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The 2016 Trump Tower meeting remains a significant focus for lawmakers looking into potential coordination between Trump associates and Kremlin-linked operatives during the presidential campaign

Jason Smith Hey CNN where is your story on Hillary Clinton's involvement with United States uranium being sold to Russian companies and the donations made to the Clinton Foundation because of it??? Crickets
Elliot Osher Wonder why CNN isn't talking about the uranium one deal, real Russian collusion .... the collusion between Obama Loretta lynch and bill....
Gene Scott CNN is reaching for credibility!
Wesley Smith Fake news ! The only collusion with Russia was Democrats accepting bribes in the uranium deal ! And those involved the ones investigating Trump. Sounds a little fishy to me !
Gary L. Stinson CNN - you're a joke - but you're going to just ignore the Clinton , Obama Russia, uranium deal - omg
Lynn Cowden We already know the russia connection connects directly to hillay, bill, obama, and holder. Gitmo awaits these traitors.
Rick Mann I can remember when CNN was the main source for news. Now, you turn to their channel, and it's nothing but 24/7 political discussion, and a non-stop smear campaign against our elected President. When did they quit being news?
Scott Szczechowicz CNN LOOK INTO THIS PLEASE>>>The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday night requested permission to interview an undercover informant who helped FBI agents compile evidence of Russia racketeering before the 2010 deal approved by President Barack Obama’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), which included then-Secretary of State Clinton. Department of Justice officials threatened the informant in a lawsuit litigated during November’s presidential election when he attempted to disclose some of the findings, forcing him to step back from taking legal action, his lawyer Victoria Toensing told The Hill. The informant, whose identity has not been made public, could not disclose information he gathered over a nearly five-year period because he signed a nondisclosure agreement with the FBI, according to Toensing. During his service, the informant collected financial records, made secret recordings and intercepted emails dating back to 2009 that showed that Moscow was involved in bribery and kickbacks with an American uranium trucking company. The CFIUS unanimously agreed to a partial sale of the Canadian mining company Uranium One to Rosatom, a major Russian nuclear company, effectively handing Moscow control of 20 percent of the U.S.’s uranium supply. Though FBI officials held evidence on the investigation in 2009 and 2010, the Department of Justice waited until 2014 to bring forth charges. In his letter Wednesday night to Toensing, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley expressed concern that the Obama administration agreed to the deal while the FBI had evidence of Russian collusion and corruption, and questioned whether that posed a national security threat. "It appears that your client possesses unique information about the Uranium One/Rosatom transaction and how the Justice Department handled the criminal investigation into the Russian criminal conspiracy," Grassley stated in the letter obtained by The Hill. "Such information is critical to the Committee’s oversight of the Justice Department." Last week, the Senate committee sent letters to 10 federal agencies involved in the Uranium One deal, requesting information Like the Obama administration, Clinton has denied knowledge of Russian bribery before the deal. Her husband, Bill Clinton, received millions of dollars from Russian officials while she sat on the CFIUS.
Brian Neil Why were Bill and Hillary Clinton there arranging the transfer of the US uranium for millions to the Clinton foundation
Jean-Pascal Aubert Previous presidents, American society, the political and economic elite are responsible and have contributed to the ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States. You should be wondering why this was possible instead of blaming everyone. You should question yourself. Perhaps unwittingly, over the decades you have fed a monster that is now out of your control. This is the result of the consumer society that has led to your decadence .. For decades patronize you reject your institutions .. For decades you reject your nation, country, culture, tradition, religion, army .. On behalf so-called freedom and nihilistic ideologies that advocate the clean slate .. After all that, do not be surprised that Donald Trump has entered the political arena .. You are all responsible for whether you are Democrats or Republicans. The awakening is brutal. But you have the president you deserve ..
Shawn Londin Lmao!!! The real story is the pay to play Uranium deal with Hillary and Obama in 2009.. thats the real Russia collusion!!
Bill LeClair yada yada yada and harveywood story is ignored that links several key democrats to the sex scandal, but go ahead and try to cover up for them CNN, keep deflecting the stories.
Rhonda Mrsich Ovamit did everything he could to get Hillary elected and failed....He is a failure..,and CNN us too...fake news...
Patty Curtis The republican party owns this nightmare, they wanted power so bad they would have put Mickey mouse in there and by the way that would have been a much better choice.
James Mearse Give it up CNN. Maybe run the story about the FBI finding proof of Killary profiting from the sale of our plutonium to the Russians!
Charles Searcy I don't care how dumb people say y'all are... you liberals are some entertaining lil shits. Open and willing to walk right into slavery.
Dorry Bollen Ha ha they got the goods on the Russian collusion.. Jr and a bunch of others in the campaign are so busted! Trumpsters sided with Communist! 😂😂😂
Erma Roberts Do they REALLY expect to get any valuable information from the Russians? Surely they don't expect to get any truth from them???
Sue McGill I'm beginning to suspect the RNC was involved in Russian efforts. That's why the committees are procrastinating
Ryan Chanda That's nice. Hey, what's going on with the Russia/Clinton scandal that traced bribery money going to the Clinton foundation? Or is that more of a non issue like the Weinstein story? Well at least CNN got higher ratings talking about how Trump might've colluded with Russia. It must be more important than getting caught red-handed with treason like the DNC did when they illegally betrayed Sanders (which is why we have Trump). Giving Russia 20% control of US uranium while the Clinton Foundation Captalized from potential bribery sounds like another caught red-handed with treason story that FBI informants can't even talk about under contract without being punished.
Angela Kay Johnson For all you people that call CNN fake news why do you follow them and comment? Just like Trump does on twitter! If they are fake why bother? Get a life already!
Richard Belcastro Its awesome to see that we...the republicans who stand with TRUMP are taking over anything CNN spits out....lmao
William Davies Irish Carroll that is the real fake news that trump supporters think is true that has been proven false on so many levies get a real talking point or STFU
Elizabeth Startz-Stec CNN...also known as Clinton News Network. A joyous day when they have their blind sheep realize it's not news; only hateful, despicable anchors and fake news!
Greg R Hall WHAT HAS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP DONE SINCE HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE …… 1. Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch 2. 59 missiles dropped in Syria 3. He took us out of TPP 4. Illegal immigration is now down 70%( the lowest in 17 years) 5. Consumer confidence highest since 2000 at index 125.6 6. Mortgage applications for new homes rise to a seven year high 7. Arranged from 7% to 24% Tariff on lumber from Canada 8. Bids for border wall are well underway 9. Pulled out of the lopsided Paris accord 10. Keystone pipeline approved 11. NATO allies boost spending by 4.3% 12. Allowing VA to terminate bad employees 13. Allowing private healthcare choices for veterans 14. More than 600,000. Jobs created 15. Median household income at a 7 year high 16. The Stock Market is at the highest ever in its history 17. China agreed to American import of beef 18. $89 Billion saved in regulation rollbacks 19. Rollback of A Regulation to boost coal mining 20. MOAB for ISIS 21. Travel ban reinstated 22. Executive order for religious freedom 23. Jump started NASA 24. $600 million cut from UN peacekeeping budget 25. Targeting of MS13 gangs 26. Deporting violent illegal immigrants 27. Signed 41 bills to date 28. Created a commission on child trafficking 29. Created a commission on voter fraud 30. Created a commission for opioids addiction 31. Giving power to states to drug test unemployment recipients 32. Unemployment lowest since May 2007 33. Historic Black College University initiative 34. Women In Entrepreneurship Act 35. Created an office for illegal immigrant crime victims 36. Reversed Dodd-Frank 37. Repealed DOT ruling which would have taken power away from local governments for infrastructure planning 38. Order to stop crime against law enforcement 39. End of DAPA program 40. Stopped companies from moving out of America 41. Promoted businesses to create American Jobs 42. Encouraged country to once again – ‘Buy American and hire American’ 43. Cutting regulations – 2 for every one created 45. Review of all trade agreements to make sure they are America first 46. Apprentice program 47. Highest manufacturing surge in 3 years 48. $78 Billion promised reinvestment from major businesses like Exxon, Bayer, Apple, SoftBank, Toyota 49. Denied FBI a new building 50. $700 million saved with F-35 renegotiation 51. Saves $22 million by reducing white house payroll 52. Dept of Treasury reports a $182 billion surplus for April 2017 (2nd largest in history) 53. Negotiated the release of 6 US humanitarian workers held captive in Egypt 54. Gas prices lowest in more than 12 years 55. Signed An Executive Order To Promote Energy Independence and Economic Growth 56. Has already accomplished more to stop government interference into people’s lives than any President in the history of America 57. President Trump has worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman 58. Has given head executive of each branches 6 month time frame, dated March 15, 2017, to trim the fat, restructure and improve efficiency of their branch. (Observe the push-back the leaks the lies as entrenched POWER refuses to go silently into that good night!) 59. Last, refused his Presidential pay check. Donated it to Veterans issues I hope each and every one of you copy and paste this every where, every time you hear some dimwit say Trump hadn’t done a thing! Bob Sr. Ray Schneider, PhD Associate Professor Emeritus Bridgewater College ******** It took 32 years for the 3 prior administrations to totally destroy this nation and her people, and Trump’s first 6 months to begin a major unwind of all the prior traitorous issues. Pretty da*n good for the first 6 months – wouldn’t you say? We owe President Trump a sincere debt of our gratitude.
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The Pentagon is still looking at the exact circumstances of how and when Sgt. La David Johnson became separated from the 12-member team as they were ambushed by 50 ISIS fighters

Nick Myer Where's the Benghazi crowd? They're suddenly silent.
Louis Idarraga Don't let this distract you from the fact the Orange Man who is acting as our President is so racist, that he thinks a black man kneeling is more disrespectful than telling a soldier’s widow “he knew what he signed up for.”
Richard Ling As a Republican I can no longer defend the horrendous and despicable actions of President Trump.
Maureen Quzack My heart aches for these heroes and their families. I'm praying that we can all put aside our differences and come together to honor these Soldiers and pray for their families.
Liz Stanberry Something really fishy here....when he was discovered to be missing?...These are Green Berets they know where each other are all the time....and he was finally found a mile away 48 hrs later .?.....I am sure they can tell by his wounds if he was grabbed and tortured or executed.....they are surely hiding something !!!
Taris Pyt Nelson God Bless His Soul, and his family. He did not sign up to be a causality, just to serve his country and provide for his family!
Giovanni Medina I can't believe that no information has been made available by this administration...smells of a cover up. Thank you for you service and for making the ultimate sacrifice.
Simon To The question is why are we sending our young men and women to that country? For what? I sure hope it is not for some corporation interest.
Mehran Ravi Can’t make a simple phone call to say I am sorry for your lost. He is the only president in the history of our country to mess this up.
Erica So Disgraceful and disgusting. Of course he was left behind he's black. There's a reason why there was mandatory segregation in the military not that long ago.
Wayne Thompson Sgt Johnson laid alone for about 2 days in another country as he was standing up for America. So, Again what about these soldiers! This poor guy died alone & my heart goes out to him wondering what his last thoughts on this earth were as a human being & a Marine I feel for him not having anyone there on his last moments on earth. I wish the commander chief would get back to what matters 4 dead American soldiers!
Elbert Parris Man I try to tell all my young brothers not to join because they don’t love us and this right here is proof positive. Black man let them fight their own war. Our fight starts right here at home in Washington.
Matthew Valenzuela So how many have you been ambushed before ? And at that time the color of someone’s skin is that last thing on anyone’s mind ! 12 against 50 your fighting for survival !
Barb Bau A mile away? That's not good. Wonder if the family can hire their own post mortem exam, to show the real cause of death. 12 days of silence seems like something is being hidden
Mary B Lewis Our hearts goes out to our Brother in Christ. Sgt. La David Johnson. My family wants to thank you for your service in keeping us safe. To your beautiful wife and children’s know that our Lord and Savior will be with you every step of your life for you and your family. Lord our God, I pray for wise and kind helpers who will walk with her and guide her through these difficult days but I also ask that You would send Your Spirit to give her strength for all that needs doing. May our Sister Johnson rely on You God to get her through this difficult time. Amen🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Elizabeth Novak We need answers to why the French air force was the only one available. Too many military contractors that are not accountable
Morgan Glassco I'm guessing that was one hard fought mile by American hero La David T. Johnson. Condolences to the Johnson family.
Phil Moore You liberal nuts are despicable. His team mates were doing everything they could for all team members. STFU!!!!
Joe Reiser The military contractors were probably partying on an exotic island on our tax dollars! You know like the secret service $2500 bottles of champagne, $2000 hookers
Joshua Fleet You people comparing this to Bengazhi are complete idiots. You are taking about a fire fight that last 30 mins and hand close air support and trying to make it seem like it lasted a whole day and had no help.
Wayne Thompson Have we forgotten our soldiers! 45 can't leave it alone, has to keep bringing it up about congress woman, he buries the 4 soldiers in a maze of bull. What about the soldiers can you just stop 45 you're the president & 101 your job knowing when to move on. U.S. had 4 braves soldiers die & they have been lost in the crap!
Garland Phipps 3 were found in close proximity of each other, killed in fire fight, somehow he got separated when the firing started, maybe looking for cover
Dustin Garretson Did he run under fire 12 miles that's a long ways any signs of fighting between them or where you found him? Any contact to outside during that time cell/radio/sat phone? Or well worst circumstance did he desert his brothers under fire?
Daniel Kanu How did they know the exact number of ISIS fighters present, yet there was no intelligence surrounding the ambush?
Elizabeth Daniel Matt Bee “colored people “? Did you just crawl out of a 1940’s time capsule? You’re as ugly as your words!
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These discoveries are amazing, but could they hint at a dark future for Egypt? Dive into CNN Original Series' #TheWonderList with Bill Weir Saturday at 9p.

Catherine An Ray A very sad day in Egypt. At least 53 police and security were killed: 35 security police, 10 members of the special forces, 7 high security officers, and 1 police detective. They were killed by members of the terrorist group Hasm. When the Muslim Brotherhood were designated a terrorist group in Egypt in 2014, their members simply started calling themselves Hasm
Adryanna Alldridge Right. There is no respect for history anymore. Especially regarding the civil war. They removed the Robert E. Lee statue in Dallas. What next. Are they going to remove everting in Gettysburg. It’s huge. 155,000 lives were lost in 3 Days. It’s huge and monuments everywhere. So now let’s forget about finding a great gift from the Lord. They found an ancient Egyptian tomb. What is wrong with y’all?
Gayle Alleluia Herron This looks good. You know before the flood, people were highly educated. Perhaps you'll find some remains of the Nephilim. This show sounds really good.
William Lashley Blah, won't create jobs here, won't reduce drug and gang violence, won't lift nobody out of poverty. You are better at race baiting to keep people from paying attention to be honest.
Mahmoud Helmy There is a whole cities also buried under sands in Luxor and various places at Egypt.
Dean Gabos Cover the Uranium scandal CNN! #fakenews #trump2020
Mike Reynolds When a 4 star general tells blatant lies about an elected congress woman, you know the country has hit rock bottom.
Susan Parks Boutilier I love this stuff,got to watch !
Jeremy Stovall today's real news is uranium 1. CNN is stuck 4000 years in the past.
Frank Quaranta Does every post have to become political? WTF!
Jimmy Kulinski Leave it alone , it could be cursed with evil
Codi Hodges That's awesome. I wonder what happened
Landon Evans Finally, an excellent article that is non political! This is what people need.
Timothy Kornegay He did not find anything that was not already known to a lot of people.
Syl Yemen I've really been enjoying Bill's Wonder List.
Cece Cortez I'm definitely watching this Terri Chin-Brown
Philip Melton So now you idiots at CNN are scraping the bottom to find Goldstar families to bash trump LMFAO not working out for you is it???
Henry Orville Alloway III What does the bottom of the empty barrel Florida congresswoman say?
Tyler Lee But global warming is new tho
Kevin Bransky It hints at the dark future of America and the West.
Alfred Winston don't let this distract you from the fact that the Clintons are in cahoots with extremists to bring down trump and the far right
Wes Branham Branham Finally a good article from cnn
Muhammet Gümüş Kleopatra's golds 😄😄😄
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It is a place haunted not so much by the ghosts of those imprisoned within, but by the words they left behind on the walls

Lewis Rutland Gen Kelly is a man of Honor... you guys are a pathetic bunch of trash...this is why the left will not win elections for many , many years to come...get used to being distraught
Siamand M Issa Kurdistan is under the attack by the savage army of Iraqi shias known as Hashd al shabi backed by Iranian revolutionary Guards a well known terror organization . we need support from the international community and our allies. please support Peshmarga forces who fought ISIS on behalf of the world fighting for the freedom of humanity and now the world is turning its back on Kurds. thanks for your support
Kyle Jensen Now don't be giving Trump any ideas of what to do with people who don't stand, or people who don't write wonderful things about him....
Hanasa Hawleri Please help Kurdistan please help peshmarga
John Menchaca Good to see that this nightmare is almost over. Awesome job by Obama and Trump.
Andrea Johnson Need to start putting the left in these
David Pinkowski I’m gonna thank AMERICA now for ridding this planet of ISIS, and anything of the like. 🇺🇸👊🏽✌🏽
Souad Mameri why you talk about irak and syria this way cnn when it cames to us and europe you talk good way and you show good pictures and nice things but when you talk about syria and irak and arab people yoh show only misery hate and war why you do this I will not surrender we are not in the past anymore find new things to talk about why yoh hate me this way because I m the new leader I m not under any power in the world don t talk about syria and iraq this way anymore you were responsible for all wars happening in thd middle east before I came you created isis and daech now we don t need terrorists anymore I m coming for something new like ww3 ok and you know exactly what you should do
Brandon Smith Raqqa, another win for Trump
Robert Combs Heres an idea. Stick ISIS in those cells and simply walkaway
Eric Sorensen Obama??? Soldiers couldn’t fire until they woke him up for permission.
William Lashley So now you have full access to isis prisons, and you wonder why people don't trust you.
Kenny Lyons ISIL is the worst scourge on the face of the planet today.
Benoît Guillette Zizek: “First complication: is the crucial choice today really that of liberal democracy versus fundamentalism or its derivations (like modernization versus resistance to it)? The only way to account for the complexity and the strange twists of today's global situation is to insist that the true choice is the one between capitalism and its Other (at this moment represented by marginal currents like the antiglobalization movement); this choice is then accompanied by phenomena which are structurally secondary, crucial among them the inherent tension between capitalism and its own excess. Throughout the twentieth century, the same pattern is clearly discernible: in order to crush its true enemy, capitalism started to play with fire, and mobilized its obscene excess in the guise of Fascism; this excess, however, took on a life of its own, and became so strong that mainstream 'liberal' capitalism had to join forces with its true enemy (Communism) to subdue it. Significantly, the war between capitalism and Communism was a cold one, while the big Hot War was fought against Fascism. And is not the case of the Taliban the same? After their ghost was concocted to fight Communism, they turned into the main enemy. Consequently, even if terrorism burns us all, the US 'war on terrorism' is not our struggle, but a struggle internal to the capitalist universe. The first duty of a progressive intellectual (if this term has any meaning left in it today) is not to fight the enemy's struggles for him.” SLAVOJ ZIZEK, WELCOME TO THE DESERT OF THE REAL! FIVE ESSAYS ON SEPTEMBER 11 AND RELATED DATES, Verso, 2002, pp.54-5
Bodi Probert Obama would have left them there, thanks to Trump we have them on the run.
Veysi Aslan all countries are the most important power to support the Kurds are the Kurds
Swheat Leemcc I think it says we miss our leader obama ! Trumps killing us ! Poor little obama isis affiliates !
Aaron Ilutsik
Jason Mitulinski Looks a lot like Democratic ran cities
Jim Mohr ISIS is Obama's "JV Team!"
Dwayne Pierce Fake account
Lawrence S. Lesser Thank you President Trump.
Mike Pupello CNN blows
Donnie Williams Obama's palace.
Smith Raymond Hammond That is the best they personality can offer doing there time
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Three men were arrested who allegedly made Nazi salutes, repeated Hitler chants and then shot at a group of protesters after white supremacist leader Richard Spencer's speech at the University of Florida

Roque Coral So... when are we going to start paying attention to the threat of white supremacy in this country? It certainly more of a threat than any immigrant/refugee.
Daniel Suddes Why is it that people who believe they’re part of the self-proclaimed “master race” end up looking like freshman who’re desperately trying to pledge the worst fraternity on campus?
Brian Moore An hour or two spent outside momma's basement and you end up with a SUNBURN and in jail.... PRICELESS!
Alex Saldierna These Trump supporters are out of control. A new breed of violence, radical Trumplamic terrorism, is on the rise.
Ashley Earley Dear white supremacists: your "superior" white skin will burn in the sun. You need sunscreen when having your Nazi get togethers outdoors. This is why the KKK has sheets. Get it together, master race.
Karl Pratt I’d like to see a study on white supremacy and small penises. Thinking there might be a compensation issue here...
Milay Cruz This group should be classified as a Hate Group and Terrorist organization , there crimes then should be Federally prosecuted with there prison sentence tripled , see how many join then
Linda Pie White supremacist rallies that stoke violence are fine, but take a knee to silently protest police brutality and that's a problem. We are so screwed...
Deva Siva Nazi salutes in America? White nationalists are obviously immigrants or immigrant descendants now living as American citizens in America given their allegiance to their ancestral lands of Germany & Germanic ideologies. Why don't they return to their pure white Fatherland of Germany?
Gerry Bennsen And Trump thinks they are fine people.
Kawame Saladin Let's blame the blacks, Hillary emails and Obama Kenyan birth certificate for these 3 lone wolves who has mental issues
Luis Antonio Chung These people were ACTUAL threats, fired loaded weapons and cops still didn't feel their lives were in danger? I wonder why...
Concepcion Garcia The 45th wants to band immigrants because in his peony, racist mind they are terrorist but the Nazis and white supremacist are good people,🤔smh
Cesar Lopez Jr. Oh ok cool so not like last time when they shot at protesters, and the police acted like they didn’t see anything
Richard Baldwin They create situations of violence on purpose to attract more recruits. This is an evil organization far worse than ISIS ever was.
Sam Faldraga According to republicans we need to respect their freedom of speech, so please guys settle down. P.s don’t forget to foam from the mouth when a football player kneels
Timothy Adams Focus on getting a job! You're superior because of your appearance? So literally being born to a certain family is your greatest accomplishment? Go OVER yourselves racists, no one cares that you failed at life despite your advantages.
Karl Ahlf If they made Nazi salutes in public in Germany, they will be fine or imprisonment in a German prison for up to 3 years or both.
Carl T Smith President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."
Shona Randall Salver Hmm...pretty darn sure that it BLM had done anything remotely similar to this they would be a banned organization by now. But it's OK because these inbred Nazis are "very fine people" 😡😡😡
Jim Borges Racists shooting at people who disagree with them. The donald would say "there are good people on both sides." There is no such thing as a good nazi or a good KKK member. I truly hope they are incarcerated and receive counseling. Hatred and racism are taught. Weather or not that can be un done with education remains to be seen with these three sick o's. I'm not holding my breath.
Jessy Bonilla This white supremacy are more a treat to America then isis or any other terrorist group, so why they choosing to ignore them ???? Why?????
Joseph Francis Whatever you do CNN, don't be honest enough to mention that violent liberal "protesters" attacked the car they were driving in with a baton BEFORE that happened. CNN is always lying in some form.
Chendra Aku Attivie Three white conservative Nazi terrorist salutes hitter while chanting the old nazi slogan while bringing terror against the American people yep that sounds about right
Rafael Alberto These people honestly think they're the superior race? Try standing under the sun for over an hour without getting burned. You're not even physically fit to be on this planet. 😂😂😂😂😅 Smh
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"If you want to go after General Kelly, that is up to you. If you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, I think that is something highly inappropriate," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said

April Brockett So basically since he’s a 4 Star marine were supposed to allow him to lie about people and shrug it off 🤷🏼‍♀️
Lyndsey Taylor She's really reaching. Lies straight through her teeth. I truly think these press conferences are a waste of time.
Tony Gaytan Was a Four Star he is a staff on this sorry @$$ administration. He is subject to questioning.
Arianne Lara I'm sorry, I can't stand her voice, her responses, and her facial expressions. She's paid to be a public speaker, and she always seems so annoyed at her job. DO YOUR FREAKIN JOB.
Ron Pao Wait, what about when Republicans and trump argue with 4 star generals 'on the other side'? That's okay then? Omfg what's wrong with you trash?!
Ann Barnes Lady, and I use that term loosely, you are out of your tiny little mind. You, and that whole rotten, stinking, filthy admin.
Joe Desauteles Right. Because if there's one thing the constitution and our founding fathers were clear on its that we should never question military leadership.
Mary Mark There in lies the problem with the White House. They bend over backward trying to please Trump, they put their own integrity on the line spreading falsehoods for Trump. The fact checkers do the research and find Kelly lied for Trump therefore adding another notch into why people are not believing anything that the Trump White House reports as true. Then they call the media fake news. Stop playing kindergarten games. Resist!!!! 😡
Pat Romano I hear they are replacing the carpet in the press room with grass so Sarah can graze in between questions (that she doesn't actually answer anyway).
Susan Duffy What's inappropriate is this fool standing at that podium every day , lying and protecting a "man" that is systematically destroying a great country. That's inappropriate.....
Jeremy Bell So.....1st we are not allowed even one vowel of dissent against the Embarrassment in Chief....and now it is moving to anyone associated with him? Even if facts prove the dissent is warranted? And they wondsr why we have comparisons of dictatorships....and Nazi Germany! They started slowly...with baby steps...where people were oblivious to it happening, and one day, all of a sudden, the power given was so great, that it was too late to stop.
Jim Lawrence I don’t care if he’s an eight star admiral of the federation of planets- he was caught lying. There’s video evidence. End of f**king debate. This whole administration is a joke. Her and Spicer are the most inarticulate lying morons to ever stand at that podium. They sling the bullsh*t that the head Cheeto spouts out and prove they have no credibility...
Linda Klean Just because they wore a uniform does not mean you do not have the right to question them. Have worked with military personal for years and have family members who were officers. The arrogance sometimes with that particular mentality that they are above reproach is maddening.
Catherine O'Grady Dillon Once. Just once, I would like to see NO reporters show up for one of her press briefings. Who would record her lies and then we wouldn't have to listen to them.
Mel Miller I'm starting to think Spicer just didn't have the ability to lie like Huckebee, just think the so called Christian fundie lies with a straight face, lies without a tremor. Pathetic.
Jim Floyd Nothing even remotely inappropriate questioning Kelly's false comments. Sadly, some of us hoped Kelly could change Trump, but it is clear Trump changed Kelly.
Denise Hoffman The most Crooked, Lying and Corrupt so called president and his equally evil administration, lecturing on what is appropriate. Laughable
Laura Brown Pearson The bar can get no lower- we are sinking. This needs to stop. All the lying, the redirecting and abuse. Amateur Hour is over. Get this entire sad excuse of an administration the F**K out of our White House.
Jennifer Smith Dean This clown posse of an administration calling ANYTHING "highly inappropriate" may be the most hypocritical statement in my lifetime.
Sheila Stokes Kelly LIED trying to defend Trump then called the Congresswoman names, all while White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said it was “highly inappropriate” to question a four-star general. It's obvious that Sarah and the rest of the Trump Administration are DELUSIONAL.
Jonathan Richards “He is, in that role, arguably the second or third most powerful person in the country. A person with that sort of power must be held to account for what he says and how he acts.” I would love to hear your argument as to the power of the chief of staff. To me, that seems to be an unquestionably inaccurate statement.
Marsha Womack Questioning authority is unfortunately nessesary to protect the Constitution...or its power will wither and die...1st Amendment keeps that from happening.
Isabella Wagner So what is she trying to say? ... Sit down & shut up?! I wonder what John Adams would have had to say about her comments?! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Tanya Barbeau What this admin doesn't get is that the questions the media is asking are questions that citizens are asking. No one should have blind faith in anything anyone says or not. No matter who the "ruler" is!
Elisa O'Brien A debate is over opinions. Holding someone accountable for what they say is a responsibility and as a Marine I have no compunction asking another Marine for the truth. He should not have an aversion to it either.
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An emotional Montel Williams explains how to speak to Gold Star families

Tony Zucker We don't need Montel to teach us how to speak to a family that has lost a love one in a battle, an accident or by disease. Being compassionate and empathetic should be natural, but NOT TO TRUMP. Trump is a clueless unfeeling narcissistic prick!
William Hanks Just don't let Don Trump do this anymore. He's not really suited for the job. He has very little compassion, absolutely no empathy, and he is not particularly bright.
Dee Zul CNN has sunk to the lowest of their lows in the last few days, exploiting the tragedy off loss and unfathomable greif of a gold star family to push their pro-left propaganda and anti-trump rhetoric. Absolutely disgusting. CNN’s moral elevator DOES NOT have a bottom floor.
Susan Sims We all know the intent of the President's phone call. He wanted to give his heartfelt condolences. I would be honored to have any President call me under the same circumstances. It's shameful that CNN and this Congresswoman are politicizing this!! They are very evil!!!
Jimmy Wallace It was all in the plan to discredit the congresswoman when she heard exactly what he said. But they're continuing to make excuses for the embarrassment that Trump is brought to the White House as the so-called President...
Kathryn Nana Smith Love Montel Williams....... He is military and knows heavy losses and is battling MS, I’d love to see him run for President........
Amy Lynn Lorette Carnegie As a military spouse I don’t see what Trump did that was so offence. Not one of you complaining knows what takes place in these peoples homes, the sacrifice, the joy and pain... pathetic
Leo Bergeron CNN , this is a complete joke . Period . Your ruining all my respect to people like montel . Bush , Obama and of course your dearest Hillary. A man who joins the service knows what he's up against .thats a hero A grown man who gets up on national TV and crys . There is no words for that . Lost for words
Rose M Gonzalez So right...and unscripted. Why did this sound so personal and filled with emotion? Because it was an honest reaction and from the heart. now lets think about why #45 can't muster up just an honest, heart-felt answer.
Sandra De Armas Marsh Thank you Montel. That's exactly what I would want to hear if it had been my husband or son. I also have issue with 45 speaking publicly to the world about something so personal to me and my family. He should not entertain himself in the media at the soldier's and his family's expense.
Jessie Lopez Omgosh could this fool go and take care of his MS seriously doesn't he know getting stressed out may cause a flair up!! No one needs his advice!! Shut up and go away!! Go smoke your weed and relax dude!!
Leanne King And he would know How? Gen. Kelly knows, Gold Star Mothers know and a rep from Florida needs to shut her mouth.. Look what she has done, look how many families she has hurt. So, don't sit there and cry Montel. You are only making it worse..
Teresa Slots Asbury Speaking too a family who has lost a loved one, in the military, you use care, compassion, empathy, heart, something trump doesn't have
Jared Bock You mean the quote that the mainstream media is completely lying about I know because I have a photo of the transcript. I would love to share it but unfortunately the mainstream media doesn't like it when people present evidence so they won't allow photos
Michelle Fraga Trump is a pig. Everything he does and says is more lies on top of more lies. Anyone who bought that crock of S$&t is clueless. It's mind blowing he is still in office. Giant POS.
Inday Linda Aban Sarino Thanks Montel Williams for your sacrifice for our country and also thank you so much for speaking up to the Gold Star Family's god blessed you and God blessed America ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️
Robin Tanner What I took away from all of this with what was said, the hardest part of this for me was, he never called Army Sgt. La David Johnson's name. That is what broke my heart, and to say, I spoke to the woman, and she seems like a nice woman. WTF
Starlett Munk Thank you for rewriting history Montel. CNN enough already this is causing more pain. I can't watch any more imagine how those families feel. You are exploiting them to the point of torture. STOP!
Shawn Jones Wow u just don’t get it. This isn’t a partisan issue. This is about our idiot of a president not being able to to show some of the simplest of emotions like sympathy. And he’s proved it time and time again by his insensitive remarks to those in need. He’s a soulless narcissist and y’all keep cheering him on. Pathetic
Pasquale Vari Way to go Montel. Now, I’m sure the ignorant Chump supporters are going to bash him. That says a lot about them. You cannot deny the truth on what Montel Williams is saying.
Philip Bickford What an honor to have the president of United States take a moment out of his Busy day to make a phone call instead of writing a letter If he would've showed up at the door you guys were said the flag was wrapped wrong Montel what have you done besides have a talk show and do some acting Most young people don't even know who you are like your opinion matters
Jhon Welsh That is something real you need to wise up to. It isn't about service at this point it is about dignity and honor. Either you have it and allow others to have it or you do not and it will reflect on you. There are reasons people serve this country. Trolling isn't service to any country. Montel put this in a way that works let alone point for point. He did serve and he knows.
Ann Barnes I can't begin to say how sad this all makes me feel. This should never have happened, trump should never have kept it going. He could simply have said he was sorry if his words were misunderstood by the grief stricken widow and family members, including the Congresswoman who was a very close friend and mentor to the slain soldier. This all is in trumps lap and having Gen. Kelly lie made me do an about face on the high regard that I had previously held him in. So sad. For Gen. Kelly, my sincere sympathy on the loss of your son, sir and I thank you for your service to our country, but please, do not stand in front of us and lie, for trump, a known liar. Being in the military does not automatically make anyone infallible, as he just proved, without a doubt.
Leanne King Here read the words of a gold star mother.. And CNN you can stop feeding the beast.
Ilaz Neziri You are right, but this is trump. He is a psychopath. He has no remorse, no feelings, he does not even know what a feeling is. Psychopaths mimic other peoples feelings so they can fit in society and hide themselves from whom they are. Look at the Trump, even when he shows "love" to kids, it's so fake, it's just imitation, it's a disorder. Psychopaths will look at you, and than act like you in an emotional situation because they don't know or feel anything. They can kill you and eat over ur dead body like they are sitting in Starbucks and drinking coffee.
CNN4 hours ago

CNN asked readers to share their experiences of harassment and abuse. Here are some of their stories

Jessica Sperry Funny how there’s all these negative comments and they’re all from dudes who have no room to talk. Sit down and shut up. You could learn a thing or two.
Rob Adams I am 36 years old. For 31 or so of those years, I knew about the danger to children from strangers. Maybe not as paedophiles, rapists, or traffickers, but as a danger no less. I have a daughter now. It didn’t take having a child though, to know instinctively to protect the children. I have a daughter now, and I’m not ashamed to say that “As a father of a daughter …”, because there isn’t shame in it. The stranger danger was ingrained in me from the time I could walk. I was aware of the assault of men on women, but not to the same extent. I was aware that rape, and unwanted advances of any kind were wrong. I was growing up with hormones and beginning to evaluate women as a potential mate. I’ve never assaulted a woman. I’ve turned it down. I’ve taken the high road, and wondered if she was sober enough after, but I only helped her to her friends hotel and helped her sober up. I’ve whistled, but I doubt anyone hears … it’s appreciation, not perverted. I’ve hoped on many occasions that it might work out, but to me … disappointment was always better than manipulating. I have a wife. She understands looking and appreciating, and we both draw the line there. I have a wife who was attacked in high school, while we were dating, in broad daylight, coming out of a library. He came at her with a knife. She thankfully escaped, unscathed. I know this evil knows no bounds. I still didn’t see it. I had a daughter, and suddenly my mind went to all of those “what-ifs", and all these things I knew … suddenly took a front seat in my life. All these things I have to be more aware of, more vigilant about, and more cautious in. As a father of a daughter, I see it clearer now. I’m not ashamed to say that either. It needs to be more ingrained than Stranger Danger, because it has so many heads, no real reasons, and it impacts everyone. I’m 36 years old, and women everywhere … I’m sorry it’s taken this long, or taken becoming a father of a daughter to realize it … but we are learning. We are trying. We are here for you. Please don’t knock your men for understanding later than you, or others … We are only men after all. Let's move past that, and together let’s make this right. #BeTheChange
Francis James Hunnycut "I was walking down the street and some guy smiled and said hello. It was horrific." I don't want to take anything away from people that have genuinely been sexually harassed but some of the stories I've been reading are pathetic.
Teri Wright Lee Talk to the women in the military! So much sexual harassment now and in years past! I speak from experience!
Michael Rushing Uncle Sam touched me 42yrs ago and I'm just getting the strength to come forward ! I just remembered during a therapy session. Now 50 other people will say it happen to them and they Now come forward! I believe that's how it works ! Now jump on the Bandwagon!
Diane Gross Where are the stories of the Clinton Foundation receiving millions from people involved in uranium deal? That’s got to be the biggest and most recent corruption story .
Phillip Ross I have been harassed and abused many times in my life like many other people have. I either dealt with it then and there or decided it was not worth it and moved on with life. That which does not kill me makes me stronger. Some of the biggest abusers ended up making me stronger and successful.
Chris Andrews #metoo raped by my stepmother at age 13, and guess what the law is backwards and they don't prosecute women.
Alicia R Kasey We all are being abused right now!!! FOR HEAVENS SAKE!! The Government not doing anything about it!! He even admitted to grabbing 😼
Brad Robbins I am a father, husband, cousin, friend, supervisor, First Sergeant, Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate and in some or all of those roles I can say #metoo for people more times than I care to admit, heard horror stories that hurt to recall and the abusers were not always males and the victims were not always females.
Christine Boone Jamison i got a two cents raise because i wouldn't sleep with my boss, another boss would think it was ok to tell me to flirt with customers at nuway in the 90 s for tips i was 15 and wear tight clothes
Mesere Okiemute Samuel With all their fake concern about Benghazi , did the Republican Party not think that someday the shoe would be on the other foot . ??? Is Trey Gowdy gonna investigate the hell out of this one too ???
Toni Curtis A former minister of a church I attended asked me to meet with him to discuss some artwork he wanted done for the Sunday school classes, at the time I was in my last year of college as an art major. During the meeting he said something totally out of response was to say to him..."say or try something and I will put you on blast right in the middle of your sermon Sunday!"
Stephanie Mentz Breakman 2 1/2 years ago at my job I was told to "not bend over" as I leaned over a desk. I told the older man "well don't look them." " I can't help it. I'm a man." Wtf?? 15 years ago a male friend shoved a camera under my skirt and took a picture. And thought it was funny. And other around me thought it was funny and I was being too sensitive. My dad urged me to getting a market place skill because he knew how I would be treated. I've told him my numerous stories and he shrungs it off, "that's just what happens". Another man told me to show some leg in order to get a cab. Another guy after hanging out with him for an evening thought it was ok to hold me down in his car. Nope! Holding me down will never ever make me want to stay. So many stories. I just hope I never hear from my own daughter - Me too ☹️
Janice Gilbert I'm 60 years old. I've been harassed. Are there women who haven't? I wager most women have a story to tell. It's why we carry our keys in a specific way. It's why we park in well lit areas close to the door in parking lots. It's why we lock our cars while we pump our gas. It's why we demand a nurse be present during obgyn visits. It's why our fathers are hypersensitive about our dating activities and threaten to shoot boys who go too far with their daughters. It's prevalent in the suggestion that women ask for "it". It's evident in the "boys will be boys" attitude that allows a presidential candidate who gets caught saying he can "do anything" even grab us by the pussy still gets elected and women say "All men talk like that.". There is no need to recount for you each individual incident. We all know women have to be careful and we all know why.
Randall Johnson Anytime you see a beautiful woman with a fat ugly millionaire, just remember she spread her legs for the money.
Lana Prine I feel so bad for Mira sorvino; that is what happened to #metoo. I was raped by my boss and my boyfriend did absolutely nothing. Of course I left him because he made me nauseous after that. I was at college and I quit and went home. I told my father about it and he said nothing, just looked at me and then back to his paper. Years later he did not even remember it when I mentioned it one more time. My mother also ignored me and actually got ticked off. I was a "drama queen ".
Sherry Taylor Along life's way during my early working years oh boy! if I decided now to file sexual harassment suits against all those guys (and a couple girls), I could be a rich woman. Of course, some may be dead or in a nursing home now but what the heck, I'll sue their estates/families! *rolls eyes*
Yousif Baladawi Actually.the city of #kirkuk was occupied by the Militia that called #Peshmerga. And the Fedral government just Liberated it. #KirkukCrises iraq
Brad Tiggy Davis All of these are fake stories, dont believe any of them. This should be normalized in our society the liberals are trying to ruin America!
Steve Campbell Any man making negative remarks on this thread are indoctrinated in misogynism. They actually think they are justified. Society needs a cleansing.
Jean Itaney Toussaint The overwhelming majority of teachers who had sex with underage students are women . Both genders can be sexual predators! Please .
Patti Anne Drugged and taken hostage by a male who put something in her drink at a bar. Raped repeatedly, then sent videos of rape via text to torment victim. A case I worked on recently. It was a college student female, and the rapist was a known rapist out of jail much older. Rapists should NEVER get out of jail.
Janet Mims I moved to Atlanta in the early 90's. After a year, I lost my managerial job due to politics. So, no knowing anyone and having exhausted my u employment benefits, I relunctantly took a job at Wendy's, flipping burgers. It was bad enough to that I was grossly underpaid and overqualified. But, on my first day at work, the manager told me to mop the floor. I began mopping, when he came up behind me and slapped me on the butt. I was so stunned, I dropped the mop, grabbed my purse and ran straight out the door to my car and drove home. I never went back and called later and screamed, "I quit!" And ordered them to mail me a check for the hour I worked. They did. I never forgot that.
Gilberto Celestino Hernandez Jr. "Metoo. When I was in high school, I was at a party. I was walking across the dark crowded room and some chick grabbed my hiney. I felt weird. At least I think it was a chick.
CNN5 hours ago

The cannabis farms were destroyed just weeks before the state's legal recreational marijuana market goes live

Daniel Taylor Phillips Suddenly the firefighters felt pretty ok with the fires surrounding them, then they felt the inappropriate desire to roast a hot dog on the burning flames because why not, man.
Bonnie Hanka Which way is the wind blowing? I need to know. For science.
Laura Bailey Tell me THAT wasn't an over reaching control move... Big Pharma runs our elected officials with bribes.... and apparently fire.
Matt Genovese That's good. Destroy that garbage. Imagine how many people would have evolved to growing the meth plants? That fire was at least good for something.
Andrew Amuso It's a very small portion of the Cali crop. Let's not forget that California is a big state and there are grows from SD to Eureka. There will be no shortage of cannabis.
Jeff Wegner So a fire burned a crop that's about to be legal and was set by an immigrant that's always been illegal. That about sums it up, right?
Taylor Valdez My Dad was a firefighter for 15+ years, and I remember worrying not knowing the status of my Dad and his friends. They battled horrific fires just like this one, and seeing stuff like this hits so close to home and breaks my heart. Men, and Women put their life on the line to make sure people and their pets make it out safely. Prayers to everyone, especially the brave crews battling this blaze. 🙌🏾❤️
Ray Milne Glad to see everyone thinks it's a joke, Firefighters can't always have Scott or MSA packs on in wildfires they only hold 30 to 60 minutes of air under relaxed conditions, means firefighters take in quite a bit of smoke and takes years off their life expectancy and their is an alarming high rate of cancer that spreads through the Firefighting community, but hey it's all a Joke to you folks
Brenda Moss It is just a plant, it will grow back, unlike the houses that were destroyed. All the families have lost everything., and you are worried about a pot farm, smh
Danbauchi Shady Ibn Aliyu According to British reports, people take more interest in reading comments in posts... For example, we find you reading this comment!
Viv Payne This will hurt our economy so on a serious note this is going to be a quandary because on a federal level pot is illegal so probably no help from FEMA ... Are they insured???
Shawn Michael Oh wow! We bet that left-wing liberal Democrat potheads are really disappointed to hear that the weed crop is diminished within the USA. Good grief, Charlie Brown!!
Yousif Baladawi Actually.the city of #kirkuk was occupied by the Militia that called #Peshmerga. And the Fedral government just Liberated it. #KirkukCrises iraq
Lucios Wolfe I smell a conspiracy. What are the chances they'll be a few surviving marijuana competitors out there that have more of a corporate based backing than most and let's face it to start a forest fire little bit early from forest fire season no one would even think about that
Jan Payne It's ironic that a film called "Only The Brave" premiering theatre, based on the Granite Mountain Hotshots, at same time of the California wildfires.
Misty DeGraff If I was a pot farmer and my crop burned down 3 months before it becomes legal to sell it, I would wonder if this was an act of God or perhaps a warning not to legalize pot.
Mike Parchment just before they legalize, am I the only one catching this, why are they serving life I prison plus 100 years
Paul Williams Unfortunately for liberal trolls and empty barrels everywhere, most Americans don't use recreational drugs. Inconvenient, I know but most of us just have better things to do with our lives then make our head all bad
Conner St. John Kent that cant be a coincidence and not just a wild fire. some weed lover burn that for a marketing issues.
Louie Kneitz California The Sanctuary State with the one of the largest economies of the world has lost billions in revenue taxes right when the Fed Govt is cutting the states funding for supporting illegal immigrants. I can't make this up
Brent Jensen So what? They produced 13 million lbs but only smoked 2.5 million lbs. last year. There should still be plenty around!
Ronnie Scott McIntire Kind of makes one wonder if that was the intended goal of whoever started the fires.
Matt Hajny Happened in Colorado too when it was legalized. Must be God saying that we should not be growing that stuff.
Fantajia Slusser I was watching doomsday preppers and this one couple in California were prepping for a fire just like this one super curious what happened to them...
Hälo Fãkhr What is happening now in Kurdistan are Shiite sectarian militias and the Iranian army is fighting against Peshmerga with America's weapons Donald J. Trump #trump #White_Palace #us_army #kurdistan #Saudi_Arabia
CNN5 hours ago

Sarah Sanders says recent remarks by former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama weren’t directed at President Donald J. Trump.

Oscar Cedeno it’s sad that our recent ex-presidents are forced back into the political arena because of the incompetence of their successor. let’s be very clear about this - they are doing this out of necessity.
Andrea Junker When George W. Bush becomes a voice of reason, it’s time to check the thickness of the ice pack in hell.
Henry V. Cartagena I’m sure they were directed at Mickey Mouse over @ CovfefeLand
Brandon Timmerman I miss George W Bush. I never thought I would ever miss him we were so glad to see him go but Trump is just a terrible spoiled brat who hasnt worked a day in his life.
Eric Williams Jr. She knows that what she just said was a lie. That's why she smiled while doing so. Trump just doesn't have a response when former Democratic and Republican presidents are calling you out on your BS.
Lola Cabbagestalk Your current president cries when someone calls him out by name.. they didn't want to hear anymore whining! Obama is one thing.. but when Bush and his isms are making sense..oooohhhhh hold my beer..
Matthew Willcocks Donald Trump makes George Bush look like a tenured college professor. Let that sink in.
Randy Goldner God only knows how she sleeps at night. Evangelicals are fine with abandoning truth, morality and ethics in exchange for power...
Noreen Wehner Vollmer It has become very apparent this entire administration is completely disconnected from reality. Trump lies and they all fall into place to defend his lies and distort reality. Sorry guys the American people aren’t falling for this crap. We don’t believe you, we don’t trust you and we don’t want you. Resign!
Rhondalin Garcia-Nixon Sarah, your specialty is interpreting what trump said and what trump meant to say, Mr Obama and Mr Bush don't need you to interpret what they said, who they said it to and what it's about. Stay in your lane, you aren't qualified to shine either of their shoes.
Forrest Allen I need a "ride or die" chick like Sarah Sanders. This woman got yo' back no matter what. She's 100% willing to go to eternal damnation for her man. My girl won't pick up my dry cleaning or make a dental appointment for me.
Sara Martin Go home, Sarah, you are another enabler of a vicious, hateful subhuman. It is very clear that both Bush and Obama were speaking about your leader.
Marden Moore It is my belief that the Trump administration is simply attempting to distort the truth and reality of our nation with lies. It's the whole concept that they believe that if they keep denying the truth it will just magically go away and they will suddenly be right.
Rachel Mcintyre Sarah remember what happened to Spicey - all those lies = no job prospects. You and your career will not bounce back from this. You have lost any credibility you had spewing all these lies. Trump will always have his $$. You will be left with no professional future.
Racheal Anchante TOXIC LAIR JUST LIKE HER BOSS !! Cleanup on aisle 45 !! Remove the Trump swamp and everyone's life Will be on the path to recovery.
William Sharpe Virtually none of that was true. Bush hasn’t directly criticized Trump by name and Obama has been very careful and sparing in doing so, but the speeches yesterday left little doubt who they were about. It’s like saying ‘Cheeto went golfing again’ and Huckleberry saying ‘even though the President did go golfing, the comment didn’t name him specifically, so it wasn’t about him’.
Ron Moore So she’s also the spokeshole for Bush and Obama?
Phil Walker Is she serious? Stevie Wonder could see that Bush speech was talking about Trump. If Bush meant that for Obama, don’t you think he would’ve said it while Obama was in office? 🤦🏾‍♂️
Merrilee Rockett Umm. Sarah, are you insane? Of course they were directed at the Traitor in Chief! Your pants are on fire Sarah!! Drop and roll in that pile of poop that spews from you lie hole daily.
Ryan Cantrell Deny. Deflect. Lie. Redirect. Deflect again. Ignore. Another lie. Smirk because you and the audience both know you're lying. Lie again.
Bob Fassbach General Kelly said he was "stunned", I repeat, "stunned" over what a Florida Congresswoman had said in a speech. But speeches can be recorded, and today the world heard her entire speech. General Kelly lied. The President lied. It is their modus operani. The Trump administration, even a stand-up guy like Kelly, cannot be believed about anything, without additional investigation. They are bottom feeders, living on the scum of the ocean floor. How low can they go?
Alisa Oliver So who were they directed. ...Putin or the guy in N. Korea?! Really?! She needs to take a seat. Just because she is clueless doesn't mean everyone else is.
Debbie Anaya Stop your lying the whole world knows Bush and Obama words were directed towards Trump it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out
Pablo Kutter I despise Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She knew that Bush's and Obama's comments yesterday were directly towards to Trump, but still did it for her sinister, lying, manure filled mouth, gremlin boss.
Lori Abbott She says they're understanding is that neither ex-president was talking about Donald Trump? And she's taking them at their word? When did they tell her they WERE NOT talking about corrupt Donald Trump? She speaks as if they asked Bush and Obama if they were talking about Donald Trump! She is so misleading! Just out right lying, just like her boss.
CNN5 hours ago

White House says chief of staff John Kelly "absolutely" stands by his claim about Rep. Frederica Wilson -- even though it is false

VR Belliveau There in lies the problem with the White House. They bend over backward trying to please Trump, they put their own integrity on the line spreading falsehoods for Trump. The fact checkers do the research and find Kelly lied for Trump therefore adding another notch into why people are not believing anything that the Trump White House reports as true. Then they call the media fake news. Stop playing kindergarten games. Resist!!!! 😡
Ben Juby I see that Sarah was shot in the face with Homer Simpson's makeup gun again today.
Joan Pillitteri Samson The Corps has been tarnished today 😔 Worse, in my opinion, than the President lying. The Corps should have taught you to have integrity and morals. Shame on you General Kelly
Lorraine Hodgson Now, according to Sarah the remarks weren't in the video but made during the course of the day. I have never seen a group of people who could twist the truth to match their lies and do it so well. And we are supposed to believe these people when they make announcements.
Ann Bickerton The General is now a political ally of the POTUS and therefore can not be trusted to tell the truth. He has lost credibility. 😕
Daniel F. Rivera She looks like she has mental issues. Her makeup artist clearly hates her. Her comments at the end show shes in the wrong.
Paddy N Connor Sara, even your eyebrows are slowly trying to escape. One day they will disappear with trumps hair and run away.
Dana Vingin OMG!!!! (Paraphrasing) 'If you're going to take (an act) and make it about yourself, you're an empty barrel'. THIS IS TRUMP!!!!! That's all he does! Makes situations about himself. He's the only actor on the stage! And SHS, you look like you're going to a funeral- that of the Trump presidency, I hope!!!!
CJ Cannon Of course they stand by lies, that's all they do all day long. The real question I have is will Kelly, who acts like he's big on values, and integrity, admit he was wrong
Shawn Spence Sarah Suckabee-Sanders spun Kelly's comments as 'the video didn't include what she said later'. What a great response - what you did not see is really what happened.
Shiyana Thenabadu "Highly inappropriate" to get into a debate with a 4 star General? That's how she shuts down a reporter asking a hard question? She can't defend it any other way, so she is demanding blind obedience/acceptance of what the General (and President) says. Sorry, lady, this is a democracy and blind obedience is for those who live in North Korea and Russia.
Rick Juth General Kelly thru a distinctive military career out the window when he hitched his wagon to Trump. Sad!
Alik Kaveh hay lady this is not Arkansas and your dad is not the Governor anymore. Gen kelly miss spoke and he needs to correct it.Also, he is currently a political actor with a mission to defend the president and his deed can be questioned. he is a RETIRED flag officer and not retired god
Kara Lando Ehrlich Why can't you question a 4 star general? It is perfectly acceptable especially when Kelly was completely wrong!
Joel R Bronstein Kelly talked about all the issues that were once held in high regard, women, life, religion. the one he forgot to mention was administrations and presidents being accountable to the people! Truth, honesty, integrity...
Barbara Chepaitis The new song of the GOP - Stand by Your Lies. Disgusting. And we deserve better.
Jeremy Krebs Why is her left eyebrow always higher than her right? Why is her left eye larger than the right? Why does she talk out of the left side of her mouth? I have been scouring the Internet for 2 days and have turned up nothing but conspiracy theories. Did she have a stroke? Was she hit with a 2×4? Does her human skin mask not fit?
Constance Stevens She is simply pathetic. I would love to be a fly on the wall when goes home and looks in the mirror. She should be ashamed to stand and lie on national tv for these idiots on a daily basis. Where is her integrity? Should she be using the #metoo?
Andy McIntosh She's either as much of a sociopath as the President and has little regard or interest in other people's opinions of her, or they are paying her a boatload of money to stand in front of everyone and parrot the company line, knowing it's a bunch of ridiculous hogwash. Perhaps both?...
Lucie Roth-Livingston Sure. When you get caught in a lie, just double down. She has no credibility and very little integrity.
Timothy Doctor And they continue to defend a claim that was easily proven false. WOW.
Robin Tingley Kelly is a hero and we thank him for his great service. But he is not in the military anymore and his words and actions should be questioned by a FREE media in the political arena!!
Michael Durand It's amazing we can understand a word general Kelly says since he obviously has Trumpty Dumpty's **** in his mouth. Bye bye to all the credibility he built up over his career. Just to cover up for a pathological liar.
Sandy Lynn It was appropriate for Kelly to outright lie on the congresswoman regarding her statement she made at a dedication of a FBI building. Now, we know she didn’t say that in her speech, she said it off camera. Now, it’s not appropriate to go after a 4 star general when he is clearly caught in a lie. Trump has targeted countless number of people Gold star parents, captured POW, the press, handicap reporter, FBI, Congress, NFL players, women, the list goes on. .....Reporters should never call out a retired General for lying, that’s off limits👌. This administration is a loss cause.
Adam Sabga The twisting of words by Trump and his administration is beyond the pale. Kelly was wrong to insult the Congress woman because Trump started this whole thing as he always does and never apologize.
CNN5 hours ago

"Maria also devastated the people I call family, and destroyed the island that molded me into the person I am today. So for me, covering the devastation was personal."

Michael Herring i know that whats going on in puerto rico is important but whats going on to the people in florida the ( keys ) we don't hear nothing about them they got damaged bad also
Craig Miller Unfortunately those brainwashed by the hate preached by the bigoted pos Jesus Christ don't see Puerto Ricans as worthy of aid.
Marilyn Rowley I hope Leyla gets highest journalism honors and also humanitarian award for her "heart" that showed through in all of her magnificent reporting. I'll never forget the image of her almost being blown away during the hurricane and this image of the distraught woman hugging her.
Warzer Latef Muhamad به په له حەشدی شەعبی بە چەکی ئەمریکی هێرشی کردۆتە سەر پێشمەرگە The militian of Hashd shabi begin attacks on peshmarga froces by US weapons. ميليشيات حشد شعبي تبدأ الهجمات على البيشمركة التي تفرضها الأسلحة الأمريكية.
William Scott If media spent 1% as much energy covering PRs corrupt politicians as it did Maria, imgagine how much better their lives would be......... Ostensibly thats the goal, right?
Yousif Baladawi Actually.the city of #kirkuk was occupied by the Militia that called #Peshmerga. And the Fedral government just Liberated it. #KirkukCrises iraq
Akilez Stamatelaky The Puerto Rican local government is corrupt water shortage was there before the hurricane struck the island!
Nildaida Jimenez I cried also reading your article and felt the pain of our people. Thank you for all you have done! Dios te bendiga!
Akinsola J Makinde For all your effort and resilience, to combat many problem afflicting United State, President #Donald Trump you have been awarded most valuable Person of the centuries!. Ride ON President Trump Donald.
Zooy Pal Four weeks after Hurricane Maria: →Only 19% of Puerto Rico has power →70% have clean drinking water We can't forget about them.
Steven Ryan Havamal 75. Cattle die and kinsmen die, thyself too soon must die, but one thing never, I ween, will die, -- fair fame of one who has earned. 76. Cattle die and kinsmen die, thyself too soon must die, but one thing never, I ween, will die, -- the doom on each one dead.
Harold Melton old saying. "When the going gets tough the tough get going!" Except for liberals. With them, when the going gets tough they go to pissing and moaning, pointing the finger and blame everyone in the universe.
Keith Coyle Don't worry their kids live in the states and fleece the government for freebies and send part of their paychecks back home.
Steven Marrone Anyone have any idea how much tax is collected from Puerto Rico?? The answer may surprise you. No reports on URANIUM ONE!!! YOUR NOT JOURNALISTS! YOU HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED!
Mike Britt Too bad the president can't take it personal.You have done a tremendous job reporting the horror there.
Fowler Howards Puerto Rico - is what happens when decades of Democratic party corruption meets a natural disaster! 😁
Jason Ewing Anyone else starting to figure out why Mueller hired so many lawyers? 🤗 Mueller is part of the Russian collusion. They're trying desperately to find a way out of this, but the evidence keeps pouring in
Caitlynn Jennerr Decades of democrat rule destroyed Puerto Rico before the hurricane.... Just like democrats destroyed Detroit, Baltimore, And 100's of other cities
Dale St Marie This should be a lesson for all welfare states to be much better prepared for disasters and to not rely solely on handouts to get back on their feet..
Roger Lucas Why isn't CNN covering the Uranium One scandal?
Iweka Victor Jesus is Lord, accept him today and bring peace to your life.
Carl Landis Its dumb how the science people say a global warming is causing all this hurricanes. My Pastor said these scientists HATE God and his son Jesus Christ. That is why they want to trick us christians to believe there is also an evolution where apes are having human babies. We know its a lie because I have been to the zoo mny time and none a sinlge one of the monkeys had a human baby. You can not trick us Christians. We are no dumb. Trump, 2020!
Billy Kyker Hillary would done nutting for pureto Rico
Dean Gabos Cover the Uranium scandal CNN! #fakenews #trump2020
CNN6 hours ago

One of the fears is that by being in the cargo hold, the fire could build past the point where it can be extinguished before it could be detected by the plane's crew.

Cindy Hinkley How the hell are travelers supposed to take their laptops, usually the laptops are work related, with them for business travel, if they are no longer allowed in checked baggage or allowed in carry on! Please explain this to me. :/
Zachary Fontes I'm all for safety, but... has this actually been a problem? I don't recall hearing about any plane fires started by laptops, however I am aware that it may just not have made the news.
Jason Williams Wait a second???/ Didn't the DHS recently say they would ban Laptops in Carryon and force them to go in checked baggage? WTF? Before long the only thing you'll be able to bring on a plane is your own body... naked... no clothes in case they could be used to strangle someone.
Lisa Davis So they can't check them and they can't have them in their carry on. What's a person who actually NEEDS a computer when they get where they're going to do? I suppose a business person who wasn't hoping to work on the computer on the plane or in the airport could put files on a flash drive and arrange for someone at the other end to have a computer available for their use, but what about someone NOT traveling for business?
Shannon Beranek them being a fire risk was exactly what I said when airlines/governments started making people have to check them for international flights.
Timothy Doctor I would think most would take their smaller electronics on board with them anyway. I wouldn't trust baggage handlers with tossing my bag around to put a laptop in checked baggage. Regardless, it's a good policy. If there were a potential fire started by electronics, you'd discover the issue more quickly in the cabin. Did some girl's cellphone flare up a couple of years ago?
Chris L Penz so pack them with the battery removed. problem solved And if you have one that the battery cannot be removed, throw it in the trash
Janice Armstrong Oh let’s ban laptops because possible risk and innocent people die! Oh guns are okay. Hell you can have as many as you want!
Lori Dekko Weird that every one of my news feeds today shows 1 comment under the story and it is always someone saying something about fake news. Coincidence? Trolls we see you.
Rick Eyman Everyone whining about this. . .Google UPS 747 Crash Dubai. . .read the accident report. . .this will change your mind on flying on a jet with lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold.
Julie Ludwig Simply remove their batteries before packing, to insure they are completely off and cannot be turned on accidentally. It's not rocket-science.
Kate R. Kramer I'm sure they'll find a "solution" that they'll offer us in exchange for an exorbitant amount of money.
Michael Calero Why would you put a laptop in checked baggage? If you are traveling overseas once you get there your laptop most likely will be gone !!!!!!
Hiroaki Katahira Where does heat (energy) come from? If battery of laptops is not being charged, there is no reason to explode or to start burning.
Matthew Smith Laptop fires from batteries not under charge is almost unheard of. Jet engines have also been known to catch fire during flight causing a crash. Better ban those too. Computers should be allowed in carry on only if they are that concerned. Oh wait, they have everyone convinced they pose a terrorist threat there too. Idiots
Jay Weigel I never pack my laptop in my checked bag anyway, I'd be more worried about it being stolen by unscrupulous TSA people.
Justin Roberts so make them show you the battery is out and stored separately in the case? This seems like a distraction lol
Molly Ball How about using fire proof boxes to store them in the hold. Isn't a powered down computer a non issue also?
Lekan Bright-Kolade The moment the battery is removed, I think the system can be taken as carry on instead of a total ban.
Ulric Gordon One of these they're going to ban humans from boarding planes because they might spontaneously combust.
Jim Cupp Or it could be some of the people that liberals and Liberal CNN wants to have free and open borders with, that may use a laptop or like device to detonate an explosive.
Leonard Kruwel So okay for carry-ons? How does that make sense? Hard to create & sustain a fire in a semi-pressurized cargo hold at 30,000 feet. I would never check my laptop case, as the airlines seem to destroy my bags regularly.
Debbie Rollins so misleading . they are talking about cargo hold and aerosol cans. you cannot even bring aerosol cans in your luggage! what is it with you people do you ever fly in life?
Pat Ridenour Well, sorry people. If your batteries are going to blow up: I personally don't want them in the cabin or on the plane. Just so you can watch your movie, check your emails and scroll on facebook. STor them away, or don't bring them. Times have changed.
Ken Bloch A day on planes and in airport is rougher than a night in jail these days
CNN7 hours ago

Video shows she did not claim credit for helping to fund the building

Mike Thornton And Sarah Huckabee Sanders just doubled down on the lie. These people are physically incapable of telling the truth.
Loren YellowBird Jr. Kelly just gave away all credibility he had. He's literally trying to lie for a notoriously proven liar Trump. Smh Kelly just needs to make sure Trump doesn't try to nuke us. Other than that just stay out of the way until Muller finally sends Trump to prison.
Matthew Willcocks You mean to tell me that the Trump administration, which lies and throws tantrums about literally everything, lied about something else and threw another tantrum when they got caught? Oh, my stars! *obvious sarcasm*
Sarah Steward Gomez This isn't the old days when it took time to trace that paper trail for facts. They can't seem to understand that they are going to be caught lying almost immediately. Too dumb to be in charge of our country.
Judi Wilson Kelly may be a retired General but he just proved he fits right in with the rest of Trump's cronies.
Steph Bynum Stand up to Dear Leader, and he'll make one of his minions lie about you in an attempt to smear your character. America 2017.
Andrea Junker Why does it matter what any of the politicians unaffected by this issue think, shouldn’t it be about the widow? From what I’ve heard, she was unhappy. That’s the only opinion that matters.
Janet Loeffler I guess Trump and Kelly get fake news from somewhere. My guess is Breitbart who started alt-right fake news.
Dave Samuel Stay tuned next week kids for the next episode of “What dumb sh$t Donald Trump will say!” . This will be forgotten soon by next weeks Trump inspired/created controversie!
Howard Stover An unelected Chief of Staff disrespecting an elected member of Congress. More than stunning; I bet he would not insult a white congressman in public. I thought he was a man of honor; he just another racist in the Trump gang. Kind of like Albert Speer.
Matt Varden "Erroneously claimed" = outright lied. I'm sickened that a man like Kelly has become a stooge of and shill for the moral and ethical void that is Trump.
Eleanor Cromwell Kelly needs to get out now before he also has no credibility. He also needs to apologize to the Congresswoman.
Tresha Lee Kelly is letting Trump pull him right into to the swamp. He's lying for him and now he is lying on others who speak out against him.... lies always are exposed.. always.
Brad Robbins She is absolutely up there blowing her own horn JUST AS HE SAID! No the words are not “exactly” the same but the intent the is the same. He did not lie. If she had spoken about it being a great moment and the FBI, and the auspicious moment and the memory of the fallen who it was being named after, I would call Gen Kelly a liar...he was SPOT ON!
Mickey Williams-Tanner Kelly like his boss, shaming, demeaning and bullying women is par for the course. Kelly has just hid behind his military service, but yesterday his true colors were laid out.
Charity Loper Really sad to see a so called man lie about all this. He has lost his self respect needs to step up and apologized and move on.
Mike Kelley I used to LOVE CNN. I can not and will NOT allow your garbage to even be aired in my home!! You should all go back to high school journalism class....ethics they call it. You lack it.
Shelene Robinson Keith Please stop bashing the President constantly!! So tiring. We are Americans / men and woman all over the country! We are all trying to find our JOY just like all Americans! We just wanted change. It’s OK to VOTE differently in our country! When we die it won’t matter how we voted only how we treat one another! Believe me I know, my son has had 4 brain surgeries! We need to take our Neigbors with different views out for coffee and see each other hearts 💕
Terri Campbell Trump and folks think they can re-write history. But its on film. Trump got to General Kelly. He is now one of the UNTRUTH tellers. So much for controlling the quality of communications that reach Trump. Kelly should throw in the towel. Hes a goner. Sold down river.
Camille Caggiano I can't believe John Kelly is now stooping to the low of 45 and his admin. I thought this man was to help contain that loose cannon in the white house - apparently not, he has now sunk to their level of lying and well, lying.
Sadat Johnson I truly thought Gen Kelly was one of the 2 people, Gen Mattis the other in this administration that had any type of accountability and integrity and he’s proved me wrong. This isn’t what we learned as Marines and it’s shameful.
Dick Clark Once again Trump demonstrates what a thin skinned pussy he really is by launching an attack on Wilson. He sent one of “his” Generals out to cast dispersions on the character of the Congresswoman. A technique he constantly resorts to for any perceived slights.
Jay Iseli Kelly's job was to keep Cheeto in line.. He has failed at that, the best he can do now is to become a lesser version, creating smaller lies so Cheeto's big lies don't seem so outrageous
Ricardo Vm John Kelly LIED. Don't dress it up. He did not "erroneously" did it. Are you seriously still doubting the viciousness and the extremes this administration will go to spread their vile?
Tina Blair Logan How it must feel when you sell yourself out because of who you work for, losing your honor must be the most difficult part for General Kelly with his lies. Sad.
CNN was live — at The White House.7 hours ago

We're at the White House for today’s press briefing with Sarah Sanders as Congress seeks answers on Niger attack.

Barbara Chepaitis If the mother of the dead soldier said she felt disrespected, then she was. Her voice is all that matters. And besides, DONALD LIES. HE LIES.
Wanza Vinson How should a liar look? It weighs on your soul to know you are lying. And lady you will go down in history as a liar for 45...liar
Barbara Chepaitis I am sickened that Kelly cried crocodile tears about women being sacred, then ATTACKED a woman for telling the truth, and used lies to do so. The ultimate hypocrisy. Shameful.
Antonio Ponti I heard they are using the sound of her voice to torture Isis, is that true? can someone verify that please?
Cheryl Pellegrino So reporters are now not allowed to question members of the military? It is highly inappropriate? Sorry Sarah. This is America not Russia.
Lee Weal Rep Wilson has the same right to defend HERSELF from Kelly. She should shut up after being called an "empty barrel"?? Hell no
Cody Hankerson You know, sometimes before I go to work, I watch a Sarah Sanders video to remind me that my job could be worse, much worse.
Neil Berliner You're a condescending pig who can't answer questions, which is what WE pay you to do. All you do is deflect from the truth. Hey Reporters: Stop thanking her. It's her job to answer you.
Nicole Terpstra “It’s real simple” she is soooo condescending and rude! She needs a good smack upside that giant head!
Lee Weal Bush & Obama have way too much class to do the back and forth sniping that the #ChildInCharge likes.
Tony Johnson He is the WORST president in American History
Dawn Wattenbarger Why didn't Kelly say anything about the Obama's invited him to a breakfast to give his Condolences for his son????? Answer that!!!!
Kathryn Carter Osburn How can she live with herself just standing up there lying? And being a mouthpiece for a pussy grabbing man-child is disgusting.
Mary McCormick Amazing how many people have to get thrown under the bus for the orange idiot supporters to try and justify the vile disgusting racist
Debra Triplett Yes, Sarah found her niche. Lying for the White House. Not alot of call for that position until this administration.
Latryce Thurmond Bennett All of the angry faces is reflective of how MOST us Americans feel about the trash in the Whitehouse. When will this be over?
Barbara Chepaitis Look at all the angry faces flying by. Because this administration is totally corrupt, totally lying, racist, disgusting.
Zeke Smith These briefings no longer have credibility with me. I used to look forward to hearing from the White House but not this one.😭😣😣
Wilber Mulero How many FBI and CIA agents are watching this reading her facial expressions and still able to have a good nights sleep ?
Ron Allen ..This is what you look like when you sell your soul to the Devil..😈
Lee Weal Rep. Wilson is a Congresswoman -- she deserves respect as well!
Cheryl Pellegrino I find it so appalling how she treats the media like school children. It is completely disrespectful. They need to hammer her each and every day. She gets way with too much. She and her boss work for us!!
Evonna Mathis the majority rules - 45 has got to go.... hurry with that investigation Mueller... he has no heart or compassion for no one, terrible example he is setting for our beloved kids
Lee Weal Just because he's a general doesn't mean he's incapable of lying!
Andrea M Walkus-Andrew Sarah is not a strong woman. She is a puppet and not a very good one. A rock has more personality than her. She is rude and cold and not a very pleasant person to listen to.
CNN7 hours ago

Even in Donald J. Trump's own party, Republicans are evenly split.

Bret Anthony Fake news again. Notice it was a CNN poll????? No conservatives are casting a vote on a CNN poll. I'm glad I could point this out to CNN followers. You would've been believing this.
Gabriel Urrea Botero Trump's only accomplishments are to make Nixon look decent, Bush smart and Pence desirable. Other than that it's just hate, division, corruption, ineptitude and a bunch of nothing.
Nickie Hobbs I support Trump all the way. He loves America. God bless Trump and God bless America. The left is just making stuff up about him to try to get him out. I love that he just stands strong. Go Trump
Jose-Marie Katende Two thirds of Americans have no idea what the Iran Nuclear Deal is. But that's so not the point. Long story short, it's good for you. It's not perfect, may not be the length you need but the girth is alright.
Steve Ibold Trump supporters don't care about the republican party. If we did we wouldn't have supported Trump in the primaries. Republicans and democrats can take their elite corrupt system and shove it.
Evad Hconraz In a CNN poll you can bet that any position that trump is for the majority will be against simply because it has Trumps name on it. Regardless of the actual content.
Jim Borges He just tweeted and pissed of the British again and they are our ally. Our allies can't trust him. Our citizens can't believe what he says to be true. The Boy Scouts of America felt a need to write a letter of apology to those in attendance at the National Jamboree for what he said in his speech there. 45 is a lost cause and a disgrace to our country.
James Arnett During the election, the dozen CNN producers polled were united in the opinion that Hillary would win LOL! What kind of moron still believes in CNN polls after that fake polling LMBO!
Daniel Kostadinov I've come to a conclusion that Trump supporters would rather see @BarackObama & @HillaryClinton's names tarnished than they would like to see Trump actually do something that is good for this country. Every comment I make, has people responding with, "but Obama" or "But Hillary".
Russell Darnell There's not enough Republicans that watch CNN to validate their opinion. The same for Fox, not enough liberals are seriously involved in their surveys.
Steve McHugh Whether or not most of us would like the US to remain within the terms of the Iran nuclear deal is almost irrelevant, because it all depends on what specifically Trump would have us replace it with. None of this has been made clear thus far. This, among other things, is one of my greatest objections to the Trump presidency thus far. If one observes and listens to him carefully, it is quite obvious that he is FAR better at tearing ideas, people, etc. DOWN, than actually offering tangible and specific ways to make things better for each of us. For example, for all of the blame that he cast upon Mitch McConnell and congressional Republicans and Democrats for failure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, I never once heard Trump clearly articulate a specific health care alternative for the American people. He simply does what he has always done: He speaks in vague generalizations, short sound bites, exaggerations, and outright lies that virtually always tend to tear other people down, while he simultaneously puffs himself up. Over my years, I've seen presidents that I've had philosophical differences with, I've seen presidents with character flaws, and I've observed presidents who are well-intentioned, but clearly over their heads. However, I've never witnessed a president who is as intellectually under-prepared, as ignorant of the facts, and is as childish, vindictive, and blatantly self-centered and narcissistic as the current president.
Cee Ann Well half the government Is rotten to the core brought out by foreigners with special interests so, did you expect anything different? 2/3 of Americans? Is that another faked poll CNN? 😄
Billy L Queen III Hahaha fake news CNN! ....only an idiot would think that it's good for us to give them 130 BILLION dollars of our tax money so they can build a nuke to kill us and Israel.
Rick Garcia 2/3 of Americans don’t even know what the Iran nuclear deal is. Have you paid attention to our population. The level of care about the government is unfortunately at an all time low. It’s sad but true.
Melissa Bennett I just hope that other countries pay attention to these polls and realise that the American people do NOT support this raving lunatic. Sure there is a very vocal minority that still support him but then in any group of people you will find those that blindly follow cult leaders.
Ross Meyer Let's see....we went into a nuclear deal with North Korea under Clinton so they wouldn't get nuclear weapons.... And now we are in one with Iran so they won't get nuclear weapons.... I wonder how this one will end.....
Stephen Fitzgerald pesky polls and facts - First of all WE have no proof they have done anything but follow the rules of the deal even the watchdog agency said they have honored the deal - when you sign a deal and they and you are following it the deal is working you just cant make up reasons to leave based on how you feel about a country the spirit of the deal BS - the spirit of the deal is what is written in the deal and they have been following it
Shakir Ali world is trapped between two type of Extremists . on one side Jihadist who have no brains empty mind , Other side Israel , Trump and Hindu Terrorists led by Modi . both side are wrong world need Population Control , and less use of fossil fuel not religious Bigotry ... of any two .
Bob Rondinelli Your polls are almost always so wrong. If we would have kept it, then we'll help Iran gain a nuclear bomb. Why are Libs so open to placing Americans at risk? We should be willing to error. for our safety first.
Anne Schulte Don is Putin’s pawn. The only reason he wants out is bc Putin has something on him (insurmountable debt, maybe…?) and has told Donny to get out of the deal. Think about it, the orange clown in the White House is not educated enough to know what the Iran deal is about. He just picks up on key words and phrases that he hears and says “Did Obama do this? I don’t like it! 😖” bc, let’s face it, he is racist. (It’s easy to be racist when you’re the only one of your race — orange turd — and you’re a narcissist!!)
Jj Brivot There has been no president who is so morally and incompetent unfit as this one. The whole administration is a complete joke it's like a live comedy show.
Chris Jafari So do the rest of U.S allies and Trump's own top military advisors...What's behind Trump's agenda to undo this deal? who is pulling the strings?
John Dougherty The Iran deal is bad for America and the Middle East. Sorry nations that have terrorists that strap bombs on their bodies need to be watched carefully.
Steve Smith oh no a CNN poll. and you know they're right after all they said that Hillary would win. This meme is BULL :poop: . Trump did the right thing but did not go far enough. He should have tore it up.
Warzer Latef Muhamad به په له حەشدی شەعبی بە چەکی ئەمریکی هێرشی کردۆتە سەر پێشمەرگە The militian of Hashd shabi begin attacks on peshmarga froces by US weapons. ميليشيات حشد شعبي تبدأ الهجمات على البيشمركة التي تفرضها الأسلحة الأمريكية.
CNN7 hours ago

Just a few years ago, beachgoers flocked to the Dead Sea. Now receding waters and giant sinkholes have left the shores deserted. Take a 360° trip to the lowest elevation on Earth and find out what's drying up this unique body of water. (via CNNVR)

Alireza Jahansouz T-rump the chump said, I don't know about you, but I like live Sea. If it is dead Sea, then we shouldn't worry about it.
Katrina Galanos Most Americans don't know things about the Great Lakes.... you expect Americans to understand the Dead Sea? Funny.
Jack Phares It’s been called the Dead Sea for thousands of years by the Arabs. It only supports bacteria and fungus. It’s basically a big nasty dead salt pond in the desert. So who gives a sh*t?
Steve Campbell Global warming accelerated by humans. Scientifically proven. Idiots can not understand so they will quite naturally contridict.
Lindsey Narula The amount of changes happening in all bodies of water across the world is just alarming. It is so sad to see and just as sad about how many people really don't care.
Arwi Lokhorst I've been there about 20 years ago. Pretty amazing. Not really a sun bathing place. Water is too salty (don't swallow) and it not suitable for real swimming. Pity it's getting so bad, might be hard to stop it.
Bobbi Jo This was amazing to watch! I love educational videos like this. However, it does make me want to reduce my carbon foot print.
Danielle Martini-Richardson Nikita Richardson i think this is what i was telling you about the place drying up that was mentioned in that study i tagged vicky bc im not sure
Mike Figart I am trying to figure out you can travel 360 degrees and end up anywhere but where you started. I must of missed something.
Jeremy Adkins Bret Caitlin - gotta go with us to Israel. The changes of the Dead Sea between 2016 and 2017 is scary
Jedoh King Kunta Organ because of sin earth have become a dump .....jesus is coming to take those who follow his words and do his will ...... start praying or he will find you in the darknes..
Ivan Ibrahim #USwpnKillsKurds حەشدی شەعبی بە چەکی ئەمریکی هێرشی کردۆتە سەر پێشمەرگە The militian of Hashd shabi begin attacks on peshmarga froces by US weapons. ميليشيات حشد شعبي تبدأ الهجمات على البيشمركة التي تفرضها الأسلحة الأمريكية.
Danielle Prudhomme I was there in 1983 and again in 2011; the difference was amazing! It's sad that some world leaders don't even acknowledge global warming!
Bill Janice Staton Sad to hear that. Hope that they will be able to reverse the damage. They are trying and I wish them luck....
Paul Zugasti Damy Great, this useless body of water will be desalinized by evaporation and become at least partially useful elsewhere.
Wes Harrison Surely there's a Democrat politician that overheard a phone call which shows Trump is killing the Dead Sea.
Jim Cupp Only CNN and Democrats would politicize the deaths of a fallen soldier. Their hatred of America is so blatantly obvious. Where is the story about the REAL COLLUSION between Comrade Obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, and Mueller. Mueller is in charge of the Russian Collusion investigation. WTF???
Artin Gabar What is happening now in Kurdistan are Shiite sectarian militias and the Iranian army is fighting against Peshmerga with America's weapons
Chanson Cilaway I was at the Dead Sea in 2011. My advice to anyone. ......DONT DRINK THE WATER. WITH THAT SAID I CAME HOME WITH PNEUMONIA.
Hashim K Salim True or false : Dead sea was created when God punished homos in sadum and garrom?
Warren C. M. Lasten Gregory "the Dead Sea itself is dying"
Tita Gemaol That's the power of God! Sea turn into desert it's a miraculous power of God.
Erickson Ruaro Anne check this out. The dead sea is dying.
Maria Lopez Hermoso el mar muerto, donde no existe ni fauna ni flora marina, espectacular, me encantaría regresar a admirar éste mar, ubicado en el País de Isrrael.
Matthew Wynn Oh wow I just saw Lot's wife!
CNN7 hours ago

A fundraising committee backing President Donald J. Trump created a petition asking support in standing for the National Anthem

Rob Wood "Asking support in standing for the anthem?" Pretty sure you mean "asking support in forcing others to stand at gunpoint."
Jordan Lee Evans We are given a profoundly short time on this earth, lets spend it getting mad at people kneeling during a song.
Mario Pena about concentrating your efforts on all American citizens with no food or water in Puerto Rico or trying to calm down the madness coming from North Korea or maybe sorting out the gun legislation laws in our country where 60 people are killed everyday by guns. Now you have to make a point about this?? They are not disrespecting the flag! They are protesting against inequality and prejudice. Something you know nothing about. Worst President ever and the biggest joke! 🤡
Kibby Smith I guess freedom of speech only applies if you're white and carrying a confederate flag and parading it up and down the streets. According to white ppl that's not disrespecting the American flag.
Marie Jackson Will DJT and the rest of the sitting GOP now start to respect our country, our flag, our people? They completely miss the point of these peaceful demonstrations.
Steve Franklin I don't know about anyone else but I'm going to sell bug torches & rebel flags made in China to these "not racist" white nationalists so they can defend their southern heritage & preserve racist traitor idols so white nationalists can remember not to be racist.
Jennie Clopton Petition to impeach....that's what I'll sign..
Sarah L Little Why can't people just accept that other people have free will and may use that to do things they don't like? Get OVER it already.
Cindy Nelson This is wrong. They should be talking about the issue of the peaceful protest. People of color face injustices every day and especially when encountering law enforcement.
Barbara O'Cull Cooley Free country???? Freedom of speech?? Are we in Korea? Russia? What the holy f**k is the "leader" of our country trying to do? Why not start a counter petition to force those signing the other petition to kneel through the Nation Anthem? Yeah. See how f**king ridiculous that sounds?
Anthony DiPierro As a conservative and a Trump supporter, I do have to disagree with this. Let them kneel, who cares how they make themselves look. I couldn’t care less if they kneel, I just want to watch football, as well as other sports. If they want to exercise their first Amendment right by kneeling, so be it. Let them be judged by others and let the world keep on turning.
Howard Matthews Anyone can protest in the Land of The Free in any way they want as long as it's non-violent....such as kneeling....I spent 5 years in the marines and took 2 bullets to protect that right
Roosevelt Gillespie How can trumps supporters ask anyone to stand when their president never stood when his country needed him. He had the opportunity to serve his country but he went the other way.
Bobby Bell Well there was a petition with well over a million people asking to see captain A-holes tax returns too so...
Brandon Bramscher That's awesome. Next, maybe 45 can tweet out some great ideas for Will and Grace story lines. My God, FOCUS man.
Daniel Kostadinov I've come to a conclusion that Trump supporters would rather see @BarackObama & @HillaryClinton's names tarnished than they would like to see Trump actually do something that is good for this country. Every comment I make, has people responding with, "but Obama" or "But Hillary".
David D Smith Personally I have always stood for the national anthem...being forced to is unconstitutional and reminiscent of Nazi Germany saluting.
Donnie Worsham When are these dimwits going to understand no one can make anybody stand during the anthem? Point these folks to the 1st Amendment of the U. S. Constitution, please. The fallen, who these same folks point to as a reason to stand, fought for the rights of those who chose to kneel.
Jim Floyd It would be better if they started a fund raiser to deal with the underlying problems behind the protests. Unfortunately, Trump and his minions would rather exploit the issue for political effect than actually try to fix the problem.
Vanessa Lynn Good Gawd! He should just walk around with a tiny shovel (to fit his hands) because every time he opens his mouth he digs himself in deeper and deeper. He wastes so much time complaining about things that have nothing to do with governing. Why? Because he doesn't know wtf he's doing!
Cheryl Turcotte Yeah we have a mentally deranged nut job in the WH threatening a nuclear war, wrecking havoc with our healthcare and insulting our servicemen. Priorities right?
Joanne Momano If I want someone to tell me that I have to do this to show my loyalty to my country, I will move to North Korea. Patriotism is something you feel and you do not need a flag or anthem to show it.
Laura Gatlin Francis Scott Key (author of the anthem) was a racist and used his position as US Attorney to prosecute abolitionist. That's the real reason Trump wants the anthem respected, has nothing to do with our nation or military; just plain old racism.
Jim Huston Is this movement designed to simply prohibit these ball players from exercising their First Amendment Rights. A peaceful protest regarding Police Brutality and BLM is legal and proper. I don't like it but they too have rights. Why not a little focus on those that burn the American Flag? Better yet focus on tiki torches and those that march waiving the confederate flag.
Jj Brivot You don't watch NFL for the anthem so if you don't like the kneeling just ignore it like you do racism and police brutality! Problem solved! You all could care less about WHY people are kneeling, go to your safe space and enjoy the actual game like a good inequality denier.
CNN9 hours ago

A top-rated elementary school in Mississippi is ditching the president of the Confederacy for the first black president

Todd Johnson That's a good idea. While they are at it, they should name a landfill after Trump. Since he's garbage and takes up space.
Zooy Pal Jefferson Davis Elementary is being renamed after Barack Obama, upsetting a ton of white nationalists who dropped out in 5th grade.
Jay Noodle Only a racist would get mad at this change.
Jackson Streitwieser Cue the outrage of the Trump supporter for "changing history" aka we can't stand that a black man was a wildly successful president while the current one is an incompetent buffoon of human garbage.
Ashley Earley We here in Mississippi were hoping y'all wouldn't tell Trump about this. Don't tweet it, alright? Don't wanna sell out of citronella torches, bugs are still out down here.
Jackson Eggers I can hear conservatives's heads exploding everywhere.
Grant Watkins I bet this really pisses off the racists:) Good.
Jake Fuqua Ah, let the legion of ignorant trolls descend upon hating of Obama and praising of southern secessionists while waving their american flags without any sense of irony.
Tom Thurlow This is great news. Black people (like Obama) should be honored on more schools throughout the country. There are plenty of honorable black leaders that deserve that kind of recognition...
Joseph T Allen The only school Trump will be named for is Trump "University" - not accredited; not a real university of higher learning.
Christof Ketchmark Kareena Henry The fact that it’s a 98% black school speaks volumes about why it was named in honor of the confederacy 😰 I’m glad Obama’s getting the honor
Tray Post This is such a great thing! Trump keeps trying to erase Obama's history but doesn't realize you can't erase what's in people's hearts.
Daisy Reyes Davis was a traitor but we should still remember the history of the south. Maybe put all the statues and stuff in a museum. One day we’ll have to teach the younger generation about the darkest days in our county’s history. Just like Germany can never erase the holocaust and Nazi’s, we can’t forget when we went to war with our brothers.
Jacob Fassold Only a racist would come up with the idea of changing the name. Only a racist would be bothered by the old name. That school is only showing those kids it’s ok to be racist as long as the target is white. ..... seriously what if people started removing Rosa Parks name from every thing and replaced it with a white woman’s name, technically Rosa Park was a criminal so maybe we should erase her from history??? Sounds retarded doesn’t it. Obama’s name should not replace anyone’s name.
Ryen McDonald The top rated elementary school in Mississippi is 98% black AND now they're changing the school name to Obama? I bet conservatives were pissed
Eugene Stark Now that makes sense. Why wait till people are dead to honor them? Obama deserves the honor and so do the parents of the community. It is a pity to see this greeted with a hate storm, but the country is troubled.
Michael du Borg Just a wee comment from the United Kingdom! Yes we have an outdated Monarchy, but our Queen Elizabeth knows a good one from a bad one! Our Queen had a close and, and still has, a very friendly relationship with President Obama and his equally lovely and intelligent wife, Michelle, and we can't wait to see them again. Trump and his third wife are not welcome here at all, especially in Scotland, we don't like scum.
Anthony Foreman An actual president of the United States or someone who was committing treason against his nation for slavery. Tough call.
Adam Lara The confederates were the original deplorables. They were practicing treason long before Trump and his gang sold us out to Putin. Glad to see this change in Mississippi.
Hamidreza Azarmehr President Donald Trump is the guy American has been waiting for the longest and most likely will be in the White House for the next seven years. He's doing an outstanding job.I will definitely vote for him again.America is rising. Trump 2020🇺🇸
Loren YellowBird Jr. Poetic and beautiful. Those traitors should have never been honored. The fact that they were has given ignorant people the leeway to say they represent family pride which is disgusting. They fought for slavery. You don't see the families of Nazi's bragging about being proud of them. The exact opposite. They hold their heads in shame. Confederates belong in a museum, and nothing more.
Salwa Maliki Confederates were TRAITORS. When will the "deplorables" get used to this FACT? Anything is better than Jefferson Davis' name.
Cher Callahan It's not *Fake News*. The children of this school actually voted for the new name. NO Teachers/Admin. It should also be noted this school is rated #1 in the state actually. They felt being 100% African Americans a Conferate Leader was not appropriate to represent their schools name.
Joe Dangelo I don't know why people are getting their panties in a bunch about this. It's *their* school - if they want to change the name, who cares?
Josh Tucker Eh. I see no reason to have a school named after the Confederate President. But I would rather the school have been named after a civil rights leader. Does Rosa Parks have a school named after her? If not she should.
CNN9 hours ago

There was no evidence that the rise was linked to "Radical Islamic terror"

Jacob Pharr wow the media is debunking EVERYTHING that comes out of his mouth.. and I mean everything. No wonder he hates the media so much, they keep catching him in his forever lies.. But one things for sure, his supporters never see those lies. Why is that exactly.
Marcin Leszczynski Average of 45 people get killed in UK every month. 50+ were killed in Las Vegas in 10 minutes. Let’s focus on US shall we. He screams America First but tweets about crap he has no clue about. On second thought he has no clue about things here either.
James Roule no evidence? Switzerland is having a rape epidemic. bombs are going off in London and cars are running people over all over Europe. How dumb does CNN really think its followers are?
Nancy Haynes Please, the man lies about everything. The media should just start reporting when they find he tells the truth; it will be very quiet.
Vinci Rachkov Only in the eyes of CNN and incompetent UK officials who don't want to solve the problem because the first step in solving a problem is admitting its existence and source.
Gregory Thomas This President bashing nonsense is getting very old. I don’t even read what #FakeNews CNN has to say anymore.
Joseph S. Holmes He should stick to trying to divide America... He need's to keep his nose out of other countries business. Dotard J. Trump cant even make an Empathetic Phone call to a gold star family..... So why would his opinion on other countries be more important than our country.. ???
Mark Cramer That's right CNN, tell the public to keep their heads in the sand. That's in keeping with your morbid Never Trumper agenda. Good job.
Stephanie Darrow Maybe you should stop reporting everything he gets wrong or lies about and only the things he gets right. Which would mean I would stop seeing him in my newsfeed at all versus seeing him every single day, multiple times a day.
Dana Littlefield I guess CNN still doesn't understand that many political/ecominic refugees are there for cultural, aka civilization, jihad. The number of sex assaults alone attributed to these people is staggering. MSM should be ashamed for the many truths they are hiding.
Paula Nunez Larch Someone please help us rid the USA from the liar that he is . sexual predator. woman hater , loves the kkk . just shut his mouth and may he be punished for what he said to Mrs Johnson. He is white trash and our country is in trouble! Take your hats with make America great again shove them where the sun does not shine and when was America not great! You are such a buffoon!
Vic Anthoni Trump often speaks without thinking, well actually I don't believe he knows how to think. It's incredible how irresponsible and unhinged Trump is every single day.
Gallium Gossamer No surprise there. The orange dipshit didn't even know Puerto Rico was part of the US, he insulted a gold star heros wife and pardoned a white criminal. None of this surprising when it comes to this moron. You fools need to stop supporting him.
Kent Barber Look at everything he has said since his campaign began. Trump is not concerned with the truth, never has been. He is focused on scaring the idiots in his base, the clueless racists & those who fear the muslims are hiding under the bed. Stoke an imaginary fear, then claim to be the only one who will fight the imaginary enemy. Trump is not the biggest nitwit, the people who still believe him are.
Gregory Dale Holland Trump is total scum. Trump is nothing but a corrupt con man who owes Russia so much money Putin owns trump. Trump is in a swamp of treason. #TrumpCorruption
Moses Tatem Hmmm, Trump bashes Puerto Rico Mayor and Congresswoman ... is there a pattern here? At least he didn't grab their pussycats.
Cheryl Young Trump never has an idea what he is talking about! He just talks to hear himself talk! What a disgrace he is as President!
Edward Pomeroy Facts don't matter.........this smoke screen president is there to distract us from the work of Pence and the Republican tea party.
Eugene Stark He just doesn't know. The English are planning massive protests against him if and when he visits. If he thought millions turned out for his inauguration, wait till he gets to the U.K.
Adrian Pilcher I suggest you read for yourself rather than listen to President Dodger Trump. You can only dream of living in such a peaceful country.
Frederick Parkinson 96% of child grooming gangs in the UK are muslim men, who only make up 2% of population , muslim men are 6 times more likely to be in prison than other men in UK, and growing crime in the muslim community is rampant in the UK statistics are saying this long before trump
Gabriel Urrea Botero Trump's only accomplishments are to make Nixon look decent, Bush smart and Pence desirable. Other than that it's just hate, division, corruption, ineptitude and a bunch of nothing.
Tim Smith But the growing Islamic community is causing a huge problem. Rapes and assaults are off the charts. Many areas instructing women to dress properly and avoid Islamic areas. How can you deny that?
Siamand M Issa Kurdistan is under attack by the savage army of Iraqi shias known as Hashd al shabi backed by Iranian revolutionary Guards a well known terror organization . we need support from the international community and our allies. please support Peshmarga forces who fought on behalf of the world fighting for the freedom of humanity and now the world is turning its back on Kurds. thanks for your support.
Laura Bailey Incorrectly? Have y'all NOT been paying attention, putting in the effort to use the translation option? Not only are you misinformed; as a media outlet your hiding the truth and keeping your readers UNinformed. That's kinda evil...
CNN10 hours ago

"It's a risk. But you know, when you come down here and you see what I've seen... it becomes a mission."

Charles Norman Martin This is normal in the construction and maintenance of power lines. It's not extraordinary in any way, shape, or form... but thank goodness it's getting done, and all these crews deserve respect, as I'm sure they're pulling long hours.
Jackie 'Birdsall' Thornton Thank you to all the crews that are spending hours and hours trying to restore power to Puerto Rico. We know you are away from all of your family to be down there and I’m sure the people appreciate you more than you’ll ever know
Devin Davis When you realize 99 percent of people commenting didn’t even read the article. It literally talks about the helicopters for a whole one sentence...the article is actually about a 300 million dollar contract made with an electric company in Montana that claims they can restore the whole islands grid...but looks like that headline was the peak of some Americans reading level
Dan Hollowell Sr. The same thing is done here with power transmission lines they have a whole crew of helicopter repairmen they have to hook themselves to that line to keep from being electrocuted very dangerous work so it's nothing new
Mansour Tahboub They know what they've signed up for.
Mason Michael James Mazzoni Well you can blame the island politicians who thought it was a better idea to give the islands power pole contract to money giving ex island living in Miami. where the poles were kept at a crazy cost to the people of Puerto Rico. CNN acts if this island was a well run machine before the storms when the reality was far different. Trash was piled up for months, it has been over 20 years since they fixed any major roads that did not lead to the airport or cruise ship docks.
Courtney Bahny "...contracted by a fairly new company based in Montana, of all places." Seriously? Does this writer think Montana is still in the dark ages? We might be a small state (in terms of population) but we are advanced in technology, just like the rest of the country, and able to keep up with the big boys. By hiring a Montana based company, you're hiring quality. These men and women on the ground are some of the best of the best, and many of them are native Montanan's. CNN, let's not be shocked.
Margaret Bowser Whatever happened to Elon Musk's offer to rebuild the power grid? I can't help thinking that if any other president were in office they would have latched onto this opportunity, joined forces with Musk, and brought together some resources to make this happen. Instead we've heard nothing out of the White House about the offer or about utilizing the offer to both the country's advantedge, as well as Puerto Rico's.
Evonna Mathis thank God someone cares - this is not just a repair job, its like starting all over... trumps supporters will say something different so their King wont look so bad...
Z.B. Thomas Boy the infrastructure of PR is beyond weak. Part of this is the PR government's responsibility, but part of it is the U.S. I hope if anything comes out of this, we help them long term build a better infrastructure, and build a strong relationship. I would also love to see PR become a state, just like Hawaii.
James C. Braico Yeah when you see the corrupt Puerto Rican government has spent pennies of their budget on infrastructure for decades and the electric poles were like popsicle sticks you can see how 1 hurricane can take out an entire countries infrastructure. They do need better government moving forward.
John Turpin If this is what normally happens in the US as some people have stated,it must be that Trump isn't doing anything that special for Puerto Rico as he claims
Cesar Hernandez I wouldn't be surprised if Trump would try to get rid of Puerto Rico by an executive order claiming they're not real Americans.
Nathaniel Crnjak If Trump cared he would wave his magic wand and everything would go back to the way it was but he is racist.
Steve Jabanski Is this serious? This is their JOB. I've seen this locally. Would you prefer 10 people to get on eachothers shoulders until they are tall enough to reach the cable? CNN is so sick. Look at these POOR PEOPLE, DANGLING FROM A HELICOPTER DESPERATELY TRYING TO REPAIR DANGEROUS POWER LINES.
Jan Payne It's a risky business, but it's no extraordinary, it may look easy, it really isn't especially when the power lines are in close proximity to the helicopter.
John Mastrks There's nothing unusual about this procedure. It's done every day all around the world. Good try to try and sensationalize something that's normal.
Enix Okhai Stev For those attacking the post. . CNN didn’t say it was extraordinary. You perceived that in your mind and now you commented fr m your own stupidity
Katherine Hillman Amazing! Glad this contractor, at least, is in there trying to get the ball rolling. Desperate times call for desperate measures....
Bret Eulberg Hopefully they can bury the electrical in the future. Yes, it will be a huge expense, but will save heartache when the next hurricane comes through.
Brian Keith Herget I thought nothing was being done......Guess that smear story is two weeks now you can actually start reporting the truth
Jeff Curtis What you mean it takes more than a day to put power lines cnn? Wow this morning you was bitchen cause its been day and the power is still out in places. They dont go up magically you idiots!!!!
Jim Cupp But just last week, CNN was blaming Trump for the power grid there. Get your false accusations straight CNN. Your false narratives are hard to follow
Art Sutherland I hope nothing happens to anyone after saying that or CNN will spend weeks saying how insensitive you were to say this.
Kyle James this is nothing new lol, a lot of transmission lines (more so in remote areas) are built with only heli access
CNN10 hours ago

In virtually every situation to date in his presidency, when Donald J. Trump has been presented with the chance to take the high road, he has veered off onto the low road, writes Chris Cillizza

Melissa Short Green When someone shows you who they are, believe them. That is who he is. Period.
Tim Riley I feel bad for this man...he did everything possible to NOT get elected..and his dumb base voted for him anyway
Daniel Kostadinov Still can’t believe how brainwashed Americans should be to choose this Orange Baboon for president????!!
Joy Gee Just when you think he cannot possibly sink lower, he does. Devoid of character and integrity, he has set America on course for total collapse
Kevin Dudie Bond It's who he is. A man of little character and class. I've been reading books on leadership and the traits of good leaders. Based on what I've learned, I wouldn't follow him across a street.
Katherine Anne I just love how CNN tries to pass off opinion pieces as fact. But they know their average viewer won't question whether it's fact or not.
Willow Shepherd Wouldn't matter what or how he said it, you would tear him apart. CNN is fake and bought out by the Soros/Clinton/Obama crime family. Oh yea, have you heard Hillary sold our uranium to the Russians?
Amanda Copeland That's exactly what I said this morning watching the news. We have every other politician, celebrities, immigrant families and Goldstar families now expected to take the highroad. President Trump takes zero responsibility for any of his actions and hurtful policies/Tweets and is constantly pointing fingers. Not quite the example I want out of a president of the United States of America.
CJ Guion All Trump had to do was say I apologize that I offended the family ... I didn't mean to say it that way but that's just too hard for him
Mike Terrylee Trump changes what he says continuosly. Couple weeks hurricane Maria was not as bad as Katrina. Today he said it was worse than Katrina. It's like the wall... Build the wall.. Mexico pays for it.. Now... Fix the existing fences 😂 ACA.. Dismantel.. Fix it... That issue is like a rollecoaster going up and down. Man.. Your bipolarity is going out of control. Get on meds Prez.
Katie Johnson Dear Congress woman Wilson. I'm so sorry for the way you have been attacked by those two old racist white men in the white house. I am an old white woman who is embarrassed by them. I live in Florida and know the great work you have done. Niether of those two liars have the decency and kindness you have in your little finger. Thank you for all you do!
Julie BV Who gets the last laugh always? Trump is always winning 😁😍 truly the chosen one to fight the evil. Conservative rules! Cnn keep bringing him down you look like a full with your fake news. 😂🤣
Kelly Kurrasch Chris Cillizza and everyone at CNN just listen to the tape of the presidents conversation with the soldiers widow. Nothing like you reported!! It was cordial and considerate. Once again you reported falsely to promote your bashing the president agenda. Shame on you for using a grieving family. Your network and your reporting is "The low road". I don't believe a word you report these days!!!!
Mark McKinlay Trump is simply a liar!! .. so why is everyone being so polite and not just calling it what it is!! He knows exactly what he's doing and he just keeps it going and going and everyone is simply accepting what he is saying.... Should Americans not expect more from their president?? .. at least the truth? Do we have to wait until we're in the middle of a Nuclear war and millions of people die before people wake up and see the truth !..
Margaret Wagner CNN has an abundance of low-road reporters. Their motto seems to be, "If you don't like someone, make something up." Every time I read one of their headliners, I wince.
Scott Britton Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow, Follow the Yellow Brick Road. It's not a high or low road Dorothy. It's the one made out of Gold, Donald Trump follows. Him and his Evil Monkeys.
Karen Garber There is no high road for this man. He lives a value-less life in terms of everything not specific to him. One cannot expect someone who has no ability to comprehend the lives of average people to act on their behalf.
Janice Masters He is characterologically in line with the low road. Vindictive, thin skinned, low self esteem, combative, fabricating, lost touch with his soul along the way...
Jerry Steinhoff So when is CNN going to recognize and praise Trump for what just happened in Raqqa? ISIS is on the run! Thank you Trump!
Cindy McKenna If we all had a dollar for every time we have said the phrase, "Just when you think he cannot lower the bar any farther...." we would all be millionaires!
Diana Meni What Trump does not understand is that when a person admits when they are wrong, that shows that they are strong and have a great character. In the case of the phone call if Trump had said that what he said was taken out of context. That he did not intend to offend anyone, exspecially the mother and widow of a fallen soldier, and was sorry if he did. Trump would have looked like an upstanding person and a caring president. Instead Trump lies and says he never said it.
Judith Graham Burgess Narcissistic sociopath he is unable to change. It is only about him. He doesn’t feel empathy, sympathy, others pain -nothing. He has no idea what governing means, what the constitution says and what Democracy entails! Still denies he didn’t win popular vote and doesn’t care about uniting the country.
Tara Gordon He showed everyone who he was way before this. We thought he would pivot and become presidential that's never gonna happen. He's incapable of empathy and care. Every slight in his mind deserves to be answered no matter how small and petty it is.
Patrick William Ryan "He walks a low-road The only road that he has ever known (because he's a POS) Don't know where it goes (because he's a "moron") But it's only him (well mostly us "sh*&") ........... (tune by Green Day)
Mary Sargent O'Toole The President, unfortunately, cannot say a single thing that is not turned upside down, inside out and around and around to skew however the liberals can "interpret" it in the most negative way!
CNN10 hours ago

The LA Dodgers' Enrique "Kiké" Hernandez promised his mother, who is in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, that he would hit a home run.

On a TV running on a generator, she watched him hit three.

Todd Johnson Well, they're lucky they don't have to see Trump's face every single day on TV
Roy Marrs If his mom is so bad off,Why doesn’t his mom live with him? He apparently has the means to do it, at least Temporarily
Barbara Alberto A few ignorant comments here. If his mom wasn't at the game it doesn't mean she's bad off in Puerto Rico because of watching with a generator. She has 2 other younger children, owns a Boutique in his hometown, and his dad is a retired Coach from the Pittsburgh Pirates. I'm sure she probably didn't wanted to leave her house, business and other family members, maybe even elderly parents unattended.
Isabella Martin That's awesome! My kids don't even want to load the dishwasher for me!
Kimberly Turner Soooooo...a player who makes millions forced his mother to watch on a generator powered tv in PR instead of getting her OFF THE ISLAND????
Salwa Maliki Puerto Rico is getting step motherly treatment from Trump only because it is full of Hispanics, and it's a territory and not a state.
Steve Campbell And the beat goes on not including you know who. Glad the baseball player got homeruns while his mother watched. No matter how hard he tries Americans prevail. To hell with 45.
Victoria Ramirez Bravo Siempre que veo algo así me acuerdo a tu discurso del equipo de PUR versus USA justo antes de unas competencias de oratoria. Que grande uno se pone cuando se trabaja con el corazón ñeta! Te envio un abrazo grande 🇵🇷💪🏽Pedro Rodiz
Amanda Taylor Problem here being, most of Puerto Rico still doesn’t have electricity to even see the homeruns or T-shirt’s for them.
John Nguyen The people knew that Weinstein had bad illegal activities so it meant they knew and did nothing. F*** them. Aiding and abetting illegal activities. That makes YOURE PART with the illegal activities under federal law(s). You do understands do you ?
Margie Brewer Maybe she loved her home. I was not prepared when our hills were on fire. I knew we were ok, but home is always special. She probably wants to help everyone to rebuild. There is something about being around familiar things. Trump is a disgusting person. Has no idea what he is doing beside stirring hate.
Anthony Maldonado I read a comment.... “Some Puerto Rican’s don’t want to live in the USA”!?? If they don’t, where are they supposed to go back to? Africa? 🤔
Saundra H Campbell This isn't about trump or political parties so to the trump haters that make it that. I hope you Find love and peace instead of hate in your heart. This woman I am sure is proud of her son. Way to go on those home runs maybe mom will decide to move close to you one day so she will never need another generator. Congrats on the home runs!
Jesus Padilla Go dodgers and congratulations kiki!! Im still happy about last night game!!
Shelene Robinson Keith A positive story!! Please lets be kind to each other! We are Americans / men and woman all over the country! We are all trying to find our JOY just like all Americans! We just wanted change. It’s OK to VOTE differently in our country! When we die it won’t matter how we voted only how we treat one another! Believe me I know, my son has had 4 brain surgeries! We need to take our Neigbors with different views out for coffee and see each other hearts 💕
Steve Pickering Mybe these players and people who cry enough isn't being done. Should donate some money. Just a thought.
Adis ONeill I'd be sitting in the stands. No reason not to. Bring ur family. This is a once in a life time experience.
Tim Grimmer See CNN you can find other things to talk about besides trump everyday..people wouldnt bash your network if you didnt bash trump 24/7...
Karen Palmer He hit those three home runs for all of Puerto Rico
Mary Walkup A generator which was instructed by the POTUS to be delivered in order for those ingrates to have a chance to watch the game.
Carrie W. Thurmond If Hernandez can be responsible for 7 RBI's in an 11-1 game, WE CAN GET THE POWER BACK ON IN PUERTO RICO.
Tintin Stiffler Baseball and golf are two of the most boring games ever invented.
Silvia Carpenter A puerto Rican I give him a ( 10 he earned and his a American citizens .)
Gary Williams I give that generator a 10 out of 10, Trump a 2 out of 10
Veronica Lara Definitely not a Dodgers fan but that is awesome!
CNN11 hours ago

Happy 26th birthday! It's time to buy health insurance.

Kenneth Ibsen Buying health insurance? Oh that's right, you haven't joined the rational and modern world yet. Good luck all.
Allen Padlock "Dear diary, I miss the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I used to eat in my mom's basement. Even better was having the crusts cut off and cut into triangles. But, it was time I got out on my own. 38 years old. Time to buy my own insurance, time to attempt face to face dating, etc. It was time to be a grown-up."
John Glennon A lot of these kids are going to be in for a shock. By the age of 26 you should have a few years of work under your belt so you are no longer entry level. You should be making better money. Then you look at all the deductions and that is when the shock sets in.
Sarah Appleton I was born in Canada. You get a birth certificate and health card with a number on it and that number is yours for the rest of your life. When you go to the doctor, they swipe your card, and you're good to go. If you need to see a doctor, you see a doctor. It's uncomplicated and pretty straightforward. I had no idea what insurance was until I moved to the US.
Aaron Kim If your disabled as a child and collect SSI. There is a loop hole to keep your SSI. You work as an independent contractor and ride off everything. You make 40k you ride off 40k. You make 100k you ride off 100k. So on paper you make Zero. Therefore you can keep your SSI, medical benifits.
Amanda Adams I am turning 26 in January, and I am so confused. I've been paying for my own health insurance since I was 18, that is until I got it provided by my employer. What does turning 26 have to do with anything?
R Elizabeth Scarborough It would be so frustrating to be 26 and have my government FORCE me to pay for insurance that I probably don't need. I'd rather use that money to pay off college or save for a down payment on a house.
Cody Lynch Get it from your employer. And if they don’t provide it or it’s not affordable from them chances are you’d qualify for some state subsidies. Hopefully trump doesn’t remove those. Take not the word affordable means different things for different people.
Don Smith What sort of insanity compels the greatest nation on earth to settle for a dilapidated insurance program that you can only buy into just a few weeks out of the year?
Devin Crowl My guidance for a 26 year old is don't buy it until you are married and planning on having a child. Save that money and buy a house. I did. DON'T BUY SOMETHING YOU DO NOT NEED. Duh?
Mike Olson 18-year-olds are supposed to buy health insurance. Obama care is ridiculous forcing parents to provide for their children while they are grown adults. That's called fascism
Gregory Dale Holland Trump is total scum. Trump is nothing but a corrupt con man who owes Russia so much money Putin owns trump. Trump is in a swamp of treason. #TrumpCorruption
Dave Shaw Don't. Just go to the ER and say your homeless and don't know your SS #. If the people of this country don't want to do anything about the insane price of Doctor visits, insurance and meds let them pay for it. Healthcare shouldn't just be for the rich, it's a right.
John Williams If you are 26 and taking advice from CNN you are dumber than a box of rocks and doomed
Aron Axes In Canada we don't have to buy health Insurance, it comes with our income tax and we just go in free of charge. Our income tax maybe a bit higher but we don't lose our house for health services. Our health care is a right for us, not a luxury like you. You need to vote against those who promote a middle man (insurance) between the hospital bills and you. That's the secret. No one makes money out of our misery like you. In the end it cost less for everyone and we can choose what ever doctor we want.Or get as many opinions as we want. Cheers!
Jake Scurlock What kind of snowflake starts paying for their own insurance at 26?
Debbie Tomlin If you are 26 and your employer doesn't provide insurance get another job.
Wade Davis i had my own insurance at 18..why do they wait till 26?
Vickie Rodgers All 5 of mine bought their own coverage at age 18-21. No baby adults at my house.
Zachary A Jacoby you aren't gonna need insurance when the real world turns out to be STAR WARS!!! pew pew pew ZAP
Michael Rushing Hey where is Big Better Healthcare!
Scott Morrison When do the kiddos move out,40?
Doris Lair OMYGOSH, You mean they are going to have to act like adults? Hahaha
Hameed Dosky پێشمەرگێ قارەمان شەرێ دەولەتا داعش دکر پێش هەڤپەیمانا خوە امریکا ڤە بەداخەوە نکە امریکا یا پشتەڤانیا میلیشاتێن حەشدا ایرانی دکەت دا بەرههنگاری پێشمەرگەی بیت قاتلت قوات البيشمركة مع تنظيم داعش نيابة عن القوات الأمريكية، مع الاسف في الوقت الحالي امريكا تدعم الميليشيات الحشد الإيراني بالأسلحة لمحاربة قوات البيشمركة Peshmerga forces fought with ISIS on behalf of the US forces, but at present America supports the Iranian militia to fight the Peshmerga forces
Julia McNally Gaithersburg Trumpcare , you will probably not be eligible anyway. So don't worry about it
CNN12 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump grades his administration's response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as a 10 out of 10.

San Juan mayor gives it a 1 out of 10. "I think the President lives in an alternate reality world."

Tristan Poor I give it a three because at least he acknowledged that they were an island. In the ocean. With water. That's pretty good I guess.
Oscar Rodriguez Puerto Rico would have been better off if he did not show up at all. His visit was a disgraceful one that we will never forget and will never appreciate.
Barry Mcelroy And yet, the governor says it was a good effort, and no other official is saying anything bad about it. Only one democratic mayor......hmmmm
Joe Blowe I'm afraid that when Trump discovered that American citizens from Puerto Rico can not vote in a Presidential election, their fate was sealed.
Bruno Cupo Dems are all but finished. This latest stunt by the congresswoman in Florida put the nail in their coffin. They have no more credibility.
Cindy Scott She's the only one to say this. The governor was pleased. She fails to mention that Puerto Rico is so poor that before the hurricane 70% of their power grid was already not working. What has she done in her office to fix that? Also when the coward came face to face with POTUS Trump she was silent. The coward also didn't attend FEMA meetings. So I guess we see who the real problem is!
Dion Jones Nobody should ever give themselves a perfect score, that means there's no room for improvement. And you're "Perfect" Nobody is perfect. So Trump is wrong again. #ISIMLIVE
Catherine White Cobb This woman is a sad example of\f the depths Democrats will sink to in order to promote their HATE of the President- sick and twisted
Louie Cruz No doubt Puerto Rico is still suffering. And the Big Orange pig is playing golf. Disgraceful, disgusting!
Anaekwe Okey CNN report real news and stop trying everytime to pull your President down, the Biafran Leader Nnamdi Kanu is missing report that, report Biafran killings, but i know you will not, cause you only specializes in reporting fake news.
Gloria Wesley CNN, get a life. Trump is not your life. And for the majority of CNN followers, we'd be happy if you only spoke of him once a week to report anything he's accomplished or not. Focus on what congress is up to, not the whacky freaky guy.
Noal von Magnus This woman is a CNN PUPPET.. Geraldo kicked her around like a SOCCER BALL .. HE also has family in Puerto Rico and has been covering the response as well.. SHE IS FAKE JUST LIKE NEWS SHE AN CNN REPORT... why doesn't CNN cover all the scandalous crap that Hillary pulled with the Russian.. 🤔
Gregory Dale Holland Trump is total scum. Trump is nothing but a corrupt con man who owes Russia so much money Putin owns trump. Trump is in a swamp of treason. #TrumpCorruption
Carmen Fisher 1 out of 10 really? with all of the members of the military and other gov't organizations deployed and assisting with efforts? Giving their time and energy to the people of Puerto Rico? Sad.
Greg Healey This fool again. She the DNC puppet. I think they should look into her past and present and I'm sure there's money exchanged for to bash.
Vanessa K Vicino It’s incredible that we have had FEMA emergencies in 20 states. This reporting makes it seem like Puerto Rico is the only one hurting still. I have friends in family in FL, Houston, and Napa and just to be fair they aren’t completely back to “normal.”
Joey M Robinson President Donald Trump and his administration should be ashamed of themselves. He will go down in history as one of the WORST presidents the US has encountered!
Charles Graffeo Don’t believe this lady. She was the one saying “oh there’s no food or supplies for the country” when right behind her at the port she was at there were shipping containers filled with food and supplies for people. They just couldn’t get it to them cause the roads were flooded oh and also the truck drivers were demanding $50 an hour to drive the supplies to the people.
Waleska Soto-León And cnn had to go and find the one who's against him. But the truth is that she is against everything and everybody from the U.S. Notice her green hat resembling Fidel Castro's outfit. Do your job CNN, research, find out deeply and only then you will be informing not deceiving your audience...
Susan Wainwright Who in the world of reality would say they would score themselves 10 out of 10 when people are still dieing,not power ,or running water . Who does that ! I will tell you ,a man that has no idea what the truth is ,a man never had to endure hardships . Give your head a shake for God sake.
Dan Gillon Amazing, its everyone else who is dropping the ball but yet the issues she is citing clearly requires in put from the people and sdministration of Puerto Rico. What exactly is this woman failing to do, other then coordinating with her governor and in turn failing to attend federal agency meetings? When you see people in positions of leadership, that are responsible for their people, yet all they can do is blame everyone around them, that is a big red flag that they are failures as leaders.
William Eager Says the women who complained about no supplies while standing in a warehouse of supplies ! Maybe if she got off her rear and attended a FEMA meeting she would be educated
Kristina Edson I'd like to see all deniers of Puerto Rico's reality, including Trump, put their money where their mouth is and go live for a week in Puerto Rico. THEN let us know what grade you'd give this ongoing humanitarian crisis for American citizens.
David Johnston There is something fishy going on in PR. I've seen stories of supplies that are just sitting there while people starve. It seems this lady is more worried about bashing Trump than helping her own people. Shame on her.
Terri R Standley He said she said...there is an ongoing disaster in Puerto can't make up footage being broadcast on any of the news channels...this is real.So the question is what can we do to help...?
CNN12 hours ago

How four US service members were killed in Niger has left the federal government searching for answers

Samuel Lowery Trump’s already had a Benghazi, a Watergate, and a Katrina. Only 9 months in.
Gary Pierce With all their fake concern about Benghazi , did the Republican Party not think that someday the shoe would be on the other foot . ??? Is Trey Gowdy gonna investigate the hell out of this one too ???
Randall Acosta This is their Benghazi, let's hold 9,000 investigations. Republicans should fully support that right?
B Kendall McGhee I wonder if Conservatives will obsess about this like they did Benghazi 🤔.
Vic Anthoni What's ironic is no one would even know about this tragedy and poorly planned mission if not for the media exposing what happen. The media is always under attack by Trump and his supporters, and now we clearly see why. His administration wants to hide their mistakes and never take accountability for their actions.
Bill Dudick The original release the WH was to give indicated 3 were killed. A day later we find out it was 4. I did hear a report that 3 Americans and one foreign national were killed. I guess the black guy was foreign.
Charles Gustafson Please send General Kelly to find out what happened. Send the other two Trump Generals too. This should be treated the same way Benghazi was treated. WHY were four American soldiers left in this position?? Why were there NO AMERICAN ASSETS immediately available? Why did it take TWO DAYS to recover the Sergeant? What happened to him that the casket MUST remain CLOSED?????
Gabriel Urrea Botero Trump's only accomplishments are to make Nixon look decent, Bush smart and Pence desirable. Other than that it's just hate, division, corruption, ineptitude and a bunch of nothing.
Gina Smith-Yurek Trump's Benghazi and don't tell me I have no idea what happened in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton did nothing to perpetuate Benghazi but the Republicans wouldn't leave it alone. Now the Republicans know what it's like to be blamed for something they didn't necessarily have any direct control over. How does it feel? I hope they are squirming in their seats because come next fall the Dems are going to take back Congress and you will pay the price for putting lies out there.
Ron Capobianco Could be a coverup or simple negligence? Remember, trump played golf rather than express any concern. A commanders first responsibility is to his people. trump has shown little interest in the people.
Scott Post The Congresswoman is a total idiot an absolute disgrace. After her reaction yesterday laughing about all of this and saying "I'm a rockstar now" she is a total pos and by the way those hates make her look like an even bigger fool
Lissa Hubbard I can't believe one was left behind... then his wife was told no open casket... he was probably alive, caught tortured and disfigured... I'd have looked at his body to see if he was shot or not
Thomas Rezepka We need to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law all those responsible for this heinous act. Where was this president? Was he golfing? Grabbing women's genitalia? Giving secrets to Russia? This is unacceptable
Lei White Thank god for social media. I know he is so angry everyone has the opportunity to view his words and actions. Keep putting your foot in your mouth big guy. Entertaining and sad.
Margie Veling McMillan Tell them to talk to Rachel Maddow. She has the timeline and it started with listing Chad on the travel ban according to her. So embarrassed for our country. What a shitshow in Washington DC.
Cynthia Granata Where’s that greasy swab, Inspector Javert Trey Gowdy? Time for an inquisition into why Comrade Trump and his equally inept secretary of state sent US Special Ops soldiers to be slaughtered in Niger and then to have their reason for being there ignored, and their deaths reluctantly and incompetently acknowledged only after 2 weeks when pressed at a news conference. This latest among his debacles shows that, not only has Comrade Trump outdone Watergate and Katrina, but also Benghazi—by a quantum factor. It should make us worry about what that Orange Moron does to outdo 9/11....
RaShad Vester The French Gov. should have gave cover, like the movie Tears of the Sun sometimes you must change the Rules of Engagement when you take on hostile fire that can take comrade lives. Gen. Kelly you are well Respect. Protecting Trump can tarnish your name. A Great General like you & Mathis need to stand up for Right ...
Cheryl Darling Stewart Oh by the way in korean news outlet they promptly let them know that trumps prototype walls are going up in sandiego....this is what hes doing....distracting us from this wall....yall better do some digging
Janice Griffin America...How long is this craziness going to go on😳it's getting bad...We don't need 🌎anyone fighting us...America is destroying its on self...and haters are 🤣
Donald Ray Feagin Jr. It's all what's the point in telling us? We will NEVER know the truth..and I'm ok with that. You should be too.
Wes Nile CNN you were MIA on getting answers and pressing the previous administration over Benghazi.... You only helped perpetuate their lies to the American ppl Everyone knows you aren't a news organization. Your agenda is to attack this president. You should rename yourselves "the brainwashing the sheep Marxist fake news propaganda machine"
Roger Jeanette Williams Why was SGT LaDavid Johnson separated from the other 3 and why did it take 48 hours to find him.....yet another COVERUP
Ken Rohde To: Every American, The truth is that we are a volunteer military. This world we live in is volatile and we cannot expect for every bit of intelligence and action to be perfect nor to invincible in the field with the campaigns we partake. For those who have served we do so willfully for God and Country regardless of who our commander in chief is, we VOLUNTEER our greatest sacrifice to insure your safety, your values, and your freedom. Please do not make us martyrs and do not dishonor the memories of us.
Scott Ringgold And on Saturday, October 7, when the body of Sgt. La David T. Johnson was returned to the United States, the President was golfing.
Ruth Jane Peterson DT is still very active in his golf course businesses! With this preoccupation a priority over government and Presidential concerns taking very little of his interest, it’s easy to “miss” important actions like reporting on unexpected military personnel killed! This is why, presidents are not supposed to maintain their business responsibilities!
CNN13 hours ago

Rep. Frederica Wilson denies Gen. John Kelly's story that she "bragged" about getting funding for an FBI building: "That's a lie"

Joseph T Allen Trump lied and Kelly lied for his boss ----- it's definitely a blatant pattern of lying from those in this administration.
Todd Johnson John Kelly just gaslighted the entire country in order to protect a lie told by Trump. It's a shameful act by an honorable man. And what a terrible job he's got. Having to explain away the inept ramblings of a person who is in way past his depth and sinking faster every day. Hope he knows what he signed up for.
Amy Rademaker Given this woman is a complete wacko.. she should be ashamed of herself for politicizing a soldiers death! Just one more note... she looks totally ridiculous how she dresses
Gary Joseph Kolb How can CNN even allow this idiot to voice anything she has to say after what she’s done she is a disgrace and so is CNN
Katie Michaud Stop with the distraction from the real point of why she is in the spotlight, she wants answers to what happened to Sgt La David Johnson. Why were they there, why did it take 2 days to find and retrieve his body? They will try and discredit the woman to keep the true issue out of the spotlight!
Jimmy Wang " This is what Trump said in truth: Quote: Here is the reported full quote - "They know the risk, they know what they sign up for but they still volunteer to put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans. We owe them a debt that can never be repaid" - President Trump to the widow of Sgt Johnson End Quote. All you have to do is FACT CHECK! This is what was said. Taken completely out of context by the liberal idiot
Katherine Speer I Believe Her! She is and always has served our community with dignity, grace and fairness. This is an affront to women yet again. Thank you Congresswoman Wilson for your service and for speaking up for the Gold Star families. I stand with you.
Debbie Kozar-Duus I’m so ashamed of Kelly. He did indeed show a very ugly deep racism in himself. That and that alone is why he spoke out. All this talk of his loyalty to the country. How he is a buffer ..... BS !! All he did was create talking points. To further give Trump cover. He’s enabling Trumps irresponsible behavior. It was theatrics we saw yesterday from Kelly no more.
Porfirio Rodriguez She seemz shady. I dont believe anything this weird looking lady says. Im anti Trump, but side with him about her claims. You dont know a whole conversation if you only hear a partial.
Jimmy Wallace It was all in the plan to discredit the congresswoman when she heard exactly what he said. But they're continuing to make excuses for the embarrassment that Trump is brought to the White House as the so-called President...
Barb MacLeod I find it truly sickening that people are making fun of this woman because of the way she dresses. Must be a bunch of model types, slim, pretty with great fashion sense. I am sure color has no part, right ?
Art Sladek This woman is despicable and repugnant. How she ever got elected to congress I do not know. She is looking for her fifteen minutes of fame on the back of a fallen soldier.
Deborah Schultz Krisak Whoever lied or not, the bigger picture here is that this Presidency has become a cancer to racial division and hurtfulness. We need the president to help heal our divisions and not play with them. Our poor children will inherit the results of this toxic culture. Just please stop tweeting!
Michael Norwood I dare that sleaze-bag Democrat congress-lady would listen in and exploit a personal call between the President of the Untied States and a grieving wife.. Are they anything a Democrat want exploit ?
Scott Wallace Astonishing how many people (and not so good looking people either) attack her in these comments based on her appearance, which is really showing support for Trump. By the way, racism makes you just as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside.
Tim Beardsley CNN News owes The President Of The United States and apology for fake news report from Rep. Frederica Wilson and owes the American people an apology and should step down from her elected position as unfit to serve!
Marla Voyles Florida Democrat Representative who viciously claimed President Trump intentionally insulted a military service member’s widow on Wednesday is now under fire herself; with Congressional records showing she voted “no” on at least ten bills aimed at helping American veterans. According to Fox News, liberal Rep. Frederica Wilson routinely voted against numerous pieces of legislation aimed at supporting US service members and their families, including a bill that would have secured “death and burial benefits” to four soldiers killed in 2013 while serving in Afghanistan. She bragged about being a Rock star for using a heroes death for political gain.
Teresa Renae So Kelly was "stunned" she shared that conversation? Was he not stunned when trump mocked a disabled reporter? Was he not stunned when trump bragged of grabbing pxxxy? Was he not stunned at trump refusing to shake Merkel's hand? Is he not stunned at every horrifyingly undignified tweet this embarrassment to our country makes? He's just stunned at someone calling him out?
Rachael Castleton Kelly should be above this immature back and forth. I am losing respect for him.
Claire Middlecoate Oh, great more mud slinging. Is this really a government, or are we stuck in a sad reality show? Wait, it's both! I feel like I'm back in high school. All these people suck
Veronica Carvajal Let's see who do I believe??? This lady- who distorted the truth to get some publicity at the expense of the death of one of our fallen soldiers. Or...General Kelly, an American hero that lost his own son in Afghanistan? Don't give this lady anymore airtime. It's an insult.
Debbie Elrod Reynolds Last night Cooper, you said on CNN that the Cowgirl congresswoman heard the conversation from the POTUS to the widow because the widow put our President on speaker?? Where did you get your information?? That is so not true, she Frederica Wilson, simply eaves·dropped on something that was none of her business. What a shame to make this public let this family grieve! What if it were your son, daughter, mom, dad. Can you not see how disrespectful this is? Congresswoman Wilson, this is all on you, CNN stop the lies.
Jim Handy This egotistical witch has voted anti-Veteran and anti-Military her whole career, and now she wants to act like she's concerned about them? BS! This whole thing is about her exploiting this family's tragedy just to bring attention to herself! If she had any INTEGRITY she would resign! However, I don't believe Integrity or moral and ethical standards are in her DNA.
Joann Vannini I did once have respect for Kelly and I do get that he felt he had to explain what Trump was trying to say...Trump has difficulty with the English language...but never once did he convey his condolences to the wife of the fallen solider!! He was put out there to defend Trump and debase the congress woman and accuse her of eavesdropping! The call was on speakerphone. To bad he had to stoop to Trump' level!
Larry Sibala Just by her appearance is a good reason not to give this clown creedance, what is she trying to portray? Why are there blacks in the Democrat party and why do they make fools of themselves? Just like Maxine she really can't make a good argument looking like a rodeo clown.
CNN13 hours ago

Here's why Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos smashed a bottle on top of a 300-foot-tall wind turbine

Lechia Thompson I would love to say that I am proud of Oklahoma but the truth of the matter is...... our governor would not allow those wind farms because she couldn't make any money from it
Brian Oliver Animal rights activists are now going nuts because a frog cut its foot open on a piece of glass from that bottle that's a CEO smashed on top of a wind turbine. Democrats and Liberals are now calling for his resignation!
Sybil Spaulding In Spain, I saw hundreds of turbines and fields of solar panels. We need that clean energy here! Our fossil fuel corporations hate it. We, the people, will have to push for it.
Kim Ryan Amazon will soon become our only way to buy products driving other retailers out of business. Also soon, once our government wakes up to clean energy, Amazon will have a monopoly on energy as well. We need to get this moron in the White House to realize clean energy is the future before we will be totally dependent on Amazon for everything.
Jeremy Miller Makes me proud to see our dependence on oil and gas go up! The 25-50 semis running up n down the highway to keep each tower running, not to mention the massive diesel cranes, should help out the oilfield! It's cool too how these "green" turbines can start help thinning bird and bat populations now!
Matt Antonucci Amazon is the worst place to work corporately and they just launched a corporate level recycling program only last summer... doesn’t change I buy 90% of my stuff from them. But still
Jake Swails Keep promoting the globalists like Amazon and Jeff bezos....this guy is disgusting and hates america
David Gudger Too bad it’s not reliable power? Who provides the power to the customers when no wind? Also, who cleans up this garbage field when these wind turbines are abandoned after the government stops subsiding them and they go bankrupt?
Ian Kerr Is the irony lost on anyone that this wind farm is roughly a 90-minute drive from Paint Creek, TX in Haskell County... the home town and county of one James Richard Perry... better known as Rick Perry, the current climate-change-denying fossil-fuel's-best-friend United States Energy Secretary. In Texas terms... this is practically Perry's backyard.
Carol Arnold European countries are way ahead of this country with alternative energy. Germany has panels and turbines everywhere.
Daren Evans Wind and Solar power will not start paying for themselves for 50 years and by then, new technology will surpass these silly things. The only reason cities and towns are using them is because of the government kick backs they get. "Our tax money". Bezos is getting large chunks of federal tax payers money to use them.
Jeannine Duffey Neubecker CNN didn't report on it but I'm not for wind farms or solar farms here in Florida. Our local West Palm Beach news showed solar farms and wind turbines destroyed in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in Hurricanes Irma and Maria.lost my own solar panels and part of my roof in a tropical storm back in the 90's. I definitely am not for them in Hurricane country.
Ben John Lol have fun with the cost of maintenance and declining bird populations. May reduce one impact the the environment but creates a significantly larger impact on another area. Not really helping matters but have fun believing you are.
Stan Smith I would like to say I am a democrat who voted for trump and I am all for renewable energy, however it must be done over time! I for one burn coal because there is no other choice where I live besides heating fuel, which would cost me 4 times as much! Solar, even with tax credits is out of my reach! I would gladly do solar if the price and pay back was better!
Jeffrey Hart These companies are making a fortune off of government subsidies by constructing these, to the point they will fight local government in court to get them approved.
Paulo Spoo We do not need this administration to move forward. Trump will sign an Executive Order, so the wind turbines be moved by coal. He'll also impose an import tariff on solar rays energizing solar panels.
Carol Ann Benoy-Wendt I saw my electric bill go up over 6% this last year and going up again. So to me someone is always going to get our money. Hopefully it will be clean energy and help our ecosystem.
Jake Marvine Why does the mainstream media (CNN, NBC) refuse to report this? As part of the 2010 Uranium One deal under then-President Obama, Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the transfer of 20% of America’s uranium holdings to Russia, while nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton also doubled his Russian speaking fees overnight to $500,000. The FBI, led by then-director Robert Mueller, had evidence as early as 2009 that Russian operatives used bribes, kickbacks & other dirty tactics to expand Moscow’s atomic energy footprint in the U.S. -- yet the Obama administration approved the uranium deal benefiting Moscow anyway. Obama knew all about it & thought it would all be covered up when Hillary won the presidency. So, my question is with this plethora of evidence of Russian collision against Hillary, she has yet to be investigated or prosecuted. BUT to this day, ZERO evidence of Russian collusion has been discovered against President Trump, yet they have a special committee investigating him led by Obama's former FBI director Robert Mueller. Please tell me how this makes any sense at all??? And how can you NOT see the extreme bias & conflict of interest here??? Not only should Robert Mueller step aside or be fired for his conflict of interest in this case, he should be investigating the real Russian collision between the Obama Administration/Hillary Clinton/Clinton Foundation & Russia. Yes there was Russian collusion, but not by President Trump -- by Obama & Hillary Clinton, & Robert Mueller was aware of it. Corruption at its finest.
Mark Bush Private enterprise and industry will do far more to advance these technologies than every government law, tax, regulation or program could ever come close to.
Jake Smith Builds a wind farm to save the environment then he goes and pollutes the ground around the turbine with glass and caustic, alien liquids.
Nick Ablett Is anyone in America creating this much clean energy? Bezos is showing that you can get rich without destroying the planet!
Eeoou Sanpike And the wind turbine will be malfunction soon because of those glass shards went into the engine and damaged the parts of turbine 😅😅😅
Brandon Trafananko A wind turbine cost more to build then the energy it puts out. It will collapse before it pays for itself.
Jael Winder Why don't they do this Puerto Rico right now. The free publicity and good will they would get would be worth the cost of a couple of turbines,
Vickie Rodgers So dead birds will slide off? Or because you need two stay drunk to avoid the mental damages the vibrations and hum cause?
CNN13 hours ago

House Speaker Paul Ryan cracks jokes about President Donald J. Trump, Hillary Clinton and the media at the Al Smith dinner

Mandy Martini I don’t know how he looks his kids in the eyes every day knowing he’s a willing participant in this circus. What a horrible, pathetic human being.
CJ Cannon I don't find Paul and his dry routine funny. This spineless punk needs to focus on some decent legislation instead of cracking jokes about the Presidents inability to control his Twitter diarrhea
Todd Johnson I love it when Republicans and comedy go together. They are like peanut butter and battery acid...
Brenda Hodson When have you ever heard a President or top party officials dwell on the past presidency like this current administration? Instead to moving forward and doing real work in an informed manner, they dwell on President Obama. Instead of dwelling on Obama, their time would be better spent reading and reflecting on the bills before them!
Antonio Newman I bet all those children suffering with cancer and other diseases would love to hear Ryan joke about Trump. I bet it would be a knee snapper of a time. Too bad instead of focusing on an actual appropriate healthcare proposal he’s making good on his jokes. At least this was for a charity event I suppose.
Migdalia Gonzalez Interesting to read I would like to clear a few things in relation to my Island of Puerto Rico to the ignorant babbling their hate about it !! There is a huge misconception that Puerto Rico is being maintained by the USA! 1) USA sends Puerto Rico $4.6 billion a year. For welfare, Pell Grant, roads, etc. This supports 42% of the population. This amount is not enough to support this population. 2) They send $13 billion a year for social security, this is not unilateral! This is money that is RETAINED FROM OUR PAYCHECKS!! Yet the USA reports this as help and money they send. 3) Puerto Rico buys from the US $22.6 Billion a year in goods; Making PR a huge customer for the USA. 4) Jones Act is 100 years old! We do not have the freedom to choose who ships to Puerto Rico! We have to ship in US Flag ships, which happens to be the most expensive in the world! This act 100 years ago was implanted with logic, to patrol the seas! But today it’s just an abuse and Puerto Ricans suffer by it adding huge costs to our products. We spend $1.5 billion a year on this added cost. We are 90% of the business of US ships!!! 5) Out of the business done in Puerto Rico, $34 billion leaves the island toward bank account for US businesses. No other territory in the world permits that much money to leave. 6) Summarizing: USA to PR $4.7 Billion and PR to USA $72 Billion. 🤔 7) So, when Puerto Rico gets hit by a Hurricane and needs help, USA should send the help. They cannot act as they are doing us a favor, but in reality, it is in their best interest. If you have a gold mine that produces $72 billion dollars a year and it gets hit by a hurricane, you need to get that gold mine up and running again!! 😎 So when Donald Trump states that we "are taking his budget into whack!!" It should be because this year that 72 billion will be short! As for our $72 Billion-dollar debt: 1) This debt starts with the removal of the 936 law that granted tax exemptions to Companies in USA, it was done to keep these companies from leaving USA to a foreign land and keeping them in US Territory!! Puerto Rico 2) Puerto Rico flourished and then the law was taken away way before it expired!! 3) Unemployment raised and Puerto Rico started borrowing. 4) Puerto Rico has borrowed nothing near 72 billion!! But interest and foul play by Brokers in the US have raised the debt to a unplayable figure. 5) Brokers selling stocks to subsidiaries ( something illegal in the USA) but since it's Puerto Rico, it is allowed!!! 6) Vulture funds now bought the debt at pennies to the dollar and now want the dollar!!! Not willing to negotiate even though they would make huge profits if they cut the debt in half!! 7) They want to cut funds for our kids education, and food!! 😎 Donald Trump should be the person to tell Puerto Rico to pay our debt!! Have him pay the 32 million he took from Puerto Rico taxpayers to build a golf course, bankrupt it and leave the taxpayers paying the 32 million!!! 9) Puerto Rican politicians are also to blame! But the island was preyed upon by a corrupt system. Puerto Ricans are US Citizens!! That have contributed to the USA for close to 100 years. 1) They have volunteered in every war for the USA in that time 2) 65th Infantry is all Puerto Rican volunteers. 3) The 65th where the first to fire against Japan in World war II. Why? Because they where always the first ones to be sent in. The Torres’s, the Rodriguez’s, Morales, etc. first guys in, clearing the path for the Smith’s, Johnson’s and Captain America. 4) USA will not grant Puerto Rico statehood!!! To many business interests that would lose money! Puerto Rico would have a huge voice in congress and Presidential vote! Not everybody wants that. So in summary, Puerto Rico contributes greatly to the USA, we have astronauts, engineers, scientists, researchers, musicians, artists, and many other professionals that all contribute. Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents paved the way for us to be US Citizens! So now we have the right to live in USA and vote (if you live on mainland!) and be an American!!! Let us not forget where we come from. Let us not be disrespected and that our perception be that we are maintained, lazy or being helped because of the good warmheartedness of the USA. It's is our right as US citizens!! Let us not speak ill of our island even if you don’t live there!! If you do, you're disrespecting yourself!! "Aquel que no está orgulloso de su origen no valdrá nunca nada, pues comienza a despreciarse a sí mismo."- Pedro Albizu Campos 🇵🇷✌🏽❤️ *FEEL FREE TO SHARE (Fraulein Emmy)
Laura El Well you Know the people Who elect him wanted an outsider someone just like them, so it makes sense they would elect a moron
Givonne C. Joseph House Speaker Paul Ryan always comes off as shady to me. Terms like "sly old fox" and "snake in the grass" always comes to mind when I see/hear him...🤷‍♀️
Diane Smith Kimmel I understand that this is a "roast' and the digs are supposed to be humorous, but I dont find it funny. Its all the truth, why cant Ryan stand up and seriously say these things to Trump? They are not digs to the President, they are truths about this child/man that is in the White House. sorry, Ryan you and your crew that run this country are not funny to me at all
Gail M Chernetzki Campbell He should have mentioned his own waffling, and standing by a moron one minute, and denouncing him the next. He is one of the problems in DC!
Kenneth Berean Bland Bahaha, LOL... Lets get serious now.... House Speaker Ryan can tell jokes about 45, but cannot consistently speak out publicly against 45 when he states/tweets unconscionable statements. 🙏🏾
Paul D. Grahl I have always heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same results......Well here we are day three of CNN talking about what they WISH Trump would have said to that widow. Same words, same "Guest Commentators".....No updates on the hurricane recovery processes, no updates on the wildfires out west, no update on the budget negotiations, no updates on space, or the economy, or the weather, or ANYTHING else.....Just 3 days of what they WISH President Trump would have said. Pathetic.....It's not news when you don't report the news.
Belinda Jackson While we are being sidetracked by President Moron hi jinks, the Senate has passed a rough draft of a tax reform bill that will not help anyone but rich people. We need to be on the phone and email these so called representatives of the people,we want real tax reform and not this giveaway to the wealthy.
Larry Walker And I thought John Boehner was bad......everything is scripted for this moron. He might as well wear a NASCAR race car driver uniform with decals of everyone who's paying him to be this corporate tool!
Allen Henry Colbert I see this all as a diversion while they pass a tax cut for the wealthy! America we need to stay woke because this party is only about themselves. Name one thing they have done since being in office to actually help the middle class??? I will wait!!!!!! #straightothepoint
Sharon Hernandez I just can't take Paul Ryan seriously. Not after he ridiculed Democrats in a speech he gave where he called Dems "elitists" for relying on Experts, Scholars, Scientists, Facts & Data to make policy decisions. I don't know how ignorant and arrogant a person has ro be to say something so outrageous. Ryan said "Republicans dont need anyone to tell us how to think" The problem with Republicans is that they see facts and the truth as inconvenient. So they just use deception and doubt and just make up their own reality. They live in fantasy world. When that doesn't work they attack the experts. Which is incredibly irresponsible and reckless. I have a really hard time understanding Republicans. They dehumanize other people in order to justify their policies. Yet somehow these extremes they have go to never make them question their own morality or principles. Once again, Trump is the liar. Trump co-opted the "fake news" mantra from the press. Why? Because he was lying so much and so often during the campaign that he was chosen as LIAR Of The Year! Then stories started coming out about Russians trolls and bots spreading "fake news"to help Trump. Then Kelly Anne Conway dropped her "alternative facts" bomb. I don't know what Republicans are thinking when they blatantly lie about things that everyone knows isn't true or never happened. It's ludicrous. Ryan, nor McConnell is interested in solving problems. They are interested in making Republican millionaire & billionaire donors happy and enriching their own pockets. That's all they care about. Not hype just a fact. I think Republicans have a weird nefarious obsession with Hillary Clinton. Paul Ryan: Stop stalking Hillary! #TrumpStoleIt #ExaggeratorInChief
Michael L. Lang The most shameless and cowardly of anybody in government. Screw him and these jokes, he can go back to destroying the country for his own craven ends.
Adrian Luke Liberal comments pouring in! It's surprising how entertaining losers could be 🤣! btw....loser in chief hillary should retire to wisconsin, just as paul ryan suggested 🤣🤣🤣
Steven Ma Goo We've been on the verge of NUCLEAR WAR all year, there is nothing to laugh about Paul Ryan.Must feel great to get up everyday, go to work and hurt the poor and the sick.
Joan Carbone Limbert He is part of the problem. Just listen to him, he says one thing and the other side of his face does something low. He's about the most insincere person that leads that pack of two faced government employees.
Aaron William Considering that a large number of GOP congressmen and senators were re-elected on the coat tails of President Trump's couragous campaign, I don't think Paul Ryan's jokes are funny. I don't expect blind servitude either. Perhaps an honest and civil "Thank you, Mr. President, and while I don't agree with everything you say or do or your style, a large group of Americans feel that congress is corrupt and our support is at an all time low, and quite frankly - many of us would have been voted out were it not for the rejuvination that you brought to the GOP agenda in November 2016. I'll take that message to heart and work to honor my commitments with more integrity." They should all watch Jimmy Stewart's "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington".
Andy Racer Donald Trump is so bad, he'll either keep comedians in business or in gas chambers, depending on how bad Trump gets and how funny comedians get. With that in mind, Paul Ryan will have a full time job tending the gas chambers for as lame as that humor was.
Sunshine NA Paul Ryan is afraid of losing his status and getting fired so he prefers to laugh it off with a joke cause if he doesn't he'll be in the unemployment line and food stamp to receiving $405 a week from unemployment and $196 for food stamp oh and not before he would have to sell all his assets to be able to qualified for these programs to serve those underprivileged and underserved of a decent lifestyle like the rich and famous 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Elizabeth Hinojosa Paul Ryan has been mean and wants to take healthcare from 32,000,000 Americans and all because he has a deep hatred towards President Obama. So how can any of us think that anything Ryan says is funny knowing that he's a big jerk.
Kathy Ryan Smith The funniest thing about this is that Cardinal Dolan would have invited this Zombie Eyed Granny Starver to the Al Smith Dinner at all. That he embodies all the worst in the GOP plan to starve and punish the most vulnerable in our society it loud and clear. That Dolan finds this acceptable enough to feature him at this function is perplexing, to say the least. He’s an empty tuxedo
CNN14 hours ago

When Donald J. Trump refused to recertify Iran's compliance of the nuclear deal and threatened to designate Iran's top military force a terrorist organization, he was also upping the stakes in Iraq.

Nsa Okon Eyo To have this sort of man as the president of United states is surely going to have negative consequences not just to the United States but equally to the entire world.
Virginia Kavanagh Drew The only way to work "with Trump" is to work around him, the rest of the world discovered that very quickly. If you think isolation is a good thing, follow the NAFTA negotiations, Canada and Mexico are saying no to the bullying tactics. Soon the US will have alienated all of the allies.
Mike Britt Let's get to the bottom of this.Trump has yet to read the Iran nuclear deal.Doesn't have the time to analyze what it was intended to accomplish.
Akwuanunu Umuogele God is probably using Trump to punish United States for not appreciating President Obama. Republicans please don't attack me I'm not feeling fine this morning...
Stan Piznarski President Donald Trump is the guy American has been waiting for the longest and most likely will be in the White House for the next seven years.He's doing an outstanding job. Economy is expanding dramatically,The stock market is reaching new heights.I will definitely vote for him again.America is rising. Trump 2020🇺🇸
Benerval L Grimes He "refused to recert" the deal because it was more of a theft rather than a "deal". CNN...stop playing into emotions and try to deal in FACTS for a change
Diana Jimenez Gonzalez Really CNN!!! Your president Obama gave our enemy billions!!! Why don't u report truth!!!! Why don't u report the truth....Hilary, Obama, Muller, Comey, Eric, and orhers exposed about the 20% Uranium Deal???? Why r u NOT reporting this????
Ganesh K. Nathan A completely clueless novice in global affairs trying to antagonise both Iran & North Korea at the same time. No thought to the international turmoil & fallout this is causing everyone else.Intent on starting WWIII just to improve his pathetic ratings!
Graham Vea Vea The sooner the Australian Government and other Pacific Rim countries walk away from the USA under Trumps watch the better. He is spreading hate throughout the western world. We used to stand together in aligns in peace and conflict. Today, I'm not confident that we will stand with the USA in a supermarket queue.
Cathy Barnes All of you at CNN are the scum of the earth, none of you are any better than plain old trailer trash. The hate and stupidity that each of you spew on a daily basis is going to come back to haunt you one day. Only true scum would take a pot shot at the president on the backs of those that have bled and died for our country. I wish all of you the worst that can befall anyone - I truly do.
Lynn Cowden There is no binding deal with the USA, its with obama and him alone. The Constitution is crystal clear, all treaties must be ratified by the Senate. End of story.
Cecilia Brown He doesn't care. He enjoys causing people fear, pain, hardship, grief, sickness, and death. He is a psychopath and anyone who can't see that is blind. Anyone who condones, minimizes, or normalizes what he is doing is complicit. He is insane.
Mercy Castro This idiot is going to cause WWIII and WE are going to pay for it, because I can guarantee you he is going to his bunker! Keep your mouth shut, moron!😡👎
Joan Carbone Limbert Are we being punked? Time to end this nasty joke on us. I don't think it's funny, never did, and now he's got his buddies in on the joke on America and us citizens. He even has to cheat to win for any of his policies or appointees to be passed. When is enough enough, it's OUR country, not just Washingtons destructive bubble of corruption.
Jon Elwood I like the consequences so far such as the fall of ISIS and our economy booming. Job numbers are skyrocketing . Prices on things are coming down. Immigration is slowing down. All pretty good, shame you hide it from the idiots who watch your channel.
Geoffrey Ribeiro SURPRISE! ... USA you have made excuse after excuse for the actions of your crazy leader, you have failed to take responsibility for the anger & hatred that is fueled by this ***. The world has taken notice & has tried to respect your Democracy, but that is obviously crumbling & now everyone in concerned about the outcome.
Ian Grant "and threatened to designate Iran's top military force, the revolutionary guard -- the IRGC -- a terrorist organization" I guess they need to get their money launderer to give Jared a few hundred million for 666 Fifth. Like they funded one of his, later unopened, hotels in Azerbaijan. ( <- True story; the IRGC funded a hotel he attached his name to.)
Ruthie Komprood I don’t think many that voted for him thought he had the skills for the job. I think they just know Hillary is a career politician who is more interconnected with all the shady corrupt politics in DC and wanted to try something different. J/s #notmuchchoice #berniecouldofbeathim
Michael Burchfield Of course...Trumps dust up with North Korea and now Iraq...are all about him...some high paid shyster has told him no president can be impeached and removed during a national emergency
Kevin Whitbeck So he should have allowed the number one terrorist nation to continue doing whatever it wants. Or should he have just sent them 400 billion like Obama to bribe them and fail.
David Kortze Good screw iran, they pushed us around during the entire obama administration, now they're crying cause they can't push anymore
Donald Bruntz Jr. CNN trashing the president. Is this possible. They are loosing viewers faster then the NFL. Mister President. The hollyweed people are still here can you tax them to North Korea.
Paul D. Grahl I have always heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same results......Well here we are day three of CNN talking about what they WISH Trump would have said to that widow. Same words, same "Guest Commentators".....No updates on the hurricane recovery processes, no updates on the wildfires out west, no update on the budget negotiations, no updates on space, or the economy, or the weather, or ANYTHING else.....Just 3 days of what they WISH President Trump would have said. Pathetic.....It's not news when you don't report the news.
Jake Green This is basically a love letter to Obama. Great, CNN. We get it. You miss having leftist stooges in office. Try relocating your HQ to Cuba, you'll have nothing but good news to report all day.
Elizabeth Chambers How long did you trump supporters really think that it would take before this bullying Buffoon started to cost soldiers their lives because of his incompetence and inability to be diplomatic? Smfh.
CNN14 hours ago

Water from three wells at a hazardous-waste site in Dorado, Puerto Rico, is safe for human consumption, according to tests conducted for CNN by a university lab.

Ann Johnson All you people screaming that CNN pushed this story to imply that the drinking water was polluted....who do you think told them about it? The people of PR. A woman was interviewed last week by another news source and she stated "she didn't want to die drinking the water but that was all they had." I'm thankful that CNN had the water tested for these people, so this is one less thing they have to fear.
Arnaldo-Arigato Ruiz Puerto Rico has one of the largest underground river systems in the world. Water quality overall is excellent and needs minor treatment. We just need it distributed to those who can't have access to it.
Enix Okhai Stev Can all Trump supporters go and eat from the bin and wait 2 weeks later for the lab results? That CNN said initially that the water wasn't safe was because it was from a non save location. Get some brains
Jody Della Barba CNN needs to stay out of Puerto Rico. Didn’t you hurt them enough by siding with the mayor who had their supplies thrown in dumpsters? Now she’s being investigated! Hope you are too.
Dan Ross It was Cnn tested!! Oh boy!!! Cnn's got it's name on it. Lets let all the Libatards run and drink!!! Polluted water is safe. Maybe the head honcho at cnn will drink first!!?? Moral of the story, If it came out of Cnn's mouth, don't trust it!!!
Rick Qzo Good to know CNN is conducting independent anaylsis of the drinking water in PR. Now, be sure and post this story 24/7.......and thank the Trump administration for a job well done! Pricks! B|
Hollis Howard So they have generators donated and sitting ready to install for hospitals but they are not allowed to install them until paperwork is done at the mayor's office?! WOW sounds like we have found much of the problem with P.R. getting things back to normal.
Bill LeClair So I guess when FEMA said it was safe, it was really safe and the story you ran with orignally was a big fat CNN LIE once again.
Ken Hadley So the 2 weeks of knocking Trump over it was for nothing and jumping the gun with your opinions and spreading like wildfire was for what???? That's right, I forgot about your agenda. Smh
Bob Derby So is CNN going to issue a formal apology for implying the people were being provided unsafe drinking water? We’ll wait...
Matthew Batey You could just tell that CNN was hoping for it to be contaminated so they could make a bigger story out of this.
Evonna Mathis love how CNN is keeping PR informed - but still, if it were me, I would still make a lil campfire , and boil it - better to be safe than sorry
Anthony Master Most towns in America have a water treatment station like this. Controversy with this is ended so what next. Lack of power? Blame the people of Puerto Rico who want to completely revamp the power grid instead of installing the same substandard system.
Francis Pua But it's polluted how can that be safe to drink. You are putting people's lives at risk!! Do you want this become another Flint Michigan episode?
Ray Rolle With all the soldiers ,aid workers ,fema workers, private groups working to help Puerto rico from a liberal state ,the mayor on CNN gave the relief effort a one out of ten. How can a mayor be so ungrateful ,its such a slap in the fa've of the workers, demoralizing
Lori Dekko Weird that every one of my news feeds today shows 1 comment under the story and it is always someone saying something about fake news. Coincidence? Trolls we see you.
Lynn Cowden So your left wing hysterics and screaming about it were wrong. Pretty common for all the reporting cnn does these days.
Bonnie Bilbrey That's what they said about all the experiments our government performed on the people of Puerto Rico.
Pamela Garrott Why the ppl don't leave until they clean it up. Wow by the time they get it clean up there will be another hurricane. That was not the first time.
Mike Olson Where is the story about the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 gay guy that molested a ten year old girl in a women's a bathroom. Good job liberals.
Jake Marvine Why does the mainstream media (CNN, NBC) refuse to report this? As part of the 2010 Uranium One deal under then-President Obama, Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the transfer of 20% of America’s uranium holdings to Russia, while nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton also doubled his Russian speaking fees overnight to $500,000. The FBI, led by then-director Robert Mueller, had evidence as early as 2009 that Russian operatives used bribes, kickbacks & other dirty tactics to expand Moscow’s atomic energy footprint in the U.S. -- yet the Obama administration approved the uranium deal benefiting Moscow anyway. Obama knew all about it & thought it would all be covered up when Hillary won the presidency. So, my question is with this plethora of evidence of Russian collision against Hillary, she has yet to be investigated or prosecuted. BUT to this day, ZERO evidence of Russian collusion has been discovered against President Trump, yet they have a special committee investigating him led by Obama's former FBI director Robert Mueller. Please tell me how this makes any sense at all??? And how can you NOT see the extreme bias & conflict of interest here??? Not only should Robert Mueller step aside or be fired for his conflict of interest in this case, he should be investigating the real Russian collision between the Obama Administration/Hillary Clinton/Clinton Foundation & Russia. Yes there was Russian collusion, but not by President Trump -- by Obama & Hillary Clinton, & Robert Mueller was aware of it. Corruption at its finest.
Souad Mameri bb stop talking about syria purto rico we must change talk about emerat oman saudi and make them poor they are criminals
Florence Marten Matt Damon had a drinking straw program for clean water in Africa. Could this straw help Puerto Rico?
Anne Wright oh dear there goes another one of your story lines. too bad. and why didnt you press the locals if you were really concerned. just biased slander
Israel Omoredia CNN would have been peddling fake news that it was highly toxic and then blame trump. Loser #cnnfakenews
CNN15 hours ago

"Our fight is not only against ISIS, our fight is against the chauvinist mentality against women."

Elisa O'Brien Funny, Trump supporters keep saying this was Trump's victory. These women have spent more time in battle than Trump has in office.
Josi Giorgis I would like to know more about the history of Kurdistan woman fighters.if anybody from that country ' s reading this please write me or send me how or why and since when the Kurdish women became tough fighters?
Lisa Armstrong-Milkovich Appears there are folks scanning all cnn Facebook posts and posted trump inspired comments about cnn being fake news. Sad attempt but I think u should crawl back to fox where u r more comfortable
Shahen Said The world against Iran in the media, either in the ground actually are collaborating with them ... now Iran and Iraq and Turkey control our country “ Kurdistan “and attack on US on our territory but the international community silent about this injustice !!!
Zahed Silveh America using my people for wiping iss afar few months Americans going home and kurdish people will be attack by syria and Turkish military .
Niaz Qaradaghi These brave Kurds will also be betrayed like Iraqi Kurds. After the Iraqi Kurds fought ISIS for 3 years on behalf of the world, the US gave the Iraqi government the green light to attack the Kurds in Iraq.
Kamaran Kamal News News Kurds fight ISIS now fighting Iranian forces in Kurdistan PMG. American weapons used by the Iranians American ibrams. 2 destroyed and 15 hammers blown up. America is just looking by while the weapons are used to kill the Peshmerga
Ellis Stewart Jr I'm really confused. Kurds helped defeat Isis. Then, Turkey bombs the Kurds. So, are Isis part of Turkey?
Lori Dekko Weird that every one of my news feeds today shows 1 comment under the story and it is always someone saying something about fake news. Coincidence? Trolls we see you.
Ahmad Omar America betryed kurds in Iraq and please dont betray of kurds of syria .they fought aganist isis and all groups that created by iran and Turkey .kurds want to live freely .they dont want live under syrian regime. please help them after isis fail in the region , you use kurds for defeating isis. they did everything ,you want .we kurds want to live .President Trump wake up iran wants to create islamic shitti in the region , after attacking Israel and Eurpoe and America. wake up it is time to destroy iran, it is not too late to do it .kurds help you to defeat iran .kurds in the despute territories in kirkuk ,they dont want to live under islamic shitti and sunii .America helps kurds and kurdistan to overwhelming our enimies. America wake up , American weapons used to kill kurds ,kurds love America .we have only one friend ,it is just America . All kurds love America , please help us . we kurds live in the worst situation in our own land, they want to flee us in our home .where is humanity.where is Trump , please help us . God bless America And kurdistan. God bless peshmarga and pkk and YPG PYd and all kurdish forces .
Kainat Sidiki Kurdish women are really great masha Allah, they need to safe guard their country n kick out u.s and Saudi supporters too.
Shko Mustafa Do something about kurdish people dying and being enslaved in kirkuk .............. Dont just show us as brave people we know we are brave but we need support also We are not dummies to be played with as usa do ,,, help kurds instead of just using us
Loren Larry E Buirge Raqqa has not been diminished.. The people are still there which means ISIS is still there.. You would have to kill everyone to kill off ISIS.. The people there cheer when ISIS rolls through like a parade... FAKE MEDIA!!
Gurkan Izci US policy (regardless of Republicans or Democrats in power) = create & feed terrorism in middle east (destabilization) in order to help fulfil their greed for more and more OIL , and of course help out the Zionists with their ultimate plans in the region ! American government created ISIS , just like they created Osama Bin Laden , just like they planned and implemented 9/11 , and just like now they are supporting and arming YPG thus PKK.. Now they are talking about totally liberating Raqqa..Liberation must start within America first in order to save the world from idiots running America itself ! Anybody who doesn't understand this simple fact is either too blinded by American media or a complete ignorant !
Naim Tabib The leader of China, until the Communist regime was established, killed 79 million of his people, as well as Stalin, Hitler, more than 40, the king of Belgium, all the wars of America and Israel, killing people, children and the elderly, colonizing nations and children, so terrorism is not an Islamic belonging to Shiites or Christianity or Judaism. .
Adam Hershey Ocalan is a terrorist leader who literally uses these brainwashed hippies as his own sex slaves. Turkey needs to immediatly move in and prevent another terror group from taking hold in raqa
John Morrill its just propaganda. its called identity politics. instead of looking at how many things have gone wrong with the war on terror they focus on what a female has done
Sandeep Sanzgiri I would love to see a free and strong independent Kurdistan, these people have always fought for the right thing and deserve it.
Venkata Krishnan But your evil Murcia left the Kurds after using them against your creation nation India will never forgive how you helped Pakistan during 1971 Bangladesh genocide.....shameless resource lusty muricans
Stanley Guy As I recall things don't work out to well for Muslim men that are killed by women. What do they get, 74 goats that won't stand for it?
Yorch Reyes Raqqa= women are fighting to defeat ISIS and freedom USA= women vote for Trump to turn US to old days with no voice and freedom for them 🤣😂
Stanley Guy Hey ISIS, when you surrender to these Kurdish women and they have you by the gonads I recommend you not call them pussy's!
Nate Lindquist I'll just point out to people who spread hatred of Muslims because of ISIS--these women are also Muslim.
Bill LeClair Women willing to fight for thier rights and not just whine about equality and feminism, Great Job to the women out there wiling to actually fight for thier rights, Roll on Soldiers!
Elli Nelson So the news is, ISIS is defeated Raqqa, but the Taliban are still around and I don't think ISIS is that "weak" to be defeated. Is this news for Trump so that people will think he's really a good guy?
CNN15 hours ago

An American soldier's widow has shared details of her call with Donald J. Trump in April

Janet Lee Nice story... Doesn't erase everything else, but thank you CNN for reporting it all, and you still get slammed... strange folks living in these great United States
Renata Leanne Lear The Republicans said how dare the Congresswoman listen in on that private conversation. So because there is nothing negative being said here it's alright for it to be made VERY public
Rotr David Peter We should always be able to confirm the truth and lies always. The president might be truthful but the media will always twist stories. Thank you Mr. President for always putting America and humanity first.
Juan Fernandez Where's the outrage that she had the president on speaker phone on such a private moment??? Wasn't that what Trump nut huggers were crying about yesterday
Lenny Davenport Well according to the conservatives CNN is fake, So with that being said. This is fake, edited sorry you lose again CNN!.
Judy K Davis Interesting that he says that about the death of a white hero but doesn't say that to the family of a black hero. #shameonhim
Denise Paturzo Vrettos So I thought General Kelly said these phone calls were sacred and no one should be listening in on them.
Ese Enari Haha of course he gonna try and smooth things out after he failed miserably the first time this fool! And those who are dumb enough to believe this idiot! Lol💯 fail‼️
Tee Clacks So effing what. So because he sounded sincere that day does it supposed to mean he was for the widow of Navy Seal La David Johnson? He delayed calls to all the black seals. Fact. I see that you're trying to stand up for a craphead of leader but save it. You're only proving that he was less sincere for the ones with more melanin.
Ingrid Martin He obviously didn't prepare for the call to Mrs. Johnson. He jumped to make the calls AFTER he brought up the issue of making those calls. He should've waited another day to give himself time to get familiar with the background of Sgt. Johnson and compose himself before making the call. The congresswoman wasn't the only person that heard the call so they need to move on. He made a mistake and should just say he didn't mean to come across as insincere or uncaring and call Mrs. Johnson again to apologize.
Shofia Hollywood decent call dissolves the ton of garbage that comes out of his mouth? Let's see if his team will comment on this and say that this should have been private...
Marlon Davis What is she trying to prove exactly? Is she trying to humanize him or something? She should have rejected the call.
Emily Ringström I hate Trump with all of my being, but this was better than the other call. I'll leave it at that, and won't be answering Trumpsters' foolish comments. ADDENDUM: Let's not forget that the mom was riding in that same car, and heard the same call, and has basically confirmed what the Congresswoman claimed Trump said to that poor, young widow. So yeah, there's that.
Timothy McNair All the nut huggers of #45 want to glorify him after one good call. But when there are hundreds of bad ones they cry fake news. We have this bafoon on countless audio and video recordings making comments and saying stuff that would have gotten any other person convicted. You people continue to excuse and enable this pathetic individual. Shame on you.
Jason Hopkins So it's ok to listen in as long as the call goes well,but if it goes bad... shut your mouth about it,even if the administration notifies the media of the call and they ask you about it personally. Got it?
Robert Meekins Ok that was a tolally different call, give us the transcripts of the call in question....You guys are always looking for reasons give this guy a pass, it's unbelievable!!
MichaelRay Karsten Wow! Thank You CNN for finally posting something positive about our president. I believe this is only the second time I've seen this from your network. It's a start. TRUMP 2020!!!
Harry Douglas I'm no fan of Trump, but credit where credit is due. . . both to him and CNN. Can't really accuse them of Trump bashing over this one, right?
Stacy Johnson-Proctor I'm glad to hear that he actually has it in him to actually be presidential. This does not negate the fact that he still says incredibly horrible things as well. And for everyone saying CNN is "fake" news, this is an example of unbiased reporting. They don't always "bash" Trump; they report the facts. Trump and his supporters think it's "fake" news when they cover something that he did or said and it makes him look bad.
Evon Dunmore Green No don't call black NFL players mothers female dogs and turn around a say you didn't say, "he knew what he signed up for" about this black way...I believe the grieving widow. She has no reason to lie on wouldn't profit her anything. She just lost her husband for goodness sake.
Jennifer Mae I can't stand Trump, but he did okay on this call. I'm fair about it. The other call? He overstepped and said something very insensitive that was NOT compassionate or appropriate.
Zara Assaf Big deal!!! One decent act compared to dozens of missteps, foot in mouth comments and incoherent ramblings insulting many
J Adele Davis Wait... yesterday Kelly said of trump "he said 'how do you make these calls?' When he decided to make the 4 calls. He said to me 'what do I say?' And I said sir, there's nothing you can do to lighten the load." If he'd already made calls before, why would he be asking Kelly this? Was Kelly just making up the recent conversation? I don't quite understand.
Deneen Ward Wait CNN what has gotten into you? You all are actually depicting our President in a positive're going to piss off your liberal base better watch out....FYI we know that President Donald Trump is a great leader and that Rhinestone cowgirl congresswoman and female James Brown wig wearing Maxine Waters are insane.
Gretchen Campbell So he can be a normal decent human being sometimes, well shouldn’t he.... and was this call after all the other disaster calls made by now he has a script to read from. So sad for his wife and children, we thank him for his service.
CNN16 hours ago

In an open letter, North Korea accuses US President Donald J. Trump of "trying to drive the world into a horrible nuclear disaster."

Joseph Hoskins I can't believe I'm agreeing with North Korea.
Nick Dodson When North Korea of all nations is making sense, you know our government has lost it. Only a couple are pushing to end this insanity, while everyone else is loving how it is helping their donors, on both sides.
Diane Collum I feel like Trump is trying to go to war and a nuclear was is what he wants. No one, and I mean no one would ever speak to N. Korea the way Trump does. He is just itching to pull that trigger. The only problem is that the rest of us suffer and die from that. I just wish Trump supporters would wake up and see this.
Charles Hunter All of you people agreeing with North Korea are willingly ignorant. North Korea has been testing South Korea and America for years and finally we have a president that will push back against bullying and you people cry? There is literally no pleasing you people. North Korea needs to realize it cant keep threatening America and it's allies. They started it, not us.
Robin McCusker Horasanian It's a sad, sad day when more people believe word out of N. Korea than our own President but it's true. Trump does nothing but lie. He cannot be trusted and needs to be removed from office.
Ahmed Mobeen its true. The WH under DJT and his white Supramist regime but not America. As DJT does not represent America only the Gutter
Dee Hunt I agree with North Korea on this one. Might I suggest they release some compromising info about Trump so we can impeach him faster.
Xander Shah Kim must had thought out of all US Presidents previously, Trump is the craziest he ever have to face. Now i understand why North Korea has been preparing nuclear weapon extensively these days. He share the same fear as all of us of having unpredictable Trump action in future. Cant believe i think that Kim is right on this one.
Thierry Meyour NK never attacked any country...the US actually I would take seriously this letter as if NK is trying to find a mediator it seems they feel the threat from the US is real. I'm not sure you understand fully the extent of the action and words your president has. He is a threat to world balance and peace. You are becoming slowly slowly isolated the same way Germany was in the 30's. They also thought they were invincible and superior.
Alice Becker This story was news in Australia tonight. It certainly was not fake news with Julie Bishop foreign minister for Australia commenting on it.
Tammy Bolig And North Korea would be correct to assume that. Trump is a dick!
JC Lloyd-Southwell d'Anvers I never thought I would ever agree but this time North Korea is right subject to one major correction: both egotistic sociopathic leaders are doing the same thing and both ought to be stopped in their mad desire to destroy the world
Shane Pittman Everyone saying North Korea makes sense are complete idiots. No, the US is not driving the world into a horrible nuclear disaster. These maniac, psychotic North Koreans are. Period. They’re deluded, hate Americans, and are enemies. Anyone siding with them are siding with the enemy.
Nebab Ep Aren't the people developing nuclear weapons, the ones who are trying to drive the world into nuclear disaster.. it just sounds like this is kim's attempt to create a false divide between the US and Aulstrailia
Mike YB The best thing at this point is to just ignore them. They are all talk and no bite. So we just have to ignore them but, Angry Nacho has to open his cheese hole and spew hot sauce.
Francis James Hunnycut It's just great that N. Korean leaders have been telling their people that Americans are a bunch of deranged lunatics. Now Cheetolini is proving them right...
Mercedes Landsberger North Korea is reaching to Australia for help to stop the nonsense, that means that Trump is not working for peace and that is why he continuous bulling his leader. For haven sake North Korea just want recognition as a nuclear power. That is all so the rode to peace is is the only solution.
Scot Van Der Bunt Its easy to see who just read the headline an commented and didnt read the article. It actually says that Trump is handling this well and his sanctions are crippling North Korea. But feel free to just roll with the cherry picked headline...
Tanya Taitt-Peters Scary times! North Korea is right though(Omg can't believe that came out of my mouth). I wish Tillerson would speak on these matters without any involvement from Trump. His lack of knowledge accompanied with not knowing how to articulate what he wants to say is getting us in trouble. He just needs to STFU.
Jeff Rozumny If any one says they agree with North Korea.. Your mom should've swallowed you! You're a blind fool!
Charles Jackson If the west says someone is bad, chances are they're good. I don't believe slavers and colonist. Leave them people alone!!
Bamidele Sunday Let me tells you North Korea or any other nation there are many enemy of Trump in America they hate him because what Obama plant down did not materialized but this people are few to the real people that love their president there is nothing Trump did they will like but I tell them it was God that make him to be president an d there is notting they can do about this rude on my president you will succeed in ruling
Scot Van Der Bunt That headline is not at all the tone of the article itself. Why not quote the Australian leader as saying North Korea is getting desperate as a result of the Trump admin's tough sanctions? Funny I had to get to the bottom of the article to find that..
Jay Manley Ive said this time and time amazes me the liberals that agree with N Korea know NOTHING of N Korean's history of aggression towards the US, S Korea, and Japan. Before you chuckle heads clap and applaud about this lunatic leader that is starving and murdering his own people, do a little research and read what N Korea has done over the years. I know how easy it is to base an opinion based on social media, but Jesus people, do some dam research!! This is ridiculous......
Philip Rossi His biggest compliments and praises were when he fired rockets at Syria. He wants to feel that again on a massive scale. Feels his only attempt at large scale adoration will be in a nuclear victory over N Korea.
CNN17 hours ago

"I don't want it to be about me or about a letter. I want it to be about my child and what he stood for and what they are fighting over there right now as I speak."

Linda Smith Finch I am a Vietnam-era veteran. There are millions of veterans like me who will always, always remember your son in our hearts.
Donald Clockie De Santa Donald Trump has two parts of brain, ‘Left and Right’ In the left side, there’s nothing right In the right side there’s nothing left.
Catherine Loh My heart breaks hearing what a mother has to go through. No parent should have to outlive their kids. My deepest condolences to this poor mother. Take care and be strong, God bless you.
Gail Ellis I thank you for the way you raised your son to be a person of service to all Americans. To do what he did he had to be smart, disciplined, a team member and willing to work any place in the world in any type of conditions. He had to be flexible , strong, and resilient. He was a good man. A productive man. A man of word and honor. Although I never met him, I thank you for your love and support that led him to become such a good person. i hope some days these words will bring you comfort for the gift of life your son gave and the time with him you have lost. . I have no words to fill your hole of grief. Bless you as you live with your loss.
Jenine Angius Trump didn't even know La Davids name. I doubt he or his cult will remember your sons name. My heart breaks for you....I will remember Etienne Murphy.
Curt Re Lets please remember ALL of the men killed in the attack in Niger. RIP Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson, Staff Sergeant Bryan Black, Sergeant La David Johnson, and Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright.
Theresa M. Meyer Unfortunately, the disgusting politician and #FAKENews media are so hell bent on using anything they can grasp at to trash our President, the respect, reverence and grief for a great hero is lost. The fact that President Trump, was so compelled to personally call the loved ones of the fallen, shows the character of a man who truly cares. The mentally deranged media and clown of a politician need some serious psychiatric therapy. I feel so sorry for the gold star families being used for hate, when they died for love in service to our of country.
Nancy Scott Etienne Murphy will not be forgotten. He did not die in vain. I'm sorry for your loss and I'm also sorry that President Trump didn't welcome him home and embrace you in a way that you and your family needs to be embraced. I've come to the conclusion that he's incapable of hugging anybody but himself
Johnny Luckett It's sad that the liberal hate machine has no boundaries whatsoever. It's a hateful cancer that spreads through the hate itself.
David Blair Thank your Congresswoman for distorting the truth, but look on the bright side, she's so happy that someone is paying attention to her. Now she's a Rock Star, Democrats are truly pathetic and hateful people.
Brian Walton Respect for the sacrifices of our troops is not a partisan issue. It is a painful issue that requires the empathy of all Americans. Trump was wrong and it was pointed out. That's not fake news, it's actual news. Sad news at that!
Roderick Stocks Media is media ok! No one said anything about the media covering 9-11 but all the sudden people want to call CNN fake news and say they are so bad! All this CNN and bashing of the media started when trump took office! If its not being reported by Fox its fake news I guess!
Starlett Munk Don't parade them on tv? Shhhhh give them time and peace. Trump quit your sick tweeting! My God, Kelly already spoke for you because you are incoherent! Shut up!
Allen Palenske This is what Trump said in truth: Quote: Here is the reported full quote "They know the risk, they know what they sign up for but they still volunteer to put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans. We owe them a debt that can never be repaid" - President Trump to the widow of Sgt Johnson, End of Quote.
Johannes de Jong "Trust me, none of us want to be in (this) position," she said. "The worst thing I ever have been called is a Gold Star mom.".... Go back and see the headline again.. thats CNN 😳 so dis-respectfull... lost for words.. i would sue CNN, if I was this family.
Trevor Jensen In other words, quit trying to get a rise out of this family, CNN.
Steve Sarachman Maybe we should let go of the presidents awkward attempts, and honor this mother’s wishes. It’s most likely what all the “Gold Star” parents would want.☮️
Ria Leonhardt I am sure after all the media attention and your "friend's" insensitivity in terms of the political arena, nobody wil ever forget him. He looks dashing in his uniform and a American patriot I am sure, with all the values you as a mother raised him. Stand proud!
MaryAnne Henry Goodman It's just unbelievably sad & cruel that the families have to go thru this. The bickering of grown A$$ adults to prove who makes the better phone call?!? Like she said-it's not about a call or a letter. It's about her son, HER son, the HERO!
Scott Frederick Every life is precious, and every one lost is sorely missed. These men and women give their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. And they willingly give of themselves so that others may live in peace in this, the greatest nation on earth.
Joe Bushey Yes, CNN used these people thinking they were going to bash President Trump... probably won't be seen from again. BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T, and even though you could see his mom's pain it almost like they knew what he signed up for.
Darryl Lavender Nothing said can ease the bereavement of a family who experiences the loss of a loved one to combat or in the service of his Country! I wish America would just heed the words of General Kelly and stop those who just wish to politicize the grieving of these families. You want to remember and honor them - Stand for the Flag and OUR National Anthem. Walk amongst the brave men and women at Arlington National Cemetery. Stop the BS of politics and just pray for the sacrifices of so many to keep US free.
Nannette R. Lisker Get the conversation back where it belongs! The conversation should be about the men and women who gave their lives for us and their loved ones picking up the pieces! There are no words, but kind words mean the most! 🇺🇸
Venus Alsop Stop blaming the President for something you liberals don't know how to get things straight, get your facts straight before you open your traps,The President loves the military, loves this country, we'll never have a nother President who will ever care as much as he does,you're all so full of hate , it's got your brain eaten up,get your lives together and stop your evil and wickedness,
Jessieca Pennington Shiela Murphy, I just want to give you a great big hug. What a crushing story. My heart breaks for anyone that has had to walk through such a tragic experience. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥