NewsOne31 ago

Taxpayers are paying too much for Trump’s frequent visits to Mar-a-Lago club and now the Government Accountability Office will assess the costs----->

Jonathan A. Washington The only reason it is a big story and it needs to continue to be one is because every Republican including a he racist crook in the White House made a big issue about President Obama. They complained about spending when it is there spending they don't care. For those saying other issues are more important. I would say that is a weak excuse as they try to save a crooked politician. Once again bringing up Hillary does not help your case because she lost and you said your boy was above it all.
Frank Higginbotham The cover up: Trump administration sought to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress on Russia, Trump campaign. Special prosecutor NOW!!
Tim Jerome I'm sick of hearing about this bullshit. Is there other news you can report on besides DUMP? Black folks are being murdering across the country! Report on THAT! Lastly, y'all chanted "Bernie or Bust" all during the campaign season and now that the "bust" is in full effect, y'all complaining? GTFO.
Paulette Tyler I would like to see a price list!
Michael Stewart Obama jacked up more taxpayer money than Trump
NewsOne2 hours ago

The professed White supremacist who stabbed Black New Yorker said he would rather have killed a
"young thug" or "successful older Black man with blondes” and now he is charged. DETAILS ———>

Mike Lowry He should've went into a harlem development if he was feeling brave. Now he's in jail with no white women and black men will still be out free sexing ww. Well as hancock would say "Good job"
Atara Daphna Israel He'll reap what he's sown... DON'T worry the book of Obadiah,JOEL, Malachi, Revelations, and many others speaks on EDOMS DESTRUCTION..... FOR THE WRATH OF GOD IS COMING FOR ALL OF IDUMEA AND THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO TO STOP IT....
Betty Mckinnon A real thug would have fucked him up..the situation would have turned out a tad bit different..he knew to target someone who wouldn't fight back..
Vernon Passmore Where is the media on this story? More importantly, where is your #45 ?
Gerald Sean Coleman Dam man! see! need to stop They get our best! so what up
Tee Jack if he wanted to kill a thug why target an old man, cause the thug wouldve ended up killing his ass
Myrtis Thompson He should rot in prison
Paulette Tyler Why isn't this in the news!
Dee McManus Strikes Again...
NewsOne2 hours ago

The state of Michigan proposed a $97 million deal to combat the Flint Water health crisis which suggests replacing lead pipes and providing bottled water to residents.

Do you think this is enough after all the residents have been through? ———>...

The Law Of Attraction I may not be able to tell you this every day but I just want you to know that you mean the world to me. The day you stepped into my life you changed it into something so beautiful and meaningful. I may not be the first woman in your life but I want to be the last woman you ever loved. I may not be the first woman who made you feel loved but I want to be the only one to make you feel loved to the core .
Carolyn Owuor What about healthcare and future needs of children affected?
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
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Praying for this family…

Terminally ill teen loses cancer battle days after video chatting with her idol Beyoncé ———>

Brina Doc Pray for her Family .. RIP 💐💐💐
Meme OndatMess Jones Prayers for family
NewsOne4 hours ago

NewsOne sheds a spotlight on the challenges our daughters face in the school system. NewsOne Now Host Roland Martin spoke with author Monique Morris about the criminalization of Black girls. Take a look.

NewsOne5 hours ago

Roger Wilkins gave voice to the Black struggle from high positions in the federal government and from the editorial boards of the Washington Post and New York Times. He died March 26 at age 85.

The Law of Attraction Dear person reading this,I don't care who you are but I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work.
Dee McManus Thank You For Your Service; Rest In Peace, Roger Wilkins...
Eugene Scott A true hero to us all
NewsOne5 hours ago

#BlackLivesMatter and wage activist are launching their first national joint action with “Fight Racism, Raise Pay” protests in two dozen cities including Chicago ———>

The Law Of Attraction “But remember what drives a man; real men do what they have to do to make sure their people are taken care of, clothed, housed, and reasonably sastisfied, and if they're doing anything less than that, they're not men.” ― Steve Harvey
Luis Villanueva If u raise pay u hire less workers its economical duh
Raynell Willis Finn That's What's Up😘😘
NewsOne15 hours ago

Latest on the Flint Water Crisis...
The state of Michigan proposed an almost $100 million deal to replace lead pipes and provide bottled water for residents. More ------->

Sandra Wilson This shit is so unreal. ... Everything thing is... so depressing... When you feel helpless cause it is what is.... why is it we feel we got to keep asking this government for shit that should have just happened... Water of all thing's. .. A scientific experiment for fun on people... No none held accountable for this genocide. .. This shit continues... We got to hold meeting's running to the oppressor begging to find our kid's that's missing. ... Fucking depressing.
Dom C. Ali So who's going to prison for poisoning citizens and human rights violations?
Brittany M. Ferguson This has gone on long enough. This country truly is some shit 🙄
Abram Dennis Should've been happened.. Sending money off to other countries and the people here don't have clean water.
Eli Cy Should be giving back the Homes they took from the people for not paying their water 🌊 bills for water they could not use. Smfh
Luis Villanueva Detroit water is dirty too
Eloise Ducatti Sons of bitches
Erecka Glass'Anderson ridiculous to say the least
Jackee Hampton So sad!
Michael Stewart Trumps epa gave them 100 million not Obama punk butt
Biplob Hossain ওকে
Saif Khan 📺 Saif_Khan_Here
Jackee Hampton Alex-larkins Alex-larkinsjr
NewsOne16 hours ago

Only 1 percent of Google’s workforce is African-American and recently they announced a space on its Silicon Valley campus to train Howard University computer science students. DETAILS ——>

Deborah Dillihant Better soon than no plan at all 😛
NewsOne16 hours ago

Heinous and Hateful...
Professed White supremacist charged with murder as act of terrorism charge --- along with other indictments --- after fatally stabbing a Black New York man and saying that his plan was to kill African-American males. -------->

Jeanet Nicholson Trump where your mouth when it comes to this type of terrorism. Your mouth all over the Muslims, and protecting this country. But where that mouth when whites are attacking and killing African-Americans. Are you speaking and protecting one race when it comes to terrorist.
Nat Omowale Turner Jr V Again...smh... you have to get a gun and badge before you go around murdering and beating unarmed, unsuspecting people of color. When are you gon learn.
Jason King And those fools in the streets let him walk ?!? They're soft.
Laura Irvin Gardner Being charged and being convicted are 2 different things. Talk to me after the trial.
Shaneil Stokes He did this to get attention off of the other man responsible for the Emmanuel AME massacre Charleston, SC
Gloria Clay-Harris That's what homegrown terrorist do, the REAL terrorist.
Dee McManus Part 2 Of HATE...
Judy Lamb Hooks Sounds like 'satan' to me!
Jeff Williams Charge him with a hate crime and lock him up in general population.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach ピーターパーカーウェブスリンガー..化学者のようなオリンピック調理のような超高層ビル...歯科医のために歯のミッドフラッドを欠いていた
Michele Williams Finally some justice!
W Allen Sample III Smh
Biplob Hossain ওকে
Loretta Newley Wow 😲
Saif Khan 🎉 Saif_Khan_Here
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Mayor Muriel Bowser announces that a task force will be created to help find missing girls. Do you think this should happen other places? DETAILS ——>

Dee McManus TRUTH or Alternative Facts...
Jacqueline Caston Yes
Wendy Fitz Williams late but hay
Darnell Sergio Headings Awesome
Richard Edwards Be careful possible police involvment
Raynell Willis Finn YES 💔💔💔
Saif Khan 💀 Saif_Khan_Here
NewsOne17 hours ago

Sad over this one...
Terminally ill teen girl from Houston, Texas lost her battle with a rare form of cancer just days after meeting her musical shero, Beyonce. -------->

Lisa Mark #RIParadise Ebony Banks! ❤ Prayers and Condolences to Her Family. 🙏🙏 Thank You Beyonce for Fulfilling this Young Lady's Dying Wish! 💋
MizAnn Joyland Rest in sweet heavenly peace. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
Lenora King RIH dear one. Beyonce, thank you.
Kerry Alexis White God rest her soul.RIP Angel!!!!
Dee McManus Yeah, That's Sad...
Darlene Ferguson
Janiel Jones God's Angel!
Biplob Hossain ওকে
Saif Khan 😰 Saif_Khan_Here
NewsOne18 hours ago

This is heartbreaking…

12-year-old girl, Zoey Carles goes missing in South Carolina, help bring her home ———>

Elaine Gantt McGowens She was found safe on Saturday, Roland. Thank you.
Brina Doc So Sad.. Prays for a Safe Return to Family & Friends🙏🏽
Saif Khan 😜 Saif_Khan_Here
NewsOne19 hours ago

We want justice for Ramarley Graham✊🏾

Graham’s mother blasts Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration and believes Officer Richard Haste should be in prison. DETAILS ——>

Anthony G Williams Haste will get another law enforcement job somewhere in a small town. Being a law enforcement officers always work in your favor. Especially shooting unarmed black Americans.
Beverley Richardson How do we stop these morons from killing black people. ...relocate....don't be afraid to leave gang infested ghettos....rotten down cities or places where children are treated poorly.
Debra Hall Resigned without being charged? A crime was committed. No exceptions for a police officer, if anything, a penalty should be harsher; however, this case is being erased as if nothing serious happened. A crime was committed!
Waine Sargeant He could get a "law enforcement" job in another state. This is NO justice.
Arturo Moore Did he he get full Pention and benifits package as a "retired" officer will be a cop in another state
Denise Haynes He shouldn't had an option the man needs to serve time in the prison for killing a human being.
Dee McManus We Will NOT Forget Ramarley Graham...
PJ Brown This is a normal practice that stops the police from getting convicted
Mark Ross Bill de Blasio’s NYC.
Ivory Robinson
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Vivir en valores eternos
Keith Manns
Michael Stewart Unarmed doesn't mean he's not a threat
Robin Anita Cooper No efing justice.
Biplob Hossain ওকে
Saif Khan 🐨 Saif_Khan_Here
Michael A Roseborough II Cynthia Simpson
NewsOne20 hours ago

Find Our Girls: D.C. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton and CBC Chairman Cedric Richmond call on the FBI to help investigate the cases of missing girls ----->

NewsOne21 hours ago

Black young women under 50 are suffering from heart attacks at greater numbers than ever before and here are some things women should be aware of ——>

Martin Sann Leave the Sharks, Captain Hooks, and fast food chicken 🍗 alone you don't see it in their neighborhood do you?
Jermaine Elliott - Stress - Salt - Stress - Motherhood - Stress - Fat from meats - Stress - Lack of exercise because fear of sweating out the relaxer crack - Stress
Mary Elizabeth Grooms All the anger beefs poppin offs if your body is in continuous agitated state it affects your brain your blood your heart...ijs
Saif Khan 🔔 Saif_Khan_Here
NewsOne21 hours ago

Did you know that Black girls are suspended from school at a higher rate that Black boys? Just like our sons, our daughters are also getting pushed into the school-to-prison pipeline. NewsOne sheds light on the too often overlooked changes Black girls face in the...

Pat Berry The administration is pushing for state control over the school system. We must get more involved in the election process. We must get involved at the schools. We must make sure the curriculum is not set up to make failures out of our kids. Choose how you get involved, but get in. Vote 2018!
Stew James No Black girls aren't suspended from schools at a higher rate than Black boys, the suspension disparity between Black girls and white girls is wider than the suspensions disparity between Black boys and white boys. That doesn't mean Black girls are suspended at a higher rate than Black boys.
Biplob Hossain ওকে
Saif Khan 😿 Saif_Khan_Here
NewsOne was live.21 hours ago

Bridging the Gap: A Conversation with Kimberle Crenshaw

Deidre Newwayofthinking Suyi E I wish our black girls didn't think their beauty is based how many "likes" and "friends" on social media defines their self-esteem....😔
Harvey Sims Only women can make a man a mature man, women have all tools to be and become what God has assign her to be. Women stop asking men to be something that their mother did not teach them 2 b.
Deidre Newwayofthinking Suyi E A lot of our girls need love and nurturing...sometimes I wish they listens and draw off mature black women experience and knowledge.
Anita Crigler Pankins For both sides of the aisle the young men's are left in our Society without a positive attitude, role model, being able to communicate with all walks of life journey for example;
Karen Earl Kimberle Crenshaw is brilliant, accessible and a gift to the community.
Deidre Newwayofthinking Suyi E You are right..i think the black girls & black women energy is being depleted by other needy protected goups...after we help other's win their battles... none of them groups turn around and say "I will fight for you"..they kick us to the curb😞😞😞
Harvey Sims Women are not taught that they priceless, never put a price on your presence. Three things that women should never compromise, Respectful from society, responsible in society from anyone any never except excuses from society.
Harvey Sims God created women to bring peace on earth and created man to protect her mission.
Deidre Newwayofthinking Suyi E Jaifaroni "it's not about you"😐😐.fool stop trolling and get off this stream...
Deidre Newwayofthinking Suyi E Awesome!!! Wish I was there...Shout out from Houston TX😊😊😊😊😊
Jafaihwon Heru Sounds like y'all tryna separate black women from feeling black United with a black man. Nature CREATED us for each other together. OUR plight in this country is one. That's some white woman, sunk into the floor psychology. You are helping them murder our race.
Trice Logan Recognize the girls who have problematic lives and come from dysfunctional situations and maybe headed down the wrong path.
Lyricah V Salazar Paul Howard Doesn't she look like Jessica Rabbit aka Buffy?
Jafaihwon Heru I wish y'all teach them that white supremacy is what devalues her black life.
William Hill Go girl!
Renita Coleman I'm here!
Renita Coleman And I hear you!
Trice Logan They don't care!!!
Jafaihwon Heru They are white washed, "Get Out".
Harvey Sims No man became great without women.
Kenneth D Aston Jr Wow I used to watch "Julia" when I was about 8 yrs old
Jafaihwon Heru Are you a feminist?
Shelton Prince Where can I hear the Rebroadcast
NewsOne21 hours ago

Go head Obama!

Barack Obama has been living his best life since leaving the White House and now he’s headed to Tetiaroa to write his memoir ———>

Tiffany Grant Yassss...the best POTUS ever!..cant wait for his memoir!! He's enjoying his new chapter in life and much needed relaxation..miss the Obama family ❤
Marlowe Harmon Miss him& the fam a lot,but glad to see him enjoying himself post presidency!! I bet he laughs to himself at Trump's f*cked up presidency( probably saying "I knew you'd miss me!!!)
Lorenzo Joseph Write it all down while still fresh in that brilliant database on your shoulders!! Trumpo the clown still giving up fresh material too, price should jump 5-10 million more!!!!
Dee McManus I Will Be Purchasing It...
EL Hicks Happy for him. He longer-has to deal with those recalcitrant republicans. He always punched high unlike trump who is low down and punches down on a regular basis. See there are men and there are boys trump is a boy mentally . Remember Facebook trolls I have 1ST Amendment rights ..
John Liulamaga Don't forget to write about Larry Sinclair and all your coke-snorting, homosexual experiences in Chicago's gay bathhouses, you fruity-ass America-hating POS. Your day will come.
Shonda Canaday You go obama and live your life. You're the best president we've had, And dump can never top you. He's in sewer right now.
Denis Ward John Liulamaga your head must be burred in the sand wake up and smell the coffee
Lavel Keepmoving Smith I hope he doesn't hold anything back when he writes it. I can't wait to see it.
Barker Twanda Enjoy your PEACE!! You see all these clowns/ criminals acting a you sitting back Lol I would to
Regina Jones Yeah I wish I had the money he had I'd be out of this place to its fast as possible at least he have enough money in his bank account that he don't never have to come back to the United States if you don't want to the rest of us trapped here with that idiot in the office.
Alana Jagusch But Trump wants us to think he's so worried about him. Naw playa he fulfilled the motto del Presidente "Do my 8 and skate"⛸✌
Garry Neal
Sharon Walker He will always be the president in my book. Happy to hear he's living a great life after all the crap he went through.
Monequeb Jarmon Good luck Barack Obama
Linda Heflin He derserve every bit of good coming his way!!! Miss your family love U all!
Johnson Susan And to think he went to bat for you John Liulamaga... Smh... Bet you already regretting your choice of POTUS.
Beverly Gailes With your bad self
Halueb Kni-tow
Barker Twanda We love you 44
Vernon Howard The Greatest President Alive, Obama "
Jason King Ahhhh the life of the rich and famous.
Michael Stewart Dude go away
Kayia Coombs
Lovlette Blair Woolcock Looking good Mr. President!
NewsOne22 hours ago

Nearly a year and a half after deciding not to run for president, Joe Biden reveals he regrets the decision. Do you think he would’ve won over Trump? ———>

Ariana Mcdaniel Was just talking about this today. I knew he'd regret it.
Dee McManus HELL Yes... But, Remember USA Is Under Prophecy So That's Why He Couldn't Run.
Joyce Smith Wish that he did run then we wouldn't have a buffoon in the White House--just saying
Biplob Hossain ওকে
Darlene Ferguson Yes
Kathryn Easter Yes
Deanna Karoos Useless article. Not newsworthy at all.
Sophia Brown Nope.
Stephanie Michelle Nation Yep
Tamika Powell Yes
Marcy Vallecillo Yes
Andrew Davis
Walter Phillips
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
NewsOne23 hours ago

Bring them home!

Mayor Muriel Bowser announces that a task force will be created to help find missing girls ——>

Felicia Holmes I have a business plan that will cut the rate of missing people. Need funding to develop computer program. Contact me at
Dakotah Lowe Sssooooooo didn't they use the FBI to find Tom Brady's jersey? But they have to "create" a task force for numerous missing citizens?... #ImjusSaying
James Garrison Yah think it took long enough?!!!
Danielle Roberts It's about time! And only because we made noise about it.
Dee McManus
Vincent Romero Were they kidnapped or runaways ?
Lorena Ashley Lee What took so long? Praying they will bring them home.
Dee Matthews Why are they using the picture of the girl who was shot by the police?
Barker Twanda Why so long
Marcia Taylor See how they're lying. I thought they weren't missing
Judy Ziegler It's about time!!!
Andrew Davis
NewsOne24 hours ago

Two White senators promote racial healing dinner “Solution Sundays” to show people how much different races have in common.

What do you think about this? ———>

Ivory Robinson Again, all of this is just a deflection from the problem. Until systemic racism and w.s. is replaced by a system of justice, nothing will change. How about reparations like Asians and European Jews received? How about allotments like Native Americans received to give Black people the capital we need to build up our own communities, create jobs for ourselves, and put our people back to work? That's practical and we are at least owed that much. Doing meaningless things like going out to get something to eat is a waste of time and it's not tangible. We don't have to tell people that hating people and marginalizing them is wrong because they already know that.
nicole byrd Perfect example of white privilege BS/white nonsense. Unless they're sitting down talking about them reparations, it's gonna be a firm "NO" from me. Pure rubbish.
Fisher Prentice Didn't white people have dinner with the Indians before they gave them disease infested blankets,stole their land,and murdered them?..Don't fall for it Black people!
Alim Muhd Treat a Racist who commit a racial crime as you do treason, murder, or espionage. The application of the law is lenient on the perpetrator of the crime. Racist and Racism does not go away, but if they break the laws, they need to be put away.
Mike Lowry None of that matters if you're drafting and supporting legislation that harms black people. Which is why I roll my eyes when do-well black folks get praised by local politicians.
Jessica Jones It's a concious start more effort than most have even tried. So I can't knock them for trying even if it fails.
Jermaine Elliott "Why...Im not racist! I've had three black people over my house!"
Sonya Smith This is a start....they need to fix this issue not us....maybe this will lead to friendly competition instead of deadly competition
Jonay Bell Well It's better to do something as opposed to doing absolutely nothing but the system is what needs this type of attention and change.
Katherine Ford Smith It's going to take more than dinner...nice gesture but it will not change systemic racism.
Sophia Brown Hey give us our Reperations they are long over due. No more marching no more talking. Reparations that's it.
Joyce Smith The next time Senator Scott do this PLEASE take Representative King with him--just saying
Hassan Darul Salaam The problem isn't with the common people, the problem is with the system. So... No this Kumbaya dinner is NOT the solution.
Justyn Woods No talk of reparations = not really sorry
Anthony G Williams No thanks. I do not do Kumbaya. Business and that it for me
Niki Winfield The troll DK watch out for her
Ron Mosley Never trust a peckawood
Andrew Robert What white nonsense is this?
Kristopher Casto Who paid for the food tho?
Michael Lewis No thanks!
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
NewsOne1 day ago

"Pac brought a spirit to the studio that was different than anybody we ever worked with”

Snoop Dogg will induct Tupac Shakur into the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ———>

Dee McManus My Gangsta Rappers Here... "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted"
Deanna Karoos Tupac knew about the illuminati. He tried to speak on it.
Darnell Sergio Headings Awesome
NewsOne1 day ago

“They were in plain clothes. They had no badges and they arrested me when I was walking out of the courtroom”

California’s Chief Justice wants the practice to stop and wrote the U.S. Attorney General about ICE agents capturing undocumented defendants at...

Andrew Robert No. Jeff Sessions is racist AF, cmon. He's been kinda forgotten about already, in the shuffle of Trumps fascist circus. But Sessions is smiling a creepy Keebler smile about this. Have no doubt
Jamal Johnson I do not agree with this method...HOWEVER...If I were an undocumented immigrant and this was happening, i'd probably start by NOT going to jail...
Kevin Roberts Wtf it's not stalking it's called doing their jobs they were hired to do. You all can call it "undocumented " until the cows come home to make it sound less bad than ILLEGAL. Also not only are they breaking the law being here ILLEGALLY they obviously are breaking other laws as well seeing how, I don't know, they are in COURT.
Blue Tees When my visa expires when visiting other countries, I leave or risk being put in jail. No sympathy for people who ignore our laws and put they family in this situation. By this time they have gotten a couple of children born free in our health system and educated in our education system. ICE do your job. Every country I visit who requires a Visa called to mind me that my visa was about to expire. Why shouldn't we round them up to tell them their visa expired 20 years ago?
The Law Of Attraction The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. With all matters of the heart, you'll know it when you find it."- Steve Jobs
Sophia Brown They are criminals they need to be deported. You can't pick and choose what laws to enforce. Newsone most black people don't support illegal immigration it affects our community you need to talk to people who live here in Los Angeles there is alot discrimination here with Latinos and blacks. Things are not good here.
Allen LilTiggy Scott No problem with the practice. Courthouses are Public places and court dockets are Public Information.
Mark Ross Criminal court is not the place you should be if you are an illegal immigrant.
Jason King I wish illegals would stump for us just like "we" stump for them.
Amy Luongo not as long as we have Chester Cheetah as our celebrity in chief....
Dee McManus Hell NO...
Iliyas Abdullah-Muhammad Truthfully there is nothing wrong with this practice.
Kellance Young Not my issue
Jason King Get'Em
Patrick A. Sparks Nope!
Carl A Johnson Sr. #FuckTrumpAndHisWall he'll be gone sooner or
Darlene Ferguson Wow
Keith Manns
Jevon H Falcon Good idea maybe?
David Fields Great!! Nice to see Immigration laws being enforced.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Vivir en valores eternos
NewsOne1 day ago

Barry Brown was granted permission to pursue his racial discrimination case after allegedly being barred from becoming a deputy sheriff. DETAILS ——>

Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
NewsOne1 day ago

Comedian Michael Che is standing by his words and won’t apologize for calling Boston the ‘most racist city’ on 'Saturday Night Live’ ———>

Ronisha E Wood-Glover I went to Boston for a business meeting in the Financial district, and I personally was super concerned at the lack of African Americans in the area. I counted maybe 10-15. Now when I went to the airport they were there and told me they are just not in the area I was visiting. I was very happy to come back to Charlotte
Ron Mosley Boston 1976. 'Nuff said. And why do Black people in this country have to keep apologizing? Hell, WE deserve the apology!
Jack Burrage Being a Boston resident for most of my life, sadly I can understand where he's coming from - there is some truth to his statement unfortunately. I would like to know however how much time this guy has ACTUALLY spent in Boston..that would make somewhat of a difference. Like really guy? Worse than some of those southern cities? The ones in the Bible Belt at that? Come on now, let's get real here. Lastly, this guy is NOT funny..and the Yankees suck! Have fun with another 3rd - 4th place finish ✋
Delores Robinson only place i've visited where there were no hispanic or blacks bussing tables or cleaning bathrooms. only white people working. went on a tour and was told not to go to a certain italian part of town. now when the tour guide warns you.....then....
Joan Bailie Almerini It's one of those places where those with less money and power have turned against eachother, bent on brutal conflict and competition for resources, land, jobs, and political standing. Racism thrives where this happens and segregation makes it difficult to break the cycle.
Kim Cooper I will never forget how African-American men were treated during that bogus Charles Stewart murder.....not to mention. Skip Gates being arrested trying to enter his OWN HOUSE! Not to mention the ugliness during busing. Those people acted like folks from down South! I've visited Boston, I was treated ok. I also realized I was downtown.
Nic Ology Johnson Yeah. He should apologize. He didn't even take into consideration all the racists in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And I'm sure there are a few cities in Mississippi that are going WTF?! 😂😂😂😂
Kenya Beaman Trust me, we Boston folks ain't looking for an apology. We know what it is.
Andrew Robert I've heard some pro ballers who play for Milwaukee say it's hands down the most racist city. Look at their sheriff.
Carl Anthony Lane It is one 1⃣of the most racist cities. Don't apologize for the truth💯💯💯
Yvette Dudley You mean that place where the white guy shot his pregnant wife and blamed it on a black man? Where every black man by himself was arrested or beaten? I never heard that southern twang more than in Boston proper. How quickly we forget.
Rick Corbett Jr. It is, what it is, where it is! I would like to ask two people what it was like back in the day: Jo Jo White and Jim Rice and ask them what eas it like for them to play there THEN!
Joe Thomas Not the most. But it's up there. There are rural pockets that ate so racist. You'd think you were living in pre-civil war days. It everywhere in America. Don't fool yourself.
Lisa Rudolph And he shouldn't appologize I'm from that racist ass city!!
Ronald L Hobson Jr. Do white people apologize for anything? No!
Wendy Fitz Williams He said it was the most racist city he has experienced not that it was the most racist city. You call yourself news?
Jesse Rattler He is being presidential. He is getting his campaign started by insulting people. That is how you win these days.
Timmy Hannah I understand , have had a racist experience there. I all was shown a lot of love there as well.
Robert Reese He's right you see how that HOMO Tom Brady never went to see Obama when he was the president
Sheila Stewart He never said Boston is the only racist city. We all know there are many more.
Bobby Earl Thats interesting cause my Pops also say they are racists as hell in Boston. He mentioned some other cities too that would surprise you.
David Pierre 😒 funny how they left out the part where he said "that he ever visited" as in this is his experience.
Sharon Dickerson How can people be mad for his experience? If Boston is the most racist place he's been to, then so be it. Start elininating racism there
R Brandon Smith Boston is definitely not friendly to blacks and non Americans it's kinda sad how rude they are to almost anyone.
Louise Marvel Boston is prejudiced... I know I grew up there. And it still is. It's "white washing" the Black community.
NewsOne with Rayar Johnson.1 day ago

#MotivationalMonday: “No person has the right to rain on your dreams.” – Marian Wright Edelman

Nat Omowale Turner Jr V Wrong! You don't have the right to quot just because they rain on your dreams. Take an umbrella and dress warm. Weather the storm. Stop focusing on the rain. I think this is a stronger position to have.
Deanna Karoos
All Black Everything Oh God the creepy troll DK 👇🏾
Benita Story This is why I left ALL BLACK EVERYTHING GROUP....
Joyce Smith And if they do it's your fault
Benita Story I'm not dealing with BECKY EVER!!
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
Deanna Karoos
NewsOne with Rayar Johnson.1 day ago

Ramarley Graham's mother is demanding justice. The NYPD officer who killed her son is allowed to resign 2 days after a disciplinary commission found him guilty and called for him to be fired.

Malvernado Lingard Many people are quick to condolences to a cops family when they die or gets killed. But when cops kill and are found guilty where is all of the condolences to the victims families, sorry for yr loss
Tino Dale That bastard quit before he get fired.
Marcy J Huff-Taylor Well he is a civilian now so they should press charges and take him to court.
Dee McManus
Keith Manns
Barrett Corbin We Blacks will Always be Targeted Too Be Killed By Cops Here in America ; Because of Our Weak Unprotected Neighborhood's or a Unlike of Communities . For the Most Part Blacks Only Have Neighborhood's , Not Communities , That's Why Blacks are a Target Over and Over Again an We Just MARCH the STREETS Over and Over Again ; Weak Neighborhood No Communities .. Call the Cops & The Justice System what you want , But That's Only Lip Service , Meaningless in Today's System
Judy Walker I'm sorry for her loss
Samantha Robins Condolences to the family.
NewsOne2 days ago

Are you traveling soon?

Travel and lifestyle writer Carolyn Desalu gives us details on why we should consider booking a micro hotel room ———>

Niki Winfield No one is reading you nonsense troll DK
Karmen Zenobia Carrasquillo Nichole Myers Lias
Karmen Zenobia Carrasquillo Temika Walker
Deanna Karoos
NewsOne2 days ago

Black millennials are more hopeful about the future than White, Asian and Hispanic millennials, says a new University of Texas study. What do you think about this? --------->

Reggie Jones I think you can credit President Obama with fostering a sense of optimism among Black millennials. It will remain to be seen whether their optimism turns into opportunities.
Jermaine Elliott Millenial here. Bullshit. Studies arent facts. Studies are studies. And usually selective.
Carolyn Owuor They are educated and we've been struggling for so long can't lose hope now.
NewsOne2 days ago

Ranika Hall died during a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and now her mother has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help with funeral costs. DETAILS ——>

Marjani N. Jones Butt lift money but no life insurance. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Carmeta Thomas Yes sir, they are not satisfied with what God give to them.
Tony Duncan The fowl pill seems
NewsOne2 days ago


11-year-old Sidney Keys III launches his own reading club for boys and wants them to read books featuring Black characters ———>

All Black Everything ✊🏾
NewsOne2 days ago

'Black Death Spectacle'....

African-American artists slam and condemn painting based on portraits of Emmett Till by White artist Dana Schultz at Whitney Museum of Art in New York. DETAILS ----->

Sharon Peart Dave Andreesen Retired Chief Boatswain Mate at U.S. Coast Guard PM news anchor at News Talk 98.1 WTSN Midday On-Air Personality at 98.7 The Bay News Guy at 98.1 WTSN/107.3 WEMJ/NH1 News at Binnie Media Lives in Berwick, Maine From West Haven, Connecticut I am not going to tell you again remove yourself and your followers from me. With your racism and bigotry. Take it to the woman you gave birth to your miserable soul
Tiffany A. Drake Omg, a white person's tribute to a black child, who was killed by white men, and we are protesting it why?
Sháila Lorraine Harrell Always gotta be offended by something....
Beverley Richardson we are all Americans....there should not be black America and whte America...