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Justin has a wife and Hailey is a Bieber!

I'm so happy for Justin but I still can't believe that he is married
good move to canada with him just as long as he is gone
Congrats #mygodblesstheremaraige.
Donna May Montemayor Bieber na ang last name nya pero di pa rin sya finafollow ni Jb sa IG.
Why didn’t he marry Selena? 🤨
I'm so happy for the both of you. 💙💙
They look a mess!!!! #rehabhelps
Skyler you were right 👌
Wtf too soon!
It’s official because it’s on instagram lmao
Congratulations Mrs. & Mrs. Bieber
What a joke!
Yo J , im Happy for you ! 😉
Claudia Baiz como que hailey Bieber? Esta mal este article! No les crean 😩🤬
They are looking jokers😑😑
Camille Checa
Naomi Ruth
Bianca Morony
Shikha Lall
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Elle Woods would approve.

Love it
Marzia Sutera A QUEEN
Jarrod Aiman Ashraf
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"Finally love me naked, sexiest when I’m confident."

there is nobody more judgmental of women than other women.
What's wrong w/ being common? most people are common...
now stop covering up it makes it seem like you are ashamed show us all your goods
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Ariana Grande maybe cut her hair and fans are going nuts:

Come on Ariana Grande MAY HAVE. FFS.
Cecilia Watson hogy oda vannak egy kurva hajvágástól XD
anh nào chat với e k ạ
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"We were listening to a lot of Beach House."

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His song with Cardi sounds like a banger.

Wesley Miller
Taay Marie
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"Music business movin' too fast for me / Wishin' I still had Mac with me."

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The story of BTS and their #ARMY, the most powerful fandom in the world

I am 54 years old ARMY 💜 their music and message brought me out of deep depression.
Music with message. Artist with a purpose. They are more than just an idols. I'm so proud. 💜😭
These amazing boys helped me a lot and pulled me out of anxiety and depression ! Hoping for the best!
BTS and Army is my family!!!😍😘😘
I like how that caption sounded 😏
Yes ^_^ I'm the one who very much proud of them #BTS <3 <3 <3 #ProudARMY #iPURLPEbts
Proud ARMY everywhere 😍💜
Proud ARMY😊😍 #BTS👑💘ARMY💗
I'm Myanmar ARMY I'm so proud of them
BTS + ARMY = FAMILY 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Parnika this made me so emotional. I love them and this family so much💜💜
Jhoe Marie Silverio you can show this to Dr. Mawardi hehehe a good BTS-ARMY introduction 💜
Taylean show the video to Iesha
Hadia Mazhar Bokhari Nur Nabilla Mohd Iman Zamri this is so cute 😭
Krizostomo 💜💜💜
Meriem Khalef Kim Yuri RM 💜💜
Hezel Pulido 😍😍
Emily Phuong-Uyen Holly 💜💜💜
Becca Leor 💜
Ica Syalsabilla
I am army🥰💕
Xương Thân Thiện:)
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The story behind those fake fact accounts on your timeline.

Czy ten gest to Allah?
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The holiday season has arrived!

Jessica Taylor James
Julia Janicka
Olivia Wright
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Julia can make *anything* sound pristine.

Had to fam if I wouldnt of argued these years and let her go first I wouldnt of had 7 years wit my family
Only reason I'm alive is she didnt win bet, and no matter what I got about 5 more years wit my kids, befor I was forced for her to win then disposed of
U know no matter what I do they gone do me bogus even of she win bet
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Nicki Minaj’s Zayn collab is her latest in a year of epic features:

I love her
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The Stranger Things cast gets super emotional wrapping season 3:

How many episodes?
Dylan Stockley
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Move over, Mariah.

No thanks
Yes. Honey. Hi. Hi.
Zoltán Kiss
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Go back inside the circus tent.

Maureen Nash Reid are you going to take me to see Dumbo?
Brian Joseph Tim burton and Disney and Danny devito!!!
Jenna Richardson 😍
Jennifer Graves
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We spoke to the cast of Fantastic Beasts and got them to confess their in real life crimes.

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MTV News2 days ago

These two are a match made in moody R&B heaven.

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Hugh Jackman shares his first impressions of Stan Lee:

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Meet Willowdean Dickson!

Ishara Ramroop I need to see this
It's Patty Cakes 😁
Insatiable caused a movement lol so many pageant movies coming out
BBW wussup?
Kelly Visk Mesa
Kara Edmonds
Chloe Coombes
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Ally Brooke is ready to tell all.

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Dwayne Johnson returns to his wrestling roots.

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The Dawes frontman was "thrilled."

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Diplo doesn't appear, but Swae Lee does.

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K. Dot springs back to life.

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A history of dabs.

Rosie Sandt this is the best one yet
Brennan Brewster Watt!!!
Savannah Holland Allison Strini I died
This won’t beat Paul McCartney,s carpool Karaoke. You can’t beat reflecting over a 61 year career.
Michael Mata
Melissa Lokugamage Sami Villarreal I died
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It actually makes a lot of sense.

عاجل وحصري انتشار الفاحشه وتدنيس الاسلام من قبل ساره ال ثاني هذه العاهره الزانيه الفاجره بعد ان تم تصوير افلام اباحيه لها في دول غربيه وتم تسريب جزاء منها تخطط لنشر هذه الفاحشه في الدوله عربيه بعيدا عن اعين الناس في دوله السودان في مقاطعة الجزيره معا لمحاكمة كل من يساعدها في تدنيس الاسلام وانتشار هذه الفواحش التي لايقبل بها اي مسلم انشرها وشاركها مع الغير
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The best "The Cure" since Lady Gaga's.

Julie Amber Berman listen to this ❤️
Niamh Callaghan
Do You Cure Sroke Well ?
Need to ask Robert Smith about this chicks..
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Please let this happen!

Michaela Kovaříková 💙💙this must happen
Look forward to performance if anything like the film will be memorable.
Tyler Jones I so hope they do!!! 😍🎉🥳🙌
I put this little nugget of information in the whodaphuckares file and swipe right!
(:V) 5 sister!
Bradley and who ?
Yes he's wise,
Chris Lucente Luciano
Kaylah Massouras
Romika Moukarzel
Alexis McElveen
Lilian Even
Bradley looks like an old man..with old man ears..
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Here’s why Kanye West delaying ‘Yandhi’ again might be ok:

I can wait the rest of my life
It's about 41 mins since posted and no one ever like this video 😂
Noma kungaphela unyaka akafusege nje ,ukthathaphi ukfaka amakepisi abomvu 🙄✋
Nobody even likes him anymore
Shes need real skills
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Just keep breathin.

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It's the beginning of the end.

Valentine Clmt je suis pas prête mentalement là
Constance Pegorier tic toc
Jess Turner Bianca Toma Phoebe Gray Neale Shacklock APRIL
Glenn Horan
Tristan Lin
Jassy, Krystle. 🤩
Marie-ève Gagné
Tracey Fuller
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"This is what's left."

Why are we worried? They have plenty of money. What about the people who dont??
They are rich they'll get another one ☝️
We need to raise taxes to help these poor celebrities get by...
Well she has plenty of money some don't
So so sorry prayers for all involved
This look, very Madonna
We can't say
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Like Pokémon Go, but real life.

Missy Barrett Troy’s gonna love this ! Ryan Reynolds voice too 😍🤣
Camilo Puentes OMG OMG OMGGGGGG OMFGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!
Ok. Ok
Charly Martinez you think it'll be good 🤔
Dãmâñ Dêēp Sïñgh
Arbër encore moi.☺️
Aaron Callaghan
Alin Georgian Antoci
Grace Heller Michael Heller Jack Heller
Scott Thomson
John JDubs Watson
Blind Ramirez
Marlies Nieuwenhuyze
Sumii Sumeet Sunmeet Inder Sasan
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Coincidence or blatant rip-off?

She looks so much older than she is
clearly a rip-off. I didn’t even know they were different stages at first
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His description of holding Stormi for the first time is too cute.