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BREAKING: An explosion overnight at a FedEx facility near San Antonio may be linked with four recent bombings in Austin, Texas

It took Trump just days to criticize black NFL players for kneeling for social justice, it took him days to criticize Oprah & folks in Hollywood for speaking out, but for the people of Austin who have been rocked by a 5th explosion this morning at a FedEx building...silence.
A 4th bomb went off Sunday night. This would’ve been a 5th sent out. However every major news site i checked this morning, the recent bombings was not at the top, it was the 4th, 5th or 10th story down. (Including CNN) All of the bombs were sent to minorities. BOMBS! That exploded! And the media is making this a “page 2” story. I dont know if bombs being sent to people or the media’s lack of coverage bothers me more. The media controls what they want us to pay attention to. There has been zero outrage from media and politicians. 🤷🏾‍♂️
We need good guys with bombs to stop the bad guys with bombs. Give every FedEx worker a bomb to protect themselves.
Why the orange man is not saying anything about this? #Trumpistheorangeman
Maybe the original bomber is inspiring/empowering others to be evil with copycat bombings. Our country was safer when we had a real president in charge.
Could be anyone driving a vehicle with stickers supporting Trump, GOP, NRA or Jesus, or all of the above, may take awhile finding them.
Somebody must really hate monorities..hmmm...who could they be..?? Trumptards...?? Anyone agree..??
I'm glad this attack was unsuccessful. It feels like our country is imploding, sometimes...
We need to start a registry and do background check for people who buys nails and corrugated boxes.
I fear that one day these A-holes will get real clever and start using Amazon packing tape on the boxes. No one would suspect that and then BOOM in their face
i wonder if they find out the guy is white if it will go from terrorism to lone wolfism
And still no word from Donald Dump!!! This is Domestic Terrorism and they are praying the bomber is a person of color so they can yell Isis..Round them up...Build the wall!...But if the bomber turns out to be white, then you will hear Donnie Dump say, He's a lone wolf...Misunderstood guy...He needed mental help, etc...They are PRAYING the bomber is a person of color so it can fit their agenda.
Where's Trump's Twitters or why hasn't he spoke out?
When they say Texas is like a whole nother country, they fail to mention it's a lot like Afghanistan
TEXAS is waaaayy too BIG to try and Terrorize with Bombs...u gonna run outta bombs homes....& besides we trust God & know He is in control.....
I hope it's not Putin. The alt-right wack jobs would just start right in. 😐
Whoever is doing this is pure evil hope they catch him quick
And still no comment from the president? Amazing but if this were an illegal alien or he just though of a foreign nature he woukd be all over Twitter about this. Wouldn't he?
All people's lives matter!! This is insane 😡
They are going South on the I 35 corridor. This is getting crazy. I live North of Austin, 10 mins.
Oh now it's some attention...
How come I'm not hearing the only way to stop a bad guy with a bomb is a good guy with a bomb? Or bombs don't kill people, people do?
Wesley Stokes your Texas trip is cancelled
Mail bombs targeting historically black and Latino neighborhoods and specifically prominent/rich black families says KKK or other unaffiliated white supremacists to me. This is what they used to do during the civil rights movement.
Don't worry Trump supporters will find a way to blame Obama for this and refuse to call white guys terrorist!
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Sudan -- the world's last male northern white rhino has died leaving only two females left to save the subspecies from extinction.

Sad! Trump should have been died instead of this innocent animal-unfortunately the race has ended. Animal are peace loving creature's unlike trump who want's to invade every country
Should we thank the Chinese and their ‘exotic’ tastes, cultural practices that have contributed to the near extinction, extinction of various species?
Um theres no saving a species with only 2 females CNN.
Should send those two to my old high school. Everyone gets pregnant there.... It might be their only chance!
Before Sudan died his sperm had been taken had been preserved for AI
Wonder how much it would cost to have a white rhino mounted and put on your wall? I mean, ya gotta do something with them.
He was our last hope to save the northern white rhino. Another animal we have lost from the face of our earth.
umm how can two females alone save the species? #hellobiology 🤔
How are two females going to save the species?
Is there anyway they can artifically inseminate the females? Maybe they could have done that while Sudan was still alive.
To destroy is human. It's the only thing we're good at. We destroy everything we come in contact with, and I do mean everything, and we have the nerve to call other things plagues and diseases. We're the biggest blight to ever hit the Earth.
If only we could value animals lives how we value humans lives... oh no wait... then every animal would be extinct.
Two females ..great. If I'm correct isn't that just two of the species with XX chromosomes? No XY ? ..yeah forget it. So sad.
So we can clone polo horses and Barbara Streisand's dogs but not Rhino's.....Maybe an Ohio sized Asteroid will do us some good.
In the meantime, humans are still reproducing like there's no tomorrow. No wonder I resent the idea of having kids
So it is was a little sick..they gave it medicine and it got really sick..and then they killed it themselves..good job team!
This is a shame, HUMANs can not do better at saving animals like this "Knowing" they would soon be extincted.
All that technology at zoos and research labs and they couldn't extract semen before it got to this point?
Sorry, no save for the species. Even with banked material for insemination, the gene pool has no diversity and thanks to mankind, another species gone in man-made mass extinction.
This is truly a sad day for our planet. Beautiful majestic animals that dwindle in numbers - and approach extinction - sometimes because of natural culling - and of course, the selfish encroachment of the human animal that feels entitled to all the planet has to offer...
Must stop the eu and usa hunting in africa
Wait. You all are assuming the female rhinos want to have babies. They have a choice. Their bodies their choices.
Man destroys everything he touches and now the white rhino is gone from the planet...way to go mankind.
Oh gee.... now I wont be able to go to sleep for like 4 weeks due to the deep sadness that the death of this beloved Rhino has brought to my vivid life.
Hope that this sad news would help to awaken human beings to start doing their best to protect the rare species on earth.
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Republican Sen. John McCain has been recovering from cancer treatment in Arizona since leaving Washington in December

"McCain's not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured." ~ Donald Trump "Trump is not a real President. He's a president because of Russian interference, gerrymandering, Cambridge Analytica, and wikileaks. I like people who are real Presidents." ~ America
As evidenced by the comments on here, so many people have no class or decency.
I pray this horrible cancer never invades anyones brain..its a death sentence..glioblastoma took my dad at 61 years old and my nephew at 39. The comments are heartless..prayers for him and his family during this time..
My 7yr old dghtr had the same aggressive Brain tumor, She survived 18months from diagnosis. Prayers 4 U Mr McCain & Ur family. The hardest thing on Earth is 2 watch ur luvd one's slowly die!💔😢
It was so close for McCain and Obama. I think McCain would have been healthy enough through the eight years of Obama to just be the president. It's too bad I guess we couldn't have seen what it would have been like if he had been elected.
I wish him well. Please ignore the negative comments being left by some people. Our country’s leadership is promoting moral decay of civility. John McCain has lived a lifetime of conviction to country and I want to extend my thanks.
John is in my opinion, the greatest American hero who ever lived. I am thankful he has family that loves him so much. He knows time is short. Respect , Sir.
Senator McCain is a Republican all Americans can be proud of, a war hero; God bless him.
I was not going to say anything but these comments are really uncalled for. The man is dying and stands zero shot of surviving his battle leave him alone. And news flash to anyone out there it’s ok to say someone is a war hero and speak highly of them but also judge them on their work as a politician. The two are not the same work so please stop lumping it all together
Time to resign/retire, stay with family and receive proper treatment. All this clinging on to power reminds me of a Cameroonian dictator
I don’t wish ill on anyone and hate cancer. Nothing changes the fact that he’s a TRAITOR and always will be.
I lost my dad to cancer. I, also lost my husband of 42 yrs. to that horrible disease. I am a Democrat and have never (nor would I ever) vote for a Repub. But this is not about a "politician". This is about a human being that is suffering with cancer. I, for one, wish him and his family the best. To those of you that continue with the hateful remarks..... SHAME ON YOU!
One of the few decent Republicans in Washington!
No matter what side your on McCain is battling a death sentence he's a hero now & then. He's a decent human being unlike trump.prayers for you john.the guy is a decent human being .
Hang in there Mr. McCain, 🙏 for u. Megan I enjoy watching you on The View. Oh did I mention I'm a Democrat, you make some valid points on The View. And Mr McCain I'm also a veteran but you are a true hero thank you for your service.
He looks great for all he is going through. Push through more than politics you are human and there are plenty of people praying/sending you well wishes for your recovery because that's the humane and compassionate people do!
Enjoy the security of unlimited sick leave and no forced retirement, and no chance of healthcare bankruptcy
Rest well dear man. I greatly admire the man that you are and always have been. Thank you for what you've done for our Country.
I was just thinking about how he was doing. God be with you and your family during this time. You are a hero and like my father, brothers, sisters, cousins who put there lives on the line for our freedom. You are fighting the biggest battle of your life. Godspeed and thank you! #prayers
Thank you Senator McCain for your service to our country, you are a true hero. I wish you a speedy recovery, and best wishes to you and your fine family.
Look, John McCain is a traditional republican and that's fine right now republican need to go because it's better for our country to have a check on power than to have one party in control of everything
These comments I’m reading of so many heartless people unbelievable. This man is fighting for his life, and so many hateful comments because you do not like how he voted, or some of the things he said. Some people are even happy he has cancer because of politics is just SICK. I don’t care what someone political beliefs are whether I agree or disagree I would never wish anything bad on them. What have we become as people so much hatred? It is really sad. What if he was your family member would you wish ill because you do not agree with him? I pray for his recovery, and keep fighting Senator.
Wishing him the best and hope he is able to enjoy being with his family. He’s a good man and people making negative comments should have some class and keep it to themselves. There are some lows you really shouldn’t go to.
I cannot understand how someone dying of cancer and politics even does not matter at this point in his life what he has done, accomplished..believe me he is fighting for his life. Comments on here are sickening...
Get well Mr McCain and run for President, get that idiot dodge drafter out of there before he totally destroys your beautiful country.
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The National Transportation Safety Board found that the 5 people who died in the New York crash couldn't easily take off their harnesses to escape

You ask why I visit a CNN post? Well this is a good example. CNN doesn't mind having groupies follow their every breath and making asinine comments; and many of their liberal followers don't disappoint them. So a tragedy like this comes along and your contributions are mindless, mundane drivel that have nothing to do with the crash.
What about having a friggen lever right where passengers sit that dispenses fuel/shuts it off and not informing passengers what the hell it is! One of the passengers bags for tangled up in that thing which caused the fuel to shut off!
And Trump wants to cut regulations. Thanks Trump. Making America Worse by the day.
Just because one group of people don't know how to use them why are they doing it to everyone
But assault weapons are still OK..
But how come the pilot could?
Isn’t it too soon to talk about banning harnesses? Doesn’t everyone have a right to wear an unsafe harness?
this is BS..we need a new Benghazi review and Her emails!!
You know the liberals are looney when somehow trump is articulated into this story. Rip
Keep all killing material...too many opinions....use some of them on each other...
Are these choppers properly maintained for airworthiness certificate from FAA..
To the Wealthy, we are all just test dummies....
May they Rest In Peace!! If trump was there he would have saved them...on his own...unarmed...
Hell yea let's make them cheaper so that someone can fall out and file a lawsuit. Win win I say!!
Still very sad ...... !!!
Ahora lo dicen un poco tarde
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Omg. RIP.
Nice design keep own keys
They should also ban assault rifles as well...
Take note: 1.It was 35 2.hitler ,is being replace. 3.shaik,is charles taylor,beware of shaik. 4.Am hitler replacement 5. It was a dr. doctor of letters 6.if they put certificate aside follow who get mouth. 7.sweet mouth. 8.costumes 9.they romored is for farm land,the whole rejected them. 10.they carried us their. 11.Am world iberker Chinedu,a.k.a,daffy,world iberker,palm oil. 12.if them kill ochuko. 13.she sawed the most expensive cloth.
We Muslims love America
Gustavo Vasquez
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The names of the 17 people who died in the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, will be boldly listed on one side of the metal and impact glass installation

I would like to take a moment to thank liberals for helping sell more AR-15’s and similar rifles, over the last 10 years than imaginable! Literally millions! You see every time you politicize a tragedy, scream At gun owners, threaten people’s freedoms and rights they run out and buy more 😀, Thank you for helping arm America to the teeth! Thank you for helping to arm teachers across this great nation! Thank you for once again boosting gun sales, boosting gun manufactures profits, and in turn boosting the NRA with revenue, and members so they can keep defending our 1st and 2nd amendment rights! America thanks you 🇺🇸
This is not an issue in other countries, this issue can be fixed.
Well gun control needs to be taken seriously to avoid such inhumane acts afterwards.why even carrying a gun when cops are there to protect the public.
Isn't it about time for another false flag school shooting? Beware the deep state. You folks have no clue about what's going on, right under your noses. Stay in your blindness.
This is great. But why aren’t the schools locked down? Doors locked, photo ID swipe cards, one way exits, clear backpacks?
AntiAmerican, flag burning, confused liberals should know better than to ever attack others rights and freedoms! I just joined the NRA and encourage others to do the same! Come join one of the biggest civil rights organizations! You even get a sticker for your car that's guaranteed to cause road rage, or crying in 3 out of 4 liberal's. Make your voice in Washington D.C heard! Join or donate today! The NRA didn't pull the trigger The NRA didn't sell him the gun The NRA didn't fail to arrest this guy multiple times The NRA is a beacon for freedom! they teach gun safety, they push background check legislation, and the only civil rights organization defending our 2nd amendment rights! 🇺🇸
And so what? Would that address the problems of mass shooting in the US or would bring back the lives of those innocent kids who lost their lives?
🙏🏼 RIP Ángels 😇
Until THE NEXT shooting happens...(by a white guy.) PROVE ME WRONG THAT THE MAJORITY OF THE SHOOTERS WERE NOT WHITE AND MALE THEN. Only one, TX shooter Marine/Army that shot up a parade....he is the only one and he was black and white.
There should be memorials to mass shooting victims in every community where these events have occurred. Like war memorials. So they are not forgotten and so this can be changed.
We don’t honor bad things in this country. I hope it gets destroyed. I’m already offended!
So he has drawn the thing, but not started it. Probably adjust your verb in the headline to the future tense, since he hasn’t made anything at this point aside from a press release.
Where There is Love There is Life "This is your time. This is your moment. God has equipped you, empowered you and anointed you. No weapon formed against you can prosper. Pay no mind to the people that are trying to discourage you. God didn’t put the promise in them, He put the promise in you..Bottom line: God will not allow any person to keep you from your destiny. They may be bigger, stronger, or more powerful, but God knows how to shift things around and get you to where you're supposed to be..!!" smile emoticon
Ximena Magaña Alonso All you need is SketchUp
Should leave some empty spaces on the sculpture coz there will be more
well i wanted something like this for my backyard porch i mean the combination of glasses
From tragedy spawns inspiration.
wow rip oh
I pray that they outlaw semi automatic guns. No body needs a gun that can shoot that many times. semi automatic guns are made for one reason and that too kill people. No one should have them but the police and Army.
Take note: 1.It was 35 2.hitler ,is being replace. 3.shaik,is charles taylor,beware of shaik. 4.Am hitler replacement 5. It was a dr. doctor of letters 6.if they put certificate aside follow who get mouth. 7.sweet mouth.
Beautiful sentiment. <3
It's a shame they died reason why
CNN3 hours ago

Public health experts have condemned President Donald J. Trump's plan to impose the death penalty for drug traffickers, saying it shows a lack of understanding of the opioid epidemic and how best to deal with it

Well death penalty for drug dealers? And guess who is he targeting ? The black community The Latino community Vote blue this November 6 2018 Enough is enough
Trump takes the wrong approach an every issue. Instead of listening to experts he listens to himself (influenced by people like Duerte, Putin, Reagan, Nixon....)
He also said we need the wall to keep the drugs out. What about the massive meth problem and the fact that most of it is manufactured right here in the states- in trailer parks full of his supporters?
So this means the heads of big pharmacies will be prosecuted for dealing out this opioid epidemic then given the death penalty?
I support him 100%… There needs to be death penalty is for other very serious crimes as well, but let's start somewhere!!!!!!!! And don't forget, we got that wall to build...that may help keep the drug traffickers out of here as well!!!!!!
Better - death penalty for Republicans.
I feel like this entire country is taking steps backwards. No progress has been made at all on anything. The swamp has never been so dirty.
He also said Big Dealers and users. The users need help, not the death penalty. Now he wants to say who gets to live or die. That is getting closer to his dream of being a Dictator.
I hate nearly everything this man says but this policy has worked very well throughout Asia to curb drug use. Very few people actually get rich off the drug trade (except big pharma) and this would lead to most street level dealers looking for new jobs.
He better start the death penalty with the pharmaceutical companies since that is where the majority of the opiate addictions start and then end on the streets. He is so out of touch with reality
2018 - Execute the dealers 2020 - Execute all felons 2024 - Execute all criminals 2030 - Execute the “undesirables” 2035 - Execute all dissenters
Death penalty for 45 for treason. I can't wait to watch it live
The dealers didn't make the addicts buy the drugs, just like gun dealers don't make anyone buy guns and gun dealers aren't accountable when someone dies from gun deaths. So really dealers of both these issues should both be dealt in the same way. Trumpster can't have it both ways in his little pathetic mind.
Drug Trafficers are already here lady? I myself believe dangerous drug dealers who sell drugs that kill should get the death penalty also I belie e they should mot benefit off of selling street. Drugs that kill our kids..they shpulf not be able to buy homes cars or anytbing else
He's copying Dutarte... President of the Philippines who endorsed extra-judicial killings of drug traffickers.
If trump gets his way to try to become a dictator he will bring back public executions and that's not good there was a lot of those killings that's why I say get trump out the office fast.
By doing this, it would just show how much this administration has resigned to failure and really has no other viable solutions. Just like building a wall is a failure to address immigration issues, executing individuals for dealing drugs is equally so.
Can we honestly say he has limited understanding about pretty much everything. His solutions are so over the top because he researches nothing. Well so are mine. Let's just get rid of him either by impeachment or voting him out and move on. That will solve the problems.
Fake news CNN! Why don’t we just do what SF is and building shelters where they drug abusers can use their drugs but let’s make sure we have drs there to ensure no overdose?
We don't have a drug problem, we have a people problem. We don't need new laws, we need to enforce the laws we have. Criminals don't follow laws, blah blah blah. Hypocrisy at it's best.
So its for a drug dealer who causes a homicide... Lets be clear person A who sold stuff to person B and gave person B an ILLEGAL substance which caused the death of person B would be held accountable for their actions ?!? Wow what a concept. 💡 when 1 dealer is put to death it will make every single dealer out there that hears about it think twice about their line of work.
Aggravated drug offense should be life sentence minimum. A lot of capital crimes has been committed under the influence of hard drugs. Drug users might be victims but the dealers are killers. Simple!
Dear Donald Trump, here's a little list of drug dealers and users as compiled by your arch rivals CNN, unwittingly. The code is this, anyone complaining about your latest policy on drugs is either a dealer, user or both. Round them up for the firing squad. ✌😂💖
I still can’t believe this man is in charge of America . Amazing how Russia did this to weak minds . They see how bad he is , yet they still back him . Especially evangelicals , so called Christian Right!
Complete moron...This man is clueless! Build a wall to keep the drugs out...Heroin and Fentynl are coming through the mail from China! I’m wondering how many doctors will be receiving the death penalty for overprescribing prescribing Percocets and OxyContin...the real cause of this opioid epidemic!
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The undercover British television report is "edited and scripted to grossly misrepresent the nature of those conversations and how the company conducts its business," Cambridge Analytica said in a statement to CNN on Monday.

This company did nothing wrong, but CNN wants you to believe they did. OFA did the exact same thing in 2013, and CNN praised Obama for it. Look it up
Facebook gave everything to the obama campaign.
Too late, you’ve been caught. Stop lying.
So says the company that hacked 50 million Facebook accounts obtaining data and using algorithms to create personality profiles to be sold for propaganda schemes. Yea, I believe their side of the story.
Ehhhh....they still said what they said. No one put words in their mouth. Pathetic excuse.
And yet, when Obama did the exact same thing with Google, it was brilliant.
"edited and scripted to grossly misrepresent" - sounds like some US cable news channels.
Nix actually said that his company could hire hookers, plant stories online, infiltrate social media accounts and skew public perception through infused propaganda using social media. He and his table side partner were giddy when speaking about Milesian elections. Whether the piece was edited or not, he said it himself. Which is corroborated by the whistleblower's accounts and what we actually saw happening not just in the US but globally. Don't ask the public to disbelieve our collective lying eyes and ears now that your propaganda social experiment has been exposed. There are too many intersections between what was taped, corroborated, experienced and called fake news, like the Steele dossier to disbelieve the intent and duplicity of Cambridge Analytica.
Isn't that what Cambridge Analytica does as well - "edit and script to grossly misrepresent"? Isn't that what they do by making ads to target audiences to influence the target audiences' behaviors?
edited and scripted? So, first they wrote the words, then you said them as they wrote them, and where does the editing come in? LIAR!
They scripted the words out of your CEOs mouth. Righttttttttt
Another lie...they are used to lying in order to manipulate elections.
Entrapping the entrappers. Desire is a key element to advertising. And the salesman desires to be desirable. So, did the news reporters entrap the guy or did he jump in to it on his own. Always a tough question.
I believe in Cambridge analytical! When they said they hired Ukraine women to black mail politicians via seduction, and ran a very successful campaign paid for by a European country, context is perfect. Maybe they should write the next James Bond book about what brilliant spies they are. 😆
As the Rabbit Hole deepen we are finding out that the English are were also trying to sway U.S. elections as well, since Brexit happened, trying to control the collateral damage of the populist movement. We all did notice Obama went on his first vacation after leaving office with Richard Branson, then several visits to the UK thereafter. So we have the Russian, and the English trying to sway the U.S. election. The English must have known this was coming down the pipeline, so in walks the Russian Spy assassination attempts in the UK to deflect and change the narrative. Wow! There is know end to the extent of what these people ill do in politics to push a narrative.
I believe in Cambridge analytical! When they said they hired Ukraine women to black mail politicians via seduction, and ran a very successful campaign paid for by a European country, context is perfect. ..
Guess what..Cambridge Analytica: NOTHING YOU SAY IS TO BE BELIEVED NOW!
Channel 4 is not Fox News. They didn't fraudulently James O'Keefe the hell out of that edit. Just because that is something Cambridge Analytica would do, doesn't mean everyone else is doing it too. Not everyone is as evil and inept as these clowns.
Blackmail. Its how Trump trapped the whole party to allow his childishness to take over.
Youse a proud!
It's too late buddy, Facebook have cut you loose😂😂😂 save the tears
The real story is the complete waste of money the service this company provided would have been. Almost any lay person could have given the Chump campaign the same information they allegedly did (on a smaller scale obviously) with just the tiny sliver of data they have access to via their personal social media accounts.
Yeah... your whistleblower says otherwise.
Sounds like you bribed yourselves to think that when you clearly do not look it nor act it
Why are British people do god awful boring to listen to?
CNN4 hours ago

CNN's Arwa Damon is following Greenpeace on a month-long expedition to Antartica. Here's a glimpse of her journey living in a boat and encountering marine life.

..... raise your hand if you believe CNN has become a biased "shithole"
Fake news it's a movie set.
Cnn got no morals or credibility
Great Adventure and Fun!
i see fake news in the future about global warming from lying CNN
Doing good work, for science and for the world.
Also second question I have asked before, however with adding on to my first question here: Wouldn't that also be the same way, the same pressure in the center of the ocean where it's connected to sun and moon tidal pulls? Sure the moon's pull can affect everywhere as it orbits abroad the earth, however, if the moon is pulling on the center of the ocean and the center above the ocean to progress winds, storms, hurricanes and hence tropical storms, that wouldn't be a safe pressure to be at as it. Why? It matches the same pressure found in trenches or the center that is too cold and too intense for humans to handle if not ready to. It's why they say per country, if you do not have your sea legs, get off the boat and get off the ship. After all that's why there are no animals dwelling in those parts of the ocean. They know, avoid it at all costs
More than 70% of Americans believe that the US is governed by a secret government! Three quarters (74%) of Americans believe that there is an "unelected group of government or military officials" in the United States that runs the country, according to a poll conducted by the Monmouth University Polling Institute. According to the results of the study, 74% of respondents believe that such a group exists!
I love this! My husband went to Antartica a few years ago & loved it!!
the earth is flat , a wall of ice which is antarctica surrounds us, trolls stay out my post
The earth is flat , a wall of ice which is antarctica surrounds us, trolls stay out my post
Question: as they mention per country, underwater trenches are intensely cold and intensely pressured, which causes air pressure tension and often glass breakages. Or something else breaks yes? That's why you hire people to fix and mention it publically. The question is: because it's that intense of a pressure, wouldn't no one survive in Antartica nor anywhere in the North Arctic (or any similar higher elevations like Himalayas where people are proven to die if unaided), because that intense pressure is similar to what forms the ice water to be more solid?
Absolutely beautiful!
Life is Beautiful, Love God Creation
A whole month away from the chaos and drama of the outside world. make the most of it
Im jealous. I want to talk to penguins 🐧. I feel so fckng fckd up now thanxs a lot.
Very cool. (:
I could watch penguins all day too.
Way to go A.D. One extreme to the Other. Hang on.👍🙂
What a wonderful assignment for you. Enjoy
Spectacular submission
Baptiste Arnaud pour te motiver 👍
Say hi to Hitler down there and send him Trump's regards
Shane Buckley
CNN shared CNN Underscored's post.4 hours ago

Here are the beaches that got top ratings from TripAdvisor reviewers worldwide.

E-Commerce guide by CNN Underscored

CNN is fake News
it’s hard to dispose a body at the beach even a mile into the ocean because the waves wash it to shore , like beached whales. A lake is more ideal you just have to put heavy weight to sink it so it won’t come back. Even ocean currents 100 miles out can wash up a body, but using the lake scenerio , just add extra weight. But what’s good about the ocean is the salt water will disenegrate the body faster than fresh water
No Asia ?
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it’s hard to dispose a body at the beach even a mile into the ocean because the waves wash it to shore , like beached whales. A lake is more ideal you just have to put heavy weight to sink it so it won’t come back. Even ocean currents 100 miles out can...
Feelings of life A good woman is faithful, ambitious, driven, family, oriented, educated, honest and loyal! She supports you at your worst and is there to celebrate with you at your best. She puts you before her friends and family (when necessary). A woman who can do more for you then satisfy your sexual needs is hard to come by nowadays so when you have one make sure you appreciate and cherish her, cause the clubs, bars etc are full of dudes wishing they had the lady you left at home! Say YES if you agree.
Thankfully my favourite beaches around the world are not listed
Where is Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda, fine pink sand.. 100% superior than most of the Beaches in this list.. & where is the 3 1/2 mile fine white sand Beach at Treasure Cay, Abaco.. which was voted by National Geographic as 1 or the 10 best Beaches in the World.. this TripAdvisor List is Lacking Big Time?? Varadaro Beach, Cuba is dirty, trash everywhere & really should not be on any list .. of Great Beaches??
No Bahamas?????
I prefer to keep the best places out of the global news.
Wheres Albania? We have amazing beaches!!!!
where is El Nido, Palawan?
Alexsandra Stajić
Tobiass Saahm
Bali? Philippines? Hawaii? Come on !!!
I love beaches.
CNN4 hours ago

Plane passengers within two seats or one row of someone with a respiratory sickness have an 80% greater chance of getting sick than those farther away, a study finds

In other news ice cubes are cubes of frozen water.
Is this news? Pretty obvious isn’t it?
This would be known as logic! Did someone have some time and money to waste on this so-called "study" or something?😂🖕🖕
Mandatory masks for anyone who has a respiratory illness on an airplane.
Anyone who is calling this a dumb study clearly doesn’t understand the implications, or did not fully read the article. The article specifies that sitting within one row of someone with respiratory illness increases your risk of infection by up to 80%. This is extremely useful epidemiologically when trying to determine patient zero of an outbreak, tracking him or her down, along with other potentially infected people. To do this, you have to quantify the boundaries in which infection has the highest probability of spreading.
Didn't a study announce this in the 1300's? I knew this since I was two... how is it new? 😐
All I can wonder is, who did this "Study" and how much money did the Govt waste paying for it?!?
Well......DUH! Wasted $$$ to do studies on something any person with 3 active brain cells can figure out. It truly is "uncommon sense".
why is everyone reading in that photo? Fake News
I feel awful doing it but if I'm near someone who's sick and I can move on public transport, I do.
Wow! If you sit close to someone with a transmittable illness you have a greater chance of getting sick than if you sit far away?
My neighbor better not be sick! He's supposed to check on my cat while I'm away! 🙀😷
Love the comments, but just to add...I get sick if I hear or see gagging, puke or any of that stuff. But glad to know I'm normal, it's reassuring.
And further research showed airline cabin air is so dirty we will all get sick anyway
Is water still wet? I think we need to get our best scientists on that. Maybe we can borrow some baby scientists from Canada.
There is nothing more annoying than sitting next to someone who have a respiratory problem and coughs without closing his mouth
How does this help pelosi stand for another 8 hours wearing heels? This is a break thru in modern medicine.
And the fun part is they don't even have to know they're sick yet for you to catch it...LOL...Enjoy!
Now this: you’re more likely to get sick if you are near someone with an airborne disease. Research funds used well.
At the risk of sounding sanctimonious.... Well, dur!
So CNN just found this out? This was news 25 years ago.
Sarah Young, this is why I dislike flying so much! Every time I get on a plane someone is coughing and sneezing by me!
Is Donald trump not up yet?? It's almost time for his morning dump.. Thought CNN would be reporting on this already
Thanks for the newflash!
CNN5 hours ago

In 1999, there were more than 2 million pay phones across America. Today, 100,000 are left.

100k? I haven't seen one in months. Must be mostly at airports (I don't fly) and bus stations (I drive).
Kinda like Trump supporters in the next election??
CNN is REALLY go around and counting pay phones😄😄 You miss some more, there are 100,000 at 7 11 stores. AND 100,000 in it's 300,000 pay phones
have one up street at the 711, i haven't used once in at least 18 years, but checked the price, 75 cents, dafug? they used to be 25 cent
...and they're all in prisons.
Because we are so innovative pancake and investment we should go to download to the star so that's why we can change our town
In Kenya there is none left, it's called change of technology
And after few years, they will gone too! Cell is replacing the house phone too!
it's still useful when phones battery dies.
Must be for all the deplorables who still live under a rock in the Stone Age anyway!
Useless if you can’t remember anyone’s phone numbers. Or Would you still get an operator if you dialed 0? 🤣
Video killed the radio star. The cell phone killed the pay phone.
Superman's running out of places to change out
There's one in a park just down the street from me. One day I watched a parent explain to his kid what it was. It was quite funny.
Otherwise known as urinals in San Francisco
It does seem to be getting harder and harder to disconnect when you're being chased or in danger lately.
But uve more important this to report then this fake news,like how Obama brought peace n Libya and Iraq hahahahaa
And 99,990 have been vandalized and don't work.
Yup i used a pay phone when i had to call my mom to pick me up when class got out early in college back in 99 or 2000.
More than I expected. They seem to be few and far between.
I don't own a cell phone. What about me? What about me? 😢 😂😂😂 Seriously, not everyone has a cell phone. There's no service where I live.
I haven't seen a payphone in a couple years.
That's because as people bust them up to get the coins, authorities aren't replacing them, so eventually they will just die out lol. Plus with the free government cell phone program, almost anyone can have a cell phone now a days.
They have a few on the I10 not many gas stations after a certain point leaving California to head to Arizona in case of emergencies payphones are set up and not to mention how hot it can get.
Pay phones-The freaking Petri dishes of new diseases.
CNN5 hours ago

Six months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the news is the return of normalcy for some. But the road to recovery remains a very long one.

No thanks to Trump. I stayed there for 2 weeks and got to love it there. Nothing but the best of luck for these people.
Lady in the picture is probably cooking crack...
This’s very sad, that many Puerto Rico don’t have electricity! It’s sad that they don’t have needed help! To all the critics, why President Trump needs to send more help—-because they’re US citizens! President Trump is very fascinating about spending money on show off/Parade, but he’s not interesting to help his people.
Their own government is to blame. Ran that place into the ground financially.
Puerto Rican’s: oh thankfully we have a great president that will help us with our recovery... oh wait... hang on a minute.
And the right wants nothing but for Puerto Rico to fail. If you don’t believe it, go through the comments. Unfortunately trump has a way with Lemmings.
What, you don't have a picture of the mayor in her latest T-shirt or cap to post ?
Just disgusted how republicans and trump are perfectly fine with American citizens suffering and dying as long as they are making the bucks. Trump and the GOP chose oil companies over Americans when they gave billions of taxpayer dollars to the already billion dollar oil companies and under-fund struggling Americans in Puerto Rico. Never forget Puerto Rico. Never forget 9/11. Never forget Reagan's Iran- Contra Affair. So many Americans died so they could fatten their wallets.
Care packets of seeds that can be purchased cheaply from Dollar General stores and then sent to Puerto Rico will help keep them busy replanting the Garden of Puerto Rico that will take their minds off of the devastation along with making certain that they have find come the colder months. Do they even have winters in Puerto Rico?
That's rough
When the CNN sponsored Mayor of San Juan releases the funds and supplies FEMA sent then the island will be made whole once again. Why is she hoarding it? Her and CNN are embedded to make POTUS look bad.
Isn’t this for < 15% or something of ppl though?
Thank goodness for the Hurricane and devastation ( sarcasm )At least CNN stopped talking about Russia Russia Russia every second of the day.
Oops CNN doesn't see all the FBI agents dropping like flies
Heard it’s really cool over there
Yea yet trump still refuses to help if that was obama ppl be demanding impeachment #EndWhitePrivage
People need to stop complaining about the recovery. Maria was a category 5 and was so strong it actually sucked all the water out of the bays
The important thing is that Trump's getting his military parade, which will cost anywhere from 10-30 million dollars.
Our lying & worthless White House Occupant said Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 is fine 🤥 🤢🤮
Awful storm hit them hopefully they recover
Some of us know who raised in the South they didn't help you with anything
Shameful that it took this long.
CNN5 hours ago

After the Cambridge Analytica disclosure, Congress needs to act to protect online privacy and to compel the Facebook CEO to testify about what happened, Kara Alaimo writes for CNN Opinion

This appears to demonstrate there was indeed a conspiracy to rig the 2016 election in favor of Trump. Steve Bannon worked for Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart News, and the owner of Breitbart also owns Cambridge Analytica ( a British billionaire who is friends with Trump and Putin , who also may have had a hand in the outcome of the Brexit election in the U.K. ). Cambridge Analytica was hired by Jared Kushner prior to the 2016 election. Hmmm??? 😱😔😩
they need to expose how the Billionaire family that owns FAUX NEWS and backs all kinds of right wing much they were involved in all the attacks on the sovereignty of our country...etc...they report
Nothing happened. Ppl willingly gave up their information. Derp
Oh seriously people your data has been sold get over it already. Facebook isn't the first. If you breathe, your data is made available.
Facebook and Twitter are complicit in the Russian COLLUSION and were more interested in collecting RUBLES. Steve Bannon-Breitbart News and Jared Kushner, who said his role was Analytics all used Cambridge Analytica in conjunction with Putin's TROLL FARMS to meddle and tamper with our election process. TRAITORS TO AMERICA.
I do not give out personal info on FB for just this reason. Do not put your date of birth, names of children, employer on your profile. Never fill out those silly questionaires that promise to tell you how smart you are. Its all fun but can be used in many unsavory applications.
Well in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different way and without fighting and by trying to make it clear and by considering each and every one's opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.
He can't testify before half of Congress because they won't testify without immunity.
CNN needs to beseech congress. CNN needs to tell congress that the American People will have to accept censorship and limits pertaining to certain rights so that no one will have bad things said about them...or that no one will have their privacy infringed upon because they accepted the terms and agreements and happened to not understand online privacy. Oh and a conservative group did yeah, now it's a thing even though liberal groups have been doing the exact same thing.
Trump campaign used illegal data to bombard people to vote for him!!Then the Right will say obama did it too yet he condemned it..What about Clinton’s Emails..Busted!!
There's the connection. I saw it when it was first going on. They should be heavily fined.
It’s a Republican controlled Congress. Our data and information is being allowed to be sold to highest bidder.
I can't wait until the class action lawsuits with 50 million plaintiffs bring down Facebook and the Mercers! 😀 <3
For being reportedly tech savvy, it seems some CNN followers are clueless that everytime they use one of these devices they're leaving a footprint(info) that will be mined by someone.
Do you know... Facebook tracks my web searches? Every time I search some company, soon Facebook has "Sponsor" ads on the company website I viewed some time later the same day! How ironic right?
Time to delete Facebook. All they do is sell your personal data.
Did Facebook actually go into CA with a forensic team to get evidence? Maybe they wanting to try to clean it up before the real investigators come in.
The real problem here is the fact that the Trump Administration got the information and used it in the election and that may very well be against election lost there's the problem Facebook every website I go to the grocery store Congress has been allowing companies to collect information for a long time
Oh I can just imagine the epic display of hubris and arrogance, the likes of which we've not seen since the movie "The Social Network" characterised by Jesse Eisenberg
And just a few short years ago the left applauded odips#it for using the same. Their hypocrisy is mind boggling.
Well we can't just say CNN is fake we all understand this new generation is filled up with Lie's
Facebook lost seven points yesterday, OUCH
The only reason your freaking out is because they worked for the Trump campaign plain and simple if it was Hilary you wouldn’t bat a eye
eh now the idiots who report others as "fake profile" for not having real name and real pic will learn their lesson the hard way lol
Jake Bender fake is fake like the phony they support, cnn is legit news the truth with facts #bluenovember
CNN6 hours ago

An Idaho man says his 8-week-old puppy is fine after Delta sent it to Las Vegas by mistake. It's at least the fourth airline error involving an animal in a week.

I love my dogs, they are part of my family. However. This tends to distracts from the big issue of gun violence.
I can see this leading to an uptick in “service animals” on flights. You can literally buy those vests at the pet store, and no one can challenge you. It’s obvious when it’s not a real service animal. I was on a flight with a “service” Pomeranian the other day that barked the whole time 🙄
I worked at Midway airport for 9 years, partly as a ramp agent loading your bags. I would open every pet cage and pet your dogs before every flight took off if they were on there(2005-2014). I miss them all, and I hope it helped comfort them before they were in the air
No airlines should be able to fly any animal except full documented service animals..
It really isn’t rocket science... I don’t know how they continue to be so negligent. At this point they should not let these airlines fly any Pets if they can’t guarantee their safety/ proper location .
Who cares, dogs suck... (this should get interesting) 😈
I love Delta.....I'll give them this least they didn't put him in the bin up above....
Keep your animals at home,
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas except for herpes.
Think if how many regular suitcases are lost. Nobody hears about my 2 bags that were sent to the wrong place. Just because they are animals, they make a big deal, when in reality, they're just a piece of luggage in a crappy system. I am not saying that it is ok, but it really happens alot to regular luggage
This is nothing new, happens all the time..happen to my dog & the answer from delta was I don’t know where your dog currently is..really?!?! You pay a lot of money for crappy service.
When I worked for t!- in the 70’s they made a lot of mistakes. I remember they killed three pallets of chics because they put them in the rear cargo hold on a 707. The front is pressurized not the rear. But I also know several people who chased and rounded up dogs and cats that got loose during the trip. And took great care to get them home. Stuff happens. Mistakes are made.
So we going to hear about these sad but not really that important story.(I know to the owners they matter.)
Does anybody actually do their jobs anymore..... The apathy everywhere is just sad.
Maybe I should take Delta. Plan on going to California and Wind up in Hawaii. 😅🌴🌞
why do so many people bring their dogs on a plane with them? leave them at home with someone, or don't have one at all. unless it's a service dog, what's the point?
The puppy described the entire ordeal as "ruff."
At 8 weeks old the puppy should still be with the mother
I'm sure this happens more then you think, just because one story made the news now they gotta tell em all...
I feel for these pets- I honestly do as a person who considers them family, but there is more “light” being shed on lost puppies than School kids being massacred. Let’s get our priorities straight...
After a while these stories about tragic events with pets become less and less of a story with more occurrences. Kind of like Gun violence in this country. 🤔
This is a false flag. That puppy is at every single major event involving dogs. It is really a 9 year old dog actor.
Maybe he gambled there and won some treats😻
Did he get extra miles?
When will they begin doing this to humans? I wouldn't mind accidentally ending up somewhere tropical for a while.
CNN6 hours ago

This village in China is a modern-day shrine to President Xi Jinping.

CNN paid a visit and were followed by security the entire time -- they wanted to make sure that no one criticized China's new "president for life."

China is smart. The did not want y`all to broadcast fake news there like you do in America.
And this is what America will look like if we don't get Trump OUT!!!
there was a time when China was referred to as the 'sick man of Asia' ... Xi is a brilliant, wise, and cerebral leader, who's turned that nation into arguably the top superpower in the world ..... they are smart for realizing what they have in him, and for making him a longterm's a reasonable and practical move.... . there's no reason to ruin a good thing, and have some fool take over who turns the nation into going backwards
Im new here....where do i find the 'news'?
To the Western Media , why add Fire & Oil if the Citizens is happy with it current leader. Chairman Xi is good to Great China , he bring China to the next higher level which you bunch of Westerners is very envious and jealous.
Trump's taking careful notes of this.
What is the world coming to?
How about covering the storm/tornado damage around Alabama tonight?
How many millions in china will die this time if they criticize their leader
CNN had security. Wow. So they were followed by people with guns. Surprise CNN isn’t trying to push their anti gun narrative In China.
Trump want to do this so bad hahahaha but quess what dumy u can't but u have billions buy urself a island so far away from America n take ur supporters n u can have it all parades a big wall
O wow let’s have a party a mass murder being celebrated like a god utter shite I can’t figure why we trade with these kind of countries
Another dictator bad enough he was a communist
Who cares ? That’s their country go poke yours .
Theres putin.... now this xi.... modern emperors. Proof that humanity never learns history lessons.
Xi is more socialist than any other leader in their past. After living their and treated like a rock star for nearly 4 years and 3 more in Taiwan. The Taiwanese are kinder and more forward thinking. Southern Chinese are generally kinder as well. Be careful in Beijing, but just like anywhere in the world; There are good places to be and bad places. I spoke to my Chinese friends about this topic. Roughly 30% are unhappy with him changing the laws. However, they are older and aren't fond of change. If 60-70% of 1.4 billion people agree that he's the best leader since Mao... China isn't a cult... I have taught adults, children and worked as an international sales manager near Shanghai. Has anyone been to China for more than 3 years let alone 8 to 20...
President for life? That is how CNN call XIJINPING?🤔Interesting
CNN supporters and liberals would love communism.
So a daughter in the 1970s plays with her doll with a plastic knitting tool, a witchcraft technique, on her father to be an alcoholic because he did not allow her to go on a date with a dangerous guy and her Natie.
Lots of trump trolls out tonight, can’t believe all of the people biting their bait!
On the ??? America has around 500 people trying to run US & China has only 1...I have been there & all looked A-Ok OhMy!
Ah. Good will surely come of this. I mean you can just see this all going to a GREAT place can't ya!?
Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon.
Ahaha!why the icc,chr,ue,un.wont criticized china only small country
XI staying for life is going to be hotbeds for unrests and massive protests.1989 will repeat itself.Look out.Chinese are out of their Mao shell now.Ratchet!
CNN7 hours ago

The studio co-founded by disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been crippled by the sexual harassment and assault allegations that were first made against him late last year.

The Trump organisation will also face a similar situation very soon!
Liberal here. Weinstein can go to hell. Creep.
unproven allegations have destoyed a thriving business and created unemployment. thats what liberal women call progress.
That's okay, the Trump organization will be facing bankruptcy after Trump is indicted for collusion and obstruction!!
Wait til he rolls on the Clinton crime family
Lol hows the democrats feeling about one of their own going down.
You'd think with all that money he'd put some away; guess he thought he was above the law like someone we all know 😉
where is hillary who was shown in a photo rubbing his chest, she is not financially helping him out, after he financially helped her
You deserve being a sex predator! You should be locked up in GITMO together with Bill Clinton !
Democrats will come running to his rescue.
He deserves no protection. The accusers weren't protected from him black balling them after they rejected him.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Wow! Guess this is how all those women whose careers he destroyed felt. Tsktsk!
I hate that it's hurting so many people other than him
Don't worry, there will be a movie made about Weinstein's career and rake in millions. Just like O.J. They both won't be hurting for cash or fame.
I feel bad for the employees that didn’t take part in his crap. Maybe they will find employment.
Poor overly rich pig crying the blues...seriously...pathetic.
They may never make another movie again, but there are some made this production company that I still like to watch. I'm not going to be one of those people who'll treat a company like lepers, just because one of the board members is a piece of garbage.
The U.S. will follow suit on just a few years at the rate we are going.
Love to hear his side of story how many offered bj to get movie roles
I don’t think the company should suffer for his actions. Restructure and rename it and continue business .
He could downsize and live like a king in the countryside for 100years. To bad he won’t. People are the worst.
He just needs to work on his approach is all..
They don’t feel so hot when they are broke!!! Hahahahahahaha
Oh how the mighty fall......
CNN7 hours ago

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has damaged Facebook's brand, and it'll take a Herculean effort to restore public trust in its commitment to privacy and data protection, writes Dylan Byers

Ultimately you alone are responsible for what you post. Facebook offers a free and open platform. Don’t complain about your privacy being invaded and your personal information being compromised when it was you who chose to post it on Facebook, of all places.
I wish they would shut all social media off for 30 days or longer. So we all would go back to real life and stop all this arguing and fighting.
I guess I don't see it as a crisis. Maybe I'm missing something, but Facebook and Google know everything about us anyway. I swear I get ads that pop up when I think about browsing for something. None of this is surprising. I mean Alexa is always listening and there are cameras in our microwaves.
It would be nice if we could post something with differing views and not have it hidden or banned just because it doesnt fit the lefts narrative
It's a social media for heaven sake..if u are putting your personal information then u are the wrong one... Truth be said mark is genius..
Ain’t nobody trusted fb with personal info since ads matching verbal conversations starting appearing. Shush. No one is stopping using fb. 😂😂
Lots of triggered Twump supporters late at night, shouldn't they be in bed with their safety blanket
Mark Cuckerberg has a giant wall around his house but opposes a border wall.
Turning off Facebook 04-01. Can you imagine if everyone suspended their account for just a day?
FB is just a data mining company documenting every detail of everyone including address, IP address, and everything about you...
ALL social media does this. What world are people living in that has kept them cynical and ignorant to how the internet works. We're plugged in, literally.
That's right! Now we know why Trump doesn't use Facebook. He knows how corrupt it is. So he only uses Twitter. Wow.
we all know facebook is business not social free give away. Your data is money for facebook, and sell it to adverstiser and third party. Mark Zuckerberg is business man. Dont cry if they use your data photo, child photo, family pictures to gather data about market trends or survey.
This scandal affected Facebook's share price. It lost over 4% in yesterday's DOW. Mr. Zuckerberg took a hit of some $5 billion. Ouch. We shall see if Facebook stock rebounds and for that matter, survives. Guk ma mal.
I really hope I am wrong and this marks a watershed moment where people start valuing their privacy again, but somehow I suspect that by this time next month, people will have forgotten all about it.
"It'll take a Herculean effort to restore public trust in its commitment to privacy and data protection..." UMMMMM, no one normal is talking about this. We are still logging on to Facebook every ten minutes. Millennials especially sold their souls to Facebook a decade ago.
Cambridge Analytica has been one of the primo data mining operations and the Trump campaign was not the only one to use their services. Look at the FEC filings and how many other campaigns paid them for their data. Data mining has been going on for a long time, not just campaigns but for other marketing uses.
I want my info back! You can't even get it if you close your FB account, or die! Yet they allow it to be sold to Russia! Mark has some explaining to do!
At least 2 years ago I was reading about Alex Jones's connection with Cambridge Analytica and his background support/advice on Trump campaign. Jones is still pumping out his bile everyday on radio and millions of listeners hang on his every word. America is on a downward path and this will continue all the while it prioritises money above all else.
Only a fool would have ever believed that anything they put out there is private. The very act of owning a cell phone is a choice to allow the cell phone companies, Google, apple, the government, or anybody else who know everything you do. Who you talk to, where you go, what you look at, everything.
Privacy? So much inappropriate personal crap people share and they're worried about Privacy? Hahaha!!!
This afternoon i was talking bout replacing my iPad at work. 4 hours later guess what? iPad ads from different retails popping up on my feed. 👎🏾
I love Facebook, doesn’t matter what happened. I always be in touch with my family and friends on Facebook.
To me, this saga boils down to the intellectual arrogance of Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg with regard to the protection of privacy and personal data. On the other hand, those users who rampantly put their personal information on the open platform without due diligence must share part of the problem too.
This was a totally underhanded scam. And there will be more like this. Social media has changed many of the ways we communicate. Some very good But there will be more very bad underhanded scams like this We all must know this and remember this
CNN8 hours ago

“I am concerned we made Russia aware of the programs that we were working on and that might have sparked an idea that eventually led to some of the disinformation programs that we have seen." - Former Cambridge Analytica contractor Christopher Wylie discusses the data...

This is the type of person that comes to my mind , when today somebody mentions a “liberal”. These gender fluid butterflies are the norm today. They have crazy outlandish opinions , they don’t believe in the real world. Hate to work , generally unemployed. Socialist / communist bums. 😆
I have a hard time believing the credibility of someone that looks like this...
For the love of god is there any real men out there. I am chopping wood for a fire tonight. That would trigger this pink snowflake.
I love all these post about this guys appearance. I'm trying to see how it's relavant with anything being reported. The message is being lost because people are hating on this dude's style. Some of you need to grow up and be better humans.
In case you weren't aware, this is the guy who blew the whistle on Cambridge Analyitica the vary company that is going to bring Tump and his minions down. He's not fake news. You would know this if you didn't rely on Rush, Alex and Fax news as your "news" sources.
Who would believe an orange oompa loompa who sexually assaults women, betrays the United States, and is trying to be a dictator??
Hows a young techie supposed to look? Stiff and in a stuffy suit? Get over it folks. Times have changed.
I would not trust a sissy liberal, since he was just an employee it's most likely fake news
Looks like he fits right in at CNN, oh crap.........I should not presume the gender, that would be wrong of me.
Good for him for speaking out. And it doesn't matter if his hair is pink or that he is gay, he is doing the right thing now.
Im not judging a book by its cover, but this clown doesnt know what the eff hes talking about. And if he wanted anyone to listen to him then he needs to clean up his image. But even if he wore a tuxedo, what he is saying is nonsense. Is it palusible? that what happened? NO!! Of course it isnt....Disinformation.
How can anyone take a person that looks like this seriously? And for all those that are going to try to bash me solely upon his appearance, I ask you this. How would you feel if one of our countries intelligence directors look like this? Would you take James Comey statements as seriously or Robert Mueller statements as seriously if they dressed and look just like this individual?
Nothing to see here folks, just trying to make you forget about how the DNC and Clinton conspired against Bernie.
Countries have been trying to influence the election in other countries since elections began. The US does it as well, ask Netanyahu. But this clown thinks they got the idea from him. 😂😂😂😂
So far just a bunch of ad hominem attacks on the way the guy looks, nothing of substance from the party of liberty.
I watched this guy earlier. He wants to talk to Mueller but will not let them check his cell phone or computer info. Sounds like another person wanting his 15 min of fame.
Keep yourself safe young man, If people are doing this, and your speaking,your at Risk, They are not honorable, so be careful.
In many ways,facebook facilitated the russians disinformation campaign that sucked in the gullible rube trumptards. And wingnut media was a willing participant
I'm SURE the Mercers' (funders, just for the record here, of both Cambridge Analytica and the Breitbart website) motives were 100% above board and beyond all ethical reproach! 😝
Trump was terrible and Hillary was terrible. Russia didn't need to convince anyone. CNN did more to elect Trump than Russia ever dreamed
So the Cambridge Analytica data was shared with the Russians so they'd know how to best proceed to help trump win the election. Coming from this dude, that is pretty damning!
Lol if looks determines truth then All you have to do is look at the orange Buffoon to know that every word that comes out is a lie ! And if you believe Donnie tells the truth there is something seriously wrong with you 😂 😜
They assumed people were dumb and less than human before based on appearance . Remember that. They slander it destroy what challenges their way of thinking without listening to what other people are saying because they don't care.
I may have played a role in what I did, but I feel like I didn't do it, because I'm not saying that Russia isn't a factor, but you have to understand that I don't know what I'm saying, because I can't say it, which is why I'm talking to you!
Christopher, you must have known that what you were doing was unethical. Maybe that’s the lesson you should take from this. If what you are doing is harmful or could be used to harm others (yes, deception and manipulation count), then don’t do it. Being an ethical person means making correct decisions.
CNN8 hours ago

John Dean, who served as White House counsel for President Nixon during Watergate, says President Donald J. Trump has engaged in a "very public obstruction of justice"

CNN is as bad as Hillary. Lol Can't accept Trump is President! Keep telling opinionated stories and try to get people to believe them. Sad!!
Trump will be impeached soon enough! Mueller is collecting evidence against Trump right now! That's why he wants to fire Mueller but knows he can't because he sure enough would be impeached for obstruction. But this thing is deeper than the Russian collusion. Just sit back and watch the show like I am! Your time in office, Mr. Trump, is ticking away....tick tock, tick tock,....
Eugenie says, There are Republicans on the Mueller investigation team, and Robert Mueller himself, is a lifelong, Republican. Gotcha!! James Comey, and Andrew McCabe, are also Republicans. You Trumpsters, need to stop with the Fox, snd Hannity watching, snd the breitbart reading, and go read something, that actually has some truth and facts to them!
This is probably the same person that said Hillary Clinton has done nothing wrong and the Clinton foundation can be looked up to as a place of integrity, pride, and always doing the right thing no matter what middle eastern country gives you millions of dollars while you are sitting Secretary of State.
Trump supporters are the odd breed of people who not only know that they're doomed to be on the wrong side of history, but for some reason seem to be proud of it. It's like being on board a sinking ship, knowing it's going to sink, having plenty of room in the lifeboats, and bragging to all the people who are already in them about how they're all a bunch of snowflakes and how awesome your hypothermia is gonna feel.
Notice how Cooper made these claims but provided no evidence to back it up. This is how CNN brainwashes their viewers. They make bold, outrageous, clickbait claims and then provide no substance to back it up. And people actually believe it!
Couldn't have said it better myself! Been saying since the beginning he's another Nixon
We are nation of democracy. Our founding fathers fought so hard to give us freedom. How can one can support our POTUS when he doesn’t say anything about the Russians? Attacking our infrastructure such as electricity. Power grids!! No other country have right to create chaos in our right to choose who ever we want. The way he is running the White House is not an apprentice show. Our life is at stake. Our country. He is very unstable.
It seems Trump wants to be the President who does almost every shameful act any prior President has engaged in ... only worse.
John Dean knows what he is talking about, he himself lived through the Nixon debacle!!!!
Hahah. CNN comment section never lacks proper Trumpist/Russian trolls/bots. Saying and repeating whatever stupidities the conspiracy theorists and the weak minded love to read. But it's the only thing they can do, happily drown themselves in their self imposed ignorance, fear and hate.
Yep. Impeach, convict, and eradicate the Trump brand (stain) from this great country. Please?
Mueller appointed the director of the FBIs Office of Professional Responsibility. Obama appointed the IG. Those are the people who recommended McCabes firing. That's an absolute FACT. Trump had nothing to do with it.
Swing and a miss, CNN. Your readers don't know history in general. What makes you think they'd remember a president being involve in illegal campaign opposition spying and deletion of sensitive records? Oops.
Nixon was wrong, he knew he was wrong and still had respect for the office of the President - Trump can even imagine any of these
The end is near that’s why trump feels like a cage animal , desperate !!! Muller is coming for you and a few more !
Ha, ha, ha. Would be every prosecutors dream to argue a case for his obstruction of justice before a jury. So much evidence against him. Ha, ha.
Steroids, stilts and we all know he smoking that pipe in the middle of the night when he's coming unglued on twitter.
Steroids, stilts, the internet and his very own propaganda ministry in Fox. John Dean and David Gergen have seen this movie before. Their observations are thought-provoking and sobering. This presidency will not end well. If trump had any honor, he'd resign now and save himself and the country a lot of misery. Nixon did.
Now wouldn't it be nice if Mueller was able to bust the entire clan? Just throw every last Trump and/or family member/business parter/foreign government in the slammer for life, or a few lives.
Trump’s lawyers are being paid to make it look it’s the FBI who are the problem, even though they are republicans. What’s you theory on why everyone on Trump’s campaign had ties to Russia? Don Jr. blasted the media saying no one met with Russians. Yeah right! With all the indictments, guilty pleas, and people now talking, Mueller WILL get to the truth. Trump is panicking so he HAS to attack the FBI. More is coming out every day.
Trump had to outdo someone—-he couldn’t do the right thing—-so his competition with Trickie Dickie is inevitable. Donny always wants to win. Even if it’s at losing.
Tell the House of Representatives, John Dean. If they won't act, we will, by voting them out of office this November.
Sad, that the Russian 🐓 lcver thinks he is above US Law. Donnie's up for a rude awakening and crash course on this.
I want Trump to obstruct justice that way he'll be impeached. That would make America great again! Having affairs is also great. Go Trump!
CNN8 hours ago

Following a report that his departure is imminent, Facebook's chief security officer says he's still at the social media company

CNN is fake news
This is nothing new. OFA used FB quite effectively and it’s not illegal. But CNN wants you to believe it is.
Why would the Steve Bannon founded group, Cambridge Analytical have Obama or Clinton as clients. They lean more to the right, politically. It's why they've been investigated at length by the UK press.
Only Liberals believe FB hand anything to do with changing someone vote, SMH. Dumb!
We haven't seen people who voted for Trump saying that they've been deceived or misled by Facebook or Russia to vote for Trump. It's not Machine or Russians that voted Donald J Trump into Office to become the 45th President of America, it's ordinary Americans who previously voted for Obama as President but were disappointed that he couldn't fulfill the promises he made during his campaign, those ordinary Americans were the same people who choose Trump as someone who can deliver on his promises because they knew that Hillary Clinton would be the continuation of Obama administration who had let many American companies to move to abroad, unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump spent a lot of time and energy going to cities, towns and rural area to deliver his messages to working class Americans who received his messages and decided to vote for him.
I just wonder if Russian money is...nahhhhh, surely not....
Whoops. Guess that press release wasn't supposed to come out until the morning. You better start checking Indeed, buddy.
So CNN lied again, yes they did.
Can they fire Fuckerberg? Asking for the world
Facebook must be destroyed by Secret Police using most ruthless measures
FakeBook will be protected by very fake news. Get woke.
Republicans on the House Intel Committee are refusing to question this guy.
Fire him Too..Hackers ALL The time try sending friend request of those that are ALREADY Friends
All this hubbub, and Zuckerberg claimed there was no "misinformation being spread" because of the time he didn't realize Facebook was being utilized by conservative platforms it didn't catch and sensor, Zuckerberg believed that the only misinformation was being furthered by Facebook from the likes of CNN, and knew heavy-handed censorship and algorithms were used to remove most conservative reporting and support.
He wasn’t fired, but he’s been unfriended by Zuckerberg.
From lost pages, turn of ages. Didn't turn out well of integrations.
That's because FB hasn't told you yet. You know now though.
Hmmm apparently can't find his way out of the executive washroom
Hmm, chief information security officer at Yahoo and that was breached. Facebook, new breach. Sir, flipping burgers may be a better career option for you
™©2018. Where to be FB security adviser, I would be sickened.
I think the only departure we should worry about is that eye.
And he says he's eating buffalo wings with his feet up on the desk.
He looks like a member of the Russian MOB
He then said if anyone wants coffee just let him know how you like it and he will get right on that
Ban facebook.
CNN9 hours ago

Susan Pompeo, wife of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief Mike Pompeo, takes an unusually active role at the agency, frequenting its main campus and making a visit to its training facility

Is there anyone who is just a normal person in Trumps administration? It seems like a circus with Trump as the ringleader...Do you Americans understand how much you have diminished in the eyes of the rest of the world. China & Russia can't believe their good fortune
I love watching as everyone on your channel bashes every movement Trump makes, yawl still dont get it, keep it up, we are watching, you are making it very easy for Trump in 2020.
Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. Has this loser hired or appointed anyone who isn't a crook? Does he even *know* anyone who isn't a crook?
Trump appoints winners and Liberals are all losers. I vote GOD and I love Jesus and I think Putin is a good man. #LiberalTriggerWarning
Why! Did someone hire her. What the hell is this crap going on with our government agencies. These are classified agencies these people are strolling g through. Talk about safeguarding our nation. Does she get an I'd card too? Holy crap.
When "Bring your wife to work day" goes too far. Meanwhile in the White House. "Bring your daughter to work day" is getting more and more creepy.
What qualifications does she have to be there? Any at all? Guess she gave trump money.
Isn't the CIA a secret society where they discuss secret stuff even spouses are not suppose to know about what they are discussing?Just asking.This administration has their family in their offices working,The Trumps,The Carsons,Pompeo wife Mnuchin wife inside the treasury.
The nepotism in this administration is unprecedented. 😏
All these wives so involved in their hubby's jobs are only there to keep their eyes on them. Seems like most of these good old boy GOP guys like to have a girlfriend or two on the side.
Cambridge Analytica, you fools voted for a bunch of slogans that were made up by a computer software system, jejejejejeje
Ah, this trend is quite disturbing in this administration.
?? .. and Mr. Neuro Surgeon, turned HUD expert had his wife shopping for dining sets that cost $30k. All Trump puppets have turned their appointments at these agencies into a family affair, modelling the Trump family in the WH. WHAT IS THIS LORD?
Well, why not? Ivanka conducts foreign affairs...
This administration treats national security, like a joke. Then want to yell about "Hillary Clinton's E-mails."
More Grifters. Trump has brought the swamp to Washington.
Ah, nepotism runs rampant in this administration... everyone, their wives, mistresses, children and step children's neighboar's dog flea are in the WH running schemes
Susie is helping popularize the hot new buzzword, Espionage Mom. Her ilk are surveilling their way to crushing the hapless soccer mom contingent. Call 'em E-MILFs. Well, some of 'em, at least.
The Pompeo wife. The Carson wife. The Shulkin wife. “Mother” Pence. The daughter-wife tRump-Kushner. A government of wives? Not normal.
What's there to see here but a wife who is taking an active role in helping other families with deployment issues. A lot of scuttlebutt by worry worts that are doing their patriotic duty of slinging mud at another Trump administration appointment. I don't recall this type of intense scrutiny when Obama made appointments; but those were different times and our press seldom looked at the Obama's admin the same way they do Trump's.
Dang! Hillary’s E-Mails are minute when compared to the legal corruption this administration is getting away with before our very own eyes! 🤣😂💁🏻‍♀️
What is with all these extraneous people having access to so much info and wandering around at will? It's all just a tad bit insane. If she wants a position, she should apply for one.
Is this another one who needs “mother” around or does she just need to keep an eye on him because the repubs seem to be horny toads lately.
Trumps hand picked team is down to a point where he is now scrapping the bottom of the barrel now to fill voids.... Pathetic!
Active role: Orange’s wife was to make her friend rich from event planning Ben Carson’s wife was picking out expensive furniture Steve Munich’s wife was to travel on official or military aircraft
CNN9 hours ago

Delayed US-South Korea military drills are planned to start April 1 as President Donald J. Trump prepares for summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Besides Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan - Trump is the greatest President this Country has ever had.
Yes, the only person qualified to save America from a devastating nuclear war with an insane dictator is a handbag designer who just happens to be his own daughter(how's that for luck)... WE'RE SAVED!
Please just take Trump to NK and leave him. He has done nothing good for this country
Oh boy, just what Kim asked us not to do. This should really make the talks happen now. Sigh.
An innocent man doesn’t try to end an investigation that would exonerate him. He would allow that investigation to go forward to prove his innocence. If the Mango Mussolini is innocent then why is he trying to stop the investigation? Hmmmm I'm going to go out on a limb here and say he's scared #ShitLess of Robert Mueller lmmfao 😂😂😂😂😂 #ShittingHisPantaloons #ManyAreGettingArrested
He can't even handle firing his own staff face to face, how is he supposed to handle himself in the negotiations with North Korea?
Good, I'm happy we are showing off that we are still the Worlds Most Powerful Country, the land of the free. The land of opportunity. Our military has always been our backbone. 🇺🇸
How fervently so many want to be (and want everyone else to be) the North Koreans! Militarism, parades, cultish rallies, jingoism, worship of an anthem, revulsion to peaceful protest, silencing of others, grasping at the education system, homogeneity, fear mongering, a constant stream of propaganda, whataboutism, use of revisionist history, an unchecked executive, rejection of a free press, and unswerving sycophancy to a single self-indulgent leader and his family. One couldn’t tell whether that list was describing the poor wretches of the DPRK or Trump’s base - they’re both so similar!
Let us hope that egos can be put aside for this summit and it does not become what starts WW3
Yet Joe Biden’s son John Kerrys stepson both rolling in billion of dollars from their dealings with China. CORRUPTION at its finest...smh!
First of all he will have to do a lot of research and reading which is something he doesn't know how to do.
Really, Kim (whose thrown a hissy fit about this in the past) is all of a sudden totally cool with these military exercises? Really? We’re supposed to believe that? Or is it just an April Fool’s gag that Don the Con cooked up?
don't believe them.strange south korean official. destroy north korea
One of the easiest things to do to ease tensions would be to stop these exercises. Can't imagine we'd be too happy either if Russia or China decided to hold military drills just miles from our borders on a regular basis.
10 yrs of hard labor for Trump! 🎎👀 Plz go to North Korea to MAGA! 😃
What a perfect date, April Fools Day..... 😁😁😁😁😁
They should probably delay the exercises in the interest of diplomacy...but that probably makes too much sense for this administration.
Sounds like they are seriously bored...puzzles, checkers, cards, crosswords are wide open guys!
Prayers for President Donald J Trump as He goes on this journey for America
Unpredictable Kim and NK will lunch a latest Missile anytime soon to show Trump that he is still in control. If Trump really wants to talk the way forward with Kim then the USA should think rethink about any joint military propaganda with SK for the main time.
North Korean leader is a smart because he have experience . We all hope our president will do smart thing
This is not a good lead up to talks. He always fires rockets during these tests.
This could be the biggest break through in 50 years. We all should wish our President and country well. It is the chance of a lifetime!
absolutely north korea keep their nuclear weapon. kim jong un is liar.
I have a horrible feeling that Trump will walk out of the NK meeting with a confused look on his face muttering "What the hell just happened?" as North Korean flags go up in all states west of the Mississippi.
CNN10 hours ago

When these shoplifters attempted to exit a Costco carrying stolen computers and vacuums, police officers were there waiting and caught them red-handed

The robbers haven’t left the building so technically they haven’t stolen anything, cops needed to wait until they actually left the building. Otherwise a great lawyer can fight their case. I’m not saying they didn’t rob Costco, all I’m saying, the cops l left the robbers to have an out.
Hold up these are VERY fine people according to DONALD TRUMP a judge will dismiss all charges because they're WHITE
Liberal's don't want them arrested, they want their votes. They could care less what crimes they have commited.
Based on liberal logic... now that they got out of the store with the items, they own it! Shame on the police for racially profiling😂
It's funny how some of you on here saying it's fake news. I bet if it was brown colored suspects, your comments would have been totally different. Smh lol
Hey CNN, just curious about your coverage of the teens looting Walmart in Chicago during the walkout of high schools this week? Oops forgot it doesn't fit your liberal left agenda!
Mueller is a Republican. Rosenstein is a Republican. Comey is a Republican. McCabe is a Republican. Make no mistake, there's no 'liberal' conspiracy going on. Cadet Bone Spurs and the The Trump Crime Family are just plain simple bad criminals. Tic Toc Tic Toc Toc Tic Toc Toc Tic Toc goes the Trump Impeachment Countdown Clock
Looks like the officers are having fun! Its not everyday that criminals deliver themselves right into handcuffs 😀
This kind of stuff makes me so mad. When you steal from a business you are basically stealing from each of us. Businesses pass the cost of thieves on to the customers.
And now, lots of time and money are going to be spent on a trial. Eveyrone knows they did it, so just skip the middle man and send them directly to jail.
Too funny. Really? Have to pay first and then get that type of item at the cash at our Canadian Costco.
Hey don’t treat them bad! They are future of this country....future entrepreneurs/start up founders! 🤣🤣
Surprise surprise you dumb idiots just got a free ride in the new hellcat Challenger cruiser and please don't forget to smile in your new mugshot .
Besides Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan - Trump is the greatest President this Country has ever had.
The really newsworthy part of this is when one of the cops says "Wow, that worked out great!" Even he is shocked that they managed not to screw up and shoot one of the thieves! 🤣🤣🤣😂
But yet if it was the cops stealing computers and vacuums, they would not be arrested or punished at all. Smh.
That reminds me of when when they busted Hillary leaving the Whitehouse with cartloads of antique furniture and silverware.😂😂😂
Meanwhile the real thief called Elizabeth Holmes stolen $700 million from investors & was only fine $500,000 with no jail time smh. Broke justice system when your white & rich.
Not worth discussing with a pseudo wannabe lawyer. There are countless cases of robbers being arrested and convicted after being caught inside the store/premises. I suggest research before opening thy mouth.
I like how businesses are cheating on paying their taxes, but they are always so thrilled to get the help of tax-payer funded law enforcement
The boys in blue got them real good. Neither one of those crooks can say quote "It wasn't me". They got caught red handed.
U got to be the worlds most dumb shoplifter in the whole planet earth to do this during the day and act like no one would see u lmao. Holy crap these people were For sure gone with the wind lmao.
I remember a time when I was working downtown and sat outside to eat lunch. A dude came up to me carrying a case. He asked me if i wanted to buy a computer. He opened the case so I could see it. It was an electric typewriter. He didn't know it wasn't a computer. I told him no thanks and never told him it wasn't a computer.
The merchandise is still inside the building. It's not theft until they exit with store property but without a receipt.
Who gets away with that much merch? They must have been scoping for lazy employees for weeks to pull that off. Looking like the Cleavers. Lol. 🤣
CNN10 hours ago

This is the stuff that fuels fortune hunters' dreams

CNN is fake news.
CNN is fake news.
Look at all these fake trolls trolling CNN. As you can see they are ALL so-call men. I guess this is the only job they can get... It's the same ones on here daily on every single post. #GetARealJob 😫
CNN is Isis
Libs can't respond because it's a post that's not about Trump.. They're so confused right now 😂
surprised CNN didn't say trumps grandpa stole it lmao!!!😂😂😂
The FBI digging for gold, that could benefit the nation. That was already achieved thanks to Mueller.
Queen of UK has a gold bar store most of which was stolen from Africa.
Wait, didn't Clive Cussler write a book about this?
The Feds are looking for secessionist gold. While they ignore tips and children are slaughtered. They should be ashamed
Trump will be trying to take it for himself
Where do i apply to become an FBI treasure hunter? Is there an online application? I would love the opportunity to discuss what might look like weaknesses on my resume. Lol
Ask the FBI they probably donated it all to Hillary's campaign. Mommy wants mommy gets.
It's not fake news, it's in my town and the FBI is there. They've been there for about a week now.
No! This is suppose to be buried behind my house!
Nope- just more dead bodies that were burried thanks to the Clinton's.....
I didn’t know my tax dollars were supporting FBI treasure hunts. I’m sure a bar or two wouldn’t go missing 😂
When people are saying this is fake it’s not, American tax dollars hired the fbi and a treasure hunt group to dig around our area in pa!
after the government get's done "confiscating" the lion's share it won't be as much a "fortune".
Calm down guys. It's not fake news. I was the one who discovered these gold bars. At this point, we're just trying to figure out the true origin of these golden bricks. In time more information will be released. I just hope I get a fair cut from discovering them. You know how our government likes to screw people over. 🙄
Watching tv I gather The Curse of Confederate Gold. really slow news day?
US treasury to help every American with healthcare
U can find it inside trumps bed that how he won the voters
Putting zest back in the civil war thoughts? lol CNN
Come back when you find it cnn; you must be pretty bored to choose this useless story while the whole world is on fire as we speak! ! LOL!
CNN11 hours ago

Mississippi now holds the distinction of having the earliest abortion ban in the nation

Let's be clear, they aren't banning abortions at 15 weeks, they are just making abortions after 15 weeks happen in schools and behind dumpsters.
MIssissippi..... keepin' it backwards. I feel so sorry for the intelligent people of this state that are so far out-numbered by the fake "small" government conservatives. Only women should be able to vote for any laws on our bodies.
Most abnormalities that could harm the mother aren’t even found until a routine 20 week ultrasound. This is putting women at risk.
Before I make my statement, I want to go on the record that my political views tend to lean to the liberal side. Also, I’m an agnostic who believe that the government should be fully secular, and that there should be total separation of church and state. That been said, don’t people wonder why, regardless on your views on abortion, every time there’s turmoil in the country, or, people are asking the government for better protections to the working class, the issue of abortion immediately comes into debate. Same thing happens with marihuana laws. In my case I support abortion rights, without any restrictions. That been said, at this particular moment in the history of the United States, the working class is facing so many financial struggles, that abortion, whether you agree with it or not, should be the least concern among both major political parties, Republican and Democrats, among the many hurdles that the working families are facing. The constant debate about the topic of abortion is the best distraction that lawmakers can concoct to deflect the attention of the voters of the real issues that should matter to them. Thanks for your time reading my comment.
Isn't it funny the GOPers think that banning all abortions will stop abortions but that banning all guns won't stop a thing. interesting.
Poor Mississippi! 🙁 They rank near or at the bottom of most national statistics. Now there will be more of them. My sincere apologies to those Mississippians that don't fit the stereotype.
It's not enough but it's an admirable start. Hopefully this will encourage women (and men) to make responsible sexual choices.
Mississippi has trounced on women's rights for too long. It's time the supreme court steps in and invalidates this ludicrous law. The government needs to stop telling a women what she can and cannot do with her own body.
It's unconstitutional to dictate what a woman may do with her own body. Until the fetus is born the mother's right prevail.
Mississippi has the highest (live birth) infant death rate in the U.S. And it has been increasing. Legislators should be fixing that.
Words matter. The headline should read 'Mississippi endangers women's health by banning a medical procedure they disagree with'.
It’s also the poorest state per capita and we all know what a poor woman needs the most... an unwanted pregnancy.
Women in Mississippi continue to vote for these men that want power over their bodies. Try voting for someone who thinks the choice should be yours!
And when unwanted babies are born who will step up to the plate to take care of them? Ignorant state.
Yet Mississippi is broke as hell, bxtches about having to pay for the fetus once it's born, has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates and refuses to teach sex education. They are pro-birth not pro-life.
They only care while in the womb, once out they don't care to help support these babies. Spend the money on improving the quality of life of Mississippians with so many living in poverty and whose educational services are in the dump.
Probably the only thing in which Mississippi is first. Let’s hope all these “good Christian men and women” who voted for this will now step up to raise the unwanted babies. Oh, that’s right, they only care in uterine. Once they’re born, they’re on their own for education, food, healthcare, etc
Good god if there’s any state that should be doing everything they can to minimize births it should be Mississippi!
As well as least educated state, least desirable to live state, most likely to be flown over state, first state a nation would give up for adoption(or sell on the black market), most racist, and most easily forgotten about state
One state and one strand of DNA, must be hard to be a coroner there! No one has teeth! Do they use tattoos to identify the bodies? 😀
Hope it gets overturned for being unconstitutional.
Abortion isn't a democrat or a republican debate. It's a people debate. There are democrats against abortion, and there are republicans that have had abortions. Its not as political as people make it.
When Alabama is thankful for Mississippi, it's usually because they keep us from being 50th in a lot of polls.
This puts womens lives at risk they claim to save life but kill others smh
This is just dangerous. It takes at LEAST 20 weeks before any serious or life-threatening anomalies can be diagnosed. That's a medical fact, like it or not. This isn't pro-life. It's dangerous, reckless, cruel, and completely ignorant.
CNN11 hours ago

Lawmakers need to fund the government before midnight Friday

I’m reminded how much I detest the GOP.
Besides Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan - Trump is the greatest President this Country has ever had.
When you are standing ankle deep in alligators. It is hard to remember why you wanted to drain the swamp...
I distinctly remember trump saying several times we were going to see better and more affordable healthcare. Why is it that every opportunity he gets (including this one), he makes it worse? And what the hell is going on with infrastructure. We have had 2 infrastructure weeks declared by the white house and not a single word about their "imaginary" plan.
We the people are getting tired of this crap.
I remember back in the day when Congress did their primary duty and passed fiscal year budgets and actual appropriations bills. Good times.
Would someone explain what I missed... I thought they JUST passed a spending bill that added $800B to the deficit. Why are we addressing this again?
congratulations to Vladimir Putin CNN did you see Putin power he is the smartest man in the world he has control over USA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪💪💪💪
Let me just put this out there: If there are changes to social security, medicare, veteran services or food programs for children, the elderly and veterans, Congress must not pass the bill. Spine up, lawmakers. Your vote on this budget largely determines whether you will be re-elected. The other part? What you do or not do to protect Mueller and assist him with his investigation.
Collins isn't getting her promised health care fix. Guess she'll have to side with the Dems. in order to show that she has integrity and is a true moderate. (BWAH-HA-HA-HA!!)
This dude found $500 in the parking lot of Sam’s Club today. He tried to give it to a police officer but the officer thought it was a prank and wouldn't accept it. So this idiot bought himself a phone and groceries out of the store with the money. This is where it gets hilarious. The idiot kept tapping on .... See More
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civic's with spoon engines. On top of that he just came into Harry's and ordered 3 t66 turbo's with NOS's and a Motec System Exhaust.
What is with this crap? Literally the GOP controls both the house and senate and still can't get anything passed congress. We need them out of office. They love blaming democrats when the truth is they hold the power.
They really need to get their act together. Right now none of them should be in Washington working for us
If republicans had brains they would have passed a spending bill first before massive tax cuts for billionaires then they would not have to borrow money to balance budget and they call that conservative.
Hmmm, $1 trillion already spent, waiting for that spike in the gdp, businesses tripling their growth and better healthcare to pay back that loan. Wait, we still have to build a see thru border wall and a show your muscle parade. Well, there you go!
This is the worst government in US History. Make sure that every senator, Congressperson and white house appointee goes unpaid until this is fixed. Including Bribes and Kickbacks
Senator Collins: please do not touch social security, Medicare. DO NOT RUSH THIS THROUGH! You ALL loused up the tax reform, don't blow this as well.
This congress is an embarrassment. Not only can't they pass anything, they are standing by and doing nothing about the dangerous idiot in the oval office.
Trump does not give a 💩 about anything other than money, dont stress yourself with an.opinion, he is not worth your breath, so save it.
Remember when shutdowns weren't in the news three separate times in less than a year? Pepperidge Farms remembers.
So this is the 3rd threat of a shutdown in less than 12months. Didn't he once say that a shutdown would fall on the president. How the hell does this happen anyway though? Do other countries have their governments shut down.
Jesus, these fools are this incompentent. 4th shutdown threat sunce fall. Fire them all or suspend pay until the ratify a feasible budget
Pfffh. The GOP needs to do a lot of things, but when you suck so bad you can't even keep the lights on for more than a few weeks at a time, I've abandoned all hope of normalcy. They can't govern #period.
I’ll keep saying it until more people start listening. The US government is insolvent. They need to liquidate the debt, downsize and balance the budget. Neither the Democrats or Republicans want to admit this. 🤷🏾‍♂️
CNN12 hours ago

Abortion opponents are fighting a California law they say is an unconstitutional violation of their free speech rights

If only the right cared as much about children as they pretend they do about fetuses
For all of you religious folks ... please keep your relationship with your imaginary friend to yourself ! No one is telling you what to believe in so please don’t force your beliefs on others !!!
Why is it that Conservatives always complain that their rights are being violated by not being allowed to violate other peoples' rights?
Nothing better to do than stick their nose in other peoples buisness! It is between a woman and her doctor what she decides to do!
There is a simple solution. If you are against abortion, do not have an abortion. A pro-choice person will never force you to have an abortion. Do not deny others the right to make their own choice based on their circumstances and their beliefs. You do not have to agree with their choice but respect their right to decide what is right for them.
Trumpsters- “Abortion is evil!” Also Trumpsters- “Children do not need healthcare, safe schools or healthy lunches!”
Cnn and abortion lovers will burn in hell for killing real innocent lives. Take ownership of your mistakes and stop killing unborn children whose can’t defend themselves.
If thoughts and prayers are good enough for school children then they are good enough for the fetus. Also.... Start taxing churches. If they want to play politics, then they need to pay up and stop being worthless freeloaders.
Each to it own. If women want abortion let them, if women don't want abortion so be it. It's up to the women and couples what they want and decide.
I have my own beliefs and I don't need religion stuffed down my throat. Roe V Wade was decided long ago and to take it away now means dangerous consequences for pregnant ladies who look elsewhere. Get out of here with this nonsense!
If the clinic receives tax dollars, abortion must be discussed. If no tax dollars, no requirement to disclose the option. I don't want my tax dollars going towards progressing any religious beliefs. That's what tithing is for.
Can we kick a different Can down the road? This same crap has been going on to long. The Supreme Court has ruled already many years ago. Leave it rest.
It would be hard to imagine a more clear violation of the 1st Amendment. This should be an easy, 9-0 opinion.
"They say the law discriminates based on their anti-abortion viewpoint." To descriminate (in the context they seem to be using it): "make an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, sex, or age." Since every pregnancy care center has to follow this same law equally, i dont see how they can argue descrimination. They have to do this, anti abortion or not. Can someone explain to me, honestly, how this definition can be used here? (answered, come join discussion below)
Maybe keep your religion and your “God” out of peoples business. Stop Religion now makes more sense then Stop abortion now.
I imagine this will come down to how Justice Kennedy votes. This is just one of the most important areas the Republicans, lead by McConnell have truly rigged. BUT, once the leadership changes and a couple justices retire from the bench, sanity and justice can return to the Supreme Court.
What free speech rights? The right to harass and insult women? Pro-birth people need to put they time and money where they mouth is, go adopt some of the unwanted kids from around the World that need a love family..
I don't have a problem with them expressing their opinions...I have a problem when they pick-and-chose from the morality menu. Their false morality ends when they don't protest against shooting, starving and/or dropping bombs on pregnant women as long as they don't use a scalpel.
The US is NOT a Christian Theocracy. If the Jesus Freaks want to make their own laws, they can form their own country or go to Syria or Iran with their own kind.
"How the court rules could also determine the fate of so-called "informed consent" laws, where states direct doctors to tell patients about potential ramifications of an abortion." Apples and Oranges One is the Dr. telling you the potential risks of a medical procedure (however minor in some cases). The other is a Dr. letting someone know they have a state madated option to a medical procedure they don't medically need.
Attacking these low cost health centers is an attack on the poor. The centers help those who cannot afford private services or the time away from home/job. The poor are also defenseless against the relentless attack of these zealots. They have few ways of fighting back.
I suggest all these pro life people go to these clinics and in stead of shouting profanities, tell these women, making the hardest decision of their life, tell them they will adopt their babies. Time for them to put their money where their mouths are or shut the hell up. Until they walk in another's shoes, they have no say!
Pro-choice here but am curious as to how this will play out. Generally don't feel like the government can force you to say something. The pro-life centers, however, have a history of being misleading in the information that they present. That is a problem.
Abortion was commonplace in the Middle East 2,000 years ago, yet Jesus never said a single word about it. The books of the Old Testament are of one accord: The soul enters the body with the first breath. Not a minute before. There is no biblical basis for “birtherism” or claiming that abortion takes a human life. Believe differently, if you choose to, but don’t blame it on the Bible.
So...these "religious places" are unlicensed. I've never seen a religious organization that provides women's healthcare. What do they have to worry about? That's right, they want the right to lie, deceive, and force birth. I honestly don't get these people. They don't want women to have abortions, but they also don't want women to use birth control. Why don't they just be honest and say "We want women to be breeding machines"?
CNN shared CNNMoney's post.12 hours ago

Facebook shares fell nearly 7% on Monday, erasing all of the company's gains for 2018 in the process — But Zuckerberg doesn't have to listen to Wall Street.

It’s kinda funny how he was on Obama’s side when they used that Cambridge analytics research firm when targeting users for political reasons. They prob even sold info to clinton campaign. Now everybody is outraged that trump did it. Now Dems calling for hearings. You just can’t make this up. #TrumpIsYourPresident 😂😂😂😂
And they should fall. Fb is as unAmerican as it gets. Businesses never appreciate the business.
Facebook could lose half its value and still be one of the world’s most valuable companies, that’s how big they are. This is no Snapchat.
funny is people complaining about how facebook sucks while on facebook 😆
start contacting the advertisers on fakebook and let them know you will not buy their products or view their ads til mark z cleans up facebook from the trolls he keeps allowing and he does the right thing
Besides Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan - Trump is the greatest President this Country has ever had.
Facebook, you were too good to be true. I could get along without you before I met you; I can get along without you now.
I live near all these Facebook techies and they’re making it impossible to afford to live here anymore. Zuckerberg is such an a*hole!
Good. Go down you lill scambs! Lately they been accusing people of having 'false accounts' and demand that the accused users must send them a government issued photo ID card in order to reinstate their accounts; Now it becomes obvious why they are doing it.. acting like police state to steal/sale people's account info 😉
Once the public understands that we really don't need Facebook or a competitor emerges who can actually police their social media, Zuckerberg may want to rethink his arrogant and cavalier position. Allowing Russia to get an advantage over Americans via Facebook does not sound like a winning investment to me!
If my privacy due to my enrollment in Facebook was compromised, then Facebook should monetarily compensate me. Case closed.
99.9% positive social media has destroyed society. I would delete it, but I want to see how it all ends.
An fbi investigation will tell Zuckerberg what to do at Facebook 😉
Zuckerberg is very quickly starting to look like a rich elitist who could care less, OR a rich elitist who is careless. Either way it's gonna hurt the company if that grows
Facebook shares fell because u people kept commenting it on shares falling. I heard on Fox just now Obama campaign used the firm so did other campaigns. U might want to comment on that is however very discerning to hear social media has affected our minds and thoughts scary. I feel manipulated.
Censoring individual citizens while allowing big corporations and foreign agents to get away with just about anything, will bring about the death of Facebook.
Eventually Facebook will fall and be replaced with something bigger and better. Thats the way tech works. MSN, AOL, Myspace all were the big platforms before fb and like anything else.. Platforms get replaced at some point
Twitter stocks down too not coincidently when you’re proved to be in cahoots with 44 to hand pick your predecessor and smear the ‘actual’ 45 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Well no big cooperation last forever,one way or the other they always fall or shoot themselves at the foot,look at yahoo,msn and others
Here in America. Our corporations aren't ran by the government. The corporations run the government. Look at the trump administration.
FB doesn't secure our data and does nothing about Russian bots with fake profiles. I hope Zuckerberg ends up a pauper.
The Russians have access to nearly all of Americans personal Facebook data. Thanks to Cambridge analytica who actively resold those information to the Russians. Cambridge analytic collude with the Russians to steal the 2016 presidential election.
The question for Mark is whether he cares about fostering a free and fair America or is willing to be the facilitator of foreign government meddling and grasping billionaires looking to create an autocracy.
I always wondered how FB would ever meet its END and now I know. By putting it on the Stock Market. So obvious.
He is all upset because it may be that the right did the VERY SAME thing that Obama did, but Mark Z is demagogue that is outraged that he may have accidentally helped the right...
CNN13 hours ago

Does the US have "large trade deficits" with Canada, as President Donald J. Trump has said? CNN’s Jake Tapper, in partnership with, looks into the issue.

CNN and it's believers are traitors to their own country.. treacherous snowflakes and feminazi's.
As usual fake news CNN. You conveniently are leaving out the lumber industry. That’s where the deficit comes in. Keep lying CNN you’ve got half of the country convinced
Who would have guessed that a failed reality TV star with no government experience or knowledge, 6 bankruptcies, 5 kids from 3 different marriages, 11 charges of sexual assault, and 4,000 plus lawsuits could be so bad at being President?
Sorry jake you and your station have been wrong so many times without a correction or apology to the people of America or our President I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth 👄
Communist News Network always trying to Make Our President Look Bad! You are Pothetic and your Obama Inauguration Speech on your Front Page proves it! DISGRACE!!
Trump is such an embarrassment.
My goodness,. There sure are a lot of Frumpy fans on here. You know, the ones that follow CNN all the time and then scream Fake News. Must be scared of the truth coming out and bursting all your little brains.
The only reason he gets away with saying this crap is Trumpanzee simpletons believe everything he says. Without them he'd be spinning his lies on a street corner.
He doesn’t care, he just cares About the fools that follow him. Thank god most of the people realize what a nut job he is!
Canada does have a trade deficit with the US. The Us does not have a deficit. DJT can spew what he wants...Canadians know better! The only fake news DJT. He can talk and talk and talk....wrong, wrong, wrong...always wrong!
Thank you Jake! Plus we are by population a much smaller country. How can will import the same with the difference being Canada - 36.29 million USA -325.7 million. What we do have is a lot of fresh water and lumber. Believe as a Canadian we should start building a dam! lol Love your POV.
Actually if you look at the numbers which dont lie, we have surplus not deficit with Canada on trade. Most of what they sell us going from electricity, lumber to just abput everything else is bellow market price and what they could get from selling it to any other nation. Not to forget that Trudeau clearly stated the conversation Trump is talking about never happened, lies, lies, lies and this straight in one of our closest allies and prime trade partner face. How cant people see what he's trying to do which is alienating our closest partners, having an isolationist and protectionist agenda which will end up costing us more than some could think. In a global economy, we cannot stand alone, we cannot survive without our allies and the trainwreck he is single handedly creating will take a long time to repair the longer he stays in office, so good luck to whoever replaces him and us the people as well!
CNN sucks! Fake liberal bias crap! Zero credibility as they fail to call out the criminals in their own party! A constant “ holding them accountable” for conservatives, while the crooked left does as they wish. A bunch of Uber liberal 1% millionaires convincing minority’s they care for them as they give them a token hand out to live in instead of pushing them into real success with jobs and honor! They only care about minority’s votes! Fake fake fake!
Dear god. I hope someone with real presidential qualifications shows up soon for the next election. At this point, I'm not real concerned from which party. Trump and Clinton? That was no choice. That was lose lose for America. Trump doesn't appear to have any idea what he's doing, but lies his butt off about it. Dont even get me started on ol Hillary.
He is using his business tatics as president, which is do anything to get an advantage and that includes lying. He cheats by lying. He has no ethics.
This one is easy ... Any one who watches trains come in from Canada knows that the blue collar workers jobs are being gutted and undercut by Canada .. BUT .. Coasties that pedal tech and management services could really care less .... OMG I CHIPPED A NAIL ..
Another trump lie. This time he brags about the lie admitting he didn’t know what he was talking about. It amazes me how some of his supporters support what he says & does even when he admits to his lies & immoral behavior.
Thank you Jake, we here in CANADA we know that for a long time. but what makes us laugh is that you let a person say the opposite for a long time without saying anything. In addition, if Canadians stopped going to Florida in such numbers, this state would be in turmoil. For us, an apple has always been an apple.
Thank you Jake, as a Canadian I admire and respect you and your station for reporting actual facts and the truth. The haters are always gonna hate, but like you said everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts. Just because something doesn’t fit into your narrative and how you would “want” things to be doesn’t make it “fake news”. Give it a rest to all the losers who can’t handle the truth, the only one you’re denying actual facts to is yourself, everyone else is just laughing at you.
trump says anything he thinks his people want to hear. Canada, Mexico, Japan...on and on it goes. No truth, no values, nothing.
Anyone can research the topic whether presented by CNN or MSNBC or CNBC etc. Just because you don’t like CNN doesn’t mean it’s FAKE news. Do your own research before always yelling Fake News on sites. Educate yourself.
Well ,is he going to fire the whole Commerce Department ? The sad thing is that there are a lot of people who have no idea who is telling the truth. Interesting that CNN ,ABC,BBC ,CBS ,NBC all say the same thing . A couple of others follow the party line. It is difficult to find out that your child isn't the angel that you protest him to be . Unfortunately, CNN is bringing you the harsh reality and it really irritating to some people.
I realize that many Trump supporters won't listen to all of this. But numbers don't lie - I'm going by the Commerce Dept. Once again, Trump pulls "info" out of the air, or worse yet, an undesirable body part . . . .
All of these conservative tears are a beautiful thing. Their temper tantrums and hateful comments are even funnier when they try so hard to spin things around on everyone that isn't exactly like them.
CNN and FOX News are usually 180 degrees out on how they report the same story, one of them is lying. Don't be parrot for either, do your own fact check and research.
CNN was live — in Tempe, Arizona.13 hours ago

We’re in Tempe, Arizona, where authorities are talking about the self-driving Uber SUV that struck and killed a woman

3500 people die on the road EVERY DAY. Only TWO of the deaths EVER involved a self-driving car. You guys want to ban something - ban humans!
No car should be self-driving. For city officials to allow such devices to exist on their city streets as a testing ground is criminal negligence.
@Dustin Spitler if you think CNN is fake news don't watch, grab your freaking Kool Aid and watch FOX news for liars losers cheaters and thieves
No computer system is faster than a human when it comes to common since and the basic instinct to survive
Self driving? How? How does it stop for lights? Animals, swerve potholes, construction? How does it respond to sudden stops by other cars, people whatever.
Pedestrians do not ALWAYS have the right of way. You can’t just walk onto a busy street and if someone hits you it’s their fault. That’s a popular myth.
Some of these comments are turning my stomach - has everyone become this apathetic, this uncaring? Glad it wasn't one of your relatives. How utterly sad...
Its rather sad that someone died but funny how we are trying to move away from error by enabling artificial intelligence and now this. Thats why I oppose all ai operational machines let humans keep jobs.
I hit a lady once not at a cross walk and ran out from infront of a bus. No ticket for me or anything.
The fact that the car was self driving is irrelevant. The lady was NOT at a crosswalk and stepped into traffic.
What does it matter if she's homeless!!??????????
we saw someone in a self-driving vehicle while in Arizona..."driver" had his feet out the window and on his cell phone
Jaywalking is a PITA, but a capital offense? I don't see this going well in Boston, where jaywalking is a cultural value. Only native Bostonians get to say this out loud.
Stephen...simple far the statistics are not in favor of driverless vehicles being safer proportionally speaking
A women died!! What about those thousands that have been killed in AFRIN by Turkish invasion in just two months!!!!!
Would love all of the automated vehicle haters to look up the facts in their safety vs a human drivers
BUT how many people where killed human drivers today? Also the pedestrian was not using a crosswalk so the uber is not at fault.
The driver is Abie to override autonomous mode but they didn't respond in time. Toyota has mastered collusion detterence ... Uber should teach their car that
It's sad that someone died, but if you cross between cars, you are taking a chance of getting killed. Sorry for the family's loss.
Dal- just because a person doesn’t use a crosswalk doesn’t mean you can run them over. That’s still mad laughter my friend.
Pedestrians don’t always have the right away. If you walk into the street, not at a cross walk, you’re breaking the law.
I'm sure the government is working on their messages of thoughts Ann's prayers. Oh wait no this wasn't caused by a gun. So they are building legislation.
Self-driving vehicles are a joke. Many more lawsuits to come ...
No self driving cars at all! And pedestrians need to be use by a smart person, it is not your right its your privilege like being a alive and kicking is a your privilege in this earth
CNN13 hours ago

The actress and activist will challenge Governor Andrew Cuomo in the state's Democratic primary in September

This man, PRESIDENT Trump has solidified his second term, will get the Nobel Peace Prize, and be stapled in history as the greatest ever and he's only just begun. We are so much safer and stronger under Trump's command
Can't wait for the supporters of a former reality show host turned politician to say that celebrities should stay out of politics.
Don't even hype her. What's her qualifications?? Stop going for the shiny object in the room. Has she ever served as a public servant? Don't we already have a nightmare in the WH? Stop!
Two lessons we have learned from Trump's election in 2016: 1. A political amateur with zero qualifications to be president can still get elected, and 2. It's a terrible idea. Hey New York, don't make the same mistake.
Why do actors think they can be politician's this isn't an acting job!! Whatever happened to having a law degree! And at least some. Political science degree!!
Oh good. Another celebrity. Because the current one is working out so well.
Cynthia Nixon being on Sex and City makes her more qualified than Trump and all of his appointments combined.
No more celebrities with zero governmental experience in executive positions please.
Libs in 2016: Don't vote for Trump! He has no political background! NY Libs in 2018: YEAH, Cynthia Nixon for our state's highest office! But, no, that's not what's really important. The really important question is, "Has she seen House of Cards?"
Just what we want- Another over-entitled Hollywood actor telling us what we need. (Which always seems to be more far left rhetoric and victimization/ indoctrination.)
Just freaking awesome. Now that we have elected a totally unqualified celebrity they all think they can run for office. Stay tuned for the upcoming "American Idol" election system.
Republicans & Democrats need to stop. Enough is enough. We don't need anymore unqualified celebrities running for government offices. I liked her in SATC, but that's where it ends. It doesn't make her qualified to run our state.
I am not sure she is the best candidate, I don't know her positions. But she has the right to run for office!!
Regan, Schwarzenegger, Trump, Franken. All former entertainers turned politicians. Let's see how well a woman entertainer is received in politcs.
Out of the pan and into the fire. Another actor doing their best at acting. When will we get tired of East and West coast thinking they know it all, but don't.
Well she has points but we need young educated political science and law degrees individuals that know how about the judicial system not tv actors
She could run against Andrew Cuomo on the Working Families line to guarantee that they remain high on future ballots when real candidates run, not De Blasio' Trojan Horses.
No more celebrities unless they absolutely have a political education and government background! Not even Oprah! I love Oprah and I think she can do better than what is in there right now but that said, Our country needs recovery not more drama!
The requirements for running for governor in NYS is being a citizen, being 30 years old and living in NY for 5 years prior to your run. I think some of you need to retake social studies.
Man, where are the people who have political science doctorates? Oh yeah....after attaining said degree, they've filled their heads with enough knowledge to know that the Game of Politics revolves around greed with zero chance of making change. #BreakTheSystem
Good for her. We only live once and if she feels as if she can add to the growth positively for New York ... then run, Cynthia, run. 👍👍
Please, please, please stop voting for celebrities. Please? At least, for high offices? Let them get their feet wet on smaller positions for a bit? Please?
I've never heard of her in my life and I know nothing about her platform. I wish her the best of luck and hope she wins. That's how much I hate Cuomo.
Sorry, but I've had enough with entertainers with no political experience who think they can provide leadership and direction.
I wonder if she'll give Hillary Clinton a call to ask her how to RIG the Democratic Primary? And if she loses the general election to the Republican challenger, I wonder if she'll blame the Russians?
CNN14 hours ago

Cambridge Analytica has agreed to a digital forensic audit of its servers and systems in an attempt to show that it deleted certain Facebook data it held on some American users

Gotta love all these Trumptards, when they know their orange,Russian employed traitor has screwed up yet again, you can bet your bottom dollar that their most common response will be " B-B-But Obama, B-b-but Hillary " He's not going to finish his first term and will/already has, go down as the worst,most scandalous administration in history
Wow...Hilary R. Clinton lost because of Trump, Facebook, Wikileaks, Russia, Cambridge Analytics,white women who were threatened by their husbands, bosses, brothers,Fathers to vote for Trump (or else),British spies, secret agents, 'electronic brainwashing', the Electoral College...are aliens and UFOs next ?
I wish Facebook would crack down on fake Russian bots. IT's getting pretty boring having every thread filled with them.
Correction - Facebook continues its purge on anything it doesn't agree with, sad times
And this is why cnn is a joke. "Facebook asked the company to agree to an audit after The New York Times and The Observer reported that Cambridge Analytica may not have deleted certain data it had acquired about millions of Facebook users when Facebook asked it to do so in 2015." But it's a "Trump data firm"? Always have to find a way to inject Trump bashing into the story
CNN is my #1 trusted news source.
Mark Zuckerberg should face some responsibility and consequences for interference in the 2016 election. Facebook and Twitter should be regulated like other media companies.
It didn’t delete sh!t it gave every bit of it to the Trump administration. In fact the group Trump put together to force the states to hand over voter information is most likely the same group that received this info that Cambridge Analytica stole.
BREAKING ALERT: Authorities have obtained a search warrant for the Cambridge Analytica building.
Dumpsters will not even admit they were and continue to be manipulated by propaganda. There is none so blind as he will not see.
I was tortured for over a year in SF-CA, they are still deeply in my mind... But they always told me that Oprah Winfrey was the head of what was heppening, and the use of high tecnology to steal my soul made me believe that would be true.. is this possible!? The whole history are being posted on my profile in portuguese, its very similar to spanish, but I really would like to have an answer to try to find my far away peace of mind!
Okay it's been well over a year get over it Trump can only two terms that is if he's elected again get back to real news
So when will Facebook be investigated? 😂😂😂 #InvestigateFacebook
Funny how someone who doesn't agree with a predetermined either a Russian troll or a fake account.........i guess freedom of speech or thought has a different meaning on social media.
Here are the problems... 1) Unless those servers were impounded before they had warning, you won’t know ifbthey were the original servers; 2). If they had the IT capability to do the things they did, they know how to scrub them only too well. You would need intelligence agency IT resources to evaluate what you are looking at.
Nicholas Atkins, just another Dummy who doesn't read the News, and doesn't like abidding by the Laws in America
Trump is right about the Witch Hunt on him...The fakery media couldn't stop him telling lies on TV,sooo
They broke the agreement they had with the government and should pay the price, big time, charge them billions and maybe even pay off half of the debt.
That's a laugh. You could probably put it on a thumb drive or external drive. If they want to keep it, they will!
Maybe if we're lucky our whole Govt. will fall......and then when can start building from scratch using a better European model!
They were involved in massive electoral frauds in Africa. Kenya was one of the countries involved. I want to see where all this is heading.
Soooo... they are going to ask a warrant tomorrow. Wouldnt it be easy enough for Cambridge Analytics to simply drop all the relevant databases? (Or moving them to some servers were nobody would ever find them) They will not sit back and wait for what is coming
What about all those hookers you, Cambridge Analytica, used to honeypot politicians to blackmail them? That sounds HIGHLY illegal.
Wait.. I thought every media source already reported misuse of data... the audit is just starting now?
Let's see if this works for or against Cambridge Analytics and it's contractors and where do those contractors are working ????
CNN14 hours ago

"It would be the stupidest thing the President could do is fire him." Senator Orrin Hatch and other Republican lawmakers say President Donald J. Trump shouldn't interfere with special counsel Robert Mueller.

The sooner Mueller can get trump, the liar, on the stand, the sooner we can start impeachment hearings. Make it so!!!!!!
Get a clue CNN! Trump already said he was not going to interfere. P.S. Trump did not fire McCabe-the FBI Professional Responsibility Office did! Someone inform Jake Trapper.
CNN says "Russian collusion" 20,000 times in 6 months. FBI says no evidence, but wants to look at other things. McCabe fired by FBI for lying, and implicates Mueller and Comey for same. CNN retort.... look at Stormy Pornostar
If there’s no collusion why Trump is so afraid of Mueller ? If you’re so innocent just let the investigations run their course🙄🙄🙄guilty first degree ,guilty second 🤣🤣
Trump is afraid, not of the collusion, but of the money laundering. He knows that will bring him and his family down.
PLEASE fire him so we can fire you. Pretty please with money on top?
The president should have no authority to terminate the people responsible for investigating him. Period.
When you tell your little kid not to touch a hot stove but yet they still touch it. If I were a betting man, I'd bet Trump fires Mueller, Guaranteed. I hope that he does, because that would be the end of him.
Never, never believe anything that Orrin Hatch says. He's a political hack, wholly owned by big money interests. He's willing to lick Trump's rump if he thinks it will advance the interests of his owners. He lost any integrity he might have had decades ago. According to yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune, he's received so far over $6 million from the same people to build a Hatch memorial center upon his retirement. He is nothing but a political hack.
I wouldn't be surprised if trump decided to fire Mueller. trump revels in ignorance and stupidity. Look at his feckless, incompetent administration.
Why doesn't the House and Senate pass a bill prohibiting Trump firing Mueller. That was discussed before but thought not to be necessary. I think that time has come!
Donald Trump bullied his way through the Republican Primary Election. Then bullied (and cheated) his way through the General Election. And now is trying to bully his way through the Special Counsel’s investigation. Except this time the bully has met his match — Robert Mueller.
Well, Trump does seem to be aiming for stupider and stupider. Saying this would be "the stupidest thing" Trump could do is as likely to seem like a challenge to him rather than a threat.
In relation to Trump firing Mueller, I hear Republicans mention how ‘concerned’ they are, how ‘troubling’ Trumps tweets are but no one is saying what they would actually do. Nothing, I suspect
My guess is the Republicans don’t want resolution just yet because the Russians are helping them make sure the mid terms aren’t a flip to democrats. Once mid terms are over, if the Repubs maintain control then they will go full boar after our crazy leader and Russia! There is a method to all of their madness and their silence and it is ALL self serving....there is little to no real interest in doing what’s good for America anymore.
HEY CNN 15 yrs. ago today marks one of the largest crimes against humanity when George W. Bush announced to us sheep; “Saddam Hussein is a homicidal dictator who is addicted to weapons of mass destruction”. The first of the endless bombs dropped, cover that for a change or it will never end!
In the mean time, while Trump is "making a decision" Putin is getting more power in Russia and China is buying the external debt of USA; when Trump awake...... USA will no longer be the superpower that the orange clown think is.
And if he does, what are you going to do about it? I would guess unless there is some monetary value to you and rest of the morons up there, nothing will be done. As usual, all we ever hear is lip service.
Well we know trump ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed so he probably will fire him is what he’s famous for anyway lol
The house republicans who sided with Trump most will be voted out, however they will all get private sector jobs with those corporations they cut taxes for.
Orrin Hatch is nobody to Trust , if these Republicans in Congress, was going to protect Mr Mueller, they would be more firm with 45 and make sure the American People get the Truth. Those Republicans have forgotten who their loyalties should be with, the American people that Elected them.
And Trump’s conspiracy theory of the FBI and CIA against him is straight out of the episode of HOMELAND last night! THAT is what has all of a sudden emboldened him that CNN keeps alluding to. He doesn’t read-he watches tv!!!
I don’t know, there are several other things he’s already done that are still in the running for “stupidest possible thing to do.”
Perhaps Mueller has reservations towards Trump since Trump was a Democrat till 2009, has been a Republican only 5 years. I read Mueller has 13 Democrats, no Republicans on the investigation.
Voted Donald J. Trump, and yes he needs to let this play out. The collusion was on DNC/Hillary bartering with a Russian spy for a fake dossier.
CNN15 hours ago

Australians are fleeing to beaches to avoid a massive coastal bushfire

But climate change is not real (head buried deeply in sand)
I live 15 minutes from there and our Bega Valley and TATHRA in particular is devastated. Over 70 homes destroyed and 40 plus caravans and homes damaged. Unbelievably no human lives lost due to the NSW Police, Rural Fire Service and unpaid volunteers. It’s a sad time and thanks to those for such lovely comments. 🇦🇺💙🇦🇺💙🇦🇺💙
Jim Callistrom the ex FBI agent we all know was on Maria Bartoromo's Show, Mornings With Maria, yesterday Sunday March 18th. He spoke for 23 minutes. It is on UTUBE. He said it was clear the President was being FRAMED by leadership of FBI and DOJ. I think you ought to tell Jake and Wolf.
Well at least they don't have guns.
Dear Lord, we ask that you stay safe around bushfires in Australia. Please keep other people safe by not climbing the mountains while the bushfire is burning. In your Holy name, Amen.
You see what happens when there is GUN CONTROL you can't stop things like this...
The country is burning down after hearing Matt Damon is moving there.
The Earth is fighting back against humans
What the hell? Many dogs barking at fire. Some dingos too. Might help like thoughts and prayers.
Same thing happens here in California during the summer months, wind & heat do not mix, especially when the ground is already bone dry ):
It's like End of Days all across the world.
We are going to destroy our only home-earth... climate is changed's only going to get worse
Hello Are you interested to be a member of the great illuminati brotherhood cult so you can become rich and famous in life just join the great illuminati brotherhood 666 and become powerful today
How horrible. Thank goodness no loss of life reported. But devastating! Take care all.
My thoughts are with all of my Australian friends and family. Please stay safe.
Every year it happens in California and Western USA and Australia with brush fires and forest fires . So sad .... my prayers are with the Australians that lost their homes and cars . Stay strong and good health .
I'm in western Victoria and were surrounded by fires all weekend. Scary stuff
My heartfelt sympathy, goes out to all who caught up in this natural disaster disaster. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. XX
Praying for those caught up in this. May all be safe including the fire fighters.
Sending them a lot of positive vibes from California. We feel the pain as we went through this last December! 💕🙏🏽
It's a wonderful thing right
Great idea, America, let’s flee to the beaches to escape this massive dumpster fire that is the Trump administration.
I didn't see any coverage on the Cyclone that hit North Australia and is heading toward Perth and Fremantle- may have already hit there. Can we get some news on that?
While Californians are fleeing their own state: California may still love the beautiful weather and beaches, but more and more they are fed up with the high housing costs and taxes and deciding to flee to lower-cost states such as Nevada, Arizona and Texas
Ella omg 😮 bushfires in Tathra, Nsw. Remember we were around there on our Merimbula road trip?
CNN15 hours ago

The self-proclaimed "geriatric starlet" joins luminaries like model Gigi Hadid, author J.K. Rowling and ballet dancer Misty Copeland, who've had dolls created in their likeness

Never heard of her is she famous?
Trump banged Stormy Daniels. He’s my hero forever !!
This old woman is a disgrace! Look at the pic..looks like she has duck eggs around her neck..a clown!!
Good for her!!!
Amazing woman with a lifetime of work in fashion and design.
It’s really sad when men have to interject into a fashion news article. Most don’t know a thing about fashion nor do they really care. Nasty men. Disrespecting an old woman on the clothes and jewelry she chooses to wear. Meanwhile they are still dressed like little boys living from decades past.
As I age women like her are an inspiration.. free to be. Wear what you will And never have to do the expected... dare to dare!
She is precious, love her style and attitude.
Does it come with all the fabulous jewelry?
Isn't that Anderson Cooper in drag??
I didn't realize she is 96!!!!! Do your thang lady!!!!😄😄😄😄😄
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The article said the doll was not for sale? Bummer ...I love it!!
Lovely, but what about the women who are not young but who are not ancient? I refuse to be invisible.
Cool! I love her style..bold yet classy!
Another icon...........I love this woman!
Iris is a gem!
I want one like Iris! What do the “Styled By” dolls look like?
More is more and less is a bore-- I want this doll! 😻
She is an amazing woman. They made a documentary about her.
Congratulations to Iris. I wish I had her style.
Lisa Johnson and Samara Churgin - I’m adding her to my collection!!
I listened to her blabbering video. She whines about social media, then plasters her pathetic, attention-grabbing puss all over it. I need her opinions like a submarine needs a screen door LMAO
Uneducated children must be who comment on news stories. Pathetic. You have nothing better to do?
This old woman is a disgrace! Look at the pic..looks like she has duck eggs around her neck..a clown!!