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Allison Jean, Botham Jean's mother, speaks out.

Sad thing is He didn't even have to go to them, that murdering demon came knocking!
They will kill us and then tried to kill our character
Absolutely terrible
LAWSUIT. Justice
Sad and 💔. The one’s that are supposed to protect you MURDER you in your own home! The on place you should be safe...... #justiceforbotham 😢
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Of course Trump would go after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

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Just a few hours ago Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino refused to resign...

Racism as no place in law enforcement. We now understand why these racial profiling act continue for so many years
I never realized just how racist my home state of New Jersey was until I left it.
They'll just recycle new one's in and they'll get hired some place else. It won't change what they do.
46 years...I wonder what kinda horrible shit the good old boy has done in the past.
And was hired where?
He resigned already. I can imagine how he treated citizens who didnt look like him.
Jerome Baker
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You just can't keep Colin Kaepernick down!

Doesn’t this show that Harvard believes like kaepershit who disrespects the flag and the military, and police
Are they going to boycott Harvard now lol’s a start, Harvard...
Can't keep a good man down
come to Canada!!!
No one needs the NFL.
That is so sad! Why celebrate a man who tells young people NOT to vote? Why would anyone celebrate this Thug?
TeamColin 🇺🇸 #ProudMilitaryMom
Lol ok
O god.. They gonna burn the School down!!
Go head Kap, let the racist right boycott Harvard now and say they should no longer be in business.
Keep the medal how about free ride scholarships for black folks DOS ? Looks like more sellout shit.
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We're not completely sure what Roy Hibbert's tweet was supposed to accomplish.

Maybe him and kavanaugh used to be in the closet together back then so he figures he didn't even mess with girls and it could not have been him🤣🤣🤣
He don't have to defend Kavanaugh they are gone to push it through. They are not gone to believe her they are already showing that. So he can stay put.
Nobody read! all just comment. He said as he attended the school and graduate in 04, on his life he never heard that what happen at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep. I don't that defending Kavanaugh
Roy WHO, Whatever!
Bye Felecia!
Shut up stupid!!! You already had Your fifteen minutes of fame. It has Absolutely nothing to do with you.
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The Prime Minister of St. Lucia speaks out on the Botham Jean case.

I’m with him 💯, their making all kinds of excuses for his murderer and defaming him in the process😡😡
Theodora Washington I knew this was going have international repercussions.
International Incident???? Now dallas chief of police is about to catch the wave. Where's the mayor of dallas????
Not just West Indians but Black folk in general.
America knows no distinction between West Indians, West Africans or anyone with a dark hue. Racists only see color and not place of origin.
Smh is this about immigration or the Texas off duty cop? Again with your twisted stories.
Isn't it great to have a leader from your indigenous country stand up for you? Because most African Americans have no ties to Africa or other countries, nobody pleads our case. That's why land was stolen and given to Jews and named Israel. Those in Israel and those Jews in US advocate for each other. That's why Israel gets $38 billion of our tax dollars. Nobody advocates for us.
Cos jabber been years black people horrible from the moment we landed her, this mess run so deep that it'll take smoother 400 to undo the damage. islanders really expected rusty kissing up to then would change ther perspective of BLACK. AND YES MANY HAVE DONE JUST THAT, THOUGH MANY WON'T ADMIT. MANY AMERICAN BLACKS ARE ARE DOING THAT VERY EXACT THING. It has gotten us nowhere. Sadly we still refuse to except the truth about the situation and each of our role within the situation and how it will end. Their treatment of us as whole has been atrocious. But we keep doing the same old thing.
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"All the white people around us got power. We got none," one resident said. "No one comes to help us. So we help ourselves."

This post is absolutely not true. Myself and many other have been all over every black inner city community and project area , and white sections passing out hot food , bag food, ice and water !!!
This article needs to come down. Some areas were hit harder than others, but to say power was being restored in white area first is false. There was lots of help out there for people to get meals or whatever. This is nothing but click bait for the uninformed
This story is not true and I live in this hometown . They have all these places open for them to get free food and other essentials. Hell where I live it took a while before power came on . My Aunt lives in the neighborhood that got power before me . The journalist that wrote this first need to research before spreading this . We have people in the committee like Velma Heyer Evelyn Adger Bryant Twalla Clemmons Sharron Brailford Cain that were helping in different neighborhoods giving out food . Knocking on people doors giving them food . My cousin Chef Keith Rhodes had his food trucks in different neighborhoods and he was raised over there . Smh
Here it comes... reality.. Da Ja Vu, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico... Hatti, Africa.. and The Carolinas..... Find vision, volunteer, get facts, proof.. rise above their lowness … we go higher.. Use those cell phones to capture images.. obtain evidence!
Same old same old ! We have to VOTE 🗳 for people who have our interest at heart too !👍
I really think this is a false post. I’ve read it a couple of times and Blanks becomes Banks etc too many inconsistencies
Another disgraceful situation with people of color when it comes to help during natural disasters.
I'm not buying this right now because I live in NC and most of my family members and friends are in the affected areas and they have been giving me daily and hourly updates. Now with that being said the North side of Wilmington could be left out.
Start VOTING SMARTER PEOPLE INTO OFFICE. Call Your governor and make a Complaint about your power NOT being on. Your governor is up for Election 2019.... DO NOT VOTE FOR him. If he can Not help You your Families and Community DO NOT GIVE him YOUR VOTE. Check Your VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS.
This is in correct
Per the comments, did the Russians write this story to rile black people up?
This is such... BS!!! Just STOP this once and for all!!!!!
Thanks Constance Chavis
It figures
If I’m not mistaken, Houston Rapper, Trae tha Truth, said on IG, he took a crew of ppl up their and local authorities told him and his ppl that their help isn’t needed. He stayed in NC but I think he’s in Fayetteville now. This is crazy. 🤦🏿‍♂️
We all need to learn a trade because the worst I feel is yet to come for us so we need to prepare ourselves.
Of course did Trump visit your community? Vote and get them out...
In Trump's "America", this was VERY likely to occur. 😡
It figures
Of course they are.
Natural Disasters always expose the poverty and wealth gap
But the outcry from Black residents in the aftermath of a natural disaster is familiar, and this latest instance was no different, according to a report published in the Guardian on Thursday. There was reportedly a severe lack of resources — groceries, electricity, gas, for starters — in a largely Black neighborhood in the town of Wilmington, where residents in white neighborhoods have had their power restored and live near restaurants and other amenities. This has been the case for a lot of people. Like white people are just laid up chilling. Some of my family lost everything they have. Fk whoever runs this bs page
Can't be true you have to know how power lines run. Areas don't mean much. At least not by segregation. Some and only some could be the last in a run.
Katrina didn't teach y'all nothing??? Black people from Harvey said they were ignored and left behind! People better start building their "villages" again!!!!
I know for a fact that the more affluent neighborhoods get their power restored first. Just like Hurricane Katrina, and the hurricane in Puerto Rico showed 'me' WE ALL WE GOT.
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Southwest has a racial discrimination lawsuit filed against them.

Not surprise ...
The article doesn’t say if he reported the racists incidents prior to being fired, because he should’ve. Best way to hold people accountable is by creating a record of occurrences.
Hard to believe when he waits until he was fired to make this claim. Disgruntled terminated employee.
Southwest really just horrible to have to work in a environment Like Whites Only absolutely disgusting, I won’t be flying Southwest 🤮
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Sheriff Michael Saudino is definitely owning his privilege.

How many black folks does he really know??? Not everyone is a criminal. It's wrong to think that way.
I have lived in Bergen County for 46 years and I can tell you, this attitude from someone like him is not a surprise to anyone who is black. He'll probably be in a black church this Sunday begging for forgiveness.
Hey sheriff, remember Machine Gun Kelly, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, Al Capone, Joe Kennedy, Whitey Bulfer’s, John Gotti, and the list goes on. Come on son!
The privilege will be taken, whether they want to release it, or not.
people in position of authority shouldn't have these beliefs. But they do thats why the jails are full of.mostly people of color. People of color are prosecuted more harshly for the same crimes. So small minded, uninformed people and racist people want to lie about blacks committing more crimes. People with these beliefs should not be serving the public.
Vote out those who support him.
Well FIRE his @$$!!!
These klowns
Oh my another day in the neighborhood so 😢.
that is such an ignorant racist statement😠🖓
Lol, why would he step down?
Fire his ass!!
He needs to step down
just find him
Well it’s true.. all races commit crime but maybe blacks are more publicized.i know or see some thugs that just be waiting to rob someone and it makes me so ashamed to be black ,man im just being real. It does. I’m black and I am proud but sometimes I be like “ some black folks are so shameful” as are the white in the trailer parks to the working class whites. Now one like thugs no race but all races have them. A crime is a crime rather it’s a black dude smacking the shish out a random white woman on the train or a white man eating his grandmother organs in Idaho somewhere.
Well sherriff is that something on your heart when you arresting a black person for say uh running a stop sign. You say black folks can get a fair shake in this country with jokers like this enforcing the law? Nope.
Whites commit worse crimes than blacks in this country and all they get is a slap on the hand
Well I suggest he look up the crimes of whites. Then come back with his suggestion on that. A sheriff that think like that, he definitely wouldn't be fair toward blacks.
most of the crime they committed against blacks
Look at where this guy is sheriff, bergen County NJ, he was hired because he's racist and the so called people of bergen county feel that's just the edge he needs to keep the p o c in line or keep p o c from Hudson County from crossing the line
Guess this racists imbecile doesn’t know that all criminals are not Black, they come in a range of colors and ethnicities‼️ White people are the real criminals they stole people from their country enslaved them worked then to death and murdered for sport people.
His mother like committing crimes! ... bet she still hanging on the corner and walking the block ...
Let him do his job and you might be a little safer in the neighborhoods,unlike the mayor and leaders in Chicago.
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An attorney says Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall, "Doesn't make any sense legally." We truly hope Botham Jean gets justice.

Let Renee do her job. She is not a dummy therefore she is not going to rush through this case and get it overturned due to technicalities. Patience people. Yes we are tired of outcomes of these tragedies but we must have patience.
I never saw one story asking why the white chief waited 8 months to even charge the black cop who killed the white woman in MN. And he’s still getting a paycheck.
If she fires this white women she will be next. She is an African American women as the police chief in a very racist state. She is trying to keep her job and life. Step down but so the morally correct things. Sad on so many levels. She will get off just look how they are already protecting this murderer
I wish she could,but She can't. State laws , police union prevents her from firing her until she is convicted.
She was prohibited because she was put in a position in which she has no power.
The Mayor can ask for their Badges.. She better start wearing Nike and BLM Shirts..
Apparently she is powerless in her position, and obviously doesn't know her job. So why is she even in that position?.. What's the point if unable, or unwilling to take appropriate action?.. Must be why she turned the case over to state troopers in the first Dam n place. Covering her own ass. She needs to be removed.
Gwen Stanford, patience? After nearly a month since the shooting what else can be learned other than the female police officer telling the truth, forensically there's nothing to be garnered from her apartment, and the victim's apartment was contaminated before any police search.The police chief is a figurehead and holds no real power and she knows if she moves against the shooter she will have a mutiny on her hands.
She can’t make any decisions she works for the white Man
What will it take for the Department of Justice, corrupt as it may be now, to get involved by making sure laws aren't being bent within the DPD? Because I truly believe there need to be a greater beacon illuminating this case.
She'd have to summon up alot token girl magic to make sense and explain a dozen discrepancies.... 1. Why'd they move the women's processions from her apartment which is a crime scene also. (BC) they know the layout between his & her apartment couldn't be confused as the same furnishings.
Timberly Davis.yes their is only so much she can do.look how this case started.out from the beginning she can see what this case is all about from the beginning.this case remind me of George Zimmerman he walked free and so will she.
It sounds like a host of evil devil down their.she has power small amount.they are in control all the sad sounds like W people to me this is what they do.question is. Is it right He'll NO. THE WILL PAY FOR ALL OF THEIR WRONG DOING IT WILL COME.
I can't read the article I'm sure it will make me barf... I really have nothing good to say about the situation... It could be said that this chief has become complicit in the murder of Botham Jean.
I earlier said the lie chief Hall is telling the Public is FULL OF THE WORST SHIT. Now a Lawyer had stated it MAKES NO SENSE. ALL FULL OF S-I-
The only way she can defend Guyers freedom at this point is to lay out the facts of why Botham Jean is not alive. Hope she realizes that the case will prove to be a game changer 4 life.
In the words of René Hall, I'm the HNIC you heard me😂😂😂😂
She's a hired agent for these white supremacist! I knew there was something funny about her from day 1!
The mayor is stopping her from doing her job. The mayor it's protecting Amber Gyger. The mayor should resign. And Gyger should be in jail.
Dallas voters need to remember....
She probably was the one who put the hit on that Bothman Jean
Mr Charlie said she can't do nothing til he say so
Sad state of affairs.. A blind man can see thru this BS
....they trying to avoid two lawsuits
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The episode in PG County was eerily reminiscent of police officer Amber Guyger's home invasion in Dallas.

Was the shooter Black? No mention of his race here and I’m guessing he wasn’t because not one bad thing has been said in this article about him.
Theses are two different incidents entirely! Dallas officer didn’t recognize getting off on the wrong floor, going to the wrong door and killing a man in his own apartment. Maryland had the wrong apartment number for a suspected drug dealer and the occupant fired to protect his home.
This is why all apartment doors should not look the same. You need a touch of individuality so drunks and police officers think twice. Contrasting carpet or patterns on floors etc. And why are police officers working over 10 house straight especially after five pm. One officer being foolish was bad enough but this was 3. When doing the census we were told to organize ourselves. Check numbers twice prior to knocking.
Was this law abiding citizen and child white?
Same man and circumstances but different race and there would not have been such a nice outcome.
You know what. I hadn’t analyzed Guyger’s actions this way. But, Amber Guyger absolutely committed a home invasion on Botham Jean’s apartment. She wasn’t INVITED there. She wasn’t a GUEST. She had no LAWFUL reason to be at Botham’s home. Guyger forced her way in and killed Botham. As such, Guyger should be charged with Murder. #Justice4Botham
BTW,The gentleman in Dallas was a law abiding citizen too!
This a fallacy of equivalentancy. The Dallas officer was not preforming her duty, as the PG officers. The PG officers made a bad mistake, were the Dallas officer committed a crime. Let's not get it twisted
Not the same or similar to Guyger. It sounds as if they were pointed to this guy's home. However, it doesnt make them (or their department) look any smarter than her lies are making her (and her department) look.
Looks like we have to protect ourselves from the Police, running up in the wrong person's homes. We have the right to defend ourselves and homes from uninvited intruders!
Why draw comparison between the two? Two completely different scenarios.
The way they described the man who shot the cops. Botham Jean who was a hard working, law abiding citizen, was reduced to being a pothead by DPD, and he was the VICTIM too. “A law-abiding, hard-working citizen and his daughter were home at the point where we began to execute that search warrant,” Prince George’s (PG) County Police Chief Hank Stawinsky said Thursday.
Y all worked hard to piece together this story
Nothing the same about this. They were on duty. Mistake or not. And they want thise article paints the shooter, almost gaurantee he lacks melanin. Dont try to normalize what that murdering wench did. She wasnt at work and she killed that brother in cold blood.
God trying to show some things!
Misleading headline to get folks to read. This is nothing like what happened in Dallas. Shame on you "NEWSONE STAFF"
People a scared of the Police & Little kids especially!
There is so many more just like it but they are being covered up !
Not the Same as Dallas Incident Please don’t think it is...
On duty and on accident is not the same as off duty and confused
The father must be white, or he’d be dead.
Good for him. The war on drugs is a farce
Watching this one closely
No where close
I wish that blast would've killed them 😐
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The Strivers Row celebrates doers - those among us who are pursuing their passions, putting their talents to use and establishing new standards. Check out their story and learn about a project that's putting Black businesses first! #BlackBusinessRow

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Will Rep. Ron DeSantis return dirty donations from a campaign contributor who called President Obama the N-word?

That Confederate flag is always connected to racist cowards like John Kurt Tate. But, there's always some white people who swear it only represents "southern pride" 🤣
Take the donation...we already know who you are!!
None of this matters unless we vote. Stop looking for the perfect candidate and take a page out of the Republican playbook. It is about the big picture and we have not figured that out yet. No Democrats are not perfect but we can work with them. Think about how Republicans treated President Obama, how they responded to the deaths of Tamir Rich along with Trayvon Martin. Now we have the anthem protest. They are telling our black men to shut up and just play. Hold your nose if you need to, but across this country we need to vote. There is no excuse to stay home because the time is now and the choose is yours. Just do not complain later.
That's just saying we still friends, you just got to lay low until I win and then I can pardon you.
It's to late baby it's to late
Not now ride with ya Boy
Get rid of him
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Anita Hill has inspired women for several years.

NewsOne1 day ago

Steph Curry joined other NBA players from North Carolina in stepping up for Hurricane Florence recovery efforts.

Dont worry they helping themselves at the local Family Doar store
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San Francisco residents said an activist was arrested for filming a brutal police encounter.

That was against His 1st Amendment rights- And that's why we Take a knee!
I hate pigs
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There seems to be no end to the long list of white supremacists associated with Rep. Ron DeSantis. Here's our updated timeline...

The only thing I’m thankful for concerning this new administration is the fact that some have become so comfortable that their true colors are bleeding through. He actually believed he could get away with such a comment because #45 is in office. You are busted now do the honorable thing and drop out.
He thought we would be stuck on his stupid... and hang on his sorry ass words. No sir re buddy. We heard you.. but we too busy promoting the Blue Wave. Gilliam love!!!
What do you expect?, Its Florida, the same kind of bull 💩 goes on here in Louisiana!.
They cannot help themselves that's what they're used to saying.
Vote Blue Please Tell your good friends.... Vote Democratic! US Flag... 50 Stars on Blue. Thanks Much
My mother (bless her soul) always tell me " show me your company I'll tell you who you are"
No, but you showed you’re part of the problem!
Just continue to keep us informed.
Boy bye
Not that I agree with one of the "racists" in the article but to NOT paraphrase David Horowitz: "If not for the dedication of Americans of all ethnicities and colors to a society based on the principle that all men are created equal, blacks in America would not enjoy the highest standard of living of blacks anywhere in the world, and indeed one of the highest standards of living of any people in the world." and "Blacks were here before the Mayflower. Who is more American than the descendants of African slaves?" Don't get me wrong...screw all of them. I'm not a fan of anyone. I don't even agree with David Horowitz on his stance on reparations (I'm pro theory). But I'm just tired of the left being a one trick pony and calling everyone on the right a racist...well, two trick pony if you include unsubstantiated sexual harassment claims.
Why surprised most of the elected officials are kkk look at the president
This man is a sorry racist bigot.
Yea and Trump is racist too right ?? Give it up 😂😂😂
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Another family is grieving after the death of a Balck Navy officer.

What is a “Balck Navy Officer”????
Black is spelled wrong
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"Campaigning While Black" has been all too real in the 2018 election season...

Vote Blue Please Tell your good friends.... Vote Democratic! US Flag... 50 Stars on Blue. Thanks Much
Felons aren't allowed to vote
Maybe they should go to the hood to campaign instead of just white areas
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A domestic abuse allegation won't go away for Rep. Keith Ellison's campaign. Here's the latest...

any woman voting for this ASSHAT is under the Brainwashing of Sharia Law...That Espouse its OK TO BEAT YOUR WOMEN IF YOU MUST! <3
Just another lying liberal Democrat.
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Former officer Derick Wiley was fired and now on trial after shooting an unarmed Black man.

Double standards much? I believe both cops are wrong and should’ve been fired why is Amber Guyger still drawing a paycheck. Please fire her and charge her with murder you crooks.
So they fired the black Cop for shooting someone. And now he's on trial as it should be. But this Amber Cop is still free???
Y is he on trial???? But that white girl free as a bird n she killed a unarmed man n his own home......
But Amber Guyger is free
Why isnt anyone talking about this. White man kills two police officers and he is captured alive.
I remember when shooting someone in the back was consider one of the most cowardly and gutless acts anyone could do.But now in the age of "I FEAR FOR MY LIFE" cops it's just standard police procedure.I don't get the logic of someone who takes a job where his sworn duty is to serve and protect, but puts his life before everyone else's. Just think they should be in a different line of work.
Wait a minute!! Didn’t the Police chief just say the other day that an Officer couldn’t be fired for shooting someone!!😳 And this Black Police officer was charged immediately!! Both officers were wrong but the double standards are clearly evident🤦🏾‍♂️
They use black officers as the sacrificial lambs to show they prosecute cops. Go directly to jail, do not pass go, stay under the jail.
Double Standard white girl walking around free. She killed a black man in his owm apartment.
Cases involving black officers are tried with a quickness, while Laquan McDonald’s murderer, Jason Van Dyke, is just going to trial.
Umm. Hellooo. 🙋🏽‍♀️ I have a question. When EXACTLY will white police officer Amber Guyger be charged with Murder for killing Botham Jean?
Straight bs!Amber is not exempt!She deserves to be terminated a 4 yr old sleepy can determine that's not their home.Black people are tired of this blantant racism.
He is just like the rest of them thugs with badges.
Thought he was one of the boys.
He's going to jail, different laws for us
He gonna learn today, there will be no white privilege.
How is ur defense i thought he was going to kill me when he was running away from u?!
Why everyone acting so surprised! This is how they operate 😑
They'll make sure this black officer get some time.
That black officer was fired for shooting Jones, I don't see why the chief claim, she can't fire "wrong apt. Amber " and you wonder why kap kneel
Oh they gonna get the Black Cops, not saying they shouldn't but whote girl waking free. Where is his union rep.
So.... the Texas Rangers didn’t investigate this?? Where is his defense his fellow police officers aren’t defending him??
It's thee Amerikkkan way
Quick to immediately charge a black officer of wrong doing but will not charge or fire white officers for the same things
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Snoop Dogg is not here for Kanye or Trump.

Trump has done more positive things for the black community than snoop has
I second that emotion Uncle Snoop.
Haha I bet Kayne wont come for him...😂😂😂😂😂
Searches for snoop loving Trump before he became president BUT AFTER he was a known racist, AFTER he openly discriminated against blacks in housing AFTER Trump’s comments about the centra 5 AFTER Trump’s Oprah interview....these entertainers be full of shiii!
Maybe it's just me …..but I've never like Kanye …..he always thought he was the SHIT ….never like him or his wife ….useless to the black American people …...what he say's or sing don't make sense too me …..and I like some hip hop …...that I can understand ….lol
Still trying to figure out why in the world, Snoop hates Trump all the sudden. Odd.
Like his idol trump, Kanye is too narcissistic and mentally unstable to care...Kanye I ignore, trump vote the corrupt,racist, liar out!
I think Kanye just do stupid stuff just to get attention, like with that whole Taylor Swift thing.
Just review the fictional Willie Lynch letter and review Jaworski Dunlap words and call it a day. No need to waste time on this, he is doing what he is trained to do and your duty is to keep focus on the source of the problem not the symptom.
He said it right
Kanye needs attention...just like his wife...when she does naked pics and videos....#hesgottastayrelevantsomehow
There is a whole army of them Snoop.
Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay ...Snoop Dogg IN THE MF'ING HOUSE....!
Wasted energy, we can't control nothing folks choose to connect with or to, as long as it's not in our lap let.them do them how I see it is both of them.are exercising their right to pick a d choose we have the same privilege let's get it at the BALLOT BOX.
It was only a matter of time. Again - I know how we easily became descendants of slavery.
I agree with Snoog Dogg! Kanye is Mr. Kim he has lost his manhood and his balls.
and how would you know that yes he has said more negative things than snoop snoop don’t make fun of handicap people or call people sons of bi- t-c -h keep it real 💯
Some real brothers can't smile and be happy! while there brothers and sisters are suffering, from premediated Unethical actions being installed too Hinder Them!
Yeah, let's all look up to a man called Snoop...PLEASE!!!
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You can't stop Jemele Hill from winning!

Now if I can get you all to stop supporting ESPN and the NFL it'll be something to congratulate
Pay Attention My People this is what Black Power looks like.
Cant wait to watch the show. Congratulations on making a Power move by creating a Platform for Athletes to speak out. Lebron was wise to bring her on board.
Black girl magic!
No weapon formed shall prosper...
Awesome Miss Hill
Keep shining and empowering Jemele!!
Jemele securing a new bag
Can't wait to watch the show. Can't hold us down. Thank you Lebron.
Congratulations! Outstanding!
All she do is win, win, win no matter what...good for her!
That's right. We can and must take care of our own! Opra, MJ, Magic J, Tiger wood, and the list goes on!
Who’s laughing now!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Congratulations, good luck going forward,
Congratulations🍾 🥂 Love her!
Keep soaring my Sister!
Congratulations to this sister and King James for recognizing her beautiful black talents
If Alabama football was on another channel I would completely ignore them.
Go ahead Jamele! I miss your show and and am very happy to see your continued success. God Bless you beautiful.
Wonderful! Way to turn a toxic situation around to a positive experience!
When door closes, another one opens bigger 👍🏿🌺
Good for her, no racist hatred here!!!!
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It is unclear what laws prohibit Police Chief Renee Hall from firing the officer who shot and killed Botham Jean in his own home.

In a right to work state, as Texas is, the following may apply: Right-to-work-laws say workers can be fired for any reason. At-will means your employer can fire you for any reason or no reason at all. I would like to have someone else offer clarity if I am incorrect.
Those of you who think the police chief and the DA are correct need to read the article. The police chief can circumvent any obstacles to protect the integrity of the department, which means that murdering cop can be fired!!! These black women are just plain cowards doing whatever those white city lawyers tell them to do...they are equivalent to house slaves.
The only thing “prohibiting” the Chief of Police from firing a Bad Cop is the Police Union. She just proved she a powerless figurehead. If the Police Chief can’t fire a Cop, then point us to the White Man who can. This is some bullshyt.
Amber Guyger's parents MUST BE well connected! Not one Search warrant on her place, yet MULTIPLE searches on his apartment!
We are a nation of laws. The Chief of Police has rules and guidelines she must abide by when it comes to firing and hiring people. If anyone is unhappy, upset or disgusted with this appalling incident and everything that surrounds it then show up at the polls and VOTE!!!! Let your voice be heard!!!!!
No law. Her handlers are telling her if she wants to keep her token position, she better tow the line.
If this police chief thinks she's protecting her job by protecting this muderer, when the truth finally comes out, she will be the first one to go!! #JusticeForBothamJean
C'mon now the world is watching.If they don't act fast other cops will pull an Amber in the remaining 49 states.😒
If the police chief can't fire a officer charged with manslaughter, what exactly stops her. If this officer were Black, I am sure they would break all rules/polices, etc. and fire her. Please stop making excuses for protecting this woman. The citizens deserve better than to have racist policies continue to govern behavior. If this police chief doesn't stand up and do what is right, maybe she is in the wrong job!
Well Chief , pack your bags because you're out of a job and take the D.A. With you ! This is way they Kneel !
she is really not in charge, she has an overseer.
This case is pissing me off..
They have been told, “we gave you these positions and we can take them away”. The police Chief came from Detroit PD, the most corrupt police department in American history. She is an expert on cover-ups.
If I was in her shoes as a working black women, I would resign myself and keep my self dignity and integrity intact. Than play the house nigga card.
The police chief lying about what she can't do is an embarrassment. Did they give this black woman a job so she could co-sign their racism? seem like it
Texas Rangers apparently running this shit!
We as a people must remember those like the Chief and the DA at election time. THEY have really shown how THEY feel about black lives.
Disturbingly despicable...the woman shot that man in cold blood in his own home! There is no justification in that. The police chief should not be prohibited from doing her job and what is required. 😡😡😡
The policewoman should have been tested for drugs. Whether she was on duty or not, she acted in the capacity of a police officer when she shot Mr. Jean. His life was taken for her mistake or drug panicked rage that she thought she was in her apartment. Police need to own up to their mistakes. She should be fired!! The family should sue her and the Police dept. Black people have no rights when it comes to police. They can do whatever to us and get away with it! So not fair!! Two sets of rules—one for white people and none for blacks.
The city of Dallas is trying to avoid a lawsuit from the family, because she was in uniform and giving commands to Botham so that means she was operating in a police capacity and was no longer off duty. So the mayor or city attorney is running this and handcuffing the chief. They could possibly fire the chief if she were to fire the dirty cop. She might be limited in what she can do even though on paper she has the power. I feel she should fire her and say to hell with DPD and the city.
She's prohibited by her skin color and the skin color of the murderer. If she fires this white cop for murdering a Black man, she will probably be demoted. They'll find some reason to take away her title.
I see people saying union. That isn't the same as a law is it? I'd think that comes under contractual obligations, no?
I think chief police officer Hall should be terminated immediately for such statements to the point she can't fire an officer or any one under her administration that are deem to have violated conduct of a trained officer which the death of a unarmed person in their home. Simply because the officer said she thought she was in her own apartment. This wad a pathetic excuse and chief Hall had lost all integrity and credibility to remain as police chief.
see how the Blue Line protects, and how the system protects its own? and if you have friends, self-proclaimed or not, regardless of color excuse this type of behavior from law enforcement...News flash they're spys, and a part of the problem....
They are preventing the Chief from firing her to get people to do just what most of you are doing now. If you act on impulse or out of anger, more than likely an error will be made, but if you let the chief do her homework & get her ducks in a row she can move forward & it won’t be over turned. She can’t get up & scream black this & black that,,she has to act in a professional manner while being fair & open to all. It’s a hell of a position to be in, Put yourself in her position & just think. Most importantly Prayer Change Things !!!!!
NewsOne2 days ago

Iowa has a police racial profiling problem. Here's how this Iowa Supreme Court ruling, in one of the whitest states, could impact driving while Black nationwide...

What is in Iowa to make anyone want to live there?
The whole damn country has a problem!
Thanks for posting this. I'm familiar with Waterloo and the problems there. I wonder why a verdict will take so long. I hadn't heard or read anything about it. I'll be watching now and will speak up when I can. Unfortunately, we have Grassley and King (disgusting men) so I'm seeing things here that I haven't seen this since I was a young girl in the 60s.
F*ck Iowa
Pray they stop this devious practice in every state!
Side kick of Jim Crow Laws
I read the article. The officer is stupid if he said those things under oath.
So sick of this shit
This country is getting greater everyday. Thank you President Trump!! You the man
Felicia Woods
The Ignorance of Racism Cancerous Death for America's Democracy and Unethical Ungodly Evil Spirited in God's Site and His Word! God Made All The Races and It Was Good!
If there are any blacks in there pack up and move the fuck out.
A change is gonna come
NewsOne2 days ago

Is a cover-up underway in the Memphis police shooting of Martavious Banks?

Those cameras should stay on at all time's! Unless you're the restroom. Other than that, stop turning them off.
If only we can protest on black on black crime as well! Js
If they weren't up to no good, why turn off the cameras?
I'm sure. When they come in our neighborhoods acting like criminals they should be returned the favor. It's time black America.
No look u all start killing these MFukers just like they killing unarm Black males n Black.Men i I guarantee that these o-fays will stop that.
Do yall really care or you just looking for a reason to steal Nike shoes and TVs
NewsOne2 days ago

The county medical examiner gave shocking details at the trial of the cop who shot and killed LaQuan McDonald...

NewsOne2 days ago

No justice, no peace. The fight continues for Stephon Clark.

NewsOne2 days ago

Shelia Stubbs is a a 12-year veteran of the Dane County Board of Supervisors -- and the cops were called on her.

There are no words for these ignorant people‼️
DEAR SOME WHITE PEOPLE????????????????
You mean to tell us he lives near the local drug hole. In his nice swanky neighborhood. I am wondering how is buying cannot be black people they don't come to that side of town
Tired of white controlling everything darn thing in America! Yes!!
Ms.Stubbs,tell the Police that you would like to have coffee with the white man that called police on you,introduce yourself and ask him why,would he have wanted his mother,child or grandchild to experience this
Thats violent and too far!
Ignorant Wisconsin racists!
NewsOne2 days ago

Kamala Harris just made a major move against racially biased facial recognition technology.

This woman is a breath of fresh air! We need more like her to step up!!
Another tool to further discriminate against us😡
Perfect example of why we need a part time congress. They waste time trying to make themselves useful. This should be handled by the consumer. I turned off the display setting that keeps the display on when "someone" (obviously not a black someone) is looking at it. Let's complain and stop buying the product until they address it....if we really think it's a problem.
She cares nothing about African Americans trust me.
NewsOne2 days ago

Michael Jordan has donated millions for #HurricaneFlorence aid.

Thank you Michael Jordan ..
Michael Jordan is from North Carolina so of course he's going to donate. Just like famous people from Texas donated for the Hurricanes last year
Just two
Blessed are those that sheweth mercy' for they shall obtain mercy, more grace to your elbow jordan.
Now the haters can stfu!! Good shit MJ!!
Will that money reach poor black folks? Hell no!!!!
NewsOne2 days ago

This Texas education official defended his racist views about Black quarterbacks...

Oh! I get it...just like when you can’t trust a white cop?
They wouldn't let blacks play football when the game was first being played, now they think blacks should know more about the game they started without them! But we still play better and are better players!!! They're always mad when we catch up!!! Tennis, baseball, basketball, swimming, Golf!!!! Ect .. go sit down somewhere please!!!
Yea mf but u love to see them play.
This is yet another reason why ALL NFL Players should kneel BC these racists are going to criticize u regardless so u might as well make count ...
He’s a school superintendent? Texas seems to have some problems with leadership in its educational system. A move into the 21st century would be a place to start. We still can’t trust our students to be fairly treated in this racist climate
Another day in the neighborhood 😢.
Racists 🐷s at it again in Texas🤮
They can say and do whatever they want the fact Still Remains a Texas school district superintendent send a text it regardless of him mistakenly sending it but he sent a text stating that you can't trust black quarterbacks and then backed up on it when he got caught. At the time he wrote it he believed in it got the time he denied it I believe he still believed in it and he needs to own it it is not the first time a Texas educator has showed Tendencies contrary to the best interest of all Texans which is not unusual in our state. I do think we need to reassess this gentleman's position of responsibility to our children and that he seems to have a problem with understanding and accepted all people.
Intelligence has nothing to do with skin color, just like stupidity doesn't have nothing to do with skin color, ad he just proved.
You can't" unring the bell" you meant what you said!!!
They can't help themselves. Their racism comes out their mouths
You can't count on America to keep ANY word it gives!
TV1...your no good to our community in terms of these silly articles. Youre no better than the "white media". Its all about the click and dollar. Youre keeping our people emotionally aroused and stuck. Good job at following the oppressor.
Let me tell you something if half these narrow minded ass people would have given some of these brothers a "chance" to play the position it's some folks one come to mind Mr. Warren Moon would have shattered the record books and won countless championships. Yet once again certain people used BS to prevent these greats from playing the position. So dude you can sit your simple ass down somewhere with that nonsense.
He is over the public school system. Just let that marinade. We are trusting them with our kids education.
It looks like their's a lot of mistakes going on in Texas,like walking into the wrong apartment an shooting someone
You can’t count on racist officials in the school system. So what do you mean?
And you can`t count on a racist tex-ass official.
So what's the excuse when a white QB MESS'S UP
He should be fired and not because of what he said about a football so much. What does he think of the potential of young black students in his district. Does he believe they have the capacity to be successful in the future? Or does he believe they are limited academically?
You know what yoh CAN count on tho? Some racist to uphold a false stereotype that Black people cannot govern themselves or anyone else.
The racist genie has been allowed out of his bottle that has been cage up by the Civil Rights Laws of the 1960's. Register, research, focus and Vote. Carry your family friends, neighbors, enemies and senior citizens. Vote Vote Vote and put the racist genie back from where it came from.
Look, they’ve tried Carr, Hoyer, Osweiler, Weeden, Shaun, who the team saw a little success with due to having Arian Foster, as well as the other weapons on the team at the time. What I’m trying to say is was the team anymore successful with the above mentioned names? No I didn’t think so so the issues is elsewhere, or everywhere. Smh!!
NewsOne2 days ago

Jamal Speaks just wants to play football but the principal reportedly won't let him. SMH.

Why hold him back? He may get the opportunity that puts him back on track in life. The coach needs to be disciplined by the school board.
Let him play. He deserves a chance after suffering hardship.
Wow! Just wow! This kid is trying to make his situation better, and this principal is throwing roadblocks! Educator? I don't think so!
'Negative publicity'?!?! What the heck does that mean?? If his grades qualify him, on what grounds did the principal bench him?? Playing well when certain recruiters/scouts stop by can be life-altering...the difference between scholarships and grants, huge professional opportunities, etc. and *having nothing*. Please tell me the Principal is not disadvantaging this young man so some other student can be scouted!
Hopefully, he will be allowed to play and get a scholarship!
The principal needs to go
so he can attend the school with no fixed address but not play!?!? makes no sense
if you didn't want the negative publicity, you shouldn't keep a student from playing a game, when they are eligible to play, and it could better their entire life how dare you - something in you wants this boy to fail - maybe you need to figure that out with a counselor and take a leave of absence to reevaluate your position at the school and in life
I hope someone helps this homeless student or his family so he can have an address,so he can play.And when he makes it to the NFL,tell that Principal where he can go. ..STRAIGHT TO HELL
It he had previously been permitted to play, why not this game. The explanation does not wash.
Seems like these school board are not doing their jobs. Principals have too much power. They really support racism and crazy unimportant issues that has nothing to do with teaching.
A day in the neighborhood 😢
One must be mindful of who they holdback.
This story leaves you hanging. I need some more facts to form an opinion. Is there a backstory? I hope the kid gets his chance, regardless. Not many make it to the NFL, but a 4 year scholarship can propel anyone.
thats what they do let you get to the door and then close it on you...But the good news what God has Blessed no man can take from you keep believing in your dream young man
If they don’t want any negative publicity then find him a home. I’m sure the school can get him temporary housing.
If this school is receiving any state funding this student is entitled to play and he has the grades..remove the principal
Let the child play 😮
Wtf is going on?!?
Just down right pitiful
Can not wait til the headline reads Omarosa found dead ....F that Stupid Bitch!!
Just foul !
AELSports is designed for students in this exact scenario.
The principal is the negative factor....not publicity!
NewsOne2 days ago

Botham Jean was killed 13 days ago. Amber Guyger still hasn't been fired.

Hold your peace and let God fight your battles because the enemy will not win having faith and believe in God's word Justice will be served
The narrative will never change. The Dallas Police Department and the Texas Rangers are framing the nice white girl as making a mistake and she like all of the other officers will get away with murder.
Because it is not a crime if a police officer kills a black man. That is now clearly understood. Stop living the fantacy
Of course there was “desperation in her voice” when she made the 911 call. Anybody can make themselves sound desperate when they’ve concocted a cover story after murdering someone. I mean—-think about it. This woman claims she entered a darkened apartment that she thought was “hers.” People generally reach for the nearest switch immediately when they enter their darkened home so they can see what they are doing and avoid tripping over furniture, etc. But she wants people to believe that she saw a “silhouette” moving around, shouted commands at the “silhouette” and then fired her weapon at the “silhouette...” all without ever TURNING ON THE LIGHT??? No. Just No. 🙄🙄🙄
He is black we keep acting like we don't know what is going on
This is just horrible and no kind of justice has been served.
And I seriously doubt if she's going to be fired they're going to cover up for this murderer no matter what!
Another Zimmerman JUSTICE for the victim.
Murder cover up.
I am so very tired reading about this Murder that no one is absolutely doing nothing about. A young black male was MURDERED by a white girl and no one cares.
This whole case is bull. If she genuinely thought it was her apartment then there is no need for a warrant to search his apartment.
She gets a slap on the wrist and Black People gets " let the healing begin " . This is why they kneel !
I can’t take this anymore!!! She needs to be held accountable for what she did
They are creating an alibi. Guess who is in the public eye trying to get us to buy the shameful lie (your girl). This is why she was charged quickly and the investigation started afterward. Time for her to shut down any sites of hers on her computer and any web sites she may have assessed.
And she won't be... They are looking for a way to let her keep her pension and benefits.
I’m sick to my stomach about how this s**t keep happening. Speechless 😶
She’s still getting PAID WITH BENEFITS!!! Let that sink in...
They know where she's at,under police protection most likely
The system isn’t designed to protect us
The level of Injustices by Sworn Officials is absolutely Ungodly and Evil Spirited Racism, These Hidden Agenda Unethical Enabling Nimps! Are Praying it's NO Justifing Eternal God!!!
Still getting paid too!
OH PLEEEEZE!!!!!!! AND HE IS STILL “DEAD” BECAUSE SHE MURDERED HIM I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FART IN SPACE HOW SHE SOUNDED! Cops are trained on how to react when they do wrong things against an innocent victim whether it is to sound desperate, to planting evidence like weed or guns on the victim or to say those magic words of “ I FELT THREATENED FOR MY LIFE”!
Read this and look at the video. The door couldn’t have been ajar. Read this!
...some really cold blooded wicked people‼️How can they cover up killing someone like that❓I pray that ALL involved will have no rest... no rest for the wicked‼️ I pray that sleep go far from them‼️Enough is enough‼️
Had she been tested for any narcotics?
NewsOne3 days ago

ICYMI: There is a warrant out for Don Crandall Jr.'s arrest after flashing a gun at FAMU students, but he is not locked up.

Instead of showing a picture of a gun, show this criminal's face.
That's white privilege
They know where he is, at home
And we all know why!!
O and when did it start being against the law to care a gun in FLA.He never pointed it at them.More propaganda by NewsOne getting shit stirred up.and never threatened them.
No jail for white people