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"It's hard to watch this video," the speaker of the New York City Council said.

"No mother should have to experience the trauma and humiliation we all witnessed in this video," the Public Advocate for New York City said.

All of this because there were not enough chairs ? Ridiculous! I would have sat on the floor with my child too ! What am I missing here ?
Did the security guard seriously expect a woman holding a child to STAND for 4+ hours?! Here is a thought - have enough seats for everyone or don’t have an issue with someone sitting in the floor. And the security guard needs a new job.
Actual headline: “Women with outstanding arrest warrant from NJ Superior Court from July 2017 for failure to appear in relation to credit card fraud uses baby as human shield”
One could always just avoid this by following lawful orders.
She was being arrested for a warrant and she resisted arrest while holding her child.. She put her child in potential danger nobody else... Police have a job to do and they can't just walk away because you hide behind your child.
All this because the mother sat on the floor while waiting to apply for benefits. These charges need to be dropped, and the facility, security guards and police officers need to be held accountable. Being “out of luck” or poor is not a crime.
I hate to say this as I know the police can be the way they can be. But she was wrong for this one.
We have to stop treating people in need as if they are less than. We have to stop treating people in need like they must beg for care and proper treatment. We have to stop treating people in need like it hurts us to provide for their needs. There were no seats available. She had no where to sit so she sat on the floor. They said she was obstructing the walkway, yet they did not provide her with an alternative place to sit. They then rip her child from her arms? This is America.
If that ghetto bird was worried about her child then she should have complied to the orders of the Police. She agitated and escalated the situation more. Are we looking at the same dam video?
In my opinion the mother was irresponsible by putting her child in danger at that point, she could have placed him safely in the care of an officer. She was hysterical and reacting. The officers were also irresponsible by placing the child in danger in a human tug of war. They're trained to diffuse situations where innocent lives are threatened. The child could have been badly injured. All those grown men should have been able to restrain her and safely remove the child. Burden on the officers, they're trained professionals.
The only person I feel sorry for is this innocent child. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Stop using children as a shield. Stop blaming cops for doing their job. Just because you have a child doesn't mean you are above the law. What should they have done? Ohh I'm sorry mam since you have a child just do what you want because society is full of ignorant!
How about you just obey the police and straighten it out without putting your child in harms way if you’re innocent ! Hmmmm
She should have let go then. She knew she was in trouble
Really ???? She'd been waiting 4 hrs. Took time off work !!!! This is becoming uglier every day, in every place. If we, as a country, do not fix this soon we will be beyond redemption.
Not feeling it. Obey the law cooperate with the police It's not hard.
Why did the Police have to be called. Are you telling me there was not one MAN that could have given up his seat so she didn't have to sit on the floor.
Police the biggest gang in amerikkka
Why has the cop who grabbed the child not been arrested?
welcome to trumps world
And shes at Rikers? What the hell is wrong with this country?! Arrested for requesting financial assistance
I don't understand what kind of people are willing to do this. I would have quit or got fired, I know I would have drawn the line somewhere before I got to stealing babies.
Seriously bad move on those who are to serve and protect.
Something wrong with that DA that he is charging her with these ‘crimes’ when she was merely waiting (out of the way) for her turn
Ya retrain those cops, using force for no reason, hope she sue them for taking her child out of her hands , the more they act up people will sue them
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The US still ranks first, with 57% of total arms sales, but the UK was pushed into third

There is nothing to be proud in production of arms, knowing that in the end their are being used to wipe human race.
All of this is Obama's fault. 8 years of letting the Russians get away with everything and even selling US Uranium to them. Who the heck sells Uranium to Russia?
I'm not an American but I always come here to read comments!!! LMAO Comments here are absolutely ridiculous some people blame Obama and Then Obama supporters Blame Trump, on and on I Love It!!!! 😆😆😆
Go ahead us continue destroying my country God welling will take a revenge for all Libyan people us has killed them
It would be nice for all countries to put more money into saving lives than ways of taking lives...
We wish you a Mueller Christmas We wish you a Mueller Christmas We wish you a Mueller Christmas And impeachment next year Indictments we bring To you and your kin Indictments for Christmas And impeachment next year We wish you a Mueller Christmas We wish you a Mueller Christmas We wish you a Mueller Christmas And impeachment next year..
Time to fire all MALES, from positions of authority ! They are responsible for all wars arms escalations and climate change. PUT WOMEN IN CHARGE, to save the human race !
Proper headline: Russia significantly ramps up arms production. World powers concerned.
Advertise democracy and freedom and sell weapons same time !
💩💩CNN....last in RATINGS....and last in telling the TRUTH.....
We’ve been #1 arms producer since the cold war ended. Stop blaming Obama and trump for everything and read a book.
Mankind will always try to find ways to destroy each-other. The military-industrial complex needs to be kept in check; death should never lead to profit. And needless escalation needs to be acknowledged.
It is not very good news you guys feel happy by selling weapons to the whole world. Us will always support wars in order to sell more and more weapons. Is it not the matter of shame?
"There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11?"
Yay weapons! Because an eye for an eye gives everyone new eyes! Right?
Why doesn’t anyone take credit for Obama’s accomplishments?
Trump loves putin I don't see him going after putin like did to kim Jong un.
We are a sick species, undeserving of survival. Evolution has tried intelligence, and it’s proving a worse failure than was massive size.
No wonder the US won't do anything about Guns 🤔
Humans humans humans do their best to kill each other and kill this planet too ! Imagine this planet without humans ! It’s easy if you try !
Causing wars all over the world in order to have more arms sales.
Trump is alienating every country and pissing them off with his senseless tariffs so expect a reduction of defense sales next year . He pissed off his NATO allies oblivious to the fact they buy most of their arms from the US.
Does the U.S. make the most smocking guns?
It is not about quantity but quality and I can would put the quality of British weapon systems ahead of Russia's.
But in the end, the US can make either of them succumb to confrontation.💪
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On President Trump’s claim that the Michael Cohen filing “totally clears the President,” CNN’s Jim Sciutto says Trump is “entering truly Orwellian 2+2=5 territory. Don’t listen to the lies, listen to the facts”

Trump2020! 20 yrs for treason 20 yrs for obstruction Individual#1 in deep #2!!!
We wish you a Mueller Christmas We wish you a Mueller Christmas We wish you a Mueller Christmas And impeachment next year Indictments we bring To you and your kin Indictments for Christmas And impeachment next year We wish you a Mueller Christmas We wish you a Mueller Christmas We wish you a Mueller Christmas And impeachment next year..
Americans are lucky to have a committed & hardworking president like President Trump.. please you should all support him & re-elect him come 2020.. Don't allow fake news media to decieve you.. Trump 2020 #MAGA
Trump is 100% correct again
Trump and everyone who follows him are so far into their delusions that they're practically mentally disturbed...
I'm still waiting to see evidence of Collusion....... oh wait....... There isn't any... #MAGA
Trump Trolls are so desperate lately-running out of deflections it seems....
HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS: Democrats are obsessing over Stormy Daniels. There was NO CRIME. They are all-in claiming there was. This means that Mueller has NOTHING on Russian Collusion and they are trying to change the subject. We just won !!
MAGA ship is sinking😂
There is no facts from CNN only hate and division.
Stop calling Trump president, he's a fake reality show host!
Trump might be cleared, but not individual #1 😂
We been hearing impeachment for 2 years now....when is it. Coming liberals ? CNN =fake news
Trump lies daily not new news, Americans will have a real president in 2 years not this failure .
The only Conspiracy here is CNN.
Obama had $385,000 in campaign finance law violations!
CNN is just as bad as the state run media in North Korea. Wake up people!!!
CNN, how about taking your own advice?
Donald Trump is obviously guilty. When are his supporters going to realize that?
CNN is full of lies...! That’s what we all call it the #CounterfeitNewsNetwork
Trump biggest liar on the earth. Supporters don't get it. SMH
Put a fork in him, he is done.
Still trying to create a crime where no crime exists CNN? Just need a story that bad? How about reporting the positive things for a change.
Key statement..."Don't listen to the lies, listen to the facts”
CNN still making something of nothing.
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Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh sided with the court's liberals in not taking up the case

Planned Parenthood does so much more than abortions. It would be insane to defund them.
Okay this is cool but I still hate Brett Kavanaugh.
Can you imagine how much some people are fuming about how much they went through to get their conservative "champion" on the Court only to see him side with Planned Parenthood in his first couple of months? 😂
It is not about sides. It is about doing the right thing.
Merrick Garland should be on the Supreme Court.
He'll be cautious for a while with women's issues. Could be an unintended consequence of his ugly behavior.
Conservative heads are exploding right now!
This is a huge Victory and very reassuring for me. I was so afraid Kavanagh would be Trump's little dog. Maybe in the future I'll be disappointed again but this gives me some glimmer of hope
we stilll hate brett k
It was suggested that Roberts had a talk with Kavanaugh a pointed out he was no longer beholden to any president, faith, belief, or political party and only to the constitution. I hope this is not only a sign that conversation happened but also that Kavanaugh took it to heart. What Kavanaugh did or did not do in the past is still an issue, but he is on the Supreme Court and no republican or democrat is going to change that. So we can only hope he will try to at least make amends for anything he feels he did wrong in his past. This is not an endorsement of Kavanaugh, just the realization of the hard reality that he is where he is. Making him hate liberals at this point is counter productive.
Nice to know Judge Kavanaugh upheld the law.
Abortion will always be legal & safe in America; LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.
And this is why everyone was obsessed with getting Kavanaugh in, and now, it has completely blown up in their faces.
someone at 1600 Pennsylvania is going to have an even worse day than expected
Brett « beer beer beer » kavanaugh did something semi-okay? Well slap me on the bottom and call me sally. 😑
Conservative Christians I’m sure are tripping out!
I'm impressed. Very impressed. I didn't expect this at all.. Gives me hope, and Lord knows we need some hope right now.
Conservatives were screaming for this guy too, just to have him side with Planned Parenthood. Good game
Not surprised. If folks actually looked the man's history as a judge he has always treated Roe v Wade as established law. My issue with him is that he always rules for the rich, corporate and powerful.
Read the article people. This is not about abortion.
This is a good first step. Now hopefully they don't revisit the abortion aspect. That was just their first stab and defunding the organization. There will be more. Let's hope they use good sense.
The case was about Medicaid funding though - nothing to do with abortion.
Kavanaugh was sober during this ruling, for once! We still despise the drunk assaulter!
Yes, this is a temporary victory but I fear the future.
now I know why there was a beer delivery truck parked in front of Kavanaugh's house....he like beer....lots of beer....just send him lots of beer....
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The stunning decision is sure to escalate the nasty trade war between the United States and China

There is no doubt that our President D.J.Trump is one of the best.Always goes beyond what is expected of him.Working constantly on behalf of the American people.Never takes a dime for being this Country’s Leader and President.America is doing great under his presidency and everything goes as planned.I will definitely vote for him again 🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸
They don't need iPhones, they have lots of great affordable brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus...
Did China ban the real iPhones or the knock offs they sell themselves.
It has nothing to do with the trade war or tariffs. Qualcomm has the patent and apple is refusing to pay to use it. Both are US companies....
We need a new law stating all "American" corporations must have 85% of its work force in America. Then they can enjoy a 32% tax rate. If not, it will be a 70% tax rate. Apple has more than 8 MILLION employees in China. How is this MAGA or America first?
Things keep getting worse and worse for iPhones lol. Androids RULE.
iPhone needs to make all parts of their phone in the US from now one. 7 changes is all it takes.. As to patents, surely China has stolen more of our patentable inventions than one can count.
Wow new opportunity on my monthly China trips to bring iPhones to China to make big dollars but that would make me a Smuggler
Let’s get rid of Individual #1 so we can end this ridiculousness
Nothing to do with trade war. Misleading healine CNN!
I fail to see how two domestic companies having patent issues will escalate trade wars?
But don't they make the IPhones?
Thats what happens when your president thinks he can just screw up other countries, the private sector become casualties
China stops the sale of crap. Bravo China!
US company against US company is a more precise way to talk about this situation
Insert "escalated quickly" memes here.
iPhones are easily hackable...a remote location can see what’s on your screen and block messages including crucial dating replies...
But MAGA, yeah Don the con isn’t seeing that coming
Impeach, annulled all he sign for law and his president and prison no less than 20 years
That will be a big hit, Chinese love apple.
Aren’t the majority of an iPhones’ materials gathered in China? 🤔 I️ could be wrong...
Apple could have earned a lot of money if not for trade war and Huawei issue.
For real? Then if u r going to China, bring several iPhones and sell it in black market. Your gain will probably cover ur travel cost.
Wait, China has patent law? What century is this 😂
Many Iphones are made in China, no?
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While California’s Camp Fire may be studied for lessons in disaster management and community resilience, those who study fire, water, wind and climate see it as a warning to brace for a hotter, more flammable future.

"We can't really rely on history...

So all those dead trees die as soonest Trump become president. But they were not dead during Obama’s presidency??!!!! Woooowwwww CNN you are amazing. CNN and FaceBook should be deleted from the planet.
Or maybe start doing controlled burns again? That actually helped prevent these disasters..
California has PG&E ,gov brown and lack of forest management to blame here
I'd love to have CNN go back over the last 50 or 60 years in California and map out the fires in No. California and where they have occurred...areas around Paradise and the Sonoma County wildfires last year, have a history of wildfires, dating back to at least the 1960's... The problem? County planners, city planners, builders & realtors allowed homes to be built with no consideration of the "history"...and just watch -- they are all being rebuilt in the very same places...
Those whom deny climate change are idiots.
Stop with the alarmist fake news and report the real problem - poor land and forestry management by the State of California.
The west burns, this has happened throughout history. Southwest is dry desert, humans brought water there. It's still a desert. Humans change the environment to suit their selfish wants and needs. Mother nature has the last word.
Trump supporters throwing tantrum in 3.2.1.......
It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. I want to give a huge shout out to IQ45 and his minion butt hurt Trumpturds. Mueller has his list and has checked it twice. The orange turds stocking is gonna get filled with indictments and subpoenas that are about being naughty and definitely not nice. Merry Christmas Trumpturds! 🎅🏼🎉🎅🏼🎉🎅🏼
Try practicing forest management based on scientific principles and see it that doesn't help.
When Sir Francis Drake cruised the Coast of California in 1500s he recorded seeing huge fires burning while he was sailing miles off shore. Hmmmmm
Sure would help if less money were spent on climate change and more money spent managing Cali land properly. Do some controlled burns, use forest rakes (yes, that's a real machine doofus), and cut out all the dead trees. Sure would save a lot of money in the long run.
It would be cool if they would stop setting California on fire whenever they need a distraction.
The closest parallel we have to draw from is the Permian great dying event. Not exactly the model time period to strive for. We have little time to make some fairly major changes. This is our moonshot moment.
We cant rely on the current president to be a leader either.
Scientists provide facts and Republicans provide nothing.
Nothing has to be studied. California can't take care of their Forests.
Everyone commenting from other parts of the country and world think they know more then the people that live in California. It is getting hotter there and way less rain. Manage that you trumptards. Managing the undergrowth is just one piece of the puzzle. Need to use materials on houses that are way less flammable too.
Yet another reason to no move to California
They need to stop all their overly political, inefficient and often frivolous eco policies and focus on the basics - prevent fires, control them better, and limit devastation. All that smoke and fire just makes more pollution and makes climate change worse.
So sad that the powers that be “don’t believe it”
Maybe California needs to learn to properly maintain their woodland areas.
how about the fact that electricity was meant to be turned off, but it wasn't .....
Most of it is federal lands. Take care of your property feds.
Over 300 people of science all say we have a problem, but 45 doesnt believe them, he doesnt believe in the CIA, He only believe's the voices in his head........
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Get ready for even stricter bag checks

Look like I’m wearing all my carry on
What do photographers do? If you check your equipment it most likely will be stolen or damaged.
What about holiday gifts? This might put Santa Claus 🎅🏿 out of business, and Santa is the reason for the season.
This is all about corporate greed! 😡🤬✈🎒😤💩
I am already sick of flying on the airlines.
Good! People use those overhead bins for way too much crap. Wastes a good 15-20 minutes boarding and deboarding when they can check their bags like the rest of us. Imagine how much time and money airline companies can save by eliminating all that time to board and deboard!
My laptop weighs 10lbs. Lufthansa tried to nickel and dime me for that 15lbs and they failed. If airlines can’t be reasonable, their passengers won’t be either. There’s a reason people are pushing the limits in the first place.
This isn't new. When I flew Quatas in 2007, they were very strict about the weight on carry on bags. I had to rearrange my bags at check in to comply.
Most people here don’t understand what weight and balance is and what a difference 5lbs forward, aft, or heavy would do to the planet
Let's all just bring Ryvita and cheese slices. About the only feckin things that will fit in an overhead and might just be light enough.
And they need to restrict overhead bins to one bag per person. Some people carry on, put EVERYTHING in the bins and nothing under the seat. Leaving no space for others.
It's not the fee that's the issue. Employees steal. The airlines have keys for the tsa approved locks. Luggage also gets lost or misrouted. There's no easy answer for photographers.☹
RyanAir, Norwegian, many other carriers are this strict
Good they should do it here. People with all their carry on crap is what holds up the lines. #checkthats**t
This isn’t about anything but charging more for “excess “ baggage . It’s a money grab #qantas
And they should,sick and tired of people carrying all these bags and suitcases like there's no tomorrow, creating mess and delaying take off because they can't find enough space for there's shity caryon 😖
As everyone should! We just traveled with United back home from CO and too many ppl were travelling with full size bags/backpacks, etc, I was happy to see the airline limit several. There are rules, ppl need to comply or pay the difference. The rest of us do so, if one can afford to fly, you can afford the $50 bag fee.
Why do you all need to carry on so much crap and take forever putting up in the overhead? planing and deplaning is such a nightmare. It shouldn't take so long. Check yo bags! Y'all too slow. Got places to go.
I agree that people are abusing the amount and weight of their carry on luggage, but that wouldn't happen as often if airlines were not that greedy about checked luggages, at least on international flights. Used to be a time you were able to check two, 70lbs luggages, for free, until they used the "high oil price" excuse to reduce the weight and charge you extra. That was 15 years ago, but they keep on reducing that limit, or charge you extra to even get a glass of water. Sorry, but airlines know you don't have a choice, so they take advantage, I'm not gonna defend them.
It’s amazing! As a flight attendant myself you guys bring too many carry on items🤣❤️
Maybe it will speed up the boarding and disembarking process. We can only hope.
My everyday purse weighs more than that, this is just ridiculous.
Bag weight limit? No problem. I'll just wear all 20 pieces of clothing instead of packing them. 😂🤣
It's a complete money grab forcing people to pay for checked bags. Planes are built to carry baggage, weight has been specific for decades. So sad
There is so much hassle in flying. It is bewildering that anyone opts for this mode of travel except for foreign destinations.
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We're watching markets open after the Dow plunged 1,150 points, or 4.5%, last week — the index's worst week since March. Investors are watching for trade fallout as the detention of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada has put a new strain on the tense...

CNN Business
We're watching markets open after the Dow plunged 1,150 points, or 4.5%, last week — the index's worst week since March. Investors are watching for trade fallout as the detention of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada has put a new strain on the tense relationship between Washington and Beijing.
Now, this is what a Trump presidency REALLY looks like. All the low unemployment and good economy and recovering housing market...all left over from the Obama administration. Enjoy Republican!
Trump has experience with 6 bankruptcies & 3 failed marriages so how would any smart person ever think he could make any progress??? Only the dumb vote for ignorance!!!
The stock prices are just predictions that have been inflated by the Trump Administration to deceive us into thinking that the economy is doing great.
Wouldn't surprise me if he bankrupt the country. Hope they are keeping a tally on how much he has cost us since he's been in office.
Pretty pathetic return for dumping 1.5 trillion dollars into the economy to help his rich cronies and raise the deficit.
If Individual 1 was put in prison cell 2 I believe the markets would recover, air & water quality would recover & that whole peace on earth thing would be possible
Trump tweeted during Obama’s Presidency that if the stock drops over a 1000 points In 2 days President should be immediately impeached... stock dropped 1400 points in 2 days in October...
Retirement will soon be the thing of the past! So glad the Repugs decided to believe in "Let's Make America Great Again". What a joke!
When you have 6 bankruptcies and elected to run the government. The dow is more than 2000pts down from its high mark.
That’s what HAPPENS WHEN YOU LET 4 GM plants close!!!! You promised these states jobs!! And got rid of the tax Benefits of buying economy cars! Then turned around and blamed them!
I'm I'll always said that trump will bankrupt america before he leave the whitehouse that's the only thing he's good at
Jesus is the way and the truth and the life~No one has freedom except through Him!! Make sure your investments are in the right place folks~Money won't save you❣
I can't take much more of this winning.... for all our sakes, get Trump out of the White House before we all lose all our savings...
Trump's 2nd year in office is beginning to look much worse than when Obama got elected during a recession.
That's because it is trumps fault. Obama always took blame for the market on his watch. Trump takes credit when it goes up.
Amanda Alger GM closed 4plants to invest money into electric and hybrid vehicles forthe next generation. Cars are not profitable everyone wants suvs and trucks.
Please people the DOW is 30 stocks and does not a market make especially when only 3-5 of them can drive it up and down easily due to their price and market share. Just Sayin
Here we go, every time the economy is going well, conservatives vote for tax cuts and military spending, and the market and jobs begin to free fall about 2 years later.
So....? Everybody has moved their primary investments to Cannabis farming, by now, right? Why do this any more? 😂🖖😎
Magical stock markets. The only place trillions of dollars can disappear in a heart beat and no one knows where it goes. Blame yourselves if you lose money in it.
it's going to take a liberal progressive to clean this mess up, notice how we end up hitting a recession with Repugs in office.
What happens when you only know how to fire folks? It takes a smart man to hire a smart individual, and in the smarts arena—he falls a little short. (So, short that market!)
A month before Obama was set to leave WH all number were fake. Same numbers after tRump took office, all numbers are now correct and getting better. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
All I want for Christmas is Mueller Report & #45 impeachment
Having ALL this WINNING. 🙁 We are Hearing Crickets, Now! How's That ECONOMY doing, Now? Wonder Who he is going to BLAME, this time. But let's Put $$ Big MONEY on Building WALLS!!
CNN4 hours ago

The bronze statue of a young girl standing with her hands on her hips — chest forward, chin held high — is seen as a symbol of empowerment and equality.

She doesn't represent all women. Sorry, but you guys conveniently forget race, everytime a feminist movement takes place, as if the 2 can never intersect. Why we couldn't see a mixed race girl representing empowerment here?! 😕
Did you just assume this statutes gender?
A strong woman is who a weak man fears.
Where is the boy's statue to show equality?😆.
I’m sorry but she looks more like that brat from willie wonka and the chocolate factory when she didn’t get her way 😂🤣
I love the way women in America kicked Trump's backside in the last election.
Love this girl. Got to see her in June and actually got tears in my eyes. We WILL suceed!
This says we are spoiled brats give us what we want!
For the record, my stocks were doing much better before she showed up... just sayn 🤷🏽‍♂️
I like the one of the dog pissing on her leg better lmao
Did you just assume it’s gender?
Looks like a privlaged white girl to me. Needs to be taken down!!
I like the statue in it's own and I like what it represents for women. I just wish it hadn't been placed where it was in a direct effort to co-opt and change the meaning of someone elses work.
Tits forward and back arched. Swimsuit model material.
Maybe so. She looks like my daughter standing up against her brothers! I can hear her. She was fearless!
Here come the triggered ones in 3.2.1 😂
Fearless girl unfortunately has indigestion worrying about her retirement savings.
She locked her knees. Shes going to cut off circulation and fall over!🤣
Yall remember that one time we got mad at statues for no reason? Repeat?
Shoulders back. Chin high. Nothing to do with her chest.
Looks like a statue of a sassy little girl that maybe didn’t get her way about something. Nothing really political about it.
Saw her last Xmas in New York...gave me goosebumps
What if the girl identify herself as a boy🤔🤔🤔🤔
It appears that this will give women something to photograph.
Will definitely take photo of her when I am there Christmas
CNN5 hours ago

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has pulled the plug on the crucial parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal, sources say

When the results were in, I clearly remember the outrage for thousands didn't really understand what they were voting for, (you know, like most 45 supporters but they still don't know). She needs to pull the plug completely..No Brexit...So do we...No 45.
Brexit is now Regrexit.
Do not Brexit. This is what putin wants is to weaken Britain. Putin payed some in Britains government just like trump to spread fake information to that Brexit would help them. Brexit will cripple Britain.
BREXIT sucks for the UK & the EU; no one wins except Trump & Putin.
Russian trolls made Brexit happen anyway. Should pull the plug.
The referendum was based on lies and misinformation,it should never have happened,and now it’s put England in a terrible insecure situation.
I think that Brexit is falling apart, as Britain realizes that the brexit vote was essentially an insular nationalist vote that did nothing to make the country better and everything to make it worse. A second brexit vote will likely to occur.
She refuses to give the voters what they voted for! Sad!
Didn't the British people vote to get out of EU?
The British people should be consulted again now that details are known. I bet they change their minds.
Yellow Vest time??
Good! This is not going to be viable for Britain if they lose their gateway of London. Rome will be the new hub and they will lose so much in business and travel. Brexit was fueled by xenophobia and you don't win if you're afraid.
Can we pull the plug on her as PM?
Don't give in to Putin! He has raised holy hell in America.... helped get Trump elected, those dominos keep falling the wrong way and will continue, NATO and the EU are under attack by Putin influence an Trumps ignorance. There is strength in unified numbers.... resist Brexit!
Brexit sounds like a breakfast cereal
Out of fear that her premiership would end...WOW. This goes to show that most of these elite politicians care more for themselves than what’s best for their people. 🤦🏻‍♂️
She has lost all credibility now.... time for her to go.....
It was never going to work have a nice day
wish her dad had pulled the plastic plug at the last minute to save us from her premiership. Yellow vest loading in London 😎
Teresa May should open an investigation on Russian interference in the Brexit vote. Brexit is not good for Britain. It's good for Putin, who with the Saudis wants an eastern EU-type trading org which can operate with individual countries like Britain, Ireland, and the US.
It’s really unfortunate that while May is ineffective, I think she does try her best as she inherited this mess after Cameron resigned
Thought Britain already voted a while ago for Brexit. They can now revote?
If you can't win and hate losing, why play the game?
The one mistake was not to inform the voters the pros and cons of Brexit in the beginning .
I laughed hard when I saw a video where Theresa May was depicted as the greedy Gollum of The Lord of the Ring movie
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.5 hours ago

Colorado Gov. John W. Hickenlooper on President Trump: “We’re seeing all kinds of evidence that the Trump presidency isn’t succeeding. It’s not taking America where it needs to go. It certainly isn’t fulfilling his promises to the rural parts of America.”

Rural america here I'm doing fine. And will vote for trump again!
I’m amazed how many Trump supporters who consider CNN fake news but continually watch, read, and comment on CNN media. You all demonstrate exactly what many psychologists say about Trump and his supporters. Emotional attachment over logical reasoning that most people grow out of by 5th grade. I think faux news is a state run propaganda agency for the Republican Party and only occasionally watch when I want a different perspective which usually only reinforces that Faux news is still overtly very biased. BUT I don’t go on their sites and comment and generally don’t support them with ratings. You guys complain about CNN and SUPPORT THEM REGULARLY. 😂
I came here to watch the Trump supporters deny reality while repeating talking points like good little puppets and bash CNN while they bump it in the algorithms when they comment. I wasn't disappointed. Not the brightest people.
Fake News! This Country is in better shape than it has ever been!! #maga 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Lowest Unemployment rate.. Lowest gas prices... Higher wages.... Hmmmm yeah just terrible... lmfao
This deplorable will be voting for Trump again!
Show us the evidence CNN...Fake News!
President Trump is doing great...God bless America
Sponge Bob gets better ratings than CNN.
I know I'm doing better thanks goes directly to Trump policies.
I sure wish some reporter(S) would research what is actually happening in America and report that. All we hear is personal views not reality. No side is telling the true story.
Liberal name calling. No facts just insults. Typical. #trump2020
when you have a reality show host ruling your county, you can't expect nothing less than a county becoming a circus . MAWA.
I’ll take higher gas prices and a weak economy over a traitor any day.
Well I'm living great and loving my country no matter what
CNN spent as much energy trying to help the country instead of witch hunting we all would be happy
I’m so glad Trump isn’t getting impeached. His supporters need to see his policies fail.
Hmm, the same thing they indicted John Edwards with (illegal campaign fund usage paying hush money)...he won his case and is still making millions practicing law in Raleigh! This is the best they got?
Three Chief of Staff positions currently available at the White House. Melania's, Trump's, and as of Jan. 1, Pence's.
Breaking News: Mueller says, “Individual 1 rides Airforce 1.”
A simple failure we could live with but this administration is corrupt to its core. THAT we cannot tolerate.
Doing GREAT with this TRUMP his family is too!
Well what did people that voted for this moronic con man really expect. Sad.
I wouldn’t mind seeing Hickenlooper on the 2020 ticket.
Fake news go and hug transformer.....Trump all the way
CNN6 hours ago

In the worst-case scenario, an incorrect diagnosis, scan or lab result may have been inserted into a record, raising the possibility of inappropriate medical evaluation or treatment.

Sign up for access to online medical records and review all the’s very important to do. After many years, I have finally resolved ongoing medical records errors due to another person with the same first and last name, same middle initial and same birth month and year. This has haunted me across multiple Sioux Falls businesses.
I'm fairly certain my husband was misdiagnosed as being a type 2 diabetic when in reality he is a type 1. Our son was recently diagnosed as type 1 and that's what made me push for him to get the proper testing. It's a scary world when you can't trust your own medical records.
How to check media sources for fake news and one sided reports . ☝️ Same thing. Always a second and third source will help to find the truth.
A hospital released me here in Florida in 2014 for high bp without running any tests. One day later, heart attack! #FixTheSystem.
And who required electronic medical records???
Anyone can put me through on bitcoin here
Med. Records ALREADY BEEN STOLEN! Protect yourself
This happened to my husband. Every time he goes to a doctor they ask what he's doing for his asthma. He does not, nor ever had, asthma. He had bronchitis years ago and it was wrongly entered as "bronchial asthma."
But but science never makes mistakes their findings are tested and proven and arent they the same people who say the is no God
A man was diagnosed to have cancer and would not have long to live. He sold his house, cashed in all his investments and went on a round-the-world holiday of a lifetime spending his last penny to enjoy the remain of his days. He came home and his doctor told him he was misdiagnosed and he wasn't going to die after all. By then, he has no home and no money to live on.
Citizens! Here is what this corporation is doing to democracy in Wisconsin! Pay attention, your State could be next! Do NOT Trust them! The Corporate Donors Behind the republican Power Grab in Wisconsin! "Walgreens portrays itself as the friendly neighborhood drugstore. It gives flu shots to children, helps communities after storms, donates to charity — and makes feel-good advertisements trumpeting its various good deeds." "But Walgreens also has a tougher side, one you won’t see in those ads. To protect a tax break, the company has allied itself with Wisconsin’s brutally partisan Republican Party. That party is now in the midst of a power grab, stripping authority from Wisconsin’s governor and attorney general solely because Republicans lost those offices last month. The power grab comes after years of extreme gerrymandering, which lets Republicans dominate the legislature despite Wisconsin being a closely divided state."
Just a suggestion to the King of Fake News, CNN...How about covering real breaking news? I don’t hear you guys talking about the people flooding the streets in France 🇫🇷 that object to Macron’s Globalist ways. What about Germany? Oh wait, I forgot. Your crisis actors have to get there first. Until CNN gets bought out by a non-globalist, all you journalists make me laugh & throw up. #CNNisTheKingOfFakeNews #DonLemonIsRidiculous #GlobalistPropagandaChannel
When going through a car insurance claim and court case, I carefully and thoroughly went through each of the dozens and dozens of medical reports in part because I was constantly trying to find any information that would help my injuries heal so I could get back to work and in part, having had to deal with the inhumane treatment by the insurance staff before, I wanted to make sure everything was properly documented. THERE WASN'T A SINGLE REPORT THAT DIDN'T HAVE MULTIPLE, IMPORTANT, MATERIAL ERRORS ON IT. I would point it out to my lawyer and provide copies with corrections noted. Some reported I'm right handed ehen I'm left handed, important because my injuries were on my left side. Some reported my injuries on the wrong side. EVERYONE, MY DOCTOR, ICBC DOCTORS, MY LAWYER AND ICBCs LAWYER ALL TOLD ME I MUST STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE DETAILS. THE DETAILS AREN'T IMPORTANT. The Judge on her Reasons for Judgment as well as other government people who had control of my life then, all took THOSE UNIMPORTANT DETAILS and assumed, wrongly, that I was telling different stories to different people. The RESULT OF THE UNIMPORTANT DETAILS was that the Judge awarded me many hundreds of thousands of dollars of wage loss monies that I was entitled to, because she accepted the INCORRECT DETAILS wrongly.
Yeah docs dont care unless your rich, and theres nothing we can do about it. For 4 months they had my mom in and out of icu. stayed in the hospital all that time after hip surgury the doc came out told me everything went fine walked away and his nurse came running out for me to sign for a blood transfusion. The anesthesia that was given to her was to much and they tried to blame it on a bad heart and we had to take her off life support. They didnt know what to come up with. Of course we werent rich so they didnt care for her care and im positive being Mexican American was also a factor.
If I had a dime everytime CNN lies or a liberal cries about Trump . I could build and pay for the wall in 1 year .
It happened to me and my family. Wrong side of my knee was operated on. And their meds almost killed me on another hosp stay.
I've had an incorrect diagnosis recorded in the past. I can tell the importance
A black man's fear.
is that anything like checking CNN's yellow journalism for treason?
Socialism at it starting point learning to control your healthcare and watching your every move. Then you have to worry about worker making mistakes that cost you more. Vote democratic socialism out before it’s too late.
CNN6 hours ago

"And I would strongly counsel against it," Rubio added. "I don't think that -- in my view, the presidential pardon power was not created for these sorts of purposes... I think it would be a huge political mistake as well."

The latest court filings show that nobody can save Trump now. The most disturbing thing about the recent memo releases is not Trumps involvement, it's that Trump's deranged supporters will continue to believe his crazy lies and claims of innocence. 🤦‍♂️
Republican traitors. They knew trump sucked and they knew trump was not fit to be president. The only reason y they keep backing him up is so they can get money. Now they can’t control the monster I’m sure some of them regret what they had done.
There is no doubt that our President D.J.Trump is one of the best.Always goes beyond what is expected of him.Working constantly on behalf of the American people.Never takes a dime for being this Country’s Leader and President.America is doing great under his presidency and everything goes as planned.I will definitely vote for him again 🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸🌟🇺🇸🌟
Little Marco is all talk until it happens
There shouldn't be pardoning power to clear criminals when YOU'RE A CRIMINAL! Nor should anyone with that power be able to pardon a relative! #JustSayin
Attention all moral republicans, switch parties before you have none
So what is he prepared to do when it happens? Nothing? Thought so.
Rubio is trying to ''grow a pair''?.......Coward.
that's his answer today. Give him five minutes to change his mind.
If DT pardoned Manafort, it would be Obstruction of Justice. No two ways about it!
If he does, Republicans will do nothing.
Unless you have evidence of a conspiracy between Trump & Putin... His supporters don't care. You said collusion.. Now prove it or stfu
For once...I agree with Rubio!
Rubio you’re a wussy..No cahones you jerk
Nice hand placement in the portrait behind Rubio.
Manafort should have cooperated with Mueller as he is obviously counting on Trump for a pardon.What if Trump is removed from office?Not to mention Trump is not capable of loyalty himself. The White House Good Fellas saga continues.
I don’t believe anything that Rubio says. He had a chance to make it right a while back but he chose to support TRUMPTARD In Every Decisión made, Act NOW then TALK
Why is he talking? You can't believe what he says, it depends on what day it is. 🙁
Pardoning Manifort will not help with the Virginia charges. He is going to jail.
he has no backbone or ethics or he would stand up in the Senate and oppose Trump
And I Will Vote Rubio Out of Senate!
Which way is the wind blowing today Marco??? ya really think so, genius?
Rubio's brow would get seriously furrowed if Trump pardons Manafort
Lol no credibility Marco. What a joke he is
CNN7 hours ago

No expense has been spared for the wedding of Isha Ambani, daughter of India's wealthiest man. The guest list includes Hillary Clinton and Sachin Tendulkar, and Beyoncé gave a private concert.

This wedding probably provided jobs for hundreds of people from servers and entertainers to make up artists and cooks. It’s not like they took money and threw it in the ocean.
Why you guys so mad..... It's her wedding and her money 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm sure the people saying better give it to the poor they probably never give anything to the poor.. Just playing "perfect" on social media 😒😒
Million Dollars Wedding, 50 cents Eyebrow
She should be ashamed throwng such wedding in a country with more then 40% povrty.
I had eggs and toast for breakfast. I also hate Monday’s
Is it your money they're spending? Lol.. So many bitter people here, as if they're footing the tab.. 😂
That money could have fed half of d poor ppl in India, then that is greatness
I don't understand why anyone should spend thousands (or in this case millions) on a wedding. My "wedding" was $177 including the gold bands at $95. It took 15 minutes and we're happily married 18 years later. Save that money for a crisis or invest it.
When there's money being wasted, Democrats are always somehow involved...
Ur money Ur choice Ur wedding Do whatever u want 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Love from Dr Congo
It’s their money that they work for, let them enjoy. Blessings to them
What a waste of money. Think of how many people in this world could have been helped—the sick, the poor, third world nations......
What about feeding the poor in her country instead and keep a simple ceremony/reception.
CNN is prestigious media house.CNN should avoid this kind of nonsense covering.CNN journalist if you want to cover then go to Indian villages and talk with farmers and people then you will find what problem India is facing now.stop double standard journalism.In USA you oppose Rich Trump and in India you support Riches who is looting poor country using own prime minister friend.why this double standard of journalism.wake up.
Why publicized? It should be private also, majority of people doesn't care😅
So rich people spending an exorbitant amount of money on frivolous materialistic items for an event? oh ok😒... And what will you tell us next? the sun is up? wet floors are slippery?🤷🏽‍♂️
Beyonce should use her earnings to support rape victims in India.
Wonder what pantsuit Hillary was wearing!! Haha
Why the hell does everyone want Beyonce in everything? I don't get it. What's so special about her?
If I was her, I would have felt happier spreading wedding money over poor ppl
If you have it, flaunt it ! To the mega wealthy it means nothing, but the best. Good luck to them. We would ALL like to be mega rich, wouldn't we ?
You have to be VERY rich and powerful to have Beyoncé give a private concert for a wedding.
I wonder what Beyonce charged to perform?
And yet people are living in poverty and starving in India, at least she gets her private concert from Beyonce!
that explains beyonces IG photo lol
CNN7 hours ago

Some in the audience yelled "run, Joe, run!" and "2020." The former vice president is considering whether to launch a run for the White House in 2020 and has said he'll make a decision within the next two months.

He should really go open a massage parlour somewhere. Fresh blood is needed.
Yes, run Joe run. The feds and law enforcement are after you for touching little girls in creepy way.
I cant wait to call this man my president!!
I love Joe Biden...but we need young ideas. People are tired of the same old same old. I would never vote for Trump but I truly hope that the party can come up with something new.....I personally am tired of both parties and the same old thing.
Beto for president and Joe his running mate or Beto and Harris as running mate
Obama was bad president in history of USA
To all who oppose Joe think again don't be so myopic, Joe a centrist dem coupled with Beto on the ticket would be a wonderful choice.experience and wisdom of age balanced with energy and fervour of youth.
Run away little girls. Good riddance Creeper Joe, you can't run far enough from what I have seen.
Elmo would be better than Trump. Anyone can run right? 🙄
No. I love Joe, but dems need younger candidates!
Never in my lifetime , have I seen a bunch of crybaby losers whine and cry about a president or election they didn’t participate in . America is in trouble with these idiots .
Gee I'm hanging on the edge of my seat? Go home joe? Go home
Can we please get someone a little-no a lot younger?
Love you Joe, but it is time for you and Bernie to hand over the fight to some new people. I hope you and Bernie stay engaged and help us win.
Gimme some morning JOE with Michelle Obama!!!!a
You sure you don’t want a billion dollars spent against you in attack ads and them bribing every girl in your middle school to make up allegations against you?
Yeah, Joe can siphon half the dem vote from Bernie and we can have Trump again. Sounds like a great idea.
Michael Bloomberg for President...
We need seasoned politicians, and that can read and write.
Well, let's hope he beats forest Trump.
Joe run in 2020... That's a bunch of malarkey !
well he'd be qualified to run, I'll give him that.
I'd love to see Joe to run but I do not know if he could win. That's the key.
This country needs a President Biden!
The Democrats need to vote now on who should run. Save a lot of time and noise.
CNN8 hours ago

The grand tour:

On a encore du pain sur la planche Suzanne Brandt hihi! Et tu as vu il y a Brugge #tropdefièrté
Turkey is not Europe! CNN
CNN is nothing without Trump.
I’d rather take a grand tour of Yellowstone again!
Bruges: yes, absolutely. But some of the other places: surely not. Mountains of x in Rumania? Düsseldorf? Yes, it's a nice place and has a unique Japanese quarter and all that. But hey: compare it to Munich, to Hamburg, to Cologne, to Trier, to Aachen, to Lübeck... nah. I'd say: Bruges for Belgium; Auvergne for France, Shetland Islands for UK; Hamburg for Germany, Capri for Italy, Lake of Geneva for Switzerland; Girona and surroundings for Spain; --- and the rest up north or over in the east I couldn't really nominate.
Do i get yellow vest
Prague feels offended
There it is- Wrocław 🙂 Poland
Please give other options besides hiking. Why am I going to spend my vacation doing more work?
Where's PRAGUE?🇨🇿 One of the most visited cities in Europe? 🧐
If u want us to see these places, please give us money so we can buy plane tickets.
Mmmm,a lot of people think that Ghent is prettier than Bruges.
Thanks for showing Avignon instead of Paris 😉
Nicole remember when we lived in Europe and traveled to some of these cities/countries????? (Alley you wouldn’t know bc u were in cp!
What a beautiful place. Living in the past. Wow
Wow beautiful
Firstly, the cost of hopping from country to country would be ridiculous and secondly the travel would take up the best part of the holiday. Europe is a full continent. American visitors should try and concentrate on a country at a time. Maybe two
Is anyone interested?
You forgot Stockholm
Hanna Raaum it says Düsseldorf. When are you coming?
Visit this 3 destinations in Asia- Singapore, Thailand and Bangkok
Few places missing: Strasbourg, Swiss Alps Porto, Colmar, Tuscany and Hel Peninsula
Bruges was so boring! Everything shut down early, very pricey, not impressed
„Dusseldorf: Germany's go-to destination for hip travelers.“ 😸
CNN8 hours ago

The first winter storm of the season is fading away, but it has left behind canceled flights, icy roads and thousands without power. Here's what you need to know:

"Laughs in Canadian".
Happens every year
They say move south it never snows 😂😂😂 it was a Beautiful day in NY
Oh come on it's not even that bad🤣 try living in South Dakota! Where the weather is biopolar as hell
What you need to know is that winter storms are entirely normal in the wintertime and that they are not, in any way, proof of man-made climate change.
Snowstorms in December....🤔....go figure.
😂😂 come live in Minnesota for a few years and we'll show you what winter is all about!
CNN is nothing without Trump
First winter storm was the Friday after Thanksgiving
What’s the world coming to . Liberals whining about everything Trump does . Never have we see a bunch of children , whining about everything . To bad they can’t use their brain to see the party they support uses them , just as they have to African America’s and done nothing for them !
Democrats: Putin did it 😊
Seems like every time it snows, the stores run out of milk and bread, is that all people eat?
Trumph: Look, there is no global warming!
This is news? Nice writers you have there CNN
Pretty sure we had snow here in the Boston area in mid-November, CNN. Are you gaslightng us on snowfall now?
North Is Just Fine 🙂
Southern states : OMG A FEW INCHES OF SNOW WHERE DEAD!!! Northern US and Canada- Hold my beer
Global warming. Lol
Eu morreria em menos de 24 horas nesse frio.
It's December. There's snow. We didn't even need to be told that much.
Oh my, it’s called winter, it’s called the weather. Guess the global warming is taking a break
look at all that global warming. lol its called snow.if global warming was real it wouldnt be snowing.
First? We got 18 inches a few weeks ago
Liberal Snowflakes are melting .
CNN9 hours ago

Two nuns misappropriated "substantial amounts" of funds from a Catholic school in Southern California for their own use, the monsignor of St. James Catholic Church said in a letter to parishioners.

How about the archdiocese simply pay a settlement to the school, transfer the nuns to another parish school so they can embezzle again? Oh, wait...
it's nun of my business
These two nuns have bad " habits " . Definitely Novices . 🙏
Gotta love how this organization protects criminals....they don’t even lose their ‘jobs’, much less go to jail.
If the school had an extra $500,000 lying around that went unnoticed when taken, didn't cause students to miss out on anything..........seems like tuition is much higher than needed
Like this is shocking news ... Catholic Church is deep in scandal
I'm just here for the nun jokes..
Sisters are doing it for themselves!
Embezzling church funds... this is utter nunsense!
Give me 3 “Hail Mary’s” and 2 “Our Fathers” and you will be forgiven my child.
Evangelicals have been doing it forever....about time the Catholics got in on the game!!
Police searched their house to find the funds , but couldn't find nun.
Finally! Equal rights in the Church😂
So the nuns stole from the church who stole it from parishioners
Aww, the “Good Ole Catholic Church!” Did I “Hear a BINGO in the back?”
Wow Catholic Church going to hell in a hand basket
They stay at the convent, pray all day, wear the same traditional habit of clothing a distinctive habit, wimple, veil, so why do they need money?
Praise be the Lord,religion causes nothing but trouble 👎
Where do u want them to get money?they work...they are nuns...anyways it's nun of my business
Wait? Aren't nuns people too? This story make it sound like they can't spend money and don't have bills.
The catholic church has much bigger problems.
Sistah needs anew pair of shoes!🎲🎲
Man, Catholics have been taking L’s left and right this year
And the church chooses not to press charges?
What kind of fun are they gonna have now... NUN 😩
CNN9 hours ago

There's no such thing as one type of "Indian food."

Love an indian curry. Wonderful spices and flavours. Prefer northern.
Love Indian food
Indian food gives me the shits... I'll pass.
The taste of our food is very dependable of India
Hi 🙂 Everyone, the only work you and I have to do is to believe in Jesus: This is the work of God, that you believe in Jesus whom God sent, John 6:29. Believe what? Believe that Jesus loved you and he died in your place for your sins, Galatians 2:20. Jesus came to look for a bride, the church which consists of everyone who believes, Ephesians 5:23-27 Let us rejoice, be happy, and give him glory because it's time for the marriage of the lamb. His bride has made herself ready, Revelation 19:7. And this is how anyone can become a citizen of heaven: Believe NOW and say: Thank you Lord Jesus, you loved me and you died in my place for my sins. I rejoice that my name is NOW written in heaven, Amen! Galatians 2:20, Luke 10:20.
Curry n chips was ace for me as a kid in UK.
Wrong, there is like Bangladeshi.
My fav is from Kerala region.
India has the oldest, greatest spiritual roots:
All I know is that I can smell it when I enter the apartment building.
There literally is a such thing
Land of spices
Ya to Pakistan hai food🤔
Very true,so many flavors and spices
Love Indian food cooked by Indians
no sh*t 🤷🏽‍♂️
Good, flavorful and not too hot curry mmm.
One lifetime would not suffice to try it all...I have the belly to prove it.
We present this humanitarian message on behalf of the Iraqi refugees in Turkey to the officials of the international community and human rights organizations in the world . We convey our suffering, waiting and neglect for many years without a tangible result, and the loss of the future of our children and our families without a homeland that allows us to live in dignity because we suffer a tragedy that the international community must be aware of we fled from our country due to the threat and persecution we have faced in our country at the hands of terrorism and the illegal armed groups waiting for us to return to a country where there is no protection and no safety . we registered as asylums at UNHCR in turkey but we met a more difficult situation where hard waiting and unknown future . we ask you to submit our voice for appropriate we face . Thank you #Save_The_Iraqi_Refugees_In_Turkey #In_The_Name_Of_Humanity_Save_Our_Children #Save_Our_Families_To_Live_In_Dignity
Sometimes India food irritates me
Subscribe to pewdiepie
So much beautiful cultures ya a handful of people ruin it for all.
Some of Thai food we also use these seasoning ingredients (curry ) , but our Thai food smell different from Indian food 😜
Hello, Everyone I have to give this testimony of how Prophet alafia intervene in my marriage, as I had a problem with my spouse 4 years ago, which led to our Break up and was even about to be divorced.. I was not myself again, ever since then my life have been filled with pains and bitterness, i couldn't imagine my life without him. I saw a testimony about a great man called Prophet Alafia and how he helps people around the world, that he can bring back lover within few days, actually I laughed it off and said I am not interested, but due to the love I have for my man, I consulted this great prophet and to my greatest surprise after 3 days my husband called me for the very first time in 4 years that he is missing me and that he is so sorry for everything he had done to me,he said he want me back and we are going to spend our life together and promise never to hurt me again.. I still can't believe my eyes because it's highly unbelievable! All I can say is thank you to Prophet alafia for bringing back my husband to me and my kids and for anyone who might need the help of this great Prophet, please permit me to drop his mail here: Prophetalafiaa@gmail. com
Yes it's true. Every state has their different food chain, along with tribal people. Some food are common.
CNN9 hours ago

Britain can unilaterally halt the formal process of leaving the European Union, the European Court of Justice says.

Can we give them Trump so he can make Britain Great again?
Most people didn't know what they were voting for.brexit is more complex than that. the u.k. heads have realized and adjusted accordingly...glad that the British still have their wits..
So they people vote to leave but politicians do not listen and do what they want anyway? And you wonder why Yellow Vests are rioting?
Wonder when the Diabetes is going to raise its head ? Tea Time News or later Guaranteed it will feature in her letter though Guaranteed
Most people weren't given the full optics of what this decision will affect! Travelling, holiday homes, jobs, produce, visas, and so on.
Sadly in Great Britain those with money in Tax Havens make up the rules as they go along and call it the 'will of the people'.
..... and that’s why Ladies and Gentlemen, so many of us feel the need to leave . We don’t want a Court outside the UK ,to tell us what we can or can’t chose to do ..
I wish they would. This is going to be a desaster‼️ I feel sorry for the REMAINERS.😔
ger stuffed we voted the PEOPLE voted out out is out OUT IS OUT HAVE YOU GOT IT ? GOOD!!
Yes please, cancel Brexit. Remain in the EU
It's obvious in the eyes of the pro Brexit UK citizens, that Brexit will be a great damage to UK, most especially the young people of the UK..
The worms won't go back in the can, Pandora's box bust open, and now there are adders in the grass! Have a nice day !
Russia 🇷🇺 and Trump want Europe weaker. Divide and conquer strategy then Russia can pick one country at a time. The right wing extremist in England are falling for it and some in England government are Russians pawns.
Phil Skeet... They should turn Brexit into a comedy show. A cringe worthy slowly dying no chance of nomination comedy show. Turn the TV off.
Why bother voting if they can just decide for you?
The Britons should grow up. We are Europeans. And we should dump trump's sycophants while revoking Brexit
You morons, the Brits had a National referendum, now an EU court can cancel it. This has nothing to do with Trump or Russia or anything else.
The last thing EU wants is for UK to leave. Of course they will make it really easy for UK to cancel it. 😡
So that EU Antichrist , anti church, antichristian agenda can continue?
I sincerely hope that Britain does not carry on Brexit. It would be a huge disaster for the nation. Any sort of renegotiation or cancelation of Brexit I believe would be good for the long run. Britain should not follow Trump’s example by any means at all. Wouldn’t it be great if Trump were defeated in a landslide in 2020, and that Brexit could be potentially cancelled!! This would help certainly bring some sanity back to the world. This is something I hope for.
They'd be crazy not to have another vote now that they know the details.The 'stay' vote will romp in next time.
That would be the smartest thing the Brits have done so far! The Brexit mess is an unqualified disaster
EU courts can go and whistle, why would they come up with this information a day before the vote..... Nasty buggers always playing their dirty games, the sooner we divorce the better.
They should leave, many good reasons
Of course they would they think they can interfere in any nation’s business and sovereignty. Either Britain leaves the EU sooner or comes crumbling down with the EU.
CNN10 hours ago

The next chief will walk into a White House engulfed in scandal, in the sights of special counsel Robert Mueller and newly empowered Democrats, at what is shaping up as one of the most grave constitutional moments in US history | Analysis by Stephen Collinson

You would have to be the dumbest person alive to step into that train wreck. Rudy Guiliani: Hold my beer...
And who in their right mind would want to commit career suicide by being associated with that circus? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Trump 2020, 20years for obstruction and 20years for treason MAGA 🤡🤡🤡🤡
"May be walking into a nightmare."??? 😂😂😂 Pretty sure "guaranteed to be a 💩 show" is in the job description. 😂
Trump isn't going anywhere. Sorry Snowflakes.
At this point, no respectable or honorable person should want to work in Donald's White House, either as Chief of Staff or aide.
As much chaos as Trump has brought to the W.H. it makes you wonder much chaos is actually in his private life... scary thought...
Consequences of working in the Trump White House: career suicide, breaking of spirit, tainted reputation, figuratively burnt by this dumpster fire of an administration.
What’s the point of even having one. They are ineffective in this admin. It’s like herding cats.
No the nightmare is being the chief of staff for Trump and having to be around the guy all day and having to listen to his narcissistic rambling. I'm amazed Kelly lasted as long as he did.
And on top of all that who would want such a surly ungrateful ungracious boss?
The individual is a walking HazMat situation!! Extremely toxic. The nation has been babysitting the individual for 2 years!! And have absolutely nothing positive to show for it.
More fake news. Shut it CNN. Try real reporting ...
Who in their right mind would take the job? It's a burning ship at this point.
Ahhh CNN the reek of desperation from the Democrats news networks is starting to reach the top and they are starting to realise the smell is very familiar, similar to the stench of defeat.
Job Posting: THE JOB FROM HADES (Prove that you can work effectively with a monster)
CNN is so happy for chaos in America.
Oh, oh, I know. Why not make the relationship official and install his nightly pillow talk buddy Sean Hannity? It would cut down on the phone bill and Trump seems to only listen to him anyway!
This does seem like a witch hunt. If a police officer follows you for 100 miles, he will find something to pull you over on.
Still waiting for this phantom scandal to surface
"News" that is only and always focus is scaring people, dividing people, labeling people and judging people. #WalkAway. Imagine being married to someone with just those characteristics, it would be considered verbal abuse.
I wonder what Trumps prison nickname will be...
How many officials have resigned so far since he assumed office. It might really be a nightmare
*May* be walking into a nightmare? I think the author of that line *may* have a gift for understatement...
Maybe just maybe he won't get anyone who wants to work for him 🙂
CNN11 hours ago

Japan's crown Princess Masako has said she feels "insecure" about assuming the role of empress next year amid an ongoing battle with stress-related illness -- but says she will do her best to fulfil her duties.

In America, we're not too happy about Trump becoming Empress.
I’m glad we have a more than capable leader who is confident and knows he can get the job done.
No Japanese is going to say, "Hey, I got this!" Saying she is "insecure" is something anybody in Japan would say when asked how they felt about filling that role.
It’s hard out here for Empresses, Princesses and Queens./s
LOL... she's a figurehead... All decisions are made by parliament.. Why not commit the monarchy to the dustbin?
So humble, can only wishes her the best
Humility is what we need
That's what I call, Royal, Humility!
No one could have a illness worst than Mr. Trump. .....treat your people with respect, they'll respect you. Less stress. Wishing the best.
Ivanka will happily take her place..
Because there is no point to royalty anymore. Royals are for poor countries
Masako sama ganbatte ne! I respect you a lot. Japan' s next crowning empress.
I think she will do a grand job as empress of Great Japan. Tenno Heika Banzai.
This news ROCKED my world.
With Bolter and Chainsword in hand unleash wrath upon the enemies of humankind, Oh Empress!
What is monarchy for nowadays? Power is never set in stone indeed.
#World_Famous_Aghori_ +91-9587677582 #Solution 101% LOVE" Problem Solution #Aghori_Tantrik +91-9587677582 #फीस_नही_इनाम_लूंगा_वो_भी_काम_होने_के_बाद_ +919587677582🌴 (((माँ काली की शक्तिः मेरी भक्ति)))🌴 (,.शक्तियो और साधना का मात्र एक स्थान #चमत्कार_देखें_घर_बैठे_2घंटो_में_101_%_ #गरंटीड_उपाय #.... .. _🌴specialist +91-9587677582 -🌷-------] ((#स्पेसलिस्ट_प्रेमी_वशीकरण))(मनचाहा प्यार )🌴 (काम-कारोबार)♥ ( पति - पत्नी में अनबन)" समस्या है तो GB भी है " #all_problems_solution_with_in_2_hours
Good to hear this from her. i think she begin to feel like and ready to perform the role of a good leader. Humility of the highest order.
(Also one other thing that intrigues: I'm still wondering if chrysanthemum was at one time a royal title as well because of the historical layout of chrysanthemum. Lost history but from what dynasty? Wonder if chrysanthemum is a symbol of the rays of the Mother Goddess Amaterasu (grandmother of the royal line of Japan). By the looks of the royal chrysanthemum crest, always being gold. Makes she's a sun goddess. Intriguing). Also if a shinto priest(ess) may for self, lay a rose (any color) before a shrine to Princess Kazu and the Goddess Amaterasu for self. I do not want to be arrogant nor ignorant especially to the pair. They're still living souls..
Guess she has had hard time more than one decade, but she gonna be fine...cuz she is the lady full of confidence!!
Enfermedad por el stress que queda para el resto de los mortales
Thomas malidieve mur mur cosmos navy Japan admiral bkk พ่อจอร์นเมอเรย์ ปูตะนอย Bless the lord
I wouldn’t mind becoming her massage therapist.
Princess Masako may be battling some illness but what she said has nothing to do with her illness. It is a Japanese way of showing humility. A Japanese would never tell you they are confident and up to a task that's facing them. You call a plumber to your house to fix something for you. You describe the problem in detail to him, and then ask if he can do it. He might be the best plumber in the whole county, but his typical answer would be "yatte minai to wakaranai" (I won't know until I try to do it). He pulls out his tools and in just ten minutes he's done. Japanese are very efficient and capable, and still very quiet and humble about it.
In personal aspect, if a real Japanese says something of this nature In a situation like this, h/she is simply implying the opposite. For saying that, it means that she’s very secured and very ready to take up the mantle of the emperorship without any atom of fear in her. She said that she is insecure, that is because she don’t want to put fear in her people. In fact Its just a normal kind of way Japan to show their humbleness, modesty, lack of pride, etc. and their readiness to do their. So, it dose not literally mean that she’s afraid as being insecure .
CNN12 hours ago

Dr. Ricardo Pun-Chong has been named the 2018 CNN Hero of the Year for his efforts to provide free housing, meals and support for sick children and their families while they undergo treatment.

We watched and cried all night. Thank you, CNN for honoring what’s right in the world and the people embodying it ❤️❤️❤️
I bet you'll never see a show similar to CNN heroes on Faux News. Stop being evil #45 cult members
We need more people like this. We are not lacking smart people but we are lacking of kind truthful people.
I have faith in CNN. They honored our very own Filipino Efren Penaflorida in 2009. Mabuhay CNN!!! Congratulations Dr. Ricardo Pun-Chong and the rest of the 9 honorees. Big winners with a big heart inspiring US all to do good
Thank you for restoring my faith in mankind Dr. Ricardo Pun-Chong. The world's a little crazy right now and we need all the good news we can get. God bless you and the amazing work you do.
Thank you Dr. Pun-Chong for making our country feel proud, and being an amazing inspiration! 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪
He should replace Trump as President. Much love for this guy.
Thank you for being a bright light and for helping me see goodness right now.❤️
Thank you for proving that some Doctors do have a heart. God bless you to continue to do your work. May God bless you with all the fiances you need to continue to keep on helping families
Sure was wonderful seeing a show devoted entirely to people doing good things around the world. What as inspiration these people are!
Congratulations to Dr. Ricardo and all the nominees. You guys are inspiration.
Excellent show!! Loved it! Wish we would see real heroes being commended more often!
Yeah I had watched the documentary about how he's helping those who have cancers, especially that part, a mother who has kid with cancer. He really has a good heart, I mean free meals, accommodation, and little medication, not all billionaires/millionaires do that. Godbless this man always!
Absolutely amazing! This made my Sunday 💖
Congratulations Dr.Ricardo Pun Chong God Bless You..Thank You CNN..
Who are these people praising Trump??
Congratulation Dr. Ricardo Pun-Chong! You make a difference in our world. Love and God Bless you!
I really enjoyed watching this last night. It’s so nice to see heroes on a news station instead of all of the depressing villains we have in the world right now.
At least he'll likely get the best cardiac care for his enlarged heart. All the best to him in his treatment.
Dios lo bendiga mi querido Dr. Ricardo Pun-Chong. Lo felicito por ser un ángel de la guarda. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏❤️
A true humanitarian 🙏🏼 He is a hero to mankind and an amazing man. Thank you, one person can make a difference.
Wow!!! God is a good God! This doctor is blessed!!!
This gives me hope for the future of our world. All ten of these people are doing incredible things.
Thank you so much for last nights Hero of the helped in returning that child like love of of Christmas back to me! ❤️
What a beautiful heart, God bless❤
CNN12 hours ago

President Trump has agreed to propose a defense budget of $750 billion for the coming year -- marking a reversal from plans to shrink defense spending, an administration official confirmed to CNN.

If he, and his supporters, were really interested in making “America great again“, investing in education would be the first priority.
750 billion to private contractors and his Rich cronies! Our veterans and our active duty won't see a difference in their already meager and measly pay and benefits! #Mexicoisntpayingforthewall
But we cant pay for health insurance
He can propose it all day long, but the new House will never pass it. And he knows it. This is just a fake political move to appease pro-military voters.
Yep thats what we need. No bridges, schools, water supply improvement, alternative energy investment rather bombs and walls.
5 days ago he said our defense spending was “crazy” and US would have to have talks about the “uncontrollable arms race.” That was when it was at $716 billion! He has no short term memory or he’s just nuts.
It's funny when it rains it pours they have got money for wars but they can't feed the poor in my 2 pacs voice
Looking to deflect from the inevitable impeachment. lol. Can we all chant together now LOCK HIM UP!!
What did you expect from a fake worthless president?
As he has already said “he won’t be around” he doesn’t care about budgets and debt.
He about to be committed to prison.
...there goes affordable health care for an already bloated military budget.
There's no day off with this man's craziness.
Yes because using a million dollar bomb on a village worth $100 is always a cost effective strategy 🤨
We put more money into the defense than the next 25 countries combined.
traitor trump lies numerous times daily..
This is great news. It's also great news that ivanka is shutting down her shoe business and opening a weapons manufacturing plant. The timing is great as it means our soldiers will be equipped with the latest in weapon designs with swarovski crystals and pink leather handles
#sigh. We don't need such a bloated military budget. This is all pandering and Trump's ego.
Where is he stealing the money from?
I have a better budget .... $100 billion. Time to consolidate and withdraw from places we don't belong, stop wasting money, no more 'sign on' bonuses for joining. Instead, take what funds would have been wasted and FINALLY create an acceptable, skilled and effective VA where soldiers and their families get quality, needed care.
There's always more money for war.
I have trouble trusting any man that wears gloves and an overcoat when it’s cold. Maybe it’s silly. But seeing a man wearing nice leather gloves when it isn’t literally snowing outside or he isn’t doing any labor just says something about a person to me. Maybe it’s just me.
Wasn't he just crying about 716 billion was too much? Going the wrong way, stop feeding the defense contractors corporate welfare. Sad.
How are we going to pay for it??? That is what they ask for every other program than this. This is ridiculous and not needed.
CNN13 hours ago

Scientists say that beef consumption must fall drastically to avert a climate catastrophe, but changing diet can be hard. Here are your options.

Reducing the amount of meat you eat is not only good for your health, it really is better for the earth. I'm not saying everyone needs completely eliminate meat from their diet, but moderation can be beneficial.
I'm not giving up my meat. I love burgers, steak, and roast beef. Why should I have to give up what I enjoy? Climate change does not concern me. There are more important things to worry about. Humans don't control the weather or the temperature.
I stopped eating meat and dairy pretty much in one day. When I saw the suffering of the animals and the earth, I didn't want to contribute to that. It has been unbelievably easy with all the great substitutes out there. PS I was over 50
Help the environment and improve your health? Why that’s like feeding two birds with one scone!
24/7 CNN is 12 times worse for the climate then beef.
Propaganda for the grain lobby. Just stop.
So, the approximate 1400 nuclear tests worldwide had nothing to do with climate change, it was the beef. This is a joke.
As someone who is not good at controlling my diet, giving up meat 28 years ago was the easiest thing I've ever done...Now if I could just control my carbohydrate, gin, and vodka addictions....☺
I smell a vegan rat on this one ..
Haven’t eaten beef since 1991... and loving it!
Nope. I'll stick to eating my steak and ground beef. Pork as well.
The beyond burgers are suuuper tasty. They honestly taste better than beef. Not sure I'll ever give up on chicken and fish, but eating whatever my vegan roommate makes has been a pretty fun experience.
Lotta ppl say they’re environmentalists, but how many of those would give up meat to have a meaningful impact?
I eat beef maybe once a month - chicken is cheap and healthy. Red meat shouldn't be a staple item in the first place, it should be a treat that you make an explicit decision to buy, like desserts or alcohol.
I’m all for reducing meat consumption. Really we only should eat it like three times a week instead of three times per day.
This is why I don't consume any animal products.
Beef is expensive and overrated... Chicken is where it's at!
let American die eating romaine lettuce...ok
Bison/buffalo can fend for themselves on their native range, and are the logical replacement to beef cattle and factory farms.
Changing your diet isn’t that hard at all. There are SO many options on the market, Beyond Meat is the best one. Burgers, brats and more. We fed the Beyond Burger to our parents that grew up on the farm and they loved it.
Why is wild game not on the list? We harvest 2 deer, lots of waterfowl and fish each year to feed our family, and buy half a pig from a local farmers, buy chicken once a week and beef even less often.
You want me to switch from Porterhouses to bugs? ooookk 🤣
Fertilizer contributes to greenhouse gases more than me eating beef. The goal should be year-round grazing as opposed to changing my diet. It's more efficient farming and it's more practical than asking a generation of beef eaters to hurt an industry they enjoy.
I pretty much gave up beef 2 years ago, just too expensive
As long as it is not poisonous, I will eat whatever i want ! screwed those coz we only live once so why not enjoy most of it!
CNN13 hours ago

Former FBI Director James Comey asks American voters to end Donald Trump's presidency with a "landslide" victory for his opponent in 2020.

I would vote for Honey Boo Boo before Trump.
Its funny that citizens throughout Europe absolutely love President Trump because he is against globalism and so many of our citizens are too dumb to realize how much he has helped the US since he has been in office.
Whatever Donald J Trump was in the past God has surely molded him into a great leader into the present and future of making America Great Once again and putting America first! A true Christian warrior that is fighting for all real Americans! God bless the Lord of the Flies and let him keep on silencing the salty delusional brainwashed haters!#MAGA #BETO2020 😉😂😊😎🤔😥😣😏🙄
Well this wouldn't be an issue if you kept your mouth shut in 2016.
How about before 2020 We can’t wait that long
I guarantee I will vote for Trump! Even if you impeach him.
Can't wait for 2020, I need to see him impeached right now, and every record of his f*** up presidency erased from the books. I will sleep better knowing that every bad decision he's made so far has been reversed.... That's what I want for Christmas dear Santa !!!
It’s time to restore integrity in the White House. Joe Biden 2020!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Isn’t Comey the same guy that said Hillary’s emails were under investigation or should be literally right before the election??!! You hold some blame in this hot mess circus too!
I agree but if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be in this situation. You should feel worse than ‘mildly nauseated’ for being the cause for this mess.
After Trump ls done it will take years to fix his disasters or his blind worshippers ,
I can't fathom why anybody would believe Trump on anything.
The Trumptards are extra triggered tonight.
Oh, we will, we will. We can never allow this kind of person to be a US president again. The same exact way we swept the 2018 house elections, we will sweep the presidency. #bluewave2020
Comey=Corruption, it does not take a mathematician to figure it out!
He will be removed from office before the election
You guys remember when Facebook was only available to humans with a collegiate email address? Those were the days... now every 65 year old retiree in Mississippi lives on Facebook.
Sir, while I appreciate your advice, I have to admit you kind of annoy me. Had you not pulled that cockamamie stunt we might not be here with the boy king
The democrats will stop at nothing to find Trump guilty of something. They have nothing better to do. What he did in the past has nothing to do with him today. Even if the democrats try to impeach him, they will need two-thirds of the Senate to remove him from office. The Senate is mainly republican so they will not get the votes from the Senate to remove him from office.
Absolutely! Anybody else #2020
His actions helped Trump get elected. Why is he acting like none of this was his doing? FOH dude 😂
I’ll vote for anyone but trump
Shoulda kept his mouth shut about HRC
I wish we could be like Pam waking up to find Bobby in the shower: this entire last season would turn out to be a dream!!
This is a lifelong registered republican people....... what does that say!
CNN14 hours ago

The commission will "carry on John McCain's legacy of shining a light on human rights abuses across the world and building bipartisan coalitions to take action," Senator Thom Tillis says

Fact: Best President in years. Always goes beyond what is expected of Him. Working 24 seven on behalf of the American People. Never takes a dime for being this Country’s Leader and President. America is doing great under his presidency. God Bless President Trump. God bless America. We will re-elect him in 2020. Go Trump 🇺🇸🌟🌷❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸
America and human rights nop that is a foregn language to americans evidents Lybia,Yamen,Afganistan,Iran,Iraq,and on and on ohh and African Americans,America is the abuser how can they uphold human rights
Thom Tillis, you are a hypocrite. Your record could not stand the scrutiny of a shining light. I may not agree with everything McCain did, but he had integrity and a backbone.
Do rethuglicans even know what human rights are?
Tom Tillis? From NC? The guy who refused to cut off support of Saudi Arabia after they tortured & murdered a journalist, is going to start a Human Rights committee?? You're kidding right? This is a joke? Naw, just another Republican talking out of both sides of his azz.
Wrong guy. Choose someone with integrity.
What? He was for every war!!! He didn’t care about civil rights issues here in the US, let alone human right violations in other countries.
Shame on any of you who don't respect John McCain. He wasn't perfect, but he was a real man who did real things for America, not just loudly taking credit for everything all others started or did or for raping and pillaging America for profit.
Y’all this is supposed to be CNN not The Onion. 😂😂😂😂 What’s next? An ethics commission honoring George H.W Bush?
What?😂 ask the middle east people how they feel about this... Is this a joke?😂
With Human Rights advocates like McCain, who needs dictators?
Good...this gives Trumpers a chance to come out against human rights, like we always knew they were.
On the one hand, I'm all for human rights. On the other hand, McCain wasn't, so... The man flipped on the issue of torture during the Iraq War. A man who had experienced it firsthand, and who had pledged never to allow it. Then he flipped to win over America's worst denizens (who now have their man in the White House).
They can start with family separation and Khashoggi!
There must be a typo.. it doesn't say The Onion.
Another bs honoring that will cost us but do nothing
Bah, just another committee that money funnels into that does zero for Americans. Mccains story (the real one) will come out in short order.
And irony is officially dead.
What a joke, but at least it’s not Bush. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Lol this is like building a bipartisan committee on drug recovery and naming it after Pablo Escobar
Would that include government sponsored torture?
A fitting tribute. My wish is that the commission would eradicate human rights violations and bring all people to see the value in all humans.
Thom Tillis doesn’t know the meaning of bipartisan. Don’t believe a word of it.
last of our grand old party right there! McConnell and Ryan should be ashamed of themselves!
OMG! Who called in the clowns????I should read these comments more often! I haven't had this good a laff in months!! Charles VASICRACK! Ooh boy. This guy has missed his calling in life, for sure!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
CNN14 hours ago

The United States sided with Russia and Saudi Arabia over the weekend at a global climate summit to contest language supporting a landmark climate report, The Washington Post reports.

What an embarrassing and shameful time in america. The only things worse than trump are his supporters.
The rest of the world: "We are going to side with science on this." Russia and Saudi Arabia: "Hey Trump, we got money for you as long as you do what we say!" Trump: "Science is fake news!"
Russia and Saudi Arabia own Trump & Kushner, period.
When do we get a real president again?
The United States did NOT team up with Russia and Saudi Arabia, Trump did!when are the Trumpites realize that this president, and I use the word loosely, is selling out our democracy? Pay attention!!!!!!!!!
No Trump sided with them. The majority of the Americans who are educated don't side with him.
The most prolific oil producing countries deny climate change. The leaders of which are enriching themselves personally. Shocker
Teaming up with dictatorship instead of Allies , what a disgrace this administration is 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. America better elect a Better President who will stand with our Allies not dictators .
Sad that some people choose to disrespect the overwhelming consensus of the science community and our earth as a whole by denying the validity of anthropogenic climate change. Just like we as individuals only have one body, we as a human race only have one earth. Let us reject those who do not acknowledge and do not want to mitigate the detrimental impact we are having on earth; our home.
tRump is in so deep with Saudi Arabia and Russia, his brainwashed supporters won't find it funny when it all hits the fan!
So Obama let's Russia invade Crimea & tells the Russian president "I'll be more flexible after my next election" YOU WOULD CRY ABOUT TRUMP BEING IMPEACHED FOR YEARS!! but Obama isnt a Russian puppet?? Trump has had the toughest Russian policy since the cold war. Period. How about we deal with facts anti trumpers??
He’s gonna seek asylum in Russia when it’s all said and done.
Mentally incompetent psychopath. Remove from office. Our lives depend on it.
Trump should be indicted for not holding up to the Constitution of United States of America he should have to step down immediately
World's top oil producers: 1. United States 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Russia Coincidence?
Can you just pump all waste on his golf courses?
The United States didn’t. # 45 did. Enough!
I never imagined a day will come when US, Russia and SA become an axis of evil.
Is this the will of the scientific community? Is this the will of the PEOPLE? Or is this just the will of Trump and his blind sheep?
Trump and Republicans want one party. Dictatorship .
It's like the worst batman movie ever..
Great to see that we team up with the great role models, those bastions of freedom 🙄
I offer a correction, it was Trump, Putin and the King who contested the report. The US certainly supported the report.
Someone needs to get rid of him NOW. At this point I don’t care how or who.
Climate does not change in Federal prison where trump's headed.
CNN15 hours ago

Dogs' loyalty to their masters and homes are the stuff of legend. And here's more heartwarming proof from the site of the destructive Camp Fire.

From what I understand, the family weren't at the home when the fire got close to the home. When they tried to return home they weren't allowed to go back. They did not just evacuate and leave their pets behind. These people have lost everything but their lives, the last thing that they need is judgment and negativity.
We don’t deserve dogs....
My dog will be the first one I would take with me
Dogs 🐕 are the best creatures ever
Most of these commenters really need to read the article. And unless you have actually ran into a burning building before, you can stop the I'd-run-in-after-them fronting. Cause you wouldn't. Fire is pants-pissing scary. Your average person is going to be overcome with survival instincts, and running for their life.
Wonderful! I believe those would be Golden Retrievers, though - CNN, not “blonde shepherds!”😀😃
Thats a golden retriever for ya...loyal to the end.
Dogs are beautiful life support to humans who respect them
Dogs will always go to heaven ❤️ people are fortunate to have their company, love, loyalty, need to learn from them
DOGS are much better than MOST human. Dog's love, cares; and loyalty is UNCONDITIONAL....AND...... they don't BETRAY!!!
I can’t imagine leaving my pets behind. So sad for the fur babies😪
I would never never leave my dogs behind! But not judging only she know her circumstances!
Why did she left dog there on the first place?
Did the woman inform the emergency rescue team about her dog, even if she was taken away.. There is some negligence involved in this case.. Poor dog must have been hungry for days.. yet this dog has proved to be faithful to the owner.. Bravo! 🙁
So thankful this dog was rescued! Dogs are awesome 💜
So amazing. Their loyalty , trust , love and faithfulness is beyond words,
So next year she can leave the dog again
Why would you leave them behind?!!?
My rescue pup Bob (has since passed) was an owner give up because the Superdome would not allow dogs after Katrina. It's not as simple as just giving your dog away. I had nine amazing years with Bob and I believe their owners would have been happy that he was loved and, quite honestly, spoiled.
What a sweetie. My heart goes out to the 85 people perished and their families 😞
Animals are amazing. If only we knew his story.
So happy for this family that things turned out well. And what loyal buddies these dogs are.
Would like to see a video of that reunion.
I hope she at least turned them loose is she was unable to take them.
This world isn't good enough for dogs.
CNN15 hours ago

A fire last week at a Jehovah's Witnesses' house of worship in Washington state was an arson -- the fifth attack targeting the religious group this year, authorities say.

I dislike JWs as much as anyone, but those of you bashing them in this context need to check yourselves. Arson isn't ever justified.
Any witnesses?
Wow Jehovah Witnesses are some of the nicest people you’ll ever encounter. This is a disgusting hate crime.
No matter what your beliefs are this is wrong.
The most peaceful, politically neutral, group out there
Was no one manning the watchtower?
Persecution against those who worship a different religion...makes one wonder if humanity is truly moving forward... 😐
I do not agree with the Jehovah’s Witnesses views and approaches, but the attacks on them is wrong and uncalled for.
I may not be a JW, but it is not my place to judge their beliefs...this is wrong...HATE IS WRONG!!!
Not condoning violence but that cult is equal to Scientology. It's disgusting.
This is America Religious freedom remember? Weather we agree or not .. STOP ACTING LIKE THE KKK!
You guys are really hateful . So sad you have nothing better to do then down and talk about jehovah's witnesses
well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view and by trying to make it objectified and by considering each & everyone's valid opinion, i honestly believe that i completely forgot what i was going to say.
We’ll probably knocked on the someone’s door at 6 am on Sunday morning and pissed them off lol lol
Some good and peaceful people those jws are! I hope they catch the culprits soon
While I'm not particularly fond of the Witnesses, this behavior is inexcusable. Also, the witnesses have a right to their beliefs and practices.
Cult... They started it themselves.
Stop raping children and covering it up and this kinda thing just might not happen. Just a thought!
Some of these comments are just ridiculous 🙄😒
Look into child sexual abuse charges.
Although I am no longer a witness and somewhat bitter it’s a shame what happened
So sad, people need to have tolerance!! Tolerance was a teaching of Christ.
How can people click LIKE about this? They like that houses of worship have been attacked?
I personally don't want them or Mormons knocking on my door but this is ridiculous
Whatever they do, they can not discourage them!
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.15 hours ago

Grammy award-winning artist Lenny Kravitz performs his song “Here to Love” during “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.”

Lenny Kravitz hasn't aged in 30 years!!!
Just looking at the trolls on this post is disheartening to think they are funny... Grow up..
Love this Guy - he's a true artist .. a true rock star ...
I'm surprised Anderson had time to do this show. Considering the snow storm that hit the Southeast, I'd figure he would have found a ditch somewhere to stand in while his camera man shoveled snow around him to show how it has been the once in a lifetime snowstorm that has snowed a$$h©le deep to a giraffe!
we have lost Prince and others but we have still Lenny!!!!!!!!
He’s changed his name to Sideshow Lenny
Wait what? CNN has their own awards show? Lol
Hope this guy rises in popularity, he is awesome. Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way".. you rock! <3
That is a wonderful song about forgiveness and love. ❤💙💚💛💜
Awesome show with great generous people helping others, rhat is what the holidays are for, celebrate their kind deeds bravo
Love you Lenny Kravitz you are amazing!Thank you for such a beautiful song.!
Baby Its Cold Outside
She couldn't even get the song title right🙄...Kravitz is awesome though🎙🎶🎶🎶
Beautiful song just beautiful a lot of meaning behind this song if you all would listen.
I love me some Lenny Kravitz but the intro sounds too much like Heart's "Alone". Anyone else here that? Lovely song though..
Beautiful show of beautiful heartwarming people. Thank you CNN for creating this show to put a spotlight on those individuals who so easily give from their hearts instead of always thinking of themselves. This is the true spirit of humanity.
He's like an elf Lenny....tiny small in stature!
He’s not scheduled to make vary many performances in US.
Santa Claus 🎅🏿 is the reason for the season.
Awesome. I love it. Beautiful massage. God bless you for making a beautiful song for a cause. Thank you.👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
Love this! I love the dreads too btw Lenny. Great song!
Anderson would make an excellent Santa 😜
CNN blows!!!
i was starting to enjoy the song when.... Ads killed it saying MALA... i didnt finish it. clicked next.
Killed it with the commercial before he first verse was halfway through
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.15 hours ago

Congratulations to 2018 CNN Hero of the Year Ricardo Pun-Chong. His nonprofit Inspira provides free housing, meals and support to ill children and their families in Peru. #CNNHeroes

Such an inspiring and amazing award show. Bless all these beautiful souls that help so many people. As for the idiots here still with the fake news comments, get yourself a life! Go volunteer your time to help others like they do. Instead of just being a Facebook troll. CNN does not give a crap about your ignorant comments and neither do we.
Making Peruvians proud everywhere. We need more of Dr. Pun-Chong in the world. 🇵🇪🎉
Un orgullo!! somos más que gobiernos corruptos ,que tráfico de drogas ,que feminicidios ,que un poder judicial asqueroso ... gracias Doctor por hacernos creer en un mundo mejor ❤️ orgullo peruano !
Since I learned about your work, mission, commitment and compassion not one day went by that I didn’t vote for you 🙏 the world needs more people like you and the other nominees God bless you ALL!! Arriba Perú and thank you CNN 🙌🏼 💕 🇵🇪
Congratulations CNN Hero of the Year Dr.Ricardo Pun-Chong !!!
Free housing, meals and support to ill children and their families in Peru? What about all our homeless on the streets of USA? This is more CNN propaganda
It's nice to see a news network honor those that do what jesus preached about. If you would like to see a news network honor those that do the opposite of jesus's teachings look to fox news.
Congratulations Dr Pun Chong! Viva el Peru! 🇵🇪 ❤️
Thank you CNN, excellent transmission, you are the real heros.
Thanks to CNN for this award show honoring kind and caring people who find joy in helping their fellow man! 😍
Arriba Peru!!! Great job Dr!!!!! We are so proud of youuuuu
God bless you!!! Thank you for all you do to help my people. 🇵🇪
Thank you CNN ! Very inspiring, this is what democracy looks like, compassion for humanity.
So many deserving candidates but wow, he really is a hero.
I am so happy he won!!!! Such a wonderful organization!!!
ARRIBA PERU 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪, God bless you for such a beautiful labor.
Congratulations Doctor Ricardo Pun Chong! you’re amazing person we are so proud of you. And Thank you CNN.
Was an awesome show. Congrats to everyone.People doing awesome work in the world,
This doctor provides a wonderful gift to poor families with ill children! 💙👍🏼
Gracias a la Organización de CNN Heroes. Por ayudar a las personas que hacen el bien con mucha Amor.
Congratulations and well done 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪
Most amazing evening.. congratulations to all the Heroes!!
Congratulations CNN Hero of the Year Dr. Pun Chong. Great Compassion for the Ill children and their families
Dr Pun-Chong deserves this award with honor for his extraordinary volunteering. He and all the other 9 heros represent such a beautiful example of human personality for all of us to seek. Thank you CNN for such an amazing show.
Didn’t you give it to Bruce Jenner last year for being a nicely dressed woman?
CNN16 hours ago

Hours after winning college football's most prestigious award, The University of Oklahoma quarterback apologized for using homophobic language in a series of tweets in 2011 and 2012

Who has that much time on their hands to just be going back years of people's tweets to railroad them???
Yaaaaawn... This hyper-sensitive culture is getting ridiculous 🤷🏾‍♂️
He was 14... Relax. Do you remember being 14?
*MEAN WHILE, there's a kid running around America with the name "ABCDE"
Ridiculous he even had to apologize!!!!!
This is the world we live in. Thanks liberals....
I appreciate his apology. When I was that age, I said homophobic slurs and I didn’t think twice about it. Now I’m gay and I see how hurtful those words can be. People can change.
No apologies needed. Freedom of speech.
So somebody went trolling 6 years back in time to try and ruin who this young man has become over homophobic tweets? Not actions, but tweets? 6 years ago... whoever did that is weird...
When he was a kid, come on......
He’s been playing all year but now it comes out? If he didn’t win the heisman trophy is this a story?
He was 14. Everybody needs to chill
Congratulations on your Award, Kyler Murray! 😊🏆
Man I wish I had time to go back 6 years on people’s tweets...but I have better things to do.
Still waiting on everybody White and famous to do the same. Nick Cannon already produced Chelsea Handler and Amy Schumer's homophobic tweets they haven't apologized for.
Social Media is becoming Weaponized and aimed at us all. Take heed!
He can tell them it was locker room talk.
Who cares. Maybe if they didn't force their beliefs on people then nobody would have to say anything.
For the most part - it's not gay people who are offended but their self-appointed 'saviors'. I wish these fools would mind their own business.
I don’t think we should “give him a break”. People should be held accountable, it’s just the degree to which we hold people accountable. He apologized as he should have and that’s all that needed to happen. He doesn’t need a break, because he already did what he should have. It’s up to him and the people in his circle to make sure his actions reflect his words. We do not have to force beliefs on people, but instead teach respect of differences.
Leave him alone those were when he was a young teen god grow up snowflakes!
I'm sure he puked on his parents too when he was an infant .....just sayin
He was 14, some people do grow up.
If you don't want it out there. Don't say it! Simple!
Some people learn as they grow. What a good example to set for all the kids that follow him.
CNN posted an episode of CNN Replay.16 hours ago

Anderson Cooper brings former President George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully onto the #CNNHeroes stage. He will soon go to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to help more veterans.

Heartwarming.....a beautiful story of giving and little given to change someone’s life for the better. And Sulley will bring love and joy at Walter Reed. The inconditional love of a pet can heal wounds that cannot be seen with the naked eye. That’s a good thing....a blessing.
How wonderful of the Bush family to let this dog go work for another veteran. I am so enjoying this show tonight❤️
Great job Cooper, nice to see Sully again
This show is just wonderful tonight. So many kind people with good hearts,
Service dogs for the blind are not given another person to work for, but are retired and given to a family for adoption. I'm glad Sully will have another job to do with a person who needs him.
I love dogs.Dogs are always faithful to their master. SULLY is also a good and faithful dog.God keep u healthy always Sully.
So theat dog lost his owner and their just dragging it all.about let the dog grieve
Nope, not crying, I got sand in my eye!
Thanks i love the show. Such a beautiful dog. Hes a blessing to the families he touch.💕
I got the privilege to see one of these tiny homes. They're pretty amazing. This village in KC is helping so many vets get back on their feet again. Truly a great venture!
immediate tears when this dog was on stage....nothing but love
Thank you CNN , for responsible journalism and for doing this Heroes show and bringing these people to light for their great work !
God bless you this is love and care if all have this heart world 🌍 everybody will smile
I think it’s great what they are doing but I also find it really sad that Sully is having to leave the family he knows and loves. I wouldn’t do it.
We know CNN is fake news and love to milk stories . That dog doesn't deserve to be on Satan's stage. ...
Jill Schramm-Dominicci If you see him you better give him some treats like your other Doggy friend 😂
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.
We need to take care of our veterans and the dogs that help them!
That's a Republican dog Anderson. Are you sure that doesn't offend you?
Great job Anderson and Kelly 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻So many feel good moments 👍🏻❤️✊🏻
All dogs are good boys. I just love dogs! <3
Can someone in the WH show #45 this. This is the real world...
Congratulations to the CNN Heroes & congratulations to Service Dog Sully !! You’re all hero’s . Just seeing that beautiful dog brings tears to my eyes . I’m sure he misses his “ President “ .
May my country learn to honor her soldiers that are at war with the wicked Boko Haram killed some 3 weeks ago. Sully a dog was honored. I weep for our men at war front.
Why couldn't the dog just stay with the Bush family?
CNN17 hours ago

The congressman's comments come after federal prosecutors said President Donald J. Trump directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to make illegal hush-money payments during the presidential campaign

There’s no doubt that,America loves President Trump who is one of the best in decades.Always goes beyond what is expected of Him.Working tirelessly 24/7 on behalf of the American people.America is doing great under his presidency and everything goes as planned.We will definitely vote for him again !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.
What a ridiculous and corrupt administration. I can't wait for Mueller to end this charade
Let's make Christmas a good one by locking up Agolf Twittler. 🍄🍼😂🤡
We the people of the United States of America, shall sued the news media; CNN, FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS, and NBC NEWS now! For slander, lies, disrespect and insults to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
Indict Pence first, then Trump. President Pelosi will never pardon either of them
Trump is the first President who will seve time in jail. 🤣🤣😂😂🇷🇺️🇷🇺️🇸🇦🇸🇦
It seems as if the only person who doesn't realize who Individual 1 is is Individual 1. Individual 1 has a problem.
If Slick Willie and Killary aren’t in jail (which they should be), then Trump shouldn’t be.
He will not be impeached, or arrested .
About time...Donny and his family have been getting away with conning people for years.... throw them all in jail
He has to of committed a crime first, this whole search and find crap is pathetic. One question, I don't see trump destroying cellphones laptops or information or even removing Mueller so if trump actually cared or was guilty he would be acting like it. Yet I think trumps having the first and last laugh on this.
Mike Pence needs to go as well. If anyone thinks for 1 minute that he isn’t involved in all of this also is crazy!
He has done nothing but work to enrich himself!
Individual #1 is having a difficult time controlling his # 2
Rep. Schiff, have you given any thought to Hillary and Obama???? Guess what they did was "nothing".
Tramp has an interesting problem on his hands right now. Resign to minimize criminal charges, risk sticking around until they pile up so high he cannot possibly escape.
I want Adam Schiff to run for President!
He'll be penniless in prison with his family
Don't tease us.
What happened to colluding with Russia? lol
That is one of the creepiest pictures I've seen in quite a while.
Orange jumpsuit on the horizon 😍🎅🏻🎁
I know it's been two years but any day now he's gonna be inpeached!!!!!
yes, certainly in NY state: no federal protection