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ICYMI: We hope Robert Johnson of Mesa, Arizona gets justice.

Pray he gets every dime!
I will hope and pray that it gets ever pennie of that money
Our tax money have to pay. It should come Out of their pension
I hope he gets every dime
The bitch ass ni**a though😒 he was the main one smh 😡
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ICYMI: Melania Trump needs to ask her husband to 'be best.' Girl, bye.

I don't care do you
Cause it be STUPID!
Because she and the stupid campaign are ridiculous.. Being best starts at home. Her and her husband are only Best at lying.
For someone who speaks 5 different languages , be best is lame
Is the grammar not driving anyone else insane?
“Be Best” at being a prostitute🙋🏻‍♀️
It's no coincidence that Michelle Obama's book is now a bestseller, and now she attempts to steal the spotlight with some half-baked, misguided, shenanigan.
Be best at what Melania? At lying and bullying you and Trump own it
Mannequin looking for attension.....Go find yourself a showcase....
So what are you doing with this campaign? Ijs
I think this campaign was to advocate for the big child she lives with, Donald J Trump. Why is the White House so concerned with social media? Govern the country and stay out of drama, dammit.
Be Best. What is that? A phrase, slogan? A few words seem to be missing.
Because her husband is a huge internet's too Damn funny!!!!
Actions speak louder that words Melania and America hasn’t seen anything from you or your staff!!!!
She is a very sweet lady
That's because it sounds ridiculous, for goodness sake you can come up with anything better than that.
"First Hoe" get a life. You make no sense at all. 😡😡😡
that's because there's nothing to the campaign except its feeble slogan
How in hell you have a campaign against bullying and your damn husband the biggest bully! I don't feel sorry for her ass!
They made a fool of you by not telling you it should be....Be the Best. Even your husband and other trump knew, but did not say anything.
They are an embarrassment to American Democracy
Her campaign should Read”Be on your best behavior Donald”
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Stacey Abrams acknowledged Brian Kemp won the Georgia race for governor with massive corruption.

Brian Kemp used the technique passed on by his father Jim Crow to win the election. Suppress the African American vote by any means necessary. He and his follower's supporters have no shame! The idea of making America great again is to take us back to the pre-civil rights era by way of spreading hateful rhetoric inherited earnestly from their ancestors. Make the life of the African in America a living hell.
This is not entirely a loss. Lucy McBath won a 3 decade old Republican seat in GA6th. This was due to the turnout for Stacy. GA7th might also flip Blue. Georgia is in play. It is no longer solid red.
She is correct. He was managing the voter registration and polls. Talk about a conflict!!
It wasn't stolen. She lost because Obama campaigned with her with his BAD luck. Same think with Gilium and all those he campaigned for. It's only the plantation dwellers that's making him what he's not.
Voter Suppression, kemp was all over this. Thats how he won cheating and stealing. They have been doing this for decades.
GA needs to make Kemp a one term governor. Watch him because he’s gonna be trying to pull shit. Here in FL we are mourning the Gillum loss. He came so close. That’s actually a good sign that next time it may happen. Vote blue!
She may have lost the battle but the war still rages! I stand with Stacey! This is not the end...stay tuned Georgia.
He will never prosper; sow corruption he will reap corruption and his generations . Watch.
Keep fighting Stacy, admire your courage, pass this page to the Democratic Party, the stage is set for 2020
The election was rigged
A STOLEN ELECTION...HES OVER THE ELECTION ( managing the voter registration & polls) plus RUNNING FOR OFFICE SIMULTANEOUSLY, THAT SHUD NOT BE ALLOWED ... OFCOURSE HE CHEATED AN WON...At the end of the election, he claimed he was dropping out the race, that was a sly tactic!!!
Thank you for your integrity, honesty and strength and opening our eyes to the real corruption of this political climate. Much Love 💕
Way to stay Classy in defeat Stacy
Time hold Brain Kemp accountable for cheating and voter's Fraud!
340k + folks illegally purged from the voter rolls is the main problem.
If you can't win fair and square then cheat Kemp will always have that to deal with for the rest of his days.
Just wait. It will be coming in the near future.
I stand with Stacey, this battle is lost; but the war to subvert this good and decency will be won!
Job well done Stacey Abrams, you shined lights on the corruption in the State of Georgia. Thank you for your courage and fight, and it's not over, we will continue to fight for equal rights.
Don’t worry y’all; it’s just the beginning inevitability...America’s growing pains😉
This has been going on for a long time ie: gore vs bush. The spineless dems constantly get elections stolen and all they do is whine.
Some people just love racist-bigots
She pulled out with dignity and grace. There's always tomorrow. 😌😌😌
He didn’t have the black panthers holding a voters sign
He should not feel good about having to steal and cheat to win.
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While Andrew Gillum hasn't conceded the election, Florida Democrats bracing for the worst said a loss was inevitable - and they know why.

Yes, it was a lot of Racism involved. Others will say thats not true, but they are the problem.
Of course he lost because of racism, Thats the new theme of the republican party.
He sure was a better choice for Governor of Florida. Regardless
Stolen again...Florida is a cesspool of voter fraud.
I live in Florida. It wasn’t racism.It was voter fraud
He lost because people didn't vote. It was close enough that you can look to. Lame those that stayed home.
OMG, are you folks serious, the guy lost because not everyone wants socialism nor did he do a good job as mayor keep telling yourself that it was racism but you know that's total horseshit. Btw that word does not carry any weight anymore, way over used.
When 86% of one race votes a certain way you know racism is involved...
And rigged elections. Were those ballots in the Opa Locka USPS ever counted?.
I Am A Gillum SUPPORTER...But I do not believe that his loss was ENTIRELY because of RACISM.. True Florida is the South a history of RACISM. Republicans are going to VOTE for Republicans no matter how ABHORRENT they are... Although this was an HISTORIC TURN OUT... A Lot Of People Did Not Get Out And VOTE... We Have To Do A Better Job Of Convincing People How Very Important It Is To VOTE.. A Lot of people did not want to stand in the VERY LONG LINES NEITHER and that's an ISSUE AS WELL.
The Democratic party is trying to replace us with immigration, because we don't vote, the Democratic party has never been for us, just wanted our vote
There hasn’t been a FL Democrat Governor in 20 years so that was a feat the voters I had to battle. I know because I vote for Gillum and I, too was confident that he’d win but every one got to realize that race wasn’t the Achilles heel. Although it was an issue but ultimately the reason why he is losing. It’s because of voter turnout. Obama won FL twice so saying it’s solely on race is a cop out. People should take take midterms seriously as do with picking our president. IMO
and it will happen again in 2020, unless those voting machines get replaced
DeStantis pulled the race card. He is the one who brought it up! If you bring up racism to a racist they get mad as hell and say that they are not racist. I have experienced it myself. However, Mr Gillium is not at fault. I want to get the heck away from Florida. I'm not here to debate.
It plays a huge part but he was prepared to fight either. Stacey Abrams experience as an attorney definitely put her in much better place to contend with the shenanigans of his opponent and their workers
He lost because his policies on illegal immigration dont help black people. "Vote for me because I'm black but I'm going to have policies for everyone else but blacks" is not working anymore lol
It was actually a close race, could’ve went either way!
He lost by a hair. Not racism.
He lost because of both. He and Stacey Abrams from Georgia.
He didn't placate to 💩. He got my vote and if he runs again he would get my vote the next time.
THEY WERE COMPLAINING YEARS AGO. more blacks need to run for office WELL THEY STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE, THEN THEY SAID more ppl need to vote NOW MORE PPL VOTING now theyre cheating like crazy! The ones over the elections is also running for office, like like kemp who was over his election, he cheated her & won against STACY Ingrams INGRAMS NOW WHAT...🤔🤔🤔
I live in Florida it was reported yesterday that Desantis will take the governor race.
The way of their racist white great America can’t win without the unethical cheating as always
He just should have been a good ole boy and accepted the racism
Stop it people. You know good and well it was racism. If everyone stop smoke screening truth all the time, then maybe we can start deleting delusion. No one wants truth. WAKE UP OUT OF YOUR FAIRY TELLS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!
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Democrats have been disrespecting the dedication of Black women for far too long.

This sounds like a Russian placed story to divide the party.
Democrats have moved on to a bigger voting block....latinos and other immigrants.
What has Maxine Waters ever done other than make herself rich?
Whoever posted this is trying to start trouble and should be ignored. Either a Russian or Uncle Tom Republican!
You’re just doing the same as what’s before and if anything a Black woman in a leadership position is nothing more than a mascot.
Yep my sisters don't play and don't take bs
Them why do all BLACK men prefer to date other races I see them begging White women to date them every were I go
If you think Democrats disrespect back women. I don't. Maybe we should ask @RepMaxineWaters But what 45 doing right now!? #DishonorablePOTUS #IllegitimatePOTUS #VilePrick
Oh bullshit stop with the Bullshit
I love black women, however 72 percent of black males being raised by single black women. How can we help the single parent instill good core beliefs in their children to give them a fighting chance?
Sisters are delusional got these degrees from white and say they are afraid of them hell he know what he taught u.he taught you to serve him
This has been the case for years. Welcome to the party Newsone
That’s right!!!
I don't like this compartmentalization of Black people.
I truly agree outstanding
Black women get things done you say, what have they done but stay silent. The question is why have they been silent?
Or this issue
Yes,an black men,white people just a sad party
Note to Black women - Don’t put yourself in a leadership position within the DNC if you’re not willing to address this issue
I done with this fake news bull shit
Or this issue
Or this issue
I love it them blackQueens
Don’t listen to this bull!
Whether Trump or Obama is in office, black folks will suffer until we learn that it is our actions that determine our fate, not those of the Democratic or Republican parties.
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With the cop's identity still being protected, community leaders and activists were demanding answers in suburban Chicago.

Why are they protecting this cop? POST HIS NAME! We have a right to know the name of the public servant who murdered this innocent man! Racial prejudice, and racial stereotypes about black males is why this white cop murdered this man. He was a good guy with a gun but in AMERIKKKA good guys are only white males.
This was second degree murder. And why hasn’t the officer been identified? another police cover up for a racist white cop who took the law into his own hands.
The fact that they ALWAYS try to protect these clowns but NOBODY is ever there to protect the BLACK MEN from them!!
Blatant cover up! Why not release the name? If it was the other way around. Names would be in LIGHT!
Wasn't fear it was another black man to kill hell if you always in fear as a officer find a new job take them same officers gun pulled on them if the person is white will do whatever to take them in alive
Wasn't fear, it was hate.
Blood test I swear I think 80% are high on cocaine
He didn't have to do that, but yet he did! So, now what are they gonna do about it? A man is dead, and a cop is in hiding.
Negros - Sweet and Docile. Meek, Humble and Kind. Beware the day they change their mind! (Langston Hughes)
Protesting WILL NOT work! Shoot that damn cop so we can send a message to others. Anything else is a waste of time!
Fuck that coward ass cop fear what he wasn't pointing the gun at him what he's afraid to die because death comes to us all in time
No more protest we gotta beat em and stop talking...y'all still trying to earn rights and fit in with the white I'm far from racist I dislike a racist of any kind...but history shows you we gotta stack our bread and get up out of here...amerikkka is on its way to hell. .so don't fall asleep and stay alert...and by all means protect what's yours especially when threatened.. and don't be afraid to use violence...don't fear no cop ,no government don't get nobody but Jesus Christ (Yashua hamashiach) and God himself....
Starting shooting when they approach out fear. Keep in mind they are race soldiers and they have weapons
He shouldn't be a policeman if he's so afraid he murders innocent people doing their job! He's unfit! Make him pay those babies support until they reach 18 now! You murdered the father!
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We hope Robert Johnson of Mesa, Arizona gets justice.

Don't run your mouth in handcuffs is always a good idea.
Look At The Black One...... Smh!! Remember when NWA SAID “Black Police Showing Out For The White Cop”! 🖕🏾
Arizona R.D. got off cheap!
That's no enough money! He should be asking for 40 million!
Deserves more than that!
Who decides these tiny amounts. These are life altering incidents. You don't just bounce back from these after a nap! 😡😡😡
Make It Rain baby make it rain!!!!!!!
He will be broke and back in jail in a month
He should sue for more money than that. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
I hope you get it
Police dont give a fuck because it's the citizens that pay for it. Unless it starts affecting them directly it won't change shit
$I.97 million is too little, too few!! He should seek at least $6 million, symbolic of the demonic group behind Black genocide.
Start hitting them in the pocket
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Hopefully, John Creuzot can clean up the mess Faith Johnson created. #BothamJean

Her ass should be jailed too
So what is he going to charge her with? That’s all that matters! Wtf is he going to do?
I hope she's going to jail for life
If he seeks a murder charge, he wants the officer to go free.
Man the bags under her eyes gets darker and darker as time passes...funny how that happens in photos huh
Yes that's why we kicked her out
She will walk. All the extra hoopla is for nothing. They already tampered with evidence. She need to be met with a bullet and nothing more
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Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Maurice Stallard and Vickie Lee Jones who were killed at Kroger in Jeffersontown, Kentucky.

I don't want to hear he "could" be facing the death penalty. He better get the death penalty.
I am in a relatively forgiving mood. I really hope that this white terrorist receives a fair trial, followed by a fair execution.......🤨
Make an example of this white. Black's are made an example of sitting at the pool of a complex where they pay rent!
He should get the death penalty. They have lost their lives and he does not deserve to live either. This not how I usually feel but enough is enough.
He looks like a bald headed donald trump...
Could be that should be a no brainer!
Rip and you rest in hell
Death penalty please!!
Finally!!! Justice!! Won’t bring them back though 😔
He should get the death penalty
Death to the trolley hole in the Face beetle juice looking meth head
Could? No put him in general population instead!
Could be facing the death penalty, he don't need a trail just straight to the chair..
Not "could", it should be that he IS facing the death penalty.
He should get it.
Could be? He should be!
Newsone stir stir ....
Id luv a front row seat to that execution, lynching.
Nah.......put him in with Fleece Johnson the booty warrior......I tell you what, I like ya and I want ya.......we can do this the easy way or the hard way,the choice is yours
Why are they not executing these mass shooters asap
Yes, the death center is what he should get! Period!
Good! He deserves the death penalty.
justice would be served if thats the case
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Melania Trump needs to ask her husband to 'be best.' Girl, bye.

Well, for one thing, it’s not grammatically correct and secondly, IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! Go read a book Melania! I suggest Michelle Obama’s new book. Just don’t plagiarize it.
How about be gone?!? #byefelicia 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾
She "be best" packing up Baron, her designer clothes, mom, pop and go back to Slovenia. In her accent& broken English: "we no like you missy"😂😂😂😂
Get your no First LADY ass back to Slovenia!!!!!😁🤣
Why didn’t Jim Acosta simply change his shirt 👕 or put on a hat 🎩 and return to the press room ? Trump says voters do it all the time?
She just had a White House National Security Adviser fired and now she wants people to take her anti-bullying campaign seriously?
First of all it should be Be THE best and it's stupid because her husband is the WORSE.
There are couple of items at play; 1) The slogan sounds grammatically incorrect, it doesn’t live up to English standards 2) the actions of her and her husband does not advocate what she is supposedly promoting. Therefore BE BEST is a farce.
wtf does that even mean? "be best" more like BS
Shit don't sound right Be Best 🤦‍♀️ be your best, do your best, be the best, etc.
She is just as bad as her husband!!!
She can't even control her own husband how can she even tell anybody to be best when you have a husband that bully and disrespect people. You need to start at home first
We don't like you and your family girl bye
I swear I'm not being shady but I just can't understand girly when she's speaking!🤔
Michelle tried to extend advice and help, but got your white house staff advising you! I bet she would have corrected your English!
Look ms Mayonnaise you'll get no traction outta that shyt Be Best program until you enroll your pos husband in it..
Why are you whining? Just do your BS project and leave us alone. There are many more pressing issues in this country. I don't really care, do you?
Well.....she didn't have MO to copy from sooooo 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Maybe it's the broken English or she's a joke as a 1st lady
That's because her campaign should be directed EXCLUSIVELY to her spouse president baby hands!!
It's probably because it ain't hitting on shit and if anyone doesn't like my comment it'll probably be the one who can identify with this...I'm telling it like it is!!!
Tell Melania Trump to fall on it, roll over it and then push up on it! 🤣
Foolishness is what it is!!! Be Best tho!!! #CharityStartsatHome
It’s garbage!! What has she don’t with it??? Not a damn thing. Her catch phrase is “Be Best”. Be Best at what???? What is the meaning and action behind “Be Best”???
She,like her husband evidently didn't listen to her aides when they told her "Be Best" was grammatically incorrect. No patience or sympathy for someone who won't listen when they obviously don't know!!!! She and DJT deserve each other!!
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Rest in peace, Kim Porter.

Rest in paradise
Very sad, feel for those kids.
Still unbelievable
Rest in peace
Rest in Heaven Kim 🙏 are with all family members🙏🙏🙌💔💔
R.I.P lovely Sister
Prayers to the family
Condolences to the family during this very difficult time of bereavement.
Prayers and condolences may she rest peacefully with Christ Jesus, 🙏🏼😭
God bless this family with strength to get though this
🙏🏻 Rip
RI P Beautiful
Rest In Peace!
I want to see the toxicology report
Praying God comfort her Children & family!
Prayers For Her Family 🙏🙏😢😢
RIP 🙏🙏🙏🙏
NewsOne1 day ago

Prayers up for Kim Porter and her loved ones.

But y did ppl always make it seem like Al B Sure wasn't apart of Quincy's life..i understand that Puffy played a major role but his real father was always there..just didn't have the money for the life that Kim could have wit Puff
I was watching Al. B. Sure unsung and he mentioned he wrote that when he found out she was pregnant. Such a beautiful song!
Kim Porter God rest her soul and heal her children's hearts. I am hurting for them. ❤😭😢
This song will never sound the same now 😢
Did not know Al B wrote that song
I believe Kim was the first black model that had the Pantene commercial in 1990's
So sad. Didn’t know that. *Sigh*😢💔👼🏼
Never knew Al B wrote that great song.
Well we can see it was a lie
That just makes me so sad
RIP Kim Porter
Too saddening for words
I didnt know, wow
Didn't know that!
🙏🙏🙏🙏 R.I.P.
Peace Queen...
RIP dear sister.
Awww. Love this song.
My condolence to the family may she rest in peace gone but never forgotten
May her soul rest in peace and her family find peace and comfort 🙏🏽
My condolences
She definitely knew how to go after that bag.
Beautiful song I always thought. My condolences go out to her children, family , Diddy & Mr. Al B. Sure.
Is that true
My condolences to her family.
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ICYMI: Twitter is ripping into Van Jones for saying Trump will be the "uniter-in-Chief."

He may forever be lost to the sunken place. We will miss you, bruh.

On the real...what a disappointment Van turned out to be.
Ummmmm why would he say that? I have missed something evidently.
I think his pale faced wife got to him. Prince is no longer alive to keep him on track.
Van has been suspect for a long time
I been said that Van Jones was a weak man with his damn love army BS. If this were the 1800s Jones would be the happy overseer.
I suggest black people do something they probably dont do is Read the bill before you judge.. No disrespect instead of getting your knowledge from a biased writer
He was speaking specifically of this particular issue. He’s not on the Trump train like that.
Read the whole thing people. Now that the mid terms are over, Trump will most likely focus on things he can point to in the next election as a win. By doing so he is going to bring both Democrats and Republicans who only want to get reelected too in on bills they can all vote for. Will he be less of a wildcard on Twitter, nope. But, his followers will vote for him regardless and the so called independent voters who want to vote Republican rather than Dems will have a reason too. Van knows what he says.
Every year Van say some shyt where explanations are stated and never forgiven
And you the Uncle Tom in chief wtf
He has been on the middle road a long time, it is hard for some people to stand steady on one position one Side of the road! Sad it is not worth it just for exposure on the national stage!
It's just Van, nobody cares!
Newsone your fangs are starting to show...
Well it started with Kim ok he was loving it I could see it in his eyes so
WTF Van, you got a sudden case of brain damage?
He wants to make money... a little publicity even if it’s bad. Pathetic!
Van, sir you will be hired into the trump administration. You are his next African American
It those go to some heads!
I agree with prison reform.
Started hanging out too much with Kim
News One and what has their CEO done for anybody ever?
Democrats love name calling runaways!🤣
He's always been. His butt was born in a dark place.
Someone grab his BBQ invitation please....
They know Trump is a butter cup. He loves to be highly spoken of. The thing is what does Van seek?
NewsOne1 day ago

Sen. Cindy 'Jim Crow' Hyde-Smith was caught on camera saying she wants to suppress votes. Mississippi -- vote for Mike Espy on Nov. 27!

Meet the new governor of Mississippi
Go to Google images and search white children at lynchings. Many of those kids grew up to run for public office.
She has got to go..... she isn't even hiding her racism......I hope Mississippi turns out for Mike Espy, November 27th, 2018! Vote Blue! Oh watch the voter suppression tactics .....I hate racism!
Please vote Mississippi! You can’t let this racist lady win. She can’t be any more open & virulent about it.
That racist state still stuck in the Jim Crow hate debacle..
The sooner the better for the "Crypt Keeper" and the rest of your jim crow ilk.
This does not need to be in office. Her pure whiteness is over flowing.
And what's sadder still is that the majority of white conservative evangelicals will still vote for her.
This is the reason you should vote and not question why you shouldn't. This how they going to do what they want to when you sit down and complain about things the way they are.
I hope she crosses a swamp & drops in
Hope they vote this bish out when the time comes. Show her how we can show up and show out!!!!
Things like her will soon be a thing of the pass.The old grim reaper is knocking at her door. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
She's an old, dried up, miserable prune who hates herself and wants to project that onto others. Hate gets you nowhere.
This Woman has some very serious issues. I don’t know how She still remains in office. I hope the voters understand that she must go.
Mississippi..... please vote Espy. It seems like this lady may be like the person behind the curtain pretending to be oz and may not have any magic left in her bag.
Hey everybody this is Frank I want u brothers n sistas living n ms. To vote that racist ms Cindy out n take your state back n live free.
Its Mississippi, she is following Trump revised Southern/Racist Strategy. They are getting away with it in Fla. and Ga. so why wouldn't she dog whistle instructions to election supervisors? It's working for them; if they play fair, they would all lose.
Of course she did. She is unfit to represent her state.
I can’t mate this stuff up!!! Vote No
I'm not saying shes in this pic, but I'm sure we can find one with her in it!! Mississippi trains racist early! She's one of them!
I can't be more vested than those who have the opportunity to vote her out and choose not to. If you don't want her representing you, vote against her! If you want her making decisions that affect you, sit on the sidelines and watch her do her thing.
She's~ an evil lil dog" with fur! That bugs` love! ¥
Send Cindy home Mississippi her time has expired
Sign & share the petition to have her removed from office
NewsOne1 day ago

Black Democrats look to shake up the party's hierarchy as Democratic leaders stumble...

We want Nancy Pelosi now stop bickering and get to work on your game plan for getting this country working again.
Those new Democratics needs to get their foot in the door first before they start trying to change thing quick, just because you are young don't mean you know it all, experience first...
They need Nancy Pelosi.
Really NewsOne? It's why I don't watch it. Negroes and their illusions of power. 🙄
strategy Keeping Nancy pelosi !!!
Democrats keep black people down. Black business ownership Up 400% under Trump
Understanding change is good but Marcia Fudge knows she is dreading in dangerous waters! It takes more than qualifications, experience, and a desire for change! I do not why replacing Nancy Pelosi will change the systemic problems! There is no Democrat in this mix now that can out play, raise more money, and go for the throats than Nancy! This strategy will cause them to lose in 2020.
Two issues here, timing and priorities .....
Then they had better collect Angela Rye, Rev. Barber and Shaun King along with our minority Congressmen and Women and have a National Dialogue....a series of town halls......the thing that is saving the Democratic Party right now is the fact that the Rethugblicans are so deplorable and Racist.
I see a major fuck up about to happen...
Please stop being sheep. Pelosi needs to go.
For what?! It's a waste of F'N time. Bring ur xpertise n xperience back to the community n let's form our own PAC or Independent political party where we could yield far more power n influence.
Yaaaassssssss!!! Out with the old in with something new
It's over for them dems..LMAO
Black democrats will do nothing more than what they have been doing, and that's towing the party line to appeal to the DNC, in otherwords, absolutely, nothing. THAT'S IT! And this is why Roland Martin's ass got pissed at the so-called conscious community...becuz he couldn't carve up and serve Black ppl to ppl to these white liberals like they expected him to do.
Why are you wanting chai so fast. Until they can get a credible person to take over somebody with excellent leadership skills they can put the fear into the GOP if you can't produce that type of leadership then stop. She is still a viable respected competent leader.
don't. I'm in favor of a black party
: lawd
No she's not !
Let it fall!! We always saving foolishness things that have had there day..
Not now !!!!!!!!get the GOP out first . I don't understand , there's no push to do anything about about Chuck, yes make Nancy Pelosi accountable but don't take Her seat. I want too see more Black people and people of color in high offices but ,Stacy and Andrew proved sadly some Black people are afraid to vote for them. We Know that white people are not ready Obama was a Blessed man we were there for Him , and then folks panic But I would vote for Stacy ,Andrew, and Obama again I still want accountable though.
Better know what we doing I love seeing my people have leadership but on this right here I think Nancy Pelosi to stay right where she at because she know how to get s*** done
Stop the foolishness! Too much racism right now!
Yup. Nancy needs too step aside
They need to start having a black Agenda look at representing black people I'm talking about the CBC supporting illeigal Immigrants which is hurting the black community. Black people got to start demanding more from these people and just stop giving them your votes.
NewsOne1 day ago

This is heartbreaking. People are seriously suffering due to Ben Carson's terrible management of HUD.

He's doing exactly what he was ordered to do. destroy public housing.
He’s a brain surgeon folks, what were you expecting? None of his cabinet picks were qualified! The purse lady who is a dues paying member of his Mara Lago club is now the ambassador to Africa 👀🤦🏽‍♀️😱! You cannot make this stuff up!
they are trying to run everybody out of gov. housing so the buildings can be torn down and gentrification can find another place to hang its head. Get with the program people...these boys are playing for keeps...
This didn’t start with Ben Carson. Slumlords have been doing this for YEARS!!!
Well apparently this is why he was hired.
Unqualified leadership, selects unqualified individuals.
Hey, the man TOLD us that he didn't know what he was doing.......He told us.
The whole administration is destroying this country. 😂😂😂😂😂
did anyone think it wouldn't be ? 45 has no use for those who have little and is only using this Jr clown to mess things up and he cant ,yes Massa !fast enough
News flash It was already horrible they just needed a fall guy.
Agree with Rick, Ben was put there to do exactly what Trump's admin. want him to do to public housing. They are using Ben Carson 's face to dismantle the program.
We all knew that was going to happen from day one, there is absolutely no surprise.
Public housing is not supposed to be luxurious negros
No surprise, he knew as much about managing HUD as I do about piloting an aircraft.....ZERO!!!!😒 That was all a part of trumps plan, he purposely put unqualified folks over heads of depts to sabotage them. 45’s plan is working just like he wanted it to.
Isn't he the same one that got stuck in the damn elevator...enough said 🤦🏽‍♀️
He has no qualifications to Dörthe job
So trump set up his only black friend. Sad, wrong, typical.
He knows about medicine not housing
This is what happens when you vote third-party don’t vote or write in these nuts fir president
From the disasterous school appointee, and all the other misfits in his closet not cabinet...45 and the spineless ryan and turtle man mcconnell are to BLAME....js
He should be made to stay there
I knew that shifty, half closed eyed monster would purposely try to destroy it. Hope he ends up having to live there.
By a show of hands, who's shocked?
It was already A CRIMINAL MESS.
Never any advocacy from the ‘free press’ about the deplorable disenfranchisement Abe voicelessness of the poor. Shame on all of us.
NewsOne1 day ago

Kim Porter, the mother of three of Diddy's children, passed away Thursday. Rest in peace.

Headline is awful. Kim Porter, Model & Ex Girlfriend of Diddy, Passes Away at 47. Stop counting their kids. It's unnecessary
No one knows the time, sudden, sadness loss -- prayer 🙏 for her family,
Flu my ass!!
Prayers and condolences may she rest peacefully with Christ 😭🙏🏼
Kim Porter was her own person. This headline is trash.
Horrible! The flu is deadly. I feel bad for her kids. Dang. Rip Kim.
These headlines are garbage smh rip
Shocked! 😢 R.I.P
Prayers for the family very sad
Hoping it’s fake news
My Lord!!! My sincere condolences🙏🏽
At 47?!!
Rest in peace Queen.
Prayers and condolences R.I.P
So Sad! Rip Kim! #gonetosoon! #resteasy!
Say what?
My condolences Rip Beautiful
Why do they have to invoke Diddy's name and make it sound so negative? Kim Porter had an established career and was a successful actress, and model on her own. She was also a loving mother as well. She is not defined by Diddy but they were parents of the children and they always remained close friends.
Rip dearest
Sending Prayers & Condolences. May the Lord give her family and friends strength at this difficult time. May she rest in peace 😇😇🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
NewsOne2 days ago

White women in hoodies prove what we already know.

N SOME White ppl ask why we play the race card n take a knee 😡
I still appreciate them doing that. They didn't have to call attention to the hypocrisy but they did
When will trench coats be banned!!!!!???
Thanks. But blacks or blacks with hoodies aren't the ones committing massacres. FYI to the Mall people
That was nice of them to be a part of the Woke Brigade, but this is meaningless. Unless every black man who wore a hoodie got kicked out of the mall, this little social justice experiment proves nothing. My comment in ONLY regarding this silly experiment. I've been profiled and harassed myself when I was younger. I know black men in hoodies look more suspicious than white women in hoodies to a lot of folks.
I don't understand the prob with hoodies there been around since Christ was a kid, I'm 78 and have always wore them when it chilly or cold out there nothing new.
With the policy, video tapes of the arrest and the yt chicks...Law Suit
I am not surprised 😮
And what happened after this was proven? Did anyone contact the news stations, did anyone confront the mall manager, what happened?
Yep,we already knew.
Really who didn't know that.
Total nothing burger here.
When was the last time you were robbed by a woman?
Sounds like another video I've seen. A white guy was walking around with a AR15 on his back the cop walked up and ask him why he had it. When the black guy did it he was told to lay down on the ground of course
That point has been proven many times!
My son brought to my attention he doesn’t own one. Then I got mad with myself :the fear someone might shoot him has altered how I live 😡😡😡😡😡
Privileged and punished. Unequal and unlawful. The impudence of bigotry too proud to grow beyond forefathers prejudices.
My comment after reading about profiling black guys in the mall wearing jackets with hoods my response was everybody wear your hoodie to the mall. Damn near everybody owns a hoodie. How you gonna decide who’s good and who’s the bad guy in the hoodie. Just us. Ah hell naw. You gotta come with some shit better than this. Stop profiling. Train your security better and stop this madness
How much money would the mall loose if blacks didn't shop at that mall?
Or. They can just listen to us when we were saying it
Blk parents should sue!
Thank you for standing up. Anytime is the right time. And I thank you.
🏆🏆🏆🏆 from those of us who know. Bravo ladies. Well played.
Had this whole convo with someone else! Glad others did it before I got the chance to have some folks I know go down there and do it!
Dam a hood they killing us if we in the Hood,wearin a hood or out the Hood we are targeted by Skin tone...
NewsOne2 days ago

Jemel Roberson is the latest reported person shot and killed by a police officer.

But then people whom you’ve elected are crying about voter fraud and other frivolous items while playing like this didn’t just happen ✊🏾
The don't lynch anymore, they just shot you dead with no repercussions! 😨
It's more than that, a lot more. Sad shit. We are no better off than we were in 50's. Only then blacks stood together back then. Wish we would do today.
Men are the guardians of a family, city, state, nation. Remove them and the women snd children become the spoils. This started when the guardians of the black family were demonized as “gangs” and not protectors. The assaults have morphed throughout time. What’s the end game?
Enough is Enough, To, Too much, of the Racist Haters Police!!!!
These are more than likely the only cases with witnesses..pretty sure there are quite a few that they think they have gotten away with
This has to stop more White men are killed by police then any other race or gender in Amercia they are gunning white men down
This why I like when that brotha killed them 5 cops in Texas. That was good day.
And it is getting worse every day call it what it is LEGAL RACISTS MURDER BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.
For example, Jason Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald's 16 times.
How many balcks have killed each other, I am sure it's more than 49
What's the conviction rate of the police who murdered those men and women, if anyone knows?
So what did they do, misleading headline, steady pushing division, this site must be owned by odumass
They are picking us off this planet...envy we are the chosen ones..hate.. bigotry..racism.
how many whites, latinos and asians have been shot and killed by police?
Murder by cops = new lynching
Due to “better of being judged by 12 instead of being carried by 6!!!!
50. Ervin Edwards Murdered in custody on camera via taser while handcuffed by BRPD
Let us not undercount those black lives killed by black on black crime either. Those numbers are staggering and highlights critical issues that must be addressed for life in our community.
Was this article created because it care about the lives of young black men or just the lives of young black men killed by the police?
thousands killed by other blacks
they have killed 49 blk men/boys. They have exterminated 245 all total Average children for Each man/child is 5 5times 49 is 245
OMG, Something needs to be done.God Bless😢😥😪
NewsOne2 days ago

Little to no Republicans have Mia Love's back -- especially Trump. She didn't see this coming?

When you find out you really was just a token 🤷🏽‍♀️
I remember after she got elected, she said that she was going to take on Maxine Waters and others in the Congressional Black Caucus in order to dismantle it. Welp, doesn't look like that went too well.😀😀😀
He threw her so far under the bus her tracks are showing 😳
She and every black person that supports the repugs deserve everything that happens to them.
Black Republicans, you don't know whether to pray for them or smack some sense into there heads.
If U are patient, they will eventually show U exactly how they feel about U once U have outlived your use 2 them....Have several seats Mia Love!!!!
Sit down lost and made yourself foolish for supporting a party who doesn't respect nor support you. #foolish
When you find out that you're still a woman and a woman of color..... Reality Check
Another one of those red hat wearing puppets who finally realized those red hats don't change the skin color
I bet she thought she was special. You see how disposable you are. Soon you'll be non exsistent. Ben Carson will be shown he's disposable too, give it sometime.
She still black and we all know how Republicans feel about black folks! One even said she would sit front row of a hanging....just sayin..
She needs to just go home get a job cause no one is feeling her bs
I just saved 15% on my car insurance 👍🏽👍🏽!!
You LOST! Girl, get over it. The people have spoken and THEY DON’T WANT YOU!!!! Go have a Coke and a smile because you’re pretty much done.
Count all votes and let the chips fall where they may! That blue wave was real baaaby!
I'm not a big fan of Democrats but I dont get why people of color would be a Republican. They clearly dont give a damn about us
I have no sympathy for her. She made her choice and now let her deal with the results. Why do people like her think that they can return home and expect us to support them? Especially, when they have done nothing for us as they look for love from THEM.
Very sad for this lost black woman. She still doesn't get it. They treated Michael Steele who was RNC Chair the same way. Republicans use black people and then kick them to the curb. Trump totally disrespected her. Hope she wakes up from her nightmare.
Did she really think they had her back girl bye
Come on home , you've strayed but we left the light on for you !
Why can't they just accept when they lose and move on with their lives? You served your term and now the people want someone else. Bow out gracefully and go away.
I guess even as a republican, if you don't kiss trumps ass you get no support from the republican party.
The Republicans don’t care about Mia Love.
Bless her soul, that's her wake-up call...come on home, it'll be aright Y'all know we got 2 for -45th told her he had no love 4 her.
NewsOne2 days ago

Twitter is ripping into Van Jones for saying Trump will be the "uniter-in-Chief."

He may forever be lost to the sunken place. We will miss you, bruh.

I've been done with Van ever since he said Trump was presidential because he was able to read from a teleprompter.
His wife is White and I am sure she has Trump supporters in her family. Maybe he is trying to get things in his favor before visiting her family on Thanksgiving
Van means well but he does not understand the game that #45 is playing. Stop reacting to him doing the right thing after he has done a million wrong things. #Context
Van Jones is who he is and has been this way since he came on the scene...coconut covered... Not new.
Just because 45 occasionally does something decent doesn't mean he deserves to be called a "uniter in chief".
It's like we get Kanye back and lose Van Jones. When will it end?
Van Jones is a marshmallow!
I was done with Van Jones years ago. I recall telling my wife that dude is a phony. Van you have proven me correct.
“A step in the right direction” yeah after 100 steps backwards! It’s time to stop celebrating these crumbs thrown our way and DEMAND our full rights as American citizens right now 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿
Not surprised here at all. Van has always been wishy washy and now he’s proven who he really is. Boy bye! 👋🏿
I'm official done with him too. He has a platform and this is what he does.
That's it. His membership card is revoked.
It’s not the sunken place to find common ground and work towards a goal that Van Jones has been working towards for years. Van is really fighting to change the system
I can’t take much more of wishy-washy Van Jones! 😩 45 will never be a uniter!
Van is looking at his bank account. Yes Van you can keep your show. All you have to do is : A script appears, say this.
Van has long been in the sunken place....
not the first time van gave the donald a thumbs up !!
Did 45 sign a bill, or did he only say he agrees with the idea of prison reform?
He wants to be liked by everyone. He wants to be seen the one guy who is fair in every case.
Buh bye! The sunken place has a seat for you bruh!
Just maybe Donald promised him a Turkey for Thanksgiving and a Christmas tree for Christmas 🤣🤣🤣
SUBSTANCE of The Bill... While Folk Are Heavy Into Their Feelings About Van Jones... The First Step Act directs the federal Bureau of Prisons to assess which inmates should earn credits toward completing their sentences in halfway houses or home confinement. It also broadens employment opportunities for inmates and expands compassionate release programs for the terminally ill. The bill would do away with the "three-strike" provision that requires mandatory life sentences for third-time drug offenders, making the sentence 25 years instead.
Not a good use of his platform. You stand with 37% of the country. Meaning you're a lost soul.
Yes I've been done with van jones for some time. Could see clearly where he was headed. So sad
Van Jones is a buffer Negro & unfortunately he's not the only one!! I would add Don Lemonade, Angela Rye & Bakari Sellers to that list!!
NewsOne2 days ago

Attorney Lee Merritt condemned the white officer for escalating his deadly encounter with the Jemel Roberson...

This has to stop the police are gunning down White males there are more White males killed by police than any other race or gender in America every year
My sincere condolences to the family.
My question is, why none of the home grown terrorist that killed those people are not shot when the police capture them?
Condemning the white officer now what what's that going to do money isn't going to give back that life you had too many black cops out there that's afraid and don't give a damn them self of their fellow white officers and Society remember that old saying house negro field negro
Racist unfit cops have to be thrown out of law enforcement, he’s obviously can’t serve the public without making a mistake with deadly consequences. It’s awful how they only see black people as a target not a innocent human. God help us with these kinda cops in the PDs all over. America!
NewsOne2 days ago

Is a police cover-up underway in the Jemel Roberson shooting?

Absolutely, a coverup is in the making.
What will Minister Farrakhan and Jesse do to get to th truth and justice for the family there in Chicago??? And how much will Oprah put up for a private investigation??
Hell yeah!
Always. The boys in blue don't know anything else
That’s what they do ....
Cowards coverings for a coward
NewsOne2 days ago

ICYMI: Jussie Smollett insisted that Jamal Lyon had a Black boyfriend. #Empire

We simply say phuq no to Empire , cause we know why it was made
Barrett Blackman Diamond Collier 😂 he told Lee 🗣 FOH this ain’t Star😡🤔
Be what you want.. do what you want.. but I don't have to watch it.
Actually his first bf was white
That makes him a racist. Whites can't deny gay black men and not be called racist.. right
He had one last season though...
I haven't watched Empire in so long....I just got tired of the show as it went on,the one show I did love was The Breaks that was on VH.1 and it got cancelled....that was a real hip hop show smh man I missed that show
Damn right..
"If You Stand for Something, You won't Fall for Anything"
Oh!! thanks for clearing that up.. Now it makes it much more acceptable now 🤦‍♀️ (insert eye roll)👀
I wish they would ax that whole gay storyline it's not right by Biblical standards and it's disgusting.
I'm happy he did this. Hollywood acts like the only acceptable love interest for black gays, black characters in general, are white people. They act like black people can't and don't fall in love with each other on film and television. Shit is weird.
Roscoe Jenkins Thu, Apr 26, 4:45 PM to askallTalk Millions spent Placing junk into space. Millions spent fighting crippling wars in every place. Millions spent Lobbying the corrupt around the globe Millions spent Shutting up The voices of hope. Yet, millions Die from hunger And starvation Millions die From lack of Simple medications. Yet..millons sit In leaking homes and dilapidated schools Forced to drink From infested streams And reeking pools. Money spent Lavishly and carefree On guns and wars Yet no one cares For the ailments Or,to find a cure. So while they fight For land and oil And wanting more We hear of Ebola and Aids West Nile and Chickingunya Infecting the poor. But they spend Millions heading to Mars In search of water Yet on earth Many die daily From thirst and hunger. Yet...they spend millions.... Not for humanity But for bragging rights Not for a better world But for fame and acclaim While a child dies tonight.
My sight has seen the freedom of a statesman, My ears have heard the voice of her people, As a terrorist sentence by the voices of his people, To the union building of South Africa. I have a witness to the break of years. I have seen the scare of the faces, When curtain fell and a new millennium being born, And have live to touch the lips of two centuries. I have seen the raise of Msholozi, The capture of his state to tongue of greed. I have noted the power he welded And I once in revolutionary demonstration, Seen a thief that can’t lead. My ear has heard of a demise of a regime, And of man with no sight to the vision of tomorrow, Under his reckless tantrum tossing, Her people perished to the notes of history, Under the hand of an old man, Zimbabwe has lingered between the shadows of tombstones. It true, I am a witness, My eyes has being blessed with the time of sight, And the lives of my ancestors stored in me, Time is what I have to witness. Sound of guns has shouted on the skyscrapers of Lesotho. Lives has learned death, peace greeted by war, In these events I noted the bad boys of SADEC. I am a witness. I have seen the voice of punishment, And hash lessons that are not learned, As the ANC couldn’t find a glove of glory in Gauteng, The people handed an image of reminisce to voice of who hold power. I am a witness. I’m yet to a be a witness, To the tomorrow of a thief.
NewsOne2 days ago

Detroit is officially done with Ben Carson.

What's so sad is Ben Carson used to be a hero. Goes to show you never truly know someone until they show you who they really are.
The shame is when they changed the original name from Ethelene J. Crockett high school in the first place. Dr. Crockett spent her entire career as an obstetrician and gynecologist in the city of Detroit giving of herself to her community at large. Whereas Carson did his thing in Baltimore.
So sad he’s tied his Legacy to this losing administration
Something is not right with that negroe!
Slap Judge Mathis' name on that school.
Damn, a man without a city or a school😂 How much worse can it get than to have your name stripped from a high school? Associating yourself with such toxicity is hazardous to ones career.
You wouldn't want a brain surgeon fixing the plumbing ...same thing with running Housing.
What is sad he comes from the same place he despises now.
It should be.....he's an embarrassment to his race.....
When a man doesn't stand up for what's right and decent.
I never understood why they too Dr. Crockett’s name off the school. She was far more deserving.,%20Ethelene.pdf
Good! 45 next !! Erase him!!
I have an idea...rename the school after an African-American whose actions and influence spans over 200+ years, and that is Prince Hall Founder of the Prince Hall lodges of masonry /G\
That S.O.B Don't Deserve anything from the Black Community..Nothing
I had the most respect for you as a surgeon but at the end of the day you are a piece of s*** like what I was told you can climb the ladder you go fall down real hard you are a piece of s*** Uncle Tom
Ben done been lost his black card!
Of course remove his name. Lost his mind 🙄
This is just so freaking ridiculous.
They should HAVE NEVER removed Dr. Ethelene Jones Crockett's name . I attended there when it was Crockett Voc-Tech ! They should remove that Yassa Boss ass fool's name !
Good, change the name please.
This pr*ck has been low key since he trashed HUD on behalf of the greedy. I wouldn't claim him either.
Not the equivalent of Trump in Blackface! Ouch!
This is how I feel. The people who have entered into trumps world, the ground opens up and swallows them up. Life destroyed
Great 👍 idea Carson doesn’t have a lot of adulation if any from African Americans
NewsOne2 days ago

Meet Robert Bailey, New York's biggest Powerball winner. He bought his lucky ticket at a Harlem deli...

Sad he had to come forward. All states should let a person stay anonymous.
What's the purpose for releasing the person's name? I guess privacy don't mean JACK to the lottery commission...smh...
Now go into hiding sir!
He’s not married ladies 😂
That’s my cousin-lol
Ashundria Oliver ❤️❤️❤️look at Uncle Rob 🤣
I feel sorry for him ....hmm
Congratulations are in order 👍 💞
Fake, fake ticket sold in South Carolina
Is this real or fake , i thought the only billion dollar winner ever was the one from sc last month....I'm confused ?
I hope he has moved..coming forward has made him a target.😑
🚙💨💨💨Move out the State QUICK!!!...After you donate to a couple of Black Elementary, Middle, High and College Schools and your Mom’s Church🙏🏾
He is blind right?
Good for him!
Congratulations happy for him!!!! Life changing money!!!!!
I hate that everyone now knows his name. Lottery winner names should be careful confidential.
I don't play the lottery but no way I would come forward all the family,friends and kooks will be coming for him.
He single? Lol
Dexter OMister
Amanda Peart
NewsOne2 days ago

Four white women say they conducted an experiment that proves cops racially profiled four black men at a Tennessee shopping mall...

Please don’t say a word people. Let your actions do the talking. If the mall hates your black skin, then don’t give the mall your green dollars which make them go into the red. That will speak volumes that the mall will hear loud and clear!!
It takes more White Americans to help us. I commend these women. Injustice and racial profiling is real.
Although people of color already knew what was going on. There are a whole lot of caucasian people that assumed it just had to be more to what happened, for those young men to be arrested. At least these caucasian females took the time to show the proof to those that look like them.
I applaud these women for the act. They know that racism exist and they just proved that this mall profiled those teenagers.
Everyone entering that mall should wear a hoodie! Black folks are you listening? Everyone should wear a hoodie into this mall on a specified day and afterwards boycott the entire mall during the holiday season!
If I were those guys I would SUE THE SHIT OUT OF THAT MALL..... Security officers AND The Cops Involved!! People change their tune when you fucking with they money!!
So now its creditable; since 4 white women said it, uh•
Stop going to malls if traffic stops and product don’t move the many stores will feel the lost. Just like many malls or closing now. Shopping online with a hoodie on will fix all of this for sure.
Soooo I'm going to ask this question that I keep asking a million times. Whennnnn do you all plannnn on boycotting Shopping at these stores, these malls, no Christmas shopping, no SHOPPING FOR JORDANS...NO IPHONES...NO CLOTHES AND SHOES...NOTHING!!! WHEN!! Do you think that if you stopped buying Jordans for a year that NIKE would start a discussion that supports the community and STOP this ignorance!? Yes!!! Because money talks and black people spend over $4BILLION DOLLARS annually on stupid Jordans! Until I see you all STOPPPP....I don't care what happens. Sick of this dumbness.
We knew this but unfortunately many will have to hear from people within their own community. I like that they are using their privilege to get the word out. This is how you can support us.
I didn’t know it was against the law to wear a damn hoodie. Blacks are not the only ones that wear hoodies but of course we are the only ones to get harassed for it😡😡😡
It may be nothing new to us, they learned something. Can’t we give credit for them trying? Damn!!!!
Only the KKK is allowed to wear hoods. We know this
They should've done the experiment with 4 White men!
Well thanks for telling us what we already know. We've been videoing these corrupt individuals for a while now. But nobody gave 2 hoots.
The truth is told!!! So why weren't they arrested, because if you are Black you are up to no good. Individuals need to change their way of thinking. Thumbs up to the White women who had the courage to prove their point...💪💪🙌🙌🙌❤❤❤🙂
I am in Michigan and was told by a cop back in the late 90s to not wear a hoodie in his Detroit suburb. That was when I was handcuffed and sitting on the curb while my car was being searched...all because I was going 5mph over the speed limit and when he ran my plates he found out I lived in Detroit, have a Latinx name, and was wearing a hoodie. They found nothing, of course. I got a $75 ticket for going 5 over.
Cant blame the cops Yall are crazy as hell always very destructive and stealing shit just look on TV at how you act
They were asked “nicely” to take them down according to one lady. 🤦🏽‍♀️I watched it on the news. It was awful for that to happen. I shop in that mall often and there isn’t a piece of paper posted anywhere that states No Hoodies.
Hopefully, the Innocent teens will have a strong discrimination case against that silly mall.
Keep up the good work, young women! I am proud of your efforts. Reach out to others too!
We knew this tho. They needed proof for themselves
A joint experiment would have really given the results sought. Maybe next time there will be black, white, and even brown skinned people participating AND record the results.
No offense but damn they'll white yet the black guys were racial profile due to what they wore and the color of their skin
What did they expect? KKK, white supremacist on the police Force. Smh, Ijs
NewsOne3 days ago

Here's why a Black lawmaker won't apologize for using the N-word to call out a fellow elected official...

Your post title is super misleading. You should change it. NewsOne
Stop acting like n words
NewsOne3 days ago

Jussie Smollett insisted that Jamal Lyon had a Black boyfriend. #Empire

Lies ....he had a white boyfriend in the second season
He could have demanded having a black girlfriend also.
Lee Daniels makes sure Jamal keeps a man. He gets more play than anybody else on the show. We get it, Lee. Geez 🙄.
What’s the difference? Still dookie diving...
Homophobic folks; leave the topic if you don’t care.
His choice, I see no problem. Denzel didn't want to kiss a Caucasian woman, and I saw no problem with that his choice.
Is this supposed to be good news ?
Why is this news. We have so many important matters to cover in the black community. This is a slick way for News one to promote homosexuality. (WOW).
how about a black wife!!!
Unfortunately he’s being paid to live out Lee Daniels fantasy 😳
I turn the channel during the gay scenes
Jussie smollett is a racist then
I am not gay, though, this is his choice. I have much respect for Jussie Smollett, and I like that he took a stand. Go on, brother Jussie.
Ok just mess up 2 black men in an already narrow market.
Good to see him advocate for this. It's high time we see this particular demographic on TV more often. We have enough SGL Black folks being portrayed with yt and other nonblack partners already.
So much ignorance, intolerance, and ineptitude in this comment section.
Lot of bigots in the comments.
Well Tyler Perry needs to give Jeffrey one on the Have and Have Nots. Take notes.
Well, LEE DANIELS has a white boyfriend. I guess he wanted art to imitate life.
Yup black people gonna stand up for that.!
Why did I think he was bi-sexual? Trying to keep up with politics and all these shows got my brain on overload. Anyways.....he has a right to ask, and Lee Daniels has the right to refuse.
I guess we're to jump up and high five each other!
Didn't he have one in the first season?
Uuuuh and that's supposed to be better?
I actually took Jamal Lyons for a snow queen likeTy the Creator. Then Jayden stepped in.
NewsOne3 days ago

This racist has no shame, but what is Potomac Landing Elementary going to do?

Black parent's if you have children in this racist old biddie class, remove them immediately these type's of mindsets shouldn't be teaching our young. I wouldn't trust her.
Darlene Sale is her name. Not sure why they keep protecting these racists identity
The big question , does she still have a job?
Education didn’t “take” on her ! .....
She needs to be fired these white folks are really getting out of hand
It’s an investigation...
And she’s a teacher, smh
Is she still employed?
That is all right but they got a place waiting for her in hell if she don't change.
Fire them right on the spot ! This person does not deserve to be around children.
This has to stop more White men in Amercia are shot by police then any other race or gender in this country every year
Dumbass trump supporter!
NewsOne3 days ago

State Sen. Nikema Williams was arrested for fighting for our democracy.

Sell outs.
Yep, as the Elders have always said: "The more things change, the more they stay the same." And: The Black Human Rights game is like the Cha-Cha-Cha. Its three steps forward, and two steps back. And.........., a plethora of sell puts praying to be used to get negro rich betraying their own for profit. I PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN.
She’s a hero!
Satan is a dirty fighter
Conswello Aldridge, I guess that's why ignsnt folks fear the devil, and not God dahhhhhh. Somewhere it is revealed that God created the devil to test the people, AND YET THE PEOPLE FEAR THE DEVIL, AND ARE TOO IGNANT TO FEAR GOD. GO FIGURE.
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Comparing lynchings to legal abortions with incorrect facts? From Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith to Governor Phil Bryant, they should be more than enough reasons to vote for Mike Espy.

Darrin Dorsey Mark Decker Susan Kneib Schank Carmen Adler welcome to my neck of the woods...
Which brings up an important question! Do all of the white republican elected officials in Mississippi have shit for brains? Inquiring minds want to know!
Is this the same governor who is the nephew of the murderous devil who lied on Emmett Till?
Not surprised. Everybody knows about Mississippi goddam! - Nina Simone
I wonder why the #Neanderthal population is on the decline...possibility to many #abortions???
Let's count the amount of abortions white women have had.
Something's wrong with Cindy. Alcohol? Meth? Idk, but something's definitely wrong with that fish mouthed woman! 🦐
It must be a requirement to be a trump supporter to be ignorant as well as arrogant!
The former Confederate state's still have a Confederate mind set!
Roe v Wade would not be in jeopardy if black or other women of color were aborting children at the rate these folk claim. Get woke.....
Both of you should be out of politics!
Where do they get that 20 million number from?
He is one of the deplorables along with her!
No response to her talking about lynching while running against a black person..I never knew it was ok to talk outta context and put it out like it’s facts.See I saw her on tv talking about being on the front row if their was a public hanging..Yea I think folks need to vote Mike Espy..
Who's building the Planned Parenthood Facilities and Profiting from those 20 million abortions? Not to mention using the unborn fetuses for only God knows what! That's what you DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT! Read your Bible...Ephesians close attention to "spiritual wickedness in high places".
Mississippi is a lost call & not surprised the Gov is Roy Bryant nephew; the POS that murdered Emmit Till. So If you want to see Man before Man evolved go see the whites in Mississippi.
I'm confused... yelling about abortion choices I don't hear shit in this statement about the gigantic mortality rate among pregnant and delivering Black mothers...
What about white abortion. Pretty sure it's more if them than us.
Mississippi and white supremacy God Dam
Explain this then if race is not an issue.. I'll wait.....
I not surprised by anything they say racism runs rapid in the southern states . Just remember those are the poorest state's with the worst opioid problems also the worst school system. What they need to do is stop looking backwards and start looking forward. Just look at who and what is representing you on the world stage.
Witch, are you saying white people don't have abortions?
Lynching or abortion seem a lot the same
I think they are against abortions, because of fear of becoming the minority in this country. And adoption use to be a big business in this country.
Phil Bryant needs to go!!! Like asap! Lest we forget about his relative/Emmett Till...and Hyde-Smith looks like she needs to lay off the alcohol or something...
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Yep, there are now Make America Great Again toys. Just in time for the holidays. SMH.

Strange thing is most of us boys played cowboys and indians with the coyboys as the heroes and Native Americans (indians) as the enemies and losers...stranger still is that most of those in the caravan are Amerindians! That is, the First Peoples who were here when good ole Columbus landed on the shores...hmmm, these are games/toys that produce hate.
Why you at it, why don't you make some white supremacy dolls action set figures going to a gun store in buying an ar15.....then they can build schools in restaurants in clubs getting shot up..damn idiots
Preparing the next generation of racist a**holes...smh
Why not make them a cross burning playset while they're at it?
Made in China of course 😕
That indoctrination tho lol
Those toys look awful lot like LEGO’s I wonder if they know. Can you say trade mark infringement?
Who in the hell want this garbage
Sounds about racist news 1.
What Company made this crap?
They should have a counter toy of one of these MAGA dudes getting their ass kicked.
Nah this page isn't racist
Hate is taught.
How pathetic! They are starting the brainwashing early!
To plant that seed in the mind of a child is just sickening.
Teaching and preaching hate
The only wall they are going to get. Lol
I got a BIG problem with this one! Ya all do remember the Nazi Youth Corp., don’t ya!
This fits yall perfectly 😂😂😂
Will they have something mocking handicapped, throwing paper towels. Wait will Ken be grabbing Barbie by the pu$$&?
Racism is taught.
Are u fucking serious
That's the only way he's gonna get the money for the wall, so yea lol.
What a joke I dought a store can carry it .
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Is a police cover-up underway in the Jemel Roberson shooting?

Here we go again
The killer is one of their special officers. Seems the special ones get protected. Why are All our blk civil right leaders silent
of course
Usually the next step isn’t it? Then surprise cellphone video will appear that dispels every lie they spend tax dollars on concocting. It’s a process. 😐🤷🏾‍♀️
Of course it is...
Of course there is a cover up
Yes, big time!
That cover-up begun the minute they claim a witness said the officer gave command for the security guard to drop his weapon, mind you several witness was said to be yelling he's security.
The police shoot more White men in Amercia than any other race or gender this has to stop
Every person of color they murder is cover up by police
There's ALWAYS A COVER UP WHEN IT COMES TO THESE INDIVIDUALS, they're the gods of this world ;-(
Where are the clothes he had on when pera medic arrive on the scene and what did he have on when he got to the hospital. Who have those clothing. Answer right there. Blood got to be on his security vest
Of course.
So they have destroyed his clothes that identified him as Security,that is what happens when police investergate themselves,family and community should get outside investergation done.Those who are protesting can pass the hat around all coins help,while they out there protesting,just a suggestion for solution.
An eye for an eye
Anything other than putting bullets in that murderous officer is futile
Murderers and liars!
“We only shoot black people,” Georgia cop assures woman during traffic stop” “It was a mere traffic stop, but the driver was clearly nervous — telling the police officer that she was worried that if she moved her hands, she would be shot.” “Then the cop, Greg Abbott, tried to assure her: “But you’re not black. Remember, we only shoot black people. Yeah, we only kill black people, right?”
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ICYMI: We are hoping Mississippi shows up for Mike Espy to vote out Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Ok Mississippi give her her walking papers.
We need to. We could probably do another Alabama.
Voting for him AGAIN!
Don't have to be a genius to see why the majority of blacks don't Vote Republican!! That witch has shit for brains!!!
In this life, you cannot have both world's, no it can't be done. You choose one, either right or wrong, you win or you lose, you die or you live, you either keep on keeping on, or you keep on living on the ground floor. Both cannot merge. But another hidden way belongs to those who finds the middle path between the extremes, they will always come out victorious for such is the beginning of a glorious life free of the perilous ways of the world. No mediocrity, only a higher life above the ordinary full of incessant activities with an extraordinary lifestyle. Is it possible? Affirmatively yes, it is possible. Pesky lifestyle of others must be tolerated or be avoided to win your battle of self. With enormous gratitude, live your life amongst others with joyful tenderness. And when you win enough of your battle, then humanity will blend with your vision for they are looking out for such a one in their midst. Be that fellow who has found the inner wheel.
Coward racist itch!