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Reality TV star took to Instagram to send birthday note to wife.

Yolanda M. Smith kirk is tired looking
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A Houston-based seventh grader was given the offensive award after an actual school ceremony.

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This new dating app helps you analyze your text message to see if your crush is really interested.

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#Opinion: "Personality does comprise our view of beauty, whether many of us realize it or not."

Toni Collins Issa and Michaela are both beautiful!! I always thought so! I especially love Michaela with the low cut!
Veronica Jennings Jeanisha Rush
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Street renamed in #KaliedBrowder's honor on what would've been his 24th birthday.

Alicia Cruz-Jackson Happy birthday Kalief. I'm praying that in Heaven your soul found the peace your body could not on earth. You're with your mom again. Sleep on in peace hermanito. 🌹
Kesha Marie Lawson Why can't they scrap Prospect altogether and make it solely Browder Ave?
Tangie TooMuch Tohandle Happy Belated Birthday #KaliefBrowder In Heaven 👼
Eric Carrington Good deed
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Reality TV star took to Instagram to send birthday note to wife.

Helen Bardwell Perkins Just because he's been your life for so long doesn't mean you need to stay with him. He's so disrespectful and nonchalant regarding their marriage. Life is too short and too previous to put up with his nonsense. Think more highly of yourself.
Arlene Delice He's so greasy and nasty she should just run, why are we intelligent beautiful women dying for these pigs. Let him go! Lord knows what STD he has
Angie Sherrill That's what cheaters do.. they hurt you then try to make it up by Being loving and caring and all about you so they regain your trust.. then snake u again. If he bites u the first time.. believe him.
Linda Bunch Taylor It happens to best of us. Whether you are beautiful or ugly, life still goes on. I think it was very nice and considered of him to send her a birthday message. Maybe one day she will understand that staying with an adulterous man doesn't keep the family healthy and happy. The behavior affects the children as well and children don't forget what they hear or see..
Angel Marie Touching? Where!? He's cheating on her and then went to Instagram to show his love for his wife on her birthday? Why. It JUST SHOW HER in person, in real life and stop cheating on her. I bet that'd be hell of a birthday gift. 🙄🙄🙄
Warren McNeil Rasheed's why do you put up with your husband disrespect I don't want to say his name he makes me sick I love watching love and hip hop I will be watching the new coming episodes I wish you would get a new man
Dee Lopez Sad he has to tell her happy birthday via social media. Sad their kids had to see this on TV and live with it in real life. Easy to talk about and comment, but a HARD thing to actually have to live through. No matter what she chooses, she loose. She did nothing wrong. So I have compassion for her and their family. No button, no comment, no potion can make her stop loving him. You don't get to turn on/off love. You just have to decide which pain is easiest to live with. Until she decides what road will lead to her happiness (whether to stay or leave) there will be a great deal of pain she has to live through to get there.
Adrienne Silva I think this is man slow mind have sex addict problem and disrespectful wife too is not cool he is not worth sweetie you can find good man out there you can do better then that let him go when he cheat he will always cheat again kick him to curb .
Tequesha Cherie Permenter I been sticking to this since day 1....He gay...We all know Ra is a beauty of a kind and sweet hearted....He got to be Gay (I always said it)
Darlene Mimms What ever he is a very ugly Mother fucker he don't care about the kids he have and he don't care about her he is a ugly Man his personality and every thing about him he is a stupid dumb ass man getto trash
Keri Enoch She needs to get rid of this bum. She is in her marriage by herself!!
Kuana Harris He said bestfriends like they cool .... Did he forget he cheated on his wife and is now hiding from his baby momma 🤔🤔
Art Whitfield Both him and Carmelo Anthony are two of the stupidest men in the face of the earth. Who the hell would cheat on beautiful black queens like Rasheeda and LaLa
Cynthia Anderson Stop falling for the okey doke Rasheeda!
Diandra Taylor What is touching about that? Come on Ebony. She deserves better.
Yolanda Crusoe His touching message should have been. He will take the DNA for his mistress baby to determine if he is the father. #Truth 💯
Karen Shell Keys- Barnes Its all made up yall, just for television. They know they have a hit on there hands when you guys talk like this😀
Natalie Laguerre Man if she wasn't so attached she could 🏃 away and never look back
MC MA This is a joke. She continues to let him make an ass of her in private, and nationally. Smh # bosschickmyass.
Sybil Danatia When you have the full package at home , beautiful wife, mother, and suppose to be her best friend, im not saying she's perfect but hell loyalty is and being honest is the key to a healthy relationship !
C Michelle Pickett Were you thinking of her when you were cheating??
Donnell Warren Rasheeda is dumb. It's sad how some women stay with guys who do them wrong.
Toya Daily Very nice, but I am sure his wife would appreciate it better if he would learn how to be faithful.
Collins Harriet Shut up fool. Kick Kirk to the curb. Find a gentleman worthy of you.
Schaaron Martin Complacent. Content. Has love for him. But be for real dude wow. Is it plots, dialogues to generate buzz what... Relevance
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A Houston-based seventh grader was given the offensive award after an actual school ceremony.

Andre Cureton So why this racist trick still have a job it wouldn't a joke omg this is because Trump told all racist Americans to come out of the closet and take your place we taking America back this is why hate crimes against people of color has risen for all time high
Rian Otoo I'm room parent in my daughter's kindergarten class and in the couple of hours I spend in that classroom, I can tell which student she has formed "unfavorable opinions" about. It's disgusting. If I can feel the contempt in the short amount of time I spend in the classroom, I can't imagine how those students feel when they experience it every day. I'm glad you aren't my child's teacher!
Bill ODonnell I am a former teacher and school principal. Every child has so many wonderful qualities to select one as a future terrorist is thoughtless. We want students to see what makes them unique and wonderful.
Georgia McLemore Gray Ain't been but one terrorist born and that's her mammy what a thing to tell a student
Kimberly Champion for all we know the teacher could be right... but, still, teachers need to keep their opinions/predictions/rude comments to themselves. they are paid to teach.
Crystal Cooper-White I smell a lawsuit
David Green Oh lawd, this teacher needs a wack with a willow switch or 6.
Irving Sherwood You mean by Texas anus that shouldn't be anywhere near a classroom
Jacob Hight Texas again. Not surprised
Andrea Tulloch-dukes This is one reason for kids to keep phone in class
Sunshine Lathan
Thomas Hall Apparently she teaches ignorance
Joseph Haines III That's really SAD!
Donyel Caruth
Hayden Hill No friggin way
Rere Jay Dam
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A playlist to go with our #BlackMusicIssue? Triple Check. Curated by Chance The Rapper. apple.co/2rpOpjW

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Global fame & celebrity success? Check. Raise over $2 million for Chicago Public Schools? Double Check.

Cindy King Before my kids told me who he was in candy commercials I had no idea who he was. So now that I do I have much respect for this young man and all that he is doing in his community God Bless him
Bert Daniel Black on Black LOVE!!! Giving back love into each others hearts. Great News from Social Media.
Barbara Brown I would vote for him
Carina NSophia Moreno YES!!!! #BLACKBOYJOY
Melvin Graham 🙂
Justine Johnson Yes!!!! Its my home town...i love it
Zulma Aguiar No way! it's all about The ROCK & Tom Hanks
Krystal Nelson Go chance
Blair Jordan Chance fine ass hell!
Michelle Greene Looking great!
Tony Ross Yes people, Chance The Rapper is a WINNER.
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Chance the ACTIVIST, Chance the DAD, Chance for PRESIDENT, Chance The Rapper is taking over our #BlackMusicIssue. “This is God’s year. You know, every year is God’s year, but this is a moment of awakening for a lot of people. I’ve just seen...

Tony Ross Chance The Rapper is great,that Ebony put him on the front cover,i can't wait,to read it. hes a smart young man.
Quitney Barrow Very handsome, talented, and generous young man that young males can look up to love it!
Cynthia Thomas Look, if the 'rump can get elected...that is real proof that anyone can!
Trenice Smith I Respect the way he's using his platform. Awarness for the people and community. Definitely a Leader!
Ganielle Jubilee This has really been a year of awakening for me too. God is really on the move...
Kys Sescoe That's a very handsome picture!
Knutt Williams Little Obama ha?
Diane Weaver-Harvey Original Man 😉 Blessings Flowing & Still We RiSe! ASE!
Lilah Kelly I can't wait to read this.
Glen White I'll vote for him no doubt
Ingrid Lindsey Over Rock any day
TashJaé Scales Chance 😍
Villasteen Mary Collard I would show nuff vote for him !!❤❤
Angela Taylor I wonder why they don't mail them any more.
Lola Sinegal Yes !!!
Debbie Bowman Now He Just Might Win!!!
Roxanne Oduro #BlackExcellence
Dorothy Sutton Awesome young man.😊
Charita Coffey Very handsome
Sonjuan Johnson Omg!!! Handsome FELLA!!
Brady Morgan Got my vote.
Bernard Warren Run. Fo president. Erybody else. Duin it
Brian Williams Have we learned nothing!!!
Carmen R. Taylor sexy
Kevin Buckley 💯
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Baz Luhrmann’s ’70-set series The Get Down which focused on the rise of hip-hop in New York City won’t get a season two. via GetJetMag

Bernadtee Hill Wtf already seen season 2 and they finished the story! What's the 3rd season going to be about how the white man stole our creation and made millions off our style and destroy the industry.
Veronica L Dean While watching Season 2, you come to a realization that this is the end of the storyline. They started to add some weird stuff, so might as well end it there. 😳😔
Nicole Redmond I didn't like part 2 like the first.. I kinda knew it wouldn't b back.
Latrina Bates Yall, the story line CONCLUDED! Of course they could rewrite or change it, but the story line ended.
Tiffney Pryor This is false season 2 is out. They truly mean there's no season 3
Mary Ellis Season 2 is on Netflix right now.
Dee Washington This was a great show but guess it was too real.
DeeDee S Cooks Season 2 is already on Netflix duh dont you mean it wont be a season 3
Michele Nona Wilson Hated it..
Dan Meyer Never saw much of it. Looks badass though.
Kelley Ellis Kasey Lanier Wilkie 😮😕
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Street renamed in Browder's honor on what would've been his 24th birthday.

Keri Enoch What would be an honor if they bulldoze the prison he was in and prosecute the guards who let him be abused! That would honor him and his mother!
Jocelyn JussJoss Howell Do they really think this makes up for the heart ache and pain this young man suffered in jail for a crime he did not commit? For a life of hell he endured, the toll it took on his life a child 16 years old and alone, afraid and in a men's prison in solitary confinement ? You can never erase what you all did to that young man and a fkn street sign don't remove the pain he and his family went through. He went in as a boy and came out a lost and hurt man with a lot of issues due to what happen to him in there...fk what you stand for and what you did to him which ultimately was the defining factor of why he took his life and you have the nerve to bandage it with a fkn street sign, his family didn't need a street sign they needed a son,brother ,cousin,nephew and grandson to be granted his freedom that he deserved and the dignity he was denied this does nothing!
Jackie Burwell I salute you Master Kalief. What happen to you was horrible and I am so sorry for it. They cant hurt you anymore. To the abusers I hope nothing ever good comes to you or your love ones
Daphne Ferguson Although a grand gesture ,someone should of done something for this young man when he was stuck in the system and being abused
Ann Young A park, a building, and street sign just doesn't do it for me
William Johnson I didn't know that there was a Prospect Ave. in The Bronx too. Anyway - the renaming of a street is an honor.
Parker Erika A situation that could have been avoided had there been just as much concern about him while he was living as there is after he killed himself...IJS...
Faleshia Coleman The family needs to sue the police department & the city for arresting & framing him. That's what led to his death.
Angelo Hopkins Tired of our Black acknowledged being remembered after their slaying.
So Thxful Shon #His life mattered when he was alive!!! A sign is coming for all involved!!! Rest in Paradise!!
Freddie Daniels Judgment day is coming for this corrupt system.
Shantel Franklin He is more than deserving!!!
Trea Saigh Kalief 😑😑
Mia E Al-Sabri RIP Kalief 🙁
Ivena Ryans Invigorating
Latanya Lee King
Sharon Harrison SIP.😇
Anwana McCord What a great way to pay tribute to him.
Wanda Murphy My Heart still crying... Smh
Polly E Brown Still tragic on every level. My heart weeps.
Vassey Contour
Perzenia Givens Malik Givens MaryAnn Woodlewoob Givens-Hayes Sandra Givens
Kathy Richard Williams Cathryn Cameron.
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[OPINION] "Personality does comprise our view of beauty, whether many of us realize it or not."

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Looking to take your business to the next level and create jobs for our community? Experts share the secrets to scaling up for your company.

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Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. If you haven’t already, get familiar with this name because It’s here to stay.

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Sensual lessons learned from Ms. Jackson ...if you're nasty herself.

Ann Hamilton Janet stop this is beneath you. A lady is what she does.
Yolanda M Smith Never listened to her music Like that. I guess I'll start lol
Knutt Williams Nasty gurl
Komega Hayes she is a good person.
Pat Portable It took Janet 40 years
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Cars 3 is revving up to zoom into theaters next month, but, this time the beloved franchise is coming with a bit of Black history.

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"It changes the conversation about who is impacted by hip-hop and why we are more similar than different."

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"I'm just a Black woman trying to find love."

Bernadtee Hill Really so we (black women )have reduced ourselves to being so desparate for love that we have turn to being tramps on TV? Sad
Brenda Smith She is being exploited some of the comments are disgusting and her picking that lunatic was crazy. She seems to be leaning toward the others come on SISTA BE REAL....
Justine Johnson She is a bachlorette not a black bachlorette... Nobody says white bachlorette.
Schaaron Martin If all her choices are other yes very different And rigged...
Komega Hayes I hope things turn out okay for her.
Eloyi Christabel Oyilom Congrats
Lisa Johnson Wrong way honey...
Melvin Graham 🙂
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Add some Matte Brand into your closet pronto!

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Betty Shelby reportedly will be awarded back pay for months missed on the job.

Yourvette Brown Davis America is in a sad State of Affairs. When one innocent man is in the grave and the guilty of his murder, without a doubt, is set free and paid. Sad State indeed ✝
Shana Dodd So, these mu fuckas getting PAID to kill our people now? Oh yeah? I'm sick of people talking about pray pray pray! Man these mfs will shoot our people while they are on their knees praying. They don't give af! I'm SO pissed right now reading this!!😡😡😡😡
Diondria Dee Dee Michelle All an officer has to do is say they felt like their life was in danger. If they prove that the deceased has a criminal record and/or was on drugs at the time of the shooting, it is an acquittal. I'm wondering how creative Jordan Edwards' killer's defense will be. There was no question in that case. I will be watching that one very closely.
Shereen Collington Then she needs to give that back pay to his children. And her folks need to give backpay to the descendants of enslaved men, women, and children. First you purhased them as property, now you get paid for murder? Your...evil...lifestyle...is blood ridden and dripping in karmic debt. When will you make it right? You may not have been directly responsible for enslavement but you are responsible for the backpay. Where is your conscience? Where is your respect for living breathing beings? You destroy people and animals for sport. What is the matter with you? Why are you soooooo destructive? Stop stealing, killing and destroying everything in your path.
Gerald Dory This is nothing new! Most White people have always killed and tried to kill black people and they've got away without any consequence. This behavior is simply because of Sin. It is even more crucial that Black people learn to love each other and not kill each other.
Ax Dee Sad Sad Sad all about they self the hell with other people and their families but the world is round what you put out you will come back keep living there's a God in heaven
Andre Cureton Why are people so surprised omg just stop ok they will always get away with killing black people ok you can March, burn your community down, riot from sun up to sun down, scream We Shall Overcome until your very last breath, it's not going to change....And before someone comment I'll say it first With thinking like that it's not going to change !!! I was born the year of the civil rights signing long and behold 53 years later and it's still hasn't changed it gotten worse !!!!!!!
Gamar Dunbar The problem with black people is that we got too much religion action speak louder than words and I don't just mean senseless violence the real down to earth strong black people need first to control were our money goes and take up key positions in society another thing is that we have too many happy slaves and uncle Tom's and sellouts we can t unite amongst ourselves before expecting the other races to respect us we need to fix ourselves and get rid of the sellouts and the happy slaves that give us a bad name and trust me it's alot
Enrique Bauza-Flaquet History repeats itself.we have prayed enough,turn the other cheek enough,done a great deal of reconcilation to apeace the murderous forces bent on killing and enslaving oir people.it is clear that there is not justice for us here.no more tears ,no more praying,no more fear.
Joe Mills By now every minorities in this country should know what time it is when it comes to cops murdering people of color, the question now is do we fight back in these streets before it happens to us
Shirley Hill Like hell sue her butt in civil court family. She will need that money for lawyers.
Jonetta Smith This is bullshit go out & kill again you have the judge permission you will get paid for it you get back pay for being a cold blooded murder im sick of this bs
Joan Watts I think there needs to be a check and balance in every city. There is an inperative issure here when the community is scare of the police that their tax dollars pay to keep peace & prosperity in their community. It needs to be a Community Board that is in charge of Designing the HIRING procces of their community. That procces should include a Polygram that is base on any bias or bigotry aganist the people community who you are applying to police and up hold the law. If the person fail the polygram the community board should have a say for the people, which is denial of bigotry in their communities. The price of the polygram should be negotiated & paid for by the person applying for the job
Diann Taylor I'm glad she won't be on the streets tho what's sad about it everybody is judging this man like they knew him blessed this man family I couldn't imagine how his family is taking this
Enaife Omo II Hire her back so she can kill someone else. She had already been investigated for aggressive behavior. If she is a scary woman police officer is not the job for her! Get her off the streets!
Barbara Jones Final judgment comes for us all. She will be judged. Leave it with the LORD.
Helen Bardwell Perkins This will creep upon her one day when she's not paying attention. Believe it.
Justine Johnson She is spending 35.000 dollars and the family is spending no time with Terrence.
Henry Williams That's about right, they are now paying the police to kill black. "BLACK LIVES MATTER TO GOD"
Valda Thomas Wow! Slavery wasn't completely abolished.The perpetrators got more legal rights than the victims.cold world.
Adrean Pachat It will be like having pockets with holes in them no good will come from it.
Marlon Scoop She went to court. Was freed from wrong doing. Is the judicial system not to be trusted?
Russell Godwin Something is in The air marking people go crazy I think it's the devil's air freshener
Tunde Femi Balogun Payment for a job well done? The policeman will know no peace . Blood money eh, certainly that money filter away on Medications
Lisa Adams Justice system is so corrupted!😡😡😡 but oh he will reap what he sew!! Believe that!!!
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"To credit my success, per se, I still don’t see myself as successful, which is weird. But I would credit my mother."

Chris Walker When..you..woke..up.this..morning..thank..GOD....YOU..DIDNT..HERT..NOBODY
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Ava DuVernay’s gorgeous family drama #QueenSugar is returning, and it looks just as incredible as you remember.

Le McClinton Can't wait 😊😊😊
Stephanie Ann Love this show. Eagerly awaiting its return!!!
Lynn Porter Love the show 💜💜
Nethdra Fairley Deidra Nichelle Bonds
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Tracey Edmonds, businesswoman and mother of two, is launching a brand new wellness site on June 15th!

Denise Jones I thought she was GONE a long time ago she wasn't there 👄
Adrienne Holland-Sawyer Avril Avybabi Holland
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Divorces are ugly enough, and at some point, someone has got to say “that’s a wrap.”

Dana M Roseborough He's an ass . Typical cheater. Never wants to own up to his wrong doing wants to twist things around and project his bs onto Tiny. She should just move on because clearly his ego is more important to him than trying to make things work
Jacquelyn MoonGoddess Marie Wow, I hate to see them split, but TI is in his feelings about Tiny filing for divorce, because he never thought she would! He is taking nasty shots at her because he is feeling some type of way about seeing her dancing with Maywhether. I think Tiny is fed up and finally fighting back, and fighting to be respected in her marriage! Enough is enough! TI is gonna have to grow and truly except his responsibility for fracturing his marriage. Kudos to the ladies on his staff, because they were not letting him off the hook! I hope they will resolve things to the best of their ability, and find love with each other again!
Schaaron Martin I'm so disappointed. Not because life happened and the marriage failed but at the outcome of all the years together. Why do they always get ugly divorces? Name calling mud slinging and dirt dishing. Sad. Can't we just part ways and not glorify the bad on paper for the world???
Sharon Rossi I think they are both going to be so sorry down the road! The grass is not greener on the other side especially if it was a real marriage and family....Nahhh this is a huge mistake!
Dominique Deanna 😂😂He think he smart Tiffany McMahan he say i spent millions on u wtf is you sayin lol..Bye u were suppose to..husband high roller
Shawn Smith Yes. Divorce is very hard, and very difficult pill to swallow. Speaking from experience. However, there are lessons to be learned. One of them is, and it is very important. Is that when your married, don't do something to your spouse, that you don't want done to you. Because there can be forgiveness, but the pain of NEVER forgetting will always be there. Then you have to ask yourself, was it REALLY worth it?.
Alene Scott When you feel you're not growing as a couple.People change and theirs nothing you can do about it.All the work she's done on her body still don't change the fact..love and Respect are two important elements in a marriage.and when it's gone you have no choice but to move on..l believe if something is meant for you, you let it go if its meant for you it will return..THEY may get back together down the line...
Toya Daily TI and Tiny need to go to a marriage counselor and get their act together. They should not aire their dirty laundry to the world either. They have kids, and they are not thinking or just don't care about how this will affect their children.
Ingrid Jarrett Tater He is an ass. Ladies don't be a Ride and Die Chick. This is how you will be repaid for your loyalty.
JaWana Spearman Hate to see this. Loved them as a couple. ❤ Got mad love for you both.
Leah S. Mack T.I. wants to drice that new sport car, and he probaby will!
Winsome McDonald I just don't want to see these two get a divorce. Please work it out . I love your hustle
Shara Barnes-Taylor Ti is a disrespectful prick, he has no remorse.
Lisa Johnson Let them work through it ...they both hurt... that's why he saying all this Stupid stuff...men love to hit below the belt when they don't how a win....
Seabern Hill When the party is over its over move on and enjoy the rest of your life.
Belinda Martin-miller Am Praying All be well with Them am not into mess So I just be Praying be
DeeDee S Cooks Well k michelle said it best https://youtu.be/jZf-Zft85Xs
Francie Marie They're hurt but they still love each other.
Shalonda Arquita He's a asshole T.I make me SICK!!!
Cameron Lewis A little less gossip please, Ebony.
Denise Jones Don't put your business on TV next time you will know better 👄
Dee Drah Miilitat Seriously who cares both have NCAA
Ebony2 days ago

"Finally, everyone will have the opportunity to realize that yes, Black women were everywhere, even 1300s Italy."

Kevin Newell Wait let's all calm down now. This looks great so far however there needs to be some serious fact checks before and after watching this of what really happen in the 1300s in Italy. Just saying real talk.
Shaquavia Williams This article was beautifully written and I must say I agree with her. White washing everything is becoming out right disrespectful and its high time we become the change we've said we wanted to see. So definitely commend Shonda and I hope many people will watch.
Robin Taylor Were we? I thought we only appeared on slave ships. Lol if you let others tell your story it will never be told
Debra Mansillo Finally!
Patty Comer Looks great!
Jazzy Latae That sounds so good 😍
Kesha Marie Lawson Are*
Linda Armstrong I want to see it
Ida Bou I got my 🍿 all ready 😎
Edwina Walkingingreatness Booth Jazzy Latae
Ebony3 days ago

Hump day just got a little groovier.

Kevin Simmons Who?
Ebony3 days ago

BET just snagged Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones to give the BET Awards a bit more zing! via GetJetMag

Ree Walker Why? This woman is a travesty. She has set the image of black women back 200 years with her stereotypical portrayals of black women in her disgusting and demeaning skits on SNL. She has participated in the dehumanization of black women by portraying them as cannibals, man hungry, desperate, angry, animalistic and mannish, with her pick-a-ninny hairstyles and makeup that she purposely puts on and the degrading skits that she herself writes. Its just plain disgusting. Having her as a host will throw black people back to the minstrel days. Black women especially need to be up in arms about her being featured as representational. It's beyond sick. This selection is a total slap in the face to black women and they need to realize when they are being insulted.
Earl Ali-Randall People give long drawn out speeches like the first one above. Just say congratulations. We don't need a hater who can't even use her own profile picture . Now that's beyond sick Ree Walker. Have several seats
Maria Osoria That's right Leslie will keep us Laughing! Hell she's hilarious 24/7!!!!!
Theresa Tessie Dobey Don't matter who you get, they will have the same guest, the same winners, the same performers and the entertainers who is pissed at Trump.
Tolledo Dorsey You are one beautiful black queen baby hey brother got look inside go girl you mothers and see your movie but a I know you stand up I know you're beautiful black queen baby you look good cuz your hair look good
Rebecca Bankhead I love that she is so talented and beautiful. She represents!!!
Bernice Chisholm Now that's what I am talking about BET....gotta love her....
Jacki Jones Way to go leslie
Pam Thompson Parker
Dawn Hawkins Congratulations
Katrina Evans Pretty lady
Patricia Friar Love her!!🙃she is Awesome
Renee Glenn Love Leslie.
Julia McNeil Fun...
Maria Osoria
Maria Osoria
Myra Lewis NICE
Ebony3 days ago

Read on for a prime example of #Blackexcellence.

Ebony3 days ago

BET just snagged Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones to give the BET Awards a bit more zing!

Angie Cee So I saw her in an old Girlfriends episode and even then she didn't connect with me. I don't think her comedy style and personality are gonna gel as host of that particular event. She might can do some other stuff but that seems like a weird fit.
Howard Gomez Monique is a lot more funnier.
Daryl Beale Shug......Shug Avery.....where you at?
Cam Medlock Yay, go Leslie!
Ralph Slimm Barnes Hell yes and she's funny
Shanell Williams She'll be better than Chris Rock
Danielle Kemp Awesome
Jackie Burns No!!!
Dina Flood She deserve a chance......
Antoinette Archer
Dolly LaLa Minor Great
Calm Peace You go,
Lynn Gant Congrats
Corrine Broomfield She will be good
Faleshia Coleman Go Leslie 👍🏽
Cynthia Elliott Excellent!!!
Dana Perry SWEET!!!!!
Manning Talathain Shez gonna be hilarious!
Maria Osoria Love her she's hilarious 24/7!
Patricia Banks She Is Absolutely Beautiful
Melvin Graham 🙂
Angelo Hopkins Garbage.
Sophia Brown No not a fan not funny.
Mario Fisher 👍🏾👍🏾
Ethan Erickson She's not funny!
Ebony3 days ago

Things get heated between the couple as they make their way through the land of divorce.

Jamilla Counts He just wants too be dog right now.So stay in the dog house TI !!! You are being a self absorbed man with no thoughts of how your children are really being effected by your stupidity.Grow up TI -Tiny has put up with your arrogance long enough.
Sharon Marsh I hope she's fights tooth and nail . It's sickening to see women be married to a man for years . Be worn down to where she gives up everything . Also if a lawyer lets you give up . That malpractice . They're there to fight that battle.
T Ruschele Davis He is a selfish, self absorbed @$$! He will reap with he sow.
Christine Coley Their behavior on both parts brought them to this. The best for both will be to divorce and co parent their children.
Nadine Bearden Vows what about the vows what about the children. What does this do to them I feel sorry for this family.
Daryl Beale This guy learned a few big words and thinks he's the man. Foh Tiny should have left your sorry ass in the trap.
Leah Leahtigereyes You two should stop faking like your getting A Divorce I don't believe you at all ,just like every body looking for. RATINGS...... ]
LaJune Bates I don't care about these shows if I was getting divorced the late think on my mind would be social media
Rachel Williams They overcome all that up and down jail time .she must thought baby would heal there marriage hope they can still work it out
Sonpasce Quevous Two no good mfs built a life together, And now they want out because they can't realize they are no good 😂
Herbert Pryor , it is not necessary two bring your dirty laundry in front of the public for money.
Ayana Daniels He's been cheating since day 1. Marrying him was not going to change that.
Shalik Matos Everybody fucking everybody... who gaf
Staci Childs That's terrible 😔
Victoria Hawkins I hate it, really like, TI
Rhonda Choc Johnson Ratings
Clifford Mullins Jr. PURE MESS on the national stage!
Tamara Hickenbotham-Bawala Sad really liked them
Olivia Johnson What a freaking mess!
Tiara Williams Ummmm Sabrina Childress-Miller Ethan Elliott Sutton
Ebony3 days ago

#GovernorsBall is around the corner! Who are you excited to see?

Ebony3 days ago

Like most women, the alpha woman desires a strong, masculine, alpha male. However, alpha males are usually attracted to the opposite of themselves.

Terhys Syhret What? Did we do a time warp an end up back in 1956? So, a powerful woman is good for a man for sex, organizing her partner's life, helping him succeed in business, and raising his kids? Do better, Ebony.
Tess Alexander Yes it is you got that right.
Ebony3 days ago

“I could not believe that we [were] funded in five days. People believed in me." - Tee Franklin

Khal Mhe Anderson hw