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Louis Tomlinson couldn't forget this.

Bonnie Cheung P <3 Zaynnn
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Friendly Selena.

Tomas Antonio Valentina Ignacia Campos Gonzalez
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Will Kendrick perform something new?

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'Tell Me You Love Me' is officially dropping on September 29.

Antonio Christopher Adriana'Noelle you probably already knew tho
Dani Jones Citlalli If you didn't know
Trisha Silverio Nick Papadopoulos Amber Arrowsmith
Alycia Altman-Miller Ummmm Samantha Mendoza!!!
Hope Aguirre Jr Aguirre
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Taylor's announces the release date of a new album.

Kayla Brown Justine Lockhart !!! This means another concert date for us 😍🙌
Dane Ridolfi nobody cares. buy tell me you love me on itunes . 🖤
Nichole Torres I already don't like it
Arian Berisha Jem ohaaaa 😍😍
Amanuael Visser Oh no
Quen Engtipi WOOO..We can't wait for this!!
Mengistu Jk Liam McKenzie
Jubi Lee Julianne Martinez Mirasol
Liegh Yvonne Terrazola Quisha
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Louis Tomlinson remembers feeling out of his depth during the 2012 VMAs.

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The Foo Fighters gathers a very special guest for their new video.

Gemma Louise Rusling Scott
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Don't worry, they're fine.

Jeremy Johnson The world can't afford to lose Ariana Grande. Please be careful with her... 3:)
Joe Barrett I like her. Love me harder used to be me and my ex's song and that ain't usually my style!
Claudia Melina Torres I can't believe they filmed that last year during Christmas time & it was barely released lol
Pamela Lorene Did anyone notice the plant in the backseat is not in the car at all times
Chris Johns
Valeria Gornika Fun episode ♡
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Thirty Seconds to Mars has a new song that's bound to mentally prepare you for whatever challenges you're facing.

Sholanyi Ortiz Nuñez It's a great song but it doesnt have this 30stm feelin that i was waiting for.
Sabin Andrei Lazar One of the best songs I've heard this year 🖤
Runnin On Empty Great Track 😎
Laura Theriault Ashley Kearns
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AHS:Cult trailer shows us that Evan Peters is a Trump supporter.

Santiago Barrelier Why you have to mention Trump? I'm not from US but I can see or think that if you support the president of the US you will be discriminate for that.
Alyssa Nicole Jensen Sabrina Quinones sept. 5th I'm coming over and we're watching tf out of this
Chelsea A. Tepper Amber I haven't even watched yet but the headline has me worried for u
Emrys Spencer I'm stoked that he's playing that part, he'll do a great job of showing how ridiculous some if his supporters are. Amazing actor and best part of AHS (Sarah included)
Madison Meehan Jalyn genuinely impressed at quickly they got this season together
Maggie Rodriguez It's just a show and a part that he plays. It doesn't mean he really is one 😒🙄🙄🙄
Emily Schmidt 😥😥 Elaina Clapper omg but this trailer looks so bomb
Robyn Begg Claire Mckendry watch!!
Caitlyn Burke Adele Rodriguez Lauren Gartlacher
Danielly L. Colon Jaz Vergara your dream guy loves trump
Aleesha Jayce Stasia Edmeades oh????
Nicole Byrne It's kinda weird that out of all the characters he's played in this show, Kai will be the one I hate the most.
Prashna Rai Samikshya idc it's Evan Peters
Heather Kinneberg How do YOU know if they'll be happy or not??!
Nayumi Monteiro tô feliz que ele tá na série faz 6 mil anos do mesmo jeito
Lydia Vyrozi It's bullshit. They need to bring the original horror in the series again...😒
Mia Alfaro Brianna Mete dude cult is about 2016
Rachel Von Alozie Rebecca Winkler you watch this don't you
Anna de Bruin Marc van Dijck OMG looks so awesome
Gabrielle Loftin Camélie Macaluso
Libby Takacs You can be an Evan Peters fan and a Trump supporter.
Callie Newton Savannah Cheyenne Newton
Catie Graves Rosie Gorst blue hair. He has blue hair
Martina Galea Mariah Schembri
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It's Nicki Minaj vs. Blac Chyna.

Makenzie Jenkins Is it just me, or do they look exactly alike? Besides the hair color difference.
Ana Arenas Only difference is, Nicki actually has talent....... 🙄
Irma Martinez Blac Chyna looks like chucky bride movie lol
Johnny Aubrey Too sad to compare nicki minaj The queen with Black chyna.
Nwabueze Chinonye Please give Nicki a worthy opponent. Who's even chyna?
Robert Soriano I thought these two fought over who was the original black Barbie
Harvest Moon They look like aliens from another planet. Not judging thought
Herdi Supriadi TWIN.
Ledine Rodrigues Estão quase idênticas Cintia Indy
Johnny Wulf who and who
Ilias Moukos Musik
Melissah Joy Joshua Street check this out
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Ezra Miller is truly the greatest.

Eleo Eleonora Bless his heart!
Fallon Williamson He is too precious for this world
Kristelle Ashley Torrecampo My babyyyy
Sanjana B Rachana Nataraj remember this guy?
Laura Jiménez Lourdes Recinos miraaaaa!!!!!💕💕💕💕
Fabiola Alfaro Muñoz Mariana Velarde Arriaga 😍
Morgan Meagher Meika Callaghan
Aicha Benchabir Evelyn McCann
Nastasha Firdaus Shazwani Norrizam
Luci Sparkman Sydney Eakin
Kirstie Jennifer Suzanne Watt
Dianne Kairouz Jess Finlay
Aïcha Ab Aicha Benchabir 😍
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The best of Katy Perry's VMA moments.

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He has played Game of Thrones's Hodor, but music has always been Kristian Nairn's first love.

Ashley Victoria Alex Zwier Wtf?! Hahahah!
Luis Miguel Sánchez Castuera Mira David Manuel Santiago Rus...Hodor!!!!
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Time to celebrate Dua Lipa's 22nd birthday.

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Harley Iscariot Who?
Nadine Roper Davinia Mc Manus you and dua were born on the exact same day, exact same year 🎉
Christian Wells Love you too chick we age buddies plus you're hot and amazing
Aistė Stončiūtė Danas Ivanauskas
Lisa Roylett
Lizzel Garritsen Happy birthday Dua Lipa i love you queen 👑😍❤
Mohammad Sami Cant beleve shes only 22 lool 😂 happy birth day dua.🎉
Riza im still dont get whats the meaning of dua lipa :lol
Derek Maestro sya ung NSA katoesex at xvideos
Kevin Miller Happy birthday due lipa
Alexis AP 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 bobo
Solida Kurdi ❤️❤️❤️
Sebastian Mock Marcel Stadler 22 alles klar
Francesca Petrella My favorite singer❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑👑👑👑
Dana Lerma ME ENCANTAAAAA😍 Alejandra Nuñez Melendez
Maria Rivera Dibs Jessica Gunter
Saige Williams Aimee Delgado Vivian Suzette Gallego Abbey Krause 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
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A breakdown of Kendrick Lamar's visual artistry.

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What song is your fave?

Ëdrï Efsüñ Blïnk DAAAAAAA its obvious #SORRY_NOT_SORRY Demi lovato
Tommy Jeffers Sorry Not Sorry!!!
Albeiro Ojeda Sorry not sorry!!!! obviously.
Ella Holtby
Eduardo Mares
Jean Rodriguez Sorry Not Sorry.
LuIs MayoRga #SorryNotSorry 💗🔥
Danalyn Diane Campos Lanang Demi Lovato's #SorryNotSorry
Ena Islamović Down😻
Laura Joannee Marshall Crying in the club
BeBe Kardashh
Matt Nelson 5H
Kayla Ixtepan #Despacito
Fernanda Alanizs Omg
Kbio Ayamain #OMG Camila cabello ❤️❤️
Camelia Țeselea Sorry not Sorry💖💖💖
Audrey Jill #OMG Camila😎🌹💕💕
Μάρκος Νομικός SNS🙌🏻💕
Gregory Carlson Really?
Joshy Ferreyra Saldaña ¡DOWN! 5H 💙
Shamila Singh Omg
Chahinez Khs Despacito.
Damariz Alcivar Sorry not sorry💖 Demi💖
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DJ Hodor gives you a completely different experience than he's given as Game of Thrones's Hodor.

MTV News
Emma Paul Mike i did not picture hodor having a face tattoo and being a dj but I like it
Abrar Pathan Neeraj wtf ye to mansik thana 😕😕😕
Sam Tague Adam Clarence HODOOOOOOORRRRRR
Flora Nicoleau Léo Valentin Mais nooon Hodor est DJ 😱
Angel Cardno Pippa Sparrow hopefully no one else has tagged you in this
Jessica Danielle Collins Kenna Carter Brian Carter Jacob Hughes Kodie Ragan here you dorks go, at least hordor is cool 😎
Camilla Rosa Hansen Oliver Skaarup
Harout Bardizbanian Sami Kwefati John Roufael Ashy hodor 😂😂😂
Yoann Tang Yane Fau Rabelahy Ranto Fanilo hodor est Dj
Holly Butler Mollie Gaffey new life mission : go to a dj hodor concert
Nafisa Nawal Ridita Rahman Saadia Shams Chowdhury
Gerard Green Diarmaid Doherty bet you didn't know hordor was a DJ😂😂
Nina Krabbenhøft Signe øhm vi skal så meget se djhodor!
Brittany Nunes Julius Follmer hodor
Georgia Hurley Josh Memari omg
Ayoub Dinozo Mahmoud Yahia khas ghir snow wtekmel el7afla hhhhhhhhhhhhh
Rachael Bradley Danny O Regan Kiara Hogan Becca Ryan
Maricela Martinez Marisol ....Hodor nos resultó DJ.
Cara McWilliams Ryan Mcwilliams what!? Hodor is a dj?!
Cassi Turnbull Jaxson Tooth wtf I didn't even know
Jade Humphreys Jessica Finn hodar/hold the door. Lol
Brittany Estvold Cory Winget what?!!!
Ana Lea Ysulat Shaii Bogoy
Daisy Lunn Harry O'Higgins
Pharm Hadi
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Khalid talks his "Young, Dumb, and Broke" video with cameos everyone from Dennis Haskins a.k.a. Mr. Belding to Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei.

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Miley shows how much no one stays the same.

Todd Bryan Wettergreen Would she take a huge one time payout to stop recording her music???
Yazmin Reyes Love ❤️ it!!!
Alejandro Villa 💘
Dinkal Prasad Shaurya Manoj
Morgan Reddington Karlena Jackson
Alexis Mary Ellen Altshue Jessica Altshue
Frances Rene Middleton Fanny Palacios
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Selena's got new music on the way.

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MTV News2 days ago

Can't wait to see their look for this years VMAs.

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Zedd shares what it was like to date Selena.

Todd Bryan Wettergreen He opened her up while he was dating her?? Jeez, I would hope so...I wonder if there is anything special about her....
Gunnar Stoltz Kimmy Wreh wait when did this happen haha
Beryl Veranga Are they still together? Wala, curious lang 😂
Ciandria Francis This Article didn't day much
Quennie S. Lagman Johnmichael Mallari nag date na sila? Hahahahhaa
Chisom Nwaoha Aww
Akhu Hawa The weakend
Jessica Noriega Cha Punsalan
Carlo Dungo 😲😲😲😲
Bea Blair Vendiola Denrielle Kae
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This may not be the last you've seen from him and the Fifth Harmony member.

Hannah Bunting Abi Mason shooketh
Ericka Rios Bobiles Bunagan Collaborate with Normani Kordie?😱💜
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Which Vegas vid takes the #1 spot.

Miloslav Nindl Katy Perry <3
Bonnie Cheung P
Sonya Smith #1 24k magic
Cheikhibra Niass Bruno Mars's 24k Magic
Cheikhibra Niass Bruno Mars's 24Magic
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Looking back on the best VMA girl power moments.

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AHS:Cult's opening credits are bound to make you cringe.

Joe Barrett Perverted creepy isn't entertaining, let's instead play into the more unknown horrors people face today...that's horror.
Ash Nicole Lisa Kushner Kristina Lorraine
Lexi Fergelic Debi Huven
Manon Vanwoonsel Daphné Den Hondt
Debbie Daniels Chloe Daniels
Nicholas Boullard Olivia Cooper
Ellie Bolton Sean Cuthbertson 😑
Sarah Razac Caitlin Kunis
Deandrea Nunez Rebekah Russo
Jaime Watt Jenn Clyne - Taylor
Katie Cooper Christian Edwin
Rhea Rikh Nikith Thomas
Tatiana Flor Rivera Karina Chavez Vela
Heather Free Justin Ryan Walker
Hannah Croft Shelby Croft
Iuliana Ghita George Ghita
Starr Smith Jasmin Otis
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Khalid talks collaborating with everyone from marshmello to Calvin Harris.

MTV News
Brian Rose
Brian Rose #uuuuuuuu
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CHVRCHES will be the first IRL band to crossover and guest star in "The Archies".

Todd Bryan Wettergreen How do they spell Churches???
Brian Rose #yes
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Gucci Mane, Logic, Khalid and more will also be taking the VMA stage this weekend.

Rayna Tuero This year might be the lowest view ratings yet. Why would you show this on the same night and time slot as the Game of Thrones season finale? 😂 good luck
Love Killed Hlelo James khalid!!!!
Sean Cosgrave Finally!!
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A breakdown of Kendrick Lamar's visual progression that has led him to be one of the most recognized rappers of the decade.

MTV News
MTV News
Brendan Loader This video is literally the best things MTV has done in a decade Jacky Jean
Will Anderson This video is the most EPIC thing MTV has done in a long time! Love to see more of this type of content! Genius producing of this video. 🔥
Tarik Baatil Imane Moukhlis check this out 💯🔥
Abe Abraham Tolulope Fagbohun this video is for you because you don't understand Kendrick. 😂
Stephan Akram Wow this
Martein Pracède Pierre Stephania Bakers Watch This RIGHT NOW!!
Joobin Kim Jonathan Lew Jean Coo Rheem
Sabrina Donnick Luoluo Chen
Khadija Mohammed Ben Green-smith This is so deep man
Jamal Dometilie Jacqueline be loyal
Sara Brooks Kyle Saxton MY BOY KDOT
Hugo Keilhold Dunia Verona CARALHO
Mohamed Shanbur Sofian Shaban king k
Leandra Godoy Karina Godoy Andrew Gonzalez
Sushmita Shrikanth Sanjay Shrikanth Nicole Corletto Mals Kulopolis Shashwat Kandadai Colin Iwanski Brittany Nicole Liz Diane
Charnel Wassguudd Rizk Jessica Antouny
Alice Lolohea Yowee Lolohea
Jacob Cook Jack Wiltshire
Vidall Tyric Williams Scott Cook Joshua Lafond-Favieres
Sara Brooks Chloe Keeve
Natalie Mullings George Griffiths
Dunia Verona Jose Ernesto Manzi Filho
Justin Peery Angus Bundy Nathaniel Chase Frydel
Emanuel Glbn Fs Filip
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Katy Perry’s giving you a sneak peak at her new music video.

Berland Lola Aaaah! Oui! Maintenant je l'impression que les choses sérieuses pouver bien commencer avec notre stars...
Carlos Alberto Ávila Vicente Hoo.... yes yes very good 😉 😉 my lady
Aymee Schofield Grace O'donnell yaaaaaaassssss
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"The Archies" brings back Archie and his friends to the stage and incorporates a real-life band in each new issue starting with CHVRCHES.

MTV News
MTV News
Sammie Sam Real life Archie on Netflix ( Riverdale)
MTV News
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What could this mean?

Leslie Pearson I love taylor Swift. She's awesome. I can't wait to hear her new music !!!!
Natalie Ruiz Love my girl so clever and good for business, take my money already and give me the new CD
Britney Diona Johnson Sounds like she tryong to take some of ed sheerans worked for him
Charles Goss The butt grab lawsuit was part of a PR stunt and this is just another part of it. Every time she has an album coming out, she makes sure she is in the news.
Manju Hiranandani
Jay Jay Jay Can't she just drop the album already😓
Aom Moon
Todd Bryan Wettergreen Can she go away please...
Sameera Shaikh Snake xD