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The company's behavior is very much reminiscent of the practices that led to the home loan crisis.

Dale St Marie Dont put this on the lenders.......the responsibility of people borrowing and spending money they dont have or even want to pay back belongs to the individual.....period.
Amy Flores Am I the only one that comes to this page to watch the snowflakes get triggered over Trump? I'm horrible, I know. 😂😂😄
John Taylor Americas main concern not Russians its economics...marketplace must serve everyone...not just business owners and the rich...wages too low prices too cheap for the size of our workforce and population...add $1 to every item we buy each day and we could pay for our own healthcare. Govt run interference for business owners who dont think they are part of a scoiety...just a free tor all to make as much as they can...21st century economy must be more than that and that means indexing wages to profits making prices wages profits reflective of the size of our doesnt get it done today.
MV Kemp H
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President Donald J. Trump says he will make a decision next week on whether the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

Kedrian K White At this point I don't know why he's still making decisions for the U.S, he's a trader, liar & a disgusting human being. Just when I thought this country couldn't get any worse than it already is Donald Trump comes and surprises me.
Greg Paulin It isn't fair that a reality TV star who got less votes gets to decide on whether our country progresses with the rest of the world or becomes an international pariah
M. Cristina Rodriguez Come on now, we all know it's because he didn't get the picture book so he could understand what's going on. He has to go home and get his crayons so Betsy DeVos can help him.
Yocasta Calamari What's unreal is that there are still people who supports this thing, even Pope Francis showed how uncomfortable he was with having satan around him...His supporters worship the devil!!!
Sharon Brown Adams He loves the drama for added attention! "I will 'annouce' my bigley decision within the next few days. In the meantime, wait in wild anticipation!". He's such a dip!
Ian O'Donovan Trump’s experts have advised him that pumping the atmosphere full of coal and factory smoke is the only way to keep the planet warm enough to save us from the new ice age they have predicted. Future generations will thank him for saving humanity.
Susan Wainwright Again has no guts to say anything in front of his peers. Such a liar, he cares nothing for the environment what so ever, who cares if his grandchildren will have problems with the water and air as time goes on... He can't think beyond tomorrow
Lori Gilliam He already made the decision. He gave the EPA the green light to dump toxic waste in our waters and air. He approved the Dakota gas line. Plans on drilling in Alaska and Antartica. All for money. He is the leader to destruct our planet.
Karen Canfield Maskens Maybe he'll have a show about it... he can sit in his chair and have people debate it or "make the best Paris Climate Accord" commercial ever. He could pick it live-- get ratings. yeah, that's it
Kenn Pike Of course, he won't! He's consistent in how little he cares about the environment and how much he cares about making $$$$$ by raping it
AL Kendrick I think "Not my" Prefident Donald Trump should take a fact finding mission to the sun...personally...he should lead the expedition.
Scott McKever There can only be 2 reasons for Donald to need one more week to make a decision on climate change, afraid to defend his decision in front of the world, leaving it to surrogates once he's back on the golf course, and to give him more time to collect from the fossil fuel industry leaders before he backs them.
Hilton Graham Donald trump represents everything that is wrong with our society ... I can't find one good attribute.. probably the worst president we will see in our lifetimes and very disgusting human being
John Hanes It's time for a NATIONWIDE MARCH ON WASHINGTON. We cannot let this crooked man and his crooked cabinet destroy our democracy. Trump is clearly tangled up with Russia which wants nothing more then to take down the USA and NATO so they can conquer the world. Look at how a trump treated our NATO allies which every president has worked with since world war 2. Watch everything he does isn't it clear he's doing everything Putin would love??? And now we hear of setting up back Channels so our intelligence can't hear what they are talking to the Russians about. That's crazy given what is going on with Russia they tried to destroy our election and we want a back channel with them. Republican of Democrat we all must rise up against him. It's about our democracy. Please if you care about our country stand up against this crooked man and his crooked son In law and cabinet.
Diamond Belejack Can't his so called advisers explain things to him? This administration is doing our country a great disservice. They all need to go and rid us of this nightmare! PLEASE!
Lynn Blanchard wonder why so many people and cnn are so aganist,repulicans,they are only trying to keep the u.s. safe and secure,is that why president so hated ,because as i remeber the democrats only made friends with people who hated the u.s. and trying there best to distroy the once beautiful country,
Rodney Milton It is a hard decision I'm sure . all nations should so what they can within reason to preserve our planet . but many of these agreements hamstring the US and in the end produce very little Sure the planet is warming but there is no honest clear evidence that humans have caused it and no honest clear evidence that it isn't just a normal cycle the earth is going through .
Wahib Bellia There is no limit to trump's greed and selfishness, he doesn't care about nobody but himself. His motto is : to hell with our children and next generations, what matter for him is making max money while he is alive, the rest is none of his problem. What a despicable human being and evil thinking this man has, ugh.
Adriaan van Wyk It's not just climate change, what about the pollution and health problems , he's such an idiot. You can't have your own coal plant , but anyone can have a renewable energy business.
Brian Cook Love CNN, at this time there is a bomb threat evacuation in London being reported by all other organizations, not CNN. The Trump news station. To bad they decided to retire from reporting actual news.
Sheila Johnson Billy kyker. . Go back to school or learn to use your spell check. Learn the proper use of words their there . Showing your ignorance, here. Plz do yourself a favor and shut up.
Nancy Cohen Every decision, every's always "next week" - why doesn't he just say, "right after the commercial break". What a joke, we've become a reality show.
Brad Drake So you can't make up your mind if it's a Chinese hoax??? He has no positions, he will read the wind of the polls of his base, and weigh whether abandoning them to appear sane is worth the price!!!
Manuel Castanet big tariffs for US products at EU borders and other countries and i'm sure he will change his mind. moreover, he's an idiot, ecological transition is a formidable opportunity for jobs, economic growth. Be careful Donald, you're going to make history, in the good or bad way. It's up to you to make the right choice.
John Plunk It's not that people don't believe in man made climate change, they don't think it's worth spend trillions of dollars to lower the average world temperature by a half a degree.
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In a passionate commencement speech at Harvard Graduate School of Education, this founder urged graduates to push girls to take risks

Julián Dario Everyone knows that. Glad for her pushing code but sexism can exist within many ethnic groups not just whites. As a Latino, I see many news outlets run headlines like "white people should stop saying / doing x" when in reality many of these ignorant actions can be perpetrated by people of all backgrounds.
Mercy Castro Seriously!? It shouldn't be about race! It should be about brains! Race should had not been mentioned! Why is everyone always bring up 'brown', 'white'... whatever, to the table? Come on, people, let's pass that!
Nathan Clay Olsovsky Ridiculous race baiting headline. Liberals are ABSOLUTELY obsessed with highlighting superficial qualities, that determine what you should believe and who you should be. black conservative- uncle tom Hispanic Trump supporter - race traitor Muslim Conservative- against your people and your religion Lgbt- trump won't protect you Woman- traitor to women Man- misogynistic Elderly- confused/low information Rural- uneducated, votes against own interests Educated- shouted down on campus Conservative professor- racist, resign immediately
Helder Savietto I am a white male programmer, and I really hope she is right! This would prove that gender and color skin has no bearing on a person's skills.
Chris Wincek No reason to bring race into it. Not really like white men are stereotyped as coders. That would be any computer nerds stereotype, no color or gender needed.
Sergio Rodriguez Now days a "profound statement" has to be about race, not about simple people and their brains working hard to get what they want in life. This is getting more pathetic day after day.
Vinnie Chenzo Domino White males are not the enemy. They do not have any privileges or access to anything anybody else doesn't. You either set your mind to do something and do it or you blame others because of your lack of ambition. There is no such thing as white privilege. Everybody has equal opportunities in the freest country in the world. Don't blame anybody but yourself for your successes or your failures. Just do your best, have confidence in yourself and don't stop till you get where you want to be and you'll do just fine.
Scot VanWoert I've done my share of development and mentoring. There have been men I've told they need to switch careers. It's got nothing to do with anything other than the fact can your brain work logically. If you can work out a nested if-then statement, you should jump in the water.
Wade Willis Agreed !! ....... now , as soon as you start pushing the most "capable" and "qualified" people to the front instead of stumping for the person who's "the most not white" you'll actually start to get somewhere ! Identity politics has to date managed to put mostly ignorant people in seats of power for little more reason than "because their brown" and it's not working for any of us ....... "white or brown" !!
Dominic Pace Am I the only one who sees the irony in consistently labeling White Males? These groups who claim to stand for equality are the biggest fn hypocrites around. Their statements brings validation to their own stereotypes. Just have to laugh but it's very sad for those of us who truly believe in equality.
Richard Heilman This is a manufactured mentality that has no substance. Just think, other speakers are banned and this drivel is welcomed. How about an actual story. White Non Democrats or just non democrats can give speeches just as well as a "tolerant" Democrat.
Alan Chua But you can't do it well. Before anyone tried to hopelessly debunk my statement, take a look at the REALITY/FACTS - Which of the top 10 Tech companies has a female founder.
William Davies all the comments saying we have come so far yet women still look at as not being able to do the job of a man which is also a big part of why we have trump as President because most men see that they are better than a women which is wrong
Glenn Siegel Maybe you should stop labeling things as "white guy things"?
Eugenia Gonzalez Centeno I have former female students who code, it is not about race or gender, it is about everyone being exposed to the opportunities that will help give us all a better future
Laurie Zeigler Sorry to say but even White Women are having a difficult time in this WHITE GUY world. Maybe with another administration? We will strive and hope for change!
Lola Briagiolana TRUMPS AMERIKKKA " the white man has become the minority and the blame for everything.......and that will no longer be the case when I am President "....DONALD TRUMP at a rally in North Carolina in 2016. That statement is what white racists, bigots and haters have been waiting for ........for DECADES.
Paul Lumbar For people supposedly educated to a higher level than most, the insistence of bringing race and sex into every discussion makes me wonder if people have learnt to think or learnt to believe the people supposedly educating them
Sandy Parker Machen Why are these type of women so insecure? Everyone knows that anyone can do anything they put their mind and effort to. Acting like white men are holding them back is ludicrous. As a woman I have always loathed the Gloria Steinem type movement and pussy hat wearing protesters. Makes women seem so whiny and lame and needy of special treatment.
Maria Russell People like ben Carson have shown that the color of your skin can only affect your career if you let it. You have to work hard in school and it expect things to be handed to you. College education is not a competition. You are not competing against anyone for that degree. It's all about how bad you want it. Ben Carson shows that anyone can do it if they ate willing to work for it
Rad Stonewell Love the Inferiority complex of feminist LMAO. If she didn't subconsciously believe white guys are superior to black girls then this would have gone without saying. "Wow, these poor disadvantage blacks need motivation! you can be just like us white people if you put your mind to it :)"
Simon Black They may not have the problem solving or maths skills but I think industries will adapt to their needs and women of ALL colours can succeed!
Brad Davis Coding has always been an education and ability thing not a white guy thing. It's wonderful that more "brown girls" are now pursuing these opportunities and achieving, but the opportunities has always been there. The IT world is one of the most color blind fields I know. In fact, I know more Asian, Indian and Hispanic coders than "white guys". #noracism
Angelo Jannuzzi Why do you continue to advertise RoundUP? THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION concluded that RoundUP "Is probably carcinogenic to humans." Currently there's a class action suit. It contains glyphosate. Look it up and especially keep children away from it.
Kris Smith I can tell you Donald Trump doesn't have a racist bone in his body snowflakes!! Don't even go there!
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About 42 million Americans currently have federal student loans, and borrower complaints seem indicative of problems with the system.

Mason Taylor she bought her cabinet post - why doesn't she just pay off all the loans to give something back . lol.....versus raping Americans and destroying our public school systems.
Randy Boersma There isn't a problem with the loans. There's a problem with them paying it back. Get a real degree and get a real job and this wouldn't be a problem. Be like every other adult in the country and pay you bills.
Julie Marshall The student loan industry in America is a sham. They should be simple interest loans not compounding interest loans like a credit card. The debt is never-ending. These young people are in debt way over their heads before they even get started in life. Something needs to be changed about those who are already in over their heads in debt; cut the amount owed in half, since most of the amount due is interest that has been compounding since day one. Then convert these loans to simple interest loans so that the debtor can pay his debts and the banks who finance these loans can get paid. It's a win-win!
Jessica Schiro You borrow the money you pay the money back, it's that simple. As someone sitting on almost six figures in student loans I can say that it is my responsibility to pay it back, no one made me take the loans out and no one made me sign the loan docs. Will I have to give up some other things I may want right now so I can pay back the mess that I made? Yes! Is it my problem to fix? Absolutely. So tired of people crying because they got themselves in debt and now have to deal with the reality of it. Should have planned ahead. People need to take responsibility and stop blaming others.
Tony Mucci Always be an American before a sheep. If you watch Fox news you will believe everything they say.(Republican) If you watch CNN you will believe everything they say.(Democrat) Remember, before we are Democrats or Republicans we are Americans. It is time to Unite. A special thanks to all those Women and Men who lost their lives fighting for Freedom.
Terredell Burroughs I wish these articles would underscore the fact that graduates are making monthly payments on their loans during the 10 year period. Each year you must certify your income and payment amounts are based on this info. No one is looking for a handout, the government is subsidizing underserved populations via public service 🙄
Lori Andersen Beck The Trump Administration is being criticized for implementing tough new budget cuts due to WAY overspending by previous Administrations. I am thankful, for my kids' and future grandkids' sake, that this is happening. It's called *Financial Discipline.*
Justin Stocke So a lawyer racks up $300,000 in student loan debt and is now on the income based repayment plan and decided to openly admit this in an interview for a public column? Am I supposed to feel bad for this guy?
Natalie Berkowitz There are so many problems facing this wench, I don't know where to begin. She is in over her head and there is no one around her who has a clue. We are watching America fall apart and backslide to the Middle Ages.
Henning Wirtz What are they all complaining about- they should be grateful that the tax payer allow them to go to university on their hard earned money! If they cannot afford to go they shouldn't be going in the first place.
Samantha Pacileo The lack of financial responsibility and maturity in college students is the real issue. There is no reason to go to a private college out of state and spend thousands of dollars more on tuition and housing when you can stay instate and commute from home. Money doesn't grow on trees, and many people could have gone to a more affordable local schools, but they didn't. Stop blaming others for your bad decisions. Better yet, join the military and serve your country if you want your college debts paid off.
Johnathon Robertson legalize marijuana in all create and place a health care tax on it's sales...that would generate enough revenue for all American citizens to have free health care ..and there would still be money left over ...anyone wanna be President use this as your platform i bet you'd win 🙂
Holly Stewart Franz Attend a university you can afford. If you choose to go private or out of state, you better have a huge chunk of cash or a great scholarship so any loans you get are manageable. If you don't have the money, attend community college then transfer to a state-funded university. If you get outrageous loans and can't pay them back, that your problem, not the government's.
Chris Cogan I'll be interested to see how someone who never needed a student loan will address a problem that would never have been a concern for her as a student or as a parent. It will rank right up there with her ability to relate to the public school system. For her, either issue is entirely hypothetical.
Angie McBride Archer Nelnet took over my loan and told me that my loans had been calculated wrong (for 12 years). They said I needed to pay $107 more! I later figured up that they were trying to change the number of months to repay. I decided to pay the higher amount because frankly I want the thing done and over. However, the website still shows my original plan with the original amount. WTF!
Hadrian Antinoos Specifically with loan shark companies, such as hers. Offering predatory loans for sham schools like "Trump University" traps misguided youth in a debt they can't pay because the degree is useless but the debt is very real, as one example.
JT Tomlin It the "Game of Loans"...interest is coming Jfyi although everyone is aware of her lack of educational experience (in classrooms, administration, or anything else) she has lots experience with loans...she has financial ties to Performant Financial Corp which coincidentally lost out on a fed contract that comprises 25% of their revenue and their stock dropped to $2...and guess who could reinstate this contract...her removal of interest rate protections are an obvious indication of where her policies loyalties lie
Jacques Comeaux The problem stems from our society shaming young people into thinking they need college degrees. I hear it all the time. "You'll be nothing without college". Horse dung. We need more trade schools and skilled labor. Meanwhile, helicopter parents are pressuring their pride and joy into spending $60k on a liberal arts degree.
Brook Silvernail It took me almost 20 years but I paid off my student loan. Within those 20 years they changed lenders twice, ignored payment agreements, forot about a deferment and sent me into default because of their errors. I threw the last thousand dollars at them this year with my tax return just to get them off my back because I knew this clown would probably cause the payments to double or something else. I'm sure I've paid back more than twice what I owed.
Martin Dew The reason this program is in trouble is not Trump r her. Go back and do your research, there was never enough funding put in this program to start with. Obama and the Democracts knew this was going to happen and never went back to try and fix it. So put the dam blame where it belongs.
Matt Woolstencroft The 1.3 trillion is a problem created by previous governments , school administrators and students . If you expect someone to step in and fix a inherent problem your delusional. Your previous government took the national debt from 10 to 20 trillion in 8 years duh
Jenny Hamilton Ya know. I keep going to reply on a lot of these, mainly people who seem to think my generation is entitled and doesn't want to be able to pay these back. However, I doubt that any of these people (who I doubt are even dealing with this particular issue or have a kid dealing with it) will listen to anyone my age or anyone still in college.
Bobby Lamb "Student loan borrowers are about to be shafted by Trump and his Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos. That’s how many have taken advantage of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, which promises to cancel any remaining student debt for those who go to work for the government or nonprofits and have been making on-time payments for 10 years. Many teachers, public defenders, Peace Corps workers, and law enforcement officers have counted on it. October marks the 10th year of the program and the first time anyone will have made enough payments to get their remaining debt wiped away. But Trump budget documents show the administration is proposing to end the program before it pays out a dime. It figures. Trump has spent most of his adult life shafting contractors, creditors, and everyone else who has done business with him. But this will be the first time he applies his art of the deal to everyone else." ~ Former U.S. Labor Secretary
Gity Broumand This lady is another idiot disgusting friend,s of trump ' she got the job because of her money , shame on you , She will destroy our public school system!!!!
Nick Buccalo Not her loan, not her problem. They can all be exactly like her and make their millions, it's not that hard... according to Devos's way of thinking. She's a cold hearted...
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The neurodegenerative disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the US.

Vanessa Lee Keep learning something new. Not just reading or crosswords. Keep your brains functioning at a high level. It's crucial to prevent this disease. This disease is so prevalent in my family, I'm terrified.
Deb Olson Edge Some things that cause dementia: untreated medical conditions (thyroid for one) inflammation (too much sugar/carbs in diet) untreated lymes disease, chemicals, pollution and high metals exposure. Alcoholism. Has nothing to do with puzzles or brain exercises! Though being sedentary (sitting in recliner al day) won't help. Keep active.
Susan Greller I hope we find a cure and what causes this. My Dad has Lewy Body Dementia. This another one we need answers for. I pray for their caretakers too.
Cliff Erich Aluminum byproducts in food have been linked to be a leading cause of both degenerative Neuro disease...dementia/Alzheimer's. Tums alone is basically chalk and alum...
Sandra Scott My aunt worked until she was 75.....did crossword puzzles constantly and read a book a day......she developed dementia and did my uncle and another aunt ......if memory serves they were dr'ed to death,.......never missed a flu shot for 50 years with all the mercury and thermiasol that goes with that.....acid reflux Meds, cholesterol Meds.... anxiety and depression Meds for decades......all drive dementia and cause neurological grandmother.... their parent never went to the Dr and took only blood pressure medication.....was bright and spry and active until she died at 89
Linda Carney LeBlanc People are alive longer. Many of the people I know that supposedly have Alzheimer's are in their mid to late 70's and 80's. A lot of it is old age symptoms and natural death. I hope I don't live to be to much past 70.
Ashley Bradley Thomas I think multiple head injuries, (i.e. playing high contact sports like football, boxing, etc.- in their youth. ) could play a role in this disease. Your brain can only take so much abuse...
Frank Sciortino Because we're living too long. We're dying of different causes. It's not an Alzheimer's epidemic. You live long enough you'll get every disease there is.
Sally Fadrosh I think there is a link between all the plastic and this, prior to 1974 there were a lot fewer cases. After they started putting all our food in plastic the numbers have risen and not just due to increase in population.
Dahrin Rashad The Baby Boomers are hitting their 70's. This is why programs that support the elderly like Medicaid and Social Security are so important to strengthen and reform.
Denise Ramos Working as a nurse, particularly in the field of Geriatrics, it breaks my heart to see people afflicted with such a terrible disease. My residents have such a huge place in my heart, that I not only take care of them, but care for them. They have become my family away from home, and even though most are older and have lived full lives.. it never gets easier when someone passes away. My job offers support groups not only for the families, but also for the workers. It's definitely not an easy disease to deal with.
Bobby Bell When the boomers start hitting end stage of progressive Dementia the chances of receiving private care will be slim to none. Make your plans now!
Jennifer C. Rogers But YES, let's cut Medicaid out of the budget! Oh my, and DO let's also make huge cuts to medical research while we're at it!! I'm sure a raise in the defense budget will find a cure for this horrific, life destroying disease!!
Amanda Camara Alzheimers in and of itself is not killing people. It is secondary diseases and lack of proper care of the seconary issues by family or facilities.
Peter Giuliano If you exercise your brain you have a less % chance of getting Alzheimers disease Looks like the whole democratic party is going to wind up with Alzheimer's disease
Shatadi Mokg I wish Africans can be educated on this. Most especially as we dont have names/ terminology on these health conditions in our languages.
Tony Mucci Always be an American before a sheep. If you watch Fox news you will believe everything they say.(Republican) If you watch CNN you will believe everything they say.(Democrat) Remember, before we are Democrats or Republicans we are Americans. It is time to Unite. A special thanks to all those Women and Men who lost their lives fighting for Freedom.
Paula Wojtal Masilotti Eat foods rich in anthocyanins to help avoid Alzheimer's (found in purple hued fruits and vegetables) Here's a short list, also add Okinawan sweet potato:
Tom Stowe As I stare and type into this electronic device; I can't but help to wonder, if it isn't electronic machines and chemicals taking a toll on our body's and mind's.
Jesse Blackburn Thats funny since we spend 55% of all tax money blowing people up in the middle east instead of looking for a cure to diseases and treating those affected by them. So much "Love of country" with our military spending bwahahaha
Debby Zamorski CNN How about US deaths from poverty being on the rise and many seniors with alzheimer's will not have the medicaid funding to have a safe space when they cannot stay at home and are not rich like Glen Campbell and can pay for the help that they need. Don't even go there with genetics. Science (without nature) has screwed up health care, agriculture and culture. PS This is repulsive See article below.
Sandy Machell Those so called scientists can't figure it out,what good are you,you would think with all the billions spent on research we would have a cure,but that would mean no more money for research!!!
Matt Maggio Reflecting anything other than people now living long enough to die of Alzheimers? As in all sorts of things that used to kill Americans young now being survivable?
Karen Walker Riley So why no mention of the research on diet and disease? They have called this type 3 diabetes.
Ron Schultz Wonder if there is any correlation between the rise and the dumping of metal oxides in the air geo/bio engineering.
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1. Cuts to Medicaid
2. Cuts to food stamps, known as SNAP
3. Cuts to student loans
4. Cuts to federal worker retirement programs

John Luddy The beauty of this is 99% of the people that voted for him don't know they are one of the poor, they won't know just how poor they really are till any of his cuts kick in.
Jessica Camarillo You mean people will have to actually work for income and to buy food? I've been doing that for years so I guess I'm ahead of the program.
Catherine McConnell He's finally going to get rid of the waste. The waste is what costs us all. Federal workers have a very lucrative retirement plan, exchanges closed before the children one hears about in the "news" hadn't become insured yet. There is waste in the world of EBT cards. Everyone knows many are sold for cash so other items than food to feed themselves can be purchased. Student loans wouldn't be what they are now had the program been administered correctly. The facts are available to each & every American if one chooses to do research rather than respond to someone else's opinion on social media.
Allison Deer I guess the rich will be laughing all the way to the bank.... so much for America first, since 80% of USA are regular small town folks! Struggling to feed their families. Good luck!
Kira Wong-Godett I guess all those poor midwestern and southern states are about to get what their daddy promised them.... More jobs - sike No cuts to Medicare- sike No cuts to pre-existing conditions coverage- sike More money and favors for rich people.... yaaayyy! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tami Goodman I'm surprised by people being surprised by this. He's rich. His friends are rich. He's now in a position to put policies in place to help his friends and help his own companies now until he leaves office and takes them back over to all be more rich in the next 4 years. This was his plan all along- none of these are a surprise. Horrifying for the people who really need them- actually, really need them- but no surprise.
Michael Gomez Nonsense! Trump looks out for the little guy every waking moment of every day 24/7. His life has been dedicated to the poor of America. He is Americas real life Robin Hood! (Satire disclaimer)
Patrick VandenBerg There are no true cuts! ! It's called baseline budgeting people....all it is is a decrease in the percentage increase from the previous year! Learn your facts and quit promoting fear. For example if the budget for something was 100 million and the yearly increase is set at 10%, trump comes along and says he is only increasing this by 5 million, then cnn and democrats says it is a 5 million dollar CUT even though it is still increasing 5-million! ! !
Chelle Creno He's doing EVERYTHING that he said that he wasn't going to do just to get elected! I hope that all you morons that voted for this arrogant, con, megalomaniac are just so happy with what you put in the White house!
Tony Mucci Always be an American before a sheep. If you watch Fox news you will believe everything they say.(Republican) If you watch CNN you will believe everything they say.(Democrat) Remember, before we are Democrats or Republicans we are Americans. It is time to Unite. A special thanks to all those Women and Men who lost their lives fighting for Freedom.
Clay Carr how do they cut student loans? i dont even know what that means... i mean, you pay your student loans back. What does the government have to do in regards to budget cuts that affect you paying your loan back? i am not trying to be a smarta**, i really dont understand this dynamic.
Sage Robinson Here's some information about all those "freeloaders" on SNAP. "Most SNAP participants who can work, do work. SNAP rules require all recipients meet work requirements unless they are exempt because of age or disability or another specific reason. Children, seniors, and those with disabilities comprise almost two-thirds of all SNAP participants. Among households that include someone who is able to work, more than 75 percent* had a job in year before or after receiving SNAP. Forty-three percent of SNAP participants live in a household with earnings." I can't believe Americans are happy to not feed other Americans? The LEAST we can do in a country with as much as ours is make sure every man, woman and child has a decent, healthy meal.
Lee Freeman The real facts: For the most part these are cuts on the budgeted INCREASE. If you plan to buy a car at $40,000 but end up buying one for $30,000 and you cut your budget by 25% you still have the $30,000. If the government were your household budget you would have to take a loan out each year to pay the difference between what you earned and what you spent. And for those of the younger generation, these are the same tired old scare tactics / talking points the dems / left have used for years - somebody is going to starve, die or be homeless while the rich get richer. For the older folks, remember when they said older folks were eating dog food because they couldn't afford real food? A scare tactic that had no truth.
Deb Palko Don't forget about the little people that were ruined that helped build Trump's businesses. The money he took from students. The use of foreigners to build and make his brand. You not think he would think twice to do this to the Americans?
Paul Desfosses CNN like the rest of the liberal media doesn't know the difference between "cutting" and not increasing by the current rate of increase. All those programs will get more than the previous year in his budget just not at the same % as they currently have. They also fail to mention that it is the largest budget ever proposed by any country, including the US, in history. Before you comment on my post try looking it up.
Silvia Soriano Amico Cuts to nursing homes where parents of many Trump voters reside. I can't wait till they get call from nursing home telling them to pay up or pick up mom or dad.
Deb Palko Trump is only worried about jobs than the climate change. Coal minors die from black lung and end up needing the health care. Clean air saves the planet and still make jobs. Why put your country backwards. The old farts in the Senate should be replaced with knowledgeable younger people. WH is only worried about saying yes to the POTUS.
Cynthia Draper The 1% and corporations buy our government so they pay little or no taxes. The rest of us point fingers at each other over a loaf of bread. There IS money for Americans to have what we need. The 1% and corporations haven't earned their money they stole it from us.
Joe Jenkins I'm surprised about how few people are discussing how this increased the Federal budget by a lot while he also plans to cut taxes, thus increasing the debt.
Michael Collard I say we just increase everything by 20% every year regardless.. it doesn't matter that we as a nation can not afford to do this.. we can't let anyone do without anything.. to make anyone be responsible for their own situations is abominable.. the tax payers should just pay for everything everyone wants.. then.. in the spirit of moron and traitor, John Kerry, we can all get rosetta stone for free and learn to speak Chinese..
Joanie Levant So here is my problem, we (we as in the he won) have elected Trump as president, their is nothing we can do about it right now. We (again as in they won) have elected officials who will have the last say in all things from now until a reelection so we have to deal with it. I'm suggestion educate yourselves on ways to fix our country and unite our country. I spend many sleepless night worried about things(political)I have no control over right now, we need to make sure we save our traditions, our way of life and our compassion for our fellow Americans. If we don't look out for each other who will? We are in this together. We have made this nation the way it, we must fix it, but we can only do it together.
Wojtek Sokolowski Trump is the true face of America, the land of spiteful pricks who would rather not have something themselves than see it going to the "undeserving" poor. Democrats are just the Potemkin Village, or lipstick on a dog in a manger.
Austin Elkins "let's all cut down the leader of the free world". Like it or not, he is your President. Respect him and wish for success. The only reason you should be trying to tear him down is if this were a government for the government by the government. Which it is clearly stated that this nations government is for the people and by the people. The government isnt failing. We are.
Kathryn Galvin Ran like a sort of Democrat, lied like a Republican, reigns like a feudal oligarch. Congress can stop this and they must be better than they ever have been before to save this country. We need some wisdom and honor and service to the citizens from them.
Tracy Tray It's not for the rich. It's perception!! Less funding and stronger policies on the qualifications for Government assistance will encourage the lazy low life's sitting back collecting checks and food stamps to get out and get a job.
CNN4 hours ago

A portion of the Pacific Coast Highway, one of the most scenic drives in the US, was buried this week by a massive landslide

Rob Kay Dear President Trump, Could we please have some more money to fix our infrastructure? We blew it all on social programs for people here illegally. Thx, CA
Tom Thurlow It is a shame. Big Sur is one of the most beautiful stretches of highway along the coast of California. I hope they have it repaired before the summer tourist season begins...
Tony Mucci Always be an American before a sheep. If you watch Fox news you will believe everything they say.(Republican) If you watch CNN you will believe everything they say.(Democrat) Remember, before we are Democrats or Republicans we are Americans. It is time to Unite. A special thanks to all those Women and Men who lost their lives fighting for Freedom.
Lauraine Beth Why does this have to be political? My parents took me and my brother from San Francisco to LA via the Pacific Coast Hwy. I was a teenager from NY. I remember it so vividly and it was truly one of the most beautiful trips I've gone on. My parents are now both deceased and I'm grateful that they showed us one of the most beautiful places in the USA.
Christine DeLapp This is such OLD news CNN! You fools are so consumed at taking Trump down that you report OLD news! Oh, this is CNN's motto: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it” Adolf Hitler
Scott Greenspan One of the most incredible drives I've ever made. A powerful reminder of the power of mother nature. these kind of things happen with very steep slopes and lots of rain. This has zero to do with politics.
Hugh Smith If President Trump is told that the PCH landslide is preventing access to one of his golf courses, it will be cleared in a week!
Zuzana Ninneman FYI that is sediment/sand because a long time ago California was the bottom of an ocean. It's unstable and that's why you have erosions and landslides. Now this is FACTS!!!
Shane Fair USA Infrastructure is an embarrassment. Only gonna get worse as Trump pulls off the heist of the century with his Russian puppeteers.
Luke Procopio This sucks but this is not that big of a deal, in my town we'd have that cleaned up in a week or 2 then have the hillside netted and barriers up to protect the road.
Christopher Wiley Lucky that Landslide didn't cause a Tsunami. Back in 1958 a Landslide happened in Alaska and caused a massive wave! " true story" !
Melanie Honts This royally sucks. Big Sur was hit earlier this year with a massive road closure and now this. Idk how the businesses will survive since highway one is really the only northern thoroughfare into the area.
Chris Merlot Breaking news. CNN reports 'credible sources' reveal Russia, in collusion with eleven year old Barron Trump are responsible for the landslide. CNN informant claims a Russian cruise missile detonated because Barron wanted to make a big sand castle at the beach here. Stay tuned for more breaking fake news.
Donna Carney Do Californians still want to secede from the United States? -Or just until they need the rest of us to pay for something- and, yes, I'm from Illinois-another God-awful financial mess thanks to ridiculous levels of spending and entitlements.
Johnathon Robertson we need to come together .."we the people" ...both party's of citizens and stand up against our media who is clearly trying to and successfully dividing us against one another....we are all Americans we need to stand together as one and put an end to this nonsense
Jacob White An Earthquake on the scale of Fukushima will be coming in the near future as well. I hope everyone on the west coast is prepared
Mo Shuuke You don't have to post this😠😠😠😠😠😠 You must speak about the innocent children in Syria who bombed by Trump. Why Americans shouldn't even ask themselves about that? Is that why you voted him to kill innocent children in their homes?
BJ Rodriguez I was just there in October and the drive was beyond beautiful, it was breathtaking, serene, magical, etc. But as we were driving you can clearly see the rocks, dirt and debris on the side of the road from where the rocks would fall. This trip to Big Sur should be on everyone's bucket list.
Patricia Rudine We just missed it by 15 days. We drove from Astoria, Oregon down the 101, turned on Route 1 and drove it close to San Francisco. I am saddened to hear that PCH will be closed indefinitely. It was astoundingly beautiful.
Don Miller I don't feel bad for California at all I hope the federal government will not help California at all they don't deserve it all they've done is spent their money on helping illegals live in that state and it's wrong
Yonyuth Hongsakaphadana Hopefully nobody got hurt. California gov needs to send inspectors to check and make safe as possible the whole highway.
Shirley Haruf Always worried about that road. I have only been up the coast once and it was a beautiful drive--glad I wasn't driving!!!!!!
Cecile Goldthorn This is more than scary...this is a foretaste of times only a short while ahead of the world! To Joe Silva, why do you think this is a job for the illegal immigrants, are you native American? Why not put those of us (all and any of us) who are in prison to work cleaning up natural disasters and making our country continually great as it was before the Cheeto and always will be thanks to our forefathers, the constitution and our previous presidents? Impeach drumpf...NOW!
Shawn Rogers PCH is built on an unstable region and landslides are common. The same thing happened between Santa Monica and Malibu. Luxury comes at a price.
Juan Ramon Olivas This is where you can use all the men you have sitting in prisons to do the work. Make them work instead of just sitting in cells twittling their fat thumbs.
CNN4 hours ago

Companies that sell burgers, fried chicken and soda are hitting records just before Memorial Day.

Steven Lowe No s*** Dick Tracy, we love chicken, sodas, potatoes, and other things, whereas China likes Rice and Pasta, Italy loves Pasta, Saudi Arabia has Lamb, Russia has Vodka, France has wine, and Great Britain has weird s*** for their favored pastime meal fixings.
Lynnette Bobowicz Two value meals cost between 12 and 14 dollars. For that I can buy ...5lb potatoes.. 3lb chicken legs and thighs.. 2lb carrots.. 1head of lettuce.. 2 or 3 tomatoes and 1dozen eggs. Cost about 14 dollars. Folks can buy more meals for less than fast food if they shop carefully and watch for sales.
Rudy Castro I work in a cold storage food warehouse- company announced everyone works Memorial day. Can't keep up with orders of frozen French Fries.
Raymond Rickard And here is the beginning cause of so much sickness in the United States - diabetes and cancer. While everyone is fighting over health care, there is no governmental recognition of preventitive medicine (apart from Michelle Obama - and then Donald destroys that initiative). And let us not even mention that rampant alcohol and cigarettes.
Alana Godwin We do not eat food anymore. We eat and drink science projects filled with chemicals and preservatives. We eat what is on the menu and often aren't given many good choices. One can only eat so many salads. And it's difficult to find restaurants that serve a fresh from scratch homecooked meal that one can use a fork to eat with. One shouldn't have to some to go to specialty fusion high dollar restaurant to get this.
Chris Bahr Cheeseburgers are amazing and Booze is good at washing them down! We are gonna enjoy the hell out of this weekend and we will remember the fallen who gave there life to the protection of the US homeland. May we never forget there sacrifice!
David Arnette Memorial Day is about remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom and fighting tyranny around the globe.🇺🇸
Sharein N Jose With both parents working, long commute, and rushing to pick up the kids from after school care to to take them to their sports practices and games make it difficult to plan meals or enjoy a healthy home cooked meal with the family. It's usually, let's stop and get something quick to and from places. I'm not making excuses but unless you have help or sacrifice what little family time you have on Sunday to grocery shop, plan a meal and cook for the whole week, this is life for most working Americans with kids.
Seth Alexander Kick rocks! If I want to eat fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I will! Stay outta my kitchen, CNN! You've already been banned from my family room Tv!
Edward Stechschulte You're telling us. It's subtle propaganda. Headline reads only "America loves fast food, soda, and booze." It's a scam. Those things all male you sick, America. Don't listen to "The news" telling you what you like. We can do better.
Brian Rodriguez Obesity is starting to become acceptable, specially in kids just because they are young and experimenting. We need to start spreading word on healthy choicea
Giovanni Salvador Di Frisco Astragalus casei is a wiry, branching perennial herb forming an open clump of jagged stems up to 40 centimeters long. Leaves are up to 10 centimeters long and made up of thin, narrow, lance-shaped leaflets. The plant bears an inflorescence of up to 25 pink, lilac, or white flowers. Each flower is between 1 and 2 centimeters long. The fruit is a hanging legume pod 2 to 5 centimeters long. It is narrow, slightly hairy, and tipped with a sharp beak. It is pulpy when new and it dries to a tough texture.
Charlotte Rowe Ick. I never buy or eat fast food although I concede to occasionally drinking a Diet Coke. Booze? Maybe a glass or two of wine on a weekend evening.
Christopher David We're also back to back World War Champions! We get it CNN hates the military, the United States, and white people. They might as well just come out and admit it!
Tony Mucci Always be an American before a sheep. If you watch Fox news you will believe everything they say.(Republican) If you watch CNN you will believe everything they say.(Democrat) Remember, before we are Democrats or Republicans we are Americans. It is time to Unite. A special thanks to all those Women and Men who lost their lives fighting for Freedom.
Anthony T. Tucciarone In other words, Americans have a love affair with killing themselves, especially over a weekend that is supposed to celebrate the memory of many men and women who gave their lives in service of this country. Sad irony or poetic justice?....
Bianca Bee Yes, let's continue to glorify this disgusting behavior and laugh about it because it's so hilarious how gluttonous and unhealthy Americans are. Let's continue to be the leaders in being the most obese country, the greasiest country, the saltiest country and let's continue breaking records consuming chemical laden high processed foods. That's what makes America great isn't it?
Tom Stowe Dumas Walker The Kentucky Headhunters Lyrics Well let's all go, down to Dumas Walker Let's all go, down to Dumas Walker We'll get a slaw burger, fries and a bottle of Ski Bring it on out to my baby and me Yeah, we're headed to the drive-in on a Saturday night Just me and my baby and a six-pack of lite Got a pocketful of money and I'm rarin' to go Down to Dumas Walker right after the show They'll be shootin' marbles in the back of the store And laying money down on the floor Let's all go, down to Dumas Walker Let's all go, down to Dumas Walker We'll get a slaw burger, fries and a bottle of Ski Bring it on out to my baby and me He takes all his orders down one at a time Don't need a pad he's got a photogenic mind He don't like the young folks hanging around He's… Full lyrics on Google Play Music
Mike Naravas I don't eat any of it. And I don't drink. I think allot of fast food sales are up because it's cheap. And nobody's making a decent wage that's kept up with inflation. Bad food is better than no food. And the alcohol is there to dull the pain and hope for better days.
Ha Su The death of 500 soldiers. Tens of thousands of people are spending taxes for advertising. There are no new jobs. Invalid food safety statistics. People in the country live in a sort of fear of minority. Petrol price hike, diesel price hike The Modi government is looking forward to seeing more suicides in our country's backyard farmers
Adam Franklin Wakefield I was so excited for a feel good story with no Trump jokes. Well, CNN, like the nerdy girl with a crush on the star athlete. Can not stop talking about him...
Jacob Donathan I'm having a burger, fried chicken, a soda and two-scoops of ice-cream on Memorial day. Go fk yourselves CNN.
Damion Thomas Lets prepare a straight part for the LORD to travel. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. 1 Corinthians 1:18‭-‬21
Niels Schmidt I know and at the same time they have the worst healthcare of any developed nation
Benjamin Fischer I'll be honest, I have been eating more fast food. But it still doesn't compare to the number of healthier meals made at home. 27 meals a week × 330,000,000= 9,000,000,000 meals. Add in the fact that people in America are racing from task to task and trying to get fed in between It adds up to a lot of drive through burger joints. But what does it really matter. Life is about quality not quantity. I'd rather have 60 years of happy than 90 years of mediocrity.
CNN5 hours ago

He died after the elephant fell on him

Lisa Lifton A man who spent his entire life killing innocent, beautiful animals for fun was killed by one of those innocent, beautiful animals falling on top of him and crushing him to death. I'm not one to ever celebrate a man's death because that's not who I am. But I believe in Karma.
Jane Battocchio Elephants should not be hunted. They are intelligent, gentle sacred mammals. Stop the sport of killing. A disgrace.
Brian Swan So....are you guys hiring? - because I've yet to see an inkling of a report regarding: - the fatal stabbing of a newly commissioned US Army lieutenant on the campus of the University of Maryland by a white supremacist - how a US led airstrike in Syria killed over 100 civilians, including over 40 children - Devon Arthurs of Tampa, Florida - the "death" of Federal prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. - the resignation of former Houston transit officer Jarius Warren after video shows him beating a homeless man maliciously with an extendable baton - Houston school resource Officer Jacob Delgadillo (smh) - why is Ramad Chatman remanded by a judge to serve 6 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit and was found not guilty...while Nolan Bruder pleads guilty and gets sentenced to 3 years, all but 240 days suspended for drugging and raping his underage sister??? (yes, you read that correctly...probably has something to do with one guy being named "Ramad" and the other being named "Nolan"..) - Gucci Mane's new album - Walter Plecker and his role at the US Bureau of Vital Statistics - Todd Kohlhepp of South Carolina's sentencing - Valerie Smith of Southampton, Long Island and her "white privilege" - why Commerce, Texas Police Chief Kerry Crews is being investigated for his "handling" of the detainment of Miss Texas Carmen Ponder (Texas is just on a ROLL...) I guess I'll just read this big game hunter story for the 20th time...
Sali Dummay It's better if the elephant stomped on his head. These so-called hunters should join the army and help other soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan if they're really good in shooting, not animals who can't defend themselves from their guns.
Kevin Andrzejewski Good for him! Elephants are one of the most peaceful animals on this planet. Killing an innocent animal in a staged "hunt" simply for fun is a disgrace, these people deserve whatever comes their way.
Sharon Binns Derkach How is it hunting to go to a farm and kill breeding animals? For me (my values) I can only understand hunting if it is for food, like deer, moose, duck ... and only in a legal manner where the person is skilled and doing it in nature etc. Otherwise, you just like shooting a gun and killing. But, I am not and never will hunt.
Fernando Sol Murio un desgraciado, cobarde..que difrutaba matando a cientos de animales, no solo elefantes indefensos si no leopardos, tigres y nuchos mas, solo por placer y dinero! Me da lastima la muerte del elefante...y me contento que ese idiota no volvera a matar mas!
Lani Dian I don't like hunting and could never but it is a sport and as long as the meat is eaten, it is justified in my book. To all the people condemning hunters on here, are you vegetarians? If not, you should see how your food is treated and slaughtered. Living in the wild and being shot is far more humane.
Carolyn Ryden - Manini He got crushed by an elephant...this reminds me so much of that Mary Tyler Moore episode when Chuckles the Clown died. Lol.
Miguel Flores How sad to see that hunting is legal in some places. For the hunters all of them should kill each other if you love to kill that much.
Jesse Elliott Hah, this is what some do for daily bread? WtF! You can say that about criminals. If you're relying on killing creatures by sponsoring this as a sport then you lack any moral value for life in general as you selfishly feed you and your family with blood money.
Dominic Granados 'It was his time'!! Now he has to face the Lord God', And explain to him why he's killing his precious Animals!! May God have Mercy on his Soul!! Killing God's Precious Animals for his pleasure!!! 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘
Sherry Gamble I don't know how you can just go out and kill an innocent animal like that. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, you and the "hunting group" shouldn't even have been there killing.
Ollie Stein Good! The fact that people want to hunt endangered species makes them perfect candidates for the natural selection bin!
Daniel Chin A good lesson for cruel men who have no feeling for these animals.....I hope it is not the men the hunters but rather the animals the predators.....😃😃😃
David Phipps If you would read the article or check other sources you might figure out that they weren't hunting the elephants. They stumbled upon them and the elephants were breeding and charged the group. A female grabbed him with her trunk and was shot trying get her to release the guy. He was a guide/hunter for a living. These guys are also the front line against poachers but yes, he kills animals too. I'm sure his wife and five children will miss him. More CNN hate and anger breeding. No, I'm not a hunter. When are you people going to realize what CNN is about? Anger and hatred should be avoided when possible.
Robert Prior What guys like this should do is get into hunting the poachers over there...that way they can do their bit for protecting the animals...and it has to ramp up the sport for them if they know what they are hunting can shoot back....
Brenda Stultz I'm not a heartless person but if your using theses deaths to hang dead elephant heads on your wall . This will be a reminder not too . Food is for eating not killing and displaying .
Donald Welch I have no compassion for anyone that kills an animal for no REASONS at all !! I do believe you get what you reap, he had no use for the meat or any other parts of the elephant, he knows the are in trouble of shortage of being extinct. So why kill these animals, and another thing there is no challenge of killing this huge there for , he got what he deserves....gpod for the elephant!
Bernard Maher Justice. Wish they'd trampled the rest of his hunting party too.
Simon Waweru I Still Don't Understand Why Hunting Is Legal. Hunting Is Legalised Poaching!! I Cant Feel Sorry For People Out There Taking And Killing Our Precious Animals In The Name Of Hunting!
Neolatin Delavega It almost sounds metaphorical - liberal hunter gets some democratic justice smashed by the elephant (Republican).. Who getting the last laugh?!
Amy Rayburn I'm sorry he lost his life. I also must add STOP killing innocent intelligent elephants!!!
Darryl H. Kuhnle Despite the unintentional satire, seems Ms. Pachyderm had a crush on him!
Vijay Sankaranarayanan Elephants are highly intelligent animals. They are known to remember people who have done any harm to them, even long ago.
CNN5 hours ago

The new change is based on rising rates of obesity and concerns about tooth cavities.

Simon Waweru The Only Problem Today Is That We're No Longer Eating Food, But Food Like Substances.
Lindsey Marie Maybe we should talk about the parents giving their kids pop and soda before age one. I've seen it countless times. I live in Cincinnati, but I'm close enough to Kentucky. I see that everyday. Mountain Dew in a baby bottle is a regular thing in kentucky/West Virginia and poor areas.
Joseph Weatherly Juice has denatured enzymes, it lacks the fiber needed to slow down the sugar absorption, and its vitamin C is mostly destroyed, just mash up the whole fruit and feed it to them instead.
Valentina Lembovska Balance your diet,my daughter had 250 ml every day when she was baby and now she is 21 ,was never obese she is healthy like her veggies and before she was 1 year old she never had chocolate and lollies
Ronica N Jim Idk, maybe it's because some parents give their kids juice in bed? I Was told to never put juice in a bottle and never give them jucie/milk while sleeping because of bottle rot!
Sherry Brandt I gave my children 100% fruit juice. You just need to be sure there is no corn syrup... and not give them much. Small portions! 4 oz in a day is 2 servings of fruit. If kids don't like fruit as a child, they won't eat as healthy as an adult. People will replace juice with something unhealthy like kool-aid or vitamin water if they don't give juice.
Doris Bachman I knew about the sugar but what's with the obesity ? On what basis in scientific fact ? How about brushing after consuming ? Make a difference ? Baby teeth come out anyhow ! Milk has sugar too . I don't quite see the logic here !
Michelle Guerra I knew someone that was putting sugar in their kids water, and fed it to them in a bottle. I was always appalled by that. And they always gave some crap excuse, they'll lose their first teeth anyways. -__________________-
Christina Marden Mine mostly drank milk and water and if they got juice I diluted it. And they didn't even get juice until after they were 1 anyways. So much sugar even with no added sugar ones.
Lynn Romo Juice is completely unnecessary.....why they would even say it is okay at 1 is beyond me.
Reginald Brooks But yet they suggest you give your child unlimited amounts of puss filled mucous forming cows' milk. Yeah, ok. 🤔
Ronald Peter FBI Reports Torture Room Found Underground At Clinton Estate May 24, 2017 Stryker Cherry Yogurt 0 A room built from a buried shipping container with a hidden overhead hatch is likely where Miriam Loomis spent the last year of her life. Most likely transferred there from another location, the age of the hidden bunker was ascertained by an electrician’s permit to install a power panel. The service was performed in early 1999. That was right at the time the Clintons purchased the home in Chappaqua, New York. Now, there’s little doubt what Bill did in his spare time. The container had a bedroom, crude plumbing drains for a bathroom, a garden hose and 24 electrical outlets. Bolts were drilled into the bottom of the steel box to hold as many as six sets of shackles.
Mitchell Parker How about they advise the government not to allow these companies to inject steroids and who knows what into these animals
Koon Yum Tong Actually no uncooked raw food/ drink except mother's milk recommended to infants until toddlers in the Chinese context.
Detlev Theobald Marijuana is no doubt the back bone of a people, alcohol is the killer of these people. Recommend for relief and treatment of particular diseases.shoot me a freind request now to get your order asap order text....469-616-3169 Some of these conditions include: Serious persons
Sam Lemmer Klemens Milk and water. If they start drinking water early they will be used to it and keep drinking it!
Kelly Kemp Jay Moab Kemp we were good with this with Knox! Let's do the same for G baby
Megan Ochs Ok wtf are some of these comments? Especially from Ronald Peter lol!
Michaela DeBenedictis Or stop pumping your kids full of chemicals and high fructose corn syrup. Fresh squeezed OJ isn't the issue here.
Opus N. Bill Stop it with this nonsense. Withholding peanut products from children is causing them to develop peanut allergies and now this.
Tom Oxford I just don't know how I made it to adulthood without all this advice.
Myletta Lacey All that sugar and preservatives! FJ Dunlap this is why I don't buy juice
Brandon Hightower Yeah McDonalds has nothing to do with all the fat people! Fast Food is killing you stop eating it!!!
Doodle Harper It's not the fruit's the store bought high fructose sugar filled juices that is the problem.
Jessica Jones That should be common sense!!! 😐
CNN6 hours ago

A Muslim man and Jewish woman prayed together at a makeshift memorial in Manchester

Kathy Piehl Can't you just take this for what it is? It's a beautiful moment between two people of different faiths coming together to pray for the victims! Come on!
Muhammed Sy-savane Assalamu alaikum! May the peace n rewards that's with Ramadan be upon you n your love ones. Wishing you a fruitful Ramadan Ameen Ramadan Kareem!
Lea Linerová THIS IS how it should be. We are different in religions but still equals ready to help and support each other. Religion is supposed to teach us how to love and how to be better... and if it is not doings so, then said religion is for nothing. This little miracles reminds me that humans still have hope.
Tommy Smith Its praying to nonsense fabricated, made up Gods which has got us into this mess in the first place... Pathetic... Great city... Great music, great culture, great people... Manchester will heal without prayers
Omoteleola Vera-cruz We all can stand hand in hand and tear down the message of hate and killing making our time on earth count, this is the only certain/real place we have the next life is uncertain so let's make the world a place of love ,peace and unity
Nathan Flach Hey CNN you should do an article that shows how Jews, Christians and Muslims coexist totally peacefully in Iran, that's sure to piss off those warmongering religously hateful people.
Elmer Hemingway These moments no longer have any meaning. When I see Muslims taking up arms against their radicals then I will relax. Until then, next attack within 30 days..any bets?
Hugo Horta This is class we need to respect all Muslims and their values. People need to realize that not every Muslim is a terrorist. Stop being ignorant and love your neighbor
Nick Sowter The poodle is a group of formal dog breeds, the Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle. The origins of the poodles are still discussed with a dispute over whether the poodle descends from the old French Barbet breed or from Germany as a type of water dog.
Momin Khan Amin Even though, Muslims are suffering from oppression and atrocities all over the world whether it is from foreign aggression or interna still they are bound to live peacefully with other faiths.
Tom Poloway I say say confiscate properties of the uber rich libs and fill the neighborhood with illegals and radical Islamist and make them coexist or are they much more to Superior for that. Its fine as long as they murder the peasants of the middle class right wonder. Infest their gated communities with the anti-American murderers and see how they like it.make their kids go to the same private schools and see how they like it
Wade Klassen This is clearly CNN's weak attempt at down playing what happened in Manchester to discourage hate on Muslims! Don't fall for this manipulation people! CNN SUCKS!!!
Bezhan Javed We are all human beings with different religions. We should respect each other, humanity is the most important thing in our lives. Curse to all those, who don't let us to live in peace. Long life peace, down with war and terrorists.
Alexander Nwachukwu Out of one million of Muslims in the UK, only one man came out to pray with a different feeling without minding what the Jewish haters will feel about him. That means 99% of them are not as good as this man. And people like him are few among the Muslims.
Valerie Chenier That there is the epitome of peace and hope that we all possess. We just need to dig a little deeper, and desire it above the chaos and the indifference we choose to create. We squander so much time and effort and then complain and cry out in disbelief when ugly things go bump in the night.... we are responsible for our choices, our actions and the way we protect and preserve Humanity.
Goran Sainovski That's how you defeat terrorism!! Not guns... #HateBreedsHate Go watch the only network in the world that doesn't think Trump is a moron.. #FoxFakeNewsForMorons
Sidney Muzanga Doesn't change the fact that there's something wrong with what muslims consume in the name of religion. It was Philippines two days ago, Egypt yesterday, Afghanistan today. This one is gradually gonna pass as we wait for the next one to happen.
Claudio Umesh This is what we need to share. We may belong to different religions, but we all have a common factor: that is 'Humanity'. All religions teach us not to hate, but to love. If people can understand this basic thing, no one kill innocent people. Extremists should understand it.
Ritann Tosto I wonder if Trump will see this video? Someone needs to bring it to his attention. He needs to be schooled on what true leadership means...compassion for each other no matter what the ethnicity!
Anthony F. Marino III How about 2 humans console one another. CNN, as divisive as they come. Oh and love the fact you guys are so upset Hillary isn't your president. Thanks for helping her NOT to get elected. CNN did more damage than the Russians.
Melanie Eley It doesn't surprise me that so many view this photo as negative. It's two human beings showing love to one another. And to those who are using this opportunity to blame a God u don't believe in or snark about how religion causes so much pain in the world, human beings are quite capable of destroying themselves without the aid of religion. Stop with the self righteous foolishness.
Jim Myers Why are you pointing out their ethnicity to us? Is it because you want to show all of us that because these two can get along, with a little love and a hug we all can, and then we can get rid of borders and all hold hands and sing kumbyah together? Your so much smarter than the rest of us,ahh.
Beatriz Zernik Iara Bel Valpere, um muçulmano e uma judia rezando juntos . Onde não há fanatismo, há amor. Compreensão. Todas as religiões, sem exceção pregam o amor ❤️
Houda Ch Just ONE Muslim man showed up? Thousands show up to " kill the infidels" rallies in the UK and all around the world. Hundreds show up to burning the American flag protests in the USA. BTW still waiting for your report on the Christian bus killings in Egypt by a Muslim man. Many children died in that bus
Luca D'Andrea You have to combat the terrorists hmm with pray and flowers you do nothing that's the problem of the leftis they crying but than they forget about it 1-2 weeks...if the populist wants to change it OH they are racist or hates muslims with that logic nothing will change
CNN6 hours ago

A young girl was feeding a sea lion when suddenly it jumped out of the water and pulled her in

Don Malbuco This is so old that the girl finished college and is married.
Rayne Duttine Thank you CNN for posting this breaking news for the third time this week.
Messi Toland A thank you to this brilliantly quick thinking man would have been nice
Bo Powell Cool. This is like 2 weeks old, but sure. Go back to the Russia stuff, at least it's comical with the C- effort.
Ali Stombaugh thanks, CNN, for rewording it from "attacked" to "jumped." maybe you should also change "suddenly" to "gave a warning and the parents didn't bother to actually watch their kid after it" but that's not as catchy, right?
Ben Frazier Donald trump😡creating a culture where sea lions lash out on minority children.
Nick Sowter The oldest recovered boat in the world is the Pesse canoe, a dugout made from the hollowed tree trunk of a Pinus sylvestris and constructed somewhere between 8200 and 7600 BC. This canoe is exhibited in the Drents Museum in Assen, Netherlands. ... The ancient Arabs and Greeks used such boats as trading vessels.
Cjgo Josh CNN Please correct this post. The girl was not feeding the animal. She was just too close to the water. The family has reiterated that she was not feeding the animal rather, some other visitor was doing so. There has been no footage to support your assertion. Even the zoo has corrected their initial statement.
Logan Smith they missed the sign saying do not feed Ocean Creatures . mind you this is how a seat where she was sitting as well , but then again what color is the bread they are tossing out to it, as well the parents are not the ones who are to blame , they are to blame a wild Seal Oh Wait the hell up the Seal is only looking for a meal and this little girl was on the Menu , as easy to reach and devour, as you look at the video the little girl is the only one sitting on the side of the walk pear, as on her right there is a readable sign saying do not feed the wild life ,
Phil Burfoot Please do not engage wild animals. They are called wild animals for a reason. One should only feed animals that have been properly and thoroughly domesticated and then only under the supervision of their trained handlers. Even a petting zoo goat can be dangerous.
Osunyomi Segun-Eyitayor CNN has got no new news! No Trump news No White House leaks No Russia leaks CNN looks like a child who was caught with cookies in his mouth saying, mama I didn't take any cookie. Fake News!!!
Jeff Negrey OMG I've seen this story about as many times as the one about the woman who unknowingly wore her engagement ring around her neck for an entire year...who cares!?!?!
Deanna Heaton Good CNN you can't even get this story correct. This little girl was not feeding it, the people beside her were. CNN you really need to go back to journalism school and learn how to report the facts not all this fictional stuff you always report
Bridget V. NiMhurchu Her father said their family was nor involved with the feeding of the animal. She was a innocent bystander. She's lucky she's safe.
Patti Mccartney It tells you don't feed the animals she taunted the sea lion with food then sit in the ledge oh well people will never learn they are wild animals
Jon O'Neil First, they are not tourists, they weren't feeding the sea lion... and it was the girl's grandfather who jumped in to get her.
Lucas Rokitowski That's why you really shouldn't be feeding animals like that. Not to mention you should be extra careful around them. Those are wild animals. You never know how will they react.
Donna Olivadoti It didn't suddenly nothin'. It lunged at the child then when she sat down it grabbed her. I like seals but they're wild animals. The second it lunged at my kid I'd make sure my kid was in a safe place.
Bob Graff I can't believe CNN didnt superimpose a Trump head on this sea lion and say Trump just pulled a little girl in the water.
Botchoy C. Arcelo White people are getting dumber this Day.... even in my origin country visitors white people act dumber there too common ...................... by the way luckyly My ninja Brother was there to do his DUty.......
Antonella Fasone Oh well. The parents paid no heed to the DO NOT FEED signs and were tossing bread to the wildlife. The sea lion probably thought that white thing was a great big piece of bread and went for the "lion's share," so to speak. The parents put their kid in harm's way and were very fortunate the sea lion didn't like the taste of their kid and let her go when the grandfather yanked on her.
James Tripp The girl was not feeding the sea lion and simply sat down on the edge too close to the water after others had been feeding him.
Danny Gassaway I used to live near them. You don't feed them! They are wild animals! When you feed bears, they keep coming to you for food.
Bolong Yu The little said, "It's fine. nothing will happen." and then a second later she got dragged into the water. She is a child, children don't understand the dangers of wild animals. The parents and other adults nearby should have done more to stop her from getting too close to it the first time it tried lunging at her.
Brigitte Tibet von Bulow uh CNN? you know I am a fan of you but why do you repeat so many stories? please remember, your readers time is valuable, we all work and have things to do, we haven't got time to go through the same thing over and over again..please..
CNN7 hours ago

Melania Trump's outfits in the Middle East caused a stir on social media

Karram Shafo This obsession with Trump by CNN is very sick! Give us real News
Dave Sweatman CNN would complain no matter what Melania wears. If it was Michael Obam in a burlap sack, they would be praising her cutting edge fashion
Kendall Cook-Stancil Shut up !! She looked AMAZING !!! The only people who see to have a problem was and is Americans... so makes you think 💭 who has the problems and over judgmental and always want to attack sure was not the Middle East .
Otusanya Opeoluwa This is simple, decent and above all, very classy... I love it! Guys should put politics aside and learn to admire good things.
Elisabeth Toft I think she did well. It's important to stand up for your ideals and culture, while stile respecting theirs. I think she did pretty good with covering her knees and shoulders - I don't see anything to complain about
Chris Gionet I can't stand Trump but, it looks like the only "stirring" being done is by the ...MEDIA...again. Who cares WTF she wore?..she can wear what she wants.
Bob Graff This is big news! Wow. Does CNN know that more important news is happening in the world right now? Nope, better bash the president, his wife or his kids every other post. What a shame.
William Allen The point is to show you so called conservatives how hypocritical you are with your fake outrage. You all for the most part criticized the former 1st lady when she visited the Middle East, but all is well when the current 1st lady & Ivanka Trump does the same or worse with their dress. It's only a few differences between the two 1st ladies. Michelle Obama is highly educated, took the 1st lady duties seriously, a once married family women who cared about all American citizens no matter if the feeling wasn't mutual, and she loves her husband as well as respects him!
Melina Müller I'm really not a fan of her, but seriously, what's there to criticize, she clearly thought about what to wear in order not to offend anyone, and did well so. There was no "nudity," or any extreme colors or anything that could have been unacceptable, I didn't even see a lot of jewelry, so what's this all about. I'm seeing this story for over a week now, how about getting back to real news.
Aaron McDowell Only with you. You're the only ones who cry for assimilation in the Middle East while telling everyone else refugees don't need to assimilate to American culture. #fakeoutrage
Rhonda Hartung I guess people should be happy she's wearing clothes. A low bar, of course. But she's worn less as we all know. But after hearing conservatives bash Michelle Obama for the 8 years, I could care less if conservatives can't stand when the tables have turned.
Jennifer Lee Evans Some outfits are cute but I don't really like that huge belt. But really what does it matter what I think or what anybody else thinks. If she liked what she was wearing then that's what matters. I feel like there are more pressing issues....
Joshua Stancliff Good job CNN it was about Melania yet you brought up her husband. Trump maybe the president and maybe he wanted her to wear a scarf, but she's her own person and can wear what she wants.
Mattin Nzekkhi and all those girls running around naked doesn't cause a stir. She's wearing decently and if its not a law for all women to wear a headscarf in the country then I see no problem.
Bilal Dairaki To be honest, i am from the middle east from lebanon in specific where people more open and have much space of freedom than in saudi arabia, but still found her and ivanka outfits very suitable and nice and acceptable in the eyes of saudis !! I was raised in saudi but still women wore tge same outfits among them gatherings and occasions.
Steffen Harris Lol is this CNN or US weekly? Did one person tweet some opposition and it's being reported our social media outrage? Regardless of your stance, it's garbage "news" like this that only helped Trump win office.
Kim Nielsen She is without a doubt the best looking first lady ever.
Conrad Leclair This is pretty ridiculous and I am not a trump supporter at all. I follow this page for news and to get insight to the world. Criticism on fashion? Who cares what their customs are pc police. She wasn't half naked, she was dressed just fine.
Dorian Gonzalez The stir was because she wasn't wearing a hijab. You know the thing that's supposed to mean "freedom"? I think, it's mostly a symbol of oppression but hey, to each their own. Melanie was just showing middle eastern women what a free woman looks like.
Iman Abbassi She had a decent dress code all the way. Please stop with your evil articles you are destroying your country with your own hands. The whole world is affected by all your jealous evil taughts. The Trumps are working very hard in the service of their country. And believe me they don't need it. Very deceived of CNN. You should be a ashamed.
Lynda Roth Gehrig I am not by any means a Trump fan, but I think she looked respectful and beautiful. Though I do not know all the protical for each country's ideas for the way women should dress, she obviously tried. Impeccably dressed and did all she could to draw attention from President Buffoon.
Angela Haggerty Funny how CNN doesn't even mention the coat she wore in Italy that is valued at $51,000, a sum that equals the average annual income for an American. Let them eat cake.
Irma Chew Melania Trump is a very pretty lady she looks nice with everything , she looks educated, polite in the past people close to her told that she is a good person don't talk to much. Stop the compare with Mrs. Obama their are different color, hair, personality, body everything.
Kathryn Averre Graham She should wear what she likes within reason. She looked conservative and respectful. We don't ask that visitors dress to our liking when they come to the US. Dress in what makes you feel comfortable.
Bill McClain Yes, her outfits caused a stir on social media. Doesn't everything cause a stir on social media? Duh. Where's that breaking news story about the lawsuits about racism at CNN? If you're going to engage in Yellow Journalism (Don't know what that is? Look it up!), go all the way!
CNN7 hours ago

Two men were fatally stabbed on a crowded commuter train in Portland, Oregon, when they confronted a passenger who was "yelling a gamut of anti-Muslim and anti-everything slurs," a police spokesman said.

Anthony Alapaki Ahkoi When the description reads "We do not know if the suspect was drunk, on medication, had mental issues or anything else," and there is no mugshot, we know he's white
Braulio Arizmendi This is TERRORISM too in all the extension of the definition! Is the melanine in ur skin or the cross in ur chest what makes the difference???? BS
Joe Fitzgerald This President has validated bigotry, hate, and violence at every level. How is he and those who support him any better than any terrorist. Indoctrination to the acceptance of this. Read other posts concerning this on this very thread. You will find those either condoning, defending, or making excuses for this evil. Don't expect the President to call for an end to it.
Zubair Masood How come this is not labelled as terrorism? Media report is so bias. There is no uniformity in reporting these days. Report barely suggest this as a plausible hate crime. Reporting a drunk person using racist rhetoric is not enough. This ought to be reported as domestic terrorism
Lora Grigonis Why are they thinking the guy was drunk or high instead of calling this what it likely was: radical white nationalist terrorism? And is it my imagination or do they not know anything about the suspect because he escaped? There need to be raids and calls for people to turn in their neighbors who may be part of his cell. That's how it works, isn't it?
Caprice T Hall Sooooo, this is a hate crime, but if he had been Muslim, it would have been classified as terrorism right? Why is it only terrorism when the person committing the crime is Muslim?
Lorne James This our 3rd racially motivated stabbing in 8 days, all attacks were random victims waiting for or on public transportation.
Sandra CanoBravo The treasonous, racist Russian puppet Trump didn't invent hateful racism, but he did open a Pandora's box unleashing the closeted bigots, the Trumptards who now feel they have a voice & a champion in him exposing the underling bigotry that has always plagued this country & its bleak history! White Supremacists, Neo Nazis & the Alt Right terrorists are this country's biggest threat, greater than any foreign threat abroad! Hell awaits these demons from hell! 💋🇺🇸😡😡
Nancy Scott The guys were heros for helping. I am sorry they lost their lives. If the guy had a knife, why wasn't he shot like most other people would have been?
Eugene Stark I so hope the country doesn't descend into what came to be known as "Rassenwahn" -racist insanity- during the 1930s and 40s in Germany. This racial madness always slumbers in large swathes of any population just waiting to be awakened by populist demagogues.
Tom Thurlow This is the type of behavior that Trump incites when he is constantly saying things like "All Muslims hate us", and "All Muslims are dangerous", and like his repeated mantra "Ban all Muslim refugees from entering the country", etc... Some people actually believe him and this is the result. Trump has even been known to make up terrorist attacks in order to incite fear and hatred... 🙁
Randy Edwards Sad thing is I bet this person never sat down with anyone of color, gay, or Muslim and really talked. Had he done so he would have quickly realized just how much alike we all are.
Shyam Krishnamurthy Hopefully you yanks will mature enough to realize that Terrorism has no color, no religion, no race, it is an evil against the good folks which needs a united action to kill it.
Carron Dumonde Williams See, these crazy racist zealots that live amongst us are one step away from being terrorist. Yet, you want me to fear ISIS who are literally thousands of miles away. Get real, I'm keeping my eye on some of these white dudes
Gina Wilson I'm a democrat....not super liberal but a democrat none the first thought was "drunk or on meds" are we looking to justify this.....never read the title or word terrorist to describe this POS ......I do agree the president needs to say something like this behavior won't be tolerated.
Karen Wright Very sad. This is domestic terrorism. Perpetrated by trumps America. He has created a wave of hatred in our own backyards while convincing everyone to hate Isis
Mowlid Abdi Trump supporter no doubt.
Hector T Ugarriza First the guy was WhiteTrash and for everyone who's undoubtedly going to say "why isn't this terrorism?" It's quite simple Terrorism is when someone commits an act of terror in the name of religion and politics. This is a hate crime because he was not screaming "Jesus is Lord" and it wasn't an act of ethnic cleansing. I know everyone wants to throw words like Terrorist and Protester and the like around but you would be well served to look up their meaning first. IMHO
Sha Hsing Min The last time fascism rose up globally, we had to raise up arms to defend ourselves against their murderous obsession with racial purity. Trump's deplorables are similarly dangerous and should be treated as violent, armed and crazed. I know Gandhi would not approve, but people like this terrorist and Gianforte are clear and present dangers.
Amber Rochelle Reality is, who cares if he was intoxicated, mentally ill, or both. He did what he did, and its terrorism, period. Any one, whether from another country, or from here, commits such acts, they're OBVIOUSLY mentally ill. I think bigotry is a mental illness on some level. But that doesn't give them any sort of pass. It was a hate crime, terrorism, all of the above
Robert St. Clair If it was 'anti-everything' it must have been 'anti-Trump' so what is CNN going to do now? And a gun wasn't used? OH..... MY...... GOSH..... what are the snowflakes going to blame this on????
Debra Steinfels-Bachtel This will not be publicized because he was white, and it is suspected he is mentally ill. This does however follow along with the Presidents plan to "Make America Hate Again"
Marcy Santos Aziz Ansari: So, look. We’re divided. It’s O.K. We’ve always been divided by some of these big political issues. It’s fine. As long as we treat each other with respect and remember that ultimately we’re all Americans, we’ll be fine. But the problem is — The problem is, there’s a new group. I’m talking about this tiny slice of people that have gotten way too fired up about the Trump thing for the wrong reasons. I’m talking about these people that, as soon as Trump won, they’re like, “We don’t have to pretend like we’re not racist anymore! We don’t have to pretend anymore! We can be racist again!
Francisco Mendoza White supremacists everywhere are thanking Trump, and celebrating these deaths. And the beauty of it, for them is.... they don't even have to get their hands dirty! Trump has unleashed all the low IQ creatures from the swamp to go out and attack those he despises.
Sue Hairston As a white person this breaks my heart. It is indeed a sad and terrible time when we as a nation go back 100 years and kill each other over the color of their skin or the religion they chose to practice 😢
CNN7 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump appears to move aside the prime minister of Montenegro while at a NATO summit in Belgium

Walter Moreano The most pathetic President in American history. Just goes to show that money can't buy you class nor respect. What a disgrace.
Nana Kwaku Asiedu Darko This American President has no class at all, Obama for ever
Paulina Simmons Bryan The Prime Minister should have slapped the sh*t out of him and became a hero....I mean he did put his hands on him aggressively would have been a knee jerk reaction in my view.....
Sibusiso Fanti If Obama did that Republicans would have formed a lynch mob. But Obama has too much class to do that anyway.
Patrick James Jones Charity begins at home. This is a normal thing when it comes to the Republican Party, shoving, body slamming the reporters, making fun of their disabilities and above all, grabbing women's private parts without any consequences.
Ceil Sheehan Stop saying "appears" to move. Trumpelthinskin, the narcissistic bully shoved the legitimate world leader aside so he could be "front and center." His favorite position.
Eleanor Romero It doesn't appear he did push the Prime Minister out of the way cause our trashy Presedent is a narcissist, unethical, immoral, misogynist, unmannered pig. trump thinks he's​ all that he make me want to vomit.
Naseer Malik Nothing wrong with this footage! This is what America has been doing to rest of the world for many years! At least Mr Trump showed the reality...
Katherine G Elke And this is the # 1 reason Trump is the president today. Thank you, Donald Trump for being a great leader. Everyone else can just step aside..
Bob Graff We've had enough years with a President that sat in the back. USA 🇺🇸 first. Atta boy Trump! Get to the front of the line. We are NATO!
Stephanie Gomez Trump APPEARS to move aside someone? Who do you want to believe...him or your eyes! He can't blame his bad behavior on Hillary or Obama. This is all him. Shameful.
Sean Mulrooney If you cannot see what is happening here you should know that you are terrible at reading body language. It's not the most important skill in the world to have but it sure helps. And he's using it without even meaning to because he is, at best. a primate.
Amy Ferguson Dutton Move aside? A kindergartner would get in trouble for shoving and cutting the line. But Adolf Twitler "moves people aside". 🙄
N Shah Taluqdar He's a bully with no real skills or intelligence. What else did you expect?? He's a national embarrassment.
Jerry Armstrong The pushing aside of the PM and the subsequent chest thumping is the most nauseating example of an ego run amok and a lack of humility I have ever seen. It would be inexcusable in a fifth grader and yet this is the President of the United States. I'm horrified that this ridiculous old fool is our representative to the world.
Sajid Mahmood Doesn't even give eye contact or an excuse me. Still do not understand how this bum ended up being the president of the United States of America. Such a disgrace.
Rebekah Betts Can we all just stop saying "appears to"? He did. The man is a truly an exceptional embarrassment. Being President is different than running for President--he does not understand the significance of the office he holds nor does he possess the intellect.
John Pettis I'm sure his supporters see this as the move of a strong leader putting America First. He knows he is disliked and made fun of by most of them and he is showing fake arrogance as a way to save face.
Chad Hornbaker It wasn't the @act of getting up to the front, it's the disgusting smug look that he enacts. Laaaawd Jesus, please remove this imbecile from my timeline.
Daniel Salazar World... From us Americans we apologize to you but don't worry we will hold him accountable for his actions and he will be wearing soon a orange prison jumpsuit to match his hair. He's a disgrace to our nation and a embarrassment to all human beings
Janine Taylor The only good job he will do is building his own empire bigger and making his friends and family richer. Nearly like our African leaders...take my word for it. He is not there, because he cares about you or America, he cares only about himself...this behaviour on video shows who he really is. Me, me, me..
Jeanne McKinney Stevenson What is with the headline? He "appeared to shove aside"? He shoved his way past another to get in the front. Period. I don't have to guess at what I'm seeing... oh good grief just call it what it is...
Sefomo Kilian These anti TRUMP, and anti American trolls. Your numbers are so impressive on CNN. Get documented, or leave. DONALD TRUMP is the democratically elected president of the United States of America.
William Abi-Fadel Or respectfully show off piece of shi* trying to be one of the elite !! Pitifully the orange one need 4 years of etiquette schooling and a lifetime of schooling
Andrea C. Prando Okay, for a second: let's forget Trump president of US and let's look Trump as a Human Being: he's a bully! Nothing more nothing less (maybe history will remember him as one of the greatest President ever, yet he'll be bully).
CNN8 hours ago

"There is a clear push back against diversity in our society," one expert said when asked about these recent rants.

Sharon Clarke These rants aren't new. People of color have endured them forever. We are now just filming them and posting them and publicly shaming people for them now. We should have been publicly shaming them for this kind of rant all along. Shame on us!
Lisa Carol Thompson Hate to say it she is one of many!!! I'm from NC and have heard many people say what she said..but they were not caught on me it is so wrong!!!!
Sam Ryan Trump will continue to pander to the side he gets approval from. Great job on unifying our country. Best job ever. No president has done a better job then him. SMH.
Yvonne McCulley Quit blaming Trump. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. All the Trump supporters that I know are not racists, are not all "white", are just average hard working, middle class Americans that would not support anyone speaking to another human being as this woman did in the video.
Karen Babri Many of those who are making the racist rants have short memories of their own family histories. It is likely that many are the descendants of immigrants who arrived in this country not speaking English.
Mark Clark Trump has simply emboldened these ugly people to say what they feel. In their world it's not ok to be different than them. Remind you of any place from history?? Like maybe Hitler's Germany. I saw a post yesterday from a white supremacist with lots of guns who says he's ready to kill. Scary times.
Frank Young "Recent" rants? Seriously? Dear Mr and Mrs America, it has always been here. Except now, victims can capture and broadcast it quickly with social media. Lets all take a good look -- a very good look -- in the mirror.
William Frias Aguila This happens in Pennsylvania a lot. I used to live in Gettysburg and I've seen my fair share of racism in my childhood with my family. It's saddening.
Yaghoub Sharifi There are also many racist rants by blacks and other non-white people but CNN is not interested in them, are you "fake news"? haha
Anthony Alapaki Ahkoi These people are relics. Dangerous relics, but relics. Take her down just like the confederate statues and the #NewAmerica will show you what REAL MAGA looks like.
Willie N. Ingraham Jr. Trump used the same logic, President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." LBJ your 36th President
Jeannine Sheldon Phillips It's pathetic, disgusting and DEPLORABLE! What THE HELL HAPPENED to our Country and when did being racist trash become acceptable?? The vitriol filth coming out of these vile creatures mouths is sickening in every way and it's an absolute embarrassment of where our countries level of humanity and decency currently lies.
Jennifer Lee Evans I really don't understand when being miserable became so in style. I am a naturally happy person. I like to be happy. I can't imagine having such anger that I would verbally assault anyone for the hell of it. People give me crap all the time because of my political preference and say rude crap and I just don't understand how it is fun for people to be that way. I don't let it bother me because it's a reflection on them and they way they are, I'm not the one being a jerk. I think if more people would be happy and not be rude to one another just because someone doesn't agree with them on certain matters or happens to be a different race the world would be a better place. Yelling at people in supermarkets is not the way to bring America together.
Kamendra N. Mishra It was there and it was not showing up. Most of the supporters and voters of President Trump could not bear the sight of an African American Man in the White House. It was in the school, college campus and now President Trump's election has emboldened this group to rant in open. For them this is what means make "America Great Again."
Allison Williamson It appear everyone is saying the same thing.. The blacks, Hispanics and Muslims all seem to be saying, "there is a large group of vile people trying to terrorize the rest of us". The country we live in allows and perpetuates this behavior!!
Jenny Ziolkowski In short, the basic fundamentals that this country was built on has been kicked to the curb. We no longer embrace the melting pot, which as the article states has kicked us back into the 1950's. Yes, racism has always been here, but it's coming more to surface on social media. Again, America is paying for her ignorance and complacency via politics. #makingamericagreatagain 👎
Sharlee Hainesworth Everything about America right now is diversified and this lady is a degenerate. Look at her for God sake she is a fat nasty, McDonalds eating slob. Probably in line to get a prescription for every ailment one could have. And she has the nerve to think she is superior to anyone. Yeah superior to a pig 🐷🐽
Carron Dumonde Williams Mentally unstable people who are one step away from being terrorist themselves. This country does not just belongs to you. Get over it
Valerie Lorenzini They are unhappy because they cannot accept that minority's work harder and are more educated, let's face it have more style! This group of Trumpanzees will never be able to accept change of any kind, they probably still have rotary phones, poor things
Milton Leon Crews You racist people need to get over it because we are not going anywhere if you don't like it you leave . I don't understand why white racist people think this country belongs to them and only them when you weren't even the first people here. Just saying
Tiffini Eunice Quote from the article: "But cell phones now bring it "into our consciousness in a much more emotional way," she said. "There's one part of this that could move us forward as a society ... It's in our face now, and we can't deny that it's happening," Carrillo said." I beg to differ. People absolutely can and will continue to deny it, and unfortunately half the country will agree with them. That's why these ignorants get on here and defend Trump's every mistake like he's a god.
Cheryl Berry Grove "President Donald Trump 'tapped into seething anger' that was already boiling in those who couldn't accept an African-American President, Darby said. Trump 'legitimized bigotry by the way he campaigned.'" Politics aside, that was the deal breaker for me.
Michael Hathoot Yeah, but the majority of these lunatics are cranky old white folks & TrumpCare will insure that they ain't around much longer....
Ian Howe Never underestimate the power of collective consciousness! Those in power have manipulated it to their advantage throughout history. The weak minded become infected while those in power profit from the circus they created! We can choose our own minds not the collective consciousness chosen for us!
Summer Carol Still I Rise Maya Angelou, 1928 - 2014 You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I'll rise. Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? 'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells Pumping in my living room. Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I'll rise. Did you want to see me broken? Bowed head and lowered eyes? Shoulders falling down like teardrops, Weakened by my soulful cries? Does my haughtiness offend you? Don't you take it awful hard 'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines Diggin' in my own backyard. You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I'll rise. Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise That I dance like I've got diamonds At the meeting of my thighs? Out of the huts of history's shame I rise Up from a past that's rooted in pain I rise I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide, Welling and swelling I bear in the tide. Leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear I rise Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise I rise I rise.
CNN8 hours ago

Harrowing security footage shows a woman fighting off car thieves by jumping on the hood of her car

David Small Love how everyone is saying it's her fault for leaving the keys in the car. Granted, she shouldn't have. But that doesn't give anyone the right to take the car. Come on people, stop taking up for thieves and people who think they can take whatever they want.
Christopher J Bruns I leave my 2005, Ford Focus station wagon, running, with doors open, with a full tank of gas, with a note saying 'take me,' and all I get is a message saying 'please remove.'
Antonio Newman That's exactly why I'm armed and lock my doors when I'm not in my car. This lady didn't want them taking her stuff. Granted, wasn't the best decision but she didn't loose her car or whatever was inside. Still, choice between what's yours and your life.
Elsa Martí That's crazy!!!! No car is worth your life, that's what insurance is for. smh
Dina Murtaza My gas tank is on drivers side but I noticed here it was the opposite. Either way I usually take the keys and hit the lock button only because of my purse as someone can come and grab it from The passenger side. Just a habit!
Marilynn Neher Bachorik Wow! That is one brave woman! But unless her child or pet was in the car, she shouldn't have risked her life. Glad she survived it.
Mike Casey It's a career path for those scum loser hoods. This is the life they chose. Prison or death is the ultimate goal. Their parents must be proud.
Ebonee Scott Obviously she was already having a bad day and these fools put her over the edge. 😂They messed with the wrong chic💄💅🏾 that day. Happy she's okay 😁and they weren't that hell bent on taking the 🚗 . They wanted a 🚗 not to kill anyone. Praying it'll teach these teens/men a lesson 🙏🏾
Jerry Cunningham Trump told these people to steal her car. I read it in an anonymous memo from the person who worked in the same factory as the brother to the housekeeper of a manager at the convenience store 8 miles down the road from this one.
Peter Chiira This is when the African black magic (vodoo) comes in handy, I dare and I repeat, I dare those so called car thieves to break into or simply get into a car owned by an African with an aim of stealing it and see for themselves their brains turning into mashed potatoes, I honestly dare them.If you are a car thief including those that attempted to steal this lady's car and you are reading this, I dare you, I swear with my sixth finger that that will be the day when your stealing career will come to an abrupt and a rude end.
Shawn Handy Thieves are thieves there's no defense for them. But don't risk your life for something your insurance will replace. This could have ended much worse if there wasn't daylight and so many witnesses.
Charles Rowland Offering up your life for a Subaru seems irrational but I feel oddly aroused and attracted to this young man. I sure hope no woman ever gets this angry at me.
Kertina Kimbrough Unless my child was in that car, they can have it. My life means more to me than any "thing" I have or own. Thank GOD they didn't kill or kidnap her.
La Tonya Mc Laughlin Thank God that the criminals only wanted the car. She could have been killed or seriously injured. This is why we have insurance. Glad it worked out for her.
Karen Seeley What do you consider a life? Is it worth risking it for an object, a car, or is it worth wasting, sitting in your basement, armed and waiting, in case someone comes to take your "stuff"?
Max Morrow Okay, so she shouldn't have left her keys in the car, but that doesn't give a thief the right to steal something and make it theirs. Take note, democrats: welcome to a quintessential example of socialism.
J Rueben Silva Hmmm... vehicles should be turned OFF while pumping gas. She's probably the same person that drives 55 mph in the left lane when the speed limit sign states 75.
Panky Ryanz Ridiculous great for her she stood up she rocks awesome don't let those low life win she could have gotten hurt and I am so glad that she didnt.
Gale Hatmaker Bradshaw Unless there was a child in the car she is being ridiculous. She could have been killed! It's a car! It's not worth risking your life over.
Victoria Pieper When pumping gas, how many of us really take the keys out? Not her fault for leaving them in. Let's be more critical of the idiotic thief.
Kerry Deaver Wait, the Fake News always brings in "race" so why not now? Black men trying to steal a white woman's car.....that should be the headline right? I mean it's always the headline when it's blacks as the "victims".
John James Hope that old man that just stood there Atleast got the license plate number since he didn't run to help the woman stop her car.... bystanders are amazing lol then again since this was on video it prolly won't be credible just like all the police videos of them murdering unarmed individuals 😂😂😂
Rosa Armstrong To be honest, I don't think this lady was thinking rationally at the time. She probably saw years of hard work flash before her eyes as she jumped on that hood.
James Justice Um... in future news worthy of reporting - the police apprehend the criminals and they are remanded to prison and this brave woman and society receives justice...
Tim Chadd Sr. I am glad she thwarted this, but seriously I always pull my car keys out of the ignition at the gas station or anywhere else.
CNN9 hours ago

Dead men tell no tales, but historians say Blackbeard put lighted fuses around his beard to spark a demonic halo of fire and smoke during battle.

John Charlotte Mosto so much easier now , just hire a Washington DC lobbyist , and get whatever you want, no need for curved swords or a bottle of rum.
Perry John Marshall Progressives are Americans...conservatives are Americans...whatever voted-in Trump is neither, and should be EXPUNGED immediately. They vote based on hate and ignorance, as Roger Ailes and FOX NEWS intended.
Brent Schacher Blackbeard could have ran away and saved himself but decided it was a beautiful day to die and took the battle on himself where he was shot and stabbed multiple times while massacring his enemies, then when he reached the captain he was struck from behind in the neck and died. Now that is a man with a set of nads.
Doug Lortie "Lit" and "lighted" are interchangeable people. Although "lighted" sounds weird to most since it is the less common of the two, it still fits here.
Adéwalé Joséphe It's True, when I was with Edward Kenway; this man did not hold back.
Marangoz Kahraman I placed a wire low to the ground in the woods to make the children from the other block trickle and fall to the ground. They charged one time with 4 or 5 and the alfa male did not see the wire on the ground and fell. They all got scared and run away, I won that day.
Vlad Beliaev We love you Mr President #MAGA #keepingussafefromradicalislamicterrorism #letthedeportationsbegin
Ryan Khoury The story of Bartholomew Roberts A.K.A Black Bart(not to be confused with Black Beard) is fascinating. Considered the most successful pirate of the golden age. Read up on him.
Joseph Johnson Wow. Blackbeard. As if we didn't learn this in elementary school
Tony Guyton Well just saying I saw the new Pirates movie and I definitely enjoyed myself <3
Detlev Theobald Medical Marijuana is no doubt the back bone of a people, alcohol is the killer of these people. Recommend for relief and treatment of particular diseases.shoot me a freind request now to get your order asap order text....469-616-3169 Some of these conditions include: Serious persons
Nicholas John LeBlanc This is what I enjoy on the news, I like history and I love the good things that are posted, I'm just tired of politics, anyone else agree?
PT Taylor Somehow this is Trump's fault. If only CNN did a little digging. #doyourjob
Fergus Henry George Tuifua Nothing glorious about a murderer and his murderous crew these people where hunted and hung for their crimes.
Nicholas Theodore Charter Totally thought that said fetuses instead of fuses...oops it's getting late
Uwin Sein Someone told Trump long ago that the real pirates are taking refuge and hiding in the swamp. May be CIA or KGB. And that's why he starts draining the swamp. Blackbeard is still at large.
Perry John Marshall Trump should try lighting a few flares around his fake know, it would be so much more dramatic!
Michael Peyton A loyal British subject which is exactly synonymous with obedient servant of Her Majesty, the Queen, Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor The Second, by the Grace of God of United Kingdom, Queen of England, Great Britain Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Belize, Barbados, Papua New Guinea, The Solomon Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, Tuvalu, the Bahamas, and other vast Realms, Territories and Dominions Beyond the Seas, Head of the Common Wealth and Defender of the Faith, has said Servants who thus love to set sail upon the ocean. Therefore, They have the honour to remain, Madam, Your Majesty's most humble and obedient servant sailors.
Treblig Arellano History is written by the victors, remember that.
Bill Frizalone I will have to google it, to see if it's FAKE NEWS and look up the real facts and sources
Stephen Lyle With all the hacking and slashing, you can't be distracted.. Or disbelieving.. In the authenticity that you are in fact dealing with Pirates.. They want what you have, you should not put up a fight.. If you fight, part of the tactic fails.. You should be scared or you will resist.. If you resist, they have to hurt you back.. They could have sunk you in your boat, but they didn't.. And if they like you, they will try to make you one of the crew.. Death was not always the end for victims, but it's risk drove people to fight back.. Why it was called high seas piracy.. There are no rules..
Victor Luke Obiagor What a nice film 😀 it was fun watching the storyline is just awesome
M.r. Rupp Oh, good. I hope this is a new beard trend.
Ryan Montoya Wasn't this one eyed willie ?
Luigi Sottile Pretty sure I saw this picture in the goonies
CNN9 hours ago

A man went on a racist tirade after hearing another man speak Spanish on the phone

Joey Racanelli Typical American, insulting other races while eating Mcdonalds
Sam Nahuysen He's wheelie angry. He just needs to relax and walk away.
Fernando Morales He's just jealous that the guy speaking Spanish is bilingual lol.
Michelle Lynn LeClair This is sad. I feel so badly for this guy. He is obviously so painfully miserable. I can't imagine going through life like this. Hopefully he finds some peace.
Jim Lawrence What I love is when people say "if you're gonna come to this country speak English". Do they realize English is from England therein admitting it is not the native dialect of this country? There were many explorers/ colonies here like French and ,yes, Spanish as well as Dutch and German. The only folks who can cry foul on who came here not knowing the language would be the true native Americans who honestly got screwed.
Moe Kormod He should stand up for his rights and beliefs. Never take that sitting down. A real man would rise up to the occasion. Only a coward wouldn't get up and face the challenge.
Lauren Michelle For mfs that call everyone snowflakes this guy sure is triggered and begging for a safe space from all this "unamerican" language. 😂😂😂
Alice Taylor People please just leave him alone - Imagine you would have to spend the rest of your life or your entire life in a wheel chair...many of us would be angry and miserable 😔
Brian 'Rod' Shepherd Normally, violence against a disabled person is inexcusable. However, rolling this guy down the airport escalator, well...
Rob McElroy And here in Portland, two people were just stabbed and killed on the Max line while defending two Muslim women from a verbal assault. It is just amazing and terrifying what Trump has unleashed in this country. I call it a 'Trumpidemic'.
Praveen Lingham Speaking more than one language is an honor and shows a different level of intelligence that this individual does not have... Before he goes around judging and harassing others, he needs to remember that Jesus Christ was not an English speaker... Oh yeah and the name "America" does not come from English origins... This guy needs to go read a book and educate himself ...
Em-Em Uy Baylosis When you are rude you are rude... disability will never stop you for being one. That man doesn't deserves compassion nor pity.
Alan Stone This man is obviously emotionally disturbed, maybe he has PTSD. I hope he's getting therapy and proper medication. Rational people do not act this way.
Steven Gonzales I'm actually more surprised that there are casinos in the airport. I know some people should think that I should be more surprised at that disabled douchebags racist tirade, but being Latino myself and having been through it a couple of times ever since Trump started running for president, I'm not.
Carlos Eduardo Martinez I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and German, just pick one to get upset with me. I don't mind monoglots and idiots!
Sue Taylor Trump's America. Hateful, racist, divided and thinking this demonstration of anger and mental meltdown is OKAY?!? Well it's NOT ok.
Robert Jacob Garcia Welcome to trumps america,thats what people wanted ????? This past week there's one similar at a Walmart for.the same reason very sad to see and hear
Lou Bleecker Racism doesn't have a leg to stand on.
Robert Walker A tone has been set. People like this trash think they can spout their racist garbage because the president seems to approve it. Trump won so they can get back to the "good old" days of open racism. We will see about that in the mid terms. Soon it will be time to send a message.
Gopala Krishnan After his racist attack on the Spanish speaking guy, the cunning rascal tries to play victim banking on sympathy for his condition.
Kay Napier That guy would hate me, I'm trilingual. English, French, and Spanish. He probably wouldn't lose his mind if he heard me talking to my dad in French, though. Trump hasn't demonized my immigrant parents, just the ones from Mexico. Yes, my father was illegal when he moved here in 1974. Became legal in 1986.
Mark Daniel Martinez He was angry because he heard another an AIRPORT. 😑 On a serious note, get some counseling or have your medication checked. This isn't normal human behavior, even for the ignorant.
Nav Dhanoa So if he's in a wheelchair we should all feel sorry for him regardless of his racist behavior? Makes no sense. America is home to all people from around the globe. He should leave the states if he can't tolerate people from other nationalities.
Joe Franklin There's an old joke: What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks only one language? American.
David A Konop God I hate these. They seem to be more common now that trump is President.
CNN10 hours ago

One drink a day on average is associated with a 5% breast cancer risk increase in younger women, a new report says.

Gene Foard Stop this. So is this to strike fear in younger women? Y'all need to stop. Basically we women are at risk of something if we casually enjoy life. Don't drink at all if you think you may get pregnant. No caffeine. Lighten up and stop scaring people with reports that will change in a year and ones there is nothing to be done about what's already transpired.
Earl Vanover and.... next week a drink a day will prevent breast cancer. Blah, Blah, Blah.. The research finds whatever the highest bidder wants it to find.
Laura Ahlgren This is a correlation, not causation. Basically, younger women who drink alcohol HAPPEN to get cancer, not BECAUSE they drink alcohol. we need better science journalism!
April Pham Being female is the biggest risk factor. For everything. At least we should be able to enjoy a drink while enduring all such risks.
Antonio Newman How else are you suppose to drown out your sorrows? Looks to be about that time for cocaine.
San Ta Na So not long ago there was a study that said one drink a day helped the heart. Seems now people have to choose whether to die of breast cancer or heart disease.
Charla Kidd I'm no longer much of a drinker (a few drinks a year maybe) but I am Not buying this. Look at how many women live into those 90s who drank very often. I think the wrong studies are being done. I want to see more research on the link between stress and/or trauma and onset of cancer. I think I'll check that out now while I wait for my boys to get home from work. 👍🏼
Efrain Reyes So don't drink alcohol? I think they'll wing it after a long day of dealing with a patriarchal society.
Charlotte Hampton Give me a break! BS. What causes breast cancer is having mammograms!! Radiation!!! Wine does not do this. Good grief CNN! You should do more reporting on this and how it's mammograms that causes breast cancer. Research that!
Lou Sdunek And the normal American diet? 40% fat - 60% junk food? Na, couldn't contribute.
Dan Clark Alcohol negatively affects every cell in your body. Man has known that since the turn-of-the-century. Heathy people don't drink.
Sandy Shores Geeze, we've been hearing to drink a glass of RED wine a day because it has antioxidants/resveratrol that increase the good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol thus "may" help prevent heart attack/disease. When I was in France and Italy, you always had wine with your meals and they looked healthy to me! Obesity/over weight is what we should be focusing on here in the US as there are so many things people are more at risk for when over weight ..... and our overweight population in adults and children is growing every year... But the US is now taking overweight as the new normal because everyone is supposed to love themselves just like they are. Problem with that is they are loving themselves to death with higher risk for just about everything.
Silvia Soriano Amico This is complete bull. Women in many Latin American countries and in Europe have a glass of wine with dinner every night yet they are healthier than most American women. And they drink more coffee. Women in the US get breast cancer because of other factors including disgusting working facilities such as mold, bad foods, and stress. Women worry about health care more than men and their families. Oh yes and we are women.
Ryan Gastreich And in a year another study will find that a drink a day will lower the risk. Personally, I have study fatigue. It seems like everyday there is new study about this or that and just how good or bad it is for you. I am a firm believer in science, however this is getting a little ridiculous. I want a study about all the studies that contradict other studies.
Richard Vlasaty Does this overide last week's report where a glass of wine a day ws good for you? Researchers change their tune every week so that they can keep getting grants and maintain their little jobs .
Rob Kay They used to say that a glass of wine a day was good for you. Its almost as though science isn't settled, and that our mindset could be completely wrong on a subject that we call scientifically factual.
Jake Huestis Everything both kills you and helps you. Just eat and drink whatever you want. It's better to live a happy life then be afraid of everything
Amanda Swinkels I think this is bs. But a great segue to remind all you awesome ladies to remember to check yourselves! Early detection makes a world of difference ❤
Alex Tran What did you expect honestly? Lol. Drinking alcohol is basically like putting poison in your body, of course it's gonna have negative side affects..
Mikki Mack so do French and Italian women have higher rates of breast cancer? I thought there were good things for a person to drink a glass or two of red wine per day?
Kim Johnson Maschek wait minute, I thought one glass of wine reduced cancer risk? or at least was good for you!i give up .its always something.
Kristi Clifford Halverson Oh puh-lease! Stop inducing us with chemicals that pollute the fruits and veggies we eat. Stop intoxicating our bodies with synthetics and GMOs
Sam Landsman a 5% increase is quite likely outside the margin of error for both experiments. this "increase" is meaningless, providing nothing but fear and confusion for young women.
Michele Fernandez My family is from a culture that has a glass of wine for either lunch or dinner everyday and I find this hard to believe. Probably someone is trying to hurt the wine business.
Loretta Bridges Every day it is something new. One day something is bad for you then the next day it is good for you. Eat your peas, carrots, veggie, drink some wine, have a bit of chocolate every day, stop reading all the crap people say and LIVE YOUR LIFE HAPPILY.
CNN10 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump's budget plans to cut the Children's Health Insurance Program by at least 20% over the next two fiscal years and slash Medicaid, which covers millions more children.

Tom Thurlow Of course the Trump supporters will just say that these children should get good jobs with health benefits, and that what Trump is doing is a good thing. Getting all those lazy kids off of Medicaid...
Andrea Rogers Republicans make a huge , passionate show of opposing abortion, of fighting for the rights of the fetus. Unfortunately that passion ends once the child is born. #HYPOCRISY
Troy Hawkins Oh well, The American people voted for it. If we don't want a madman that is going to cut funding for things people need we need to make sure the other candidate wins. We need to show up at the polls and win the electoral college or abolish it one of the two
Steve Lowry F*** you, Paul Ryan, and everyone else who's​ alright with 23 million people losing coverage. There's a special place in hell for you and them.
Ashley Checchi I doubt this clown will be in office over the "next two fiscal years" he needs to go & he can take the rest of the uneducated, self-centered politicians that back him up with him...ha The only way we will ever make America great again is to impeach this clown!
Ken Charles Yeah, of course...because are freeloaders. They don't need a safety net or anything If they can walk, they can work. Sad.
Carrie Lauren Callicoat It'll be interesting to see what all of those low income Trump voters will have to say when they're cut from the Medicaid coverage their children depend on.
Akesha Seals May But why? Like I'm seriously wondering why? What good will this do? Can a Trump supporter give me an educational good solid answer to how is this making America great by cutting our Children insurance to give tax credit to the rich and wealthy? Wth... You think Jesus is ok with this? I mean the GOP love bringing God into the mix? You think the Savior would be ok with all these rich men living good off the expense of the poor... betta reread your bible... stop playing with God...Remember what he said about the rich? Smh....
Pavol Almasi "A New Foundation for American Greatness" - who comes up with these? Giving a name like this to a plan to cut kids health insurance - is that a sick joke? Do these people truly believe their own words?
Anthony Riggio Can't wait to see Trump, and all his criminal Republican Friends in PRISON.
Amber Michelle Nelson Wow and just when I almost thought this piece of crap couldn't get any lower... Thank you to everyone who voted in this disgusting excuse for a man.
Julie Michele Andrews My daughter had open heart surgery a few months ago, and was able to because of Medicaid. If she didn't have it, she would be dead by 30.
Ashley Boller I understand budget cuts are necessary in order to 'balance the books' and I agree that cuts to federal government assistance is an obvious necessity... however, cutting insurance that the elderly, children and the disabled rely on is ludicrous. Here is a scenario... There is a select population of people who will not take their children to well checks and get their children the vaccines they need because they do not have insurance any longer and cannot afford to pay out of pocket... so in order to save a few dollars and cover these children, this plan effectively allows diseases like measles, chickenpox, mumps, rubella, polio and a host of others to kill off American children? What will President Trump do and how much will it cost when there is an epidemic? What is the plan to cover the people who need medical coverage and reply on these programs? This proposal, hopefully, will not pass Congress... someone in Congress has to be smart enough to say no, right!?!
Steve King Its part of the Republicans plan to kill all their supporters who live in rural America... Trump and Republicans in congress should all be charged with being mass murderers...
Nevada Smith And here i was thinking republicans were "pro-lifers" i guess they only care about the fetus while it's in the womb.. but after its born it has to pick itself up by the bootstraps.
Chris Dennis Oh, so I guess we can add children to the ever increasing list of people Trump shows disdain towards....that's nice. #TrumpKeepinItClassy
Rich Jeffries Why aren't those children working?! Then they could get health insurance through their employer like the children in the Far East who make those stylish Trump ties! Come on American Children contribute!
Maj-Britt Isak The new word for the people in Washington - Domestic Terrorists! They never stop their destruction - let us hope they will all be gone before the country as we know it is totally gone! People all over the world are laughing at us to let this happen - not too bright!
Gail Bentzinger I don't think this budget will be approved. No one will want to have to explain to his constituents why he or she voted to keep them or their kids from Medicaid and food stamps, if they really need it and most do.
Eli Salas I hope a lot of people suffer, some can die too. It might finally teach the American people a harsh lesson, republicans do not, they do not care about you if you are not rich. Voting matters, that's why republicans love to make it harder to vote. Both parties are not the same. And vote. The problem is too many people refuse to learn or get involved in politics because they refuse to accept that it impacts thier daily lives.
Diana Cichocki Complete BS! Most insurances don't cover anything a disabled child needs! They list most things under necessities versus the reality of a need to survive. I work and have insurance and have fought for coverage of my sons necessities to survive.without Medicaid most Americans whether we work or not still can't afford the outrageous prices companies charge for medical necessities, treatment, and medications. It's the medical companies and insurance companies that are making money off of us. I pay up towards $300 for 2 medications each month for my son just to help prevent seizures. Smdh....everything is for profit.
Matt Burton Is it just me who smirks at the use of the language - "new foundation for American greatness" - it sounds so conceited, Trump. Only in the US!
Stëve Pëterson Imagine that...these children's parents will now have to go get jobs and possibly set a good example for dare the president try to break the cycle of dependence and laziness that has overcome this country!
Stan Collins If you have a payment of a hundred dollars, and next year you have a payment of a hundred dollars, this is considered a freeze but is called a cut, if you increase the payment to one hundred and four dollars this is also considered a cut, amazing what other colorful language like "slashed" is used .
Lorena Garcia Lopez This literally breaks my heart as I work with very ill kiddos.......I feel so sad for the parents that have to worry on how they are going to cover very expensive medical treatment for their kids. Doesn't Trump realize how many kids solely depend on Medicaid coverage hellooooo smh!!! not all parents are blessed to have their kids covered with private insurance and despite of having coverage they still need a secondary coverage to be able to afford care for their kids.
CNN11 hours ago

It should have been a night of joy. Instead, it ended in terror. These are the 22 lives lost on May 22.

Patricia Terrell Williams It breaks my heart that these young people with their whole lives ahead of them had to die because of some evil person!! God help us all!!
Jessica Solidman Will be waiting for you to compile a list of names of the victims in Egypt. It should have been a trip of joy. Instead, it ended in terror. K.thanks.bye.
Humble Jeypah As usual the same quote blah blah....Whoever kills an innocent kills the whole humanity....Get a Muslim & a Jew, have them light candles together...Get emotional...move on....Another attack....
Alex Sonnenfeldt Trump 2020 unless democrats can acknowledge extremist islamist terrorism. Or justify Manchester. Stop with the ignorant political correctness or stop pretending most muslims aren't raised in a misogynists culture "which obama and Hillary ironically condemn. Sharia law is incongruent with american law. Please feel free to challenge. If you refuse to acknowledge the source of a problem, what happens?
Linda Assmann RiP to all these people. Got any room left for the victims of yemen, Egypt and syria that had attacks in the last few days with much more dead? Middle Eastern attacks don't seem to get as much attention especially when it was our troops in the syria attack.
Randy Lynch The killers parents should have never been allowed into England. Never. All truth - denying Liberals are complicit in all Islamic terror attacks.
Robert Myers Well keep allowing all these illegal immigrants into your country with no background checks. This might not happen . why is it after the fact we know about these evil people?
Helga Pinas And where are the pics of the 147 Kenian christian students that where killed by Alshabaab in 2015..?? Seems like the world didnt care..the media didnt care..their lives didnt matter anyway✊✊✊
Nass Nass There is no religious terrorism its political terrorism before days they began their operation in libya to divide it into three east west and south.. now they want to intervene in two libyan cities Tripoly and derna which fought against isis and defeated isis....then just in aweek two terrorist acts happened in england and egypt all by libyans? Hahah its funny you are killing civilians in manchester and egypt for your politics
Jace Michael Scarce CNN Facebook coverage of the Christian persecution and mass murder in Egypt. Amazing that this bias, agenda-pushing network has so many followers. Sad that there are this many sheep in this broken world.
Nick Myer Religion is the most evil invention in human history. When humanity created gods, they created an evil that has pervaded human society for thousands of years. Religion should be banned worldwide.
Fahad Tyler Hossain This is heartbreaking. CNN if it's possible, hope I'm not asking too much. Would you mind doing the same for the 26 people that died in Egypt yesterday ?
Buster McGuire What about the victims of Benghazi??? What about the Clinton staffer who was killed??? What about ALL those aborted babies and sell their parts??? CNN YOUR A FREAKING JOKE.
Angela Birk So incredibly sad. We must stop this madness otherwise we will all soon will be forced to live under sharia law. I am an old woman but I feel we owe it to our children and grandchildren to stop this terror and call it what it is. Evil, has nothing to do with religion only with power and madness.
Cheena Mirza Lost 22 lives in Manchester thats sad but what abt hundreds of lives we are losing in Syria Kashmir and Palestine daily , but who cares they are not white people , they r bloody muslims every one have a legal right to shed their blood.....!
Pamila Nicholas this is very sad.. but why is it that we not recognize other deaths around the world. like the 100 civilians the US killed in Mosul not to long ago, did they not matter?
Oystein Heimstad A tragedy indeed.. but don't forget the 26 innocent people killed in Egypt recently and the 105 killed in Mosul in March by murdica.
Sofi Ahmad So many happy young girls!terrorists are misogynists. They are attracted to extremist Ideologies to justify and propagate their innate hatred of women. ISIS ideology is built s turkey around enslaving and owning women. They hate free dancing happy women because they desire them. They kill what they desire most.#Manchester
Jennie Norris Such innocence, lost. Do the terrorists understand that this only unites the people of Manchester? Whatever their goals are will never be accomplished. Love always trumps hate.
Corinne Audibert Thank you for posting their pictures. They should be remembered and talked about, and not the man who took their lives and also wounded many people, children, for always. Wishing a lot of strenght to their loved ones. This should have never happened. Life is too precious.
Joe Villarreal Unfortunately, these attacks will not be ending anytime soon with the PC culture in full control in Europe and to some extent here in the U.S. Smh!!!
Abdulla Al Mahamud oh!!!!!!!!!!.its very awfull.shame for every terrorist,who present their profile as muslim.They are just use the religion.and they didn't have worry about their later life.they are not able to worry about those general people.
Tom Oxford Too little too late. Yet another vigil to mourn. 22 lives lost by pure evil and UK and Europe do not take any significant action. There should be outrage by the people but there is just more of the same wimpy politically correct response. Fight back this is a war good over evil.Somehow they arrest dozens after the event, too late for those dead.
Brandy Bourland I cannot imagine the devastating heartbreak for these families. My thoughts, prayers, and condolences to every one of them. I am so sorry this has happened to you.
Laura Toxey Prayers for all of them and their families ...and Manchester ...after suffering a devastating tornado here in 2011 I was amazed at how the people of my town came together and your compassion and strength and sense of pride in the wake of this tragedy is a beautiful and uplifting thing to see...STAY STRONG !!!..sending strength from the U.S!!!
CNN11 hours ago

Everyone gets a paycheck, whether they have a job or not. But the idea has its critics.

Matt Broyles Awesome idea mark!! maybe you'd like to start a universal basic income funded by your massive Facebook profits?
Jeff Scott It's an interesting concept that deserves further research. People need to understand that there will be millions of unemployed once automation really kicks into overdrive. Think about the sheer number of cross country truck drivers and city taxi/Uber/Lyft drivers that won't likely have work. That's only a small portion of the larger workforce that could be negatively affected by the continued innovation into robotics and AI. The future holds a lot of uncertainty and ideas like UBI should all be looked into.
Alex Phillips This is the dumbest 💩 I've ever heard! Is everyone going to live in millions of little pods that look the same and we will all be issued uniforms to wear and eat the same meals. This is communism at its finest!!
Ed Sohotwin Yo Mark, I have some great ideas!! Please send me some money so I can get my car fixed, my rent paid, my lights paid, etc.,., and I will be more than happy to expand those ideas. I'll wait by the mailbox for my check, thanks man!
Adam Rowley Universal basic income is honestly the way we need to go if we want a prosperous future. But it does need to be universal and it can't be a temporary test. It needs to be guaranteed, and it can replace many of the welfare programs we already have with less bureaucracy. Otherwise we'll be doomed to am automated and service driven economy with a race to the bottom for workers while the rich get richer. UBI also gives people options, so they won't necessarily have to stay with a job they hate and can pursue something they enjoy and will be more productive doing. Not to mention it takes away some of the incentive for crime when you give people options.
Arjit Bhartiya Already there are lazybags around the world exploiting these kind of policies. If one is mentally and physically fit then there is no need to support him. Physically/mentally disabled, old peoples, orphans can be put into this category. Work hard, live well. 🙂
Lori Andersen Beck Coming from a guy who invented FACEBOOK. 🙄 So who would ever want to spend 12 years going to medical school? We would have NO doctors. ***Dumbest Idea Ever***! He could start by divvying up HIS billions, since he's never had to truly 'work' for them.
Cody Engel I have a hard time understanding why people are against universal basic income. At the same time I'm also unsure why people are against universal healthcare, after all we have universal fire protection (fire departments) which seems to work out pretty well. Automation has been making jobs obsolete for years and it's only going to continue. As robotics and artificial intelligence continue to get better more people will be out of jobs. In the not so distant future you could have a series of robots assemble a product, package that product, ship the product, transport the product to a store, unload that product, and then put the product on the shelf. Essentially replace the entire chain which currently requires humans by robots. UBI means that everyone gets guaranteed income. It means that if their job is lost they have the stability to learn a new skill so they can go back to earning income, and if they choose to do nothing with their life then so be it, that's their choice. You're getting the same check from the government that they are and you are free to either do absolutely nothing to work a job to earn extra income. People saying this is a bad idea have no clue what automation has in store for the future.
Barbara Draughn Instead of starting with Medicare for all, we should start with WIC for all. People can't even eat properly. That's why they're sick. Universal income is definitely one way to cut medical cost.
Joe Hazelton Socialism is what it is. Read Solzhenitsyn's work on how that turned out. And before you say "that wasn't real socialism", how many dead bodies do you need to see before we get real socialism?
Trey Wingo Look people. TODAY the gdi (which is a country's income) in America is the highest in human history! But, guess what wages aren't reflected by this fact. "Good paying jobs" are rarer now more than ever. Why is this? The 1% (top earners) in America no longer need your labor. I work for a company that installs the automation and computing power that are putting everyday people off of work. Thats TODAY. In 25 years what do you suppose the workforce will look like? Hell i just got a divorce using legal zoom.
Christopher Griffith How does this differ from the current situation..if I don't have a job now I can get welfare benefits, section 8 housing benefits, free healthcare, food stamp benefits. If I were to add the cost of all of those combined it would be more than 12k a year. Regardless, the concept keeps the poor and uneducated reliant on the government and the cycle never ends. We're already facing that problem now. We should be helping the mentally challenged, old, and parents who have jobs, seeking higher education or training and that are struggling still.
Jack Webb I've been on SSDI for eight years and I thought going to school would be a good way to feel productive so I can get off of it someday and teach! I haven't reached that point yet, but had to get a job! I couldn't just sit there collecting money every month and waiting to die, not when I am still fairly young! My point is, we need to work to feel productive and that we accomplished something at the end of the day!
Joyce Cabrera Before we get into that, we should figure out a way to get Americans have at least basic health insurance.
Dennis Dupre Then why work? We already have too many people living off of the government! Instead , why not make our schools the best in the world, give people skills and the tools to open business' and pay people what they think they should! Thats the real solution!
Lisa Litza Education is key-- there are millions of jobs that can't be automated - even now. Just look at the job boards --people want to hire!! But they require an education above HS. Advanced education is a must.
Randy Lock-Lynn This article doesn't really explain how UBI works or why a country might want to implement it. Here's some starter reading:
Stephen Hersey I agree with Mark. The human race shouldn't be worried where thier next pay is going to come from. Health benifets etc. We should be working to better ourselves and the rest of humanirty. For anyone that watches Star Trek. You know what I'm talking about. Anyway.Everyone gets just enough to survive. For that don't want to work. Fine. For those that do. Get more. Simple
Alejandro Garza Jr. We aren't warring tribes and nations fighting for superiority anymore. We've come to a point in societal evolution where the goal now is to make sure EVERYONE has a liveable wage, access to healthcare, The right to a high end education and social services designed to better the quality of life. These are simply rights we deserve as humans. You can't say no when the nation is dropping $100,000,000 worth of bombs on just 1 run while people go hungry in the streets
John R Masterjohn I think we let him keep 300,000,000 and confiscate the other 62 billion and disperse it. Do same with Gates, Soros, and the rest of the multi billionaires that are so into social justice. They live behind walls, surrounded by private armies tell the rest of us how to live. Like Obama and the actors who fly around the world, live in mansions and travel in motorcades of SUVs telling us how we have to lesson our carbon footprint. Amazing how many idiots buy into this crap.
Pat Costello This makes a lot of sense: Think about it. If everyone has a basic guaranteed income - say $50,000 there would be nobody at the poverty level. Everyone would have money to spend on the necessity and desired items - without investing any effort at working or trying to get employed. So - I wonder what the new poverty level will be? People would be incentivized to improve and earn money - or push to have the "guaranteed universal basic income" increased to keep above inflation and above the poverty level............. Yep, he may have been brilliant at making his billions, through the free enterprise, capitalistic system and not socialist/communist theory.
Larry Kelliher Self loathing hypocrite who was a cut throat entrepreneur creating a revolutionary social media market, in a free market, and became became filthy rich. You need to incentivize creation not make it "feel comfortable"
Diane Stacey Define "enough to live on" and does universal mean everyone gets the same amount? So that would mean we all pay the same for other things like healthcare and housing. So does that mean a person in California gets that same as in Iowa? And what if I can't live the way I want to live on the universal paycheck? If people can't live within their means now, what makes anyone think they will when it's free $$? What about the sense of accomplishment and pride? Hard work? Anyone? A better idea would be to teach people to grow gardens, how to cook, freeze and can food, how to budget, basic life skills. How about funding co op gardens for urban communities and put cap on gas costs, electric, and regulate health care costs. Instead of letting big businesses control us - why don't we control them, and go back to self reliance instead of depending on someone else. Universal paycheck gives those paying a lot of power over those collecting... Lastly I was appalled when he said "how many people can't start their own company because they have to pay back student loans?" Really? How many people don't get to go to college because they can't afford it? Talk about out of touch. Aw. Tragedy you can't start your own company at 23 because you have to pay for what you borrow. You know... like the rest of us. Smh
Jon Krueger Whether or not this is a good idea or whether or not we, as a species, consider seriously as a way forward, I think it needs to be discussed and I'm glad Zuckerberg is using his podium to address it.
Dawn Shea So they think in the US that basic income is a threat to Social Security, medicaid, Medicare, student loans and Pell grants...... Unless it's fake news isn't our president about to slash those programs to the bone anyway????
CNN12 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump is seeking 3% annual growth, though he promised higher -- 4% -- on the campaign trail.

Jeremy Batton Technically we are still under the Obama administration's fiscal year. So please be honest here. Not saying Trump's growth will be higher but don't put lousy number in him until they are earned
Roque Coral If his budget becomes a reality, we won't see any growth at all. We'll be stuck in another recession for who knows how long.
Stephen Hicks Oh please Obama was the only President in history to never have 3% GDP growth in a 8 year term!!! Old CNN always showing biases!!
Pletch Jon Imagine how much we could grow if the anti American obstructionist democraps would educate themselves and fight to put AMERICANS first. That is why their serving in congress to begin with, right...
Rob Visconti Trump is sabotaging the US economy and entire country under the orders of his master, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Trump is a Kremlin agent. #LockTrumpUp
Ian Moriarty Never once in history has giving tax cuts to the rich spur economic growth. Why anyone still thinks it does, says everything you need to know about american exceptionalism.
Castro Ruz CNN, We will have Donald J. Trump for eight years in the WH, and later Pence for eight year more in the WH.
Craig Whiting Is Guantanamo Bay still open? Just curious, 8 years is a long time. And in fact what the white house staff has said is that the tax plan works with 3%, they still want 4%.
Mary Kubow #1 - President Trump's Administration is just getting started. #2 - Liberals are offering little help... and quite the contrary. Liberals, BE HELPFUL!!!
Samantha Hartwell The only economy Donnie is growing is Russia's...There needs to be an investigation to find out if anyone in the Trump administration has ties to America ~ Steve Traina
Marc Leroux And the Trump admin is saying they will balance their budget because they will create 3% growth for the next 4 years in a row. I know Trump supporters are saying this is still Obama administration time and they are right. But they quickly took credit for the great job figures that came in the past few months.
Aitalas Acrario Technically this is still an Obama economy. Donald Trump's economy does not officially start until September of this year. In the current Trump budget, he calls for massive tax breaks to the 1% and cut governmental spending. The economy will take a hit because rich people will hold on to their money. Trickle-down economy has never worked.
David Hunt Actually...he promised 6. He won't get 3, and if he starts trade wars or China joins the TTP estimated to garner a full 1/3rd of the worlds International trade....we'll be lucky to maintain the 1.2.
Yvonne Hanlon Why anyone thought Trump was qualified to lead this country much less any corporation is beyond belief. He has no record being able to do anything but host a TV show. Anyone that believe his campaign promises is going to be sadly disappointed if they aren't already. Trump, his cabinet, and the spineless Republican leadership have done nothing to improve the welfare of this country or its citizens. Enough is enough, they all need to be thrown out of office next election.
Bob Schmidt US unemployment rate fell to 4.4 percent in April 2017 from 4.5 percent in the previous month, better than market expectations of 4.6 percent. It was the lowest jobless rate since May 2007, as the number of unemployed persons declined by 146 thousand to 7.1 million and the labor force participation rate edged down to 62.9 percent from an 11-month high of 63 percent in March. Of course te stock market took off reaching over 21,000 with the election of Trump on the promise that the economy will improve. The 1st quarter of 2017 itself was still weak, the second quarter outlook is better but raising questions, and economic measures overall have been missing economists' expectations at a steady clip. This is due largely to the GOP's failure to replace Obamacare, reduce regulations, failure to get infrastructure spending, and complete tax reform. The burden is on Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan two people completely owned by a corrupt ruling class that is doing everything in their power to crush the middle class and the American way of life. They are Democrats as sure as Pelosi and Reid.
Scott Sanford Which is President Obysmal's fault, not the current President's. It takes months if not years for changes to take effect. If it sucks in a year that will be the fault of the current President (if the wet dreams of my former party haven't come true to make him the former President).
Sarah Sloat 3% would be a miracle but it is partially based in investments and I have read that more than a trillion additional funds have been invested because of him and because of his anticipated tax plans so this would in fact bring the rate up.
Cheryl Melnyk It must be Trumps fault that the economy only grew 1.2% in the first quarter. Everything is Trumps fault. FYI - "Trump's fault" is the descendant of "Bush's fault" which was born in 2008 and lived until January 20, 2017 when "Trump's fault" was born. 😉
Eric Ripes We don't be getting growth. One we aren't making money off the Iraq war. Two you want to have huge tac breaks for wealthy. Three, cutting programs that contribute to the economy. Four here's a shocker for everyone everything costs money. We have a huge deficit and wanting to spend on infrastructure and military guess what costs tax payer money and by having huge tax breaks won't help. But I'm not going to list everything, bc as much as I dislike Trump he needs to do well or we all look bad
Corey Judie 2 months and a week, and we've already seen growth of 1.2%. So he has basically already beat most of the years under Obama, and it's been less than 3 months...
Troy Wood Anyone with a rudimentary education in economics knew his promise of 4% was ridiculous, even conservative economists warned that was not happening. I've come to the conclusion that people hear what they want to and ignore what they don't, but analytics told us this would be the case well in advance. So much for bashing the intellectuals, they were right.
Patrick Kealty the stock market has crashed twice in the last 50 years. BOTH occurred 7 years into republican presidencies that cut taxes and removed regulations. 1987 and 2007 yet here we go again. republicans hate democrats more than they love their country, they show it everyday. the only thing they stand for is to destroy democrat policies they have no plans of their own other than take away from the poor and give to the rich
Jim Lawrence Wait- we all know CNN only post fake news - right? It can't be that it's true and that Fox News spreads the actual bullsh*t...I feel our country's "greatness" already...
Glen Wickersham Thanks to Obama is the growth. Always remember that. Yous Russian spy in the white house just had secured lifetime of businesses for himself and his family. He does not care about ur pinky holes
Michaela C. Montefusco At this point is anyone actually still believing he will come through on his promises having pissed on so many from a great height already? Also, those that still do, what is wrong with you?
CNN13 hours ago

Like a scene out of Winnie the Pooh

Michael Baker According to CNN's "anonymous sources," Trump and the Russians sent the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy to instruct Bigfoot to put the bucket on the bear's head! Then Trump got very angry because the Loch Ness Monster was late for the meeting where they planned it!
Larry Junior America is the bear. Trump is the bucket. Someone please save us!
Richard Ling Must be a slow news day for CNN. Bears heads being stuck in a bucket. CNN journalists must be brainstorming a new fake news story.
Todd M. Crispin Good thing it wasn't discovered by Trump voters or they would have just shot the bear dead and then would have taken a piss on it before they went home and got on their computer to complain about the CNN news stories they're not interested in, LOL
Robert Gamble So this is news, but the Buses of Christians that were just slaughtered in Egypt doesn't meet your news standards. I forgot how much CNN puts a target on every Christian.
Dahrin Rashad Lets face it, buckets are the silent killer today in America. Think about it. Stay woke people.
Jonathan Cedeno I thought this was Hillary Clinton in the woods pretending to be Winnie the Pooh.
Dee Hanisch More stories like this need to be told and humans must respect our wildlife more.
David Whalen Is that obama with one of those jihad rags on his head?
Roman Gonzalez Trumph hate rally goers who fell for the scam, con and lies must be in the same predicament...they report...
Abby Wrobel That had to be one hungry bear not eating for atleast 3 weeks or longer
Ellie M. Esters awww, poor bear..... come on humans..... you are IN their homes.... learn to live with them... be nice!!!
Tom Thompson Breaking News: Hillary placed bucket on black bear to frame Trump. Film at 11. (Bet dem snowflakes don't know what "film a 11" means!)
Jean Regenwether Can we just stop leaving our garbage around on this earth
Shane Allen Thank you CNN for reporting uplifting positive quality news for a change.
Matthew David Fogg America has become so pathetic. This story is about a bear and a bucket and all the comments are talking about Donald trump
Mary Savage Poor bear. It's it's own fault, but they don't know better, one supposes.
Jane MacInnes if you go down to the woods today you're in for a big surprise.
William Hack glad someone was able to help. having a bucket stuck on your head is no way of going about your day.
Ares Jez No matter what subject. Someone, somewhere, has a comment with either ''Trump'' or something political in it.
Laurence Mack Shocking CNN found another story other then blasting the President.
Len Pepin look hillary breathing in a bag in the woods after her coughing attack but it could be a russian cnn and sources says so
Donna Champagne Aaa i though the bear went to the vet and they put him a cone 🤔😂😂
Niklas Bjørn "Do you have cold ears?" "No" "Then why are you wearing a bucket on your head?" "Because I am worried about getting cold ears ..."
CNN13 hours ago

"She's okay. How about you?" asks the New York Magazine cover featuring Hillary Clinton.

Stephen Romo She lost an election that was handed to her. Lol. She represents all that is wrong with washington, does she remember she should be in jail?
Sue McCabe Van Cleave I cant stand this lying corrupt she has any grounds to say anything..this women should be in prison!!!!
Kieran Kerry Kelly If you put all the pieces together here's what you get, the basic breakdown of brainwashing: "The DNC rigs the Democratic Primary Election against Bernie Sanders so Hilliary can win the nomination. Obama's administration starts to request surveillance on Trump, his family, his transition team, and anyone associated with him. Donna Brazil gives Hilliary the questions to a debate against Trump. The DNC pays Christopher Steele to come up with a smear dossier about Trump. The mainstream media releases a taped conversation about Trump talking about grabbing women parts. After all this Trump still wins the General Election. Obama orders an investigation into Russia meddling in our elections. Obama changes Executive Order 12333 to allow more agencies to have access to surveillance data. The Democratic Party comes up with a scandal that Trump Colluded with Russia to win the election with no evidence or proof. This wild claim is backed up by the mainstream media. Obama hold overs start unmasking Trump's transition team and staff members then release the classified information to the mainstream media. Why? Because the DNC and the Obama administration colluded with the intelligence community to thwart Trump's campaign efforts to get him elected president. All this Russia collusion is an attempt to cover up the fact that the Obama administration, the intelligence community, the DNC, along with the mainstream media used our nations surveillance as a political tool to try to get Hilliary elected President. This makes Watergate look like a kindergarten play." These are all FACTS!
Kimberly Reed She probably failed to mention she failed the bar exam in NY that is why she went to Arkansas with Bill Clinton. LOL just one the many things she failed to mention. Hopefully the acolades from her alamater will give her the therapy she needs to move on.
Jacob White Thank you so much liberals for nominating Hillary Clinton and not Bernie sanders which confirmed a trump win. Please do the same in 2020. We really appreciate you helping to work with us to get trump elected.
Kerry Stainbrook 6 months after the election and she still doesn't understand that referring to conservatives as deplorable, threatening to put coal mines out of business and coal miners out of jobs and ignoring the middle class killed her presidential bid. You would think she would be adult enough by now to accept responsibility for screwing up a sure victory. Delusional criminal.
Michael Baker We learned that she's still a bald-faced liar! And she still lost! I heard that they wanted a loser to speak at their graduation and Bob Dole, and Michael Dukakis said no, so they had to settle for old Granny McFaceplant! .
Alaina McCutchan Stevens I still love Hillary Clinton. We would all be better off with her as President. Go ahead and hate on this post. That will just confirm my suspicions. I am surrounded by idiots. I know that already. I don't need trolls to confirm that for me. Look at who won the election. I live in Ohio. I really am surrounded by the gullible.
Molichia Ferguson What hole have you been in lately? Hillary Clinton should have been " President "! This idiot and his family have done nothing but line there pockets for the soon coming impeachment! Hillary is a brilliant woman compared to what we are looking at!
William Mosca I'm sorry if it's not politically correct but I love Hillary Clinton and think she is an amazing woman.
Tammy Myers Can you imagine? Your child is graduating college, you, family and friends attend the ceremony expecting a commencement speech of uplifting, motivating go out into the world and make your mark, but instead you have a woman still whining about her failed election, blaming others as if she's the victim!! It's all about her!
Peter Murphy Hillary Clinton's not in jail yet???!!! What will the Federal Bureau of Prisons do with all the XXL orange pantsuits and canlkle-size leg irons they bought just for her?
Ben Wilson I am a Democrat who worked on her campaign after volunteering for Bernie Sanders and I still want her to go away. She's not the future of this country or the future of the Democratic Party
Dominic Gale One of the most self centered power hungry humans on the face of the earth. Supported by delusional ideologues that wish to rule because their ideas are far superior to the little republican
Cissy Williamson-Brown "And the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. This American carnage stops right here and stops right now."~trump. It's evil to deny the carnage. Hillary is brainwashing again. Cut her MIC
Randy Howard Here's my question, liberals are so pissed off at the top 1% hell even the top 10%, so why is it that you all love Hillary so much? I mean her an Bill are qprtg close to 3-4 hundred million. Obama came into the white house with a net worth of about 2 million and left the white house with 40 million and just signed a 60 million book deal. So how is you love them and all their wealth, I mean if you think they are going to redistruibute their wealth, then you lost your ever loving mind. Before you call me a racist, I am not. I will always think of Obama as being half white.
Sue Taylor What horrible, hateful comments come out of Trump's America. I find it so disheartening that citizens attack each other with such poison and hatred. Since when is that okay? So people who want to unite and think well of each other are called names and verbally attacked...? Hillary is a professional politician, NOT a witch or demon. Regardless of party politics, she has shown dignity in the face of horrible attack -- much of it fabricated. Our democracy is dead because POWER has been BOUGHT by the richest (1%), and they care NOTHING for ordinary citizens. Democrats and Republicans are both facing a constitutional crisis to save what was once a great country. This is not a party political issue... Divisions, hatred and name-calling accomplishes nothing.
Pamela Silberstein Peacock Intelligent. Experienced. Knowledgeable. Caring. And instead we have a very emotionally disturbed idiot who cares zip about his fellow man, representing this nation. She had zero to do with Benghazi. Please check--again--with the family of Chris Stephens and others who were there.
Scott Horsley "He said something truly horrifying, He became the first person, Republican or Democrat, who refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. Now, that is a direct threat to our democracy,” - Hillary Clinton (10/24/16)
Stu Klein Well, the one thing that Wellesley students will never forget about their graduation, is the depressing experience of having to listen to Hillary whine about losing the 2016 Election to Trump.
Travis Thomason Of course she's ok. All the criminals that don't have to go to jail feel the same. Are you new here CNN?
Lori Andersen Beck There was only ONE thing I learned about her from that pitiful speech. She is still in DENIAL about why she lost. She is a crook, and she worked her crooked magic on those impressionable young minds today.
Kay Obodo Liar Hillary.... "Is it ok for politicians to be two-faced? Different talk for the private, another for the public, watching Abraham Lincoln movie.....anyone remembered this from presidential debate?😂😂😂😂😂😂 she can't stop lying, am a democrat but i will never vote Hillary.
Judy Nelson Look at all these trolls...don't you have a need to start worrying about your own people and country...a leader your afraid of because if you cross him you'll can you stand to live on the edge like you take it out on other's it shows your weak...sad you can't enjoy life like God intended...better yet maybe you should spend more time and trying to find away for a better life and leader.
Otusanya Opeoluwa With all due respect to her, family and all Americans, she is not okay. She was suppose to motivate the student but spent most of the time complaining bitterly about election defeat. I shifted my support to Trump because of deceitful kind of democratic principle of democratic party. If you don't know what am talking about, ask Sanders supporters.
CNN13 hours ago

Critics say President Donald J. Trump's administration is trying to make images of white men wielding all the power seem normal again. CNN's John Blake takes a closer look at what's going on here.

John DiStefano Jr. CNN will never stop with the race baiting. How many articles are you guys going to post about this?
Darrick Ensey There needs to be an investigation to find out if anyone in the Trump administration has ties to America ~ Steve Traina
Ryan Michael McConnell I'd bet millions of dollars if it was all black people the headline would read "What a beautiful moment, as America takes its next big step towards abolishing racism" Everything you post promotes racism. It's sickening.
Debra Williams So many of you missed the point. I suspect you didn't truly read the entire article. As a woman, it is spot on. Kudos to the author. After all, my healthcare is going away, remember no lady parts covered. I'll continue to make .65 to the dollar and am quickly losing my voice to attest to both. Let's face it, I'm voicing it to a bunch of old white guys who made sure erectile dysfunction was covered. Hmmm... must of hit a nerve there. Lady parts bad. Man parts, must haves. Read the article people, for real this time. Then close your eyes and, if your brains can grasp it, imagine you're of color or female. Try hard. Then open your eyes with this photo in front of you. No snarkyness intended. Try it. For real. I pray at some point you take it all more seriously and learn respect for all. Peace be with you.
Robert Lunsford Sorry CNN/Liberals/Democrats were not going to be shamed for being White. That is the newest "Thing"--Shame people for being White. I call you all out for what you are, bunch of Racists. All Racism is wrong.
Donald Keith CNN needs to show the entire picture instead of cropping out the woman. the man in bottom left of picture who's ear is cropped out is because there is a woman behind him. so screw you CNN.
Nancy Dean Shippey My God, you guys! Enough already. I mean I see the little red CNN logo and pan down to the title of every single post, and there you have it...YET ANOTHER negative story.
Stacey Dodson Critics also say that CNN is doing everything in its power to undermine president Trump's Administration. Other critics say that real news organizations present all sides of an argument but not CNN.
David Whalen Trump is no fool. Cnn's fake bias news only appeals to the snowflake audience. The rest of America see's the truth and support Trump, thats why we elected him and we will do it again in 2020.
Maryann N Sage This is absolutely true. Many people could not stand to have an African American president and certainly didn't want to have a woman president. It upset the world order of white male dominance.
Wade Willis Aren't all those "white people" representatives elected by the people ? Maybe if the democrats and "black caucus" had chosen to participate instead of stomping around pouty faced , carnival barking about Russia and defending the failing obamacare at all cost the plan would have looked different and the picture would be more diverse !
Saad Usmani When have pictures of bigoted, violent, racist white men gathered together become parts of the past already? White people give white people too much credit. The savagery among the white American male has not declined or diminished in any way, it's just being snuffed out by the unexpected surge in minorities and white depopulation. White people are not getting any more tolerant or enlightened, they are merely disappearing and aging. That is the only reason there is any space for minorities now. These pictures of all white male power are only disappearing because of the extreme self-annihilation of white people, not because of a more inclusive "white culture". To be white is to be non-inclusive and to lack culture. Look at history.
Steve El Camino That is the dumbest argument yet. Not surprising coming from cnn.
Ryan Ocampo If you want to vote black people into office because they're black, or women because they're women. You're free to do so. But don't impose on others who want to vote for people they believe can serve them the way they need regardless of color or gender.
Vanessa Salazar Susan B Anthony, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, and Ida B. Wells would be rolling in their graves if they saw this picture!
Walt Mcmahon Cnn . I cant wait untill your untruthful and irrisponsible network is off the air and all other tell nothing but lies and suggest even more lies where there are none..its only a matter of time that this brainwashing from colleges that has created this current social disruption will end...more and more those doing it are proving that they can only provide click bait to shock and aw only...they wont fight..and the few proffessors assaulting people with chains and locks attatched will be found along with the terrorist masked punks attacking people...and that bad behaviour will never be rewarded onl only prosicuted..many are alredy finding the identities of these domestic terrorists soon they will be posted all over and masks and mobs or professions wont be enough to hide. it will be open season for retribution for them and their so called news are all no differant then how the natzis trying to get power. And the deepstate overseers are being exposed for what they are more every day. The Truth Allways Comes Out
Chuck Griffiths Funny, but the GOP doesn't exclude like the DNC attacks any minority not in lock-step with Leftist ideology. Republicans even think minorities can figure out ID, something Democrats don't.
Mary Callan Historically this photo does not portray an accurate reflection of the American population. But it does portray a reflection of who is in power. And that is truly a sad portrait.
Travis Ogle I see one woman in the photo and the other women were cropped out. Nice try CNN you screwed up posting the original photo the last time.
Denise Marlin Valentine BREAKING NEWS! Critics, unnamed sources and someone familiar with their thinking say that CNN has become a racist and no fact based journalist network. What a shame. I no longer trust any media. What happened to real journalism?
Amber Janae This paragraph right here paints such a skewed version of American history and it's this mentality that explains a lot of our division. White men believe they are responsible for 95% of what's great about this country. Completely ignoring the tremendous contribution of both women and descendents of slaves. "We live in the strongest, most powerful, most prosperous nation in human history and if we're being honest, white men probably deserve 95% of the credit for that," he wrote in a 2016 column entitled, "When Did White Men Become The Bad Guys in America?" "That may be unfair because women and black Americans weren't given the opportunity to significantly contribute for most of our nation's history, but it is true."
Jay Strbe CNN is center/center left, and generally does a workman like job of actually verifying sources... Sadly this makes them a better source of information than this administration, unless of course you too mouth for those poor people at the bowling green massacre.
Larry Perlman And a majority of them met with Russia and lied about it to get security clearance. Shouldn't that clearance now be revoked?
Stu Klein John Blake should have said "no!" to this assignment. And cnn should have said "no!" to cynically, and unnecessarily, stirring up racial enmity again. "making white power seem normal again", indeed!
Edward Liu These comments just confirms we have a race problem . . . when we live in one of the most diverse place in the world, when this country is a nation of immigrants ... and you only see white males in power and people don't have a problem with that . . . it's even worst because to deny a problem exist makes it an even bigger problem
CNN14 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump's administration has approved intensified screening measures for visa applicants trying to reach the US.

Alex Sonnenfeldt The US will never look like Manchester under Trump. That's why he was elected. He may be a piece of work but as long as concerts aren't postponing due to terror threats, trump/America won.
Michael Rushing I guess if the courts won't approve your BS, broad discretion means a way of by passing the courts! Everything he criticized Obama for trying to do, Donald Trump is Now following!
Deloris Jones Drip, drip, drip! Trump’s tweets may start being vetted by Lawyers. Turns out the biggest advocate for Trump's impeachment is the Orange man himself. You can only cover for so long before major mistakes are made. Remember, the COVERUP of the crime is what usually brings down a President. Jared is also the gift that keeps giving. What the hell?He reportedly wanted secret communications channel with the Kremlin. My hunch is.......somebody's going down. Trump is a major SCAR on America and the sooner that monkey is out of office, the better. GTFOOH!
Susan Wilson Here we go, no one on his staff is smart enough to pull the wool over the Courts eyes, so now using a back door to do their dirty unconstitutional deeds....what a bunch of con artists !!!
Keirn Thomas Take it from someone who has to have a visa to enter the US, the screening isn't easy, especially for developing countries. Americans are lucky that they don't need visas to go to most places, so the average person hasn't the slightest clue what a visa screening entails and would moan and complain about it, as most Americans do about everything. People spend hundreds of dollars to join long lines, having all the relevant documents and still be denied. But they'll try again because one thing they know for sure, at least in America, they can see and enjoy what they're spending their money on.
Tre Millz Only to hurt the tourism, hotel, airline and entertainment industries in exchange for a false sense of security. Vote for a clown and you're bound to have a circus
Kee Davison Almost every terror attack is done by people who are citizens besides the 9'11 guys who came from Saudi Arabia Who trump just did a few billion dollar deals with
Sasha E. Madallah This idiot and his cabinet are going to loot the treasury, and bankrupt the hospitality and tourism industry🙈
MiKe Pui I visited new york 3 weeks ago and it was my first trip to US. I did have a lot of fun but if I were to ask to rate the customer service there, I would give like 2.5 to 3 out of 5 as the treatment to the tourists were poor and officers could be very arrogant especially when it came to security screening. They literally treated everyone, including American as potential threat and terrorist, which they often have forgotten we were meant to be protected, too. It's a shame but after all the incidents and attack, could this be blamed? I don't know.
Sheila Byrd You mean to tell me that Donald Trump is trying to keep terrorist from entering the United States and blowing up our children??? How dare him. What a horrible president. CNN you are a joke!!!
Dale R Dacey Clinton News Network is Anti-American Democratic propaganda garbage. WAKE UP SHEEP. There is no collusion yet this anti-American media giant gets the hopes up of innocent people.
Osiris May I'm not a 45 supporter in any way shape or form. But we should be as equally strict as other nations when we are trying to come into their country. No?
Kenny Ogunmuyiwa We should worry more about home grown terrorists (such as white, black, and/or brown terrorists) that are residing in this country first not just foreign Muslims.
Bryan Burlingham Still waiting for you guys to post the Christianphobia attack on Egypt today that killed 28 Christians by the religion of peace. I feel like a mass amount of people were just killed in Manchester by the same people about a week ago. Idk, its all a blur when it happens almost everyday. Maybe thats why you guys didnt post the article here, you just cant keep up....
Chinedu Ulasi This is nothing new, this measure has been in place since after 9/11. Procuring an American visa is as difficult as a camel trying to fit through the eye of a needle.
Otusanya Opeoluwa A better plan than the Travel ban since people don't like it when you tell them the truth to their faces... They want u to lie and later call you liar. But let us consider the children...
Linda Williams We don't need Trump's guidance thank you very much. We are doing just fine! Who does he think he is anyway, the world's keeper?
Matthew Beall Get this treasonous group of criminals in prison before they hurt anymore people, damage anymore American values, or do irreversible harm to our planet
Matthew Williams If scrutiny was not labeled as racist then alot of this could have been avoided along time ago, liberals think they own compassion, they fail to see their own bigotry.
Sambhavo Patryck World to USA - you are now required to have an extremely vetted visa to enter any country ! After all, we don't know who you really are or if you voted for trumpturd !
Charles Rowland Comrade Donny is following in the foot steps of Commissar Putin; take away the rights of citizens a little at a time, they won't complain that much.
Que Sera Sera There are more beautiful countries in the world other than USA for people to visit. The Caribbean Islands, Latin and South America, Canada, England, Australia, Mexico, Africa, etc. Trump will eventually cut off his nose to spite his face.
Lisa Neevel-Turnbull Excellent. It's not about keeping good people from coming in, it's about keeping the bad ones from entering our country. Why is this so hard to understand?
Nerissa Llanto I believe this is a right move of the US govertment. It is always their prerogative..Screening well the applicants than just banning them because of their religious affiliations and the country they are from would hurt less ... and constitutional.
Truong Tran In Vietnam, they fail 1 out of 3 applications without any explanation. Not that they are wrong, it is their country. Still...
CNN15 hours ago

The boy's family are suing his school and the Naperville Police Department, claiming they violated his rights, falsely threatened him and caused him "conscious pain and suffering."

Tyler Brent The policy should be to discuss the matter with the parents present instead of questioning a minor by himself in relation to a suspected crime. Maybe if his parents had been there he would still be alive.
Shelly Stroh-Mitchell So many thoughts, so many emotions. He was a minor - no he shouldn't have been recording sexual encounters with another minor.... and school shouldn't have allowed a cop to question him without a parent. But what is so much worse... is that he felt trapped with no way out. His guilt & actions drove him to taking his own life. That is sad. 😢
James N Pollard A five-star kid, recording his sexual encounters. Yeah, right. Were the school and the police supposed to ignore the girl's complaint? They would probably have been sued for that.
Chanique Nicole Jones I wish people would stop trying to sue and blame others instead of getting their children the help they need. Mental health issue and the family still don't get it.
Troy Hawkins I'm sorry the teen lost his life but.......He should have never taped the sexual encounter. If the girl involved knew he taped it and consented to it she should also be questioned. A lot of teens get questioned by the police but they don't commit suicide. I don't see culpability on the part of the school or the police here. Police are often given a wide latitude to lie to suspects. If anyone is guilty it's the parents for failure to supervise.
Thomas Vescelius Unprofessional conduct on the side of both the Police officer and the School Dean, with a complete disregard for both the legal procedure and the possible outcome of this...interview. At the very least both should resign from their respective positions of "Authority".
John Murphy "They allegedly wanted to speak to him about a recording of a consensual sexual encounter Corey he had with another 16-year-old student. He had recorded it, and according to the Chicago Tribune, the girl in the recording had talked to the dean and was worried Corey may have shown it to friends." He violated a girl's rights by showing a sex video of her to his friends and he felt threatened by the police for interrogating him about it? Good!
Matt Robinson Wow, now that's a tragedy. Too bad he wasn't savvy enough to know they were bluffing. I tell my teenagers to never talk to the police without calling me or an attorney. It's been proven that young people can be coerced easily.
Jackie Mullaney-Taylor Sucks this kid killed himself but if that video showed more it would've put him on the sex registry and he would've been charged. This is reality. You don't violate someone's privacy and get mad when you may face repercussions.
Michael Del Castillo As sad as it is loosing a child. I'm just wondering were we draw the line in society as to whom assumes responsibility. I was always taught never to pray for less trials but a stronger will to ensure them. Kid definitely had responsibility in the taking of his own life... He was questioned because he showed other kids a recording of another girl he had sex with....
Jerome Lynch You all are nuts apparently you guys don't know the law. The kid was not right but the principal and the cop had no right to be questioned and phone confiscated for a potential crime without his parents there. That kid was a minor and did not know the law. Nig his parents had been called first and we're with him when he was questioned this prob would not have happened they weren't wrong for addressing the issue but they were wrong for backing that kid into a corner without either his parents or a legal aide. Also both students should have been questioned considering the girl agreed and knew exactly what happened and consented. Good for that mom for suing and I hope she gets justice. That Principal and cop need consequences for the way they went about it. You all need to get over yourselves and look at the big picture.
Kelly Mikel Osborne These comments are reprehensible, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. A child is dead. I know what that feels like. I hope that none of you ever experience this particular kind of hell. He was a child, being treated like a criminal. No where does it say that he did show the video to anyone. No where. It states that she thought he might have. She knew the video existed ~ because she brought it up to the counselor, right? No where did I read that she did not consent. And then these adults, who are supposed to advocate for all of our children, treated this boy like a criminal, without a parent present. They interrogated and lied to him. Did many of you even read the article? The complete lack of empathy shown in these comments is horrifying. Shame on you. 😕
Jennifer Johnson-Burks Every other article aside from this one stated the sex was consensual but that the recording was done without her knowledge. The girl became aware of it after he showed the other guys on the hockey team. Don't know why they left it out of this article. They also left out that mom was on speakerphone while they spoke to her son. This article has a lot missing!
Melissa L Allen CNN, Corey did not just "disappear." After telling him the worst possibilities for his future, the dean and Naperville police sat him, unattended, in the student services office. This is a big office with many staff. He easily walked out of the office, out of the school building (there are check-in desks and monitors at this school), and drove off the campus. This kid felt so hopeless at this point he drove to a nearby parking lot and ended his life. He could have been stopped many times before leaving the building but NN didn't do that. This is a tragedy from beginning to end. From the teens doing more than they probably were emotionally prepared for, to this insane age where everyone records everything, from him deciding to record this, to the sadness and horror the girl (and her parents) must have felt hearing about a recording and not knowing who might have heard, to the police and school questioning, interrogating, and scaring the hell out of Corey without his parents present. There isn't a person involved that isn't living a nightmare. With all the mistakes on so many parts, ultimately, the adults failed miserably. The school failed on the most basic aspect of letting him sit unattended after threatening all kinds of consequences that would , to a teen mind, end his life and potential as he knows it. The entire thing is beyond heartbreaking but ultimately, the school never should have left him alone.
Diana Robson I'm sorry for their loss. Being a mother of 2 that I would without thought give my life for....I can only imagine. But it's nobody's fault when someone takes their own life but their own. Nobody else is responsible for that action.
Judith Stevens Gallegos I'm sure there were some underlying personality problems not disclosed by his parents. A "normal" kids doesn't go and jump off of a building.
Lisa Rimmer Fitterer Has anyone heard what his mom said to him while on the conf call? I find it curious that he left before she even arrived to face her. I would be more scared of my parents than a cop if I was in that kind of trouble.
Gloria Johnson SAD. My heart goes out to the Family..And having a BULLY now in the highest office, as a so-called-Leader.. Things can only be worse.. May God help us..
Mike Murr Sorry but he was a snowflake. He's not the first kid to have gotten in trouble at school. And how many of them go and kill themselves? If he couldn't mentally handle what took place, who's fault is that? Maybe he shouldn't have done what he did in the first place. 🤔. I do have to say, where do they come off saying it's child pornography if they're both the same age and consenting?
Michelle Fairman Parents need to teach their kids their rights, responsibilities and the laws of your country! Make sure they know how govt, and the police system work. They also need to teach coping skills, which might mean less helicopter parenting. If this kid had no signs of depression or problems, sadly, it seems he didn't have coping skills to deal with a stressful situation. It will be interesting to see how the case resolves. Sympathies to the family and friends.
Fran Lopez They/school district did wrong!! Not at this district but another, interrogated before I got there. So wrong and now they are doing CYA. Both!!
Eric Quigley Over 40 yrs ago my father was an auto theft detective. He had arrested a 16 yr old for stealing a car and found out that he was stealing cars for a chop shop. The kid was out on bond and in trying to find out who the kid was stealing the cars for my dads partner decided to do the bad cop routine and scare the kid about how he was going to be in prison for life, raped etc. After that session the kid went out in to his dads shed and killed himself. My father never got over the kids suicide and for years never spoke to his old partner. Amongst our family My father blamed his partner for the kids death.
Joan M Waldhalm The school and the cop were absolutely at fault. He was a kid that had sex with another kid, not a rare event. They should have discussed STDs, birth control, and the reasons why recording sex is probably a bad decision. Then they should have asked him to please delete it. It would have been kinder to accuse him of murder ffs.
Rachael Ramzani Some of y'all are wild. I know it's hard but try to get past your hatred for immigrants and gay people and your moth eaten lazy boy in the trailer park and remember what it's like to be a 16 year old in high school.
Elizabeth Louise We are still responsible for our own actions. I'm sorry for the suffering the family is dealing with but no one pushed him. He didn't even wait for his parents, he made a snap decision that he wasn't going to live with whatever came next.
CNN15 hours ago

"He's still learning how to be president." John Boehner​ says that other than getting the House to pass a health care bill, everything else that President Donald J. Trump​ has done "has been a complete disaster."

Jim Lawrence He shouldn't be learning. He had time to prep and he is an abject moron. He can't form sentences and he filled his cabinet with a bunch of corporate nazis...
Marjolein Bartelts Here in Europe the majority thinks this guy is ridiculous, ignorant, very rude and totally unqualified to be anything more than a street sweeper .....
Larry Towers "He's still learning how to be president" Uh no he isn't. He is in fact refusing to admit there is anything he doesn't know about the job. He is shaping the presidency to fit his style, proud willfully and defiantly ignorant and impatient.
Matthew Simmons Trump supporters might want to read a quote by Mark Twain." It's easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they've been fooled". I know you guy's hate for liberals is stronger than your love for the country, but you've been conned. The whole country has been conned by this man. It's time to admit it. ( and no, I'm not a liberal, I didn't love everything about Obama, and I certainly didn't vote for HRC, so spare me the " but you liberals...!!!" replies)
Benjamin G. Rosser No, that's the problem. He's not learning how to be president and I'm pretty sure he lacks the mental capacity to do so.
Marcelle C Bruch The White House isn't a school for a big baby that is too lazy to do his homework for the most important job in the country.
Sally Charisma Cuffy My favorite parts "I don't want to be president. I drink red wine. I smoke cigarettes. I golf. I cut my own grass. I iron my own clothes. And I'm not willing to give all that up to be president," the former House Speaker said, a variation on similar remarks he's made before when asked about his political aspirations. "Boehner is still celebrating his decision to leave Congress. "I wake up every day, drink my morning coffee and say, 'Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.'" 😂😂😂😂😂
Dave Graue The health care bill doesn't count either since it will be unrecognizable when it leaves the Senate. lol This idiot hasn't accomplished one thing as president. He will be gone soon enough and then we will be stuck with moron #2 Pence.
Samson Rajkumar Boehner was one of most corrupt failed politician working with Obama and put our country in huge debt. He got paid for it and needs to be exposed.
Michael Prete Funny coming from the guy who failed his job so miserably in congress that his fellow republicans pushed him to resign midterm. Boehner is a clown, and CNN has called him everything but a good politician in the past, but suddenly want to cherry pick a statement because it speaks against Trump. CNN is a joke.
Lynn Knuth Pionke Ok here we go again.......I did my usual check to see if CNN was having a positive news bite related to our President.. Nope........That Jared Kushner thing ran across the bottom of the screen the whole dang night. We do not care...... What is going to happen? The Russians are going to take over the whole USA? We have real problems that effect our daily lives. No Russian twisted my arm to vote for Donald Trump. Trump voters were sick of having a Washington that was doing nothing. Washington closed its ears to the frustration with government that most hard working Americans were feeling. We see Donald Trump trying. We knew it would not be easy.
Norman Anderson Politicians like Boehner are the reason Trump got elected. The people are tired of career politicians running the country. If only term limits were a possibility this country would be much better off.
Gaby Claes Did your president really say : "Great win in Montana??? " And really, seriously, I cannot understand that he is so unpolite, rude and arrogant. In front of a new memorial statue for 9/11 in our "hellhole" Brussels, he had to whine about money????
Isaiah Joseph Heard Maybe he should have attended all of those security and intelligence briefings that he was "too smart" to attend because they were "redundant"🙄🙄 This idiot needs an immediate psychological assessment and an impeachment hearing soon after that. What a circus....
Jeremy Widgery Trump isn't still learning to be President!!! Trump is light years away from being President.John Boehner lacks Patriotism in showing that he understands that Trump isn't capable of being President but fails to clearly say something to put an end to this catastrophy for the American people.
Cindy Robinson "complete disaster" - hmmmmmmmmmm is that an extraction from "Trump's List of Basic Insults"? brilliant! double brilliant!! and I'll bet Boehner sits back every night, with a beautiful glass of wine, thinking "so glad I quit" 🙂
Deloris Jones Drip, drip, drip! Trump’s tweets may start being vetted by Lawyers. Turns out the biggest advocate for Trump's impeachment is the Orange man himself. You can only cover for so long before major mistakes are made. Remember, the COVERUP of the crime is what usually brings down a President. Jared is also the gift that keeps giving. What the hell?He reportedly wanted secret communications channel with the Kremlin. My hunch is.......somebody's going down. Trump is a major SCAR on America and the sooner that monkey is out of office, the better. GTFOOH!
Carlos Enrique Romero Hard to believe that he will ever learn to be a good president, when he had 70 years to learn to be a decent human being and failed at that bigly
Kevin Brown Really....I know of those pesky voters who think YOU should be out of a job...I think Trump is a bulldozer pushing trash out of the way...and you are scared to death he might be successful because it threatens YOU...not the nation
Deanna Boetsma-Feringa I get he has absolutely no idea what he's doing as a leader of a Country, no experience in the political world, however you would think he would have had SOMEONE give him advice on who to hire in for his administration to teach him the morals, values, behavior, manners. He choose to hire by who has deep pockets, by who he could control, and family. That was my first thought when he decided to run for POTUS, I wonder how many family members will be running our Country along side him. Sure enough, they are. The results are the complete disaster they are in.
Sandi Lisofski Everything Trump has done has been a disaster ? Are you smoking legal marijuana or illegal? Open your eyes the disaster started before Trump was in the picture. Wake the hell up people. Don't know if Trump can fix this disaster a miracle is needed
John Conners He's not learning much. He's still acting petty and asinine in turns coupled with the GOP healthcare abortion, the budget that only works if you believe every rainbow has a leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end and his complete disregard for the truth.
AJ Wayne Simmons Lol @ learning how to be president. Glad this dude got a conscience and resigned after the pope came through....can't be a devout Christian/catholic/Mormon and support the Republican Party...everything they do is contrary to what you people believe in. It's sickening....
James Aurora Who are we to judge what constitutes an honest living. My grandmother would say in Italian when I was a little boy when you spit into the air sometimes it comes right back down on your head. She was a smart old lady.
Channing Walker The democrats have been investigating the fake Russian collusion for a year. They haven't found anything yet. Either they are entirely incompetent or there isn't anything there. I'll let them pick which one they want to go with. (Most likely it's both)
CNN16 hours ago

The "3D flower" jacket is from Dolce & Gabbana's fall 2017 ready-to-wear line, and it's not yet available in most stores

Jacqueline Ryan Nirmaier Does she work? I thought people who didn't work shouldn't be able to buy those sorts of things, or have health care. Or did she buy it with all the money Donald saves not paying taxes?
Jason Monaigh Bet you can go to a flea market in the deep south and find the same thing without the Dolce and Gabbana label for $5.
Trey Palmisano That jacket costs as much as the take home pay of the average American family. Melania is setting a great example as the wife of the mouthpiece of the populist right. SMH.
Shawn Gustafson Schwerman I'm laughing because so many people are appalled. You do realize she's been living in a gilded cage in New York that we've spent about a million a day on. The jacket is chump change. I'm sure in her mind, it was a steal. Why anyone thought Trump was going to help the little guy is beyond me.
Pat Carlson that jacket is ugly! Reminds me of a wedding car with all the tissue paper flowers taped on it
N. Jayne Campbell As she should. She's a model and the First Lady. She's rich and gets to wear what she wants. What's the problem? Mrs. O and everyone before her wore a host of designers. Same thing.
Debra Wachtler How nice for her .... Meanwhile in the United States because of her husband's budget children will go hungry , seniors will be cut off of the only means of support they have and medical care for the disabled and mentally ill will be cut , but Melania such a cute little jacket you have excuse me while I puke !
Vickie Grigsby Spencer I love that jacket, but I would never waste that kind of money on something so frivolous. Too many people are in need of basic living supplies. It's shameful.
Krista A. Q. Thompson I don't care. She's rich, and this is how she chooses to spend that money. Whether or not I think it's hideous (I do) or spectacularly overpriced (I do), whether or not I think she and other rich folks are duped into buying ridiculous crap because they've been told it makes them special and wonderful (I do)? None of that matters. Now, were her HUSBAND buying 51,000 dollar jackets while proposing a budget that will starve people, take their homes from them, and leave children floundering in substandard schools? Then I'd have something to say. But this isn't the president, she has no influence or authority, and she's therefore of no interest.
Gurina Kaye Psait You could feed a third world country for that price the third wife is wearing.. How disgusting.
Kim Griffin Why would anyone even spend that kind of money on an ugly jacket. Ridiculous.
Sarah Sloat She is beautiful and smart we are lucky to have her. She isn't Michelle Obama but each First Lady brings different qualities.
JoJo TibAud It is so sad that you live in a country where someone can wear a $51,000 jacket, and a citizen from the same country can't afford to buy a loaf of bread. The disparities is very, very sad. Just because you can afford to wear something so expensive, doesn't mean you should. Show boating does not help those that are suffering....
Patricia Bandy Montoya That jacket is ugly as hell!!! Such hypocrites, when Michelle Obama wore expensive gowns for special occasions, conservative flipped their wigs, and her gowns weren't $51,000!!!!
Dareld Whipkey So many ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️in this feed. It's like a blizzard up in here. Of course YOU didn't pay for it you idiots. They are billionaires. They buy what they want with their own money.
Lynnette Bobowicz Nothing to see here... It's common practice for celebrities and high profile people to wear clothes and jewels loaned by the designers. Taxpayers DO NOT pay for the First Lady's clothing, she does NOT get a clothing allowance or salary.
Donna Caruso If the jacket isn't available yet I would venture to say the designer asked her to wear it for advertising. It may cost 51 grand- you don't know how much Or if she spent any money on it. She wore it once, it made the news I promise you she will never wear it again ever. It's gonna stay right there in the Italian designers showroom where it came from, so don't get your panties in a bunch liberals. I know you're always looking for something, anything to complain about with the Trumps. I've been in the fashion industry for 30 years and worked for plenty of famous designers ... they do this kind of thing all the time. No need for the liberal tears until you know for sure. Now go back to your Russia obsession until that's disproven too and enjoy your weekend.
Cindy Schulz And they want to take away food stamps, social security, meals on wheels, housing and heating assistance fir the working poor and kill of anyone who needs medical help due to inability to afford premiums or prescriptions! Way to go there trumpits!
Barbara Garrett Madea I am sure that Trump supporters who criticized the cost of a jacket that HRC wore during her campaign are just as appalled by Melania's's jacket cost as HRC, she said sarcastically.
Sara Smith I think the jacket is kind of beautiful actually, but I also I think it's disgusting that thousands of children go to sleep hungry in this country while our first lady buys $50,000 coats. This kind of thing is what brought about so much anger and violence during the French Revolution. Is it moral to buy something that frivolous while people starve? America is starting to feel more like an Empire and less like the United States.
Stacy Corluccio I am confused... could have sworn Melania did not hold a public office? She is wearing a jacket her husband probably bought her. The same one who refused a salary for being President as he does not need it. CNN ... or Clinton News Network, as I like to call you, did you write the same type of article about Hillary when she wore her $45,000 jacket while campaigning to be President?
Sang Hre What's wrong with this, CNN? You are extremely negative against Trump's family and you are beyond pathetic. She has money and she can buy and wear whatever she likes. Make a room for her. Look like the editor in CNN has no common sense.
James Crowe Uh....she's also a model. One could argue the most seen and recognized model in the world right now. Leave it to liberals to find the most trivial things to cause an uproar about. Guess you have nothing better to do when you're compete losers across the board.
Karen Buresh Schulte For that amount of money I think she got taken. Sad to think but I bet she wears it once and out it goes. But then who cares when Medicaid is not a priority either.
Kathy Tonelli So Who would pay any money to wear that ugly thing that looks like recycled old carpet? Money doesn't buy class, and obviously doesn't buy taste.
CNN16 hours ago

The young girl pulled into the harbor by a sea lion is on antibiotics to avoid contracting a dangerous bacterial disease from the animal's mouth

Shawn Iverson Don't let this distract you from the fact that Donald Trump pushed a NATO leader out of the way so that he could be in front for the pictures that were being taken.
Margaret Ann Don't feed wild animals. Don't feed wild animal. Don't feed wild animals. Don't feed wild animals. Don't feed wild animals. For your safety, and for the safety of the animal, DON'T FEED WILD ANIMALS.
Ray Guerra This story is so old. If CNN isn't doing Fake News about Trump, it has nothing to report. That little girl graduated college, is married and has three kids now.
Ray Young Jr. From the looks of the video. The sea lion pulled her in by her dress. Had she been bitten, you would have clearly seen blood when they were walking away.
Diane Zutz Sad thing is.....the very next day, people swarmed the dock, with their kids, hoping to see the Sea Lion again. One woman with a small infant in a stroller....had it pointed right towards the water where it had been.
Tracy Allan Sorry but no sympathy. Why would sit so close to the seal. People need to start respecting wild animals. They are not cuddly fluffy pets
Adrienne Tarquini Sad thing is that all of this could have been avoided. The sea lion tried to grab her and she moved briefly. The adults weren't watching her.
Melissa Nelson She shouldn't have been teasing the sea lion with food. The ocean is there play ground. The parents shouldn't have let her sit so close. It is a wild animal.
Tim Lewis and perhaps some anti-stupidity pills for the whole family...
William Doty Why is this national news? I don't care about some goon from a completely different part of the country getting on antibiotics for a sensible reason. Lame. Talk about Venezuela or something. No wonder why Trumpicans don't trust CNN
Walt Mcmahon This story is prob concidered sexist by the snowflake community..or mabe its proof of nature fighting back aginst the human infestation causing global warming out ..
Carl Marinschek Ya it's a weird disease which causes human limbs to morph into flippers. There's only been one other documented case off the coast of Chile.
Donna Williams If you don't like the news they cover, why do follow them on Facebook? Unfollow them and stfu... problem solved!!!!
Tre Millz Her parents have just filed suit against the sea lion. His lawyers have not responded to CNN's request for a comment.
Bill Viola When are people going to realize: These are WILD animals, no matter how friendly. Unless you speak sea lion , stay the hell away from them!
Lou Bee So.. on condition of anonimity? Yeah right. See this? "The girl's father spoke to CBC on the condition that his first name is not released in order to protect his daughter's identity." Couple of paragraphs below... they forget to take the guys name out. "Blablah..." , LAU said Great job guys.
Julia Nick What is the animal taking to avoid bacteria disease from the girl?
Thomas Provost Please tell me the parents are not suing? Sorry to say but the parents should of kept the little girl back and teach her not to feed wild animals. The parents are in the wrong and will lose the case.
Jason Stearman 1st off who the h*** would let their daughter sit right there that close to the water with that type of animal
Steve Lowry The seal must be a trump supporter cause he is grabbing people
Felicia DeShawn Phillips All these grown men talking about a child's body parts.. True Pedophiles on this trend.. Just sickening 😡
Dolores Mehia Better check that seal too, he may have caught something too.
Geoff Moore Neglect on the parents for allowing her to antagonize the seal. Leave the seal alone and stop bothering them. She got what she deserved.
Jodi Lynn Moss Sean Moss this is what they were talking about in Ketchikan
Gina Dunn I hope the parents have insurance. And that they learned a lesson. I hope the little girl will be ok..
CNN16 hours ago

"Have sex with an immigrant. We're going through a really tough time right now and it would be really great for morale." In a commencement speech, comedian and star of Silicon Valley Kumail Nanjiani highlighted diversity adding a few jokes into the mix

Ripley Harrington I am a legal immigrant, and fully support our powerful & amazing President Trump. CNN is fake news. #MAGA
Benjamin E. Gordon CNN stands for Clinton News Network. That's why they hate the President so much.
Diana Cary But when they come here to kill us or shove their evil cult religion down our throats so we as Americans don't want them here.
Christian Bailey Where are the liberals saying how sexist and demeaning his comment is? That's right, there are none since many of them are closet rapist anyways.
Mark Rubello also, if you live in america and think you are having a "really tough time", you are ignorant...cause you are living in one of the best countries in the world. someone in a third world country, is having a tough time. you? you're lucky.
William Simpson Not surprised, conservatives are not well know for their humor, and that they completely missed this one. Humor in the form of satire comes across very well for that guy. As for those who would question the man's new home, America, as he now identifies himself being, get a life. Many have come to American shores from somewhere else in this world, and made their home here. I welcome them all. Even though he immigrated legally, seems that for some conservatives still do not want to accept him. Too bad, maybe he is more American than you are?
Howard Klarman Hilary was a flawed candidate and she may have damaged the ability of democrats to organize under a cohesive platform other than Hate a Trump. Unfortunately for democrats Hilarys failures may have affected their ability to maintain erections until after 2020
Kim Portant My husband is an immigrant, a LEGAL immigrant. No one has anything against people who come legally. Stop dropping the importance of legality.
Pasquale Fiorelli I understand the context of the joke, but uhm no. We want to get away from the idea of exploitation, objectification and subjugation, and not suggest the substitution of one ill for another.
Kathy Korolewicz More stupidty is not a great way to make light of the facts we need country regulations and laws. Poor choice for commencement speech regarding knowledge and consideration to those who are upholding a responsibile and accountable role model.
Zahid Hussain I see s many comments here bashing Muslims...what about you guys....yesterday itself American fighter plane killed 117 civilians in syria...wat r. Going to call that friendly fire?????
Guy White CNN, Still waiting for you to report on the 23 Christians shot to death on a bus in Egypt by a Muslim Terrorist. CNN=Muslim friendly News Network
David Carr I have read only two comments and am stunned by the lack of intelligence. People please crack open a book and realize there is no such thing as fake news or alternative facts. We have a fake administration based on bluster and lies. My sense is the other shoe is about to drop. Can you say Proshchay?
Adam Grubb I would, but then I'd be accused of cultural appropriation. That, and before long there'll be 15 Hondas parked on my lawn, and nothing in the fridge but leftover menudo.
Joseph Mattucci I like how all you trump supporters talk about CNN is fake news, but you sure seem to watch it all the time and comment on it.
Mike Knott And hopefully we'll all have sex with each other so much that in like 5,000 years we'll all be a grayish color. Like on South Park!
Rico Li Reading all the drone comments from Trumpettes that have absolutely nothing to do with this video got me 😂 The lack of brain cells is incredible, bigly.
Beverly Gavenda Refugees are people who risked everything and left their homes in search of better lives for them and their families....what could be more American than that?---Kumail Nanjiani
Sean Murphy Well said, this is the type of America we need to show! Don't let the pigs win!
Hunter Gael Why would anyone in their right state of mind would want to come to America ? It is the ground zero for mass murders, killing people randomly, school shootings, American terrorists, cops killing innocent people, gun crazy people, violence and intolerance, racists, KKKs, rapists, twisted ideas and morals and a president who represents the worst traits of all Americans and inspires others to do the same. Yes I understand not everyone's like this but a lot of people are. Look at how many people voted for Trump and his twisted ideals. That should give you an idea of what these "Americans" are like. They represent the worst in not just America but humanity as well. America has some of the highest murder rates in the world. All sorts of crimes roots from there. No other country in the world suffers from such a combination of problems that America suffers from. And when the head of the state, when the president inspires violence, racism, sexism, bigotry, fear mongering, stereotyping and many other horrible traits among the people, you know the country's not an ideal place to travel for anyone. Heck, Trump even leads people to fight among themselves even, encourages it. He turned American people into savages. Or maybe they were savages in the first place and he just brought them into the open.
James Christopherson Another hypocritical democrat. How far LIBS have fallen Bill Clinton speech on immigrants Bill Clinton was even more harsh in his speech and hypocrites like you and your side gave him a standing ovation for saying the EXACT same thing that Trump is saying now, but when trump says it, you hate it.... Fools!!
Austin Onyewuenyi Luke I don't know why people are making so much noise about this issue. I came into the us legally and obtained my green card based on the law, now any one who don't want to be legal should stay back home and he won't be a problem for anyone. If illegal immigrants are welcome into a country at will do y'all know what that does to a society? ... think about this.
Jonathan D Farley For the last time: the issue is not "immigration", it is illegal immigration. P.S. This "comedian" is probably lying when he says that *20* years ago he met all these freaks, unless he moved to the Castro district of San Francisco: the alphabet-soup brigade has only taken over the news in the past 4 years since Obama came out of the closet---I mean, since Obama revealed his support (contradicting Obama the candidate).
Edward Stechschulte I am. I'm "dating" a Syrian girl raised Muslim. Have four kids with an immigrant from Montenegro. I'm doing my part. Going to keep on. Thanks.
Mikhail Gepner am I listening to pope here, telling people to breed with refuges because I swear pope said it to Europeans and we all KNOW what happens and happens there. Im not saying if you like a person but its seems like trend now a days. Hum. BTW Im an legal just to point this out immigrant my self but this stuff right here is shady.
CNN17 hours ago

In a fiery commencement speech, Hillary Clinton did not hold back

David Calderin The irony of Hillary claiming Nixon was impeached (he wasn't) but neglecting the fact that Bill actually was impeached is priceless.
Adam Barnard I'm so over this Clinton stuff. Not gonna be happy if she runs again in 2020, which it feels like she's prepping for. She needs to retire and stop being so salty over Trump. She bungled an un-loseable election.
DevinLauren Hager This lady just needs to retire! Not a trump fan but she is so obnoxious. You lost. Go away!
Rodney Milton She didn't hold back about pushing them forwards socialism or from wrongly attacking the President or from misleading them to think Nixon was impeached bit did not mention that her husband actually did get impeached .
Amy Helwig I voted for your husband twice Hillary, but I've been wishing you gone since my first vote in 1992. It's amazing that she still makes me cringe more than 2 decades later. I now fully trust my gut instinct.
Judy Collins Shes wrong to stand in front of graduates and slam our President. that is not what that was about. It was about young people about to embark on a whole new world that's in front of them. She should have encouraged them and left her thoughts on the man that won the election. she needs to grow up.
Barbara Reeves Bryant She is so articulate, highly educated, professional, speaks with confidence and clarity and is such a breath of fresh air. A great role model for all the little girls and young women out there.
Michael Priebe Why would she hold back? All the Clintons do is attack and insult and blame and whine. It would be news if Hillary Clinton gave a speech where she apologized for the many wrongs she's engaged in, but that speech is never going to be made.
Katie McCabe Good. Trump cheated his way into the Presidency and we all know it! #ImpeachTrump #Treason #Flynnhasflipped #Chumpflamesout #OrangeisthenewBlack
Joseph Chandler Yea and has a coughing episode. I seriously believe she has some serious underlying medical conditions. I predict she had a minimum of 5-10 years left to live before she croaks
Ryan Michael Elmo She is a worthless pos. And she will never be President. And for that I am greatful. She is just a sore loser like her supporters who are pissed Snowflakes because she didn't win. Grow up get a life and move on.
Nathan Buydos Hillary Clinton's new book "Hillary Clinton, The Art of Losing, Not Once, But Twice." Double Mint Books, on shelves everywhere October 2017. Sure to be a lyin' New York Times best seller. Order yours today!
Mike Perez The only modern President to be "impeached" is Bill Clinton, her scumbag husband. Just because the Democrat Senate chose to leave him in office doesn't negate the fact that he was, in fact impeached by Congress. The only attack on the truth is being led by this lying, conniving, scheming poor excuse for a human being. I thought commencement speeches were supposed to motivate the young graduates to take on the world, work hard and succeed? I didn't realize they were an opportunity for a bitter, twisted old woman to lament the fact that the American public rejected her TWICE! Get back in the woods you old crone!
Robert Wright Fact: Richard Nixon was never impeached. He resigned first. Meh...what does it matter? Fact #2: Bill Clinton was impeached. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
William Buck Hofmann If anyone can "invent their own facts", it's Hillary and "I didn't do it Bill" Clinton. They are even better than Brian Williams in that department.
Mike Barry Dear Snow flakes, 1. You said nothing when Obama used drone strikes to execute people abroad. 2. You said nothing about Russia for 50 years until Trump was inaugurated. 3. You said nothing about Hillary’s campaign manager’s brother being paid $175,000 to lift U.S. sanctions on Russia. 4. You said nothing when Obama engaged in military interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval. 5. You said nothing Obama greatly expanded presidential power through the use of Executive Orders. 6. You said nothing when Obama filled his White House with lobbyists after he said he wouldn’t. 7. You said nothing when Obama gave 47 of his fundraisers Administration jobs. 8. You said nothing about the murders and rapes at the hands of illegal immigrants. 9. You said nothing when Hillary’s net worth rose over $100 million as Secretary of State, in part, because her husband took money from foreign governments. 10. You said nothing after Obama’s net worth rose over $10 million as President. 11. You said nothing when Obama’s Justice Dept. wiretapped/surveilled reporters such as James Rosen and the AP. 12. You said nothing when Obama restricted immigration 6 times with Executive Orders. 13. You said nothing when Obama set a record for deportations. 14. You said nothing when Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch on the airport tarmac during the Clinton investigation. 15. You said nothing when Hillary was fed debate questions. 16. You said nothing when Obama and Hillary lied about a video and Benghazi. 17. You said nothing when Obama’s IRS abused the rights of taxpayers. 18. You said nothing when Obama’s White House held meetings with lobbyists in coffee shops near White House to avoid disclosure requirements. 19. You said nothing when Eric Holder sold the guns you hate to criminals and some were used to kill Americans. 20. You said nothing when the Clinton’s took White House property. 21. You said nothing when Hillary laughed off defending a child-rapist. 22. You said nothing when Hillary lied about her private use of a private email server as Secretary of State. 23. You said nothing when Janet Reno, under Bill Clinton, used a tank to kill the Branch Dividians. 24. You said nothing when, on May 13, 1985, a bomb was dropped on a row house in Philadelphia to uproot the black liberation group known as Move, resulting in a fire that eventually burned down 61 houses, killed 11 people (including five children) and injured dozens. 25. You said nothing was Elian Gonzales was forcibly deported using guns. 26. You said nothing when George Soros paid protesters to burn parts of Ferguson. 27. You said nothing about states’ rights until Trump's Executive orders on immigration. 28. You said nothing about Obama’s smoking. 29. You said nothing about the record numbers of people on government assistance. 30. You said nothing about the number of part time and low paying jobs under the Obama recovery. 31. You said nothing when Obama had SWAT teams raid a Gibson guitar factory and seize property, on the purported basis that Gibson had broken India’s environmental laws—but no charges were filed. 32. You said nothing when Obama claimed that the Fort Hood shooting was “workplace violence” rather than terrorism. 33. You said nothing about when Obama ended some terror asylum restrictions, by allowing asylum for people who provided only “insignificant” or “limited” material support of terrorists. 34. You said nothing when the national debt doubled under Obama. 35. You said nothing when 9 times the Supreme Court unanimously overturned Obama’s expansive use of Executive Power. 36. You said nothing when Obama dismissed charges filed by Bush Administration against New Black Panther Party members who were videotaped intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station during the 2008 election. 37. You said nothing when Obama released Guantanamo detainees were released and went back to kill Americans. 38. You said nothing when Obama unilaterally changed Congressional law by Executive Order. 39. You said nothing when Obama fired an inspector general after investigating an $850,000 AmeriCorps grant received by a nonprofit run by former NBA star and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson. 40. You said nothing about the 36 Obama’s executive office staffers that owed $833,970 in back taxes 41. You said nothing when Obama Killed four Americans overseas in counter-terrorism operations without a judicial process. So if you are voicing your objections about three months of Trump, I’m sorry... we can't hear you because you said NOTHING before!!!
Eddie Wichman "Hey! I have an idea! I'll go on a political tirade at a graduation ceremony, and be a hypocrite as I run someone into the ground for ALLEGED obstruction of justice. When I've done worse."
Robin L Peters Dear Killary, you know what's an "unimaginable level of cruelty"? Transferring 20% of U.S. uranium to Putin's Russia and 9 foreign investors in the deal funneling $145 million to your corrupt Clinton Cash Foundation.
Caroline Sarian SORE LOSER!!! Not sure why any college invited a loser, much less a sore loser, to give a commencement speech. It seems completely counter-productive.
Amanda Madorno Articulate, funny smart, provocative, and willing to piss people off. I love Hillary. It's a friggin' tragedy she's not our president.
Nikki Buckner I'm glad she let it all out.. Trump has been non stop attacking her an Obama since he won. Why she can't do the same because ppl will say she's bitter about losing. I don't see it that way at all she has been quiet far too long. Good job Hillary!! #cnn #hillaryclinton
James Abbott Unfortunately she forgot there were only 2 presidents that were ever impeached, and one was not Nixon, but was her husband, but what does that say about the education of the institution of those who laughed and applauded? and what does is say about CNN that didnt report the mistake, but agreed with it!
Peter Ward My Grandmother who went to Wellesley would be rolling over in her grave.!!!.Get over it Hillary,you ran a horrible campaign and you weren't the annoited one.!!!
Ray Guerra Was this before or after she was coughing up a lung. ahahhahah This new poll conducted by Harvard’s Center for American Political Studies with Harris Insights and Analytics found that that 65 percent of voters believes the media is full of “fake news.” Though the term “fake news” became a rallying cry for Trump voters against the media, the poll revealed that even the majority of Democrats and Independents agreed the news was full of biased or untrue stories. 60 percent of Independents and 53 percent of Democrat voters polled also admitted they couldn’t trust the mainstream media. The study also found the media’s obsession with reporting on every perceived scandal they can find in the Trump Administration, whether real or fake, hasn’t served the media’s own credibility well, when in many cases, these stories ended up being full of nothing more than hot air.
Iyanna Burleson I ADMIRE Hillary and would VOTE for her in 2020 just like I did in 2016. I can't wait until this garbage, racist, idiot gets impeached so him and his trolls disappear from earth. #Hillaryfor2020 #Hillary45&46 #WomenRights
CNN18 hours ago

Take a lap on the Monaco Street Circuit like no one has before – in 360°. Champion driver Bruno Senna is your pilot. His Formula E race car is your ride. CNNVR #FormulaE FIA Formula E

Jimmy Garrett I have been watching all the race stuff today, pointing out where John and I I'm going to do the same thing on Sunday during the race.
Jason Bridges Enjoy this wonderland of monarchist materialism. Let the North African refugees live here free of charge, eh? Waiting... Yes? I see...hearts and prayers...F@CK you CNN
Christine Dargis Laramee CNN is the laughing stock of the world!! Every1 who believes in soap operas watches you..baahahaha
Andrew Munoz Cnn can you report on the way muslims are celebrating ramadan in Egypt by killing Christians? 22 dead today by the religion of peace
Erik Ern Ayrton didn't just win this 6 times. He's the only one to win it 6 times in a row.
Christina Kastner Been there, I know what it looks like. Love Formula 1 in 🇲🇨
Joe Quinn No one cares. Everybody is watching the Indy500!!!!
Michael Moody Alejandro Duarte this is as close to the grand prix as we'll get this year...
Laurie Hawel I spent a lovely afternoon there with Sylvie Wellhausen; what a great memory!
Filipe Giarolla Marcelo Costa Gomes Viaja no som... Parece uma enceradeira 😂 Circuito diferente da F1...
Lexnell Nwankwo cnn,islams killing christians this u'll never report #fakenews
Quiet Peace How hard was to tell them stop killing trees to celebrate muhomorkA tale about ur virus society or send me Ivanka 😉 or I dunno
Lewis Medlock Hillary says she beat Bernie and Donald...LMAO HAG, why are you hiding in the WOODS and not in the Oval Office...demented senile old hag.
Carrie Weston Lenzen So cool!
Billy Browning Imagine the carbon foot print this is leaving.
Zita Oliveira Medeiros Olha para isto, Jorge.
Karen Hauschildt Mundorff Zoom, zoom, zoom! Still like the sounds of the engines.
Shawn Tremelle Johnson Nice!!
Robert Mackie Vettel is going to win.
Devi Rambrich Tony R.
Eddie Ferraz Airton Senna a Legend!!! 🏎
Quiet Peace /quietmup greetings
Robert McGrath Is this Arytons son?
Kevin Bartlett Dissapointing...
Dale Ann Urquhart