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Take your travel to the next level with the love of your life - these destinations are perfection!

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The deal would settle a lawsuit in Detroit federal court. The agreement sets a 2020 deadline to replace lead or galvanized-steel lines serving Flint homes. Michigan and the federal government would pay for the job, which could cost nearly $100 million.

Bernetta Butler ABOUT TIME! Cause LEMONHEAD AINT SAYING NOTHING. Oh yea hell give his daughter a DAng Office though...smch😡👎
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July 7th can't get here soon enough! The film, which reboots the story of Peter Parker and focuses on the hero as a teen, has an eclectic and diverse cast featuring Zendaya, Donald Glover, and Bokeem Woodbine to name a few.

Latoya Solomon Bookeem back i wondered what happened to him.
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Pulitzer-Prize winner Roger Wilkins championed many causes for African-Americans in the 1960s and went on to be one of the country's most prolific writers on race. Our condolences and prayers go out to the friends and family of this incredible man. May he rest is...

Lonnie Watson Rip in peace mr.Wilkins/Mr. Bond both strong civil rights leaders.
Valerie Bridges Condolences to the family...such a trailblazer
Laura Andrades S.I.P condolences to family and friends
Jessica Hammons Rip
Paul Dee Rest in heaven
Stephanie Greene Take your rest Sir
John Craighead R.I.P Brother Warrior 😎✊
Corey Glaze Rip to our brother
Earl Fleming Rip
Yusuf Abdus Sabur RIP Mr Wilkins!
Israel King Jr RIP
Tawanda Harper Rip
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#Opinion: Instead of yelling at her from afar, perhaps you should attend events that women interested in men go to.

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Why Trump's Administration budget cuts may detrimentally affect the very environment African-American's live in.

David Harold Hunt Here is where we as the African Community need to concentrate on the advancement of our culture into the space age. More focus on the future and becoming scientifically literate. We are so far behind on this, WE NEED TO PUSH FORWARD EMPHASIS ON THE POSITIVE SIDE OF LIFE.Space camp is a place where your enthusiasm for space is shared among friends, family and various communities. "What did I do after space camp and what impact did it have on me?" I became a space camp ambassador. As space camp ambassador it was “Boots on the ground” here in Los Angeles, seeking help from non-profit foundations, organizations, corporations, and companies on ways to investment into our future children and space labor force. I personally, seeking ways to get group of 12 economically disadvantaged, blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing and those who have other special needs from the Los Angeles area to space camp a week-long, or week end in Huntsville Alabama, during the summer and fall months eligibility toward receiving the ambassadors discount rate. These special needs people have a certain depth of sensory normal people don't explore because they don't have to, special needs children, deaf, blind, hearing impaired and economically disadvantage can activate their mental powers and even open a gateway to another universe. These funds would be ear marked for the Los Angeles community and would love to include the exposure and visit to Space-X of Los Angeles and JPL located at 4800 Oak Grove Dr, Pasadena, CA 91109 (ground transportation to and from and perhaps lunch) pick-up and returned to a central location in Los Angeles. How do we empower the economically disadvantaged, who lack of access to wealth and influence blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing and those who have other special needs to move and adapt to a changing environment? This is not only a job for teachers this is the responsibility of our citizens who have been exposed to space camp. Education through exposure, exploring for answers, inspire, and stimulate interest in space and space science literacy, technology, engineering and mathematics. It’s not so much about who gets to go into space, but what happens in our world every day that we take for granted, the everyday applications that come from space exploration. Further information regarding this endeavor contact The U.S. Space and Rocket Center/space camp is a foundation 501 C(3) organization tax are which deductible. Donors may establish an endowment scholarship or Memorial scholarship. As a space camp ambassador it’s my responsibility to continues our traditional means of outreach through print, television, and live events, along with adapted emerging technologies such as social media that allows greater access and participation by the public and Space Camp Ambassadors.
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What’s better than one great comedian on stage? TWO great comedians!

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#Opinion: Both parties contributed to the relationship's demise.

Bernadtee Hill Who cares and ppl need to mind their own business.
Karen Gadson Who cares
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The Raiders will be packing up and moving to Las Vegas beginning with the 2020 season.

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Barry Jenkins, along with Plan B and Amazon are developing the "Underground Railroad".

Kirkland Hackett Awesomeness
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#Opinion: The conservative political commentator is not just the "other side" of the racial argument.

Sara Simmons Please stop giving exposure to this mediocre white supremacist. She is severely uneducated and inarticulate, and the only reason why she's so widely exposed is because she's young, thin and blond. We have bigger fish to fry.
Tracey Tre Delaney Ugh I'm tired of seeing this chick in my timeline! She's annoying and doesn't care about POC or their causes so why should Ebony even give this twat waffle anymore attention!
Wayne Mack The problem with us as a race we limit ourselves to one side thinking even though that one side is not moving us forward as a race
Tamika Massey Ebony I don't understand the reason why you're talking about her she do not like black Americans
Nada Atman Steele FOH, stop giving attention to White Supremacists!
Ashley Tyrone Smith She's anything but, and i say this as a hetero-black male 😄
Dion Marley She was a racist before she made the comment and she is still a racist. She is dead to African Americans.
Mozelle Beasley Operative Word is "White!"
Alexander Tee Baby Ann Coulter
Queenly Ioness Dick Sucking Ass White Bitches don't like
Tamika Lee Rob Really Ebony? Smh
Debra Reeves She's another brainwashed fool
Marie Laveaux why is ebony covering a racist prick?
Della Chinn Because she is white and a dumb blond
Daryl Beale Ftb
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#TechReview: These wireless headphones are a must for travelers.

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Police are still looking for clues in the deadly shooting at a #Cincinnati nightclub. Here's what we know.

Diane Weaver-Harvey So Again Some One Lost Their Life Over An Arguement? & Over A Dozen Wounded? But We Shall Over Come? ((When?)) By Broadcasting Our Unity From The Grave? Wise Up Fam...We Can Do Greater Then This! Ase!
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Smino is the freshest voice coming out of St. Louis since Nelly introduced mainstream to “Country Grammar”.

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Uncle Snoop is also planning a special tribute for his late friend.

Lance Mallett #EnvironmentalGreenandCleanTour nationwide construction workforce training GotTheLeadOut.com
Denise Brown I love it. Yes
Darlene Willis About time yes
Andre Solomons Solomons Get it done SN double OP DO double GG caz
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#AltonSterling's death, a day before another fatal police shooting in Minnesota, sparked widespread protests.

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A recently settled case in Hancock County, Ga., illustrates how voter repression can sprout up where protections is not enforced.

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Stormy Wellington explains the ins and outs of direct marketing and its stigma. Take a look:

Lance Mallett #EnvironmentalGreenandCleanTour nationwide construction workforce training GotTheLeadOut.com
Chanel Renae Gray Chonita Nicole Saw this and thought of u
Tammy Shamburger Rodney A Williams
Gabrielle Montgomery-Walker Domonique Montgomery
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Now, family members of the deceased have accused the department of committing a reckless pursuit.

Darley Tankey Prayers for the family
Arlene Delice Good
Tameka Timmons LHM
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What happens if your date actually likes Red Lobster? What happens if that last basket of cheddar bay biscuits is the key to bae’s heart? Find out how this first-date phenomena is making its rounds on social media.

Brent Quarles Interesting article. I definitely wouldn't look down on someone for their choice of restaurants, but I think Red Lobster has sort of become the "cliche" of baller restaurants. Please add a liberal amount of sarcasm to "baller".
Victor Hagan Why are people hating on Red Lobster? If it was good enough for LL Cool J back in the day then it should be good enough for you. lol
Alisha Collier Red Lobster is fun AF and you live in the South (like me) then that's one of the only major chain seafood restaurants around. There are other, niche seafood places that I like but seafood is seafood. Captain D's is good, too. People need stop acting like they BEEN had it...
Chel'le Eva The shrimp taste like the shrimp in the frozen section of the grocery store "sea pak"... its a regular ol eating place in my opinion... let's go to the Waffle House 😳😩😜😂 since he's not trying to impress and we just honngree, lol
Oveta Gilliard Well...Let's eat seafood...it's okay to like where you like...or go to the fish market and make a family feast...well I'm going to get something and relax for the day..😍😎
Paul Sleet Blacks like Red Lobster...racist.
Abram Dennis Red lobster is the bottom of the barrel.
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#Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins adapting Colson Whitehead's “The Underground Railroad” and developing a limited drama series. Get the goods here!

Carolyn Denise Lindsey-Grobes I tried to read that book and couldn't get past the first chapter. I'll look at it again.
Monique Evans Good book..
Yolanda Asti http://m-ndoan.blogspot.co.id/2017/02/cinema-21.html
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Congrats to the happy couple!

Vince Green What's next? Adults marrying children. It can and probably will happen. Ten years ago who would have thought this would be accepted. Once a moral decline start it effects all! Resist by unfollwing Ebony for their support and promotion of the unnatural.
Evangilist Bridget Sharpe Im sure they are both very nice people and the Lord still loves both of them but He does not condone homosexuality and it is a sin so they will have to except the consquences for the act from a religious prospective. In the mean time no one has the right to bully them hate on them or abuse them and claim to be representing God. They are stil human beings.
Missy Nash Im here to read the comments lol😭
J.D. Hunter I agree Vince. John Johnson must be turning over in his grave. Ebony is more like the national enqirour
Aquilla E French-Cruz Ridiculous
Nay JG Bye ebony
Chris Leonard Straight fuckery
Marcy Pearson Beautiful!
Howard Gomez Keep it on the DL
Stephanie Steele-Braxton Congrats
Nakesha Skerritt-philip Congrats ❤️😌😀
Peggy Williams Both are " beautiful women "
Seronica Garrett Beautiful couple
Janet Cousins Why is Ebony endorsing this perversion?
Wanda Hill Beautiful!
Mateusz Świetlicki They both look gorgeous!
Sparkle Edwards Hummm
Donnette Rodrigues Piper and Pusse? Wow didn't know that
Luisa Clemente they look so beautiful
Theresa Tessie Dobey That pants suit outfit is nice. I love it!
Brenee French Aww
Sophia Brown Marriage is between a man and a woman.
Demi Holmes Kashy Precious Holmes wow didn't know this
SheSo Flye Dysh
Stacy Reid Dominique OneofaKind Wilkie
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What an amazing way for Snoop Dogg to honor the legacy of his friend.

Ebony Naylor Just debating with a co worker today about my love Tupac, he had the most ridiculous things to stay about him and I told this person, of course you may feel that way if you couldn't relate or understand him, he was a poet on many levels. And there is never a list of greatest of all time with Tupac Shakur.
Kari Ensley On my way to work this morning I heard that he was in fact being inducted... that made my eyes water. I'm so proud of my baby! #yep, I'm still down #4ever my baby #say his name affiliated with this muthafuccin' game #rest in peace baby ❤💋😘
Melissa Anistead Tupac beat out Chaka Khan. She was nominated and didn't get in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Tamika Massey I don't understand this how he get nominated before Janet Jackson she should be in that category not Tupac
Grangran Pollard Public enemy #2 is not invited. Congrats to Tupac.
Juan Branham I hope he PAC is indeed indicucted into the Hall of Fame with the many other great ones
Shauna Marie This is a good thing. Congrats Tupac
Joey Glocs Tupac had no friends remember me against the world that wasnt just a song it was the truth people dont understand who pac really was he was a poet a truth teller like the man u all hate donald trump
Don Johnson We need a hiphop hall of fame.
Craig Hampton Good look snoop
Nikki Richardson-James That's what's ☝
Daryl Beale Don't throw around that F word.
Sandra Taylor Awesome
Darnell Sergio Headings That's what's up Snoop
Michelle Greene WONDERFUL
Marnita Stovall-Brown Awesome!!!!
Gwyneth Carpenter Yes
Kathy Palmer Thank you Snoop Dogg
Rae Lynn Megan Edmonds
Darnesha Sellers Mikki Maxwell
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It was an extremely rough and volatile weekend for New Jersey rapper, Fetty Wap.

Dee Washington He didn't see it coming. I had to do it, thank you.
Ebony19 hours ago

Look at God!

Tameka Timmons Wont he do it ?
Ebony19 hours ago

James Jackson came to New York to violently attack Black men, he says in an interview, and that the one he killed was a "practice run."

Cynthia Gibson Racist coward picked a vunerable weak man. Try that on one of these young brothers. You'll really hate them after that ass dusting. Stabbing somebody in the back like the coward you are. What happened? A brother take your girl and she wanted him?
David Fuller He turned himself in for a reason. Probably knows he will be released. Maybe he wanted to get caught to get to someone already locked up. He knows exactly what and why he did it. Has nothing to do with his reason given. Too easy.
Dion Marley Why is this ape being allowed to speak. The family of the victim doesn't need this kind of disrespect. Black men have never been allowed to make statements after murdering someone. This is outrageous!!! Who cares what this beast thinks.
Shereen Collington To the beautiful human being that this terrorist killed: it makes me so sad that your life ended this way. You, a human being, a melanated human being, a man, a father, son, brother, uncle, husband, US citizen, a senior citizen, someone's friend, a spiritual being, a soul, a life...you were special to someone. You mattered. This terrorist act against you based solely on the color of your skin proves why the black lives matter and all lives matter movements are necessary. Your killer chose to act like an animal. Yet there are animals more humane. Thankfully we live in a time where these acts are no longer being tolerated. May stiffer sentencing be enforced on white race-ists such as this person so that this evil is no longer spread. One love.
Laura Baptiste He should have been killed as well. Yes, "an eye for an eye" should apply in this country. All violent crimes.
Sid Victorian Lol that fool gonna last about as long as dahmer. He about to get his title shot , with a young black thug. Lol
Jeff Jack That is it for your evil ass no more practice for you, prison and protective custody or else you will become the next victim and i hope that you do.
James Anderson Sad part there a lot of people that think just like him.
Radford Johnson where you are going you will have plenty of opportunity to engage in hand to hand combat with all the bruhs you want...
Rosemarie Mazzocca This was a terrorist attack,it happens daily across America!
Irma Lavache My condolences and My deepest sympathies to Mr Timothy Caughman family and may his souls Rest In Peace!
Corey Campbell Black People. The time has come to get armed legally.
Bertha Whittington It would be funny if he is in a cell with a black man.
Sandra Jenise Wynn No that was the one he could take he's in NY his practice run could have been anybody
Jane Smith And their are more like him! Stay woke!
Zoe Ford Give this trash the maximum sentence!!!
Tameka Timmons Sick animal
Diane Weaver-Harvey Who Keeps Interviewing This PoS? Dude Shut Up!
Connie Jessie Like they are going to practice running up in his ass at Rikers.
Jackie Burwell Stop showing his pic please!!!
Brenda K Moon Premeditated he's done
Russ Jones So, I see another Trump voter made the headlines.
Tameka Timmons Dont drop that soap brutha man
Dolores Childs Don't drop the soap.
Melvin Graham 🙁
Ebony20 hours ago

Prayers for Brandy Rusher!

Gloria Alee Praying for Ms. Rusher and family. Also ask those of conscience step forward to reveal the names of the shooters. Two people killed (one was Brandy's brother). R.I.P.
Howard Gomez someone knows who was the shooter..they just aint saying.
Kitty Cowart Praying God heal this young lady and let her pull through this tragedy.
Lofton Jeeryy Yasmine Smith We was just going down top model memory lane earlier
Sandra Baker Asking God heal and restoreher to complete health as I post this in Jesus name
Kathleen LaFond Praying Healing Prayers for this young lady. 🙏
Mahbod Moghadam her wiki: https://www.everipedia.com/brandy-rusher/ - so talented! love her
Andrea Smith PRAYING
Della Chinn Prayers
Patricia Brooks Hope she's ok!!
Kiah Stubbs omg smdh
MsNiyafirstlady Smith Praying for Brandy and her family..
Brenda Johnson Praying
Crystal Wallace Praying 👏
Travis Moore https://www.everipedia.com/brandy-rusher/ RIP, a wiki in memory.
Claven Wilson Healing in JESUS NAME AMEN
Annette Stennette My prayers for her🙏🏾🙏🏾
Sandra Taylor Prayers for the family
Margaret Edwards Prayers to you and family
Dorothy Harris 🙏🏾
Luwam Ki Not too surprising
Joe Mills Evil a** country producting evil a** people
Karen Robinson Smith 🙏🏾
Carol Brown OMG! Praying
June B Brown 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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Sessions, The Raiders - here's the news you may have missed today!

Ebony21 hours ago

Can you guess?

Brent Quarles In all fairness to Ebony, most media outlets use headlines as a way of drawing in readers to a particular story. If the headlines read "United Airlines....strict dress code for buddy passes..."most of us would have skipped right over it.
Brent Quarles I guess it depends on how tight and possibly how translucent the Leggings were. Some ladies wear them and you pretty much can see everything. Some Leggings are akin to stockings. Wear them at the gym, at home, or wear a decent cover top.
Candice Racquel My husband works for an airline and as a frequent flier, I, as well as our family & friends know the company's dress policy. We can fly practically all over the world for FREE!!! I don't mind abiding by the dress code. The tweeter or whatever they call ppl who tweet just started an uproar over something she knew nothing about, just picking a fight for pleasure. 🙄
Jae Domanic If ure using the employee discount pass... I agree even tho no one is asking aye are you an employee but hey you want the perks then get with the program. I see nothing wrong with it. However the person that leaked this story of what they saw shouldve kept it to themselves the people that werent allowed was fine and didnt cause a scene
Nicole Collins I guess we have resorted to fake headlines...sad. This article and the fake misleading headline is contrary to this group's own purpose. I'm done...
Chris Cuaron I do hope ebony read the entire article of United Airlines policy on Employee Passes..... it was not meant for the General Paying Public
Monica Wilson IF, your a traveling employee or family member with a employee pass. Come on, don't bait.
Jovan Pree The airline did nothing wrong and I back them 100% for this
Georgia McLemore Gray This is a hot topic the last days if u work for the airline or using a pass then u know better if u can read it's on the pass and clearly state u rep the airline them guls must of been doing it for the 1st time or wanted to make the news lime they have they gonna mess up and get barred off
Angelo Hopkins Bad editing title. Its for a guess business pass.
Ann Rochon Know the facts first.
Josie-Anne Small I support United on this one.
Jo Bean Really? Really? Come on now Ebony? Why?
Shirley Brown we know
Jerome Ruffin " ...well they're not for everyone. " #ijs. 🙂
Michelle Greene GREAT!
Georgia McLemore Gray Like they have lol
Ebony21 hours ago

And while it’s clear that Kenya is absolutely not responsible for Matt’s behavior—like breaking windows in her home and punching walls—what is she responsible for?

Introspection is needed after every relationship

Rozzy Summers This is why: Matt is 27 years old and Kenya is 50 years old. Although there is no excuse for domestic violence in any form of fashion, but Kenya has to take responsibility for provoking Matt. We all know that Kenya gets off provoking people. We all remember when Kenya would belittle and verbally attack Porsche, which is when Porsche got fed up and drag Kenya ass across the stage, during the taping of one of the reunions. Kenya is a broken woman who happens to be evil and as stated manipulative. Hence, who plays russian roulette with Matt's emotions which is extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, Kenya has the ability to manipulate him sexually and emotionally because she's a broken woman. She actually gets off emasculating him. One must say, what would a 50 year old woman want with a 27 year old man? Hmmmm, could it be sex! Matt is in infatuated with Kenya; why wouldn't a 27 year old man of Matt's current status be infatuated over the exterior of Kenya, and she takes advantage of that. Kenya is empty, and has daddy and mommy issues. It so sad. As mentioned Kenya is 50 years old which makes her old enough to be Matt's mother, and that's how she breaks him down because again, she's broken. Again, this is sad. I pray that Matt gets the help that he needs, so that he can be healthy and whole.
Candice Racquel Oh please! 🙄 I guess because it's Kenya she's the problem. HIS behavior and actions are the problem. I don't care how old he or she is.
Niki Johnson Jackson Stop making excuses for abusive men! All this is on Matt! He has control over himself-not Kenya! I don't care what Kenya said, did whatever. Matt is abusive and childish.
Ernestine Beale Kenya took advantage of a very vulnerable young man who was moved and impressed with her. He was old enough to be her son. Kenya has no remorse for the damage she has done to him nor does she cares because she is broken too. My prayers are with this young man that he moves on and don't do anything stupid.
Regina Johnson We need to learn to walk away when things are not going appropriately. I know it is easier said than done but it really isn't.
Camelia Marie Its clear that Kenya has used him for a storyline. You can tell he clearly loved her. Matt has issues like the rest of us but you can tell he really cared for her. He invited her to meet his family. Kenya definitely shouldn't get a pass
Noel Vactor Wilkerson Man, the acting is awful...can't stand her voice anymore! Turned them off last night. This season sucked...raunchy, nasty & lowdown! NCAA & NBA here I come!
Daryl Beale Anyone who watches this show knows this all falls on Kenya. He tried to leave.....She called her daddy....He tries to leave....She stuck half her body into his Armada and tried to prevent him from leaving....Then she fucks him in his truck. Foh lol. I have watched this show from day one.....Kenya is a backstabbing, victim playing, triffling, married man flirting, no respect for marriage having, two faced clueless thot. Btw She invited him to the doggy birthday party.
Shauntay White You're absolutely correct and I don't watch this trash anymore!! Kenya has some serious issues that need to be addressed, but because our dumb azz people love watching a freaking train wreck she's addicted to the fame. #sosad #lostsoul
Leon Moss Kenya Moore is an over the hill....wanna be actress....that is desperately trying to hold on to anything that will bring her attention.
Sharon Gladney I remember when Matt introduced Kenya to his sister and parents...his sister was so suspicious of Kenya and told her don't her hurt brother or it's gonna be repercussions. Well his sister called it!
Rhonda Michelle Leave Matt alone Kenya! That's somebody's son no matter how old he is.... you old enough to be his momma you ole heffa lol... leave him alone and find a man your age...
Matt Green Our community needs to stop putting the fake black couple or reality couple stuff out here like its real...this is a bad rrepresentation of our people....
Carolyn Denise Lindsey-Grobes She needs to stop playing with him. Both of them seem to have issues. They need to leave each other alone and get help.
Ernestine Beale Her own mother has no love for her she lost her soul a long time ago from the rejection of her mother. Kenya is incapable of loving anyone. Too bad Matt got in the line of fire. An older man would have known better and ran for cover. Kenya is already a bitter old lady who will be alone for the rest of her life.
Penelope Auset This article is BS. He is a grown ass man and responsible for his behaviour, It is never ok for a man to hit a woman, and if he didn't like what she was doing, he shoulda packed up his isht and left. You say she was manipulative and he was too young, these May-December relationships are built on money and sex. The older person gets the sex and the younger person gets the money, let just be real about that. If he didn't like what she was doing he should have left. To write an article that has a tacit implication that Kenya is responsible for getting hit or for him hitting walls is irresponsible on the part of Ebony. And I am not a fan of Ms. Kenya.
Tasa L Fari Kenya just needs to leave him. You can't even rent a good dude these days because that's what most people on the blogs are thinking that she is the bride of Satan why she can't find a good man. Even if the relationship is staged Matt been off script. I think it's a real thing but not meant to be so deep knowing reality TV and all. That man needs serious help and quick.
Yvonne D. Small Campbell Being violent or even having those tendencies are never okay. She should have cut those ties immediately instead of continuing to pursue him. She even tried to use her dad to get him to come back when it was clear that he wanted nothing else to do with her. THEN, when he's with her, she antagonizes him. WHY? Oh and "50"? I thought she was much older than that.
Camelia Marie And let's be honest, he clearly wasn't a danger if she has been secretly seeing him and than once the camera is rolling he is the bad guy
Beverly Griffin Kenya wants a man in her life but she lacks the knowledge that only God molds man into image. She needs to find the meaning of love through self help in order to build her up.
Judith Perry Matt is 27 years old and is solely responsible for his immature behavior, he was too young for her and she should have left him along time ago.
Carolyn Livingston Kenya is an instigator! She throws the dirt, then she run and hide, like she didn't do anything. Kenya don't like that dude. She's playing him. He really need to take his ball and go home! She ain't the only woman he can have. He need stability, not games.
Sophia Brown This dude has Some serious mental issues he looks like the kind that could snap and hurt somebody. Kenya needs to leave that dude alone. Find someone else her age. He's not for you girl move on before they find you in them woods.
Angela Rich Kenya is old enough to be that man's Mother. I hold her accountable for toying with him for a storyline. He begged her to leave him alone several times.
Lisa Watson I don't condone his behavior. He must take responsibility of his action. As well as Kenya as beautiful as she is. And a accomplished,successful woman. She is looking for love. In all the wrong places. She is broken and feel strong. And comfortable belittling other ppl. These days and times. You got be be very careful. With your words and actions. Some just don't care or have the need to walk away. That's when it gets physical. And someone gets there ass beat.
Ebony22 hours ago

Looking for some new gadgets that will make traveling easier? We've got you covered. http://www.ebony.com/life/bose-qc35-review#axzz4cYSLF3EB

Ebony22 hours ago

Chris Rock set the bar high with his surprise headliner during the first stop of his "The Blackout Tour".

Madrika Martin I truly hope it was recorded. I'd love to see this.
Dottie Jones These two are worth the admission!
Ikea Tann I would've loved to be there for thisb
Trenice Smith Dag, I wish I was there!
Patricia Brooks Very Nice!
Alan Liddell And YES. 👍 In My BIRTHPLACE... New Orleans. WHAT!!!
Monica Thornton-Anderson Dammit!! Who knew????
Aarayna Denee Washington
Mxoli Mtshoniswa Legends
Julie Henault Fabulous show!
Ebony23 hours ago

If you happen to be a fan of all things Idris, I’m sure you will appreciate seeing the actor in a new string of short films.

Shannon Glover He has no classic movies. Outside of being in the Wire this guy is all hype. He can't hold a candle stick to the careers of Wesley Snipes, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Bill Cosby, and a slew of others! Even Wood Harris his co star in the Wire has been involved in more classics then him. He only getting this praise because he's foreign and African. For anybody who disagrees name his classics Mandela was cool but nothing I want to watch again, outside of that he doesn't have one movie I would ever want to watch again!
Sanya Stewart I'm a fan of all things BBC but Idris makes it so much more enjoyable! 🤤
Gloria Alee He is fine, sexy...
Thomas McKenzie The Wire was heavy though .
Ebony23 hours ago

Police are still looking for clues in the deadly shooting at a #Cincinnati nightclub. Here's what we know.

Ebony1 day ago

Sad news to report but we're happy that Ebony was happy in the final moments of her life. Rest well, angel.

LaViddia Williams Rest in sweet peace dear Angel. May God keep and hold her entire family and all of her friends during this most difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone whose life you touched.
Eleanor Stevens May she Rest in Peace, God, called his 👼 Angel home, no more suffering. Bey, was able to grant her a final wish, she a blessing within in itself. May God, continue to bless her family through this difficult journey. Keeping her family and friends in my 🙏 prayers. Amen!
Shirley Kinsey That was really sweet of beyonce to meet her god bless her family and friends
Jackie Burwell My sympathy. You cant hurt no more lovely lady #nomorepain
Dustyn Polk I notice a distinct lack of reporting on the rest of the kids that died from cancer that same day...
Patricia Brooks Incredibly Sad. She was granted her final wish. Rest In Paradise Sweet Angel.
Sherri Thomas Rest in paradise beautiful angel! I'm glad she got her wish 🙏🏽 condolences to the family
Rochelle Slater Rest in heaven Angel 👼 praying 👏for the family may God strength each one of you at this difficult time peace and blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gloria Alee Good for Beyonce for being caring enough to extend herself to this critically ill/dying teen. R.I.P. Ebony.
Cedric Milliner Hey HEAVENLY BLESSING'S 2YA Miss Lady! & the family now & Beyond Peace.
Jerri Campbell RIP🌹💚🌹👼 condolences to the family.🌿🌹🌿
James Leonard Mason That's Beyonce??!!
Yevette Seewright Prayers for the family...and much respect for Mrs Beyonce....
Colette Dunn-simms God hads call home an angel
Natasha Greer So sad rest in peace dear angel😢
Lionel Obel
Alisha Collier RIP
Gloria D Hyder Rest In Paradise Ebony
Yolanda Johnson RIP angel.
Inez Icwa Rest in heaven ❤
Judith Kennedy Nice Beyonce, rest in peace Ebony
Joyce Shaw So sad!! Glad she got her wish. Beyoncé is AWESOME!!!
Brenda Johnson R.I.P.