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Our #WomenUp event was something truly special! Female leaders in various industries provided inspiring words of wisdom as well as Mayor @KeishaBottoms kicking off the event! Don't miss this, WATCH here: https://trib.al/Xn7KR9K

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The students banded together to raise more than $2,000. The Gordons were able to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary with a couple’s massage and candlelit dinner. They stayed on the resort for two days before heading to see his family in Kingston. https://trib.al/nTEGvxP

This is awesome for the record I too would love to go to Jamaica
Way to go Future Leaders!! 👏💪💯🙌
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[View Previous Post] “As a wise person once said: ‘Everyone wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain” Help support Kennedy Cooper & other young sickle cell survivors like her here: https://trib.al/DW4liC5

Blessings for you and God will always be with you.
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In her deeply personal blog for @TexasChildrens Hospital, Kennedy Cooper tells her story of pain and perseverance while educating the masses on the disease that affects so many. Get to know Kennedy & be moved by her journey. #SickleCellAwareness

Blessing's to you my Dear .
She is so brave. ❤
🌹 hey Kennedy , you rock! 🙏
dieu va faire
May god bless you angel🙏
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This is NOT a drill! Mark Geragos, attorney of Colin Kaepernick, said that two AFC teams could be interested in signing the quarterback! https://trib.al/nqDGaYm

Hey Mr Kap, You don't need football any longer!!! You have already made it in history of the world!!! Always listen to the spirit!!! You will be alright going forward OK young man!!! I'm very, very proud of you!!! Keep it moving OK!!! One Love Tommy Lee a man who believes in you 24/7 !!!
He said the same thing last year
Yeah its in their interests...NFL and owners
That lawsuit got'em scramblin!!
Alright now! Buffalo need to get in on this
Why tho?
so what? thought he wanted to be an activist......not go back to the plantation
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“But you never, ever, ever send...anything to say, ‘You know what Tiffany, we [IRS] appreciate you out here busting your a** making all this money and we taking about 51 percent of your money.” Tiffany Haddish. Sis, you have a point! https://trib.al/muoAknS

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Through the unique intimacy and power of cinema, #IfBealeStreetCouldTalk honors the author’s prescient words and imagery, charting the emotional currents navigated in an unforgiving and racially biased world. Anxiously awaiting another Jenkins masterpiece! https://trib.al/I9nf7Ig

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Well, now we have to tune in! "At some point you have to say, not on my watch" Iyanla Vanzant After begging the family to open up, Vanzant picks up her bag and walks out on the Braxtons in the teaser video. WATCH here:

I wish they wouldnt call what she does therapy
I guess if she does sue Tamar she'll just say I'm the youngest and didn't know better.
Iyanla is supposed to be a life coach. She's graying the area of life coach and therapist which can be damaging to someone's mental health. Life coaches aim to motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence in their clients. ... Many life coaches focus on creating a new life path in order to achieve goals, whereas therapy sometimes looks into emotional resolutions to past problems in order to move forward, according to Counseling Today. In this case there's emotional trauma so she's out of her place.
Tamar has issues with everyone, at what point are we going to say it's her?
They do not want to be helped
You can’t help someone who doesn’t want help. I don’t think some members of the Braxton family want to heal and move on.
Dear God, Please put your healing hands on Tamar’s scalp. Amen
Cant help those that dont want to be open and/or vulnerable.
That's how it is usually. Go help some muthafker's and they turn on you! RUN
Experience speaks the truth that many dont want to hear. It told me at a young age this young ladies didn't care. Instead of continuing trying I became a volunteer and many of them crossed paths with me. I'm the tough love with my best friends and cousins and they keep coming back for more. People have to be willing. Iyanla while a show give it to them . Listen to Dmx pray then cant take it from her until he outta his flesh.
Iyanla and Tamar are drama queens!
You should probably put therapy in quotation marks.
Prayers for Braxton family with Blessings for Iyanla giving her best...
I don’t think Tamar wanted her molestation by both sides of her family, on the show and iyanla brought it up
LMAO. Are we not all entertained?
So why is this news
They just can't !
I am no fan of Iyanla. However Tamar needs to be sued. How would she like it if someone talked negatively about her profession? The Braxton sisters have had more therapy than a 100 bed rehabilitation center and they are still dysfunctional. As a matter of fact with each therapist, they have become worse. They started with Dr. Cherry, then Bishop Jakes and now they have gone to a voodoo high priestess for assistance. They don't want help. They want attention. The Braxton sisters are an absolute disgrace. Their behavior as women is absolutely shameful. Don't blame Iyanla or the multitude of people that have tried to assist them in wholeness. They don't want to be whole. They want ratings, fame and attention and will compromise their character, integrity and morals to get it. They don't want to fix their life. They want people to continue to watch them weekly destroying it.
E.s. Lorraine
Carmen Caruthers
Cynthia Martin 👀
Nakia Jones
You did what you could sister, sometimes you have to abort the mission to move on and help others.
I love the show but I will not watch that one..when they are gone I will be back..I can't stand Tamar she like to keep to much drama going for me and she will do anything to keep all the attention on her at any cost,I do not like that,grow up and deal with your issue's, she's a dressed up mess.
Christians are exposing themselves to occult on TV.....these people are mediums for demons and innocent Christians do not know.....I pray that believers get wisdom and understanding of the spirit world with God's speed in the name of Jesus!!!
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#ChadLovesMichelle will premiere Nov. 3 on [OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network]. The series will chronicle their journey to the alter, pre-marital counseling & handling Williams mental health together. Taking notes for this one! https://trib.al/SqjeAXM

Spell check: altar, not alter. #ChadLovesMichelle will premiere Nov. 3 on [OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network]. The series will chronicle their journey to the alter, pre-marital counseling & handling Williams mental health together. Taking notes for this one! https://trib.al/SqjeAXM
Don't watch reality shows but happy for Michelle. 👍
Why can't u be private? Take notes from Beyonce
Kudos for publicly addressing mental health
OWN can find a way to get all these unnecessary reality shows on the air but said Underground was too expensive.
in other words.....just more reality show bullshit
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Congratulations Naomi! “I’m so honored to represent Japan and Nissan on the world stage. I was drawn to partner with Nissan because of its strong Japanese DNA and global competitive spirit.” N. Osaka https://trib.al/D6zc6yT

She doesn’t even talk 😂🤣🤣 Anything not to pay Serena what she is worth #SerenaEffect
That’s remarkable, but i didn’t know that a mechanized automobile factory has DNA. All the best to the new superstar of tennis 🎾. I enjoy the words of the 35th President of the United States, of America. “The torch has been passed to a new generation.”
But does she get the new Murano? That’s the Big Question And with sweat proof leather?? Get it Girl Keep Bustin Ghetto Bootys
She's Haitian!!!!
Cashing in.
Money talks and silence.
Congratulations Naomi 🌹😍🎊🎉💕👍🏽
Go gurl! #BlackGirlsRock
just say they offered you money because you are black and japanese
Japan is one of the most anti black Countries on Earth
She is definitely easier on the eye than serena
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Showcasing boots, shoes and sandals that are handmade in Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa. Our Favorite Designers: Aurora James https://trib.al/ATcnGj2

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We all go through it! “Insecurity and self-doubt is a part of daily life and I’m a human being that has a vulnerable soul.” Ross said she finds counsel in the people closest to her during low points. https://trib.al/Q7omg67

Prayers with Blessings to stay strong...
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Chance the Rapper continues to use his platform to make his city a priority. This is the kind of #BlackExcellence we all aspire to be, 'Chano' & #SocialWorks make moves yet again for the Chicago youth! https://trib.al/ocAEaBy

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Yet another check off the bucket list for Will Smith! Our forever "Prince of Bel Air" did his first ever comedy set opening up for Dave Chappelle's The Process comedy show in West Hollywood! What can't he do!? https://trib.al/zCrjWfF

Why Cut Katt’s part? 😂😂😂 too funny
does it matter....he don't have to depend on that for a living?
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The following video shows comments made by Katt Williams about comedians but most importantly "Little Sis" #TiffanyHaddish that caused Kevin Hart to get some things off his chest earlier this morning on the Breakfast Club. Watch the full interview here: https://trib.al/QOkR4xA

Why do people always come at Kevin Heart? He works hard, he’s paid his dues, he puts other comedians in the spot light. What is it. If you think he’s funny or not you got to appreciate his hustle. Why we always got to put somebody down to put somebody up. There’s enough to go around for everyone. Black people do better!😶
When are you going to let this go?
I do get what he is saying money talks
Black comedians are at war because Hollywood only allows one at a time and they're choosing Kevin Hart, everybody is trying to squeeze into one spot, if they were smart, they could get a Kings Of Comedy part 2, just go around the country doing shows together, 4 big name acts, then do the women, we aren't together and that's what's holding us back.
...jealousy is just ugly...
Stop giving this asshole a platform
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“My frustration with Katt Williams comes from, you keep pointing at Hollywood... YOU didn’t show up to work. YOU f*cked off promo shoots. YOU f*cked off your promo trips that they set up for you. You became a risk to the studios, which is why...

He said that he didn't appreciate Katt tearing others down , then he spends a solid hour tearing Katt down. Seems hypocritical to me. He mentioned Katt was on drugs. That was not Kevin's business to tell!
But it still doesn’t negate the fact that she’s not funny. Next case!
Katt Williams needs to just learn from Kevin Hart and learn the business professional side of things and do better...stop all this blame game mess.
Kevin and Tiffany still not funny. However, carry on 💅🏿
There are a lot of crabs in a barrel folks on this thread alone. Sheesh! #teamkevinhart. #teamtiffanyhaddish. #teamkattwilliams. #teamallofmypeople
I remember when Kevin Hart came out with Laugh At My Pain and a lot of people loved it but all of the sudden I'm hearing so many now say Kevin Hart isn't funny,when did he stop being funny? I noticed more people say it after Kat Williams,Aries Spears and Mike Epps start saying it but to me they not that funny themselves...Kat and Mike do mostly ghetto hood jokes that are tired and Aries Spears still doing the same Snoop,LL,DMX impressions he been doing for years
I hope they invite Katt on so this won't be a one sided conversation. Kevin's point was a good one though. Even though Charlemagne and Envy were only into the gossip or money watching. But Katt did expose some shady Hollywood things in his stand ups and then he was made out to be crazy or a drug addict.
I just don't think Kevin Hart is funny.
Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish will go far because they are trying to help others also. Who ever said Kevin and Tiffany weren’t funny, you are the minority because ticket sales don’t lie, Honey!!
Tiffany Haddish must be doing something right. She won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for Saturday Night Live. We as Black people need to STOP bashing our own especially our Black Women. Thanks Kevin for speaking up.
The kettle calling the pot black. Hush 🤫 Kevin Hart
He didn't sell his Soul to become one of their puppets. And the ones who does after they use you . You will eventually come up dead .
Hollyweird may not be fucking with Katt, but he still raking in the money💰 as Cardi B would say, he making money moves, drugs or not, Katt Williams always make you laugh✅😂😂😂😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Oh shut the hell up. All u do is gay comedies now. Do something other than puttin on dresses and kissin men for a movie.
Sony say they love kevin hart like he give all the executives head every morning he waiting under their desks for them to get to work Ow kevin how nice of you to think of me this morning ole sellout ass Oreo
He’s right. Katt was out in the Bay for a show and was so high he tried to fight the audience to entire time. I’d never pay to see him again.
It was so beautiful to hear Tiffany tell her story of when she had hard times living in her car and she said Kevin Hart helped her out financially.God bless both of them.I love them.
Whether you think either of them are funny or not. Here are 2 points worth taking notes.... This black man is defending and protecting this black women so she can stay "classy". Kevin Hart is paying it forward AND teaching Tiffany Haddish the importance of doing the same.
To all those who say they're not funny, laughter is palatable, every taste is not for everyone. What you eat doesn't make another person go to the bathroom{putting it nicely}. Too each is own when it comes to humor.... Kevin spoke nothing but truth, its always black people knocking black people. Thank you Kevin for taking up and standing in front of Tiffany.
I heard from a friend at Paramount studios that Eddie Griffin did the same. Paramount wanted to sign Eddie to one of the biggest deals to date some years ago but he went to the meetings late and acted a fool.
Kevin Hart and tiffany haddish is overrated and not funny . katt Williams spoke real truth on tiffany haddish and now Kevin Hart is in his feelings katt Williams is funnier then both of those overrated mofos
Let that man be the Allen Iverson of Hollywood. Not everyone feels comfortable and at home in Hollywood. Maaan matter of fact phuck Hollywood 😂
That message was good for all of us. Stop blaming and hating on people for our dumb decisions
It’s not one sided... Katt already had an Interview that’s where it started! I don’t take anything away from Katt for exposing shady mess, but at this point in his life he shouldn’t be downing the next comedians hustle just because he chose to take a detour in his own career. Tiffany has hustled her entire life so who is Katt to try to diminish that
Sooooo everyone's right! Tiff and kev not funny they just hyper!! But they gettn coins so make yaw money! And Kat to me is comedy gold but he has screwed himself up by staying in some ish! Katt is better as a comedian, he was correct when he said there was so many females comedians that came b4 tiff that was better but they didn't fit into societies mold of "pretty" so they didn't get the spotlight they deserved . Ok carry on....
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Actress Keke Palmer’s trip to Budapest was so impactful for the star that she documented the moment with some new ink! The "eight-hour" artwork runs from her upper torso down to her hips. https://trib.al/AmjcBSB

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Suge Knight no-contest plea holds the same weight as a guilty plea. Since he is on his third strike based on previous convictions, his 11-year sentence will be doubled for the manslaughter count. https://trib.al/HeZUeeu

At least he avoided "Death Row". 😉 😏 🤭
I thought they say he was dead
Not quite,still in death row
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Our stories, our experiances. We get to finally meet #VioletJones! Cheers, to new beginnings with #SanaaLathan! #NappilyEverAfter is here! #RespresentationMatters #Netflix https://trib.al/WjyNH35

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Pops, I’m home! A son surprises his father with a home visit after recently moving out of state for work! How’s that for #FatherhoodFriday ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 [🎥: @girlsthatsreggie]

Aww that’s beautiful ❤️. I never really had a father present so it warms my heart to see this.
After seeing that stinking dog running around it has triggered my OCD and now i want to bleach hover my house for the 4th time this week .🙈
This made my heart happy to see father and son reunited. May God bless and keep them.
Man, I was that happy to see you when you came to the Ville! Much love!
That made me smile!
That's so nice
Proud Papa <3
Pop missed his buddy.!!!! 👏👏💙
More of this needed.
Awwwwww so beautiful
Black men showing love!!
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The portrayal of this stable Black family was praised for breaking racial stereotypes. Others criticized the show for being unrealistic and allowing White audiences to think that racism and poverty no longer affected the Black-American experience. https://trib.al/S3S5MJA

Well my fam had a fireplace in the "Den" we had a whole Plant life in the living room so much so it spanked you in the face in the foyer. Many a white visitor was amazed we had such a beautiful home. To the point it was beyond luxury. My dad was an Architect my momz was a FAA administrator. We lived in a Jungle inside the home. My fishtanks had all kinds of exotic when you entered the Foyer. I myself was a Hustler of Music. My studio was in the "Den" where the Sliding doors entered the Park like Backyard...baby.
Many families had Swiming pools baby Diana George was the famous Skinny Dipper for us menz. It was exotic over her house, so much so it had a female massager in it at the outher end of the 10ft diving area. No true...
You make both points depending on WHERE YOU LOOK. Not one racial group "has it all". The portrayal was a vision and hope for those that needed that encouragement.
People have cone closer than u think and this really annoying. Bill Crosby will be paying for whatever he has done.
Loved this show and A Different World, and the realistic positive messages. Still watch both...
Plenty of black families were living good or just as better as this show!
Why is it so shocking that black families live like this
It was never unrealistic. People believe as they choose to.
Never watched the Cosby Show
It was just a show. I don't think all white people live like what you see on TV.
I loved the show
Monday September 24,2018.
Great Show...
These devils gone think whatever they want anyways fk what they think
Any member of the White audience that believed that ALL black people were living this way are some of the same idiots who voted for 45 and believe he's a good president . They also believed there were more black people using and abusing welfare than White. Truth is their are more White folks using and abusing it than any other race
I loved this show and still watch it and loved a different world and still watch that too
EBONY10 hours ago

An investigative journalism piece by Golf Digest magazine helped free an innocent Black man from a Buffalo, New York prison. Valentino Dixon, got to take in the fresh air this week after spending almost 30 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit....

Imprisoning an innocent person is one of the worst crimes committed in this country.
Valentino Dixon Marquitta Whitehead Carmelitta Penny
EBONY23 hours ago

"At Revolt, everyone’s always open minded and always coming together for a solution. It didn’t really feel that way at my old employer. There, the people weren’t empowered to have voices or to speak, and I think that’s very important in a creative environment." Joe...

You mean they didn't back you up when you were in your feelings???
EBONY23 hours ago

The new parents are learning to navigate the busy music industry and still make time for their 2-month-old, who they have kept out of the public eye. #AllForKulture https://trib.al/i1DEslt

Could not pay me to leave my baby that young.
Nah they was watching black ink crew 🙄😂
They FaceTime their child while in the club? And this is okay? 😕
Has cardi b done a Michael Jackson on us
Aww Knots ..
EBONY24 hours ago

The portrayal of this stable Black family was praised for breaking racial stereotypes. Others criticized the show for being unrealistic and allowing White audiences to think that racism and poverty no longer affected the Black-American experience. https://trib.al/FI30XpS

The Cosby Show showed us a life and family dynamic different than any other black family ever portrayed on television before. Void of poverty and dysfunction. It made us dream and reach for better. It made us want to strive for better. Research has shown it inspired more African Americans to attend college. The show appealed to a diverse audience while helping to dispel stereotypes. No racism wasn’t wiped from American society, and the show didn’t seek to cause us to think so. It was entertaining , educational and inspirational! It was art impacting reality!
Bring back the Cosby show
I want this show back. We can have all of these other shows live on and Supreme Court justices and presidents who have done things that have kept their jobs. Why can’t I watch the Cosby Show?
I would love to see this show again it was good
Pills and automobiles
Love this show. Bring it back
When we had something to look forward to watching on TV. Now it's all crappy reality shows.
Sad part is, during the show’s initial run, some of it’s biggest detractors were black people. “A doctor and a lawyer? Happily married and raising kids together? HOW RIDICULOUS!!”. Crabs in a barrel I swear 😞😣😒...
Will always be the best show ever, no matter what they try to say or do. Can't taking away Greatness 1 number
I love this show still!!! ❤️❤️❤️
A flawed Genius; newsflash, he ain't the first.
I still love this show and would love to see it's reruns on TV again.Growing up my home life was not loving and lack support from my family, when I watch this show when it was on NBC, although no family is perfect, the Huxtables was an idea family to me and I would dream of being a part of that family, even though they were fictional.
Best tv since old Soul Train and Sesame Street
Love it and still watch!!!
"I Spy" was a very good series
Where would we be without Cosby show ! Very influential 👍
Much love & respect for Cosby for this!..
If you have cable you can catch the shows on TVONE
It was and still is 🔥
Still on TV1
A great show
Loved the show. Still do. Still watch it. If Charlie Sheen can still be on the air with Two And A Half Men, so can Bill Cosby. Critics of the show then and now need to sit down and shut up.
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Following Gillum’s Democratic Primary win, DeSantis appeared on Fox News issuing a warning to Florida voters not to “monkey this up” by voting for Gillum & now his supporter tweets “F–k THE MUSLIM N—er” about Obama... https://trib.al/5Hnx4OB

Let me pretend that this behavior surprises me 😒
What is wrong with these Racist Republican and their ignorant supporters that they can't get the fact that former President Obama and Hillary Clinton are not in office now. This only goes to show they have a one track mind stupidity.
And I patiently await some.positive information from this site. The ignorance of 45 followers is predictable. Moving right along 😎😎
Obama is not running for anything that I know of get off his stick.
We will Remember U In November!!
Are they gonna send. Dawg the Bounty Hunter to look for this guy. Like they have him looking for the guy that threatened Trump on social media???
He got the womens permission to go gay!# women do we all agree?
Called President Obama a Muslim N. But that was not racist????????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Showing you who he is....believe him!
Hell naw aint no women chasing you!#shut up until we do
Why? Obama dont have to rape nobody matter of FACT women will throw the pussy on him not your ass you mad or naw blame your parents for mating not Obama he had nothing to do with your virginity he was too busy losing HIS own
DeSantis couldn't run a worse campaign if Bull Connor was his manager. The hell?
Imagine living in Florida where the racists live. Every African American, Hispanic, Caribbean, and Some Asians have at least one encounter with a racist for now reason. I love my state and it's Duval 'till I die but I'm happy to be out.
Ignorance breeds ignorance. Inbreeding really should be illegal in all 50 states!
What a dumbass
EBONY1 day ago

“It took about a hundred drawings before Golf Digest noticed, but when we did, we also noticed his conviction seemed flimsy. So we investigated the case and raised the question of his innocence,” wrote the magazine’s editor Max Adler. 27 years later... FREEDOM Valentino Dixon!...

Thank you Golf Digest! 😎✊🏽❤️
EBONY1 day ago

“The truth is when we stay home, things stay the same or they get worse, but when we all vote we get new ideas and new energy. We get leaders who share our values and listen to our voices. That’s how we change America.”

God I pray she decides to run for president in 2020! This woman will forever be my First Lady!
Still in good standing.. Bless U n Family!
I Love You TBE Team Bronshaè Entertainment ✍🏾💋
vote or no vote......black people will fare the same in America...even under obama
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Who want the 💨!? “The fact that there are people thinking that you f***ed my wife and you’re not saying nothing and you’re carrying it like that, that doesn’t sit well with my spirit.” Kanye West https://trib.al/mh9S99R

Then he better let her know she " off limits". Apparently everyone got the memo but her. I've seen Kim's ass more in the past ten years then my own!
I don't care for Kim and Kanye lost my respect but he is doing what any husband should. Regardless of her past that is his wife. End of story.
"Oh beloved" in my Iyanla voice that bish got a car fax report on all those miles bruh chill TF out
Boy sit down her cooch has the check engine light on from before she got with u
This coming from a man who likes his wife posting nearly naked photos on social media for all to see...this coming from a man who says he would smash his wife’s sisters... and he wants others to show respect towards him and his wife. Really Kanye??? You’re literally nuts man.
You married a ho. Admit it and the pill will be easier to swallow
Well she passes it around like a cookie tray at a Christmas party
Who cares about Kim's body count when there are hoes everywhere, even younger than 17 years old. So there's no need of being highly hypocritical unless you're a virgin. I find it crazy that people really hate on women for doing what a lot of these men do. The double standards needs to stop. If you judge Kim for showing too much of her skin then judge Nicki Minaj too. Judge these models that do naked photoshoots. Judge these rappers and sports stars who sleeps around. If you judge one then judge all.
Kim K body count is massive Yes Ye she's been through the wire. You knew this you knew her coochie was worn and used. It's funny how this info that the world knew is offending your spirt. When offending someones spirt you first need to look at the man n the mirror did it matter to you when you bought the rights to Whitney's secrets bathroom photo . See we all have secrets only difference is your wife's coochie usage isn't one of them . You worried about the wrong thing Bruh your real worry should be if the next rapper you colab with ain't apart of the pact . #KARMA
Half the people in the entertainment business have been all up in her kitty. She and her sisters picking up where mama left off.
What she did with whom ever she did it with in the past is just that...in the past...a memory! She's married with kids now...RESPECT, OR ELSE!!!
She had her own publicity before him, she's a public figure too so that goes with the territory. He should have picked a different wife for a different life.
He probably did smash sir! All of the black elites probably have. Your wife got famous off of a sex tape. If Ray J can smash I’m sure Drake wouldn’t be an issue 😂🤣😩🤷🏾‍♀️
I respect him for asking everyone who has been or may have been with his wife to please keep quiet. 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤮That’s a lot of requests though. Look, you knew who you married, now you want to put a coat of honor on this mess. Take the crookeds with the straights brother.
I can respect that he wants to defend his wife but really what makes her any more off limits than any of the other women that get disrespected within this genre??? All of those women are someone’s wife, mother, daughter or sister but somehow Kim is special because she’s your wife specifically??? No
Boy...sit down...that's how she got where she is today...don't forget the headlines when yall first hooked up...her leaving your spot in clothes from the night before...
Wasn't a fan, but, I like a man who can stand up for his woman. Respect, deal with the present, leave the past in the past.
Maybe he doesnt realize a lot of folks have
Even though we all know she’s been with a lot of rich and famous men, I like that he always stands up for her. That’s his wife. He should speak up.
The entire family have made billions posting kiki's naked body and sexcapades all over the internet for years...ooohhh...but now u mad??? FOH
Exactly, she has mileage a list of those that she wanted to add mileage on with.. She is not the Woman at the Well Seeking REPENTANCE and she is not the Proverbs 31 either. Just my Thoughts.
What’s the problem, we met your wife on her back. Thought you married because she slept with everyone you know and work with; from the Jacksons to any negro on a sports team. So what difference does one more co worker neighbor make. She’s like a birthday cake...every one gets a piece.
Yo not a very good judge of character...Yo wife has had more hits then a cricket ball in a World Series Cricket Match 🏏🏏🏏
So his wife sees shows her ass every chance every chance she gets and u are surprised other men are saying they slept with her
EBONY1 day ago

Colin Kaepernick & Dave Chapelle are being honored because both have significantly contributed to the African American history and culture & advocated for our right on this American soil! We couldn't be more proud #BlackExcellence https://trib.al/TOyJ5eQ

They burned the sneakers. Let’s see them burn the offers to attend Harvard or pull their kids out of that university.
It shall be said of both of you in years to come, in management case studies and history books, you stood up when it was not easy to do so. Future generations will thank you for standing up for their liberties and human right not to be killed due to the colour of their skin, and be denied justice.
Yes now they will boycott Harvard and more minorities may attend😍
Congratulations nothing but luv for the both of them
Congratulations to both of them for their support
Nice ❣ Congrats
I freaking love this!! ♥️💪🏿✊🏿
Congrat... Proud of you
He will be gone when 45 get enough backbone.
Yvonne Gray
Jason D. Thompson
Manuel Anderson Henriquez
Alex Herrera
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“If you want more shootings, more death, then listen to the ACLU, Antifa, BLM and groups who do not know the reality of policing, If you want public safety, then listen to the police who have been intensely studying this for decades.” Jeff Sessions

In reality, Sessions is blaming FREEDOM for the increased shooting. If only they still had slavery, back to a time only a white male had the right to own and vote. His view is that of the majority where black on black crime is news and white on white is somehow a rarity.
How stupid are you really Jeff Sessions?
So who is he blaming for all the school shootings and cop killers, because it sure in the hell isn't BLM, ALCU OR THE NAACP😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
News flash bonehead: the groups you cited aren't committing mass shootings like the one in Maryland today, the one in Parkland, Florida in February or the one in Vegas. Now put that feather in your cap
This guy deserves everything he's getting from Trump...
Hey Jeff Sessions who is responsible for the mass school shootings?
You need to remain silent , like you did when. Carrot Top said he did'nt have an atourey general
But whose commiting ALL the mass shootings tho???
Y'all noticed that he did not mention the violence of the KKK and other violent right-wing groups that has been ongoing for more than a hundred years.
& As Long As White People Continue To Think Like That, Black Folk, Keep Your Children Out Of White Folks Schools, 'Cause Those School Shootings Are Going To Continue To Happen, Except They Are Going To Get A Whole Lot Worse! #keepthemout
I blame people like him for continuous LYING TO THE PUBLIC about everything from race to war that's the real problem.
White people do more killing then black people do. The government is putting guns in our communities like they did crack
This man is a pathetic delusional racist who lost his testicles and apparently his mind since working for 45. Jeff Sessions is definitely not qualified to hold this office or any other for that manner.
Why we must vote Blue. Today In our country guys like this want us voluntarily to vote for a Republican and their agenda to give away our rights and freedoms as Americans for sole purpose of reducing our numbers and or controlling us is non negotiable. They keep looking for stupid people to cross over to succeed.
I am not listening to somebody who can mistake his house for mine and come in and kill me.
Wow. Blaming victims for standing up. Like the British blamed Americans for standing up. This is not good. Standing up to racist and racist policies is being outlawed. Feeling sorry for Klan and Natzi's is the focus. We have sunk to a new low. Vote Blue because you're life and freedom depends on it.
Sessions is an old school red neck. If he could, he would lynch Uncle Ben Carson on the White House Lawn swinging from the balcony.
This BRAIN DEAD POS needs to pull his head out of his butt. His antics of the past are just that past.
For one...those that reduce Black Lives Matter to "BLM" are minimizing the movement by initializing the very important words. They do so, of course, because by actually saying those three words you are verbalizing a truth that they do not subscribe to.
Who did all the mass shootings? They want to blame anyone different from their political thoughts
What about that terrorist group NRA???
Flipping the script aren't Jeff.
That what dumbed down education among a large number of Americans will get you: sheep for a population. They will eat up anything said by these nuts.
He's had the opportunity & the Power to make changes in the Gun Laws but, 45 has tied his Hands & the NRA has his feet shackled!
What how come y'all haven't get rid of this clown. He's too old to even think he's too old to be making comments. All I know he got Alzheimer's. At this point in the wood looks when he look in the color of his hair he got some time as if he don't even have any of the hymers
EBONY1 day ago

“Referring to Iyanla as a ‘fake’ and a ‘fraud’ could have serious implications on the casting process for #IyanlaFixMyLife and her reputation... At this point, this is defamation and there should be consequences.” https://trib.al/oRAgKzn

I'm leaving it right here, Iyanla can't fix your life no way. I think and know Jesus can fix everything and everyone. Just ask Him.
Mmmm Iyanla might be reaching a bit. Plus did she expose something so personal without asking Tamar’s permission. That might be the bigger issue at hand.
Iyalna is the real deal. She's not a fake or a miracle worker. She takes you to the source of your pain and challenge you to rid it of its power. For many people, walking into that lion's den is more terrifying than death. But if you have the courage to relive it, face it head on and..."DO THE WORK" you can live all over again. I am a PROUD student of her teachings and her work! #team Iyanla
I'm sorry but I'm tripping so let's bring the Elephant up shall we. First off I love Tamar but, she is very immature and a big drama queen. And all this she's the youngest of the family is nothing but excuses. Most of us are the youngest of our families and don't need the attention she needs so I call B.S. Second you go on this woman's show for help and call her a fraud Because she hit you with TRUTH. Sorry babygirl but, even the good book says that it's going to hurt no ones going to sugar coat with a lie. Then of all things Tamar goes to Wendy Williams who show is tabloid centre and spills the tea to Wendy of all people. Come on now!!!! And your calling Iyanla fake but you choose to tell Wendy. Girl please!!! She was host of The Real so how about we keep it that. Wendy Williams or Iyanla Vanzant I think I'll go with Iyanla and have my feelings hurt I'll get over it TRUTH supposed to hurt to get to being better.
But technically she doesn't have any credentials, right? Like she's not a legit therapist or dr ...I believe, but please correct me if i am wrong.
It’s a show for entertainment purposes. I never truly feel like she is there to help anyone. She’s a life coach and doesn’t have the experience to help most of her guests. I’m not sure why people agree to go on her show. Iyanla used to be cool back in the 90s but it’s different now.
I'm so over and tired of Tamar. Honestly, she needs to grow up. I mean she is already IN LOVE with another man. Girl please 😬🙄
Iyanla earned all my respect when the show aired about the six male siblings whose parents abandoned them. I cried throughout both episodes. Iyanla healed that family and she’s helped many families. Tamar is just being Tamar who I think by now, everyone is sick of. If it’s not about Tamar and not positive about Tamar then there’s a problem. When Tamar’s siblings had marital problems she was the most vocal and most negative of all. Once the shoe was on the other foot she jumped ship and wouldn’t talk to anyone. Everyone knew when she shaved her head, she was lost!!!
I’m not saying a negative about iyanla. But as a LMSW. When doing therapy there are different modalities. However truth without compassion or empathy is brutality to the individual receiving the truth. Especially if they are living a different truth
Tamar don’t know if she is coming or going! She has ran that uncontrollable mouth on the wrong woman!!! Iyanla, sue her Beloved!!!!😊
The people who are coming on her show are beyond fixable because they don't see nothing is wrong with them!! They are in denial about their lives. If they feel that strong about Iyanla being a fraud or fake, why call her. Go see Dr. Phil because he is just as rough as Iyanla. Celebrities and common folks want to try to blame everyone and everything for their problems but themselves. Tamar is extra and she knows it!!!
Good for Iyanla! Tamar should have never went. Iyanla don't sugar coat anything. She always says I can't fix your life but I can give you the tools but you have to do the work.
So I guess Tamar has never watched an episode of Iyanla? You can't heal what you won't confront.
Iyanla is rough, but how can you fix yourself if the person that is trying to help can't be brutally honest. Tamar knew what she signed up for. And Iyanla must not be that bad, Neffe came back. I 🤷🏿‍♀️
She should! It's too much of Tamar! If she can't have her way or be the center of attention then the whole world is wrong.
Why didn’t iyanla ask Tamara before bringing up something so personal and painful in front of the world? I get that she is trying to help the family but there is a way to handle something so personal. I get that they are in the public eye but this seems to be a secret that she has held onto and was willing to hold onto!! No one had the right to bring that up but her and that option was obviously taken away from her🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
I like iyanla, but didn't she call Neffi a "guttersnipe, straight up out the hood"...js...😀
Sounds like Iyanla needs thick skin like she’s telling other women to get. If she knows she’s not. That shouldn’t bother her. It should only effect her if she actually is indeed a fraud
Tamar you went to far, as usual. Now, the lawsuit drama begins. Ms. Vanzant is going to protect her brand. Rightfully so. It is always your mouth.
Im not sure if she ever professed to being a therapist, all I ever heard her say was that she was a life coach. I think others gave her that title.
Iyanla has always said, “I’m not a licensed therapist or psychiatrist...I’m a life coach and spiritual advisor.” She was invited to appear on the Braxton’s finally you didn’t have to participate, you’ve been ghost all season anyway. Another Tamar tantrum!
Tamar is a fake and a fraud...she needs psychiatric help. Life coach Ms Iyanla is...but helping Tamar see herself from the inside out....only God can do. Sue her for defamation....and glow on Ms Iyanla!
Tamar doesn't want to change. That's obvious. You can't help anyone who doesn't want to be helped. Most people can't deal with the truth that's why they don't like Iyanla.
Iyanla doesn't look for them , the people contact the show and if she is a fake and a fraud prove it Just don't say something without facts to back it up
Tamar will never be able to see past the tip of here own nose it seems like and is her own enemy. She was doing so good again now this. I'd have to agree with sueing her. I hate to see this happen. It's like Tamar pulled Iyanla into the Braxton Family Values Show instead of Iyanla pulling them into Iyanla Fix My Life. Can't fix anyone who always feels attack or that nothing is wrong.
EBONY1 day ago

Who want the 💨!? “I understand you used to date my wife, but you get in an interview, don’t mention my wife. If you get in an interview and someone brings her up, you say, ‘I respect that man” Kanye West https://trib.al/CraulJY

Baby 👋 bye -your wife made her own self a punch line way before there was “Kimye” - if you can speak of slaves having choices, everything is fair game.
Did he respect Whitney?
Well, he’s not getting any sympathy. You put Whitney’s pictures on your album after her death but you want respect for your family??? It doesn’t work that way.
What kind of man brings up a married ex in an interview? That’s really childish and unimpressive.
Poor Kanye... that's why u don't marry someone everyone has had!
Kanye, we’ll respect Kim when you start respecting yourself. Since that’ll never happen I guess she’ll always be fair game 👍🏽👍🏽.
How many of you are registered to vote? And actually vote? How about that on your timeline, feeds, and news updates? #lame #sheep
Clearly she is not and has NEVER been off limits.
I’m not mad I applaud Kanye good man for sticking up for your wife. And what does someone’s past have to do with anything? Why is Nick still bringing it up?
So...he just gon’ leave Ray “I hit it first” J out of his rant? Selective memory much or does he NOT want the smoke? Also, insert phrasing about turning hoes into housewives. ✌🏾
Hate to break it to you kanye but most guys are going to bring her up in a topic. She has a friggin sex video everyone knows about she appeared in with Ray j. Oh! And she craves media attention pretty much 24/7 since she feels the need to post selfies of herself on a semi-daily basis. In short I don't think people respect her or her family since they all like the attention they get. You knew what you were getting when you hooked up and married her dude. Lol
Kim wasn’t worried abt tht when she was mkg the rounds🤷🏽‍♀️ it is public knowledge..
It is so funny what Kanye said. I am on the floor my belly hurts. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kanye has a whole phone book to go through, Nick is just the first name he turned to! 😂😂😂😂
She is not off limits she is the problem
Boy bye! Everybody done followed down that rabbit hole. #getoutyofeelings #youmarriedahoe #faceit
She's famous for being with Ray J and they made a sex tape so what is he talking about?
Who does he think he is???? You sentenced yourself to that bed...now you have to lie in it just like everyone already has!!!
Well, this is what happens when you marry a woman who has been passed around a few times - publicly. You should expect that.
no wonder why Reggie bush didnt wanna marry kim
Oh please he doesn't even respect her as he's posted pics of her naked ass for the world to see. She's got a sex tape and has slept w/several men. She will be discussed. Next!
No one marries a virgin these days. He is fighting for the respect of his WIFE. All this man is asking for is respect. If it happened long time ago he had no power over that but if it happens again as they are married then fine Kim is to be questioned. They are married and they should keep him and his wife out their mouth. There may be that one thing that Kim does that makes Kanye very happy or a better man that no woman can. He is just asking for respect. Its all about happiness. He is happy with Kim as a union. Go find yours and work on it so it will stay not divorce.
Like the pot calling the kettle black, take your on advice, you have imposed yourself on others, u reap what you sow
Kanye bugging Nick Cannon was very respectful. Ye’ should be more mad at Vlad for bringing her up, in the context of butt IMPLANTS etc
Please....this comin from the man who bought and used Whitney Houstons drug bathroom picture..GTFOH Ain't NOBODY sweatin Ol run thru Kim K😂😂😂😂😂
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Off-White’s aesthetic is based on deconstruction and the reimagining of ideas. It has become known for collaborating with other brands including Levi’s and Moncler. Virgil Abloh’s company arguably has Nike’s most coveted sneakers at the moment. https://trib.al/z6bYht4

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Morris allegedly demanded money for the unborn baby and damages from an interview, on which Drake claimed not to know her. Drake is seeking damages for civil extortion, fraud, defamation, abuse of process and intentional infliction of emotional distress. https://trib.al/T3mybgV