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Hundreds rally outside NFL headquarters in Midtown Manhattan to support free agent Colin Kaepernick MORE--->
Justice League NYC Kwame Jackson Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Colin Kaepernick

Rayshon Anders
Alonzo Q Hill
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Mary J. Blige has big IRS problems while dealing with divorce drama.

Dawn E. Walker If I recall she allowed him to become her manager when they first got married and for most of their marriage. He probably didn't file her tax correct. May have stole more than she knows. I pray it all works out for her and don't have to do what poor Toni Braxton had to do years ago
Kat Thomas Prime example why you don't let your shady husband become your manager...take care of your own affairs
Gwendolyn King Bankrupt. Now let x hubby get a real job. Isn't he a preacher?
Vivian Scales Sign your own checks and process your own taxes with a trusted individual. Every working American knows April 15th is the deadline. However, never trust no one with your money. I was once told that the rich stays honestly rich, because they are blessed and they sleep and wake up, checking their balances as to how much money they have...daily!
Ian Juan Francisco When you put your finances in the hands and control of others, you need to take a look in the mirror at yourself. Athletes and entertainers are more interested in the bling of the fame and lack business sense. They should all be taking business courses. They should be viewing every deposit or withdrawal.
Peggy Nicholson ok, what part of this bill is being paid by Kendu? Isn't this marital debt, which s/b shared? MJB, he will make a way!
Gregory Johnson What's up with all these black entertainers owing the IRS? Wesely Snipes etc??
Janette Brown She should ask Trump how he dealt with not paying taxes for 2 decades. Black can't owe uncle Sam as white do.
Calandra Mathews Ask Beyonce for a loan Queen
Deborah Lewis I say it all the time, you have to manage your own "MONEY"...point, blank, period.
Lillian Dowdell Drakeford Why do so many black stars not learn from the mistakes of others? Handle your own business.
Orange Martin Well part of that goes to the husband AND what the hell was he managing if she owes the IRS...
Tanya Joseph Why?! Don't the "rich" use, a financial advisor, for their millions of dollars; ✋ creating "this mess" of legal troubles in their lives.
Tanika Jones Girl file bankruptcy and call it a day. Screw the ex and settle for monthly payments with the IRS.
Jennifer Cunningham Just work yourself out of it. Ex stole the IRS money too
Toni Anthony Oh man Mary! So sorry to hear that! I hope times gets better for you!
Daphne Renault Book some more tour dates boo and never cross business with pleasure again!
Owusu Maat Huru Hotep Drop a new album Marry and you all good baby!!! The community will hold you down...
Priscilla Morley She's working...for awhile she wasn't doing that much. Now she's back performing
Cynthia Kyles The been told to check all BLACK CELBRITIE,SPORT, POLITICIANS that your Session ,Trump ,Bannon before he got the boot.
Lisa Houston I guess she won`t be searching for a real love any time soon.
Angela Franklin Maybe she can get a gig in Vegas? If Toni Braxton can then so can Mary.
Ramona Buchanan I. Wish. Mary. J the very Best, she will get though this. She's a. Winner.
Darlene Jones Hasn't she gone this route before? How many times can someone claim bankruptcy, and get all their debt wiped out?!
Christopher Eric Burley Sucks being rich and getting divorced. Even for women now, get over it ladies.
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Mystikal turned himself in to Louisiana police on charges of first-degree rape. MORE -------->

Patrick A. Sparks What's the full story?
Daphine Johnson She is on the run, why? Guilty or not stand up to the accuser! It is alleged rape, why do you need company for a rape another man and woman present and phone conversation Recorded! Interesting article never says what actually happen, rape or consensual!
Cynthia Dunham Why. Why. Why. Do people rape?? I will never understand no matter the reason given.
Linda Armstrong This is so sad goes to show a fool with money still a fool...continued his bad behavior..these type get off with fear n pain..the mission position not enough for them..
Anthony Griffin It was just a matter of time before local authorities caught up the rapper who's song "Shake You Ass" was a big hit back in the day.
Ronny Telle Cynthia Dunham that is a good question! I will never understand it myself! No means No! Right?
Tanesha I. King-McGuire He didn’t even rape her she lied because her boyfriend caught her having sex with him and threatened to leave her so she said he raped her!! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Joseph Witter I was just asking someone I wonder what mystikal was up to NOT!!!!
Shadon Haley Anybody from Louisiana. Is it true that this charge is a mandatory 45 years if convicted?
Jay Siana Eww he always did seem kind of creepy to me this is gross and sad
Vickey Rouse Damn. You'd think after serving time for sexual battery he'd sit his ass down somewhere.
Questdrion Threat Everyone quick to throw a black man under the bus the moment any accusation comes up
Greigory Kender-Booker He must love giving that butt up in prison.
Right Ruling Smoke and mirrors.... Any and everytime something big needs to be not seen. Baltimore Drops 43 More Cases After Third Staged Bodycam Video Surfaces, THE BIGGER PICTURE! PAY ATTENTION!
Zane Houia Is the elite tryin to ruin another musicians career becoz they wont be sheep?
Emí Kookan Poe squirrel. He and R Kelley need serious help
Sharon Guyton He didn't learn a thing. "Watch yourself..."
Latrica Anne Cooper If it was recorded, he'll go free
Tracee Garland Wtf??
Donald Robinson He may be better locked up.
Linda Armstrong Do the same thing get the same does not change
Al Dnell Mason Not believing this til the truth come
Niki Ship-Winfield Disgusting hope he gets raped in jail
Mike Giordano He didn't do it ,Damn white people don't stop.
Christopher Bell Man that's too bad I always liked his music..
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A 3rd Baltimore police faked bodycam video surfaces.

Niki Ship-Winfield Heads up same person
Felicia Craft-Manning I sure hope they're punishing these corrupt cops with jail time! I sure hope they drop charges on men\ women who are serving a long prison sentence due to these blue criminals!
Jay Simmons A corrupted mess Baltimore City Police department been planting drugs on people for years and the truth is finally coming out
Larry Barnes They might as well go ahead and fire the whole department
Wallace Mosley These mfrs needa be charged wit felonies so they cant get any other civil service jobs. Theres no tellin how many peoples lives they fckd up wit this bullshyt. These cops out here shooting, robbin (asset forfeiture), sellin, and settin mfrs up. But, we being told to comply and follow instructions.... They runnin trap houses and takin kickbacks.... Meanwhile, they sendin mfrs to prison over a blunt, suspended liscence, or unpaid parking tickets. I swear, these dirty mfrs operate in another demension
Mike Haney Say what ,say it's not so the police would never do things to break the laws their set to protect ,Life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness or maybe to serve and protect was not a part of their oath ! ( Have to love sarcasm)
Gwendolyn King Why are good cops allowing these murders to exis? Come on keep hope alive, you know who they are, it's time to lock the crimalcops up. It's time to let the good cops train or escort the others out. And don't hirer .
Edward Duncan I have NO doubt this happens in every Black community. This is why the police unions fight so hard for the public not to have access to the footage from body cameras.
Angela Lane Douglas yet, those cops got off with murder after killing Freddie Gray. Wow
Paul G Robinson Can you imagine how many other police departments do the same thing !!
Yvonne Ellison All I'm saying (The Wire Is Real)
Sean Michael Easy Can you imagine the dozens maybe hundreds of innocent people already in jail from these corrupt acts?
Anthony G Williams This buffoonery is why most black people do not trust the police.
Rodney Derrick It doesn't matter. They're protected by a corrupt judicial system.
Joy Ward Wow. But Baltimore stays in folks mouths as being a city where the people are oh such a 'problem'. Isn't this something...
Des Gibbs Imagine how many times they did this that we don't know about
Douglas Moore And they tell Black People Isis and the Taliban are our enemy...
Marcus Sharpe Proof positive that what's done in darkness will always eventually come to light...
Creighton Miller I see why Freddie Gray ran....You mfs trying to send him to prison on da house!
Sonja Kennedy DOMESTIC TERRORIST calling themselves police officers
MissNika Martin Good. And need to release and overturn all peps where these liars worked the case
Dee Campbell Gee, I wonder why people don't trust the Baltimore cops? Outrageous.
Keith R Franklin Police officers in New York were coming forward with information that these tactics are pushed from the top ranking minorities
CeCe Burkes Will somebody call the department of justice already? Oh I forgot: Jeff Sessions. Nemmind...
Sonya Davis Lewis We knew this was happening all along.....about time it was proven!
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Beyhive news: Laverne Cox is working on a new surprise collaboration with Beyoncé! What do y'all think it is? -------->

Deanna Karoos So what. She's the devil.
Nicolai Adams I think that Laverne Cox and Beyonce are about to do a movie or tv show together.
Jeanell Dawn I thought VERN was going to announce that HE'S PREGGO!
Marlene Jeffers My daughter told me today that the singer Sade her daughter transgerdered into a dudette.
Marlene Jeffers Looking for the thumbs down emoji.
William Jones Jr. Who is Laverne Cox????
Michaela Janae Don't know, don't care 😛
Jackie Richard
Mike Giordano Who cares
Phelan Johnson Long Dong lol
Latrica Anne Cooper Sigh
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Malia Obama is all grown up. Tuesday was move-in day for the class of 2021 at Harvard University-->
Barack Obama Michelle Obama

Roberta Northington NewsOne its your responsibilty to ban racist like John Williams Denos This crazy MF below me should be banned from commenting
Lynne Murray Gaby Chairez. Still one of my favorite days is moving you into UCSB! Wonder if her parents cried in the parent workshop like I a baby! 😥 Proud of Malia and you GabyGirl! 💜
Libby Sherburne Taking a year off can give you perspective on what you really hope to accomplish in school. She's a smart young woman, and I wish her the best.
Gretta Michellé Even though she moved in on Monday. She has been working away from home, she will be fine. I wish for her much success ... and I hope for her all the wonderful memories college brings, along with the I can't believe I did that moments as well.
Art Davis Time to give the Bush twins a run for their money!
Jeanet Nicholson Congratulations, I wish they would leave her alone, and let her live her life in peace.
Juanita Bragg-Thompson May God be with her every minute of day.Father God watch over her in your name.
JoAnn Virges Yeah!...wish those grown folks would leave her alone...
Benita Story I know her daddy cried all night before..and Michelle told him he BETTER NOT CRY TOMORROW! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Sherine Coleman-bryant Much success little Sister 🙌🙌🙌💕💕💕
Jemekia Neal God bless the child.... get yours, Malia!😁😁😁
Bonnie Simmons Congratulations and may God bless and keep you safe🙏🏾
Phyllis Combs
Hallene Brooks Congratulations Malia, bowl em over!!!
Judy Lamb Hooks please, leave her alone!
Sonia Marie God bless her! Let the haters do what they do best.
Phylisha Sanchez
Frances Dade malia have agood school year who care about the hater
Renay Gilliam Go for it Princess!! We are praying for you. 😘
Unice Benjamin 🙏🏽❤️
Sheran Ealey Wishing you the best Malia
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The world is taking note of Trump's cozy relationship with hate groups. The U.N. issued an "early warning" about racial tensions in the United States.

Linda Wickstein You're being hoodwinked into a Soros Race War! They don't care about us!
Toni Anthony Rising racism? Now I wonder who? Who is keeping racism a the front/center nation wide at that? Who? I'll give you a hint? They favor that man who use to Live in the white house!
Sima Nosa The world is taking note of leftist and black violence, and wondering why the fcking education fails to educate trash? 🙂
Mike Giordano Stop News One fucking everything geared to start racial fights you scumbag white mother fuckers..
Carl May The world keeps taking note. And continues to turn the other cheek. UN 'warning' means nothing.
Linda Wickstein
Bobby Washington Hatred is just like a disease
Adi Arlette Chickens coming home to roost😤
Jeanet Nicholson Trump are with these hate groups. He leading them
Derrick Provall Sr No Kidding!!!
Bobby Washington Hey n**** stop.
Art Davis
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Here is what we know so far about the man holding "Blacks for Trump" at the president's rally in Phoenix---->

Ralph J Chittams Sr Wow, if a White person did what you just did - dig into a Black man's past and bring up something for which he was acquitted - you would call them a racist. So what does this make you?
Marie Peco Wilkins Paid actors see Craigslist ad for minority actors wanted in Phoenix to hold signs and cheer for Trump! Hope the $ was worth it!
Julio Garcia Man how racist do you gotta be that you need to fly in a token black guy to wear a 'trump is not a racist' shirt at your rally?
Ralph Rawls This "Blacks for Trump" guy is named Michael Symonette. He is brought into many Trump rallies to play the role of the token Black supporter
Kimberly Mansfield Funny I always play the find the black guy during his rallies and never can find more then one or two! But after the KKK member showing support for Trump I would've felt a little nervous being at that event!
Chris Mullins Sr. Yeah i seen him. The only thing that came to my mind was... What an Idiot!!!!!!!!!!! A Total and Complete Idiot !!!!!!!!! I do NOT support what the racist in chief is doing.
Patricia P. Lumaava I knew he had to have been strategically placed there by Trump and his people... Shameful that Trump has to do this, but hey, he is after all the biggest Con man there is.
Greigory Kender-Booker It only goes to show how he thinks about black people. He goes gets the lowest common denominator to represent black people. It a wake up call
Joyce M Faggett Is he getting paid for being a token Black at Trump rally's. You see they had him in front so everyone can see the Black man
Yolanda Franklin I just don't understand how can any woman or a person of color could support someone who doesn't think highly of nor respect them? Trump has made offensive comments about everyone from mexicans being rapists to grabbing women by the genitalia. It's a disgrace that draft dodger and tax evader is now president.
Malissa Beniman He doesn't even look black, that looks like a bunch of makeup on his skin.
Irene Coleman Wonder how much he was paid to do that
William Marvin Sr. If Nat Turner was alive. Man!
Kay Wiley Ralph .you are fucking kidding ...RIGHT Every time a Black man us MURDERED by white cops the FIRST thing done is look into his past to prove the white cop was justified. If this bag of shit is LYING then let it be known or his bitch ass needs to change the sign to read PAID BLACK FOR TRUMP....
Shay Hedrick If him AND his lace front,don't go da hell on somewhere!
Jeanet Nicholson I don't need to know nothing about him except how much he got paid.
Kim James trump is desperate. found one fool and placed him up front
Sharon Gladney He's a nut job from the YAH WEH movement of the 80s! It figures
Luradine Timberlake Cocaine bag probably the way he kept scratching himself and fidgeting in his seat. #45 is going to be mad because he stole the spotlight from him😜😜😜😂😂
Susan Wells He was Paid to do that your own kind will set you up in a heartbeat.
Joyce M Faggett I play find the Black guy too, with a family member😂😂😂😂
Ray Berry I voted for trump because that black mf didnt do shit.
Tiffany A. Drake He looks like a non-Black guy. Some other race. Bi-racial maybe. But that's not a black man....
P.J. Talbert They were probably paid to hold up the signs.
Toni Anthony What? Another black person who's sticking to his own convictions? Great!
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Trump rants and rambles in Phoenix speech, portraying himself as the victim of his Charlottesville mess.

Linda Armstrong I like what you said today Roland..especially on Paula White..keep up the good work
Melanie Suzanne Someone needs to cart him away to the closest psychiatric facility. Smdh
Kim James Looks like we can get military style policing everywhere but an armed white hate group rally
Kim James Need I remind him that his daughter is still living and he did accuse Heather of her own death
Ralph J Chittams Sr Ahhhhhhh, it's so refreshing. You're back NewsOne with your editorializing.
Linda Wickstein Folks seem to have forgotten what happens when political leaders are taken down! #MLK #JFK #RFK #MalcolmX
Anthony Griffin Actually, Donald Trump, didn't stay on point about his ranting & raving. After, taking notes out of his pocket in helping him to do so.
Linda Wickstein You're being hoodwinked into a Soros Race War! They don't care about us!
Karen Hoffman I thought it was one of his best speeches.
Dallas Collier Maybe next time those who didn't vote will vote.
Latasha Ceasar He's a douchebag
Rahsaan Simmons Pathetic excuse for a man and human being.
Wesley Randall On and popping...
Kay Wiley He is low life bitch ass trash
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Donald J. Trump Phoenix speech raises more questions about fitness for office---->

Sandra Dawson-Hill Trump is caught up, the Republican Party is tired of his stanknass stale, f up shenanigans! He has shown the United States nothing but hatred. Division seems to be what he wants. Please put Donald Trump out of his own self made misery and impeach him today enough is enough. Coming from a proud Democrat lady.
Spencer Leon Miller A clear indication that Trump is losing it, he's cursing out Republican Senators, he's threatening to actually shut down the government if his ridiculous wall is not built, and now he's holding rallies to complain for 75 minutes about how bad he's being treated. Could you even imagine having to suffer with Trump all the way to 2020?
Tory Blair How can the U.S. GOVERNMENT allow any politician to tell repeated lies to the very people that the swore they'll protect, have the best interest for,... Especially the PRESIDENT OF THE USA. 😡
Bell Kimberly He has to travel state to state and around the world because he needs that narcissistic fix. It's called constant attention and adulation.
Lucynthia Jones I had to pull a Maxine Waters and reclaim my time after watching that mess. People sat up there and allowed him to read and defend himself against tweets. He re-wrote the tweets and called everybody else a liar. He's old, senile, petty, racist, and quite frankly the most dangerous and reckless person I have ever seen as an American public official...and that's a stretch. That overgrown burnt munchkin is unfit.
Brantly Carlyle just about EVERYTHING comes out his mouth is "devoid of facts" with his "alternative truth" spewin behind 😠
Reggie Jones He's good for saying that he's not a politician. Well he damn sure lies like one.
Linda Wickstein You're being hoodwinked into a Soros Race War! They don't care about us!
Darlene Jones He's crazy like a Fox. Seriously he loves the divisiveness. He wants a war. Horrible, disgusting excuse for a human being.
Linda Wickstein Folks seem to have forgotten what happens when political leaders are taken down! #MLK #JFK #RFK #MalcolmX
Char Epting This Fool Here
Graig Turner Truth hurts sometimes
Luradine Timberlake Is there no limit to #45 lies/ alternative facts 😱😰😨👎🏿
Antonio Stringfellow
Antonio Stringfellow
Harold Shepherd I agree with that it's a freaking joke.
Betty Moore
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Protecting @realDonaldTrump's family, golfing, and vacations is costing taxpayers millions.------>

Sylvester Collins But he made an issue of Obama travel time and his fans went wild applauding as he swore he wouldn't leave the White House for how long if he won? White People went crazy and condemned Obama.Race rules everything in the Land of the free.
Char Epting Because their juvenile need a time out. He should not expect them to protect. When his behavior jeopardize their lives. Due to his inability to shut up
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach 모든 copasetic 아니에요. 세상은 이단이다. 하나님을 믿는이 외아들 우리의 유전학을 바꾸고 싶다. 차라리 발가락 꼬리표가있을거야. 그리고 무성한 몸 가방 치명적인 게임에서 폰이되어 주셔서 감사합니다. 더 이상 나는 무엇을 물을 수 있 었는가? 나는 우리가 인류를 점검 할 필요가 있다고 생각한다. 속도를 늦추십시오. 사촌 일부가 점점 정말로 벗어난 곳 ....
Russell Stamper Sr. Let Trump pay for his family's security; too much white trash running loose.
Jean Parham That's a Shame they will not be pay.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Tempat-tempat baru Wajah baru Hubungan baru Kebiasaan lama Masalah lama Komplikasi lama Sama kamu Tampilan baru Siapa itu Dan siapa? Sangat bingung Bukan tipu muslihat Apa yang harus dilakukan? Tidak rugi...
Mary Polenz They should walk off the job.
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Another woman alleges an underage relationship with R. Kelly when she was 16 years old. MORE ------>

Brantly Carlyle if she herself looked at his and her interaction with each other azza "relationship" (of whatever kind), L'IL red ridinghood cant NOW cry wolf (rape), ijs 😒
D Truly Unbothered Well they should of known that when he was with Alyiah at age 15
Phillip Nero Sorry ass brotha...
Cecelia DeAnn He's got a problem.
Sam Simmons Dog
Deanna Karoos Everyone knows he likes little girls.
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"Few people know that Hitler was elected by 288 votes, and he almost wiped the world out."

In a post-election interview with Roland Martin, Dick Gregory warned America about Donald J. Trump------>

Paul Mark Dick Gregory, always speaking the truth!
Linda Armstrong We need more Dick Gregory and not just dicks
Sharon Baker Rip
Hank Hill DG is the truth!!!!
Sammie Eppright
Phillip Nero Straight up Brother..
Dehanna Dallas-hill #REALIST #LEGEND
Ardo Sow True
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Racists are getting bolder...

White high school students wearing 'Make America Great Again' hats claimed they didn't know it was an HBCU

Alexis Brinkley Felder Their parents and chaperones should be charged with Endangerment of a minor. This was crazy stupid, dumb and could have been harmful to their health.
Alexis Brinkley Felder Felony child endangerment is a child endangerment charge enhanced by aggravating circumstances. Child endangerment occurs when a person engages in conduct that places a child in immininet danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment. This can be through an act or omission.
Niki Ship-Winfield These cave tramps knew exactly what they were doing trying to get a reaction. If they didn't know the "adult" chaperones knew where they were smh ✊🏾
Deanna Karoos Wearing that hat does not mean someone is racist. Media outlets are supposed to report facts, not their assumptions.
Deanna Karoos They are free to wear those hats wherever the want to wear them.
Hunter Ade Grylss Is it racist to suppprt trump? That's a step to far to claim that.
Anita Dunne It's Howard. They didn't expect this?
Michelle Wearren Kiryowa They must think abt us nite and day.....
Sean Patrick McInnis
Delilah Heard Make a great by killing all racists haters 👹🐷🌑
Marcella Dillard IGNORE THESE CLOWNS! They crave attention.
Deanna Karoos Is this a communist school?
Lisa Blair Yeah, they knew
Abdur-Raheem Turpin No I won't go there - not today
Ron Gore Yeah RIGHT!!!
Chanelle R Smith Never let them in #EverAgain"
NewsOne1 day ago

Denzel Washington is such a powerful actor. We can't wait for his return to Broadway. What do you think?

Tanya Joseph We just miss him in 🎥 films.
Pam Strobel When???
Carol Chambers Yes, a great actor
Lisa Smith Yes i miss him can t wait sexy
NewsOne1 day ago

Some good news...
An 11-year-old girl is recovering nicely from serious burns after a friend threw boiling water on her face as a prank.

Tanya Joseph This is some sick ass prank..she should, suffer some form of punishment for sure.
Rebecca Dowdy Praying
NewsOne1 day ago

Dick Gregory had conspiracy theories galore, including about the AIDS virus, Bill Cosby's fall from grace, and Prince's untimely death. MORE--->

Tessa Smith He was ate up with hatred for whites. He was a racist. The irony.
Tanya Joseph I believe all of his conspiracy theories, God grant some of us, with special gifts; its totally up to us, to use those gifts to our advantages. I will watch the video. R.I.P. Mr. Dick Gregory.
Donita Fields Custard It is the "conspiracy" theories you could research and prove that made the others believable...
James Rodgers I thought Mark Zuckerman was going to eliminate the fake NEWS , oh ya thats right he said he was eliminating Real news
Terrie Epps he was right about all of them!
Kimberly Little L Renee Newton must see
NewsOne1 day ago

This is awful....
Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson were caught in another country's racist controversy. MORE-->

AMarie Sampson If I had the money they had, I wouldn't drop another dime in that shit hole. It's is a beautiful place land wise, but some of the people are assholes.
Brantly Carlyle [Not that it couldnt happen but] mistaken for "Italian" migrants?!, as DARK (skinned) as they are 😐😒
Kim Murphy Wouldn't have happened, if they went to Ghana.
Myra Barnes Hating People like that always trying to insult well to do black people. Just shake them haters off. Not stopping shit$$$
Howard Gist Yep they know it saw it on the history channel
Gwendolyn Nixon How?
Christopher Yogi Floyd I'm sure they'll survive.
Lee Majors Shows how dumb and unintelligent those Italians are.
Sean Patrick McInnis Newsone 🤔🤔 O.K. Trump did it.
Leo B Venzen Because it is Jackson and Johnson?
Terrie Epps It wasn't a mistake!
Natalene Smith Just shows how hate is worldwide☹️
Noorjehan Ahmed What?
Okierate Elijah Omofoye Lazy?
NewsOne1 day ago

The execution-style murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee was a horrific crime, but do the suspects in his murder deserve to be tortured by other inmates behind bars?--------->

Dori Trammell Did they admit or commit to the murder? Or were they coerced & or wrongly identified as the murderers? Smdh! When will you folk learn that there are countless folks incarcerated wrongfully in Ameriklan's prisons. You folk go right along with that. Lots of folks in which the Injustice system just didn't work for them. So, I take issue with such.
Tiffany Ann Should've left them in Cook County. Now they're asking for protection. They were tough when targeting a baby. Toughen up now
Creighton Miller Oh you thought ppl in jail was bullshitting when we say hurting kids get you fucked up in there?!! Lmao....yall niggas executed a 9yr old you fuck niggas! To all my niggas locked up rite na wit dem phones...Kill em slow please.
Angela Rose "lil shorty couldn't take it no more" what they said after shooting him several times, before killing him. And you want to ask about torture? No that baby was tortured. So suck it up all are suppose to be "gangsta" remember...
Greigory Kender-Booker Hell to the yes. What ever beef they had with his father he should have been left out out it. They can skin them alive for all I care. You reap what you sow.
Reuben Muhammad Every Action has a Consequence. The WHOLE UNIVERSE is governed by the Law of CAUSE and EFFECT. The only "tragedy" there could be in this is if those arrested are actually INNOCENT.
Brittanico Rios All three of them need to be kept in population so they can get beat and stomped to death!!! *F* that PC sh*t, Nah, yall supposed to be Gangsta right?! Yall wanna murder an innocent child in cold blood right?!! Let's get it!!!
Kyle Jaybird Jaysura FUCK dem niggas!!!! They murdered that baby and laughed in their confession. Whatever happens happens, don't drop the soap!
Keisha Adams Yeah! His parents are tortured everyday. Every holiday and every birthday! No sympathy for kid killers here.
Kevona Edwards They deserve whatever they get. These sons of bitches targeted a baby. Actually planned and conspired to do so, and now get the luxury of fucking protective custody. Bitches!!! Did Tyshawn have to opportunity to be saved? No!!! So what goes around comes around. Motha made'em motha fuck'em
Shawna Mayon That's what they get. Now they want protection fuck them where was the protection at when they lured and shot and killed a NINE YEAR OLD CHILD. I know they can't do it because of lawsuits but they should have denied the little punks request.
Vickey Blakely You all are getting what you deserve! You killed this innocent baby boy!! You live by the sword! And y'all just might die by that same sword. Y'all ain't tough nah are you.
Demetrius Travis F**k 'em. If kids are not off limits to you in terms of what you will do as a so-called "gangsta" then ... your health and safety is my lowest concern while you are in prison. #dontdropthesoap 😇
Gail Lenzy Smith Don't give them protective custody! They wanna be bad then that's the place to be bad in...that Lil boy didn't have a chance three bully's killed him.... now be the bad asses you are!
Blanuate Brown I don't give a rat's ass about this piece of shit of a human being when he was out on the streets of Chicago he was terrorizing the citizens that work everyday... I'm one of them. I hope they fuck him up the ass on a daily basis.
Kirk Henry I use to work in jails & prisons during my career & one thing most prisoners don't care for are those who commit crimes against kids... Pedophiles, "Baby Rapers", are especially hated...👮🏾
Robin Martin This gang shit is so f'n stupid. You execute a 9 year old over some game shit, fuck you and your well-being. Die slow, heaux.
Kenya Kenya Why protect them?? Leave them in general population and let them get wtf is coming to them. The 9 year old little boy didn't have any protective procedures put in place so he wouldn't get lured by these 3 murderers.
April Hurt-Weathers Getting shot would probably be easy, but guns and bullets don't exist in prison. These scum bags bout to the feel the pain of real beat downs. Good riddens.
Eriq Benel News One... No, they deserve to be tortured and killed outside of jail. But since our criminal justice system is what it is, I guess inside jail will have to do
Felicia Holmes They have their own rule and laws inside, we can rule their society. Before committing a crime it's your responsibility to understand where your going if u get caught!
Melissa Simpson They brutally executed a child...I doubt you will find many that care that they are now being served their karma...Now if they were in for a nonviolent crime then it wouldn't be right...But premeditated child killers..Naw they get the broomstick etc... What a sweetie innocent handsome little boy who had so much life ahead of him...Rest in perfect peace ...Just know the world will never forget you...😇😇😇😥😥😥
Orlando Robinson Good! They deserved every lick. Good for their disgusting asses! They are being beaten and are afraid. They deserve it. They are brave enough to shoot an unarmed baby but want protection and mercy now. Nothing is too bad for anyone that would harm a child.
Kevin Waldrup Now comes the real folks,this is real, you can't kill or rape kids and other crimes against the codes of the prison system , true you go to trial, after sentences are passed down you better have a six degree black belt because it's going down !!
Wayne Christophe Yes they deserve to be. That 9 year old was an example so they should make him an example. Sucking dick or ass pounding what ever the other killers prefer.
NewsOne1 day ago

Charles Barkley needs to take several seats, and stick to sports --->

Sharon Guyton NewsOne acts as if Barkley isn't a Black man living in America. Black folk weren't thinking about those statues until other folk told them too. Now you're being pacified and the issue of justice won't prevail. Always thinking backwards and void of seeing the truth. That's why we're always left behind. I just don't get us sometimes.
Coletha Crawford And those same people said the same thing when the American Soilders were fighting to end slavery... Good thing they didn't listen to idiots then, Just like we aren't going to do now IDIOT...
Eddie Robinson He is absolutely correct! U had a SO CALLED black president the last 8 years who did nothing about them!! Those statues have been around 4ever and negroes aint said a word! We habe so many other things that are of grave concern in our community!! I stand w you Sir Charles
Dorian Maximus Floyd I bet you won't find Hitler statues all around Germany or a nazi flag waving on government buildings. Understand why those statues were put up in the first place because of the klan and the NRA which both started right after 1865
Christopher Yogi Floyd He's right. But if there are going to be weekly protests, might as well protest some confederate statues while we're at it. I hope next week people will start protesting McDonald's fries. They need to go back to the old formula.
Chris Dorsey Black people fight some dumb ass fights though. Keeping the monuments would help force Them to tell the true history of the US. Only then can we move towards reparations. But hiding the shit is just backwards as always. Always first to talk but last to listen. Our ancestors built this damn country so why fucking keep erasing it?
Michelle Jones It's a set up. They're removing these statues, they're removing the word "slavery" out of books and replacing it with "migrant workers" or "volunteer workers". Do you wonder Why? If you don't know than your children and grand children will pay a price.
Leroy Rapp I don't even think he should stick to sports. They only have him on for one reason, they know he's gonna say some stupid sh**. Sort of like the resident clown, comic relief. If you notice, the dumber he sounds, the more Amerikkka looks towards him as a spokesperson for POC.
Prince Prinze So why did he protest when he was in the NBA for more money when they was already making Millions he should have practice what he preach to be from Alabama just another brainwash Republican he always have negative things to say towards blacks
Chan Hasan Statues of white supremacists have always been an issue to black people just as much as the Confederate Flag so stop the bullshit just nobody ever listened to us. But when white people say "oh hey wait a minute like this is totally wrong" everyone starts listening and doing something about it. Black people I swear are in love with their oppressors...Stockholm Syndrome mofos
Kenneth Allen Charles Barkley is the man that while Harriett Tubman was running slaves through the Underground Railroad, he would be on the plantation telling slaves to keep calm, we alright, they feed us well, let us rest one day a week, this is how it is, let this go...all because he's inside the house and not in the fields. Girl have a seat.
Troy Johnson I actually agree with him. Dafuq I'm going out there to counter protest a Neo-Nazis on a Saturday when I could be making time and half in the morning and up in so on Saturday night. FOH.
Earnest Johnson For those of you who think like Charles Barkley , one day you will look in your children/ grandchildren's eye's and explain to them why you feel civil and human rights were not important. And why you condemned others for trying to make things better.
Shawna McKinney I would have to agree with Barkley for once. I understand why people are protesting but at the end of the day, what difference does it make. That energy could be focused on so many more important things affecting the black community i.e. black and missing , judicial reform, equal pay, police brutality, housing. Joblessness....but so much time is being spent on statues.....ijs
Anthony Austin I'm so glad that @ all the Charles Barkley's don't represents me. But hopefully he will feel the pain and hurt that so many people have endured through slavery and oppression.
Chad Smith Copied from a friend: (I didn't write this) One of my fav Twilight Zone episodes, because of its powerful writing by creator Rod Serling, involved a story, about a Nazi concentration camp commander who returns to Dachau decades after the Holocaust and is driven to insanity by the memory of the ghosts of those whom he had killed. As the man is taken away, the doctor looks at the desolate remains of the concentration camp and shaken by its ghostly presence, says aloud, "Why does it still stand, why?" In one of the most profound writings by Serling, his voice as the narrator responds to the query in the closing monologue as follows, "There is an answer to the doctor's question. All the Dachau's must remain standing. The Dachau's, the Belsen's, the Buchenwald's, the Auschwitze's - all of them. They must remain standing because they are a monument to a moment in time when some men decided to turn the Earth into a graveyard. Into it they shoveled all of their reason, their logic, their knowledge, but worst of all, their conscience. And the moment we forget this, the moment we cease to be haunted by its remembrance, then we become the gravediggers. Something to dwell on and remember, not only in the Twilight Zone but wherever men walk God's Earth." As I watched the news last night see Reverend Al Sharpton arguing for the closing of the Jefferson Memorial -and see clips of people pulling down with ropes statues that are over 100 years old in public - I thought of these prophetic words from Rod Serling written in 1962 and wonder if we have become those gravediggers. Where does it begin and end? What part of our history is safe if every part can in some way offend almost everyone and if being offended is the standard, what will be left of our history for our future generations?
John Peoples He only says that because he's never learned any Black History in school/college or much of anything else for that matter, especially when he didn't have to go to class he just played basketball, and was given a college degree. He was never taught about anything that pertained to the rights of people in general not along Black People nor did he care, and because he doesn't care he's still as DUMB as he was when he was in school., and being rich only helps his ignorance and he's rich because of a God given gift, so don't expect an ignorant fool to understand.
Sharon Peart This kind of remind us of the excuse the people behind the Auschwitz concentration camp wall stated after wall 11 and also the men and women who were black and help to drive the slave trade. To all his fans who are defending him, understand this your color and your cultural DNA foot print will be the very thing to drive you at the front of the line.
Arturo Moore It does change somthing it changes the image we and our children see of tech glorified enemies to "America" Since slavery etc know big deal why arnt any nat Turner statues or black confederate statues in front of court houses didn't they fight on the side of the South. They can be up in museum like ours are. The goal isn't to change there minds.
Marlowe Harmon If we ignore him, may be he will go away; don't watch the show(s) he's on & once the show(s) ratings dip, hopefully they'll get rid of him!! One thing about those statues is that they may be controversial, but at least they can't talk (unlike a-hole Barkley lol!!)
Greg Olson Barkley can be counted on to never have any thoughtful insights on anything. He's often expressed a desire to be a politician and this is a bald faced solicitation of racist votes. He often criticizes today's players who are at least as skilled and sometimes better than Barkley at his peek. His biggest claim to fame now is being a has been dufass with a smart mouth on TNT. Let's hope he doesn't show up behind Trump at his next rally with a sign saying "HOFers for Trump"!
Alice Harper I see what Barkley is saying, the statues are not the problem, as long as there are people that still have the hate in their hearts, what difference does a statue make. A statues can’t hurt you, but someone with true hate in their heart can. I would rather know who my enemies are. It is the heart of man that has to change, not an inanimate object that cannot move or speak. We have to pick our battles and there are many more things at stake today than these statues.
Sandra Pete Hawkins Take all oF those evil reminders of the hate, murder,of our ancestors,any other evil act those SOB'S THOUGHT OF DOING TAKE that shit down!!!! This picture I posted shows the pleasure they took in watching murder kids included, the statues are reminders of those who gave the orders in most cases
Levi Fuller Charles was a very good basketball player and he has a sense of humor so he is comic relief on TNT. Beyond that he is not a learned person, a leader, nor someone whose opinions are worthy of serious consideration.
Charles Mitchell Why does anyone care what Charles Barkley thinks? Ask a Black Athlete that graduated college like, Colin Kaepernick, Kareem Jabbar, Grant Hill or any of the WNBA athletes what they think about this issue.
NewsOne1 day ago

New Yorkers To Protest NFL In Solidarity With Kaepernick...

NewsOne contributor Kwame Jackson and Cassius Mag Mens & Lifestyle Editor Bruce Goodwin will be on hand to interview participants.---->
Justice League NYC Tamika Mallory

Enoch Mubarak Black people are confused about the commitment of taking a stand. Kap is not taking a stand. He along with others are not standing up for injustice and oppression their objective is to hold their breath, go on hunger strikes and threaten boycotts with the purpose of forcing the NFL to sign Kap to a team. Kap is fighting for acceptance to wear the uniform while being free to voice his activism while in uniform. He wants his cake and eat it too.
Karen Hoffman The NFL controlled networks broadcasting the games will give them zero air time. Huge waste of time. I just wanna watch the game.
Michele Thompson I thought that was a persons right to stand or not to stand for the national Anthem? I bet if people really do their home-work and find out what it really meant they would not stand either ijs.
Clarence Woods Protesting ain't moving things quick enough for me. I suggest that a petition be brought to light on or about starting a new NFL and check dis out if someone can get Floyd money mayweather Jay Z and Master P to invest just some big names that has investments in teams before. I think we may have something here. 🤔🤔🤔
Reginald M. Peterson Why is everyone still entertaining this BS. The NFL has been setup long b4 KAP took a knee. The NFL has been BS since the Beast mode non 1 yard TD run?
Chris Revere They should immediately cancel the season and shut down the league.Let them all find a new job.This will also open up college scholarships for those deserving smart kids instead of athletes.
Deanna Karoos Shouldn't these athletes just stick to sports as you said about Charles Barkley should just stick to his profession?
Agnes Johnson This is for Jumanee Williams & the NYPD who had a press conference saying they are supporting Colin K. Tell them to stop doing this to people if they really want to help .
Tessa Smith F the NFL and Kaepernick.
Shae Jordan-Jewel Dowdell True brotherhood!
Christopher Jones
Gloria Cashwell Thank you. Ban together.
Kevin Roberts If you sign him to a team then every will do it to
Erin Taylor Anthony Daniel Franzoza
NewsOne1 day ago

Missouri's governor halts the execution of Marcellus Williams in the 11th hour to examine new DNA evidence.

Linda Patton There is power in the name of Jesus Christ, to break every chain Amen
Zim Thompson The governor issued a halt to it. He will not be executed tonight.
Juanita Bragg-Thompson Diana Diane Dagenais Turbide.No one they do not many men have been executive that was innocent a lot.but they will pay for all of their wrong doing. Yes sr.they will pay.God you must come WALK this earth.make them pay and they will.
Norma Jay No, the governor gave him a stay of execution this afternoon. DNA exonerated him. The scary thing is he was due to be executed today at 6:00pm. 😮 The governor formed a panel for this. Glad it wasn't the court.
Diane Dagenais Turbide I Agree with you Jemekia Neal! I wrote who will face justice for executing an innocent person. Indeed, New DNA evidence of such mistake must stop the execution of this innocent man, period!
Diane Dagenais Turbide So then, who will face justice for executing an innocent person?
Prince Prinze Racist outcome 99% of All Blacks who don't have attorney found guilty pay attorney prosecutor have one job to find anyone innocent guilty
Darnell Sergio Headings Thank you governor for doing the right thing I salute you sir find the truth
Tonya Ladmirault It is sad they still wanted to do it.
Delvita Brumfield Wrongful deaths arent needed.
Gregory Handy This is one of the problems I have with execution.
Sheila W. McCovery Lird Jesus thank you!
Paulette Beauford Amen...yes I prayed
Beverly Gailes Hallelujah
Sean Patrick McInnis Newsone 🤔🤔🤔 I blame Trump.
Judy Lamb Hooks PTL!
Juanita Bragg-Thompson Linda Patton.Yes their is power in the name of J
J Renee Stanley Sheldon N Nicole Allmond
NewsOne1 day ago


Gov. Greitens orders an examination of the new evidence in the final hours before Marcellus Williams’ scheduled execution.

He was scheduled to be executed tonight despite new DNA evidence. #MarcellusWilliams

J Marie Brown New DNA! If it don't belong to him, let him go! Man!! What's wrong with these people!
Michele Thompson So does this mean they will still carry out the execution knowing there are new evidence what a f up system.
Valerie Thornton They` need his, organs and MELANIN`! Plus~ this saves them paying, out a settlement! This country" deserves, everything~ that's coming! "Revelations! ¥
Roseline Modupe Ugwu The first out of the multiple execution in Arkansas few months ago was a black man who and his lawyer pleaded with the supreme Court to take a look at the new DNA evidence that could exnorate him of the said crime, but was denied and thereby executed a possible innocent black man 🤔
Judy Robinson A stay of execution was issued almost an hour ago.
Michael Tisdel all they want to do is kill another black man they don't care if he innocent. get rid of another black person
Edna Adams All involve got to face the great I am. all god require of man is to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your god. I hope their conscience eat them up.
Betty Walton Too many innocent NUBIAN men executed by the lawless. Refused to revisit the truth. As the USA refuse to acknowledge SLAVERY still existing today.
Shannon Lydell Carter Update: After PUBLIC OUTRAGE over the states attempt to murder an innocent man xonerated by DNA evidence, the governor haults the execution of #MarcellusWilliams§ion=black-voices&utm_hp_ref=black-voices
Donna Anderson Terlecki Your headline is misleading. Thought there was a stay?
Lisa Muhammad This would have been messed up if this guy didn't do this crime.. And they Executed him!!!
Myiesha Knight A stay of execution has just been granted!!
Roberta Northington Just saw it on CNN he has been granted a stay for now
Perry Williams They love to kill black ppl, I hope these black ppl they kill start haunting these devils to death
Alain Meade This is so fuck up ☝ only because he's a black man he must die woow
Laura Irvin Gardner They are going to h**l
Toni Anthony Please! A waist of time! And shit more than likely this fucker did not give his victim one 2nd thought! 2 bullets to the head and everybody makes it home on time to dinner!
Anthony Griffin What has the "Justice System" come to in today's society?
Addison Wright Jr. It will be stopped.
Toni Reed What? This is such bull shit them racist bastards.
Kay Wiley Well..they are all dressed up.....and you wonder why God is stamping out the white seed ..
WS Myhand Just got an alert saying they are not doing it.
Robin D Mines One of the reasons I am against the death penalty.
Barbara Currie Black lives matter.
Phyllis Combs
NewsOne1 day ago

Another woman alleges an underage relationship with R. Kelly when she was 16 years old. MORE ------>

Leon Dent Mannnnnn Kells the R&B Goat... Her well ran dry, chick wanna bring up shit from 79... I love me some Kells and don't believe none of the money hungry bitties stories. He a easy target and they coming for him.... Have several seats chick.....
Charles L. Lewis People! oh say can you see.Black Americans are under attack.By the police, and the entire criminal justice system. Along with the media.Don't by into this BS. Any person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Except when it comes to black Americans. And then they are still presumed guilty. Even when they have been found innocent in a court of law.
Michelle Price So tired of his mess, where these girls morals / parents.
Ben Nutall Dam R kelly just like Bill Crosby some of ya women could walk in wit Bill Crosby or R kelly on top of yo daughter an would still say he didn't do anything smh legs arms.@ toes
Carol Joseph When the money runs out... Sould be a song. Bc eeeeevry body knows Rkellysic!... One mom said SHE & HER Husband knew but taught SHE could keep her safe. Now daughter loving the position don't wanna go home soooooo here we are again#!#
Kat Stanley Last Month it was Bill Cosby, Last week it was Usher... This week its R Kelly and Today it's Mystical... I'm starting to see a pattern here. Who's Next????
Larry Jackson It goes to show that the families that took money from this guy are really low life If it was my kid he either would been dead or press charges against him or see his a** in jail
Kathy Brown Legans R.Kelly is Bill Cosby only this time they have paid a bunch of fast ass baseheads to bring him down. It's a war on Black men and just like when the white man flooded the Black community with drugs to get the Black man. Now they are using drug addicted Black women to spread lies and rumors about Black men that are too wealthy for them to bring down. We have always been our own worst enemy. I bet these bitches are only making crumbs to do this. What I don't understand is any Black man that believe R.Kelly should be in jail for these rumors
Wilbur Darby Jr. 1980s to 2000's was the year where everyone was out of control, parents was too busy to watch their kids, because they was trying to get their freak on, so young kids back then did what they wanted to, materialistic things like sneaker, jewelry, clothes, money, that was the catch of the eyes, it over flood the market, a lot of rules did not go into effect until in 2000, Now everyone is on that get rich scheme
Michele Thompson If he is under investigation then it will all reveal at some point or another but people still will not be satisfied my opinion.
Jason King I see a lot of finger pointing at the girls when we have video tape of this man taking advantage. Y'all making it seem like the girls took advantage of him. Wow.
Charm Kman Ok well if YOU decided to accept HIS money to be quiet 🤐 that was the deal YOU agreed to, but if YOU have decided to change YOUR mind, then give HIM back HIS money and DISH THE DIRT!
Monique Williams So many grown women vilifying the girls in support of this predator. This is why our daughters are hurting. Too many angry, hateful mothers wishing they had opportunities to be with young sexy men and not looking at how it destroys these girls. Rushing to grow up with no guidance, being called "fast" while mom drools over some perverted singer. Smh
John Grateful Coleman Damn sadd 2 see black folks defending a pedophile...this nigga married Alijah @ 15 and pissed on a 14 yr. Old...aint nobody setting this nigga up..he set himself up when he kept prowling highschool grounds...yall sick af
Michele Thompson This is so 😔 sad RK i am a fan!!! But i hope none of this is true because you know whatever little bit people hear about you and a young woman because they are adults they are going take us back 15 years so man get you a couple of 30 year olds and leave the other money hungry women alone. Yea i know it wil not matter if the women are 45 people are still going to f with ya!!! To bad.
Jean Simmons- Puryear For the love of money is always going to be the root of evil. These young girls need to stay in a childs place and stop acting like full blown women. She knew exactly what time it was when they met. if it's true .Why reveal this now ,WHAT ! the money ran out,smdh.
Shreada Miller The thots was fucking already i believe now the money stop sbd tells if it really happen Whop pussy ass
Frances Dade 16 year old your parent took money money from r kelly that means they pimp u boo thats sad so now u are trying to make him look bad i dont like it when a grown man touch a kid no matter who he is lot of people see a dollar everthing change but r kelly need to get his self to gether an leave these young people s alone he has a problem serious be cause all the money in world can not please some people
Michele Thompson FBI are not speaking out right now for a reason if this is true. They are really messing with this mans reputation career character its really sad and f up on every level.
Antoine Spann The amazing thing you pathetic motherfuckers defending him now don't seem to get, is that by coming forward, she's going against the non disclosure agreement, and has opened herself up to be sued by him. How many of you dumbasses are willing to be sued for ANYTHING, let alone for telling a story about pedophilia. Y'all sorry as hell man.
Lessie Butler Jr. This fool can't learn his lesson,rather wrong or right,he avoided prison time before,if this is true throw this wigger in prison let him sing 🎶YOUR BODY IS CALLING
Jeanell Dawn BLAME THE PARENTS. If i was 15 or 16, my parents would NEVER let me go with a R Kelly. And if defied my parents, I would be without SKIN ON MY BACK!
Lawrence Pennington Don't do illegals things because eventually the very people that swore secretiveness and took money from you will eventually spill that information to the public.
Michele Thompson Robert Robert Robert man heres another one boy i hope you have your t.s dotted and your I,s crossed because they still coming for ya..
Lisa Atampuri I have a feeling somebody is out to get Rkelly. All talk but no proof.
NewsOne2 days ago

A Texas man takes matters into his own hands, when he allegedly tried to plant a bomb on a Confederate statue in Houston.

Ralph J Chittams Sr Where is your moralizing and editorializing about the wrongness of this? I forget, you guys probably support this.
Tonya Ladmirault No honoring evil. The statues are a reminder of the people that wanted to keep slavery. Evil people should never be honored. No one should blow up anything either. People are upset with reason but that is not the way it is done.
Beverly Gailes He didn't have to do that they are moving out of the Confederate statues out of Texas Hey been in trouble with explosive before but just let him off probation when you're rich and privilege that's what happened now make an example out of his ass
Chad Smith Copied from a friend: (I didn't write this) One of my fav Twilight Zone episodes, because of its powerful writing by creator Rod Serling, involved a story, about a Nazi concentration camp commander who returns to Dachau decades after the Holocaust and is driven to insanity by the memory of the ghosts of those whom he had killed. As the man is taken away, the doctor looks at the desolate remains of the concentration camp and shaken by its ghostly presence, says aloud, "Why does it still stand, why?" In one of the most profound writings by Serling, his voice as the narrator responds to the query in the closing monologue as follows, "There is an answer to the doctor's question. All the Dachau's must remain standing. The Dachau's, the Belsen's, the Buchenwald's, the Auschwitze's - all of them. They must remain standing because they are a monument to a moment in time when some men decided to turn the Earth into a graveyard. Into it they shoveled all of their reason, their logic, their knowledge, but worst of all, their conscience. And the moment we forget this, the moment we cease to be haunted by its remembrance, then we become the gravediggers. Something to dwell on and remember, not only in the Twilight Zone but wherever men walk God's Earth." As I watched the news last night see Reverend Al Sharpton arguing for the closing of the Jefferson Memorial -and see clips of people pulling down with ropes statues that are over 100 years old in public - I thought of these prophetic words from Rod Serling written in 1962 and wonder if we have become those gravediggers. Where does it begin and end? What part of our history is safe if every part can in some way offend almost everyone and if being offended is the standard, what will be left of our history for our future generations?
Lessie Butler Jr. Hell the justice system is to blame,hell he tried this shi$ before and got probation,now he is at it again,he has got to be white,the justice system gives whites another chance to kill people,hell if he was black he wouldn't get out until Trump becomes president of Russia
Bobby Young Awwww that's so sweet Chad Smith, and so much bs. They didn't put the confederate monuments up to remember and learn of horrible historical events but to celebrate the horrible deeds and horrible people as heroes. If it was about history where are the monuments and statues of the slaves who were tortured , raped , and murdered.
Chad Smith The scum of the United States, the turds that float in the sewers are feeling emboldened. Since they are all little snowflakes, they feel the need to vandalize history and the statues of Soldiers. It's Americas history whether you like it or not. Maybe that turd mlk needs attention.
Art Davis And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became truth. "Who controls the past," ran the Party slogan, "controls the future: who controls the present controls the past." And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. "Reality control," they called it: in Newspeak, "doublethink." (1.3.18)
Orange Martin I need people to stop, no matter how emotional this makes us feel we cannot start destroying public property...It's too much!
Troy Johnson And he could have hurt or kill an innocent bystanders
Justin Tsugio Shudo Okay bombing a statue is probably not the best way to go about it.
Ian Juan Francisco Wrong action to take, since they are already coming down.
Jonay Bell Well despite the violence those monuments represent there's not need to be violent..
Michael Stewart Liberals going cray
Sean Patrick McInnis Tear these buildings down. Impress me with a sledgehammer in your hand.
Dee McManus O Well... "By Any Means Necessary", MalcolmX
Shirley Todman The best way to get rid of them
Atyria Clark Ok. That's really stupid.
Mike Coleman
Gwendolyn King Crazy.
Sean Patrick McInnis
Marcy J Huff-Taylor
Mekah Hill
Cleveland Mitchell
NewsOne2 days ago

Protecting the president's family, golfing, and vacations is costing taxpayers millions.------>

Mike Coleman Another fake news story. Does this site post any truth? "The Secret Service has the funding it needs to meet all current mission requirements for the remainder of the fiscal year and compensate employees for overtime within statutory pay caps," Secret Service Director Randolph "Tex" Alles said in the statement.
Anthony Griffin The report shouldn't come as a surprise to the average taxpayer. From the very beginning of having to provide Secret Service at Trump Tower for Donald Trump's wife Melania & son Baron, until he finished school, started this outrageous spending spree of taxpayers money.
Dawn E. Walker He's rich right. He spends more time golfing than actually doing the job as president. Must be exhausting riding Obama dick as hard as he and his supporters have been. Pay for your own Security
Anthony Griffin Dawn E. Walker, if Donald Trump, were as rich as he constantly talks about in life. He would be boasting & bragging about showing his "income tax returns" to the general public. Don't believe the hype.
Judy Lamb Hooks The costs should PAID by TRUMP, since he's so RICH and the White House is a. 'dump' to him! He is COSTING the USA MORE than he's worth, MUCH MORE!!!
Marcia Ellison Of course you need to relax sometimes, but this president has been on more vacations since he's been in office a little over 6 months and all the money it has cost the taxpayers, but he wants to cut off the help that people need, health, food, housing, education, jobs to take care of their families
Derrick Provall Sr Trump Americans here's your chance to support your President beyond just the lip service you do.. He should create a "Protect the Donald" fund I sure all of you would happily pitch in huh??
Frederick Douglas Parks That was part of the Trump plan anyway. Now he can hire a private security force to protect him that he can trust. The Secret Service was doing their job, but the SS belongs to the federal government. Just think of what they have seen or heard so far.
Betty A Capella Crisp Yeah, well Obviously taxpayers aren't tired enough yet. Their not tired enough of his spending their hard earned (or not so hard earned) money, or else they would make the sacrifice needed to cut him off. Puh, it's not hard to figure out.
JoAnn Virges He don't need protection he got his hate groups all ova with sticks and stones..let him pocket the bill..
Christopher Yogi Floyd Bull crap stories. Trump is colluding with Russia while erecting confederate monuments during his vacations with unpaid secret service agents protecting his family.
Tonya Nesbit They all spend taxpayers money...comes with the job....but the secret service was paid when the other presidents....this is the first time this was ever mentioned....SMH
Joy Downey Congress cut the budget for secret service under Obama. They were already strained and stressed. Add in Trump and the result is unsurprising
Charles Conley Ziegler III so!..we have to pay it anyway since it's the price of doing which potus spent the most on travel and it still wont matter if jimmy carter,ronald reagan or barack obama spent more of our tax dollars than the next or less than trump.dumb fucks will still think this become potus and know a country full of selfish assholes hate you and see if you dont go golfing every weekend to your own course or vacation as much as possible.i become potus,fuck all ya'll.i'm doing whatever must be done to save my own sanity and keep my family together as a country of broke mothafucka's or jealous ass lazy bitches,get mad about what i did what their tax
Kenny Billingsley I guess if they keep saying Obama its make them feel better!!!
Lessie Butler Jr. Obama spent money also but not like this,trump has a ton of family and that adds up and he takes more time golfing 🏌 than in the White House,so stop ✋ with that obama shi$,he'll raise taxes 25% on America only the ones that voted for him to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN,leave out all the ones who did not vote for this jacka$$,then that would give him the power to keep MAKING AMERICA GREAT 👍🏿 AGAIN
Melody M. Tunnell And people complained when Obama took one vacation. Those people have no right to complain about their previous president.
Brandy Harrison Damn I thought trump is a wealthy but can't afford to paid Serect services? That fucked up
Sharon Walker Trump has spent more tax payers money in 8 months than Obama in 8 Years. Thought his supporters were ok with that? Guess not!
Betty A Capella Crisp #RESIST and #ENABLE go together like oil and water --THEY DON'T! So, IF you are still funding (enabling) your President, who you claim, or THINK that you don't support, by funding his spending habits via your taxable income; THEN you, Boo Boo, are ENABLING, not RESISTING. #SHUTUPorPUTUP , or in this case, #SHUTUPorRESIST.
Marlon Thomas Then quit and let his beloved police force protect him!!!
Dale Dealing The secret service doesn't pay any of the costs, taxpayers do, of course they can't afford it
Lonnette Kelley I truly think 45 is in the beginning stages of dementia.
Larry Armelin Well, let his close buddies protect him...Duke and other KKK'S, NEO-NAZIS, WHITE NATIONALISTS, ALT-RIGHT MEMBERS, etc.
NewsOne2 days ago

Unbelievable! Trump's campaign spokeswoman calls slavery "good" history.

Mike Coleman Did you all even read the article? She said “bad history is still good history.” because we can learn from it. These headlines are just to stir the pot.
Carla Huckaby Well if slavery was good as this white bitch says then lets reverse the history white people would not last thru that brutal abuse! They would committ suicide! Like I said these white bitches are just as hard on white supremacy as their racist men!!
Christopher Yogi Floyd She was not praising slavery. Sure, it wasn't explain in the best way but the opposing side was twisting her words and would not let her elaborate by constantly speaking over her. Old school ground debating techniques. You all should be mature enough to recognize that.
Jonay Bell "Bad history is still good history" ok so these monuments represent your bad history so let's do something good and remove these statues no one wants to see monuments of your evil..
Yolanda Franklin Smack this bitch into reality. Slavery was inhumane, cruel, and torturous. Despite it all, our ancestors fought to get us where we are today.
Alain Meade Try it now see we are not back in those days any more you lot always want to keep black people down and we not doing nothing to you why it's make you feel good about yourself?
Michael Stewart Liberal blacks are very racist
Linstant Taittinger Why are we shocked ? I mean this is what they meant by "make America great again" that was a "good time" for "them".
Gary Sidberry It is obvious that Katrina must have been a failure in her history class...but an expert in stealing purses and stealing unemployment benefits fraud! But wait...she got caught! She is a total failure in life!
Robert Brown Cotton field still exist in the United States today, Katrina Pierson and family can pick cotton from sun up to sundown six days a week with an overseer ready with a bull whip at the slightest instance. They can also live in a one room shack with the fear of rape or having her children sold to another slave owner in another state.... Theories can be put to test!
Jasper Johnson What that "cross-fire" of an interview did for me, was reinforced in my mind, that some on the conservative side, refuse to give the institution of slavery the kind of condemnation and rebuke as the Holocaust and Naziism elicits. They don't feel blacks of today deserve such respect and homage. Another reason, the the statuettes glorifying the twisted mentality that perpetuated slavery (must) be dismantled!
Blynne Roberts "History" is history....a recounting of events that occurred at a time other than the present. How those events impacted people determines if the historical event can be described as "good or bad." We learn either way.
Stanley Hayes Well, well just when you might think that only 45 can say the most stupid and totally ignorant thing, about America's past history and Slavery, up pops another one of 45 idiots under foot, The one BIG[LY] thing can be said is there tent of 'CLOWNS' just keeps growing and growing......DUH..
Hazel Verge I think a white extremist may have done it... because of the overwhelming support of the removal of Confederate statues. and to put even more negative judgment on Black People-mainly the BLM movement. In current years to date, You have not heard any Black Person say "Black Power" during any form of protests.
Kaliko Staxx It's not good history it's history just like the all the civil war monuments,were all seeing the wrong shit here, right now they are taking down the statues, next they will change the literature and the newer generations will never know what their elders were up against and suffered through.Dont you see the trap is being set,and we are being spoon fed to fall into bondage once again.Because if our past and paths are hidden from our future,we are doomed to run in a circle!? #MESSAGE
Perry Williams Like I always say, you can't fix stupid, an it's obvious this stupid as nut is caught up in the pass, if she had her way, she would like to see black ppl back in slavery
Sean Patrick McInnis This is just a distraction to keep you from remembering Ed Bundys four touchdowns "in a single game" while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School,
Roberta Northington This fool below goes on every post talking crazy Smh..#FakeProfile #Suspect👀👇
Marcel Menefee It is now official. Katrina Pierson has replaced Donal Trump as the single most stupidest person on Earth.
Chandra Houston Why do you people continue to be surprised at what comes out of their mouths. Smh
Lessie Butler Jr. Good keep the bullshi$ coming out of you all mouths,the more you open your racist pie holes,the more better things get
James Shabazz Muhammad If Amerikan slavery is good History, so is the Black plaque of Europe and the German Jew Genocide of Germany good History.
Anitra Neicey Brooks Dumbass WYPIPO like Mike Coleman SHOULD OF LEARNED this BULL💩 n school but WYPIPO STILL DIDN'T TELL tha TRUTH n em FAKEASS TEXTBOOKS WROTE by WHOM!!??? Ahhh damn WYPIPO...GTFOH!!! Betta go WATCH HIDDEN COLOR'S 234&5 DIP💩!!!
Mel Davis I knew it was Katrina Pierson before I read the article. Always carrying the water pail for them.
NewsOne2 days ago

Did you see Donald J. Trump staring at the solar eclipse?

Dameron Mason I admit that was a bad mistake on his part,but I did it as well knowing the consequences. I don't think y'all should waste your time reporting on it he's only human...
Ralph J Chittams Sr I know lots of people who looked skyward yesterday without eclipse glasses, myself included. This is a non-story. Please move on to some fake news.
Peter Engelen Grand Wizard Trump:''It was great, it was really great, and I made it happen!''
Art Davis Not this guy!
Ian Juan Francisco No news here.
Lisa M Osborne
Torri Kitchen Yup, I was staring to.
Shelly Hankins Bunce Good I will patiently wait for him to go blind😡
Marilyn Washington
Delores Robinson not long enough
Perry Williams Lol
Wandra Scott Yes
NewsOne2 days ago

Trump knows he mishandled Charlottesville. He tried to clean up his mess last night in his Afghanistan speech.

Sima Nosa Bullshit! Trump said what was neccessary the first time!!! Trump maybe should have said the KKK and White Supramcists are bad and the BLM and Antifa are bad. instead of saying both sides were bad.
Sonya L Artis Was hoping that the solar eclipse had fried out his retinas yesterday so I didn't have to read/hear anything this ignorant, inept, buffoon, had to say today🙄
Shirley McClendon Moore So now the United States is going deeper into war with Afghanistan to make up for #45's mishandling of Charlottesville? Wow! That's what it looks like to me!
Marsha Hammonds Do he really think we believe these lies. Some one wrote this speech and tomorrow he will be saying something else. He doesn't have a plan that is why he couldn't tell us his plans. His plans change day to day hour to hour.
Darnell Sergio Headings No you are who you are I'm going to give it to you plain and simple you are against the black man and every other minority besides the white supremacist you guys are real good friends
Brian N Annabelle Taylor Need to get this clown our of office before he kills our children just for spite. He will use anything at his disposal to please his base of supporters.
Sima Nosa Give no respect, get no respect! Think about that!
Jeanet Nicholson Trump can't clean up especially after he messed up. Don't care what he rant about I don't trust him period
Ebonie J. Parker Ain't no cleaning up the sewage that spills from his orange colored lips. He needs to just STFU.
Jamal S. Galloway The 45 is never straight, never on point, always INaccurate.
Deanna Karoos Like you tried to clean it up with an edited video of an agitator that got his butt whipped.
Kat Stanley When someone shows you who they are believe them 💁
James Rodgers Jews were SLAVES for 536 yrs and then hunted down and EXTERMINATED.
James Rodgers Did it in a timely manner, unlike jumping to conclusions like Obama
Deidre Turner He's an NAZI IDI0T
Almaz Larsen Tried!
Kenya Sanders I can't stand trump
Billy R. Brooks Jr
Roberta Northington We already know how he feels F him Mitch and Ryan
Cynthia Langford
Blynne Roberts He's lying about it in Arizona!!! #LYING
Enid Davis Glad i didnt watch the orange jackass
Latasha Ceasar Too little too late orange cheeto
Maria Lopez He still doesn't get my approval. He is a jerk
NewsOne2 days ago

Black Excellence: Chance the Rapper is on Fortune's 40 Under 40 list! The rapper is the youngest person to be on the list. ---------->

Judith Perry Congratulations he is a kind and caring young man.
Lorece Johnson May God continue to bless U Chance~♡♡♡♡
Donn Johnson DUHHH
Edith Reynolds Congratulations Chance !!!!!!!!!!!
Rezina Neal Walker Blessings Chance
Deanne Roberts CONGRATS
Dehanna Dallas-hill #BLACKKING
NewsOne2 days ago

Will the cop who beat down a black driver in Ohio face justice? A newly released dashcam video raises doubts about the official police version of the incident.

Velinda Butler Now it's normal to kill black people and no nation is speaking out.
Elspeth Allen If we keep waiting on "justice" for police brutality, we will keep being beaten and murdered by police.
Alfreda Dixon Frye Their favorite line they tried to get my gun
Lenora King Not likely.
Amaru Lewis Say what?
Karis Lee Nothing
Ray Berry Damn another black victim, cant say that black caused it
NewsOne2 days ago

A Black Republican ex-congressman shames his party's leaders for their silence on Trump.

Kasim Harton So he's calling them out for being the people who he already knew they were?🤔 Ok, got it!🤷🏾‍♂️
Kenneth Vick Are you fucking kidding me? Better late than never.
Maeya Carr Finally
NewsOne2 days ago

Why couldn't Donald J. Trump deliver a strong message about hate in America during terror attacks in #Charlottville like he's doing about #Afghanistan? --------->

Annette Kessee This is his 3rd try at it, and he's still lying. Watch his rally tomorrow night in Arizona, he'll be back to the usual. This is a professional con man who see's his poll numbers dropping, and decided to have the writers throw in another version of his take on Charlottesville.
Shon Re Because he had no problem with it, DUH! Why are we expecting him to be someone he's shown himself not to be over and over? Geez! Why is water wet!?👊🏽
Dee McManus
Lisa Muhammad Why keep asking WHY?
Lea Hall #issaklansman
Roberta Northington Because he don't care
NewsOne2 days ago

This is awful....

Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson were caught in another country's racist controversy. MORE-->

Terry Roper I don't know why black folks be going to the European countries you can go to Nigeria ,Liberia . Africa has some great resorts and beaches. The Main Stream Media don't Show How Beautiful Africa Is. Try Vacationing there , you Will Love it.
Richard Stackhouse Folks, the white immigrants in this country came from Europe. This is just one of the things that's in their DNA. No, I'm not saying all Europeans are bigoted assholes. I'm simply reminding you that this crap is not unique to the U.S.
Ian Juan Francisco Racist ignorant pigs are in every country. I guess those Italians would not mind if we mistake every Italian for mafia killers.
Roselyn King Every Culture need to reflect back on their history. Italians used to be discriminated against too. Immigration the USA wasn't a bed of roses. Not only because of the MAFIA STEREOTYPES, Skin color, language were part of the discrimination against them. People forget very fast. Irish, Asians lots of cultures. Every one, never forget where you came from.
Theresa Neal They were only playing into the propaganda that they are fed, about Black people.
Patricia Canty Stillwell Well, there it Is! No matter if you are a accomplished well known black man, still not recognized as a famous basketball player and reknowned actor. Thought to be an immigrant taking money from Italian citizens..... seems familiar??? The news person should have cleared up the audacious info and corrected the printed information as false. can't have Prada or Vuiton?? Assumed they were immigrants. Tell me what immigrants can afford to shop that way, let alone everyday individuals. Intolerance of immigrants, blacks shown that day. Sad just sad.
Annette Kessee Black folks are mistreated worldwide!!! Gotta be careful going on vacations and visiting countries just because you have money, or think it'll be a cool thing to do.
Maureen Adams Quaye Welcome to Italy!!! As born in Italy by African parents I can assure you that this is our everyday life... the ignorance, bigotry and racism that people of colour face on the daily its beyond what you guys can immagine. On the positive side you know who you are dealing with so there are no surprises.😬😬
Brian Pipkins I heard not to long ago a black sports host don't remember his name say, racism only happens to poor people. So does this constitute as a minor inconvenience because they are rich?
Nikisha Cooper Italian dumbfucks. They should be outraged about their blatant stupidity. PERIOD!
Marlowe Harmon B.Pipkins, that sports host's money still can't protect him from racism, as proof with what happened to Oprah & other famous black folk!! Sam Jackson has the fame & money as well as M.Johnson, & look what happened to them,making what that clueless black sports hist said a moot point!!
Marlowe Harmon That's the thanks they get for spending there money in those high-end stores that will take their $$$ with a smile, but talk about them like sh💩t behind their backs!! After that incident with Oprah at the Hermes store & the beating death of that black guy in Greece, why do they continue to visit or spend money in some of these racist countries...smh...????
Claire Robbins-Bigsby I think that the main point of this story is how arrogant and racist some Italians are about African "migrants" whom are oftentimes far from lazy.
Aljah Muhammad I can understand not recognizing Magic, but Sam L. Jackson is in every movie that has ever been made.
Drucilla Mcgill They don't recognize blacks in that country with money to them we are all the same lazy living off others they don't care if we famous in the states we still black racism doesn't stop in and start in America it's a world wide problem for us
Adissa Suleyman Mohamed I am not surprise at all I am an immigrant in Italy for almost 7yrs I have my documents (carta di soggiorno) which is equivalent to American (green card) I woke up at 5:00am everyday to work, pay tax regularly never commit any crime, still some of them still had something to complain about ,especially some of my colleagues at work they want to see you coming to work with a bycicle instead of a car, my car is not expensive but for the fact that is big car it's gives them lot of problems. The truth is that not all of them are racist but I am very sure that majority of them were ignorant. Have you ever think why most of them hated balotelli? It wasn't because he's arrogant but because he's black and rich. They want black but you have to remain poor then you are honest person according to their own silly theory. We working class blacks we're use to there ignorance.
Jackie Burns The same would happen in America if 2 blacks were labeled as welfare recipients in a pic with designer bags
Gerald Hawkins If we know our history we know that Hannibal and the Moors conquered Italy we gave them civilization and if you are Sicilian you have black blood in you.
Jamil Hodges But when they come over here. We roll out the red carpet SMH!
Clinton F. Brown Didn't that idiot from ESPN state that blacks with money are not subject to discrimination!
Raynell Willis Finn Thx U I Won't B Going There. I'm Sick & Tired Of This Foolishness 😠😠
Drcee Celeste McGill I don't think you can go any where on this earth where some sort of racism , sexism , discrimination etc is not practiced!!
Shelly Hankins Bunce I can't wait until the racist find out they are the lessor of the human race!😡⚖️
Andre Moore Don't know why y'all keep going to these white ass countries. They don't want you in the country you're from, why go to a country they are from and expect anything in return. WHITE PEOPLE DISLIKE, STEREOTYPE, and FEAR BLACK PEOPLE. Go to Africa or something. Stupid!
Dorothy Williams Europeans not all are racist. Although there are way too many that are..
NewsOne2 days ago

NYPD officers say they have Colin Kaepernick's back. Dozens of them rallied in support of the quarterback's controversial protest against police brutality.

Tessa Smith There's your bad cops, now go and do what you violent racist blm people do and give them your best work of hatred and violence, I dare ya.
Edith Reynolds Yes!! Black NYPD back CK protest against Police Brutality, not about a flag or a song .. okay ? What media wants to think... like most trumpets believe with their lying eye, mouth , ears and Fake patriotic.
Enoch Mubarak When you wear a uniform you take orders and you are told what to do so if you wear a uniform then stop your bi#ching, belly aching, complaining, moaning and groaning. Suck it up and do as you are told and if you don't like it then as long as you have the right to quit ,you are the boss but don't wear a uniform and still try to be a independent thinker, a lone wolf, an outlaw and a free spirit.
Stan Blockson Give it up on the blm ass reach. You know your on the wrong side when you go there. Or Obama did this or that you lose without any debates.
Dale Dealing Isn't he protesting against them?
Chris Miles Every black person in America should be on one knee
Michael Wooden The white cowards would have spoken up but the grand dragon was in attendance
Chris Johnson They supportbthis clown after wearing those pig socks??? They idiots too...
JJ Rosemary Fist raised!!! Resist The Donald regime and its prejudice ways - the enemy
Robin Brissette
Alonzo Q Hill
Beverley Richardson I believe his action has made a big impact
Sheila W. McCovery #IKneelInSupport
Steve Prejean Right ON, PPL
Gloria Cashwell Thank you. Ban together.
Raynell Willis Finn Yeah Right 🙄🙄
Ramona Buchanan Alright. Now!!
James Thomas
Semore Freeman FTP!
Leon White Dodds
Robin Brissette Every muthafuckin time!
James Thomas