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She's... yourrrrr... queennnnn... to beeeee: Real life 'Coming to America,' ya'll! 👑👏🏿😉

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So presidents craft petitions now?

Shavoris Antwon The so-called Republican is drawing a petition for standing up during the national anthem, I thought that they are against government control.
Shay Azodoh I wonder how many people are aware that we have a dictator and the government is heading towards fascism ? This is tyrannical behavior. This is what we've been warned about .
Phill Broyles Anyone except a moron would recognize a petition against a protest is an empty act. A protest, almost by definition, will not win public support. Only after the issues are confronted and the dust settles does the general public look with favor on a protest.
Sophia Wiz Idiot again trying to distract please look at what executive orders and what he is not tweeting on Harvey Weinstein since his sex allegation accuser is working hard right now on her case lok
Cynthia Moore Does he know he can't petition away a person's 1st amendment rights ?
Anderson Cherylee This is what you do when u have no idea as to how to be a world leader...run your mouth about nothing so people, well some, don't realize how incompetent you are.
Faleshia Coleman I say we start a petition to allow everyone freedom of speech & the right to pro...wait we already have that 👌🏾
Deirdre Butler Why ?? What did America do to deserve this foolishness?
Carren Summerfield Why don't you do something that is useful for our country, you blithering idiot.
Brian Gabriel Klute Highkin It's ok to disrespect those who died in combat as long as you display patriotism on TV.
Vinkey Biv TRUMP go sit yo ORANGE 🍊 ASS down somewhere! ANYWHERE!
Karin Smith Ain't that some bs I can't stand this controlling bully
Casandra Berry This dude here be worried about the wrong thing rolling my eyes
Keith Capersk How in the Hell we get here! That's enough of this bullshit! He got to go!
JD Deberry Go sit your orange ass down, freaking racist.
Steve Ferrera AND He's running for student body again next time
Tracy Shepherd He needs to sit his nasty looking ass down. Worry about more important issues.
Karen Gage The one I will be signing letsimpeachnow.com
MaryAlice Chester Raabe Come the start of baseball season I will remain seated!
Tiffany Boatner When will we be free from this wreckage administration! He/they are exhausting!
Ken Walker Anything to distract from Robert Muller.
Ej Brown Why don't you show your tax returns first, you little orange moron!!😱
Deedee Glover Omg why is this idiot still in office?
Harold Sika A loser will always be a loser#SHAME
Vernease Neasy Johnson Will someone please shoot this motherfucker!!!!!!!!
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Don't... touch... MY hair!

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Given what she said about these players, a suspension isn't enough.

Baron Windsor Is this what it means to serve and to protect?? When the perpetrator is a political, police chief!!!!! She's dispi able, it's a volunteering move to stand etc , not a must !! She of all ppl should know that !! Where are their rights and freedom of speech , to peacefully demonstrate their position ???!!!! She's a disgrace , she's extremly toxic , and yes she's contributing to a very toxic environment in the force.
Anthony D Johnson Sr Using racism as patriotism. The anthem was written September 13 1814, we weren't even consider citizens of this country. We were not free. Slavery didn't end until 1865,therefore the anthem isn't for us. James Weldon Johnson wrote Lift every voice and sing in 1899 that's our anthem. Needs to be fired.
Michael Corker Unfortunately we have to keep reminding ppl of that fact...it's like talking to brick walls...just gotta keep stating the real reason why kap kneeled. ..and don't let them spin the narrative. .cause they are trying their hardest to make it about the flag...but we know like they know but refuse to see...it's about injustice. ..
Liz Brown Are there any black women working for the NFL. Just asking a question?
Garry L. Neal How many times do you have to tell these saltine idiots that this protest doesn't have anything to do with some fking flag, the anthem or the military? Do they think we're lying? Do they think we're making this sh*t up? They can play fking dumb if they want to! The streets are talking and non violence and turning the other cheek isn't in their vocabulary! If law enforcement doesn't get its fking act together, out of retribution, expect record numbers of police funerals!
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Time to fix being broke, folks! (No. 3 is a major key!)

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UPDATE: Not only is Nicki Minaj in full support of brother Jelani Maraj throughout his case, but reportedly she'll also be testifying on his behalf.

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"You need a f**king hug. Why you don't like me, dawg?"

Dawayne McRae I'll give the brother a lot of credit for trying but I can't hug someone who is so hell bent on hating someone for no reason other than skin color. Like Simon Cowell would say: That's a no.
Krystal Toure This is the answer. Even though he was reluctant he still hugged him back. That was so beautiful and so real. All we need is love!
Stacey Francis Ain’t hugging NONE OF THEM! There’s a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing. That refraining is 500 years and counting!
Tamara Roundtree Its always the brothas turning the other cheek and seeking love and forgiveness from thine enemies. But can't do it to his own kind. Caucasians have a spell on black men.
Sheenya Orviss Black Man: "Why do you hate me?!" (hugs nazi) Nazi: "I don't hate you, because you're in your place, begging and groveling at my feet, and if all other blacks would stay in their place as well, I wouldn't hate any of them either."
Angel Marie But WE are always made out to be the violent ones. I bet that white supremacist couldn't even answer him. It's not the approach I would have taken but I respect him for trying. Make sure the alt-right sees this the next time they want to try to spew that garbage that it's the anti-right protestors who are the violent ones.
Courtney Blaire We gotta stop vilifying the oppressed for not being willing to actively love the oppressor in spite of their oppression and violence. That’s the same mentality we fill domestic violence victims with and then fault them for staying. I’m glad he found something that gave him peace, but Ebony, as a black centric publication, do not ever subject your people to this garbage headline again.
Keith Capersk I think that hurt him more than the punch in the mouth.
Eric A Clayton Lol if this doesn't sum up the black experience in America I don't know what does. Us hugging Nazi America and asking why you don't like us dawg.....that's us all day. Till we get woke.
Lin Marie Stop freaking hugging folks who hate you! And stop wondering why folks don't like you, cause it only makes them dislike your needy ass even more. Instead, give yourself a hug to remind you that you know your worth and that's unshakeable. Then give a hug to kids lost to gangs, or the prison system, or a kid who is struggling to stay in school even though the streets are calling his/her name. In other words, hug somebody who'll hug you back, and it will mean something in return. The only return this black man got for forcing this Neo Nazi into giving him a hug is a photo op.
Peta Jones Was it really sincere on the nazi's part🙄...it doesn't look like he was in a position to refuse the hug....
Kristen Roberts-Crowder We need to hug each other more first. We have always been like this to THEM. We aren't the savages. They are. White supremacist trails all over the world.
Antwine Hurst I'm not hugging any Nazi. They should be hugging us. Apologizing. Centuries of mistreatment. I don't hate but I just respond to hate with zero tolerance.
Daphne Jean-Jacques Gtfoh wt this BS get a grip mother fucker never love us they never love us and never will . You don't need his love you need his respect ✊🏾
Tonya Ladmirault Get to know people of other races. You may miss out on some good friendships listening to the opinions of others. Anytime some one wants you to hate another person that you do not know, be very careful. Hate and evil can and will destroy you.
Kim Anderson Why must black people always have to make the first move? Smh
George Romaka This will be passed around for years to come by white people admonishing black people (and allies) to protest less offensively, less intrusively, more conveniently. This will be in spite of these Nazi clowns advocating genocide. This will happen no matter how many people are killed by them. Credentials: I'm white. I read the handbook, "How to be racist without anyone calling you out on it" and everything.
Dave Johnson Laughing at these comments. Love is the new “weakness” and hate is the new “strength” while eye-for-an-eye is the new “moral code”... until judgement day comes, lol
Belinda Kirkwood I can't hate others bc they hate my skin color 4 1, I have 2 b so beyond that. My skin will never change, I will never change who I'm. These ppl have no logical reason 4 y the hate someone skin color, so logic dictates 4 me is 2 keep my heart, mind, and soul open and not 2 dwell on something that doesn't put a dent in my characterization of my being.
Derwin Love Even tho I don't know that I could've done the same, that brotha sent a powerful message to everyone. I'm proud of him, God bless him
Tommie Troutmon Many of these KKK and White Supremacist don't even know why they are hating other than what they are being filled with. Hate destroys. And when people don't understand how it could take your life over before you know it. It will get worse before it gets better.
Sharon Gladney Even though the brotha mean well it’s ingrained in him to hate they can hug all day but white people some of them honestly feel like they are the Gods of this earth
Carltaise Ransom This some straight up bullshyt and some of us so quick to believe that bastard changed like that.. he put on an act for the crowd.. he still hates his weak Black ass. Im so sick and tired of Black men being the white mans bytch... we always running around begging racist Caucasians to love us, yet we dont show compassion and forgiveness to our own people. We dont go around trying to heal the self hatred in the Black community, but we pitifully beg our enemy to love us. Disgusting
Vernon Rixner But we will kill each other for just looking wrong what is really wrong with black people.these people hate us and let us know it and would kill us if they feel they can away with it.but so many of us long for their acceptance why xan anyone explain
Lovella Deloatch Then crackers need to hug us for a chance.. We always find the good in poeple.. When will they find the good in us.. Did them Rednecks hug they slaves.. NO WHY SHOULD WE HUG THEM..
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Somebody must have bumped their head...

Veara Watson People, people are you losing your minds? Keep your hands off of others children. YOU are Asking for the wrong kind of interaction. ijs
Sudy Andel I dont know if people gonna think im booboo the fool,because i REFUSE to believe this happened,and if it did, mom,and the teacher are both crazy.teacher for doing it,and mom for not taking any action besides reporting this.
Valerie Johnson Our hair takes extra work...it's not wash and go and most likely the staff didn't want to be bothered with styling it so they cut it off...this shows what kinds of abusive employees they have more than anything.
Elaine Santanna The mom needs her ass whoop for not dragging the teacher since when does the school have permission to cut any kids hair
Vickey Blakely Why do they think the can take liberties with our children! It's not ok, to push your thoughts, off on other people's children.
Marcia Dixon I read in the local news that the girl lives in a group home and her hair was shaved in part for hygienic reasons
Anne Thompson Jordan So Rasta Locs would have been a good reason? 😳
Michelle V Carasco Raise your daughters to be fighters. Girls are too obedient.
Tonglea Rivers Hands, faces, and teeth would be broken by the time I got done!! Sick
Felicia Jordan I would need to be bailed out of jail...ijs
Liz Brown They can't do that, she's just the teacher, not the mother.
Claudia Mcintyre She probably ask someone to do it she looks happy
Deloris Wright This is crazy....can't b real🙄
Veara Watson
Baron Windsor Huh???
Hyku Boyd Wait!! What???
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Computer Love 101: How to keep online dating inline with safety!

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"I knew I would not be accepting any more visits to private spaces with Harvey Weinstein."

Baron Windsor This man is sick and God knows he's been a sexual predator for years !!!!! This is unbelievable, my God he must be stopped !!!!! So many victims , but why didn't they speak out before ??
Alease Montgomery Fear is just another tool of the devil to keep people in bondage. I’m so disheartened by the events that caused so much pain in so many lives. But GOD gave one the courage and by her coming out it gave the others the strength to come out and be free of this injustice! We really have to educate our children so they won’t fall prey to or perpetrate this behavior.
Geo Plucky Paging yt feminist. Come in yt feminist..
Janice I. Fuller Smith he's deplorable!
Barbara Johnson What a creep😈😈😈😈.
Alice Tetterton ^^NASTY NYMPH^^
Ebony9 hours ago

"While the robbers didn’t make off with any cash or jewelry, they did steal..."

Baron Windsor Fishy , how did they know where exactly to break in and how did they know for sure she wasn't at home , yet only hours later so called security discovered a break in !! These things in my opionion are all inside jobs !! To make off with bags and sunglasses etc , targeted items, heavy to carry , bulky , where was the security cameras , the ground alarms ?? And a ladder conveniently around to use , ok then , I'm done !!
Doris Archer-Hagins Strange.
Karen Elizabeth Ummmhummmm....
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It's.. about.. time. YES!

Dollie Fae Muneca Ivey She needs yet another lifetime Achievement Award for a beautiful children Tracee Ellis Ross and Erin Ross
Ronald Miller Well deserved my favorite female group Diana Ross & the supreme's
Eloyce Mitchell VERY OVERDUE for this AWARD but HAPPY it's Finally Happening
Melanie McCray I'm glad they did something while she's still alive!! You go girl!!
John Craighead Congratulations to a fine beautiful Queen n Diva whom I've loved since i was a Freshman in H.S🤗👑💗💖💞😉😗😙😚😘🤗
JoAnn Virges Lady sings the blues..finally gets renewed...
Barbara Walker Congratulations but why did it take so long!!!
Bessie Sweat She finally got it look how long it take before she got it
Ressee Wilson Congratulation Diana you deserve that you work really hard
De'Onte D. Brewer
Linda Moorer Well deserved n Long Overdue
Brenda Parris Long overdue....wishing you well
Connie Dupree Love Love Love Ms Ross
Alton LA Vern Permenter CONGRATS, BOSS ROSS👍👌❤✅💯⭐
Maggie May Adebajo Awesome !
Doreen Elias She doesnt have one👀👀👀👀🥂
James Bruton 5 stars
Pat Finley Yes it's to long
Eloyce Mitchell
Eloyce Mitchell
Denise Francis Congrats ENJOY YOUR time.💗🙏😊
Abdu Njaye Well deserved.A great Lady my Diana Ross ❤❤
Alice Tetterton
Rosi Silva Diva! <3
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“I will refer both to the Constitution as well as to Michelle Obama to explain why that will not happen," Obama joked.

Michelle A. McGee Man hearing him speak again moved me and wishing there was a law in place that if for any reason the president coming after him isn't qualified for the job he is automatically removed that would bring Obama back in charge of this country until we the American people can get it right. I was just thinking out loud
Wendy Awenda Oh shut up already. Shut up and crawl back in the hole you came out of.
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Former commander in chief visits Virginia, New Jersey in an effort to promote Black voter turnout.

Yolanda Teal Blacks didn't turn out in the last big election and look what happened. Blacks better get off their as s and vote, or we will have a Trump loving follower as governor.
Brenda Williams I 'm saying this because I am black .They better get their butts out there and vote for their own good .All this kneading is for nothing if they don't go vote .Remember God help those that help themselves .To make the police pay. We need to remove their helpers .
John Bullock Don't be deceived by negative comments. 44 wants all like minded voters to show up and vote out tyranny. Ethnic origin has nothing to do with it. Be wise.
Jessica Pinnix For every body sayinfblack didn't turn out for the last election PLEASE educate yourselves!! We did turn out...1. Donald Trump DID NOT win the popular vote 2. Polling places were allowing ppl to be intimidated and many left 3. Some polling places were closing early 4. Voters turned up and were turned away by being told they were not eligible to vote NC, my state, was one of the many states accused of illegally purging ppl from the voter registration list So blacks and Latinos and many other minorities and Democrats were showing up, some were just illegally turned away or what have u. And yes this is all FACT. Look it up.
Sunday Akpore What's the population of Blacks and Jews in the US? What's the number of Blacks and Jews in Congress and as governors? I believe Black power will make sense with more African American in positions of power. Right here in Nigeria, I know of more Jews in the US congress than the Black there.
Maisha Bora Himself what did he do for black people? Or neocolonisation of Africa? This man is a clown used by the white supremacists to control black audience/ people... Obama ain't black he is an agent
Nduka Uhiere-Ebite White folks keep destroying via votes they give to people they want to destroy people of color.... Obama talk to white America we've always been on the right side of reasoning.
Steve Jones How much money are these guys paying Barack Obama to use black voters again,... which by the way Barack Obama isn't a black man, he's bi racial ....ijs
Roderick Baldwin That's what Trump has been doing with white voters, so what's the problem?
Veronica Smith We <3 <3 <3 and MISS, you, SIR....
Carol Young White-Shivers Good luck with that. We didn't turn out for the Presidential election.
Moment Monet Who won the popular vote, yet whose in office?????
Vanessa Cole Sipp Yeah President Obama!!
Yolanda Teal Steve Jones, you need not to post.
Baileigh Grace Jones *President Obama
Stephen Darryl Suggs Rally them for whom?
Theresa Tessie Dobey Good luck with that
Julia McNeil Thank You...
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“You only had to spend five minutes with Harvey to get the nature of the man. He didn’t particularly hide who he was.”

Radford Johnson translation: because he couldnt take advantage of her...
Cawetha Annette Mitchell The sad thing is that this is systemic in Hollyweird. It's not just the movie industry, either. Weinstein is but one of many powerful men who've assaulted and harassed men, women, boys, and girls in the entertainment industry. You ever wonder why all those Disney kids lost their minds?!
Liz Johnson Women should not stay silent when this is going on... if you know and you don't say anything, it is like you are condoning this horrible behavior. Same with 45, his behavior is horrible and his "people" keep looking the other way.... Not I, said the cat!
Melinda McElvaine Yeah, she wasn't because 'she looked like she would not only tell but too fight back." He chose those he felt were weak or that would play along for the sake of their careers.
Geo Plucky People are tripping if they think a dude like Weinstein can spot a woman they can't rape just by looking at her. Their egos lead them to think that it's not rape but that these women desire their sexy bodies. He didn't want her because she was not (according to him) phuckable. That has nothing to do with his perception or intuition. That has to do with taste. He just didn't want her and thank goodness for that.
Nesa Jordan Good for her. Just because she wasn't attracted to him, and he was attracted to her (and married), didn't mean she is in the wrong. Maybe she knew better!! Sucks to be his wife.
David A Stockhoff “Don’t screw up the casting of this film because you want to get laid...” Sober, commonsense advice from a professional that (a) underscores the unacceptable environment everyone working with Weinstein was forced to endure and (b) STILL got Caton-Jones fired. It's clear Weinstein ran the place like a mob boss. Not only the victims were defenseless.
Leacy Power Brown This man is horrible now he is in rehab. because he got caught. I hope he never makes a movie again. If he does, I hope everyone as a boycott do not watch any movies that he works on. Thank Goodness this woman was not picked and did not become a victim. Praying for all his victims may they find healing from their pains.
Melissa Foster Corey Feldman & C Haim have been saying it since the 80s when they were raped by Hollywood executives. Hain is gone because of the trauma & Feldman still speaks out about it but refuses to say his name just the timeframe of the movies Wienstien & the other rapists have
Rhonda Geissinger I've seen pictures of his ugly ass what makes him think he's even anywhere near fuckable? He looks like Jabba the Hutt
Paul Sleet Not only did he abuse and rape women; he also impacted the lives of women he did not abuse by blocking their access to roles. This entire sick man's career was based on abuse and exploitation.
LaShawn Nicole Im sure as gorgeous as she is thay shes crying her eyes out that a nasty womanizing perv rapist who also had sex w his brother said mean things about her.
Carol Campbell-Forrest Harvey is one....call the rest out! Some Hollyweird executives, producers, directors rape and take advantage of actors and actresses.
Pam Sinclair This man is so disgusting. Sophie should sue him left right and centre. They should blacklist him from the Entertainment industry for life. Glad they banned him over here in the UK.
Anela Tea-ana Claiborne Guess that how a lot of us get caught up and if you not twerking next thing you know is your a rumor mill slut
Sarah A Vortman She's stunning. He was just pissed he couldn't have her.
WL Moore He's not only a sexist, he's blind and stupid. ROTFL He had to use his power to get laid because he's not f'able. He had to force himself on women because nobody wanted his fat but.
Aljorie Stallings Wow! I wonder how Black Twitter Millennial simple asses who spoke to soon now eating crow on black women with Weinstein stories?! #Eyeroll SMDH
Ed Goodfelles I bet there are a lot woman of color who didn't get major movie rolls because they didn't want to deal with this jerk Smfh
Will Bishop This knuckle dragger couldn't handle all that black wombman magic!
Renee Yancy Excuse me, he' s Not fuckable that's why he harasses!
Cynthia Moore She was lucky ! She probably didn't want to anyway
Rose Boglin To assholes like him, fuckable means someone he could overpower or manipulate into sex or sexual acts.
Handy Michele Karen Why aren't people pissed off with Harvey like they were pissed off with Bill Cosby?? 🤔 Biased veils....
Baron Windsor What a disgrace , he's in the bucket with Trump !!!!! Filled to the top with garbage and vomit .
Ebony1 day ago

Somebody help pull him from the sunken place ASAP 🏃🏾‍♀️

Peta Jones What an idiot...BET is not even black owed. People like him we just have to leave them right where they are...
Vita Reed Quelle horreur. Just a bit of FYI. This cat is a Mormon convert and had been doing his Ruckus act for a long time. #procyon #lotor
Joel Cole Ray Lewis is a sambo for the establishment, he will knock all black people just to believe he has assimilated into white culture. He the kind of sambo that if his son was beaten or killed by the police, he would blame his son. He's a true sellout!!
Warren Harry Ray Lewis is a modern day blackface minstrel buck dancer ... internally, a white supremacist covered in black facepaint ....
Marilyn Pitts Whether you go to HEAVEN or HELL you will always find a Burgess Owens!! If Miss Hill cannot say what she wants to say as is her right according to the 1st Amendment, neither should this asshole. BET should suspend him immediately!!
David Byer Someone gave him something to rub externally and he must have drank it! Are people like these for real.. ? He must have had multiple concussions in his career!
Julia McNeil Adults who make their own decisions, not BET nor any other. Prayers for making your own decisions guys. With more Prayers for those who think you can not...
Franklin Wesley Chung Hahaha. Poor white regressive leftist trash full of self-hatred for the American Experience and the Western heritage shoving PC crap down everyone's throat are responsible.
Khalil Rogers No leave him where he is. He’s 66 years old, he ain’t get this way overnight and he ain’t changing.
Harry Pointer Asshole they didn’t need BET to tell them unarmed black men are getting shot down in the streets by police.
Luisa Clemente He suppose to be voice of reason. Time to listen to the young and stand behind them.
Taylor Thomas Every self hater can have a wrong opinion
Octavia Charmaine Garnett Ward Flood his social media pages with the words of the anthem
Kait Malone Do people really think this is how we generate our culture ?!
Angelo Hopkins BET has nothing Black associated on its channel. Fucks he mumbling?
Sylvester Allen Jr. CBS owns BET, so a white owned media company is the reason behind this protest.
Cass Kenne I think he should be checked for CTE. Its obvious he lost his mind!
Paulette Hamilton It's owned by white people privileged so how in the Hell they can make us take a knee
Pamela Marsh That's crazy these are powerful Men! That's crazy! Have several seats. They do whatever they want!...urrrr
Fredrick Lee Sr. That Chump took to many blows to his head, by the way isn't Bet owned by a White company?
Rhonda Chapman Chung There's always one who's still a SLAVE
Curtis Easley Men of the NFL I believe in you taking kneeling but we have to find a way
Cl Rich Fox must play them double to coon.
Trudy Evans The idiot is the one who is brain dead!
William Norwood So you're saying they can't think for themselves
Ebony1 day ago

“I am NOT the Caucasian for you..."

Jerome Boatwright Me too,and I'm a black man.. just saying, nothing wrong with dating other races, but to the point that it seems your own race is not worthy?. Not good, in MY opinion
Enika Walker If your reason for dating or marrying someone of a different race involves anything other than love, chemistry and compatibility with that person then take a long look in the mirror. If you're looking to improve your status or piss off another person or people then you need to check yourself. No one deserves to be a pawn in whatever your "game" is. Become complete within yourself and then if you should meet the person that is a fit for you you'll be ready. It shouldn't be based on their color but the strength of their character and yours.
Valerie Johnson Well we do have these men in our community that bash black women every chance they get while dating nonblack women. It makes you wonder about them and why they are really dating the woman they are with. Can they simply be with whoever they wish without bashing us, trying too hard to catch our eye in the process (talking and laughing loud, extra public affection if we glance your way lol)...I'm not sure if they are feeling uncomfortable or what is going on...just be with who you want to be with that's all. Like my mom used to say, we see you baby no need to act out 😆
Cedric Fuller All she said was if you come at her talkin bout you don’t like black women because of this , that , and the third you a bird ya heard
Bruce Gelin Got no problem with what she said. If you do, I have to assume you are a bum or you like bums.
Gene Hendrix Becky got it twisted, those might be white dudes with fake black profiles hitting on her, due to her or their fetishes. Trust me Becky is never exclusive or trending or happening, whatever you kids call it.
Faye Dolloway She recognized him for the pathetic loser he is. She like most women want a strong man because she's a strong women! Love her response!
Baron Windsor She isn't wrong in my view , she's merely pointin out facts and true statements made by some men of colour, in a broad generalization out look of white women that they feel is better than the sisters they wouldn't date etc , to the fact they don't date sisters it's a shame , because sisters don't play" that " !!!,,,, I honestly don't see where she's racist!!!!! At all , She's merely speaking on her own findings and facts of truth , based on the men of colour that have either approached her in some form of way etc . The things some brothers say about the women they date outside of their race , reasons for doin so is appalling , and directly disrespectful . If your datin or gettin with someone outside of your race for status , pawn , etc and it's not true love and admiration , not preference then something is wrong . Love isn't a colour !!! A true soulmate isn't made on the outside it's spiritual, bonded from within , made with no prejudice of any kind. Look at the man in the mirror , be with someone , because you truly love them , mind body and soul.
Micah Lamar Suns I’ve tried dating outside my race a few times to the point of even thinking it was love..but when I think about it it wasn’t...because every time we discussed serious issues outside our relationships in regards to race and racism I always felt that I had to compromise myself to not offend my partner and that didn’t work for me..I’m very vocal and transparent so I need to be with my own. It’s just easier that way especially when it deep or heavy conversations
Stella Birungi I totally agree with her...it is pathetic to run to another race because you fear certain elements in your own race...Love should be about one's personality...cutting across all races because we are Human who crave the same attention,respect, care etc...not about colour...let's strive for that as Humans.
Shirley Jones-Pollard If a man is willing to worship the ground you walk on because of color of your skin why stop him? I would not. I would love the attention and ask him to kiss my feet for every mile I make him walk for no reason.
LaShawn Nicole There are white men who dont like white women. We dont go making articles about it to get attention. Please dont expect me to believe shes doing us a favor. We are building our own families and honestly theres other stuff to write about.
Geraldine Merrill If so, then next please keep it moving, with over 7 billion people worldwide there's plenty more white fishes in the sea. The pursuer is not a victim, like everyone else, he's trying his luck at love. It's ok for us blacks as any other racial group to have our own individual preferences, values, taste, choice and a different world view.
Tammy A Hames I married the man of my dreams. He loves me, respects me and my Son. Has an amazing family. We are equal. But who is Becky? My name is Tammy. What name would you like for me to call you?
Ama Queen Fug her! It's strange how black men think that ivanka is different then Donald... they are the same people... but for some reason white women get a pass on racial oppression... you think because you are between their legs the neutral...nope! they have always had sex with black people they understand their power... but black men love Becky and Emma to DEATH...
Heather Hamilton Thank you ladies, but as you give their dusty assess a lesson, also send then to a different address. They are no longer welcome here.
Evelyn Gatlin I personally have no problem with black people dating whom ever they want to, but I do have a problem with you belittling your own race in the process.
Jaay Balmain This why I hate Black women who hate on white women for dating a black man... most times it's the MAN who is the self hating psycho, the woman has nothing to do with it!! And if she only wants BM for mixed kids she's a psycho too lol
O.t. Wilburn What about black women who proclaim that they only date white or nonblack men? Have white men or non black put black women on blast for the same thing. Seems like everybody is sh!tting on black men for one reason or another. Also I have noticed that white women have become salty towards us in the last year.
Robert Simmons Some of the brothers are just weak minded,they will hook up with an ugly white woman just to say I got me one Got me one got me one
Zagold Noble Black women if you think you need to reevaluate what black man you are with. It's probably because he lack culture to his own people.
Eastern R. Cedars To me, this person thinks he can do whatever with Becky that is not possible elsewhere. Good for Becky, This type of person is a sleaze bag. ALL women need to beware of this type.
Mia Jones Soooo, we're giving full congratulation articles to a white woman for saying the same thing black women have been saying for years? And let's not even mention this was about a month ago. Oh, okay Ebony. 😑
Richard Lewis I will never date anyone outside of my race, that's just me , what other people do is their business
La Toya Lemo nothing wrong with what she said, neither is it racist.....heck, its not even tone deaf.......... much ado about nothing.
Ebony1 day ago

We think orange will suit him better than blue, don't you?

Stanley Hayes Sooooo, let me get this straight a possible 15 years in jail, This former officer commit 1st degree murder of a UNARMED BLACK TEENAGER" just because his daughter was seeing a young Black teen, if justice was indeed justice this ex-cop would have gotten know less than 45 -75 years in jail, and that's really not enough...
Shay Azodoh This is nothing new , tragically the norm in the South, Caucasian girls dating African American men and the racist family Always treats the men like rapist, and shoot them and claim self defense or call them intruders on their property .
Catherine Dyana Sooo he doesn’t care for his daughter dating a black guy, but instead of taking it up with his daughter he kills the guy instead. Reminds me of Hulk Hogan’s punk ass using racial slurs at the black guy his daughter was dating. Hopefully he goes away for a long time.
Michelle A. McGee Surprised his team didn't go into court claiming the tired ole I feared for my safety BS Oh! wait, he did. smdh
Dwayne Leggett If he only facing 15 he may get 5. Sad a black mans life is not worth much in America. Never has thats why they are kneeling.
Baron Windsor He should have gotten life !!!! Life as they say , really isn't fair . A disgrace and justice wasn't served. It was a senseless murder , a hate crime that should have resulted in a lot more , such as life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Daniel Grayson III He should be charges with 1st degree MURDER. Not manslaughter I would like to see the racists on the jury forcing a deadlock.
Sharon Carbral It's not long enough in no way, shape, or form...but when he gets behind that wall... it'll dam sure feel like a life time every minute of each day when they get hold to that ASS...best believe that...he gonna pay one way or another...that is for dam sure!!!
Warren Harry And now he’ll come to know intimately what his daughter came to to love....
George Romaka I think murder one would have made more sense than manslaughter. And it took four trials. This wasn't justice. Not even a little.
Robin Faulks Yes I think orange will suit him just fine for now. but when he gets to his new home I think a lot of black will suit him better right up his ass. 😡😡😡
Valary Banks Well he didn't like his daughter's boyfriend well poetic justice is he will have one or more all to himself. I bet he wishing he had not killed him now and his daughter can live her life with the man of any race she so chooses
Saphia Mayo up to 15 years in prison? drug dealers are doing more time. keep showing us how much a black life if worth.
Alisia Barnes 15 years. Why not more? He sat and watched them before killing him. And lied about the victim having a weapon. Why such a light sentence for a thought out plan?
Dugger WhiteFox Hope they send him to regular lock up, he will learn quick. But o know they'll send him to some blue collar PC country club. PC stands for protective custody, really protected custody which we used to call Punk City, hah!
David Denise Should have been first degree capital murder! Life for a life!
Tutny Pi 15 years? Thats all he,ll get 5 to 10 watch this country santions the murder of innocent young black males
Martha Sims Good, now throw the book at his trifling ass! #POS
Tanya Luckett How many had to die to get justice...
Mec Horn Life would not be long enough for that racist monster!!!
Chris Cuaron I am sure he will appeal..... and I am sure he might win Still don't trust YT when it comes to their own.....
Desmond SheldonZoo Lloyd Now all the black men u sent to prison you'll be washing there dwrose
Stacey McKinney So, was this not premeditated murder? Did he not lie and wait for this young man?
Nina Harrison Thank God the prosecutors kept retrying him!
Ebony1 day ago

“It got really, really bad…to the point that I was suicidal."

Alice Tetterton
Rickey Tatum Michelle sweet
Julia McNeil Prayers...
Ebony1 day ago

Y'all remember Taylor, right? This girl is HYSTERICAL.

Roshaine Abbott She's too much and she's so sweet
Jackie King-townes She is too much, but she ain't gonna take no, stuff off of no body, that's for sure!
Denise Francis
CeCe Barn So so cute!
Somonia Webb Awwwwwwww
Tonya Howard Sonja Francis, Tonawanda Nickerson Remo
Tonya S. Smith Kimberly Howard
Ebony1 day ago

A recent report found 1,600 foster children die annually from abuse and neglect.

Non Late They also own hundreds of adult Day health centers throughout the country.
Julia McNeil Prayers and more Prayers for all children...
Keisha Robinson That is HORRIBLE!!!!
Lmarie Hilliard Horrendous
Ebony1 day ago

And the plot thickens...

Cynthia Anderson Ok fake. She's firing everybody but the husband. That figures!
Charles Bates So Wendy is a fire breathing dragon huh? She can talk about others, but how dare you speak of her raggedy household.
Leslie Rowe She can gossip about other people's husbands and being other people's business but doesn't know what's going on in her life and when she's confronted she's in denial this is why I don't like Wendy Williams
Deryl Ann I’m ready for someone to say they found her dyck in a jar. But I think s/he sliced it off, tossed it out the window and kept moving.
Eustachus DeVille So a person that makes a living talking about other people's Affairs and gossip is mad when someone does her the way she does other people. Sometimes the chickens come home to roost
Brenda Randolph This oopaloopa. Big saggy tit gossip moran.turn your flat ass around & fire your so called thug ass husband
Joyce Thornton Eggleston She is always dogging someone else....believe me your man cheats just like any other man.....And from the stories I hear your man is cheating !!!! How does that feel !!!!!!!
Delores Scott As Wendy always said she is a straight shooter, I don't see her covering up her own life, I mean the women constantly talk about her being on drugs at one point. She even reported that a family member got her son hooked on K2 and his road 🛣 to recovery, but wow her own staff smh.
Shannon Leis Her husband has been cheating for a while ... ask him about Miami .. when Evie had her boutique he didn’t realize it belonged to her he use to drop serious coin for his lady friend in there ..and at other places too
Mark Forte When a man cheats on a man, that jus’ a’int right. He covered for him or is it the other way around. I confused about Wendy’s arrangement now. Haha
Yvette Thomas PEOPLE that live in cheating households, SHOULDN'T THROW SHADE ON OTHER CHEATING HOUSEHOLDS!
DeAndra Marie Graham I think she lets him do WHOEVER and she’s okay with that... but she didn’t want others to know.
Baron Windsor She's bein bitter betty !!! In true Wendy style !!! Denial is a river in Africa Wendy!!! Straight no chaser is your motto , be real with the story and what's goin on in Huntsville, your own bck yard !!!! Let's hear what it is hummmmmmmm cat got her tongue , if it was someone else's business we know we can count on her to tell it , just not her own !!!!! That part !!! Ploop
Barbria Priester Sorry Wendy, but it kinda speaks volumes if your staff is so unhappy that they leak stories about you. One disgruntled person I can understand, but having to fire several people means you work with a bunch of folks that can't stand you (if they chose to stoop this low). I wonder what that's all about? You're own staff has it out for you? 🤔 Can't say I'm surprised, you reap what you sow.
Brucetopher J. Van Griffin IV Idk Wendy, these rumors been following you for YEARS! Wayyyyy back to the radio days when Nicole Spence accused him of trying to sleep with her (and choking you up in the studio) back in 2003-2004 🤔
Luann Watkins You fired them for telling the truth, and kept your husband, the constant disrespectful cheater/ adulterer?
Michael Corker Yeah I really don't think her staff was lying...a thief hates when someone steals from them. ....she made her career on gossip...now that gossip is at her door step...she wanna fire the ppl who split that tea...lol..but that pot already been brewing. ..she know they weren't lying...
Markie Hayes Not sure why folks get so mad about others infidelity?.. Unless your part of the affected party who gives 3🖕's...not a fan of Wendy... but if she's cool with it then... Hey!! ✌
Frances Seeger As well they should be fired for disparaging they bosses name! Regardless if whats alleged or not, it is not the employees business to disclose it! Im sure each signed an NDA and if so there is a breach clause I am sure!
Tracy Baldwin Wendy cultivated a nest of snakes. She is only reaping what she sowed. It was hilarious when she was rubbing her teeth over someone else's pain. Now not so funny.
Sarahlou Barrow Lewis Why did they get fired? Was it justified? Did they break the company's confidentiality rules. .was it common knowledge prior to the leak? See where I am going with this...
Malinda Smith Wonder did she fire that lil white girl susan I think is her name?? I could see her being a disgruntled employee
Latonya Nicole Young Why...don't she tell everybody else business..so why she mad..somebody telling her😂she knew that man was cheating..she just embarrassed..now everybody else knows
Mary Craft Good she should have to fire them, everyone should have kept quite. ... Remember talking about people will , catchup with you.
Althia Warner And they should be they're not getting paid to expose her personal life and since when does your profession proclaim you don't hv personal issues??
Ebony1 day ago

Signing off soon... The end of an era is near.

Drewsean Williams Actually Hal Jackson, Herb Kent, , Andrew Carter, and Jesse B. Blayton, Sr. were the first 4 African Americans Males to be inducted in the National radio hall of fame, Yvonne Daniels was the 1st Black Woman. Tom Joyner was the 6th overall. http://www.radiohof.org/1995.htm <-- Proof, Ebony
Fay Kitchens TJ will surely be missed. I have enjoyed waking up to his morning show. When my children were in jr high school and wanted to stay up late, o would get up early and turn the radio up very loud to the Tom Joiner Morning Show. .. Now, they are fans. Thanks for all the years. You will be missed.
Crystal Vermell Stroman Retiring in two years, he's not retiring NOW, two years who KNOWS,
Fanessa Gwinn shock to hear this. mr. joyner, you have been an inspiration. learned my black history from your show. thanks for all you do!
Charles Bellard Best morning show out , need it out here in Oakland
Barbara Johnson I was lucky to meet Tom Joyner at an advertising radio event in New York City. What a joy it was to meet him.👍🎈👍🎈
Rodney Miller First Aretha Franklin and now Tom Joyner !!! No way !!!😳😳😳
Linda Corbett Hood Tom Joyner put in his 2 year notice, he’s successful best wishes ❤️😊🙏🏽
Gladys Hubbard Miller I'm going to miss you Tom Joyner!!!!
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in words, will very missed
Lin Marie Tom J. really is the hardest working man in radio. He deserves a rest. Enjoy!
Walterina Brown Wow I didn't know he was that old!
Monique Green Like omg. Please don't retire ugh what's going to happen to BMM and skip Murphy etc Sybil
Ann Black Say it is not so noooooooooooo!!!!!!!! wake up to you every morning best wishes
Lisa Warner 2 years notice they got plenty of time to find someone good nobody gives a 2 year notice.
Alicia Jones I'm going to miss it. But we still have a little time.
Timblin Turner Sad day when Tom go away...
Larry M Stewart The end of Negro radio !!
Tanya Luckett Michael Baisden will have my ratings...these comedians ain't loyal
Drewsean Williams Actually Hal Jackson, Herb Kent, , Andrew Carter, and Jesse B. Blayton, Sr. were the first 4 African Americans Males to be inducted in the National radio hall of fame, Yvonne Daniels was the 1st Black Woman. Tom Joyner was the 6th overall. http://www.radiohof.org/1995.htm <-- Proof
Laura Andrades Wow his voice will surely be missed!
Eric Roberts Hardest working man in radio 📻
Scottie Borders Radio just went dead. Drop the 🎤
Glen White Respect ✊
Ebony1 day ago

YESSSSS!!! #BlackQueenThings

Glen White Good don't forget to help your on peoples even if your job on the line it's our time to rise
Jeffrey Carter Congratulations....
Tonya Ladmirault Congratulations.
Alice Tetterton
Alice Tetterton
Kate Coll 💪😍👏🏼🤝
Michael Washington And
Ebony1 day ago

Who knew?!

Tanya Sampson They killed him off because he wanted to keep the family more realistic but the writers and producers wanted them to do a lot of shucking and jiving. The best shows were before he left.
Paul Sleet I knew. The world wants to see every black man as JJ. No one wants to see us a James Evans Sr.
Gail Kirby Yes, they killed him off, he thought JJ was a bafoon and so did Florida. They wanted to have the family be more that that, but the writers figured "well how many families in the ghetto have a mom and dad in the home " they went the other way. James and JJ are still working and Florida died a millionaire.
Rita Mitchell-Minor Bey When John Amos left I stop looking at Good Times! It became so corny! JJ wasn't JJ anymore! He tried to take the place of the father! Good Times just wasn't Good Times without John Amos!!
Sheila Mingo When James told mad dog if you don't get your finger out my wife face I'm gonna slap a muzzle on you. I still laugh as hard today.
Tiff Marie Smith They killed James Evans off cuz he was too real plus the network wanted to make JJ the main character... and thats bullsh-----... the character James Evans was the prime example of a father who kept it 💯 and didn't play no mf games
Valerie Johnson The show went downhill when John left...JJ was a silly clown and unfortunately his type of character morphed into other clowns that are still around today...interesting no black writers...so basically they were caricatures animated by people that knew nothing about the black experience...deep
Charles Bates ...Their preconceived ideas are what they want society to believe. After all they couldn't be wrong could they?.........Christopher Columbus discovered?........Native Americans are Indians?......Black men aren't good fathers?.......All Muslims are terrorist?...........Nah, they couldn't be wrong, so John it must be you.....bye.
DeAndra Marie Graham Mama always said she couldn’t watch Good Times for too long because they’d get really ridiculous with the “coonin’”. It makes sense now.
Tonya Ladmirault John Amos has a point. They had J.J. acting like a goofy child when he was an adult. God had a better plan for John Amos. He had Roots and Commit to America. If he was still on Good Times he would not have done that.
Jay Broux With all due respect and I really mean this with no malice but this has been documented a million times. Jimmy Walker 's take on it is even more interesting. I'm not saying John's account isn't valid because it was him that experienced it but In Jimmy Walker's autobiography he give his side of the whole thing and it is very nuanced and telling. But what should be recognized is the chemistry between John and Jimmy is the most underrated comedy duo on television. The quality of the show dropped after the character was killed because the dichotomy of James Sr and JJ was gone. What is interesting to me is how we all complain about the JJ character being so buffoonish but the character grew up after season 3 and nobody wanted to see a mature JJ so I believe the theory of JJ being a caricature is oversimplified and generalized. Good Times is my favorite show ever tho.
Imar LeAnn 😂😂I'll never forget the Saturday i watched an entire day of Good Times, and how less fortunate i felt, it took my entire soul😂😂 Each time James lost his job, and how oatmeal was practically and always the main course, took a toll on me😒 just sad
Michael Roberts i would have preferred a more direct spinoff from 'maude' in which amos was a firefighter (henry evans) and florida quit her maid job for the finleys and was a stay at home mom in middle-class new york.
Marie Laveaux We knew exactlly what happened. We knew he was fired because he is a strong black man. That's not what they signed him up for. Fucking racists
Linda Corbett Hood That’s old news lol heard about that years ago
MsBrenda Wmson Good times producers did not want a strong father figure on the show for multiple reaaons.
Jasir White That's when most African-American actors had morals.
Deloris Mcleod I knew, he was tired playing a fool on tv with JJ
Tonya Stephens You know till this day I don't like watching the episode when they found out he was killed.
Chalese C Dun The best episodes were with James!
Mary Bowie I read about this a while back. Same thing with Sanford and Son.
Gedion En Yadira Isena Reuben Thompson check esaki. Co'i sokete nan a haci cu John Amos, a very talented and good Actor, but Hollywood was not interested with him. Samuel Dumfries
Brian Eldridge Sr. Perpetuating the stereotype.
Sharon Gladney John Amos and Jenifer Lewis need to do a movie together maybe coming to America 2 with him and Jenifer married and continued the McDowell empire
Jackie Reed Really Ebony!? This news is soooooooo old🙄👎🏽
Ebony1 day ago

Check yourself before your wreck yourself (and those around you)! #KnowYourStatus

Ebony1 day ago

#IssaBae?! We'd be here for this 👏🏿👏🏿

Ronisha E Wood-Glover Yaaas!! I'm rooting for everybody Black!!
Jeanine Carter Whitner Yes! Congrats beautiful black couple. Black love is beautiful 👏🏿👍🏿✊🏿
Foreclaw Denise Wait, how old is Issa? Because isn't he like 12 or something? 😂
Keila Crawford I’m thinking she would have gave him a chance if he was older .lol 😂 he is like 10 years younger than her 🤦‍♂️
Sharon Gladney They are both of Caribbean decent or is it African well gf don’t have to rap about broken p***y anymore!! Ayyyyeeee 🙌🏾😂🙌🏾
Reina Allen Nooo, don't steal my husband
Angela Manning That don't look like Issa Rae at all 😳👀🤓
Vassey Contour OMG ........ OMG......... I absolutely love these two being together......... Beautiful , Smart , Black ........ I pray it works out for them .......
Liana Clarke Nooooooooooooo!!!! I love you Issa but I'm going to need you to back up off my man, k? Cool 😎👀 😝😂😂
Tonisha R. Wade They would make a beautiful couple.
Shynel Alanna Noel 😭 not my man lol just kidding Yesssssss black ❤️ Over everything
Lynn Nona Jackson 😍 I hope their relationship blossoms wholeheartedly. 🗣 media don't ruin this 😉
Tammy Beamon Jr. Oh HELL NO! I mean I kno hes a millennial too but he deserves a SECURE UNAKWARD GROWN ASSED WOMAN
Lisa Jones That would be a true power couple!🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯
OnlyBlackGirl That ain’t even Issa...
Jessica A. Grice Jada Grice thwy would be the cutest ! If this is tr
Kelly Dickens Not that they need it, but...HIGHLY APPROVE
Jacqueline Perkins Take it slow and get to know each other...
Francine Bruno I thought he was engaged to model/activist Ebonee Davis?
November Eve Um im jealous thooooooooo!!!
Yvette Steens I sure hope so they make a beautiful couple
Shawnya Jessamy Yezzzzz plz, I hope so! I just love me some #blacklove❤
Laura Miller I’m here for it all!!!!
Evelyn Gatlin They would look good together if it's true.
Ebony1 day ago

Real life "Coming to America," ya'll! 👑

Chelle Lakesho If she is not waking up to a full orchestra,maids throwing roses at her feet and especially if he doesn’t have Prince Hakeem’s $$$ STOP COMPARING them to COMING TO AMERICA 😂😂
Marie Brown Dee That's why you never judge a book by it's cover.She would've never thought that he was a prince.Congratulations to them both.
Debra Morrison Is she helping him get his American papers and then he will dump her for his real queen. People need to wake up to these tricky people. They love money and not people
Roselene Donatien I never see a king there👀👀👀 when I’m clubbing
Carl Clarke "Love is where you find it" The Whispers 👍🏾
Mijan Austerlitz Then when she finds is other wives . This happened to a friend of mine.
May Carmelle Lynette Colon I need to start clubbing for my fairytale 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂
Virgil W. Freeman She is not his only wife Y'all, if he is a real prince he got more than many wives
Jackie King-townes Congratulations, you two, lovely story. I wish you many years of happiness, may God bless your union!
Erica Hedgepeth ANNNND he is the direct descendant of King Solomon and Queen Makeda and of course Haile Selassie..
Jackie AQ Good for them. I wish them the best for the future.
Frances Rosario Congratulations to the both of them!
Nadine Hay Roshunda Grant 😢😢😢 why can't our luck be like that
Lena Chantel Direct descendants of The House Of David!
Amira Jazz Erykah Marie look at Haile grandson😍🤗
Katya Gamboa He is cute!
Cedric Fuller Couz say “ I want a wife that can dance 💃 “
Janae Asali Oliver He fwine!
Jo'Elle Johnson Real Love Story.. 👑✨👑✨👑✨👑the Great Grandson of H.I.M. . Emperor Hallie SelassieI RastafarI 👑🌟👑Prince Yoel Makonnen and Empress Ariana Austin .. Blesseth ...Jacqui RastafarI ❤️💚💛
Pauline Lee Blessings
Roxy Harvey Selassie I
Stephanie Johnson
Joyce Miller
Zae Johns If you really a prince I'll marry you! 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Ebony2 days ago

Yikes! 😨

Kathy Randolph She is an adult. What the hell is wrong with this negro. His ass needs to go straight to jail. Do not pass go, and definitely do not collect $200
Baron Windsor This was unwarranted, he obviously wasn't raping her , it seemed consenting , why so extreme???.. my God !!! I just don't get the whole story or is this it ?? ....She's 20 , how old was the guy, and how did he know or find out where they were??
Vickey Blakely You messed up dad, your daughter is not a child!! Whether you like her choices or not!! Now you're going to pay, for letting your anger take you there. And she'll still be dating who she wants. So you see, you've changed nothing about her life. But you sure did some damage to your own life. Good luck with that.
Ophelia Davis You a very sick and unstable man if u r keeping up with your 20 year old grown daughters sex life like this. I mean stalking her and to shoot a man in his private part. Very suspect that's not daddy love that's obsession. Smdh
Veara Watson No father wants that for their child. But it seems by timeline that he was doing something similar, unless his difference was that he was married. His daughter is 20 and he is 40. Not supporting either. ijs
Angela Bowman That Dad suspect he went to a hotel where his 20 yr old daughter at with her man something don't add up
Carla Brown Now her father will be in jail. I understand father protecting his kid. You went to the extreme The Darkside. Now she got a hope to see her father
DeAndra Marie Graham She’s an adult and wasn’t at HIS HOUSE screwing the boyfriend, this whole situation was unnecessary.
Doris Black Sound like Dad is a little toooo jealous!!!
Jerry Zooloo im glad everyone see something aint adding up with dad, your daughter is a grown ass woman "
Monica Wilson This story seems made up. Homicide? Did the victim die? The article doesn't say. Who wrote This? And why?
Robert Morgan This is funny how? One reason why we can't get it together.
Alphonso Lewis Previous sexual abuse, now jealousy, hmmmm?
Bakari Wright Good dad. 20 year old daughter at a "motel". I would do the same thing.
Leatrice Whitney Now do we see what happens when we sexualize our daughters?
Jacob Hight Dad sounds jealous; seems really possessive of his daughter's sex. What a creep.
Denise Francis Now there is nothing you can do for her know on the run for how long.😔😔😔😔
Tommie Troutmon These haters will do anything to make a person of color look bad. But she will find another.
Dwayne Leggett He had to know the man she was with.
Shelby Wilson Smh.....ridiculous.
Jerry Zooloo dad is a fucking retard "
Keona Marisa Key Well damn😳
Jerry White Stupid ass now ur life is over
Dee Washington Wow
Ebony2 days ago

Yet, in the early conversations that spurred the “Me Too” movement, there was a sense it wasn’t for us.

Ann Burlingham ouch. i did wonder at how the voices i was hearing were almost all white (partly my feed, partly the public stuff). i am glad to know of this movement.
Rosemarie O'brien STAYWOKE
William Jumper ME TOO
Julia McNeil Prayers...
Ebony2 days ago

Don't play with us, Mr. Miller!

Crystal Jackson Puff said the same thing last week. They should link up. Dre, Master P, Puff, Jay and Russell should pool their money together. They can air the games on Tidal, OWN and/or Revolt TV. Is that too far fetched?
Samuel Lankford We had our own lead in baseball Negro League Baseball actually most of them was owned by Caucasian people but there's enough black millionaire billionaire money to start their own Negro League football. Hell that's what it stands for anyway doesn't it and NFL.
Angelo Crosby Well no one will watch the NFL without Black Players. I think the better route would be to invest in HBCU Athletic Programs and make them rival Division 1 facilities so Black Athletes will attend the HBCU over the Southern University's where the majority of the student body hates their skin tone
Baron Windsor These individuals are reaching , I just think it's all about publicity for them , jump in on kap's, fame and world wide exposure since this all started , puff , Dre , master p etc
Jonathan A. Washington Since they don't see us as individuals I wish we would pull our resources as a community and start our own league. Welcome all players regardless of race. We have enough rich blacks who can get it done. There are some rich white folk who would love to make money.
Mary Jackson These so call player totally miss the point Colin Keapernick can start his own NFL team it's a franchise not a hustle really 🤔🤔
Regina McDay AMEN! Rich and famous pool your monies and do some things. Come on now Kings! 🙂 And don't forget us little people who have the brains but no funds.
DeMarcus D. Rob Robinson You can’t even repay the bank back, now you want to start a multi-billion dollar venue. Make em’ say uhhhh!!!!
Nicole Griffie Yup him diddy and the rest can form one play one another that would be a great option! 70% NFL would be gone!
Denean Coole Yes and the dialog finally starts. I love it. Give Diddy some dap he opened this topic up! Let's make a masterpiece Master P.
Ebony Green Hopefully if he does, he will allow individuals to invest in the league, allow us to buy in and that's a way to fund it.
JoAnn Virges Well NFL had their chance to reassigned him but did nothing but blackballed.. So beyond a shadow of doubt he can start his own football league with Colin kaepernick ...question is who will follow?..majority of football NFL players may choose to leave change the taste...
Steve Jones So how will that work and be profitable when the majority of people buying tickets , sports artifacts and attending sporting events are predominantly white people.....
Valary Banks That is wonderful but let this kneeling protest do it's work first because the work it's doing is speaking for CK'S cause. Kneeling is bringing all the hidden racist out from the WH down. This is a mission of justice and equal civil rights for all Americans and it must continue on to bring about change.
Jaz Monroe Ooohh. Man we bout to stsrt something that won't be stopped
Marjorie Montilla All this black money out here we need to do something for ourselves.
Paul M Jones If the USFL didn't work that won't work either!!!
Chele Benton Yasss this would be good !!! With P.Didddy Master P and many more we can start a New World Revolution.
Alice Tetterton """ MASTER P..IS ONE HANDSOME GUY!!!!!!✔✔✔✔✔✔
Michael Washington Can you get a grocery store in the hood first!
Darrell Williams Of he was he would have done it already
James Douglass Master P should be worrying about taking care of his ex wife. He showed us who he really is
Molquel Crosby I hope we as blacks do organize our own league. We really need our own everything.
Sylvene Riddick Yes, Oprah,Dre,ice cube, Jayz, Diddy, Jordan, Labron and the list can go on.. all we need is UNITY
Ahmad R. Williams OK now we got to comparative Gay that's been out for a long time.
Ebony2 days ago

Meet the Black Woman Who Created the "Me Too "Campaign, Kaepernick Files Complaint Against NFL and Kevin Hart's Words to His Wife

Ebony2 days ago

This is how it's done.

Shneia Tamu That's should send folks over the deep end 😂😂
WL Moore Mississippi is one of the most racist states in the union. This is probably their lowest performing school just to drag the Obama name.
Jo Ann Guillory He deserves a brand new school not a old tainted school!!! smh
Jackie King-townes Alright, alright, that's how you do IT.
Audrey Dixon In Mississippi? I bet it won't be a week till they burn it down.
Kevin Davis He deserves it.. A real president, We miss you Mr Obama!!!!
Lois Brannigan That's wonderful God Bless everyone
Lena Chantel Jefferson Davis is Prez Obama’s direct maternal ancestor. How nice he will be taking over!!
Jet Smith Mpa Congrats President Obama...
Charlene Bethune
Lauren Casey Wales Now THAT'S love!
Denise Vinson YES!! CONGRATS!!
Bonnie Hinton
Charlene Bethune
Charlene Bethune
Veronica Smith Trumpeter's... will burn, it down.
Charlene Bethune
Christina Herron
Charlene Bethune
Charlene Bethune
Charlene Bethune
Charlene Bethune
Charlene Bethune
Charlene Bethune
Charlene Bethune
Ebony2 days ago

"I don't have any regrets about stealing jewelry. I just regret getting caught."

LaTrina Burden Why should we be mad when people glorified Bonnie and Clyde, Jessie James,Al Capone, Billy the Kid and politicians who steal..
Angel Marie I don’t know why I’m cheering for this lady! I shouldn’t be because she’s a thief but I’m so here for it right now! 🤣🤣🤣
Andilena Brooke I honestly don’t have anything bad to think about this lady...Maybe because she’s honest and she didn’t harm anyone lol
Ina Shook Who are we getting to play her in the movie of her life? Gabrielle Union can't play everybody. Who else??
Aric Aaron I won’t demonize her. How much was taken from her generation and the couple generations before her? She did what she felt she had to do in order to survive. If she looked like others they would be calling her some sort of goodhearted vigilante and making movies about her life. She does need to have a seat though.
Valerie Johnson When you make laws that block people from reaching their highest potential and create a society based on complexion this is what happens...most people simply work harder to overcome these constant obstacles but I guess she said Forget that!
Asha Day I still don’t believe her! 🤷🏾‍♀️ 🤣😂 💍 I saw her documentary she’s not got to stop until she’s 6 feet deep.
Baron Windsor Trump should retire, he stole billions , and didn't pay taxes on millions too as well , he definetly should retire, nothing but lies !!!!
Robert Hembree The first time I ever saw a criminal retire from the game. LOL
Hugh Jackson There need to be a movie made about her life.
Cheryl Katina Wimbush She finally realized Sessions would lock her 87 year old ass up fo life
Geo Plucky Yah...till she un-retires. 💗💗💗This Wild Black Woman.
Khalilah L. Brown-Dean She retires as often as Jay Z and Nas retire from rapping. Loved the documentary about her.
Chris Cuaron Now she is truly bout' that life.....
Barbara Augustin Good for her at least she's honest! Politicians,Police Officers steal and then lie.
Natalene Smith Miss Doris I’m not mad at you, you did it your way!
Cr Bailey Netflix has a documentary of her life..pretty good
Non Late What horrible writing and misspellings! Where’s the editor ??
Will Bishop Salute to her she had to do what she had to do, in a cruel and harsh corporate Amerikkka!
Kel Li She's lying She loves it Won't stop until she's dead and gone
Jay Wilson Fran Wilson you have to watch the Netflix documentary.
Lorena Guity That's what all thieves say.
Patria Davis Good thing she wasn’t in California with three strikes law, would never be out of jail.
DeAndra Marie Graham This could’ve been me if I wasn’t scared of jail Tammera Short 😂😭
Pepper Potts Ruth Negga should totally play her in a biopic