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The HBCU World Series was created to increase the representation of Black athletes in college baseball.

Basically we aren’t good enough so let’s make our own up. This isn’t close to a World Series. Jackie Robinson would not be proud
HBCU Tennis Grand Slam next?
Most of the HBCU Baseball teams have a lot of white players 😳
Im sure it would be lit. Good idea.
We need the negro league back..
Which shouldn't exist anymore
Check the field and count how many black players on the field.... They still not keeping the goal alive!!
We used to be baseball ⚾️. Jackie Robinson started us in the Major League. Prior to that the powerful “Negro Leauge” could compete and dominate the segregated Major League. The segregated Majors knew this and kept the then “negro” out of the Major League as long as possible.
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NBA star LeBron James is teaming up with Walmart to fight hunger in America.

LeBron is just amazing!!if only the other people making big money will do the same !!!
I'm a fan of La Bron the activist not the basketball player
Thank You LeBron!
Thank you LeBron
Your the man Lebron!! On the other hand tell Walmart to stop taking away benefits that Mr Sam Walton put in place to help his works and stop telling the world your giving raises .25 cent went to the veteran worker's. Walmart helped me raise my kids for 15 years but I got screwed over when my back went out
Always keep it classy.
Voice Of The Black Man Much respect!
This man is awesome!!
Lebron if you really want to help Tell Walmart to start paying there employees a fair living wage and stop asking for Corporate welfare. Thats how you really help
With Walmart??? What’s the catch???
Can he start owning a black own supermarket
King James.
Amen God bless you Mr.James.
Keep Shinning Sun
Glad for him but Black folks need to take care of Black folks first ! We been taking care of everyone else for 400 years and stopped taking care of our won in the past 30 years, now time to get back!
Why Wal-mart with their lab genocide food ?👽
Does that mean underserved white communities as well. Another racist program.
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#BlackGirlMagic: Two Arkansas teens made history by becoming their school district’s first-ever Black female valedictorian and salutatorian.

Congratulations Awesome!!!
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ICYMI: As the search team is losing hope in finding Maleah Davis, Brittany Bowens sat down for an interview.

I wish I could just give her a swift kick in her face! 🤬
Anybody see her whoop her ass on sight
She’s really looking for fame im sure. She knows exactly where the child is. She doesn’t look like she has a care in the world. She looks just like I’m ready to make this movie now. Actions from her are not like a real mother should be doing. Not a tear in site
I hate these types of mothers there isnt no dick in this world that would make me put a man before my kids im not tryn here none of that shit i raised 3 beautiful kids and i was the only 1 whooping ass in that house these ladies jave low self esteem and need that relationship to make them feel whole fuck all that im not feeln sorry for her he was abusing her daughter and this was going on for a while...prayers for baby girl god has her now!!!!
This adds insult to injury!!!🤬
She's covering for him. Sad that women would rather protect their "man" rather than their child
Explain that brain injury then...
She's not sure. How did Maleah's skull get cracked where she had to have surgeries? You know something, you're just trying to protect that thug. Both of you need to be prosecuted.
She makes you want to punch her in the face over and over again. I know about every skate ,run trip and fall paper cut sister fight marks my kids hv. Just lock her up already
No telling what he did to that baby while the mother was gone. It was probably to a point where he couldn't cover it up and decided to kill her. Parents please do better protecting your kids.
So this trick stayed with a man who said he would commit murder and on top of that left her daughter alone with him?! Lock her up under the jail
I am sick of seeing her with fake tears on her face. When will they do the prep walk so I can tune in?
In the case of your abused deceased daughter.... Seems like another "Susan smith" case The little girl in Florida drowned in pool. Jon Bennet ...... Need I continue..... These mammmiessss..........
how was she removed, for something so serious, then just returned back like that
I'm so sick.of her and her bullshit! How can you say you're not sure if there was abuse when you admitted he abused the girl! OMG! Can HPD please arrest this lying poor excuse of a mother. I'd be very shocked and surprised if she had nothing to do with this and will even apologize BUT everything she's done and said has detoured me from believing a word she says!
Send her to prison with her boyfriend !!
Trying to save her ass!! #LockHerUpToo‼
Really? Was the D worth it in the end? I don't think D will ever be worth your children. You wasted 9 months being pregnant and years of raising for D. That's sad and you should suffer the same fate as your child did. #IWillNotBeTakingArguments #IMeantWhatISaid
She needs to be charged along with ole boy
This is a damn shame. CPS should've never returned her children. This happens too often. Instead of raising their children, many women are busy chasing dick.
I don’t believe a word she says.
As she is seen crying dry tears in this interview her attorney made a good point about having your kids around people that really don't mean them any good!!!!
She needs to just hush. You know he was an abuser. You left your child with him. So upsetting. 😢
Lies....thats why they were taken away an put in foster care. Also why that baby needed surgery on her head
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UPDATE: She's baaaack.

But the real question is was her Facebook account ever suspended in the first place?

Is this the only picture of her that exist or something?
News one, Sensationalism at its best.. Dnt believe the hype.
Ain’t nobody got time for this irrelevant twitch. She hates her skin color so bad, she spreads that hate around.
Is she still trying to be relevant!!?? She need to sit her behind down somewhere!! Numb from the neck up!🙃
there is always at least one in every group that just dont get it!
Good bye careless whipser.
She may have black skin, but she is far from black
She is struggling to be relevant. Girl, bye.
Hell, Twitter suspended me... #fu*k em
She's not pro hitler,but this site is pro ignorance
She did nothing wrong
She’s getting too much attention for too little accomplishment
BYE Female Dog!!!
No reason for her to be suspended though, no story.
If she's suspended, please let her remain there and quit giving her media attention...period.
Put on her on the don’t give a shit list and move on!
Candace, go swallow a brick. No one cares about your whining. 😏😡
She's mastered the art of projection. She's sleep walking.
Reading newsone makes one believe congressman Lieu was correct in his belief blacks would not look up the full context of the Candace Owens statements surrounding Hitler. It's as if newsone wants to destroy the community.
Do you care?
So did Black people, Kick Rocks.
Fake Book is garbage. Restores a racist page. I’ve seen it all now.
The problem for Candace Owens is she is a master at pulling hoaxes. This is a case where to be believed, she needed to film that on a video showing such.
Hope she runs for President one day..
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It's a tradition at Memorial High School in Houston for rising seniors to wear basketball jerseys for its annual Thug Day.

The black students should have a “trailer park day.”
Real thugs have a badge and gun
Memorial is full of sh't. It always have and will always be.
Real thugs!!! Too hot in Texas for the trench coats and boots .
They would rather mock us then to admit they wanna be like us!!
Looks like celebrate Ignorance Day 365
Every year they anxiously await to live out their fantasies...😂😂😂😂
Ok. Why is “thug” necessarily attributed to Black people? White people commit violent crimes more so than we do so go for it.
They'd been better off dressing up like 45 at least they would be authentic
They are very foolish kids.
Since when did wearing bball jersey indentify with being a thug
It's Houston. They can take a field trip from the burbs(about 2 lights down from their school) and actually be "thugs" for a day. I bet they will be looking for their Polos and Dockers by lunch.
So did anyone dress as Al Capone? I'm asking for the historical and notorious thugs.
A suit and tie would've been more appropriate attire, that's what the real thugs wear.
Why not basketball player/jersey day?
When I go to Bank of America Stadium to watch my Panthers play 98 % of the people there are Thugs...both teams fans wearing jerseys
So they didn't have Trump masks and Police officer uniforms for thug day?
Why not just call it "Jersey Day". People do to much in the worst way!
Complement them for loving 💜💙 the culture/ Swag/ trying to imitate Black Culture then they will Stop...Gurl came to work with cornrows walking around Smiling and being petty Pretty Much I said I see you copping our swagger ain't it beautiful.The Bleach Blonde Fool came to work next day with that sh"t in a ponytail...🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🙄🙄😉😉
Why oh why are we allowing this behavior to continue to take place without swift actions , our generation is sitting on sidelines allowing this crap to keep taking place, the disrespect ‼️
This fucking school need to be call out on this BS!
Seriously, they promote "thug day" so, thuggery is promoted in school.
THUG Day? I am shocked that parents, the School Board, and teachers have allowed this blatant display of Racial stupidity. Shame on the School and the Administration.
Basketball jersey? Ha! If they wanna dress up as real thugs put in a badge and a gun 👮🏻‍♂️
So wearing jerseys is now considered thug attire.🤦‍♀️ Get these old closed minded ass people off of these committees
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A Twitter video showing a Black child named "Peanut" acting as an actual footstool for white girls sparked outrage, sadness, pity and a few history lessons about transracial adoptions.

Is NewsOne vilifying the boy for helping? Are they vilifying the White family who adopted him? Are they vilifying the Black families who DIDN'T adopt him? I have a Black friend who is married to White woman. They have adopted 4 kids- 1 black, 2 mixed, 1 white. The kids play together. The kids work together. The kids support each other. Perhaps the racists at NewsOne should do a story about them?
I can't believe that so many black people are posting that this is okay. It is slave owner behavior.
She just needed help reaching the swing, it was too high! I see it as lil man was being a gentleman to ha!🤷‍♀️
Yeah some of you are nuts!! They're children. He was just helping her get on the darn swing!!! If their was a lil black girl out there playing that he liked he would have been doing the same for her.
Maybe he was being a gentleman and helping her up or down the best way he knew how. It’s kids playing. You think at any point this little girl was thinking “yes get down on your knees for I am your better!” Do you think he was thinking “yes massa!” And don’t start with the subconsciously he blah blah blah! It’s kids playing. PERIOD! If I let a White person ahead of me in a line am I subjugating myself also? God forbid I open a car door... oh the humanity!
I would have a talk with my child....there is being a friend and being used. If these little ones are friends, then it was an innocent action, but still teach him the difference.
This is what I call stirring the pot. My son at this age wouldn’t be getting on ground and messing his clothes up for none of y’alls daughters..This is weird shit period.
They're children and he's a gentleman... Who ever raise him should be very proud.
Ok but was he helping her get on the swing or YOU MATHA FUCKAS REACHIN again 🤷
Seriously News One? Two children playing innocently , with one helping the other is newsworthy? How about we not put our racial animus and hangups on children. And who is filming other peoples kids in playgrounds and putting them on the internet?
An example where the Parents & their Children need counseling BEFORE the Placement of a different race child is allowed in their home!
I saw this FOOLISHNESS on Twitter. Dude talking about we need more Peanut. Nah. We sure the F*ck DON'T...
I can't believe some of y'all are OK with this. This is mainly why we'll Always come last in society...smh
Boy let me ever Catch my child doing some bullshit like this
I saw a sweet gesture from a little boy. If the girl had been black, you would say it was cute. Stop it
I would’ve went over there and told him to get him up! He has to know who he is and what he is not!
Peanut parents or guardians have failed him. Could have never been my child . Teach your children to have self pride
This is a serious overreaction. You don't know the context. You don't know the relationship. You only know about 5 seconds of their entire life and think you know their life story. We don't know if peanut is abused or ii he is treat with much love. You don't know if the other kids have done something similar for him. We don't know anything about them so act like it. So many people just want to be offended.
I would teach my son to never do this if the swing is too high then maybe she doesn't need to ride where is her mother or father at this child is not a footstool
Everyone wants to talk about the boys intentions. It's not about the childs intentions. Its about the adults intentions. However many of us will jump to protect a white person or let white people control the narrative. Ask yourself why the adult wasnt helping both kids on the swing. Hell did the boy even get to enjoy the swings. He was there to play also, not to be a damn step ladder
Really, NewsOne, y'all reaching!!!! Stop it!!!!
this happens in cheerleading often I don't think this was racially motivated
No way my parents nor grandparents would approve this.
My kids are all the same color and do this with each other 🤷🏻‍♀️
Y’all doing too much.
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The Government Accountability Office has made a judgment on Ben Carson's infamous dining room set.

They won’t do anything. Ben Carson has slowly lost his mind
Nothing will happen
how could he have been a brain surgen, he dont even have a brain
That was a give me. What amazes me is every agency has a procurement process and those who make the purchases from the approving officials to the billing officials and no one told him no. In my 20 year government career I have never see such obvious abuse of the far( federal acquisition regulation) what he did calls for jail for misappropriation of government funds. He created a anti deficiency act violation and shows why he is not fit to be in the office he is in.
You can blame Ben Carson, But you must also blame The company who was trying to sell a $31,000 Dining set , $8,000 dish Washer, to a government Official is the real crooks ! Companies are known to Charge triple for everything And they get away with it!!
He needs to be fired
That's so 87 controversies ago...
All I can say is he's not the only one in the Trump's Administration so if you going to go after him vote Trump out and then he will probably be kicked out and his coworkers
Nothing going to happen. Not news worthy
No one's above the law not privileged Trump nor Ben Carson if they prosecute ben they had better prosecute Trump if not the justice system is a joke. But i already knew the outcome they will do the Bill Cosby on Ben 100%.
No the first law Carson broke was letting his wife sing The National Anthem 😂. His is unqualified for this position 😡
He needs to be jailed crooked just like his boss
Not surprised
The article says he also purchased an 8,000 dishwasher..That has to be an error who buys an 8,000 dollar dish washer?
8000 dollars for dishwasher.
Ben Carson is just another crooked cabinet secretary among many in the White House ORGANIZED Crime Headquarters who has been exposed for engaging in illegal budget spending. It is common knowledge that most of Mob Crime Boss Trump's cabinet secretaries are grifters and are currently engaging in shady activities like for instance , Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross' involvement in alleged insider trading, that warrant investigations and termination. These criminal secretaries are a mirror reflection of the President himself.
All because he could. A den of thieves.
Not surprised
Doesn 't surprise me.
Do us all a favor and commit suicide
Lock all of these crooks up
Love you BC.Your the man. Keep up the good work.
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Who knew credit would be so important? The truth comes out when we visit a barbershop to ask “how does money make you feel?” Let’s talk about it. #ad #financialwellness in partnership with Prudential.

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The officer who strangled Eric Garner is on trial to determine if he should finally be fired.

Justice for Eric Garner🙏🙏🙏
He needs to be choked out just like Eric Garner. That would be Justice
Hell yeah too many complains of brutality.
Why is that the purpose of his trial and not the part about going to prison??? Fired?
Okay NYPD, show your guts!
He isn't in jail yet.
Please fire his ass!
Should be in jail he kill some one else's son take a life never mind the job
fuck the job.
Order followers are order followers. Go after the politicians
We're is this over the young man who got killed in East st.louis.......ill wait
Dirty Cops 👮‍♀️
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The school year is coming to a close, but the summer is a prime time to ensure the students in your life stay sharp. Check out several resources and organizations that are designed to help students get the tools they need at

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Candace Owens is whining that Facebook hates her.

Its not just facebook that hates her
You can look in her eyes and see that demon...
Candace pro-Nazi... hahahahahahaha that’s there is the funniest shit I’ve heard all day. Candace whining about being band. Hahahahahahaha the second funniest shit I’ve heard all day....
Not only does FACEBOOK hate you...
She states the turth like Rush did, take alittle turth, mixed in fear, and statistics that if you did the research yourself, would learn it can be said of all humans
I get it, I get it... Racist's hate her. Old news.
She's an intelligent and beautiful young lady, and cares about all of you, despite what evil things you say. I feel bad for all of you. Shame on you.
Ahhhhh, poor baby! When you lie down with dogs, (reTHUGlicans) you get up with fleas! #SorryNotSorry 😂🤣😂
She brought this on herself
Don't flatter herself... No one gives a damn!
Hate requires a lot of energy. Why would anyone waste that much energy on Candace Owens?
If I'm considered a part of Facebook, then yes that would be correct.
Anyone with a brain hates her lol
I really don’t care , do you?
Umm I think she should add Instagram and Twitter too
many may despise her but if u really listen she's speaking truth on many issues
Maybe she's looking for a Cabinet appointment. Lol
Facebook always censor Republicans. They did it to Diamond and Silk too.
Good we don’t do your .Uncle Tom , so we really could careless bout scandisk Candice
Yeah, she’s not one of our favorites.
Owens out here promoting Hitler and Trump but can't get a White House job.
Pro-Hitler...LOL. Yet they don't suspend NewsOne's postings of hatred.
When did she support Hitler??
Facebook doesn't like to post what intelligent people say,!!!😎😎
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As the search team is losing hope in finding Maleah Davis, Brittany Bowens sat down for an interview.

I’m still trying to understand why tf she ain’t in jail too 🤦🏽‍♀️
Burn both of those bitches. I know people grieve differently HOWEVER she’s too calm for someone who’s 4 year old daughter is missing, whose blood and human tissue was found in the pipes at this ex-fiancé’s apartment, surveillance of him going into the apt with her but not coming out, who u claim was beating her, bathing her without your permission, picking her up from daycare to be home alone with him and who told you he knows where to hide a dead body. I would be on tv LOSING MY SHIT She knows or physically played a part in whatever has happened to her daughter. At this point, I think we all have figured out what has happened and I hope they both burn in hell
Im so sick of seeing her lying face, she didn't protect her baby from that monster.
This woman has worked my very last nerve!! 🤨😞
She knows where her daughters body is and has her closure, that’s why she’s so calm. But she’s going to eventually say too much, so keep interviewing her I know the detectives are watching and listening. I just don’t understand how anyone can harm a child. #Maleah🙏🏾👼🏽
Don't worry he'll give her ass up soon to lessen his sentence!!! Prayers for MaLeah🙏🙏
If she is always home she participated in the abuse. She did nothing but aid in the abuse. I will be so happy to see her locked up!
Your child went to the emergency room with a head wound and you aint sure if there was abuse, jail her also. Please
“Bowen responded with, “”I’m not sure, I was always home.”” She is just as guilty, no way she left both of her children with an angry ex. I look forward to her arrest.
NOW SHE'S NOT SURE?????????? WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THAT S**T SHE STATED BEFORE???????? She said she had an issue with him beating her daughter and bathing her daughter without her permission Now all of a sudden She dont know about any abuse in the home????? She's doing all that she can to protect that man and sticking her middle finger up to her own baby girl..that man murdered her daughter and she know it but that dk felt so good to her she's blinded by lust for having him back into her presence She dont look like she's mourning her child Those sorrows are more for her child murderer LOCK HER UP ALSO
The cops are going to let her keep talking. She keeps telling on her stupid self. They are probably watching her to see of she will return to the spot where she hid the child's body.
How in the Hell..She must stay Sleep all day..she f...k lying to save her ass..she played a part or role of neglect on her part.. are involved. You knew what happened to her before you left to go to this funeral.
I want to punch that effn smirk off of her face.
What the hell is wrong with her? You home all the time but he was on the way to the airport to pick her up? She knows and there is a special place in hell for her. You protect your children.
I want to cry crocodile tears when I see stuff about this lil girl she keep too straight of a face man
Some people don't deserve kids.
The kids were taken away for suspected abuse and doctors said that the previous surgeries were due to abuse. She absolutely knew... and didn’t do a d@mn thing about it .... lock her up too
This clown. Please stop making her relevant. She needs to be in jail also
I don't understand why she's not in jail she played a part in what happen to that little girl she fake cries at interviews she doesn't even seem emotional that her daughter is missing. How do you not know there was abuse in the home when the little girl had to have surgery to her brain due to the injuries she sustained while in her home.
Somebody help me understand how she did not know and lived in the house. She needs to come clean. Poor baby has suffered enough.
She’s just as much to blame is he is and CPS.
oh, now she is just OUTRIGHT LYING ... she is now 100% responsible 😠
Mother's are to protect their children, not put them in harm's way. Send her ass to jail 👿👿👿
NewsOne2 days ago

ICYMI: More questions are coming out about Maleah Davis' mother.

Be Patient- "Whats done in the Dark, will come to Light"
Teresa Lee you are so right honey you are so right lock this b**** up hurry up before somebody hurt her
Her emotions and body language isn’t genuine or natural to me, she actually helped that man plan that baby’s murder !!!
Ah hell nah see this right here is unacceptable. Her ass knew about this shit and trying to play games. Lock her ass up as well. Just ridiculous!!! 😤
She needs to be locked up too with her fake crying ass!! Bye girl!! She gets no sympathy from me!! ✌✌✌
Ole bish guilty too watch! Some women will do anything to have a man she onenof them women... put her child in harms way just for the comfort of a man and that man was abusing her child. I read some of these stories and think that some of these women know what’s going on but just don’t say anything.poor baby may she Rest In Peace
Her ass needs to be in jail right along with him. Not only did her mother fail her the system failed this beautiful baby too.
My question is when is she going to prison
You Can Tell She’s Just “Acting!”
That lady knows what happened. How can a mother let this happen to her child? How?
They could at least charge her with neglect. They can prove that.
If the abortion law pass a lot of kids are going to end up like this poor baby!!!
Lock her up already.
If it don't come out in the will in the rinse. It's only a matter of time before she is locked up too.....with them fake tears!!!
This is not the face of sorrow. She knows more than she’s giving up. She need to be locked up as well.
That poor beautiful girl. I am deeply bothered by these murderous parents. Your kids look for you for safety and comfort. Why did this happen? Why isn’t she locked up? Why didn’t CPS permanently removed her and the sibling from this home? The system failed this little girl.
If that were the case, why leave her with him?😒😒😒 Something in the milk ain’t clean!
And she just now saying something. That precious little Angel had been getting abused for a long time. Lock her ass up. If I’m wrong I do apologize
Of course she is involved.
Ugggh!!!!! She needs to be arrested
How is she a free woman
Just send them both to jail!!! 😡 She KNEW that little girl was being abused!!!
Lock her up please
I don’t even wanna read this... LOCK👏🏽 HER 👏🏽 UP
NewsOne2 days ago

ICYMI: Happy birthday to Janet Jackson!

Happy Birthday Janet!
Happy Birthday Janet JACKSON
Happy birthday to you God's highest of blessings every walk of life
Happy birthday Janet! We need to celebrate our birthdays together next year. May Queens...5/16 to be exact ❤
Happy birthday Legend!
Happy Birthday!!!🎂🎂🎂🍾🍷💝💌💖
Happy birthday ever you rock.
Happy Bithday Janet Jackson!!
Happy b day janet we share the same birthday...may 16 🎂
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Janet Jackson we love you Janet
Happy birthday
NewsOne2 days ago

Howard Stern appeared on #TheView today and said he never used the n-word. Sunny Hostin had time. Of course, Meghan McCain had to defend his racism.

I grew up in Az. The only thing I remember about Cindy McCain was she was addicted to opioids she stole from a Red Cross Volunteer program. And John didn't do anything for Az. He did the right thing not replacing Obama care cause he was dieing. Let's not get it Twisted I lived it!!! Sorry for the Rant!😵
If anyone has to “defend” your racism, they’re a racist too. Don’t believe that BS. Let’s call it what it is and quit covering up for that shat. Truth be told nobody likes us, and dammit, we don’t care.
When people show you who they are believe them! 🤷🏽‍♂️
Even if it didn't come out of Stearn's mouth but he allowed a Klansman use it like it was his first name instead of saying "I can't tolerate this on my show" G.T.F O and have a nice day!"
You see Howard has conditioned his listeners into believing his filth. And why did Sonny let him off the hook? Their feet needed to be held to the flame longer. Would you want your 8 and 9 year old talkng like that? Well, it's on the radio in the family car.
This is an example of why Mo'nique calls Whoopi ."the help".
Just say the word Jewish and you will have the anti defamation and the ACLU coming at you to label you as anti semetic.
Howard Stern had a disgusting radio show, he was always degrading women and people of color. When that type of behavior is deep seeded in you it takes some time to get rid of it that’s why he scrims when he is called out. Just trying to sell his book , don’t be fooled! He never admitted what he said, he lied he has not changed at all! I’m not buying it or his book!
“I grew up listening to you, Cindy McCain is my mother. Can someone explain to me what this reference was for? I love the show forever,” McCain babbled. “I was never offended!” Well I bet you if he said something about her father-in-law/father, then she'll be offended. Lawd have mercy on this horrible person. No wonder she doesn't have any kids because it's all about me, myself & I. 🤢🤑🤑👹👿👺
Can someone just tell Meghan McCain to shut the fuhq up!!
Then there’s this. It’s one thing if Howard said “yeah I said it, but I’ve grown up since then”, but to out and out deny it while it’s on record he’s said the word MULTIPLE times?!?
I used to watch Howard stern religiously back in the day and he was, indeed, racist af.
He's lying...the self proclaimed "Jewish prince."
Howard Stern externalized his self hate by attacking others with his juvenile racism.Robin Quivers internalized hers and became an accomplice in his silliness. . The lie they tried to tell us and themselves was that they were engaging in a high brow type of humor that made fun of racism,sexism,etc. We know what base gravitated to that,and it wasn't MENSA members.
Daytime tv has always been racist garbage and the reason that racism prevails is that the main people claiming not racist will be more accepting of a racist that lies and says they are not than they are of the person who is hurt by someone else racism. I have seriously learned mostly to not even engage or entertain these types. I speak my peace and when they try to pull their you’re pulling the race card you’re a Tom or Coon or any other of their racist bs I have learned to walk away. I would not dignify ignorance like Meghan McCain by responding to her.
He was gross, no book will change my mind.
Here we go again, Meghan has to say the last word
I never understood how a black woman (Robin) could go along with Stern..I remember her laughing and agreeing with every disgusting thing he said...
The truth hurts you; so be it...but if you catch them lying put the truth in their face...CALL THEM OUT!!!!
Well hell yeah Meghan wasn't offended, cause ain't nobody ever called her the n word
Thank you Sunny for being real. He was & still is disgusting. I tell you I don’t trust Meghan & the nerve of her to say SHE didn’t find him racist.
It was Highly offensive and Filthy, and leud! He ought to be ashamed of himself.
And Whoopi defended him 😒
You justvwant to slap the taste out of Meghan"s mouth. Self righteous and a real piece of work! Glad when she goes so I can watch the show again.....
NewsOne2 days ago

The golden standard of standardized tests for high school students was reportedly set to get a makeover, but it's unclear what exactly the end game is.

Biased and racist standardized test
Sat has nothing to do with collage .it was designed to keep blacks of collage.
A makeover for what?? We all did very well on the SATs back in the 70s! Back then you applied for 6 colleges and then took the one, out of the 6 you wanted the most after your acceptance letters!
Dumbing it down? I would be pissed. Dr. Walter E. Williams addresses this stuff. Read any of his stuff.
Just scrape the test altogether.
Ok then
NewsOne2 days ago

We hope the family of Pamela Turner gets justice.

A bit about Baytown, Texas - the tree that was used for lynching is still standing and revered by citizens.
She was murdered
Prayer going up for your family and friends Mrs. Pamela....R.I.L.
Family I’m praying for you😩☹️😇❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Prayers for her family
The justice is for that cop to get the same treatment!
Everyone's have to watch there back today plus know how to get a good lawyers today too😠😠😈
Lord knows that was awful
I don’t know why people hire this dude as their lawyer still. He is terrible
I hope it is never allowed to happen again!
That was another Example of Police Brutality & downright execution!
It won't stop until we stop our women and children.
My heart is broken over this murder of this beautiful black mother grandmother. I couldn’t look at the video but 2 times didn’t want 2 see it anymore. It could’ve been me
They need a new laywer
I feel for the family but getting "Crump"??? Come on, there are way better lawyers that would die to have your case.
THIS TIME, Mr. Crump has a 'job to do.'
We may not know his name but he can be identified by his blue outfit.
This story gets crazier all the time everything the police originally said was a lie
They're NOT Gonna Win...with CRUMP
The name game is real 😎👮‍♀️
Karma' doesn't forget nothing! #blkprgrsv19 #blm19
Give Texas back to Mexico. It will never be right.
NewsOne3 days ago

Another reason to love Halle Berry.

She is a wonderful person and a beautiful human, inside and out. Love you Halle❤️
I've always loved Halle Berry!!This just made me love her more...!!
KUDOS to Halle for doing that, I love her even more.
Dang got me crying 😢😢😢😢😢 Thanks Halle this was an awesome gesture just awesome 👏
I love you more than before for this Ms Halle Berry. Thank you.😘
And just like that I will be supporting this movie. Not a huge fan of the John Wick movies but Halle-You Rick Sister!
So much love and respect for this amazing women. #hallieberry
That's a beautiful thing.. i have always loved Halle
Love my girl ,thank you for supporting your people and loving who you are ❤👏👏👏👏👏
I LOVE Halle very beautiful person, I love what she do and what she stand for, BLACK is BEAUTIFUL
She’s so lovable 😍 I love this story!
I Love this woman! Such a Beautiful Soul and sweet spirited person.
Kudos to Hallie for showing love. They want us to not love and respect each other. It's a threat to them, but much needed love, support, and respect for us. We must continue to support and love each other.
I love my Halle - she is a true BLACK QUEEN. Some of our people are uneducated and arrogant ! While she has always been true to herself and her features. Love her!
Thank you Halle Berry!!! Please continue to be an example for others. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️❤️
Halle is so beautiful inside and out that this doesn't surprise but it sure puts a smile in my heart. You GO HALLE!!!
…..Thank you Halle. #WeLoveYouForThat <3
When Halle was a little girl her white mother put her in front of the mirror and told her she was black and that’s how she would be recognized. Kudos to her mother and to Halle for being true to herself and her brothers and sisters.
That’s why I love Halle Berry🙏🏽💜
NOW!! Every other black celebrity do the same damn thang!!
Reason # 1,237 why I love Halle Berry.
Thank you Queen Halle Berry! You a black sister that Rocks always!!!🤗💖🌹
Halle Berry is our Marilyn Monroe.
Monique did the same thing when she won the Oscar.. but the press called her difficult
NewsOne3 days ago

All for a mere $45...

To anyone that bought one ..... Congratulations you played yourself.
The Devil is at work deceiving the blind and deaf and unwise once again! WISDOM OF SOLOMON 14:7 For blessed is the wood whereby righteousness cometh. WISDOM OF SOLOMON 14:8 But that which is made with hands is cursed as well it as he that made it he because he made it and it because being corruptible it was called god. Meaning beware who you let sow seed in your field because as long as you have breath in your body you will need the truth before the truth will ever need you!
WISDOM OF SOLOMON 14:10 For that which is made shall be punished together with him that made it. WISDOM OF SOLOMON 14:11 Therefore even upon the idols of the Gentiles shall there be a visitation because in the creature of God they are become an abomination and stumblingblocks to the souls of men and a snare to the feet of the unwise. Meaning beware of idols and the people that swear by them at all cost according to scripture!
🤷🏿‍♂️ I'm done sparing trump supporters 🙋🏿‍♂️ who's down to scam these dummies because it's honestly too easy!! We all know this is gonna sell out faster than Tekashi 69
No biggie, we should buy this coin, just in case the economy starts to look scary, and yeah it is real gold...99% fine
Blasphemy idol...GOD see this demon.
Trump is another Jim Jones
Sadly there are too many racist hateful so-called Christians! SMDH
And this is why you cant reach the younger generation!
one of them will also sell you a lakefront home in heaven for a pretty steep price...but hey it's lakefront for eternity. Good grief...making money off of God. I'm pretty sure that's what the Bible means when it talks about taking His name in vain...
Even Caesar didn't put Jesus' image on the Roman coinage.
Where all this religion talk come from praying all that shit ain't working we need action ppl just wanna hear themselves talk about jesus the bible that shit ain't worked since created by man y'all still believe this stuff its really sad action is the only way god ain't gonna fix it and Jesus ain't handing out spankings better go vote and get this white supremacy that has moved up into thewhite house only with force will we win until we ready do something save your prayers for ppl that really need it
Trump is the #AntiChrist and he's a Trump disciple.
Thy shalt not make my house a den of thieves. HEATHEN
These devils will try anything to reelect the other devil
Just crazy! And weak minded people will buy it!
Satan has a seat in the Church!!!
Go bhuy a brick while you're at it. Put your family name on it.
This is funny but they will sell out of these.
Sad reality, many without common sense will fall for this foolishness!
That coin will burn your fingers!😳
I am far from perfect. But, it baffles me how these people lie on and play with God.
The white Jesus is back in circulation...🤣🤣....
He doesn’t care about Drumpf‘s re-election he cares about lining his pockets.
we laugh buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut this is what them folk want
NewsOne3 days ago

The cops originally blamed outstanding warrants for the fatal encounter with the unarmed grandmother.

Was he tested for drug use? If he Lived same apt complex they should know who he is. What is past record as police officer ?
Pay attention to these Hispanic cops they really are becoming a problem as well carrying on like these white cops even think they white.
I saw the television interview with the police captain. Her warrants, he lied about, was the primary reason for the initial encounter. They slaughtered that poor sista, and are now adding insult-to-injury by purposely lying about what really started it. All these (continued) incidences does, is further explains, justify and accentuate why Colin Kaepernick kneeled. 😢
I'm curious as to how this officer was able to recover so fast and use his gun after being Tasered with about 50.000 volts of electricity. Do a Google search on the voltages of a police Taser and judge for yourself on whether or not its possible for someone to immediately recover from being Tasered.
The biggest liers been doing this to us for years and everybody In the justice system know it including the judges. They all full of shit.
First of all how could she take a taser and use it on him if the prongs have been discharged into her? She would only tase herself.
Whenever the media and the cops conspire to malign a victim, you know it's a cover up.
Anybody who has been Police knew they were lying. Warrants get put in and taken out the system every minute of the day. Before Police can arrest you for a warrant they have to run your name and confirm through the Court that issued the warrant that it is still active. They can't just put you in handcuffs because they "think" you have a warrant. I could run a red light and get a ticket. I don't pay the ticket or show up in court the Judge will issue a warrant for my arrest. If I then pay the ticket before I'm caught by Police the Warrant is withdrawn because that's the only reason it was issued to begin with. So if an officer who knows me is in court when the Judge issues the warrant, he still has to confirm it is active when he sees me on the street. Otherwise it's a false arrest and in this case cold blooded murder.
How you know a cop is lying his mouth is moving
Benjamin Crump please HELP this family get Justice for their loved one. It's time for a change in the way police officers are treating black Americans in this country.
You know the cop is lying through his teeth. He murdered her in cold blood now he is attempting to cover the dhit up with his own narrative like they always do! Smdh
Thanks to that person ,record and send it out quickly!!
The coroner's office officially declared this a homicide! Shot 5 times in the back.
Lying police , classic , and it was all caught on camera she will get justice.
That's why they were so upset that someone was exercising their rights to record the murder.
The police officer in question should be terminated without pay!
RIP Ms. Pamela Turner No reason that happened to you. I hope and pray your family gets justice for you.
Does this story remind you anyone....🤔Amber Guyer maybe..smh
The color of her Skin,is why she was Killed.
They always lie when they are wrong
Black people STOP using Benjamin Crump as an attorney. He always in the news. But, No wins for the families. There was no win for Leslie McFadden for her son Mike Brown. She's trying to make a mark on her own by trying to change things in Ferguson. Ran for mayor lost don't matter she can run again. At least she trying that attorney just moves to one case to another. With what result may I ask *For people who don't get my comment JUSTICE for the families not about money! Will not bring back your loved one or pay for the pain
This has been going on for yrs yet we dont do anything but boo whoo on social media all one of us has to do is hide in the bushes,,,,, catch my drift where im going
This murder spree cops are on has to stop
The police always say there's going to be an investigation but how? That COWARD took her side of the story away. He need to go to a state prison and he should get the death penalty.
Lets hope the Texas Rangers delivers justice, they don't take cops lying to them so I want to see where this goes....
NewsOne3 days ago

More questions are coming out about Maleah Davis' mother.

Wait she had multiple brain surgeries due to abuse??????? Where was her grandma then? Where was her biological daddy or anyone in his family. Goddamn EVERYONE failed this child. Throw the whole damn family away!!!
She needs to be locked up she keeps revealing more and more details she knew what he had planned for this baby😢 she needs to be right next to that..🤬 🤬🤬 #justice4Maleah
I never believe the Mother, you live town and your baby comes missing..She knows what really happened to her me if she was too much to handle, give her away, but I know she had to be getting a check for her.. did she work or the boyfriend?? The mother she have to answer for this, just like the boy friend..
If this baby had brain surgery due to abuse, why was this child EVER allowed to go back to that home?!
Why is this woman still walking free
She knows waaaay more than she's tellin.....😡😡😡
Why are we still entertaining the idea that she had nothing to do with this!? Are y'all trying to keep her talking until she breaks? I don't get it..she needs to be charged with accessory for withholding all this information she now wants to share..too little too late 😣🤷
Please let me square up with this witch. Wtf haven't she been arrested yet!!??
Now it’s her husband ?? First they were engaged, then she gave the ring back before she left, then engaged again. Now married. Their relationship status is just as confusing as to why the courts allowed this baby to return to an abusive home
The more she speaks out the more blood I see on her hands!!
They have called off that hearing and suspended the search for a reason. Someone is talking, and they just need to go ahead and tell the truth-the mother was in on it, too.
Child protective services needs to be held accountable as well, multiple brain surgeries at the hands of abuse in the home and they return her after 6mths. People like this is why I would never foster children, I would go to jail because there is no way I would put a child back in that environment.
She should have a seat right next to him when that trial starts. Why is it taking sooo long to arrest her???
If you’re not married it’s not Husband 🤦🏾‍♀️ in this case POS!! So the unfit mother deserves to be arrested also
All of these issues she knew her boyfriend had Yet she still left her baby girl with that monster
Just lock her up. She's just as guilty as her boyfriend.
Stop leaving your children with “step daddy” “boyfriend”
She's in on it! She's just trying to get the heat off of her and on that man! She's just as guilty!!!
Why hasn't She been arrested? She just as if not more GUILTY than Him! She brought this Nuccah around her kids and she LEFT HER DAUGHTER with the Mfer who she NOW has so much negative shit to say about him
Why is this heifer still talking and not locked up I’m done . This poor baby is still missing let’s get justice for her 💔🙏🏽🙏🏽
Why dont they just charge her ass and get this mess over with she knew and that's that
I'm praying they will find the baby so she can be laid to rest. The Lord will take care of the mother and stepdad in due time. I'm sure of that.
Ok nah....something wrong with this mother. A man telling you about murder somebody and dumping their body and you trust him alone with yours kid....he could be talking about me. Ain’t no way I could hear him say that with my own ears and continue a relationships with him. He is clearly CRAZY👹👹
I absolutely f*ckin' can't with this lady man smh!
NewsOne3 days ago

Happy birthday to Janet Jackson!

Happy birthday enjoy your day
Happy birthday 🎉🎊🎁
Happy Birthday Janet
Happy birthday to you enjoy your special day
Happy birthday Janet Jackson
Happy Birthday BEAUTIFUL 🎉🎊🎂
Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎉🥰
Happy Blessed Birthday Sis🍰🍨🎈
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Janet!
Happy Birthday Janet! 🎂🎊🎉
Happy birthday 🎂
Happy Birthday Beautiful 🎁
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
HAPPY Birthday
Happy birthday to Us.... Its my day too❤
Happy birthday queen
Happy Birthday
NewsOne3 days ago

Ayesha Curry opens up about racial identity.

Definitely got some issues like everyone else but you need to be grateful for the blessings upon your life, relax, and enjoy!
More attention for Mrs Curry? I guess generational wealth, health and a loving family isn't enough for her.
Rich black people say they aren't black enough. Light-skinned black people say thay aren't black enough. Highly-educated black people say they aren't black enough. Famous black people say they aren't black enough. Question, though: Why is it, after all this time, WE still equate our blackness with being poor, ignorant, dark, and the underclass? We come in all shades, all socioeconomic statuses, all educational backgrounds, and all levels of fame. Black is black, folks. Stop looking over your shoulders and luxuriate in it.
Go sit down somewhere, and enjoy your BLESSED LIFE.
I wish this girl shut up..🙄
Ayesha needs to get her a good therapist and work out all her problems. I hope she does..
Please enjoy your life lady and chill.
People are dismissing what she’s saying as if this isn’t a real thing in our community. A lot of Black people made fun of the Black people who were into comics and Harry Potter and stuff saying they were acting white but look at y’all today acting like y’all so into comics and stuff and now wearing Vans and shit since it is cool.
Please take your light skin tears someplace else
Just go be rich, you doing too dang much now.
So everyone is going to act like what she’s saying isn’t true? 🙄
I need for Ayesha Curry to stop letting people or situations define her.
She need to talk to a therapist not Facebook
People telling her to sit down with her “yellow a$$, rich girl, blessed life” problems kinda proves her point. And trust me on this, and I know most won’t, she has a point. Personal perspective.
If this is from that same Red Table Talk interview she had with Jada Pinkett! Why bring up that subject now after acouple weeks? Trying to milk it huh!!!😂 However we should be able to understand where she's coming from, because it is true how some mixed folks got treated growing up. She said to some black folks she's not black enough, and to some white people she's not white enough. That's how alot of mixed folks felt growing up! Especially coming from Canada where she was born it was a culture shift for her. Stephen Curry's mom felt something similar, but she said she knew she was black with everything she experienced growing up! Yall making this bigger then it really was, but that's what you have to do to keep the traffic going on these pages! It wasn't really that serious!
I get it but that is not the Black community but some within our community. It is for others to deal with their emotions and perceptive not you. Do you Mrs. Curry!
Ok now it’s kinda time for Ayesha Curry to be quiet. We don’t care about how she feels.
She is really seeking attention! Ignore
Give this girl something for depression, please!
I feel Ayesha on this statement.
People may not like her comments, but if that’s her truth, then she’s allowed to speak it. Nobody can speak her truth but her.
You gotta be a nigga in order for the "black" community to embrace you so thats true. Real niggas.....
What she said is true though 🤷🏽‍♀️. Other people have said it before and share her sentiment. Colorism exist within the black community. Is everyone flipping just because “she” said it. Not sure why everyone is on this Ayesha hate train I guess it’s the thing to do now 🐑.
She's speaking truth again. Please don't shoot the messenger! We are our own worst enemies sometimes.. smfh.
She need to go on Iyanla, Fix My Life
NewsOne4 days ago

Peabo Bryson nearly died of a heart attack.

Glad he didn’t die. I love Peabo. That’s my dude. His voice is so dope, one of the best in the whole industry. I love that song that goes, “It was too late when I realized that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. What was wrong with me? There comes a time in every life love will come your way, and if it should stay, you better hold on to it tight and never let it go, not love.” Yes. That is my bro right there. That’s one of my favorite songs. I love Peabo Bryson
Beautiful a survivor stay Blessed
Me too.... as often as possible. I was having a stroke in 2016, and had no idea what was happening. Thank God for fire and rescue.... everywhere.
Amen, Giving God the Glory, You're Still Here, God Bless The First Responders....
God continue to bless him.
Praise the Lord!!!
Love that hospital
Thank God.
Tony Gauthier
God is good. All the times. Amen
Blessing Peabo
Was it Bc of them tights pants he had on?
Amen.. Blessings to you...
Really god is able
Sad , when talented people who have studied music , see those with no tlent skills beats or rhymes , make millions, rapping bout destroying the community in a few years , more then he made in a liftetime singing Love Songs! of course that kind of thing can weigh heavy on ones heart ! I think Curtis Blow had the same kind of psychosomatic related illness! Glad he is better!!
NewsOne4 days ago

Tell us how you really feel.

I find it interesting that the assumption of Biden/Harris is being floated around at all. It reeks of " Harris isn't capable of being President " for whatever reasons, be it: She's a woman, a woman of color or both. Yet the same wasn't and/or hasn't been said with any other Democratic candidate in the same sentence with Biden. Be it: Booker, Warren and any of the others. Why is that? S/N: This article states something to the effect of Harris not actually saying what role, when she mentioned " Running Mate " She CLEARLY said: Biden would do well as a VP, because he has already shown that he knows how to do the job!
A Biden\Harris ticket would be almost unstoppable because of the sharp “verbal” punches it could deliver daily against Trump and his new running mate Kay Bailey Hutchinson! Yes, Pence will be dropped like a hot potato from the VP slot because Trump knows the Christian Right really has no where to go after he delivered on abortion and he needs to pick up suburban white women again to win against Biden\Harris. Biden\Harris will solidify the solid minority base of black women in the South and put states like FL, SC and even MS in play while Biden sweeps the Midwest picking up disgruntled white men (who voted for Obama\Biden) both in the rust belt and rural areas after Trump’s trade wars finally hit home! Black folks are not feeling Elizabeth Warren, Bernie etc after Trump and want to go with a sure winner to beat him!
My vote is for Pete Buttigieg!
Remember when inmates could get an education in prison? Biden stopped that. I will not vote for these two mass incarcerationists.
She won't be PRESIDENT, 4 Sho !!
No Joe. NO! Is it not enough to witness the rights being snatched by the Repukes. SLOW Joe has got to go...
The Congressional Black Talkers are pushing for Biden/Harris ticket. If the 2020 election is between the architect of the 94 crime bill & California's top cop on one ticket vs the incumbent racist Trump/Pence ticket i'm voting 3rd party again.
Um, her & Joe will be going home while the Presidency eludes the both of them..Black America will assure them that.
We will ef it up again with our heads in the clouds, and we'll end up with 4 more years of madness. We must be strategic.
How do you figure kamala will beat Trump.
I think she would be fabulous at VP
BidenBeto 2020
Biden could be vp..hes used to it
All I care about is for a Democrat to be in office. No Trump 2020.
With all these Dems running lets see if we can get behind one!😕
Joe Biden cannot beat Trump. People that believe he can are perfectly stupid. The only shot the Democrats have is Kamala Harris. A white person has lost 3 times in the last 20 years on the Democratic side. Joe Biden wrote mass incarceration and stop and frisk into law. It will be eerily creepy for black people to vote for Biden over Harris after we rejected Hillary for Obama based on the same electability argument especially when WHITE PEOPLE ARE 0-3. It will make black people, men and women, look like hyper masculine sexists.
Somebody do because I'm tired of seeing the white supremacists run our country.Thats not what America was built on.
She will not cannot win the presidency her best option is VP..
This woman has no interest in doing anything for our people. Her Agenda is DACA and gays she's holding a rally here in LA and 90 percent of who will be there supporting her are Hispanics because that is who she is catering to along with most Democrats. Biden has a racist history look it up!!
She can say whatever she wants...let Biden become the nominee and she will be begging to be the vp. Kamala can't win against trump. She's the darker (not black) Hilary except pretty.
There's nothing black about her.
NewsOne4 days ago

The abortion ban in Alabama will have an impact on Black women.

Do yall really believe the state of "Alabama" wants to stop black women from aborting black babies? THEY ARE TRYING TO SAVE WHITE BABIES ! #Think
Well that might be one perspective but from the black perspective we look at it like I guess there’s just gonna be more of us... we’ve been on this Earth since the beginning of time… We’re going nowhere
There ARE NOT a lot of black women aborting babies, they're to busy with graduating the HBCUs and getting MASTERS and BACHELOR DEGREES going the damn thing. Hang out at the SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENTS and watch who walks in there first!
THIS is not our issue. Stop trying to get Black women to fight your every oppressive law when we trying to just keep our people alive. Black women have NEVER had real access to abortion. So what else is new.
Craig Vallier.. Thank you for the TRUTH.
Just like welfare, they have given abortion a black face. That ban will have an impact on all woman in Alabama.
Many of the very same politicians who are PRO LIFE, are PRO participants of underground child trafficking, pornagraphy & killings
No it won't we need our tribes bigger!
But some of you Hoteps and woker-than-thou knuckleheads will still babble on about “Both parties are the same”.
No it won't. We know who's numbers are down.
Um I would think it has an impact on ALL women. TF???
For the record these “allegedly horribly racist ppl” have passed a law that will guarantee MORE BLACK BABIES are born in Alabama and y’all upset? Interesting
There can be another Great Migration?
Everything isn't a racial conspiracy. Jesus.
Well hopefully us black women can get to the poles in droves like we did when we got Doug Jones voted in the Alabama state senate. Vote old bat Ivey and her cronies out.
As if white women don't have them...smdh
They're always saying something going to hurt black people when it really doesn't white man just making shit up 🖕🏿
Use protection and you will not be having unwanted pregnancy
Why is it men and older women obsessed with abortion? Neither of them are carrying a baby.
23 evangelical white men making laws that supersede womens rights; wow Alabama just refuses to leave the 50s. Bet black women can abort all day long no matter the law.
The only question I have is , what's next in Alabama? Will they pass a bill to bring back Jim crow , segregation . I thought roe vs. Wade was settled law . They have gone after the voting rights act in the court's in several States weakening it each time , so this is all possible and will set us back fifty years . What a shame 😓
Guess who had 4 A's, but still failed? aLaBaMa!!!
It's not about us. It's about them. Why the Announcement of a Looming White Minority Makes Demographers Nervous The idea of white demographic decline has become an object of fascination on the right and the left. But demographers have grown uneasy with the projection. US White Population Declines and Generation “Z-Plus” is Minority White, Census Shows Brookings senior fellow William H. Frey examines the U.S. Census Bureau's latest release of age and race statistics for 2017
How cause they have random babies with random men
NewsOne4 days ago

Hannah Payne hunted down 62-year-old Kenneth Herring after a hit-and-run.

All of us black people need to get our license to carry return fire on these b******.
And she lives to talk about killing a black person...she lives...but countless killings of innocent, unarmed, black men, women, and children, and white privilege still lives to live, talk, spend time with their families...this is why we take a knee...this is why we have to scream...BLACK LIVES MATTER😪
If I'm not American does that mean I don't have to pay taxes?
His family need to take care of her, plain and simple
Some brother somewhere will date her lol
And notice they said robotic calls. The person who made those calls scared to come out in
George Zimmerman all over again!
Sometimes I wonder what the real Americans( native Americans), think about this black and white war. Non of us belong here, whites stole the land, then stole us from our land and brought us here!
She was a witness...she could have taken his plate number called it in. She is a female George Zimmerman. She murdered him. I hope she doesn't get away with it!!
“Not really human”? What sort of creature do they think we are?
When will you buy me a ticket to go to Africa quit talkin and do it ticket please
I just hope everyone remembers bad people come in every shade and race and should not be defined by the color of their skin.
You take a life you give yours.she had nothing too do with the accident.
Omor Idemudia Animals they are!
Whoop that trick!!!!
We still doing this in 2019...
Trump has emboldened these cowards to show their true colors... #hoodsoff
These demons will soon be exorcised! God will not be mocked!
Were there any injuries? Was the other driver injured? Did one or both drivers drive off??? Solitary Confinement for the rest of her life!!!😠😠😠
Does anyone know if he is related to any other Herrings in florida?
Give her the maximum sentence. She should be charged with a hate crime too.
If they are not Native Americans they are immigrants just like everybody else! Dummies!
Almost all whites and blacks are not Americans.. They are mere migrants. Red Indians are the real Americans..
Did she know how to tell the police the plate numbers? Didn’t the cops tell her to stay in her car? But she got out anyway and killed the man. It’s cut and dry. She murdered the man, for a hit and run, for a car that can be fixed. But his life can’t be brought back. She took a life, so I hope the death penalty is alive in that state. I wish it was alive in every state. Won’t matter what color you are.
I would report the robocall initiator for racial intimidation.
NewsOne4 days ago

Pamela Turner was unarmed and appeared to pose no threat when she was executed in public by a police officer in Baytown, Texas.

If he deployed his taser,how did she tase him if the prongs were in her? You can clearly see that coward toss the taser then execute her. To all of you saying she shouldn't have resisted, walk a mile in our fucking shoes and see how far you get. #Livingwhileblackisntacrime.
They can arrest a Caucasian mass shooter without incident but a pregnant unarmed black woman is life threatening, wow
Being Hispanic doesnt mean you cant be an agent of white supremacy and anti-blackness. This is despicable
This was an execution. I don't wanna hear crap about resisting. You ARREST someone for resisting. You don't MURDER them.
Unfortunately he will beat this one. HIM: she was reaching for my weapon while I attempted to apprehend her. Job: good job sir. Go home and rest.
If you can't wrestle an older lady to the ground you shouldn't be allowed to be a cop. I pray for the police if they ever come after my family. I'm not sitting by and letting murder go unpunished. An eye for an eye
When you think about it, this should not be a surprise to any US citizen. This kind of behavior between law enforcement & black people is common and has been trained for generations. Killing black, unarmed people in this country is in its fiber and foundation.
My condolences to the family. I am hoping the family seeks justice. The video was horrible to watched. I couldnt believe what I was seeing.
Wonder if he will be found guilty like that Somali cop was for killing that YT woman? Probably not
This cop better get convicted.
Dear Lord, please protect my loves ones from the KKK police. RIP Pamela Turner...
Until the law changes it will NEVER EVER CHANGE.
The cop obviously "feared for his life." Just another pu$$y hiding behind a badge.
I watched the video in horror. Hope he get what he deserves. This is shocking and only getting worse. Are all black people a threat to white cops? SMDH
Headlines n partial videos will always spark outrage. Those thinking a man can "handle" every woman is in denial. I've seen quite a few women take out a man with their bare hands. She did not deserve to be shot five times but her ass was wrong fighting him n expect anything different. Black people KNOW any resistance to police can result in this especially if you have a record.
Flat out despicable behavior by this officer
Now, this bull has really gotten out of hand, I don't understand how they can bring a killer in alive, but kill a unarmed lady, none of this makes no sense to me...deadly force shouldn't have been a option, he could have man handle this woman, I use to work in law enforcement, they train you how to defend yourself from combative people, so I don't know why he used deadly force
5 shots !!!please do a criminal investigation
Lemme guess, the officer say he feared for his life?
He couldn't get a woman under control? That says a lot about him.
So sad she had to lose her life In such a senseless manner.
In most other countries, this cop along with his family members would have been set ablaze or stoned. Those of you who are from foreign countries know what I'm talking about. Only in America the police can get away with **** like this. In America, black people march, protest, hold hands and pray and chase after cash compensation. Smh...
NewsOne4 days ago

ICYMI: Baytown Police said it was "extremely disrespectful" to film the shooting and post it to social media, but didn't offer any condolences to the woman who lost her life.

Shooting her to death was disrespectful!!!
Yea Right! The Pig Police are living in Changing Times it’s called VIDEO!!! And showing what they don’t want the Public to see how their Police Department are in action on the streets.
Disrespectful to who, the pregnant woman gunned down or the officer who murdered her? It seems you are just upset that the murder was caught on camera and now you'll have a harder time lying about it and covering it up.
He shot her FIVE TIMES AT POINT BLANK RANGE!! That wasn't a shooting, that was an execution!! 😣
Please protect the man that videotaped this. He is a marked man. They want him instead of locking this cop up for abusing his power.
And guess what.. We're not going to do a damn thing about it... 💯 💯 💯 💯 But be upset for the next two to three days and then onto the next incident of racism, whether it be a racist company, a racist tweet, or another police-sanctioned murder. Funny how FB quickly covers up the photos that we post of them lynching our forefathers/mothers, but let this video get shared thousands of times before ever bothering to censor it. They want us numb to their abuse and to make this our new normal. And we're ALLOWING IT!
GTFOH I can't stand the fucking police
If she was white she'll be alive today. Whoever filmed this, I wish you could've shot that racist cop for assaulting that woman. Because that's law.
Disrespectful????! Yeah, makes it harder for the cop to lie!!! This is a shame!!!
Gut-Wrenching to the soul. TEARS of the soul. She was executed. My God! What is going on with protecting and serve the mentally ill.
ONE shot... Still a threat.. Two shots.. Still a threat..?? Three shots... Still a threat???!!! Four shots... STILL A THREAT????!!!! #FiveShotsToAPregnantWoman
Nawl it was disrespectful to shoot this woman 5 times, killing her and think it wrong that the world sees exactly what transpired.
Of course it was disrespectful because they didn't have the chance to make up a damn lie and give us that transparency crap they love to tell us
No it wasn't. Her family wouldn't know the truth without this video.
They don't like that we can see what they're doing and publicize it.
And we still don't get it... They will continue to kill our people until we do something about it.
Glad they know they are being watched too. That went all over the world.
Whoever filmed this tragic shooting -- What prompted them to start filming in the first place?
If it was disrespectful to film it maybe it was disrespectful to do it?
Not understanding this at all. Was praying the video clip was fake OMG
You~ will never see him do this to their" own! ¥
No this was differently hate, because he was a man, stronger than her she could not even get up and if she tazed him then if he felt he had to shoot her he could have done it not time in her leg, the gun went off like he just got mad and trigger happy he should be fired and put in jail there is no justification police department of Texas
I'm so tired of reading about these cops killing black people, and getting away with it.
NewsOne4 days ago

ICYMI: A series of recent shootings of Black people have hammered home a very harsh realization.

Join Robinhood and we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford. Make sure you use my link.
It’s ratcheting up to desensitize us. They want us to see it as common.
it'll end when we come together and end it.
Frederick Smith, well said. The TRUTH is the LIGHT.
My life matters and everyone who looks like me does too! I will fight to the death of me to protect it! We shoot back over here fuck the bullshit!! Leave us be before it's too late!
Fight back
I notice a lot of white people condone it and make excuses for it too.
Star Jolie
Watching the lady on the news today get shot down like a dog is gut-wrenching to the soul. TEARS of the SOUL.
When will this page understand that the police state fcks everybody up?
Shit y'all just realizing we being murdered everyday where ever we at store driving down the street on our own property
It will end when we fight back. The citizens should be in control, not vice versa. Look at the systems of other developed nations. The citizen fight back.
What will they do if they take up arms against them and they do not make it home to their family? Answers please.
No end at all. She shouted "I'm pregnant". He shot 5 times. That's pure evil.👹
The genocide of people of color in America has never ended and never will ,until we learn to stop the crab in the basket syndrome that's been passed down from one generation to another ,our ignorance and distrust of one another is the oppressors greatest tool of oppression , people of color must relearn to love each other no matter what our financial situation and political affiliation may be, that's my opinion!
The question is what are we going to do to protect ourselves now that we know that the race soldiers in the police departments are trying exterminate us......its time to be proactive instead of sitting ducks.
They don't think Black Lives Matter....
This Hate...Pure. And Evil ..Stay Blessed America 🙏
You know they killing us legally
NewsOne4 days ago

ICYMI: Lawrence Jones even claimed the late Nipsey Hussle would support the president.

Wtf is he drinking
Now Mr. Jones knows he is lying about Nipsey Hussle, so don't use the name of a dead man to resurrect your lie or your click bate. Have you even listened to some of Nipsey Hussle's conversations, if so you wouldn't make that claim. Find your own platform to stand on and stop trying to get the supporters of Nipsey Hussle to make yourself relevant. Please do not attempt to tarnish the life and spirit of a man who thought about community. And #45 is definitely not about community within the black culture. Rest In Power Nipsey Hussle, a great business man and business mind!
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Tricks are for kids. Boy Bye!
Well Nipsey Hustle is no longer with us so we will never know, but I’m going to bet that’s a NO. REST IN POWER. Nipsey.🙏🙏🙏
He sound like a fool..where that other Black one..oh yeah they fired him..Next!
You are out of your mind with. 6 bankruptcy. What kind great business man is that?
That's a lie
The fake business man that lost $1 billion! Go sit down somewhere fool!!
I worked for trump the businessman....... it sucks. Yall see all his casinos closed, TF
I am in business to succeed and make a profit, not lose my shirt. If that is the case, I will have to reassess. Losses cannot be a habit. We must be mindful of who we admire. He ain’t it.
Not this black woman!
Don't know what black voters he's talking about, I don't know any that like Trump period! Businessman or Orange Nazi in the White House pretending to be a President.
Not this black man
Who's this guy?! He absolutely does not speak for the Black community
Somebody whip his ass.
No we do not.
The devil 😈 is a lie
Yeah he the only one sunked
He is not a good businessman when he is losing money and many of his business go out of business. He is a liar/cheat/bully/ hater of women and children and people of color.😡
Hell naw he ain’t talking about us
That is not true!
Lies...Fake news
Somebody didn't listen to FDT.
NewsOne4 days ago

ICYMI: Brianna Watts has been accepted to 12 schools.

The fact that donations are pouring in for this young girl shows me right away that money is the easiest thing to manifest in your life.
NewsOne4 days ago

Crystal Mason is currently in federal custody and facing 5 years in the state of Texas -- all for voting.

She was on parole for fraud yet she wants justice for another crime she committed🤔
Whoever said our Justice system is fair is a liar it's not
But murderers, rapist, racketeers etc. go free or get a slap on the wrist ie. Manafort and Cohen and all the others.
But police killing people and rolling that's cold
But meanwhile 🤔😡
If you can't do the time...don't commit the crime!!! She was already on parole for another felony" crime!!!
God bless you stay safe
The crazy part is her mother pressured her to vote, knowing she couldn't vote.
The war on black women in texas....
That is crazy as Hell!
Incredibly unfair.
Lord have Mercy on us, AND especially the CHILDREN, as they are INHERITING hell!
Be Strong My Sister God Is On Your Side
She stole millions of dollars, the judge gave her a deal and she violated back to prison you go.
But illegals can vote and nothing😂😂😂
Should've cheated her kids way into college
She did the crime and now doing the time
NewsOne4 days ago

Here's the latest and everything we know about police in suburban Houston killing Pamela Turner, an unarmed 45-year-old grandmother.

Police seemed to blame her for the shooting.

Uhhh she fought the cop, took his taser and tased him. What do you expect to happen?
I mean that is the first last and only resort is to kill her, not subdue, call back up or talk her down, but to kill her. There is You tube video a white male is being subdued by the police, they patronize him as he takes them down, then takes off on their patrol vehicle, not a taze or shot thought of, come back,you gonna be in trouble. So very tragic, what next our children.The hate is real, what did we do to you.God bless her Family, so very sorry.🙏❤️
Shot that poor Woman five times! Sad.
These law enforcement officers are cowards and the agencies are covering up outrageous acts of malice. People are being murdered live on TV (fb,YouTube,) where's the public outrage? Do you really think it cant be you or your loved one. This is sickening
Now when & how did she get the taser- oh I guess while he was beating the SH$$! Out of her & threw her on the ground!! Where he continuously commence to beat her some more & she is screaming I'm pregnant but he doesn't stop him from punching & kicking her. Guess that wasn't enough he shoots her 5 times- he murdered her!' What fear or danger was cop in- again this is MURDER!!
The officer will say he was “in fear of his life.”
Here we go with the cognitive dissonance. All I have to say is Dylann Roof murdered 9 people during a church service and was taken alive. That alone speaks volumes concerning the state of American law enforcement. I've seen videos of individuals from America's majority demographic group threatening law enforcement with guns, swords, knives, etc. and many of these individuals were taken alive. It's the total devaluation of Black lives that's bothersome. Sadly dogs are valued more than Black Americans. I've seen several in America's majority dehumanize a NFL football player for kneeling and another for funding a dog ring. These same individuals dismiss any notion concerning the implicit bias American law enforcement has against Black Americans. It's a total lack of empathy.
Wait a mfkin minute they said she got up off the ground an push him n then he shot her mhmmm in the video it’s shows that she is still on the ground when he gets up n fired his weapon at her soooo my question is which is true the video or the report
Where are all the so-called 'pro-life' ppl arguing that the cops killed two people? Where are their calls for the cops to be jailed?
He already lying. Hispanic cop you are going to jail. If he was familiar with her then he should have approached her differently. He had a personal vendetta against her and planned to hurt her one way or another.
Black people yall will learn one way or the other......U cant resist arrest, take the cops taser, use it on him and then expect to live to tell about it.....Cmon!
I'm just ready to fuck some shit up.....just send out the word #Fuck12
If she tased him how did he return fire so quickly?
Cop killer sympathizers in 3...2...1!
No she DID NOT grab the cops taser.
That cop murdered two people and need death penalty, an eye for a eye!! The father of the unborn baby MUST take action and sue the police department for the death of his child. The mother's family need to do the same, NOW!!!!!!
I created a policy called "Hands Up Act" if a police officer shoots someone unarmed it's a 15 year mandatory prison sentence! Please sign and share the petition!! #HandsUpAct
She didn't deserve this
Once she grabbed the taser she was no longer unarmed. Has her pregnancy been confirmed?
It's always our fault...
So. You go all fox noise and show a mug shot of her. Thats foul of you.