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A leaked Pentagon report on Sgt. La David Johnson's death is unlikely to calm the controversy.

Paul R. Schmeling I’m sure they’ll be years of investigations in to this. I’m sure Republicans will be screaming for Tillerson’s head.
Greigory Kender-Booker I wouldn't be surprised if he was killed by his own
Dee Hands Dorsey How can his family EVER believe any thing they are told?
Lyn Lynn "America"
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Charles Barkley to Democrats: "Don't take black and poor voters for granted." Sen. elect Doug Jones gets grilled on the black vote.

Denise Lester Never been crazy about Barkley!! But Someone, besides Kaepernick, needs to be Man enough to stand up for Black American voters, politics, and social injustice!! Doug Jones is far better than roy, or trump, on his worst day!! Besides racism, and hate, trump has given Black Americans, absolutely NOTHING!! It's wake up call, for the next election #SoStayWoke!!
Blynne Roberts So, if Black Folks show up to the polls in droves, How Will We Hold Those Elected ACCOUNTABLE to Address our concerns?? Doug Jones is backtracking already.... Watch Him!! He can be Voted out just as quickly! #SomebodyBetterRemindHim
Michael James Take the words of the white man's messenger with a grain of salt. Charles is still a paid ambassador and mouthpiece for the white supremacy narrative. Rarely does he ever know or realize the psychological impact or significance as to what he says. These pearls of wisdom he speaks are basically issues we're all well aware of. These are veiled attempts at planting seeds of negative discourse beneficial to the GOP by dividing votes. ACCOUNTABILITY is duty of the politician. Holding them accountable is the duty of the voting public. The sooner we all realize our strength in numbers, will be the minute we turn this tide around.
Annette Kessee Y'all know Charles acts as if he's not playing with a full deck at times, and will put Jones on full blast, on national tv, if he doesn't help those black and poor people down there.
Frances McDaniel Alabama voters just got scammed. Start emailing and calling his office. What did he think the voters put him in office for? Sure wasn't to help the Republicans tear us down.
Fitz Rmker I can understand him not making that commitment verbally now on television at this point. I want to see what he does once he gets in office and his staff comes into focus.
Jacqueline Holloway Scott Doug Jones needs to be watched closely...very closely.
Thomas Glenn It’s time to ask what his staff will look like in DC & his district offices will look like. Additionally, how do you plan on voting on the issues that the people that don’t look you want addressed.
Janice Atkins Hold him to the fire, make your demands known Alabama
Brandon Hall One day we will get tired of being used
Edith Ball He was voted in , he voted out.No more taking black vote for granted by Any party or person!
Dennis Kepner They are Democrats.....all they want is your vote.
Abram Dennis Dems won't listen because they know we'll hand over our votes no matter what.
Nii Ashi Armarh Trump don't know anything about democracy
Elijah Wright He on bs alright
Charlie Smile He's right.
Damon Philip Jones That's it hold him to task
E Allan Braithwaite Lesser of two evils..
Wanda Bolden-Ross Just do what is right!
Richard Wells What a joke
William Ballard Doug Jones is being cautious because he knows he only has that seat for two years before he's up for re-election if he pisses off the racist white people in Alabama he won't see another term this is where all this s*** is coming from. As much as I disagree with Charles Barkley he knows it too Doug Jones would be insane to say what he is going to do for black people in that state just do.
James Gibson Charles Barkley is what I consider a huge waste of skin... Coon
Stephanie Nation Oh shut the fuck up just shut up
Michael Stewart Barkley stfu..stay out of politics
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Black folks didn't appreciate what Dr. Cornel West said about Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Yolanda Tully President Obama was not president of Black America, he was President of America. A number of programs I worked on that were Grant funded helped our people get jobs, homes, and health care; they helped ex offenders, veterans and their spouses, and got people working after their layoffs. The federal stimulus during his first term helped us train people who lost jobs to get back to work, got ex offenders training in technology and helped veterans get back to work. And for the record I worked in a black and Latino community. Not sure what other people's experiences are or were under his administration, but this current president will do nothing to help the black and brown people I've served, so you can hold your breath on that one for sure!
Rod Sturgeon dr. west and tavis smiley had a lot to say about Obama when he was president, but they've been quieter than a church mouse concerning the white supremacist we have in the oval office now--- as far as I'm concerned they both can have a seat next to omarosa
Shavonne Ce Dr.West is absolutely correct on his analysis of former President Barack Obama..Obama's administration done nothing for black folks collectively although he was met with opposition from the GOP he signed many executive orders to help the Natives to America as well as to help Latino community i.e. DACA and a few others.
Cl Rich There are a lot of moving parts to this. President Obama could have done more, made a stronger stance against global white supremacy and colonization; especially in his 2nd term. However, President Obama deserves respect. Period the end. And President Obama is not a sell out, neither are the people that support him. It's unfair.
Troy DeGregory Cornel West is right and everybody knows it....... Obama was on White Supremacy side..... How do you think they got rid of Gaddafi.....
Cheryl Talley Moss Cornel West is jealous of Ta-Nehisi Coates. He’s a crab in a barrel. I didn’t appreciate his distain for President Barack Obama. He and Tavis Smiley should ride off into the sunset.
Nazir Assad Smh @ some of these comments not seeing the bigger picture. And this is why we will remain the lowest on the Totem Pole. White Supremacy put a Black Face on for 8 years, but still continued business as usual and y'all are here defending it.
Michael McCray I have no issues with any criticism of Former President Obama, nor any critics of his supporters. What I do have a problem with is the utter silence that Dr. West has about THIS administration. It is rather peculiar to only surface when critical of another Black man, and not about the whole condition of what is happening now in America. Please people. Stop bickering among yourselves. None of it helps. I disagree with people all the time. It doesn’t make me disrespectful to them.
Terry McKinney Cornel West spoke out against Obama and he supported Jill Stein over Hillary Clinton. If he were so smart, why did he support Stein, knowing she had zero chance of winning the presidential election in 2016. West's was successful at helping Stein pull votes from Hillary and helping Trump win. West is an eloquent speaker, but some of the causes he supports are highly questionable. Now West is attacking Ta-Nahesi Coates. The question I have is who appointed West to be the gate-keeper of the Intellectual Thought process? We have room more intellectual thinkers, Mr. West. The more, the merrier.
Spencer Leon Miller One of Cornel West's greatest weaknesses is jealousy, he was completely wrong about President Obama. People like him need to understand that Obama was President of the United States and not the NAACP.
Nakia Jackson I have about twenty-seven problems with West and Coates a piece, but both of them have so much to offer that I just hope West deflates his ego for a bit and gets back to the stuff that made him so significant.
Anthony Griffin I wonder how Dr. Cornel West, feels about his partner in crime on the radio Tavis Smiley & the sexual allegations brought up against him at this time? I'm sure he could eleborate on that in an intelligent way.
Mike Colin I'm with West this constant Canonization of a well to do Obama by his groupies blinds people to his very serious flaws. There are people dead and dying world wide because of his actions. Meanwhile black america got absolutely nothing out of his administration for themselves but some very nice pictures.
Sondra Chandler This man and Tavis Smiley disrespected President Obama so much I do not care for either one of them so whatever he says I don't want to know about it
Cheryl A. Duffy Tired of him.. ..geez! Everyone's 15 min closes and when u don't know to step. back u start to look ridiculous.
Sharron Fletcher West is THE most insecure Black scholar in the country. So sad.
Linda Steele No President should have to walk on water no matter his/her color. They are all human and can be very worthwhile even when human failings make them less than perfect. (I am not black, so I probably should butt out, but I hate to see anyone hold Obama to a standard so far above all the white men who went before him so I couldn't bite my tongue.) As much as I like and agree with Coates on many things I hope our shared skepticism/pessimism about the disappearance of white supremacy is wrong.
Tony Lindsay Dr. West was absolutely correct in his assessment. Black people today are so trained and predictable. "He's jealous"....gtfohwtbs, please...the man is on point, and the majority of you people are nothing more than voice boxes for the white supremacy that has been spoonfed to you by mass media. Interesting that Newsone reports on the criticism of Dr. West's comments, but makes no mention of all the responses in support of Dr. West. More neoliberalism masked as pro-blackness.
Delmonica Gardenhire Let me be clear I don't care if you marry a white woman or man Mr.West don't you dare lecture me about my black president or a black woman you married a white woman and talk all that bull get a life my brother as you like to say
Gregory J Williams Both men can be right about their positions as it relates 2 President Obama’s..... Obama did some great things but he also did some really bad things such as the Libya decision (which created the vacuum for the slave trading taking place in Libya today) and this revelation ... BLUF: Stop bashing one another in public .... It’s counterproductive
Glendolyn Sigler This is how you get p.o.c’s to divide say anything about Obama that’s not positive and watch them argue. Obama was a president just like the other presidents! Some refused to hold him accountable and use the GOP excuse. Let’s be honest we meaning people of color didn’t ask for anything or held him accountable when all of his hopes and plans for change did not come too pass. So don’t try to hold any other future presidents accountable for the state of our people. I don’t debate so don’t waste your keystrokes lol
Roy L. Armstrong We can have more than one intellectual speaking or debating each other or disagreeing with each other. I like listening and reading both and others. Don’t allow these mouth pieces, who want to keep you in a BOX.
Bryan McGhee I disagree with Dr. West's assessment of Barack Obama. It seems that everyone who has something negative to say has never actually sat in the seat as POTUS, yet has all of the answers to the questions surrounding what Obama should or should not have done while in office. Those individuals, like everyone else are not privi to the challenges and obstacles Obama faced when making decisions while serving as POTUS for ALL Americans. When in charge at that, or any level of leadership, you do what you can with what you have resource and opportunity-wise and in the case of Obama, use a measured and mature approach to achieving your goals and visions. If Dr. West was so disatisfied with Obama's performance, why didn't he run for office so he could find out first-hand what challenges he would face? Rhethorical, because it's easier to redicule than to actually step up and lead. Armchair, Monday Morning Quarterback at best.
Jerome Harkness Our people can critique each other so well but has no opinion on our oppressor😢 Willie Lynch Syndrome at its best .
Eddie Hicks Cornel is still pissed of because Obama didn’t invite him to his inauguration. Ta-Nehisi Coates is a well spoken man .. West is “Dated “ ! He should delete his Twitter account.. Actually I think West is a educated “Clown” I
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Maame Biney made history as the first Black woman to make the U.S. Olympic speedskating team. --->

Michael Dalexis This could be my daughter in 10 years. #BlackGirlsRock!
Mercedes Rene Lee, awesome. Those genes though.
Alicia Wright-Philpott Her race was flawless and exciting. Can't wait to see her complete
Richard Wells Isn't that just wonderful.
Natalia Matthews NOW I have a reason to watch winter olympics again!!
Hey-Ya Du Great! I will be tuning in when she skates in the Olympic's.
Sophia Stultz Watching Olympic trials...she’s awesome 👏🏾 Liza Marie Cameron
William Ballard I saw that race she smoked them
Mark Singh Go And dominate!!! 👏💪🇺🇸
Jessica Cannedy By a landslide too!!
Bryan McGhee Go For The Gold!!!
Jean Parham Great
Carmy Hart-Brown Magic...congrats
Akpene Alice Sebuabeh Amazing... congrats my sista...🙏❤💋💯
Annie Mapp Great job
Patricia Paige You Go Gurl! Congratulations
Pam Y. Cross Yes ma’am
Roy L. Armstrong Congratulations
Linda Hadden-Robinson Congrats
Marsha Haley Congratulation
Trudy Evans Amazing! Congratulations girl!!!
Christina Wilkerson ✨✨✨
Maafia Boateng And she is a Ghanaian I’m so proud of her.
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George Zimmerman threatens to f**k up JAY-Z. I'm laughing too...

Edward Duncan Yet another example of HIS violent side, yet they still push the narrative that Trayvon was the aggressor. GTFOH
Charlie Smile He says mess like that to get his name in the press like this. Stop feeding trolls.
Tonja L. Scott-Pate My brotha's and sister's, when you see post like this, I pray we do not voice our anger and frustration at this ignorance. Trying to get a "rise" out of us is the purpose for these type of post. "Never let your right hand know what the left is doing." Even though your thoughts are to respond to this negativity, let it empower you to grow above it.
Meemaw Green Zimmerman better sit his azz down somewhere. His hell started the day he killed Trayvon, just waiting for the news report that he is dead.
Overton Wilkins Zimmerman is going to be found in a dumpster with two to the back of the head and his dick jammed up his ass.
Eric Magwood Thoughts; 1. Surprised he is still alive 2. This is what happens when murderers are able to go free. 3. He should be doing life.
Oliver F. Sampson To Zimmerman I say go ahead coward!!! You weren't man enough to handle a 17 year old kid so what makes you think you can handle a fully grown black man? Go ahead punk lets see what happens to your bitch ass!
Petty Jean He just trying to extend his 15 minutes and continue to profit off his murder of Trayvon Martin. Fuck him and let's stop talking about him.
Tremeka Nichole Johnson Dear NewsOne, The only headlines that I want to read about this assclown are as followed: 1) GZ Gets Got 2) GZ Messes With the Right One 3) The Rotting Corpse of GZ Found in a Ditch 4) GZ Finally Does the World A Favor And Kills Himself Signed, A person who doesn't give a damn about GZ
LM Williams He's one of those idiots we wish we could bar from the state of Florida and send him back to VA where he's really from. A straight up punk! Bragging about murdering a child, as if that somehow makes him a man. That child was kicking his ass after he stalked him.
Malvernado Lingard The real sad part about this is that Zimmerman will be backed by the cops and protected if anything happens even though he made those comments.
Michelle Smith I pray every time this monster closes his eyes and tries to rest he see Trayvon's face. The life he snatched.
Tiera Marie The sad thing is he's still even alive, and able to say this shit.
Tonya Ladmirault I am sure Jay-Z is not worried. Crazy George Zimmerman would rather run through hell in gasoline underpants, than mess with Jay-Z.
Coletha Crawford Everytime y'all type out the bitch name he's more likely to trend... I hate that I even gave this attention.. His ass knows what to say while hiding at the same time.
Ronald Chiles The entire judicial system in that town participated in the aquital of Zimmerman. The prosecutors presented a weak case with lack luster effort. Certainly, their heart was not in it. Evidence was overlooked or the judge would not allow. Like, for examole, if Zimmerman had the gun in his belt behind him, then how could Travon even see gun or know he had gun. Then, the prosecutors would not properly prepare witnesses for testimony. A police department that was reluctant to arrest Zimmerman and even allowed him to put a fake scar on back of his head. Then we had the higj powered defense lawyers defending him pro bono. Then we have citizens that donated thousands of dollars to Zimmerman. Coruption thru out the case with the media, citizens, the police, judge, jury, prosecutors, defense attorneys and the corupt people that put Zimmerman's gun on sale and the person that bought it. Coruption everywhere.
Christie Seibert I know he ( George ) has to be talked about bc of the injustice at Trayvon's life. I just hate that every discussion about him there is infamy that comes with it. This scum violates my humanity rights knowing he still coexist in society. I will never rest easy knowing he is apart of this world. The mere mention of this man's existence sickens my whole being. Trayvon's life must be told. His injustice must stay relevant. I wish we could talk about Trayvon's life without it ending with that ass. #restinpeacetrayvon #nojusticenopeace
Charles Wakes it's quite evident that Zimmerman is desperate for any kind of attention just as he was when he murdered Trayvon Martin. These kind of pathetic cowards are (with or without badges) only reveal and confirm their parasitic psychological make up that prompts them to use such drastic and infantile means in order to gain the attention they crave. The narcissistic sociopath living at 1600 is a classic example of their disturbed and demented sense of reality.
Chris Rudder Jay-Z is not thinking about a No- body, this guy is looking for National Black Attention. If he wanted somebody to fight with, he could have picked a gang, their are a few he could have threaten. Lol.
Sophia Brown George Zimmerman is a tortured soul he needs JESUS in his life. He's dealingng with what he did by killing Trayvon something he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. Best thing to do is ignore him he's full of hate I'd hate to be him.
Alice Jackson Don't think George Zimmerman wants to mess with JAY-Z lol 😂😂😂😂 George going to come up missing and some old men going to find him fishing 😜
Betty Walton They? may use Zimmerman because he has NOTHING to lose , he has lost everything now even his mind. Causasians don't like black men in power of themselves. "They love Sell outs they would sell their mama to get ahead for a small amount of time". Independent Black kings And Queens not begging but connecting to make a difference. Some Causasian see FREE black wealthy People as a threat causasians can lose control. Causasian behind Zimmerman don't want the country on fire so they paid stupid.
Kevin Pennington I wonder what Jay-Z can do legally preemptively and legally about this threat. I'm sure there's something that can be done to make this unhinged person even more uncomfortable
Samantha Williams And what are the police doing about it on know for sure if it was the other way round all gun's would be gunning for J
C Andrea Clark Perfect pic of Jay laughing. That's exactly what I'm doing. I hope Jay's henchmen find him and tortures his ass til he begs for death. Bastard.
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The NFL will host a workshop at Morehouse College for current and former athletes about sports and social activism. Thoughts? --->

Betty Walton Colleges should have a booth at every game hosting players shirts, and any other items, INVENTIONS, innovation helping to raise money Creating jobs and new ideas or experimental forms for progress.
Denise Lester Forget the NFL, they need to gather all the police departments, and justice departments together, and host a variety of workshops on racism, racial injustice, across the nation!! This is where the problem exist, and originated!!
Danielle Leger More like it will be used to tame new black athletes going into the NFL. What a bunch of horse shit!
Charles Wright Sr. Nothing will help, unless they end the war Nixon declared on us and disguised it as a war on drugs. The only solution is the decriminalization of all drug use, or bring back alcohol prohibition. What's the difference? Alcohol is responsible for more premature deaths than all other drugs combined.
Michael Vincent Lol. How could the plantation teach people about liberation?
Odonnell Sanders And here comes Michael Stewart, as usual with the regurgitated bs.
Angela Gilliam They need to focus on stuff like CTE and filling seats! How about THAT!!
Patrick A. Sparks What are they now going to "teach" players how to "properly protest"? GTHOH!
Deanna Karoos Football isn't there to be a political or social platform.
David Slaney I will take a wait-and-see approach to see whether this is window dressing just to quiet the critics
Lucio Bitoy IV Morehouse should be hosting the workshop at Various NFL facilities , not the other way around.
Robert S Long NFL will be out of business soon which means alot of Black men will be back on the streets broke again
Rebecca Jewel Roque
Michael Stewart Liberals work my nerves
Lisa White FOH
Richard Wells Great
Maalak Atkins O.K. FINE! BUT, what about ..........
Fred Murtz just hire Kaepernick and stop rubbing slaves heads for goodluck! that crap been played out before Garvey's time!
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The Los Angeles City Council announced that it has reached a settlement in the case of a Black woman who died in police custody last year. --->

Sherman Braxton That's not enough... The lawyer is gonna get almost half of that so 150 for my loved one smh.....NOT ENOUGH.
DX Davison Mark my word! As the body count continues to rise the excuses and justifications will get lamer and lamer! Welcome to the American Police State!
Magnolia White-Horton How many settlements are their going to be for this shit to stop. It's out and out plain unadulterated murder.
Amir Ali They kill us and we just take money for it. Are we that hard up for cash?
Annie Mapp It want bring her back too life again.
Magnolia White-Horton Never enough money when a life is involved
Richard Wells Did anyone get proscuted for this murder!?
Abthony Rose That’s all
Herb Blunt Jr. Class action lawsuit
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The next #OscarsSoWhite type of movement can't survive without #NetNeutrality. Here's why...

Dee Ann White I believe it to be the entire point of voting on this in the 1st place (coupled with being President Obama adjacent). I also think it'll do even more like right down to the jobs some will be able to view to apply for on line, college applications and so on. If those GOP that voted to repeal it really believe nothing would change, then why vote at all #rhetorical
Vivian Scales GOLIATH GOT NOTHING ON DAVID - the bigger they are...the harder they fall. We are fighting a battle! They know what they are doing. This new form of suppression is called “net suppression.” We speak through the freedom of the internet and connect with each other in seconds and minutes. The less we connect, the more they can disrupt communications by affecting our views, issues and/or concerns. Oh and not only disconnect but reconnect at their leisure with a fee; like a utility fee? If I charge you a fee, I can increase that fee at my leisure, depending on how I want to live or where to send my children; to a prep school or private school? This type of rich living is useless and do not work. Literally, they don’t work. Instead, it becomes a burden for us, by paying for very expensive upkeep for the rich and famous. Please America don’t be fooled a third time (and more is coming)! This is not a hype - this is reality!
Anne Stephenson That’s their goal! Also, too many of the legal lynchings were being revealed on social media. This shuts all of that down.
Michael Davis Guess it’s easy for the NAACP, CBC, Urban League, etc to side with this now that is so unpopular. But i won’t forget when Obama was in office and these same “civil rights groups” was getting money from these internet companies and was lobbying Congress to do away with Net Neutrality...🤔 😒
Mary Christine Which is exactly why they're doing it.
Atyria Clark This is why the FCC undid it.
Maaco Feggins OscarSoWhite didnt work....still hella white
Amos D. Hindsman Maybe that’ll bring more family back together like it was in the old days.
Angie Hurdle It doesn’t matter no one is watching the Oscars anymore. I don’t watch
Keith Ponder Net Neutrality repeal will destroy social media as we know it today.
Lori Cozart
Rgna Cordell That's one of the secondary goals. 🙁
Mike Giordano Stick the Oscars up your ass
Fred Murtz Only if we continue to act like negroes deaf dumb and blind to the power of collective effort! What does the death of Net Neutrality say?? It says the ISP , has the right to control the amount and cost of data it provides, and it removes much gov restrictions! if we had any Collective Economic sense, either our millionaires or a Collective effort of our won would have purchased up a whole handfull of Black owned ISPs, when Net Neutrality was first passed! With our own Black ISPs we would have the power to continue low cost and subsidized service to low income Black families, as well as ensure speedy service to Black business with no extra charge and ensure that our political messages from the grassroots community go viral by any means necessary
Michael Stewart Dumb liberal garbage
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ICYMI: Civil rights groups are outraged over the end of net neutrality. Here's why...

Mark Ross The internet will be fine. It was before Net neutrality.
Robert Williams Everybody is pissed off at Trump for this.
Annie Mapp Okay
April Jackson Gee-Gee Rechell Alexander
River Raheem I hope all you bastards who voted for trump ROT IN HELL!!
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ICYMI: Don't expect Republicans to allow this to happen again.

Keith Butler This is why the POTUS and any GOP member's presence at any Civil Rights Museum is unwelcome. The terrorist tactics of voter intimidation from the past still continue today and are supported by one political party.
Annie Mapp They served their time now they need too be able too vote in the elections too geogia,s
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ICYMI: What should Black voters expect from Doug Jones after sweeping him into office?

Butch Moore Black Alabama voters will get the same thing they have gotten in the past a big fat zero and shut up negro till next election
Aimé Bomela We should never expect anything from politicians; they are all the same.
Mark Ross 🙄 what are they going to do,vote for a republican.
Sophia Brown You need more black owned businesses in your communities.
Vicki Brown Oliver Nothing! He just happened to be the lesser of two evils
Haywood Black Johnson Not only him but every person our vote helps elect into public office, no matter if they look like us or not. We cannot make the same mistake or give the leeway we gave President Obama and all we have is a memory of him being POTUS. Use our power to elect them ,keep them on their toes and hold them accountable.
Joseph Crayton That's right the Republicans trying to steal the election.
Michael Anthony Taylor To govern as a Democrat.
Frank Howell Jr. Exactly we deliver now you deliver period
Rita Beeta Nuthin'.
Elizabeth Nixon EVERYTHING!!💯😊
Sa-Rah Bibbins LOL... expect? Don't hold ur breath
Vivian Scales Yes and they will.
Linda Wickstein Sold out again!...
Sandra Rogers Nothing like they always do
Angela Powell yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Michael James Black voters must both recognize and ignore the contrived propaganda regarding Doug Jones. He will do an honorable job but to hold him to an unattainable extremes is a game the right wants you to play for their GOP benefit.
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ICYMI: Holiday parties create the perfect environment for white co-workers to say unintentionally racists things. Here are eight examples...

Carl A Rodgers All social media is about is racism. Thats all i see on here
Deborah Adams When it comes to's usually intentional!
Horace Higgy Higginbotham Glad you showed up for the party you know I've been meaning to tell my coworker I also have some black friends I also have some African-American friends I also have some colored friends and I have some negro friends ! See there I told you I'm not racist ...
Daphne Renault Are these comments aside from the ones that I hear on a daily basis?
Blynne Roberts From the heart the mouth speaks!
Deanna Karoos Pure fiction. Killed your own little snl skit. Plug pulled.
Kevin Roberts Also, white people should avoid, who are you or anyone else to tell an entire race of people what we can and can't say all the while screaming about freedom of speech for jackass Kaepernick, dumbass Deray, and Talculm X (Shaun King)?
Kevin Roberts It's racist to say, I'm dating a black person? It's racist to say, I've been discriminated against too if I have been in fact discriminated against just like the person I'm talking to about it? Where tf do y'all come up with this bs? Yes I said y'all as in the writers of these articles.
Deanna Karoos No one says that bs at holiday parties. No one says over half that bs outside of holiday parties. Race baiting racists.
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This debate got personal.

Rhonda Benjamin Bland This is troubling to me. First, I have very little respect for that panel. Second, as members of the black community how do you continue to defend and support a man and administration that is purposely hurting your people and other people of color, third this is not about Omarosa...this about something all have lost your dignity and respect. Black Republicans that are now doing "Massa's" dirty work...shameful!!! Do a serious self assessment and look at what you are saying and doing....SMH...
Al Williams Sr. Paris always gets defensive when he debates with real black men. He gets shaky and starts talking loud like a bitch. If he had heels and earrings on he’d pull them off. 😂🤣🤣😂
Andre Lockett He didn’t lie calling him a Sellout, that is exactly who he is, you can’t call out a Real Black Brother and think 🤔 he is not coming back at you. Goes to show you that he is out of touch with his own race. Don handle himself while by saying no name calling, but I am glad he didn’t apologize 👊🏾👍🏾✌🏽
Monroe Frazier Paris is in the same sunken place as David Clarke, Stacey Dash and Herman Caine to name a few. They're card has been revoked.
Annie Johnson-Foust He was called a sellout AFTER he said Shermichael was fired from his job on national TV——so if Paris can’t take it don’t dish it out!
John Mack Im convinced that Paris is actually RuPaul without the dress and heels. When Paris came out on national TV and said that he has a girlfriend I fell out of my seat.....there is no way in hell. Lol. Just sayin.
Maximillion Roberts Here's a Thought? How come every time Trump passes a bill or Is on TV Discussing an Issue All of his Major Staffers are "White" there Isn't a Black face In the Room! Where are the Black Republicans, They're Hidden In the back somewhere being Told to Shut up and behave?
Denise Lester Trump's entire administration is ignorant!! The black conservatives, on panel are ALL sellouts for supporting him, and his racist administration!! #Period!! We all know Omarosa has been a gold digging sellout, and TV drama queen, for years!! Not even a real trump advisor!! Just a joke he was glad to get rid of!! #LetsBeReal!!
Ida Hawkins So "sellout" is name calling? I mean "uncle Tom" maybe but not sellout. There are bigger issues at hand than we're addressed
Phinya Avika You can't go gunning for someone and think they aren't going to clap back. Paris went there and got back what he dished out.
Calvin Lionel Nicholson Man, when you get called for buck dancing by another black Republican, that's pot and kettle right there.
Raymond A Jett Jr He truly is a sellout on every aspects when it comes to black America. He’s one of those that when the slave master is sick he say “boss we sick today, instead of saying your ass is sick”!
Doretha Bailey It is bigger than Omarosa! The fact that only “black” republicans received an email to speak freely about Omarosa is an issue. We all knew that she wasn’t qualified to serve on his senior staff and was a token. Omarosa wasn’t the problem as they are trying to force the narrative of blocking black people from the White House, it was the administration period. Attacking Omarosa does absolutely nothing and insulting to the black community (the house n vs field n; we seen this before; learn from history); the White House needs to be held accountable for the lack of diversity period in senior positions, that should be one of our focuses period
M Camille Burgess EVERY TIME I see him and hear his voice I want to jump through the tv and slap the taste buds out of his mouth.
Carol Baugh Perhaps Paris, Omarosa, and Tavis can sail off to a private island and discuss all their issues amongst themselves. #BoyBye! #ByeFelicia! #JustBye!
Joe Neal Ham Black, conservative and Republican...can you say oxymoron? How in the hell can a “real, legitimate” black person be conservative or Republican and claim to be black? Asking for a friend!
Paula Copeland Shermichael is very ill-tempered! He is ill-tempered on tv and also when he fills in on Armstrong Williams's radio show!
Sharon Cunningham Paris is not a brother. He ia a self loathing young man who absolutely hates the fact that his skin is black. This is my personal opinion... But Ive seen him go off the rack completely. Thou do protest to hard.
Donald Lomax I saw that and was both funny and the truth. I feel all black Republicans are sellout's. I think it kinda like Colonel Saunders guarding the hen house! You know they mean you no - good! Have anyone else besides me seen this fool Jesse Lee Peterson. Case in point! He's a black Republican who calls Donald Trump "The Great White Hope. I rest my case! # Sad!!!
Cal Davis Omarosa got throwed under the Train, stomped and dragged, all in one fell swoop, when those job applications not being filled was blamed on her tossing them, she'll be lucky if someone doesn't step up to her on the streets. I wish her well.
Jonathan A. Washington Shermichael Singleton a fellow Republican called him out on it. He did not lie at all with his comments.
Brenda Marshall Another 'HOUSE "N"......JUST LIKE OMAROSA!!! Trump will double-😥cross him soon Trump will show Dennard what he means to him..😥😥
Kenny Billingsley They got the ok from the white house to trash her an that's what they did it's all her fault there's a lack of diversity in the white house nice try!!!
Ian Juan Francisco I'm still trying to find the lie in that statement and I can't. Maybe Paris wants Omarosa's, non descriptive position in the white, whitehouse.
Lorenzo Patrick Harris Y’all see how bad Don wanted to laugh when old dude called him a sellout? That “ooh” face was the same face I’ve seen people make when the roasting gets started. Don forgot where he was for a second 🤣🤣🤣
NewsOne2 days ago

A Black entrepreneur overcame breast cancer and created a beauty brand worth $5 million. --->

Jerel Boza
Ruby Mosley How can one purchase this line
Ruby Mosley Congratulations
Warren Smiley Henderson Congratulations Queen.
Char Epting Congratulations Sista
Annie Mapp Congratulation
Linda Drake Amen and praise God. Congratulations
Angela Powell
NewsOne2 days ago

Brace yourself for the foolishness.

Cynthia Dunham She needs to go stick her head back up Drump’s ass and choke!!! She does not and never has spoken for or represented the black community.. my people.. kiss our collective asses!!!
Darold Newton She as the #2 house negro aided an abetted his racist behavior...#1 Ben Carson didn't notice anything...too busy hoarding table scraps...just my perspective 🙂
Lori Cozart What she hangs on her wall (degrees) means nothing if she doesn’t represent and treat HER people with respect PUBLICLY????????? F her 👎🏾
Michelle Smith Slam the door on her and throw the key away. Plus, we all know people like her. She or her story is nothing new.
Annie Mapp She knows that trump is a raceist she fear him for what will happen too her if she speaks against him.
Ophelia Pierre CAN WE BE PERFECTLY CLEAR? Omarosa was FIRED BY djt! Nothing happens in the WH without the Pussy Grabbers knowledge!. Nothing!
Toni Reed Now the bitch wants to represent us. Bye Felicia, go sit on that reject from society bus with Tiger Woods and Ben Carsen, trick.
Brian Campbell Breaking News......Coonarosa got her freedom papers today and wants to come back home.
Denise Lester #ByeFelicia!! You have never been interesting or relative!!😂😂😂
Michael Smith Jr. Again, you can't take the opinion of black people serious, we called Bill Clinton the first black president...
Renee Yancy Still Kissing Ass, that's some damn good lipstick!
LaLita Martin Stop giving her airtime. She's the black version of Kellyanne.
Jo-Ann Doyle I think Trump was fkg her..she was one of his side pieces! IJS
Ann Brown Can we stop the conversation about her! Ridiculous!
Elizabeth Lea Who really cares , so over this mess , more important matters to deal with
William Ballard I have no use whatsoever for Omarosa but what I do not understand if she has been hit with a $30,000 tax bill from the IRS and her taxes have been made public why hers and not Donald Trump
Bruce Robinson O u found out u still a nigga and they never Accepted u smh dummy
Dorothy McBride That's a good one......your perspective right on target!!!!!
Maisha Gilbert How can she have a view of his racism if she doesn't believe his racist to begin with?
Reuben Smith She’s gone good only looks out for herself
Gee Stokes No more Roland Martin after December 21st
Horace Higgy Higginbotham Well speaking of, Omarosa nobody give a flying shit about that bitch or Looney Toon Donald Trump..
Brian Campbell
Square Biz
NewsOne2 days ago

A fund for Black entrepreneurs in Detroit has grown from $6.5 million to over $18 million. --->

Jerel Boza
Annie Mapp Great job.
Angela Powell
Elizabeth Lea Great
Sophia Brown Yes
Sakinah Tanzil Sharon Craighead Check this fund out
Tawana Jones Anika Holmes
Lula Leopard Nathan Chase
Zakiya Akosua Binta Joelle Gwynn
Bea Wallace Good, while White people are fighting amongst themselves, I have noticed, African Americans are moving forward anyway.
NewsOne2 days ago

Air Force Maj. Robert Lawrence Jr., America’s first Black astronaut, received full honors on the 50th anniversary of his death. --->

Cal Davis I can dig the honor. My problem with NASA Is that they won't settle this "Flat Earth" debate by giving us real time images of the whole real Earth. No crappy iffy, maybe fuzzy images. With the kind of money this agency sucks from the National Treasury, we deserve this much at least.
Stuart Knight Maybe newsone should try to secure an interview with the family so that they can speak on the racism this man suffered and the possibility that sabotage played a factor in his death. That would be journalism...Not drama.
Annie Mapp Newsone will you talk with his family it would be good okay.
Denise Lester Black Excellence!!💯
JoAnn Virges Unfair!...matter well keep it!..
Richard Wells Yeah. A lot of good it did him
The Law of Attraction - Happy mind happy life What we are is God's gift to us, what we become is our gift to God.
Robert S Long This can't be true Trump would not allow this remember he is racist ,lol 😂😂😂😂😂
NewsOne3 days ago

Charles Barkley is on the right track, but #BlackWomen need more than $1 Million!--->DETAILS

Johnoel Brown How in the hell can you say black women need more than a million? just be thankful for what this man is pledging because a lot us tend to forget sometimes that don’t know nobody owe you nothing but I commend Sir Charles for donating his hard earned $$ towards a worthy cause but come on folks stop whining about what the black womem need because their are millionaires in this state that don’t give a damn about nobody.
Jacque Awilliams Grateful for the beginning seed sown by Barkley. A start has to come. Praise for the Black Men and Women who respected the struggle of our forefathers and mothers and went to vote! Now "unity" going forward, we see what it can do to advance the right cause. Props for all races who voted to get the sanity and peace in and keep racism and evil out !!! Thank God!
Abram Dennis I'll be glad when we realize this two party system isn't working in our favor.. This one sided relationship with the democrats needs to end.
Gregory Howard When are our MEN going to stand up and be counted? It is nice that our women have picked up the slack, but it is doesn't say much about our men. Our men need to get out and vote and drive the cause and goals which is NOT individual prosperity but COLLECTIVE prosperity. Leave No African American Behind. We can't keep complaining if we are doing NOTING of sacrifice to get ahead as a race. Again. As a RACE. Not just individuals. 1 million is comical to that offer the NFL players were offered by the owners. Instead of wasting away millions with over the top luxury we need to invest it in our own National Broadcast Company. No selling. Full service. News morning/noon/evening/late night. TV shows. Movies. When will we advertise for black products? How about us using black doll companies to make our people from sports, etc... rather than Barbie? Stop the recycle of money back into their hands. The list goes on. We praise all of our rich black people who do NO MORE than anyone else. Stop supporting them until they support our communities. Rebuild Black Wall Street! A stong foothold in Major industry is our ticket to true freedom and equality. We can continue to blame politics or US it to our advantage by participating. Your choice. Consistent participation will get US results.
Carol Joseph We are our toughest critics. Charles B did his thing. Otheres can step up. Its ok to praise each other no matter how small the step. As long as it is a step in the right direction. Let's be more generous in lifting each other up.
Robert Lane Maybe other former and current atheletes from Alabama can do What Charles Barkley is doing! I am very sure Barkley is not the only former athletes or celebrities from Alabama?!
Angelina Brown Thank you Charles Barkley for supporting Black women business owners. Hopefully, others will follow your lead.
Christopher Yogi Floyd I just find it odd that black america is praising black women for voting a white man into congress. Sure Moore was absolutely awful, but I just don't see this as praiseworthy. But of course this is all about the democrats trying to keep the momentum going to increase voter turn out in the next election.
Annie Mapp We all needs too stand up and vote for our rights and the history of our foreperants went through in slavery it was for our freedom as their childrens too be educated and too have a piece of the apple pie of that united nation as black peoples.
Gregory Howard Oh... And let's see how LITTLE people will follow Barkley's lead as little as it was. Take note. It is not you holding them back. They are already ahead. They come to you when they are done wrong. Time we go to them just the same. 🤔
Shirley Dumas I've been voting since 1968 and I have never seen a republican that I would vote for. I have voted for Democrats and Independents. I vote based on issues, not personality or family name. Beware! There may be some decent Republican candidates, but they are not free to vote as they choose. McConnell and Ryan have made it clear that if they don't vote as told, they will not recieve campaign funds for their next election. What do you think they are going to choose? Campaign money or your needs?
Denise Lester Never liked Charles before!! But here lately, he has gone straight to the top of my MVP list!! #Clarity!!💯
John-Arthur Johnson Trump is also trying to increase his Republican base. He wanted Moore bad no matter what....even though he was not Trumps first choice.
Shannon Churchwell That is great. he didn't have to but he did.
Shelly Hankins Bunce Then let someone else pitch in that have it to spare don’t be ungrateful!!!😏
Kacey Willis Drum roll now all you millionaires pick a state and do the same
Abthony Rose Well that a good start let other athletes put in that will solve your problems
Angela Mathews He's not one of my favorite people, at all!!!!
Sophia Brown Don't take it there's a catch to it he never has been a friend to the black community all money is not good money.
Tony Mason Good for you CB, you don't have to give all the money, others can step up too 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Donald Jones It won't be any democrats if they knew what it really meant
Shanna Waller 1 million is good. I'm surprised coming from him it was given to begin with. But it's a start
Helen Wheeler Ellis NewsOne, what are you contributing? Stop being so critical...
Annie Mapp Well he is doing the right thing for them nobody else is giving them anything okay be thankful for what he is doing thank god for him.
Camron Ferguson Why doesn’t the headline mention that is for everything except hair salons and restaurants?
NewsOne3 days ago

Mel B has to pay six figures to ex-husband Stephen Belafonte in the divorce settlement.
#MelB #StephenBelafonte

LM Williams She definitely should've had a prenup, but at least it ends after 3 years. She'll be alright. She should just cut him a check and be done with it. The article is misleading. In the early paragraph, it states she has to pay 500k annually.
Leon Kelly No man would ever accept spousal support from a woman. No! Never! Women, there are costs associated with desperation. Never settle! #ThatsAll!!!
Terry Turner This is what equal rights look like lol. Go feminist movement, you put your foot in your mouth again go lol.
Ameena Mahmud-Bey For woman, a prenuptial agreement is so important especially if you plan to have children and or you're marrying someone that is earning significantly less than you and has no real ambition. If you're the bread winner and security in the relationship from the beginning, then you should know better.
Amanda Turner Marriage is getting to be very undesirable. For someone like Mary J having to pay money to a grown az man that cheated on her and with whom she doesn’t have children with is ridiculous. I can understand if it was someone like Michael Jordan’s wife where they got married young and she forsaked a career to raise his children. Very different than these couples nowadays.
Dawn Johnson Why is TV One canceling the one regularly scheduled news outlet that provides us an authentic voice ? Please don't be the new BET.
Anthony Griffin It's unfortunate that women who are making bank, have to pay their "low life" dead beat estranged husbands a boatload of money. Simply, because they were married to them in life. Unbelievable!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Christopher Yogi Floyd My advice....don't get married. If you don't plan to have kids but you are just some old folks having a great time...don't get married. What's the point???
Michelle Renee Griffin I don't know why these celebrities even get married a waste of time. Your going too cheat etc your on the road traveling etc. Stay single Oprah Winfrey was the smartest one Live and Let Live. Lust Rust and then Dust they LOVE you until when that goes for any relationship
Mekah Hill Ladies you find out long before marriage if you have a bitch man. When you figure that out don’t marry him, send his bitch ass packing. Any man that wants a woman to take care of him is a straight bitch.
Sarena White Fuller Mel B. the B stands for bank...or bill...or broke...or BOND! Because I'da jumped that man right in the courtroom. -JK
Linguère Sheba Lo Wasn’t this dude filming her too? Partnerships are cool, but I’m wondering what the benefit is for powerful women to engage in legal marriage.
Tayna Burton Pre-nup! She should've had him sign one or just be boyfriend/girlfriend forever, like Oprah and Stedman!
Kennon Moss Somewhere Eddie Murphy is laughing his ass off
Michelle Smith He must have had the same judge as Mary J Blige.
Henry L Hamilton How do these ladies get caught up with these Bums?
Richard Stackhouse Equal rights equal, equal pain.
Brian Campbell He most have gotten some advise from Mary J Blige's ex-husband.
Kim Wimberly Women better stop marrying beneath and taking care of them.
James Gibson From what I gather from these female comments, it seems like women hate seeing men get their just due in a marriage. That's not right ladies....
Ann Wright Why do these celebrities keep getting married without a prenup?
Mariel Charles She should have had a Prenup. She should just cut him a check and be done with it. She will be fine. Smh.
Angelina Brown Unless he has a physical disability, at some point, he needs to get a job.
Yolanda Venable Wow! You beat my azz and I stroke you a check...damn! Unbelievable!
Annette Morris Well at least he didn't clean her out. He can live off of that
NewsOne3 days ago

Lawyers for Black students in Alabama are not giving up in fighting "racially motivated" school segregation.

Lucile Powell "If you thought government sanctioned discrimination was a thing of the past, you haven’t been to Camilla, GA. The City of Camilla is comprised of a 70% African-American population and has an elected Black mayor, but city council voted to not give him keys to his own office at City Hall. Mayor Rufus Davis talked to Rashad Richey about the city’s policies, which include Blacks not being allowed to be buried next to Whites, all White school age children in the city go to an all-White private school, and there are no African-American police officers just to name a few. Mayor Davis is now protesting his own city and will refuse to sit in council meetings until his city is desegregated." To listen to interview and Read more at the following:
Michael Smith Jr. Man look, we don't need to be around those people, especially our kids, stop wanting to be included, we need to work it out where we can be permanently separated from them.
Anthony Edwards I would be cool with this but as you know we would get fucked on funding. Its about money and resources. We probably would do better teacher our own and I really think we would be able to curve the nonsense in our own communities and schools. Kids follow trends. We need to make education and knowledge cool.
Donnie Mcfadden Why y’all mad at these folks for doing something WE should have been doing for decades with our own children! I teach my kids not to be mad when folks don’t want to share... go and get/create your own so you don’t have to beg someone to LET you be a part of something.
Erin Street Alabama needs to just stop. It means 75% of the education budget in that county will go to predominately white schools, while black students will get whatever is left over. Lousy teachers, no materials, etc
Annie Mapp Well dears hogansville georgia had the white schools and we the students at west end school had two buildings one for the elementary school and a new long building for our grades eight grade through the 12th grade and no gym too play basketball and no books they were old ones from hogansville high school which was the white school ,after i left west end they too the black students too go too hogansville high school we had no one too fight for our students one day one of our teacher told the students too walk over too their school and tell them what we wanted for our school new books and too play basketball in their gym when they didn,t have a game hope you all understand this okay. I
Trina Jackson Nothing but keep us on the plantation unless they are talking about economic development for our people it is all in vain.
Shirley Dumas Been there, done that. Black schools get less funding, older, raggedy books, less maintained school buildings, inferior food, less school supsuppliresulting in inferior schools. Why are we fighting the same battles from the 1960's?
Fred Murtz this is funny! Everyone partied and BS d for the past 35 years as if Civil Rights was written in stone and White Supremacy was buried like the Frankensten monster, and all would be well, without doing a damn bit of due dilliegence or regular maintenance to keep the Black Struggle going! Damn didnt they give us that story as children in grade school, but called it something else???
Katherine Richardson These peiple who are segregating their children from black children are doing them a disservice because later on in life they are going to come in to contact with different races of people. And they are not going to know how to deal with it. I was in line at a store and heard a conversation between two women one said that the private school that their children went to did not prepare them for real life they went on to talk about their kids first month at college at the end of the conversation they stated that their kids wanted to drop out of school. All because they are not coping well being. Aroung people with differnt backgrounds diffetent ideals.
Valerie Thornton Stop~ it! Let them! Who" cares~ you're children" are much safer! ¥
Kim Travis Good go back to what we were doing before integration teaching our own we do not need them
Herb Blunt Jr. The same argument again for the last 100yrs whites want to escape to a hideaway in outerspace just to avoid anything to do with the normal kids who across the tracks this is same ole playbook 2017 version.
Ernestine Edwards This is very sad in a day and age we live for this to be still happening sad
Abthony Rose Well now you haveDoug Jones let’s see what he can do
Garvey Huey Why are we still fighting so hard to integrate. MLK saw the mistakes he made in fighting for it.
Regina Jefferson We ain't turning back..we moving forward! Anybody in the way will melt....vapor!
Rayshon Anders
Ronnie Parker Segregation is good.
Malcolm Farley Seperation is the only solution
Addison Wright Jr. It will be over turn.
Ton-ja Tamia Troutman Its like these white supremacist make it their mission to make us black people fail Low funded schools 87% of the wrongly convicted being black men “Giving” us section 8 housing This really makes me sick i really want to change America just dont know how
Dori Trammell Reparations for Blacks!!
Robert S Long I thought blacks wanted segregation, like y all say buy black shop black, black black black just go take a knee somewhere 😂😊😊😊
NewsOne3 days ago

The deadly racist violence at #Charlottesville that claimed the life of #HeatherHeyer can't be ignored by prosecutors in the first-degree murder case of James Fields.

Lisa Atampuri What took so damn long? If he was black he would have been charged, trial already done and he would be in prison.
Alli Marie It absolutely can't be ignored It indeed was first degree he plotted that weeks before the rally It indeed was premeditated
Shirley Dumas He should never see the light of day again. He killed one woman and injured 30 other people in a hate crime. That should be worth at least 50 years. Save the world from this mad dog.
Kysha Whitley This is exactly how George Zimmerman got off! This does not fit 1st degree murder.
Robert S Long This guy should have been at home instead of Intentionally out starting trouble play stupid games at a White rally you win stupid prizes ,he should have been somewhere with his brother bowing down taking a knee
Ebonie J. Parker Damn shame 😒
Delilah Heard Sad but we will Rise👍🎈💀🇺🇸🌎
Tonya Ladmirault Sad.
Deanna Karoos White guy killed white woman. Not racist. Deandre attacked them first. Tell the truth for a change.
NewsOne3 days ago

The NYC Police Department is investigating sexual assault allegations against #RussellSimmons with a 12th accuser having come forward.

Patricia Mitchell-Noisette Maybe they should spend their money investigating the cop who maneuvered his arms to block the video from recording him execute a civilian.
Terryl Nichols I use to run into Russel Simmons years ago in Manhattan. He was arrogant and had this self entitled air about him. Men that have money like that and power they just think they can have whatever they want.
Michelle Smith We ( the public) don't really know what happened. A person can accuse you of anything now days. Ladies let's be honest, some of us gave the ass to men expecting it was going to make him see that I'm the one. When it doesn't work out we cry, feel hurt and have to blame somebody. While not all women do this, shame on those jumping on the band wagon who have an axe to grind. Stop thinking sex with moguls is going to be spectacular. They just naked ass rich men. Stop waiting a hundred years to come out.
Dionne Thigpen It's a shame no one is addressing the elephant in the room this is a witch hunt to bring down anybody with enough money to help stop a corrupt goverment.
Patricia Wynn Being a black woman and mother...I will not make excuses for any predators... Black r white... Kimora Lee Hounsou was 15 whn Russell approached her... So it could very well be true... However I'd say if u gone investigate one....U must investigate em all. #the black men #and the white ones
Dori Trammell Who's investigating the murders, assaults, crimes committed by NYPD? They are not credible in doing anything! Next!
Fred EC Williams Jr. Most of y'all are too young to remember, but there was a time when work place harassment was an issue. That situation, much like the harassment situation now, became a witch hunt. Quite frankly, in my opinion, there isn't much a man can say or do that will not be viewed as offensive or harassing in a sexual manner by women. We both look and think about one another in sexualized ways. It is in our nature and apart of how we get along. It is to be expected; however, there is also an air of etiquette that should be maintained in our sexualization of one another. Our expression of carnal knowledge should not be an "anything goes" daily routine just for kicks.
Sean Patrick McInnis Trying to push Fake News against Trump done opened a can of worms 😂😂😂 No man is safe now you"re tried and convicted by the media now 😂😂. Them girls you played hide and go get it with 30 years ago are coming to destroy you soon guys.
Leatrice Jones After ''Exposing '' all these men only 2 get investigated for a crime Russell Simmons and Bill Cosby. ...Damn..
Annie Mapp Hell no they are not investingating trump roy moore and franken and all the white mens no they are not because they are w h i t es above the laws in this country they wrote the laws for its for thevwhites too brake them but the black man its jail for 20th years or more in life.
Anthony Jay Ballard They are giving Law and Order: SVU so much future material...Olivia might need to get Elliot out of retirement
Cedric Walters Thhis soap opera gets better everyday day. " The men I cannot rob but can now say sexual assault and get paid" Stay tuned for the next installement.
Abram Dennis If I was rich and famous I'd carry a body camera at all times.. Never know when you'll be accused of something.
KL Ellis I wonder what would happen if all the men started coming forth that have been sexually harassed in the workplace. Having to listen women make suggestive jokes or conversations...dealing with female co-workers that cant take no for answer...dealing with females that somehow always manage to bring sex up in a conversation...dealing with women that get a lil handsie at work. I bet people would say man up.
Renee Blake Why do police departments jump in to investigate black men. Did The Minneapolis police jump in to investigate Franken
Frenchena Ganus Twelve???? We are not gonna act like he didn't do it.
Fran Powell #45?
Earlyne McCalister Thomas I'm getting tired of Amber Phillips' behavior on #rolandmartinnewsonenow program. Sistah girl you have LOST me as an admirer.
Ayanna Renita Yes yes expose these men who like to abuse women - and he thought he could meditate it all away — fuck that - I want him in prison
Phelisa Smith-Pittman If they are not investigating trumpf, just forget it. Trumpf is a very present threat and danger!!
Daphine Johnson Guilty in public opinion? Is the public ready for the sentencing too?
Jenine Johnson Wow, crooks investigating crime!
Joaquin L Linda Away going extra on our black men , how getting Investigating McDonald trump
Beverly Joyiens Is the justice department investigating trump, moore and all the others
NewsOne3 days ago

Oprah Winfrey is getting a major award for #BlackExcellence.

Fred Murtz From who?? I dont think it would be the Chicago Southside community, right there where she lives ! Like she really helped , like the Mexican and Jewish millionaires help their communties?? Yall deep into that Bling thing! We gonna be like Haiti real soon, with that stuff!
Deanna Karoos Interesting. Bussed in from out of state to illegally vote.
Dwayne Thompson She not real
Libby Sherburne “It’s a major award...”
Rosalind Bakion It's about time!
Shirley Randall Congratulations 🎉
Mroverland Jones Respectfully
Robert S Long She is just another black millionaire that will tell other blacks they can't succeed in Amercia and you all Will believe her
NewsOne3 days ago

Actresses are getting ready to protest harassment at the #GoldenGlobes.

Sheila Paige A nice gesture of unity BUT.... a black ensemble is not the answer here if it does not translate into viable actions and widespread changes. It is sad that the inside chatter and jokes never turned into calling-out and stopping this predatory behavior. Individuals that (especially those who have been able to garner a certain amount of power within the industry and) did not speak up are complicit and also part of the problem as opposed to the solution. Just saying that you are appalled by these types of inappropriate actions and doing nothing…. is as bad as saying your thoughts and prayers are for those impacted by gun violence and also doing nothing.
Art Davis Of all the strange fads I believe this is the strangest.
Ann Brown They laughed about Bill Cosby...
NewsOne3 days ago

There are some cool AF clapbacks to Black conspiracies about #Alabamaelection.

Antonio Richardson "Cool AF"? I understand that News One reports on black related news, however, please don't become ghetto. I expect to see the phrase "Cool AF" for worldstarhiphop but not News One. Please maintain a level of professionalism.
Toye Jones
Toye Jones
NewsOne3 days ago

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders can't name one single Black staffer in this worrisome moment.

Dawn Johnson Why is TV One canceling the one regularly scheduled news outlet that provides us an authentic voice ? Please don't be the new BET.
LaShawn Nicole They dont have any. And the white staff members are leaving. Russia probe is coming. People are getting nervous. If you know too much, you MUST go.
Raymond D Brown II Why would there be any is a better question. 45 is all about people that worship the ground he walks on. The average black person will question shit that doesn't make sense. So why employ those people?
Maxine Frison I agree we need News One to keep us informed about our communities because other TV entities only report their perception or what is news. They only cater to the majority 😕
Sharon Gladney Ok in another universe let’s just say Omarosa used her evil for good & sacrificed herself to be a White House spy for the democrats and her book ijs 😂
Kathe Hackett Listen to the mind set of the media and more so, those that post ! Accuse, accuse, accuse, demean, mock, judge,.........
Ramona Buchanan This. Chick is a. Saleswoman, are you guys. Blind she getting paid. To lie, what about you guys just lie to be. Lying. What's your. Excuse?
Fred Murtz What it mean?? When I saw the amount of Black staff then govenor of Texas George Bush Jr had, I figured he wouldnt be too bad as a prez and republican if he got in........and ....!
Maximillion Roberts "BECAUSE THEY'RE AREN'T ANY BLACK STAFFERS"? The White House Is Officially "The White House"?
Donald Sims This Tramp is nothing more than a lying ass Linebacker.
Marta Hinojosa Didn't they just fire the only one they had??
Marie Hernandez and if they ever do get one well I will just pity the fool 😕
Sanaa Jones She is from my home town in Arkansas. One of her brothers was a classmate. Same type of attitude.
Kevin G. Bonds Why would she just say zero!
Mark Tyler There's a few---- It should've been easy. Ben Carson!
Casandra Lindsey That is bcuz there is no diversity in the current administration
Mitchell Patrick She is a pawn do anything to save her job
Caroline Franklin Sad,but what do you expect?
Kim Wimberly I guess Trump hasn't met the affirmative action policy in the White House!
Antoinette Singleton Did anyone see the Butler?
Bruce Wood But she can find a donut shop , and a taco bell in her sleep
Deirdre L. Battaglia She can’t name something/someone that doesn’t exist!
Siriwan Smith Ben bitchass Carson works for him and that is all
Regina Jones Okay where is the surprise here?
MrDwayne Dee it's because there are none
NewsOne3 days ago

Watch: The dizzying levels of ignorance displayed by Matthew Spencer Petersen are both hilarious and scary.

Denise Lester He tends to chose folks, exactly like himself!! Ignorant!! Thats why they don't last long!! It's sad!! #IgnoranceOverQuality!!
Darlene Ellison-Harvey Its horrible to see this display of "ignorance to the highest degree." This government is being dismantled step by step by an administration that has embraced "the ugliest side of humanity." Until, this government owns up to its "ills" from the moment they sat foot on this land, covered under the guise of "freedom to All." There will never truly be a "United States of America." This is why "evil has been able to dismantle the very basic elements of what was considered "the law of the land."
Tayna Burton He doesn't like smart people! He has stated several times on the campaign trail, that he loves the uneducated or the poorly educated.
Michelle V Carasco Maru Ilena and Joana Florez could you answer these hard questions? 😂😂😂😂
Aubrey Johnson This is the type of shit 45 want in his corner, to have everyone catering to his sorry Ass !!
Lisa Jones He knew he wasn’t ready, Mr. Petersen, stay in your lane.
Fred Murtz Since Election Day we should have assumed that ALL of his appointees would be like this
Darryl Brown Unfucking Believable !
Bklyn Neé
Adrienne Taylor Is he even a lawyer...
Bklyn Neé
Funlayo Vetta Durant Oh my 😮
Dwayne Thompson He don't give a fuck about nothing Bicth Ass
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Holiday parties create the perfect environment for white co-workers to say unintentionally racists things. Here are eight examples...

Denise Lester That's exacty why, I don't attend parties with white co-workers!! We face enough racism, on the job!! It's rude and pathetic!! If we set them straight, we would be fired!! As a people, we would never have a job!! #ThatsTheirPlanAnyway!!
Ryan Tarrance And now we know why NEWS ONE is off the air.😂😂😂😂
John Kurt Tate Even better taken them out in the woods and whipping that ass
Stacy Grant Unintentional my foot.
Eric Chapman 😂😂😂😂❄️❄️❄️❄️
Deanna Karoos Lol stfu. This bs has nothing to do with holidays. Smh just making shit up to play your race baiting newsone games. Putrid. are not articulate and telling someone they are isn't racist. Stfu you dumbasses. You are the racists! Putrid creatures.
Emily Van Heukelom Anyone who says any of that shit knows what they’re implying. Ugh. Sorry us white people suck so often.
Fred Murtz Put them in check immediately! I have known since childhood , that if they feel close to you they think most negroes are toms and can come out their face any old kind of way! I have experienced that on the job , for over 30 years and put them in check on the spot!
Robert S Long This is wrong beacause most blacks have there own partys
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It only took two days for Omarosa to gear up for her next move.

Doral Doubarere She is a cunning and manipulative woman. Seriously, did you all really think Dumb Donald was going to let her go down like that. This is the witch who can take him down but she won’t
Laura Irvin Gardner Why is she talking like trump? I have a story to tell it a big story. When I tell story you will see it is a very big story. Just wait till I tell you my big story you will say didn't she just tell a big story . I mean great big story. Lmbao. Sorry excuse of a person. Bye Felicia ( in my Robin voice )
Brandon Hall Love it. She used the opportunity like I knew she would. She is calculated and smart. She will use any opportunity to her benefit.
Denise Lester She has planned for this moment long and hard!! She still thinks that she is on a reality T.V. show!! She starting a new series of #Scandal!!😂😂😂
Audrey M. Broussard-Holmes There might be a reason why "e're body was gonna "drop to their knees for TRUMP", she probably been there/done THAT....I bet we NEVER hear HIM say anything bad about her. EVER😁
Ian Juan Francisco She had the nerve to use the words "my community". She wasn't thinking of her community when she said we would bow to the guy in the white house. She can GTH.
Woodrow Fuller Hey!!!!! Is that something scrapped to that rocket?? Nevermind that's Omarosa ,carry-on..3.2.1.. Blast off.
Regina Jefferson We won't watch Omarosa cash in on trump her wedding which by the way was criminal and her job and trump tweet tweet tweet queen. Least her thumbs can get some rest.
Joyce Smith She got to make some money and after all she learned how to do so by the Groper-in-Chief--oops I forgot he told her while she was being escorted from the WH "BYE FELICIA"'--just saying
Veronica Conte-Smith Who cares she's so irrelevant. People thinking she's going to dish some dirt on Trump
Earnest Johnson Pure business she did learn from the Apprentice.
Jace Daves She better have receipts. If not, she cooned and lost her invite to the cookout for nothing.
Lisa Houston Still looking for 15 min of fame, this administration is a reality show from hell.
Takbir Bey She'd best calm down before she says too much and has an accident...
Linda K. King-Blount I would not expect anything other
Vinet Holman The White House is a bad Reality Show, starring Donald J. Trump.
Trina Perry Ray Charles could have seen that coming.
Jenine Johnson She is a sadistic opportunist just like he former Boss.
William Leslie Smith
Woodrow Fuller Boycott the show and the book 😉
Debra Ann Goidwin “This woman is smarter then the Average Bear” o.O Watch Her Smoke...
Sam Simmons Bye Felicia
Amon-Re Crosby Who cares
Lynnese Ferguson Drummer
Cedric Walters I don't watch those BS shows .
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There is a list of allegations against one Texas mother who allegedly subjected her son to years of medical abuse, 323 doctor visits, 13 major unneeded surgeries and more ----->

Sälone Denise When I seen it on the news the other night... I was like how in the hell the insurance or if she's on Medicaid even let that happen. The doctors out here abuse the system anyways but if dad gets his son back he needs to sue. Mom needs to go to jail period.
Jean Parham This father need a attorney to help him fight. Because they're going to try to make him jump through too many Hoops we see that already he needs an attorney. Hopefully there is nothing n His background they can use against him. Wish him luck.
Andrew Gillespie the doctors should have stop it after two I go give them that much she keep coming for her son look up on his history now ask her then don't do it money a bitch cause that doctor saw money
Denise Lester Why did the doctors, the child's father, or someone stop her? Who allowed her to get away with it, for so long? It's so sad, and #VeryDisturbing!!
Dee Bailey Why does the father have to fight for custody? That is just ridiculous...
Michelle Smith So how do you get doctors to perform that many surgeries. Answer that for me then move on to the other details.
Ebonie J. Parker I’m confused as to why the doctors performed unneeded surgery on this child? Wtf?
William Ballard I didn't read the article but what kind of surgeon performs 13 unnecessary surgeries on a child
Ernestine Edwards Why did the hospital do those surgeries this is crazy she need to go to jail I take that baby away
Addison Wright Jr. No way not by herself. Why did the doctors allow this?
Raymond A Jett Jr Dad needs to sue the doctors and the insurance companies for performing so many false procedures
Katherine Richardson Did the mother do the surgery? If she didnt how can they blame her for these surgery. Even if she asked the doctor to do these surgeries she shouldnt be held accountable for them. If i tell the doctor that my son need his tonsils taken out if the doctor take them out on my request he should have his license taken away.
Typhne Brown umm what about the doctors that performed the unnecessary surgeries>
Mario Cazares Who did the operations?
Deborah Adams So many mother's with Munchausen!
Marian Hancock Who's the damn doctor?
Brenda Brown She needs mental help.
Fidel Melendez Kinda like vaccines.
LaRhonda Roni Glover YCarole Glover Poindexter
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BET's Debra Lee takes on a new role at the black network.

Robert S Long Thanks to you guys for years of your segregated actions we will finally start to have all white schools again and all white anything we want thanks to yall and Trump
Claudia Mergeron Meanwhile in the real world...
Marlon Harrison You guys are going to stop hating on Ms. Lee
Sonya Poitier BET is NOT a black owned network...others control the narrative.
Fred Murtz How many Really Black owned cable stations are now at the end of 2017??
Brian Keith It's not a black network....... anymore.
Michael Dye Again?
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Is FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn getting ready for the next steps in her #netneutrality protests?

Glynda Henderson Saw Mignon on Roland's show yesterday and loved her passion and her fight to save net neutrality!!! Another great black woman that Roland introduced me to and now his show is being cancelled.. special BS
Fred Murtz its been repealed! Now any ISP provider can get away with what ever they want! Question is do we have Black Millionaires who will now take advantage of that and provide "Net Neutral Services for the Black community?? There is no real restriction if we own our own, but do we care enough to d that???
Ty K Pelzer Jr. Once more a black woman has to save America #ProtectMignon
Marlisa Young This is a set up to control social media and the news that we share...
Pebbles Peoples I saw her on PBS the other night. She is genuine.
Cartellia M. Bryant To bad her term is up.
Robynn Nora Glover-Holloway It should had been called NET-EQUALITY
Ken Brucker Would it have been so bad to mention that her dad is in the minority leadership in the House?
Denise Bailey-Myers James C Brownfield
Adrienne Taylor Black women will save this world!
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Civil rights groups are outraged over the end of net neutrality. Here's why...

Yvonne Barnett Don't we see the bigger picture here? "The 3-to-2 vote by the Republican majority reverses its 2015 decision during President Barack Obama’s administration. Social activist groups, free speech advocates and companies that stream content online opposed the decision to end net neutrality." Be it educational or informative we wont be able to be informed when its free. Keeping us in the dark. I would welcome any other thought.
Denise Lester That's when they will start to lose customers, as well as Billions of dollars!! They need to ask themselves #IsItWorthTheRisk?
Briana Nick When you call Congress about taxes, then also mention net neutrality and common decency. Throw in the do unto others as you'd have them do unto you for those religiously inclined reps and senators! Ask them if they paid lip service when they took their oaths to be sworn in for their roles. Lay it on thick, as if you're speaking to someone who just heard what humanity is, what the U.S. stands for! Be creative and vocal!
Atyria Clark Can we come up with an alternate plan to get off of the internet and on to something else? Oh wait, they probably have a monopoly now on space. Smh.
Anthony Byrd These are the policies these folks voted for. Can't wait to see all of them big mad when that bill goes up lol.
Regina Ponds No one sees the big picture (New World Order/social engineering 101)!!!
Atyria Clark It's some BS. smh.
Matthew Carvajal Who cares lol
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The Republicans are on track to delivers a tax gift by Christmas. But many people won't like it.

Michael Smith Jr. I still can't believe it's people that think paying taxes is actually great to do, we get taxed for food, clothes, land, fuel, utilities, registering our cars, and on top of that they take 35% of your income before you even touch it
Carl Hairston Lane This is what Republicans do. Only looking out for Big Business and the Wealthy, the working class is always ignored by them. The very people who keeps America moving gets nothing 😡😡😡😡 2020 is coming and I guarantee we will unite like they did in Alabama. Trump and his henchmen must go.
Verdell Strong They don't care if they don't get elected in the next cycle because if they deliver this trillion dollars to the rich they and their families will be taken care of. The largest transfer of wealth to the rich. And we and your kids kids will pay for them to have it.
Darnell Esper “It’s death to Democrats... They go after state and local taxes, which weaken public employee unions. They go after university endowments and Universities have become play pens of the left . And getting rid of the mandate is to eventually dismantle Obamacare.” - Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation
Denise Lester The republicans know that it's awful!! That's why they are in such a hurry, to get it out!! It's the already wealthy Business's, that get the biggest tax deduction and refund, as usual!! #TypicalTrump!!
Dwayne Thompson It's a way out from all of this believe it or not we all are Slave's as long as you have a birth certificate social security card who are owned the is no if and about it this is some Real Shit For Your Ass
Phyllis Combs A lot of the people that won't like voted for the republicans so they should have known what would happen.
Michael Smith Jr. If you don't like it then don't file or pay taxes...EVERYBODY
Raymond A Jett Jr The republicans are a bunch of Idiots since they think tax cuts will help. what people want are higher wages it would have been better to increase the minimum wage to 15.00 dollars. The tax cuts only help the 1% rich
Vinet Holman To their Donors: Corporations and the Wealthy.
James Gibson The Republican party: Nothing but crusty old rich white men looking out for one another...
Michael Stewart Bush taxcuts gave po ppl fat tax checks they currently enjoy..and they still hate him
Cartellia M. Bryant Lump of coal.
Nadean McCloude Vote them out as soon as possible. 🙏
Frances A Carodine demon party
Anthony Jackson They don’t care
Bertha Elliott Jerks of the Earth!!
Fred Murtz Welcome to Pottersville
Robert S Long
Robert S Long Better than anything Obama every did
Rochelle James All devils
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The alleged serial killer believed to have murdered two Black men in Baton Rouge pleading not guilty won't stop calls for justice.