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The California Senator has been struggling with Black voters, will this endorsement help?

NOPE! Why are you trying to force her on voters? Guess you want 4 more years of Trump. We're trying to win, this country WILL NOT elect her. The climate is racially toxic, or have you read the news the past few days? Let's get Trump out first!!!
Anyone who is running against tRUMP gets my vote. IDC if it's a roll of toilet paper.
Good for her!
Amazing🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Kamala Harris is a strong candidate for President!!! either way Kamala Harris will rise to the occasion. She a tuff competitor😍🥰. She’s a force to reckon with.
No..nothing against Mr. Crump..But No
I don't consider him to be a good lawyer. The high profile cases mentioned in this article should have been won. Each case should have ended with the perpetrators guilty verdict and compensation for the victims family. He seems to have mishandled each and every one of these. I don't care for or like him. Ive been disappointed in him and probably will be disappointed in his selection of a candidate. I'm still not voting for her!
While some of you will question her blackness and other meaningless aspects....William Barr was the who decided not to bring federal charges on the cop who killed Eric Garner....see it's much bigger than the president its also who they appoint.... So while some of you were mad at Hillary over some comment she made back in the 90s....and didn't vote for her... Some of you will do that again and complain about Don da Con 🙄...I see why Trump call you "Ns"
She will definitely win the oppression Olympics.
No it won’t help. I vote how I want. And for whom I want. Don’t give a rats ass who endorses any candidate.
Because they know she is a fraud
Fk her. She said she will ban guns by executive order
She got Epstein lawyers too
who cares she still hasn't presented any policies with any level of actual relevance...
Joe Biden has my vote who is qualified to be President day one
No still not going to vote for her.
Shes a trader
Benjamin endorsement but it won’t move the needle.
It helps!
Joe Biden wrote the Crime Bill of 1994. I will never vote for Him. Harris has my vote. It is ironic that black voters dumped Hillary for Obama but when a sister is running they pick a creepy old white man that wrote stop and frisk into law. Black Americans are getting just as creepy and sexist as white Americans. The last 3 white people to run on the Democratic side lost and somehow they think Biden will beat Trump? If you believe that you are stuck on stupid and blinded by your own closeted sexism.
Probably not just saying
Lol nope
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Joe Biden needs a history lesson...

We had presidents that owned slaves.
Joe's got short and long term memory loss!
Andrew jackson and woodrow willson... and all the slave owners
Newsone please talk about the justice democrats targeting black lawmakers in the primaries. Joe Biden, is no different then Trump.
Keep this BS up and we will have another 4 years of 45. Please look at what this current administration is doing to workers at the Dept. of Agriculture. What about their attempts to silence scientists at the EPA. The enemy is 45 and the GOP who are complicit. NOT BIDEN.
He shoukd know he's no different from most Democrats takes the black vote for granted and we get nothing.
He must have never heard of Andrew Johnson or Andrew Jackson
News One you need to cut this shit out. His word are not meant to be literal ... He's trying to say that this president is dog whistling and the like ... Yes those president's said a few phrases of racism .... But this president has been convicted of racism, made to pay because of the racism by the EEOC and is taken an open hand against a nation of immigrants just because they are brown .... You need to get this right News One ... And stop pitching for other democratic candidates, making your reporting more bias than objective .... We don't need journalist trying to control our thoughts ... Just feed us the info ... We already know how to think to decide.
Black folks keep complaining about #45 but the truth is, they are the reason why this clown is in the oval office in the first place. If black people were disenfranchised in the 2015 primary, there would not be a Donald Trump in the white house. Bernie Sanders would have been the leader!! I can almost guarantee that 2020 is going to be a repeat of 2016!! Orange man will likely get an additional 4 years to bring this country to utter destruction.
Oh there’s a whole bunch of them. Look at history. Trumps not the only one he’s the most recent one. You should know that joe..
None of us were alive.
NOPE... there were many more just as racist and treacherous.... they simply were more discreet... and perhaps silently stone faces about it... I understand you want to think the best of folk... but it just ain’t so...
Trump is Atticus Finch compared to some of these former presidents. Woodrow Wilson was particularly bad. Warren Harding was allegedly a KKK member. Even the so-called "progressive" Teddy Roosevelt was racist. Biden is pandering. Not to mention all the slave owning Presidents. Yeah, you, James Polk.
Andrew Johnson should be on the List.
He's just more vocal than his predecessors.
Just stop. This divisiveness cost us 2016. You don't like him fine. But don't turn in ti Fox. Be a real news agency
This is probably why NewsOne takes issue with Biden
Someone please tell Kamala we found her ride across the TRACKS!
There is no right or wrong answer about what president was the most openly racist, however, the previous presidents comments were in a different context. We need find out what we should do about the situation, how did we let this disaster happen.
I still don't understand why he ignores his own prior racist comments? Remember, Obama chose him - not vice versa. Would he have?
He's not lying
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Eric Garner was killed five years ago tomorrow and justice has not been served.

Sad....but God is the True JUSTICE DEPARTMENT
Wow, this is so sad, for Eric Garner's family, prayers & condolences to them....:-(
They don't give us justice. Our justice must be taken.
Tragic event all around but it seems after a thorough investigation no charges were warranted. I'm glad that DOJ didn't cave to public outcry and made their own decision based on their findings.
He was murdered because He was selling 🚬 on the street; yet a domestic Terriorist shoots up a church and they take him to burger king. That cop wasn't in any fucking danger. He killed him. Hope he has nightmares........
How many times do you have to say, “I can’t breathe”, to live?
I personally blame Mayor DeBlasio and the NYPD for not handling this properly. He should NEVER have been arrested in the first place. Their archaic laws for collecting taxes on cigs and a banned chokehold are what led to this. Totally unnecessary and an injustice! Meanwhile DeBlasio is running for President and has done nothing in this case
Sad but if you don’t go to these killer cops and kill them or a family member of theirs you won’t get justice. If this started happening and they know if they kill one of us their closest family member would be killed they would stop.
This is why I created the hands up act. To stop the abuse.
He has to go to Hell for this death. This is murder!!!!!!!!
Sometimes you have to get your own justice.
I feel bad for family May God venge the family His way that only justice SMH
We have No Justice Department under this administration !
How can a cigarette be untaxed, if the pack was bought? People will take matters in their own hands.... police are given too much power.....
Sandra Greefield, love the blue klux Klan.
No justice, no peace and mean it.
Is anyone really surprised. This is America where the police are racist , the judges are racist the politicians and president are racist And so is the justice department. And it doesn’t stop there it goes on and on and on
KARMA also uses Street Justice.
Sitting at home in 2010 Midterms, while Obama begged Black People to vote like their life depended on it.. Republicans took over the Senate and House..Stopping Everything Obama tried to do.. Trump is filling the Supreme Court and Appellate Judgeships across the Country... So when you appeal, you will be facing a Trump Appointee.. Understand how Government works and why your Vote counts.. Mayors, City Councilors should be answering to their public.
JUST HIS FAMILY OR THE ENTIRE NATIONAL BLACK COMMUNITY ?? AND CAUSE WE THINK LIKE THAT, THAT IS EXACTLY WHY IT CONTINUES ! yall look at this shyt day in and day out since his lynching , and you love shopping so much that no one talk about or plans a 30 million strong Boycott of all spending on a national holiday not on Fathers Day , Fourth of They Lie, Labor Day ...nothing not a got damn thing! WTF , yall scared that saving money for 24 hours instead of spending it will give you Ebola?? or Collective Black effort will give you AIDS?? I dont get it the major department store chains are closing from losing money and you still dont see the power of a boycott??
Justice denied again
🇺🇸⚖️the big con...
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ICYMI: R. Kelly's girlfriends Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage speak out and call reports of them being in danger "fake news."

If I was staying away from my family lived in the trump towers and didn't pay for nothing I'd probably stay too.
Better start looking for somewhere else to stay. Won’t be long..........
I am tired of this r kelly BS. Let it do what it do damn.
Lord, these two are going to drive their parents crazy! Lol
Let’s see a video 31 days from now. That eviction notice was just given lol
Chicks better get started on plan F. A,B,C,D and E ain’t gonna work I’ll tell you that. And the fact that they stay in Trump tower tells me they really have issues.
Birds of a feather...that’s all I’m sayin 🤷🏾‍♀️
Leave these people alone geez they want to be where they are who cares
Clearly they want to be there these are grown ass women they look good like they eat azerial is chubby asf so they not starving leave them alone these are not kids anymore if they choose to stay with him they making a decision too ..let's focus on the kids who claim he hurt them and didn't like it but these two sister wives do not have no issue
If they're grown there's nothing anyone can do.
Reminds me of Charles Manson, he too had a sex cult. Like Manson, R Kelly has these girls brainwashed
I thought they were kicked out
Irony? Using the words Fake News in the Trump Tower?
Sex slaves? News None is a POS for describing these women as sex slaves.
why are tou calling these women sex slaves. that sounds racist as hell, why others are called sister wives but these women are called slaves
Enough said pedophiles hang together..
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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation claimed it was "raining meth" -- from rapper Mr. Alabama.

Is this the best stock photo that they could find 🤣🤣
*cues The Last Mr. Big’s “Time to Go to Trial”* “I started selling dope back in 1986...”
All The Money ISee Is Some Damn '-$1.00 Bills ,Should ha ve made a song call my pigie Bank change.
It's raining meth, hallelujah, it's raining meth, amen
Look at all of those ones . There must be 30 of them
Your done
Now I got to go look this guy up apparently he was living that life he was rapping about
It was probably $500,000 in drugs until the cops showed.
Was he selling dope in a strip club? 🤔
24 to Life FEDS🤦‍♂️
roll tide....😎😃
Sounds about “bama”! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂
Somebody on his team ain't loyal
Cool. One less shitty rapper/thug off the streets. Good job.
Ok Mr Pen
I fight every month to pay Virgin Mobile 35 dollars for phone service.
That brother is really really Stupid Ice Cube, How come he can’t be like you? Yo Forrest Stupid is what stupid does home boy... Let’s roll!😂
show him...i bet hes white...
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"[I was] basically preparing myself to be shot at that moment," Lucas County Sheriff's Deputy Alan Gaston said.

I am so sorry you had to endure the stress of this event. I'm glad the results were optimum. You're in my prayers.
This olé Barney Fife looking rental cop knew good and well he was a police officer and carrying a weapon is part of his job! I would sue just for the principle of the situation!
I hope he lost his job
The ironic thing is that Officer Gaston showed true professionalism and restraint. A security guard without the same training and discipline of an officer with years of experience could have ended up dead or seriously injured by that officer Luckily, the officer chose not to escalate and this story didn’t involve either man being shot but my Money would have been on Gaston
Security guard needs to find a new job.
🤔🤔🤔🤔 “[I was] basically preparing myself to be shot at that moment. Bracing for a shot in my back,” Gaston said. “There’s really no way to know how you’re going to act when there’s a gun pointed at you and when you think you’re going to lose your life.”
Everybody on this post complaining, probably celebrated the 4th of July. July 4th 1776, our ancestors were picking cotton.
This speaks volumes as to the dangerous ignorance people of color are confronted with daily. Promoting the ideal that people of color always have an agenda of deseption .
Had this been the other way around...that white deputy would've shot that black security guard. We ALL know this ! The deputy should have SHOT that FOOL ! I would have !
That officer had a ton of self-restraint.
That deputy was good to go and pull the trigger. I would like to hear the whole story since this site is untrustworthy.
I think this shows how much more discipline Black officers are. If this were reversed it would have been a shootout
That security guard should be arrested and charged and be fired from his job. Such unprofessional conduct. Where did he get his training g?
We have made national news again...You make $10.80/hour as security, yet felt compelled to tell a real law enforcement officer to put his gun in his truck. He turns and walks away and you draw a gun? You're foolish because in Toledo, they put "aggravated" in front of everything, which basically means, "see you next lifetime". You can't claim fear as the officer was walking away. I hope he can't afford bail.
I don’t understand why someone who is working minimum/low wage job is doing the absolute most?! It makes no sense.
Am I the only one that can never see the videos on this page? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Guard would've gotten shot once I had the chance.
When a renta cop feel like he has power. Hmm! The 911 caller was short sighted.
Does anyone have any information regarding what happened as a result of the Security Guard pulling and pointing his weapon??
All he saw was this officer color and the IRS agent was no better calling 911 not explaining whats happening ,so when the other officer showed up (White) did the security guard pull his gun out on them? No., He just seen his skin color and his police issue gun. Unreal.
Since when a cop walks away from that and not fire back? If the security guard was a...... Nevermind
Was it his first day on the job??? Did this dude do his training on YouTube??? What the heck man!!!?😳🤬
I'm sure he'll hide behind the phrase I was just doing my job 😐
18 U.S. Code § 930. Possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in Federal facilities. The sheriff was in violation of the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. And trust me any cop will tell that to your ass.
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Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held nothing back.

They just don't know when to be quiet especially AOC she's annoying and Omar seems to hate America. And none have a concern for the children in Chicago but y'all beleive what you want to ADOS B1
Kudos, ladies. You spoke nothing but the truth.
Yes they did it was great ladies!!! God bless all of you
Thank you and God bless you all ❤❤🙏
Whatever you think of these freshmen, the "leader" of the country is a full blown Klansman. Every bit of our energy should go to voting him out then destroying him.
Shawn Thompson: I’ve said the same repeatedly. We must be laser focused in getting the vote out. It’s about registration, education and participation. Vote blue and take someone with you.
God told us to CRY OUT AND SPARE NOT, these women are fighting against Injustice, against the people of God, the Men, Women and Children at the Border are Gods people, and they are seeking Refuge, yet, this is suppose to be a Christian country, really? A Real Christian shows Compassion for the Needy, the people that are in need of food and Shelter, but, yet, the people at the Border are being Punished, Why? because, they have the wrong skin tone, no way, this would be taking place, if they were White from a European country, Trump would open the Borders and allow them to flood America.
So they all came together to play victim and clap back after something he said. Its shenanigans like this that will definitely give him another 4 more years. Their own party members are no where to be found. The party is so divided. If they applied that same energy to reuniting their party they may have a chance in 2020
Yes , they held nothing back. They really show their disdain for America
Hope they reminded him that his wife ......yes that
Saw that; very interesting, no truer words were spoken 👈🏿
Kudos to these four intelligent Congresswomen of color who stood up to this crazy nut in the WH.
That funky people put an office and he's still walking around breathing
They Ready !!!!!! , Go To Work Ladies , Show Him To The Exit.***
My question is this...after saying and doing all that he has why is he still allowed to hold a office like the president of the united states. ANY other president saying this would have been removed from office.
So the question is. Do you all have a job, paying taxes , get a tax break maybe a raise. So vote the Democrats in and give it all away. You paying for your healthcare. To bad if your a illegal you can get it for free in California. Oh and by the way your paying for it.
ENCORE...ENCORE...ENCORE...ENCORE!! Keep this going just like he does!!!!
Every word Trump said was true and correct!!! These women are un-American and an embarrassment to the whole country!! Don't bother with the "you are white and not entitled to an opinion" comments.... they won't be read!!!
And every single one of them want to fundamentally change this country and expand the government. They are nobody to praise
I heard what Alexandria said earlier. SO superior in tone and content to the tweet. Not at all surprised. I'm sure this is likewise intelligent. Why not? they ARE.
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UPDATE: The Baton Rouge Coroner's Office has announced the preliminary autopsy results in the death for Sadie Roberts-Joseph, the 75-year-old woman whose body was found in the trunk of a car on Friday.

But the results still don't say exactly how she...

Rih Angel... What's done in the dark will come to light.
Sad that this generation doenst know a damn thing about the Black Movements and that all , Conscious raising Black sisters and Brothers focused on Cultural Upliftment were targets and how COINTELPRO would hire drug addicts and ne'er do wells to try to assasinate them, but see the Black Panthers provided protection back then as well as the Black Liberation Army and other groups
She didn't choke on a jawbreaker or anything, that's why she was put in the trunk. It should have started out a "murder investigation".
Personal killing by business associate, family or fake friend.
Can we even trust those who conduct the autopsies to be just? JS.
Dr Leonard Jeffries , uncle of Cong Hakim Jeffries head of Black studies at City College in NYC , would have 2 strapped brothers with him everywhere he spoke , and gave lectures, in public
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A$AP Rocky is also getting help from Rev. Al Sharpton.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call for ASAP Rocky. I bet those words are eating away at him. He thought he was special and magical but karma always make a person humble to no end. I hope that Rev Sharpton give him a good pep talk as well so that he can stop being ignorant and misinformed.
He can call up his Beverly Hills and Soho friends, the black delegation gives no f**ks🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
I remember the comments that clown said about Ferguson and Mike Brown, so I’m sorry I couldn’t care less if he ever returns...
I praise the Lord - then break the law!!
Ol fed cooperative al sharpton, let his friends from soho and Beverly Hills bail him out
Here we go rallying to the defense of someone who wouldn't do the same for us average folk if in a similar situation
He can call up Dior. As for me, I wasn't there, so "I CAN'T RELATE".
Wow... Al Sharpton is more of a man and human than I can fathom. He's looking passed the statement and recognizing that a black US citizen is in jail overseas for some BS. I couldn't do it. Pray for that man...
Can someone tell me what exactly does al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do
Im not supporting his release🚫🤦🏾‍♀️ He didn't support Ferguson or any other social injustices😡😠🤬 Its above me now🤷🏾‍♀️ I dont have rich people problems
Felt bad for him until heard his ignorance on social matters concerning others.
call the kardashians since they like taking credit for releasing prisoners this should be a piece of cake. You turned your back on us already.
They can keep him
He better call them Soho and Beverly Hills folks I live on the south side of Chicago do I suppose to care about him simply because I'm black I don't live in Sweden I can't relate 🤷‍♀️
In my ASAP Rocky voice...“I don't wanna talk about no fucking Sweden and shit because I don't live over there! I live in fucking Somewhere else and minding my business I can't relate. I'm in the studio; I'm in these fashion studios; I'm putting clothes in my drawers. I'm not doing anything outside of that. That's my life."
Good for him, those who don’t hear must feel
They should keep him
🤷🏽‍♀️ his remarks regarding the murder of Mike Brown was disgusting and is making ppl care less about his situation. He still alive and well so who gives a shit🧐
He should get the same help he gave Ferguson. ZERO!
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Actress Scarlett Johnansson has responded to the backlash after she said she should be “allowed to play” any role.

Why is she even on here? We will chime in fair is fair when they've been eating all along, I'm not in casting but I know that her opportunities are still more vast than a black actress of her same calibre
I've never seen a more perfect picture sum up an article 😂😂😂😂😂
I'm not surprised she is backing down. Also, she cannot play ANY role because not every character is made for her.
So we're up in arms about Arial but Scarlett is wrong
😂😂😂😂on whitesplains😂😂😂😂 very ACCURATE! And hilarious 😆 I
Why everyone made at her when u guys ok with Ariel being black. The ones happy for race changes shouldn't be complaining with what she said.
No she can't play any role because any role doesn't fit her . It's a few actors and actress that can do that and she isn't one of them. Other than the Avengers what other roles she's played that we know of
She’s absolutely correct, I think if an actor is talented enough they can play any character, however, she should go on to explain why mainly whites get the lions share of key roles even the talentless ones! Remember they lost their shot when idris was suggested as they’re casting a black female let’s see them implode!
It is allowed. Don't always agree with it, but I'm not footing the bill. The audience size will determine whether or not it is successful.
She can she can start in one with Byron long and Mr. Marcus
She's playing a role now..invincible
That is a good looking woman. That is all
As long as she isn't claiming she should be able to wear blackface and play a black character, why do you give a crap????
Oh Scarlett
I think we are straining on this at the expense of bigger issues in the national Black community like how Black folks are doing in Flint and New Orleans!
Define any. Madea?
More white privilege.
Anyone should be able to play anyrole.... there's much more information things going on in the world.. smh!!
Go for it
Whitesplain. Lol. It's funny watching a racist page accuse others of racism.
She part of the problem and doesn't even know it. SMH
More important things to worry about
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The 75-year-old Baton Rouge icon was found dead in a car's trunk on Friday afternoon.

Omg! So, so sad!
Deeply heart wrenching tragedy, may justice get served.
Condolences. R.I.P.
So sad. Condolences to the family.
My condolences to her family .She was a pillar in her community as well as starting that cities Black Museum loo To be murdered and stuffed in the trunk of your car is horrible .The murderer or murder's must be apprehended without delay .
R.I.P. Hope they find the killer(s)..... My condolences to her family and friends.
My sincere sympathy to the family 🙏🙏
Personal and close!
Anybody that's willing to fight for us they kill🤬🤬🤬 they want us to stay asleep not gone happen!
Rest in power. We have to work on this now.
I pray that the BRPD find the MURDERER responsible for this horrendous crime. #RIPSadieJoseph 😢🙏
The Lady that knew toooo much ...? Suspicious Indeed
That was personal. And watch nobody knows shit. Dogs
Catch these mother fuckers
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R. Kelly's girlfriends Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage speak out and call reports of them being in danger "fake news."

How long this will last for them, I wonder. It's appears sad to me.....
Let’s let them be... they love this life and you have to want to be saved from this situation. They don’t want to be.
🤷‍♀ God bless them....
These 2 women are a small part of the problem. Why say anything in his favor, right now. It doesnt matter. He has federal charges and they are going to stick. I suggest these women find work. The till is drying up. Just kicked out of trump towers in Chicago and now want to give a press session. Nah. Both need to go find they life because its about to be the end. Bad things do come to an end. Savage need to go talk to her parents.
Apparently they are enjoying this lifestyle. Let them be! Grown people will do what they want to do whether you approve or not. Their families just need to give it some space as well. They will come around when time permits. Let it go!
These women are pass 21. They are grown. The law can't make them go to their parents.
Law enforcement wouldnt have legal authority to restrict resident from their home, unless it was a crime scene. They reside there. As long as the rent is paid theyre fine. If he was smart, he wouldve paid ir in advance for a while
Seems the family are the ones in need of counseling. Note, No reports of sex slaves rescued from the home at the time of his arrest.
Agian sick of 👀 this these ladies are grown now
Listen. These two want to stay LOST, oh well. They’ll remain lost all the way back to their parents couch 🛋 when the Fed’s take everything and he’s dropping the soap 🎶 ohh wee🤣🤣😂😂😂
U have tapes that should be enough evidence with the miners some of them are adult u can't make them talk the ones that hopefully that will be enough to find him guilty
Ladies get you a youtube channel an chronicle your lives an get them couns azriel its a good time to drop your music
If they like it I love it , You have young girls out there that want help and want to get out of a bad situation and don't know how to . Why not help them and let these two live there life they way they want.
The parents have a right to their children. They want to see them ,if he was doing the right thing he would make them see their parents.
The R. Kelly B. S. is still relevant 🥴 There’s so much more important things to bring to the surface. Lock up this creep. And let’s move on. Damn!!!!!!
Huh , oh sorry you're too old now no one gives a shyt..the person you're defending is going to jail thank goodness you're 21 now you'll be allowed to visit..
Well they’ll be homeless when he’s incarcerated, let’s see how fake that’s honnsvbr‼️
They're Grown Woman, like it or not, sometimes you have to let young people learn on they're own and just be their if thing's go wrong and Apparently those two are head strong about they're Choices..
Misleading title. They are fully grown and consenting adults. That’s their choice. But Kelly does need to rot for those underaged girls that were on tape though.
This man is sick and need help.
They're a lost cause.
🎶Dont save her she dont wanna be saved🎶 There are too many women desperate for help to be worried about two who dont want it.
At this point what else would they say? They are going down kicking and screaming.
What are they gonna do when R Kelly can't take care of them any longer. Time for them are running short. Will their tune change then?
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RIP to Pernell "Sweetpea" Whitaker, the world champion boxer who was killed last night after being hit by a car in Virginia Beach. He was just 55 years old.

My prayers are with you and your family 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Tears! a hometown hero gone to soon!! his contributions to the community will never be forgotten! #GOAT! #YoungsPark!! #numberoneheroofthe757! #sleepwellmybrother!
R.I.H my good friend we just spoke last week. Thanks for dropping jewels with me.
One of my fave boxers. Man had speed. Rest in love, Mr Whittaker.
From One Sweet Beat to one Sweet Pea RIP, Thanks for all the amazing fights and talent (((((
Condolences and prayers to the family.
Condolences and prayers to the family
My deepest sympathies to his family.
This is horrible news. One of my favorite boxers. He could take a punch but I guess couldn’t take a punch from a car. RIP champ
Sounds like a professional hit , he may have owed money to any number of cartels or organized crime families !
Very Sad. He was a great champion in the boxing world. Condolences to his family and friends.
Condolences to his family, and may his soul rest in serenity !!
My condolences to his family and friends! GREAT FIGHTER!RIP!
One of the greats! Rest in peace
My Condolences
Condolences To The Family. 😢
Condolences to his family
My Deepest Condolences 🙏🌹🙏
My Deepest Condolences 🙏🌹🙏
God Rest 🙏 His Soul.
RIP Sweet pea
RIP. Prayers to the Families.
Condolences to his family
Rest In Peace ♥
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Six drivers, one legendary track, and a chance to win a #Lexus for a year. #0to60 is back ladies and gentlemen! Lexus #lexusperformance #ad

NewsOne1 day ago

Mia Love's self-hate is unrivaled, and Twitter is making sure she knows it.

Mia Love, showed me no love. Remember who said that Mia????💺💺💺.
When she lost her seat, she had something else to say then. Her tune has changed she wants his blessing. She won before him, but will take up the party's hate platform even if they see her as the target too. “She gave me no love -- and she lost,” Trump quipped. Speaking to reporters Monday, Love said the president’s comments reflect the GOP’s larger failure to fully embrace minority communities, further solidifying their allegiance to Democrats. “Because Republicans never take minority communities into their home . and into their hearts, they stay with Democrats and bureaucrats in Washington, because they do take them home, or at least make them feel like they have a home,” Love said. Her ouster came as the Congressional Black Caucus swelled to its largest numbers ever and Congress overall became significantly more diverse, adding a record number of women and people of color in the midterm elections. “This is a matter of fact, that Republicans lost in this regard,” Love said.
In the interview this morning she was terrible! Talking about what she teaches her kids. This morning what I believe she taught them was shame~~
She has the Clarence Thomas syndrome
People care about what a former congresswoman from Utah thinks? Former and Utah, you can't get much more irrelevant than that. People just love to get outraged over nothing. It's sad and comical at the same time.
She ought to be glad she wasn't a plantation lookout when Harriet Tubman was freeing the slaves.😡✊
This is the same woman who claimed she lost her second term because of no support from republicans! Hinting at racism! How convenient!
Sad to watch her twist herself into pretzels to call out racism even though everyone else can see it. How embarrasing! No shame whatsoever!
🗣The Self Hate- That Hate Produces..... Void of self knowledge allows conformity.... There are both, Stephen’s and Stephanie’s alike!!! 😔 🗣I tend to focus on “The Stephen’s”.... However, Let me not forget about “The Stephanie’s”..... Y’all “Crazy.... 👉🏾Deranged” too!!!🤪💯👊🏾🦶🏾
She was shucking and jiving this morning like never before. Then had the nerve to fake some tears. She she stuck in the sunken place.
It's so sad that she doesn't realize that she is Black. All I can say is self hate !
Mia Love has issues & her refusal to adequately respond to issues surrounding trump are politically incorrect. What voters need & want are politicians who will stand for what is right! She shouldn't be allowed to service in another office capacity again
This speaks a lot about Mia loves mentality she represented the 4th congressional district in the state of Utah which is 86% White. The only thing black about Mia Love is her complexion
Ahh! She’s still trying to join the club…sad!!
She's a troll.. she only speaks this fuckery to get a rise out of us and to be relevant smh
Watched the interview. Her failure to just say the comment was racist, she could have avoided calling 45 a racist, shows how well she and other 45 supporters are indoctrinated. SAD, SAD. Stay woke folks. Get rid of 45 in 2020. Don't stay home if your preferred candidate hasn't gotten the nomination - VOTE!
Why does News One Page keep on reloading every time you view their page, it’s not my internet connection...What is up with that?
Trying to figure out what people expect from her this was foretold.
Forgot about this one. Well give me 30 seconds so I can file her back under who...
I saw this bullshit this morning. The only person of color on the panel and she got called out by the white guy. She is pathetic.
They both, along with Lindsey Graham, should slither back under the rock from which they came.
I thought she'd already sunk into obscurity after being used as the token republican.
She don't have to get into someone else's mind.All she has to do is listen to what they are saying.
NewsOne2 days ago

Lexus #0to60 is back y’all, and this year #Lexus is taking it to Laguna Seca Raceway in California! You don’t want to miss this! #lexusperformance #ad

NewsOne3 days ago

#BlackExcellence: Black Atlanta scholars took home the championship title at Harvard University’s annual debate competition.

CONGRATULATIONS to them but why not just TEENS? BLACK BLACK BLACK... Why focus so much on the color of their skin...
Awesome sauce👍👍
Congratulations young scholars!! Praying God blesses all your scholastic journey
Awe they recognize the ancestors..sweetness
Good for them
WOW 👍🏾
Is there any video content of the debate?
That's what I'm talkin about! Yesss! Get em!
NewsOne3 days ago

Jaden Smith has launched a pop-up food truck business that will provide free vegan meals for the homeless.

Thank you at least you are doing so people will complain we can all help Thank you Jaden
So happy to see this young man doing so many positive things! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
God bless you,
Thanks and Blessings!
This is simply awesome!
Homeless people barely take regular food. Vegan food would be insulting lol
His heart is in the right place, but I don't think that many homeless people are vegan.
This young man is doing big things with his resources things that impact other people in a positive way. This is paying it forward and giving back for real❣️
That's a good thing. Can't hate on him for that but cook those people a cheeseburger
He likes boys now
They rather starve
NewsOne3 days ago

The Multicultural Media Correspondents Association held a forum to address the lack of racial representation when it comes to ownership and leadership in the media industry.

you mean someone has to explore that?? 7 years , since Gil Noble , has passed on and Like it Is has been off the air and never replaced??
NewsOne3 days ago

Seeing their mother's killer proved to be too much for the two men in Ohio.

I don’t think many people understand the primal pain these men are facing. I’d happily help pay their bail.
I lost both my parents due to illness an I'm still hurting. I can't imagine losing either of them to murder, my heart hurts for both brothers and they should not have been arrested.
Ooh I would have done the same thing. They should have let them take care of him it would save the tax payers money. God bless them for their efforts.
I think it's completely understandable for family members to be distraught when faced with the killer of their loved ones.
I would help post bail.💰💰💰💰💲💲💲
If i was a cop, i would have taken my sweet time by pulling the brothers off the perp. By the time i reacted he would have needed medical attention!
If I was one of those cops in the court room I would’ve taken my sweet time apprehending those brothers. Like stopping to tie my shoe lace and finishing my Venti Starbucks before I stepped on in🤷🏻‍♀️
The brothers suffered enough... give them a small fine and let them be... the most important worldly person in their life was taken away from them by a murderer... there is no pain greater than that in this world... than to lose the love of your life... unexpectedly... there is no greater love than the love of your mother
I always am amazed how some families can hold it together in situations like this. I couldn't imagine the pain and rage of seeing the person who hurt a love one if mind and not trying to get a hold of them. I hope they do not jail time and some how find some type of peace..... Sigh
We need a gofundme page started
These men should be released once they calm down. Anyone grieving would have similar reactions. I'll also help post bail too! My heart grieves for them and with them. It's difficult enough losing a parent, especially your mother, but through violence- that's something I don't wish on anyone. Prayers for the family.
I heard the pain in that man's voice dats my mama she cared for me when nobody did. I pray that he comes thru the other side of this
We need to let our men be as manly as they see fit in protecting us. The women should have been quiet and let their male family members handle it. All of that shouting and yelling to leave their enemy alone was wrong. Their men were heros today. Honor them!
Well I would probably have done the same thing
If there were extra officers 👮‍♀️ why tase the poor man who is obviously heartbroken over his mom? I hope their charges are dismissed
I want to donate to their Bail!!
They should have beat the sh*t out of him. I understand their pain. I truly understand.
Where’s the Gofundme page for them...
Every right to feel that rage! 😠
I read one this from another article: Investigators say he confessed that he waited over 45 minutes for her to drive by him on her way to work so he could run her off the road and shoot her. #JESUS
this is Facebook and in accordance with the rules all I can say , is keep dilligence about who your family is with especially your mother, and do what is neccesary by any means necessary when you FIRST see shyt get out of hand.....AND NOT UNTIL THE LAST PHUQING MINUTE !
Tell me where to send money to put on their books
Send the inmates a crate of ramen noodles. Life will be torture for this guy.
The fam needs to bail them out and throw them a party.
Okay so how do I help bailing the brothers out? I see absolutely nothing wrong with the brother's actions.
NewsOne3 days ago

The 75-year-old was found dead in Baton Rouge Friday night. Her death was reported by Louisiana State Rep. C. Denise Marcelle.

Very sad and tragic to hear...😢. 🙏🏽 Hopefully those involved will be brought to justice.
This is beyond sad. It speaks to the growing disrespect to elders and human life. My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to her family and loved ones
She must’ve been so afraid. Her poor family. What a senseless thing. It always makes no sense. May her memory be a blessing.
Beautiful soul. She spoke at our Black History Program this year. She was very passionate about her work and art. Her beautiful sister was so proud of her. Praying for the family. She was very beautiful and caring person.
I hope who ever did this is found quickly and dealt with appropriately..
These are our elders and we need to check on them at all times. People are crazy. God fight for us and our community. This is crazy.
This is so sad. Prayers and answers for the family, 🙏🙏🙏🙏.
Rip, prayer for thr family, hopefully someone will find the person or persons responsible for her murder
I hope they find who is responsible for this horrible violent crime, and is prosecuted to the fullest. Condolences the her family and friends and community.
Sad. Very very sad. I pray whoever did this to Ms. Sadie is found and justice will prevail.
Heartbreaking! I hope they find out who was responsible for her murder. Rest In Heaven Ms. Roberts-Joseph!
Heartfelt condolences to Ms. Sadie’s family. May she rest peacefully... Khodesia Marie, did you ever meet her?
My deepest condolences to her family...
Prayers for her family and every life she has touched!❤
This lady did not deserve this may her legacy flourish and her spirit receive internal life RIP 🙏🏾💔
Oh no! My prayers are with the family. What a tragedy 😢😢🙏🏽🙏🏽
That is so sad for someone who has contributed so much to be disrespected and found in such a manner 😥
So sad... praying for her family and community
This is so SAD, Evil, and AWFUL! I pray they find the monster that murdered her. 😢
Prayers to her family. Rest in Peace QUEEN
Heartbreaking at 75 lived that long for someone to take your life tragic.
Prayers, hopefully her family finds out what happened
So sorry to hear this prayers going out to the family.
Omgoooodness. What a horribly sad sad thing!🙏🏿🙏🏿
We should always be mindful of the people around us. RIP .... treasures like her in our community are far and in between.
NewsOne3 days ago

From mass shooters to people who even assaulted cops, sounds about white...

I'm going to leave this right here!
Kindness is Free , He on His way Out , He lost Hope , No Need To Be Mean , He's Done For.....****
American police don’t lack the skills or training to bring Black folks in alive. We keep saying the police need better training. They clearly know how to do it. They just lack the desire to do it with certain groups of people - primarily based on skin color and zip code.
The police are already doing what they were trained to do to black people.
I believe we as a people need to come together and help our community get better. We all have different opinions about it and instead of arguing over whos right and whos wrong, we'll get better results if we just do what we think is best so we dont have to worry about cops not treating us right or wrong. Fuck them and lets get our shit together and stay out of those situations. Lets make money for our future and live!
Arrested without a fight.
That's because they completed their mission and get rewarded for striking a blow for the Supremacy
This Cold Blooded Murderer needs to be on Death Row!
As always
and served BURGER KING!
The mentality on this page says a lot
Dale Dealing this goes for you too
Not ONE shot fired!! Surely this is a cause to be “IN FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE”
If im not mistaken he was taken to burger king by the cops. After slaughtering 9 innocent black people in a church.
Dylann Roof got the death penalty, and you're still whining about how he got arrested? Move on already. Justice was served.
This girl got gunned down -
So once again, you actually thought that 400 years of racism and preferential treatment , would end cause we had 8 years of a president that looked like us ??
Wow guess we are never going to come together collectively as humans with folks that only want to focus on color even though stating that is why they are oppressed! Get outta here with the fucking hypocrisy!!!!!! Enuf is Enuf!! Can not have it both ways!!
The complexion for the protection
NewsOne3 days ago

This isn't for the cameras, this is a REAL race to see who will be champion! Watch the competitive spirit in action on Lexus #0to60 as 2 teams race Lexus high-performance cars! #lexusperformance #ad

Fixing the living room up a lil. Sweeping the kitchen, had to open the windows 😆
NewsOne3 days ago

The Sean Price mural in Crown Heights appears to be in threat of being painted over.

Glad I saw it a couple of years back. Great mural, hopefully it stays up.
Hail Sean p
NewsOne4 days ago

Alva Johnson says this video proves she was sexually harassed by Trump...

To those who say she knew the probability: In my young days, we couldn't walk at night - the probability. We were taught to never sit by the coffee machine - the probability for ease of access in the workplace. We learned to always cross our legs when sitting - the probability. Never even walk to the ladies room alone - the probability. When is the time that we don't have to counteract the probability of being inappropriately manhandled ever going to be a probability?
How forceful! Can’t wait to see this in court! This should really convince them of his predatory behavior! Good Luck! Smdh.
Ok. I watched the video. I didn't see any of what she's claiming. What I did see was her leaning in, with his hands on her shoulders with a little brush from him on her cheek. She had a smile on her face, and her lips pursed in an air kiss. Trump then moved on to other people. So, where was the harassment? That won't make it to the courthouse steps. "
As much as he hates and belittles my people, what was he doing putting his lips on her in the first place?
This lady is diminishing the stories of those who are/were truly sexually preyed upon by that 🍊🍕💩 in the white house.
After watching the video, I'd say she was a willing participant. The suit should be thrown out. She was smiling and leaned toward that POS!!!
I just wonder how many times she turned her nose up at those who warned her about the probability of such a thing. Once you choose a door don't come knocking on the one with the less than greener grass out front.
Puh-leez! She knew she was walking into the lion's den, but she actually expected to not be bitten? I guess she thought she'd have a "Daniel in the lion's den" biblical experience.
I watch the video. What she's claiming didn't happen. She was leaning in towards him and was a willing participant. She was all smiles, and if you listen to the video she reassured him they'll help to get him into the White House . If she plan on taking this to court, the judge will show her the exit.
Girl....please. You got what you came for cause he told you who he was. Seats! Seats! Several of them😒
She didn’t seem upset at all in the video. In fact, she reciprocated
Did I miss something
Something about the way Trump gazes at me through the TV...I’m filing charges in the morning.
Not a fan of the current administration but I don’t see the assault.
I dont think anyone else dislike trump like I do but this time, no sis you reaching🙄
This lady is a mess. He did NOTHING wrong.
So let see what happens to him, they took Cosby to the limit, is Trump gonna be the same are a slap on the hand
Not going to lie,, I stopped giving a damn, when I saw " Trump supporter",,, didn't read it cause I already know its BS!
This dude is guilty of many things...this aint one of them.
Go join Omarosa in Sell Out Land
If this video is "proof" of Alva Johnson's claim of sexual assault / harrassment, it is bogus. SMH
She knew what who she was getting involved with. Even if she didn’t, black folks warned her. She didn’t listen. I don’t feel sorry for her.
He look like he barely wanted to touch her
That’s what she gets for thinking he was going to give her a cushy job
I dont see anything. Right is right and wrong is wrong. 🧐🧐
NewsOne4 days ago

Hannah Payne is shedding those white tears.

She will get probation. Meanwhile y'all are consumed with posting R Kelly articles
Oh well. She is not shedding tears for the life that she took. She is shedding tears for herself. She chose a course of action and now she has no choice but to see it through. I hope that she becomes an example to folks.
Those are mayonnaise tears. Thoughts and prayers😳😳😳
Her face needs a realignment, it’s lopsided.
My heart bleeds peanut butter for her.
A life for a life..
Those tears of hers will make a good pot of Folgers ☕️☕️
A lot too late for tears girlie
What a coincidence....I’m actually crying tears of joy knowing Hanna Payne bout to get some of that life long prison time served up with a cell mate named LARG MARGE.....
Becky got game. She's pulling out all the cards from the trickbox. Cry, act like she feared for her life of the man she tracked, confronted and then killed . The performance of the year goes to? Yep.
So who gave her a badge? Lock her up!
I bet she I’ll get the maximum of 2 years probation 🤦🏾‍♂️
"...bore similarities to the killing of Trayvon Martin..." So, she was being attacked and her attacker received justice?... Then why should she be crying?... #JustTheFacts
Praying the court don't show her an ounce of leniency
I appreciate your keeping us informed News One, but we can do without your headlines that go a little overboard and attempt to stir the pot.
Girl bye. You should have just minded your business. You killed someone. Why? This is the consequence for being a "badass". Go to jail. At least your family can still see you. That man's family cannot. Nobody cares about your tears. At all.
White women tears. Typical but powerful.
Throw her under the jail for the rest of her miserable life...or give her what she gave the!!
Those are expired dairy products tears
Hannah Payne is NOT A COP! She thought she was all-powerful just because she had a gun. Now she has regrets and will cry her way out of her mistake. PUNISH HER!!
Clear privileged tears
Throw the trash under the trash!! Heartbroken for the senior! 💔
She actually tried to say he killed himself. She said he was drunk. They found no drugs or alcohol in his system. I want them to put her under the jail.
Premeditated murder!..followed the man with a handgun with the intent to shoot and kill. There was no threat to her
"After Payne shot Herring, she reportedly told the 911 operator, “He just shot himself with my gun.” She reportedly blocked him from driving away then shot him when he wouldn’t get out of the car"
NewsOne4 days ago

Darren Williams was killed on June 28. He was only 34 years old.

I’m am so sick of this
"we investigated ourselves and found ourselves not guilty"
Don't you know they are the best liars there is! Always have been this way! Why u think it is so many of us locked up and dead
So, there's a video of this incident, but instead of waiting it to be reviewed, the NewsOne staff have decided that they KNOW what happened. And here's the problem............... IF the police did anything wrong, it WILL be reported as such by the REAL media outlets. . BUT............ if it turns out that the police didn't do anything wrong, NewsOne will NOT run a retraction because it wouldl illustrate their racist bias and their lack of true journalistic abilities.
Keep pouring gas on the fire Newsone
All these decades ago and now we are back at the same place we started... only it's different people..we can't just stand here and basically die! Damnit! Let's fight! Let's show up and show out! We gotta stop being scared! We are not our ancestors! We don't have to take this bullshit...they are killing our kids! Damn! How much can we take! We out number them right now..but we won't if we allow them to continue this killing's all apart of the plan..kill as many as possible! Trust me...they are being told to perform these incidents...and on top of the nightmare... Trump enhanced the shit when he made soon as he signed that paper...the entire world changed! People just started their shit! And we were the targets... like I said...2020 is our year! Let's do this! Our ancestors are depending on our outcome!
Just the statement this guy killed himself over a DUI makes me not believe the cops.
We’re not buying it 😦😦
That’s a lie
Oh, does Policemen LIE ? MY, MY ! 👀 😣😭😣😱😚😌Aren't they Suppose to Sevice & Protect, or when they are angered, they Shoot & then the citizen is Dead. Oh, I forgot to turn my Camera on while I was beating the Jack Hell out of these Criminals. # 1 Police reason for killing Blacks is they Feared for their lives👮👮while sitting on their backs, the other Offlcer kicking or hitting them in their Heads etc.Then they have the Nerve to tell them"Shut the Hell Up" while they are almost breaking their Arm Off. Next - Bang , Bang Nigger your Ass is Dead ! I'm not Only talking about WHITE policmen, who mainly are known for killing ppl of Color. BLACKS do it too, & whats even So sad is my Black Bros.policemen stand there while the White man go way beyond his duties of inflicting pain on some helpless Bro &Sisters. Then watch double standard as this is done to the Privilege White ppl. Trump has Open up the doors of Pure Evil. Now, all Racist tones Of Hate has spill Out all over the country. The Right the Left,the Left the Right. "Fake News", "Make America Great Again". All a bunch of "Bull S - -t propaganda, misleading lies. This makes both sides starts saying Dumb things about each other. The words to be said in both parties is : Just Do the Right Things for All Americans. The Poor - Average - Middle Class & the Rich, Sit your Butts down and talk to each Other like you got some Sense. American lives depends On where this Government is going. Stop the Bull and do your Jobs!😳
NewsOne4 days ago

Video showed Chantelle Glass strapped to a chair, punched her in the face and pepper-sprayed at close range. Now she's demanding justice.

I am so afraid this is what happened to Sandra Bland.
You can see they planned this torture before going to release her from the cell... All this for a Traffic Ticket?
Unbelievable! These cops belong in jail. This is for real.
May justice come just as swiftly and fiercely as they did.
SUE, SUE, SUE AND SUE!!!!! She survived so SUE SOME MORE!!!
I'm glad she was ABLE to live to tell about this atrocious attack that she had to endure coming from the hands of these pack of dogs!!!!! #whydidyoudothistoher?
And she deserves millions
I wish we all could show up down there and chant SHAME!! They are the ones that’s paid to protect us and this is what they do??!!! The thing they forget is that the whole world is watching and laughing at us
Good for her
Now Department of Justice should go after them for violating her civil rights.
That SOB was waiting for the opportunity to spray her. He was shaking that can before she even came in there.
This is who I'm worried about... forget an A$AP rocky. We need to mobilize behind this woman.
I hate this happened to this sistah. This is why I have no emotional capital to give when it comes to other groups problems such as migration etc. Our ppls (foundational Black Americans) tax dollars hard at work for other groups when my ppl are funding our own oppression. Sorry (not sorry), but idc about intersectional issues, horizontal issues or symbolic victories. I will vote for policies SPECIFIC to US as a group & a new national/domestic rules of engagement policy for law enforcement is one of them.
WTF! Peppered sprayed while hands are tied. You felt threatened because she kicked at you. BS. All of them need to be fired. They knew they were being videotaped and didn’t care. No telling what happened to her when they moved her. smdh.
Is that a black officer watching ?
This isnt their job it's too personal and it's been that way. She reacted to being punched in the face who knows how she even got their strapped and all smh and she was in for a ticket not a threat at all
If the mfs have to start paying out of their own pockets when sued maybe then they'd think twice
They deliberately tried to provoke her. She was calm and didn't try to fight them and they did little things to provoke her into confrontation.
This is why I refuse to march.
All this over failure to appear in traffic court?
She will get it..Sandra Bland didn't
This is nothing new. Do an audit and talk to many and tell us what you find.
Not a single good cop saw any laws broken or any rights violated you know. ☺️☺️☺️
These mfs be so caught up in power they forget it could be them in that cell one day
NewsOne4 days ago

Meghan McCain didn't know what hit her when Sen. Kamala Harris appeared on 'The View.'

Wonderful just wonderful.
She's just a very unhappy person. I hope she moves on soon.
It was too much color, education, and class on that stage for the princess of Arizona 🙄😂
Harris totally read miss privileged from cover to cover. That's what she gets for trying to stir up s***
That was beautiful to watch.
Sorry!! However I agree with Meghan on this one. I didn't like the way she blindsided Biden at the debate and she swear her belief is he's not racist. Kamala Harris can't have it both ways. She's smart and all but I'm not feeling her as a nominee. She not squeaky clean as a Prosecutor. Smh!!
Desegregation has done more harm to the Black community than integration has helped. The history of Blacks is not taught appropriately in the educational system. Slavery, civil and equal rights have become the main topics of study, although Slavery and its aftermath is not our history. Traditions, myths, legends, and customs associated with the Darker race are also excluded from the educational system. Integration caused our ancestors to frown upon our true customs, traditions, even spirituality, thus ceasing to pass them down to their progeny. We lost more than we gained.
Well, that was 3 minutes of nothing. I give Newsone credit for making me watch a video that was extremely boring and anticlimactic. Kamala absolutely did NOT annihilate Megan McCain. Meghan asked a question and Kamala answered it. wow.
I thought listening to her.... talk about that moment on the debate stage, I would feel better about her. I listened..,, I understood her words, but Harris is off my list. She said if you are not ready to debate your opinion on a topic, and you are running for president and you are on a debate stage, if you are not ready, maybe you shouldn’t be running.I hope she heeds her own advice.
I am not of fan of Meghan, but to say she "didn't know what hit her" and that she was "annihilated" by Harris is an exaggeration. In this instance, Meghan made a comment and asked a question in defense of Biden, who she deeply respects and cares for, as do many of us, and Harris responded. I hope Harris' attack on Biden, which it was, isn't used as ammunition vs. him by the Republicans if he is elected to represent the Democrats in the Presidential election.
Bit of an overreach when saying annihilates. She answered a question.
Harris is so on target !! She is fantastic.
I’m not voting for her but I’m glad this happened
That was a very educated and well thought out fact that Kamala pointed out. She was 100% right.
she needs to interview people on her education level period
Nothing happened in this video. Thanks.
Okay we get it News One you like K Harris, but unless your definition of Annihilation is simply responding to questions is now some how an incredible accomplishment, please stop with the sensationalism... and simply report without giving opinionated narratives to sway your readers please... smh taking pages right out of FOX news
So let me get this right? She knew of the systemic effects of racism and segregation and she still prosecuted more blacks then anyone in that state? She knew of the laws and common practices of redlining and she compromised all that she knew and as an elected official and did nothing until now???? Shit we might as well let her Stacy Abrams, and John Lewis lead the 13.5% population of blacks in America with high praises?
That's all Harris is, is talk. Shes a great debator but that's about it because her track record speaks volumes.
Someone needs to annihilate her on her take on checking everything on credit report Kamala Harris says credit scores should include rent, cell phones and utilities
Everyone annihilates Meaghan McCain . But what Joy is saying is correct. A lot of black people were against bussing . They wanted the same resources as white schools , they didn't want to send their children off to a white school to be subjected to all kinds of hate and extreme bullying.
Kamala Harris can kick rocks she got a problem with the black American Male vote and some women
🗣🗣Fox News: Come get this thang! We are tired of her!
She was trying to bait Senator Harris and it backfired.
NewsOne4 days ago

Meet this year's contestants as they compete to win their very own #Lexus vehicle for 1 year on this episode of Lexus #0to60 Catch the FULL action now! #lexusperformance #ad

NewsOne4 days ago

A$AP Rocky once wanted to distance himself from social justice activism. Now he needs it.

Gotta keep that same energy he had when he expressed himself about black issues 🤷🏽‍♀️ he can’t relate he worried about his jiggy outfits and women he sleeps with 💁🏽‍♀️ better call on Becky and Tom 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Tell that nigga to call his folks in SoHo and Beverly Hills that he brags about. FOH!
“The Nigga Wake Up Call” Paul Mooney Thoughts and Prayers homie...
Thoughts and Prayers.
Thoughts and Prayers
I hope this experience humbled him , be careful what you say !!
Hard pass.... you on your own, son.
For those that missed it! 👍🏾
This generation of "entertainer" is all about fame and perceived fortune...they could NOT care for Nipsey,TI...and a very very limited number of these "artist" they are so afraid of how anything that they say that might affect their$$$$ Makes you respect Cap that much more
Karla...well said! Prayers for our people in New Orleans
Better call Becky with the good hair
I wish he hadn’t responded the way he did. You never know when you’re going to need those that he wasn’t down for aren’t checking for him! On the other side, I don’t want to see anyone in his predicament...
Why not ask ur so ho and Beverly hills friends for help Im part of the working poor I can't relate
This sellout is arrested for cause but falsely claims race is an issue. He now wants Rev Al to soil his reputation by getting involved! Mindboggling! Reminds me of OJ & Clarence Thomas!
They better ask his white friends from Soho and Beverly Hills for help.
Hopefully this situation humbles him. Free asap rocky though. I don't support people who only I have my beliefs or ideology. Regardless of the problematic things rocky has said, his rights are still being violated
Because we're black everytime something happens we're supposed to stand up? Isn't that what he said? Sorry bruh it's above us now. Maybe he should call his Soho and Beverly Hills folks 🤷
God sure does work in mysterious ways. I hope this experience forces him to do a 180 on his apathy toward other black folks and their injustices.
Never forget, he had nothing but negative thoughts about Ferguson. Call Candace Owens. 😂😂😂😂
It’s time for us to pull up that ladder just the same way he did when he was free rich and fly. Next.
Omg! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I hope he’s more ineffective than he’s always been! This nigga truly is getting a wake up call.
Sorry dude, but this is above us. Let us know when you're ready for Black empowerment.
He don't need any justice reform activism. He needs to answer for his alleged crimes, and people need to stop promoting a criminal culture to Black people.
After what he said about Ferguson I was done with that negro.
I guess Soho and Beverly didn’t answer the phone🤔😂🤷🏽‍♀️
NewsOne4 days ago

Erin Carey's family filed a lawsuit.

I’m tired of tragic errors.
Sad. But I'm sure that they got overwhelmed by the daily calls of some one getting shot.
Are they seriously calling this a tragic error. That was fucking Neglect on their part for not trying to do what they where trained to do. Save a human being life.
As well they should.
But they're so concerned with Jussie Smollett 😐
Chicago must have endless streams of money. The only justice anyone can get is by suing
Now we're left to simply die in the streets like THIS!!?? WOW.
On purpose 💯😠😡
I bet he was black.
That disgusting....😠😠
NewsOne4 days ago

Elijah Al-Amin was fatally stabbed because of his rap music and the killer is now facing the death penalty.

He murdered this poor boy period! He should be given the death penalty
The father is right damit! It never was mental illness - it was pure devil illness within his whole rotten existence
Hope the family sues the mess out of someone. Their baby boy is gone😥😪
I'll say it again
“Does not make him a white Supremacist” if you reverses the situation they would label the young man a terrorist simply because of his name. Hypocrites Prove he was not a white Supremacist “rap music made me feel unsafe” what the hell
Mentally challenged my ASS. That beast knew EXACTLY what he was doing ans WHY he did it. AND if he IS challenged; KEEP his dangerous ass in prison.
Does this mean all white people are mentally challenged? It seems that when any of them get in trouble this is their defense!🤷🏽‍♀️ I know better but this is what’s going on to get them off the hook not fair!😡
A hate crime!..simple. .music had nothing to do with it...
--(Absolutely nothing will change until we as Black people start reciprocating what they constantly give to us)... #IMJUSTSAYING... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
well give him life in prison since he's allegedly crazy he won't know he's in jail😂😂
Nope. Maybe they can do the same to him in prison since he wants to kill 11th graders. I bet you he would not have ran up on a full grown knee grow n did that.
Good. Throw the book at his ass
No defense!! Just plain crazy!! No justice no peace!!🙃
No the DOC said he's fine nothing is wrong with him!!
I slammed it too.
That's always there excuse.
The mayonnaise ill card again.
Steups... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
It’s always mental illness when they murder. How about they just bigots that lack compassion, understanding & empathy!
Are hatred and bigotry mental illnesses? If so, I’ll buy the mental illness defense. Either way, his consequence should be the death penalty, mentally ill or not!
i don't blame him ,if it's not they feared for their safety it's now mental illness
Do we ever get to use that defense?! Meanwhile we have numerous people in our community that are mentally ill...
So now every white person is gonna claim the "mentally ill" stance when they want to kill someone black. Yall better start claiming it when y'all find the person that does it to someone you love-riiight baaack! The injustice system allows white people to get away with this evil and sick shit.
NewsOne4 days ago

Alva Johnson says this video proves she was sexually harassed by Trump.

What did we just watch??? I'm no fan of 45 but my sister please go take many seats
I hope the judge throws this case out and her with it; this is a ridiculous lawsuit if this is the evidence. There was nothing inappropriate about that kiss, and she should be ashamed of herself.
A year after she says he's a good person and treats everyone like family. I'm so confused.
I detest 45! However this is bullshit and her behavior after this, complimenting the creature known as Trump, calling it nice, and saying he was incredible makes this out to be bogus. She's upset ahe didn't get the position she wanted and now wants to be compensated. As I said the thing called Trump is reprehensible and lacking in any redeemable quality, however this is nonsense!
Did NewsOne not even look at the video in their ZEST to promote division? Trump didn't do anything wrong and she even smiled and leaned IN when he went to kiss her cheek. But, in this day and age, people file lawsuits and go for the out-of-court settlement. You don't even have to have a case. Or maybe, since it involves Trump, she is hoping for a lucrative run on the "Anti-Trump" talk show and media circuit. I hope the Gov't sues her
I don’t like this clown but gurl have a seat. Unless I missed “it,” miss us with this nonsense. 😐👉🏾
Geeeze! She would have been better of had she NOT released this!
Well.... If this is the best video she has? She might as well sit down and take a seat with the other thirty something women... Sadly based on past track record so far.. gonna take more than a video like this!!!
I’m chief among those who wants to see him be held accountable for all of his lies and wrongdoing, but this girl is reaching. The kiss was harmless.
I'm confused. someone help me. 👀 Didn't see anything.
What did I miss? Something about a Kiss? Give me a break!
Looks like she willingly "Allowed" him to kiss her on the cheek. She leaned in and even did an air kiss herself. I cant see sexual harrassment here. Looked like they are pretty familiar and friendly with each other in a room full of people.
As much as I dislike Trump, I hope he beats this one.
I cannot stand Trump but this was harmless, no where near assault. She leaned in, she didn't back away. I think she may have been surprised but her body posture didn't back away either.
Okay maybe I blinked each time but I watched the video that is suppose to show the allege sexually harassed but I didn't see it,so if someone could point it out to me
Now I don’t care for trump but maybe I missed something...But why were you there in the first place🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
I’m mad because she went to work for him. That’s enough for me...You knew what and who he was. 🙄
She is trying to get rich quick, there is no way in hell I'm riding with her on this one
For some reason I feel no pity for this woman. Sleep with a snake and when it bites you are surprised?
maybe he should keep his orange lips to himself! how bout THAT! why was she singled out? I didn't see him kissing anyone else! he did just what he said he does! "I just start kissing them" ! she should have slapped him. (she could scrub the orange from her hand)
I think they posted the wrong video... now show us the video where he harassed her?
Nothing to see here folks , a waste of time and words . It's all about the benjamins ".Woman STOP IT!"
She leaned in?? What the hell? She doesn’t know the difference between unwanted affection and someone that likes you by him holding both ur shoulders like my girl?? Too late to switch up just like Chrisette Mitchel or whatever her name is. Just take responsibility for your twisted remorseful regretful decisions! Leave the public out of it!
She leaned in for that kiss. Sorry, your claim doesn't look too convincing.
She needs to stop, tRuMpF is innocent on this one.....I ain't buying it for 1 second!