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Watch the racist White nationalist leader of the so-called Alt-Right get drowned out at the University of Florida on Thursday.

Darryl Weston White supremacists aint intimidated by chants of "Black Lives Matter" so why continue wasting our times with pointless marches n rallies like this...smdh....
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Police in White Settlement, Texas, say the killing of a promising Black teen was not racially motivated. Ok, right.

Timothy Perkins As long as there a racist, sitting in USAG Office, there a 99.9% chance, of anyone being investigated for any racially motivated crimes. When they roll back policies on civil rights matters, we’ll, that says it all.
Vanessa Martin Of course it wasn't
Deanna Karoos OK right. Lol professional.
Sammie Eppright BULLSHIT!!
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Rep. Frederica Wilson keeps finding new and improved ways of showing up the president. #IBelieveFrederica

Barrett Bogosian Lol. No. Do keep up this adorable little resistance though. Haven’t laughed at dems this much in a loooooong time.
Ryan Tarrance Fake news
Nivek Nija She is so goofy
Kathy C Harvey-Haire Freak ass female!
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Livin en la sociedad, juro que estoy plagado de neegas de Worldstar, un video de un disco que es golpeado por un auto, ni siquiera pide ayuda, y la cinemática ni siquiera
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How could anyone not know this was offensive?

Monique LaShawn And this is why I have a hard time "ignoring" what they do or "turning the other cheek" or "going high when they go low". Enough is enough. Hell, if we keep accepting what they do, nothing will change.
Linda Sincere Heart Just sick and stupid. Poor baby to be used like that. Where are your brains. Think McFly think. You knew that wasn't right. I hope you get sued. I'm not for one to sue. But some people need to be taught a lesson.
Juanita Gilliam I am sick of the lame apologies. If they were really sorry, they would not commit such hateful acts in the first place They are only sorry when they get found out. unacceptable!!!!!😒😒😒
Nzazi DeMorlaix Gtfohwtbs. That bs was done on purpose. These miserable and HATEFUL beings always apologize after the damage is done. FU.
Marie Harvey Blackwell Isn't that what their predident wants their just following his lead, sorry not , their apology not excepted they knew exactly what THEY were doing.
Courtney Dink Their first response was that it was not a leash but straps they used for toddlers during that time period. *Side eye
Deanna Karoos Smh this is racist and unacceptable on every level!! Those children's minds have been permanently damaged!!
Timothy Perkins When is it appropriate, to think about what you’re going to do before you do it? I guess no time is appropriate, when your way of thinking is bigoted and racist. You have no time for thinking, just time for walking it back and spewing hollow apologies.
Roger Jones These people just continue pushing their luck and ignorance.
Reesie Robinson See people do stuff and then the first thing they'll say is I'm sorry !! But lying all the time !! Michelle Obama said !! When they go low ..You go High !! and stay there !! Ignore the ignorance no matter how high they turn up the heat !! Let them burn not you !!🙌 🔥
Michael James Please understand that this white nationalist movement is all about 'Division First.' They attempt to sow their evil demented ideology and through by and whomever it may derive is of no consequence. From the President of the United States who is tasked with sanctioning, legitimizing and humanizing "Some Very Fine People" like Nazi's, KKK and white supremacist. To the propagandist like Bannon, Spencer and David Duke. To the race soldier killers like James Fields, Dylan Roof and Sean Urbinski who attempted to create horrific intimidation through terrorist attacks. Members, supporters and the amount of impressionable ignorant followers is growing.. EyezWideOpen.
Pam Y. Cross Common sense just simply ain’t common. How did they not know, a child on a leash would be offensive?
Christopher Yogi Floyd Why do people take pictures of themselves doing the most stupidest things?
Godwin Thomas Waddle That's what they want the future of Black people to be, slavery reinstated.
Doug Neudeck NO ONE can claim ignorance. It's racism, pure and simple.Zero passes, idiot white people.
Mike Giordano News one stokes the fire...pieces of shit that run this site ....but continue..
Fred Murtz White Supremacy goes by the law of the streets, you act like a punk they will treat you like one! No one is talking about armed struggle or anything illegal, .....just the simple fact THAT WE HAVE NO NATIONAL EFFECTIVE BLACK ORGANIZATIONS, NO NEW BLACK MOVEMENT, AND NO EFFECTIVE NEW YOUNG LEADERSHIP, oh yeah and a black lash of racism after a Black president being in office, and now we got a racist ! And if you will notice the comments, for the next year as this stuff goes on everyone will talk about "what they want," and not a damn thing about what we want or what we plan to do collectively 30 million strong to stop this !
Adriene Pettiford What the Fuck is going on
John Kurt Tate Thanks obama
Stewart Neal Racism is everywhere.
Alain Meade Blame trumpet
Michael Stewart I vote Republican
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach 当我想到你的时候有这么多问题 成长为无意义...
Teresa Rollins SUE THEM!
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Kenneka Jenkins' family isn't ready to give up its fight for justice just yet.

Richard Edwards Well golly gee how you figure. Don't people usually get stumble drunk and mosey into a freezer to go to sleep. Haven't you done that before.
Phaedre Suriyai Christ Hmm there was a lot of info a few weeks back coming out saying the girl's friends admitted to setting her up that's not being mentioned here.
Erika Ferrell She don't have to give up. Nothing is going to change the facts in this case. Her daughter did a dumb thing, like most young people. She just ended up paying the ultimate price. Her friends didn't set her up. She wasnt raped. There was no $200 payment. There was no murder. Her mom's grasping at straws, because if she was all that worried about foul play she would let the cops see the phone. She won't, bcause whatever is on that phone won't show her daughter as the angelic child that FB sleuths uphold her as.
Reesie Robinson There is more to this !! Why was she able to get into the freezer.?. These areas are usually under lock and key !?! If she was able to get into this freezer that is due to the negligence of the Crown Plaza.. What if she was a little child ?? Even when people throw refrigerators away they have to remove the door... The owners didn't take proper care concerning that freezer !! Some one knew that area !! She was properly following who had her belongings !! One of her So called friends !! But we know it wasn't really a friend !! It was one pretending in the role of of a friend !!
Sharon Gladney Her Momma posted a death picture of her own daughter in the freezer on IG!! I can’t believe it! What is she thinking?? 😡
Tanika P. Meeks I am not being disrespectful. But please stop showing the pictures. Let the family have some closures and peace.
Fred Murtz Did we give up on them?? All those Millionaires in Chicago?? unless there was a teen pimping scandal involving some Negro versions of Weisntien there , then why the hell have no Black leaders, or Black millionaires in that city came to the aid financially morally or spriitually to that family in this "Cover Up"????
Deanna Karoos No foul play. Freak accident. Nothing to see here. Gold digging pos mom.
Sharon Gladney Lawd how mercy already! The friends she was partying with knows!
Sälone Denise Just be careful of using Chicago Tribune for y'all source... ijs... they not creditable.
Clarence Mcloyd The only foul play was from her sorry ass friends not looking out for her.
Patrick Langhorne I've seen the pictures. It looks like she was sexually assaulted
Wanda Pendleton FB court tried to tell them
Abram Dennis Witch hunt..
Brenda Parris Fight to the bitter end....
Jam Kennedy Chasidi Moochie Slaughter sigh 😔
India Monique Shannon Tomaleia London
Erica Wade Ebony Wade
Norma K Fields Chareice Blackman
Brioncca Lewis Latekia Bush
Latekia Bush
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“The president’s party typically suffers in off-year elections like the one we’ll have in 2018."

Walden Mabry Democrats have won the last ten elections in various states. Their winning streak will continue as long as people turn out and vote. Onto Virginia in 3 weeks. tRumps sinking the Republicans like concrete shoes and overcoats. Probably under 30% polling with this last daily scandal.
Darlene Ellison-Harvey Not if they continue on this path of "Ignoring the great potentials" of those like the young, gifted Black Man, who is running for Lt. Gov. of Virginia. This is partly "WHY," the presidency was lost and to many seats to count in the Congress and Senate. Instead, of embracing the youth of the party, Dems are "safe guarding" their "seats," which damages the party to move in the direction that "CAN WIN BACK" not only the "PEOPLE'S HOUSE;" but, also the Congress & Senate. Allow the party to move "Forward together with the Young, Gifted Minorities, as well as young whites with the ability to embrace the future of America.
Jamel Fragancia The democrats got alot of uniting to do they need to stick together
Abram Dennis The democrats have no one.
Roger Jones Are these career politicians, if so they need to go also, this country needs some fresh minds
Karen Davis Neither party is good for black people.
Brenda Caffey Holston Sounds like a plan to me
Spencer Brooks Go vote!!!
Michael Stewart I will vote Republican in 2018
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Rep. Frederica Wilson keeps finding new and improved ways of showing up the president. #IBelieveFrederica

Malvernado Lingard If Congress woman Frederica Wilson and Rep Maxine Waters team up,. They can bring this entire Administration to its knees. 😐
Keith Garrison Wucherer Ride that Orangutan, Lady Wilson! That piece of crap president has said nothing except lies, and disrespectful things about our country. He needs to be deported back to his illegal immigrant mama's home.
Sälone Denise Make sure yall be stay updated on the Kenneka Jenkins case they have photos to be release today NewsOne
Dwyane Buchanan General Kelly should be ashamed of himself. A Marine is supposed to have integrity above all others...
Anthony Canery The Trumpsters are getting angry. They might start sending out death threats to those that don't agree with him.
Geribob Hager Those attention getting cowboy hats are going to start a fad...or are they just for attention? Just wondering.
Ty Hagler Kelly is no better than his boss. Both are trash.
Barnell Uncleb Walker Good...The so called potus is pulling his whole administration through the mud with him!!
Taylor Grace Of course Kelly will lie to back the Liar in Chief! #IBelieveFrederica
Gregory J Williams Brothers in the House and Senate really need 2 step their game up......
Jeff Williams Drama Queen
Mimi Rose That's for her and Maxine Waters!!! Kiss this!!!
Cory Slavens Funny the gold star mom said democrats are lying now..hmm
Kathy C Harvey-Haire Have you heard cowgirl there is no such thing as a rock star?
Stewart Neal John Kurt Tate is crack head.
Michael Stewart Dispicable lady
Mimi Rose
Agenor Takang ??
Michael T Worthy lol so emotional over the truth lol
John Kurt Tate Nice Halloween costume... Yippi ki yaeyyy bitch
James Neil
Stewart Neal True.
Stewart Neal It's corrupt
Cindy Bogen Stupid
Stewart Neal Lol.
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What's on your homecoming playlist?

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Police in White Settlement, Texas, say the killing of a promising Black teen was not racially motivated. Ok, right.

Marie Harvey Blackwell They killed him, they're guilty, fry their azzes ,and with all their charges why were they not already in jail,? maybe it would prevented the young man's death.
Laura Irvin Gardner Should be murder 1 or capital murder. Which is murder occurring doing the commission of another crime ( robbery ).
Gedion En Yadira Isena Yeah, sure, but we can be sure that evil was behind it and the inspiration to do it. And racism is evil. Reuben Thompson, Samuel Dumfries, Etienne Olf
Al Long White settlement says enough, i wouldn't go there, let alone live there.
Fred Murtz they will say anything in a place called "White Settlement and any other place until we do this across the country , on a designated holiday
William-Mary Bibb A city name White Settlement, Texas, a Black teen killed and not racially motivated?????
Tonja L. Scott-Pate So sick of this! But our creator will hold all accountable. Karma is a wonderful thing.
Quintella Benjamin When a white kill a black person it's always about race 🙁
Jo El Dread Let us do it, it would be all the outrage...
Carl A Rodgers They're still facing capital murder..its just not a hate crime
Jenine Johnson Let me guess, they thought they were hunting game!
LaShaun Banks A lie I lived in white settlement they don't like color ppl period and the police pull you over for anything they got the right name White Settlement
Mark Fort So just murder right..
Keshia Simpson Then what was it?
Stewart Neal Yea whatever.
Michael Anthony Taylor Is it ever?
Daron Martin
Vanessa Paxson Amerion FTP.
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"Harvey [Weinstein] led me into a bedroom — his bedroom — and announced that he wanted to give me a massage," Lupita Nyong'o writes in a new New York Times op-ed.

Sophia Brown Funny how people called Cosby abusers liars but now that these rich white actresses are going out everybody's believing them but not ordinary women. Perverts racist come in all shades class and color. They both are sick perverts need to be locked up.
Linda Armstrong The couch ...ladies would talk about it but in the day nobody was listening..thank goodness they r listening more taking advantage bc we r women
Fred Murtz She an ass for doing it, and not one reader here has a wife sister, or daughter that would have put up with that crap for no matter how much money!
Tony Curtis It seems the notorious Hollywood casting couch is still very much in existence!
Valdenia Simmons quite a read....this man would move methodically, even over several months to pursue someone...
Toya Batchelor Richard Johnson 45 has been accused by over 15 women and settled quite a few. NDA of course scroll down
Toya Batchelor Not to mention the beauty pageants where he ogled women and teens a young as 15. By his own admission on Howard Stearns because he was theule owner
Fred Murtz She should have talked to Sister Okonede! She probably Cussed him out with some stuff that made him cry!
Richard Johnson
Ketty Honoré Sure after you are a star you talk.
Rhoda Howard-Wallace Glad she announced it
Jonay Bell I'm glad she spoke out..
Carl A Rodgers Fuck her
Michael Stewart Don't care
Tommie Doubleu Nobody cares bitch
Toya Batchelor
Toya Batchelor
Toya Batchelor
Toya Batchelor
Toya Batchelor
Toya Batchelor
Toya Batchelor
Toya Batchelor
Toya Batchelor
Toya Batchelor
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With the second Virginia State University shooting in one week, are HBCU campuses more dangerous than ever?

Cynthia Dunham These headlines.. HBCU’s are not anymore dangerous than shootings at other colleges. We have had mass shootings at other colleges and I have never seen them described like this headline.
Jonathan A. Washington STOP IT!!! This would not be said if it was a White Campus.
Cheryl Lloyd Everything seems more dangerous since #45 has taken office.
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Ex-Los Angeles school leaders who preyed on children were charged with 13 counts of sex crimes against minors.

NewsOne13 hours ago

One Howard University student just got a little less excited about homecoming weekend.

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If you are booking a Marriott hotel room soon, then the process will be much easier with a new Slack app extension and thumbs up emoji.

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What happened to Trump's proof he never told a grieving widow that her soldier husband "knew what he signed up for"?

Atyria Clark I knew he didn't have it when he said it. I just want to know how it is that he constantly gets away with bold face lying.
Kathy Clark The proof was Kelly trotting out and saying the exact words that Congresswoman Wilson said 45 said.
Dorothy Scarlett Sapp The proof is in the same as the proof of President Obama's wire taps.....NON EXISTENT.
Libby Sherburne He's a thin skinned, lying sack of piss who reflexively becomes defensive at every criticism.
Donna Baker Big Liar he needs a a** whooping
Abdul Jordan Sorta like those wiretaps?
Fayne Daemon With every lie he tells
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Here is what we know so far about the suspect in the shooting scare at Howard University earlier this week.

Linguère Sheba Lo So he took out a restraining order?
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Niggas puede odiarme crucificarme en una cruz, llevó a muchos L casi perdió la tiza, es la forma en que trato de mantenerlo de mil dólares cuando la mayoría se pasea por las ramas#"We so tired of taking loses, ain't no more chalking up"(Young thug)
Trudy Evans Ass!
Lisa Cureton Auryana Cureton Wanda Massey
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Watch the racist White nationalist leader of the so-called Alt-Right get drowned out at the University of Florida on Thursday.

Kisha Johnson That we still have to defend ourselves in this day and age. Makes me so sad. But never take it as a weakness but only make us stronger as shown here.
Betty Ware-Lark I didn't see Black lives matter I saw all people protesting
Brian Whitaker Love it, they are a joke
Mittie Joseph Hicks GOOD JOB, U of F
Deirdre Elliott Good
Stacy Ann Shaeffer
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Jury convicts white ex-cop who fatally shot his daughter's black boyfriend.

Atyria Clark I can't even believe it. That's amazing and wow! Finally. There is hope.
William-Mary Bibb Was Hate Crime included in the sentencing?
Kristine Duble-Schiefelbein He said he didn’t want to mess up the family tree.
Lisa Ann Semeraro-Castro What a sick man.
Phaedre Suriyai Christ Miracle in white supremacy land
Cee Vue 🎂👺
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Bachelor's Degree in Marijuana. Yes, a Michigan college is offering a unique 4-year program to train students for the booming legalized marijuana industry.

Lora Cobb Cobb Really insane industry
Katina Chowning Dela Chowning this is insane.
Erin Pickett Amy Kennedy Vanessa Salazar
Corrine Green Merv Hamlet
Dupree Hubbard Glenn
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It's a "slap in the face" to Virginia's Black Democrats. The only African America candidate for statewide office is omitted from campaign fliers.

Aegyptus Seti-nekht
Richard Johnson
Mark Ross
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What happened to Trump's proof he never told a grieving widow that her soldier husband "knew what he signed up for"?

Ingrid Nicholls They could not get their lies to line up .......truth always prevail. Now Kelly shows us what he is capable of..can't trust him.
Shinika Jenkins The proof is that Trump indeed said what the congresswoman stated. Now Gen Kelly is on clean up detail. Trump made his private conversation with Gen Kelly regarding his son public. Trump has no filter and he’s not presidential AT ALL.
Brittanico Rios There wasn't sh*t inadvertent about it, what Kelly did is called SPIN! He knew Trump said it because he was there, heard it and unlike Trump couldn't blatantly lie about it, so he did the next best, tried to spin it like yeah, he said it but this is how he meant it, straight up bullsh*t man, and I guarantee you he didn't use those words to the white families!! As a matter of fact one of them got $25,000 from Trump!!! 😠
Jennie Peyton Mitchell We knew he said it. That is not something you say to a widow. He should have had more class, empathy, and intelligence. ....but then with 45, u are dealing with a lame brain.
Nina Joyce Oliver Turner Exactly!!! Kelly stated that those wrods were discussed between he and Trump. And then the VERY SAME WORDS WERE SAID to be used to the widow. #callingjudgejudy
Sharon Baker Always put the blame on us Congresswoman she only told what she heard but Kelly isn't upset with him always giving him a pass he is being used an don't no it I thought he was suppose to put a lid on all this but he is just as bad
Malvernado Lingard I said on another article that after they investigate, it will show that he indeed said that. And it will take some time. But they already confirmed it.
Maria Lopez He never had any just sent John Kelly out to clean up the damage he caused. People of color especially women do not grieve the same as men. We are very emotional species that is how God made us. I was not please with Some of the comments John Kelly made.
Lucinda Sweatt I am Stunned that John Kelly is now trying to clean up this fiasco he should be just as much ashamed of himself as 45. They are always trying to blame someone else for their messes
Atyria Clark So he lies once again. He said he had a tape recording of the conversation that no one ever played and I guess it's another oh well moment huh? Smh.
La Saundra Dyson AGAIN, they come out to 'express' themselves...all the while Confirming the truth! Wording was excellent in my opinion. Kelly and Tillerson. The Art of Words.
Ramon Vega There is no proof just a bafoon spewing out baseless threat because he feels cornered and knows he was caught in another lie
Nita Watson John Kelly tried to turn it around and make the Congresswoman look bad...nope. Now you look just as bad as your orange bottom'd boss.
Tamara Mason They should just drop the "TU" in POTUS and call him POS.
Charlene L Gamble I'm waiting for 45 to say Obama had the CIA sneak into the Oval Office and steal it.
Charles Roshe Cause him and his whole staff are racist liars!
Deanna Karoos He said what people say here about cops that get killed in the line of service. Hypocritical outrage.
Deirdre Hall I told y'all they scared of their job and life they can't contradict him. He did it!
Dawood Abdul Samad No one in their right mind believes that Cock and Bull story.
Pauline Leggins That white bs not working or winning. Bullies on the playground don't scare real Americans.
Jay Siana There isn't any fucking proof it was another lie he expected us to fall for
Cynthia Kyles He'll yes he said it he is a bonified racist.👿🙄😵
Reesie Robinson Did trump send money ?!! Somebody tell Trump Money is not always the answer !! For everbodies situation !! Respect goes further !!
Michelle Muhammad I’m tired of watching him lie. So damn insulting! 🤦🏽‍♀️
Blynne Roberts Y'all KNOW #45 Said It!!! Get that proof and call Rep. Wilson back!!!
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Jesse Williams, Bree Newsome and other notable warriors for racial justice examine white supremacy from its infancy to now.

Linda Ward Thank you very much. A quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin states :Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." Thank you very much.
Brian Whitaker Couple of points to make on this... an exerpt from a CNN article written in August 2017 on the very topic of hate groups: "But neo-Confederate and black separatists have seen their numbers increase over the last few years. The number of neo-Confederate groups inched up to 43 -- the highest figure since early in Obama's presidency but still far from its 21st century high of 124 groups in 2001. Meanwhile, the number of black separatists has rocketed from 81 groups a decade ago to 193 groups now -- the largest subgroup of hate group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Also, it should be noted that neo-Nazis and white nationalists, both mentioned in the previous section, bucked their yearslong trend and saw their numbers tick up just slightly in 2016." In fact, the article shows that Black Separatist groups have nearly tripled since 2008, growing faster than any other hate group. during that same period. I found that interesting. Here is a link to the article: There are estimated to be under 20,000 total white supremacists in the U.S., with the KKK having the most members(between 5000-8000). In my book, that is 20000 too many, and if they all died in a fire tomorrow I would shed no tears. But there are 197 million white people in America, so white supremacists make up 0.0001015228 of the total white U.S. population. They are seen as an ignorant joke by most white Americans. We don't take them serious, because they don't warrant being taken serious. They are clowns.
Kevin Roberts Bree newsome oh the "hero" who climbed a pole like in gym and stole a governement flag. Wow wwoohoo Jessie Williams an actor wow.
Barry K Jackson As I read the idiotic comments below, I just consider the source.
Robert Thomas They should just stay home and read a book
Fred Murtz you want to know about past and present White Supremacy??? As a people we had many forms of collective National Defense against it, now we have zero! And they know that cause they programmed us like replicants for the past 20 forget what we achieved, or even how to restore it! Now that we need it more then ever!
Mike Coleman "We hate America". Enough said
Richard Johnson Dumbocrats LoL
Makaveli Odum Okechukwu Hm
Stewart Neal Karma.
Stewart Neal Yes.
Stewart Neal Yes
Stacy Ann Shaeffer
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A champion of voter suppression received senate committee approval of his federal district judge nomination.

Joann Dunn Hardimon These old white men in Washington DC, who are trying to hold onto all the power don't give a hoot about what black people want. They never have unless it benefits them.
Spencer Brooks They don’t care about us.
Regginett Eddings Its all about they God!! They money.
Charles Langford Jr. Remember Session?
NewsOne1 day ago

Your favorite president Barack Obama will receive another honor when a predominantly African-American elementary school in Mississippi bears his name.

Douglass Davis I just love a story that pisses off all the right people. Honestly, it really makes me feel great 😂😂😂
Jay Siana So classy even when trumpets try to slander his and Michelle's name they remain classy and dignified I think that is why trump tries so hard to affend them cause he and his henchmen know matter what they say or blame them for they will remain classy good for Barack #stillmypresident
Ashalayah Kizziyah Yasharahla Before you all go praising this man because the skin color don't fool me remember the NDAA that he signed that will give the government the right to detain Americans who are even suspected of being a terrorist for anyone who speaks against the government....he signed that so when Trump or whoever implements that directive you'll have good ol Barack Hussein Obama to thank for that. Black people went right back to sleep when he became President after Bush opened y'all eyes up
Douglass Davis Honestly, now I'm not sure which of these internet folks are good old fashion American trolls or Russian agents lol. Strange times.
Dawan Montell Lockett Sr. Ironic considering that race to the top shutdown many African American schools effectively putting thousands of A.A. out of work.
Ashalayah Kizziyah Yasharahla No trial no jury & you can be possibly be sent to a foreign prison for life but you all go keep loving that man....that smile be fooling everybody....Don't believe me go look it up
Kendrick Wilson 1 down 3 to go..... There are 4 schools in the state named in Jeff davis honor.....
Jameaka Wright This Mississippi woman Love's it💕💕💕💪✊
Perry Scott And what positive impact would that have on the black community ?? Oh....Not a fucking one !!
Sophia Brown Not a fan of Obama's but that's cool. It will upset alot of the right wingers in Fox.
Marietta Brown Watch the state stop or reduce funding and cut programs for that school.
Lora Cobb Cobb Great news he is a great man 44th president only one person can that.
Deanna Karoos Lol this is common. Acting like this is something special.
John Kurt Tate Hope it's a whip across his backside lol
Timothy Harris I knew it had to be a in a black community.
Tommie Doubleu Fuck this guy.
Art Davis
Latasha Ceasar Good for obama
Yana Morris
De'Anne Jackson Awww,how stunning.
Kevin Jones Yes sir
John Carter Love it
Lisa Mark #FOREVER44! 💙
Richard Johnson
Stacy Ann Shaeffer
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Watch the racist White nationalist leader of the so-called Alt-Right get drowned out at the University of Florida.

La Saundra Dyson BLM was a tiny portion of the protest...yet here they're pretending they are all that's there! WHITE protesters ARE THE LARGEST GROUP and they rolled out there hours before this event! Show it all and tell the truth!
Christopher Yogi Floyd Actually, I think this just puts the alt right in the spotlight and turns him into a victim of those trying to prevent free speech. I never would have known he was giving a speech if it weren't for BLM. The more people protest this idiot, the more publicity he receives. And that's really all he wants.
Brian Calhoun Why do BLM always get all the black people in front for the photo op when you know there wasn’t but 10 of us there?
Atyria Clark So tell me again why BLACK people are being put on an FBI terrorist watch list but these crazy people can stir up irrational fear and hatred among White people with lies and delusional rhetoric and that's all good? That is a dam shame.
Berishia Wilson-Chamberlain I guess he thought he was all that and a bag of chips! I see nothing indicating this was a BLM protest! As usual trying to insinuate and associate BLM as a terrorist organization!
Vanessa Ward Mr. Spencer had a handful of supporters they all set together any racial Acts at that complex it shouldn't take long to figure out who it is
Blanuate Brown Spencer was not denied free speech he had his venue he kept his date he was on the stage speaking the protesters in no way prohibited him from speaking to his audience.
Herman Haynes I bet that black LIVES will matter when someone will have to pull them off their ass. Any life will matter then . It's safe for these cowards when talking shit over the web. But for those who are skilled at hacking don't get your life turned up side down. Drivers license bank account etc. Watch yo asses idiots
Sarili Kompiyansa Hey, did Russia do this? Don't forget y'all think Black folks are too stupid to organize a protest. Y'all think Black folks looovvve y'all.😂
CeCe Barn Black lives matter; all lives matter, we are all God's children, spencer needs to know this! Jmo
Darnell Sergio Headings Can we all just please get along like Rodney King said
Susan Chew-Williams It was great!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 They drowned his racist ass right out!! 😂😂😂😂
Anthoney Gates All lifes matters !! We were made in the image of God !! Apostle Paul said we are one body in Jesus Christ !! Gena
Markell Joshua BLM is trash along with the alt-right.
Alain Meade Sometimes it's good to see White people helping with this fight for peace and unity
Michael Gabbidon Anthoney Gateswhat Jesus you talking about because my God don't appreciate what white demons are doing
Pat Berry Brava! Way to go young people!!
Robert Smith Still crying over skin color no wonder there is hate get a life quit hating
Robert Smith I think you two should lay off crack , butt crack
Gloria Robertson Good they over powered him.
Jace Daves Great news!
EL Murks Blm is some made up Soros garbage
Christaan Waring Good
Maurice Norfleet Real people in 🇺🇸 made 🇺🇸 what it is today 🇺🇸✌🏽️😍
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Here is what we know so far about the suspect in the shooting scare at Howard University earlier this week.

NewsOne1 day ago

Civil rights activist Tamika Mallory may sue American Airlines after she said she was unfairly booted from a flight.

Jason King Zzzz
Fred Murtz "May" sue?????
Maurice Mo Betts Shelia Mcarthur Coleman Kim Abney Brianna Coleman Raven Sherae
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Jury convicts white ex-cop who fatally shot his daughter's black boyfriend.

MD Matlock 1 African American on all three trials... That still pissed me off when I read it. He deserves more than 15 years that's for sure.
Ian Juan Francisco But those murdering Blacks while wearing a uniform and under the color of authority claiming they feared for their lives are still walking free to live their life or remain employed.
Vickey Blakely 15 year's!! Are they kidding!! Give his ass life!! He took this young man's life! Because of the color his skin. And of course, he used the same rationale that some of those other rogue cop's use. He thought he had a weapon! Smh. They don't pay your ass to thought!! Life! Is what he deserves.
Roger Jones These prosecutors are doing a lousy job when it comes to convicting their own, they always come up with lighter sentences or they go to trial and do a half assed job at trying to get an conviction.
Rethia Cain 15 years for murder, yeah that's right, he feared for his life, thought he had a gun; even with a outstretched hand, but something is better than nothing
Doris Jones 15 years is not enough time and considering he will only serve about 4 it's even more ridiculous. And yes having an equal or at least more diverse jury should have been implemented. Which could have possibly saved taxpayers money on so many trials.
Rivers Orlando He killed that man because his little pumpkin was taking that black night stick,and you know his friends was making funny of him about it. They really cant take that.
Bobbie Jester Anderson Glad to hear it though he didn't get more time, his future is dead as well. If the brothers Don't get him in state jail, he'll never get another job as a ex-con.
Gregory McQuitter This still does not sound like a fair sentence for outright murder. And to think they had to have three trials to get it done. This is absolutely ridiculous this is still not Justice a 15-year sentence means he may do four or five maybe six years and he's going to be out. People in that Community prepared to vote the people out that are in charge
Anne Roberts It should have been for first-degree murder. He planned to do exactly what he did and should have gotten life without parole.
Marie Harvey Blackwell That 4th time was a doosey ,I guess we're lucky he got 15, but will he do them or get a suspended setenance maybe trump will pardon him.
Alain Meade They're aren't free walking yes but their hearts aren't free trust in God he never failed you ever no God is God remember that always
Wanda Pendleton At least he's going to jail 15yrs and not getting away with murder dont complain hell maybe we can start a trend #locktheirassup
Mary Black HE KNOWS, That HIS Daughter is attracted to BLACK Men's, She Should marry a BLACK MAN, AND have Several babies, that a TEACH the RACIST GUY Love, never have ( nor) NEVER will see COLOR, AND I BET THE'RE SOMEONE in this GUYS FAMILY Black.
Gregory J Williams Finally? And they wonder why we protest.....
Orange Martin He ahould have been found guilty for MURDER IN THE 1ST DEGREE.
Charles L. Lewis Now that's a start in the right direction. It's called Justice.
Cheryl Myles Can anyone imagine this evil doing but black people are portrayed as being more violent?
Bruce Henson Oh I get it he's an ex-cop!, he wasn't in uniform!, they're not covering his ass
Ann Wright Good for him. He should serve more than this.
Tre Whitney Good luck among the prison population. 15 years is a joke. It should have been 50.
Charles Roshe Hopefully he will never make it out of prison!
James RaSiris Griffith One down any others to go.
Charles Koonce Welp racist daddy doing time,when he get out he will have a black son n law n mixed grand kids.💪
John Kurt Tate Just killed two birds with one stone.. Way to go!!!!
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The NRA's "murder insurance" policy is accused of giving “gun owners a false sense of security to shoot first and ask questions later.”

Daimon Davis Our people need to stock like guns the way they do. That's the only thing that will make them change gun laws. And by that point we will have our own protection. But we are too busy buying red bottoms and J's
Tonya Ladmirault That is not the same thing if you are Black. The N.R.A. has not stepped in to support any Black people.
Antney Montana the nra is a joke, non whites need our own gun rights group, to protect us from the fat, dumb & happy!
Fred Murtz It did not say what Color gun owners, and in these times of White Supremist organizations we need to take advantage of every got damn thing
Sharon Green This is insanity the NRA is going to be involved in civil suits for encouraging murder.
Art Davis Does South Chicago have a huge NRA chapter?
Dee McManus These CaveBeast Are Demons...
Atyria Clark This mess is beyond disgusting and appalling
Trayc Walton Rotten bastards ... Bacc too business as usual
Way Brown No it gives lawful gun owners protection when they have to defend themselves.
Deacon Peake Zimmerman sold, That Gun that killed him For 250.000 Dollars. Then They lied and Said: That he was Shot by an K. K. K. Member. What an Lied And an Cover up to Confuse you. Because Blacks have no drive to Ask For An Investigation.
John Kurt Tate Should have just blew his knee caps apart
Tony D Cox Fuck Zimmerman's fat head ass that's why it's hard for him to come outside now dumb fat head fucking Hall Monitor... His days are numbered believe that...
Tony D Cox I saw a group of gay men with this tattooed on their backs in Hollywood last night I guess this is their new logo along with the rainbow...
Tony D Cox NOW I SEE WHY ISIS DO WHAT THEY DO.. THANK YOU white supremacist..
Tommie Doubleu Treyvon Martin the ghetto thug. Fuck him and his mom
Richard Johnson
Sauda Tendaji The hell is civil protection?
Barry David Giles
Herb Blunt Jr. Sue them bastards
Michael Stewart Shoot first is good
Cedric Walters F the NRA
Mark Ross
Tony D Cox Tommie Doubleu shut the fuck up you fake profile nappy headed bitch go to a country concert and stand in the front you racist son of bitch lol fake profile hide behind your sheet
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Bachelor's Degree in Marijuana. Yes, a Michigan college is offering a unique 4-year program to train students for the booming legalized marijuana industry.

April Edy Funny how only white people are profiting from selling and usine weed YET 100s of AA men and women are in jail for 40+ years from doing the exact same thing. *smdh
Waseem Talib Sadiq The city of Dallas just passed an ordinance "#CiteAndRelease" if you have less than 4 ounces of #Marijuana. Meanwhile caucasoids continue to get rich while others continue to be jailed for the exact same thing under the #RedWhiteAndBlue #AmericanFlag...#GotJustice???
Tee Jack of course they are but when it was black men selling it, they were all just thrown in jail and are still sitting there while white ppl make a profit and grow rich from it, pure bs
Chandra Houston now free everyone that has ever had a drug violation for Mary Jane immediately!!! So tired of this and you people for making something illegal for black and brown people to sell legal for you to now have a degree in. SMH let them go!!!3
Mary Peace Ain't this some shyt!! Black people locked up for years for weed. Now that it's legal, here goes whitey, out to make billions and leaving Black people still imprisoned. There ought to be a law requiring all those locked up to be released immediately and awarded land and dispensaries to enable them to grow and sell and reap $$ from this billion dollar industry! !
Sheila Graves And there are countless people in jail for violating Laws against use and growing. Go figure!
Stacy Grant The blue-eyed devil will always find a way to profit.
Shango Osayande That’s why you should never buy “legal” weed from whites. Learn to grow your own it’s EASY.
Robin D Mines Release persons serving time for marijuana.
Kris-Nene Jemmott Kristin Love Vta Gordon I think we need to switch professions...and head back to school
Walda Laurenceau Valerie Daniel maybe they will offer online class...if so I'm so in!
Nathan Thompson They should allow those with felonies tied to weed to get those same degrees
Lynnora Friar See how white people do shyt ........its thousands of people in jail about weed and records for it
Devin Johnson Gabbi Haraldsen we still have time. We can focus on pain while Alley McKenzie works with the therapy side.
Maaco Feggins Qing Qong...let's go be educated and happy...together😎
Maaco Feggins Tequila Simmons...let us move and be great
JaNece Barr McFadden I have a Ph.D in marijuana
Jerrey Pierre-Charles The hypocrisy ......
Kentay Dimes
Anne Ince "The times they are achanging "
Vernice Missvee Wilson Jerron a commercial!!!😁😁😂😂😂😂
Gabriel Lamar Time to go back to school! Lol
Clara Madison White Only!!!!🙄
Erick Smithwick Smh
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Three dead, two injured in a Maryland Business park shooting. A suspect was taken into custody.

Mike Coleman a black mass shooter? This has to be a lie because only white people do that.
Mary Peace 42 arrests 15 felony convictions?? Is this a misprint?? If not, why wasn't he behind bars already?
Mike Giordano To many nut jobs of all races
Kentay Dimes
Perry Escobar Another day in America. Next
NewsOne2 days ago

It's a "slap in the face" to Virginia's Black Democrats. The only African America candidate for statewide office is omitted from campaign fliers.

Kyle Brouhard And there's the smoking gun ... or shall I say the latest smoking gun. Of course Republicans are racist. We can see it. They wear it and show it out in the open for all the world to see. We don't have to look hard to find Republican racism. But the Democratic Party is just the other side of the same racist coin. They hide in the shadows. They are very subtle about their attacks. They do things like this glaring omission, and other things behind the scenes, in the dark; things like the crime bill. It's not like they didn't know how it would be implemented as I have heard it said. It's not like they couldn't have repealed it or otherwise sufficiently amended it in order to stop the mass encarceration that was the direct result. This omission, which now that it's made its way into the light, Virginia's Democratic Party will no doubt call a simple oversight or misprint, is yet another example that neither established party truly represents the best interest of Black voters.
Linda Ward And, that is why I'm switching from Democrat to Independent. Too many Democrats are no better than Trump voters....hence why we have Trump today
Shirley Dumas It's not subtle racism. It's blatant. Democrats just won back the Governorship four years ago after a terrible republican was in office. You would think they would understand that they need the black vote to win.
Wyoma J. Moses I am sick of the Democrats and Republican spending tax payer money in Washington DC. You are absolute correct when there are racism on both side of the coin. Many politicians stay on the side of the coin in the dark. But then there are many able body citizens (BLACKS) that do not vote. A proven fact during our Nov 2008 election. By changing to independent will not get the right but people in office; local and national government. We have to rally every voter to vote in all elections, local and national. Becoming another party will not help select the right person. You may not like the candidates, then THROW YOUR HAT IN THE RING, And start to campaigne for the office. I am a firm believer, get in the race or just keep quiet.
LaLita Martin Ok they're gearing up. Its nearing the end of the year. Elections coming in January. Lets stay woke and ready.
Kenny Billingsley The Democratic party need to get their S...t together!!!!
Fred Murtz Racism is like Household pests! If you do regular Maintenance over the years then it is kept in check....but fi you get negligent and complacent and dont do a damn thing for several years ...Guess wind up like this
Jonay Bell Don't waste your time responding to trolls!!
Rob Greene The Democrats need to get their shit together,so we can undo this mess Trump has created.
Ralph J Chittams Sr Where are all those Super Black NewsOne followers who can't wait to bash White Republicans over fake news? Here is Democrat racism - REAL NEWS - and you plantation dwellers are silent!!!
Waseem Talib Sadiq Voting for #Democrats is like voting for #Lucifer & voting for #Republicans is like voting for #Satan...That Simple
Katherine Ford Smith They are the same...just different window dressing
Wanda Pendleton Its not because we know him and his name will be on the ballot and he has my vote
Janet Mosley Like you didn't see that coming
Jeanet Nicholson Republicans and Democrats some are racist that's nothing new.
Trina Perry Democratic leadership is blowing it again by continuing to chase that White male voter that is now independent or Republican. Cutting off the nose despite or to spite the face. 🤔
Dorothy Williams Dems keep fighting with each other while the GOP steal and win elections...
Maurice Love I didn't hear this on news one now or other talk shows
Hiram Flores U wont see this bullsh#* on any fake news network' lets tender the BULLSH#* BOGUS russia narrative!...u know what!...f#*em!...u wanna support that garbage ass plantation..this is what u get...go independent and dump that party!😝
Virginia Brooks Independent worst than Republican hidding like the republicans use to do
Vanessa Paxson Amerion There needs to be another party created. This is ridiculous.
Robert Beckford with friends like these, who needs enemies.
Marc Wilks Lol! The party of minorities strikes again😅
Jay Mac Dixiecrats.
Virtue Angela Anderson Ppl need to sit down and talk..
NewsOne2 days ago

WATCH: Michelle Williams recalls that time she was suicidal-->

Lori Cozart Haven't we all?
Jeanell Dawn DAMN SAD!
John Kurt Tate So
NewsOne2 days ago

Here's how gentrification affects D.C., the former "Chocolate City."

Willie Pottillo You would think this subject attract more comments, but that might explain why this tactic is successful. It became obvious in Baltimore about 40 years ago during the times of so called Urban Renewal. Perhaps to appease the residents in the impacted communities, they promised to give them "first refusal" which is a joke to this day. Waterfront properties are in demand and being obtained on the north and south sides of the Inner Harbor.
Anton Allen You want to fight back against white, wealthy and 'oThEr' hegemonic opportunist peoples...encroaching upon and co-opting neighbourhoods by gentrification? Once you've exhausted all litigious and community action avenues.... "Salt/Scorch the Earth!" they want to take. See how badly they want it then!
Gary Haire If u really believe there are strenght in numbers, then unite.. Stop standing on the sidelines waiting for a MLK to show up. Say it, then do it, I am MLK..
Sophia Brown Black people don't sale your property it's happening all over in California as well. People can hardly afford rent here.
Tommie Lee Leslie The Black Leadership is gone in this Country. Sad to say. TTT1789~
Sharon Green That is what is happening in Denver Colorado.
Leslie Bruce The intersection is Penn/North Avenue and not DC
Robert Gary Pffft like thats not happening all across the U.S. look at harlem, Brooklyn, watts and compton amd many other cities
Fred Murtz Gentrfication occured when we began to lose the Community Love and Understanding that we had since the 40s, and by the 90s, we no longer care about it, to the point where the Neighbor-Hood, became just Hood, and all the Neighborliness was gone! If you have wealth, but your fingers no longer have enough unity to hold onto it, then it just drops, and anyone can come along and take it
Plese Evans We need to buy up our own communities
Jonathan G. Ward Gentrification = ethic cleansing
Robert Ellis True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NewsOne2 days ago

Blac Chyna sues all of the Kardashians MORE--->

Kennedy Gagalini How df you mad cause you can't profit off someone else's name. That's trifling bitches for you. The world would be much better without.
Candice Forward Girl get yo life bye!! Didn’t have a problem when you laid down with one of them!! Just trying to cash in And stay in the headlines because you fading off!!
Tamara Randolph I really hate to be a negative Nelly but news-one really with the platform you have it seems to me that you could use it to cover stores that are more relevant to the lives of everyday people are children are being slaughtered in the streets we need a platform to address how we can stop this Carnage in our streets not a platform to follow foolishness
Linda Armstrong Girl did you not leave n found other after dropping the how can it be season 2..if u r not together...folks can always sue does not mean u win
Cindra Townsend $20,000 a month for 18 years just isn't enough for her 😒 *sarcastic tone*.
Zandra Strong Darmas She needs to leave them alone.......
Kentay Dimes A proud gold digger, atleast she's not sneaky like the other hoes
Kenneth Lewis She hasn't a hope in Hell with winning this case .
April Edy She is so awesome!! I hope she puts a big ol' dent in their bank accounts!!
Sandra Fite I really thought her 15 minutes was up. *sigh*
Kenneth D Aston Jr Anyone can be sued, winning the case it whats matters!
Villegas Rebecca She won't win against all of them!
Cynthia Langford Damn i should of had a baby for Rob
Michael Vincent She take my money when I'm in need yeah she's a trifling friend indeed oh she's a gold-digger way over town that digs on me
Devonne Johnson She's nothing but a gold digger$$$$
M Camille Burgess She may actually win too.
Phillip Nero Oh joy 😴 it should be deatining.
Angela Watson The Kardashians profit off of atupid black men, so why not?
Sophia Brown Really need one l? We got more important issues than these people.
Lynn Jackson SMFH..tired of hearing about this..
Asha de Canouan Tokyo Tony is suing Wendy for emotional stress. 😂
JavaVon Hackett Branding is everything! They know that! Get em!!
Michelle Jones King She needs to go sit down somewhere....
Christopher Anderson Oh lawd...
Jai Raimos