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Are We Going To See 50 Cent Vs Drake?

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LL Cool J Nominated For The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Class Of 2019

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Diddy Has Words For Kanye Over President Trump Meeting

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Can Kanye West Will Save Black People While Off His Meds?

If you are looking for that to happen, you're a damn fool.
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Rapper Dex Lauper Talks Hip-Hop, The Music Game & Growing As The Son Of Pop Icon

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In Eric Bellinger's New Video for "By Now" He Reflects on the Price of Success

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Lil Wayne Explains Why Drake Didn't Appear On 'Tha Carter V' Album

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Rick Ross Reacts To 50 Cent's "In Da Club" Lawsuit Being Dismissed

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French Montana Wins Insane Amount Of Cash Off Conor Mcgregor/Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Jaden Smith Announces 'The Sunset Tapes' Project, Drops New Single “GOKU”

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Drake’s OVO Clothing Company Slated To Hit $50 Million In Sales

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Drake Named Spotify's Top-Streamed Artist Of All Time

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TK Kravitz -"Mine" ft. Kevin Gates

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50 Cent Secures The Biggest Bag With Starz In New Production Deal

Where is the strap?
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Wyclef Jean, Zoe Saldana & More Announced As Featured Speakers For SXSW 2019

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T.I. Calls Kanye West A "Futuristic Sambo" And Regrets Working With Him

Come on brotha don't turn your back on him infact try to get an understanding and have his back
No wonder his first stop in #Africa was to a dictator,feeling so mad😈
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Atlanta Tastemakers Invade 2 Chainz's Haunted Pink Trap House

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Soulja Boy Owns A Subway But There's Something Wrong With The Employees

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Anderson .Paak Discusses Working With Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre On ‘Oxnard' Album

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Fans Sign A Petition Calling On MTV To Hire Method Man & Redman For ‘How High 2’

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Cardi B, Young Thug, Post Malone, Migos & XXXTentacion Win American Music Awards

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Quality Control CEO Pee Puts Out A $20K Bounty For Stolen Hard Drive!

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"Black Panther" Is Turning Michael B Jordan Into A Media Mogul

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50 Cent Takes A Legal L To Rick Ross....

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Fan Planning Lawsuit After Dogg Pound Lights That Ass Up

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Fabolous Officially Charged With Four Felonies For Beating Up Emily B.

So into you takes on a whole new meaning.
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Chance The Rapper Questions If 'Good Ass Job' With Kanye West Will Be Worth It

Its still Kanye west....I very much doubt his rants and opinions affect his producing good music skills....
why that what he want dont fall for it.
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Casanova Indicted On Charges He Assaulted Woman

Damn cas
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Red Bull Music Announces 2018 USA Finalists For 3Style Global DJ Competition

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Meek Mill Writes And Recites A Letter To His Younger Self

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Quavo Gets Uncle Sam Off His Ass

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Lil Wayne Set Ends A3C Early...Maybe Gunshots?

Not again!
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Kanye West Quits Social Media

So what ...... Coonye needs be goneye..... His music will live forever but he not relevant anymore after this coonery no matter what the excuse is
Told you he cant connect too distant and cant relate to the poor
How can he quit... hes trumps boy!
Let him be crazy ....over there.
He's a dickhead.
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Guess Who Will Beat Up Azealia Banks? All Smoke!

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Fans Show Support To Denzel Curry For Opening Up About Being Molested As A Child

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Jarren Benton joined Trent Clark at Comfort L.A in Los Angeles and discussed his new album "Yuck Fou", signing to Roc Nation, and dropped which ATLien he would like to collab with to retire him.

Powered by Tequila Avion

HipHopDX.com Watch Jarren Benton's interview here: https://hhdx.co/2PEkJIw
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Two Goats 🐐

Yep. You can hear the influence in his music, especially early on, but bruh took it to a whole other level. Next level.
Definitely not two goats but I see y'all tried
The question is who is the third GOAT? Em x kendrick x ????
Now he’s been signed to the same label as Eminem for 6+ years, crazy
You can definitely tell by the flow... Lyrics... Not so much
Everyone can be a goat if these two are goats both overrated rappers
Kendrick isn’t even in the top 20 of all time rappers... what the fuck u smoking......?
Definitely can hear the influence!
You could hear it in kendricks first music that came out
"I inspired the hopsins the logics the seans the coles the k.dots the 5'9s" facts
QUESTION: Since Kendrick was featured on ems MMLP2 isn't he entitled to ask em for a feature? Or is he scared that renegade shit will happen to him?
And yet they both can’t fuck with Lupe
Kendrick is not a goat
Kendrick aint a goat...yet
Another sperm of em?
Omarits tring to learn
Why wouldn't he ?
Raps MJ and Lebron
Eminem and who??
Since when is Kendrick a GOAT? 😂😂😂😂😂
Aj Dean funny because K.Dot >>>> Em
I couldn't tell lol
Asad Kucevic
Kanye West just won presidency! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWvbENzIhm0&feature=youtu.be
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5 years ago today, Dom Kennedy dropped his album 'Get Home Safely.' What's your favorite track on the album?

After school still my shit 👌
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Albums with the biggest US streaming debuts so far

1. Drake - Scorpion 746m

2. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V 433m

3. Post Malone - Beerbongs & Bentleys 431m

4. Drake...

Think the list is backwards 🧐
Drake is more so popular with general audiences and casual hip-hop fans. Most hardcore hip-hop/rap fans don't listen to Drake like that.
No disrespect to none of those who are great but the album Kamikaze was way better
Kamikaze better than all of that. specially "zkorpion"
It’s way better albums on this list than Scorpion
I don’t think this is accurate....but Kamikaze is definitely the best hip hop album of the year.
How Drake gonna take first and fourth in the top 5? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Jesus Christ, man.
No album of the year Kamikaze???!!!😂😂😂
KOD should've been streamed a billion times
Scorpion was two albums in one ofcourse it's got the longest stream
that most streams because of lil white girls bro victory lap best rap album of 2018
I'm cool with this list 🤷🏾‍♂️. None of these are bad albums...Hip-hop 2018 😎 Its historic.
lil Wayne have three albums that are most stream. He is making big money.
We should stop gays from buying Drake albums
Look how Kendricks is still relevant and was released last year
Glad this list states it's only in the US. How the mighty power of real hip hop has fallen.
I personally enjoyed the black panther soundtrack more than this top 5.
Astro world topped KOD and Damn😂wow.. what has hip hop come too⁉️
Wait for Rihanna.... a girl from barbados will slap all them!!!
🍇🍁🍃It's wake and bake time come try this out weedtradersonline.com/products and see how much effective medical 🍇🍁cannabis works 🌐🍀🌎 weedtradersonline.com/products
KOD only had 12 songs, Scorpion had 25. Both great albums still 😇
Say what you want to say about drake but numbers do the talking 6god forever.
I guess it’s only fair since #1 was double...
Number 1,3,4&5 I don't even know 1 track in them DAMN and KOD I know in and out
scorpion has to be up there makes sense it has more songs .😜
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“Normalizing being mentally healthy is a conversation that I really wanted to have with Kanye .....Unfortunately I think to have that conversation with him right now would not be productive."

That's because your scared of the truth Ye brings.
Not a fan of charmander lol but he speaks the truth Kanye has lost it and needs help
I thought Kanye was in Africa
Char go back to being a Pokemon character. You can't see a word hack from 2 inches in front of your nose.
Kanye needs this talk more then the world does at the moment cha
He has a point
Sad but true in my opinion 🙏🏼
I always have been, and still am, a Kanye critic. But everyone called his mental health “genius” until he threw on a red hat.
In all honestly, how has Ye lost his mind? Please keep the negativity away from me, and let’s have a civil debate. Did any of you think he might be doing this to benefit his own company? I know it’s weird that Ye supports Trump, when he has shitted on Bush on national television.
He lied.. Ye cancelled it cuz he has bigger things to do like visiting Uganda's president while Charlamagne bitch ass is at his cave funded by Revolt TV figuring out who he should give Donkey of the Day to 😊😊😁
Fuck charmelago with funky pretentious witty dick riding wanna be intellectual lookin but dumb ass one plus one not knowing motherFucking character.... or yeah fuck Kanye too
Coming from a guy who drugged and raped a girl
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Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending October 11th

1. Lil Wayne — Tha Carter V — 135,411
2. Lil Baby & Gunna — Drip Harder —129,809
3. Drake — Scorpion — 53,589

The full...

Wayne is a beast, to be pushing those numbers though he's no longer at his peak. Legendary
Lil Wayne is the new Eminem. All ways going to do well in sales because he's Lil Wayne.
Wayne was best since aged 9 #goat put some respek
Good keep on doing well wayne
Wayne Carter has been the king in the game salute u goat💪
Lil tunechi last king to Rapper 🎤🎸
He should do a 69 billboard post.lol
Young money best forever
Ronan Cooney numbers don't lie
The carter v es una bomba
Yesterday some youngster came up to me and started a conversation about lil pump and that 69 fool. He was a big fan. Me : nah that shit is wack. I listen to real hiphop like masta ace, apollo Brown, cunninlynguists ect. Who? He asked. So i slapped him in his face. End of story.
Toma Julius Jake
Jovan Bubnjevic
How in the fuck did Drip Harder get 130k? 😥👎💩🙄
Look at this clown, looks like long john dick weed with that shit in his head
Lil baby? 😂😂 sounds like a fuckin insult cunt
Wait til Joyner Lucas new album comes out in a couple days 😎
HipHopDX.com18 hours ago

Bron Bron stick to basketball. 😂😂

Why is drake trying to look like el mariachi? Now he thinks he’s Hispanic...
LOL!!! yo... let that brother have some fun.
Mosab lebron Ban Lia Baghi iglebha Rap 😂😂
Stick to basketball? Lol let the man live
Stick to basketball lol hes got more money than both put together x's 2 ....yeah he should stick to basketball
tough to watch lol Ashley
Lol why's LeBron dressed like the fresh prince?
3 gays
Drake is dressed like a cat burglar.
Simon Schlumpf so hyped wie mir de bron😂
Karim Toto 😂 😂 😂 😂
Joshua Adam 😂
Sean Crawford🤣
Jeremy Poirier
Hip hop seems to be a joke now. Smh
Julian Renner Dominique Wieckowski
Mohamed M EL-ShaibaniPeter Ditommaso
HipHopDX.com18 hours ago

Was the relationship even real then?

I heard his eyes smelled funny.
Lol, this broad is about to become responsible for the deaths of 2 people with substance abuse issues now? Good God!
Ariana basically was dating Pete just to get mac jealous , She didnt Know it would go this far tho lol 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Drove a watch between them because she still had love for Mack and when he passed sent her in to a depressed state is easily what happend
Be aware of SNL tactics. They like to take woman to the top of the empire state building and hold them hostage.
That's what we were saying lol
No kidding
It never was
This little hoe gets around!!
Dumb as shit caption.
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Talented artist Giovanni Contardi made a mural of Mac Miller out of 720 Rubik’s cubes.

Houssine🤣🤣🤣 ntiii9 fiik tewsel had niveau
This is amazing 🔥.
Nice art work wicked
This gotta be fake
This is dope
Whoa. Noice.
Lizzie, I'm tempted to try this at some point.
Maroš Masaryk Misovov Kablovicz skoro ako mozajka z obalov na vajíčka chlapci!
Zack Zuniga Marc Ysquierdo
Woooooowwwww😱 Jules De
Maarten keke we doen beter als ge terug thuis bent
That’s actually dope !
Raphael Msc tiens je t’en avais parlé
Te Wano Thomas holy shit
Jacob Waters oh my goood
Patrick fk ziek
Mellissa De Wachter... Next level shit
Ian Champoux Sebastien Gadoury Nicolas Ouellette Debien
Ulannaq Ingemann sanasarl.
Simon Czura Julia Kretschmer
Taylor Haverty George Wyatt
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Joey Badass & YBN Cordae have new music on the way 👀

Listened to Cordae and he actually has bars and is very talented, this will be good.
Daniel Corr this could be heat
Killuminati hit maker #Joey!
Cordae in all the right spaces !
Nsha ho gya kya bai naag
Huncho Dee nigga 🤯
Yusuf D Marshall
Jesus Navarro
Uffe Mærsk Søbye
Luca Mascia
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Takeoff pictured in the studio working on his new album. What are your expectations for his LP?

He should show talent by actually starting to rap and not do what they are doing.... quavos voice is annoying it irritates me... just have bars and make senses in whatever ure saying ,and well rate you from there
It should be ok they NEED each other.. after hearing quavo mixtape you realize hes TrAsH but good at hooks and commercial verses, offset has bars.. take off a little bit of both
Guava, Upset and SwitchOff should just split.
Expecting Another Great ish🔥🔥🔥🔥
It'll sound similar to Quavo, or almost any song on your typical Migos album...
Takeoff was the only one I expect to be decent.
This is going to be wild 🔥
High expectations. Takeoff is the best from Migos
A bunch of pansy mechanical voices and talk about nothing in particular.
never heard of them, mumble rappers?
Rolling a blunt so I'm going to guess trash 😂
Might go hard. But I tell you this I wouldn't have all that shit on my mix board.
I think that's called rolling weed...
Daniel Wood this will be straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥
We're looking forward to mumble mumble scree or scraw or screw crap
Nobody in Migos should be going solo, if we being completely honest.
Finally just Takeoff and no Migos I can't stand Offset and Quavo God help them They suck But Takeoff this dude be fire🔥🔥🔥
Nothing but fire from TakeOff
Takeoff the most talented mc of the migos
-googly eyes- ascension
Same shit they've already made.
Motivating Change in the Rap Game 💎💦🚀
Pussy, money, weed like always
I'd rather play with that rocket ship
HipHopDX.com shared MONTREALITY's video.2 days ago

Definitely a PHD in Hip Hop

First of all don’t talk shit about this man sounding like snoop! When this wholeeee generation now Sounds ALL ALIKE! People back then was sooo much better than these wack ass new rappers. Even though I was born in 1997. I’ll pick Old rap over this new shit ANY DAY 💯
Man is crazy to see all these comments saying he sounds like snoop😂😂 Yo if you saying that you are too young. Suga Free, West Coast legend
Suga free came before Snoop, so he can’t sound like Snoop 🤔. Y’all mean snoop sound like him.. that’s like saying your mom “looks like you” 😂 nah baby, it’s the other way around
I ain’t finna break nair fingernail going oops upside your head
That Hi-hat never missed a beat 👀
Lol how about y'all ask Snoop who sugar free is lol. Young ass
I really wonder if some of yall really know what you just witnessed. You know what kind of talent it takes to make your own and beat rap to it at the same time. Its like tap your head and rubbing your stomach in a circular motion at the same time. Lets put this how many of us know to play the piano well? I can pretty much he can do that to. #doitlikeimusedtooit
Yall young bucks don't recognize Sugar free
Snoop doesn’t even flow like this, I don’t get y’all. This shit impresses me every time I see it. That beat and his rhythm at the same time is insane.
Sometimes I just scroll through the comments just to read people arguing with each other. Y’all more entertaining than tv. I had to cancel Comcast lol.
Totally biting SNOOP DOG, FUGAZY!!!!!!!
Them: He sounds like Snoop. Me:...🤦🏾‍♂️🤫 arm yourselves with knowledge please
This was every day in class or the locker room in school in 95. Lol. Group freestyles with that one dude who always crushed the beat. I miss those days.
That’s the man with the fingerwaves I think!! He was rapping about slapping her upside her head. He had a full set and thick short fingers.
Sounds too much like Snoop (The TONE of his voice, not his flow/style)... is that the dude w/the finger waves?
I understand these young kids not knowing who this is, but people older than me not knowing Snoop got his sound from guys like this is sad.
This is the one and only Suga Free. I am so upset that this isn't common knowledge. Keep up the bad work. If you know him you know what that meant.
Why yall all say he sounded like Snoop... im from fuckin louisiana and even i know this is Sugar Free who was out before snoop.
Suga Free a real OG
Lol that’s Suga Free not a snoop wannabe he has a whole dif unique flow
All west coast dudes had similar swagg and toning back then. Listen back you young bucks. This pill poppin generation all sound the same to! Moving on....
I can barely snap and Rock. I panicked when bruh touched his shoulder! 😂 Just knew he was gonna mess up
Didnt this nigga perm his hair and come out with the pimp song about the girl that was trying to play him?
Similar tone of voice than snoop but different individual style that falls under that West Coast sound. Oh yeah, Suga Free was around before Snoop...lil kids. Go back to your mumble rap if you can't hang
Suga Free, Street Gospel. Produced by the one the only DJ Quik. That album is hella slept on and to find and feature El Debarge was crazy! Ya'll better ask somebody who Free is.
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EPIC. Breezy x Drizzy squash the beef!

Thanks to Pusha T,Drake has learned to behave.Lately he's reconciling with everyone
When you realise the same girl y'all wanted doesn't want any of you... 😂✌️
Drake on the "I apologize" tour.
Breezy still the only nigga to win a beef against Drake
Dreezy squashing beefs with every one
Drake: we should get a drink after this Chris: better not throw no bottles Drake: lol can't promise , you still want riri 😕😕?
Remember when they were raiding his ass? Breezyyy is a g. Drake doesn’t have that “I wanna drink your bath water” look that he gives basketball players and some other rappers. I think he’s just scared.
Good for them. Shouldn't be living life with hate or any kind of negative energy toward someone in your heart.
Errtime when dreezy is squashing these beefs in public he got that top(vest) .. What is it? Is it a bullet proof vest or what? 🤔
One beats women ...the other denies he has a son #whocares
These 2 been beefing since the song "Take it to the head" by Khaled.
I can't wait to see 50 Cent n Ja Rule doing the same shit # Beef Must Fall
Cow beef I think this is not what I call hip hop beef
Drake is a beautiful human being he always will be on top much respect ✊ to the 🤴
Maturity.....now lets get money!!!!
Drake with the dope fruit roll up vest
Why Drake always dressing like he works for and holds the stop sign for a highway construction crew?
Ain’t even know these niggas was still beefin 😂
Why are they dressed like flaggers on the highway
Noel Hunter who cares these guys aren't hardcore hip hop
Weezy over there looking like a ghetto urkle
They were never beefing be smart people
We need more people like Drake is this world
Didnt they squash beef years ago. Do a commercial together with blake griffin and everything 🤔
Cameron drizzy squashing all his beef.. one love ❤
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

On LeBron James’ HBO talk show, 'The Shop', Drake finally explained why he fell back after 'The Story Of Adidon' released, broke down the events leading up to the epic battle of wits, and acknowledged the fallout, admitting he’s okay with hardcore hip-hop heads feeling...

Pusha T really hurt this nigga feelings real bad
Drake is on another level. If you hate on him you’re lying to yourself. Everyone wants to see the rise and the fall of artists. We all loved him when he was the canadian underdog but now that he’s on top the majority of people want to see him fail, it’s the same cycle, it happens with every artist. Drake will be one of the rare ones that never goes away. His catalogue and fame is untouchable.
Whatever. You didn't respond because they told you not too. It's been worst beef. Pusha T has a different audience . He not commercial . Sick of rappers who say certain artist careers are not at a level and or they don't want to further the career . Even LeBron looking at you like " bruh you got murdered on the track ,u didn't respond " anything he say now has no validity we moved on
How is he gonna talk about Pusha T talkin bout 40’s illnesses when Drake did the same shit with Kid Cudi? Did anyone forget bruh. Take his nuts out your mouth and notice this dude being a phony right in front of yall
“Defenseless People in the hospital” but drake you diss Cudi when he was in the mental hospital. Cmon man lol contradicting.
Cudi was going through his shit because of the choices he made to abuse substances, just so all of you know that the point you are trying to make actually doesn’t hold any weight.
Battles are Just a part of hiphop
'I am soft.. so it's cool if they think that.' is all I heard
You don't study rap battles for a living man...come on.
Why he didn’t know what LeBron told him?lmfao!!!Notice he didn’t say anything about him punching Push, he said Push needed punched. To people who are about words, what he said meant a lot. Quit tap dancing, take that L and keep it moving. You ain’t got bars for Push, and no one really cares about your Kayne bars.
Months later He’s still in denial about Pusha destroying him just like he did Meek lol...Who cares if you did a diss we didn’t hear Aubrey lol...🤦🏾‍♂️
Cant study Rap battles for a living and complain about what he said. Theres no rules in a beef/battle. Mustve missed that part studying.
Anyone who says pusha won is on some high grade crack.l mean look drake is winning left right And center even LeBron James is backing him up
“Your demise, will be televised”.
Rappers have been pulling in Mother's, Baby Mother's, family members with AIDS, since the dawn of Rap Battles. Shit, there's early poetry where rivals are talking about fisting the skull of a rival's dead Mom. You just tapped out my dude. That's al of it. Don't battle in an interview.
So the Cudi thing now didn’t happen? Now, if that’s your threshold, then it’s hypocritical. Pusha put you in a corner, now you trying to move the battle rap goalpost?
Where's my tiny violin at. All bets are off in a rap battle. U lost that one. That's it. Ain't no crying in baseball lol
Drake always wins
Either respond or STFU about it dude. You the biggest artist out there, you got bodied, just move on man. The shits dead my man
This is petty than I don’t know what. But Lebron had one long hair hanging from his beard that was bothering me 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ yet you in The Shop.
If he studied rap battles he should know they can get pretty ugly with each other. That's what it is called battle rap. It's not for the lighthearted. Lol
Studies rap battles for a living 😂😂
This like the 80's kool moe dee tried to go back and forth wit LL Pusha no different yall want a good rap beef but dont acknowledge that these lames need a superior artists to be mentioned Push fans:Would he be notice if he didnt talk about Drake?
All is fair in love of war. DRAKE.
Such a puss
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

Drake tells his side of the story about Kanye, Wyoming, and Pusha T.

i can give a fuck less on what this cornball has to say he got bodied
Canadian boy tell Yeezy & Push that was god plan😂😂😂😂
Drake know Chris brown got the hands and would put him in the dirt.. and pusha T gave drake an L..
Drake sounds like he should be a host on The View
All is fair in love of war. DRAKE. forget what you said about kid cudi. You not punching nobody.
You ain't wet nobody, homie, you Canada dry😂
Drake always wins 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Drake about to cry again
it's late we have moved on stay with ur L Drake
Rap about it ffs
Pusha Thanos
And yet his wack ass is making peace with all his enemies. He’s not about that life.
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Does he want people to cry for him?...ain't NO RULES in rap battles bruh. Get over it.
I thought he wasnt going to respond
Fuck drake wack ass and LeBron stay out of it homeboy 🤣🤣🤣
Who even gives a fuck... People really follow these fools lives shame.
YouTube link to the full interview please
Pusha bodied drake into fatherhood 😂😂😂😂
Well this explains it👀👀👀
Drake is smart and calculated,Fuck all that acting hard shit when you winning and taking care of your family.🤷🏾‍♂️
Kanye is a punk..
I don't believe you.
Drake soft as baby shit 😂
Is this his response tho? 😂🤣😂
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What rap album do you think these gentlemen were creating?

Well it sure as hell ain't Detox.
Definitely working on The Chronic album right there. That’s probably early 1992. Dre sported those Pittsburgh hats then too, and Daz looks too young for Doggystyle. Spring/Summer 1992 The Chronic was released? November 1993 was Doggystyle. Right around my 17th birthday. I remember picking up Doggystyle like I’m there at Tower Records right now. Look at the Doc making history right there. The mentor. His prodigy’s are like “What we doing Dre?” The rest is history bro!!!
Aye, I just want to say that Daz doesn’t really get the recognition he deserves as a Producer at Death Row back in those golden years. Daz Produced many of those classic hits back then! Doggystyle/Murder Was The Case/Dogg Food/All Eyez On Me/Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back. 5 of my all time favorite albums.
I guess Doggystyle. The studio looks too nice to be the one where they recorded The Chronic in. That looks like the Death Row studio after they got a little paper from the Chronic.
Nothing but a G thang and Deep Cover?! What else
Chronic or doggystyle between those two
The Chronic based on how young Snoop looked
Tha Chronic or Doggystyle
That one Redhead Kingpin and the FBI album
Could literally be any of the early death row projects.
I'm pretty sure it was Detox. #LookOutForDetox
Oh snap! Is that The D.O.C. Mean muggin’ the camera??
Sesame Street OGs: Tha Streets Is Talkin' Elmo's verse on Yellow Bird was 🔥!
That’s a Chronic recording session in Dre’s basement studio
Ain't nothing but a G thang
The Chronic
I don’t know, but loving this pick of my baby Snoop......💞💞💞💞
Working on an album that was put out on death row!!
Looking at Snoop, gotta be either Chronic or Doggystyle
Dogg food is my guess
Snoop too young! Doggystyle my guess
The chronic or doggystyle
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

Ab-Soul has been in the studio working on his new album. Top Dawg confirmed he’s dropping soon.

Long tym #TDE dawg i like ur attitude u don't talk too much u just keep everything in self i wish u gud luck I'm waiting ur new album Soul.
Thats cool but i prefer an album from isaiah rashad rn
He's a bit hit and miss for me. Always chooses nice production but lyrically his material doesn't always land.
Please let it be anything like DWTW. That album was genius.
I hope there is a lost Mac Miller verse on there
He never disappoints I know that’s definitely gonna a banger
The man Ab-Soul STILL anit eating. Nutrition.
As long as it’s not trash like that last album I’m here for it
Been waitin patiently thanks for the update.. almost thought he was on some jay electronica shit
lmao my man is looking REAL rough right now
Ab is dope as fuck but why he look dirty and homeless...
Can’t be dropping before Q tho?
Cristian, what was i saying?
Soulo Ho3, the one and only.
Tha Carter V #1 & Wayne Hold Tha Whole Top 5 #C5FreedomAtLast
My nigga ab soul he ready to eat but top dawg wont let him ha
the kinda news i need in my life😎 Kyron Roode
Romero Tutor this will be fire
AB-SOUL another prophet
New Ab-Soul bout to be 🔥🔥 no doubt
Dopest lyricist n probably most intelligent on TDE
Yeah about damn time. .still waiting on Q though??
Ab is awesome
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Nah he couldn't go invest it though...🤦

This is what Nas meant when he said hiphop is dead
I’m gonna remind him of this when he’s taking my Burger King order in 2030.
All these young kids have no clue what they have stored for themselves in the future!! They will learn the hard way though!! They gonna wish they had invest their money instead of doing foolish things with it!! Their money is gonna disappear faster than their music careers!!
When Lil Pump dies, drinks are on me
Just remember producers are the only reason these stupid fucks even matter. ......
He's a rapper ? Does he mumble ? Never heard his music but I'm guessing it's wack
He did invest it essentially. All the outlets made a story of it, He'll profit
I mean, he can still invest it after it dries.
"in 5 years you gon' be on love & hip hop nigga" -J.Cole😂😂😂
This is pathetic. A fucking bullshit rapper with wads of money for being wack is well wack. Then he pisses on it because he was “bored” why don’t you sit down and write a decent song with all that time.
"Congrats 'cause you made it out your mama's house I hope you make enough to buy your mom a house I see your watch icy and your whip foreign I got some good advice, never quit tourin'"
Seems that “rappers” with face tattoos have seen a spike in overdoses lately? He needs to follow suit.
Give it a couple years he will be at the drive-thru window talking about welcome to McDonald's may I take your order. 🤣🤣🤣
these motherfuckers need 2 sit down in a 3rd world country & see how lucky and forunate they are.or get a minimum wahe job 4 a month 2 c how it feels 2 actually.... work.
If he has such a disregard for money he should donate it to charity Silly little boy
Guess he didn't learn a damn thing from J Cole
HiphopDx must not have anything to post, so this is what we get ! It should be mumbleHopDX.com 🤢
Nah this is what Juvenile meant when he said "Acting like a n*gga who ain't never had sh*t" 🙄
Rofl, I thought this said Lil Dump. May as well, thats what his music sounds like
This shits an embarrassment to hiphop.
It doesn’t mean the money will be useless, the material used to make money ‘Cotton Paper’ can withstand being washed in the washing machine and it will still dry, so this is just not worth the time it took to write this article, please share real stories. Ps. Concerned fan.
Next time he's bored he should jump off a bridge
And when he turns 45 and he's irrelevant and broke he can blame himself and say maybe I should of pissed of that loot
What does this guy have to do with hip-hop?
Sure glad that wasn't taken outta context.."wads of cash"..🙄 looked like 50 singles 😂
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Wait Quavo and Nicki were a thing?

He just made it clear that Nikki not all that . He said he hit that and left that . 🤷🏽‍♀️
Who the fuck is quavo, im jst asking 🤷
Am sure, now she will take me. Nick Minaj ..... Sweetybiliter, darling.
i mean he did a song for her so i guess she is not the only one with a crush
You always fuckin' each either
Might be true
Lmao @ how bad this album is being reviewed
She got a crush on anything that raps and has tattoos lmao
Painting illustration https://youtu.be/B2VqJPlKqVI
He wss kinda cute in motorsport thats it lol
This is relevant how ?
Why? Lol
Cracks a hella DRUG😂
Or is sided
First it was eminem but eminem turn her down now she's in to quavo damn you nicki
Offset got big bootie...thats why he turned to another big booty
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

A3C & iHipHop Distribution announces "A3C Volume 8" with Cap Gold "HighClass Fever" video.

HipHopDX.com5 days ago

T.I. had no mercy for Kanye..

Sounds like tip is closed minded. Had an invitation to go and actually voice his thoughts and opinions but declined...yea that's on you bud
It is always a win for Kanye...the fact that sb can still be talkn about you,that u dont even have a thought of even when in froze moments😊
Worry about your weirdly shaped wife bruh.
Oh no, Yeezy pissed off TI. How can he possibly ever recover for disagreeing with him
what's going on..?
Spread love not hate
What a joke does anyone realize kanye didnt even vote last election? That makes his opinion invalid in my book. Never gave a shit about kanyes opinion on anything when he wasnt rapping before and im not going to start now. He entitled to his opinion like anyone else but im not 100% he is not just trolling for attention since he has an album coming.
Poor yeezus, yanhdi or whomever... This guy has actually lost his grip on reality... Well its more than confirmed at this point
In case yall forgot https://youtu.be/sEjpPiSQaqo
Nobody has mercy for Kanye!! 😂
Black people is so stupid. U say white people do not like us. Now we see Kanye and Trump's love and you are hatin
The bigger they are, the harder they fall. I've always defended Kanye's bullshit antics on the strength of what he is truly known for; his music. Even that has taken a hit from this strange new persona he has adopted. Oh well. There's always the old albums. 😓
Chát qua video không
Said how were supposed to feel
T.I is an open racist. Nothing he says matters. And he's been my favorite rapper for years.
Insta fingers
T.I's a smart dumb dude. The type that hang around barber shops and bus stations.
Literally 90% of the people defending Kanye’s antics are white
this nigga crazy... he acting like he own kanye
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

That's the spirit. 😂😂 Lil Duval!

I want all the rain, I want all the pain I want all the smoke, I want all the blame Cardio audio, let me jog your brain!
This gay is funny...what’s its name???
Who ever runs this page lowkey mad too. 😀
He's cooning for attention lmaoo
Living his best life
Me, too.
Dude has the BIGGEST head I have EVER SEEN on someone of his stature!!
Artie Byrd that’s how Justin was looking the night my cousins fought.😂🤣😂
Facts the nigga got millions I need that bag 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
I wasn't mad nor shocked at this foolery. He never wanted to be black to begin with
Na more like laughing at him again 🤡
Me all the way
Beeb Carlos Craig lollll
Kendra. See?
Zineb 😂😂
Ananda MayoTucker 😂
Kay Jackson 🤣😂
Caroline 😂
Charlotte Marron
Natalie Rainford
O'Neil Kalonda Makoso
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Kanye come on man.....

Ok I am done with ye. Nobody is saying party affiliations. But this dude is racist and stands by him. Yeah done.
Hahaha no, those are the ones who actually give a fuck about you. Me on the other hand, I'm laughing at the memes
Come on, let Kanye have his opinion.
Wow, I wonder how Kim feels but if she's in his corner, yikes I feel sorry for north and south and west
Freedom of political choice. I’m an American. Democrat or Republican I support our leaders. You don’t like it? Vote. You don’t vote then shut up. Are you angry because it’s the cool thing to do? A free thinking celebrity. Bravo sir
Somebody smack this dude wit a frozen fish fillet...
I think he’s making sense tho.
That's keeping it real forreal. But the sheep don't see it that way.
That's what happens when you become a Kardashian.. remember this is the same guy that said the last Republican president didn't care about black people..but thinks Trump does.
I just feel that if blacks and Mexicans united then maybe we could end kanye west
This is bullsh*t! That is not even what he was talking about. The discussion, which is a little over 40 mins is all about bringing jobs to Chicago, freeing Larry Hoover, building manufacturing facilities in Chicago, mental health, and more. Picking out these sound bytes is so dishonest and misleading
Simple kindness, an open mind, rational conversation is all it takes. It's not that hard people...#walkaway
His opinion, his business he doesn't represent me at all. If he does for you that's also your business and vice versa...moving right along from this stupid ass reality tv world we are living now!
Capitalism doesn't thrive well with isolationism. It's nice if you get "the jobs back" but as long as the economic system is based on private capital, inequality will remain. Aside from that, isolationism comes at a cost. China's lurkin for that hegemony already.
It's over for Koonye's career next Lp is going to flop cause all your black fans will be gone next time around. You'll be forever known as the rapper who sold out his people. In my opinion he's dead to me and deleted from my playlist.
I’m not a Kanye fan but he’s speaking facts here
So y'all still wearing those Yeezy's or na?
Better than showing up just to take pics for the gram like Jay Z and them did, at least they talked about things that mattered. Props to Ye for not being afraid of the status quo. 💯
Aren’t his Yeezys made in China or Indonesia or Thailand?
What a mistake mom should of swallowed and papa should of pulled out #willied
He is trying to solve Chicago. What you do to your community?????
He can have his opinion but don’t be used. Which is what is happening now.
It’s only for the fame. He sold his soul years ago
Kanye thinking for himself. Good for you Ye.
I think "fallen off the wagon" is a huge understatement.
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Usher coming with some new new.

Produced by Zaytoven means the album is 100% trap so sorry I'm not listening , rest in peace real rnb .
Does this dude age at all? Lol he still looks the same after all these years.
Really..new artist or what...u big for that usher. Do usher don't let the herpes shit make u smaller..Ur a legend put out an album fans waiting for ur shit
Kasper Valentin Møller loool
Emily Castaneda remember how I had just mentioned this
Yuk C'mon usher we need r&b not trap
Haha I’ll have to check it out.
Daniel Cutrona some new tunes for you to get ya fuck on to. 🤭
Pretty Good tho.
I can’t wait!!!😊
Let the ninja leave his legacy
Usher baby. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Danny Troy he’s back buddy 😱🤭😁
Take back the crown 👑
We eagerly await this!
Come on baby. Im ready
it better be dope
It's all good
Tayler Cameron get stoked
Vanessa Briones now hes coming back after i was just talking about him
Maxim Max what's up Zay?
Sara Marie
Amy Laura
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Who would be excited for this? 👀

Swae Lee is a good artist
Finally been waiting
13 yr old girls
They're better as a Duo.
HipHopDX.com5 days ago


Wait wait wait.. So the guy is barely cold and they already trying to spin money off of him on a concert? What the fuck is wrong with you people, can't you leave the hyper capitalism at home for one day?
Real quick What is a "Fake" MEMORIAL...?
There event is expensive as shit... pissed me the fuck off
Chát với gái ngành ko
HipHopDX.com shared Red Bull Music's live video.5 days ago

Get up close and real with Pusha T x Red Bull Music LIVE from Berlin!

Red Bull Music
One of rap's most enduring stars reflects on his career: Pusha T live from Berlin.
Drake don’t want that smoke! Push the bull facts 💯🔥♉️👌🏼
Push the #Tuarus on the Red Bull show makes sense! You see the purple background 💯🔥♉️👌🏼
Push a lyrical genius ain’t many rapping like him these days 💯🔥📊📶👌🏼
Love #Daytona hardest album Kanye dropped out of the series 💯🔥📊💽👌🏼
I do this for miss wallace
King push I've got a very nice paint for you. When you're in Amsterdam to perform I want to give it🙏
k mane i need to hear this krs-1 b eazy
“#KingPush “If you know you Know” 💯🔥💽📊📶👌🏼
Ask Drake don’t try Push pen 💯🔥📊📶👌🏼
PUUUUSH!! More work with Kendrick please.
time to get back 2 the money
Pusha t that pusha k
Nice to londe Vumbi
Was sagt er? 🤔
Wlh mafhemt walo
im going incognito
she gave me aderae
strting bid 300000
pineapple beer ,,,
nice pantalongs
yet to b defeated
HipHopDX.com shared Red Bull Music's live video.5 days ago

Get up close and personal with Pusha T x Red Bull Music!

Red Bull Music
One of rap's most enduring stars reflects on his career: Pusha T live from Berlin.
Drake don’t want that smoke! Push the bull facts 💯🔥♉️👌🏼
Push the #Tuarus on the Red Bull show makes sense! You see the purple background 💯🔥♉️👌🏼
Push a lyrical genius ain’t many rapping like him these days 💯🔥📊📶👌🏼
Love #Daytona hardest album Kanye dropped out of the series 💯🔥📊💽👌🏼
I do this for miss wallace
King push I've got a very nice paint for you. When you're in Amsterdam to perform I want to give it🙏
k mane i need to hear this krs-1 b eazy
“#KingPush “If you know you Know” 💯🔥💽📊📶👌🏼
Ask Drake don’t try Push pen 💯🔥📊📶👌🏼
PUUUUSH!! More work with Kendrick please.
time to get back 2 the money
Pusha t that pusha k
Nice to londe Vumbi
Was sagt er? 🤔
Wlh mafhemt walo
im going incognito
she gave me aderae
strting bid 300000
pineapple beer ,,,
nice pantalongs
yet to b defeated
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

Is it Quavo’s new album? 🤔

20 k for some mumble rap? Just grab a mic and blah blah blah
I remember him ass the guy in da back of the migos vs joe Biden video
Okay i will tell my nephew who has gold dreadlocks and tattos to check if ur album is out or not coz i dont give a shirt
I should remind everybody that Ryan Leslie did this about 5 or 6 years ago and lost BIG TIME.. a He needs to specify that he will give them $20,000 for the hard drive with all of the information still on it. Ryan Leslie promised a million dollars for the return of his laptop 6 years ago. The laptop was returned, but with no information on it. Ryan Leslie then said he would not give the guy a million dollars at all. The guy took him to court and ended up winning the rights to Ryan Leslie's Masters. Largely because Ryan Leslie did not Grant him the money he was promised for the return of the laptop. And wasn't specific about the contents of the laptop.
I will hit you right here and say you got jacked for bad taste in artists.
Shit once whoever stole it heard what’s on it he’ll return it, save your money G 😂🤣🤣🤣
No... it's obviously Cardi B's reference tracks from her ghostwriter(s)....lol..
"Ghostwriting"Bitches need love too ...jus saying lol
Industry took it. Walk away while y'all can.
If so... it's not really a loss
LeBrown James watch that pharma fuckboi get it
Clout chasing. Didn't they "Lose" culture II? STOP
Who care get bavl in school dumbass
If true. Stupid. Asif anything exists on a hd anymore.
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

A3C & iHipHop Distribution announce "A3C Volume 8" with Cap Gold "HighClass Fever" video.

HipHopDX.com7 days ago

Lana Del Rey just put Azealia Banks on notice...

Is she now a quantum mechanic? Because why show talking about parallel universes? Where Banks could be the greatest female rapper alive.
I like del Rey music but she lost her damn mind talking about banks could have been the greatest female rapper alive. She never had a chance at that with her weak as verses.
Fuck you talking about , 😂 She literally is trash _ I saw her video when she was supposed to do a freestyle oh gosh horrible stuff , a caller called in told her to SHUT THE FUCK UP ! 🤣 MpHo KguLs
Snow tha product ... That's all
You know you fucked up big time when Lana Del Rey is calling you out😳
Hope her ass beating are better than her monotone ass singing.
Damn....she so quiet and now she clappin' back
My money on Lana
When could this have happened ?!😳🤔
Had to read that twice 🤔🙃
who and WHO???
Greatest female rapper alive? 🤣
She’s ight
Lana shut up...
Well then
Sarah Khan never liked either one 😂
Iggy ho
Chát video với e nhé
Here comes the tears from Banks talking about white people in 3 2..
Simone Byrne beef 👀
Kevin Asvitt oh shit 👀
Mark Ruiz
Cristina Sanlate
Clara A. Villarreal
HipHopDX.com7 days ago

“For a while now she’s been taking a lot of shots at me."

Why do people care about these garbage b list celebrities and c list 'rappers' with ghost writers? Stop giving them attention. They're both fuckin' awful.
Nicki this 'Nicki that 🙄 Bitch just focus on trash
She took shots at Remy Ma too but Remy Ma got more love in the street and is a better rapper. Nikki wanted NO SMOKE
This girl is clearly a copy of nicki minaj
Cardi who ?
Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj street fight at WWE Evolution confirmed? 👀 Book it, Vince. 🔥😂
Niki like abig buffalo last
So which one write and which one dont!!!
"Chun li'
One of those ladies writes their own raps, the other doesn't. The end.
That Cardi B looks like a Nicki Minaj's clone..and they're both awful
Her ego is like ....???
HipHopDX.com7 days ago

Offset wants all the smoke with Joe Budden.

After Cons sucker punched Joe, Joe walked right up to him same week and was ready to go. I doubt Joe running from this guy. He went toe to toe with Wu Tang. Theres 3 billion member in Wu. Lol
Offset don’t bow down. This stems from that interview when Migos and Budden were sitting down, and Budden had no respect and talking out his neck, right when they were entering the spotlight. Quavo got fed up and wanted to scrap right there.
Who cares Joe Budden is a pussy with bars
So offset mad because Joe Budden talking about the Cardi B assault charges she caught fighting two girls who were flirting/banging Offset? My brother, you’ve got your priorities wrong 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
More like he walked away cause he couldn’t understand a thing offshit says 😂😂
I read on IG Offset said Joe ran from him at Barnes.. I was so confused.. What are rappers doing at Barnes and Nobles.. I do expect Joe there cuz he actually has a big vocabulary but Offset??!
Grow up. Both got kids and careers . Lol can Offset fight in tight clothes ?
But do it luh lie Joe Budden rhan frum him wehn he sawr him in pherson?
Joe got bars, Offset has none. End of discussion.
Shut the fuck up Offset! You wear high heels.
Nigga with high heels tries to act hard lol
Gaamangwe Maharala Kgalemelang Offset yoo wa lona, ain no Joe fan buh nigga got bars le botse Drake
LMFAO I bet offset punches can't break wind
I've seen Budden chase 2 people, I doubt he would run from 1.
That would explain that one video of Joe running TF down an escalator like his life depended on it 🤔. Or was that when he was chasing a couple Drake fans? 🧐 Lmao I love Joe’s music ftr
This nigga don't want no smoke with Joe he'll be going back to cardi crying how he beat his ass & call the police
So he doesn't always dress like my grandma couch ? That's good to know
How you gonna be scared of a nigga in skinny jeans 🤦🏽‍♂️
You need to be Onset first.. uncle joey in this bihhh
Homeboy gonna break a nail and possible every bone in his body trying to swing at someone bigger yet smaller than him ha
Never see these studio gangsters try to pick a fight when they're by themselves.
Damn he sound illiterate in person and in text smh. #doitlooklikeigotleftoffbadandbougie?
Joe was probably a little buzzed and thought he was a chick so he dipped to avoid the unnecessary 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Nice blouse. He know damn well where he got that shirt. It won't the men's department
Couldn’t understand a word of it.
HipHopDX.com7 days ago

Eminem wasn’t having any parts 😂😂

Main reason why Eminem doesn't attend Grammy's anymore
I'm mad confused rn but as funny as it is, i can't blame him for being salty... who wouldn't be surprised by an upside down grown-man asscrack descending into your face unexpectedly from the sky.. 😂
LeBrown James Machine gun jelly could’ve won the battle if he posted this clip 😂
That was so screwed up but I still laughed
This is old as shit but lmao. And they planned it, but Em didn’t know
Yea that was staged lol
Hahaha I remember this shit lol
Em should've caught a lawsuit that day 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿🖕🏿
Mariah Antonia Gheith I love Em but this shit had me dying 😂😂😂😭😭
It was staged
What is up with this guy, he's making fun of every pop star including MJ for no reason and now he's mad... REALLY
My bum is on your lips! My bum is on your lips! And if I'm lucky you might just give it a little kiss! 😂 Eminem getting a taste of his lyrics hilarious 🤣
Eminem was a huge fan of crankyakers back in the day and actually kinda funny guaranteed he knew about this and played along , still gay tho 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️
I like how everybody in here is just completely speculating lol Eminem definitely was in on this, just look it up in google.
This is old AF.
he was in on it
Staged for sure
Classic 😂😂😂😂😂
EM is not happy😅
This was at the MTV Awards back in 2009. Not even close to recent.
Eminem had this approved. Him and Sacha were cool with it. Eminem approved to have nuts drop ever so pleasantly in his face. Stan's drop comments here:
That shit was funny asf fck eminem
So pathetic, Eminem attended an award show in years and this is how he is treated.
It was staged... He was a part of the joke.
HipHopDX.com7 days ago

Was Vic Mensa wrong to diss XXXTentacion?

Yeah yeah vic, just remember one thing, you a black man from Chicago and you wear confederate flags. U best believe xxx is in heaven laughing harder at you. He's probably glad he died with the dignity you'll never have.
I will not support any rap artist who speaks ill of the dead. What the flying fuck has rap come too???
Vic Mensa need a MAGA hat (music ain't gettin attention)
Aint nobody go in the ride saying "AYE YO PLAY SUM OF THAT VIC MENSA" Respect the dead children
Nope he has every right to. Perfect response btw. Best way to deal with the situation.
Insult to injury that's how it goes. I'll take that personal without the instagram arsenal but screens are warriors
These modern young ppl have no respect for the elderly, the deceased..smh
Wu Tang is for the children. The top fan has spoken!
He has his fists stacked , this is gonna end in violence lmao
Just like attacking some1 whos retired one sided fight never makes you a man
Fuck X
Let’s see. He threatened 6ix9ine then said he was talking about street fighter, now he disses a dead kid and apologizes for that. Literally nobody I know listens to Vic. He’s the male Azalea Banks
Vic takes an L for this one
What about kick in the face Kevin Gates ?? 🤔
Miss placed loyalty again in the rap game. Death is no excuse for abuse. Else Jimmy Savile would still be respected.
Nah he wasn’t wrong. Definitely hypocritically but not wrong
Victoria Mensa gained an extra 500 followers after this news broke out
Didn’t his girl say she was lying?
Anybody got the link to the freestyle?
Hypocritical in everyway....he insulted akademics fr talkin about dead ppl den he talked about x after death, he choked out his girlfriend and admitted to it den goes and insults a person who has never been legally found guilty
I'm not gonna say he was right but he wasn't wrong either all I'm going to say is, "I understand "
Hip Hop is soo soft now
Vic Mensa is correct.
If you really wanna help them do it by supporting there movement. Not make a freestyle about a dead guy.