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Joe Biden raised eyebrows for giving a speech that may have helped a Republican congressman win re-election in 2018...

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Erykah Badu is denying she was asked to be in "Surviving R. Kelly."

She is defending him because he probably got her yams 🤷🏿‍♂️
What makes her think her demand means anything to anyone??
Sometimes you just have to admit you're wrong and apologize.
Don't ruin your career f'n with R. Kelly.
Wednesday Jones I agree with you.
Oh. Sis.. just stop. This generation cares nothing about cancelling you.
She had the right just I Iike anyone does to ask for an apology
You mother fckers need to know....and on that note #teamKelly
Go burn some incense with your dumb ass.
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This is a heartbreaking story. We truly hope Crystal Mason is released sooner than later.

The struggle continues!
It's Texas everything is big in Texas but GOD IS bigger 🙏🙌🙏🙏🙏
Its TEXAS..............
Racist ass Texas 🖕🏿
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This is heartbreaking that so many people are being forced to suffer under Trump's government shutdown.

It is sad but while people didn't vote because they didn't like Hillary, how you like her now.
Is this circulating in the white peoples news too because they are indeed the majority of the population who are currently receiving food stamps. Now on to what I am hearing in the black community; folks house purchase closings schedules are on hold because government funds are on hold as a result of this shutdown.
They need to stop playing and open the Government. This is beginning to look like senior citizen grade school BS! How can we take any of this serious if she is on Vaca??????? I call BS! The American people are being played on both sides.
They need to open the government and if Trump is so positive the people want the wall, then take it out of the politicians hand bring it up for a vote and let the people decide if the wall goes up or not.
So what grown ass people shouldn't be dependent on foodstamps anyway
And to think polosi sunned herself in Hawaii and Puerto Rico while the president remained in Washington. On our dime I might add.
The Trump Shutdown of our federal government must be ended!
I bet folks don’t realize government workers didn’t get paid for the 2013 shutdown...they had to file a lawsuit in which they won but yet still haven’t gotten paid
I wonder what his supporters are going to do and say now. Most of the people that voted for him are on food stamps and government assistance
Depend on the government and worse can happen than losing food stamps
I'mma put a boot up his ass
Welcome to the plantation.
Them MAGA Klan Klowns about to go crazy.
Red States, still winning.....NOT!!!
What's his base going to do?
5 years ago they were for the wall. That's the only thing that they're holding out in. They all need to go.
Bet this dumb looking over weight swine won't miss several meals.
Here in Michigan they knew that was coming..... they gave snap recipients February benefits this month.
This is so true!!! Trump doesn’t care. He has his on personal agenda “Clearly, Trump does not care and his only focus is his racist border wall, which has resulted in the longest government shutdown in our nation’s history. Trump has no ability to negotiate in any capacity and has even threatened the government could be shut down “months or even years.”
Oh my another senseless mass shooting today.We have got to do something about these animals committing these atrocities.And they are not coming from foreign countries seeking asylum.The majority of these murderers are home grown white terrorist!
& the religious march for unborn Children SMH/the snap program is for Children,Elderly& disable. SO Be a grown ass & STFU TROLL RAT DAVID ROSS⬇️
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Twitter wants equal media attention for a group of Black children as white Covington H.S. students received after they were accused of mocking a Native American man.

THEY WERE NOT PART OF THE "WHEELS UP, GUNS DOWN" They were protesting their homes being torn down in Liberty Square. Damn shame NEWSONE can't verify their information before putting the story out there. If you watch the video you can see the signs and if you go to a reputable local station down here in South Florida like Local 10 News, you can see the video and watch the press conference they had. Get it together NEWSONE
…..don't hold your breath. #Don't
Read this article. Better yet, read OTHER articles and watch the video. NO excuse for the guy holding a gun and threatening people. He was arrested. Hopefully he will do some real time. The woman claims someone ran over her foot. Cussing and racial slurs on both sides. As for the "Wheels up, Guns down" ride........ this is a good example of the problems. Miami - No permit. Dangerous driving of ATVs (illegal on streets), popping wheelies, etc. 33 illegal ATVs and dirt bikes seized. 11 people arrested - 9 for felonies. 3 guns seized. Broward County - 11 arrests, 13 illegal ATVs and dirt bikes seized. 3 guns seized.
Those teens didn't want this attention. Stop being childish! Why wasn't the story focused on the black Israelite group that was causing the trouble?
The guy is in jail. Why did you leave out how the view felt about the fake story? Their opinion seems to matter to you. Or does it not matter when Megan isn't involved?
Call HER out as well!!! White woman potentially causing an innocent brown skinned youth to be shot dead....#EmmettTill.
So Twitter wants equal media attention (negative) because white kids got their feelings hurt as the blatant disrespect those same little shits showed to elders who were there to help gain peace? Foh.
Biggest distraction. 45s will only gain from this publicity stunt.
White man's media they protect their own at else if you have the root of all evil and y'all know them people have a lot of it because they're the only ones who send their children away from them.
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HBCUs could be instrumental at helping Sen. Kamala Harris go deep into the 2020 Democratic presidential primary...

The American DOS community can't afford to vote for another empty suit, mulatto, politician who's trying to run that same 'rising tides lifts all boats' con on them. That ideology didn't work out for us when empty suit Obama was potus & it's not going to work if Kamala wins.
Democrats must want trump to win again 🙄
Black people bout to get hood winked by another non American mullato
Until they see her record on crime in California...
Her record is horrible! 😒
Nah..blacks are a little more politically educated this time. You cant get us on identity politics this go round. We gone check those policies in Cali real close.
What is wrong about supporting the police. All police are not bad.
So what about her being pro-cop?
She's not getting our vote..... FOH
All of a sudden im running 2020 oh yeah i forgot to tell yall i went to a hbcu let get yall votes foh
No thanks....check out her record
Any black person that supports her needs their head examined.
I see people wising up to the game despite all the black sites constantly posting clouds and rainbow stories. But I still see uneducated people on my timeline like #ImWithHer
Stop playing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
From what I hear don't count on it.
No vote because of her record
Say that💪🏾hoodwink
Here we go with the lesser of two evils bullshit.i just want to know who's lives were improved by handing over their money and votes to people who run one of the largest criminal corporations.
Just vote instead of sorting on your asses!
Negative. Don’t count on it.
Why? Because she's black? Her track record is white asf!!!
LMAO! What's next nursing homes and homeless shelters! LoL!
Her job is to carry the African American vote over to Hillary Clinton. Then politely drop out.
Trump will win again.. Not the right choice
Shiiiiii...HBCU my @$$. What is she supposed to do for us, not THE NATION? Naw, her behind in line with everyone else. She does NOT automatically have my vote. Show and prove and I gotta research her background. Time will tell.
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Twitter users showed no mercy on a congressman who apparently forgot this nation’s history of slavery.

He didn't Forget Shit!
He can remember the confederate flag, but he doesn't remember slavery, what a joke
He may forgotten it but trust me the world hasn't. You cannot bury the truth.
Even democrats can screw up.🤦🏾‍♂️
Why y’all made? Black children are taught their history started with slavery. We need to mad about that!
JSMH, and he is part of our country's government. This is why our country is so divided now.
He is a pos
Even the people on our side (Democrat’s) want to erase the past as to what happened to us here in America’s....We need to guard our history and make our former slave master never erase from history what occurred. The Africans had the most difficult time after their arrival from the slave ships. The African slaves were in a completely foreign environment once arriving to the Americas with no ability to escape back to the African continent. They suffered the harshest treatment. Slaves were wiped until the flesh on their skin would fall off, they had to wear a tin-plate mask designed to prevent the slaves from eating the sugar-cane, the iron collar. Whipping was interrupted in order to pass a piece of hot wood on the buttocks of the victim; salt, pepper, lemon, cinders, aloes, and hot ashes were poured on the bleeding wounds. (James, 1963) Mutilations were common, limbs, ears, and sometimes the private parts, to deprive them of the pleasures which they could indulge in without expense. Arriving slaves had to watch pregnant slaves be cut open and have the fetus ripped out. Their masters poured burning wax on their arms and hands and shoulders, emptied the boiling cane sugar over their heads, burned them alive, roasted them on slow fires, filled them with gunpowder and blew them up with a match; buried them up to the neck and smeared their heads with sugar that the flies might devour them; fastened them near the nests of ants or wasps; made them eat their excrement, drink their urine, and lick the saliva of other slaves. One colonist was known in moments of anger to throw himself on his slaves and stick his teeth into their flesh. (James, 1963) When the hands and arms were tied to four posts on the ground, the slave was said to undergo "the four post," if the slave was tied to a ladder it was "the torture of the ladder"; if he was suspended by four limbs it was "the hammock," etc. Slave would have their arms and legs tied to a horse and split in four pieces. The pregnant woman was not spared her "four-post." A hole was dug in the earth to accommodate the unborn child.(White, Bay, Martin Jr., 2003) The torture of the collar was specially reserved for women who were suspected of abortion, and the collar never left their necks until they had produced a child. (James, 1963) The raping of women and children. (Moon, Merrill, 2004) The blowing up of a slave had its own name-"to burn a little powder in the arse of a negro" They put men and women inside barrels studded with spikes and rolled them down mountainsides. The slave master would work the slaves to death rather then wait for the offspring to grow up. Newly arriving slaves did not last more than 3 years. Of all the groups (Europeans, Africans, and Americans), the Africans had the most difficult time in transitioning to the new world. The Europeans were in control on their lives, the Native Americans could always move further south to avoid Europeans for years to come. The Africans had no way to escape the shackles of slavery. Sources: Stockwell, M. (2012). The American story: Perspectives and encounters to 1877. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. C. L. R. James, The Black Jacobins; Toussaint Louverture and the San Domingo Revolution.. 2d ed. New York: Vintage Books, 1963. Deborah Gray White, Mia Bay, and Waldo E. Martin, Jr., Freedom on My Mind: A History of African Americans (New York: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2013), 59. William M. Wiecek (1977). "the Statutory Law of Slavery and Race in the Thirteen Mainland Colonies of British America" 34 (2). The William and Mary Quarterly: 261. William J. Wood. "The Illegal Beginning of American Negro Slavery," American Bar Association Journal, January 1970. Moon, Dannell, "Slavery", article in Encyclopedia of rape, Merril D. Smith (Ed.), Greenwood Publishing Group, 2004
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Nick Sandmann is getting the white privilege pass, courtesy of the "Today Show."

They don't tolerate racism but Blackface for school spirit is okay. #GTFOH
But the boy is still getting privilege. I'd like to see him interviewed by Roland Martin. 😁
When kaepernick took a knee to protest police brutality, trump blasted him for disrespecting vets who’s kicking a vet to the curb now 😡😡
This is disgusting. White privilege is real.
White supremacist cover white supremacist. Simple!!!
There are more videos of these same group of kids saying "It's not rape if you like it!" Actually Elder Phillips should of let the two groups clash. They don’t want peace! No good deed goes unpunished. Native Americans stop dealing with these fork tongue people.. remember who they are descendants of.
Karma going to get him and all his devil worshipping friends no matter what
Fu** the today show,tonight show , late show and good morning America when do they speak for anybody but the establishment
Y'all wont stand behind R Kelley he's guilty before proven innocent but the good white people make sure their boys straight. Bad part is it's on camera but yet they said it's not what we see
It's disgraceful they are not completely innocent first of all they are there representing a religious school why in the hell do they have on a political hat the church and state suppose to be separate so if that's the case which it is that's why churches don't have to pay taxes IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE SEPARATE..why would the adults allow them to wear and make a " political" stance?
Yeah I seen it I’m like really always make the white kids to look like angels
They’re say absolutely NOTHING about this same school dressing in black face when playing a Black basketball team tho?? Prior to this “ standoff.” Bye with your white washing. 😐😡
They stay on code. While blacks are busy tearing each other down.
Look at his expressions or lack of expression. Manchurian candidate. Most likely to be president or a School shooter.
Isn't that the same network that hired Megan Kelly
Typical rightwing in the way they twist things. So now they're blaming it on Black Israelites, who were taunting the teens. So what that they were insulting the teens. Those maga hats represent the same bigotry as a klan hood, or having the confederate flag. So yes, good for those that insulted the teens. It's what they represent, by wearing those maga hats. That's the bottom line.
I Turn The Channel When I Saw Him Not Wearing His Red MAGA Hat!! What A Bullshit Interview
I dont understand why the Natives arent speaking out about this?
Punk azz future racist.. U wanna make America great again ?! Give it back to the Moors and The Indians !!!that will make it GREAT !!
Saw this coming... He's just misunderstood, my ass
Covington HS phone # 859-491-2247 Archdiocese of Covington 859-392-1500 At this time, no one wants to and we the phones. The web site for the school has been taken down
Doing nothing wrong doesn't need a pass. Wonder what drives the negative comments about this kid even after more facts are known now?
Facebook/CovCath Twitter/ Covcathcolonels Website is down. Hmmm.... 🤔
Chaparones should have laid the Native American out for approaching the teens the way he did.
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Rough times for Wendy Williams...

Everyone knows God doesn't like ugly, so while she was on the show talking smack and putting women down, karma made it's way to her house. When she went in and judged NeNe and Greg I was done with her. Wendy thought she was living in a glass house where all was perfect. She talked shit about Evelyn off Basketball Wives and she checked her. She told her instead of being up in her business she should check big Kevin because the boots he got from her were not Wendy's size.
I think it might have more to do with her husband than Graves’ disease
I don't wish pain on anyone. But Karna can be a evil witch.
Why should anyone be combative with each other, all have flaws and sinned, wishing her the best! Graves’ disease is serious, self medicating adds to the disease process! A break sounds like a good idea! Wishing she and her family the best!
Retire #wendywilliams , just retire.
That baby was just too much for her to handle...
Stop Bashing Wendy. God Loves you Wendy. He will work it out. His way. Keep your faith up Wendy!
Don't forget she's an black women
Graves disease is a thyroid condition that thousands of people have. My family member has graves and I have a thyroid condition as well. It can make you very I'll but is usually not hospitalized. It require frequent blood test and possible removing your thyroid which if at all is a day most are given a radiation pill to kill it out. Maybe something else is going on with Wendy but maybe leaving the show is what's best at this time.
She taking a break.. Divorce and mix with public shaming.. Then the Grays disease I think she got... Wendy never wear Timbs again.. Can't get them huge thing's out my mind.. Anyway get better.. Life hits us hard no one is immune...
Hopefully she gets cancelled
Who cares the show suck and she's a idiot
Karma is a Bitch
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White teenagers in D.C. wearing MAGA hats and being disrespectful -- like Nick Sandmann -- has been happening for awhile. Clay Cane wrote about this nearly a year ago.

Just talked about those hats you only see them where tourist are in DC never in the neighborhoods
Watch the full video and quit spoon feeding your page followers your hatred for people simply due to their skin color. That’s called racism...
You can't spell HATRED without red hat!
White people have gotten beside themselves lately, it will take serious retaliation before they get the picture and sit themselves down!
...endure? ...a hat? u go 2 far
That was the first wrong and they knew it. They were looking for trouble
Teenagers probably think it is patriotic to wear a MAGA hat. I am patriotic and would never wear a MAGA hat!
Ok let's for get about the back and forth and put this in perspective your on a high school field trip and if you noticed majority of all the kids had on mega hats and sweaters supposedly they arguing with black Israelites and if you have seen the black Israelites in videos things can get out of hand and these are white privilege kids that are really just followers cause if you wear that hat knowing that the president himself spewing hatred and bigotry on a daily basis so the consequences that follow are to be expected cause honestly I don't want to hear I'm not a racist from no trump supporter cause I will never stand with someone that says the things that trump says
Da real.
If you have to pay to get in the museum they're not too bright.
Stop lying.
IF the author of this article is accurate in his depiction, then I would say that the white kids were disrespectful and hopefully the chaperones will address that. Not destructive, though, thank God I would also suggest that if the author is so sensitive as to be bothered by the MAGA caps, perhaps he should join the military to toughen up. I mean....... get a grip. Perhaps the White kids could go to an inner city, predominately Black school and learn the proper way to act from those kids..............
Millions of Pink people raising terrorists. Terrorist that attend schools like Covington. An example of schools like the ones in Iran that teach children to hate and kill! “FBI's warning of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement nearly forgotten” FBI said white men are the biggest terrorist treat in America. And white men keep providing proof it. “White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners.” Thank “Since Trump took office, more Americans have been killed by white American men with no connection to Islam than by Muslim terrorists or foreigners.” “Radical Islamic terrorists inspired or directed by groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda do pose a clear threat to the US. There is no question about that. Before last night’s deadly shooting in Las Vegas, the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history occurred in June 2016 when an ISIS-inspired man opened fire in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 people and wounding 53.” “Majority of mass shootings carried out by white men” “This racist media narrative around mass violence falls apart with the Charleston church shooting.” "Third white terrorist arrested in less than a week; White Americans: 3, Muslims: 0" Ex-convict and white supremacist Benjamin McDowell, 28, was arrested after buying a handgun and ammunition from an FBI agent for $109. McDowell had complained on facebook that fellow white supremacists were all talk and no action: "All they wanne (sic) do is stay loaded on drugs the Jews put here to destroy white man and they feast on the drugs. they should be Feasting on the enemy that stole their Heritage and their bloodline" he wrote, also citing Dylan Roof, the white mass murderer sentenced to death for the murder of a group of black churchgoers. "Opinion: Three White Terrorist Arrests In One Week – Where’s Trump Outrage? By Rmuse on Tue, Feb 21st, 2017 at 7:07 pm" "The response from the Trump administration to the dangers from homegrown white terrorists, or the arrest of three in one week, is non-existent." “The greatest terrorist threat is the one we rarely talk about”
White teenagers minding there own were accosted by racist black wanna be Jews.
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Nick Sandmann and the Covington Catholic High School MAGA hat boys are getting the second chance that Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice never got, writes David J. Dennis Jr.

MAGA Klan and the Klown.
Young racist in training
It’s amazing how people want to ignore the fact that a MAGA hat is a symbol of hate just like a swastika and the confederate flag. That being said, confrontation is inevitable with people who push back on these symbols of Hate and an are watching its progenitor abuse, disregard, marginalize tax payers, citizens and veterans. Enough. This behavior is being taught, endorsed and apparently rewarded. Life is alright in Amerikkka, if you are White in America. That’s all.
If they hadn't wore those racist maga hat no one would of pay them any attention like the invisible boys they know exactly what was going to happen🖕🏿them devil worshippers
You can't spell HATRED without red hat!
Trayvon tried to stand his ground...... he never got consideration of this magnitude. He can’t be invited to the White House. He’s dead.
White privilege we already know this but they don’t want to about them at the game in black face.....they being taught racism but it’s definitely going to backfire on them
It must be nice to have the funds to hire a PR firm when you are a junior in high school!
The real Lone Ranger ( Bass Reeves)
It was all planned by the adults at the so-called Catholic school.
This is their way of improving his chances of getting into the University of his CHOICE.
I want this smug little shit's picture to stop showing up in my feed. His 15 minutes are OVER!
As video after video has demonstrated. They need to find a seat... in fact a few seats and sit down.
We already know. If he had a right to stand there so did the elder
This wasn't their first racist, hateful rodeo!
I wish him and his friends all that is deserved to them and may the people and universe make it so!
Oldest fossils found in the Amerikkkas and was taking back to Ethiopia 🇪🇹
Main stream news is doing some serious back tracking. There was a lot more involved. Now there will be law suits. Not ever exceptable in my mind to do what happened here to anyone. Get all the facts before jumping to conclusions. Keep in mind this blog originates in Pakastan. Take time out and read Moa's book on gorilla warfare. His ideas work Very interesting
The story is pure propaganda filled with debunked lies
They need to apologize to da elder gentleman...dats what our president should tell them when he meets wit dem
Covington HS phone # 859-491-2247 Archdiocese of Covington 859-392-1500 At this time, no one wants to and we the phones. The web site for the school has been taken down
Found this on another thread. So sad and true!😢
I’m not sure we have gotten the whole story yet, where the chaperones?
They are no devil's either . We don't know them . They are in high school
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Italy actually convicted a right-wing politician over his racist comments about a Black lawmaker...

Listen up America , finally away to end racism in America , lock their azzes up..I like this..
I was treated well in Italy!! Want to go back.
We damn near have to wake up, ready for battle. Stay vigilant and aware of your surrounding. I go nowhere without my pepper spray and taser. While they're begging for this boarder wall, I'm watching them. This president has really emboldened all this hatred. Shit I taught my now grown children, to treat everybody the way they wanna be treated, because I was raised that why. Now I'm telling grandsons something different. Because the atmosphere is changing. My great grandmother and grandmother told me lot's of stories like this. I can't believe here in 2019 it seems like each day, we're going a little further back in time. Stay on guard my people.
Well done Italy it's a good start.👍😎
Can Trump move there!?
This, among other things, is why Castro was so hated. He came down hard on those trying to treat Black people like second class citizens in Cuba.
As they should. Good job Italy!!
In that case, 95% of their soccer fans should be locked up.
Slippery slope...Freedom of speech is still required for this government to work...You can't look to control what people think about you..Only what they do to you..What happens when it's reversed and they say black people can't call wypo crackers and jails someone...
I guess the USA can learn a few things from Italy. 🤗
Stay strong sister. May God protect her and may she prevail over them
I lived in Italy as a teen. The most friendliness and kind ppl in the world in my opinion. I didn't want to come back here. My parents told me I had no choice. You can knock on your italian neighbor door during lunch and be fed. They are ppl of color.
Slippery slope. Not a crime to be racist.
That's interesting given the growing popularity of right wing politics and white supremacy all across europe over the past few years.
In some parts of Africa if you utter the N word the penalty is imprisonment.
I totally agree it should be against the law to discriminate against anybody anywhere
Better enjoy it while you racist ppl can because it's going to end
If that truly happened here today you would never see another post from this page. They would be locked up
Yes! Definitely lock them up in Guantánamo Cuba 🙂
Definitely don't want to live in a country that criminalizes you for speech. You wanna end up like Saudi Arabia?
Way to Italy...but, is there ONE place we as a people can be left alone in peace?? I mean seriously? Do they ever get tired of being stupid as hell?
Theyre going to need bigger jails.
We need those laws here in America!!!
......thumbs ups Italy, if defamation of character became National law, our courts would be tied up for eternity and the brothers could come home.........1Love!
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Shaun King was in a serious media firestorm last week.

You adult up and apologize and it is not accepted; get in your car and put that person in your rear view mirror.
Clarissa Brooks reported false info on Shaun King, and then refused to apologize. He apologizes to her and she refuses to accept? Not a good look Clarrissa Brooks. Check yourself lady.
Since when did legally defending yourself from slanderous lies become a bully tactic of intimidation? And what kind of mental gymnastics does this lady have to do in order to trick herself into thinking that she has the moral high ground? She seems like an angry, bitter and sad individual. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Why did he apologize? She reported false facts about him.
So she accused him of theft, but he had to apologize?
To show just who he really is...the bigger person. I'm still with ya Shaun!
She needs to grow up. He didn't have to apologize just like she didn't have to spread false information.
Let her be bitter. Shaun King did what he was supposed to do. And that's all you can do.
He took the high road, let her rot in her own ignorance.
You apologized for the lie she told about shouldn't have apologized cuz there was nothing to apologize for. Forget her!
He's being the bigger man. She was dead wrong.
Did she ever apologize for her shit 😂
What exactly did he do wrong? I read his apology, but it sounds as if he thinks he did something wrong. If this woman is spreading lies, then she doesn’t deserve an apology.
I do not understand why he apologized, but respect his decision to do so. He had every right to defend himself. She should have thought about the consequences before she falsely accused him of wrong doing. #teamshaun
Shaun king I am proud of you keep moving
Talcum X is nothing but a black pain peddler. Listening to him you'd think all that happened to black folks was bad. Never report anything positive. 👎👎 I'm good on Lames Baldwin
You never apologize when you’re not wrong! He shouldn’t have even done that. Lesson learned for him now.
She should grow up.
He had nothing to apologize for!!! She attacked him falsely on social media and he responded on social media to her false claims.
This is a perfect example of when someone sets out to go viral by creating a rumor and it backfires.
Y'all know where this comes from though? This belief that's caught on in the Black community that BW can do NO wrong and are completely above reproach. Many in true form of my first sentence will attack this comment but it'll only prove my point further. It's taken root that even when wrong as the devil, BW should NEVER be called on the carpet for ANYTHING NO MATTER WHAT. Sadly many who do call for such accountability are often shamed into silence with accusations of "hating BW, being misogynistic, or cowardly or having mummy issues". All ridiculously asinine claims to avoid responsibility at all costs. By no means is this all BW, but it's way too dam many. As a community we need to stop enabling this destructive behavior or we can expect to see even worse examples of it than this. NEWSFLASH! Enabling destructive behaviors among our women AINT love but quite the opposite.
I get why he may want to aoplogize , some people are like that they just want peace it's like look I don't wanna fight with you I'm sorry for whatever..
So you throw stones then get mad when are forced to be held accountable for your you play the “transgender community” card! How about playing the tell the truth and mind your own business before you get the attention you deserve!
Shaun king you were the bigger person and a bigger man to say i want to aplogize. Now if she cannot accept it. Leave her where she stands in your rearview mirror.
Shake the dust off your feet and keep it moving! You did your part
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Taraji P. Henson is getting tons of backlash.

Why? Are they both not accused of “sexual assault”? So why come for her?
We black people need to stop making others black people feel a certain type a way or try to destroy them just because we don’t agree. It okay not to agree but it’s not okay to destroy soneone over one comment or opinion .we already have the white communities doing that💯. Let’s try to solve our problem without being crabs 🦀
He was raping 15 16 year old girls tho yes Harvey is awful also take them both to prison
Taraji is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! She's not defending Kellz, just like me, she's saying why we can't KTSE for ALL abusers!! Yes, Weinstein was replaced in his company, BUT, he's still collecting millions!! Keep in mind, The Upside was a Harvey Weinstein produced film😒☕ Also, Dr. Dre beat Tairrie B, Dee Barnes, & Miche'le & NO ONE has muted him yet😒☕
1. You can’t justify the questionable acts of an individual because others have done the same and haven’t received the same scrutiny. 2. You can’t justify the questionable acts of an individual because they’ve been getting away with it for 30 years. 3. You can’t justify the questionable acts of an individual because your a fan of their work. Wrong is wrong. I’m not supporting him anymore but it’s ok if you still want to. Problem is, saying they did it too, makes you sound like a preschool child. I can respect it more, if you just say you don’t care what he did.
I hope she stands her ground. I’m standing with her.
Why do people pay so much attention to the babbling of entertainers...They are not community leaders..They are simply artist...Nothing more..Fault yourselves for giving AF... That's your generations biggest issue...
Is this a made up story? Cause she's not wrong. So who's angry?
Dont Say Anything to Taraji, She Has A Right to Her Own Opinions!!! People are just going after Our People, not the Harvey Weinstein's, not the Kevin Spacey's, not the Roman Polanski 's - He is Still in Hiding in Another Country!!! But an over 80 year old that might have been tricked!!! Unfortunately R. Kelly has Been Tried Before. That Lifestyle is Illegal Here in the U. S. but Like Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis their Wives Needed A Parent's Signature to Get Married. I dont Wish any 23, 26, or 30 year olds to be held Against Their Will, BUT, you cant Do "Double Jeopardy"!!! On top of that you got a Dancer Looking For Money from a Phenomenal Artist. He made His Transition - Rest in Peace. The Court Case Was Done, where were You??? Trying To Stir Up Trouble???
Wow! Stop taking up for people that rape children! So, if your daughter or son come to you and tell you that your best friend, daddy, brother, sister or r.kelly molested them. Who you going to believe?! Sounds like to me you wouldn’t believe the child! That’s sick. There’s a lot of rape and incest happening in this world. Keep that in mind when you choosing sides! In most cases people gut feelings are telling them the child is telling them the truth. But the person they told choose to ignore the child to protect the molester! That’s sick!
Not sure what Taraji is getting at but... Being mad that white sexual predators aren’t being “muted” like Black ones is not a hill to die on.
People can feel however they want... accept it and move on. What now .... start a movement against Taraji now??? Give it a break already!
This is the problem now we’re dictated who to be mad at. If Taraji asks why Harvey isn’t getting that same energy then she’s deflecting.
I think she could be referring to films produced by Weinstein. Mute meaning let’s stop playing and watching those films or shows. Similar to music not only performed by RKelly but music he wrote or produced for others. Nonetheless, the acts committed by both speaks to larger issues within our society.
Keep speaking truth to power Taraji.
Shit one could say R.Kelly is even worse. Weinstein is a creep but he ain’t a pedophile. Idk why ppl are even mad 🤷🏾‍♂️
Hugh Heifner. He did girls as young as 14.
I like Taraji and she has the right like all other free Americans, to have her own opinion. When we can't have our own individual mindsets! We will officially become slaves.
Nothing about mutting Weinstein he still getting paid
Why both are sexual menaces to society
Both they are both sexual assaulters. So I don't get it.
Hang in thete thr trutj will set you free
Why, She's just saying what everyone is saying or thinking in the industry !!!??? 👏👏👏👏
It's all the same Wrong is wrong...
Why? From what I read R. Kelly is worse
NewsOne1 day ago

Chris Brown was being held by police in France.

He owns the masters to ALL his recordings. comes the bullshit!
So will they post the young lady admitted she lied as fast as they ran with this story he was cleared of all charges!!
Stop sharing negative News on just Black people
And she lied! She should be arrested and charged!
I hope he sues her!
The new male movement against false accusations...#thisBitchLyin
He is a walking target wherever he goes
He was released without bail, next
Well, they need to arrest her too if it true. Don’t play with such a serious matter.
Just released free to leave France.
That’s probably not the correct verbiage to use when you’re accused of rape.
Now the world is well aware that black celebrities are susceptible to sexual misconduct so they will make the most it. With maximum support from the black community of course!!!!
Man fuck dat dude!!! Wat the government doing with all dis $$$ they got tied up bout a damn wall
Chris brown was released on all charges !!!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Leave it alone. They alrwdy saying that, she said it never happened 🙄🙄. Go find R kelly instead
He has already been released and is free to leave the country!
He's been released and headed back! Apparently another false claim
That doesn’t help...get a great international lawyer and shut up.
I mean his response doesn’t help his credibility. Sigh. Come on man!
They are all LYING 99.9999% of the times 😡 👎👎.
Oh really, let's wait for the full report. I'm sure she has already been given a big check. He made bail. But took his passport.
That title, is superstitious!!
In Chris Brown's own words "These hoes ain't loyal"
So those who said he was guilty did you retract your statement? See how fast a lie can spread.
NewsOne1 day ago

Sounds about right.

Wait he didn’t even invite the black guy from the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee to the White House.
A MAGABILLY from Klantucky will meet The Grand Wizard.
Why doesn't he invite the Vietnam Vet too so they can all have a sit-down?
There is absolutely no honor in the White House.
If I could afford to move I would leave this s'hole country until that mf is out of office. What a disgrace.
If we could have bet on this, it would have been a sure bet. Sounds about white.
So wait he ain't even gonna apologize to the Central Park 5? Weren't they innocent boys as well? What the hell is wrong with this man?
Where was the invite for James Shaw Jr., The waffle house hero. You know, the Bl... nevermind Not even a phone call, a fax...a cheeseburger... nothing!!
Should be inviting government workers effected by the shutdown for discussions on how he’s supposedly “working” on their behalf. But that’s his problem, he likes bringing together his clan of cheerleaders to make his childhood ego feel objectively relevant.
Anyone who wears this hat should shit in it and pull it down over their heads.
Typical Trump move, embracing ignorance.
Just sad. He just continues to divide this country and not give two fucks about it. Smh... just beyond sad.
...but he won't pay government employees affected by the shut down...
Steak & lobster for this boy 🙄
When Karma catch their @$$ We'll See 👀 who will be laughing last...Soooo Disrespectful.....Who are their parents.... And they're in a Catholic school..... They need to be focused on not getting molested by one of the priest....IJS....SO SAD...... 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔 😔
Of course he would!! #RacistAzzPresident
For what Burgers 🍔 and fries 🍟
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. Anyone that lines up with him and his views.
Elections have consequences. Where were we in November 2016?
Final thing about this joker. The DD214 has been secured. Nathan Phillips aka Nathan Stanard was a refrigerator mechanic in the Marine Corps Reserves who went AWOL twice, and was confined to the brig and kicked out of the Marines as an E1 - Private in El Toro, CA after spending most of his USMC Reserve service in Lincoln, NE, and never left the States. He was NOT a Recon Ranger (whatever the f*ck that is) which he is directly quoted as claiming. He also never went to Vietnam, even though he never corrected multiple major news outlets when they inferred that from his statements, and subsequently reported that he fought in Vietnam.
For more burgers or what?? Cold bologna sandwiches on Wonder bread with miracle whip on cheap paper plates??
Chump is fueling the fire! Stay out of it!
Of course he is...he did say he loves the uninformed voter. In this case FUTURE uninformed voters.
Wrong many to choose from.he should invite the native American also to sit down,but knowing him it would be about him
I highly recommend drive-thru at your favorite fast food restaurant before you go. Everybody knows fries don’t keep beyond five minutes.
NewsOne1 day ago

A viral video shows a gun-wielding white man yelling racial slurs at a group of Black teens...

He did not roll over her foot.
no one did that shyt when I was a kid for some reason ....uhm...or another
he's in jail and has been charged.i seen it posted somewhere else.
I'm sure everyone knows who this thug is by now.
Hope some brother caps his ass.
45AmericaRacism. Why did he get out of his car with a gun?! Lock his a&&UP!
When will idiots learn.
UNE Avorter B Hardiment C Malédiction ré Domination E Élévation F Pour g Guidage H Helly je Inventions J Mettre en péril K Connaissance L De premier plan M Mission N Nourrir O Plus de P La pauvreté Q Rapide R Élevage S Plaies T Résiliation U Sous V Divers W Mauvais comme X La xénophobie sur Y Jeunes enfants à venir dans Z Zillions
Welcome to the amerikkka that trump brought to the forefront, the real amerikkka, amerikkka the ugly.
NewsOne1 day ago

A Black teenager demands justice in a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the police...

I remember this case..this was down here in Miami..I hope he wins
Ain't nobody caring about that bullshit....he need to open the government period!!
Hope he get paid!!
Albinisme Né et fier albinos L'albinisme n'est pas une race, donc je n'ai pas besoin de racisme L'albinisme est dans toutes les régions L'albinisme est dans toutes les religions Est dans toutes les tribus sur tous les continents Donne moi la liberté Laissez-moi chanter avec vous pour le royaume de Dieu Ne pas vivre ma vie dans l'ennui Lemme vit et se manifeste dans le rêve de Martin Luther King Jr Laisse-moi vivre une vie qui compte pas une vie en prison Donc, je n'ai pas besoin de système de vie en cage Laissez tous les faux mythes être un médicament de chance "Dieu a créé l'homme à son image, signifiant que son visage est le mien" Je suis un homme comme toi Je suis une femme comme toi Je suis un frère, un fils, un père, un grand-père, un cousin comme toi Je suis une soeur, mère, fille, grand-mère, cousine comme toi N'est pas coupé d'un tissu différent que vous Donc rien d'ancien ou de nouveau Lemme vivre libre et à travers Je me demande comment vous vous sentiriez si vous trouviez Dieu / Allah vit dans l'albinisme ...? Bien que Pensez-y Avant de déchirer mes organes sexuels alors que je suis encore en vie, pensez à la douleur que j'endure Demandez-vous, si c'était vous, si vous aimeriez Albinisme L'albinisme est un être humain comme tout le monde Les lézards ne respirent pas toujours entre les mailles du filet Malade et fatiguée de vivre dans les coulisses Peur de perdre une vie, je vis enfermé dans 4 murs J'ai besoin d'éducation et de soins de santé, l'amour et l'appréciation ne peuvent pas souffrir de dépression grave Ceci est 4 murs punition corporelle de non violence contre lois Je suis belle sexy j'ai besoin d'amour de ma vie Je suis un homme intelligent intellectuel courageux dont j'ai besoin pour avoir une belle femme Je suis un enfant, j'ai besoin de vivre avec d'autres enfants comme moi, alors je vis une vie normale L'albinisme n'est pas une malédiction Peu importe l'épaisseur de mes lèvres, je mérite un baiser Peu importe à quel point je suis différent de vous, je prie toujours la même prière que vous pour obtenir les bénédictions de Dieu. Je suis un albinos Je suis mosotho Indien Xhosa Anglais / homme blanc boer Latino Tout le reste tu sais Laisse-moi vivre comme toi et être un héros Ne peut pas vivre une vie de zéro Je suis une personne, donc je suis comme tout le monde. Je suis un musulman
Good, Miami-Dade County is Notorius for Locking up Innocent Blacks- Its time they pay for this heinous Practice!
NewsOne1 day ago

President Trump tops the list of the most tone-deaf and downright insulting moves on Martin Luther King Jr. Day...

This was a drive-by, not a visit, but it’s an eyelash better than playing golf like he did last year. Previous presidents have participated in community service on this holiday.
I guess Obama could have done this...but he didn't. "Trump Makes MLK Historic Site Historic National Park (Photos)"
No what topped it is we did not have a nationwide boycott, over police llynchings a boycott of all purchases for 24 hours on th holiday of the man who taught us the power of the boycott several times after the bus boycotts! Trump is simply doing what he always does , but in history , we insulted Dr King
Weird I didn’t see announcing your presidential bid on the list.
Correct your Jordan school article. Pathetic
Perhaps one should look at it this way............. IF Trump had telegraphed his attendance at the memorial, there would have been a security risk as a ton of protesters would have shown up and disrupted the wreath-laying. The focus should be on Dr. King. NOW........ I'm going to lay this out. ........... Has anyone read Dr.Walter E. William's latest article about why Blacks keep voting for the DEMS when the DEMs have done nothing to help the Blacks? Other than dis-incentivizing ("enslaving") an entire race with welfare. And for those who will bring out the "race" card.......... I feel the same about White people who chose welfare over education and a work ethic.
This fake ass shit
NewsOne1 day ago

Sen. Kamala Harris was asked how she identifies.

But y’all want her for president....check her history. All skin folk ain’t kin folk.
We've been down this road already with Barack Hussein Obama & it didn't work out for us. The Democratic Party is trotting out another one of their handpicked, raceless, mulattos who doesn't come from the same lineage as American DOS. It's not going to work this time!
So tired of Black folk who still look for a savior. Stop being a slave. We will be electing a president not a messiah.
She identifies with whatever crowd she's with at the time
Don't be fooled by this bedwench
Lol she's Tamil Indian and jamaican. That's not African American
So people are mad because her mother is Indian and father Jamaican? WOW! So incredibly sad. WTH does that matter?
She's a fraud check her record.
Democrats my ass, we need a new Party
She should identify as a perpetrator of crimes against humanity with her aggressive role in mass incarceration.
Here come all the crabs in the bucket to tear her down. Let the hate begin.
Where did she become African American? She's Jamaican and Indian
Another Obama, but don’t worry Kamala, the majority of blacks and others POC will gets behind you, because imagery is more important to us, than substances. Like many blacks and POC in the criminal justice system, in order to gain respect with the white supremacy system, blacks and others POC has to proved they’re down with the white supremacy criminal justice system, by helping to destroy those communities. 🤔 P.S. Liberalism 101
What difference does it make? She’s a woman and a person of color. Gheesh.
Her disclaimer as AA will portend policies she will enact to benefit AA. Zero. Just like Barack she will fail to address the systemic racism of america. At this point the primary qualifications a candidate needs is humanity to address americas sickness - racism, which is destroying it brick by brick. As far as qualifications give me a break, i could run the dam country, you can run the dam country. Look at the present insanity of 45. Only qualifications to have courage, compassion and intelligence to deal with americas arrogance and off its collision course.
And that’s why she would never get my vote, said that before she said this!!!!
This Sellout will never get my vote...... Ever!
We could all benefit from rejecting the colonizers' labels. Kamala Harris is a proud graduate of HU (that's Howard for our colorless visitors) and has the competency and tenacity to function as POTUS. And she's already become the first candidate to garner donations from all fifty states. Only a political neophyte would dismiss her candidacy.
We just throw our votes at anyone that makes us feel good inside.😂🤦🏽‍♂️
I don't understand what the fuss is about. My Fathers grandmother was full Cherokee and she took care of me. My moms grandmother is full Blackfoot. I consider myself a Black Native American is what my great grandmother called me . Soooo whats the fuss about SMDH
It's a sad state when a politician's race is the only characteristic one needs to garner votes. What about their policies? I WILL give it to Ms. Harris on her "proud American" response. Great way to shut down the idiocy of the press..
Didn't she separate parents from their kids, when they could not pay truancy fines?
Nobody is just American, even the native Americans can’t claim to be just American
She needs to go sit down somewhere. Next..
She is...a proud American, an AKA, a Black American, and a great candidate for POTUS. Now, let the attacks about my OPINION begin...
NewsOne1 day ago

Congrats to Regina King, Kendrick Lamar and many more! #OscarNoms #OscarNominations

I hope Regina wins!
No Cinematography/Best Picture nod for Beale Street? No director nod for Ryan Coogler/Black Panther?
I'm disappointed that The Hate That Gives wasn't nominated for anything, not to take anything from the black movies that were nominated, but I thought it was better than Beale St and Black Klansmen. It's so political
Can we get some black wins? Please and thank you!
Kendrick will win
Regina King is going to win for Best Supporting Actress.
Congratulations 🌹🌹🌹
NewsOne1 day ago

An unidentified woman claims she was assaulted by Chris Brown.

He was already cleared, she lied!!! google please!
When will you post that he is free and on his way home
Welp celebrities gotta be smart and leave the groupies alone
Sounds like another money making scheme at work.
As soon as he owns his music... Here they go with same playbook
Some of y’all are too quick to condemn while others are too quick to defend. How about we just wait and see what actually happened.
I will never understand men, who know there are women willing to be with them sexually, (Ms Right Now), forcing themselves on anyone. No means No, it’s pretty simple and if you lack self control, you should get what’s coming.
Light bright but they will remind your ass you ain't white
News one back at it again
This is a different country different laws. Be mindful of the company and the laws in other countries. All I’m going to say about this
When will these MEN learn stop messing around with them h****😼😲😏
Leave this Thug in France and maybe they will sentence him to LIFE IN PRISON!
Guilty until proven innocent these days.
They need to start suing these females for making these false accusations. No matter how little they have. One of ya'll black celebs need to make an example out of these chicks and set the bar for other groupies that are looking for a quick come up frm a lie.
I am not going into a hotel room with a man I am not in a relationship with; especially if there are other men with him.
Are you serious..leave him alone!!
Forensic science do your job and settle this.
Why would you put yourself in a situation like this? You know dare well that some women are gold digger and looking for that big payday. I personally blame Chris Brown
They knew how to get him and now it's all about evidence. If I were him I'd either have a body cam or a GoPro on the top of my head.
Bullshit !!! Just like the girl lied on offset and said she was pregnant by him and even posted the sonogram but turns out it was a LIE and she tried to get her best friend in on it to try and get money from him .. I'll believe it when there is PROOF !
He was released and not charged with the crime. Media outlets should collect FACTUAL info before reporting and readers need to question the validity of everything before forming an opinion. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Typical "pick me" response. Why are women so quick to say he didn't do it? Shouldn't we wait for the facts?
The media has offered up another African American Man. You all have forgotten all about Social Justice change, prison reform. Now some of you are ready to form #mutechrisbrown So sad 😞
Again news one,he's out with no charges get together
NewsOne2 days ago

A predominately Black basketball team refused to play for arrogant Trump supporters.

That's the type of unity and support the wrestler forced to cut his hair should have been a part of..
I'm an alumnus of a predominantly black high school also named Roosevelt we were known as the Rough Riders and I reach out to those of you who refuse to play that basketball game one Rider to another thank you for continuing spirit of Excellence and of pride you make us proud
I bet that ignorant mother who brought the flag, DOESN'T bring it when white teams are playing. Someone needs to put her on BLAST! She teaching her son Hatred.
At least they are taking a stand ... maybe all of us could learn from what they are doing .... I just don’t see or feel enough resistance amongst us ...
God Bless those Kids, I’m sooooo proud of them
Our Lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that Matter. GOD Bless These Young People For Making A Grand Stand.
So riddle me this why was the flag displayed where did it fit at in the game ?? The mothers statement was ignorant and insensitive she said it has nothing to do with race !!! Come on this president has been blatantly racist in all aspects. The MAGA-speaks volumes. And then the day to put the flag on display is the day when your playing a predominately black team ummmm no this was done purposely I’m sorry it’s evident and quite clear!!
Thank you young people for doing it the right way.
Good. And the comments from the parents of the students displaying the flag are typical BS comments. These kids aren't learning this hatred and bigotry on their own. It stems from these ignorant, racist parents.
Proud of you fellas! Minneapolis Roosevelt High🇺🇸
I am very Proud of this Coach who stands up to racism..He set a solid message to all. I knew his players wanted to play BUT We can no longer accept Disrespect..
A high school basketball game is for fun, I don’t see why they chose to bring politics into it.
I am so glad you all walked away, we’re suppose to teach our children right from wrong but this ignorant mentality of the trump supporters is ridiculous and won’t be tolerated!!!!
That flag had no significance to the game, so we know it for what is was, and no we're not that stupid to believe otherwise 🤦🏽‍♀️ Proud of the young men and their coach.
Gladys knight and the crest of the performer's for that superbowl shit.. They could learn from this.. Take not no shit...
This is what should’ve happened with the wrestler in Jersey. Fuck these kids and their parents. Failures. 😒
Good for them... this stuff needs to stop!! ... and YES they were right to call them on it!!
Actually, the team that displayed the Political flag is the team that canceled. They said they feared retaliation based on their treatment of the predominantly black team they bullied.
That's right! Now if only the rest of these racoons would follow suit! Do NOT keep being the ENTERTAINMENT!
The only one that we have to pledge to is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
“A high school basketball team in Minnesota has come under fire — and is now pulling out of a tournament scheduled for Martin Luther King Jr. Day — after its fans displayed a “Trump 2020” flag during a game against predominantly black inner-city kids.” NYPost
Tone deafness is at an all-time high. They knew they were gonna lose anyway
Time to make a phone call...y’all excuse me ☝🏾 will y’all?
Smh good they didn’t play. Not worth the trouble.
Should have played. Ran them out of the gym. Waited until the last minute to use all 5 of my fouls, hard ass playoff fouls too.
NewsOne2 days ago

Camille Sturdivant is fighting back after being discriminated against by a dance coach at her high school.

She should sue school, school district, dance coach and All those in charged who allowed this to continue for this long.
She should have said I’d rather be dark than have bugs in my hair
Sue their asses.
No wonder they don't want her on the dance team she's the prettiest one in the bunch of course she stands out
So very sad, that people act that way, I guess it will never end, until God gets the last say.😥😪👌👍 And you know he will. 😏 LorrainBow🌈
I Heart CISD So disappointing they are not backing her. This talented kiddo has her college acceptance, the entire dance team needs to be disbanded, none of these parents should ever be allowed to volunteer EVER for their ISD and any staff involved needs to be fired. If the board doesn’t deliver... election season is right around the corner and they need to be voted out!
Black excellence scares the shit out of them.
Maggots ,always nasty horrible ,and so fucked up on sooo many levels
Johnson County. Say no more. Putrid snobs.Most are anyway.
NewsOne2 days ago

Images that underscore Dr. King's brave determination to create change.

NewsOne2 days ago

Erykah Badu is receiving tons of backlash for her comments about R. Kelly.

Erykah don't give a damn about what folks think she will handle they ass South Dallas style
Kamala Harris has just announced her candidacy for President of the United States.
Many of you have a lack of comprehension. Not in no shape, form, or words did she condone or support any of the R. Kelly’s sexual allegations. Just like many people support and stand by your degenerate family members and for the women your boyfriends/husbands. She is showing him empathy and hoping he and his victims can find a resolution.
They're doing a great job at bringing us down! Once again and like always. We start to hate are own SMH... Keep your head up! Ms. Erykah Badu 😘😘💖💖💖
#Newsone I'm so disappointed in your posts lately yall have been posting all negative information to destroy the black ppl I will no longer watch this News channel until you guys decide to stop destroying the African American community
I have learned a lot in the past few days... That all a person has to do is be an awesome entertainer. Once you get that down.. You can commit all the rape and crime that you want and have people in your corner fully supporting what you do. The same thing works for pedophile pastors too... Just create entertaining sermons.... Once you do that.. you can molest as many boys as you'd like and have your congregation fully supporting what you do... and get off scott free...
man y'all better back up off erica badu we can all be some fighting MF in here!!!
I dont see how she was wrong to say pray for him and I hope he comes forward? I get her follow up statement, because I do believe this is completely out of context. Just because you don't scream to hate a person doesnt mean that you support their actions. And truth be told, unconditional lobe doesnt have a switch. You can love someone and distance yourself from them if their actions make it necessary but love itsnt a switch that utens off because you are upset, disappointed, or even hurt.
All I to say is we knew about R Kelly's treatment of women for years since that video with a young girl surfaced. But it takes this many years and a lifetime movie before anybody became concerned about it!
They know how to keep us down! Don't they? They make one Headline about Charlie Sheen, the Catholic Church ect...... But drag us through the dirt!!! All day long to put hate in are heart's... And turn are backs on one another! And we fall for it Every Damn Time!!!!!! It's sicking to see on a daily basis.....
Here we go again bashing black celebrities
NewsOne - you’re becoming the black TMZ. Enough already. I’m sure there are other topics to discuss that are more relevant considering many of our people are furloughed and not getting paid.
He just needs to get on camera and get come out an tell his fans and haters that he is innocent. Songs wont work... silence wont either. If I'm innocent, you will see me blasting it all over the word social media etc.
#keyword accused So wait....because i desire evidence or proof.. I bet you think I defend him too! Fact is I don't defend him however just because a documentary and a bunch of people say some things doesn't mean I'm going to condemn him either. Our legal system is not an honest one people are not always honest so until I see enough proof or at least him get arrested I'm not buying anything I'm not buying him I'm not buying these women I'm going to sit on my happy little I sit in the middle space and that's that It's crazy to me that if you don't agree with the majority you're somehow wrong my mother didn't raise a sheep I'm not going to follow the crowd and be angry just because the world wants me to be I don't like what he did I don't like anything about him but I'm not about to sit here and say he's guilty because that's not my place to say and that's all Erykah Badu what's sang.... she's basically saying she don't condone what he did she hope he gets help and she hopes the victim's find relief
Fuck y’all #freedomofspeech y’all just sheep 🐑 ✊🏾
People need to stop lying: People didn't know about all these other allegations until the "Surviving R. Kelly" docuseries...... Nobody even knew he was married until Andrea was on that reality show... The only thing we knew was he married Aaliyah & he urinated on that lil girl....As for me a 27 year old marrying a 15 year old was enough for me to believe he was sick. So I haven't been a fan...The pee video was just further confirmation for me....With all that being said: NO GROWN MAN SHOULD EVER DESIRE A CHILD...Badu is lying, she said waaaaay more than that... Due to back lash, she needs to clean it up.
She needs to take several window seats
Amazing how people can decide if they like or dislike someone they have never met based on one opinion. People are fickle.
R Kelly is a ephebophile and I think he's in need of psychological help
Apparently people supporting r.kelly don’t realize or care that he is accused of raping children!
How about finishing the article before printing it Newsone? You don't even have what she said in there.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I'm sure those people paid their money hoping that she would show up on time and to see her perform a show not talk about that mess!!! Smh
Erykah Baua is Erykah Badu she don’t give a fuck , She said what she said and don’t give a fuck about how ppl feel
She should've just eaten her snacks and sang her songs. Should've kept her opinions on the downlow.
Send Mars and Puma to his house then
NewsOne2 days ago

Sen. Kamala Harris announced she is running for president on #MLKDay -- but there are some questions about her criminal justice record.

Kamala Harris is a dynamic Black woman. This HBCU grad has proven her mettle. No candidate is perfect, you're voting for a president not a messiah for Black America.
Her record clearly shows where she stands on issues affecting the Black community. And it's not a good look at all. Please do your research on candidates don't just vote for them cause they look like us. While she's not as bad as what we have now she is by no means the only candidate who will be running. DO YOUR RESEARCH and make informed decisions!
Man we good at jumping on people before they can even get out the gate! Let her answer your questions and comment on your concerns before you burn her at the stake !! Nobody is perfect and 45 has held this country hostage long enough, we need to vet all the candidates but don't throw them away before they even start!!!!
Here we go again: the Crabs 🦀 in a Barrel mentality among Black folks. People DO NOT let perfection become the Enemy of the Good. Kamala Harris is NOT perfect -- no candidate is! -- but she is good enough to represent our interests. Still, I don't think she'll make it past the Primary.
"But there are some questions about her criminal justice record?!?" And a thug and a criminal is in the WH LOL!!!
Vote Blue No matter what No matter who Enough
So, y'all gonna act like there should never be a black person as a prosecutor? We shouldn't work on the inside to try and 1) make every one accountable for criminality, 2) work from the inside to prosecute crimes AGAINST black people, too? Damn, these 🦀 🦀 🦀 are something else.
I don't care if she's Manson sister, SHE GOT MY VOTE!!!
I have to research her record and that of the other candidates before I form an opinion. That being said, anyone would be better than the 🍊 🤡 in the WH now.
Seriously??? After what we have now? There should be NO question that even matters!!! Get out of here!
So, my response to those against Sen. Harris based on her record as an attorney: Truancy is unlawful. While things happen, my mother made sure my sister & I made it to school every day we attended. If children were able to be seperated from their mothers, then truancy is not the reason...neglect is. Time for us to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Do better. Stop trying to get away with "White folk sh!t"...we're not White. Get it together. Kamala Harris is a great candidate. I'm rooting for her!
Please research her before you blindly give your support.
There will always be questions about whom ever runs....but after this last episode the gates!
I want to hear from her. She knows she will have to defend her record. I look forward to seeing what she has to offer the country.
No one question trumps lack of experience! He showed his ignorance during the campaign and he proves himself over again not worthy of that title/office.
She is Tamil Indian raised in Canada. Look at her record. It's a no for Me
Not saying that I would vote for her BUT black folks are real quick to jump right on one another. When Castro announced, where was his immediate record as Housing Secretary and Mayor? Elizabeth Warren? She's supposedly running. You barely let Kamala make an announcement before you pounce
We need her to stay in the Senate. This is a bad decision... it’s basically a dog whistle for all the hate in America to show up and vote
Yeah this a real concern when it comes to considering her. she is on record going against criminal justice efforts benefiting minority communities.
Hold up so people are upset that she held parents accountable for kids not coming to school. Get it together people no excuse not to have ur kids in school being poor is not an excuse. I grew up in poverty but education was important to my mom.
Kermit the frog would be better than WTF we have now. Because we already have Goofy from Mickey Mouse in office now.
She was on ABC 7 NY this morning crying about "bias against police". She is NOT for us.
Well, her record has to be better than anything from number 45.
if Kamala has a Black agenda and is able to get tangible resources for BLACKS not minorities but specifically BLACKS then Kamala has my vote if she can't prodeuce she does not have my vote that simple. She graduated from an HBCU and her parents fought for civil rights she is obligated to have a BLACK agenda!
I am strongly supporting Kamala Harris for president.
NewsOne2 days ago

The best and most riveting quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay

This is the important story today.
The only quote about black people is the one from the early days he ended up distancing himself from.
The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you Bottom line: God will not allow any person to keep you from your destiny. They may be bigger, stronger, or more powerful, but God knows how to shift things around and get you to where you're supposed to be..Keep believing, “today is the day.” Even when it doesn’t look like anything is changing, God is working behind the scenes. It’s easy to get discouraged, but one touch of God’s favor can suddenly turn any situation around.!!”
His plea for us to work on Black nationalism (dont go by the title of the vid , just listen ) Had we did this since the 90s, we would not be catching the hell we are catching now
NewsOne3 days ago

Taraji P. Henson will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She deserve it, I like her!
Congratulations to her
Well done sister
You do know the nomination has a cost. The nominee has to pay for it.....not negating her accomplishments.
🤗👍🏽❤️ Congrats, sistah!! Please don’t let them put you near that racist White House boss’ star.
Well deserved... Congrats
As she should
Finally paid for one huh?
Good morning you go girl we love you have a great day
Well deserved about time! Congratulations
Congratulations that's my Girl😘😘😘😘😘
Oh pleeeeease
Congratulations 🎉🎉
Well Deserve Congratulations
CongratsGod bless you
NewsOne3 days ago

Mike Pence needs Jesus and he should never say Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s name again.

Pence AND Trump both need to keep Dr. Martin Luther King's name out of their mouths. Dr. King wouldn't had ever cosigned on 45's shenanigans.
#45 Is A Russian Spy, And A Racist Snake
And I'm going to compare Mike Pence to Pee Wee Herman!
The Honorable Dr. Martin Luther King is not only a National Treasure in the Black community, but a beacon of hope for all people. This administration is not even fit to ponder his legacy, let alone mention his name in an absurd and disrespectful comparison. Not surprising unfortunately, that their treachery knows no bounds.
He’s going straight to hell with that one. Don’t e-v-e-n put Dr. King and that wannabe president’s name in your mouth at the same time. 😡
I had a wonderful dream last night. In it, Mike Pence fell off Mt Rushmore and was no more.
Pence should remain silent like he normally does!!! 🙆🏾😡🤦🏾‍♀️
How dare he? DT should not be mentioned in the same sentence as Dr. King!
That's like comparing demons to angels and the devil to God. Stop it, there is NO comparison.
Keep your mouth shut pence. Never disrespect Dr. King again!!😞
Wypipo missed this speech!
It’s interesting that Pence would mention MLK, Jr. in any discussion about Trump’s wall. - To paraphrase Dr. King's son, MLK built bridges not walls. “It is indeed an honor to be in this city, which stands as a symbol of the divisions of men on the face of the earth,” [MLK, Jr.] told East Berliners. “For here on either side of the wall are God’s children and no man-made barrier can obliterate that fact. Whether it be East or West, men and women search for meaning, hope for fulfillment, yearn for faith in something beyond themselves, and cry desperately for love and community to support them in this pilgrim journey”
I always felt this guy was creepy. Nah, he's just crazy like his boss.
trump and pence aren't worthy to utter Dr. King's name.
They're following the same code as any other white supremacist/racist.
There are few things in my life that has boiled my blood...this is one of them. 😡
No, Pence needs a good cursing out moment...that’s what he seriously needs!
Nuts. Dr. King was not advocating shutting down government to get a wall built. This man must think we're all 12 kinds of stupid.
He did what ok who going to slap him 1st
Compare him to your own. RACISTS! I bet he won't compare him to Malcolm X, Stokely, Angela Davis, or Ghandi.
This is your brain on drugs.
I know you lost your mind compare dr. King with Trump
Foolishness and he knows it! Stroking Trumps ego, no matter how ridiculous.
NewsOne3 days ago

Louisville International Airport will be named after legendary boxer and social activist Muhammad Ali.

This is symbolism!!
Isiltasuna trantsizioa bihurtzen da Guztia da goitik behera Abokatuak suntsitu justizia Hezkuntza sistemak ezagutza suntsitzen du Media suntsitu informazioa Medikuak suntsitu osasuna Gobernuak suntsitu bakea eta demokrazia Segurtasun indarrak askatasuna suntsitzen du Erlijioak espiritualtasuna eta meditazioa suntsitzen ditu Teknologia gizateriaren etsaia da Sinetsi egiten du filosofia eta errealitatearen ulermena suntsitzen Preposizioak iraultzailearen adierazpen askatasuna suntsitzen du Isiltasun uneetan tabernak invencible atzean gizon bat sentitzen Rehab isiltasunerako bloodline gang bat bezala traizioa da Ikasi dudanean, isiltasuna ezjakintasuna da Ignorancia etorkizunerako etsai handiena da Isilik milioika ahots heriotza-martxan daude Isiltasunean momentua indarkeria momentua da Isiltasuna urrea da edo isila esaten dute arrakasta zarata egiten Aho arduratsuak emozioak eragiten ditu, bihotz hautsia Isiltasunaren mendekua hondamendia da Esclavo eta maisu isiltasunaren gogoan bezala, esklabo malkoak paralizatzen dira Karma mamuak atzematen isilik Izotzean edaten duen infernuan bezala
Ben Moscoso
الله امرأة يرون فتاة ارى الارض على العالم يرون وقحة أرى كوخًا يرون الجرجير والحمار والمنحنيات والابتسامات أرى خيال ورؤى من وجهة نظر الله يرون مظهرًا جذابًا في المكياج أرى ندرة شجاعة دائمة انهم رائحة العطور والشامبو أنا رائحة نسيم المغامرة من رائحة الزهور يرون الحمل أرى النصر يقولون هناك طفل في الرحم أنا أقول هذا منزل غودسون الفارس يقولون أن الله جعل الإنسان مثله من الطين أنا أقول أنا نسيج الله لأني قطعت من القماش يقولون إن الله صنع الإنسان في يوم واحد لكنه استغرق ساعات أكثر في صنع امرأة أقول "الله امرأة" أعطت نفسا ولادة لجثث في صورتها يقولون "إنها امرأة" أنا أقول "إنها أم" يقولون إنها الأم المطلقة أنا أقول أنها ناشطة حرة وأم وكون يقولون انها جدة قديمة أنا أقول "إنها العقل المدبر كتاب الموتى والمعيشة" يقولون "انها تجاعيد الوجه" أقول "التجاعيد ليست خزيًا لأنها تحكي سنوات من وجهها الجميل" يقولون "إنها قديمة وتخبر القصص الخيالية أنا أقول "إنها كتاب مفتوح" إذا ماتت المرأة فإن المكتبة ستحترق Wathinthi umfasi wathinthi mbokodo الحس السليم ليس شائعا عندما لا يكون الشعور شائعا ربما cz يقولون من وراء كل رجل ناجح يكمن امرأة لأنها تقول "تعليم رجل يعلم الفرد ولكن edutain امرأة تعطي الحرية والحكمة والمعرفة والضوء إلى الكون الدين وحده أعطى تعريف الله كإنسان لنا لعدم احترام "الأم" ربما أساء تفسير الأفارقة القول ، الأب هو رب الأسر والأم هي أعناق / العمود الفقري للعائلات العالم هو العقل ... أغمض عينيك وانظر ما يراه أعمى أغلق أذنيك واستمع إلى الموسيقى في ذهنك أغلق فمك ، مضغ الطعام المغذي ، الطعام للتفكير أغلق أنوفك ... خذ اتساعًا عميقًا وشاهد مغامرات الحياة المشي في الكلام ، الحديث ، الله ليس امرأة فحسب بل أم تأمل تأمل داوى نقل تأمل
NewsOne3 days ago

A white sorority thought it was OK to chant the N-word to the lyrics of Sheck Wes' “Mo Bamba” ...

I love my people but.... I never understood making a song with the word nigga but everyone can buy the ticket to the concert but not everyone can sing all the lyrics🤔 that’s dumb! Stop putting the word in songs if y’all don’t want them to sing the shit! Everybody’s not racist just because they’re singing a song smh
The rappers write the raps, records the raps, goes on Tour and rap the raps, white HS and College students buy them, and says "n*gga." Don't get mad...expand your vocabulary.
If u don't want other ppl to use it maybe you shouldn't put it in your song dummy
WE SOMETIME CAN BE OUR OWN WORSE ENEMIES! We make ignorant music degrading our entire race, but yet get mad when others “sing” the lyrics! FUKKIN NUTS!!
Doesn't make sense... either Rap artists stop using the N word or keep using it. If they do the latter, don't get upset that white folks use it while singing to the lyrics. Can't have your cake and eat it too!
This crap is so old! #stopusingthewordperiod
So yall put words in songs & exclude some people from singing it? Makes no sense at all.
Stop putting the word in the songs!!!
Why is the word in the song in the first place?
Geez, here we go again. If black folks don't like white folks saying "nigga", then take the word out of the "songs" and stop saying it!! How difficult is that to comprehend??
is that word in the lyrics???
The song and it words are targeted towards the white suburban audience , the concerts are held in white suburban theaters so this is Fake Outrage on the Rappers part . The Rappers and their Promoters know exactly what they are doing they open the door for their words to be used and so they are . If the Rappers use the N- word why not their audience who the word is targeted to ?
So accurately "singing" the lyrics is now unacceptable??? Have people gone nuts??? If you don't want people to say the N-word, DON'T PUT IT IN THE SONG !!! BTW.......... Whatever happened to motown, the blues, etc? You know........... music that was really music with a melody and harmonies. RAP is not music, IMO.
Rappers are responsible for all of this. Why get mad boo? lol
So what...they ought to stop using the word in their music. A song is a SONG!
When will this double standard madness end ?
They knew it wasn't okay!!
I honestly think the rappers who put it in their songs couldnt care less who says the N word.. but the University where this took place, has a reputation to uphold and a responsibility to the public to denounce such behavior.. everyone in the feed mad at the rappers, thinking they care to change their lyrics.. they don't, they won't... but the university has to care
Nothing wrong here dam song if the guy racist thats one thing but this is ridiculous
"Chanting the N word" or singing the lyrics? And then you try to tie it to the girl in blackface at another school? Come on News one, I know you have an agenda, but come on..
Easy simple get off our dick and stop saying our shit When I ask who said yall cant we did niggaz
Y'all on some real dumb s*it thinking you can regulate who gets to sing along. Proving once and for all no you didn't change the meaning.
Smh this is no different than victim blaming. Young people grew up hearing that mess in songs. This is normal for young people of all skin tones.
It was a set up and they fell for the okey doke...they have been bamboozled. 🤣😂 With girls doing black face and these people chanting the n-word, pretty soon all colleges will be HBCU.
Stop making the songs and wanting their money if you don't like them saying it
NewsOne3 days ago

Activists issued a call for political action after the cop who gunned down Laquan McDonald received a light sentence...

Get this done! Judge off bench all in the matter under the jail this HAS GOT TO STOP!
Where is Minister Farakhan's press conference in all of this ??
Review the judges coming up for RETENTION in 2020!!!!
Vote them out it's time to use a different strategy vote them out😕😎⏳
7 years ! Not long enough !
START with getting registerd and VOTE. Every election. That's how you control your city....and become the teachers and police in YOUR city.
God is in control. Trust and believe
Justice from an american is like asking them to stop teaching rascim to their children, never going to happen
I have no privacy phone calls being recorded I have no privacy pictures of my apartment on line I have no privacy similar items placed in certain areas from time to time.... I have no privacy my Instagram probably hacked .. have no privacy thoughts read like basic math... I have no privacy joint pains in My knees... I have no privacy from my perspective point of view I have no privacy all I want is peace... I have no privacy activity monitored through apps the madness continues silent whistles dogs barking I have have no privacy all I do is draw and write I have no Privacy..With these Two eyes I see a hooded individual in a car.. recording me🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️#random
NewsOne3 days ago

Here's what we know about the detention of Marzieh Hashemi by U.S. authorities. She's the African-American journalist who works on Iranian TV...

imagine the outrage if a BBC/CNN journalist was detained without an explanation by Iranian political police.
If she is affiliated with IRAN? Than she needs to be given a close inspection.
so what
Wow the Fuckery
So what else is known? They're reporting she will be released after talking with the grand jury.
The kkk & their ilk are the only U.S. citizens allowed & permitted to be in murderous terrorist organizations.
Of course it was political movated, this country have forever been in conflict with Iran, for whatever reason, be it be fear, or just doesn't like the country. the question here would be for what reason would they detain her without any charges brought against her. My thought would be, maybe they probably think she's a spy which is yet to be proven.
that azzhole would have done the same to a Black reporter, living in North Korea as a ctiizen there! the only friend you got, when dealing with an idiot is your own Black sister nd brother! NOTE neither the UN or Amnesty International came to help this sister
NewsOne3 days ago

Here's how to watch a live stream of the MLK tribute on Jan. 20 at 4 p.m. EST from Washington National Cathedral...

MLK Jr is a.mixed.bag to me! His dream of holding hands with White boys and girls became a nightmare for the ADOS community. I'm more.of a believer in Malcolm X.
On the eve of Martin Luther King Day 2019, let's remember when it was cool to address Black on Black Crime.
What tribute can we give a man who risked his life to give us civil rights but we have no Organizations in the nation to battle to protect the Civil rights, they are destroying right there in Washington by Tuesday after the holiday??????