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US Sens. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, along with US Rep. Mark Takano of California -- all Democrats -- have introduced a bill that would bar Americans from being forcibly incarcerated based on their race or religion.

Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together.
Everyone now knows that CNN is the enemy of the American people.
Hey democRATS !!!!! Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Mueller is gone, The game is alredy finished !!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
and tax you at 70%
I am a Republican and I have no problem with this bill if it is as simple as CNN states.
A bill introduced by Democrats to ban an act first and only implemented by the Democrats?
Want some great news today? 1. Obama is gone. 2. Hillary lost. #Trump2020 #MAGA
"When the Mueller report comes back with no bad stuff on President Trump and no Russin colusion will the mean people start a civil war?" -- Olivia, aged 9.
How is the beautiful National Border wall progressing? The country would like an update. #MAGA
cause this happens all the time... thanks... LOL
Wasting more taxpayer money all because of political posturing. Stop voting for these idiots!
Hello my friends this is a friendly reminder that The DOJ preparing to announce Mueller probe has conclude and that the New House of Representatives is not interested in the William Barr’s executive summary, the Congress is fully interested in the Mueller’s intact report to Congress and to hear directly from the Special Counsel himself. Also a reminder that trump’s former fixer for the past 10 years , Michael Cohen, will testify publicly before House Oversight Committee next week. Truth always find a way: Thank God for the New House of Representatives, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and The Southern District of NY!!
Sometimes it's needed so they can be protected from us and themselves
I just don’t think the liberal Democrats have handled Hillary’s loss as graciously as they could have❗️😂😂😂😂😂
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TODAY’S ILLEGALS... ...TOMORROW’S DEMOCRATS❗️ It ain’t rocket science folks❗️🇺🇸
The reason that it happened in WWII is Congress let it happen - and the SCOTUS. I would hope in this day and age, Congress and SCOTUS would stop Trump from doing this. I mean he's been challenged on many things. And even if this bill made it to law - would it really stop him? Or anyone?
Never happened since then! Why now? Fake Political stunt? I don't recall Muslims, Koreans and Serbs sent to internment camps in the the past 70 years!
animal farm all over again. ..l., you (((*)))'s no wonder.
It’s about time.
Funny, it was Democrats who created those internment camps in the first place.
Nhận massaage bằng vú qua tường em tham khảo nhé :*:*💜;)>:O 1550723560864
My husband’s family were in the internment camps in Idaho, what a disgusting piece of American history.
Mazie Hirono #4Life
I can't blame them. Although I had rather hoped they wouldn't have felt this necessary. That said, better be safe than sorry, I guess? Sad. I live in Canada (Richmond) in a predominantly Asian area (i.e. there are more Asians than white people here), which I love. I love working with Asians (although I truly no longer distinguish myself from them - we are One); I like their culture, food, festivals, analytical insights, different perspectives, etc., etc. I / we are better because they are here. Yes, I guess it's better to be safe than sorry given that our collective future is an unknown.
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These two sisters from Saudi Arabia risked everything to flee oppression. They accuse Saudi officials of trying to kidnap them at Hong Kong airport -- and now they're stranded in Hong Kong, desperate and alone, afraid they will be forced to return to a country...

Trade them for the girls who left to Syria 🤷🏻‍♀️
Wait, if they’re so stranded and in the hell did they get a hold of CNN?!
Saudi Arabia has been listed as the WORST place to be born a female several years in a row. Out ranking parts of Africa.
Here come the trumpers mad cuz a different color and different religion wants to get away from oppression 🙄
Does CNN realize they have just endangered their lives for a story?????
I want to know why CNN keeps showing up on my Facebook page? I did not follow or like their page.
CNN just killed them and they know it
Canada please help them. Under Trump, the USA won't, so I hope you will find it your hearts to do what we use to.
Welp, so much for hiding out. Thank you CNN!
Our Hong Kong Is Safe Place to stay unless you don't mess with China 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
But remember it's totally ok Trump is selling nuclear secrets to them - Trumpers
CNN desperately seeking views!
So first the 2 young Isis bride's with small children want to come home and now 2 more. Sounds funny even to someone like me 🤔
I hope they make it to freedom.
Canada, where are you? Hope we will help them!
Surprised trump doesn't send them back.
I smell bs. Trying to get the US to allow them in hell no we can't assume the risk it's probably all an act. Lol
Excellent story CNN, thank you for bringing this to light.
Shame on Australia for capitulating to the Saudis. Alhamdullilah, I live in a free country where I don't need a man's permission for anything. God help those two sisters.
Gotta love that religion of peace 🤷🏼‍♂️
What if the government sent two operatives to actually assasinate the two Saudi sisters then had it’s ops dress up and pretend to be the sisters they murdered hence why CNN interviewed them to help with the cover up literally?!🧐🤨
Why still putting on that mask
See other countries D-port illegal persons why shouldn't we?
I can't honestly believe Ignorant comments. Only have 2 words higher education.
Tradesies for those girls who went to Syria!
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New research from Gallup reveals that the party is getting less white, more educated, less religious and progressively more liberal since 2001.

How can you be more educated and more liberal at the same time ? Makes no sense. It should be opposite. No rational intelligent person can be a liberal in 2019
More educated? Then why are they still Democrats?
Republicans hate the more educated and less white part.
More representative of ALL Americans!
,more educated doesn't mean more intelligent
The higher the level of education the more likely they are liberal. Liberals are progressive, open to new ideas and more compassionate. Conservatives are regressive, like the status quo and put their own interests first.
And more out of touch. So much so that they double down on what got Trump elected. The democratic party is an absolute dumpster fire. The latest being your little darling jussie being charged...
Best news I have heard in a long time. Leaving behind the white, male, tight assed, racist past and into a brighter future without racial/gender/religious bias
Yeah that AOC she’s a real genius...
Can we just skip the election and make Bernie president?
Why is it that skin color has always been so important to Democats? It's been that way throughout history.
So you mean it's becoming a more accurate representation of the majority of Americans? Cool. About time some party did.
"more educated" 😂
Yet the best candidate happens to be old, white and straight AND has earned much support from women of color. Seriously, don't vote for someone based on identity. It's all about POLICIES.
I'm also seeing more social democratic/left leaning democrats. It seems Bernies' noble fight last time awoke a big wing.
“more educated” has nothing to do with intelligence 🧐 Intelligent; the ability to acquire and also apply😳 👎 NOPE... doesn’t fit
LINING UP THE LOSERS.......... gotta love it!
If you think their philosophies are so great. Then do some research on Venezuela! It turned their country upside down! Not going to happen here. Srry 4 u!
I could care less. Our president is orange. What I care more about is the people in office doing their jobs they were elected to do and finding solutions not tantrums...
And more with identy politics. Tribalism
I have never been polled......ever! I don't believe them either. If I didi Hillary would be president and I thank God ever day that isn't true!
Its called more common sense for whats best for everyone!
In short, reflecting modern America & it’s changing demographics!
And more hilarious with each passing day
Sometimes I wonder why pollsters bother to research things that the general public already knows...
CNN1 hour ago

Charlotte's supply of Momoa cookies quickly sold out.

Awesome. I hope he sues the family after he gives an extended lecture to the mom about teaching her child to use sex as a tool to sell wholesome products. Y'all would be on fire if a boy scout was selling some sort of merch with a topless woman on it. So just stop. This is at least two types of wrong.
I bet Jason would love it and buy every box. It's a cute story and some folks need to lighten up. Not everything is a heart attack
Yep. And if this was a picture of a woman on the box, women would be so offended! WHY is this ok?!
In other news, Warner Brothers is suing a little girl scout for trademark infringement.
I hope she got permission to use his likeness to market her product.
Ok I'll be the one who says it! Why is it OK that he's shirtless but if it was a woman all hell would break loose? I'm just saying lol I like to see him shirtless but if this was Pamala Anderson or some other busy babe. The moms would have a fit!
So if you read...very important when passing judgment, she only did this to the ones she sold to her family and friends who were in on the joke. Regular boxes were sold and distributed to anyone else.
I love girl scout cookies and I love the actor but please dont teach your child its ok to take someone's image to make profit without consequence. I get it it started innocent but it's still wrong.
This kid is going to do GREAT things in life! 🙂
So props to her and Mom for this marketing strategy. But selling Girl Scout cookies in Colorado is kind of shooting fish in a barrel.
Thing is what she did was stealing! She didn't get permission to do this. But not like Mamoa and the Warner Bros and DC will sue her for it! Mamoa is a good guy and get a laugh from it! Knowing him he will probably just buy a bunch of them from her!
A young girl pushing Girl Scout cookies with a shirtless grown man on the box?🧐
Maybe the mother could have used her smarts on ‘honey we can’t do this as it’s a copyright infringement’ but alas ... it’s all for fame on social media these days isn’t it little chocolate chips!
He seems like he would have met up with her and took a pic but unfortunately its Warner Bros that will probably have the problem. Big business might see it as copyright infringement.
Girl Scouts is glorified child labor.
If the cookies had the mom's picture on it I'd buy some
Ok... make THIS happen. Get Momoa to go and sell cookies door to door with her for a day!!! And get Gal in there as well.
This wasn't to "honor" Jason Momoa- this was a ploy to sell cookies. If a Cub Scout was selling an item and put a bikini clad model on it to "honor" them there would be an uproar. Even if its just to family and friends- she's just a little girl.
Here's a recipe for cookies: Preparation time: 40min Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup unsalted butter melted 1 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 cup white sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 egg 1 egg yolk 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips Procedure: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Grease cookie sheets or line with parchment paper. Sift together the flour, baking soda and salt; set aside. In a medium bowl, cream together the melted butter, brown sugar and white sugar until well blended. Beat in the vanilla, egg, and egg yolk until light and creamy. Mix in the sifted ingredients until just blended. Stir in the chocolate chips by hand using a wooden spoon. Drop cookie dough 1/4 cup at a time onto the prepared cookie sheets. Cookies should be about 3 inches apart. Bake for 15 to 17 minutes in the preheated oven, or until the edges are lightly toasted. Cool on baking sheets for a few minutes before transferring to wire rack.
Interesting and cool, but this is serious news that needs to be looked into as well.
😍 I wish my 6 boxes had the pic of jason on them 🤤. Clever girl
I can see the studio screaming copyright infringement, if she didn't have permission.. but I think she gets off.. that would be HORRIBLE publicity, if they did
#metooisajoke for all you ladies that support this
Oh for pitty sake....don't sue her!
CNN2 hours ago

Prosecutors in Florida have filed hate crime charges against a white man who was captured on a cell phone video holding a handgun and yelling racial epithets at a group of African-American demonstrators at an anti-violence protest on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

It’s amazing. All these half baked comments by half baked people about CNN, but you’re still here clicking.....🤣🤣🤣 Who’s the fool?
Keep stirring the pot cnn. Maybe you'll get that race war you're hoping for.
Were there two Nigerian brothers hiding behind a bush?
CNN not running any stories on Smollet charges. Wonder why? EDIT: for everyone wanting to just put their two cents in, read the post. Thanks for putting up the link the CNN's website and telling me Cuomo is talking about it and yada yada. That's not what I'm talking about. Yea I shoulda been specific because lord knows we all like to fill in the blanks when someone isnt specific to a t. I'm talking about CNN's FB page hasn't posted anything on the CHARGES, only that he's under suspicion. Not the website, but the channel. The FB page.
hurry we must find another story to cover the other story Quickly! time is of the essence now!
Hello my friends this is a friendly reminder that The DOJ preparing to announce Mueller probe has conclude and that the New House of Representatives is not interested in the William Barr’s executive summary, the Congress is fully interested in the Mueller’s intact report to Congress and to hear directly from the Special Counsel himself. Thank God for the New House of Representatives, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and The Southern District of NY!!
Brandishing a weapon is already a crime. If racial epitaphs are “hate crimes”, why are Louis Farrakhan and Don Lemon not in prison?
I'm a Republican, and I say lock him up. No room for that in this country.
must be a trump supporters. only those clowns do this crap 💩
Deflection. Did anyone besides me expect this? #JussieSmolett
CNN there’s another hate crime that has more importance you’re ignoring
just another HOAX CNN will fall for
"scuffle"? He pulled a gun on a bunch of unarmed kids.
His MAGA hat must have fallen off when they handcuffed him..
Too bad this is in Florida.. he could share a cell with Jussie
Should have grabbed his crazy woman and got back in his truck.. but no, he decided to behave like the thug he is .
Yeaa good relief we must match up to the embarrassment Jussie Smollett brought to us. Fox News is tearing him so thank God Cnn brought this to counter 🙏🏽
Finally a real case where it isn’t an actor desperately trying to get attention and create a false narrative
Your picture makes you look very friendly. You should be quite popular in prison.
Oh Florida, you never cease to amaze me.
He's apparently pleased with himself.
Your wannabe crime victim jussie has been charged with a felony for causing a police report to be filed based on lies. It is now proven that CNN selects exactly what they want democrat lemmings to know, what to think and feel. Zero mention of the charge that is now 3 hours old.
I get it now. Since the whole Jussie Smollet thing blew up in your faces you're going to flood social media with "hate crimes" by white people to distract from what he did.
Trump gave Racist the green light now they're out of control. continue kneeling. What America always was.
So they were African Americans or American Africans? You can’t be African if you’re born in the United States. True story.
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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.): My suspicion is "that Putin does have something pretty grim on Trump, whether it's sex tapes, or money or both... Trump's behavior is inexplicable in any other manner."

It has to be extraordinaire. Worse than a P tape, too. Thinking he had a thing about underage girls, probably that.
I had to give it the wow emoji because of Lt. Col. Peters saying he's more of a Velvet Underground guy.
This POTUS is Phenomenal. Never in my lifetime have I ever seen a POTUS fight so hard for We, The People. Relentless in his pursuits, with Stamina so unreal as he pushes through the hate and bashing, day in and out, he has earned my respect and devotion forever! Thank you President Trump for PUTTING AMERICA FIRST IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS!! #TRUMP2020
CNN lied 2 plus years about collusion .....let that sink in
If Obama had been licking Putin all up and down like Trump, Republicans would have called for him to be hung on the White House lawn. 😂
CNN getting pretty desperate since news has come that the Mueller investigation is coming to an end.
Trump supporters hypocrisy is boundless!! If this were a Democrat you'd all be crying and pissing your pants!! Calling him a communist traitor and screaming lock him up!
And yet the outstanding investigator Mueller found nothing.
I’ve been saying that for years and I’m not a general! Of course he has something on him!
So what are these two going to do when Mueller’s report comes back and says there was no collusion? What is CNN going to do?
Trump is a Russian asset and a traitor. That will be confirmed when the Mueller Report is made Public.
Do you want to know about the forex market. Inbox now for information on how you can be making cool funds trading currencies.
The One True God is with Donald Trump and here is why. Witches Warlocks and satanist have been casting spells on our President since he was elected. A house devided can not stand so obviously the DNC is the party of evil.
Oh for the Love of God, please stop.
Report the news CNN ..not feelings or speculation just because some retired liberal General is willing to go on camera with his nonsense speculation to fit your Agenda
Suspicion, feeling, imagination, telepathy, spider-sense, conjecture!... any facts?
The only thing Lt. Col Peters ever got right...was when he called Barry Obama a PU**Y... 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂
Look at all the bots SWARMING to this post. This is great
It's amazing when people who have dedicated there lives to protecting America tell the people who keep wanting to protect this treasonous coward that he's been flipped by the Russians and they say things like" this is the greatest president in history" are you serious??? A treasonous, racist, lying president qualifies to you as the best president. That eiether says alot about your mental state or your views of excellence
Trump behavior is definition of Russian Agent
Yes. He is a Russian Asset. And he has fooled the illiterate brain washed traitors of this country into believing he is amazing.
Someone has something, that is almost definite. Be it Putin, Mueller, or some other character. There is dirt.
But he didn't give Trumps foundation 145 million bucks. What else does he have on Hillary? Oh!! Tell Glad I'll be more flexible...
CNN is so insane. Trump stood up to Russia. Democrats did not.
Aren’t you the same LCol that called Obama, what was the term you used, oh yes, now I remember, it was “PUSSY”, you definitely called President Obama a “PUSSY” live on FNC.
CNN shared CNN Business's post.3 hours ago

- A 5G device.
- A foldable phone that morphs into a tablet.
- A smartphone that can charge another smartphone when sandwiched together.

Samsung is always ahead of Apple. More reasons to stay with android phones.
Still no Jussie Smollett coverage??
How about a screen that doesn't crack when you sneeze on it?
A foldable phone? You mean a flip phone?? No thanks
If Bernie wins I’m getting this phone for free
I can't think of anything to comment so I'm just going to post a Blueberry pancake recipe. 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 1/4 teaspoons white sugar 1 egg 1 cup milk 1/2 tablespoon butter, melted 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, thawed 1. In a large bowl, sift together flour, salt, baking powder and sugar. In a small bowl, beat together egg and milk. Stir milk and egg into flour mixture. Mix in the butter and fold in the blueberries. Set aside for 1 hour.A 2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot.
I just want my pager was so much simpler then lol
Wow! Cant wait to check that out in a few years lol. I feel so behind the times with my S7. 😂
If s10 only comes in edge screen again it's a no from me. I'll be upgrading to another phone. Edge is crap. Give us the regular option again.
So, one step back to the flip phone?
The LAST thing my purse needs is a foldable phone I already have 5 mini heart attacks a day going through my purse looking for the normal size phone......
Apple is now patiently waiting to look at Samsung technology and hopefully try to innovate from what they have. Apple is no more of a hardware company but rather a service company now.
I'm definitely excited about preordering the galaxy s10 plus 1tb model. The galaxy fold is definitely cool, but I already have a tablet... And don't have 2k to spend on a 2 in 1 😛
Does it come with a battery that doesn't explode like my last Samsung?💥
That’s a hard pass! $2 k for a phone unreal.
Say NO to 5G! Look into the science behind it, cell towers are dangerous enough already. 5G is 10X worse and the towers will have to be everywhere for it to work. These companies know this already and don't care about our safety. Wake up!!! Keep your 2000$ phone 😒
Give it a few months and a cheaper, more power version will be out by another manufacturer at half the price. ......with smaller bezzles.
Was on the news. Unbelievable price.
All my years with apple are closely coming to an end
Foldable phones?!? The future is now!
My daughter just picked up the S9+ and my S8+ and I were feeling a bit green (I wish I'd waited for that CAMERA!!!) but now I want the S10+ (well, I WANT the Fold but that's not gonna happen!) Dani, a foldable Galaxy!! Ohmygoodness!!!!
IPhone what!!! Samsung always ahead
I want one that can buy itself.
I ain't folding... I'm ALL IN!!!
I love it how the negative comments are relatively benign. When Apple makes announcements, it’s always popcorn time. We (=people) are so childish really.
CNN3 hours ago

Former President Barack Obama roasts Warriors player Stephen Curry over his ankles before talking about obstacles he had to overcome during his childhood

Trump waited for this guy to finish both his terms because this man would have destroyed him in a debate.
His face is still young. If he colored his hair he'd still look 40. 🙂 Love him any way he looks though. ❤
Best president ever 💙💙
Down to earth, a real guy. Someone most of us can relate to. I miss Barack.
I like the way he thinks before words the come out of his mouth. This demonstrates humility and intelligence.
Remember when he roasted the economy?
Remember when Barack roasted the orange tangerine-in-chief at the correspondents dinner?! Classic!!!😂😂😂😂
A well spoken, a well respected President. Not perfect, because no one is, but one of the best Presidents of my era. ❤️❤️
Remember when he roasted healthcare?
Obama! The biggest 💩Stain in the Underwear of America!!!
Nothing on Jussie Smollett yet? I’ll wait.
Obama and Curry. Two awesome people. Would love to play ball with them
Trump: when I was a boy, I dream bigly, my dream is so big, even bigger than water and my bone spur…
Obama was the great gift.
And conservatives hate on him. Unbelievable. Just listen to what he’s saying. Then listen to a Trump or a Cruz. It’s like we’re living in the twilight zone. smh
You know why Republicans hate this man, it's because he is a black man who is successful, and he makes them feel inadequate and jealous. A man who actually stood up for REAL American values and his family brought class to the WH. The more they hate somebody, the greater that person is. Just remember that.
Worst president of all time, I see why people like him so much when he’s got time to debate Basketball. If Trump gets seen Golfing the headline reads “IMPEACH!!”
His whole tenure as President was him roasting the american people...
Remember the good times before as a country?
Can we talk about President Trump, the savior of America, as opposed to the socialist terrorist sympathizer that tried to destroy it.
The difference. Obama did not come from a wealthy family by all means. He had it rough because of the color of his skin. But he achieved greatness. Trump. He was raised spoiled from a racist dad and slumlord. He was handed money and never knew what it was like to be poor. This is why he is the way he is.
We miss you Mr Obama for the love and compassion you showed for human beings rich or poor.God bless you and your family...🙏
More Obama and Steph, less -45!! It was so refreshing listen to a real POTUS speak last night!!
45 is so illiterate stop being so jealous of President Obama's intelligence and education
Hey CNN? Better get that money ready. The "sandman" and Lin Wood are coming after you next for another $250,000,000!
CNN4 hours ago

"It just doesn't feel good," this mom said, sobbing as she described not wanting to be a financial burden on her family.

A persons health should not depend on their wealth. It's time to force the issues.
With Republicans in charge of the Senate, good luck getting any reform in drug pricing. Their idea of capitalism is to put the screws to the poor and middle class for the benefit of their donors.
Capitalistic Democracy at it's Finest! A socialistic Democracy like here in Canada would have those pills paid for in full. No Debt and No Medical Emergency Bills!
Thanks Obama!!
Trumpanzees be like: but obama!!!! Too bad, you shouldn't have gotten sick without being able to afford being sick. Thoughts and prayers!
Hey CNN. Jussie Smollet was just charged with filing false report. This is actual true news!! When you going to report the news?? #fakenewsCNN
I pay $120 every 2 weeks to just have insurance for me and our kids. My husband is covered through his job. I have a $6000 deductible. Today for a rx cream to treat a small but itchy rash around my eye that's been there for weeks, my discounted Rx was $110! But did not apply to my deductible, or I would have paid $250! This was something to fix something I covered well with makeup and something impacted nothing but my vanity! What do people do who need insulin, heart or blood pressure medicine to actually survive!?
The party of no answers the GOP will send you their thoughts and prayers! The Democrats will change the system!
I’m without two of my medications this month because I cannot afford them. This needs to stop
That's bloody ridiculous..... They're making it so that only the wealthy can afford medications, and just f*ck everyone else 😠
Not good, that's why we need national healthcare reform...
Obamacare seems to be working out great!
How's that Obamacare working out for you
Reverse engineer this medicine and sell it affordably by ANY means necessary. Capitalism has lost ALL moral compass. We must make this right.
This is ALL CONGRESS, they could care less about US, the AMERICAN PEOPLE! Big donors for all of them, and why would they regulate drug prices, because it’s more MONEY for “The ELITIST’s!”
One I’m suppose to take for my lupus and couple other autoimmune diseases $40,000.00 for 23 days. Can’t do, it’s fkn crazy. I feel bad for cancer patients, lots can’t afford theirs either
I have already decided should the day ever come that my husband requires insulin we are moving closer to the Mexican border where it is drastically cheaper. I refuse to lose my husband the same way we lost his mother.
I've faced the exact same feeling over my medications.
This is why we need universal healthcare. #Bernie2020
Pharmaceutical companies does Not creat cures they create customers.
This is a bloody disgraceful, what is happening with these pharmaceutical companies! I need to have an epi pen at all times due to my allergies, so my doctor wrote the scrip, for one when I saw December! The epi pen, to my surprise, my copay was $375.00, I was shocked!
Big pharma are so corrupt and unethical and have such a strong lobby that governments are completely under their control. Until that changes they can do and charge whatever they want and cause the death of those they say they are making the meds for in the first place, what a messed up world.
For medication that probably cost pennies to produce.
Every time I go to pick up my prescription at CVS there are senior citizens picking up prescriptions paying $100 to $200 for their medications. The lottery is supposed to be helping seniors with prescriptions, but someone should be checking to see if crooked politicians are using the money for something else.
This makes me sad for the world. What kind of person allows their greed to blind them of hurts that the world has allowed companies like these to operate
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.4 hours ago

Attorney General Bill Barr is preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, according to people familiar with the plans.

CNN's Jake Tapper says there are still many looming questions for Mueller to...

Breaking News : Grand Jury charges Smollett with disorderly conduct ! Another celebrity getting away with a misdemeanor instead of a felony ! No justice , no peace !
I can’t wait to watch CNN EAT CROW!
Let me say it right now cnn followers wont accept what he found. They will turn on Mueller even though he was their hero for three years
sounds like someone looking for a headline seeing the inquiry was just given a 6 month extension on its terms of reference
You had to know that was coming right away...after all, Whittaker let the cat out of the bag a few weeks ago while he was sweating up a storm.
Amazing that Mueller's report will be completed shortly after Barr's nomination. There is nothing coincidental about that timing at all...
Quite a drag to realize that the head of the Justice Department is ALSO someone else whom there is no reason to trust.
Wait! Mueller says it will be done or Barr says it will be done? There's a huge difference. Is that snake Barr pulling the pin on Mueller?
A few days after Barr was confirmed & with the seizure of mass amounts of info from the recent Stone raid, the #MuellerReport is almost ready for Barr to summarize for Congress. Something feels weird about this.
I wish cnn would update us on the breaking news regarding the Smollett case. I wonder why they aren’t covering it?? 🤔
Well CNN won't have anything to falsely makeup news about anymore
It will be nothing. Believe me, if he has committed treason they would have acted on it immediately.
Wow, there have been so many unfortunate coincidences people could really get the wrong idea.
So he bought and paid for the new AG. This guy has no poker face at all!!!!
#muellertime is near and just as important so is the #sdny with their investigation which cannot be redacted by Barr. 👍🏻🍿
I’m intrigued. I look forward to seeing the outcome. I will reserve my comments for after
This report will never see the light of day. It's the American way. We will get a sanitized version of the report. The republicans will make sure it.
This is fishy. Barr’s in 3 days and now plans to announce it? There’s still so much unless Mueller has a plan. I don’t trust it.
Lets see...hmmmmm.?? ...tTrump appointed Bill Barr to the AG position and his son to work for him personally... As soon as Barr gets confirmed, word is out the Russian is probe is over and the public will not be allowed to see it...furthermore, Congress will only get Barr's version of it. I am betting that the 'Barr' version will be favorable toward tRump and unfavorable toward the American people....especially those who are coginate and have seen since the 2016 campaign, and before, that tRump is a piece of evil garbage.
Am scared that the Mueller report will be received by the new Attorney General may take the report and throw it in a drawer. Even if there is a news conference, things can be downplayed or lied about
I’m still not convinced that there is any collusion between president Trump and Russia.
We the public should be allowed to see it after the redaction of the top secret parts , we paid for it.
Does anyone believe that this guy will really let us know what is in the report? We have the Fox guarding the Hen House. He was appointed for a reason.
Trump fans...... what happens if the report shows trump some how did infact break some laws? Trump haters.....what happens if it shows he broke NO laws? Who is willing to say they were wrong when this report comes out? CNN......what are you going to report on if trump is not hit with charges of any wrong doing?
Why does only Barr get to see the un-redacted report and not Congress. Since some of the members have top security clearances. And how can Congress make a decision on impeachment without seeing all of the facts.
CNN4 hours ago

The goal of the experiment was to "exploit social media and open source data to gather information on and influence military personnel during a military exercise."

CNN been putting out fake news for years and the result shows. Did CNN write the manual for them?
Fox News does the same thing daily now.
Is this like Anderson cooper drowning at knee level?
Didn't Putin prove how easy this was in 2016?
Is someone else worried about all that zombie deer thing? Or everyone is going to wait until is a serious outbreak as usual
That’s funny, cnn uses fake news to influence naive leftists...😊
Doesn’t CNN do exactly this to the news😎 Jussie Smollett
Yang2020. "I'll tell you what you want to hear!"
Sounds like "Jussie" was involved.... networks do that already
I bet these same "researchers" created hoax accounts to tie Russian involvement to the US presidential race. #EvilGlobalists #MAGA
And that’s really CNN’s job right?
Propaganga/Opinion Shaping/etc - people are being manipulated, same old strategy with a new platform! Expect that everyday!
Who has time to look at social media when in an excercize? They easily add up to 100 hour work weeks
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So are they planning on doing door to door raids is thats why they used social media 🤔🤔🤔
CNN does the same thing daily now
Nothing has changed. The tech has just gotten better. Town criers to Facebook in just a few hundred years.
Providing a good reason for sequestering social media access during military operations, even if for training purposes.
Kinda like CNN making fake news
And this is why twitter users are able to keep closer track than the less savvy authorities during a riot.
Try working in military policy reform advocacy online. They were there. It was evident.
CNN should be a subject matter expert at this point on this topic. 😉
Modern day propagandist doing their thing...
So liberals are allowed to manipulate our troops. Great.
CNN4 hours ago

Gimmick or game changer?

I want Bernie to win so I get free stuff
Samsung be killing Apple once again
Gimmick until they cut the price in half.
Imagine how expensive it would be to repair
It's gen 1 of a game changer. Not worth the price right now but once this tech becomes common place in a year or two it will be incredible.
I want it but my bank account says no
After the flaming phones they put out a couple years ago, I’m thinking hard pass, regardless.
Gimmick! I don’t see the appeal for a $1900 foldable phone!
For $2,000 it better mow the lawn and know which of my contacts are thinking of an NSA hook up tonight.
It looks awesome but so expensive. I'll wait to see where foldable phones go before considering buying one.
It's a phone. Anything beyond the ability to place phone calls is a gimmick.
Samsung will corner the market on smartphones smuggled into prisons.
I can't wait do dish out a month and a half of my salary to be on Facebook and play candy crush on this baby! I'm OK with being behind on my rent and eating ramen tho so it's totally worth it!
For that price it better come with SNAKE!
If Bernie wins, the Fold price will be capped at just $29.00! (of course it will be the PlayDoh version, but so what!)
Game Changer. Apple better get on it. When the day comes that you can fit an Ipad in your jacket pocket, every power user will want one and pay anything to get it.
It will flop due to its price but will become an important corner stone in cell tech advancement and making it less expensive in the future
I remember how folding phones (clamshells) would collect dust and stuff from pockets and purses. I wonder if that would scratch the center of the screen.... I love the idea. But I have a new phone and won't be in the market for a couple more years.
Hopefully apple can do a foldable phone better than Samsung. Well assuming if apple can innovate anymore. 😂😂
Have to play with it honestly. Looked cool for sure.
Apple will come out with this in 3 years and its followers will go insane over it lol
This is gonna fall flat on its hinged face.
Give me one that I can bend and roll up instead of fold in half once and now we’re talking.
Those folding smart phones especially the Samsung phone is junk I seen it hands on. Would never own one.
Not for that price it's not a game changer. Ugh. But definitely like the concept, very cool!
CNN5 hours ago

A Coast Guard lieutenant who was arrested last Friday on gun and drug charges is alleged to be a white supremacist who had a hit list that included prominent Democratic politicians as well as several journalists

No allegiance to the country so I guess say dishonorable discharge and time in the brig? For life!
When trump says words like 'enemy' and 'retribution' and the like, these people are the exact people he is tweeting to. He incites hate.
So convenient this story pops up out of no where when Jesse Smollett was just named a criminal suspect today 🤔
Come on trump are so upset at the black guy Jussie Smollett story and the only person he hurt was himself. This guy, a white 49 year old officer in the US Coast Guard, a domestic terrorist planning to kill hundreds..where is your outrage?
Doesn't surprise me with the way democrats and CNN are. One day they'll realize what they're creating
how often during President Obama's term, even George W's term, and as far back as we remember, ,have we seen threats of this nature (toward lists of journalists and politicians) being made as well as plans to carry them out? Hmmm...if any trump fans think he is not directly responsible for this, you are incredibly deluded or in denial. We already know about your blind allegiance.
This is sad. As a republican, this kind of behavior sickens me. I can’t think of any of my republican friends who would agree with this kind of behavior. Believe or not, sociopaths exist on BOTH party sides.
What do you expect when the President of the United States calls the press and Democrats "the enemy of the people?" 🤦‍♂️ Accepting and normalizing Trump's delusional lies, ineptitude and overall scumbaggery requires a certain level of derangement. Trump supporters- The True TDS sufferers.
trump is responsible for all the hate against any news that doesn’t praise him. He’s such a whiny little baby that he can’t take ANY criticism. He sure can dish out the criticism though can’t he...with all his hateful, vindictive tweets everyday! In his book, Art of the Deal...he said “If you say something enough times, people will believe you.” He’s been doing that since the election with his Fake News..over and over and over. He gets his crazy base all worked up with hate for CNN, journalists, newspapers, magazines...and now we see the results of his disgusting brainwashing! The hate and violence is on the rise since he became president! A few months ago bombs were sent to all these Democrat politicians and CNN people. This is serious. Thank God that this new threat from the Coastguard Lt. that was planning on killing all these sane Democrats and CNN hosts and contributors, made some mistake and got caught. If he hadn’t..can you imagine how bad things could have turned out! This is on trump’s hands...he constantly attacks these people and CNN, and ANY other news that doesn’t report wonderful reviews of the authoritarian a#s! He’s the National Emergency...get rid of this poisonous person!
Look at these bent out of shape Trump supporters. More proof provided by CNN that your elected president is responsible for all this hate on Democrats and the media. I didn’t see any Republican names on that hit list. Did you see any? Asking for a friend.
Wonder who could have inspired him to target, democrats, politicians and the media...
So walls help prevent domestic terrorism, right Trump Supporters??? Please explain your logic.
I am sure FOX will run with this as the lead story. Not.........
The real national emergency, home grown terrorism....
Absolutely incredible. So, how does this happen that someone in the military can have this type of mentality and he is still on active duty?
Trump & the GOP will not say a word about this! The accused terrorist is the wrong ethnicity
Which caravan did he come in with ?
It's almost like it's truly dangerous to have the president of the united states use the vast majority of his apparently unlimited free time tweeting about how his political opponents and the media are traitors and the enemy of the state. He's going to have a truly remarkable amount of blood on his hands.
I wonder what brought this on. Was it there all along or a result of inflammatory statements by an individual in a position of power ?
Disappointed but not surprised and its only going to be worst since Trump is calling out specific news outlets on Twitter now
I'm guessing a wall would have helped????
I'd bet my life on what color hat he has and what it says but doesn't really mean.
Well at least they got. Sounds like he was really out there and planning this for a while.
Bless whomever it was who managed to discover this and stop it. It really is rather amazing that they do get caught.
He should be court martialed immediately, planning violence on anyone is not ok
CNN5 hours ago

A climate change skeptic who once compared "demonization" of carbon dioxide to the treatment of Jews under Adolf Hitler may lead a proposed White House committee tasked with studying whether climate change poses a national security threat, The Washington Post reports

The greatest danger to humanity is climate change. The second greatest danger is climate change deniers.
It's almost as though Donald Trump's whole agenda is to deliberately destroy America from within...….
Another waste of our hard earned tax dollars for this SOB to carelessly waste! #impeachtrump 😡🖕🏻😡
Not man made. Nothing a human can do about it. Climate changes every day. Humans can't change Mother Nature. Did I leave anything out cry babies? 😂😂😂😂
The day donal trump became president is the day America died
Can't wait for this administration to meet its untimely demise so actual science can return to America...for that matter, a scientist for President would be even better. Funny how some people will embrace technology and accept medical science in a heartbeat...but climate science? All of sudden, there's an issue. Funny.
One more totally incompetent person to shut down any possible research into climate change. Trump would never support anyone with any degree of intelligence.
CNN may lead cable news in the delivery of lies...........oh wait....they actually do that.
I agree on not calling them skeptics, they are not. Man made or not, climate change is real. They are climate deniers. Lots of public intellectuals have complained about this, about calling them skeptics.
A bunch of agencies in the government, including the Pentagon, have already done studies on climate change and they have all come to the conclusion that it is real and it is a national security threat. Just pick up any one of those instead of dragging your feet and doing another study that will show the same result.
IF CLIMATE CHANGE is a myth/hoax , WHY would all scientists agree to this hoax,WHO benefits from it ?
I am selling climate change water in a 8oz bottle for $5 each and if you drink 5 a day it will protect you from climate change.
Skeptic? I question the vocabulary of your headline writer. Lunatic is the kindest word to describe this cracked pot.
Trump Trolls hanging out on CNN here ya go.
Skeptic..... Not denier, so basically someone with an open mind.
The cotton candy haired clown has turned the swamp into a sewer.
What a farce. Everyone he appoints is out to destroy our resources, from air to children's education.
Kinda like putting Wile E. Coyote in charge of The Road Runner Preservation Society. Though, to be fair, only one is supposed to be a cartoon.
Every person appointed by this administration, for any position, has been adversarial to that which they now represent. I guess Putin was clear on this with his demands. This stupidity is not even a surprise any more.
Death Valley California was once an inland sea. What happened to it? Pretty sure it was a desert way before cars and airplanes. 🤷🏼‍♂️
All he needs to do is ask the pentagon who lists the climate change in their top 3 high risks.
Does HAARP ring a bell ? 🤔🤔, It's real. And is behind much of our weather around the world.
Are they trying to prove that it is not happening? That could be interesting. A quick look at photos of the various ice caps, and shrinking glaciers, starving, drowning polar bears, and such, should clear it up.
Sometimes it is beneficial to have skeptics conduct research into something they don't believe true
Climate change Isn’t about the environment, it is about the global destruction of capitalism.
CNN shared Anderson Cooper Full Circle's live video.5 hours ago

Dramatic video shows good Samaritans pulling a woman from a burning vehicle, likely saving her life.

24-year-old Jeremy Zeringue, was one of those heroes. He joins Full Circle to describe the rescue. What questions do you have for Jeremy?

Anderson Cooper Full Circle
Dramatic video shows good Samaritans pulling a woman from a burning vehicle, likely saving her life. 24-year-old Jeremy Zeringue, was one of those heroes. He joins Full Circle to describe the rescue. What questions do you have for Jeremy?
People like you Jeremy makes the world a brighter and safer place to live in. We know there are angels roaming around everywhere we go. Thank you.
Is the woman okay....and you guys did a wonderful thing saving her...brings tears to my eyes to think how different this could have been
Were you and the other rescuers able to communicate while removing her from the car, or was it too loud and choatic? Thank you for your bravery, Jeremy!!
Amazing rescue! So scary. Adrenaline kicks in and you do what you need to do. Thank goodness for heroic strangers!
What an excellent job this young man is doing on delivering his report! Bravo.. Thank you for your heroic acions!
Jeremy, did you think or did you just act? I know I couldn’t watch someone die, thanks for being a hero.
It all starts at the top. If the President believes he can get away with anything... it has become a free for all of crazy 😜.
What was the very first thought or action you did before you actually went and rescued the woman's life?
Eastern Shore of MD .. no snow after many schools . businesses closed in advance due to weather Reports ..
What is the stupid point? They are so amateur. Duh cameras and snitches will always expose the crime.
Good job, he is great man
An impressive show of bravery, kindness and compassion ! Thank you for caring !
oh I love this cop.....see, community relations are so important.
....oh yeah...and then he sang to them
Kudos to SouthHill Batman — we need to replicate this great guy across America
It’s awesome to see that people still care for people in this time we live in!!!!!!!😍
Sometimes all it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage. Jeremy certainly had that!
We have to find a way to unite. Thank you officer.
that could have exploded at any second
I tell ya...people are their hearts they are good 🙂
Anderson is busy being the best newsman known to humanity, in my opinion. 🙂
What happened to him,his money made I’m so blind
was the door locked? or jammed? looked like they couldn't open it
wow...that was close...they saved her life
I like this announcer...who is she again? She's got great charisma
CNN6 hours ago

An app revealed the truth: It traced his steps around the house and into the garden

While Fox News and Trump supporters excite themselves over Jussie, a white male right winged extremist who is also a US coast guard was plotting a major domestic terrorist attack. Their delusion is truly amazing.
Awww look at his face though. He just wants a puppy to snuggle and love
Why can't people just stay on topic? I'm reading a story about a dolt stealing a dog and so far the comments have nothing to do with it.
God I love it... it's so british.... "its wonderful sitting here with a cup of tea and my two puppies"
Better hope it wasn't John Wick's house.
Try to steal my dog and you'll lose a limb.
This reminds me of something my grandmother used to say: “If you’re going to commit a felony, leave all of your GPS-enabled devices in the car.”
Why so little on mueller probing coming to an end? dems & fake news have waited for this big moment for over 2 years.... not sensing much enthusiasm... can't imagine why
There need to be harsher punishments for people who continue to LIE even after being found out. That is ridiculously irritating
What kind of cretin steals a puppy?
If it is really that difficult to not steal, maybe seek help and don't interact with people until you can act like someone who paid attention in Kindergarten and keep your hands to yourself.
I would seriously hurt someone if they took my dog.
God has the power to remove trump
A dog is man’s best friend, even among men who steal.
Horrible, our pets are part of our family. I would go apeshit if one of my pets disappeared.
That's strange because he looks REALLY smart...
puppy thief got caught..looks guilty as
he could have bought the dog for the amount of money that he is going to have to pay in fines
Exactly . I work for fed ex and those scanners dont just scan packages. They have gps on them. And some vehicles depending on the contractor has gps.
6 illegal immigrants linked to Mexican cartel arrested in NC for drug trafficking operation, officials say
I can’t believe this dumb story made international news
it has gotten to the point where we all need security cameras 😢
Interesting how the promo for the story implied it was an employee of Amazon who stole the puppy, when it actually was a driver of an independent delivery company who happened to be delivering a package from Amazon.
CNN6 hours ago

In the past President Donald J. Trump has hurled this insult at groups of news organizations, including CNN, but it's rare to see him point at a single news outlet and call it an "enemy"

Unfortunately, journalism is dead & buried. None of these bias ""news" outlets are worthy to be called news anymore! Shameful, disgusting & embarrassing! And these liberal paid protesters should stop interfering & interrupting Trump's rallys. They only go their to cause chaos and anarchy to bring attention to themselves & the liberal agenda! Stay in your on territory troublemakers! Keep spreading your hateful rhetoric, CNN & other bias media!🤨🙄
Trump is attacked daily by Media groups like CNN. Don’t blame him for firing back.
we have cornered a rabid animal, expect the attacks to become more vicious and frenzied.
Here's a thought, how about he does or says something intelligent or god forbid something with integrity and honesty! Than maybe he would get some good press....but we know that's not going to happen!
Trump hates NY Times because his family was" featured" front page in the racial suit our own Federal government filed against him and his daddy
Today it came out that a member of the Coast Guard was plotting to kill Democrats and CNN anchors. This is on tRump and his hateful comments and lies!
CNN just can’t seem to get enough of insulting our President. Even though over half of the American citizens love what he’s doing for our great country. No wonder most of America consider CNN the master of fake news! When will the FBI investigate CNN for election meddling? They sure are guilty of it!
He is right - the propaganda NYT and others publish undermines the American people's confidence in the system. "If true..." and "Sources say..." journalism is just crap thrown at one party because they are supporting the other. It's a multi-billion dollar in-kind contribution to the democrats - it is not journalism. Fair call on Trump's part.
Donald Trump is the true enemy of the people, and anyone who still supports him is willfully ignorant.
45 is clueless about the impact of his words and actions. He is a danger to journalists and the public in general. He makes incendiary comments and denies any responsibility for what his followers do. His followers welcome an excuse to act out their anger and do so.
Cnn, what's the latest with Smollett? Please update!
I am glad CNN is speaking out. We need much more of this. There are consequences for the spoken work and individuals must be held accountable.
WORST president EVER! a mistake that we can all correct in 2020. We need a REAL president! #BERNIE2020
Trump has certainly taken advantage of a very naive and vunerable base of people over the past two years....and have separated the people who have 'values' from the people who have 'allegiances'. It's been enlightening and scary at the same time. Interesting to see people surrender their critical thinking to someone....not capable of critical thinking.
I was wondering with all this fake news stuff when they broadcast that President Reagan was shot at and Bobby Kennedy was assinated and President Kennedy was shot was that fake news also. Because being 70 years old I never heard of this fake news since Trump came into the picture.
This President is shameful! Communist Countries shut down the press and have just one approved network. He’s already chosen his.....FOX. That is because they’re too gutless to call him out on anything.
Trump and Fox Fake News are the true enemies of the American people.
Why does anyone believe anything this pathological liar says? 😳😑🙄
Smart people know Trumpster the traitor sold us to putrid Putin to pay off his many failed bankruptcies. Facts matter. Crazed cultists drooling over his ridiculous rants are proof that the orange madman is unfit to lead. He's just another bloated blubbering bag of fake news.
i would never have thought that in my lifetime my generation would destroy democracy the legacy we are leaving our children and grand children is undeserving
OMG, when will trumpy go??? Come on republicans, you really like this guy??? unbelievable!
"When the Mueller report comes back with nothing bad on President Trump and no Russin colusion with him, will there be a civil war?" -- Olivia, aged 9
When is enough enough? This ‘man’ is a danger to freedom and rational thinking. And now we wait for more justifications and fake news comments from the cult.
For a man....and that's being kind....who accuses everyone on earth of being fake if they don't agree with his batshit crazy rants and raves...he sure does cry a lot...whiner and Thief...but everyone else is an enemy.... Think thou protests too much...sure hope no one is hurt or killed because of your idiocy Donny
It is actually dangerous to suggest that someone else can make someone else do something. Is this the new defense?
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.7 hours ago

California congressman says the Trump adminstration cancelling a nearly $1 billion grant for California's high-speed rail project is "payback" for the state challenging his policies.

"The President has it in for California."

Well if your not going to build the high speed train then the money should go back. I think every state should have a audit done and shown to the people.
Why should California receive money for high speed Rail if they are not going to build high speed rail?
This is NOT how a president should govern -- trump is a petty, spiteful man
Maybe if California weren't spending billions of taxpayer dollars on non citizens, they'd be able to afford their high speed rail project without federal assistance. Just saying...
You should expect that. It goes to show you that President Trump is a very smart and wise guy who is a force to be reckoned with.
California should refuse to pay taxes to the Feds until it’s reinstated. See how quick the White House comes along when the worlds 6th largest economy isn’t paying into the coffers.
OK Let me get this straight. California cancels their plans to build high speed rail. President Trump cancels any more payments to them. I am failing to see the problem here.
Trump is a vindictive man. If you displease him, he will screw you.
People in California pay a ton of taxes to the federal government. I don't think it's wise for Trump to risk losing all that tax revenue when the good citizens of California decide to withhold their federal taxes. Just saying. No taxation without representation.
The democrats have it out for trump and republicans. Why should they get what they want but the American people are t getting what they want. #DoubleStabdard Stop playing your games and get along. He will always win. Always has. FYI you democrats are screwed, Pelosi declared civil war. Watch your backs. Things are coming hot and fast for certain politicians.
Please take back the Honolulu rail funds also these are a waste of tax dollars.
I don't think so. It is just refusing to support stupidity. The high speed rail project starts by connecting two communities that have very little interest in using it and is already multiple times over the total with that small section that is barely started. All it has done is line the pockets of the contractors who pushed for it, disrupted agriculture by grabbing farmland that usually split working farms in half, and raised taxes.
Oh lawd... it is a solid business decision 🤦🏼‍♀️. They have spent TAXPAYER money on a project that will not be completed as agreed upon. The money should be returned.
California’s the 5th largest economy in the world...let them pay for it. Should be no problem for them.
Project has already been proven to be a money pit. A little goes to building something, lots goes to studying, meeting, planning, forecasting, redesigning, focus groups, public relations, etc, etc. Etc.
So Washington Post is getting sued for Fake News and Defamation, I Guess CNN ETC is next... I wonder if I can sue them for Damages and wasted time?
Donald Trump is, and always has been, a liar, conman, and crook. Take nothing for granted. We don’t want to be in jeopardy of facing another term with this cancer. We have to prevent this malignancy from spreading and, defying all logic, too many still support Trump. They actually believe his B.S. He is the biggest danger we face. We are still the United States of America, for now. We must fight to keep it that way.
No it's because they were given all that money for a rail system that never happened! They should return it!!!
Classic east coast vs west coast. They ought to do a rap battle and settle this once and for all.
Nothing that man does surprises me. Look at his track record dated back to the 70s. But in this case I don't see a high speed rail being a natural disaster
They weren't even going to finish the rail system anyway so they should give it back.
I like trains and the idea of high speed rail, however, it is just not practical, in the US today.
Try to get a mortgage then tell the bank youre not gonna build the house- let us know if the bank would still pay the builder. Its not payback, its take back for a failed plan.
Don't see what's so hard to understand. The government gave the money for a high-speed rail. Cali said the were dropping the plans because it was unrealistic, government said give the money back then. But let's try to make it look like it Trump's fault ✔️
The government of US, building old school walls and pulling finding from actual transportation projects, really baffling.
CNN7 hours ago

Pompeo declared that an Alabama woman who left in November 2014 to join ISIS and is detained in a Kurdish refugee camp is not an American citizen

For every right winger who loves to scream their love of the constitution yet haven’t read a word of it: You can’t strip an American of their citizenship. She was born in NJ after her parents were diplomats and should stand trial instead of being denied due process. It can only be revoked if she were naturalized (she’s not) or if she was tried and found guilty of treason. She was never a combatant and isn’t an officer in a foreign military with active hostilities towards the US. Thusly, she should be returned to the US and be brought to trial for aiding and abetting a terrorist organization. At least give her the same opportunity that was granted to confederates who killed Americans on American soil.
She was born in New Jersey. You can disapprove of her and what she did and still say that Pompeo is wrong, and cant unilaterally rewrite the rules on citizenship. And it's illegal to render anyone stateless. Bring her back, try her.
Excellent news! I bet Obama would take her in with open hands. This is why I love Trump! Waiting on the comments telling me I am wrong. ISIS lovers will defend her!
ISIS isn’t providing for her, so now she expects Uncle Sam to. She’s the perfect Democrat. I’ll bet Ilhan Omar will be fighting for her return.
Didn't Trump just implore that all countries take their citizens do as i say..not as i do kinda deal....
I'm a Dem and I totally agree with this decision.
She’s an enemy of the State and I’m glad we have an Administration with a backbone. Obama would’ve traded 5 enemy combatants for this traitor and invited her parents to the White House. Oh, and he did do that during his presidency.
she's not a citizen because she was born to a supposed diplomat who was in the US on diplomatic business. diplomats, and their families, are not subject to US law, exempting her from birthright citizenship. that's why they're saying she's not an actual citizen and isn't welcome to "come back." i think that's a great technicality, and well deserved at that.
Think we all know if you are born in the United States, you are an American Citizen. Whether she is allowed to return and stand trial, I will leave for others to decide. I consider her a traitor and she should be treated as such.
CNN and it's believers are outraged..... terrorist sympathisers are as bad as the terrorist themselves.
The real issue here is the child that is not a U.S. citizen. They can try the mom and lock her up for life, but what do they do with the child?
Hard getting old but when your 15 or 16 and you don’t listen to the loved one’s around you and you make one giant mistake that cost you and your loved ones way to much that is the home to give it to the lord! I wish you and your child well and I will pray for you!
Im liberal as they come but i served my country! In this case she rebuked the United States and became part of Isis! I would always wonder in my head if she was a mole! All decisions have Consequences!
She gave up that right when she claimed loyalty to isis !!!!!!
Huh.. I didn't know POMPEO decided who is and is not a US citizen. I'm deciding that dRumpf is NOT. There,job done
Didn't she commit treason when she posted death to America on Isis websites while she was living here? If she freely decided to leave, then deal with the consequences. Bad choices equal bad consequences.
I think this is the wrong decision. If she was your sister or daughter would you take her back? All of us make mistakes and ask forgiveness. This child made a mistake and should be welcomed back home
Am not going to comment the last time I commented I only got 1 like
I have mixed emotions about this. But anyone whose looking to go back to Alabama, you know they're in a bind.
I believe in Asylum to people who are persecuted and being killed. I don't believe in re-entry to traitors. You asked for it now live with it.
This will be in the court system soon enough. My visceral reaction is to tell her to get lost, but she very likely is a citizen...I'm guessing that depends on her parents legal status here at time of her birth. Admit her and try her in the courts.
The death penalty exists for cases just like this. I hope they murder her in the field before they can bring her home though, and just save the hassle.
Ohh boy.. i was waiting for all that drama to happen... Nevermind, UK girl did that
"But our life's made up of choices (Some without appeal)" - Avenged Sevenfold, Nightmare
If she’s detained in a camp over there, how was she able to make contact that she wants to come back? Smells a bit fishy....
CNN was live.5 hours ago

Dramatic video shows good Samaritans pulling a woman from a burning vehicle, likely saving her life.

24-year-old Jeremy Zeringue, was one of those heroes. He joins Full Circle to describe the rescue. What questions do you have for Jeremy?

I was trapped inside a burning car at my girls grade school, it was horrific. All those who rescued me are my Angels on Earth.
Yes I would risk my life for a stranger. Ex military and a correctional officer in NC. Have been trained my whole life to run to danger not away from.
BARR is soon announcing the end of the Mueller investigation? We can TRUST BARR? Is it any coincidence they waited for him to be appointed????????????
Wow thank you Jeremy, all of you that saved this woman.., such bravery & it’s good to know they’re are still decent human beings in this world 🌎 love does make the world go around
Yes, if that stranger wants help. Ive learned the hard way that people can be @%÷×! Rude when you step into "Their Space" to sustain their lives.
Person like that driving under the influence of anything should be bar and also ban from ever ever driving a Motor vehicle!!
It breaks my heart that he was so disturbed that he did this. He was so promising talented and now he has no future Heartbroken
I say I say I say sum is dum ! When one is confused about the basic processes of Life then everything around you is confusion !!
Perfect unfortunate example of what can happen when we come together as one ... this country needs more of this
So sad I really loved this young brothers work he really let the LGBTQ community down
Comin' through loud & clear. God bless CNN, God bless the US Constitution, and specifically our First Amendment.
Good to see there are still good people out there! I couldn't even get a jump start at a McDonald's the other day from a lady!
He is SCREAMING HELP ME. He needs to check into a MENTAL HEALTH clinic and get treatment he is begging for.
Omg, ur not only handsome, but ur more than a hero, ur so kind n brave, hats off to u.
Yes global warming don't mock what you don't understand
I really liked him Why did he do this?
This is an insane thing for him to do
This is so sad. The whole thing. I will reserve my opinion until the whole truth is out.
Why do people think this is funn
Wow....that's the definition of a hero!
I think they are all Heroes
Finally some good news. Or news of doing good.
God Bless all of the people who saved her.
Why would anyone buy a vehicle designed in Korea antway?
Yes...I have. When a person was being beating .
CNN8 hours ago

JUST IN: "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett has been "officially classified" as a suspect in a criminal investigation for allegedly filling a false police report, according to a tweet from Chicago police communications Officer Anthony Guglielmi.

Earlier report: Chicago detectives are seeking Jussie...

How many think he also wrote the alleged threatening letter to himself? It was delivered to the studio.
This is getting way too much press... We have bigger problems in this country!?! 😔
I am loving all the crow CNN and the rest of the LYING left wing lunatic media has been eating lately. Some of their lies about those young kids in MAGA hats resulting lawsuits against them for millions is even better! Democrats are finished in the electorql college in 2020.
Hey aren't you the same news network that blew this story without investigating as well as the Covington school? And has yet to retract or apologize for either? Communist News Network
If hiring a legal team and crisis management expert doesn't shout "I'm telling the truth" from the rooftops, I don't know what does
Trump is the best president this great Nation has never seen, God bless him and his lovely family.
In the end I feel like Jussie will walk away cleared
Yo Ellen Page where you at¿!?
I don’t understand why this dude would mess up his life like this.
If he faked his attack, he must be prosecuted for it.
Hopefully this is true and not something the police have to come out AGAIN to say it it false or not true. Too many inconsistent reporting from all sides.
.....................what kind of punishment should be dealt to someone who blatantly lied to investigators and the American people? --- whatever it is, it should be applied to him....whether it's Smollett or Trump.
Hes lucky Mueler is not investigating him, all of his friends, family and people he met in the past would be in trouble too.
Brandon Scott, told you. Did I not tell you exactly how this would go down!!? Next step, his lawyers plead him down to a fine and/or community service, and he vanishes into seclusion.
If Smollett concocted this whole "assault" in an effort to get more air time on Empire, it's looking like that plan has definitely backfired -- reports are the show is cutting a lot of his scenes. Oopsydoodle.
I'm about as sick of this guys face as Trump's...maybe I wouldn't go that far but it's pretty bad. At least he got the attention he was craving so badly
Good grief, just admit it and be done with it before a bunch of other fraudulent criminal crap comes out. Terrible.
Can’t wait for the arrest. Let’s hope it’s a SWAT operation like Roger Stone got.
The irony here is; his airtime was fine, I'm wondering what motivated him to do this. He also has an album out and his songs are getting good rotation here in LA, especially on Stevie Wonder's radio station - KJLH, that stands for Kindness, Joy, Love & Happiness.
When you can't find any Trump supporters to hate you so you just make up some fake hate. Typical Democratic behavior. Faking hate crimes is a hate crime, lock him up.
the police are the ones who originally released this story, not the news outlets. Fox News is the fake news. calling dems socialists, that's the oldest trick in the book. stop taking social security and medicare then. republicans are racists and just fools.
Haha oh this is too good! When will people learn?!
This Jussie Smollett guy has ruined Black History Month , gay history month, and a bunch of Nigerian Holidays in one sweep!!!! 😕😕😕
Fake hate crime is in itself a hate crime. Trump derangement syndrome is getting out of hand.
Do you people realize how much damage these fake hate crimes do to our country? We better see this man get charged with felonies
CNN8 hours ago

UBS faces a massive financial penalty in France after a court there ruled that the Swiss bank helped its wealthy clients avoid taxes

Swiss banks helping rich people not pay taxes!? SHOCKING!
Except taxation is theft sp whose really stealing from who?
Will anyone go to jail?
Bernie has an account there.
This is why capitalism make the rich people rich💷💰 and the poor people poor 😓 All banks 🏦 are shed blood not just UBS 🤐😷🥺
“We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” ~Leona Helmsly~
No mention of jail time for those who did it and or authorized it. Only when people go to jail will this kind of thing stop.
Always token fines They always profit by more than the fines they pay Where are the jail sentences for the people perpetrating this theft, and the managers approving these schemes? This is CRIME, not a penalty in a sporting event
It’s not enough. People in charge should do jail time. A lot.
That's what Swiss banks are supposed to do.
Only in America do banks get preferential treatment, at least in the industrialized world.
Shouldn't the people who put their money there and didnt pay tax, pay their taxes instead of the bank? The bank can just give the list of tax avoiders and all their bank accounts to the IRS and other tax bureaus and problem solved...
If this was in Canada Trudeau would force the charges to be dropped.
In parliamentary Switzerland, ban, rob you!
If it were here, the gov would give them money to pay it.
And now UBS has a sudden surge in new applications....
One of the largest corporate fines ever, i believe.
If it's involved with fraud, it's involved with the Trumponi Mafia Family.😈
Do you believe Sarah Isgur is a reasonable choice for election coverage when she's openly pledge to support one of the presumptive nominees?
God has the power to remove trump and its tick tock time
globalist democrats, just scam artist
UBS also ran fraudulent scam in Puerto Rico. They should also investigate UBS for US clients.
Swiss banking giant and fraud is redundant...
Amazing thing is, the fine amount is changing across different websites !
All these MF's only want to protect the rich what's new?
CNN9 hours ago

The family sought refuge in Canada to escape the civil war that's decimated their home country. All seven of the family's children died in a house fire early Tuesday morning.

Everything is a crisis to CNN except for the border, an actual crisis.
Would this be news if the family weren’t refugees? EDIT: On average, 7 people die every day in fires, however, I don’t see headlines every day about people dying in fires. So the people appalled by my question are simply the frequency of deaths from fires.
CNN, please stop showing our Canadian tragedies on your site. Canadians are mourning. We don’t need to read the insensitive comments coming from US trolls and Trump supporters.
Thanks CNN for reminding us Canadians how heartless and hateful some Americans truly are. Can't believe the hate you all give to our world. Shameful.
To the 70 people that actually like this and to the 4 people laughing at this, there is a special place in hell for you. Sorry to the family for their loss. As a parent, I can't imagine what they are going through. Thoughts and prayers aren't enough but that's all I have. Praying for your healing and my thoughts are with you.
I actually saw someone laughing and another person say “life happens.” I feel so discouraged and sad for humanity! Some people are just mean for sport! VERY SAD!
The mother escapes unharmed? How??? I don’t know any mother who wouldn’t be covered in burns from trying to reach her children
As an American I am quite ashamed of those fellow Americans who clearly function at such an unbelievably low level. They don’t even have the common decency to remain quiet if they cannot find their humanity. My thoughts and prayers are with this couple in anguish, and the Nation of Canada.
... Left wing? Right wing? Muslim? Catholic? Atheist? Republican? Democrat? Save your breath and practice compassion. Forget trolls and meaningless labels. We are all living things sharing one planet… it’s time to take care of one another.
I am appalled at most of these comments!! I mourn with the rest of Canada and more importantly my fellow Maritimers over this terrible tragedy. Could I maybe suggest to some of the American commenters to show the same respect? 7 children...
My heart is breaking! I can not bear to think of the mental anguish that mother is enduring 😓 I pray that the father makes it, the reason he is in life threatening condition is because he went inside to try and save his children. I can’t imagine his struggle and desperation 😔😢😢😢 oh God please save him! 7 babies... my Lord! Tragic 💔💔😢😢
Am just wondering , why some people are laughing at this tragedy ? 😡😡
This is the 21st century - HOW do seven of anybody(children, adults, elderly) not escape from a fire??
Why people are laughing at this 😡😢? What a sad world we live in.
So, this is what the world has come to, 7 children die and people leave rude comments and laughing emojis. There is something horrible wrong with society. Rest in peace little ones.
I couldn’t leave the house with my children still inside. I’m not judging the mother, I’m just saying if I can’t save my children, I’d rather perish with them. Life isn’t worth living without them. 😞
so far 3 monsters have 'laughed' at this story. I hope they enjoy the fire they will be spending eternity in.
A lot of people on here should feel ashamed of themselves for not being able to display even a basic level of humanity. Although, I'm guessing if you can't display humanity then shame is probably not something you possess either.
People laughing...Karma should get you.
Something is seriously wrong that ppl find this funny. #trifling
So very sad for everyone in the community. Those poor little children, and the parents left to mourn them. So very heartbreaking. I think this is very news worthy CNN. We are very caring people in the Maritimes, we are Canadians who care about our fellow neighbor.
Hey people out there! this is a family tragedy!! what if it was your family? Have some thought for the parents and their children who died!! if you cannot feel empathy! then maybe you shouldn't comment!!!
Ok this is horrible, but they couldn't save even one child out of 7?? I can't wrap my mind around this. And HOW did the fire start?
This is what happens when homes can be built from sawdust, glue and plastic. the 2 homes on either side almost went up as well, look at their siding.
Someone actually laughed at this.
CNN9 hours ago

Kate Beckinsale hasn't confirmed she's dating Pete Davidson, but you better respect the fact that she might be

How does this guy attract these women?
Remember kids.....if you've hit're feeling down, despondent, you feel like you've had enough of life, you're not sure if you want to 'go on'................ .......................... Hang in there for like 9 days and you'll be dating Kate Beckinsale
Let her date whoever the f*ck she wants. Its her banging him not you. Not all you guys are easy on the eyes either.
I’m wondering if anyone could inform me as to how which celebrities are dating is in any way relevant to any aspects of our lives? Sincere question
I come here for news, this is not news CNN this is TMZ crap.
He does not look healthy or well!
"respect the fact she might be" You need to accept the fact, the majority of us don't care who any celebs date, marry, or have children with.
I don't even know who either of them are.
Kate at her age deserves someone with strong stamina, good for her 👏
CNN and telling us what to respect ... riiiight
Pete living out adolescent Pete’s Underworld-related fantasy, I see.
I'd just really like to start seeing actual news on news channels and pages, is that really too much to ask?
They are just friends...give it up America
Kate is WAY above his level. I don't think she dates guys with Butthole eyes.
Don’t let this clap back deter you from the fact that The Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 lead.
Homie leveled up, good for him.
And why do we care about who Kate Beckinsale is dating?
Cool, people hooking up and dating other people... isn’t this human nature? Guess high school really never ends.
Come on CNN...who cares?? Just get back to the real news!!!
My lord.There is hope for anybody.
Who in the hell is Kate Beckinsale. ????? I heard an old cougar on the prowl never had no more then a 4.
Pete looks like a 15yr old who works at Wal Mart to stock shelves. For Valentine's he bought Kate Beckinsale roses and chocolates. Behind Kate's back while she wasn't around. He switched out her birth control pills for tic tacs.
Pete Davidson the hero nobody wanted or expected..👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
I love all Kates. Kate Beckinsale, Kate Bosworth, Kate Hudson, Kate Winslet.... Any Kate here? 😉
Or we could leave people alone and let them be happy
CNN10 hours ago

How can Bernie Sanders break out of the democratic pack in his 2nd Presidential run? See what happens when he faces voters in the #SandersTownHall with Wolf Blitzer. Monday at 8p ET, only on CNN

Sanders is a gift to Trump. His supporters are as much a cult as Trumps are, and they will hand the Presidency back to Trump. Get ready for Trump 2.0.
Muller investigation over. CNN reporters trying to backtrack already. NOTHING THERE. LMAO Democrats lose again.
I love Bernie sanders. And will support as much as possible
Liberal logic: No more old white male candidates!!! But Bernie Sanders is running for president!!! Oh he’s ok, because he understands this generation...seriously can’t even make this stuff up...smh
I've already had my paychecks deposited into his account and he will pay me an allowance from now on.
And who will the Berners blame when Sanders doesn’t win the nomination this time, either? 🤔
Bernie sander for the new Venezuela in United state
We love Bernie. $6 million in 24 hours!!! He has all the momentum. The rest of the party is adopting his ideas. He will win and he will defeat Trump!
I can't wait to watch as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compete to see which one can give the most stuff away! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
He’s already ahead of the pack. We want Bernie! 🔥 🔥
I'm not one for conspiracy theories but I'm starting to wonder if democrats really hate America and are trying to destroy our country from within. All their plans involve policies that would bankrupt our country.
How did the Democratic party steal the nomination from Bernie then gave it to Hillary??? Superdelegates?
Am afraid bernie has maybe missed his chance but you never know in politics a russian agent won the last one
One thing he could do... actually become a Democrat. 🙂
This man needs to go rest, all this up and down is not good for he’s health.
CNN trying to undermine Bernie is very clear to us all... we aren’t buying it! This is who America wants. Maybe it’s time to support that. Probably already have put lots of money in someone else’s pocket.
I've seen a transcript of the questions that they're going to ask during this town hall.
The party that hates privileged old straight white guys is suddenly being led in the presidential candidate polls by an privileged old straight white guy.
Can we please move on? There are bunches of candidates, who are just progressive as him but also younger and more fresh. Please!
I got it. Bernie runs as independent, Biden runs as democrat. Schultz runs as independent Trump republican. 4 old white guys liberals won’t even vote SWEET👍🏼
Well for starters, CNN can give him and the other candidates equal free air time instead of only covering trumps shenanigans like last time around. can absolutely bet that Bernie will win....the young coming of voting age generation is going to make sure of it!!! They began voting in 2018 and will continue to roll with ALL of their EXTREMELY progressive ideas and expectations....grab the popcorn, sit back and watch.....oh yeah....and remember the day that you read THIS post!#ANewDayInTheUSA !!!
We need a return to the center left, extremism on both sides is back, I don't think Bernie is the answer to unite the country
Brad Romain, Hillary won the Democratic nomination by about 3 million votes worth of vote-based delegates, before superdelegates are even considered. I recall during the primaries that Bernie Sanders, way behind by vote-based delegates, tried to make up for it by courting superdelegates, himself.
Proof that a sucker is born every minute
CNN10 hours ago

"I feel like it’s a bit unjust on me and my son... It’s kind of hard to swallow."

Let’s put it this way: if you left a man for another man, and then you suddenly realized the grass wasn’t really greener on the other side, would you expect the other man to take you back? No. You left your country to join a radical group that spews hate for human beings around the world. I hope your baby is safe and okay despite your poor choices.
I am thinking she is not too bright.
Unjust? She denounced her country and chose her destiny. I think UK has the right to bar her from coming back based on her “I am not sorry” attitude.
Why is she shocked? She chose her path now she has to deal with it.
Let her in and send her to prison for life for Treason.
Good decision by the British. This will serve as a deterrent to others. If you choose to join Isis, you must be ready to be with them forever
I believe the most telling part is at the end of the interview. "She said she has no regrets, but the caliphate is over". She has no regrets about joining an army trying to kill among others, British soldiers. Britain should have no regrets about their position.
well now since my team lost , let me join the winning side .. oh wait, you CAN'T!
Well that's hard to believe. She has no regrets about joining ISIS, so how is it so hard for her to understand why the UK would revoke her citizenship? She made her choice and the only reason why she is wanting to come home is because the living conditions are so poor in Syria. It's just sad
It's the right thing to do, you wanted to be with Isis, you believed all their lies, so now stay. Actions have consequences.
"kind of heartbreaking to read" just like it was heartbreaking to the families of the victims of the Manchester arena bombing that you said was justified. You made your bed, you can sleep in it.
Unjust? Were you adopted by the IsIs or you choose that path enjoyed it for Five years, please enjoy it a little more
Unjust to she and her son? Have she forgotten about those people who her husband the son father kill? Those people family are still bleeding today so she need to shut up and go back there
Seriously?? You feel it is unjust??...It is unjust to your son. You, however, should rot.
Hmm ever one that's made a comment on hear ; has made some kind of mistake in their life ; she didn't kill anyone ; she just believed in the wrong things ; 🤔
Take a big gulp. Cause we don't want you all back.
she's shocked? Think about how shocking it was when she decided to go join murderers.
Your actions have consequences. Stay where you are. Only feel sorry for the little baby. Its not his fault his parents are sick
"I thought surely I'd just be able to escape accountability for what I've done." 🤷🏼‍♀️
I’m sure the innocent people you helped murder were a “bit shocked” and their families thought it was “hard to swallow” Don’t really care how you feel, choices have consequences sometimes very severe consequences
How the hell is she shocked? The security risk is WAY too high in bringing her back to the UK. If she can't see that then she needs to pull her head out of her butt.
I would take the son back, but leave the mother behind. Surely this woman has relatives her son can be looked after by.
Actions and choices often have consequences. It's time people learned from the consequences of their decisions and move on to NOT make the same poor choices again.
Sometimes we have to live with the consequences of our actions. I hope she finds a new home somewhere
I can't help feeling sorry for her somehow a bit guilty about what's happening to her but then really truly you really shouldn't sympathise with evil at all and this girl was completely aligned with evil herself, and she clearly showed no regrets about her alignment with them. I feel this was the correct decision for the British government because if they had allowed her to come back it would have set a precedent and open the Floodgates for others to go and join terrorist groups and know that they could just come home like nothing had happened
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.10 hours ago

The Justice Department is preparing to announce as early as next week that special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia report is complete, according to people familiar with the plans

The day trump became president is the day America died
Get ready for the “great trumptard meltdown of 2019.” 😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂
Robert Müller will publicly apologize to President Trump before his report is made public and will be taken into custody by the US Marshals under the supervision of Attorney General Barr.
So they rushed through the new AG who thinks the public doesn't need to know what they found. The timing is so obvious.
Nadler or Schiff need an immediate OPEN congressional hearing with Mueller to ensure that his investigation isn't being shut down by trump's crony AG.
CNN you have reported Collusion by Trump for over two years. You're called fake news for a reason. CNN minions are pathetic enough to believe you. So many fake stories by you lately.
Truly am afraid with this. I am absolutely certain Trump is a criminal and as corrupt as possible. I am hopeful that Mueller's report is able to fully capture that...I am also hopeful Barr lets it come out
Better check the airports for Don Jr, Jared, and Ivanka. (Nobody’s worried about Eric, he’s not smart enough to be in on anything)
President Trump has prevailed against the greatest attacks we've ever seen. Deep State and its weapons of mass distractions have tried relentlessly to bring this President down. Trump's testicular fortitude and sheer iron will to win for America and its people will always prevail. You can't spell triumph without Trump folks! 👊🏻💪🏻🇺🇸
Roger Stone is supposed to appear in court tomorrow and today this announcement comes out. Coincidence?
I dare not get excited....but I’m getting my Grey Goose just in case. Yes indeed....whew!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🎉💥🎊
📢Get the beer and popcorn folks. I' taking bets 💰on what the verdict will be. Drum roll, who wants to put up a hundred dollar bill for guilty or not guilty? Winners split the bet.
I’ll believe it when I see it. The question is, will we actually see it..and most importantly, will Trump and his supporters believe it?
YES!!!!! Let me get my popcorn and a comfortable seat. I want to see this and I expect to be delighted.
I will feel so sorry fot all those people that voted for that thing.Finally we the real AMERICANS will have our COUNTRY back,And YES I'M AMERICAN for more than 50 years, and care for my country much more that many of you.So please don't tell me to go back to my country.THIS IS MY COUNTRY.!!!!!!!
We the voting public have a right to know what's in the full report. Let's hope the Republicans don't succeed in their attempt to squash it.
Mueller......the devil's friend......he made a lot of money( tax payers ) money to be corrupt and be's not bad paying taxes...but when the corrupt spend it when it's not theirs..... His face even looks evil
If the report is really finished and it has not leaked to WaPo or NYTimes yet it means there is nothing in there that links Trump to Russia.
It’s not complete. It may be a report but it’s not THE final report. Nowhere near finished.
Buh-bye, lying traitor trump. Looking forward to seeing you in that orange jumpsuit. If you want a chance at avoiding that, you can RESIGN.
The report will either say found something OR we will get the emotional breakdowns and inability to cope as adults that we saw in Nov 2016
So Mueller hands it to Barr and then Barr gives his summary of it to Congress? I wonder how much Barr will leave out of his summary?
Let's not ignore the fact that when presented with the facts, even trumps biggest butt sniffers, McConnell, Ryan, and Nunes didn't object to an investigation into trump and Russia.
Omg!! Barr is going to read it n summarize it?? Fack!! No wonder 45 wanted him for the job!!! We paid millions in tax for this n we want n deserve answers n justice n this fool is just going to make it all go away with his little spin. Wtf
Can we expect indictments for Don Jr and Kushner? It would be hard to believe they aren't implicated
CNN11 hours ago

The Justice Department is preparing to announce as early as next week that special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia report is complete, according to people familiar with the plans

The report will say that there was no collusion and that President Trump is the duly elected President of the United States and that Hillary Clinton was a lousy and corrupt candidate who was rejected by the American people.
I don’t care what it says...I voted for Trump but switching to the Democrats for 2020 period...I’m ashamed to be a Republican...
How can this report be complete since Roger Stone trail hasn't even started - unless Stone has already confessed.
Dear God, it’s us America, just wanted to ask you to please make this be good. And make this mob family go down. We believe in you and believe in honor and truth and need our country back from this crazy lunatic. Sincerely, Smarter Americans.
Republicans will squash it, redact it, edit it and sabotage it, call it Classified. Republican AG Barr is Team Trump and his son works for Trump. There are no checks and balances here, just nepotism and corruption.
I’m still not convinced that there is any collusion between president Trump and Russia.
Astonishing ! With all of the indictments and guilty pleas , with all of the lies put out by this White House and the Presedent and more coming that there are still people out have faith in this President. I can only compare it to a cult . So sad for this great country
Prediction. Democrats will never accept the final results.
Awesome! Finally! Keep up the great work Mr. President! God bless our beautiful nation! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
I was wondering why Wal-Mart was having a crayon and coloring book sale. Getting the far left loonies prepared for their 2 year disappointment.
As a member of the Comment Reading Association (CRA), I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Also please watch your spelling. Thank you and have a great day!
Snowflakes, get ready for disappointment! 🤣🤣🤣
Time to begin the impeachment hearings
This could be why the orange foolius has been attacking EVERYONE - he’s deranged - wonder what’s in this report. He’s certainly unfit to hold office
Sweet little baby Jesus, I hope this removes this clown from office. US cannot handle too much more, and if it proves his innocence, we are all in for a load of trouble.
CNN - not so reliable - Mueller still has 4 sealed indictments that haven't been dealt with yet. I would like to think so, but Kushner and Jr. have not been indicted yet.
If this is accurate, Don Jr and Jared should be very worried about getting arrested this Friday...…….
I personally don't think there is anything that connects Trump. Though this is by far one of the most scandalous campaign and administration in history. I just don't think they have anything other than when trump asked for Russia's help to find Hillary's emails. But that could be looked at as Sarcasm. Does this mean that Trump is no crook? No. Trump is the biggest crook we have had as President. If you remember any of his past. Robert Mueller was smart to make sure no stone was left unturned.
National Emergency Log Day #8: Hamberder and covefe reserves are at an all time low. Things haven't been this dire since the Bowling Green Massacre.
I hope he has charges for Trump #arrestthepresident
Yes! And we demand the report is made public, too!
Mueller has the grand jury for 6 more months, and he's nowhere near finished, they're just telling trump that so he'll stop tweeting, he's just burying himself deeper.
Sounds like I better call to turn my cable tv back on and buy a huge bag of popcorn! 🍿 🍷
Get your popcorn, ladies and gentlemen. Regardless of how it pans out, the comments section is gonna be LIT.
I highly doubt it. I think there is so much more being uncovered. The Roger Stone stuff still hasn’t been totally looked at.
CNN11 hours ago

Bernie Sanders' campaign also noted that the average contribution was $27

We the people, not the billionaires, support Bernie. Donated! #bernie2020
Bernie is not a good material for Americans. He is too emotional and vulnerable. America needs a bold and fearless leader like Trump
Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together.
Bernie sanders is a wack job. Runs as a dem even though he's not one. His only goal is to divide.
But CNN declared Kamala Harris the "front runner" all you corporate shills are in for a rude awakening the political revolution is here to finish what it started in 2016 like it or not. #Feelthebern #Bernie2020
Democratic Socialism is resurging whether you like it or not!!!
Sanders has already out-raised all of his opponents combined in just 24 hours by a long shot. He’s raised 4x as much as Kamala Harris has in the bank in just 1 day, and he just picked up his first senate endorsement from Patrick Leahy. #BernieSanders2020
Psssssst you're already paying for other people's medicaid and disability on top of your own medical premiums that are not affordable...... Stop believing your whole paycheck will go to pay someone elses healthcare. That's not how it works. Get off the derp train and research it yourself. This man is fighting for people as a whole, not for lobbyists. Not for the the pharmaceutical company, the insurance company, the oil companies, the banks, or any other major lobbyist organization. Bernie Sanders has been fighting for basic human rights for his entire life. We deserve to live healthy, affordable lives.
Bernie has never veered from his platform. I respect that. I didn’t vote for him last election, didn’t think America was ready for such a progressive POTUS. But I will vote for him in 2020 if he is nominated. We need a power wash after all the rot and lies of the trump presidency
I contributed $27, and pledged my monthly contribution. He was my first choice last time, but I voted for Hillary in the general; this time, Biden (preferably Biden/Klobuchar) is my first choice, if he doesn’t run, Bernie will be my guy again.
He is not my first choice, but raising 6 million on small donations in 1 day is a serious sign that he still has that mojo.
Everyone’s like oh no Bernie, but I’m like then why is everyone running off his platform and using his playbook play by play going into 2020? Hmm.
CNN said yesterday that Bernie isn’t a good candidate because of his race, gender, and age. That’s how they judge people apparently.
Democrats will need a far less extreme candidate to unseat the cheeto. Why aren’t democrats trying to appeal to the millions of moderates, who voted for the con man simply because they did not want to vote for Hillary? It’s pretty simple really - get someone halfway normal who can attract those moderates, and crybaby Donnie will be gone in 2020. Don’t think I’m seeing it with this crop they have come up with so far.
I just can't see Bernie as 'presidential'...standing up to our adversaries and not getting emotional and/or angry... The bar has been set really high...sorry Bernie.
Who ever it is we need to stand behind them! If we divide WE WILL FAIL. And don't forget to change your registration to democrat if you live in a state that holds closed primaries!!
He's raised so much money just off of donations already! #Bernie2020
But y’all constantly count him out and push for corporate dems? What’s up cnn?
The one good thing I can see Bernie Sanders doing that no other President has done is use common sense because he is an Independent. If he was a Republican, he would side more with Republicans and if he was a Democrat, he would side more with Democrats. Being that he's an Independent, he'll side with doing what's right and what easy or what his party wants. And before you assume, yes, I am an Independent.
$27 is the exact amount they asked donors for. And they all did exactly that? Why does this not surprise me?
So,we are supposed to elect our Presidents on their ability to raise money? Isn't that part of where we went wrong in 2016? We elected someone who said he didn't need money, and then stole everything he got anyway?
Bernie, donate that $$ to colleges and public schools, my love. They need it! And, didn’t you help make rump the president of the USA? Mmmh😏
People will pay to support basically socialism but not for something to protect our country🙄🙄 smh Derek Lowery
Liberal logic: No more old white male candidates!!! But Bernie Sanders is running for president!!! Oh he’s ok, because he understands this generation...seriously can’t even make this stuff up...smh
Bernie is energetic and my choice. If Bernie doesn't make it than any other Democrat is fine. I WILL VOTE whoever it is.
CNN11 hours ago

That's far more than its original estimate of $10 to $15 million in losses

That's what happens when childish Democrats care more about hating the President than they do about the American people. Democrats are the party of Ignorance, Hate & Hypocrisy.
Republicans love wasting money and then turning around and pretending to be fiscally responsible.
Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together.
A shame and embarrassment! Hope the Dump supporters realize how many lives will be affected here. Oh, I forgot! They DONT!!!!!!
Trump: "I will be responsible for this shutdown." Trumps Klan Members: "BuT tHe DEmoCrats."
I think some kind of reimbursement should be giving to southwest and other companies that were impacted by the shutdown
Thoughts and prayers. Thank your 45th for that.
And Southwest isn't the only business that suffered losses either.
Good!! That’s what those rich CEOs get for voting for Trump. Use your tax break to recoup this.
This is why trump gave corporations their tax cut. To make up for the shutdown!!!
Shutdowns should be illegal period! Especially when done as vengeance by a sore loser president
Send an invoice to Trump. He said on national television that he owned the shutdown and would take all responsibility for it. He wouldn't blame Chuck or Nancy. It was all his.
The article doesn’t even state how they lost money on the shutdown. It briefly talks about the FAA, but nothing else. Another misleading headline. How about we hold airlines responsible for the way they treat their passengers! When gas prices lowered, how many people stopped paying for checked baggage? How many people noticed a decrease in flight costs?
And we're supposed to be sorry for them
So what they’ve been making money forever
How is it that the government shutdown created maintenance issues that ultimately caused even one flight to be cancelled?
It's okay. Trump owns the damage from his shut down. Those executives will now donate to other candidates
OK, reading the story, it sounds like they are BLAMING the government, but the issues seem to be their issues... Planes out on maintenance? (more than double the normal amount) Then the government investigating luggage charges and issues... I am not buying his accusation!
Did Jussie confess yet? #Jussiegointoprison
And now Southwest is grounding a bunch of planes because they're in such bad shape due to mechanic strike. Sounds like SW just can't seem to get it together. I'm expecting it to go bankrupt before long.
They can take it out of their big tax cut.
Did they ever get there engine blowing up mid flight sucking someone out the window situation figured out?
Whats gonna happen when its permanently shut down after we stop printing money we dont have?
So what! Every last one of these airlines have been nickle & diming the passengers ever since 911 occurred! Remember how cheap flights were prior to that. They used 911 as an excuses to jack up cost. It's been 17 years now. And they still haven't recouped those losses yet?!
Maybe they can get a government bail out since it was their bright idea to shut it down😂
CNN12 hours ago

The 18-time Grand Slam winner was removed from the advisory board and as an ambassador

Fact one: It is impossible to love people and kill babies. Fact two: Science has proved a baby is a human. Any science deniers? Fact three: History of killing babies and racism are tied together.
I'm all for LGBT rights but she's not wrong. Does nobody remember the Fallon Fox fight? Yes, Tennis vs MMA are different sports and there's no direct physical dangers but the advantage is scientifically clear.
The left will eat itself.
When one undergoes transexual transformation their hormones change and many physical aspects begin to transform, as well- such as bone density and shape, fat and muscle potential as well as vocal and other changes... there are plenty of born-women who transcend the typical female figure to appearing quite masculine- would you have them unable to compete, as well? Or demand they compete with men?
Her views are incorrect and "based on a false understanding of science and data." Her comments are ill-informed and harmful. Good for Athlete Ally for taking this step.
I agree with her, look at the movie Juwana Man , how he dominated female competition in basketball, her point is well taken,
If she is wrong all the sports should do away with the division of men's and women's sports. So, instead of women's tennis we call it tennis and both men and women participate. Same with golf and football and baseball and basketball etc. That's where this is headed.
Full on feminist and lbgtq supporter here...and its important to acknowledge she is stating the obvious whether people want to hear it or not.. it's true.
She spoke the truth. Truth is no longer valued by those on the Left.
Hmmm. I don't think she was deliberately being anti-anything. But in a sports competition, it should be equal. That's why there are weight classes in boxing and wrestling. So that its a fair match.
They're making a mistake... She's an amazing ambassador... And paved the way for there to be these conversations... She's an athlete... She's talking about physiology... Come on ...
Now my views for the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community no longer has MY SUPPORT! You have shunned yourself, “With wanting to be Accepted, Embraced and a lot of US opened doors for YOU, but it’s NEVER going to be enough! Martina, YOU are RIGHT, they are WRONG!
Removed for what? Did they actually listen or read what she said? She was right! It made sense.
What a joke. She’s been an advocate for decades and simply objects to transitioning men competing in the women’s game. Absolutely ridiculous
Their loss. She’s not irrationally afraid of anyone. I applaud her for speaking her mind after researching her subject. If you don’t think she has some knowledge on the subject, then you’re wrong. What ever happened to listening to people and attempting to understand issues from many sides? Why is everyone so quick to condemn?
Political correctness will eventually destroy everything.
What did she say that is not true?
There appears to be a clash between science and politics in this brouhaha. Since I am neither a scientist nor a politician it’s hard to sort things through. Though I always try to be fair minded, I’m inclined to agree with Martina. Maybe that’s just because I like her and think she’s sharp. Crucify me!
For what... her statement is legit. Just because you feel like a woman does not change the fact that you're in a mans body.
She made valid point and has no reason to be ashamed.
Interesting fact: Martina did not share an opinion. She shared what we like to call a fact. Move along, nothing to see here.
Now, all these homophobes on her side? Because they hate trans more?? She’s just one of those lesbian feminists who hates her own community of “LGBTQIA+”. There is no exclusion in this community! Good that she’s out because she wants to exclude trans.
My god, it’s plan science. Let’s not say female and male, let’s say XY and XX, XX was born with a larger bone, muscle, hair mass the XY, it this was boxing and an XX went after an XY they XY would lose due to being smaller mass. It’s science. Look it up. She is so on point
Well to settle this argument, how about a league of their own? Why do I say that? I recently found out that a transgender ‘female’ MMA fighter gave a female opponent concussion, broken eye socket! Would she had been so dominant if she was born a woman?
CNN12 hours ago

It's not unusual for dignitaries to receive gifts during visits to foreign countries — perhaps a Cuban cigar or a bottle of French wine. But this delegation of Pakistani senators took it in a different direction.

What do u expect.. lol I thought a golden grande with 72 virgins should be ideal for them..🤣
Just one sub machine gun(SMG) and every one from East (india) to West (USA) have pissed in their pants.😀😂 I don't know why the people who have killed millions of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria , Palestine and Kashmir are afraid of just one gun. The country who killed two hundred thousand people in just two atomic bombs in Japan is afraid of one SMG.
...for peace keeping. Thats the symbol of religion of peace.
What had you expected from Pakistan?
Everyone bashing the gift but low key grind 80 hours for a video game that has a golden skin for your guns. 😂
What a waste..They could have used that for running water and proper sanitation 🤔
I would love to get a gift like that.
I'd of probably gone with a golden bone saw myself.
Yep. That's what the crown prince needs.... more weapons to kill journalists with... 😑
Well it’s actually very well planned. You give chocolates to kids. You give make up items to young girls. You gift watch or bourbon to adult professionals but when you talk to terrorist nations, you need to give what they like and that killing people.. don’t forget.. America’s biggest enemy Osama lived peacefully there for years...
Where did they find this “rare” item? If you’re a gamer you know what I mean 🤣
The most ridiculous gif, I have lost respect for Pakistan government, not people, for doin this in the wake of jamal khashoggi's brutal murder.
Can’t imagine who they gonna try it to first !
I wonder when the NRA will gift one to Trump.
It just goes to show you no amount of money can make you classy, this is a classless tacky piece of junk gift bet you trump got one too with a listening device and spy camera in it. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I could say "oh it's only gold-plated" but I'm not sure how a solid gold MP5 would hold up to firing. I'm no metallurgist, but gold is typically considered a soft metal so they would have to plate it if they wanted to preserve any of the functionality.
Now...all stand in a circle and try out your new toys. 🙂
So, just because California has million dollars public toilets, they think that rest of the world only dreams about pink unicorns
Saudi Arabia completed the “kill pesky journalist” challenge and unlocked a new smg skin.
From their gift🔫people should know, this country the only supporter of theorist.
Hhhhjj,,,,, what for??? He already has the electrical saw 😂🤣😂😂😂 Used with khashoggi ..
Odd. I thought the Saudi Crown Prince would have preferred a golden Bone Saw but whatever.
I suppose it is an appropriate gift for a murderer, though he might have preferred something more suited for dismemberment of his victims.
Cheapskates... I’d have given them a solid gold Grenade Launcher with inlaid pearl grip... Not one of those cheap 14 k plated Brookstone ones with the cup holder... Custom made. That’s what true friends give. That’s love.
Well I’m pretty sure he got more than enough headshots for that camo. The Saudi Prince should have diamond camo with all the people he’s killed.
CNN13 hours ago

It was a very close encounter

Please god make trump go away
What a second... I am utterly confused. Guys, CNN, why is there no reference to the big meany Trump in this article? I mean, what business do you have in reporting, outside of propaganda against conservatives, CNN? Your 100% anti-Republican propaganda rating might drop to 99.999% if you fail in a single article in vilifying Trump or Republicans. Let me boost that anti-Republican propaganda rating back up to 100% for you CNN. Add this to the article .... “That whale is so racist. He’s clearly applied black-face at the direction of Pres Trump. You can see he missed a few spots around the eyes and under the mouth.” Most of the 75 readers and watchers of CNN will totally fall for it.
Nobody has come so close to Rosie Odonnel before...
Well, in the wild, no human has ever been killed by an Orca, so I don't think there was any danger. They're basically large dolphins.
If dolphins are so smart why are they always getting caught in fishing nets?
No one calls them killer whales anymore. Why are you? They are Orcas.
Ok but where's the video?
In Nigeria, doctors and nurses in the University of Port Harcourt teaching hospital in Rivers state, Nigeria, have not been paid their January salary and this is middle of February already, Yet they are still working, Some registrars were paid some bonus money at the end of December last year, all of a sudden, the hospital is telling them to return the Money back, Now because of this, all the Nurses and doctors will not be paid except the bonus paid to some registrars in December is returned back Every thing about Nigeria is a mess. Do you think the nurses and doctors would carry out their work efficiently? Why Don't the hospital pay the nurses and other staffs? It's not fair. When they have not been paid salary since January till now. Health care workers is not a basic priority , that's why the health care system in Nigeria is a failure. Every body is talking about election, what about salary of Health workers? Consider their Job risk. America please help
It's an ORCA!!!! They are NOT whales. Good grief CNN, get with it
Beautiful creatures, yet we humans keep on polluting the oceans, we are a cancer to this world tbh.
Well... They are called "killer" whales..
Tôi bị nghe trộm mấy năm mà ko biết Nhưng tất cả đám nghe trộm ko thể vu cho tôi dối trá một câu Tôi khiếp nx thứ ấy lắm
20th of february in 2019year 저는 퇴근후에는 서울의 양천도서관에서 공부를 하고 있으며 , 문재인 대통령님, 국회의원님 벌금 1,9000,000만원은 제가 납부할 금액이 아닙니다.벌금 1,900,000원 환급과 부천교육청지원청으롤 발령으로 요청드립니다. 서울목일중학교 교장 홍덕표 , 3-9반 이옥경 교사 제 딸 김래나 학생에 대해서 묵인된 성적인 학대와 비합법적인 절차없이 성적인 학대를 묵인하는 과정에서 2017년 11월 17일 강서아동보호기관으로 반강제적으로 보낸후에 연락이 계속해서 두절되어 제가 직접 서울지방경찰청에 2017년 11월 18일 직접 신고하여 사건이 접수되어 이사건과 관련하여 가정법원에 소송이 진행되고 있습니다. 2018년 9월에 서울중앙지검에 양효승 검사님께 배정된 저의 고소장 서울남부지방검찰청 김병진판사님, 이정한 검사님, 양천경찰서 손동선 , 윤경희 팀장님 , 서울목일중학교 홍덕표교장, 3-9반 담임교사 이옥경교사 , 강서아동보호기관장, 양은하 조사원 재 수사요청 고소장을 공정하게 양심적으로 수사를 하시길 바랍니다. 문재인 대통령님도 하부기관 관리소홀로 고소을 하였습니다. 사법기관의 국가의 사안으로 의도적으로 묵인하여 한 인간을 의도적으로 곤경에 처하도록 만드는 근본적인 본질에 대해서 당당하게 저에게 말씀하여 주시길 부탁드립니다. 대한민국국민은 제 딸 김래나 학생과 저 위은희와 발달이 늦은 아들 김도영에게 진심으로 감사하게 생각하여야 합니다. 국가예산과 부당한 돈과 경제적인 국가의 거래로 2008년부터 저와 제 딸은 대항해 왔으며 , 아들은 소박하고 평화롭게 살수 있는 기회를 국가에서 의도적인 묵인과 이용과 착취로 박탈시켰습니다. 대법원장 ! 증거인멸로 다수의 횡포로 조작과 계획의 사회범죄에 대한 양심도 재판에 포함됩니까? 인간을 가장 비참하게 만드것은 , 인간이 마지막 가지고 있는 자신에 대한 신뢰감과 정직함과 삶의 원칙을 왜곡하며 조작하여 인생을 일으켜 세우면 다시 다수의 횡포와권력으로 무참하게 밟기 때문입니다. 저는 성실하게 정직하게 열심히 살며 인생을 일으켜 세우는 서민들을 위해 전생애를 걸고 저의 마지막 직장과 저의 삶을 걸고 대기업의 편법과 자본주의 권력으로 정직하게 열심히 노력하는 서민들의 삶을 착취하지 못하도록 투쟁할것이며 , 무지한 저를 포함하여 많은 국민들이 국가의 세금을 정정당당하게 납부하며 대기업에 의존하지 않고 독립적인 경제활동을 하면서 부당한 일에 당당하게 정직하게 대 항하여 서민의 이권을 되찾아 오며 , 공정한 법적인 테두리안에서 정직한 노력으로 삶을 개척하며 , 공직사회에 많은 서민들의 자제분들이 정직한 공부로 진출할수 있도록 도울 것입니다. 세상에서 태어나 두렵고 위험스러운 일이지만 , 세상을 내가 살던 곳보다 더 좋은 세상으로 만드는데 정직한 용기를 부여해주시는 공정하며 위대한 신에게 진심으로 감사하게 생각드리며 , 제가 진정 정직하며 선한 가난한 분들을 배려할수 있는 저의 가난함에도 감사하게 생 각합니다. 다수의 묵인된 횡포와 조작과 저의 동의없는 샤머니즘굿으로 저를 냉정한 이성으로 강하게 만드는 제 자신에게도 감사하게 생각합니다
The Orca tries to feed the camera guy. <3
They are such beautiful creatures
Well, that’s what happens when you’re in the ocean. Where they LIVE
Reeeeeeeeealy and I thought close encounter with these bit(hes happens on daily bases in Disney world
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Talk to me .Send me a friend request .
I love sea animals
This is a great story.
I bet the whale had a Trump gat on
I personally can't embark on such risk.
Im pretty sure thats not the 1st time its ever happened
CNN shared CNN Weather's live video.13 hours ago

Snow and ice is impacting millions across the Northeast Wednesday. Watch as snow falls in Washington and track the storm as it goes northward to New York City.

Get the latest updates here:

CNN Weather
Snow and ice is impacting millions across the Northeast Wednesday. Watch as snow falls in Washington and track the storm as it goes northward to New York City. Get the latest updates here:
Open your eyes Trump and use your brain more not your mouth. Be quiet once and for all and listen to the American people . You work for the people not yourself.
It only called "Gobal Warming" it has nothing to do with warming it is "Climate change " Try reading and educating yourself.
Climate Change is both extremes. Very cold then very hot. It's the extremes. It's here. It's not just hot summers but crazy cold vortezes as well.
Cali either has no rain or we are in drowning. Our Valley roads washed out and very hard to drive around.
The kids today will hide inside on their x-box... When we was kids we didn't give a shot if it was -20 and 8 ft. Of snow...
bunch of puzzzzies… you want to see snow come west... the national news & their phony weather alerts.. just light weights , come west for real snow/winter bunch of sizzzzies
No climate change right. Snow in Vegas and warm up in NYC and Boston.
Build a wall to keep the winter out😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
I have a question for you folks...why are you naming snow storms? I thought you just named hurricanes. We have a lot of snow storms in Alaska but none of them have names. Just really curious as to why Thanks!!
Lots of snow on the roof maybe it will collapse
Please if you comment on climate change vs today’s weather post your STATE< so we can send funding for education.
CNN for the educated faux viewer.
What has Trump got to do with the Snow.? He will probably tell you it ISN'T SNOWING ....
The worse president ever and he’s not so smart after all.
A day in the park here in Finland.
It’s snowing blizzard conditions in Minnesota!
It just started and its going to rain by 6 and wash it all away. Lol. Calm down.
Thank you for fixing global warming president Trump.
What? They said this Is caused from global warming.
In NYC we are expecting 1-3 inches, and was supposed to begin later in the afternoon, however it steered at 1 PM. 😳
It snowed in Hawaii by Friends vacationing there shocked
Hello from Az, abundant sunny sky’s, thinking about you all 🌸🌞🌼
Brrr....🇨🇦 writing from Newfoundland...we are currently experiencing the coldest temps ever...I never remember it being this cold in my life and I’m no spring chicken . Serious changes are occurring....and it isn’t any fun.
One of the secret of Lucia in Fatima Portugal she said all this was going to be happened its now
“The day after tomorrow” anyone?
CNN13 hours ago

You know it's bad when Minnesotans can't make it to school

wHEre'S thAT gLObAL waRMiNg?!
Hey cnn- Minnesota isn’t the same as Minneapolis. Schools are open across the state. But good job being diligent in your research!
Must be "Fake news" because it's said by CNN.... Right Trumpsters?
Ahhh, I guess this explains why my Minnesota clinic hasn't sent any work this week.
Minnesotans are used to that weather. Nothing new for them
Ummmm.......... Northern MN here and its barely snowing and kids went to school. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Don’t worry the wall will save you from the snow
I thought Global warming was real, now i know better
Thank God for global roasting otherwise can you even imagine how cold it would be right now?
We've had almost 600 inches of snow in some parts of The Sierras out West (California/Nevada). It's been a much needed wet winter!
This happens every year...... Not a big shocker.......
Dear person reading this, I don’t care who you are but God is working out situation that you have been stressing about. Keep calm 🌺🙏🏾❤️
This story is NOT correct. Minnesota did not close all schools
TOO BIG TO FAIL ? Humanity confronted with the climate catastrophe acts like if humanity considered itself too big to fail.
That IS serious—-I lived in Minneapolis and it gets seriously frigid but I never saw schools close.
Man, we lucked out here in Chicago today. Just a bit of snow and turning to rain this afternoon.
CNN- schools aren't closed "due to bitter cold". We can handle 25 degree temps. Pretty balmy actually ! But when we are getting 8 - 10 inches of heavy snow and white-out conditions, schools close to keep kids safe.
I'm in northern Minnesota, and schools are open. You know what shuts schools down around here? -38°/-62° with windchill.
We, in Minnesota, get some kind of sick thrill out of this kind of weather. It’s why we live here. Mother Nature says, “take it easy, nothing you planned to do today is that important.” And we welcome that idea 🙂 Love, from Minnesnowta!
Toms River, NJ closed for two inches and temps in the 30’s🤣
It’s bad - just closed several runways at MSP and if there’s an airport prepared to handle snow, it’s MSP!
All these weird weathers is man made
That’s my state MINNESOTA hey now!
Wait for hurricane season to start that’s when the wall will really come in handy
In northern Indiana, it's supposed be 40° today and change to rain. This is actually pretty normal for late February. It is almost spring and this winter wasn't that bad.