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A US citizen has been detained in North Korea, according to the Swedish Embassy in North Korea. "He was prevented from getting on the flight out of Pyongyang," a Swedish official said.

Armani Nelson It's sad to see so many people think this is funny as they are cozy in their homes. You wouldn't be laughing if it was you. Pathetic
Thibaut Cpc First you pay about 5000 dollars to visit Pyongyang, there are tour guides following you around all day long/listening to your conversations.. etc. Now you can't go back to the US. Pointless trip, well done Sir !
Linda Smith Hamilton Travel to North Korea at your own risk. US government should just leave the guy, he knew where he was going. Travel to North Korea at your own risk.
Barbara Mancini Why would you even step foot in that awful country?
Cornell Gustus Jr. The only American welcome in North Korea is Dennis guy....guess we'll see him sobbing in a courtroom soon.....smh
Tim Suri I don't get it, WHY would anyone, especially an American visit North Korea? Why would you risk being detained or put in prison? It's like going into an ISIS location in Iraq and try to convert them into Christianity, then they arrest you and cut your head off. What is wrong with people, even reporters taking chances to report the news from NK? Smh
William Casterline I didn't know United Airlines had direct flights there.
Ray Stone Fake news is a type of hoax or deliberate spread of misinformation (false information), be it via the traditional print or broadcasting news media or via Internet-based social media. To qualify as fake news, a story has to be written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically. Now how is this fake news?
Ganesh K. Nathan This absolute menace Kim in Pyongyang needs to be dealt with fast & with a coordinated strategy among the international community.Need to call his bluff when all his rockets fall to the ground after launch!
Muhsin Ibn Simba American can detain anyone on earth and name him terrorist everyone will clap hands go America good job ----------------- North Korea detain one American and name him Spy Yhoooooo...... No No No never North is wrong, fat boy blah blah........ A wonderful World..
Pilar Brown I don't why my fellow US Citizens think they are welcome in North Korea, forgetting the fact couple of others US citizens are doing hard labor in NK for being from the US....馃槖馃槖
Carmen Silva A U.S. citizen detained in NK? What was this person thinking? Thanks to trump, we're close to war w this country n as far as I remember the U.S. does not do negotiations w the enemy
Brandi Wilkinson Should have seen this coming! Hope North Korea releases him soon so he can be reunited with his family! Wish he never went to there in the first place!
Mary Deann Phillips Bernstein I hope he will be able to return home. Isn't the student who took the poster still in prison? May he find strength to survive and be safely returned.
Dariann Laborde They should not be there!! Really that's asking for a deranged dictator to put any American in
Jeremiah Praise Timothy Engoru huh! what is then MOAB still doing these koreans are passing a single to american that they just #scare_crows..let them not think that its still nagasaki or hiroshima..cause even Russian Is Ready With FAOB..HAHA my opinion
讝职讗值讘 讝职讗值讘 Its just a simple math for a disperate Pig Jung Un.. Us warship - korean waters = american Hostage freedom..
Carlos Duboc Who the fu***** is in N Korea these days.... and with an American passport ? Really ????
Mike Wrenn What American in their right mind would be in North Korea right now?
Brandon Horan Trumps gonna take this bait and send us into WW3. Lovely.
Win Ken Why would any US citizen in his/her right mind go there?
El Faraja American spy detained rightfully in NK. What a caption of this article ?
Wayne Dumond should not been in North Korea any way so WE ARE ABOUT TO GO TO WAR!! with North Korea
Luke Zarb Cousin They were probably getting revenge because of the Asian that was dragged of United Airlines
Tamier Tbone Abdul Bashir You can cross the dmz into North Korea any time you feel like it. It cost you nothing
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The Marine Mammal Center is an animal hospital near San Francisco where you can meet baby seals and help them get back to the wild.

Steve Seca Sexton Amazing , I love hearing good news about " baby seals ". ,it's great to see that people still care about the planets wildlife... This is much nicer than hearing about " navy seals " going out and killing people. !
Belgin Tepe Pls help baby seals in CANADA TOO.canadian barbar fishermans bash baby seals head by baseball bat until they die in blood river front of their mothers EVERY fkng CRUEL PEOPLE..馃槧馃槧馃槧馃槨
Cortez Ram贸n Loera Awesome...hopegully they stay away from Canada where theu club baby seals to death.
Kiah Payne-Rodriguez Rocio Rodriguez-Payne when we make our San Francisco trip!!
Danielle Verdonck Amanda when we ever go to San Fran let's make sure we do this too. Lol
Koubru Khagan Lakpa How about meeting Syrian refugees and helping them get back home, safe..??
Shawn Lynn Strange but CNN is not reporting about Venezuella where people are eating rats and dogs!!! Democrats Hillary and Bernie wanted Communist America with CNN as propganda machine! Trump has saved America!
Claude Morgan
Andrea Radin Garncarz Would if I could
Michael Gallant I wanna go
Claude Morgan CUTE
Precy Damian My dream job!
Richard Ling CNN = #fakenews MSNBC = fakenews Fox News = fakenews
MacKenzie Driscoll Shanna Vecchio I may have just found your next vacation
Lynne Essig Hi
Darbi Simmons Jillian Harrell I think the boys need to go here
Adria Annelisa Astrid Burnley...this looks cool to do!
Henry RA Good resources for barbecue.
Ed Ferreira A trained baby seal could do a better job than Trump
Rameez Muhammed 馃崄 ad
Vanessa Merten Babe Robbe 鈾ワ笍
Britany Lundy Susan Kruse you should go!! 馃榾
Victoria Floyd Joanne Jereczek Arreola Stephanie Proctor next time Noah would love to go here.
Melissa Coniglio Jennifer Checo they're cute
Tracey Campbell Tant Hannah Kim let's go!
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They've never seen a reduction in their store count before.

Rick Norman There is a thing called market saturation. My home town's average distance between Subway is 3 miles or less, I bet.
Nahimana Veronica Lee Honestly, subway doesn't taste the same. Their food used to taste like "real" food but lately it taste.... Weird. And it's no longer $5 馃槀馃槀 the prices just keep going up like everything else.
Roger Crandell I used to eat there 3 or 4 times a week. I quit after finding out the company covered for a pedophile. I hope they go out of business.
Brandon Still 50% chicken story and the fact you need double meat for a decent sandwhich so your sandwich is 10 bucks, and jimmy John's and others will give you much more and better for 10 bucks.
Jason Coleman Earth Day. Okay. Who decided this was a thing? And how is it not discriminatory to all the other planets? Why not a Mars Day? Jupiter Day? Venus Day? No? Planetism at its worst. Don鈥檛 even get me started on intergalactic solar-systemism.
Amanda Claxton How about the subs are just not tasty anymore and having someone yell over your food while spit flies out if THIER mouth is just NOT APPEALING......and their ingredients sitting out all day until they use them up....GROSS and NOT SO FRESH.....
Rene Sepulveda It taste like crap now....and they barely give you any meat. especially if they have High School kids working there. Bread isnt toasted right its cold, flat, and tasteless most of the time.
Gary Brown I'm sorry that y'all have to deal with bad subways. They replaced the old cafeteria where I work with a subway, and it's wonderful. It's more cost effective if you don't think you need to eat a foot of sandwich for lunch.
Carol Beyer Dunlop They need to come aboard the healthy train, offering wraps, gluten -free breads , etc... McDonald's did this and it has made even food brats like myself stop there on road trips .
Vin Cenzo TOO MUCH RETAIL. Not surprised with this news. I remember when Subway was one of the very few options around me for lunch that wasn't fast food in the form of fried food or burgers or higher priced table service. Now the options are many: Chipotle, Moe's, Barburritos, etc.
Beth Oberly The market is saturated with them. Driving from PA to NC there had to be one at every rest stop. Not to count all the other ones, plus in walmarts, etc.
Carol Mccannon There are other sub places that are way, way, better. Even Blimpie is better, and doesn't have that subway weird smell that I always experience when I walk in the door.
Wade Klassen I can see why in my city due to all the dirty Indian owners...those guys are the worst for owning a Subway...they only ever hire their own kind and they are filthy food handlers too...maybe cut back on those asshats! lol smh
George Holland No wage increases for years, the same with pensions so people have less money to spend you dont think that would have anything to do with it would you.
Jonathan Petroni The sandwiches, toppings barely ever change. Low variety. Cost is higher than ever, dont even have $5 foot longs here. You end up paying like $13 for pressed meat and a drink... please.
Larry Mullins Maybe if the product was consistent across the board this wouldnt happen...It is amazing how much a plain roast beef with pepper jack varies depending on the store you visit.
Elizabeth Joy Knighten Id rather get jimmy johns then eat the super processed "meats" of subway. Even theor chicken not to mention, ive gotten food poisoning twice now from subway. Nah, im good, take your pedo meat elsewhere.
Cindy Pace-Kennedy would be interested to see if other sandwich shops experiencing same. the parking lot of Jimmy Johns is often empty in my surrounding towns. I can make the same sandwich at home for half the price, put it in a insulated lunch bag and take it to work with me. I have cut spending for months now due to fear of a crash like before
Izayne Lewis Because they used to be fresh and delicious, and great customer service!! Now the food is not fresh, the workers act mad because u want more than 2 things on ur sub and never smiles anymore, and some are ran by FILTHY OWNERSHIP SERIOUSLY!!
Erik Berthelot I live in a city too small to have a real McD (it is adjacent to a gas station). There are two Subway's about two miles apart, and most of the times when I go, it is either empty or almost.
Shanish Ujoodha 8 years of communist Obama subway and starbucks going Bankrupt now.. Amazon in trouble employees asking 5 times prayer a day!!! Hillary's America or Bernie, America would have ended just like Venezuela, people eating dogs and rats in Venezuela! Trump has saved America from socialism!
Dani Massaro I don't eat meat, and Subway charges me MORE for a sandwich with no meat on it. So I have to pay extra to get less food. I go to my local deli for sandwiches, where the food is exponentially better anyway.
Isaiah Briones They need to be more "Sharia"! When they started banning meats in their stores to appease the Muslims, I knew it was the wrong move. They deserve to go down hill from now on.
Jackie Marroquin They need to change their menu. They've had the same thing year after year. I got tired of eating subs, I'd rather go try tacos or have a bowl of something. Add something new like Quiznos does.
Pilar Brown Probably because of just poor/changing management - that was always what the signs on the Subways before they closed months later, said here in in NYC.
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How much of apple cider vinegar's popularity is based on hype?

Dawn Mc Millan I knew an article was about to show up. Yup! There are many of us who are happy with cutting some of the drugs out of our diets and using apple Cider Vinegar. My allergist had tried everything to give me relief during the allergy season, and nothing helped. No shots, no allergy meds because that would just work for 4 days and be useless and I was the worse case with puffy eyes, continuous sneeze, stuffiness, just miserable! I tried it and have been going through the season with just a few sneezes at the beginning and absolutely no other symptom of allergies ( this is my third allergy season without the nightmare... which usually is the first 6 weeks of Spring) Apart from that I also have more energy. I used to have constant headaches, and I do not crave sugar and snack as I used to. My joint pains are also gone. This is just MY personal experience, and I use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. You experts can push your articles on others, but I am doing just dandy. 馃槉馃憤馃徏
Rebecca Lei Wong I had a really bad eczema flare up last month so my sister had me take a shot of apple cider vinegar, and it actually reduced the swelling on my face.
Marcia Wietlisbach I have used vinegar to cure shingles & it works. Put full strength vinegar on the sores and drink 1 tablespoon vinegar to 8 oz water every 3 hours. Healing starts in 3 days & by 2 weeks the shingles were completely gone
Jolanda Bowie Cunningham Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar has worked for me for years. It can be used for a number of internal and topical health reasons. Do your own research and see what it can do for you. I will continue to use Bragg's ACV for my own health and wellness. Big pharma have big problems when they have to out right lie to the public.
Nicole Pletcher We have a Japanese MSDF group working with our 3rd Fleet right now and you're posting 19th century anecdotes about folk medicine? Of course diet is important; think we've all got that memo. Do you live on twitter or are we done here?
Angie Laurusaitis Been using apple cider vinegar for decades before the hype. It really works
Joe Fox It helps you lose weight. If you drink it before you eat you aren't hungry afterwards and if you drink it after you eat you vomit.
Mark Gilbreath next post CNN will tell you it's healthy to eat wasp spray.
Christ Jeammy I would be puppet to anyone,,,, I know what right and wrong,,, it take a lot to keep the information I have,,so not you will tell me what to do,
Christ Jeammy CNN or Europeans or world leaders you all are free to use another person,,,, person that you all like,,that will do anything you tell him,,am not a puppet
Christ Jeammy The information I keep ,,not you who told me to hide the information,,
Kim Collins Looking for a lover and not a fighter like my ex, who beat me and yell at me always
Yacine Boukecha Apple acid : vitamin A powder of apple : apples under 57 volte than a solution with water ( equilibrium chemical )
Ashley Yarbrough I use it everyday
Simon Kabichi Be Blessed!
Monita SJ
Pete Saget More reposts of fake news
Silviu Tot
Dustin Picov It's true
Mbemba Leonard @(4:0)
Red D McGhee "Hype and stinky vaginas" 馃槀
Helen Demuro It really works
Dhanulekha Selvanayagam Mohamed 馃槷
Jackie Noon Shawn Marisa
Zai DeGuzman Laffitte Lindsey Jane Thompson 馃檲
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After losing flight MH370, Malaysia Airlines has become the first carrier to sign up for a new satellite-tracking service.

Richard Ling Remember the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370? Well, it just go a whole lot more weird. In fact, it鈥檚 actually kind of scary. Four member owners of a very important patent on a semiconductor were traveling on that flight and now that they are gone, it makes the famous billionaire Jacob Rothschild the sole owner of the coveted patent. In what is certainly one of the greatest mysteries of our time, MH370 mysteriously disappeared. How can they track cell phones anywhere around the globe, but lose a plane?? There is a trillion dollar infrastructure setup in space. It鈥檚 absurd to believe their lies to say the least.
Tomsy General Beautiful, signing up for a pin point satelite tracking service for airline operators should be made compulsory for air space regulation to indentify and avert head on collision in future though the radar system is there but the tracker provides for the real time location incase it falls off radar....the benefits and security implication should be alligned to give the best result, thanks
Richard Ling A US based company, Freescale Semiconductor, which had 20 senior staff on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had just launched a state of the art breakthrough electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems within days of the Boeing 777 going missing. Freescale Semiconductor has been developing special microprocessors, sensors and other technologies for the past 50 years. The technology developed is often referred to as embedded processors, which the firm says are 鈥渟tand-alone semiconductors that perform dedicated computing functions in electronic systems鈥. So why were so many Freescale employees traveling on this one particular flight? What were their jobs exactly? Were they on a covert mission, or at least working on a black project that the public does not even know of, as work of this nature sometimes calls for? Can these employees be the cause of the disappearance of this plane? As you can see, this inspires many other questions which have yet to be answered. Among the 239 people on flight MH370, the Freescale employees were mostly engineers working to make the company鈥檚 chip facilities in Tianjin, China, and Kuala Lumpur more advance, said Mitch Haws, vice president of global communications and investor relations.
Marcel Siegenthaler Nothing really new here. We had satellite-tracking on our Twin Otters for many years. When one of our Twin Otters crash in Antarctic January 2013, the position was known right away.
Calvin Foo Is that very difficult just to install a GPS device on a plane just to keep track the exact position of the plane? It is not rocket science right? If MH370 has GPS installed and constantly sending location back, I don't think it will be missing in thinair and unfound until today.
Adam James Gee I know all about it but no one cares to listen. The truth concerning this is just too horrible to accept.
Gregg Millis All commercial aircraft should have this as a standard. Period!
Leonix Luminous Satellites are all over the globe its just that airlines are busy cutting costs for the sake of profits. I have seen a satellite tracking gadget for commercial aircraft and its the size of a 10inch tablet.
Jacob Kessler Black boxes are outdated and should've been replaced with a satellite tracking system before any of this happened.
Christ Jeammy Cancelled the climate change,, stop the climate change,,,,my message to peace is the best choice to free every one,,,
Christ Jeammy Do you think I will change my stand to peace ??oh no,,,if I change It would give peace
April Dinkins Silva I don't think necessarily it got lost there is a cover up... It's in the possibility of course but..
Christ Jeammy Both mars and earth will never be one,,,Mars stay as Mars,,,, earth stay as earth,,,,
William Carribine About time they came into the future and not stay in the dark days.
Lester Phinney How do you lose a plane?
Kenny Benally What?! They didn't do this before??
Stephen Kretschmer Not an Onion headline.
Flavie Franceschi Good airline : I flew with them many times .
Simon Waweru It's So Unfortunate That We Can Discover New Planets Million Miles Away, But Can't Locate A Missing Plane.
Charles Jackson Why not make sure they are flight worthy?
Siti Aishah Rahmat Contract
Steven Rosenfield Lots of tin foil hats out today...
Ricky Ferrigan Satellites do not exist.
Gary Adams Still i'm not gonna fly with them
Christ Jeammy Keep the killing going,,, we see were you end,,,
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This 3-year-old artist's paintings are selling for thousands of dollars. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and requires constant care and it's stunted his ability to speak - so he speaks through his art

Jeannine Duffey Neubecker I've been diabetic since I was 3. Must be something else causing this communication problem. As a nurse I've never heard of diabetes causing an inability to speak.
Kristen Browning Love this if it's true. The short clips of the child painting look absolutely nothing like the paintings featured in the ones sold. Concerning. There was a similar documentary about a decade ago looking at the same challenges called "my kid could paint that."
Travis Franzen And yet there are thousands of brilliant young artists not even getting the time of day for their works. Don't get me wrong this is great in every way, however I find paying thousands of dollars for something anyone can do a little insulting to hardworking artists who actually use skill.
Julilah Jongtrakul Looks like a big scam I know many people & children with diabetes & every single one of them can speak. He's only 3 years old I'm sure other problems are causing his speech delay. Isn't kinda weird that his mother is a artist too & the ones the he is painting on the floor look nothing like a paintings up for sale. And 3000 for a child's painting who comes up with that price & people actually pay it!! It said 75$ for a print if someone wants that print so bad just copy it on your phone & send the pic out to Walgreens to print out for 50cents i don't think it's the kids fault as much as the mom trying to exploit her kids weakness
Michael Condee 鈥淵ou have to take the good with the bad, smile when you鈥檙e sad, love what you鈥檝e got and remember what you had. Always forgive but never forget, learn from your mistakes but never regret, people change, things go wrong, just remember life goes on鈥︹
Diana Tran Diabetes does not cause an inability to speak or else there would be a lot of people that can't speak.
Luca Pinsuti And the mother is an artist too. What a coincidence.
Craig Colt . The Stench of Liberal Hypocrisy.... Cher tweeted that 鈥淥鈥橰eilly and Donald Trump have sexually harassed women 4 years鈥 without providing any concrete examples to back up this claim. Rosie O鈥橠onnell followed suit, calling Trump and O鈥橰eilly 鈥渟exual predators of a feather鈥. (She also failed to expand on this extreme accusation). And Stephen King said Trump and O鈥橰eilly are both 鈥渕embers of the odious boys鈥 club where members feel they can abuse and humiliate women at will鈥. Again, he did not produce a shred of evidence. The question is, where were these sanctimonious voices when members of their own club were accused of what some might judge to be far more inappropriate behavior than the king of cable was? And why have they previously been content to see others who have been accused of alleged crimes and misdemeanors potentially elevated to positions of great authority, or watched them receive the most prestigious of awards?
Alec Pinero This is incredible. So happy to live in a country where even a struggling three year old can be a rockstar.
Jay Stephens Is he autistic as well? He must be, with a name like Ocean, and he's an artist at 3.
Gary Joseph Modlinski I'll bet a dollar to a donut that child did not paint all those paintings.
Catherine McClory Diedrich Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder that affects the pancreas. It has nothing to do with speech development.
Anja Elisabet Weber Sorry but ai don't believe that the little kid produced those paintings. They're good but it's a scam.
Connie Marie Such BS.馃檮
Ann Johnson Beautiful art. He really has an eye for color, shape and movement.
Ifioma Madukwe Fake, fake, fake.
Dennis Dow Funny when my kid did this at school they just called with a mass
Cheri Tessman Robert Tessman what happens when DKA is diagnosed too late at onset
Charles Jackson Ppl waste money on that? Lol
Farkhad A-Zadeh Ulvi Niftullayev Now this is great.I mean,it's sort of contem.Art,which I hate,but I liked these.馃檪
Linda Sondik Perhaps he's not speaking in protest for being named Ocean? 馃槈
Fabian Rogers Wait they named him Ocean?
Dave Lundy Even has the artist manbun
Danielle Robinson Katherine Dorrall! Tyler could be worth a fortune x
Ziggie Imoh $3000 for a 3 year olds painting?
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The Obamas are having the time of their post-White House lives

Derek Gossage Good for them, I hope they enjoy their relaxation after all the stress they've both been through over the past 8 years
讚谞讬-讛 讗址驻职专执讬拽址谞执讬 I know some will find it very hard to accept. . .but the Obamas are one of the best presidential families in US history.....with such an incredible legacy difficult to forget.
Raphew Elegbede They brought family values & finesse to the White House. Long may both of you live. You are role models in all positive fields of human endeavours.
Maria Goldberg After how they were treated by the bigots in our country, they deserve the best! I wish we still had them in the White House instead of the trash we have now.
Maulana Nafiso Having been the greatest and the best president America has ever had,it calls for a daily celebration for a job well done.. Obama deserves all the best. sadly,the senile clown currently in the oval office is undoing all his achievement.
Tracie Williams Rotflmblackao at you mad ppl cuz he ain't wasting your tax dollars like Trump is!!!!! Y'all better start saving your pennies cuz after 4 yrs of supporting Trump and all his vacationing golfing, you're gonna need It!!!!! Super Proud of You Obama Clan... Have fun for Me
Matthew Hilliard Enjoy yourself, Mr. President. I hope you're having a great time. You and Michelle served our country dutifully and honorably. And like I suspected, these Republicans trolls are still talking about you even when you're not in office, rather than focusing on the trainwreck and his henchmen who committed a hostile takeover of or country.
Ewen Murie We could go into a long debate about Obama's legacy. But is there anyone who could dispute that he isn't just a nice guy? And I mean, if he offered you a lift home from anywhere, you know you would get home safely. May he and his family live a long and happy life.
Kevin Hogan Now that he's not President the secret service gave him back his real working cell phone...instead of toy phone 馃檪 #TonightShow #StephenColbert
Denise M Lewis I'm glad, they had 8 years of fighting for us and the congress made it their life to not work with this President . I hope their life is long and fruitful. Good role models, fit and family values.
Nicholas Salmeri Politics is such a funny business. Folks that hate when anyone talks in a negative way about Obama love to lower themselves to the same thing they proclaim to dislike when they speak of Trump.
Jae Centorino Classy as ever & he snaps a picture of his beautiful wife with the American Flag behind her of course 馃槏
Andy Glock What fakers HUSSEIN & Mooch are. They say they are at one with the plight of the common man, and cherish our planet Earth. Yet they are hobnobbing in opulent luxury on a super yacht that belches our oodles of pollution.
James Clay Ramsey He did the best he could while in office. We Proletariats should be glad that we did not have to sit in the WH. Very few of us if any could have handled such a responsibiity. So, with that in mind, let us hope that the new administration can do what needs to be done. It is a challenge that few people can deal with. May the Ancient-of-Days watch over our country as it moves forward. Maranantha.
Sasi Kumar And also retired Presidents do receive some freebies from celebrities and rich peoples for what they stood for, and all the book deals. President Clinton and President Obama were not rich b4 becoming Presidents and during their Presidency; President Clinton is already a multi millionaire via his post presidency works. President Obama will go the Clinton way too. Jr Bush & President Trump were already rich b4 they became Presidents. Jr Bush never had to do post presidency works for a living or a particular cause.
Michael Condee BREAKING NEWS ALERT- CNN can confirm from anonymous sources that President Trump has ate meatloaf for the third time this week. Stand by for coverage.
John Mucciolo Don Lemon wasn't there? He wasn't clinging on the side of the boat trying to get a snapshot of Mr. Obama?? Say it ain't so!
Irina Hockenjos Obama is dangerous World criminal, reversed racist who made a clandestine order through his corrupt to insanity level Department of Justice target for assets extortions, tortures and exterminations white unsuspected innocent American People!
Shamiquia Yancy McPherson Funny how many of those who disapprove of Pres. O use the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (That's the real name of the policy, because I know Fox News does not teach them this) as their ONLY argument for why he was not a great President. In addition, if the ACA is soooo terrible why were they not able to dismantle it while be in the majority? Their STANS (Stalker+Fans) lack the ability to reason.
Ibrahim Kunju Obama was a great president,most of the people's likes him from all over the world.
Yacine Boukecha They eat the meat and they throw the bones not for us but for their dogs. In the other word, this article serve for propaganda to keep people away from their elects chief.
Cetnik Ju Mr. Bombama, the Nobel prize winner for peace and bombing of Muslim countries, his legacy will lie in killing and crippling millions, destruction and destabilizing of whole Middle East, crowds of refugees and fresh terrorists 馃檨 ... if he still feels a man, he should give back the award to the committee and apologize to the world 馃檨 ..
Birungi Zulu Trumpet comments are the bomb! Y'all gonna keep choking, nothing u can do abt anything actually
Scott Geer The worst POTUS of all time. His legacy is a $hit-stain on America and American values.
Willem Cirkel CNN be like: trump farts and the whole world wil fall apart. Obama dropped 21600 BOMBS and he saved the world.
CNN4 hours ago

Lady Gaga and Prince William open up about mental health in a video chat

Nancy Charest Maybe I'm grumpy this morning but I find this mildly offensive. It feels like mental health challenges have been newly discovered by famous people. Well, bully for you! Many of us have been struggling with mental health challenges for decades. It's been important to us for a very long time.
Cameron Laroche Well considering our gene pool gets more watered down with each decade mental health is a very broad term and hundreds of dofferent symptoms and effects. A lot of what we feel that she described may be in our heads so to speak, but this is a seriously hard topic to take head on. So many obstacles to tackle good that this may shine some light on certain aspects.
Gene Evangelista So how do you talk about it and "not be dismissed as a loon" we here in PH are seeing cases of teen suicides at an unprecedented rate... People just don't want to talk about it because of the stigma or maybe lack of understanding of this disease, people who do suffer from it quietly deals with it or turn to substance abuse either way, a "condition" that could have been helped will go from bad to worst eventually...
Steve Hilger It's good that mental health is getting more attention but please be cautious. I have worked in the behavioral health field for the past 28 years and have recently been working with Veterans who are challenged with post traumatic stress. Please exclude the word "disorder" (i.e. PTSD). Veterans I have spoke with state that by calling it a "disorder" puts on stigma on their mental wellbeing. Lets be mindful of mental health labeling and treat our Veterans with the dignity and respect they deserve as well as anyone challenged with a mental illness.
Brian Nelson Well since neither lives in reality, this should be completely useless. Maybe next week you can get a janitor to perform open heart surgery.
Jennifer Lanier-Vittor Thank you for helping to take the stigma away from mental health issues by informing others and sharing personal struggles!!!!
Jess茅 Middleton Mental health is such a taboo topic to talk about since it wasn't until recently that more people are openly talking about it. I personally love and support the Heads Together campaign as it brings to light the fact that we are not alone. There is always somebody out there that is willing to listen to you. It might be hard it first, but even slowly speaking out can change your life.锘 馃挄
Christ Jeammy Many are fighting to know how I got all my information,,, you will never know how,,,,keep finding,,, I know how to take you out too,,,I complain about showing weapons ,CNN use it to test me,,,
Christ Jeammy I know how Europeans and America use the earth and mars talk to close climate change,,, close it ,,we all will be save and better
Holly Ann I suffer from PTSD and not only does nobody understand around me but nobody cares.I am told to get over it,it will get better,go to the doctor they have meds.Somedays I cant get out of bed or stop crying.I think about killing myself almost everyday.I really dont know how I have gotten this far.At the end of the day the pain is so tremendous I usually cant bare to talk about it.I just hold onto the memories when I was ok and keep telling myself just one more day...
Derek 脕ngel With 90 percent taxes and one national government, there would be only one food choice and answering to the Trunch Bull... With less taxes, there'd be a variety of companies offering a variety of foods such as Panera Bread, Quizno's, McDonald's, Wendy's, Denny's and at affordable prices... Plus we have fifty states in this Republic that varies... Let American History in elementary, middle and high schools and in addition to community colleges and universities explain that prior to FDR presidency, there was a government take over and the economy collapsed. Reverse Osmosis.
Jonathan Rocker Lady Gaga and mental health aren't we glad she realized that? Isn't this the nut job wearing a meat dress?
Beatriz Garzanti Could you have PTSD without violent situations in your life? It's just a question, I'm curious.
Ali Rahimi Good but why they both have apple computers? Apple ad much?
Jos茅 Leandro That's the best I've seen her look, I hope that's a reflection for how she feels inside.
Lawrence Byrnes TRUMPcnn touts mental health while normalizing a mentally ill fake so-called persistent. Nuts.
Christ Jeammy Look France,, look France, France am thinking to help,,,they also thinking to double cross me,,,when will your eyes open??? Stop dreaming,,, no time for fools
Richard Ling Donald Trump needs a psychiatric evaluation.
Bryan B James William and Harry won't get a job in the real world. Sometimes they are embarassing - like Mc D. So what as long as they support themselves in stead of us supporting them. Both boys are ugly and have no education so be prepared for low ended jobs.
Mark Gilbreath All the science idiots have mental health and don't know where to pee? STRANGE
Christ Jeammy Better we stop the climate change,,, because this gay may send us out from their planet,,,
Christ Jeammy Stop the climate change,,, hahahaha Europeans and America just win,,,
Christ Jeammy Europeans America just win the climate change,, hahahaha, I know you push me to talk about it,,,I have to if it will give freedom
Christ Jeammy I saw the Europeans America game,,,their happy wen I take about earth and mars because it give them advantage to stop the climate change
Christ Jeammy I respect UN science day,,,, I comment the hidden sides too
CNN4 hours ago

Prince Harry reveals he sought counseling four years ago to deal with the grief of losing his mother, Princess Diana, in 1997

Veronica Hearney Prince Harry never had a chance to grieve as a twelve year old boy in 1997 considering his family was constantly in the spotlight. I for one am truly glad he has gone for counselling. Yes, counselling is a personal and private matter, but he's bringing awareness that it's alright to seek help.
Scott Kelley There's an entire social structure that condemns men for being too open with their feelings and diminishes them for expressing them too strongly. If opening up about his experience in therapy in any way motivates other people to reach out, isn't that worthwhile? It's not like people are stalking him to track down and expose these therapy records. He's the one opening up about it. Good for him.
Charles Sam Any man would be torn to have his mum be taken from him so suddenly at any age whether it be 12 or 92. We no matter what be yearning for our mum back.
John Venturino Jr. Yeah man life can be a challenge I remember getting help after watching a man get shot in the head in a church parking lot on Halloween night in Utah. This was in 94 and I was 7 years old it messed with me bad. Then I saw that video of that old man being shot on Facebook live and that memory came back real hard. PTSD is nothing to fool around with many people deal with it. You don't gotta be in the military to have PTSD.
Nikia Lucas There is nothing wrong with seeking counseling. But throughout my life, I've seen that counselors also need counseling. What it comes down to is all need someone to talk to. One shouldn't have to pay to talk to someone. But if you don't have an support system or the confidence in confiding with one your are with. You don't need to be with them. There are some batshit crazy out here in all fields of work. You're spouse/significant other should be your confidant. A lot of these med professionals prescribe meds instead of providing coping skills.
Josh Hill Good for him! It's nice to see influential people willingly disclose that seeking mental health services is not something to be ashamed of!
Susan Young Way to go, Harry! I had to have counseling after my precious father died, but I wasn't a sweet, little boy, I was a middle-aged lady who had had a full and wonderful life with my dad.
Michael John I don't know what I'd do if I lost my mother and I'm 27. Prince Harry and Prince William were and still are so strong for pulling through the murder of Lady - Princess - (and should be) Queen Diana!
Catharina Loonen The strangest thing about all this is that this has news value. Are there people that didn't expect children shoved in a position of fame NOT to seek grief counseling? I wouldn't have expected other wise.
Jiggy Haze His Mum got killed by his family...she wanted to be with a Muslim man and the royals killed her. Open your eyes and see the truth!!!
Dorothy M. Tate Good for you Prince Harry .i always wondered how he and his brother coped so well with their Moms so public Death. I am glad he is in a good place in his life.and he took his older brothers advice.
Sharon Brown I read another article where both brothers said that they never even spoke about their mother's death to each other. I can't imagine what that does to a soul to repress all of that. I'm glad that he recognized the effects of that and is encouraging others to not do the same. I really like these guys. They're so regular and down to earth.
Real Rezwan This is some first world bs. Some royal family bs. Ur family members gonna die that's reality . Deal ur private life privately . Don't be a sissy
Cheryl Lynn Rehard It's hard to lose a parent, even harder when you're a child! I was 25 when I lost my mom who was only 43. Glad he got help to start working through his grief!
Shree Kumar Poor guy had to grow up without his mother....the freaking monarchy KILLED her.... Some you should question those who did this....but then you must be careful also... Could happen same. I could be wrong
O'segun Paul Andrew The only solution to the Princes' problem is Jesus Christ and Him crucified for the sins of the world! The social-psycho solution which thrills the leftist and liberal media world won't help you Prince. The Word of God will. Ask your grand mother the Queen!
Youseff Zumott I feel with the prince. Losing a mother is a very hard experience. Let alone when he is that young! Coping with this tragic death takes time貙 if not all life long! I hope the entire family and those close to princess Diana would find peace貙 comfort and healing even after those long years. May God bless the prince and his family and may Diana rest in peace!
Diana Yates such a brave young man - his mother would be proud of him. He has become an effective role model for young men across the world. thanks Harry for sharing your sadness
Greg Mott wha-Wha-WHAT!?! But that could ONLY mean ONE thing.....He's a Human Being!.....Just...Like...You...&...I. I'm thankful that he was able to do what he needed to to find some peace, et-all, regarding what we can all agree was an very tragic and heartbreaking time in his life. Well done Prince Harry. Well Done, INDEED!
Veronica Elizabeth Just looking at the two boys and Katherine in that last few seconds - Not only would Diana be proud as can be with the three of them - the Monarchy will be even better with them at the helm!
Erin Everest People afraid of seeking help: "I don't want people to find out I needed help, they'll make a big deal over it..." The supportive friend: "No one's going to make a big deal about it, everyone needs help at some point." CNN: "Breaking news! Person seeks help with problems!" Publishes it 12 times in one week.
Nancy Salthammer It takes a brave person especially a prominent one to admit they have had a problem emotionally that they needed help dealing with. I give kudos to Prince Harry for being one of those brave people. It will help him to be more healthy emotionally carrying on forward. I hope his example will help others to seek help. Being smart enough and brave enough to get the help needed to get healthy emotionally is nothing to be ashamed of ever.
Rachel Michaels Glad he sought help and he's bringing awareness to mental health issues. The loss of a loved one can have a profound effect on anyone. Our emotions build up and sometimes it's very hard to talk about. We need to take care of our mind just as we take care of our body.
Kathi Vargo Good for know he needed it and went...His Mum right now would be so proud of the man he has become..BOTH of her sons show what a wonderful job she did raising them as long as she was on this earth
Shola Ahmedi Good for him and every man should seek help when they're not feeling well!! There's no shame in seeking and finding help and most men are ashamed of doing so! For me as a woman , a strong man is someone is open with his feelings rather than acting like a super hero! Men are human beings with feelings and experience difficulties just like women but society and mostly men themselves nerve allow those men in need of help get helped!
CNN5 hours ago

Russia claims its "father of all bombs" is more powerful than the US "mother of all bombs"

Sebasti谩n Arteaga We have the best record on human rights and the environment! Russia: NO WE DO! and here's extra funding for science. I doubt we will ever see this kind of competition but we can hope
Nathan Krisher Bunch of men with tiny cocks trying to see who has the bigger bomb.
Alec Pinero Be submissive to the rest of the world like Obama did, and the rest of the world will laugh at you as they continue to make bombs. This is why war is inevitable, and peace is for kindergarteners.
Dharini Dolya Russia claims its "father of all bombs" is more powerful than the US "mother of all bombs" And Last time I heard it was people who were SEXIST ....
Brian Umbel When the fatherland claims that the father of all bombs is greater than the mother of all bombs which is about to be used by the motherland on several of the little brothers/sisters of the the fatherland..... we may have a slight semantical issue : (
Nangyalai Nangyal The world is truly becoming a dangerous place when one is calling a destructive material a "mother", and the other is calling it a "father". A mother is a woman, an angel of peace, and in many countries a father is a bread winner for his children to help them grow and live in peace. I wonder why these bombs are not called; Master of Genocide, a Human Terminator, Bomb of Mass Destruction, The Devil of all; at least, it will help explain there is no right reason behind making a bomb of such scale. After all, we do not see any conventional wars where warring countries would like to kill and destroy ANYTHING.
Nikia Lucas These leaders/dictators who feel the need to show whom has the biggest 馃 sack should fight this BS out amongst each other! Don't put soldiers at risk that enlisted thinking "I'm protecting Our territory" nonsense. When it's all politics! Let these asshats fight each other. I know some people join hoping you'll be taken care of if you represent your country. You will se the reality once you rely on your government for support after your discharge. Wake up!
Kia Jones Ever since Trump became president everyone is showing off their bombs even parading them now there is a father of all bombs? Even IF this is true Putin has a reason for letting us know.
Mirwais Nasiry An Afghan local girl child was crying then suddenly started smiling. Her mother asked why are you smiling while you were crying. The girl say's I was crying because I was scared of Bombs sound but I'm smiling because Mother of bombs just died so there won't be more bombs. Mom says don't be happy, father of bombs is still alive and he will marry again and there will be more bombs... 馃槱馃槫馃檨 translation from Pashto language
Aqib Razzaq Condemning other nations for their messiles test for defence and personally telling the world proudly that we have most dangerous bombs which can kill more people. If one drop MOAB then other say they have Father of all bomb Great馃憦馃憦
Don Orcutt This is what you get when a bunch of men are leading the world. This essentially boils down to dick measuring contests. 馃檮馃憥馃徏
Sergio R Salinas So now our leaders are playing with fire... what..."My bomb is bigger and more powerful then yours" really.....this is serious and not to be taken lightly...enough of these childish games... that's nothing to be played with!
Kiernan Majerus-Collins This militaristic pissing contest doesn't do regular people any good. In Russia, people are crying out for freedom and economic opportunity, while in the United States, we need to commit ourselves to providing every American with a decent education and free health care. And above all else, both countries should be focused on dealing with global warming. Clearly, Trump and Putin aren't serving the interests of the world as a whole. They both need to go.
Suyal Raj waiting for that moment , when next country will say our "Grandfather of all bomb (GOAB) is more powerful then MOAB and FOAB 馃槀馃槅馃槀馃槅馃槀馃槅馃槀馃槅馃槀馃槅馃槀馃槅馃槀馃槅馃槀馃槅馃槀
Anna Medina Russia really does have the biggest bomb in the world...the fact that they are saying it to the U.S. seems kind of like a threat to me. One that should be taken seriously.
Cortez Ram贸n Loera As humans, we are alive in this time to ensure the world is directed to the great peace of planet earth, our Gaia. Earth is discontent with what we are doing and is in the process of cleansing. Slowly. These dreams that you have about the earth (you know who you are) is what is being shared with you. We cannot forget where we came from before we awake to this reality, as there is always the fact that we will soon have to leave this one as well. The destiny of The Devine Creators beings are intertwined. This Love we all speak of, is the supreme force that is literally holding us together this very moment. Lets make an effort to awaken to our purpose.
Lorraine Hodgson Just what we need, two braggarts vying to see who has the best, the fastest, can do the most destruction, kill the most people. The world is a much less safer with all these power hungry rulers trying to be number 1.
Jonathan Rocker Didn't North Korea say the same thing? I think America should take these threats seriously. I know you have to limit information so that people won't riot but if a nuclear bomb goes off on American soil. It will be time to physically move everyone in this government.
Antonio Tony la materia ni se crea ni se destruye , se transforma ... el principio de conservaci贸n de energ铆a will state that size doesn't matter when it has got to do with bombs (with the exemptions of nuclear) ... two of the most military powerful nations playing "mine is bigger than yours"
James Kurnik "Oh yeah, my dad can kick your dad's butt". "Oh really? My dad knows Karate, so he will kick your dad's butt first". Amazing how foreign policy has become like an elementary school playground fight.
Andrew Tadres Arms race just like the 50s through 80s but don't believe everything you hear! We lied about things and so did they aka man on the moon. The ussr on their economy only time will tell!
Saiqa Akbar I wish Russia and USA become the father/ mother of humanity, changing world into a more safer and productive place than claiming father of biggest bombs , destroying million of innocent lives.
Merle Burbaugh Jr More liberal lies exposed, problem is there are so many of them, thanks to CNN and their ilk... Liberals accused Trump of wasting money, saying the bomb cost $314 million. After that, other news outlets started claiming that the bomb costs $16 million. However, the latest reports have revealed that the bomb costs $170,000 per unit. So, retarded liberals got it all wrong...AGAIN.
Jeffrey Schaufele Okay so its not a nuclear arms race. It's a, how close can we get to inhumane without upsetting people. Jesus Christ people. This is so dumb. We have perpetuated violence knowing it only breeds more violence. Yeah, I know, liberal snowflake shame! But look at this. We are spending trillions creating better ways to kill or bigger ways to do damage rather than spending that amount on finding peace. We could have funded an entire government in Syria at the cost we are putting into maintaining it's violence. Let's grow up.
Bonita Bedard Pissing contest. Can't we just get all of the "mine is bigger than yours" men in one room and let them determine the winner? And, of course, seal the door closed. 馃槇
CNN5 hours ago

The final product is expected to be about as big as a carry-on suitcase so it can produce enough water for a family of four

Sean Okelley Berkley has already started a tear collector and hopes to produce a million gallons of salt water a day to be recycled into Visine
Tammy Case moisture collectors great idea ........... as for the attack on MOTHER NATURE without her you wouldn't be here .... special kind of studip there ... jsut saying
Brad Hall I live in western Washington State, I can create water out of air by holding a glass outside... 馃檪
Joe Sage thought of this years ago.... whoop te do.... more surface area.... best case is to have them 2x2 or about there and plant then all over to feed a reservoir, because it's not usable otherwise, even scaled powered peltier device.... been done and tried... this just uses a material with more surface area....
David Hodkinson see this is the kind of innovative approach you need for climate change.. not that hippie policy crap. mother nature doesn't like our ways.. replace her.
Cissi Sherlock Well, they'd better hurry up before trump cuts funding and scientists become extinct.
Matthew Schmidt Liberals will call this illegal and come up with a way to say it pollutes the environment 馃槤
Sigalit Peleg Yeller does it clean the water from contrails, dust, pollution ?
Jayn Edmonds According to NASA, they've been creating water on the ISS for almost 20 years but let's pretend this is new tech, right? :/
Chris Raiber And the inventor will be found dead soon......
Sean Thornton We can literally grab the water out of the air, but still haven't鈥 fixed Flint?
Angela Vos Dont selling it to Trump and his adminitration plus supporters. .. they dont believe in it. . So ignore them Just they ignore our lifes
Jacob Cali McDowell-Young Theres already a device that was created already like this. But sure lets give credit to "scientists" in the awakening of science protests
T.A. Tewis Science and the possibilities it offers are endless! I look forward to what it has in store for us in the future. 馃槑
James Jamesaw McCormack If you're going to have stationary moisture evaporators they must look exactly like the ones in Star Wars otherwise they're just an eyesore
Jacob Daniel Anderson Imagine a truck.. a semi.. with it a capability. Would have changed so so much.
Jacob Daniel Anderson That is when California was in a major drought i said that.
Kevin Chhay We've had this machine for years, along with the cure for cancer.
Joseph Vladimir Sanchez I'm thinking of making a special device that allows me to not care about posts like these. Then again it does sound interesting
Evorg Samoht These exist already. A variety of individual tower types. A survival backpack, and in conjuction with wind turbines.
Ray Kurilla Been done before this one is just solar powered
Sheryl Meyer Really? Well you People keep saying our air killing the earth! Make up your minds!
Russell Newman when they can do it with salt water ..then they would stop all the flooding.
Justin Sallee Donald Trump is the Worst villian in earths history.....thats what i learned from this article.....
Ryan Stephen yea its called a dehumidifier
CNN6 hours ago

Voting has begun in the first round of France's volatile presidential election, with polls showing a race too close to call.

Matt Smith It's sexist not to vote for Marine Le Pen, just like it was sexist not to vote for Hillary, right lefties?
Deedee Isie I hope French people learn from so called 100 days of confusion, lies, alternative facts and incompetent administration here in US.
Matthew Schmidt Notice all the liberal Americans freaking out over a women who might win an Election in France??
Phillip Twist This will show whether the world is continuing to slide into further hate and ignorance or if it will get back to some normalcy.
Haziq Mohamad Goodluck France with a far-right candidate. Goodluck with pushing the rest of the whole world into a total crash. Republicans controls -Senate -House -Majority of Governors -Supreme Court pick -Presidency This hasn't happened since 1928.. Then 1929 Happened
Sarang Banne And guess what, in France the person who ends up winning the popular vote actually wins the election..
Isabelle Nyota French people, are you for NATO? Are you for a strong Europe? Please don't vote for Le Pen, you will be facing soon " FREXIT" if you do so, and Russia will take over!
John Shellfish I'm seeing so many fellows here arguing about here's some details : The EU is composed of 4 main institutions : the european council that decides the major policies to be made, composed of all the heads of state and government that WE elected, they impulse and guide the main policies of the Union. The council of the EU, composed of ministers of our government coming from the majorities that WE elected, they create the bills and propose them to the parliament. The Parliament is composed of 732 MPs that WE elected, they vote, amend and edit the bills. The european commission implement the bills and make sure they are respected by the member states...the commission is named according to the majority of the parliament that WE voted for, and that nominates the whole Commission. Remember the main objective is to HARMONIZE the legal systems WHERE IT CAN BE, for, in the end the member states remain fully autonomous for every other domain of policies ! Finances, fiscality, societal issues etc... So when you know a litlle bit about the EU's functionning, you realize that suddenly, when they say Brussels is controling us, what they don't say is that Brussels is actually them...and us... Aside from this : the EU is greatest single market in the world, leader in science, research, studies etc AND not to mention the European Court of Justice which garantees fundamental rights for you and me...AND ALSO the Region comitee where all the regions of the Union can create policies that can bring help to poorest region and help them develop and create global economical balance throughout the whole union's territory ! Am I ready to lose that as a french citizen ? Absolutely not. I lived in the UK and in Belgium, the EU gave me opportunities beyond my expectations.
Cher-Mara Err Please look at what's happening in the United States and learn from it. We already have enough crazy global politicians ...stop the bleeding and save the world!....NO on Pen!!!
Peter Seyler . . . a bas, a la lanterne, les populistes / nationalistes - vive la liberte egalite dan fraternite ! . . . Needless to say/reply I am neither French nor francophone but I hope for an outcome that will not de-stabilise Europe and as a consequence the rest of the democratic world .! . .
John Shellfish I have studied european law, european union policy and institutions for 6 years, through bachelor, masters degree...ended my studies in political science of europe in Brussels...3 thesises... So basically if Le Pen wins, I lose all my work...opened borders helps me seeing my friends who are mostly out of France... If Le Pen wins...things would be f...d up for way.
Virginia Kavanagh Drew Hopefully French citizens don't make the same mistake America did. Electing one of these fascists, pretending to be advocates for the "little people", only contributes to the dictatorial bent of these so-called "nationalists". Le Pen is nothing more than a bigot, who really cares nothing for the average citizen, she just wants power and is no friend of women or their causes. France, you don't want or need another Trumputin.
Sarah Chaara No need to stress out over this one because the real one is not until May. Although it would be lovely if Le Pen didn't make round two, but that is just not in the cards for today. I also have faith that the majority of the French and Europeans in general are smart enough not to join the national disasters in the U.S. & Brexit.
Sandra Martins I really hope Le Pen wins, France is no longer France, another terrorist attack happened and the other candidate seems not preoccupied at all. Enough.
David Sauble Hope their pollsters and media information about the election is better than what we had in the USA! The media and pollsters had it all wrong here in the US.
Rick McConaghy Le Pen will win, if for no other reason than that the French feel they've forfeited their future and control of their country to the power of the EU, much like the British sentiment behind Brexit.
Ludy Siri-soiss Unfortunately your journalist and American media (including cnn included) are as corrupt and manipulative as those we have in France! I followed the campaign through your media to see how the news came to you ... Unfortunately they all made pr take you pr of the weathercocks by doing a max the disinformation !! Especially that in a max of Candidates (man) have to see how they talk about you Americans ... some do not expect to keep a friendship with your country!
Hassan Swamy Good luck le - pen, for every election in every country for, and against will be there, whatever may be the reason aligation ,ultimately your chanceses of winning is very high. mecran ,fillion are no way near to you. MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN.
Marc Mercier They have a candidate their with the same values as Bernie Sanders. Drew crowds of 70,000 people. (JL M茅lenchon.) The establishment does not like talking about him but he's seriously in the race.
Michael Shannon The French are true morons to even consider a candidate like Le Pen after what happened with Germany. Fools, absolute fools. If they make the wrong, frankly evil decision, then I hope they are ready to face the painful consequences.
Deva Siva Nail biting finish! With Native First Britons having ethnic & cultural purity after #BREXIT, will First French Natives achieve the same for their Native Nation of France?
Daniel Palacios Here is your chance France.. Don't blow it.. #VivaLePen 馃嚝馃嚪馃嚭馃嚫
Nevada Smith Come on France do the right thing.. don't vote that racist wench into office.. there's already enough hate in the world, Be the example the world need.. Vote AGAINST hate.
Julien Gelas-Assendi I hope my country and my brothers will show to all of the world than we still maintain the spririt of "Lumi猫res" and the power ot the light of the reason.
Sergio Philippe Borromeo Nearly every poll I see shows M茅lenchon and Macron making it to round two. M茅lenchon performing much better than expected, Macron slightly better. Le Pen and Fillon are underperforming.
CNN6 hours ago

Warehouse workers, beware. These little orange robot helpers can work 24/7. Could they one day be after your job?

Ted D. Ruxpin Automation, the one thing your president hasn't even mentioned that is actually taking away jobs. But you can't deport robots so, let's all blame the Mexicans 馃檮
Vincent Nhieu This is one of the consequences of capitalism: the drive to constantly improve, make things more efficient.. (but at the cost of jobs due to technology). People just need to realize there's a good and bad side to capitalism.
Jared Stinson Someone has to build the robot.. design the software, coordinate the installation, manage the system, an upkeep the entire system. This only replaces the jobs that cause lifelong work related injuries from repeated actions. The future is bright.
Tony Cultreri Wrong question. Better to ask: "How many people will this free from endless drudgery?" Factory jobs, coal, horse-n-buggies, things change. Humanity evolves, with growing pains for sure, but we must be forward-looking. The only thing permanent in life is change. No sense betting against it.
Jonathan Rocker Not if I got anything to say about it. This will replace us all if we allow it. We will ignore that the middle class and lower class will have no work. As long as the rich and their president has a job.
Evo Verdi Hmmm every machine has its limitation .. they need operators and technicians It will create jobs In the early 80's there was a fear that computers will take job (Now In 2017) has it happen no so no worries
JO Eimerbrink Nope, it's illegal immigrants stealing our jobs. It has nothing to do with automation. LOL. I can tell you a story about automation and displaced workers, and I'm sitting tight because more cuts are coming.
Caleb Pagan We will never stop innovations. It's a matter of time. We need education reform so when students graduates from high school, they will be ready for the workplace if they choose not to go to college.
Anthony Kanowitz This is why we need socialism. This could be a benefit to us all under socialism. Instead, it is a detriment to most (the workers) and a benefit to the wealthy.
Charles Ball Wait, wait, wait!!! I thought it was immigrants taking the jobs. Thats what the President and the Republicans keep telling us. What a joke. The only jobs immigrants are taking are the jobs Americans are too lazy to do. Like picking your vegetables, cleaning up after you and taking care of your kids for you. This is the real reason jobs are disappearing. But its much easier to blame immigrants than to admit American companies are doing it.
Kathryn Murray You should ask the person that 44% of the voters decided was the smartest person in America if these robots will have any impact on his great theme. Maybe they can make Ivanka's shoe line instead if using slave and child labor in China.
Jos茅e Touchette Investing money to create and build robots... and after a while they will fire people.... then without jobs these won't be able to buy gadgets and live a normal life. Many companies think about ways to do a lot of money and big profit, not about human beings and the social/economics issues
Angie Sisk Robinson Robots can only be internal consumers, but what about external consumers? Where do they think people are going to earn money to purchase product? Extinction of our own kind.
Ryan Emerson That's pretty amazing. Exponentially more efficient and cost effective. The only bad thing is it takes away jobs for humans but in the process adds many more for IT jobs
Joseph Jacob If it's after the people's job, then the money been made by those robots should be given to the society for living, if not no need of exempting people's livelihood, that will be a greed, you can make while others can't. #shear_wealth.
Danny Tkacz This is excellent because humans are incompetent. Just ask someone behind a counter these days where you could find a product they stock. Wouldn't have a bloody clue!
Ray Bottorff Jr Oh goody, I won't be able to blame someone for what looks like drop kicking my package of breakables to my door step, just some random orange robot. Yipee...
Kevin Jacques No yah when we've gotten so technologically advanced there are no jobs left, then our government will need to look into Basic minimum income.
Jeremy Acevedo They will over heat and break down on day then y'all get another chance in the warehouse never trust a machine it will end up with ur jon and something else too
Carlos Espino The self operating forklift is pretty cool . I've seen it with my own eyes here in Allison transmissions in Indianapolis, India
Tim Blacklock "I am issuing a complete and total shut down of robots entering the country. Just the Mexican robots though. Those are some bad hombres."
Mario A. Ruano Believe me, I am bringing all those jobs back to American robots. American workers must be replaced by American robots. American robots will win bigly. #MAGA
Steve Smith Simple solution. Every robot pays an equivalent of income tax which goes towards social security for the people made unemployed.
Jason Cunningham It's amazing how no one seem to notice the prophecy in the movies that are made by man. Ever since the creation of the television, man has been prophesize his own future. I know I sound crazy. Just remember how the TV series Star Trek used a form of the Bluetooth and the camera phone. My point is, people should've seen this coming. Corporations only care is the bottom line. History of America should've taught people one thing about the world. Cheap is good. But free is always better.
Pamela Hash These are not as reliable as this would leave you to believe. The company i worked for that used them got rid of them after only a couple of years. They break down ALOT. They can only be as reliable as the computer system controlling them.
CNN6 hours ago

It only takes a minute to get to the 121st-floor observation deck. Via CNN Style

Emily Roberts Update your homepage. An actress (relevant in the 70's, dying) doesn't really measure up to the amount of action taken today in protests across the world. I'm sure she would have agreed.
Caiden Shulfer That elevator may be fast, but not as fast as women jumping to conclusions.
Vardges Tserunyan Yongwoon, now I have a good reason to visit S. Korea, I actually took a ride the fastest-used-to-be elevator. Gotta keep up with developments.
Andy Thorn And in South Korea they don't need to worry it will get blown up by a radical Islamic terrorist.... you know why? Because if South Korea gets even a whiff of a hint you are an extremist, they deport your a$$ out of South Korea back to wherever you came from. It is also super safe there even amongst 10 million crowded citizens walking the streets.
Suzanne Hopkins That will stand out as a fine target for that crazy fat little Korean to the North ....
Joed Villaflores Margaux, si un jour tu visites S茅oul, tu sais o霉 aller ^^
Chris Wedemeyer Barsness Jennifer, Kevin, Marilynn & Gayl this just opened. Too bad you weren't there when it opened! 馃檪
Gary Stephens I remember that elevator in Looney Toons cartoons, the guy got on the elevator 6 ft tall and got off at 2' 9", lol.
Rene Sepulveda 1 min ? 121 flrs ?! stomach wouldn't be able to handle that. I'll pass.
Yasmine Kernane Estelle Feghali un ascenseur + S茅oul bb, nos deux trucs pr茅f茅r茅s 馃槀馃槀
Logan Maciejewski Vic, Riley, P Ricardo - they've advanced since the "Shocking Elevator" to get up to Seoul Tower
Lawrence Byrnes Is that another TRUMP tower. No? Then why does TRUMPcnn even care?
Joseph Mccollum Only thing faster is Kim Jong Un's mile run time of 58 seconds... 馃槈
Derek 脕ngel Tyrannical Psychologists challenging Donald J Trump in Oval Office as he serves the Presidency...
Sean Okelley That is actually faster then it took for Kim Jung last missile to explode
Bohyuk Yoon We call it tower of Sauron. You can see this at any place in Seoul
Tony Santos Not a fan of skyscrapers, I love nature, not concrete walls
Robert Peebles CNN stay off the drugs. Where's the real news?
Sreejith Surendranadh And this is News? Keep a standard CNN?
Louis Ramos
Elaine M. Orozco Marleen - I think we should conquer this!
Jessica Francoise Farrell Nope..just nope.
Nisha Khatri Ravi Gupta muje jana h ynha
Jae Esma Scary
Erik Newland Seran An your country is so cool馃榿馃槝
CNN7 hours ago

To buy time, the McDonald's franchise owner told Steve Stephens his fries would take an extra minute.

Brandon Taylor I hope the employees who held up the suspect has been compensated by now...
Andrew Philip Helton Does anyone here believe the franchise owner was the one in the drive thru window to park the guy cause his fries weren't done yet lol
Robert Peebles CNN I've defended you for ages. When will you start reporting real news? Since when do McDonalds employees do anything beyond the minimum requirements?
Amy Ferguson Dutton I thought the owner was just speaking for the restaurant staff. I didn't think he was there at all. That's what first reports said when he was interviewed... of course could be wrong.
Dajonte Howard This story is 5 days old, CNN. But we understand you're a bit slow. You're also trying to come to terms with the November election still. We get it.
James Kwena I always knew it. The police killed him and came up with story.... There was no trial whatsoever just because he's black.... Americans are a bit off to applaud such things as they believe its a way to serve justice
Amos Mattson 馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃 The ALT LEFT have destroyed the democrat party. Even people that supported or support Bernie boo democrat leaders during speeches. The ALT LEFT has made the democrat party the party of violence. They support groups that chant kill police and use violence to stop free speech. The old true democrats are now becoming independents.
Sharon Jacobs Moore The franchise owner?!! It was an employee! Wow, just steal it away from the actual person that deserves the credit! Smh barbarians!
Gertrude Frances McFuzz The story has change a bit馃. The original story was the cashier spotted the guy...Now the owner 馃槨. Stop. Give the girl the money.
TJ Keys That just goes to show you that eating McDonalds food will kill you. 馃樀
Allison Kirkwood Hey CNN, you are a day late an a dollar short with your timing!
Tonya D Sanders I hope the employee that recognized the fb killer receives the reward.
Muna Ismail Gr8 work for the employees and I'm still not a fan of McDonald's 馃い馃い
Brandon Lee Hinrichs 9/10 psychopathic murderers prefer the Mcdonald's mcnugget to the Wendy's chicken nugget!
Alshaw Fari Now every time I get told to wait I will not trust them 馃....
Kimberly RN And How law enforcements still hasn't paid the employee(s) their money...
Ehab Traish I hope they don't find some poor excuse to not reward the person responsible for catching this guy
Nuwan Chathuranga Glad he asked for fries. If he asked for ice cream he would be still at large!
Lucia Bond Good. anyone who stops at a McDonalds for food should be taken in. 馃憤馃徏馃馃徏馃構
Vicki Charlot Time to pay up!! The employee is entitled to the money
Darrell Littrell Since when do you have to wait on fries at McDonald's? There always cold!
Caiden Shulfer Mcdonald's worker deserves the reward
Hector Perez F you diabetes crap!! It takes a "minute" to eat your crap and get diabetes! F you McDonald's!! F you!!
Elle McPherson Did they get the reward money?
Casey James It's rather pathetic a murder has to be on Facebook live for people to care. 馃槖
CNN7 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump has been pushing "Buy American," but data shows Americans aren't spending much money on anything right now, regardless of where it's made.

Ryan Kephart Well if basic living costs weren't so high we'd be able to spend on other things. The middle class isn't protected by anyone anymore. History repeated. Blah.
Elizabeth Barajas Montoya Of course we aren't spending. The future is uncertain with trump still trying to figure out how to enrich himself...and his viscera guiding his judgement.
Erin Merrill Walloch If we weren't scared shitless that the market will crash again, unemployment will rise, we lose our health care, and still won't have a living wage maybe we could be buying made in America products.
May Radakir "Buy American" says the one who is doing all his purchasing in China, borrows money from the bank in China and use the money he borrows to purchase steel from China to build his hotels.
Peggy Deis Gas prices are going up, so I barely have enough to get back and forth and keep food in the house. So no extra spending from me!
Jerry Balkenbush Trump has broken almost everyone of the Ten Commandments, you know nothing of the bible, money is your God, you're more like King Herold than Jesus, Evangelical Christians still voted for you and they say it's all part of God's plan!
Nissa Higgins Ummmm because our president is 3 days away from ushering in a legit apocalypse and of we're smart we're buying survival kits and sprouting beans.... 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Robert Stanford walk into a wal mart, home depot or publix; 90% of the employees in that store, at that time, are not making a livable wage... the executives are taking home 40-70k annually with bonus, and the ceo's of these superstores make 70-130 million annually with bonus... so, basically about 10-15% of the people employed by these corporate giants can actually afford to shop at the stores in which they work...
Curtis Payne Yes the unemployment rate is low but the under-employeed rate is as high as ever. Blue collar workers are drowning, suprise a 3% raise every few years is not keeping up with the COL we actually make less $ every year. Retire never, just drop dead at work one day & get tossed in the dumpster like trash.
Margaret Ann Well since we can barely afford food, housing, healthcare, and college, it's hard to buy much of anything else. Spoiling yourself is saving up for something you needed for months. And of course we're going to purchase the product made in China vs the American made counterpart because it's what we can afford!
Vicki Buckley I am beginning to wonder who has been deceived. Buy American absolutely does not apply to trump except in a "Look At Me, I am the Greatest" and if I say this, I am Great (his favorite word).
Lyn Johnson You would think his supporters would be out spending big bucks to clothe, feed, house, etc themselves as they follow him around to these rallies 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Mike Whitehead CNN social media is getting ridiculous. They post BS every 15 minutes. Why do people keep reading this crap, let alone responding? Some day we will all know that we made a difference in the world by wasting our time on Facebook. Get a life, people.
Rosalynd Ra Ra Bryant What was the tip off that we are not shopping? That fact that major chain stores are closing, or that fact that people are working 2-3 jobs to survive, or that people can not afford the basic things for living like shelter & food!
Andrea Dunn Well not too long ago republicans effectively destroyed the unions with the blue collar folks help. That was the beginning of the end. When offered union membership in a Tenneessee Volkswagen plant and a S.C. Boeing plant they turned it down. That is why you turned to Trump. Self-inflicted wounds with supply side economics.
Marcel La Brecque Wages don't match inflation. No more pensions, market driven 401k's over priced higer education, steep intrests rates, high costs of living, insane healthcare costs. Top management salaries have rose 1000% in 30 years, while average Joe's has rose 11%, with inflations at 40% over that time. Cars, homes, education, raising kids, daycare, utilities. It's nuts. The rights gonna blame the left, the lefts gonna blame the right, and nothing is going to change cause they've made it Red Vs Blue to stop the attention of their theft and destruction of the American dream and people that keep this wheel rolling.
Andrea Dunn Rich republicans put the death grip on unions and their working class minions helped. The republicans.made sure police and firefighters kept their unions. Look in the mirror, they did not care for you then and talk crap to you now. They will have pensions and lifetime healthcare paid by you. Blue collar republicans have turned us all into peasants!
John P. Dungan Mortgage, bills, increasing tax rate, car note, groceries, ... Who has money left to go shopping??
Cathy Ryder Thomas When we are sitting around waiting for him and his minions to screw up our economy so royally we might need our money to survive why would we be spending excess cash. My trust in this administration and the republican led circus in DC is almost zero.
Brandon Berger Well thanks to republicans working so hard to get rid of unions since the 90's we've been watching the middle class dwindle. Thanks to the unions staying strong in my state and trade, I've been lucky enough not to be affected. I still won't be shopping much though. There's only one way to get rich and it's not by going out and blowing a bunch of money on unnecessary things.
Jeannine Duffey Neubecker THe people with money are shopping online instead of in stores. Seen it in my neighborhood. That is why brick and morter stores are closing. All the Dems and Repubs I know shop online anymore.
Anthony Riggio Who's going to spend money when everything is about to slide downhill under Trump's Insane Administration. The impending Government Shutdown is not helping that matter.
Lisa Domizio Cerulli But Americans did spend a lot of $$$ last month buying Ivanka Trump clothing on Amazon. But then of course none of it was "made in America" so they weren't really following the president's advise.
Bryce Sedlmayr can't buy american if people don't have disposable income. lots of people are just trying to get by. tourism industry is gunna be hurting this year for sure
Richard Stark Housing is 4x, autos are 2x and child and healthcare is crazy expensive compared and adjusted to the 70's. Americans received credit instead of wages for 20 years and have wised up to the scam. Capitalism, it's time to pay up or shut up.
CNN8 hours ago

Every so often, a photograph cuts through the grim cacophony of the war in Syria and pierces viewers' hearts

Bridget Habedank Huff Worst humanitarian crisis of our time, with innocent people being tortured, starved, bombed and murdered daily for years on end....and you people find it appropriate to argue politics, celebrities, typos and "fake news" lunatic conspiracy theories? How can you watch photos, videos and documentaries of this and remain so cold and heartless? Photos of dead children and you feel nothing?? When you wonder to yourselves how the Holocaust was possible; how so many once decent people did nothing to help others; think about how photos of dying humans mean so little to you because you find it easier to tell yourselves they are not like you and not your problem....
Jennifer Resendez Zamora Not true. The blast knocked him down and he lost his camera. He got up and he was looking for it that's when he came upon the injured child and picked him up and put him into an ambulance. He doesn't even know if that kid made it he never saw him again.
Brian Rabineau I've hated this picture since the first time I saw it. This is a regular occurrence. It somehow became moving when a photographer put down a camera to help?? If this picture had been a fellow Syrian running with the child? Who the hell cares that the photographer became part of the picture! It's irrelevant.
Justin Morrison So who took the photo of him? Or did he set up an auto timer deliberatly planning that and then helping the kid? Or do professional phtographers follow eachother around?
Nurullah 脟elik Countries that accept the United Nations Children's Rights Convention do not fulfill their obligation to protect their right to life when they die. Because these children are Muslims and those guarantor countries are two-sided
Jennifer Kellogg I Photographer, to document and preserve the world around me from viewpoints others are not likely to see for themselves. I find vast wonder in the ordinary everyday things and I can open up great inspiration by showing off everyday people in their various cultural ways of life. I can stir emotions where there were none by showing you happenings on parts of the world you've never laid eyes, nor feet upon. I Photographer, Documenter of Life, Hidden behind the lens, tears streaming down my face, finger posed to snap that perfect photo, ready to go everywhere at anytime for any reason looking for the prime photo opportunity in order to share this stunning brilliantly beautiful yet mercilessly painful world to everyone else who didn't get a chance to see it in this exact way yet. Photographer I. 馃摳 Syria. Hell on Earth. A hotbed for Propaganda in every direction and every country. Meanwhile people die and suffering escalates. Whose fault is it anyway? Should we know? Do we care anymore? At this rate it's become my fault... your fault... everyone's fault for doing NOTHING as this NIGHTMARE has escalated for a minimum of 10 years or more. It's not that we haven't SEEN any of this going on. It's more that we assumed we were powerless to change it so instead we CHOSE to do NOTHING while we ALL ALLOWED these TRAVESTIES to continue daily. It's. Time. To. Wake. Up. Now. TICK TOCK 馃暁馃啒馃敋
Bahu Virupaksha It is USA which is funding and financing the ISIS and other terrorist groups. American media makes money selling the Carnage as Trump eloquently put it and an American photographer plays the good guy. Wow
Linda Steinkraus Evans Last weekend 1.2 million people watched a giraffe bring new life into the world. There were people from around the world. Nobody spoke about any of our differences. It's sad that when a human life is saved we all can't do the same.
Brad Green I think most of y'all are reading to deep into the title. The man put down his camera and was captured rescuing a boy..geez!
Bheilliejheynne Labrador Jose Ong-oy And if If may ask if you were in the position of the photographer well whether its a reliable or what most of you said a "FAKE'' photo WOULD YOU DO THE SAME?? or just continue what your opt to do with?
Nancy Lynn Baker So all of you who are denigrating this image. Trying to make it less than it is. Would you do the same to a picture of firefighters carrying someone from the wreckage of the twin towers? I think not and hope that when you are sitting in chuch in a little while, and I know you will be, remember this.
Stephanie Maron Freaking CNN look how they twist things look how they wrote the headline "a bomb went off" ok CNN can you please tell us who put the bomb? can you please tell us who are the victims? I'll tell you first off these are poor helpless Syrian shia Muslims women and children and elderly from kafarya and foua city's there city was surrounded held captive by "rebels" for more then 4 years... fast foward the Syrian government made a deal with the terrorists to free these people so as these people were put in busses to go to government areas a "rebel" drove his car bomb into the busses killing over 180.. yes people that's what happened but CNN won't tell you this why because its agenda is to stand with isis nusra & alqaeda against the Syrian government and Syrian army.. just because those people who died are with the government they didn't write that in there article!
Manny Marcelo Whatever! The most relevant question here is when will all of these insanities end?destroying humanities due to greed, religious differences,pride, and misguided nationalism.
John Roscoe Sorry but it's impossible to simply take it on faith anymore that any photo like this from Syria is not a staged production. And that's YOUR fault, CNN.
Claudia Link Why are we applauding someone that acted like a regular human being! I mean...we EXPECT him to keep taking pictures instead of helping?
Sean Thoma hes still holding the camera..but good try at a inaccurate headline. maybe you will be better at green screening...umm...nope..well maybe you guys have nice smiles 馃檪
John Stelmack CNN strikes again! Where were you (CNN) when your boy-God Barack Obama was building this situation? Why not focus your resources on reporting the whole story, and the horrors all across the muslim world? Why not focus on the genocide of Christians by the tens of thousands? Muslims being killed by the hundreds of thousands? Focus your resources on the horrors and help bring this to an end. Give up your fixation on President Trump.
Nana Agyenim-Boateng Guevara An applause for your governments, whose weapons, money, fake news and diplomatic cover have kept this war going for 6 f****** years
Jason Little "Syria photographer pulls down his camera and picks up injured boy." How do you pull down a camera?
Jennifer Crosby-Meurisse All of this is so sad. Absolutely heartbreaking. Praying for humanity. Praying for these poor families and children. 馃挃
Jennifer Resendez Zamora He did an awesome thing by the way. He found his camera and helped the kid get to safety.
Vincent Alex why is this happening in syria?? what is it the US & the UN isnt doing anything ?? they let the people dying especially the kids. its really pityful to see them like that.
Richard Heilman Almost as genuine as Leo, Kim K, S McGlaughlin etc flying around the world in private jets saving the planet.
Wes Tyler So asad is this isis making faking news looks like humanity to me.
Max Connor Robins Looks like Dave Grohl. Guess he has another confession to make.
CNN8 hours ago

Can you tell the difference?

Sarah Ahlgren I think it's more that people buy the balencigata BECAUSE THEY CAN. A vulgar display of greed and avarice.
Jason Michael Smith The people who buy it are just dumb. The people who made it are actually bad people.
Dave Torio With $2,145 you can buy and replace your $0.99 Ikea bags everyday for 6 years. That's the difference I see.
April Nethercutt Mccarthy That bag is big enough to hold $2,145 dollars worth of pennies and still look horrid 馃槀
Souvik De Trust me there are many fools in this world that will pay for it. Never underestimate the stupidity of Humans.
Albin Biju Well I'm pretty sure no ones gonna touch this bag and see if its made out of leather when the rich person walks with it and it does look like the IKEA bag from the outside. So it is an absolute waste of money, well for an average person, it sure is.
Kim Kimes If you're a beautiful woman inside and out your bag can be from goodwill and no one would care...simply put..
Jenny Wagner-Robertson They don't look anything alike. Quite different quality and materials.
Siobhan Scott I love the Ikea bags, I use them for my laundry! 馃槀
Lori Gilmore They definitely look different and the quality difference is obvious. I still wouldn't pay $2k for a bag though.
Heidi Edwards Miller This is why I will never spend a lot of money on a bag!
Justine D. Simone anyone who would pay over $2k for a plastic tote is an idiot- fancy name on it or not.
Jimmy McKinney If you'd pay over $2 grand for this ugly bag you either have too much money or a screw loose
Daniel Rodriguez At least they're using reusable bags. Look on the bright side I guess.
Lisset Rodriguez No difference, there both a sore eye.
James Emerson Sparks There's a sucker born every minute.
Jon Kirkham .....but does it fit into the supermarket trolley as good as the IKEA version? 馃
Patricia Leal Marcia Vieira essa Balenciaga a gente pode comprar. Kkkkkk
Nychol Knisley I would just rather carry a rice bag then to pay an absurd amount of money for that bag. To each his own.
Sharon Clarke LOL! I bet the IKEA bag carries more laundry, though!
Muhammad Malik Don't like it? Don't buy it. But don't knock someone else's hustle because you weren't smart enough to separate rich people from their money.
Lisset Rodriguez This thing is not a purse, it's a tent case or a Comforter bag.
Russell Stambaugh I know the difference.the folks that buy the .99 cent bag have sense enough to know it's worth that.the idiots that pay the outrageous price for the same bag are brainless suckers that have more money than intelligence .thats the difference in the two bags.
Thomas Skybakmoen If you can't it's not for you
Kg Lee 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ What a joke!
CNN9 hours ago

Emirates Airline is cutting back on flights to the United States because policies introduced by President Donald J. Trump's administration have hurt bookings.

Jerry Balkenbush You do have to thank Trump for sealing Obama's legacy, by being so god awful in 3 months that most of the country should realize they had it pretty good for 8 years.
Akram Natheer Those policies were not for security but to give the pathetic American Airliners that were complaining about competition from the Gulf competitors including Emirates. We all know one thing, American or United don't stand a chance to compete with Emirates on customer service
Oswald Kay Chisala The irony here is that Trump's America-first policies are hurting the US brand and economy. If he plans on running America like his hotels, someone better create a political AirBnb.
Trevor George I said it 2 months and I'll say it again, once you interfere with tourism you touch the heart of the US economy.Americans do not travel,95% air travel are immigrant related,hold your seats,this is the chain of a ripple effect.......Recession soon come....
Zee Alharbi I fly every 6 months to the Middle East for a month then back to the USA! Now, great! There is no way in hell I'd fly with any of the USA airlines!
David Vasseliou Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to our country.
CW Scott I suspect the Tourist industry will suffer substantial losses in the coming years. If I lived in another country I wouldn't have any desire to travel to a country whose government is seemingly governing on fear & hate of outsiders. I simply wouldn't feel welcome or safe.
Jeff Bowerman I hope all foreign airlines start dropping US flights. I'd love to see some airports lose money because of Trumps racist rhetoric.
Arthur R. Byrd My issue is the ridiculousness of Deities/God. The idea of Deities (God, Yahweh, Allah, Brahma, Jehovah, and over 2800 other major Deities, is based on myth, superstition, and ignorance (refusal to apply basic knowledge). The idea of God is simply a placeholder for undiscovered knowledge. The people who gave humans Deities/deities believed in human sacrifice (especially virgins in volcanoes), that the earth was flat, that the earth was the center of the universe, that famine was caused by displeasing Deities/deities, that is ok to conquer and kill other tribes, etc. I grew up in religious ignorance, but became an atheist at age 19. I have been an atheist for the past 50 years. I pen a book on my views/philosophy. "Black and Atheist Too: My Journey Living Through Discovery of the Non-existence of God", by Dr. Arthur R. Byrd. See my website:
Christina Ann So all the trickle down economics( money that people spend here at hotels, restaurants and goods)that conservatives love will be damaged... but hey making America great again.. you know those middle eastern people are all terrorists 馃檮
Donald Cox United States should eliminate ties with the UAE they are the reason why we have many problems in United States and they are a direct result of a lot of the problems happening in the Arab, Muslim and Jewish world
Joan M. Edwards This will hurt so many businesses economically. Such a ridiculous policy to inflict on this country.
Kathryn Murray Newsflash. Tourism to America is 42% down. I'm not spending one RED cent in America. In fact, our last flight, our group of 8 paid $30 more for each flight and spent an extra 45 layover so we DID NOT havd to land in America. It was principles and money well spent.
Haider Vajid I think Trump is doing what he said before, Americans first, Americans should prefer to travel with their own airline, similarly jobs should be first given to Americans then other Nationality, picking garbage job should be reserved for Indians, in Pakistan crooks and thieves Zardari and Nawaz Sharif gave all the lucurative airline routes to Turkish, Emirates airline against heavy bribing, we are hoping Imran Khan in shape of Donald Trump to put the country on right track.
Chris Mason Why doesn't anyone boycot emirates airlines because of their home countries actions towards woman? Why not. Because people r hypocrites. Avoid emirates. Like the plague.
Kate Hunter Shame to lose one of the best airlines out there! Very happy I don't live in the US anymore.
Jay Flo You go Trump make America Great Again. Screw CNN and the corrupt liberal media.
Pamella Lumsden The entire travel industry has been suffering, ever since he started his immigration bans..Lot of airlines losing, because people are just scared to travel, especially if you are not an America Citizen. A Green Card does not guarantee entry back into the country, one is a the mercy of the immigration officers. So many people don't travel anymore. This creates losses for the travel industry.
Ramon Moats Yeah hey when are the liberals going to let us all take up sharia law. Honestly at least now beating your wife would be legal. So democratic you might be on to something.
Beth Slagter Aladdin Told Princess Jasmine He Could Show Her The World EXCEPT The United States! In All Seriousness Most People Don't Want To Be Hassled Like Their A Criminal When Trying To Come To The States!
Massimo Mascoli We already lost hundreds of millions of dollars in tourism .... Trump: "Global Warming is a hoax created by the Chinese" ... no dude ... Trump is a hoax created by the Russians.
David Radzieta If Trump banned all Muslim countries that violate women's rights instead of a handful he doesn't do business with I think everyone would support him.
Sam Sami Emirates providing the best service amongst the airlines. And their aircrafts are the best of all. To compare Emirates with American Airlines. That us truly a joke. Give me a break
Ralph Monk I don't care about their airline. I care about the safety of the American people and we finally have a president that will stand up for us and isn't scared of public opinion. LOVE TRUMP!!!
Coleen Anne Offer more discounted flights from Canada and increase your tourism. Forget about the U.S. They can drive here to fly out
CNN9 hours ago

The excavation work is in full swing "to reveal the secrets of these two tombs"

Willie Garza The difference between grave robbers and archeologist? Time
Jerry Balkenbush More signs of intelligent life in those tombs than the all of Trump's administration...
Rodolfo Guzman Lol this is like people thinking that when they die they go to heaven... Lol 2000 years from now people will think religion was a funny concept.
Chrystal Gray This is disgusting! Those are people's graves! Leave them be. 馃槨
Ricardo Toussaint More black folks are being discovered. Egypt, the greatest civilization.
Paul Leary CNN you've got to get a grip on the LONG commercials for a few seconds of nothing video, then replay gets MORE commericals.
Anthony Richardson Nswt Judah-Peniel Grady we still waiting for 1 grave from oh never mind lol
Jason Andrews Leave these people alone man. I mean at what point do you go from being a human being to an ancient artifact to display in a museum? I've never been okay with this.
Tiffani Lynette Why can't we let the dead rest in peace?
Kimberly Ketcham Isn't this a weird thing to do?
Steven Ryan A second I know, which the son of men must sing, who would heal the sick
Siti Aishah Rahmat And that mummy will have Europe tour.... Millions profit
Radjanth Onakkal For 3500 year's they were living in peace now in a matter of second they all murder.
Greg Handley Bring on the curses
Charles Harrell Egyptians wasn't Muslim back then .
Rodolfo Guzman
Matt Rogge And Bill Clinton wants to do the female mummies.
Lexi Jay Why are they disturbing the deceased ??
Elvia Luisa Guerra Why do they do that? I don't agree
Javier Garcia It's amazing
Carolyn Fay Barney Please let the dead RIP ! You are possibly digging up disease ?鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃懀
Stan Piznarski Great 馃専
Leyton Alexis Stop disturbing the dead!
Kayce Chilson Planet Nibiru. .....the anunaki
Cassidy Ready That's bad juju 馃槀
CNN9 hours ago

BREAKING: Erin Moran, best known as Joanie from the '70s sitcom "Happy Days," has died at 56, police say.

Annabel Bickel Walker Happy Days was such an iconic and huge part of my generation. Erin Moran as Joanie was absolutely perfect. She nailed the ever-exasperated younger sister and the optimistic love-filled teen. Such sad news. May she Rest In Peace.
Eric Stinnett Come on people, leave Scott Baio out of this. I am as Liberal as they come and wouldn't wish death on anyone's family. We are better than this and there are better ways to channel our political beliefs.
Brian Peralta Joanie no! Rip hope you and Howard (tom Bosley) are enjoying heaven right now! I wish chachi aka Scott baio died instead!
Melanie Luongvan Joanie...Nooooo!!! Loved her in Happy Days. So sad, God Bless you Joanie, I wish you could have found your happiness. You will not be forgotten. RIP. Condolences to her family and friends.
Trevor Jensen While this is sad, there are still 8 months and 1 week left in the year. Let's not start asking 2017 to, "Go away." Every year will have it's good and bad moments. On that note, Erin will be missed. 馃檨
Jamie Fox She was an iconic part of my childhood. This is such sad news.
Helen Casey How dare you haters wish death on somebody, that is so wrong of you to say that and believe what I say that it will come back you literally and when it does don't say I didn't warn you . R.I.P. Erin Moran 馃様
Heather Jarrett It's disgusting the amount of people who are wishing Scott Baio died instead based on his political beliefs doesn't sound very tolerant behavior, does it? It's amazing to me that those who scream the loudest of acceptance for all, tolerance, love and peace are usually the ones that don't practice what they preach when it comes to something they themselves don't support.
Lea Doucet It's sad that this has happened, yet some idiots somehow bring their other idiot friend Trump o to it. How does this relate to someone passing?? Good god people grow up !!!
Lauraine Beth How inconsiderate can people be? Erin Moran died. This has nothing to do with Scott Baio. Can't anything NOT be about #45?? May Erin RIP
Brandee Barrera Rest In Peace Joanie....Thanks for the memories and plenty of laughs馃尯馃尮馃尭
Kim Rancifer Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy and so many more iconic shows that I grew up on..... My prayers are with her and her family!!
Brian Fowler My two idols dead in a 5 day period, both have the same first name, just spelled differently 馃様 RIP Erin Moran and Aaron Hernandez, smh.
Marlon Moncrieffe In an eerie coincidence, Moran's co-star, Henry Winkler, has a filmmaker son, Max Winkler, and only earlier tonight, before this news, I was waiting in line to catch a TriBeCa Film Festival screening of Max Winkler's latest movie.
Jeff Bowerman Probably all the stress from seeing Scott Baio act like an idiot trump supporter.
Gary Stephens She was working at an O'Charley's restaurant in Corydon, Indiana. But that beats a couple years ago when she was homeless and walking the streets of Clarksville, IN.
Chris Jacobsen Ah the "tolerant left" - wishing that Baio had died. Pretty pathetic.
Rodney Bible I would really like to know why some of her, very very successful costars on Happy Days like Henry Winkler and Ron Howard..did not offer her work when she fell on hard times. If they did offer her received very little public notice. I just can't believe that things got so bad for her that she was living in a trailer park.
Elaine Moore Mott I don't know if you remember this Matt Nesbitt...but when I started diving with Mory at CSU, you called me first I thought you thought that was my name.
Nicole Harman very sad. CBS made millions of dollars out of that show - inc syndication and merchandising. Yes,"Happy Days financially for CBS, not so much for Erin & some of the cast 馃檨
Denise Marie Albano You people who find a need to bring Scott Baio up just because he supports our President need to grow up! Who cares? This is about Erin Moran. Have some respect.
Trev N Pauline Foureur As an Aussie, I don't get the disrespect of using this post on the death of an actor who was part of one of my fav childhood shows, to air political views. RIP Erin, loved your work in Happy Days.
Kyle Abell I use to see her all the time she lived in the corydon indiana area she would come to the walmart there and always talk to my grandma who works there she was such a nice lady but she always said hollywood got to her and it will never let go until your broke or dead
Ai Takahashi So condolences to her family and friends. In his youth, my Father used to watch Happy Days in Japan as it spurred a big movement there in Tokyo - Shinjuku and Roppongi. The Fonz and the rest of the Happy Days crew - even Ms. Moran - with her bobby soxer skirts, influenced generations of Japanese. Domo arigatou gozaimashita...鉂わ笍
Ronald Mccartney R. I. P. Prayers for the family. I cannot believe how people react. This is a human being that passed away it don't matter if drugs or alcohol played a part in her death and wishing Scott was dead we as a society can do better not to judge and show compassion instead of hate
CNN10 hours ago

RECALL ALERT: They could contain pieces of golf balls

Mike Schultz See this is why we need fewer regulations on businesses. If we didn't have so many regulations this never would have come out and this company wouldn't be losing money recalling a tainted product. I can't wait till Trump gets rid of all the regulations and we can go back to the way things used to be in the good old days, factories full of 12 year olds working 18 hour days for fifty cents a day, not having to scrap a batch because a worker fell into a vat and died, only worrying about profits and replacing the workers who've dropped dead from disease or exhaustion. Just in case some don't get it #sarcasm
Brian Tarbell Sorry guys I knew I had a bad golf game but I had no idea I hit one into a hash brown factory
Craig Kasseckert Extraneous golf ball material? What is the standard amount of golf ball material allowed for hash browns?
Eric Stinnett Dafuq?
R.A. Hottman Does Trump own this company?!! Lol!!! Great way to hide the amount of golf he plays - right!!
Daisy Cassidy Lacey Journey, for some reason I thought of you when I saw this. Maybe because I thought you might have fun coming up with silly jokes to go with it.
Logan Dunnagan I feel like American society this year is akin to living in breathing, functioning meme and I don't like it one bit.
Tiffany Wills The worst part is that this isn't even an Onion article.
Laurel Sarett lack of quality control by big corporation who is more interested in profit and the continued de-regualtion of safety measures by the Trump regime is risking the lives of all.
Sharon Mason One potato, two potato, three potato, par four!鉀筹笍
Wolfgang Mehrmann How in the hell is this possible? Sloppy workmanship in the plant for sure and some should be fired if not jailed.
Sam McGrath Trump is a worse golfer than I could have ever possibly imagined.
Leona Taylormade Young Just rename them Trump style hash browns the conservatives will eat this stuff up.
Ron Stokes Sr Stop, Warning, Flash! Anyone caught growing potatoes (taters) on the golf course will be deported.
Pat Yeutter McClenan OK, so where is there a golf course next to a potato field?
Darrell Watson That's enough Internet for today folks! #iamout
Lex Coop What happened did one of Trump's CEO friends give him a tour of the factory right after a trip to Mar-A-Largo?
Eileen Langer And...this is why we shouldn't eat processed food. You'd never see a golf ball in a potato!
Charles Wilson The FDA no longer measures golfball contamination in food. #outofcontrolregulations.
Terry Thorne Now how are the da drumpfy's supporters going to blame #44 or CNN?
Chris Stewart Would anyone even notice if they ate part of a golf ball in those?
Maria Berisso-Santos Do they have their factory near Mar-A-Lago?
Jesse Borison These are the risks we accept when eating hash browns in the South
Iroha Alex You shouldn't even be eating this type of processed crap in the first place.
Sara Pocklington First: How? Second: the first part of the article where they tried to connect golf to hashbrowns humorously was hilariously awkward
CNN10 hours ago

Do you have your thinking cap on?

Rowddy Fontenot A warmer atmosphere causes increases in " evaporation " of ocean waters balancing any sea levels rises. Mother Earth produces the counter balance to anything mankind does. We humans are just not that powerful . The Sun is the power broker in our climate regulation#unbiasedtruth
Stoney Williamson I am all for true science and being good caretakers of our earth. What we have now is a science that is driven by corrupt individuals trying to make a dollar on the very air you breathe. If Gore would have had his way you would be taxed to very last cent you possess. These people try to convince you to follow the latest global cooling/warming/change or the latest name so they can make you submit to their agenda. They will jet around the world on private aircraft and have limousines waiting on them as they give a speech to collect checks for their livelihood. All the while expecting you to use less, reduce your carbon footprint, and not chastise them for producing one the size of Texas. Be good caretakers of the earth, and when they decide to rid themselves of political alliances, stop the falsification of documentation and facts I will listen.
David Wong Look at the picture what are they doing?? The caps and plastic raincoats they are wearing are potentially environmental disaster and they are supporting science that are enabling all the environmental disaster human has experienced!!!?? Science cannot be your God it is more like the devil!!!
Tom Thurlow What we have are climate change deniers, who claim not to be climate change deniers, but to be "climate realists". They reject man made climate change and put out all sorts of scientific sounding articles, brochures, books, web pages, etc... and not a single one of them is a scientist. They appear to be funded by the fossil fuel industry...
Glen Martin It's hilarious and kind of tragic seeing so many of trump's snowflakes triggered by the topic of critical thinking and reasoning skills. Nobody mentions them by name but they automatically assume they are the ones being ridiculed. Wonder why that is?
Matt Abel Nobody wants to live in a polluted environment. But your comment is my exact point. Provide proof that 97 percent of scientists agree. Just because the statistic is repeated over and over, doesn't make it true. I'm not saying our carbon dioxide output is, or isn't affecting the planet, just that I have not seen sufficient evidence to confirm the claim. Specifically, the methods for quantifying carbon dioxide production, and carbon dioxide levels are theoretical, and definitely not agreed apon. The only study I've seen was years ago, and the methods for measurement were disputed. Since most people just accept global warming as fact, ironically there is absolutely never a scientific debate on the subject. M
Susan Earp Daulton If Trump says anything is fake, I know that he"s lying .. I'm more concerned about a few things such as chemical trails, manstano, and manufacturing corporations polluting air and our waters.
Michael Armstrong Sr. What makes me more angry then a bunch of lying money grubbing democrat scientist is a facebook lying onion news saying our actors have died Erin Moran from happy days gives me more concern then your liberal ignorance report some true news is she dead .
Rue Rue Hill Just another excuse to block traffic and get 5 mins ATTENTION....IT'S now a weekly event for some excuse or another! No big deal...
Clark Stone Trump trolls getting all riled up again. Whatever is being done, it's working. Hey aren't you happy something has pushed Russia off the front pages, if only for a day?
Craig Goodsir Issue these caps to Trump voters. At least it gives them a brain on their head.
Bryce Landau Nothing says "critical thinking" quite like droves of sheep all wearing the same hats, protesting things they know nothing about... These are probably the same people that dumped ice water over their heads during the ice bucket challenge Facebook fad "in support of ALS research", but did nothing to ACTUALLY support the cause. But looking cute on social media is far more important. 馃憥馃従
Kermit M. Gray The stupidly of trying to come up with hats pretending to be brains is mighty symbolic of the left! Science is a study, not a religion.
Jill Laufer Wow, another post where the climate change deniers and Bill Nye/Al Gore haters descend, it seems to be an epidemic across FB, active measures anyone? Sure seems like that to me. Hmmmm, wonder why they are circling, scared of the millions of folks who don't buy your BS and believe in facts and science? think so... the thing is, people who people believe in science, facts and yes, global warming are critical thinkers and already skeptics so it's like we have bulletproof vests. Or bulletproof brain hats in this case 馃檪
Edward Smith Science brought us nuclear and chemical weapons, power plants that posion our water and air... drugs that destory our youth..... Monsanto who now has ruined all of our crops so that the seeds will not bare more gave us the pharmaceuticals with side affects worse that the sickness they are prescribed for... science gave us all the words on the food packaging that we cannot pronounce.... science is not the patron saint of humanity.... science is the weapon of the rich, and it has been turned on to use aganist all things natural on this planet.... Wake up people!!!!!! before it is too late.....
Logan Smith it is just as warm today as it was in the 1890's there is days that the temp was higher then than it is now, there are records of the 1890's that still stands today on high's and the lows are only 2 days colder then the 1890's so what's this about harsh climate changes ,
Alan Figuracion Sad, how many out there can't understand Middle School Math and Primary School concepts...the Bering Land Bridge was last available 11,000yrs ago and is presently 50M below Sea Level which results in the rate of 4.5mm/yr of Natural Sea Level Rise for the past 11,000yrs! IPCC claims 3.8mm/yr due to Manmade Climate Change since the Industrial Revolution. How is this possible? The EPA used to be about Protecting the Environment, but is now about punishing the American Working Class!
Brian Hendricks Here are 18 examples of the spectacularly wrong predictions made around 1970 when the 鈥済reen holy day鈥 (aka Earth Day) started: 1. Harvard biologist George Wald estimated that 鈥渃ivilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.鈥 2. 鈥淲e are in an environmental crisis which threatens the survival of this nation, and of the world as a suitable place of human habitation,鈥 wrote Washington University biologist Barry Commoner in the Earth Day issue of the scholarly journal Environment. 3. The day after the first Earth Day, the New York Times editorial page warned, 鈥淢an must stop pollution and conserve his resources, not merely to enhance existence but to save the race from intolerable deterioration and possible extinction.鈥 4. 鈥淧opulation will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies we make,鈥 Paul Ehrlich confidently declared in the April 1970 issue of Mademoiselle. 鈥淭he death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years.鈥 5. 鈥淢ost of the people who are going to die in the greatest cataclysm in the history of man have already been born,鈥 wrote Paul Ehrlich in a 1969 essay titled 鈥淓co-Catastrophe! 鈥淏y鈥1975] some experts feel that food shortages will have escalated the present level of world hunger and starvation into famines of unbelievable proportions. Other experts, more optimistic, think the ultimate food-population collision will not occur until the decade of the 1980s.鈥 6. Ehrlich sketched out his most alarmist scenario for the 1970 Earth Day issue of The Progressive, assuring readers that between 1980 and 1989, some 4 billion people, including 65 million Americans, would perish in the 鈥淕reat Die-Off.鈥 7. 鈥淚t is already too late to avoid mass starvation,鈥 declared Denis Hayes, the chief organizer for Earth Day, in the Spring 1970 issue of The Living Wilderness. 8. Peter Gunter, a North Texas State University professor, wrote in 1970, 鈥淒emographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions鈥.By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine.鈥 9. In January 1970, Life reported, 鈥淪cientists have solid experimental and theoretical evidence to support鈥he following predictions: In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution鈥y 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half鈥.鈥 10. Ecologist Kenneth Watt told Time that, 鈥淎t the present rate of nitrogen buildup, it鈥檚 only a matter of time before light will be filtered out of the atmosphere and none of our land will be usable.鈥 11. Barry Commoner predicted that decaying organic pollutants would use up all of the oxygen in America鈥檚 rivers, causing freshwater fish to suffocate. 12. Paul Ehrlich chimed in, predicting in 1970 that 鈥渁ir pollution鈥s certainly going to take hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few years alone.鈥 Ehrlich sketched a scenario in which 200,000 Americans would die in 1973 during 鈥渟mog disasters鈥 in New York and Los Angeles. 13. Paul Ehrlich warned in the May 1970 issue of Audubon that DDT and other chlorinated hydrocarbons 鈥渕ay have substantially reduced the life expectancy of people born since 1945.鈥 Ehrlich warned that Americans born since 1946鈥ow had a life expectancy of only 49 years, and he predicted that if current patterns continued this expectancy would reach 42 years by 1980, when it might level out. (Note: According to the most recent CDC report, life expectancy in the US is 78.8 years). 14. Ecologist Kenneth Watt declared, 鈥淏y the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate鈥hat there won鈥檛 be any more crude oil. You鈥檒l drive up to the pump and say, `Fill 鈥榚r up, buddy,鈥 and he鈥檒l say, `I am very sorry, there isn鈥檛 any.'鈥 15. Harrison Brown, a scientist at the National Academy of Sciences, published a chart in Scientific American that looked at metal reserves and estimated the humanity would totally run out of copper shortly after 2000. Lead, zinc, tin, gold, and silver would be gone before 1990. 16. Sen. Gaylord Nelson wrote in Look that, 鈥淒r. S. Dillon Ripley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, believes that in 25 years, somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of all the species of living animals will be extinct.鈥 17. In 1975, Paul Ehrlich predicted that 鈥渟ince more than nine-tenths of the original tropical rainforests will be removed in most areas within the next 30 years or so, it is expected that half of the organisms in these areas will vanish with it.鈥 18. Kenneth Watt warned about a pending Ice Age in a speech. 鈥淭he world has been chilling sharply for about twenty years,鈥 he declared. 鈥淚f present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.鈥
Scott Frederick I hope they all got a participation ribbon or something like those awesome hats to remember this grand world changing event. Marching for a concept. And leaving a huge mess in their wake.
Emerson Williams Democrats do not believe in the biblical Jesus. They believe in the Jesus of this socal construct and society. Thats why they kill babies, and believe in more than 2 genders regardless of genetic make up. They follow satan, specifically baphomet.
Derek 脕ngel There may be a human-creating cause behind the Hashimoto's virus that causes depression for the liberals to consider Euthanasia for those Hashimoto's hypothyroid victims, particularly the spread of thyroid allergen goitrogens found in food products...
Simmy Taub Progressives think to understand. Conservatives think they understand.
Mike Szaban In the '80's they told us the Earth was getting colder. Twenty years later, someone decided to tell us that it was getting hotter. Now they use the phrase climate change for political reasons.
Marc Langsam Critical thinking depends if one is taught how to think instead of what to think. Shame that teachers and professors disguise indoctrination as education. That is malpractice
William Dale Fulk Go get a capitalism science real job, redistribution freeloading days are over. By the way, it just doesn't always have to be done on the taxpayers dime.
CNN11 hours ago

Crowds massed around the world Saturday to support science and evidence-based research

Craig Goodsir Medical advances alone justifies this protesting. Trump is so far out of touch. He spends billions on war and nothing to save American lives.
David Everson We have gotten to the point where we have to raise awareness with walks and protests over whats factually true about our world. Blows my mind how simple we are as a species..
David Petolicchio Guess science only matters when it's politically expedient. Otherwise, abortion and there being only two genders would be widely excepted. These are marches for propaganda, Not science.
Kristi B Col贸n Why is wanting clean air, water, and food, wanting medical research from vaccines to medicines, to stop epidemics, etc etc. Such a bad thing. When something horrible happens everyone will be "why doesn't anyone stop it?" It's because there was no funding. When there is no clean water....come on people this isn't that hard.....maybe in our lifetime we will not run out of oil coal or clean water but furture generations will. If we don't make progress we are not a great nation and are reverting back to a developing nation.
Rue Rue Hill Just another excuse to block traffic and get 5 mins ATTENTION....IT'S now a weekly event for some excuse or another! No big deal...
Chris Mason Crowds massed. Created a ton of co2 getting there. Better idea would be to stay home and turn off the lights. But no. They want to party. Socialize. And burn the planet
Bryan Fuller For all the people who deny fact based science please refrain from going to the hospital when you are sick. If we didn't have scientists, we would not have doctors and hospitals. We would not have medicine and electricity. Think before you bash scientists. Regardless of your beliefs, scientific data does not lie.
Sandy Sansom Isn't it sad that we have to march to bring attention to science and facts. Respecting science is a given. Sadly, that's not true of the current administration.
Clark Stone Trump trolls getting all riled up again. Whatever is being done, it's working. Hey aren't you happy something has pushed Russia off the front pages, if only for a day?
Larry Thomas When you have governments and corporations paying "scientists" to come to a pre-determined conclusion, it's not science anymore!
Brian Hendricks Here are 18 examples of the spectacularly wrong predictions made around 1970 when the 鈥済reen holy day鈥 (aka Earth Day) started: 1. Harvard biologist George Wald estimated that 鈥渃ivilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.鈥 2. 鈥淲e are in an environmental crisis which threatens the survival of this nation, and of the world as a suitable place of human habitation,鈥 wrote Washington University biologist Barry Commoner in the Earth Day issue of the scholarly journal Environment. 3. The day after the first Earth Day, the New York Times editorial page warned, 鈥淢an must stop pollution and conserve his resources, not merely to enhance existence but to save the race from intolerable deterioration and possible extinction.鈥 4. 鈥淧opulation will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies we make,鈥 Paul Ehrlich confidently declared in the April 1970 issue of Mademoiselle. 鈥淭he death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years.鈥 5. 鈥淢ost of the people who are going to die in the greatest cataclysm in the history of man have already been born,鈥 wrote Paul Ehrlich in a 1969 essay titled 鈥淓co-Catastrophe! 鈥淏y鈥1975] some experts feel that food shortages will have escalated the present level of world hunger and starvation into famines of unbelievable proportions. Other experts, more optimistic, think the ultimate food-population collision will not occur until the decade of the 1980s.鈥 6. Ehrlich sketched out his most alarmist scenario for the 1970 Earth Day issue of The Progressive, assuring readers that between 1980 and 1989, some 4 billion people, including 65 million Americans, would perish in the 鈥淕reat Die-Off.鈥 7. 鈥淚t is already too late to avoid mass starvation,鈥 declared Denis Hayes, the chief organizer for Earth Day, in the Spring 1970 issue of The Living Wilderness. 8. Peter Gunter, a North Texas State University professor, wrote in 1970, 鈥淒emographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions鈥.By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine.鈥 9. In January 1970, Life reported, 鈥淪cientists have solid experimental and theoretical evidence to support鈥he following predictions: In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution鈥y 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half鈥.鈥 10. Ecologist Kenneth Watt told Time that, 鈥淎t the present rate of nitrogen buildup, it鈥檚 only a matter of time before light will be filtered out of the atmosphere and none of our land will be usable.鈥 11. Barry Commoner predicted that decaying organic pollutants would use up all of the oxygen in America鈥檚 rivers, causing freshwater fish to suffocate. 12. Paul Ehrlich chimed in, predicting in 1970 that 鈥渁ir pollution鈥s certainly going to take hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few years alone.鈥 Ehrlich sketched a scenario in which 200,000 Americans would die in 1973 during 鈥渟mog disasters鈥 in New York and Los Angeles. 13. Paul Ehrlich warned in the May 1970 issue of Audubon that DDT and other chlorinated hydrocarbons 鈥渕ay have substantially reduced the life expectancy of people born since 1945.鈥 Ehrlich warned that Americans born since 1946鈥ow had a life expectancy of only 49 years, and he predicted that if current patterns continued this expectancy would reach 42 years by 1980, when it might level out. (Note: According to the most recent CDC report, life expectancy in the US is 78.8 years). 14. Ecologist Kenneth Watt declared, 鈥淏y the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate鈥hat there won鈥檛 be any more crude oil. You鈥檒l drive up to the pump and say, `Fill 鈥榚r up, buddy,鈥 and he鈥檒l say, `I am very sorry, there isn鈥檛 any.'鈥 15. Harrison Brown, a scientist at the National Academy of Sciences, published a chart in Scientific American that looked at metal reserves and estimated the humanity would totally run out of copper shortly after 2000. Lead, zinc, tin, gold, and silver would be gone before 1990. 16. Sen. Gaylord Nelson wrote in Look that, 鈥淒r. S. Dillon Ripley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, believes that in 25 years, somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of all the species of living animals will be extinct.鈥 17. In 1975, Paul Ehrlich predicted that 鈥渟ince more than nine-tenths of the original tropical rainforests will be removed in most areas within the next 30 years or so, it is expected that half of the organisms in these areas will vanish with it.鈥 18. Kenneth Watt warned about a pending Ice Age in a speech. 鈥淭he world has been chilling sharply for about twenty years,鈥 he declared. 鈥淚f present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.鈥
Dan Costa These scientists say the can predict global warming. They can't even predict the weather. All of them were standing out in the cold rain 馃挦 like a bunch of clueless dweebs. 馃
Michael Mallette We MUST support evidence based science if we expect to survive. It seems as though only one side , the side with the most money gets heard. We can't keep making this political. There are other credible individuals other than the Al Gores , Van Jones , or Bill Nyes that are being silenced. Rather than pointing fingers and labeling people as something , we need to listen.
Dan Costa China and the Middle East is loving global warming mongers because everyone gets out of the Fossil Fuel business but them. They just get to produce and use more oil and coal, becoming richer and richer. 馃挼
James Lord It's awesome to see people coming together like this but it's totally pathetic that it's even necessary in this day and age. 2017: The age of information coupled with the bliss of ignorance.
Bernd Michael Many science educated people are doing good jobs, but not many... therefore it is ok to reduce money for supporting them. The science generates only little results and many not worth the miney they get.
Josh Janky It's not a prediction of global warming yet an analysis of it over the last 130 years. You deny the climate warming significantly over a short period of time? These scientists and climatologists would love to hear another opinion.
Donna Hodge Chapin It truly amazes me through ignorance of people everytime climate change comes up. With programs like Years of living dangerously, Before the flood, and the many other programs that actually show what is happening...that's right deniers...shows that climate change is here and caused by human activity. Is it that people are so arrogant and truly believe that they know more than what is being proved to them...or maybe that they want to believe so badly that the Trump they voted for can do no wrong. The deforestation of the rain forest, the bleaching of the coral reefs, the acidity of the oceans, the rise in the oceans not to mention the floods,tornados, wildfires, droughts. It will effect everyone of us in some way if nothing is done either financially, loss of jobs, homes. What a horrible legacy to leave our grandchildren.
Kristi B Col贸n So important question why are science deniers so mad about science? I don't get it...theres no reason to get all red (lol pun intended) please if u don't want to believe in it...dont. But u can not say science and all the advances we have made is false. That's just utterly ridiculous
Stoney Williamson I am all for true science and being good caretakers of our earth. What we have now is a science that is driven by corrupt individuals trying to make a dollar on the very air you breathe. If Gore would have had his way you would be taxed to very last cent you possess. These people try to convince you to follow the latest global cooling/warming/change or the latest name so they can make you submit to their agenda. They will jet around the world on private aircraft and have limousines waiting on them as they give a speech to collect checks for their livelihood. All the while expecting you to use less, reduce your carbon footprint, and not chastise them for producing one the size of Texas. Be good caretakers of the earth, and when they decide to rid themselves of political alliances, stop the falsification of documentation and facts I will listen.
Tom Poloway People is a communist movement. The communist democrat party created the lie to enrich and empower themselves. They care about no trace creed color gender ect, power ultimate power is what the lie is about. The U.N. Has admitted that the goal of global warming is to destroy capitalism and nothing more. These are the most corrupt people in the world never trust them. And you can keep your doctor and health insurance to. Same guy same lie
Sheala O'Brien We really need to do more than March. Huge lifestyle changes on the part of all people. Leaders have done nothing to help but talk and talk. If we don't consume the product of the big polluters they have no reason to keep producing.
Cheryl Melnyk I was as science teacher for 35 years and I applaud the push for STEM in our schools. But when people who probably avoided science in school because it is too hard and too much work treat Bill Nye the Science guy like a science rock star it's a turn off. Come on people.
Jeno Anthony Horvath You say fact based research. How can it be research if it's fact based? How does science move further than what has been proven already? Don't you need a lot of experimenting with unknown and non factual thoughts or hypotheses?
Hans Dingerdis Amazing.... Because one US political party and one US president don't believe in science the whole world is making this march. I always wonder what schools they went when they were growing up. Was probably run by religious idiots.
CNN11 hours ago

Alec Baldwin shares the secrets of his President Donald J. Trump impression

Jacob Fassold He has been doing that in every episode for a year on SNL and it's not news or funny. Yet CNN reports on it repeatedly. This is why the government does not recognize CNN as actual news lol CNN you're pathetic
Kathryn Murray Alec Baldwin nailed this. His impression of the Orange Cheeto and his love for Putin are perfect. The WHOLE WORLD IS LAUGHING. Thank you SNL for making Saturday nights the best. Thank you 45 for having breath that stinks like a Russian so bad that not even Golden Showers Mouthwash can conceal the stench. Pass the popcorn.
Michael Armstrong Sr. Alec Baldwin is an actor eating up democrat fame cashing in on it just like the environment clowns eating up democrat ignorance feeding on government grants 馃檪 The party's over no more government grants for shrimp treadmills . Trump needs to stay the course while the democrats ship sinks . Democrats have lost Americas respect .
David Screeton Alec Baldwin the Homophobic actor who said he would leave the US if President Bush was elected but never did?
Mike Ryals Every minute of life is too precious to be consumed with all that hate. You all know that President Trump isn't directly affecting you, deep down inside, most of you are blaming this honorable man for your shortcomings in life, your failures, and the Donald is your poor pathetic excuse to justify your criminal behavior. As an American to 'another', I encourage you to stop being terrorists and start being patriotic citizens.
Alan Harsey Like Alec Baldwin is news worthy. He is clown shoes. Who watches SNL anymore?
Cindy Pace-Kennedy SNL has done political satire for 40 years. it was funny when it was Clinton, It was funny when it was Bush and it was funny when it was Obama but Baldwin is really funny as DT and Melissa as Spicer is hilarious. a few laughs in life makes life a little more tolerable. lighten up folks!
Jim Attrell America's Best March was last November when Conservatived won 83% of Geographic America. Clinton won just 500 (of our most wealthiest) counties and Trump won 2,600 counties where average middle class folks in the Heartland of America expressed themselves.
Joe Mazzella Trump humor and impressions. Awful journalism with fake undocumented news information. Major signs of a dying Liberal party.
Rosemarie Barbieri Izzi So happy to see the democrats ignorant ship sinking as the world realizes the strength and power of the U.S. Is back...thanks to a..holes like Alec Baldwin 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Howard Klarman Buckwheat like president Trump understood the importance of legal immigration he may not have been a politician played the drums or have been a rock star or even an academy award actor however he has had a profound influence on the institutions of america Ultimately time will pass and we will gain historical perspectve and a greater appreciation his of achievements.
Topher Blaschke I like all the conservacunts who hate cnn so much follow it lol....maybe they got tired of the media being liars, rapist, and sexual they are all confused cause they are all sheep and dont know what to do.....and in the max of 4 years when their leader gets booted from the whitehouse theyll all start doing the same thing they acuse us of.....hypocrite much
Jonathan Carrien Who the hell even watches SNL anymore? It wasn't funny 15 years ago and it's really not funny now. Go out people get a social life.
Ine Tjon The illuminati figures have alot of menopauze issue's by getting older and the older they get the crazier they need help from ALIMIGHTY GOD HE IS THE ONLY HELPER !
William Eaton I think this stuff is really getting old . I really dont care for either one anymore. Thier only job is to bash trump . Brainless comady,
Tony Russo SNL has been making fun of Presidents since 1975. Only difference Trump is an easy target. He practically writes the scripts for the show.
Bernadette Cecelia Bergman Good Job Mr. Baldwin. You have shown everyone exactly what we dislike about Donald Trump and in a humorous way. Every impersonation on SNL has been good humor. Kelly Anne Conway, President Obama, Shawn Spicer and on and on. Keep the Humor going because otherwise we'd all be really depressed. Laughs reduce stress!
Wes Schmatz Thank you President Trump for not only saving America but also for giving us 8 years of entertainment watching liberals cry which you really can't put a price on 馃槀
Kathy Schultheis Never watch either one of these clueless no talent boys. Seeing then on commercials is enough! When is the last time Alec had a hit movie he's not exactly in demand. Stephen Barf!
Tu岷 Anh Where was Trump when the Syrian babies were killed by terrorists bombing? 20/04/2017 12:34 GMT + 7 2 related Britain's Independent has spoken out about President Trump's justification for the missile strike at the Syrian army base, according to which many children died in other insurgent bomb attacks. But he never touched. In the Independent's column, Robert Fisk poses the question: "Dozens of children died in Syria last weekend but Mr. Trump's compassionate words have gone where and President. Does the US take no action? Where are the harsh words condemned by the European Union and the United Kingdom? The West must respond fairly even to terrorists who are Shias. Or simply we do not care? " According to the Independent, that is part of the hypocrisy, some dead Syrian children are touching but others are not. A massacre in Syria two weeks ago has claimed the lives of children and newborns, causing world leaders to riot and express extreme hatred. But the massacre in Syria over the weekend left many more children dead, but those claiming to protect their moral values 鈥嬧媤ere silent. Why is there such a thing?
James Roseborough This is interesting because even outside of being in costume, Alec Baldwin still became Donald Trump right before our very eyes. Lol
David Combs CNN: Offering free publicity to NBC on a weekly basis because they share the same leftist hate for the POTUS....
Clifford Payne it's not really that funny, but it's nice to see that he's found a way to revive his stagnant career riding Trump's coattails
Dale St Marie Cant act and cant get work......pretty pathetic how low you've stooped just to try and remain relevant Alec........should start listening to your brother Stephen
Cal McNabb If liberals applied the same standard to Alec Baldwin that they do Donald Trump, that would be great.
CNN12 hours ago

Flights of deportees arrive at the Mexico City airport weekly. A visit to the arrivals area gives a window into who the US is kicking out.

Alan Lee Most or some of them have the right to properly apply for a citizenship and they didn't. Something I will never understand why...
Christina Parker Why kick out non-criminals and split up families? Find them a path to citizenship. I thought he was only deporting criminals? 馃
Lisa Castillo To anybody that has ever been in Mexico the support and money we provide these illegals with through our welfare system and medical system would NEVER be reciprocated should we illegally relocate to Mexico. As a tourist in Mexico you can't even have one of the locals open a door for you without them asking for money from you, they rob you, mislead you in anyway they can and try to rip you off at every turn. They expect a tip and are not shy about asking for it for anything they do!! I am sick to death of the double standard and the poor pitiful me stories. If you do it right the first time you don't have to worry about being deported. I am an immigrant who lives in the USA with a green card which I pay thousands to renew every 10 years. I pay my taxes, support my family, keep insurance on my vehicles at all times and am a productive member of society so have no worries of being deported. To all these illegals maybe if you did things the right way the first time you wouldn't be on an ICE flight back to where you came from without saying good bye to your children, shame on you for putting your children in the position of losing a parent due to your negligence. This really does not have alot to do with Trump but has everything to do with following the rules and laws as they have been set in the country you reside and have been this way for many, many years ago!!!! You choose to break the law and drink and drive too bad!!!
Joran De Love oh, please. why does this start out with a sob story about his grandmother who hasn't seen him, then barely mentions the guy has a felony conviction for street racing? i wish news outlets would be more subtle about pushing their agenda again.
Troy L Reichert It's nice to see our country upholding the laws that have always been in place. You don't have to worry about deportation if you come here legally!
Ed Ferback Obama blamed Bush the whole eight years. Trump gives back his paycheck for being president. He's also done more in office over a hundred days than obama did over eight years. To many people afraid of being labeled a "racist" for telling the truth and that's obama is the worst president in history.
Lance Buttermore What's crazy the same people cheering trump for this bashed obama on everything. Do we not understand obama deported more than any president in history? Or do you just cheer for your skin color? Just like the golfing crap. Bashed obama for vacations then trump blows that number out the water and makes money off of tax payers by staying only at his owned resorts..... yet he is cheered for it馃う鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︹嶁檪锔忦煠︹嶁檪锔 I don't understand logic with people sometimes.
Dale St Marie As Jeff Sessions said, anyone who is in this Nation illegally is a candidate to be deported.......start with those who have committed crimes and then those who have been on welfare for more than 2 years......the rest should have to go to the back of the line and go through the legal process to gain citizenship. It should come down to who has and who hasnt been a positive contributor to this Nation.......just like in any other Country around the globe.
George Doumar Do you know what happens to non citizens in other countries that have minor unlawful run ins with the law. THEY GET DEPORTED. Stop this crap you try to call jounalism. I have a heart and do feel a path to citizenship for illegals is needed but in the meantime break the law any law and off you go. We simply cannot choose the laws we follow. Their are plenty a American citizens in jails throughout the US that their offense does not match the sentence but the law is the law. Our court system is based on the written law and punishment for breaking them is defined. You do not get to choose.
Marcella Ellis When you change the policy, these overstays, etc. who do not have a criminal record could stay. When you run a red light, does that make you a criminal? You're breaking the law - true, but I wouldn't argue you are a criminal. When you engage in activity that is considered a "misdemeanor," similarly you are not a criminal, torn from your family, etc. there are degrees to how a person breaks the law, and not every act makes someone a criminal. The idea of overstaying a visa does not then make someone a criminal - We have to be a society that can handle complexity and be merciful in doing so. All of this, "If You're an illegal You're a criminal" business is garbage" - it's a matter of policy, not criminality.
Tina Avitia Again, proof of more of drump's lies. He said that only 'criminals' would be deported. Here we see mothers with children being deported. These r the majority rather than the minority of deportees. Granted, if they r here illegally, they need to do it the right way, but to round up those who have not committed serious, life threatening crimes (murder, rape, robbery, etc) as a normal deportation. Well, so much for taking him at his word. As not why they didn't properly apply for citizenship / green card privileges, one only needs to talk to some of these people & hear their stories & experiences. We r so very blessed to be born in this wonderful Country & most of us have the foggiest idea what it is to live in third world countries & want nothing more than to be able to provide a decent living for their family. The majority of illegals do not come here to become 'rich n famous' but merely to make enough to adequately support their children & give them a better way of life. Only by the grace of God r we not in their shoes. So let's try to have some compassion & empathy for those less fortunate than us.
Claudia Alvarado So basically they are deporting anyone who is here undocumented, not the bad hombres only...well to some it's the same difference. Smh so sad the focus is misplaced as usual.
Terry Hartley Why aren't they raiding big gangs in large cities? Housewives and DUI offenders seem to be all they're getting. If 45 deported a ton of gang members he'd be blasting it all over Twitter.
Denise Stearns Are you kidding me....just a dui, domestic battery, being deported several times. Um being an illegal is a crime in itself. Just like the one guy said...if Trump was president I probably would have went home. Well guess what, cause of Trump you are going home.
Anthony Riggio Trump is the biggest criminal in the whole immigration situation. He ordered ICE destroy deportation records so Dreamers would get blocked from re-entry, even though they were here legally.
Gwladys Petit Why are they separating families? How is this going to affect the children? If these people can get the US citizenship then the US government needs to help them applying for it and then focus onto deporting the true bad guys.
Manuel Santiago Not a bad way of wasting $84,240,000 in a single year. I wonder what else we could do with that money. Feeding the hungry, helping the sick taking care of veterans but screw that lets just waste it on attacking people.
Ayanna Martin I just want equal application of law. Trump doesn't deport white undocumented people only the ones racist jeff sessions deem undesirable POC ones. Bernie bros and third-party voters owns this!
Linda Bly Illegals are breaking the law. I don't care what color you are.. GET OUT!!! and come back Legally. If you willingly have children here and are an illegal alien, that's your problem if you get deported. Look at the bad role model you are for your kids
Janet Carroll Why can't we ship out the sicko home growns we have here? Wouldn't it be nice if we could rid our country of all the pedophiles, rapists, thieves and murderers by just deporting them? Then we could let in the people who really deserve to be here.
Rick Serra Do it LEGALLY and you won't have a problem. If your here ILLEGALLY then get deported. Simple as that. Yes its a long process and cost 馃挵 but nothing is free! I have nothing wrong with immigration but do it right. This isn't the old days. There are laws now.
Cindy Lippert I guess the bottom line is that they are here illegally Some stories are sad some look like it's good they are gone Seems they all feel like they will be back I dont see why they dont apply legally from the start
Beverly Roberts What comes around goes around and look what is happening the circus continues it will never be right when it starts out bad it continues to go bad
Mike Bates DUI? I'd say he's a danger to others. Domestic Violence? I can't believe Liberals would defend that turd. Felony Conviction? Good riddance. F*ck 'em!
Michelle Micky McKee-Armstrong They are sending anyone who is illegal. Visa's and illegal boarder crossings. Called enforcing the laws. And anyone who sends their kids over ahead of them to get free passage while others still have to do it legally should not be reunited after child endangerment. Especially when human trafficking is off the scale now.
CNN12 hours ago

The locals know Shishmaref isn't expected to last long. But where do those who call this Alaskan barrier island home go as it slips into the sea?

Rick Montenegro Clean science is good science. But what we have now is dirty science, polluted and influenced by corruption, politicians, greed and money. Global warming is a construct to make the way for the sale of carbon credits. It will make billions to those that play along. Return to clean science and we will support you.
Phillip Twist Here on earth day we have hundreds of trump supporters out on Facebook sites trying to pretend that wanting to care about our planet is bad. They keep using the excuse tjat if we have a cell phone we should throw it away because we are adding to the problem, or if we drive a car we should want to walk because it is adding CO2 into the atmosphere. Well how about we have a president that doesn't eliminate all the regulations that corporations are supposed to live by to keep more and more of this from happening. Ending many of these regualtions to save a corporation money is only going to hurt us all in the end.
Jason Murphy My favorite part is everyone denying global warming existence when they're literally shown video evidence. You people are crazy.
Michael Hogan It will be amazing to see an island completely disappear in a single lifetime. The solution is to ban lobbyists who 'controversialise' the issue of climate change. It's a fact, we can see it in action and somehow we need to pump less carbon into the atmosphere.
Joe Paulson Gee too bad they couldn't of been given enough notice to maybe move the house prior to it falling into the ocean? Come on liberals help your fellow liberals use a little common sense if they won't listen to you they won't listen to anyone
Max Murphree Civilizations have been falling beneath the seas for thousands upon thousands of years morons....... the climate has been changing for billions of years.... liberals have one hell of an ego when they all think that humans have some godly ability to change the direction of an entire planet......
Deborah Montgomery-Broadnax What will it take? When every child has asthma and can't breathe, and needs meds to live.? When there is more plastic and toxins in the oceans than fish? When we no longer will be stung by a bee but we can't grow crops?
Alexaner Hamilton This made me so sad ! This is being repeated all over the planet. People that have done nothing wrong are paying a hefty price for simply existing! Something has to change or our population in this planet is under threat regardless of our race , religion or what flag we fly!
Bill Janice Staton These folks have been there 400 years. They have done pretty good. It's a harsh life and they have adjusted as best they could. They need help now. Does anyone realize how much it costs to move a house? Where go going to move It? I don't hear them complaint? I am reading about those who don't live there suggesting these are somehow complaining about their circumstances! Has compassion and mercy left the building left the house as well?
Tina Neal It really is sad for these Alaskan Natives to lose their homes bcz of global warning! Not sure what it will take for society to get it right! 馃檨
Stepan Emirzian They got screwd once before when the land bridge between Asia and North America went under and they couldn't go back home....who do we blame for that one?
Mona Mostafa Well I think we have ruined our earth 馃實 badly that it won't hold for much longer time 鈱 the irony is that we are still fighting over it this is sad 馃様
Jennifer Lynn Beaupre Yep, DJT. .....There's NO such thing as Global Warming! It was ALL made up by the liberals JUST to diss you, YOU ARrogant SCHMUCK!!
Lori Kraus Same can be said of the Louisiana coastline. I've been away for 16 years and each time I go home, I see more and more erosion. New Orleans will one day, be beachfront property.
Manuel Alday I believe in climate change, but what ate we really going to do stop driving cars and drilling for oil? Just go back to the old days with no electric or means of improving ourselfs? The world is not made to last people
Tanya Osterman The irony is that it doesn't matter whether humans believe global warming is real or not. Mother Nature will win in the end.
Gail M Chernetzki Campbell This right here is why our scientists are correct, about the sad truth. Global warming is happening so quickly. At a much faster pace than originally thought. So very sad, the the president, refuses to open his eyes.
Servando Cardoza Isn't this like the 3rd time you posted this (C)lown (N)ews (N)etwork ..surely you have to have something else to (supposed)report on other than this and slamming Trump.....just regurgitated b.s. news
Jessica Clark ok well if yall are feeling some kinda way best stop driving cars and start getting back to horse travel. What better way to sustain the earth then to get back to off grid living. ooooohhhhh wait......that would mean you'd have to give up your luxuries. Noone wants to have to do that. 馃槀馃槀馃槀 Fox Lain Macha
Steve Nelson Earth Day... created by a guy who murdered his girlfriend when she was leaving him and ecologically composted her body in a trunk stored in his closet
Richard Sittel Alaska went to the GOP in nearly every election that I remember. They for sure voted Trump, let them sink into the sea, it still won't wake them up.
Maggie Scott My island town will likely start flooding by 2050 and by 2100 1/3 to 1/2 of it could be underwater during high tides and storm surges. It makes me so sad to think of that.
Barry Rogers It`s just erosion. Been happening for thousands of years.
Joel Orthmann Omg it's the end of Earth as we know it! If we don't give The Elites and Politicians billions, they have told us all it will end? Hoax!
Kelly Chartland Everything has a Expiration date on it, it's just Life running it's course there's nothing humans can do about it All we can do is live Life until our time here on Earth has expired
CNN13 hours ago

American Airlines is investigating after this video surfaced on social media showing a confrontation between a passenger and an attendant aboard one of its flights.

Shianne Owen He was wrong. He had a job...his job is to maintain composure and not be a tool. He was a tool. Period. And you know what, she's a mother traveling with a baby internationally on a flight. I'm sure not being able to get the stroller on the plane pushed her over the edge. Anyone who's traveled alone with a baby can relate and I think the flight attendant was an asswipe.
Chuck Banister This will be the new trend now. Break the rules on the plane to see what you can get out of it. Lawsuits, first class flights. Obviously it's a win win situation.
Katie Bergey Whether or not she should have not brought the stroller in isn't the point. #1 Have you every traveled with two small babies??? Maybe she misunderstood. Maybe she was stressed and forgot. Maybe she knew she wasn't aloud but was overwhelmed with trying to hold two babies.
Jodi Kresel From what "other" passengers are saying is the mom was asked to leave the DOUBLE seated stroller for her TWINS, which was already tagged to be put under the plane, right outside the plane door so it could be put below and she would get it back when the plane landed. She refused and brought it on the plane, which would NOT fit above.. YES.. the flight attendant was 100% wrong.. The cops should have been called to handle the situation for a passenger not following the rules..
Peter McKinney Fake crying. Gets more dramatic as she doesn't get her way. The male passenger trying to be a hero should have minded his own business.
Erin Heazeltine When we boarded from Boston to Heathrow they took all strollers in the lower section of the plane. I flew AA and they explained at the gate that no strollers were allowed. Soo...I don't see how this conflict even started. How did she even get on the plane with it.
Wendy Knight Prock who cares? I can't even fit my carry own luggage down the lane and she expected to push a double stroller through. Kind of hard to travel with two babies, but whatever? This is NOT national news but the media is making it. Why not just carry the babies and check the stroller like in the old days, but instead act like an entitled millennial and make news. Whatever. Sorry babies got hit in the head, that is not good, flight attendant didn't react right, but people use your brains, quit acting like spoiled brats. The whole situation could have been avoided.
Lindsey Renee Accolades to the man who had the guts to stand up for her. I highly doubt if it was a man with a stroller, the attendant would have hit him with it.
Jamie Davis To all these people saying she was fake crying - have you ever traveled alone with two children? I haven't, thankfully, but I do have three kids and there have been times at the end of a stressful day something as small as breaking a glass has made me cry. I can't imagine the type of stress one would be under wrangling two small kids alone while traveling, so yes, being yelled at by a stranger is definitely something that could be the straw that broke the camel's back.
Louie Lou Credit to the man that stood up for that woman and child. To tell you the truth I never like dealing with attendants because they always seem stressed and obnoxious. A very stressful job, putting up and serving individuals.
Karen Reyes Galarza I just read a post from a guy name Eric who was on board the aircraft (aisle across from the lady that filmed) and he says the flight attendant calmly told her there was no room on board for the stroller and she immediately escalated the situation and started screamed from her lungs at the flight attendant, they walked to the front of the plane, she decided she was not moving any forward and the FA took the stroller lifted to pass it over her head AND SHE PUSHED HIM and that's how she got hit and started crying histerically . The first class passenger didn't witness the whole incident since the beginning and the lady that recorded didn't record the whole event and when arrived in LAX at bag claim a camera crew was waiting for the first class customer already. And as Eric says, is sad the flight attendant thanks to that passenger and the lady that didn't film the complete story is being crucified by everyone that didn't see the whole thing.
Marc Gabriel Trinidad People have no respect for rules and policies. Stroller has to be checked in per policy. Don't like the policy? Then leave. People in the world are feeling more and more entitled.
Roger Hoyt The problem isn't the stroller. It's the flight attendant who was not professional. He's there to assist people. A mom with twins would fall in that category.
Bo Sun This is getting really annoying now!! Why did she cry even louder when the male passenger stood up for her? It's like a baby seeking for attention...
Patrick M. Faley The biggest problem flying today is a select few passengers who feel so entitled and privileged that they do not have to follow the rules and regulations involved with being an airline passenger. We are seeing way too many cases of passengers who are refusing the request and instructions of the flight crew. There have even been two recent cases in this country where passengers when given the instructions for an immediate evacuation due to the plane being on fire feeling entitled to get their carry-on luggage from the overhead bins before exiting the aircraft. Nothing will get done until someone dies because of these entitled passengers. Unfortunately after the United Airlines incident more and more passengers are going to attempt to test the airlines and see how far they can get. This woman obviously lied about the stroller being aloud on the aircraft , and then became irrational and obnoxious when confronted about her lie. I would like to see a law that if you refuse the flight crew instruction you get a one year suspension from flying. When you get back flying and you do it again then you make the no-fly list from life. The Crew has a difficult enough job without self-absorbed passengers refusing to follow the directions that were established by the Airlines and the federal government for the passengers safety.
Brenda Hatfield Lawson Please people stop blaming the woman. There was no reason for this guy to get all huffy with her. What's it's his first day on the job? He acted inappropriately. And she is not the one who posted the video. How different this would of been if he had been helpful and kind. He didn't have to grab the stroller that ended up striking her and almost the child.
Crystal Maskell Carey Let her use the stroller to get the BABIES on. There were 2 of them. Then bring the stroller out put it in the storage and be sure to bring it back so she can deplane with it. Don't EVER swing it so you hit a mother holding her child. For hells sake people.
Joanne Arpino Just because she is a blonde, crying woman with a baby, doesn't make it right for her to not follow airline protocol. They should arrest the "he man" who interfered too, or maybe he should have offered his seat for her stroller SMH :/
Maci Baker I'm confused, if strollers are supposed to be checked with your luggage, how did she get all the way to the plane and in the overhead storage with it without someone saying something??
Liz Banta Gambill Is she having a hissy fit over a stroller that isn't supposed to be on the plane anyway? I just don't understand people anymore. It;s like people look for ways to sue somebody, anybody!
Anne Chesnut I'm not defending the flight attendant's actions at all. Like this lady I have traveled with 2 small children, one in my arm and one in a stroller! You cannot take a stroller on a plane because of the safety hazard it can create in turbulence for passengers. It is hard to store, it is an heavy object and they need to take it. They explain this to me , took it at the door, and help me to my seat and out of the plane with my babies. The stroller was waiting at the door for me when I got out! It was simple, they were helpful, I understood..what went wrong here??
Kevin Jones Beating the passengers appears to be normal practice in the US. Thankfully they haven't started shooting the customers yet.
Dave Ryther Everyone thinks they're special. It's THEIR world so forget airline policy that protects the safety of all passengers. Airline employees deserve an award for putting up the American travel culture of righteous indignation.
Alan Lee I don't know what happened before the video but I seriously don't see how crying makes it right for anyone to bring a stroller which should be checked in at the counter onto a plane?
Dee Zul American Airlines could have handled this differently, however this woman did something to trigger this. I sense some type of train wreckery
CNN13 hours ago

First, the price of meat, eggs, and dairy could go up.

Christa Loftin (says in the most innocent, sarcastic voice ever) But according to the Trump administration there's no such thing as climate change. It's a hoax invented by the Chinese!
Chris Jensen Lol corn is dirt cheap because there is so much of it. It was just about a record crop this last year. If anything, the farmer is hurting because they can't make as much money of off their yields.
Vern L. Ripley You think it's bad now? Mexico currently buys all its corn from U.S. farmers. But with Trump's racist rants against Mexicans and his desire to build a wall, that may change. Mexico is negotiating with Argentina and Brazil to buy all their corn from them, not the U.S. If they do, the U.S. corn farmers lose their largest market. Votes have consequences; racist actions have consequences.
Doug Campbell One more story that CNN uses the words, could. Yes it could go up. Or it could go down. It could be because the air could turn blue. When you keep saying could happen it's not news it's just a story that you want a reaction from people and to try to control what could happen. Try reporting news facts.
Dean Kirschmann Add to that the extra we will have to pay when trump builds the wall and taxes Mexico, causing them to raise prices for us.
Ben Leienberger Can we all agree that farming needs to be changing. Let's not fight over why it's happening if it be natural or man made, but what we need to do. Farming needs the science. Tools to help better manage land. Machines that work more efficiently. Let make sure farmers can make a living and not have to give in to big companies. We need to make sure we are funding the farmers and not the big companies.
Thomas Bergmann It isnt hurting corn farmers. The price of corn is raising because more corn is being turned to ethanol. More ethanol, less corn for animal feed. BTW the clmate has been changing for better and worse for a lot longer than humans have been around.
Nick Alexander Aguirre It's not climate change CNN! It's the fact Donald Dump is taxing Mexicos exports ! So Mexico has made deals to buy their Corn from Two other countries ! It's Mexicos biggest import so of course Corn farmers affected .
Emmett Sewell CNN what about the dust bowl back in the 30's or maybe late 20's was that man made too a lot of farmers were hurt then are really pathetic always pushing the leftist position and a lot of years since farmers have been hurt by weather patterns you people are such infantiles,your network cannot be trusted on anything.
Marla Voyles No... Trump believes in climate change.. it's happened forever...what is NOT true is that humans significantly impact it and science backs this up! This climate change fraud is just a way to make politicians and their friends rich from taxpayers.
Fernando Martins Felipe Debbaudt Hannud roubo 茅 alguns consumidores sofrerem por causa da polui莽茫o de grandes corpora莽玫es... sem taxa, o que voc锚 tanto defende, como que esses produziriam menos?
Andrew Coniglio III US Corn Farmers are causing Climate Change. GMO's, pesticides, fertilizers. The list goes on. If what we want is to be good stewards of the planet , go organic.
John Crash climate change is a money maker, just like finding a cure for cancer, which will never happen because too many are making $$$ ...some have said if the Canadian prairies were to get warmer, the growing season would be longer and the farmers would make more money...
Monroe Frazier The corn industry and many other agricultural counties across the country backed Trump during the presidential election. Now they are having buyers remorse? Too bad. They can vote for a few farm friendly politicians in 2018. At least that will help stave off some of Trumps awfull executive orders and actions. Trump and his entire cabinet is pro-corporate, WallStreet and oil. Etcetera.
Ernest Hoskins No.. The price for meat, eggs and dairy is going up because liberal policies and regulations that is taxing farmers for cow farts. LOOK IT UP folks this is real.
Steve Hicks Oh CLIMATE change is the culprit? Ladies and gentlemen this is what magicians call slight of hand. While your attention is looking over there blaming climate change, Monsanto and over-farming land continues to destroy the soil. Climate change has nothing to do with this.
T.J. Cain Ramsey Give me a break!! Farmers have always been vulnerable to weather variables among other factors. Climate has been changing all my life . We survived the dust bowl the droughts and heat waves of the 50's, floods, hurricanes, bowl weavils, it's all part of a day's work.
Charlotte Abbink So what's new?? I'm 74 years old, was raised on a dry land NE farm--still have 80 acres-- to much rain one year, drought the next and periodic hail/ wind storms was a fact of life then and still is. We didn't blame "climate change " then. Now it's just the popular catch-all.
Jeanie Frederick Meat, particularly beef, went up a while ago already. Prices will continue to increase as the cost of living does, with or without climate change. Minimum wage will also affect prices once that rises nationwide.
JD Ramos If they voted for 45 then they can reap what they sow. We told them, warn them and they chose their personal privilege over the stability of the whole country. It will only get worst and they have no-one to blame but themselves.
Claire Primrose are going to have to help me with this one. Is it making the corn yield expand?
Mohamed Megdadi At least there is still one area where Trump will do great and that is closing Guantanamo Bay because Trump knows one or two things about running Waterfront properties into the ground
Michael Armstrong Sr. The earth spins om it's axes varying over thousands of years causing ice ages and green house effects sun spots cause mini ice ages along with volcanic activity from ash being shot into earths ozone layer . Stop being scammed by greedy democrat liar politicians .
Tsering Yangzom Tenzin Yangchen This shows that all majors are interconnected. While you guys balance economic structure faced with new challenges, we work on instant problem solving skills regarding global warming and climate change. And by the way climate change is real, our planet earth needs some care. 馃槒
Alan Figuracion Sad, how many out there can't understand Middle School Math and Primary School concepts...the Bering Land Bridge was last available 11,000yrs ago and is presently 50M below Sea Level which results in the rate of 4.5mm/yr of Natural Sea Level Rise for the past 11,000yrs! IPCC claims 3.8mm/yr due to Manmade Climate Change since the Industrial Revolution. How is this possible? The EPA used to be about Protecting the Environment, but is now about punishing the American Working Class!
CNN14 hours ago

A huge iceberg has grounded off the Canadian coast:

Brian James Aren't some reports saying this has been happening for millions of years. Some reports also suggest, that the earth was at one time apparently all ice...
John K Gaddis Oh my lord! We're in trouble folks. It arrived a little early but we'll all have enough ice for the summer; thank you CNN for another excellent execution of a story! Wow, you guys are something else!
Tom Thurlow It happens every year, but every year the ice-berg season is getting earlier and earlier due to climate change. There are also more ice-bergs than there use to be...
Michael Perez Duh it's been global warming since the last ice age , man is not responsible for climate change nor does man have power to stop climate
Paul Yanopulos What's with the dramatic music? CNN so retarded lol do anything for a story, and to make it look good. Other than Trump y'all really have nothing to write back.
Robyn Guinn this is peanuts compared to the icebergs the Canadian shores experienced at the end of the last glacial period where a one mile thick carpet of ice broke away from the northern continent chunk by chunk until what you see was left behind.
Bob Brown We are doomed! Ice has been proven to be one of top causes of death in the US. Majority of alcohol related deaths have been influenced by ice in one way or another.
Millie Mitchell CNN is reporting something that happens in Newfoundland. Why does it always end up about politics with American's. It's an iceberg people!!!
John Burton These also raise the sea level water displacement. All floating and submerged items in water do this. Even large population s of sea creature. Bumper crops sometimes.
Ricardo Maduro Word on the streets is this is just the tip.
Sybil Garrison We should all sit and relax and wait until it's too late. Then, we can all blame Obama. How's that for a plan? Sarcasm.
Michael Norwood I bet ti's the same one that his the Titanic because of man-made global warning..I forgot we just called it weather back them days.
Lou DeGrant This is just proof that icebergs are growing in new places!!! Yippie - more proof that climate change is fake.
Zach Recine Look trump turds. Ice burgs melt every spring. It's normal. What's not normal is the summer ice decreasing in the arctic. Ice caps melting in the Antarctic etc.
Christopher Herschberger OMG NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF MAN HAS ANYTHING OF THIS MAGNITUDE EVER HAPPENED. CAN THE END OF THE WORLD BE FAR BEHIND. Excuse me cnn. This is news ? Did you hear Trump secured the release of a few people in desert country. Two months in office. Did what obama couldnt do in 8 years. THATS NEWS.
Rahul Sharma Now iceberg's gonna tell the real story of the drowned Titanic #nuffconspiracytheoriesnow
Peter Giuliano I wonder how much Pollution was coming out of the Big Yacht the Obama's were on with Oprah, Springsteen, & Hanks???????
Ray Guerra That's the one that hit the Titanic. Icebergs have been doing this well before the industrial revolution.
Karen Jewiss Campbell Canada is the new Arctic. Just keeps getting colder every year
Len Pepin thats what us canadians put in our whisky ice is expensive in canada
Terry Watters What the hell has this iceberg in CANADA have to do with President Obama, and Ms. Clinton. And where does fake news come in. This appears to be beautiful video of an iceberg. You guys are nuts.
Donald Frichtl "" Will obama's//clinton's ARK ''be huge enough to save All liberal democrats .. from Global Warming, ???
Alan Cruz CNN #FakeNews ALERT: If you're really interested in REAL SCIENCE relate to Climate Change.. Why don't you listen to the most respected SCIENTIST John Cristy showing the REAL DATA from NASA (not modeled data): - - a REAL SCIENTIST who doesn't make a penny on climate change and he was the FOUNDER of IPCC.
Kevin Brewer Oh no the earth is melting, we are all going to die,
Wayne Barron We used to swim in this water. It was stingingly cold but it never stopped us 馃檪
CNN14 hours ago

Around eight million tons of plastic enter the marine environment each year, and the figure is set to rise

Ethan Vose More people need to get out an recycle. You want more jobs, recycling creats more jobs than a landfill. You want cheaper products, reusing materials is cheaper than starting a product from scratch.
Theresa Manning I don't have a lot of hope. While sitting outside a Taco Bell, a woman opened her car door and put her drink on the pavement. Then a couple of minutes later, a box her food was thrown on the pavement. Drove down the street and car ahead of me through fast food bag out the window driving 30 mph. It's hard to comprehend where these losers learned to be that lazy.
Shane M Emerich We need officers on the beaches ticketing people for littering. Doesn't even have to be officers, can be someone making $15/hr patrolling beaches for litterbugs. HATE seeing people leave tons of trash on the beaches in RI when I get there in the afternoon.
Josh Sprenger Convert what we have floating around to use, fuel, fibers etc.. Then go more green with hemp and other biodegradeables is my guess..
Dustin Huntsman In the carboniferous period trees evolved and nothing as able to break down the wood for millions of years. This wood built up and became coal deposits. I see a similar thing with plastics. There are a few examples of bacteria in plastic rich environments evolving the ability to break down nylon, but it has yet to be seen in the environment. Plastic will build up and possibly form depositional layers around the earth.
Amelia Oyenmwen This is what makes me saddest when ever I go the beach and that sense of helplessness I get because no matter how many I pick it's not even a dent. Whoever invents a machine that can vacuum the sea deserves a Nobel prize. Pls
Greg Hoch Typical way humans deal with everything. Do it until it kills someone or something you care about and then start talking about how we have to do something. It's sick. Never prepared, never planned. Just go by the seat of our pants with everything. Money first common sense last.
Geoffrey Acedo I know this sounds a little whine-ish....but I hate that on clean up days, people throw out entire bags of trash, just because there is SOME trash in the waste basket. Never, never.....understood that mentality when I was there in the military. But it happened almost every Friday 馃槙
David Wong Sent all the for science protestors to the ocean to clean them up that will do more good than for them to be wasting their time and money protesting!!! What has science do to the environment? Science had the direct effect of creating more environmentally dangerous products to the environment than anything else!!! Everytime the huge corporations that funded science announced a big discovery that will help save the environment it turn out to be a false lead or rather a deception!!! Just like all the medical breakthrough that scientists had claimed but never mention or sidelining the very bad side effect that will complicate rather than help people!!!
Mary McDermott Hemp makes great biodegradable plastic. We can save our oceans (our lives because when the oceans doe we die) we just need the political will to do it. That means people need to be educated enough to vote for innovators, not fossil fuel enablers.
Reynaldo Ba帽adera Why ban plastic? In fact, it's useful! Actually, only those irrational people carefree of trowing used plastic here, there, and, anywhere 're the culprits of these accumulation of plastics in the rivers, and, sea!!!
Ike Kim pollution, another lie for the liberal agenda!! let me quote that brilliant writer and orator A. Coulter "God said so: Go forth, be fruitful, multiply, and rape the planet 鈥 it's yours". we are gonna totally eff up our one and only planet.
Steve Farley Problems like this can only handled when leaders take the lead. When our leader stops worrying about his phone being tapped. Also stops wasting money on a wall and starting talking to other leaders about this problem..
Greg Bartlett I remember the tree huggers pushingplastic down are throats to save a tree ( a renewable resource ) the coming Ice age taught in school in the 60s70s , the hole in the ozone layer we were all going to fry because of mom's aqua net . Hell why drag it out the daily climate guy on TV said it was going to rain today , guess what ??? Sunshine .. Weather man/ person and Climate scientist , professor, news media and politician are the only jobs you can suck at and still get a raise every year
Pete March We have the Guyandotte River in our backyard in WV. Tons of plastic & other debris float down this tributary of the Ohio River every year. It makes its way all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, & from there, who knows? This is deplorable, & we must find a solution - soon!
Cheryl Moe The only hope is to ban plastic or put money into alternative packaging materials. I'm not sure there is enough need for all the plastic that could be recycled in the recycling industry.
Rob Haugen you need to start with the island countries first like the philippines and the surrounding areas, they have no sense of recycling or how to dispose of trash, dont beleive me walk around one of the provinces on the coastline, youll see not just one house but 20 taking bags of trash and throwing it into the water every day if not 2 times a day. its so bad i wont swim in the water here or eat the fish.
Don Austin Yea. Go back to paper and glass. What other problems may I help you with? CNN I think you are owned by a foreign government.
Joseph D'Anthony I think if we can gather the large number of people that protest every month to do something more constructive and join those forces together to clean our beaches and water ways, that might help馃槙
Mike Powell Don't worry Mother Nature will take care of it . Some how some way . God has a plan and we can't change that . Live your lives and stop trying to control everything that you have no control over.
Lisa Hann Until people take responsibility for their own actions by disposing of these plastics, it will never change unfortunately. They will kill off our oceanic inhabitants from sheer disregard. Depressing, frustratingly sad.
Joanna Regine Zu帽o Engineers need to start developing new technology, mainly a series of filtration systems that will collect plastics in the ocean, even the most minuscule. The problem with everyone who doesn't want to recycle is the fact they think it's an ideology, a luxury and something they don't need. So you have to tackle it another way, which is finding ways to capture it.
James Eskew Everywhere I go Liberals sucking on a plastic water bottle, Ordering takeout, Starbucks cups everywhere. Take a reusable water jug,learn how to cook,buy a coffee maker and learn how to use a dishwasher.
Boni Elliott Put your prisons to work Dailey cleaning beaches and waterway's you pay for them to eat make them earn it oh that's right the guards would have to actually work instead of watch
Elizabeth Cinco Teves Just have someone to tidy everyday. Changed plastic bottle to Big Dispensers for liquid so people will learn to bring their own bottle but I do not know the effect to the taste of the drink.
CNN15 hours ago

The climate crisis threatens health, jobs, prosperity and security of America's workers and everyone else, write George Gresham and Bill McKibben for CNN Opinion

Johanna Scheffer Notaro Global warming! Haha. They can't even predict the seven day weather forecast. According to Al Gore we should already be under water. What a farce.
Robert Kerecz So....i guess liberals are all selling off their beach front properties, all driving small cars, downsizing to small home......and flying coach with the unwashed masses.
Cheryl Lubinsky If climate change is the result of the burning of fossil fuels, can someone please explain in scientific terms how the last ice age came and went, cause I'm pretty sure we were still living in caves at the time? Thanks.
Dan Vettori 30 years ago we only had a few years left. "By the year 2000 kids won't even know what snow looks like!" Then they moved the timetable up. Nothing happened. Now we only have a few years left...again. 30 years from now we'll only have a few years left, except it'll be another group of "scientists" predicting the end. But if you wanna get together and try to convince yourselves that holding up a sign for something that's been happening for thousands of years, thinking you're actually doing something constructive, by all means go for it. If it makes you feel better then who am I to judge. I'll stay home and drink a beer.
Luke Rockefeller A lot of people don't understand the concept of science. It is unbeatable. All it amounts to, is evidence. The only way you can top science is with better science.
Charlie King Global warming is a liberal agenda! There have been natural disasters for centuries now but there have never been a group of people until now, using a nature as a tool to brainwash people into believing that they are their only hope for survival! And trust me all these documentaries and coverages on global warming will be very compelling but you have to listen to the other side as well!
Don Smith The universe is contracting, no it's expanding. We're heading into another ice age, no the earth is still warming. Heart disease is caused by germs, no it's driven by faulty DNA. Okay, so maybe it's a combination of both When nuclear reaction was theorized some said it would chain react the entire planet into a fireball. Hell, our best minds used to teach us that the world is flat and to bleed people for healing. It's not at all lost on me that our research is light years ahead of where it was just in the last 100 years ago. But the more we learn, the more it proves just how little we really know. I understand more about the science of global warming than most people reading this and it interests me too. But scientist are far from being immune to group think and tunnel vision and when they become surrogates for the liberal socialization of America, all kinds of red flags go up and I'm not talking about fire zones.
Randal Running WOW, As we speak Russia,Iran,and North Korea are targeting the good ole U.S.of A. with annihilation and CNN is predicting our demise with climate change. I wonder which one it will be.
Todd Grubbs On a separate note, I am about to buy a classic car/hot rod. With a huge motor. That gets less than 10 miles per gallon. And I'm going to rev it up at every red light for no reason at all other than I like the sound of an American muscle car.
Le Mike So I assume that CNN got into trouble with their half news about Trump and now back to climate change. People don't seem to realize climate change is real the debate in the scientific world is how much humans are actually responsible for it.
Joe Blowe While Trump concerns himself with righting the wrongs of Syria killing little innocent children with gas bombs, he intends to do nothing to stop or slow down the poisoning of the world with C02 gas. More coal, baby.....
Charlie Mckenzie Any climate change by humans is the result of over population. Too many humans and not enough resources in a given area. Look at California which is overpopulated for the natural available resources
Diego Alec Salenga Briones All these people not believing in Climate Change. Maybe because they don't live in a place like mine where my country (Philippines) is one of the most affected by Climate Change. While these people live comfortably, we fear every year that a stronger storm or a fire due to the heat will take our community and our home. Climate Change is real. Just because it's not affecting to you, doesn't mean it's not happening.
Joe Horner If you don't believe that climate change is real - Just look around - Open your eyes - Maybe when an ICE AGE begins then you'll believe. If you can not think of yourselves then think about what you are leaving for your children.
Arsalan Ahmed Apparently American workers are told that dumping coal in water doesn't effect the earth and there is a conspiracy to make us pay to make water and earth clean.
Alan Figuracion Sad, how many out there can't understand Middle School Math and Primary School concepts...the Bering Land Bridge was last available 11,000yrs ago and is presently 50M below Sea Level which results in the rate of 4.5mm/yr of Natural Sea Level Rise for the past 11,000yrs! IPCC claims 3.8mm/yr due to Manmade Climate Change since the Industrial Revolution. How is this possible? The EPA used to be about Protecting the Environment, but is now about punishing the American Working Class!
Antonio Santiago But the photo is in a third world poor country. And you talk about USA. This is tantamount to fooling America public that this photo was taken in USA.
Matt Caddell Climate change is a proven scam. Remember Climate gate? Why is NOAA altering temperature data in some cases and completely fabricating it on others to skew conclusions in their favor? Why is there still ice in the arctic circle when Nobel prize winnerAl Gore clearly stated it would be long gone?
Charles Donaldson Yuri Bezmenov warned us about evil propaganda media outlets like CNN. You are quite naive and foolish if you believe the media outlets you follow are the only ones telling you the truth.
Jo茫o Albino Maybe they know it's a LIE!! Maybe they know vulcanism, sun activity and geological cycles my have heavy influence in global temperature!
Fabian Tepezano It's a shame that the orange anus and his disciples believe climate change is a hoax by China. Sad!
Michael Bensinger Yup, and we need to protect unicorns, equal pay for leprechauns and open borders for all Sasquatch, Yeti and Bigfoot immigrants
Tinus Pretorius Ag please! As if Americans knows all. The very same americans that can't even point out Afghanistan on the world map, thinking its the state of Texas, Nivada, you know, because of all ,...that....sand. The very bias , fake news CNN that feed the herds of uneducated , floride drenched massas to believe anything eamts to lecture the world on climate change ???? Hahahahahahahaha!!!
Jason Rameka If CNN is so sure that climate change is settled science and such a threat, why don't they host a great climate debate and get to the bottom of it. Attach the debate to the next presidential and/or house and senate elections and require all those standing to declare their stance. A couple of days might do it. Perhaps a great climate conference that will allow people from both sides of the spectrum to talk. Then try the same thing with other polarising subjects. Forget Senate hearings. The questions are too easily angled from a biased PIC.
Matt Stricker in the life of a star it begins to increase in size incinerating planets orbiting it until it becomes a red giant, then it implodes and becomes a white dwarf, then it can turn into a nova or blow up. and that cannot be stopped by no man.
CNN15 hours ago

The rally will take place on the same day as the annual White House correspondents' dinner, which President Donald J. Trump has declined to attend

Marcin Leszczynski he will surround himself with his supporters and lie to them about his accomplishments while fact remains nothing has been done in last 100 days
Stephen Porter Celebrating 100 days of corruption, incompetence and failure.
Aubrey Kitzmiller Will people rally bigly there? Will it be the biggest rally I've ever seen? Will it be "yuge?" Will there be many, many, many millions and millions there? 馃檮馃枙馃徏
Dario Gomez Didn't he just say that the first 100 days was a ridiculous milestone? Now he's holding a rally? For what? Can't even pass a law through legislation.
Adam McGaughey Is this some kind of joke? We don't need a rally to celebrate 70 days of signing bad executive orders and 30 days of golfing. He hasn't gotten anything of significance done, except appoint a new SC justice that got someone killed on his first vote. How about doing your job, at least until you're impeached?
William Groves I say we mark it with the beginning of his impeachment hearings.
Charles Nesler After a dismal first 100 days, pockmarked with high profile defeats, Trump's very delicate ego desperately needs someone to clap for him.
Travis Hortman Dude!! You won..i swear he doesn't like being the prez unless people are praising him....unless you reach across the aisle and do something different , you'll never have much more than 40% following, President Trump!!
Neal Fowler of course he is. for such a big talker he's too much of a coward to face real criticism to his face and rather retreat to his safe space. conservative snowflake.
Debra Mitchell Show off!! He does not know how to act in public or among a group of people without insulting someone! President Obama had so much criticism from The press!!!!! STILL President Obama Rose to the occasion!!!!!
Omar Fabian Verdugo Trump is doing what a lot of people expected from Obama but didn't get. Homies in the White House.鉁旓笍 Family members all in the White House.鉁旓笍 Lying on a daily.鉁旓笍 Ramping up war.鉁旓笍 Not being transparent.鉁旓笍 Covert operations.鉁旓笍 Can't complete most sentences due to his limited vocabulary. 鉁旓笍 No rationale. 鉁旓笍 Under investigation.鉁旓笍 And the list goes on. This is far from the norm & I will not act like it is normal. NOPE, NOPE, & NOPE, NO CAN DO.
Joe Grace You have NOTHING to celebrate here in PA so please either stay in Washington where you actually belong and maybe learn how to work OR, feel free to go to Florida and have some chocolate cake. It's spring in PA and all the farmers are spreading manure on their farmland for this summer's crops. It's smells bad enough around here without you stinking up the state!
Jim Bliven He's got to get his ego stroked from thoes uneducated people he loves so much. He knows the educated people at the correspondence dinner won't do it.
Fern Torres More deflecting....see Trump knows how to play his supporters like a violin. He's picking their pockets while he messages their fears , anxieties, and hatred.
Steve Longstreet Can't go to this correspondence dinner and show America he is human and mend fences, instead has to have a rally with a handful of hand picked supporters to spew hate and lies.
Tracey Chambers Younger Of course it's going to "bigly"! Everything is in his small tiny little brain and world. So he can lie to his minions about all he's accomplished. I can hear it now, "I've accomplished more in the first 100 days than any president in American history." And the minions go wild and blindly believe him.
Janis Williamson Smith Glad he won't be attending! Everyone will have a much better time without him. He's just too thin-skinned to be there and can't take jokes about himself.
Jane Harding-McGhee He's a master at throwing shiny objects our way. Just his way of detracting the attention away from the correspondents dinner. Hopefully CNN, and other media outlets will not give his rally ANY COVERAGE! Otherwise, they will be playing right into his hands! CNN, please don't be an enabler to this dictator wanna be!
Carole Gayler Who cares if he has a "Rally" All the American people care about is his criminal and treasonous acts and when this joke will be out of the White House. And then you will see the biggest rally in celebration, the world's biggest party! #impeachtrump
Sharon Howell This is funny. Last I heard, he did not think getting anything done by Day 100 was all that important. He is a greater fool if he thinks he can compete with the Dinner. It is always funny! And with T in the WH, we all need some relief and laugh a while!
Karlene Scott Hopefully everyone will write, e-mail and call all publishers of every form of media and ask them NOT to cover this 'so-called' rally. Maybe only Fox and Brietbart will be in attendence. This idiot has got to be stopped.
Anais Kieffer His supporters don't care. As long as he's 1) still bashing Obama, HRC 2) kicking Muslims and "aliens" out of the country and 3) spewing hate on minorities, women and the poor, that's their main concerns. 4) Oh, and fighting against abortion rights, of course! They could care less if he's a bold-faced liar. Here is what the ignorant believe Trump is going to do.: 1. Destroy the federal government as we know it. 2. Kick butt 3. Fire a bunch of minorities 4. Get rid of Obamacare and watch the poor die. My previously unaffordable insurance is down to $85/month. My car insurance, from Insurance Panda, is now just $25/month. Under Trump, healthcare will be $500/month or more. 5. Make the lives of poor kids, the sick, and the elderly worse than they already are. 6. Drop a bunch of bombs on some colored people in some country somewhere. 7. Build a wall. 8. Cut taxes on the rich. Get ready for WW3... Trump is the disaster US voted for! Its now gonna be a bigger mess...still can't believe that disgusting man won!
Susan Emert What a big brat! He's got to be the worlds biggest baby. This is a full blown temper tantrum. I'm a retired pre-school teacher and I recognize a full blown temper tantrum when I see it. I wouldn't be surprised if he lays down on the floor and kicks his feet. Maybe he'll poop in his pants for a dramatic finish.
Andrea Gates Not only did he not get much done - Trump can't even say he conducted himself with humility, grace and dignity during the first 100 days. SAD! Very Very SAD! Tremendously SAD! Have fun at your "feel sorry for poor little Donnie party".
Chris McGrath -- Oh darn, Trump's "accomplishment list" is being audited, so he can't share it with his chump supporters. "But it's the greatest list ever, beLIEve me, folks, beLIEve me!"
CNN16 hours ago

President Donald J. Trump awards Purple Heart to Sgt. First Class Alvaro Barrientos during a visit to Walter Reed Medical Center

Emily Cohen If anyone ever looked more uncomfortable I can't remember.
Margie Barto Oh the irony..........a man with 5 deferments to avoid serving his country is awarding a Purple Heart to a serviceman. He should have spit in Trump's face!
Dorissa Mitchell Thank you to this man for his service and the sacrifice he has made to help Americans stay safe and protect to our liberties. I'm so very sorry you had to be given this award by this man. 45 dodged the draft and has made no true sacrifices for our country. He's a fraud and he's destroying our government and has no regard for the constitution. He's no commander in chief. I'm so sorry that you and your wife were used by him as a prop. You appear to look so uncomfortable. True patriots, the ones that didn't vote for this man, consider you a hero.
Larry Cruikshank Proud of all our heroes who sacrifice for our country. (This fool POTUS is NOT one of them.) Wondering if Trump considered his ethnic background, like the judge he disrespected.
Brittney Tarpley Hasty I just really hope people don't start falling all over themselves to call him "presidential" because of this. Visiting Walter Reed and honoring our veterans is human kindness, but for him it's a photo op and nothing more. Our vets deserve better.
Dave Amare Joneson All for show!! Mr "I like people that weren't captured". Go away!!!
Ron Wright How many times is he gonna kiss that dudes wife, even when she moved away from him? What a dick..... just grab her by the pussy with those tiny hands a get it over with already.
Ben Stevens A slap in the face to this veteran! Being awarded a purple heart by a draft-dodging, war monger, who stole money from veterans, and then lied about it!
William Davies ask trump if that is the one that was gave to him wait he was a draft dodger so that would be a big no the rich little spoiled brat that he was
Victor V Rodriguez It's sad that such a respected, deserving, heroic veteran is getting the Purple Heart from a draft-dodging, misogynistic, disgrace of a president. Yes, he is a draft-dodger!! He got several deferments to prevent from going to Vietnam but yet he played golf and basketball in college. What a hypocrite. Plus look at that last name... Barrientos!! He's either a Latino immigrant or the son of an immigrant just like I am. Before all you "Obama didn't serve either" people start complaining..... Obama never disrespected veterans. Does anyone remember Trump talking crap about John McCain? He said he didn't like veterans who were captured as POW's? Hey, and that's a fellow Republican who's a veteran that hates Trump. Disgrace of a president. On the positive side from one veteran to another, thank you for your service Sgt. Barrientos!!
Brad Jellison This is something the President didn't have to do. He chose to be present and pin the medal on because he truly respects the military.
Joe Kertanis That's just great he kisses they guy's wife ...twice no less and doesn't even shake the mans hand.... pats him on the shoulders.
Daniel Payne Why would you ever congratulate someone you give the purple heart to? You thank them for their sacrifice, this isn't an award you win. It's an honor for the bravery and sacrifice.
Aaron Wayne King Oh but Trump and definitely Congress block the Veterans act bill ... stop drinking the orange kool- aid smh
Junior Gilpin He is giving away the Purple Heart - not too long ago he had no clue what it was - "i have always wanted a Purple Heart" he said. Stupidity, illiteracy and maybe a few other things - he is president???
Tony Ratkewicz Let's get the press core out to see me (trump) going to Walter Reed Medical Center and talking to the Vet's. Next week I (trump) will veto any bill that comes up to help them, behind closed doors of course. F*****g draft dodger.
Christian Null Now they both have a Purple Heart! Only one of these men deserved it. 鈥楳an, that鈥檚 like big stuff. I always wanted to get the Purple Heart, this was much easier.鈥 - Trump when given the medal by a vet.
Livier Anaya Does he realize he's pinning a Hispanic/Latino!! He needs to realize that our people do serve there country unlike him
Brian Gee When called to attention to orders, you're supposed to come to attention and not keep looking all over. Also you do not win a Purple Heart, you are awarded a Purple Heart. djt said to the wounded warrior congratulations on winning the Purple Heart.
Sherri Shankman Weiss FIRST , THANK YOU SGT. BARRIENTOS!鉂わ笍馃挋鉂わ笍馃挋 NOW.... 45..... get a speech writer! Or a clue you idiot! "Thank you on behalf of Melania and myself and a grateful nation...." There I'll send you my bill! You are an embarrassment!
Morton Feifer This president who lacks a conscience, is a draft dodger with minimum intelligence and no integrity believes he has the privilege to bestow a Purple Heart medal on a wounded hero is sickening.
Sharon Davis another photo op for T -not an inkling of sincerity here. He is clearly not comfortable around someone in a wheel chair as portrayed by his awkward actions. This is a person who has been through far more than T could ever imagine and he should not be treated like a side show.
Gayle Petrusic Ervin Oh Lord! So many things wrong with this whole thing. A draft dodger giving a Purple Heart to a war hero; a racist giving a hero's medal to a Hispanic soldier; a misogynistic old man kissing a hero's wife while not even bothering to stand by that man while the certificate is read; and, the look of - what? - on Melania's face as she tried to figure out just WTF he was doing. I fear for my country.
Lisa Johnson Another photo op for our "Commander in Chief." That's what it's all about, after all. If he had any testicles he'd be at the March for Science.
Katie Hesney I am no fan of Trump, and by that I mean I agree with almost nothing he says, but I am glad he supports our troops with such enthusiasm.
CNN added 6 new photos.16 hours ago

Here are some of the more creative signs spotted at March for Science rallies around the world

Ria Mon茅t Winns This made me Feel so much better. I'm really not ALONE馃馃
Eleanor Richards This is by far the best demonstration sign I have ever seen. Introverts your houses, under the blanket, on your couch! 馃挭馃徎馃
Teresa Dicaprio #teamIntroverts hold it down for me!
Kelley Buzbee This is about my 3-4 th protest and while huge and committed it was quiet considering there were 15k marching in Houston. Yes introverts were out and you gotta love them for it
Blair McKenzie Maria Gusanu our fellow persons making it out for the greater good lol. Xx
Hannah Ensor Patricia Damiano Davis this is soooo us! We should have gone!
Christi Long Best sign ever!
Tracy Edwards Krasner Liza Kaplan Potts reminded me of your comment the other day!
KC Merina Erika Jane ahahaha this will be your sign when going to rallies
Jorge Guberte I want to touch that sign the way people touch the Pope
Kim Coffey Bhahahahaha!!! And THAT Is a VERY accurate observation/statement.
Imran Affu This sign won the internet today ..!
Candice Coleman This has to be the best!!!
Kathleen Fitzgerald Galioto This sign says it all! I love it!! 馃憤
Giorgi Alelishvili
Courtney Lewis "We're here! We're uncomfortable! We want to go home!"
Esmeralda Lozoya Rodriguez Totally awesome and accurate sign.
Mandy Crawford This is AWESOME!!!!!
Connie Workman Look, Liz, a sign for me!
Pao Lee Good one
Dana Clifton My people! Stay strong!
Aaryn Mir Amanda, your perfect sign!
Sarah Gregg Haha Kim
Carson Turner Meeee
Michelle Arruda Hahaa #teamintroverts 馃憤