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On June 19, Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld shot and killed 17-year-old Antwon Rose.

Police are just the Ku Klux Klan with Badges.
Not suprising. A man once said maybe starting killing cops families. Would the picture be painted?
Of course they cleared him. He only did what they hired him to do.
It's always crazy as hell how they find these officers not guilty, or press charges period, but then have no problem paying millions of dollars to these families. It's the same ole story. He's not going to go to prison, even though we know he's guilty, so here's some money for the loss of your loved one. They need to stop with this foolishness, money isn't bringing back a life taken, and isn't the cure for all, especially when you are grieving the loss of a child, no matter what the age.
Public servants information is public record don't wait for Justice get justice need i say more
Once against they could be stopped. Stop marching! That shit ain't doing nothing
Sad... how do u get away with shooting someone who is running away? U didn't fear for ur life .. he wasn't running towards u.
I hope no good comes to the cop or the grand jury. I hope something biblical happens to them.
How many lives must be lost before we say "Enough is enough!"?
Do we really except anything else in Amerikkka 🤷‍♂️
Let's Earn The Badge, Wear the Blue And Kill Them Too!!! Free of All Charges Thus Says Man's Law!!!
Such a shame this officer may not face charges in our court of “law” but our GOD is still on the throne & he will not get away
Ryan stokes shot in the back (5) x unarmed KCPD no charges for the murderers , they sit up in community meetings sitting on suppressed rage.
No one will win a war by talking, you all ain't tired of talkin yet, it's just a matter of time before it happens again and then what'keep talkin on Facebook
Im so sorry for this handsome young man. His life mattered!
Shut that city down boycott the white racist cops hate black people they want to keep us down don't except thier corruption fight back
Wicked it’s free for cops to kill black ppl n get away with it 😩😡
Nothing but murder. Hoping for the vengeance of the Almighty...
What the result has confirmed is that police with itchy trigger fingers can murder ppl with impunity, typical injustice system outcome.
Tax payers of Pittsburgh, get ready shell out MILLIONS for yet another state sanctioned murder.
Three black people were jurors and two of them have police officers in their families. Wpxi news in Pittsburgh said this.
There's a shocker. 🙄 And they wonder why we kneel.
It was three days of testimony and there were reportedly three co.ns on the jury.
You wants to bring a city with these corrupt politicians and prejudice police departments. Simple organized your communities. Call for all out boycott of major business that frequent by consumers. Keep your money out of their business, you will get results when you go in to their pockets. These merchant can get thing done quicker than you matching around
A handsome young face, gone, because of the color of the skin that surrounds it. So wrong, yet happens so often. Justice denied...again.
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How disgusting for Ben Carson to say he has not seen white nationalism growing after everything from Charlottesville to the shooting in New Zealand. SMH.

I KNOW we took his Black Card away, but he's kind of like that pesky Kid that keeps coming over and wanting to wreak havoc in your House-Damn this KNEE-GRO, PLEASE STFU!
Says the White Supremacist in blackface.
Ben Carson is touted as being a genius when it comes to brain surgery except for one fatal flaw he removed his own brain and never put it back.😂
Hmmmm.. a brain 🧠 surgeon with no brain!
When Ben Carson dies. I will ask for his heart..for here lies a item that's never been used...
I told my cat about this he walking out of the room he pooted .😊
His eyes are closed most of the time, he doesn’t hear or see a lot.
Bought and sold! I don’t have time for this level of ignorance!
Remember his lips are constantly attached to Trump’s ass!!!!!
Brain damage... I still say he operated on his own brain..
What? You have him & Clarence Thomas! What?🤷🏿‍♂️
Ben Carson needs to go to OZ to get a brain!😂
Same crap that ex-sherrif david clarke said. What is the matter with these ppl?
He and Trump aren't lying. There isn't any growing evidence cause it has always happened at this rate, the only difference is social media and cellphone cameras are catching it.
Easy to believe. He's got is head stuck (UP) somewhere that even the Sun doesn't shine!
I know your not surprised 😮 he doesn’t even know his job 🤷🏾‍♂️❤️
This man is living under a rock 🧗‍♂️🧗‍♂️
He ok with them calling him boy He a disgrace for black man
That's because he's white😲😲probably where's a K.K.K. robe wit they asses😁on some Real shit💯💯💯
That's why he's been surrounded by all of his friends and relatives throughout his entire career medicine and government
I agree with him, this isn't the 1980s and 1990s where we saw a huge reemergence of those groups... Today they're a former shell of themselves that nobody even takes seriously...
Ben Carson has not seen anything at all. He is still asleep!
That's because he is usually asleep... Even when his eyes are half way open, he's still asleep.
Ben Carson, go jump in the lake
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The attorney for the Savage family claim R. Kelly has done a 180.

This is not news, this is a public lynching....I don't agree with Mr. Kelly's lifestyle, however I'm not going to make him the face of sexual deviance....Dig up Elvis, Roman P, ETc....I'm done with being brainwashed.....FOH....
Well, if people doesn’t see that something is wrong with this, then maybe you need some counseling. Ok she is grown, but R Kelly’s TEAM has to arrange the meeting? R Kelly, is holding these girls.
So no one thinks its weird that a grown ass woman has to make arrangements to see her own parents? Regardless of the relationship why does arrangements have to be made?
I'm just here to watch the Peehive defend their hero
Prayers🙏up to R. Kelly. F*uck all these hatin ass niggas #yalljustdontwannabelievethetruth
If I was R. Kelly and I know I haven’t did anything wrong, I would be pushing those girls out of my house to go see their family members so Everyone Could Get The Satisfaction They Want. IJS
As anyone stopped to think that woman don't want to meet with them
Why news one not talking about these white is a whole looooooooooooooooooooooooog list. Shit the white news talking bad about the black men too... 👎🏿👎🏿🤔🤔🙄🙄
Wait, how in the HELL is this man stopping this grown ass woman from doing anything?
That woman is grown, with all this media attention, more now than ever, she's had opportunities to leave. As a survivor of domestic violence, no matter what anyone does or says until she's ready to go, nothing can be done, SHE'S GROWN. They've given her the path to exit, up to her to walk out.
Joycelyn knows to much and can help speed up his going to jail.He was never going to let that happen.Lock him up and move on.Let’s all pray these young ladies get the help they need.
For the love of God and everything good please make these stories disappear. Every time I log on I see a story about R Kelly!!!!
Of course he did. That’s what cult leaders do.
She's 21 years old!! She can do what she wants to do!! This is just more ridiculous stories!! This makes no sense!! Need a new story!!😂😂😂😂😂
I’m having second thoughts i think initially i was too quick To say he was guilty... product of me being black and quick to trust news media because i am from the tv generation ...theres too much victim wheeling and dealing i like when victims are victims not proactively trying to come up before the criminal case is over with
That is not R. Kelly on the audio. That sound like somebody trying to sound like R. Kelly. #fakenews
Newsone is so pressed to post everything R Kelly that they are like, "fuck proofreading".
Ain’t Jocelyn a grown woman
It would do him good to kick both of them to the curb. He dont need the Drama they bring.
I mean if they have a audio of her talking to someone about him WTH is she still doing with him?? This isn’t making any sense to me.
R. Kelly might be afraid that they will brain wash her so she wont come back to him.
The way her daddy act I wouldn’t want no contact with him either....
U know why he trying vto take them out of the country
I want someone to admit why they seem to only care about Joycelyn, not also Azriel. I know why but I want to hear someone else say it.
Their daughter don’t wanna come home
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Last year, Papa John's founder used the N-word on a conference call. Shaq is now joining the board -- are you here for it?

This does nothing to make amends with the black community. Shaq is as disconnected as he ever was.. this is only good for Shaq bank account
I would respect it more if he started his own chain.
Done with the giant Scoobydoo! 😂
It's not like the pizza will taste any better. Besides, he doesn't stand with Kap. I don't care what moves he makes
Shaq has always acted like a Sambo
If Chuck D join the board of directors.I still won't buy this pizza.
Why is it that all of these corporations and CEO’s that demonstrate racism always find a minstrel actor to gloss over their racism and we just fall for the “see we not racist no more”. Stop paying to be oppressed and let’s have a financial exodus across the board ✊🏿
Yall not boycotting Love & Hip Hop the call each other n,,,& b
Let's not look at the Papa John's organization as the rotten apple, as was the original founder!!!! He has since been removed, and it's a very smart BUSINESS move...we may or may not like their pizza, but those of us who know Shaq's body of work, it's a safe bet that he'll do the right thing, and I'm sure MANY African Americans will benefit from this...ijs
Although I stopped eating that tasteless crap before the disrespect, I love us sticking to our guns showing our purchasing power makeing this and others pay the only price they understand... The pocket.
I'm not gonna eat that trash ass pizza. Plus they have horrible customer service. But Shaq can get his paper.
The fact Shaq is on the board he can maybe place other black men and women at high level positions
We still don’t have to buy the pizza but why would Shaq not go and make the money?
I don't care what black person you put on the board still not eating that cardboard ass pizza
Phuck Papa John's and phuck Shaq's big arse too...
Still not going to eat it! Get your coins Shaq!
Shaq eats that pizza about as much as he lets the 'General' insure his oversized vehicles 😑
This is nothing more than a money grab for Shaquille O'Neal. He knows nothing about running a Corporation. He knows nothing about pizza. The only thing Shaq can do really is star in a few of their commercials and be a spokesperson. Shaq is going to use his popularity to try and win over black people to Papa John's. This is purely a publicity stunt... SMH Just saying
Whatever helps him sleep at night 🤷🏽‍♂️. Jordan and Lebron could endorse papa Johns i still Won’t eat it
Like he needs the money.... Bad move... #Getsnoluv
Please come on. We need to be a voice at the table for change. ☹️
Don’t eat that pizza so doesn’t matter to me.
This is last ditch effort b 4 it start bleeding pizza shop. Keep boycotting
“Still ain’t tripping, love to see young blacks get money.” -Dr. Dre
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From Botham Shem Jean to Emantic "EJ" Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., they lost their lives to police.

There has been more than that+
Disgusted but not surprised
William Harden was Murdered by chicago heights,illinois police after a traffic stop. William Harden's Family found his beaten,broken,and decomposing body 12 days later! 50 feet from the traffic stop. Cook county medical examiner Dr. Cogan says that William Harden Suffered Blunt Trauma to the back of the head,Broken right arm,Broken right ribs,Broken right leg and several teeth missing
It’s a epidemic
100 blacks have been killed by other blacks
Wow smdh
And THEY truly believe that we are supposed to feel empathy when one of them get their asses blown away or beat down.
Murderers are allowed leniency what a croc.
Black Man,Black Man...Where will you be? When the bullets leave the gun,always firing more than one. Black Man, Black Man... What can you do? To keep the next fatality from being you? Black Man,Black Man...What will they say? We are sorry for your plight,and we know it's not right! Black Man,Black Man...How can this be solved and when will it end? Maybe only,when...We treat each other like humans again!
Add women on that list and it’s even bigger!
I want care about this. But when I log in to Facebook and I see black males diss black women. It all goes away
56 maybe more. It's the things I don't see that could be in the thousands. Or maybe millions.
You have to be careful. If you are taking on These issues. Make sure you have no prior arrests or convictions. Also make sure your circle has a strong background. Because they will single you out. And kill you. The cops won't do a day. And no lawsuit will ever bring you back to life. Good Luck
An there killers will go free... black lives don't matter to them
And many more will as well until black people wake up
Let's not forget the women
Yes and it will get worse because all those who thought the Mueller report would shed light on wrong doings by Trump and hope move the pendulum close to impeachment has not happen! The Trump team is up running in full force now!
Where's the info on how many white people were killed by police? Oh That's right, doesn't fit your narrative. I'll give you a hint, it's more than this. You really don't care unless it's black people
And counting! The task for this is to make ( all) black people like dinosaurs...gone...
This is modern day lynching!
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Antwon Rose, who was only 17 years old, was shoot and killed on June 19 by Pittsburgh police Officer Michael H. Rosfeld.

We know why...
He knew exactly why he shot this young man
He shot him because of systemic, irrational, hateful, racist pressure and programming.😐
He knows why he murdered that kid.
How many more?...
you know why.
He shot him because he's a grown man who is scared of Black children.
NewsOne It should be shot not shoot; please correct your spelling... Antwon Rose, who was only 17 years old, was shoot and killed on June 19 by Pittsburgh police Officer Michael H. Rosfeld.
So sad, hope they fire him
The family is in my prayers
This is so sad I hope this guy doesn't get off and here in pittsburgh we're waiting for the outcome. And the cops are waiting to because I think he is going to be found not guilty.🤔
I don’t know why he is a police officer ! .....
There's no honor in shooting a person in the back! Where's the threat? There back is facing away from you!! I'm so tired of reading these same types of stories, with nobody being held accountable.
He was shot because that's what he was trained to do"
Don't worry he'll be going crazy sooner than you think really they're all do eventually
Yeah you know why you murder him
They already discredited him by linking him to a drive by or some type of crime. The cop won’t get anything but maybe fired .
“Justice to another innocent black man” murdered by police” Condolences to his Family May he R.I.P.🙏💔🙏
🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 for his family to get the justice of a young man who should be on this earth living.
My condolences and prayers 2 the family
You should lose your position then, that's something new for you to use to gain win on yourside now thats a reason for lost of badge and prison time
I love Pittsburgh but they need to chilll tf out
I just when on my local news fb page and it said that there doing closing Arguments today. It's not look good here, I believe because Antwan was involved in a drive by.
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Kelly Stough, a transgender woman, was only 36 years old when she was killed by Albert Weathers -- a Detroit pastor.

The majority of transgender women are killed not because the men didn't know. Because they were afraid of other people finding out!!
Another LGTQ on LGTQ crime....
"New testimony from Kyra Butts👈, a self-identified transgender sex worker..."😳 You know what, I'm done w/ any commentary for the day. Y'all have a good weekend and stay out of trouble. B1✊
A priest looking for a hooker that's blasphemous that doesn't happen
I hope they bury that pastor under the jail🤮
He called himself into the pulpit as a pastor. Definitely not ordained by God.
Sorry for his death
Those Christian values...
The church and their shenanigans
Oh my
People who still believe in religion are blasphemous
No news one stirs many pots...of Discord
No one can change their birth gender or sex no matter what they do. That being noted, he committed a hate crime but the hate is for himself and his homosexuality personified in the male prostitutes that he laid up with. As a "pastor" he's well aware of Levitcus 18:22.
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"Walking While Black" in Jacksonville, Florida can be costly...

Any place in Florida is dangerous for black people!
To harass black people smh I would never move there 🙄👿
Oh my how sad
And why would a stupid ass law like that be on the books
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Hundreds at the University of Southern California gathered to honor an Oakland City Councilwoman’s slain son...

May God help his loved ones and friend with perseverance and healing
NewsOne2 days ago

Is Justice Clarence Thomas getting ready to throw Black people under the bus--again?

When was Clarence Thomas ever voice for his people?? 🤨
Once again, people......... READ THE ARTICLE !!! As usual, you can't count on NewsOne to do any RESPONSIBLE reporting. How do these people even get this job??? Do they have ANY qualifications? A bunch of 1st-graders could be more accurate. The facts in the story are that BOTH the prosecutor AND the defense attorney excused potential jurors of the opposite race, with the prosecutor excusing Black jurors and the Defense attorney excusing White jurors. Justice Thomas called them out on it.
if more black men thought like clarence we would be better off as a people #trump2020 #leavethedemocraticplantation #maga
That MF never stopped throwing us under the bus!
If I could get close to him, I would slap some dam sense into him.
What did you expect from this man?
Justice Uncle (tom) Thomas has ALWAYS thrown my black sisters and brothers under the bus. I do not expect him to rule in any way favorably for this black for man. When he dissents on case it's always against black folks. Here's an example he's one the Justices who gutted the Voting Rights Bill. That's why I ALWAYS say we don't have a black Justice on the Supreme Court Bench, and Gambino Mob Boss Trump will not nominate a black federal judge to the supreme court.
He hates himself, his black mother, his own origin...who cares what the article says.
You know he is. He been had a fuzzy tail and a mask for a while now...
Thomas U R A NUT. U need 2 stop sniffing ur wife panties it has the works on U.
We should remember that Thomas replaced Thorogood Marshall, a true pioneer from his days as an attorney for the NAACP, later taking Brown vs the board of education to the Supreme Court. That background is in polar opposition to Thomas, to the surprise of none.!!
He tried, but the bus ran over him!
He been did that with his great great great grandpa looking behind.
The "Intellectually Lazy" buffoon spaketh?
As a people we've always known he was a lifetime sellout.
For some reason he doesn't believe he's black🤔🧐
His entire time, “a spent bullet”...... !
a man who has dedicated his career to carrying white supremacy's water.
Shame we can't throw the proverbial bus in reverse
Hey folks.....75% of black people identify as "socially Conservative" so actually Clarence Thomas is black. And you have been bamboozled to yet again hate and disrespect one of your own. Obama refused to introduce anything specific to our community but yet in still he's our president, so why isn't Clarence our Justice? Is Colin Powell or Condaleeza Rice a sell out too? Again 75% of us identify as socially Conservative, so I ask the question do we really know who we are or have we become slaves again to the other great white hope, the Democrats? If you ain't talking liberation you too are Clarence Thomas brothers and sisters
Probably! Clarence Thomas thinks that he's white
He has done us a disservice!
Speak again! When and where did you speak Negro?
He is Still Just Another Black Man To THEM... No Matter What He Thinks...And A Damn Clown 🤡
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Many thought Colin Kaepernick could have received $90 million in the NFL settlement.

Reading these hating ass comments...hilarious! It's funny how people are always experts in thing they've never done b4, lol 🤣🤣🤣
The NFL propaganda machine is putting this B.S out because it doesn't want to look bad !! The sign a non disclosure agreement !!
Ford and Nike just with that he will be fine. The NFL didn't get the satisfaction of watching Colin go broke THEY LOST and Kap stood his ground.
1. The fact that the NFL settled is monumental. 2. If the amount was small, then the NFL wouldn't have insisted on non-disclosure. 3.. Anyone familiar with Mark Geragos knows he didn't settle for chump change.
Some of yall aint got 1k in the bank clowning over a man who fought and won, it was about principles not money
So this article is basically insinuating but they do not know either
90 million is about equivalent to a 2-3 NFL contract for Colin. The fact is. He won this and didn't have to suffer one vicious qb sack. He should thank trumpscum and his hateful trumptrollers for unrelenting attention/exposures. without them, he wouldn't have won a dime
Is you don't know, just be silence...some say ten million, some say ninety million.....I think you guys just want him to say how much he ain't your business...!!!!!!!!
One thing for sure is that his money doesn’t pay my bills, but bless this man all the same ✊🏿
So what if it is.... NFL paid him because it Fuck up and he didn't play A down for it
One e thing I know, whatever it is it still 999,000 more then I have. Let me give him my account
It wasn’t about the money in the first place clowns
Many thought he could have received (nothing).🤦🏾‍♂️ where do y’all get these “ headlines?”🤷🏿‍♂️
I don't believe this neither side is talkin so how do they know what he did or didn't get I believe this just another way to belittle Colin Kaepernick
Should of took it to court. In court the public would of got to hear the NFL excuses.
Not buying it. No way his lawyer settled for 10 mil. His legal fees was 5 mill. Colin got at least 50 million .
As my Daddy use say... It beats a blank.
After lawyers, legal fee, and transportation expenses 10 million and a win against the NFL is historic
Why is everyone concerned about the settlement between Colin Kaepernick and the NFL it's none of their business. I hope he got enough to last for him and his family members so they will be fixed for life.
He still got paid. NFL, Nike-y . Not one sack, or interception. No tackles, no running to get in shape. He just got paid. That's the way I see it.
It does not matter what he got none of you is given him one dime.
Sold out for the low 🤷🏽‍♂️
Many just have to have something to complain about. I’m sure Colin’s pleased!😉
Everything that came out earlier about his settlement was speculation.
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Bishop Talbert Swan calls out the claim that Pastor John Gray just had an "emotional affair" with that "strange woman."

"She don't suck, she don't f*ck." That's all I needed to see... That was a fed up, I'm about to put my hip into this new bih MAN ANSWER...
She talking about strange woman only thing strange was his story 🙄🤥
Guess who was doing the sucking and fkng?
His wife said I put scripture on that strange woman. I hope she put scripture on her husband
As a Christian I can honestly say I don't know anyone who's lives or walk with Christ has improved by televangelists. Can we just cancel them all and learn to develop your own relationship through a local church instead of feeding this type of reality show drama?
John Gray needs to go somewhere and sit down.
Every woman out here knows he’s lying
First and foremost Gray DEFINENTLY needed to loose at least 150.lbs and so does his wife.
Call me superficial but this dude having an affair is not sexy at all. Nobody should really be thinking about fat people having sex. Just saying.
Ain’t neither one of them worth a damn
It does not matter to Gray what anyone says or believes, even GOD. He and his wife are Pimps in the pulpit.
The book of REALITY CHAPTER 1 VERSE 1 says an Emotional Affair is still an affair.
I loved the part when he said when he bought his wife that Lambo he wasn't a pastor BUT a husband I think his members need to remember that when that collection plate is being passed around 😊😁
I jist wanna know why the pastor missed leg days atbtge gym
Hell that's why he brought that new car for her. Isn't that what cheaters do buy expensive gifts to try to make things right.
It was emotional his 3 leg enjoyed it
Standing in the pulpit while commiting adultery. How can anyone sit under this sheep in wolves clothing.
Just drama...They are not worshiping the Lord....People please stop giving all of these fools your money..
I wish he would stop rehashing this sordid sloppy thing.
I don’t believe him either and she not gonna leave that money honey
I mean I think we already knew he was lying but at this point who cares.
Even if it were just an emotional affair it's still cheating. How can anyone follow a man who's supposed to be a man of God and know he's lying?
It's just a whole mess...he needs go just give up and go live his life in private
Worshipping man is the dumbest thing humans do. A fat so called Christian who doesn't have the discipline to take care of his health is who you'll would listen to. Leaders are strong not weak, stop following these weak minded Christians.
I believe him. I think the women thought he was in love with her. He just needed someone to listen to him. He loves his wife.
NewsOne2 days ago

Felicity Huffman is shedding those white tears. #CollegeAdmissionsScandal

Rich white people have gotten away with this for years, she just got caught.
The fact that she 'never imagined she'd get arrested' further lets you know the level of entitlement she was on.
Bye Felicity!
Girl don’t nobody care about your white tears..🙄🙄😒😒
Unfathomable? Nah, we get it. You deserve it. Next!
The sad thing is black parents will talk to whom they have to and spend all they have, mortgage their house their retirement and savings to keep and get their children out of jail. So it's no limit what parents won't do for their children.
Go to HELL quickly!!!👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾
Getting caught was unfathomable is what she meant
No shame until she was caught. No sense of shame in her mind and heart while she was doing the deed.
the crying appeal isn't for you… its for the judge and jury…. unphased? start signing up for jury duty… want change? stack the deck like Republicans do?
These captions and title headlines be sounding racist af. Are we just gloating about these people being in trouble simply because they are white? I get the shade when a known racist celebrity gets caught up but seems Newsone is against all whites.
Cues Justin Timberlake's " Cry me a river "
Lawd..white tears
Because you got caught
Just like the Mom that was sentenced to five years in jail, for using a false address for her Son. This is far worse, jail time should be automatic.
Where's all the negative nouns tall put on R Kelly, this isn't shame it's Disgraceful!
Let's be reminded she's an actress. There will be more emoting to come.
A lot of you, if not all, will probably DISAGREE with me, but while I'm in agreement with fines. I'm DEFINITELY in agreement with individuals that participated being terminated, BUT, that's it!!! I don't feel prison and jail time is proper for I'm all about people being held accountable for their actions, and by NO MEANS am I suggesting just a warning, but I've heard people talk about prison behind this, and I just don't think that is what needs to happen...ijs
NewsOne2 days ago

Andrea Kelly, R. Kelly's ex-wife, was previously on "Hollywood Exes."

Just throw all the Kelly’s away. R Kelly, Drea Kelly, Megyn Kelly. Shit even Ms. Kelly from 8th grade!
that was her plan all along, at Kelly's expense. wicked ass chic
Crazy how R Kelly is banned from leaving the state and performing to earn money yet his ex wife can still make money on his name. #CancelRKelly should include his wife as well...😒
She shouldn't be able to used his name fuck that
She’s an accomplice to his crimes plain and simple.
And she going to talk about R kelly everytime the camera on her because what else can she say that anyone want to hear about. And the R Kelly drama is getting old.
Why?? Her co-stars didn't even like her. Go sit your ass down.
I ain't gonna watch her sorry ass!!!!
She holding on to that name and trying to gain fame her kids are all grown except one... she should have been had a job /career or something and I would have dropped Kelly from my name my kids name even the dog name but the love of $$$& is real
This Debbie Allen wanna be troll is getting on my damn nerves!
She should be going to jail
She wasn't saying all this shit when she had reality show he even had her in his video. Y'all know that song you remind me of my jeep i want 2 ride it well shes in the boxing ring sitting on a ball dancing while he singing look at the video short hair 1
She gotta eat. She has a storyline. Why not? Everyone else is on TV with their bullshit.
Hey make your paper. Fuck R. Kelly and his misguided followers. Do you.
She needs more fame and compassion, girl bye
Will she report her income this time
Well duuhhh! These media people are funny cause they are all just catching on to all of this when a real R. Kelly fan has followed his whole career since day one. Including when Drea Kelly was on Hollywood exes but really didn't speak much about R Kelly. She mainly was trying to promote her dancing career. Now she is set to be on another reality show called "Growing Up Hip Hop".....really Drea?❤️🤔🤦
I'm definitely not watching she needs to go sit her bitter scorn behind in a corner facing the wall.
Nobody don't wanna her that story again. Now I used to like drea from the show Hollywood ex's. But,while watching not once did she ever mention all the allegations on the show cause everyone had a story. That's the part I'm trying to understand smh.
He not paying his child support so I'm sure she needs to make a living. We do what we have to do.
He should be happy as hell....maybe he can now get that reduction in his child support!!😂😂😂
She might as well she ain't getting child support ‼️
The glow up is real Ladies and gentlemen we can turn being a victim into tv drawma
She can't live off of Kellz anymore, she has NO OTHER CHOICE but to get back to reality tv.... #Opportunist #CancelDreaKelly
Didn't she leave her children with their father when she was on the show the first time??
NewsOne2 days ago

A jury convicted a man of making death threats to President Obama and Rep. Maxine Waters...

He needs to be sent directly to jail
He's been given MANY opportunities to make his position CLEAR on how he feels, and time after time, his TRUE COLORS SHOW UP!!! Let's be honest about it, Donald Trump is a RACIST INDIVIDUAL, and he's proven it!!!! Now to some positive news, we've got some beautiful weather here in Texas today, especially for March 😎😎🤣🤣
Auntie Max wasn't scared
I don't condone this. Just give it time and they'll be tried for treason. Do it right.
I'm glad they convicted that man. I guess he scared the crap out of Maxine because I haven't heard her loud mouth rhetoric in a while.
Good. Anybody that makes death threats should be convicted. Doesn't matter
Propaganda story, WW11 Germany tactics.
Muslim, Traitor, Impostor, obama, deserves the death penalty.
Mugshot and name in headline thanks
Where is his picture?
Lock his ass up and don't let him out.
Some folks get what they deserve and some get what they were served. Deal with it!
He like trump they make threat snd lies they tslk big game nothing happens
Let the sentencing begin.
Well there u have it a follower of hate only acting out from his leader who could walk down fifth ave and shoot someone he’s not man enough to even condemn this type of BS so i guess be best should start in the White House
How is it about race when it was said it was about their poor performance? Was some type of racial comment made by him?
Maxine Promotes it. That's for the Courts anyway.
When will Y’all Weak Evil People learn? 🙏🏽🇺🇸
You see this is a primary example of why, when Crime Boss Trump is at the podium on national TV speaking to American that he resorts to the conduct befitting of the President of the United States of America, and refrain from spewing profanity, hurling insults against a dead American hero and soldier, because what he says constitutes a dog whistle code to the crazies out there like this guy, which they it's their responsibility and time to fight for his honor. There's more of them out there just like him.
Put him in jail and get way of the key throw it in the ocean
NewsOne2 days ago

Several suspected white supremacists have been outed recently in what could become a growing trend after the New Zealand mass shooting...

Demons walk amongst us. Don't back down and let the Creator guide the righteous
These pipo are sick in their heads, that by itself is what it is, but they should not be in positions of authorities.
They will just come to the U S where Trump will welcome them with open arms.
We Need To Trend That In America!!! The Police Especially Are Dripping With Racist And Bigots!! And Known Murderers Still Getting Public Funding!!! #FROMTHETREEOFBLACKROOTS
Good. These people need to be called out.
NewsOne2 days ago

Crystal Mason voted while on supervised released and is being harshly punished, unlike others.

It’s time to make to hit the real culprits: the judges. They’re the ones who are passing biased unfair sentencing to black people while giving their people a pass. It’s time to go after each and every judge and their records
Across the board Our Justice System Needs Changed The Laws Should be Fair Regardless of Color , Gender, City, State, Male, Female
White privilege
Where some of these big time celebrities at. Kim Kardashian in those who fight to get people out of prison. She needs to be released that's crazy as hell. Our people fought for the right to vote and basically you get in trouble they take it away. We should be able to vote no matter what once a person is released. This law is stupid
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time!
But when we point these things out, we get accused of race baiting.
The man in this story that received probation is black and he wasn't on supervised release from federal prison. There are white people on supervised release from federal prison that voted who have also gone to jail. There's plenty of racism in the world, let's not make up stories.
Fuck the system.Yea I said it.
Is racism on steroids!!! SMH
Something really needs to be done about this woman's sentence. She shouldn't have been arrested in the first place. It is like they targeted her
Know one cares about black people black people is nothing to the world we shines longer an that's make them hate black people but we still love them thirteen tribes against the black people still can't kill us all love is stronger than pride
I dont feel sorry for none of those corrupt democrats!
Duh Mason had a parole violation and I am quite sure if they read paperwork they would have known it.
We have a law for each race of people believe it or not it's true
So outrageous!!!
This Privilege, is real. Has been going on forever now!
The difference is she made a mistake, he was malicious.
..not just at all.. they need to release that woman.
What can we do to help her appeal?
So has the NAACP taken her case up? Has the ACLU filed on her behalf?
Did the have attorneys? High priced attorneys? Did they plead guilty or try to claim innocence? What was the originally in trouble for? All of that has an impact on sentencing. Your narrative is bs.
She is where she belongs.
Unfair criminal justice
Free her let out
NewsOne2 days ago

R. Kelly is reportedly in serious financial turmoil.

Let that man go make his money so he can pay for his responsibilities.
The U.S. has no extradition treaty with Dubai. He could get over there and decide not to come back and the Dubai government can deny any requests for his return. Yeah the answer should be "NO".
Gtfoh. Flying to Dubai but couldn't pay his child support? I'm not even flying down the street in my car just to save gas money if my kids weren't getting what they deserve.
I'm still trying to figure out how in the hell did R. Kelly went from having $150 million to $350 thousand. SMDH
I thought Robert didn't like to fly....drove around in tour buses everywhere. Dubai.... Legal to get 14 year old girls... NO EXTRADITION agreement with the U.S.... Is it just me...???
Dubai has no extradition with the US. The judge needs to tell him hell no.
So why not let him work he got child support to pay! You want him to sit and Ponder! How is anyone gone get anything from him if he doesn't work.
Paying his victims and their parents are expensive
I believe he can't fly, to Dubai
His problem he made the money he Should have held on to some for a rainy day
He needs his fixed so what better way then Dubai where he can continue his sexual abused on young girls. Nasty MF👎🏽🚽🤬
So an acccused predator is really expecting permission to leave the country 🤔
If they don’t have an extradition agreement with the United States he won’t be coming back
He should be allowed to make a living while awaiting trial..sheesh!
They should. They paid ridiculous amounts of money to entertainers, then he can pay the courts and lawyers, child support etc. Doesn't stop him from being tried.
Damn y'all behind....Aye News one do y'all know Dre left death row??????
Prayers up to R-Kelly. Keep your head up. #theydontwannaknowthetruth
Ain’t no judge going for that!
“Thank God it’s Friday “... one of my favorite Kelly songs!!... you niggas worrying about Kelly while trump tax hikes on the middle class bout to drive people property taxes sky high and our income tax checks are 50% less this year!!!...
Let him go make that money if Drea Kelly can be on growing up hip hop he certainly can make money and he was paying the child support so what he stop paying after she went on sista circle ain't them kids grown now
If he was going to run, he would have ran after the Surviving R. Kelly series aired. He would have ran like Russell Simmons did. 🤷🏾‍♂️
You cannot expect him to pay anything if not working. Next, he will be given a public defender. Then he will do hard time... He better call in some favors or take a Boeing Max to Dubai.
The U.S. does not have an extradition treaty with the UAE. However, the U.S. stations some 5,000 troops in the country and Dubai’s Jebel Ali port is the biggest port of call for the U.S. Navy outside of America. Kelly’s lawyer acknowledged that in his filing. “The United States and the UAE have great relations and they (UAE) are not going to (jeopardize) that relationship to harbor R. Kelly,
If he believes it....then he can do it! There's nothing to it..... I believe he can fly....
Only.......if you promise not to come back.
NewsOne3 days ago

Kim Foxx is the first Black woman to be Cook County State's Attorney. Now the Chicago Police are questioning her over the Jussie Smollett case.

Ignore that union
How can "window dressing" have power?
I have a question, on the tape where as the two guys was at a convenient store buying item for there alleged crime. why were there not a time or date on the surveillance system videotape that was recovered, or on the one of them walking down the street. No time stamp on the video or date. Surveillance systems usually have those on their right?
Those boys in blue MAD THAT THE BLACK WOMEN HAS THAT MUCH POWER OVER THEM!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Suck It Up Boys 🤷🏾‍♂️
“Three days after Smollett was allegedly attacked on Jan. 29, Foxx asked Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to give the case to the FBI. She was reportedly concerned about the leaks about the case that were reportedly coming from the police.” That’s suspect AF and warrants an investigation and it doesn’t matter WTF her race or gender is!
I love it - Foxx and the Po-po are both tools of white supremacy, so let them have at it.
It's amazing HOW people think these days!! How is Foxx shady for recusing herself but the Chicago PD leaks specific information about the "alleged" victim!! Leaked information that turns out to be "false"!! Then goes HOLLYWOOD and give specifics before an indictment!! 👏ALL 👏OF 👏THAT 👏IS 👏WRONG!
Story is so terrible that CPD could file legal suit. How can u headline police are questioning her and then write it was their union that had questions. Once again terrible journalism or are u a blog?
Funny yall left out the text messages between her and his family that is the whole reason for this but yall keep telling half stories like you do .
The problem is she communicated directly with his family. Try that yourself if u r not connected.
Johnson overstepped and now wants to blame Foxx. Mr. Hollywood!
Amazing but not surprising. Blacks in power seem to always have their authority questioned. The bad thing here is that if Smollett orchestrated this event, he is taking other people down with him and for what?
If they have nothing to hide, why complain?
Prosecutorial misconduct is real, regardless of the color of their skin.
Ms Foxx is sneaky
FOP and CPD cant take Kim Foxx remaining separate from their lock him up strategy.
She needs to be questioned in other cases too
Was anyone on Chicago PD arrested for their illegal black site?
And she'll do whatever those police unions tell her to do!
What does chicago pd have to gain from handling this case in a corrupt manner?
That’s what she gets! She need to pick a side!
When he became a suspect she recused herself because of her relationship with his family. #therightthingtodo Lying on an indictment .. sounds shady!!!
Just let the FBI take over this case
Lol you're welcome.
Police union got too much damn power! We pay them!
NewsOne3 days ago

The family of Latasha Walton demands justice for the mother of two who was gunned down by a Florida trooper...

FLORIDA again?
I believe in street justice. If these police knew they have a gang of family members coming to they residence for revenge a lot of police would act differently. I'm not waiting on a court to get my justice
People be careful in what you say the sorry ass FBI be all over these post. Ready to come knock on your door. But they not doong shit to get these klansman off the police force.
Why do y'all never once show any whites or latinos shot by police ?
So if she was driving erratically why not shoot her tires to stop the vehicle. Maybe she passed out and wasn't in control of the car. It's his cross to bear on judgment day. My heart and prayers go out to her family.
She could have been having a medical emergency.. But that's how police/troopers are in dade county
CHICAGO COP shot LAQUAN MCDONALD, 16TIMES, IN THE BACK. HE feared for his life too. From a young man with a pen knife, not a switch blade, a butcher knive, a dagger, not s gun nor a pistal, A PEN KNIVE. GOD FORBID DON'T CARRY YOUR PHONE, THEY SCARED of THE LIGHT, WILL BLAST YOU OUT YOUR SOCKS!!! A young woman gunned down. A daughter, a sister, a mother, so sad. R.I..H. My sister!,❤
I am sick of hearing the excuse "I feared for my life".
Take mine I'm taking yours. Nuff said.
I feared for my life...BULLSHIT!!
Always scared of BLACK PEOPLE, Man, woman, little boy little girl, it doesn't matter,. They scared of Black. Actually they are Scared of the dark within themselves. The hatred they secretly harbor the Black race. Oh yes, they are scared of the ugly, dark, pit in their own souls. Evil power. Self serving, self elevating.
That racist cop needs to be fired ASAP and he’s unfit to serve or work with the public, there’s a special place in hell waiting for that horror of a human, so sad that racists cop have infiltrated law enforcement to the degree that black people are being killed for any fake reason possible and black peoples skin color is their excuse to justify this growing epidemic. They are killing men ,women and even children when is this country going to say enough is enough!!
It is beyond time family members send a message we not going to put up with this bullshit shit. If a person is not shooting at you don't you shoot at them. This son of a bitch had her tag number follow her home and if need be arrest her there. I don't know why these stupid ass black people keep getting ben crump he dumb as fuck as a lawyer. What case has he won?
She resisted arrest
They will reap what they sow
6 shots and justified...I think not and sick of that lame a... excuse..he was in fear of his life. He did not have to kill her. I hate Florida and Texas. I cant go out there too much..this is just sad no matter how u look at it. My condolences to her family.
Why did they shoot Latasha Walton? Did she have a gun pointing at them? Did she used her car as a weapon? Why did the cop feel threatened?! No answers in the article posted.
Brothers in Florida it time.You been waiting patiently the time is now.
Police can kill whenever they feel like it
So they shot her because she was driving erratically? I am so tired of these demons. There are so many options other than killing someone. And ben crump doesn't have a good track record for winning cases
Who is the person on the ground....
NewsOne3 days ago

This prominent anti-hate group is accused of having a racist work environment for decades. Former and current employees are coming forward to share their experiences...

The E.E.O.C. is the same way. Wherever there are whites, there will be the practice of white supremacy.
Bi-polar consciousness/mentality.....the bi-polar nature of white liberalism
Have to wonder why a white male heads a Civil Rights group in 2019.
Heard about this before, that is why I stopped contributing to them.
Keep digging into this organization please.
All these years, who would’ve thought. Oops 😬, liberalism 101 in your face. 🤔
When they lied on the Nation of Islam about being a hate group I knew they were the Wicked on this earth! Most likely being paid by the ADL, Israel, etc. to spout such lies! They don’t talk about the real terrorists of America and abroad ... White Domestic Terrorists / White Supremacy Ideology! The SPLC should be added to their hate group list!
These Are Not Good People!!! #WHITELIESMATTER!!! #180
This man shouldnt be over it period
Of course.
What do you expect from an idea that was stolen from the great Mr. Paul Robenson and later established by the Rothschild banking family? You know, the same family that'll pay to have towns, cities and even whole countries attacked if they create their own banking systems without the Rothschild's being able to regulate it and take their piece.
You can’t have it both ways!
People should be skeptical of any individual or organization that makes money fighting racism.
You're liberal white friends are covert racists.. They're on the same level as your overt conservative racists..
I've been hoodwinked and bamboozled. I want all of my donations refunded.
Charles Blow recently made this point when the picture surface of NC Governor in black face! It is hard for some black and white to understand you can helping minorities in all areas of equal rights it is till possible to be a racists! That old adage that’s”the Exceptional Negro,Clause”, not like the rest of them” is a misconceptions. For instance Samuel Armstrong the founder of Hampton University in his writings even though he fought for equal rights could not fathom blacks as equal! White Supremacy was his belief!
I'll never support an organization that's suppose to support minorities and a white person is heading it. What do they know about being a minority
The whole organization is trash! They got the Nation of Islam and Black Israelites as “hate groups” with the likes of the Skinheads and KKK.
NewsOne3 days ago

An unarmed and peaceful Florida woman violently tackled and arrested by cops has lawyered up and demanded accountability...

Florida does not seem to want to punish bad cops. Hell, the cop who shot that caregiver was acquitted.
According to The FBI White Supremacist infiltrated the police force! The question is: what is the FBI doing about it?
That cop was definitely in the wrong.
Stand your ground Sister.
Many in America has gone wild! Who do y’all think you are? Taxpayers pay your salaries to serve & protect, not abuse & kill! The woman called you for help...Wow! What’s wrong with you evil people? 🙏🏽🇺🇸
You go girl!!!!! These stories are why civilians don't respect or like cops.
They be trying to Salsa that shit off, and that main aggressive officer is gay that’s why he handled her like that. 🤦🏾‍♂️
The Blue Klux Klan strikes again.
The police will reap what they sow they will also become humble
Is it just me? Am I the only one that noticed the police named in association with this incident all have "Hispanic " names. 👀 Are these Spanish speaking individuals having an identity crisis??
That's right. She has every right to call for accountability.
Why is this bitch on paid leave
They are punks, cowards to handle a woman that way ita sad and then they still getting paid
I couldn’t watch the video before now. I pray justice is served. Man this is way out of hand. Black people should be afforded the same benefit of doubt as anyone else. We are seen as hostile and aggressive when we simply want justice. Crazy!!!
Racist ass cops
Show the correct department.. It's the miami dade police department.. Better known as metro dade who manhandled this woman.. You're showing the tourist pigs.. Miami beach police department
Fkin right. Fk the police with that racist bullshit. Power to the people.
I pray these pigs loss there jobs, homes,vehicles...All the pleasures in life..!!
Obviously she has a very strong (dare say unbeatable case). But, obviously not comparable to the others mentioned (they died during their altercations).
Good luck!
Fire him then lock hm up thats justice
Was the neighbor (obviously white) ever charged?witch was what the call was about.
NewsOne3 days ago

A woman sued Harvard University to get ownership of pictures of her enslaved ancestors that the university has profited from for more than a century...

Yes,get what you'll owed.
Finally news one has an interesting article!
Good luck with that lawsuit. Is this just a case of someone wanting free money instead of working for it? Is there proof that this man was her ancestor. Is there proof that he was forced to pose? I've taken lots of pictures over the decades. Are people going to come back and demand reparations from me? This is beyond ridiculous.
My sister ain't playing with Harvard. Sis make sure you get everything owed to your and then some.
Just laugh at John Crenshaw him not no no better .
This makes me so sad to the man. His face shows all the unhappiness and sadness that he experience at the time. The worst part is hopelessness. There was never going to be a way out for the rest of his life because White people considered him property just like a house a car a piano, or any oil painting the purchase. They will say he have consent and he probably did because he would have suffered death or a beating and courts will say the college owns his likeness because they owned the slave. She will no doubt lose. There should have been a law in place years ago about people benifitng from slaves since slavery was abolished.
Good job. Its time that these institutions stop profiting from our ancestors and their suffering.
Yes getem
People learn your history and make them pay up. I can see a lot of institutions now burning or shredding pictures and documents.
Wow I’ve definitely seen his picture
I am older than Mrs. Tamara Lanier and my Great-Great-Great grandfather wasn't a slave. This means that the only way her story could be true is she is over the age of 80. A Black Person alive today must LEARN HOW TO COUNT backwards when assigning titles to their ancestors. You = 4 Parent = 3 Grand Parent =2 Great Grand Parent = 1 Great Great Grand Parent = 0 You need an extra Great to reach a slave. And an artist doesn't REQUIRE A SLAVES permission to take or paint a photo all is required is the Master's permission. When freedom was given by Constitution it didn't entail or grant PROPERTY RIGHTS only freedom. You own don't neccassarily have rights because you are in the photo. Nor do you acquire generational rights on merely existence of the same. I would expect Ben Crump to be smarter than this. But he's just an Ambulance chaser who is trying to make profit.
Those pics belong to her or in some African artefacts museum.
Ignore John Crenshaw,he doesn’t believe descendants of slaves that built this country deserve compensation or reparations.While it’s well documented that other races received them.He is only on this page to show his ignorance and typical white privilege.
I don't blame her sue them and get your money because they promised the slaves when they were free 40 acres and a mule and they never gave them a dime, they had to pull their bootstraps up and make it on their own and all they have ever did is profited offer our ancestors who helped build America
Heartless asshole's.. #freerenty
If this is a true story Remember Hannah’s words. No bad deed doesn’t come home to roost
I hope she gets her Descendant Photo.
You gotta do what you do.... to get what’s yours
Super good 👍🏿👏🏿
now those that have the photos in possession are lying in captions. assigning bogus names to photos to continue to profit without consequence. such a collection is in the national african american museum right now. 100+ year old glass negatives of black lincoln ne residents. six figure price tag.
NewsOne3 days ago

Black voters have plenty to gain from replacing the electoral college...

I agree!
Without commenting on whether or not we should keep the electoral college, the electoral college also serves the function of giving farmers and ranchers (who must live in less densely populated areas) an important voice in government. Legislation about land preservation, food quality/quantity, economic on both a personal level and federal level (imports/exports) and such are important considerations. That said, there has always been elements of racism and bias in determining how the electoral college should function. I only bring this up to point out that simply eliminating the electoral college won't solve all our problems and keeping the electoral college doesn't solve all our problems either. That's why we need educated, experienced representatives who aren't controlled by billionaire donors and corporate lobbyists. Nothing is as simple as today's politicians want us to believe.
It so sad to think that all this time the voters thought their vote was being counted. I hate the fact that electoral college makes some American votes worth more than other American votes. It's unfair. Every vote should have the same weight and be counted.
Another cup of discord from No News One...
The popular vote only doesn't benefit us. In fact we LOSE Congresional Seats if the Electoral College is scrapped. I am slowly to beginning to think Newsone is run by the dumbest group of blacks in America.
Black voters WOULD gain a lot. Is that the goal? Or is the goal to give an equal voice to all citizens? Obviously, this is an OpEd, because the author doesn't even present the history, facts, and rationale for the EC. In short, for the author and those who don't feel like doing their own research, the EC was created to give a voice to states with low populations, secondary to the size of the state or it's physical make-up (a lot of them include great swatches of agricultural land). Going to a popular vote would essentially give control to CA, NY, IL, FL, and TX. The rest of the country wouldn't count. Delving down further, if one does their homework, it would be apparent that those states' popular votes are greatly controlled by the cities of LA, NYC, and Chicago. Now, MY personal problem is that those cities are bastions of non-productive and low-productivity citizens (uneducated, poor, welfare), and crime. Do I think that MY life should be controlled by those states? NOPE.
Rebecca Alston. Here's what you have been talking about. Check out the comments too
Mark Ross undoubtedly u don't know the history on the electoral college vote. Nothing is funny about my comment.Well i damn show can vote now even if my ancestors wasn't able to u see how God worked it out Aman RA 👑👤❤👣Ase' ❤🔺♠🔺
The electoral college system is very outdated now.
It needs to go
#ADOS2020TangiblesNowAndForeverMore #StayOnYourSquareNoTangiblesStayHome
Yes because the racist founding forefathers created it to keep slaves from ever being able to vote 🎤
If white folks allow us to replace electoral college, they will lose power of the western world....good luck with that.
It means the state with the most people found vote in anyone that they want . This would mean not every vote would count. That's not Fair period.
Getting rid of the Electoral College with only be the demise of minorities
It would change everything
Y'all gonna kill the farms
EC is to give equal power based on pop If it’s removed black votes would be a complete minority with less power No more Obama more Trumps
You want the whole country to be a shithole like California go for it!
Man these Coons from news one will keep you in last place as a people! They are doing the devils work for sure!
Never gonna happen you dumb spades
No we don't we have nothing to gain from that
What more crumbs?
Black voters will fall on our faces if we get rid of the electoral college. Don't let these lying ass liberals that than corroded the educational system fool y'all. The electoral college was set up to ensure that every state has a say so in determining who the president will be. There where no complaints from the left when Clinton and Obama won the electoral college twice each which made them both two term presidents. If we eliminate the electoral college and rely on the popular vote only that means that New York, California and Illinois which are all under liberal control and also have some if the highest black unemployment numbers in the country could damn near decide every presidential election alone just because of their population count. That's also why the Democrats threw more money behind the Senate campaign of Beto Orouke then any other candidate in history because they know that if they finally control Texas it would basically ensure them a win everytime if the electoral college was abolished just because of population. The electoral college also insured that every state no matter how small would be represented by at least two Senators who could speak for the needs of the people in their regions because you can't have a state like California or New York who make policies around the needs of their environment try to implement the same policies or restrictions upon farming states like Idaho who's lawmakers have to make policy decisions based upon what they know firsthand keeps their economy moving on a day to day basis. Especially when liberal politicians had been known to call different states in middle America fly over country like they don't even care about them people at all.
WTF does Black people have to gain with the country being ran like weird ass California?!?
NewsOne3 days ago

Mia St. John spoke out about Kristoff St. John's death.

I thought it was misleading as well..
It's not misleading. Having 4 times the legal limit in his system only relates to operating a vehicle. He most likely wouldn't have died from that had he not had a major, underlining heart condition. We get it. He was depressed and was self medicating. It contributed, however, not caused his death.
Did she even read the coroner's report? Because my understanding from reading this article, is that he had heart disease, and that caused his death, but his body wasn't able to handle that amount of liquor, in his system. She's making it seem like the news said he died because he was an alcoholic. A person without any health health issues, can die from alcohol poisoning, but that doesn't mean they were an alcoholic. They may just had too much that time.
What is the REAL reason she wants him portrayed in a negative light?
I believe her. The coroner’s report is the scientific and physical reason for his death. What she is saying is that his spirit was broken, and caused him to behave in such a way to cause his physical condition. Alcohol is a depressant. If he started abusing it after the death of his son, it is what finished him off. His son had problems for years, and it wore them out. As soon as it seemed as though their hard work at getting him healed was paying off, he committed suicide. That we die is inevitable. How we die is important. It’s not so much that he lost his son, it’s the whole process of how and why he lost his son that took a toll on him. She is right, it is literally heartbreaking to go through something like that. May he Rest In Power And Be Granted A Position Of Honor Amongst His Ancestors 🙏🏾
NewsOne4 days ago

Wendy Williams got candid about addiction on air.

That's why she is so little . Seem like she would just get herself together. Her health is more important than the show.
Judge Mathis said it I know a crackhead when I see one
Wendy quick to pounce on others but “outs” herself because she wants to help others! BS! Somebody was probably gonna put it out there for her so she decided to get ahead of the game! Girl bye!
She wants everyone to feel sorry for her and not focus on her cheating ass husband and why she’s still with him
Finally noticing the plank in her own eye!
I wonder what Judge Mathis is saying about this?!
At least she's honest about her current conditions. You don't have to like her personally but at least give her encouragement to better her life.
I know I should care and feel some kind of way, but the distain I feel about her throwing other folk under the bus, along with their baggage, and singing like a canary, I ain’t feeling for her. Take care though.
Sadly,i think this sober situation, may have been mandatory for her to return & sit on the gossip throne.
Great job Wendy but what a spin on the truth...only you and Kevin knew of your addiction? I thought that line was somewhat odd when I recalled this conversation with Judge Mathis, Kevin and Judge Mathis knew, atleast. I'm glad that his intervention worked and I'm glad you're now seeking help.
I don't believe a word of it. Not one.
Someone else was going to put it out there so she scooped herself first...Queen move!!!
Dealing with substance abuse as a regular person is hard, so being in the public eye makes it harder...I pray she gets well and deals and conquers with this.
Drug addiction never goes away.. . Blessings & peace be with you..
She still getting High , you ain't fooling us
She did more than just coke looking like a kangaroo
Anything do not to talk about Husbamd smd baby mama
I truly hope she realizes Addiction isn't a joke and an info commercial.
Bullshit. Wendell still hitting the pipe
Who can tell your story better than you...
There is no such thing as "her truth" or "my truth" it is only THE TRUTH which Wendy still not has confess to. In NA and AA it goes My name is Wendy Williams Hunter and I am an addict. When she does that then she'll be on the road to recovery until she is lying to herself and wasting those folks who are tying to help her time.
In the past couple of days/weeks?
I prayed that Jehovah delivered me that was over 20 something years ago
The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Push-up to you Wendy for telling your truth!!
Hopefully, her sharing her story will help inspire others who are going through the same thing.
NewsOne4 days ago

Two East St. Louis preschool teachers are under investigation for punishing students by making them stand naked in a closet...

Post their photos... So they nasty asses can go won't firer them but the media will make them resign
I would have beat the brakes off both of them, go home for some rest and come back and 2pc them again when they get released from the hospital 😡... that 💩 is illegal 7 ways from Sunday & they might as well reserve my jail cell or give me a very long sentence because that was utterly Ridiculous and abusive!🤬🤬🤬
Why make them take off their clothes?
Who would ever THINK this could be a punishment?? No meeting, no investigation, FIRE THEM. 👉🏾
What's wrong with these crazy teachers today?!? 😱😢
Wat the heck is wrong with these so called teachers, they should never be allowed to teach because something is sorely lacking in their sane rational thinking skills, so sad for the children.
That's child abuse to the 100th degree! Those teachers need to be fired not put on paid leave! The one that knew about it but didn't report it needs to go too!
This is so inappropriate for these teachers to do.They are scarring these kids .You dont have to investigate this behavior.Noone takes my kids clothes off at school .Some off these teachers are seeing how far they can go and as long as they get away with it this behavior will continue.
Prison here I come...because they don’t even want to know what I would do....👿
And they are still living let it have been one of mine the article would read totally different.
See this is why I have to work at whatever preschool my son goes to so I can watch these other teachers, otherwise He'll be home schooled.
No excuse for this, either undressing or standing in the closet. Didn’t the parents report it? Should be fired. No excuse
I am just saying NOT MY CHILD!
That’s freakin child abuse.
Bad enough to put them a closet, but NAKED! she would be looking for a job, or running from me!😡
We have 2 take the law N 2 our own hands !!
What? Unbelievable, teachers involved must be jailed and school closed and sued by parents!
What's the race of the teachers?
That is a sex crime, child molestation and child abuse. Teaching liscense should be suspended. Parents need to sue.
Umm hello. East St Louis is in Illinois, not Missouri. This is not Missouri a case. Smh
Is the two teacher ass still available
OMG...horrible times we're in..please protect ur children!
WTF is wrong with these sick people
Trump voters are also in the school system
Hell no, it time for ass kicking.
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Jason Van Dyke, the former Chicago cop who gunned down Laquan McDonald, received a gift from the state Supreme Court...

But they refuse Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.. gave him 28 years... white privileged again.. smh
Some white people have all the privilege now here on earth but their will be a true judgement,and it’s not the Supreme Court. I’m so sick of this justice system in this country. The racist cops, judges, lawyers will all be judged by the true king.
I'm just a good old boy😱😱😱🎤🎶🎶
Prison justice! If not, boy's parents need to handle it upon release.
He still has to answer to God
He should have gotten life.
He will live to regret taking a life.
Oh, but when"payday" comes.......... You may have gotten "by" but be very sure that you will NOT get away unscathed!!! You never know HOW payback comes, or WHO it comes to!! #TheSinsOfTheFather
Regardless of what the”law” determines, he will experience accountability .
I hope every day is a hard day!
This is just another reason why civilians don't respect or trust cops.
You all knew this was going to happen remember “privilege”? Life is different when you get the benefit of the doubt. You can possibly right some wrong BUT not if you’re black 🤷🏽‍♀️
How sweet it is to killed someone and get less time than some does for a DUI?
Jesus ain’t handle shit for us since they whipped it into us during slavery...Just like we still waiting for Jesus to get Zimmerman while he making money signing Skittle Bags nowadays....Or performed zero miracles for those Dylan Roof murdered IN CHURCH WHILE PRAYING... We have to begin voting in our own Judges and Sheriffs and stop being passive on these local elections and on people. And I wish these damn Gang Members stop killing each other over stupid beefs and make it count for once...🤷🏾‍♂️
Don't you just love that good ole whyte privilege🙄
people getting sick of this
Maybe we'll get lucky and beat shit out him again
No one is surprise.. My people know any crime committed against us by a free pass
You guys will reap what you sow all who killed for the hate within God is real he well handle it
He need to be dealt with by courts or the streets
Not surprised it's the American way
Maybe they'll find him dead from being shanked to death! It's worth a prayer.
This is why many people no longer respect cops or the justice system.
FOS this SB should’ve received a life sentence
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R&B legend and the "Godfather of Rap" Andre Williams has died at the age of 82.

Arthur McBride
Cadillac Jack!!
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The low number of Black students entering NYC’s elite public schools renews questions about the fairness of using standardized tests as the only measure for admissions...

Tests are biased. One test asked a 1st grader to circle that dad that was going to work. One dad had on a suit, one stood in water wearing fishing waders (boots), and a third was sleeping. My hubby worked for Fish & Wildlife studying the duck habitat on the Mississippi so my son circled the father in the water. I wonder if the child of an overnight trucker or a firefighter circled the sleeping father since the other two didn't fit but his dad slept at work. The right answer was - the guy in the suit. Bias isn't always obvious to those not involved in education, but it is to the test writers and those who decide which test. An IQ test asks children to identify 3 seashells. Mine wouldn't know. Ask them to identify 3 breeds of beef - no problem. You can design a test to get the population you want to pass. See where I'm going with this?
What's NEW, they have always done this
And now that y'all know that certain folks cheat, we know this isn't because black students aren't as smart
Don't Blame the Test but, Investigate the Poor education leading up to the test- Restore the 3R's & get back to basics!
Let's look at this logically and it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. 1) Success comes from education and hard work. If you don't pay attention and learn, or if you don't have a good work ethic, you won't succeed. 2) Success in the world comes from being able to function in the world, not just in YOUR area or culture, and by using knowledge, facts, and logic. 3) Being able to communicate. Being proficient in other languages is ideal. Being proficient in your native language is mandatory. 4) Emulating successful people and successful actions, 5) Put them altogether and anyone could pass these tests. Maybe the problem is not with the tests, but the isolation of a relatively small community, which results in their students not being prepared for the world.
Do you even realize that there is a conflict in using the terms "standardized" and "racist". If you are going to call a standardized test racist, hopefully you have some specifics.
A week ago this blog was upset because blacks had to retake a test eventhoigh whites had to also. Now you want them to skate by with easier test. Most blacks I know can pass any test another person can. It hurts when some are always looking for easy. Life is a challenge everyday and jobs are very competitive. In todays environment if your child is in kindergarten and can't read basic books and do basic math they are behind.
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Florida Republicans are trying to use Jim Crow tactics to restrict felon voting rights that were restored under a constitutional amendment in November...

There is nothing a racist Republican won't do to stay in power and to suppress black people and poor people in this country
WOW!! So De Santiago wants them to pay a poll tax!! The definition of racism!!!
The GOP is so good at going against the will of the people!!! Time to put them in the unemployment lines!
Say it ain’t so. Register and vote people you have rights now especially is the time. Now
The demographics of the GOP’s base are shrinking. Thus, changing the rules so that, essentially, only their base can vote is their only hope.
Felons shouldn't have voting rights!
Keep fighting for your RIGHTS, and vote them out
Jim Crow laws have to do with RACIAL segregation, not criminal or past criminal activity. Jim Crow laws were also outlawed in 1965. But, I can see why NewOne would put it in the title. It creates an emotional response in the people on this website who don't realize that they are being duped.
Didn't they just vote to restore felon's rights?
This could've worked in his benefit had people known he supported a measure for voting restoration, but......
That's bullshit... #deathtorepublicans
Trick No Good! That's Enough of That! Vote People it's our Right 🇱🇷
Because thell take nob boss down
Here we go again ya'll. The infamous racist spineless Republican Trump Minions once again engaging in one of their notorious suppress the minority vote tactics. They continue to resort to any means possible to remain in power. My black sisters and brothers we must ALWAYS go to the polls and vote in masses no matter how we get there. Our vote is our voice which the disgraceful Republican party Minions are attempting to silence. They're even trying to bypass the legislative bill we voted for that passed to grant felons the right to vote. To the low ball Republicans we're Still going to the polls to vote. You can't stop us.
Nrvdrmp; 99% win in 2020 its ours to lose! #prgrsv2020 #blm19/20
They all crooked
More of the same!
Mitch McConnell is against automatic voter registration. What we have in this country minions who work for the top 10 percent so the rich can keep their power. Napolean Bonaparte said it best the only thing that keeps the poor from killing the rich is religion.
2 steps forward 3 steps back
Know your rights
MAGA did you miss the memo!!!!!!
The Democrats better start playing dirty too, keep going high they will go lower, soon you gotta go ahead and get in the gutter and mix it up with them
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This could affect R. Kelly during his trial.

I thought he already admitted that he had 2 young girls living with him that were his girlfriends🤔
Don't think color really is the issue here, a Pedophile is a PEDOPHILE!!
I'm so sick of hearing about this dude, especially from our on race FUCK ALL THAT SHIT! GO ARREST THE FUCKING POPE
Put him in Prison were he belongs straight up...Sleeping w/children is Disgusting...😮😵😳😤
I think the fact that he admitted to trafficking, "they sold her to me", is enough to get him convicted.
Until i start hearing about Jeffer Epstein, Brian Singer, Ed Buck, Louis C.K., Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Rob Lowe, Jerry Seinfeld, Ted Nugent, The Owner of the Patriots, Kraft...and long list of other white men. So NewsOne can go to hell, along with the rest of you who find it convenient to overlook the above names.
I feel so sorry for the deniers.
Parents stop pimping your daughters!!!
Stop with the stories!!!! Hate seeing another BLACK man possibly end up in prison, but HE IS presumed innocent, and has to be PROVEN GUILTY!!!! SMH
At this point let the courts DO their job move on no need to keep beating a dead horse
Man all these stories are going to come to light at court this week!! All those liars said they didn't get paid from Lifetime & they did!! They all did their jobs correctly for TV!! More lies than a lil bit was told but all will come to a head to soon!! Money is the root of all this mess!! Pay attention!! PERIOD!!😂😂😂😂
Where is aunt becky them mug shots at..?? When rkelly and other black celebs were arrested, their mug shots with blasted all over the media, but where is aunt becky's them mug shots... See yall ain't showing that huh..🙄🙄🙄👎🏿👎🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
It can't be used, you can't record people over the phone without permission and in some states it's a felony
Time to stop defending this man !
It don’t sound like R Kellys voice 👀
You wannabe judges who posted this smh. This won't be admissible in court someone needs to stop leaking things that only helps his case.
STILL trying to build a case in the media=no evidence.
Smh...and in other damn news....How about some positive news for a change? This is stalking his life at its worst and harassment!
I wish someone else would give these young woman a singing offer just to get TF away from him.
If I was R.Kelly Lawyers I would have all this information into this leak investigation thrown out, he will never have a fair trial at all SMDH
Both girls seem immature. RK didn’t do himself any favors by broadcasting his relationship with them.
Who cares.. the Devil creates a circus to distract us 🤦🏾‍♀️.. I need real news please
Back on RKelly its more news to report
Anyone can slice his voice In anything AUDIO, YOU WATCH IT DAILY!
She lied in the interview. Didn’t she say she isn’t interested in music?
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A Black conservative group is protesting Jussie Smollett's Image Awards nomination over his legal issues. But they're silent about Trump...

The one that he is still adamantly denying? Do they realize how easy it is to get indicted? Those don't mean guilt. Tis why they have something called a trial
No one striped him of his accomplishments🎤
WHY IS IT THAT IN 2019 PEOPLE CANNOT BE FOUND GUILTY FIRST BEFORE PEOPLE REACT TO ACCUSATIONS AND ALLEGATIONS? Jussie hasn’t be found guilty no matter what that police Chief says! Even if people assumes someone is guilty from R. Kelly to Michael Jackson stop reacting until the courts legally says they are guilty! MJ was found not guilty by a court of law but people have allowed two admitted liars and a one sided propaganda hit piece to override that verdict and their common sense and this man is dead! So before you react on certain people (but no others) STOP IT!
Tell black conservatives to sit down stfu and have a coke and a smile..
Lets talk about marching to the whitehouse and serving eviction papers. How about that!
Project 21? Wth? Never heard of this group of coons. How are you gonna represent anything if you can't deal with the truth? Who needs a friend like that? As far as I can see this group is worthless.
Wtf? This image award has nothing to do with Trump. Deflecting is what you do best.
Project 21 is a white think tank funded group which gets trotted out when white conservatives need a black puppet to do a tapdancing act. Check its board of directors. More white than a row of unseasoned chicken.
Propaganda will always sway a person’s thoughts. The fact: Smollett deserves his awards; regardless, of his reckless behavior. I’m certain he regrets his wrongdoings now. 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Trump has no crimes like him
Well Trump isn't getting a nomination for an image award. Y'all try to stir the pot too much
Was Trump also nominated for an NAACP Image Award too? 🤔
Well, didn't he lie and disgrace the memory of "our ancestors" by saying he was racially profiled and that a noose was placed around his neck? A noose that so many of our people "actually" hung from...and he used that symbolism for attention. F*** him
I would be against him getting an award until i remembered that child rapist who won an oscar for best movie producer. He wasn't there to accept the award because he left the country years before to avoid charges.
Trump is not being considered for an image award. So I don’t understand the correlation. DUH!🙄
What does trump have to do with any of this?
The NAACP & Jussie are a match made in heaven. It’s fitting they’d give him an award.
What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Jussie has achieved a lot.
Is Trump being nominated for an Image Award or something?
What is, is these that have a problem wants it for themselves and they are probably not good actors. Just need to sit your aspirin down and wait to he is found guilty. This is not important what is happening in the White House is. So go to DC and take the presidency away from 45.
WTH! Comparing Trump and Jussie is like comparing apples and oranges. The two are not the same at all.
Who listen to these idiots keep doing what you're doing
Did Trump receive an Image Award?
Do we even listen to them? I most certainly do not.
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Dallas prosecutors want to know the answer ahead of Amber Guyger's murder trial for killing Botham Jean in his own home on Sept. 6.

How is She allowed to leave the Country during a Murder Investigation? The Judge should have revoked her Passporttill the Trail was over!
Hell she has had plenty of "Free" time to go around the freaking world 🤨 and live her best Murderous life!😡 I wouldn't be surprised if she has learned how to ski, speak 3 different languages, had 6 clog dancing lessons, mastered the hula dance, taught how to make fufu from village natives and planted a freaking flag on the highest damn mountain!!!!🤬🤬🤬
This is the reason that Kap kneels.
First of all why isn’t she wearing an ankle bracelet to monitor her movement second why haven’t her bail been revoked due too leaving the state of Texas and the country see the problem she think she is privileged because was a police officer now she needs to be brought back to reality!!!
White privileged murderer!!!
Cop just got off for shooting a man with his hands up and laying on the ground.. she will walk just as easily
Count your days Amber...we are on your ass🎯
We all know she is getting off
Murderer. That's white privilege for you
This is some real 🤬BULlSHIT! The American just-us system shame on you!!!! The world is watching. Give this mans family justice. #justiceforbothamjean
I don’t feel good about this case. I feel like she is being set up to get off. So unfair!
She could get plenty of rest in a jail cell
Why wasn't her passport surrendered?
Dylan Roof got to eat at Burger King for free after killing 9 people in church,so why be surprised now?
Well now you know her supporters will say that she's going through alot and needed to clear her mind
They should have wacked that killer when she touched down over there
I wonder if it would be a stretch to think that she was paid to kill him? Every possible scenario need to be explored!
For her sanity....she probably had to get away from everything...
During her paid ‘administrative leave’ vacation!!!😡😡
Where is She? Messy Media Do Your Job!! Blood Hunt Her Down!!
Why didn't she take that cruise ship to st Lucia? I'm sure the people waiting for her there ...
Well she’s definitely not going to jail..she was sleepy you remember, she entered the wrong apartment.
She might as well.. She ain't going to jail
Just drop the charges. They know she ain't going to jail anyway.
I believe she will go to jail. She is soooo guilty, and the evidence pretty much speaks for itself. Hope she fries
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Trinity Love Jones' body was found in a duffel bag.

I knew it...when this child was not reported missing and the police has to use a drawing to identify who she was...I said to myself, "if the mother is alive, she had something to do with it!"
Burn in hell
The mother needs to go to jail too she is not innocent she's playing the part she don't know anything a old game
Has she said whyyyyy,??
Rest In Heaven Beautiful Angel❤
I have no words for this. 💔💔💔
This is horrible that it happened to this child. No child should live and die the way she did. Why was the mother with him knowing his background? Where was the girl’s father? Did anybody care about the girl’s welfare when they were homeless? I guess there are a lot of things that I just don’t understand.
How do you kill your own child. Its a special place in hell for ppl like this.
Have Mercy Mother against Daughter so prophetic. However sad but this girl isn't crying she running and playing. Believe it ..7 ways after death to life for the Believer,,, 7 ways after death of death for the's written in your Bible....
Very sad
Dumbass bitch!
Put her down right next to him!!! Putrid beings!!! RIP beautiful baby girl 😭💔😘 you are now in heaven where you will be loved and cherished for eternity 🌹
She might as well kill herself now. They are going to tear her ass up in prison.
Im so upset that a mother would betray her child and not protect her. Cast her in a suitcase like trash. Unthinkable! RIH baby girl.
Dry Rot
Give her the death penalty
That Bitch she is not a mother she deserves what she gets, my prays goes out to the family of the little girl we know she is at piece now rest little one
Stupid ass bitch just kill both of them cause I heard about it on the news so sad