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“Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation,” he says in the video that was shot through a windshield of a car.

They dont control it, but they try to manipulate it.
Think before you open that hole in your FACE!!!!
You're on point"
Why the hell did he say that in the first place??
You always gone be in trouble speaking the truth in Amerikkka..sacrifices we have to make.
Prove they don't
Yeah I told him a black king planted the trees In Africa to grove and form hurricane for anyone who left Africa in exploration to drown at sea because there is only 1 god and he is black
Waaaaaaaaay off in right field.🙄 Thou shalt not follow Alex Jones.
Don't be apologetic for speaking something you feel is right
I love his apology , great effort in the right direction.
WTF was he on?
I have been thinkin this way for a minute.
Illegalize all police Officers
Is that the whole world or just some parts of the U.S?
I'm sorry if I was Jewish I would laugh at this 😂😂😂😂
He didn’t say anything about Jews. He said what conspiracy theorists have said for years about the control the Rothchilds have in America. It was sarcasm that people sensationalized to racism or antisemitism. The same people who say he’s an antisemite blame Soros (raised jewish) and And Rockerfeller (Christian/ baptist) for everything
That is just stupid and he would be upset if a Jewish person said that about black people.
That was just about the dumbest stereotypical (nonsense) statement.
Skylar Randolph
Jewish wrong group..better like our president..
Ode buruku
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This is reportedly the first death of any testing program of self-driving cars. Tempe police said that the vehicle was in autonomous mode with a safety driver behind the wheel when the victim was struck down “walking outside of the crosswalk.”

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“We are increasingly alarmed by the injustice in our criminal justice system. Money, time and lives are wasted with the current policies. It’s time for an innovative and progressive technology that offers sustainable solutions to tough problems."

If you can be a skilled productive worker in jail you can be BEFORE.
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Entertainer calls for authorities to free Meek Mill at concert in Vegas on Sunday

Rick Ross must have recovered from his recent health scare.
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During his time on the road, the 36-year old added author to his impressive résumé. His first book, Failing Up: How to Rise Above, Do Better, and Never Stop Learning, releases March 27.

Ebony Princess Rice-Caston
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“Even if it takes 6 to 8 months — whatever it takes. We want to make sure that everything is done correctly.”

So rich that you don't know what to do? Well, I've got a great solution to your problem. 🙂 Send me some millions. I know how to spend it wisely. But hey don't send the Floyd beehive for me. 🙂 LOL
Floyd..u had better re think this ideal..McGreggor a beast in the cage..Whatcha gunna do when u get kicked in the liver? We not even gun talk about u on ur back! 🙁
..go home n leave MMA to guys who hv YEARS behind their skills NOT 2 36wk intro to mma course.
Alright Floyd be careful what you wish for.
This dude serious :/
Stay in your lane floyd
Why you don't have anything to prove
You Go Boy
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9th Wonder and artist Rapsody were also on the bill, with the producer sharing a photo of Trevor Ingram, the young man who called in the threat.

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“We, as women, particularly if — we have families, you know, we’re taking care of children, we’re taking care of, you know, home, our husbands, we take care of everybody but ourselves,”

What’s the fascination with her?
That story was to distract what was really going on in her,”jacked”life!
Is proofreading not a thing anymore? "...we have families you know, we're taking care of children, we're ****** care of,...."
Can’t stand her lying ass 🤥🙄
she was doing too much cocaine had to take a break. For real
Leave that crack alone
You know.....
Cloned 😂😂
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While Denzel is often regarded for his big-screen performances, he’s also had a successful run on Broadway. He played the leading role in A Raisin in the Sun as well as August Wilson’s Fences.

Loved Fences
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"She’s not even singing at all. She’s just standing on stage as THOUSANDS of people walk out."

Chaka has battled addiction since the 1970’s. Hopefully it wasn’t drugs or alcohol. I won’t be surprised if she quits the tour and announce she’s seeking treatment again. Addiction is an ongoing struggle. I wish her well because she’s an awesome artist.
Yeah right! And I got some cheap land with oil underneath I can sell you! I was there! And she’s one of my favorite vocalists of ALL time! The flu does not make you stagger, speak unintelligibly, and slur your words unless you’re trying to remedy it with numerous hot toddies! Chaka was TO’ back! It was very hurtful and extremely unfair! My buddy and I left with the thousands of others. Her backup vocalists did all the singing while she staggered, slurred, and watched! She even forgot with whom she wrote one of the songs she sang! SMH 👎🏾👎🏾 #letchakaonout And she stood out like a sore thumb because Smokey, Fantasia, Joe, Najee, and Anita KILLED IT!!
Why not retire and enjoy life? Take care of you!❤️
I don’t know? What I do know is this woman has been doing for over 40 years and she is great at it so deserve the benefit of the doubt
She did this at a concert I attended back in the day. She had her back turned to the audience for the entire concert. She was pregnant. I promised myself I’d NEVER purchase a ticket to one of her concerts.
I don't know what it's like now when she perform but back when she first started out in the business she would be high, turning her back to the crowd while singing also walk off the stage
I have no problem with people working out their issues... but not on my hard earn dime and time. Peeps hired babysitters... took off work.. etc.
I remember going to see Chaka Khan in Houston, Texas back in 1976 and I was 15 years old she was a no show at three concerts and when she finally showed up she was very high and I said I would never see her ever in concert again. I have seen her in Detroit and she wasn’t high and she sang all of her songs.
From the video she didn't sound too bad but it wasn't the voice that I'm use too Oh well maybe she wasn't feeling she is human dmh
I love me some Chaka Khan! If she says she was sick she was sick and that’s that!!! 💯💪🏽❤️ #TeamChakaKhan
Chaka Khan, this iconic magnificent voice, this beautiful, talented, and complex woman has endured a life-long battle with drug addiction. She has been in and out of rehab for years. If Chaka doesn't get a hold of the root of the problem, which seems to be some form of mental illness, I fear her life may in jeopardy. Praying for her wellbeing.
I love you Chaka in spite of! Unconditional fans won’t judge. Praying for a full recovery ❤️❤️❤️ #Chitownlove #biggestfan #sweetthang
Sending healing (in all areas: flu, drinking, etc), peace, love and light to you Chaka Khan... Everyone has bad days... It’s just that you have a huge spotlight and unfortunately many saw it... We will support your recovery, not down you when you are already down. Love you and will always and forever be a fan.
It's hit or miss, these days with her touring show. She will always look good. She's been singing for fifty years. And her singing is Olympian--for fifty years straight singing impossible notes and harmonies. I always check the grapevine b4 her shows to see if she is good voice. I suggest you do the same. We put so much faith in her because the current crop can't compare and we adore her songs. Ion't know, I'd be mad too, but there are certain artists you have to check on prior to your purchase and others who deserve the benefit of the doubt because they've done the impossible--in our lifetimes. She's both.
This is not the first time in recent history that her performances have made others suspect she was under the influence. Actually, these artists struggle too long and too hard, well past their prime. Why? They are icons...national treasures. They should rest, perform in ways/venues that are not so all encompassing and demanding. I was a young woman in the 70s. Now it takes much planning, stamina, and hard work for me just to attend a concert. I can only imagine the struggle it involves for someone to actually have to perform, especially at the level they performed decades ago.
I luv her but the last time I saw her perform she seemed afraid to open her mouth like she had insecure dentures or something.
That's alright because Anita Baker Was out there tearing the house down effortlessly! Chaka gone call it quits ma'am. Don't let your legend go down like this.
Ooooookkkkk, the flu??? No ones saying she can't sing. But, that night she DIDN'T sing. Which if you pay for a concert, you want to see a performance.
I saw her about 4 yrs ago. Healthy and fit. Love her and her music. I hope she takes care of herself and gets treated for whatever is going on in her life.
Sounds like back in the day in her Rufus days when she would be so high all she could do was holler out incoherent lyrics. I love Chaka Khan praying for you love.🙏
Chaka will always be my girl. It’s a shame she’s treated this way. You still got lots of fans out here. 💞
I know for sure that this has happened before,to me 2x. Way, way back in the day and it's only continued sprinkled thru her career up to present day. 2yrs ago we tried to see her in Sacramento, Ca..she & her sister had to check into rehab😦☹
How very sad and tragic ...an addiction isnt easily kicked i see in her case .. wow !!! Heartbreaking and oh so sad . Chaka hope you get the needed help real soon .. no denial or denying...since shes been battlin this demon from the 70's untill now .
I’ve gone to see Chaka at least 2 times. She was able to perform but she was under the influence of alcohol. She was a great artist back in the day and I hope she gets back on track.
Come on you are a legend and have a reputations to protect straighten up and fly Right you are not a spring chicken anymore with that said I will always love you as one of the best singer and performer. Get your act together if you need help with anything there is plenty of help out there
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Trey Songz along with his lawyer, went to the LAPD over claims that he hit a woman in the face during last month’s NBA All-Star weekend. He was released on $50,000 bond.

Polygraph test aren’t 100% positive but has been said so close , so take one . Both!
He wants to be a bad boy just like Chris Brown. # DUMB ASS
He said it is lies for money. Read th e article. Without proof I don’t believe it.
I could buy a nice car in cash, with that much money!
Personal gain. 🙄
Kittles Nesbit
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Andy Cohen shared a comment from a fan believing she was passed over for a Best Actress Oscar for her work in What’s Love Got to Do With It, where she starred as Rock N Roll icon & domestic violence survivor, Tina Turner.

She was robbed and so was Laurence Fishburne. The movie was fantastic.
It was never hers! You cant get robbed for something you dont own! The movie was great! She is talented and her career has spanned decades! She shouldnt need an acceptance from a white academy. Here we go again needing their validation! She was recognized by US. Isnt that enough? Sigh
Wasn't time for us to win. We know she should have gotten one but (We don't own Hollywood)
I do agree, she played the HELL out of her role as Tina Turner. She and Lawrence Fishourne were robbed and the Academy knew it. That's why I really don't pay much attention to the Oscars. They either hand out Oscars like M & M's to people who don't deserve them or they pass over people who do.
Hands down she was cheated out of the Oscar!!!! She played that role of Tina Turner magnificently. In my eyes, Angela you won it.
She was excellent in this Movie What"s Love Got to Do With It., then they gave the Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash story an Oscar. I could not believe it. Angela Bassett and Lawerance Fishburn were excellent in this film. What do Black People have to do to be recognized without protesting and bringing to light that we are just as important as our White counterpart?
I'm I the only who didn't care for the movie? I just wasn't feeling it. I love Tina Turner though, beautiful, strong, amazing lady.
Not the first time, will not be the last time.
Hell yea, she was robbed. I'm still pissed about it. Angela and Laurence both deserved Oscars. They were so good, I forgot that I wasn't watching the real Ike and Tina Turner! 💖
I wanted her to win that Oscar, she was good as Tina. My late mom said she was robbed.
Agreed, she was incredible in that role.
I say this all the time, she was totally robbed!
Angela Bassett and Laurence fishburne should of got a Oscar
If she had of song those songs herself, she could have gotten it. That’s how Sissy Spacek won for Coal Miner’s Daughter.
I agree she was robbed. I never watched the Oscars again.
Oscar is white, Black movies are not, just saying
Oh both of them were robbed!!
That was wrong on so many levels
She was!
Yes, she was robbed.
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Alicia Keys recently took the time to congratulate Mashonda on her recent art exhibition, sharing images of the works that are a part of Swizz’s Dean Collection. Check out the photos inside.

A woman can't take a man that doesn't want to be taken. No matter how hard she tries!
Stole the gurl husband 🙄
Still care nothing for their relationship... Someone appears to be a very cunning bully. But nowadays people throw away all logic to support anyone in "love". 🤷‍♀️
That's great! They have gotten past their issues and are supporting each!
Well life goes on...he clearly didnt want to be kept..but karma a bish..
She makes me sick, if he left her to go back to Mashonda, then all that support would go out the window.
You lose them how you get them.
Good for the children that everything runs well. Somebody always has bad things to say about grown people business. Nothing new about cheating men, maybe he is with the women that is for him. Everybody good!
If those adults like it...I LOVE IT!!!!
Art work is amazing
So she stole her husband and turns around and calls her a golden girl? Well dang
MVP of the most blended Bull....😎😎
Alicia's career has suffered dearly. Her and Ushers image is tarnished.
Yea, yea... #Sisterwives
The open letter she wrote to her said they were friends before it happen dag
She should vacate the marriage for her.One day,Alicia,will him to a more famous girl
That’s how it works good for them
The art is great
Proud if you girl.
Good for them. Period
Grown-up isht!
That's nice
Home wrecker. Fame n fortune whore . hypocritical
Maybe you should post stories but not allow comments because people don't actually like that people post their opinions. Let the delusional folks think in peace 😂
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“There was never any question in Harry’s mind that he would sign a pre-nup, He’s determined that his marriage will be a lasting one, so there’s no need for him to sign anything.”

She cant leave anyway..lol..READ ON THE ROYALS..only way she leave is like Diana
Harry is sprung off that sweet black girl magic! He ain't thinking bout no prenuptial. However their estate is protected and she ain't going no where anyway!
I live in London.....there are those who are a part of the "Aristocracy" who are trying to convince him he needs one.....and then, there are those who are a part of the "Aristocracy" who are trying to tear these two apart. If these two aren't careful, these two will live the same kind of soap opera his mother lived.
I am in full support of these two, but he is crazy not to protect his assets. I would say same the exact same thing if she had the money.
I tell u i always thought harry was handsome n down to earth congratulations to them both im sure they will last
When is the wedding already.Im so ready
She doesn't need his money anyway. She's an independent woman.
People tend to expect negative because that's the only thing they know...life is what you make it, so quit wishing negative because it doesn't fit your agenda. Charitor speaks volumes
Harry I know you are strung out right now. But stuff happens. Let her sign on the dotted line. Please.
I pray to God he doesn’t regret it later. I don’t say this because I don’t like Meghan, because I do. But only because it’s the better for him. Too many stars and famous people get married without a prenup and that one greedy vile and low down dirty spouse takes the other spouse to the cleaners and wipes them out. It’s better to be safe than sorry. IMO
IF they break up she's not leaving with anything they don't want her to have. These aren't just rich people, these aren't just wealthy people they are ROYALTY. Just because there is no prenup doesn't mean they aren't gonna protect their assets
Prince Harry must have trust in her..I on the other hand TRUST no one but God! A prenup would have to be signed...quick fast and in a hurry!
Some of these comments are so disrespectful & over the top. About money, race, class & other irrelevant things. Maybe they just really love each other. What about that?
Like she's gonna go somewhere c'mon ppl lol stop it 😂😂😂😂
This boy is in rebellion, and it will not go good for him, most successful, well off or rich family got one.
Why would he be any different, no one else in the royal family has.
Then we know that this man love each other. This is all that matter in the world to you guys. Do not let evil tear you apart! Good Luck!
This article is poorly written and really begs the question, " Why?". If prenups are not enforceable, only possibly considered, what difference does it make if he signs one? Absolutely none.
oooo weee ..I know them folks mad about that!
They are soooo cute awwwwwwwwwwwww 😍
That man is in love with her😍God bless their impending nuptials..
I agree with him. If it’s true love and meant to be then no prenup is needed.
No worries, Queen Elizabeth has everything on lock anyway! If Meagan tries to pull a okie doke she'll die in a traffic accident or mysterious circumstances!✌👀
Class act that Harry is... as well as being an independent thinker. Queen Mother bout to have a hissy fit.. Chales wife has taken to her bed with smelling sauce.
These men are in love and clearly he like his brother feel a certain kind of way after the business deal of a marriage Diana endured. Good for them both god bless their union.
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“God created music for everyone to enjoy. So we cannot limit ourselves by people’s fears and insecurities. The other stuff is just bullish”

I agree with Stevie. When Prince and Michael made rock music and Lionel Richie, Diana Ross and Dionne Warwick sang pop it was Fantastic.
Bruno Mars is using his inspirations to create music. thanks Stevie wonder.
I am trying to See things from Stevie's perspective.
Tell them brother Stevie Wonder.
Stevie can't see the situation at hand.
Yes, just as long as he is sampling, and paying the fees to do so . . .
" Music is a world within its self, with a language we all understand. " ~ Stevie Wonder
I agree
nobody has an issue with eminem,and his 'music' is sick.
Until oir people started dying for it Your right but wring as two left shoes now America black history is just that A blind man cant tell us what we see his senses is more then ours he feel it and we see it
god made humans...humans make music
That's true. But, that's not the point.
That's right!
Thanks steve well said
Amen to that 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Well said Stevie. Thank you XXX
I like
All this noise about Bruno Mars ain't even that serious. Especially when black folk didn't attack Justin Timberlake, Eminem, or Robin Thicke for what they've done. But yeah, let's go and attack another minority????
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Snoop Dogg is making all of his business ventures blossom, and now cannabis, we don't want to hear anymore excuses! The time to take action is now! This is #blackexcellence, all $45 million dollars of it! Go Ahead Brotha Snoop Lion 🦁

That's a black man's dream to be able to sell legal cannabis
Why does Snoop Dogg have to make it crip again... We can make it black pride something we all can get behind.... Because I'm not behind making it crip again...😣
Say what you want about Snoop. he knows how to make a coin..
He looks high.
The hat though.... too much Love you still Snoop
I was cool with his until I read the hat
Get it Snoop! I don’t think there’s any blacks in this business.
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“Ava DuVernay is someone who makes the impossible look easy. It’s why I feel privileged to call her my big sister."

EBONY18 hours ago

Boseman is igniting movie screens in the record-breaking Black Panther, which just spent its fifth week on top of the box office while Cardi has been topping the charts ever since her single “Bodak Yellow” hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2017.

Ebony! Please don't speak this non talent Cardi B no the same name as this Amazing, gifted Actor.
Not a cardi b fan at all. But its always good to see my black panther!
Is cardi allergic to braissairres
Congratulations to all the greats...just hoping she doesn't have her baby out of wedlock
Stay blessed
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The video features the hip hop heavyweights donning their finest 1970s gear and features a cameo from Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx. Check out the video inside.

Going back to the 70s to ruin that too.
That wig Drake had on a hot mess😂
EBONY19 hours ago

It appears the rapper and actress are at odds once again, as Fox recently described her sex life with the Queens MC as pretty lackluster in her upcoming book, Every Day, I’m Hustling.

I think she wants some more 50 😂😂
Vivica Fox seems like she can't get over the man. She's lame for even putting out their personal business. Lack of relevancy will make people say anything to get a mediocre headline.
She trying to get a reaction out of him because she still wants him. Plain and simple. If it was that bad, why keep talking about him?
I believe it. Why else is he so mad all the time and beefing with everybody. He’s rich af, what is he mad about?
Why are they both still discussing this short lived fling? They can’t move on wtf! Vivica is AARP age and still acting 12. 50 has always been garbage.
She just won't let this bs go...Girl you to old for this foolishness.
Wait tho, isn't that what people do in memoirs recant memories and tell stories and touch on past relationships?...if ppl are still asking about it and interested it would behoove her to touch on it in a book. She didn't say anything bad. A lot of men with steel outsides are passive sexually because they are outwardly aggressors all the time. She better write what's gonna sale because otherwise what else is there really?
If truth be told, . . .a great many women experience lacklustre. Some men have to be taught and the others have swollen ego (when you do find one, he is absolutely awesome). Selfish men are not great lovers
I hope non of this is true and it's fake news. Vivica please, I am starting t believe you are infatuated with Curtis. Stop talking about him and move on. I know he's handsome and all that, but you can do better.
She clearly misses the dick for sure. But he is right, that was some 14 years ago, leave it in the past but she did tell Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens live the he likes his booty ate. And she did it, so oh well.
Vivica have some class and when are you going to move on? You keep rehashing this relationship that has been over so many years ago.. There could be a good husband right around the corner that God has for you.. Let go and let god...
She's desperate for attention to say anything about this one. Ask Wendy Williams he dragged her relentlessly. She's old enough to have some class by keeping private matters private...
Be a strong black woman and Let It Go don't bring yourself down for anyone just let it go he is not even paying you any attention just let it go .
I felt bad for her the last time now I just realize she’s a glutton for punishment although I believe it. The loudest bark usually has, you know what never mind
I don't doubt he's extremely selfish in bed. He's mean in real life...cares about No one. I can't imagine him caring about a woman's pleasure.
Really Vivica Fox giving this man to relevant.. And he should be irrelevant.. past is just that.. Come on! When someone says fifty.. I would say fifty who?
So is PG 13 code for normal or boring? Is tossing salad PG 13 🤔🤔🤔cause is that not he claimed. 😀😀😀😀. VF needs to let it gooooooooo and move on act like he was fart stank at the time but stench soon gone.😉😉😉
He must of turned her out bc that is all she seems to talk abt!!!....get over it..she is too old for this mess
I totally agree with 50. Its 14 years ago, get over it. Move on, one would believe he was her first. Hissssss. Next.
Please...build a bridge and get over it mah-mah. He told you he was into having sex. Not into making love! What did you expect? It wasn't just lyrics to his song! Lol!!!! I wouldn't waste energy, a thought pattern, ink or chapters in my book on that! * But, it couldn't have been that bad if you're still holding on or still talking about it! Sounds a little messy and distasteful to go there now!
I thought she was better than that, what goes on in the bedroom is between the two parties involved, I don't care if there no longer together, that still should be between the both of them
I think it's about that time, that this women seek some professional, help. BUT first she has to admit to herself that she has a, problem. Which she will NOT !
Dam girl get over it he don't want you. Omg how long has it been since the break up? It must have been so dam good she just can't get over it . So sad girl move move on please it's old now.
She needs to sit down and just STOP! Know when to remain silent and be a LADY! GEESH! The man is over you and moved on! Stop trying to use his name to revive your rigor mortis ridden career! 😂
U too grown to keep speaking on this move on !! U didn’t have to Mention it in ur book 📖 cause we all know u dint have to speak on a relationship, I mean really move on !! This is not a good look for u FOx 🦊
EBONY19 hours ago

“I don’t have a stitch of violence in me. I would never hurt anybody. I never had any violence in me."

I wonder what happened to innocent until proven guilty!!!
I will wait for the evidence before pass judgment
Yea he just fucks 16 and 17 year olds after giving them coke. I'm so over his selective Buddhist morality and yoga stances.
I'll never forget the episode of "Housewives..." where Russell gives advice to Cynthia Bailey about her upcoming business. She made a comment about him "liking them young". She was talking about young girls. The look on Russell's face was of absolute horror! It was almost like he was saying S#?T I'VE BEEN CAUGHT!
...so i guess these women are lying too.🤔
Why resign then?
I believe you , BOO HOO. Are you even physically capable . I BELEIVE THE AVERAGE FEMALE WOULD SLAP THE CRAP OUT OF YOU.
It’s just your money 💰
I truly believe many of the women that say they have been sexually harassed. But I also believe that some other women are making false allegations to jump on the band wagon. Once they start running out of celebrities to accuse, They are gonna accuse Denzel Washington
He wouldn't.
I believe Russell is guilty of certain things when it comes to woman but a rapist I don’t believe or him bringing physical violence to a woman I don’t believe
EBONY19 hours ago

Richardson had wanted to raise $15,000 to send the girls to see the film and ended up exceeding her goal by over $85,000.

Empress Crwns Job well done.
EBONY20 hours ago

A Yeezy dating site is being launched to allow fellow stans to find love rooted in their mutual respect of the Chicagoan. The platform which is due to premiere in March laments itself as “a dating site for fans of the genius Mr. Kanye West.”

He really is an egotistical jack ass
Subliminal gateway to the Sunken Place
Panashe lmao.
Lol where youll find Gold diggers and "ballers" who want love lol
He needs to put Kim and her entire family On this website and allow them to find ALLIGATORS
Do I want the advice of a man who ended up with a Kardashian?
He has fans?
He really off his Meds
Please stop
EBONY20 hours ago

LaBeouf said that he met up with West to work on an art collaboration where he was asked to give up some of his clothes for a pop-up shop.

I suggest reading the article before commenting
Ain't Kanye a designer, why would he need any of dudes clothes?
Ok...I got very scared
2-Whackadoodles !!!
What did he do with them? 😱😱😱
Well, they're both short..😄
8 kinds of crazy!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄
EBONY21 hours ago

“I want to be an authentic, unapologetic warrior for black culture and the culture of the street and how it moves. My thing is most importantly to change the narrative of the black race. I can’t relate to anything that isn’t about that,”

Stop having children by umpteen women and not taking any as wives... financial contribution is important as is hands on and setting examples that incorporates moral responsibility... I do respect you for your talents as well as civic engagements, contributions to underserved communities.
Dope. I wish he afforded some of his Bad Boy artists that same courtesy so they wouldn’t be struggling then falling into a narrative of frustration/failure/struggle though.
I am a firm believer that for some of us the light bulb switches on during our lifetime(s) at our mid-20s, some late 30s, and some by the time we reach our 50s; and we look back over our lives and ask what have I done right, not just by others, but by ourselves . . . and if the answer is nothing, then we try to make-up where we may have fallen short . . . I am not a fan, a follower, nor a buyer of his musical legacy; but I am sure that I have some other artists that he may have produced among my collection . . . for I am an old jazz head, and underground club kid, and admittedly thought back in the day that rap, hip-hop was just a fad . . . how silly of me . . . but as someone who had bear witness to a generation of men and women lost due to having to raised themselves, in general, due to parents hooked on crack, or dying from AIDS, and just being to much for their grand-parents to raise . . . and finding life in the music of the rap historical climb into mainstream America, and then world-wide . . . Mr. Sean Combs, along with the Russell Simmons, and a host of so many others, including Mr. Carter, who was a former dealer himself . . . were the VOICE and ROLE MODELS of a generation of children having children . . . children of the mid-80s . . . who became parents in the late 90s, young grand-parents in the 00s . . . yes, some may have managed to excel and move on with their lives, then there are others that had ended-up on reality tv . . . in prison of not only the body, but their minds as well . . . three generations that had lasted over 30+ years, that for a few had grew up without the guidance of stern grand-parents and a Village of support like previous generations . . . & Now Sean Combs is now thinking outside of himself, and I hope will try to serve a new generation of children who want to become more than just a rapper, actor or basketball player . . . for what happens when the invitations to red carpet events stop?
Not a good representation 😡
The man, in the mirror!
So let’s first deal with the lack of affordable housing. Don’t need to be buying nothing if you can’t pay rent or mortgage. ❤️
No thank you. I question his integrity as a black male. Look at how he treats women.
Reach one, teach one starting with morals if they haven't been taught by absentee parents. Money shouldn't come before life. Life is far more important.
Go! Away FELICIA...wrong side kick to Be talking Black shyt..hey and take Becky with You...to little to late
Honestly at this stage can leopard change theirs spots
Diddy's come a long way yo! Good 4 U!
You've stolen enough money.
I don't understand how men with non-black women be so adamant and talkative about black issues? I just do not get that at all.
For sure you can, and utmost respect for you brother..
Blacks are the only group that doesn't have an economic base. It wasn't always that way.
Yeah right!
Right on....
Confess 😂
Bongani Letshabo
The Black Mall
That's how Puff should talk every day going forward!!
EBONY21 hours ago

#BlackPanther was the number one movie at the North American box office bringing in $27 million this past weekend. It is the first movie since #Avatar to be at the top of the domestic box office for five straight weeks.

So much for the myth white audiences won’t $pay to see movies with majority African American casting.
Congratulations to all that put the movie together. Hopefully, we can see more black powerful roles that will uplift all countries to give back.
Congrats let's keep it climbing
Congratulations, Black Panther!!
Are the producers of this movie white or African American?
Congratulations still greatness moving forward
God is good
Darell it's time
Gavin Hector
EBONY21 hours ago

During the gala’s live auction, Blue bid $17,000 on an acrylic painting of a young Sidney Poitier. Star Jones, who led the sale joked that Blue was participating because her parents have taught her the importance of owning art as an African-American.

Willow and Jaden Smith are criticized and mocked a lot because of how unusual their behavior seems. I noticed some of the same criticisms against Blue Ivy and her parents. About a year ago, someone remarked that these children might seem odd or unruly because they are living almost free lives. They don't have the same restrictions in place from society that a majority of black children do because of their wealth. They don't have to think in terms of what a ceiling is because their money will help them overcome many obstacles. It's a wondrous thing to behold. I wonder what all our children could be without the walls that society builds for them?
Too bad she looks like him
Please don't come for me, and let me say this right off the back, I am not a follower/supporter of their iconic legacy; but totally respect their journey toward their dreams and goals. . . and respect that they are teaching their child to support the arts; but, and remember BUT is the conjunction that makes a big difference, there are millions of children who are not blessed as their child . . . and, again don't come for me, again there are children in foster care . . . shelters . . . that prehaps they could have used that 17K or 19K to purchase items for those kids, take their child to those places and have her . . . personally hand out items to those children, so she could see how bless she is . . . with her own eyes . . . I remember when the Housewives series had stared and those women world were running around buying $25,000 shoes, & handbags, or $50,000 diamond rings . . . I was shocked, because I don't live it that world . . . I . . . just don't want to hear/read about their precious, beautiful child at the age of 14, 15, or later running around spending $2000 on a pair of jeans . . . Now I am sure that behind the scene both Mr. and Mrs. Carter have given their share of supporting honorable causes; but, and there's that BUT, again, this posting/image is what I am specifically expressing my opinion on, as someone who works with homeless children/teens . . . the same people who knows every note for note of the Carters rich legacy within the music industry . . . the lesson could have been . . . uhm . . . I am trying to find the word . . . Altruistic!!! That's it . . . & By the way, I, too am an artist and support a number of art projects . . . but, again, I stand by my words . . . folks can do with what they want with their money, but if those funds are obtained from the general public, then having a concern about feeding, clothing, and offer shelter to even those who are last fortunate . . . for, again there are millions of children in foster care, and/or shelters who may never have a home to hang a picture up, and I just would like to know that a child, any children who are blessed, as those in the Carter family/household show that they understand that; (for they won't have to travel to far, just go to L.A.'s SKID ROW); but apparently it was all in fun according to today's media sources . . . so this posting, and any back and forth rhetoric will be all in vain . . . I will continue with I can with the $2.00 that I have to serve others . . . . Peace & Blessings!
Why is this even news
Why do they continue to bring a "child" to adult events? It's sickening. Let a child stay in a child's lane.
So was it 17000 or was it 19000, people need to make a choice...
They are right to teach her it's important to own art. ❤️ For a future with African-American wealthy people, not only rich.
It was too cute
She has excellent taste...
Love You Blu Birdie 😉 Gone Girl!
Beautiful picture
That baby Blue Ivy got taste!!!
Empress Crwns Go Blue.
Yessssss yessssss yessssss💞💞💞💗💞💞💞😇🤗
She is good for it.
She so cute
Must be nice!!!
Must be nice....
YAAY, they are teaching her rIGHT!
The painting doesn't look much like the actor to me.
THAT'S right get all ok next
Lucretia O'Dell Bennett
EBONY21 hours ago

Let us pray... Charleston Shooter's younger sister Morgan Roof detained after pepper spray, marijuana and a knife were found in her possession. Listen... The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree 😶🍵 Just Sayin' http://bit.ly/2FL0eol

I can't get over the fact that the policemen gave this mofo a hamburger after he killed them people. Thats like saying you did a great job. The family of the victims forgave this dude right away. THAT'S THE PROBLEM WITH BLACK FOLKS WE ARE TO FORGIVING AND HAVE EXTREMELY SHORT MEMORIES
There is nothing to pray about... She needs to get the proper repercussions based on HER actions...
I am NOT Praying for that family, at all.
Maybe that's her protection against those who want to harm her because of her brother actions.
This is very high risk behavior..hope,someone is ordering a neuropsych evaluation and following her closely
Well... Unfortunately the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I wonder what their parents are like? You'd think she'd understand the consequences from her brother... It looks like more than one Roof kid was indoctrinated by hate.
That family is mentally ill. She's in jail now too. I'm just glad her brother is off the streets. Just said how he killed those humble and loving people in Charleston, SC. And it brought the flag off of our state grounds.
Put her in jail next to him the entire family is nutts.
He is already Facing the Death Penalty I can't wait until it happens I want to watch. His sister Really she dosent have a chance Lol Dumb and Dumber LmAoff.
Troubled up bringing her and her brother thank God She wasn't able to pull off her mission that day
What are we praying for EBONY?
smh but this comparison of apple and tree it stupid this is a brother and sister not a parent and child
What a great job the parents did raising these two 😮😫
Sad. Sad. Children. Their parents need help as well.
Pray? That she change her mindset on how she view blacks.
They must have different fathers? or some inbreeding ??
...but there are good ppl on both sides, on both sides. 🤔
This is total b.s
What did their parents do that they turned out like this?
Is she in custody?
I wish they would hang him with a noose and set his body on fire and cut of his genitals the way they did so many innocent black people long ago.
Stupidity is genetic apparently.
she should be charged as a terrorist and treated as such,no one brings that kind of firepower for show and tell.send her and her equally worthless family to gitmo.
EBONY22 hours ago

Okay, seriously #CardiB is 25! what are we are doing?! Grammy Nominations, #1 singles, marriage, and now a baby carriage. @iamcardib keep living your best life! 😫Too much, but in the best of ways 😘 Mama Cardi

Why would she do this at the height of her unexplained success?🤷
Congratulations. It ok to work while your pregnant. Hust be careful.
Focus on your life and just listen to the music in one ear to the garbage in the next 👌
“What are we are doing” 🤔
Ok you start it out with she is 25. That is your answer.
Ridiculous. Why should I care.
Lavonda she still going to be at Coachella 😂
EBONY23 hours ago

#RayJ had to be like "If I had one wish, I want to have a boy" LOL welp we are still excited for the couple #PrincessLove is having a girl y'all! #BlackGirlMagic in full effect, Congratulations to you both...

Congratulations Ray J and both families especially the MOM Be Happy and Blessed.
Congrats 🎊🍾🎈
EBONY2 days ago

#Desus & #Mero responded on their own show via @VICELAND, mocking #Envy attempts to “check” them and his decision to storm out of his own show, saying he exhibited “nothing but light skin feelings.” A word, or...

EBONY2 days ago

The senseless murder of this sHERO in Rio... Councillor @mariellefranco YOU ARE REMEMBERED. Bravery is your name. Our hearts are still heavy, Rio to your loss of a leader, our condolences. 🙏🏾 http://bit.ly/2FJ3NeF

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Am gonna say goodbye ,but your work will live on miss Franco
Men so jealous of smart women. Such beauty gone because of buttwipes.
Prayers for her family! Her legacy will continue.
Black People everywhere need to get together. That’s the only way.
EBONY2 days ago

Say what you want about them Birdman is in #EBONYLOVE with our girl Toni Braxton! “The turning point for me was when I had a giant [lupus] flare... he told me, ‘I’m going to be out there with you just to make sure...

I'm happy for them. Toni is a strong woman. If things go south down the line she will walk away. He makes her happy, she makes him happy and that's all that matters.
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Maybe you can put her on a budget bc she still spending money like it's going out of style. She is in trouble with Irs again .😡
From baby money, to Baby money. I ain’t mad Miss Toni! ❤️
Toni, It's your thang, Do WHAT YOU want to DO!
Yeah but certain things happen to you because you're dealing with certain people. Spirits... But do whatever makes you happy girl, I still love you. 😘
Happy for you hun
Do you Toni!!
Pray it lasts.
This is love ... y’all know it is
EBONY2 days ago

Never easy to read about domestic violence. Add in mental illness, and the roles being reversed, and it's even heavier to unpack in a discussion. Nick Gordan states he "sounds so lame because I’m getting beat up by a woman..." one loud sigh...

He is damaged, and has been directly involved in the deaths of two women.
Hello friends are you looking for a serious relationship or you are searching for a nice man or woman who can take care of you both in financially aspect or careing aspect, contact Mrs Becky now to help you get any man or woman of your choice on via WhatsApp or call any of this numbers +2349036336569_ +2348123867705
Saw him on a talk show and his mother was there!!!! Why don't she get him help!!!!
I hope the judge denies it she's making a big mistake I did the same thing with my daughter's father 6 years ago when I was pregnant with her and he beat me and held me against my will. I was in love and desperately wanted my daughter to have a father in her life so I wrote letters to the judge and the District Attorney begging them to drop all charges and release him. He was released only to get out and do the same thing he had done to me in the past in front of our daughter. It was at that time I knew I had to let him go because I was not going to let my daughter see him do that to me. Violence does not get better it gets worse especially if they don't learn a lesson from their actions. I feel like he's already gotten away with Bobbi Kristina's murder with no repercussions smdh let him out this time and the next girl he abuses will not be here to request a release.
So she can be his punching bag some more? I hope that judge denies this request, she gotta have low self-esteem to be with an abuser and alleged murderer.
She is a fool if I ever saw one.
This demon has some strong sex two murders. Now possible third wants to give him another chance.
Again...how many times will she say release him? Her family needs to get her...and send her far away from Florida...
Once you leave stay gone and never go back. It only gets worse. I pray if released he doesn't kill her.
Oh I thought she was so afraid of him isn't this what her family said it's sad she's gonna be another victim. Nick Gordon has tapped inside her head so very deeply just as he has done with Bobbi Kristina. Once a man gets inside your head that deep you're a lost cause trust me I fell victim to a man like this.
Someone give him a box of Kleenex.
He was with her the night bobbi k was found in the tub? Or is this a new one
This guy were with bobby now in jail looks like his life took a turn sometimes u need a reality check and he need one sit down and leave everything alone
Well looks like they have been in contact with one another.
Sounds lame, is lame, all the same. Truly a troubled man.
She'll be sorry.
Both need help.
She needs help
He don't want to see her
I'm sick of both of them! Crazy ass!!!!
Didn't tell the His girlfriend to write the judge that letter because he can't take Getting rape in Jail
EBONY2 days ago

Pinch us! We are still star struck over the time well spent with @CW_TheFlash leading lady @candicekp. Spoken straight from the heart of 'Iris West Allen' aka our #PurpleFlash sHero! 🗣️#RunIrisRun 💜 Read more --http://bit.ly/2Hyige1