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Some of the plots of these dystopian films don't seem far-fetched in today's world.

Sean Barfield Why so dystopian all of a sudden?
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Welcome to a world where sweet holiday rom-coms cease to exist and where Wes Anderson stops making colorful, quirky films.

Sean Barfield Andy Lipschutz
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Happy birthday, Lady Gaga!

Here's a complete A-Z of everything Mother Monster.

Ben Speth Happy birthday
Leon Kennedy The B though 😂😂
Piyapong Prasaththong
Piyapong Prasaththong
Benson Sun
Sergio Fernando Perelló 👑😍
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How Mount Eerie's album "A Crow Looked At Me" delves into the grudging acceptance of being alive after losing his wife.

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The Handmaid’s Tale in 2017 is not subtle. Signals aren’t meant to be.

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Last week, Meredith Graves went in search of passionfruit in an effort to better understand Drake's new playlist. This weekend, as promised, she used that passionfruit to make a tart.

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"The whole metaphor for the title is about the encouragement of critical thinking."

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"The whole reason you make a record is to figure stuff out about yourself."

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Looks like this couple is done getting "Closer."

Karen Busiley Lol yes
EJ Somozani tune for days Karen Busiley!
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Where’s the blonde hair?

The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is. -Irvin Himmel.
Susy Smith
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“I don't know if I will ever tour again. The only reason I've toured is you.”

Bonnie Cheung P
Manuel Marquez Thank god!!
Thaweepat Thirawut วอนแฟน 555
Jessica Briones Ashley Aquino we got blessed!!
Lauren Allardice Joanne Thomson
Cristian Garcia Maritza Torres
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Here's to hoping Kim is able to have a healthy, safe pregnancy, or otherwise figure out some alternate option.

Yeng Yaj kanye west step up and said: Kim i'm going to let you finish. But i want Beyonce to have my baby.
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.
Alainer Warren Everybody want a baby
Григорий Хоробрых Kim ! - ты Супер!
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The Padaleckis' first girl is named Odette Elliott, and she is a total gem.

Fernando Valtierra Julia Dávila
Isla Sutherland Anoushka Piotrowski
Alise Riley Harriet Nilon
Cassandra Peters Bryanna Schellenberg
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It appears Shawn Mendes has been holding out on us.

Aynsliee Tillett Never heard of him
Rĕinĕ Mîrẵ Who ???
Merlia Alizandee Arriesgado Mendes I feel sooo jealous 😂😂 OMG My Shaaaaaaaawn! 😂😂
Karissa Cabello LOVE ITTTT
Caitlin Casey 😭😭
Sihle Gayize Beautiful!
Ellie Rock Maddie Cairns😑
Renee Lavoie how about no Jillian Fornwald
Camela Olives Trishia Bayeng
Samit Raiyan Alfi Shaharin Ridita niye gelo toh 😂
Ráichéal Walsh Sorcha DeBairead
Maree Bain Sophie Bain
Nia Kusumawardani Gabrielle Michelle Alimin apa ini?
Mahmoud Mohammad Mariam Bouachmir
Abbie Fleming Caitlin Casey
Emma Holck Amalie Kristensen
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Snoop is on board for a tribute to the late rapper.

Jamie Tabbi i love snoop and i know he and pac were cool but it should b treach cause he and pac were basically brothers
Michael Nwabrije Jamie Tabbi Alan Post Mark Hopkins Lorrie McSwane-Scow Labbé Cassy Nicholas Spano Why does the triangle with a eye appear on the MTV icon? When we all know what it means. Does it show that the illuminati is real?
Alan Post Rock and roll....really?
Thomas Genovese Thug awards
Mark Hopkins Doog looks like cousin it from the Addams Family 😎😎
L Cra Lbc And ice cube....?
Lorrie McSwane-Scow Who?
Григорий Хоробрых Спасибо за Вашу музыку!
Arthur Galindo 1996
Eduardo Eduardo este cara o rap maior do mundo
Labbé Cassy Remember when hes upsmokin u .!😊
Gautam Rai Suraj Rayee Lëgèñd Ōf Hêll
Nicholas Spano Thomas Johns
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The fight to protect health care isn’t over yet! That’s why Planned Parenthood is introducing a #PinkOut on Wednesday to bring attention to reproductive rights.

Planned Parenthood's #PinkOut: What You Need to Know
Brie Kamp Ryan made that bill. He was warned not to put it forward and yet he did.
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Harry Styles is finally releasing his debut solo single.

Evie King Joanna Rendall 2 days before my birthday what a great present 🙌🏻🎉
Hannah Thornley Elizabeth Bedford please say you're excited about this? BECAUSE I FUCKIN' AM.
Elisia Chavez Jorge Sida is this what you were telling me yesterday
Ali Slater Livi Lord we can stop complaining now
Bryony Weate Becky Hickman Emily Partington I have no idea what's going on but I'm excited
Haley Humphrey Cassidy Payton Humphrey Tagging you for who it compares him to
Michael Nwabrije Hannah Thornley Evie King Bryony Weate Haley Humphrey Suzan Dauti Jerry-Ray Pearce Alexandra Sutherland Marte Søgnen Holen Maria Camila Fernandez Josephine Cuoco Amanda Nelson Rachel Poad Sarah Miller Nitin Bisht Do we all not question Why does the triangle with a eye appear on the MTV icon? When we all know what it means. Does it show that they are real?
Madeline Kate Adair are you screaming
Karla Garcia Fernandez Daisy Perez it's being released on MY BIRTHDAY 😍😍😍
Jerry-Ray Pearce Paige Tighe beaut.. gonna out do bieber
Alexandra Sutherland Lauren Hurr a bday present from him to u how cute
Marte Søgnen Holen Ihne its ON.
Sydney Carey Meg Roger what the world needs
Matias Alvarez In the first picture i was think him was a woman xd
Maria Camila Fernandez Yes ! The world needs him ! 💚
Josephine Cuoco I saw that commercial and it. Was. Beautiful.
Jessica Snyder ☺،🌸 ... 💛`))
Aja Small He looks like a young Leo
Amanda Nelson Kristina Miller we get Harry music when we're together 💕
Rachel Poad Meghan Grabowski even though I'm sure you know
Jordan Allums Emma Duke just making sure you saw this
Lena Pfuff Mellu Joolie Verschwörungstheorie
Sarah Miller Rem Elise the year of the styles
Diana Mata Priscilla Chacon ya encontré una razón para vivir
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Here's why YA has become an even more important resource for teens.

Hailey Prosser Mindy Van Wagenen Hayes💕💕💕
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Happiest birthday to Mariah Carey, who gives zero f*cks.

Aynsliee Tillett Only album we've ever owned is her Christmas album and after volunteering at the Salvation Army near where I live I cannot stand that song they would repeat the same 5 songs all day at Xmas time. They would get complaints and the manager wouldn't even care. I stopped going in January as it was getting hot. And they would stick you outside whether it's rain hail or stinking hot I told her a thousand times that I need to start doing stuff inside and she didn't even care. If I over heat I faint. Wish I stopped as soon as it started heating up which was December. I haven't been in the store since
Erin Townsley Troy David Hendrickson "still is dahhhling, number 1 last year!"
Νατάσα Στόικου Happy birthday indeed! no matter what her attitude is now,she has had one of the best voices and songs ever! fact.
Moji Ramin I love you. Happy birthday. That Christmas song not even in her top 5 still one the best songs ever.😍💋💗
Diana Michelle Jazmin can you tag ray ray in this we are not fb friends 😂😂
Marisa Bless All of these things bother me about her😂... Why Jerron Lawson are you so in love with her ....hahahahaha Ty Taylor watch this
Raphaela Fernandes Gabriela Fernandes Barcelos que MARAVILHOSA. E hora que perguntam quem estaria apto a cantar no casamento? FUCKIN NOBODY, BYE..genteeee ❤️
Madel Sandrea Lamberte-Palon Kesor Jethro Real i think Mariah is ur spririt animal. No f***s given. Haha!
Antnne Cruz Borquez My queen my world lol 😂 I love her no fucks GIVIN AT ALL YAAAAAAS
Francisco Nardi Sgarioni She's so Aries! And I love her!
Fina Degrazia Agnes lol we're the same but she's too extra saucyy
Robert Nuyda Jr. Sherwin Paul Dar Juan nandto ung onika m oh. Shes more happy for mimi's achievement lol
Michael Nwabrije Aynsliee Tillett Erin Townsley Moji Ramin Diana Michelle Marisa Bless Marie-Philippe Guérin Madel Sandrea Lamberte-Palon Caitlin Rivera Danilo Xavier Miguel Netto Luis Moises Cabriles Theodore Glover Bella Ryan Meggs Karamani Why don't we all question Why does the triangle with a eye appear on the MTV icon? When we all know what it means. Does it show that the................... Is real?
Mc Finest So hilarious #HappyAnniversaryMariah
Dennis Sousa I like Mariah Carey, but MTV... boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Caitlin Rivera Maxie;; soo extra 😂
Pedro Lopes MY QUEEN! <3
Carla Sofia Silva Queen 👸
Andrés Estrada I loveee her ! She is the ultimate diva❤❤❤👏👏👏
Đạt Lê Happy Anniversary ton Mariah Carey. the best diva
Brendita Torres Cervantes Zero fucks given, I like her style 😉
Danilo Xavier Hahahahahahhaha Gotta Love her! ❤😂
Miguel Netto She takes the word EXTRA to a whole new level
Wesley Inada Manoooooo kkkkkkkkkkkk o q é isso MTV??? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk tô no chão
Maryam Ali
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What we can learn from six fictional pop culture oppressors?

Karina Encarnacion I loved Mars Attacks!!!!
Tyler Anderson That movie was fucked up when i saw it as a kid lol
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MTV News updated their profile picture.1 day ago
Ollie Saer The Eye of Providence is a known Satanic Symbol and was even spoken of in Biblical times. As if one needed further confirmation that MTV is the epitome of evil.
Ashwin Kleinhans not ashamed no more. wtf
Irakli Shanava Don't really get why are you so angry about it.
Lesedi McCay I spy with my little eyes👀
Reda Cristiano why the eye ?
Nathaniel Torres Praxidio u know what it means😉
S Rajalakshmi Illuminati confirmed
Atuhairwe Khomshine Judgment is nearing for real
Chu Ka Illuminati.
Adrian Reed wtf ???
なかくら やすこ 👀😎😍😊🤗💕❓
Weld Ab Mewcha These is shet
Lloyd Rikhotso Lol. All seeing eye
Gentl Gangstr Am gon have todelet you
Aziz Nadir احدرو من رمز الديانة.. الماسونية..المثلث في وسطه عين
Sihle Gayize Illuminati!
Princess Alyssa WTF?
Jossue Iraheta ❤️❤️❤️
Dennis Sousa boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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At the end of of the 20th century, with crime at an unprecedented high, Trump tried to build a castle in New York City.

Jennifer Andrews-stahle Wish I had money to build a castle 🏰 !
Owen Jacob Are you mad he had the money to or something
Lance Austin What does this have to do with music?
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"Walls that protect our coasts instead of our borders could still cut us off from the world."

Ollie Saer The most worrying part of this is the (as of writing this comment) 38 people that affirm with this utter nonsense enough to hit like.
Michael Joseph Beaman Maybe we need a little isolation from the world.
Oral Brissett #Dont Think that's Right
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MTV News updated their cover photo.1 day ago
Rajesh Ranjan Karn Amazing
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MTV News updated their profile picture.1 day ago
Jordan D Ziolkowski No surprises there. Might as well put a picture of Hillary Clinton and a CIA logo.
G Anirudh Reddy illuminati😂😂😘😘
Philip Hillz What's that pyramid and eye doing there?
Philip Hillz Busted#Illuminatisymbols
Åugust Wendi Älsinå illimunantie fackers
Jossue Iraheta ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
P Otato Kun MTV ILLUMINATI CONFIRMMED!! Moatemsu Longchar Neelohit Roy El Nathan Chilhang Thania Chamberlain Priscilla Scar Aylwin Anteza Lysa Joy Santiago 😱
Dylan Durant Vera Kriek ilu alles
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MTV News1 day ago

Are we already living in a modern dystopia?

Piyapong Prasaththong
John Martin best for discuss
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MTV News1 day ago

He's going to play an even more crucial part of the show.

Genesis Tridy G I'm jst waiting for negan to get what he deserves and daryl getting his revenge on dwight
Stef Siegmann Dwight needs to give Daryl his best back
Andrea Del Carmen Adriana Paola, Joseph Nieves Irizarry
Elisha Smith Michael J McCrary
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The most important thing for her on her upcoming album was demonstrating her ability to be a capital-A artist.

Allee Gushwa Anthony Marks you will not escape it!
Tarsha Graham Jo Bizumic Jamie Corrie She is making more music
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Few college students have been as respectful of Miami Beach as this fraternity. (via HuffPost Black Voices)

Gaea Bard Why does it matter that they are a black fraternity? Does that even matter? What should matter is that they are cleaning up the mess.
Sandra Nicole Holland I'm happy they were black , but at the same time why cant they just be people ?
Jerr Knox It's going to take a lot more then a beach to fix your Global image. The clothes, the music, the guns. Generally a culture of violence.
Dustin Eye Sad thing is this should be the standard thing you should do, not the exception
Ellee Wynn THANK YOU !!! and I'm certain the earth thanks you too,,, and I SUPER KNOW THE MARINE ANIMALS NEAR THAT BEACH THANK YOU TOO !!! But make sure you watch out for yourselves as well and use plenty of hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE !!!'
Tara Haz The Japanese do this all the time. They are cool. Follow the Japanese.
Chantel LePage Is the fraternity named "Black"? Or is this just an ignorant statement ...
Sammy Jo Villarreal Hey sum Mexicans did this in SPI... Oh no one cares cause they're mexicans.
Gabriel Sweetland Lmao one thing Mtv could do better is to stop making everything about race..
Joanne Stanley Put on gloves for that s*** just might catch something
Dee Santi Keenun Barley... the beaches got cleaned up 😎
Linda Green Just say thank you keep up the good work
Samael Martell Why not use the name of their fraternity.
Elizabeth Foreman Warner Great job! Thank you!
Barry Wahl an example of good for all
Donna Anderson Terlecki Impressive.
Donald Wesley Big ups
Chris Jamaal Hill It is!! ✊🏾
Roberto Alejandro Ulloa Saldívar Do that in Cancun, pls...
Lisa LeBourgeois Chris Jamaal Hill this is yall right?
Niklas Paskert Yo Hanna Greta Zambo Michael Hemmerle
Paul Blair Check this out Stephanie Kunkle Acri
Darlene Mc Donnell Kirsty Mc Donnell Conor Smith Robbie Smith
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His contract is supposed to be up after the next Avengers film.

The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. Even with all the ups and downs, never take a day for granted. Cherish the little things and hug the ones you love.
Gyanandra Poudel See you soon avengers......
Chelsa Pontillas Aliyah May I LITERALLY TYPED YOUR NAME IN CAPSLOCK COZ HECK THIS IS---😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Klaudia Sokołowska ❤❤❤
Shawna Rose Billy Buckshott
Jennifer Le Zach Mendiola bless
Kaitlyn Oxtoby Kelly Trang!
Abbie Pryor Sam Edwards
Analisa Tapia Ivan Ruiz
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MTV News2 days ago

Everything you need to know about this week's political news.

Piyapong Prasaththong
Piyapong Prasaththong
Thaweepat Thirawut Grumbled.
Anas Alhajj Sliman يـويـلاهہ ۂ ❤
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MTV News2 days ago

The role of Christine Baskets reminds us of all the stories and perspectives we miss out on when people like her are so seldom humanized.

Jenny Grossenbacher Annas Great article. I'm so happy to see someone else getting such a kick out of Christine Baskets. 💕 Louie Anderson is brilliant.
Cody Willison Yes it is
Anas Alhajj Sliman يـويـلاهہ ۂ ❤
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MTV News2 days ago

Things just got more interesting.

Herald Tendido Securata where is green lantern and john?? 😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱
Labbé Cassy With no super men. Theres no dog! Snoop!😶
Anas Alhajj Sliman يـويـلاهہ ۂ ❤
Nmajeme Paul Ayodele Dexter Alex
Klarissa Lynett Thomas Moreno
Monica Nazareno Jeremy Nazareno
Poojitha Kiran Uthunga Wodeyar
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Also a great guide to get caught up before Marvel TV's superhero team-up, The Defenders.

Blackagar Ronald Vinz Boltagon who else think that colleen wing is Hot af
Sylvanie Isidore Love the show
Jim Lamb Stephanie lol
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Trump has inspired quite a few fiction books.