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Zac Efron nails his Dwayne The Rock Johnson impression. 👌

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He's back.

Mauricio Cril Lil yachty
Jess Webster Olivia Webster Georgia Webster
Melinda Higgins Allanna Higgins
Naomy van Gom DEVON Deveney Spoelstra
Noemi Olivas Gabriela
Kaela Hall Niecy Stewart
Daniel Page-West Joshua Mutter
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Trump has had many different handshaking techniques.

Erik Yahindra Amin
Bailey Skarlupka Britni Lynn Becky Harmata god whats wrong with him
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All the political news ranging from what Trump has been doing around the world to the latest on the travel ban.

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Yachty opens up about his pre-fame 'visions' in a new Beats 1 interview.

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Get ready for Pride Month and look at some of the imaginative ways that organizers are creating solidarity locally and nationally.

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See him make a powerful statement onstage in Paris.

Gonzalo Gauna He's cute.
Keseabetswe Gontse Love how he got a way with words
Makayla Cooper So sweet❤️
Stephanie Bryant So sweet
Marina Rae Danielle Steinlauf
Holly Moran Saoirse McInerney
Michelle Plymin Erin Plymin Jordy Plymin Keely Plymin
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Read Ariana Grande's powerful statement.

Laura Lou Right why is it she overshadows those who have died. Sure she was freaked out and upset. However she's not hurt and I'm sure she can afford therapy. She was never going to pay the funerals and whoever shared that was disrespectful to those family's who lost loved ones who are being exploited for attention. Suggest people pipe down until they see real evidence. Less of the singer more of those who lost lives and have some respect. There's family's having to pay and bury their dead relatives. 😡
Erika Greenwell She's so adorable and brave to return to Manchester again the heart to fill that's all she can do stop bashing on Ariana Grande
Keirsten Antoinette Dani Richards 😂😂 I told you she ain't paying lmao she said she has her heart and hands to give. And she will sing at a benefit concert lol
Liena Lilli Lotuz For all the haters your from other lands as well (Unless of course your pure Native American Indian of course)... Leave her alone and let her be. What money have you given to any of these families??? Hmmm none!... That's what I thought, you have no room to speak so shush you haters. I will always support people of my nationality and those in need around the world. To speak ill of someone with a pure heart and good intentions is to be your own undoing!
Kandoje King Kandoje That's brave?
Mary D'Ippolito She should stay there she hates Americans remember?
Marti Velazquez i'm SOOO proud of her, nothing more to say!
Jimmy Price Last powerful statement her make was "I Hate America".
Kingoot Balaba Dela Cruz So brave
Manuel Ryan she's so brave
Dalton Asaeli Caucau Naivolasiga Ditto
Lorrie McSwane-Scow 👎
Charlotte Guy Stacey Lane xxx
Charlene Colton Emily Walker
Siobhan Marrinan Megan Wilkinson
Arby Espinola Bowyang
Catherine Casey Aisling McMyler
Meryll Ramirez Angelica Santos Mariano
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Nick Jonas's brought Mike Posner (that guy who took a pill in Ibiza) and Anne-Marie along for the ride.

Cliff Masini Boring
Kristin Brookshire Samantha
Amanda Aldridge Lanisha
Minerva Hernandez Karen Ortega Cerda
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If you didn't feel old when Jason Dolley showed off his diploma last year, 2017's new crop of graduating students might do the job.

Roseberth Pacheco True God is supporting me than how come your New technology of Computer device which you have inserted in me by Germans will work. I'm a Powerful Net myself handled by True God. MMW.
Chris Berrios Taylor, fossils
Eva Streckfuss What's Jessie
Glenn Garner except that show is like 2 years old...
Tshering Jorden Be 4evr frn
Evance Clara i really missed Luck alot he is really cute and handsome
Caroline Zanetti Emery Lawrence😩
Monique Placko Jordana Beatty ur friend
Cath Wallace Omg Sophia Tweddle
Hugo Rafael Soares Isabela
Darrien Cromwell Alonte Reeder
Jennifer O'Halloran Caitlyn Blumeris wtf
Troye Barker Sheridan Cochrane
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Halsey and Lauren Jauregui have teamed up for a new duet that's all about the exact moment a relationship turns cold.

Annie Varela Marco Lopez. Thoughts I haven't heard it, but I trust your music judgement
Vasundhara Bansal Banpreet Shahi bro!!!!! Match made in heaven
Kaitlin Stephenson Monica have u heard it yet
Madeline McCoy Yesss I need this song 👏🏼👏🏼
Hinata Hyunga 😖😭
Sophie Vardanian Camren is dead
Daniela Kamila Durand Gómez Ølga Harmonizer oweeeeeeeeee
Maria Enøla Pearlette Sheenagh Jane Baculio Perfect!
Jesús Aceves Roni Banks
Grey Grande Jam Andi Baraiman lauren ❤
Michaela Shaw Emily O'Grady
Anoushka Nanguy Anna Louise Renfrew
Steven Jones Tom Rowland
Robbie Henderson Ashleigh Lauder
Kara VanAllen Emily Smith
Anda Sprînceană Natalia JH
Tessa Hawkes Pedro Ferreira
Jamie Johnson Beeman Sydnie Beeman
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Can Zac Efron and the rest of the Baywatch Movie cast do anything better than Dwayne The Rock Johnson? (Spoiler alert: no.)

Jheny Oliveira Maria Santiago
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Long Live the Starks !

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It's a close call.

Anton Konnikov Yes she does. She has wildfire , and that creepy scientist that can probably figure out a way to kill her dragons 🐉
Katelyn Parker Nope, mother of dragons rules all.
Joshua September Hell no..
Mia Livančić Laney Evans what do you think?
Mary Tayon Nope
Keseabetswe Gontse NO NO NO Time To Retreat!
Katherine Josely Taveras Paulo Esteban Dominguez 🤔🤔🤔i dont think soo
Luis Quiteño Ana Estrada
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Before you pick up his new album, find out what makes Lil Yachty king of the teens.

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It's among the most explosive, ecstatic music Carly's put out.

Nadia Ali Kaitlyn Da Silva Patti Reich its like the summer of 2012 all over again
Azizul Haque Nice
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So wonderful.

Rhonda Stiner Lynda Carter still looks gorgeous.
Lest Stine Bacalso I ❤️ Lynda Carter! I adore Gal! 😍
Luisa La Badessa OMG she is ageless!
Melissa Werth Love them both! ❤❤ #wonderwomen
Adelaide Simpson John Linzie that's Linda Carter on the right!😝
Katrina Walko I agree they look amazing
Vanessa Everidge Linda still has the look, and those eyes of hers.
Octavia Latsb Lynda Carter is gorgeous as ever! 😍
John Carriere They look alike
Sarai Mabbitt Cool
James Pierce Sexy
Higher Than Rock Isnt she?Linda Carter
Stuart Perry Scott 👀
Madison Barrales Shannon Mirelez
Erin Elizabeth Nandin Jesse Castillo
Susan Solomon Annelise Solomon
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So many Harry Styles looks to choose from...😍

Lexi Shurilla Hey MTV News you keep dropping the ball on leaving out Made in the A.M. where's Drag me Down, Perfect, History, etc. COME ON. Otherwise this is *perfect.* see what I did there.
MaiLinh Nghiem Literally shivering in happiness seeing hearing you GOSH you should be put inside a museum for showcase only cuz you're a work of ART <3
Prachi Pawar All of them😍😍😘😍😍😘😘😘 But u missed the 2015 one (drag me down,perfect & history MV)
Vivian Maddox Where's Harry from Drag Me Down, Perfect and History? :v
Emily Larum Natalie Quinn I know it's only Harry in these but I'm having major flashbacks!!
Irene Wang This was a very enjoyable viewing experience. And I trust you will agree Jazmin Dakis
Lara Tessi Laís não dá pra escolher entre Harry neném e Harry homão da porra
Alexandra Baker Jess Wallace every time a new video came up I was like "oooo no I like thaaaaat one" at this stage turtle neck harry has a special place in my heart
Lily Freeman Millie Cooper FUMING because they left out drag me down, perfect, history, made in the am
Sonica Khera Sanya Khera them feels... they've actually come a long way, wow!
Claire Gonzalez tag urself im indie-hipster-thoughtful harry circa soml Sarah
Johana Tirado Guerra The yesterday,the now and the morning of harry styles his voice is perfect💜
Jeanne-gabrielle Bolduc Audréann Jomphe jai jamais été autant en amour😍😍 ( jai les larme au yeux )
Eugénie Teixeira Constance Pegorier je kiffe surtout genre 2012/2013 et maintenant
Lauren Plaisance Sarah Rowe I will love him forever!! His voice makes me melt!! 😍😍😘😘
Pamela Vizina Ya all of them, haha! A young Jaguar if that's possible 😉
Julie Laura Seriously the kid's always had the best voice outta all of them. It shows especially in Little Things.
Ira Bebo Μy fav is in "one thing" 😍 which is yours? Sahar K. Shoket
Chaunte Andrews Chelsea Christensen because you'll appreciate this as much as I did 😍
Jil Jumonville Omg only he could pull off that animal print in steal my girl
Dominika Re Anna Kempf 😭 "Little things" weißt du noch?! Oh man Harrys Stimme. Schon immer für immer würde ich mal behaupten
Carla Alejandra Osnayo Santamaria Lehandra Leveratto Rocha mi corazón directioner está sangrando 😔
Lorena Leporage Ingrid Carvalho Jennifer Marques posso considerar a pergunta mais dificil da vida?
Alexa Agreda Fabia jajajajajaja ví esto e inmediatamente pensé en ti xD 💜🙈
Zainab Bukhari Hard to choose but definitely floppy curly hair 😻 HHuang Bihui
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"Swinging around naked on a wrecking ball lives forever."

Janice Babyz LIAR LIAR LIAR! She's only pretending. It's a stunt to FOOL the people because she and her family are on a new show.
Catalina Campos me gustaría que también saliera bts o exo o got7 cantantes grupos de Corea del sur
Ashley Frost Who cares ? She was in a ruff place at the time and I say that its amazing to see the different sides of her lets us know shes human! 😍
Rick J Bryant I had no problem with it.
Junior Alain Poteau Really u sure
Sithembiso Fardkhadgy Mngadi What was she thinking from the first place😕😂
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Miley's going back to her roots in more than just one way.

McKenzie Walters I thought maybe like half Miley half Hannah Montana . Kyleigh Walters Krystal Dawn
Johan Orozco She is half Hannah Montannah
Tracy Johnson I like it
Joann Dollente Abaygar Ugly
Jodie Coughlin N it matters why??
Jereyy Ocasio Dani Vincent tag Jonny lol
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'Supernatural's' Sam & Dean will come face to face with the OG monster hunters.

Tomi Shaggy is going to be more high,and he gonna beat lucifer with a giant spliff :)) Im waitin for this season :))
Antoine Williams Supernatural needs to end😐
Tyler Richardson Pls tell me this is a joke
Tyler Richardson Supernatural and Scooby doo shouldn't go together
News With and About Celebrities very interesting 🙂
Jacob Madonna Alice Melancy Madonna
Anielka Garcia Cuadra Kenneth Yagual 😍😍😍😍😍
Chloe Limb Heidi Limb Steven Limb
Hollie Olivia Berry Reston Ruth Butler
Jamie Johnson Beeman Sydnie Beeman
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'Game of Thrones', Ramsay Bolton was almost casted as Jon Snow.

Alyson Dauzat Grant Davis
Radhika Garg Teejay Vergara omg!!!
Qirat Nauman Mehak Anwar
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Kenny Ortega definitely held it down.

Trevor Williams He told this story on Queen Lafifah's show a few years back... The best Michael story is the one Pharrell tells about when he and Justin Timberlake were working on "Justified" like 6 of those songs were written for Michael's "Invincible" and Michael called Pharrell to see how things were going with Justin, and he didn't believe it was really him until he could audibly hear him snacking on popcorn through the phone 😂😂😂😂😂
Carolyn Moffett How cool is that! Love and miss MJ!
Melanie Castro OMGGG
Nisabella Liz Halliwell I knew about this.
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This was always annoying.

Pading Fox I didn't expect Saffron Burrow's character to get eaten at the end of Deep Blue Sea either. Not even an idiot would sacrifice herself by offering herself as a meal so the shark won't escape! That just doesn't make sense.
Paul Palmer I've never seen anyone jump as high as Justin Froggatt did when Samuel got eaten in Deep Blue Sea.
Aaron K Richard drew barrymore was never a main character in scream the main character has always been sydney🤣🤣😂😂
Naomi Melo Julia Jean Krank lmao i remember talking to u about scream
Andile Shabangu Steven seagull in Airfoce 1
Selson De Araujo AraBeat Ola malta a minha primeira Beat Tape Já esta disponivel official no blogger Som da pista . Tem como titulo Africa Like Beat espero que gosta e partilha pork fiz esta Beat Tape pençado em voces . . Blogger Som na pista:
William Hack It was clever
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This time around Sia channels her inner Justice League heroine for “To Be Human.”

Annie Varela Marco Lopez Tara Ghose Chakira M. Haddock-Lazala Will HarrisWill Harris
Jak Caramat Michael Guanco
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The custody battle has finally been settled.

Amy Nigh It's about time. I understand why Barbara did what she did at the start. And why she wants to keep Jace in his school. Jenelle has clearly grown and as his mommy sees why THAT is best for him too. Before middle school let him choose where he enrolls. For now this is HUGE honestly. Congrats ladies and hooray for Jace and his siblings.
Rebecca Lange It's amazing to me that her own mother won't give her son back to her, I understand why she did what she did in the beginning , but she has more than proven her self, I understand why Jenelle has so much anger towards Barbra
Lavonda Bentley I think this is great. Although it always boggled me that Barb was concerned with jace and his well being, but never concerned with janelle's other children.
Amy Davis I just feel like if jenelle gets him it's going to hurt him because he grew up with his grandma and that's all he knows I feel like it's going to be hard on him to get settled in and stuff because he's always with his grandma and if you take that from him you're going to hurt him. It's like if you raised a child for 10 years and all of a sudden momma wants to take him. Unfortunately when he's 12 he's going to be able to decide and I'm sure he is going to choose his grandma because you can't just walk into a child's life in and out and expect them to keep having they're hopes up that you'll stay even though she's doing better they gotta do what's best for him and stop with this fighting crap I agree with the terms they're on now congrats 🎊 to both of you.
Vivian Andreanicki Zavala Katie Bullington well I guess that's a step in the right direction
Ana Torres Caitlin Zulfer. Soo happy she has more time with him
Neil K Jamin Janelle is my dreamgirl. 😍
Trinik Tumarae Tash Greville looks like u a bit😱😲lol haaaawt!!!
Sammy Tomita FINALLY!!!!
Christine Hoggan Walker Soooo happy for her keep up the good work jenelle
Cathy Wilhelm Woo hoo way to go Jenelle so happy for you
Rosie Ryther Canfield It's about time Barbara can't say NO!! way to go!
Destini Dawn Strickland Happy for her
Sheri Barker Its a good start
Kelly A Punt Good about time she can mother him
Bobbie Elaine Zimmerman Congrats Jenelle evens and jace
Virginia Aycock Yay
Brenda Swieczkowski It's about time she able to be with her son she's come a long way
Niamh O'Connor Fionnuala O Connor Ruth Larkin good woman janelle hi
Lindsey Kline Kristen Marie DeSantis
Alexis Mariie Crystal Martinez
Leah O Mahony Helen Irwin
Michelle Bauman Jessica Yaugher
Dawn Stolle Kayla Williams
Carol Dolan Nicola Dolan
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Thanks to the internet, Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o are teaming up for the movie of your dreams. 👏

Vanessa Haning the plot is a little too Joanne the Scammer...
Angela Mancini Ok, but I see bts at 00.08 lol
Iyoub Gouhy
Nsubuga Kasimu Whc movie
Camilla Jean-Baptiste Michala Louise Monique Darkchild Lucia Willie Sarah Pamela Graham Somerset Daye
Vladimir Grigorov Polly Ivanova daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Aynur Isayeva Malaika omg 😍😍😍
Hannah Griffin Catherine Louise Griffin YESSSSSS
David Novoa Romero Alexandra 😱
Mahalia Bilney Shannon Butterworth
Goda Marija Koncytė Urtė Dzedravičiūtė
Simón Prieto Montes Juan Sebastián Angarita
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MTV News2 days ago

X-men meets horror ?

Jimmy Adetona Damn
Karis Arcilla Kathleen Mae Pacis Laganzon
Jerald Abayan Evallo Lu Anton Tanpiengco
Rebecca Louise Birch Stephen Shortt
Eden Cash Matthew Pulbrook
Peter Wyld Danielle Marie
Brenda Mars Isis
Adam Kennedy Jerrica Nichols
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These are the names of the 22 people that were killed in the terrorist attack at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester.

Jane Servica So so sad no religion would support this type of act especially against children
Joyce Cayton Such sadness my heart goes out to all of these wonderful people and to there family they will never be forgotten in our hearts ??
Nancy Hill Go with god fly angles heaven is waiting rip all of you who was taken🙏❤️😢
Lisa Mammana Donoghue Omg , my heart aches for the people that lost their lives and their families . I pray for the people of Manchester . A selfish , senceless , tragedy .
Daniel Hamami My heart is broken... my prayers to you all and to your families.. rest is peace😢🙏🏼
Alexzandra Jenks Rest In Peace to the ones who have died and bring solace to their loved ones and families
Karen Lynne So very tragic and sad. Our hearts and prayers go out to these families.
Tina Segreti Burns Very sad God Bless you all i hope you find some kind of peace .they will never be forgotten.prayers to you all.
Nicole Turner Heartbreaking 💔💔😪
Renata Teresa R I P
Joanne Barrientos You may you all rest in peace prayers in all my love to all your family God bless you all
Robbie Cuttler Very sad and heartbreaking prayers go out to the families.
Nao Child Pen pray for manchester and ari💔😢
Youssef Sh RIP
Peter Toytonov R I P
Jenn Santucci Prayers for all the families how sad
Hà Nguyễn R.I.P To All ❤ :'(
Liane Uhden
Doradel Inso Rest In Peace, Amen
Patricia Watson RIP! United we stand
Liane Uhden
Alla Yunayev
Jan Auree Francisco Bagona Rest in peace.
Danalee Pouliot All r.I.p
Violeta Pavloska R.I.P.
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This one's all about nostalgia.

MTV News
MTV News2 days ago

Zayn Malik's new album is shaping up to be more on the bright side than the moody tones we're used to.

Sametcan Kanal I hope it's not a depressive album because i liked his vibe on Mind of Mine
Alexandra Zwayer Kristen Drevna
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MTV News2 days ago

Noah Cyrus channels her inner roots with this new song.

Manuel Ryan love her!
MTV News
MTV News2 days ago

The chess allusion suggested by the album's name "White Knight" is no coincidence - the power-pop genius is always thinking five steps ahead.

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MTV News2 days ago

The Denim on Denim queen.

MTV News
MTV News2 days ago

She hates bugs but will end up covered in them.

Cristina Ballesteros I loved fear factor when I was small. My brother and I used to watch it religiously. We are so excited it is back.
Nadein Afouf شو هالقرف
Debra Carben Can't wait to see it
Malena Aguilar Nyad Long, Angelina Ramirez, Johnny N Julie Ramirez you ladies need to do this to get rid of the phobias.
Kasey Law-Kun NOOOOOO Justin Dael
Jessica Cosgrove Sharon Chidlow 😉
Phyllis Anne Humanity at its worst.