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Sean Spicer, the Russia investigation, the Senate healthcare bill, and Comey fallout.

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Which is your favorite transformation?

Mahmoud Mostafa Ariana Grande 😍
Ertan Kurt ✔✔BORCU OLAN MUTLAKA OKUSUN.! İddaa'da Kaybetmeye Ve Kupon Yırtmaya SON.! Borcu olan memur arkadaşlarımız yedisinden yetmişine paraya ihtiyacı olan herkesin bana ulaşmasını temenni ediyorum✔✔
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Cheers to them — and their tiny Wonder Women.

ခ်မ္း ၿပည့္ စုံ Van Diesel i like best,from Myanmar,Hi bro,i'm Jorkin.I wanna be meet to u.Bye see u.
Miloslav Nindl Good
B Ngahuru Smith ❤❤❤
Abby Ronquillo Katy Lorena
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Baby Jesus has a nice ring to it.

Miloslav Nindl Very Nice Baby
Michael Bodourian MTV News stfu this is not news.
Joan Buchanan Miller Oh my gosh this child is so bratty
Andrew Binkley Nobody cares about an ugly couples ugly kid
Dylan Dang It's Harry Potter
Lauren McLoughlin Jasmin Mcloughlin
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This is the Better Care Reconciliation Act AKA the GOP's new healthcare bill:

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What you need to know about the GOP’s new healthcare bill, which may leave millions uninsured.
Joao Pitcha the last shadow puppets know whats team work, 2 people one microphone.
Melanie Marques André Freire Bernardo Almeida muito à house of cards
Ertan Kurt ✔✔BORCU OLAN MUTLAKA OKUSUN.! İddaa'da Kaybetmeye Ve Kupon Yırtmaya SON.! Borcu olan memur arkadaşlarımız yedisinden yetmişine paraya ihtiyacı olan herkesin bana ulaşmasını temenni ediyorum✔✔
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Louis Tomlinson talks One Direction's hiatus.

Katie Marie Hineline Finally Louis was able to say how he felt. And the journalist didn't twist his words, pry into his mother's death, or focus on rumors. It's 100% Louis. And it's so heartbreaking
Drue Polkey i'm just glad that he can finally be honest about how he feels. it's tough coming out of a situation like that.
Ayeesha Dandan Amani Nasser-Agha poor louis bby :(((((( haroum It makes me upset coz I noticed too that him & Niall never got any solos on X factor 🙁
Lyliam Chystina I'm the saddest person in this world after read this interview
June Eva Niall horan is lovely guy. Easy go lucky.. Thats my niall..💗
Meli Gonzalez Castillo Valen Zornosa si viste esto??? Que triste lo que dice 😣😣
Amna Awais missing 1D days , great days 😥😢
Sanne de Boer Romy Blaauw awh lees dit even
Sunshine Pearl Vale Louis deserves all the love in the world.
Katelyn Hall He was honest how he felt that's what matters
Lotte de Boer Marvin de Leeuw
Korie Portnoy Maddy Ortiz :/
Karen Li Danielle Tsang
Kylie Marie Kiara Mercedes
Natasha Terblanche Rachelle Terblanche
Ronya Lakselv Lill-Mari Andersen Lakselv Ingrid Helena Bråvoll sad times
Angelu Zafe Aya Zafe
Mônica Miliatti Natália Petrosky
Jessica Black Jahmya Coleman
Michelle Trinh 😢 HHelen Dinh
Morgan O'Nan Lauren Spoon
Jayla Cashatt Chelsea Noelle Workman 😔
Dougie Davis Hannah Turner
Jennifer Mary Emily Larkin
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What do you think of Kim's explanation?

Alyssa J Nuñez Nothing wrong with it. She was just tan. Didn't know that was a offensive to be tan.
Sammy Spencer Seriously ??? Looks nothing like "black face" she's always looked very tan anyway
Andrea Reyes Trejo I didnt see anything wrong she looked really great
Brittany Maxson Erica Louise Brock
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Sean Spicer's greatest hits:

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MTV News
Sean Spicer is done as Press Secretary. Let's remember the good times...
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"I would do anything to sing with you guys again."

Maurane David Rosslyn pls tell me ur as excited as I am otherwise WE CANT BE FRIENDS
Morgan Gilbert Kelly Holli Faith Corrie Nikki Annie Ali Kay Y'all, Southern Bells reunion for the final Pitch Perfect??
Serena Simeon WOW nyc
Jo Ann MacDonald Thought there were only 2 Bellas. Nicky and Brie.
Holli Shores Ugh, yes!
Missy Bateman Mallory McCormick Kiely Murphy
Antara Lal Sophie Joseph
Jeanette Hernandez Veronica Mariscal
Ellen Elizabeth Emily Elise
Mart Olckers Yulandi de Klerk
Tim Rosemann Tyler Rosemann Alicia Kay Ticer
Kira Levy Natasha Horwitz Hannah Wilensky
Matt Urick Natalie Urick
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“He’s one of my good friends. I love him so much. He’s the best.”

Maria Fernanda Barragan It's Josh Groban.
Sean Barfield Who cares? That hair is hideous.
Michelle Elizabeth Lear Saenz Good choice josh is good looking with a voice like and angel
Joshua Mackay I like Josh Also very good singer
Iago Fernandes ok replica dos artistas
Cyril Medrano Janana Almendral miley cyrus .2
Kenzie Mackay Joshua Mackay
Rym Kh Zeina 😱😱
Alexis Smiley Kianna Centrone
Sydni Ford Michele Ford
Stephanie Donaldson Victoria Hay
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How Kendrick Lamar's sound has evolved from freak to funk:

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MTV News
A look into Kendrick Lamar's 'DAMN' vocal evolution.
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Your faves on Harry Potter.

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Dặng Tiến Tài Harry Potter
Alondra Piedra Luis Enrique Piedra
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Miley almost played Lilley.

Anthony Romeo Jr. Almost, deuchebag, HA HA. ;_)
Sankul Sonawane What about Lucas from OTH and Rachel from Friends?
Miracle Carillo Dangan Shekinah Carillo Dangan
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Tidal and Sprint are hosting twelve 4:44 listening parties across the country.

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"Call me, snap me."

Alyssa Watson Don't call it a reboot if they're just talking about continuing where it left off.
Jonathan Pinzon It's simple, DON'T!
Adam Ant Mohr I will go for live action reboot
Zach Unferth Live action??
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Picking Chuck Klosterman's brain on his new book, interviewing Taylor Swift, and his mixed emotions on LCD Soundsystem's reunion.

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The lads take America.

Amanda Volrath Hailey Renee Jensen.. I died and went to heaven.. slow hands and strip that down.. yes please
Mohmed SaLah Really really 😣
Gina Stevis Anita Stevis Mary Yamin
Clara Amclarsten Amelie Ameley!!!!
Sandhya Shekhawat Shivani Patil
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DJ Khaled breaks down why Migos is one of his favorite acts:

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MTV News
"I love the Migos. I love how they became pop stars coming from the mud. It reminds me of myself." - DJ Khaled
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This anti-prom is an inclusive, safe party for everyone. (And it's on a yacht!) 💫

MTV News
MTV News
The best parties are inclusive (and on a yacht). Let Cardi B and more explain why BRUJAS and GypsySport throw the prom everyone deserves.
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Literary writing for the hot summer days.

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The film is on its way towards becoming the highest-grossing film by a female director.

David Brown It was good, but Kathryn Bigelow's Hurt Locker and Zero Dark thirty were much better...
Gary Kesterson Jr Now that's awesome.
Srk Sameer Khurana Super girl very nice
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How to go viral, from Josh Peck.

Makenzie Grace Hatten Now he needs to explain why Drake didn't get a wedding invite.
Nikki Moore Allison Moore he makes me think of when u used to love this show
Maïa Coenen Alexia on s'en fout de l'article regarde juste le changement omg
Krissy Avila So we're just not gonna talk about it.
Davia Lamey Wow, cute
Zofia Vazques Martines What's?
Sandra Ann Sara Mabrey
Niloufar Eskandary-Gomez Amir Gomez
Yari Lopowski Destini Grube
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What even is a "real man"? Let Franchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey break it down.

MTV News
Luis Marmol Urrutia This does not apply in Latin America
Luis Marmol Urrutia Only the gringos can do this
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The perfect gift for your fashion-forward toddler.

Laugh till your stomach hurts My mom told me that everyone has a beautiful side so I guess I'm a circle.
Renata Nolde What do you guys expect? It's Kim and Kanye. How can anything positive come out of those two??
Mackenzie Thweatt Real fur??
Joan Buchanan Miller That is not a pretty child
Remus Cristian Ughhh just when i tought i can't hate those two more ..
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"Robyn has meticulously laid a blueprint for embracing one’s self while also leaning into change."

Joshua Campbell Show me love ❤️ Show me life Baby show me what it's all about, alright.!!
Laura Weetman-Sheil Love her album body talk!! She needs to come back with another album ♥️♥️
Cherry Lesigues Sad that she's too underrated 😔
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What does this all mean?

Gutchie Spencer Sure! She's delighted...she's a Smart Woman. She keeps it real!
Todd Bryan Wettergreen Once she goes black,...she will never go back...
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Chance apologizes after dissing Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment during the Be Encouraged Tour.

Gutchie Spencer That boy is losing his mind....You simply cannot Diss Dr. Dre. He iS N will always Be ThE ONE!❤
Sboniso Major Key Xolo Who On Earth Would Go For Dr Dre. . . Chance Was Just Taking Chances.
Njabulo Jae Noguda He is excited kengoku. Few grammys and he thinks he's the real deal?!
Laura Weetman-Sheil Dr Dre all the way! Always and forever the man 😉😊😘
Michael Romero Or maybe he just listened to Dre day.
Armond Dowdy At least he was man enough to apologize
Odwa Jay He knows wats best for him
Noldray Hernandez Did he not see what happened to Jermaine dupree after he dissed dre.
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"We need to call on those people who are claiming to be LGBTQ allies in our industry, especially those with power at the top, to step the f*** up."

Adam Davis fight over what? marriage?
David Brown K
Dalton Asaeli Caucau Naivolasiga Lol
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How to get involved in queer rights and liberation around the country.

David Brown K
Enrico Justiniano meh
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Remembering Blink-182's 'Dude Ranch' two decades later.

Eve Marie Ryan Cox i know what were listening to on our drive 😏
Rachel Manning Jay Johnson. Didn't we used to listen to Blink 182 all the time!?
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It's only right to watch 'High School Musical' after this.

Breanna Parker
Koryann Marie I really.loved him on switched ay birth!
Bryce Mileto Ellen-Rose Russo
Ash Kemp Casey Kamphaug
Michaela Margaret Catherine Emma Hassard
Israa Azzam Frederikke Lind Sørensen
Erica Morales Andrew Bounkhoune
Gabriel Samson Alicia Cuerrier
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He recently promised to release "at least one single every month for the next year."

Zofia Vazques Martines My Life! <3
Hassan Farooq Muhammad Ali
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Basically the most upbeat lullaby you’ve ever heard.

Hollie Olivia Berry Reston Vyomesh Nundlall
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Young leaders will discuss the ways in which they’re making waves and challenging the status quo within their communities.

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Metallica may be involved in the film.

Mark Corbett Why is it these days all musicians want to be actors, and all actors want to be musicians???WTF....
Bryony Elizabeth Colville Callum Rowan Colville