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😂🕺🏾 It’s Friday! You clocked IN early to work so you can clock OUT early out of work ✌🏾 An ETERNAL Mood #TGIF [🎥 @rickeythompson]

inbox me today,of any problems you have,so that i can help, Or if you need a spell caster to bring back your ex husband/wife/lover, inbox me today, so that we can work together and bring he/her back, so that you both can live happily ever after..
Jesselee C. Jose
Deauna Parker
Antoinette O'Bee
not down with a man shaking his ass...sorry
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The three-time NFL Pro Bowler went on to say, “I’m going to take my fine. It is what it is, I ain’t going to let them stop me from doing what I want to do. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

You have to make the team 1st 🏈
Nothing but upmost respect for his decision. It might cost him his football career. But, my grandma use to say if u DON'T STAND FOR SOMETHING YOU'LL FALL FOR ANYTHING.
It’s amazing the draft dodger is so gung-ho about the flag now ,but he wasn’t during the Nam Era ,bone spurs ? and he doesn’t know the words too the Anthem
I’m a veteran. I have no problem with peaceful protest. I don’t feel disrespected. I understand their cause. I wish these owners would not penalize and take away constitutional rights of these players.
Sometimes in life, we all have to take a stand. We are proud of you and we are with you.
Respect to this guy. ✊
There it is. Who else is going to man-up?
Strong Black Man - I have nothing but the utmost respect for you!!!
The way that Coward #45 sold us out to Putin he has no right to say any1 who takes a knee is Disrespecting anything he Disrespected the hell out of America and if any 1 that supported that Coward thinks different F them all
What a man!
Lets play Devils Advocate.. What if he stood for the anthem and donated the money he would have been fined to single mothers or struggling families to build his community.... I get it your upset however the NFL os not the source of our communities problems that starts with us in general and our local politicians
Have pride! <3
The national Anthem have NOTHING to Do With sports so... NOTHING IT'S about the sports so can we Back to the GAME please
Stand up brother
That’s right... a real man move
Hope All Others Will Follow Suit...
Something simple ✊🏽
Thank you
Thank you.
These are grown ass men. They should be allowed to express themselves in a manner of that does not harm others.
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Activist Shaun King wants the public to identify a White man seen on video berating a driver over a traffic incident where he repeatedly calls him a “n*gger.”

I think it's time to put down the phones and cameras, and start handling our business!!
Pathetic creature who is cursed, evil and stinking rotten from the core and depths of Hell. Spawn of Satan!!!
Dear White Folks some of y'all need to get it together for real. Stop thinking and believing you're better than us, NEWS FLASH you're not. 😌 GOD made us all and HE loves us all.
That’s why you carry firecrackers and throw in in his window
Put the camera down, go kick him m in the face! Boom! Problem solved
How come the person making the video didn't get the license plate?
I read on his page the name is Brett Caite not sure if it's true or not...
I would've jammed an N-word foot down his throat😏
This is the type of the same s*** that Whoopi Goldberg was talking about today on The View hatred! 👊
Guess he wants to lose his job as well...#WELP! #AnotherOneBitesTheDust🔥😂😂
Love it when these bigots get recorded and end up losing their jobs and end up crying and begging for sympathy and apologizing. Keep those camera phones rolling, don't let them bait you with words, but defend yourself when it becomes physical.
They figured out who he was with no problem and a bunch of his immediate family as well
This old asshat will be on tv within a week crying & apologizing wanting the world to believe theres no way he's racist he was just having a bad day......smmfh
Should have taken a picture of his license plate.
Looking for him to be in the unemployment line next!
Misery love company Don't Let The Devil Ride he is misery pray for him
I’ve been there! I was walking to the store and some white guy in a truck drove by and yelled “keep walking ni**er!”
"Ignorant Is",,What "Ignorant Does"...
Yes anotherone looking for fame at the unemployment line.make it happen,keep posting job will end for him.
Look no intelligence at all...
Get license plates and report to the police for racial intimidation
He's probably a cop with those blueblockers sunglasses
Have you ever laughed so hard at someone trying insult you? It’s pisses them off more than you spitting in their face. The next time you’re harassed by one of these arseholes bust out laughing in their face. I mean laughing so hard you start choking. I guarantee you they will leave the situation pissed as hell 😉
Welcome to the new and improved Jim Crow Era. Since 7 years old waking in the middle of the night to a cross burning in my grandmother's front yard I've been ready...Let's go inbred devils!
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When 16 of the 23 players on the team come from families who migrated from Cameroon, Morocco, Angola, Congo, Algeria or Zaire... all AFRICAn countries. Then, YES, this is a World Cup Win for Africa as well.

They are French when it suites their need!!
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Chris Williams said that the driver called the police on him when he tried to reason with him to find out why he was being kicked out of the vehicle.

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“Listen, I don’t have Trump Derangement,” Whoopi Golberg replied. “Let me tell you what I have. I’m tired of people starting a conversation with, ‘Mexicans are liars and rapists.’” Whoopi had time today!

She kept throwing around LOUDLY saying, Im a Judge! Ive been a Judge for years! But Whoopie shut her Up! Whoopie stood up on her bc that " judge" kept talking loud acting a bully and wouldnt allow no one else to speak. Whoopie had to "light her up!" with the truth and #facts! Nothing dumb about Whoopie Judge found that out today on the #view!
Why would they have Jeannie pirro in the 1st place???!
Did Whoopi tell Jeanine pirro say goodbye lol and did Sunny turn her back on pirro lol lol You don't step on Whoopi's toes in Her House
Did you just point at me! That was funny!
Anna Navarro is a conservative but I like her. She knows a liar and con artist when she sees them. She's always country over party unlike Meghan McCain.
It looked like they tried to set Whoopie Up? ( Pirro,Meghan)....
Sonny sip of tea had me rolling .. But big mouth Megan stayed quiet.
Say what you want about The View. They have diverse people on the show.
Ms. Goldberg opened her can of Whoopi-a__ on Miss Thang!
Yes Whoppi you checked her and put her in her place! She snickered like a candy bar and tried to undermine Obama! Never ever invite her even if she wants to apolize! She was argumentative with everyone except Meghan..think about it! Sad she came on the show and acted that way. She truly showed how racist, pro- trump she is!
You forgot this is the whoopi and whoopi show. Ain't nobody here to see you Otis.
I ain’t mad at Whoopi ... I really did not like the way the judge was coming across and she was really not answering any of the questions. She was asking questions of the questions or telling stories around the questions. Whoopi was NOT the one. I watch this show because I enjoy a group of women being able to discuss and disagree about political issues. The judge just came with too much attitude and that smirk when Whoopi was taking was too much for me. Girl Bye..
The judge was rude kept cutting people off I guess Whoopi set her ass straight you go whoopi!
Whoopie was like "BYE" I have nothing left to say to this broad!
Don't mess with my Whoop Whoop! Jeanne brought a knife to a gun fight.You know who won!
That woman analyzed the wrong one. Everybody with a partial of a brain knows Whoopi is quick on the draw and smart as hell.
Well one things for sure...Jeanine will never be invited as a guest host ever again😐#teamwhoopi
I was so tickled! And when Sunny sipped her tea....i was done! How disrespectful to smirk and point. The judge had a condescending manner the entire segment.
Whoopi read Ms. Thang for filth this morning! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Jeannine learn today.......We don't care if you been a judge for thirty years Whoopi shut that Ass Down.....#teamwhoopi
I just love Whoop, she don't take NO mess., I see exactly why J P husband cheated and left her., she's a pathetic 'itch'!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations Mrs Whoop Goldberg, very much needed to be spoken time out for all of the foolishness with these folks !!!!
You will learn today judge. Disrespected every one of the host. She did what she came there to do but Whoopiiii shut her down.
Thank you Whoopi! Jeanine is totally out of her mind. She is an enabler and should not be on tv serving kool-aid
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We Commend & support Kofi Kingston & Titus O’Neil for standing up against such injustice. #BlackExcellence SHARE THIS

Guess his worst nightmare came true and he blew a gasket and let his true colors come through, still weird tripping over who your daughter is fu##ing sort of like 45 saying he'd bang Ivanka if she wasn't his daughter, hmmm
He said exactly what he wanted to say
But didn’t brooke try to go black with her music talking about what it do paul wall on the about us song on her album “undiscovered “? Still not discovered today and her music been fell off?
I don't care for him anymore after what he said!
He needs to hurry up and sell the WWE because his daughter and son-in-law aren't doing a good job of running it, Mr. Vincent McMahon please sell it because it's clear you have lost your mind if this story is true
Not surprise
....Bumped into him at the Ritz Carlton, Miami South Beach he was extremely rude
It's easy to forgive and forget when it was never about you from the get go!!
Those stripes don't change.
I was a fan at one time know he can go to hell
I thought he was too old now for the ring
Rohan, Garfield, Nigel, Mark, Timmy, Uni-Boss, Kj unu did know bout di initial incident?
I really don't care.
Yes we do He should just be done already
No surprise.
All I can say is once a Racist, always a racist. I don't trust him. All of these racists think they can apologize and we will forgive. I forgive but never forget!!
He made cause he losing his hair" keep that rag on top"
He should be banned forever.
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#StillMyFirstLady Michelle Obama wants people to get out to vote in the 2018 midterm elections and she’s teamed up with celebrities to make it happen! “When we all vote, we determine our future.”

Supposed you moved to a new state and sign up for a card to register to vote in that state in June of this year and you never received your card to vote. You call the city clerk and she she give you an answer that they will be mailed out on July the 9th and today is July the 19 th and you still haven’t received your card to vote.
Bravo. Make it an organized national campaign in every city and state!!!
You won't see change unless you vote. If you dont vote you won't see change. Complacency does not bring change.
Thank you 🙏
People are not going to vote until they can see some advancement. Safe neighborhoods, job growth, better schools. Don't this politicians get it. If people have nothing to lose, why would they vote. That's why Trump thanked black people. He knew they wouldn't show up. So many communities suffering! Democrats have been a big disappointment. Why don't rich people get it. A lot of people need to see change to actually get up. I listen to them and that's what I hear
Khloe Puttman
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This one's for you Biggie, The Chronicles of making a hit single with KingCombs!

Umm isn't that the old Case beat?
This is Case ft. Mary J. Blige "Touch me tease me" ....the video looks like a homage to Biggy.
There is no denying he is puffy's son
That’s a work
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Reasons why Black Panther continues to be crucial for our culture! The Jabari Tribe is growing, The M’BAKU chant! [🎥:@kaleemcreates]

Courtney Craig
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Jessica Dime posted the first picture of the three-month-old beauty to Instagram yesterday while revealing her heavenly name: Blessing Briel’ Williams.

the baby is beautiful. I'm so happy for you Jessica. I pray nothing less than God's greatest blessings for you and your family. Congratulations.
Aaaaw she is a lil doll❤ Congrats Jessica Dime to motherhood! May your family be blessed with your new bundle of joy!!
Congratulations!!!!!! Ms. Dime (Beautiful Daughter )Bre-Bre!!! just saying.We Love U ( Memphis Tn. Yeah Baby ).
Congrats Jessica babygirl looks beautiful
She is gorgeous..congrats Jessica good job..so happy for you both ❤💯👑
Omg. I saw that photo and didn't know it was her baby. She's beautiful 🤗
Aww, she’s gorgeous. Congratulations and God bless. 💜
Congratulations she's absolutely beautiful..
Beautiful child......proud of you Jessica!
Awwww congratulations Dime!!! Your baby is so gorgeous...
Aww she is beautiful Angel
Congratulations to Mother Hood
Congratulations...She is beautiful
Congratulations Dime
She is adorable.
Congratulations 🎈🎊 She is gorgeous!
She’s beautiful!
Beautiful baby ❤️
What a cutie! Awwww!! Congratulations!!
God blessJessica🙏🏾😘❤️she is adorable.
Beautiful babygirl, Congrats
Congratulations Dime ...you're my Girl!
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In the powerful display of solidarity, the women who call themselves “sister survivors” presented the message, “We may suffer alone, but we survive together.”

EBONY21 hours ago

Wendy Williams went on to say, “[A] functioning addict has several alarm clocks, you’re organized. It’s a miracle I was able to stop.”

Hush Girl. Judge Mathis already told us that.
Why the wigs
Is that Charlemagne Tha God?
Enough already....we've heard all this over n over again about her drug habit. Get over yourself....your not the 1st or last to b addicted n recover.
Wendy looked so much better then than now.
I don’t really care do u ?
If he dont stop it. Judge Mathis read him for filth already.
Prayers for her. And yes Judge Mathis put her on point.
I remember when she was on hot 97 NY. Then BLS 107.5. I think she still has a show on BLS. I stopped listening to hot 97 years ago though.
i guess that's why she could call out Whitney, they were buying and doing drugs in the same circle
EBONY21 hours ago


Gods Divine Healing! Thrive Well SiSta! Ase! ❤👌
Hope her recovery is quick.
Praying your Healing
Praying for you 🙏
Amen get well soon
Speedy recovery
EBONY22 hours ago

Pat McGrath Labs signed a $60 million deal with New York City-based Eurazeo Brands... the company jumped to $88 million and the total valuation to $1 billion. #EBONYcelebrates

There's a difference between being successful and famous/successful. Forbes put Kylie on the cover because she has a name and they wanted to sell magazines. Ms. McGrath is highly successful, but the average person doesn't know her name. That's not taking anything from her accomplishments, it just is what it is. I agree with the folks saying that she should be on cover of Ebony. But they've lost that opportunity by writing this little web article. Kylie has a legitimate business and it's successful. She's not doing anything illegal or hurting anyone. Let that girl live. Forbes will have someone else on the cover next month. Let's figure out ways to create our own success rather tearing down someone who already has theirs. That won't bring success to you.
Hey Ebony magazine heres a crazy idea. Why don't you do a Cover of her.
It will MEAN MORE coming from a publication she likely grew up with: that her granny and mom used to read... she is what, a third or fourth generation Ebony reader: novel idea, give her a cover, a full 5-6 page spread and it will be far more rewarding than SEEKING approval from Forbes.... It ain't right but it's real..... ~she has EARNED the opportunity, get it to her.
Wow I didn’t even know PM was black. I don’t buy her makeup because her palettes are $125. Black or not, I ain’t paying $125 for a 10 pan palette, or any palette
Ummm you all can put her on the cover?
I am not taking anything away from Pat McGrath achievements, nor am I glorifying the youngest Kardashian but she is the youngest billionaire, that is why she is on the cover.
Why didn’t y’all report this first instead of that other chic that I won’t say. This is what we want to see.
Geeze. She's needs better Marketing. I've heard very little about her make-up online for sale & no youtube video's either. Huh.
Pat McGrath has been doing high fashion make up for all the major design houses for over 20 years. She is extremely talented and the true example of SELF MADE!! Congrats!
Pat McGrath 😍😍. Seriously speaking I would love to see Pat McGrath on the cover of ebony magazine. And read an interview with Ms.Mcgrath.
She don't need a cover her cover is us as a people sharing her pic and that her line of makeup is a billion dollar business
The average person ( that would be me) cannot afford this make up. The average tube of lipstick is like$50. I don’t have it like that. Might be why we haven’t heard much about her.
The world thinks Kardashian rule. Not impressed. Proud of your accomplishments!
Now this is a self made billionaire unlike Kylie Jenner.
Congratulations, May GOD continue to Bless her and her Family 😇😇😇
She dont have the publicity. The other chick got more tv, magazine and social media presence. She should think about talking to her marketing and pr team in what they should do moving forward.
Or Ebony Magazine cover! Stop stirring the pot.
Congratulations Pat McGrath well done. You did very well without being in the light. You go Lady.
Well I guess with you being a media outlet, you have to provide her with the cover 🤔 duh.
Ebony MAGAZINE has covers right? What you're really asking is why haven't White people validated her.
Not the right shade but we have our own magazine. Don’t we? It’s call Ebony. Stop complaining about others not doing for us and do make a changes Ebony.
How about Ebony and Essence put her on their covers, but also do aricles on busuness, finance, science, technology. In every issue. The fashions, human interest stories, music, jokes, zodiac is all good, but let's take this one step further...it can be done in both print and virtual access. There are so many people of color doing great things ...we should showcase these things
Where though?? Where can we buy her products?? I have not seen them ANYWHERE. Hmmm .....
I'm so proud of her....And, on my way over to Sephora to "support" her cosmetics line. You go girl!!!
Why I never heard of it before or saw it at Sephora? Yes, I have heard of pat and seen her in essence magazines. And she was staying with Janet Jackson in London earlier in the year. Yes, I am sure if it were Katy perrynwe would know about it on the news. Thanks Essence for telling us.
EBONY22 hours ago

From 😲 to 😴! One young fan even had the chance to join Breezy on stage, fainting during the overwhelming experience.

Really? Hmm, ok.
EBONY22 hours ago

When Tiffany Haddish was homeless Kevin loaned her $300 to get a motel room after discovering she was living in her car. Watch her pay Kevin back... with interest! #SeriouslyFunny

Am I the only one that thought that was kind of rude. I don’t know what happened beforehand but I don’t think this was nice
She did more than Le Daniels did to Dame
I bet that he didn’t throw the money at her like that. I didn’t find this funny, but disrespectful and very rude.
I mean she didn't have to throw it at him hell he could've left her in the car ...but that's how people do
Loan he should had given her the money I'm just saying
Lol why do y'all take her seriously 🤦‍♀️ she a COMEDIAN. So is he
But y she throw it at him like that,That was rude, Or was she mad cause he told people her business, About being homeless, n sleeping in her car, she looked like she had a Attitude..
I think kev gotta big hart...but he also had 2 know she was gone blow
They are comedians😍Im sure they both understand and get the "Throwing money on/at him" #lovethemboth
She threw it because he wouldn’t take it. Look at IG they going back and forth
She made it rain on him....but what happened to the dance???😆
Alright, there is hope for me. Kevin said, they'll come around. Come on and "Make it rain on me". Hahaha!...
He gave her more than money. He gave her a tool on how to start her success. Told her to write a list of everything wants. It has helped her more than money.
Very sweet we got it... obvious neither one of you need the money now... how about giving the money to someone who needs it??? Someone homeless... maybe that money will change their life!!!😇
Wow did she just do what l think she did make it rain l don't no what when down but if somebody help you don't throw there money at he didn't leave her in that l would of made her pick it up
Lol... he slipped it back in her bag when she wasn’t looking
Hey Kevin, got some more of the lucky money...... Homeless Artist, let me Sell you some, not looking for a hand out...... It's freehand ink drawings...... Abstract one of S kind you've never seen anything like it I guarantee you, it's Rare and has Stories to accompany the Art.......... I need a break, I'm 55 and homeless and ill, without income...... I've got over 900 drawings.......
Lol that’s great though what he did for her!
Kevin Heart is like 3 inches shorter than I am. Wow. He is really short.
That’s dope. A lot of comedians sacrifice for the craft
His $300 investment in her has paid off...she’s a celebrity.
I didn't take as a negativity, her personality, maybe? Well I am glad to thought enough and didn't forget! Maybe this is her season for gratitude and/or maybe it just hit her heart?
if it was a loan she should have been paid him back
That’s why I Love ❤️ Kevin Hart !
It wasn't funny to me l missed it
EBONY23 hours ago

This episode. Season 5 Episode 14. 1992 & yet here we stand in 2018 with the same conversation, same lack of empathy and understanding. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #BLM [🎥: @p0.etic]

Also sad that these are Dean Cain's real life political beliefs to this day. He didnt have to dig too deep for this character.
So very, very sad . That people feel this way since Pres T in the office people are more Bold to speak what has always been in the evil heart . So very sad in 2018 . And God is showing who these people really are like a sprit of evil that was there all along .
And I honestly think this is why I feel the way I do about racism....it’s an ongoing thing ..nothing has changed... we don’t have to like each other but we can respect each other...
Still can't catch a cab in New York....thanks for Uber! Now cab driver losing money.....too bad
I remember watching this episode back then and yes this still goes on today.
One of the best episodes of A A Different World 2nd to Whitley & Dwayne's wedding !! #LetsArgue
Omg ..... I remember that ..... it’s so true today ..... you people .. please
#realtalk no matter what decade or century✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Unfortunately, that is a conversation that we will continue to have until Jesus returns.
Powerful Episode !
Pass it on
Real Talk! Huh! ❤👌
So sad but true
God Bless our African Black Slave Ancestors Souls who went through so much Hell and built this country on their Black Backs and Blood Sweat and Tears and didn't get anything in return but Evilness and Wickedness.
EBONY23 hours ago

Chance The Rapper for Mayor. BIG Mood.

El Chapo and his Mexican drug cartels took over Chicago in the early 2000's. Nobody is talking about that...it's easier to blame "black on black crime"
Let's do the work, stop always blaming folks and role up our sleeves.
EBONY23 hours ago

And then there was Karlie 💍... Another Love & Hip Hop reality star reclaims their chance on love... Congratulations on the engagement!

She engaged okay. He will never marry her. Karlie is the equivalent to a whore she has had more wood inside her that a lumber mill.
She's a joke looking for a Sucker all the time she's too dam old for this get off love and hip hop girl ur too old u been on this show for years what is ur storyline
So I guess she will be starting the season the same way she do every season “I am dating Grammy Award Winning, Super Producer Tom Dick Or Harry” and she will be dumped before the last episode...🙄🙄🙄
Man Ebony magazine is really going downhill! Who the heck are these people?! Why are they relevant to real grown people?! And why do people care?! Lawd help us! 🤦🏽‍♀️
What man is she "in love" with now??? I can't take her serious...
These niggas really turning hoes into housewives
Hoping it was Joc they belong together
Here we go... Tell me who it is yall so i dont have to click this bullshit
Yung Joc bout to me mad!!! 😂😂😂
Congrats why hate on her for getting engaged damm let ha live
Men Doesn’t matter when they love you they will marry you even when you are a known nasty woman that has been messy and dirty!!!
Gettn that story line for next season together early !
And another one lol
Is it just me or has there been a TON of celebrities getting married and/or engaged lately?? 🤔
Congratulations, Karlie!
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 in other news ...LEO SEASON IS APPROCHING ..8/16 ♌♌♌💪
She will not be getting married Trust. Man to man.
Uuuummmmm....who is "Mo"??
Who really cares about Karlie...Seeing is believing..Maybe she will calm down once she's married...OVERKILL
Crissy everyone becoming a wife this week lol
Congratulations, May GOD continue to Bless both of them and their Families 😇😇😇
Lol!!! What's her government name? Karlie Redd is a mess!
WHY how long will this last GOD from you me
EBONY23 hours ago

Same to be quite honest...

She's just as bad as Trump. Hell she use to be a Republican. This all a game. And they ALL play it.
Ryana Parks-Shaw Barbara Anne Washington Lea Der Carol Graves Melissa Robinson
Mine also Pres. Mine too.
Men are getting on my nerves too. Perhaps for different reasons than those expressed by President Obama, but still they're working my nerves. What it boils down to is that we need more qualified, diverse, open-minded people who aren't afraid to stand up for those who are ignored and under represented. It won't make a lot of difference to get rid of a male racist legislator, only to replace him with a female racist legislator. Regardless of gender, we need better people in charge of running the government -- period.
EBONY2 days ago

We sit down with co-stars Cynthia Erivo and Jeff Bridges to talk about the shock of the script and what it was like filming the crime mystery thriller, Bad Times at the El Royale

EBONY2 days ago

“I think that when people are seeking relevance or can’t deal with their own shortcomings, they take a shot at him because he’s no longer there to defend himself" Ndileka Mandela

He didn't sell himself into prison for 25+ years. Who is the sellout? I ask.
EBONY2 days ago

Will Smith shares an unforgettable moment he regrets when he was with The Great Madiba.

EBONY2 days ago

The scripted comedy series, All About the Washington, is a fictionalized version of Rev Run and his wife, Justine Simmons’ and their family life.

EBONY2 days ago

Now, if this was a Black man/woman would the outcome have been the same!?

That judge needs to b fired jus because she didn't have a record and u giving her a 2nd chance. If I were that child's parent I'll sue and try my best to keep her lock up, don't think she won't do this again cause she will and this time it'll b to late.
No it would not have. But had it been my baby the headline would have read totally different. More like Daycare Working Missing and I would have shown the next day like I'm dropping off my baby. No joke.
She still alive! Because I would have sent her soul to hell, and been ready to do my time, if that would have been anyone of my grandbabies.
That's that white privilege 🙄
Right and then she had an UNLICENSED DAYCARE in her home,HUUNG a child who did suffer injuries,FLED the scene and Got in 3 accidents...come on now...
😭😭😭😭If it was my child, she would not make it home🤬🤬🤬
I read in a different article that she is an immigrant from the Ukraine. Now, if she had been Black or a brown-skinned immigrant, the sentencing would have been GRAVELY different.
If she was black it would have been life .
we know the answer. google cyntoia brown if you don't think so.
I can't excuse someone who hurts a helpless, innocent child. Children look to us for protection
She at least need that ass stomped out. Smh.
No. I made the same comment on an earlier post when I read this story. She should have served some time. If that parent hadn't stopped by when he did that kid would be dead. She'll go somewhere, change her name and run a daycare again and do this again. I don't know if the kid was a family member or not. People better be careful who they are entrusting to keep their child(ren). So many people are taking meds for depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, chronic pain. People are physically and mentally hurting...the walking wounded. It's no telling what people will do.
Why share this mess knowin good and well ppl gone go off They not reversing decision cause we mad about it
Clearly this is not justice, prayers to her many victims
If She Had Mental Issues Why Was She Allowed To Work At A Day Care Around Children SMH
And why is she not getting any jail time?. Who does she know in the court system?.
Next election vote that judge out of office
I want to knw who didnt put sumthn on her ahh so i can put sumthn on their ahh u dont need the court for everthing
Can somebody beat her raggedy sorry ass. Please 🤬
I wonder if they did a psych veal on her. Family and friends will ignore a person's psychiatric issues until it results in a tragedy. More ppl need to be speaking up if that's the case in some of these stories.
She really dodge that bullet of going to prison where women are serving life with NOTHING to lose!!
For the children’s sake someone call ICE for this Broad!
Where is a safe haven for our children?
There's a very simple solution to all of this!
Sick, sad and even though she's getting attention and they may place her on crazy alert. Just letting this blow away is a biggy biggy crime.
EBONY2 days ago

Tami is "booked & busy!" She's got the receipts to prove it!

Not surprised..what Evelyn got going on?? I'll wait
Wait, what? How she playing her momma? The makeup person must be bomb!
Step-Mother and they the same age 😆
Congrats! Tami! Aj 🎉🎊🎉🎊
I'm so happy for Tami. What's the rest going to do when that show ends?
Their practically the same age, this seems to be a mismatch, Octavia character is so strong, I hope this works out.
You go Tammi!
Yeeeesss get it girl 👍🏽
Congrats Tami 🎉🎈get girl 💪
Wow zay it isn't so.
Congratulations Tami
Good job Tami
Yep! And ain’t nobody checkin for Evelyn!
I am so proud of Tami!
Well done Tami!!
So it does pay to be nasty! Wow!
Love it. Go Tami. #teamtami
Hope the movie is a thriller.
I know that's right
You go girl so happy for you
Good actress
EBONY2 days ago

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela passed away in December 2013 at 95 having had a remarkable life. Prominent figures in Black Hollywood paid tribute to the late Madiba.

Tata 🙌❤
EBONY2 days ago

💡#EBONYSaves 💡

We all love sunny summer days, but not when summer storms leave us in the dark. @ComEd keeps you in control with free #OutageAlerts and updates until your power is back on.


EBONY2 days ago

Joseline isn't here for Steebie's new marriage! 😅

Did y'all see the date on the screenshot? It said Sun, July 17? That means those screenshots was from a few years ago not this year. July 17 of this year was Tuesday.
Faith out here marrying community dick lawd 🤦🏾‍♀️😩 you’re not suppose to love these hoes smh Faith
Look faith if you being held against your will need help getting off Stevie bus 😉😉 wink at us sis we'll help you but tell us you need help first
Faith ended their relationship last year when Stevie cheated while they were dating. She said theyre better off as friends because hes too much of a ladies man to be serious! Whats changed??? Good luck!!!
Faith can do so much better
Look at old,episode Stevie been wanting Faith 20 years ago or more he will get right for Faith.
Why everybody want to give Faith so much credit ? The REAL Faith Evans that YOU thought YOU knew is just coming out 🤷🏾‍♀️ her standards as you see, is no different that the other women of Stevie J !!!! they just like that “ lumberjack” 😬
Y'all remember when Steebie gave Joseline a ring, then LITERALLY turned Round and gave one to "da maid!" #HOLLERING!!
Why would Faith do that.
Reading some of these comments shows me a lot of folks don't know the background about Stevie & Faith. They've been friends before Joseline was even in the picture.
I'm Not SURPRISED... Joseline was a PETTY BETTY/DRAMA QUEEN on Love & Hip Hop, so what makes you think she has matured, Bonnie Bella? I THINK NOT!!!!
She's so petty and trashy! Good thang Stevie did a upgrad!
I don't know y she would care either way!
She mad because Faith got the ring and certificate she's always wanted but never got
We don't really know Stevie. Perhaps what we see on tv is just that; tv. That's a paycheck. I'm sure Faith knows him better than we do. I wish them luck.
Joseline is just doing what she does Best, Being Her....
Joseline Hernandez bye, Stevie J have upgrade.
If you look at the date, it's clearly not July 17, 2018 because July 17 was on a Tuesday...her text day was on a Sunday which would be Sunday July 17, 2016🤦‍♀️...🙄 smh🙊💀
I give it one month at the most. Damm Faith why did you marry that man whore? Stevie don't love no one but Stevie your just another notch on his belt until he sees something better. Hope you checked for STDs
Congratulations. Yall know we do what we want not even mama's could tell us that man ain't no good you know we gotta be hard head and touch the stove.
🤦‍♀️ Faith girl... just why? and I expect nothing less from Joseline! All his KARMA lies right there with her. He done so much wrong to ppl who would do anything for him. 🤐
So what boo boo them is what u call sour grapes!🤣🤣🤣 Petty Yes, but not the good kind!! She didn't post her fake marriage certificate!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Aaaaaand!!! Errbody know she been been threw!🤣🤣🤣 Fame seeker!
I don't.... think it's real... really? They have a new music video out, I think that's what this is all about.... I hope.... oh well!
One day I hope she realizes it's not about her and she doesn't own him....he didn't choose her for a reason...
All 3 of them are messy and trashy Also if you out of his life stay out of his life with your 4 years old petty us
EBONY2 days ago

The hardest talk with our kids, Let’s talk about it! Things aren’t what they used to be. Does Tamera share an extremely important point? [🎥: @TheReal]

#GirlChat w Tamera Mowry
This should not be an uncomfortable conversation for any parent. I also never nicknamed parts of my kids bodies and I didn’t let anyone else nickname them either. I’m surprised a Dr., needed to tell her this.
This is so true, I have heard so many people tell their child they have a wee wee, they are talking about the child's penis. People need to tell their kids exactly what parts of the body they have. I have heard people called girls private parts cootie cat LOL I bet people haven't heard that word in a long time. people it is time out for that tell your children than the proper name of their body parts. A penis is what little boys and men's have, a vagina is what did a girls and ladies have. Please don't have kids out in the world telling people they have a cootie cat or they we we hurt LO
I told my kids everything I don’t like nicknames they owed body parts cuz it confused later on in life I think
I have never liked the nicknames. I taught my son the real names of his body parts. It is what it is.
So, So, So True!! Thanks For Sharing In Helping To Keep All Babies Safe !!
Very very true..
Audrey T Thomas
EBONY2 days ago

The Dreamers Fund plans to raise $100,000,000.00 of Japanese currency to invest in U.S. startups that focus on social issues.

EBONY2 days ago

The upcoming comic will be written by Nnedi Okorafor, who previously wrote Black Panther: Long Live the King for Marvel! #BlackGirlMagic

This is only the beginning! She's a very important character
Proud of her. Proud daughter of Igboland and a Nigerian-American. We are all here also on the FB. Congratulations and cheers to Nneka.
letitia Wright is from Guayana in Central America or South America, she is not from the continent
so we are waiting for her movie too don't change Shuri
I watched the movie truly fantastic
Yes, well deserved!!!
Bolanle Aduroja this is awesome!
Yes I love Suri
Yes Queen! 👑👑👑
Alan this!
Harry Williams
Kiki Lew Delphine Keel
Hope Grant
Chad King Millz Davis
Paris Nichols
Rukiat Ashawe
Deon Rogers
Chereon A Camp
EBONY2 days ago

When in Vegas 👀...

EBONY Reality star Joseline Hernandez is taking the petty route when it comes to her ex & his new matrimony! https://bit.ly/2mxq4o5
Oh well, now Joseline child support can be paid on time by Faith
Congratulations to each his own. We DON’T know them personally just what is shown on TV! He’s NOT BROKE and neither is she!! They have been friends for over 20 years and there was always an attraction between them! Who are WE to judge them! Many blessings if they like it I love it! As long as THEY are happy!
But what about Estelita?
So sad r they both back on drugs cuz this is a surprise and is she desperate she's marring the community d...k
Why do all of these celebrity women has a weakness for Stevie J.He's always victimizing these women. He must have the hypnotized.
She done lost her whole mind. This gon' be another Whitney & Bobby situation.
Why do we get mad with these famous people about their relationships like its our business I mean some people literally gets mad I mean why though the majority of us can't control our own relationship but yet on here voicing your madness on celebrities who doesn't even know you and has not asked for your blessings SMH.... Stupidity
She is so different from him... From totally different worlds with different morals and values...she made it crystal clear she dont like men w/ whore tendencies. .but still married him? If this is true... Oh well! It ain't nothing she can't get out of. My divorce is in its last stage, I'm almost free! Getting my maiden name BENNETT back whoop! Whoop! Lost it in 1987...wow!
Stevie J gonna marry Biggie old Wife smh, He was cool with Big
That coke make you do strange things....🤦🏾
I wish them well a man will change for the woman he really wants to be with.. Blessings to them....You never know she may be the one..
Why marry the community d...
Married Biggie after 9 day's, of knowing him... not surprised at all
This is the 1st Story from Ebony to pop up on my newsfeed since I liked/followed that page some time ago - Is this what the John Johnson-less Ebony has been reduced to - with all the turmoil affecting Black Folks in Amerikkka? Wow. My Frat, John Johnson must be rolling over in his grave to think his legacy has been reduced to this. The formerly Black-Owned Ebony must do better!
I think 🤔 she has lost “FAITH” Bless her heart ❤️
Wow he must be packing... The ladies love him ..I just dont understand faith being with him they say the older you get the wiser you are lmmfao 😂😂😂 girl stress is coming with all his side bitches 🤔
Father God...Nooo! Please tell me Faith not back on that stuff? Who woulda thought marrying BIG after knowing him two weeks would be a better decision than this...but you're not 24 anymore Faye...the hell? I was rooting for you...we were ALL rooting for you! Stevie Jobless back child support J. ??? #SomebodyTellMeWhy.... 😢
I don't care if he does just put on for tv, he presents himself in such a low disgusting manner, eww, Oh Faith, what is you doing baby? 😩
CONGRATS. Every one makes mistakes in their lives and they deserve a second chance at love and happiness. .Good Luck to You Both
Their marriage, their business I wish them well, whatever will be will be... Congrats Faith and Stevie!
In the words of a wise friend by the name of Késhia Caldwell: "What in the I never knew there was a love like this before" is going on? 🤣
Im happy for them both Yayyy, THINGS Change, People Change but there's always gonna be hate in the Game/Name 😀 of LOVE 👥💞💞
Train wreck... She must like this type of dude...Biggie cheated on her and so will Stebie....in the voice of Joseline😂
All, this is clearly a publicity STUNT, There is no way Stevie behaves the way he does on Love & Hip Hop and now married to Faith Evans. This is for television. #justmyopinion Can't possibly believes they truely love each other!!! JUST CANT!!