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As Memorial Day approaches here are some things African Americans need to know about the holiday ———>

Lulu Ra Nichols How about news one wasn't at the last rally for black men where thousands showed up but the event wasn't televised
Michael Dalexis I knew that 20 years ago.
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The California Democratic Party African American Caucus is demanding an apology after Rep. Maxine Waters’ speech was cut short during an event. --->

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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill that bans the removal of Confederate monuments. --->

Rae Cloyd Ivey is no better than the rest of the politicians who proposed this bill and in fact this shows her willingness to support white supremacy and continued oppression of persons of color who oppose these monuments and other artifices that promote such hatred. It's time for the voters of Alabama to vote them out of office!!!
Lori Hughes They keep saying how proud people are of their heritage... As if being proud of fighting to keep slaves was ever okay. Dumb fucks.
Sibrina Colburn It never seems to amaze me at the level of hate due to color. Born and raised in this state had me hating it and how stupid racists are. When you racists bast Ardsley sit around laughing and joking thinking you got it going on believing my people of color is beneath you/animals. Think of this when yo @$$ get sick/children born with terminal diseases/addictions. Your wicked and deserve plague upon yourselves and all your offspring in this life and eternity until you do right by us. The end
Joe Parker Was you really looking for a old white women from Alabama to change white privilege really?
Paul E. Romain Jr. Just can't let go...can they?
Jessie Edmonds You're going to worship that RACISM WHITE SUPREMACY in Alabama.
Dee McManus
Marsha Moultrie Not disappointed. Not shocked.
Glenn Scott Here is a reminder y'all...
Glenn Scott Vote her out...
Brooklyn Banger nava 4get
Alfred Martin There are other ways
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These videos will give you all the feels...

A Texas mom posted Instagram videos of her adorable 5-year-old daughter asking 'where did Barack Obama go' and other political questions. The girl's mom said her daughter is still mad that Obama left the...

Sor Juana ATx My 6 YO also asks me this very same question. She still can't understand how more people voted for Hillary and yet we still ended up with an #orangebuffoon in the White House.
Deborah Dillihant I feel for this baby because if she is worrying about things like this now this po baby is going to have ulcers before she gets 12. People think children don't understand and when they are exposed to what is going on in this wasting away world it just shows they are very in tuned, I would rather she be a child though while she can be one ...<3
Cissy Williamson-Brown Obamas r hiding. Obamas do not support Apology and Reparations from Slavery and Jim Crow legislation. The Black voters did not know it. The HBCUs need the Trust Fund from Slavery. They won't educate black students on Reparations at all. Hr Bill 40. The Obamas won't be able to explain why. Barack tried but he's just not making sense.
Ike E Spells We need to come together...if you support black owned businesses...or if you are looking for a place to buy and sell...come check us out at the Black Businesses Matter (BBM) group page
Robby Reese Only because Barack Obama cared about people and they could feel it.
Diana Wiley My six year old son isn't really upset that Obama is gone but he can't stand the current resident of the White House.
Lucynthia Jones She is so adorable and smart! I question with her, why is Swamp Thing in the White House?
Elspeth Allen I believe we are seeing the first black female president of the US!! 😍
Jeanet Nicholson Even a child knows the danger we are in, because of a fool.
Ann White Sweetheart many of us are asking the same question! WHY!!
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Una charla con DIOS: abajo por el lado del río que pongo descanso mi mente para aliviar el espíritu ... oigo tu voz llega un golpe tan grande que puedo ver en movimiento, así como puedo aquí No es el insomnio hablando .. causa de la causa que estás cerca de muchas personas usan su nombre para el beneficio y la sangre derramada el nuevo testamento está aquí con un toque de lo viejo y aunque podría brillar no significa que es oro: Padre en cielo Soy tu despipe perdido largo si vienen para mí en las horas más oscuras ⌛ si tuviera un deseo que el conocimiento porque el conocimiento iguala el poder ... limpió la carne antes de que el resto así que soy revivido como despierto. .arise en su estela ya no usan cruzado simplemente no sé la tasa dando alta alabanza como la noche 🌃 pasa y la mañana ⛅comes ... hoy en día veo preguntas a muchos problemas mundiales y no a muchas sumas niños matados de la cadena uno Por uno de los padres y los abuelos sobreviviendo a los hijos # amen
Anthony Byrd From the mouths of babes.
Vivian Scales This was cute. Wow.
Angela Franklin I love her curiosity & she's adorable.
Heleann Williams Wow, this baby is very aware and smart. Also so cute ☺️
Moses Abu Godson so cute
Monique Davis-Gaye Oh please! 🙄
Roberta Northington I FEEL the same way darlin
Rashe Noldon I wonder the same thing baby
Art Davis Perhaps you should ask Reggie Love?
Pat Berry Adorable
Kathy Fields Marack Obama. 🙂
Geraldine Bastidas
Trendzomatic Important Info
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach זוהר / כוכב כמו האור
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D.C. Sniper case revisited...

A federal judge ordered Friday that shooter Lee Boyd Malvo should be resentenced more than 10 years after the 2002 terrifying shootings that left at least 10 people dead in the Washington D.C. area. ------>

LaRhonda Bernard Torrence Well if that's the case, how about that witch who just got reinstated as a police officer in Tulsa?!? Shouldn't her case be 'Revisited"??? And not just her, but so many other cases where the shooter was a white cop and the victim a Hebrew man, woman or child?!? IJS...
Melissa Nyarko "In 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court struck down life sentences without parole for juveniles. And in 2016, it said that holding applied retroactively to cases on appeal." He is being re-sentenced because his initial sentence was found to be unconstitutional. The court now has to sentence him accordingly. This doesn't change his conviction (being found guilty).
Raymond A Jett Jr At the time of his sentence he was considered a minor and was sentenced to life without parole however due to two recent Supreme court case which cited that minors can't be sentenced to life without parole retroactive, Lee Boyd must be resentenced with the the two supreme court cases in mind. More than likely he will be sentenced to 30 years or more.
Darlene Ellison-Harvey I don't understand the justification of a "New Sentence" for the crimes, he was already convicted of and sentenced????? I thought that was considered "Double Jeopardy" to be convicted for the same crime(s)!!!! I find this very disturbing, and the abuse of the criminal justice system as it relates to minorities, who have committed crimes, been convicted and sentenced. Now, they can be "Re-sentenced for the same crimes!!!" Where is the justice in that???
Gwendolyn King This young man should be given an opportunity.... remember, it was the older man who probably intimidated and manipulated him. And the older man is dead.
Mickel Reese He still deserve a life sentence! No mercy! He still knew right from wrong! The lives they took and the terror they caused in the Washington D.C. area alone proves he deserved the death penalty himself!😠
Jackie Burns The kid was a victim of sexual predator and brainwashing
Joann Berry I didn't think you can trial someone for the same thing twice especially if they have already been sentenced one time, sounds wrong to me.
Chanelle R Smith Double Jeopardy'
Adrienne Hood I'm sure this is part of an appeal, though it not specified that seems to be the only reason he would be re-sentenced.
Landie Murray can they do this? how is this possible? i'm not saying he didn't do anythig wrong but how can you go back and resentence someone else
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Una charla con DIOS: abajo por el lado del río que pongo descanso mi mente para aliviar el espíritu ... oigo tu voz llega un golpe tan grande que puedo ver en movimiento, así como puedo aquí No es el insomnio hablando .. causa de la causa que estás cerca de muchas personas usan su nombre para el beneficio y la sangre derramada el nuevo testamento está aquí con un toque de lo viejo y aunque podría brillar no significa que es oro: Padre en cielo Soy tu despipe perdido largo si vienen para mí en las horas más oscuras ⌛ si tuviera un deseo que el conocimiento porque el conocimiento iguala el poder ... limpió la carne antes de que el resto así que soy revivido como despierto. .arise en su estela ya no usan cruzado simplemente no sé la tasa dando alta alabanza como la noche 🌃 pasa y la mañana ⛅comes ... hoy en día veo preguntas a muchos problemas mundiales y no a muchas sumas niños matados de la cadena uno Por uno de los padres y los abuelos sobreviviendo a los hijos # amen
Henry Wood This kid never had a chance from the beginning.
Jackie Burns He was only 15 when he met the guy
Tonja L. Scott-Pate
Kisha Johnson He killed people he needs to pay with his life
Tenaha Patterson he will either get less time or tack on the possibility of parole.
Jacques Chenet No problem
Bariki Bariki Do your business with humans.hell is waiting for jugde
Silky Thomas Isn't Double Jeopardy illegal?
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Suspected foul play...

Florida police are investigating the death of federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant Jr. whose body was found on a Florida beach. --------->

LaRhonda Bernard Torrence Okay, this is no longer a coincidence!! "They" are murdering Black/Hebrew law professionals because too many are 'waking up' and too many are questioning the status quo.
Darryl Weston Not a coincidence that within the past 2 mos we've had two Black judges n now a prosecutor die under mysterious n questionable circumstances.
Lori Cozart This is about the third or fourth time this year that we've lost a Black legal eagle.
Mary Holden Collins This is like loosing your car keys and the thief that took then help you look for them
Patricia Thornton he was murdered like the others!
Eunice Goodson Black Judge found dead in river in New York, and now this ??? Hmmm !!!
Bob Malboeuf So many good souls taken by evil ones .
Gary Fitzgerald We all know who's doing these things huuummmm
Darnell Sergio Headings Mafia
Phelan Johnson It's time for us to get it together it's is getting real
Wilma Hibbler Well damn
Herman Foster Conspiracy theory!
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This is extremely disturbing...

Daviunna Barrow I could not live in Texas with their hatred, bulls.. l clearly be arrested you be able to live anywhere you want to in this country&Texas with out their racists azz bullsyte.
Anthony Kemp The day you come to the realization that their are racist bigots in the world.
Will Enrique Wonder if she called him a cracker. Even if she did, its perfectly acceptable now days.
Tlynn Daws These trumpies are off the chain. Sue the pants off him!
Jason King The story here is a little incomplete.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach מגמה / לבה
Tina Orme Look at this in Detroit
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A Chicago official is speaking out against “racist” flyers circulating around the city that are urging Black residents to report undocumented Latino immigrants to authorities... DETAILS --->

Daniel Beltran singing " wake up everybody no more sleeping in the.... " Well ya'll know the rest.Don't fall for the foolery they looking to knock us all one race at a time!!
Takbir Bey Latinos are as indigenous to the Americas as so-called blacks and have a Lawful right to be here. That's just like turning ones family member in to the immigrant foreignors just because the immigrant foreignors are scared to be the minority that they are.
Kareema Savinon If the immigration policy wasn't so classist and racist Latinos wouldn't have to sneak here they would do it legally. As it stands, it costs thousands (if not millions) of dollars just to even be a contender! Fuck those flyers and fuck them!
Tim Kelly Our people don't need to get involved with this Racist TACTIC to get Blacks and Latino's to Kill each other while the Racist WHITE CRACKKKERS SIT BACK AND WATCH!
Kaite Stephens I would not tell them how to find their azz with a flash light
Christopher Yogi Floyd Here in CA we don't need flyers. We know the impact of illegals invading your city.
Tee Jack so they want black ppl to be snitches for them. what does this get black ppl?? not a damn thing let these white ppl find who they looking for on their own
Mark Ross It's going to be the ones turned away for jobs at temp services inChicago. the preference is Latinos. Brutha got to eat.
Sheila A. Anderson I wish someone would!! Thank God California don't play that type crap!
Addison Wright Jr. Hell 2 the nah nah nah! Don't do it. Unless there is a reward.
Will Enrique Come here legally or dont come here at all! Period
Art Davis How were the flyers racist?
Linda K. King-Blount they was us to fight each other
Sean Patrick McInnis
David Neal This is how their plan to "divide and conquer" begins!
Daniel Beltran Kareema Savinon "you got my vote"
Junior Carroll Not going at all
Kareema Savinon They won't get no help from me foh!🤐😮😩
Deanna Karoos Nothing racist about it. Crying wolf again.
Anthony Rogers That's a great idea
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Time to take a vacation!

From Chocolate City to the ATL to Sin City, girlfriends can plan much-needed trips to bond, reconnect and decompress ------>

Vivian Scales Oh my! This is needed.
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Walmart announced that they plan to ban the woman who was caught on video unleashing a racist tirade in its Arkansas store... As she deserves to be 😒

Netta Nate Them racists gonna learn today. What your mammies and pappies got away with in their generation isn't flying in this one. Your ass will lose not only your livelihood but your life messing around with that "Go back to" bs. Keep playing that game, hear!!!
Angela Eastman-Houston Now ban those self check out lanes and hire cashiers, open more check out lines. I only go to walmart when left with no other choice. Coldest, greediest family ever!!!!
Charles Felder Jr after i broke my foot off in her ass she wouldve banned herself..... go to Target bih.
Donna Frazier Tell me how this ban is going to work. Is her picture at the door so the greeter can stop her? Will she wear an electronic device that shocks her if she trys to enter? Will EVERY Wal-Mart ban her? PLEASE! This ban is just talk! Wal-Mart can't/ won't even hire enough cashiers!
Jonay Bell This is a good move for many reasons, i mean i'd never shop at any store that allowed these types of people to spew hatred, i dont go where these types of people are nor would l let them in my house!!
Andre Morell I just wanna know how Walmart has 20 registers, 2 cashier all damned day....oooo maybe 3 after 6pm.... That needs to be solved.
Danielle Winterstar White people...smh. Some white guy told me to go back to my country in a road rage incident. I'm Native American...this is my country.
Linda Samuels You can go to any state and Walmart is full of shoppers.So why is it won't pay the employee a decent salary.The employees help make Walmart rich they stock they greet they walk you through the store to find what you need they carry your items out to your car if needed they bag your items they clean the store they even cook and bake your foods.Then you get to the register and 1or two are open.This is ridiculous and the Sam Walton family needs to step up and do right by it's staff and customers.The prices are steadily creeping up.If every one nation wide would stop shopping for a week they would see and feel the effect of what needs to be done to correct the situations at hand.They are taking our $$$$$$$$$$&&& and 🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾🏃🏾straight to the bank.
Denise Dixon-Morris Girl yeah. I bet you old girl already done put on a hat and sunglasses, jumped in the ride and went shopping at Walmart. She ain't scared of no Walmart Greeter. Walmart shoppers in the area need to be on the lookout for her, hopefully someone will post an update video.
Randy Robbins Just because you feel your being represented in government don't mean shi* you racist old hag go back to BC century with your witchy ways this woman can't threaten people count it bitc* two counts of hate speech probably the Walmart on Dorset this probably Charleen tell her Carla sent you and punch her in the kitty Kat
Perry Williams Good.. but the only bad thing about that is, she'll go to another Walmart down the's all good though, she's going to run into someone talking her racists trash to them an there going to knock her racists block off
Maurice Mo Betts NOT ENOUGH!!! That socalled 'manager' should also be banned (fired!!!). And all Walmart competitors (Target...) should do same!
Robert L. Gilyard Yall that slow.. im in arkansas. That was in centerton arkansas.. Wal-Mart found them some sucks that believed. It. Lol. Black folks know y'all keyboard gangstas.. yall ain't gonna do a thing but type for likes
Joann Berry That needs to be everywhere, I was walking in Walmart in vidalia ga and as soon as I walked in this black man was standing on the wall and this white famiy was standing in front of the black man and when I got closer to them the white man was holding his son and I didn't quite hear what his son asked him and I heard the white man say ' That's a Nigger' and he had on a military uniform. I reported him to one of the workers in Walmart. That was crazy !
Mack McCray Wal-mart is racist all over and Im in NC, I was racially profiled after purchasing some stuff in electronics, this white broad followed me all the way to my car asking for receipt past the detectors and all. That bitch was Redder than a strawberry after I cussed her bitch ass out.
Gram Shields Wow, I can't believe Walmart will choose doing the right thing over greed, and how will they keep her out?
Mark Ross She could walk back in there two weeks from now and know one would remember her.
Brian Calhoun Why did the black person even get involved in an argument between two white women, we need to stop caping for everyone so fast.
Joyce Hughes Pleas tell that Butch/Man come to our walmart in Cincinnati,she'll be walking out looking like the woman she suppose to look like,yall let them get away with it.
Nat Omowale Turner Jr V Walmart is economical racism. You shouldnt be in Walmart in the first place
Teresa Dudich Whittaker I hope her family disowns her!!!! What an embarrassment!
Michelle Hadley-Jenkins All Walmarts or this particular one! Because she's crazy!!
Jackie DB Guess this racist bigot will have to shop at all those Dollar stores now....if that's where she can only afford to shop at!😂😂😂😂
La Saundra Dyson Make it easy, make it hard...they WILL learn. WE WILL NEVER GO BACK!
Susan Dabney-Brinkley Omg..... What ever will she do. Lol. She should not be unleashed on the public anywhere.
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A Philadelphia man is cleared after serving 24 years of a life sentence for a murder.

Marilyn Washington Why does it take so long for them to realize they have the wrong man 24 years they just make money off him more inmate you have more money federal government and the state it's a big business so don't care
David Morgan Brown The REALLY sad part is that someone knew he was innocent and said and did NOTHING. or hide the truth.
Brian N Annabelle Taylor Whats here for him after that much time is spent in jail. What kind of Justice is that?
Cynthia Dow-Cullom Andry This is happening a lot. Our justice system needs revising, so this crap will stop. Jim Crow
Sherman Braxton Horrible
Sharon Walker Are people that are wrongfully incarcerated financially compensated for time spent? Thanks.
David Neal Another stunning example of "justice in America!", when it comes to BLACK AMERICANS!!!
Dee McManus NO Justice...
Tlynn Daws He says he is not bitter. Maybe because he's gonna get PAID!
Diakiese Ntoto Hes black . But its not important the color i imagine
Vassey Contour Someone should answer for this .This is bullshit ...
Natalene Smith It's stories like this that make my blood boil‼️
Marcia Ellison I agree with Marilyn Washington
Bmarie Jackson!!!!
Francine Gooden Well said Marilyn!
Phylisha Sanchez Thank God For His Blessing
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Listen up, everyone can learn something from this 6-year-old!

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An inmate's family is speaking out...

Michael Sabbie's relatives filed a civil rights complaint Wednesday against cities in Texas and Arkansas after the inmate died in Bi-State jail July 2015. He said "I can't breathe" to jail staff before his death. ------>...

Dee August U all better put this boy N protective custody b4 he comes up dead. U all know what is going 2 happen 2 this person that is left 2 testify against this system. R U willing 2 have another murder on your hands 4 him coming out with the truth.
W Allen Sample III Smh
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One Chicago official slammed "racist" flyers pressuring Black residents to report undocumented immigrants. More ------->

Tishawn Fortner Hispanics are not our brothers and sisters.They don't even like us and would call the police on us in a minute plus tell a lie.Not all are bad,but if you're thinking that they love us you can forget that.I don't have time to sit around the house and be an old White lady looking out my window spying on the neighbors.Most people have better things to do with their free time.
Patricia Canty Stillwell Trying to divide the races. Blacks against Hispanic. #45 and his goons can just go to Hades. Blacks are being killed, discriminated against for years,years and more years up to today. No one stuck their hands put and stood up for the atrocities on blacks,but the whites want us to be snitches for them. Wow!! Whoever thought of these signs can just forget it. If they turn on the Hispanics they'll turn on the Blacks, Asians, other minorities of color. Typical turn other races against one another so they can feel superior. I say hell to the nah!
Ivory Robinson Let the government do their job. We have no allies or no friends as far as I'm concerned. If any immigrants get caught up, that's on them. Not our fight. The Hispanic community has to HYON.
Cynthia Queeny Turner Fuck them hispanics. They dont like black people anyways. They kiss up to white people on the job. They always snitching on blacks on the job trying to get us in trouble. The neighbor allows her kids to play with other hispanics but told her kids not to play with my lil daughter who is so kind to everyone. So fuck em.
Mark Ismael The irony of most of the black people statement on this feed is as racist as white peoples towards Hispanics.. and the only reason you're not helping the government is because you hate the government even more. Now I'm curious how you guys feel about black immigrants??????????
Terry King My question is if the roles were in reverse would they go all out to report us? Last I check during a conversation a Mexican told me that they feel that the police shooting blacks are not their issues. I asked him if they could get rid of all blacks who you think they coming after next?
Eddie Pearl Sr. I wouldn't report no dam body if they want em let em do it themselves ill never help white ppl go after NOBODY from a different race they've reaked havoc on everybody especially us n I don't know why other races even side with them KNOWING they come with SMILES TO THE FACE and KNIVES TO THE BACK can you say modern day slave patrol using slaves to do the dirty work, who d hell you think went into the bush to catch kunta AN NEM it dam sure wasn't them we could've stopped all that shit by killing them as they approached that's why I hate sambo ass niggas if it wasn't for them we'd of controlled this racism thing A LONG TIME AGO
Michelle Renee Griffin They gave them our neighborhoods and businesses. The U.S didn't want too invest in Black Americans after slavery so they hired Mexicans paid college tuitions for Africans Jamaicans etc. They gave all of them our American Dream and financed. They didn't realize their decision to spite us would have them trying too send them back home. I would report all of them Black Veteran's aren't given their perks and we fought for this country. Them immigrants and refugees were taught too Hate us we're lazy etc. We just want the perks they give them.
Brian N Annabelle Taylor They have never been in our corner and they never will. Don't fall for the oki-doke. What's in it for us. Nothing
Reginald M. Peterson I wouldn't turn them in period unless there was a fee for my service? I can testify with everyone else about how racist Hispanics are torwards us. I moved out of Callie because of the serious Black and Brown beef out there, that eminates from the jail into the LA streets.
Nikki Nicole Worry about your own people because other groups definitely won't be worried about you! I know just how nasty they are here in Texas so please don't waste energy defending them. If the tables were turned...well don't be stupid to think it would be any positive outcome for you. In all I would mind my business and take care and defend my own.
Brian Calhoun There are some amazing fools in this thread. Do you consider Asians your brothers and sisters too? Guess what nobody likes you and every single other group is in it for themselves, why do we insist on riding for the cause for everyone else. Anyone who doesn't understand the situation should visit Southern California and experience the nepotism and discrimination against black folk by people that are supposed to be on our side. My favorite example of this was how quickly organized people organized to support Peter Liang, hundreds of people who could barely speak English booing the mother of an unarmed black man shot and killed for minding his own business in a stairwell. But anytime there is any kind of money to be had we're all minorities and people of color.
Beverley Richardson I would tell them get off our f...back and do it yourself...while reminding th Christopher Columbus was Spanish..founder of the New World.
W Allen Sample III LYKE I said, this Trump administration is going to tear this world apart, just LYKE it is mentioned in Revelations, he is driving a wedge between races in the United States, and he is antagonizing foreign nations.
Victoria McCollough Now they trying to get us to help them do their dirty work. Trying to turn us against our brown brothers and sisters. "F" you pale faces. Aint no damn pressure. We wouldn't lift a finger to help you damn devils, and you know freaking why.
Ellis Smoot Pretty much they are trying to undermine the strength of the minorities, be it blacks, asians, hispanics, arab, or any other. All of these actions have been well thought out in advance and being implemented by the Chump administration.
Raeford Jones I won't do that because they haven't done anything to me personally but beware.I lived in a black neighborhood and in 1985 hispanics started moving in and we all got along just fine. Around 2000 when they gained the majority of the neighborhood they began to turn on blacks by not speaking ,talking in spanish all the time and not letting their children play with ours.They put 2 stores up and employed no blacks although our neighborhood stores hired everybody. So I guess they are cool as long as they don't get the majority cause once they get it look out.
Derrick Provall Sr Note to the GOP Don't expect Black people to help you build your Imagery Safeplace.
Rose Robinson Man. Black people we have our own issues. Keep it pushing.
Michael Holy "Divide and conquer" tactics, is not like they are going to give the jobs to blacks anyway, they just wanna create division for there own plans
Betty Jembere Leave us alone, we are not crazy like you guys. Almighty God, has given us a wonderful soul. It is your mess. We are really Christian or discipline Muslims. We know the world is big enough for all of us despite of the hate that we face from all races. Get a life.
Pierre Curry Well Eric Marsh black n Hispanic n Mexican had been at war with each other it a well known fact about that subject and the media outlets known it true also some black people really don't trust Mexican n Hispanic people because they will stand up for some white racist ass people just for a come up
Mark Harrison So go out be damn snitches for White Supremacist. The Latino and Black community has issues but I'm not about to go out and ride for very people who openly kill us and get away with it. GTFOH!
Marilyn Washington White people always want use black people use us as slave use us as guinea pigs now they want use us for information Hell no I say do your own dirty work
Harry Dixon Black people need some serious codes to live by, some of us don't have a clue on whats in our best interest or how to play politics.
NewsOne2 days ago

Miss Black Texas recently tweeted that one North Texas cop referred to her as a "Black b***h" before she was wrongfully arrested during a road rage incident. Details ------->

Isaac Fullman It is really disturbing of how many white men hates African American females. The disrespect that many white males had towards African American females is terrible.
Perry Williams She should have told him, if I'm a bitch, then your momma is one too
JoAnn Virges She should of called him a white bitch...but then again no their stupid sooooignored hin....
John Crawford These cops don't give a dam about the public its a job and a paycheck. Ijs
Dee McManus ALWAYS In This Mentality
Jeff Williams
Lulu Ra Nichols Texas is so racist
Collins Evulukwu Anaba Fuck that piece of shit cop
Douglas Mitchell Damm😈😈😈😈😈😈
NewsOne2 days ago

Never stop fighting for justice 🙏🏾

Reggie Jones The best way to quiet Black folks down - give us something symbolic. Then go right back to business as usual unlawfully jailing us, discriminating against us and killing us. We've got to change the conditions that destroyed Kalief Browder's life.
MC Jay Why didn't they do it when he was living? May be the brother could have been some how uplifted to not leave us as he did. The system must be tore down rebuilt mentally physically etc.
Howard Capers how does this make up up for the carnage?
Raynell Willis Finn God Rest His Soul 🙏🏿💔😡
Herman Foster Fuck your street.
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Slew of Black women, including activists, community leaders, elected officials & others released a MUST-READ open letter to Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez --->

Christopher Yogi Floyd About time. And hold them accountable. I'm not a Democrat but I am so tired of seeing black people so loyal to a party that's not loyal to us. Make them do more than visit your church during an election.
Aaron King What!!!!!! DNC didn't include black women, this can't be the Democrat Party is all about black folks. As long as we stay in our lane . Jokes on y'all.
Sheryl Nelson DNC takes Black Votes for Granted because we are not a Strong Voting Block. Inconsistent Voting Patterns doesn't give any Candidate reason to Really Fight. Are all the 18 year olds we know even Registered. Do all 17 year olds have proper documentation to Vote, or get a Job.
Paul Simmy How about blk issues period... Blk women want to be a special interest group now? Thats how we stay conquered
Yvette Jackson They need to be called out they take out vote for granted and I'm sick of them
Gregory J Williams Why are they upset? Time 2 form our own political 3rd Party in America...
Adrienne Hood The glass ceiling of the DNC...we'll take your vote but not you (sarcasm of course)
Mark Ross Democrats are moving forward without depending on the black vote for the future. They're working on the Latinos. Bigger and stronger and intact families.
Paul Mark Democrats are focused on white working class people.The democrats think they dont have to work hard for black votes.
Deonte L Hollomon This is the problem with the DNC they think they can out white the republicans.
Anthony G Williams Good this need to be done
Dee Matthews Democrats are going to lose us.
Daphine Johnson Speak the truth
Bell Kimberly My gurls, I am loving it.
Hope Armstrong Amen...
Petty Petunia Why I don't deal with the Democratic Party
T Aaron Styles How about forming The Black Woman Party?
Stephanie Nation Here we go with bullshit that will keep Trump in power
Stephanie Nation Another four years because of stupid
Kim Hailey Amen
T Aaron Styles Inpu Ka Mut
Rosemary Bowman-Phillips RealBad Mujer
T Aaron Styles George Littlejohn
NewsOne2 days ago

Ben Carson made yet another tone-deaf statement 😒

Stephanie Randle listen: that man ain't tone-deaf. he has real disdain for Black folks who are not achievers like himself. I come in contact with this kind everyday, and they are usually the so called middle-class Black folks, AND a lot of them are in the talented tenth. Ben Carson is that type of negro I have always sniffed out. This type is the kind who, when successful and around a lot of white people seem to think they are not like OTHER Black folks. But at the end of the day, they get dissed by White folks just like Ben was when they IGNORED him as a candidate for president.
Tamara Mason Say that to a starving child or someone who's bankrupt because they got sick and couldn't foot the medical bills just to stay alive. This fool is proof that even brain surgeons can be morons.
Jeff Pitts I've been broke but I've never been poor. For many poverty is a state of mind, not a state of money. I would argue you could give most poor people some money to temporarily lift them from being poor and they would end right back up to being poor in a short time. I'm not a big Ben Carson fan but he's right on this.
Aaron King When was the last time the poor were pushed, encouraged to strive, being poor is hell but it doesn't have to be perminant. It's hard to get out of but let him be a role model for the hard work it takes to succeed and strive to conquer like him instead of beat him down like you're beat down.
David Neal Ben Carson is living proof that one can be so educated, yet so fucking ignorant!!! The more this idiot speaks, the more he sets back BLACK INTELLIGENCE!! Ignorance has nothing to do with being "tone deaf"!!
John Bey Poverty is a state of mind... We have technology that can allow you to talk to anyone on the planet in a sec.. Yale gives free college courses on line that are certified. You can start a business online for less than 1000 dollars. Poverty is def a state of mind.. we don't live in a country that doesn't have access to technology. We have smart phones and dumb people..
Darlene Ellison-Harvey AHHH!!!!! And, his mind is in a "Complete State of a Lost Mind." Its so sad to see and hear this once "Famous Neo-surgeon" become a "Non-factor" as it relates to everything that makes sense.
Stephanie Randle so, if I'm starving all I have to do is tell myself that my belly is full?! Somebody need to go see 'bout that boy
Sandy Troubledontlast Wst He should try living on the monthly income of those impoverished and live in public housing for 3 months and let's assess his state of mind during and after.
Lu EG Says an ignorant, full of himself, piece of garbage who used government help to get where he is today.
Debra Simpson ...Uncle Ben is outta his mind! So I guess he lives in Poverty.
Reesie Robinson He's right !! Implimented by men of other races.. But held over by compromise through your own kind such as 🤔
Jessica Blair Says the nigga who grew up on government assistance lmao
Annette L Simmons-Ransome The Bible tells us that the poor will be with us always. People forget where they came from.
Kay Wiley Thank God this negro is republican..they can have him..idiot
August Patricia Deubel The dems love to keep the poor folk down. sorry no free stuff. OBAMA is gone.
John Bey I have never been one to agree with Ben Carson..But he ain't the first person to say this.. hell Damon dash said the same shit on the breakfast club puffy said it too.. fifty cents said it also.. the book think and grow Rich says it.. U can literally start a online business for less than 1000 and be profitable in 1 year I know plenty of black people like this and they all young under ,40 and black.. Most of my Facebook friends are self employed and under 30.. soo. Y'all need to quit.. Poverty is in the mind
Tonya Ladmirault HE IS SO CONFUSED.
Francine Gooden He has more self hatred than Clarence Thomas!
Addison Wright Jr. How about some folk are not getting a living wage.
Delana Miller Cooks That's systemic ignorance...
Brenda McLean What is he drinking??????????
Yvette Maynard Ben, you don't have a mind
Marie-Gwendolyn Mickens ENDLESS STUPIDITY EVERYDAY 😬😬👎👎
NewsOne2 days ago

Yes, Serena Williams!

Geraldine Bastidas
Geraldine Bastidas ma
NewsOne2 days ago

Are we surprised? Another racist made an appearance on video at a Walmart in Arkansas --->

David Neal This certain segment of "white society" in this country, that believes in this "trump mentality or mind set", best be careful that they do not "awaken the SPIRIT of BLACK ANGER", that is just under the surface!!! Enough is enough, patience dealing with their constant "oops, my bad and mis-statements", are really wearing thin!!! 😠😠😠
Bradley Fried Walmart is like a roach motel for bigots.
Lulu Ra Nichols Fake wack news
Brian N Annabelle Taylor Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face
Paula Frederick Thank you 😊 for your support
Luis Villanueva Everyone sins
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach معهم
Deanna Karoos What's this oops bs that pops up?? Was this fake news so now we get an on stories below??
NewsOne2 days ago

Jamie Foxx shares the story of how Oprah Winfrey woke him up & gave him the strength he needed to kick alcohol to the curb for good --->

Michael James Can't no one save you from Alcoholism or any other addiction accept yourself. The bullshit people perpetuate to romanticize their addictions or their life's war stories are appalling to say he least but generally is always crafted for selfish self-serving benefits.
Pat Burney I can't believe some of u people buying this shit and news one reporting... meanwhile Trump and sessions turning back the clock on people! Stay focused!
Gary Rico ...I know I have to drink to get through most of your movies, Jamie...🍻🍾
Tatie Mimi A Spoonful of Oprah helps the addiction go down The affliction go down The remission go down Just a spoonful of Oprah helps the Alcoholism go down In a most delightful way!
Eugenia C Spivey Oprah is in damage control mode.
Sarili Kompiyansa Hmmmm.......perfect timing to mention this.
Kirk S. Dutton Sr. Really OPRAH🤔
Shakur Nur Call me oprah winfrey!!🤣🤣
Nich E Lamb Did she introduce him to Iylanya? eFF My Life...
Michelle Hadley-Jenkins Jesus🙏🏾Oprah huh?
Kimberley Michelle Great candid interview!
Michele Nona Wilson Is this article because Monique called her out??
Deidre Turner Good. You. Had an intervention
Brian N Annabelle Taylor That's good bro too talented to go out like a sucker
B Ro Jakes Awesome 👏🏾
Evette Thompson Ass..Kissing much?
Brina Doc Blame it on The Alcohol 🍺
Cartellia M. Bryant He was ready and willing to listen.
Tara Bowden Not sure why this is news.
Wawa McDuffie Amen
NewsOne2 days ago

On the day that would have marked Kalief Browder’s 24th birthday, the corner of E. 181st St. & Prospect Ave. was named “Kalief Browder Way" 🙏🏾 DETAILS --->

Brian N Annabelle Taylor I don't know that it matters do something that is going to change the system for young black males in the prison. That means a lot more.
Dianne Ali I sure wish he was here instead of that street named after him.
Toye Jones my HEART is BROKEN over this baby right here..#illneverforgetu
Dee McManus Happy Birthday Kalief Browder; Rest In Peace...
Dana Clark Rest in power.
NewsOne was live.2 days ago

A Conversation with author Anita M. Samuels

James Rodgers If you are a Republican, it don't matter what color, democrats hate them, like Mrs. Rice. But democrats do it on TV all the time.
Marvin L. Rood The hate towards people of color is beyond out of control.
Claudia Payne What a terrific discussion! Two fabulous women unpacking the ugly side of "reader comments." Much needed. Keep it up!
James Rodgers Bigotry comes in all colors, nationalities, they call him carrot, peach, lol
Linda C Hood Good Morning ☀️
Carrie Anderson Good morning!
Pancho Stewart Crazy World!!!!
Donna Shelton We live in sad world.
Eugene Holley Jr. Remember the little people... 🙂
James Rodgers Ignorance comes in all colors again lol
Deanna Karoos Senior editor...Better start doing your job because there are a whole lot of grammar and spelling. Ummm yeah this president gets a lot of comments based on his race. Stop.
NewsOne2 days ago

Black mothers in Mississippi sue after stating that the public schools are depriving their children of an equal education because they are Black and stuck in failing schools. DETAILS ——>

Tee Jack they dont care, to them equality for black doesnt exist. we need our own schools or to homeschool
Keyshia Cooper And trump wants to cut more funding! The funding they don't get now! Smh
Deanna Karoos How can it be when there are children of other races at the school as well?
Raymona Turner Amen
Karen Hart So true, by design!
Deanna Karoos
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NewsOne2 days ago

The education secretary would look the other way if states give federal dollars through vouchers to schools that discriminate.

Daphine Johnson Really so the GOP and the White Evangelicals receive funds to assist their Lily White Students pay their tuition and throw a few crumbs to small quota of minority students! Maybe it will make a believer out of all black neighborhood schools that once thrive for excellence in place of low performing schools! Why was it hard to push for excellence black teachers and administrators wad it because they were lacking resources is that the reason? Than why in Africa snd Asian countries where their students lack resources yet they out learn and perform American students!
Dee Dennis What else does this woman have to do to prove she is totally not qualified for this job? She is making comments based on her personal convictions rather than the law which makes her a detriment to the education system!!
Tee Jack we just need to stop paying taxes cause these ppl just doing whatever they want with our money, u trump lovers voted for this bullshit. homeschool to avoid this mess
Marc Lewis 90% of his cabinet is unfit! SMH!
Dee McManus
Francine Gooden She is a disgrace!
Cynthia Cooper Not my dime. Disgrace.
Richard Williams Dumb biotch!
Char Epting This fool here
Mary Bohanon this woman is a ass hole
Deanna Karoos
NewsOne3 days ago

This is real talk from the mouth of a baby...

One 6-year-old boy in St. Louis made a heartfelt plea to end gun violence in a viral video. Watch ------->

David Neal From the mouths of children, sometimes comes the wisdom and common sense that many adults wish they had....
Sandria Wilson He's special!
Sandra Pete Hawkins He's smarter than the Coward congress
Jacqueline Wright Amen.
Trendzomatic I <3 ?
NewsOne3 days ago

This is ridiculous….

Black honor student suspended and banned from her graduation after being arrested for wearing a shirt that violated school dress code ———>

Danny Price She's comparing this to some honorable black folks from years ago? Cause she wants to call her mom? And gone to far? The schools been gone to far. Kids are catching charges for regular school fights "I stayed in my seat just like a lot of role models that I have looked up to stayed in their seats," she says. 'I mean, you have to stand up for what you believe in."
Lisa Clark Really, I'm going to say this. She is a Senior Honor Student I'm quite sure she knows the rules. Change the shirt. Now all that with being arrested may have gone too far. Now you've just ruined one of the highlights of her young life.
Carolyn Owuor Adult administrators have lost their ever living minds and do not have any interest in producing reasoning citizens for the future. SMH p
Cindy Dronet This is sad. The school has gone to far. Having her arrested and not being able to go to her graduation.
Michael James Oh!!!! You didn't know? It is a crime to be an honors student because it interferes with that perpetuated illusion of "White Superiority - Supremacy"
Tiffany Mack Wow
Will Enrique Was it a confederate flag?
Deanna Karoos
NewsOne3 days ago

She won't stop, can't stop...

Serena Williams just signed on for a new position in Silicon Valley, pushing for workplace diversity and inclusion. Details ------->

Robin Duppins Good luck to her. Ah, if she thinks that Silicon Valley is going to treat her any different than the Tennis crowd, she is dreaming. And having a baby by a white man will not change how white people really feel about it either.
Herb Blunt Jr. Here is the challenge why does it take a sport star in 2017 to tell people who know that their hiring practices are shameful and deliberatly deny diversity. This takes far to long to acknowledge what is already knowledgeable so are people blind too?
Kyra Jordon Kevin Hurley! I have a friend that just graduated with his Masters Degree! There is racial bias in the IT field. He said to me " Whatever they don't teach me, I will take a class for! He has been a Sr Network Engineer for several years. There is bias in the hiring practices in this field and there are not many women of color either!
Alan Loehner What a fucking joke....what ever happened to hiring the most qualified and not HAVE TO HIRE someone because of their color. They do this shit in fire depts. and it sucks the big cock. Passing on qualified people just so they can have enough minorities
Michael James Black figure heads used to sell equality illusions? They only want to modulate the barometer of a racial climate, not alleviate it or upset it's white privileged benefactors.
Marlena Hall Time for your 2nd career! Congrats. After baby, a new makeover. You are always so beautiful Serena!
Kevin Hurley And there is no problem. IT is not the company's fault that black people do not get into tech fields. You have know...go to COLLEGE specifically for it. And there is no problem. IT is not the company's fault that black people do not get into tech fields. You have know...go to COLLEGE specifclllay for it.
Shirley Jones
Francine Gooden Good going Serena!
Joyce Bradley Go ahead Serena. Do Your Thang!
Mizan Smith
Jackie Burns Jesse Jackson working on this too
NewsOne3 days ago

After 15 years, MSNBC grabs No.1 spot over Fox News could this be the beginning of the end of the conservative new channel’s dominance? ———>

Mark Silver In case you're wondering how this could happen. We've been watching MSNBC because it's fun to watch the left cry for hours. Maddows face on election night was priceless!! 😂😂
Willard Morris Fake news Fox Network is on life support. MSNBC is poised to pull the plug to end the suffering.
Cecil Douglas Should have happened years ago while Keith Olberman and Ed Schultz were working there
Naim Muhammad Dont be Silly ! The Nation is Rightwing Republican!
Tondelayo Gamble
Francine Gooden Good going Rachael!
Jacqueline Clemons Keep Lawrence O'Donald!!
Deb Johnson Fake news!
Mary Bohanon love rachel and joy
NewsOne3 days ago

Say what?

Ben Carson said that poverty is a state of mind in a new interview. Watch ------->

Gretta Michellé The one thing that we can never, not ever do, is forget where we come from and based on this fools own words, he has forgotten that he grew up poor, in the projects, didn't have much. He is an embarrassment.
Christopher M Mccullum He is partially right! Us seeing ourselves as thugs, gangsters, dope boys and baby daddies is a poor state of mind. We have to start seeing and acting like the kings,warriors and protectors that our ancestors were before slavery! Although this idiot did not mean it in this way......
Junius Montague Jr. First Ben Carson has loss his mind and it very clear he has sold his soul to the devil. When you don't have food, live in poor housing and your income is below poverty level put you make minimum wage. That's not state of mind. It's called reality. More and more you show your disconnect with people and reality.
Bmarie Jackson Ok....well, get into an elevator again....hopefully it might get "stuck" this time it just might take longer to get that case i would want to be there to see the results and to also define"what state of mind " you will be in!!!!!
Dee Dennis Ben is a true idiot savant, he's a gifted neurosurgeon and author, but a piss poor ass politician being used by Trump and making a total ass of himself everytime he opens his mouth!! SMH
Steph Barrett Poverty is a state of mind, and not just for poor people. We are all underemployed or unemployed and desperate. The solution is so simple. Living wage jobs On Demand and Unrelated to Business.
Pamela Jones I agree with Christopher 100%. The Bible says: so as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. So if we dwell on being poor and in poverty, we will never make the necessary changes to turn things around. We as black people need to start depending on us, not the government to help us move ahead. I know that's easier said than done, but a long time ago, black people owned, grocery stores, banks, clothing stores and many other businesses. How do we get back to that?
Mary Louise But is that the reason he act the way he do, was it because he was that poor? Wow he must have eaten black pepper and sugar sandwiches made from biscuits and cornbread
Coral Reef As I've said before... can someone get their puppet uncle ruckus off tv and out of politics... forever
Tina Marie This is a fool! Tell that to the child going hungry every night and living in a small one bedroom apartment with 10 people.
Laneer Laneer He shouldn't ever speak, his ignorance is frightening.
Will Bishop If it is a mind state then we must fix it! If it isn't then why it still look like this for decades?!
Dale Dealing You have to have a plan, it's not going to just fall out of the sky
Robin Duppins I guess poverty is not on his mind. If he only had a brain. Boy is he STUPID!!!! Get from under the white Trumble and Repulsive party cloud man. Wake the hell up!!!! You are an IDIOT and you're being played by YT.
Gwendolyn Armour This guy, has something wrong with his brain. He needs to get check out.
Marie Mcclelland This man is of no use whatsoever he's only existing in his position and drawing a pay check for doing nothing, a waste of tax payers Money.
Rose Robinson That wig his wife wears im guessing means she is not in a good state of mind 🤐🤐🤐🤐😯
Barker Twanda Freedom of choice! We as children of God have to listening more and respond in our dping
Arturo Moore Why oh why couldn't that elevator just have fallen darn
Rgna Cordell Tons of people before him have shared the same. The dislike comes because he's such an ass.
Tomi G Callander he is a brain surgeon??? then he is in need of a new brain. cannot believe what he is saying....
Timothy Harris This fools mind told him, he never ran for President.
Nich E Lamb And if you don't say anything at all, no one will ever know you're stupid.
Tlynn Daws He is right in a sense but not true for all poverty stricken people. When people lose hope then poverty is harder to overcome.
Charles Wright Sr. From now on there will be a required course in common sense before anyone can graduate from school.
NewsOne3 days ago

Tomorrow NewsOne talks to nationally acclaimed journalist and cultural critic, Anita M. Samuels, about her new book, Rants & Retorts: How Bigots Got A Monopoly On Commenting About News Online. Join us for a no-holds-barred conversation about online trolls’ special obsession with Blacks. And find...

NewsOne3 days ago


Three more employees have called out Fox News for racial discrimination and sexual harassment. DETAILS -------->

David Neal At least the employees at Fox News have a way to get a voice out to seek help with their racial discrimination claims. As a federal employee for the US Postal Service, in Utah, OPM has been blocking me from getting my racial discrimination and hostile work-environment claim to federal court for the past 16years, and counting!! FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS, and DAY IN COURT no matter how long it may take, or how hard it may get!!!!
Bmarie Jackson There's more????..i'm not surprised!!!!
Addison Wright Jr. I'm glad people of good character speak up.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach أكثر أونصة
NewsOne3 days ago

"Encouraging parental involvement is a key to success for his students”

Principal at school in Decatur, Georgia organize events with parents to help strengthen the family-school bond. Do you think this should be done other places? ———>

Deanna Karoos Great imo.
Valerie Charles Yes
NewsOne3 days ago

This is infuriating….

Mother pleads in this video for her 14-year-old daughter to be let go as San Antonio cop repeatedly punches her in the face ———>

Vickey Blakely They would never hit little Becky like a punching bag. But a fiesty young black girl, means nothing to them. They can't seem to descalate anything when it comes to dealing with the us or Hispanics.
Rosee Laster They say violence only begets more violence well this should be one of those more violence times!! Until we Stand Together Unitied and fight back to protect ourselves and our children this will continue to happen as u can see it's only getting worse everyday!! They're already killing us and our children unjustly so what do we really have to lose considering the hell we're already living in??? They don't understand anything but violence so while we're praying waiting on God to handle this Bs they're preying on us!! It's time we start fighting back we can wait for jesus to deal with them while we're fighting back!! Living hell on earth while waiting has gotten old!! 😡😡😡😡😡 #Jmo
Victoria McCollough Why is that even necessary?.. You mean to tell me that a big strapping male cop cannot subdue a teenage girl without resorting to physical assault. This is some BS!
Cheryl Christopher This was no longer a police matter. That was a grown ass man ASSAULTING somebody's daughter, a CHILD, with intent to cause SERIOUS INJURY. As a mother, that would be the day that I would have to DIE. No easy victims here. Work for your sh*t.
Latrelle Collins What are we supposed to tea hour children and how are supposed to protect them when the crimes that they are guilty of is simply being browned skinned??? We're seen as a threat even when we're humble & silent. This is only going to get worst y'all know that right!?
LaMarr Blackmon Natzi's! American Apartheid! This is out of control..... We are being occupied and no leaders or ministers or Black media are doing anything about it? What if I told you we were still being enslaved...
Effie Byrd I lost my breath watching this. How can he call himself a man when he feels the need to punch a young girl? Take his badge and lock him up!
Kyle Barnett As a man and father of two beautiful children, I wouldn't be able to stand idled by and watch one of them being pummeled profusely! It may not end well for myself... jail or death, either way, I'm good with that. #ProtectingMineAtAllCost
Felicia Moore How does law enforcement justify such actions. I can only imagine what would have happen without a witness. I am sure she would have been murder and the PD would in turn say the 14 y/o committed suicide. What a disgrace!
Robert Lee Gloss If any of these cops were my sons. I would fuck them up. They would have to stay away from me. And i would feel like a total loser raising bitches like them!
Betty Jeeves That is absolutely disgusting! A full grown man punching a child? He is bloody demented. Thankfully kiwi cops do not react like this moron! He needs a brain transplant. If a male cannot control a situation regarding a child then he is not a man, he is a thug! If it is racially motivated then he is a poor excuse for a human being!
George Singletary I would have been a dead man that day, idgaf who it is ur not punching my kids! If I let u walk away I will run yours over
Jacqueline Wright We are the tribe of Judah. The world is after us. Doesn't help when over half our race doesn't realize this and understand there's only God on our side. No matter whose president, no matter who the leaders say we should follow. No matter who joins us for their civil rights.
Shantel Moore If a "man" was beating your "child", you feared for your child's life, & to protect him / her you taze or inflict a flesh wound OF some sort to rescue them....why should it matter if he wears a badge if he reacts as a common civilian & CAN NOT carry himself "PROPERLY"...yes every case is different & there are some horrible evil ppl in this world but a subdued person should not be punched in the face or body, stabbed in the ribs w/a baton, nor shot in the chest.....
Nicholas L. Smith Simply put these cops are cowards and will more than likely get away with this. No way several cops should have to handle a teenager like this. This is pathetic and disgraceful.
Hasan Raheem Boooy the time is coming for these cowards with badges...I'm not even referring to them as police anymore...they are race soldiers deguised as police...
Teeny Terean Taylor Cook Can't even imagine witnessing this happening to one of my daughters and my youngest is 22. To see him beating that baby like that goes way beyond disturbing!
Dianne Ali I don't want to see the video but that would've been the day that cop died and I would've went to jail for his murder or died. Ain't no way in the hell he would punch my daughter in the face in my presence.
John Diggins Oh he such a bad dude with a girl but probably a pussy when dealing with a man ...fear for bitch ass life then .....People are going to start shooting first !!
Wanda Cephus When people start going after their children beating and killing them in the street then they will see how that shit feels....I pray it never comes to that but you keep beating a dog and it will eventually fight back
Andrew Davis By any means necessary. It is time we seriously unit and fight back. Your gender age ethnicity religious faith is not a problem. Unity can be as simple as observation of this kind of person. Giving your information to the victims. Please be still (observe) but don't be still in this hijacking of a nation our nation not the children/collaborator's of the traitorsof the past. America this is not a test. Be faithful,give as he gave (unconditional&without fear of loss) the physical is what you see, faith is belieif in the promise made, that belief is the hope in the spiritual not physical (the unseen). Ask yourself what is righteousness? Is it doing for others (oppressed poor etc) what others use too condem to self empowerment but not the up lifting of others giving hope which 'if so inclined' can lead another to you faith giving even you a humbling uplift. That's for them whom choose to practice a faith. For the rest of us science oriented and faithful in that science, less words but same question why not. All facts of understanding say, living with some freedom is better than none, now do the math. Peace in strength,the feeling of and resting in the fear is the draining lie corrupting even your/our faith in science of reasoning. Yyou may say no way not me, but so did a lot of GOP who really did believe their party was really a conservative think tank before they were awaken to the truth. It's like the old saying goes, one bad apple will spoil the lot just like action creates a change.
Joan Watts I think he needs a drug test along with a psychological test. I think everytime they kill or hurt someone, these test should be done. I also think before being hired they need a polygram test about how they feel about other ethnicities.
Erica LaShea Every male in her family need to find that cop on the beat and dish his ass a swift kick.
Brantley Carlyle They were called to an incident involving two MEN fighting, yet they RESTRAINED one WOman fr who knows WHY and assaulted one MINOR fr doing WHO KNOWS WHAT 😦 *ANYBODY? 😶*
Kimberly Ferguson Why are police hitting children? The police are being cruel and excessive. This could have been handled without assaulting the teen. Police need conflict resolution training when dealing with kids. They keep explaining but need training and to start refraining from escalating situations. They need people on call who specialize in working with kids. This is problematic. If this cop tries to say he was in fear of his life he needs to leave the job because he is a danger to kids.
NewsOne3 days ago

Bill Cosby’s lawyers cry foul play after only one of the 11 jurors selected for his assault trial is Black ———>

Christopher M Mccullum They have always done this. Show me a white defendant who ever had an all black and one white jury! Yet, they throw around the words, jury of your peers!"
Nina Joyce Oliver Turner Pray he will be okay. Tjat one black may be the worse juror for him and a white might hold out for him. Dont always assume becaise some blacks are extreme uncle toms.
Nabecca Shayla leave that man the fuck alone....white men do all kinds of shit and don't go through none of this better yet its never even talked about... its about destroying his legacy fuck u crackers...we need to just behead all yall neanderthals #ifeellike #KendrickVoice
Amery Louise Weaver ughhhhhhh over a bunch of garden tools that turned tricks with him. why ain't trump being prosecuted oh yea ok I see like the mirror told moms mabley when she asked mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all? the mirror said snow white and don't you forget it hankie head blacky
David Neal This is "justice in America!", and really should not come as a shock to any person of COLOR! "A jury of your peers", has as much meaning as "The right to vote" or "Innocent until proven guilty"!!!
Al Williams Seems like there was once a time when BC appeared to relate more to "the jury of his peers" than he did to folks in the hood? It's no coincidence that a LARGE percentage of the accusers are what he apparently kept company with,... and craved. He's just going to have to trust them, after all they probably speak well, can read and write, and carry themselves in a manner he's advocated that Black folks should. Most importantly, the jury is composed of people he's always gotten along with,...up until now. You'll be aight.😎
Reggie Jones Oh yes, the tried and true oke doke jury trial by your white "peers" and a token Black person who is either afraid of their own shadow, or in with the people setting you up. The only thing that might save Bill is the fact that he's got a lil money. As a matter of fact that's what this whole thing is about anyway - money.
Stephen Hammersly Not a Cosby fan but nobody and I mean nobody should have to face a jury that is not only all 1 race but another race. Especially in a country with this kind of history.
Lee Morton 10 white jurors and it was moved to another city? This is systematic racism pure and simple! What the fk is wrong with his lawyers for allowing this bullshit? I don't give a fk whether its true or not these mfers are set on sending him to jail because they damn didn't want another OJ on their hands because white people are still smarting from OJ offing that whore and they thinking he got away with it!
Daviunna Barrow This been bullshit from the begining, its obvious what these white people is doing lam not suprised break this African Black wealthy/intelligent man down to completely nothing while the white American did these, things or worst he go free with out a doubt....huh!!!
Keith Garrison Wucherer Of course. Whites get more fair justice, but minorities live in a white only world who got freedom after 500 years of slavery living as property to the whites,vans then old to shake it off, and move on. White anchor babies live in denial of their bigotry taught over the generations. Blacks in a white world justice is guilty until proven innocent with a lynching mob carrying flaming torches to the presumed guilty hangings.
Carla McMillon Richards I don't like the implication, that black people can't be impartial, it's an Assault to our integrity and I want the BS to Stop. As a Black person BOTH of My Parents taught Us Right from Wrong, now Whatever Other people teach their children Me and mine, we are taught as Always to Do the right thing! #TiredofTheStereoType
Ray A Johnson A a Native to the city he is being tried in (Pittsburgh) he's done!!! I also have to add.. as lopsided as the color population is in Allegheny county.. 1 black guy is a slap in the face!
Kathy Brown Legans WOW! Cosby is really feeling the pain of all the Black men he use to put down. The fact of the matter is when you are Black in America you don't stand a chance in the justice system. The white world have found this dude guilty the day they heard what these white tramps had to say. SMH He was stupid to think they wasn't going to do a OJ on his ass. Jury found OJ not guilty but white society found him guilty and now he is in jail for life because he was a Black man. They don't see Cosby any other way. GUITY AS CHARGED! What Black person want to bet otherwise, I'll wait
Yolanda Weaks I think a jury of your peers should actually be the same color as you. Whites should be judged by whites and blacks should be judged by blacks. That's my opinion.
Montravil Anderson Of course they are All the juries for office involved killings of black men was white One black on Cosby jury Its a shame Their way of assuring a guilty verdict
Deja Serenity this is not a damn race thing. he raped Beverly Johnson! he raped one of the first black supermodels. A rapist is a damn rapist and if we keep showing sympathy to black men accused just because they're black they will keep feeling like they can use the race card to get away with that and everything else.
Joyce Hughes White ex police probation officer,raping a 7 year old at hospital,they hid that shit.You cavemen/savages/rapist/genociders/incest/coward ass bitches,cant never fight one on one gi after a ild man,lets charge all these I fuck my sister for crimes comment in the 50/60.Hate you mf.
Will Enrique Funny people defend him but dispise Trump for words said in private. (btw, i dont think he's guilty, just pointing out the obvious.)
Ellis Matthews If the prosecutors is withholding jurors, then the defense is allowing it.
Sharyn Brown We all know if we are not on the jury he will be convicted. They don't want another O. J. VERDICT
Linda Ward Bill Cosby's lawyer should shut up, because if I was on that jury....Bill Cosby would be CONVICTED!
Victor Hayes The judge will ask you whether you accept the jury that was empaneled tell the judge and your lawyer NO. NO. NO!
Leon Martin Jr An all black jury won't save Bill Cosby.
Edward Duncan This wouldn't have happened, if he just would've pulled up his pants and spoke proper english.