EBONY25 ago

“Regardless of who helped fund us…TWO black women lawyers freed SEVENTEEN people from LIFE W/O PAROLE sentences.”

So why weren’t they freeing people prior to Kim K coming in the picture?
EBONY48 ago

Rangers are “the best-trained soldiers in the world” and the program's high failure rate is due to its grueling training involved! #BlackGilrMagic history has been made, Janina Simmons just became the first female African-American soldier to complete it! https://trib.al/kfucfii

Congratulations to a Brave sister!
Congrats but they are not the best trained soldiers in the world. Not even close
Congratulations Queen
Very proud of you. God bless all you do. Amen
SB- african print outfit Congratulations sis🙏🏾🙌🏿
EBONY1 hour ago

Kellin McGowan, a student at St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas, is being congratulated after becoming the school’s first Black valedictorian in the school’s 119-year history. https://trib.al/1esWQFp

Awesome! Congratulations to you!
Congratulations on your A hievement.
Black Excellence...Congratulations
Yep Texas of course. Congrats young man.
Awesome!🤗👏🏾🙏🏼God is able to do anything but fail! Continue to do great things🤗
EBONY1 hour ago

“Maintaining the highest GPA in my class is a difficult task. It truly takes time management but more importantly acknowledging what you do it for. I know that I am no longer just representing myself,”

So, out of the 4,000 that applied for the scholarship...she was among the 16 that received a "full-paid" scholarship! Impressive! Beauty & Brains! ❤ Kudos to her!
Claudia Samuel
Congrats to her! That’s incredible. Well done.
Congratulations young lady🎈🎈🎈🎈
Congratulations 😇👌❤
I Love that She Realizes it's not Just for Her. #ancestors
EBONY2 hours ago

Actresses Gabrielle Union and Kerry Washington are among the celebrities who have said they would refuse to film in Georgia as a form of protest if the bill were enacted. https://trib.al/GQuXHxc

Make it legal for those who want it....if they pay Every dime for it....no public funds....unless for Rape or life is in danger
EBONY2 hours ago

“Her name was #PamelaTurner. Mother of 2, grandmother of 3. The day after Mother’s Day, an 11 year police veteran stalked & harassed this 44 y/o woman he knew to suffer from schizophrenia & shot the unarmed woman 5x, killing her,”

She probably said that in hopes that the police would not continue to shoot her. This is so sad
If does not matter if she was pregnant or not. The cowardly punk officer did have to execute her. Even if she got ahold of his taser there is still no excuse for the five shots. Deadly force was not necessary.
Does it matter she wasn't pregnant she was trying to save her life
It was a cold blooded murder live!
Could there be a possibility the child could have been his, if in fact she was pregnant Could it be she was really pregnant and they are covering something up. Just saying More to the story
So maybe she said that for him not to shoot I wouldve too but he shot her so obviously he did not gaf
Doesn’t matter still didn’t have to kill her with 5 shots 🤬🤬🤬
So what, she was still murdered.👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿
He's going to get away with it because she touched his taser. Watch
So fuckin what!!!!!!
She still was killed in cold BLOOD
Why do they keep say she was not pregnant? What would anyone say to save their life plus the cop didn’t know she wasn’t pregnant and killed her anyway what type of monster is he.
Even if her claim was false that does not excuse what the kkkriminal officer did to her!!😠😠
So What!!! She still was murdered in cold Blood 😠
Well, In that case.... FOH. She shouldn’t have had to say anything period. What we have to go through trying to stay alive. Smh.
Praying for comfort and strength for her family ! That cop was 💯% wrong no matter if she was pregnant or not he had no right to shoot and kill her , my heart breaks for her 😥 Riparadise you are in Gods hands now and no one can ever hurt or harass you again beautiful
Praying...That God Will Soon Put A Stop To Police Brutality, Racism, And Trump!!!
So he needs to be jail
Why does anyone care if she was pregnant? Is that the reason not to execute her? 😒😒😒
The thing is he didn't know that and he shot and killed her regardless of whether she was pregnant or not...
U keep leavin out the facts she had warrants n she took his taser n used it
Please watch the video - she was ill he pursued her and shot her like an animal
She was diagnosed schizophrenic in 2002. The cop (a Hispanic) knew about her diagnosis. They knew each other well and had run ins before. He was harassing her because she had misdemeanor arrest warrants.
I suppose it still makes it ok???kmt
EBONY3 hours ago

Michael Jackson‘s eldest son, Prince Michael Jackson, earned his bachelor’s degree last week from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Congratulations Prince 🎉
Beautiful and congratulations
Congratulations Prince. Your father would have been very proud of you. Keep striving and be the best in everything you do
Congratulations Prince😘
VERY GOOD ! .. Education is light ..
That isn't his son..straight up!!. But congrats
Man... congrats 🎊🍾🎉🎈
Congrats too you
Congratulations Prince! Your father would be so proud of You! 💙 Katherine is lookin good. ❤
I'm so confused. Is everyone delusional?
EBONY3 hours ago

Christian Tinsley told KABC-TV that the bullying has gotten out of hand, saying one boy sexually harassed her daughter and was suspended the week prior. She also says her daughter has been bullied at school and online all year. https://trib.al/AdWZPxN

Why these schools Don't taking bullying this serious?! Go mom!
These schools don't do enough! After the child dies then all the darn sorrow comes out, she did right!
I TOTALLY GET THIS MOTHER and although I have chosen to fight School Bullying another way.... I totally get it! My son has been getting bullied and I feel it when people tell me I should have my son beat that kids a**, or when people say I should go act a fool or confront the kids parents but if I did any of those things, the chances are high that I would get arrested or my son could get arrested or we could be kicked out the district etc etc etc.... so I’ve chosen to go to the principal, go to the district, now on to the board and whatever else and however else I need to protect my sons and bring awareness to LAUSD’s failure to stand by their own policies, their ZERO TOLERANCE policy, their educational codes and their failure to provide a safe learning environment for my son. SO YEAH, GO OFF MOM, I get it, I stand with you and hopefully if enough of us stand up and fight for safe learning environments and zero tolerance against bullying..... maybe one day the schools will do the right thing and follow their own educational codes and policies and protect our children. When the school and the District fail to provide consequences and fail to stand by their own policies of ZERO TOLERANCE.... if we can’t depend on the district to provide a safe learning environment.... this is what happens
Earlene Jones
What else was she suppose to do if the parents and the school ain't doin nothing about the bullying?? I'm with her 100% on this.
She shouldn’t have been band and I’m on the moms side. I would have done the same thing.
This is the true strenght of a black woman in dire straits to save her child's life at all costs even if it meant losing a job or being banned from the campus "as she was"... I commend this a thousand times.. #StopBullying
#StandYourGround Mama Bear! ❤
She didn't threaten the kids: she let them know that if they continued to bully her child, their parents or older siblings would get their a$$e$ kicked. She had every right to defend her child and she spoke up in a way that the *bullies* understood. Banned from the school or not, those bullies know she's not far behind if they try some ish again. Good for her.
EBONY3 hours ago

Michael Jackson‘s eldest son, Prince Michael Jackson, earned his bachelor’s degree last week from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Congratulations Prince
Wow Congratulations 🎈😃🙏
Congratulations Prince I Am So Very Proud Of You And I Am Sure That Your Father Would Be Very Proud Of You. R.I.P. King Michael Jackson.💙👍💯🙏😄
Very nice. Congratulations young man!
Is he the only Jackson with a college degree? Congratulations to Prince to expanding his experiences by going to college and not sitting around living on trust fund. Wishing this young man much success in his next journey.
Congratulations We love you Mother Katherine!
Congratulations Prince
Congratulations Prince
congratulations for a good job.
Congratulations Prince!🎓🎓
Your dad would be so proud of you! Congratulations
Congratulations young man, make your own path.
Congratulations Blessings! Pastor Janet Goodman Banks.
Congratulations 🍾
Beautiful. Something your dad always wanted you got! Beautiful!
EBONY5 hours ago

Cultural appropriation sounds & looks like this... Houston’s Memorial High School is currently steeped in controversy following 30 students showing up dressed in chains, jerseys, fake tattoos, and cornrows, being called out for its racist undertones. https://trib.al/UmQF537

im trying to understand how thug day had anything to do with black anything. who said the excessive tacky chains and tats and cornrows were "black" attire?
Sit y'all little silly asses down somewhere please. The minute trouble starts, you gonna go back to little white boy Roy and little Suzy cream cheese. GTFOH.
Black people not the only ones who wear conrows chains and jerseys as a matter of fact that fade is no longer in style more and more black guys are wearing dreads and fades come again people yall run wit anything😈
Everybody wants to be black until it's time to be black
Everything Black but the Burden😱
This shows just what they think of us! But they want to be us so bad
And they will be the first ones trying to get with and marry the brother that’s is the first round draft pick in NBA🤨
So is this what the black culture is reduced to? Braids and chains and calling ourselves thugs? They are appropriating a stereotype not a culture. If we black ppl held ourselves and culture to higher standards then we would not get butt hurt over this. Black people gots to do better
I mean.... I’ve seen thugs with braids and tattoos from different races .. but I guessssssss.
I'd be suspended that day for slapping faces repeatedly for thinking this was ok
What the? Where were the parents?
So sad...who thought this was a good idea!?
MAGA hats would have been more accurate in depicting THUGS
We need to worry more about policies, education, business, and financial literacy. It ain't Black Face. It's clothes and fashion jewelery. They the biggest thugs anyway LoL
ITS funny..that schools are allowed to display prejudice stereotype. Fucking ridulcous..lets do white collar thief ass white people..let's see if that's funny .
Why don't the Black kids dress like Whyt boys and call it mass shooter/serial killer day?✌🏾
Thirty white assholes in training!.. Why is anyone surprised?...
EBONY9 hours ago

The @netflix science fiction anthology, @BlackMirror, releases a new trailer! Season five of the series will feature three all-new stories. Giving us @StrongBlackLead, with @AnthonyMackie, Nicole Beharie & Yahya Abdul-Mateen II all making their debut!

Join all the Black folks at igotups.com
EBONY9 hours ago

The ladies of @OfficialTLC may love the city of Atlanta, but have no desire to share every aspect of their lives on TV. After both @officialchilli & @TheRealTBOZ confirmed they’ve been offered peaches several times they share why

Thank goodness
Good for them. Stay respectable
Good!!! All money not good money
I'm glad they're not in this mess. Stay respectable! #TLC
Smart ladies😉😍
Be true to yourselves, always... I'm proud of you!
The Only I Am Concerned About Is My Very Beautiful Intelligent Girl Duchess Phaedra Parks Esq. But Hey TLC I Love Y'all Anyways REAL TALK.💙👍💯😄🙏
Thank you be safe the money ain't worth it enjoy an to disgrace your self like they do it's about money you tell they will do any thing for money an sale they sole amen an the show is not gotta last to much amen
Don’t it’s trash
When have they been married?
T Boz I believe would beat somebody ass frfr....all money ain’t good.. love these girls
Don't do it it's bad news
Nice!! ❤
Good choice young lady
Proud of you two, don't get caught up in All that belittling Drama!!
That show is for LOWLIFES!!!!
RHOA is messy. TLC is above RHOA.
Good for them not wanting to be a part of that foolishness
Good for them. I don't watch HWOA
All money ain't good money.
Smart women! Happy to see these sistahs not sell out to participate in the demeaning negative depiction of black women. Self-respect!
EBONY10 hours ago

.@Porsha4real shared that she'd love to welcome her @Kandi back to the show with a play date. She also said she and Phaedra Parks are on great terms. Though they aren’t as close as they once were, all is well between them.

Let Phaedra come back
What yall care..make that money and go home!!
Trash bitches
EBONY10 hours ago

Give it to us @TNTDrama! Season 3 of @ClawsTNT is quickly approaching! Check out the teaser with @karrueche & @NiecyNash getting glammed up with Beyoncé's celebrity stylist and costume designer @ZerinaAkers & international photographer

EBONY11 hours ago

FUN #BlackExcellence FACT @ChrisRock wrote a “mind-bending” script for the reboot that was loved by writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, the duo responsible for 2017’s Jigsaw, the eighth Saw film. https://trib.al/yTLGtBv

I would love to be the sound mixer for this series please forward my information to mr. Rock
EBONY11 hours ago

Celebrating @NationalBailOut for their tireless work in social change! This year's #FreeBlackMamas campaign helped to free more than 100 moms and caregivers ahead of #MothersDay & raised more than $1,000,000 towards their criminal justice reform program! https://trib.al/KNzxUAB

Thoughtful PEOPLE helping OTHERS! Oh! BEAUTIFUL!
EBONY11 hours ago

“When we split, I was 27 or 28. I was in a haze, just going through the motions. It was hard to eat. It wasn’t her fault, the relationship just didn’t go forward.” MC & author @Common speaks with about his break up...

Why You Got To Run Your Mouth?
EBONY12 hours ago

💔🙏🏿 We bid farewell to another #EBONYlegend... Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and bass singer for The Dells, Charles “Chuck” Barksdale passed away on Monday. The Dells were known as “the Grandfathers of R&B harmony.” We thank you, Chuck. RIH

Rest in peace, thank you for sharing your talent
RIP Charles Barkesdale & Condolences to his Family
Stay in my corner my favorite listen to it almost every day
Stay in my corner......
I touch a dream
EBONY12 hours ago

Orange Is the New Black star @UzoAduba has been tapped to play the historic congresswoman and civil rights activist Shirley Chisholm in the upcoming FX limited series Mrs. America. https://trib.al/SLVjlNs

EBONY13 hours ago

Unita Blackwell, the first Black woman to serve as mayor of Mayersville, Mississippi, gave five terms of #BlackExcellence, & served as an adviser for seven U.S. presidents has passed away from dementia complications... Thank you for all that you've done. https://trib.al/8TistQo

Rest In Paradise. Thank you for your service.
Rest In Peace 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
RIP: Darling, job well done.
Rest In Peace 🌹🌹
My Condolences To The Family.....Rest In Heaven.....
Deepest Sympathy Soror.
Rest In Peace Mrs. Blackwell!
Rest In Peace. May your mind become clear again as you see the Lord.
Sending my condolences to all family members and friends
May she rest in peace. (She earned it!)
RIP rest in peace sorry to hear
Rest In Peace Soul Princess
R.I.P Young lady
RIP. My Condolences to your family.
Ty Ma'am God Bless 🙏🙏
May her soul Rest In Peace.
Farewell black princess
RIP 🙏🙏🙏
EBONY13 hours ago

“A gift from my brother Nipsey that we want to share with the world. We miss you and we will forever keep your legacy going. The Marathon Continues. God Bless You.” @DJKhaled https://trib.al/KZpFlDs

EBONY13 hours ago

“Before we can protest against cops, before we can protest against White people, we gotta make sure we’re sticking together..." @JacobLatimore discusses @SHOTheChi, how he relates to his character and the importance of telling authentic Black stories. https://trib.al/6nEKcr1

Solidarity....stand as a people.
EBONY14 hours ago

#BlackExcellence PSA: Meet twins Brin and Nial Wilson! The two seniors at Captain Shreve High have earned $1,393,012 and $1,335,788! That's nearly $3 million in academic scholarships. With several college offers, the two plan to major in civil engineering! https://trib.al/JZyUEeH

Awesome Congratulations
Congratulations Twins may God continue to bless the both of you
Congratulations Blessed
Congratulations, Twins!
Congrats to both of you
Awesome 👏🏾congratulations
Delano Wilson Sonya Wilson 😎😎
Congratulations great
Congratulations to you both
Delano And Sonya Wilson
Congratulations young men 🎉
Congratulations young man
Congrats Young Men 🤓🙏🏿🙏🏿
Congratulations! A wonderful achievement.
Congratulations To The Both of You!!!!❤🙂❤🙂🎊🎊🎉🎉
Congratulations Greatness
Congratulations awesome
Black Beautiful & Brains!!!!! Congratulations
Congratulations Twin Wilson brothers on $ earned for civil engineering
Congratulations guys
Congratulations Brin and Nial
We Create Trends Tee #BlackGirlMagic https://teeandhoney.com/collections/women-s-tees/products/red-dark-tee-we-create-trends
Congratulations you guys
Congratulations Young Men, Continue Your Hard Work!!🙏💕
EBONY14 hours ago

#EBONYcelebrates @RocketRich30! Never let anyone tell you that it's too late! One month after being re-signed to the Oakland @Raiders, running back Jalen Richard returned to his alma mater to officially participate in its graduation ceremony. https://trib.al/9rx39Z5

Congratulations 😂😂😂
EBONY15 hours ago

"The “Fight Hunger Spark Change” initiative raises money through the purchase of participating products from brands at Walmart that include Great Value, Uncle Ben’s and Hidden Valley..." We see you @KingJames! https://trib.al/ZKS1tE4

Walmart participates in hunger...most of its employees get food assistance
Thank you for your cont contribution n BLESSINGS
Amazing Wonderful❤❤ Honor to Help Families We Need This Helping Hand🌷 THANK YOU 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
Hi labron how are u doing Good job i wish i could get some help with feeding my people that i feed when i have extra fund may god bless u because u are a good person😃😃😃
God bless this man who has a heart to help the less fortunate❤️
Thank for making difference!
But that's great.
Thanks For Sharing LeBron!
Great job!!
The best ! Always helping
God bless this man who has a heart to help the less fortunate❤️
God Bless you Brother
Tell Walmart to pay a living wage that will solve some of the problem
Can you feed me a 🏠?
Tax the rich, take care of the poor. Don't do charity.
The attitude of a champ 👍👍👍👍
Way to Go, LeBron!
i,just love you lebron!!!!!!
EBONY15 hours ago

“So it’s that crazy thought that needs to go through your head. Be careful who you point a finger at because you never know when one of them is pointing back.” Montel Williams had some words about daytime diva @WendyWilliams and her impending...

Have she belittled you yet????
That's true
Umm he did too ...
Non diva, small minds talk about...people 👎🏿
MONTEL ..I doubt if she will b doing that as much.anymore..she s having quite a rondevue herself...
She can handle herself thank you
This is nothing new Wendy Williams been doing this since she was already old since the early nineties I don't understand why people acting so amazed and so shocked😂 Sir you must have been under a rock she got a TV show for doing what she do her divorce is final she's glowing and looking better than ever💅
Every body belittled somebody sometime in there life stop the bashing you Saints from hell Montel need to relax himself and let sleeping dogs lie and all the others that loves to watch Wendy show so they can bad mouth her and learn a thing or two.Relax and gave peace a chance.
She saids what gossipers want to hear and get paid for it. Most ppl do it and dont get a dime. If her show wasnt loved trust me she'll be gone. Montell they cancel your show.
Montell is right
Karma is a b!!
Pot calling the kettle black... montel told a woman that was in an abusive relationship that he could see the road tracks all over her face...
She been doing that since she been on the air. Thats why I don't watch her show. She a gossiper that carries bones no doubt about that.
She did, that's why karma says hello
That's what she do get paid talking bout ppl now she talking bout herself now little by little im happy for her keep doing u Wendy Williams cancer girl like me
That's an understatement.
It’s her job it’s only entertainment you don’t have to watch the show OK
Now he I mean she can find someone else to bother.
He's telling the truth.......
Tell her Montel
What he said is true what goes around comes around. Every dog has his/her day, Karma is a B. Wendy is mean and rotten to the core and she has insulted many people and their children. Just my opinion.
Montel is speaking the truth
It's alright her husband belittle her
She’s been belittling people and all up in their business. Now that the tables have turned, she wants to be all private! I’ve never been a fan of hers. However, I don’t knock her supporters.
Your not getting a new talk show Montel😂😂😂😂 let it go
EBONY15 hours ago

Cultural appropriation sounds & looks like this... Houston’s Memorial High School is currently steeped in controversy following 30 students showing up dressed in chains, jerseys, fake tattoos, and cornrows, being called out for its racist undertones. https://trib.al/W99Lr51

Enjoy your 15 seconds, you thirsty trolls!!!!
they are just emulating the true best.
Them jerseys should have been They mama's Crisp White Sheets oh that would b 2 obvious😎
That's who they want to be.
Thugs wear white pointy hoods too...
This is not the fucking problem
What culture really own this look? Is It racist or is these people dying to be someone else but themselves. School ignorance!
Omg what’s the problem now The name of it should be Hip Hop day
These Clear People want to be like us so bad.
Every body wanna be "black" but everyone don't wanna be black 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
They are obsessed with us!
So why y’all equating being a thug, with being black? Truth hurts don’t it? Are you uncomfortable? Then stop allowing “your” kids to portray that image.
Who co-signed this bullshit?
"Every day stand guard at the door of your mind."-Jim Rohn- Whatever we give attention to influence our perception: if we simply choose to ignore the enemy and the seed of low self esteem they are trying to sow in us: the seed will simply die for lack of attention.
Well we know all they watch is you tube and all the rappers that pretend they are tough. Truth of reality is they should have. We're in college day instead since that's were most of us are at. Their not trying to be us their trying to be an ideal of what they think we are and they have NO CLUE. They might want to go buy one though
The Hate U Give Uuuugh
Thug is a racist term. As is ghetto. Dear white people: STOP IT.
Still trying to figure out how they get jerseys, braided hair, chains and equate that with what a thug is...🙄🙄🙄🙄 ohh how violent.🙄🙄🙄
No problem with it
Why didn’t they just put on pointy hoods ? 🤔
Been a lot cheaper if they dressed up as Trump or any of the other Republicans...js lol
As long as the school allows this then it will continue. What if there was black history day then what would white students immolate then or who is the question?
Thugs come in All Nationalities, probably want to date one! Go ahead jump little froggy🐸
They want to be a thug so bad.
Thank you for you not blurry out their fuckin faces 😌
EBONY16 hours ago

Diana’s Dynasty: From "The Boss’" mouth herself! Check out EBONY Exclusive interview with Diana Ross as she reflects on fame, family and finding true self-fulfillment. To read the full story check it our here: https://trib.al/9rdPSR8

EBONY17 hours ago

Co-writer and director of @Netflix #SeeYouYesterday, #FredricaBailey, told EBONY the decision to make the lead a Black woman named after Madam C.J. Walker was deliberate, one Bailey said the writing duo made to create a powerful representation for viewers!...

EBONY18 hours ago

We aren't happy about this, not one bit! After only three seasons @STAR's cancellation featuring #EBONYlegend Queen Latifah, Ryan Destiny and others is partially due to the network choosing to prioritize the Lyon family’s exit from television!

I loved that show. Hope another network picks them up.
Right I am not happy about either one ending. These are my shows the only ones I watch. I am not happy at all
I could care less about Jamal not coming back. There is so much that could be done without him. As for Star, this is totally heartbreaking!!! I loved that show! My Wednesday nights were not complete without it! I even hated when the show went on hiatus for the season. It felt like something was missing on Wednesdays. Well that's it for Fox with me! There are no other shows I will watch on that station!!! I'm done!!!
I’m VERY unhappy about them canceling STAR! I love the show! They will keep some other stupid show on!!!
I'm not ready for this, I'm truly gon miss this show, but good news, pose getting ready to come back on, so I'll be watching 😄
I see a "save STAR" campaign on the horizon!!!!!! #starsshine #keepshiningSTAR⭐⭐⭐ #nofallenstarshere #saveourSTAR⭐⭐⭐
I love this show. This is the same way they cancelled both THE GAME and Girlfriends. Took off at the end of the season and abruptly cancelled them, without no hesitation.
I love both shows....but Star was really good...definitely politics behind it
I don't want to see anyone lose their jobs, but if came down to a matter of choosing between Star and Empire, I'd choose Star for sure...I love that show!⭐⭐⭐⭐
I didn’t particularly like Star! Turning the channel. Loved Empire. Fox just keep both shows, get rid of the problem. Lee Daniels. Something has to be problem of them get rid of both. Don’t stand this one bit.
I ended up liking Star better than Empire. Star started off slow but then it heated up and became a must watch show for me.
I'm very disappointed considering Star was much better written (and acted & SUNG) than Empire has been in the last 2 seasons.
I hope another network picks STAR up. It was a good show.
No I am definitely not happy about it!
Don't be.. It's what they did in the 90s too. They used South Central n Roc to boost the ratings, then cancelled SC quickly. In this climate is was just a matter ofvtome to show their color.😒
The show just like Empire was not evolving. Yes they were good at first (at times) however the writing had become redundant for both shows.
There were so many more stories to tell, it was really starting to get good.
I love it but I hated the finale! I didn't like seeing those black boys kill a grandmother and shoot up a beautiful wedding on national evening TV show that me and my kids enjoyed. It went from a singing group trying to make it to a gangster movie that was not PG13 any more. Wish it would come back on but not all that brutal killing.
Star deserves so much more. The story ain’t over yet. Can’t leave us hanging after that finale.
This was an calculated attack from some very powerful people who did not want this show"Star" on television anymore. Once that was accomplished of cancelling "Star" the final nail in the coffin was to end "Empire"after next season. I wonder why it appears some serious toes was stepped on.
Cancel Star? Star gave us the hottest diss track of 2018. Really Fox?
Star was better then Empire to me.
I hope they replace it with a show like GAME OF THRONES 🥳
EBONY20 hours ago

“We are turning the final season into a large TV event, we are trying to go out guns a blazing” @EmpireFOX will wrap with its upcoming sixth season with “no plans” to bring Jussie Smollett back. https://trib.al/lAkqxCB

Let the Lyons go out with their entire family since Andre is gonna be a father. They go off in the sunset, Becky and the other chick start their own business with the ladies from star and we have a new series
I love empire not happy about it ending not really happy about the Jussie thing either he was a main stable to the show. Plus I love his music he was grounded one of the strongest individuals on the show. I love how he keeps the family strong and united this has all just made me sad
Now nothing on Wednesday night to watch. Really going to miss the shows.
Good show typical of Fox
Let Jussie finish out the season so the whole family will be represented
They cancel “Star” for THIS??? Empire played out 2 years ago.
Empire was good while it lasted. Will enjoy watching this last season of it.
Fox is making s major error in there decision to cancel these shows. There is nothing to watch on tv.
We knew it was coming. Great show.
Would like to see Jussie in one of its episodes.
All good things come to an end so long empire
I'ma miss the show but not how they push the gay agenda
Good show!!
Promoting Gays anyways. Good bye
I’m going to miss empire I love that show
EBONY22 hours ago

"I don’t think that people understand our hair... they don’t understand that we’re different & yet, the same. What I find is, hair is something that a lot of people don’t honor when you do film” @ViolaDavis shares her truth about the lack...

One needs to appreciate hair.
Black hair? Black people and their gifts, talents!
She is right
Diane Ross said that many yrs ago, that's why they wore wigs, and lighting was no help
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“I just can’t believe this is happening. I really think I’m dreaming.” Elizabeth Barker Johnson, a 99-year-old World War II veteran, finally accepted her college diploma seven decades after she completed her undergraduate career. https://trib.al/LJucb5L

Fantastic!! Congratulations!!👏👏👏👏
Congratulations God Bless You
Congratulations Sir Way to go and Bless you 👏
Congrats & kudos! What a blessing!
Well done sir Congrats 🤓🤓😎
Congratulations to you. Blessings ❤❤😘😘😘🎈💯💯💯🎉🎉🎊🎉
Congratulations and may God continue to bless you abundantly
Kudos - Never Too Late - Continued Blessings!
Congratulations Mrs Johnson!
God Is Good!!! Congratulations!
God bless her!!Congrats
Congratulations 🎉🎊 🥰
CONGRATULATIONS Mrs. Johnson!! So glad to know you!!!
Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈
Congratulations 😂😂😂
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Highland Park Middle School teacher Wendy Brilowski calling Black students the n-word went viral last week, sparking outrage in the community. Several of the young students have said that this wasn't the first time... https://trib.al/bOYfddl

If they care so much, why wasn't she fired? There is no excuse for that kind of language...
This is a huge deal, but even more so. This teacher has power over black children's academic success. Through her grades, she helps determine what level class children will be placed, so if the student is performing well, but this teacher doesn't like the student what grade will she give the student. Check your child's work, add those scores up and get involved.
And while they're at it,,, Check that Principle out too for Not Firing and tolerating that kind of Sub Human behavior around those Children ??? FIRE THAT MONSTER !!!
Like Bernie Mac said, it’s gone be some furniture moving if my daughter ever tells me something like this
Placed on leave?!!? She should’ve been fired!!!
Fire Her Now! Horrific Behavior "BULLYING" in the classroom is "UNACCEPTABLE", especially by the trained/educated professionals in charge of the School Classrooms. Very young children are "COMMITTING SUICIDE" this MUST STOP NOW!
All school districts across America should be address this issue.
It upset them so much they placed her on 'leave'? It should have upset them enough that she should have been fired on the spot!!
Heres the reality racist teachers, coworkers, employers just people have always been there. Two things have really happened the climate has made them bolder and technology is proving what they have always been doing. Im never shocked. My sons are grown now but I stress this Parents HAVE to HAVE to stay involved! There were signs of tension. I know life gets busy but I stayed involved even as a member in the military. Im not sayin these incidents still could not have happened but the mother appeared clueless about the situation.
Teacher call students N word placed on leave🤔
...Leave for what? there needs to be a no tolerance clause sonewhere in that oath.
Placed on leave? I hope this leave is just preparing her for her termination...
Let me get this right... your daughter comes home in OCTOBER and tells you her teacher is using inappropriate language towards her and all you can muster up is an “are you sure”? You ALLOWED your child to be terrorized for another FIVE MONTHS? You had to wait for other people to PROVE it to you? You failed your child and as a parent. We are supposed to protect our children. That child was so hurt. It broke my heart. We have to do better.
Administrative leave? She should be fired and never allowed ro teach again
ON LEAVE, REALLY😠 IF a Black Teacher call white kids little crackers, they'll be FIRED!😡
The teacher needs to be fired.
I guess I’m cut from a different clothe because I would have slapped slob from the teacher the 1st time! If the teacher was old I would push them down and let their body weight break whatever the Universe saw fit! When racial epithets come in the picture RESPECT immediately leaves the room!
Of course she was put on leave!! She can't teach with a foot in her 🍑!!
Just placed on leave, yeah?. That will probably be all.
And so it continues how long Lord how long?
Teaching credentials needs to be rescinded & BANNED from teaching!😡
This is what our children have to face on a daily basis...racist teachers...who obviously doesn't have concern for teaching nor helping them..and the school system already know who they are...yet let them remain in positions...smh...ijs....no debate intended nor wanted
Don't let them have guns in school. This is your evidence as to why it's not a good idea. 💖
I must be a thug because I wouldve slapped her. These hands are free-95. BOGO
She was placed on leave because the district doesn't believe the children. So, they are investigating the incident. Anybody else and the kids said you did something or said something, Im sorry to say this, but we would be fired.
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NFL superstar @DangeRussWilson and his wife, @Ciara, gave his mother, Tammy, the ultimate Mother’s Day surprise when he handed her the keys to a brand new house. https://trib.al/CsvwQIF

Amazing, God bless your family!
What a Wonderful Happiness! God Bless!
That was so beautiful of him!!!!!
Why just now? Did she loose her old home?
Great Son
That2 what'sup do it again I got to find this post you don't like what you got on it's nice
Nice son