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Try eating healthier with Black plant foods ---->

Tim Jerome I'll get back to you just as soon as I chow down on my fried pork chops, Mac/cheese, rice/gravy, buttery biscuits and a big ole glass of cherry red koolaid. 😂✌🏿
Diana Zumwalt Noooo, it says black foods. Nothing about anything else. Black berries, black rice etc,. Nothing to do with race....sillies.
Vivian Scales So it's true...the darker the berry, the better the fruit. Must be the same for veggies.
Samuel Lamar Wow talk about a racist post this is as good as it gets right here
Manuelo Al-Zulfiquar Ali Wow I've heard of black rice, Black tomatoes, and black seeds
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach בעייתי
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Comedian Cedric The Entertainer alleges that a gas company not only left his family with nosebleeds and sick, but also brought down his property value. DETAILS ———>

Kevin Doage Somebody shoulda shown that man gasland. Whole lotta people rich & poor trying to sue gas companies because they can't drink the water.
Atyria Clark He better sue
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Earlier this week Trump PAC used a fraudulent radio ad of Obama’s voice to target Black voters in Georgia’s special congressional election. DETAILS ———>

Dee Dennis Not the first time they plagiarized the Obama"s, but this time they took a learning moment and turned it into a complete lie!!
Quita Person and they felt for it? damn I hope that they aren't stupid to fall for it! ugh
Linda Wickstein Yawn!
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During summer breaks, the achievement gap tends to widen, but here’s how we can keep them reading and learning!

Does your child do any of these things during the summer? ———>

Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Hoy en día, alvinismo positivo .. hombres y mujeres: si u enviar a alguien mensajes (o señales) y que no responden que no te siento así que ¿por qué perder el tiempo que le envía señal mixta jugando juegos con su mente .... nunca captar sentimientos sobre algunos Uno que no quiere ser atrapado ..... # morefishinthesea # 1hunnit # justbeinghonest # opciones
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach לחיות על ערכים לנצח
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Join Newsone on Tuesday, June 27th at 11:30 a.m. for a Facebook Live with political strategist China Dickerson and speaker/entrepreneur Kwame Jackson as we discuss Michelle Obama and Melania Trump

B Michelle Robins I don't want to discuss that...How about we discuss issues that are plaguing the AA community and what we can do to make positive changes.
Beverly Armelin Scott Useless. This is a weak black man move. i remember when only black women did this kind of thing .
Addison Wright Jr. Do it Cuz.
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D.C. councilmember Charles Allen condemns the police officers who arrested three Black teens for selling water. --->

Roderick Duncan Yeah, we can't have blacks having an entrepreneurial spirit huh? If they do we can't keep them locked up and under our boot heel.
Anthony G Williams Instead of placing the young black men in handcuffs. Just tell them to get a vendor's license the next time. I guess some do not like young black men being entrepreneurs, and trying to make extra money.
Jacqueline Capel You could've just given them a Written Citation for not having a Peddler's License,and NOT placed them in Handcuffs.Once again Race/Color makes the difference in how a Human Being is treated by Law Enforcement.This BS has to stop!
Perry Williams They have nothing better to do then to harass little black children, I can't wait till the tables turn, an they will, everyone will reap what they sow..everything there doing to black ppl will come back on them sooner than they know
Leo Pineda So how come the illegals are selling flowers in the street corners and not getting arrested? Some policemen like this one should be fired and offer them a job as an cream vendor. Then, they'll realized how it feels. Stupid cop! They don't even need a license to sell bottled water as they only doing this to earn little money for their summer vacation. This is ridiculous.....
Paula Mason Their goal is to have our black youth held back by an arrest record. They won't be able to vote, they won't qualify or be able to have student loans, they will be held back from a decent job and they are forever in the system. Today's slavery
Myrtis Thompson Don't only condemn them, correct them. The question that should be asked is "why did you approach the teens?" Retrain these officers or fire them!
Lessie Butler Jr. So if our black kids are trying to do something productive and not killing each other,instead of explaining to them that they need a vendors license,just lock them up right,a damn shame,the mayor should suspend them for 2 weeks without damn pay
Vickey Blakely I see the children selling "world finest chocolate" no license, girl scouts selling cookies, no license, but a black child selling water, he must be getting ready to commit wrong let's hassel him. And they're black! Omg! I fear for my lily white ass. Nooo! But there's no problem. Smdh.
Bobbie Jester Anderson And there's the problem, black teens in a place where they're not suppose to be, cause they are not committing a crime, so let's fined something we can search them on ? Correct ask them to move their business elsewhere cowboy cops.
LaRhonda Bernard Torrence Sorry folks, I just don't believe in the Amerikkkan justice system anymore. So what if a D.C. Councilman denounces the cops, it's not gonna change anything, these devils will continue to harass, detain, and murder us because they know they will get away with it. I'm afraid to go out anymore and I'm an old woman. "They have no regard for the old, nor piety for the young" (Check out the Scripture at: Deut. 28:50) The Blue Klux Klan is the vanguard of this racist nation and they will continue to murder and harass Black/Hebrew people until justice and judgement comes from the Most High Himself...IJS
Robin Brissette So I guess when my grandkids have a lemonade stand be ready for them to be cuffed cause they don't have a venders licence, and I'll bet that those cops kids have lemonade stands with no problems or venders license. All that was bullshit anyway, cause white cops see opportunity when it comes to our kids. They're always cruising our neighborhoods to find shit to stop us for, but never cruise their own.
Dee Dennis Another teaching moment wasted by cops who feared for their lives and handcuffed three Black teens for selling water without a permit! Why didn't the cops explain to the teens the need for the permit and how to go about getting one and call it a day. It's always a negative encounter with the cops if you are a POC, damn shame!!
Bridget Ford The children faces were covered. I knew they were blk. Always trying to belittle blks. I see it all day at school where i work.
Joyce Goudeau-Kernal Its all about that pipeline for Blacks and Hispanics, start the arrests early to give them a record to build up on till they can get them in prison, all bull....
Chiquita Walker Richardson And with all the crimes happening these young men are who you choose to handcuff, when you could've asked them to leave. I think the memo for common sense got lost.
Angela Eastman-Houston Well if that's the case, what about the white kids selling lemonade?! Charge them too! New crime-SWWB (selling water while black).
Darlene Ellison-Harvey AHH!!! How those numbnuts of the Nat'l Mall Police must really feel so important; by arresting three Black teenagers for selling H2O; instead of an illegal substance that apparently they must have either smoked or snorted! Their behavior displayed their bias and racism against young Black Males and Black people in general. They are the types, who should never wear a badge or take the oath to "Protect and Serve."
Lloyd Hall U.S. Park Police are similar to special police officer they only have limited to jurisdiction. So it doesn't surprise me that they will have a covert operation on young black teenagers selling water without a permit. However, the thing I have a problem with all those lemonade stance that also do not have a permit to sell beverages that's usually run by Caucasian teenagers. I guess those special police officers (U.S. Park Police) give them white privilege. Absolutely pathetic!!!!
Kathy Palmer If the Black Teens had been White...they would have been applauded for being aspiring entrepreneurs.....I hope the KKKops are sued...then fired
Michelle Renee Griffin This is how they get them too commit crimes and have that don't give a fuck attitude designed that way mental abuse
Patricia Welch The cops were out with a vengeance...Segways,bikes & horses. For: Teens And Water! WTH?
Aj Gilliam Now I hate the police,,,it's that easy to turn a young persons feeling about a situation into a bad they the system.
Greg Moore
Rebecca Long Thats how the KKKops show their power. They like putting black folks in cages.
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A Dallas grand jury indicted a police officer for aggravated assault in the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Genevive Dawes. --->

Vickey Blakely I don't give a hoot!! About no darn indictment!! Convict there asses!! Hold them accountable!! Then you'll have our undivided attention. This does not pacify us at all. We're all to familiar with the darn outcome. Then they get a blinds ass jury! That can never see white cop's of being wrong. But that same blind ass jury, will see when a black cop is wrong, and convict him for what they call wrong. But yet, some say it just seems to happen that way. No folks! It is that way.
Malvernado Lingard The biggest reason why its difficult to convict these officers is because in ecery single case, the jury is mostly white. In all polls and sirveys, it states that whites will most likely side with the officer because they cite the job is hard and dangerous. They give them the benefit and mostly feel sympathy. Therefore it does not matter how guilty an officer is, whites. Will refuse ro convict especially when. Its a white officer and black vicrim. The jury is always majority white in all cases involving even in black communities where the community is suppose to make up the jury. It is set up that way. The jury pool needs to change
Bobbie Jester Anderson At least these parents were also smart enough to file federal civil rights violations getting the feds to review the case not only Dallas.
Gabriel Lamar There's a joke in law (in the TN Bar anyway) that you can get indictment against a ham sandwich. We need convictions. Concerned citizens feel free to call the DA's office. Remember, the District Attorney is a politician who responds to voters. Use your power!
Derek Mac The way America tends to handle the murdering of blacks at the hands of racist, evil police officers is to absolve the officers of any criminal liability. Then pay the family for wrongful death in civil court. This won't change until the demographics of America shift to the point where juries are much more diverse.
Oliver F. Sampson Means nothing unless he's convicted, which is so rare that I don't think it will happen. America insists that black lives DON'T MATTER!!!
Huston Shcarr We have been here before. I stopped having high hopes and actually thinking it will lead to a conviction that actually sticks. So I am not convinced it will lead to them being put in jail.
Christopher M Mccullum Here we go again.....will not matter when the jury will be filled with 95% white republicans.
Daviunna Barrow Another grand stand joke (indictment&aggravated (assault), not murder in a Republic redneck racists State really good one this time!!
Jonathan A. Washington An indictment is a long way from a conviction. We saw what happened in Minnesota.
Alain Meade Lord how many more young people police will Rob their lives for nothing at all they have no reason right to kill no one imagine God has the right
Scottie Rider He'll be found "not guilty". Pointless to indict if juries won't do their part
Marvlyn Dupie It is just an indictment, will he be convicted?? Million dollar question.
Ronald Chiles They need to make " courage" a requirement for becoming a police officer.
Terrye Cheathem Next headline: Texas jury acquits Dallas police officer who fatally shot 21-year old Genevieve Dawes.
Atara Daphna Israel True that it appears that the only cops that do get convicted are either black or Hispanic in most cases.
Linda Armstrong Ok so maybe this one will be found guility..r fear for my life will prevail
Sean Lago Sr. How many times do we need to comment that he won't be found guilty? Sound like parakeets repeating the same thing
James Thomas This means nothing. They still going to come back with a not guilty verdict. Out of 350 black men and women. Just 3 guilty verdicts
Olivia Harris Put they ASS in prison and let them see how it feels and make some friends in there they will be happy to see they ASS
Lessie Butler Jr. It will be a hung jury,no charges and a settlement paid to the victim family,a damn shame
Samuel Lamar You guys better be careful the police monitor these black racist pages you all will be in the pen
Thomas Hurns Not sure an indictment was reached on this case... i wonder if there is any footage
Al Long What about murder charges?
TeeMex Tonia Indicted BUT never convicted .
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“A student called me ‘Nutella,’ and I told my after-school teacher and she said it wasn’t racist and she made me write the definition of racist”

This emotional video shows fourth-grader sending a powerful anti-bullying message ———>

Pat Berry As a parent, demand a meeting. Any name called on my child except the one I gave her is unacceptable. I would demand it cease or I will be walking in there with an attorney. Racist or not, that shit will stop!
Ayisha Mustafah How ignorant and insensitive some teachers are. The student understood what nuttulah meant is why she complained. Whatever the student called her that wasn't her name is the issue that should've been ADDRESSED... This is why bullying is ongoing in some schools...
Loretta Cole Just because the student didnt call him the n word they still use a term where hes able to understand which we all know what color nutella is which it's brown but i wonder if he called them a snowflake he would still have to write a sentence on the meaning this racist belittling will not stop until the adult stop being racist and teaching & feeding there kids this non sense and supporting there behavior this teacher suppose to be a leader she exspose her own racist behavior an acted on a negative decision to punished the wrong student smh😠.
Toni Reed I would have thanked that racist butt crack, because white folks cook themselves in the sun and in tanning beds and booths to try to get to the color of Nutella. So next time just say thank you and that this is all natural no booths, or tanning beds needed and express to them that you you can wear every shade of white all year round. Let them call you whatever because they are haters cause God did not bless them with color. God made you in his image so be proud of your color, and shade of color because it is beautiful it did not cost you a cent to get it. Blahhahaha
La Mariposa Negra It's hard going to a school like this...unfortunately I never told my mother any of the racist things that happened to me until I was older...I remember one time going to my high school principal to discuss the horrible things my AP history teacher was saying....And the principle basically told me that he was indeed aware that this teacher had issues with people of color....but allegedly couldn't do anything about it because he had tenure 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Tonya Ladmirault Even if it is not racist it is not her name. The school has a duty to protect all students. They need to meet with all parents and students involved. They should stop this harassment immediately before someone physically gets hurt. This is happening in to many schools. If they are doing this to this young lady they are doing it to others.
Deelitefulone Brown Pure and simple we are living an evil says. It's a shame a child can't got to school and learn without being bullied. It won't change unless people change. Tougher laws, and expel students. School should be a safe place. It would have to be a lawyer because showing up and acting a fool would only land a parent in jail. Hate is taught at home. Bullies know exactly who they can bully. I've dealt with them in the workplace....they got the wrong one. Frankly, hold the school and faculty responsible if they don't act. Maybe they like being without a job.
Jamillah Ross Black kids suffering because of delusional parents. White folk will NEVER accept black folk. Stop sending your children to predominantly white schools. If you want a better school, create one. In your own community.
Laura Irvin Gardner Call the little punt white bread. That is what I told my son. Call him white bread and tell him Nutella was going to spread all over his white bread ass.. sometimes we have to learn n to fight back by words and if needed fist. Meaning if the bully placed a hand on him after calling him a name back he was to knock his white bread a** out.
Shannon Churchwell It's sad and why black families choose to live in these predominantly white communities and expect NOT to experience this is beyond me. I personally wouldn't put my children nor myself through this. On the flip side a lot of these predominantly black communities there are a whole different bag of issues you would have to deal with.
Leebee Lee Go to the school's be seen get to know the other parents we go to get back to watching out some time the teacher can be as much problem as the bully
Charles Felder Jr Bully my son and ill bully that kids parents!! itll stop i promise.
Rose Robinson I'm different. I'm a ass whopping parent. Don't fuck with my kids.
Gina Wilson the one thing i never tolerated was my child being a bully! parents know when their children are bullies 9 times out of 10 they were bullies!!!
Linda Murray Should be considered a hate crime. Not just bullying. Suspension or expulsion to those evil ones. Way more than name calling. Terrorist
Stacy Grant Teachers could stop bullying but they are just as narrow minded.
Jacquelyn D Forrest That after-school teacher needs to be on the unemployment line!
Jay Siana whats funny to me os that Nutella is so much darker then this girl the people who called her that are not only stipid they're ignorant af
Pamela K. Bankston The last thing my child would be feeling is low, the bullying would stop. I'm during the school the teachers and the parents
Sandra Bryant Stop sending your children around devil's they don't care about our children. Until they can defend themselves then send them.
Jacelyn M. Vital-McPherson I hope something has been done about the mistreatment of this little girl 😡
Krystle DuPree I believe it ...smh its a shame really
Al Miller They try to be slick with it but this young queen knew what it meant!!!
Roberta Northington I would like to meet with the after school teacher asap!!!!!!!
Omar Blacksmith Separate...Black people educate Black children.
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Imagine driving down “Obama Boulevard” one day! ———>

Katie Colonna Why imagine? Just go to the streets already named after him instead of waiting for this one.
Dee Bee Lmbo whts up wit the white chick in the photo she act like dnt want to give it to him,lol
Alfred Martin Chicago should have been first. The racists will take a detour.
Michelle Wearren Kiryowa We have one here in south florida!
Wandra Scott Amazing
Woodie Conley Yes that is great he deserves that recognition!
Vladimir Ryzhenkov Обезьяна не как не залезет на пальму яица мешают
Mary Cole That would be nice
Angel Angelmite He deserves it!👏🏾🙏
Tessa Smith And getting SHOT just like MLK Blvd. AH HAH HAH HAH
Linda Wickstein Another "symbol"!
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A Black off-duty police officer was shot by his White colleague while they were responding to a car theft report in St. Louis. --->

Bobbie Jester Anderson If he's black and holding a gun just shoot him, cause all black men look a like. And there goes the problem, not "I feared for my life" but ohhh I see a black man with a gun, he must be a thug !
Wesley Randall I hate to say it but this one time it's actually kind of funny. For any negro to wanna join an organization that has a notorious history of terrorizing and murdering his own people with no consequences, might as well go put on a damn klan suit themselves.
Lisa Perkins The higher ups need to step up do their freakin jobs & stop protecting these reckless coward killers......I am so sick of hearing u feared for ur lives when half the deaths or shooting victims were running away or laying in the ground or in handcuffs or no weapon was on the victims....stop giving them passes & start firing & prosecuting them to fullest as u would if they killed a white person or murder a cop!!!
Rashe Noldon I'm not surprised this happened I live in St Louis. I don't understand how you didn't know you're fellow officer And why did he need to get on the ground and be told to walk towards you. I pray that black men see even on the job you not safe!
Jennie Washington It is the culture which can't continuely be denied. You see a black man shoot him he is a threat to you. Our American History has promoted this lie since end of Civil War, so they can imprison them and work for free.
Michelle Renee Griffin Just goes too show the mentality of the police force black people are target practice
Tiffany Cook So tired of hearing I feared for my life, anyone that is so scared of a black person shouldn't be a police officer we black men and women are in fear of our lives every time a police is behind us, everytime we see lights behind us where are our rights.....
Wallace Mosley Stop giving these pussies a badge and guns! Actually, they not even worthy of bein called a pussy, Ima call'em dicks cuz they pull up lookin to fck anything that moves! If u that scared, find another line of work! They should be workin at "Build a Bear Work Shop" and leave crime stopping to the adults!
Terry Roper These punk ass white cops shoot somebody and talk about they feared for their goddamn safety all the time and use that same line..It's A bunch of bullshit .he shouldn't be a cop
Roderick Duncan But hey racist pro cop trolls, all the black cop had to do was follow orders and he wouldn't have gotten shot. It's his own fault huh? Scumbags. When the racial shoe is on the other foot in these situations we will see how many true racist scumbags are out there. Just wait until the cop shooting is a black cop and a white mother of three or white NRA CCW member.
Barbara Comeaux Why was he trying to help them n the 1st place. You are off duty! You know how your White co workers shoot 1st then ask questions? Just go home!!!! Stop trying to be a hero for folks that don't care!!
Elizabeth Hewitt Even if he wasn't a police you just don't walking up and go shooting somebody cause they black..What police will do that unless he don't know the law or just racist!Im glad the officer is ok!
Kimberly Ferguson The other black police should speak up and stand with this cop. The irony is police keep recruiting thinking people should be a police. When Trump said what do we have to lose? Our lives and freedom two of the biggest things white men want to take from us. The danger is us ending police killings by demanding another agency investigate police are shut down departments when they have cases of police brutality,excessive force,killing unarmed blacks.
Bernice Simpson I hope he is reprimanded for this callous firing of his weapon! This is why no decent cop should be silent when they see injustice because the next target could be them!
Isaac Fullman If the roles were reversed and if a African American male law enforcement officer would of shot a white off duty officer, he would of been either placed under the cell or dead. This is the racism that the African American race face as a whole on a daily basis. White supremacy is declaring war on the African American race. African American people need to wake up and be aware what is about to happen.
Stan-Sharon Stevenson Why would he show up if he's off duty? Let those pigs on the clock do their jobs. Everybody knows that HONKIE shot him on purpose. Black's needs to stop trying to be these honkies friends. Always keep one eye on white people!.... "Ijs
Roderick Smith The problem i have here is them stating " he was treated like an ordinary black guy on the street!".... They had the audacity to say that as if thats protocol or routine to shoot an ordinary black guy on the street....thats MY PROBLEM!!!!
Gloria Williams shooting any black person doesn't matter if he,s guilt or not his skin is his guilt in the eyes of racists outlaw unfit to be on streets cops no responsibility for the crimes they commit against black men, children, women.
Rachel Griffin So now we know that cops are prompted to target ordinary black guys on the street because the plain clothes cop fit the description and u better believe this to shall pass as a minor incident... 😡
Valerie Richardson It will be interesting to hear what the Black policemen's union, the Ethical Society, has to say!!
Katie Colonna Accident. Don't help fellow cops while out of uniform. Very dangerous especially when there is already gunfire being exchanged. No charges. Case dismissed.
Felicia Bell-Anderson He feared for his safety!?! That's the story he's going with? He just pulled up!
Leonard C. Barnes Sr. This is going to be interesting what are they going to do with the white cops who shot the black cop I hope the cop is doing ok OK chief let's hear it.
Moses Abu Godson this country is so confused.. i hate when america advice other nations on what to do, when they have not done their path perfectly..
Victor Smalls Because he's a scared ass punk who shouldn't be wearing a badge.
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Michelle Obama continues to host girlfriends workout bootcamp even if its not in the White House ——>

Linda Wickstein Pres. Carter's wife & Habitat for Humanity! Michelle should help out in #Flint!
NewsOne1 day ago

The family of Eric Garner is still waiting for justice nearly three years after Garner was placed in a fatal chokehold by NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo. DETAILS ———>

Richardson Shawn Im still trying to understand why None of these "So called" Black leaders came to Charlotte during the unrest or after Jonathan Ferrell was killed? What's that all about?
Michael Armstrong No money can reproduce the life of Soul that has been taken when that soul has been taken by hate. Yet, that soul will always be with us to remember how important that soul was to humanity. Peace and blessings.
Toni Anthony Aha! These folks are trying to $squeeze$ the Limon for more $juice$. Easier then paying your own way in life! Pathetic of a people!
Gloria Hardy It's not enough Leadership we all must step up we can start a group to make calls to Congress we can e-mail take 1hour and do something on social Media.Time to #Fight Back it take 💰 to Travel and BLM are a Target leader are being Murder,must Change up the Game Plan to be Wiser these Neanderthal Are America Terrorist 🇺🇸
Michael James From day one Sessions clearly stated his position on police brutality and misconduct.
Pierre Paris If they want real justice then go after the politicians that made selling a cigarette a crime
Travis Maxwell And if you think a jury of ALL WHITE PEOPLE are going to convict a WHITE cop for killing a BLACK person, you must remember where you are..... AMERICKKK
Virtue Angela Anderson With the racist ag office, probably not..
Fred Murtz cause we love shopping more then justice!
Leon Martin Jr Suffer peacefully, don't stop suffering but suffer peacefully.
Kathy Palmer WTF......!!!
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach אש / נוזל
NewsOne1 day ago

The tragic story of what happened to this Detroit mother is heartbreaking ————>

Carl A Rodgers Nothing will be done about it
NewsOne2 days ago

Praying for this family that lost this 5-year-old boy ——>

Fred Murtz 4 women?? damn thats a damn lynching of a child!
NewsOne2 days ago

"In full disclosure, I’m a Black woman from the South and a registered Democrat. We lost Tuesday night and I’m not surprised”

Political strategist talks about the special elections and what the Democrats need to do. DETAILS ——>

Reggie Jones I wish more people understood that this Republican/Democrat game is just that - A GAME. At this point we're (largely) being hustled and played by both parties. They throw "red meat" to their bases only when necessary, but otherwise all of them sit back and do nothing but get wealthier while continuing to sell America out to the highest bidder.
Connie Allicock Oh for God sakes quit with the doomsday quibbling! The two losses were to solidly entrenched red districts. The fact that they were lost by such narrow margins shows progress. The three million popular votes must be- I don't know- chopped liver? And that was after the collusion, the Russians,and Wikileaks. Frustration is understandable but keep your eyes on the facts and work the problem from there. By and large we are Centrists. We don't have to acquiesce to radical progressives or fake liberals, who have contributed little more than tantrums and demands for things they will never sacrifice anything to have. The proof is in the fact that they just don't have the courage to start their own political party and explain how they can make their platform become reality. Don't listen to the nay Sayers. Being negative is all they know how to do.
Ann White We are not a losing party. No we didn't win this special election that was in deep red Georgia but we have won elections and we will win elections in the future. No one party wins all the time. Just wait. And if that election had been in a blue state we may well have prevailed.
Charles Conley Ziegler III the DNC cant get away with hoping to win by calling the GOP the party for racist and rich white men anymore.gotta have some substance to win since the republicans voter base are loyal and actually show up
Darryl Weston The DemoRats keep losin bcuz theyre afraid to become a progressive n tru liberal party...Billy Boy Clinton back in the 80s helped move the party to the center after they got whupped in 84...N then when he ran for prez in 92, he start appealin to them southern Bubbas n pushin 3 strikes laws n cut off welfare...Same stuff Reagan n other RethugliKKKans was doin at the time. N so the Dems think all they need to do to get Black votes is run ads on Black radio talkin bout how bad the RethugliKKKan opponent is opposed to sellin their platform to the community...They use fear tactics n theyre niggro minions do the same thing every 4 yrs durin prez election...This is why Black ppl need to pull up outta both parties n declare ourselves Independent n only give our vote to the party thats gonna offer n promise us as a ppl the most benefits...Fuck the Clintons n Fuck Obama n the whole DNC! We got no friends in either party.
Fred Murtz Hip Hop music has been about crying about the conditions, or wallowing in bling to hide from the conditions but never about change, solutions, or a vision for the future s, no w ,any are brainwashed that ok politics is not the answer, but provide no answer, no solution and no alternative! Those that dont use politics have Collective Economics, we used to plan for that from Garvey to the Black Nationalist Movements of the 60s and 70s
Carla Roberts I'm not surprised either and I knew the women marchers would not appear! Because when it is all said & down...this is Family we talking about.
Will Enrique Democrats need to stop pandering to only certain groups and dividing the nation. There is no message of unity from the left. A majority of ppl just want to get along but are shunned when when they think against the grain. The left has become the party of intolerance.
Charles Williams Everyone needs to stop bashing Democrat's, America has been brainwashed by the opposing party. Simply tricked and screwed. Double talking.
Shannon Churchwell The democrats NEED to DELIVER. When they are in power they need to stand and deliver more than lip service to their loyal and faithful constituents. They also need to have leaders that represent unification, not factions and fractions and cliques within the party. Too many dems are staying at home or are going the independent route . The problem with the dems that are jumping ship and going independent , a lot of them end up NOT voting at all. I want to see the dems deliver on education, criminal justice reform, immigration reform, just to name a few. They need to exercise what control they have on local and state levels and fight like hell on the federal level.
Roger Thomas Dont let the narrative Fool You. Trumps Antics are Hurting Everybody around him. These Elections were held in two of the most Racist States in America. Same result would have happened if President Obama was in office.
Susan Washington Democrats the part of believers. Republicans the party of liars.
DaVon Morton Y'all gotta understand, white folks are voting for white supremacy. They have it, and they're not gonna give it back.
Juerita Pritchett just like they told us the republicans were dead when Pres.O was elected! remember the "big tent" argument?
Cathy M-Biz I am not surprised at the results of these two elections, but not for the same reason as the writer. You give a false premise. Democrats is not a losing party and newsone can do better than give misguided headlines. Refer to commenter Connie Allicock's post. She said it better. The best reason for understanding why the outcome of these two special election can be found by where you do a better research.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Une conversation avec DIEU ... Père céleste, père céleste, je vous écris souvent dans l'espoir de vous rapprocher de vous où je ne fais aucune foi ni truat dans l'état de l'homme qui tend à votre vigne, la meilleure façon dont je peux la meilleure façon de savoir Comme j'espère tondre la pelouse, gérer les moutons et laitre la vache, pas de mécanicien, mais je réussis avec ces deux mains dans un sighn à travers l'ancien spectru La façon dont mes mots ne font que danser dans un prisme qui vous donnent les plus grands éloges. Je ne suis qu'un travailleur dans votre système de conversation quotidiennement dans mes rêves où vous visitez souvent, je vous entends appeler mais je ne regarde que l'appelant I.D. Je prends le téléphone et écoute le bien, l'emporte sur le mauvais, donc je refuse d'abandonner l'espoir chez tes enfants # Amen
Tessa Smith > . <
NewsOne2 days ago

According to research, the minority teacher shortage is largely a retention- not a recruitment problem. What do you think? ———>

Nanette Mitchell My family has been in the K-12 education for several generations. If you all recall a teacher's salary was extremely low and it is still low in varies states. I have discouraged my family from entering this field because of their labors do NOT get fully much like Slave wages. A few have worked at the college level where they pay is somewhat better due to the competition to vie for the best.
Fred Murtz these people are burned out they see the parents dont give a damn, dont go to PTA meetings dont come to open school week, and dont discipline their children at home so when they get to school and bug wild, the parents get defensive and blame the teacher! Who the hell wants to deal with that on a daily basis??
Abdur-Raheem Turpin Pay is a factor in a society focused on possessing material wealth, i.e., nice clothes, cars, homes, etc. Teachers are not paid much in comparison to other fields. My Mom taught in a city middle school and went into her pocket book often to give students supplies they needed.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach ពេលវេលាមិនអាចលុបបំបាត់គំនិតដែលខ្ញុំមានអ្នក .... ខ្ញុំដូចជា #DANNNNNNNNNG អ្នកសុខសប្បាយ ... ខ្ញុំសង្ឃឹមថាអ្នកគឺជា #boo របស់ខ្ញុំ .... ដែលនឹងត្រូវបានស្រស់ស្អាតនៅពេលដែលខ្ញុំមើលទៅក្នុងភ្នែករបស់អ្នកខ្ញុំឃើញស្ករគ្រឿងទេសនិង អ្វីគ្រប់យ៉ាងដែលស្រស់ស្អាត ..... # truuuuuu នៅពេលដែលខ្ញុំបានធ្លាក់ក្នុងអន្លង់ស្នេហ៍របស់ខ្ញុំបេះដូងរបស់ខ្ញុំគឺនៅលើភ្លើងដើម្បីនៅជាមួយអ្នកគឺនៅតែបំណងប្រាថ្នារបស់ខ្ញុំ ..... អូអូ
Nyewusi Askari Good morning Fred. As a Teacher, I disagree with your assessment. At my school, the opposite is true. What is true is the societal influence school children face daily, without a clue of how they're being influenced. Not saying there aren't lazy, non involved parents, but, there's Teachers who have no interest in truly educating children of color, because of misunderstood cultural values and perspectives.
NewsOne2 days ago

This Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. join us for a Facebook Live with political strategist China Dickerson and speaker/entrepreneur Kwame Jackson as we discuss how mainstream media and social media treated Michelle Obama compared to Melania Trump

Tammy Doby Derden Michelle and Melania doesn't have any problems with each other. But the media is continuing to divide people by asking this question. Everyone knows Melania and was a prostitute and Michele Obama is an attorney from the best schools. Melania lied about her education. Michelle stands on her own merit. Melania stands on her own. No need to compare. This is all about race baiting.
Linda Fields Why are y'all still talking about Michelle Obama? There is no comparison what so ever.Old News. Report about cops getting away murders!!
Linda Armstrong Dont care ...impeach #45 n this conversation is not needed..not needed now..more important topics like can they revamp the police system thats a,start
Fred Murtz talk about you figured racism would end after 400 years cause a brother became president and you shocked about the racism directed at the first First Black family??
Rochelle Quattlebaum Michelle Obama is Real in SPITE WHAT WASHINGTON and the PRESS Tried to do to them
Carl A Rodgers Michelle obama kissed a cave beast!!!lmao
LaRictor M. Tomlin Michelle Obama WILL ALWAYS & FOREVER BE THE EPITOME OF STYLE & GRACE! That other chick will always be an AURIC EXCAVATING BAWDINESS DEBAUCH!!! (Yes run to you thesaurus and look those words up)😂
Regginett Eddings The first whore couldnt stand next to michelle obama with a candle.
Roderick Penson If that pic don't make you throw up nothing will. Kissing Massa wife
Sammy Sparks What part of either of these sources of information do we own,when you own it you can pretty much do what you want to with it.
Cherisse Harris Why don't you put a panel together to see how to stop us from dying
Tessa Smith M.O. was the ONLY RUDE as F. First Lady handing over her role to the next. Not an ounce of class, dignity and most importantly RESPECT FOR THEU.S. and US. NO other in all of history has displayed such IGNORANCE EVER!
Jeremy Hood 😂😂😂😂😂
Steven Michael Hvizdos Kohloff .
Eddie Atkins No Comparison turn the Page
Carl A Rodgers Malaina trump looks like an Alaskan malamute
Tracy Holdman Waste of time... Non essential topic
Averil St Clair-Celestain Empty debate.
Ketty Honore Isn't it obvious?
Katie Colonna Lol retarded.
Valeria Jones Ms Obama is the best first lady always
Dave Mcknight I like that very much
Tessa Smith Yes Folks, get all of your lies, hatred, racism and violence ON!
NewsOne2 days ago

Black Lives Matter has responded to claims that the movement is dying. What are your thoughts? --->

Marcy J Huff-Taylor It's not dying but it needs to evolve. They need to start addressing State Officials, heads of police departments, District Attorneys, Representatives and Senators. Start doing town halls and get focused and organized. They need to be more than voices shouting at injustices and start being voices ending injustices.
Gabriel Lamar Any movement that lacks organization and a political agenda will fail. I went to BLM website and did not see evidence of a highly organized group and that's sad because BLM was a pure grass roots movement that had the potential to spearhead police reform throughout the country. Some people criticize our grandparents but guess what? They knew how to organize themselves and produce results. We need to be more like our grandparents!
John Roney Sr Black Lives Matter, and racists will only read into it that somehow what they are saying maginalizes their lives, how novel .... Black Lives will Matter EVEN MORE SO , because apparently they don't matter to a racist or someone that claims colorblindness while unarmed and legally armed Blacks are being shot down by Police
Marty Feldman If you don't see how messed up policing is in this country then you are a rascist, plain and simple. If white male NRA members were getting gunned down by cops who suffer no consequences at routine traffic stops this shit would he fixed immediately.
Christopher Yogi Floyd It was too flawed from the beginning. The biggest problem is that it did not focus on black on black crime but called itself BLM. It had no true direction. It got attention but the media no longer cares. It's only focus is to complain about Trump so BLM can't get any meaningful coverage any more. And having a bunch homosexuals as black leaders didn't help either.
Anna Perkins Americans not just the black community owes black lives matter for giving us a louder and further reaching voice when fighting systematic racial oppression
Stephanie Anderson People of color is NOT seeing results in this resistance movement! Here's the cycle: murder happens, march, cry, hold banners/ protest, cry, snot and forgive! Meanwhile, the infamous cop shooter may or may not get indicted or charged! If the cop goes to court the LAW is on his side! All He/She has to do is say these words: I FEARED FOR MY LIFE! After the cop say these words, they will be acquitted time and time again! Folks is sick of the bullshit and feel like it's hopeless, unless people of color take matters into their own hands! Also, the way we're killing each other doesn't help people take us serious! Some BLACK folks have no regard for the lives of other black folks! Our situation is critical because we DON'T give a fuck about us it appears! Therefore, how can we expect others to care! All I know is. Black Lives Matter hasn't been effective in getting these bastards sentenced even when there's clear evidence! The hashtags is cool though (pun intended)!😞😡👀
Walden Mabry Division and lack of unity is why they feel they can kill us with no repercussions. We'll fight each other to the death but won't fight them for a day. We can find reason why BLM should fail and in the same breath say why the kkklan will be around forever. Their conditioning worked. Massa got our minds. Every one telling BLM what they need to do needs to get off their lazy butts up and do it. Pointing fingers and whining about others aren't doing sure isn't going to get it done. Black people insult every Black organization the Panthers the Black Muslims, NAACP, Urban league etc. Like Princes Mom no matter what they do we're never satisfied. Very sad state of affairs.
Sheryl Stokley BLM should start community programs and grass roots organizations like the Black Panthers did in the 1960's and work towards ending the dependence on an oppressor that hates us. Help develop strong Black independent communities, which are managed and policed by us for us.
Cory Ward When they allowed feminists and LGBT issues to dominate their WHY they in return lost their way. Marching is cool but where is the strategic plan of attack or grass roots ideas to begin an actual Movement? Also their Pillars have nothing to do with black Men or the black family. BLM has turned into the single moms and LGBT club built on the bodies of dead black people (especially dead black men) They don't even control the cash flow of their cause a white man does so it's not our movement, it belongs to white liberals gays and white feminists. Deray and the black female "founder" are figured head and puppets and gay and I point out their sexuality not because it disqualifies them from leadership or that the LGBT and feminist issues aren't important but they are being used because black LGBT and feminists are not even respected in those communities that also have white supremacy in them.
Brian Keith Edwards Their needs to be a plan and action...its ashame that these movements are still going on and or will be here 50 yrs later...that means we havent made any progress as a ppl and the leaders are doing nothing but collecting a check and getting a pat on the back.
Kathy Brown Legans They got that money and began their real agenda "gay rights" they just stood on the neck of the Black rights movement" because they came up with a great slogan and the movement was hot at the time. That is how "gay rights" has made so many more strides than the "Black movement".I knew they were useless when I questioned their agenda and they got a big time attitude as if they were to good to be questioned by the people. Just because they are Black don't mean they are for us as a whole
Nicole Barnes I don't know if the movement is dying as much as it never got out of the incubator. We can march and post hashtags all day but until there is legislation drafted and passed nothing is going to happen. The Civil Rights movement in the 60's began with acts of civil disobedience that culminated in the acts that were being protested being made illegal. There were attorneys, black and otherwise, who got together to write bills. One- the local prosecutor can NEVER try a case against its own police officers in a shooting or police abuse case. Two - communities need civilian review boards for police oversight. Three- We need to create a platform to financially back our own candidates for office .. etc.
Vee Bee Hope they continue to fight for the injustice that continue to effect our people. United We Stand Divided We Fall...that's exactly what they want division. #letsstaywoke
Tomun King Its minimally effective, Its antequated. Marching is what the expect from blacks. Building our own Economy and becoming an indepepent nation within this nation is the only effective counter to white supremacy.
Aj Gilliam It's not dying, you just simple a$$ folks listening to the powers that be telling you what to think about a movement that is trying to protect you.. stop killing sh it and get on board and help get some demands met...
Joey Coggeshall I guess that it is because of your intolerance and hateful responses to racism, or lack of background info on how to counter that racism that you SWEAR you do not have that has produced ineffectual results.
Rodney Dickerson If you're not an active member of BLM rather in a group,or as an individual then your opion holds no weight.....And in order to participate in such a divine movement you must first have self love....Which I believe many of us lack.People say they love themselves,but actions speaks volumes over words.BLM WILL NEVER DIE.
C O'Neal Black It's not the first time that all out war to discredit or marginalize any movement that aims to uplift or unite people of color. This is how oppression systemic white supremacy with the aid of mainstream media has continued to flourish in this country for all of these years.
Larry Thompson No lives matter. The rising rates of genocides and ppl being selective when it comes to genocide kills any debates about it. Hush money matters tho. Ask Mike Brown's ppls.... smh
Charles Wright Sr. The primary objective of their movement should've been the decriminalization of all drug use. That would end this forty five year old war on us, better known as the war on drugs.
Makeda Martin We don't need a hashtag. You seldom see Idlenomore being used these days as well. The movement exited long before BLM and will continue as long as we draw breath.
Juandero Tinsley They should just fucking give up! There's no justice for any Black man, woman, or child unless they're a damn Sambo! It's a fall on deaf ears movement that failed right alone with the Civil Rights movement. There's nothing putting the breaks on police officers committing countless murders with impunity. No one in any form of Government gives a shit to do anything. And if anything they're are the ones allowing the shit to happen.
Mo Adnet the wrong fight is being fought. get a solid message that separates from militant perception, promote that mesage, fight local voter suppression, inspire youth to run for offices, plus more...
Esther Kaviar Hamilton All of the cops have gone free. They don't have a movement beyond hashtags and marching. The people who fund any non-profit organization controls the agenda.
NewsOne2 days ago

Former NBA player Marcus Camby is being sued over the death of his 9-year-old autistic nephew. --->

Karen Tippin So much for blood being thicker than water. It was YOUR CHILD, not his. You knew your child was on the spectrum, you should've been keeping up with him. Greed is a terrible thing. SMH
Miriam Jones People need to watch their own kids, at home or visiting others. I'm sure that he had a large estate with an even larger property. This is so sad.
MissLyn Hill If his parent's were there it is not the homeowner's responsibility to watch someone else's child.
MzLynn Jackson So if Marcus didn't have money, would they still be suing??
Tyron Davis I was told by a family friend of the late singer Otis Redding that some year's ago some kid's jumped a fence at one of their estates to take a swim in the pool. One of the kid's drowned. Even though no one was at the property they had to pay a wrongful death lawsuit. Sounds crazy but it happened.
Kim Possible Tuck Major holes in this write up. Very half-assed reporting. That being said, if the child was visiting alone without his parents and Camby was not prepared to supervise a child with autism then shame on him and the parents. Poor planning on all sides. However, if the parents were there and they lost track of their child, shame on them. Either way the money will not bring their child back and this family is now divided by greed.
Charlene Davis Were the parents not there? It's your responsibility to watch your child. When you have a child with autism some of them are prone to wander off. I have a great nephew like that and I tell my niece all the time that she needs to keep her eyes on him at all times. He can't run off with the other kids and play, because he'll wander off from the group and end up in the street. This is just a parent who doesn't want to take responsibility for his lack of action.
Rosalie Bennett Well one thing is for certain, he nor anyone else that belongs to him would be welcomed at my home ever again. Once on you, twice on me.
Debra Simpson This is sad on every level. Autistic children are "drawn" to water. As sad as all of this is, what's just crazy is a price put on his child's head from 7 months ago and by his own father. God don't like ugly -so he can be assured it will slip out of his hands as fast as he gets it.
Donald Shaw No way I'm leaving a lil baby unsupervised anywhere!! And y r the parents scared to take the blame for not watching their own child!!??
Amy Luongo Your dog kills someone or child drowns, family or not, you are liable. If your policy doesnt state you have a dog (or the breed wasnt dislosed) a pool or pond, you are not covered.
Barbara Comeaux Francesca Ali this reminds me of when my brother's wife wanted to sue you because their son chipped his tooth while playing in your backyard!!!! Hahaha...Girl, the greed is real
Danielle Dorch Sadly it has nothing to do with who was watching the child. Someone gets injured on your property, the liability is on the property owner. I just hope this suit does not come between the family.
Livin MyLife Bennie So the child did not have one of his parents with him to watch him? A parent should watch their own child. Unless you pass that responsibility on to another ADULT in your absence, but if your there it's all on you.
Beverly Gailes I really don't expect nobody to supervise my children while I'm at their place
Tyra Williams Years ago, my sister and I were in a car accident. She sued me and the other driver... my insurance paid out because the other driver was uninsured.
Tino Dale And you taught it was family gathering oh, $$$$ is the root of all evil.
Felicia Wallace Not the homeowner responsibility.. Its the parents.. Some blacks are just plain ol pathetic and greedy.. Fuck family if you a lil. Money, the hate and scheming shows
Stephanie Morris Not unusual for a child on the spectrum to get away,they're drawn to water. It's a sad situation all around
Rose Smith I'm sorry. Your child is autistic, you watch your child like a hawk. Your child has no mental or physical limitations you still watch your child like a hawk. sorry that f'd up.
Stacey Alex Pringle Really sad, as if he doesn't feel bad enough.
Eddie Pearl Sr. Greed is worse than jealousy but they are evil twin brothers who bring out the worst who's to say the marc camby wouldn't have handled it n payed for EVERYTHING but I bet his family was ALREADY secretly hating on him FOR maybe not sharing HIS EARNINGS with them the way THEY LIKE families think when one of their own made it that somehow THEY MADE IT TOO and that's not the case and they want handouts as if THEYVE SHOT PRO BALL FOR 20 YRS this is a shame they'll NEVER B THE SAME no wonder when ppl get rich out of poor families they run n hide being rich coming from poor is a blessing and a curse AT THE SAME TIME that's why a lot of em go broke FAMILY GUILT TRIPS
Sandra Williams Bottom line it's very sad God rest the lil boys soul in Peace . But people ain't shit they see dollar signs family or friends. And no it's not fair for him to get sued but it's his Property and he is responsible . Sad
Brandii Robinson Hollin Im confused...So his parents weren't there for the holidays? The nephew went alone?
Alicia Wright-Philpott Family. Always what you can get out of them. Damn Shame.
NewsOne2 days ago

Renowned architect Michael Arad will help create memorial honoring shooting victims of Emanuel AME church. DETAILS ———>

Fred Murtz Hopefully someone will create an organization in the Memory of Ida B Wells and the Deacons for Defense! That same month a Law was passed in that state that concealed carry was allowed for any parishioners of any church, for their self defense! In lieu of what occurred in Mississippi last week, it is imperative that Church Brothers and Freemasons once gain form another Deacons for Defense to patrol the Black community in those states!
Debra Ann Goidwin Rip Beautiful Black People; our Prayers to your Families/Church and Friends, we will try and do better in your honors..
Mario Chillis Couldnt find a Black architect?
NewsOne2 days ago

The Senate Judiciary Committee has launched a probe surrounding former attorney general Loretta Lynch’s involvement in the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email use. Thoughts? --->

Jonathan A. Washington Of course they would do this even though there is nothing to investigate. This will continue as long as they have power. They will ignore the sins of 45 and try to take down President Obama by any means necessary.
Warren Lewis Yeah, lets change direction. Hope she too says, "I can't recall" and "I am refusing to answer that question to give the former President the right to invoke his executive privilege"
Carl Burton With all that going on. Why waste tax payers dollars on this? It's foolish! Focus on removing that idiot #45 out of the white house. And forming a better health care plan for America.
Nina Joyce Oliver Turner I am loving it. This woman is one of the smartest lawyers on the planet. I am going to love to see her treat those SUITS like little boys. She has so many options. 5th amendment rights or just refuse to answer like their employed colleagues did a couple weeks ago. So STUPID to go down this rabbit hole and waste taxpayer money. They are trying hard to find a new scandal and get citizens' concerns off Trump Russia and this ridiculous Health Care Bill.
JoAnn Virges Boy boy boy... Republicans are really trying hard to point the fingers the other way away from their 😈 treason pie... Hillary news email is history...what about Trump team involvement with Russia get your lawyers ready...
Marcy J Huff-Taylor They just keep on deflecting. They have the NERVE to investigate her but do NOTHING about the crimes the tangelo toad and his band of maggots have done!!
John Roney Sr Maggots, Parasites, Leeches in Congress Senate and House investigating a former AG , while failing to investigate a current POTUS and GOP/Tea party with clear Russian ties ... how novel of these criminals/crooks
Virgil Rouse there was never a Clinton e-mail scandal until the republicans started lying to try and win the 2016 election and now they are lying again to try and keep trump and themselves out of jail for treason
Earl G Mcmillian During his campaign he said he donated money to both parties Democrats and Republicans we're number one he said it was favors what is so popular by number 45 what do he really brings to the table he just five steps away from the 50-yard line just in the middle of his own game that's he is playing so many trying to figure out his next move because he is unpredictable even his own staff members don't know which way he's going to come out of his box we are coming close to six months closure of this Administration will 45 come back to the middle and govern what all this conspiracy hanging over his head of the Russian hacking the DNC how he has turned this investigation back to Hillary Clinton
Ruth Wallace Of course they are! WHY THE FUQ NOT! Anything to allow trump to escape impeachment or prosecution! These Republicans are not the same as those who were in Congress during Nixon's presidency!
Henry Wood She supposedly tried to influence Comey? Well maybe they should ask him if she tried to interfere. They could, but they know she didn't. But they will try to manufacture something. Republicans have no ethics.
Marc Casey Democrats need to wake up. Trump and the republicans with turn a bowl of cereal against you if they could make a dollar off of it. Get up and fight!
Sandra Batiste I just love how the Dems like to down-play their dirty deeds but refuse to let go of the bone on someone else. She should be investigated. What was she doing on the tarmac with Bill anyway? And why were they on the plane together for 20 mins during an investigation on Hillary??? Unless they were trying to hide something....
Rodderick D Morris To all republicans, keep voting for them Asshole. You will no healthcare no increase in minimum wage, no jobs and here's the big one your kids are dying by the hundreds from drug overdoses. So keep voting for them and keep dying. Everything you guys didn't like about Hillary trump is doing
Virtue Angela Anderson So now they going after Lynch since she was the prosecutor on the case where the person rump did business with is known to have ties to Putin? Or are they investigating BECUASE the DNC refused cyber security help from homeland security after hack was found from Russia? Which is it?
Malik Shy She didn't do shit while she held that position. I guess we now know what she was doing---something shady. Damn, are there anymore loyal honest folks in government? Smh
Roberta Northington Boy I tell you the truth..these mfs are so full of shit..anybody connected to Obama or Hillary he's going to try and destroy them...Meanwhile he the real nutjob in the white house does whatever he wants and never held responsible for nothing..Things others had to give up he blatantly keeps....It's like everybody in DC is scared of his tweets..
Linda Samuels Anything to stop the focus on impeachment proceedings of that 😡🤡.I would not be shocked to learn he had something to do with this real witch hunt of our great President Obama cabinet members
Florienda Scott-Cobb These folk really are stirring the pot for a race war but pretend not to know that that's what they are doing. I am just glad that Blacks aren't a violent as we are portrayed to be. If that was so.........
Portia Morgan Why you have so many other things that are happening every day with this Trump administration why go backwards move on to things that are happening now
Janette Brown A Never Ending Investigation will begin in 3...2...1 days! Boy Oh Boy! God please help us from this madness.
Dale Dealing Let's not investigate anyone except Trump. We're not interested in crimes that were commited by others
Linora Spencer-manuels Anything to turn the attention away from dt and the crooked republican s
Linda Wickstein Never Forget!...Loretta Lynch: government shouldn't require reports of people killed by police!......
NewsOne2 days ago

#BlackExcellence: Meet Pulitzer Prize winner and Library of Congress’ new poet laureate Tracy K. Smith ———>

Janette Brown Black with Brain. Blessings
Deanna Karoos You introduced her to us weeks ago and a few times since. You all are getting forgetful around here.
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Renovated in 2014, the National Civil Rights Museum president hopes to immerse visitors in the nation's history of civil rights. DETAILS ——>

Yeshua Isiah Mashiach في سن المراهقة كان مرة واحدة مقابل الرجل أنا الآن: الصراع) أنا أكره نفسي في بعض الأحيان أحيانا أحب لي أبحث في المرآة أنا لا أعرف ما أراه ماذا تريد أكثر من ذلك مني؟ أنا أفعل كل ما أستطيع اياكس الاستدعاء، نوبونيس سأكون دائما الرجل لم يتغير شيء حسنا، ربما قليلا ولكن ليس بما فيه الكفاية بالنسبة لك للتفكير في لي التقليل نحن نفس الرجل نفس الأشخاص فلماذا ننظر إلى الوراء في وجهي هل تبدو مضطربة جدا؟ أنا أنت وأنت لي اياكس / nobones لا عظام / أياكس مضاعفة، تقسيم شخصية ولكن لا تأخذني خطأ لا يزال لدي عقلاني فقط أحتاج أحيانا واحدة من الاثنين أن تكون أكبر رجل ترى قرارات صعبة كما اللعنة لجعل في حياتي حتى يجري اثنين يجعل القرف كثيرا أسهل بالنسبة لي انها كل تغطية المتابعة مثل حصلت على قناع على عندما أخذ إم على حد سواء قبالة لا يوجد شيء بعد ذلك على الإطلاق للحفاظ على بعض مظاهر الحياة الطبيعية أنا أمام كل الناس الذين هناك بالنسبة لي لذلك أنت لا تخاف مني عرض ما يجب أن لا ترى شيطان، وحش إذا كان أي شيء أنا مسكون أشباح بلدي الانجراف الماضي على الألم يستمر إلى الأبد أنا عالقة في الطبقة الدنيا الفقر الحدودي تينا الحصول على ما يصل قبالة مؤخرتي أنا لا شيء ولكن قطعة من القرف مباشرة من الحمار في العالم (إذا كان هذا الجحيم في العالم أنا أنظر إلى السماء ورؤية الزجاج المنحني من انتشار الكرة عبر الحصول على مثل قطعت من حضارة أمة داخل أمة ذهابا وإيابا سرعة ثابتة ..) النزول ويموت في مكان ما نوبونيس أنت فوكين الكلبة لكنك لا تعرف أجاكس كما أعرفه انه لا تأخذ هذا القرف تأخذ الحمار يا في مكان ما اياكس الحصول على ما يصل بعيدا عن الارض واتبعه وقال انه سوف تظهر لك الطريق يؤدي لك حولها ضربة لهم مصاصي اللعنة بعيدا دعونا م يقول مرة أخرى وسوف يندمون يوم فوكين أنا لا يلعب على الإطلاق عندما جئت من حولك تعرف بشكل أفضل اسمي .............
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach وقالت إنها تريد أن تتحدث ولكن كل ش أريد القيام به هو الرموش عندما راتبها يأتي كل ش تريد القيام به هو النقدية عندما يو دفع الراتب يأتي لك أريد أن مخبأ تريد أن كيكو لكنها خائفة كوز آخر مرة سأل u..knocked لها أضواء من أنت جنون كوز انها لا تريد ان تتخلى عن الحفاض حفرت لك تقول يو حصلت على اللعبة ولكن يو سيديشيك التمثال لكم على وجود 20 ماماس الطفل مختلفة ش يجب أن واسنت ستذهب تذهب مع واحد أكثر على الطريق شيس المحاصرين مع أي وسيلة للخروج بلاين ألعاب طفولية رجل رمي منشفة .... الرسالة: الناس تريد أن تلعب هذه الألعاب و لا أريد أن تشيج حتى كنت فلدي إم تعرف u سوف تذهب # إبقاء 100 كيبين على الحقيقي إذا اخترت من قبل تبدو وحدها ش قد تحصل ،،،، ولكن هذا مشهد ش لا تريد أبدا ولكن في نفس الوقت الحياة مثل علبة من الشوكولاتة ش لا تعرف ما اور ستحصل على # اختيار ويسلي و توخي الحذر على الرياح ش قد تحصل على بريز ش قد تحصل على tornado..its مقامرة استخدام العقل أور أو كول في نهاية المطاف في شامبلز # غمفم
Develle Keith Thomas I hate this link too many pop ups can't read the article
Katie Colonna People are addicted to the drama. If the story doesn't leave room to hate white people there will be no comments.
Robert L. Gilyard Barely 20 likes. Put a white cop killing a black man and u get 1000s Generation #lost
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More cops going down for Ramarley Graham shooting? DETAILS ———>

Monique Antoine Trini Trials don't mean a thing anymore.Seems like these trials are just for appeasing the public a form of mental masturbation.The law was never designed to work for us at all.Our lives don't matter.It never will matter.Until our people learn to fight with their wallets and stop talking and just do and act.Then and only then maybe we would be taken seriously hit them in the pockets.If folks get serious and boycott nationwide across Amerikkka and crash their Wall Street and pull every dime off the bank and bank Black.Don't buy a piece of cotton anything for ninety days,boycott Nfl, no take aways, and discipline them selves on the frivolous spending and nonsensical purchases,perhaps your voices will be heard then.Exercise your right legally to own firearms and bear arms.Every person of color needs to learn to use firearms responsibly too.It is going to keep happening and it is going to get worse sad to say.So much for the land of the free hmmmmm !!!
Jack Caso Jones 😐
Anthony Byrd They're just going to get off.
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O. J. Simpson’s hearing set for July and could possibly be released soon ------->

Yeshua Isiah Mashiach J'étais tout seul, je me sentais plutôt faible, j'avais besoin de quelqu'un pour soulever mes esprits, alors que mes yeux se refermaient, je me suis réveillé dans une scène de club où les lumières étaient atténuées, mais il y avait une place sur cette personne en particulier que j'avais présumée S'étaient rencontrés avant tout, tout d'un coup, il y avait des projecteurs sur moi, nos yeux se sont rencontrés alors que nous étions proches et avons fait cette danse enchantée qui n'avait pas besoin de mes groupes pour la faire naqueter, je ne suis pas amoureux d'une strip-teaseuse, mais comme nous l'avons fait danser Était un gagnant, elle était ma lune mes étoiles dans le ciel et le soleil (pas mon idole, mais le ciel a bien voulu) nous avons dansé la chanson après la chanson toute la nuit ma chanson était celle pour l'amant en vous par Shalamar, je pourrais dire par Son contact visuel et son langage corporel, elle n'était pas un truc bon marché et ce n'était pas ce que je cherchais si tu cherchais cette femme à aller ... après le club, je déteste te casser mais tu étais dans la mauvaise partie de la ville ... elle avait sur une robe captivante et une émotion chaleureuse et chaleureuse que je pouvais, elle était écrite sur elle Elle n'avait pas à dire un mot que son sourire me racontait tout ce que la dernière chanson d'amour de la soirée était si tu connaissais par patti labelle ou ce n'était que pour une nuit de luther vandoss puis niggas à paris, puis l'alarme retentit sur # DS
Ruth Wallace Alright now! You have a second chance, make good choices.
Anthony Austin Who cares? There's more important issues occurring than OJ hearing. I hope he enjoyed his stay in the system. Sell out!
Robert Ahmad #FreeOJ
Steven Michael Hvizdos Kohloff What goes around, comes around, sooner, or later.
Howard Gist That's not going to happen
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Feel good news...

Lonnie Johnson, the creator of the “Super Soaker,” is funding high school robotics teams through his non-profit organization. --->

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The controversial displays will remain, but a commission will put them in historic context Richmond’s mayor is taking a moderate stand.

What do you think about it? ———>

Gregory McQuitter Miss Saharra Tompkins after all the statues come down will that mean that black folks will stop killing each other across the country. Does that mean that the punks will stop doing the drive-bys and hurting innocent people. does that mean that black people will make a concentrated effort to spend money with their own people to try to build up our economy instead of someone else's. And finally at least but not less does that mean people will get off their ass and vote for their own best interest statue or no statue.?
Saharra Thompkins Reasons why all confederate monuments should be removed. No.1 the confederate represents the expansion of slavery; which represents hate, racism, and bigotry. No.2 Confederate( monuments, army, or the confederate states of America) represents an act of treason. When South Carolina seceded from the Union in 1860, and when other Southern states followed then formed the confederate states of America, this was an act of treason. By living from the Union, the confederate betrayed the country, by engaging in warfare this was an attempt to overthrow the government. This is treason. To Memorialize any confederate: flag, money, generals, soldier's, or monuments is memorialize traitors. This is unpatriotic. This is the United States of America not the confederate states of America.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Juke conectado con pillbury doughboy scooby?,?,?,? Y algunos tipos conocidos sólo como yung tron ​​encontraron una casa abondoned ware ahora todo lo que necesitan hacer ismove. Algunos ......... de la ?? Ellos reclutaron a dos miembros más y tuvieron una reunión de equipo, entonces de repente el teléfono comenzó ringin que era un tapón que dijo ........ # sendero de papel
Gregory McQuitter I guess my question is kind of simple does having a statue up or down prevent black folks from killing each other in the neighborhoods across the country across the East Coast across the West Coast and in the Deep South. Black people are being killed at the hands of other black people look at the numbers in Chicago in New York in Compton and some of our Southern States. And we're arguing about a statue. Let's argue about voting, let's argue about people getting up and getting in line to vote people out who don't have our best interest let's see can we do that.. when the statues come down will that stop black on black crime. When the statues come down will black people start trading with each other and spending money with each other. Will we strive to educate our children better will we stand up and vote.
James Rodney Accomdating racist has been the bane on our country since its founding. The only "context" needed is unequivocal CONDEMNATION.
Lothar Davis Only losers will erect statues of defeated generals. Do you see any statues of Rommel, Manstien or Guderian in Germany? No because they lost, and nobody likes a loser except stupid ass white supremacists. See how quick that bullshit gets taken down if people unite like they did in New Orleans.....
Keith Garrison Wucherer Removal of statues won't work. Bigotry is taught, and resides in the soul of mankind.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Si vous vivez pour rien d'autre, commencez à vivre pour la vie si vous avez une belle, alors, ma fille si vous, si vous êtes dans le club, comme une limace DRUNK comme une mouffette à la recherche de quelque chose à défendre au lieu de l'amour, vous pourriez finir par jerry Springer pour prétendument knockin bottes avec un mec de la nature transsexuelle ceci n'est pas un joueur, mais plutôt un spectateur prenez des précautions, maintenant ou après, mieux encore, le présent est juste, merci, que vous avez appris un moins, vous étiez un petit morceau dans un gros échec Jeu alors faites ce que vous devez faire comme une crinière ou une femme, mais pour grandir, vous devez faire une chose # changer
Kim James 👀what's going on
Claude Reed its a traitorous memorial
Kay Wiley Coward...there is no middle ground
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This is absolutely infuriating….

After about 30 hours of deliberations, the jury could not reach a verdict in the killing of Samuel DuBose ———>

Greg Moore There Is No Justice In America For Black People Killed By Cops. There is a fundamental problem with policing in America that does stem from racism. Police officers subconscious (or very conscious) so-called fears or hatred of “aggressive” black bodies allow them to act recklessly and take black lives instantaneously and use fear as an excuse and not be held accountable
Gregory J Williams Why are people upset is beyond me! White people are NOT going 2 comvict no cop who KILLED an unarmed black man/woman/child in America......
Stanley Robinson My Brother's and Sister's..What Is It going to take for Black People to get Justice In this Country? America finding Modern day Legal way to Kill Black People, Instead of Hanging the Police Murder Unarmed Black men Insisting "They were In Fear of there Life"..
Elgin Elly Bowden The day we celebrated OJ in the streets.....was the day we lost every trial from then on... They been getting us back ever since..
Roger Jones You gotta realize jurors don't want to be there , so they're going to take the easy way out, unless someone is on the jury that gives a damn then you have results like this.
Michael James When your grandma could smile at this, why would her grand babies feel any different about whats happening now?
Tim Jerome White supremacist on the jury debating whether white supremacist on the force did anything wrong? Laughable... LOL!
Walter Reid History continues to repeat itself when it comes to and justice for the black man and woman and child
Herb Blunt Jr. Well if caucasians saw us as people that verdict would be a slam dunk. It's not about us it about they're deficiencies. Call it cowardice.
Johnny DeVore You are ONLY going to get the amount of Justice you can Afford to buy!
Charles L. Lewis America is Babylon. And you know what Jesus said will happen to Babylon in the end.
Jason Andre Henderson And this bullshit is why and where vigilante justice takes root. WTF...
Cammessia Mitchell Our black men are still considered to be dog's. These hideous boys in blue,are natural terrorists!
E Allan Braithwaite Who is brotha Samuel Dubose?-This shizzle is happening so frequently I can't keep up!!😕
Fred Murtz And we still see no need for this , 30 million strong on a designated National Holiday??
Janice Irene Hand They think if there are enough mistrials that eventually it will get thrown out. I pray that this doesn't happen!!
Perry Williams As long as we allow this type of behavior, it's going to continue, so let's stand together and demand justice.. anyway, where is the NAACP ? they should be front and center heading this demand for justice
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Odio a los musulmanes como su acostumbrado a cada día sininin sexin grinnin en el nombre de Cristo ..... hora por hora día ojos en todos los musulmanes ... pero a su vez stevie maravilla a la ..... kkk..thekey lowkey sido Discreto a través de los años stilll.spreading.terror (hidin detrás de cristo) tiene algunas personas ... deep south sleepin con una ... odio todo el mundo no puro no blanco para ser exacto ... hitler hella amargo ... Aint dar una maldición sobre niggas y eso es # facts..neo nazis bre.ed en el orgullo de odio y el prejuicio ... 2 y 2 es 4 ... maldito sho aint yo eyez y ver ... whats right in Frente a la cara del yo ... juzgado por (peso) clase ... clase y raza..alguna calma algunos enojados .. personas aquí viviendo como el racismo no existen # aleatorio
Prince Prinze Video does not count when is against offices and white stick with they own but that same video can convicted you
Tiffany Grant Sounds about shocker here.
Kenneth Wilson
Wayne Dixon
Lesha Romeo Water is wet. Grass is green. I expected nothing less. Sigh. SMDH
C D Jones Flennoy Exactly!! To all of Theeee Above!!! Sad AF!!! 😕😕😕😕
Anthony G Williams SMH
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We want justice for Ramarely Graham ✊🏾

An administrative judge said that Officers John McLoughlin and Sgt. Scott Morris used "improper" tactic and could face trials, but what do you think will happen? ——>

Lester Adams Nothing because they aren't gonna convict them of anything ....they'll get off just like all the others did except for those black cops down south who shot that little white kid , they sent their black asses to prison...hello.... .
Fred Murtz you see how many people are out there in NYC?? e have lost our Collective will for Justice! And after all of these lynchings , no one is talking about a 30 million strong National Boycott on a agreed upon national holiday
Brian Keith The trial is to make money. They kill one of us, then charge us to hold the "trial". Another example of our taxes working against us. It's a win win for them.
Ian Juan Francisco It doesn't matter because the outcome will be the same as all the others across America. Also, municipalities don't seem to have a problem writing settlement checks to victims, and fiscal conservatives have remained silent.
Linda Armstrong For what there will not be a conviction..go thru the motion..then the cop say I feared for my life..thats it not fxxxing guilty 3 just in two weeks walked..
Tee Jack so another waste of taxpayer money, to pretend they are actually doing about police killings of black ppl naw we dont wanna see this mess, just let the family have these "cops" an eye for an eye, remember cause turning the other cheek is past played out
Cathy M-Biz Ramarely Ramarley. Take your time newsone. You make typos all over. NY City Council is also pushing for hearings. Good luck with that.
Tony Jean Robert Another clown show and waste of tax payers money. They won't stop killing people of color until they start to turn the table on them. The DOJ will not stop the violence either because they are complicit in it. But when these animals know that someone will creep up behind them and their wives and children and ambush them as they are doing to others, they'll make killing people their very last option. The black population is at fault for allowing these legalized terrorists to thrive within their community. None of them lives within the black community they patrol. Most of the cowards live in suburbs 100 miles away.
Charles L. Lewis Nothing, they'll be acquitted. America has lost its moral compass. America is becoming more like Nazi,Germany. But Jesus called, it Babylon. And you know what He said, about Babylon in the end.
Oliver F. Sampson It's already been 5 years. Their will be NO justice. There never is for Black people
Roberta Northington Why even have trials for officers anymore ? Just going through the motions I guess..smh
Perry Williams Hopefully there will be a conviction, I'm not going to hold my breath
Kenneth Wilson
Kenneth Wilson
Dianne Ali What? Another trial just for show?
Anthony G Williams Get off as usual. Being a cop is a way to get a free pass
Marco Borum Court not going to do a fucking thing
Deidre Turner Bkk walks free again. RESISTANCE is NOW
Jacqueline Holloway Scott Nothing is going to happwn.
Ray Anderson Nothing of course.
Marcia Ellison Yes, they may face trial but , no conviction!
Esha LaShay Nothing
Jhimal Breazell Nothing is going to happen
David T Wheeler Jr Why waste the time and the victims families emotions
Debra BeCoats You already know
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This is dope!

Looks like Rodeo Road in southwest L.A. could become “Obama Boulevard” ---->

Carol Lambert That would be awesome! I bet #45 would lose what's left of his barely functioning mind! He's already consumed with jealousy over Obama. I say go for it. I would enjoy seeing #45 huffing and puffing, and......
Christopher Yogi Floyd I don't know if it's Rodeo or the portion pronounced "Ro Dayo". Hopefully it's the Ro Dayo part (which is the rich part for those who don't know). Otherwise, give him an entire street, not just a portion. I'm no Obama fan but like it's stated in the article, there are plenty of streets named after white presidents, do the same for the black president.
Donald Donaldson DennisKepner. Theres no profit in a person getting a street or road name after themself. Its a way to honor someone. Such as Dr Charles Drew having a School named after him or Dr. Martin Luther King have a street named after him as well.
Cheryl Christopher Isn't that great and isn't that something? LA came totally through bc we know Beverly Hills would NEVER EVER consider renaming its "hallowed" Rodeo Drive to OBAMA DRIVE.
Toni Anthony Do that by the year after, 'it would be the next hood,' like all MLK, Street/Boulevard' will be a hood! Regardless of city, town, blvd, township and/or county!
Daviunna Barrow Ok one time really awesome great here, to you Mr Obama congrad!!, HAHAHA Demon Trump/Gop gonna excelerate distruction in this Country and Los Angles much as possible now than before..
Shirley Washington This is really going to piss trump off, he is going to need a whole city named after him.
Prince Prinze I can hear him now breaking news xecutive order no Street named after 44
Chris Chapman Lived and grew up around that area. Major E/W corridor in SWLA.
Ralph Gandara I'm all for that. However, I think they should rename a larger street for him; a larger street such as Arlington.
Charles Conley Ziegler III im sure crack and meth will be sold and smoked on the street.if its upper class or rich than its heroin
Maalak Atkins How bout contemplating something that sayz "STOP THE NEEDLESS KILLINGS OF BLACK AND OTHER AMERICANS?!
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Je suis célibataire comme une boîte de pringles et prêt à se mêler à manger sur les restaurants doris frais, c'est tout ce que Walmart avait sur le stock, c'était ça ou des clowns de fromage nacho ou peut-être qu'il était takis eux des pétres plus chaudes qu'un sac de chips chauds de flamin cheetoh mais je le ferai Toujours être un fan de frites chaudes, nous avons essayé nos en arrière dans le jour nous pour avoir mes yeux courir avec des larmes, mais maintenant je juste max em comme ils nofkk kc chef d'oeuvre barbier laisse des jetons maintenant c'est quelque chose que je les mange sur le 4 ° de juillet blu skyi utilisation Pour les jurer, les fusées à bouteille ressemblaient à quelqu'un qui faisait de la mini drive bys pour avoir de grands maux de tête des sons de block busters buthing était tout bon amusement paranoïaque des regards screamin est le 11 septembre dans le capot des chats noirs et des baguettes magiques, même les bombes à cerises étant des bêtises Utiliser pour tirer des émotions en jouant un jeu classique d'essai de poulet pour voir qui était lent et qui était le plus rapide, mais j'étais toujours le plus lisse. Je jouais avec seimiexplosives, tu sais comment c'est comme ça? J'ai brûlé ma main jouant avec une fusée de bouteille, c'est ce que c'était quand un enfant grandissait dans le capot, puis pensait que c'était tout mauvais, mais c'était tellement bon, mais je n'essayais jamais de faire cette merde stupide encore les enfants jouant aux jeux de ghetto lil jamais le même Bon dans le capot #
Lothar Davis We need you....
Deanna Karoos Why not in Chicago?
Danny Perez How about they name a street in Chicago where he's from.
Cynthia Kyles I miss read LA for Lousiana🤣🤣🤣😨
Linda Wickstein His legacy!
Jacqueline Smith Congrats to him
Juniper Cadogan Yes
Candiase Driver Dump's head is going to explode...
Tlynn Daws What an honor! And doesnt it connect to MLK blvd?
Marcia Ellison Yes Yes !
Deborah Reifsteck IDIOTS
Dennis Kepner Makes you wounder how much they are profiting from it....
NewsOne3 days ago

Summer might be here, but we need to keep out kids reading! ————>

Regina Lawrence they not going to unlearn how to read...but I know what you mean could have left out especially for low income 's important for everyone...
Fred Murtz Comic book heroes are in the movies , but we had these comic books so we knew who the real Super Heroes were!
Samuel Lamar "Keep out kids reading"WTF is that supposed to mean
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Check out this powerful anti-bullying video by a 4th-grader. Bullies targeted her for racist taunts, assault and isolation.

Yvette Riley We need to help then. That's what she's asking for. I'm going to start by getting the schools info and calling and writing them. Can't just keep reading and watching these posts and videos click like and on to the next one.
Pat Berry Where to send her next year? She would be either shadowed by me (mom) to each class or removed asap! I file a complaint to the board, principal and state legislature. And finally, sue their asses.
Thurmond Earles I had children that went to school in Bellevue, Wa. I never had a problem with racist issues! I guess they knew dont f*%k with this one her dad is a crazy ass veteran! Amen
Robert L. Gilyard Black kids have lost their heart to be black. Always crying about something
Drea Beaty Can we please start our own schools???
Perry Williams Parents teach your children to whop that a**
Phylisha Sanchez
Jacqueline Wright The real civil rights cause, not this other bs.
Lynnette Parker Crosby So sad!!
NewsOne3 days ago

“She took her last breaths in my nephew’s arms”

Mother found dead by her 14-year-old son and police suspect her ex is responsible. DETAILS ———>

Yeshua Isiah Mashiach J'ai sauté dans le bateau et j'ai levé les yeux dans le ciel et, à travers toute la lutte, j'ai encore vu un peu de lumière du soleil dans l'horizon. J'ai regardé en arrière fondé2 se noyant Victimes pour chaque survivant, j'avais trouvé le bateau devenu plein, donc je n'ai pas Je veux me noyer, je ne pourrais pas reprendre de survivants cette fois-ci, j'ai vu des hélicoptères dans l'armée nationale de l'armée et avec des fournitures, puis soudainement une goutte de larme est tombé de mes yeux, ils nous ont dépassé, mais je ne me suis pas débarrassée. Au superdome et a fait un autre voyage, je jure que ce bateau a été envoyé par le ciel, j'ai dû faire 30 ou 40 voyages ce jour-là, je ne voulais pas aider, mais quand les gens m'ont demandé mon nom, je leur ai dit de m'appeler moi Bayou Bill # Le ruisseau ne montera pas pt2-SFMLLFD
Joyce Smith The ancestors are watching and DEMANDING JUSTICE once again--May God/Goddess and the ancestors continue to watch over her family, friends, and colleagues during this painful time in their lives
Deanna Karoos STOP!!!!!!!! These children will be scarred for life!!! 😭😢 RIP Mommy👼
Sonya Artis Williams OMG! So, so, sad!
Rayne S. Adams
Fred Murtz sad! Nothing anyone can do about Love gone wrong!
Tub Jackson OMG
Deanna Karoos No outrage????? Smh
Atyria Clark Why are human beings so fcked up
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Looks like the CBC declined meeting with Trump ———> .

Peggy Miller Why would they agree to a follow up meeting when orange dude hasn't done anything nor has his cabinet done anything with the several requests from the CBC. Ya'll just gonna sit around for photo ops and stare at each some point you have to say enough is enough and handle your business.
William Ballard Apparently Donald Trump thinks black people are stupid he made every last one of them look like clowns last time why in God's name would they do it again Donald Trump has sent Black America a strong message on several occasions if you didn't vote for him he is not going to do s*** for you except send militarized police forces into our black neighborhoods.
Sandra Batiste Well that's just smart! Now we don't have anyone representing us. I guess it's going to be up to the black constituents ourselves to speak to the President directly in order to get things done. The black caucus never did nothing for me anyway.
Jimese Jones WHY.......WHAT TYPE OF LEADERS DO WE he could use the excuse that he gave us the opportunity to express and deal with issues affecting the african american community.
Fred Murtz Wait a minute we voted for them to fight for us against nut job racists, and this is what they do?? so what if he doesnt listen go in there as a show of force repping us, we dont need no punks! We had one man, who sat in the oval office in front of the most racist dixiecrat, millionaire and made demands and got them met, what kind of mess is this??
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach De pie un poco más alto que ayer Realmente espero que este sentimiento se aleje Sé que no lo hará Que está aquí para quedarse Así que no queda nada que decir Pero todavía estoy tryna mantenerlo juntos Como zapatos reventados con cordones nuevos Tan dificil sonreir Cuando todo lo que veo es caras tristes Vadeando en mi dolor Esperando para mañana La paciencia es la clave de la vida Porque el tiempo no puede ser prestado La noche del dia Ha caído Revelarse Una escena bendecida Conmigo Encuentro la fuerza para levantarme de mis rodillas No más sentimiento desolado y deprerssed No más noches frías anhelando la muerte Estoy contento con donde vivo La ciudad me quiere, me tiene querida No tendré nada que temer Mientras susurros en mi oído A quien amo Enviado de Dios por encima Me dice que está bien Y eso es a mí a quien ella ama Aunque he sido slackin Ha sido bastante back-tracking Estoy consiguiendo mi mierda en el engranaje Estoy filmando por más de media De ninguna manera voy a tomar segundo Estoy llegando primero Mejor creerlo nigga Se siente tan bien que me duele
Marty Willis I guess they say they want policies enforced and policies changed.....not a photo op
Sophia Brown CBC had eight years to make improvements in the black communities and did nothing but fight for gay rights and illegal immigrants now Trump is in office they want to start speaking out including the NAACP. All of them are useless. Maxine Waters has homless people sleeping in tents in residential areas in her district and it's getting worse and nothing is being done she's fighting for this to be a Sanctuary state really? Where are these people going to live it's sad to see this city deteriorating. I say send Dr.Claude Anderson in there to speak with Trump he actually has a plan and cares about black people.
Joe B-e This is why black politics don't work because we don't show up.
Shirley Rhodes Wise decision when it comes to Trump and his administration....
Wille Jones The CBC is full of shit with their COON (SAMBOE'S) ASS!
Joy Ward 'Nahhh....we good'.
Erica Ivery Lee Fool me once ... 😛😛
Gvivi Brandon Who wants to waste their time with that ignoramus ???
Tim Jerome Q: What exactly does the CBC do?
Deborah Goodspeed-Santiago Thank you~ CBC... no more cooning~
B Michelle Robins Great move
David T Wheeler Jr Finally some black ovaries and balls
Robert L. Gilyard Crooks
Wayne Dixon
Karl D Frank What to lazy
Angelina Brown And with good reason.
Deanna Karoos Welp.....looks like you already reported this.
James Thomas Wow
NewsOne3 days ago

Civil rights leaders and parents of Black students claim officials tried to cover up a racist “kill list”. DETAILS ———>

Fred Murtz Boycott the school until charges are made and pressed! the Three wise men held the biggest school boycott in human history and forced the entire NYC education system to change
Carl A Rodgers Black ppl keep letting this shit ride. I would do it too
Deanna Karoos Why do you keep reporting the same stories over and over?? Here.
Jacqueline Wright Keep voting Democrat. California is a democratic state. They used our race and now will send Obama out again to get those votes.
Paulette Tyler They should charge their parents!
Wayne Dixon
Vicki Mahdi WtF