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President Donald J. Trump is privately striking a less agitated tone on the Russia investigation, sources say, even insisting he'll soon be cleared in writing.

Marc Goldberg Gee, because Trump always tells the truth and never lies at all. (that was hard to type without laughing!)
Darrell Davis Even if he is exonerated, he is still going down as the WORST President in history. 32% approval rating, that's hilarious!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Justin Olson There's no way in hell Trump will be cleared soon. It took four years to investigate Clinton. It'll take that long to investigate Trump.
Ian O'Donovan Why would Trump et all be worried about emails when they have nothing to hide? It seems to me when the heat is on Trump he fires people. When are the Americans going to wake up and see their so called democracy is eroding by the day.
Mk Andrenski Trump is clear, Mueller botched the entire investigation due to having conflicting interest with key investigators , thus leaving the paradox of “was it truly fair” open to question , in a case where we can’t have that narrative. From an intelligence standpoint Flynn lies and will be hemmed up. Mueller needs to take this loss and learn from it. Nothing will happen to Trump.
Shawn Stangeland Yep the Congress is complicit and are actually trying to discredit the investigation. Horrible for our democracy. A putin style oligarchy
Becky Roberts Harmon From the article: White House special counsel Ty Cobb and Trump's personal lawyer, John Dowd, are trying to prevent Trump from lashing out over the investigation, said a source who speaks with the President. "What they are trying to do is manage Trump. That's what everyone tries to do." Seems everyone in the White House is trying to manage Trump. WTF?
Alvey Pelletier How could Mueller NOT have a minimum obstruction of justice charge against the moron after his dimwitted interview with Lester Holt? You can bet Trump's lawyers are milking this by telling the dotard everything will be just fine. The fan's about to hit the sh*t!
Brian Nicas Clearly he tries hard to believe his own lies. A symptom of a mental issue is lying so much that one actually believes the lies to be true even when faced with actual truth.
Helene Kathryn Wilson Now that the Trump cabal of cretins KNOW Mr. Mueller has THEIR GUILTY EMAILS, trump and Putin are no longer covering up their constant communication. Trump has conspired with Russia to make the US their satellite, and now he is openly taking Putin’s direction. 😡
Justin Wilcox I believe the collusion crap was just a democratic diversion designed to distract the America people away from a Hillary Clinton loss.
Linda Wilson Hmmmm, watch this one. Mueller has something. That's why they are going after him so hard. FOX is feeding Trump talking points
Domenic Wiley I agree. What happens when anyone who believed the Russia collusion story finds out it was all made up and they were led like sheep? Will they accept it or continue to be led? #mediavictims
Brad Drake 1) Mueller has the emails 2) Word Criminal was used by his spokesperson for the first time. 3) Jared looking for Crisis Management team. He already has enough sealed indictments waiting to round up most players, and with Flynn testimony, no doubt includes Pence and Trumpo. Trumps lawyers going in to see how much, and get a timeline...
William Scott Obviously. Now we should all be curious about evidence of the DNC hack itself. We have defined foreign policy upon it. Evidence is the appropriate standard, regardless of ones politics....
Adni Mlk Adni I really do hope that Trump will destroy the Republican Party, as I hope that Brexit will destroy the Tories. Neither one deserves the good will of "the people".
Simon Balogun Fake News CNN is always quoting multiple unknown sources creating propaganda to influence the investigation. Will CNN ever stop lying?
Tim Miller You all need to watch the history channel they had a show on last night that would blow your mind how deep bush and Obama where with Putin absolutely mind blowing and you think trump was in on Russia. I’m serious. They had many meetings many
Watson Christopher I believe Mueller's going to have something in writing for him and I don't think it will be an exoneration
Chris Wilkie CNN just got the news they didn’t want to hear.. Trump isn’t firing mueller.. 😁😂 Mueller is going to prison either way.. My bet is he defaults for a plea deal with his involvement in Uranium 1..
Mark Goldstein Yup. Guilty pleas from Flynn and Papodopolous, criminal indictment against Manafort, definitely looks like an exoneration... NOT!
Georgie Kovac Why special investigations inevestigate only one presidential candidate about Russian collusion in the United States presidential election?
Clare Alexandra He always looks like he’s conducting a choir! 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵
Emily Ringström First it was anger, now it's denial. May we hope for resignation next? 😉
Keith Parks Trump isn't even under investigation. Mueller and some in the FBI are corrupt.
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"Trump has set the example from the top," Chris Cillizza writes: "You are only limited in how far you can push the envelope by how far you are willing to push the envelope."

Virginia Kavanagh Drew Attacking the media, banning words, firing people, travel restrictions, building walls....these are all signs of a dictatorship.
Theo Martin Trump has never played by anyone else's rules and gets away with it because he can do no wrong in followers eyes. Eventually it will come to a stop when the rest of us simply can't take it anymore.
Mike Gratz You people need to get over yourselves and your historical loss. Back the president on somethings, so we can start to turn things in a better direction. #MAGA.
Chris Seguin So is there any actual evidence this is happening? The CDC has come out and said the report was false, is there any reason we should disbelieve them?
Alec Therre And this exactly why your network is constantly accused of being #fakenews The CDC even issued a statement countering your report yet you’ve failed, once again, as a network to bring anything relevant to the table.
Donna Picard Layton I don’t think trump is capable of doing these kinds of things on his own. He is influenced by the scary people who surround him...Bannon, Miller, Sessions, and his family and the multitude of other enablers.
Francesca Luigi "Since we practice medicine based on community norms and wishes, and the community is worried that antibiotics might harm cute little babies growing in mommies' tummies, we have decided to treat your pneumonia with prayer." - your doctor, 2018
Oddvar Johan Martinsen So far, have this Regime, been doing everything they ever had tried to pin on everyone else, specially the president before Dotard who now are in office... So far have Dotard and Co be doing everything they made people fearing would be possible under a President Clinton... But Karma, and justice will get the best of them all....
Derek McDougall Wrong... you are only limited in how far you can push the envelope by how far the checks on your authority are willing to turn a blind eye. #remember30sgermany
Chris Hegarty Why not just go for it and burn books that's where it's heading wake up America Dump is ruining your reputation.
Karen Locascio Turned on CNN and Cilliza is talking. This guy mixed with Camerota is like watching Jerry Springer episode with their ridiculous bias attacks. How can this network survive, this is not Journalism reporting. They are in the business of twisting stories with a hate filled attack obsessed toward Trump. Back to One America News!
Emerald Pv I feel kind of confuse please explain: “Take, for example, the reporting by the Washington Post over the weekend that the Centers for Disease Control have been warned not to use 7 hot-button words in future budget proposals. The banned words, you ask? "Diversity," "fetus," "transgender," "vulnerable," "entitlement," "science-based" and "evidence-based." So They but also we wont be able to use these words no more or what they mean with it...?
Brendan P. Kain "I want to assure you there are no banned words at CDC. We will continue to talk about all our important public health programs." -CDC Director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald
Leona Pennell ok so now the man gets to tell you what words you can and can not use?? WTF really no one sees the dictator in the midst. Americans should be very concerned about this man/child they made president.
Roy Thorne It's insane !! He's insane !! If this does not make people question his mental stability, then they are as crazy as he obviously is !!! ,
Paul E. Black First, the FCC had it's seven dirty words and now Trump does. All of it has a chilling Orwellian feel of newspeak. Jack Nicholson is wrong, "We can handle the truth," but the President cannot.
Carlos DeCarvalho This investigation has taken its course and nothing has been found. Mueller is heading in the wrong direction well beyond the Russia investigation and needs to be stopped!
Matt Fitch The words weren’t banned except from budget proposals to make them easier to pass politically. Hysteria over this isn’t warranted
Margie Dehoyos This is the reason why Trump admires so much Putin. Trump wants to become a Putin in USA. The first thing Putin did was to control the media by putting a reporter in jail and killing him.Trump is attacking and trying to control the media, obstructing FBI investigation, lying to the press, firing people, travel restrictions, building walls,these are all signs of a dictatorship. This reminds me when every also start in Venezuela. The president used the same tactics and look what’s going on in Venezuela. If Americans don’t wake up we are heading to dictatorship.We already have an authoritarian President in the Whitehouse in Bromance with Russia. What’s next?
Andrew Hinckley You don't invite an American like Sean Penn to a meeting with El Chapo, not when El Chapo's a fugitive at the time wanted by the DEA, FBI, CIA, the Mexican army and police," he says. "That's called naivete." Del Castillo still faces tough questions from critics who think she sanitized the image of a violent and dangerous criminal. In March, while doing publicity for Ingobernable, she was grilled by Vicky Dávila, host of W Radio of Colombia. "Is it clear to you now that he's a criminal, how much damage he has caused, how many lives have been lost to him, how many people he has killed?" Dávila asked. "Do you get that he's a crook?"
Tammy Wesa I'm Canadian. A country, meaning the US, the crowned ITSELF 'leader of the free world' and also has a constitution that provides freedom of expression actually BANNING the use of specified words is outright SCARY!!! That is not a free world it is a clear dictatorship not to mention complete suppression and denial of science. You got what you elected!
Julie Jenson Holtkamp Farnam Can the federal government ban words. Ban books. Ban research papers. Ban news new works. How does this work in a country with free speech?
Osama Dawoud Warranty : The Jewish synagogue will be built in Jerusalem after the Israeli army demolishing (the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher at the same time) Trump hates Jesus
Jackie Hare Take those words. Write one sentence. Send them in an email to your Congressman or Senator then to 45!
Willy Tuyls Tell me about it I have an ongoing argument with two of his trolls constantly on the wrong side of history but still trying to debate me.
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8 days before Christmas. The timing could hardly have been worse.

Pearl Santana #FirstWorldProblems there are people dying all over the world, starving to death but hey, I’m stuck at the airport. Poor me! 🙄
Frank Mullany And here the liberals are blaming Trump for global warming but say nothing when millions of people continue to behave like there’s nothing wrong ! The amount of carbon being spewed into the air right now by these aircraft is scary !!
Brian Fisher The Mueller investigation full of rouge FBI investigators is toast. Merry Christmas. It’s another great day when the media and bigots are exposed
Colette Ann "the timing could not have been worse"?? Yes it could. How about Christmas Eve or the day before? Christmas Day? Thanksgiving?
Gingo Lanni " 8 days before Christmas." Good to hear that sentence from CNN
Blessed S Ncube Just wait right there trump will help you when hes done playing golf.
Cheryl Lott DenHartog Ten days before Christmas. How is this holiday travel?
Adrian Pandelet Barco Javi aqui no hay picahuevos ni rompeculos! jajaja
Richard Barringer So ask yourself, do I really need to fly? Save your money for a rainy day
Stacey Little No generator back up...
A.j. Sandberg Yea get these people who lost flights on there ways first
Amy Torres Puerto Rico is almost at a hundred days without power but hey let's be concerned with you guys
J Thomas Gaffney Anyone who flies through Atlanta should have their head examined
Nancy Nazaire I like how the employee is just sliding on the ramp lol
Ronda Simmons Trump was right.Our airports are falling apart. Compared to China's ours are dumps lol
Mahmoud Khalil We wish you a merry Christmas
Mark Edward 8 days to move for to Christmas I wish all my friends
Vero Barrios Que tal que podía Aver sido peor?😞😯
Katie Mason Sorry guys. Hang in there
Nicole Nielsen Jon Nielsen this might be a problem
Mike Moore Jr. I Oboy same chick
Monica Brown 😈
Tauhid Itthy 7 B|
Heather Hurlburt Having fun Dan Hurlburt and Susan Hurlburt? 😉
Hanno Roodt NamishkaBudhoo IsharaRamkelawan
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Whether it's a revolutionary design, nerve-jangling ride or historic aura, some lifts offer more than just a fast-track to the top of the mountain (Via CNN Travel)

Eric Ison In the end after centuries our fight for independence left us with Kings far worse than the crown How’s that for revolutionary ? Our ruling class though rich have no regard for your life except to their benefit. This is a very non partisan statement as both parties are not just guilty but dastardly so.
John Gill I see you've woken the Trumpbots. Apparently a fluff piece on ski lifts is enough to trigger them now.
Osama Dawoud why cnn hide this kind of news? ? Israeli Knesset debates the demolition of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (source israeli channel 10 yesterday )
Elijah Hughes It’s 6:15 am EST where I’m from. Time to wake up and burp the Trump supporters. Today we feed them sour milk from the popes cows. GooGoo Gaga you Orange Turds!!!
Lisa Brown The essence of this story is lost on some...but...plz y’all: Stop Feeding The Trolls: Please ignore the group of fake profilers out there whose very job is to comment negatively on every CNN post just to get a "rise" out of CNN followers . Notice how their comments are usually OFF TOPIC to the article being posted and how most of them comment with the words or gifs "fake news"... bcuz the orange manchild proclaims it to be so. Therefore, each time you reply to one of their comments, they hit the much sought after pay load. Pay attention to their negative posts where they don't reply to your comments. Primarily it's because they will get paid for each reply they receive. So STOP FEEDING THE TROLLs ... like the ones likely to be angered by this post...!! Feel Free to Copy-n-Paste this each time you see a troll sure to comment to CNN's article - rather than the troll's. And always remember this: ## MAGA = Morons Are Governing America ## Here Are Some Known Trolls Wyatt Spiegel Channing Walker Zach Valentine Susan Orr Aido Doc Mike Pignatello Brett Düda George Gio Stan Piznarski Mike Kristoff Brenda Sisson Dan Kaciu Mike Greer Jason Ewing Paul Delamare Adria Jackson Mike Fowler Lawrence S. Lesser Mark Dayton Ray Brecht Greg Hopper Aaron llutsik Robert Mansfield Mark Rubello Stan The Man Riya Sharma Inna Inna Gellar Mike Ryals Agüero Cheapo Team Chris Wilkie
Steve Watt CNN is fake news. Trump and the alternative media is destroying you.
Thomas Anderson Can't beat the matterhorn ride at Disneyland.
Jason Ewing The American people have turned their backs on Fake News CNN and soon the rest of the world will too. CNN is not a truth seeker, but we are. Thank you President Trump 🇺🇸
Daniel J. Cantu CNN; the most Anti Semitic name in news!
Michelle Burgraff Ryan Cornelius, check out number 5!!!
Zamien Onkod Counterfeit news network
Dinz Joseph
Monica Brown 🤤
Alexandra Vallée Johanne Gaudreau
Leilani Walz Stephen J. Prejean III
Brandôlo Matthieü Linda Peterhans
Sefa Öztürk Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine !
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Turkey's President said he hopes one day to open a Turkish embassy in Jerusalem, ahead of a possible UN vote which seeks to nullify the US decision to recognize the city as Israel's capital

Andrew Gidudu Jerusalem is Israel's capital city, you can talk and talk but the truth is you will change nothing. God himself will protect it from all enemies. I love Israel.
Maxwell Ifeanyi Okoli We the Christian association world wild officially Surport Israel and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Andrew Gidudu Zechariah 12:3 ► On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves.
Winkie Lumbwe Mushota And all of a sudden Erdogan is a saint...this known dictator can go to hell for all we care...FAKE NEWS CNN you are already six feet under in terms of rating yet you keep showing foolishness to your delluded followers..SAD
Adelina Ina Krasniqi Bravo Erdogan tell Trump hi is not the world president Jerusalem belong to Palestine everyone knows what God bless Turkey its beautiful to say the truth respect from Paris
Ken Hulsey The U.N. should vote to nullify the Trumps recommendation who in the hell is Trump to say Jerusalem is the capital of Israel that's for people in the Middle east to decide not Donald Trump.Trump lives here ,not there. It's just not a decision Trump should be making for that part of the world
Todd Jones What and the hell are you smoking today CNN? Stick with a phantom Russian Collusion story or a sweet Mueller story. Bash Trump or cry about the tax bill but leave Israel out of it.
Stephen Shelnutt As the peace process has been moribund since 2014, I don't think trumps decision. Has an effect one way or the other. On Jerusalem one side wants partition l8ke it was from 1948 to 1967. The other wants the status quo. These positions will not change. Bargaining????
Lance Kilpatrick The tag line should read “...plans for East Jerusalem”. As it reads, the article sounds like he wants to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Joe Neltner An exceptionally misleading headline. He is talking about recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state.
Enyi Chibuike You hope one day to open embassy in Jerusalem, but no protest around the world. Why always the religion of peace.
Willie D Whipp Psalm 2 1 Why do the nations conspire[a] and the peoples plot in vain? 2 The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, 3 “Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.” 4 The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. 5 He rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath
Samuel Owusu It's okay for you to open up embassy in East Jerusalem and it's evil for US to do that and the world is muted about this?
Johnny P Cool story bro, you can strong arm your own countrymen, but trump will blow you out of the water little Muslim boy!
Rejhan Hhoott Dear Mr. President, you are a sincere leader and one of the rare fighter for justice. Let God save you and Turkish people. Bosniaks from all over the world are with you.
Osama Dawoud why cnn hiding this news? ?? 👇👇👇👇 Israeli Knesset debates the demolition of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher source israeli channel 10 yesterday
Jawdat Asaad Miran Jerusalem er Israels hovedstad...... Hvis xalifa Erdogan vil ha Palestina stat først må han gi kurdere fra den okkuperte delen av Kurdistan i tyrkia selvstendig
Heny Jacques Meow The is the Force, and there is the Dark Side of the Force: people building a mosk upon the location of a Temple cant be from the "bright side".... I'V SPOKEN!
Terence Stultz physical Israel has lost the blessings of God because of their falling away of the truth. It is spiritual Israel that has God's blessings and His favour
Charles Rowland Another dictator trying to cause trouble in the Middle East.
Samuel Owusu You want the Islamic world to see you as a "great leader" championing the course of the Palestinian(Arab League), right?I stand with Israel and urge the Turkish people to topple this hooligan or else your country could be sent to the oblivion
Israel King hahaha CNN.... how on earth would this lunatic plan embassy in Israel....his military will finish the job soon on him...
Avi Hersh Can't wait for Turkey to have their flag raising ceremony))).. I'll be sure to help arrange for a proper welcome )))
Salomón Himede Martínez El organismo internaciones (ONU),no tiene poder para imponer a ninguna nación los mas oscuros deseos de asesinos (Erdogan,Abbas,Rohujani,etc),dejen de drogarse.
Roger Schramm I know , nuke Jerusalem , then no one will want to fight over it anymore ! . I am only joking , however , it would do the trick !
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More skyscrapers were built in 2017 than during any other year in history, with the completion of 144 buildings

Mark Medal President Trump you are getting things done !! Your doing what you said and your doing it in record time . Thanks for keeping your promises and your draining the swamp .
Augusto Benitez There is no time for this in the US anymore They have other problems like sexual arrastment.....jajsjs
Tony Lamb So did homelessness, poverty, income inequality, and child mortality. Hmm. Could there be a correlation?
Missy Clark Um, I think the accolades are for President Obama. After all, they weren’t built in 10 months.
Peter Giuliano All those new skyscrapers are Trump towers
Tony Santos It's a shame. skyscrapers are an eyesore, plant trees instead
Spencer Spillman More than 10,000 bc? I don't believe it #fakenews
Robert Forrest Let's hope there isn't too much seismic activity.
Sergio Rodriguez I bet over 90% of them were by Chicago or New York architects
Gary Key Well that's what happens when your economy is doing good
Isaac Baker Kibirango Plant more trees instead...climate change is real
Marc Breslin I bet only 144 people in the world can afford a room or office space in one too. Not knocking it though, I'm sure they're very nice to look at.
Mike Gratz Still sounds like they were paying jobs to me. Economy up, Democratic Party down.
Brandon Scott Eggleston I love skyscrappers.. I think that's awesome!
Osama Khairallah Somehow trump is responsible for building Skyscrapers in Asia lmao.
Glenda Sims “All-time high.” Ha ha Good one.
Juan Marcos Vázquez Super Hero Landing!!!!
Jared Larsgaard Thanks obama
William Molock Ghost towns
Hollis Howard The Trump effect. Isn't it wonderful!
Cadian Williams First
Cadian Williams Haha
Cadian Williams Go
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Households pay an average of $904 a year in interest alone

Alan Lessner National debt is costing you 200 billion a year in interest. And would be much more if interest rates weren't so low. Imagine if we had to pay 12.9 % of higher on that debt.
Brian Lund That's a lot less than losing your home and having to open a credit card to pay for it. Flip the credit system. Funny how nobody suggests that. Flip the tax brackets. Funny how nobody suggests that. N this isn't a Trump bashing, Obama didn't even suggest these things. And they're the core of the MANAGEABLE inequality
Mike Britt Here we go again.You would have thought after the financial crisis people would be more cautious with credit card debt.Some habits are hard to break.Glad I paid mine off back then so now that I'm retired I am debt free and can save again.
Chelsea Johnson Welcome to the comment section! Here you will find 4 types of people 1)Who comment ancient jokes over and over again. 2)Who comments 'Two minutes of silence for ____.' 3)Asking likes for no reasons, Birthdays, exams. 4)Who comments something related to post.
Danika Hyssong Credit cards are the best! I pay them off every month so I pay no interest, the money to pay the card is earning interest during the month and I earn cash back on all my purchases.
Drew N Brittany Thomas Not me i we dint have credit cards. The worst mistake you can make if you're not responsible. If you csnt pay for it in cans then you don't need it n
Jody Maas Buy only what you can pay for monthly. Interest is charged if you carry a balance forward. STOP doing that.
Janice Gilbert The average American cannot survive without a credit card. The average person cannot buy school clothes for their children, Christmas presents for the family, go on vacation...without credit cards.
Raphaela Guerra I’m sure that and other fees will go up now that tRump‘s boy has taken over the Consumer Financial Protection Board.
Mike Reynolds not me .. we do not owe a penny on anything .. I learned a lot being poor when I was younger
Brandi Vining Ha jokes on you, they won't even give me a credit card
Erin Pine This article is basically an advertisement for Nerd Wallet, f*** right off with this
Belinda Jackson Not me, I refuse to carry a balance
Sheri Wright I use them but pay them in full before due date.
Donna Leonard If you know how to work a credit card it will pay you instead of you paying interest 😊
Mike Huber I don’t use credit cards at all and I’m getting by just fine. You don’t need credit cards to survive.
Louie Espiritu Kálmán You can thank crazy joe biden for the largest credit card interest hike for that..
Mike Swaney No it isn't I don;t have credit cards. If I can't pay cash I can't afford it.
Baden Adev Anyone with a credit card is a fool.
Bebe Jouet not this, zip, nada.
Iman Taqwa Umm Sulaim I prefer a debit card, though that has a monthly fixed charge.
CRis Morales This week will pay 15k I am lucky...n
Chris Smith That is way better than it was 40 years ago.
Gary King hoaxuponus may want to hear about how you are not responsible for your own debt but let's be clear I don't give a sheite.
Mark Dunhoft I never pay interest I just use their money for a month then pay it off...
CNN4 hours ago

HappyOrNot terminals reveal which airports around the world have the highest customer satisfaction

Ben Adamson Exeter Airport wins? Wow! Alas my only experience of it was from the plane on my way home when we stopped to pick up passengers and get sprayed with de-icer. An eventful trip as I recall - on the outbound journey my destination airport, Plymouth, and the plane that was supposed to be taking me there were all frozen up. My friend was a pilot for the airline at the time and was giving me regular updates on the defrosting situation (or lack thereof!) 😄
Ganesh K. Nathan Singapore’s Changi airport sets the global benchmark & consistently comes on top.There are several Asian airports that also make the cut!
Yacine Boukecha L'ancienne batterie des automobiles, après usage, contient des gries en plomb, celles-ci à fondre. Le fer traité avec l'acide sulfure H2SO4 donne le plomb. Le plomb à fondre devant le regard d'une personne subitement paralysée ou lorsque le magnétisme l'atteint sur sa peau (peau de grenouille), il faut casser un oeuf devant son regard (son, couleur et mémoire d'un ravitaillement depuis l'enfance).
Vicky Gee I have to say, I've flown out of almost all of the airports on the list and Keflavik is my favourite.
Aprylla Hall Sweeten Needed one of those in Atlanta today. Only battery powered.
Jonathan Jacob Middle eastern and east Asian airports are the best in my opinion. American airports have a lot to learn from this regions. But frankly the worst airports anywhere in the world are located in the continent of Africa and parts of Europe( eastern Europe).
Yvonne Westerby Worst one must be Miami - almost 2018 and only free WiFi for 45 minutes😡
Latasha Payne Hell i wouldn't know I've never been on a plane before
Dallie Zak LAX is like a time machine, Everytime i'm there i feel like i've flown back in time to the 1970's.
Alan Russell Crap, now the Pope hates you
Jennifer Marie Singh I saw this for the first time in port authority yesterday
Larry Scieancalepor THE A-T-L isn't winning
Billy Bernard Hernandez I disagree with this post.
Jonathan Jacob I just don't want to single out names for the worst airports.
Robert Peter LYING CNN
Nick Dick Dundee Trump 2020 😉
Tyler Wright
Hakan Kemal
Laney Nydia (y)
Kamal Ali Taha
Martin Němec Tvoje oblíbené tlačítka Kateřina Málková 🤣🤣🤣
Ullip Nichole (y)
Tiago Alexandre Simões Homem USA is lowest, barred at the entrance.
Queen Emerald Green hope to be on the list: Manila;Philippines
Lou Sorino u cant go by these things they are a joke kids stand there all day just pushing the buttons they are not accurate they should be banned and employers should not be allowed to hold there employees accountable for these things when they are unmanned
CNN4 hours ago

Republicans say their plan will make taxes easy to prepare, and the final bill does get points for some simplification. But the whole story is more complex.

Bryan Michael You have the Democrats acting like the party if obstruction refusing to let anyone in their party support any republican bills. And you're blaming republicans? How about you start explaining how every single Democrat in congress in Congress can somehow vote the same on every issue without even one person supporting any republican bill?
Terry Thorne When a republican says easier? means you are using less deduction and paying a lot more so they pay less.
Andy Foreman It seems America has temporarily lost it’s way. Republicans have blown up the budget in the tune of 1.5 trillion$ that we can see. Everyone knows in finance there are always hidden and unexpected costs. The republicans are sacrificing a steadily improving economy started by the previous administration just to get a legislative victory for a man that has no moral high road and seeks the approval of a foreign leader to validate his self worth. Where is the rebuilding of our infrastructure that was promised? With wars threats and failing peace in the Middle East along with republicans not knowing what’s in this bill, we are headed for a doomed reality, and poor people will be the victims once again.
Loretta Bellotti CNN - Why aren't you covering the #Corkerkickback? Sen Corker only agreed to vote for the bill after a last-minute addition that will put millions in his pocket. It is corruption at it's worst and deserves coverage by all news organizations.
Lorraine Hodgson Not complicated at all : tax breaks for owners of Golf Courses ; tax breaks for owners of private planes ; tax breaks for pass throughs; changes to AMT ; changes to Inheritance tax ; tax break for Corporations many of whom never paid their actual tax rate ; etc. This is a tax break for Real Estate Developers and large Corporations. Wonder if Trump will now hire Americans for his Golf Courses rather than bring in foreign workers?
Nicholas Sea The complexity of this is not simply in paperwork. How this is going to wrench the lives of so many, is direly complex. Families (and individuals) make financial plans to fit decades, not months. And still we do not have fair living wages for a vast swath of America. Americans paying more in taxes and struggling to get by on low wages ~ while wealthy corporations and people who stash wealth in tax havens in offshore accounts are given more and more tax breaks.
Tony Scott This new tax plan Republicans are trying to push through we as Generation X in the Millennials are left holding the bill and for the people in here that complain about liberals that are Republicans you ought to be ashamed of yourself
Christina Sizemore Obama Admin had he highest in HISTORY............. and they continue to fuss.. He spent the MOST money and gave away the most but the COMMUNIST CNN & other communist invester own media stations KEEP THE BS to keep people all upset over YOUR anti american hate for wanting to put this country back right again! SICK OF CNN
Diana Meni This tax code was passed so that the wealthiest, particularly Trump, can get richer. They do not care about the fact that it will probably put us into a recession.
Iskander Aminov A flat tax would be very simple, yet no one ever wants to consider that. No taxes is the best goal, but that's unlikely in this lifetime.
Joan Carbone Limbert Something so important, affecting millions for years to come: Why is it being rammed down our throats so fast? All so a party can have a win? This is so wrong, words can't even be put together in a sentence that describe the feeling of disgust for this regime in power now. The ripple effect from this will not be good for us, the ripples are already landing and it's not been good so far.
Gary Key Almost 50% don't pay any taxes at all, because they are low income. If they have children 16 years old, or younger, they will be getting back at least $1400 per child. Even if they don't pay any taxes. And if a young couple has children, and has tax liability, they will be getting back two thousand per child. How can this not be good for a young family?
Pat Roberts the country is run on our taxes.....we pay the politicians with our tax money....of course Donald did say that if money got low he'd just print more..that statement alone was enough to make you vote for someone else and one sees seems to care
Bruce Hunter Of course it is complicated. The government is involved. If it were simple, like a flat tax, we wouldn’t need the IRS to ‘help’ us. Of course, a flat tax rate would never folks would have to pay the percentage as not-rich folks and that’s unacceptable...
Mike Britt Easy to prepare? Its a thousand pages long.Not to mention the fact that there are provisions where architects and engineers get special tax cuts no one else can.
Sandra Foster At least they're trying...the last administration didn't do diddly...but spend money, more than all previous presidents combined!!!!!
Drew Marrs y'all remember where it was supposed to fit on a postcard.... then people started cutting themselves deals and we end up with 500 pages..... all so the rich get richer
James Belmonte Just saw a dem on Fox say he is going to run for office in NJ, then he said he will cut state and local tax......I think I felt the ground shake
Blanca Salinas Fernandez New forms will include instructions on how to sign our paychecks over to Congress, thus facilitating their ability to screw us over.
William Richardson Both parties are okay with it they don't give two shits about the people just their paycheck and who promises the biggest one for the biggest break.
Sheila N Davis Trusting a bunch of lawyers or politicians is pretty dumb to start with. I don't think Mr Smith goes to Washington had any truth to it at all. Just another fairytale.
Christina Sizemore It shows who NOT EVEN READ THIS BILL, but want to PRETEND like you know it all............ listening to FAKE NEWS vs educating your self............. The problem is not the tax bill i think....... THE QUESTION should be WHY is it set for citizens till 2025....... that should be the real question here. who from, and why. is the Individual tax cuts made so that they sunset after 2025. THAT is the only issue with it.
Norman Smith Not one single form has been eliminated. Schedule A, C, D, E are still going to be part of the tax code. Just because you eliminate a deduction or limit it, does not translate into simplification.
Stan John If this was actually a tax increase every democrat would be voting for it and dancing naked in the streets.
Christian C. Christie Yes, it is in fact easier to just give all of your check to the Fed and then never worry about receiving SSI or Medicare when you turn 70... I never thought about that.
CNN4 hours ago

This independent animation studio in Saudi Arabia is pushing the boundaries with its cartoons by touching on subjects that are controversial in the traditional society

Kevin Smith Your probably not to well informed of the radical and stratigical moves that Saudi Arabia has made to ensure when the time comes the us stands behind them. Declaring countries enemy of the state, blockades of goods to surrounding areas, in prisioning dozens of the royal family believed to be corrupt. Trump and the United States see Israel and Saudi Arabia as the two most stable countries in the region with the same enemies.
Ikenna Ezenwa If Trump can make Saudi Arabia of all places to come out of the caves, then there's Hope for humanity
Arthur Jackson Good... Satire and comedy should push boundaries... The only people that are offended by this are the people scared of change because they know they’re losing their control...
Milad Taleghani i love how americans cover the Saudi progress but don't care about other progressive countries in the region, including Iran, Turkey, Lebanon and ...
Zakari Jones America is full of followers who automatically become hypocrites when they get all patriotic about this insane country
Taylan Oran Luke dies. Kylo kills Snoke and becomes Supreme Leader Ren. Snoke has no backstory, and neither does Rey. 😉
Gonzalo Bernal Great work... art... is expression without words... and what God gave us to see things simpler, yet complicated. That's what makes humanity unique... we see things. Hopefully the better, inshallah
Royce Tobias dont worry no christian will kill some one because of this 🙏🙏🙏 libertard key board warriors in 3...2...1...
Todd Lewis yo any pics of the prophet khadejia doing her patented pose with her hands held together
Hendrik Vanderburgh Hope they're not shot by some fanatic.
Gareeb Karam Nothing can be serious by cartoon in Saudi
Loy Albesa Changes in Saudi society is coming soon
Dan Coldren That's what Cartoons do,,, touch on matters people are afraid to say out right
Ibtesam Sama Al-khalifa Weaam Saber I know you like these cartoons,
Mel Miller Artists and Musicians have always and will always lead the progression, that include journalists.
Mark Gilbreath Tit bags.
Monica Brown 🙂
Akın Yüce Terorists
Nidal Saliba Zaidoun Karadsheh Tamer AlKarrain This could be of interest to you..
Subhayu Chakraborty Samar Sonone
Immanuel Gezer Nada Yacoub
Samar Sonone Amar Kakad
Bothaina Nakad Aboud Aboud
Meriem Constantine Aurang Zeb
Elie Daccache Joseph Maksissy
CNN5 hours ago

The huge blazes, which have burned for two weeks without respite, have affected over 100,000 Californians.

Daniel J. Cantu California screaming for federal aid, screaming for impeachment, harboring illegal aliens and wanting to secede...well, you reap what you sow! #NotMyWildfire
Dale Scott Morgan That's just unbelievable to think that there's nothing man can do. Should not be starting wars if fires can burn for a month. Unabated, hopefully a massive rainfall will hit there. No flooding just relief.
Faye Bedford Bloody awful. Lots of love and hugs heading your way Californian people. Us Australians have been through so many of these. You have awesome Firefighters and Aircrews looking after you. My thoughts are with you, along with my Aussie fire fighting colleagues and crew mates. STAY STRONG <3
Jon Ralph Thank the climate change deniers. This is going to become a familiar scenario not only in America.
Alvarez Madrigal Heavenly Father I present the people of California into your able hands,protect and save them#1america 1 unity
Corey Johnson Is Chelsea handlers house in there? If so, let me grab some marshmallows and hot dogs.
Jan Payne Prayers for everyone affected by the California wildfires.
Stephen Micalizzi This is what happens when you harbor illegal aliens and wanna be a socialist state. #NotMyWildfire
Roger Mejia I live in Camarillo and got lucky it didn't come this direction but sucks
Barbara Freshwater Whats going to keep from spreading to neighboring states
Shaila Faulkner Sammi Lynn Vick Sierra Yvette well that's not what I expected to go home to 😂😂
Laurence Trump The state government should now focus on helping the affected people,guess this will help...
George Gio And, real heroes are fighting it
يوسف سوادوغو You ain't seen anything yet! Impossible to oppress others while thinking you'll sleep quiet!
Ojeks Ekpen You see the scientific side but i see the spiritual side. Wrath!
Shawn Gilman What the hell do you guys wanna no.
Ray Milne Stay safe Brothers and Sisters out there fighting the Multiple, ST Florian is watching over
Scott Norris Who did this??? Why did they do this? Have the been caught??
Libby Toscano probably started by the republicans for political reasons.
Daniel T Haokip For Californians, Christmas spirit would go down the drain....My sympathy to you....
Victoria Tyc this is hell california!is time pray to God!
Richard Parker How much CO2's has California contributed to global warming?
Brandon Rodgers Furr Desertification of the Southwest has been happening for 8,000 years, when it was a jungle, like the Sahara.
Shawn Gilman I'm barley staying inside sobar.
Shawn Gilman I must remain broke or I swear to God im buying drugs and guns. Keep the money alway from me.
CNN5 hours ago

"I didn't know something as simple as a hot barbecue meal would have such a positive impact on so many people."

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa host a night of service, humility and compassion.

Dan Man Lol notice how all the first comments are Republicans and trump supporters. They follow cnn more religiously than we do.
Irina Garcia These heroes are soo amazing! they inspire me. I thank human beings like this, and I hope one day I can make a change in this world as well. Thank you., Love &Peace <3
Elizel Baltazar I've heard that Faux news have conspiracy theories awards. Looks like Alex Jones and Steve Banon are the contenders against Putin and Trump. Hope FBI awards will be given to them!!!
Joy Engler Congratulations Amy Wright!!! You are changing the world by changing the lens with which we see people❤️
Jesse White fox new is crap they say we report you deciede, cause you are crap, cnn is creed is we are the most trusted, get a clue, cnn rocks and doing a dam fine job...
Judith Varr It blows my mind how many people are leaving the most hateful, discouraging, petty, and political comments here. This was not about politics, these people where not up there representing either party they were nominated by someone in their community who saw maybe even experienced and appreciated their human kindness and hard work. Yes, some people just volunteer but they did more than that, it took more than just giving their time a few times a week. So shame on all of you who are calling them names and making fun of CNN for showing us that they are people out there that can inspire us to do more for others.
Jim Long "I didn't know something as simple as a hot barbecue meal would have such a positive impact on so many people." anyone need more explanation on how out of touch these liberal are.
Eddy Senay These post show how deeply Americans just simply HATE each other and there is no sign of their ever ending. How soon before they kill each other off? Really, just check your hatefulness in your post folks, this is Sick! There are no more Americans anymore just liberals and conservatives or right vs left but this division is destroying this country. Political parties? Should they be outlawed?
Jesse White yes fox news is crap saying that blue lives matters then turn to burn down investagaiting with Robert mollers team. not only is moller a cop slash fed he is a republician what the hell are wornge with some of these people
Jason R. Donnelly Great. More fodder for the MAGA chuds, and tiki torch carrying "alt-white." Thanks CNN for defying stereotype.
George Ann Sabo Beam This was a good show. Restores your faith in mankind when you listen to these heroes. Thank you to all for your contribution
Dawn Prince They were all great tonight!! I watch every year. Who knew something as simple as soap can change people's lives?? This show is amazing
Earl Wagner It's not just the republicans that are telling lies. I would venture to say 99.7% of all the politicians in any type of office will or is lying. Don't trust any of them. We need a all new Washington. Filled with real honest hard-working people.
Don Adrian Ramirez Nobody will change the World as long as Human Nature remains, nobody's special, everyone is ate up in one way or another. Stop the useless Pandering.
Yemasen Apael Wawuuuuuuuuu!!!! The man's expression's like alas she messed up while the woman's expression's like jeez I won an award. Please don't try this at home Hahahahahahaha 😃😃😃😃😃😃
Bryon Letterman Award shows always border on cringe worthy. It's just a bunch of people patting themselves on the back
Jesse White just a thought I don't care what party you are in what is your thoughts on net neutrality I think It is bs to get rid of of it what do you think?
Rachel McGilvray I was hoping to see a Cooper/Lemon kissy kissy with tongue on New Years Eve . Well, there is always next year.
James Johnson Wikileaks should have gotten the hero award. They saved billions of us from Hillary.
Jane Rosenthal There are some really great people in our country! After this horrible first Trump year , I wasn't too sure!!
Kerry Stebbins Nice job! So wonderful to see so many individuals putting the “human” back in human beings!
Bob Romanow Spineless Anderson Cooper who threw his New Years Eve partner and good friend to the pack of Right Wing wolves at Faux News over her satirical take on Trump’s misogynistic attacks on women in power who opposed him..Will not watch him anymore..
Matt Sellers Did anyone except for CNN even mention this circle jerk?
Gary Boland CNN is very good at messaging support for those that truly deserve acknowledgement, such as Amy Wright. A mother and parent of children with downs syndrome. Amy envisioned a path for their natural good nature to bring coffee and joy to her community and beyond. She is a hero of hope and purpose for sure. This is the same network that is pro abortion and leans toward ethnic cleansing. I find that strangely conflicting. With not such good motives.
Eric Garrett Service, humility and compassion..3 words Trump doesn't understand.
CNN6 hours ago

The decision has not only been deemed as reckless and dangerous, but an offense to the scientific community, writes Nicole Alexander Fisher for CNN Opinion.

Paul Gebhart This is the behavior of a dictator. If you still support Trump, you are spitting on everything good your Republic once stood for. You are a traitor.
Andrea Kinsinger Of course this is an attack on science. Everything about them is an attack on reason itself! This entire situation is ridiculous. How could anyone have given him air time before the election? The media helped create this monster, the media better help destroy him.
Bret Hartman CNN, one of the last true news on social media.
Matthew Grimmett Well to be fair, speaking to "that base", he needs to ban every 5+ letter word. Too tough on them when they're made to think.
Don Adrian Ramirez You Liberals attack Science on a Daily Basis with the 72 Genders B.S., Meat being carcinogenic, Rainforests contributing to supplying Oxygen to our atmosphere and Men having weaker immune systems; but this is what gets you to go "Reeeeeeee"??? Good Lord, my generation is Lost in the Sauce...
Marie Jackson The list is devised by extreme religious right evangelicals, nothing less than terrorism aimed squarely at denying science, human rights, and diversity
Rich Tilghman The CAREER Doctor that runs CDC went on live TV and denied it. She also put her denial in writing. Are you gunna believe anonymous rumours....or a named, career employee willing to appear on TV and in writing????? Unreal, usual
Patricia Place For those of you whose favourite activity seems to be to indulge in the digital equivalent of tagging CNN's comment section with graffiti, consider this: without science, the devices you use to troll the site you so despise would not exist. Very possibly, YOU would not exist without science; diseases that scourged our ancestors have either been wiped out (such as smallpox), or at least have had their death toll greatly reduced through vaccines, antibiotics, and other treatments, for which you can thank science.Odds are fairly high that you - or one of your ancestors - would not have survived to post your comments here. The internet, and all it has to offer, would not exist without science. The average lifespan would be much shorter, without science - it has doubled since 1900. Without science, we wouldn't know about viruses and bacteria, so we would have no idea about sanitation. Many jobs - both white and blue-collar - have specific language that is required to properly communicate, and I imagine many of you can attest to that from your own experience. Now imagine that you can't use that terminology, but must find other more cumbersome and time-consuming ways to say what needs to be said. Do you really want the CDC - an organization that stands between you and a whole lot of diseases - to be hamstrung in its ability to communicate in official documents?
Bobbie Morris-Rowand You can't just ban words though? Just use them. What's gonna happen if a "banned" word is used? Are the secret police gonna rein down and escort whoever said it away? lol come on now.,
Taylor Brown science is fake news. if its not found in the bible then it's obviously fabricated by the MSM!
Diane Gaffney The banning of certain word usage applied to federal agencies, issued by an administration official, is extremely dangerous for the future continuation of any democracy. Our Congress had better begin immediately letting this administration know that such prohibitions will not be tolerated by the people of our country.
Sihem Tounsi When the clown trump and his people are gone, everything will come back to normal. Just vote in 2018 and push others to do it
Dawn A. Marschall Unbelievable. This last insane act attacking science is probably the beginning of censorship in science. There is no acceptable level of this.
Benjamin Garcia Just wtf! Is going on there!!! Freaking catholic inquisition!? 🙊 am I allowed to say inquisition am I gonna be banned l? gezz what the hell man that's crazy! Stop it.
Leandrah Grace No - not an attack - rather a requirement to be specific rather than use ambiguous generalities that can mean anything. All of them are 'shadow' words, used to appear valid in their use, but are imprecise. Science wins.
Michael Barry Scow Pretty sure not Trump's idea. These are words he doesn't understand, can pronounce, or spell...but, this Admin's Maniacs will get around to banning books; sure enough, cuz, what good are they?..Trump and his followers can't and don't read...
Manuel Michael Medeiros I watch CNN daily ,im neither a republican nor democrat CNN Does report all the stupidity that comes out of Mr Trumps mouth and im sure that someday when this man has something smart to say they will report that too!
Raymond McHatton This BS is fake news. Not one government official has acknowledged this story. It’s been made up by CNN. For those who believe it, please tell me where you got your information other than a fake news channel.
Marla Voyles Another CNN LIE!! “The assertion that H.H.S. has ‘banned words’ is a complete mischaracterization of discussions regarding the budget formulation process,” said agency spokesman Matt Lloyd to the New York Times. “H.H.S. will continue to use the best scientific evidence available to improve the health of all Americans. H.H.S. also strongly encourages the use of outcome and evidence data in program evaluations and budget decisions.” CDC DIRECTOR Fitzgerald reiterated Lloyd’s statement to the press, and concluded her remarks with an assurance that there are no banned words at the agency.
Jay Scott Hillier Proving more and more he’s a dictator against freedom equality constitution and free speech unless your on his side your not allowed free speech
Des Brennan It’s getting Orwellian!!! V for vengeance type thought control. They should dump cartons of Ivankas crap produce into Boston harbor #give ‘em liberty or give ‘em Trump
Robert D Reynolds FAKE. MORE CNN FAKE NEWS. The Director of the CDC states there are no banned words. CNN's work is that of a propagandist.
Bob Romanow Offensive to all Americans, from Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, George Eastman, Bill Gates, and the 1,000’s of science researchers and entrepreneurs who pushed scientific boundaries to unheard of discoveries and medical breakthroughs.. This President is a scourge upon civilized thought and investigative research.. VOTE he and his spineless minions out of their local, state and national honeycombs of entitled power..
Irena Gorski This is Trump's attack on freedom of speach. Freedom of speach is guaranteed by US Constitution. The time we are living in is 1984. Is Constitution to be soon on Trump's black list? Will this be illegal to have and read US Constitution in the near future? Are we heading toward Fahrenheidt 541?
Rob de la Montanya I will use any dam word I want and no lying wannabe dictator will stop me do you here that you had better go back and reread the constitution you swore to protect.
CNN6 hours ago

Amy Wright opened Bitty & Beau's Coffee in 2016 where she employs dozens of people with physical and intellectual challenges.

Kelly Mikel Osborne Why anyone needs to be rude and nasty on this post ~ I don’t understand. If you watched the Hero’s program tonight ~ you would have been inspired, and thankful that these truly remarkable people exist in the world. Shame on you all.
Savi Watts Why are people making this political? How is honoring an advocate for those who are differently-abled a bad thing? As a mother of a child who is differently-abled I know first hand how we as parents have to advocate hard for our kids. There are a lot of obstacles and complexities besides the obvious ones related to the physical and/or mental developmental issues that arise. Just navigating our health care system and programs for kids with additional needs is a full time job in itself. I have worked with our states treasurer on advocating for ABLE accounts in my region of the state. There's a lot of misinformation and unfortunate discrimination that comes with being differently-abled. We have been fortunate to have a wonderful support system with family, friends, doctors, and educators. I am always proud of those who stand up for the differently-abled community. Those who devote their time to improving resources, programs, research, and rights for those with a disability, and work hard to dispel the stigma and misinformation about disabilities. I have my issues with mainstream media, but stories like these give lots of us parents hope that our children may have a brighter future with a more understanding and inclusive society.
Randolph Martin Way to go Amy! NC and especially those of us in Wilmington are very proud of you and your amazing staff. Way to go! 😁
Kim Kelley I hope to visit the coffee shop, meet the staff and Amy while having coffee with Charlie Baker....Congratulations to Amy!
John R Brown CNN finally did something right!! I would've thought that hero was going Tobe Colon Cancer Kaepernick.
Harold Melton Nothing wrong with this what-so-ever. In fact, many government contractors are required to do the same thing when it comes to their hiring practices.
Chris Gunter Just saw Star Wars the last Jedi. Omg I can’t believe that Supreme Leader Snoke is actually Darth Vader! Unbelievable!!!!!
Thomas Anderson Compassion isn't dead in this country. Despite the lack of leadership in both parties.
Robert Peter CNN is lying to YOU....... CNN is morally bankrupt.......CNN home of HATE......CNN is Anti-American.......CNN is corrupt.......90% of comments on CNN post are from CNN bots.........everything about CNN is FAKE n DISGUSTING........real journalism is DEAD.......CNN is the PROOF
Kimberly Minshall Amazing group of people. Congratulations and Thank you to Amy Wright and to all of the Heroes! 🎉💛😇
Giovanna Sabia Where is this coffee shop? I would love to be a patron someday
Emelie Padilla Her moral social advocacy is what the world needs now
Liz Borboa Wahlmeier Thanks to all the Heroes. Takes courage and selflessness. CONGRATULATIONS!
Sharon Rudman Cohan Can we concentrate on this post? Must there always be grouches making comments? Look what’s happening to all of us😪
Maureen Kane Loos More people need to take from them and be inspired to help.
Corey Johnson So this is CNN hero of the year, but not Corey Feldman who exposed hollyweirds sexual predators years ago. Got it..
Michelle Fisher
Paul Delamare A question is, how many disabled workers does CNN employ?
Juan Gerardo Iñiguez Trump makes fun of disabled people.
Mike Mento Sleezy liberals
V Anthony Chieco AHH ..CNN such good hearted.. SCUMBAGS
Jacob Samples Yayyyy I voted for her 😍💚💚💚
Scott Frederick Good for her.
Arturo Ramos 👍💪💪🙌🙌
Elwyn Robert Geisert II CNN is the real hero.
CNN7 hours ago

Emilio Gutierrez Soto says he fled to the US more than nine years ago because of death threats he received after reporting on corruption in Mexico's military

Seth Donoho You'd think the country that values free speech would value reporting that exposes corruption. Although, in this day and age, we hide behind our own corruption.
Matthew Grimmett Just run around in a red hat like Peewee Herman screaming MAGA, and misspell' every other word, and Trump will bring you into the circus. Lmao!
Jaime Vasquez Trumpanzees wouldn't know anything about corruption and pedophilia. They elected many... Drop them tears.🤣.👇👇
Carlos Julian Fernandez The threshold for asylum is not difficult to meet, Asylum is the most liberal agency of all of DHS. So if he was denied, it just tells me his claim did not rise to the level of persecution to grant him asylum. He may have a 2nd chance in front of an immigrant judge, it will all depend if his attorney will be able to present a case in court.
Frank Mullany Only the naive believe that bs. Claiming persecution is one of the easiest ways to get into a first world country because all the bleeding heart liberals immediately feel sorry for whoever and grant them citizenship
Gary Evans We cannot afford to take people from other countries because of their own political struggles . A death treat is part of the process if he is too weak the fight for his beliefs he should quit reporting .
Lawren Reca Then go to another country you got Canada you got Japan. Why does he have to be in America? Japanese girls are hot. And actually treat a man like a man. I'm just giving a suggestion I don't really care where he goes
Brian Keith Herget Well. Seems like being an American has its advantages. And to think so many dont want to live here because of Trump..... He is getting a free ride out of the U.S. and people are still mad....Hmmmmmmmm
Abraham Cyr Well, I guess he should have thought about that before he decided to sneak into our country, ILLEGALLY. It sounds like more of a personal problem then it does, a United States problem.
Lauren Rasmussen Yep! The people who are so "pro-life" prove time and again that they don't care as much about living and breathing children and adults as they claim they do about fetuses.
Sergio Zerda Trump is going to be running to Mexico when Mueller gets done with him.
Kevin Watts So in all that time he didn’t think he should at least try to become a citizen at least get the process started hmmmm
Kendall Cook-Stancil Well he must not be to afraid , if you have his picture up and he doing a story on CNN to say hey people who want to kill me ,I’m in America ...
Jakub G Jakubowski So he broke the law when he entered another counter illegally and now you want us to feel bad. Don't care. Try sneaking into Mexico illegally and see what happens. Goodbye
Bob Cresanto The United States can't do anything about the abuses of the Mexican national army. He should be pleading his case to the United Nations.
Sri Kumar Come on! stop these lies. if you are illegal, you have to go. There are laws. If the threat were serious, you could have applied for Asylum.
Maggie A. Morris-Calderon He tried to help make a bad situation better. Thinking he had options at the time he did. I can't help to care about people who care too. It's wrong to not recognize a persons strength in humanity. His integrity is true. I hope someone can help him in his cause.
Dennis Borg Every country and every person has the right to free speech and freedom of the press, but depends on what price you're willing to spend and lose.
Candi King As long as he's not a evil violent person he should be able to stay
Michael McCrossan Build a wall around him.
Corey Judie When did America become the world's flophouse?
VR Belliveau If your fleeing for freedom Canada is the place to go. No freedom in the US anymore 😥
Jeremy Aldrich Hop back over the border a-hole, we have laws
Wesley Vincent Diestra he comes from a country where their leader ignore laws and rights, and you want to break laws and violate other people rights in order to save a illegal alien.... Seems logic i guess
Joseph Bryan Regardless of your “fears” in your own country, you do not have a right to come to the U.S.
CNN7 hours ago

Airlines for America estimates 51 million people will fly on US airlines during the holiday period from December 15 to January 4.

Beth Jackson We could be improving our infrastructure and creating jobs across the country but instead we are giving Paris Hilton and the Kardashians huge tax cuts.
Tim Parkhurst I thought everybody was broke and everybody is out of work and nobody has jobs, ect, ect and so forth. So how are all these people affording to travel? I guess Trump has been lying to us for a year. Hmmmm. What's up with that? LOL, my bad, the only ones who believe him are his minimum wage followers....
Sibabalwe Soska Maybe this comment wont be important for the majority of people here. Some of you will ignore it, most of y'all wont bother to read and it'll go unnoticed along with other comments maybe I'll be criticized for this but i just want to let y'all know I'm selling potatoes
Jesse Lee Could be a Die hard 2 type scenario!!!!
Oscar Cedeno I'm surprised this isn't bigger news... power failing like this means the backups have also failed
Annie Gray 🎼That's the night the lights went out in Georgia 🎼
Keith Parks Hey hey hey.... This ain't no jive..... The best president of all.... Is number ... For... Te... Five !!!!!
Rafael E Pinero Where are the back up generators in that major airport? Something is missing here!
Brian Walter No need to travel when you live in paradise! #hawaii
Corey Johnson Trump been saying this forever. Liberals are more worried about themselves. Like unpaid student loans, nobody caused but themselves.
Oscar Cedeno Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world by flight volume. This is about the worst possible time and place for a power failure to happen. ☹️
Corey Johnson Sure liberals will be out in full force, sharing their tesla cars giving ppl rides home.
Melissa Luna Aren't you happy this didn't happen when you were either going or coming from Atlanta lol Lupe Gonzalez
Hawk Martinez Get along with each other at least not a crash site. Prayers for victims California
Ellen Clement Robert Clement 😨 de hel! Geen stroom op het vliegveld van Atlanta
Tommy Rees That's what happens when people are working MAGA Merry Christmas everyone
Garmoun Thong Really the biggest Nation.
Ashley Ralston Hmmm now maybe some compassion for Puerto Rico who is still largely without power.
Karina James GA has a infrastructure fit for the 19th century, not the 21st. This red state sucks. The politicians in GA suck. Roads look like hell, housing codes are not enforced. It is a mess.
Shawn Saito Well, glad you’re not going through ATL Ashlea! They said the backlog is going to last days 😱😳
Jeremy Kyne Dry run for terror attack. Glad I won't fly commercial!
Mike Huber My girlfriend is on her holiday period right now. Looks like I won’t be getting any for Christmas.
Niels J. Plougmann A prelude to the coming WW3. Trump will launch a preemptive nuclear strike on North Korea. North Korea will retaliate and the EMP from a thermo-nuclear warhead exploding in the Atmosphere 250 Miles over Kansas = will destroy ALL electronics and electrical grids in America, Canada and Mexico .... Everything you know like Cars, Water, phones, hospitals .... will not be able to function and GONE!!!
Jon Carney Now I'm just another statistic... I flew home on the 16th
Dominick William Bueno Falcons blew a 25 point lead
CNN8 hours ago

An employee slides down a blocked escalator at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport, where a power outage has left thousands of passengers stranded in dark terminals and in planes sitting on the tarmac.

Alec Badalamente Did the employee accept the High-five? Now we will never know... thanks for leaving us hanging.
Hernan Tapia What is fake on that? Or in any? If you don't like CNN, switch the dial or press the remote, channel, up or down! Maybe right or left. No politics there!
Caleb Meilink-Smith Dude is doin what he needs to do to take care of customers. Respect. He could have waster 5 minutes walking down
Kathleen Stadtmuller Gad Doesn't anyone read anymore? Big article about the issue, the fire and how it affected the electrical system including the back up. Press conference by the mayor of Atlanta. ...hello, READ or pay attention! !
Gi Anna Gómez Now you guys know what most of Puerto Rican’s have been dealing with on a day by day basis since hurricane Maria!
Cindy Steinborn "The electrical fire's intensity damaged two substations serving the airport, including the airport's "redundant system" that should have provided backup power" #DisasterRecoveryPlanFail
Aarin Jones Crowds going up. Its an easy and kinda fun way down. Maybe he had to get to something quick. Just because he was smiling doesn't mean he is slacking. Gotta do what you gotta do. Meh.
Josh Perrin Any one know Was the sky train (terminal train) stopped as well? And we’re passengers stranded on it? That would be a nightmare. Last time I rode it it was so packed you could hardly move much less sit down. That would be genuinely scary.
Joan Gentile Omg! Now, I have seen everything. That is not a good idea. What makes them think, a passenger isn't going to try that??? If an employee can try that, so will a passenger. Wow!!
Ben Campbell to allow an airport of this size and volume open to risk of being without power is the height of incompetence.
Sally Noveras What Happened with the Back up Electric Generators?.! And the Electric Engineers who Maintains the Airport Lighting System!?
Emily Allen wait until a solar flare or other natural disaster knocks out ALL power across the Globe. It will happen. Then you would wish you were Amish. 😂
Jon Ralph I have seen that this airport has been claimed as "The world's busiest". However I have seen this claim made for Dubai, Heathrow, Changi, Hong Kong, LAX , Bangkok and J F Kennedy.
Lily Luan Eugenia Kim and this is what happens the next day
Matthew McBeth I was stuck there for 6 hours this summer and it was excruciating, I can't imagine what it would be like without power.
Sarah Fulghum This is me avoiding life’s responsibilities.
Billy Mac i think he's done that before
Lisette Fernandez We saw elderly climbing as best they could. It was crazy
Kyle Jensen this never happened until trump was leader.,......
Bret Hartman And the trump Lemmings will ruin this funny post. 😫
Edison Mite-Roman When you clocked out and don’t have time for that mess...
Tarik Zahrani Hahaha fox and breitbart are so desperate at this point, ya keep attacking mueller and accuse him of having an agenda, he's not going anywhere, trump and his minions being nervous and defensive like that just keeps raising more suspicions Keep resisting!!!!!
Amy Descalso Omg ..climbing up those steps... Not easy for the elderly .and carrying luggage...what a nightmare
Mackenzie McCoy Rhonda McCoy I'm glad I'm not flying through Atlanta 😬
Cody Rawlings why don't they have generators?
CNN8 hours ago

Palestinian leaders are aiming for the United Nations to nullify President Donald J. Trump's decision while also trying to get other countries to recognize a Palestinian state

Adam Zyto The UN’s opposition to Trump’s decision only solidified my view that he did the right thing. The UN is a silly joke, unimportant.
Glenn Villaluz Sagario Trump was right. Jerusalem is always be the capital of Israel, because it is the birthplace of the messiah Jesus Christ, the starting point of all salvation. Mohammed also a prophet directed the only one God of all Israel the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Edward Taylor The questions I have is, what is the capital of Israel? Isn’t it Jerusalem? And since it is Jerusalem what has President Trump done wrong?
Abasaheb Salunke Trump has made the right decision ......Jerusalem is an eternal capital of Israel......other US Prez also yearned for Jerusalem as the capital for Israel.....but they all were timid so they always deferred the issue. We must stand by Donald Trump Is My President.
Steven Davis It's funny how "dictators" who can't act professional enough to get the country they live in order but always trying to control another
Bill Ackroyd Except it wasn't Trump's decision....... The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 is a public law of the United States passed by the 104th Congress on October 23, 1995. It was passed for the purposes of initiating and funding the relocation of the Embassy of the United States in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, no later than May 31, 1999, and attempted to withhold 50 percent of the funds appropriated to the State Department specifically for "Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad" as allocated in fiscal year 1999 until the United States Embassy in Jerusalem had officially opened. The act also called for Jerusalem to remain an undivided city and for it to be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel.
Ben Capuchin The fact that CNN reports in this manner knowing that the resolution will surely be vetoed just goes to show, not only their bias, but their willingness to stir the s**t pot. Why not? It won’t be their brothers/sisters, sons/daughters, fathers/mothers that will have to lick the spoon. So stir away CNN, then sit on your high horse and talk about others sowing division and hate. You ARE the hate in this country, and only the most gullible among us don’t see it.
Paul Hinzman How can the UN nulify our action? I thought we were supposed to be an independent country. We need to get out of UN and kick it out of our country.
Stan Smith Lol... the last several past presidents have all recognized jerusalem as the capital of Israel and have made media statements to that fact. The moving of the main embassy is the issue as its against UN resolution 478 made in 1980. The American government enacted the Jerusalem embassy act of 1995 which states to move the main embassy by 1999. If you research you will see that America already has an embassy in West jerusalem... so... what's the issue?
Karina James Trump did well. For Palestine that is. Many other nations are against this move of Trump. Well done, Trump. The 2 state solution was long needed. It`s coming now.
Abuomaralasi Assi Israli is an acupid the Palestinian land since 1948 but after 20year the us cancil had slotoin for tow state and Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine 🇵🇸
Eric Breiby Donald Dentures ☭rump is a 'regime' dictator in North America, not Israel. He has no authority overseas. Every European leader has denounced this asinine, symbolic decision by Donald Dentures, including every leader in the MIDDLE EAST of the nations that share a border with Israel. The United Nations will nullify this moronic so-called "decision".
Vicki H. Lightner The United States IS THE UN!!! Most of the members don't bother to even pay their current or back dues to belong. The US keeps this organization afloat. I'm all for shutting down the UN, they have become irrelevant except to American tax payers.
Jackie Edwards Solomon Nations determine their capitols. Israel declared Jerusalem their capital decades ago. The US simple formally RECOGNIZED their capitol after having made it a platform policy since at least 1995.
Serena Bowen The Un. Cant change they are not in charge of the USA more. State need to get some bull and say the true JERUSALEM IS THE CAPITOL OF THE COUNTRY ISRAEL
Gary Thomas Liberals certainly would go along with that. But it does not make sense that liberals HATE Christianity but willingly embrace a religion that HATES liberalism
Heath Nagel So a terrorist state that has claimed land in Israel doesn't want Jerusalem, the capitol of Israel, to be officially recognized since they want to take the city for themselves??? 🤔🤔🤔 the unrecognized terrorist state known as Palestine that has the state of Israel on their official letterhead since they want to take Israel as their own??? 🤔🤔🤔 Israel, a recognized country??? 🤔🤔🤔 Palestine an unrecognized state??? 🤔🤔🤔 So a terrorist state now goes to the UN for help??? 🤔🤔🤔 The UN is also highly corrupt against the US, yet their reside on US soil and should be kicked out??? 🤔🤔🤔
Dawn Prince I don't understand how trump can do this?? The capital of Israel is Tel Aviv is it not?? And can any other president or prime minister of a country recognize hm ... Lansing, since I live in Michigan, the capital of the US?? It just boggles the mind as to why he did this.
Victor Ogunmola I wonder if the 45th’s pronouncement and recognition will ever make any significant change in that region. It all looks and sounds like political grandstanding.
Bill Neill So do most of the American Citizens. We are embarrassed and horrified by the person currently occupying the Oval Office. Though he did not win the majority vote - he is nevertheless there. He is destroying this once great country - he is a a scourge to intelligent peoples the world over. We are your friends - we hope and pray that the naive rantings of an egregiously ignorant man will not trigger wars in the Middle East or the Entire World.
Kevin Moore CNN, where every day is trash day. Hey, fake news, the UN can't nullify a "recognition" by a US president. Or, to be specific, presidents: Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump.
Jean-Guy Rioux Jr. I feel sorry for the Palestinian people since 1948 the US has sided with Israel, even during peace negotiation the US sides with Israel. Also, as a member of the Security Council with veto power, so no matter what the UN General Assembly decides, in the end, any resolution that does not favour Israel will fail. It is important for the Palestinian and the World to remember that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; unless each and every country unilaterally recognises Palestine as an equal (country) based on 1947 partition plan (at worst the 1967 borders), and if Israel objects withdraw recognition of Israel. But the world does not have the guts to rectify a wrong, it just prefers insanity!
Ngam Blessing Bush, clinton, Obama all campaigned on this issue, did they do that Just to gain votes or they actually meant it? When trump campaign and fulfill his promise by doing the right thing, liberals go gaga. Cry on CNN, I pray you get some little comfort some day.
JeVerna L Haynes As is often the case, this fight is political between leaders, not the people. The people have worked in large numbers for seventy years to facilitate peace with a two-state solution for both Palestine and Israel. Donald Trump destroyed that chance. The UN will, in all likelihood, do the right thing, but what they do or say will make no difference to the authoritarian who sits in our White House. We should be very afraid.
Rich Paxson Donald Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That doesn’t make it fact. If he recognizes Bigfoot as an animal, that doesn’t make it real either. Move on.
CNN9 hours ago

This signals a competitive 2018 midterm election season where Democrats will aim to gain back control of both chambers of Congress

Isaac Zebedee Republicans shouldn't be in control of anything.
Bruce Haywood Has already begun and the tide is turning blue...incompetence with the majority right now...incompetence at its best
Vicki H. Lightner Who did you poll, a bunch of Democrats?? Voters decide who will control Congress, not your FAKE POLLS. Those of us who voted for the president are still out here, we're just quiet until election day.
Crystal Coates-Humm Remember this date: November 6, 2018. That's the date on which 33 Senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and 14 governorship's will be up for re-election.
Rich Snyder The problem is that there are far more democratic seats in play than republican in the 2018 race. That reverses in 2020. But if a Dem can win in Alabama, anything can happen.
Victor Lawless 50 percent of Americans have been infiltrated by aliens. They are called the Democrats. I call them , the POD PEOPLE. Some of them are actually nice....once you get over the fact they are controlled by an alien host. They call it OBAMA....they worship this 'OBAMA' with great reverence.
Sue Stites If we seniors want our Medicare and social security to stay the same, we need to take the power away from Ryan and the Republicans. And we can do it.
Jeff Sebastian 1. As stated in the article, Trump's approval rating is up. 2. That 50% that want Democrats in control are concentrated to a few districts.
Roy Howell Trump and his enablers have demonstrated to his fanatic rabble that they don’t have to pretend to any sort of decency, ability, or even sanity, anymore—they can be proud of their ignorance, arrogant xenophobia and racism. Maybe it’s a good thing—the disease can no longer fester in the dark, but is brought into the light where it can be treated, or excised.
Pawnee Rouse absolutely, they just shown us this whole year how little they are for the people. Only lining their pockets with the hard earned money of the poor and middle class. They don't care if our children need health insurance or if this tax plan affects us. They like Trump in office bcuz he's making them rich. We need to vote them out of office!
Eric Vladimir LeBron It’s about time we regain some control! Our government should be balanced. When all three branches are dominated by a single party or ideology, checks and balances goes down the drain.
Cheryl McIntosh Today Republicans are not listening to their constituents--they are doing away with healthcare, cutting taxes for the rich that will hurt middle class programs like Medicare & Social Security, not funding Chips for children, and letting a President make a mockery of democracy. Many Republicans are trying to discredit the FBI. This is an authoritarian takeover we cannot allow. Of course Democrats can do s better job than a Putin loving traitor!
Sonny Trujillo When we get it back f the red States you think your broke now you'll have to sell your trailers and buy tents
Tisha Roettgen It's time to outlaw the misrepresenting, greedy, corrupt republican organization. They have been instrumental with the destruction of our government, the apathy towards their constituents, their lying, their dishonoring the oaths of office, their endorsing a sexual predator to be president, their lack of concern for our country's well being, reputation and our country's safety at the hands of a mentally ill being.
Matthew Hilliard The trouble is, thanks to a bunch of slaveholding white dudes 250 years ago, we live in a situation where even if everyone voted, percentages don’t matter. The grossly disproportionately represented Senate and electoral college ensure that mainly white, rural states and an unnaturally higher proportion of power.
Mathew McLean Little does the GOP know that the reason Roy Moore lost was because of the Predator reduction initiative Act. Oh and that Kentucky lawmaker thing that committed suicide for the same reason. Apparently sexual predators take it very hard when they get publicly humiliated and trolled. Those were two very successful beta tests for the Predator reduction initiative
Charles Means Where do they get all of these people that are far left zealots on these polls? Is this poll skewed heavily with democrat responses? Are the republicans/conservatives not answering the questions (or maybe lying to prevent lecturing). Polls were wrong during the campaign, and I suspect they will be wrong now?
Stephen Fredrick CNN.. your polls MEAN NOTHING because they are all biased to give your base what they want to hear.. Just like all your Pres polls last year that showed HIllary winning.. LMAO LOOSER'S.... elections have consequences....
Diana Meni The Republicans have proven that they put their party above what is best for the country. They tried to force on the American people a so called health bill shoes main purpose was to give the wealthiest a huge tax break and make the insurance companies more money. The wealthiest did get their huge tax break in their horrible
William King Only 50%? Please! We've seen GOP follow Trump like lemmings. Even Utah's governor who was originally critical of Trump now follows him like a puppy.
Oiram Yobal The same people that according to their pooling, Crooked HILLARY will be elected USA President..... what happens the people voted and Trump defeated crooked Hillary....
Samuel Uyamadu Only God can remove Trump before his time, only God Almighty, no other person can try, Clinton News Network (CNN), or any other hater of this loving man can't try... Only God who put him there can remove him..... I sit back to read the reply comments
Steen Sunesen And more than half voted for Hillary. That half the voters want the democrats doesn’t help, because they are concentrated in the cities, because many of them don’t vote, because of gerrymandering and because they cannot agree on their candidates.
Patrick Guy Don't let this distract you from the fact that the team Mr. Trump tried buying is about to end it's historic and 1st place record of a 17 year playoff drought. Mr. Trump was a democrat in 1999! Jacksonville is shitting themselves with the thought of Buffalo being the 6th seed.
Sharon Kay Young DEMOCRATS WILL HAVE MY VOTE. We are no longer a democracy. Putin's man is in the Whitehouse and is serving Putin, not "WE the People "!
CNN9 hours ago

CNN Hero of the Year Amy Wright tells her two children with Down Syndrome: “I would not change you for the world but I will change the world for you”

Michael Addyman There is seriously something wrong with you people that can't just be humbled by stories like this woman's. Hate CNN, fine. Your prerogative. To trash something as pure as people helping their local communities through selfless giving....Hell has special places for your kind.
Emily Zacarias What a wonderful cause and inspirational woman. People need to learn that those born with special needs can be active and contributing members of society!
Terry Lucas I am surprised Trump has not gone to Twitter saying he should have won and it was rigged...#FAKENEWS
Brenda Pisano Howe CNN keep up the amazing work... remember “When they go low, we go high” ....... thank you for keeping to that standard.
Bryan Fuller You will never see this on FOX News. This is another reason I watch CNN. The lady from South Africa is truly inspirational. May she and all people around the world be blessed.
Katrina Evans Wish they could all get something...each of them has a great platform and are doing wonderful work...
Kevin Brown And yet cnn and its blind sheep followers cry over this award but support Obama and his personal chosen " most qualified candidate ever " Hillary who both fight for and support abortion ( which is used to terminated Down babies ). So your snarky anti-Trump posters snivell at this feel good story but vote for Democrats that think exterminating the unborn with Downs syndrome is a " right ". You are a pathetic disgrace.
Kathy Frampton This is awesome! More people need to step up and help children with disabilities and disorders! Aka teachers, school boards, school psychologists and Special Ed teachers! Do your job and help these children. Most are really smart and gifted. I have a child who needs help but our school district says there is no need for full time special education 🤔
Ronda Rodgers Agee It is simply mind blowing how one person, one child, one idea can literally make SO much change in the world for others. For all those determined, wise beyond years people that step forward and take that step, THANK YOU! We all should learn the most important lesson from you. To give to and for others.
Johi Flores I was cheering for you! You’re such an inspiration for what you have done not only for your kids but all those 40 families. You represent that change we must have so our upcoming generation of children with disabilities have a place to be and flourish. Kudos to all of you! Blessings and all the success you all deserve for a job well done!!! 👍💕😇
Brianne Israelson I’ve been to this coffee shop. You can only leave with a smile on your face! She is doing amazing work in Wilmington, NC! Well deserved for Amy Wright and Bitty and Beau’s! Congratulations!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Diana Bartlett Thank you Anderson Cooper for all you do to honor these compassionate heroes. Let us learn from them and open our own hearts to make the World a better place.
Renelyn Cunanan-Dinh I voted for her! Thrilled that she won, but the others were just as deserving. Congratulations! At my local Walgreens I have seen a couple of disabled employees. Patrons treat them just like any other employee. Heartwarming.
Jennifer Hunter She's the one I voted for. Congratulations! And Congratulations to all of the heroes nominated. You are the best of humanity.
Noah Nordengren Just because someone has an extra chromosome or has fewer chromosomes doesn't make them less of a person. This mother is doing something amazing for her kids and is trying to better the world for everyone with Down Syndrome. We shouldn't use her as a vehicle to hate a network. In fact, we should be hating at all in this holiday season. Regardless of your beliefs can we please put aside our political differences and recognize this woman for the good she is doing in the world? Regardless if your Christian, Athiest, Jew, Muslim, or something else. We can all agree that we shouldn't use this woman as a vehicle to hate on CNN. Please just be kind in this holiday season. I wish you all Happy Holidays whatever you may celebrate in this season.
Peggy Oliver Giacalone Yay!! Voted for her!! I have a daughter with Down syndrome! I wish we had more shops/people like her all over the USA!! My daughter could work in the community and be visible! Love love love this! Love CNN heros! All are winners!!! ❤️❤️
Karin Ahlf "Royce" and many others here are Putin trolls. This page is crawling with them. Many of their comments are at the top of this thread because people are responding to their bait. Each response bumps their tabloid inspired trash posts to the top of this thread. They are here to lie, disrupt, anger others and deflect. PLEASE don't respond to them. They are easy to spot. Over 95% of Donald's online "supporters" are Putin trolls. They promote his racist, bigoted agenda. There aren't enough real Donald supporters to make a dent on social media. They often use rude, crude language and name calling, trying to get a response by angering others. They back up none of their claims- ever! If you must respond, please do so in a separate post like I have done. They always bring up Obama, Hillary, BLM and antifa, often it's the first thing they post. They trash real American patriots and idolize criminals, racists, fascists and neo-Nazis. That is how you spot them. Do expose them to others, call them out and report their fake accounts to Facebook. Thank you.
Amanda Skeffington This is beautiful all of them are amazing people we could use more people like them in this world good job CNN 😊
Sandra Kowalchik Wonderful to see such giving, beautiful hearts of gold. My faith in humanity has been restored. Thank you to each and every one of you for your kindness. The world could use a lot more of the same. 💛
Brooke Daly Thank you so much for recognizing this wonderful woman! Kids and people with Down syndrome are very capable if just given the chance! As the mother of a child with DS, congratulations to you Amy Wright! Well deserved my friend!! 💛💙💛💙#downsyndromeawareness
Kehbila Martin Sama Wow there's so much going on in the world. It takes compassion to do what these amazing humans did and are still doing. We still have such fine people on earth. Thanks to y'all and wishing you God's abundant blessings. Their stories bring tears to your eyes and make you wanna do more than just watch them happen
Elizabeth Matkowski Frederick The world needs more hearts like this. Bitty and Beau’s Coffee is a treasure that needs to be replicated everywhere.
Evonna Mathis I watched this and as usual Anderson, done with class...and it really touched my heart.... it is wonderful that CNN does this - hopefully it will encourage more to go out there and help others that need help....
Rocky Subramaniam You will never see this on fox only hate and innuendo there.
Trevor Lee I'm glad she got awarded the CNN Hero of the Year award. I heard something about that coffee shop and I hope she employs more children who have mental and physical disabilities!!
CNN9 hours ago

Under the tax plan, homeowners will see
■ a downsized mortgage interest deduction
■ less reason to itemize
■ a limit on property tax deduction
■ a continued tax break for home sellers

Chris Candelario I would like to know why CNN gets blamed for what the government does. If you don't like CNN and think it's fake news then why follow them? It's not CNN's fault that Trump is president
Debbie Hinojosa You have always had to itemize deductions if you own a mortgage. Plus, if you have a home for 750,000.00, you aren't middle class.
Lynn Robinson-Onderko The war on the middle class is real!
Tom Thompson I can't wait to see how CNN reports on the phenomenal success this bill will have on jobs and the economy. It will be like election night 2016 all over again.
Donna Murphy-Buckley Now that sucks. Like the entire tax bill. If you’re not a zillionaire, there’s nothing of benefit to the middle class. After Nov 2018 it will be brought up for review and most likely be trash-canned.
Ginger Canton Whenever anyone tells people things they don't want to hear, even when it's in writing, they would rather blame "fake" news than admit they voted for an imbecile and his rich Republican cohorts who want more...and only lube them up and squeeze them for votes before taking what they have. They use words like libtards because they have to use dumb phrases and can't offer coherent or intelligent reasoning behind their arguments.
David Vickers You dolts on here who believe what CNN is saying do yourself a favor and go to the Wall Street Journal and see their summary of the tax bill. CNN conveniently forgets to tell you that the tax rates drop for everyone. The rates drop make up for the difference in the loss of the deductions. And still reduces your tax. Do a little economics before you spout off CNN. Oh by the way, Wall Street Journal says over 90% of all taxpayers will see a reduction in their tax bill.
Beverley Nadiger double the tax deduction, double the child tax credit, up to 500,000 interest tax deduction ( i dont think that will hurt the middle class?) up to 10,000 property tax deduction ( I dont think that will hurt the middle class)
Ami Charbonneau 1. You buy a home to save money and invest. 2. your payments only change when taxes go up and insurance goes up. 3. You build equity. 4. It's yours to do with what you will. No matter what owning a home is a responsibility. If your state taxes you out of home ownership you should vote your state government out of office.
Mark Bergman This tax bill is a massive tax cut for corporations that make profits overseas. This will encourage even more outsourcing. The private changes in the tax bill amount to virtually no change. I’m not sure why they even bothered touching the private side.
Lori Thompson Collins Actually wealthy homeowners will see a downsized mortgage interest deduction on a half million dollar home, but yeah, let's scare all the regular people....
Kim Ryan You’re focusing too much on individual tax changes. The real problem with the bill is giving corporations huge tax reductions and getting zero for it. The bill is actually an incentive for corporations to move more overseas. Exactly opposite of what republicans tell us.
Roger Guerra CNN viewers are mostly brain dead libtards that voted for Hillary's big tax increase on the middle class. Thank God she lost!
Jeff Maltese I thought the interest deduction is up to 750k value of the mortgage not value of the house. So with a conventional 80/20 mortgage house value would be nearly $1M. But who gets an 80% mortgage on a million dollar house? Certainly not the middle class. For the property tax issue, the rest of the country has been picking up the slack for high tax states. How is that fair?
Dan Roth Wont make a difference to anyone who does not own a home. Wont make a difference to anyone who is wealthy and these did not matter to. Sounds like a hit to the middle class. Hmmmm....
Brian Brower Another misleading article by CNN, anyone looking for a million dollar plus home is not the target demographic for the tax cut!!!!!!
Joan Carbone Limbert The ripple effect benefits no one except where it started. Something so important that affects so many for years to come: why is this being pushed through, just for a party win? It's sick. We deserve better. I want a government that is run by the people, for the people with progress for our country, not a select few. We people are a majority minority that's losing everything we worked hard for. Some of you will be very happy, you might make a few more dollars each month, but at what cost to everyone else? Me-I attitude in government does not work for the masses.
Stan John It looks like the part about house deductions won't effect me at all. My house is paid off and I don't live in a high tax state. I haven't itemized for years so any state taxes don't effect my writeoffs. The doubling of the standard deduction will very much help me going into retirement. This tax bill will help me out a lot. Don't anyone whine about my circumstances or compare themselves to me. If you realize you are helped like me feel free to comment.
Jimmy Humphrey I’m glad I’ll have less hoops to jump through now. Instead I’ll get to claim a larger deduction than I could on most year, without having to itemize my taxes. That’s a win for me and most Americans.
Thomas Pedigo Congrats folks that could never afford your home and took advantage of your interest write-off at the expense of our countries revenue,thereby increasing the debt on the backs of folks not on the hook for your mortage.
Karl Boehm The more we learn about this tax bill the more we understand why wealthy Democrats are against it. The Rich will no longer be able to deduct their mansions on their taxes. Big win for the middle and working classes!
Tina McCulloch We have to stop this tax bill. It's only real benefit is going to be for the wealthy, AKA Trump and friends.
Michael Oravik Who the heck is paying more than $10,000 a year in property taxes? Quit buying McMansions and expecting the community at large to foot the bill.
Steven No Guess it's time to get local governments to lower property taxes to offset. Let these local politicians put their money where their mouth is, i love when the feds give the next move to the states
Frances Osbo You can deduct up to 750,000. Hey CNN most NORMAL people have houses that aren't worth a million. Go f-ck yourselves. Why don't you people read the actual bill and not depend on these liars
CNN was live — at American Museum of Natural History.9 hours ago

We’re speaking with Amy Wright, who has just been named CNN Hero of the Year. She’s a mom to two kids with Down syndrome who employs 40 people with disabilities at her coffee shop #CNNHeroes

Cheryl Wills Bravo! Loved your speech Amy Wright! "I would change you for the world but I would change the world for YOU! Powerful. Congrats
Dixie Burgmaier congratulations ! Hopefully people can start to see people with disabilities as just like the rest of us
Stephanie Handler I think ALL the Heroes are "Hero of the Year". I don't think it should be a contest. Thank you ALL for the overwhelming inspiration and motivation.😘
Chandra Lesch Collins Congratulations! You took what happened to you in your life and made the world better for others! Amazing!
Lori Spinelli Samara Congratulations! We were so happy to visit in April. It is definitely so much more than a cup of coffee!
Lidia Leija Congratulations. There are so many "hidden" heroes that do great things for their communities . God bless you always. I was sure that you would win this honor.
Lainie Hinnant Congratulations to all the CNN Heroes! Your contribution to life and to humanity is immeasurable. Thank you for following your heart to touch the hearts of so many...❤️
Cher Smith God Bless you! I’ve been fighting so hard for my disabled sister, I now feel as if there’s hope! Thank you!💜
Robert Badgley Beautiful. She shames so many when they are such a critic of others, Politics, and whatever their negative agenda is.
Amy McGlinn Well done Amy! You are incredible!! I love bringing my students to Bitty & Beau’s, Wilmington loves you!!
Elaine Francis-Lau Congratulations from Trinidad and Tobago from a Mummy with a beautiful child with Down Syndrome. Olivia says thanks too. 😘
Barbara Passaris Emanuelson They are the nicest people. This is my favorite coffee shop in Wilmington. You can’t help but to smile when you’re there. There’s always a sunny face to greet you. You get wonderful EVERYTHING. I’m so excited for Amy and Bitty and Beau’s.
Christine Granger I would love to teach Culinary Arts to children with challenges! It's so fun to watch the young chefs emerge into confidence and pride!!! Congratulations!!! 🎊🍾🎉🎈
Sandra N. Arthur You are an amazing person!...I hope you will become an example and other people will try to do the same! Congratulations!
Jerry Otto This is America at its best. Not a bunch of liars and cheats Republicans stealing our hard earned money. LOCK HIM UP
Bernadette Feehan Congratulations Amy!! You are amazing, nothing like doing the right thing!!! What a great example you are setting!!🙏❤️❤️
Patty Cross Congratulations. You deserve it. I was rooting for you. Much respect for everything you do and everyone you touch. God Bless you Amy!❤💜❤💜
Karen Ann Holman Parker Amy Wright! You are amazing! So happy for you and all of us in Wilmington that have such a wonderful place to have a sip of coffee and be inspired.
Lori McLean Flack Congratulations Amy!!! I’m sure this is just the beginning for you, Ben and your crew! Again, Congratulations! Can’t wait to come by and see the reward....we all are proud! 👍
Patricia McWhirter Congratulations! !!!!! AMY and all your beautiful employees that make a workplace fabulous. Such a great effort on your part and the joy and accomplishments for your employees.
Zach Hines So glad she was honored with this award. She has an amazing story and heart to go with it. Wonderful women
Tracy Bua Smith Congratulations Amy and Bitty&Beau's Coffee! We are so happy for you!!! So glad to live where it all started!!! ♥️
Geri-Lynn Wayt "You are AWESOME! ❤ Our grandson has Down Syndrome and is a beautiful bundle of love! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart and spirit with the world! You are making a difference!!!" 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Pamela Jandrosits Congratulations! So deserving- can't wait til one of your employees accepts such an award in the future!!
Cheryl Keaney Amazing and such a wonderful idea. I hope this plants seeds for others on the real value of those with challenges
CNN10 hours ago

Without full funding for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the health of our children, our seniors and our communities are at risk, writes Fred Krupp for CNN Opinion

David Ochs The Trump Admin doesn't care about protecting people's health. All they care about is supporting big business. MAGA
Demetria Pendgraft People voted for this idiot so bring on the crisis.... Make sure those in charge and those who wasted their vote on him get a healthy dose of whatever it is that may be infected... McD's burger meat or a nice piece of tainted lettuce, tomato or whatever... Spread this crap around...
Brad Setzer Because everyone loves toxic sludge in their drinking water right? Let's allow corporations to dump waste into the water without any penalties lol...
Barry Ernst The EPA built their enemies list when they started giving millions of dollars in fines to irresponsible companies like Koch Industries. They have been a long time target of the extreme right funded by the Kochs and others who don't believe in industrial regulation. Even if you give the EPA the money under Pruitt it won't be spent the way it should be. They will continue to whittle away the true work and mission of the agency and get rid of long time and dedicated people and scientists. The GOP is all onboard with this. Let's just hope this is temporary and when we get a real President and Congress they can reinstate these important studies and programs.
Randy Hase Slow news day CNN? Your hypothetical news story mislead people who believe this to be true honest and factual. But it's not, is it? Read the hysterical emotional comments from those who think the drinking water will be contaminated with toxic sludge and we are all going to die. Well played CNN, we'll played.
Bryan Wine The EPA has caused plenty of environmental issues.
Ruth Martinez They couldn't care less! This autocratic administration is all about grabbing as much money from the treasury as possible
Lynne Brengman The EPA has run amuck for years! About time to rein them in! Scare tactics won’t work. A public health emergency could occur for many many reasons in this country. Less EPA funds would not be one of the biggest reasons!
Marvin Potter Of course smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ was a reason why those policies was put in place, but the Trump administration is so focused on reversing anything with Obama name on it they are willing to risk innocent lives in the process smh 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
Mark Robinson People who are ok with gutting the EPA are those who are too young to remember the 60s and 70s, before we had environmental protections in place that spared us from unnecessary exposure to chemical damages...or they own stock in chemical and other polluting industrial companies.
Cheryl McIntosh With the Republicans in power the lives of children and seniors are in danger--they do not care about Chips or Medicare.
Maureen O'Hara If you think Flint Michigan is a one off you are badly mistaken. Too bad Trumpy does not care (just like GOP Michigan govenor Snyder) if your children drink lead.
Gayle Alleluia Herron Cutting budget for high cost EPA means more money in the worker's pocket! These companies need to use common sense and just do what is right for everyone so we have a win/win situation!
JimandTeri Sommers The Trump agenda and administration will grow the economy at the peril of our air, water, land, and climate. Unfortunately his legacy will have to be erased by the next president at a terrific cost to undo the damage. Great presidents strive to make the future a better place to live, not improve their tax rate and personal wealth.
Abraham Quijano The EPA with full funding dropped the ball on the Flint Water crisis and caused more harm with environmental disasters in mining in the last 8 years. So what difference does it make if they are defunded for not doing their job anyways.
Brian Crawford Elections have consequences. I can't wait until 2016's consequences become more apparent and start to seriously impact the knuckle-draggers that "won". I will enjoy watching them suffer and attempt to walk back all they've said for the last two years.
Greg Heifner This administration is there to destroy the EPA and other agencies that get in the way of the rich. How poor people voted against clean air and water is a testament to propaganda and effective hate mongering.
Kevin Brown So how many " end of the world stories" are the pathetic left going to keep peddling to scare voters to the Democrats? Your sheep don't even see it and that's how the Democrats get many of their votes.
Gay Nelson It won't affect the health of the elite millionaire's children, or parents, or rural areas. So what does DJT care? Or the PAC driven Senate and House? They are set for life once they climb into bed with DC Lobbying Groups.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach C'est quand vous devez vous battre plus fort que vous ne l'avez jamais combattu auparavant Parce que ce que vous avez obtenu en vous est une guerre Entre le bien et le mal, fais attention à ceux qui veulent être toi Ils sourient, mais ils ne sont pas vraiment heureux quand ils te voient Méfiez-vous de ceux qui veulent toujours vous haut Parce que quand ça arrivera, on te laissera mourir Écoute-moi Je suis là, mais je ne peux que t'aider Si tu veux que je t'aide, que veux-tu pour toi?
Denny Merrigan Yes, of course, it will literally be the death of us all kind of like "Net Neutrality"... what will we do without the Federal government to hold our hands from cradle to grave. Liberal idiots...
Ben Campbell I'd like to see France step in to create oversight of pruitt's epa since they're no longer in the business of 'second guessing' pollution output number submissions by industry, possibly in violation of the Paris climate accord signed under good faith by the last legitimate administration
Kurt Hanni These guys dont care. They are taken care off. To hell with the rest of us. Makes you wonder what the people who voted for this mentally ill person were thinking about !
Cee Ann What did the EPA do to prevent water in Flint and Florida from being poisoned? What about the stuff being sprayed in the sky? A big fat Nothing.
Derrick Valor The dangers of toxic pollutants in our drinking water and air are vastly overexaggerated. Why don't you try having some empathy for these multibillion dollar companies and their profit margins?
CNN10 hours ago

The winner of the Alabama special election says he's ready to move forward despite Roy Moore's refusal to concede the race.

Marcie Bensman It sure is. Moore's refusal to concede is just ridiculous. Time for him to ride off into the sunset. Alabama has spoken and there is much work to be done. Give Doug Jones the opportunity to do so.
Jessica Marie Fuller Whatever happened to the sentiments coming from the Republican party of "Get over it, (insert winner here) won!" Now that it's not a Republican winning, it's suddenly impossible to accept that someone else won?
Michael Logue Conceding is simply a tradition - it is in no way required. The election is won. Nothing else is required from Moore at this stage - he is completely inconsequential.
Scott Fernelius Time for the snowflakes to admit defeat and unify for the good of the country like they told Shillary supporters to do last November.
Angela Gleason I agree. Doug Jones is elected. He should stop waiting for Moore to concede and get ready to serve in the Senate.
Shawn Jones To be honest.. I think we need too move on as well. Ppl know Trump is an a** & unfit for office. We need to focus on finding great candidates to run for office in 2018 & impeach his a** in 2019
Shae Windsor Roy Moore needs to put his big boy pants on and accept that his "God" has spoken.....and didn't pick him. He's an adult. He lost. He needs to move on, build a bridge and get over it. Nothing is going to change. The people of Alabama spoke loud and clear....they did NOT want Moore. Its getting pathetic at this point....
Timothy Graywolf Ciampa It amazes me how immature some these Trump supporters are I can understand I understand now how they understand Donald Trump because he is as immature as they are
Richie Bell Jr Those 3 Stooges Roy Moore, Steven Bannon and Dumb Trump are ALL a disgrace to Alabama. They literally took a Republican State and turned it upside down only to become now a Democratic State. Shame, shame, shame on those pedophiles!! Congratulations Doug Jones 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 "Let's Make America Democratic Again!!"
Nia Michele Bay Alabamans are among the wealthiest, highest educated, and with the highest quality of life out of all 50 states said no one ever. All those years of republican leadership and your state is still one of the biggest recipients of welfare, and most of those who receive it are white. So go home trolls before someone slashes the tires on your houses.
Patricia Wilkinson Move forward. Because Moore does not concede doesn't mean anything. If it did we would have told Hillary not to concede. And maybe we would be in a better place. So move forward.
Teri Ihrig Welps. This is just another historical representation of a liberal mind willing to move people forward; and a conservative mind that is angrily, stubbornly grunting around the fire; kicking and throwing rocks at what it doesn't want to understand. People may dislike liberal thinking minds; but if it wasn't for them we'd still be living in the dark ages.
Hard Knocks You can’t help but to laugh at all the idiots that say this election was rigged. Yes sure in one of the reddest states in the country and somehow the most liberal candidate won... Slap yourself dummies...!
Uche Chris Moore , not surprisingly, does it the Republican way....just refer back to how they stopped Obama operations with logjams....even when it was hurting America .
Karina James Good for you, Mr Jones. The child molester Moore has orders to stall things, so the tax robbery is voted and signed on. Roy Moore lost. And as we Dems didn`t call for a recount on the 2016 election(when Hillary won 3 million more popular votes than Trump, it is time for Moore to count his losses. We did last year. Even Trump tweeted. A win is a win
David Winarchik Maybe Moore is stalling the swearing in of Jones, as a plot to garner as many "yes" votes on the tax bill, by preventing Jones's "no" vote if Jones were to be installed as Senator by the time the voting begins. As undermining and ruthless as the Republican party has become, it wouldn't surprise me.
Carlos Enrique Romero Roy Moore. A man who really does not know that NO MEANS NO, come on Roy...the people spoke, now is you forcing yourself where you are not wanted....
Larry Sibala Moore was facing a lot resistance if he had been elected from both sides not just black women, notice his accusers have all crawled back In their holes.
Okunkpolor Osadolor Conceding defeat in an electoral contest is a convention, and not a requirement of the law. If Roy Moore chooses not to concede defeat, he should be allowed to continue whining about his electoral defeat, while the rest of America moves on.
Christian Hinrichs Well, it is of course time to move on to do the work of the office after winning an election. Except, of course your name is Trump and you have to show absolutly nothing. Then you should call your former opponent names, call "loch her/him up"...
Joan Gentile What's good for the Republicans, is good for the Democrats. Isn't that exactly what the Trump administration has been saying along about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats?? That they should get over it?? So, now, it's on the other foot. Lol Let's see what the Republicans think about this one.
Eva Hernandez The Moore people are concocting fake news about illegals from other states being bussed in to vote, and felons voting, and crap like that. Hopefully they don't go as far as naming a committee to investigate the illegals theory and then, when the committee finds nothing, go quiet and hope that nobody notices.
Pius Enyiah Bayo Of course he's a lunatic..people like Roy Moore tell themselves a different reality.. he is politically dead unless Alabama doesn't have astute Men.
Rose Ann Yannarella Sexual Assault incidences must never be swept under the rug. No matter what else is pending. It is time to clean out the trash and only then can we get on to the regular business. We need justice for the people harmed and those predators need to be punished. If we finally let it known that we will not stand for it, then maybe we can select better people to run for office and better people to work in the entertainment business and other businesses. Never pass Assaults on women off like it doesn't matter. It does. We are't here for the entertainment of men.
Ramon Jahrling Jones won and the women who accused Moore served their purpose, I wonder if any of them got paid, like have their mortgage paid, or given money for telling their story, Oops my bad that was Lisa Bloom with the Trump accusers..Oh wait didn't Lisa's Gloria Allred represent on the Moore accusers? Hmm I guess the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.
CNN11 hours ago

"This moment presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to make real change," Anita Hill said of a commission established by top players in Hollywood

Bill Davis I applaud this woman. She stood up for herself when doing so led to nothing more than victim shaming. For all those people who say, why did they not come our earlier? Look at how people treated Hill and you should be able to understand.
Todd Anthony I think Bill Clinton should be in charge of investigating who is harassing people. Bill Clinton is a man of integrity who has never committed a sexual offense.
Sharon Mangels Meltzer Anita Hill has been a productive member of society for years. Meanwhile, Clarence Thomas was named to the Supreme Court and said nothing for ten years.
Heather MacTaggart Thank you Anita Hill for your bravery all those years ago. Xo
Kevin Bunge As long as people will be silent to further their own personal careers, nothing will change. It takes unselfish people to make the change.
Debbie Hinojosa Bravo! What happened to the ones that didn't stand up for themselves 30 years ago, but laid down for the money and roles? Now, crying abuse! Don't buy it, don't feel for them.
Yemasen Apael This truly might not be my concern as a lot of persons might think but kudos to Anita Hills who has just gone out of her comfort zone and notifying a key problem. May I say anything truly is possible.... Ma'am I've got much respect for you
Linda Clark Cooper Why not everyone just behave themselves and we would not have the need for this position. So sick of all this BS.
Matt Poling Who will lead it for media progressives? It might be easier at this point to start a list of male progressives who have NOT sexually harassed or assaulted someone. It's such a dog bites man story at this point that the only reason people are tuning in is to find out if the victims were males or females.
Brian Hendricks I wonder if Anita Broderick or any of BJ Clinton's other victims were asked to be on this commission.
Doug Phillips Once we have Trump out of office, with Democrats in charge and a Democrat president, I hope that we can go after Clarence Thomas again, impeach him for lying in his Senate confirmation and replace him with someone decent. It will help reclaim the seat that Mitch McConnell stole.
Diane Jones They call it a reckoning, this is a revolution. Women will run the world sooner than later. I applaud them to.
Jean Sitte Actually she didn’t stand up. Not until C Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court. I was always disappointed that she wasn’t willing to stand up at the time
Norm Beaulieu Well I guess it looks like Hollywood police of them selves and that’s it that’s great bunch of perverts trying to find other perverts
David Mcvay Liberals suddenly care about sexual harassement,yet championed Obama for saying men should be able to use female bathrooms?, women March dressed as vaginas? an men March with penises on there heads? Is anyone else confused yet?
Rick MacCoy it is so funny how many have real proof of anything!!! '0' whats even funnier is all the morons condemning on hear say and NO proof!!!
Johnny Ray If dems make harassment their platform in 2018 they will lose. If this is all they actually have as an idea, they have lost already.
Jennifer Cantu Okay, you lead it, but you are missing a huge thing that all elite males and males admit: Remember everything they describe about male sexuality, male anatomy? Ask them if not, in detail. Or look it up. Then, compare to testosterone, which is not a hormone because it's a steroid and it cannot do a switch like a light on light off, never., Testosterone is actually with cholesterol are actually steroid alcohols. Sterol is what it's simply called. Enters the blood it does as testosterone and cholesterol, however: Sterol is actually sticky white, thus think even closer. All ethnicities of Males get their bladders hard during sex, and for sex (oddly..a bladder doing it) and what happens? Testosterone increases and increases in the blood. Hold it just a minute...Blood enters exactly where it does in sex, straight down to the phallic bladder, which means testosterone (hence the steroid alcohol sticky mixture) sinks down into that upright region (beyond the circulation, but it still will remain in the phallic bladder of males...Um...Question however, after 19-20 minutes and over the hours, wouldn't that mean there is more testosterone then ever and it's sinking into the bladder of males, all of that steroid alcohol, is clogging into that male bladder? and as blood resides down there erect for a long period, that means not all of the steroid alcohols leave because it's more sticky white in the end..Wouldn't that build up and cause a blood clot? especially in that organ that triggers males to be erect during sex? Wouldn't that immediately clot there with all the testosterone's steroid alcohol, since there is more steroid alcohol but it makes them stay..upright erect?.. Wouldn't that mean that is a glueing blood clot and even worser after 20 minutes if they stay that way?
Jake Wheeler Why not use Lena Dunham she has also lied on this subject.
Nella Germano We knew you weren't lying Anita! We believed you then!
Lesley Greenfield She waited long enough...
Patricia Smith Interesting that mostly men are commenting on this thread and nasty comments at that.
John Moore Yet Clarence Thomas remains (at least nominally) on the SCOTUS?
Scott Frederick Now, just as then, it's all about acting.
Russell Vincent OOHHHH How about that, Hollywood is forming a committee. Where allegations will go to die
CNN was live — in Hapeville, Georgia.11 hours ago

We’re in Georgia, where Mayor Kasim Reed is giving an update on the power outage at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Bonnie Barnett The negativity of the comments in this feed is astounding. These people are doing an excellent job of dealing with an enormously complicated situation in a thoughtful and cautious manner.
Debbie Durham Perspective is needed. Electricity will be out for a short time there. Parts of PR have been w/o for 3 months and may not have it until May
Shantananda Bharti Stop being babies, folks! Get a grip! We have power outages every single day in India, and life goes on, with out dialogues 1000x and silly blame games!!! Get Real.
Jack Resmondo Did Bannon, Breitbart and Fox News find a way to blame former President Obama yet?
Ivan Aldea Hartsfield goes without power for a few hours and it created caos. Every one jumped to help. Half of Puerto Rico have had NO power for more than 100 days. It was already forgotten...
Ciara Corbett If anyone needs a ride from the airport i can try to help. Edited to add: Feel free to tag anyone who you think is stuck at Hartsfield-Jackson with no way out.
Chuck Furman Glad no one was hurt. I’ve been to the Airport; it’s a nice Airport. I hope everyone gets to where they want to go, at least they are trying to fix the problem.
Frank Ribera No backup power generators in the world’s busiest airport?
Tessie Green People's who does not have any knowledge about information technology will not understand any of this. That's why they have negative comments. Any system cn fail
Kevin Veidt All this for an airport, while Puerto Rico’s been out of power 88 days
Jennifer Bragdon Important area caught fire. No cameras or security? No sprinklers? No back up plan? Don’t want to know what happed? Sounds suspicious to me
Ann YT Wow- whole bunch of BS! There was one, let me repeat one employee giving us updates on the situation! The “shelter” they gave ppl... they called vouchers for hotels - were NOT hotel
Christal Douglas I could just imagine how frustrating this situation can be. I applaud these people for doing their best. If you have ever had to deal with the public, then I'm sure that you can understand.
Jonathan Kelly And that, Marjorie – just so you will know and your children will someday know – is the night that the lights went out in Georgia!”
Ham Darly Russia probably hacked our power systems
Sonia Ballinger And PUERTO RICO is still put of power 😢😭😭😭😭😭
Sheila Leslie I was there, I didn't smell any fire, nor did I see any fire trucks. An employee said it was a cut power cord.
Mary Morgan Tampa Florida in the house here praying for everyone involved hoping that everyone is okay many Blessings and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Alicia Catney You don't have a Proper Disaster Recovery Plan in place. Every system needs to be checked no less than annually. That should have been apart of the DRP.
Irene Shaw Too bad the power outage was not the Oval Office so that Omarosa can break in. 😜
Paul Everett Vinson It is time to go back to passenger trains and ocean liners. Air travel is crowded, uncomfortable and overburdened.
Patricia Townsell People are going to be negative no matter what. They don't know what the hell is going on but always the first to open their mouthes. Shut up until you get the facts!!!!
William King Awesome backup plan and no generators for basic airport functions. They'll all likely get promoted for doing such a great job during - they're city employees.
Jorgi Gonzales Powers been out In Puerto Rico. Why the hell are they forgotten!??
Brian Ramos Flight crews have exceeded their daily hour limit so once flights can leave airlines need to get new crew to the airport to get flights out. What a mess.
CNN12 hours ago

Almost three years after police fatally shot Roshad McIntosh, the organization charged with investigating police misconduct says they're reopening his case #BeneathTheSkin

Brendon James Cnn only reports biased news. I wonder what he did. Thank you Mr. Trump for exposing the fake news media and how they lie or tell half thrusts
Chris Wilkie CNN just got the news they didn’t want to hear.. Trump isn’t firing mueller.. 😁😂 Mueller is going to prison either way.. My bet is he defaults for a plea deal with his involvement in Uranium 1..
Khadijah Simmons what they did to his body was so sad. how are you just going to open him up like that, empty him out and stitch him back up like a piece of meat. 😭😭😭😭😭
Pru Barr Chris Wilkie.......You've just sent CNN into a tail spin. No matter what happens, President Trump is'nt going anywhere & will do a second term.
Theo Baldwin So the mom is upset because of the cuts from the autopsy, because her son didn't drop the weapon and got shot? Sounds legit
Benoît Guillette If you don’t like actual police work, join the police and try to do better; everything else is corruption.
Chuck Collins The takeaway from the new investigation will confirm the shooting was justified and that cops shouldn’t misrepresent their testimony regarding such.
Cynthia Newman When a police officer says STOP, you STOP!
Ma Dukes You cannot trust the police or DAs in these cases. They are killing their own in Baltimore.
Willie Davis Believe me, criminal thug killers out number the humans in blue. The thuggish take more lives than police, injustice wear hoodies and mask.
Kiah Oquinn I don't care what color you are if you're breaking the law the police has the right to shoot you
Roy Matthews Sexual misconduct and when that drys up let’s move onto police. CNN shame on you for being all about the dark side
Bergi Tacvorian Daniel Shaver was murdered by Sgt. Charles Langley and Phillip Brailsford of Mesa PD
Kristy Skipworth Bullock So sad , when will they start calling it what it us, murder!
Heather Baker Actually, it is very simple. If you kill someone who was not trying to kill you, it's murder.
Bergi Tacvorian CNN.. please expose the Daniel Shaved incident in Mesa, Az
Marcie Concepcion Cluck bait for CNN! They get to advertise and do pop ups. Plus you have to get CNN go to read the entire story. Shame they are using this kids death for advertising! Shame on you!
Nest Prozinski More people who hate policing should become cops. It's so easy, change it from the inside.
Jacob Renwald The World is garbage in this century
Jay Flo Fbi Mueller must be doing the investigating. Another corrupt Democrat in charge
David LaPell Of course they are. He didn't doo nuthin
Jack Phares Stop where you are, and put ya hands up homey! Problem solved!
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Angiyinkazimulo, kodwa emandleni ami. Ngokuba noma ngingathanda ukudumisa, angiyikuba yisiwula; ngokuba mina ngiyakukhuluma iqiniso; kepha manje ngishiya, funda omunye okufanele angicabangele ngaphezu kwalokho engikuzwayo, noma ukuthi uyangilalela. Futhi ngifunde ukuthi kufanele ngiphakanyiswe ngaphezu kwesilinganiso ngokuchichima kwemibonakaliso, nginikezwa iva enyameni, isithunywa sikaSathane ukungihlambalaza, sifunde ukuthi kufanele ngiphakanyiswe ngaphezu kwesilinganiso. Ngenxa yalokhu ngancenga iNkosi kathathu, ukuthi isuke kimi. Wathi kimi: "Umusa wami ukwanele, ngokuba amandla ami agcwaliswa ebuthakathakeni. Injabulo enkulu ngizobe ngiziqhayise ngobuthakathaka bami, ukuthi amandla omdali angase ahlale phezu kwami.
Jo Smith Police do not go and help any CNN employee when they are in need
Earth Blessing's Knight Truth isn't simple? Yes it is . However ,finding it isn't.
CNN13 hours ago

Travelers stranded on planes on the tarmac for hours. Darkness in the terminal. Passengers guiding their cautious steps by the flashlights on their phones.

This is the scene at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Bobbie Jo Justice Plenty of money to send to israel, plenty of money to give the 1% tax cuts, plenty of money for toilet tweety's golfing trips, but no money for backup generators at the atlanta airport. Okay, got it.
Mindy White The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia😉
Joey Keenan How does the busiest airport in the world not have generators?
Eva Milko-Sutton future of hacking is all about disrupting power grids.. the world is more vulnerable than we care to know..
Avery Cleveland Yeah, wonder how all those people in Puerto Rico feel about it? You know, still not having power, shelter and clean water. Oh, speaking of which, how's the water situation in Flint these days.
Aspen Sophia Fairchild I have been stuck on a plane here at Hartsfield Jackson for 5+ hours and we know so little on what's going on. This is the first time I can access Internet bc the cell tower has been down. This is crazy.
Tawakalit Okanlawon Problems like this power outage at the #ATLairport, the I-85 bridge collapse, Snowjam, and countless other incidents continue to make me ponder who is really steering the ship in this fair city. #GetYourActTogether
Joshua Lee I am a commercial electrician, and I am positive that they have backup generators. The fact that they didn't come on means that there is an internal fault, not in the primary side of the main service. It all depends on how the ATS (automatic transfer switches) are set up, and where the fault actually lies. Although, admittedly, this must be a major malfunction to bring down total service on a building/buildings of this size.
Mirtha Evelyn Hernandez Zeno Feeling sorry for all the poeple at the airport without electricity, I know what you are going through...why?... Because I live in Puerto Rico!😭😭😭
Ketrick Braggs Gilder they are kicking us out of the airport with no where to go... elderly people are stranded just left sitting in wheel chairs.... where is the compassion Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Anthony Riggio That's funny, the backup generators are required to be maintained and tested twice a month, just so this doesn't happen. 😉
Beth Jackson President Obama proposed an infrastructure plan to improve our airports, promote commerce and create jobs throughout and the GOPedophiles opposed it. Trump calls Putin so Putin can tell him what a good boy he is.
Brian Sanders Just left there. They did not tell us that our flight was cancelled. Instead they got the cops to kick us out, and I've got it on camera.
Brian Sanders Delta simply shut its doors at 7:30 pm. Called the cops, and pushed everyone out of the building without notice.
Colette Ann Years ago, my young son and I arrived just after a massive storm. The place was in chaos, and of course flight cancelled. Long line to reschedule. Didn't know when I got in line it was for a discounted room, I lost an hour trying g to fix it, when I could have taken a cab outta there. Then like TWO hours just to get on a airport shuttle (or a cab) to get to a hotel. People were practically, no literally mobbing the vans as they showed. It was very close to total madness!! Didn't feel safe and of course NO police. No security No one directing or assisting. Just every man for themselves. Not my first bad experience dealing with the joker's in Atlanta, but certainly the worst..
Brian Sanders Y'all think that's bad? There were old people who had to walk from A al the way out to the parking lot. Escalators & elevators were not working.
Tommie Reese Jr. It's a fire in a switch over junction station, generators are fine they just won't help with this problem.. you always have to put the fire out first
Ruth Duarte Martin I don’t care about any political 💩. My grandson is supposed to fly in from Little Rock to CA for Christmas visit tomorrow. Layover in Atlanta. I hope they get this fixed, not only for my family but for all the other families traveling for the holidays. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
HK Lexx They can't even fix our own grids. And they want everything electric. All that sun why isn't the airport using solar panels to store power. Hello people wake up!!!!!
Rachelle Landry My boyfriend has been on one of the planes that have been stranded on the tarmac for over 6 hours. There is no water or food to offer passengers. Can’t believe that power has been out for this long at one of the world’s busiest airports. What ever happened to a contingency plan???
Casey Moye This should be a wake up call. The US power grid is weak all over the US. Just think of the impact just for a few hours in the Atlanta Airport and imagine states and regions without power. This was years in making.
Aliya Reeves Poor people was stranded for hours. Glad I was able to assist in getting some of them to a warm place tonight!!
Alex Gallagher It's funny how America tinkers on the edge of 3rd world sometimes, first New Orleans now Atlanta... what next, all Golden Corrals gone.
William King That airport is run by the city of Atlanta, that's why. They don't have the mentality to have backup generators or understand the concept of a money-based society. 3 out of 5 babies born in Georgia are paid for by Medicaid and they still voted Trump.
Rob Buck Duhhhh you all do know that without a power line to run through no matter how many generators you use your still not going to have power.
CNN was live — at American Museum of Natural History.13 hours ago

We're talking with celebrities — including Iain Armitage, Brooklynn Prince, Chris Meloni, Diane Lane, Samira Wiley, Andrew Rannells and Jim Gaffigan — on the CNN Heroes red carpet. CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute airs at tonight at 8 ET.

Adam Dew Heroes are everyday people like first responders. No famous people or sports people should be considered heroes.
Clare Rango Duh. They are helping, the CA fire victims. Several had to leave their own home. Did you make a contribution???
Scotty Sevens Folks, when you start smelling the turds in the feed , just flush quickly, eventually the turds are going to dry up and blow away..and I know you turds know exactly who you are too, don't you??:P
Deborah Morgan So excited to watch the event! These people are so inspiring! I also cannot wait for the commercial to stop running for it because the song is maddening.
Josh Duarte cnn fake news crying again... why dont you ask what happened to the 4 murders in bengazi and the uranium that went missing?
Kenny Ogunmuyiwa Carl, if CNN is fake news, what the heck you doing here?
Linda Givens Casey I no longer watch award shows due to disrespect by actors toward our government.
Jeanne Desrosiers Mello They have the same right to speak as you do. If. The name is Elvis or Joe blow from DoCoMo. Still AMERICAN. Back off comrade!
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Janelle O'Connell Campbell is on at 12.50 mark. Inspiring young man who deserves this incredible recognition. Visit to support someone who is showing kindness makes a difference.
Angie Bloor What a roomful of wonderful human beings! The young people....the future looks good with them in charge. ❤❤❤
John Rogers CNN Heroes ?? like Hilary Rosen, Van Jones and so many others that want to be apart of the story they forget to report actual truthful news ??
Tammy Dupree Dawson If you don’t like what they are talking about, you can seriously exit the live feed
Shawanda Brown-Ortiz That young man book and reading program is amazing.
Roxana Nassiri Oh my favorite character in law and order!❤
Samantha Rubin I voted as many times as possible lololoo
Patricia Richard Kirk Love how she got down on their level to talk to them and made them feel very special
Letasi D. Tanoi Carl is a Troll! How's the weather in Russia?
Cheryl McCowan Being kind and not mean, will help the world a lot....hey Campbell
Elena Palmeri So looking forward to the show! Merry Christmas! Happy holidays to all😊
Guy Santostefano it seems like the adult is the focus here, can't see the little girl. Lousy job by the cameraman
Annette Booth Being kind and not mean will change the world alot - Campbell Remess P365
Cynthia Steele Then why you watching Carl
Vanessa Enrique Salinas This new generation gives me so much hope 💖
Tammy Dupree Dawson Carl can exit the live feed
CNN13 hours ago

Trump transition lawyers have accused special counsel Robert Mueller's team of getting unauthorized access to thousands of transition emails

Derek Harmening Meanwhile, Trump is accused of unlawfully obtaining presidency.
Diane Scholle Ridiculous. They know their on a .gov email website, so everything they said in emails is government property. In other words, OURS!!!
Martin Muldoon Trump blew it. House, Senate, and Presidency. What has been done? A tax cut for the Rich. Republicans are gonna be purged faster than their heads can spin.
Pamela Wheeler Tanner Trump's team is getting desperate...they all sign releases. America will not stand for stopping the investigation. What is Trump so afraid of? What is he hiding?
Michael Barry Scow So Really; How did the guy investigating Russian collusion into the most sacred of rights in democracy; that is freedom and will to vote; from America's long-time adversary; suddenly become the Bad Guy?...Oh yeah, Fake News from a Fake President...
Mark Capozio Trumps team is just saying this because they know how guilty they are. The evidence will show us that trump never really won and should never have been president.
Moira Harris Nope! Not unlawful. Hang in there Mr Mueller. You are our hero!!! The finder of truth and the deliver of Justice.
Mansour Tahboub Trump will remove Mueller from this investigation the moment he's sure he'll indict him, and that will be the end of democracy & accountability in the USA.
Michael Bell Trump is an employee of the federal government and all he does should be made public. Trump's law team seems to have graduated from Trump U. For the 32 percent that still think Trump is not a con man keep your hand on your wallet.
Brian Capa Young The one sided CROOKED Mueller/Hillary/Obama investigation...the whole klan needs to be fired and removed from this so called investigation...#Ismellfire ...#NOCOLLUSION
Alice Robinson I don't get it, you were happy when the Russians got Hillary's email , but you're unhappy when an American lawyer gets them, just move to Russia , we'll all be better off and happier.
MD Boyd In other news, in a tantrum worthy of any toddler, Trump threw a bust of Andrew Jackson across the Oval Office before falling to the ground and beating his feet and tiny fists on the floor in an impotent rage of tears while waling, "HE GOT MY EMAILS! NO FAIR!" Hey, maybe the Russians gave Mueller Trump's emails?
Peter Castillo I guess the Trump team didn't read the pop up that said you have no expectation of privacy using government equipment as that is what I see when I log onto my government computer.
Jamie Greene Odeneal Bad headline. It's not that he just denies it's "unlawful" -- it ISN'T unlawful. Please stop feeding into this narrative.
Fran Bornman Nope. Don't believe it. Mr Mueller knows to cover his bases before taking action. Just another attempt at diversion because Mr Mueller is getting close.
Ed Rivero Doesn't matter and do you think a man like Mueller who's by the book is going to do anything to compromise his team or this investigation and now he has the goods on all of Trumps team if they try anything they will all be exposed. Trump will resign before June or his son and son in law will go to prison not to mentioned others in the administration.
Tim Atkinson When trump was a young man he met a lawyer Roy Cohen who gave him advice. It was to be trumps mantra from then on . “If attacked legally then fight back legally make it difficult sue and counter sue the other side usually gives up” trump only knows one defence and that’s attack.
Kathie Lynd When they take office and in transition, they sign docs conceding privacy over emails, texts, etc. They do seem to forget a lot and their attorney doesn't seem to know much.
Amber Nichole Trump and his lawyers will try anything! Its crazy bc if Trump was innocent then why would he be so worried about it??!! He wouldn't!!! Shows how guilty he is...🤔🤔🤔
Cecelia Tucker Why don't they just grab a lipstick and write "we messed up" or "lock us up"? Whining that the FBI is unlawful is pretty much the lamest claim ever and screams "we did it, we are SOOOOOOO guilty".
Russell Claxton The minor leaguers are trying to mess with the major leaguers, here. Bob Mueller knows exactly what he can and cannot do to legally and effectively carry out this investigation. 😝
Stewart Gerald Let him fire mueller! I guarantee you the Dems will take the senate and the house. And impeaching and removing trump will be the first order of business.
Mary Swihart People...Use your heads! If you think Mueller would endanger his own investigation by illegally obtaining emails, you need your heads examined. He is much to smart to do any sort of thing like that.
Juanita Sullivan LOL If anyone thinks Mueller is going to do anything not by the numbers in order to get this right with no loopholes, needs their heads examined.
Eric Green Mueller and his team are being as careful and as delicate as they can with this investigation. There is NO WAY Mueller would screw up like Trump wants his idol worshippers to believe. This is all deflection so the focus isn't on him. Mueller is getting close to the truth and Trumps lies and incessant whining tells us he's scared! #MoronsAreGoverningAmerica #ImpeachTrump
CNN was live — at American Museum of Natural History.13 hours ago

We're on the CNN Heroes red carpet with hosts Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa and our Top 10 CNN Heroes. CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute airs at tonight at 8 ET.

Jared Gonzalez I really appreciate this rapid fire interview lineup. Not enough journalist go person to person while being fed questions from their earpiece.
Scott Klug Glad to see CNN doing a real news story.
Karen Zuker Great job Melissa
Giana Michaela Anton That's my cuz!!! Andrew Manzi!
Matthew Hilliard Congrats to all the heroes ... and to those calling out a CNN Heroes event as fake news — how cold is it in Moscow?
Adrian Squire why are all the Fox News people on CNN News live feed. ? trying to see what a real news organization is like perhaps
Sylvia Theeagle I'm very proud to watch people who has made great service to humanity and also thanks to CNN for the truth telling.
Cate Eldridge When All if yiu making nasty comments sctually do something to make a difference you then can talk. Your comments make you look horrible. Grow up
Sadira Hassan I love CNN, but can’t wait until this is over! That commercial with the singing is like nails on a chalkboard!!!
Audra Brown Essameldin A Ibrahim, you're right the red carpet being a bad omen in Egypt back in ancient times hurt people spiritually without them knowing!!!!
Adrian Squire We are here to salute and honor the real American Heroes so why are so many negative comments being posted because we are all Americans first and should remember that
Adrian Squire No matter what we should all remember we are Americans first the real news and the fake news well maybe not the fake news Fox News organization is fake, fraudulent, and fictitious
Sue Barber Stop with your awful negativity you Americans! You need to get a life and learn about what happens outside of your State & see what else goes on in this world!!!!!
Edmund Cadogan Hi i like CNN,is a good media world wide and,there are a controller for what can and what can not,so i don't think that there is un fool-aid come through,,
Ann Sallinger So emotional hearing those stories.I sure did cry.Thank you CNN for making the world aware of these awsome people that are making a difference.
Michael Agnew Sad to say guys but I don't really care. I tune into CNN for the news and all I get is the liberal diatribe.
Judy Young Yes Jennifer Maddox!!!!!! I voted for you girl. Thank you for your work you do as an officer and for the community!
Simon Teixeira CNN is the most credible source of news. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Alexandra Shepiro Real news...Real Heroes!
Lynnae Vickers Why won't CNN cover my CIA and FBI corruption story? I've uncovered serious treason at a historic level. All you do is cover-up for the government
Dawn Hixson Congratulations to all the CNN Heroes!!
Mayra Diaz Thank you CNN for focusing on the positive and recognizing these people who are amazing !
Edward Paye Thanks to CNN for bringing awareness to the great work people are do around the globe.
Kare Thompson CNN is one best news channel out there
CNN14 hours ago

There's growing Democratic optimism for 2018

Carol Wirick Leining With all of the events that played out this year...I would like to think that people have opened their ears and eyes and want what's best for America....and in my opinion it won't be Trump...or a Republican house....
Patrick Winkel Delusions of grandeur hahahhahaha
Abdul Linkin let's smash that sh!t in 2018 and save this great nation from madness. This treasonous cabinet is filled with putin 🐓hoslters. The misinformed, not so educated, voters got fooled by the don the con, and the fake ads and news russia put out - not to mention the hacks and all the collusion almost every drumpf cabinet member had with the russians.
Rozlyn Ambrose Alabama Senate win prove that blue will carry the most seats. Most republicans politicians know their seat is in trouble.
Jeff Clark 40 seats?! a pipe dream... 19, tops... democrats are a broken political party-republicans are also.. but Republicans are in and only have to defend... democrats need to take seats, and be united. they're not united, and are led by old fools out of touch with Main Street
Kevin Clark What’s going to be hilarious is when the wormy GOP finally realize Trump’s a big rotting anchor around their necks, and none of them will ever get re-elected while he’s around. Then, you’ll see them turn on him, all the rats turning on themselves, while Democrats pick up all their seats. That’s what happens when you sell your soul, and sell out this beautiful country, to funnel more money into your pockets. #dirtylowlifeGOP
Greg Heifner 11 more months of this and the blue wave will mean a super majority in Congress. Only then can we get our government back. Make America Smart Again. Vote this right wing BS out of here.
Hugh Jorgan If you really want to win don't start painting a rosy picture yet. Patting ourselves on the back before the game starts is why America has fallen behind other countries in almost every category besides prison growth and getting fat.
Phillip Evans Trump is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party in years, millions of young people will be flocking to vote liberal because of him. It's the only way he will make America great again.
Lori Morgan We can foresee all we want but never be over confident. It means people will take it for granted and not vote! People assumed Hillary would win and half the eligible voters didn't bother.
Cory Martin As it’s been known for years the Republican Party is not the people’s party it’s the party of the rich. The electoral college let Trump take office and America has chosen Republicans and all they have been doing is helping the Koch Brothers, other elites and Trump build their wealth. Research the Koch Brothers. Trump is allowing them to gain so much with deregulation, tax cuts, and taking away land in Utah for them to prosper.
Shawnathan Sims 1. It's been less than 10 years since the economic global collapse, and people forgot Republicans and billionaires put the world there.. 2. Americans vote against their own interests. 3. Not ONE republican recall yet...
Cl Rich Where are the Black people on your panel @CNN? How can you talk Dem victory in 18, without the backbone of the base? I'm confused????
Keith Coyle Let's watch as each upcoming election mysteriously has 40 year old sex allegations appear against the Republican runners. Funny haven't heard anything about the women accusing Moore since the election !!!!!!!
MD Boyd Wow, Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president in the last 40 years. Bush Senior had a higher approval rating than Trump when Bush lost to Clinton. Right now, Toe Fungus has a higher approval rating than Trump. Only people who love toe fungus love Trump.
Coco Smith That's a bit optimistic. But if the disenchanted and disenfranchised decide to do something about it, they definitely can overcome the gerrymandering and take quite a few seats.
Michael Barry Scow Thankfully, I believe there are many more good American human-beings who see the truth despite the Lies then those 'Who Can't handle the truth; and prefer the lies; which will show up in the majority; of a one term temper tantrum throwing puerile President...
Shirley Lebovich the republicans showed how little they care about the people when they let Trump run. I hope their party dies off, cause after this crap Trump has put people thru, I wouldnt trust them if my life depended on it.
David P. Funk If you can’t beat the Rs, then Ill be really disappointed - they are only going to ramp up the actual fake news worse and worse. That’s their thing. House Republicnas are getting away with a ton of weird shenanigans. Not the House Dems are much better, but the balance of power is way lopsided, and Republicnas are acting like idiots again.
Joseph Gonzalez Hope they're figuring a way to keep Hillary out and going opposite Obama was. Never too late if they just focus. Have a feeling it will take a so called God fearing person now
Susan Andrews Don't get complacent. These nutjobs are out to destroy our country. What makes anyone think they'll follow rules or laws in any way? They're already censoring scientists, supporting hostile foreign governments over it's own, and all other such fascist activities. Be prepared to fight hard for those spots...if we're still allowed by then. smh
Paul Fra Don't forget the nice boost the Dems are getting from the refusal of "News" orgs like CNN to cover Trump with any kind of intellectual honesty, journalistic integrity, or fairness.
Roger W. Petersen Dems needs an agenda that works for all Americans away from social programs that only benefit their core base. Drivers licenses given to illegals in Cali(for example) primarily so they can vote in an Election is not going to win over any hard working American citizen. This cites just one example of an agenda gone a wry!
Erik Flædt Don’t worry, the Dems will find some way of screwing it up despite the fact that Republicans have always been smaller in number and that GOP policies are wildly unpopular.
Brant Houston Democrats want to stop this booming economy. The sheep want the government to have the money instead of the people.
CNN14 hours ago

JUST IN: President Donald J. Trump says he isn't considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the Russia investigation

Amanda Ornelas Uh oh. That means Trump is considering firing Mueller.
Wendy Watts Many of us know what that really means. So beware Mr. Mueller , the American people need you to continue in your investigations so they can get the USA back,,,,
Rebecca Gay Does ANYONE believe ANYTHING out of this buffoon's mouth? If he can find a way to try and succeed, he will sure as heck try.
Carol Mccannon It's absurd that we have to sit on the edge of our seat every day to see who he'll fire next on a whim because he's threatened, or just because he can. What a complete creep, jerk, and bully. And this is our president????
Geri DeMars God give President Trump wisdom, knowledge and strength....he’s the only one that will ever have a chance to defeat them and make it right
Cesar Manuel Escobar Francia Is he ready for civil war?? Word on the streets is if he fires Mueller, a war hero and purple heart recipient, vets will take up arms. He should tread lightly. I hope it doesn't come to that
Larissa Simmer Yesterday: I might maybe 🤔 Today: Probably not 🤔 = This person Is insane & should not sitting in the Oval Office, but in a cell for the criminally mentally disabled🙄
Xavaier Wescott Trump would say anything to deflect from the fact that Mueller is getting very close, to what's most likely a conspiracy and treason. Whatever those in Trump's circles had no business doing negotiating foreign policy while Obama was still in office.
Kenneth Nielsen why would he? Nothing Mueller finds will in anyway remove him from office.. People still clinging to that belief have to wake up and smell the coffee..
Chelly Good For someone w/ "nothing to hide" for the so-called "fake news" made up by the "dems" President Dry Mouth seems awfully bothered by Mueller's investigation. 🤔 #ButWhy 🤷🏻‍♀️
George Curry Trump has probably been told by every lawyer and politician he knows, that firing Mueller will be the guaranteed ugly death of his Presidency.
Richard Bellamy If Mueller is fired, millions will take to the streets!!! He's already discredited the media, got rid of net neutrality, banned words at the CDC, and has a cult willing to do anything for their savior!!!! Don't be surprised if trumpy imposes martial law!!! #impeachtrump
Marianne NV Thompson We will take to the streets in millions if he does until order is restored to our country. #LockHimUp
Susan Brewer He doesn't to. The way things are revealing themselves, he'( Meuller ) will have to shut it down. Its all compromised and there should be grand juries started into entire special council.
Jonathan Hamilton When Republicans call it fake news or a witch hunt, they obviously know nothing about the facts and what has been proven. They just believe everything Trump wants them to believe. Sad!
Kyle Albanese Trump is not going to be impeached. He is going to serve his 4 year term and possibly another one. Give up the fantasy liberals. It's been almost a year and Mueller still has found nothing to impeach or imprison him for.
Cheryl Gray Once he says he's a "Good man" and "he is well respected" and loves his country...a week later he will try to fire him....this dotard is so unpredictable that he's predictable..
Chris L Penz That's because he can't. He can only instruct the deputy US AG to do so. Firing Mueller would be a clear cut case of obstruction just like what Nixon did.
Dovie Miller Mueller has ties to Obama, Hilliary, Shumer, Dukakis, Gore, and Kerry. He was prep school buddies with Kerry, the Vietnam War traitor.
Larry Sinsebox He feels he’s been able to provide enough discredit to him and the FBI so that when push comes to shove, he will have his army of supporters (who wouldn’t waver if he stood in the middle of 5th Ave and shot someone) still waging his personal battles for him
Helmuth Bud Radtke If Trump is not gonna fire Mueller than Republicans need to shut their mouths cause Bias agents are not what is gonna convict Trump.Republicans better worry more about taking bribes from lobbyists.
Charles Chinedu Iwediuno Vincent Trump is scared, ‘cos’ muller is gradually coming closer to getting him. The sledgehammer will soon be hitting donald duck !!
Chuck Tatakis This is a chess match. Donald Trump's lawyers know that he's guilty but they also know if he fires Mueller impeachment will be immediate. Like all criminals, the success is short lived but they leave a wake of victims who will always be victims.
Venancia Hopkins Trump is not going to fire Mueller. If he does he would automatically ousted out of office. I am waiting for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to get this criminal in handcuffs and out of the White House.
Barry Kean I expect Trump, at this point, really does not plan to fire Mueller. His plan is more sophisticated than that: it is to discredit Mueller and create so much doubt about his impartiality that no matter what he comes up with, it can be dismissed as fake news. Of course, it would be a bonus if the anti-Mueller propaganda campaign was so successful that it convinced Rosenstein to fire Mueller on his own initiative. Trump may seem like a bumbling fool but I think it is dangerous to take that at face value
CNN15 hours ago

Former Fox News contributor Tamara Holder says network founder Rupert Murdoch ruined her life. "I don't have a job in TV anymore because the place that he has secured down like Fort Knox allowed abusive predators to prey on women who just wanted to work."...

Greg Heifner Rupert has almost single handedly destroyed democracy worse than any other foreign enemy. I watched as Faux News and Rush poisoned my ailing father-in-law. I will never forgive them.
Drew Warner Yeah, her life and our country. There have been no greater villains in US History than Rupert Murdoch and Fox News.
John Poe It's funny, CNN hasn't done hardly any stories on the myriad of sexual harassment incidents that has occurred under their own roof.
Michael Barry Scow Rupert Murdoch hired back; Bill O' Reilly even after then paying out millions for his sexual misconducts...Murdoch, good buds with. Chief Sexual Predator; Trump...
Pete Martin If you work for Fox News, your soul is already sold. "Who knew a scandalous propaganda outlet would treat women so unethically?"
George Werner Funny how the paid trolls are always first to defend State TV. It's like they have a long history with it somewhere.
Mark Monroe Sorry. It's too easy for some women to lie because they didn't rise to the job they wanted or because they were unliked. It's all tainted and conjecture without evidence. What if someone accused your father or brother of being inappropriate with no evidence and they lost there job and ruined their rep because some woman is unhappy and lied. It happens all the time.
Ana Miranda Of course trump loves Fox News, the home of sexual predators
Derrick Peterson Even though I hate fox news,sometime you have to read between the line. This guy could care less about this lady,he brought her on to bash fox news. The media is righting each other like the dem. and rep. are fighting each other. Don't know who to trust anymore.
Mitch Cox It's time to ban Fox from calling itself a news channel. It should be forced to call it's self what it is, state ran propaganda channel. Nothing more, nothing less.
Helmuth Bud Radtke Fox better start worrying about their own back yard rather than undermining a credible Russian investigation.
David Young Funny how cnn wanna say fox news is bad. Maybe they should go look in the mirror and think about how fake their own news is. I havnt seen a single honest thing come from cnn
Ulises Valentin So now they want to shut down fox news since it’s pretty much the only news organization talking the truth about what’s going on and they want to silence them. All the other news organization is propaganda news for the Democrats. Fox is fair if they need to say something about the administration they will and if they need to talk about the Democrats or Republicans they will as well not unlike the other news channels that’s always negative against the president.
Ramon Delacruzr Omg I feel really sorry for those women who work at fox , I can’t believe that they allow that to happen in a place of work.
Susie Garstka Coleman hmmm seems all of these "liar" remarks are from men...wondering how many of them can relate to this "flirting"? hitting home fellas?
Elizabeth Weiland Abrams Go girl! Why shouldn't you have made a settlement and got something back for abuse? And why should you have to keep quiet about it? Glad you found the window to let us know about your experience. Unfortunately, you are not alone.
Joseph Butala A day after it was revealed that NBC paid money to a female staffer in 1999 who accused MSNBC’s Chris Matthews of sexual harassment, the network kept mum Sunday about whether there were other women who had accused the long-time host of inappropriate behavior.
Jim McLeod Fox is bad media, that abused women...confirmed by employees....& put out bias fake news & facts is not in their messages..? True.
Daniel Weisheit Fox is the only trusted News Channel out there. Very good people on that channel with the exception of the Liberals. They are fun to watch though. The Liberals I mean.
Brian Hall Losers always blame others for their own shortcomings. If she was sexually abused then bring charges on those that are guilty.
Mark Wisniewski She doesn't have a job because SHE IS TERRIBLE ON TV!. She cannot make a cogent argument on any subject. She does not speak well. And she is always on the wrong side of an issue. She easily gets flustered and stammer and stutters her way through an interview. Bitter, talentless hack.
Ben Campbell fox has turned into a propaganda and hack coverage arm for the right wing. bravo wingervision and friends, the dotard's favorite faux news.
Scott Woodruff It’s cute how she dresses like a school teacher to go in CNN but made sure she wore crazy low cut tops every single appearance on Fox.... just another liberal hypocrite
Susan Kmiecik Rupert Murdoch should go to jail for pimping. He'd willingly send an unsuspecting woman into the lions den. If she didn't play with the lion her career went no where.
Gregory Collins As if Jake Tapper's ex-producer and Zucker don't have issues? Fng hypocrites at CNN. Don't wonder why you can't be trusted.
CNN15 hours ago

Republican Sen. John McCain is heading home to Arizona to continue recovering from chemotherapy and won't be in Washington, D.C., for the tax vote this week, said two sources close to him

Shawn Spence If two Republicans are absent and no Democrats are present, the Senate will not have a quorum of 51 and therefore, no vote. Pence can only vote to break a tie. On another note, I wish Sen. McCain the best.
Jasmine Guerda Only in America do people get upset that others speak multiple languages. I have been to as many countries as I have states. A joke I constantly hear in multiple countries is: what do you call someone who speaks three languages? Tri-lingual, what do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bi-lingual. What do you call someone who speaks only one language? American.
Brian Kliemt I don't agree with most of his views, but I respect the man. Glad hes choosing rest over voting for that ridiculous bill.
Christopher Miller I don't want this ugly and unoriginal tax vote to pass, but, I wish John McCain were well enough to be there to vote. Though he's not in my party, he has my love and respect.
Barry Ernst If they needed his vote the Republicans would wheel him in with no regard to his health even if it meant killing him. It's pretty obvious it's all they care about everything else including the country can go to hell as long as they deliver these cuts for their donors (owners).
Ann Elkjer Doyle God speed John McCain. We do not share ideology but I respect you as you are a good man and a leader. Not many in your party anymore.
Shannan Tyler ~ God bless him, his daughter, and his entire family❤️~ Life is just too short to have to deal with what is going on in today's world…
Carol Williams Prayers for Sen. McCain and his family. I hope they have a blessed Christmas together and that he will get some rest. Life is short.
Lori Van Decker Stay strong, Senator McCain. You ARE the hero America needs, even if some don't realize that right now.
Sally Grennon Burke I don't wish him the best anymore. He deliberately screwed up the Obama care vote, contrary to what he said he was going to do, and now the tax bill vote??? He's a douche.
Sam Fonu It’s time for him to call it quits and retire. There’s no need to force it. Enjoy the rest of your time with family. Thank you for your service.
Susie Wheatcroft Stanfield So glad Senator McCain is strong enough to go home for the holidays. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.....cherish every moment and everyday. God bless.
Rick Wilson Thank you Senator McCain for your service to our country. Thank you for defending her during time of war and during times of peace. Godspeed John McCain.
James Baker I just don't understand why he still continues to serve. He should have quit years ago. Call it a day McCain and go try to get better. Leave the bullcrap politics life behind and try to enjoy any time you have left.
Vickie Vaughn Get well, John. Don't worry about the tax bill. You just take care of yourself and have a good Christmas. Tax bill won't pass anyway.
Richmond June I wish him all the best. Doesn't matter which political party you belong to, McCain is a true American Patriot.Much Respect to him.
Danny Ringwelski Why cannot some politicians retire like everyone else does. I understand you want to serve your state or country but enough is enough. It's all about greed and power to some.
Peggy Rosier Good he is going home to be with family for the holidays...sadly it may be their last Christmas together.
Mary Kay Jettinghoff My admiration for this man who has given so much to this Country is deep. He'd be there if he could and as a nurse I fear the worst. I'm praying for him and his family tonight.
Tony Scott I never agreed per say with John McCain's politics but he is a true American Hero I hope he gets well and personally I think he didn't really want to vote for the bill anyway but I do hope he recovers
Julie Kennedy Ward I am amazed how ungrateful people are. This man was a POW and suffered fighting for this Country and your freedom to judge him. No matter your political views, he deserves some respect. Thank you John for your service and I wish you all the best!
Daniel Carte Dear Senator Mccain, Sir I am hoping against hope that this letter reaches you. I know as a native Montanan my opinion means little to you in Arizona. Worse I slant towards democrat policy wise. This being said in major elections I vote character over policy. In 2016 I was frustrated with the choices for executive branch and said often and loudly I would have voted for John Mccain had he been the nominee. I have always felt you to be a man of courage and honor with a strong moral compass and true desire to do what is best for the citizens of this great nation. I am a 55 year old father of two grown sons. I raised my family and carved out my small slice of the American dream by working retail as a grocery store produce manager. My wife was a deli manager for the same company. We both managed to work for four different corporations over a span of 30 years through corporate buyouts. Each ttime a new corporation took over there were concessions made resulting in a 40% joint income reduction in my household. In the mid 90's in one year, through no fault of our own our earnings dropped from just over $100,000 to $60,000. In 2004 we left the industry, paid the early withdrawal fine on my 401k and bought a small sandwich shop. To afford health insurance I applied and was hired as a produce clerk at a different grocery chain that offered good benefits. With 30 years exemplary produce experience, in a tight local job market at the time, I was offered and accepted a wage of $7.00 per hour. I started in produce with no experience in 1984 for $6.88 per hour. This has been my experience with trickle down economics. Six months prior to president Obama changing the regulations governing such things my second attempt at a loan modification was denied and the house I raised my family in was foreclosed upon and auctioned off on the courthouse steps. We lost the business, got divorced and over the last seven years I have worked as many as three jobs at a time trying to regain my economic standing. At one point I went 19 months without a solitary day off. At 54 it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain this pace. I currently work full time as an insulator for $12 per hour and in a bakery for $11 per hour. I do not have health insurance nor do i have the disposable income to afford it. None of these things are the reason for this letter but are meant only to validate the true purpose of this letter as I feel I represent a unique cross section of life in the lower middle class of the United States over the last 30 years. Sir you have lived your life as an American hero! One of the greatest of our time. You have my unyielding respect, admiration and gratitude for your sacrifice and your service. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones during this time of your greatest battle. I lost my dear mother 7 years ago to a brain tumor. She had been misdiagnosed as being paranoid schizophrenic years earlier as the tumor caused auditory and visual hallucinations. When they removed the tumor she was given many years of clarity, love and joy. I pray you receive the same graces. I chose defense as the topic of this letter intentionally. I chose to send this letter to you because you are a man of courage, a man who is known to be a maverick in defense of good. Sir I fear this great nation is under attack from within. I feel given your impassioned speeches on the need for regular order show a similar concern. There is nothing regular about the order with which things are taking place today. I beg of you sir to continue to bravely defend this country and not let your yes vote on this absurd tax cut for wealthy republican donors be your last act as senator. Your party sir, the republican party has forgotten their oaths. They have forgotten their most important patriotic duty. They have forgotten that they are a branch of government equal to that of the executive and that one of its most crucial duties is to act as a check and balance to the other branches of government. The current executive branch under the Trump administration has been brutally, relentlessly, attacking the judicial branch. It has attacked another crucial check to its power, the forth estate, the free press and champions of the truth. The trump administration has even instituted a type of yellow journalism via the biased fox news network. The republican party has shown only cowardice in response to these attacks. Now they are joining in on the attack by trying to discredit the FBI and the special investigation into Russian attempts to destabilize our democracy. Senator Mccain we....the United States of America are under attack from within. The resistance is faltering. If we cannot turn in times like these to the heroes of our time...the patriots...those who have proven courage in the face autocratic regimes that would destroy our democracy including the one currently in power...if we the people cannot turn to the John Mccains of our time...who then? I pray and implore and beg that you once again have the courage and strength and resolve to again take up the mantle and defend us....we...the people. Again I hope against hope that my words reach you. May God hold you and your loved ones in the palms of his hands. Respectfully, Daniel J. Carte Missoula, Montana
Denise McCord Wishing you strength as you return home to celebrate Christmas and be surrounded by the love of you family. That is the best medicine.
Georges Boutz He couldn't wait to get back to DC to vote against last time, now he is bailing out so he doesn' t have to vote after he said he would vote for it.......Typical of this hypocrite!
Michele Hurt Larsen Wishing Senator McCain God’s blessings and recovery even though this is not expected. He’s one tough Cookie and I have always respected him. That said, I only wish he had stuck to his decency and voted against this tax fraud. This is a big SMUDGE in America’s history.