hussein Azmy Good. Her political views might be horrible but she has every right to choose what to wear, when to wear it and whether to attend that meeting or not. If that guy doesn't want to look at her hair then maybe he should shut his eyes instead of requiring others to dress up to his liking.
Bernadette Kuhail Actually, as a Muslim woman who covers, I agree with her. She shouldn't have to cover, no matter who she is meeting with. Its a personal decision, and shouldn't be forced on anyone for any reason. Saudi Arabia is wrong.
Tristin McCarty I don't know why people think liberals would wear the head scarf. I'm a liberal and there is no way I would wear the scarf either. I do however have respect for their religion but that doesn't mean I would ever follow their rules.
Jenifer Deffenbaugh-Gilpin I was taught to respect other cultures & countries. If ur visiting another country u abide by their rules. I visited a country once that didn't allow women to show any legs, out of respect I wore long dresses the entire time I was there. It's called RESPECT!
Saadia Maqsood She is a non Muslim. It should not be mandatory to wear headscarf for her. She has a right to object, but in more decent manner. Declining the visit was a better choice.
Amy Lindemann Cichowski Respect should go both ways. She was told prior to the meeting that she should wear one and could have declined the meeting at that time. Glad she is standing up for her rights, but she could have done this in a more respectful way.
Angela Irving-Fear She states that she would ban all religious symbols in public places. So would this include crosses and Saint Christopher's, or other Christian symbols? What about nuns and priests wearing their habits and collars in public?
Jenny Campbell Pawlik Good for her for standing up for herself and not be forced to do something that she doesn't believe in. Funny how hypocritical this is isn't it? Muslims freak out when they are told to do something and thy defy it and it's ok but this women stands up and says no but it's made into a big deal. So annoying
Angie Clause Really? It's funny how they never demand men from other countries to wear turbans or any other headwear? Why is it a woman from another must abide? She can choose to do so, not forced. There is a difference. When they tell another man how he must dress and enforce it, then this conversation can be on the table. Until then, sit down and shut the hell up.
Jimmy Rodriguez If you are going to be a diplomat you have to be respectful of other people's culture and beliefs. You cant just be a servant to your country, you are a servant to the world as well. Most of these politicians are involve in foreign issues and they should be prepare and aware of the situation in another country, they didn't ask her to change religion, she was asked to cover up! Hell the catholic church does it too if u show too much cleavage! She is not very qualified, sorry! Beautiful France doesn't deserve bigots!
Trevor Franklin So, she wants all immigrants to respect the French culture, but completely disrespects that of the person she is visiting? In India and other countries, you need to cover your shoulders when visiting religious places, in Greece and Asian countries your legs need to be covered. IT'S CALLED RESPECT!!!!!!
Laurie Mitchell Good for her. These leftists wearing hijabs pretending it's solidarity don't realize these are symbols of oppression and subjugation of woman.
Leslie Gonzalez Siguenza You people do realize that many, MANY women of the Islamic faith CHOOSE to wear headscarves because of their faith, not necessarily because they are MADE to. I'm sure that's not the case for all women but many women make the choice due to their religious beliefs. Making or wanting these women to take off their headscarf because YOU believe it is oppressive is ignorant.
Jennifer Lee It sounds like like a publicity stunt. If she had previously been told of the requirement and made the meeting anyways, she agreed to the stipulations. That she changed her mind and told the press, thats just free publicity. Stand for what you believe in even when there is no one to see you do it. I'm not offended by being asked to respect their faith, I would be offended if someone agreed and then changed their mind
Dameron Mason Well based on the article y'all ban headscarfs in Frances so why won't you follow another nations laws? When you make laws prohibiting different things and another nation does the same thing you need to follow their rules. It's only fair...
Alexis Magill Here's my thing, if you want to wear a head scarf, no problem but don't make anyone else do it. You want to dress as a purple dinosaur and call yourself barney, have at it, but don't force it on anyone else. This goes for Christians that don't agree with gay marriage, that's fine but don't force your beliefs on others.
Mohamed Amine Khadiri But French people love it when the princesses from the gulf come over and spend that cheese on the high roller fashion stores in Paris while wearing scarves. Gotta love the global league of hypocrisy. 😂🗽🇺🇸🇲🇦
Matt Mags This doesn't seem like standing up for her rights. This was an unnecessarily public argument designed to drum up conflict. If she didn't want to submit to their customs, that's 100% her right but publicizing it this way seems like she's just doing it for publicity, not to mention offensive to the culture she just dismissed.
Nata Kel-Agius That's wonderful!!!.. Stand up for your rights. Just because we're female it doesent mean we deserve to be seen as a sex symbol and treated as one if not covered from head to toe and if men do see us as constant sex symbols then it's their own issues they need to correct.
Niloufer Khatri As a Muslim woman I agree , let people be. Covering and wearing a hijab is deeply personal. You are basically asking a non-Muslim woman to indulge in hypocrisy. Just lower your gaze when talking to her as men.
Joseph Holder There is no place in the 21st century for state sanctioned discrimination against women. No one should be treated as a second class citizen no matter their race, religion, orientation or gender.
CNN12 hours ago

She was so distraught by her party's nominee that she cried in the voting booth. She cast a ballot for Donald J. Trump anyway and prayed it was the right thing to do.

Now? "So far, I've liked what I've seen," she...

Elizabeth Lewis People supporting bigotry as long as that bigotry is NOT pointed at them will be really surprised when they find out they have a price to pay too. They had better not expect much sympathy
Scott Black Benson Confirmation bias. You've committed to an ideal, and it's more comfortable to ignore the bad and praise what "good" you see, since it means you don't have to admit you made a mistake.
Janelle Wilson CNN is fake news! To Hell with these articles of non sense! This is not news. For the sake of appropriate journalism, tear down this CNN company, including Fox, msnbc, and other opinionated fake news shows. It's all entertainment.
Darci Wren I used to hate when people bashed Trump on here and were so mean and hateful but now I understand that there is one thing most voters dislike...HATE...I hope the Liberal keep being hateful because when the masses go to the polls the democrats are going to lose a massive amount of seats...
Cynthia Westbrook Bryson What?!? This isn't fake news?? CNN is fake news, right? Oh how could I forget......only if it's anti 45 it's fake news. 🙄🙄🙄 I forgot his supporters think they can say what's fake news and what's not. Geeez. Such idiots.
Ripley Harrington She was scared of Trump because the media lied and made him out to be a monster. I never bought the anti-Trump propaganda, but many did. Sad to see the media so crooked and fake. #MAGA
Eugene Stark As Trump said in his campaign, even if he shot someone dead on Fifth Ave in front of hundreds of witnesses, his supporters would remain loyal, I always took that seriously, even litterally. In fact, I believe (perhaps I'm going too far) that if he asked his supporters to start shooting people on Fifth Ave (Muslims, liberals, Hillary?) they would do so.
Charles Gardner Laughter Fake negative news😂🚫 CNN...this is grade school bullying...😂😂😂 These people don't like you...who writes for CNN??? A fourth grader???
John Plunk He's doing exactly what he campaigned on, he's enforcing U.S. laws, the stock market has the highest 30 day gains under any administration since 1909. Trump negotiated a billion dollar savings on the next Air Force One as well as a reduction in the cost of new fighter planes. He has meet with a number of executives to inform them of the penalties of moving jobs overseas. Companies have announced billions of dollars in new investments since his inauguration. The man has been in office a month, it seems that a lot of people expected him to sit on his thumbs like Obama, they have a long eight years ahead of them.
Ibe Bats What has he done???? Nothing except create division. He lies, he is ok'd polluting streams, his law enforcement orders were already in place, allowed his banker buddies to run unchecked, and whines because the media ask questions. He has shown and done nothing! I'm sorry, he continues to show incompetence and tell us how great he is. Sorry my Fuhrer!
Virginia Kavanagh Drew Does no one see his ties to Russia and Putin as being dangerous to American democracy? I don't understand how people can overlook what amounts to Russia interfering in an American election. The other thing I have difficulty with is his blatant lying and obfuscation of "facts". His attacks on the media are, as McCain said, the first signs of a "dictator" in the making. Also his obvious lecherous leanings, can't be denied, they are on tape. How can any woman, who can think for herself, support a misogynist who thinks he can "grab her by the p-ssy" because he considers himself a "celebrity" and "they'll let you do it"?
Holmes Sean Wrong, most hate comes from the right, usually involving the severely religious, again from the right; unfortunately the majority of republicants are severely narcissistic and care only about themselves and their tiny little cultures, usually White; Those whom are in denial are unfortunately doomed to only see their own perspective because they extremely believe only what they hear from their churches and the Limited information they gather from Fox News and other extremely biased news rags. U tend to believe only what you hear and never bother to research and look back in time to see what the truth really is. Should I even bring the concept of critical thinking up, likely not because believe it or not it'll make you see things differently.
Jane Lucas We will see how much they still like him and republicans when and if they do as they want to do and have stated repeatedly they will do and now can. Such as change Medicare to a voucher program which will never pay enough for a decent coverage. Get rid of affordable care act yet they have substandard replacement at best like health savings accounts. (Most people can't save anything for a rainy day, how will they be able to do health savings accounts. Only rich can do that) throw millions children and poor off of Medicaid, reduce social security payout and make people wait until they're 70 to be eligible for benefits. (Many will die before then guess that's what there hoping.) His executive orders so far help rich companies and hurt little guy such as that allowing mining companies to dump pollutants into streams, (who lives in the mining towns near,those streams - not the rich, it's miners) getting rid of endangered species act, roll back EPA regulations so companies can pollute with less restrictions. All of these regulation rollbacks only help the rich and hurt the little guy. Very few jobs will be created by any of this. How is any of this good for anyone other than corporations and the rich? I see nothing for the regular person. I really wanted to be able to accept him as president but thus far I cannot accept his actions, lies and Russian involvment.
Joe Minicilli What policies could they possibly like, what has he really done that has been good? He's been down in Florida golfing three or four times, gave oil companies the opportunity to bribe the government by scrapping Dodd-Frank Act, and gave the mentally challenged the right to buy guns, and still cries about Hillary and his inauguration turnout.
Jeffrey Lage This is why CNN is called fake news. Because you run stories where you are surprised people still support Trump. I didn't vote for him and I don't really support him. But if you want to know why you are called fake news. It's stuff like this. This isn't news or a news story. And this is a top story for you today.
Tess Christenson The ignorance of these people is overwhelming. So far 45 hasn't apologized for all of the horrible things he said during the campaign so, nope, I'm never going to like him. So far, 45 hasn't acted a bit presidential. So far, 45 has proven himself a disgrace and he repulses me. That people know how grotesque he is and still support him is a reflection on their lack of character. For those who refuse to look, 45 has all the makings of a dictator.
Phillip Day Wait 18 months when his policies kick in, then lets talk. When your drinking water is polluted and your financial accounts are hit with large fees because of consumer protections and financial regulations removed. Understand the deregulation gives control to large corporations and the top1% to take control or you and your life............any questions?
Cyndi Heston McCaig This is how cowardly bullies operate. They take campaign contributions from the wealthy and the powerful, and then beat up on the children, the elderly, the sick and the poor. Not only will Republicans push cuts to school lunch programs, they will go after the Legal Services Corporation, affordable housing, food stamps, Pell grants and any federal program that protects those in need. And then they will reward their campaign benefactors with hundreds of billions in tax breaks.
Holmes Sean I think it's funny that most of you don't realize Trump is a liberal and that he just pulled the wool over your eyes and is just doing what you wanted to because he knows you'll reelect him no matter what he does; what does this really say about the Trump supporter ? Liberals and conservatives seem to fool themselves into believing that they somehow know something the other doesn't, but truthfully you are all pretty much the same, biased and easily swayed. 98% of you get stuck on one tiny little belief and want to run with it until you make yourself look well, let's just say extremely childish, just like your role model Donald Trump. LMMFAO. It's okay everybody go ahead and cry, I can supply the tissue for a dollar box.
Pamela Krosp Gannon I believe, if he is given the opportunity to actually get his cabinet in place, stop being hounded by the media with lies and accusations and the Dems stop their crazy witch hunt, he will be a great President.
Jonathan Rocker So after everything he said, how he's treated people, all the damage and these people saw that and was like this is a great guy. Take a long look at the people on this list. Amoral bunch of morons. That's what this says to me.
Pamela Krosp Gannon After reading all the above comments, I believe that the liberals are winning. In the hateful, bigoted, turn a blind eye, closed minded kind of way. Just read them.
Julie Evers-Belczynski Right?! What's not to love? We've waited a long time for positive change; I'm loving President Trump, his cabinet picks and his implemented policies as well!! If people are afraid of being booted, it's only because they don't belong here. I would be concerned too, if I weren't following laws. 👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽🇺🇸🗽❤️💙
Patty Holmes This is the first article I have read from CNN that actually reports some of the positive facts about Presidents Trump. Maybe try to balance your reporting in the future and let the public make their own decisions? News reporting has turned into editorials rather than the facts.
Wayne Dome People attacking those who express their opinion instead writing their own opinion are in for a big surprise. Your hate speach is permanently being recorded,as you go for job interviews ,your going to be judged and judged and passed over and passed .Thousands of companies are looking at your hate talk.Haters going to hate but it will come back.😎😎
CNN12 hours ago

We're about to meet some strange new worlds beyond our solar system

Joshua Duncan Starks Hopefully one that can sustain life. These Trump humpers need to go somewhere. A shame they are so bulky though. Going to need to make twice as many trips.
Branden Rose If you're reading this, please know that you're loved and never alone. The present is not the future, Those who are discouraged tend to see their present problems as overwhelming and can’t envision their future as being any better! Give yourself strength, be mindful of where your future can take you. You're a special person because there is nobody in this world who is exactly like you! Make today you conquer the world, God bless you!
Jonah Stabone Please Dear God don't let them discover aliens while this idiot is president, how embarrassing would that be, to have Trump meeting them, they'll turn around and leave immediately 'these people are creeps'
Joel Novatne Until we start thinking as a species rather than countries it doesn't matter. The greatest risk to the human race is that it exists only on one planet. Until we start colonizing other planets, moons, etc we are doomed.
Steve Augustin I gave up on science, once i got old and realize, we wont be living in the sky. Nor flying around in spacecars like the Jetsons cartoon. Like I was so looking forward to adulting in the scientific future.
Ieva Mili yh we are kinda able to discover new planets and explore our universe but still are unable to get money refund faster lol
Caprice Dixon Can you imagine the issues on immigration and immigrants from different planets! Let's make earth great again. Thousands of earth refugees float away into milky away as they flea earth in over loaded hot air balloons.
Shayne Popy Fairman I believe everything we have been force fed about the Universe, nature, science and religiobd are lies to make us conform, and believe with our paying dollars!
Peter Yazzie The Hopis call it the Blue Star or Blue Planet. The Navajos call it Soo' dije' e (the sticky star) or Soo' adi jiihi (the star or planet with strong gravity). The great Arrow people once became corrupted , the Deities on these sticky planets sent meteors that destroyed the Arrow people around Meteor Crater and Painted Desert. Our Elders prophecied of these Future Events.
Hasmik Margaryan They spend their lives IN VAIN trying to find smth while we need just to live on the earth with love and true hearts.
Ireton Ross NASA full of caca..First they should be telling us about the new planets floating around our solar system..Then after we digest that maybe we could entertain outside our galaxy..Why you think artic melting ,and erratic wether,and most of all chemtrails..And operation blue beam..NASA suks just like Satan .Da lying gov..And all wicked people and beings..Print dat..
Rock Flores I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I've learned after 21 years - you never know what is gonna come through that door.
Erik De la Rosa I'm not surprised that there are more worlds beyond Pluto in this solar system. God is thee creator of all worlds. So it shouldn't be a surprise to those who believe in God.
Nida Aizaz That would be interesting. I'm reminded of the movie Interstellar where they found a parallel universe and other earth like planets.
Nevada Smith Maybe we should invest in our own planet and combat climate change instead of trying to explore the universe. 75% of this planet is still a mystery to us.. we are finding new species of animal and plants everyday.. maybe we should invest money in finding plants that have toxins that can combat life threatening illnesses we have right now.. but hey that's just a thought.
James Beeche Heaven is one of them. God is real and he is going to judge the ungodly Trump haters, the liars, the baby killers, the pedophiles, the homos. Not everyone that hates Trump is going to hell but there sure will be a large proportion of them go there if they don't repent. Not every trump supporter will make it to heaven either but they sure are on a much more similar page to God then the trump haters. Ultimately it's what we do with Jesus that determines our eternal destiny but I must say I'd hate to be standing before God trying to explain why I subscribed to the leftwing socialist view point. Repent for the kingdom of God draws nigh John 3.16
Ricky Ferrigan Pre-Planet X propaganda implanting into your subconscious. Just another way to explain away Revelations playing out. Space = fake. NASA = deceivers. Earth = flat.
Ingar Einar Fuglseth If NASA finds a habitable planet, humans have something to reach for. Remember, reaching the moon was just dreams.. winged horses..
Haiden J Spring The universe will not be getting crowded as a result of any discovery. The so called planet has been there, only he who created it knows how long. If scientists are going to going to create a new plant by themselves and floating it off into the unknown, then we could talk about getting crowded. Nothing is being added in space except human devices, everything else is left to be discovered or has been discovered. We have a long way to go with our understanding of space and its purpose.
Janet Derouin All you people just have to condemn even when our president does good and tries to address things I don't know why user so upset you should really look at what he's trying to do instead of condemning everything he does
Nick Atkins What could possibly be so important to announce? I'm guess they were actually able to directly image one for the first time
Tim Casey CNN fake news, is fake news. How do you get thousands of protesters out, that have no idea of what they are protesting. You get unions to buss people in. How do you get the union member to go? You give them a paid day off of work to go. So they rather walk the streets having fun chanting holding signs up, rather then working. They still get paid, so they are paid protestors. This is what the majority of paid protestors are, paid by. Next you have provocateur which are paid. These protestors usually a dozen to a few hundred, are paid highly. They dress in black and break stuff. They are protected by highly paid lawyers. Also police are told to leave them alone. CNN fake news is fake news.
Luke Burton cnn is like the parents that tell their children just a small part of the truth with a spin on it to get their children to see the world how they think it should be. cnn's viewers are like 25 year old children living in their parents house because they can't cope with reality .( snowflakes)
Roar Flem Skulstad The universe dont care . It make life, and take life... but take it easy... maybe in a million, ore billion years.... we will be long gone by then ....
Barbara Jansen In CNN, their OPINIONS are considered NEWS. Just give us the facts. We don't need to be swayed, cajoled, convinced, manipulated, or influenced. JUST THE FACTS, men, JUST THE FACTS. Otherwise you are FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CNN13 hours ago

Vandals damaged about 100 headstones at a Jewish cemetery on Monday, police say

Joseph T Allen I guarantee that the animals that did this are Trump Republicans. Guaranteed. Find them. Prosecute them...and lock them away forever.
Bobbie Rubright This is what the reporter was talking about until you rudely told him to sit down and made his question about you. The presidency doesn't give you the right to be rude , overbearing and irrational to these reporters. I hope you have called him and apologized. Something I doubt.
Sovran Noli Looks like you're having more trouble with anti-semitism in the US than we've ever had here in Sweden... this has never happened here. Daniel, Linoy
Tissy Jan This is disgusting behavior of what happens when our Govt. does not condemn racism, bigotry and deplorable actions. He incites this with his base and they act on it.
Tina Chaffee It's terrorism. Bomb threats and grave desecration . . if this were happening to white Christians, I think we would call it out for what it is.
Jody Freeman I ask my myself this question everyday why are humans so ignorant and evil. I hate the world 🌎 w live in it has become a truly sad 😭 place on earth 🌏
Courtney Merrill Why do people say it can't be a Trump supporter because Trump's daughter is Jewish. No one said Trump did it himself. I'm not saying it was a Trump supporter or not, just that the argument that Trump has family that is Jewish doesn't mean a supporter of him couldn't possibly do this.
Pat Fortescue Disgraceful regardless of which cemetery it is. I guess we're turning into a world where we have to have hidden cameras all over the place - there is not reason on earth that people will not get away with this. I would say this is a hate crime - just my opinion.
Lynn Bollinger We must not accept this as just another news story. This is the evil that lurks too near the surface of prejudice and hate that has risen to bold actions in the recents months. We must who remember and are determined not to let any of this happen again in our country must voice our outrage and not let the media or authorities become lax in their pursuit of these villains. We shall never forget!
Walid Magd Hate knows no reason. People don't hate for a reason, they hate because they are haters. Stop trying to rationalize it. Just resist and get this ignorant hater out of power
Brian Davis This is a direct result of Donald J Trump's call to hate. He is an agent of Satan and those who follow him abide in darkness. No one who knows God could tolerate Trump's influence.
Karsen Wilson The fact the you donald claim to be the least antisemitic person in the world is the reason this is happening, because you refuse to denounce and stand for what is right. You're a horrible person. Kids look at Presidents as role models but in your case you're the model not to be... #CantWaitTilYouAreImpeached
Doris Winn Bornkessel This is just so sad and so disrespectful. And what exactly does it accomplish? If you want to protest something try being pro-active instead of being destructive.
Rosemary Fusco Colaizzi When he was asked at a press conf. about the anti Semitic incidents that are happening since he was inaugerated he didn't respond to the question. Our so-called president kept talking about himself and how he is not anti Semitic. He is unable to function as president. Ask him to resign and let Pence take over. He has to handle all the important things and is already doing this. I don't like him either but at least he can do the job.
Kim Noles This should be when our President steps in with words of healing, sympath, and guidance. Instead, he's trying to side step lying about an attack in Sweden. Sad.
Cindy Hebert In New Orleans we have several "historic" cemeteries, and the work of vandals is always evident. Such a terrible loss, esp. for those families who are no longer around to maintain their families' tombs, headstones, etc. 🙁
Katie Kertesz This is so sad. People have no respect for others anymore. This probably happened before Trump took office just not as bad. Trump condones this behavior! I don't care if his grandson is Jewish. Look how he treated that Jewish reporter!! The government hates all if your not a white catholic republican.
Marilyn Heltsley Never once has Trump condemned these racist racist people think it is ok to be this way. He is president now, of all the people in this nation whether they voted for him or not. He should be condemning behavior that hurts all people. I do not see or hear him supporting this.
Keith Kittrelle Someone slept through their "hate lecture". Muslims and Mexicans are the in thing now. Discrimination against Jews....that's so 70's and 80's (sarcasm)
Ray Winkowski WTF our country is going to hell. We have freedom in our land but to destroy and spread hate. How many are your neighbors.Wake up America.
Eric Michael Cavazos Matthew Mejia the same can be said about liberals and their view on Rep. Both sides are wrong and need to reevaluate their agendas. The facts are the media is liberal and pushed for their party and had their own biased ways of pushing things onto the American people. I don't think its fake news I think is misinformed news to support democratic party. If Hillary would have won we would not be having the same discussions we are today. America needs to wake up and learn how to educate themselves and understand that the people are what make this country great not who sits in office. We need to come together and learn to respect each others views whether we agree or not those are the principals we were founded on. Our forefathers are turning in their graves with what our country has become.
Jack Bisikirski Stand them back up and make them stronger. The next time a ignorant bully tries to push them over make sure they can't or hurt themselves trying. The Nazi's used Jewish headstones to pave side walks and roads. This is not a new idea. Desecrating cemetary's what a bunch of cowards and bullies.
Alton Al B Barnes Absolutely disgraceful, disgusting, dishonorable! These over privileged animals Do Not represent all Americans. Ones' character and moral values show what they are truly made of. And this was the act of cowards who will never admit their crimes because they know they are timid weak minded infidels. To persons of all creed, ethnicities, colors and cultures... I Stand With You!
Khaled Farid Never think that you can teach people to hate one particular religion and at the same time ask them to stop there. If you teach people to hate and vandalize, you are teaching them the idea that it is ok to hate and vandalize. You cannot teach eveil and then ask for selective good behaviour.
Alan Travers It doesn't matter whether it was a Jewish cemetery ,or it was purchased in whatever year or it was in whichever country you care to mention these stones were a personal epitaph to a dead person. Shame on the scum that has done this.
CNN was live.13 hours ago

We're at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC, where Bao-Bao the panda is preparing for her trip to China. Source: National Zoo #ByeByeBaoBao

Rafa Rodriguez Did that big orange orangutan escape again? I heard there was a sighting of him near the White House
Oscar Ramos Was that Panda in the US illegally? Is that the real reason it's going back to China?
Christopher Henley I'm surprised how so many people turned this into a political post within the first minute of being posted.
Nikki Harris I would appreciate seeing CNN live from Standing Rock, please and thank you! I think this panda will be just fine.
Pamela Sellers China has a program that has worked to repopulate the panda community. Zoos in DC, San Diego and Atlanta "rent"
Kristy Reger All pandas from around the world are owned by China and have been put out in to the world and rented by the zoos china has made a breeding program for pandas we are allowed to keep the baby pandasfor a small time
Julie Roman Happy life Bao-Bao Save travels sweetie! Enjoy your new family of fur over there and the good humans that will care for you! <3
Sheri Nolen Ramsey Kelley Mitchell I suppose they should have come out with him arm in arm like they were buds... The level of ignorance makes this stuff not fun or interesting to watch!!
Karen Wheeler Jenkins More internationally translated news and less "fluff" Bao Bao is fluffy and this, although interesting, isn't really newsworthy. This is the problem with U.S. media, no real news.
Deborah Jamison Hand I sure hope that this long trip goes well, and that she will LOVE her new home and thrive!!! I loved Watching this little 🐼 panda after birth!! Just amazing animals 💛
Timothy P. Wolf Who cares anyway. China is where it belongs. Only left wings nuts care more about an animal the the unborn children anyway.
Kevin L. Hudson My wish for the world is that one day the media will treat live feeds with the same production values as regular broadcasts. Clack-clack-clack!
Joe Coughlin I'm imagining her getting on the helicopter and saluting like Nixon.
Tiffany Thibideau Alm Bye Bao Bao! Can't wait to meet, and admire, other pandas at the National Zoo!
Kirsten Kat Putt even if a panda is born here, it still belongs to china. every panda in the world is on loan from china.
Mary Ellen Carew Tell the woman in blue to get out of the way so we can see more.
Tammy Christine Cooper This one would be a good one to add the link to the story on CNN. you get a gold star for replacing 11 Awful stories with this good one. Thank you, Management
Corey Day There's an 8 year old in Minnesota who will miss you Bao Bao
Brooke Parker Hill Yes, there are breathing holes. FedEx always transports the pandas in special transport crates and on their own plane.
Hayder Mtir The panda is the first surviving cub born at the National Zoo since 2005. Her older brother Tai Shan left the National Zoo for China back in 2010. Their youngest sibling, Bei Bei, was born last year in August. :'(
Robert Lawson Zoo's are antiquated and barbaric. Close them all.😡🐻🦊🦁🐵🐼🐨🐒🐬🐋🦍. Why do we need to cage animals, it's not 1933, when people wanted to see them. One can just look on the internet and see any animal in there natural habitat.
Lisa H. Lone Fight Federal Express??? I hope there are breathing holes in the box!
Angel Morales Is this part of a deportation raid?
Paul Yannick Z China doesn't sell Panda to other countries. They lent it only for a specified period
Ashleigh Thompson You ever left home or been taken from your home... and missed home?! Well yes... glad this is happening... I know this PANDA WILL BE PROTECTED🙌
CNN13 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump, speaking at the National Museum of African American History and Culture: "The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centers are horrible and are painful and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done..."

Moh Qaoud Dear Donald Trump haters, please respect him. I owe him my life. Early this January,i had been in a coma for 6 months. Then one day my nurse turned on the TV to his campaign,So i woke up and turned it off..
Brandon Horan Interesting that he is calling for that now. Last week when a Jewish reporter asked him about this very issue, he was silenced and told to sit down. Sad he had to be pressured by a bomb threat to bringing it up. Most insincere president.
Michael Cardamone He use to mock Obama for reading . What's he doing? Reading! Which is a good thing because he has about 10 words in his little vocabulary- bigly, tremendous, disaster, believe me, great respect for, and I'm great.
John Joseph 1. He called Hillary Clinton a crook. You bought it. Then he paid $25 million to settle a fraud lawsuit. 2. He said he’d release his tax returns, eventually. You bought it. He hasn’t, and says he never will. 3. He said he’d divest himself from his financial empire, to avoid any conflicts of interest. You bought it. He is still heavily involved in his businesses, manipulates the stock market on a daily basis, and has more conflicts of interest than can even be counted. 4. He said Clinton was in the pockets of Goldman Sachs, and would do whatever they said. You bought it. He then proceeded to put half a dozen Goldman Sachs executives in positions of power in his administration. 5. He said he’d surround himself with all the best and smartest people. You bought it. He nominated theocratic loon Mike Pence for Vice President. A white supremacist named Steve Bannon is his most trusted confidant. Dr. Ben Carson, the world’s greatest idiot savant brain surgeon, is in charge of HUD. Russian quisling Rex Tillerson is Secretary of State. 6. He said he’d be his own man, beholden to no one. You bought it. He then appointed Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, whose only “qualifications” were the massive amounts of cash she donated to his campaign. 7. He said he would “drain the swamp” of Washington insiders. You bought it. He then admitted that was just a corny slogan he said to fire up the rubes during the rallies, and that he didn’t mean it. 8. He said he knew more about strategy and terrorism than the Generals did. You bought it. He promptly gave the green light to a disastrous raid in Yemen- even though all his Generals said it would be a terrible idea. This raid resulted in the deaths of a Navy SEAL, an 8-year old American girl, and numerous civilians. The actual target of the raid escaped, and no useful intel was gained. 9. He said Hillary Clinton couldn’t be counted on in times of crisis. You bought it. He didn’t even bother overseeing that raid in Yemen; and instead spent the time hate-tweeting the New York Times, and sleeping. 10. He called CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times “fake news” and said they were his enemy. You bought it. He now gets all his information from Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and InfoWars. 11. He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done. You bought it. He took his first vacation after 11 days in office. On the taxpayer’s dime. And went golfing. To sum it up I am Muslim register me , I am Mexican deport me , I am African American lock me up , I am LGTB refuse to service me , I am poor blame me , I am elderly privatize me , I am woman defund me , I am homeless ignore me , I am disabled bully me , I am sick uninsured me , I am indigenous poison me , I am a veteran voucher me . Are these not the actions of a sick president destroying democracy and the American way of life right at its core ? We won't get to much into the fact that he has pissed off many allies , insulted many governments and three nations have threatened nuclear war . While Russia sits off the coast unabated ! And that’s just the first month. Under I obamas leadership There has been 76 consecutive months of private sector job growth (16M jobs) leading to an unemployment rate of under 4.8%. Gas is hovering around $2.00 a gallon. Banks are solvent and the foreclosure crisis is over. The stock market has increased almost 14000 points since 2009. My health insurance is just $85/month (thanks to Obamacare) and my car insurance is just $25/month (from Insurance Panda). The big 3 has had record sales and would have gone bankrupt under Republican leadership. And U.S. soldiers are no longer dying by the thousands. Saying he inherited a mess is clearly more #AlternativeFacts.
Nava Be This man is the EPITOME of bigotry, hate & intolerance!!! His remarks are laughable & I'm wondering how the lightening didn't strike him down the second he opened his mouth.
Amy Smeraglio I guess it's only ok when he's talking down to minorities and religious groups. Such a disgusting hypocrite. I wonder how President Bannon feels about this issue?
Josh DuBose Remember when he tweeted this? "Sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won't see another black president for generations!" I sure do.
Jibri Person I wonder if he still thinks Frederick Douglas is alive.
Lawrence Byrnes He can't be antisemitic, or anti anyone at all, since he can't recognize or acknowledge any of 'those things' around him as 'people.' In his narcissist sociopath personality disordered mind there is only one real person in his universe - himself.
Timothy Grill I didn't see the whole thing, but am I the only one wondering why he's talking about anti Semitics at the African American museum?
Amanda Grissom Williams I agree that anti-semitism needs to stop, but it's past time for him to have addressed that, so why did he choose to discuss it after touring an African American museum?! Idiot.
Heather Eckel Sure many months after you accepted the support of the KKK and put white supremacists in your cabinet now you want to end intolerance.
Bob Magee FINALLY. Now will he decide to reveal that in many's anti-Semitic white supremacists who are committing the acts? Supremacists that supported him?
Ozgur Tarakci Why he picked to talk about this issue African American Museum? Are they any African American Jews there? He doesn't know where, when, how to talk!!
Liz Lowry Great. He's finally addressing the anti semetic attacks at the national black history museum? Next week at the Holocaust Museum he will address the suffering of all African Americans throughout our nation's history makes sense . yeah. Ugghhh.
Tracy Needom Yeah he really learned alot and was moved after touring a building with 10 floors of history in 1 hr.... This was a again a photo op and MLK's niece using her uncle to try and give chump some black credibility is a disgrace and insult to his name, memory and what he fought and died for...
Robert Turner The words are good, but he looks very uncomfortable being forced to read, badly, these thoughts clearly written by someone else. Also his cabinet members and staff, half being openly racist, makes these sentiments all the more hollow. That said, I appreciate him trying to stay on point, and say proper presidential speeches instead of his usual hate and vitriol against his many, many perceived enemies, half of which are other Americans. Hopefully we will begin to see more of this, and less of his campaign style rhetoric. Maybe he will even start to believe it himself and begin being a leader instead of a whiny, twitter-happy man-child.
CH Curtis He has been so horrible and his statements so unpresidential that when he is able to fumble through a presser without screaming, saying fake news or being belligerent- he gets credit. His comments are always all over the place. And the comme t about he likes states where he won by double digits!!! Out of order, what did that have to do with anything?!
Dee Thomas cnn cant u see he just wants you to get off russia, it takes 2 days to go through the museum and he's finished already lmbo
Dustin Moors The first way to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred is by setting an example for others to follow. This president has done a very poor job of that, thus far.
Joshua Glener Trump seems to perpetually be a day late and a buck short (how ironic on the latter)! Why didn't he make a statement condemning antisemitism when Jake Turx asked him about it. Seems like he always needs extra time for someone else to crystallize his thoughts and then will speak of it a few days later.
Deborah Joy Lance Trump could care less about African American History. As soon as he gets Mexicans and Muslims out of the United States his next move is to try and send Black People back to Africa! This Is Real Fake News/Show, SMH!
Michael Stoner Morgan I have a hard time taking this seriously when he only says this after immense pressure. Why did it take so long? It is good that he is saying something about it, but is it real or is he just doing it to save face?
Sherri Burt I just came bye to see the inferno! did our museum go up in flames,our ancestors must be rolling in there graves that the devil man stands in our holy place??
Jon Aleshire He must read what does not come naturally. Take the paper away and he will spill insults and praise himself.
CNN was live — at Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.13 hours ago

We're watching President Donald Trump speak live at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC.

Molly Darden This visual reminds me of the times he threw black people out of his rallies, and allowed his white supporters to sucker punch them -- even promising to pay their legal bills.
Camille Hartley He's a clown n my black community knws he will do nothing but destroy some more. He cant speak publicly. Not my president. Im embarrassed when he speaks
Linell Marie Grundman You are dividing the country!!! Your are threatening our national security and global confidence!!!! The divisions in our country have increased tremendously since you were elected!
Terri Hanicak Ben Carson is standing there looking like "how much was selling my soul worth??"
Brei Corday I hate how he thinks because Carson is black putting him in HUD is going to help the black community. Black people are not the only people who live in hoods, ghettos and trailer parks.
Linell Marie Grundman Sick and tired of the declarations about how incredible, wonderful, your team will do. With a scant few exceptions, your team is the most unqualified we have ever had!
Wilhelmina Perry He has to read because he know nothing of Black history. He is a fraud
Levi Springs IV Donald you're the last person to bring this country together. You've torn it apart in just a few weeks!
Mike Dean "I'm here to take a tour with Frederick Douglas, its gonna be huge. Obama never got this invite...what? He is? Apparently the media is saying hes deceased. Fake news!"
Helene Hughes He's such a fake! Obviously reading what someone has written for him! No heart.
Carl Tucker This is the ONLY TIME you'll see him near black people.
Sherrie Segovia Ty Kopp "I love the states where I won by double, double digits", yes folks, this is the president of only the states that voted for him.
Stacee Yuresko Adelman I see he brought Ben Carson to prove he knows a person of color...and his daughter-wife
Sheri Gibson His wife looks great. Oh wait...that's his other wife - Ivanka.
Matt Finston Stop. Talking. About. The. Election. You lost the popular vote. Get over it.
Becky Perry Salinas "I invented African American people. And then I created this museum to pay tribute to all the great things I helped them to do."
Letty Bell Hawthorne Did Frederick Douglass give the tour? Since he's been recognized "more and more" and all.
Meghan Macomber He is incapable of making a speech and Not bringing up how "amazing" he is. There he goes "love anywhere I won by double digits". I can't even.
Paula Singer He could at least PRETEND he believes what he is reading! It would have been prudent to read it over a few times before reading it out loud!
Jean Sorbet Scott I have to read what he says after. He is too painful to watch. He has the vocabulary of a small child who is unocmfortable iwth his surroundings and just wants to go home and eat candy.
Krista Sellers Also HUD doesn't just help African Americans, they are lots of white people who have HUD housing...
Chris Hatcher Dear Donald Trump haters, please respect him. I owe him my life. Early this January,i had been in a coma for 6 months. Then one day my nurse turned on the TV to his campaign,So i woke up and turned it off..
Katrina Morris All I hear is whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp...he is a joke and you cannot take anything he says serious...I cannot stand his least he looks normal color today and not like an orange 😂😂
Joyce Jeffers Francis Please liberal crybabies......Stop complaining about everything . Don't you realize how Blessed you are to live in America and have will get no where by your whining like a two year old
Jake Kasperski He just couldn't leave it at freedom for African Americans....had to make sure he said everyone. As if white people haven't been free. What a moron!
CNN was live — at Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute.14 hours ago

We're watching Bao Bao the panda as she relaxes in her enclosure at the National Zoo. She leaves for China later this morning.

CNN We'll try and carry Bao Bao's trip to the airport, and if we get it, when she boards the plane -- dubbed the "Panda Express."
CNN We'll be back.
Regina Stallings I can't believe what I am seeing because of the "fake news" that is broadcasted. So, what's happening is not "really" happening! 😂😂😂
Roxanne Czaster Mariniello If you really love Pandas contribute to saving their natural environment so that they do not need to be displayed as entertainment and imprisoned in zoos.
Felicia Afifi Everyone who is complaining that this is fake news all could have watched something else. You saw the headline and knew exactly what this was.
Lisa-Marie Crockett Hey CNN wouldn't you think it would be better tv and ratings to show LIVE instead of just saying your live. bad news reporting
Crystel Pennington I'm guessing no one in this live stream been to the national zoo. It's so hard to get a peek at the pandas. Just wait or leave
Brenda Morris Really people?! I don't understand your negative and political comments regarding a beautiful Panda.
Bridget Taylor Straight ahead you can see a small bit of fur between the trees.
Rita Plantamura hhahhha, Martin is so funny. CNN shows a video with NO panda. I still eating my popcorn and soda watching and reading science fiction.
Cecilia Ceci Peru good bye Bao Bao, have a safe trip to China, hopefully one day I can visit you!
Chaney Lou Perdue Bennett Wish you people would keep up with the news. The Chinese gave us her parents, with the understanding that a panda baby would be given to them before it reached the age of four. Bao Bao turns four in April.
Numan Shah All immigrants need to leave this country… Go back to China 🇨🇳
Emily George We lived right across Connecticut Ave from the zoo entrance from 1979-1984. When my daughter was born our daily walks were into the National Zoo. I loved cool crisp days and watching the animals enjoying the weather.
Matt Chorey Great, this is going to instigate another presidential press conference.
Gizem Korkmaz meanwhile, she is enjoying bamboo leaves 🙂 watch her live at:
Patricia Smith If only China cared for its people like it does for Pandas!
Joe Karasin Thank God we are deporting these illegals! Go back to China
Owen Crumbaugh CNN a legit brainwash media station brought to you by the elite
Pic Jess This is going to be long.. Get popcorn. Or tequila whatever u prefer
Ipe Almenario I'm watching the trees as it relaxes on a warm sunny!
Amanda Bredemann No one hates on Pandas. And they are black, white and Asian. All the love..
Elaine Galloway Why cant China give us a Panda we sure have given them enough business over the years and Pandas are not endangered anymore.
Willie Escobar Collins China eats dog! That panda going to be on a dinner table. 😁
Pic Jess Looks like CNN should hold a live anger management class 😂
CNN14 hours ago

This is how hate symbols like the swastika are evolving, and how people hide them in plain sight.

Graham Hayward Yeah I got my Cnn tattoo removed because CNN is biased against tax paying citizens. .....CNN is another symbol of hate against americans ......they will cater to everyone but Americans. glad it's gone....
Prithvi Sridhar Let me tell you one thing CNN - Swastika is NOT a hate sign. It was wrongly adopted by Hitler. It's worldwide symbol of peace. Ironically Hitler took it in a different angle.
Thomas Keith Hatred and deceit under the guise of democratic process. It's the unraveling of tolerance and peace. One day these evil people will be exposed just as any hateful lot eventually are.
Greg Boivin #fakeliberalnews, #liberalsspreadinghatemessage, #Liberalsfearmongering, #liberalsstilltryingtodivide. And yet you have no statistics that these symbols are getting put on more people, only a change in style that same a-holes who got them before are still getting them. Your message is to insinuate a rise of these symbols under a Trump presidency--CNN--your nothing better than the National Enquirer now.
Allen Hena Racism is a disease and we need to start treating it as one. We can't just shun people who have it. There needs to be treatment or else those people will continue to be marginalized and fester their hate.
Ester Wilhelm I figure if it resembles the German symbol they are white Nazis. If they carry a conquered enemy's flag (Confederate) they are racist or redneck, possibly both.
Nancy Dean Shippey We know what this network is trying to do.....make it look like there is this rise in White Supremacy. I'll tell you, for the life of me, I don't know where these people are. I've lived 48 years and never known one...even remotely. So, not sure if we are being played here, but I am guessing that if reporters actually looked into the destruction to all of these Jewish Centers, etc., you would fine something VERY different than what you are trying to presume.l
Rick Montenegro To me the rainbow flag is a symbol of hate. It demands tolerance, but it's unwilling to give it to those that have different views.
Michael Ashby I'm furious that the Othala rune is being dragged into this category now because of ignorant and racist individuals using it as their symbol. It's ancient and part of the elder futhark. It's a rune closely related to Odin and inheritance and home NOT HATE.
Mohammed Rahman That's beyond one could imagine. I as a Muslim strongly condemn this horrible act. I know how it's feel to be discriminated 😡 still waiting for our president to denounce all the threats against people especially minority and Jews centers around the country.
Prerna Patra I hate seeing the swastika as a sign of hatred. I have no idea why the Nazis adopted the swastika as their symbol since it stands for everything opposite to what they believed in.The swastika is a sacred symbol of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. All these religions preach peace and love and are one of those rare religions on earth that never waged religious wars to forcefully convert people. It stand for "auspiciousness" and most importantly "creation", not "destruction" as the Nazis acted. I hate seeing this symbol so degenerated in the world when we here in India use it for all our festivals and auspicious rituals to mark good deeds, happiness and prosperity.
Scott Little CNN wants you to think that white supremacy is wide spread.Im 42 lived in the south and the Midwest.Never came across a Nazi or a kkk member.What i have ran across is wide spread hate for whites.It seems to be getting even worse now.
Kristopher James Arcand Wasn't the Swastika a symbol of good luck? Like I mean I understand that the Nazi Party used it in a horrific way. Plus the last time I saw a Swastika tattoo was on Charles Manson... Didn't realize that was new growing trend... Must be fake news XD lol
Jennifer Henney-Caudle I hate how the iron Cross is part of this garbage. The cross had nothing to do with hate until the Nazi Germany used it with the swastikas. So forever more it will be seen as hate. Sad
Sapna Ja FYI, the swastika was/is originally a Hindu religious symbol. It was twisted and misused by the nazis....
Phillip Ross I like to spend time in Bali which is predominately Hindu. The swastika there is a symbol of the four faces of Braham (order, wealth, desire, liberation) but to the ordinary population is represents a variety of things to them like home and hope. I will occasionally wear the symbol out of respect for the people I know in Bali and will not let the Nazis disgrace the symbol or others that do not know its history make negative assumptions about why I occasionally wear it. and make me feel I have to hide it.
Dylan Newitt Even if CNN is being crazy biased, why are ya'll trying to justify a swastika...? Ps, the peaceful swastika was flipped and the Nazi swastika was mirrored. So, it's not entirely identical.
Mark Arthur What's the point of this article? CNN promoting hatred. CNN is trying to blur the lines so everyone is accusing everyone of hate without knowing context or history behind someone's ink. Why? They think that Donald Trump is a member of the White supremacist group or their leader. Shameful! How about instead of judging. We get to know each other before we start making conclusions.
Leon Wilcox Plenty of hate being pushed all around the world from every race on this earth. Some Human Beings are just pathetic racist Pos nothing more. If you hate me based on the color of my skin you're a RACIST
Chris Robles You can't ban hate or symbols, it will reappear in another form. You fight hate with compassion, let them hate out in the open so everyone can see them for who they are, don't force people to hate in the shadows
Michael James The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune” or “well-being." The motif (a hooked cross) appears to have first been used in Neolithic Eurasia, perhaps representing the movement of the sun through the sky. To this day it is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism.
James Smith Wow, just stop it CNN and YouTube, these aren't hate symbols: #1. the cross, #2. the pyramid, #3. the Sun, Moon, and Star, #4 any zodiac sign, #5. Any numbers in any order besides triple 6, #6. Any color of the rainbow, #7 anything can been seen as hate through hateful eyes, but true hate is mostly action NOT symbols....2017
Christina Huizar UGH, I hate hate hate that runes are being appropriated by these knuckle-dragging imbeciles. I've been fascinated by runes and the Eddas for my whole life, and I'm afraid to ever wear anything with runes, or read books about Norse mythology and Viking culture openly, because I don't want to be mistaken for one of these racist idiots. UGH.
Tre Millz The vast majority of Republicans never made it past elementary school. They live in rural areas and cling to religion and guns for comfort. They're usually intolerant, racist and poor. They rely on public assistance and government subsidies but are against the very social programs they depend on because their politicians tell them to oppose. They call themselves Patriots but find crafty ways to avoid paying taxes. If you know one of them, do not attempt to denigrate them. They do not know any better.
Carolin Rasmussen "The Nazis believed that Scandinavians were pure Aryans just like Germans were," Pitcavage says. ☝🏻this has always confused me, considering the heavy Roman and Hunnish influence how the nazis even managed to make this "genetic aryanism" apply to them... and then to stretch it even further south to Austria... 🤔