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Baths aren’t just relaxing, but have some amazing health benefits ————>

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F Gary Gray is the most successful Black director to date, with the highest worldwide box office totals including all his films ------>

Shiela Wharton It's all good but I thought that went to Eddie Murphy, Spike Lee, or the Wayans. They've had some major hits too. Congratulations to him and much continued success.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach بتلات الثلج والزهور رقائق ... تنتشر عبر الحديقة. 12 في فترة ما بعد الظهر 9 بعد الظلام
Fran Davis-Hinton Congratulations
Dwana Cal Awesomeness!😊
Courtney Ferguson Congratulations!
Shirley Todman Black excellence!
Judy Walker Congrats to you Gary 👏👏👏
Vivian Boozer Long past due.Congratulations 🎉 😤
Danielle Vanduran hmph bout damn time 🤙🏽🤙🏽
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Do you think Donald J. Trump will appoint #SylviaTrentAdams as the permanent #SurgeonGeneral?READ--->

Paul Simmy Congrats to her! I hope she does an amazing job . Nurses do the hard work and doctors get the glory . It's good to see a nurse get recognized
Mark Ross Blacks will Clown Trump if he don't. Blacks will Coon her to death if he does.
Dionjra Keller NOPE
Sherri L. Hargrove-Johns Is fat meat greasy?
Raynell Willis Finn They Don't A Strong Sista 2 Show They Dumb A-- Up 😂😂
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How important is classroom diversity?

The Trump Education Department ended an Obama-era school diversity grant program.

Joyce Smith "King" Trump shows he's a little man with a little mind--at every turn he's issuing EOs in attempt to gut every success President Obama made while he was in office--this is all "King" Trump can show for his first 100 days in office--SMH
Antjuan Martinez This is all they wanted to do... This is all about overturning anything Obama did that helped the citizens.... SMH... We are in trouble....
Soul Issue: The African-American Perspective Perspective: And so it begins!
Beryl Walker Oh well
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Barack Obama 3.0:

What else would you like to see him do besides speaking engagements?READ---->

Marilyn Smith Oh, it's a lot. 1. Unify the people. 2. Lead the people. 3. Serve the people. 4. Save the people. 5. Continual love for the people. 6. Listen to the people. God raised up Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Isaac, David, Samual, Samson, Daniel, JFK, MLK, Ghandi, above All Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I believe that God has raised up Pres. Barack Obama, for a time such as this. God will not continue to allow His people to be oppressed by unbelievers who refuse to acknowledge the will and power of the Lord God Almighty, the ruler of heaven and earth and in the depths of the earth. Watch out people, God is getting ready to show up and show out. NO do not have to be in the White House. He is going straight to the hearts and minds. Visiting: states, cities, communities, in schools, colleges and university's. I would not be surprised if he continued to go into citizens homes. How about this one? What if he visits prisons and institutions. I am so excited for what is about to happen. He has unified millions and he will do it again, by the grace of God. All things are possible for those who believe in Jesus Christ. 💋
Shiela Wharton Be back in the White House fixing the mess trumps made like he fixed the mess Bush made. We NEED President Obama.
Amy Luongo come back to the Whitehouse Obama 2020 #FirstHusband
James Nash Michelle. Come on Michelle. First Lady president. Sounds good to me 2020
Deidre Turner Just be OBAMA the true PRESIDENT
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“But the money can’t take the place of my son. … I can never get him back”

Mother of slain Black Chicago teen awarded $350,000. DETAILS ———>

Marlowe Harmon I'm quite sure she'd much rather have her son alive; all the money in the world can't bring him back...!!!
Shiela Wharton But she won't have a problem spending the money she got for his death though.
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Do you think this Janet Jackson fan will get her coins from Live Nation?------>

Avery Reese All these dumb as comments. Hell if you didn't get your money back call your credit card company and have them put the money back on your card. Hell American Express all you needed to say is that you didn't get the service.
Shawn E Samuels She should have gotten her money back a long time ago. But it's gonna cost her more to sue. Waist of time and extra money.
Tiye Mathe Her fans are ruthless they aint even try to give her the mandatory unpaid 12 weeks of maternity leave. They like baich find a babysitter put the corset on and lets get the show started....damn!
Sherry Williams Maybe ticketmaster has a different procedure, I called right after the announcement and was given a refund. 🤔
Jonay Bell Damm, cancelled show, gotta baby and going through divorce, Janet got her hands full..
Victoria McCollough Sue for what, the price of a single ticket??.. the fan will spend way beyond that for attorney fees. Smdh
Jacqueline Capel I thought they already did refunds.what happened to hers?!
Jeanell Dawn She should pay!
Charm Kman Nope!
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach superbia / salvis
John Brown Whitney Brown
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Are you surprised by this news about #AaronHernandez? READ--->

Uwais Motala This is are being lied to 24/7..whether it's this story or other matters relevant to you or not. They lie. The cops lie...the media lies and then people lie to themselves by accepting bullshit as reality.
Charita Martin The man was bisexual, he had a boyfriend in high school. He killed his buddy so that secret would never get out!! He didn't "turn" gay when he went to jail...
Lisa Atampuri I don't believe it. I believe he was killed in prison. I don't believe he would leave something like that for his daughter and loyal as fuck fiance to see.
Laveda Glover Aaron Hernandez was a high profile prisoner and he was confined to his jail cell and was not in the general population so how was he able to have a gay lover in jail? Until I see a letter or his lawyers says there was a letter to a lover then I am not going to believe it. While he was alive nobody never said he was bisexual only after he died did it come out.
Dionne J Mehalopoulos I don't believe none of this about him! I don't believe he's gay and I certainly don't believe he committed suicide! In the pic of him blowing kisses to his daughter you can tell how much he loved that little girl, hell you could've bought him for a nickle that day!
Marc Lazzaro Guy has some shit luck. He shot his buddy in the forehead only for the tough bastard to survive (while losing an eye) and call him up saying he was still alive. Imagine picking up that phone call. What goes around comes around. All scumbags who think they are going thru life scott free by fucking everyone get it in the end one way or another.
DeVonda Stover Idk. Been in jail 4yrs or so and feel some obligation or such strong feelings for another inmate that he feel that he owe him a "shout out" b4 killing his self? I could see if the shout out was for another lover on the outside that he secretly had b4 going to jail , but this new inmate?lover😏idk. But i don't know these people anything could be the truth.
Jonay Bell No, not surprised, not even surprised news one posted it either because anything to stir sh*it up, to give us every iota of someone's life, dosent even matter if the person is dead or alive..right now news one, you suck!!
Avery Reese At least he said goodbye to everybody. I don't have a heaven or hell to put anyone in, I am praying that his soul is at peace. This story is done nothing anyone could say at this point.
Beatriz Ayala I think this was a set up so folks can't find out what really happened to him. The 3 letters especially the one from the gag lover is being HIGHLIGHTED so the focus remains on that & not how & what REALLY happened in that jail cell!
Chris AkhirAllah Why does anyone care????????? ...... Whatever he did in his life doesnt affect us. He is dead. Get some REAL news. Whats Pres. Chuckie the Cheetoh doing? Been too quiet lately.
Wanda Brannen Mooring Ok what purpose is it serving us to recieve all this different information, be it True or False about A. Hernandez?.......the man is DEAD and to strangers he's now IRRELEVANT so having debates about his personal life, what he did in high school, who he was with and why he did or didn't do something is Pointless right now, the media need to just STOP, and people need to as well! SMH
Sheila Keno Y r people worried about some body that killed people for no reason that's the point and all y'all worried about is how he died think about theses families that don't have their kids anymore cause he killed them who care if he was gay the hell with that yall stupid as hell.....
Linda Armstrong On the down low man...maybe he was doing guys before..n the Lloyd dude knew the secret n had to die....girlfriend to send all the goodies n boyfriend for all the sexual goodies..boy hollywood will be making this movie
Darlene Jones Yes I believe it. Instead of denying the story, maybe you should be more concerned why he felt he had to do this! Murder, then suicide? The guy needed help way before he murdered, and then suicide. Why? He was hating on himself, and his'family,and friends " were probably(imo) telling him to man up, instead of supporting him in getting help. Accepting that he's gay, and nothing is wrong with it. Smh.
Linda Samuels My thoughts are for his little Girl and the young mans family he killed.I care less about him he's gone move on pray for the others they need it more than anything.
Yasmeen Keba I dont believe shit they saying about hernandez...all of it is smoke and mirrors. Why when they first revealed the info about him killing himself, none of this gay shit, the scripture, the red marker, none of that was included.
Patricia Brown Thing is he was supposably left three letters according to the news but here they are highlighting a gay lover to me the news give you the agenda that they are trying to set, what about the letter he supposedly left to his girlfriend and his daughter. Judging people is hard when you're not walking in their shoes, i am much more concern with why he killed himself if he did do it. I know jail life and street life are two different things and the ones judging have no clue what jail life is they just be talking because unless you have lived it you don't know, i have never lived it so i definitely can't give you the facts!
Harry Dixon If you believe that B.S. your not conscious your in a coma. The man was a prefect donor specimen. Now is not the time to be incarcerated.
Sonia Poinsett I Did A Report On This In My Criminology Class - He Really Have Not Been In Jail For That Long To Have Developed These Lifer Sexual Urges Or Cravings. He Was Sentence To Jail In 2013 - From My Report Lifers Don't Start To Feel These Types Of Sexual Orientations Until At Least 10 Years.
Tanyeka Green I do not believe it....I do not believe he committed suicide either....
Karen Davis This is why I don't trust the media.. You never heard of this crap until he ended up dead. I want to know was Aaron Hernedez, lynched in prison. This happen to black and brown men all the time in prison.
Teresa Bennett If he was a murderer, why is is so hard to believe he was on the DL? He tried to cover up his murders so hiding his sexuality is not really much of a stretch....🐸☕
Adam Spencer They will say anything to keep attention off the fact that let a prisoner die in their custody.
William Richardson And what if he did, what can you or anybody else do about it now ; ruin his good name? All this is, is some grassy knoll bullshit.
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Stalker shows up at the office where Malia Obama. is interning to ask for her hand in marriage, but this isn't his first time trying to get close to her ———>

Vent McNair Lock him up.
Jacqueline McCall And throw away the key.
Joyce Smith
Sandy LUcas Lock the sob up!!!
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The officer who shot unarmed behavioral therapist Charles Kinsey in North Miami last year was charged, but now other cases have come about ------>

Wallace Albright I hope the justice is these white, hispanic and asian police get plenty jail time, or the death penalty along with much penis up their butts in jail.
Ike E Spells We need to come together...if you support black owned businesses...or if you are looking for a place to buy and sell...come check us out at the Black Businesses Matter (BBM) group page
Sharon Young The wheels of justice are slow and sometimes they just grind to a halt. I truly hope this time justice is a sweet serving.
Ian Juan Francisco The criminal who masqueraded as a law enforcement officer hold spend years behind bars
Raynell Willis Finn GOOD it's about time WE See Some Kind Of Justice, Regardless of color🙄🙄
Joyce Smith JUSTICE is on the way--stay tuned
Curtis Moore GET "PHUCKING " PAID!!!!
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Under a new proposed healthcare repeal plan, premiums would increase for Americans who have pre-existing conditions. --->

Jacqueline Capel DAMN,just STOP this madness,already! We don't need "Penalties" for being sick! Why is this a thing for you Repugs?You're feeble,too.
Dee McManus So We're Back To This AGAIN...
Brian Burnett Pre existing conditions is the main thing the insurance companies paid republicans to get rid of.
Sharon Peart What Americans are no being asked to pay a high cost to death, if the roll of death is known ahead of time.
JJ Jones
Angela Brady SMH
Shanel Ramsey
Mary Jones So so wrong!
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New book reveals that Barack Obama called out Hillary Clinton for mishandling email scandal are you surprised? ------>

Erin Taylor This is a big deal in the US and being informed about foreign news always helps create better global citizens 😉
Atyria Clark Why is this important to know?
Brina Doc It's Over..,,🤐
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Jay Z is working on his third docuseries which will explore the state of race relations in the aftermath of the presidential election. --->

Blynne Roberts I hope that this is not "glossed over" or "sugar-coated", but addresses REAL ISSUES ABOUT RACE IN AMERICA after the election of #45 and his "Rogue GOP Administration!"
Queen Shea Lionaire most of you people in commenting trash are the reason he is doing it.big ups Jay Z i see you even though i dont listen to your music. One for the fam
Tanika Forbes 45 gave these a green light racist to come out the wood work with reckless fingers and tongues. But we not going back to Africa so we gotta make it work.
Kimberly Anderson That man completely changed his life around that should be applauded
Marie Mcclelland Brains and good looks don't come together, which one do you think is missing .
Andre Burton A lot of negative comments coming from the brothers from another mother.....well here's your daddy!!!
Nich E Lamb Because we don't have enough TV to watch. And Jay-Z is the ultimate authority on these matters.
Mario Chillis It hasnt come out yet and people hating already? Get it together my people.
Kisha Johnson Not interested in hearing jay z speak about race relations. I prefer to hear Dr. Claude Anderson
Pam Majors Stokes Fuck J he full of his self... Attention and trying to keep on top all those kids...Ppl don't feed into him or her and there life..
Butch Brig Great job J
Christopher Barnes thats not gonna change a motha fukkin thing besides how much money jay z has in his bank account
Toshio Eure Please!! coonery at it's best
Ketty Honore I know someone who already has done one.
Warren Covington He doesnt understand ows movement...foh j
Ralph J Chittams Sr God help us.
Michelle Price Good idea
Koshie Cooper Yes !
Kellance Young No thanx. That's about as bad as his wife doing it
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach superbia / salvis
Eric Williams 😴😴😴😴
Ron DeSource Jose Dessources Ralph Obas
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Roland Martin travels to Atlanta to talk about film 'Grow House Movie’ with comedians Lil Duval & Faizon Love ———>

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Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams will become the first Black nurse to serve as Surgeon General after Obama's appointee was asked to resign. --->

Don Owens This is not good news congratulations on her longevity but the Trump administration will do very real damage to Black communities, starting with their cuts to community health programs and Obama care repeal. Happy fishy she's been successful, but let's bird fool ourselves. What is going to happen to her is the same thing that happened to US attorneys at Justice.
Sheryl Nelson Before you Start that Black Stuff.. Blackness is a State of Mind! Not a Melanin Content! Clarence Thomas is not a Black Man, he is a Negro! Black People in positions of Power speak out against Injustice. Negros grin and bear it, to keep their position!!
Chanelle Reese If Trump chose her, she's another Omerosa. He doesn't do anything that will benefit anyone other than himself. Remember that, before you raise and praise the spector of her blackness.
Valtrice Johnson Ha ha ha. Ben Carson should have asked for that job in the first place. Now he over public housing like he knows anything about that.
Pharaoh Nosakhare 🤔So he chooses a nurse to be surgeon general and a neurosurgeon to head HUD. I need more coffee ☕️
Ralph Gandara A nurse IS NOT a doctor! The title of the position is Surgeon General, not Nurse general!
Doral Doubarere But she's a..........never mind! I forgot Trump's administration is like the upside down world 🌎
Kevin Roberts So why didn't you use her picture?
Anthony G Williams A nurse that position always had doctors SMH
Pat Berry Since this administration is only about destroying government, who cares.
Blynne Roberts Another distraction....#StayFocused
Deirdre L. Battaglia A nurse, in the top medical spot?
Shaun Pierre Not HUD secretary????
Gerson Dominguez But she's a nurse not a MD weird
Shirley Todman A nurse? Not a dr? Wth
Inga Jackson Is she Black or Ben Carson black
Anita Ellis Davis She should be careful
Lisa Meriedy 🤔🤔🤔
Nyla Bradford I don't trust anyone appointed by that fat bloated POS trump.
Blynne Roberts WhT
LaTeasia Williams Just another Tap Tap🍵
Elmer Dancy
Erika Ferrell Crumbs
Raynell Willis Finn Amen Sheryl 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Raynell Willis Finn 🙏🏿❤🙏🏿
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Ex-girlfriend of accused Facebook killer Joy Lane has emotional meeting with victims family ———>

Ashley Austin Hill To even address her as a reason for his actions is wrong. You and only you are responsible for your actions. Stop blaming women for men's actions... don't blame men for women's actions. You are only pushed to the point you allow yourself to be pushed. Leave her alone!
Wright Sheiree In my opinion. I think, it was more like. Why? Didn't he kill her. I thought that myself. Most people kill those that hurt them & yes sometimes innocent people and then themselves. But you also have those that don't kill the ones that hurt them ~ because they know! The best revenge is having them suffer internally. Here's what I know. It's hard for black men to let their guards down & be vulnerable, because they think it shows a sign of weakness, and we all know 95% of black women dislike weak men. I do believe she played a big part in this man snapping. Damn her career! When a man come along buying, paying , trips, fixing etc. When it's good! It's good. Only a damn fool would break up with a Good Black Man..when he start gambling. Why? Did he start to gamble. Surely, he wasn't gambling and spending all of his money on her at the same damn time. Was it that he couldn't afford to take care of her, himself, her kids etc. So he was gambling in hopes of hitting it big, and before you know it he's over his head. Ijs. What woman breakup with good a man because the storms came. Sorry! Only God! Knows why this man snapped. Women play too many damn games when it comes to affairs of the heart. This is just my opinion. No! Co-signers needed.
Andrea Black I wished he would've just killed himself...
Ericj Smith People need to leave her alone.
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Suspected Fresno shooter Kori Ali Muhammad yelled to "Let Black people go" and for reparations during his first court appearance Friday. More ------->

Tim Jerome Brothers please stop. We don't more of you in prison. He seems intelligent. He could have put all this energy into something positive such as starting a small business & hiring young black youth.
Sophia Brown There was no excuse for this obviously this man had issues i feel sorry for the innocent victims prayers go out to their families and he's going to need some too.
Tina M. Vifquain " Let Black People Go " !!! They have been Free to Cry & Yell at the expense of Others for Years, They will not be happy until they " Take over America " ! That simple !!! Sensitive Ears blow Loud Horns !!! Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!!
Marc Wilks Just. Execute. Him.
Ian Juan Francisco Go straight to the execution.
Aegyptus Seti-nekht
Danielle Vanduran 😌✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾♥️
Curtis Moore TEST HIS BLOOD!!!!
Uganda Business Network I always adore everything about
Jackee Hampton Alex-larkins Alex-larkinsjr
TeeMex Tonia Amerussia has eaten you alive.
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Obama will return to public life with an event at the University of Chicago on April 24. Democrats are wondering if the former POTUS will call out Trump on his policies. What do you think? -------->

Tony Mason The republicans and dumphf would love to use Obama's presidency as a diversionary tactics to divert our attention and continue his mindless policies. Obama should work on policies and programs to educate black youth.
Deborah Greenwood Obama has never been stupid. Frump has made all of the Idiot moves he can make and continuing to do so. I say let Obama live his life as he please and leave him out of frumps bullS==t!!!!
Mark Clements Obama did not do shit for African American people. No one blocked him, no one could have blocked an Executive Order. Obama is coming to Chicago to attempt to build support for Emanuel. People lets be serious Obama gave us nothing. He left Chicago in a crisis but other presidents never left their city and State bare bone the way he did us. He gave over a Billion dollars to Chicago to rebuild the CTA line in which the CTA in Chicago is putting together a package to attempt to raise all public transportation one way to five dollars a ride by 2020. People get serious. Obama left the white house and was hanging out with rich people, plotting to build his richest not our's.
Charm Kman Why not? Trump has broken every Presidential rules that you do not talk against your predecessors under any circumstances nor do you kiss the asses of dictators and disrespect you own country! So President Obama have fun and don't pull no punches because this POS in the White House has been doing everything in his bigoted power to destroy you and your legacy so he deserves from you whatever you say!
Mark Clements Obama is coming to Chicago. It was announced today! and you were told that all the tickets were gone. He gave them to hand picked groups...they are groups that is not in our best interest. I don't care how many people you know from those groups, they are not in our best interest. Obama did not bring one job to the southside of Chicago where they are needed. People stop being bias and face the reality!
John Hanbury No need to call out Just recall 8 years of no late night or early morning tweets. Just Careful, considerate, thoughtful Actions
Tim Christopher Yeah right!!!! He was soft when in the White House!!! And he will be the same!!! I would fall out if he got tough!!! Not going to!!! And that's the sad part!!! Mrs Waters got this. Watch how she so Obama!!!!
Vic Mitchell I have a serious question. What was obama supposed to do for the black community? Tell me. I will wait. Did he not give money to hbcu. Did he not start my brothers keeper. So, u were looking for a handout. Tell me. Be intelligent not emotional.
Harold Cartwright Call out Trump on his policies ? I don't really know but President Obama will KNOW what to say and when to say it. I think right now he's just chilling but I predict he'll return back to public life in a better setting because certain folks ( like those who wouldn't listen to him all of those eight years ) will need him. I'm just saying. Peace.
Michelle Hadley-Jenkins Not a good idea. Let's put some policies and other things together to help black unemployment, help black people with jobs, the crime rate, helping young men mentoring programs no more speeches, no more mind effing people and lets get the job done.
Mike Rob Pot calling the kettle black. Pun intended. I mean a Wall Street, corporate and banking former Puppetdent calling out a current one? Hilarious.
Shonda Canaday I'd love to see him do it, But I doubt he will. He's laughing at the travesty half of america voted for, He's incompetent says plenty for the people that voted for him.
James Paine Trump is self destructing on his own. President Obama only has to watch. LMAO!
John Lewis I hope he doesn't. There is enough negativity in politics. It would be better for him to rise above the muck-raking, and move on to inspire people and focus on the positive aspects of politics and individual contribution we can make as citizens
Sophia Brown I didn't agree on a few of Obamas issues especially on immigration, same-sex marriage and abortion. I didn't like Obamacare however I hope he does do something to help the black community of Chicago with the senseless violence. Because if Trump gets in there he will use the Feds and it may get worse he never addressed Chicago while in office he owes that to them and I hope he addresses issues still a problem facing black America now that he's out of office.
Tina M. Vifquain O Bo Bo & Gang, Democratic Demolition Crew of America come back to Finish the Job they Started !!! Bringing Back Division in the Eyes & Ears of America !!! O Bo Bo " Go Home " and Give Us a Rest !!! Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!!
Alisa McGraw I Truly Miss these Two! But at Least I get to see them Erry Now n Then on Social Media. #ClassAct! 💙❤
Victoria McCollough President Obama doesn't have time to be worrying about Trump's dumb ass. "F" Trump!
Lillian Dowdell Drakeford I have read that Obama has no intention of wasting my his time "calling out" 45. His vision and the scope of his message will transcend 45. Why bother to succumb to a war of words with the likes of 45? Pres. Obama has a bright future and a lot of important work to do.
Marc Casey President Obama does not have time. He is a scholar, Harvard grad, Senator, Husband, and a gentleman.
Tlynn Daws He has a plan to do positive work but has too much class to even make orange man his focus.
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach تقرير / الإيصال / الاجتهاد
Toby Stevens I hope he doesn't mention trumps name that seems to be killing him as it is
Fakazi Maramba Barack Obama,Americas last democratically elected President.
Carolyn Owuor No I think he will try to strengthen the DNC while working on expanding educational opportunities for Black males.
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Memory loss and several other signs you may be looking over stress ----->

Roxanne Carter So true
Tina M. Vifquain !!! Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!!
NewsOne1 day ago

It's a wrap for Florida State Senator Frank Artiles who resigned Friday after his racist rant calling his Black colleagues the N-word. -------->

Marquerite Burgess Mr. Cuban descent needs to take a look at the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade map, he may find out that he is actually be related to one and/or some of the same people he just disrespected!! With his ignorant ass.
Kelly Hoopiiaina Davis Wow! I can't believe all of these racists all of a sudden becoming so aggressive. At least now we know who they are.
Betty Walton DONALD TRUMP brought their true believer in the Communities they represent to see and hear. God shows up in strange ways. He said much hidden will be revealed".
Zola Lee What bothers me the most is he was allowed to retire and they didn't fire that punk
Dee McManus Good Riddance...
Lisa Houston Now they can remove the hooded sheets to show their ugly faces.
Bobbie Jester Anderson How many racist will it total being out before the end of the year ?
Moses Abu Godson why are white so stupid, u know when you make such comment you will lose your job.. not 1 not 2 but many.. pls big up
Veleria Doll Carter-Williams Cleaning of the swamp has begun!
Gerald Hawkins They're find a place for him in the Trump Administration. He'll become the spokesman for the Civil Rights division.
Dlanor Elleor They call us that all day long but when whitey says it he will be crucified
Mary L. Cheeseboro Dude45 created this mess.
Sharon Green Great, he needed to go. Good riddance.
Linda Samuels It's called KARMA
Tina M. Vifquain Black Lives can " Dish it Out " but " Can't take It " !!! Sensitive Ears blow Loud Horns !!! Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!!
Marquis Smith Can add him to the tally marks.
Michael Davis Fuck him
Paulette Tyler Good!
Myra Barnes The real enemies showing their faces! #mask off
Ralph Gandara GOOD RIDDANCE!
Marge Scott Ah, so sad too bad. House of cards.
Kathy Palmer Many Cubans are not like this creep....
Cathy Hendrix He can take his brown but home!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Jackie Tatum Good!
Sandy LUcas Good riddance. ..
NewsOne1 day ago

William Edward White and Moses Fleetwood Walker are credited as players who integrated the MLB many years before Jackie Robinson——>

Tina M. Vifquain Awards are Earned with Hard work & Talent !!! Not Cries & Lies !!! Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!!
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Mary J Blige claims that Kendu spent $420,000 on new girlfriend. DETAILS ———>

Darryl Weston Just downright trifling. But one things for sure, she'll have some more emotional lyrics on her next albumbcuz of this. I'm talking "not gone cry" pt 2
James Paine This is what happens when women try to buy love. I'm sure Mary had some idea this loser was a gamble.
Keisha Mone Taylor this is horrible.. I hope Mary comes from up under this leech
Michelle C Morton ....why Mary J, don't know when to declare bankruptcy, gf, didn't just come along...😎
Shell Robins I know this is off the subject....but he aint even cute! Messing with my cash to!....nah
Shauna J Ferguson I hope she drains his ass and gives the money back to Mary
Nikita Anderson Lostracco Ugh! SlimFUCKINGbag! Use your own damn money to play/pay for your side piece
Toni Anthony Well? Look at him! Of course he'll have to $pay$ for the opposite sex! Look at that dude!
Makeda Martin Who cares. If he is awarded a certain amount it's no one's business how he spends it. Trifling perhaps but not illegal.
Alyce Pleas Why? Please be careful MJ there are lot of people only want your money, that the sign of the times...
Benita Story I love Mary...but she loves being a victim...this is her 2nd man she's throwing shade on...
Sheila W. McCovery I hate to be belligerent but let me say I would pull out a switch and BLISTER his black xxx!
Nikisha Cooper Prenup would have solved all of this (iron clad).
Jemekia Michele Weeden Ugly man. Inside and out.
Jermaine Robinson Damn niggas man!!!
Jan Hunter This sorry MUTHAFUCKA here.
Sammie Eppright Ain't that a Bitch
Darryl Davies Wow, I mean :-X
Yolda Williams Hence the saying ,"Love is blind."
Latricia Nation What!!!!!
Imogene Clark Reddick She deserved better ! Not a bum !
Thaddeus Howard Tucker What did she expect considering she abused him.
Betty Romanowski I would put my foot up his asd
Flomanda Hooper Jackson He still alive?
Higher Power Dont women do this all the time why the double standard
NewsOne2 days ago

Lawyer for Aaron Hernandez claims his brain is being illegally held by the medical examiner. DETAILS ———>

Sidy Mohamed Gueye They didn't have to do that; many NFL players have been donating their brains so that studies can be done to see the negative effects caused by the sport. If they explained to the family, they could have gotten it easily.
Shayna Ruffin Eric Elixir Lyles, see this is what I'm talking about!
Minister Beverly Williams Now what now????😮😮😮😮
Vina Roberts Still posting this old news?
Danielle Vanduran oh no❗️
Sammie Eppright Foul ass shit. What is the problem?
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Flashback Friday: The women of the Black Panther Party ✊🏾----->

Dee McManus
Brian N Annabelle Taylor Afeni Shakur
Collins Anderson Real black women...
Anetra Tucker 🌟🌟 Sheroes!!!! 👍🏼🙌🏼👏🏼✌🏼
Kimberly Battie I love them.
Deidre Turner
Tina M. Vifquain Black Panther Party " Terrorist " for " Racist Hate " !!! Leading the Road for Division !!! Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!!
Deidre Turner POWERFUL Women of a MOVEMENT in an era of. RACIAL BIGOTRY. BLM
Michael Chrisman racists
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach ignes \ desiderium
Shelly Adman Liz Garner
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This is crazy….

Annie Dookhan admitted to falsifying evidence in what was assumed as a bid to impress superiors, which lead to over 21,000 drug convictions ——>

Dee Dennis Strange how no one of authority in the lab questioned her results for all those years!! Checks and balances definitely needed!!
Teresa Bennett That's why when people say, "DNA doesn't lie", it is a joke because it is only as reliable as the integrity of the DNA tech and process. NOTHING can be trusted in this country...NOTHING.
Toshio Eure and the 100,000+ untested Rape kits.. and to have trust in the Judicial process
Keith R Franklin The last lab tech was given two years in prison for falsified test results
Curtis Moore AND "YOU"want us to trust the judicial and law enforcement agencies, yea RIGHT!!!!
Shirley Hill She should be lock up if it was a black women lab tech she would be in jail already .
JJ Jones Somebody ass need to be locked up for doing that mess. Ridiculous!!!!
Tina M. Vifquain A. Dookhan !!! What a Fool !!! Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!!
Bell Kimberly Fucken insane
Michael Winkfield Jr. Wow...
Angela Crenshaw Broadnax Lala Lock her up and throw away the key.
Hardiyal Singh
NewsOne2 days ago

"Perspective is the power of the story”

One writer gives us insight on how Oprah Winfrey shines in her role for HBO's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ which premieres tomorrow ———>

Carlisa L Hanley Looking forward to watching this the article in Essence Magzine this story was so touching to me.I live in Baltimore 1st time hearing this story!So I will be watching!
Tina M. Vifquain Oprah is the O in O Bo Bo , Opening the Wound of slavery to " Lick the wounds Dry !!! Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!!
Dorothea Flenoil Deborah Huff
NewsOne2 days ago

The African-American Film Critics Association will celebrate the cinematic legacy of the late Prince -------->

Tina M. Vifquain Awards are Earned with Hard Work & Talent !!! Congratulations , Prince !!! RIP !!!
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“It was embarrassing. So I got to a point where I just did not look at him”

Bill O'Reilly accuser Perquita Burgess speaks out on 'The View’ ————>

Janet Woods It is a tough world. Grow up! You'll get money for this has nothing to do but lining your pocket
Tina M. Vifquain I Bet the Millions you will Get, will help your Eye sight in the Future !!! Responsibility Matter for All Lives !!!
Carol Rogala Oh my god! Hot chocolate!
Tina M. Vifquain Sensitive Ears blow Loud Horns !!!
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They say imitation is sometimes the sincerest form of flattery and writer Anita Samuels shares her thoughts about Prince a year after his death ———>

NewsOne2 days ago

Judge Raymond Myles was fatally shot in Chicago earlier this month and now they say the man they arrested once faced him in court back in 2001. DETAILS ———>

Delores Robinson it seems that this headline is misleading. from all accounts so far the judge was not a target. even if the defendant did appear before him look at the charge. much ado about nothing. so it seems that the judgeship had nothing to do with this. better look to the driver and others. the girlfriend was the target.
Jenjen Ianson Could be occupational hazard, but I doubt it, they are using this career "occurance" as a scapegoat. And it so happens the man that they arrest was convicted by him years ago..hmmmmmm .... not buying it
Dee McManus I'm Still Suspicious of This Murder...
Harold Ledet Johnson Waited 16 years to avenge a case that was dismissed, in your dreams, REALLY
NewsOne2 days ago

Have several seats Kendu….

Mary J. Blige claims he spent $420,000 on his new girlfriend and now he has the nerve to ask for more money ———>

Dean Davis She knew that he was in a relationship with the kids mom when she got with him. He did it to better his come up in life. Next time a taken man approach you. Run as fast as you can. What goes around comes around.
Larry Slater Damn dude she have taking care of you and your family for years, get off your ass and go get a job,fuck you,a man don't work don't eat,enough is enough, leave Mary alone asshole.
Connie Mcmillian I am a huge fan of Mary J Blige but there's a saying "The same way you got that man is the same way you will keep him" Don't be alarmed that he did this to you🤔🤔🤔.
Pat Berry No matter what you do in life, if you earn it before a relationship, protect it! What you gain together might have to be split. Grown ups need to discuss this upfront.
Ej Brown Hate to say it, but you don't allow any one to disrespect you. He would have been cut off a long time ago. Fuck a man, there are too many out there for you to settle with a piece of low down shit like this sorry ass. Why would you marry someone who don't have a pot to piss in???? If you worked so hard to be somebody, then why would you lower your standards to be with someone who don't have shit, ain't about shit, and will never have shit???? If he was about something, he would have been established in something other than bullshit!!!! Women stop being so desperate to have a man, but you still end up with nothing. Before this sorry sack of shit get a dime, I will have his ass taken out permanently and that's real talk!!!!!
Norman Henderson Don't be so upset with him. Women or men who are capable of providing for themselves dont always make good choices in their choice of a husband or wife. This trend is common in celebrity marriages. Not even ordinary people know how to chose good mates. So you all need to stop getting so emotional about these custom made marriages.
Djehuti Asar Ra Well La La is going to be asking for more money for her new girlfriend or boyfriend from Carmelo Anthony too... What's the problem? Just do away with the notion of giving money to your significant other after a break up and if you cannot take care of the children by yourself then give them to the parent who can or foster parent who can. Simple as that.
Telphanie Burtom They have no kids together. What would be grounds for her not to return him as he came? Hope they hadn't hit 10 yet.
Brittany Ashley What the hell was he buying to spend that much? I swear they separated for not even 4weeks. He was just being petty at that point because that's enough for a lot of shit.
Anetra Tucker Oh Lord, not these two again! 🙄 Mary, just make sure you make note of that in your divorce proceedings and let your attorney handle it. I don't know which couple is worse ... these two or Keisha Knight-Pullium and Ed What's-His-Face because I'm getting tired of hearing about all of them. Just 👉🏼MY👈🏼 opinion.
Dana Burke This dirty d***k ngga will not have me taking care of these gold digging aids carrying dirty p***y b****hes Iam not going to be taking of no man after we are not together and I will be damed that I have to take care of his pass around hoe that's why the smartest thing to do is don't get married cause this the foul shit u will be dealing with
Paulette Sadberry He is a loser and a snake. He already had children and a ex. I quess love is blind. No man can do no more than you allow him to do. She should have protected herself.
Pat Springs Mary continue to pray, don't loose your Faith,,He is trying to Break you Mentally, and Financial, God has given you a Gift,continue Singing You are going to gain it all back 7×7
Hallene Brooks She knew he was an opportunistic f'ckboy when she first encountered him; these thirsty females are gonna get enough of being used while trying to compete with the chick he REALLY cares for, the other is just a meal ticket for him & the main female...
Myrtis Thompson Truly not the example we want our young men to emulate! Grow up little kendu
Jean Williams He does not deserve Mary's money. He should get a job to take care of himself, his grown children, his outside woman and anyone else he wants to support.
Sandra Jefferson You women need to be more careful...some of you will do anything just to get married...nothing wrong with it...but some of yall be jumping the gun too damn fast..and yep I can talk..21 years and he got his own damn money and ain't NEVER ask me for a dime...nope yall can have the ring..most of the time it don't mean shit anyway..LOL..only people I got money for is my kids and grandkids...
Lola Adesina She is low sharing all her dirty laundry. Get with the programme and pay up. If it was a man that was rich, we'll be calling him cheap for trying to dodge alimony.
Wright Sheiree I don't feel sorry for her. You must date a man that's on your financial level or have more. Prenuptial agreement is very important ... Do your homework on his family ! His parents is not her responsibility. Only a Bitch Ass Nigga! Will do the shit he's doing. If you really wanna know ~ what kinda Man you're dealing with ~ break up with his ass.
Jan Hunter He had absolutely nothing to offer any woman. His girlfriend was with him because he was spending his wife's money on her. I bet she's gone now.
Margaret Morse Gold diggin' Nigga....LOSER!!!! This goes beyond a nigga f'ing up your credit.
Jason King Oh y'all got a problem when the man does it, but Noooooooooo problem when a woman does it. Spend that money Kendu !!!
Carol Lambert Well, if she has a solid prenup, then his cheating arse is f****d!
Zaid Charles Welcome to the world of gender equality. Move on. Women have been marrying wealthy men for years and then claiming half of the assets at divorce. Does anybody care what they do with the money after they get it? Who is Michael Jordan's ex-wife spending the money on? Who is Shaq's ex-wife spending the money on?
Terry Roper She knew what she was getting into when she first met and started messing with him. He was with his kids mother
NewsOne2 days ago

In an exclusive interview, Howard University President Wayne A.I. Fredrick addresses recent headlines and his plans for the future of "the Mecca" ------>

Tina M. Vifquain !!! Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!!
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Rest In Power.....

A year ago today we lost Prince, here are 19 surprising facts about him ———>

Diana Autry He's always in my hair! We will ADORE Prince, until the end of time, because he's an international lover of musicology, and knew how to dance, music, sex, romance, under the cherry moon, as the purple rain fell. Did he know it was the sign of the times or just another controversy? They used to think he had a dirty mind, ,,but he was a Sexy mf!!!!! He is Prince and started way before 1999, which was my favorite album! Did you know he even made a song about me? The most beautiful girl in the world! Yes! ,,,,no I'm not delirious! He even called me and said, let's pretend we're married and run off like horny toads in my little red corvette. No we don't need a lady cab driver,,,,i swear he said it yall! I told him, all the critics love you in new york, and certainly, nothing compares to you,,so it's only automatic, , I set you FREE, ,,. I couldn't be selfish,,you've been around the world in a day baby. He understood. He didn't rain on my parade. He said,,,if I was your girlfriend, ,,it would be scandalous! I told him it wouldn't be any thieves in the temple tonight! He gave me diamonds and pearls, gave me a kiss and said you need another lover like you need a hole yo head! Prince will not get off my mind tonight. He's always in my hair!
Jacqueline Wright Oh please. You can try and replace MJ for NWO purposes but when MJ said he was the King of Pop, he was. Prince stayed well, just a prince in comparison.
Dee McManus Rest In Peace, Prince...
Lavella Smiles 19 hours on elevator
NewsOne2 days ago


Jose Baez, Aaron Hernandez's lawyer is accusing the Massachusetts medical examiner of withholding his client's brain. BIZARRE DETAILS HERE--->

John Washington There sure is a lot of press for an individual who chose to squander a $40 million NFL contact to engage in violent felonious activities. Aaron Hernandez was a convicted murderer who committed suicide in prison. It happens on a daily basis so the media needs to move on.
Rachel Griffin Idk the family doesn't think he committed suicide they said its not in his character but im sure murder wasn't in his character either... People have issues things can change daily what ever the case is God bless everyone involved including Aaron soul may he peacefully rest
Yaasmyn Fula Yeah america destroys lives, then makes money-back off their destruction , nfl, sensationalize all the drama. Now u got ambulance chaser jose baez capitalizing off the blood sucking, probably a movie coming out has all the elements hollywood loves, drugd, sex, sports and mayhem... this country is imploding
Ja'Meya Gordon-El Illegal to release a body and hold the brain without cause. They knew it was illegal which is why they released it hours later.
Sarah Green They want to see if his actions are congruent to the other players with traumatic brain injury who committed horrible crimes and either committed suicide or died some other way. It's a big deal, Will Smith played the African doctor that discovered that illness, in a movie.
Ste'Aira LaLa Ballard Did his family authorize them to take any body part out of his body. The government is a muthafucka... They act as if the own u and can and will do anything to a dead persons body. Sad and sick.
Esther Winston Because you might be in a country where some laws worth nothing for a certain population and can be arranged for another . It's just laws maybe according to circumstances ..🤔 or .... 🤔🙄 who you are , or... your color or....the color of your wealth , or ...... your skin, or ..... your height..... or ..... 😂😂😂
Neil Olskool Cooper Nah, there probably gonna see if he had head trauma from NFL injuries...
Robert Draughn The movie Get Out comes to mind immediately.
Eric Nichols trying to do a concussion protocol to sue the nfl for his bad behavior. this lawyer is a master of parlay tricks.
Marissa Jonais They actually removed his brain outside from his skull, separate from his body?????
Antonio Parks CTE examination maybe? This should not be done against family wishes but it's not worthy of national outcry.
Vina Roberts Obviously someone isn't up to par on the details & timeline.
Shai Love This thug is a murderer and I'm glad i no longer have to pay for him being in prison. Good riddance
Anetra Tucker Jose Baez must be smoking something. Really?!?!? Smh!
Wanda Brannen Mooring THESE COMMENTS THO! LOL
Joyce Weddington-Porter Got Foul play written all over this 😒
Nicole Maria Jackson It was released yesterday
Candice Forward That's so creepy and bizarre!!
Angela Ferguson Wow. There's goes the missing organ shenanigans!
Ericj Smith Sick of hearing about him
Anthony Sidney You mean he actually had a brain?
Dee McManus He Didn't Use It...
Dawn David Wow wdh
Russell Dale Why you can't see crazy in the brain.