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In a series of tweets, President Donald J. Trump revived and amplified the controversy over the claimed Native American heritage of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a potential 2020 challenger.

This is the president of the United States of America. Think about that and let it sink in. This is the president of the United States bullying and mocking American citizens. Had this been Obama, every effort possible would have been made to throw him out of office.
She claimed Native American ethnicity for a much bigger paycheck at two different universities, said that her parents had to elope to escape racism (because her mother was an Indian and her father's parents disapproved), and presented her high cheekbones and a "Pow Wow Chow" cookbook to bolster her claims, and then it turns out (in the best possible scenario) that she's no more Native American than the average white European-American. So, she's a liar in other words. She's also been disavowed by the Cherokee Nation, which CNN didn't think was relevant.
Doesn't he have anything better to do than dwell on this trivial crap. Oh wait! He's got the IQ of a third grader, that's right.
Trump needs to pay up and shut up!
Well, of course, the vile, childish, creepy Trump would continue to be offensive. It's the only thing he knows how to do. Most of us understand this and stand by Elizabeth Warren. (Gee, remember only yesterday morning when Trump responded "Who cares?" when told of Warren's DNA results?). What a pathetic lying jerk he is!
Let's start referring to him as President Pinocchio
She asked for it. 20 days before midterms...
My wish is that we could have a president who doesn't ridicule citizens!!!
Number 45 has no respect for ANYONE!
Be Best, Donald. #BeBest
This is offensive to hear him calling anyone by this racial slur.
Cultural identity transcends genetics. She asserts status as a native, but doesn't practice any of the traditions of a native. That sounds a little disingenuous to me
Trump you are going down as pitiful. You are so shallow. If you really had an intellectual mind you would be doing constructive projects. You are so petty. DJT could open his mouth and let “peace for all” escape, but .......... DJT is a huge negative mouth piece. That makes him a very dangerous person. The “good old party” is gone. It needs a rest to sort out and find its way again. In the meantime, let’s change Congress. We must go to the polls. Time is of an essence. America’s sad saga CAN be fixed. 🇺🇸 V💙TE 🇺🇸
Anyone who believes she should be considered Native because of her percentage apparently agrees with the extremely racist “One Drop Rule”.
The real question that no one is asking anymore: did she get special status for any jobs because of her supposed ethnicity? If so, she need to exit stage right. Thanks for playing.
Judge tosses Stormy Daniels’ defamation suit against Donald J. Trump
I like Warren but don't think this is helping ! Think if she had done the test and presented to her followers, it would have had a greater impact.... that said, do not think this will help in her bid for President...just my opinion
A first lesson we teach our children is no name calling—time and again he clearly proves he never learned such a simple rule from his parents or even in kindergarten! Should have gone to public school!!
He must have something more important to do than tweet about this. I thought he said 'who cares?'.
you know the real funny thing here is trump changed his name and tried to pass himself off as dutch because he was worried that jewish people wouldn't rent his apartments in queens .always throwing shade when he's hiding his ugly truth
I am astounded by the ability by Trumpanzees to on one hand dismiss an exponentially growing list of indefensible behaviors by Trump that include mocking the disabled, disrespecting a POW and a Gold Star Family, a long history of making racist statements about Mexicans, Muslims, and a seriously long disturbing history of mistreatment towards people of color, a long and extensive history of adultery and tax evasion yet somehow can't get past Elizabeth Warren making a claim however minute about her Native American lineage. Their ability make intellectually dishonest moral equivalencies regarding the extent of how serious of a scandal something is, is nothing short of astonishing. She has a long and admirable career behind her and that is all they have to focus on? Pathetic.
That's alright Trump. We'll just continue to call you a name that embraces your heritage and actions....NAZI!!!! Trump is Racist... Anti-Semitic... Xenophobic... Homophobic...a true NAZI!!!! Since he wants to call names. 🙄🙄
Pay up! He can’t stand to proved wrong. Just keep lying. What I don’t understand is why some educated Trump supporters can overlook all his lies. Are they that deaf and blind?
He is the definition of Alzheimer's regressing into infantilism; I've seen his talks when he was younger. He used to sound normal.
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Republican operatives working to hold onto the party's House majority are increasingly worried about the so-called "green wave" of money flowing to Democratic candidates in the final weeks before the midterms.

Vote Blue on November 6. 💙
Thanks Republicans for confirming a sex offender and galvanizing the Democrats!
It doesn't cost anything to vote! Vote red!
Just throwing this out there... News stations/people, did you ever think you are the joke people of America were telling, last election? You..CNN Fox MSNBC and all of you....telling people HOW IT WAS GOING TO BE....and guess all looked like morons. haven't learned a ate journalists per say...reporters of news and events...NOT predictors and fortune tellers! Try just reporting not slanting stories to your thinking....try may look less foolish when all is said and done.
Vote Blue! Let's have some balance!
Red for Russia... BLUE for USA!!! 🇺🇸 #TICTOC #TRAITORSWILLHANG
Voting blue!
Civil war id like it to be ok to give home addresses of trump trolls they dont seem to use VPNs Proxy servers or ip changing software.... Hell even incognito mode. Dont be racist sexist or make threats and learn to pay for TOR
Voting blue
Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive « In life you will realize there is a role for everyone to meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bin out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it's worth it ». – Unknown
Let’s make this a clean sweep of the Trump administration and supporters 😎
That’s one thing that dems are good at. Wasting money.
Voting Blue
We are soooo energized for RED , don’t listen to these fake poll numbers get out and vote to help Trump complete his agenda !!! I know every one that wants to work is working !
lol...CNN is pathetic. You don't even hide your bias anymore. Why not be clear and upfront with the American people and tell them you are a Democratic News Organization?
#VoteRed #RedWaveComing
Democrats continue to work and focus on informing citizens factual differences between the lying and corrupt republicans and democrats. Extensive differences makes voting for democrats much easier. Democrats will bring sanity and respect. Democracy will prevail.
Remember when Hillary outspent Trump 4 to 1. Vote red..results vs mob resistance!
But Democracy is, By the People, Not, Buy the People.
The DNC had best spend every penny right now. When Carter Paige is done with th civil suit he filed against you yesterday, party will be bankrupt. Another story CNN avoids. The depositions will be released right before the 2020 elections. Fun times, kids.
The minority ALWAYS gains back seats at midtrms. Why are we not expecting that this time? Much ado about nothing!!
It is not just about money but truth. Or the lack of honest truth by a group of people who thinks this is just a play period instead of our lives and country safety.
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Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Blake Fischer has resigned after sharing graphic photos of his African hunting trip, which included himself and his wife standing over various kills: an oryx, a giraffe, a waterbuck, a leopard and a family of four baboons.

DISGUSTING. I'm sick of the country being overrun by these types and I'm done being quiet.
Good. Now that he's resigned, he can queue up for his ticket to Hell.
It may not be illegal, but it is immoral!
Don, Jr. did the same thing. Why are we not asking him to step away from his involvement with his dad in the WH. And then there's Eric. Oh, wait...
I don’t understand how people can do that let alone brag about it!?!? It’s not “hunting” if you pay someone to find/track the animals for you. The animals don’t stand a chance.
It's a shame they won't kill him.
Some americans should stay at home ...they are a disgrace and are barberic .the world doenst need them
Why is this condidered something to brag about? It is cruel, and clearly condidered "sport" by people without compassion, without a moral compass, and a sa state of self esteem. Fire this conservationist
Karma gonna get him
Weird that the Idaho fish and game commissioner is also a hunter. Maybe next time it could just be a soyboi that’s never gone into the woods
Look at the happiness on his face. He is mentally ill.
Kudos to Governor Otter for realizing what is and isn’t sportsmanlike and taking the necessary steps to make sure it doesn’t affect the fish and game commission... because it’s not about hunting, hunting is an excellent sport. But this was not a hunting, this was killing for killings sake. That is not something anyone should do, least of all someone representing the people... I don’t care who they are.
Is that Nigel thornberry
All of the white people think this pos is justified
Number one is what he did illegal probably not. Number two do any of you realize the money for those permits what it does for those ppl? Ignorance is abundant here.
Africa make big$$$$ off this slaughter. I hunt,, my dad taught me only kill what you can eat. The media uses this to divide people.
He will find a job with the federal government
How in the hell can it make you feel good about killing a family. Just how. How sick have people become. It’s not hunting it’s murder.
What do they feel while taking life away from a helpless animal going about their daily life? If he found killing animals something to brag about, he should have tried fighting a lion with barehand,
Resigning was the only smart and ethical thing this (I can’t even say it) being has done. Whether it is illegal or not is irrelevant. It is immoral.
Hunting for food is one thing, but trophy hunting is gross. It isn't even sporting.
Good riddance.
🤷‍♂️Why did he think for a second it was a good idea to post? Oh that's right...... Bye!
That disgust deserves severe punishment, not just resignation...
Blake Fischer I didn’t know you got a job in Idaho?
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"Textbook gaslighting." That's how Anderson Cooper describes President Donald J. Trump's "who cares" response to Sen. Elizabeth Warren's release of a DNA test showing she has distant Native American heritage.

You guys seem to be kidding the point about this. He said if she took a DNA and she did that said he said to prove her Native American DNA he NEVER said it had to be this percentage over or anything like that. BUT now he is saying he never said it so instead of calling trump out in his lies you are still attacking Warren!!
She is not distant native American, shes 1/1024th. But not based off of Native American DNA lol Get a f*cking life.
It's like America has an abusive, toxic husband for a president.. McConnell and Ryan are his enabling relatives who look the other way, as he batters our country.
Doesn't matter her percentage. HE SAID WHAT HE SAID! She proved her descent, He needs to back what HE SAID to prove his worth. If he doesn't he is showing what he is worth... PERIOD.
Sad, sad state of affairs that this is what politics has come to. Are we on an elementary playground when it comes to politics today, looks like it.
And of course it’s splitting hairs time, and “the check is in the mail”, meaning, don’t hold your breath.
Trump said it, Warren proved it, Trump owes her. Plus, Trump needs to drop using the name Pocahontas in an irresponsible racist tone. Warren has American Indian ancestry, may not be all that much, but it is there. So to the deniers making lame excuses for their lying leader, who also exhibit a lot of biological stupidity, and will accept lies even when they are on video or audio, try not to scream so much.
Anderson pooper the Cooper. What Trump said was of she takes a DNA test that proves she's an Indian he would pay. Go back and listen. Warren just proved she is not. All the semantics in the world like distant will not make Warren an Indian. Warren is a cheater and a liar. Cooper spinning lies as usual.
So it matters decent in some cases but 45 didn't say how much Indian just that she had Indian blood which she does irregardless of how much
My grandfather's birth certificate has the word "Owner" listed as the father, does that make me a Slave? Shouldn't I get preferential treatment? Shouldn't my siblings and I and my children get special treatment because my ancestors were deprived of their rights that were taken from them at Birth?
Hopefully he said that because he just toured the devastation from the hurricane here in the Panhandle and GA. In that scheme, it really is a non-issue.
So does Mr Cooper say the same thing about the Cherokee response? I think that’s the most important one to think about! Judy
"test her personally"? WTF and his wife smiles at that remark - as if she wasn't just on TV claiming she's bullied - he's a nothing more than a loud mouth bully who makes totally inappropriate remarks every chance he gets.
Thanks for bringing light to this. Still people wont get the extent of this dangerous trait.
Wonder how many people will actually look up the old movie Gaslight. They should have said it from the beginning that that's what he was doing
. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, I'm very happy that she did it the test and we also believe and we do care🤔
November 6th, doom’s day for Donnie
Today's political conversation? Whether one of our Senators great great great great great great great great grandparents may or may not have slept with an indian. 10 generations people. 10. That's debatably longer than America has been America. Do we not see the problem here?
Test her against Cherokee blood not Mexican. Everyone of us can have as much if not more then her. She doesn't have nearly enough to be accepted by the Cherokees. She isn't even 1%
Who cares about any of them let’s worry about the victims of this horrible hurricane. Forget the politicians must remember the peoples lives that lost almost everything they’ve worked hard for enough said
The test is skewed in her favor, but instead of American Indian the DNA used for comparison is Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian. So, the test is a moot point. Hahaha
now she should be THE POCAHONTAS and bring this country back to it’s roots , I would not mind to live in America run by Native Americans
But really .. we have other things to worry about that matters like our climate... our EARTH.... and so much more.. CNN why do you continue to waste our time with unnecessary BS???
The tribal nation said using a DNA test to establish hereditary is inappropriate? How so? I've been told it is easier than providing birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates for five generations. But a DNA test is "inappropriate". 🙄
certainly not his minions....they just love his kindergarten diplomacy, or whatever he calls's just not 'adult'.
CNN3 hours ago

"It's not enough to claim to be Native. You must also be there for your people, be a part of the community, and not only when it's convenient or when you want something -- like the presidency," Simon Moya-Smith writes for CNN Opinion.

So it's wrong for Elizabeth Warren to take a DNA test to prove she has Native ancestors, which was in answer to Trump's badgering, but it's okay for Trump to keep insulting all Native people by calling her Pocahontas, being disrespectful to the code talkers that went to the White House, and ignoring the rights of Native Americans in favor of big oil ?
oh come on. she's not claiming to be a tribal member--she only wanted to confirm a family story that at some point there was a Native American in her family tree.
I love how everyone has conflated her statements of being part native american in her ancestry. Shes not saying she is a pure native american with all the challenges (and benefits?) that may come with. Its outrageous that pundits and Indian organizations are getting on her about this when she never said what they are saying.
Actually you’re 99.999023438% white and you lied to the American people like you lied on your college application and any job application you’ve ever filled out 🔴🔴🔴🔴 🇺🇸
I am not a fan of her nor would I ever vote for her. But the fact to she pursued a DNA test to prove her Heritage was not to get votes but to shut up Trump and force him to pay up the money he said he would give her if she can prove she has Native American in her lineage. She also pledged to give that Million dollars to a tribal charity. Trump will never pay up anyway.. His answer ... I never said that... Even though it was heard repeatedly coming from his mouth.
All she was doing was confirming that she had some native American heritage. That's it. Just that. Because of the stories she was told and the garbage tRump was saying. That's it. Nothing else. Seriously how hard is that to understand.
She did not claim such thing. All she said was that she had native blood. Why is that so hard for people tot understand it.
It seems to me the only one not making a big deal out of this is Warren. She didn’t make claims as to the percentage of Native blood, had the test done. It’s over. Once again, Trump is the fool.
She is not claiming native status she j Literally just said that her family lore had it that she had a native american relative in her family. The reason she has gone out of her way now to prove it is Trump's idiotic inability to get off it. Leave it be now.
Looking at these comments is exactly what is wrong with America. Half the comments are sick, racist, or ignorant. Guess who they voted for....
She was proving a point to trump because he called her mother a liar. She never claimed to be a native American saviour. I dont see this guy doing anything for native Americans other than writing an article about someone, whom in his opinion, has not saved indigenous Americans. If you want change be the change you want to see.
The level of stupidity in this article amazes me! She doesn’t have to fight for no one to be part of that community. Either she is or she isn’t! The only way to be something is to have the DNA, or can I just become black by fighting for their community? Wth Smh
Pocahontas speaks. Hey, most of us have more than 1/1,024th in our DNA. I want in on some casino action.
I think we all have a right to our personal history without needing approval from others.
Enough already of the whole Native American thing ... Pocahontas vs Pinnochio. There's bigger fish to fry.
Please don't cover this for an entire week, so much important stuff going on. Social security cuts, hurricane relief, etc
“Dolphins are beautiful, very beautiful water animals that live in deep water, huge water, big blue water. How do fish come out of water, see I am in love with dolphins because they’re tremendous animals,” Trump
You know, I’m part Scots and I may say so from time to time but I don’t have to play bagpipes. We are going overboard here a bit. It’s interesting family history and she likes to mention it. I can’t see it affecting an election.
My French Bulldog has 1/1,024th direwolf in him. But he's not making the cast of game of thrones anytime soon... Btw the Cherokee Nation condemned her actions. The same tribe she claims to be from...
1/1,024 of anything does not give you the right to claim you are more than someone that is. The claim that she is native provided an advantage which is where the issue is. To add salt to the issue she got a DNA test that proves that she is less than acceptable when it comes to the core issue. I hope she runs in 2020. Trump and his team are going to capitalize on this...
Everyone needs to relax. She wasn't trying to collect on anything or claim to be part of a community. This is the new spin. She simply took the test to prove she wasn't lying when she said she was told she was part native American. She didn't lie about jack squat. Guess what? It's in her DNA. She's not part of a tribe. She proved what she said was true so the new spin is but you're not part of them. Grow up, people. You're garbage if this is what's consuming you.
oh for crying out loud. She said she had Native American heritage. People are losing their ever livin' minds over this. I have Irish, Welch, German, Middle Eastern and French in my lineage. What cause should I be actively involved in?
A month ago she pushed for Native American suicide prevention S-3460, she's also been behind a bill for genetic testing privacy and I think both of those things show that she's serious.
Woman with 1/1,024 Native American DNA = Native American, but person with two X chromosomes is not necessarily a woman. Gotcha.
Lady pipe down, you can’t change her genetics, no matter what you believe it takes to “be one of you”.
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"We ain't going nowhere. We're going to rebuild somehow. I just don't know how yet," one resident said.

With increasing climate change ANY east coast state, including inland states, are potential targets for major hurricanes. More every year. Stronger too.
This is where we should be seeing our so called president.....
While viewing the overhead aerials you can see that somehow a few homes survived the surge and winds and are still standing relatively undamaged. The pillars are still standing, siding remains,roofing intact one house even had a cabana attached to the front of their home still attached.While their neighbor homes are now just slabs, house is gone as well as the pillars,WHY? Difference in construction? Who was the contractor and what standards did their contractor use of the intact homes on the beach. Since these homes stood up to the devastation effects of this hurricane and survived the hit then future homes should be constructed per this home. While it may cost more in short run the next storm next year it will cost less in replacement costs.
Who cares!
Total desolation !!
I would hope they would all build houses that can withstand a Cat 5... that's what I would do. Or move. I just don't think I could stand to lose everything like that and then rebuild and potentially lose it all again. I know I could NEVER afford the insurance. It's a though place to live.
Going to rebuild the trailer park? Should be nice new building s to a proper standard. Concrete construction preferably.
Its not nigeria 2years or will never return home
Nothing to do with earthlings! Talk to the sun - our star. Because our star has its life cycle - it's expanding slowly, but surely. No use blaming Trump for natural disasters 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Good day. We invite you to the noble role of the great Illuminati,where charisma and elites are championed with achieved goals and the objectives for its Members. In creating this online destination,we strive to bring order to a world embattled with chaos and lack, lighting a candle for all who travel the path as the night reaches its darkest point. The Illuminati am promises to turn you around and make you famous and rich by expelling hardship of poverty that slams against the unprivileged society, each step forward brings you closer to the joy of Abundance. Interested?! Kindly WhatsApp: +2347054663728 and get your dreams achieved before three days.
" Isso é Triste
With the climate is happening something strange : the situation is deteriorating : the increasing of the catastrophic occurrences are weekly.
Força para as pessoas que perderam as suas casas
There was 1 house that was able to stand the hurricane, and was built by a Gay couple ... next time people should pay attention to us gays....
I feel sorry for this people!! Just why we aloud build Houses from wood and 2x4 !! there don't designed to handle high wind !! That is criminal !! build house from concrete!!!
wow i am truly Sorry for all of you that were affected by this I pray for your healing soon.
People should start moving inland away from coastlines. Unless they like having a new house every few years. If they decide to stay the insurance should go way up.
Please don't blame Donald Trump. America is has its own problems too
It will just push up the insurance cost for everyone.
לאונל מסי איש יהודי הוא עשה בלונד בשיער בגללי אני היורש שלו הוא חלם עלי בגלל מספר 8 זה מספר על טבעי זה אינפיניטי זה האות ח זה המצח של לאו מסי תסתכלו בחשבון אצלו באינסטגרם
How ya gonna rebuild? To a better building code duhh.
Hi guys, please i am actually in Search of a Lover, I am Single, I am a Medical doctor. I really need a woman's company now in my life, my Ex almost tore my life apart years back
This is why I have no empathy for them when they lose everything.
Mother Nature’s warning wasn’t enough...y’all got to close...back up...
time to move inland, you are always going to have problems living on coastal regions?
CNN4 hours ago

Australia is considering recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving its embassy to Jerusalem, according to a statement from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Correction - the unelected PM is considering the relocation of the embassy. He does not represent Australia and will not survive a general election.
Australians are racist on steroids.
Australia is NOT —— The worthless waste of space who is our unelected and untalented “ leader “ for the next 5 months - is attempting to buy the “ Jewish vote “ in a local election- It’s an idea that popped into his brain while he fondled himself as he imagined blowing Donald trump !
Good Australia! I hope Finland also move embassy to Jerusalem where it belongs.💕🇮🇱💕🇫🇮
May the Lord Jesus bless Australia.
The city where Jesus will reign from... bless the Lord my soul
Since when did countries talk on the behalf of other countries? Until Australia says otherwise, I'm taking this with a grain of salt
Shame!! But it in keeping with the manner in which Australia approached the governance of the original people of the continent. The continent where the British government sent its overspill from its prisons, way back when.
A step in the right direction, other countries should follow Australia's example.
We're expecting that; as you planned already, but God will save Palestinian people and their land
Australia is more a US colony than British 🙄
Trying to curry favour with the Trump
Trust Australia to side with Trump
Fulfilling events,Y'all need Jesus,don't waste your time talking about things you can't change,speak a voice,in a field where it will be relevant and of importance that you'll be heard and noticed,#Speak4Change.....not4noise..
I have no idea why so much money is spent on this
Don't believe it until the government of Australia makes the statement
Not bad Netanyahu. Didnt know Australia appointed you its spokesman or is it a case of "if you announce it, it will happen"?
Do not expect this to happen, this lot will be out of government this time next year, has not gone down well here, a thought bubble by a PM under pressure who could be the head of a minority government if they loose a bi election on Saturday..
Australia is not contemplating any such thing!! It's just a ploy by our caretaker Prime Minister to try and win the Jewish vote in a by-election this weekend! It has been met with vociferous outrage by the Opposition!!
austrialia politician ar one of those who suffer frm political diarhoea
Not acceptable at all. Australia please don’t venture into Trumpland It won’t pay.
It’s like a global high school. Much gossip no proof, SHUT UPPPPPPPPP
Crazy! Why? Because his son in law and daughter prefers it?
The same Australia that voted on it being ok to be white? 🤣
As an Australian, I’m shocked that we are even considering this. 😞 It’s mostly to try and get the Jewish vote.
CNN4 hours ago

He has been charged with first degree rape, second degree rape, perverted practice, second degree assault and fourth degree sex offense.

what sort of police force are you running over there? Is there any cops you can trust? there seems to be as many cops breaking the law as there are citizen. What a backward country you are, you expect this behavior from third world countries not a first world country. the police chief finds it troubling that he took an oath to protect citizen, what is more troubling is you had a judge who lied under oath last week and still got the job, you have a president who was heard on tape he assaulted women yet he still got the job. You have no morals or values, the jobs they hold are meaning less
Any video? Cause if there isn’t, then it didn’t happen. Gee, I feel so sorry for men and boys and all the fake accusations. It’s really the men who are being sodomized by women. Poor men.
A black cop committing a sex crime. You must have had a hell of time deciding whether to post this one.
The charges on him is way too heavy if it was a white cop he will be suspended with pay pending trial. He is not guilty until it’s proven. The Supreme Court judge a white dude was nominated in spite of sexual assault allegations. We have a president with so many women coming forwards with rape charges yet he is still in office. But a black Officer all hell will break loose. Give that man a fair trail.
Oh my people nowadays are so quick to throw someone under a bus without proper evidence. I am so happy that I am a woman and not a man right now because these days being a man can land you in prison for life without proper evidence and proper investigation. Some people are serious liars and will sleep peacefully in their beds at night knowing that they made an innocent person get life imprisonment. If he is guilty i am not sorry for him but people not everything you hear you should be quick to believe. You are quick to jump the gun but remember this problem might turn up at your doorstep one day because you too have brothers, sons, uncle, fathers etc
Haha and all this white dudes only get "Alleged rape" "intended assault" "possible mental breakdown" WOW this is getting very ridiculous
Obviously we don't know if he really is completely guilty of all this, but if he was white I'm sure he would be suspended with pay until an investigation was over BUT he's black so who knows
Wow...I’m shocked (happy but shocked) the woman’s story was believed. I mean there weren’t any witnesses (sarcasm intended). Senators didn’t believe Dr Ford over Kavenaugh because of the lack of witnesses. I wonder what’s different with this case? 🤔🤨
He's black right? ? What happened to all the white officers who shot black men dead??
America suddenly becoming the butt of jokes. From electing an unstable mind as President to openly confirming a judge to the apex court who lied under oath and now to the several abuses of innocents by people who are supposed to protect em, y'all gradually losing it. To think I could have given anything earlier to relocate to America previously. If I had the chance, Canada makes much more sense. Americans wake up before it is too late. Take back your country and right the wrongs.
If there were no witnesses and she is a white i think he is innocent
Let me guess only black cops get charged huh
How did he end up in her car, in a nearby parking lot? Did he threaten her with a summons if she didn’t agree to let him in her car that she drove to that parking lot? Or did she drive to the parking lot at gun point? I just can’t imagine letting an officer in my car at 1 o’clock in the morning, who just stopped me for a traffic violation...
I cannot believe the comments I'm reading on here. 😮
This rubbish of a cop has Donald trump brains and a kkk leader dna!!!!! I say GIVE HIM THE ELECTRIC CHAIR bye!!!!
Wonder haw hes gonna plead and what charges actually stick..., and if this shakes loose more victims...
So much corruption with our Police officers. Something needs to be done!
So he had an impeccable record until he didn't. Sounds familiar.
power straight to the head! Wonder where he learned it....
So, he’s not guilty until proven innocent? 🤔 Interesting
I should think so too its too heavy I'm wondering to wy his penalty is so harsh and where are the evidences wow We need to learn more about that
There needs to be a charge made that if officers break the law while wearing the badge that they use to enforce the law. Automatic felony if found guilty, on top of your charges for the crime u commit.
At Puerto Rico police, the agent would be sat on office duty if and only if the news appears on Facebook 🤔 otherwise the officials would not took the lady complaint even with the medical report. If the authority decide to investigate, the whole time from the incident until the sentence, the agent would be receiving his paycheck without a doubt.😖
Arrested and suspended without pay? Seems like most cops are put on administrative leave with pay. I wonder why the difference in this case.
Castrate him, we know everything were first degree, more corrupted than the state of Maryland there isn’t cops like them. Cops in Maryland are number one in such criminal shits.
CNN5 hours ago

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has arrived in Riyadh as Saudi Arabia is preparing to acknowledge that Jamal Khashoggi was killed during an interrogation that went wrong, sources say

BS. That was not an accident. Who brings a bone saw and a forensic scientist, who just happens to be an expert in dismemberment, to an interrogation. Geesh, how dumb do they think people are?! And the Trump Administration is just happy to go along.
Saudia Arabia has the blood of an innocent man on its Hands. Why the United States is not particularly upset or even interested in the number of murders of innocent journalists and dissidents in Russia remains a mystery...not to Mention the butchering of dissidents or People whom Kim Jong Un simply doesn't like!!!
An interrogation gone wrong. But they happened to bring along a bone saw to dismember the body? Ok....
He's just there to help them fabricate an excuse on behalf of the dumpster, who is perfectly fine with the murder of American journalists, as evidenced by labeling them the "enemy of the people". #TRE45ON it is an interrogation that went wrong when initially they denied any involvement and insisted he left the embassy of his own volition and then they promised retaliation in response to any US Sanctions?
how to get to "go wrong" when there is a man divided into pieces and carried in a briefcase? Too much went wrong
It went wrong because they got caught?
How does an interrogation go wrong if the interrogators were seated across the table from the victim? Unless, they were giving him mild electric shock every 10 minutes. That's what could go horribly wrong if he had high blood pressure or they forget to give him his diabetes drugs.
How tough we can be on them depends on how much per gallon at the pump we are ready to pay.
This is tragic, but Americans need to stay out of the Middle East. THEY DO NOT WANT US THERE! THEY HATE US!
They said we don't know where he is at..we didn't kill him..Gave all turkish guards day off..turn the cctv monitoring system off..15 hit team members arrived day before and left the day of the crime, Suaudi employees purchased big suit cases from turkish market the day bedore and guess what, IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!! I think crime against humanity is a conditional term.
An “interrogation” that was a farce. Why did it take 15 men to ask him questions? Because when they were done “asking,” they had to package him up into a dozen moveable chunks, wrapped in heavy duty thick plastic bags and transported to a nearby metal smelting furnace to incinerate! Or toss into the deep and virtually bottomless nearby body of water. Also, he was wearing an Apple wrist watch during initial “questioning” that was synced to his iPhone with his wife who was outside in a car, listening and recording the session until the sounds ended with his death! Or so it’s been reliably reported.
So...we didn’t mean to kill him, just abduct and torture him? Just forget about that bone saw. That was just fake news.
What? It went wrong when the saws came out & started sawing off body parts? Or when everyone realized 2 private Saudi planes were there before & then flew out after? The only "interrogation" in the whole thing was when the receptionist asked his name as he entered the building!!
And Comrade Trumpsky is going to let it go as an accident and still go through with the arms deal, SAD.
What could go wrong when an interrogation takes 15 men , one is a autopsy specialist & someone brings a bone saw ?
Yeah. When you conduct an interrogation with a chain saw, a ball peen hammer and chisel, electrodes ties to testacles, pliers & vice grips, and and Acme do-it-yourself waterboard kit ( with the optional barbed wire noose?) something might possibly go wrong! Oh yeah! And a blow torch, to warm up the suspect! 😲😱🤪🤪😬😵🤐😵💀👎
Saudi Arabia and the rest of the corrupt tyrannies in that unlucky part of the world manage yet again to buy impunity with oil money... Another sad day for human values and humanity
Gee, I don’t know what happened those bone saws just jumped up and did it themselves
If the world accepts this excuse i will literally give up on human kind and announce myself a reptile
Interrogation that went wrong. Thats the best they can come up with. Murder plain and simple
They do interviews in a consulate. They do not do interrogation Mr. king! A consulate is not an interrogation room used by your information ministry! You are in a foreign land and interrogation is not part of the job of a consulate.
How can interrogation go wrong? Even if it does, how can a person die cause of that! So the real question wrong they went?
It’s really Embarrassing how the Saudis paid for Pompeo to come and authenticate such a result of a very clear international crime that needs an international Tribunal backed by the United Nations to investigate !!!! Not Pompeo and a spoiled prince who’s killing kids in Yemen and journalists in Consulates !! Very Sad 😡
Is it not weird for the USA to send its foreign Secretary there or should the Saudis send someone to the US for damage control? Is he there to help the Saudis overcome this dire situation they are in just the way the USA was reluctant to implicate the Saudis' involvement in killing more than 3000 Americans despite mounting evidence.
CNN5 hours ago

Latino voters are angry at President Donald Trump. But that doesn't mean their anger will carry Democrats into House and Senate majorities in November.

You mean the illegal Latinos are angry. Not the legal Latinos. Get it right CNN. Only the guilty will blame the reaction for their criminal action.
Get out and vote, please! We are only hurting ourselves if we don’t. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and it isn’t always a linear process but everyone who lives in a democratic country should exercise their right so that we can exorcise this current administration. #BLUEWAVE
As for me and my community. We swing blue. Go Beto!
Anybody who skips these midterms deserves what they get.
Latino voter here 👋 I am so proud of my president! He is truly making a difference! As far as midterms I’ll be voting RED! 🇺🇸
Actually we love him ❤️💚❤️💚 🌮🌮🌮
We have become immune to human pain and suffering.Right,wrong doesn’t matter,unless it affects our bank accounts.We are a global world of the “I” generation.
I for one will be voting Democrat it support of the Parkland school shooting Massacre I will never forget that the brave survivors of that horrible day asked our presidents to put a ban on assault weapons like the one that was used Massacre and Slaughter better friends and loved ones and instead chose profit over the lives of our American children the Republican Party has proved that they are cowards just like their president
Mexicans love Trump. He is building a big beautiful wall that will keep every Mexican in Mexico. It's a smart move as that will increase the Mexican economy and eliminate crime altogether in the US. There will be no more crime ever!
Vote. Blue. All.
#VoteBlue Straight Blue Ticket!! #Resist 🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Why would they be angry at Trump? If they are American citizens and have a better life now than under Obama, why angry?
Mexicans are a democratic vote !! Wall or not wall , it scare the Gop !! 👍 go , Mexico . 👍👍👍 for Latinos.
Hispanics have a history of voting against their own interest. Some think that just because their skin resemble that of whites that they too are white. Look at the ones on here who show their allegiance to a racist. They usually dont wake up until ICE knocks at their door.
If they skip they'll be getting exactly what they deserve. No one can sit this out!
I just ordered my mail ballot. Usually I don't vote midterms but given the circumstances this year I will.
Look. Another DNC campaigning check cleared at CNN.
Actually the fear should be that they both Republican. They always vote against their best interests. Many voted for him and he made America hate them....and they still support him 🤦
No we wont! Trump is a manipulative monster 👹 and he has to be put in check Indoctrinated Republikkkans love their plutocracy.
Whenever I helped in politics, it was simple. We went Door 🚪 To Door 🚪 the whole week before the election + we would drive people to the polls!
Most Latinos are conservative. They are Christian. They are family oriented. They are hard working. They teach personal responsibility. They currently have the lowest employment rate ever. So I truly doubt that they are “angry” at Trump.
If people don't vote on this election we are going to lose our freedoms ...there will be very bad consequences for everybody if they don't vote....
The world hopes this con artist potus is impeached or voted out in 2020. In other to achieve this, compassionate Americans please vote overwhelmingly for democrats for house and senate in other to make his remaining term in office miserable. PS the world is waiting anxiously we have had enough of this con man you called president.
Very entertaining to see all CNN posts backfire on them in the comments section.....🤣
oh.... so this why Dems want open borders. I never knew.
CNN6 hours ago

More than 200 children from separated undocumented immigrant families remain in US custody, officials have said in a court filing -- and there are plans to reunite just 18 of them with their parents in their country of origin.

I love Trump....... Why must they illegally migrate into the United States, let this serve as a lesson!
Trumpanzees... new Nazis
Thank God for Donald Trump!
This is so unbelievable that anyone one or country would separate children from their parents, when are the people of the USA going to realize that enough of Trump is enough.Surely there are people that will stand up for these families, and get rid of the cancer that is destroying The United States Of America emphases on UNITED !
Someone should have explained to them they will not be separated if they come here legally. Seems like a simple solution to a complex problem.
EVERY dem & independent should REMEMBER this,and vote BLUE!!!
No tears here. I want see America taking care of our own homeless and orphans first.
Next time do it legally
Here come the alligator tears
On top of the picture it says 200 children, below the picture it says 245 children. Does anyone really know how many children?
All the news outlets continue to create stories on these separated children but no one seems to be taking action to return the children.. I'm no attorney, but there has to be some way to put action to work instead of just words..just say'in 😕
The reason those kids are in custody is there us citizens born here.. if they only had legal representation they could file petition for their parents hardship there would be no issues.. but money is the root of all evil. How can those kids afford that?
This’ll easily help solidify Cruz for the win!! 😆
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you "Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the people who treat you right, Forget about the ones who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy. They just promised it would be worth it." -― Harvey MacKay
Hollywood must create a story about them I guess.
A blue congress will hold trump and his gargoyle Stephen miller,accountable! I can hardly wait, organizing my friends & family to vote BLUE BLUE BLUE!!!
At a cost of $ 750 a day per child, paid to private prison ( campaign donor) company ?
And what happens to the rest of them? Auctioned off to the highest bidder by a certain connected conservative Christian adoption agency?
Donald Trump is racist and so limited in actions for those who are poor
You never cover this story though. Always trump all day long.
We cared more about the girls who were kidnapped by boku harum in Africa
...and for how many years has this been the practice? Under Obama; under Bush and beyond. Come on CNN. Tell the truth for once!
Give the administration time, please. They'll get round to this as soon as humanly possible.
As an Australian watching this on our news we’ve all seen the images no need to go over it. I understand laws have been broken I also see parents so desperate to get out of whatever torment they face to provide a better life for there children.nothing different to what we all want, and for that they have their children stolen it’s totally unforgivable, these kids some babies are left so traumatised will they ever recover, I will never get those images out of my head crying babies taken form their mothers ,and who’s is ensuring they don’t suffer further trauma ?or assault!.. i cannot accept there is no better way to deal with this situation. The world is watching and the US should hang it’s head in shame.
God is watching us America he did not put us in this world to hate each other his Divine will for us all has nothing to do with hate wake up and stop doing man well and for shaking our Lourdes awesome love and divine will for us all God Bless America
CNN6 hours ago

President Trump has raised more than $100 million for a 2020 re-election battle, giving him a massive financial advantage over a crowded field of potential Democratic contenders.

It’s astonishing that adults would vote for or contribute to this toddler. “Idiocracy” wasn’t just a film, it was a prophecy.
No amount of money will overcome the tsunami of resistance against him and everything he stands for and represents, so I’m not really that worried. Let them waste their money
Wow. That just shows that instead of being the right candidate... He's going to try to buy it. I didn't vote for him before. And I won't vote for him in the future.. No matter how much money he raises.
That is scary. This guy make me sad. I can't believe what people are willing to do for money.
What a fantastic President. Finally one who does as he promises. Go 🇺🇸
Flint still does not have clean water. Hurricane Michael as totally devastated much of the east coast. Puerto Rico could still use a hand getting back on track. There are thousands of children still in internment camps. And who goes to a state in turmoil, and instead of giving out CASES of water to families, hands out bottles of water. As if they are just peasants only there for your amusement. The only people that do that are heartless fools. But instead of helping in all these situations, there is 100 million dollars that go to the purposes of getting a racist hypocrite reelected. It's too bad nobody in this administration that actually cares for the people they claim to work for.
Panama City Florida and surrounding areas could use at least 10% of that to rebuild! Imagine having that much money to help those affected by hurricane Michael.
Money is the root of evil. He can raise boat loads of it, but I have to believe that we will prevail. VOTE BLUE!
Use the money to educate's 'Native American' not 'Indian'. Has he been living under a rock?
That money should be paying for these rallies, since they are essentially campaign rallies. Not one penny of our tax dollars should be paying for these rallies, but they are. Why?
That's because only the RICH have benefited from HIM being President. So they will donate to HIM and HIS causes. Everyone else has LOST.....and will continue to loose under TRUMP and the Republicans.....
How much of it’s from Russia
if American people choose that foolish guy again, they are the one to be blamed for that country leading to demise and misery. Look at his currrent situation, he makes lots of enemies even friends turn out to be adversaries, those consequences will fall onto public as well.
Because he buys those dumb dum alert red hats from China for 1 dollar each and sells them for 35 dollars to his worshipers.
Please US, don't do it again
To bad he doesn’t pay his taxes like the common folk. Flint would have a whole new water system and the highways and bridges would be repaired
Yes, but the IRS is probably going to have their way with Donald before 2020.
But has done little else. Rallies and golf.
Why not use some of that $100mil to fix the water system for the residents in Flint 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ ..
Bernie Sanders could raise way more than that in just a few months! Without PAC money!
Well, when you're protecting the rich...
I guess that's good for him since apparently he has no real money of his own.
And it's all going into his bank accounts!!!!! Cause he never pays tax, I mean not the full amount! Because he's says he's worth way more then he declares!!! Where's the Great Orange Piñata's Taxs???
Likely that all his friends and family (son's) donated their would be taxes, instead of paying their share.
I love the fact that the dad is said to be a registered Democrat and the dad did not lose his mind when a friend gifted the family the shirt or when the son wanted to wear it to school. I love that the dad respects the authority of the presidential office even if he disagrees with who holds the position. A lot of people could learn a lot about respect and humility from this family. I am sad the principle was fired because who wants someone to lose their job but what she did was wrong and she, rightfully, was punished for it.
CNN7 hours ago

Administration officials are weighing a proposal that could result in parents and kids once again being split up by the US government — but this time, it would be the parents' choice

We need an attainable path to citizenship
The new wall... dictator style.
Putting families through more hell. This ‘binary’ choice is only so ICE can try and save face by saying the parents made the choice. It is still putting kids in jail.
Stop republicans vote blue
"Forcing families to choose between indefinite incarceration and family separation is no choice at all," Human Rights First said on Twitter. "Instead of employing effective and human strategies, the administration wants to rain cruelty on fleeing families." So what is the solution proposed by Human Rights First? Or anyone?
Wow, no more decency or any morals left in this administration or Republicans in General. I'm appalled. Is this the great US of A or some banana republic ?
We have enough homeless and why add to it.
Families are meant to be together. No to broken homes
This seems to be a case of distraction, like Rosenstein and Kavanaugh, something big seems becaming , we must remember Russia's meddling in the elections !!
My heart is bleeding with sheer sadness right now !
It's time to stick to the laws NO MATTER WHAT. NO MORE
That's not a real choice. Without fair trials, they cannot do that.
There has to be a better way !!!!
So liberals don’t want us to detain them separately... and they don’t want us to detain them together... and they don’t want us to let them choose how to be detained. That means they don’t want us to detain them at all. Which is an open border policy.
Don't cross is what they been told 🤦🏻‍♂️ after all the publicity that's been going around for over a year now and they're still doing it I had no sympathy sorry 🤷‍♂️
I don't want to hear a right-winger lecture democrats on morals anymore.
Human trafficking is good for Democrats.
Where is our soul as a nation? The absolute cruelty of doing this again is proof of our hypocrisy. Parents will be forced into supposedly agreeing for us to find out that was not the case. The abuse of power and hatred towards humanity is ever present by our politicians.
When i apply for student visa then i have to show financial stability funds..but criminals are entering without any documents and financial statements... Obviously it will create problem for people of developed nations
Wouldn't it be something if instead of daily doses of who is sleeping with who, we had problem solvers? Not referring to current President I'm referring to them all. Instead of all the personal life garbage (how many vacations and how many golf games) how about every day reporters are asking what are you doing today? Did you finish yesterdays goals? When will we see those results? The press does an amazing job I'm not saying that. What I am saying is, I would love a program or group that refuses to engage in the garbage and only want facts of value. No more when they mess up being allowed to run to the closet and grab the well Billy did this 25 years ago like 10 year old children excuse to deflect. No one cares about 25 years ago. I'm worried about today. What is being done to protect these children and families? What is being done to enhance our own children and families? Where is the plan to save Medicare and social security? Where is the health care for every one? Who is working on bringing back jobs that people work at for 25 to 30 years with benefits and a wonderful retirement package and without fear of being laid off every 5 minutes? Where is the living wages that a person making minimum wage could afford a decent place to live, drive a car and save for a small vacation here or there like we use to? My own mother single at the time bought a 3 bedroom home, raised 4 kids, owned a car all on $600.00 a month. Now two people making minimum wage live at home or multiple jobs and living in high crime areas in buildings that should have been leveled generations ago. I want programs telling me how an agenda is being pushed to look at how every penny is spent in all forms of government and being brought up to be voted on again to see if this is what we still want. I want the same for all of our current laws sending half of Americans to prison while we scream about other countries lack of human rights. Show me that! I want to see it every day all day long.
or parents could do something crazy and keep their kids with them at home - they do this for one reason - if one person makes it here safely their entire family can come here at some point
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We just keep locking up victims of oppression when we can't send them directly home like we did to holocaust victims... nice, America..
CNN7 hours ago

The Thai soccer team whose escape from a flooded cave transfixed the world appeared on the 'Ellen' show -- where their hero, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, called them "the best team in the world"

pray they come back ..... to be down to earth! frm all those publicity! god help them!
As a Swede I can only say I’m really happy that Zlatan and his family wanted to immigrate to Sweden. Now Murica gets to enjoy his talent!
This story, their comeback is unbelievable. GOD is amazing bringing them back safely.
It's such a great opportunity for them all.
if GOD wanna bless or glorify some one he does the impossible,this kids from grass to grace i bless the lord of host for their life .may the blessing continue to flow without seizing
Nice kids.
The house
Ellen deGenres is another boring and unfunny host. But the boys are heroes though.
Zlatan 💕💕
But Elizabeth Warren is 1/1224% Cherokee Indian.....
How Long is a Chinamen's name?
Ethan Ramiah
Jose Franco
Terri Ann C Joseph-Brathwaite 😊
Meddie Sarte
Always remember, you MUST #DareToZlatan
Yeah this team better england national football team ...... ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Good day. We invite you to the noble role of the great Illuminati,where charisma and elites are championed with achieved goals and the objectives for its Members. In creating this online destination,we strive to bring order to a world embattled with chaos and lack, lighting a candle for all who travel the path as the night reaches its darkest point. The Illuminati am promises to turn you around and make you famous and rich by expelling hardship of poverty that slams against the unprivileged society, each step forward brings you closer to the joy of Abundance. Interested?! Kindly WhatsApp: +2347054663728 and get your dreams achieved before three days.
Team of the world gogo
Why did they go into the cave in the first place
and Ellen gave them all a Patek Nautilus watch. haha
What happened to thses kids?
CNN8 hours ago

Acute flaccid myelitis is rare neurological condition that can result in temporary or permanent paralysis

Stop injecting your kids without knowing the ingredients!!! It’s called population control!!!
If there becomes a vacine I wonder if non vaxsers would vacate their kids from this one... or is the chance of polio symptoms /death worth the risk? Inquiring minds would like to know. ..
They believe it's from mosquitos
maybe we should vet at our borders
Funny how this pops up around the same time as the flu vaccine...
What is the cause does anyone know ?
Ultra Cell CBD oil
This is scary stuff!
This is so sad 😔
Andrea, have you seen this illness at the hospital?
Still no stories about Pocahontas? 😂
I wonder if there are any illegals from South and Central America present? For over two years these people have been welcomed by the Obama Administration without the screenings legal immigrants would get before entering the country. If the laws and processes can be ignored, Class Action Lawsuit on the enablers of this narrative.
No story on Glenn Simpson pleading the fifth tomorrow with the House Judiciary committee? Or James Baker, the top FBI lawyer testifying on Thursday? Or Nellie Ohr on Friday?
Easter Joy this is what i was telling you guys about
I think we need more chemicals in our food....that’ll fix this
Good day. We invite you to the noble role of the great Illuminati,where charisma and elites are championed with achieved goals and the objectives for its Members. In creating this online destination,we strive to bring order to a world embattled with chaos and lack, lighting a candle for all who travel the path as the night reaches its darkest point. The Illuminati am promises to turn you around and make you famous and rich by expelling hardship of poverty that slams against the unprivileged society, each step forward brings you closer to the joy of Abundance. Interested?! Kindly WhatsApp: +2347054663728 and get your dreams achieved before three days.
Gosh. Guess you should have hired that Doctor. tots and pears.
Bugs are getting smarter.
Xuân Trang
Hanna Jane Soheili
Angela Schaefer
Ya...but how can Trump be blamed?
CNN8 hours ago

It's been less than 24 hours since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they were expecting their first child -- but the royal couple are already being showered in baby gifts on the first day of their Australian tour.

While i am happy for the royal couple dont you think you have covered sufficiently on this piece of news.
I am happy for Meghan and Harry. Their child will have fun with their cousins!
No one could see a Koala that close,
that Koala does not look happy, somebody give it a snickers bar 😀
Congratulations to the beautiful couple. im also 12 weeks preggy due end of April. 😍😍😍 Extra special now i know about the little Royal surprise. xoxoxox
I've never seen a koala look that pissed off at a human before. What's wrong koala? For those who know the symbolism of koalas...never piss off a koala...when usually they are very laid back...Yikes
Don’t touch the koala - Leptospirosis
sick of this couple already She ruined harrys cousins wedding
No one cares anymore....thankfully.
happy for this Guys tho, i wish to have a Relationship like this.. I am so Bored being Single!!
Who is the father?
Good day. We invite you to the noble role of the great Illuminati,where charisma and elites are championed with achieved goals and the objectives for its Members. In creating this online destination,we strive to bring order to a world embattled with chaos and lack, lighting a candle for all who travel the path as the night reaches its darkest point. The Illuminati am promises to turn you around and make you famous and rich by expelling hardship of poverty that slams against the unprivileged society, each step forward brings you closer to the joy of Abundance. Interested?! Kindly WhatsApp: +2347054663728 and get your dreams achieved before three days.
Where is her first child?
In other news I’m on level 1108 in candy crush.
Do we care? Not really but I guess if some of you do care, you have no life... js
Why are you giving rich people things.
Yes that is true but Harry kids should be as important as Williams
I hope it's his.. 🤣😂🤣
CNN9 hours ago

The media conglomerate Endeavor is exploring pulling out of a $400 million deal with the Saudi Public Investment Fund in the wake of the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to a source

With all the 'me first' attitude currently popular in the States, as a professional British national, why would I ever consider visiting, studying, or actually working in America. Mr Trump, has made it very clear that if something were to happen to me whilst in America, it simply doesn't matter, as I am not and never will be one of them.
We will rue the day that Trump became “leader of this country “
Getting off oil eliminates any influence the Saudis have and destroys their wealth.
He did not deserve to die he was American! The trump WH I am sure will do nothing and protect their own interests.
I don't understand how a country like Saudi Arabia who beheads people publicly if they're the Enemy of the State can actually be accused of murdering an enemy of their state... The Saudis have been doing this forever, what's the big deal now?
Hmm. They killed almost 3000 of our Americans..... Nope.. don't care about them...
The world must see the body.
Great! 👏🏼 They need to learn the rest of the world won’t be intimidated by their threats! 🖕🏼
Saudis The global exporter of terrorism......
I'm saying the "pull out" never happens... I'll watch for the follow-up CNN report... (tag me if I miss it)
Trump has no choice but to get involved. Otherwise he would lose a lot of support over partisan politics. All of a sudden Trump and Bernie Sanders are bringing in words of support for the Washington Post that is owned by Jeff Bezos. Shows you who is more powerful.
The beginning of the end will not be without lots of bloodshed, because that is what humanity is stuck on.....killing, with the ideology, that it is for a higher purpose.
What's there to explore? Endeavor should have already made the decision to cut ties with the Saudis!
Well done
Considering, isn’t that a novel idea!
Still calculating? Either you do or you don't.
He is one person. There are thousands of children and women been killed in cold blooded in Yemen using weapons made in USA. The hypocrisy and double standard has no limits in the USA
Did anybody ask where is the body???
Who cares? Endeavour pulls out, hundreds of Agencies will put their hands up to replace them. After all, money talks - baby. You don't want it? Many others do..
Good day. We invite you to the noble role of the great Illuminati,where charisma and elites are championed with achieved goals and the objectives for its Members. In creating this online destination,we strive to bring order to a world embattled with chaos and lack, lighting a candle for all who travel the path as the night reaches its darkest point. The Illuminati am promises to turn you around and make you famous and rich by expelling hardship of poverty that slams against the unprivileged society, each step forward brings you closer to the joy of Abundance. Interested?! Kindly WhatsApp: +2347054663728 and get your dreams achieved before three days.
I have a serious question. I’m seeing editorials about how we need to keep the Saudis happy because we import a large amount of oil from them so we need to stay “friends” with them. At the same time I’ve read that the US is now the worlds largest oil exporter. What goes on in the oil industries financial dealings and our political dealings that lets US oil companies export oil out of the country so we have to turn around and import oil from outside the country, while these same oil companies keep pressure on our politicians and communities to keep exploiting our additional resources that threaten our other ocean’s, National Parks, water and air?
Endeavour can do what they want - they're a private enterprise. But governments cannot operate by the same principle. Geopolitical decisions should not hinge on the fate of one mere journalist any more than it should hinge on the fate of one mere pastor.
While they found no problem dealing with Saudi Arabia when millions of Yemenis were being massacred.
CNN9 hours ago

The explosive report about the former NFL star and convicted murderer came from the Boston Globe's acclaimed Spotlight team.

It’s sad. I feel deeply sorry for him. It sounds like he battled a lot of demons including depression. I’m a Christian male that struggles with same-sex attraction. The world is a cruel place but he knew Jesus Christ so I hope and pray he’s in a better place.
And hundreds of others had that happen to them and they didn't turn into murderers.
No one is using this as an excuse. Childhood sexual abuse has been correlated with higher levels of depression, guilt, shame, self-blame, eating disorders, somatic concerns, anxiety, dissociative patterns, repression, denial, sexual problems, and relationship problems. They are giving insight into the mind of Hernandez. At the same time, him having CTE is another big contributor into his death.
Why should I feel sorry for him? What about the people he murdered and their families.... feel sorry for them.
Did that give him the excuse to take an innocent life from his family.
Trauma in childhood doesn’t just go away when you get older...
I'm puzzled...are we trying to excuse him?
No winners here... very sad.
Leave this poor man alone. It's between him and his maker......RIP
That doesn’t work for African Americans, so it needs to stop being brought up for everyone else!
I’m sorry but let’s focus on the kids who are alive right now experiencing the same traumatic situations...
He also had CTE. But he still committed murder.
Why do they keep making excuses for what he did. We all have horrible things happen to us but we dont go out and kill others. He made choices on his own, he was found guilty for a reason.
The point isn’t whether or not he “gets this as an excuse” or “was still evil anyway because other victims don’t murder people.” It’s what can we do as a country to protect our children so they don’t grow up with trauma, especially the kind that may contribute to them hurting themselves or others in their future. Not to mention the toxic effect of outside world’s thoughts about “manhood” and what it means.
It has nothing to do with what he did
The world is a better place with him dead. What a piece of s**t he was
Let the man R.I.P America makes and it breaks you..I SIGN BEHIND IT
While I love Spotlight, and investigative journalism of any sort, many sad stories arise. I keep these stories and personalities close to my heart and hope all find peace.
I guess some kids wouldn't come out right in the head but not all. This case is closed. Choices were made. Consequences happen.
Let the man be dead! My God he's gone from this life. Telling his supposed business isnt gonna bring him back nor is it gonna bring back any of the ppl that he supposedly killed....
Sometimes we cant make sense out of things.
Whether he was sexually abused or physically abused as a child, that doesn't give him the right to murder another human. He had all of the money to go for counseling and overcome his issues. His main issue was he was narcissistic and arrogant.
he would have made a good addition to the democrat mob... antifa 1st rounder
and I Do NOT think He Killed Himself - Why Would He? - just beat Charges from the One Murder and was Looking for A Retrial On the One He was Convicted - hired Jose Biaz. Death Seems a Little Suspicious -- To Say the Least!
That is sad, if true, but does not make him less responsible for his actions. In the end, we always have a choice.
CNN10 hours ago

This historic airliner has been trucked 300 miles on its way to becoming a hotel bar at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York

I think, it’s better to make something useful out of old airplanes.. I would love to have a home out of it..
*Sees an airplane coming down the road.* I guess we really are little computer people in a simulated game after all.
We have it in Manila called it Club 707 Resto Bar since 1980's , the plane Boeing 707 was formerly owned by Elvis Presley.
Did you see the new airplane that the New Giants at the brand new airplane I can't believe it if you seen in York it's a new Giants brand new home airplane the logo where the Giants symbol on it does New York Giants can you imagine is TWA Airlines so get ready your Giants fans your love your new airplane😄
So this week we saw the New England Patriots new airplane which we can't believe it the old airplane that the New England Patriots used to use is being taken as restaurant so the old airplane unbelievable that the New England Patriots or a former TWA airplane Got a New England Patriots😄
Oskar Correa Uship be like, one item for transport. $450
Like Lockerbie, TWA Flight 800 was brought down some 230 passengers on board stateside RIP ...
Audrey Franchi pour un prochain guide touristique. Ca peut être cool ^^
Sabik R. Siddiqui this was the 777 of the 50s. Amazing aircraft! And they stole my idea lol
They don make airliners as beautiful as that one was
One day they'll name an airport after Trump. But I reckon that's too small. By the time he's done making America great again, he would deserve to have no less than a city named after him. #Trump
My dad was crazy about Constellation!
The way of the future.
ذولة ليش يقلدون سيادة الوزير باقر صولاغ لمن فتح مطعم الطيارة بعباس بن فرناس؟ Abdullah Mohammed
That's gonna slow down traffic quite a bit.
Yes, we flew on these! They were beautiful inside and out! Clip.
Who needs to sit on "any" plane longer than you absolutely have to? 🤔🙄
No stormy daniels update??? or russia collusion drivel... we just get this crap
Diana Cheng this pretty great
There is one sitting on the air field in Salina,Kansas. Has been for years.
CNN10 hours ago

The deficit rose to $779 billion in fiscal year 2018, up 17% from last year, according to final figures released Monday by the Treasury Department.

We’ve seen this movie so many times before. Republican tax cuts lead to soaring deficits lead to recession lead to Democratic President to fix everything and 8 years later we do it all again. Insanity is doing the same things over again expecting a different result. How about we don’t make Republicans president?
Went from 1.2 Trillion deficit under Obama handling a recession (increased spending and lower tax reciepts) to 400 Billion (economy recovering = increased tax revenue when Obama left. Now back to almost 800 billion when we aren't even in recession, thanks for once again proving that deficits only matter when a Democrat is in power to fix your mess.
Dems will have to come in and clean up the mess again...and then Republicans claim fiscal conservatism? Smh!!!
How could this happen? Our president has “the best brain!”
Never hear the Republicans talking about the deficit anymore as long as the very rich are getting tax cuts
So much winning it feels like we’re losing.
CNN cares about the deficit now?
Less corporate taxes collected, thanks GOP.
Remember when the deficit was rising under Obama and Republicans said it wasn't his fault because he inherited Bush's policies and gave him a pass?... Yeah, me either
Republican leadership at it best. Control of house, Senate, white house in an expanding economy, and they found a way to run up the debt!
We are winning! We are definitely making America Great Again! What a joke 🙁
45 does it again, but of course it’s “Obama’s fault”
The tax cut will pay for itself believed no one
"What are we going to do about these tax and spend Democrats; oh, wait a minute it's the Republicans increasing the deficit"😣😤
Republican fiscal conservatives where you at?? Crickets 🦗...cause like unicorns 🦄 they don’t exist!!!
So much for the party of fiscal responsibility
You know if we would just lower the tax rate for everyone who makes over $250k and up year down to 0% we would have no deficits, everyone would be rich, living in mansion and driving fancy cars, says every Republican I have ever met.
Where are all those Republican deficit hawks at? Spent all of Obama's term complaining and not wanting to do things because of the deficit. Now all of a sudden we don't hear a word from them.
So much for making America great again huh oh but the economy is booming yeah but for a price think about it especially you die hard loving Trump supporters !!
Hey Cameron do my a favor find the root cause of this spike ? I will as well thanks
I thought that Republican rhetoric was supposed to be... "those tax and spend Democrats" LOL😂😂 yeah... I read a blog each day written by Caroline Miller an author and retired County Commissioner from Portland, OR. Today's blog speaks to the issue of the budget and how deceptive the figures really are. Thinking you may find the information helpful ... I know I found it frightening...
All these comments talking about too much spending. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle ... omg 🤦‍♂️
So you give tax breaks to the rich. In return they don't help their employees but take their savings and gives enormous lump sums to the super pacs. People are you Truly that blind to see only 4% of these Corporations gave Bonuses or raises to the employees? They didn't fool the Democrats just the foolish conservatives
What? Those crazy tax breaks for the rich didn’t pay for themselves? I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!
CNN11 hours ago

A judge has agreed to extend a temporary restraining order to keep a 9-year-old girl who was declared brain dead on a ventilator until next Monday, her parents' attorney says

There are no miracles when a person is brain dead - this dreadful decision should not be left up to grieving families to make - esp not with the cost of this kind of care - sorry but what’s the point - she is dead why prolong it?
Why? She has already passed away. Forcing oxygen into the lungs of a corpse and pumping blood throughout its arteries is unethical and unnatural. She needs to be laid to rest. Mourn your loss and let her go in peace fam.
This is why we have ethics teams in hospitals, to make the tough decisions that a family can’t and shouldn’t have to because ultimately no one wants to say let my baby go... I work in the NICU and hate when Drs ask parents to withdraw support instead of saying there’s nothing we can do I’m so very sorry your baby is not viable. No parent should have to make that decision and I understand their fight. This is a terrible situation and my heart breaks for them, their family and the team of healthcare professionals caring for her because regardless of what anyone thinks it breaks us too....
Oh this makes me so sad... I know the pain the family is feeling... My 3 week old son was pronounced brain dead in NICU after a 10 day bout with an illnesa and i had to sign the papers to terminate life support. With no brain activity there is no life. They are gone with only machines breathing for them. Sending my deepest heartfelt sympathies to the family of this beautiful angel.
What for??? So selfish!! Let the girl die in peace!!!
God will take her in his time not ours. And miracles do happen
In my opinion i think they should let their daughter stay on life support until they are ready to say goodbye, i think the hospital is probably looking at it from the financial aspect and the logical aspect, but the parents hearts and minds arent ready to say enough yet. Let them be for now. Such a sad thing
While not impossible, it's extremely unlikely she'll pull through. What she needs is a timely miracle as there doesn't seem to be much left unfortunately.
Jahi McMath. 13y/o, of famous California ventilator case lived 5 years after being declared brain dead & ordered removed from life support....God's in control & will decide...prayers for acceptance of His choice by all....
The brain is an amazing organ. It’s possible she can pull through. I say give her a chance. I would do the same thing if it was my child.
hoping for comfort and no pain. Unfortunately her time has come and there is no happy ending. What a beautiful and sweet girl...
Truly tragic story all the way around, and I cannot even begun to fathom what the parents/family are going through...but they need to let her pass with diginity. Rest in peace little one 💕
If is in God’s will for a miracle I pray for her and the parents. May God give you strength and comfort. This is so sad to see a child go before you.
It’s sad when family can not face reality. They need to understand she is already gone. They have only a body now. 😞
Everyone on here talking about the ethics The love for your baby does not come with ethics it comes with unconditional boundaries ❤️
It's hard to let go, who am I to judge their feelings and hopes. They will eventually come to terms with her medical issues and be able to say farewell for now.
Still praying hard for you little girl..And to the parents,always stand in your faith..There is no impossible to "God".. Amen
Poor little girl. I can not imagine as a parent to have to go thru something so traumatic and sudden. R.I.P. little girl, I hope your family finds peace.
Who are ANY of us to make that choice? She has PARENTS and it should be left up to THEM and no one else!! This is the problem with boards, committee's, etc. They always THINK they know what's best for everyone else. Back the he** off and let this family be!!
I couldn’t imagine pulling the plug on my child!! It’s easier said than done... Please God make a way 🙏🏾❤️
How sad. I feel so bad for her parents. Hopefully they'll be able to see through their grief and let her body go.
Their hearts are broken they are just trying to hold on to her as the only way they can .we all don't know how we would react in the same situation. Let them adjust n accept the loss of their child
I witnessed my mother and her perfect release of my brother back to God 6 months ago. It was her maternal instinct that led her to the decision. My brother arose from his coma and as mom told him it was ok to go, he drew his last 2 breaths. Only a mom or dad knows when its time but God has final call.
This is unimaginably painful, and no parent should ever have to bury their child...but I did. 😥My thoughts for peace, and gentle healing to Mom and Dad, as well as the rest of the family. I don't know what more to say. I'll keep praying for you.🙏
I do pray for the family, is Tragic and is very difficult lose a child. Mat God's hands guide them in the correct decision.
CNN11 hours ago

At the core of the case are claims that Harvard University engages in unlawful "racial balancing" that benefits blacks and Hispanics and hurts Asian American applicants

How about taking the race question off the application altogether.
It should be based on household income not race
Considering the aims of higher education, racial balancing seems completely acceptable. A student body should be as heterogeneous as possible.
As an Asian, I have noticed a certain level of disdain for us from pretty much everyone, from employers to college admission types, to people in general. But then again, I’m not some super-intelligent type who ever had a chance of going to a high-level school, so what do I know?
In predominately black and Latino communities most Asians are more racist than a clan member like you know what Chinos to go to and which one not to but non Chinese business owners are more friendlier just speaking facts 😊
Can't wait for the outcome.
Vote Blue lose👎🏻
It has been going on for years. Race should never be part of an application, just merits.
LOL! That is the result of black racial paranoia hyped by self righteous humanist media!... Like CNN color advicacy! LOL!... You mean the non catholic asians are more intelligent than catholic latino, and blacks combined? LOL! Now I realized even stupidity had become a culture in America caused by media!
Better be fair. Equal# of all vietnamese, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, tribes, caucasian, African American, American American, swedish, the list is so long, but must be equal. 1 of each might work!!!!@
A great university needs students with a mixture of backgrounds more than it needs the "smartest" students.
About time
This is not's been around for many decades now...and they're not the only school that does this
Very nice university oh wow
Using racial profiling (because that’s what it is) will always result in one or another race being adversely effected. When will we truly judge and be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin?
If a private baker can refuse to make a cake for gay couples why can’t a private institution decide how they want to market and position their school and brand in a very competitive marketplace ???
People forget why these "practices" were implemented in the first place.They were implemented because of the blood, sweat, tears, lynchings, auctions, trafficking, jimcrowing, whippings, draggings, bombings, hosings, denyings, and willied, and on and on, of our stolen African ancestors for their descendants to remain free and never become subjugated to slavery again in amerikkka.
It starts with improving the quality of secondary schools. Students growing up in inner-cities (more commonly Black and Hispanic) are at a disadvantage because of the poor quality of education provided. And that's no fault of a minor. Upper-class can go to better quality public schools or to private schools. Until the quality of schools are more-or-less the same across the board, affirmative action should still be applied.
Well it does
Never ask race on any application again.
Your race says zero about who you are; Only racists or people who haven't thought it through think huge groups of people are monolithic. As a classic liberal asian Minority I find these school policies patronizing, racist, and anathema to the core American belief that all men are created equal in value, and that merit can elevate any man to a good life.
Ivy League schools also engage in geographical balancing. And were it not for that a lot less kids from red states would be going to those colleges...
If race relations would have never been crap from the beginning things like this wouldn’t be an issue ( like affirmative action etc).
...will never send my gkids to Harvard. When students tell faculty who can lecture, that's THE TAIL WAGGING THE DOG.
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.12 hours ago

Anderson Cooper: President Donald J. Trump's "willingness to believe" the Saudis' denial tracks his "eagerness to believe the denials of many alleged bad actors as long as they happen to be political allies or individuals he's formed some kind of personal relationship with"

so, if he was killed by 'interrogation gone wrong', then where's the body being regretfully and respectfully being returned to the family and fiance? And why the cleaning crew two hours before the Turkish inspectors? hmmm...
Henry II defense: “Who would rid me of this meddlesome priest?” “Ooops. You thought I meant what I said?”
And NEVER FORGET how financially involved he is in Saudi Arabia the Philippines and rRussia. Money counts to him!
Just like when he denies about having affairs with all those ladies. about this matter it's all about him and his son in law. they get soooooo much money from them
Seriously in search of a woman to be mine, someone who I can always return home to. Someone who I can give everything in the world to have, someone whose gonna be proud of me because ain't no joke. Someone who I'm gonna love with everything in me...
Again fake news.No, Donald Trump did not show a willingness to believe the Saudis yet.Trump is sending in his team to find out what happened.Be very careful when listening to CNN.They love to twist and distort the truth.Lets wait and see before any judgements are made.We all know that CNN hates the President.And they will say or do anything to make him look bad.Shame on CNN.
So days ago trump was destroying Saudi relationships according to CNN. Now he must act with no evidence... If CNN could just huddle up and come up with one story that would be great. Thanks.
Of course trump will accept what Saudi says. Trump has money interest with Saudi and he will never stick up for the USA. Money is trumps soul. Besides I believe he is also very afraid of the Prince. Pretty repulsive no matter how you look at it or word it. Called it what it is.
CNN, shame, shame and more shame on you! Why do you keep looking for a story angle to attack President Trump. You guys must set up meetings everyday looking for what to say against Trump. Why dont you just report the news from a totslly non partisan position? Isnt this what professional journalism is about. We are getting tired of you in my part of the world. Be neutral for a change. Shame!
The President believes The Saudis , The North Koreans, and Putin when he denied Russian interference in the election. Trump doesn’t trust our CIA , FBI, or the scientists at NASA. A very stable genius indeed.
Just exactly what is Coopers security clearance level?? Is he privy to some FACTS that the NSC must not be? Stop embellishing stories with your own opinions. Report the facts and stop speculating about what you hope the unknown portions of the story are.
TRuMp is TOTALLY owned by the Saudi Royal Family. This much is certain. Remember when tRuMp visited Saudi Arabia? His first order if business was to curtsi to the King, then, he kissed his masters pinky ring *fact* It was all too clear as to who was running the show. The only hard part now is figuring out who will be directing “puppet clown trump” this week, Putin? or the House Of Saud. #likealittlebitch
Either way we look at it, we cant hold Saudi royals to American law. It's none of our business
For some reason he thinks if it’s denied then it must be believed. Explains why he thinks everyone believes him when he talks. 🙄
Just like Obama told the Russians to be patient and he would take care of them. Every administration has supported Saudi Arabia. So Anderson, don't be a jerk.
It would not matter either way. 9/11 pilot’s came out of SA and that didn’t change a relationship, and this won’t. No humanitarian issue will ever supersede our oil dealings in importance. Politicians make these marriages and greed will always overcome.
Do you know what’s hilarious, if Hillary were in office right now nobody would be talking about Saudi Arabia because no one is in bed more with the Saudis than the Clintons. It’s a dam good thing she did not win or America would already be in hell. #MAGA #ClintonCrimeFamilyIsNoMore #GodBlessAmerica #GodBlessDonaldTrump 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Well , Saudi Arabia got away with the killings of Americans from the 9-11 attacks. Now do you honestly think this president or congress would do anything to them now for one reporter? The president knows he has no jurisdiction over any Saudi Arabia Embassy. Plus there has been enough time passed for the Saudis to have none anything and gotten any story together and they have already told the president and congress that they better not do anything to them. So I guess this president and congress will not mess with them.
Trump is on the Saudis Payroll. So, he'll lie and deny. Just like he did to Melania when he screwed Stormy and the Playboy Model. TWALD.....Trump with a little dick.
I wish you guys spent this much time trying to destory the Obama Administration over the likes of Benghazi, Omar Kadafi, uranium sold to Russia. Oh, only when it benefits you. Your news reporting is a disgrace.
Did he speak to the King of Saudi Arabia? I thought he had dementia. Maybe he spoke to the Crown Prince.
He’s placing economy and trade above our character. Those lead to numbers at the polls. Twisted priorities in my opinion.
This president is made of clay the heads of other countries can tell him what ever they want to,if they have said something good about him or if the family wants financial assistance he will kiss there assess America wake up this guy is dangerous.
No that’s not what president Trump said you guy really need to stop driving a wedge between the American people someone is going to get hurt or worse and it will be on your hands that’s something we don’t want
CNN12 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump believes "there is something there" when asked about climate change, but once again cast doubt on the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is caused by human activity

I'd be asking why he diverted FEMA money to ICE. Then I'd hit him in the head with a full bottle of water.
Can't stand his ignorance....or blind stupidity!!...whatever it's called!!
We have lost our vision of the future. Nothing will be the same. Hard to believe this guy is president. A fool could see.
English translation: I’m in the SWAMP with big-oil, coal, corn, beef, and every other billionaire opposing the obvious. Ask residents of Panama, FL . . . if they’re still alive.
They don’t have a clue of the suffering going on in Mexico Beach, not to many people smiling there, I am a resident.
As to climate change, there is something there. As to inside Trumps head, not so much, nada, nothing there.
If he dosen't understand it, it's not true.
This presidency is like watching a Simpsons episode lol
I think it might be beneficial for those with "genius IQ" to have the terms climate change and global warming explained to him. This guy clearly doesn't know the difference.
This administration has reversed every positive step we have made in the last two decades, and for no other purpose then to fill their pockets, and repay the corporations who bank rolled their campaign.
I’m not sure where this photo was taken but I live in Florida and it was so hot today I can assure you no one would be wearing a jacket.
Exactly how many minutes, or seconds, was this two-some standing there passing out bottles of water. Recipients were probably mostly grateful that they didn't throw the bottles at them.
So many people so consumed with climate change and don’t give a second thought that when this world gets it’s hottest is when Jehovah God Almighty destroys the world with his fire and fury.
He knows, just placating his loyalist and Billionaire Donors. We see right through him. Why does the interviewers not correct his blatant lies. Is it because they follow strick journalist guidelines. Very seldom is he corrected, even when he lies about the lies. Disgraceful, so unpatriotic for a leader..
He does not possess the intellectual d epithet to understand so he has to pretend and say something ignorant.
Talk about a stable genius with all the best words.
"Here, have a bottle of water. Its really good water, maybe the best water you have ever seen. It is really good because I have touched the water."
why was there only water ? the huge Plane they traveled in could have been stored w/ food,clothing,medicine and so much more !!! Don't go empty handed !!!
The climate change has been going on for the last billions of years and man made pollutes has accelerated the process. It's serious and it's only to get worse.
At least they didn't give him more paper towels to throw....Water bottles are a little harder to throw !!!!!!!
Maybe when global warming takes his property in Florida’s he can maybe tell insurance that it will reverse itself.
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you "Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the people who treat you right, Forget about the ones who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy. They just promised it would be worth it." -― Harvey MacKay
everyone just planted a tree the world would be a much cooler place. For just $10 you can get 10 trees to plant!
Does it matter what/who caused/causes it? If its natural, then we shouldnt do something about it?
That's three photos now, you looked squashed and almost normal-flairing...Even you never go that low
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.13 hours ago

Independent Sen. @BernieSanders on the Saudis' denial of killing journalist:

"If the Saudi embassy invites you for a little discussion, you may not want to go. It sounds to me like they killed this guy. He was a critic...

And???? It looks like people get killed for political reasons and nobody is held accountable and it dies down and everybody forgets.interrogation gone wrong it sounds like murder to me🤔
Hell yea they killed him and it took this long to say so. You know they were trying to come up with their excuse as to what happened. Questioning got out of hand 🙄
I really really really hope this man declares, runs, and wins.
The Saudis said he would beheading home soon
The execution of Journalists must never be "normalized ". Trump called the Press" The Enemy of the People ". Referring to anyone as the "enemy ", is dangerous. Trump stated that if he found the Saudis killed this reporter, they would be punished. Trump must be held accountable as well as the Saudis.
And why is his murder Trumps or USA responsibility?
Right on, Senator Sanders. As usual, well said!
saudis made trump look like a fool ...he announced it was probably some rogue killers and then the Saudis admitted they did it
I find it funny how all of a sudden, US Saudi relationship started with trump. The US has always turned a blind eye the abuse of the family run government. And then turn around and criticize Iran.
Jamal Khoshoggi was a journalist and an American resident. He fled from Saudi Arabia after criticizing Trump. Trump's first foreign trip is in American president was to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince who has ties to Jared Kushner gave orders to have k word back to Saudi Arabia. U.S. intelligence new about this but did not warn Khashoggi. To marry his fiancee Khashoggi had to go to the Turkish Saudi consulate. She waited outside the consulate and he never returned. Turkish authorities allege the Saudis killed and dismembered Khashoggis' body to sneak it out. Congress wants sanctions over this but Trump doesn't. Why?
Awful. He went in to get a marriage document, with his wife waiting outside, and they freaking kidnapped, and tortured him!
Senator Bernie Sanders, the one of the very rare few in the United States administration, talking sense at least most of the times, in these troubled times that we are living in unfortunately .
It’ll be just another coverup. The one thing this administration is a leader in.
Lol everything is Trumps Fault...or, "how can we turn this into Trump hate" CNN. It's Almost embarassing!
DJT loves the Saudis! Maybe DJT will move there and take his whole family with him! Well we can always hope....
I wonder why today after almost 2 years in office Trump still isn't invited to join the President's Club (currently 2 Bushes, Carter, Clinton, Obama). Maybe it's because Hillary is in the associated 1st Ladies Club.
Home > Middle East News > Turkey Saudi Arabia to Admit That Missing Journalist Was Killed in Botched Interrogation and Abduction Operation, CNN Reports Saudi report will conclude that interrogation, likely carried out without clearance, was intended to lead to Jamal Khashoggi's abduction, CNN says
Crazy--All the people are worried about 1 person--How about all these people in the USA that has commited suicide,shot in the back of the head, all these doctors that are being killed,Supreme justice just died,,mysterios plane crashes, all these deaths that you never hear about.
Consider how much America has helped fund saudia arabia, that meal ticket needs to end. Even the Saudis are switching away from oil so any money we give them or any deals made is just for blood money anymore.
Who typed that quote? Didn't they know we were going to see the video? Quotation marks should be used for direct accurate quotes. Misquoting like this, to make the same point more clearly, is closer to paraphrasing. This is neither a quote or paraphrase but rather a lazy hack job attempt at a quote or paraphrase. Who actually typed the caption? Anderson, have your people get it right or get a new line of work.
The Washington Post, where the reporter who was killed, worked is owned by Jeff Bezos. I can't wait to see Trump spin this around to say that Bezos was somehow responsible so that Trump would be forced to say good things about the Washington Post. Otherwise if Trump doesn't get involved how does that make Trump look? Trump should know better then to play Big Money Baller with Bezos and Amazon.
Wait, What? I thought Trump said they denied any involvement - so who is lying? Oh yeah, I forgot, what was it he said on 20/20 - "as long as it's not happening here".
In the U.S. the Bush administration would have referred to it as “enhanced interrogation” “gone wrong!”
Or it could be a Henry the II situation ("Will no one rid me of this Turbulent Priest?"), where the knights took things into their own hands. 🤨
They are respecting the US and they still want to come except we no longer are willing to take those that wish to undermine our country and turn it into something our citizens don't want it to be.
CNN13 hours ago

"Societies that have these bans in place appear to be safer places for kids to grow up in," said the lead study author

Spanking. Is. HITTING. Just because you were spanked, and "turned out ok", does not make it right. Just because you spank your children & think they are "ok" does not make it right. Violence begets violence.... Plain & simple. As simple as spanking , from one generation to the next. Most people who were hit as a child, or an adult, have other issues that that stem from this. Violence is never ok!
If you have to strike your child, the problem is you, not your child. Anyone can make a baby, not rocket science. Takes real men and women to be parents. Yep, I went there. And I don’t care how many of you were spanked as kids, then your parents were frustrated with their lack of parenting skills.
No. Thats why kids are out of control now. Not beating but a good spanking when warranted kept kids from being terrible when i grew up.
Spankings, discipline, teach respect all the things that seem to be missing today.
This is just logical. Hitting your child is abuse, and I cannot wait until our society treats it as such. I will NEVER hit my children. Absolutely disgusting that we as parents can't think of a better way to teach our children right from wrong.
Funny because most kids i see that dont get spanked are spoiled brats and walk all over their parents
This is the problem with millennials.. their parents tried to be there child's friend rather than parent, thus throwing off the whole parent/child dynamic... No discipline, no respect, no work ethic, and tantrums...
Interesting that so many people seem to think parenting is about control rather than training and guidance. Hitting doesn't teach respect, it teaches fear. (And yes, spanking is hitting.)
I think how you where raised is a lot: but just saying in the 30 plus years of my life : there where no school shooting when I was in high school. Don’t agree with beating but letting your kids think there are no reactions for their actions is why we are in this mess
If your kid can't hit at school or on the playground or, if we can't hit at work or in public.... Why should it be ok in the home?
"I was spanked, and I turned out just fine!" - People who don't understand the difference between anecdotal "evidence" and peer-reviewed study
I grew up with the wooden spoon and that spoon wasn't just for stirring the sauce
There's other ways to punish a kid. More productive too, like chores!
I was spanked when I was a kid and I’m not violent at all. Today I thank my parents for raising me right.
B.S. it’s the opposite!! Kids need to be spanked and not abused. I was spanked and I’ve never been in jail or cause any problems for my parents or anyone for that matter!! Kids are out of control because of no discipline and parent involvement. If you don’t keep an eye out for your children and let them run wild of course they’ll get themselves into trouble.
I disagree with this and in case you have forgotten, correlation still does not equal causation. Also, every child is different. My youngest learns best from timeouts. Some kids do not. Some actions require a greater consequence than others. Blanket statements applied to individuals rarely retain accuracy.
Don’t need government or anyone else telling me how to raise my kids
Yeah every person that hits is raising a kid that will most likely to hit!!! Most parents that hit, hit out of anger not to teach a lesson!
why to we have to hit each other and be violent. i dont care if its kids, adults, whatever... physical violence is unnecessary.
Speaking as a 35 year old, I think it has gotten worse without parents spanking.
SMH. Back in my day, my mom made me climb a tall tree until I was too afraid to climb any higher. Then she told me to jump, promising to catch me. So I jumped, because my mommy was there for me. She moved out of the way and I broke an arm and shattered an ankle. "See", she told me, "now you know not to trust anyone." Best thing she ever did for me. I love my mom.
Not in a Hispanic Household 🤣🤣🤣. Chancleta 3..2..1
Police can shoot a twelve year old in the chest for being too scary, but a parent can't spank a child on the butt for misbehaving. Got it. Murica!
Why would hitting children to discipline be appropriate for raising non-violent children? Ignorance and total lack of imagination and thoughtfulness in how to help children understand what behavior is appropriate takes time, thoughtfulness and care. Hitting is a reaction of anger not love.
Spare the rod spoil the child. Not every time needs a spanking but the more serious actions require a spanking. Time outs are reserved for lesser actions or words
CNN13 hours ago

A 2,000 foot-long floating pipe nicknamed Wilson is about to start its mission to collect all the plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Thank you President Trump!
President had nothing to do with this and I only say this because the comments below are giving him full credit. His administration did however extend a program (now called the Save Our Seas Act as of 2018) from years ago (The Marine Debris Act initiated in 2006) that focuses on cleaning the oceans. The major cleanup is brought to us by the Ocean Clean-up Foundation. Read the article please. It's very informative.
All of this money, machinery and technology and that's the best we can come up with? A 2,000 foot pipe? Oh man, this is rich!
Our President Trump signed the Save Our Seas Act last Thursday in order to get all this plastic out of the oceans. Action!
Benedict Donald had nothing to do with it!!!
Why couldn't it be nicknamed Tyrone? I smell racism.
WHY is the amount expected to triple in the next decade? Are we incapable of learning anything?
Wilson like the volleyball from Castaway.
We kinda don't need to corrale the garbage in the ocean just yet, because isn't it just sitting in one mass in the middle of the Pacific? Can we just concentrate on that one first?
They need about 30 more of these..
I just drank my soda at a burger joint in Eugene, OR through a straw made entirely of paper. Nice concept.
It better work right. Collect all that alcohol as esters (polyester is plastic remember?) are alcohol.
CNN more of this please! This is a huge moment and deserves more attention and news coverage!
Please stop the complaining. It’s a start. And we have to start somewhere.
That is awesome! Now let’s all do our part too!!!
I hope this works! I hope fish don't get caught in it.
Effective solutions are not reactive, they are proactive. But any effort to address this problem is a step beyond our current effort
This is awesome, hope it works.
Ironically, it’s a pvc pipe.
I want clean oceans. People think! 2400 miles from San Francisco to Hawaii. 5280 feet in a mile. 5280x2400 equals 12,672,000 feet. This device is 2000 feet long or .00016percent of the distance from San Francisco to Hawaii. Factor in the area that is North, west and south of Hawaii and I wonder how this would possible clear what they claim it will out of the pacific. How bout we just don't let garbage into ocean. Enjoy your evening everyone!
I love that its name is Wilson. Awesome. My question is how does ocean life not get caught in this. Its a great idea but I didn't read anything that says how ocean life wont get caught in it.
Not a really good time to begin this, as we are heading into the winter swell season in the Pacific, historically a time of large storms and huge waves...
Way to go Trump doing things O’Dumbo couldn’t do !!!
Our government just overspent by 700 billion bucks. we should be using some of that money for noble projects like this, and also telling everyone to use less plastic, less oil, no coal, and to try and protect the pristine naturelands and waters we have left.
CNN14 hours ago

JUST IN: A federal judge has dismissed adult film star Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against President Donald J. Trump

"In my life, I have watched John Kennedy talk on television about missiles in Cuba. I saw Lyndon Johnson look Richard Russell squarely in the eye and and say, "And we shall overcome." I saw Richard Nixon resign and Gerald Ford tell the Congress that our long national nightmare was over. I saw Jimmy Carter talk about malaise and Ronald Reagan talk about a shining city on a hill. I saw George H.W. Bush deliver the eulogy for the Soviet bloc, and Bill Clinton comfort the survivors of Timothy McVeigh's madness in Oklahoma City. I saw George W. Bush struggle to make sense of it all on September 11, 2001, and I saw Barack Obama sing "Amazing Grace" in the wounded sanctuary of Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina. These were the presidents of my lifetime. These were not perfect men. They were not perfect presidents, god knows. Not one of them was that. But they approached the job, and they took to the podium, with all the gravitas they could muster as appropriate to the job. They tried, at least, to reach for something in the presidency that was beyond their grasp as ordinary human beings. They were not all ennobled by the attempt, but they tried nonetheless. And comes now this hopeless, vicious buffoon, and the audience of equally hopeless and vicious buffoons who laughed and cheered when he made sport of a woman whose lasting memory of the trauma she suffered is the laughter of the perpetrators. Now he comes, a man swathed in scandal, with no interest beyond what he can put in his pocket and what he can put over on a universe of suckers, and he does something like this while occupying an office that we gave him, and while endowed with a public trust that he dishonors every day he wakes up in the White House. The scion of a multigenerational criminal enterprise, the parameters of which we are only now beginning to comprehend. A vessel for all the worst elements of the American condition. And a cheap, soulless bully besides. Watch him again, behind the seal of the President of the United States. Isn't he a funny man? Isn't what happened to that lady hilarious? Watch the assembled morons cheer. This is the only story now." – Charles Pierce
God bless president Trump 🇺🇸
I wonder how much Trump paid the judge to dismiss it.
This and PocAhontas burns down her own teepee with DNA test. It’s like Christmas in October!
This PROVES Trump has destroyed America by turning it into a corrupt autocracy!!! #IAmNotUsingHyperole #ItReallyISTheEndOfTheWorld
Was the judge's last name Kavanaugh?
He's corrupted the system. It will be hard to get anything fair against this guy when he has Trump cultists everywhere now.
What else is new it’s a Republican judge who put his parties interest ahead of the law or rights of the people. It will get overturned by a judge how will put his or her bias aside and do the morality right thing. This is why this country better do the right thing in November and send a clear and justified message that enough is enough this country deserves better.
Not surprised, the judge needs his pension, everybody has a price, but dump has actually lost, he hasn't figured this out yet, but he's lost.
She has to pay Trump's legal fees. I'm sure Jay Sekulo and Rudolph Giuliani are reasonably priced. Shouldn't be too much.
I'll bet he paid the judge
It's only the Defamation Lawsuit, folks. All of the other legal actions are moving forward.
A decision bought and paid for.
Who was the judge?? Kavanaugh’s cousin??
Guess they're still refilling the swamp huh🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm not even surprised, why is anyone?
I can only say I’ve known Judge Otero for many years, as opposing counsel (when he was a prosecutor), and during his career on the bench, and always found him to be fair and thoughtful.
Please ! Let's talk to the ones he sexually assaulted and ask why he wife withdrew the raoe charges This gross lady needs to go away
This is only one small part of the lawsuit, folks. Everyone take a deep breath. So much hysteria over nothing.
She"s human like any one else. No federal/ supreme court justice is immune from prejudice. It's despicable that humans revere fellow human beings as pillars of Justice.
Well it was a frivolous lawsuit to begin with. Just another win for team red. Donald Trump is right, it does kind of get tiring winning all the time, except we never get tired of winning for America. #KeepAmericaGreatForever #MAGA #WalkAway
So much for the left's hero 🤣🤣 She will be forgotten by next week like Ford
Love that a woman who on a daily basis had men leaving their specimens on her face is claiming defamation.
Remember when the left kept saying Stormy will take him down! LOL now she even has to pay his legal fees! Fail
Not surprising! But the right judges in the right places and you could walk down time square and shoot someone and get away with it.
Well, there goes that easy money. Now back to the midnight shift on your favorite street corner.
CNN14 hours ago

Tensions between the US and Saudi Arabia over the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi could have a big impact on oil prices. But it will unlikely have an affect the bond market and interest rates

What tension? Trump says he believes the king.
The reporter, God bless his soul, was a reporter for the Washington Post. Trump happily gave his permission for his rich Muslim friends to do whatever they wanted to do to Khashoggi cause he really hates the Washington Times & its owner, Jeff Bezos, for them daring to report the actual truth about Trump 🙁
I thought the US was the largest producer of oil in the world.. why do we have to worry about oil prices?
This is likely a set up by the Saudis, Big Oil and the Repugnicans to run the price of oil up to $200 per barrel. Under America's Chaos Manager Presidrumpf, create a historic, global crisis. Cha ching.
What big impact? This is about international crime related to allegations until we get to facts. The next question is why is the Prince rushing to conclusions?
as long as it doesn't affect Boeing or Locheed
Domino affect...if oil is based on the dollar infact the only thing that holds the dollar,cutting ties with the number 1 producer and exporter of that sends everything else into a frenzy that’s currently traded under the dollar...I dnt kno who y’all think y’all fooling but ion listen to music nor watch television..I broke that spell a while ago..I kno better Y’all will kill and send a lot of people into spoil but not this one you will have to come and find me...and pray then that “your” god is bigger than my God!
F*ck that! The Saudis have murdered someone in cold blood to whom the US had evidently provided some type of asylum. There are more important issues involved here. Transparency and sanctions are called for! Turkey and the US need to provide a united front that holds the Saudis accountable for this heinous crime!
What? It went wrong when the saws came out & started sawing off body parts? Or when everyone realized 2 private Saudi planes were there before & then flew out after? The only "interrogation" in the whole thing was when the receptionist asked his name as he entered the building!!
15 suitcases of tortured bloody meat and bones or free and independent press? Help vote gold crab lice out!
DJT is okay, comfortable, going make more money, question is: does he know he is the President of the self proclaimed strongest nation on Earth, I think he is playing his business game in a political realm. But you voted him in, so you will probably be a casuality of loss, for his gain.
At least hes consistent. Putin owns him financially. Kim played him big time. He got everything he wanted and we got nothing in return. Now MBS plays him too. He got everything, we got nothing. The incredible Shrinking Jared must be off somewhere pouting.
If we got off oil, the Saudis would have no leverage. Perhaps paying for it in riyals will motivate us to get off the stuff.
Question? How did The yellow fake little man know what the Saudies where going to say of an excuse about how he died before the story broke out???? I will tell you how , He worked it out with them!
I recently heard the US was now one of the top producers of oil in the World? Why are we still relying on Saudi oil then?
Trump can't be played. These media people can be scam sometimes. Washington post hmmm. No tension. Trump is smart. Next time it will be CNN.
Here is the newest reason to add to the 173 reason why oil prices go up. 174 reasons now lol
A human being was murdered. Imagine it was you and then imagine the type of talk going on right now. Sickening.
Well if they raise oil prices, don't give them arms and don't help them invade other countries. (I am totally against any country making war)
Don't do unnecessary driving or other uses of petroleum products. Lets cause a Gas Glut.
That’s f-ing awesome, I just locked in my snow removal prices for this year.....looks like profit will be down.......winning??
Thank God the Clintons are not in office, it might be a little biased for them having taken millions upon millions of dollars from the Saudis, but that’s just how they roll #ClintonCrimeFamily #MAGA
Judge just threw out Stormy Daniels defamation case. Ordered her to pay all his attorney and court fees. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Drumpf loves Kim Jung-Un, loves Putin, loves Saudi Arabia, loves grabbing women, loves to lie. What does this say about him and his family!!!
It wouldn't surprise me at all if Kushner was informing on Saudi nationals to the crown prince. There's a really dirty connection there.
CNN15 hours ago

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died, his investment firm Vulcan said. He was 65.

I’m sorry, but those of you that are saying 65 is young are not correct according to the scriptures. Psalms 90 states that “The days of our years are threescore years and ten (70), and if by reason of STRENGTH they be fourscore years (80)... So essentially he was only five short years away from the typical life expectancy for humanity stated in the Bible... I think it is misleading to categorize that as being “young” in relation to the average man’s expected life span...
So why are you not covering this on TV? All you are talking about is Trump. Paul Allen DID change the world for good. Trump has not. You are just like Fox...24/7 Trump.
65 still young.
$20B can't buy you longevity. RIP Mr. Allen.
You think he'd have the most advanced medical care. If I was him I'd be swapping my blood out daily with 20 years olds.
Very sad day for Portland Trailblazer fans. He took the team to unbelievable heights. R.I.P. Mr. Allen
I wish we were related and in his will. RIP.
65 is your life to the fullest everyday
RIP Paul Allen. Thank you for all your wonderful contributions to our world !
Non-Hodgkins lymphoma is no joke. He had it for over 35 years.
He was such a huge figure here in the Northwest. The Trail Blazers and the Seahawks. He will be truly missed. Thank you for everything Paul.
My sincerest sympathy to Paul's family and friends. The world has benefitted as a result of Paul's commitment, intellect, curiosity, and involvement. R.I.P., Paul.
He did so much in shaping Seattle we know today. RIP Paul Allen.
wishing his family peace. miss my dad. passed too young also .
RIP Paul Allen. Your legacy will long endure...
Sad sad day today we lost a tremendous person n innovator too so sad Paul was a true human being n this world is worse for his passing rip my man n thank u for u ,,,man no one to replace him no one sad 😢
my condolence to the family and friends of Paul Allen
RIP thoughts and prayers to his family, loved the EMP!!
Thank you for MICROSOFT.... My you R.I.P From Sydney Australia
What a terrible loss and most of all to his family and loved ones he has left behind. So sad to hear of this tragic news.
RIP my condolence to the family of Paul Allen
He did so much for the region.thank you for your generosity
Have they tried turning him off and back on again?
Here in Tacoma, Paul Allen touched the lives of ten of thousands of people by funding family passes to our zoo, children's museum ( in the old days when there was an admission fee), our state history museum, and the world renown museum of glass. He made access a reality for so many families.
CNN shared Anderson Cooper Full Circle's live video.15 hours ago

Two sources say the Saudi government is preparing to admit journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in an interrogation gone wrong.

CNN international correspondent Arwa Damon is in Istanbul to answer any questions you have on this story. What do you want...

Anderson Cooper Full Circle
Two sources say the Saudi government is preparing to admit journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in an interrogation gone wrong. CNN international correspondent Arwa Damon gives an update from the ground and takes viewer's questions.
Since when does interrogation lead to murder. Last time I checked interrogating is supposed to be verbal not physical. My heart is broken for the family...
They didn't expect to get the regroup and spun storey….we are familiar with that.
What? It went wrong when the saws came out & started sawing off body parts? Or when everyone realized 2 private Saudi planes were there before & then flew out after? The only "interrogation" in the whole thing was when the receptionist asked his name as he entered the building!!
This was not "an interrogation gone too far". They tortured him & they intended to kill him.
Interrogated for knowing to much , remember Bush and Saudis were behind 9/11
This is nothing new they just got caught wait I better shut my mouth I am here
His fiancée as she stated in New Y times his loss is not only hers but every person who has conscience and moral compass.
How awful! 😱 I totally stand by his fiancé and journalists around the world rejecting this horrible crime!!! 💔
Because they were caught RED HANDED! It's hard to hide blood when you wear your bed sheets to work. Js.
45 and his people are a total disgrace, there is no honor anywhere, our government is not innocent, they support all these DICtator types, hell, 45 wants that title himself.
Gotta keep selling them weapons of war to kill Yeminis...who care who they murder and cut up as long as The US has jobs selling Saudis Weapons?
Sounds to me like their "interrogation" went right, for them, exactly like they intended it.
Why is the Saudi government prepared to admit this now, when they have been denying involvement previously?
Just vote!! Forget about these crapheads talking like they know anything.. they don’t!! Make sure that you do your own research. Make sure you find your own truth. But vote!!! Vote!!! Vote!!!
No one ever held Saudi Arabia accountable for killing 3,000 Americans in a day, you think anyone cares about this guy?
The strongest measure of peaceful protest against politicians that you disagree with is at the ballot box 🗳 “VOTE VOTE VOTE” for change in 2018,2020 . “VOTE DEMOCRATIC NATIONWIDE” .....Full Stop 🛑
Interrogation used to lead to murder back in the days of apartheid in South Africa. Shocking if it’s still practiced today
Has Khashoggi been cut into small pieces inside the embassy by mistake? What stuff they smoke in the kingdom?!
When you constantly berate the free Press here in America and label news critical of the way you govern “Fake” news is it that far fetched for some fringe groups doing this here in America....
The U.N. has issued statement of concern about U.S. elections. If our own federal government can't be forced to look into these things, is there anywhere else to go to fight voter suppression?
So they basically beat this guy to death because he was a troublemaker and a headache for the Saudi government through his editorials and activism.
How is there no "clearance" when the "Dirty 15" arrived on two Saudi Jets, were let into the Consulate and brought a bone saw?
This was in a consulate. Neutral safe ground. To have a person held, tortured, killed and body dismembered is complete atrocity. Wonder who will be indicated as the responsible party?
Deny, deny, deny .... until you can't ....... typical politics all over the world including here at in the US - after all, you know, the claim of "fake new" ........l
Anyone who believes that is just simply insulting our intelligence! Clearly, they didn’t the man would take steps to record this interaction before he went into the consulate!
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.15 hours ago

“First time I've ever heard, ‘no, no, no, I’m sorry. We just meant to torture him’ as an excuse.”

Jake Tapper responds to news that Saudi Arabia is preparing a report that will acknowledge that journalist Jamal Khashoggi's death was the...

Yeah the accidental death is one thing, but the accidental dismemberment of the remains is hard to accept as an excuse.
Sorry he accidentally died and coincidentally I had this bonesaw in my pocket and it went rogue.
And then we accidentally cut his body up and disposed of it. This was murder pure and simple and there should be repercussions, serious repercussions.
It was a simple misunderstanding; they thought they meant “dismember” instead of “this member” of the press😩
Maybe time to deliver more precision bombs to Saudi Arabia ....from a high speed aircraft, and direct to the palace itself.
"Abdul was visiting from Riyadh just to carry some letters. He suddenly decided to kidnap Jamal... you know, just a casual kidnapping, nothing serious. Then there was some accidental stabbing... just a few dozen times. Who knew Jamal would start bleeding? and how could we decide whether to call the ambulance or chop him up into pieces and take him back? Anybody could be confused like that. That confused rogue, Abdul!! He will be severely punished for his completely unsanctioned actions. Bad Abdul!! Baaaaad Abdul!!"
I am waiting to see how Fox will blame Kashoggi for his own murder.
Yet Trump still wants to do business with them. Murder is condoned because of money? We are no longer looked at as a nation that has values. Trump has taken care of that.
There’s only one person that could come up with an excuse like that and he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Saudia Arabia recently learned that dismemberment has shocking consequences.
They should have pulled a Bush and said it was an accident from "enhanced interrogation!"
Killed by accident.. At what point when you have decapitated a man or sawed off a limb is it accidental. Torture is minimal damage and maximum pain. But this is murder and proves even with technology and forward thinking you shouldn't give cavemen the rights to electricity or fire if they are going to continue to be cavemen.
Donald said they didn't kill him. Donald and son in law have a lot of financial interests in Saudi.
Really? That's why they took a bone saw, just incase the interrogation went wrong? Obviously Trump and the cult will be on board, but the 2/3 of informed Americans should be outraged and demand sanctions for murdering a journalist.
THEY. ARE. STILL. TRYING. TO. GET. A. STORY. TOGETHER. EITHER WAY , they do not have any respect , and all business should be Nulled.
Sad if that is what happened. It was odd to me that Saudi Arabia says this now after making those threats earlier. Where is his body then???
So how is Saudi going to put him together again? I'm sure someone will want to bury his body. Morbid I know but I can't wait to see how they explain that.
That ridiculous. He was murdered Stop making excuses they accidentally slipped and completely dismembered him with a bone saw. Got it. if I had a nickel every time I slipped multiple times and did that...
I wanna hear what he has to say to this one. I see him once again loving the wrong people and not his own country.
Oh we just wanted to dismember his arm, but the old ---- just bleed to death. Go figure.
So much for Dotards theory. But that Thing shouldn't have a problem with that.
That is awful.. That poor man and his family. Nothing was worth taking his life...shame on them
Why can’t CNN wait until there’s actually a statement instead of reporting rumors?
'Went wrong'.....Yeah sure....all 'crimes' have an element of 'went wrong' all prisoners.
CNN16 hours ago

The US can't afford to ignore Saudi Arabia's threat to retaliate against possible sanctions related to the disappearance of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

40% of our oil imports are from Canada with only 9% coming from Saudi Arabia. I think we can work around not having oil from SA.
So they murder and dismember a journalist and if we as a country complain and demand answers they threaten us? And these are our 'friends' according to trump? I'd rather not have 'friends' like that! Oh, and don't forget that saudi arabia was where the 9/11 terrorists came from.
They need us more than we need them. I’m sure Saudis are not going to back away from their oil export to the US. The threat of retaliation is probably an excuse of Trump’s so he doesn’t have to levy any sanctions. Sanctions would also curtail his personal investments in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi King needs to get a grip on the rogue Crown Prince if he still can.
When Saudi members of Al Qaeda flew into the Pentagon and World Trade Center we invaded Iraq. Now they are butchering Journalists in Consulates, will we invade Kuwait? Maybe Iran wouldn't be such a bad ally after all. No iranian hijacked a plane on 9-11.
Trump is tough against Canada but put in place by Saudi Arabia. What a wussy! MAGA as long as Saudi Arabia doesn't disagree...
But we are the bestest, most awesomest, needing no-onest country ever! At least that’s what the mighty orange one tells us.
I'm looking forward to Jared Kushner's carefully thought out analysis and plan to deal with this diplomatic crisis. I'm sure his vast experience in middle eastern relations will prove useful 😉
We should have weaned ourselves from the oil teat decades ago.
Does Trump believe it is wrong to kill journalists who are critical of you? He has referred to them as enemies of the country.
We're still that dependent on oil? What is this, 1918???
Maybe, losing Saudi oil, would precipitate a paradigm shift, and we would finally move to renewable energy. Oh to be free from our dependance of foreign powers. This is one of those "necessary evils" that we'r could prevent through better use of green energy. But all those scientist have a political agenda, so this is so much better.
If only TRUMP would SHUT UP!
Another reason to get off oil and use greener self sufficient energy.
The rich that own oil companies have always wanted us to remain dependant on oil. They Don't want clean energy, that would be their demise.
Canada is the #1 supplier of oil 40% but according to Trump we are a security risk thus tarrifs on aluminum & steel. Perhaps he may change his mind as to what he thinks of his neighbouring country. Saudi Arabia 11%, Venezuela 9%, Mexico 8% and Iraq (oct 3,2018) Who has he treated well out of this group)
its weird, SA has leverage on USA cause they buy US weapons, you would think USA has leverage on SA because USA buys so much oil... but it looks like they say SA has the advantage in both areas... how can you argue both sides to the same argument at the same time?
So they should stop importing oil today. We are producing enough and have enough reserves to make a point. But trump wont. Too many business conflicts
is oil a license to kill? maybe the pos in the white house will now realise iran isn't the bad one, saudi arabia are the ones supporting terror.
So let's just look the other way because... oil. Why don't we develop and USE new technology already???
Let's put this in perspective... Canada is the number 1 supplier of oil to the United States, Saudi Arabia is number 2. Canada has fought along side (or before) America in evey major conflict around the globe, 15 of the 19 hijackers that killed 2,966 American Citizens were Saudi. Canada took in tens of thousands of American Citizens while America was under attack, Saudi Arabia brutally murders an America resident (and journalist). Tell me again how Canada is a national security threat to this arrogant nation??
The US has the largest oil reserve, in the world. Do we really need Saudi oil, that badly?
We can afford it, and we should. This would be the perfect time to move farther toward a more self reliant fuel source
Well that might be true because when you think about it, it was their citizens that flew the planes on 9-11. Not only didn’t we do anything to Saudi Arabia we also attacked another country who had nothing to do with it . Let’s just weigh this. All the Americans who died because of the attacks on 9-11 and one reporter that probably killed in the Saudi embassy in Turkey. Does anybody really think that Donald or this congress is going to do anything?
To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles And by opposing end them. 😀
How much American oil is shipped overseas? Could using that for domestic use eliminate a need for Saudi oil?
CNN16 hours ago

Family members who were keeping an eye on updated satellite images of their property spotted the SOS message. They immediately called for help.

Sending thoughts, prayers, and rolls of Bounty clean up towels autographed by trump.
CNN please be better then just bullies.
I support Florida. We are strong.
No, no, no! That was the LORD working in his "mysterious ways" who arranged the logs into a cry for help.
America is so greedy having all the storm and hurricanes for themselves ,lol yu have to learn to share On serious not America bombs innocent people and when they die God revange for them ,alot is coming your way better be much prepared for whatever is coming next coz its gonna be lit😀😀😀😀
Anyone that stayed and required assistance should be prosecuted and or fined
...and u stayed y...
God with them
Bet they leave next time
Surprised the logs didn't spell out "MAGA"! LOLOLOL!
Trump claimed hurricane a hoax created by dems to undermine the midterms ..kanye told him so.
Prayers for Paul Allen and his Family
They could’ve at least said, please.
Help them
Truly heartbreaking!
🙁 germany; austria; swiss;istanbul;
I didn't know you can can updated images from a satellite. 🤔
What kind of Third World country has the US become
Now we understand our fellow citizens living in Puerto Rico: Hurricane Irma cat.3 and three weeks later Maria cat.5!!! But the flowers are blooming more beautiful than ever. “A sky for of starts.” Be strong Florida ❤️
But The Rescuers came from the wrong direction and they read dLEH and kept going
It's great to see America's Bravest coming from all areas of the country to help in the heartbreaking task of Search, Rescue and Recovery efforts, to all the Brothers and Sisters stay safe down there, Everyone Comes Home. St Florian is watching over you all
Good thing Trump was handing out water bottles. Geesseeee..
CNN17 hours ago

A portrait of Republican presidents from years past laughing around a table of drinks with Trump right of center, sprung from the imagination of Missouri artist Andy Thomas, hangs somewhere in the White House

Remaining Trump Supporters fall into 3 camps: 1) Too arrogant to admit Trump was a mistake. 2) Too embarrassed to admit it. 3) Too dumb to see it.
"In my life, I have watched John Kennedy talk on television about missiles in Cuba. I saw Lyndon Johnson look Richard Russell squarely in the eye and and say, "And we shall overcome." I saw Richard Nixon resign and Gerald Ford tell the Congress that our long national nightmare was over. I saw Jimmy Carter talk about malaise and Ronald Reagan talk about a shining city on a hill. I saw George H.W. Bush deliver the eulogy for the Soviet bloc, and Bill Clinton comfort the survivors of Timothy McVeigh's madness in Oklahoma City. I saw George W. Bush struggle to make sense of it all on September 11, 2001, and I saw Barack Obama sing "Amazing Grace" in the wounded sanctuary of Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina. These were the presidents of my lifetime. These were not perfect men. They were not perfect presidents, god knows. Not one of them was that. But they approached the job, and they took to the podium, with all the gravitas they could muster as appropriate to the job. They tried, at least, to reach for something in the presidency that was beyond their grasp as ordinary human beings. They were not all ennobled by the attempt, but they tried nonetheless. And comes now this hopeless, vicious buffoon, and the audience of equally hopeless and vicious buffoons who laughed and cheered when he made sport of a woman whose lasting memory of the trauma she suffered is the laughter of the perpetrators. Now he comes, a man swathed in scandal, with no interest beyond what he can put in his pocket and what he can put over on a universe of suckers, and he does something like this while occupying an office that we gave him, and while endowed with a public trust that he dishonors every day he wakes up in the White House. The scion of a multigenerational criminal enterprise, the parameters of which we are only now beginning to comprehend. A vessel for all the worst elements of the American condition. And a cheap, soulless bully besides. Watch him again, behind the seal of the President of the United States. Isn't he a funny man? Isn't what happened to that lady hilarious? Watch the assembled morons cheer. This is the only story now." – Charles Pierce
The version that should be hanging up
Anybody else prefer the version with the dogs playing poker?
Lot of idiots on here today that either didn't read the article or just lack the intelligence of an elementary school kid because the article clearly states that there is a similar painting of Obama with previous Democratic presidents, done by the same artist.
Insanity reigns in this White House
Funny how Obama is not in the painting and trump is much thinner, by like an entire person. I think all the past presidents are making fun of trump but he doesn’t know it.
Must have taken Lindsey Graham weeks to paint that.
Anything that stokes his narcissism!
I notice several works that give exaggerated correction to his physique. Here he looks 100 pounds lighter, less fleshy jowls, etc. paint it like it is.
Reminds me of the dogs playing poker lol
Every single President around that table would probably slap the hell out of Trump, especially Eisenhower and Roosevelt. Well, maybe not Nixon, Nixon would probably shake his hand for making him look better
What? It went wrong when the saws came out & started sawing off body parts? Or when everyone realized 2 private Saudi planes were there before & then flew out after? The only "interrogation" in the whole thing was when the receptionist asked his name as he entered the building!!
It’s appropriate that he has to have someone paint a photo of him hanging out w Presidents who aren’t alive anymore (except for the Bushes). The ones that are alive, from both parties, don’t want anything to do with him.
It's very much like the old Soviet era 'socialist realist' style of 'art' that had to be sanctioned by the Communist Party. #DeportComradeTrump
Looks remarkably like the Dogs Playing Poker painting...
I wonder how many of these presidents would even want to be in the picture. I would think at least 5 would not. Both Bushes, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower and probably Lincoln. Maybe all.
There is also a similar painting by the same artist of all the Democrat presidents. The only new thing here is that apparently the guy has now added Trump to the painting and Trump seems inordinately proud of it.
I think this one is hanging in the Senate.
Nixon might have liked Trump, but would have been appalled at his foreign policy. Everyone else around the table wouldn't have given Trump the time of day. Teddy Roosevelt would've punched him just for his misspelled tweets alone.
I’m surprised he does not have a painting of “The Last Supper” with him as Jesus. I’m sure that’s next.
What? It went wrong when the saws came out & started sawing off body parts? Or when everyone realized 2 private Saudi planes were there before & then flew out after? The only "interrogation" in the whole thing was when the receptionist asked his name as he entered the building!!
Teddy Roosevelt would have punched Trump right in the mouth. He did not play. Once got shot and still gave his speech.
You take a photo, send it to Walgreens, and they print it on canvas to make it look like brush strokes... I hope the artist made big bucks off 45
What a wannabe! Pick anyone depicted in that picture, and he isn't fit to carry their jockstrap. I say that noting that Nixon is in that picture.