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After seeing a video of the baby, the couple decided to act. "Our conversation suddenly shifted to: 'We should adopt her.' "

OMG a pro-adoption article by CNN! Miracles DO happen!!
Must have been a liberal/democrat couple to have threw the baby away since they couldn’t abort it. Sad
aww how sweet, they must be Republican, liberals would just kill it.
In a related story, Indian Garbage Dump is the #1 selling perfume in New Delhi.
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The embattled Chinese tech firm has become a flashpoint in the US-China trade war.

So the US is concerned that China will use Huawei to spy on us and allies, while we use our tech companies to spy on our allies and everyone else?
You have to pay me $1M american dollars to use Huawei, 😂
Reading this on my Huawei P20 lite
These envious administration should know , in modern world competition exceeds,Huawei services are incomparable with some phones in United States ,a good market is always competitive.
Time for American companies to step up and take advantage of the $30 billion they'll be loosing now!
Oh, oh, oh! 👋🏽 I have an idea! Why doesnt Huawei stop being used by the Chinese gub’ment for spying on the US? That might help?
Guess you better hope China caves soon or your gonna have to find another market.
A company "Broadcom" based in the United States is set to loose 2 billion dollars in sales of chips to Huawei on account of tariffs and fears Huawei will start making their own chips as announced by Huawei.. it would be a crushing blow to Broadcom as Huawei is set to take over most of the 5G technology ..20 of the countries big name retailers also sent a letter to the Trump administration practically insisting he end this tariff run soon or it could be devastating to their companies.. the Chamber of commerce also warned of the consequences of the tariffs and Donald Trump struck them down with a furious tweet.. with all them businesses assessing tariffs as bad business who do you believe ...Trump and a lying administration .. or the business world taking the hits...
This is how America leaders sold out America. For short run in their own times it was flourish but long run they make china so fat that you have to rely on him. Better stand on your own before it is too late. Unfortunately they have gained so much wisdom from you and you will need to complete all time. May God help you
Well stop putting spy stuff in our phones listening and seeing what we type,,,,,,omg,,,, just got advertisements for spy stuff
No worries. Il use p30 as my main camera, a calculator in the office, and alarm clock. I can still use it!!! Fb, IG etc are just tools for fake news and it dsnt really help us to grow as citizens of the world.
I am a Democr....wait a minute...Trump ain't playin with these mofos. They block us but want open doors on our side? Trump is playing them at their own game? Hmmmm. I think....I think....uh oh...Houston we have a problem. I'm not wearin that hat though!
China sells 3X more stuff than what we sell them, that is the American businesses fault. They send our manufacturing to china to have children build our stuff for pennies on our dollar. American business needs to start building our stuff here. Stop sending manufacturing to Mexico and other low wage countries just to screw the American worker!
Too bad that American companies became so dependent on foreign countries to produce what we could have been doing ourselves.
Oh boo hoo China for decades has reverse-engineered America's products and Technologies basically stealing our property and then selling it back to us so oh excuse me if I don't give a s***
Like we are supposed to feel bad for one of the sketchiest tech companies out there 😂😂😂
Stop spying...fair trade or no cannot be trusted.
China will overtake the US
China blocks Facebook and Google and the outright theft of licenses and intellectual property makes marketing there for many companies useless. People need to know this before saying this was done unfairly.
A communist country determined to destroy the US , no sympathy, but you’ll find plenty who are on CNN
I bought huawei p30 pro super mobile.
Lol. Is their leader singing a different tune now?
Huawei will survive with or without bully USA.
Why huawei have to suffer between their trade war.
How the CEO has only 1% shares of the company? The real boss lost more. Right?
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JUST IN: Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, the country's first democratically elected leader, has died, state media said

“Fainted and passed away” That’s code for “ingested poison and died”.
So sad but why couldn’t this happen in the whitehouse
This is abviosly a political assassination 😕 Rest in peace Morsi, you were chosen by the people , you fought for democracy, you died a hero .
His only crime was to refuse to work with USA.
Waiting for a trumper to blame the Clintons.....
Sounds fishy to me. They poisoned him I bet
this sounds suspect.
Sounds like poison...faints and passes away? Ok then.
They poisoned him
Morsi stayed faithful to the people who elected him and refused to sell off the Egyptian dream to the army generals and other foreign powers. Rest In Peace my brother!!!
Fantastic news. Hamdolilah. That's what happens when you are a terrorist. Allah is fair.
The only Arab president who was elected in a noncorrupted democratic election... Allah yer7amak
Any hope of democracy in Egypt has certainly died with him.RIP.
He fainted and died as court adjourned? That sounds suspect. 🤔
Obama talked to him everyday on the phone. God bless Morsi. He loved his God#1, then his wife and family#2, then his country. I pray for his wife and his family. May God bless them in Heaven.
The first freely elected president
and he was overthrown by the USA
May Allah grant him highest level in Jannah. Ameen 🤲
They uprooted Hosni Mubarak and that country has never been the same. Same for some other countries in that region. US need to stop meddling!
CIA killed him !!! He was democratically elected but USA overthrown and killed him since he was not obeying enough !!!
He was a great leader may allah grant him janneh alfardus
Firstly Rip.. Secondly Democratically we elected him ,and democratically we pushed him out...
Unless he's got preexisting conditions, a sudden death is suspicious.
He was killed by the western backed dictator regime of Egypt. RIP Morsi
He was killed by the authorities as they denied him access to proper nutrition and health care. This was a crime
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Telecom billionaire and art collector Patrick Drahi has emerged as the winning bidder for Sotheby's, the world's oldest and largest international auction house

Wonder if Elizabeth Warren will try to break up this business monopoly too?
I should have put my bid in. F@#$
I WISH I HAD known it was for sale. I would have PUT A BID TOGETHER.
Good investment
Wow cool post, thanx for sharing this "life- changing post"
Metinee Hengwattana
What do you actually get in return for paying $3.7Billion for an auction house that deals in stolen artifacts looted from centuries of brutal and murderous colonisation
A bit like Victor Remington 'I liked the shaver so much that I bought the company'
sotherby's sold what? oh themselves
I feelike people who spend this much on art Are really buying illegal things and the art is to cover transaction to make it look legit.
If you want to fix a horse race, you have to buy all the horses.
Ah... the auctioneers become the auctioneeees
And people keep asking why the world hunger still exists ?!
One of the last tolerated hughe - money laundering - institutions of the world!! When do we actually get serious and finally close this repulsive loophole which brings about perverted prices for art works bought by criminals to launder money?!
is this guy single?
3.7 billion
this world is not fair
I got a piece of junk (oops I meant art)I can sell you for a steal.
Meanwhile, Flint still doesn't have clean water...smh
that's a lot
overprice for a trash
still mounering Mohammed morsi...
Meyhad tf
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The scientists behind the study say that by the end of the 21st century, future temperature events "will be so extreme that they will not have been experienced previously."

That's what they said during the Ice Age... and it was True! Thank God!
I do love all the naysayers rush to it has happened for millions of year. Do you realize how many cataclysmic events have happened because of that? And the actions of man have sped up that cycle?
I highly doubt that, maybe not recorded history, maybe not even during the existence of man, but the sun goes through varying dormant and extreme cycles.
I wish it would happen now, the last 5 summers have been disappointing. Cool and raining most the time.
“Hot” does not directly translate to bone dry like the image says. It’s been pretty hot this spring in Colorado, yet, we’ve had rain almost every day for over a month! First in my whole time living here.
When you automatically look at a scientific issue as something political you have thrown all reason and logic out the window before you can even begin to put your biases aside to learn something new.
So many ignorant climate deniers here
Oh my gosh!!!!! We are doomed!!! “Not have been experienced before”. Earth been here a billion years and we only kept track of weather and climate for 100 years give or take. I’m seeing a gap. This is why CNN is full of crap.
Liberal scientists will say anything you want them to say. Their predictions are dictated by their source of income.
I wonder if this is going to be like every other climate prediction and not come true. I’d say the chances are good.
You know for what it's worth I understand the ask on Democrats on Scream global warming I live in New York state as of today it has been colder than ever for this time of year we've had the air conditioning on for a grand total of three days I think we've hit 80° twice and we've been in sub 50 degree temperatures more times than I care to think about Siri really need to rethink your whole process of global warming in the end of the world all that it's simply the way the world Works in Cycles okay it's happened before it'll happen again get over yourself
Yes the earth goes through global changes through history, but it's a proven fact that we are speeding up the process. Some people are very thick
Well of course... the universe is governed by the Entropy Effect. All things are in a state of decay. The earth as we know it will be gone in a few million years due to NATURAL CHANGE!
Most of these commenters should do some scientific research. Climate and weather are not the same. Geological time is not our day-to-day time. Do research before making comments please.
Future years, huh? What about the climate change that was supposed to occur this year? Pushing it off on future years, because this has been one of the coolest on records for YEARS???
We are rushing into #ClimateHell especially in tropical countries like India where summers are getting highly uncomfortable. And yet we are not doing the simple things that can save us from this situation like rapidly moving to 💯 CO2 free energy
Severe heatwave leaves at least 45 dead in Bihar, India in past 24 hours
I'd bet $1000 against it. This summer seems to be much cooler so far. Climate change is real and it's just that, always changing through history
It's God who's in control of the future no matter what humans do
Climate deniers often say that it is arrogant to say that 'mere man' can change the climate, but they can look up in the night sky and think this " is all for me." Now That's arrogant.
But, but, but there is NO climate change. It is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. 😂
Weather and climate are NOT synonymous!! If your comment has to do with "The weather man says" or "This summer is cool", take a second and at least read the definitions for weather and climate, PLEASE!
Cnn- climate scientists have are giving us facts Also cnn- we must listen to bill nye who is not a scientist because he says things
The earth is billions of years old and we have only been collecting climate data for 150yrs. The earth is heating up and humans have impacted the global climate but how much can be attributed to natural heating and cooling cycles and other phenomena and how much have the impact of humans caused on top of normal, natural cycles?
Starting when... b/c it’s mid June and feels like Sept but with Nonstop April showers
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Drone footage shows the massive scale of Sunday’s protests in Hong Kong, where organizers said nearly 2 million people took to the streets to march against a controversial extradition bill.

That’s what we call unity! And this is what America lacks. Great country Hong Kong keep it up you have all my support. God bless y’all for standing up for your rights and for generations to come.💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
Fake news! This is actual footage from trump’s upcoming Fourth of July rally in Washington. Our beloved Space Force has created a stargate and captured this footage from next month’s triumphant event!
This is what we should be doing to get rid of trump and his administration!
There is a misunderstanding from the international world that the Extradition Law has already been withdrawn, and that the government has stepped down. We have been receiving congratulations messages from United States and Australia. Although heart warming, your “congratulations” on the bull being withdrawn cannot be further away from the truth. The official statement made by the CE Carrie Lam, used the words “suspend indefinitely“. By definition, to suspend indefinitely is to temporarily pause an action for a endless and or unknown period of time. The Chinese words used, “暫緩”, merely means a TEMPORARY SLOWDOWN. As you can see, the translation between Chinese and English are two ends of the spectrum. The English release of Carrie Lam means to cease the bill, but the original work spoken by her is nothing of the sort. The government is clearly playing word games. Trying to hide their intention, hoping it would be lost in translation. Spreading a different message to the English-speaking world. So that the rest of the world would falsely believe Hong Kong is now safe from the bill, and would not pay as much attention, keeping investor’s money here in Hong Kong. Furthermore, Hong Kong would definitely be one of the burning questions waiting for Xi Jinping in the upcoming G20 meeting. By cooling down the protest, and falsely shape the situation that Hong Kong is now safe, Xi can face less diplomatic stress when China and US leader meet in G20. We know you care. We’re touched that you do. But we still haven’t won. Not the battle, and not the war. And it’s not the time to cheer nor relax. Not yet. Please spread the word, and let the world know nothing has changed. Hong Kong is still under siege from the extradition bill. We need every person’s support and attention, to prevail against such oppression and tyranny that is the Communist Party of China. Pass this message on, as if passing on our dreams of a safe and free home.
March on, Hong Kong. Taiwan 🇹🇼 is behind you.
We were upstairs in a clinic when it started. When we went down after an hour, there was no way we can get through to the subway. But after saying excuse us pls, the people like a domino, literally one by one made way so we can passed. That was amazing
this is a true protest for rights and I am so proud of all of them !! I wish Americans did the same about these new abortion laws taking away a woman's right
Make sure Trump doesn't use this footage to brag about his crowd numbers.
Now, if we can do that here in the U.S. to #ImpeachTrump, it would be a wild success
Wow - is that what 2 million people look like on the streets? We have never seen a crowd like that. And Certainly not at an inauguration.
If people showed up in same numbers here when Putin manipulated our elections and public opinion via troll social media campaign to installed his puppet President Trump, he would resign in disgrace and we would have normal country by now.
I wish America would mobilize like this.
So sad to see Hong Kong become China, I think facebook translation will not changed by Chinese people. Taiwan stands with all freedom-loving people in HongKong. Fight for your rights!
We should have the same protest mobilization here against the criminal and his Cronnies in the white house . I think we are in much worse deep situation, yet we just lay back and watch it all happen before our eyes.
Hong Kong Police claimed that the total number of people protested in this rally was just 24.5k! Their claim really shocked me! Please ask the Police to recount again! 24.5k from midday till night, they must be kidding themselves! They came from all walks of life, young and old, protesting in a very peaceful, non-violent manner! It seems like a nonstop people flow of river! Please be fair to these 2M Hongkongers!🤔
I love this..I wish that’s how my people would come out and march against all the injustice done to our people, black Americans 🙏🏽
Now, this is what protest looks like...
Why aren't we in the street doing that.
Almost as big a the Trump inauguration.
This is what Americans should be doing!
Good for Hong Kong. Good for those people who deserve better
We did peacefully. Just government clashed our freedom violently.
... if Americans can do the same against their TRUMPet president the world will be a better place for everyone.... 💪💪💪
Don’t let trump see that! He’ll say it’s one of his rallies in a China Town somewhere!
I would like to see a march like this to the door step of McConnell and the senate.
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Beyond Meat said the new product is versatile enough to use in any ground beef recipe, like meatballs or taco meat

eww.. what kind of crap are they adding to make mooched veggies look like 'appetizing' meat???
Everyone had a chance to sample beyond meat Burgers at the Veggie Fair in downtown Hilo on Saturday. It was $7 for a burger, or $9 if you wanted avocado on it. I don't really like hamburgers so I didn't Avail myself of the $7 opportunity.
So excited. Absolutely love their products!!!
Absolutely love their products great job beyond meat!
Love love love Beyond products!!! Best out there!!!
AWESOME!! Love having meat alternatives to curb my footprint!! I'll never be a vegetarian but lovvve having options to reduce my consumption
Beyond Meat makes the absolute best products!! I've tried all the plant based options available and they are my #1 choice!
I love the Beyond Burgers and I'm excited for Beyond Beef to come out!
Most vegans and vegetarians don’t struggle with wanting/craving meat. That’s why their target consumer are the meat eaters. That’s why they are doing their best to replicate taste and texture of meat. This product is good for the environment. They are working to save us from ourselves. And speaking from someone who still loves the taste of meat, I struggle mostly with the unethical treatment and slaughter of animals and what factory farming does to our planet. So this product is wonderful. Hopefully cost will continue to drop. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
I love meat! But if they can make meatless good, I will give it a try! But how many carbs? It has rice in it. But better for our world.
These products actually made for people who like eating meat but are trying to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. A lifestyle that's actually better for your health and for the planet overall. And you know there is such a thing called empathy. I'm a vegan and I do care about the planet and what are factory farming is doing to it. And I'm also a health coach and so I see the repercussions of eating too much animal-based protein does to our bodies. It is overall better for the planet and our health to reduce our meat consumption.
I love this stuff! I just wish it was easier to find. Only a few stores sell it in my area, and of course they're all the ones that are way out of the way.
I love the beyond beef burgers, eat them all the time. They make a crumbled beef to use like chop meat, I thought it was horrible. Hopefully there new product will be better 😊and I try to eat vegetarian whenever possible
Awesome! I'm always looking for alternatives & willing to try something new.
Honestly, I've tried a few of their products and they are quite tasty. They are different from meat (obviously) but in a way that makes it an appealing alternative once in a while for a different taste and texture.
I like meat. Find this quite tasty. Good product.
It tastes pretty good too! I mean I love real meat, but this is an excellent option if you are trying to cut out animal products.
This is so exciting. Love Beyond Meat for their innovation and making change for a more sustainable and cruelty free future for our planet.
I bought my meat eating husband a burger made from this and he had no idea he wasn’t eating meat! Great substitute!
Why does a Vegetarian crave for the taste and look of meat?
It’s highly processed but anything to get us from eating so much meat is a good thing.
Vegans creating a meat-like substance that "bleeds" that is processed in a laboratory for people to eat. No thanks. Just say no to highly processed food.
We no longer have Kroger in Mid-Michigan. I wish Meijer would stock this. I’m curious to try.
I use the lightlife original meat crumbles for tacos and they’re delicious! With taco seasoning. Mmmmmmm. Tastes better than the beyond meat taco at Del Taco, which is still good. 🌮
The burgers are good as long as you don't over cook them. I too like and eat meat. The burgers are a good alternative to beef burgers.
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Gloria Vanderbilt, the fashion designer and socialite, died Monday morning at age 95, according to her son, CNN's Anderson Cooper.

What an amazing tribute to Gloria Vanderbilt by her son, Anderson Cooper. My sincere condolences to Anderson and all of her family. May she Rest In Peace.🙏🏻
Beautiful tribute, Anderson Cooper. The giggles are adorable. ❤️
So sorry Anderson Cooper. What an Icon. Prayers go out to you. She was beautiful and I’m sure so proud of you❤️❤️❤️.
She was beautiful inside and out Anderson my sincere love to you 🙏🙏😪😪
Love, prayers and condolences to Anderson Cooper on the loss of his beautiful mom, Gloria Vanderbilt. May her soul rest in eternal peace.🙏🏽
My sincere condolences to you Anderson Cooper and your family. What a wonderful and beautiful tribute to your Mom. She was truly loved by you. I am a 60’s baby and back in the mid 70’s I was wearing her classic jeans along with Jordache and Sassoon. The Group Cameo even had a song they wrote that lyrically said her name in it “Gloria Vanderbilt”. What an amazing woman. RIH 🙏🌺🙏🌺
Beautiful tribute Anderson. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Thank you, Anderson Cooper for sharing the life of your special mother. Bless you in your pain of loss. ❤️
Love love her and her clothes my condolences to Anderson Cooper 💔RIP
Absolutely beautiful tribute & fascinating life! condolences & blessings to Anderson Cooper & his family, may you find comfort & strength in this difficult time.
A beautiful tribute to an outstanding woman. Blessings and peace to Anderson Cooper and all of her family.
What a wonderful tribute! My sincere condolences to Anderson Cooper and his family on the loss of your mother. You were truly blessed to have such a wonderful and beautiful mother to raise you into the man you are today. God Bless You...and May she Rest In Peace. ❤️
Thank you for sharing. A lovely lady, humanitarian, talent & more. 🍀✌️
My deepest condolences. I remember always wanting her jeans when I was younger. She's so beautiful and timeless. Thank you for sharing this Anderson Cooper. 🙏
What an amazing gorgeous intelligent woman! Seeing this, I’m more fascinated than ever! Love you Anderson Cooper, deepest condolences.🙏🏽
RIP Queen Vanderbilt. Thanks for sharing Anderson Cooper. Peace & condolences today & ALWAYS!😘😪
True beauty shows from her heart!! Thank you for sharing your gifts of arts and design. Condolences to Anderson Cooper and family! What a beautiful tribute!❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️
Terrific. How wonderful to live such a wonderful life. Yes, I had a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that looked fabulous on me.❤🌹❤🌹❤
What a beautiful tribute to your lovely mother Anderson!! Thank you for sharing her story. So very sorry to you , the rest of her family and friends. Rest in Paradise Gloria Vanderbilt💞
An American icon, indeed. Gloria Vanderbilt overcame great diversity in her lifetime, her strength and resolve are lessons for us all. Her story will continue to be of interest for the ages. May she rest in peace. Blessings to her family.
Anderson Cooper, you are just as extraordinary for being able to record this audio on such a personal topic. Much love and condolences.
I just saw the tribute to her with Anderson's voice over and it was so beautiful. She was an amazing woman and Anderson Cooper 360 love for his Mom was overwhelmingly lovely. What a great relationship they had. Rest In Peace Lady V.
She had a great run of it!❤❤ Sending love your way Anderson, may you find peace in knowing you are so loved❤❤
Lovely tribute for a beautiful lady. May she rest in peace.
What a wonderful tribute to his mother! I'm so sorry for your loss Anderson! You are truly blessed to have a mum like her! May her soul rest in peace! I pray to love like she loved! Big hugs...good night sweet darling. Sleep tight xoxo
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The number of cases this year marks the greatest number reported in the US since 1992 and since the disease was declared eliminated in 2000, meaning it was no longer continuously transmitted

Incredible, what the non vaxxers have been able to do, remove the US from the No measles roster which most every country considered as a sign of a first world country, to be able to get rid of contagious diseases. This is worth reading. 88% of the cases are from one type of community. 25% are from vaccinated people. Zero deaths. This is another push to restrict our rights. Its another fear tactic. A helicopter crashes in NY the other day and the pilot dies now that want to restrict all flights over the city. Its another push on the first amendment and tomorrow it will be another.
One's right to refuse vaccination(s) ends, where the safety of the rest of the population begins. The only other option is to move OUT of the Country... (which may also improve our National I.Q. rating).
Got a question for all of you blaming "anti-vaxers"... Child vaccines are for Measles, MUMPS, RUBELLA, CHICKEN POX and many others.... People who don't vaccinate, refrain from ALL these vaccinations... So if the anti-vaxers are to blame... How come there is ONLY an outbreak of Measels?? Why not the others? Ever stop to consider maybe the Pharmaceutical company distributed a faulty "Measels" product?
Those of you asking how many deaths: does it really f*cking matter? Measles can lead to deafness and encephalitis. It’s a miserable disease to have. Before vaccination was available, thousands died of measles each year in the US. Even in the years leading up to the time vaccination became available, 400-500 people died each year in the US. (Source: Do we want to go back to that? You pro-diseasers certainly seem to want to. I don’t. Vaccinate your kids.
Thanks to the crisis of illegal immigration and the Socialists. They might even bring Ebola soon or have already.
The anti vaccination arguments were funny at first, untill they went more mainstream, now it is just becoming ridiculous. Only in the US, you see this widely accepted paranoia-fuelled resistance against science and facts that have been the general consensus worldwide, for years. Climate change, vaccination, the deep state. I often wonder, how can a population of a western continent be so uneducated and void of reason and common sense, like in the US.
If this was on the up tick from immigrants than the problem would have developed earlier when we had more of them here. This is straight up a product of parents not vaccinating their kids and adults not vaccinating themselves. Get vaccinated for God’s sake !
i wonder if vaccines deaths have decreased by an equal number?
You can thank illegal immigration for this problem.
The fact that Robert Kennedy jr. is on the anti vax bandwagon is insane. I guess he would rather kids die than get vaccinated. ignorance.
Anti-vaxxers should be jailed
And the Border patrol just released the unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens coming to the USA with serious illnesses including Ebola.
They are testing germ warfare and see which diseases are the best for an outbreak.
Becuase the parents think they are smarter than scientists, doctors, and the CDC.
Funny... so has illegal immigration.. But let’s keep blAming the anti vexers who have been around this whole time 🙄
Is anyone amazed? I thank God I didn't die of measles - got them and chickenpox too.
It's because of all of the illegals
People, please vaccinate your crotch goblins! There’s no reason for your kids to be sick when it can be prevented!
All this media hysteria over 1,000 cases
How much of this is related to illegal immigrants who did not receive the proper vaccinations that we usually receive?
I understand people’s fear of vaccines. I myself struggled with the decision and I am well educated on the matter. Ultimately, the benefits outweigh the risks. Vaccination is key in preventing these horrible diseases and although there is risk involved it’s actually very minimal. There is also the risk of ending up with one of these preventable diseases by skipping the vaccination. Either way you go, you’re gambling with your child’s health. The difference is when you don’t vaccinate you put others children at risk.
Is it a failure to vaccinate or a vaccine failure?
When simple things can be disregarded in the name of Social Justice or Egalitarianism. I assume we will get our first taste of tyranny. Let us undermine the protection of screenings associated with legal immigration, and organize thousands of people to rush the border. Now when we look at the assumptions associated with Asylum, who presented such things to Congress. When did Congress initiate funding for these supposed Asylum Seekers? Now the reasons and mechanisms for Asylum is defined by law. If I am lying, why hasn’t the Obama Administration in a official capacity recognize the caravans as Asylum Seekers. On top of this, our government is being sued for people not being treated for illness and disease. Epidemics have a starting point, there is a reason for its occurrences. Vaccines are suppose to help combat a disease or illness. But selectively compromising the mechanisms of prevention cannot be blamed on people who are not transmitting those diseases.
"No longer continuously reported" is what this actually means. Now the leftist in our government can use this to pummel any American that choses not to be vaccinated.
CNN3 hours ago

Gloria Vanderbilt died Monday morning, according to her son, CNN's Anderson Cooper. The fashion designer and socialite was 95.

I send my condolences and well wishes to the entire family. A lot of people are singling out Anderson Cooper in particular and there's a good reason for that. He is a man of integrity and he is a man of great compassion and humility. We welcome him into our homes every day and though it's often been joked about that you don't want to see him on your street in a skin-tight shirt, as that means disaster has happened, I see it as no small consolation. If something happened to me I would be grateful to have AC come in and draw the attention of the world to my plight. Gloria Vanderbilt told her son "follow your bliss" and that is how he embarked on his career. We are all in debt to her for raising such a good son.
Thank goodness good riddance to bad rubbish.... Anderson Cooper deserves what he gets
My deepest sympathy to Anderson Cooper. It was such a pleasure to watch the interaction between him and his mother in the documentary he created.
95? She lived her life. Not sad at all she lived a beautiful full life
Anderson,no wonder you are so stylish, well mannered and fantastic.Blessings to you.RIP Icon Gloria.
The last sentence of his tribute is probably the most meaningful: (paraphrasing) the greatest thing a mother can give her son (or daughter) is unconditional love. I hope my kids know this about me.
Oh wow! The first jeans I remember wanting were Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.
Sending Condolences, Anderson Cooper.
I am so sorry for your loss Anderson and yet so happy that she lived such a long life! She is now reunited with your brother. Some day i will be reunited in heaven with my son Ryan. May God give you comfort and peace.
RIP.My condolences toAnderson Cooper and family.
Sorry for your loss Anderson! I will be praying for you & your family!❤️
I am so sorry to hear this Anderson Cooper, may God give you and your family the strength to get through your sorrow and grief, I always admired your mother and you, cherish her memories and may God bless you always!
Condolences Anderson Cooper to you and your family!!!
R.I.P. Gloria. Thank-You so much for sharing your creativity in the fashion world.
Wonderful woman indeed. Hugs and <3 to you Anderson and your family.
Sending prayers and condolences to Anderson Cooper.
Condolences to Anderson, and his family and friends. Gloria Vanderbilt was a pioneer. Gone but not forgotten. RIP, Gloria.
Prayers and love to Anderson and the entire Vanderbilt family on the loss of this amazing woman.
My condolences to Anderson Cooper. I know they were very close 🌹
Condolences to Anderson cooper for loss amazing icon and mom🙏😔
My heartfelt sympathy to Anderson and the whole family❣️What a truly lovely lady she was❣️I loved her fashions and fell in Love with her Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in the early 80’s-my husband loved them on me too-and we had just started dating then-maybe she in a small way helped bring us together😉😊😂I have some of her books and always watched any interviews with her❣️Truly an icon❣️She was blessed to live a long life-she will be missed💔💖
Prayers and love to Anderson Cooper
Oh NO 😩😭 She was an ikon! When I was a teenager you had to have a pair of her jeans! 👖 I’m so sorry to hear this terrible news. Prayers for Anderson Cooper. 🙏🏾🙏🏾😭
Deepest condolences AC and family. What a remarkable woman! Now we know where you got your giggle from. Thanks for sharing that Eulogy this morning on CNN. Prayers.
Deepest sympathy Anderson Cooper It’s a sad sad day when you lose your mom 😔😥
CNN3 hours ago

Some of an astronaut's success is training; some of it's DNA. Do you have what it takes?

It takes hard work, dedication, and intelligence.
Has anyone watched Gattaca the movie? It is a great film. highly recommended. It teaches you that the dream should not be restricted by their DNA, but can go farther beyond the expectation with the effort they put into to achieve the goal.
The Right Stuff!
My spacecraft
Man that image real show the earth is flat... 😂
CNN- it’s 2017, dna doesn’t mean you can’t do things CNN in 2019- dna means you can only do certain things
Tang. It takes Tang to be an astronaut!
It takes intelligence and self determination of hard work to be an astronaut. Today's millennial liberal logic is a high school dropout deserves the same rewards of an astronaut who trained and studied for years.
Keep secrets and not say the truth like the earth is flat or we did not go to the moon.
weed and imagination
CGI and a swimming pool
A person with great acting skills
Flat earthers would say there are no astronauts.. it’s all fake!
Yea just for you to hear “Houston we have a problem” 🚀🛸🤣
Joseph Johnson
The Russians sent up Laika, so if she can do it then anyone can. With that being said, it was a one way trip for her :/ Anyone can be an astronaut, but why would they?
No. I can’t even handle rollercoasters! LOL
Easy lie like CNN
A freaking big rocket I'm guessing.
I'm a pilot, I can fly a plane!
to be ASTRO- NUTS..lo
idk bout now, but in the 60's we all knew how to lol.
the right stuff coupled with no fear of heights.....
A rocket man
I have no idea. maybe ask Buck Rogers or Steve Majors, they might have a thought or two.
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.4 hours ago

Taylor Swift has released the music video for her new song, “You Need to Calm Down,” which features several gay icons.

"When she talks about inclusivity and authenticity and celebrates the diversity of who we are ... it changes and saves lives,"...

Am I in time to watch the Conservatives melt down?
She sold her soul to devil She was nice. Not anymore. Bye bye
Good for her!!! This kind of bravery is needed in this day and age!!!
Love everything about this, except Taylor, and the actual song.
This video will be an instant hit in hell not here
She’s just cashing in on Pride Month like the rest of corporate America. 💵
You know. I was just thinking. For a group of people who want to have equal rights, they sure do want a lot of special treatment and attention. Ever notice that?
Waiting for the day when we can stop calling peoples sexuality political...🙄
Glad that my kids don’t know who she is.
Music is Art, and art is an expression of an individual. Why shouldn't she express her frustration with the current Administration? About 51% of us feel the same way she does anyways.
This video makes me happy... I’m not a swift super fan... But everything about this makes me smile!
Not a fan of Taylor but proud of her for standing up for what is right!
Anyone else notice that the bigots in the video AREN'T accurately portrayed? TOO many teeth!
I love watching the conservatives cry over this 😂
Spread love not hate. I’ve always loved her and the love is sure continuing.
LOVE THIS. Taylor killed it with this video and all the icons. #YNTCD #pride
I'm just here looking for the exploding heads
Awesome Taylor! Spread the love, drop the hate!
She ran out of material and now she must go shock
Make sure you tell everyone your sexual preferences! Gotta shout that shyt..... Common sense and being private in your home is gone. Musicians telling us how to think... Lol
Thank you CNN for this post. Thank you to Taylor Swift for the song. I hope in some small way it helps people understand. Much of the hateful voices out there are from fear. Fear brought about by groups and churches that just need to hate someone to justify their own lives. With all that is going on in the world today, you just need to move on. Enjoy your life, and let others enjoy their lives.
It is interesting looking at all of the comments of people who "aren't going to watch/listen to her anymore." I doubt they even watched the interview. People are dying in this country...still...simply because they're not acceptable to a certain group of people. Kudos to Taylor Swift for having the guts to stand up to this kind of behavior. Sad that so many people still don't get it. There are gay republicans...I don't know why, but this isn't a party line issue, or shouldn't be. It's a human rights issue. Some of you will say, I don't care what people do and still slam're being complicit in supporting the horrendous behavior we're seeing. This is the 21st century and we need to be better than we are.
Never was a huge TS fan but it makes me appreciate her more now.
People truly need to calm down. It’s a human right to love whomever you want as as long as they’re a consenting adult.
Taylor Swift has the right to believe and to express her beliefs anyway she chooses. I also believe that someone like Taylor Swift will say and do whatever she has to do to stay “current” and in the news. It’s called promotion. She is very good at it. In fact, she excels at creating something from nothing about as well as I ever witnessed. But, she has the right to do that too. If you like her stuff, great...if you don’t, you are not forced to listen.
CNN shared a live video.4 hours ago

We’re watching markets open as investors wait to hear what the Fed’s rate cut plans are at this week’s meeting.

CNN Business
We’re watching markets open as investors wait to hear what the Fed’s rate cut plans are at this week’s meeting. All eyes are on Boeing as the Paris Air Show, a key event for announcing aircraft orders, kicks off today. Sotheby’s just announced it is being acquired for $3.7 billion, including debt.
If hillary got elected we would be looking at 35,000 right noe
How come it never goes above 26?! Thought the economy was so great.
Republicans destroys the economy and a democratic president comes to the rescue that how it works. Have you forgotten 08? Deplorable
It would be advantageous to have a president with something between his ears.
I'm a DEMOCRAT I always SHORT market when REPUBLICANS are in office has not failed me yet they are a disaster
The cost of living is increasing. But wages remain stagnant.
Mr. President, I am tired of winning. Can you please make it stop
But I thought 45 said that when he became president, tht Stock Markets worldwide will soar. Huh!
Love these fake republican patriots
Yep the economy looks great for the top 1% they are making billions!! Working class are suffering and McConnell is taking away any help they get. Medicaid and Medicare are slowly going away.
Good morning, trolls! Let's have lots of great samples this week.
In strong economy’s and best economy in America history... you don’t wait anxiously to see if the Fed is cutting rates. The economy is slowing down.
Stock market was soaring right before Republicans caused the Depression in 1929. TARIFFS were a big part of that too.
They are doing away with the electoral college america will be great again.
It’s a proven fact that the economy is always better under the Democratic administrations.
2 trillion deficit, I’ll fix the debt in 8 years
If hillary got elected there would be nobody trying to destroy the middle class and the market would react the only thing taking us over 30,000 would be a minimum wage increase.
What did the vegan family say before eating? Lettuce pray
CNN is reporting the stock market numbers how is this fake news
In what areas have wages increased! We are cutting hours and under a hiring freeze! What a joke!
Republicans the market is not the economy
Republicans know how to give tax breaks to the rich and thats all they do period.
Cost of living is on the rise, the only thing good right now is gas is cheap
Unfortunately it goes down on a daily basis. Too much instability just like it was in 2007 and 2008
If your a silent majority stay silent please.
CNN4 hours ago

President Trump chastised his acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney for coughing during the taping of a TV interview, ordering the aide out of the Oval Office while the President was in the middle of an answer.

I find it kind of amazing people want to work for this’s not like your ticket to future success.
George “it’s up to you” trump “no it’s not it’s up to lawyers and everyone else but it’s an amazing fantastic financial statement I hope they get it.” George “which financial statement?” Trump “you know my financial statement it’s a beautiful thing more beautiful than anyone else’s financial statement in all of history” ..... that was a bonkers thing to watch play out.
A normal, kind person would have just offered Mulvaney a glass of water.
Trump is a dictator! We’re normalizing this every day. I pray we don’t lose our democracy in the process. He’s a menace to a moral society. He fired pollsters for telling the truth. This is where we’re at, scary!
Lol I love reading the comments of people realizing how truly awful this guy is... Funny you're all just realizing it now...
Ladies and gentlemen, this is our president. Are we proud? Hell NO.
He should have been doing one of those coughs where someone coughs and says “bullsh1t” at the same time. That would have been priceless
There’s not enough money on the planet to put up with people like 45. It’s unbelievable just how many people are willing to sell their dignity and soul
I’d like to think all of America would rather a “Can I get you a glass of water?” type person representing and serving us. But alas, he’s a “Get the f*ck out of my camera time” type person. Sad. Be best!
Everyone start coughing at all of trumps speeches 😂
Please register and vote to end this nightmare!
So coughing is worse than sniffing for an hour?
It's a little thing but so very telling about this president's lack of regard for other human beings. Trump does not value any other human on this planet except those that can make him money or make him look good. The only use he has for other people is how they can best serve him. When are people going to wake up and see this.
The guy is mentally ill. What is it going to take for people to realize it?
How could anyone work for this piece of crap. Or moreover, why would anyone want to?
You just got a glimpse into the real Donald Trump. A bitter a-hole who lashes out like a petulant child. Another sad and embarrassing incident. A real man would have asked to speak with him privately. Yet here we are with 35% of America consistently applauding this wimp.
I saw this on CNN this morning and I could not believe how angry Trump was at Mulvaney. I was taught that if you have ANY issue with an employee, you discuss it with them in private... NEVER in front of their peers or on camera! That's basic "Management 101." Very poor form on his part.
Only a tyrant would react to a random cough in such a way. For those saying this is not news, you are wrong. If the leader of our country throws a tantrum because of a cough it is symptomatic of his need for power.
Ironic that someone who has been stumbling and choking his way through an entire presidency might be so offended by this.
This will be something people will be doing randomly every time he’s having a tv interview just to bother him😂😂😂
I saw this on the news this morning. He is absolutely crazy and has no business sitting in the Oval Office. He’s getting worse if that’s possible!
That was so funny, thr guy coughed on purpose because trump was telling another lie, as usual.
Trump is so self-absorbed and Mary Poppins said it best, "sometimes a person through no fault of his own, can’t see past the end of his nose.” Bravo George Stephanopoulos for having the patience! #Trump30hours
trump obstructed justice several times according to the mueller report. We have a criminal, traitorous, draft dodger for a president.
He was probably coughing on purpose to distract from Trump's ridiculous answers to George's questions. 🙄
CNN5 hours ago

She is accused of taking her 11-year-old golden Labrador Retriever to a park and then pushing it from a dock where it struggled to swim and eventually drowned, police said

I wish her family would do this to her
What's really sad is the dog struggled waiting for its hooman, who he probably loved unconditionally, to rescue him. 😥
I understand that there are so many dogs that are in need of a home but this is why not just anyone should be allowed to adopt or own a dog. She clearly doesn’t look right in this picture. This could have been prevented Rest In Peace little dog 💯🙏🏼
Disgusting POS! Why couldn't she just surrender the dog to a rescue so that someone could have given that poor baby the best end-of-life possible, full of love?! I really hate humans sometimes. We all could learn something from the loyalty and unconditional love we get from dogs. This monster should never be allowed to own another animal! 😡
Do the same to her. That poor pup deserved a much better owner.
I just hope she doesn’t get to babysit her grandkids.
There’s a special place in hell for people who abuse children and animals😡
She needs to be shown the same mercy she showed that poor dog. Let her meet the same fate.
I’m all for the old school Hammurabi “eye for an eye” style of retributive punishment for this woman.
The dog was aging and she probably was getting tired of taking care of it. I hope the same thing happens to her and she gets pushed into a river and drowns 😡
Let’s do the same to her. I’ll be happy to push her into the lake or ocean and watch her drown. What a piece of 💩
I fully support equal punishment with this.
Such cruelty. How could one watch their own pet suffer, knowing they caused the suffering? If it was already suffering because of old age and health issues, she should have taken it to the vet.
Imagine the life that poor pooch was living. Just awful.
I cannot even put words to how much this saddens me😥
Death is not a misdemeanor! Shoving an elderly dog with health issues into water and standing by watching it helplessly struggle until it died is beyond cruel, it’s sadistic. She should be shown no mercy. The dog drowned in 3 1/2’ Of water solely because of her vileness. She shouldn’t be allowed loose in society.
Sick cruel animal abuser . I’m sure someone would have loved to have that faithful companion
She deserves to be dropped in the middle of the ocean and left there. No need for people like this in our society.
Misdemeanor??? She willfully pushed the poor animal in, rendered him no assistance, and watched him drown... It should be a FELONY. She murdered the dog.
Would it be OK if I can tie some concrete blocks to her feet push her into lthe lake and watch her drow?? 🤬🤬🤬
But police can kill humans and nothing is done. Oh ok.
But women who kill their innoncet babies ( humman) will not be arrested !!? Dog (animal ) has more value than humman being! what a f**king joke country !!!
Can she be pushed out of a plane to see if she can fly?
I feel so sorry for animals. They didn't deserve us happening to them..
And they released her ROR. That is disgusting. When will animal cruelty be viewed as the heinous crime that it is?
CNN5 hours ago

The Vatican will soon consider allowing some married men in the Amazon region of South America to be ordained as priests, in order to help alleviate a shortage of Catholic clergy there.

What about Amazon Prime members? I want full privileges for my annual fee.
Strange how God's will can be defied when it's not convenient 😇
Ordaining married men, making nuns and other rape victims by priests have abortions...amazing what oversights can be made when it works for the church. Their hypocrisy is just one of the reasons I’m a former catholic.
The original reason for not allowing priests to marry was so the property they obtained during life would be inherited by the church instead of spouses or children. You can look it up.
Really? There’s a shortage ALL over. Since when do priests have days off and can’t do a life long communicant’s burial mass? Having married men great idea. And how about: Elevate women in your minds and church, have women priests instead of subservient entities. Get out of your comfort zone you’ve been pampered waaaay too long, Cardinals, Arch bishops, Bishops etc. Jesus didn’t have a staff to tend to his needs. Plus He was much kinder, gentler and he LOVED everyone of His Father’s creations.
The Vatican should consider women everywhere then, not just in the Amazon. It's time to modernize the church a bit.
Just disband this centuries-old scam and use the money to help those in the Amazon and alike with actual things they need.
The rules can always be broken when it's convenient to do so.
Why just the Amazon? And why not women priests? The numbers of priests are in steep decline.
Whenever is convenient for them, they bend their own rules!
So now it's convenient for them to ordain married man??? I call BS on ALL their rules!!! 😠😠😠
How about ordaining women? What does the Vatican have against women?
None of the regular priests want to work in the Amazon not because they are afraid of the anaconda snakes is because there isn't enough young boys mostly old men and women in the tribes.
I'm sure Trump will hate this. He hates everyone that's not white. Thank God the Democrats will win in 2020. IMPEACH TRUMP AND MAKE ELECTIONS AMERICA AGAIN.
Bending their faith. It's like the whole thing is a made up sham.
Religion always plays catch-up to the rest of the world, while pretending that it always had the right path.
Once you realize there is no God you are free from that BS, the sky is blue and the birds are singing
Really? Why now only? What is with that vow to chastity thing, ditched already? I am really confused with Christianity these days...It is like swayed...the beliefs and principles...sigh...
If they want to obey the scriptures STOP baptizing infants, promoting idolatry, praying to mary and dead saints, teaching purgatory, concealing the baptism of the Holy Ghost, calling priests 'father' (against Jesus' specific instructions)......... Repent and obey the gospel! Acts 2:38 John 3:3-8
They are beginning to take on anyone - as long as there are no women.
So god says "no," until it's inconvenient then *miracle* god says yes. It's almost like the whole thing is a man made construct and there is no god at all. Huh.
This is a great idea. It should be global though...
1 Timothy: 1 This is a true asaying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. 2 A bishop then must be ablameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
But most married men like women.... not alter boys? How is this going to work?
So the reason priests can’t marry is they are supposed to love only God. These new priests can love a family and God? Imagine that! Now they have to pay priests more.
CNN6 hours ago

RECALL ALERT: For the second time in two weeks, flour is being recalled because of E. coli fears. This time, it's 4,620 cases of Pillsbury Best 5-pound Bread Flour.

Maybe trump should stop cutting funds from the things instituted to keep us safe, just sayin
Way too many recalls in our food system.
I have never seen so many recalls on food!
Results of a "smaller government". YOU asked for it - fewer inspectors.
USDA had their budget cut due to the Orange Clowns incompetence. Not enough inspectors
Food standards have dropped ever since Trump stole the White House from Hillary. We need to impeach Trump. Why aren't the Democrats impeaching the goof?
Why so many food recalls the past few years? What’s really going on? Not enough inspectors?
Bruh I swear you cant buy anything anymore without seeing a recall for it within a week.
There are ramifications for always poking the Pillsbury Doughboy in the belly!!! Now he's pooping in the flour!
Trumps no laws fda
Regulations are for socialists. Human feces in food is the price of freedom!
What the heck!
Zero reports of problems so they caught it fast. Hundreds of recalls a year is not unusual. We just hear about them more. And Ecoli is everywhere. Seriously, people are going into panic mode, read the article, follow the instructions, move on, and get over it.
Everyone complaining about fewer inspectors, how about the company that’s makes the stuff who doesn’t give a crap about public safety and only thinks of making a big profit..
Waiting for all the people who were putting down Aldi's during the last scare to eat their words. Clearly it's not just their issue!
Nothing new... there's a long history of contamination over time.
So apparently there is poo in everything...🤦🏾‍♂️
Seems like a day isn't complete anymore these days until a recall alert is issued. What's going on?
Lax inspection due to depaetments like Agriculture and Food and Drug will only have these health risks increase.Its all about incompetant department heads in this administration.I'm going to start boycotting American food products processed there.
What has happened to the integrity of America’s ‘Quality Control’ in its’ companies? Products are being recalled left and right in every industry these days! There doesn’t seem to be any pride in workmanship, anymore😪
How fun is it to be gluten minimal right now?
They should mention the glyphosate residues...
What is safe to eat anymore
We don't need no stinkin regulations
I wouldn't be surprised if every item in the grocery store gets recalled for contamination. Even the Organic items.
CNN6 hours ago

A complete CAT-astrophe!

Amazing, truly happy to be alive for this.
Saturday Night Live would be proud!😂😩🤣
This post really changed my life thanks for sharing
Thank you CNN for featuring this pawsitive aspect of Pakistan.
Thanks CNN... It indirectly intellecting my knowledge n enhancing my experience.. I do appreciate that CNN... Hope for more news like this..
I loved reading all the puntastic comments
He proposed that we all work together to leave a better world for our kittens, and our kittens' kittens.
This is the best news item right meow.
I hope the staffer responsible has nine lives
I think Trump's press conferences are broadcast with a clown filter everyday😋
Aahhhh good stuff. What a way to start my day 😜
You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow. I bet they weren’t feline very good after they saw what happened.
In other 'Mews' 😹
All political videos should be streamed that way. 🤣
Is this fur-real? I guess their camera skills aren't purr-fect. They need to find a claw-ver cameraman.
if may say... he did look cute with his rosey cheeks and whiskers 🤣
At least the paw-litician took it with some humor.
No animals were harmed in the making of this film.
Fur-real?! I bet they were laughing at the meows. 😂
Maybe that's what's happening with Trump. Everytime he speaks it is being broadcast with the "lying sack of sh*t" filter. Let's try to get the cat one instead!
A cat in the cabinet that is...meow
Lol it’s funny! Nothing to be mad about
"It didn't take long for commentators to pounce on the error..." "Pounce". I see you, CNN. I see you. 😄
Someone surely misunderstood.. " make sure we look good in the photo"
That cat filter was the best part of that stream😜💩
CNN7 hours ago

One man who saw Scott Dittman giving "Free Dad Hugs" embraced him and sobbed into his arms. The man had been kicked out at age 19 and hadn't spoken to his parents since.

Now THIS is the Father’s Day spirit needed more these days. A father offering “Dad Hugs” at a Pride parade for those that have been estranged from parents for coming out.
As a parent we are suppose to give unconditional love ... regardless of their sexual orientation !!! God Bless this special man
This man is such a wonderful human being. 😍
This is what I wanted to see on my feed today! As someone who didn't come out to their whole family yet out of the fear of how they would react, I really appreciate this gesture. Thank you for showing love to those who needed it! ❤
Bless him! This would have meant the world to me.
God bless and keep more people like this man
This broke my is love
The world needs more compassion and more men like this. If you are a parent love your child, accept them for who they are. If everyone just treated each other with a little bit of kindness and empathy imagine how much better the world would be. If you are do blinded by hate or blinded by faith you have issues with compassion or love you are part of the problem. God is love.
Well done, Scott! Thank you for just showing love to people❣️❣️
Love this - love him - love all the parents who are stepping up.
This man could have saved lives with hugs. What a gift he gave those people! 💙
I can’t see, read & love this story enough. Kindness costs nothing, but means everything. Love is love.
I've been wanting to do this but with "Mom Hugs". I got my husband on board too, after reading this and talking to him with tear filled eyes. We will both be at our next local pride event to do just this. Our daughter is gay, our love for her changed zero, if anything we love her more for what she faces daily.
Thank you for being beautiful
How generous of this man... I thank him for doing this...
Humanity will be restored if so many people are like him, a beautiful human being😍😍😍
Understanding, love and support is all any child really wants and needs from a parent.
A parent can love their child and disagree with their lifestyle choices..........
God bless..These are God's children too and he makes no mistakes. I give you HUGS
If you can't love your kids UNCONDITIONALLY and you are going to respect a book more than another human, do the world a favor and don't have kids, ever.
How beautiful and wonderful! Anything with anything negative to say about this is heartless - and shame on those using the Bible to justify their hate.
I was working as a Santa one year and gave a couple of elderly ladies Santa hugs, which caused them both to start weeping as they both realised that this was the first time in their lives that either had had a big from Santa. Never overlook the power of physical contact.
So heartwarming, everyone needs a hug on a regular basis.
Inspiring story. Sometime we all need a little bit of good news.
Begin a dad is more then just teaching your son how to "be a man" it's about making your kids feel safe in the world as a child and giving them the confidence to take over the world. They need to start an org for the entire world. This will be dad's gift to the world in June
CNN7 hours ago

Where did you first see the movie Alisyn Camerota and John Berman are having fun with here? We’ll give you 3 kinds of guesses. Grab some extra mashed potatoes and come close to hear the stories behind the movies we love when you encounter the...

What’s extremely funny is , all the CNN haters are constantly contributing and raising CNNs ratings with their obsessive viewing and commenting. Thanks guys keep up the good work 😃
Shouldn't CNN worry about doing a better job with news before you spin out a new series no one will watch, wow CNN needs new leadership, failing, failing, failing
Close Encounters.....saw it at the drive in👍
Imagine hanging out with these two....😂😂😂😂😂
The egos at CNN are officially off the charts.
Taiwan government prosecutors and police collective Breaking the law
I would never watch a movie with those two in it. Ever.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the CNN is Corny Kind
Close encounters of the third kind.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
You guys ARE good actors so
Algeria shutting down internet in the country and denying access during Secondary schools final exams to avoid Exam malpractice with phones and other devices....This is just wow!
Mutt and Jeff
Not a chance. 😴😴
Too easy
Two CNN tits.
Waste of campaign revenue millions.
I haven't seen Alyson Alisyn Camerota have fun since leaving fox news where it seemed like she had fun every day. She went to CNN and became fake as CNN.
I don't watch movies, nothing to support libturd hollyweird! 😎👍
CNN7 hours ago

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced a new settlement in the Golan Heights named after his "great friend" Donald Trump.

Two great men leaving such amazing legacies!
great job, God bless natanyahu and Donald trump, the king David and king Solomon of our time
that's great news 👏🏻👏🏻 The incredible friendship between two outstanding presidents is paying off! 🇮🇱🇺🇸
The Title of Nobility Clause is a provision in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution,[1] that prohibits the federal government from granting titles of nobility, and restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states and monarchies without the consent of the United States Congress.
As an American Jew I support Israel but not the illegal settlements nor Netanyahu nor Donald Trump.
A new settlement in the Golan Heights.... New... They should never expect PEACE.
As has been pointed out: an illegal settlement on stolen land. Of course it's named after Trump.
So you going to steal land and name it after the biggest thief in the USA.
Anyone else find this extremely disturbing?
Naming stolen land after a conman... perfect!
NETANYAHU a war criminal TRUMP a circus clown what a wonderful couple!!!
It is a well deserved honor. Congrats Mr President.
In honor of the man who thinks nazi's are fine people, lol.
Israel wants trump to go to war with Iran, Trump likes shiny things, Israel provides shiny things, Trump will go to war with Iran
Yay just another ego boost for the dear leader 🙄
Great! Maybe all the Trumps can move there.
Congratulations president Agolf Twittler. 😂🤡
Trump would spend the rest of his life smiling in happiness while others suffer.
With Trump all things are possible. Not only does President Trump build walls to keep us safe. He also builds bridges to peace and prosperity! Maga.
Hey Trumptards: shouldn't you rewrite the Bible to include Trumpland as a holy site?
I named the last roadkill I saw Trump. It's of equal significance to this farce Netanyahu just pulled.
It is so exciting to be living in this time, what a great honor for the United States of America and for our president Donald J Trump
Golan Heights belongs to Syria..
All you have to do is flatter Pinocchio Trump and he will give away everything America has including the kitchen sink
Seeing the evil corrupt leader of Israel naming illegal settlements after the evil leader of America is plain disturbing.
CNN8 hours ago

Iran will surpass the limit of low enriched uranium it is allowed to stockpile under the nuclear deal in 10 days, a spokesman for the Iranian atomic agency said

I am pulling for Iran. The days of America telling the world what to do are OVER
That’s exactly what the agreement was trying to prevent! But thanks to dumpster Donny Iran doesn’t feel obligated to honor the pact anymore
Is anyone really worried about Iran? Like truly, who's shook about iran
Good for them, they have their own sovereignty. The US doesn’t own them.
Why would Iran attack 2 tankers when it is meeting Japan’s prime minister? There is no logic in such act... could this attack be a fabrication to initiate a future war?
Because Trump hated Obama so much, he had to withdraw from a multinational agreement that was working. No new deal, we gained nothing by quitting. Trump is the biggest loser.
you cannot ask Iran to respect a deal trumpy already get out, smile
Ok before everyone blames Obama, this is because of Trump!
Iran WILL build a bomb. Iran WILL have launch capabilities for this bomb. Iran WILL use this bomb against Israel. President Trump is trying everything to prevent this event. Why can’t everyone with a brain see this.
What Iran Deal? Are you referring to the nuclear deal with Iran that Trump repudiated? Iran had no commitment to honor the agreement when Trump ended it, and when he threatened retaliation against our allies if they did not abide by the past sanctions. This is the consequence of idiot diplomacy from our current president.
They never had any plans to stop. Another Obama nightmare that needs cleaned up. After Obama gave them 1.7 billion dollars. Right at the end of his term. But you won’t hear much about it on any social media like CNN, ABC,
Great Job Trump—here comes a nuclear Iran. 🤦🏻‍♀️😳🤦🏻‍♀️😬
Well Trump broke the deal so they're free to do what they want aren't they?
Thank you Pinocchio Trump you are about to send young men to die because of your ignorance and narcissistic behavior
What Iran deal? Didn’t IQ45 cancel the US part in this? So why are we concerned about what they are doing. This is all part of his plan to start a war. NOT MY SON
So yeah the President voided the agreement and Europe is now dealing with Iran. Even to the point where Europe sent a rep to speak to Iran about dropping the US dollar as trade currency. So if you think the world is going to see us as the good guys if we start a war in Iran your dead wrong. Amazing how many false flag operations have popped up recently. Suadi oil tankers, whom CNN forgot are commiting war crimes in Yemen with US made weapons, so of course they are going to be attack by Yemen fighters. The Japanese oil tankers who the captain of the ship has already stated they were intentionally hit with a projectile and not a mine. Mind you when the Japanese ship was hit the Japanese PM was visiting Iran.
Why don't you clowns do some research Iran broke the deal 1st and didnt follow the deal anyway
We could prevent this if we just had a treaty with them. Oh wait,we did!
What do you expect when you cancel the nuclear deal.
Didn’t tRump void the agreement? That kinda means Iran isn’t bound to it anymore.
You guys are so brainwashed that you actually thought Iran stopped in the first place. lmao.
And here come the liberals siding with Iran.
Well, this is Sideshow Donny's and his Clowns doing. Iran was in compliance for years. Now Sideshow keeps threatening and lying about them. So what incentives are there for Iran to stick to the deal?
When you use the term “limit,” is that in reference to an agreement the US walked away from? Just checking.
CNN9 hours ago

In an interview ahead of the trip, Xi called Putin his "best and bosom friend," adding he cherished their "deep friendship."

Dad always gives his son some gift on his birthday.
The new Axis Powers showing their love and appreciation . . .
Such a tremendous and beautiful relationship 🥰❤️😂😂
Happy Birthday to Xi Big Big!!! I love Xi Big Big.
I thought his best friends were Tigger and Kanga...
Still a more convincing love story than Donald and Melania’s...😘
Thank you all, you know reading comments this days is not easy. Pls, be brief in your comments. Thank you for your understanding.
Was it beautiful ice cream? Asking for friends.
so is "Russian ice cream" made with vodka???? Looks🤮from this picture...and what's with the "boy love" with all these despots ????? also 🤮.......
Respect for China and Russia. All the best for them.
Yeah but our guy got love letters from Kim.
What did the Donald get from Putin? Nada!
Years ago krshchev said "the United States would be destroyed from within". Putin has already gotten trump to allienate NATO allies, encourage the breakup of the European Union, present stand alone nationalism. We are all ripe for a Russia/China takeover. Trump is a puppet
Donny was not invited to the party, so sad.
LMAOOO... trump must be about to burst He lost His best Friend Putin!!
Vlad and Xi ignored their lil' poppet on his 73'rd birthday 3 days ago?
I can’t be the only one expecting a series of jealous rage tweets from Comrade Trump...
Sounds like 2 of the largest countries in the world are getting ready to take on the US together. trump is being outfoxed again.
If they team up with Iran ,the USA will have a real problem ...... just saying ....
Rofl. Wait I thought Donnie was a Bosom buddy. I thought they had a love affair. Dumped by another lover. Oh my, oh dear , trumpys lovers are dumping him. Rofl.
Wonder what Putin got Trumpocchio? #JustAnElection
Donald must be jealous.
But I thought Trump said that he was Xi’s best friend.🙄🤔
Trump will get jealous and increase Chinese tariffs
Uh-oh Donnie, trouble in paradise. Vlad's two timing you
CNN9 hours ago

Police are searching for a gunman who opened fire at a graduation party in Philadelphia on Sunday night.

Is this the part were we send thoughts and prayers?
Welcome to the "New America" . The new national anthem should be "Thoughts and prayers"
THoUghTS AnD pRayErs
Expecting more thoughts and prayers and then... Nothing until the next school shooting or mass shooting.
Very sad. Prayers. Gun control is badly needed
So awful.Sick behavior..Blessings and hope for better times .
May they Rest in peace and the others get well soon. No Prayers will help to avoid such Shootings, but new gun laws and gun control.
thaughts and prayers for the incomprehensible GOP mindset
Why??? Sad....this was suppose to be a happy celebration.
What a beautiful country you live in. 🙄👍🇺🇲
Welcome to Philadelphia... The place where gunshots is a lullaby.
And Trump has the nerve to call out the Mayor of London on the stabbings? Hypocrite
Don't show photos because that would show the uncomfortable truth about most shootings.
Its like groundhog day down there. You guys are stuck in a loop of gunmans in schools. Do something.
Luckily he didn't had access to an automatic rifle or the death toll would have been higher
Let me guess, it was do to mental issues and most definitely not a gun problem.
New?...what's so new about this...guns or no guns...the US is a violent country...lot's of gangs and lots of drugs....fuel the violence....and as far as more guns laws (which i'm not opposed to) do you know these shooters acquired firearms at a store and not on the street.
.....more control they say. Oh that's right, bad guys dont care about that.
Just another day in warzone america...
They saying searching,so why not release a pic. of the gunman,so people in the area know who to lookout for?
I pray that me or someone can come up with a solution for our youth. Kids are dying everyday.
The inventor of guns didn't do the world any good. That tiny bullet is capable of killing a fully grown elephant. Too many shootings in USA
Still law on gun-banned not materialise. Nothing new. Next please.
this is why i dont go to parties... OR ANYWHERE i dont need to
Mr. Trump condemning the mayor of London, asking he should be removed because of the killings, now in his own country, he is the chief commander of USA not Texas so I guess just as he was asking the people of London to remove their mayor, now the citizens of USA should also remove him because of the killings too.
CNN10 hours ago

Jataveon Dashawn Hall is due in court after he broke into a home and was whacked in the back of the head by a machete-wielding 11-year-old boy, according to police

I would love to see a movie about that story. The boy is truly a hero!
Great job young man, very good work. Bravery is the ability to act even when scared.
Brave kid, protecting his home and family.
It’s the intruders fault 100%. The kid was there to protect his family. Good job kid. No charges on the kids parents Just on the intruder
I would have cut off his hand... good job son
I am unclear on the timeline on the dude leaving the hospital. He told a nurse he had to leave, because police were after him. Did he leave then, or was that just a comment he made? Had police made contact with him in the hospital? Or were they just notified he was there and were waiting on him to be discharged to contact him? Was he in custody? Why wasn't he handcuffed? How do they know he was gone for 10 hours? The hospital is in charge of his medical care, not his incarceration. If police wanted him in custody, they should have had an officer with him. If he was actually gone 10 hrs before anyone noticed, then that is a concern because no hospital patient should go 10 hours with out being checked on. A head injury should be checked every 15 min, no more than 1/2 hr. But with all the questions about the timeline it is hard to tell how much fault the hospital had. In no case should the hospital be faulted because he left.
I hope he gets a nice long sentence for his stay in his new home.
Great job by the boy a liberal would have asked him to please leave 😳
Great little warrior protects their home.
Jataveon, is a lost young man. His eye’s look empty. The young boy that defended himself had to do what did. One lost and a hero. Both lives are in twined forever!
I want to see a picture with the machete stuck in his head.
The dream scenario of every 11 year old boy with a machete.
Is terrible that an 11 year old boy can apprehend somebody without killing them and the police can't
The apparent lack of remorse is a product of our moral edict being supplanted by secular humanism where nothing is divinely sacred.
I was half expecting to see a machete stuck in his head in his mugshot 😅
So glad the boy and his family are alright. The burglar deserved what he got. Just one query, who has machetes lying around the house?
He trying to look hard, but got beat down by a kid.
There you go folks....see, you don't need guns 😉
As soon as he gets out he will go right back to jail/prison of course and maybe kill somebody before he does..throw away the key
Luck he didn't get worse. Pin a medal on that 11 year old
It's time to retire Mr Dashawn, you will die in the hands of a toddler soon.
He’s lucky the kid didn’t keep whacking. Good job kid, put a bad dude behind bars
“For about 10 hours, hospital staff didn't know that Hall had left, according to Orange County Chief Deputy Jamison Sykes.” 😳
Did they get the others who broke in with him? Why even give the child's name?
Why doesn’t CNN post stories about home invasions, and other crimes, stopped by firearms? Hmmmm...
CNN10 hours ago

"They've never been as brazen or in as high a number. They were crawling over the roots and in and out of trees, just a tide of them ... They were not afraid of people at all, not afraid of vehicles."

Congratulations New Zealand !
We have a large one squatting in the White House.
Time for Schnauzers to take care of them.
Geez I didn't know that trump and his cabinet were visiting New Zealand.
Where are the photos of cat-sized rats?
Time to break out the dog sized cats to take care of business.
Get cats from Australia. They are overrun with them
Dear good lord what are these creatures? ??
Saw one that cat size come out of my neighbor's wall. I was stunned and it had babies. Watch everyday for any return.
“...since humans arrived in the country, 43 species of birds have gone extinct.” Humans are the real pests 🤷🏼‍♂️
That’s cause something more terrifying than people and cars are chasing them...
We have dog-sized here in Vietnam :D)))
My first idea was to enroll them in law school. But, even giant rats have standards. On a serious note. NZ needs to be careful when planning a solution. Law of unintended consequence.
Well since they banned cats I guess these are the consequences
I live 5 minutes from there and have seen nothing like this .sounds like B.S to me
Rodents of unusual size? I don’t think they exist!
Looks like the lack of a natural predator has created this nuisance
We have snakes/serpents thick here in America..... especially in the government...
Good!!! Maybe they will appreciate the cats...Australia too!
Don't believe everything you hear from Forest and Bird.
Too bad that dont have guns anymore to get rid of them 🤷‍♂️
And they want American to move their good luck sucker.
When a rat stays in the house too long, they become family members, Netflix and chill on the sofa.
🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 sorry for the animal Lovers, there are 2 animals that give me nightmare: Sharks and rats
All I need is my 12 gauge and 2 or 3 cases of beer and I can fix that problem within 3 to 5 business days.
CNN10 hours ago

When Carrie Lam became Hong Kong's Chief Executive in 2017, she promised to unite the city of seven million and "re-ignite hope for the next generation."

Instead, up to 2 million people poured onto the streets on Sunday in protest, according to...

If this were to happen in the US regarding Trump's many failed promises (and idiotic decisions); Trump would say I am winning because 5 million (some of whom are babies) LOVE me. VOTE HIM OUT 2020
Well in all honesty she did unite them, so good for her.
As long as she bought something
Mine Eyes hath seen the Glory Of the Heroes of Hong Kong Raising their Voice in Song To Right a Terrible Wrong Their Truth is Marching On! Glory Glory Heroes of Hong Kong Glory Glory Heroes of Hong Kong Glory Glory Heroes of Hong Kong Your Truth is Marching On!
As long as she bought something.
I have to say, as a HKer, she united HK people more than ever. People in opposite camps come out together to shout against her People I've never imagined would cooperate shook hands together Carrie Lam--Mother of HK independence and best ally of Taiwan!
WE need to protest like they do! If we want change and our reps are not listening...we should get out there! But. .sadly...we are lazy.
Thanks to CIA and those western countries that have been interfering with HK matters since 1997! Political parties, media, teachers, legal professions etc are all infiltrated with anti-government sectors.
I mean, she United 2 million people.. I'd give it the old GW Bush "Mission Accomplished" lol
She did unite the people, not the way the government wanted though
Maybe the people of Hong Kong should be allowed to choose their own leader instead of a pre-approved candidate from Beijing
Communism takes away freedom to all except for those who are the rich connected to the commies in their Govt. You can't have equality and socialism at the same time. Capitalism is the only way all can be treated equally.
She needs to go. The PEOPLE are right and China 🇨🇳 is wrong. We in the West need to support these PEOPLE in anything they do
I can't wait to see her new home in a forest in Mongolia.
They are protesting for unity I guess
Oh the things that are things.
She did unite then, good to for her
Do not vote in the "Democratic" Party in the United States or else we'd end up in servitude to an authoritarian regime like Beijing! Keep free market capitalism and the free press alive!
In the end she still helped people unite...look at the protest.
She will ne adhered.. trust me
Just like a woman! We are so dramatic!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ahhhhhh CNN is on the side of the Chinese government ? Figures
As we can see, Hong Kong is approaching “one country, one system”.
The people behind this want more than the bill. Hmmmmm
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.11 hours ago

"Five years ago, after the end of the Umbrella Movement, we said we would be back. Yesterday, two million Hong Kong people came to the streets."

One of Hong Kong's pro-democracy icons, Joshua Wong, has been released from prison, the day...

Such a brave and bright kid
Amazing to see the power of the people at work. The next question is how do we as outsiders help these people to keep fighting for and protecting their freedom. Should we be scared for this young man and what will his life be like. I am hoping he doesn't need to leave his family and home to stay alive and keep fighting for the things we take for granted. My full love and support to everyone of you.
hey guys my last name is WONG, too! 😆 Never felt more proud than now
This young man he needs to be protected, blessings to him from the higher power
What a brilliant son of Hong Kong already showed the power of his strong leadership! Great interview done with remarkable statements clearly made!
Well done young man super proud of you
It's ridiculous that his English is way better than the HK police chief in explaining his point of view, thank you for finding the right word 黃之鋒 Joshua Wong👍
Hey @CNN you don't ask a young activist in a quite heated campaign/movement a question like 'Are you willing to die for this cause?' Especially not after someone committed suicide 2 days ago before the demonstration. It was really unprofessional, insensitive and irresponsible of you to bring up a question like that.
Go my brother! I am with you!
Happy and proud for the Hong Kong people at the same time I'm quite worried of their freedom for the future. China doesn't have the best record as far as human rights are concerned.
Unfortunately, no. We did not win anything. A man jumped down from the building to protest the HK Government. And yet, now we achieved nothing. Absolutely nothing. The extradition bill will be back anytime, the protesters are still charged by the police for rioting, and Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive is still in office. Not to mention, we need to pursue accountability of riot police's brutality. We didn't win, we have to keep fighting.
I hope we are learning a lesson from our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong. We need to do this here in our country.
Awesome young man! He is a living proof that Hong Kong has a hope and accomplish at last!
Well done all the Hong Kong citizens...So proud of you...
Great Hongkong , Great Taiwan !
It takes the EFFORTS of not just one person, but every citizen to fight a terrible regime. #RISEUPHONGKONG
Thanks so much for this post. It just changed the life of my neighbor's maid
American always support all Mafia, terrorists, anti government activists as so called " Democratic hero", then it will have to swallow all consequences they produced. They will Make US great again!
Good job boy, you have it in your back bone to fight for your right's.
Hope one day he be elected to be the Chief Executive or President of the Island. Pray that day will come soon. That time he will know what it takes to administer a nation.
This kid started it all. 5 years ago he was surrounded by police and he sent messages out. That night hundreds of thousands youngsters counter-surrounded the Police. He was only 17 then.
I am Taiwanese. We support HK, and say no to China. HK today, Taiwan tomorrow. We will fight with HK.
Stay strong Hong Kong. We, the world, stand with you and pray for you too. Good government always listen to the voices of its ppl. Two millions ppl took the street is not the joke. I hope ur government will withdraw this bill instead of being masterminded by China .
What a GREAT kid! Screw China! Freedom for all!
Welcome back Joshua!!! A great leader to drive the democratic movement in Hong Kong
CNN12 hours ago

One of Hong Kong's pro-democracy icons, Joshua Wong, has been released from prison, the day after organizers said 2 million people took to the streets to march against an extradition bill with China.

There is strength in numbers!
China, s bad days have started.
Nice job Hong Kong! We are fighting to keep Socialism out of our country too.
Let this serve as a lesson to the authoritarian leftist progressives... This is what capitalism looks like! Keep fighting against the Communist Party of China! #FreeHongKong
Long way to go Mr Wong Stay united Hong Kong!!
Go do something useful.
God bless you Joshua. Do good for the hongkongers we are behidnd to support. 💗
Finally we have a leader
I was though this guy killed his girlfriend in Taiwan. Sometime people are....
We will see more and more Hong Kong heroes who stand up for freedom and human right.😃😍
I bet the police will “find” drugs on him or his apartment very soon
The US should assist HK in every possible way. If needed, send in the military to thwart any Chinese aggression.
China will collect him. Then he goes missing. See you in the news next month buddy for your mysterious disappearance 😂
Mine Eyes hath seen the Glory Of the Heroes of Hong Kong Raising their Voice in Song To Right a Terrible Wrong Their Truth is Marching On! Glory Glory Heroes of Hong Kong Glory Glory Heroes of Hong Kong Glory Glory Heroes of Hong Kong Your Truth is Marching On!
Everyone missing the part where China is communist. They’ll let out a few scapegoats.
They will not be happy with the bill.
To see if they can get the HongKong people in good mood again
Don't ever forget the public for helping you out....very important
Welcome back!
Fruits obtained from Mass protests
Great news!!!! 👍
Assange and Snowden gotta be jealous of this lucky guy.
CNN13 hours ago

The spacecraft will orbit about 2,231 feet, or 0.4 miles, above the asteroid's surface, and will snap images to determine where the best sample collection site on its surface is.

Japan’s spacecraft landed on one.
🔷🔹Merhabalar Memur arkadaşlar emekçi kardeşlerim, emekli abilerim ve ablalarım, kredi borcu olanlar, banka borcu olanlar, düğün yapacak olan kardeşlerim, kısacası paraya ihtiyacı olan ve güzel bir yatırım yapıp para kazanmak isteyenler sizlerin bana ulaşmasını ve kazançlı bir yatırıma ortak olmasını temenni ederim. 🇹🇷
and the camera was also floating near to tht as well.
Gosh that looks.Like it would demolish the North side of bakersfield.
Winter is coming
In more IMPORTANT NEWS! BERNIE SANDERS GAVE THE BEST SPEECH IN THE PAST 50 YEARS! and cnn showed 1/4th of it after he criticized the superpack buyout of the media. which is more important, this recycled distraction or what I offered?
Where was the one who shot this photo?
They didn't know it was an alien (in disguise) until it is too late...
Trumps fault for putting that camera in danger!
Spinning ball earth theory still gaining popularity
(B.A. Bible/Biology)* ASTEROIDS, COMETS, METEORS MAY HAVE ORIGINATED FROM EARTH: In the Earth's past there were powerful volcanic explosions propelling millions of tons of earth soil and rock (now asteroids and meteors which may contain organic molecules or organisms) into space. Read my popular Internet article, ANY LIFE ON MARS CAME FROM EARTH. The article explains how millions of tons of Earth soil may exist on Mars, and how debris we call asteroids, meteors, and comets (some even containing the chemical building blocks of life) could have originated from Earth. According to a Newsweek article of September 21, 1998, p. 12 that quotes a NASA scientist, SEVEN MILLION tons of Earth soil may exist on Mars! How could this be possible? Read and find out. Even if the right chemicals exist, life cannot arise by chance. The molecules that make-up life have to be in a sequence, just like the letters found in a sentence. Once you have a complete and living cell then the genetic code and biological machinery exist to direct the formation of more cells, but how could life or the cell have naturally originated when no directing code and mechanisms existed in nature? Read my Internet article: HOW FORENSIC SCIENCE REFUTES ATHEISM. Regarding comets, scientist and creationist, Brian Thomas explains: “Astronomers measure comets' masses and erosion rates to calculate potential lifespans. Sun grazing comets last fewer than 100,000 years.2 They thus confront secular astronomy which maintains that comets formed with the rest of the solar system billions of years ago. A solar system that old should have no remaining comets. How do secularists solve this dilemma? Reporting on Ison, The Independent said, "Comet Ison has taken millions of years to reach us travelling from the so-called Oort cloud – a reservoir of trillions and trillions of chunks of rock and ice, leftovers from the birth of the planets."3 Unfortunately, nobody has yet witnessed a single one of those "trillions and trillions of chunks." Going strictly with observational science, the "so-called Oort cloud" may exist only in the reservoir of the human mind. Clearly, secular astronomers invented the Oort cloud to rescue their billions-of-years dogma from a disintegration process that limits a comet's age—and thus the age of the Solar System—to thousands of years. When Ison becomes visible later this year, perhaps it will remind thoughtful viewers that the universe is quite young, just as Scripture teaches” (Brian Thomas, M.S., Science Writer at the Institute for Creation research). Read scientist and creationist Brian Thomas' Internet article, EXOCOMETS: EVIDENCE OF RECENT CREATION Check out my most recent Internet articles and sites: THE SCIENCE SUPPORTING CREATION and WAR AMONG EVOLUTIONISTS (2nd Edition) Author of popular Internet article, TRADITIONAL DOCTRINE OF HELL EVOLVED FROM GREEK ROOTS *I have given successful lectures (with question and answer period afterwards) defending creation before evolutionist science faculty and students at various colleges and universities. I've been privileged to be recognized in the 24th edition of Marquis "Who's Who in The East" for my writings on religion and science.
Yet we never landed on the moon .....
And yet the honest question is: is this a deep fake in a scientific view or is it real? With the way climate change has affected the atmospheric levels, the question has to be asked to understand. Especially if it's possible to travel up there without larger scale damage.
Please cover the ongoing curfew in North Waziristan by Pakistani Government, innocent peolpe died due to hunger.
Happy Father's day to all the future daddy's who were victims of abortion.
And the gullible will believe what the television tells them to believe
Trump lies
***Wow! This is one smart gutsy teenager! Copied and Sharing Truth in Love Thank you Janice Abortion is the number one killer of blacks not murder. Abortion is black genocide. It is against the will of God. This teenager has given a very intelligent and convincing speech. We have already seen that there was a tendency to kill babies born alive because of a failed abortion. This is definitely wholesale murder and an abomination. What people do not realize is that abortion unstopped is leading to a gruesome market in human flesh. There is a set price for a baby's arm; one for the leg and one for the liver etc. A baby's heart costs $ 7, 610 and the baby's brain cost thousands of dollars. Is this the way to treat humans born in the image and like of God? (Genesis 1: 26). Humans with a brain wave and a heart are being reduced to animals. Certain Universities are using baby parts for their experiments as well. Aborted baby's are used for organ and tissue harvesting and the making of vaccinations. Certain companies are using fetuses for food additives. Please research this for verification. If I am wrong factually please tell me. Aborted babies up to 9 months are also used for satanic sacrifice. According to Satanist Zachary King, he was able to conduct Satanic child sacrifices in an abortion clinic!! God detests those who shed innocent blood. This silent holocaust has to stop, or they will have to apologize to Adolph Hitler. Thank you Francis F.
I need this number pressed 7495 8196 8594 8193 8293 7495 8596 8493 8594 8591
I need this number pressed 7595 8595 8593 8291 8591
I need this number pressed 7296 8597 8293 8597 8392
Abortions was made as a genocide for blacks...Margaret sanger a kkk leader brought the abortions to kill off blacks...CNN AND THERE FOLLOWERS ARE FAKE AF...STOP KILLING YOUR KIDS FOR THEM TO SELL TO CHINA TO EAT...O AND BTW IM OK WITH KKK HAVING ABORTIONS..
CNN13 hours ago

The products most likely to land children in the hospital are hair relaxers and permanent solution.

This is a parenting issue. Secure items from young children. About 75% of the injuries occurred when children swallowed products. The remaining exposures came from skin or eye contact. Patients were most likely to be hospitalized after exposure to hair products.
Some parent’s have failed their children. Young girl’s going to nail salon’s is ridiculous. These parent’s want their child to be little adult’s
We need a solution for this. A permanent one.
Parents full responsibility
We need strictor make-up laws!
Yet weed is illegal.
That is why these products (relaxer and perms) should only be sold to licensed professionals.
Truong Cao
Veronica Ann
Who still gets perms?
Luke Savitch
Ban assault cosmetics!
First comment
I once threw a can of Aqua Net hair spray at my brother that caused a 3 inch gash above his right eye brow.
So worse than guns, got it.
Ban assault cosmetics!!
Where are the parents. GONE!
And guns are the problem
Common sense cosmetics control
CNN14 hours ago

Good news for travelers from the US, Canada, Japan and Australia: Brazil is allowing visitors in visa-free

As a Brazilian this is a true JOKE ! Because the process for us to come to the US and all of the countries mentioned above are getting harder and harder each day m ! It should be a two way street ! As I agree that allowing visitors to be visa free will increase our tourism economy growth , it’s not fair that it’s so incredibly hard for us to get to y’all countries. It should be reciprocal
I recommend to everyone the capital of my state: Florianópolis/Santa Catarina:
Good news for brazil we dont want to go lol
Yeah. Brazil. My first choice for vacation. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Oh nice, now I can see the government repress people without having to wait for a visa. Dandy.
We appreciate if you put your visa too out America. We Brazilians suffer by your visa.
oh yeah! im so ready on visiting them colorful favelas!!! im gonna get a reservation on it!!! ohh yeah!!!
So the rest of us (with no FBI, MI5, GRU etc etc) are not allowd to enter Brazile without visas? So who are you going to invite Brazile? The Russians, The Americans, The Italia s, The German? 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
I'd love to go see Brazil, idk why there's so many people hating on this
Wouldn't visit. Still a dangerous country. Level 2 advisory.
Brazil's new tourist promotion tagline: Come to Brazil see the Latin trump and go home with memories and some disease!
Brazilian don’t worry I don’t any US citizens want to migrate ok some may visit
Brazil had one of the most rigorous Visa application process for Canadians just to visit, almost to the point of not being worth the time and trouble to complete. Glad to see the change and their participation in the Global Trusted Travel program, should do a lot to encourage tourism!
It’s a smart tactic. Make it easier for tourists to travel. They know no one is going to migrate to Brazil from the 4 countries mentioned; smart policy.
Neat. You got the worse place you could go lift restrictions for the worst types of tourists in the world. Have fun you guys.
My boyfriend is from Brazil and I will visit him this year.☺️
Yes . Brazil need money. Come on tourists. Enjoy our marvel . We are waiting you. 😂😂😂
That is all govt garbage. Happy to be able to visit your beautiful country without a visa. Hope it can be reciprocated soon
No proof of genuine reasons to travel to Brazil? ,local authorities can always send you back to your country Only nationals of Brazil are allowed to enter without restrictions. Visa-free travel doesn't mean you can get into the country without meeting certain requirements.
Lots of uneducated and, quite frankly, pretty racist people in here
brazil visa fees from u.s. were insanely expensive so i’m glad to see this but what do i do with my 10 yr visa.
England can actually visit any country in the world without visa...
Meanwhile in Brazil it's very difficult and expensive to get an American Visa. We are a joke! Tsc tsc!!
thats awesome - now if they could just figure out how to turn the lights back on?
As a Philippine passport holder, I’m sure you understand that while it is fun to circle around the globe, it can be a pain to get visas - or is it? Good thing, we are Visa-free to Brazil and plan to visit end of this year.😽
CNN14 hours ago

A black Boeing employee filed a federal lawsuit against the company, alleging racial discrimination after he said his coworkers hung a noose over his desk

Absolutely unacceptable! Good luck to this employee!
Have we made any progress as humans in the last 200 years?.... Very little
These stories are so sad, so unnecessary. Good luck to this employee. Shame on Boeing!
Trump supporters and racism go hand in hand. Don’t believe me read the comments. They are crying fake news because they support this.
I think at this point companies need to start putting up cameras in work places so that these type of incidents is can be caught on camera. I'm not understanding how they don't have cameras considering every employer that I've had over the past 20 years has had a camera in the workplace. From office buildings to factories. It would actually really shock me to find out Boeing didn't have a camera
You can quickly see that racism in this country isnt dead just by reading many of the comments.
I didnt know Jesse smollett got a job at Boeing
Weird. I need more info. He started working@Boeing in 2011 the harassment started in 2017 and law suit in 2019. 🤔🤔
People think they can do this because we have Trump is office who basically says it's ok to these kinda things and they think nothing will happen to them. Racism in the USA has gone up 10x more then ever since Trump has been in office
This kind of thing is going on and it shouldn't be going on and certain people at the top including White House Occupant are aiding and abetting this kind of activity.
Oh my God y’all, I was gonna post this earlier, but I had my phone stolen. Two White males jumped out the bushes with FEEL THE BERN shirts on and stole my phone, they said “what’s yours is now being redistributed!” And “This is BERNIE COUNTRY!” They poured vinegar on me and slapped a Trump is not my president sticker on my forehead.... I’m lucky to have escaped with my life! #HELP! 😫😢❄️
Definitely a Democrat! Boy they are still pissed we Republicans freed their slaves back in the day.
Good for him. One needs to fight racism, bigotry and bullying in each arena.
Oh please. Everyday it’s some race bs. Can’t you people at CNN find another group to pander to?
Hit these organizations in their pockets! I bet they’ll take it more seriously then!
You know who they voted for
Even if you hate them, how Christ almighty hard can it be to just leave someone alone??
Yep sounds like trump supporters... get what ever you can from Boeing. Clean house afterwards....
Racial discrimination in this era? Some people are so backwards.
Ok no one is going to risk their job by doing a stunt like this. Someone pulled a Smollet
Better verify it first Smollett used the same ruse.
People just never learned.... If this is true...I hope he wins.. You know how the big corporations in America are
Fake news .... And make sure to vote #trump again 2020 🙂 well it won't care .. just like last time we won when you said he won't 🙂 haahahhaaha
I like the way all y'all can come up with the stereotypes and categorize this person but never can categorize these opiod users are categorize these home grown terrorists
Bravo to Curtis! I hope the Courts will acknowledge his lawsuit instead of allowing Boeing lawyers to trash it during the discovery process. Curtis is sure doing what many Black employees or employment applicants of Boeing chose not to do.
CNN15 hours ago

The bar's owner says there have so far been two instances of an angel shot being ordered since it opened earlier this year. When that happens,"immediately the bartender gets the manager or security, and they assess the situation."

Amazing! Finally a bit of good news from the US! 😊
Great idea and generous to help someone in need.
I’m just happy that the bar took this initiative. It’s a great idea!
Nice... I asked, then my friend asked, when I realized all of my friends asked for it. Luckily we have a guy with us that wasn't drinking. We're now having a great time explaining the story to the judge... he's going down.
Well thank you for sharing that information. Now including the creeps know about this angel shot.
Great idea! Could have used a couple over the years!
While I thoroughly appreciate this concept, isn’t it sort of counterproductive to put a story out there broadcasting the “secret code”??
#strongertogether....GREAT idea, hoping every bar/resturant does this.
Instead of completing dissing this suggestion, please one of you come up with some other plan. I’d love to hear it.
All seriousness this is still awesome even if they did just out the code.
That's a really great idea, I'm going to tell my daughter and her friend about it.
This is what bars should have been doing in the first place. Thank God theyre looking out for their customers safety
For the people who don’t seem to understand: the drink itself is not called the angel shot. At that bar, the drink name is probably written in the woman’s bathroom.
Great idea! Might be time to find another code word though.
I think everyone is taking this the wrong way!!! It's a great idea regardless of who knows the word!!! As I read the article, I assume it's meant to be ordered at the bar so your date/s.o. doesn't hear you!
Why all the negativity?? Anyone that is in need of using the idea is going to discreetly order their shot. Kudos to this bar owner and all those like them that are looking out for our safety.
🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ well you just made this null and void. Thanks! Who decided this was a good headline? News flash's not!
Every bar, pub or restaurant can have their own code. Just put it on a notice in the ladies loo’s. In Ireland the code is ‘Ask for Angela’ at the bar. And it’s working!
I’m torn over this. If you are uncomfortable you should feel confident in telling bar staff so. If you are truly in an abusive relationship this article just ruined this “safe house” for you. Love the concept. Giving it attention ruined it.
It's like a wifi password. Every establishment can post their own rescue order in the ladies room. #itdoesnthavetobeangelshot
This idea was implemented by bars years ago. It was all over the news. CNN is way behind on this one.
Ok but i mean i guess its a good thing its in the womens bathroom but what about a guy who is drinking and wanting to be alone and starts getting harassed by women? Or even another dude? How will he know the code word/ drink to order?
By these comments, a lot of people think *everyone* uses the same phrase.
Seems like a great idea to me. In a public place like a bar it shouldn't need to be a secret code if help will be immediate.
Ssssssshhhhh it's a secret code, so don't tell anyone. Especially don't post it on the freakin internet!
CNN15 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump's campaign says it will fire several pollsters after internal polling numbers that showed the President lagging behind Democratic candidates in key states were made public, according to two campaign officials

Ouch, poor Donnie can’t take those hits on his fragile ego. Thoughts and prayers to your ego, Don the Con.
The majority didn't want 45 the first time around and even more don't want 45 again!! Vote Blue.
Taking a page out of the dictator's handbook. I am thinking Vlad gave him a copy.
Remember folks, Trump LOST the popular vote. The polls were not wrong.
The worst ugliest president in the history of the US
Can’t handle the truth? Fire the truth tellers. The way of a despot, dictator,Trump.
Trump can fire his pollsters it will not change the results. He is behind Biden in every battleground state
His malignant narcissism makes him need to surround himself with people who will reinforce his self grandeur and alternative reality. These enablers are destroying our democracy by allowing him to go deeper into his delusion.
Imagine that ...telling the truth and getting fired for it.
Donald Trump wants his pollster's fired for telling the truth and they had to hide the Naval ship named for John McCain is this guy nuts or what?
Sounds like something a dictator would do
If Trump can't handle the truth and things have to be kept from him as not to emotionally set him off, then why in hell is he the American President, let alone running for re-election?
Unflattering numbers, like when he lost the popular vote by over 3 million?
But I thought he said all polls were fake? Right... only the ones against him are fake. If they show him winning I’m sure he’ll brag about them.
He can fire all the pollsters. He's still going to lose in 2020
"The internal pollsters were illegals brought across the border by undercover CNN operatives and are employed by the Deeeeeeeeeeeeep State." ...Sean Hannity
Snowflake. Yes, I know the poll is extremely early. The campaign is just beginning. So why get his knickers in a knot? What a wuss.
How dare those guys be truthful!!! The outrage!!!!
Trump is the wart On the American Society! He is a horrible President with an equally horrible spray tan!
just remember 2015-16 trump paid for polls and the pollsters skewing numbers giving the u.s.a. the first FAKE NEWS learn a lesson ppl. he is a conman shame on anyone who falls for this ruse
Impeach him! Now he’s obstructing his own reelection campaign! 😝
So when the truth is not what you like, by facts, then you fire folks and hire those that will spread lies to fit what Trump wants to hear. Deplorable!!
Firing the pollsters will not help your numbers...
I thought Trump didn’t believe in polls⁉️💙
Trump can’t handle the truth. A big baby.