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#amysteele #allhiphop #newmusic
Amy Steele shares her electronic rendition of Nina Simone’s "Feeling Good" @amysteelemusic

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Amy Steele shares her electronic rendition of Nina Simone’s "Feeling Good" @AmySteeleMusic

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Worthless trash
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Jessica Blount
LaDonna Nicole
Brigitte Kornder Chatman
Creo Richardson just was tlaking about his and i told you that his attack didnt make sense. How you get tied by a noose and get away
This nigga got jumped and bleached, picked the sandwich up, stayed on the phone with his manager and ate the sandwich. Suuuuuure 😂😂😂
Lgbtgvxe community quite as a wetfart right now!!!!
The sad thing is that his actions will now make it harder for a real victim of a racial and homophobic attack to be trusted and believed.
So Jamal is getting killed off next season of Empire 🤷🏾‍♂️...
I don't believe them bitch ass cop's
😀😁😂🤔messy jussie
He’s a actor is whole life is scripted 📺🤷🏾‍♂️
He just ended his career
Never be that much in need of attention you stage your own attack.
Okechi Moss see
O.G. Willie D warned y'all muhfuckaz lmfao
You can’t trust ninjas named Jussie.
Really Gay Tupac😂
You’re a nut! 🤨 I knew something was weird about that interview with Robin
Lmfaooo what a corn ball!
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New Beef! #SteveHarvey fires back at #PushaT! LOL! 😂 #pusherT

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Boy bye. Go find that trump minstrel show you love so much. #blackcardrevoked #gofindyourtribe 🤡
Dom JuJu Gordon Steve Harvey wants the smoke! Lol
He ain't want no smoke with Katt Williams tho!
Come on black men... knock it off
😂😂😂😂 oh lawrd
Hassan Kenny Dawit Sadak Tommy Sam
Darren Mulholland lol
Luke Hallam Keiarn Mergan
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Pi'erre Bourne Discusses Wanting To Be A Rapper & Possibly Collabing With Drake https://t.co/moVeSS0OBB

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Kim Kardashian Admits Kanye West Doesn't "Dig Deep" Into Donald Trump's Policies https://t.co/NlHpBJS0Y9

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Alleged Victim's Dad: R. Kelly Should've Got Help With Definition Of Pedophile https://t.co/D9b0t7vWQF

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https://t.co/wdbgv5IShY Forks Over Millions In Headphone Lawsuit https://t.co/n3nU64TB3x

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Is Supermodel Naomi Campbell Is Pregnant With Skepta's Baby? https://t.co/Pm0MscrLFM

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T.I. Takes Trump To Task, Talks Gucci Mane & Trap And His New Hit Show https://t.co/BLaolImQuC

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Jay-Z's 'Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story' Docu-Series Set To Debut https://t.co/Sgyngw33nx

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Octavia Spencer & Queen Latifah Star In Movie About Taboo Interracial Affair https://t.co/CaqCTBSUR6

Wow we have never seen that before....
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Drake's 'Scorpion' Spends Third Week At #1, Wiz Khalifa Opens In The Top 5 https://t.co/L4fLaEtRuA

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Moneybagg Yo Releases Video For “Bigg Facts” https://t.co/xDVQTHy3m4

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AWGE Addresses Viral Clip Of Yasiin Bey Criticizing 6ix9ine's Music https://t.co/g1mAAEvfSo

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Birdman & Wack 100 Reportedly Launch Cash Money West With $20 Million Budget https://t.co/6OBVuppK0H

Two years later.. wack 100 wants money owed by birdman
When youve successfully fucked every rapper possible in the South the only thing left to do is travel West...
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Russell Simmons Selling Off Real Estate In Middle Of Rape Allegations Crisis https://t.co/U46xIQFNny

Rev Running is his brother.
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Did 50 Cent Hire Somebody To Shoot At Floyd Mayweather? https://t.co/WZzivf53rQ

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XXXTentacion’s Fans Terrorize And Vandalize Chicago's Chinatown Community https://t.co/jXM1kSqhI5

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Chance The Rapper Buys Local News Website 'Chicagoist' https://t.co/a5gAMTmLjV

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Kodak Black's Good Behavior Earns Him Early Release From Prison https://t.co/1HOEd11lfO

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Kendrick Lamar Urges Judge to Use Common Sense In "All The Stars" Lawsuit https://t.co/AeB0wBFyHc

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Saul Williams Takes His Creative Revolution To Film With New Musical https://t.co/u6nRJwuZcC

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Cardi B And Offset Rejecting Offers For Baby's Public Debut https://t.co/e3U9pPBZiQ

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Jay-Z & Beyonce Cruise Through Italy In Between Shows https://t.co/jbBeFP9rT2

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Drake Thanks Fans "A Billion Times Over" For Helping Set New Record On Spotify https://t.co/KC0LeNe9xu

He was smart releasing a 25 track album. All those song streams added up from the whole album was guaranteed to break the billion stream mark.
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Famous Book Publisher's Granddaughter Accuses Russell Simmons Of Rape https://t.co/K6eSR2B7wL

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Is R. Kelly Out Here DM'ing Teen Boys? https://t.co/jYbJ3HhFAZ

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Did Rick Ross Really Rip Off His Signature Slogan For Maybach Music? https://t.co/EpnBZvTCII

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Mental Health: Hip-Hop & POC Must Remove The Negative Stigma https://t.co/0dW0UcUC8a

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🙌🏾: @prdseohno @StackingMemories OHNO performing "Wake Up" ft. Suigeneris. The 21-year old LA native OHNO drops a visual to his track “Wake Up” featuring Suigeneris which features on his recent LP Heartthrob. https://t.co/VDYpkmsSGa

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Mozzy Arrested For Gun Possession https://t.co/px2lXN02iS

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Wait what?!?!

Wait, Anthony Davis for 3 players + 3 first round picks 😂😂😂 Lakers couldn’t negotiate a f*cken Round about
The lakers are making this move out of desperation. 3 first round picks plus the young core???? Dafuq? Their front office is acting like Davis is the Prime Diesel. Hell no.
Smart keeping kuzma cus hes the future of that team
At least they kept Kuzma, wish Zo could've stayed.
Still need a knock down 3 guy and perimeter defense needs to be addressed!
Pelicans get two of the best four players out of college. They we’ll be a force.
LaVar is not gonna be happy about this 😆
Couldn't work on dropping it to two first Rd picks damn
Davis and LeBron could be a force but they still need better players In other positions Ingram should stay along with Kuzma Get rid of Ball, Chandler & Rondo..... Ain’t Kevin Durant a free agent or did he sign a new contract with GSW? Last I new a few month ago LeBron was urging the Lakers to sign KD
Fuck the future right? Get rid of all the youth and first round picks and probably still be shit 😂 Chantz sylvan Lakers have a better line up then this
Seems like what Boston did to Brooklyn...
Those picks will be low non starters like this draft it 3 players rest are role players good trade
They're trying to pick up Kemba Walker next
Maaaaan AD had a dude digging in his poop shoot, not in my locker room.
Well somebody's dad is gonna be mad lmao
This trade gone come back to bite them in the ass
gave up way too much for 1 guy
Raptors in 6.
That’s too much for Davis
Lebron is TIRED now. Mileage caught-up to him. AD is too injury prone.
They will still suck
They about to do damage....Warriors in 4 😆
Ooookay Lakers winning the finals now lol
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🚨🚨New Episode Of #CrooksCorner 🚨🚨

Featuring Adam22 of the No Jumper podcast is LIVE w/KXNG Crooked at 3pm PT.

Watch Here: http://hhdx.co/CrooksCorner04

rope gxng
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@HipHopNumbers be breaking it down.

this the album that made me realize that em is the undisputed goat it was a fucking bar fest
Bad meets evil was just a lyrical masterpiece
They're both great but Em stagnated got comfy with being profitable. Royce still hustlin like it was day 1 and doesn't get the recognition he deserves. They're both talented but I'd argue as time has gone on Royce kept applying his Em got a little lazy.
When Eminem called lady Gaga a mail (male) lady. Prob one of my favorite lyrics ever.
Everybody knows Royce is better then Eminem. The others are in denial.
This album was so dope to me when it released. Might be Eminem in his most creative state. Him and Royce evolved eachother as lyricist
Perfect example of quality does not equal sales..
This album should be taught in Hip Hop school damn. Insane lyrical wordplay. Em pretty much rhymed whole verses with verses.
This album was and still is 🔥. Not dated by any means. You can listen to it right now or two years from now and it will still hold up. True Hip Hop album.
Royce bodies Em on about 80% of the tracks on Bad meets evil. 😂
I get if you don’t like em, I get it. But at least acknowledge the dude is a fucking insane at rhyming lol
Unique word scores? Wow that’s some white people shit if I ever heard it
I found this to be Em's best since TES because it seemed like he was just having fun, not under the thumb of a contract, not trying to prove he's the best. That being said, Royce had some of the best bars.
Shit was mostly wack. Royce is better now than ever.
Royce is the GOAT
Royce would murder both Jay and Nas on a track. If you disagree you can argue with your ancestors.
I don't know if your calculations will tell you this but Royce doesn't have 1 trash album. And em got two and a half garbage cds
Royce's pen can keep with anybody's. Y'all needa stop sleepin. Dude is a dog.
So Royce rapped less than Eminem, but still used a wider vocabulary. and teaming up with Em got him his lowest reviewed album ever 🤔
Royce 5'9" better than Eminem corny ass. Eminem got bodied in the entire project
it was a phenomenal album! one of Em's best, so underrated
So the next post by Hip hop DX is gone be Jay Z this Jay Z that and after which, Em this Em that...All we have in the game to talk about is Em and Jay...who's the Goat? Who's better?..maybe they are the most influential emcees...as in that's there is now..
To be honest...album wise...Royce's best is the book of ryan
DTown Royce is a phenomenal MC. Arguably one of the best to ever do it. No cap.
Royce the most underated, lyrically better than Em
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When Logic said, “F**k sample clearance and clearing samples,” the statement sends the wrong message to aspiring musicians, creators & individuals who may be unaware of the legal issues they could face in the future.

Here's How To Avoid Sample Issues:

Talking samples is earning a bit of hype from the sample you used! What if someone use your shit and you dont get paid? Thats that! If you dont like sampled shit! Dont use em easy
I've had some sample clearance issues prevent me from participating in the biggest opportunity of my musical career, and I'll never forget the way that producer tried to play me.
Ha. F*** sample clearances ‘til those lawsuits or publishing payments equal more than 100% of the profits from your album.
There are tons of websites dedicated to curated, cleared, royalty free samples. Pay the $13 and get you 300 credits and avoid a lawsuit.
You can get away with sample clearances by making the songs free. If you’re not directly profiting from the music, there’s no case to get sued. It’s a grey area, but it works. As for the sample haters, I never understood why some people dislike sampling in Hip Hop. Sampling is an art. Some of the greatest producers of all time have used samples, such as J Dilla, Pete Rock, Madlib, Just Blaze, etc. not everyone can make a great song out of a sample but I love it when something great comes from an unlikely source. If you can make an original beat using a synthesizer or whatever, great. But a sample is still art.
Chop creatively, pitch down, low pass, no one will ever know the source
There's sample clearance companies,it's easy,but harder in certain instances.
This is so disrespectful of original music.
Hip Hop and Anime Vibes How to avoid sample issues... Step 1: Don't used sampled beats. The end.
So logic wants to make money off another artist hard earned work??? Hell no i think not
Finally, some useful info smh
KD's rings are mor important then Logic as a whole.
This killed Biz Markie's career as a relevant rapper back in the early 90's.
Sampling immortalises old music
I agree with him 😂
Even J Cole can relate
So you're telling me logic has no logic
Listen to Eric B on breakfast club, easy
I prefer Louis Logic.. look him up
Create Original Compositions
Easy make your own shit
He won't say that when he"s being sued for milions
He made no logical sense by his statement. 😒
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An Atlanta police detective presented some potentially damaging evidence in Lil Durk’s attempted murder case.

Oh he about to get Tekashi 69’d real good then
The fucking “name a rapper” foundation going through some hard times o que? Lil Durk huh... these kids r wild. 😂🙌🏻
Lil' Durk: I have nothin' to hide. Detectives: We have you on camera.
There is so much gang activities surrounding him and his crew is ridiculous He left Chicago just to continue the same BS
Drico Billionnaire c est un dingue
Nigga been hangin out wit tee grizzly for too long 😅😅😅
I don't feel sorry for his dumb ass if they got him on video shooting another man.
How folks find this shit funny?
It's always some shit with these rappers
Why was bond denied?
Bout to do some time..time.
What’s wrong with these dumb asses?
boy gonna do some time...
All for street credibility smh young niggaz rich and dumb
Joe Monaco
These youngs artist need to chill
I doubt if this is true.. Didn't even go to trial yet... Innocent until proven guilty
Bye.. Another dumb wealthy African American move
send him to jail fuck the rapper think they own the rap game fuck them
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Wait ....What?!?!

American Gangsta....Now that's an underrated classic 🙏🏾
One of the Hardest intro tracks in Hip Hop history(The Prelude) is on this album.
It’s a Great Album but definitely not close far as his best work is concerned 🤷🏾‍♂️
It’s a classic, but he has so many it’s really hard to say “best”.. you gotta come prepared to back that up
Dope but not best album. In my opinion it’s Reasonable doubt, American gánster, 444, blueprint, black album
Its sounds best. Because of mixing But its one of his worst body of work
So slept on but...pretty much all his albums are classic people jus now waking up
Had good songs , great intro track but 6/10
It definitley had some of the best beats. Just Blaze was on another level for that album.
The Black Album is his best great album that
Reasonable doubt and black album are miles better than any others.. blueprint is waaaay overrated
No time to argue about something stupid like that ...,that’s his worse album
American Gangster... underrated let’s talk about it...
It was good but compared to Blueprint, Vol. 2 and the Black Album... ehhhh
American Gangster is easily his most slept-on album. One of my favourite records. Kingdom Come I feel didn't get the shine it deserved because it was his "comeback album" and people didn't feel it did that title justice, but as a record, it's nice.
I agree. Still one of my favorites. Front to back
The fact of the matter is his catalogue is very strong. So when he says “Your best shit ain’t better than my worst shit.”, it’s hard to argue. He’s great all the way around.
Underrated yes but so many great albums .
In my Lifetime. Only because "you must love me" on that cd. If not probably reasonable doubt
Trouble is the one. Agreed that album doesn’t get enough respect, neither does BP3 IMO 🤷‍♂️
Listening to it years later, it's honestly not a bad album. I don't think it's one of his best, but I enjoy it.
jay z. trash... stfu . overrated rappers 🤦🏽‍♂️ pun is a rapper biggie is a rapper Nas Eminem jadakiss fred the godson fabolous papoose joel ortiz cyhi method man redman ghost face styles p chris rivers mysonne joyner lucas, all these people are rappers..... jay z is a pop star lol. foh.
I mean “Show me was you got.” Was a masterpiece haha
I think it is aging very well compared to BP3 and to some extent MCHG
It’s definitely better when I got older
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#BreakingNews: Lil Durk will be charged with intent to commit murder, surveillance footage allegedly shows him shooting a man.

Niggas Make music about being Monsters to society and then they become monsters in society, More and More shit like this gon happen the more we condone Criminal glorification
This is what happens when you actually think the gangster life is a life worth living. I don’t care what anybody says you don’t have to do this stupid shit. Shit is played out already. You call these people your brothers but shoot each other down everyday. 🤦‍♂️
Guess, hip-hop is getting a cleansing
The whole "Being Real" in rap is a booby trap for artists. So u almost kill someone keepin up an image in a business that requires you to entertain people & now you probably looking at 15 to 20 years #Congratulations #UplayedYourself
Niggas love to keep it real -Chris Rock
Yesterday I had scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast
This is Terrible Y'all... Another Black Man, Another Statistic, Another Number... Shit is Sad 😔 AF
They'll never learn. Stay glued to the streets and be a statistic. Too busy "getting money" in the streets but can't stay focused on the mic with a beat...
These rappers,..shaking my head..its a violent culture....you never hear about Zydeco musician doing all this bullshit
I guess you can say that surveillance video was his “downfall”
A man who doesn’t value his freedom, can easily have it taken away. Smh
Good going!! Should’ve stayed away from the criminal life and concentrate on his music career!!
🤦🏽‍♂️. We don’t know why it happened. Sometimes in the streets people have to die and the courts don’t understand that. If it was senseless let him do the time but if there was a good reason #FREEDURK
Durk had a rep to protect and he about to die by it.
Niccas always talking bout don't drop the soap & dingalings. How y'all know SO MUCH about funboy shit like that? Smdh 😐😐😐
All these rappers with 'lil' in their names getting busted doing dumb shit...😂😂😂
See getting money is easy , but he's too stupid to keep the money and the opportunity , smh. Self destruct
Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? He'll get his day in court.
But "It's just music... Y'all are sensitive af!"
He gon have to cut his dreads off again
Wheres 69 at, he snitching again lol. (Yes I know Durk turned himself in)
Hoodie on Skully on Don Corleone
Just throwing shit away when you on already..smh..
No sympathy idc how good of a artist they are quit doing dumb shit
I hope he got the same lawyer that beat r Kelly piss case lmao
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I always knew she would be influential in the game
Jade Wilson
Tony De Rueda Campos
Anyone who says "I dOnT lIkE hEr MuSiC!?" This isnt about her music. About music shes written for other people. Like aliyah, fallout boy, janet jackson, the pussycat dolls, kesha cole.....do i need to continue???
DTown MISSY IS ONE OF THE BEST TO DO IT! No disrespect or hate shall be tolerated!
this is not really for her raps ....she's wrote PLENTY of songs for some of your favorite singers
Well deserved 🔥✊👌
Nothing other than far over Due, she tha Queen!!!
The most creative femcee ever.
Adam Moore Russell Greenaway I need a glass of wataaaaaaaaaa 😂
new album soon
I wonder if “ratatatatatatatata sex be so good” won it
All I can say is.. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME !!!. Congrats Missy
Her bars suck tho
so someone who daid yaki to the yak and pu pump pump pump;pump are legendary songwriters OMG
She derseves it....
Oh, my lady Elliot! How I miss your funky lullabies in my ears!!!😢😢😢🌹🌹🌹
Drake is still the best
She deserves it. Shoutout Missy
Congrats 🎊🍾🎉
And not Rakim Hmmmmmmm
Since when is missy hip hop?
I don't like any of her music but okay go ahead and induct her 🤷‍♂️
"Silence when I spit it out, in your face, open your mouth, give you a taste" yup well deserved.
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Like that part in dont be a menace "Im here to pick up my son" Picks up son, puts him back down
Future won’t be getting a Father’s Day award this year since all his kids are being raised by someone else
LoL @ all the grown men that came to the comments section to defend future as if they know him or are on his payroll. 😂
Like women don't pick these Deadbeats cuz ladies your baby daddies represents your choices so the jokes for really on you😂😂😂😂😂
Cant trust noone who thought goldenstate was gonna beat toronto in 7
Sounds like a bitter baby mamma convention in here
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh 😂😂😂😂 he probably gets on the Phone with his bm and mumble like "come change the diaper" and "whats formla, he dont drink Milk and wata?"
Future makes music to get money wether people like or not he is doing well
Well i definitely prove that theory to be wrong.
You crossed out niggas? For what it's not like people read it differently.
Anyone who listens to future when he gets deep knows this post ain't shit... Listen to his e.p......save me.... Even so many tracks in previous albums... Can't reduce a man down to a single flaw...
These hu hu whores going in on Future for the sake of Ciara funky ass. That bitch gone play what ever role according to who she wit. Ain’t know man on they shit/wining wifing you single mom ass bitches. We sticking and fucking moving. Cause the only thing most you bitches got to offer is other men’s kids.
Future makes music for people that have beef with their ears.......
Lol plus can’t or chooses not to understand words!!!!
If I could change one thing about every hip hop page I follow it would be that they all stop with this type of bullshit
Take this L for that name! #GSW caught that L in 6😂😂😂
Future is a NIP of Atlanta
🕵where's the lie?
Warriors in 7 eh? 🤣
why do I feel like y all hating the nigga
Future the truth!!! Fucc u mean HipHopDX.com ?? But u support wacc ass Post malone.
DTown No lies told here LMAO
Ha Ha Haa..
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Netflix is continuing to expand its entertainment empire with video games based on its original series.

Stranger Things!!!!
Connor Norris Wight
defenders game rightMEOW
Hip Hop Hooray
Yeah, so it can end up like the marvel series? No thanks, shit with the money trouble they are going through. Most new shows are only given 3 seasons.
Can we get a 16-bit Stranger Things side-scroller?! Word, thanks
DTown Hmmm... Not sure how to feel about this. Could be good? No?
This is so hiphop.
So are we getting an open-world game of The Defenders?
Good to see how this might affect stock prices in the future.... wait, I thought this was a hip hop page.
What’s next Hulu is gonna make a Handmaid’s Tale game?
Julian Diehm Stell dir Manhunt Unabomber vor 😳
Not hip hop news
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Welp is it?

Nah my ex gave good head...I miss that sometimes 😐
Naw but why waste time thinking bout folks that ain’t thinking about u?
No, it's human. You're gonna think about a person that you cared deeply for, unless you didn't care about them as much as you thought.
It’s sucka shit if u say u don’t. Nobody can block shit out like that no matter how much u say u can and do. You can “move on” and move forward but still think about that person. Nothing wrong with being human.
is it a sucka move to beat someone to a bloody pulp?
If you sucker punched her, it definitely is.
X's are apart of personal growth. Its good to reflect on what you learned in that situation
No but the shit you do is sucka shit. Stop being extra and chill
Wtf is welp, another new pathetic millennial word ?
Hell naw I be on the phone like “You know I love you no matter I’m right here waiting for you” 😂😂😭😂
No but leaving salty hating ass comments under her picture with her new man for everyone to see is. Have some pride. 😂😂🤷‍♂️
It's a sucka move just to ask that question
If you're ex is Rihanna nah I'd be reminiscing for real
Not if it’s your “highlight reel”....🤷🏽‍♂️
Breezy just mad he let the #Taurus♉️ go 🤔 you can’t really find that type of love again 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
We can't help what we think about
A bit of a reach on his part here, especially when she just got someone new
It’s not a move at all, it’s a thought...
Nah only when you comment on her and her mans pic talking about fashion. Lol
I have a child with her, sooooooo...
If she has to have a restraining order on you, yea
Think about what? I'd rather not.
I love that woman no matter what. But I gotta keep it moving. Being human isn't 'sucka shit." FOH.
I bet he misses punching that face...
Yeaa by this time yeaa it is... you looking dumb af at this point... nigga need to chill with different t bitches
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Ariana Grande got emotional onstage at her Sweetener World Tour stop in Mac Miller‘s hometown.

Wise move giving ur sis a pass for the sac. I wouldve.
Tanisha Michelle
Aah just gimmicks
What a coincidence
Macky Tumulak ☹️
Not really hiphop news but okay
She was thinking about choking trying to suck him off!
🖕🖕🖕🖕fuck this mediocre pussy havin bitch, feel every piece of that shit
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

C'mon don't we all lurk on our exes IG pictures.

She must have some good pussy to still be having this nigga mad at her 😂😂😂😂
Chrisbrown_Everybody_Know...that song explains everything
This mf needs to slow down on pills
She not even hot doe 🤦🏻‍♂️
Not a good look here my guy
Why is this woman beater still getting publicity? Fuckin ridiculous
Looks like Chris can't spell them words along the way... Just saying..
Actually said some funny shit though
I call this “power simpin”.
Hell No
He's a bitter bitch🙄
He's the definition of a fuck boy. Does she still have a restraining order it against him?
Lost a good one Chris, just let it go. 💔 Broken-hearted people need to avoid social media. yikes
Karrueche got that good pussy! He's obviously still pussy whipped..but..I don't blame him..Karrueche is a fine piece of ass.
Let it go dude let it go.
He needs to move on
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Send your music to OhYouCanRAPRap@gmail.com

and we’ll be the judge 🔥 or 💩

Host J. PLAZA x Dolo Get It Poppin

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Ace Mac malicious - sun down .my bro sent a joint last week got nothing back shared again and just sent one through
I just sent through a track, it's old skool flavour to switch up the sou d a lil bit hope yall like it!
Yo it's hard for me to catch im out in Germany y'all but I been on sharin sent my track was poss to get a spin last week
My shit real. Grew up with killas, they showed me the ropes..I took what I needed and then I was Ghost.
It's 4am in germany I'm always tryna catch y'all live.. let me get that spin Rawshawn they ain't want it
I just sent you two One called the baby is not mine.. And Twin Glocks track Sick By Mizz Phaze and Von da Beast....me
You played my last song and you loved it! I sent something different
He’s got a nice vocal presence. But those dubs are bringing the quality down
This ain’t mid night love c’mon y’all 😂😂😂
This the best one so far 🔥💯
I been shared this joint too
Just sent an email brother. Shout out HiPHopDX. And I'm sharing now
Are you giving people a chance to let the music be here how can I send my son's music to you to let you hear it I appreciate it thank you
Ace Gabanna just sent some bless the live please g😰
Y’all be sure to vote for me for highlight artist of the month I needs that 💯💯
Fresh Tarkanian- rocka, one time for the one time 🤙🏽🤙🏽
I most definitely shared it
I’m sending another in next week 💯💪
You laughed at my song, I got another song I hope you’ll like... “What Would You Suggest?”
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I knew it was sunny today , but I wasn’t expecting all this “SHADE” !! lol
Can yall behave today? Just today! Cheese and christ
Looking like a generic DJ Quik.
If donkey from shrek was a person 😂
🤷🏾‍♂️ at least his hair is REAL and he takes care of it unlike half you muthafucking chicks out here these days 🤦🏾‍♂️
I thought this was yewande from love island for a sec
Or young rappers on picture day
LMFAO this super vicious 😭
How you do him like that
Wetin u dey post???
I had read it 10x to understand
Ol Yung Joc lookin boy
Cleivis Alfama omg the flashbacks 😭🤣
The fuck am I looking at 🤨
Kyler Buchmeiere Amber Leigh Gonzales o hope guys laugh as hard as I did man. 😂
Marilyn Robinson Trinette Graves-Burton. That may have been the Lynwood teams but not us. Lol
Michael Anthony Munguia Charles Lamar Dixon Jose Flores Jr. John Flores
Modibo 😭😭😭
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

Well.....Is he?

He is one of the best during his time easily.
Nope -He's not the greatest of all time - He's not the greatest of his time. - You pick a time...and he's not the greatest of that either. Lol! -This couldn't be a real question.
One of the greatest freestylers.
Not of all time but definitely a legend in his own right 🔥
Top 10. Greatest mixtape artist for sure with some classic albums. Not the greatest and I heard every song 🤷🏽‍♂️
He is undoubtedly A great. Not THE greatEST.
Not a fan of the 2nd half of his career but I respect the man to no end. A top MC for sure. Not the greatest though
Top 4 Rappers 1. Eminem 2. Slim Shady 3. Marshall Mathers 4. B-Rabbit
There honestly never will be a greatest of all time.
He’s not even the greatest of his time
He is the greatest mumble rapper of all time
One of the greatest for sure.
He definitely had one of the greatest runs of all time from Carter 1 through Carter 3...mixtapes and all included....but his last 10 yrs or so have been disappointing at best.
Lil Wayne... Mixtape Weezy, technical rapping Wayne. Jay Z is MY FAVORITE RAPPER (song writer) MC, let’s get that out the way. Now, I have followed Lil Wayne since “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. I can not think of any other rapper who can do what he does on the mic. The amount of metaphors, double & triple entendres, flows he’s mastered, level of intelligence etc. Set him on the highest plateau than any other “rapper” in the game. Closest to it would be Em, but Em doesn’t have that soul Wayne inherited. If you debate what I’m saying fine, but I’ll give you just 2 projects to go listen to. First play (Free Weezy Album) then (Dedication 6 mixtape). Also pay close attention to every word he drops, he’ll prove NOBODY IS FUCKIN’ WITH WAYNE ON A MIC 🎙. 🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙💯
one of the best born AFTER 1980
Pound for pound yes ! More songs then any other . Name another that has that big of a catalog albums and mix tapes ??? I'll wait..... I respect all in the rap game but you can't deny the truth .
The founder of mumble rap is all he gets
The greatest of all time we know and you know is always 2pac. 2pac is the legacy of all Mcs.
He's definitely 1 of the best of all time!!
Then who is if he isn’t ? And let’s not say 2 pac 😒 just curious not saying Wayne is greatest rapper alive but his track record is 95% better then anyone else
Not the greatest of all time..But his catalog is better than most..In my top 10 of all time💯
He have his own space, But not greatest
He's one of the best all time. He in my top 10
I loved lil Wayne just as much as everyone else thru the Carter good times, the early Carter's 1-3 but......stop, just stop. 🙈
Lmfao is this a serious question?
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Quitman, GA rapper Static Spaz crafted a new record called “Yuh” to detail with the reality of your past.

Full Video Here: https://youtu.be/zRSFJ9NMfek

Just here to flex my badge.
I got a badge. Which, brought me here for some reason 🤷🏾‍♂️
I got a badge. Now play my tracks next Wednesday finally been sharing an waiting 3 weeks in a row
Follow the Chef on all social media platforms @chefwltr
I just wanna show my badge but I guess that's how they trick us into promoting these things 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️
Just showin off my new bedge😁
Got my badge... Momma I made it 😂
A good standard of those chip rappings.
Just showing off my top fan badge 🤣😂🤣😂
Why doe he remind me of the migos mashed up but a very shitty version
Love ❤️ this!!!
At first listen he sounds like a less enthused DRAM but he nice tho.
Back at it again. SoundCloud.com/chefwltr
Not what I feel we need nowadays but it's cool
I just got my new badge too✌
This ok. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm really feeling it or not
Just flexing my new badge bitches
He just release the hits you don't need
Not bad!! Not my favorite or nothing..but it’s not terrible
Q-town's finest.🎯 #rep
I got Badge💎🤷🏽‍♂️
Not feeling it
🙌🏾 🤯🥶 🔥
I’m a valued commenter 🖕🏽
Badge man badge man ya dats me!
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Spread love it's the Brooklyn way...

Richard Kitt Conor Moloney Keith O'Ceanndubhain
Tulani Bora Xolisa Ngubelanga
Detroit should name a street after Marshall Mathers while he is still active and alive 🙂
And it only took 2 weeks after nipsey hussle death🤦🏽‍♂️
What about 2Pac way tf😕
Top fan?
Why. He wasn't that good
Shoulda Done This A Long Time Ago!💁
Copy And Paste... New York Must Thank Nippsey's Killer...
Our heroes are villains👎
Greatest Rapper Of All Time 3/09/97 May Biggie Continue Too Rest In Eternal Paradise 🙏🏽✝️😇🌹🔥
Toronto should be named Drake
Took 20 years lol
Great! Sadly, it’ll probably end up being another MLK Boulevard, not safe
Mawande, no one fucks with the Slim Shady
Hoax oŕ what?
👑 of NY
Legends don't die
I approve this as a B.I.G fan and and top fan 👌🏽
long ass street name, but it's dope
What's this corner about? Bedford ave and Quincy should be named after him where he freestyled
Lisa Fairstein should be brought up on charges
Took them long enough.
_________🆕 ___________________🆕 _______________________________🆕 ___________________________________________🆕 ________________________________________________________🆕🔥 🚩🚩 100% well analysed odds. ______________________________________ 🙋🙋 No fixed matches = No scam ______________________________________ 🚩🚩 Free 2+ free odds posted ______________________________________ ⬇⬇ Click the link below https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEpSXry_UfYnWwSShQ
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Kevin Hart is being sued by a woman who claims his security detail “violently” collided with her on a New York City sidewalk, resulting in serious facial fractures.

Details Here:

Next time get the fuck out the way😂😂
anyway does a comedian needs security...Lol!
Bouta get that funny money
So sue the security guard then its got nothing to do with kevin hart i hope he doesnt have to pay her
She sure she ain’t get hit by the door 😂😂 just suing everybody with money except the main two security and security company 😩
See, he's been listening to too much 50 cent.
So why not the security company? Lol
Get a check by any means
Kevin a billionaire he’ll be ight
What's up with these bitches and their irritating tricks to milk money out of people with money they worked hard for!!!
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

NAS looks like he’s about to drop some 🔥.

Are you excited for #TheLostTapes2 🤔?

Make sure kanye doesn't touch this one.
Original lost tapes is easily Nas’s most underrated work..listen to it almost daily 👌🏾
Definitely the last one is better than half his albums
Dope!!!but definitely has to have a lil Pump feature.
Not really, at this point The Lost Tapes is nearly 20 years old, it was leftovers from iconic albums, do I wanna hear leftovers from Nas last few albums? Nah
what albums are these the lost tapes of? hopefully not that last album with ye
Stop saying he’s broke. Y’all in the comments are crazy. the people that are broke are the ones counting others pockets. How is he broke when he owns businesses, investments, etc. he sold a few of his investments for almost 2 billion already. Of course he had a few partners but how is he broke? Just because he’s still doing what he loves, has passion for, he’s broke? Gtfoh
I just hope you didnt let Kanye ruin it like your last album..that shit was hella boring
Thank goodness. No mumble ass rappin, auto tune ish. REAL HIP HOP🤟🏽
Looks like a tape made of cocaine.
How is that even a question, his unreleased stuff is unmatched!!!
Doctor 😷 Nas back from the lab, with his finest research.
Literally listening to lost tapes today! 🔥
Dude should stop making music he hasn't made anything worth listening to since God's Son.
Nas out here lo0kin like Timbaland.
Nas too real with them Hamburger Helper gloves on
https://youtu.be/CB3tJ_5Uc1A I need this.
Just give us I Am... Nastradamus
I hope it’s better than that last album
I hope it ain't something like that shitty album he released last year
New generation kids who’s nas? Lame fucks
Not after watching him phone in a live show
I remember the first lost tape... Still haven't found it.😐
Dj premier should have the bulk of the production in there.. And other old school.. YESSSSSS. OLD School producers as well..
Hell yeah, he beta stick to tha boom bap tho.
HipHopDX.com7 days ago

Who heard this record fam?

Either die a legend or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
Drugs rule everything around me D.R.E.A.M. get the molly... molly molly kills yallllll
Y’all busy hating on this but don’t be bigging up the man for securing that bag ! That’s big for ghost ! Real shit 💯 WU DESERVES THAT RECOGNITION!
The Wu didn’t support the Drake inspired track but said OK to this?!? 🤣🤣
Keep it. Miley is the biggest culture vulture of our time 🦅🦅
The biggest sellout moment in hip hop this decade.
Just listened now bleaching my ears...
Glad yall listened so I ain't have to 🙏🏽
He is only there for 25 seconds lol
Ghost and Miley virus????
Ghost raps for 20 seconds on this track, at the end of the song...... as an outro
His verse is at the end of the song. Either he did it for $ or to reach a new audience.
fun fact ive had a song called d.r.e.a.m. for a year now https://m.soundcloud.com/armandpellini/d-r-e-a-m-prod-lezter
Not a bad song, just dont think ghostface killah shouldve been the feature
A surprising choice for Ghost but he’s still the greatest of all time
Miley Cyrus featuring M.O.P. - Get Banged On
If this is true, I'm disappointed Ghost ☹️
Fuck ghost face and anybody else hip hop that's working with her
Wu tang forever
Anyone see black mirror?
Ghostface a clown for that 1 🤡
Lashanda Greggs
No lmao
HipHopDX.com7 days ago

DJ Khaled is reportedly planning a massive lawsuit against Billboard for allegedly failing to count over 100,000 of Father Of Asahd sales.

We the 2nd best music
His album is garbage , Tyler created a masterpiece and he is winning fairly .
"We almost but not quite the best" might catch on if he shouts loud enough 🤷🏽‍♂️
Tyler is about to have so much fun with this. 😂😂😂
If you ask me, Khaled is lowkey, LOWKEY, extra hurt because Tyler looks the way he looks, and appeals to a certain type of audience. All I’m saying is that I doubt he’s happy about being second to someone he’d refer to as a “f**got”. 😕
Dear Khaled we're streaming and downloading Higher for Nips kids you can keep the rest of the album
Is DJ Khaled merch just other artists' merch sewn together with "we the best" and "another one" added in random places? 🤔🤔🤔
The dude never shuts his pie hole....his full of it. "We the best whiners!!!" How's that for a trade mark......album wasn't even good.
What’s Khaled’s talent? Go ahead, I’ll wait
The album was trash, didn’t even deserve to be in the top 20....but keeping it a buck, after reading the article, he had a valid argument 🤷🏾‍♂️
For those asking what is Khaled's talent.. He produces, is actually a good DJ, and can probably do some mixing in the studio as well. Plenty of DJs and producers make albums. I will agree that getting mad over a Billboard spot is corny though.
He’s protecting his brand. He named the album after his kid so his pride is at play here. He doesn’t want to take a L, so he’s gonna get his lawyers on the case.
Assembling a line up of artistes to make songs is also now considered some kind of talent and you become entitled to being on billboard too SMH 😂😂😂
Y’all trippin for getting at this man “The source point out Tyler’s bundle deal figures were included in his total sales, making the situation even more “unjust.””
First is the worst second is the best. Never forget
DJ Khaled looking more and more like a Mitch everyday now. Take your #2 debut album and be a dad fool.
Don't let this distract you from the fact DJ Khaled been on a diet for 5 years and hasn't really lost any weight 😂😂😂
The entire industry is smoke and mirrors. People buying bots to juke their sales numbers. 99,000 of those were probably fake hits from a server in India
The album Is a not Great... Nipsey Hussle is the only reason anyone listens and you’re starting to look real week with this shit....😤😭😫
Igor is a way better album! But hey what do I know, I'm just a beech neega from South Africa.
He probably bought the 100,000 copies himself.
Beside the song HIGHER. That album was trash just like everyone on it besides Nipsey and Common
But he dont do nothing but say Listen and we the best🤷
Khaled doing too much! 😂 hes not even that dope though
Forget all that.. Is there any good music on them albums? Thats the real question
HipHopDX.com1 week ago

HipHopDX would like to send our love & condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Bushwick Bill.

Cleveland Johnson
Eddie McGarrigle
A real one, talent an mc as I’ve personally seen skitzo is his best
This year Halloween fell on the weekend, me and Geto Boys are trick or treatin ...RIP BB🙏
my mind playing tricks on me 😢
Jah bless mi breddrin. Rest well in Zion Father Bill. Likkle in stature. But a GIANT in this worl'.
https://youtu.be/9_T0-Dk53ho. One of my favorite songs. Took verses from other songs to make a new song. RIP Bushwick Muthafuckin Bill
RIP little big man
Rest Up 👑🙌👏🙏🙇
RIP Buskwick Bill Still jam your verse on My mind playing tricks on me
HipHopDX.com1 week ago

Take this as #MondayMotivation 😂

It really do be like that
Tyler Rankin🤣
HipHopDX.com1 week ago


Jacqueer is a whole bixch in a mans body
The cedi sign on the cartoon is dope
That makes so much cents
Wtfff ☠️☠️🤣
Diana Melas
Rhiana Derrick
Prodie Scarborough
Josephine Paulo I wonder where is Penny 😂😂😂😂
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HipHopDX.com1 week ago

TMZ reports Bushwick Bill is “still alive and fighting cancer” in a hospital.

Rest in peace my brother ..
Shaking Owens
Melvin Figueroa Jr.
R.I.P the great !
God bless your soul and give him strength
Just been confirmed he passed 😥
Praying for you, Chuck...
Aubrey Honeycutt
Stay strong king, U got alot of support today.!
Jorge Bubba Jimenez
Herbert Eady
Bogard Talley
Travis Howell
Ashley Salvador
Louis Tee
Tshidiso Ledimo
This got me fucked up. Praying for ya.
Ever so clear
I litterlly just read he died
Stay Strong King 💪🏾👑🙏🏾 #PrayersUp
Hope he pulls thru but pancreatic cancer has one of the lowest survival rate of any type(around 3 %)../
Keep fighting Bill
Passed away😢
Oh snap my bad Bushwich hang in their Champ
hang in there bud
HipHopDX.com1 week ago

Now those are some “Stans.”

Eminem has the worst Stans base
Eminem's fans are far more annoying. Actually Eminem don't got no fans, he got d!CK riders.
One wonders how people can get so defensive about celebrities they do not know, people who are neither friends nor family. It is ridiculous to idolise anybody. One can appreciate the art of an artist without losing one's damn mind. It pays to separate the art from the artist. Thus, if said artist transgresses, you will not be in paroxisms of rage trying to defend his or her character. To invest your emotions in any famous person is folly in the extreme.
R Kelly is the KING of RnB else u ain't old enuf to understand DAT!
Watch everyone say Eminem have the worst fans like Beyonce’s ‘beyhive’ or Nicki Minaj’s ‘Barbz’ won’t threaten to kill you if you say ANYTHING bad about them or flood twitter feeds of celebrities who talk shit about Nicki or Bey 😒
R. Kelly is the king of R&P #notypo
Trump by far has the worst fan base. Lol
I still listen 👂 to R Kelly. I mean I don’t really listen to him but if he happens to come on the radio or even one of my playlist. I’m jammin to it. 😐
So we just gonna act like juggalos aren’t still a thing?
I still fuck wit R Kelly’s music....🤷🏾‍♂️
Well it’s fine. Am part of the worse fandom and I love it. Go fuck yourselves.
Meek Mill has the worst fan boys lol,they be like meek is the next Tupac.
Beyonce fans will send death threats, fym.
Only lame mfs still use the word Stans 😂😂 y'all try to hard to make yourself look cool on the book.
I love(d) R Kelly’s music. It’s wild and corny and fantastic. I generally try to separate the artist from the art in most cases. R Kelly’s misdeeds are too pervasive to ignore though. While I’ll never hate his music, I’ll never actively listen to it. 🤷‍♂️
I knew Em would get mentioned. Legends have fans that will ride for them. RKelly still has fans listening to him on the DL even though he is a chomo.
R.kelly still the king of r&b
Trump has the worse fan base 🤦🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️
Eh, its a debate. R Kelly fans aren’t giving folks death threats like Bey fans sooo...
It's usually the same people though
I’m not big into dissin fans but this might be on point.
Thia i$ my $tory and im $ticking to it ay ay aye 🎶🎶🎶🎧🎤
Nah Beyoncé wins her fans will actually kill if they really wanted to while Rkelly fans just support him even if he do wrong
Tom MacDonald and mgk have the worse fans
He has better music tho
HipHopDX.com1 week ago

Let’s discuss....

Number one album is based on numbers. How many people listened, bought, shared, liked and supported. It has very little to do with whether you had everyone in the world on your project.
Nope. Record sales just illustrate popularity. It doesn’t define quality.
Most top albums are based on fandom not quality. If it was quality Nipsey would have beat Cardi B for the Grammy
Fukk no the garbagest people be the hottest bc that's what most people support/ listen too!
Sometimes but in most cases its about the popularity of the project, and not always the project itself. There's been a lot of #1 hits and albums from artists who aren't all that talented. There's also been a lot of dope artists who people barely know about.
Is this even a real question? You guys are idiots.
No. Just means what was on it crossed over to a Caucasian fan base. Great that it got more ears, but in no way do sales determine quality. Even though the first argument of a fool is “well album sales”
Everybody has a different taste of music!! What might be a #1 album for some may not be #1 for others!! Billboard charts illustrate #1 albums that i thought were crap!!
Nope, cause if the gimmick is right it will do numbers
Not in anyway shape or form because Mac Millers last album “swimming” was a work of art and didn’t get the recognition it deserved. It was a number #1 album in my mind
The fact that you even asked this shows you need your name changed. Take Hip-Hop out of it. Just be DX. Yeah sounds right.
The Bar is low nowadays anyways.. so no, #1 album doesn’t mean it’s an absolute. In some cases it’s just a popularity contest.
Not in todays music game. #1 album means nothing. Artists gotta sell bundles just to get 150k in sales.
Crooked I has hip hop weekly going right now and it will be better than most 95% of bullshit that comes out.
Yes, only if you care about money and being a pop artist. No, if you care about hip hop culture and what it has meant for four decades.
zero correlation imo. but since quality is subjective, my answer could be completely wrong.
No, but it’s a factor. Being able to make songs people like just important of a skill as being able to “spit”.
Nope. Music doesn't have to impress musicians to impress listeners. And an album doesn't have to be good to draw curiosity; half the time, it's the name and the marketing alone that people are spending money for, not the actual product.
Not at all. There’s much more to the ranking than qualify of music. Nowadays they focus more on what’s going on around the music, than the actual music itself, which explains the state of the game.
It should but these days they only care about numbers
Hell no it's usually just marketing/media hype and the amount of money behind the project, popular doesn't mean quality
McDonald's sells more hamburgers than anyone. Best burger you ever had?
The real question is, is this a real question?
Stop hating on Tyler, the creator. Thats dj khalids job.
DJ Khaled thinks so 😂 😆 🤣
HipHopDX.com1 week ago

Let’s discuss....

Nope, because Nip’s album should have beat Cardi’s for example. His was a great body of work compared to her’s....
Invasion of Piracy won the grammy over VICTORY LAP. Let that sink in
Vanilla ice had one of the highest selling albums of all time. That should answer your question.
#1 anything according to the numbers is pretty much always going to be about the numbers. Quality isn't determined by position.
Hell no. Why is this question even posted?
No.. book of Ryan, was a musical masterpiece with no mainstream recognition except by the real hip hop enthusiasts
How could it. It must be the merit of the projects content...or else we’d have to bring up Vanilla Ice all the time.
I just know DJ Khaled is behind all this mess 😂🤣😂🤣
No...there are a large number of great albums out there that have never left soundcloud...bc record labels and the gp are only fed what the label wants you to hear...lol
No. Remember that álbum called illmatic? It wasn't a sucessfull sales wise but every hip Hop head know it was a classic.. and we don't event care about sales...
No it determines popularity
Future has more number one albums than Nas, it doesn’t make him a better rapper 🤷🏻‍♂️
Only determines good marketing & anticipation
It doesn’t determine it. But I think it’s one of the many factors that should be considered when judging the quality of an album.
It should. I never looked at sales to determine album success. If it is put together well and the quality of the music is good and you’re not skipping tracks, NUMBERS DONT MATTER. Especially now in the streaming era when all you really need is one or two hits
Drake and nikki been no.1 so no lol
Is body of work and quality the same thing?
Nope! Plenty of “trash” albums went #1. You know a great body of work when you can listen to it all the way through. Not just a couple of singles. DJ Khalid new album is a great body of work.
No it should but it doesn't
Khaled we know that's you stop playin.
No .#1 means big fan base
In no way shape or form does this ever happen. I believe its all based on sales and popularity
No...it determines how much money the label has to buy radio spots and market it even though it took 10 people to write it and its complete dog shit.
Not when 75-80% of "so-called" sales are streams. In the mid 90's early 00's there were albums selling more bootleg CD copies each week than about every album the last few years sells in actual CD, Vinyl & downloads sell over it's sales run.
In general no because there is quality work that just doesn’t get noticed all the time.
HipHopDX.com1 week ago

Does Khaled have a right to be mad?

Congrations Khaled. You played yourself!
Only 2 good songs, for sure was the nas & nipsey feature, tyler well deserved #1
Naw. This was his worst album ever in my opinion. Love Khaled though. Just was really disappointed in the work. Super trash. Only good songs were the ones we already heard forever ago as radio singles. He’ll bounce back. It just sounds really cookie cutter commercial
Statik Selektah is 1,000,000 times better than Khaled.... and doesn’t even get the recognition this guy gets. And Statik puts out 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 albums.
No. Khaled literally doesn’t do anything great. He puts people on songs together. They are rarely even good songs. Plus, if they are good, it’s not because of him. Not sure who is more annoying, him or Funk Flex.
It takes a special type of talent to take a line up like that and make an album that bad. 🗑
Maybe when he actually produces then we will appreciate it more.
Real talk I am shocked Tyler the Creator out did him, but Khaled is a money guy. 💁🏿‍♂️ Art is not his passion
This nigga thinks if you put 5 mainstream rappers on a track while he yells isn’t guna get old lol
Just cause you say " we the best" doesn't mean you are ...
Lazy uninspired music. Fuck him
You gotta deserve to be number 1, not to beg for.
It definitely shocked me, people usually don't like good music, they don't appreciate albums like the Tyler one, they rather listen to a fat dude screaming "Anotha one" the whole song
Khaled albums never jam to me honestly. Maybe a hit or two...but never a complete album
Come on let’s face it, Khaled’s album are shit. 2-3 good songs on each album and the rest is repetitive filler.
He thought that nipsey feature would secure the win
You ain’t the best no moe nigga lol
True album trash 2 good songs nothin else
How u get mad u got like the same 6 lyrics on everysong
Lmao think Tyler has a cult like following and is loyal to his fans and dj Khaled likes to tell us how he doesn't eat his wife's vagina for whatever reason and when you think of dj Khaled all you think about is "DJ KHALED!!!" and how annoying it is
Promotes positivity but ungrateful for what he’s got in life.. prob lost a lot of money on getting artists on the album 👀👀
Khaled hasn't put out a good album since (2008) We Global. Ever since then with each album his shit gets lamer and lamer.
He’s #1 on the fat chart and scales 🙌🏿
It sucked 🤷🏻‍♂️ get over it and go wipe your vagina, Khaled.
Dj Khalid is Compering him self with a rapper who Writes, record and Produce his songs.....
HipHopDX.com1 week ago

Aye bro Casanova, what’s going on here? 🤔

Guess he'll be next on the sexaul assault charts🤣Bet the chick saying imma get paid now. Keep taping📈🤣
2 years later hes on the stand for sexual assault
Atlest he no running around wearing dresses
He can't wait to eat her ass😂😂😂😂😂and that's standard😒😎
Dont break her legs 🦵. Forced dem mfers back😂😂😂 Be easy bro
That's how it's supposed to go down.
the man name himself Casanova 🤷🏾‍♂️ so jokes on yall!!
Niggas do worse then roll the blunt!
Then he discovers it's a man.. And it doesn't change his mind anyway..
50 Wild 😂 I'd love to see him bust his mouth
That’s his wife. So what? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Feels good to see real life american sexual slangs being used here. Under 30% are only understood though.
Also heard two nos 🚩🤣
Name of song??
Helll nawwwww
Ewwwwww toe jam
Boy on that lean
That nigga a freak freak 🤔😳😂
Lmao that would be a good fight...50 will fuck him up for sure tho
I love fofty
Rochell LeBlanc Kwadwo Rochelle Jamaal Anthony DuJuan Gwess Gj MrCeo TMCA?
Johnny Moore
HipHopDX.com1 week ago

TMZ just f***ed up!

With all that health issues going on.... I don’t think that cocaine usage was the best choice to be doing!!!
T.i. Just expects everyone to follow what he does lol he couldn’t even stick to his Gucci ban
Fuck that I’m to deep to not see wtf going on in hip hop we ain’t boycotting shit
TMZ should’ve been cancelled a long time ago.
is it really boycotting if I don't follow TMZ before this?
T.i put his family in the spotlight but is mad when their in the spotlight 🤦🏾‍♂️
Is he stupid? This gives TMZ only more views, and attention. Use your fucking head. If you want some action against TMZ for this, the Social media egotistical bullshit is NOT the right way to do it. Grow the fuck up.
TI is a bum ass dude always trying to boycott should change his name to B.I.
That's what tmz does cry me a river lol
Truth is she died from coke. Truth also is that she was more than her habit. There's no blame to be had. They reported how she died and could've included more of who she was but they weren't wrong for reporting what happened. Its also pretty hard to defend being a trap rapper who built his career off of talking about drug dealing and then now try to hold TMZ accountable for reporting about her death from drugs. Hypocrisy much TI?
What was the last boycott? Gucci? How's that going?
Nah, I'm Gucci. Lol see what I did there
Boycott drugs, not TMZ
But people out here doing the most like TMZ pays thier bills 😂 .....please his sister wasnt famous and is dead now ... not cool what they did at all ...
Man that's some bulshit don't get mad at mother f******TMZ for telling the truth for telling it like it is
I agree it was in poor taste to run the story but that's how she died it ain't TMZ's fault
Wait didn’t he used to sell crack?
He boycotts anything and everything smh. Always been a fan i jus dont kno anymore bout these rappers lol
His fame is the reason his sisters business is out there so he needs to boycott his damn self...... He ain't special.
Tmz stupid anyway. Same people watch that the kardashians and the realworld 🤣
She was still a coke head haha boycott or not
Lmao this guy is a joke , he wants you to boycott everything he doesn't like ... The aunt was a coco head .... Face the facts , he just mad that TMZ is realer than him and told the truth cuz I'm sure they lied to those kids about the substance abuse
Tmz, SNL, Family Guy and Law & Order are my absolute fav shows on TV. I ain’t boycotting shit.
We should boycott him for exposing the world to Iggy's untalented ass lol!
oh so the ever so gangsta t.i. is easly upset and gets offended by this. it's a reason to be upset. but after all he has been through. this should be cake walk. 3. his whole family has a reality show and he is a big star. so you should known this comes apart ofthe teriority.
HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

This is what happens on an NYC train 😩

Shoot the camera man and the uploader
Was it a rat or something, maybe I’m too high right now but I didn’t see anything.
Having a car is so dope. NY to NJ to CT to wherever. Fuck sitting with bums. Save your money and get out of that bullshit.
Worst vid in Internet history.
Yes! Discrimination against rat 🐀, rats 🐀 lives matter too god damn it 🤷🏾‍♂️
Why was he recording upside down?
Click bait bullshit. As someone from the south that barely figured out how to use that system.. i saw and participated in way more craizier shit than this and loved every fucking second of it.
Big city of dreams, you might get fooled if you come from out of town .......
That train is missing one thing....someone trying to sell something, candy bars whatever.it might be
It's crazy to see full grown adults screaming and running from rats like children. Weak.
What a waste of time
Gabrielle Willis you would have handled business
Crazy shit
Cristina Melendez
Jonathan Alomar let's go to new york
HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

Big K.R.I.T. has unveiled the release date for his next LP.

Kenny Murdock
Incredible artist, one of my favourites.
KRIT is very underrated and under appreciated.
Steven Robertson
Don Digi Howard
Chris Baldwin Michael Baldwin
Sem Christis
Great summer for HipHop
His last album was amazing
Gabriella Janae
Shaun Price
Easily one of the most underrated rappers of all time
Cameron Ornelas
Yh it's time to listen to a true artist He's so fuckin underrated
Rickard Svenningsson ❤️❤️❤️
Patrick Pattin
Get your subs right! Multi til the sun die
Stephen DeGrate
One of the most underrated ever
Brandon M Hargett
Joey Pacino
I'm definitely copping this. He one of the best 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Can’t wait ⚔️⚔️
This shit will be 🔥 This is a true artist right here
I got an offer please Download my latest official release So_Bad. Www.datafilehost.com/d/c9343683
HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

Chicago rapper EBE Bandz — otherwise known as Billy Da Kid — has been reportedly missing since May 26th.

Ok thanks but Public Announcement: We are 6 months INTO 2019, please change your toothbrush and deworm. Thank You!!!✌️
Rapture took him out on a date, y'all ain't got to worry 😂
They found him dead in the trunk of his own car days ago 🙄
Is there a more hazardous occupation than a Chicago Rapper?
He lived up to his name.
Just because you attempt to make so-called music doesn't mean you're a rapper or an artist.
Came here for the snoop dogg gif
He put a gun in a 16 year old girls face...in Chicago of all places smh. I’m sure she got some fam or friends that wouldn’t let that shit slide with a “I’m sorry”. He should’ve known that was gonna come with some consequences 🤷🏾‍♂️.
Cory Hanlon
Dont nobody care
Yeah his name big out here in Chicago but mofucka probably let’s his mouth run faster than he can shoot.
Ummmm I believe he is no longer with us. Allegedly his body was found in his trunk.
I thought this was bam margara till I read the headline
His album is about to drop next week
Maybe he went back to normal life cause he realized he couldn’t cut it.
Bruh he’s frickin dead 🤦🏾‍♂️
They did ole billy old west style ??? lol
He’s dead for sure
🤷‍♂️ idk who that is so I guess he'll stay missing.
Maybe you dont recognize him because he got another face tat
Never heard of this dude...
who cares