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As a candidate, he railed against Barack Obama for golfing while President. As President, Donald J. Trump has visited 13 golf courses since taking office.

Dee Dee Rivers Cue the Trumpsters who believe he's "working" and Obama went golfing blah blah blah. Hypocrites.
Andy Charles I miss Barack. He gave us obamacare and doubled our national debt. Trump could golf everyday during his presidency and not come close to wasting as much money as our first and untouchable black president did. Obama gets a pass because of his skin and his friends. The smooth talking used car salesman fooled America for 8 years. Golf? Come on. Fake news again.
Joanne Matthew He's not a president. He still thinks he's CEO of a corporation, giving orders to others while he takes the money and spends time golfing at his resorts. People who voted for a change, and a non-politician, didn't realize they were voting for a completely incompetent moron who didn't have a clue how to protect our country, our planet, or move forward. He's stuck in the past where women were treated as objects and only good for pleasing their men. He has no respect for women, for people of different ethnic origins, for the environment, etc. He only loves himself, and he only respects money.
John Beasley It's not about him playing golf or Obama playing golf. It is about the lies. Remember "I won't have time for golf"? "Too busy working for the American people"? He promised to "repeal and replace" in the first 100 days. He tried for 18 days and gave up. Still think that he is busy working for the people?
Eric Turner Who cares, until Trump increases the deficit by 8trillion+, you can't compare him to Obama. Obama and Bush wasted more money between the two of them than all US presidents before them
Stephan Arcieri The hidden story is that half of them was with a foreign leader and discussing national business! Fake News. See the difference btwn Trump and Obama is that Obama did it with celebs!!!
Joan Gentile He's a pathological liar. Plain and simple. He has lied about everything, since he became president. He's an idiot. I hope he gets impeached soon! He is losing his credibility with the American people. All he does is lie, lie and lie. He's blames the Democrats for everything. He needs to stop blaming other people and take responsibility for his own actions. He's an egotistical maniac with his own agenda that doesn't include the American people.
Shawn Gorman BREAKING NEWS! A US President plays golf! Demorats move to make golfing an impeachable offense as golf was invented in Russia by The Russians!
Pam Kidd Brandt So you are telling me he has visited more golf courses than weeks he's been president?... really??????...... again, I ask, when do the grown-ups get here...
Todd Whaley What i want to know is who is he golfing with and what are they talking about. This is most likely how dumb-donald holds secret meeting and thinks we're all retarded and wont figure it out.
James Hanson This is what happnes when someone who has NEVER served anything or anyone expect to put money into his own pockets. He's a cartoon of a human. He's a conman who suckered in enough people in order to feed his own narcissistic ego in order to start at the top instead of making any sort of sacrifice. He was born on 2nd base & pats himself on the back for hitting a triple. He was born into privilege and has always had everything handed to him. He's NEVER EARNED anything. His companies have filed bankruptcy multiple times so as to not have to pay workers. When he couldn't file bankruptcy he then filed bogus lawsuits in an attempt to not pay workers. He is really nothing more than a 70 year old Paris Hilton. ...and to use the "well everyone else is doing it sot it is ok" mentality is spineless IMHO...good people don't let their children use it as an excuse and try to teach them better so no less should be accepted from our POTUS.
Steffen Thorn It's obvious CNN was campaigning for Hillary which is unethical. No wonder they've lost credibility as a unbiased news agency.
Jason Stone Thanks to Trump, future presidents won't have to deal with questions about golfing, too many vacations, or any sexual activities in the Oval Office without their spouses.
Geoffrey Kurikesu Fake news as usual, president trump has done nothing but make american even greater than he promised he would. Build that wall!! #MAGA #trump2020
Andy Charles When the debt goes from 10 trillion to 20 trillion during his presidency, Quentin, that's called doubling the debt. I know math is hard for you, but it's a fact.
Mike Bianchi Just going to sit back and read as his Trailerhood Walmartians defend his lies. Of course they'll do so in butchered 3rd grade English, chocked full of grammatical errors. They'll also post links to basement bloggers, or quote their "black friend", in their insipid attempts at supporting the Snake-Oil Salesman in the White House*. *Office hours are 10-2 M-F unless something less important arises.
Sarang Banne Come on CNN, enough with the sensationalism. While you talk about this, he is gutting climate change regulations and making racism and hate the norm of the land again. Evil man.
Allan Mbabali Aluviss How much longer do we have to put up with these disgusting people ruining the reputation and credibility of America?!?! GET THEM OUT!!
Peter John Aquino Wait until 2020 when he's elected again, in part because of all the blind bashing from morons like CNN. #FakeNews
Steve Gottesman Trumps is a waste of a carbon footprint. SHAME on America for the half of you that put this absurd clown in the Oval Office, buying into his BS campaign promises and God-awful hate towards women, minorities, and handicapped people. And for those keeping score, he is 0-3 so far on his campaign hot air: NO WALL, NO BAN, NO HEALTHCARE PKG.
Pam Demirbacak It's not going change unless people start going after their representatives and start yelling at them. Trump works for you it's your tax dollars.
Jenice Ves Did you notice every time he has said " believe me", he is lying?
Melody Rose Hahahaha! But the way he golfs is different than Pres Obama so it doesn't matter. Eh loser just admit you have NO clue what you're doing. Prayers for America! 🙏🏽
Schrec Landon I mean don't get me wrong, I understand they're human beings too and need to have some sort of activities to relieve the stress of the job just like the rest of us, but 13 seems pretty high.
Bonnie Drusky You said this yesterday CNN. Please report on some real news. Unless you can pull a full out job of finding a way to remove him from office just get back to focusing on the bigger picture.
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We’re watching the White House press briefing with Sean Spicer

Angela Dirksen How much longer do we have to put up with these disgusting people ruining the reputation and credibility of America?!?! GET THEM OUT!!
Lisa Nelson Jones I trust NOTHING that comes from the mouths of anyone in this administration!
Carlos Chalmers Come on SNL!!! There is so much material...Russian Dressing. Really?!??
Chet Walrod He just convinced me... that Russia owned this White House.
Diane Lehr Corruption, false leadership is nothing new. Leave Hillary out of it. Our focus is on the biggest lying, corrupt administration ever!
Karen Sico Kirwan Most corrupt incompetent and pathetic administration ever. Disgrace
Michael Quick I'm waiting on the day that Spicer just starts crying under pressure or just throws his mic at reporters and storms out of the room in complete anger 😂🏛️
Shellae Wortham Blackwell I hope all of you who voted for this moron #45 now realize what a big mistake you made, admit it and work together with others who didn't vote for him to IMPEACH Now!
Amy Donahue Who would ever think there would be a president more corrupt than Nixon. Welcome to 45's administration. Makes Nixon look like a shoplifter
Jessica Thomas Did he just say the word science? Thought your administration didn't believe in all that
Ramiro Callejas Merrick Garland deserved a chance too, but you hypocrites never gave him a chance
Nora T'Niemi 64% of Americans do not approve of or trust this president. In no way should we trust his choice of a Supreme Court justice. Think about Flynn, Devos, etc. NO WAY!
Paul Cates Republicans only represent the rich. Phony christians. Phony president. Look at your wallet and remind your self how a Republican helped you today. Not much.
André Maurice Dayan #BREAKING_NEWS, just in: the Pres of Mexico has offered to build a wall around the White House, as a gift to the American People... 😂🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Jon Akkari This won't create jobs. In fact green energy employs 10 times as many people. Besides, natural gas is why coal is in such rapid decline.
Linda Hay It's amazing how proud these people are of the damage they are doing to the environment. They will own this to use their words when the damage reaches serious proportions.
Darlene Brumfield You do not love America nor our Planet!!!! Shut up and crawl back into your hole, where they can find you hibernating. You know like the Bears you are killing!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡
Linda Hay What about all the jobs that will be LOST when they eliminate the EPA, NEA, Pull support from PBS, etc. etc. These are jobs too.
Andrew Sutter Hey Spicer, just a friendly reminder, if it wasn't for some of President Obama's previous accomplishments, the auto industry may not be around today. Can you comment on that? 🤔🤔🤔
Lisa Pena They are so hung on sticking it to Obama let the man be and have ur own history. This presidency is based on sticking it to the last president and lies and tantrums. So sad and sick
Edward Silvestry So lets get rid of EPA regulations and create gas emissions to destroy the earth! come on guys solar versus COAL.... oh look I flossed today 😬
Cheryl Sherri Beaumont Protecting people. animals or the planet are not on their list of priorities. However Russia, cover-ups, and giving his whole family made up jobs in the White House are.
Marvin Suárez it was an Obama collusion with big foot and the loch Ness monster... I fully expect that to come out of his mouth at some point
Cameo Lugo McCarthy plays you so much better... You can't even look away from your cards... Dude, get an education in public speaking ffs
Thea Dolly Coke Butcher the problem spicy is you've lied so much it is difficult for anyone to believe anything you say and that's all on you and Chump.
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President Donald J. Trump is taking a hammer to former President Barack Obama's climate change record

Ilene Jacobs Trump is so jealous of President Obama, he is trying to erase him from our memory. No such luck you illegitimate fascist-in-chief. The more you whinge, the more we realize what a great statesman #Obama was.
Joe Recine There are so many things that make him unqualified. His climate change denial is certainly towards the top of the list.
Gerald Salamone Trump, America's worst, most disastrous, incompetent president ever.
Kathy Ryan Smith Be honest. This guy hates Obama for some petty crap at a Press Banquet. He also hates him because he's classy, handsome and smart. That's the kind of nasty human in the WH His petty personal vendettas are his real agenda because he's nuts.
Cindy Thomas ALL he cares about is overturning EVERYTHING a REAL President actually WORKED hard to do and accomplish. Wake up Republicans in Congress! STOP THE CORRUPTION!!!
Alec Rodvelt With this kind of government it is only a matter of time before our National Parks are opened up to drilling and fracking. The generations to come aren't going to be able to enjoy nature. We must resist these types of changes or there will be no future for Americans.
Allen Rutkowski Trumps morals = his VP pick. Don't let Pence fool you he's no Christian, he didn't extend Medicaid to Indiana's poor as mandated by the ACA. He made changes to Indiana Medicaid in repeal of Obamacare that left some disabled with no healthcare while claiming it was a Medicaid expansion.Pence is part of the republican death panel..
Erica Randolph Pray for the people in this country. We live amongst some nutty people that has to make you wonder how have they survived life this long. Voting should come with a test.
Nuno Martins Can't do anything, only destroy the work of others..
Shirley Rhodes Trump is such a pathetic hater and loser. U can't take President Obama place ever in so many of our hearts. Lol no matter what u do. Idiot.
Cynthia Hatch Goal? To be better than President Obama, and blame his failures on the Clinton's. Realistically, he has done nothing, trying to do nothing, except compete with the Obama's. He can't even keep a First Lady!!
Camari Gaines Trump seems obsessed with undoing pres. Obama's work of 8 years.why doesn't he clean up the apparent corruption in his administration, and show us what he can accomplish far he has shown a massive unqualified and lying individual.
Anne Lee "If China is right, if Chu is right, to renege on the Paris agreement, to expand oil and gas drilling, to rebuild the coal industry, to cancel federal funding for research and development of new, cleaner forms of energy – as Trump has proposed – not only will cede global leadership on climate change to China but also undermine American leadership of the global economy."
Maria PerezCruz I'll never understand why people voted for this man...all promises that he won't deliver..too busy trying to undo all President Obama did and going after the Clinton's. .Get to work if you can concentrate for just a little bit on the real problems we face.
Sreejith Surendranadh Trump has 2 business rules: 1. Be willing to (threaten to) walk away 2. If someone screws you, screw 'em back 10 times over Good luck,
Raynard Sargent Once again he proves he's in office to destroy Obama's legacy, but what's worst is that he's showing those who voted for him that he doesn't care a dam thing about them, their futures or their kids futures. He's only concern is to deplete government power while ensuring corporations retain theirs!!!!
Matthew Maher Thank you President Trump for saving America and giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
Shelia Evans No matter what he does, he'll never be applauded as a president who worked for good. President Obama's work is documented with FAVOR and GRACE; comparison will be made to show his efforts in doing what's right. Donald's BS will be undone by the next president in 4 years. Life will go back to normal.
Debra Mims Nicewonder The orange idiot has done nothing as president except destroy things or at least try too. tRump hates Obama and wants to erase everything he did as President.
Sally Hill This guy despises President Obama and is trying to do everything in his power to dismantle what Obama did in leading this country at the expense of all Americans and our allies. It's a proven fact he is filled with hatred. #WhatHeMeanForEvilGodWillTurnToGood
Kush Kush Trumps agenda is to wipe out the name Obama off anything American whether good or bad.If anything he could wipe out all the memories of Obama as a president from all american minds.
Stephen Wambua I wonder loudly, Obama finished all white house duties that any new president must undo, adjust, repeal or replace what he had done. Must have been a hard smart working president. He touched everything. The president asserts this fact.
Justin Vega Remember folks, Climate change was invented by the Chinese and even Democrats as a way to gain votes and the medi-ok of course I'm joking. Does anyone really buy that? Our President must have slept through Science class
Annie Perez-Rivera #45 wants to do the opposite of everything President Obama did because he hates him and envy him, he will never be the man Obama is, he can't fill his shoes, Obama was well liked, can't say the same about #45....
Manny Marques Watching all this unroll here from Canada as the implosion of the U.S. this guy is causing continues.....Disgusting excuse of a human being the Trumpster is.
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You can hear weapons firing in the distance as CNN's Arwa Damon reports from Mosul, Iraq where more than 100 bodies have been pulled from the site of a US-led coalition airstrike

Ayoba Houston They don't hate us because of our freedom. They hate us because we are killing them! A thousand Iraqi and Syrian deaths in March in the hands of America. But 4 Europeans killed and we shut everything down!
Mark Andrews Wow CNN hates America, how about writing an article about ISIS is using women and children as human shields. Where were these articles when Obama was doing the same thing with drones?
Rachel Alyss Herndon CNN you seem like you're trying to finally catch up with Sky News... too bad Sky News is more reliable than you are at the moment... biased and bought channel!
Charlie Dm CNN and Mainstream medias proud love child, the Iraq murders. What a great series you helped create! How many seasons have you got from it?
Andre Holmes CNN is doing PR for ISIS, they did the same for HAMAS in Gaza. Everyone knows how these terrorist operates, the civilian population is used for propaganda purposes.
William Scott Well everything has a silver lining. Now that Trump is president, US media is again interested in military actions in ME. Let's see, stop supporting Saudi activity in Yemen, Get out of Syria... As far as Mosul, accidents happen, never blame our military its the ********* politcians that establish foreign policy.... Without a vacuum, there was no ISIS
Jon M Beard Peace be with the innocent victims. And why is America still fighting a war when Donny said, America first but continues to spend, and wants to spend $54 billion more, for his war machine?. Hmm.
Sheldon Oots And when we leave, they'll be begging us to save them, again. Let's just get out of that cesspool and let what happens, happen.
Rad Petty CNN's caveat bullsh*t proves they're Fake News. CNN knows the airstrike was called in by Iraqis, but just calls it a "US-led coalition airstrike" instead. Just report the news please...
Emeka González Eze Arwa Damon should go for Thanksgiving after her career in journalism, she reports from the most dangerous of places. She's one of the bravest news reporters I know.
Russell Vincent ISIS hides behind civilians they get killed doing the battle. Then someone calls the media and tells them to come look at what the American military did. Of course the left wing media eats that up. The civilians should put up a fight. They know there about to die as body shields.
Jenny Fisher Can you imagine if we had a terrorist trapped in a building in NYC and the military was willing to sacrifice 100 American lives as collateral damage to capture one guy? I guess they don't matter because they aren't American?
Harold Jones Donald Trump promised to order the Military to kill terrorist groups family ,including Women and Children. I never thought it would include other innocent people...But Trump is a mad little guy...In my opinion!, he is a dictator a fake #president
Earl Berkebile Sounds like the Press is pulling up archive flix from the Viet Nam newscasts. MSM still at it, portraying what you should feel rather than how it affects you. Lots of descriptive adjectives.....
Ugochukwu Danny That is what you like reporting you have not reported about the Biafrans peacefully requesting for referendum in nigeria and our leader Nnamdi Kanu to be released from detention until the war comes out thats when you will have to come and start reporting it.
Mark Ramirez Ok CNN, which side are you on!!??? No need to be reporting this information! Operations in Iraq or elsewhere are nobody's business!
Daniel Holmes People will rail against this but not Obama's indiscriminate drone bombings all over the middle east in countries we were not at war with that killed many civilians.
Bruce Lahiff Iraq??? Same place Obama pulled out of leaving a vacuum for ISIS? Let's see,,he created a vacuum in Iraq,Lybia,and Syria,Afghanistan,,also left our southern border wide open allowing millions of drugs and illegal immigrants to invade us. Worst President in American history. Instead of winning wars he enabled them to continue.
Lynn Wade This war will never be won regardless to who happens to hold the title of president of the United States of America. Victory will be declared when small battles are overcome but terrorists groups will always be around to prevent peace. We as a country made poor decisions based on miscalculations that have cost the lives of Americans and innocent Iraqi people. To all the Obama hating trolls this isn't one of those battles you're going to win by spewing alternative facts!!
Pam Demirbacak On one hand you people want terroisum elimated for fear of coming in your back yard, but on the other hand you do not want to get involved, so which is it? War is not pleasent innocent people get caught up in it. There is no easy way here, terroisum is and will be a Hugh threat until Nations come together and eliminate. You can't have it both ways I'm a Muslim I hate what is happening this is not what the majority of Muslims want. Unfortunately most of the Muslim countries can only do so much thats why it takes a corrinated effort on many.
Michael Rindorf Makes me remember the American Flag draped bodies being removed from the World Trade Center and Pentagon... What was your point again CryBaby News Network?
Sonny Chapman Cheney was right in 1994. " Taking down Sadaam will create instability in the whole region, especially Syria ". Then he did just that in 2003
Brian Taylor It's war... it happens.... it's sad, but it happens. Pray for the Iraqi soldiers fighting with the support of the United States military.
Mary Sheldon I'm more concerned at the moment for that journalist's safety. Very uncomfortable to watch her standing there with the gun and bomb sounds surrounding her...
Cristina Camacho I'm not surprised it's a woman reporter doing love glorify themselves...but we know the truth and if we ran the world it wouldn't even come to all of this.
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Air Force generals are considering retiring the F-15 Eagle, the most successful dog-fighting aircraft in US history

Arsen Jan Babayan Old news. Hey CNN dig in your FAKE NEWS BASKET and find something that's a lil more UP TO DATE!! I know it's hard.......but please try!?
Aaron Bradwell I don't believe it, FNN, the Fake News Network, formerly known as CNN, is reporting on a story that doesn't involve Trump and the Russians. It's a miracle.
Martin Eastham This seems like a far-fetched notion to me. Lord knows the F-16 is my favorite fighter jet, but to scrap the F-15 C/D entirely and use the Viper in the air combat role? I don't see it happening. The F-16 can hold its own against almost anything in an air to air engagement, but it was never designed for the air superiority mission as the F-15 was. The F-16 was designed to compliment the F-15, not to compete with it. But times have changed since the late 1970s and early 1980s. Maintaining 30+ year old jets is very expensive so it really comes down to $.
Irshad Khan Does it matter..These machines has killed millions of innocents and deastiblize the world specially the middleast. What good these killing machines are for when it cant control the chaos in other parts of the world.
Christopher Knapp Insanity. Not only should we reappropriate funds for the F-15, we should retool the factories to make the original numbers of F-22 Raptors.
Teddy Beard Well Congress agreed to bring back the F-22 back in production so it's a good move. It out matches the F-15
Billy Martin Don't worry, they'll be sold to other nations in The Middle East and will be blown apart by us in the not to distant future
Steve Lawrence Stupidest defense contract terms= when production is done, tooling is destroyed. Thus preventing any rapid restart of manufacture. ALL newer military aircraft are treated this way. No new B-2 ,F-18 , etc can be built. For the price of F-22 or F-35 vs capability, could we be better served with upgraded models of current inventory. Stealth capability is drastically less necessary after the first day if an air campaign.
Donovan Gasque When I was young I wanted to be a jet fighter pilot so bad. This is one of my fav jets too. This and the F/A 18 where my fav growing up. Then the F22 came out and I realized that dream will never happen.
Fidel Rodriguez Arguinzoni Yeah ! More business to the military complex, destroying countries and feel proud about it. People are trained to kill and abandoned as veterans.....
Fidel Rodriguez Arguinzoni Let replace them with new business I mean new planes and fight the wars on behalf of Israel..... send USA citizens to die for Israel..... then feel proud by killing and destroying countries.....
Bill Essex Most successful? Under what measure,? The P51 Mustang had nearly 6,000 kills in WW2 alone and was flown by almost 300 aces..... using machine guns.
Kevin Gort I am working to make Trump an every day necessity in Liberals lives.....Trump-mart where they shop....Trump-burger where they eat.....Trump-automotive...where you buy your cars from....I want a Trump stamp on the wrist of every Democrat where they cannot eat, buy, or sell without it.
Chris Em Weid We already SPEND TEN TIMES what China does BEFORE Trump's massive increase and TWENTY times MORE than RUSSIA!!! Cripes TAKE CARE OF VETERANS! Take care of America's working poor! Smh
Carol Madsen More old recycled news. "The Donald" used Nunes to block Yates from testifying today about Flynn. Apparently, Brennan had a few interesting things to say as well. White House is still lying about Russia.
Zeeshan Khan they can only killed innocent they bombing heavy populted area in mosal iraq isis killed 100000 since 2014 but they killed 100000000000 since 9/11 95% innnocent civilions. confused who is the terrorist why u kill people who are you
Abdoulaye Fall When will the US stop fearing the world? People now aren't afraid of death.You should help your brothers, all the Adam descendants who are sick, who cannot get bread ,who are uneducated...This is the new war method.
Brad Sutter We need to allow Politicians to make these decisions, certainly NOT the actually guys who command these planes - that would be silly!
Anthony J Cartner Around 80B for another 300 F22's or so..... I think those numbers are close - could be a little less. Probably spread out over 4 or 5 years.
Don Goodman sell the planes to Israel and Iraq and Saudi Arabia. I see them here at the language school here at Lackland now and then go on to flying school at an ATC base.
Ryan Angelo did you know that in the 1990s an F117 was shot down by a S125 missle system first deployed in 1961? the stealth bomber was shot down in serbia
Lisa Ann Spilman Why does CNN keep putting former Congressman Jack Kingston on their network and their payroll? He's a traitor... having his own Russian connections and he's good buddies with Carter Page. See attached article about Kingston's trip to Russia.
Teddy Fikre It's high time the lies and Goebbels like propaganda of Hollywood executives is called out for the bigotry it is #HollywoodLiesNoMore
Sam Abarr Putin and his Air Force will be glad with America parking working fighter jets
Daniel Wornica Figuring the military budget is about to triple they want new toys.
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Former Vice President Dick Cheney condemned the alleged Russian hacking of the 2016 election -- and called it a potential "act of war."

Allen Hena This situation is not Trump and Russia anymore, it's the Republicans and Russia. They are protecting him and putting partisanship first and not America. It's a very sad day when one major political party chooses protecting a POTUS who won't protect this country.
Jim Moore To be fair he calls everything an act of war. Stubbed his toe on a coffee table... act of war! Gets splashed by a car driving through a puddle... act of war!
Todd French Why do they put this wretched terrorist on a stage? He murdered innocent people in Iraq for profit. He is every bit as bad as bin laden and should have been, with Rice; Rumsfeld; Bush Jr and Powell; locked up and forgotten--- yet, he is put on a podium in America. Maybe Cheney is setting his stage to profit from another war.
Derrick Jones This man won't let up until everyone is killed. War mongering a*s. Shut the hell up! Even though I agree with the fact that the Russians interfered, this man is the last person to open his mouth
Ahmed Alshahab Yo Cheney!! You are outraged when Russia allegedly meddled with your politics. But u invaded countries and changed their governments by force and violence! How is that not outrageous?!
Nick Lazzaro This guy is now mixing new republican policies with old..... "i dont like our new friend Putin.... lets givem some of our old ideas and try to takem to war using my company Haliburton."
Charlie Dm Cheney was always good at starting wars based on unproven lies, wasn't he, and its very apt because it was CNN who sold the lies to the public to initiate the massacres and occupation in Iraq. Nothing changed here then.
Mike Vincent Can we agree not to let this blood-gargling psychopath lead us into anymore wars based on allegations? He only stands to profit. It's likely why Hillary was so big on a Syrian no-fly zone. War with Russia might be good for hers & Cheney's mutual puppeteers.
Ann Marie Brothers Here we are in the end of March and they still can only rightfully refer to it as "alleged"...that speaks volumes. If it were fact than evidence would be given to the public to gain their support..but, crickets...
Sonny Chapman Cheney is right. He was also right in 1994 when he said," Taking down Saddam would create ISIS ". The he did just that in 2003😜
Akunna Matta Dark, i tell ya, the republicans sure can pick'em! I cant think of one good republican president in modern history. that includes Reagan who was dealing with dementia and Alzheimer, started the US debt and Iran Contra.....i really think republican hate people (well brown and poor people that is)
Brian Couch Yeah it's an act of war and Donald Trump and Company are conspiring with Russia to harm The United States of America . What is the penalty for that .?? Let Start with that Jared son in law and reinstate water boarding to protect the citizens of our country.
Tony Trosclair Proposing war over ALLEGATIONS? Keep drinking that coolaid. The only side talking war has been the DEMOCRATS starting with HILLARY ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL and y'all don't find it suspicious? LoL.
Brian Jardine it is an act of fuycking war and I have never been an advocate for such things but if they want to promote fascism in my country I have no problem seeing the entire world burn to insure they are all killed for their treachery.
Bruce Brewer Interesting how all of the Neocons in both parties keep calling something they suspect but have not tangible proof of an "act of war". Forget Iraq, Libya and the other small nations, now we want to attack a nation that has more nukes than we do. Real smart.
Evelyn Ortiz I'd like to find one single person pressured or forced by the Russia's, to vote for Mr Trump. The only proven fact as for Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton selling 20% of our uranium reserves to Russia.
Patrick Langley There will NEVER be an independent investigation ( Not how govt. works anymore. ) DIck Cheney thinks his cable going out should be an act of war!!!
Christopher White The media is not making Bush and Chaney, the original Middle East war criminals to appear regular and soft spoken. Chaney took us to Iraq for money and oil and bush allowed the economy to crash with his "everyone have a home" plan. The media is literally telling us it's ok to like them now.
Francisco Veloso The master plan of this from Russia is to put a dumb plant in the office to do them the favors of doing anything including to sanction removals. It's why they tried and succeeded putting in their idiotic plant in charge.
Erin Dolan And if it turns out that 45 and his henchmen were also involved, that is an act of TREASON. Btw. Has hell frozen over? I'm agreeing with Dick Cheney?
Mike Lowery War...war...war. That seems to be all they know. They will send the sons & daughters of the poor into these corporate invested wars but never will they strap on a pair of boots & fight nor do they send their offspring. Just you & me...
Clyde Jessee They need to give this a rest...there is absolutely NO proof ANYTHING was "hacked"....they may have influenced the election by throwing wild stories out there but it is extremely unlikely they were able to hack our election results.
Philip Bordogna Hacking of the election? lol. The only thing "hacked" was Podesta's G-mail, which wasn't even hacked (he fell for a phishing scam). Don't think that qualifies as grounds for war with Russia, Dick.
Carl Sousa Trump may or may not have had dealings with Russia but we certainly knew for sure that Hilary Clinton did. Russia may or may have not have meddled in the US elections but the DNC certainly did and Obama meddled in the UK elections too.
David C. Nasworthy They only hacked the DNC because they were screwing over the Socialist.......And because it revealed corruption and racism within the Democratic Party......They lost the election to the Republicans......So you're blaming the Republicans for what the Socialists did to the Democrats?
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It failed to persuade the government to change the law on taxis to accommodate its business model.

Michael Pinholt Dane here. The back story to this is that the law passed that choked uber, was part of an internal battle within the minority government and their supporting party. The supporting party felt disrespected by the new minister of transportation, and used this law to punish him and put him in his place. Uber simply got caught in a political battle!
Mark Andrews For millions and millions of years humans have used Uber with no issues. Now we have places like Denmark and Austin, TX banning and regulating them for no good reason. People we need to stand up for our right to Uber and live how we want to live.
Jarrod McConnell You mean they want everybody to keep calling cab companies waiting on hold forever, with a way off estimate of when they'll arrive, and have to explain in detail about where you are at wasting 30 minutes of your life...rather than just use an app? It's the cab companies own fault they didn't change their ways and improve their service
Jeff Howard When Brian Stelter celebrates a 14 year old girl being raped you know that CNN is no longer a news organization. Shame on CNN, you have hit a new low that I didn't think was possible.
Roger Gaddy Socialist countries aren't usually open to competition. That's why they're socialist countries.
Lisa Ann Spilman For the life of me, I can not understand why CNN keeps putting former Congressman Jack Kingston on their network and their payroll? I'm a Cold War Veteran and this upsets me so much. He's a traitor... he travelled to Russia, as well, and has his own Russian connections. He's lobbied to the Russians about the sanctions, just like his friend and co-worker Carter Page. See attached article about Kingston's trip to Russia.
Damien Allsopp Denmark is ditching Uber you mean
Iroha Alex Good. They don't need your corporate crap in their country.
Christian Frake This is what happens when government gets involved! Don't like capitalism? Then say goodbye to Uber!
Mustafa Ince ☛BORCU OLAN MUTLAKA OKUSUN.! İddaa'da kaybetmeye ve kupon yırtmaya SON.! Araba almak isteyen,Ev almak isteyen,paraya ihtiyacı olan,kredi kartı borcu olan kardeşlerim artık sende kazanacaksın.!Kazanmak isteyenler ARKADAŞ İSTEĞİ YOLLA , MESAJ A
Ann Marie Brothers Too much regulation will do that. Lesson learned in the US.
Karen McNeeley Laufenberg I ditched Uber, Lyft is so much better.
Thomas Anderson Oh no say ain't so!
Leandro Calado Ferreira Learn with it Brazil!! Uber slavers!!
Halo Jaeger FAKE NEWS
Ana Yomalli Mireles That's why they're socialist countries 🙄
Piyapong Prasaththong
Piyapong Prasaththong
Joe Smith Breaking News: CNN blames Trump for Uber ditching Denmark!
Don Smith Socialism choking off innovation...
Shikak Noori Every one please send friend request I will not kill you 🌹
Callahan April super:)
Temecca Martin wow <3 add me
Asha Javeed Carla Steffanie
Melissa Roman Sidse Shn
CNN3 hours ago

Colombia's mayor called Wiz Khalifa a "scoundrel" over the visit.

David Plaza Jr. Pablo was a bad man but let's not be hypocrites because where was the backslash from the mainstream media when Trump visited Andrew Jackson's grave?
Harold HT Torres Why can't someone idolize Pablo? Some of you guys idolize trump and he is making all these families feel terror and fear......
Edward Stechschulte #1. This article is about a comical figure on vacation visiting some stone #2. Escobar was a huge personality on this planet, and acknowledging that isn't terrible.
Andres Felipe Rincón It is like visiting the grave of a terrorist. He personally killed hundreds, and is responsible for the deaths of thousands. He is responsible for the bombing of an airplane carrying 100+ passengers killing all the passengers, he blew up a government building, he killed many politicians, he raped many women, etc. There shouldn't even be a show for him. It is like making a show for Bin Laden.
Mariah Monet Narco's the Netflix series made tons of people intrigued with Pablo . Im sure the gravesite has had non stop visitors...
John Wachira I'm still a fan of Pablo... I mean, the guy's a legend and there's no changing that.
Trey Whitaker There is no difference in this man and the CEOs' of Phillip Morris or Busch. Funny we regulate what we deem as suitable vices for our masses but other vices are shunned. Shunned so much they put you in prison for it, cant have competition for americas taxed vices.
Shaylon Coles The media made Pablo's life something like Robin Hood and the rap Industry made Millions mentioning his name... And John Gotta and Bonnie and Clyde. Do we get mad when people visit the car that's shot up??? Nope.
Victor Henriquez "Colombia's mayor"? Really? I'm fairly certain Colombia is a country and has a PRESIDENT. the city of Medellin, on the other hand, does have a mayor. But I guess Latin American countries are just insignificant little specks, aren't they CNN?
Lola Ybarra Lots of people idolize that guy. They could care less about the innocents killed because those people were collateral damage in their eyes. It wasn't their family why should they care? Personally I never understood why people idolize Escobar so much. Can someone please explain to to me what is so special about this guy?
Shawn Rogers What's wrong with visiting one the CIAs biggest and major drug connection. Both the government and Ronald Reagan got rich off of him. Pablo Escobar was just a pawn in American politics.
Alan Volante Pablo Escobar was a vicious man who didn't hesitate to use violence when necessary. He was also one of the biggest philanthropists in the history of this planet and spent more money building schools and hospitals and housing for the poor then the most governments ever will. He also offered to pay off the Colombian national debt twice in exchange for Colombian not caring he sold his drugs in America. Columbia did not have a drug problem. America did. His point was why does Columbia care that Gringos want to buy his drugs. He had a point
James Walker a. Columbian Mayor, or Mayor of Medellin...stop hiring chimpanzee's B. wtf did you expect Wiz to do...something intelligent like visiting Bolivar's stuff
John Kemoi Pablo ---- >lethal drug lord, wiz khalifa------> universal weed ambassador. But look at us acting all surprised and disgusted that the two interacted in some way.
Otto Barrera CNN and its news...SMH and they wonder why their ratings are down.
Joe Gonzalez I don't think countries have mayors CNN. Cities/towns sure.
Lisa Ann Spilman For the life of me, I can not understand why CNN keeps putting former Congressman Jack Kingston on their network and their payroll? I'm a Cold War Veteran and this upsets me so much. He's a traitor... he travelled to Russia, as well, and has his own Russian connections. He's lobbied to the Russians about the sanctions, just like his friend and co-worker Carter Page. See attached article about Kingston's trip to Russia.
Charlie Dm You wouldn't have the problem if he had been buried in the CIA cemetery with all their other operatives would you.
Edgardo Mendoza Some forget all the killed people it takes along the route to get drugs to the US and choose to idolize a criminal
Bomi Smile Adeyemi He deserves the title, and I dont think he cares, as a hiphop act, its like an honour to him
Zito Sanguende I think it was a great move visiting the grave, i see nothing wrong about it!!
Maebe Gomes what's a wiz khalifa?
Cordero Andre Who cares. Come on ppl he is just another guy. I dont give 2 sh1ts about him or his music but ppl and their outrage. Fuc& get over urselves.
Emeka Mmadu Pablo Escobar the greatest hero of 20th century. Escobar was not just a drug lord but a great philantropist.
Scott Trent Why was Bill Clinton taking money from a bank associated with the Kremlin while his wife was Sect of State? Why does the fake news media ignore this?
CNN4 hours ago

Michigan will pay $97 million to replace water lines for at least 18,000 Flint households by 2020, the settlement shows.

Susan Borsella The politicians (and their families) who created this mess, and ignored this mess, should have only this polluted water to drink and bathe in from now until every last resident has clean might go a little faster.
Robert Stanz The EPA knew first. The city of Flint government created this disaster to save few bucks. The voters of Flint should kick every last city government elected official to the curb. Risks were known before the decision was made.
Syameena Pillai It's mind blowing it took this long for justice for Flint. I'm still confused as to how the USA is the most advanced country in the world.
Norman Howells Trump is gutting the EPA and will be responsible for many Flint Michigans and worse. If you get rid of the people who test the water....
Marcus Jean-Simon It bothers me to know that private citizens need to sue the government in which they fund, in order to get basic services... Farah
Virgil L Mitchell How idiotic. So instead of just fixing the problem they would rather pay a sorry but the old politicians gotta go. We have reached the height of incompetence from all of our political leaders and they need to go.
John Morrison You want to fight wars, build walls, build pipelines, take away health care and reduce taxes for the rich and big Business and yet your own people are dying in your streets, starving, have no health care and the Rich getter richer while there is zero infrastructure investment! Maybe there should be a tribunal of crimes against humanity by NATO against the U.S.!
Leroy Groover Jr What did we learn?Ultimately, you get what you pay for! Try to be cheap? You're going to end up paying more in the long run. Spend the money and do it right the first time! What about the children though?
Jose Gonzales Poor Michigan. Their local government has to pay millions and it all could have been prevented had DEMOCRATS not been in charge for 100 years who let their people down by ignoring their water problems. Shocking. But keep re-electing these douchebags and you'll keep getting the same failed results.
Jerry Bishop The local government is too blame they knew about the problem but like democrats that run the local government could not line their pockets and give the people clean water to The people of Flint got the water they voted for
Carol Madsen Repub Gov. Rick S. and Repub. legislature brought back the whole "city manager" deal after the voters voted it out. To save two pennies, they destryoed the municipal water system for an entire large city. Repub voters in Michigan should be the only ones paying for this stupidity.
Zippy Etzion Too little too late, it should not have taken so long just to admit there is a problem. Thank you EPA you did a great job wasting our tax money.
Layil Wilde Don't bother, by 2020 you won't have good water, good air or good earth anywhere. Thank new admin that thinks "enviroment protection" is just "job stealing".
Jasonn Glass We can spend $600 billion a year on warfare, but it takes like two years to fix poisoned drinking water. Thank you, America.
Kevin Cormier Wow.....Rich democrats convince poor folks to vote for them and grow government. Government goes broke subsidizing poor folks. Broke govt. fails the people then blames republicans. The poor trash sue the govt. The cycle continues........
Carlos Esteban Gomez And no one got arrested for this because they are politicians with money.. wonderful !! America !
Lisa Ann Spilman For the life of me, I can not understand why CNN keeps putting former Congressman Jack Kingston on their network and their payroll? I'm a Cold War Veteran and this upsets me so much. He's a traitor... he travelled to Russia, as well, and has his own Russian connections. He's lobbied to the Russians about the sanctions, just like his friend and co-worker Carter Page. See attached article about Kingston's trip to Russia.
Dak Delemarche Where Obama couldnt give money to this cause, Trump stepped up and did.
Jasmine Theus 2020 ? Meanwhile Tom Brady jersey it's already found by the FBI using taxpayer money
Frank Dunn-Roser That's the price of Melanoma and Master Barron Trump's gold tower lifestyle for a Month.
Suzanne Brooks The individual who decided not to protect the water should go to jail.
Kim Picard Boy it's a good thing there's been such a rush to do this.....and another 3 years?!?!??!!
Rich Leatham Settlement? What BS this has to be court action to fix political corruption and simply fix the problem they caused.
Peyton Ray Kennedy The Democrats Run Michigan, Flint & Detroit. WHILE OBAMA was president.
Erin Lowe I can't believe it is taking so long!!! This isn't a 3rd world country
CNN4 hours ago

People say the Daily Mail is using sexism to sell papers (again).

Lauren Hughes If it offends you, then I highly recommend not reading it.. leave it alone! Quit giving it life. They are getting free publicity. They are trying to offend to get a reaction. Duh.
Sean Studt BREAKING DISCOVERY! Humor and sex sells!!!! Victims succumb to a slight chuckle and sense of humor. Will the Horror ever stop? Also this just in. This is a non story and a weak attempt at trigger bait. #CNNkeepssucking
Marcus Joseph That so many comments don't seem to comprehend how or why this is an issue only further reinforces the fact that it's a problem
Annel Aguayo Are these women supposed to wear skirts down to their ankles for people to respect them in their roles? There is nothing wrong with what they are wearing. What is wrong is the the lack of respect and grotesque objectification of two female leaders. Of course the men commenting on this have no issue with it other than the Prime Minister and First Minister aren't "better looking." Would you feel the same if it were your wife, daughter, mother or sister being treated like this?
Brian Ziak "The internet" is not a person and does not have feelings so how can "it not be happy" or be offended? How do you gauge the reaction of the billions of things on the internet, CNN? I don't think my smart TV cares about this story.
Ruth Egan Coming from someone who wore short skirts when I was young, of coarse men are going to look & compare. Always have always will. Don't want them to look wear longer skirts
Jermaine Hite Donald Trump : we build legs so great in America our legs are so terrific it's absolutely fantastic you'll love them we will repeal and replace Mexican legs because they have legs of very short people but they can jump surprisingly high so my wall might not be tall enough. And let me tell ya our jobs are fleeing to China and Mexico so it's terrible absolutely terrible my healthcare is so absolutely amazing you will want to do the salsa dance break your legs and want to die just to see how amazing and terrific and fantastic our healthcare is.. Hillary is a fraud a criminal Mexicans are rapadist yes I said rapadist I'm Trump I invent words get mad and you will be deported repeal and replaced it will be terrific absolutely terrific your going to love it...
Leo Yakirevich They put on short enough skirts to reveal their legs and expect men to look elsewhere? And yes, most who look do evaluate, same as women do. You can't fight with basic human instinct. It will always win! Just ask our great democratic former president (Bill Clinton) where he would look.
Robert Stanz No wonder Hillary wore pantsuits. This obsession with women in dresses is just annoying. Every time a women crosses her legs on TV, there are idiots out there posting pictures on the internet.
Mario Quintero I don't see this as any different than people admiring Justin Trudeau's bubble butt. No one said that was sexist. I'm liberal, but I can't stand ridiculously extreme, politically correct people.
Sue Cimerman Did I miss something overnight? Is our planet in such good shape this morning that there's nothing to write or talk about more serious than rating women's legs. Oh - I vote for the prime minister of Scotland? (hope that's right) sorry Mrs. May.
Ryan Hendrix It's a sad state of affairs in our society when men and women turn a blind eye to sexism...just kidding. You snowflakes are outraged over everything and it's so entertaining to watch it. You have a new outrage daily and it's awesome.
David Warner I though Brexit was a serious subject which has the future how life will be In say 2 years time but you have to have an offensive front page I have bought the for 20 years to morrow I will not again you have a sick approach to news presenting good riddance to you🤘🤘🤘
Craig Osborne If you don't like it, don't read it.....Simple! People need to find hobbies if they are offended by that. Actually, if you are offended by anything you are a very weak person. I've been angry, sad, but what is offended???? Not liking what someone else says?? How weak would you have to be to let that bother you.
Kent Barber The Daily Mail is rightwing nonsense. Fox News, Breitbart, Limbaugh and the Daily Mail are all the same category. Right now their objective is to distract from the things the president & GOP congress are doing. Don't look at the Russians, look at these legs.
Grant Caron in a world full of just women how would they dress? i've heard once or twice women say they like to look sexy. i mean with makeup and revealing clothing it is a bit of a showcase. my captain obvious guess that it isn't for other girls. relax folks it's the reality. when you dress sexy you get sexy responses. as a man when i look sexy i get it all the time from older women that have no shame. so stop with the double standards and the overly sensitive response internet. girls and women dress to be looked at for some level of attention gentlemen like myself know how to respond in kind. if it offends you than look to yourself bc it is your problem.
Grant Caron as a man how a women dresses doesn't make me respect or not respect what is in their heart and mind. women are many different layers and very amazing. women like to feel sexy. in this world of insecurity it makes them feel better. again as a man i am just doing my part on that one layer in their psyche. as they wish.
Sal Gomez When is the internet ever happy??!! The offended are always on the internet looking to be offended. Simple solution turn off the internet and just stay in the basement!!
Ben Derrick The Scottish PM's legs looks more attractive than her British counterpart. Now, Trump is the people's choice as can't be bought, thus he should stay in office for 2 terms until 2024 & Hillary should be in jail. He represents the poor people like me. I am waiting for the liberal crybabies to attack me now!!!
Andy Johnson Whats wrong with looking at legs ? If you cant look at legs, where do you look ? If you expect them to cover up, I am sure you will complain if they appeared in burqas. Anyway, there are so many other papers out there, if you dont like this one, get another. This is what freedom of choice is all about. So is this one of CNN's fake news as mentioned by Donald Trump ?
William C. Hoffman It's what the British tabloids do, thanks to the dumbing down of the right wing press and media by the Murdock organization over the years. It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.
Rose Patton I do support the whole don't support them by reading, buying, sharing, but can't change what u don't acknowledge. This is typical sexism. You don't see crap like this with men hardly ever if ever at all.
Claudia Cuca-fresca Ok CNN now you went to far....the Daily Mail is a tabloid. They do all eschatology reports about all over the world. Where is blood, a strange animal, a horrible crime there is Daily Mail. But they actually get some information before other outlets sometimes. The people who read Daily Mail read because that. They look for those controversies. I am a daily reader, and skipping the graphic content, the Daily Mail commenters are more fun. The people there are quite open mind.
Anton Maltsev Its time to criminalize sex itself, because its entirely based on prejudices, bigotry, fascism and patriarchal archaic ideas that have no place in the modern world.
Archibold Seekaro It quite unfortunate that the Daily Mail picked that up. But its funny that Theresa May at her age doe'snt know that as a woman wearing skirt of that length she should cross/fold her legs.
CNN5 hours ago

CNN legal analyst: Rep. Devin Nunes should step aside, as his own actions have now become the center of an ever-widening and distracting controversy.

Alex Stanley After last weeks antics, it appears Nunes is a part of a cover-up and misinformation campaign at the direction of the White House and Speaker Ryan. Any panel lead by him, as a partisan actor and member of Trump's transition team, would have no credibility. We need an independent investigation. The future of our country is at stake.
Daniel Wornica He doesn't need to step down he met with a whistleblower who couldn't carry classified material into the Senate and it had to be viewed in a secure location. You know why? He had actual PROOF and wasn't an anonymous source leaking a story without proof which CNN always runs out.
Franny Brocato Eby The man told a truth that doesn't fit your narrative of destroying the Potus so he should step down? Cnn is a joke, journalism is dead.
Angie Mazzella Taken from an article written by Michael Moore 3/25/17 in Global “ The Democatic Party needs to declare a National Emergency. For the first time in our history, the President of the United States and his staff are under investigation for espionage. This announcement, by the head of the Trump-friendly FBI, is a shock to our democracy. The Democratic leadership in the House and Senate needs to bring a halt to ALL business being done in the name of this potential felony suspect, Donald J. Trump. No bill he supports, no Supreme Court nominee he has named, can be decided while he is under a criminal investigation. His presidency has no legitimacy until the FBI – AND an independent investigative committee—discovers the truth. Fellow citizens, demand the Democrats cease all business.”
Heidi-lyn Depper Nunes needs to resign from the Committee & from his post. He has nothing. If he had anything, he would be showing it to the Committee. Instead, he's canceling hearings. That's not how someone who can come up with the goods behaves. The "anonymous source" (which Dump says shouldn't be given any credibility until the source is named) is the WH. It's obvious. Everyone knows it. It's a great big nothing burger. It's meant to distract, deflect & confuse the mouth breathing population who still foolishly believe in this proven liar. The weakest minds will fall for it; the majority will not.
Alana Godwin Why go to the WH? Who invited him there? He could have had the information securely sent over to the Capital, which has security too, and the entire committee could have looked at it. This was out of line and he should step down. CNN has nothing to do with Nunes's poor judgement, if Nunes is even on the up and up. CNN is only reporting what happened. That's their job. This is an opinion piece (and it's clearly stated.) Much like most of what Fox calls "news".
Gerry Deel I am just curious. How long before people find out that CNN stands for cartoon news network? Really tired of ridiculous posts. But they are so funny it is hard to look away..... lol!
Art Jenkins This is a total distraction to take away from the fbi Russian collusion investigation against the Trump admin. Why did Nunes cancel the open hearing with the fbi director? This admin and the Republican party are corrupt has hell!
John Meara Hey CNN tell ur deadbeat democratic friends to win an election and they can run the show, until then both of you can STFU because it doesn't matter WHAT YOU WANT, WE DON'T CARE
Dane Campbell Were a person to listen to CNN promoted opinions, anyone that is not a dues paying member of the DNC in good standing should step down or be blocked from any government position regardless of vote outcomes. You cry "Wolf" too often to be taken seriously on these things.
Deilert Lora CNN should be labeled a political party. Their constant biased attack on this freely elected administration is an attempt at political attack much like an opposition party. The FCC needs to take away their license and fine them for using airwaves for propaganda and attempt to coup d'etat!
Adam Azus The "Trolls for Trump" are already on the job with their coordinated flood of posts that involve "Lie, Distract and Attack"!! Don't fall for it. Internet troll - Wikipedia "In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion"
Alfred Gonzalez Please Fake News CNN You pushing this crap, because your BREAKING NEWS. ON President Trump and Associates with Russia. Has proven it was more Fake News by Fake News CNN. But nice try.
Robert Hansen Post by: Dave Thompson.This is an excellent summary/hypothesis .......In case you haven't connected the news dots... Putin controls the largest oil company in Russia. He made a 500 Billion dollar deal with the CEO of Exxon Mobil. Obama put sanctions in place which stopped that deal. Russia then hacked into our government in order to get Trump elected. When the CIA told Congress this in September (James Comey was also in that meeting), Mitch McConnell refused to tell the American people, blackmailing Obama saying he would frame it as playing partisan politics during the election. Comey released the infamous no-information letter. Mitch McConnell's wife was picked for Trump's cabinet. The CEO of Exxon is now the Secretary of State. Wonder why our President has been so quick to dismiss the CIA's findings? gets better..2/...Here are some facts : Decide for yourselves 1) Trump owes Blackstone/ Bayrock group $560 million dollars (one of his largest debtors and the primary reason he won't reveal his tax returns) 2) Blackstone is owned wholly by Russian billionaires, who owe their position to Putin and have made billions from their work with the Russian government. 3) Other companies that have borrowed from Blackstone have claimed that owing money to them is like owing to the Russian mob and while you owe them, they own you for many favors. 4) The Russian economy is badly faltering under the weight of its over-dependence on raw materials which as you know have plummeted in the last 2 years leaving the Russian economy scrambling to pay its debts. 5) Russia has an impetus to influence our election to ensure the per barrel oil prices are above $65 ( they are currently hovering around $50) 6) Russia can't affordably get at 80% of its oil reserves and reduce its per barrel cost to compete with America at $45 or Saudi Arabia at $39. With Iranian sanctions being lifted Russia will find another inexpensive competitor increasing production and pushing Russia further down the list of suppliers. As for Iranian sanctions, the 6 countries lifting them allowing Iran to collect on the billions it is owed for pumping oil but not being paid for it. These billions Iran can only get if the Iranian nuclear deal is signed. Trump spoke of ending the deals which would cause oil sales sanctions to be reimposed, which would make Russian oil more competitive. 7) Rex Tillerson (Trump's pick for Secretary of State) is the head of ExxonMobil, which is in possession of patented technology that could help Putin extract 45% more oil at a significant cost savings to Russia, helping Putin put money in the Russian coffers to help reconstitute its military and finally afford to mass produce the new and improved systems that it had invented before the Russian economy had slowed so much. 8) Putin cannot get access to these new cost saving technologies OR outside oil field development money, due to US sanctions on Russia, because of its involvement in Ukrainian civil war. 9) Look for Trump to end sanctions on Russia and to back out of the Iranian nuclear deal, to help Russia rebuild its economy, strengthen Putin and make Tillerson and Trump even richer, thus allowing Trump to satisfy his creditors at Blackstone. 10) With Trump's fabricated hatred of NATO and the U.N., the Russian military reconstituted, the threat to the Baltic states is real. Russia retaking their access to the Baltic Sea from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and threatening the shipping of millions of cubic feet of natural gas to lower Europe from Scandinavia, allowing Russia to make a good case for its oil and gas being piped into eastern Europe. Sources: Time Magazine, NY Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian UK......phew.....did you make it thru all of that?... Post by: Dave Thompson
Charlie Dm CNN should be shut down, lets hope a full review into press freedoms and abuses is conducted. That outlets like CNN have to explain how they set "agenda" for what they consider news, who is funding them, who are their prime commercial partners, what news they publish related to them and how, what they dont. And at the end, I hope all the upper levels of these news outlets winds up in jail.
TJ Epting The new liberal. Every time someone you don't like does something controversial, they should step aside. If someone you like does something controversial, the side you don't agree with just needs to shut up about it. For one, I agree he should step down. Now, your turn to be consistent.
Anthony Foreman The fact that was part of the Transition team and that is what is being investigated, he should recuse himself. If another GOP member takes over is fine with me as long as they didn't work for Trump during the campaign or transition team.
Harry League Why? Nunes is doing a terrific job exposing the lefts involvement with criminality at the highest levels. He should continue to expose these vermin and traitors to our Republic. BTW...CNN SUCKS!
Greg Alexander No, he stays right where he is. So tired of the lefts "srep down nmenatlity" when they "percieve" some wrong doing but NEVER EVER applies that to their own. Did they take that approach to Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder.....or any other Democrat thatt was embroiled in controversy.... absolutely not instead they circled the wagons they Protected Their Own, time and time again. But this is another tin foil hat unicorn Over the Rainbow conjecturing by the left yet again provide the evidence again provide the proof and I don't mean conjecture I don't mean circumstantial I mean actual proof legal documented proof.... then we'll talk.
Lynette A Rodriguez REAL NEWS UPDATE 🚨🚨🚨 UPDATE DAY 65 1. President Trump was correct about being "wiretapped" by the Obama Administration. Rep. Goudy will apparently now, in a closed door hearing, ask Director Comey AGAIN about if he ever briefed then President Obama on the findings of the electronic surveillance. 2. Chairman Nunes seems to have found more information that multiple citizens rights have been violated by Obama Administration officials via intelligence investigations started during the Administration, and Nunes has the power to start a separate investigation about this. 3. Also, Senator Chuck is apparently now 'loosing it' in public. It is reported that he went on a public rant on an older prominent Democrat couple in a NYC restaurant because she voted for Trump. It is said that after yelling at them in the restaurant he then followed them out on the sidewalk shouting... "How could you vote for him? He's a liar' he's a liar..." Amazing that this is the most powerful sitting Democrat in Washington, DC ! 4. This also, apparently the Russians are getting so sick of the baseless accusations, that their Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, said Russia may “publish leaks” about “secrets” the Obama administration asked the Russian government to keep private. It doesn't seem the Democrats are managing their psychosis very well ... and its only day 65 of their new reality ! #HappyTuesday ~ Laurie Andersen Maga
Scott Lewis this wasn't just an oops moment on his part but a premeditated step to warn his chum Trump the heat was on, at the very least he should recuse, perhaps even be indicted for impairing an investigation or collusion
Jason Stephens Trump, the walking/talking corruption cloud, has corrupted another one..oh well, Nunes will go down with him. No doubt Nunes violated investigative protocol & quite possibly he broke the trumps request.
Melissa Soileau Hodlik Wishful thinking on your part, CNN. Nunes is not stepping down. He is just getting started with a dirty laundry list for the American people to finally learn the truth. Appears many of you far left liberals are very fearful of what is going to take place. My bet is President Trump is a step or two ahead of you AGAIN!!
Jonathon Mook Logic of the Left- Republicans are hypocrites, we're tolerant, and conservatives are bigots. Actions of the Left- "We hate Donald Trump because he's so intolerant." That's really tolerant of you, NOT! You people make me sick.
Armand DiPegio CNN is becoming a vary dangerous apparatus to create division in our country. The Democrats are doing everything they can to stonewall the investigation and prevent the truth from coming out.
CNN5 hours ago

The darkening storm over Russia is now looming over President Donald J. Trump's innermost circle.

Jay Anderson Get this scumbag out of the White House already! Enough is enough! Zero credibility and respect!
Daniel Wornica Russian storm lol I think the illegal unmasking and wide spread corruption of the FBI and Obamas White House using these to spy on Trump is the real story.
James Grubbs Russia isn't our friend, but they did not "hack" or election. They hacked a private organization called the DNC and merely exposed their level of corruption. I have yet to see a story where a mean ole Russian forced someone to the polls to vote for Trump.
Ben Brownfield Trump is nothing more than a puppet of Russia... His entire team literally worked with the Russians to subvert democracy and put a pro-Putin administration in power. Reagan would be ashamed at how his Party was taken over by the Russians.
Adam Azus The "Trolls for Trump" are already on the job with their coordinated flood of posts that involve "Lie, Distract and Attack"!! Don't fall for it. Internet troll - Wikipedia "In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion"
Sandra Maldonado A presidency that should have never happened. I hope this all gets resolved quickly so that our country can move on under a leader we can actually respect. Unfortunately he is not it as he prefers to be feared.
Janet Elizabeth Schrader So tired of hearing the word Russia. They must think we're all morons and they're getting a real giggle out of being at the top of the news every single day.
Lou Gray Dimwits on the left are undeterred by the fact that Nunez did not discuss surveillance regarding Russia. They don't care that we know actual crimes were committed in unmasking US citizens. They have no desire to find the source of the leaks which is another crime, they do not care that there is no evidence of collusion as stated by CIA, NSA, and FBI ....... they want it to be there so they will continue to search and investigate until they can find something that can be twisted into an appearance of impropriety. The only election that was rigged was done by the DNC with the aid and collusion of the mainstream media. ........ primarily CNN.
Elizabeth Harris Our Democracy is UNDER SIEGE. Our White House is occupied by a Treasonous Regime, acting in the interests of America's greatest adversary, Russia.
Michael Glazier So when the DNC pay off people to start coming out with wild accusations about Trump committing sex acts to them or release hidden tapes catching Donald Trump in behind the scenes moment saying something disgusting that's all fair game in politics, but the moment the DNC is revealed that they screwed over Bernie Sanders in becoming the president and how corrupt their operations actually are then that's bad?
Bryan Holland Hey look....CNN is talking Russia again to rile up their snowflake followers.
Kristin Small Funny how the left states their fear of going to war, yet wants to keep saying that Russia committed some "act of war" on the US (because, supposedly, a Russian released Hillary's unsecured, unethical emails.) Well, saying that someone committed an "act of war" requires a response. Impeaching Trump doesn't address Russia's attack on us, so the left wants actual war with them. In other news, There is ZERO evidence that Trump was involved with Russia. But that won't stop #fakenews CNN from implying otherwise, so they must want war. Crazy and hypocritical.
Trina Niemants Albright No there isn't but hey CNN, why don't you cover the scandal looming over Obama and his illegal surveillance over Trump and the leaks in the White House!!!
Clark Stone Nunes is not investigating. Rather he is involved in a cover up of actions that he may have participated in. This needs to move to an independent investigation and a special prosecutor.
Rob Trammell Why did Trump son in law met with Executives of the sanctioned Russian bank that Putin controls? Wouldn't this be very suspicious? Trump said he has no contact or business deals with Russia, so his son in law doesn't count? We Want To Know Why!!
Lastavius Darby Daniel Wornica Trump was spied on alright... by his friend Putin! You folks hate Obama so much that your willing to embrace a traitor! Tell me, would you have ignored collusion with Russia if all these revelations came to light under Obama?
Cindy Baril Regarding Nunes: "He said that his visit was to view documents from a source on an issue unrelated to Russia who was not authorized to bring documents to Capitol Hill."....So, his source broke the law by transporting classified intelligence documents he/she was not authorized to, Nunes *knows* his source broke the law by doing so, but we're just supposed to be okay with it. Got it.
Catherine White Cobb WOW CNN people need boots to wade through your BS headlines- "struggling" by YOUR say so? "darkeing storm? I think your jumping the gun and have have been bent on painting our POTUS in a negative light since he decided to run- so destructive and well whiny- it serves no purpose to try and demean our POTUS- you are not reporting facts but slanted opinions most of the time- just sick of your bs
Tracy Philips Thanks CNN... Showing your true colors yet again... Lol. Only the truley dim witted believe this crap anymore. .. We with common sense see how you manipulate the TRUTH. How are your RATINGS these days?????
Mike Vaughn "Struggling presidency" according to the left. You guys might want to read more and see what other people have to say instead of blindly believing CNN, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, and ThinkProgress.
Rosemary Spann Russia and the Trump administration are clearly in cahoots and have been. If you can't see this then you are in denial. Putin is a murdering monster and deserves even more sanctions. Trump has not once criticized him and instead wants to befriend him. Every American should be outraged by this! Putin's own people are protesting his corrupt government.
Lynn Nelson Trump is a lying, indecent man who has offended so many people in this country & around the world -except Putin. He doesn't belong in the WH
Donna Palumbo The sooner we dispatch with this treasonous bunch of corrupt frauds, the better. They have done nothing but destroy the fabric of democracy and made this country far, far worse than before they were in office. These are not public servants. #unfitforoffice
Mike Vincent Only because CNN has been trumping up baseless allegations of election-hacking to its headline-reading double digit IQ audience members.
Sean Neven How about Hillary and Podesta. Start with those losers. Podesta is back in the spotlight and guess what it has to do with russia. But I bet CNN never told you sheep about that.
CNN6 hours ago

A massive cyclone just made landfall in Australia, sending "fences up in the sky."

Lanie Carson Everyone say "Rise up lights" out loud. You've just said razor blades with an Australian accent. In all seriousness though, I hope everyone is safe.
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
Gregory Orsimarsi Hey Allison, did you get all that? Or would you like Rep. King to explain the actual TRUTH one more time??? LMAO
Djehuty Set-Heru The natives can handle it if any are left. White invaders and interlopers?!?!? They're probably going to die and rightfully so. It's not your land. The planet knows. Nature kills for karma.
Doug Pettit Don't live in the cities but in the second ring of suburbs outside the cities, or the exurbs or the third and fourth rings that comprise rural America, and the president gets a 53 percent to 59 percent job approval rating in the same poll.
Marie Shumate Don't know how anything is still standing with those high wind gust ,be safe guess like anywhere you live you are use to the weather conditions
Sucheta Singla 📢📢📢📢 नौकरी नौकरी नौकरी 📢📢📢📢 एंड्राइड मोबाइल से बिना कुछ पैसा लगाए लाखो कमाइए playstore से इनस्टॉल करें "CHAMPCASH" बिज़नस app और 3369164 ये sponsor id डालिये उसके बाद हम आपसे आपके रजिस्टर्ड मोबाइल पर whatsapp से संपर्क करेंगे
Kizzy Sands Hartsfield Cyclone and Hurricanes are the worst. Hope everyone is safe and unarmed.
Djalma Silveira I can't believe! A post NOT against Trump! Or are you blaming the President for the climate in Australia too? 🙂
Sherrie Lee ArDa In the Name of God...brace yourselves Australia....may God be with you through this ....!!!
Diego Vicuna Cindy J Varela you are not allowed to go. Lucía GranVi and I don't approve!
Jenny Wofford Cameron White perfect weather for us! Jess Handy we've got full rain gear!
Liz Kelly They regularly get hurricanes, and they knew it was coming. I'm sure most people prepared, just like we do in Texas
Travis Berndt It's a CNN article. Wonder how long until it's "Trump's fault." Spoiler Alert: Too late.
Thomas Doyle Australia is an entire country of people descended from criminals!
Deborah Lipps As a Katrina survivor, I hope everyone stays safe and hope that damage and flood to be at a minimum.
Maria Gonzalez All I can think about are all the creepy Australian spiders flying all over the place!!
Tammy Joslin To the Australian people please be safe prayers being sent
Kevin Torkelson Trump supporters would call this FAKE news became CNN published it!
Joe Smith Breaking News: CNN blames Trump for massive cyclone that makes landfall in Australia!
Mark Lemire That aint no cyclone come to Texas when a 25 foot of sea water comes in and knocks down your house with just 100 mph winds.
Bradley John Devon Im sure the rainbow left wing whinge blame Trump.. Freaken #Snowflakes lol
Wish You Were Here A million words won't bring you back, I know because I tried. Neither will a million tears, I know because I cried.
Donna Sorlie Amazing pics. Our winter just left and theirs beginning. BRRRRR.
CNN6 hours ago

JUST IN: House Intel Committee scraps its meetings this week amid growing division that threatens to derail probe into Russia and the Trump campaign

Todd French The "probe" will never find truth and its only purpose is to appease the public through deception. The American govt is corrupt to its core.
Janice Gilbert John McCain is right. Time to hire a special committe. Republicans are not doing their due dillegence in maintaining separation. Nunes believes he serves at the pleasure of the president. Wrong. He should be privileged to no more information. He should be removed from this committee before we proceed. Get it done this week.
Steve Schoenbaechler I would want to know exactly what was Nunes doing at the WH in the first place? He stated that he learned something that Trump should be "made aware of" or something like that. If so, that is entirely wrong and Nunes should step out of the chairman position on that committee, if not step off the committee itself. Nunes and none of them answer to Trump. They all answer to us, including Trump. Second, exactly what was the information Nunes was communicating to Trump? I would want to know every step he took there, and why? And, if he was doing "a little investigating" himself, just what did he learn? Bottom line, Nunes should have stayed away from the WH.
Dwight Rowe This whole Russia/Trump debacle wreaks. Doesn't even come close to passing the sniff test. Wreaks of White House cover up. Nunes has lost his credibility. Not the type of position one can easily restore credibility too.
Tim Hoefling If Nunez was a Democrat, leadership would have removed him from the investigation immediately, just so that it didn't seem like there was any form of corruption. I wish Republicans would stick to that high standard.
Kojo Eli Bibah Trump and his cronies are on a mission to destroy legally constituted democratic institutions which make the US democracy the envy of many. And the sad aspect is many Americans simply do not care. Sad spectacle..
Becky Roberts Harmon Folks, those commenting here about Clinton are either bots (not real people) or desperate trump supporters that don't know what to do as they watch their gilded one sinking and stinking.
JB Carlson What?
Roberta Prives Smith They scraped meetings Because they have no proof Linking the trump campaign To Russia. This is just A pathetic excuse for why Hillary lost the election Crybaby sore loser democrats
Don Zambito I'm sure this isn't just a Republican thing but I'm stunned how people who are intimately close to a candidate during an election can later hold a position that requires impartial observations...I don't care who you leaves the door open for questions
Crystal Sujeong White This is exactly what the president wanted and why Nunes met with him - to scrap the investigation - letting America down one day at a time 😢
Ginger Spelts Democrats are losing their credibility. They have been going on and on about the Russians for six months now with no evidence of collusion and they are constantly wanting people to resign or recluse themselves and Maxine Waters saying Trump supporters are not patriotic is just ridiculous. Most people would like them to start working on stuff to help this country like healthcare, jobs, tax reform, infrastructure........
Linda Har I don't think America is going to sit idly by and let Russia continue its destruction of our democracy. Nor will they sit idly by and let this intelligence committee's investigation be sabotaged by Nunes and the Whitehouse. News flash...the Russians didn't just influence our elections and then "left". They are STILL embedded in our government. This SHOULD frighten all of us!!!
Mike Mennonno Shenanigans to stall until a new distraction comes up. Worked for Sessions. He only had to lay low for a week while Trump ranted about Obama and now it's all forgotten. Now Trump is crowing about investigating Clinton, hoping that will work the same magic. It's actually pathetic.
Becky Roberts Harmon The FBI and the NSA are investigating trump, family, and friends. The Senate investigation continues. Nunes will be out soon and I hope the replacement is not as bad as he is
Pierce Watson Snr Trump and Republicans must be in deep collusion with Russia and their attack on our democracy. I would like Republican trumpeteers to tell us why their party is doing everything they can to cover up and prevent investigations. We all know if the tables were turned the trumpeteer Republicans would be screaming lock them up. Watch karma bring down Trump and his Republican party.
Simon Bromfield This mess is actually good. Let me explain my logic. There is enough smoke about Trump Russia connections that his administration will be unable to deliver any pro Russia policies. Can you imagine the uproar if the wh tried to justify dropping sanctions. Now Vladimir on the other hand invested heavily in Information Age Wars to ensure those sanctions would go away. His wrath when they remain will be far more effective in bringing out a corrupt administration than any committee. The checks and balances of us gov system might actually be working 🙂
Kate Pare Are they also going to investigate the Clinton campaign? It seems that they had more dealings with Russia than Trump & just maybe they forgot that when you play with the "mob" they always want something back. Did they not return Russia's calls and that's why they were hacked, it had nothing to do with Trump, she could have run against anyone & it would have been the same outcome.
Elaine Kovacs I am 75 yrs old, In all my years of voting, I have never seen such turmoil!! I can't stand Trump, & didn't care for Clinton. Investigations, lies, & a bunch of bs. Wasting time & energy on all this crap. How long is this going to go on?
Jose Canet Wow the Corruption extends farther then Trump it's now noticeable that it go's all the way up the Republicans party, there no other reason for the Intelligence department to not investigate unless there working with Trump/Russia as well,
Joyce Nuwer Apparently, it's nothing new for a chairman to be on White House grounds. They may go there a couple a times a week. If CNN did unbiased reporting you would learn that Nunes did not go there to see Trump on that day, and that the purpose was to review information that had nothing to do with Russia. As he told Bill O'Reilly (a show I do heartily recommend) in an interview yesterday - "I’m sure the Democrats do want me to quit, because they know that I’m quite effective at getting to the bottom of things." Personally, I prefer to hear the remarks of someone directly rather than someones assumption. Go to the source whenever you can.
Vern Vartdal The GOP can't even be impartial on matters of national security! It is a traitorous group. Party is everything, country is nothing.
Rob Trammell Why did Trump son in law met with Executives of the sanctioned Russian bank that Putin controls? Wouldn't this be very suspicious? Trump said he has no contact or business deals with Russia, so his son in law doesn't count? We Want To Know Why!!
Cindy Buckle Do you think this is what Drumph was after all along? Make it impossible for the committee to do their work? Don't put anything past this guy. Bait & switch is his motto.
Robert Hansen Post by: Dave Thompson.This is an excellent summary/hypothesis .......In case you haven't connected the news dots... Putin controls the largest oil company in Russia. He made a 500 Billion dollar deal with the CEO of Exxon Mobil. Obama put sanctions in place which stopped that deal. Russia then hacked into our government in order to get Trump elected. When the CIA told Congress this in September (James Comey was also in that meeting), Mitch McConnell refused to tell the American people, blackmailing Obama saying he would frame it as playing partisan politics during the election. Comey released the infamous no-information letter. Mitch McConnell's wife was picked for Trump's cabinet. The CEO of Exxon is now the Secretary of State. Wonder why our President has been so quick to dismiss the CIA's findings? gets better..2/...Here are some facts : Decide for yourselves 1) Trump owes Blackstone/ Bayrock group $560 million dollars (one of his largest debtors and the primary reason he won't reveal his tax returns) 2) Blackstone is owned wholly by Russian billionaires, who owe their position to Putin and have made billions from their work with the Russian government. 3) Other companies that have borrowed from Blackstone have claimed that owing money to them is like owing to the Russian mob and while you owe them, they own you for many favors. 4) The Russian economy is badly faltering under the weight of its over-dependence on raw materials which as you know have plummeted in the last 2 years leaving the Russian economy scrambling to pay its debts. 5) Russia has an impetus to influence our election to ensure the per barrel oil prices are above $65 ( they are currently hovering around $50) 6) Russia can't affordably get at 80% of its oil reserves and reduce its per barrel cost to compete with America at $45 or Saudi Arabia at $39. With Iranian sanctions being lifted Russia will find another inexpensive competitor increasing production and pushing Russia further down the list of suppliers. As for Iranian sanctions, the 6 countries lifting them allowing Iran to collect on the billions it is owed for pumping oil but not being paid for it. These billions Iran can only get if the Iranian nuclear deal is signed. Trump spoke of ending the deals which would cause oil sales sanctions to be reimposed, which would make Russian oil more competitive. 7) Rex Tillerson (Trump's pick for Secretary of State) is the head of ExxonMobil, which is in possession of patented technology that could help Putin extract 45% more oil at a significant cost savings to Russia, helping Putin put money in the Russian coffers to help reconstitute its military and finally afford to mass produce the new and improved systems that it had invented before the Russian economy had slowed so much. 8) Putin cannot get access to these new cost saving technologies OR outside oil field development money, due to US sanctions on Russia, because of its involvement in Ukrainian civil war. 9) Look for Trump to end sanctions on Russia and to back out of the Iranian nuclear deal, to help Russia rebuild its economy, strengthen Putin and make Tillerson and Trump even richer, thus allowing Trump to satisfy his creditors at Blackstone. 10) With Trump's fabricated hatred of NATO and the U.N., the Russian military reconstituted, the threat to the Baltic states is real. Russia retaking their access to the Baltic Sea from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and threatening the shipping of millions of cubic feet of natural gas to lower Europe from Scandinavia, allowing Russia to make a good case for its oil and gas being piped into eastern Europe. Sources: Time Magazine, NY Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian UK......phew.....did you make it thru all of that?... Post by: Dave Thompson
CNN7 hours ago

Some Republicans are worried Donald J. Trump's EPA administrator may not go far enough to roll back its environmental and climate regulations.

Alfred Valdrighi While some of these guys are very ignorant about climate change, a lot of them are playing dumb because short term profits outweigh long term ramifications of their actions. Especially when most of them will be dead when things get a lot worse. They know and don't care.
Craig Goodsir This ridiculous environment policy will meet the same fate as the health reform policy. The conscience of the members in Washington outweighs the stupidity, and that is the only thing maintaining America's credibility.
Justin Meredith Are they angry he's not having meetings around a flaming "garbage mountain" bonfire while shooting aerosol double fist style into the atmosphere? Gotta show the Ozone who's boss.
Bill Zarek Well if you think about it this makes complete sense, after all, the whole time the Trump administration has been in power it has been nothing but an out of control, dumpster/tire fire from day one. What a bunch of jerks.
Nathan Terry Republicans only deny climate change and oppose regulations to protect the environment because they've been bought by the fossil fuel industry.. just look at the secretary of state.
Gary Borgnis Donald was given a chance and has proven repeatedly he is not up to the task. Being able to campaign is much more different than being able to lead. It's time for all Americans to admit this was a mistake, do what's best for America and work together to get rid of this guy now before he destroys all of us for the 2%.
Philip Cowley Just rolling back environmental regulations is not enough! We must make pollution mandatory! If the Chinese are polluting America must move to take the lead on pollution! Merica first in everything!
Wendy Intrieri Are you kidding me?? Do these men not have children? Grandchildren? What kind of planet are we leaving them. Years of science and research and progress got is to this point. They want to go back to ignorance😡
Mattias Kralmark So Trump bans electronic devices on airplanes because of risk of terror attacks. What should we be more afraid of: Someone blowing up an airplane with an iPad or having no United States Environmental Protection Agency, no Department of Education etc?
John Venturino Jr. Climate Change is just a changed name of Global warming that's all it is. If something like that were real and people were serious about it. Why did they take money and run like Al Gore did? Earth changes on its own it has nothing to do with us. It's all just an excuse to push clean energy. Which until people can afford a $50,000 hybrid. Clean energy will not be here any time soon. I drive a Bravada with catalytic converter and have no money to buy anything better. Got nothing handed to me.
Todd French Of course. The world should put a ban on America. Oh, wait, this country was permitted to build the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world and they will just take what they need when they choose to do so. This country is more dangerous than North Korea.
Sandra Puente So the word conservative is now becoming synonymous with destroy everything that is good, and helpful to America? They didn't vote for the health plan, because it didn't cut basic coverage like ambulances or maternal care, etc. Now they think the EPA isn't cutting deep enough all the regulations that keep us breathing clean air and drinking clean water. Come on, folks. Is this what Jesus would do?
Cheryl Wood Miller Is there a reason for not choosing the most highly educated person in the field for these very important top positions?? This has frightening consequences.
Luke Robinett Wtf is wrong with these people? What kind of monster wants to dismantle protections that ensure their own kids and future generations have a habitable planet to live on? Smh
Chandler Smith Since climate change is apparently not a thing does this mean that I can do a straight exhaust dump with my car man with all that additional horsepower it will be like having a new car.
Richard Vlasaty Idiots with no concern for the welfare of future generations. Greed and the almighty search for that extra buck far outweigh any sensability. These are the real criminals in America.
Melissa Noderer Not going far enough, eh? I'm a fan of clean air and clean water. Take a look at bill HR861. Google it. The bill terminates the EPA effective 12/31/18. No telling what regs will be in place at that time---if any. If you value this good earth SPEAK UP. Literally, time is running out.
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
Joe Horner This is the worst thing for our planet - More carbons put in the air - More waste dumped into our rivers - You can see for yourselves that the glaciers are melting into the oceans - Ocean levels are rising - Look at Miami - When the oceans get enough fresh water in them, the ocean conveyor belt will stop, and an ICE AGE will begin. So, I guess we can let the rich get richer, and our planet starve, or we can get serious, ( FOR OUR CHILDREN'S SAKE ) about this. You choose - What's more important !!!
David Sepulveda House Republicans are voting on a bill TODAY that will remove your online privacy protections. These protections stop Internet Service Providers from selling your online history. Without these rules, ISPs will be free to sell your online behavior to the highest bidder. Do you want your search history for sale? Call Representative
Mark Robinson Sorta like the vultures who thought that kicking America’s grandmas and kids with cancer off their health coverage wasn’t enough for them?
Greg Bacon Every creditable scientist in the world has said climate change is real and we should address it. A talking Cheeto says it's a hoax and poof people believe and blindly follow!! Seriously?!?!
Lloyd Best I used to have reverence and respect for governmental persons and positions of elect, I believed they held our best intrest and were ethicly beyond reproach, I believed they worked to better our society, to enrich our lives that allows our nation to prosper. I believed they were genuinely concerned about our collective quality of life. Beyond reproach pillars of the government to be admired and looked up to. People who excelled through the highest educational levels. Officials who were "really in there for us." THAT'S GONE!
Garry Levin U.S. Senator Susan Collins, Senator Angus S. King, Jr., Congressman Bruce Poliquin and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree -- the efforts to undo the EPA and backtrack on environmental rules and regulations which are critical to Maine and the nation must not be accepted -- you need to speak out and fight tooth and nail at every opportunity to protect our environment -- do not let the nation go backwards so that wealthy corporate interests can further line their pockets
Brenda Montgomery What in good conscience is mentally wrong with these people, wanting to kill people without these regulations in place...aren't they aware that the people that's protecting them have parents/children and family members in this mess.
CNN8 hours ago

Donald J. Trump is re-upping his complaints

Amber Janae Deflect. Deflect. Deflect. His number one tactic. Sorry dude, all eyes are on you. Hillary and Bill are done....nobody cares anymore except your fanatical followers. Just put your big boy pants on and deal with it. If you have nothing to hide then it shouldn't matter and you can focus on governing and not unfounded rumors, if they are in fact unfounded. But of course you lack the maturity to do that.
Don Welton If Donald Trump is above board, and has nothing to hide, he should welcome an investigation of himself, and his entire administration, in order to clear the air and assure the American people that there is no impropriety, and that he can be trusted to serve as the president of the United States.
Amy Garcia Who cares about the Clintons right now Mr. President! You sir ARE the President not her and your disgusting lies and wrong doings are under investigation. Quit deflecting and playing the blame game for your wrong doings!
Mike Trelinski No, let's keep investigating Comrade Trump, instead. If Trump points to someone else and accuses them of something, he's projecting: he's the one that did the bad thing. Also, the probability of Trump telling the truth given any statement is pretty much zero.
Tim Hoefling First you say we should investigate Hillary just to trick people into voting for you. Then once you win you say that she's a pretty nice person and that you're not going to investigate her. And now that you're an under investigation you want to investigate her again? I can see through you.
Charles Thompson Just to remind everyone, they have investigated her...for years. This is a call for intimidation of an opponent he has already bested. There is no point for this, except some hope to draw away the spotlight from his own failures.
Ken McWilliams Trump will be impeached within a year. Who's taking the bets?
Adam Azus "The Administration and its supporters accused the media of making "wild accusations", putting too much emphasis on the story, and of having a liberal bias against the Administration. Nixon said in a May 1974 interview with supporter Baruch Korff that if he had followed the liberal policies that he thought the media preferred, "Watergate would have been a blip". The media noted that most of the reporting turned out to be accurate; the competitive nature of the media guaranteed widespread coverage of the far-reaching political scandal. Applications to journalism schools reached an all-time high in 1974."
Sharon Khouri Since 45 is in a position to do a lot more damage, I think it is fair he is a priority. And if he has nothing to hide stop hiding so much. Transparency in Government is something we should all be looking for.
Geert Delmulle Can we STOP these smoke screens an deflections, already?! Trump's the perp (and the perv, too). Investigate him, already. You *know* that's where the problem is! Investigate it, prove it, and deal with it!
Stan Stewart You KNOW he's desperate when he tries to counter charge to investigate Clinton. They spent 3 years and over $12 million doing just that and found NOTHING. We all know if they had found anything on Clinton she would have been charged/jailed. Nice try Donald, but you have to own your own actions on this one.
Tami Martinez Sorry Trump. You are the one that needs to be investigated. Not just the whole Russian scandal, but your business ties and someone should probably investigate your children as well. If you've got nothing to hide, you wouldn't be fighting it so hard.
Kon Stewart I'm a conservative (a REAL Conservative)... And i(as have many others), have become totally exhausted and disgusted with his lies and when confronted, he quickly points his fingers at others. I am sick of him. Give me back George W. Bush. Give me back George H.W. Bush .. I was supporting JEB Bush. I do not like him, nor do i approve of his bigoted views, but i would even takes Pence right now... just dump Bannon with the Orange Troll. Country before Party.
Kathryn DeChick Who's the president? Stop this deflecting crap and do your job. Blaming someone else for everythingvyou screw up on makes you look smaller, incompetent and pathetic.
Donalea Loewen I guess wiretapping allegations didn't work, so now I'll go on to the next deflection...give me a break, trump. You are so far in over your head right along with all the people you have in your administration. Why don't you make it easy (and cheaper) on all of us and just resign?
Judy Clarke Clinton again alternative facts you and the Russians put out there such an embarrassment to the country. ...when he forgets to take his little orange pills he rants and tweets ....What is he doing for the American people to make America great again except for his family inventing position for his son-in-law giving his daughter a position just to waste taxpayers money. ..I wonder how many millions have been spent for them since THEY took office. ..
Talitha Campbell Timmons Why do we keep giving "life" to this kind of accusatory always they are nothing but elaborate diversions of the current situation at hand...lack of responsibility for his incompetence... #whatever #entertainon
Pat Roberts She's been a great shield for him to hide behind for a couple of years so it is, for him, common sense to use this ploy again as his deeds become more outrageous daily....he's turning our country into his nation as the family takes over right before our very eyes. Diversion is the art of deal these days. Does he know that only a 2/3 vote is needed to stop all this in its tracks? They better consider their options as he sucks the life out of what we once thought was a democracy. BTW, his 'trump card' is still hate.
Sabrina Wills You should've already been impeached for all the crap you've done. You are always trying to stir the pot so that the focus is not you. Whatever you are the worst president in history.
IQbal Manzoor That is why a brainless can never lead a country . If you are president , then they will surely investigate you not clinton .You are such an embrassment to the whole world
Lory Martin Sorry, Donald you are the President now and are subject to ALL of the scrutiny that comes with the job. Since there is considerable concern regarding Russian influence on the 2016 Presidential election, why don't you announce that you welcome the investigation as they will find no wrong doing on your part? I doubt you can say that. As for the Clintons, they're the most publicly investigated couple in history, and nothing of any substance is ever turned up. They are private citizens now, and Trump is a public servant.
Antonio Ornelas REPUBLICANS can't be trusted anymore leading America, they're selling America Democracy to the highest bidder(Russia) TrumpDon'tCare Failure! after 8yrs in the works and Republicans could constructed a decent Health Care Act. Once more proves that the Republican Party can't govern or lead it's just a party of obstructionists and destroyers of our Democracy, no wonder the real Republicans are disavowing by the thousands like myself​, time to dismantle the Party of the Rockefellers.
Sarah Noël As he so aptly put it, he's president, she's not. So he needs to quit deflecting because We the People have a right to know what OUR EMPLOYEE is up to. Especially if that employee became an employee with interference. Especially when that employee is doing everything he can to try and help the people at the top and not the rest of us.
Lori L. Trala There is something so wrong with him....he is mentally incompetent. That's the only thing that makes sense anymore, for the Republicans to ignore this anymore is neglect of their duties to protect and serve our country. When I read stories of terrible leaders doing insane things in other countries, I would think well at least we don't have that here in America, we have checks and balances to counteract any questionable issues. Well we have gone down that road with this one. We must keep up the fight on every front to keep the checks and balances my fellow Americans.
Roseanna Albano Nobody would accept this behavior from a five year old! Has anyone ever told little boy Trump to take responsibility for anything!! Has one Trump voter raised a child to believe nothing is ever their fault? or to point a finger at the wrong someone else has done, like "look what Johnny did mommy, he is worse than me!" Oh My God! put aside the lying, and all the manipulation to damage our democracy, the wasting of tax dollars to promote his personal gains.....and on and on....he's a big, whining baby!!!
CNN8 hours ago

Lawmakers want to question Kushner about meeting with Russian banker and ambassador

Tristan Selzler In other news, y'all keep waiting too long. IMPEACH
William Martin Does anyone find it strange with this web of deceit? I am not sure what to think anymore. He met with the bank as a trump advisor and not a private contractor....but then it says that he was trying to attract financial backing for a building project. Yet the White House says that he was acting as a trump advisor and then Sean spicer confirms it, but yet the bank has a different story. It seems like they are getting tied up in their own lies. What is it? Was he a private contractor or a trump advisor hired by the government and then illegally using his White House ties to get a financial backer? Insane!
John Polly Lock these aholes up! We need to make an example of these traitors
Judy Clarke That is why he and his father in law are close he is doing the dirty worked for trump they all are involved with their Russian Connection. ....time to impeach the head and get the rest out. ...why have so many Russian in your administration he brought other people there for show but pick the one's with connection to Russian time to wake up and see what this man is doing before it's too late. ...TROJAN HORSE
Doris Ann Dowling No doubt about it. Trump is a Traitor as well as his whole family. Trump is a greedy, lying , con man pillaging the WH and manipulating Congress and H of R, he has Russian ties up to his teeth for corrupt purposes. The Illegal Immigration is a frontal base for hiding corrupt deeds. America needs to impeach and slaughter the current admin asap!
Lillian Beltran We must all be patient with regards to the Trump-Russia scandal. Let all agencies do a thorough investigation because we need every member of the Trump campaign and cabinet to be locked up for life. Therefore we need all facts to prove that Trump is a traitor; beyond a reasonable doubt.
Adam Azus "The Administration and its supporters accused the media of making "wild accusations", putting too much emphasis on the story, and of having a liberal bias against the Administration.[32] Nixon said in a May 1974 interview with supporter Baruch Korff that if he had followed the liberal policies that he thought the media preferred, "Watergate would have been a blip".[34] The media noted that most of the reporting turned out to be accurate; the competitive nature of the media guaranteed widespread coverage of the far-reaching political scandal.[32] Applications to journalism schools reached an all-time high in 1974."
Lance Grÿ 🚩TRUMP is a deceptive conman and a christianist - an imposter who tricks, fools, and lures naïve and sinister followers like a Lucifer✨ Christianist - A person who claims to be a follower of Christian teachings, but actively engages in acts, deeds, and messages that are contrary to the teachings. In short, ignorance of the script of the 'Sermon On The Mount' Matt. 7:15 - Beware of those who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves🐺 Never trust anyone who constantly says "Believe Me!" for he is manipulating you like a serpent🐍 TRUMP is the most deceptive 'leader' this nation has ever far. Yet some sinister media networks are promoting him more than any candidate or president in history. There's a reason for that. He has repeatedly proven himself to be a greedy, misogynist, xenophobic, narcissist, sexist, gambling casino profiteering, pathological lying conman with the highest unfavorability rating in history - A man who provoked violence at many of his speaking rallies. Only 26% of the electorate voted for him. Half of the electorate did not vote. 74% of the electorate did not vote for him. TRUMP has a serious moral deficiency and a penchant for deception...although many of his more sinister supporters are quite pleased with his deception. Deception is his cornerstone. *Even the most naïve, foolish, and sinister among us are beginning to clearly see his deception on full display.
Cyndie Metellus That is a good idea. Transparency is needed. It seems like there is something hidden about the involvement of Russia in the past election. It will come out pretty soon.
Cheryl Darling Stewart Good, i hope he slip up and they all slide out of the white house, trump impeached and their 15 minutes of fame calapses before their eyes....
Lorraine Hodgson Why would he be meeting with a Russian banker whose bank is under US sanction. Even if this was in relation to his personal business, is it normal for American businessmen to do business with US sanctioned companies?
Terence Smith You want to make America great again? Well it will be great when Trump, Ivanka & Jared are led out of the White House in handcuffs. Throw out Ryan, Spicer, Conway, and Spence & America will be truly great. The Trump Administration and those who are complicit with them (Paul Ryan) are a bunch of criminals who are breaking the laws. My gut tells me they all conspired with Russia to tamper with the election.
Christina Coulter Russia is throwing Kushner under the bus. Russia bank is saying they met with Kushner as head of his family business. This is a business deal while he was politically working with his father-in-law, a total conflict of interest. Kushner should not be allowed in the White House while he's being investigated.
Vern Vartdal Espionage. Something for something. These folks are traitors to our country and if you support them you are too.
Jack Burton Waterboard him to find out the truth! Trump says it works and he told us he is smarter than generals!
Donna Charlton Just wondering which of 45's buddies will be the first to rat him out and tell the truth.....for a reduced sentence?????? Loyalty seems to go out the window when you are facing possible collusion with the enemy charges.
Cu Sue What is anyone surprised; does anyone did research on this man with sweet face ? You do know his father went to jail for federal crimes right ? And that Chris Christie was in charge of that ; but hey non of these information is important for election time!!!!!! Crazy people
Adrienne Nathan That would be the reason for the creation of a new position in the WH administration for him on yesterday... diversion from the focus of collusion.. These people are clueless about running this country and it's time to face reality... Paul Ryan.. they should have never been allowed to run on the Republican ticket
Michael Rindorf Did he not volunteer to testify? Stop making it look like they are making him... When will Podesta be investigated for his millions he made off a Russia Govt backed company.. You know the one he didn't disclose to the Govt when he worked for the State Dept, Hillary and Osama... Spin it CryBaby News Network you DemoBaby Party Operatives!
Mike Bielas Republicans don't mind treason and won't investigate the Trump administration's treasonous act on our country. Time to have the independent investigation. Devin Nunes is part of the cover up and is also neck deep in the swamp.
Nnamdi Ezeanochie Recycling the same old lies everyday doesn't make this witch hunt by The Democrazies and their liberal snowflakes in the MSM anything near Truth. Disgusting to see this comedy drama unfolds everyday.very Shameful Propodanda and Fake News!!!
Pat Hockel "When are people going to realize this isn’t about "sides" or teams anymore. This isn’t a Democrat vs. Republican issue. It's a threat to our country." ~ Mark Cuban The Toxic Teflon Trump Team are the US’s most dangerous terrorists.
Stephen Ross Not as much as John Podesta and his business dealings with Russia that profited him millions or the Hillary uranium deal that was all part of her pay to play criminal Enterprise.
Susan Earp Daulton No reason for it when there is so much to be done in the US.. I feel the Trump is getting set up for dictatorship of sorts.. I don't know but they are what seems to be giving in to Putin needs and wants
Prashant Rai So Russia is ruling America?? Cool!! I didn't knew American system and press was so weak that it allowed it to happen!!! Same press and people who said Iraq had chemical weapons and led to war. So called unintelligent intellectuals!!!!!!!!! They will take America to drains. Trump much better than them - McCain, Dick, Hillary, CNN, NYT
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"I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to play golf.” Here are the many times Donald J. Trump criticized Barack Obama for playing golf while in The White House. So far, Trump has visited golf courses 13 times in...

Mark Anderson Donald Trump is a pathological liar, a complete fraud and a two bit con man. He is dangerously delusional and a poses a bigger threat this country than Russia and Isis combined
Paul John Streetly When is this babbling pumpkin faced scumbag going to be impeached?? He is turning America into a global laughing stock, meanwhile Russia and China strengthen their positions unhindered 😏
Tim Harris Only truth he ever uttered was 'The Election Is Rigged' ...... but he rigged it, so...there's that.
Mario Bratfisch He should play Golf the entire four years, well at least he'll have less time then to destroy America... worst President ever.
Caroline Don A man that speaks badly of another man is testament of his own character. Trump needs to back off in regards to speaking of Obama all the time and just focus on what he is 'supposed' to be doing which is called presidency!! 😒
Paige Beerman It's ok because he's the greatest. He's greater than everyone. He makes everything great.... OBVIOUSLY JOKING! He's a complete dildo.
Anthony S Dingle And sadly, his supporters, who were right there with him complaining about Obama and golf are completely fine with him playing golf and traveling away from the WH at least 13 times in 66 days. Pot, meet kettle!
Donald Presnell Yet, he'll say "I never said that"...lmao. Supporters are occult, ignoring all of the very serious character flaws. How do we reconcile with the 61 million that voted for him and that remain staunch supporters of, how?
Robert Barker So IN the article, CNN admits that during the 13 "visits" to golf courses, he has NOT played golf every time, and actually held Presidential meetings. So yes, he stayed at a golf course...probably because he OWNS and LIVES at severl GOLF COURSES.
Michael Roode Trump is a babbling idiot who doesn't think before he opens his big mouth.
Dwight Rowe Each day that passes, who he really is presents itself. America's biggest mistake ever. Pathological liar. Morbidly self absorbed.
Oswaldo Montenario Man I just can't handle all this winning!!! Obamacare repealed. Wall built Travel ban Border tax ISIS wiped out within 30 days Term limits gone Infrastructure bill passed Tax cuts Beautiful healthcare So much winning, I'm literally tired of all the winning already!
Julian McCormack I've had “zero” involvement with Russian officials. Obama was born in Kenya, I was first in my class at Wharton, I was the best baseball player in the state of NY, there are attacks in Sweden, right now, I will release my taxes, climate change is a Chinese hoax, Melania will prove she is a U.S. citizen, Mexico will pay for a wall, l will repeal Obamacare on Day One, I will release my taxes,Ted Cruz's dad was involved in the Kennedy assassination, thousands of Muslims in NJ cheered with the fall of the Twin Towers, I have a top secret, fool proof plan, guaranteed to defeat ISIS, I know more than the generals do, I won the popular vote, I will release my taxes, I have the largest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan, my inaugural crowd was the largest in history, over 3 million illegals and dead people voted in the election, I will release my taxes, I will assign a special prosecutor to go after Hillary, the national debt in my first month went down $12 billion, I will release my taxes, the murder rate in our country is the highest it's been in 47 years, I will release my taxes, only steel from American steelmakers will be used on Keystone as well as other U.S. oil pipelines, Flynn and Sessions did nothing wrong, Obama released 122 prisoners from Gitmo, Obama bugged Trump Tower. Yawn.
Kennedy Freeman Trump knew how use cheap politics on americans & it worked for him? If he cared for the poor & middle class, all his cabinet woundnt be filled with very rich people, pretending to be working for american people, yet they are only cutting taxes for their bussineses!!!, the man lies as he plays golf& americans believe. Believe or not in america, under capitalism, there is no equality, it is the system of halves & halves not.
Fred Steinhaus He lied about holding meetings you idiot!! We have pictures of him playing golf 21 times!!! That is 21 days out of 66 days as President!!! Trump has the lowest approval rating for any President in his first 2 months!!! Historical low!!! 36%!!!! The Royal family is showing the Emperor has no clothes!!!!
Alia Fernandez Awww....It's getting harder & harder for frump supporters to put on that confident "I <3 frump" attitude. You were absolutely played bigly. Look how easy that caca falls from his mouth.....13 times in 66 days...gtfo 😂
Pam Demirbacak For some reason Trump is OCD with Obama. He is out to undo everything whether it was good or bad that the Obama administration did. He refuses to recognize or accept that his actions have caused major chaos. He thinks he is above everyone. He has split this nation in two. He is costing you people millions of dollars. The cuts he has purposed is to justify his spending while it weakens the structure of this nation. There is right way and a wrong way of doing things. So far this guy is slowing destroying what this once great nation stood for.
Gene Witt Slap the Orange Imbecile in the face with the bottom of a Middle Eastern sandal and then impeach him! Impeach the Tang Tyrant and bring back the Black skinny kid from Chicago. I want my country back!
Renee Mehrdad We are all aware of his BS to get to the White House, those who still back him will never see the truth. They are the remaining racists left in this country. Sad to see we still have left overs from the 60s,
Diane Collum Of course he has visited the golf course 13 times while in office and all at our expense. You still believe he's working for your benefit? He's only cost this nation money.
Kelly O'Donovan Allen I don't care if he plays golf ,it's the mindset to use our money to travel to a resort to play golf that bothers me . I haven't had a vacation in oh 19 years or so I can't remember the date . I can't afford to go out . No I don't have credit cards ,car payment my vehicle is 13 years old. I work everyday and come home to my home which I'm grateful to have. I just feel it's a kick in the face we supply him with a beautiful home yet I feel it isn't up to his or his wife's standards.
Anthony Foreman And has cost us over $30 million dollars. Remember when conservatives screamed about Obama's 86 million in EIGHT YEARS? Yeah they are all quiet now with Trump 36 million in 65 days.
Khaleel Dugan Donald Trump is a total and complete idiot, and I am a firm believer that the only reason why he was the presidential election was bc no one really wanted Hillary Clinton to be president.
Charles Thompson The saddest aspect of the times we live, hypocrisy is irrelevant. I can't be sure if these people don't understand what that means, maybe they don't care. A hypocrite is one who says one thing but does another. It means your word cannot be trusted. These people say what the moment requires. They don't seem to care that a hypocrite is one without conviction, and they currently are in charge.
Darcie Watts This thing because I cannot respect him because he gives zero about life and people. He refuses to apologize and admit he was wrong about Obama,Failed embarrassing at his so called health bill, blames everyone else for his wrong doings and acts like a child that is having a meltdown. He is trying to undo the good PRESIDENT Obama did for us. He wanted to slow climate change. With the signing of this bill today he is going to hurt us more. This is unacceptable. I cannot believe this !! Praying for us all because we are losing. So much for "so much winning" . All i see is hurt and lots of losing.
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Clad in blood-red robes and white caps, they are protesting against tighter abortion laws in Texas that would make access to common procedures more difficult for women.

Janice Seppala Why don't you worry about the babies that are already here. Or, help the children in foster care. Or do they not matter as long as they are born? Help teach these girls and women to use birth control before you protest abortion. If you honestly care about life, take care of the lives already here.
Sara Wells If you think dystopian fiction about an oppressive theocracy is a criticism of you, you might be the problem...
Bobby Lamb To pro birthers...I much rather see my tax dollars pay for the small cost of an abortion to low-income mothers, rather than waste a lot more of my tax dollars for the next 18 years in the form of welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid for that child of the same low-income families.
Pilar Brown But knowing how ridiculously dingbat right-wingers are, especially Texans - they probably think all women should wear Handmaid Tale garb...
Ronja Marie Don't want an abortion, don't have one! Keep your opinion out of my uterus!
Kim Picard Yes let's all remember the thousands and thousands of kids that are here that go to bed hungry, that are neglected by their crackhead mothers, that these people give 2 shits about.....but let's stop women from being able to direct their own lives. #canthaveitbothways
Cassandra Debbie Sandra Jr. Abortion is still murder in my eyes, those babies deserve the right to live. It's not up to you to decide wether they live or not!
Olivia Boles We don't need a dystopian theocracy to know the effects of these policies. We need only look into the not-so- distant past. Restricting abortion access actually raises abortion rates, increases DIY attempts, and creates back ally abortions killing more women and children. The MOST pro-life you can be is pro-choice, and an advocate for family planning and resources. However, "pro-life" people in their anger achieve the opposite.
Dane Campbell They should voluntarilly wear that stuff full time so we all can recognize them and know of the gaping hole in their humanity before approaching them.
Brad Davis Unless pro birthers are helping raise the children they force to be born and help pay the life long medical bills of the children forced into a life of constant suffering , then you need to stfu and mind your own fkn business
Matt Abel For God's sake. If you're going to end a life simply for your own benefit, atleast have the decency to not make tax payers pay for it. It's like saying I'm going to shoot this inconvenient life I made, and you're gonna pay for the bullet. And if you don't like it I'm going to insult you, and put a pussy hat on my head and march through the streets ! Sound absurd ? Well that's because it is.
Js SB Why they don't used birth-control first place, why killing babies (or virus choose job killing human plan , enjoy life ( everywhere tomany virus this day
Mike Lair I am not opposed to abortions although I do believe abortions should not be used as a birth control. I have not once seen a bill that actually takes away the rights to abortions other then taking the rights to use it as a birth control. From what I see is not the same as CNN and other outlets portray.
Dasia Vanity It depends on the given circumstance. But no matter what, a woman should be able to have the jurisdiction over her own body.
Marilyn Ellis If you are "pro-life" and in favor of not allowing people to have control of their own bodies, how about forced transplants? If someone is dying, needs a kidney transplant and you are a match, how about the government forcing you to give one of yours up? If people don't own their own bodies what is the point of anything? Are women to be the new slaves, owned body and soul by others due to laws imposed by the government? If so, we should all be slaves and willing to give up bits of our bodies for the good of people we don't know regardless of adverse effects it might have on our own health.
Jessica Emerson There should be tighter regulation on abortions. If they are harder to get, either people will rethink birth control or have an unwanted child. Abortion should not be used as a form of birth control, birth control is supposed to be used to prevent pregnancy. Unless of course, the government wants real birth control and they begin to regulate births in general limiting each household to a certain number like China.
Ned Lemieux Oooooooh, looka there! Those dangerous, evil wimmins need 2 uniformed cops, and what looks like a civilian hall monitor to make sure they don't go spreadin' the evil abortion side eye to any of the politicians deciding what/when/how the lady-folks get to administer their own bodies....
Leigh Zielinski Beshears The proposed laws do not restrict access to abortion. There are two bills. One would prevent clinics from selling the baby organs. The other prohibits a late term abortion procedure where the baby is dismembered limb from limb. Abortion is a very profitable business and they spend millions fighting any legislation that attempts to regulate it out cut into their profit.
Marie DiTullo whatever happened to 'birth control'?? I only think abortions should be done in the case of rape or danger to the mother or other 'necessary' medically cases .... AND our CHILDREN who are openly, defiantely paritcipating in sex should be handled by their parents or adult care-givers (help them - teach them about sex too early in life - help them grow into adults who can knowingly make the decisions regarding sex - 12/13/14/15/16 yrs old is just too young to realize the life-changing harm this type of sexual activity can do) ~~ preventing unwanted pregnancy is much safer and more humane than KILLING an unborn baby ~~~ WHY is this NOT MURDER?????
Tim Carter Isn't it crazy how, when a dog gets pregnant, it is taken care of and loved? When it gives birth, the owners will bend over backwards to find good homes for the puppies. But when women get pregnant, we fight over whether to keep or kill the baby. That is a shame!
Dyna Dania Yes! Abortion remains a murder. It may happen in case of serious health problems.♥ Let's Give birth to beautiful babies! and not kill them.
Laura Bottens I love these girls. They have made themselves heard loud and clear without violence, shouting, etc. Not that I am against their 1st amendment rights in any way. I just like their style.
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
Shirley Lebovich your body becomes a tool for those who decide its time for you to have a baby. Failure means you no longer are a good tool, and you are discarded. You have no say in how you feel about pregnancy, and must bow down to those that say they know better. Excellent comparison
Sam Cook Did they ever notice the part of the book that said that people like them got the society on the way to where it was? It was a terrible book, anyway. The only reason why people claim to like it is because someone will call you sexist otherwise.
CNN10 hours ago

A 200-pound gold coin worth more than $1 million was stolen from a museum in Germany

Brian Manning My friend Walter is 300 pounds, and he's only worth like six bucks.
Ricardo Maduro Plot twist: The coin was later found in the museum's soda vending machine.
Craig Goodsir Trump's Secret Service crew must have been on duty for the thieves to be able to walk out with that.
Britton Hensley The guy is obviously going to melt it down and sell it that way. They better find someone soon or they won't find a coin left.
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
Mike Szwarc Umm how with all that surveillance and security? Must be inside job. The thief is an idiot nonetheless can't sell it or profit on it ever.
Renee Johnson What would you do with that could never sell it. Melt it down maybe. People would question though when you walk in with 4 million dollars worth of gold.
Richard LaBelle Find the PBS article about gold mining in Guatemala and see how valuable gold really is vs. human lives. Heart wrenching!
Jaz D'oray Brooks First fetty wap chain now the museum gold coin security must not be that good now days if shiii just getting taking like it was a kid at the candy store n why wasn't their overnight security patrolling the Halls in the museum🤔🤔🤔
Tim Gileo I was awarded a few years ago when struck awards for the artworl on the coin which was partially it's reason for existing. That and Canada mints coins for other nations so call it a calling card.
Syble Cloum Well that coin looks really awesome to me I also think it must be at least partially an inside job but there is a market for things that you cannot sell private collectors pay Megabucks for things like this and they keep them in their private collection for them just knowing they have something that no one else has they have so much money that pay anything so beautiful coin
Erik Staehle Rick Harrison will give you 500,000$ for it..maybe 525,000$, though you could get Chumlee to give you 600,000$ if you're lucky, hah
Mohammad Javad Keshavarz 62. God is the Creator of all things, and He is in Charge of all things. 63. To Him belong the reins of the heavens and the earth. But those who blaspheme against the revelations of God—it is they who are the losers. 64. Say, “Is it other than God you instruct me to worship, you ignorant ones?” 65. It was revealed to you, and to those before you, that if you idolize, your works will be in vain, and you will be of the losers. 66. Rather, worship God, and be of the appreciative. 67. They have not esteemed God as He ought to be esteemed. The entire earth will be in His grip on the Day of Resurrection, and the heavens will be folded in His right. Immaculate is He, and Transcendent He is beyond the associations they make. 68. And the Trumpet will be sounded, whereupon everyone in the heavens and the earth will be stunned, except whomever God wills. Then it will be sounded another time, whereupon they will rise up, looking on. 69. And the earth will shine with the Light of its Lord; and the Book will be put in place; and the prophets and the witnesses will be brought in; and Judgment will be passed among them equitably, and they will not be wronged. 70. And every soul will be fully compensated for what it had done. He is well aware of what they do. 71. Those who disbelieved will be driven to Hell in throngs. Until, when they have reached it, and its gates are opened, its keepers will say to them, “Did not messengers from among you come to you, reciting to you the revelations of your Lord, and warning you of the meeting of this Day of yours?” They will say, “Yes, but the verdict of punishment is justified against the disbelievers.” 72. It will be said, “Enter the gates of Hell, to abide therein eternally.” How wretched is the destination of the arrogant. 73. And those who feared their Lord will be led to Paradise in throngs. Until, when they have reached it, and its gates are opened, its keepers will say to them, “Peace be upon you, you have been good, so enter it, to abide therein eternally.” 74. And they will say, “Praise be to God, who has fulfilled His promise to us, and made us inherit the land, enjoying Paradise as we please.” How excellent is the reward of the workers. 75. And you will see the angels hovering around the Throne, glorifying their Lord with praise. And it will be judged between them equitably, and it will be said, “Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.”
Scott Lutz Then the thief suddenly realized there is no vending machine large enough to spend his shinny new coin tragic.
Christy Abbott-France Trump going at it anyway he can to get the money for the bill he handed to the Chancellor? 😛
Lisa Ann Spilman For the life of me, I can not understand why CNN keeps putting former Congressman Jack Kingston on their network and their payroll? I'm a Cold War Veteran and this upsets me so much. He's a traitor... he travelled to Russia, as well, and has his own Russian connections. He's lobbied to the Russians about the sanctions, just like his friend and co-worker Carter Page. See attached article about Kingston's trip to Russia.
Perry Partain By now that 200 pound gold coin is 200 one pound coins so they can stop looking for it.
Jason Bowers $1 million face value. gold value is $20,051 a pound. 200x $20,051=$4,010,240 that is its value. cut it up and melt it.
Kayla Cross Beth Kordylas Cross and Keith Cross, that shot of that round building by the river at the very beginning of this video, I saw that!! 🙂
Fidel Palomo Pinal-Ortiz Come On! get over it. It's like a just One third of any 45 weekend vacations at MARtial-LAWgo.
Eric Stonewood Fate This just happens when Germany is occupied by refugees from Mid-East...
Travis Berndt It's a CNN article. Wonder how long until it's "Trump's fault." Spoiler Alert: Too late.
Anthony Ramirez Under Angela Merkel, there is no law and order in Germany.
Steve Smith German Guard: What's that? Me with pants around ankles and a 200lb coin stuffed inside pants: nothin'?
Lourdes Batista Robbers are watching to much t.v. In jail. Specially the series how to steal and get a way with it.
CNN10 hours ago

What they do know is the deaths were isolated to one building.

Cassandra Debbie Sandra Jr. Perhaps trump threatened to deport them, so they died of heart attack due to the shock in their sleep. Animals too can have heart attacks btw!Rip reptilians
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
Julio Bogarin Isolated to one building more than likely it's the water supply
Lacy Nicole Goins Not everything has to be about Donald Trump. This is a terrible tragedy for the zoo especially considering 3 of these species were critically endangered.
Almazan Hayawan Meanwhile more then hundreds are dead everyday because of the chaos that Obama caused in the middle east by supporting terrorists in Syria but no one cares
Lisa Ann Spilman For the life of me, I can not understand why CNN keeps putting former Congressman Jack Kingston on their network and their payroll? I'm a Cold War Veteran and this upsets me so much. He's a traitor... he travelled to Russia, as well, and has his own Russian connections. He's lobbied to the Russians about the sanctions, just like his friend and co-worker Carter Page. See attached article about Kingston's trip to Russia.
Leslie Ann Armistead My heart breaks for this whole situation. All the hard work and research for nothing. I hope this gets figured out quickly rip reptiles.
Melissa Parrett-Widau Athena Christodoulou Lane...What did you do?? This is really sad!!
Brian Kaniela Flinn I don't know whether to pronounce that title like herpes or herpa derp. Either way that's unfortunate.
Ben Ayt easy climate change cause it... Al gore said it caused brexit too. obama said it cause ISIS. and i say this guys are idiots
Levi Miller perhaps trump threatened to deport them, so they died of heart attack due to the shock in their sleep. Animals too can have heart attacke btw!Rip reptilians
Binyamin Elkaim it is happening. it is unexplainable. what do you think about this people?
Monet Olivia Brinkman Maybe it was that escaped poison dart frog? Or was that from another zoo?
Loren YellowBird Jr. Trumpcare! Smh... See what happens.
Joe Smith Breaking News: CNN blames Trump for dead reptiles!
Dennis Edward Christopher Himebaugh Sounds like "Ectormilia". A highly communicable disease that spreads like wild fire attacking kidneys.
Djehuty Set-Heru As above so below. The reptilian brain is dying out. Europeans are ruled by the reptilian brain and they are also dying out. Whites know what it happening. Age of Aquarius is the time of truth. You cannot survive as a money addicted liar. The cosmos is killing the bad people.
Bruno Santuario Eu sou garoto propaganda mundial da CNN. Separem meus 30 milhões de dólares.
Yolanda Allen Well you know southerners put down kerosene to burn and kill snakes
Yvs Mrls Too much garlic-eating people in that particular building.
Christopher Mueller I hope that they root out the cause as quickly as possible.
Nick Green Reptiles dies everyday B
Jenn Minnix Niggle David Teyber this made me think of your expertise
Allison Tysinger Sounds like someone used the wrong pesticide.
CNN11 hours ago

He suggested Russia's alleged involvement in the 2016 US election could be considered "an act of war."

Jordan Michael Andress You know it's bad when this warmonger starts making sense...
Deedee Isie It's not an act of war Just investigate and impeach this buffoon. Simple
Rita Harken Taken from an article written by Michael Moore 3/25/17 in Global “ The Democatic Party needs to declare a National Emergency. For the first time in our history, the President of the United States and his staff are under investigation for espionage. This announcement, by the head of the Trump-friendly FBI, is a shock to our democracy. The Democratic leadership in the House and Senate needs to bring a halt to ALL business being done in the name of this potential felony suspect, Donald J. Trump. No bill he supports, no Supreme Court nominee he has named, can be decided while he is under a criminal investigation. His presidency has no legitimacy until the FBI – AND an independent investigative committee—discovers the truth. Fellow citizens, demand the Democrats cease all business.” “The American people have a right to know if their President is a crook.” Said by Richard Nixon. Former newscaster Dan Rather even predicted that Trump’s so-called “Russia scandal” could be the next “Watergate”.
Jeremy Davis So basically Dick Cheney is saying that the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States is an act of war upon the country. He's literally an orange atomic bomb.
Andrew Tomelloso And you Cheney made a very serious effort to lie to the American public about Iraq having wmd but that was lie just go away and shut up your not credible to open your mouth
Mike Vincent Where was this coverage when we had actual evidence Hillary and the DNC were caught rigging he primaries against Bernie? The head of the DNC had to step down though no one called for Hillary to step aside. Now we have nebulous accusations of "Russian interference" and suddenly blood-gargling warmongers like Cheney are coming out of the woodwork to delegitimize Trump. Does he realize his presence can only drive more people to Trump's side?
Carla Pugliese even this crook know donald and russia is more of a crook than him.....the world is watching america fall and nunes is a coward jerk who thinks this is russia if he has kids how does he face if this election has taught america anything it is that your vote counts this is what happens when people say i don't like either of them and don't vote....better to go with the devil you know than the devil
Jenn Holt The election of Trump has made us grateful for the 'normal' republican options we had before. If we survive this, I'll never take another republican presidential candidate for granted. There is something to be said about men who know how government works, how the separate branches work, how to play politics.... no matter what party
Kenny Sullens And all the sudden liberals like Chaney. Nevermind the fact they've spent the last 8 years blaming him and Bush for the middle east mess we're in. Nevermind the fact he has stocks in companies like Lockheed Martin. Nevermind the fact he's a crooked warmongering loon! He bashed Trump so you love him, bunch of hypocrites.
Jools Melville Guys, what's the big deal really? US rigged (sorry, "helped in the name of democracy"!) Russian elections back in the 90s, have you forgotten already? Just like US have been methodically & consistently meddling in the internal affairs of the rest of the world for the past god knows how many years. Quite frankly, what you sow is what you reap,16641,19960715,00.html
Codrin Chaleru Why doesn't the entire west completely isolate us from Russia. All Russian embassies kicked out of every country. We know they're used for spying. And completely lock Russia out of our network.
Scott Adams Thanks to CNN and other corporate-controlled "fake news" sites, war criminal and traitor Dick Cheney is allowed to spread his b.s., when he should be locked up awaiting execution for orchestrating 7 war game exercises and a two hour stand-down in US air defenses on 9-11, for falsifying intelligence to create war in the Middle East, and for his involvement in mailing Anthrax to opponents of his policies. It would have been nice if CNN would have followed up on these stories; but unfortunately their agenda is to spread lies and propaganda.. Please someone from CNN explain how exactly the Russians managed to hack all the voting machines and rig the election?
Merrialyce Krosigk Blanchard well, judging by the huge number of the current White House Trump people and Trump and Trump's picks for Cabinet and Agency Heads, "a very serious effort" to interfere in US election seems to have worked pretty well. I've lost count of those who appear to have at least passing contact with Russian spies/with Putin, with Russian business tycoons, including now AG Sessions, KelleyAnne's husband, the Trump Boys, Ivanka, Trump himself, Michael Flynn, Manafort, and All Rabbits Friends and Relations.
Jools Melville Hating Russia is a very very new thing. You didn't hate Russia six months ago. Fight the fog of gaslighting and remember -- you know you didn't. It all started when Donna Brazile got caught giving Hillary a CNN's debate question. She started ranting about Russia then. We laughed. But they just doubled-down. And doubled-down. And doubled-down. And now, here we are. They made this in you. And you don't even know why you hate Russia. You can repeat stuff about election hacking but when presented with the actual (still unproven) charge stripped of the incendiary words, that is, the US got to see the inner workings of a political party and decided that it was too corrupt to lead, you can't really say why that's a bad thing. You just know you're meant to think that way.
Behzad Alavi Shameless. This disgrace to humanity is responsible for taking us to Iraq and Afghanistan that resulted in more than 6,000 dead American soldiers, nearly 1 Million dead Iraqi civilians, and a power vacuum that was filled with ISIS and many other terrorist groups. You belong to prison sir. Just shut up already.
Millie Olivo Who's driving to Trumps side??? From what I see Trump doesn't need any help losing people he's doing great all be himself! Actually that's about the only thing he's doing right, letting his people down and proving us right he's an idiot and just as bad nope even worse than Hillary.
Charles Hunter So this is another excuse to try and push war on russia? the hacks they said happened against the dnc with no proof what so ever? Remember when ww3 happens that it isn't trumps fault. The dems have been pushing it for almost a year now
Todd French Ah, Satan's right hand man. Cheney is a cold blooded killer and terrorist. He, Bush Jr, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell should have been locked up and fiorgotten about;
TJ Epting So liberals who hated Cheney because he thought anything and everything was an act of war, are now quoting him as proof of their point, that something could be an act of war? Makes literally zero sense.
Scott Buettmann Says the P.O.S.Traitor who announced on Sep 10, 2001, that they misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars. And on 9/11 was involved in murdering thousands blowing up the twin towers, shooting a missle into the Pentagon coincidently at the very office the 2.3 trillion info was stored. This trash will burn in Hell for eternity with Bush, Rumsfeld, Silverstein, and many many more !
Jason Evans Says the man deep in the pockets of the military industrial complex. Yes Russia ran a media campaign. If you do not think that we have not done that and worse to Russia and other countries you are naive. Those emails would have been pointless if the DNC did not do and say the things they did. It is a smoke screen for the real issue. Corruption on both sides of the isle and the refusal of ether side to accept it exists.
Jeremy Bocook Very close to it. And the whole time it was happening this Administration was buddy buddy with them. Doesn't really matter if you did collude. If you treat our enemies like friends then you are committing treason.
Miles Franco This probably means that "warmonger" Cheney probably wants Trump impeached, which would give us Pence as POTUS, which frankly is not much better..........this is a true test for the US, it's constitution and institutions!!!
David Nixey What exactly did Putin do? Has Cheney spent all his oil money from Iraq and afghanistan he has to start war with Russia? Why must he send so many people to their death? What is wrong with the current government finally opening up communications? Why always war from Cheney? I feel his greed and power along with his warmongering must end.
Jools Melville In Aug 2002 Dick said: “Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies and against us.” In his latest speech he said the following: “There’s no question that there was a very serious effort made by Mr. Putin and his government, his organization, to interfere in major ways with our basic fundamental democratic processes.” You are all being lead into WWIII blindfolded by the propaganda you are so eagerly devouring. Just remember there will be no survivors in the nuclear holocaust.
CNN11 hours ago

Stabbed 32 times by an ex-boyfriend, Melissa Dohme would have died had it not been for Cameron Hill -- one of the first paramedics to arrive.

Michael Osterman Not only did he stab her with the switchblade initially, he went and got an even bigger knife and came back and continued stabbing her. Thankfully, she survived and will now live a happy life with one of the men who saved her life. Unfortunately, that sub-human ex-boyfriend was only given life in prison. He deserves a far, far worse punishment.
Scott Sutton This is going to sound crass, I don't mean it that way at all. People often bond emotionally after a traumatic event that is shared. Glad they found each other.
Josh Stenger Awww love. I'm so happy to see that they took a stab at marriage 🙂
Jonason Jah Canopy Wat a world. Stabbed 32 times and she survived? Showing a sign of gratitude in advance too? Waoow som human beings exist, some are dead but forcing to live.
Mike Jones Do we have to promote monogamy? Is it really necessary to shove this down our throats and push this conservative agenda? I'm just asking because that's EXACTLY the same thing I see when CNN does stories about non-monogamy or gay marriage or trans people in relationships. It's awfully hypocritical to complain about gay marriage, trans people in relationships, and people in non-monogamous relationships and accuse the media of "pushing the 'liberal' agenda" but applaud when it's something that's in line with your conservative/Christian beliefs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Oona Powell I like that she had a year to heal before they started dating. It makes me believe she didn't quickly become dependent on a new man in her life. That would be unhealthy, given the nightmare relationship she just got out of the hard way. I hope the coward who stabbed her is in jail.
Jonny Zywiciel My heart is bursting at this story 😩🙌
Lindsey Iahn Beautiful story, glad that they found each other and that she's not afraid of a loving relationship. ❤❤
Jeff Elder Hey, this time I had to actually search down through a few snowflake posts before I found an anti-Trump rant. It hadn't bubbled to the top yet! WOW! You guys are making PROGRESS!!!
Nick Guglielmino The EX Boyfriend is a MORON!!! No matter how much of a grudge he might have had against her, It was not worth sacrificing his freedom for as he is apparently serving a life sentence!!! Unlike murder victims, She gets a second chance and that must drive the EX in Jail Nuts because the best revenge is living well...
Bonnie Harris Oh my goodness you really don't know where you'll find love ...glad for her but show as hell don't ever want to find love under those circumstances...may god fulfill ad bless u both always and forever
Shyma Shahwali What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...❤️❤️❤️happy days ahead..amen
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
Daniel Beal If you can stab someone 32 times and not kill them then you aren't very good at stabbing.
Jon McClure She definitely should have been carrying a concealed firearm. It is women empowerment to support their right to self defense.
Boomz St. Patrick Why you would want to kill another human will defy my logic any day. Stabbed 32 times? That's no longer anger or provocation, it's simply demonic!
Royalene Gustafsson What a beautiful outcome! I hope your lived will be very beautiful together.🙏🏼🌹
James Bivens Angels do exist, but they aren't heaven sent.....they are fellow human beings that she'd light on another's darkest moment.
Joe Still Is Melania going to do the same?
Charlse Onen I thought you weren't supposed to "tap" the people under your care. Where's your ethic man?
Ben Ayt liberals and love are oxymoron. they kill themselves like liberals. to all the fallen men who died because they told their liberal wife about their life insurance... RIP
Vineet Umraniya May they live happily forever. 🙂
Pat Fiorentino This wedding was at the farm where I board my horses!
Thomas Verborg This isn't cute, it's unethical. Whatever. Screw the rules
Wajheen Shujaat Good for her. As for her ex how cruel and deranged can a person get. Seriously, sometimes just want to hide from humans
CNN12 hours ago

The executive order represents the greatest fears climate change advocates had when Donald J. Trump was elected.

Chris Dennis Well if Trump is so dead set on creating jobs and building walls then he can start by building coastal barriers to deter the rising sea levels that have already begun.
Nici Anderson How do people not understand that you can protect our planet AND have a good economy?! It doesn't have to be one or the other! Having temporary oil jobs today fails the planet and our economy in the long run. But investing in alternative and renewable energy will open up far more long-term jobs and help slow global warming.
Joseph Simonyi He is under investigation by the FBI for possible treason! He shouldn't be allowed to do anything except for the basics to keep the country running until he is cleared!
Patrick Milam Thats what happens when you elect the most poorly educated presidential candidate in history, that also happens to be a delusional sociopath, who knows nothing about politics or running anything besides a failing empire ran off of cons and schemes his father built.
Chris Hallen He's 70 years old and the next time he shows genuine concern for someone else will be the first. What does it matter to him if climate change results in catastrophe 30 years from now?
Nikia Lucas The executive order should read "We are currently having #45 sent off for mental evaluation!" I'm not even trying to be demeaning. Yet, there is something clearly wrong with this person. He is NOT fit to run anything more than a used car lot. Let's do away with the BS.
Catherine Gradnigo He doesn't care about the environment; he doesn't care about education; he doesn't care about health care; Trump wants to dismantle the state, and create a population of uneducated citizens drowning in filth and pollution who are fighting to survive from day to day while he, his friends and family run the country to enrich themselves. He and Bannons highest wish is to cause a civil was that will entrench the divisions. The people will be slaves of poverty unless, state by state individuals and a few brave representative decide to fight the good fight. This is looking from the outside in.
Jason Tillery He's going to keep the air and water clean by reducing regs on carbon emissions!?!? I've got a better to keep the air and water clean: trump reducing his involvement in anything important!!! Let the Democrats led by Bernie Sanders handle all the important stuff regarding climate change and trump can just sign those bills! Or, he could play golf on his own dime while not messing with America!
Dee Anne Bostic He's doing it, in great part, as a swipe at a real president, President Obama. The fake president will suffer over this and other things...history will tell that he is the worst leader the free world has ever seen. How great is that?!!!
Samantha Herold So in this article they say we need to flourish economically like China and not worry about the environment...have they not seen that many citizens in China walk around with masks on because the pollution is so thick??? Or are those pictures "fake news". Yeah their economy is good but they can't breathe!
Jake Kang Lol Climate Change. All the wealthiest, most outspoken climate change supporters always preaching to us about clean air while they fly around everywhere on their private Jets. Take Leo Dicaprio. He flew a woman all the way from Australia to L.A. just so that she could do his eyebrows for an award show. What a Joke
Rita Harken Taken from an article written by Michael Moore 3/25/17 in Global “ The Democatic Party needs to declare a National Emergency. For the first time in our history, the President of the United States and his staff are under investigation for espionage. This announcement, by the head of the Trump-friendly FBI, is a shock to our democracy. The Democratic leadership in the House and Senate needs to bring a halt to ALL business being done in the name of this potential felony suspect, Donald J. Trump. No bill he supports, no Supreme Court nominee he has named, can be decided while he is under a criminal investigation. His presidency has no legitimacy until the FBI – AND an independent investigative committee—discovers the truth. Fellow citizens, demand the Democrats cease all business.” “The American people have a right to know if their President is a crook.” Said by Richard Nixon. Former newscaster Dan Rather even predicted that Trump’s so-called “Russia scandal” could be the next “Watergate”.
Nathan Rennicker yea, how would investing in renewable resources and creating thousands of jobs in new fields boost an economy. i swear, all you who voted for this man, thank you for proving humanity will never be what it could be.
Vanessa Stoddard He is so full of it. Why are jobs in the oil and coal industries important to save, when there are many jobs to be had in renewable energies that will not harm the environment? My husband worked for a large solar company in NV until the PUC made it impossible to continue doing business here. That put thousands of people out of work. What is his answer to the lose of jobs in that industry?
Richard Shelton What did this guy get elected for just to undue what the previous administrations have put in place only for this guy to serve JUST ONE term and we have to start over again my my
Kyle Howard we should just launch all our garbage into deep space. ....yes i'm say ing we should put trump and his administration in a rocket..and launch them into jupiter's eye. see what they think of the climate there.
Haider Ali We're moving faster and faster towards a disaster because of this orange cheeto.
Alexis Black For every Trump supporter complaining about Canadians that are furious about your President, please keep your anti science attitudes, blatant disregard for climate change and all of the related policies that will go with it, away from us. Oh wait, you can't, because we are stuck sharing a very long border and the Great Lakes with you. A few giant curse words in advance for actions that will undoubtedly contribute to destroying the largest fresh water supply on earth. 😡🇨🇦
Alicia Armstrong He's selfish...all he cares about is what is going to benefit him and his family. He doesn't care about our planet at all! Even though he lives on it 😂 but I guess he knows he will be long gone before he sees real bad stuff....😕👎🏻
Lauren Levine Marien This, for me, was and remains the number one scariest aspect of the orange idiot taking office. I'm sorry, but if you don't believe in climate change and aren't doing everything in your power to stop it/limit its effects, you are a f*cking moron.
Johan Larsson Addressing climate change on a big scale could create sustainable jobs and technology, the latter of which could be exported, thus bringing down the trade deficit. It's more like the present administration wants to help companies in certain sectors make short term profit gains through one off regulatory tricks.
Tera Chicoine O'Brien He's destroying the bills in place for one single reason, they were implemented by Obama. He cares nothing about our country, let alone the planet we live on. He is a disgrace to humanity.
Andria Jersett "Put American jobs over climate." Why can't we seem to wrap our minds around the fact that creating new energy systems is a way of creating new jobs. You're going to need engineers, architects, fab workers, land surveyors, all the way down the line. If America can be the leader in green energy, we can even outsource it to other countries.
Karlen Mkrtchyan “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary for the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Brian McKernan The article mentions India and China as examples of how the economy has improved with less restrictions on environmental issues. Well----look at their environments---pollution is rampant and people's lives are severely impacted while the "economy" improves. Mr. Trump's actions are severely damaging our children and grand children's futures.
CNN12 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump resurfaced attacks alleging improper Russian ties for both former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Austin Tyler Clinton isnt President. You are. You need to be investigated and impeached. Typical Trump deflection.
Ben Juby I'm convinced that all republicans are secretly in love with Hillary. They can't stop thinking and talking about her. It's like a high school crush.
Eth McKinley Deflect and distract. It's like he thinks we're idiots. 2 wrongs don't make a right. I can't believe that a grown man doesn't already know that.
Denisa Buljubašić For argument sake let's say what he's saying is true. How does that change the fact that his administration had improper conversations with Russia and then lied about it to congress and the American people? It doesn't!!!!! Deflecting won't work anymore!
Deyra Pantoja Hernandez Bahaha stop it! I can't even anymore with this guy. 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ #americanshitshow 50 years from now, can you imagine the crap kids will read about in history books? 😳
David Hathaway Trump explains uranium, "You know what uranium is right? It's this thing called nuclear weapons and other things, like lots of things are done with uranium including some bad things."
Tim Crowley He's such a disgusting liar. America will not be great again to this criminal is in prison
Dave Hughes Are you shitting me? The buck stops with you. That's what happens when you become president. Everything is your fault until you're not president anymore. Did you not read the fine print? What a tool.
Ben Callaghan This is why the alt-right is dangerous. I'm not talking about genuine conservatives, who I may disagree with but who support the democratic process. The alt-right are fans of authoritarianism. They hate the free press and try to dismiss it by labeling it as the MSM. The alt-right claim it's biased and lacks integrity. They do this because a free press are one of the few things that stand in their way. The alt-right are disdainful of their political opponents. They label them as cry babies or SJW to discredit them and are dismissive of their concerns. The alt-right uses a very old trick right out of the totalitarian's Playbook. When accused of racism or of being anti democratic they simply turn around and accuse their opponents of the same sins. It doesn't matter that these counter accusations are baseless since the intent is to simply silence opposition. If you elect these people you need to realize what your voting for. Don't sugar coat it by say these alt-right politicians "speak their mind" or "aren't politically correct". They are anti-democratic at their core.
Leslie Jorgensen Gruen What BS - Trump is always trying to detour you from the truth about him and his family and administration. When he is desperate -as now - he always go back to our real President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill. When does little Donnie boy grow up and accept responsibility?! Outrageous - Impeach this child!
Dennis Edgar America's Deflector in Cheat is at it again.. so full of himself. Shame on anyone that is still supporting him.
IQbal Manzoor Someone needs to step up and do something. This man is mentally unstable and is running our country..
Paul Cahill You need to state in the headline whether you are reporting official WH statements and live Trump remarks, or his insane tweets. They should not be treated with equal seriousness. In fact, Trump in general shouldn't be treated with much seriousness. He is a big fat joke with bad hair extensions.
Tony Conestabile Typical Trumpster deflector in Chief. Worst president, worst first 100 days in modern history proven fact and the Trumplets can spin this all they want.worst president ever.
Curtis Susuki Trump has no hold on reality. This isn't a contest, reality TV show, or a game. You and your crew may be in deep sh$% and trying to blame others won't help you 'negotiate' a better deal.
Jonathan Ow "Trump IS the president and Clinton is NOT! " That's why we should investigate Trump and not Clinton... ie... " I'm the president and you're not!" 😜
Barbara Karleena Hunn If he could stop deflecting and just try not to lie so much, that'd be ... Less awful. Just let the investigation run its course; if there's no wrongdoing, nothing for him to worry about.
Darien Hall Deflect deflect deflect. You're the president. Not Clinton. Lead the way, once your investigation is complete, by all means investigate Clinton. I mean I'm sure you have nothing to hide trump. 😂
Sydney See Why waste time investigating someone who's not president anymore on something that was signed off by 9 different agencies. Maybe we could stick to current issues instead of trying to deflect attention because sooner rather than later the people are gonna learn just how close his ties to Russia are.
Randolph Nelson America is finally seeing what "clothes" the emperor is wearing...NONE!!! The smoke-n-mirrors show is wearing thin and he's grabbing at straws to try and get new and shiny baubles for his supporters and the media to fix their gaze upon. His incompetence is overwhelming whatever legacy he's got left.
Milly Hanley 45 the old gray head doesn't realize that he's lied so much no one believes a word that comes out of his mouth. He is so senile he thinks that his attempts to distract the nation by bringing Hilary and Bill up work. You and Your family are toast 45 and it's time you are all held accountable for your unethical actions. Stop tweeting and start reading because your claims have been found to be false
Holly Dee Rodier Just shows he is even more guilty than most think. Lol. Trying another deflection tactic. It's just getting old. Your under the microscope now 24/7 now that your #45! Deal with it!
Sheila Buek Give it up, you idiot! Just another attempt to draw the fire away from your multiple shady and treasonous deals! You are a huge embarrassment to this country😡
Ariel Joy He keeps trying to turn the radar off of himself. It worked a couple of times, and he accused people of such massive lies that they had to be "fact checked" in depth. It gave him time to try and pass some really bad legislation which failed. Now he's talking about the Clinton's. He's the little boy who cries wolf. Hopefully nobody falls for his diversion tactics this time.
Chris Chiu OK, even if there were anything legally wrong with Clinton, how does "somebody else did something bad" mean that you can just skip being investigated? That's not a logical consequence.
CNN13 hours ago

Is this what it's like to fly over Mars? A digital artist sifted through 33,000 images from NASA to make this 3D model

Jermaine Hite Donald Trump : We build Mars absolutely fantastic you should see it and let me tell ya our Mars is the best Mars we will bring jobs and build a wall so that the Mexican Rapist Marsians stay out of MarsMerica it going to be terrific absolutely wonderful and let me tell ya our healthcare will be so good on Mars you are going to want to crash your spaceship get hurt and almost die to see how great my healthcare is it's called winning... The Mexican rapist Marsians are thugs criminal and rapadist yes I said rapadist I'm Trump I can invent words any one who gets mad you will be deported and repealed and replaced..
Joseph McKinstry Amazing job, putting this together!! A shame most posters here cannot appreciate it. And have to turn something beautiful, into political BS. To satisfy their own twisted values. Sad.
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
Lee Walker Wow I wish all you people would Have felt this way about Obama that did everything in his power to destroy this country. There is a plane ticket waiting for you all. Goodbye.
Amy Ward How we know Americans are watching this video: the preface has to be "this is not a real video " 😂
Sarah Herold Lol they labeled it "this is not a real planet" because planets are wandering stars on the Geocentric model ..not a terraform you can land on -that idea is for the imagination 😎
Patricia Taggart Theyre trying to find a habitable planet before Trump has this one blown to pieces.
David Cruz None of Nasa's videos are real. This guy will be hired by nasa to produce more fake images.
Tim Steed Awesome stuff. Some of those shots remind me of places on earth. Simply amazing.
Richard Ray A guy painstakingly made a video, but the video isn't real.....
Warren N. Darrah "This is not a real video." They have to put that so liberals won't fall for it.
Ingrid DeSutter would have been great if the large text didn't cover most of the slideshow
Gary Poulin I need prominence differences to those that exist on Earth so I can gain perspective.
Jose A. Ramos Plenty of spaces for. Trump hotel. Jared kushner to begin preliminary planning. It's going to be a fabulous hotel
Jim Talley It would probably be more enjoyable if CNN hadn't superimposed text all over it.
Vinnie Bruno Is where they hid Hillary's real illegal Emails? ??????........ Lock Her Up! ! ! ! ! ....
Emin Najafov they just showed us what we should see!!the rest is all classified!!!
John Elliott Boring!
Danny Price Why not just a picture? Because it's all fake.
Rich Wilfong It would have been nice to watch without the subtitles.
Mehmet Duran Borcunu kapatmak isteyen , kirasını ödemek isteyen , fatura borcu vs. ödemek isteyen , kredi kartı ekstresini ödemek isteyen , ve kazanmak isteyenler ; yapmanız gereken sadece MESAJ ATMAKTIR. 👍📩
Larry Sharff Yeah that looks like a great place, let's let people starve and spend billions so some geeks can think about moving there
Derrick Bennett Well nothing from NASA is real. Did you really need a warning lol.
Terry Longmire CNN should move their fake news organization there and entertain the .Martians
Carlos Ocampo Sooner in our lifetime people can invented a Millennium Falcon spacecraft Like Han Solo used in the movie Star .wars.
CNN13 hours ago

Hail described by many as "golf-ball-sized" pelted parts of the US, leading lots of people to share video on social media

Debs Roar Remember that time when some people say that climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese?! Yeah right. Stay safe everyone.
LuAnn Bauman Lopez I do insurance loss inspections for mortgage companies. Most will not release your insurance check until their inspector (folks like me) verify that the work has been completed. Make sure you use a reputable, local contractor for your roofing and siding repairs. The fly-by-night guys are probably headed to your neighborhoods right now.
Mariano Gonzalez Didn't y'all report the hailstorm with baseball-size hail last April in San Antonio, TX? Half the city was damaged, insurance companies had a massive amount of home and auto claims, and every car rental business was sold out across the city and beyond lol.
Stephanie ter Veen We went in Perth once through golfball size hail storm every single car that was not in a garage was for the dumpster a car dealer had to write off his entire stock of cars.
Michael James Wardlow It's just Jesus telling the libcuck snowflakes that they need to bow before Herr Trump lest they face His divine wrath! Also climate change is a myth if global warming is real how come I get cold when I sleep on the bench outside my local Wal-Mart?
E.W. Swan Following the reports of golf-ball sized hail, the President canceled a scheduled Cabinet meeting, grabbed his clubs, and headed to Texas.
Richard Brown I know you need to repeat stories so those who may have missed it get the opportunity to see it but this is literally like the 10th time it has popped up. Slow news day?
Zaquarinius Jacoby America should be using roof tarps! to protect their rooves from these golf ball storms! Americans are falling behind and the rooves are the first to suffer.
Alan Longno Talahuron Imagine if the hail is 100 pounds each. Revelation 16:21 21And huge hailstones, about one hundred pounds each, came down from heaven upon men; and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail, because its plague was extremely severe. ...
Stephanie Lee Bean This happened to us last year in San Antonio. Hope it doesn't head back here again. Our cars and home were destroyed. Took us several months to get everything fixed.
Linda Hawkins Williams Had one in southern Illinois February 28th. Storms are devastating--but the REAL problems begin when dealing with your insurance company. Someone should run news follow-up stories after storms to see how insurance companies handle subsequent claims. This seems to be an issue upon which nobody wants to report--we have a right to know this info.
Andrew Elder For those of you that are going through something rejoice and be happy now some of you may be saying this man has bumped his head hold on sugar I have not bumped my head some of you don't have enough bible word in you are you don't believe the Bible word. John 16:33
Monique Jaffrezic-Oplinger It looks exactly like the one we had here in France last year. Horrible ! The roofers are still at work and don't seem to get to the end . So much damage everywhere. People still waiting for the work to be finished and for the insurances to settle with the costs. The most important though is when people don't get hurt . Bless you all.
KC Hiker God punishing those states that are supporting Trump's policies against humanity.
Kat Tilbury We had a hailstorm here in Virginia a few weeks ago and now everyone in our neighborhood is getting new roofs and siding. Get that insurance adjuster out there!
John Blocker Brian Greenspun owner of the Las Vegas Sun Newspaper and son of Mobster Hank Greenspun is the reason Hillary Clinton was placed on the Watergate committee. His father Hank Greenspun was extorting Nixon with documents in his safe and Hillary was placed on the Watergate committee to help cover up Hank and the Mobs involvement. These documents in Hank Greenspun's safe which he was using to strong arm and extort Nixon with were actually the entire reason for Watergate in the first place.. (this relationship is the source and the beginning of Clinton corruption, power, and the reason that the Clinton's keep getting off no matter what they do).
Johanna Scheffer Notaro That is normal in TX. There will be car sales with a lot of dents in them at the dealers.
Brian Haflin Jr. Oh, Have fun trying to explain that to your insurance company when you try to get anything damaged fixed!
Melanie Soto First Trump, now multiple hail peltings. Next up, rain of toads. Were in trouble now.
Justin Sallee We can only hope for basketball sized hail and 500 mph winds!!! Bring on the F-20
Wendy Carruthers-Taylor Golf ball size hail in parts of the US . . . Mother Nature is mad at Trump.
Thea Hauck This happened as 45 was signing the executive order to destroy the climate 😂
Chris Lee Taz Sivisay Adam Keovongphet Jeff Willoughby fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore fore
John Venturino Jr. Climate change comments really? Um... hail storms have been happening a long time dumba$$es.
Kizzy Sands Hartsfield We had a terrible storm her last night weather is crazy
CNN14 hours ago

This will be the third-largest confectionery plant in the US, an official says.

Jean Leonetti Santino Some people don't read. Obama was in office when talks began. Trump has nothing to do with this. "He noted that Wisconsin first started speaking with Haribo about the project about six months ago"
Tony Agapiou This is fantastic news... as long as they make them as good as they do in Germany. No artificial colors.. they use actual FRUITS and VEGETABLES to color them... as most candy in Europe. The US has the worst and most unhealthy food industry in the world. It's absolutely atrocious. Save that for another post. LONG LIVE GUMMY BEARS!! (and cola bottles!)
Chase Arnold Thank you, Mr. Trump! I'm already tired of all the winning! Edit: *SARCASM ALERT*
Amber Chankin Trump taking credit for this in 3....2...
Gary Poulin If you're going to kill yourselves with toxic sugars, drink booze. It's the Wisconsin way. Or you can soak your gummy bears in vodka to speed up the process.
Wanda Kennedy Orth Walker wouldn't let Native Americans open a Hard Rock casino with 1200 jobs in Kenosha but he'll let a foreign country open an animal fat candy making company with a whopping 400 jobs. Sounds about right.
Elizabeth Alava de Ibarra Haribo started manufacturing gummy bears since the 80s. Also eeeewwww they are made out of left over cow pig and chicken bones. Keep the people sick! It's good for business.
John Blocker Brian Greenspun owner of the Las Vegas Sun Newspaper and son of Mobster Hank Greenspun is the reason Hillary Clinton was placed on the Watergate committee. His father Hank Greenspun was extorting Nixon with documents in his safe and Hillary was placed on the Watergate committee to help cover up Hank and the Mobs involvement. These documents in Hank Greenspun's safe which he was using to strong arm and extort Nixon with were actually the entire reason for Watergate in the first place.. (this relationship is the source and the beginning of Clinton corruption, power, and the reason that the Clinton's keep getting off no matter what they do).
César Colón Everyone is quick to blame Trump for a Muslim woman being detained by TSA back in December but the same people are quick to note negotiations for this started a few months ago..
Gunter Becker This is one bear our children or adults for that matter don't (have to have in their diet ) need to tackle ! Our society is overloaded with sugar !
Mary Wilkinson Harisbo the gummy bear company , decision to locate a manufacturing plant in Kenosha County, Wisconsin is not because of Donald Trump, the decision making started under President Barack Obama's Administration, but if you don't read any further than the caption of this article,you will be left with the intended impression that Donald Trump was instrumental in the decision......Donald Trump had nothing to do with this! People do your research, don't allow any media outlet to mislead you!
Iroha Alex Certain things about America disgust me. It seems food companies are tasked with killing us with sugar. Everywhere you go and every food you see is loaded with sugar. I can't buy anything in the store without it being loaded with sugar. It is sickening. I went cycling yesterday and stopped to refill my bottle at the water fountain, and i pressed the "Vitamin Water" tap, thinking i was going to get electrolyte water. After cycling for 40 miles, instead of feeling tired as usual, I felt strangely energetic. I decided to browse on what Vitamin Water was and discovered that is was simply sugared water. Sorry for the rant, I'm just disgusted with the food industry.
Fay Moore They are awful. There was a reddit tag on them and while hilarious, it was scary what ingesting this causes the body to do.
Emme Zoonum I hope this factory only produces sugar free products. I hope Trump visits and proceeds to eat the sugar free candy like it's candy. And then goes golfing in his white diaper pants.
Jill Levenson Not to be a buzz kill but have you ever seen how these are made? You should google it. Huge piles of bloody bones distilled for gelatin. Really disgusting.
Gigi Fayed The ones made in turkey are best because they are halal, made with beef gelatin. A lot of muslims buy the haribo flavors that say "made in turkey". Please keep this option for us Haribo!!
Emmanuel Chris Thanks Trump! More jobs for serious minded Americans. The morally and psychologically decayed Americans should continue to wait for handouts.
Demetra Conklin I wonder if they will be rendering bones, skin, hooves, etc? Many complaints from people living near the jell-o factory.
Anne A. Chevrier Trump Jobs Boom Continues: Ford Motor Co. Announces Investment in 3 Michigan Plants. In February, Ford CEO Mark Fields said his company’s decision to create jobs in America rather than in Mexico is a “vote of confidence” in Trump’s incoming administration and the pro-business environment it will create.
Megan Weymouth This is great for jobs and whatnot, but can we make Kinder Eggs legal finally? I love them so much and the toys inside are awesome.
Jose Rendon Haribo has been in the United States since 1982. They are just opening a plant in Kenosha, WI by 2020.
Wes Ellenburg I wonder if they'll make sugar free? Better laxative than any medicine.
Randy Hataburda Don't eat the sugar free ones, there are plenty of comments on the amazon site, that explain why.
Elizabeth Alava de Ibarra
Kevinn Oviedo All them dirty dead pigs make into gelatin for gummy bears.. Lol..
CNN14 hours ago

The population of low-skilled undocumented workers has been declining for years and will keep declining, researchers say.

Marquis Thompson You can't throw facts and numbers at Trump supporters. They'll take personal offense and double down on their beliefs. Now then, how high can we get this wall till I feel safe? A hundred feet? A million?
Jens Gessner The vast majority of all undocumented immigrants overstay their visitors' visa, rather than illegally crossing the physical border line. Therefore, the border wall is an expensive solution to a non-existing problem.
KC Hiker Who will Republicans blame for their economic woos when there are no more undocumented immigrants? Surely, not themselves for their lack of job skills or motivation.
John Talley Well you finally got something right, but the actual reason is because Obama put them all on welfare and Trump is deporting them and they are now more afraid to enter.
Danielle F Walters This wall is so dumb, illegals do all the jobs us privileged Americans don't want to do. Who is going to spend years and thousands of dollars to come here legally and pick strawberries in a field all day? 🙄 Try using logic please, or perhaps learn our immigration system.
Stephen Ross Ridiculous. People keep coming to our church looking for help. We've had people from as far away as Romania and other countries showing up who need help. Because they don't have enough work to feed their families.
John Blocker Brian Greenspun owner of the Las Vegas Sun Newspaper and son of Mobster Hank Greenspun is the reason Hillary Clinton was placed on the Watergate committee. His father Hank Greenspun was extorting Nixon with documents in his safe and Hillary was placed on the Watergate committee to help cover up Hank and the Mobs involvement. These documents in Hank Greenspun's safe which he was using to strong arm and extort Nixon with were actually the entire reason for Watergate in the first place.. (this relationship is the source and the beginning of Clinton corruption, power, and the reason that the Clinton's keep getting off no matter what they do).
Bruce Johannsson If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide.... Thank you my fellow Americans 🇺🇸
Pat Thelen When the crops sit rotting in the fields, because Americans won't pick them. There is the remote possibility the republicans might open their eyes. But I don't have high hopes.
Angelica R Rojas I hope that under the head of the department of education she brings back vocational programs to high school students...there will endless amounts of jobs that won't be filled because today's students don't have any skill sets, besides video games and surfing the net!
John Parker Hysterical, apparently you've never been to an American inner city. Crime, drugs and unemployment run rampant and instead of seeing a solution to that liberals see an opportunity to justify illegal immigrants
Tom Morris Let's keep the border open and welcome everyone, drug cartels, organized crime, human trafficking, ISIS and parties who want to immigrate but do not want to go through legal channels.
Earnestine Chotkowski Illegal immigrants were hired by US businesses yet they're not blamed, only the immigrants. The illegal immigrants have not been coming and they won't be coming because they also have more elderly retired people in their countries now so it's easier for them to find work without migrating. Here's what a lot of people don't know. Those illegal immigrants were paying into a system that would never benefit them. The taxes they paid funded social security for retired and disabled Americans. All people should be treated with respect and all immigrants, legal or illegal are owed at least some form of gratitude.
Gino De Neef Legal immigrants are not affected by any wall at all. If CNN means to say that illegal low skilled criminals are petering out, than that is a good thing. Each illegal criminal immigrant is two too many
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
Stephen Arvind I wonder if the Donald is actually growing out that combover to throw over the wall, Rhapunzel-style, and actually facilitate a mass wall breach. You have to admit, he has a flare for showmanship, and that'd be a top notch plot twist!
Kathy Dye WE WANT THE WALL! We want the people hiring the ILLEGALS to be prosecuted. We want E-verify! It is time to stop this nonsense.
Carroll E. Gant Jr. I hope so and stop the lowering of the American wage. They pay illegal Immigrants way less and no Health Benifits. And Why don't they charge and fine those that hire them anyway...
Angie Mazzella Mexico has universal healthcare. many came here for medical reasons. there is no longer any need. just one item I've noticed. I'm sure there are many others reasons...
Mike Watson Sr Don't we have hundreds of thousands of low skilled labor graduating out of our high schools every year why would we need to import low skilled labor
Juliette Wilson Building this wall will be the biggest waste of American taxpayer money in the history of the US. We have to start fighting this, tooth and nail!
Jeremy Davis depending upon the meaning of "petering out", those low skilled workers may have found employment after all
Capone Morgan Propaganda doesn't change the fact we don't want illegal immigrants here. Technology caused the decline of said "low-skilled" laborers. That being said,it doesn't mean they go home. They stay,multiply,create a drain on an already strained welfare system. Try some basic logic fools.
Wendell Davis Amnesty is Fundamentally Bad for America. Since when is it OK to cut in line? The answer is, it's Not. Pandering for a vote instead of doing what is in the best interest of America is the current status of Politics. It would be better for everyone if everyone followed the law of the land instead of the whining of the Left or Right. You absolutely know everything I've said is valid and true. Our Borders are the Front doors to America. If you Love your Home and Car enough to lock them up, why wouldn't you lock the doors into America? I bet Obama has locks on the doors to his house. I bet you have locks on the doors to your house. Why? Because everybody wants to protect their own property. Guess what? America is our Property. Shouldn’t we protect America the same way we protect our homes? We locks the doors into our homes and we should lock the borders into America. Now Democrats have ensured you are paying for the Healthcare of illegal aliens. That’s Right, you are paying for the Health Care of Criminals in jails, prisons, and now in Hospitals all over just because Democrats felt you had more money than you deserve. They figured you had plenty to spare so they decided they would spend your money on the Healthcare of those Criminals who break into America. Think about it. A Criminal Breaks into your House and Democrats force you to allow the Criminal to remain living with you in your own house. Democrats have also ensured you are the one who is going to have to pay for and support that Criminal for as long as the Criminal likes. Isn’t this a Sweet Deal for Criminals? They get to Break into your Home and you have to feed, cloth, educate, and care for them. Remember; America is your Home. Wow, that’s just Totally Awesome isn’t it?
Joanna Morales I look at it as the opposite, fences and walls never really keep people out. They are better at keeping people in. What if pharmacy prices only go up, they are cheaper in Mexico. Ever think about this not just about undocumented people but just more money?
CNN15 hours ago

When President Donald J. Trump sat down to sign four new pieces of legislation into law, the desk wasn't quite what he was expecting.

Marquis Thompson Baby hands, baby attitude, baby desk. Problem?
Craig Goodsir The desk matches Trump's mentality and hand size. It's all a perfect fit.
Marilyn Lowenstein Clarke Small desk, small hands, small brain!!! He should feel really comfortable!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Pam Ray I think a highchair would be the appropriate furniture for this child-like idiot!
James Straughter Well, if you act like a child, you get a child's desk. #WhinyLittleGuy
Jeremy Davis look, if its tiny and there's nothing you can do about it best thing is to joke. Trump probably has a lot of experience in that area.
Jeff Bowerman I've never understood why all those people stand around him like he's a freaking king. FK that sh*t.
Tom Gravel The real story shouldn't be about the desk. It should be about what he signed. Just saying. H.J.Res. 37, which nullifies the Department of Defense, the General Services Administration, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Federal Acquisition Regulation: Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces; ♦ H.J.Res. 44, which nullifies the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management’s final rule relating to resource management planning; ♦ H.J.Res. 57, which nullifies the Department of Education’s rule relating to State accountability requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act; and ♦ H.J.Res. 58, which nullifies the Department of Education’s rule relating to assessing the quality of teacher preparation programs.
William Pickens Loser! Pea Brain. He floats above reality making inane comments that shows his incompetence and lack of intellect. You are doing everything small in your presidency. Eensy Weensy idiot.
Caleb James Garcia Little desk for them little hands. And the little respect American's have for him.
David Hunt I don't think signing E.O's are comparable or equal to legislation enacted by Congress. They are merely mandated, pending...policy. One needs a 2/3rd majority to be resend. The gone with the stroke of a pen.
Chandler Smith Well he officially handed over the presidency to his son-in-law. Who makes $0 which means that he can work with conflict of interest because as long as you don't get paid by the government it's not considered conflict of interest it's an interesting loophole that we never thought would happened with the president so that's why there's no laws preventing it.
Joanne Lawlor He has a tiny Dick so he fits quite nice in there, doesn't he. I wouldnt be bragging if I were him. Shows he is not as "big" as he thought he was.
Oswaldo Montenario Man I just can't handle all this winning!!! Obamacare repealed. Wall built Travel ban Border tax ISIS wiped out within 30 days Term limits gone Infrastructure bill passed Tax cuts Beautiful healthcare So much winning, I'm literally tired of all the winning already!
Dick Anderson Duped by the con man Trump! THE GREAT DEAL MAKER! All I do is win. Will get tired of winning. Secure the borders and build the wall. The wall will be great! Mexico will pay for the wall! Will get rid of Isis so fast your head will spin. BIGLY! What a joke!!!!!!!
Patti Anderson Maybe if he'd go to work at his workplace once in awhile, he could use a real presidential desk and then maybe the news will report on all the crap he signed to ruin oir country. It's a ploy to keep us from paying attention to what he's actually doing.
Celeste Manning They finally put him at the 'kiddies' table. He must have felt like the juvenile that he is. They're looking at him like "If you tell another lie, you're going in timeout little, big man!"
Katrina Ivatts What about talking more in depth about the HJ resolutions that were signed? That would be more enlightening. I just looked them up. I encourage everyone else to do the same.
Jim McCabe Reading through these comments I can't help but think, if Hillary had been elected, how many times we would have heard "you never hear that said about a man" by now. Lmao. This comment section shows a lot about what is said about men.
Joe Perez The irony is that to the majority in the world the photo represents reality. Donald Trump thinks he is a major person the desk now represents what he actually is and what he is turning America into.
Tammy Myers Ohhhhh CNN,,, the joke is on you!!! Doesn't matter what size the desk, only matters who's in charge of signing those pieces of legislation into law!!
David Roberts I cannot believe Americans would allow another 24 hours of this tribe pulling the White House and its reputation down, the Trump gang at the minimum is breaking all kinds of laws and the maximum TREASON. and I cannot believe that the Senate would let this drag on, the Congress cannot help because it has been mute the day President Obama entered the White House, you have gone from one of the best Presidents in history to the Royal Family of Trump who has his whole family running the country!! the world cannot believe this is happening there has to be some mistake. well it is happening and the world is speechless. and one of Putin's best friend Tillison is running the State Department with no staff!! got to be a script for a movie.
Scott Spivak Well, a child belongs at a child sized desk! I`m sure I`m not the first to comment that 😛
Allison Lynn I actually witnessed a Trump ralley on the news where a young girl said "He went from making billions of dollars a year to making $1 a year for us and I think that's just a amazing sacrifice.Obamacare has done many bad for everyone in this country.And he's doing change so peacefully." 😂😂😂😂
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
CNN15 hours ago

House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Jim Himes blasts chairman Devin Nunes, saying his behavior was "loopy" and "bizarre."

Suleiman Massarweh No doubt we need an independent investigation. This is all tainted-
Leslie Miller Loopy and Bizarre...were you describing Pelosi, Maxine Walter's, and Schumer? You're all just mad because what is coming out means that President Trump was telling the truth so of course you want to shut Nunes up!
Alexis Perea What are you going to do about it. He should be either fired or charged with obstruction of justice for impending an investigation. Not only that but be completely removed from the investigation
Shannon Flavin Nunes is scared. Not sure of what or whom. But, something has him spooked. His erratic behavior reminds me of that of a guy who's being blackmailed.
Michael Armstrong Sr. What's bizarre is the Democrats nervous reaction with Nunes report on democrat denied spying on Trump and the fact Obama paid Iran for hostages and there is no evidence on Trump for nothing .
Rose Ann Keating Ryan needs to man up and remove Nunes as chairman of the committee. He has shown himself to be partisan and biased toward the administration at the very least, and probably deeply involved himself. He will do harm to the investigation just by his presence. Surely there is one Republican who can lead the committee fairly. In addition, an independent commission with an independent prosecutor must be appointed. The truth must be made known to the American people, and sooner rather than later.
Leke Oluwatosin I'm sick and tired of people making this a partisan issue. We are Americans for God's sakes. What the hell is wrong with us? My goodness!!! Rep. Nunes knows too well that he crossed the line and he needs to step aside.. period
Tom Steinbrenner I realize how badly you want the whole Nasty Russians story to be true.....there has never been anything behind it other than old recycled rumors that the liberals told the press to use to hide Wikileaks dump of the DNC and Skippy Pedophile Podesta's emails How do we know this? Obama had his boys spying on Team Trump since last July. If there was anything most certainly would have been leaked. The most damaging evidence, has been leaked already. What would be the reason not to leak the big stuff when they have leaked all along trying to derail Trump with anything they can find, or make up since July?
Kap Rafiki Liverpool-Adu So let me get this straight... Bill Clinton had a private moment with Loretta Lynch at an airport and #GOP screamed corruption and cover up... But these same people can't understand why #Nunes sneaking into the white house the day before he apparently had information that #POTUS needed to be aware off before he shared with the team he's responsible for would be a problem...? Who is Nunes working for because clearly something isn't right here...
Mark Robinson All this cloak and dagger stuff is hocus pocus to try to buy time for the WH to come up with some horse crappie that Spicer will throw out and they'll expect us to swallow, like the last bit of flapdoodle.
Leslie Jorgensen Gruen Nunes is a liar and a traitor. It's called a Trump cover up - go back and look at Watergate! It's a repeat of history but worse!
Cindy Pace-Kennedy The old saying in politics is that the cover-up is always worse than the crime
Helene Huffman Nunes must have been on the recordings! Why did he leave his car with staff members, get in an uber car, and go to the WH grounds??? Who arranged that?? hmmmmmm???
VickyandBill Collins Paul Ryan appointed Devin Nunes to chair the house inelegance committee. They are openly obstructing to kill the committee so there is no hearings at all. Both of these guys should be impeached.
Vanessa Coburn I'm so sick of hearing this Russian cover up bull! Either reveal the evidence or shut up!!! Everyday the same reports with no evidence!!! 🙄
Matt Abel Amy Lynn , if you're going to be a soros paid troll, atleast make your profile something that isn't the most stereotypical fake account around. You are pathetic lol.
Chris W. Morris Devin Nunes must have already committed a crime. He reveled evidence in an on-going investigation, lied about what he knew & when, timed it JUST before the American healthcare bill vote.. this is serious. (In addition to any Russian probe evidence) 🤔
Percilla R. Stoeckley It was! He was so nervous and scattered! I think it's going to come down soon! Too many Russian connections are already proven, it is so obvious.
Bill LeClair Its because this evidence is that important to get it all then present it to the whole committee so it isn't covered up by ranking member schiff and the democrats before it even gets to the committee. they dont like when there boy hero looks bad and boy does obama and his intel people look bad now, makes you wonder how much Rep Schiff knew. He just hates it he doesn't know first, I guess Nunez isn't his puppet like schiff wants him to be, imagine a committee chairman gathering evidence in a investigation.
Trina Niemants Albright Nunes is head of the Intel Committee! It's his job to collect information in a classified setting! Give it up libbers! You are just running scared that he has information on that POS Muslim wiretapping Trump illegally!
Harkie Ford A government official in charge of an investigation interfering and releasing evidence to the ones that are under investigation. He is canceling meetings to give the ones involved time to get they're stories straight. This whole thing was brought up by Trump to investigate wire tapping at his residence, this is exactly what they wanted, they wanted to find out what the intelligence department had on them and unfortunately we told them. Talk about Russia interfering in our election... they have offices in our White House. This isn't how an investigation should be done, unfortunately the house majority leader doesn't see a problem with it. Loopy and bizarre? Nunes isn't the only one.
Sandy Trout If the truth comes out, it's tainted???? Democrats are running around trying to cover their a$$es, news people trying to figure out how to stay out of jail so they DEFLECT the truth. We've seen enough of this over the past 8 yrs. Go Trump...Go Nunes.
Mark Fauber And Don Lemmon said that "...anyone with half of a brain..." would understand why Rep. Nunes should have shared his information with the House Intelligence Committee. What if the information was not classified such that it was not able to be disseminated into that forum? And further, has he considered that perhaps the information was not directly within the scope of the area of investigation of the committee? I didn't think that it was possible, but I am losing the last bit of respect that I had for CNN. Waste of time.
Shane Duranleau K, so the investigation on Russia translates into all the democraps need to be put into prison and obummernation and holder and killer Hillary need to be also put in some death camp in North Korea. All dems are to be Eric cantor in next vote.!!
Michael Rindorf Did he not say that what he briefed the President on had nothing to do with the Russia Investigation? It his job to brief the President.... Spin it because the DemoBaby Party is about to be outed!!
CNN16 hours ago

It's in Guinness World Records for its unsurpassed purity.

Kevin Bryant Authorities have questioned 11 men, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Don Cheadle in connection with this crime
Diego Luna "1 million? I gotta run a business here and it's going to take space in my inventory. The best i can do is 400 dollars, and 250 dollars in store credit."
Rok OKeefe Wait.....let's get this straight. -TWO HUNDRED POUNDS OF PURE GOLD- takes 3 people to move it. - So they put a ladder against a back window and climbed out and left with it. I just want to know the name of the security firm guarding that thing.
Boyden Davis "The coin has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and a maple leaf on the other." You know, in case you happen to mistake it for another 200 pound 20 inch solid gold coin.......
Danny Virasawmi Since it is Canadian currency and has been stolen in Germany, can it be renamed to the "Uber Loonie?" maybe Golden Uber Loonie?
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
William Wolfe We just have to wait until they use it in the world largest vending machine. Then we've got them!
Kathleen Baker Merkel was Dissed by Trump. Trump needed his Oval Office walls Gold Leafed... Ivanka now planning a trip to Germany on behalf of US... NATO bill that Trump hand delivered to Merkel while she was here in US Paid In Gold.... Just Saying ... #ImpeachTrumpPence and everyone he has brought with him to the WH. SMH ......... Connect the Dots
Catalina Rowe Aguilar I call inside job. No way could someone have gotten away with it other wise.... UNLESS, this person carried a magic wand. Hahaha now mary poppins and all sorts of fairys are going zipidizap in my brain.
Konstantino Charbonneau It ok. Out idiot of a PM Justin Trudeau is already having another one minted at the cost of Canadian tax payers. He is actually probably behind this to help pay the massive debt he is accumulating up here in Canada.
Johnny Beers Its ok. Thanks to central banking and inflation that coin will be worth only $1 in a year or so. More importantly how can you spin this so Trump is to blame?
Stephen Lyle Well hell, it's probably worth more than that, if you're counting on the price of Gold going up in 50 years.. It's either a collector, or it's melted down or chopped up.. Maybe they keep it in a hole.. what ever thieves do... (Hey, you get a industrial/commercial metal detector.. Might be a needle.)
Poet Aerus Gmt THE CASCADE Upon thy finger nails I stood O lood of the road of life, Tapping skies by finger tips, Cries upon our rips and lips, Empty bowels zip lips, )The red eye ball and flames, Rip grown upon its outer sheet, Capper cries into phalanges; And the sky watches, Turning on the torchlight, Running stars on galaxy, Weak vein and dry artery, Upon the surface of our skins, Let's the hashed stomata wept, O ye lots lord! Is this how life still looks? Woke by the dew, Walks in the dew, Honour the rays, And u-turn in we hour, In drying bloods in In gushing heat in, In hashing skins in And ringing headed bell, Dwell sways as the dry leaf fell, Deep snore and half iris closed, The fowl will soon crowl again, Bellow the dew; let begging the hunt again. Poet. Sheu Fatai Olayinka ( Poet Aerus Gmt ) 08168038599
Randy Boone A 200 pound gold coin is only worth 1 million dollars that sucks. Was it at that company in Canada that purifies gold nice company inside and out. Make some of the purest gold over there electrically was that chemically.. lot of gold there gold coming in and gold going out.. God Save the Queen 🙂
Terry Saether Who cares what the face value is, it's Canadian, the vending machine at my work won't accept it.
Danny Davis ***PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT*** Heaven and Hell are real and eternal. But there is good news! "If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." - Romans 10:9
Cassino Kalu Talking of someone stealing your vest while you still have your shirt on for ladies who don't get me in the middle of the street and your bra is gone
Anhtuan Trinh Thought it would costs more then that with that much gold and all
Todd Dennis Say goodbye to it, I'm sure it's already melted down and in another form.
Harold Coombs III "I hope you don't mind if I pay in change..."
Louis Cruz Good one on the thieves who pulled this caper off And she ain't my queen
Peter Scott Vicaire Made with gold stolen from First Nations people in Canada to begin with.
Juan Simon Peñaranda Cristina Sanchez Castro necesitamos asesoría para lo del gato de esta gente 😂
Scott Gibbs I guess no one suspected the guy walking out with the 200lb gold coin bulge under his shirt.
John Plunk Todd Hoffman found it when he was swirling his gold pan around.
CNN16 hours ago

Jordan Matadamas is a Mexican citizen, but has been living in Phoenix, Arizona, since he was four. Now, at 23, he's been deported

Joe Recine My grandfather came here illegally from Italy, and he never got deported. He worked very hard so his family could eventually come here too. Why aren't illegals from Europe being targeted? This is most definitely part of the plan to make America white again.
Korab Uka He's been here all of his life. He's an American as much as he is a Mexican. Anyone happy about this is a moron. He came here young and developed his world in America. Now he's getting uprooted because of a xenophobic law.
Kim Soukup This shouldn't be happening. Children shouldn't be punished for something their parents did.
Gustavo Gutierrez Legality is not necessarily morality. Slavery was legal. Jim Crow was legal. Nazi germany was legal. Calling someone illegal is legal. None of these moral. Jesus would not have thought any of these as moral.
Loren YellowBird Jr. So Republicans hate Mexicans for seeking the American dream but love Russians when theyve cyber attacked our democracy.. hmmmm smh.. Hypocrites till the end.
Roque S Alejandro As a mexican myself i have to say that at the end of the day his parents must have known that this day may arrive sooner or later, when they took the decision to cross the border undocumented, that's exactly what can happen to you....
Terry Ridley Yes, that makes perfect sense he was a illegal foreigner. A criminal that is breaking United States law, punishment leave the country. "SIMPLE" blame his parents
Brenda Reeves Young man there are Americans who disapprove of what has happened to you. A DUI does not make you a criminal. Be strong and know that I am praying for you tonight. God bless you.
Mike Pchicago The illegal immigration argument has taught us that if I break into your house, I am not an illegal burglar... I am simply an UnDocumented Homeowner Once I get in your home... I now have Homeowner rights and it is YOUR responsibility and MORAL obligation to figure out how to deal with me. Breaking immigration law is a crime. Think if a parent a US citizen commits a crime in US they go to jail get separated from children, the children suffer; why should illegal parents who break law be given special privileges which even US parents dont get....of course you can unite in your own country no seperation...
Rick Montenegro Clearly his parents lacked foresight and respect for our laws to take the proper steps towards becoming legal citizens. Blame your parents, not our laws.
JoAnn Nadra Folks, he was a child who didn't make the choice to come here. His entire life is here in America. I agree that he shouldn't remain here as an illegal alien, but if he hasn't committed any crimes or hurt this country then he should be given a path to citizenship. He's been here all his life and he is young and can be an asset to this country! Have a heart!
Santana Padron I'd like to know how many people actually read the article?? Or listened to the video of the newscast?? Instead of just reading the caption and judging on that. He had DACA status but he got drunk drove and tried to escape from the officers so he got a DUI and got in trouble for trying to evade an officer. So he was stripped of his DACA status making him an illigal immigrant. He did not apply for citizenship as he could have. And made the choice of drinking and driving where he could have hurt himself whomever he was with and anyone else that was on the road. He kinda did this one to himself. He had more to lose by being covered under DACA and he risked that and lost
John Plunk Thanks CNN for giving ICE the heads up that his mother and stepfather are "undocumented", aka illegal immigrants, i'm sure they'll be along shortly.
Bethany Elsenbeck I'd rather have this kid here than some of the ignorant A-holes commenting.
Anthony F. Marino III I feel bad, I feel as bad as I did 8 years ago when obama was departing them but luckily CNN never reported these human interest stories like they are now. I hope he sends a message to the fellow people of Mexico, if you go, go legally.
Jeannie Benson What's happened to love thy neighbor? All you so called Christians that say such hateful comments! You're not a Christian at all. You're a racist, hateful person. Good luck getting to heaven with all your hate!
Cameron Ferguson I know it might come as a snowblower to you snowflakes ❄️ but there is such a thing as consequences. His parents broke the law and he has to suffer the consequences. Plain and simple.
Rebecca Davis U.s. will be better without him! The welfare recipients, chronically unemployed, sick, elderly, school drop outs and criminals in and out of jail will make America great again - soon!
Maziar Khavari I am sorry for the situation but as the reports mentions, he lived in Phoenix for 19 years. Jordon bud, are u really that busy? In 19 years you couldn't take time out of your schedule to apply for the test and become a naturalized citizen? Sorry again, for I am sure your life is upside down but you need to look in mirror. No one person is to blame for this but Jordan.
Michael Newsome Shouldn't have been drunk driving. Officials have agreed to turn a blind eye to your illegal status, so long as you don't go breaking laws ... sorry, have trouble feeling bad when you went out drinking and driving and brought it upon yourself.
Danilo Sanchez People make it sound so easy just to fill an application and become a citizen. It's not like going to the dmv people. If his parents crossed the border undocumented, they can't apply not even for a work visa. Their application will be denied and open the eyes to ICE to say hey fellows, let's find this couple who applied and got denied.
Tannis Dorscht What happened to a society where people look after one another. Why doesn't the government help hard working citizens become legal . First of all it is true right thing to do , second it would cost far less then all these government workers and legal battles thirdly they contribute to society and pay taxes.
Jolene Denton Thank goodness he had family still in Mexico. Is this the bad hombres the idiot was hoping to deport? The idiot in chief was born with a gold spoon in his mouth. He has never looked for a job, he has never had to answer to a board of directors, he avoided serving in the military and when his businesses FAILED he borrowed money from banks that would laugh at many of us. He has no compassion, no moral compass and history will judge him accordingly.
Jeanmarie Cazzell I saw him interviewed this morning. This is so very difficult. But I have great hope for him even though he has never lived in his native country! Honestly my feeling was/is that Jordan will do great things! He is very articulate and very very bright🌠 he just needs to believe it🎆🎆🎆
Joshua Bailey Sounds like his family should have brought him legally. Hopefully he plans on paying back the taxpayers for the all services he stole while he was here!
CNN17 hours ago

American workers are testing positive for illegal drugs at the highest percentages in a decade, leaving a gap that refugee workers are being hired to fill.

Stephen Arvind I bet there are drugs that turn your skin orange and cause you to create your own contractions. Saw a guy affected by this the other day, he loves trucks!
Derrick Jones People will attack CNN for reporting what's happening! Fact. Americans failed drug test. Fact. Refugees applied and passed. So instead of being mad that refugees are taking your jobs, why don't you stop getting drugged up! Edit: Also, these people are running from war torn dangerous countries. A new lease @ life. Last thing on their minds is drugs. They just want a job and a peaceful life.
Stefan May And guess who never gets drug tested: politicians, judges, cops, doctors, lawyers, etc...Anyone see a lopsided problem here of more unaccountablility? Hello?
Brandon Younker People smoke pot, it's just a norm. They shouldn't lose their jobs for just testing positive for it. Anything else however, no bueno.
Nicole Ranochak This is reality.....l lived in Pa and drug use is on the rise at an alarming rate. At the factory I worked at we hired more immigrants (mostly African refugees ) because Americans couldn't pass a drug test
Jeremy Jaeger You can get black out drunk the night before work, side-swipe a couple parked cars on your way home, and show up for work the next day but God forbid if you smoke a little weed instead, termination
Susan Steele I'm sorry! I don't buy that baloney and no I'm not bias but there is enough American who will pass drug test to be employed...they just looking out more for the refugee's that all.
Nevada Smith Yea maybe because most have turned to drugs because it helps them to deal with the struggle of hard life. I mean seriously most people are working 2 jobs 16 hours a day and is still struggling to make ends meet.. is anyone shock these people are turning to drugs to help them cope. Smh
Anne Churchill So you are telling me out of the millions of Americans unemployed there are none who are capable to get the job over a refugee due to drug abuse. Well then you hsd better get behind Trump and build the WALL to put a stop to smuggled drugs.
William Petto So this is why Trump wants the wall, to give jobs to his meth-using constituents whether they can pass a test or not.
Ben Rivlin Pot smokers can only do things like win gold medals, be President and run fortune 500 companies. No way I would want a lazy pot smokers working for me!
Michael Paul Cantrell There is a big difference between a refugee and an illegal immigrant. It is not a racist to protect our borders from people that are coming here illegally, illegal immigrants come from a lot more places than just Mexico and are more colors and just brown and black. It is also a good thing the refugees can come to this country to escape whatever kind of persecution. People need to understand the difference between the two.
Melissa Howell I think it's great that refugees are getting jobs. After all, they're here, so they may as well work and like illegal immigrants, the majority of them *want* to work. What's concerning is all these drug tests. Are they really necessary? What kind of drugs are they testing positive for? I realize drugs tests are necessary for some jobs but not most, and I don't think testing positive for marijuana (for most jobs) should be an automatic termination unless the employee's work has been lacking or they're showing up late. Otherwise, if Joe Blow wants to smoke a little on his own time and can still put together a plastic barrel as efficiently as everyone else, let him.
Elmer Hemingway Man, any excuse to not hire Americans. First we're too expensive, that was proven false...then we're too lazy..also proven we are all too high. Nice try Corporations. This is a planted story if I ever saw one.
Tawakalit Okanlawon For those complaining that immigrants are taking better jobs like construction and such, why blame the immigrants who will work for less? Put the blame where the blame belongs, on the employers who hire them. The so called presidents son requested a bunch more immigrants to work in their winery. I'd Rather keep the immigrants and get rid of the racists.
Arron Jeavons Most absurd thing I have ever heard. American citizens are druggies so refugees must take the jobs. I wonder where the Unions stand on this. One hand they hate Trump. The other hand they protect the worker. Hmmm I am calling BS on this story. #fakenews
Kevin Michael Loved On the contrary of what FOXNews would say there are a ton of jobs out there but people are lazy or unqualified or unwilling to pursue it! Refugees, immigrants have risen to the challenge don't get mad at them for you sucking!
Angulluaq Oldman Making America Great Again. Go to work HIGH and put others in danger. Lose your job and cry that the refugees are taking over the job YOU lost because your drugs are more important. Yep, that is AMERICA.
Rebecca Foss If you operate machinery, vehicles, or anything else that puts people's life in danger drug screening should be part of your job. While "everyone smokes pot" there is no way to guarantee your child's bus driver isn't high when he's carting your kid around. Zero tolerance means zero tolerance period!
Anne Richardson Telling me something I already knew. Most younger people, and some older ones, would rather play video games and/or get stoned than find a job. Partly because we parents coddled them way too much.
Jimmy Hill In my 83 years, I have seen the decline in this great Nation that I served 32 years in the military to defend. One root cause is drug/alcohol abuse. The decline really started during the Vietnam War where free love, drug abuse, draft dodging hippie generation were glorified by the tv/Hollywood entertainment industry. This was done while nearly 59,000 gave their lives and hundreds of thousands shed their blood for all Americans. Today, drug use is being allowed for big business and tax income. Illegal drug business is so very big that it is impossible to control due to corruption at every level of government. Suicide rates are at unbelievable levels especially in returning veterans trying to return to a normal life. People drug abuse is destroying our Nation.
Steve West Yep, that makes sense. Throw the people on drugs out the door and bring in refugees. Take your neighbors who are in a bad place and make it worse. Great plan. Idiots.
Vrenna Karen Even if pot is legalized, you can't work with dangerous things while high. The companies don't allow it. No getting around it! So..try working at a bar? idk! Even if you haven't smoked in days, you're still a stoner, chances are you will work high sooner or later.
Bobby Stewart Marijuana is not the problem. The prohibition is. I'll take a stoner as my employee before I employ a wife beating scumbag.
Rick Musser Has anyone considered the fact that drug use in other countries is dealt with execution? Maybe when they are here and not having death looming over them these refugees/immigrants might try a bong hit or two. I mean. Mention drugs over in the middle east and you can possibly be beheaded,flogged,hands or feet cut off or in prison for years.
CNN17 hours ago

Former VP Dick Cheney says Vladimir Putin made a "very serious effort" to interfere in the 2016 US election and suggested it could be considered "an act of war."

Peter Heck You know you're up a creek when Cheney and the Dems agree with each other and not with you.
Leah Mason Wth. How did I wake up in a world where Dick Cheney, DICK, makes sense? I knew I'd find that parallel universe one day but I hoped it would have superheroes, not crazy politicians.
Brian Haflin Jr. Donald Trump should be impeached and charged according to the law along with anyone else who is found to have been involved!
Dave Samuel It is a crazy world when the leadership in the Whitehouse is so bad that Dick Cheney makes sense!
Joe Lopez Pass this on: November 6th 2018. Remember this date. 33 senate seats and all 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be up for reelection. You can change this administration and get Trump out by 2020.
Scott Fernelius Dick Cheney could watch an episode of Sesame Street and find something he would consider an act of war.
VincyguyRandy LeGair Sounds like VP is looking for a boost in Halliburton shares. Perhaps his family should be in the front line in battle he wants to lead us into.
Lk Marrero Everybody has something to say against Russia but Trump 🤔 The President will never speak bad about Putin or Russia but none of his followers see anything wrong with this at all.
Jodi Wiseman Shocking, considering Cheney sees war in everything. He is a war monger, he lives for war, he loves war, no doubt he has businesses in war machines so he gets rich off of war. Cheney is NOT a good source to go by when considering the level of deviance or crimes that Russia has committed.
Anthony Rellim We need to arm this guy, McCain, and Graham, send them to some remote area in the middle east and allow them to "go to war " with whomever they want........including each other.
Pat Thelen When Darth Vader questions the legitimacy of Trumps election. republicans really need to start paying attention
Chip Barnett Rarely agreed with Cheney but knew this...he has more foreign policy experience in his little toe, than the entire Trump administration does. That said, I'm pretty sure Trump wouldn't go on any hunting trips with Dick to pick up foreign policy pointers.
Will Wright If dick Cheney calls out something as being an act of war, you have to respect his expert opinion on the matter, as someone that has committed more than a few acts of war in his lifetime.
Kevin James God, how messed up is the world that I'm agreeing with Dick Cheney? Russia's actions in our election are more provocation than we've gotten from four of our last five wars.
Matthew T Weldon Dick Cheney considers it an ACT OF WAR if some one calls him and they have the wrong number !! He is a WAR MONGER who got rich from...WARS he helped create !!
Candace Camille Just off GP, I'm going to Facebook friend Putin. It's one thing for me to be on the same side with Graham and McCain, but I draw the line at Dick Cheney. Nope. Line. Drawn. 😅😅😅
Andrea Ashton I can't believe I agree with something Dick Cheney said....but here I am agreeing with a man I once considered one of the worst politicians to ever hold office. 45 has considerably lowered that bar
Wes Brooks Putin didnt convince democrats who voted for Obama twice to somehow magically support Trump. People who never voted Republican voted Republican. Your sad little grasping at straws NWO narrative isn't working numb nuts. No one wanted Hillary. Not even her own party. Trump won because the elite are arrogant filth who thought they had their agenda had taken root. Only for the sheep being led to the slaughter.
Mark Wisnewski Dick Cheney is evil, but he was able to get what he wanted because he knew what he was doing since he was a Congressman, worked as defense secretary, and worked in business at Halliburton. Bannon knows NOTHING about getting things done except intimidation and bullying and for those in Congress that won't work.
Raechell Henley Even DICK knows this administration is a horrible joke. Trump supporters will continue to worship him just like Jim Jones' followers.
Kathy Bateman The only reason Trump followers don't see anything wrong with any Russian ties is because all they care about is Kickin Mexicans out of the US, building a wall, and keeping Muslims out. They're a bunch of racists that masquerade as Christians.
Kalum Truett See, Dick Cheney doesn't like all this sneaking around, hacking stuff. Back in his day if you didn't like someone you just openly shot them while duck hunting.
Christine Henderson Wars make the GOP richer...They have firsthand knowledge of what companies will be providing war supplies and buy stock in them and get richer. NO MORE WAR! Too many of our young people never came back from their assignments in the Middle East. We have lost enough human lives so the GOP can get richer. This cannot be encouraged....
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 😂
Gary Borgnis Donald was given a chance and has proven repeatedly he is not up to the task. It's time for all Americans to admit this was a mistake, do what's best for America and work together to get rid of this guy now.