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State Of California Goes After French Montana Over Big Tax Bill

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The Internet Reacts To Cardi B Announcing Split From Offset

My get married if you are not sure.
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Check Out Cardi B and Offset's Baby, Kulture

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Cardi B Named Billboard's Top New Artist For 2018

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Cardi B Appears In Court, Sticks Out Tongue, Rapper Hit With A Restraining Order

Jill Eh
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Finese2Tymes Sentenced To Prison On Federal Weapons Charge

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Vince Staples Joins Pharrell & DeRay McKesson To Talk Social Justice & Politics

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Quality Control Gets Lil Baby An Expensive Gift For His Birthday

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Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Kevin Hart Allowed To Continue In Court

‪Fuck Kevin Hart. No justification for his actions regardless of the timeframe. No need for him to hide behind CONSPIRACIES or being a COMEDIAN to make the situation trivial ‬
Kevin gets what he deserves. He left Black causes years ago. No tears shed.
O God. For what for words. Funny How now it's a Issue and Now they seem to know what he said. But when he was being the puppet they wanted. That tweet was no worry to be found. Hmmmmmm?
Wowwwwwwwwww wrddddd what now u heardddd
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Buju Banton Tastes Freedom & Returns To Jamaica

He ought to grow now
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Blood Orange - “Dagenham Dream”

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Trensetta x Vez - "Trash"

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Avengers 4 Trailer Is Here And More Questions Emerge

Because that's what they want you to do
Stupid ass advertising couldn’t even watch the whole trailer
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Kanye West Commemorates XXXTentacion's Death By Releasing A Line Of Clothing

Vulturing once again.
Commemorate or EXPLOIT?
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Hip-Hop Vs. George Bush Sr. - A List Of Rap Songs Protesting The Late POTUS

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Offset's Side Piece Summer Bunni Says He Needs To Be With Her On "Don't Matter"

These niggaz giving thots fame
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Cinematic’s Lil Trevo Claims He’s “Here To Stay” With Latest Mixtape

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Travis Scott - "Yosemite"

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Rate Eminem's Daughter Haillie's Bars

This isn’t Hallie Allhiphop 😂😂👎🏼
For the last fucking time, that's not his daughter. But she does have barz though
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Shoreline Mafia - 'OTXmas'

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Gucci Mane - "Evil Genius"

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Pounds - 'Bag" Ft Pee Wee Kirkland

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Kylie Jenner Blasts YouTuber For Spreading Fake "Cheating" Photo Of Travis Scott

Why care if y'all are together?
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Diddy Talks Fatherhood After Kim Porter's Death

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Jonathas - "L.I.F.e" Ft. Kydd Jones, Mistah F.A.B.

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J.I.D. Talks Upcoming Project With No I.D. And Nearly Signing To Quality Control

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Jeez! Bun B Has Beef With One Of Pimp C's Homies!

Bun b is a legend🔥
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Soulja Boy Unveils New Line of Watches And Games

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Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khaled To Pay Hundreds Of Thousands Over $32 Million Scam

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Kodak Black To Face Rape Trial In April

Lotta rappers rapin these days instead of rappin whats up with that
Kendal Ryan fraud and rape bro 😁
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Kevin Hart Steps Down From Oscar Hosting Gig After Old Homophobic Tweets Emerge

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Missy Elliott Talks Writing Hit Songs For Aaliyah, Monica & Fantasia

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Travis Scott Lawyers Up, Prepares To Battle Tommy Lee In Court Over Stage Design

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Meek Mill Drops An Album & All Hell Breaks Loose With Kanye, Jay And Rick Ross!

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5 Reasons Black Thought Should Be In Your Top 5

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Prayers up for Ty Dolla $ign 🙏

He going to jail not to the cemetery
Prayers for what? You act like he in the hospital bout to die.
How about take responsibility like a man
Nah I ain't praying for him😂
Pray fa what?? He chose the Coco, now take them charges
Just here to read comments
Simple possession. It's not that serious. Especially for a celebrity with no priors. Hel likely get probation, mandatory drug treatment and fines. Hel be absolutely fine.
"Niggas" are gonna be stupid as usual and start saying "free TY!"
Am from Africa i have no intentions whatsoever of becoming a superstar and live inbUSA coz its just bad how my brothers get treated its even worse now under 18s are made to be fellonies, and people who atleast made it nicely are painted as bad character tell me how is it possible that all black heroes are rapist Morgan Freeman,R Kelly,Bill Cosby,Michael Jackson and many more its a pitty i feel for u i wish one day you fight for your rights fully
he's still in jail?
Nah it's his problem. Rot
Andy Gibson
dont be hanging around coke heads lmfaoo
Thiky Rogers
You have to live with the choices that you make. Pray for him??? Not at all! Feel sorry for him??? Not in the least!!! #consequencesandrepercussions
Good. Lock up all these no-talent cunts for poisoning our youth with their shitty music.
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Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj 🎂 What's your favorite Nicki song? #HappyBirthday #NickiMinaj

Happy birthday nicki wish you many more years to come keep on doing your thing us as your fans we will support yew no matter what cause the will always be haters but just know that we are with yew all the way.Anaconda,Barbie dreams,Bed,Pillz n Potion, Ganja burn
None of them. Nikki is hot garbage.
Happy Birthday Nicki,you deserve the best today do you be you dont worry bout the them Haters.relax&have fun...love ya!Keep it Real FoReal
Happy belated birthday l love you so much...from Tshepang Kabai
I love all her fucking songs.
Oh my gush Queen of rap happy birthday Nicki Minaj luv u Let em hate but u r always on top 🤗😘
All of Nicki songs I love them especially Barbie dream Happy birthday Nicki
You are so special Queen always know I love you 💖💖💖
She's still never come close to topping her verse on 'monster' from 8 years ago.
I just like to watch her music videos 😍😍😍
Ok... makes sense. Charitable, Loud, Feisty, fashionista. A real Sagittarius.
Happy Bornday Beautiful Woman
I like the one where she pretends to be good.
Anaconda, Right by my side, and Run up
Happy bornday ... Super bass,touchin love and all eye's on you
Champion Super bass I lied Bed of lies. I'm the best
Roman’s Revenge.
Happy birthday!!!
Happy Bday💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🎉🎉🎉🎊
Goodform""Happybirthday sweedy
Her verse on Monster 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nicki Minaj did it on em
I love you nicki minaj no matter what I still love you
Happy birthday
Roman revenge Ft. Eminem
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Chicago-born rapper Canon doesn’t want to be boxed in by his Christian beliefs.

While he’s not the type to shy away from professing his spirituality in his music, he’s also not opposed to working with artists of all types of backgrounds.

Hip Hop culture will show America it's faults within society, but will also demonstrate how we can redeem ourselves as a country. To hopefully correct the direction we head towards. (Check yo self, before you wreck yourself) If I was to use a metaphor describing America (as a concept/idea) I'd say USA has been acting like hardcore fans rioting after their team won the championship. We took WWII victory to the head, and now we realize we've been assholes about it. The minority of people who've claiming to be "patriots" (who uphold "White Male Priveledge" which is shrouded in Christianity) will continue to cling on to those primitive tribalistic concepts, as long as they're afraid. They're afraid of being judged (that's all)... But what if we could change their minds through culture? (any culture) My theory is, if we can show people that we can "forgive them". Maybe we might get a different tune from them. I'm not saying change their minds completely, but if you can change their mind on one particular thing, it starts a chain reaction. They key is to kill them with kindness. 😁✌️ Hip Hop does have to change it's approach, in order to showcase a more "All Inclusive" environment. Guys have to stop arguing over trivial shit, like top 5 list or GOATS. Just focus on the culture, and hip hop will save us (just an idea) lol. 😁 "With all my respect" -spec (The hip hop philosopher)
house n-word
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

The Kingston native was arrested in 2009.

Me no care😂
Sabrina Trusty
Welcome back Buju!!!!
Now free world boss
Francis Mukamba
Brad Murphy
Raymond Reynoso
Your coming out alone shows that the world loves you ❤️💛💚
welcome back buju i cant wait for some new music frome you
Khaya Thonjeni
Boom bye bye
Ye man gone
Miguel Whiteman
Going harder 💪💪💪💪
Driver don't stop at all!!
Welcome back, Buju!
Adam Grahm
I’m glad he’s out to bring back the hot reggae music 🎶
Guess bucha man can start copying em again
GAgamel is nack
Buju free!
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

Are we getting too sensitive as a society?

Uhm, that would be just about the biggest YES ever.
Snowflakes are gonna put entertainers out of jobs. If you don't like him or his comedy don't watch/listen... just cuz a group of people is sensitive and cries about shit all the time, shouldn't ruin what some of us perceive as entertaining, whether it's right or not. It's for laughs. Get a sense of fucking humor!
Todays society are a bunch of pussies
Asking a bunch of hip-hop heads about language use is like asking the current president about race: they only have one point of reference and nothing to really back it up with.
If it was a racial slur no one would forgive him 🤷🏽‍♀️
Freedom of speech trying to get rid of it It's just a double edge sword
You can’t say the word that rhymes with mag nowadays if you do FB will suspend you
Batty Bwoy soon run di worl'.
I think not that much, we are just exposed to the internet trolling and idiotism more then before.
So not about music again?
We been that way for a while now. And gettin worse
Y all asking answers wtf yes
People are so emotional nowadays.. it's unbelievable, all in their feelings. So much for having thick skin.
Kevin's Heart
We becoming pusginas
Uh yeah. Not even a question, just a statement
Yeah we are
YES! Way too damn sensitive! Smh
You think?
Naw it’s just racism
To many snowflakes these days..
sensitive types would say yes
Please understand that Kevin Hart made that "joke" when people weren't so mother fuckin sensitive! IT'S A JOKE! Get over it!
The United States is full of a bunch of pussies.
Hell yes these mf’s is offended by everything
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

A Hip Hop love story gone sour..

a story of two talentless hacks.
You guys do realize that you shard 4-5 articles about a RELATIONSHIP. Has nothing to do with music, nothing to do with news, nothing to do with the culture. You might as well change your name from HipHopDX to TMZ
No. No we don’t like it.
Nah, we don't like it
Why y'all posting about this irrelevant b.s. ? This page posts a lot of isht that ain't Hip Hop, I'm done
Tell us more about it(heavy on the sarcasm).
Bro, ice cube's new album dropped yday and I haven't heard a peep of it from you guys.. Fail!
Hip hop love story 😂😂 some shit Yal tryna push on everybody
In cardi B voice, yeah I like it like that loll
Nothing to see here. Move along.
I like his blazer
Hey look not music again
I’m convinced women run HipHopDx.com.
No they thought being on IG with their business was Poppin look where it got them Oh shit a verse 😂🤣
She got so many Grammy nominations. Nicki won't be happy. There's a new queen in hip hop
Queena Bee u like tea
So HipHopDX is being paid by Atlantic as well to push this news out? We all know this is a publicity stunt for Offsets new album 💀💀 ya'll suckers for real..
He’s corny anyway‼️
I got bread older than that ans its stale just like that relationship was
Collaborative Branding
Migos are corny, with their mumbling and skinny pants.
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Gucci Mane’s latest work is the follow-up to last December’s El Gato: The Human Glacier. Guests on Guwop’s new LP include Bruno Mars, Quavo, Kevin Gates, 21 Savage and Kodak Black, among others.

Listen to Gucci's new album below:

this going hard all the way
I wonder what other artists See's on Kodak Black... Or maybe he's very cheap when it comes to a feature
🗣 It's Gucci
It’s hard
copped it
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

"I'm sorry that I hurt people."

I think he's a puppet being used by the media and government agendas and the lbgt oppression propaganda Dr Umar Johnson has explained in alot of YouTube videos
It’s crazy it’s not like he said it angrily he said it during a performance, a spectacle. That’s wild smh
Y’all better delete every social media account before you become famous
The batty bwoy dem got a lot of power these days.
People are sensitive now a day's
I'm tired of people being forced to apologize. This society is pussy...
You Americans get offended so easily
If people can't take apologies up to now several years later then we are more not human ,if Kevin has to step down over comment he already apologised for and still y'all ungrateful people won't let it go,then where do you expect people who are straight to understand y'all . Granted this subject is touchy but people should stop being sensitive and start being human again .Make Humans ,humans again ,happy birthday IAM MISEE
😑Comedians shouldn't have to feel sorry about anything, that's censorship.
That's y dave Chappelle will always be better... he wouldn't of gave a fuck
2018 where everyone is offended by everything
10 years ago and apologized on the topic many times already? Really, Kevin Hart cops short jokes about himself all the time but it's ok to do him like this? Like a black man don't have it hard enough already! The world has gone wack and all props to him for sticking to his guns! Keep it 💯 Kevin they just trying to find anything they can to destroy everything you've worked hard for and built.
Cum on guys i was going to tell a gay joke butt Fuck it
Why does he have to apologize? He was entertaining. Smh
Fuck shit that happened 11 years ago player haters. Good move Fuck them
Do not be...u are a human and u have a right for opinion...
lol He's a comedian. It's literally his job to talk shit,,
Uhhhh pretty sure he's a comedian. .
Gays are more petty than a scorned baby mama
Everyone needs to be just as vocal in support of freedom of speech as people are that get offended by everything. Especially if you DON'T agree with what was said. That's the only way to win this bs game
Someone who's actually funny can take his place now as long as he's black
You didn't hurt nobody. Snowflakes are gonna be snowflakes regardless 🙄
Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere. 🤦
Isn't the point of comedy to be Offensive?
Political correctness is gonna kill Comedy
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Taxes are unforgettable.

Taxes are unforgettable. I'm dying over here 😂😂😂
Somebody should just slap his ass for dropping those wack ass rhymes #PowPow😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Never knew what he looked like. Def looks like a French man living in Montana.
Spent all the money on 928473 features for his next album, lord knows he can’t make a good song alone
Taxation is theft
Is this the guy that's famous for going out with a Kardashian?
I ctfu at this caption
Lmao come on B
HipHopDX.com4 days ago


Wtf. She’s got those long ass E.T. Fingers.
Your top fans are only top because they complain the most lmfao
Should just call this page TMZ: Hip Hop
"hu sad Iwuzlftofbadnboogie"
New or leans 🤔😂😂😂😂
This page needs to rename itself Hip-Hop Drama. That's all you post about.
Damn aresnio fingers
Cuban Doll needs to take a golden shower ...
Wtf is up wit those long ass naila
Heard her rap today... What kinda prettyfaced garbage was that 😮😮😮
Long ass fingers
New or leans
Her music Wak though 😂
Them fingers tho🙄wow
I'm here for the comments 😂🤣
Who cares there all trash
Cool, cuz I was totally losing sleep over this bullshit...
Bitch stupid🤷🏽‍♂️
Is that only I see that inner ugliness on that suppose to be pretty face🧐? Maybe cause she looks exactly like that stupid cash me outside dumbass...!?
These thots be funny 😂😂🤣
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

She told The Sun X's murder was an "inside job".

"Someone unrelated to hip hop sues someone unrelated to hip hop"
All this over a dead kid.. Money.. The root of all this evil.. He ain't resting in peace
in my honest opinion it was a mad setup he was supposed to meet lil tay that day coincidence?
More hip hop drama.
You hate seeing this stuff get messy
The Half Sister Should’ve Kept Her Mouth Shut 🤐
So not about music?
No shit... All these Candy rappers are parasites that surround themselves with dogshit..... What do you expect?
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Cardi B’s breakup with Offset just became messier.

Thotomus Prime
Okay now companies tryna Promote the shit out of stuff using this break up Entertainment industry is weird lmao
offset got set up
Who... fuckin... cares!!!
🤣Harusha of all ones!
you remind me of amber rose
Slow day in Hip Hop?
Nobody gives a shit
It be the ones close to you 😆😆😆
Real music here https://www.datafilehost.com/d/8dd4dfdc https://audiomack.com/song/trill-gang-3/catch-a-vibe-prod-by-mthist
I saw this before it begin... How can you start a relationship with a child...the last thing
Well, now I understand some of the things she said on the new joint she did with Kehlani (Ring)..., "you ain't hit me up in a while, acting like you don't know the number to dial, you quitting that's it, I'mma throw in the towel, cos a nigga only gon do what you allow... ", among others.
Damn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃
Son rebook o son nike
Tell me something I don’t know
Whores are everywhere, who cares
Would you be able to listen to Cardi B talk to you all day? Bitch is obnoxious
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

"It’s never gonna go nowhere." - Gucci Mane

Sam Robinson
Could have happened but we were lucky Gucci...unlike Mac Miller:(
Oliver Robles
Yeah it’s called O.D.!!
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

That'll do it.

Lachlan Calvert
hey look another article not about hip hop...
New or lean? Wtf
The rap industry just full of fake rappers just be porn Stars shit all they do is fuk
One obnoxious broad wasn’t enough?
Lmao new or lean as in new Orleans?
Aj Moore Brittany Rose
Sounds like the HipHopDX is Spreading Rumors like ladies lol. Smh
Ruwa the plot thickens
Dania Francesca
New or lean Baha. She probably left his ass for that right there alone 😂😂😂
Dude got caught shooting his shot what a shame🏀🏀🏀
It was worth it!
Wait with who?? Where do these people get these names from? 😂
Cats are hella sloppy out here
Cardi got some binoculars!!!
Cardi is a queen for not going off on a tirade and make a scandal.
Is anyone surprised? Lol
If you gonna cheat you gotta cheat up and if it’s two women you should be off the hook
Peace out Hip Hop DX!
Samantha Flanders
I wonder if this is true or if they little stunt went to far.
Looks like he still about that life
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Another one?

im sure this page is own by a white lady who doesnt listen to hip hop
Back to back
We are expecting something more #Greater cause this album is great #Championship.. Top story for the #Season #motivation 🚨📀💥💪💖💯
I mean he’s not.. he said it in his interview today.. so yeah there’s that..🤦‍♂️
He said on breakfast club he was trolling
What if he put out another album nobody is gonna buy like the other one?? Lol what I read
The mill!!!
What if
How many more beats can he jack at this point?
Both will be 🚮
I don't think so. Took him this long to make champions.
Kevin Raffael Rahman bittteeee
Ask him mill what do you want?
Let the bomb drop
This is what happens when people gass you up lol someone tell to stop 🛑 it he doin to much
Well to be fair his latest one ain’t that hot for me the only track worth going back to is free
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Wow 😮. Congrats Drizzy‼️

You got a couple of ghost writers but to these kids it don't actually matter 🤷🏽‍♂️
McDonald's has over 10 billion trash burgers sold too. ...
You sold 10 million albums, eh... only problem is you put out 10 million albums, eh
He can sell a billion for all i care, one thing he can never be is to be labelled as one of the greats
Let’s put this into perspective: 1. The list is made up of the “Highest MALE solo artist in the US.” 2. The list is calculated by adding singles and albums. 202m of Drake’s sales came from singles while 18m came from albums, which compared to other artists is significantly low. 3. Not hating on Drizzy, but taking album sales only as a fair count, he would have been 5th on the lost with Elvis Presley MILES ahead of anyone (137m), then MJ with 80m, Em at 51m, Tim McGraw 37.5m, Jay-Z at 32.5m then Drake. Personally I don’t think using single sales is a fair metric because if an artist releases an album of 10 tracks and then releases each individual track as singles then that’s pretty sly way of getting sales up to show an artist’s lucrativeness, especially if you release singles prior to the release of the album.
Bullshit. No way he passed Eminem.
Eminem fans ain't taking the news too well i see
Eminem is the best selling hip hop artist world wide of all time. Stop posting this fake bullshit.
Congrats drake. You don't have to be a drug addict or gangster to be a good artist
Lots of sad 14 year old girls streaming music I suppose.
Just take him out the rap category and we good
GRODT and the Massacre sold much more in the US than everything Drake put out (his 5 albums) lol. Not to mention worldwide. Drake isnt even top 20 in Rap / Hip Hop of all the Time. Streaming is is irrelevant.
looool that joke. He sold not even 10 Million worldwide. Even the Game sold more. Drake is still a noname, nobody wil remember him in 10-15 years.
and still isn't even in the same world as MJ or Prince
Are u sure ? I Thought that Em is the best selling albums artist of all time 😑
An achievement, nonetheless. But if hip hop was as widely accepted 20 year ago as it is now, and the internet was around, would this post be here? (This is more pop music, than hip hop anyways)
Maybe most streamed defo not most sold 😂😂😂.. #fakenews
Actual disc sales or are we counting streams?
Yet he's Canadian. ..USA the land of milk and honey. ..that's only if you're white or Canadian 🤣🤣 if you're both...shiiiid!!!😂😂😂😂
Passing Tupac and Eminem doubtful
"My mentions are jokes, but they never give me the facts This isn't that, can't be ignorin' the stats Based off of that, they gotta run me the max They gotta run me the max, they gotta double the racks" #CantIgnoreTheStats
Because Gays are Buying this Garbage
Congrats. Now let me read some hatters comments rsrsrs
Thank goodness it didn’t say rapper, emcee or hip hop artist. 🙌🏽👏🏽
Congrats Drizzy you the king of sales.
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

😂😂😂 Sure she does.

Reporting as spam...
Seriously who the fuck cares, this page needs to go back to music and not be a TMZ for failed marriages
"She wasnt aware hw serious the marrige was"
I would beg her to stop dropping that wack shit #BigFactz i would beg her to stop misleading these young queens that's coming up #BigFactz
Unfortunately offset is now upset...
Celebreties drama with their contract romances,so irritating.
Got her TMZ moment LoL trash TV
Shouldn’t it be him? https://media3.giphy.com/media/CDJo4EgHwbaPS/giphy.gif?cid=4bf119fc5c09369d7a2e4f4c363f8b32
My wife left me after 8 years..do any of you care?
Tears n all dat haha
Let’s be real, cardi don’t seem so mad about this, she said it’s just not working out with them, like he probably knocking off hoes all the time so it’s like whatever
This page is becoming more TMZ and less hip hop every day. =(
Summer Bunni?? Lmao 😂
She didn’t know “how serious the marriage was”........just another dumb hoe.
I wouldn't beg that hoe for nothing
May they all die of cancer
HipHopDX.com4 days ago


Thom, Nes, Brzostek, Ennio
Jack Lally Dave Mellett James Gallagher we bounce Brooklyn to fuck
Ian Foust
Yoann Durand
Alas! Actual Hip Hop news 👐🏽
that is what we have been waiting
Andrew Mohamed
Sinclair Shepler you tryna go to Brooklyn and crash at my brothers ? 😂
Ni Msoch 💯🎤🎤🎧
Melijuicy Eli
Rough like timberland wear , yeeeeeahh !!!
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

On the heels of the Championships album, Meek Mill is already teasing his fans with another project that could arrive before the year is up.

Good, because Championships was just OK.
Wouldn’t be that hard to be fair
Steven Stewart
Meek Milly still makes reall music👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Maxim Max
Sean Price -Mic Tyson
He could drop a better one but next year not this year Championship is the best this year
And it Will be named NickyMinajPussy😂👏🔥
Championship was trash.. so?
Meek Mill made a good album?
Most of the trash talkers cant even put a verse together 🤔
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Cardi B finally shares the first picture of her daughter Kulture. 😀

If you're making fun of a child....try taking a look at your lil water head ass alien
Too many revelations in 1 day like damn!!!!kulture is so beautiful...
Ppl stop bein mean its not the babies fault the parents r dumasses
thats not real. because on May 1 there was a russian scientist named Josovochorchid voahcochillichvuichi le. why didnt you read the name ? I'm not going to continue my story.
once a tripper always a stripper😂😂😂 offset cock ddnt make it though
That is the cutest baby I’ve seen!
She looks like Chris Brown 😂😂😂😂
It's almost as bad as naming your kid "ABCDE"
Look like she cheated with Carmelo Anthony 🤣
Fuck me dead. Kulture? Get me off this planet A.S.A.P. I don't even know why this shit showed up on my Facebook, but, someone come shoot me.
That's not her bby.. Them pics TMZ got of that bby are different
Why is it so hard for celebs giving the baby just a normal name?
More like throat Kulture.... Am i right??
Poor kid.....
Whats her name? Kulture B?😂
why offset like photo, lol
I thought of Carmelo🤣
Very beautiful baby
She look more like cardi
They on a roll
Omg cardi lay down today
Child support confirmed!
Another statistic now.. Sad
Absolutely adorable
next up stripper
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

This is the definition of Keep That Same Energy‼️ 😂😂

Bill be like “that 1st lady tho”
🤣 they can't even solve their differences... But want to fix the world 🤔
Bill Clinton is like.. i dont give a F' i got my D' sucked in my Office ima Boss
Michelle is like don’t worry hun I brought hand sanitizer.
Clinton happy af he dont hav to sit next to him
Michelle Obama- " Not today Satan...not today!
Trumps like "what no snacks?"
Lmfao I wonder what Bill was thinking 🤔
When theres no more room at the kids table so you get to sit with the adults
They are all the same.....
So much just happened in that small amount of time 😅
Hilary wasn’t with none of the bullshit
That awkward moment that you have to sit next to someone you've been trying to get locked up for the past few years but she still free.
Haha I have to admit I like the way they show how hey work. But are they in a row like before n after presidents?
Dick Chaney's sitting on that second row looking like Clamenza, planted by Michael Collione.
Donnie already forgot why he's there and wondering why they aren't saying his name more
Wild willy was really holding himself back there for a second😂 Like "sure ill shake your.. this mf just curved me im.. no bill, be the bigger man here..." 😂
I’m surprise someone didn’t burst up in the flames 🔥
How about that Dick Cheney grill though. Its like cmon Don let’s go hunting.
So, Out of these Old Dawgs who's the one dropping a mixtape? Asking because this is a hip hop page.
Y’all still mad tho 🤔 POTUS
Same energy..? Michelle or B wouldn't have shook then.. Don't be "cordial" no matter what the occasion.. In fact, tell that chump.. This should be your funeral instead
I'm with Hillary in this footage. On this day in history Wednesday 5th December 2018, not a single f*ck was given 🤣🤣🤣
Look at Donald Trump's face is says sadcunt
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Caption this photo. 😂😂

When both parents get called in to the school because their kids were fighting.
When your having a good time playing in the back seat playing and your momma turns around and tells you she's going to take everyone home if you don't stop messing around
What time they servin drinks? We both high as hell. At least we got our designated drivers with us. Cuz these females ain't turnin up shit today. We gettin drunk drunk.
Obama's looking like "My baby gets candy." Melania's look "I want some candy." Chump "I have better candy than she does." Michelle "If he says one thing out of line, I'm whipping his candy ass"
And it was at that moment, the US knew they fucked up.
Why does the pepper shaker never give you enough but the salt shaker pours too much?
Trump looks like he is trying to remember if he turned off the dam stove. 😂😂😂
The day after y'all's drunken foursome
“I’m just here so I won’t get fined”
Michelle “if this fool say one thang to me I’m snapping, period “
That bird between the trumps looks like she could sniff a gram in one with that snout haha
Michelle to Obama: He keeps farting Obama to Michelle: No, that his breath.
When you're feeling uncomfortable use "Preparation H"
When the only seats left at the company meeting is next to the guy that stole your job 😂
Every single person in this picture is making that face you make when you're sitting in gridlock traffic.
Obama: I wonder if my Michelle has some chicken leftover from last night.
What does this has anything to do with hiphop
Trump: im finessing millions of people but it backfires everyday Obama: i know hes finessing us but i cant say shit about it
Trump: hey I finally get invited to a funeral! It's going to be fantastic and tremendous! Obama: Amateur
Everybody doing a kanye west face like..
That guy on the 2nd row looking at Melania like “what is this dude doing here”??
Trump's thinking... Nothing actually. Just emptiness with the Benny Hill Theme playing in the background
When the parents don’t approve of the marriage
Showing up to church hungover like...
Fuck these ppl beside me ( in Barack’s voice of course )
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

The estate of the late Xxxtentacion has revealed the tracklist, cover art and release date for his posthumous Skins album.

Damn Companies Be making mula off of deadbodies
But the article is from ten years ago 🤷‍♂️😂
The album cover is caution tape...
blogs only miss u when ur dead n gone
Kanye on One Minute 🔥🔥
This hella old...
Im good tno b!
It's been leaked
This dude was straight trash.
In case you need an anthem to beat up women to? Really who idolizes this man? He has admitted to assaulting women on multiple occasions, he brags about nearly killing someone in prison he suspected was gay. Won't even get started on the pedo-shit... "X describes how, while in juvenile detention for a gun possession charge, he severely beat a cellmate he suspected was gay for “staring at me,” stomping his head into the corner of a concrete bed post with the intention of killing him. Again, the way X tells it, it’s a boastful war story, more akin to something out of Apocalypse Now or Deer Hunter than an assault he committed that nearly left someone dead. XXXTentacion: So I’m like strangling him, and he’s like leaking, leaking, leaking type shit, and I’m strangling him so he doesn’t scream… Don’t think I’m trying to be cliché or a fucking weirdo when I say this, but I was going crazy. Like, I smear his blood on my face, in my hands, I got it in my nails, bro, I had it all over me." https://www.spin.com/2017/12/xxxtentacion-accusations-timeline/
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Guess Cardi ain't putting the "Kitty On Offset" anymore.

Who gives a fuck?
Album promo
נפרדו !!! חחחח😇🤣🤣 Eli Amar
Stop lying nobody care
In other more important news I am watching a cat clean his paws
We dont give a F
Lol damn i saw the vid 🔥
Damn. She was all down for him too. Unlike all these girlies out here nowadays smh
Nigga bulshit drama...
No surprise there.
Your hygiene’s that’s why tell the truth fishy!! 💩🐠🐠
she can put it on my face
Can we get something as "news" that is actually related to music or the culture and leave personal shit to the people involved in the personal shit ?
Well i knew something was a little OFF!!
Nobody care
Does anyone care that my wife of 8 years left me?
Look at that niggas face.😂 Do you honestly think you were gonna grow old with him? He’s 25 years old. In a popular rap group. Didn’t y’all learn with Future and Ciara?
bitch got the fame now she runs
Kardi don't let these mother fuckers get you KEEP your BLACK MAN
She's nothing but A HoE! Lol.lol... Lil. Kim will rock her!!!
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Guess Cardi turned Offfset off? 🤦‍♂️

Had an affair with Quavo, decided to Takeoff with him, and Offset is now Upset.
If this is a role model for young women. We're all doomed
Is the message clearer without clothes? Any why does she keep pushing back her hair when it's already behind her? Lol
We all knew it was fake and it was used to sell cardi album that she never even wrote Get this fake rap star outta here and back on love and hiphop 😂
Their marriage contract is expiring/expired, she's just choosing not to renew it. Her record label set this whole entire relationship up in order to jump start Cardi's career, also as a way to assure that she didn't end up as a one hit wonder. Cardi is big enough to the point where she doesn't need Offset and the attention he garners anymore. If anybody thought this was a real relationship, well, now you know. Almost all celebrities that are in relationships with each other are under contract.
why tf she talks like a minor character from a bad sitcom
She look like she so full of stuff she about to explode o_O 🎈💥
Anyone else notice a mustash?? All was focused on, didnt hear a word she said 😂😂😂
So.. Between the both of u.. Y'all still slept with half the hood and most of the industry..
This relationship was so fake 🤣
This chick has the mind of a 5 yr old
Publicity stunt for set's album
Another celebrity relationship bites the dust.... 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾fingers crossed for Jonas and Chopra...
Is her hair really in the way THAT much??....lol
I guess being a celebrity you'll never know the true meaning of love
Don't nobody take marriage seriously no more shits more of a title then love..
yeah !!! After all ....Messi is better than penaldo
Sexualized herself publicity stunt
that's no woman that's a man baby- Austin Powers
You can tell who the Flat Earthers are in this thread.
Soooooooo much makeup on that face Hahha look like she got a mustache around her mouth 🙈😂
WTF... This publicity stunt for her upcoming Album.. Jeez😎😎😎😎
Offset ‘s name should’ve been Takeoff.
some women think I am gonna get pregnant so that he can change 🤦🏽‍♀️ Another baby with seperate parents!! Use a condom and big kids please don't make kids 🙄
celebrity relationships never work datswhy I give kudos to Swiss Beats and his wife ,Jay n his wfe anvKanye theyhve managed to keep their vows somehow
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

Name an album missing from this list...(Note this is based on sales, and we’re referring to quality.)

What a shitty time to be a rap fan
Kamikaze , Book Of Ryan , Mona Lisa
Kamikaze, KOD and book of ryan
Kamikaze for sure should be up there
Kod and kamikaze
Every album there is trash . Fight me .
K A M I K A ZE,,,,,,, "You gotta a couple of ghost writers but to this kids it don't actually matter,they askin' me what the happend to hip hop???? i said i dnt hav' any answers cause i took a 'L' when i drop my last album and it hurt me like 'Hell but im back on these Rappers....." (it's a matter of taste)
Didnt eminems album break all records this year. What clown put this list together.
In the words JAY-Z “We was praisin' Billboard, but we were young Now I look at Billboard like, Is you dumb?"
Don’t listen to none of this fucking trash so .
Definitely KOD!!!! Pure bullshit and redemption
Atmosphere, eminem,logic, royce 5'9, masta ace & Marco polo, bun b, N. O. R. E, black thought, jedi mind tricks, styles p, j Cole,Vinnie paz tech n9ne, evidence, lupe, and dem atlas all had legit dope albums this year. The fact that the list published is what people actually recognize is unfortunate...
“Where’s my shit at!?... I’m top of the billboards... PERIOD!” -6ix9ine
More like top cancer album 😂😂😂😂
Championships deserves to be here
Travis scott's album is here but not eminem's? Wow.
OMG, cardi on this list? Lemme go back to bed
Daytona, Ye, Kids See Ghosts. The fact that they aren't there is just ludicrous
Post malone is the only half way decent artist on there.
No Tech N9ne and you talking about quality? No kamikaze? What the actual fuck are you
Drogas Wave, Book of Ryan, Kamikaze and KOD
That list is TRASH, whole lost of Mumble Rappers & R&B...
How the hell is taylor swift number #1 theres no way ..
Why trap rappers are here all they know about is singing about how much they love strippers,money and mumbeling
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

Happy Birthday Hov! If you had to introduce Jay Z’s music to a person, and you could only choose one song, what would it be?

Ether. That’s all you need to know
Can't knock the hustle.
Jigga my nigga on the Ruff Ryders album.. best Jay Z song ever
Imaginary player! Only the real roc fans know about that
Heart Of The City
Brooklyn's Finest ft. The Notorious B.I.G.
That 7 minute bobbito freestyle and introduce them to Big L lol ..cause jayz is ass
If I’m introducing to a head “Where I’m From” If I’m introducing to John/Jill Q. public “IZZO”
I love the dough with biggie banger 🔥
Renegade, so that person can skip Jay-Z and dive right into the realm of Slim Shady.
Hard Knock Lifw hands down
This is the number 1 rule for your set, in order to survive gotta learn to live with “Regrets”
Against all odds. It talks about jay z
I respect the man for what he did for hiphop/rap. But in all honesty hes not that great of an artist. Just my opinion. His music never gets me hype with his boring ass lmao
None Thiz Nigga iz Hella Fucking Annoying
here without you feat 3 doors down
Brooklyn's finest. Love that song
In My Lifetime Vol. 1 Track 13. Where I'm From 🔥
Heart of the City or Dead Presidents
Some good lyrics are on a song featuring him, Like "freemason"
Not a fan of his music in general but I have mad respect for his business mind. True hustler. Good on him.
Renegade so it wouldn’t be mistaken that he isn’t on Eminem’s level
Can't Knock the Hustle.
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

Somebody f**ked up... 🤦‍♂️

Want to listen to real music go get Meek Mill album 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
HipHopDX sucks Tekashi 6ix 9ines dick. Its all you post about. Shite.
This society is fucked up !!! Why listen to this shit 🤨, guess alot of people have no common sense anymore. They dont know real hiphop, and maybe just maybe we need the 90ties back...
Haters mad cuz one Mexican top the chart! Lol
I don’t know a single person or have ever met someone who legitimately listens to him.
Who listens to that CRAP??
This album is trash
69 is a result of bad meth
All them plays are the feds listening to that incriminating evidence he spoke on! 💯
This girl ain't that talented.. She locked up now anyway
This made me go back to Metallica, real music.
This album's speaks for itself listen to the title.... dummy Boy..
I know I'm too old for this but I feel Post Malone > Tekashi 6ix9ine.
Eh, at the end of the day, 65k is nothing for a debut release. Even these days with much lower record sales.
That A Boogie track hot enough for it to be number 1
Looks like it’s a case of some bad math
I heard Dummy Boy but there's like 7 different copies of Dummy Boy on the internet. He has one copy with various artists, i can't front it was dope.
Haven't heard the mutherfucker how you get this vote My Vote Matters 😂🤣
Scot album been out for a while. How the hell did it jump from 7-1? Man I’m fully believing now that people got bots streaming music. That album been out way to king for it to randomly jump to number 1. I would see if it was good as his last album but it’s not even close.
I guess goin to jail helps get a no. 1 record
Listen to old school hip hop from 95 to 04 that’s good music
Y’all seriously think this punk deserves it I cannot wait for cubes new album to come out I hope that shit gets to no 1 in the us fuck this shit
People like a lot of bad music, nothing new.
You guys have 1 job ONE JOB numero uno . Do it right or all of you are fired and we will put some other shmucks in your place
Yeah all the people that bought it..
HipHopDX.com6 days ago


Jamie Ririnui
Yet we DOOMStarks is nearing Detox level fame 😂😂😂 This will do tho. More ghost and INS is never a bad thing
Roarkey Lahene
Happy birthday JAYZ the greatest rapper alive
Ryan Medeiros
Nathan Romero 🔥
Korie Gusich
Jonathan Ampudia
Jeff Romero
Mike Rif Nunez
Rayray Garcia
Hell yaaaa
Yes! Yes! Yessssssss!
Yesssss. CZARFACE is one of the best projects in hip hop this decade. Fantastic.
Joint album called two face
Omar Mills
Tom Crawford
This is going to be amazing!
Tony Curiel
James Grey
Duane Chiffot
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

Here is what we know about X's Baby Mother...

OMG BRO he was shit anyway who cares?!?!?!
She ordered a hit on him smfh
Still gets me mad!
Lumka Xhala
This page is turning to trash. There's about 5 TMZ-like articles for every 1 that's actually about hip hop. =(
Live by violence, die by voilence
I clicked on it. It took more than 3 seconds to load. I remembered I don’t give a fuck.
Who fucking cares what is it 6 months now we still talking about this kids never born baby wtf
Damn. Bro if she was really the person who helped him get killed, That is fucked up.
Y'all just a bunch of haters. Take a seat and relax😂😂
What the f*ck xxtentacion is alive or Dead
No1 cares about some junkie who was killed.... worlds better off without pieces of shit like him running around
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

#DXBarExam: Meek Mill freestyles over Drake’s “Back 2 Back‼️” what grade you giving Meek Milly for his bars?🤔

Anybody saying this wasn't good is just a hater.
What grade do you say? Here's one : L L L L+
Old School type of freestyle. Written
This is like Jay-Z rapping to nas ether beat.. Fucking pathetic
Cuz went in. Glad to see him doing better.
Good to see meek with champagne again ✊
Meek is garbage 🤭Sorry not Sorry
Why is he freestyle to a diss anthem that hurt his career... he took an L
Garbage I dont understand how people think this is good. My 14 year old brother can do better. Say something with an ounce of content for once
That's not the back 2 back beat though.
People still on here talking hate like they know what they’re talking about, come on man
Have y'all noticed who is in the pic with him. #Drake he was battling him wasn't he now they friends wow I guess that saying about friends and enemies is true.
Funk master flash is still around??? I used to listen o listen to him back in the 90’s
Should be called funk flex screaming like a retard over meek freestyle
Put him on mobb deep's burn beat and let's see what he can do
Not bad.. but you could tell he's not a straight spitter. I'd give it a B- or 3½ mics.
The backstory makes this freestyle bizarre. All in the intstros in the woooooorld
He got better dam that's hot
I give him a 4.., and I’m a fan
If that freestyle was a beer it’d be a warm, flat, 2 day old bud light.
You got bodied by a singing nigga 🤣
Never sleep on Meek Millie🔥🔥🔥🔥💯🔥💯🔥
These clowns ain't MCs
But why rappin' over #Back2Back of all beats mayne.....thats a b*tch move if you ask me...dope bars tho
Below average
HipHopDX.com7 days ago

Happy Birthday Lil Baby 🎂 What's your favorite track by the Atlanta rapper?

Who the fuck is a Lil Baby????????
What kind of a rapper who wants to be taken seriously says "bruh I'm going to call myself Lil Baby... shit's legit"
So u guys are just gonna give birthday shout outs to random ass dudes?
The one he doesn’t say anything on...so all the ones his mumblin ass ain’t on...#lyricsmatter
Lil abortion survivor
Don’t even know who the fuck he is?
Damn I was hoping he got murdered when I saw this
Lil Baby looking like a nigga in his late 40s.
The one he’s not on
None. Sounds too much like future/every other new rapper who wants to sing rap his way thru tracks
That one about the trash can.
Where do you find this trash
Small fact... Drip too hard is in the top 10 in the billboard 100 amongst many other great acts...
I'm not even know him Well Happy Birthday
None actually sorry. Can u post real rappers already pls n thank u!
HipHopDx y'all trolling, right? Lmao...
I’ve heard a few tracks over the last week or so. Not bad. Apple Music keeps me up with all these rappers you guys talk about lol
Up one Man that shit wasn't sweet, I took the hard route I'm in Dallas, I got all my chains on
“Close friends” He’s not a baby anyways 🤮🥴
you supposed to be hiphopDX Not rap industry dx.. You hip hop right? The culture! Not the industry
Hbd to the preacher. Bless us all.
Who the HECK is he they throw his picture up like we know who this Nigga is they wrong for doing that to him who made that call show up in numerical where you don't say or a lib nothing
Drip too hard, minute, first class, my dawg, pure cocaine, trap star 🔥💥😍😘😘
looks 40 yrs old in the face
Lil Baby, must have just chosen that after he realised Earl Sweatshirt was already being used, WTF ???
HipHopDX.com7 days ago

The seventh alleged participant of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s federal racketeering case has been indicted.

I keep getting this odd feeling that at some point we are going to find out that Tekashi was an informant in the first place and not only identified hordes of gang members in music videos but also the ones he baited to show their faces around the country. the FEDS have so many pictures and videos thanks to his work.
This looks like a screen cap of the weirdest gangbang ever. Look how she looking in the camera 😂
Yo Ryker Redding
Aww look at her rainbow hair.
They just want the niggas
Gk Bloodline RO murder
He'll get taken out before his trial
Fuck off Clown
Snitch ass bitch
HipHopDX.com7 days ago


I would have played Ether by accident next
Chris Dushime Irakiza
I’d play Ether followed by Bomb First
And Then Ether Was Next
Sean Kobz Jnr 😂😂😂
Meek should of played ether
Why that weak shit even in hov playlist
Well I'm accidentally say fuck you in for next few days
😂 that awkward 😂
Im sure he didnt play it accidentally😂😂😂
Jay 😂😂😂😂😂
Tweakin. Lmao
so what
That’s hov being hov Lololol
I ain’t gone lie the embarrassment of that alone would’ve made me quit rapping
you fucking clown.. you lost to Drake. If i were you i woudnt even dare call myself a rapper
HipHopDX.com7 days ago

Keep it going 😂😂😂. Next “Too Close.”

"Can I get it in the mornin'..." 😂😂😂 7-8 year old me
Next episode by Dr dre lmfaoo my favourite part as a kid was smoke weed everyday 😂😂😂
Natural Born Killaz getting dropped off at Kinder while my mom played death rows greatest hits
Too $hort - Freaky Tales
OPP on the way to elementary school
Juvenile: I wanna see these hoes yeah, bend it low yeah Me at 7: Let me run it in the hole yeah! let me know yeah! 😆😆
Paula Abdul Straight Up I think it is called.
Rick James 'Super Freak'. Marvin Gaye 'Lets Get It On' and 'Sexual Healing'.
Pop that cootchy pop that cootchy baby.. 2live crew
I never understood why my parents didn’t want me to sing Jizz in My Pants by the Lonely Island. Figured that one out real quick
Adina Howard Freak like me 😁 that song was 🔥
Anything by Clarence thomas
Gin and Juice. Whenever the grown folks wasn't around all the kids had to yell "biyatch!" at the top of their voice.
Put it in the mouuuttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lmao
We want some pussy - The 2 live Crew
Unedited version of Peaches and Cream- 112
Me so horny lol.... I didn't even know what horny meant in middle school 🤦‍♀️😂
My hubby said his is freaky tells by 2 short 😁😁 #blowjobbetty
Fuck every single one of y’all 🖕🏻
Beeches ain't shyt but hoes n tricks 😁
Adina Howard - Freak like me, T shirt and panties
Next - Too close. LMAO omg I have a story about that song...
"Me So Horny" 2 Live Crew #80sShit 😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂 7-8 yr old me
I wanna sex you up - Colour me bad. Song went to number 1 and everything, you couldn't get away from it!!
Move it in move out shove it in shove it out disco lady.