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Cops Pay Tyrese A Visit Over Social Media Hostage Joke https://t.co/s39bb94FrJ

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Irv Gotti & Kanye West Are Working On Something Enormous! https://t.co/lUfjJ3aZAM

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Cops Pay Tyrese A Visit Over Social Media Hostage Joke https://t.co/TwxFw4LDYI

Jay Camp Cops are probably gonna show up next time watching his movie he had with the game...Watch.
Johnny Pereyra Seriously?
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DOT. featuring Uncle Murda - You Need It, I Got It https://t.co/UnUoKqLRia

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Trav Featuring Meek Mill - "Blow My High" https://t.co/lX1G3D3B1q

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Styles P and Willy J Peso - "Flavors" (Produced by RJ Lamont) https://t.co/IzUokC8LDh

Mauricio Salas From Detroit?
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EXCLUSIVE: Russell Simmons Issues Statement Over New Rape Allegation https://t.co/5vnICjOum6

N'Dambi Zaire Naaaw not him too??? I don't believe it.
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Killer Mike Plans To Run For School Board After Rap Career https://t.co/2hm1Rt2Xx8

Marty Mar Rap career? ..... he might as well start running for office now his career never sizzled
JaRontai DaMarr Lockhart Salute to the OG
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Cam'ron Says Damon Dash Slapped Harvey Weinstein For Disrespectful Behavior https://t.co/ftq1xPylFn

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Styles P X Willy J Peso - Flavors (Produced by RJ Lamont) https://t.co/Iw3XFeNThg

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Styles P X Willy J Peso - Flavors (Produced by RJ Lamont) https://t.co/Iw3XFeNThg

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Mary J. Blige To Receive Icon Award At Billboard's Women In Music Conference https://t.co/c4XsoYcmDT

Shirley Knox That's Brenda Anthelu.... Amen
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[NEW VIDEO] Bigshot & Richpockets - "Kryptonite" https://t.co/f2y5YVQMfl

Richard Donatien #dmi 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
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Ashanti Did Prodigy Dirty To Help Jay-Z https://t.co/cFPC7K1zre

Jun Classic P mentions this in his Autobiography. He didnt really seemed bothered by it in the Book. In the end i think it shows how thick his skin was. God Bless Prodigy.
Shirley Knox She wasn't their age back then.... God is good.... Amen
Mike O'Brian P explained this in his book
Nkosiphendule Thungilizwe how?
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Rick Ross Still After Millions From LMFAO Over "Party Rock Anthem" https://t.co/TCGhx3q9rV

Law Miyaki Sooorry for parrty rocking😭😭😭😝😂
Mauricio Cril Im in miami bitch
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Bodies Of Bambino Gold And Skooly Kee Da Tooly Found https://t.co/HTimNOJqla

Cordless Luuv smh
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LL Cool J Launching "Rock the Bells Radio" with SiriusXM https://t.co/SZ8mONu3rH

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Chance the Rapper, Eminem, Questlove and Common Deliver Laughs On SNL https://t.co/oFD0HVjWSD

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Rev Run's Wife Takes Over The Business In Scripted Comedy On Netflix https://t.co/qw4UGf7DHt

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Cops Trying Find Crook Who Stole Sneaks Customized By Pharrell https://t.co/x8uL1KTEFw

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Wyclef Will Lead A Full Orchestra On Hip-Hop Tour https://t.co/0iRxGE6NY6

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Lil Peep In A Casket, Alleged Drug Seller Under Si https://t.co/A9MIATKkx8

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RZA Takes "Woof-Tung Clan" Dog Walking Company To Court https://t.co/EerleoNZd6

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[NEW VIDEO] Bigshot Ft. Richpockets - "Kryptonite" https://t.co/yxZ3l2NyXd

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Khalid Speaks Out About A Fan Allegedly Groping Him https://t.co/mll3qW4aO6

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The Black Eyed Peas To Release 'Masters Of The Sun' AR App https://t.co/P8JnZHI9cA

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Drake & His Dad Star In New Virginia Black Whiskey Ad https://t.co/l2WBn8153a

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Bruno Mars, Drake, & Kendrick Lamar Win Awards At 2017 AMAs https://t.co/Afb3QSQUKg

Cheikh Diop Mi say Charles mason s mother used to be a prostitute Haha and he's a bitch
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Drake Rides For Meek Mill At Concert https://t.co/aweQCBN8Vu

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EXCLUSIVE: Russell Simmons Issues Statement Over New Rape Allegation https://t.co/fH2V8OMWGN via @allhiphopcom

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Meek Mill continues to try and undo a jail sentence imposed on him by a judge being investigated by the FBI. https://t.co/vMlJNTlnB6

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Nicki fans believe that Eve used to live a glass house, and is now throwing stones. https://t.co/91Zok0jHmV

Bryan Namil Houston Shame.The admin of this Page is such a hood rat! Go keep your hood rat page to yourself.I'm out of this "projects" you created.Have some class and dont be such a hood rat
Sharon ItsmyworldGentry Its funny how celebrities have mind control over people if nikki said jump its a amazing how many people would actually jump smh.
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A mixtape featuring Nicki Minaj and Future almost happened but never materialized. Here's why... https://t.co/L1aLDHDBGM

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Shots Fired! Joseline Hernandez Drops A Cardi B Diss Record! https://t.co/3Jb6ysfQep

Honey Lollis No shots, just picked up a bullet and tried to throw it! LOL that's no Diss but a miss! None rapper fa real, just a bunch of her feelings! Hate was seeping through her pores when she tried poor Bae-Bee! 😀 I pass out! Oh, Lawdy! Trying to get noticed on @Cardi B coat tail anyway she can, NOT ATTRACTIVE! LoL
William Rivera We the Puerto Rican delegation have cut all ties with this woman. Feel free to do what you must to quiet her.
Nick Roberts Who the fk is that guy?
Derwin Love Somebody tell that dude to chill and sit down
Eddy West Bitch please tryna eat offa cardi's shine she will never get on cardi's level
Marty Mar Garbage
Mike O'Brian 🗑🗑🗑
John Megus Belton Straight up pure garbage!
Shanna Waller So wack! And I couldn't understand it..
Maurice Jermon Man stop ! She flat out hot ass garbage 😔😩😅😂😭
Carl Robinson 😞
Leah Keenliside Who?
EM IR Monica Costello
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Nicki Minaj Accompanies Her Mom To Visit Jailed Brother https://t.co/lrOWt8raxn

BU Cks They proably set him up soo cold...smh.....mathafuckas they to get me ...i pulled out 24/7 surveillance for years
BU Cks They target your pocket threw your fam....
BU Cks I would have i mean
Angelo Hopkins The Prince in jail?
Bryan Namil Houston This is not even hip hop news
James E Jefferson Why is Prince Harry in the house. ?
Gordy Baxton Sami Zayn?
Tosh Jones So?
Sharon ItsmyworldGentry Why is this important because its Nikki Minag her brother raped a young girl and is in jail so why do we care that she went with her mom to visit its just some things that's not worth posting.
Pitts Trollsworthy Child rapist dog !
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Hip Hop Unity.

Marcus Eason Not a fan of Aubrey,but this some grown man shit here. First props I ever gave Wheel chair Jimmy.
Jay Mike Woods Nobody famous should ever have to follow the law!!! Free this man who violated probation 6 times!!! No laws for celebs!!!
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Well why didn't he just call us himself? 🤔

HipHopDX.com39 ago

Welp... Didn't happen...

Steven Parsons Member when Jay dropped an album a little while ago and sold more then lil boaty in about 10 minutes .. i member
Joey Reyna Yeah new york city made hove don't think he was born rich if you didn't know he was dirt poor in 1979
Damion Redz Barajas So basically copy like he did with biggies lyrics
Rekleuz Odinra Can't...already used all Big Poppas lyrics...
Bryan Gibson There a 1000 "HOV's" only one yeezy, bitch
Jay Mike Woods Jay is the greatest rapper of all time. No one has been as consistent or had as good a career as hov. If you disagree you likely don't know hip hop.
Jermell Mel Stepheny RESPECT TO JAY-Z...
Dallas Ray Camas His name was Bathgate.
Junior Edison Cambry JA RULE.ALWAY ON POINT.
Fredrick Morin Drake >
Mauricio Cril Snapped!
Leah Daize Nadine Naps
LeBrown James *made HOV say
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12 tracks and due out this Friday. 🔥

Brandon Ness *crosses fingers for a Harry Fraud beat on there somewhere*
Chris Kirby This should be sick. It's about time we get some decent music out here....
Craig Dalit Simmons Bet you this shit gets ignored for a new Migos record...
Alejandro Martinez About to give the game nightmares with this one #loso #jada
Daniel Nickelberry The lyrics will be crazy....
Shamir Bryan Could be album of the year.
Mario Marquez Cesar Flores what a fucking coincidence i mentioned this literally 5 mins ago lol
Chris Gray I really hope Rapture on there but I doubt because that song 2 years old
LaLa Young Just the idea gives me chills!!!
Stephen Henry Matthew Duncan Hell yes love me some Jadakiss 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
Richard DeGroff Casey Young, you know about this?
Dee Williams Just 12? Wtf
Manny Guzman About fuckn time.....
DeVaughn Dutch Bryant It leaked
Wali Leonard Hypee!
Alex Carrasco Ibañez and hopsin's new album too
Jermell Mel Stepheny HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!!!!!!
Chris Davis Yessir
Jeff Pegs Domineré Evans Soon come...
Aaron Allen Mychal Lynch Brett Davis
Angelos Sidhom Sara Jaffer 👀👀👀
Daunt'e Everlasting King Gales Tj Brooks Jordan Milus
David Schreiner William Neblett
Jeremy Brown Poppa Gomes
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Revival will reportedly hit the shelves on December 8.

Matthiew Brady-Krawchuk Probably will release another single then. He does the same routine i realized over the last 10 years. Releases a heart felt song then switches it up and releases something outgoing like Berzerk or We Made You. Or itll be some rock oriented song
Gabriel Enrico Tolentino Emineeeemm! Nice ka emm! Kani kani kay gahi kay nig bars ang boang maka dobidobidobidobi dap dap! Ni ayuuss nice ka emm!! Sabay niya ta emm! Bisita ko ara inyo andame kog fried rice og isa ka vitamilk og langonisa 4
Thomas Getten Shout out to Hiphopdx for putting the release date front and center and not being on some click bait bs
Javier Olivares Ortega Hope no more beyonce. Is eminem in there somewhere Marshall? Shady? ...
Wise Mark Eminem isnt washed up, he has always been trash.
Patrick Kennedy So we are supposed to believe the same website that got it wrong the first time? (HITS Daily Double)... I’m good, lol. When it drops, I’ll be happy. But I’m not gonna anticipate a date that hasn’t been confirmed, AGAIN
John Pollard Release it into the toilet if that first single is any indication of how the rest will sound
James Richard Can't wait to hear the new album!
Alloda Badeucie wish he could sound good again, used to like his music
Jay Mike Woods Who cares? Eminem is washed up Iiberal garbage. Unless you love hearing about coffee pots. Or that Beyonce trash.
Matt Collura David Morris this better be accurate this time
Michael P. Hill Who cares
Blaine Jobb Seems like a date Em would drop it on.
Dennis Sioleski Garbage
Jason Vos Too Short- the pimp tape Dec 15th
Nathan West It will not
Stan Marshall Reda C. Another joke
Jacob Lang Smh
Erica Michelle 🤗🤗🤗
Justin Dawson Todd Warren hopefully 🤞
Mark Sadore Sara Avila see Dec 8th
Adam Westover Shannon Lubold 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Frank Deschenes Brianna Deschenes
Stephen Henry Ant Meow Steven Sommerville Matthew Duncan Shayne Creek Andrew Weniton
Dean Thomson Stuart Thomson
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“I probably wouldn’t be doing music if I couldn’t find things to challenge me.” - Kendrick Lamar

Gabriel Enrico Tolentino Kendrick amaw!! Wala jud kay bout oy salig lang ka da nga paborito nako imong Humble nga kanta gero kay ka da . Tagae kog sinsiyo ara by para pang duwa sa voyager ba lamat drick lovee youuu! Og isa ka sanina og jogging pants ka ng black 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Steven Parsons Can we get some Kendrick Madlib and MF Doom please !!🙏🙏🙏🙏
Dallas Ray Camas Drake is a tough challenge to surpass in this day & age.
Tim C Sharp 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵♥💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Pan Αδωνις Τσεριωτης
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#DXNews: Apparently Hip Hop is dominating every avenue.

HipHopDX.com2 hours ago

Here are the details surrounding Cassidy's arrest:

Patrick Kippert As I'm listening to old Cassidy songs. Damn Cass 😩
Steven Parsons Ditched the big hat for that punk skater look huh ?? what a guy lol .....
Raw Byrd
Guy Coupland John Sutherland
Joey Reyna Pot possession i did 45 days for a joint of weed and did 6 months probation what a Racists slave world i lived in
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Is 21 Savage right though? 🤔

Ben Straton We don't care that your music is for junkies, while ours was about hustling to survive. We care that it's garbage. The fact that "mumble rap" is even a term shows how much your generation has failed the genre. Are there good new school rappers? Hell yes. But outlets like this keep focusing on the clowns, instead of talent like Chris Rivers, locksmith and many others. You're a side show. Congrats.
Datu Rojo When I was in high school and listening to what was hot at the time (wu tang, ruff ryders, terror squad, eminem, mobb deep, capone n noriega, no limit etc.....) the generation above us still fucked with the new generation's music because it still had a degree of skill and talent. We don't hate today's hip hop because we're "old". We hate it because it flat out just sucks lol
Joshua Alexander Doran Sellin dope to survive is was different then dopin up and being a loser. Tf.. bein a huslter is commendable, being a feind.. not so much.
Steve Smith Tell this SIMPIN ass lean sipping tweaker, we don't give a damn about his opioid induced opinions. And stop reppin Hip Hop!!! We don't want you tweaker rappers.
Datu Rojo Old generation: Cause it's the real shit, shit to make em feel shit (the real) Lump em in the club shit, have you wildin out when you bump this (hip-hop) Drugs to your eardrum, the raw uncut Have a nigga OD cause it's never enough New generation: peekaboo peekaboo peekaboo, play with the pussy like peekaboo Their's a reason why people hate you
Avron Davis Listen old school all day, but there are some guys who have talent. But when your wearing dresses and your not making sense then fuck the New generation. Old School rules.
Eliel Fonseca This dude is the perfect example to use to explain the difference being a hustler is way different than being a drugged up loser you hustle cause you have to to survive being a dope fiend is the bottom of the barrel no matter the money you have you'll always be broke that's why this dude made a whole album about one st laurent jacket fuckin clown and is girl slept with half the industry lol
Kenneth Desmond The difference is they were talking about drug dealing as a way to better their situation and live better lives all these rappers today just wanna make money to buy more drugs and numb the pain of their situation. That's why so may of them depressed
Jose Andres Andrade Man sit your clown ass down somewhere. Your “lyrics” don’t say shit and don’t mean shit. You glorify dumb ignorant shit. You’ll be irrelevant in a couple years so you better stay humble bitch.
Myster Harris Laughable. And anyone defending this bullshit that was probably typed by Amber Rose is equally without merit. He'd almost, ALMOST have a point if he weren't so gotdamned "All Lives Matter" in his diatribe.
Allan Aurelius Samayoa If you ain't gonna last over 3 years like the rest of your predecessors you bit your style, flow, and raps from then you have no room to call out OG rappers how have lasted in the game for over 15-30 years
Ronald L. Nixon The powers that be broke down hip hop to the form that its taken now. The hip hop culture was powerful enough to cross oceans , racial boundaries as well as social and economic boundaries. No other genre of music has transformed or influenced the world like hip hop culture. The record companies have steadily watered it down and continuously dumbed it down to the point that their is less social commentary from artists and makes the culture less threatening so it cant effect positive change. There are many agendas being pushed by the record companies that are contrary to the true spirit of Hip Hop. I cant blame the new generation cause they're looking for a check and a break. The industry is bigger than these artists and to get paid now they rap about the content that the record companies want to push and sell. It is what it is. The game has changed and the goal was to destroy hip hop.
Ted Hampton So basically he wants us old heads to respect this new fiend rap because my generation promoted getting rich by any means? That's dumb as shit. A fiend NEVER got respect outside of lining someones pockets. Niggas wanted to be Jay Z coming up, not E-Zell. There's no way your gonna sway a real bro to get rich to buy more dope to smoke/shoot/drink/snort for their own consumption. That's hustling backwards. Ask DMX if he wanted to be a fiend because it was cool. You might get punched.
Craig A M Nelson Y'all old heads fkin stupid he wasn't praising drug users or saying it's okay. He's just saying in y'all era y'all ain change shit, and time hasn't changed people at all. Kids still selling and doing drugs, just different ones. This opiate epidemic is nuts cause it's killing all of America from different angles. Half these kids don't know they taking opiates or benzos they just self medicating
Justin Sánchez It's not just the content, it's how horrible they are at rapping, plain and simple. They put no effort into their craft and still bank off it. Whem you have OG rappers who had to be creative, original, lyrical, and have a nice flow in order to succeed, of course they're gonna feel some type of way about half ass rappers all with the same sound making up 90% of stars in the game. You can rap about almost anything as long aa you can make it dope. If you ain't even trying don't be mad when your wack ass gets called out
Dan Ankoma Oh here we go....the problem is that all the new guys that are considered top artist are saying the same thing. The genre is not balanced at all and that's not hard to see or hear. The fact is no generation ran anything. The radio and the people who own radio and record companies are not from the hip hop Community and they probably laughing at the new and old generation over this. They know they exploiting this new era of hip hop that's why hip hop is so big now. They been recycling these artist every few years by making them hot then switching to a new group of artist. The Chingy, Bow Wow, Crunk, No Limit, T-Pain areas etc. all came and went. Now the Savages, Uzi's , Yachty and all these others guys will have their time and die out. The so called old guys kept there integrity that's what the new generation don't understand because if you not popping what do you really have??? Records that don't mean anything.
Matheau Jende Lol y’all “music” is just trash and has no point, drive or motivation. Sorry come from a hip hop generation that a “beef” actually meant something that someone had to die. Real talk. Not arguing and tweeting who has the better grillz lol. Don’t mind the new generation music it’s whatever just don’t call it hip hop or call them lyricist.
Kings Alfonso It should be its own genre just like rock has alternative indie metal etc. These guys dont know the basis of a 16 bar skit so how is it a rap.
Perry Saunders Yes Music Artists and all types of Entertainers did drugs, had all types of addictions. However, quite a few died or had their careers ruin and set back because of it. So many have testified on their mistakes. So why in the Hell you going to glorified now if you seen what it could do. How many People ended up in a Prison during the 80's and 90's. This is like a parent trying to teach a child right and wrong, but the child wants to say to the parents, why I going to listen to you, you did it? Plus another thing, some Rappers talked about drugs and alcohol, but a ton of them rapped against it as well. It was a balance in Hip Hop back then on mainstream radio, not now!!!
Gu-ya H Manossa That last line in his tweet though lmao 😂. What talent? Seen one comment that had a good idea. Lets give them a new sub-genre. We'll call it Rap Crap. For all the old people who said ours was just noise. Can't believe these kids ended up making them right. *smh* I'm not blindly judging either. I've tried listening to about 10 of these so called new school and underground rappers. There's no way to tell them apart, same rhyme patterns, subject matter, samples. Fuck they even all have a forehead tattoo! Just a sad bunch. Thoughts and prayers to them. 🙏 Creator send them some real talent please or the wisdom to stfu!
Michael Guillory Every time rap has a different sound it's always gonna have people talk down on the new sound until someone in that group of nay sayers finally call it genius cause it won't go away. The south is gonna stay on top of The game forever cause they don't hate on a nigga sound if he got a movement somebody like it enough to rock it. It is what it is.
Hayden Li It's the delivery. Of course it's always gonna be about that stuff, but how you get across that message is a different thing. So you're rapping about drugs? I didn't know cos I couldn't understand a thing! Try listen to Push Ts "pain" with future and you'll see
Adrian Martinez People saying he's the "realest", remember Biggie's words, "don't get high on your own supply", which is exactly what this fucker's doing. The reason why his lyricism sucks is because he's always overdoing the crap he does. All in all, fuck this modern tweaker shit, I'm sticking to to BIG, Pac, and all the OG shit.
Maurice Stewart Seriously, really shut up with all that bullshit coming out your mouth. If it wasn't for the OG's in the hip-hop industry none of them wouldn't have a career.
Phillip St. Marxman Back in our day the dealer was the man not the user. Now its cool to be high all the time and have raw sex with jumpoffs. I swear some of these hip hop artist are alt-right agents in blackface!!!
HipHopDX.com3 hours ago

This is taking things way too far.

Mel Lyrix "Dont let me catch your ass or I'm putting the Paws on ya" foh lmfaooo this gotta be fake
Travis Greene This doesn't make sense
Eric Tha Baausse T Nobody deserves death threats. But her dumbass should be getting something for all her her leftist BS and black victimology she’s trying to infuse in the black community.
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Kendrick Lamar & Future help push Hip Hop as the dominant genre of music for 2017.

Oratile LQ Gombalume Kun Fu Kenny 🙌 I still think he should have gotten that award not Eminem, something is totally off with this awards ✌
Dave Nhunhama Nah nah nah....hip hop is still alive and healthy
Anthony Karavias Every year. Hip hop infinity
Nhlaka Fola Future? who's Future?
Exodus Alosius Where was future on AMA?
Adilson Carvalho Carvalho 🎤🏆the Kmg
HipHopDX.com5 hours ago

Xxxtentacion just initiated all his fans into his new "positive" cult.

Mitchell King All you have to do to join is beat up some pregnant women. Nothing more positive than that.
Marc King Nexx Figueroa I still haven't heard any of his music on the radio , and I'm not going to Google it or YouTube it
Craig Davis Fuck this dude.
Jonathon Roberts This guy is pathetic
Jay Mike Woods I can't believe people think this moron is good. Dude is straight trash just like migos and pump
HipHopDX.com6 hours ago

11 years ago today, JAY-Z released his 9th studio album #KingdomCome.

Where does this album rank for you in his discography?

What's your favorite track from this album?

Share your answers below...

Jerrell Johnson Slept on in my opinion
Kgahliso KD Waga Maditi None better "Lost Ones" for me 😍😍 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dayo Shittu I'm from an era where niggaz don't snitch Ur from an era where snitching is the shit I'm afraid of the future, y'all respect the one who go shot I respect the shooter 30 something
Will Barron Not a bad album but for sure in the lower bracket of his catalog, definitely put it over BP2 and BP3
David Scott I didn't cop a Jay album for 5 yrs. before this. KC was Jay not reaching for radio play. That's why I dug it.
Julian Boone It was a good solid album... the bars were good. Very underrated, not his best but certainly not his worst.
Vusi Mthalane The album sucks even to this day.
Alex Sanga I heard mfkrs say they made hov... Ok so make another hov
Yung IsKing Dotta Definitely underrated... Minority report is classic
Shane Larson Ahhh one of the albums he released after he milked the fuck out of his "retirement".
Chuks Remap King Oh my God! Minority reports ft Neyo 30 something The whole album is fire
Jason Vos i liked the wrecks n effects sample but other than that the album sucks. beach chair is terrible
Jesse Olson Just a middle of the pack album from hov nothing special but not bad either
Mogogi Dwayne Morebodi Show Me What You Got Lost Ones Do You Wanna Ride🔥🔥🎤
Randy Cooper I really like this album...... most hip hop heads don't though.
Thato Gomolemo Mathibe Harshly rated as a flop. It’s actually pretty dope.
Leonte Furman It sold becuse its hov but ut was slept
Besim Bektesi Do you wanna ride and dig a hole
Victor Tugo Atleast im not like them, i lost one
Ammar Adam Love minority's report ft Neo
Bheki Mdluli Lost Ones was better.
Siyamthanda Gadu Beach chair
Raymond Kruijt Production by Dr Dre
Alandos Ace Robinson Prelude
Brezoski Smith Do you wanna ride
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Will JAY-Z's Roc Nation management company help resurrect Mariah Carey's career?

Anthony Bradford She better off in her career of marrying rich niggas
Yamikan Mtoliro And he can't sign talented young niggaz outchea
John Ipatiy Big move.
Eric B Boddie Well at least she's not stupid got to go where the money at nowadays people trying to get insurance in all categories this world ain't no joke right now do your thing Mariah Carey I'm sure Jay-Z have enough money spread around two people with Talent and not haters one thing I know about Jay-Z he all about Black owned business black owned everything if you full of shit what us all typical New Yorkers do we ain't fucking with you
Tyger C Lee Makes sense. He has the talent pool to inject new writers and production and rapper features targeting the age group that has dug her old music.
Malachi Murphy She's a legend. She doesn't have to worry about "resurrecting" her career. These newbies need to worry about whether or not they'll still be around 25 years from now.
Oratile LQ Gombalume Hell to the fuckin no. Too much deep throating and gagging done fucked up those vocal chords.
Steven Abraham She should watch her weight, she's getting too fat
Micheal Omau go away old cat lady, your time passed
Mike McKoy No maybe use here for samples for his, Rihanna or Bey's music
Wesley Spain Another person accused of harassment in Jays world
Ian Tom Jigga with the business moves🙌
Craig Dalit Simmons Oh look.... Another #L ... I'll fvkc up a good thing if you let me... Let me alone Becci..
Nick Solomon After what happened to her on new years I wouldn't sign her.
Patton Gibson Jenny Craig should've signed her thighs. 😂
Alyon Martin Louis Which resurrection are u talking about. What she has achieved in her musical career is enough.she is an Robb regend
Jonny Montana Mariah got mad money superbowl and xmas song money shes juat doing this for exposure
Jhirae Talmadge Maybe this will help, cuz I wasn’t feeling Stella for MC.
Essa UpTown Energy Jabbie Jay z should sign #KwameKatana he deserved that
Hugo Valentin Valdez She should sign with weight watchers too.
Dillon Milligan Don't matter who she signed to its up to us if she really coming back
Vladimir Colbert ya nice pic jayz
Johnathan R. Phillips
Jermell Mel Stepheny Respect to JAY-Z!
Joey Reyna Jay Z gots him a new thot lol 😂
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Here are the Top 10 Best Punchlines from Cyhi The Prynce's new album "No Dope On Sunday."

Ep4 Entertainment Stuff about are why everyone loves this page
Jordii Dodds Jimmy Jam Elliott
Frank Martin https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jCUTzI6kPlg 🔥🔥🔥
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Well why didn't he just call us himself? 🤔

Tristan Nagan Whenever I see an article that says "fan claims" or "fan accuses" swap fan with woman if u please... I automatically think "oh god not another sexual assault allegation"... glad at least eminem is not accused yet...
Meyer Lansky sounds made up 🐇
Randy Reb-El Ball Aldrian Armstead
Frank Martin https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jCUTzI6kPlg 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Frank Martin https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jCUTzI6kPlg 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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The Real Pete Rock & Waka Flocka Flame Stoke Flames Of Rap's Generation Gap With Social Media Barbs.

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Uncle Rush is the next celebrity identified in the latest sexual misconduct scandal.

Tinashe Victor Mandez Conspiracy websites have been exposing pedowood for the past 20years but ohhhh as soon as mainstream media outlets start shedding light on it people lose their shit. Fucking sheep
Lawrence Certuche III Dont u think its coincidence everyone being accused of this
Kevin Frink He likes younger chicks. Not surprised. Funny thing is he was just on Vlad TV, talking about Trump
Christopher Thompson Scandal, he probably did it, he is not innocent just because he is black...
Jesse McCauley Shawn Abeysiri please make it stop 😂
Kamoni-Khem Cook I see what the main stream is doing.
Randy Reb-El Ball Aldrian Armstead 😮
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#LetterFromTheEditor: Lil Peep's Death Jeopardizes The Greatness Of "XO Tour Llif3" — & Lil Uzi Vert Knows This.

Ep4 Entertainment More posts on please who agrees?
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#DXReview: Stalley is rejuvenated & free On "Tell The Truth: Shame The Devil - Vol. 1."

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ICYMI: Here is everything that happened on the Chance The Rapper x Eminem Saturday Night Live episode. #ChanceOnSNL

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Hip Hop invades the American Music Awards.

Alexander Tomlinson Hilarious, calling Macklemore hip hop.
Joe Mash Macklemore hip hop? Sad times...I'm feeling suicidal💀
Raw Byrd "sick of half-assed award shows Sick of name brand clothes"
Dominic Leard howz that hip hop???
Sim Barker They're hip hop??
Frankie Martinez Dj khaled lost some weight lol
Lerato Innocent Mothobi fuck macllemore, eminen is thee only dope wigger in hip-hop, period
Jonathon Roberts I watch none of these stupid ass award shows
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Happy Birthday, Phife Dawg!

Gery Tzeka Bust a nut inside your eye to show you where i came from
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Wu-Tang is for the children. Fine art is too. -Cyhi The Prynce.

Gibson Nyirenda Real music aint dead
Jonathon Roberts Nice
Bryan Walton Barz
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Here are the Top 10 Best Punchlines from Cyhi The Prynce's new album "No Dope On Sunday."

Frank Oak 4 Stars.. Lyrically on point, Cyhi could go toe to toe with Nas, J. Cole or Marshall Mathers and come out without a scratch.. I'd give it 5 stars but it sounds like it was recorded on Lil Wayne's tour bus where he records all his mixtapes.. He needs to work with a better engineer.
Colby La-Chiusa Brodie Masters this album is so fucking dope
Varun Sethi Ian Chew Dylan Cha dis album was higkey vvv good yall should listen to it
Joel Rodriguez CyHi got punchlines for days.
Jonathon Roberts Beastt
Michael Garcia Some of it is 🔥
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane Ok
Cory Hayes Dec Hayes
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Oh it's time....... #ThanksgivingWeek

MO Kebbeh Never gets old Beeb Carlos
Kara Schulz Miguel Comrie my random outburst in the car haha
Rogin Rico Tanja Mariano this is your song 😂😂😂😂
Ceasarlio Thadon
Kevin-Evelien Pira Quinten Greg Robin Thijs Christophe
Jason Vos Alissa-Nicole Vos lol
Diaz Joseph Deborah Ramirez haha!!!!
EM IR Aliyah Costello
Ole Ku Carla SorianoDiana Pilzer
Jonny Timlin Dean TicehurstRyan Barrett
Akshay Rathod Kevin Nelson
Carlos Medina Leigh Iosia
Martin Vr Florian
Mike Elkins Courtney Underwood
Joan Awat Jordan Simon oh Yeah.
Abdalla Yalahow Nashwan Naji Bashir Nuur
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Well why didn't he just call us himself? 🤔

Peter Lyberth just release the damn thing marshall.
Mavusana Stephen Who cares abt this hype job
James Patrick White Please stop doing shit songs with Rihanna and Beyoncé..... 😘
Shane Larson Because your platform is a joke.
Dom Disanto Haha no way !
Caitlin Jean Shut up dim shady
Martin Ken Guymer Chat shit
Eminem - Screaming Shady Till I Die
Eminem - Screaming Shady Till I Die
Derrick Gitta Jr. Lyrically good
Oyibo Andrex Z
John Navarro Ok..... . ... ..
Kush Andharia Jay Patel Megha Yadav
Leighton Gooch Michael Jones
Jay Jay Rey Sandoval
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Hip Hop Unity.

Seth Land lol I love reading people's comments trying to act all hard and shit 😂 I hate drake but y'all are calling him a bitch for saying free meek??? That beef is over and done with get the fuck over it why do we need beef in hip hop so bad and why does every beef have to be so lame? As much as I hate drake he destroyed meek. The beef is no more, go instigate some shit with some other rappers now 🙄
Raymundo Nevarez I'm not a fan of meek but maybe it'll do him some good and he might come out with some good music. I was listening to some of his shit and damn, if he had beef with his ex Nikki, even she would destroy him and she sucks too
Giovonni Gupton I know that took a lot for him to say that,he’ll it would for me considering the nigga tried to ruin my career and legacy over a bitch.
Thapelo Yona Letlhogonolo Edwin Moilwa Teboho Litlhakanyane Aubrey wants him out so he can put him behind those bars again... Back to Back 😂😂😂 and yes the puns were intended
Tony Swendseid Fake Drake don't give a shit about meek, he said that shit to make himself look good, it's an act..it's what he does he's a actor.
James Hemmingway All y'all need to grow up beef and for what it doesn't make sense but I don't have a childish mind either
Derick Mupfuyiwa if you don't want to go to jail..don't play stupid games
Verdict Kila Drakes a bitch for tthis one he proved us right
Phong Huynh Its only Free Meek when Drake frees his ghostwriters from shit contracts
Táy Trilla Recognize a brotherly love when you see one 😍❤😊
Paul Nwabuokei You don't have to like somebody before you promote justice. Thank you for being a real nigga, Drake.
Boy Jonny Still that back to back....
Javan T Ferdinand They need to take notes from jay n nas
Montey Mo Drake has always been Meek's friend and when Meek was arrested he perfomed with shirt wrote free Meek
Joey Reyna Listen 9 million dollars wound not even get meek mill out of prison so save your money go spend on one of your thot ladies drake
Rod Corey Baker Only the young minded will laugh at this...
Seth Land The drake and meek beef has been over for over a fucking year now
Justin Bryant What about Common,Joe Burden,Chris Brown beef with drake?
John Navarro If you listen to drake just go cut your ears off.
Nathan Martin It’s 2017. There’s no real beef anymore. Shits just fabricated to sell records.
Adam Gutsire They are fighting for a bitch or somthng
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane Had a phone with drake so we can fix the madness time for real niggas to really cash in
Manvel Biggs Harbor B Carter look ur bf wants meek out
Dominique Ford Be different if he got snitched on n it affected his family healthcare fuck the money judas unforgivable like more pussies
Nathaniel Oluwole One love to hip hop #FreeMeek
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The Real Pete Rock & Waka Flocka Flame Stoke Flames Of Rap's Generation Gap With Social Media Barbs.

Christopher Thomas For them they want to do whatever with no type of craft at all and feel they should be able to stand n the arena of the greats. He made a key point bout it only moving the youth and that’s truth. Why was the greats supposed to open the doors? They had their growing pains so why is it so hard for y’all to pay dues
Cashaun Mccoy All this bickering, they should just work together
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Uncle Rush is the next celebrity identified in the latest sexual misconduct scandal.

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#LetterFromTheEditor: Lil Peep's Death Jeopardizes The Greatness Of "XO Tour Llif3" — & Lil Uzi Vert Knows This.

Matty Bennett This was such a pointless article. Didn't have anything to do with the title 😂
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#DXReview: Stalley is rejuvenated & free On "Tell The Truth: Shame The Devil - Vol. 1."

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ICYMI: Here is everything that happened on the Chance The Rapper x Eminem Saturday Night Live episode.

Chris Marcott Fuck that wigger
Eminem - Screaming Shady Till I Die 🎧❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎧
Eric Schulman Ian Fierstein
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Meek Mill reportedly moves into general population at his new prison.