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Missy Elliott Taps Fellow Rap Queens Lil Kim, Eve & Trina For “I’m Better (Remix)” http://ow.ly/6xh230c2tFD

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Is Troy Ave Taking His Music In A New Position Direction? http://ow.ly/HpEz30c2tFC

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Are Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan Giving It Another Try? http://ow.ly/l9eF30c2tFB

Blake Benjamin McCarthy They're having a baby?
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Drake Just Set Another New Record After Dominating The Charts For Years http://ow.ly/dHGO30c2tFA

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Is Travis Scott Using Kylie Jenner To Boost Sales? http://ow.ly/rWIa30c2tFz

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Geraldine Bastidas
Geraldine Bastidas DAD
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Are Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Expecting Their First Child Together? http://ow.ly/pED830c2tFy

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Chance The Rapper & Jamila Woods Seek HS Student To Create Treatment For “LSD” Video http://ow.ly/GfFe30c2tFx

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Meek Mill Facing Lawsuit Over Deadly Connecticut Concert Shooting http://ow.ly/eSOa30c2tFw

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Nicki Minaj: We Can’t Send A Message That The Terrorists Are Winning By Operating In Fear http://ow.ly/HE5T30c2tFv

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Rocko Says Future Is Making His Money Disappear As Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Drags On http://ow.ly/NPHT30c2tFu

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Drake Sets Single-Year Awards Record At 2017 Billboard Music Awards http://ow.ly/LGr830c2tFt

Todd Jr Sean Graham u the best
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Man Busted For Stalking Rihanna At Her New York Penthouse…Again http://ow.ly/5hZO30c2tFH

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Anderson .Paak To Perform Inside A Glacier At Secret Solstice Party In Iceland http://ow.ly/dzjy30c2tFG

Mxolisi Sugar Coolkid how much to perfom?
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Netflix Cancels Hip Hop Drama ‘The Get Down’ After One Season http://ow.ly/fDKE30c2tFF

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Quincy Jones Admits Being A Fan Of Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd & Bruno Mars http://ow.ly/aADu30c2tFE

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#AHnewmusic Yung Me - Gas featuring KP and Killa Blakhoody Yung Me

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Julio Juan Jose Wassup with that pose tho 🤔
Benjamin Capone Locc fucc Puffy
Paddy Bleek Owallah P.Diddy run New York
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#AbSoul performing "Terrorist Threats" 🔥🔥 #YMFTour

Jarod Flores "All my life i done been around Crips and Bloods... Pimps and Thugs!"
Gary Bennett Who cares
Zachary Ransom Soulohoe
Alex Chi M Ayy #YMF
Jace James Jathan James concert would be dope
Ep4 Entertainment Tremendous post very informative
Lucky Lecoq Mahlangu I will listen to it now.....
Kevin Lassek Steven Michling aaaaaaaallter
Kenan Davenport Kevin Pen dope!
Soane Puliuvea John Brandon
Koerd van der Bergen Dastan Abdali Willem Nuijens
Immanuel Dillenburg Thomas Erbes
Yuvin Liyanage Kia Nematian
Vuyani Ndlovu Theo Ndlovu
Rahul Manik Mohini Yay
Abi Jeganathan Driton
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#AbSoul brought out #ScHoolboyQ for "Beat The Case" 🔥🔥 #YMFTour

Cían Gibney CJ Grehan I would give my left ventricle to have been there
Carlos Moreno Jr. He better bring him out tomorrow too at the Santa Ana Observatory!
Luis Rodriguez That was shit 💩
Roland M. Singleton 🍦
Knowledge Menziwa Lwazi Thas day one nigga. Genius idiot, black hippy poster
Raphael Pantzakis Marina Gaubatz Nino Döring Wahid Pharao Vanaki
Zach Oberzan Ryan Freeman
Dio Crozier-John Lone Lone Lone
Ofek Shnizak Roman Meerovitch
Alexander Del Rosario Joe Modaka
Niklas Waffner René Ri
HipHopDX.com17 hours ago

Finally a chance to own a car from the show.

James Styles In lake county 😂😂😂
Paulo Aguilar It doesn't look like it was pimped out! 😕
Sean Burner Oh its many more
Kobe Wilson Marshall Kingdon 3k for a pimp mobile
Monsta Squadd posts like this http://facebook.com/1467235253303436_1557000274326933 are why everyone likes social media
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Grande's tour will resume in Paris on June 7.

Marc Wilcox Respect to you Mac Miller and for supporting your lady through that happening during her concert.👊
Zac Attack Bates Oh she must've forgotten to vow a safe space at her concert before
Jay Marie It would be amazing if she could go visit the injured children in hospital in Manchester 🙏 ❤️👭👫👬❤️
Ben Woodhouse Annina Jafer she picked up the tour again quickly
Yung Omar The perfect song for ya ex 💯 give it a listen https://youtu.be/0dWJa81GOug
Ishu Shrestha Is that white powder still making music?
Casey Mcfarland My Bday.. Gemini squad
Jake VanDyke 😂
Jerell G Stephens Shid I would too
Kenneth Goins They should do a show in Syria,lybian, Iraq
Bailey Sossong Jade Starke
HipHopDX.com19 hours ago

He's been unstoppable ever since.

Ishu Shrestha So what number he did is no where to b found! I like him as a person bt as far as the music goes!! 😓
Marcus Jouett It's actually 3 studio albums. You forgot about Woptober..
Jon Blair Whack as fuck...
Ace Yon Wizop
Christopher Curtis Hill Collins Was Gucci cloned?! Lol joking, prison will change a person
Ugo Pitagora Guwop🍦
Joshua Gapsiso Lol by the numbers not the content
Jay Summers 💪💪
Earvin R. Ortiz Rivera Luis Escalera
Carlos Perez-Cassar Cleveland Johnson
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The Blastmaster brings his raw energy and commanding presence on the mic and boom-bap, but has some missteps along the way to the inner mind’s eye.

Pacino Conte O'Callaghan HHDX puts out the shittest reviews, I don't know how anyone takes them seriously. All their articles are about social media drama and petty beefs from rappers no-one gives a fuck about (who the fuck is Stitches?!). This album killed most of the bullshit I've heard this year, the lyrics have actual content, no gimmicks and has hard beats. The reviewer needs a brain scan. But then I remember when they reviewed the last Eminem CD, gave it 4/5 and then proceeded to irrationally tear into on every line. Meanwhile Ludacris only got a 3/5 yet they couldn't find any fault with his album. Ridiculous.
Kwame Gyamfi I haven't heard it. But I wonder from what perspective the writer is reviewing it, and what his or her grounding in the culture is? If this is a person that rates the output of the likes of Lil Wayne, Fetty Wap et al as the works of art, then the review loses credibility. If the person is grounded in the old school school tenets of the culture, and is aware of what abounded in the 80s and 90s golden age, then what is said may be of substance.
Jama Sjadu i am feeling this album big time ..i dont know about these wack reviews but for real if u love concious,poetic educational hiphop this is your shit ..krs never dissapoints
Jahmaine Bryan This 52yr old showing the youngin's what HIP HOP!!!! suppose to sound like.
Ali Al-Hasifi Not really...?this album is Dope.. this wack ass page only bigs up rappers that wear purses 👛.. bitch made cats
Brendon Cifuentes Missteps as in sticking up for a pedophile who probably got a piece of him.😂😂😂😂
Charles E. Cunningham Krs one for LIFE . in Vegas June 17 th. I'm there! Grown up wit him, die wit him.
Justin Sumner I thought it was his best album In years
Ali Al-Hasifi It's a dope album actually
Radhakrishnan Parameswaran pretty fair review
Matias Jefe This is his best album in years
Jeroyce Montford Agreed
George Smither Elenna-Louise Smither
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Plus new music and videos from Lil Durk, G-Eazy, Audio Push, Kool G Rap, and more.

Mavusana Stephen This is what I like abt this page,it doesn't promote the same artist everyday,keep it up DX
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From a broadway musical version of Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out?” to an operatic rendition of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money,” Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx blew host Jimmy Fallon away during a game toying with the “Random Genre Generator” on Thursday...

Khari King This is why I love Jamie foxx he NEEDS more likes on IG Davis Pollino
Elisha Jefferson Jeremiah Dromgoole ya boi though!! He killed that Rihanna rendition, I have to give it to him 🙄😜
Elvira Korom-Franchak That was great 😂👏
Ilyas Chou hhhhhh oh shiiit i can't stand on laughning Oumayma Labdaouib Imane El Baz
Paula Roberts Jamie Foxx is the Bomb! Loved it!
Jerome Petty Jamie Foxx is Talented
Evison Sarmento Stefane. Jamie Foxx é muito foda, olha isso! Kkkk
AusTin Don Nice job guys😉
S-ter Arka Fallon face when ever jamie sings 😂😂😂
Miek Morgan Randy look at your boy! 😂
Hamza Khoroto Ysf Ennouiri chof hada mzyan bezzaf
Jerome Petty They are NUTS LMAO
Mary Blue Cantrell Helmick So funny 😂😂😂
Sander van Gaale Geniaal👌🏻
Ebrahim Rian Biitttch😂
Ayesha Kar Quinn favorite segment from Fallon's show
Jess Whittaker Lol Nick Grana this is one of the best ones
Andre Gordon Lol
Lindsay Hayden Lori Hayden watch this! I love Jamie!! 😂😂😂😂
Ericke Remo Godgy Scott funny as cat shit
Sebastjan Mknpfjoxz Moje Rojc Havi jimma jimma
Antonia Robinson Jamie took it home lol XD
Chris Govea Alexus Tapia youd love this haha
Peter Matkiwsky Caitrin Matkiwsky
HipHopDX.com23 hours ago

Don't miss out on this.

Keseabetswe Gontse Somebody call a doctor coz I'm suffering from a serious case of FOMO!
Mavusana Stephen its on
Damian Ingram Oh shit
Luis Molina Danny Brown = hot trash
Andrew Beattie Alex Brenchley don't you know someone going??
Mthandazo Dube I love this
Danny R. Erives Eeeeee
Dayton James Coin Megan Mallory I wanna go.
Kevin Moore Joe Gondek Chris Sonie Tyler Darrow
Miguel Hernandez Dudes wtf Caleb Alatorre Carlos Aquino
Janpi Janpi Yadiel Antonio HOLY SHITT
Jay Small Marcus Small Dan Thomas
Shelby Christensen Joseph Oconnor William O'Connor Laurel Thomson Sydney Thomson
Štef Števa Urban Čić iss
Jake O'Shea Daniel Hearn ACL
Chase Jordan Kinsey Jacob Weissman Sharer
Jadia Lanham Derrius Alexander
Jesse Dhaliwal Dylan Geer
Vincent Despins Andy Tremblay
Rasmus Garbarsch Adrian W. Revitz
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October's very own baby?

Dillon Johnson I'm quite sure this page is all on Drake's dick. Either that or he himself paid hiphopdx to constantly post about him. Can't go a fucking week without him being spoken about. Man y'all need to focus on the important rappers. Not this bullshit. Drake has not contributed to hip hop. His ghostwriting proves that. How can you guys call yourselves a hip hop page if you keep posting articles about faggots like him? Where are the props for true artists? There's barely any. Y'all keep posting about Drake cos it seems you got the biggest fascination for him. It's really stupid.
Seatts Dee She had multiple relationships? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle. Hell Drake is running neck and neck with J Lo and Rihanna. Plus he screwed BOTH of them!
Matias Jefe Drizzy should have doubled up on the condoms before he did the dizzy
Tommie Love She's fugly... Looks like a tranzie with that fake ass... Uggh..... These niccas like tranzies
Pilot Ka-Masango This fake ass rapper had an average coverage on this fake ass page until he went bezerk on those fake ass sluts, now everything & anything has to be all about him..
Drizzy Kabango Every woman wants a kid for the greatest rapper of his generation
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane Had a phone call with drake so we can clear all the madness
Julius Antonio Draughon lil Wayne gay ass pregnancy #youngmoney
Abraham Aguiniga She's ugly and another girl claimed she was pregnant too
AusTin Don Thought He's gay😉
Wil M. Flythe Charlie..
Jagroop Sangha Jessica Villafuerte-Roache
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Despite all the lyrical and thought-provoking conscious rappers who have come on the scene since 1992, there are few lines in Hip Hop that have become as iconic as “I like big butts and I cannot lie.”

Darrell Tyler Dowell It took 25 years. For the world to catch up.
Christina Rahbek I could sing the whole song, thanks to Achidi Oketch
Rattan Chandi Sandy Gulati
Brandon McLellan Aaron Khitab
HipHopDX.com at Loews Hollywood Hotel.1 day ago

Prom night with #LilYachty... ⛵️⛵️⛵️

Tyler Ward That is absolutely fucking shit. How the fuck is he famous. He isn't even rapping his own mindless shit. Just throwing a couple words in here and there. U have killed hip hop
Eric Karaoylas I don't understand 🤷‍♀️How you're at your own record release party acting as a hype man to a playboi carti track? Should you be dropping and performing your new shit😩
Jevgenij Zebrikov ugabuga baga gagagaga , tatatata , im a uga chaka! WTF its this Hip Hop is ! Shut it down plz!
James Jones Check Out The World Premiere For "messedUp" by Huskii View NOW!! https://youtu.be/CSGlhKP4pSI
Daniel Andrew When the special ed class lit AF
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane Dx trying hard to promote mumble rap
Fernando Vega I don't think I even saw anyone rapping ?
Mitchell Stewart So this comment section is what social rejects look like.
Victor Oj that prom is fucked already!
Deiber Higuera Ramirez What the fuck is that?
Daniel Martinez Garbage!
Michael Stark Wackasfuck
Son Banchamek Nguyen this is the 2017-dog shit generation 🙂
Ridhuwan Noor I don't understand. 🤦🏻‍♂️🖕🏿🖕🏿
Cole Summers Bunch of fucking drones.
Daniel Cruz GARBAGE !!!!!!!
Safin Choudhury Nikil Raj Praveen Kasakara
Praven Uthayanathan Izabella Risteski 😍
Kostantinos Xortargias Giannis Katsigiannis
David Pratico Fadi
Ashton Hensley Lindsey Richardson
Donovan Henriët Olaf Marx
Tray Richmond Tanzania Griffith h
HipHopDX.com was live.2 days ago

We're live with The Faze!!💯 #DXLive #LiquidSwords

HipHopDX.com You guys want to hear some of The Faze's #LiquidSwords?
HipHopDX.com www.3rdrepublic.com
HipHopDX.com What's y'all's favorite #WuTangClan album?
HipHopDX.com NP - The Faze -"Frustrations" #DXclusive
HipHopDX.com Shout RZA & GZA! #LiquidSwords
Gustavo Alcântara Speak about next Lp Eminem When go drop their first Something news???
Shawn J. Artero that Hendrix song by Faze though is still one of the hardest songs I've ever heard
Danny Amirian WHATS GOOOOD
Jerry Djam Miller The Litness entries don't convey the same message
Rodney Selden BNGR!!!
Jerry Djam Miller I'm losing my breath
Gustavo Alcântara Oooooohhhh Hi hi helloooo Brazil
Jerry Djam Miller Mo Valley
Rich Cabelero Yo what up North Texas repn
Josh LeBlanc https://youtu.be/qmuZ1xxC-i0
Safir E Shahid Yerrrr!
Wardo Ssreprezenta Waco Texas here i think ODB Shouted out WACO TEXAS in his lyrics
平沼悟 おはよう♪(笑)
Yung IsKing Dotta Salute
Ja Vel Wow c'est du lourd! I'm french
Steven Tooswavy Eastes Reppin Michigan till I die
Rob Dorato wheeeewwwwww
Lubomir Terziev Halo😎😎😎😎
Levester Jackson Iron Flag was dope too
Levester Jackson The W
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

The actor-turned-musician details his friendship with the controversial superstar.

Luis Trull Weirdo
Rudy Pinedo He has zero talent as a singer or dancer And his obsession with michael Jackson is downright creepy... he's a washed up childhood actor who's ego is hilarious 😂
Blaine McCue Yea He's a clown, Rude Jude interviewed him and he stormed out haha
Andrew Sisavath The performance he does on the video in the link is soooo baddd
HipHopDX.com was live.2 days ago

Today's #LitnessTest features Def Jam Recordings A&R Norva Denton! This could be your shot! Submit your tracks below. #DXLive

HipHopDX.com Name of what Erik Williams?
HipHopDX.com Rules for the #LitnessTest: You get 90 seconds to make an impression for a song that CANNOT be older than 90 days.
HipHopDX.com Shout out John Rossi!!! #DXLive #LitnessTest
HipHopDX.com We listened to it Vada Patten last week.
HipHopDX.com Much love Zay Johnny
Marcel Williams Every weeek. You can be winning. Stop putting music out the minute you record it. Invest in yourself.
Marcel Williams Dotta that plays in your favor. If there ain't no Hip Hop market there then you ARE the market.
Mutasim Bakri LOL. i'm just now starting to realize why A&R's have no patience .
Marcel Williams You ARE the King. You can dominate and get all of the attention.
Jose Boone He really talking bout his story though 💪🏾
Syd Bencriscutto in Kenya dude prob sold 10 million first week..
Marcel Williams Trent not gon play that Canibus doe
Akeem Davis Pick ur poison..
Rico Alimayu Hakeem Lyon
Sharilli Morin sounds like another odd future movement
Sharilli Morin this goes hard
Natalie Crüe Quit adopting​ American aesthetics and embrace your culture. That's your greatest asset. Odinareh to Lon Jon to mdq to camp mulla to Octo pizzo were able to build global fan base
Marcel Williams Your music is fire, fam. Remember you only get one chance to make an impression. If your mix was better, Norva might be reaching out to you to hear more you never know. A good mix can make and break your chances.
Natalie Crüe Trent has ADD. He can only do one thing at a time. He's a man. I'm sure he'll give you a shootout in the next 5-10 years. Be patient 😳🙄
Tanisha Nicole Jasmeen 🎉🎉 #relationshipgoals that's what up pushing his dream
Marcel Williams Randell we play enough of yo music that we have to suffer through lol
Charles Edward Thorpe Check your laptops, plague spreader prolly sent ya'll a virus
Deezy You Beezy Its okay I signed me iI just wantan opinion on music not the artist name
Natalie Crüe Post the DIRECT link. they aren't going to go look for it man
Natalie Crüe The video needed color correction. Try to come up with more original video concepts.
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

The Camp Flog Gnaw creator is clearly super busy.

James Jones i dont understand how that many people can believe this hack has talent whos dick he been suckin at mtv
Steven Parsons So can my grandma have her fuckin shirt back Tyler ??
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

But 2Pac could be.

Frank Morales See shit in Hip Hop is so damn bad, we're comparing people to a dude that's been dead perhaps longer than they've even been alive. Whether 2Pac was the best to you or not, the hallmark of guys/girls like him, is their ability to draw you into their stories, and even if you weren't from their walk of life, you could somehow understand what it was like. Very few artists today in Hip Hop share that quality, it's most definitely all about a "quick buck" and move on. Which cool I will never knock another mans hustle, but the second you trying comparing your shit to one of the greats, expect to get called on your bullshit. If the greats ability to tell a story represents an ocean, most rappers of today are puddles, at best; shit is shallow and sorry.
Robert Bey Clown ass MFs still trying to imitate PAC smh. Tupac was a once in a lifetime rapper. So many things about PAC on the mic and off the mic that cannot be compared to these new rappers.
PA Illcauze He aint tryna be PAC. He showing PAC love... I'm feeling troy ave. #respect
Corbin Rust Really? This lame asf "artist" can't come up with his own 💩?
Jeff Gourley This dude is just like PAC!! Living legend in the making! Thug life is back!
Freddy Reginald Are we surprised though? There's no originality anymore and they don't get called on their bullshit because that's 'hating'.. foh
Jayton Tha Mac This song is super dope. Fuck you haters, you bandwagon fans. Troy killed this one. RIP PAC tho
Senzo Stolen Zungu . /¯/) (\¯\ /¯ / \ ¯\ / / \ \ /´¯/' '/´¯`•¸ ´¯`\' '\´¯\ /'/ / / /¯\ /¯\ \ \ \ '\ ( ( ( ( ¯ ​/' ')(' '\​ ¯ ) ) ) ) ) \ / \ / \ / \ / ( \ / ) Troy ave can sit on these
Cole Summers Fuck the industry. Tryna compare real mf wit these washed up kunts. Fuckoff.
Jabulani Mthethwa I never listen this rapper in my life. I only inspired by #MakaveliTheDon#
Dan West Fuck that shit. I wanna hear the next Chali 2na or Gift of Gab
Erin Duverger When rappers Figure out hate can get you some good publicity lol
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane Is this the lad that got shot or shot himself a couple of months ago
Aaron Joseph Dude can't sell ten records but compares himself to a legend 😂
Arthur Romeu Just stop
Eoin Cummins Biggest pile of shite I've ever heard.
Villads Christiansen Troy ave is just a dead rapper. End of.
Bill Najeski Whos troy ave
Thapelo Andries Maseko Nzimande Nigga be out here Disrespecting O'G
Espino Joshua Troy ave original tbh yall trippin
Pablo Santiago Chavez If he gets shot any time soon it's completely understandable
Steven Parsons More who ?? pac . Troys a low down bum stop giving him light .
Ishu Shrestha How? Where?
Tripp Janeiro Let's remember 14 years ago a nigga from Compton impersonated biggie 😂😂😂😂
Kevin King Troy ave is a bitch
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Not surprising.

David A Smith I'm pretty surprised. Not sure I liked more than one song on there and can't even remember which one that was.
Eric Tunche What the faq is it people are seeing on this ulbum though??? There are no more thn 4 songs tht most people listen to
Joel Rodriguez I still like GKMC more and would appreciate if K.Dot can chill with the voice effects and just spit bars.
Abdul Latiff Biringi Wasnt as good as previous albums,Plus drake won 13 Billboard awards biiiitch.
X Bongani Best album this year by far
Mc Donald Namba It deserves to be on top.......it talks bout real issues in the society....king kendrick!!!
Obaro Best So far ross album is the best mainstream album for the year fuck sales
Brendan Lounsbery Well yeah, whole album bangs
Elijah Milton Straight classic!!
Manuel Moreno The album as a whole is a masterpiece
Nhlanhla Excellent hmmmmmmm this album doesn't fade
Lebogang Moilwa Selling us bullshit! An album wit 2 hits make billboard #1. What a load of balony !
Eldre Baldwin Album is trash 🚮
Joshua Jamal George Mask OFF!!
Jason Vos awaken my love is soooo much deeper
Ondřej Machovský Best album released in 2017 yet
Cliressa Butts Nopeeee not at all
Mavusana Stephen Let's see.
Victor Oj you feel some kinda way then ANHAN!.....Damn!
Damion Davis It Is Surprising, Once Again!
Luther Ward Greatness
Thomas Sun Mubita it just has to if not what else
Reason Bill Dis nigga iz Ill,u own de throne Kendrick!!!
Dillon Milligan Psh it has to pass mgk new album and we all know that's not happening
Palmaner Iovine Name 1 artist that's better than K-Dot
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

"We drank a whole bottle of Bacardi Limòn in like 30 seconds when we got on the plane."

Flame da Costa Nah thunn this niggha lying X drove four wheeler bikes when he was in Luanda Angola and the only warlord we had died before this fool got to Luanda P.S Angolan official language is Portuguese not Spanish
Don Simms This shit sounds ridiculous to me, anyone else notice this, European tour, African warlord, and someone speaking Spanish.
Jose Tomas Hard to believe this shit I'm from Luanda capital of angola where X was and performed more than once we Portuguese speaking country not Spanish dame is talking shit we ain't no warlords up in this motherfuckers like any African country that went through civil war u definitely find find police or securities with ak47 u probably misunderstood d all cenario we leave by ...this is Africa we don't need to b a fake guetto soldiers we born that way
Martin Else Angola during a European tour. Get the fuck outta here with that shit.
Ali Al-Hasifi Damn b... crazy
Henry Nwokobia Chai! Timothy Adewusi
Joelson Lopes O verdadeiro O Verdadeiro Alberto Tinta
Theo Cohen Leo Pete Coleman
Eddie Grizzly George Saunders John John Phenomenon
Erdem Yldrm Milos Savic Dominik Wod
Shareef Frasier Nathan OneMan Beats Carrington gotem
Tom Tommy Rawson http://70mack.us/bryson-tiller-true-self-itunes/
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA teamed up with singer SZA to help her announce the release date for her upcoming album 'CTRL', a record that has been hotly anticipated for well over a year now.

Ismael Macedo Lmao first time I heard SZA I thought she was a new Wu Tang member 😂😂😂
David Hight She ghostwrites for Nicki, Beyoncé, & who knows how many others...
Brookelynn Lynette Martinez She's dope
Jeff Szebz This is a pretty dope announcement trailer.
Tanee McCall I LOOOOVE HER!!!
Jaleesa Vao-Perese Yyaaaasss
Phillip Duquesne You mean the greatest producer of all time
Justin Trudeau THE 👏 SUSPENSE 👏 IS 👏 KILLING 👏 ME
Steve Jordan I'm banging on the table to get that food
Jason Brunning Thommy June this is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥
Braulio Fernandez Miguel Salcedo Looks dope...
Cristian Jared Gonzalez Kevin Rivera boii
Jack Read Justin Wandler Nolan Crosschild
Brookelynn Lynette Martinez Alejandro
Aryana Sharafi Nic Bchara
Frances Facundo Valerie
Jayden McCurdy Bryanne Pescud
Israel Tamayo Sebastián Ignacio Cornejo Méndez
Jacob Avraham Tomer Regev Omri Shachar WTF
Shivar Naicker so keen Jordan Pardi
Kjayy Smith Tiago Freitas
Ramsin Issac Binita Ravi Maisuria
Raphael Pantzakis Marina Gaubatz
Ladarius Houser Angel Hill
George Andrianakos Harry Jordan
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Producers to date have earned more than $20 million using Airbit (formerly myFlashStore) alone!

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The remix you weren't asking for!

Steven Parsons Born in Canada but this monster was created by America . Enjoy . Whats even more sad though ... this lil bitch can outrap every single mumble rapper . #truthsux
Thembelihle Mlambo Another culture hijack by the pale one. Snowflakes always wait for our ppl to create dope content then they jump on it to stay relevant. Vultures!
David Mawuli I know K.Dot fans would be searching for him with a gun 🔫
Donavan Latimore Sit down bitch be humble.
Ross Fearn Just going to pretend I never read this article! Gtf
Marcus Horton Lmao, i remember when they was complaining bout the idea of Gucci on the remix... HA HAHAHAHA HAAAAAAAA 😂😂😂😂😂
Christopher Fondakowski If I was a music artist I would NOT let Bieber touch my shit.
Robert Ferrell Would we have known without your post? Some kinda stealth promotion going on here.
Connor Baskett Lookin like Eminems untalented son.
Hugo Clerc Pierre everyday we stray further from god.
Quinn Michael Anderson What is this fuckery?
Jonathan Melo This ... Is... Soooo...insulting..
Sebastian Contreras González MUERETE YASTIN BIEBER
Nkululeko Shakur Justin looks like Stan
Frankman Ice Stick to your weak shit kid and k dot do his thing#TDE
Célestin Clauw 1) fakes eminem his hair 2) fakes people there songs
Dougie Bray he needs a good kicking on camera, cocky little cunt
Ryan Vanhalteren It's better then Kendricks version
Thabo Mooki If I was Kendrick I'd pound him to the ground.
Chukwu Emeka I need someone to turn off the internets... It's broke
Jeremiah John The caption alone is savage 💉👏😂 DylDylan Bruce
Kenny Anor Lando Spoilers: he just says "blah blah blah" the entire verse
Mohi Boni He serious ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
R.A. Boulevard Shit gotta stop......
Nolan Mcyellow The caption doe
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Plus new music and videos from Organized Noize, Lil Bibby, Brockhampton, Shabazz Palaces, Cyhi The Prynce, and more.

Gary Bennett WHO
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Definition: Nonconsensual condom removal "exposing victims to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases."

Keagan Farr yes, idiots on this post, stealthing is 100% rape, and yes, so is a girl lying about being on the pill. both are cases where consent is not honestly given because one party is intentionally tricking the other into a sexual act that they had not consented to or known was occurring, one with serious and potentially psychological or physical consequences that could have likely and reasonably made the person not have given consent. This sort of trust breaking and the potential physical repercussions to unprotected sex or unplanned pregnancy can have a grave effect on one's health or psyche. Just fucking be a decent human being and dont trick your sexual partners into shit they didn't consent to doing, and if you do, then you deserve legal punishment.
Jon Clark Is it rape if a girl says she is on the pill and isn't?
Odd Thomas Smh ...what is going on ...this fucking planet and these fucking humans
Paul Green This is sooooo stupid. Straight up. People just have 0 respect for others smh. Who would do this? Whats the f'n point ?
Ronald Johnson Yeah..this is rape and arguably grounds for a justifiable homicide in my opinion
Daniel Egan Bcuz women say so and men want sex..eventually... so we go along. This is why we took their voice away to begin. It wasn't a power trip. They just realized a long time ago that women are never satisfied, so this shit will go on forever. Good luck proving that there was intent to stealth tho..
John Carpeturd Condoms are for sailors.
Justin Anderson Same with waist trainers.
Josh Bylund Trent Gribble this what u were talking about?
Jason Vos many states are full
Ralf Rauf Cool
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The Hip Hop-centric series could live on in another format.

Perry Saunders I hate this show was cancelled, it was one of my favorites to watch. The nostalgic music and footage from New York in 1977 was so awesome. Dang Man!!! Every time I find a certain show that I love, it get cancel.
Richard Kellaway-moore That truly sucks. Best show in ages And actually factual.although it is debateable which of the followers of grand master flash the series represents is debatable. The gm flash was the man who actually invented tho twin table break beat method and did use a crayon! The zulu nation were real and bambada did throw parties and herc did throw the first party with mc's in the Bronx.but as portrayed was 100% disco and had dance offs with b boys.. if you loved the get down watch I think it's called hip hop evolution and see what happened with the real people. Great documentary. And yeah Netflix but the needle on the record and bring that beat BACK!
Jp Peguero Such a dope hip hop show gone now because mothafuckas is too caught up with wack ass empire
Kyle Haines Dillon It was pretty good once I gave it a chance. Whatched the whole first season in two days
Steven Callahan Part 2 was still good kinda had a mixed ending but part one had a better style to it. Better directing. Amazing show overall
Mtonga Has Spoken Shoulin fantastic is a bad mother.....
Tony Swendseid At least release the first season on dvd
Djak Uneek The part2 was disappointing anyway...
Stephen Holland Tf 🤔 smh
Barry Nicols Wtf fuck netflix!
Barry Nicols Put that shit on hulu
Radhakrishnan Parameswaran fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-
Jon Cletas Wow smh
Ophelia Coryn Bettie Smets the let down 😢
Gurbir Ubhi Luigi Matias FerreiraBalmit UbhiHarmz Singh 😔😔
Michael Anthony Munguia Charles Lamar Dixon
Ivan Sevilla Karen Ramirez DeMoure James do you seeee this bs
Spencer Lyttle Gavin Boyle 🙁
Furkan Genç Kommel Sandhu 🙁
Shane Roy Larouche Marjorie Beaudoin
Jon Burton Reilly Te Amo
Jon Burton Jack Vazzoler
Derek Adan Chris Zabala Manong Mark Ron Catacutan Jeremy Nadal
Thomas Campbell Amanda
Claudio Casellini Denny Reyes Marte
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Documentarians can't get enough of Biggie & Pac.

Dustin Norman Don't get me wrong but haven't their stories already been beaten to death already. Like who doesn't know the stories about both of them already? Biggie doesn't have anything intriguing about him other than being a rapper but pac is worth more to tell his story. Obviously. And the other thing is they should only include people who knew them and we're close to them in this documentary.
Cliff Notes "Pissed off cause Biggie and Pac just missed all this, watching all these cheap imitations get rich off em, and get dollars that should've been theirs like they switched wallets"
Brian Felton THE BEST DOC is "Tupac and Biggie" with the english guy.These are middle men who look nothing like you making money.Tupac and Biggie Doc?They told you the truth in that.
Brad Terry Why is A&E trying to make a story about Tupac and Biggie when their audience is predominately white?
Fabio Aru Okan Uz und zu dem Zeitpunkt wusste er noch nicht, dass er bald sterben würde...
Gee J Jacques That's cool and all. But I don't get that channel and I ain't paying extra to get it
Naythin Jamez Kachurowski Tbh would rather here the story from somebody that was around that whole entire time Eugene Deal Diddy old manager. but seems interesting
Martavian Faithful Man James Biggie is alright but I put my money on 2pac
AusTin Don 2pac is my idol😢
Naythin Jamez Kachurowski Notorious Big all day
Myalelo Sokupa Notorious all day for me classy
Christopher Cabcabin Biggie's pic should have a hamburger in his hand
Mavusana Stephen Legends never die
Manny Flores The tupac and big u mean
Dave Mathews Both 👊
조성원 이소우 시발 내일 영어 존나공부한다 이거좀알려줘 까막눈이다 답답래 ㅠㅠ
Jeff Kamo Sekano 2pac has got a lot of stories. Biggie will make 2 page book 📖
David Bobby Tavershima What would you expect..?
ThAir Al-zaied Rip...2pac
Luis Genao Let them Be ppl love cashing out
Seabern Hill Why ?
Cole Summers Thug angel is the best PAC doco 🙌🏼💯
Jeff Goon Dave J Collins Jason Toth Brice Shepherd
Tiffany Amber Coughlin Amanda Sneed yesss
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The Queens MC is as impatient as the rest of us.

John Wilson Might as well get back in the kitchen, whip that work, serve them plates... of actual food.
Warren Crawford New Action??? Bout damn time!
Mauricio Cril still hasnt responded to ghost face
Jon Birckhead He's a fake Ghostface
Joshua Clark I have a fever and the only cure is 7000
Gee J Jacques Go independent. Problem solved
Ricardo Nazir Rico Giovetty be patient fam, your GOAT is releasing something soon 👀
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane Strowman
Gerardo Dobbs thought it was a mix tape
Sandro Martinez Need it!
Jasmany Leon Shark nigga
Ep4 Entertainment IMO stuff about is great
Chadd Mc Been waiting for more Bronson
James Jones give ghostface his ten percent bronson
James Jones fucking hack
Sean Sadeghi 😴😴😴😴😴
Jordan Rafferty Jordie Vickers
David Simpson Michael Sabelberg
Ramzey Osseiran Adam J D
Dave Powell Jason Colbert
Damian Pearce Trent McLoughlin
Matthew Draper James O'Dwyer
Vanessa Marie Tyler Dunford
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No word on a release date yet.

Cliff Bernadel that n☆gga think he slick , all he does is yell on records just so people won't realize 97% of his shit doesn't rhyme/make no damn sense! #WeakMeek
Tone Pruitt These niggas take time out of their pathetic lives just to hate on Meek for losing a rap battle 2 years ago. That's low key obsessive.
Tyger C Lee They should have pushed his last project harder.....litty again was bananas...there was cuts on there...but I really didn't feel the buzz.
Benny Blanco Didn't drake destroy this amateur? He must not have any other trades cause most losers in front of the world would go behind the scenes so not to be embarrassed anymore. I will say meek is more entertaining than Cassidy but drake destroyed him on that back 2 back track. I mean Ohh my bosch he lit him up so bad nicki had to distance herself. Thats bad when not only did Drake kill him in rap but also took his girl from him. All I can say is that is some 2pac did biggie shit... Thats awesome. LMFAO
Harper Sherie I hope this is Meek's time to shine because he's so real and talented
Mikey Duff aahahah Wins and Losses? WHAT WINS?! Meek Mill is a walking L machine.
Te'von Juiceman Hudson Even if the album hot these fools will hate on him and the album just because of the media and that beef cause niggas aint got a mind of their own
Curtis A Wells Meek mills is still a thing ? He's never even made a decent track ....
Rohan Cook Lmao everyone hating because he isn't a sellout.
Sage Yg I don't let a beef rule my judgement at the end of the day good music is all that matters
Thanduxolo Tee Mguda The price of being Great u cn hate on Meek all u want to me he is sym1 i can relate 2 wayne use to be like that back in the day
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane Told meek wouldn't trust nikki instead of beefing with your boy u just give him some distance
Kenny Rdz sorry but i dont think anybody is waiting for a meek mill album to drop lol
Thabiso Ovoxo Ngoepe So y'all just hate soooooo much , just because he lost a beef???😂😂 Damn!
Molise The-Game Puseletso #DC The Trillest
Christopher Cabcabin Should just be called...... L's
Rayjai Jones Fuck both of those niggas fat Ross meeky mouse can go eat a dick
Pete Villarreal "L: The Life and Times of Meek"
Miguel Figueroa Garbage chasers!!
Jrae Hardin "L - Chasers 3" ?
Chris Faison Who cares
Joshua X Jones Is it called "Taking the L v. Always"?
James W Crittle Jr. Should be called "Catching these L's"
Tamika Massey Screaming Meeeeeeek Love Luv LOVE his Music Dope Rapper DC4Life
Jose Antonio Tobar "meek meal"
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Rocko requests a judge's help in accessing Future's financial paper trail.

James Jones rats in the industry
Michelangelo Di Lodovico I know the judge ima shoot him some chips.....
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But this isn't the first time the band has been accused of homophobia.

Christopher Thompson How would they be homophobic when them themselves are actually homosexuals???
Bud Medley Wow so its homophobic if u don't wanna perform with drag queens? Crazy.
Bob Stone So im not allowed to not want to be around things im not comfortable with? How exactly isn't the gay agenda being forced on people?
Ben M. Simon That actually doesn't make sense there has got to be more to the story. I think his raps are straight trash but this dude has performed with Young Thug and that nigga wears dresses.
Chris Class Doesn't the word phobia mean to have extreme fear of something? America stay using the word homophobia wrong. Ain't nobody scared. People just don't agree or don't like it. They using that word to push the agenda on people on the sly tip
Jessy Vincent I bet 99% of hip hop groups would refuse to do that. The 1% Being drake
Devon Dsquared Deloney Hahah but what would drag queens bring to a migos show.. nothing who the fuck wants that..?
Alex Arambula Hate when people call RAP groups a 'band'. Do y'all understand the definition of the word band?
Casper King Why would it matter if they homophobic, some people don't believe in it
Lewis King So they're bad for not performing with drag queens? What trap artist would? It's nothing to do with the music nor the culture
Lena Coleman They just dont believe in that ..lawdd they do have thst right 2 say no
Robert Bey They dress gay sound gay so why would it be a surprise that they would perform with drag queens.
Kjayy Smith I thought they were gay? Lmfao!
Nasjey Nàs c'mon its high time yall stopped forcing the gay agenda on everybody else just because am not comfartable with it doesnt make me homophobic we dont and never have to agree let everybody else live their lives however they want to and be happy!!!
Raf Choudhury I wouldn't do it either fuck that
Victor Doria Jr They are bitches themselves lmfao!
Nathan Pinning A band. A fucking band!? Migos is not a band.
Vanocur Edwards Sick ERA
Tip Nicole Bowers They gay anyways duhhh
Isaac Reyes I wouldn't want to either lol
Kayli Porter Katy Perry is a drag queen
Daryl Bogosov Look at wtf they're wearing tho
Ismael Geliga Why 😂
Kelvin Kway Manjengwa bet the people who wrote that article are black
Ntsako Masia Izinja ze game.
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The return of the East Atlanta Santa.

Justin Collins Knock off cover of The Clipse album cover "Lord Willin'" version is better (released in 2002) Google the album & you will see lol
Otilio Baez Jr Ain't got a black Jesus in the back of a '64 tho....
Edward Diaz What what I can what
Phenyo Stimming Modise Garbage
James Godin 10 songs and 1 is an interlude... ok.
Pete Bondurant "Gucci Boomin" 😄🔥
Cory Hayes Dec Trawick
Kellen O'Hara Justin Walker
Brian Shafton Jecoure Lamothe
Ekin Yilmaz Michael Everett
Johnathan Sellers Andre' Caldwell
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Love >fear.

Daniel Foyston Would you be making stupid comments if this had happen in America?...it's not about money ....it's about showing these fucking cowards they won't win and won't stop us
David Frostbite Diller they wanted to kill a large number of innocent people, not the performer. If they wanted to kill the artist they would have detonated themselves during the show, not after while everyone was leaving...
Monique Walker That's crazy and she not worried about herself or her fans getting blowed tf up that's some greedy ass money hungry bs.
Pierre Moulin Money > Fear
Aaron Fernandez The question is who is "they" ? Everyone believes they know who they is but don't believe everything you think folks
Scott Thompson Greed>fear
Joey Reyna She meet Isis one day then
Terrence Duncan Silly hoe
King Greezy Bc she got ppl to pay lol duhh
Nic Reed Money > Fear
Zerks De Unruly Her ass is a bomb tho
James Jones Nicki is so desperate for attention
Anca Grigorescu https://www.facebook.com/sleekrap/
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The pop superstar was understandably shaken by the attack at her show.

Freddy Torres Jr. Grande is offering to pay for funerals if you guys missed it
EnsiTe Stereophix PLEASE 🙄 Fuck them What about the victims !? Why does it matter if she's back with WACK miller her bitch ass wasn't in the building when these poor people lost their lives GTFOH
Kimani Mzalendo Just asking, no offence intended. Don't these men who date her ever feel like paedos? She has the face of a twelve year old and the voice of a nine year old.
Mason Wilkes No one gives a flying fuck
Joey Reyna End of times or it always been this crazy I'm lost for words
Clarence Dickinson Yeah then turns around and disses america and its people. Fuck off bitch you dont get my sympathy. Its not about you. Its about the people killed and hurt.
Philemon Ikechukwu they looks good together y'all...#hatenot
Oscar Daniel Oscar Daniel Whos mac miller...
Xavier Gonzales Lmao
Ergo Calvino He should be married her fast
Mustakeen Gardizy Gtfoh
David Chavez siempre esta con tu chica en las buenas y malas
Jae Daniels Aww
Mateo Polycuss Salamanca i find this rather interesting 🤔
Victor Zambrano Woooooooooooooooo 😂😂😂
Jake VanDyke Lol who cares. She is against American's.
George Andrianakos Madeleine Brooks
Mateo Polycuss Salamanca https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=896606947153414&id=219195584894557
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Plus new music and videos from Royce Da 5'9 & Conway, Missy Elliott, Joell Ortiz, Rain910 featuring Jim Jones, and more.

Frankk Blanko https://www.reverbnation.com/MoneyBlanko
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Former producer Wasim Khamlichi made the leap to CEO of his own company Airbit (formerly myFlashStore), after earning his audio engineering diploma at London’s SAE Institute, when he realized becoming a successful music producer would actually be a difficult endeavor. #ad

Quentin Castlin https://youtu.be/VRD31EQTilc