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Alright now! We see these two ain't wasting no time getting down that aisle. #WhyWait?

Renee Randall Marry and mate with quality men your daughters will marry quality men.
Lenora Jones Alright Meghan ...get your man girlllll.
Angie Moore no one cares...stop talkin about this...u aint get no invite...ull never know whats really goin on..these folks arent payin your bills...they arent take care of your kids or nothin else...so stop yakin about this...the only reason this is news is cuz she is black....cuz no one yaked this much about kate and will...so stop it
Syrella Headen Congratulations to the both of you.Diana,would love this marriage.She will be watching over you.
Abdullahi Hagar How can their wedding be "Royal" if she's a divorcee? 🤣
Billy Hall Did anyone notice the lobby is full of kneegrows?
Raniel Aboy Starwar Last Jedi #Starwar_last_jedi_StreamingHd
Dana Joy
Gwen Tyrus My birthday
Mark Brown are they cousin?
Bernadette Rhodes
Tayo Sekoni Good for them why wait
Phyllis Crosby Just getting older.
Corey Uprising They wanna harvest her melanin
Ike Jr Sims What melanin?
Darnell RIce So sweet sweet ❤️⭐️
Kwame Boakye Nice girl
Mece Jenkins Who cares
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Mayor Rufus Davis claims his town is wildly segregated.

Latrina Bates Nah, see this is a "Double Edged" issue because of course it's pathetic for them to deny him keys. HOWEVER, IT IS PATHETIC OF HIM TO ALLOW THEM TO DENY HIM HIS KEYS! Im sorry, but brother "Move ya ass!"
Shirley Williams As mayor of that town if l couldn't enter city hall no one would, l would gather up a posse and by the time we left there would be no city hall!
Mildred Carter why was he elected? PEOPLE THERE are ignorant and stupid i believe he is too something is wrong witb this picture
VL Johnson This is sad. I read other articles on this and it looks like the city manager runs the show. They had an election but it was seems fake. The city manager appoints the council they are not elected. This is a crazy mess.
Yvette Jackson 2 years while he's not doing what he's supposed to do I was fired the police chief I would have the locks changed instead of just sitting there
Jimmie Sanders The black population is 70% and he the elected mayor is begging for the keys! Complaining is not a strategy. VOTE
Ihq Smith Change locks on doors clean house. Get state police.
Wanda Skinner The more things change, the more they remain the same.
Tyrone Mceady The 70 percent African Americans in that town need to take it over plain and simple
Marcus Moore How the hell did he win the election in the first place in this real life Mississippi Burning town?
Ernestine Edwards Just kick the door in and make them pay for it. Lol
Veara Watson Such bold-faced Racism! How wicked of you folks that do these evil deeds!
Sharonda Miles That's nuts! And no black cops either for a town that's 70% black? This town is insane
Shavoris Antwon It seems like he got the right to clean house.
Yvette Hynson Get some balls and get busy doing what you were elected to do which is Mayor!
Lequone Banks Camilla, Ga. Resaerch the Camilla Massacre of 1868.
Diane Jones Dillard So how did he win the election ? I'm confused.
William Anderson In the deep south, the more things change, the more things remain the same it seems.
Priscilla Griffin Go but where the feds in this
Pamela Hunter Just change out the locks he does not need the keys they what mind of Tom foolery is going on
Fred Frederick Kick the door in, then do your job...stand up straight!!!
Anthony Hubbard What is with this country and rascism?....get over yourselves already
Tonya Ladmirault This is not the first time this has happened.
Barbara Robinson Forget the cemetery for now, he needs the keys from the City Manager pronto
Erica Humphrey Get a locksmith to come and change the locks and lock them out
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Police suspect she may not be his only victim.

Sharon Brown Whether she was 16 or 66, at a bar or at church, he had no business raping her.
Jacob Hight "...Friends of the teenager ordered an Uber to take her home as they prepared to leave a local bar on Monday night..." well, my daughter wouldn't be hanging out with those friends anymore. Glad the guy is being charged. terrible.
Gabrielle Linton Why she in a bar at 16..first,second..uber dont really do back round checks..and i love Lyft..driver look funny..you can cancel..cant wait till he gets to prison..
Monja Funches Quin Freeman Lashontae Steward Eboni Joseph-Wilson This is why I won’t take Uber alone. I just had someone tell me that Uber was safe. Right! This young girl did not deserve this, no matter where she was..
Kimberly Appleton Why is she out at night in a bar at 16 cut this fool man hood off and that will give him something to think about.
Yvette Reed This is why I will never ride with Uber. I have heard too many horror stories about this company. They seem to only hire criminals and people who are crazy. No Uber for me.
Nana Ama Kukudam I If you ask me we all take a risk regardless of whether it's a taxi, uber, lift or a friend. We can never be too safe. People have been raped by taxi drivers, uber drivers, friends, family and even the police while being taken into custody. We just have to keep praying that by some miracle we all make it to our destinations safely and without being touched
Theresa Harris Sad this had to happen to this young lady. Bar or whatever this should not happen. Put this SOB in jail and let what ever happens
Kimberly Edwards I agree with THIS article, they REALLY SHOULD enforce more safety/protection measures & do screenings & background checks on these Uber drivers. It's SO sad you can't trust anybody anymore these days. 🙁😢!!!
Jean Dedeaux That's why I never used Uber I'm not getting n car with someone I don't know..Thanks but I'll keep taking a taxi cab 🙄
Baron Windsor Omg !!!!!!! Idiot they have all his info , plus !!!! I smell a major lawsuit in the millions coming by the girl's family etc !! Against uber !!!!
Arabian Deyo Although it's very disturbing to hear that a 16-year old was at a local bar, it doesn't change the criminal act of rape. It doesn't change the nature of a predator and knowing that there may be more victims is alarming. Once again another female is let down by her friends. I can remember going with friends and we had a rule that if go together, we all leave together.
Ayodele Mack Not going to lie is the girl white or black because that really will have an effect on how much I believe the girl story was Ben too many cases of black men Angel nothing one man just got out of jail because the girl got caught saying how she lied about it he was in jail for about 15 years I think so until they find his DNA inside of her on her any of that I don't believe it
John Bullock Upon completion of the investigation. I shall voice my opinion of Uber and the driver. At this point, the friends' judgment is at question. She was their responsibility.
Tyjuana Wilson Uber has to change its hiring system. There are way too many stories about rape and other violent acts attached to this company.
Paula Bennett She knocked on resident doors but yet the police found her with her pants down around her ankles So basically she hopped around - that’s a stretch and never pulled her pants up
Dwayne Williams See these Monsters are making it hard for transport drivers ..they need to bury this A$$ hole if found guilty..
Saggi Jones Why she was out at 16 is a matter for her and her parents. If you all had any fun, there is a thing or two you did at 16 that you should not have been doing
Valerie Johnson Does Uber give females an option to request only female drivers...that would lower these assaults tremendously...
Colin Ace Miranda Wtf are yawl questioning what she's doing out rather than question why uber didn't do a fucking back ground check instead..
Teresa Jones This goes to show you there's chamos everywhere and for those who don't know what a chimo is is a child molester
Abdullahi Hagar Why not just hire an escort? I've never understood these type of guys. It's not about the sex. They enjoy the power.
Jonetta Knight And parents are still ordering Ubers for their minor children...nope, not gonna do it.
Christopher Langley The Guy is a loser he could have bought him sum pussy give him 30yrs.
Branch Em Caroline Hadley this is why I don’t take uber or taxi when alone.
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Get to know our #EBONYPower100 Trendsetters, presented by @United! "The Trendsetters" honorees are pioneers behind ever-changing business trends whose savvy and innovation continue to break the mold while shifting the tide of the culture to benefit their respective industries and business...

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We're proud to honor our #EBONYPower100 Trendsetters honorees, presented by United! Learn more about mega actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish, Hip Hop fashion icon Dapper Dan and music guru and producer No I.D below!

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Actor, comedian and business man Kevin Hart is our #EBONYPower100 honoree for "The Entrepreneurs," presented by SheaMoisture! His goal is simple: "To make the world laugh," which he just might accomplish with an online streaming service that's truly medicine for the soul. Launched...

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*Bows head and invokes Robin Roberts*... BYE Felicia!

G Essence Hobson Every time I hear her name, I sneeze. I'm allergic to sellouts. I hope she is longer news worthy in a few days.
Deborah Elliott There's a word, casuistry, which means false reasoning based on fine - line distinctions. I am so tired of Trump and his supporters playing word games about his racism. Maybe Omarosa should tell her tales to Robert Mueller and instead of betrayal, call it patriotism.
Heather Hutkin-Lorscheider She is an opportunist when it will benefit her only she wants to speak out. Now that she got fired she wants to talk about him.
Cecilia Snider What a dummy. Other than the part of speech what's the difference. She needs to quit trying to justify her greed and stupidity for putting herself in the position in which she now finds her self: hung out to dry and a laughing stock. Potatoe / pototoe . We know what Trump is. She is the one who was blinded by the Orange.
Alphonso Lewis WTF is the difference? Either way, it didn’t help her black ass and she still got the boot. Ben, you’re next in the crosshairs!
Frances M. Brabham On a lighter note: Raise your hand if you feel sorry for her and feel she's been treated unfairly....👀. I don't see any hands!😀
Foxes X Fox Hall Bye Felicia we don't care u sold us out u sold out to the president n he fired u how u looking now I can't 💯😸✊✊ bye gurll
AMarie Sampson I think Omarosa is the type that believes her own bullshit. She's so trifling and devious, she thinks it's confidence. She straight plays herself over and over, just to look like ugly character she is.
Radford Johnson one by one all these folks with evil tendencies that have jumped in bed with satan ultimately get burnt... to see these people fall is comical, and it should be a lesson to anyone what relies on doing wrong that they will eventually fail, especially in this day and age of real time news cycles...
Ricky Chavis Well well well..... I knew one day soon. No one never know what her job was or what she did!. Things were just made up for her and a lot more the rest of those idiot.
Anthony Tiggs Omarosa had a salary of $176,000 a year, thats a huge salary paid for denying other black men and women from being a part of the Trump administration, that was her job at the WH, to screen black applicants. She really got fired for that wedding photo shoot and allowing her 39 friends to wander through the WH, unescorted, she acted a fool....
Lyvonne Chrisman I could be the you know who put her up to this to distract from his Russian problem that is at the White House door. She and you know who has been two peas in a pod for awhile and have danced around on the same reality trip
Karen Mills Turner Omerosa you have coined a phrase that don't make No sense! But your people and community will love to hear what else you have to say! Please don't do any more interviews to get paid! You were fired! No sugar coating that! Gen Kelley wasn't playing your reindeer games! Bye!
Deleon Todd Silly 1984 New Speak Omarosa. I wonder if her name is a compound of Omar & Rosa (her parents or the names of other relatives)? Unique! Everyone in the hueman race (species) is "racial" at conception. BUT, people choose or are either programmed to be "racist" (antagonistic towards other people perceived to be inferior to them). Donald Trump, without a doubt, has repeatedly shown himself to be a racist.
Brian Younger Cook This is why I call her Minosa, still sticking by the bad orange juice while she tries to manage to be cheap champagne... girl bye.
Cissy Williamson-Brown Both sides have extremists pyschopaths, and they were there😳 we saw with our eyes too. Some of the descendants of the Confederate Army are good people too. Truth will set America free. Altifa extremists, violence on both sides. Trump is not a hypocrite.
Arnold Morson Trump picks the best of them her and dope doozy ben carsoni wonder sometimes what were their real jobs
Cissy Williamson-Brown The NFL players who disrespect the American colors have the right to do so. But the penalty is severe for military who do the same. And these cowards think they should get off disrespecting the American Colors , Francis Scott Focking Key Free. Don’t work that way in the USA. Take the retribution like men...
Iman Babb If we stop posting her garbage online, maybe she will just go away?!
Joe Mills She knows she got played, but won't admit it, bye felecia
Ricky L. Johnson It is funny when a token fails to realize that he or she was a token.
DeAndra Marie Graham What the Hell does that even mean?!
Dianne Stewart We do not want to hear from you now. You are a non factor. Bye gurllllllllll
Raymond Brown RACE wasnt a problem for her a week ago 🙂
Leslie Melville Only a stupid, clownish, sellout fool like Omarosa can come up with such a moronic logic.
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You've got to learn how to fall in love with yourself first, then all else will follow.

Angela Venney This is bullshit! I’ve seen MANY dysfunctional, maladaptive, self hating individuals who can’t lose a relationship no matter how shitty they treat the person.
Shantia Robinson Lie ..i been in love with myself...im still single ..thats BS
Herbert Carter True you have to be happy with your self first! BECAUSE if you dont like you ,how can you expect someone else to like you !
Dupe Ajayi The trope that one must be pristine and unflawed to find love is dated.
Huseini Abubakar Falling in love with yourself means being blissfully single.
Abdullahi Hagar "fall in love with yourself" Isn't that called being narcissistic?
Tanya McDaniel
Anita Wilburn You are not going to find it anyway.
Regina Ponds So true!!!
Kathy Goodwin Yes indeed
Beverly Howard Yes! So true
Tawana ScottDavis #💯❤️❤️❤️
Odessa Johnson True
Hakan Kemal
Billy Hall Plus when you fall asleep eating chikin wings it don’t look pretty.
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"How quick we are to condemn an amazing man because of what someone says…"

AE Gaud Back in the day, it was known that women who wanted to be in videos and in the industry period, would be asked what were they willing to do to get that spot. I hope they are not accusing unjustly because either their music, modeling, etc career didn't take off like promised. All of this is insane.
Eddie L Wright I still say when this scandal broke on Bill Cosby. He was the sacrificial lamb, even Sidney Poitier turn his back. Now Pandora box open. Restore Cosby legacy.
Sherry Edingburg-Foster I'm just going to say this I'm tired of hearing allegations I want facts. Not saying it didn't happen, but at the same token it's her word against his. and what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
Kymberlee Johnson Some of these comments really reflect how men feel about women. Sad. Men defend men no matter their behavior sometimes. Some of you have daughters I'm sure. Change your behaviors. Women are not gonna be silent anymore.
Thomas Peoples How far will this go? People couldn't have been that scared 20, 30, even 40 years ago! Someone had to tell someone something back then, JUST SAYING!!!
Gloria Austin Well Sheldom was heard such unthinkable to tell ..Back in the Day..!! So now here it is Women free at last tell of All the low class that touch your ass arent you Glad we have rights set the records straight!!
Mary A. Montanez I'm thinking if someone is accused of such a horrific crime and doesn't sue the accuser for making false claims, there must be some truth to the story.......
Lanette Henson Maybe it's TRUE!!! Power & money is a deadly combination. Where there's fire, there's smoke.
Joy Mickle Nobody cares about a C list stars boyfriends opinion.
Dani Merritt Who cares if he raped or not, he’s sexually harassed women in the past. Underage at that. Foh.
Jackie Burns Let his daughter accuse somwone and see if he calls her a liar
Regina Holloway If it is true, how do this makes him amazing.
Ann Young Amazing women have a right to stand up and be heard against this so called amazing man
Christine Rodriguez Real quick! I believe the women.
Shar-ron Antoinette Headen Obviously it must be Tru otherwise why step down..
Debra Reeves Remember women have been silenced but they’re some who have lied.
Trisha Baylock He condemned his self!
Diane Williams I believe none it
Baron Windsor
Varda Evenstar Mercurio Lobanov https://medium.com/@maxgordon19/a-different-world-why-we-owe-the-cosby-accusers-an-apology-by-max-s-gordon-954ca2a1a776
Charlene L Gamble Where is the support for our poor black women who have been sexually harassed and assaulted who really needed their jobs to support their families for minimum wage? They don’t get support because their attackers aren’t high profile. This shits been happening to poor women for years.
Antoinette Singleton Integrated into picking up those WP habits. Guess what? Them WM ain't falling its you imitations wanna bees.Those WM already got their collateral damage pieces ready and you're it along with maybe 1 or 2 w guys that's it. They gonna clean the NEGROES out though cause you imitations of their sickness their depraved nature and you're sworn to secrecy.
Joe Mills Powerful white men get caught up in their bull for decades, why not deflect, pull these black guys in this mess, just maybe some of us can slip out the back. As far as me, i know who control this country
Lorenzo Saffold Ok yesterday EBONY MAGAZINE WAS JUST ASSUMING HE WAS GUILTY YESTERDAY AND BAD MOUTHING RUSSELL SIMMONS.....it’s gotta be white people behind the scenes writing articles for this HAS BEEN RAG OF A MAGAZINE....SMH....SUCH A FALL FROM GRACE.....
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Black news refuses to let Omarosa be great after her White House departure... and it's hilarious.

Jeanell Newmuis Well if the shoes fit, then start walking out the White House in them. I'm like Robin....she may want to tell her story, but no one is going to listen....Bye, Felecia....
Sharon Crenshaw-Jones It amazes me when the Uncle Tom's, and the Wanna be Becky's of the world, try to play the "My People" card when they're faced with their harsh reality of the fact that they really and truly are Black. 🤔🤔🤔 Chile plzzzz!
Lola Jin I'm not going to talk negative about her because we can be so hard on our own people. She was a token in the Whitehouse and I'm surprised she lasted as long as she did. Sometimes the image you put out here is very hard to change especially if it was an image of negativity and hatred for your own people. She needs to go sit down somewhere and give this time to die down. Her coming out with a book that nobody is going to buy is going to make it worse. If you saw things in the Whitehouse that you were uncomfortable with then you should have spoke up then. Don't wait till you get fired because then it looks like you just retaliating against them. Sit down somewhere and be quiet!!!!
Carolyn Allen Owens Who is this person??? Did the "apprentice" make her newsworthy?? Let's move on to important news!! This ship has sailed!!! Bye Felicia!!!
Theresa Peacock They can keep her, because we don't want her...As Whoopi said yesterday we hope she finds HER PEOPLE. .
Jennifer Hinton I hope Omarosa find her people she certainly can't be talking about us maybe she can hook up with Stacey Dash. #GoodLuckInFindingYourPeople.
Angela Venney Oh no bish!! Robin is OURS, you however ARE NOT. Leave RR alone, we’ll take her side EVERY time. You’re a pariah just get used to it. All that fellatio with orange crumbs around your mouth got you nothing but a “wish you continued success” tweet! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alan King It was petty, but Robin took the opportunity to speak on behalf of the black community at large...and I loved it. I think Robin was also a little pissed as a news person because I'm sure they had to juggle things to suddenly put her on the air, and instead of giving any real news Omarosa merely hinted that she had some news, in effect playing ABC News to promote her future book. I don't know her, but my guess is Omarosa is probably smarter than we think, but when you align yourself with a despicable, racist person, I have zero sympathy for you. Any of you.
Elisha Young She been lying to herself if she think she can come back from this. She should have known the outcome, as nappy as your edges are no amount or red clothes wearing, remi straight and silky sew in having, trump ass kissing is gonna make you equal in their eyes so no boo boo you can’t come back!! You got played🤷🏾‍♀️Bye Felicia!!
Trelle Kel Omarosa bye girl Trump played ya dumb ass. You was stupid and took the bait. He threw ya ass right back out here with the rest of us, but we don't want ya ass either. Keep ya dumb ass in the swamp somewhere 😂😂😂😂😂
Marcos Gadson I'm not a fan of Omarosa to say the least; never cared nor took an interest in her celebrity. However, what is more disturbing to me is to see African-Americans take this opportunity to denigrate themselves along with Omarosa. The ethnic majority revels in seeing us go after one another in private or public. It's how we became slaves in the first place... Crabs in a barrel mentality still exists within our culture!
Polly E Brown All need to quit it. It is all petty. I am no fan of either, Omarosa or Robin. But this mess about her being fired is not a good look. Their are far toooo many problems in the black community. Schools, health, economy, etc.
Jesquire Emry She hasn't done anything Great...!!! In addition to folks of color booting her... Caucasians both Men and Women with Love in their Hearts won't want her around either...!!! Unless she talks sense it's too bad on her...!!! The Movement moves forward regardless of Ole Omarosa......!!! lol
Erika Bryant It's sad because they have the platform to do so much more. Ladies, you should be lifting each other, pulling together to tell the story. You can so much more together than apart. #notafanofeitherbutaloverofpeace
Evelyn Mitchell Omarosa, you lost all accountability, when you said we’d be praising that toddler in chief, your skins black and that’s about it.
Shirley Scott Excuse me Om, but Robins Roberts is certified caring human being. Period!! U’re no where in that discussion
Janice-Elzy Kennedy Wasn't this the witch who said "We will bow down to trump?" Listen young blood, when you are a sexual favor you get used up and tossed. Real Life#501
Carrie Reynolds The black community doesn’t have the time or inclination to put up with ignorant individuals who make our existence harder.
Peter Grampa Reuben Bye Bye Assmorowsa now that SpongeDonSquareHead & The Stupettes told ya so long. Ain't nobody sorry for your Dumb Dumb Rear End.
Veta Roshalle I have a forgiving heart, although Omarosa is kinda out there. Robin had cameras all at the hospital while she was in treatment. So if you want to exploit yourself and write a book. Then do it, everyone else does. Omarosa follows d!@k trails and Robin well...enough said.
Laura Andrades Omarosa please how you gave,”it” is how your getting it back. Your noted as the villain, your not the villain we love to hate,your a boot licking, Chump loving, thought all people of color was beneath you snake! Your card was revoked a long time ago!!!
Janet Adams Ansley I can not get that gleeful image of her facial expressions. When she announced with emphasis.....that (we all). Everyone was going to "bow down" to President Trump. That image remains.
Schaaron Martin She's right I'd listen but I wouldn't buy. The rise and fall of Omarosa manigault: Trumps selected black vote. Doesn't interest me. Was cool why she got paid. Now she gone. Her people? Really. Wow!
Sydney Chandler Ol' Rosa need to sit her a** down and shut up. Robin Roberts is an award-winning, much beloved and respected journalist. There's no comparison. I will NEVER forget when Omarosa was bragging about how people would "bow down" to Trump. We AIN'T bowing yet and have no intention of doing so...pffft! My how times have changed and what's so darn hilarious about Omarosa is, she's too darn ignorant to realize that she been outed for the subservient, butt-kissing mega-fool that she is, and the Trump administrstion couldn't care any less about her humiliation if they tried. She's already been erased and her office fumigated.
Hazel Verge most secured building in the world????.people were walking in and out that joint like it had a revolving door, not to mention jumping the fence, when president obama was in office... he should have painted the white house black. "my people" ooohhh is that suppose to be us?? black people?? uh yean, by felicia
Ebony3 days ago

"Our society is one of mixed heritage, and it's nice to see Meghan within the Royal Family."

Jesquire Emry Congratulations...Both are Happy and that's the only thing that matters...What she looks like doesn't even enter the equation...except for idiots with stupidity of weak thinking and their big RACIST comments coming from their mouth...!!! Nothing more than all the chaos going on in their own lives...Hatred being the first issue...!!!
Maximillion Roberts I Honestly don't think Meghan or the Royals Really Embrace her Black Heritage, but that's ok, because a Month ago Nobody knew who the Hell she was Anyway,
Ester Mcgrew Congratulations to her why is everyone so negative about her marrying Harry. The world is changing
Lenora Jones Congratulations this just gives me goosebumps. The same goodebumps I felt about Princess Diana who had a wonderful warm spirit. I watched everybit of her wedding and will be glued to the tv for this one. I pray that hey be happy forever. And I pray that she will set the example that Diana was starting to set for progressiveness.
Sheena Williams Ugly bitches can hate if they want but it’s nice to not only see Ms. Markle join the royal family but see someone beautiful for a chance!!!
Abdullahi Hagar "Our society is one of mixed heritage" Is that why they're throwing young Black men in jail at alarming rates?
FeFe Cupie Doll Owens Idris can speak on this he’s from England! He’s so fine! I know this is about Meghan but he’s so handsome!
Desiree Peart That picture of Idris though😍😍
Dee Carter So sick of this foolishness she.s not the first check that dna..
Aljorie Stallings I LOVES IT. Now I just need Sexy MFer to DJ the reception or after party so it can be LIT! Even if that ole wedding gives his lady UBER WEDDING FEVER! #GirlfriendBettaTreadLightlyOnThemWeddingVibesThough 😂😂😂😂
Carolyn Gaskin DEAR FATHER GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS FORGIVE US OUR FATHER THAT WE MAY BE HEALED. HELP this precious soul, OH GOD I pray IN THE NAME OF JESUS. We need your Healing power to pour out right now. We need yr spirit to strengthen, & change us to normal, save this soul right now OH Lord I pray. Pour out your spirit upon us. Teach us how to treat other with respect, & real love. So we can PEACE in our lives. Forgive us of all sin that we may be Healed, DELIVERED, & set free, in the mighty name of JESUS. Touch us, from the crown, of our heads to the souls of our feet with your HEALING power. Make a difference in our lives I pray Heavenly Father. Heal us from all sickness, poverty, & disease I pray in the GREAT & mighty name of JESUS. Heal us from bondage addictions, afflictions & all evil. give us the strength to serve you with all of our heart. Heal, deliver, set the captives free by the power of the HOLYGHOST in Jesus name. Fill us with wisdom, knowledge, courage, strength, understanding & endurance to know how to pray our troubles away as we seek you on a day to day Basis for a change in every area of our lives. I plead the Blood of JESUS over our family, friends, & loved ones. Put a hedge of protection around us. Keep us safe from all hurt, harm, & danger. And I Thank you Heavenly Father in the Mighty name of JESUS. JESUS loves you, & so do I. Amen! P.S. Have a blessed day pray this 3xs a day until u see a change.
Tino Zagor bullshit!!
Emani Ellington I call bullshit also.
Donna Ligon Idris stay in your lane! Smh
Drimri Cemayfield Yes, it's bullshit!!
Marlon Scoop HER LIFE HIS LIFE Stay out!!!
Luisa Clemente love her.
Honey Casimiro Gamit its all bout money n fame....thats all
Connie Dupree Doris has spoken people
Millie Mac Haters
Dee Carter
Ronald Dean Metze Jr. I like love not hearted
Janine Bradley Who really cares?????
Rachel Campbell Happy for them xoxo
Zaen Ramzan Come back to suits!
Ebony3 days ago


Dolores E. Reed Congratulations . ....and bring back Roland Martin. As people of color we need to know what is going on in the world.
Cheryl Alexander Sorry to see her go as President but glad to see she is on the board. Johnson was only thinking of himself when he sold the network. I’m hopeful things will get better for BET but when you don’t “own” you have limited choices of what you can do.
Antonio Buggs I quietly wonder about BET. From inception , dwindling newstime 90s, overtime on entertainment to Johnson selling it to become a billionaire. I barely watch TV.
Anita Jackson I hope they stop with the repeats. It’s sickening. It wasn’t like that when Johnson owned the channel.
Ruby Mosley Bring back Roland Martin....
Tyasia Moss Still some other changes need 2 b made, ASAP, repeating the same shows, ova n ova, ridiculous!!!!
Ygenia Bounds If the network is doing so well, what happened to TV one and Roland Martin?
Theresa Tessie Dobey The worse channel ever! They need to shut it down and re-build.
Jerry White Good , hopefully changes will come with the change, I mean, “ Good LAWD” enough with the repeats already ....
Wok Shower No more black executives I guess?
Levi Tate Jr. Congrats
Rosie M Deloney-Williams Congrats
Bridgette Brown Congratulations
Paula Summers Williams I hope he is as good as you
Ellen Jones Who is in charge?
Kathy Goodwin Congratulations
Hakan Kemal
Suga Jones Who is he
Brittany Miller Bet fucking sucks
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Get to know Janice Bryant-Howroyd, our #EBONYPower100 "The Entrepreneurs" honoree, presented by SheaMoisture! Howroyd is the founder and CEO of Act-1 Group. Founded in 1978, Act-1 Group is a multi-division, multibillion-dollar human resources and talent acquisition firm. In 2017, Howroyd's business acumen got...

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Christopher's father continues to fight for custody of his son.

Rhonda Robinson-Blackwood All those doctors should be fired, because if they saw that the lil boy wasnt sick, why perform these surgeries
Cynthia Way Brundidge This cannot all be blamed on the Mom. The doctors carrying out these surgeries should not do so without legit medical necessity.
Rachel Ann Cross On a transplant list why would a doctor agree to that without knowing he truly needed it?? Wow that's insane
Catherine Sowers Lord please, let him get his son... The court system really get on my nerves... Can't they see something is wrong ..it is the mom and the greedy doctors fault.. Money before common sense, and caring for their patients
Sandra Mike The mom is a sick individual she doesn't need prison she needs a mental hospital now the doctors need to b locked up and there licence token someone has a update on how the boy is doing now I really would like to know
Carolyn Gaskin Deuteronomy 28: 1-15, 16-25 THIS scripture tells about why people are blessed, & why they are cursed with sicknesses.
Jeanell Newmuis This is absolutely the saddest and stupidest thing I have seen. The father said something was wrong and the Court ruled that he was in denial. Now I would find the hungriest lawyer and sue the Court for ruling against him just because he was a man. Fathers get screwed over by the Courts all the time.
Teresa Gentry Possible? Its called Munchhausen's by proxy and it should have been spotted sooner. Race matters. The ignorance and greed of Medicine as practiced here is criminal.
Farreece Cargill Grimmett Carolyn Gaskin what how dare you i love the Lord but how can a little boy whos sick know of such omg you just pissed me off!
Brandon Law i go back and sue everyone of those doctors and hospitals...they feed her sickness for money just sad
Carolyn Gaskin If JESUS healed people in the BIBLE why aren't people seeking GODS HELP in times like these. I myself was miraculously healed of a Tumor in 1986. GOD IS ABLE. JESUS SAVES. Try it!
Robin Taylor Hmmm. Where in the article did they mention 13 surgeries? It seems as if the doctors caught this early on and called CPS. The mother is in jail and diagnosed with Münchausen by proxy syndrome. The father is trying to gain custody? Did I miss something in the article?
Carlita Robin Why these doctors that she went didn't do their own testing to make the boy was sick or not all about money
Tam Daniels The Father needs to get a lawyer and SUE the hosp. for NOT doing the right tests on this little boy before all those 13 surgeries 🙁 that IS CRULE NEGLECT ON THE DR.S BEHALF !!!like WTF ???
September Heather What doctors authorized those surgeries?
Victor Hagan What took the father and doctors so long to figure out she was mental ill?
Dana White What was wrong with the doctors
Precious Precious The doctors should be held accountable too!!
Jeanette Redding-Washington The first surgery should have been a red flag!
Natt Turner Her possible mental illness and the Dr’s absolute greed and lack of integrity✅
Luisa Clemente Where was he in all of this now, no find someone else.
Yvette Jackson that's not who's mentally ill is the doctors that perform those operations that seems mentally ill
Kizzy V Williams Like why are the doctor's treating this child without testing? They are guilty as well
Anela Tea-ana Claiborne So doctors not liable for performance misconduct or malpractice
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Months after being accused of raping a fan on his tour bus, Nelly’s case has been dropped.

Elizabeth McDonald That heifer wanted money when she seen he wasn't backing down she dropped the case. Liar liar pants on fire lying on these men get u no where. No wonder men speak badly about women, women like her onky want thing and that is free money aka gold digger.
GD Guyton These stories irritate me because no one knows what happened unless they were there and charges dropped doesn't mean someone innocent.
Connie Dupree Let this be a wake up call to grown men. Sex isn’t everything and sex with a young person willing or not is is even less than everything. Grow up with dignity and self respect.
Sweetie Street Keep it real . Nelly gone be in my town next week. I'm not going, because if I smile at you and you don't smile back imma be mad. Now it's a v.I.p or meet and greet. If he talk to and not try it imma be mad. I just watch videos and we have no problem, expect he picked the wrong Jackson, I'm right here. It's like a which hunt , I have four sons and I tell them money and women is a bad conjunction LBS I didn't wait to tell but it didn't matter. I was never scared and I was a child without choice, yet grown women been hurt and don't say anything until. So that's between them and God. Karma happens without a word.
Cher Oneinamillion 🙏🏽🙏🏽Prayers Going Up🙏🏽🙏🏽 We have never met in person before; however, I did give you the benefit of the doubt based simply on the content of your character from your reality show! #Way2GoNelly #WatchYourFront&Back 🤔More than likely the same 🐍 snakey Beeeooch that bit you bit me👌
Jesquire Emry He would have a history of that behavior if he was Notorious...The supposed victim was just looking for a settlement...!!!
Debra Sheppard I wonder why? I mean it's possible that he raped someone.. but, these people need to talk within a 48hr time frame..
Baron Windsor Run , Nelly , Run !!!! I know i would , no one allowed after that , on my tour bus i could tell ya ok !!!
Lakendra Adams Thank God. Nelly has no reason to rape anyone. Merry Christmas Nelly
Toyneka Jones-Carpenter So is she gonna be charged for lying falsifying a police report is a crime
Debra Sheppard I understand Russell Simmons passed all of the polygraph tests given..
Syrella Headen People will be surprised to know how much lies out here.
Nancy Jamerson This is way too much right here! Chante you need to get in your job and take care of your man🤦‍♀️
Felecia Cooks Good time to feed the homeless, Praise God.
Crystal Joy Johnson Sounds like someone was paid off 💰
Georgia Bell MONEY
Virgil W. Freeman how can this man get his good name back?
Wanda Loy Stewart
Nicole Kyles
Donna Wesley Great!
Kimberly Edwards YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!! 😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄💓💓💓💓
Gail Fox Thanks
Sherri Coleman Praise God!!!
Bridgette Brown 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Tasha Hairston-Springs That man didn't rape nobody. This is why when women really do get raped they don't believe us. #metoo
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In the saddest defense tactic of 2017, we present to you, Russell Simmons.

Liz Johnson You know, I don't know what is true and what is false.... many men have been accused of things that they did not do, and I feel that they should fight for their innocence. For the men who are dogs and have been doing this kind of mess and getting away with because of their position or power they should be held accountable. This should not turn into a witch hunt.
Andra Hunter Wilson A lot of y'all talking about "this is too much" and "who's next" ... Well maybe these men should have kept their peckers in their pants and their hands to themselves.... Could it be that these guys are just plain GUILTY???? Yes, ppl can lie, but why would a woman put herself thru this for nothing???? Do y'all think every woman is lying? Sorry but i'm not trying to make excuses for anyone who takes advantage of woman.
Connetta Brownc I can't wait till all this sexual harassment and abuse stuff is over. I'm tired of he say she say. 😫😕😔🤡🤡
Nyah Grant I don’t get why articles like this force an opinion instead of just tell the story and leave room for personal opinions. I don’t find his attempt an failed attempt, embarrassing or cringing. What makes me cringe is reading journalistic work that is written with pushing one opinion on the masses instead of journalism that stays neutral. This type of journalism is the real embarrassment.
Natalie Sophia He like anyone else has the right to defend themselves. No one but these people know what the truth is. Russell Simmons just like Hughes Hefner been pecking young women for years. And young women for some reason love their charm. I don't see why he would need to rape someone but hell who truly knows but them. Let the man defend himself. I'm sick of all these bandwagon jumpers. It's getting rediuculous. Let's focus on getting a blatantly known pig out of the white house. HOW ABOUT THAT
Ashley Catlin I was JUST saying this earlier lol They bout to start a #metoo cuz EVERYBODY getting accused left and right. I'm sure Miguel at the house like wtf me too?? (Assuming he's innocent). As far as Russell... He's being accused of actual rape...that part is concerning. Hope its not true for the sake of everyone involved.
Yvette Parks Telling Terry Crews to "let it go" and not talk about his own harrassment tells you all about Simmons' character. Sympathized with the predator? Birds of a feather...
Marie Wray He may not be trying to be cute - but fighting for himself. Just saying, what would you do? Guilty or not?
Mint Walker This is getting ridiculous every man that they can think of they're saying they did something to him I do not believe it I believe is here say she say I think until they go to court if that's the case I have the 20 or 30 years going to court man if I had every man that's ever touched me when I was a young woman I had the whole place in somewhere jail this is ridiculous all about the money money money money
Gloria Austin Oh!! Holly crap! Another one bites the Dust!! Please Stop!! everybody and some are being handed a I touched You violation!! Mary don't weep !! Glad Jesus was a Miraculous ..otherwise I suspect you would be saying He Touched You...400 + yrs ago..please..When you get My age You will be singing Touch Me in the Morning!! Happy Holidays~
Tarence-Melissa Evans I don’t know what is true or false, what I do know is that in the corporate work place no man or woman is fired based of a report of anything. There is a process that includes an investigation of some sort so it’s a little unnerving to me to see careers destroyed based on a mere accusations. If these men in fact assaulted women, it must be addressed and dealt with accordingly. What I find even more unnerving is that we have a man running our country that was heard on tape admitting to touching women inappropriately and ppl still voted for him and support him to date.
Karen Burroughs Not really seeing how his post and hash tag was embarrassing. Just as he has always been forward with his pursuit of women, he has always used a play on words in his speaking. He should be allowed to defend himself, and if it's on social media, so be it. If the women want to allow the media to spin their accusations and ruin lives though, a clearer definition of sexual harassment should be put out there.
Xoli Maduba Yeki It’s called fighting! Many men have been accused by some gold digging women and many men have also been accused by women whose dignity was truly removed. So it’s a 50/50 chance , let this man defend himself,surely you would do the same.
Loretta James My son worked with a woman who flirted with him everyday. She used call him into her office to ask him about his job and gave him the impression that she was interested in him. My advice to him was not to pursue a relationship with a manager because any woman who would use her position to get a man is not worth the effort. His reponse to me was "Oh momma there you go again." He told her she was beautiful and he was attracted to her. She accused him of sexual harrassment. I advised him to leave the job and let them discover the truth, six months later she was fired after accusing another man of the same thing. Alert to ALL men.... never start a relationship that can cost you. everything and give you nothing in return.
Baron Windsor What ?? , he's gonna ta ke a polygraph test !!!!! , whatever russell , you played yourself , true or false !!! Honestly i really dont care either way !!! Let justice be served either way, it goes !!!!!
Carla Jean Johnson His weird.. Indian Style Sitting Ass .. Needs To Stop ✋ You're a Pervert.. I've always deemed you creepy! I'm not surprised!
Glenn Martin If you’re guilty of these evil deeds on women then you should pay with life and funds/ if you’re not guilt of these evil acts you should go free
John Jermaine Grant Faith without work is Dead🤔🤔🤔. Well, sexual accusations without proof = ?...... I'm waiting. This world we live in suggest GUILTY before proven INNOCENT type stature. Let's see the CARFAX then if the proof is there. By all means you are entitle.
Janice Elaine Walton All they have to do is throw a little bait out there and we start to viciously tear down our own, like piranha.
Allan Modesty Sexual harassment is always social and sometimes criminal and we should address both ........THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN A COMMUNICATION PROBLEM Between men and women and "Me too" will never be successful without addressing it
Tanya Luckett I have to be honest...I don't trust who is writing these publications anymore for Ebony... There's whole lot going on under this crooked adminstration until the ring leader the orange president is brought down I don't want to read about another man quitting unless it's trump
Marcy J Huff-Taylor Are they taking him to court? Has he been arrested? Did everyone see a video? Witness the assaults? Did witnesses speak up? Or is everyone once again going on hearsay because obviously women never lie? 🙄
Regina Thomas-Clayton So is he not allowed to defend his self against his accusers? If we want to be taken serious we must also give the accused the opportunity to speak without judgement. I don't see anything wrong with his #.
Iesha Hawkins So is he not allowed to defend himself... I'm confused 🤷🤷
Jet Smith Mpa He has a right to defend himself... I will await the outcome...
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Don't ever get it twisted — this is not a "new-normal" and it never will be. #NotOkay

Rachel Ann Cross This is the most disgusting thing and rich pervs out there pushing for it to be legal is just wrong and changing the name. Wow give me a break this world is getting sicker by the day
Lynn Hobbs They gonna get a lot of people hurt. Children are not old enough to u understand the consequences of their choices...
Cynthia Way Brundidge This is what comes from legitimizing perversion.
Malaika Angel "So it is important that people do not link pedophilia with the LGBTQ community because it is NOT connected." Ever heard of NAMBLA?
Cynthia Young-Gibson Father, protect us all.
Dwayne Thompson There are so many they all need to be put down for good
Lynn Hobbs Any Dr that says that this normal, most likely likes children too.
Debby Ladmirault You normalize one deviant behavior and the others will follow.
Vee James End times.
Angie Mimms I'm so disgusted 😵
Malaika Angel This is SICK!
Caridad J. Hilaire So demonic!!!!
LaShawn Nicole How about child molesters! Period!
Jennifer C White NEVER!!!!
Orlander Burnley Are freakishly serious right now?
Norma Riley Wtf!! 😳😡
Kimberly Carpenter FRFR 😦
Rox Starr WTF ???
Christer A Rollins On Law & Order, the pedophiles always say "Do you ever think that you're in the minority and we aren't the sick ones, but normal?" Others say "Once, ppl deemed homosexuals as sexual deviants. We aren't sick. There are more of us than you realize!" I just shake my head bc I know those sons of bitches think think in reality.
Henry Williams We must never forget Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole supported a pedophile and a child molester for U.S. Senator. So much for their party of family values.
Sharon Marsh If it has nothing to do with being gay . Then why at a young age society is saying children are gay ?
Tameka Smith Disgusting
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That's what we talmbout!

Karen Mills Turner Positivity amongst our African American boys! It was even shown on CBS! Thxs Jeff Glor! Congratulations to these brothers! Harvard, Princeton and no need for stealing! Let your brains do the walking and talking! God bless them both! Newsworthy!
Deloris Mcleod Congratulations, very proud of you.
Shalonda Battle Adside Awesome congratulations!
Kathleen Marie Ross Congratulations May God continue to Bless You.
Pat Davis Awesome Congratulations!
BLane Woods Congratulations to all 3 young men for there success.
Michelle Paige Congratulations, so happy for you
Edith Manu Congratulations!
Donna Wheaton Congratulations!
Toyin Showole Awesome!
Diane Weaver-Harvey Congratulations! SonShine! Blessings Flowing! Ase!
Harris D Patricia congratulations God bless you.
Cynthia Eubanks congrats
Eleanor Cado Now that’s news!📕📚📙📖👨🏿‍🎓
Somonia Webb Awwwwwwww Beautiful
Courtney Otis Congratulations
Barbara Carr Congrats ❤
Pamela Brooks Congratulations...
Cynthia Sumerlin Congratulations👍👍
Yvette Hudson Wonderful
Phyllis Lett 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Kimberly Anderson Congratulations.....
Alhassan Sa-ani Hello
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It may be a white Christmas in Minnesota, but this Santa is bringing the brown to Bloomington!

Carolyn Wilson What a wonderful way to tell the world we are all one human. Thank you for giving that for a heartfelt present to all. Merry Christmas.
Faye Gentry In the year 2017 a well-known Dept. Store hires it's first Black Santa and I guess they want accolades for this. Did they get their first Black customer in 2017? I am not impressed.
Tasha Hairston-Springs Not to be the negative one but after all this time they throw us a bone. Santa was a black person anyway.They white washed him. I can't even be excited. And xmas issa pagan holiday anyway, be careful you're worshiping the right things. 🎄
Leavitrise Thomas This article was put here to get attention because the first black Santa came to this mall in 2016 smdh
Caridad J. Hilaire It is absurd, and took so long (2017). We have all races in this country, and are a "melting-pot". People should not have issues with non-melatonin Santas, and they should be comfortable with them.
Lisa M Williams we in cleveland,ohio...had black santa at the old randall park mall ever year.......he's not the first ...sorry......................i have pic of santa.at the mall................smile..
Karen Mills Turner Equal opportunity! Santa is Santa bringing cheer! Adults make it a color thing! Kids just want to tell Santa what they want for Christmas! Enough said!
Rhonda Hillary That was last year and? It took them forever then! So why are we concerned now. The hell those people who didn’t want him there yeah I remember it last year! Try again
Sandy Lou I'm a preschool teacher and this year we are having Rasta Claus.😉 The better get use to a Santa with a little seasoning.
Pamela Troiano Really? It's 2017 folks. Should we the African American community be proud of this ridiculous appointment?
Dora Scott-Castleberry Saw my very first Black Santa at Evergreen Mall in Chicago 20 yrs ago ! I was 38yrs old and yes it bought tears to my eyes .....beautiful 😍
Charlene Herndon When are we going to wake up and STOP participating in these pagan holidays.
Sharonda LeMond Kuykendall It is a European made holiday. Watch PBS xmas in Europe.
Cynthia Solo Scott Isn't this last year's news?
Rhonda Crawley Wow how many years did we tolerate a White Santa " well Jesus is Black
Laura Andrades I don't care about the post but that is a beautiful pic
DJuna McCoy Doby Santa been black I met him in the neighborhood bar in Philadelphia back in the 70s
Cat Banks Stop telling these kids lies when you work hard to buy them stuff.
Marci Wolf Mr Jefferson is a very kind man!!! Trina Owens look at our old boss lol
Elizabeth Marie McClenny Rolle We are moving the country forward.
Pat Hale Yes...can Macy’s now bring the black Santa out front?
Marie Laveaux I thought this happened last year
Felicia Barnes So it's begining to look a lot like Christmas.
Coleen Chapman Aww how cute is she 🎄,yay for the Santa!
Christer A Rollins I am IN LOVE with this pic!!!!
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Dennita Imunique Mobley Congrats. And don't look, touch or talk to any woman. Use sign language to communicate.
Monica Jo Congrats, but still the FIRST in 2017? That’s terrible for SNL.
Robin Taylor Really? All those years and he’s the first black head writer? Congrats to him but shame on SNL
Karen Mills Turner Love this dude! Funny, funny and real! Great job! Congrats on your promotion!
Johnnie Johnson That's right it's long over due . Congratulations and continue success . Much Love
Jennie Ellison Why are people shocked SNL has not been woke a these years???
Ralph Ayinla Babatunde # Congratulations bruh......
Abiodun Owodunni Am truly ashamed of snl.
Connie Cypress Wow he is the first...wow!!!!
Samuel Lankford Congratulations Michael!!!!!
Samuel Lankford As long as Saturday night life has been on their way way behind schedule with things like this.
Odole Successful Tsawoe And the word "black" had to be mentioned
Karron D. Minor Well deserved, funny and wayyy overdue! So excited to see this today!
Sheena Broome Congrats!!!
James Richardson Congrats...
Yvette Davis Congrats he is so funny 😂
Rosie M Deloney-Williams Congrats
Kathleen Robinson Congrats
Barbara Walker Congratulations Michael!!
Keisha Williams He’s not funny at all.
Coleen Chapman Congratulations
Gwynn Brockman
Pamela Hunter Congratulations!
Vanessa Cole Sipp Congratulations!
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"We don't own you!"

Monica Jo They’re going in on Omarosa. She earned it though. Oh well.
Will O'Briant Sometimes you just have to get petty with ignorance!!
Danielle Wells And Robin said Bye Felica! 😂😂😂 https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5a3283f5e4b01bdd765a789d
Virgil W. Freeman no, these people are just showing who and what they are.
Christina Herron
Anwana McCord Love it!😂😂😂😂😂
Debby van de Seijp-Warner Bye girl!!!👋👋👋
Michael Golden I love it
Leonardo DaVinci Barnette
Jan Martin I love some Angela Rye.. too funny 😂😂😂
Jennifer Jordan McFarland 🤣😂
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“Bye, honey! You haven’t done anything for the community, you are skin folk, we don’t own you like Zora..goodbye, good riddance!”

Katherine Boyd Like everyone else she made a living, we can't get mad at her for that, if trump knows what's good for him he should be very weary of what she might say. I know this Omarosa is not stupid and shouldn't be underestimated. She gonna sing to the highest bidder. Lol
Kevin G. Bonds I would not label her as petty but doing what we all have done when we heard the news of this horrible person leaving the WH
Rita Mitchell-Minor Bey Omarosa got what she deserve for backstabbing her own people to be friends with a KKK!! You fired Omarose!! This is hilarious!! & my girl... Angela Rye, I'm laughing right along with you my Aboriginal sista!! LOL!!
Cassandra Robinson You looking bad to have done what you did so now you want to reclaim people of color as your people and community.
Barbara F Mapp I say she just joined the Stacey Dash club. Once the right kick you out you all of a sudden look for Black support. Sorry we don't want you. Bye Felicia
Karen Mills Turner Her peeps! Her community! She has a lot to say! 😂 let me know how the book turn out when she sells it to her peeps and her community! No More Drama! Her Theme song! As she leaves the Whitehouse!
Fronita Williams I don’t care WHAT y’all have to say, I’m with Angela! Calling me petty won’t change omarsa’s petty ass ways!.....Bye Felicia!
Shandra Graham She need to gon on over there to Fox news they'll hire her to be the token black dummy to talk about her own people....they love that over there.
Robin Taylor Ironically from what she said she’s ready to talk. Although somehow I think that she wasn’t I privy to Any real information I think she claims that she saw disturbing things because she’s about to put out a book that won’t say anything valuable
Maximillion Roberts Angela Rye have the Right to Laugh, and Every Black person do too, Omarosa Slept with the Devil and got Burned, Trump used her, Trump Really didn't want a Black person In the White House In the first place, That's why he Selected Omarosa, Think, out of All the Intelligent Black Woman out there he Picked someone who lacks Experience, Worships him, and Kissed his Ass, and she Still got fired? Let's Move on
Laura Andrades I saw that earlier that was hilarious and well put Angela!!!
Karen Johnson Omarosa....You are NO longer a member of the black community in my eyes. Girl, BYE!
Rod Sturgeon let her have some fun...she was just echoing how a lot of people feel about omarosa
Katherine Boyd She's making a living for herself. Like it or hate it. She did it.
Christer A Rollins If this is petty, I don't want to know what IS!! With that said, #teampetty4life
Stacey Fifer Keep shining Black Israelite Queen!!!!!!! That is funny
Clayton Carter She made a "living" but at what cost?
Desiree Peart True she did nothing for the community. Ok she made her salary let's move on.
Emma Ethan Write the book. I will not buy it but I'll read it at the bookstore
DJuna McCoy Doby Petty Alert LMBO..April threw her head back... I got a chest cold & needed a good laugh...
Sherry AlsoknownasTubby Pate Please tell me what was she doing in the White House in the first place no Integrity no curb. What she supposed to be to Black person that Trump light or she doing in there dumb as a doorknob
Jennifer C White If you were dragged or escorted out you should consider it an honor.
Denise Young Felicia got what she deserves.. I'm with Angela on this one..
Brenda Caffey Holston
Austin Gaines
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A "what to" for your boo! Check out this special gift guide for your special guy or girl!

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Get to know Ade Hassan, our #EBONYPower100 "The Entreprenuers" honoree, presented by @SheaMoisture!
The British-born designer and founder of 'Nubian Skin,' exposed-and then redefined-the "nude" product market by offering varying shades of lingerie for darker skin tones. In addition...

Willie Webb Congratulations beautiful young lady and God bless you
Ketty Honoré Great news. Brought some of her uw.
John Crawford Congrats too her.
John Crawford Congrats too her.
Nabb Ansah Wow muy amable
Hakan Kemal
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"[His] misogyny is always creeping around, barely camouflaged by Midwestern good manners," a former staffer wrote of the talk show host.

James Douglass Payback is a mother Tavis Smiley. We haven't forgot the things that you said about President Obama. The very best president in our lifetime
Karen Gage Good I couldn’t stand his so called righteousness behind especially after he turned on President Obama !!!
Paul Sleet Can't any of these guys find women like the rest of us? When you get in authority the only women you are interested in are one that you can abuse?
Regina Ponds Mainstream America are taking down and blocking all African Americans/Black individuals who has the viable media platform that focus on the injustice practices that plague our society!!! But, the main purpose for all of the media and celebrity takedowns, is to remove any obstacles that will block RNC upcoming election agenda!!!
Thomas Lopez Does anyone have any specifics? The article just states relationships with female co-workers and someone says he was a misogynist. If you're going to ruin someone's career I would assume there would need to be more than that right?
Quinton Stinson A lot of u black women truly are enemies to the black man...u all serve white supremacy proud...no due process, no innocent until proven guilty all because he had the balls to critique y'all lord & savior Barack obama so that makes him guilty as charge🤦🏾‍♂️
Sj Te Pierce Him having relationships with people he is higher up than is always a recipe for disaster and it does create tension in the workplace. If any of those woman advanced while or after the sexual relationship with him, co-workers will feel it is because of sex. That creates tension with people thinking the only way to get recognized is to screw Tavis.
John Paul Ok I'm putting it out here now , like right now , I touched my self in 1986 and I didn't like it , I need a lawyer, please help me .
Robbin Chaney Then they all fell down one by one. I’m glad I’m s woman who has never sexually harassed anyone. But these men been bad. 🙄🙄🙄
Vincent Paul Ceaser Bye Travis get back on that bus and talk about how innocent you are oh wait you'll probably blame Obama because you didn't have social skill
Laverle Dugger Some of these comments are down right frightning.....because he has a different opinion on obama yall glad he's facing these allegations.....most of you are pathetic victimhood cry babies......GROW UP
Liz Johnson You guys have not idea if this is true and jumping on the bandwagon. Let this play out in court and then make a call until then, just stop. Haters are always out there before people or found guilty or innocent.
Jennifer C White To all the rest--do us a favor--just save yourselves the trouble of being outed as sexual predators and step forward.
Val Morgan TAVIS RESPONSE: "On the eve of the 15th season and 3,000th episode of my nightly talk show, I was as shocked as anyone else by PBS’ announcement today. Variety knew before I did. I have the utmost respect for women and celebrate the courage of those who have come forth to tell their truth. To be clear, I have never groped, coerced, or exposed myself inappropriately to any workplace colleague in my entire broadcast career, covering 6 networks over 30 years. Never. Ever. Never. PBS launched a so-called investigation of me without ever informing me. I learned of the investigation when former staffers started contacting me to share the uncomfortable experience of receiving a phone call from a stranger asking whether, I had ever done anything to make them uncomfortable, and if they could provide other names of persons to call. After 14 seasons, that’s how I learned of this inquiry, from the streets. Only after being threatened with a lawsuit, did PBS investigators reluctantly agree to interview me for three hours. If having a consensual relationship with a colleague years ago is the stuff that leads to this kind of public humiliation and personal destruction, heaven help us. The PBS investigators refused to review any of my personal documentation, refused to provide me the names of any accusers, refused to speak to my current staff, and refused to provide me any semblance of due process to defend myself against allegations from unknown sources. Their mind was made up. Almost immediately following the meeting, this story broke in Variety as an “exclusive.” Indeed, I learned more about these allegations reading the Variety story than the PBS investigator shared with me, the accused, in our 3 hour face to face meeting. My attorneys were sent a formal letter invoking a contractual provision to not distribute my programming, and that was it. Put simply, PBS overreacted and conducted a biased and sloppy investigation, which led to a rush to judgment, and trampling on a reputation that I have spent an entire lifetime trying to establish. This has gone too far. And, I, for one, intend to fight back. It’s time for a real conversation in America, so men and women know how to engage in the workplace. I look forward to actively participating in that conversation."
Bakari Wright "The host of the self-titled series is facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct from some of the show’s staff members." What the site REALLY says.
Freddie Hunt Stop it a knew someone. Who reported to hr went to eeo. And was dismiss. The manager told her to come rub his head was that sexual
Willetta Dove So I guess their will be no men in any position working ,when it's all said and done huh 😱😱Wow!! Knot um out the box Rick knot um out !!!😱😱😱
Connetta Brownc These men probably never in their lifetime thought these days would catch up with them😋😋😋
Toni Robinson You had such negative things to say about President Obama. Karma to you with your pitiful way of talking. Loser.
Wendy Stewart I always felt he had some type of issues...
Aljorie Stallings My asshole senses were right about Tavis! He has always been a petty asshole too especially after Obama didn't go to his State of the Union event back in '08! 🖕🏾Him! #Karma
Deloris Wright When will this end🙊 who next?
Ryan Blackhawke This isn't the first time I have heard of such allegations about him.
Henry Williams Maybe this was why he hated President Obama so much. He did not have Obama’s class or dignity.
Whilmia Duncan POTUS 44 KARMA.....your bro' s next tavis.....lmbao
Ebony4 days ago

"I was terrified!”

Montez Lewis Belcher Most jokes are the truth disguised lol
Beverley Boyce People usually say what they mean and pass it off as a joke! Take heed
Mike Morrow not worth joking in my opinion but glad everything are working out for the couple
John Bullock If it was a joke, I would probably have reservations once I heard it. He might be cool, but not a good idea to stir up doubt. She probably brought it up cause it stuck with her. "The tongue is a two edge sword".
Rachell Saul Let this lady be happy!
Rhonda Hillary Man, I think I would’ve had to throw him in the trash! You don’t joke like that. I think we still would’ve been together. Don’t joke a bout serious stuff like that!
Keeta Thomas Why would that be funny to him? If she had told him her father was a member of the FABULOUS BLACK PANTHER Movement I wonder would he had thought that was hilarious 😂?
Dianne Clark It probably wasn't a Joke, take the hint EVE!!
Whitney R- Smith Get a camera, we need to see if Eve is in the sunken place! Sis, blink once if you still really in there. Lord, they done took our Eve too.
Darryl Crosby She knows what she’s getting herself into, why play victim? People who hit bee hives with sticks and act surprised when they get stung are the epitome of stupid.
Judith Ambris Pope Day "You have to know my husband, he thinks stuff like this is funny and it was funny"... who on earth would think 'stuff like this' is funny? SMH. Many a true words are said in jest!
Sharon Sherry Sumpter The father in the movie Get Out would’ve voted for Obama three times if he could and look at what he was doing to Black folks
Vee James I am so here for this. Simply because they seem genuinely happy despite obstacles that must come their way often.
Raymond Blair Man I don’t care about this at all. If you want to sleep with cave beast then don’t be surprised about what comes with it.
Vickey Blakely I have no sense of humor! So I don't find that amusing at all. I hope she's sure, he was just joking.
Dwayne Williams Watch out like father like Son...a lot of the time not all the time...but I don't know...
Derwin Love Probably was just a bad joke. Still I wouldn't have made it public
Santro Traffi She secured the bag...💰
Karyn Bigelow Clearly, a lot of people didn't actually read the article
Marie Laveaux Girl you are a straight up Philly girl, you were not scared. You went packing
Anthony Tiggs Should have been the signal to cancel the relationship....
Nzinga Zara Orgill Yes very funny, money makes everything ok, not
Gustavus Betts Okay, keep telling yourself that, girl...
Keona Marisa Key I dont think thats something to be joking about.. 🤔🤔🤔
Darrell R Powell Sr. That's what yo ass get.
Ebony4 days ago

10-year-old Ashawnty Davis hung herself last month.

Rod Sturgeon I don't believe all these are suicides...how the hell does an eight- year old know how to hang herself?--- or even know about hanging? ... something ain't right
Alicia N Johnson First and foremost it is not natural for babies to contemplate suicide. I know bullying is horrible I was bullied until I stood up for myself but as a child my mind never ever thought about hurting myself. If you don't believe that they are literally poisoning our children through food and water I don't know how much proof you need. Children should be kept off social media as much as possible. No way will I believe that babies the essence of life are just running around here killing themselves with no chemical imbalance only scared of a bully.
Lakendra Adams I'm upset about this. Because these school system don't do there jobs when children are bulled. I know my grandson is beinging bulled as we speak and the school system isn't doing anything about it. Rip babygirl. I'm praying for your family
Jeff Jack We must protect our youth now more than ever. Social media and other mediums are becoming instructional guides to atrocious and abhorrent behavior.
Johneisha Prescott This is exactly why I filter what my 8 year old has access to. It can be so hard, because he wants to watch YouTube, talk on the XBox, and of course friends at school/older siblings can be the worst when it comes to [mis]information flow, but you've got to protect their developing minds as much as you can. They don't understand long term consequences and they are always a ball of emotions.
Beth Anthony After these 2 stories I am making sure that my son know that his feeling are important and I make an effort to listen to what he has to say.
Savannah Shea Why would a 8 yr old even know about a 10 yr old committing suicide? Why They know about suicide period! When I was 8 and 10 I running around the yard being a child eating mud pies.. The world has changed so much
Eleanor Eady Is something real fishy about this story you know you have to talk to your children every day my grandson is 5 years old and I have him every day that I pick him up I asked him did anyone touch him put their hands on him touch him in certain places I asked my baby this everyday I give him a break and then I asked him this again I said because what would you do is someone touch you he said I would tell my grandma is so many children in schools so many the teachers really do not watch each and every last one of them really they don't watch any of them they just did it teach or whatever they do I don't be there but I watch mine because if he come home and tell me anything I go back out there you have to talk to your children don't wait till at night to talk to him talk to him time to get home my grandbaby teacher they know to call me this Grandma here do not put up with the bullying at all
Jimmie Sanders That's so sad. Parents beware and remember young children don't have privacy rights. Know what's going on in your child's life and make it a point to ask about their daily activities.
Tywana Smith It’s so sad because I was bullied by boys, which was very hard to deal with as a young girl. However, I had older sisters who would stand up for me, but they also made me stand up for myself. It takes a village because on my way home from work a few years ago, I saw a kid being hit by two other kids, so I stopped my car, got out and broke up the nonsense. I scolded all of them...lol! (I don’t have any children..😂) ..anyway, I gave the bullied kid a ride home only to discover he lived 2 blocks from me. I met his mother and told her what happened.
Kesia Martin This is truly heartbreaking!! How do children this young understand the concept of suicide??? Now they say one committed suicide because of what she read about another girl her age committing suicide? She was mad because she was in timeout? Really??? This just isn't right. Something is horribly wrong. What are these children exposed to? The world wide web is full of evil.
Steen Burke Where is the out pour of love and support for their families from all the black athletes and celebs? RIH little one...
Twinn Gotabodii Wow poor baby this really hurts and this child not my daughter niece nothing to me ...jus to hear an 8yr old or 10 yr old and the word suicide jus not making since to me these are babies still .... bullies at this age they still babies like dam what's going on..this is insane
Scottie Borders Where is her gofundme she was bullied just like the white boy where all the celebrities and athletes came out in support. Smh so tired of these double standards
Martha Thomas This should never happen with 10 yr. Old children. Parent we have got to pay better attention to our children and not let them go into their rooms and close doors.
Sophia Wiz We are exposing our children to too much.. why a kid need to read or see so much negativity if it can be avoided... sad🙏🏽
Danielle Peoples It seems like these stories are a daily thing. Smh, too much! My prayers go out to these little angel's families.
Missy Nash Well its sad but parents should train their kids to be strong. This is messed up how a 10yr can take their own like😱😬.
Laelove Laedrayon Who and were did she get that idea from I mean we're she even see that to copy something like that?
Joy Ayers We have to pray for our children... bind that spirit of bullying and suicide
Jaimara Eloise Keep these small kids off social media.
Talithia Lemon Mcleod So sad but it is more to the story
Camille Edgerson This story made me so sad, I have grandchildren her age, so hurtful to see things like this.
Yolanda Teal Why don't someone start a go-fund me for her family?
Syrella Headen Someone needs to take their children to church are some where.Their young soul isn't right,and they don't realize what they're doing. This is not right,you're not supposed to bury your children
Ebony4 days ago

The temperature isn't the only thing that gets down during the winters...

Bernadette Rhodes #BELOVED
Smokeywale Peter then what on top
Avante Johnson Move
Rachelle Johnson Ctfu
Ebony5 days ago

And she's finally being recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame🤘🏾

Carolyn Wallace Don’t see a reason or need to know her sexual preference AT ALL. Leaves way too much latitude to judge her which takes away from her Genius. Ijs
Beatrice Manning Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a singer, musician, writer and performer of extraordinary talent. Her innovations on the electric guitar led to her style being imitated by rock & roll performers like Elvis Presley and Little Richard. Her entry into the Hall of Fame is unquestionably long overdue.
Sophia Wiz Why do we again use derogatory words of others to then use as terms of endearment... black people stop this self-hate. If she is a lesbian black woman why can’t we just title it#MyPetPeeve#CarryOn
Queen Austin I included her in a research paper I wrote in college about the evolution of gospel music. It’s about her music. That’s all that should matter.
Annette B-Style Trying to degrade her talent by saying Queer!? She was very talented during a tough time, she was also married and divorced. And finally recognized for her skills.
Joan Manigault What the hell is wrong with just stating she was a black women.. We always have to label someone and not just respect who they are. #MakesMeSick..
Percy Kirklin Smh. What has happened to Ebony? I can't recognize it as the relevant, inspiration it once was. #nowords #sad
Laveda Glover You have to vote for her to be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. It appears she she won’t make it in this time because she is near the bottom of the voting list along with Rufus featuring Chaka Khan and The Meters.
Darion Evans Ebony isn't run by us anymore. So the people in charge don't understand why that should have been left out.
Tamika L. Greathouse-Wesley Ebony, I'm disappointed with you with the description of this Beautiful Young Lady. "Queer"??? Really??? 😡😡😡😡
Derwin Love How come she couldn't just be called "the godmother of Rock and Roll"?? What was the point of including her sexual preference
Daryl Beale ummmmm hmmmm ok then. Tf did that come from? All I wanted to do was scroll through my feed.....and now this.
Rd Lawrence I was blown away by how many times queer,and the word black were used while talking about a successful,artist but we know this is ignorance and so uncalled for
Sonya Rice Why did we have to know her sexuality? people are more than who they sleep with
Natasha TN Who cares she was a lesbian, her music its all should matter.
Anthony Ellis Who cares! why would you state that as a headline for all the groundbreaking work she did
Tj James Not that it matters but if she never came out how does the author of this piece know
DeAndra Marie Graham I didn’t know she was a lesbian, this is my first time hearing about THAT. 😳
Dan Scavone And her weapon of choice was usually the Gibson sg, tho she occasionally rocked a les paul
Denise Healey Why even need to label her? She’s a beautiful talented woman!!
Angelina R Taylor-Judkins Who cares that was her business and the lady has been dead for 43 years ! What an honor!!
Ivana Anavi Who cares...glad she is getting recognition
Lee Kizer Gospel in Rock N Roll she was one of the best
JJ Adams Wow she was great and this is long overdue
Huseini Abubakar This honor is long overdue.
Ebony5 days ago

SMH! Wow... As the saying goes, "It be your own people."

Laura Andrades Wow it just comes to show people have nothing but time on their hands to insult a young woman who has accomplished in one event than most in a lifetime. Keep up the good work,"my people"!
Eric Christopher Welling Why would people shame Simone Biles for her hair? Her hair is gorgeous! By the way, why would these people focus on her hair instead of her amazing skills? I mean, she’s unstoppable!!
Diane Catchings Just How glamorous is your hair supposed to look when you're jumping and flipping around a gym for hours Every Day?! Haters kill me!
Michelle A. McGee Im so sick of these Trump acting hatful people who obviously dislike the way they were created so they feel good on talking mess about someone else hair..Bet she's laughing all the way to the bank
Shaunea Johnson Ridiculous especially when some of them wearing cheap weaves that they constantly recycling-have no edges of their own! At some point we have to do better and encourage each other instead of tearing one another down-there is enough shade, fighting & back biting to last us a lifetime! Keep living out ur dreams Simone Biles #beencouraged #jealousyisaBITCH
Sylvia Edmonds Those broke azz people are just jealous and not doing nothing with their lives while this young lady is making money and making history...now run and tell that
Marie Laveaux But the same black women cry foul when Simone wants a latina to play her in a movie? Black Women, grown women: STFU.
Kizzie Ward People need to leave this young lady alone..Half of the people talking about her hair ,need to go find their edges..
Evelyn Yancey Athletes with her type of hair will always have problems with their hair. No valuable info here. Focus on something with substance.
Rosemary Banks Again? It was Gabby before. Black women need to stop, go look in the mirror at your own meaning your real hair first before blasting someone else. She can afford to get her hair done, but the fake as.. on here complaining have to use part of their rent money to have their hair done and chance getting put out among other things. Designer this and designer that nails, handbags and some more.
Gwen Lyles Simone’s making money moves...she’ll HIRE a stylist when the time is right and her accomplishments/accounts are super tight-er! Keep doing YOU, Miss Biles...hair and all! Your talent is simply amazing! #BGM all day long!😉
Baron Windsor I am not my hair !!! That gurl , has more in her bank account , notoriety, fame and blessed by God with major talent than half or almost , most of her critic's. She definetly shouldn't be Bothered !!!!!! Had it been me !!! I would be laughing constantly to the Bank , and to my commercial endorsements !!!!!!
Keith Butler India Arie sang "I am not my hair." It's a beautiful song. You can groove to it an be spiritually nourished as you listen to it. I can't believe people are still doing this stuff.
Hazel Verge What's wrong with her hair? She didn't style it for them,if they don't like it, then don't take a picture of her style to the stylist when they go get their hair done,if some talking go at all.
Nicola Tamara Smith This is why black culture is losing now. Bash your own. Who worried about hair when your making history and breaking and setting records. We have a lot of work to do. What does whe look like outside of training... But does it matter to the number of blacks talking and failing at life.
Pamela London First Gabby now Simone.....folk are truly bored bout some hair tho.... These young ladies have goals, talent and aspirations LIVE ON young ladies.....there will always be Trolls and haters....always have been
Angela Smith This hair topic is getting old, not exactly sure what is wrong with her hair. I think it looks fine considering she's bouncing, flipping and sweating. You can't please everyone do your thing girl.
Oveta Gilliard Girl please..a hair day good and bad...today welllll...you will be loved in my house..Relaxing is all you need...Continue to Live and Be Happy...Think Positive and Be Positve...✴ Happy Holiday
Roshanda Johns The hair thing is ever-present, never-ending, amongst black people. Ridiculous and petty=plays right into the stereotypical consensus.
Toshá Butler So is her hair supposed to be laid 24/7 ??? She's in the Olympics! She's not a cosmetologist or a person who sits at a desk for 8 or 9 hours straight.
Arabian Deyo They speak about her because her talent is flawless. We've been here before, the Williams sisters and their beads but they dominated Women's Tennis. People need to find themselves instead of eating that envy pie.
Wanda Skinner That’s why some of us will never rise to the next level. Too focused on aesthetics and not getting paid. Get it together people! #misplacedpriorities
Mary Greer Up their nose with a rubber hose. She is amazing. They are jealous...some of them are old and can’t sit in chair let alone jump the pole, go somewhere and slap yourselves haters
Pamela Solomon How on God's green earth can anyone watch Ms. Biles perform and focus on her hair! This young lady and her family are simply REMARKABLE!!!! This young lady is gymnastics royalty and a part of history. I tell you, haters burns my hide!
Anthony Hubbard Get used to it....but stay strong sister.... It's a whole lot of people out here who don't have nothing else to do with their life
Ebony5 days ago

Check out a few highlights from Art of Black Miami at Art Basel and stay tuned for more deets on the best and Blackest of Miami!

Smokeywale Peter dope art
Joylissa LeFleur Di'Necia Byrd
Ebony5 days ago

She killed it!

Carole Patton This was so much better than the SNL performance. Something was off, and she seemed to be aware.
Ebony5 days ago

This is heartbreaking. The price this child paid for saying "no."
And the smirk in his mugshot is enough to make your stomach turn.

Danielle Williams Let's teach our sons how to handle emotions. Stop trying to make them "hard". Let them fully experience emotions of sadness - disappointment - rejection - hurt. Let them cry. Let them feel. That way when they become adults and have strong emotions - they won't turn to violence to cope. Poor young lady. Peace to her family.
Dana D Watson First of all he is a grown ass man so he was completely out of line to begin with. Second his lame ass was so fragile and weak he couldn't stand to be told no, I hope they have all types of fun with this bastard in prison smh. This story infuriates me on a level where I wish I could torture him to death smh.
Lisa Banks A submachine gun? I wouldn't even date him he's UGLY ass fk. I just don't understand why, how could someone be that mad that anyone turned them down. Especially a child. My heart goes out to her family.
Urlene Marshall He want girlfriend, I hope someone in prison makes him their girlfriend. 😬😬😬
Lakendra Adams Rip babygirl. This story really grinds my gears. You can't trust nobody these days. He looks stupid he really anit getting no girlfriend now for sure. God bless her family. This was senseless death.
Martha Lawhon May she Rest In Peace, and praying for Gods healing Grace and Mercy for her family, may the find comfort and strength in the love of Jesus Christ.
Deidre Ward Ugggh! Wow!! So sad. I really feel for her...it gets crazy stupid out there sometimes and I wish this didn't happen to her. Rest in Peace girl. Much blessings! 😇😇😇
Ty N. Jackson Why can’t males handle rejection these days
Britt Ney He's pure trash. Everything about him is a waste from the time it took to birth him all the way up to today.
Althea D Travers Is 20 minutes for an ambulance for a gunshot victim standard in Brooklyn?
Walter Hunt I'm back! The roast is real! I'm gone to bed. But I shall return to burn sum real meat for y'all to eat. Lol I'm out! Oh and p.s. .......... .zzzzzzzzzzzlol
Dove Dansk This motherfucker here!!! It Just goes to show he is just as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside!!! PUT HIS ASS UNDER THE JAIL!!! SINCE HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE WORD NO MEANS!!!
Diane Weaver-Harvey Prayers & Condolences! God Rest Her Soul!
Jackie Reed He should receive the death penalty😡😡😡
Jeanell Newmuis Shoot him dead and spare us the money to keep him alive. Evil jerk.
Kia Hu Smdh she was beautiful!!!! Its some real sick jealous ass desperate niggas in this world!!!
Stacy Lewis This world is not the same
Coleen Chapman Lord We Need You Now,this poor child...he’s gonna pay and I hope it dearly.
Tanya McDaniel Condolences to her family and friends. This is sad.
Julia McNeil Prayers for family and friends of brave teen...
Anderson Cherylee How about life in prison...he will be no better when released!
Antoinette Knowell When did EBONY start writing stories like this?
Marie Laveaux So very sad. 25 yrs is not enough. Life for a life
Lisa Lang Walker And he is 10 years older👿👿💀💀💀💀
Ebony5 days ago

Meet our honorees of the #EBONYPower100 "The Entrepreneurs," category, presented by SheaMoisture! These business wizards are excelling in the creation of innovative products and services in many areas, including health & beauty, marketing, talent acquisition and technology. From Kevin Hart and Steve Stoute...

McNeely Jerry Kaz Marcus Wrong picture of Tristan Walker!!!!
Hakan Kemal
Ebony shared Derek Blanks Photography's video.5 days ago

Thanks for the love Derek Blanks! Your #EBONYPower100 Portrait Studio, presented by Nationwide was a beautiful addition to a magical night! See Derek's curated photo gallery at http://www.ebony.com/power100-2017/derekblanks.php

Derek Blanks Photography
Hey my peeps! Check out my feature for @ebonymagazine #ebonypower100 event in LA! Had a ball shooting it! Could not have had the opportunity without my girl @kimblackwellpmm ! Thank you sooooo much! And @nationwide. link in bio! I would also like to thank @jumpmanagement for your hard work as well! #dblanks #derekblanks