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After the incidents, instead of responding to her critics, Rodriguez left social media to focus on her mental health. In conclusion, she told Tracy G, “I know my intention. The last thing I want to do is put two underrepresented groups against each other. Our...

She's just plain racist and used being partial African as a way to not seem racist.
Patterns don’t lie Maybe she’s misinformed . I get she’s repping for Hispanic women but still. If we’re all united then your thoughts and actions should show that.
Who Is she?
Don't let these people break you
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#OTD 1/23/1996 was the premiere of one of UPN’s biggest series, Moesha! Played by the R&B singer & actress, @4everBrandy, Moesha Mitchell was the high-school student trying to figure out this thing called life while living in Leimert Park, LA! A...

#OTD Moesha Premiered!
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The Porter magazine incident was not the first time the actress was accused of erasing Black women. In Sep 2018, Rodriguez faced criticism for a comment she made during an interview with her #Smallfoot co-star Yara Shahidi & entertainment editor Blogxilla Valentine.

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The outpouring of support from celebs & alum has been incredible! @BennettCollege is also receiving support from some EBONY HBCU Campus Queens and Kings. Several candidates have supported the Queen by offering to transfer their votes to Miss Bennett. We #StandWithBennett!!...

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✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 If you’re looking for a refresher course on why men like #ColinKaepernick kneeled in the first place & the NFL couldn’t find big acts like Rihanna, Cardi B, & Jay-Z to perform the halftime show, then please take a listen to

Meanwhile the so called good Pastor behind you tells his congregation he doesn't except in his words "McDollars" in his offering. Start with these hypocrites first but I agree with the message.
Mean while there will be over a 100 million that will watch including some standing there.
When are the players going to get this heated?
Speak Sistah Speak!
Amen 🙏 Praying 🙏
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The film scored five #Oscar noms but, #TheGreenBook, in actuality, identified places that welcomed black people during an era when Jim Crow laws and de facto segregation made it difficult for them to travel domestically without fear of racial backlash.

Grew up knowing the history
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Anthony Anderson is an actor, comedian, writer, and game show host reflects on his inspirational class of success at Howard University. It's no secret HBCU's have something in the air when it comes to accomplishment. Visit EBONY.com to see what the EBONY HBCU Campus Kings...

dig deeper...
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Have you voted for your EBONY HBCU Campus King and Queen today? With a few days left every vote counts. Visit EBONY.com to check out who's in the Top 15. -https://trib.al/ayQTt0O

#EBONYHBCUCampusQueens2018 #EBONYHBCUCampusKings2018

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🙏🏾“Our hearts are broken, as are those of everyone at Rel, at the news of Kevin Barnett’s passing, he was an incredibly funny, wildly talented man who had so much more to do and so many more stories to tell” A moment of silence for...

Condolences to the family sorry for your loss
So sorry to hear this. Young brother gone to soon.
R.I.P. so young gone to soon
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Thank you, Questlove! The cultural critic breaks down the 2-hour process of voting for the Oscars & how good films get overlooked! He explained that you get five votes on a ballot and that most people usually do not research the films before voting. As...

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You better leave Keke Palmer alone! Palmer says famous people are regular people and she doesn’t understand why people get “get confused when they see a celebrity acting like a regular a** human.” Why are celebs glorified or ridiculed for being themselves? https://trib.al/AGPXX9e

Good for her. Stay true to yourself Keke. There are a lot of jealous hearted people in this world. Enjoy your life
I don't see anything wrong with her video. She's just being her.
What does being yourself mean, please?
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Chris Brown plans to sue the woman making the heinous allegations. He believes he was set up by a 24-year-old model, who claimed the artist raped her at his hotel. Brown claims he was never even alone with her & there were 20 people in...

make an example out of the liars
Some of these women are out to get you because of status, sometimes these high profile celebrities need to stay away from people and entertain people only in their circle....smh
Now leave them dam gold digging white girls along!
Again, why put yourself in that situation, when you know that celebrities are a target for these types of alleged claims?
If true she should go to jail
Good as you should sue her for defamation. Chris you have to be careful who you keep in your circle ⭕️ everyone doesn’t have your best interest. Just a little food for thought.
She go for the money they need to stop sleeping around w every woman
I don't blame him. This could've ended up really bad
Nevermind suing her. She wouldn't have enough money. Press charges against her and let them lock her ass up. That is IF she is lying. We dont know the facts but I am sure we will find out. Somebody ask Kobe.
You better sue her She wasn't caring about hurting you
They need to show a picture of her to so mens want get involved with her.
She's just during what she knows worked for lying girls in the south against black men in the USA...!
My first thought was that's a set up. I would normally believe a woman but, these women tries to set up famous guys. I don't know if it's true one way or the other but, sounds fishy.
Didn't she clear his name!!!! She lied initially? Or did the police lie? Because hasn't she recanted her statement
Sue her ass off.make an example of her
I am so glad to hear this I have been praying for you Chris
Chris...u need a stable girlfriend.... Someone to travel with ..to keep these "ladies" away
Sue hernlike CRAZY be relentless so women stop lying
50cent just cash-out over 30k frm a set up sue aganst him , she was ask to pay ....get your cash chris B
I don't belive that girls storey it's to far fetched😕
She could've destroyed his reputation with a lie! That's not cool! Especially since so many women are "really" going through those situations! People play entirely too much! SMH
Make him bloody right. How awful for any man to be accused of this, especially when innocent. Disgusting
As if today no more ppl in your suite. Let this be a lesson. Keep your crowd small.
"The destruction of a black man "...
Good for him he should be paid make these fools know not to play with your name
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Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss have known each other for years, sharing a mutual friend in Tameka “Tiny” Harris. They also both admit to having a rocky relationship with one another, with Braxton claiming the songwriter never took a liking to her. https://trib.al/StYHLPR

Both fake in my opinion Kandi i cant believe kandi likes to give advice on relationship now who will accept it frm her of all people and tamar she has mind problems
Nobody cares we got people out of jobs😞🙏🏿
I can't stand Kandi and her staff all they do is talk about people especially her and Donjun Kandi thinks because she has a few dollars she is all that,be careful how you treat people
I don’t like neither one of these women! Tamar annoying and kandi is messy, with her shaky ass voice having ass
They both bring drama every were they go
I figured Tamar wasn't telling the whole story. Kandi told the real reason why they aren't close. Thank you Kandi!😁
I’d rather hang out with Tamar any day. Kandi is annoying as hell
Who cares...Government employees in this country are going through real hard times right now. Like I said, who the h... cares why these two are not friends. Burn some of that energy helping someone in need.
I luv kandi as an artist but is she ever nice to anyone ?
Tamar look just like Magic Son EJ hahaha
The shows are horrible they inspire women to be dramatic 2 faced aggressive and vain
Tamar is Always keeping up drama that’s My Opinion Girl Stop!
I'm a Taurus like Kandi, and Tamar irritates my soul, so I get it.
I didnt think this was a good idea anyway! They both are messy enough on their own shows, it's not cute, funny or entertaining in my opinion
This is dumb. Two grown women really caring if the other likes them or not..😒
Tamar needs to be a friend anyway, poor thing is all over the place with place with her feelings about even her siblings. No hate intended. But she's has issues with herself 🙄
Nothing to see here. No story. Not everyone is meant to be friends so lets move on.
But they are in an alliance together on big brother. I guess if they last long enough they will backstab each other.
I am about to say for goodness sake please grow up!
Y'all 👏🏾are👏🏾 too 👏🏾 OLD! If you want to play play with your kids🤦
Can you blame her? Tamar is hard to like sometimes. It's too much all the time.
So petty on both ends all people going to do things say things react to things different it is called life learn to forgive and move on its call maturity.
Kandi go home. Did Riley say you don't spend enough time in help raising them. You have a little one and Riley and as a teenager she needs her mother now more than ever!
Who cares why they not friends Tamar is a dam cry baby get some new ones this is not news it’s gossip let’s talk about these government workers not getting paid and they still have to work 🤦🏽‍♀️
Kandi will tell all of your business and Tamar will cry about the stupidest thing. I wouldnt want to be either of their friends.
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Lawrence Crosby, the Northwestern University doctoral engineering student who was pulled over in 2015 for allegedly stealing his own car, has reportedly reached a settlement with the city of Evanston, Illinois, for $1.25 million! https://trib.al/EiKVUFc

and once it was verified it was his car they still arrested him instead of letting him go. serves them well for not serving the community "EQUALLY" bc once any other person proves their innocence, then they are released but not for us.
Did the woman who called it in ever get charged with false police report filing? Probably not...
He should sue the people that made the report also!Accountability!!
Since they wanna profile you, secure your bag for your troubles and next time they think twice before profiling another young black man!
That’s right. Don’t just complain SUE!!!!
he was lucky that he was not killed.. shameful cops.. they should be fired..
I hope and pray ever one of those cops got Fired amd never rehired as officers ever again
I hope he Makes sure they expunged his record from the arrest.
$1.25 million. Good for him. It's a shame that he endured this harassment and falsification of information for an arrest
In the end i'm sure he thanks the racist 911 caller
Get your coins
Just got paid..its Friday night..
Get the story right if it's his he didn't steal it.
Run 🏃💨 him those coins 🤑
I don't see that many Karen's or Kens on this post tho👀👀 where y'all at?!.. Get them coins.. #UsForTheWin🔑🔑
The is bullshit why don't blacks go to the streets have your own political party don't go to the white house. I m from South Africa
Congratulations somebody made them pay
Since it's tax payer money...they could care less!
I want to know the outcome, how long they held him, and what they did with his vehicle, if anything. They did a stupid thing, and they themselves knew just how stupid it was near the inception of it. I am curious how far they escalated the clowning. In my heart, a few million is not enough, and what was the punishment for each man in blue? >:(
Good for him, having experienced a potentially dangerous and humiliating illegal detention. With no more student debt, all the best in your engineering career, Mr. Crosby.
Hit them pockets because that's all they understand.
But the cops and their racist ignorant irrationally deluded supporters will say that to them it was worth it.
Unfuckingbelievable if that was a white guy it never would have been initiated as a felony stop, and definitely not even called into 911 at all.
So I guess if a person of color ,especially a black person, is driving anything besides a 25 year old Chevy Corsica held together with bondo ,duct tape and and bailing wire,then it must be stolen.pretty sad situation.
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She said that her dance team’s choreographer told her she was “too dark” to do the contemporary dance routine because her skin would conflict with the costumes

So I can't imagine the damage that has been done to this young girls self esteem. So.ebody thought this was funny. How rude and hateful.
So I’m waiting for all the white people and some black as well to justify this ... same way with the white catholic school boys
Yes you have to put manners on those who have none
Racists nothing new
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Sway in the Morning co-host Tracy G asked Gina Rodriguez about commenters calling her statements anti-black because they erased Black women and Afro-Latinas. However, Gina was adamant that she never said anything controversial about any race. Click here for the full interview: https://trib.al/iRKs7ED

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My only regret is that it hurt someone that I cared for deeply and if Kayla is out there in the universe reading this, I just want her to know that for what it’s worth I miss her, I’m sorry and I hope she found...

There is nothing okay with this situation. She was not your BFF. If she was you would've never hurt her. There are lines you just don't cross period.
I’m not falling for this story! She was jealous of her friend’s relationship and destroyed their marriage. I am almost positive a lot of details were left out!
Kayla is the real winner. She got rid of a no good husband and a triflin friend. There’s plenty of fish in the sea and I bet Kayla is happy somewhere living her best life AND not thinking about either of them. This other woman will have to live with the fact that even after Jon knew her feelings, he still married Kayla. Never be sad when negative people exit your life.
I hope Kayla is married & happy & forgets Both these mfs!
I never thought it was a good idea to have a woman in the company of you and your man. A third wheel is never good. I bet she don’t let no women around Jon. She’ll get that back. Jon will end up falling in love with someone on the job and do her the same thing because he don’t respect his own vows.
I don’t believe her when she says nothing happened during his marriage to Kayla and they waited years until the divorce was over to go on-a date... bullshit if y’all got all these flames and feelings... something more was going on, this man didn’t leave his wife for bc he assumed y’all might try dating
My cousin told me that his wife's best friend visited for a few days due to my cousin's wife being pregnant. He told me that when his wife went upstairs and left my cousin & her best friend downstairs, he said she kissed him. Knowing my whore-ish ass cousin, he enjoyed it & to this very day, his wife doesn't know they kissed....Though this was not to the extent of the story, but a kiss, eye contact, a conversation, etc. is where situations like this begin..... I'm not losing my best friend over some feelings I may have for their spouse. I'm strong enough to fight it because it's my friend that'll be hurt the most.....My mother once told me, "You never hurt the ones you love...."
This is heartbreaking. The first marriage should have never happened, and they both should have been honest with Kayla in the very beginning. This is a hurt that she may never completely heal from.
Bish if I was Kayla you and that dry bush would be missing
The bible says you reap what you sow
What I don’t get is if his feelings for her was so strong why marry the woman why string her along for all those years the moment you felt the attraction he should’ve stop being with her. He met the friend first ok but if he had them feelings before they got deep he should’ve stopped seeing her. He certainly should have not married her
Regardless they should have both never ever crossed that line. Girl Bye. I feel flames in my heart. She said her friend's heart was broke before and u did it again to her. I don't forgive u for her. Nasty
I have experienced betrayal by a so called friend and when I look back I blame it on both. One jealous of the relationship and the other getting a swelled head. I was more hurt over losing the friendship because the relationship was already doomed but the lesson learned was I spend time with my friends mostly by myself and I don’t share any intimate info! My rule is your friends are yours and mine are mine. It has worked fine for 28 years.
Maybe they're soulmates. Sometimes people we meet bring us to the people that are meant for us.
Gurl Bye... you wasn’t thinking about her while you were screwing her man.
Old people do this all the time. This isn't nothing new to me Lol Husband or wife dies, best believe a good friend will step in.
Bullshit..she carried on, and waited for that man..hope she reap what she sought after, B
I think the friend cross the line but I wish Jon had never married Kayla because they clearly didn’t have a connection.
This is very hurtful. They will never gain that friendship and trust back. What happened to loyalty
This story has appeared in my FB feed several times & I'm just not interested in reading it. SHE'S NO FRIEND!!! 😖😖😖
She should watch out and never have a close friend because obviously this guy does not know the meaning of the word loyalty he might love her but he’s not loyal! What will be done to her will be worse! I’ve lived long enough to see stories like these turn out nasty
Wow, i have a unpopular opinion. Im just not gonna say it 😂
This is heartbreaking because that “connection” is real. People go their entire life hoping for that natural connection with another human being. Once you experience it, it is earth shaking.
Yikes. Wouldn't have been quite as bad if he didn't marry her best friend knowing he felt more connected to her.
Terrible and I hope you live in guilt you have no boundaries and there’s lines you just don’t cross. The old wives tale is you lose him how you got him so just remember that
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“He not being a man in that position. He not tellin’ her, ‘Chill out with that on the internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband! You better not even bring Future’s name up!'” One long sigh... How are we supposed to unpack this...

That NIH need to tend to his BM collections
He suffers from a major condition called bitchassedness.
Future is a BOY and Russel is a MAN !
Future needs to go figure out how to get a vasectomy and stay out of a real man’s marriage
Future is hurt !!.. He loss a good Woman which is his fault .. He thought he was going to be able to do Ciara the way he do his other baby Mommas .. Now she has moved on upgraded & living her best life.. Ciara found a real Man & a good Step Father for their Son.. Future should be Thankful this man treats his child as his own .. He don't have to like it but for the childs sake having two fathers showing Love seems like a Win! Win ! situation & stop trying to belittle his ex which is the mother of his child.
He thought no one would want her. He thought she was another baby momma. Not! Ciara is one of the black female celebrities that rich black men love. I knew she was going to bounce back. Now he salty lol
Says the man who has YET to make one of his baby mama's his WIFE...😒
Future is the devil.He was enjoying living the Low Life so much these past years he's just now lifting his head out of his ass to see he really took an L when he thought it was something good and to be proud of now he wanna try to insert himself into these good people's marriage to try to mess it up.If he don't gtfoh and go get a vasectomy.
Future petty af..find ur own wife or bm #6 bcuz a man like him will never be able to understand Russell's mindset
That's the whole point. Russel doesn't control Ciara. Real men trust their wife n let her be herself to flourish in life n be all she can be
That man is confident in his marriage no need for the theatrics.
why doesn't he act like this to his other baby mamas?
The moment future realizes he really lost the goods to Russell. It hurts him.
Future ain’t no one thinking about you she has moved on and so should you
Boy bye. You need to worrying about your own future. It's killing your ass she has moved.
He's man enough to raise your son. Get over it Future, you're the Past. You have no say so on how these two operate their marriage. Your only obligation is Lil Future.
He is really mad that she wasn’t content on staying with him and getting cheated on and just being one of his “ baby mamas “ wow!
STFU!! Ciara has moved on! BITTER A**!!🙄
Bitter ! Petty af! Ciara as moved on ..put some respect on her name and Level Up!!!
She told him he was gone be hurt when she find somebody better than him...and he still messing with the women with Brazilian hair and silicone a##
Russ should put them paws on him
Dear every single social media outlet and every single magazine blogger...sick of Future! That’s really all. No more Future!
That's an ignorant statement. He's concerned about everything but co-parenting.
Go find another baby mama. Oh I forgot he already has 4. Go play with your kids or do something else real men do.
Future is a BUM!! I would NEVER support him or his wack music!!! And the Winner is RUSSELL... Ebony why are you reporting this? Don’t give this Loser a platform. What happen to building up black families & Black love? Really... 😳
EBONY19 hours ago

The months-old footage resurfaced just after John bought a $200,000 Lamborghini truck for his wife, which many now believe was to make amends for the affair.

We know. K. Thanks. Old News. Any healthy news for black people. Positive news? Anything.
Stop giving your money to these pimps omg you truly think you will bein God's favor by giving to these wolves in sheep clothing all your money ???
In going to donate my tithes to charity. Such as St Judes, places that make a difference. Now that's doing Gods work.
Continue tiding, wifey ridding in a Lamborghini and side chick probably got a house. 💸💸💸💸💸
plz step away fm the pulpit n get your act together and stop claiming all these works of God in the public eye yet behind the scenes you getting your freak on.
You have to keep your 👁 on God if not you will easily loose your footing 🦶 with greed,lust,and power
They need to stop posting and bragging about their business in public. Next gift just give it to her at home alone.
Just finished reading a article about the church it said people are not coming and the money isn't flowing
If I was his wife I would make him take back the car tell him what I'm looking for is a faithful husband
Didn't you all already report on this? Go find something else to do with your lives. Smh!
If he did, he was wrong and there’s no two ways about it. But if she forgave him, it’s their business and hopefully they can and will move on.
I knew it had to be a consolation price lol.
And let's be advised Tiding to the church is not given to the charity God is not a charity case and he don't need your tithing when you giving tight you're giving tithing from your heart in the Bible said take all tied and offering to the storehouse which is the church not to know Jules hospital all these other places so when you take your time you taking it to the church which is the house of the Lord start worrying about the man who's running the house you need to worry about God who's over the house he's the person you got to answer tough not me
Folks...just forget preachers. Maybe forget church and the Bible. It appears that 560 years in this nation, ain’t nothing working with Christianity Perhaps believing in the nothing is a winning strategy
Dont care just another Jackleg, cheating on his wife and going to the WH, to kiss 45 butt..lol
He was sorry and bought her a gift. That’s there relationship. Good on them.
They say if you're going to be treated like a dog you might as well live in a nice dog house but now she has a nice car to go with her dog house
Come on ✋ with the same crap report something new oook positive blacks doing it in life ✋ ✋
Pimp pimp pimp!@!@ satan back door shameless.
No respect for this kind of crap!!
just waiting for the church people that like to gossip say something about this
My cousin told me his wife beat up the side piece made her have a miscarriage these so called pastors woke up people
Hey! He spent 250k on a Lambo truck, Kobe spend 8 mill when he got caught with his pee pee in another womans cook jar It all about how much you can afford., My cousin spend $600 on grey eye pitbull puppy.. and his wife took him back. you gotta do what works for you
Ebony, you can do better. Recycled news.
EBONY20 hours ago

O. W. Gurley, also a very successful businessman and a community leader of Tulsa in 1921. Gurley was considered a pioneer who first opened a grocery store in 1905 to service the Black community.

Salute!... Our History... "My People, My Culture"... Blackism...
I keep telling people that black people had a real wallstreet in the day
In the GAP
I just love this
EBONY20 hours ago

“Putting ourselves first, and making sure that we make time for date nights and for each other... Because ultimately, when our relationship is good, the kids are happy and they’re thriving and our family life is good." Ayesha Curry https://trib.al/4vOxNwi

I got a divorce years ago... I had 2 kids with my ex-wife... I put my new wife first.. and when I have kids with my new wife, I will still put her first... doesn't mean I don't love my kids... just means that I believe it should be God, Wife, Kids, Family, then Friends... just my opinion and priority...
god husband then kids
She the real MVP
What she is saying makes sense to me.
Summer Francis we talked about this earlier
Natari Acidic Mohammed
Easy to say and do when your a celebrity with your pockets full.
Karl M Bohannon
Heather Ireland Robinson
Sadik Wallin
Makes sense to me?
EBONY20 hours ago

🎈The 'Louisville Lip,' who ironically feared flying is getting an International Airport renamed after him in his Kentucky hometown! https://trib.al/DczgSNP

Gina Cross
Cassandra Long💗💗💗
Love my city!!
Brillant idea to be named aMummahad Ali the Louisville Airport. I had the pleasure to Know Muhammad Ali when I was a little boy here in my country Peru in SouthAmerica. Rest in Peace Muhammad Ali, we will never forget you and all the example you gave to young black people in the World.
EBONY21 hours ago

OPINION: The telltale sign of three key members of his team quitting on him, recent accusations of grooming teens to be his “sex slaves” & another lawsuit headed his way for knowingly giving a woman an STD is enough for me to wash my hands...

How many times is this article gonna be repeated?
Ebony and your clout chasing writers need to let this ish go. So you stop listening to his music? The truth of the matter is you were never a fan. You probably never bought his music. Just go away. Try another case and story.
She was sooo happy to be "R. Kelly's" wife that she put up with everything for the....fame. We women must do better! Learn to love and value oneself and avoid such pitfalls. Glad she now is free but wish she would admit the part she played and take ownership of her choices so young girls can learn from her.
Money, Power and Sex ain't for everyone.
We are all guilty.😢
King Robert have almighty God,Holy spirit, Jesse, us win win win win,
Not saying they weren't consenting adults but at vulnerable stages in their lives
So, basically this is the only news that's worthy??? Stop beating a dead 🏇
She was a baby herself as well as Mayte Princes wife...They were dancers or choreographers for these guys
I just aint feeling her. Its just something about her. As far a Kelly.....thats a different story.
I believe 90 percent the other 10 baby girl is suspect and why did she have babygirl the oldest on T.V that’s still there dad and they all need Serious therapy Just my opinion Don’t tear me down 🤭
Andrea Kelly doesn't #muteRKelly so why should anyone else.
Ebony get another story please. Trying not to unfollow
How do you convince someone about the negativity of someone but yet you still bear his name? What kind of convincing was that? Who convinced who?
If rkelly not circumsized ill believe he passed allnthose dieases but i think they came for you mrs rkelly
Ugly ass
Her clean nasty ass got nerve
EBONY21 hours ago

“I have good friends that were a part of the Mute R. Kelly movement, They were literally marching on the streets & they work with rape victims in Chicago... I could lend my voice to these people who have been hurt.” John Legend, simply doing...

Never liked John Legend or his wife
EBONY21 hours ago

The justice system has FAILED us once again. They have bypassed the brutal murder of another young black man. Three police officers in Chicago were found not guilty of conspiring to protect their fellow cop who shot and killed #LaquanMcDonald, 17, in 2014....

Of course white folks don’t do no wrong Oooooh just wait on God he gone fix it all then there’s nothing to be said to justify their hate and racism.... you may get by but you can’t get away !
They're gonna continue this injustice until we stop it!
They just cursed their family Sins of the father visited unto the child Third to fourth generation
It like history is repeating it self. Looks like GOD is on his way back.heaven help us all
How the hell you gonna shoot someone 16 times and only get 5 yrs😢😢
White justice as always
The kkk protect their own
All hell is about to break loose.
Remember the judges when it's time to vote.
.....failed us? It was NEVER created for us. #TakeALookAround
So the cops lie on their official reports and still a judge who no doubt is in on the lie lets them all go home free and clear. Wow
Impeach, remove, and prosecute #45 immediately!
Donald Trump is racist president
God's vengeance is best! Amen
This why they don't have conscious about killing because they know they will go free God see everything you do
White privelage
Thats how they will learn bodies on the floor
Again no Justice..Not the same for all it's citizens.Shameful , disagree. You supposed to protect not murder your citizens.They pay your salary.It don't matter what color a office is
They day coming dirty bitches
This is Illinois , Cook County Chicago --MADIGANISTAN , Preckwinkle , Emmanuel , CHICAGO CITY COUNCIL , PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS ----- DEMOCRAT RUN , COMMUNITY ORGANIZED , NO GOP , NO NRA . _____ Why do African Americans and ANY minorities stay on THE DEMOCRAT PLANTATION IN CHICAGO
Dam shame god dont like ugly the ended his life 4ever and these police officers and family can go about their day which Laquan didn't get to see the next day. judgement day will come when they have 2 answer to the main upstairs
EBONY22 hours ago

From schools, sports to TV, black people can't exist!? Brittany Noble, a former news anchor at WJTV was reportedly fired after discrimination complaints. Not only did her natural hair raise microaggression but also the 'type' of content she would pitch. https://trib.al/9EMAeDP

As long as white people are in charge anything black looks threatening to them. it's not about the hair. it's about the fact that it represents something much bigger
She will be a millionaire soon! ✊🏾
She removed her wig and they fired her because that's how they prefer you. Hell, that's how most of you prefer yourself. Smh. You think their hair is prettier than yours. You don't see the majority of them wearing their hair like yours.
Payday coming
Create her own News network!!!!
Someone should do a protest non-violently and bring this situation to the National level and keep it at the National level I've heard students as well as employees are arbitrarily discriminated because of their hair or hairstyle choices I do not believe the only way you can wear your hair is blonde and stringy and straight American Beauty is not defined based upon the Euro American idea
Complete bs, god forbid she decided to wear dreads or braids!
Not sure that they know that people do not give a flying F—k how she wears her hair !!!! I am sure at Anchor School it wasn’t brought up even Once !!!!! Stop 🛑Already STOP !!!!!!!
They don't say anything about African American males in TV looking like females. Like that one this morning on CNN representing the Federal workers.
They want to try to strip us of anything that makes us happy, whether you straiten it or leave it natural it’s always a “complaint “ or “issue” smdh. When will it stop 🤦🏾‍♀️
Rock your hair
I get it. That's in Mississippi.
This is ridiculous
Don't see what a woman's hair has to do with them hosting the news.🤨
Jazmin Bailey
lol foh
Everybody go Natural
Jae Monae
EBONY22 hours ago

Four Black men who were accused of raping a White woman in 1949 was posthumously pardoned on Friday by Ron DeSantis. Where do these black men go from here, a country that claims "freedom" but wronged them so many years ago? This narrative is all...

An example of what will happen in 20 years about Bill Cosby!
Injustice, so sad their loves were taken and ruined over a lie.
God...this is so sickening....!!
Justice has been served. Are they alive to get this? SMDH
EBONY23 hours ago

Kalil McCoy, 20, was shot in the head by Frederick Lee Wade after the two got into an argument about opening a window in the car. Her other friends dumped her body in the woods and lied about what happened, the family was given $495M...

And you cAll them animals her friends smh..
EBONY23 hours ago

Christopher Edward Martin, known professionally as DJ Premier, is an American record producer and DJ and was half of the hip hop duo Gang Starr. Not only is he considered one of the greatest Dj's of all time he is a PROUD Prairie View A&M...

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✈️ The votes are flying in. The competition is getting close, has your school made it to the top 15?
Visit EBONY.com to vote for your 2018-2019 EBONY HBCU Campus King and Queen today. - https://trib.al/SAd3Y1h

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The outpouring of support from celebs & alum has been incredible! @BennettCollege is also receiving support from some EBONY HBCU Campus Queens and Kings. Several candidates have supported the Queen by offering to transfer their votes to Miss Bennett. We #StandWithBennett!!...

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“All these conservatives been harassing me and telling me the most disgusting things these past few days.” Cardi B said regardless of an individual’s political alignment, it can be agreed that Donald Trump is not doing what is best for the American people!

I will admit they are messing up the entertainment industry. Naming you entertainer of the year! And using airheads like yourself to distract our children
Trump was a mess before he got elected. He left people unpaid just like he's doing now.
There’s no need for them to be so disrespectful to you for speaking your opinion. U aren’t cursing them out personally
She may have been a stripper, but she has done far less than that Porn star Malaria
They (conservatives) can whistle as much as they can, it does make it obvious that they are all bigots and racists buffoons.
No european descended caucasian will never admit to any wrong doing even if you right there looking at the wrong being done
# 45 is proving that any high school graduate can lead the U S A
Regardless as to how she looks , she is right!
I love how Cardi is not afraid to speak her mind about politics
out of curiosity how exactly is he messing up America? facts please
That's like them admitting that they're racist, it'll never happen.
It's sad, because the idiots will still vote for the waste of air.
The conservatives love to jank on celebrities as political analysts. I think it’s great the way Cardi is handling this and her message. They make insults but can’t give strong arguments why she is wrong.
What?! Out of the mouths of ex-strippers!🤣🤣
They won't admit it because they are responsible for being puppets
All that is true but regardless of what anyone thinks he still has a base of supporters that will vote for him again.
Man if she only was classy and didn't make those trashy videos, but she's right!!!
If we have a peek of the conservatives, they will be the least people according to moral compass, at least she is not a hypocrite, So does the strippers and porn starts T paid to have sex with, not to mention his crooked dealings together with the fact that he never worked for an honest dollar his whole life,but by evading tax and not paying people which left them ruined,
Cardi B do a benefit concert for government workers.
They send Tomi Lahren to attack her. Like how they send her for Kapernick. But she told Lahren she will dog walk her.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂HHAHAHAHAHA.
Not to many of them on this page defending the conservaturds 😂🤣
Stay in your line ! What did you know about politics ?
Its slavery to work without pay ...history is repeating it's self
How would she know what’s best for anyone other than her and hers? 🤔
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“CBS, the efforts on your website about your support for diversity fly in the face of your display of all of the reporters you’ve selected for the 2020 campaign. Not one Black...” Rep. Maxine Waters said what she said & we would like answers too!...

Good..no more tone deaf ignorant commentary...no one has time to educate your reporters....
Dame who cares!!!
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It be your own blood... After making several attempts to handle the matter privately, Rihanna has filed a lawsuit against her father, Ronald Fenty, for continuing to fraudulently profit from her trademarked Fenty brand. https://trib.al/NVYcMGS

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We are ready Tamron Hall! The Co-founder of the #TheView, TV legend Bill Geddie said he planned to “partner with Tamron and shake up daytime again.” Bill also said Hall’s new show is “the most exciting thing” he’s been a part of since...

I still can't believe NBC let her go for Megyn Kelly. Oh, to be a moderately attractive blonde white woman. Is there anything in this world more over valued?
God opens doors no man can open. Congratulations.
I miss her!!
Looking forward to watch
Congratulations Beautiful Queen
Much success Tamron Hall
Congratulations Tamron💐
I’m excited. Something fresh please and thank you
Good for her Congrats
Awesome! Can't wait! Congrats Tamron!
Congratulations Tamron
Congrats!! Tamron 🙏💖🙏
Come in hear Tamron!!🤗
Welcome Tamron!
I can't wait to see her show, miss her on tv
Congratulations Tamara
Maybe the View will exit as long as Meghan McCain is on the View
Maybe she learned her lesson after throwing Rev Wright under the bus!
I love here happy to hear this