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Push through, Senator Kamala!!

Lawrence Harris Violence ! Witch one ,From us or them !
Ebony10 hours ago

Serena stands by her decision to keep playing while pregnant.

Juanita GilliamSmall Why is this an issue? Slow news day? No original thoughts? She's not the first definitely won't be the last!!
Edna Jones Well since she already did alot a physical activities before getting pregnant and her baby is healthy it's a non issue
Roberta Graves She needs to move,so she won't have a hard time to deliver her bundle of joy,she almost her,stay healthy
Ronaldo Mulcare Williams She would have gotten medical advice.
Cynthia Thomas Lots of women do it!
Regenia Ojukwu Jesus bless this baby! Thank you!
Denise Francis Your body your baby walking alot made my pregnancy easy so many years ago.😁😁😁😁😁🙏🙏
Ebony12 hours ago
Ebony13 hours ago

And he's a gymnast too. Aww!

Wilson Ramos And a sexy one at that 🙂 🙂
Jacquelynne Ishmael Great, and he is a brother. 👍🏽
Barbria Priester Yay Simone, and he's a cutie pie too! 😍
Darlene Williams So happy for her and he is good looking too.
Anisha Lewis She has great taste
Peta Jones So cute...with her little tiny self!
Derrick Hobbs We care why? Oops I care why?
Queenie Boyd Kudos to Simone
Rosa Bell Lopez Good for her.
Sylvia Buie @ Least They Have Something In Common...Cute Couple...
Diane Weaver-Harvey Cute Couple!" Ase!
Darlene Jackson Good pic!
Michelle Greene Great!
Ruthann Kelly Wonderful!
Marcine Youngblood Wonderful 💞💕💗🇺🇸🇺🇸🎶🎵🎼
Ciara Harold YASSS SUS! ❤️✨
Joy L. Mosley Good for her.
Elma Ellison God bless you two!
Bro Richardson Ask God
Pamela Parrish Go Mone
Lisa Morgan Congrats and he's cute too!!!
Karen Fleeks Good for her👍
Lisa Morgan U go girl!!!;
Kimmisha Thomas Shock! Gasp! Awe!
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“Black women are treated differently because of the color of their skin. Many don’t know their rights and suffer abuses, and they don’t have insurance..."

Roberta Graves We need to stay on this story about black women dying
Julia McNeil Prayers...
Michelle Holmes Leata-Mae d'Avoine
Kimberly Pettiford Rhonda Freeman
Royal Exec Meeks Nisha Shanay
Ebony1 day ago

“If I can speak out and I can help them get out of that situation, that’s what I will do"

Melinda McElvaine Ugh, you SOLD your soul and now that you are no longer getting money, maybe because you aged beyond the age of acceptance (since it is rumored he has a fetish with young girls), you want to come forward?!! What, get the limelight and make money off of it?!! Well, unless these women are under aged OR are being held against their will, I DO NOT CARE TO HEAR ABOUT IT!! We need hold people, adults, accountable for their actions!! Stop doing some witch hunt and simply leave R KELLY alone. Yes. I mean really leave him alone, if no crime has been committed, and I am talking about don't buy his music, go to his concerts, work with him and definitely stop having sex with him and TAKING MONEY from him and willfully signing disclosure agreements!!!
Toia Stepney It was ok when she took the settlement yrs ago now yrs later and 3 kids now you feeling some type of way . I'm not taking up for him but stop these young girls ain't as dumb as they try to play they be off with street guys the same way. Atleast they do in Chicago
Eleanor Stevens I, guess she got the 📝 memo, the ATM; is closed. She allegedly, soul her sold for 💰 💰 money, 👎 now she is looking for a refund, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, Mr. Kelly, has definitely moved on, this story is too Funny! LMAO
Shanae Fox It doesn't matter if he keeps getting off or if no one believes her accusations... God sees all and all darkness will come to light!
Phillis Acacia Why keep calling it a cult? Hugh Heffner ran a Cult too then.
Joe Mills Hello, this is trump, trying to get your a**es to forget about Russia phobe your white republlcans think black people are really stupid, are we?
Vera Lenyard Trump raped a thirteen old and became the president! WTH
Vera Lenyard They are coming for him like the women did Bill Cosby! They want some money!
Daryl Beale Lets go sisters.....1.....2.....3....DEFLECT AND PROTECT......GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pam Webster
Eleanor Stevens
Denise Francis Sex and money Sex and money maybe drugs to. 😖😱😖😖💲💲
Virgil W. Freeman if so why didn't he go to jail?
Dana M Roseborough Oh boy here we go
Pamela Solomon 15 minutes of fame that's what she's seeking
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Twins do the body good. Go Beyoncé!

Ronda Brown 😀 She looks great, and my internet service still works just fine.....sooooo...
Monisha Mitchell Well, if they gonna talk, give them something to talk about 🤣#negativeppl #jealousppl #haters
Tyme Jefferson it's funny how some women are afraid to get pregnant because they don't want to mess with her body but having children but they not knowing that having children makes you look even better in terms of shape and thickness
Tawana Cowan Who Cares
Janae Durr 👑👑👑👑👑 look at those boobs!!! lol I love Beyoncé always have 💕She like so much like her mother!
Patches Baker She and Solange look so much alike sometimes! #slayallday
Angela Tate Looking like Mama Tina's twin
Craig Matthews She looks good as always it's just her music that's awful.
Pam Sinclair My internet is working no celebrity have lock down my internet broadband. Good luck to her.
Eleanor Stevens As always Mrs. Carter, is definitely Flawless! Looking Good Bey! Lol
Anton Fisher So hot! This is how a real woman should look like. And she's in shape. Love it!
Lorraine Williams Never pregnant
Marialicia West I read somewhere that she took this opportunity (being pregnant) to plump up some places that weren't so plump before. Interesting theory.
Sterling Pepper Blah....blah...blah..BIG EYE ROLL!!! I wish they had a 👎here
Cleva Thomas Wow who is her plastic surgeon 😱😏just love and no hate
Kesha Matthews She's just a woman...that had babies
Cynthia Warner OMG, NO WAAAAY
Rese Knight milk does a booby good!
Dee Dee Williams Gone girl🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Natalie Cade Yesss, Love it!!!!
R Denise Smith Ok
Lisa D. Leshore Ok.. B
Sharon Gladney Padding does a body good
Brandy Adams Slay, B!! Slay!
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Magic Johnson Under Investigation, Boris and Nicole Represent #EBONYLove and Remembering '92

Helen Johnson Here we go! Taking down select wealthy blacks before the Election!
Ebony2 days ago

Wait a second... 🤔

Thelesa Thompson Here we go again Biggie Smalls,Tupac, Bill Cosby, President Obama, Magic Johnson just to name a few. This world is always trying to find a way to bring down men of color. Why aren't you behind closed doors looking in the other guy's files. He's sliding under the radar while your so busy chasing the Black man and his family. When will it stop!
Robert Baker Keep smiling Mr. Magic Man ! People will always love You because You represents what real winners are .The love of People and pure entertainment . Your home Folks here in Mississippi love You .
Perry Saunders First Chris Paul, now Paul George. The N.B.A. Commissioner doesn't want the Lakers to be good again. They blocking every Superstar from joining that team.
Candace Talley John Winder your thoughts
Wayne Mack Cheating azzes
Tasha Dixon Sikeetha😱😱🤔🤔
Yvette C. Mackey Leave Magic alone Now🤔
Alton LA Vern Permenter Don't believe everything you READ / SEE !! 👍👌
Linda Bunch Taylor Here we go.........
Wayne Mack
Mary Milsap Please they did it God knows &will punished 😎
N Mauricee Holmes Oh no.
Sha'ron Ward Mitchell Dexter Mitchell
Dorothy Jackson Winters Leroy Winters
Arlene Mason Mark Mason
Kimberly Burnett Jonah Burnett
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Our girl @lalahhathaway dropped by the office to share some new music. Make sure to check out her new single "I can't wait" 🔥

Carla Behn Beautiful women. I forgot to read text.😀😀😀
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25 years ago, but still feels like yesterday.
Oh wait. It was. Smh... #StillFighting✊🏾

Dominique Dee I remember that day in 92
Kristi Thomas U r soooooo beautiful
Berri Wells BREAKING NEWS Berri A. Wells Pres & CEO of Turning Point Solutions and The Coaches Corner of MD/Wash,DC Invites You Out! MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR OUR FREE UPCOMING EMPLOYMENT EVENT AT UMBC COLUMBIA, MD–LIGHTS, CAMERAS, NOTE PADS, ACTION! United States — Free-Press-Release.com — Aug 22, 2017 — Like to interview me for your morning or weekend show, or newspaper to TV event on jobs, employment and what’s missing? I am here to help your viewers to readers of your online content get lots of FREE information and how my company can help your viewers to readers get back into the business of working or changing of jobs. Coaches Corner could be a 10 to 30 minute per week small segment during a community show or broadcast on your station. Turning Point Solutions Pres. & CEO Berri Wells recently appeared on WHUR Radio on the Steve Harvey National Morning and Bobby Gailes Shows, to my last week appearances on “The Pulse” on PG-CTV with Host Denise Roberts. A Youtube video is available for my PG-CTV appearance on The Pulse, along with the online video of my recent taping at a Coaches Corner event with Baltimore’s WJZ-TV. It is time for your news agency to talk more about engaging the people with FREE employment needs information get a fresh or new start. Let me help you get the word out to those who need to hear from us! Information is Always Power…. Contact: Berri A. Wells, MS, CPC Coaches Corner Phone 301-905-7160 www.turningpointsolutions.net berrriwells@turningpointsolutions.net BREAKING NEWS Coaches Corner Career and Match Making Conference for Professionals, age 45+ Comes to Columbia, MD & UMBC UMBC Training Center, Columbia, MD, September 26, 2017: Problem: Employers continue to scramble for seasoned, well-qualified talent for hard to fill cyber-security, IT and engineering positions. Problem: Job Seekers, both unemployed and those job searching while employed, working, professionals, age 45+ typically take close to a year to find suitable employment. Answer: Turning Point Solutions is bridging the gap by hosting its fifth “Coaches Corner”, a career transition conference for job changers, age 45+ on September 26, 2017 from 5 pm – 9 pm at UMBC Training Center, Columbia, MD. Turning Point Solutions President, Berri A. Wells, MS, CPC states-“Professionals who were repeatedly promoted through the ranks without having to compete or baby boomers with a seven page resume that still has a home address and lists duties instead of accomplishments, are unwittingly extending their job search efforts well beyond the 12 month mark. Coaches Corner bridges the gap through workshops, live coaching demonstrations, a “Straight Talk” panel discussion and match making conversations between candidates and companies looking to fill full time, part time, contractual and project based assignments. Coaches Corner is a dynamic collaboration with Higher Ed – UMBC Training Center has been our gracious host site since the inception June 2016; Maryland State Government – The Professional Outplacement Assistance Center (POAC) promotes the event to its clients and big businesses – T-mobile sponsors us; local business – Chesapeake Search Partners sponsors and recruits for candidates following the event. The model provides a win-win for all. Hiring managers and recruiting firms connect with candidates. Employers have an opportunity to pre-screen and interview. Participants network across industries, receive cutting edge information, inspiration, instruction and free, follow on coaching appointments. No one else is offering this caliber of assistance. Coaches Corner is free for professionals seeking their next career move – employed, under employed and unemployed managers, directors, VP’s and C-Suite execs, age 45+ are invited to register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/coaches-corner-2017-dat es-umbc-tickets-32382494914?aff=ehomesaved Turning Point Solutions a Howard County, career transition and human capital management firm is a woman owned, small business specializing in training, course design, curriculum delivery and coaching. Using the DiSC assessment as a baseline, Turning Point Solutions partners with both organizational and individual clients in the areas of leadership development, communication skills and career transition. http://rossagordon.photoshelter.com/portfolio/G0000O6rgVHIc0Hg/I0000KBsvJrZIp F4 Photo Caption: Coaches Corner founder Berri Wells, provides career transition words of wisdom.
Ebony3 days ago
Alison Beeler Didn't they have a talk show together. it never aired here in Detroit.. I would have enjoyed that.
Jay Raven Love these two! They're an awesome couple!
Jackie Swanegan Love this couple💕
Shelly Realer-DeShields Love them!
Kiki Amelia #ANNABELLE_CREATION_2017_012345
Kenneth Flowers Beautiful
Paula Bennett Fam not smiling
August Patricia Deubel LOVE THE BEACH
Ebony4 days ago

Comedic legend and activist Dick Gregory has passed at the age of 84. #RIP

Stell Green His voice is needed today. Heart is sick. We can keep him alive by using our voice and voting taking a stand for what is right and what we believe in. May the work you have done speak for you! Rest on soldier you've fought a good fight!
Greg A Davis R.I.P to a righteous Brother , who always told it like it is ..you will be missed
Paula Bennett Oh no My heart hurts Go say hey to my Mom Dick She was a big fan and she's in Heaven too Turn Up🌹
Angela Howard So sad...he taught us so much and he was a strong voice for us. ..
Sherry Grant
Brenda Archie Truly a great man and lots of wisdom. He will be miss
Chavanna Jeffers 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 R.I.P. SIR .D GREGORY JOB WILL DONE 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹truly will be Missed by Many !!
Ob Victor sending my condolence from london. RIP great one
Otis Noble Jr R.I.P. Mr. Gregory. You truly will be missed.
Salvatore Mire R.I.P dick Gregory
Marcia Griffith You will be missed, RIP Dick Gregory
Leloni Greenwood He will truly be missed RIP
Merediyh Foster Rip . What a wise man . 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Michael Priester Great man R.I.P.
Fannie Sawyer Rest In Peace
Damitris Chambers R.I.P leader Brother
Charles Allen RIP Brother
Lanay Brown R.i.p. King
Diane Grace RIP
Annie Lewis Rip
Marie Cotten RIP
Constance R. Mason You served the Black race well. For that matter you served all of man kind. We will miss your words of truth and knowing and are forever greatful for all your love. RIP my dear brother RIP.
Laura Carter He really stood for the African American people, R.I.P Dick Gregory
Thomas Hester God will be given a free pas at his first comedy show! May God bless his soul!!
Carolyn Canady So sad, he was a great activates for the Civil rights movement.He will be missed.
Ebony5 days ago

Former Destiny's Child Member Engaged, Rihanna's New Man and Iyanla Vanzant's Season 4 Guest Revealed!

Bernadtee Hill 1.tommicus walker 2. Turk 3. Following in Janet Jackson footsteps some middle-eastern dude I just saved you a click
Ebony5 days ago

Don't Call it a Comeback: 'Iyanla Vanzant : Fix My Life’ Returns for Season 4 - Find Out Who's Getting Their Life Fixed First

Glenn Thomas There is No woman or Man who can fix your life but YOU,YOU CAN FIX YOUR LIFE
Chel'le Eva Faith Lee, Olympia Watts-Calhoun... y'all think she can fix my life when we see her next month? I'm gonna try... wish me luck
Mark Boswell If you need help don't waste your time with this fraud! Go see a real professional with credentials!
Mi Page I LOVE Iyanla. Instead of wallowing in the pain of losing her daughter - she CHOSE to inspire so many people. The BEST to her!
Tashika Daniels Ebony y'all need copy editors bad! The title and article have different information. Y'all could hire me today!
Qierra Brown Another pimp
Paula Bennett Hey now - she may not fix anyone's life but they leave with something to think about and the viewers do too
Diane Thompson If it was really being fixed however it would not be aired publicly on fing television
Tracy Belton Iyanla's tools to fixing ones life be spot on. ❤️her show
Lisa Woods Pope Iyanla is on it!
Ellen Jewell Can't wait for Season 8, definitely will be watching
Laura Andrades Looking forward to the show
Karen Payne I can't wait to see Iyanla! ❤ her!
Tomekia Daniels This show is revolutionary! Thank you Iyanla Vanzant!
Tabatha Burley Has she really helped anyone?😒
Angela Crawford Yesssss---Congratulations
Arlene Delice She's fixing a lot of lives dammm
Craig Matthews Who watches this crap.
Gladys Jones Wow
Valerie Renee Jenkins 😃yesssss
Angelique Graves Jeffrey Woodard
Tamara Peron-Perry Misty Williams
Jacqueline Perkins Reunion Show....
Ebony5 days ago

What a dope, young lady she is!

Deborah White I love her she is such a Wonderful young lady inside and out! Blessings on Blackish your Spin Off Series and Harvard..You have a lot going on!
Anthony L Adams Wise beyond her years! Major props to her parents for exposing her to the brilliance of James Baldwin.
Ebony Jackson Amazing young woman!! Wise beyond her years!
Sheka Gibson Awesomeness. Love her.
Twanda Mosby This young lady doesn't get her props.
Ebony6 days ago

"I get asked the #blackgirlmagic question a lot and I’m surrounded by it. It’s contagious and it’s everywhere and [we're] finally being celebrated. I feel seen and I want to make sure I’m letting other [Black] women know that they’re being seen. I...

Melinda McElvaine Yaaass! This movement has done wonders for the overlooked, under appreciated and image of the black woman. Loving yourself is everything!
Ebony6 days ago

MAJOR BAE ALERT: Come here rude boy, boy...

India Diggs Aye that's nothing but healthy relationship weight gain!
Briana Ford Leave Ha alone!
Gloria Howell this is old...
Karen Hammiel I'm sure!🙄
Christine Kelly Lauren Kelly
Ebony7 days ago

A LOVE STORY: Letoya Luckett planned a surprise party for her man, and then, he turned the tables... *Breaks out tissue*

Bernadtee Hill Love it! I just seen her on Greenleaf she looks so beautiful nice to see someone besides Beyonce and Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child do good.
Dammy Johnson Awww!! Congrats LeToya & Tommi. Im so happy for her. She deserve love & happiness in her life. She have shown love towards her fans & everyone else. It's her time to shine with the special man that God have placed in her life. That proposal was so sweet & beautiful. What a beautiful moment it was. It made me cry. I'm cheering for her all the way. I'm proud to say I've been a loyal fan for 20 years now. May god continue to bless her in everything she does. You go LeToya!! Love wins!!! 😁😂🤧💖💍🤵👰 #LoveWins #1Fan4Life #Since97 #20YearsStrong #TeamLeToyaLuckett #Back2LifeAlbum #AvailableNow #GetYoursNow
Theresa Spruell-Gatlin Congratulations to the both of you. When ever his birthday is celebrated will also be a reminder to celebrate the day he asked you to marry him!!
Karl Penn Who cares?
Monesha Woods So very happy for her! Congratulations. Love is a blessing. 💕
Tiffany Brown Zakiyyah Koonce sounds sorta familiar Planning a party for your BF and he proposes.
Sarah Saunders That is lovely. Latoya Luckett is so cute face and beautiful. Looks in love. 100%. I like the way she pushed the ring on at the end. She looks alot like her mum. Congrats👍
Jerronda Williams Richardson Congratulations wishing all the love and happiness you both deserve
Laura Andrades Many blessings to you and your new fiancé. Congrats!
Taurea Davis Congratulations to her. I saw her on own the John gray show wanting a husband
Tiffany Walker Martin Congratulations & we welcome you LaToya to the Family Love you guys💞
Kim Harrison Congratulations Letoya!!!
Debra Johnson Nickleberry CONGRATULATIONS LeTOYA..❤️😘
Natalee Brown That's my girl, congratulations
Penny C. Schuck
Mary Grasty Congratulations , So Nice
Monica Sellers Congratulations LeToya! 😃❤️
Othelia Ann Brown Congratulations dear
Candy West Howard Congratulations
Arusha Jones She's too cute!!! #htownsown
LaQuania David Congrats 🎉💜
Natasha Sebastian-Taylor Congratulations!!
Danita Wall She deserves all the happiness her heart can hold
Tracey Barber Congratulations I'm sooooo very happy for you
Yvette C. Mackey So Beautiful 😃 I'm happy for her 💍 Lovely Couple💕
Ebony added a new photo — with Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross.7 days ago

#FLYish: "It's the magic that happens between us. That's why it's so fun working with Anthony Anderson. 'Cause the two of us work the same way."

Tracee Ellis Ross and co-star Anthony Anderson grace the cover of our September...

Lin Marie Love the show, and the entire cast is great. But, I'm not feeling this cover. Although they look fantastic, why is Anthony posed between Tracee's bare legs? The photographer was working with two classy people, seems to me he could've come up with a classier photo.
Verlene L. Howard My home subscriptions of Ebony (Case id: 30583746) is not being delivered. I can not recall the last magazine I did receive. I have sent several emails to customer service in the past concerning the same matter this past year. Even though you may extend or issue replacements I still am not getting my magazines. I have not received the Sept 2017 issue. I was told before that you all were continuing to have problems with your delivery service and that they are working on a solution. Could someone please tell me how long will it take to get this problem resolved that I may receive my magazine in a timely manner? Thank you.
Pamela Calton Never watched this show. The title was so offensive.
Anastasia Penright Shoes,dress,hair,Glo- want it all!!!! Brittany Tyrianne Me'Lissa
Tina Odom They work great together love it!!!!
Michelle Artiaga Love her outfit & nice picture.
Golden Child Ebony, dont think for one second i dont catch yall bullshit too. Like that posts about my Queen. Careful lest the Chief Prince be angered
Rese Knight those shoes though! 🔥
De'Andria Off'That Hall Bloody shoes lol
Lakisha Sledge-Stith Her hair!
Washington Osiro The tell-tale red soles....Love it!!!
Tina Wade They look great together.
Ann Drea the shoes ❤️❤️
Tangerla Jones Foster Love it! They should be a couple!
Christer A Rollins I am in love with this cover!!
Sheila W. McCovery Love Tracey! Beauty crush! That hair# And those shoes!
Tosha T. Bledsoe-Wicks I luv Tracee!! I never watch this show, but i liked girlfriends💗
Tanika P. Meeks It too bad that we do not get the magazine anymore
Darlene Jackson Beautiful cover!
Denise Francis A little personal like what they are wearing.✌✌✌😱
Iesha Marshall I love this show! 😍👍🏾
Jackie Doss Great cover shot
Michael Priester Love it!!
Pamela Serenity Love it!
Barbara Ewing Beautiful!
Ebony1 week ago

Your money ain't good here: PayPal Cuts Off Services for Hate Groups — http://bit.ly/2wQZ46L

Brenda Watson They look like them folks on the movie "Ruby Bridges ". I hope they are not public school teachers or someone in a helping field-they should lose their licenses
Lin Marie Can't believe these bottomfeeders took a day off their jobs to join other white supremacists in a choatic protest where one person was killed, by one of their own, and 19 people were hospitalized. The poor woman they killed, and those who remain hospitalized won't get to return to their normal activities. But on Monday, the white supremacists got to return to work and their daily routines like nothing happened. Smh...
Tina Lawson It's sad to see the hate in their faces. Poison spewing out. Loud ,hateful language. Body language gets bent over. Ugly transformation not loving at all.
Kwame MK Nziza "Its ok to attack black people.Just don't come out in support of those who hate Jews" #Dontcrosstheline
Pamela Calton Lol... For five years they have been attacking Historical landmarks... And this is about hating black people! Help me God, I need a safe place to land. Nothing like 55 pets
Gretchen Howell Hey black folks - I'm a white guy, and we gotta talk. And it seems like the whole world is doing everything it can to keep that from happening, and I think I figured out why. Sometimes, if you truly want to understand how evil some white folks can be, it takes a white person to lay it out for you. We're all getting played right now. You and me both. Does it have to do with race and racism? You bet it does! But not like how you might think. . . With nothing but love in my heart, let me run something past ya'll for a minute. I was watching a segment on CNN the other day, where they had a black Republican up there, and three black Democrats were jumping all over this guy. They were calling his "blackness" into question, black-shaming him. . . I mean, it was ugly. And that's what got me thinking. . . Does being "black" really mean that you absolutely have to vote Democrat? That is to say, by virtue of your skin color, were you born into a political party? Now, I know as a white guy, I live in a white-washed world, and we got some of our own issues to deal with, but to me, that looks a hell of a lot like racism. In fact, that CNN segment looks like the Democrats are thinking they still OWN you guys, like in the 1800s, and it's absolutely because of your skin color! No doubt about it. Ask yourself. . . if you were to vote Republican, and everybody found out, what would happen to you? Right after the Civil War, Democrats were lynching black folks for voting Republican in front of everybody, to serve as a warning. On television, today, in 2017, they are doing exactly that, just verbally. Stay with me on this. It's all getting ready to make sense here in a moment. Seemingly, after 8 years of Obama not doing anything for ya'll, some black folks voted Republican last November out of frustration, and even desperation. Like, a whole lot more than usual. So, everything that the Democrats are saying and doing right now, is with the intent of reigning ya'll back in. That's where the identity politics is coming from. The endless calling of everyone "racists". They want you to think that the Republicans are not even an option for you. There's a reason for that. They know that if they lose the black vote, that will be the end of the Democratic party. Establishment Republicans are getting behind that too, because it would be the end of their control too. They need 2 parties to control all of us. You and me. So you see, this whole meltdown has nothing to do with Trump or racism. They just sold that to ya'll, because Democrats would panic if they knew what's really going on, and to conservatives, so they wouldn't take the situation seriously. And make no mistake about it. The Democrats will do anything - and I mean anything - to save themselves right now. Even if it means starting a civil war. And it wouldn't be the first time they started a civil war in order to keep control over black folks! They sold us all the story that at some point, the roles of the parties had switched long ago. . . around the 1930s, and we all believed it. Now the Republicans are the racists, and the Democrats are the good guys. Just like that. Everyone got up one morning and decided to switch sides. For no apparent reason. I believed it, because growing up in Alabama, I saw the redneck racists vote Republican. I guess they must have believed it too. But in reality, both parties have been racist against the black community . . . in fact, it was always that way, but one way, way more than the other. And that's why black folks haven't been able to get ahead, no matter who was in office. Here comes the red pill: Today, in 2017, we have segregated schools. Ya'll know that. White kids get to go to nicer white schools, and black kids get the ghetto schools. But what nobody's talking about, is why. Brown v. Board of Ed. told us, that "separate is not equal". In fact, the Civil Rights Movement started with fighting segregation in the schools. Nobody is talking about that zip code requirement that caused this. Public Libraries are public. Public parks are public. But make no mistake about it. . . public schools are not public. You don't get to choose the one you want. We already know that racism is a hindrance to progress. Is it any wonder why our education system is doing so poorly right now? The reason why. . . is. . . because of racism! You know what else? Around 90% of teachers, staff, administrators. . . everybody. . . in the education system, are Democrats. So tell me why Democrats would be keeping our schools segregated, cheating the black community out of an education that could bring ya'll empowerment? And why are today's civil rights champions ignoring the very same issue that caused yesterday's Civil Rights Movement, which apparently wasn't won? Riddle me that. The reason it doesn't make any sense, is because we've all been lied to. Today's Democrat and Republican parties are precisely the same parties that they were in the 1800s. And that pressure that you feel to be a Democrat. . . and the consequences that come when you "run from the plantation". . . that feeling is a proverbial lynch on your backs. The poverty that many black folks have been living in - is that plantation - and almost always, it's been Democrats overseeing it, and perpetuating it. But you know what? Last November, a lot of black folks finally saw their chains and did something about it! I want ya'll all to know - we aren't who you think we are. And you always have a warm home to come to when you've finally had enough.
Charlotte Stewart Their proud of these pictures they look like savage animals all because the color of another humans skin that's the most stupidest reason and they call their selves human you bunch of evil ,evil I don't know what to call ya'll but satan's children cause that much hate for such a stupid reason has to come from him because GOD is a god of love not hate and evil.I hope they see this to see how ugly they look.
Yvonne Black Be careful. The anger could cause health problems. I hope they have health insurance.
Bonnie Hinton
Hudson Delores Rabid dogs
Kisha Malone Retarted looking bitches and then they big mad ???? for what
Tonyas Truths #HeatherHeyer
Stephanie Woods-Rollins Good for pay pal
Rosetta King Good
Kimm Sharpe Somebody should have secured ameriKKKa before you savages came and stole and fucking ruined it
Kasee Kiel this all cuz trump be a racist and a bigot. he want to be kicken peepole out the country and be in check by russia. the man done lost his dam mind. he actually want me to work to take care my 5 kids or he going take away my benifits. trump a racist and a bigot. he going take away all youre benifits. this man gots to go.
Fronda Guerra Thanks PayPal ima use You all more often now
Bra Molo Kudos PayPal !!!!
Queenie Boyd Zoo Animals
Sharon Gladney
Mary Smith-Garner #Yessss
Djures Bessa des egoistes
Helen Fisher Gosh they look sooooo ugly
Twanika Anjanette Really.. hmm?
Eddie Humphrey Deranged pink skeletons
Ebony1 week ago

Paypal is Not Here for Racism and BLM Co-Founder Responds to Trump

Ebony1 week ago

Chris Brown Admits He's Still "Haunted" by Rihanna Domestic Incident— http://bit.ly/2w2tzcs

Pat Portable Move along and keep going you all sleep with other people so continue
De'Veon Brannock Dope moment....
Michael A. Evans He should let it go, and learn from it...
Leonardo DaVinci Barnette How many posts do we need ??!!
Keisha Robinson Just do not make the same mistake again!!!!
Ntando Lubhelwana I Forgave Him When Riri said we must
Karen Gage It's ok to forgive yourself
Richard Fisher He's haunted???
Cynthia Thomas Get help, quick!
Tip Freeman Wawa
Karen Warren Who Fukin Cares!
Ebony1 week ago

It ain't nothing to cut that ***** OFF! ✂️#TakeThat #TakeThat

Cora Talton Hiding their faces just like Isis.no difference.just white terrorists.instead of Muslims.
Annette Caesar Well done Pay-pal - if only other online domains & giants thought this way we probably would live in a peaceful place.
Torroun Davis Oh please please bring that nonsense to the dirty south #stayinyalane
James Fletcher Why is this guy wearing a hood? Doesn't he know trump has made the KKK mainstream.
Adrain Lavelle Newborn You know what's crazy to me.... People wanna attach they name to an organization that's responsible for the deaths of millions ABSOLUTE INSANITY!!!
Sibrina Colburn My brothers and sisters do not listen to the bs, when told this is a small fraction of people. These racist scum are everywhere, in every political chair,every police department,every school and to not know this or their tactics not wise. Get things together and always be ready to protect your family. These people are Pure evil and want mind cutting you & your babies throat while smiling. History has shown you much worse. And they send trolls thru out social media to spread misconception because they believe we are dumb. Ghandi was a racist that's been exposed so Sugar Masse is the problem.
Thomas Ware They look hella funny in those Halloween costumes. "The Cone Heads"!
Debra Morrison The mask is powerless with an early Happy Halloween. God has the power over all. These devils are still living in the year of 1313 They are stuck in a time capsule.
Bonnie Hinton
Minnie Price Well they are your doctors lawyers, preachers next door neighborhood you name them they don't care.
James C Alford Isn't anyone wondering how or why PayPal was ever doing business with a hate group?
Sibrina Colburn Why stop now. You know you been providing a way for them, blood is on your hands now can't take it back. Scum
Scott Taylor But still endorse Trump?
Destiny Jenkins Cut it cut it ..... ayeee✌🏾💃🏻
Brent Lyle THIS is what it takes. Now cut off the individuals who run the groups, too, and we're cooking with gas.
Dana L Harris YES!!!
Val Salatino look at the hateful clown in the photo. Disgust. #lovewins
Sonya Cooper Good. Cut them off economically and socially! Hate+racism+ignorance =Satan
Diane Nickens Why are you hiding?....God is who really matters... he knows who you are
Anderson Cherylee Thank you Paypal
Yasmina B Stylin Thanks PayPal 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Michelle Santana I'm very surprised by this TBH. Paypal's founder is an (maybe was?) avid Trump supporter. Props to him though.
Annette Christian Sure...after they made tons of money already. SMH
Polly E Brown These groups could care less abt PayPal.
Tiffany Lewis
Ebony1 week ago

"This country is rich with an ugly past characterized by genocide, slavery and rooted in white supremacist values..."

Laura Andrades His whole campaign when running was fear and hate. He gave fair warning of the type of dictator he had planned to be. His rhetoric and propaganda was all he talked about during the election. I saw this coming.
Pamela Calton He said both sides are guilty. And he's right. From the looks of this thread anyway... My God. What happened to Ebony magazine.
Pamela Calton Preaching hate for Americans in Ebony? Why am I shocked. We the people elected Trump. But thanks for sharing this. I know how to avoid all things anti American
Sugar Masse Pot makes people paranoid. Prozac alters their perceptions. Crack, heoin, meth make people angry. Mix the three and you have protesters on both sides.
Harold Sika Loser Repent Repent
John Perry Coleman What are you people smokin? ?
Black Robb WOW !
Ebony1 week ago

"Why did I hit her?"

Dee Berry Kudos to you Chris Brown for finally speaking on it. What is really said and more vile is that Rhianna never owned up to her part in the situation. Both were young talented individuals who did not have much of a childhood due to stardum resulting in a very toxic relationshi. I truly truly hope this is a step forward to divine healing for you Chris Brown. I got it then and I get it now. You don't want to get punch square in the face dont raise your hands. You have some that can walk away and then there is some that will square up. Much Prayers to you CB and Rhianna.........
ReRe Gipson Yet he made a video trying to call out Bobby Valentino for being attracted to transgender women. No matter who Bobby decides to sleep with it will never hold a candle to Chris being a woman beater.
Gwendolyn Drake Charlie Sheen has beaten his girlfriends and wives and has never gone though all of this, You admitting you were wrong should bring this issue to rest.
Donte Powell No women can beat a man, so it should haunt you a lil no matter what its easier to walk away a man then hit a women and walk away like away as a fool, what if it was your mother sister aunt grandmother.
Tammie Maunders Hold on you hit her split her lip then she spat on you then you got angry and hit her again cos she spat blood on you what you caused?what did you want her to do ffs joker
Zalee Damon There is no reason any man should square and punch any woman in her face. Be a man and walk away. We in the Black community always protect Black men even when they are wrong. I love them too. But right is right and wrong is wrong. We have got to stop sticking up for them when they are beating and killing us.
Barbara Augustin Why is the media hell bent on dragging this and who continues on trying to destroy him(CB) it was those two in the relationship only they no what went on ....Rihanna is not all innocent ..no she didn't deserve what happened sounds like she was antagonising him by the looks of it ,he sounds honesty and genuine but never got that from Rihanna she's not actually told her truth and what part she played if any....
Bernadtee Hill Instead of you finger pointing let's get to the root of the problem their parents! We know plenty of Chris Brown and Rhianna(s)of the world. We have them in our own family and it could be us as we speak. Ladies look at the examples we set! We allow our men and lesbian girlfriend degrade us in front of our children, they grow up to be a victim or the abuser. We need to stop this. Many of you watching reality shows why so you can see fights (physically and verbally )among women, men, etc but you quick to pass judgment. I am a Baltimore Ravens fan so I was listening to talk radio don't you know a woman had the gull to say Ray Rice punching his wife in the face was more forgivable and acceptable then Colin Kapernick disrespecting her flag by bending his knee. WTF!
Keisha Rochelle Let the bashing begin....she never spoke ill of him. In fact she let it be known that she still loved him. Yet as soon as he finally decides to speak about it y'all hop on the bandwagon. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Brian Gabriel Klute Highkin Would he be talking like this if he hadn't got caught in the act?
Ayanna D Cummings He left some stuff out! We saw those pics it was more than one punch to the lip. She had bite marks...
Jo Marie Josephs Wonder if Rihanna feels haunted by the past abuse?
Cora Talton Don't care to much going on in this world.besides caring about rich ass idiot's.
Carole Perkins Please, she whooped his ass and he's traumatized by it...Nuh test an Island gyal! 😂
Jøya Tiana If she wasn't famous and dating someone else would he feel this wayy??
Shawdae Necoe Eason Im so proud of you CB very nice and sincere. I love the rmotions and calmness within. U are maturing. Your daughter would appreciate the public confessions/apologizing et. Keep up the good work & go get your wife back. She obviously isn't doing Anything with these man other than wasting time. Trust me she could've beeen married by now. She's waiting on you to forget EVERY thing and just ask... Will you marry me 😉
Maya Joseph So ironic. 😂 At the end of the day, Karma makes you deal with the cards you chose.
Christer A Rollins Chile move on. Did he ever have therapy?
Marlon Scoop Was Married for 20 years. Then we divorced ZERO violence. I am very proud of that. My ex too.
Moore Dorothea Chris life goes on get past this learn from it. When relationship s are toxic just leave !!!
Tammie Maunders When you split her lip you should of felt disgusted but you still hit her get the f out of here
Kwame Bernard Atta Nkrumah Interesting, it seems He still has real feelings for her,would there be a reunion Breezy ....
Theresa Harris No man should never hit a women, ages, color, poor, rich whatever!
Linnette Johnson Chris you are doing awesome keep up the good work I love you 💙
Toni Ricks This happen when...stop going back and Move Forward Please!! You Both are Blessed let this Go!!
Ebony1 week ago

"I feel like I was raped."

Veara Watson This sounds like some perverted actions going on with the two cops. Is this the way the female cops get their jollies, like as their male counterparts just rape the females genitally. This is so sad that they are getting away with this.
Enita NewYear It was a traffic stop...Why was she even cavity searched? Because they "smelled" marijuana??? And how is this even legal???
Siobhan Airey This angers me too much, my blood is boiling. These two rapists in a uniform are allowed by the police department to do this with no consequences!! It's so sick
Tarsha Cunningham Never will get Justice .It was never designed for us . So I guess till the end of time all people gonna do is keep posting hashtags and quotes on social media .
JoAnn Virges Sexual assault at 11 min. they were getting off.. go to sexual assault classes tell her story.. hire a out of state attorney...Or she can get a group together to protest against this..Newsflash..
Ouii Adele What i wanna know is what being done about it ... in a twisted way showing someone being broken brings some people gratification so bust some bubbles and answer the question
Felicia Garland Young lady, keep fighting this battle. This wasn't the first time they've done this horrible act😩. Protect and serve??
Love Ieasha Why wouldn't they take her to the jail & perform the search? These cops are disgusting & once again the DA is helping them.
Samuel Johnson As long as they get away with these acts, they will continue to do it, Violate our rights, Shoot to kill innocent African Americans and kids, rape an kill our Sisters, this won't change until we make it change. Been going on for too long.
Toni Jean Randall Why didn't they call in a female cop? Why couldn't the cavity search wait until she was booked? 11 minutes is a long time.
Lorenzo Joseph This was ALLOWED because it happened to an African American female!! Had this been a Female Cave dweller, it would have never happened!!
LaShawn Nicole If its dark. And they pull you over. Call 911 quickly and say im an african american woman being pulled over by 2 white male officers on the side of a dark road and I am feeling uneasy. Can I have a Sgt come out. The call is recorded.
Celestine White Sad I'm hoping they called a female officer to the call to search her. If men officers did this to her it was straight rape.
Tara Anderson Taylor Now close your eyes and imagine if this would have happened to a white woman.
Deirdre Davies-Richards THAT COP IS A DIRTY NASTY DOG.
LaVena McKeever She was raped and the bastards walked away free...no charges
Pauline Grant i hope this lady sues the entire Ass off the lot of them ...And enlists the help of a solicitor that will WIPE THE BLOODY FLOOR with these Pigs... outrageous!
Betty Davis She was sexually assaulted call it what it is
Josie Harden-Joyner You were raped. What happened was highly illegal and they need to be held accountable for this.
Jahson Zeal I wish she was on her period and put stank blood on the uniforms.
Polly E Brown Marijuana? Really???? And the foolery and fu#kery continues.
Doreen Golsby They raped this woman period no ifs ands or buts!!😠😠😠😠😠 No Good Bastards
Doris Bradley Sick.they should be in prison getting their cavities stretched. 😡
Jasynda Parker wth...why did they even do this...karma is coming for you...
Ebony1 week ago

Tim Brown Thinks Marshawn Lynch's National Anthem Protest is 'Negativity' — http://bit.ly/2vAQpqw

Angela Venney Who tf is he? And why should we care what he thinks? I wonder if he's married to a Becky that he's trying to placate? 🙄🙄🙄
James Rodney Funny how some blacks can ignore all the bullshit being done to others but can't stomach a brother strong enough to sit out a song about lynching😡
Stanley Robinson What Is up with some Black Athlete's, They're are a Lot of Weak Ass Brother's Ex or Current, a Peaceful Protests Is a Problem, So Just let the Racist Owner's Run the Plantation Accordingly smfh
Will Irvin Nobody remembers you Bro. You r not Lebron. most of your generation didnt stand up for anything. Busta!
Will Bishop I'm tired of these boot licking, buck dancing negros who always want to be accepted by whitey! Smh idk why negros always wanna have this "if you can't bet them join them mentality"?!?!....
Ron E. Chits He did go to notre dame so that was 2 years of sunken place he still hasn't recovered from
Alicia Thompson Trotter Just what is he doing to make a difference? At least Marshawn has the courage to take a stand.
Tamatha Willis Why didn't Tim Brown come out of the woodwork with an opinion about all the unarmed Black people getting killed by the police or how crazy it was for the White supremacist to be marching around with Tiki torches and running over people??
Derrick Jennings Omg yes Nat Turner list with Ray, Mike, Cordell and Jerry Rice!
Stellina Giannitsi Facebook changed its algorithm so the comments with the most replies instead of the most 'likes' sit at the top. Trolls are taking advantage of this. There are a couple things we can do to combat this. 1. Don't respond to troll posts. I know it's hard, I have comments when I shouldn't. 2. DO *RESPOND* in the replies section of comments you agree with. Instead of responding to an offensive comment, go find one you agree with and leave a reply, even if it is just one word, like 'Yes', or 'Agreed', or 'Interesting' or even just a thumbs up. LIKING A COMMENT IS NOT ENOUGH with FB's algorithm. If the real comments are receiving more replies than the negative ones, they will be at the top of the results and the troll comments will not. 3. Copy the text of this post and use it wherever you think it can make a difference. Very recent posts are best, but spread this info around.
Jack Solomon I can't stand a fucking uncle tom. Here Tim Brown a man whose life achievements, were made possible by some other black man sacrifice and/or blood or death. Like do many other African Americans of my era whose parents fought for his civil rights. Died for his ability to be able to go to the school of the golden dome. N now he can't stand up for another African American Athlete. These black ass joke as toms need to grow some balls!!!!
Melinda McElvaine Another coward, too removed from reality because he has money. Well, money doesn't last, history does. Many will remember you and not for being a man who stood against injustices or who stood up for what is right. No, they will remember a spoiled and privileged (yes, blacks can act privileged, particularly those who are rich) fool. I say fool because your privilege is only driven by wealth and not your skin color. One can wear off and the other, not a chance.
Clifton Sei Don't forget for many ppl money is more to them than family ,morals or anything. I they think they will lose 1 dime they shuck and jive
Frank Murray So what...Tim Brown can think and do what ever he wants. Marshawn Lynch is a red blooded tax paying American. The children he helps get good grades in school just like the children Tim Brown helps....Same objective different tactics!
Teroy Lee The Best thing for Slavery, and Discord is for the Weak Black People, to outwardly, and adamantly Disagree with other Black people on a subject. ...... Fuckin Coon mentality
Sharron Ashford Marshawn knows better than anyone what he has put on the line. In my estimation, he has a lot of backbone to show his beliefs to the world. Keep on protesting Marshawn!!!!
Autumn Raine No one should care what anyone else feels about what they do. Who is he to even comment ? His comment was negative. He sounds like one of those negroes who make it and forgot that there's many who are left behind and are forced to still deal with many injustices.
Scott Midgett I wonder how much money Mr. Brown has given to those Oakland neighborhoods the way Mr. Lynch has over the course of his career? It's all good, just keep on passing judgment on another brother instead of supporting his cause. Seems the way to keep us divided.
Ivan Castillo I guess he accepts the third verse of the original of the writer Francis Scott Key. He forgets that there was period in time when Blacks were not allowed to play in White Football Leagues, but once that saw their potential and financial GAINS; but yet you are still not on equal footing, with the White players. You are still considered their PROPERTY.
Wes J. Johnnie Who is Tim Brown?, it seems he is trying to get in the spot light. But history should remember is name.
Thomas Ware I see the media is quick to point out blacks that's against another black man. So far two from the 49Ners and two from Oakland had something to say about Lynch and Kapernick's no stand protest. These rat bastards that call themselves journalists be playing favoritism to rich whites who wants this lash out against the NFL to stop because they're losing money. They see this already and the season hasn't even started yet. Low television rates on pre season games got them rich whites shaking in their draws! A full band on the NFL would kill them. Billionaires would be jumping off bridges!
Amy Fluffycurly ...And here's one of the biggest issues whithin the black community : The lack of Unity and Solidarity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sad ! 😥😥 #FixitJesus "Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." BENJAMIN FRANKLIN
Reginald Theodore Hardaway Sr There are some things when your brain is operating properly that tells you to be cool! only Black Caucasians chime into a situation that would eventually benefit him and his family.
Shalibaba Flo My gosh, does his vagina hurt?! Someone PLEASE take his melanin and give it to another who understands and CAN HANDLE the beauty AND the struggle. You'll NEVER pay me enough money that I will turn my back on folks who LOOK LIKE ME IN THIS RACIST CLIMATE WE HAVE ALWAYS FOUND OURSELVES IN OVER HERE. #coonflakejohnson
Ebony1 week ago

And the plot thickens...

Jamie Jordan All he needs to do is to go to the Doctor, to prove everyone who doubts him wrong, so he can get on with his life, and stop arguing with the press.
Cynthia Terrell Bowie It was said last week that he did not have herpes and is free and cleared. Even if he sued for slander, he still won't get anything because all three are broke. They are trying to get his money!! Is this drama worth it??
Gerard Hudson still no denial from Usher
Robin Mills Wow.... with so much going on.....I wonder what's going to happen with the kkk feeling all cocky and what not... These corrupt cops..... bogus laws....so much going on.
Ann Lewis What did Usher have too sacrifice to be such a global phenomenon...now they want payback...and they will not stop till he's destroyed,so whether he has herpes or not,they gonna prove that he has it! Unfortunately,its now beginning for him!
Pat Faber Now who put these people up to this? The damage is done. Usher's name was out there. This is called Slander. Usher has a Big Lawsuit on all news outlets at this point. The most prolific evidence is the NY where the woman had a lawyer speak for her. oooohhh! He gone be really rolling in this one. He may never need to make a record after the money comes in on this...Royalty? How about Lump Sum....
Eleanor Stevens Usher, should have made that move with his attorney, when the rumors first surfaced. Never believed the story, because both wives didn't have Herpes, and his first wife they had children's together. 👎 Now everyone is on the band wagon, he should have address this issues when it first surfaced, but they was sure he would pay up, and make the story 🚶 go away, but he is making it clear the ATM; is definitely closed.
Christer A Rollins He has herpes. But he doesn't want to get up off that money. I definitely don't think they should sue over exposure. If they have it, that's different. But even then, how can they prove they contracted it from Usher?
Dee Berry Usher don't owe no one anything. You lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. If it's true they all entered at their own risk. Leave this man alone and its my hope that all you who asking for him to reveal his status do so when your turn come around cause many of you out here living some terrible lifestyles. Note I did no say all I said many. If the cap fits wear it.
Georgia McLemore Gray When they got a cure for herpes , if he had it then he got it now might not be having outbreaks , I guess she thought that that white woman word was gold he had sense enough not to fool wit her , they both mad I don't believe none of it , some men don't care how u look or where u live all the beauty queens in the world ,all the fine places he could be he was in a John 2 motel I doubt it ,
Debbie Lawrence Just because the hotel staff says she saw usher in the hotel with misses youdidin'tgivemeherpesbutamsueingyouanyways doesn't mean he fucked her ....he could have been feeding her a 100 chicken wings 😂🤣🤣🤣 jus a thought
Phillip Bernal most people contain the Herpes virus. it's very common folks just another RAG promoting slim.. Ebony how far you have fallen... from the glory days of the past..
Italee X Shafa Spiritual wickedness has no dominion or power in this dimension unless you render your energy to it! What are you releasing as seed?
Anela Tea-ana Claiborne Not my issue somebody face got acne or what not other bs they come up with
Chris Burke He said he ain't gone pay out money for Crotch Fire to these sisters he didn't cause
Sandra Brissett Usher don't give that big girl none of your money , she need to go look a job #teamusher.
Loreen Bunchie Taylor This is why we have to use protection . I don't care who it is .
Michelle A. McGee nasty
Anela Tea-ana Claiborne Exactly especially if its a lie.
Ester Mcgrew Fight dude don't let them take what you worked for.
Orange Martin Thats my boo right dere..Get'm Usher!
Belinda Kirkwood Test is all he needs!
Denise Francis
Esther Carter Wrap it up dude's wow
Latrina Bates GOOD!!!!! Go sit ya ass down somewhere.
Ebony1 week ago

Computer Love! MC Lyte marries her fiancé, whom she met on 'Match!'

India Diggs I wonder if that's the "ruff neck" she was looking for 🤔. Lol jk congrats to her!! 💕
Kwame MK Nziza Computer love?!😁😀 Are you trying to make fun of her relationship ?
Bertha Redmond Beautiful and May you Love away
Wendy A. Johnson Congrats
Yvette Wright SEMPER FI Mr. & Mrs. Wyche,Congrats
Smash Loy Congratulations 💏💑👪
Pat Portable Great What's the cost for match?
Stephen Coleman Sr. She should have found me!
Willie Webb Congratulations God bless you both 💐🤗
Precious Thornbor Congratulations
Tammisha Palmer Congratulations
Julia McNeil Blessings with Prayers for a great life together...
Annie Transou Taylor Congratulations
Joycelyn Mcgee Congratulations hope you signed a prenup
Karen Warren Congrats my Sister
Lorelee Douglas Congrats
Antoinette Archer Congrats. You both are glowing. #Lovealways
Kim Knight congratulations😊😍
Gwendolyn Jack Congratulations to the both of you 👍☺
Earl James the best news i've heard today.
Ishma Davis Congratulations
Ardent Traveler ~ <3 ~
Amy Proctor Jimmie Baber
Ebony1 week ago

This Female Rapper Just Tied the Knot and Huge News for Shonda-land Fans

Ebony1 week ago

"I got my king."

Pat Faber Love you Lyte. I remember you at Empire Roller Drome. You was cute then too. I always dug you. You are one of the Greatest Rap artist Male and Female of all time. No Female Male got the vocal delivery you have to this Day. You made Art out of it. I heard the soul of a teen struggling with her Man-maybe fictitious only it touched many. Sam was real to us. Like Mobb Deep's Juvenile Hell. You encapsulated Black teen Struggle only a female's perspective. Do you know How many Black Female teens suffered when their baby father bought a bottle of "Crack" instead of Formula. The whole Black Family suffered. You wrote it to fame. Love you always. Mature for just a teen...
Aliso Mission Rd It's happy to cee 2 people who found one another and only want each other. May tha Lord give you happiness and love all the way through
Jamil Songbyrd Barker So I'm assuming she really didn't want a rough neck after all 😂🤣🤣🤣 jk congratulations
MA Williamson Congrats Lyte..u deserve it....but for real i thought u were gay af all this time.....Congrats girl
Wayne White This woman is a class act, I met her in New Orleans after our Marine Corps ball in 1993. She told me she love a man in uniform
Roberta Stuart Congratulations...to you & your husband..I pray that you will have a great life together ❤💯💞
Eloise Dean You got your king and he got his queen. Congratulations. May God you, your husband and bless your union.😂😂😂
Ebony Naylor Congratulations to them both, rumors are just that, people need to mine they own business.
Keisha T. Smalls Congratulations!!! May God continue to bless your union!!!
Joanne Stanley Congratulations that's my girl finally got married found the right one God bless you and your new husband MC Lyte
Chell Chell You truly deserve a King beautiful Queen. Much happiness to you both.
Denise Francis He has a brother that isn't married..😁😁😁 congrats to you Both ENJOY.💍💍💍💓💓
Ave Myers awesome. why have people been calling her gay for the longest time ?
Dana L Roberts
Julian Richard I always thought she was gay
Teresa Merkson Congratulations
Willie Pinckney Man u took my women from me.
Alexandria Collins Nice!
Michael Winston Congratulations
Sandra Perkins Rowell Nice congratulation
Devon Taffe Nice! Finally got her Ruff Neck.
Susan Y.penn Congratulations
Michael Jones
Mem M. Martinez Finally!!!!#
Bro Richardson I'll bet she's singing in Soprano... 🎙️🎷🎼🎶 now...
Ebony1 week ago

That's what we like, that's what we like... 👏🏾👏🏾

Stephanie Johnson As if I needed another reason to love this little hottie❤❤❤❤
Fatima Mays He should have stayed with that money to over see that project. This is what got them into this mess in the first place them not doing with the finances they are suppose too.
Tami Antwanette This should have been fixed years ago. My isn't the media putting pressure on the government officials in Michigan?
Stephanie Ann I wasn't a fan of his prior to this, but now I see him through different eyes. Much RESPECT to YOU, Mr. Mars!
Monica Black I already love this guy. He just keeps getting more perfect.
Joanne Stanley I love him so much Bruno Mars I have a lot of family in Michigan thank you so much and bless you and your family for what you have done for Flint Michigan
Diamond Dash Its sad to say but I bet very very little of that money made it to Flint if any SMH
Charles Perry Bless you, Mr Mars for helping and hope that funds that you have provided are spent wisely.
Kirk S. Dutton Sr. Tha government/ corp of engineers should have been fix tha problem BUT WHO is it really affecting 🤔
Thomas Hester May God bless Bruno Mars!!
Letitia Hill-Hudson You're the best Bruno!!
Mary Grasty God bless this guy
Roxanne Reynolds Thank you kind Sir you are Awesome
Michael Jones
Sandra Adams Lov his thoughtfulness
Mara Holmes Love this dude!!
Linda Koester Thank you, Bruno! 😊❤️😇
Perry Woods Well Done!
Stacey Grice I looooove him even more ! Flint Mi is STILL struggling.
Yaz Dupree I love him so much.
Janisha Hepburn #AWESOME
Lori Robinson That was nice of him to do
Brenda Cuffee Thank you Bruno❤️❤️❤️
Estella West Wonderful!
Celeste Zinsman Yamamoto
Ebony1 week ago

From Angela Rye to Sen. Kamala Harris, Black women in power are calling out all the wrongs of 'Unite the Right.'✊🏾👏🏾

Rita Mitchell-Minor Bey I can't wait until we stop calling each other Black & African American! We Aboriginal people are Indigenous to earth! We are the real Natives of this land!
LaShawn Nicole Why would Trump stand AGAINST something he stands FOR. Hes not. His whole cabinet is racist just about.
David E. Kelly It's not just Black women, but many others who are standing up to the hatred and bigotry. No one group and race can take credit for what God is doing to expose and mark all evildoers for the final destruction of Satan and his demons at Armageddon when it comes. There is no middle ground or neutrality when it comes to good vs evil and what is right or wrong. We are human beings who have been shaped and molded by a lying and corrupt system that will soon fall. So, learning the truth about who really rules the world and why it will soon come to an end is extremely important. You can learn more at www.jw.org.
Jimmie L. Williams Jr. WHEN ARE WE AS BLACK PEOPLE, GOING TO STOP WITH OUR OWN DIVISIVE THINKING? WE CANT JUDGE 'Unite the Right' AND WE'RE NOT SPEAKING A LANGUAGE OF BLACK TOGETHERNESS OR UNITY.. There's no excuse to word a defense that represents separatism. Either you're representing all, or you're demonstrating the same sickness of feminist racism, that violently call themselves "white supremacist"... SMH!! ~JLwjr~
Sugar Masse Why didn't they start calling out all the wrongs of "ONLY" Black Lives Matter...maybe had they done that, there would not be a "Reunite the Right," going on. BLM & the BPP have caused the mentally ill to become fearful...so you have the left afraid which kicked off the right. Should have been more responsible for ALL HUMANS and maybe some of this idiocracy could have been avoided.
James White Black women make the rest of us look like cowards, are we BLACK men going to follow their lead
Connie Cushenberry Dont forget Joy Reid on MSNBC. I live thise three ladies. Angela don't mince words.
David Bolling The old civil rights leadership has become too old to make a difference. The young ones haven't emerged for some reason.
Sammy Don We need to replace these shallow minded LEADERS like Russell Simmons and HOV and rejuvenate our people with real BLACK leadership. I'M THE CHOSEN ONE
Lashaill Cook
Jack White Amen
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