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RT @chuckcreekmur: Here’s Charlo getting Hatley outta there in grand fashion! https://t.co/NoUPQfkXRL

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The Adamantine King on Twitter
“Here's Charlo getting Hatley outta there in grand fashion! https://t.co/m6FmR5fCtf
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HATLEY IS OUT COLD. Knocked out by Jermall Charlo! Incredible nite nite punch!

The Law of Attraction "You must believe you can. You must find the place inside yourself where anything is possible. It starts with a dream. Add confidence, and it becomes a belief. Add commitment, and it becomes a goal in sight. Add action, and it becomes a part of your life. Add determination and time, and your dream becomes a reality. When you get in a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, Never Give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."
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Now watching Charlo vs Hatley at the Barclays...Charlo JUST put Hatley Dowwwnnnnnnn

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Check out @sevyn sing the national anthem at Barclays. Its Fight Night! https://t.co/ABeIVw6EIq

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allhiphopcom on Twitter
“Check out @sevyn sing the national anthem at Barclays. Its Fight Night! https://t.co/ABeIVw6EIq
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Amir Rodriguez When i see this kinda rapper smashin record sales im happy .. cuz we been lookin at wack rappers takin over for too long tho
Brandon Brooks I like em both to be honest. Kendrick is very poetic and emotional but Drake is flowing and lyrical. Both awesome albums but different styles of rap. A win for both artists in my opinion.
Ro Pete Overrated Lyrical he good. Overall content good. Just boring AF to me no appeal. My opinion.
Franz Casimir Dang my man beat big Sean numbers and been getting at him lyrically? Sheesh
Mauhsani Whitehead Why they hating music is music why can't it be Kendrick Lamar time to shine they both hot it's just his turn
Adam Lee I will never hear one song off of it if im lucky
Sid Arfaan Drake fans can just cry I suppose...
Treatwell Dricks Fakude Iamsandile reincarnated mositter IV
Sam Mlonzi Sam Mlonzi Damn!!
Thanduxolo Tee Mguda Gud lol B-)
Cullen Jaymes Long live hip hop
Kamogelo Mukhara Moselane Martin 610k 💃💃💃💃
Mac Destro My left stroke just went viral!
Ndomelele Kahla What?!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Gawd!
Gladys Williams Lamar for life Drake for bitches
Annet Mustapher Sit down n be humble, damn.
Vuyani Nhlapo Duck Drake
Vuyani Nhlapo GodDAMN!
Stephen Wearen Michael Brennan Stephen Doyle 👀
Lynada Love Rell Jackson 🙏🏾
Daniel Osman Kristian Jovanoski
Allysha Stibbard Gurpreet Singh
SamDogg Strader Adam Axelsen
Inga Lanell Quincy DA Poet
Baguy Trimurti NEW MUSIC!!! #JAYROCK #KENDRICKLAMAR #BADGUY TRIMURTI #PAYFORIT LISTEN FREE @ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YUPgMdSUL5o + DOWNLOAD THIS TRACK ON THIS NEW MIXTAPE FOR FREE @ http://old.hulkshare.com/qfgbn506xe68
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Teddy Franklins Pay snoop that $ nigga!
Bhekani Malaleboy Malale Rap Legend_ what a stage name
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Ken Omar Hoooooova
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Rahul Jeshang Rickesh Pancholi
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Lynne Greene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4nOn59DYbQ&feature=youtu.be
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Benjamin Michaels Xzibit looks like Manny fresh looks like a a lesbian
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David Cook Pretty honorable
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Janfirmil King 50 cents is a good actor😅
Victor SlimAce "I'm down to sell records not my soul, I'm out to makes movies not dramas"
Blackychan Makae if ma record don't sell I'ma rob an steal, big ups 50
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Someone get Melo on the phone 😩😩😩💀 via @iamreadavis @allhiphopcom #follow us on IG: https://t.co/WP00qoZ1XS https://t.co/AXpPANNeuQ

Frank Victor Miguel AWESOME POST❤ ADD ❤👌FOLLOW🏃🏃 <3 <3 LIKE BACK👍 <3 <3 ADD CLOSE 😄 <3 <3 I DON'T SKIP POST💤BEST COMMENTER🙅 ÷> ❤️ 😘😘 ❤️ <÷ <3 self-cmnt.mL <3
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Darian Van Buren Ain't know he was sliding with suge
Too Raw Katt gangsta williams
Orion Poole What happened to his perm lol
Orion Poole He look like a broke pimp lol
Zoran Trajanoski Matt Danis
Frank Victor Miguel AWESOME POST❤ ADD ❤👌FOLLOW🏃🏃 <3 <3 LIKE BACK👍 <3 <3 ADD CLOSE 😄 <3 <3 I DON'T SKIP POST💤BEST COMMENTER🙅 ÷> ❤️ 😘😘 ❤️ <÷ <3 self-cmnt.mL <3
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Lavanixon Joseph Louis Dumb statement # he should get a job at staples!!!
Frank Victor Miguel AWESOME POST❤ ADD ❤👌FOLLOW🏃🏃 <3 <3 LIKE BACK👍 <3 <3 ADD CLOSE 😄 <3 <3 I DON'T SKIP POST💤BEST COMMENTER🙅 ÷> ❤️ 😘😘 ❤️ <÷ <3 self-cmnt.mL <3
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HipHopDX.com at The Forum.5 hours ago

#DJQuik and Hi-C performing "Let Me Know" ✊🏾 93.5 KDAY #KrushGroove

Live98.FM Radio wow
HipHopDX.com at The Forum (Inglewood, California).5 hours ago

#JaRule and #Ashanti performing "Mesmerize" at 93.5 KDAY's #KrushGroove ❤️

Kenny Watts 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Vee Trinh Margaret Chuong Sarah Jeffrey ohhhhh maaaan
Steven George Cristina
HipHopDX.com at The Forum (Inglewood, California).6 hours ago

#Ashanti paying tribute to #NateDogg 🙏🏽🙏🏽 93.5 KDAY #KrushGroove

Kingsley OG Nwatu Nobody does it better 🎶
Carlos Wehi 🙁
Mboh Lushaba long live legends
Heru Susanto http://freemovie.epizy.com/
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No this is not hip-hop related. Yes this is funny AF 😂

Michael Mcmurray Got him
Josh Woods Jeanie Marie Taylah Maree Forester Trevor Hughes
JL Castro EmmanuelJan Rhoneil gawin mo sakin to em mawawala ka sa mundo.
Stelios Voudouris Konstantinos Papakitsos κανα τετοιο θα σε κανω παλιοπουστα
Jeff Yager His face right after it happens is hilarious
Amanda Peiris Aish Uddappanda ive watched this like 20 times lmao
Meghan Lynn Wagner Charity Recalo should do this to Ioan with your Starbucks 😂😂😂
Harper Sherie ha ha he thought he was going to get a sip
Emil Havbo Krogsgaard Karsten Lorenzen Thomas Nielsen Lasse Overgård Nickolaj Kær Nickolaj Munk Andersen Jannich Voigt Dam Jesper Godiksen Daniel Nielsen 😂😂😂
Christian Kasten Julia Schneider 😂
Cameron Thaw Sarah Thornton this reminds me of LT waayyyy too much 😂
Brandon Emanuel Damn Barney so gulable
Eric Antonio Guzman Xhini Toska dont dude look like a fat older Kevin
Sanci Sri Nida Nur Çeviker mach das mal bitte bei Danny 😂😂😂
Tiescha Vaughn Zenecia Malonee' this reminds me of your laugh lol
Wyatt Grooms DX who tf runnin your page now
Colleen Devine StephenLoughlin isnt this s geggg xxx
Jason Isiah Tonips Average Joe's Gym
Islem Je L'aime Xavier Rivas 🗣Noooooo man Lmao😂😭
Dale Langley Amy Renee this guy looks like Melvin Cruz lol
Connor Jones Megan Butler 😂😂😂💀💀 Im dead
Josh Munoz Nick Munoz this is you.
Magnus Kosstas Börjar bli classic denna! Rickard Pettersson Erlend Dingo Alexandersen Johannes Aspli Henrik Palm 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
Atdhe Arjeta Gashi Megzon Halil 😂😂😂
Cameron Thaw Rhiannon Butler this is classic.
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She shares her thoughts in an "emoji brazy" text.

Eghosa Ogieriakhi How is that a news
Motivational Tunnel Check out my page. You never know you might like it
Ahseen Ahmad Alwerfally "))
William Armstrong Nicholas Herrera deeeyaamm!!!?
Jaleesa Vao-Perese Jeremiah Stephen
Miguel Lopez Jaime Del Valle Ortiz
Mike Chun Victoria Hernandez 💯💯💯
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The Chicago star also has his legal wolves on the prowl to take down anyone selling fake merchandise on the tour.

Paul Sloan Come to Glasgow big fella
HipHopDX.com13 hours ago

The Purple One reportedly sold more albums than any artist in 2016.

Houssam Miringi http://goo.gl/7E2c4o
HipHopDX.com14 hours ago

Also, Nipsey Hussle celebrates 4/20, Swizz Beatz prepares for Ruff Ryders 20th anniversary, and Lil Yachty flaunts his expensive jewelry.

Justin Porter How the fuck did lil yachty even get a career in the first place wakest mf out there can't rap has no skill whatsoever him and stitches should put out an album together called I'm so wak but people still buy my shit lol
Michelle Melton Blowing money on chains and grills is stupid when your rap career won't even last the next 2 yrs. Better invest that money so you have money to spend when your career is finished. 😟
Heather Hensley Oh my god... WHO FUCKING CARES. #fuckalilyachty #fuckallmumblerappers I hope the lean catches up to every last one of you. 💯 #NOTALENT
Kevin Stewart He don't have that sort of money,this the type of chain that will turn green when in water,the chain is as fake as the guy wearing it
John Megus Belton Wait for about 3months when they get sued for not paying the bill of that jewelry
Anon Pakdimounivong Uzi here to stay. Y'all crazy
Franka Šimović Keep hating, get it uzi
Rocky Kante two hundred and twenty thousand. Danwizzy Izekor
Juliian Eaton Dane Crognale Justin Di Re
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Also, Nipsey Hussle shares the love on 4/20, a close-up of Lil Yachty’s rainbow grill, and Joey Bada$$ runs into Jay Z in Brooklyn.

Michelle Melton Queen of what??? Certainly not rap but plastic surgery and neon wigs YASS!! But how you a queen but safaree, drake and Wayne ya ghost writers...😟😟😟
Antoine Suber Besides Nicki selling records i salute that. But you were called out and destroyed by Remy Ma. So the Queen of what. But you know what it's okay to believe in your own lies. You just delusional.
Vinny Lavezzi If she's the queen of rap then I must be the king of playing the guitar. Although I suck at it, I can claim it since anything is possible. LMAO! Honestly, tell her dumbass to shut the fuck up. Bitch got her soul taken by Kim and Remy. She should be happy she got a career, because clearly the "queen" she will never and I mean ever be when she got owned. 😂😂😂
Dillon Johnson Omg. These Cash Money phonies are absolutely annoying. The entire record label needs to be just shut down and never again return cos 1) the label itself is far from hip hop (2) Nicki the queen of rap? Sweet I guess that makes Hillary Clinton the best presidential candidate of all time.
Justin Masters She is first female rapper to breakout in a long time I mean before her no other females were killing it
Jeremiah Cabrera Ofcourse why wouldn't she salute to the queen from queens Nicki minaj..😎🙌💯🔥®
LaKaven Peters She ain't the best rap in the world. Old school female rappers like Queen Latifiah, Trina and some of them. They are queen of rappers.
Ciaran Murphy snow tha product would murder any female rapper alive
Sequoia Jackson I like her perfume not her music..She a plastic doll with limited an I do mean limited talent..We all know she's no real lyricist.
Rene Lopez Sandoval Thank goodness rap is an action and not a genre. If they'd say Queen of Hip Hop, then there'd be a problem.
Carlitos Way To be called the Queen you must write your own shit! Actually rap, and not get bodied lol you non rapping plastic bitch
Muhammed Ahmed After i have a round with that ass then she can have the crown.
Jermaine Lewis Why she lying
Gale Ferreras Now that she got exposed she's trying exxxtra hard to still be relevant. So sad 😢
Youssef Haisenberg To be the Queen of Rap you have to actually RAP dumass.. get these clowns off the hip hop scene .
Jantzen Bolton That's bullshit, I'm pretty sure rapsody and noname and a few other real mc's would have something to say bout that.
Emmanuel Walker MC lyte, lady of rage, conscious daughters, rapsody, gangsta boo, yo-yo, Eve, Lil Kim, da brat 💯💯 Nicki ain fuckin wit them
Darryl Gethers She is a queen..all black womens are queens.. Now about the queen of rap, nigga please
Luis Ortiz In her fake dreams along wit her fake ass body
Sean Michael Villarreal I'll listen to snow the product before any other rap bitch. big tits big ass that's all Nicky has going for her.
Rene Felix I luv how ya haters luv tryin to drag her down... Y'all just jealous coz ur fav doesnt have what Onika has. Take it or die
Heather Hensley Queen of CRAP...she just missed a C, thats all 💯💯😂😂
KingJahfi Jones The queen of trash
Joey Nicolantonio If your an artist. Write your own shit, I had it wit mumble rap and you fake faggots. Peace 🖕🖕
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The God Over Money Boss shares why he's had a lot of fun with what he's been working on.

Blessings Katenje God over money
HipHopDX.com17 hours ago

Is he officially free from Cash Money?

Kris Williams Creatively he's a beast. Lyrically he's a B+......amount of work mixed with quality on the streets he's the very best ever.#Nodebatingthis
Nkululeko Nzuza Fuck No... "I think he said it was cash money till the casket Drop" #WhatAboutTheC5
Георги Калчев Let me see photo of tunechi and hova with a roc hat...
Roc Boy Hov what happened to "kidnap ur b#$h dat how much you love ur lady money"? seems like Jay is winning again as always Mac Goobs
Jeff Yager "Winter hating on me Cus I'm colder than yall, And I will never I will never I will never FALL" But Na I don't think so. Hopefully soon though. WE NEED A DROUGHT 5!!!
Jenny Hedquist Why his dreads look like French toast sticks???
Rodney Muparari Lil wayne is gettin married to jz omg cant wait until I see them kiss
Sim Barker Is he ever going to stop making garbage and retire?? Stop it, nigga!!!
Steve Dowling who cares about this med drinking clown.
Cat Banks He is sooo busted and chicks are thirty i could be drunk in the dark, azz up on a bed a money and my poom poom would clinch and say hellllllllll no ....
Nato Da Don Rip cashmoney records
Paul Kiarie nigga looks like a goblin???
John Megus Belton Nigga got shit locks...birdman ain't lettin his hubby go!!
Seth Yeboah Do any of y'all actually read the article lol smh
Deluca La Chhapel thanK GOD
Mark Serrano Rappers out here getting saved like instagram hoes.
Deluca La Chhapel thanK GOD
Karl Igwe Adetonah Pusha was right.
Jeff Taylor high boy no frauds
Christopher Maker McKenna about time
Luis Ortiz Nobdy cares
Damyan Soto GOAT
Gift Bryce Mbiriyamveka Ask him
Franz Rivero Spielberg Roc Nation!
Ruengelo Maria Arthur Kwestro
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DJ Rob Swift, Rakim, Bas, Cozz and Omen will all help celebrate the week-long event.

Eko Sriwanto http://showmov.epizy.com/
HipHopDX.com19 hours ago

K.Dot get his third straight #1 album.

Olwethu Wiseman Jacobs Drake fan boys be crying with Drake in the shower right now.
X Bongani DNA, FEEL, LOYALTY, DUCKWORTH, the whole album is dope tbh. Also feel like Joey Baddass album is dope
James Reece L-j Saint Ima Drake hater and proud of it... Jus sayin lol! Just my opinion but I feel like people who actually care about hip hop are supporting Kendrick.... And then you got an era of predominantly "dumbass" people who have lowered our bar of what hip hop should be and feed off shitty music. The masses are ignorant...also explaining why trump is in the position he's in.
Chris Donahoo Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. album pushed 610,000 equivalent album units to claim the top spot on the Billboard 200 in its first week. The LP pulled in more than 300 million streams, but 60 percent of the total number comes from pure album sales, boosted by the epic album signing he held in Compton. Kendrick beats out Drake for the highest-selling debut of 2017. More Life sold 505,000 units upon its release earlier this month. It spent three weeks at #1 before being dethroned. This is K.Dot’s third straight #1 album, following untitled unmastered. and To Pimp a Butterfly. Drake’s Still Got Life In Him Drake’s More Life lands at #3 on this week’s chart, slipping one position from the last sales cycle. It raked in 87,000 total units and is still the most-streamed project in the country with more than 385 million plays. Playboi Carti Makes His Debut Playboi Carti brought some diversity to listeners’ ears this week with his self-titled project. Playboi Carti, an Interscope release, lands at #12. The Atlanta rapper pushed 28,000 equivalent album units with features from A$AP Rocky and Lil Uzi Vert. Subscribe to DX Newsletter Get The Most Important Stories Of The Day Straight To Your Inbox Enter Your Email Subscribe Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN." First-Week Sales Set Monster Landmark For 2017 25 minutes ago 3 IAMSU! Releases "Boss Up 2" Album about 5 hours ago Lil Wayne Clarifies "It's The Roc" Declaration about 9 hours ago 13 DX COMMUNITY 3 Readers Joined the Discussion Join the discussion Name E-mail Post Comment LatestFire OaS April 22, 2017 | 9:38 AM Only ones that can possibly dethrone Kdot is either Eminem and that's a maybe....or Jayz, thats only if he gets another Samsung deal Reply 0 carter April 22, 2017 | 9:31 AM big big success for kendrick but i think eminem album will be most selling rap album of the year and also best rap album Reply 1 fuckHHDX April 22, 2017 | 9:16 AM Too bad sales don't mean shit. Reply 1 HipHopDX Copyright © 2017 HipHopDX All Rights Reserved View on Desktop
Luke West Sourabh ! And Kendrick isn't even as commercial as Drake
Marcos Munoz Good album. It deserves this recognition. But people are sleeping on Joey Badass
Luphumlo Inga Kewana kendrick sold 610K copies for his album in a week Drake sold 630K copies in one day for views 1.2mill in a week. more life is not an album nor mixtape its just a playlist that was released without being part of apple music but available for streams only which made more life to reach over Billion Streams within a month. and after a week it became part of apple music and it sold 505K copies on itunes only it doesnt have CD's kendricks album got Cd's that means its most boosted by music stores... drakes more life is not in stores its only bougt by his fans. and he did not even make a video to promote it it just dropped.
Wender De La Hoya I fucking enjoyed TPAB and I still do but this album is 🔥🔥
Michael Kuhn I hope his next one is a good kid madd city type one. I dont like his crackhead flow. Slightly better than that last trash tho
James Patrick White Wow... so he's up there with drake and Taylor swift and lady gaga .....must be the greatest that ever lived!!! 😂😉
Titus Noor Or the label is buying the units to keep their premier artist at the top of the charts.
Sean Burner And the track list is like a ol skool ep. Man has not lost his pen at all...!
Jermell Mel Stepheny Shout out to Kendrick!
Pacifique Kokolo Hahah without much mainstream attention compared to Drake anr still do these numbers.
Steve Krack I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA, KDot is The real deal. That album is fucking Dope.
Willyam Susanto Wijaya wait a minute, if Eminem released his album this year, then Kendrick's album was just so-so. Shady album gon' sell more than KDot. I guarantee.
Skinny PopOff Rogers He should capitalize on that by starting his own line of backpacks so all the cawnies can cop them too
Edgar Benitez Well deserved. #BeHumble
Lunga Thabiso Mkhwanazi Thank you Kendrick Lamar for another masterpiece
Lungelo Ayanda Cele c how dumb yall are compare a playlist to an entire album ..and whn drake make numbers ppl talk trash saying numbers dnt matter bt coz its k.dot da one who flops n bites jay z sometymz bt never get trolled everythng is ayt mmm i get it
Lungelo Ayanda Cele can somebody tell me why ?numbers count whn it kendricks ;n y quoting lines frm.another mc is dope bt whn its drake its not,tell me y do ppl trolls drake for using trap beats bck then bt whn its kendrick its not tell me y do yall judge drake without knwing or understanding his music,style ,lyrical content ,sound,ambition and targeted market
Nkululeko Nzuza The Real is Back
Lebogang Rapoo I only have one word for this album #DAMN
Tom Beyer Young Thug is goat, kdot just biting him
HipHopDX.com22 hours ago

Plead the fifth. 😂

Dee Jay Lol thats the guiltiest laugh I've ever heard 😂😂😂😂
Alex Arambula Hahahahahahahaha what a fucktard. People are so consumed by their egos they have to show everything off on social media. People on dont thank God for they meals but they post it on every social media platform. Cant buy anything nice without posting it on the gram. Fucken retarded ass generation.
Jesse Dudsic Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?
Jordan Watson Cements Kendrick Lamars place as ultra relevant and important while looking like a grade a fuck tard. ☑
Ethan Wilkins Charles how this mans get out of jail in time for coachella???
Andre Pittman Those were props... he didn't get arrested for wht was in tht video
Ruben Bommelin Wow. Smart move Tory. Snapchat the end of your career and freedom.
Bumjong Kim Feds:You gonna get a plea bargain for being a witness on Tory Lanez. Congratulations Mr.Lanez....wait what?
June Quill (Laughs in Plea Guilty)
Michael Hannani Fenge Kaalhøj Jørgensen da vi snakkede om 'pleading the fifth'. 😂
Kenneth Goins Life no parole
Joshua James Ya let's record us at the seen of the crime said no real gangster ever
Daniel O'Farrell Why does he sound like a penguin?
Ethan Johnson Wait..... this nigga put this shit on SnapChat?
Bart Patrickwich Fuck this dude got what he deserved , I've never heard about somebody who dont fuck with guns who goes down on gun charges
Carlos Ernesto Sounding like a fat person looking into a box of donuts lmao
Teemu Olander Dude's retarted.
Kaveer Mahabeer Saien Sachin Reddy this guy is a dumbass 😂😂😂😂
Mustafa Khan Shayan Shayan dkh kaisa chuuuuu hai yeh
Balram Veeragoo Neet Paudel and cole gets hiis house raided
Richard King Is that brick weed? Lol.. are we in the 90s?
Ryley Burgess Aiden Burgess this is my new laugh
Brenden Rivera He sounds like Mickey Mouse is getting tickled.
Rafael Carreon KevinCarreon dont do it bro lol
Randy Lee What an idiot
HipHopDX.com at The Hollywood Palladium.1 day ago


Deric Montenegro Besides carter 3 I didn't like his music. Thought he was overrated. Now I kind of miss this dude. After these sad ass rappers today I'd gladly replace all of them for Lil Wayne. He's no crazy lyrical MC but at least you were able to understand the dude.
Ayanda Trilldawar Mili When you doing something good or you doing the best people will always hate on you,Lil wayne is beyond than just a rapper this nikka a legend you can tell by the hate main they don't want him to win buh he never stop keeps moving foward and doing wat god blessed him with "Rapping" hate it or love it this man is a legend in the rap game its far from over #Glory 4 ever a Lil wayne fan 🙂
Victor Doria Jr The single most overrated rapper in history he's garbage take that syrup mumbling mfucker & let him go kiss birdman on the lips again!
Jeff Yager Damn almost every comment is someone hating. Glad he's still moving and hope he's in good health. We need some new Weezy music.
Charles Wilson He's trash and retarded. Where's Kendrick a actual rapper! This Lil predator looking gremlin
Steveg Johnson That clown is a fucking republican. Forgot where he came from, dogging our people. Yall niggas forget to quick.
Michael Marple Why you guys wasting your time with this garbage Lil Wayne Would get smacked in his fucking face if Mac Dre was alive. Even atmosphere better fucking rappers.
Joe Blax Mangena Watchin him live is probably the worst thing
Scott Kiner I just think going to see a concert of a rapper is lame sounds terrible . You just watching a hype man
Watchyatone 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Choukri Choukri Gay rappers in da house
Ram Krishnan Tyler Hartmann not welcome in the twin cities! #refund
Kenneth Goins Those seizures haven't killed him yet...shit
Gordon Jon-Jon
Gordon Jon-Jon
Gordon Jon-Jon
Gordon Jon-Jon
Andrew Garza Why tf didnt he show up to Pozo CA?!!🤔🤔🤔🤔
Lana AN You iss not a rockstar Wayne , u suppose to rap 🙁
John Megus Belton This nigga landfill garbage
Dunk Da Black Panther Obey mickey
Biga Catalin Video reported :))))
Carolyn Amaya Nunez Wow
Gerrit Heynck André Scherf will hin da 🤔
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Who did this?? 😂

Steven Rangel he looked shocked when she said bitch hahaha
DeMario Jackson Mark i'm done with life
Tushar Sharma Shrey
Adithya Sreenivas Rohan Vyas attempt this at the care home 😂😂 do it lmao
Imad Ouk Mehdi Yacine Floki t3awathghara asseslegh dayen
Liam Szekely Elizabeth Heaton this is what the internet has done to the worl
David Iraci Artur Ju ich hab das bild nur gesehen und wusste es wird was mit mask off kommen 😀 hahahaha
Karl Raymond Langton Tyler Raymond Nay you n your gran granmamma when she moves in
Adnan Saidi Black guy with metallic shirt since the first second I understood why it's wrong there
Oscar Sharp Benjamin Brown-Greaves for some reason I thought of you 😘😘
Joel Joshua Dude didn't see the bitch part coming tho.
Sofia Ang Sahib Singh still dont know what the words are hahaha
Elijah Abramson Neeraj Ramakrishnan maybe Dr. Najeeb will listen to this track
Avelino Grospe Frances Collen II kamo duha ni mommy sweetik try ani hahaha
Cody Harwig Who did that? I'm gonna guess the two people in the video did it
Kevin Stranart Je sais pas pk à chaque fois que je me marre sur ce genre de truc je pense à toi Xavier
Jean Marc Ballet Alex Demarvel El Fatha voila ta grand mere qui chante mask off avec son petit fils
David Gurbacki That's a sick ass metallica shirt
William Parks Found my weekend song 😂😂 fuk the original
Kouky Vnckr Radia Oubad tu seras comme ça avec tes petits enfants
Florian Zigann Meruan das ist wenn Luk zur Martha wird
Benkhali Solayman Jad l'autre est mieux cpendan
Blake Davïd Schïffman Name three Metallica songs
Mike Holub Ange La never ever ever gets old.
Alisa Barnes Nadi Elias if this ain't you... haaahahahahah
HipHopDX.com was live.1 day ago

The Ruff Ryder reunion tour with Swizz Beatz!

Corbyn D Guity Yes double R is what it is about time 💯💯💯 tired of the BS that's out there now
Victor Alvarez We need Jin
Rafael Pulliam RUFF RYDERS RYDE OR DIE!!!!
Randell Green Wassup Trent!
Mysunn Trevor Turner But is dmx gonna be on the tour?
Gayle Russell Golphin Hi handsome glad you back
Acosta Jose About damm time
Lamont Marty Williams RUFF RYDERS
Shawn Adam Williams RUFF RYDERS!!!!!!!!!
Camden J Lorentz We need a new DmX album
Bernard Love Where dmx at
Shaibu Canpo We live here ruff ryders
Kenneth Kenney OG
Ola Scara Yeah Sir
Michael Hurt Ruff Ryders
Jestine White Hi from Michigan!!
Paula Robinson Where dmx
June Ninth Ward Straight outt of New Orleans. 9th ward
Charnet Eugene Miami FL, in the house!
Perry Wade Mississippi in da building!!!! What's gud!!!
Denise M Martinez Love from AZ!!
Anthony Sanchez I cant wait do this.....
Justin Collins Shouts from Australia!
Justin Collins Lox 4 ever!
C Rayz Walz "On Spittin In Da Wip episode #341 C-Rayz Walz got us another one of his Supa Emcee's, Mercedes Bigbodybenz Barnes Merc hopped in the wip and got her Lyrical Assassin on with some FIRE writtens!!" #Classic Make sure you go to SpittinInDaWIp.com to rate Merc's Content, Delivery, Lyrical Skill, Stamina and Freestyle bonus at the link http://www.spittinindawip.com/merc-the-body-benz/
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

A new meme for 2017.

Smitty D Decimus When you owe a nigga money and you spot him at the bank.
Jonathan Lara She badder than that other one
Ivan JoKool Ferrouillet Yeah she way finer than Kylie tho.. If you gonna get caught, get caught up with something like that
Jeff Yager Na, memes are too lit these days for that to be next up ☝️#TheComeUp
Josh O'Scha When you fart in public and accidentally shit yourself.
Justinne Tulagan When you know shes only 17 and you see a cop car approaching 😳
Jeremiah McMillan At least she won't have body parts fall off like the other one
Jonathan Kaminawash When you get caught picking up ur next boo at high school
Jessie James Fink When you can't get caught with women who cannot pay your bills
Brice Hamard Launy Dalmat mdr petite barre de rire/dedicace from paris by night bro! See u asap
Josh O'Scha He looks like Richard Pryor in this picture.
Benjamin Shapes Play on player- don't hate the playa hate the game
Grace Lamb Jean Luc Dippie gotta stay in the loop with your memes bud
Marcella Reis Gabriella, I'M SHOOK QUEEN G WHAT'S GOING ON
Milena Scarllatt Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kylie você é melhor q isso Ana Brasileiro meme do ano
Anne-Marie Lynne This cornball Mel Rose
Mistah E Fuentez Nigga u busted busted busted 😂
Tiffany Derrick She bad
Michael Riddim It wasn't me
Harper Sherie ha ha look at his face
Brolly Mac DV Up and up.
Gege Getrude Katana Sofia "oh shit" 😂 beccatooo Hahah che faccia
Christopher Fondakowski This nigga Tyga got enough girls waiting in line for miles fam.
Karl Igwe Adetonah Busted!!!! hi hi
Asha Watson That face you make when you almost got caught cheating!!
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

"It's Friday, you ain't got no job and you ain't got shit else to do!"

Erik Godoy Y'all motherfuckers real ain't ever watched Friday if y'all can't get the words right. Not once do Smokey say "shit else to do" he says "It's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do!"
Cody Harwig Bring Chris tucker and mike epps for this one. And kat Williams dumbass
Jeremiah Platz Kelin K-Wayne Adams for real this time? i been hearin bout another friday for too damn long. bring it !
Jeff Yager Shit, if he does daddy day care 5 and 6 he can at least do one more Friday 🤠
Ron Klatt Ya been waiting for this shit for fucken years now. I'll believe it when a trailer drops
Amelia Vina Ghani Bring Smokey back :'( it would never be the same without him :'(
Joey Forrest As long as Chris Tucker returns
Daniel Chandler It's funny cause Craig looks like pops told him to take the trash out....
Tyrell Mclain Jenkins And please bring back Chris Tucker
David W. Parker Tone Hollywood..U heard about this?
Larry Wayne Why wouldn't he be in the final one?
Νίκος Τσέλα γιαννης φροκαι και καπως ετσι φτιαχνετε η ημερα μου
Benny Gutierres Magallon Smokey
Cody Harwig Knew they were making a new one.
Emile S Davenport Yeah Right!
James Aram GOOD
Mbongeni Gontse Nkosi Do it quick 'fore John dies
Cesar Carvajal Instagram: flying.earring
Ahmed Adam A-dogg Yee thank ..next Friday
Hasan Kato Hahahaha as long as tucker too comes in
Joe Mobley Why the fuck wouldnt he be
Earl Hoggard Bout time
Lod Sky Mulambo yeaah bwoy
Lod Sky Mulambo again a 3rd 1ne
Jùan Muraya smoke all day.....cant also wait to see how high 2
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

LeBron James continues to exhibit elite Kendrick Lamar fandom.

Dylan Aguilar The album is amazing I haven't either🔥🔥
Gideon Troit The whole damn tracks on the damn album is such a damn masterpiece
Flint Kayz Kendrick is 2pac offspring
Veedah Rabah I haven't either, sometimes twice a damn day. My kids are going to protest soon LOL ❤
Mohit Sharma Nobody has 💯
Jeff Yager Kyle Hnatkiewicz
Marvin Mendoza I hate the man but I agree..I haven't either
Smilt Schoche DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE ILLUMINATI!!!!!! If you do not want to join the Illuminati do not read this message. Rules you must be above 18 years of age. You must have full access to the internet. You must not discuss the secret of the Illuminati to anyone. We are not interested in anyone who has obtained their knowledge about the Illuminati based on what they’ve HEARD from Mass Media (News or Performing Arts), Conspiracy Theorists (Amateur or Professional Authors or Speculators), Internet Rumors, or other HERESY. Once you join the Illuminati within one week of your membership you will achieved the greatest goal in life and also have wealth and fame. No one discard the message of the GREAT ILLUMINATI. Failure to compel to the order and rules of the GREAT ILLUMINATI shall see your fame and riches taken back, the money ALWAYS flows TOWARDS Illuminati members. And AWAY from NON Illuminati members, so I can't say too much about it here. If you are truly interested and get back to me via ADDING ME UP NOW FOR MORE DETAILS!!
Damian Gonzales Man his right album jams
Kevin Allison Trash
Matt DeLellis Sames
Lights Gottagetem Out It's fire
Dharam Coudjoe Snap lol
Vidal Costilla True I was like DAMN but RTJ3 is DOPE! #RTJ3 > #DAMN
Amanda Delia Me either
Skinny PopOff Rogers Qweeyurrr
Justin Matos I feel him
Majoyree Smalls I haven't either!
Eghosa Ogieriakhi He got poor taste in music
Ben Allen Great album listerning all the time
Afnan Kashyap N i didnt even started listning that
Rehan Tanha 😣 🐟 ♥ c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r ♥ Vishal кσℓι ~={ <3 Web-3.Tk <3 }=~
Ant Minici George Cook
Lanier Oakley DT Watson Jr. Marques Washington
Kasey Brown Kewl Kalv
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Plus, a new video from G Perico, posse cut from Zaytoven, Gucci Mane & 21 Savage, & D.R.A.M. linking up with A$AP Rocky & Juicy J for "Gilligan."

Rehan Tanha 🐗 🐟 ♥ c h α υ δ h r ψ s 🌹 β ο τ τ ε r ♥ Vishal кσℓι ~={ <3 Web-3.Tk <3 }=~
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

These bras from Perfect Sculpt are breaking the internet Idk about you ladies but my wardrobe NEEDS this Go get yours today before they sell out ➡️➡️ #ad https://goo.gl/fCKVYR

Jen Smith Uhhh...what exactly did it do when she tightened it...cause there was zero difference. Just saying basically over priced big ass pasties...
Jonathan Lara Hiphop dx thirsty as fuck for the pennies LOL
Hamza Azam Wtf? HipHopDX be needing Jesus up in this bitch 😂😂😂
Steve Dowling LOl im sure most men here do not care for looking at the bra lol
Justin Porter Just need the girl not the bra lol
Joshua Jackson Saggy? Nah
Jerome Saxon Beautiful
Lion Lino Nice boobs.
Jeffrey Howe Damn
Andrew Wilson Angel Wilson I'm getting you one 😘
HàKim EL Merzouki Wafae
Kago Kgakgamatso Katso Ramogaso
Jonathan Bailey Valerie Wood
Chris Ortega Michelle Santiago
Tom Bolhoven Alyn Meijer
Shamar James Vanessa Bradford
Marley Marl Janeé Olds
Zedol Si Mi Nohy Ana Brito
Sarbazike Wnbo Hndren Jebar
Joel Kelly Fuck off HipHopDX.com you money hungry whores lol
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

A proper tribute.

Justin Funk Debate time! Who you think won the beef? MC Eiht or DJ Quik?
Joey Forrest Good album!
Jayz Walker Dj quik the most underrated rapper/producer all time
Chris Velasquez How was the Album anyone?
Jesse Pope Whaaa!!
Craig Walker Quik
Norbert Tuśnio Zajebisty album ^^ Quik odjebał kawał dobrej roboty 🙂
Chris Frosaker Oj Pulido
Zoran Trajanoski Matt Danis Andrew Gunter
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

HipHopDX's owner Sharath "Tommy" Cherian will speak on his knowledge of the music industry.

HipHopDX.com2 days ago

The Strange Famous Records artist also debuts new video for "Staying Gold."

HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Cornrow Kenny talks with Zane Lowe about everything from "DAMN." to him officially being The GOAT.

Paul Luciano Williams Who's writing this trash? Stevie wonder?? I got mad respect for K.Dot but I wouldn't call him the "Goat" over Ice Cube, Rakim, Nas, Biggie, and PAC...
Torrey D. Elcan Fuck no the game so desperate now,they'll say anybody the GOAT!!! Dude got skills but he's just another rapper in the game period.
Lucky Skosana 4 (CONSECUTIVE) critically acclaimed albums at age 30, huge commercial success, proven artistic excellence, proven lyrical ability... why not? Easily one of the greatest to ever do it.
Conrad Murray He's been hyped by the magazines and radio since day one. Why? Because he is interscope. He can be as cheesy and fake as possible. Off beat, auto tune and wack. And the mags say he's good, and people listen. Whyyyyyyyy. Sad times .
David Austin Kendrick is IN NO WAY "officially the GOAT". HAHAHA He's still young and only has a few albums under his belt. He's got a hella dues to pay before he's even fuckin close to that title! SMH
Jonathan Wesley Kendricks discography is already up there with the Goats.
Nick Buono Lol fucking force if u drop a dope album in 2017 no matter who you are people will say the person is the 🐐😂😂😂damn was a classic but to say he's the goat is the biggest force he's not even close to goat talk #FallBack
Lesedi Shibambo Kendrick is my favorite rapper. But there are many rappers who been the GOAT. Kendrick is only 30 this year and they already calling him the GOAT over many legends. Kendrick's good but he just ain't the GOAT.
Patrick Evans He isn't the GOAT. He's still incredibly gifted but I think it's just the fact that there isn't the same competition anymore.
Torrey D. Elcan People kill me like sheep and call you a hater if you don't say he's great, he's not the greatest he's good but I pump the brakes at good.
Miguel Gonzales Krizz Kaliko can sing AND rap. Be conscious AND party. Plus do a ton of shows a year?
Score Shakur We lose the magic of the moment with the greatest ever debate. Just enjoy the music and remember the nostalgia
Josh Grimm The only reason yall say kdpt isn't goat is 1. You hate anything mainstream 2. He wasnt in the game during the 90s
Brent Bare He's not even in my top 10...lol
Joe Moloney He may be elite but Eminem is the GOAT to me!
Dylan Deezy Far from goat but his good
Warren Crawford GOAT? That's a fucking joke
Nikhil Bhagat 5 critically acclaimed with commercially success. He's officially GOAT
Clint Gary Officially the goat???? Lmfao this dude is not the greatest smdh
Kenny McCray Kendrick is a fucking clown
Emiljano Jaupaj Kendrick Goat? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dequan Santos Lmfaooooo gtfoh kendrick is NOT the GOAT
Al Parillon Kendrick Label is Jewish :S
Ryan Neil Postas great interview, but horribly shot
Arnold Arnie Magqaza "Goat" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Looks like a follow-up to 2015’s “When It’s Dark Out” is on the way as well.

Ali Raza G eazy's might not be working to his full power but still is better than your hot trash rapper,alot!but yall just gotta undermine the dude cuz he's white.
Gregory Davis So he's gonna stop imitating Drake and start doing his best Rae impersonation?
Andrew Hedstrom I still don't understand why Rae would do that
Shannon Laxson Hart Hellz yezzzz
Melusi Mafu whyt guys doin.soon whyts wil wanna look blk,jst sayin
Ben Cusack Benjamin King 😱😍
Jason Prasad Natasha Knezovich Wu
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

"I'll put holes through Desiigner, I'm not talking Yeezy."

Victor Doria Jr Big labels make whack mc's famous wait I'm sorry they are not mc's they are hip pop rappers mc's have skills these mumble fucks are as dumb as can be they must use a rhyming dictionary 2 write they cannot freestyle have no skills they are beyond clueless 2 what hip hop is!
Jonquil Tamppa Anderson It's always the "next" best thing or "Crown" him. Lol. None of these titles represent what we hear. & stop using the "They selling though" or his single went platinum. When ever sales & plays equals "Talent" not ever. These dudes get all the press, all the interviews & getting show money. That's cool but 1 lp & their done. Never heard from again. But they're Next up. Lol. Every Era has wack artist & they sold records but never was labeled "king" or top 5.
Patric Lees "Has 50,000 views"...views don't equal success or talent. When you have a click-bait title like "murders all mumble rappers", no shit people will click to hear it. But the dudes voice is boring and his flow is awful, he has few bars and cont transition between rhyme schemes. The concept has been done by great artists already, so some nobody that sounds like he's reading off a teleprompter is not gonna impress anyone
Rich Hill To quote someone from another group in reference to this fuckery..."you cant be a wack rapper and go after wack rappers."
Joshua Jenkins Campbell See this is were we need eminem to come back to dropping those savage rhymes. Except at these mumble rappers instead of RnB/Pop Artists.
Michael Williams This nigga come out here on these streets talkin BOUT wut he gon do & get beat blue & BLACK stop TALKIN get in a mf face so they can beat the BLACK off YO ASS 3/6 mafia PROJECT PAT.
Rico Branton First of all I think this nigga needs help. Second, the shit he said was true. Third, I can actually understand what the fuck he said. And fourth, this nigga funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ian So Ironic Hull This dude fucking sucks. How you gonna diss mumble rappers but you rap worse then them. At least they can stay on beat.
Emil Sebastian Birch Jarren Benton had that one punchline first: "Put a hole in a n***** chest like a yeezy shirt"
Anthony Anderson I hate mumble rappers as much as the next hip hop head.... but this shit was TRASH, just as bad ...
Amaan Syed It's kinda redundant, the wave won't stop for a few years so you may as well just avoid mumble rap if you don't like it
Adrian Taylor Still better than them other lil muthafuckas. Not saying much though
Star Rudy Ramirez That shit was just as wack as that garbage lil yatchy and lil uzi puts out . Smh #NoBars #NotImpressed
Jay Mensa this song is one big we get it you listen to jcole.
Gregory Patil It's all garbage!!!! Some decent beats here and there, but no classics at all! Nor will there ever be any..
Ned Turner Wow stop saying mumble rappers cause they don't mumble , and stop telling everyone how much you disslike them , pre sick of it hey
Andre Rezendes Dave east and little dicky the only two new rappers this year really worth listening
Khaliq Spruill Tired of the generic "mumble rapper diss" unknown rappers are doing for attention
Michael Williams MAN these so called MUMBLE RAPPERS would kill these LIL nigga TALKIN BOUT wut he got do nigga lay down..
Sandro Martinez It was horrible,cringy
Emiliano Di Vito This is corny as fuck
Edward Kennerly I hate mumble rap. anything better then mumble the worse rapper in the 90's would be a superstar now .
Chedda Bang He sux tho
Rug Stone The cause is real but the rapper iz wack a f
Josh Grimm Yall are so mad at trends that you're creating a trend.
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Tiny shared an assortment of tea on "The Wendy Williams Show."

Tyger C Lee She was seen dancing at a party on TMZ...With Floyd...Who Him and TI had been in a previous altercation at Phat burger with each other and bodyguards....And you dancing with him after that? A man that tried to PHYSICALLY hurt your husband??? Anything after that is fair play.
Karen Jones I love how Wendy changed the subject when Tiny got emotional about the side chic. She asked about Shakanna and Tiny smiled and delightfully finished the interview. Wendy likes Tiny or truly hates what she is going through.
Victor Luis Morales She's nasty n a hater, mad because he found better, younger, tighter, wetter pussy from someone who doesn't bitch as much n treats him good... Just like any other blown out baby mamas out there
Kenneth Smitth Go home T.I. I don't get in ppl business but bro that is a ride or die, with your kids. Rethink it.
Mick Tyson With all due respect, that bitch ugly as fuck.
David Buck TI only stayed with her cus of the kids #Fact
Jonathan G. St-Jacques Tiny is a ratchet.
Jorge Fermin Rodriguez -🐋🐖🐋🐖🐋🐖🤣🤣🤣🤣-
Be Hall Jr. Nooooooo..... #SaluteTheReal 👌 real women hard to find in 2k17
Siyanda Kônyashe geee
Alonzo Munoz Wang CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED DROP https://soundcloud.com/yungvaporwave-946679323/sets/yugvaporwave-mix_tape SC PROFILE LINK https://soundcloud.com/yungvaporwave-946679323 THANK-YOU AND STAY FRESH
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Motor City x 19, plus a full mix from J Rocc.

Kevin Holford Arnold L. III Flowers
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Well... DAMN.

Boatswain Maj Yo stop insulting Ken by comparing that 'rhyme burrowing mf' called Miss drizzy' to him. They are not and we're never in the same league...
Johnny Torres Most artists have hundreds of songs they haven't finished or will never finish...or its just sitting there and they never released them
Krunal Thakkar K. Dot. just confirmed there's no new music coming anytime soon on Twitter.
Siyabonga Shoba Totaly disrupted an destroyed Drakes record with sales.
Cee'bonelo T-Raw Mathonsi DAMN GOD FEEL LOVE LUST XXX
Sean R McCoy You guys are so greedy, way to ruin a good thing
Joseph Allen Willl yalll gettt theeee fuckkkkk offff thisss ..he drops an album every couple years ..there will be no more albums from kendrick this year
Tracy Moore I keep seeing conflicting articles. Just saw he has an interview where he shut this down completely
Padelis Ntoulis Lefteris Koute ela boreis na kaneis k allo dickriding twra
Ntsikayzwe Four-punch Mhambi Keep coming bro cause all I listened from you is dope and I want to hear more
JA Rodriguez I like dot
Tim Gabriel Hayden Perkins NATION could still be
Andrea Marcovecchio Adam yeah budddddyyyy
Elias David Miracle That's not what he said..fool
Miko Cagampan Abangan mo na yung mga hipster friends mo Leon Gonzalez
Jeff Yager Kyle Hnatkiewicz
Derrick Gitta Jr. King Lamar
Conrad Murray Crap
Jinz Crossland Wow really? A musician with more music that's crazy.
Zenzele Simphiwe Radebe DAMN.
De-Heer Abraham We will see about that
Tobias Hills Jr. Save it for next year
Koen Den Hollander Remco Tak Ri Cky Tim Cappetijn tweede album dan toch!?
Joshua Miranda Jacob Littlejohns the dream is alive
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Who did this?? 😂

Tobie Perkins James Carr you don't want zero problems, big fella!
Mark Aussant Myles Tyler J. Mayers some one must of got your police sketch from last night running through the v like volassal
Marcelo Fonseca Johan Bonilla esta vara es igualita a el pollo de Ulate 😂
Sarah Myers Connor Johnson lol reminds me of pop star but I can't think of that rappers name 🙈
LaTasha J. Addison Deidra Jason Kesha... 😂😂😂 Maybe I'm silly... *shrugs*
Vincent Miller I bet, if one more mammoth try to stop him, it's gon' be some dread head raptors in the quarry. YACK YACK
Eugene Emmanuel Hankins Pretty classy. I guess he took Drake's spot eh. Branson Jones David James #SeanChrisPro
Ben Woodhouse Annina idk if you'll get this but LOL
Hasan Raheem This should be his next album cover...😅😅😅
Elliệ Karmacharya Hahahahaha Lord!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Precious Okechukwu David yeah yeah
Kris Herman I LOVE THIS
Rim Abou El Ella Kenneth zu viel 😂😂
Jehmal Richards this how you see chance? Cale Logan
Sherwood Ayers Man...Why? Lol
Leon Kool Robin de Boer Jeroen Landsheer iets voor jullie hahahaha:p
Nick Green Reece Warren the raptor
Vee Trinh Tom Collins Derrick Chan Sarah Jeffrey Nabil Pala Laurence Kumar
Kazzy Sangha Aaron Sangha 😂😂😂😂
Akshit Thakur KarTik Sharma 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Trinh Shane Domingo
Olivia Eadie Nate Long 👌🏽😂
Daniel Ribezzi Dev Bhavya
Gerald Pulido Shaedon Brinkley J Taylor Whyte
Tom Kalis Lander Menzies Jack Christopher
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Just had to post this. 💚

Oussama Serhane 3 legends
Aidar Oruzbaev Dafuq is Wiz Khalifa doing on this pic around rap legends.
Calvin Ross Lit 🔥
Sap-wizla Rejoice Hebron ha!..its bout weed smokers hu dnt give a F bout someone like ya..#Aidar
Arish Rehan As far as i know Last one had to do nothing with this pic ...right??
Tony Kahlon Why the fuck would u put wiz in thete
Stayce Blackston Lol I like...
Simphiwe Nyembe Just had to POT this...... the S is silent today.
Djaka Nice Poff Poff Pass ......
José Ramón Calero Where's Rihanna?
Larry Leatherberry Three legends and Wiz
Rocky Kante sticky icky. eish
Pawan Vidhani 4/20
Afzal Sulaiman ...Wizz???? realllyyyy???
Jerald Isaias Lopez Quezada Shoop y wis khalifa the bob mayley legends
Anderson Makaila Love all
Ep4 Entertainment Stuff like this are why everyone likes this page
Jamaal Theodore Lindsay Pac known for smokin' or drinkin'?
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

HipHopDX catches up with Bebe Rexha at Zedd's ACLU Benefit Concert as she speaks on being a role model for the women.

Andrew Hedstrom I bet she says "it's very hard to have any chemistry with such an uncharismatic person."
Joshua X Jones Whom?
Live98.FM Radio we are a fan and hope you become one as well. thanks!
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Best face swap. 🔥

Freddie Jerome Brewington III more like I'm the socket
Adrian Caltabiano Toma gets me every time
Adan Dominguez Vanessa ponme ese filtro porfi
Sam McMillan Rachael Godfrey thought you'd appreciate 😂
Ajay Doucette He the plug
Julian Cavallo Mitchell Youil still best face swap
Dayliana Blanco Laura hahahahaha
Pascal Grüger Hilarious
Jamal Chatman Sharice Allen. Something I'd do!
Dou Zou Jizy Ahmed Rob Jaybe
Diego Lima Tayeb Do Santo the plug lol
Toni Marie Twyla Hackett please try this!
Chris de Kort Melvin van Bakel Jory Van den Broek Maarten Lekkielikkielanglang dhehehe
Peter Jordan Steven Garcia lmfao
Lor Lok Karen Liu Vier Zhang 羅芯濼
Oualid Baahmad Ilias Elbekri Saad Elbekri
Liam Makkulawu Luke Babington Gab Bandelaria
Thomas Dubravčić Sarah 😀
Pepe Khaled Fernando Tiller🤣🤣🤣
Muhammad Umar Farooq Haider Osama
Shane Jordan Corona Addison
O Tyler Pearson Luz Piedad Pearson Herrera
Morgan Maloney Sasha Blair Felix Brown
Mark Paul Eichhammer Josh Linn Clayton Lisa Greg Kerrm Matt Miller Jason Dodrill
Phillip Bradley Reino Palma