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Police believe the death of NY Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam was "suspicious" and are looking for more information.

John Woods So 1 month later? It was suspicious day one. She deserved a better start to the investigation.
Olivia Olivia Such a tragedy. I hope it won't become one of those cold cases.
Saundra Jackson It was suspicious from the beginning
Ava Sandhu They don't care 🤷‍♀️ this black woman!!!!
Dwyer-Hendricks Pamela About time!
Nkeba Suwaad Oh please
Andrea L. McDaniel Smh
Lisa Courtney We all know she didn't kill herself
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A probe into the death of #Prince brings more questions and leaves others unanswered. http://www.ebony.com/news-views/prince-death-investigation#axzz4ezy49npk

Deen OCastenella
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Veteran NBA star-turned-sports commentator made some pretty insensitive remarks.

Marseah Williams No compassion whatsoever! God forbid he should lose a sibling or someone close to him especially in an unexpected and tragic way!! Shame on him.
Richard Hoffman Charles has always been the village idiot even as a player. That's why Bobby Knight cut him from his first Olympic Team. Vegas loves him because he is a big loser. People tune in to see what the big goof will say next. That's his gig so don't be surprised when Sir Charles says something stoopid expect it!
Linda Minor That's ok, when tragic come his way and it will. We all are going to go through something, let's see how he handle it. Amen
Thomas Smith Charles Barkley did not become a jerk yesterday. He has always been one !!
Darlene C. Sutherland Charles Barkley has always been a jerk with no filter...why is anyone surprised?!?!?!
Troy Keller-Houston Someone hit it perfectly. He has always been a jerk. Honestly thats the reason he got his job.
Judith Johnson He should have said in spite of just losing his sister, Isiah still managed to play. What an insensitive jerk. He should have said my heart goes out to him
Linda Kidd So Charles! You never lot a love doing you time when you were paying Ball. What's wrong with Loving your Sister
Sophia A. Williams He's always been an insensitive asswipe. But he's topping himself now, and that's not a compliment
Roderick Hoggett He's just ignorant don't pay him any attention, that's what he wants!
Tre Whitney He's an efftard! That clown defended Zimmerman. He's twisted upstairs.
Tyrie Reid Espn knw which coon to put the camera on.. Im more of a marshawn type
Mary Ellis Charles Barkley can go to hell. This heartless motor mouth is ignorant, and needs to learn compsssion.
Stephanie Grant #DonkeyOfTheDay #CharlesBarkley
Brijette Swan Alex He had always been "insensitive"!!!! Just sayin
Timothy Kye Sometimes he say some stupid stuff....wtf...smh
Kimberly Peck McClease He is a big JACK A**
Rachel Elizabeth McRea Smh
Rhonda Hillary He always said insensitive crap!
Nkeba Suwaad "Get out"
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The British actress and playwright is more than just the star of one Netflix's most popular shows.

ZL Copeland Simeon Tookes Clarke our funny UK lady...lol. didn't realize she writes the show.
Ladie Johnson Yes..i done laughed and related so much..I wonder if the writers and I went to school together or somehow crossed paths once😍😃😂
Vickie L. Leaverette Love this show
Stubbz Jetlife Love that show
Nyree Jones-Porter Is this a teenager show?
DeYuana Danielle Chynicca Perry
DeYuana Danielle Jermaine Griffin
Ryan Starrett Liam Toner
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Robert Godwin Sr., the victim of a grisly murder in Cleveland, was remembered as a "good guy" by family members.

Cynthia Barnhill It breaks your heart what happened to this man who was innocently walking down the street minding his own business. Whenever I see that video, I can see the fear his family saw in his eyes. Rest in peace Robert, and to the man who murdered you, rot in hell!
Eleanor Stevens Keeping the family, in my 🙏 prayers through this difficult journey. Losing a Love One, is very 😔 sad and painful, and to lose a 💘 Love one from senseless violence, has to be a family worst 🌃 nightmare. A 😂 happy family gathering ending so tragedy, has to have a devastating effect on his Love Ones. May God, continue to bless this family, through these 😔 sad and troubling times. Amen
Bmarie Jackson He's happy..it was easter sunday when jesus rose...he took the elderly man to his father...the lord everything is alright!!!!!!
Gail Murray Condolences to the family. Praying for healing.
Rose Cannon So very sad
Eleanor Stevens
Sarah Mona Thomas Thomas
Nancy Miller May God bless him Amem
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After a radio appearance turned violent between Arie Spears and Zo Williams, one is now issuing a public apology.

Felecia Robinson If Aries Spears spent as much energy on working as he does trying to avoid child support...
Mike Jones That's what whack-ass comedians get.👏.
Keisha Johnson Just an emotional fool who wont set a better example for kids! Coonery bafoonery at its finest.
Aston Matapha Jones People need to raise their vibes.
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Fitness coach Kali Blocker helps you get ready for summer no matter how busy you are.

Carolyn Jackson Slayed
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Director F. Gary Gray just made history with his mega box office hit.

Hikmah Robbi https://tinyurl.com/mgmdpmn
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Writer Noel Cymone Walker gives you a guide to Jamaica Carnival's hottest fetes.

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A menswear brand fusing art, fashion and design.

Mehnaz Islam Isn't fashion made up of art and design 🤔🤔😂😂😂😂
Pamela Calhoun Who the model👀👀👀👀👀👀💖💚💖💚
Katt Beleaux
Katt Beleaux
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Why organ donation is such a crucial topic for the African-American community.

Julia Neely It all boils down to paranoid thoughts brought on by community members. Really, you're only hurting your own community when you're not an organ donor. Organs are matched to people who have similar MHC proteins as the donor.
Deen OCastenella The SAME people whom you would be TRUSTING with your organs are the same kind of people whom kill people that look like you every day of the week, vilify you, perpetuate, and or condone racists, OR are racists, and etc,etc.. *Then they're stealing organs ,(Harvesting). Therefore. One thing has nothing to do with the other. It's very,very hard to be trusting SNAKES. *That's as nicely as I can say that.
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Love, rhymes and legacy are captured in the first visual release from Faith's upcoming compilation album, "The King & I.”

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Weed is growing in the U.S., literally and as an enterprise but African-Americans are behind in the endeavor. Still, a few are rolling up (their sleeves).

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"My photography is a celebration of color, culture, and life. I see the beauty and the possibilities of every aspect of the world and try to capture them in their moments."

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OUCH. This HAD to hurt!

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A French actress compared Jill Scott to a dog and while many found it funny, it's really not a joking matter.

Torree Tucker Oh hell no. Jill Scott is a radiant beauty with a smile that could light up a room and a voice that could silence it. They better leave that Queen alone.
Primus Moss Where in the world does she get that? Jill is a one of a kind beauty! Super talented singer. Fine! On top of her game! AND built to a tee! Sounds like sour grapes to me! Somebodys jealous!
Tisha Hayes I find it ironic because she didn't look good herself. How can you talk about someone else and you look like someone just dragged you out of a pond. Pfffft whatev's
Barbara Ellerbe Some people never look in the mirror at themselves. Jill Scott is a talented lovely woman who doesn't need to be validated by some unknown dime a dozen French actress.
Wanda Felicia Dennis-Drake Jealously is all it is Jill has a beautiful face and voice and now she is ac5ing which makes her a triple threat and that makes people that called her out of her name scared as hell
Terry Ingersoll Mighty funny how much other races especially the Caucasian want to look like our beautiful black woman in all areas skin lips hips bottoms legs eyes all around natural beauty. In all the so called beauty polls and who is majority white but we know black is just as beautiful smart and intelligent not what is on or portrayed on TV and stereotypes which we can play in. By far the baddest first lady period was who a black woman named Michelle Obama! I honestly see this in our race and culture and have to set the record straight about black men and women who are gifted talented and beautiful with so much intelligence!!!!! BLACK IS ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL!!!
Sandra Agard Who is this actress? That is the key question - Who is she? Jealousy is a terrible and mean spirited trait. For that's what her comments about the beautiful and talented Ms Jill Scott is all about. Do not pay this woman no mind. Instead read Dr Maya Angelou's inspirational poem Still I Rise. For despite everything we will always rise...always 🙂 Give Thanks and Praise 🙂
Hazel Verge Frenchies have been feeling lately. definitely some envy there, she better watch it Jill is the one that will snatch that eiffel tower out her behind.
Karen Penrice They are also very racist in France as well, especially concerning their views on how they think people of color look or should look. (so sad!)
Judith Johnson Calling black women names like dog, chimp, ape etc just shows the jealousy and low class. A disgrace
Jackie Wofford Some people are just disgusting and rude, mean because they doubt themselves and tears others down so they feel better about themselves. ..
Aisha Eustache Let me just put it out there right now for the entire solar system to know. Emaciated, low self esteem bitches, with no real agendas do not get to berate a queen. This isn't about race, this is about humanity and the fuckery really needs to stop. She is more beautiful than this POS any second of any day.
Kaylon Allen Ohh my! How disrespectful is that! I know Jill Scott knows how to take such actions towards such "low life"; "hating people" with no regard of showing respect.
Keysha Florence Girl Please, How You Trying To Step Tall When No one Knows Your Name. Get That Name Up Baby! And A Real Women Don't Call Names, She's To Old For That Mess!!
Rebecca Thompson Jill Scott is so fucking beautiful! I really think it was a twisted compliment in the actress' mind.
TL Hill Jill is a stunning woman too. Only the ignorant would find this funny.....
Jazamine Nelson Jill Scott is so unfuckwithable😒and unbothered😏.so hv several of these💺💺💺💺💺 and 💀
Jeff Jack Jill is quintessentially supreme. Queens don't have sex with animals but we know who does.
Chimp Ansee This is when pretend they know anything about beauty.
Jamice Wells Not funny at all!!!...People are so disrespectful more and more everyday!!!
Kim Williams We need to stop being distract because sticks and stones...you know the rest.
Tunde Femi Balogun It does take to know one. Why do we of African descent always take notice buffoons like this one. Ignore and move on.
Haiba Sou SanySane Fati Jsp qu'elle se mord les doigts en tt cas c'est allé loindé
Alisa Blackwell What is wrong with people today?? Why do they think its OK to so vile and nasty to one another. Just Sad.. 😢
Brown T Den She is a beautiful, amazingly talented black woman. The person that compared her to a bulldogs is a DUMB ASS!!!!!
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Calling all filmmakers! This contest is for you!

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A man accused of four fatal shootings in Fresno, Calif., described his violent intentions to police.

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PR and digital maven Ashley Smalls of Medley Inc. highlights 10 Black women dominating the fields of technology, digital media, and public relations. "I was shocked to discover that a national media organization was hosting a PR and Digital Media conference and there was not...

Felicia Garland Sooo with their technology they couldn't find an African American female representative??
John Craighead I can't stand those racist devils 😈👹👺
Felicia Marie Flo Hill
Briana Booker +1 Briana Booker DC #PR www.facebook.com/fromgirltogirl
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Billionaire estranged husband of Janet Jackson posted heartfelt love note to his website.

Angie Allen Divorce is always disheartening & especially so when there are children (regardless of a family's wealth.) I'm happy to hear that they have decided to be adult about the process & attentive to their child's need for two parents by co-parenting in the same geo-location.
Karen Galloway Sometimes people act one way when they miss you, but when you are actually in their presence....
Lovely Robinson We will be together in the great forever Hmmm Sounds homicidal suicidal to me
Michael Watts It's funny many people don't know his name, but we all know he is a billionaire.
Bridget B. Robinson She betta forgive that man & go back to live in that castle with her new baby boy!!
Karolina De La Madre So the baby was supposed to save the marriage...as usual it doesn't work.
Hazel Verge You call it a love letter...I call it a RED flag.
Karla Edwards "estranged ex-husband" or "estranged husband" since she is still married.
Vanna Black Sounded a little creepy to me
Thelma L. Thompson Hi p
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Trump says he supports American workers and products, but does he really?

Natasha Thomas But his stuff is made by foreigners tho.🤷🏾
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As a Detroit native and Motown’s first female producer, Sylvia Moy led the charge in breaking barriers when it came to ideals of women having the skill and ability to produce in the music industry.

Myra Moon 2 weeks ago
Kimberly Edwards REST IN POWER, Sylvia Moy‼️ You broke down the gender stereotypes for ALL women EVERYWHERE ‼️ WAY TO GO ‼️
Sandra Baker Asking God to give strength and comfort to her family as I post this in Jesus name
Janet Harris RIP Sylvia Moy
James Ivey God Bless her awake in Heaven
Denise Francis Sad RIP condolences to the Family and Friends.🙏🙏🙏😢😢
John Craighead R.I.P Sista Queen 🤗😇🤗
Christina Herron RIP
Dottie Jones Rip a true talent thanks for the hits
Kathy D. Edmonds R.I.H.
Carolyn Smith 🙏🏾
Charles Holbert Condolences to her family and friends.
Betty Harris
Beton Cox Rip
Ann Souza Rest in Peace.
Renee Yancy Rip.
Kristi Croskey RIP
Sharon Williams R.I.P
Carlyle E Williams Condolences to her Family
Eric Carrington Rip.
AmandaSue Montague RIP
Oliver Dailey RIP
Chris Walker O...NO
Antonio Boswell R.I.P.
Ruth Adams RIP
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ICYMI: Perquita Burgess recalls how Bill O'Reilly host behaved toward her on 'The View', Uganda says Lord's Resistance Army no longer a threat.

Stephanie Macklin Her weight is a nonissue.
Jeff Chappa I bet she weighs 250 to 300 pounds
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Love, rhymes & legacy are captured in the first visual release from Faith's upcoming compilation album, "The King & I.”

Anita Tate Awesome Voices. R.I.p. biggie.
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The St. Croix Food & Wine Experience has been voted one of the best by Forbes Travel.

Kenisha Thompson AG Jones ... clearly we need to take that ferry over for a day.
Kenisha Thompson Allison sooo we're coming to see you. AG Jones
AG Jones Food food food
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This #EarthDay, we're taking a look at a parish in Louisiana and what poor EPA policy can do to a Black community.

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Get ready Chicago, Barack Obama is returning to the podium in his first major post-White House appearance.

Marilyn Bradley I Pray That God Will Speak Through him!! To give Americans Direction for this MUSTY COUNTRY!! IT'S in a Turmoil!! And Lament!!!
Malik Muhammad Can't wait to see him bring the heat 😜
Talita Young Is it going to be on tv? I want to see🤗🤗🤗😉😉
Sylvia Eileen Stephens Wish i could go!
Carol Brown Can't wait
Bernice Mason So happy!! Can't wait to hear him.
Anita Tate God Is In Charge.... Its OK.
Fadwa Calderon
Michael Ramsamy Greatly anticipated😱😱😱😱😱♔♚♔♚
Kay Wiley Wish i were there
Jack White Amen
Ashley Johnson Juanita Bland Johnson
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Yes, there’s more music on the way.

Ebony1 day ago

Is more music from the Smith family headed our way?

Nate Rolle After the struggle there father went thru to be were he is know you'll think the kids won't be far from him but these two have allot of other ideas let's hope they don't get lost in them amen
Teresa Loyal T Walker Scientology has messed them children's minds all up.. #Js
Bobbie Baker Do they know who Jesus is I would like to introduce him to these children he is my Lord and Savior get to know him young people.
Sharon Gladney Please go to school and get a diploma! Something!
Harlem Palace Make news in a Great way ! Forget about the Lames who can't find the way !
Harlem Palace What ever your Blessings are Fly Butterfly FLY ! Use it ! Don't lose it !
Raneatha Owens O lord
Sheila Hall R they scared and confused
Vicki Campbell So happy Jadon cut his hair. He is so handsome
James Artotheek Omg make up
Denise Francis Congrats
Floretry Flore Oh brother! !!
Greatkamal Majeed Adam Like a father like son
Ronny Bowens Jaden and willow do your thang.. Ya got it!!
Harlem Palace KooL Kids !*;*! *_* right on the Rhythm ! Time for the new !
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Jamie Hector gives EBONY the inside scoop on the 3rd Season of ‘Bosch’ and his upcoming role in ‘All Eyez on Me’

Natasha Allenger Rose Love this guy in "Bosch". That show is AWESOME. Can't wait to watch season three and catch him in future endeavors.
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If you want to understand what the Trump era will mean for Black communities that are overburdened with pollution, the people of St. John the Baptist Parish, La., can tell you.

Ebony1 day ago

'Insecure' and 'Underground' scribe Ben Cory Jones creates drama centered around a Black female political leader.

Ebony1 day ago

Who would have ever considered combining yoga and hip-hop? Atlanta native Jaimee Ratliff did and the result has been incredible.

Stoffer Salis Sharp Alicia Keys I told you twerking has benefits and uplifts the community... And you thought I was just trying to see you shake your ass... I'm trying to uplift people...👏👏👏👊👊👊🤘🤘🤘👌👌👌✊✊✊
Fzm Fzm Yup! And support Gabrielle #Trappin yoga sessions in Minneapolis.
Shauna Marie Seems fun.
Dana Kelly Please. Folks will blend anything together.
Lakisha Mackie Go gril !
Harlem Palace How low can you go !
Julie Martins SJ Martins
Portia Keyann Sevonna Brown
Whitnei Harris Marilyn Harris
Cynthia Green Noelle Monet
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#InBrief: Florida senator quits in N-Word flap, Charlotte Cop avoids punishment in shooting.

Vashti George Playing devils advocate here: would the pressure to have him step down be so swift and precise if he was white... We're talking Florida here... where the Republican governor is actively trying to fire the first African-American AG because she don't believe in the death penalty.. a platform she ran on and won..
Bmarie Jackson He'll be a little better off by quitting, resigning or whatever...this way is a good way for him...at least for the time being he don't have to worry about his "arm being broke" or his "teeth being knocked out" ...also in his case he is being "spared" the "beat-down" penalty and the death penalty....in other word..."he better watch what he say from now on!!!!!!!!! ( talking about minorities..period)
Pam McCray Never should have had the job. Too stupid to keep his mouth shut. “It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt” Mark Twain - Stupid
Laura Andrades Not surprised
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The mama on the move dished on daughter's twins after being honored with the Community Commerce Impact Award at Variety’s Power of Women: New York event.

Lynn Gant I see Bee is out and about I think she was taking fertility drugs that shout her up with sperm and two of them got caught up that why she's having twins mighty funny she proud of her bump but let see if she'll shut down maturity ward like she did before she has enough money to pay her sister to be a seraget
Shameaka Ginyard I love me some Bey but that hairstyle needs to become extinct quick fast and in a hurry
Maria Osoria
Maria Osoria Lovely picture! Ms.Tina is such a beautiful Lady!