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The Chicago native, formerly known as Noname Gypsy, dropped the latter part of her moniker after learning about its ethnic connotation. She is a rapper and slam poet who gained attention for her verse on Chance the Rapper’s “Lost” from his second mixtape, Acid Rap....

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“There’s an audience on Fox News that doesn’t hear enough from Democrats. We have to engage that audience and show Americans of every stripe what we stand for rather than threat into our ‘safe spaces’ where we simply agree with each other." Donna Brazile

No need to explain...take their money girl!
I get what she's saying, but let's keep it real. At the end of the day, she probably needed a job. She's persona non grata with the Democratic party as well as CNN. I'm sure people weren't beating down her door with offers. She took what she could get.
In other words “my book didn’t sell and I need some money so I went over to the inbred channel “ Go away Donna your career is over .
This helps them with damage control. Thx Donna
She needed the money she screwed herself with the democratic party
Thats been tried over there already and it didn't work.
Faux entertainment viewers need to hear a different perspective. Go Donna.
Someone should urge Donna Brazil’s to pull her head out of her rectum. A majority of Fox News viewers would spit on her before calling her the n-word. Fox News’ listening audience aren’t interested in meaningful dialogue. These people are fervent believers in hateful, racist ideology and rhetoric, which thinks people like Brazile are the enemy.
I'm tired of these highest bidder niggaz...sell their own souls for money & notoriety. Then cover it up under the guise of offering diversity...foh
We all have to pay a mortgage/rent...
I don’t watch FOX so it’s a lost cause for me
Why go to a network that pushes propaganda, sexism and racism daily?
No girl...you are gonna crack like a plastic safe when they twist your every word,hold u up as a spokesperson for every black/brown person.You will equivocate all of the right actions with the lefts.I just don’t think you are strong enough.But we will see.
Just another black person paid and Bought to spew hate and lies about the Democratic party. Fox news is the most racist news show ever all they Ass do is lie and spew hate. Character is Everything!!!
Because ethics aren't a concern for her. Honestly, I think it gives Fox's claims of integrity a harder shot than hers.
I’m a huge fan, but I’m not sure about this one! I think it was more about needing a job! I’m not mad at you Donna. Do you!
Bull, why lie to us just cash your checks.
First Donna and now Shaq - $$$$ for your soul..............
There are some things you don't do for money. They are going to make an example of her. No integrity at Fox news.
Hell, CNN then hired all of former President Obama staff members, so where else is she going? Its about those benjamins, but I am listening.
They don't hear from dems donna because the ones they put on there are used for punching bags and are weak!
Who. Cares? I am over well meaning knee gros.
AHT AHT, we still ain't watching that bullshit.. Racist station
She doesn't have to explain? Show me the money!
That is a valid point Ms. Brazile... but more to the point: Just how much are they paying you?
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The first objective of the brand’s setup includes a $5 million fund that will be invested in community-based nonprofits geared toward helping communities of color throughout America. That's a start, find out what else GUCCI plans on doing, read more: https://trib.al/fR6HNWk

What cracks me up with all these companies including Papa John and their recent decision to add Shaquille O'Neal is the simple fact that they always wait till something happens to now boost diversity like wasn't you already supposed to had diversity
The Black dollar is so powerful we just have no clue 🤦🏾‍♂️
Black people don't fall into the money trap of excepting Bullshit.
Save it Gucci too late..
" communities of color..." Still stuck in the past. How about utilize such funding to unify community at large? We All are a community of color and All pigs are =. So Im told 🐷🐷🐷
This is not a win! Build your own brand..start your own business. @bossladym3
BS ,we never learn. Floyd Mayweather will lead the charge. Smh.
Dont these people realize by now we mean what we say? Dont they realize we see these things for what they are?
If I could afford the brand I still would not buy that ish.
Nope..these clowns will never get my hard earned dollar
I can't help but laugh at how hard they're trying it.😂😂😣 For me, gucci is still on my cancelled list.
Moving on....will not support...#mymorals mean SO MUCH MORE to me!
they just want them sales back u kno they didnt think we would reely stop buying
It's too late see we have our own thanks Tho..
The Gucci statement reads just like a liberal elite wrote it. Gucci wants the black dollar, Dems want the black vote..... Yet nothing. So sad 😔
I don't care what they do.
Of course we don’t trust Gucci. These after the damage is done responses are suspect.. and who’s running their diversity and inclusion efforts? Who is filling that department? And how many relevant decision making people of color are at the ‘table’ - the other table? To be relevant and believable- businesses need to make diversity and inclusion important be4 these things happen- therefore these things wouldn’t happen. ... it’s 2019....
Dont sell out..They need our black dollars...
Gotta do more than that. Floyd did that not too long ago. Who can’t start a nonprofit organization and ask everyone else to donate? Pay up! Why don’t we actually pay OUR designers that have the natural ability to make better designs that don’t have to be stolen from our culture. You can’t beat original.
Gucci rhymes with coochie And they can get fkt too 💃💃💃🧐
Actually the Asian market is their largest market....
Whatever, we don't trust you.
Don't buy from them still. Some fools will still buy from them because of this.
Let us see the action not just the so called plans
This is fake. Don't fall for it. Find you a reputable black owned clothing company and buy from there. Blacks folks have to stop buying from people that hate us.
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Jessie T. Usher will portray Shaft Jr. in the upcoming release of Shaft, but the actor spoke with EBONY about a prominent Black figure he would love to play. https://trib.al/hQrGWGh

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“It’s not just something that Tim Tebow does. It’s not like he gets up on Sundays and now he’s a Christian. This is who he is at all times.

Everything is not money.
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Queer Eye offered viewers a heartwarming take on a group of five gay men, not only providing men with fashion makeovers but partaking in conversations about love, loss and everything in between. https://trib.al/IW4QuE1

The ‘Queer Eye’ Guys Says the Show is About Human Connections
Earlier this year Netflix debuted its reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy—now called Queer Eye—and it offered viewers a heartwarming take on a group of ...
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"If you know what a 360 deal is, it’s really not a lot of money, so you don’t have a lot of time to develop. Groups like this need artist development,”

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To prep, the 12-year-old actress did research on young LGBTQ people of color coming out to their families, in particular, drawing from one friend’s personal experience.

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Since Leaving Neverland, several companies have distanced themselves from the pop icon’s imagery. Louis Vuitton removed MJ-inspired items from their menswear collection, and several radios stations in Canada and New Zealand have stopped playing his music. https://trib.al/ZN2Xuqk

No Nude Photos, No Videos, No Date Rape Drugs, No Trophies, No Evidence. 10+ years of investigation ALL kids stated that there was NO sexual contact and Jackson was stripped naked and humiliated and finally Tried in the court of Law and found NOT GUILTY. He has tons of Nieces and Nephews and NO complaints. If you still think he is GUILTY then it is YOU who do NOT deserve to use this GREAT ENTERTAINERS who tried to sell PEACE & LOVE and to cherish childhood through MUSIC. He gave his ALL through music right to the very end. SHAME, that so many who claimed to know him NEVER knew him at all... RIP MJ
Well I don't let a one sided documentary by lying opportunists and Oprah helping them , to change my mind about Michael Jackson! It's clear to me that it was an insidious conspiracy to get money and distract from Harvey Weinstein! Yes Weinstein is Oprah's BFF, and funny she now says she wasn't a friend of MJ! Even though she was allowed in his home to be interviewed. Yet she hasn't spoke out about her friend Weinstein! I have no respect for Oprah!!! Those who choose to distance theirselves from MJ, good riddance but that will not tarnish his legacy for millions of us fans!Remember found not guilty after 10 years of FBI investigations!!!!
Some of us STILL loves Michael Jackson and that's NOT going to change!✌
When is Graceland closing?🤔
So sad that two men could come out, make accusations and everyone just believes them without hesitation, without questioning their motivation, it's all about 💵, Michael's niece who he dated did an interview last week and said his lies are easily dispelled if ppl would do their due diligence, she was dating him during the time he was allegedly abused and his mother said during Michael's funeral that the kids should come live with them instead of their grandmother, why because where the kids are so is the 💵, just so sad, ppl still rather believe a lie than search for the truth, Santa Barbara PD, and the FBI investigated this man for 10 years or more found nothing, went to trial, not guilty, yet here these assholes come along and everyone believes them no research, just cause it sounds good it must be true, how many ppl were incarcerated/ killed because lies were told.
Long live the King 👑ultimately the greatest entertainer to have ever lived🙏
It don't matter,white folks only been profiting off his name anyway,let him rest in peace petty fuckers
Now take Elvis stuff down too. He was dealing with a minor hell he even married her so that's proof.
Evil people leave Michael Jackson alone and let him rest in peace ✌
Is on them! His legacy will continue to live on! The name Michael Jackson is bigger brand name!
What others think, and do should never have anything to do with Black people. I will always remember Michael as the first, little, black, boy to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show with his brothers. He opened many doors for Black people, and entertainers. Too many have tried to copy and imitate him. That's the Michael Jackson all Black people know love, and should remember.
I don't care what coward companies are pulling out MJ collections and items because stupid bias and greedy HBO and those two scum bags are lying and making up crap about MJ. I support and love Michael Jackson.
If they pulled it that fast based on lies, then they never really was for him in the first place, they were just only doing it for money and a star status name
thanks for the love OPRAH.......THOUGHT HE WAS YOUR BOY.....TURNT QUICK
I will always love him what I don’t understand these two guys lied under oath about not been touched by him and years later they come back and said he did why are they not been charged for lying under oath
meanwhile, in other news.. the white cop that shot and killed unarmed black 17-year-old Antwan Rose was just acquitted.
Pull Elvis stuff and postage stamp.
Will always love Michael. Those people ran out of money 💰 that’s what this is about.
Im sure he's not concerned. His Spirit has moved on. Rest Well MJ
The radio stations here in Dallas has never stop playing MJ'S music, and I will never stop listening, everyone that knows better, know those guys are full of it, they trying to get a a big payout, but that's not going to happen
For your information the documentary made a huge flop in France. We are smarter than that! Michael Jackson music will live forever on...
“All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us”. Long live the King of Pop!!!
They shouldn’t have showed that piece of crap documentary cause Michael is dead and gone... please go somewhere
I betcha their not giving the Money that He donated back .. Hypocrites ......
They want him so bad even though he's dead already they're trying to destroy him.
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💔Soledad O’Brien is currently grieving the loss of both of her parents. Her mother, Estella Marquetti O’Brien, has passed away just 40 days after her father, Edward O’Brien. 🙏🏾 our condolences & prayers are with @soledadobrien & her family... https://trib.al/OTjOkbO

Bless you and may you find comfort from the love of Jesus family and friends 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Her mother sounds like an amazing woman. Condolences to her family.
Condolences to the family and friends 😥😥😥
My sincere condolences to her family.
Prayers and sympathy Soledad. God comfort you as you carry on the great work that you do I KNOW yoour parents are proud.🙏🙏
My mom died bout 50 days after my dad passed November last year.. 5days after we buried pops.. I can imagine the pain. Heartfelt condolences 💕
My condolences are for you and your family. I pray that the Lord Jesus give you strength and comfort to get you through this hard time.
Sending my sincerest condolences to you and your family....May they both S.I.P.🙏🏽🙏🏽
The McNair's send you our condolences and prayers to you and your family.
Condolences to Soledad O’Brien and her family🙏🏾🙏🏾
My Condolences To Her And Her Family
RIP Condolences to Soledad and her family
My deepest condolences to you and your family. Praying that God will give you strength during this difficult time. 🙏
My sincere heartfelt condolences praying for your peace and comfort in the coming days
Sending My Condolences And Prayers To You And Family 🙏🙏
Sorry for the loss of both parents, May they rest in heaven🙏🏿 beautiful loving couple😇😇
Condolences to you and the rest of the family.
So sorry for her loss.My heart and prayers are with her and her family. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Our Condolences to you and family 😇🙏🏿👼🏽🌹🌹🌹
Sorry for the loss my CONDOLENCES and prayers are with you and your family
Prayers for your strength to get through all the grief.
My praying for you and your family!
Praying that the LORD comforts her and her family during this time
🙏🏽heartfelt prayers and condolences are extended to Soledad and her family during this time of bereavement 🙏🏽
My condolences to you and your family.
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Corinne Terrone, a public office worker in Connecticut’s Hamden school district, resigns after a now-viral video of her spewing hateful rhetoric, calling an African-American man the N-word and spitting at him as he walked away in a grocery store. https://trib.al/FMsxEi6

You have to draw blood if they spit on you it's in the rule book
They allowed her to resign but some racist employer will surely put her on their payroll
Another trump racist supporter and the hate that came from her mouth 👄 is so crazy to be that angry for someone she doesn't know but, she is lucky because that spitting on the wrong person could have been a disaster
Again, her ass should have been fired not allowed to quit.
She will get off easy 🤷🏽‍♀️ with a slap on the wrist 🙄
Looks like the trash took itself out.
Those people all ways spitting cave beast germs at someone
Baby I would have wiped the floor with her and her spit...
Then she was taken in for mental evaluation her kids are with family. CPS called and case reported by her ex employer .
She would have been tongue kissing that floor cause l would have slapped that trick so hard.
#ConnecticutCorrine now Unemployed ... Q: Is Spitting on someone during a confrontation, considered an Assault, as in #StandUrGround ??? .. asking for a Friend 🤔 hmmmm
I would have beaten her ass if she would have called me the N word or spit on me....
Her teeth should have hit the floor after that spit.
And trump is implementing drug testing for food stamp,s lol.. you lose twice. Dirt bag racist.
Please try that with me....PLEASE
She wouldn't have had a chance to resign if I was one of the ones she spat on
She would have had a dual resignation after that spit...smh
He should have slapped that trash in the mouth!
Good, but I hate to see her lose her job over her prejudices.
Here's the 911 call she made after lmaoo. I thought it couldn't get worse. She needs serious help https://w3.cdn.anvato.net/player/prod/v3/anvload.html?key=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%3D%3D#amp=1
Hopefully she won't be able to get a job anywhere
Sticks and stones. She didnt say nothing we dont say too 💯 just words but spitting is too far for me
This anger and hatred makes her look out of control. She also was awful to the authorities on the911 call.
“Her racist rants and behavior were so bad that according to WTNH-News, Terrone was taken into custody by New Haven police for an involuntary mental evaluation on Monday, March 18, 2019. In addition, school administrators at Hamden High School, where she worked, activated a counseling crisis team to help students deal with the racism in their midst. Walter Morton IV, a member of the Hamden School Board, stated to media “The school made available all their resources and support services.” https://rollingout.com/2019/03/20/karma-911-tapes-reveal-womans-racism-and-results-in-mental-health-hold/
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“I recognize that the song has caused much pain to listeners, as well as to my fans, my family & myself. After all the adversity we’ve been through I am determined to put this song in the past & continue moving forward as an artist...

He wrote that song 30 years ago as a teenager responding to the general homophobic views of his country. He is a grown man now and has seen and experienced very grown things. Jamaica's culture is just as infamous as that song and though he has banished this song and personally apologized for whatever damage it has done, the LGBTQ community needs to recognize that everybody are not onboard with their lifestyle.
Soon we wont have any music to listen to
Am I the only one who never knew what the hell he was saying anyway 🤷🏽‍♂️?
This man had plenty of time to sit and reflect on his life. Buju, is a full grown man now. Moving through like the King he is👑
As a GLBT person of Jamaican descent, I respect this. He has matured.
I love that song and I will never stop playing, I respect Buju on his paper chase cause they made his pockets slim for this reason...Battyboi fi dead ah gunshot inna yuh head back!!!
I commend you black brother. It takes a man to recognize the harm you've caused and to make amends.
Well I'mma play it loud and proud ✔️💯😡
Not gonna stop people from playing it
What happened to freedom of speech and alternative opinions? Its ironic that the mfs were given free speech and people accepted their opinions today they are taking away the rights from people who don't accept the lifestyle
So we change just to pacify ppl.... ok whatever!! I think not!
What of black culture with all these "movements" will be left over, and why is it other cultures aren't having their past dug up?!
This man need his money and if appeasing these sick ahh ppl means getting his bread he is gonna do that , we all know it’s sick but hey this is the world we live in . Do what u gotta do buju #1love
The song will never be forgotten. All now it should be played but for his career what must be done must be done. Boom Bye Bye!
And now 15 year old kids will go back in time looking forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....YOU GUESSED IT.... THAT SONG😂
This used to be one of my favorite songs until a Jamaican friend told me what he was actually talking about & from that day forward I stopped listening to it. However, I am a fan of his other songs & respect that he stopped performing Boom Bye Bye yrs ago.
I wish he'd remake another song with that beat!!
Man just remake it! That beat will always be a classic. I fell in love with the beat not the words 🤣 I will admit that once I became educated on what it meant I stopped listening to it as much and also educated others about the terms in the song
The song was thoughtless. He's lived long enough to be more thoughtful about what comes out of his mouth. That comes with age. Good for him!
For Buju, some famous words from a famous man- “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”― Martin Luther King, Jr.
I applaud a reggae artist like Buju who can evolve and change with the times.
The lyrics are violent it doesn't mean his beliefs are changed it's just maturity.
With growth come Wisdom. Open your eyes guys,the world is evolving it's more than gay rights,let's look at the violence too. The bible speaks about homosexuality being wrong but the bible also speaks about judgement being God's. Also the wheat and the tears having to grow together. If we are speaking bible look at Mathew and them other guys also not just leviticus.
We love you Buju Banton! Don’t change. Change the World!!!
Although, I love the song, much respect to Buju for respecting people who may find offense in the message and delivery. #bigups
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“This song is a call to action, with everything that’s happening in the world, things can feel very dark but there is a solution...We need to put more love out into the world.” said Eddie Levert Sr. in a statement obtained by EBONY

Amen YES LORD I Will Real Music From ICONS FOREVER AND ALWAYS 🌹🌹Congratulations
The gospel truth
Oh! Yes I've waiting for the O'jays to come back for a long time. I love Eddie Levert Sr voice the O'jays is my favorite group.
I like it yesssss
YES for real all the Tme😎😆😍💟💜💜
O’Jays forever
Man them Katz still dress Sharp
Still my group
Eddie was always my favorite 4real from little
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In this clip former @WNBA player, Ashley Battle speaks with EBONY about how athletes mismanage their money & the factors that lead to that! Battle also shares information about the NBA’s Basketball Operations Associate Program. Full interview here: https://trib.al/pAiyqwG

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In an exclusive clip obtained by EBONY, Jermaine Dupri reveals that tensions within the group began to grow after he began a romantic relationship with Kandi Burruss, but he denied giving the Real Housewives of Atlanta star special treatment. WATCH here: https://trib.al/aZ0DTpM

Every man wants a Whoa-munn
We all know the other 3 girls had much better voices.
Thank god he and Kandi never had a baby together. 😬
Who is it that Kandi has not messed with....Goodness
We already know. We saw Unsung and their reality show.
Wasn't she underage?
Well dayum...Now we know why Mama Joyce was saying 'Kan-Ni' is always attracted to lil dudes with big heads 💁🏾💁🏾😂😂
Of course the woman you are sleeping with will be the voice you will prefer and the sound in your head *sigh*
He can't hear Cause Kandi CAN NOT sing
🎼Kick off your feet and relax your shoes. Party on down to the channel 4 news🎶🎵🤣
Don’t care
Why explore a groups demise? Explain how to lift them up. Anything to be relevant including dividing folks and campaigning for them to pick a side... Black folks...
I feel like he’s lying and I didn’t even read or watch anything yet! Lmao.
He slept with her too?
The worst singer in the group, but the most talented. ..Almost JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE LEVEL
Yes he did
Who cares
Cause Kandi can't sing!!!!
Dude sounds like Kermit thee Frog........
EBONY16 hours ago

Austin Shuffield was arrested for allegedly assaulting a black woman. She attempted to call 911 when he allegedly slapped the phone out of her hand. In addition, the witness said Shuffield hit the woman with a closed fist several times. Video footage here:

All the so called gangstas in Dallas should handle this punk... We seem to have no issue with harming our own people but when it comes time to stand up for our own women and children PASSIVE BEHAVIOR mentality sets in...
Now if a black man did that to a white woman? I wonder what charges he would be facing?
No.... her attorney is making them review his charges and they are pressing for him to face felony assault and hate crimes.
So what’s with the cowards who watched and recorded the sister getting hit by a man 5 times?!?!?!?!😳😒😡. WTF?!?!
Why are y’all using the word “allegedly”?
Why is he not being portrayed as a THUG? A THUG who savagely beat an innocent person...
Ppl has been posting his address and phone number on social media. Just say that he might have to go in hiding for the rest of his life
I'm happy that he has been arrested. BUT, I was secretly hoping that Uncle Ray Ray and nem could get to him first.
I didn't know that "assault" was a misdemeanor. I mean, that man, who was drinking, slugged her and included an upper cut to the face. He initiated by slapping the phone from her hand, she hit him and he took a strong, physical stance and lowered the boom. Sorry, but I'm gonna go there.....reverse the color of the characters.....a Black man, who had been drinking, slaps the phone out of a White woman's hand, she hits him and the Black man slugs her including an upper cut to the face. What do you think the verdict would be. Well, allow me to tell you......Jail time.
African American people cannot escape racism. It seems we can’t stop it either. What did we do to people to make them hate us so much? We are guaranteed safety nor service. When do we grow tired of being punished for existing? When do we come together? White supremacy and racism are taught. ©
Charged with misdemeanors and released with no bond necessary. That’s racism AF!!!!!!!
I need ANY MOOR BLACK NUBIAN KING to beat his asssssss ON SITE!!
Black or white it’s a woman. Get that ass.
They said it was a misdemeanor and they let him go.....I hope he’s found and killed!
The next thing I hope to hear is he’s in a coma. Where are the men in this women’s family
Ok I may not can fight a man but he'll know I've been there cause I would have given his ass a prostate screening for life!!
it's not an allegation.....he did all that
I bet you not one black man tried to protect her
It is also appalling that his bail was only $2000.
Oh all of Dallas looking for him. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Should be attempted murder!!!😈😈😈
I hope some guys give him VIP treatment in jail. I wish I could send him some capoeiras as a courtesy, to re-arrange his whole face.
I hope someone does the exact same thing to him while locked up. #BeatHisAss
Oh his ass need to be killed. Hell naw!! He lost his freakin mind!! "🤬🤬🤬😈😈😈👿
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#FBF Soul singer #LalahHathaway discusses receiving three nominations including Best R&B Album for #Honestly. She also spoke about remaining authentic to her musical vision throughout her career and how she hopes other women “do what they feel like instinctively...

I was Railroaded and Framed for the Prosecuting Attorney by my Defense Attorney Phillip G Sapien of Sapien Law in Albuquerque NM. Under Case # CR-2002-00981 in 2nd. Judicial District Court Click on the link & images 4 details https://www.facebook.com/100029699002638/posts/148576959475603/
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Mohamed Bah was carrying a 13-inch knife when Emergency Services Unit officers entered his apartment. Detective Edwin Mateo claimed he was in fear for his life when he fired the fatal shots that killed Bah. The family was awarded $1.9 million. Read more:

Listen up people.. please stop settling for this little money, your love ones are worth a whole lot more, in fact no amount of money is worth your love ones, but since your suing you tell the lawyer what you want, because after the lawyer gets his, you don't have nothing but a few dollars, so make sure those devil's pay you
This needs to stop
They deserve more than that
They all need to b fired and never work n a police station😠
Why are you in his apartment? Kudos
I was Railroaded and Framed for the Prosecuting Attorney by my Defense Attorney Phillip G Sapien of Sapien Law in Albuquerque NM. Under Case # CR-2002-00981 in 2nd. Judicial District Court Click on the link & images 4 details https://www.facebook.com/100029699002638/posts/148576959475603/
EBONY17 hours ago

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth we're taking a moment to shine light on our inspirational 2018 #EBONYPower100 Women Up Honorees! Today we honor Danyale Price, Chief Inclusion Officer, Paul, Weiss! For more trailblazing women check it out here! https://trib.al/5TT2666

EBONY17 hours ago

#FBF GRAMMY nominee & Indie hip-hop artist Joyner Lucas with his gorgeous mother by his side spoke about the impact of his powerful video, “I’m Not Racist,” that earned him 2 nominations. He also discusses healthy competition among artists, promoting Black businesses, &...

EBONY17 hours ago

Congratulations are in order for Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams and fiance, Dennis McKinley. The couple just welcomed their first born, a bouncing baby girl! https://trib.al/Cy9FYzc

I really hope this relationship works out for Porsha.
Are there plans for a marriage soon? I just hope that her mother, or a nanny will not become the caretaker of the baby. Porsha still got some wildness in her.
Congratulations to you and Dennis, you are my favorite person so enjoy Dennis and your sweet baby girl. Much love.
Congrats she was pregnant forever
Congratulation Porsha and Dennis! I am so happy for you guys!
Hi Porsha Congratulations On Your Beautiful Baby Girl I Love You On The Show
You did it! Congratulations and much love and happiness to you and yours! 💖💖💖💖
What a miracle. She’s had a miscarriage and I can only imagine how happy Porscha feels holding her first child! 🥰😍😍🥰🥰
Bernadette and BJ Ellsworth say Congratulations to Porsha and Dennis Welcome PJ! Enjoy your bundle of joy!
Congratulations on the arrival of PJ, Peace & Blessings.
She a forever changed woman! Go Porsha!
Congratulations to the two of you! Blessings & Welcome Baby Girl...💞🌸🌝
Porsha and Dennis CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl!!! Blessings and Love.
Congratulations to her god blessing to her and family. ❤🙏
Congratulations to the both of them! I’m happy for her!
Congratulations Porsha and Dennis❤
Congratulations to you both 🎉God bless your new baby girl 🎊
congratulations and God bless your relationship with your daughter.
Congrats take your time enjoy your daughter and give yourself some time
Congrats praying for parents & child 👶🏽 🙏🏾
Congratulations Porsha and Your Boyfriend
Congratulations To This New Arrival
Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl.
Congratulations!!!!!! Welcome Baby PJ❤❤❤👣👣👣😭😭😭🎀🎀🎀
Congratulations. Enjoy your new baby
EBONY17 hours ago

“We’re also working on the TLC musical and TLC on Broadway. We’re going to create new music for those projects as well.” Chilli confirmed the news recently, the crazy, sexy and cool story of TLC is coming to the stage! https://trib.al/lfDurHy

👈🌐 𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙘𝙠 𝙈𝙮 𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙛𝙞𝙡𝙚 𝙏𝙤 𝙒𝙞𝙣 💯💰💵
T Boz still my girl
Hope it will go well...guess they need money?
Jessica Diallo
Hello Ladies
Love the group, but why? 🙄
Left-eye had all the entertainment factors in the group. Wtf, them 2 has to tell .
Wish I could be apart of this
I was Railroaded and Framed for the Prosecuting Attorney by my Defense Attorney Phillip G Sapien of Sapien Law in Albuquerque NM. Under Case # CR-2002-00981 in 2nd. Judicial District Court Click on the link & images 4 details https://www.facebook.com/100029699002638/posts/148576959475603/
EBONY18 hours ago

“It snowballed into ‘I just love you so much. I always loved you. I always thought about you. I always cared about you.’” The woman claims of questionable texts & also provided voicemails to back up her claim that John Gray was the aggressor...

I think it's funny when people say. "SHE knew he was married" So did HE! He was at the wedding and said his vows! I'm not saying she's right but he's just as wrong! JMO
Isn't he the same pastor preaching on healthy relationships? You have to be careful who you allow to minister to your spirit.
I don't think she's excusing herself. She's stating the truth cause passa and his wife decided to get on national TV and lie.
I knew this clown was phony from that Trump pastor meeting that amounted to nothing
See if he had stopped lying and running his mouth, this wouldn't still be in the headlines! You've done wrong now shut up cause this woman has receipts fool!
Never trust a big grown man who loves skinny jeans 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Why do side chicks always think when a man is telling them these things, he’s telling the truth? If he lied to his wife, why would he not lie to you?
So who didn't know John Gray was lying...
You can't blame her for defending herself ,there is and always will be two sides to the story ,why try to make her look bad ,maybe he was the aggressor, even satan knows the bible
He needs to step down. The blind leading the blind with this man.
The OWN network quickly dropped 'Love Is' the moment tales of a scandal broke. Just how long are they going to support this HYPOCRITE?? 🤔🤔🤔
Somebody needs to pray for deliverance from the spirit of Hoein.
So disrespectful. If your having an affair why even talk about your wife...smh..there is no need to disclose anything about your wife.
Neither the pastor nor the mistress gets a pass. I don't care who did what and when etc. He knew that he was married and she knew that he was married. John and his mistress were friends for over 20 yrs. The mistress never wanted John all those years. She friend zoned him.....until he became Pastor John Gray, T.V. celebrity etc. Now, this mistress wanted him. John knew that as corny John this mistress didn't want him so he used his celebrity to entice her. They are both no good, dirty dogs!!!!
But he was advising single women on how to get a husband.
The book of John gray is a nasty book
I believe her. I know a pastor just like him.
Why do you need a hotel room for an emotional affair? Yet not my circus....I wish they would stop talking on social media, etc. and just Pastor and heal.
Why bother saying anything if you’re going to stay anonymous? He apologized to his wife privately and publicly multiple times. Now at this point it’s their business if she decides to stay with him after this. But this is just messy. I hope he doesn’t speak on it anymore.
I dont care how high you get, a man is a man haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Why must i Chase the Cat???? You know the rest of the Song.
Aggressor or not . She knew he was married . That do not excuse her of accountability .She went in eyes open . And did it yo a woman that never hurt her . This is the side stuff song . You always get left behind . Unless the wife have enough
It is sad that we expect the pastor to be perfect they are not God but teachers of the word of God so please pause and pray for the pastors to stand firm and do the work of God honestly Pray for him stop judging
Professor Klump did it to himself 😣
Wonder what "don't feel dumb" gift will the wife get this time🤔
The "mistress" gonna be somebody they all know. They may not have disclosed her name but best believe it is somebody very close that they know or he introduced as a friend or cousin of some sort. Because if you're reading what she is disclosing to everybody else about their Affair it sounds like it's somebody everybody knows in that messy the situation
EBONY18 hours ago

“It’s what’s in you, not what’s on you. That s**t ain’t s**t until we put it on” In the video, T.I explains how African Americans are trendsetters for what’s fly & should value that power. He's calling to boycott fashion brands that lack racial sensitivity...

Drug dealer and convicted criminal telling someone what to wear
Support CR.Lee Designer Denver Colorado
I will stop wearing Gucci when he stop making music about guns and drugs and stop calling black men the and the n word and women bitches.
Buy only from black vendors and black business
Not that I have to Boycott Gucci because I've never been a customer however I agree with Tip
TI not playing. That offended him.
He is so irritating and fake.
Love you T.I. ......keep fighting the good fight my young brother.....
He's right. I never bought/wore Gucci for that simple fact.
T.I. is not playing with ANYONE.
T.I. look like he hit a lick at Goodwill in that coat though 😂
If I bought it am wearing it Cocaine kills our people and destroying our neighborhood call for all dope dealers to get a job ! Smh
T.I. is SPOT ON. He is on point!
Folks are going to wear what they like and going to wear what they pay for with their$$&$&&
That's MCM Merchandise in this Pic
I swore he said 4 3 months
That man schooled TI slow ass
I'm with the boycott (the easiest one ever since I don't own and could never afford it) but I also realize you gotta let people live 🤷🏽‍♀️
He has no right to tell him to where he spends his money and in the video TI insults him. #NotAGoodLook
Gucci recently enlisted dapper Dan "with whom Gucci plagiarized " style,s from years ago to announce a 5 million dollar "bring the negro's back" diversity program.. black folks can't stop watching the NFL so you know that Gucci belt will sag and that Gucci purse will remain the bag.. of black folks.
Trendsetter wearing black. Speaking on black. Eating Black....chittlins and all.
I love my African Print Outfit 👍🏿 wear SB-African Print Outfit
So, who's leaving the country? Nobody!
The one thing the racists don't have to worry about is black people sticking together to make a positive impact on the world for our people The racists is not going to respect us until we learn to respect ourselves.
We should criticize him for having sold drugs to his own people.
EBONY19 hours ago

This social media feud has gotten quite messy... Viral sensation Andrew Caldwell filed for a restraining order after welterweight boxer Adrien Broner uploaded a video on social media threatening to “shoot” gay men who pursued him. https://trib.al/1Wpbf64

This boy is fraud. I'm gay, too. So is he. He wasn't "dilivert" I'm sick of him. Sit your thirsty ass down
Well stay out of peoples DMs. Before they hurt you.
So no one cares about him threatening to kill gay men? Ok
Andrew Caldwell is truly a joke but I got to give it to him he realize that and is making money off of it. I get exactly what he's doing because he is truly gay for no reason LOL LOL LOL. He is trying to keep up that Trend he started I'm not gay no more to keep them coins coming in I know what's up
They are only temporary. In two weeks, he can get his ass whipped.
I thought you wasn't gay no more mother? I guess you got that "microwave deliverance!" Heats up on Sun then cools down the rest of the week, huh? When did we decide that it was cool to put the "special needs" people in the media negatively?
This dude just wanna be famous ....go back where u cane from you are not important....leave broner alone
He's been delivert from an ass whoopin. 🥊😄
so disgusting..... and people wonder why people dont respect the gay community...smfh... Broner didnt threaten this flamer... All he said was dont push up and dont touch him. As a straight man he has a right to his preference. smh
Dude tripping, how are you teasing a straight man, with Police registered hands. He either has a death wish or he’s mentally off. # Gone learn today.
Lol i thought when i got ran out that church with them crips boy this not compare what i did
I guess this begs the question. Is he still gay? Asking for a friend.
But him not gay..... no more..... him been delivert?? Him will love...... a boxer! Stop it sus
I guess his deliveredness is gone again lol he back to looking MEN'S LOL HAAAAAA
The real question is why was he in Adrien inbox
What's up with EBONY and the continued focus on homosexuality🤔? I was going to black people period. Kevin Hart Terry Crews.....who's next?
He sez he has RECEIPTS that AB was pursuing him tho. I wish he'd show them. 👌
A restraining order... copy editors please
As annoying and messy and yes !!! Conceited this mixed up fool is Andrew.. he still is allowed to be scared concerning a threat to his life and the law do have a right to protect his rights in a seemingly threat ...in the event something does happen. These things are taken seriously now by the law just in case period...however I believe strong that mental health is not a joke..This guy Andrew im definitely convinced needs serious mental health evaluation asap !!! Or one day it will get real serious and ugly for him.
AB said if the come up to him trying to touch him.... He didn't say persue... They're twisting his words....
Ain't this the dude that ain't Gay no more 😹😹😹
U not getting Broner’s boner, girl....🤦🏽‍♂️
Delivered my ass all up in Broner's DM!🤣😅
For the last time. No secure man is threatened by a gay man...
EBONY19 hours ago

🚨👀 Think we might have something here #EBONYfamily! Stacey Abrams is reportedly on the short-list to run alongside former Vice-President Joe Biden as he makes his bid for the country’s highest office next year. Thoughts? https://trib.al/l6er12M

I'm afraid that if he picks Stacey, then he will loose and Trump will get back in not because she isn't qualified but because I don't think America is ready for a female President or Vice. When it all boils down and when the nominees start dropping off if Beto is still available, I think a Biden-Orouke ticked could win. We need Stacey in other places like the Senate. I hope I'm not making anyone angry.
She can run AND win on her own. Biden needs HER! If not for election fraud she would be GA governor
You naysayers keep quiet. Excellent choice !!! Joe Biden!!!!
Omg!!! I am so excited!!! I will volunteer just like when Obama was first elected. I called people and got cussed out. But Obama got elected. Biden-Abrams 2020!!!!
I love Joe as a former employee and Delaware resident but he’s too old for the job
I’ll vote for the Democratic candidate no matter who it is because Trump must go!However, I think he’s doing it to pander to the black vote and make us feel ok about not voting for and taking votes away from Kamala Harris or Cory Booker. Honestly, I’d rather see Stacey Abrams run for Senate, where she’ll be needed when there’s a Democratic President. Stay there for a few years and then run for President.
Not a smart move for the Democrats if they want to get 45 out of the white house.
I would love to see Beto and Gillum in 2020; but for whomever.......I'M VOTING!!!!!! #ExerciseYourRight
I like Stacey Abrams as a Senator but not a VP candidate.
That is a good look not because it's black and white but because they will come together and make it better for everyone💯
I think Kamala Harris would be the better choice, but I would definitely vote for them if they get nominated. Make Stacey Attorney General, or Secretary of something. She should be in the cabinet.
Let's do it President Joe Biden and Vice President Stacey Abrams!!! 🙂
I would like it if Joe Biden & Beto O'Rourke team up..They would win
Ebony, I am so disappointed in your political coverage. Do you know who Job Biden is?? Please tell us the truth about his record. This is why I had to cancel my subscriptionto Ebony and just go with CRWN and Divine Dark Skin Magazines so I am supporting black magazines that don't align with corporate lefists that leave us with nothing.
I like Stacey but she not ready... also I think Biden need to wait to announce his VP
She should run for Senate in Ga.
Why can’t she run? She don’t need him
I would like to see Biden and Booker on the ticket 👌🏽
If Biden gets elected and tragedy befalls him, Stacey Abrams would be unfit to be POTUS
Good look but not favorable for a Dem win. I love the idea of her as VP but Biden-O’Rourke would be more of a win...and we need Trump up and OUT!
Biden is like 0 in 5 trying to run for President. He can’t win. Please don’t Stacey... besides Biden is a neocon corporatist
Wasn’t Biden the one who pushed the 3 strike bill
Since Biden hasn’t officially declared, and I don’t think he should, this is all speculation bordering on careless sensationalism. That said, from where I sit, a lot will depend on the choice of running running mate by the eventual nominee. The last candidate to go toe to toe with he who shall not be named, made a critical error in judgment with her choice.
I don't think this will a smart move myself. While Abrams seems like a good idea, she needs more experience. Besides, I think Biden is just using her to get the black vote and hopefully people don't remember when he supported the 1994 Crimes Bill.
Here's the thing: Biden probably won't run...hes too old and country is DONE with old white men leading it to he'll in a hamdbasket. However, Biden has lifted Abrams profile nationally just by floating this idea. And if he were to run he wouldn't announce his VP per tradition in advance! This is a nice rumor for Abrams if she were to run!
EBONY19 hours ago

“...I had to say, ‘Sorry to tell you, but we are going to have a lot of women on staff. Sorry, but I don’t want to just talk to you men all day. We need some women in here.’’ Tamron Hall shares that there were...

Im available
yes Qween ⭐️
Black Women I hope
Whatever next article..💯💯
Or what?
EBONY20 hours ago

💔Former #TheVoice contestant Janice Freeman, 33, died unexpectedly this month from a pulmonary embolism. Her battle with lupus was listed as a contributing factor in her passing... More details on Freeman's cause of death here: https://trib.al/NIkf0Ay

That's no one's business
When I had mine the next day my Dr.’s eased in my room with that look and held my hands and asked, “Do you know how close you came to dying precious?”. They will kill you! That feeling I will never forget! I’m deeply sorry she had to go like that! Prayers still for the family! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
So sad
May God bless her soul! RIP!
I was Railroaded and Framed for the Prosecuting Attorney by my Defense Attorney Phillip G Sapien of Sapien Law in Albuquerque NM. Under Case # CR-2002-00981 in 2nd. Judicial District Court Click on the link & images 4 details https://www.facebook.com/100029699002638/posts/148576959475603/
EBONY20 hours ago

💔 Veteran comedy writer/producer Eunetta Boone has passed away at the age of 63 from an apparent heart attack. Boone is the current showrunner for Disney’s Raven’s Home sitcom, created, and executive produced UPN classic One on One. 🙏🏾https://trib.al/889WZXB

My sincerest condolences to her immediate family and many friends. From God we come and to Him is our return. R.I.P. sister.❤🤲
My condolences to her family and friends. May she rest in peace.
My condolences to the family
Pioneer for US Job well done Rest well Queen
Condolences to families and friends. SIP
Rip prayers for the the family's loss
My condolences to her family!
Condolences to your family. Praying for all
So sad R.I.P prayers for you and your family
Prayers for the family. My deepest condolences.
Oh my I really like her Rip
My condolences to her family!
Prayers for all of the family
So heart breaking. Prayers for the family! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Condolences to Family R.I.P
Lord please comfort and strengthen her family. In Jesus name. Amen
My condolences to her family
So sad Oh my God
Ohhhhhhhhhhh wow!!! My deepest heartfelt condolences to her family!!!!
We've lost a great talent. Condolences to her family
Condolences RIP prayers for family
My condolences to the Family!
Condolences RIH Rest peacefully.
Condolences to her family. May her soul, RIP.
Prayers to the family and friends
EBONY21 hours ago

“It is a family process. Anybody that has to deal with this knows this a family process … and we are dealing with it and moving forward.” Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams husband https://trib.al/HUaLraP

hes part of the problem! Maybe she should get rid of his ass .
He's keeping side piece. Also keeping Wendy and her money. If Wendy like it so be it. I'm tired of them. I got my own problems.
He is responsible for her relapse... he is the worst type of man. & I use the term man extremely loosely...
For a minute there I thought that was "MC HAMMER!"
This is not karma this is a woman who is going through something serious. If any of this is true about her husband l pray she get the much needed help she’s getting. Once she’s out and in her right stable mind she will depart from him because he’s toxic to her
Why have someone outright disrespecting he is married to you but tells you he has a mistress also and he supports her???? You better get your finances in order, get your health straight and leave or better yet run away from him
He loves the money 💰. Do not be a fool, love is not worth being used.
If he's still cheating on her he needs to stfu!
She might find new love in the safe house.
You know this is Wendy reaping a lot of what she sowed.
So he speaks on her sobriety but NOT about his 11 year relationship with his side chick??? So typical... And laughable... Wendy better do a Mary J...
She should really refrain from gossiping. The only thing she should cover on her show is her progress in 12 steps
Wendy is dealing with it and moving forward. Kevin is vacationing and spending time with his side chick. While flaunting it in Wendy's face.
He prolly never really even liked her... Females use guys like this all the time
Ladies beware of the man who always hides his eyes! I wish her strength and peace!
That girl karma is a mother boy when it comes it don't care who it hurts smfh
He is a fake just want her money she needs to go like Mary J. and let his assistant go cause u will be good on your own trust that...
Evelyn Lozada called it years ago, saying Kevin bought shoes from her boutique but not in Wendy's size. Wendy, drop that zero!
Well...she allows him to do it, so🤷🏿‍♂️
WHY wasn't the TRUTH stated at The beginning of her Time AWAY FROM The Show? NOT The FIRST Person with an Addition and Will Not be the LAST one! PRAY for Wendy Williams!
Wendy is one of those women that talks trash about other people's lives meanwhile her whole life is in shambles. A woman who let's her husband trick with the money she makes can't give advice, she's a living cautionary tale.
I thought they were divorced? I’m so out of the loop!
Is it me ? They look like sister & brother!
Speaking don't mean nothing if you ain't gonna speak the truth
Now i get it she is messy because she is hurt and unhappy.
EBONY22 hours ago

“For the past several months, counsel for Mr. Kapernick and Mr. Reid have engaged in an ongoing dialogue with representatives of the NFL... the parties have decided to resolve the pending grievances..." The NFL paid both men less than $10 million each. https://trib.al/FCqUD5w

How does anyone know what he was paid or not paid, when a non-disclosure agreement was signed by both he and the NFL, and it is under SEAL by the court? Secondly, KAEPERNICK had the NFL dead to rights; he was in the driver's seat, and stated that he was NOT going to settle the case without being ADEQUATELY COMPENSATED. So, I DO NOT BELIEVE any these stories claiming to know this information. It seems like they are UNSUCCESSFULLY trying to UNDERMINE and DIMINISH the impact of this case against the NFL. I'm sure he got exactly what he was OWED from this lawsuit. Colin Kaepernick is NO WHERE NEAR stupid.
Doesn’t matter! Jus the fact they had to pay shows NFL IS WRONG!!!!
No matter the amount, I'm sure Kaep is doing fine...the point is the settlement is an admission of guilt on the NFL's part.
Yall act like 10 million is chump change....its more than his haters got! 😆😆😆
So he still got millions? That's called a win.
Don't believe it... It's just an attempt to undermine Colin Kaepernick's fight and defense against collusion, being blackballed and blacklisted. To also deflect from his stance against racism, police brutality, white supremacy and Injustice. The powers-that-be wants the power to control and manipulate the narrative.
That's just speculation. I'm sure there were NDA'S signed by all parties involved
He got Paid, that's the best part.
"Sources briefed on the case" ya who ? its a bullshit article out of the NFL owners friends owned paper. they are fishing to see if any anyone actually broke the breach of the agreement. first they colluded to blackball Kaep now they want to take the money back. rich hate getting caught, they hate paying money they don't want to pay, they hate people who don't bow to them. this is dirty my friends. #imwithKaep #Kaepkeepinthatmoney #nobodyissayinshit
Pure speculation and attempt to get others to refute claims!
Why is it being framed that a 10 million settlement for collusion is losing?
I don’t believe that number or this article.
I don’t believe this...when you sign a confidentiality agreement about a settlement neither side can disclose the information without some penalty.
Someone with to much time in their hands. They don't know anything about what these smart, intelligent a d talented men received. Just think about, these are smart men and they know about monies and settlement. They also have seasoned lawyers. Common sense would tell you that they got at least what they were worth if they were I. The league until they couldn't play, plus damages. They are smiling in their way to the bank, considering this was their livelihood cut short because of racial disparity. Ok, just think about that.
Paid 10 million for being a traitor and kneeling..what has this county come to?
and in my maury povich voice THAT'S A LIE when no one even mentioned what he got it was an NDA in place
Running this article like 10 million is peanuts. No one really knows but the people involved.
It wasn't about money, it was the principle behind what they did, it was about the reason they took the knee
The united states of amerikkka......land of media lies, president lies, congress liess, etc etc etc.....This is just another subject for the Talking Heads to talk about as they usually do without any facts!.....Kaepernick got paid!!
I my most HUMBLE OPINION I do believe that this is in correct information. When you signed and NDA that mean no one other than the parties involved know the amount and they can't tell anyone about it. So again in my most HUMBLE OPINION I do believe that this is incorrect information.
Lol why would they settle for that much less than what they would’ve gotten. Don’t believe it
I highly doubt they got less than 10 mil!
If he was paid.....that means he won the settlement. Why keep making negative comments regarding how much money , he Didn't get.??
It was said after the settlement that all parties signed NDAS. I just want to see Kaepernick on the field in some football capacity soon.
Ebony you know you’re just as guilty as the WSJ keeping this unsubstantiated rumor circulating, Right?
EBONY22 hours ago

From Black women to Black LGBTQ millennials, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg messages on economic opportunity & gun violence are resonating with black voters. He believes his gay identity exposed him to shared yet different experiences of the Black community. https://trib.al/28PLcVa

Why do gay people insist on equating homosexuality with black discrimination, they have absolutely nothing to do with each other.
Sorry but gay is not the new black!
That’s a whole lot of words to write without actually mentioning his policies. This whole article is based on identity and representation. What is his agenda for black and brown people? That’s what we need to hear not his personal life story and nice words. Enough with representation being the sole focus of politics. We need POLICIES.
👀👀compare being gay to being black....NOPE NOT HERE FOR THIS!
Notice everything black excludes black hetero men.
No one would know he's gay until he opened his mouth but my blackness is on center stage for all to see at all times so nope it's not the same struggle. Are we just voting for him because he's gay ? What's his stance on policies and the issues at hand? We should vote based on more than someone's sexuality. Js 🤷🏾‍♀️
Cis white male, nah.
Y’all sleeping on Julian Castro
No! brainwashing and manipulation once again.
They think most negros are incapable thinking for themselves, these so called fake saviours call themselves doing and thinking for you.
President “Booty-gig”? Nah.
Not until he gets an acceptable nickname because we not about to go the whole campaign trying to say Buttigieg.
The next great white hope smh
I wanted to read these comments. I need some reports of why this is headlined the way it is.
Well there go's 2020 ! 😣😣
I don't believe the Black community will. Support this candidate. Our community is homophobic & the black churches will probably preach against him.
I like him so far
This guy is smart. Served his country. Might make a great president. But I am struggling with the Howdy Doody bloodline. I'm sorry as profound as his interview was I kept thinking dang he looks like howdy doody. But that's just me.
Imo keep on strolling
So no policies Just that he’s gay man the social engineering is real
Why post abt him
I just want someone who is going to be fair , it's hard to trust people ,so many say good things and never do good things. I don't care who the person is. As long as the person really cares for us as people, treat all people FAIR
EBONY23 hours ago

Shaquille O’Neal will become the first African-American director for the pizza chain. In the new role, he will invest in nine locations throughout Atlanta. The 15-time NBA All-Star will be paid $8.25 million over three years for the endorsement deal. https://trib.al/i301xiN

EBONY Within the last year, Papa John’s has spent nearly $6 million to remove Schnatter’s likeness from pizza boxes, commercials and other marketing materials. The company’s market value is down 17.2%. https://trib.al/i301xiN
EBONY Bringing on Shaquille O’Neal who is known for his humorous personality is an attempt at a rebrand. https://trib.al/i301xiN
EBONY Papa John's founder John Schnatter blamed the pizza company’s subpar sales on the NFL and the ongoing national anthem protests. He also resigned in July, after audio surfaced of him using the N-word during a company conference call in May. https://trib.al/i301xiN
This is NOT A BOSS MOVE. A boss move would be to start his own company and squeeze papa john out of the market knowing they are in a weakened position in the black demographic. Why can’t we learn to be owners instead of joining forces with companies who get rich off of us but despise us.
Nope!! KEEP BOYCOTTING PAPA JOHNS.. He said Racist Ish about President Obama!! Never Forget! Racist White folks believe a Black Face will sell their Products..
They missing the hell out of some Black dollars! Shaq can't save their funky ass! And if he don't watch hisself, we'll take his ass out too!
Stay vigilant my black people. Don't fall for this bullship. Papa John's is canceled forever. Let's not forget how to owner feels about black people and he gave Obama a hard time because he didn't wanna give these employees health benefits. My people please don't fall for the blackface that they are gonna put on this racist pizza company. It's just a vaneer and plot to win us back to eating their nasty assed pizza. NOPE. 👎🏾
But wait? WHY NOT MAKE A NEW CHAIN? 🙄 Why didn’t you partnered with lebron which is opening more than 50 chains of Vegan pizza shops?
Putting a BLACK face on your company will NOT change anything. Papa John's founder has said several RACIALLY INSENSITIVE statements, and is only doing this now to save his company. I WILL NEVER BUY NASTY PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA...I didn't before this, and certainly won't now.
Fuq Shaq and Fuq Papa John's. They have a lot more to do to get over their corporate ratchetry over the last 5 years. Shaq has long been an apologist for abusive law enforcement and some corporate malfeasance. If he thinks he's going to lead a conversation I would argue he's not the one. Showing me a story about a rich guy getting richer doesn't change my opinion of Papa Johns. *I want to see Papa Johns putting tens of millions of their racist-tinged-inspired profits into providing loans and guidance for franchise owners in African-American and Latino neighborhoods. (That's how Papa John got his start) The good part about that is none of the Black or Latino owners will end up being nearly as embarrassing (or racist) as their founder.*
We still not eating that soggy ass pizza✌🏾 #PizzaHut
I ain't mad at Shaq. Get your money. Shaq knows that black folks are not coming back to Papa Johns. They could hire two Shaqs a Denzelle, and two Snoop Dogs and I still won't buy Papa John's pizza.
Shaq went all Uncle Tom for some mediocre pizza?
I'm a New Yorker, so I've never had Papa John's. If it tastes ANYTHING like Pizza Hut, then it's basically V8 poured on Wonder Bread.
Still not buying Papa Johns
Wasnt papa john the one that said &i quote "This black lives matter nonsense needs to stop, its messing with my sales"
Ugggghhhh nasty pizza,nasty owner...good for Shaq but will never support Papa John's.
Still coonin smh @Shaq I'll never support Papa John's.
Still won't support them. Pizza is nasty.
It's always one for the right price and that's why no respect is ever given 🤔
Nope..... not going to put any money in Papa John's pocket. I don't care if Shaq is going to be a new owner. Shaq should start his own pizza empire, besides you can change the face if you want, but that sauce is still nasty as hell!
Let's get some free pizzas going "Shaq" you know they owe us 40 pizzas and a mule
He should have started his own chain. People were barely eating Papa Johns before the fallout. The pizza is nasty.not sure what happen to it over the years but, the pizza is nasty
Tell me again how this help us?
I want to see John drop the “n” word in front of Shaq!
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In this clip comedian, Chris Redd recently spoke to EBONY about getting a spot on the late-night live television variety show and representing for its Black icons, who include Eddie Murphy and Kenan Thompson. Watch the full interview here: https://trib.al/jL5fy1B

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Meet Haley Taylor Schlitz! Haley has been homeschooled since fifth grade & this young Queen has recently been accepted into nine law schools! Schlitz's younger brother 13, is a freshman in college & sister 11, is a freshman in high school! Guess genius runs in...

Wonderful story. Success follows when parents break free of the public education scam and proactively make their children's intellectual and social preparation for life a priority; I.e. THE priority!
Go girl go!!congratulations! Much success!🤗🤗
Congratulations..The whole family is awesome.
Awesome BIRACIAL Queen, beautiful interracial family. #mixedgirlsrock! #mixedandproud Embrace your heritage! Not some of it, all of it! I love ALL of me. I love seeing other biracial people do their thing!
Thank you for the wonderful story on Haley. One correction needed: the name of the university she attends now is Texas Woman's University.(note the singular, possessive use of "woman.")
Where Are You Guys I Would Love To Learn The Skills You Have Can You Help Me I Live In Fayetteville NC
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