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Janelle Monáe Talks Being "Terrified" About Releasing 'Dirty Computer' - The musician/actress gets honest about her next album. https://t.co/cDsaVWXdvn

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Remy Ma’s Sister Reportedly Arrested In North Carolina On Gun Charges - One person was injured during the shooting. https://t.co/6IclBaMWxX

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Ryan Coogler Explains The 'Black Panther' Ending & Post-Credit Scene - SPOILER ALERT for anyone that hasn't seen the movie. https://t.co/WAQrzXQ4rH

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Enough already. Get over it
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Ludacris Co-Signs Bruno Mars On ATL Acts Performing At Super Bowl LIII - Who do you want to see hit the stage in Atlanta in 2019? https://t.co/BKs2nTLWF2

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Birdman: Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V' Is Coming Out In 2018 - The Cash Money Records co-founder doubles down on dropping the album this year. https://t.co/CqlT5Oq088

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Towkio Posts Clips Of His Reported 100,000 Feet Drop From Space - Chance The Rapper encouraged his fellow Chitown representative's daring adventure. https://t.co/D2HJXxZ3UN

Kinda don't care
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Kendrick Lamar Wins International Male Solo Artist At 2018 BRIT Awards - The California rapper's performance was censored in the UK. https://t.co/ptnSjXBuSY

Kendrick Lamar is overrated
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2C Ft. Akon - "Mr. Mechanic" - 2C connects with the boss of Konvict Kulture https://t.co/iC3NYqwthO

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AD - I Aint Playin - AD is back with another new visual! https://t.co/lPwigBFORt

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Slim Thug - "TWIY" - Slim Thug drops another from his project 'The World Is Yours' https://t.co/xP2eU9iEic

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Lil Uzi Vert & Playboi Carti – "Bankroll" - Uzi and Playboi Carti link for a new single "Bankroll" https://t.co/IfRR4b2Psk

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Social Media's Brightest Stars Chat With AHH At BET Social Awards - BET expands in a major way with inaugural BET Social Awards! https://t.co/yKxmjX3V68

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Nicki Minaj's Brother Seeking To Overturn Rape Conviction - Nicki Minaj's brother's battle for his freedom is not over yet. https://t.co/Xu5VxkRAYj

No other story's to cover...🤣😂
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Game Honors Late Father With A Tour - Game is celebrating his dad's life by touring Europe. https://t.co/xrHcnrTgad

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Another Tekashi 6ix9ine Show Canceled - The rapper's troublesome reputation continues to be an issue for his live shows. https://t.co/XMaAv660Xr

It's FAKE - Oh no white rapper #Tekashi69 staged a fake fight at #LAX for #Allstarweekend and he didn’t check in 👀🤐🤦‍♂️ #fake #MyMixtapez #6ix9ine #DiscoverDior #Fakenews #fakerappers #whiterapper #iggyazalea #eminem #frenchmontana https://youtu.be/wK_jXaonaHk
This child predators new jersey show got cancelled too...
Culture Vullture
Mad at the black dudes who let this cracka ass cracka say neega
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#DXLive: The Trap R&B Edition

10:00am- What's Good?
10:15am- Real Imaj
10:40am- No1-Noah

#DXLive: The Trap R&B Edition Feat. Real Imaj, No1-Noah
Peace #DXLive
What’s good DX 🙏
Haha tekashi trolling the game!!!! 😂
He speaking the truth I seen all that her wearing blue
Trap? Ah man
I can with the R&B though
I can get with the R&B
HipHopDX.com2 hours ago

Who is SOBxRBE?

Meet the Bay Area rap collective who was recently featured on the "Black Panther: The Album" soundtrack:

That’s Mac Dre nephews
Luke Ruszczyk
HipHopDX.com14 hours ago

Birdman sets the record straight about Bird-'Woman.' 🦅

that's my nigga.love all the way from south African
HipHopDX.com15 hours ago


Should be Jack Auph or Bitch Made... Ijs
Damn i was just getting used to jeffrey.
Dude said "for now on"
Nigga nah...
Adelina 😂
Saqib Bhatti 😂
Hein Kaka' Caruge
David Corbie 😂😂😂 He stole ya name bro!! 😭😭😭
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Are you excited for the new season of Atlanta?

You know it!!!!!
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Snoop Dogg just dropped a surprise EP titled "220" produced by Myguymars.

Listen to it here:

Dropping since the 90s... Gotta admire the OGs passion
HipHopDX.com17 hours ago

Then who was it?

HipHopDX.com19 hours ago

Many artists cite writing lyrics as a cathartic experience. It’s a way to purge all those pent up emotions that can sometimes become overwhelming. For IDK (formerly known as Jay IDK), his writing process is almost otherworldly.

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Happy Birthday Nina Simone!

Here are the 8 Times your favorite rapper was influenced by the late songstress:

Misunderstood on the Carter 3 was one of Wayne's best songs imo
Before all these, there was "Karma" by Mood.
Mary J. mirrored her career.
Only 8 times??? Really
RIP <3
Shailynn Bray-Waters
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Tekashi 6ix9ine & His Crew Get Into Brawl At LAX Airport

More Details Here: http://hhdx.co/2sJcmEe

L.A do better...beat his ass for real wtf was that shit lmao
This guy has more videos of him getting beat up than he has music videos haha.
They knockout all he’s skittle teeth out 😂
That's the most pathetic fighting I've ever seen
Watching this laughing my ass off while listening to Succa Proof off that Nipsey Hussle VL album. 😂😂😂😂
He got dropped!!!! Said he "untouchable" hahahahahahahahahahahah
That’s not a brawl. Pussies nowadays don’t know how to throw a punch!
Aqualeo stood they ground and threw hands when it was 2v6. Props to them
People need to startbeating there kids again look what they call fighting!
Im no fan of this lil shit but lets be real he didn't get beat up or jumped. He and the dude were locked up and he fell. I don't think he ever got hit. L.A. has to hold this L for this one. This man did exactly what he said he would, he went to all-star weekend (hell he even stayed a few extra days) and went home. I don't want to see the kid die but i expected L.A. to teach him so manners. My mistake
Looks fake, people who were swinging at eachother all the sudden stop fighting. Confusing to even tell who’s against who
Where them gangstas wit guns on times like this
That's what happens when you a wanna-be a gang banger talking shit on the net...LA niggas dgaf who you are, if you're a rapper or how much money you have.
zero security nice job LA
We don’t believe you you need more people -Hov voice
Glory glory glory to all.
Sooo, I guess you can just show up with a bomb and no security will show up for that either at LAX?!
Can we just put him on the no-fly list so he never makes it to Canada please 🤣
There you go ppl I wanna see this happen to all the new rappers
Seriously tho where the fuc the security . Man you wonder why bad shit happens
That's not a brawl with thats a ladies slap fest!!!😂😂
O G Spank Locc and the Mexican still want to see him
Hes always getting beat up on camera
Don't believe it. White folk in the background didn't look concerned enough.
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#DXHitList: British producer Menace managed to become a Grammy Award-nominated producer off a $200 “Meek Mill-Ace Hood type beat” at just 21 years old.

Here is our #DXHitlist session with the 5x Grammy nominated producer:

Groene with (type/like beats)
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

No one is calling Young Thug this...

Who gave this bitch a record deal in the 1st place...Thugilicious??
that nigga is so tinny if someone calls him that probably sex will end up soon
Change your name to birdmans bitch lol you know he violated you he be all " leme feel that booty playboy" lol
Fuck wrong with this nigga? 😂😂😂
His Next Name Is Gonna Be HIV😂
More like Buttplug lol
last name : witdudes
Some things are not worth addressing
I've never seen so many haters in one place, dat nigga is living his life I think 🤔 u do same peace ✌
Give back that 40k you took from the homie from Cincinnati, thats spoke straight up FUCK shitttttttttt
Spintso Rick Kelly Young thug going mad
If birdman was not insane himself, he'd have had the mind of the "sex" examined before penning a record deal
Sayeb alina samara taw yet9ala9
The Artist Formely Known As Thugger
" Sux " is more appropriate
Aka birdmans b1tch
Geoff Gilbert
thought it was Jeffery from fresh prince ?
AJ Garcia u go na call him this?
How bout retard? Or taint lint
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

#DXclusive: Snoop Dogg just dropped a surprise EP titled "220" produced by Myguymars.

Listen to it here:

Do ya thing Calvin. 27yrs in the biz. You still have a market.
Snoop whack AF!
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

"I really had no information on it."

I believe the 'God'. He's a man of integrity.
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Rihanna isn't ashamed to show her Hip Hop influence in her music.

In celebration of her 30th birthday, here are the Top 5 times Rihanna dropped bars.

What's your favorite?

what about the track with Em !!! seriously
Mike Will - Nothing is promised
What about Loveeeeeee Song Ft. Future? 🙌🏻
Wou!! I can't choice...
Lemon 🎤
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Nipsey Hussle talks about his new album #VictoryLap including his deal with Atlantic Records, lessons learned from 50 Cent & Todd Moscowitz, and Donald Trump in his #DXSoulfulSundays interview with Trent Clark.

Bumping it while i work as we speak......
Victory lap soo dope!
JoseHawes it was 2010 bro
Larry Claiborne
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Birdman sets the record straight about his Bird-'Woman.' 🦅

Who cares
BIRDMAN a Boss lol the pose🙏🏾(rubs hands)
Shout out to Wendy for not passing out.
Birdman is the boss
She want his money.there nothing to love in thise stumped selfish man
Whenever i see her i call her William Wendy lmao
She's my special lady friend
Wtf. Who fucking cares.
I think she likes bisexual men. Tony must peg him with her strap-on. No other reason why this is the oddest company I've seen. She probably watched him with other men. He looks like a Human Shit stain. Their is something perverted going on between these 2. Tony Braxton and Birdman😲
Toni!! Unbreak my heart!! 😭💔
Mogul birdbeezy
Dishan Jayasekera
HipHopDX.com2 days ago


He should change it to GayButtSex I think that's more fitting
Congrats HipHopDX You are now becoming the new DJ AKADEMIKS. Mentioning buncha fuckery troll shit that has absolutely nothing to do with music.
Sex is overrated.
With men...
SEX WITH MEN...in full
I think ''SICK'' is better. 😀
The epitome of the androgynous metrosexual fuckboi
Oxygen supply is wasted on this fool
Stop giving this nigga pub over the dumb shit he say.
Isn't it that he changed to "No My Name Is Jeffrey" but we still call him young thug?
Some tmz shit.. must be a slow day at the office! Lol
check this right 'i had sex over at ur parents house, was with your mom' i mean had young thug and your mom
Birth rates are about to decrease dramatically.
Yah im done... just another clickbait site, bye yall
Should change it to "struggling"
Never been done before , i think its dope
Hey one-minute man look for better name for yourself.
He need to change his name to WHY, LOL 😂😂😂!
Sponge Bob sounding mofo catchy at points...
Bradley Windybank, this is gonna make his show next week much more entertaining 😂
only too short could do that
look at your brother man!!😂😂😂✋ Suckiey Ntsako Sono
Bryce Rowe this guy at it again hahah
Should change it to Gay Boy
He been out the convo too long...he had to say something retarded
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

#DXclusive: Snoop Dogg just dropped a surprise EP titled "220" produced by Myguymars.

Listen to it here:

Lol I wonder y on this date
Let him do his thing while others work 9 to 5 their whole damn Life. He's a true Boss!
Snoop doggy dogg, bigg Snoop dogg, Snoop lion, Snoop dog, uncle Snoop, cuz Snoop dog father, coach Snoop
The song with Jacquees and dreez is 🔥
"Surprise EP" that was up for preorder for at least a week... But OK lol
Hopefully better than his last effort.. that was shit
Waves to me the best song on there
Hard worker
Big boss dogg woof!!!
Heath Smith Damien Beasley
Aaron Lightfeather
Alexandre Chronologik Prod
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

"I really had no information on it."

I’m always annoyed by claims of “hip-hop being dead”. Every genre of every decade has had genuine artists and subpar ones. Such an unnecessary distraction from finding music people actually enjoy.
He smoked a blunt and backtracked his comments
I dont know why these blogs keep reporting these fake stories, he's said it over and over that hes not on social media. Quit acting thirsty posting click bait.
looks like kid cudi in 10 years 😂😂💀💀
It is the truth anyway
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

So should we call Toni Braxton 'Mrs. Birdman?'

respek my heart
tfytr @ [ Watch Black Panther ,Fifty Shades Freed, Early Man ➡ CollectionMovie
4 sho, can't wait 4 the wedding, That's my Queen,!!
This shit soo funny
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Say something nice.

The worst performance of National Anthem ever!
Get nationalistic rituals out of professional sporting events! There's NO connection, and it's ridiculous to impose that nonsense on everyone.
It was simply a disaster ... I don't understand how can her stuff let her perform in such bad way specially if she did the same thing in rehearsal😡😡😡
At least she still has her 'lovely lady lumps'
Bless her heart, although she had me in tears! (# Song of the year). # My Favorite Video of all times- lmao, lol" lls , ( oops My Bad)
she cant sing
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

How did we go from Black Panther to Blac Chyna? 😒

i wanna see it guys where can I find it. black panther can wait
Can I have the link please
It’s wack we finally know what that mouth do.... and it do nothing nothing at all lol tyga had to move on to kids that’s how bad her neck game was smh
Because you posted and fed into this BS that’s how...... Doesn’t help that I’m commenting either
Somethings Will Never Change
Cause HipHopDX needed a caption?
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

What did you think of this performance between Migos x N*E*R*D?

I've seen homeless people with more talent than Migos.
i thought NERD was hype. screw migos lol
N.E.R.D. performing was great
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

So should we call Toni Braxton 'Mrs. Birdman?'

He's stuntin'. Birdman likes boys.
Shit better pay Wayne first before he buy a ring lmao
And years from now... both will file bankruptcy together!!
Pay wayne bitchman
Wait, I didnt know Toni Braxton had a dick. The more you know
more like birdshit
Mrs Braxton's finances must be in a slump to date Baby..shit looks like a desperate move to me :/
She put Respek on his name I guess
She must be 🥜
Wat da f*ck i thought it way jst a fling....
This nigga always wear expensive brand now I can see Versace tee lol🤔
Must be the money
Mrs Birdman? Terrible. Birdwoman is much better
Daniel Sagst du er soll erst Tyga und wayne bezahlen bevor er einen Ring kauft? 🙄
Nope, just Ms. Side fling.. If that.. Dude be wit guys too
Just marrying for the money she broke as hell she don’t love ya
You gotta do what you gotta do to pay the rent
cute together 😍, he looks so cool but I bet she gonna wear the pants like most women 😅
she wild for this tho
Toni Braxton is a man???
Toni is haut...!!! God damn....
Thats sad man. Tony braxton ended up with a homo thug
Who gives a rats ass
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

Say something nice.

Really wasn't that big of a deal or that bad
Glad she left BEP so they can make real hiphop again
At least she didn't piss herself again.
I’m trying to think of something nice to say! I can’t think of anything!!!
That booty was looking proper 🤔😳😂
Why would they tap Fergie of all people? I feel like that weird ass backpack kid that just stares n does the arm dance would of been a better choice than Fergie.
she's fuckin terrible
I was watching Hockey anyways.
She Ferged it up sooooo bad !! Girl, get your fergin shit together !! That was sooo fergin shitty !!! Get the FERG outta here with that bullshit !! 🙃
She didn't have a bad voice, she just made it sound weird.
Nope sorry that was bad and hilarious at the same time.
Is saying Fergie outshined Nelly on "Party People" nice enough?! I didn't think the Carl Lewis National Anthem rendition with the Cheetara suit and the 45 second "Ooooh" could be topped. Fergie clearly proved me wrong.
Not to my liking. Heard much better. Even worse, but to each his/her own. Oh well...I'm just saying....
America need a new a national anthem song .
She was just Turrible, Turrible
I thought it was going to be much worse, but it wasn't that bad. It's not the best, but not the worst I've ever heard.
I just saw it on you tube and yeah it was not good at all
Erm 🤔 ...(3 hours later) I've got one ☝🏻 her dress is black 😂😂😂
She looked sexy af!
Crazy chit,luv her
Payton Leigh Hepi lol
Sean Donohue this hurt to watch
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

How did we go from Black Panther to Blac Chyna? 😒

Can’t turn a hoe into a house wife
Any one can get a piece of that cake lol
I ain’t even see Black Panther but I’m a see this first 🤔😳😂
This bih is ugly with all the surgery
I wanna see the sex tape Rihanna😍I'm ready to pay even
Her fake ass must look deformed on camera
The same ones that was pro blac chyna when all that ish with Rob was goin on are the same one saying all this lmao #NoLoyalty
Her forehead is bigger than our planet
If she does a porn with pinky I will watch other than that who cares hahahahahahaha
I mean look at her, is someone surprised?
If you got sex tape Rihanna?let me know I will buy it lol
I think I'm gonna puke...
We didn’t, y’all did!
🤔 Hmmm yeah I wonder why...maybe coz you talk about it ?!
Seee what im sayin. Back to Twerkin and looking for the next Lick. Justin Divens 😂😂
Even the sex 🙍dolls can't do shit like that. However, she even looks liked one of the 🙋sex dolls too...🤔
I don't wanna see that.
She tried Kylie Jenner ‘superbowl stunt’ & it failed! 🤣🤣🤣✔️💯
Cute men
Rihanna with Sheikh lmao
She's irrelevant
Cory, the headline and then the comments
That fast 😆😆😆
Doesn't matter how you dress it or what angle you look at her.....trash is trash.
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

What did you think of this performance between Migos x N*E*R*D?

It was a good half time performance. I don’t know what people be expecting for these halftime shows but you not gonna get Krs-1 or Dave East. It’s pop for the masses and that ain’t gonna change.
That dancer at the end was doope 👌 The 2 new tracks are 🔥🔥
I don't watch basketball; definitely not the NBA. I like old school hip hop. There are very few artists that I like; and Migos ain't it.
Nerd was good, but migos = hot garbage
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Nipsey Hussle talks about his new album #VictoryLap, and more gems, when we linked up with him for #DXSoulfulSundays at Comfort L.A.

Watch Here: hhdx.co/NipseyxHHDX

50 always sharing jewels ✊🏼
Shoutout to 50 cent. giving these young cats 🐈 the game.💯
Nothing I dislike more than a person who grabs the fork with their teeth when they eat like the guy on the left.
50cent is a hustler
Anyone else hungry??
Wiz did the same thing
Lavarous Johnson
Matthew Duncan
CJ Cornwell
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

The best January Underground Hip-Hop you need to know about!

HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Happy Birthday Juelz Santana!

Happy 34 you in dr.dre got the same birthday 53 in 34 19 years apart
Clack! Clack! Beep beep that's an ass hole
Maria.... Maria you Remind me of a Westside Story Growing up in Spanish Harlem..... Sign. Princess Pink Mo-Nee' Fans Stay tune for Pink Mo-Nee' Song "Money 💰 Up" Coming Soon to itune$ Also Fans Stay tuned For Princess Pink Mo-Nee' Soon to Be Released Diss Track/ Pink-Nee' Diss Cardi B and Iggy on the Diss Track Soon on Youtube....
I feel like juelz santana, that was one of all the corny lines in views, fuck drake
King Juels..
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

In celebration of Dr Dre Birthday today here’s are his Top 5 Produced Tracks.

What’s your favorite?

Scott storch helped produce still dre it wasn’t just all Dre
1. Natural born killaz 2. California Love 3. Nothin but a G thang 4. What’s my name 5. Deep Cover 6. Straight outta Compton 7. Let me Ride 8. In the club 9. Deez nuts 10. Lil Ghetto Boy
Whoever made this list.. your mom's a hoe.
The Eve song "Let Me Blow Your Mind" is good but I would replace it with "Keep Their Heads Ringin" or "The Real Slim Shady".
This list lost credibility when let me blow your mind was on it not one track with eminem is on it
Who All Thought Number 1 Was Gonna Be An Eminem Track And Then Was Like... WTFFFF
Not one track with eminem, you guys are joking.
Dre didn't produce still dre. Scott Storch played the piano and Mel-Man did the drum programing
The one that made in an interview and never got released, that shit was dope. I like "about dre ft. Eminem" tho
I always thought the Watcher beat was amazing.
Are you ppl really not gonna mention The Next Episode ? That’s no.1 for me frfr
Forgot about Dre? I feel that was unique.
For me.. It is nothing but a G thang .. I guess my age and when I saw it a young teen.. It was a new look to LA rap or West coast rap .. Plus introduce snoop and Warren g
Losin’ your mind Put in on me Nuthin’ but a G thang Still dre In da club
The fact that there’s no Eminem songs on here is a crime
‘Blow your mind’ isn’t even on Dre’s Top 10. DX did this for the comments 😂
Still Dre is produced by Scott Storch 🙂
Let me blow your mind - prod. By scott storch.
Actually "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" and "Still Dre" produced by the legendary Scott Storch!!!
Deep cover The shiznit I am whatever you say I am Catalina off Cuban Linx2 Xxplosive... So many more could’ve been added
these 2 are fire
explosive . forgot about dre !!!🤦‍♂️ fuckin serious those are legendary tracks !!! happy birthday 🎉🎁🎊 Doc
Where do i begin I can't they are so many. It should be top 20 tracks not just limit to 5
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Get some fresh Hip-Hop music in your veins.

HipHopDX.com4 days ago

‪#DXclusive: Nipsey Hussle's "Victory Lap" Release Party Erupts In Gunfire:

Meanwhile SPANKY LOCO is chasing 69 around the city..smh
Again? He did a concert near ASU in 2012 and that performance also got shot up.
I really don't want Nipsey's movement to turn into Death Row Records. He's gotta keep making moves like he has but somehow keep the streets out of it. I don't know if that's even possible since I'm sure he has his team he used to be affiliated with working for him. Just wishing him continued success since we need more active artists with business sense out West.
When keeping it real goes wrong. This guy is an idiot. He made it out of the hood. He became wealthy. He should inspire the people from his city. Instead he still on that bullshit.
Useless thugs. Why everybody in the rap game wanna be a gangster?
So idiotz what was the point of shooting. Dumb fucks i swear.
I Fuckn love his rap he is who I can call the tupac of this generation
How this guy has a record deal is beyond me. Violence & trouble always follows him.
This is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 You can hear it on you tube
Can’t blame everything on Trump lol .
Knuckleheads always setting things backwards
of course it did
Rory Jr. Robinson 😕😕😕😕
Matthew Duncan
Melvin White 🤦🏽‍♂️
Cmon man really?
Alfonso Ortega Roman Ortega
Dillon Jay
Va Bene Crisp damn
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Class is in session! Listen up!