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A little Obama shade from Queen Elizabeth to Trump.

I vote Republican
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This man needs to never be on a basketball court again. He said he was "assaulted."

These caucasianoids are making my ass itch.. 🙄🙄🙄
When you call 911 don't the dispatcher ask what's your emergency???? The reason I ask is why do these dirty corrupted ameriKlan cops keep showing up for this BS?
"Fouled Freddy" couldn't play with the big dogs. LOL
Psychosis is running rampage.
He should be charged with making false statements to the police.
Candy ass lady boy playing ball with the big boy's. Lol 😄👍
I bet he was wearing a headband, white shoes and black socks
I guess he should've stuck with beer pong 😒
Did he take his ball home?
Trying to get s black man killed over a foul! Gtfoh!
Definition of a punk!
Please they need a heavy fine I bet they will stop the no nonsense calls..
Bitch ass! Stay of the grown folk's court!
911 Whats your black emergency?
Put him on the football field and let him run the ball.
Newton's Cradle
Know White Dudes Who Ball Every Day - Hard! They Foul - Get Fouled - Sometimes Near Fight - Others On Court Break it Up - Ya'll Go Outside - Cause We Balling here! GAME MOVES ON! ……… ………………………………………………………… amazing how the machine can report once incident and make it seem EVERYBODY is somehow involved! …..One Racist Incident = Them Damn RACIST White Folks! ………..Another Racist Incident ' Somebody Need To Do Something Bout These Damn NIGRAZ ...They're Running Amok- Ruining The Country …...Auntha Racist Incident = All These Damn IIMMIGRANTS The Reason There're No Jobs n Vegetables So High! BE CONSCIOUS OF ONGOING MANIPULATION & DECEPTION!!!
Obviously that idiot does not know how pickup basketball is played. Hacking and elbows is standard. He's lucky he wasn't playing in the park.
You can't do nothing nomo without having the petty bettys call the cops... For example Hi 911 this is zech the blacks are going to church on a sunday we need the cops here asap... 😂😂😂 its an epidemic
Punk ass
Ignorant punk
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Trump continues to debase the White House.

Can you link me to the articles you posted when President Obama went to a baseball game with Raul Castro, or when Hillary went to Putins home, or when Senator Chuck Shumer had donuts with Putin ?
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Tim Scott will defend Trump at ANY cost!

How can this Uncle Tom look in the mirror and say, I'm a strong black man
Darn Uncle Tom!!!!! Yea I said it!!!! Grinning like a horse at the feeding trough!!!!!
I will say whatever you want me to master.
Lordy, he ain't got no sense. Master done had him on the farm too long.
I am seriously tired of white folks wearing Black faces pretending to be Black! Take that darn mask off! And show your true colors!!
How much Russian oligarch money has this fool taken? He has sold his soul to the devil just like the rest of them.
Now that's what you call some kind of stupid
Tim and Ben prove that assholes come in many colors
I think his name might be “TOM” Scott instead of Tim Scott!😳🤔😡
Dude when he is not there anymore dayummmm you aren’t to smart he is temporary one term illegitimate president you have no idea the damage done
Trump don’t give a dag on about this house zebra
So sad,still trying to belong in the REPUBLIKKKLAN PARTY...
People shouldn't get upset. There were niggas like this during slavery.
The Trump cult is real.
Did the man he loves spoke on the LYNCHING BILL he proposed???
Just because you have the pigmentation doesn’t mean that you have the inclination!!! SMDH
They have to do whatever to fit in. They don't care about you Tim!
He sure don't deserve it he sure isn't praising you Mr. Uncle Tom
He is so awful & ignorant! Shameful person!!!
Hey Tim what foreign affairs are you talking about.We know more about Russian foreign affairs since that is what Trump is promoting.
He has no conscious and he sold out a long time ago... With that being said, I’m not sure what people expected him 2 say or do other than what he did?
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Ending the practice of paying for prison calls may be the next big reform pushed for jails.

This is great!
It’s a setup!!!!!!!!!
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Some justice may soon come for #EricGarner. #NYPD #DanielPantaleo

The whole world saw this unarmed man get killed by the killer thugged out cops.
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Several women said they were dismissed with the quickness from a #miamiswimweek casting call because of their skin color.

How ridiculous is this? While white models just came out of the tanning booths, and on to the stage! Sick !
Have you noticed that you rarely see a pregnant Black female on tv, or Black females in swimwear?
If you’re an entertainer or model you’re there to sell yourself if no one is buying you need to reinvent yourself
They might as well call 911...Haters!
This is nothing new.
And after all the crap you have posted, every day about upgraded White Supremacy since that idiot got into the oval office, you didnt see this coming??
It’s Miami! What in the hell were you expecting. I went on a cruise and ported out of Miami Florida And was treated poorly in there airport and in with the bus transportation system trying to get a ride to the beach. In my opinion they are very racist and it wasn’t just the whites that treated us that way. Whites Or not the only group of people racist against blacks
Don't they know that swim suits look better on skin with color. Swim suits look sad on pasty white skin. You might as well put it on a white manican and push it down the run way. Yuk
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Do you agree with Jamie Foxx on Quentin Tarantino?

The mindset of Negropeans...smh.
Jamie, i understand what happened with the philosophy of the movie"s background and how the N word was always used. But, i watched the movie and i wanted to tell you that you acted a hellified Django+Nat Turner solid role. Stand, behind this director's background in the mean time. He, know what he's doing trust his directing because i want to see you do a added Django 2 in the future by a another film in the future. Real talk L. J.
I'm confused it's ok for Jay Z to use it but not Quentin!!😱
Not surprised at Jamie. Look whose on his arm. Let that marinate
Word to the wise. If you have to question your use of a word, don't say it. Italian brothers say "Come here and let me kiss you on cheek, you F'in Dago!" This means you are his friend/brother. If you're not Italian, don't say it at all.
Il say I'm not surprised he is defending him
I don't know...I asked several black Detroiters how they felt about the1995 Biterphobia by Eminem. They explained that its different. Eminem is a black dude with white skin, got his ass jumped in Detroit Public Schools like most of us. His street cred pedigree is unquestionable. I could not argue any of that.
He loves to use that word though
When sell outs are getting paid. Anything goes. Glad to see ppl are seeing the real Jamie fox
That word should never be said, its An evil word. PERIOD!!!!
Not a good actor really, Ray was good, Django, ok, but meh
He defended when thr movie. This some long delayed outrage
I have noticed that very fact for years. Shame on you jamie. Shame.
Did they say it out of hate?
You can pay negroes millions to say any damn thing nowadays
This man is Fucking a white woman you cant trust anything coming out his mouth
Jf is and will always b a coon..
He not even Black no damn more he is just a nigger #IGNORANT
Well you know what when ever I watch Latinos and or Mexicans fight on line or on facebook they are saying what's up N@&$# what's up while they are throwing down I never once saw a black person stop the fight and say who you calling a Ni@$#. So why is it sooooo bad now that a Latino or Spanish descent person is saying it now? I believe black folks have giving them a pass a long time ago.
I don’t agree with any Negro who is ok with White People utter “N*gger” out of their mouths. Jamie Fox is so irrelevant to me though so whatever.
shut up Jamie, this argument u shouldn't defend Q T on.
Jamie is a coon, just ask Katie.
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A student accused of #IHOP Dine And Dash says he is more aware of racism after cops profiled him.

He did it
I'll never go to IHOP. Again another crossed off my list.
Happens all the time after midnite at Denny’s and iHops and Waffle Houses all the god dam Time!!!
Cops did not racially profile them. Smh they got a call with descriptions from the manager. Stop lying.
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Heartbreaking. Rest in power, Rashaun Washington.

They wouldn't have to OUTLAW....but you lazy muthafuckas didn't want to work.. 😂😂😂😂 we here now boo😘😘😘😘😘😘
Shoot the damn dog!!
Cops aren't shit
Administrative leave...
Outlaw it.
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Wendy Williams is being penalized for letting Sherri Shepherd talk about racial profiling on her show?

They need to make her pay their legal fees when she loses. First she said the restroom was out of order, which was a lie, then she told them it was for paying customers. Well if she was ringing them out when she was confronted, then they were paying customers.
Her manager told her to keep customers from the bathroom. She was following orders. can't read the article unless you subscribe?
Now we all know who you are( bathroom Brittany)
Bathroom Brittany?😉
I dont know why i follow this page because its so hard to read a story when a big yellow box pop up forcing you to subscribe and dont even have a X so you can click that mess out and read the dam story.
This frivolous lawsuit should be thrown out!
Could not make heads or tails out of this article
Maybe she really was fired for cussing, that sounds legit. She ain't gonna win. Lol. She should be suing the ytpipo that have made discrimination so widespread, that in cases which actually may not be racially motivated, seem that way. Oh well, yall own fault. 😂🤷‍♀️
The white people don't want to talk about racism because they know they the only ones teaching it and if they not they know that in their family their are ones who teaching hate so they don't want to offend their families
So what??!! What's the problem?!!
Ooh shit
As long as she is throwing African Americans under the bus it’s ok just don’t call out the caucasians
Deplorable will lie but she was fired for cursing The Less Than Perfect star slammed Reyes as a racist for not letting her use the Hollywood store’s bathroom. Reyes claims that her manager told her that the bathrooms were being repaired and to not let any customers enter. Reyes says that she was fired five days after Shepherd’s social media post. Reyes says she was told she was getting fired for cursing, but she thinks the real reason was the racism accusations.
So was true.. Good for her . Put them racist dog on notice everytime and lets get them all fired for being so dumb and ignorant👍👍👍👍
There's and attorney, that is actually willing to entertain this foolishness! Sue your job for wrongful termination! Maybe you'll have more luck. If you're being a bigot or racist! Then you'll get called out. That mentality is toxic.
Like I said I don't care what it is but white don't like talking about racism because they apart or their family is point
Both of them are stupid
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Jay Z and Mayor Jim Kenney are beefing over Made In America in Philadelphia.

Jay ripped into the Mayor, and by the look of things he looks to be caving. #TheBlackDollar is powerful. 💯
Philadelphia= Poverty. That isn't going to help the residents. Local businesses yes residents no.
How the city and Mayor Kenney handled is very disappointing and very poor business practices. If he had been the Executives from Amazon would be have been treated so poorly? This venue is Not the only one who uses the iconic BF Parkway #NFL, however they seem to be the only ones NOT welcomed. Shame on the City and Mayor Kenney.
Voters Unite!! JayZ can get young folks registered!!
The original memo to Shawn from the Mayor's office: "With whiskers like a rat, compared to Beans you wack."
Who TF cares! Did he bother to beef about gentrfication in his very own Brooklyn?? How about the situation in Flint?? How about the police lynching in Chicago recently?? But when it comes to him wanting some fans going apeshyt, then he got something to say??
That response was WEAK
Ask Mayor Kenney where's the missing 30 plus millions dollar's!!😠
Always crying some race bs. Stfu Jay z the devil's right hand man.
Stfu devil worshiper!
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A D.C. cop who groped a black man during a stop-and-frisk gets slapped with a lawsuit...

The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you "We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection".- Dalai Lama
Listen people.... If the justice department wanted to end police misconduct across this country they could with the stroke of a pen . And if lawmakers wanted to put in stronger policy's that would prevent these behaviors from happing they could. So ask yourselves where's the buck stop. Let's start holding those politicians responsible. ( Democrats & Republicans)
That cop is a sexual perv. He does not need to be on the police force.
Im glad he is suing this nasty a...cop. dont make no sense. Hopefully changes will be made within the dept.
That police officer need to be fired. He had no right to violate that man.
This makes me sick to my stomach!!! He need to be labeled as a sex offender, and do jail time
Good maybe one day they will get tired of being sued and start doing their job correctly.
Include the officials and chief in these suits and they will get the message of violating people unalienable, and Constitutional rights!
He'll swear he was just reaching under his nut sack to check for drugs😑
Good for you Mr. Cottingham, sue them!!! Every time an atrocity like this happens they should be sued. That's the only thing they'll understand & hear. They don't hear the cries of the protesters for fairness & justice, but they'll pay attention when you dip into their pocket. Thanks ACLU.
Police abuse. When will it stop?!
I'm glad he filed a lawsuit
They stop little black boys and search in their underwear and then wonder why people can't stand them!!
After the initial groping, he had to go back for seconds. Probably couldn't believe the size of that thing!!🤣🤣
WOW DC cops what are you guys doing now. Not good.
Discipline but active duty...
Good. 42 USC 1983
So now they molesting ppl
Lord have mercy
The cop is a racist! ... what kind of man would want to finger another man ... this cop shouldn't be on duty with that sick mind.
poema botella vidrio pt 2 ..... en esta carta encontrarás que mis sentimientos por ti nunca se desvanecerían como un tiro libre durante los buenos y malos tiempos ... (con la esperanza de poder traerte alegría y nunca trae loco tu tristeza) o vete a otro lado ... con el tiempo espero que encuentres esta sagrada carta. es raro pero no es difícil de encontrar como un tesoro enterrado ..... hecho para ti ..... SOLO TÚ solo tus ojos ... ninguna otra mujer me importa nunca despreciar .... tal vez a veces solo ... cómo podría saber que lo encontraste para la búsqueda de botellas y el destino ... pende de mí. ¿Caía en el profundo abismo de los océanos, tragado por un pez gigante? ¿O podría haber sido encontrado por otra persona ... algunas de mis mayores preocupaciones ... oh, cómo me pregunto si alguna vez sabré ...? Porque esta carta es mi tesoro sagrado ... porque en esta carta solo tus ojos puedo ver ... las llaves de las 4 cámaras de mi corazón ... una vez encontradas, espero que no las destroces mabybe, mantenla cerca (tal vez cerca de corazón) ... mientras el mundo gira ... como los días pasan ... a medida que pasa el tiempo ... todo lo que pido ... "¿encontrará ese vaso #bottle? #
Digging in someone's butt without even putting on some gloves! Sick pervert!
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White evangelicals have a fear of a Black planet...

What religion did our ancestors have, before being brought here in chains????? don't answer all at once
I don’t think they are terrified. That’s pure evil hate.. They keep telling us who they are and how they feel. How crazy do we look. Wake up people.
It is written, “the first shall be last and the last shall be first”! Prophecy will be fulfilled.
How are they going to feel,when they meet Jesus and find out he's Black and he says depart from me?😁😂😋
Growing up in Catholic school any vision of Blackness was totally avoided.
And some black folk Love to flock to the white church.
Well that's just shows anyone that's all they are is white church folks. If the church was in their heart. They wouldn't fear anyone.
Don't mistake hate for terror.
My church isn’t afraid and neither am I. Our VBS program just ended tonight. Lots of kids and parents of all colors there. It-Was-Awesome!!! I’m looking forward to next years VBS!!!
If they hadn't lied and altered our his-story they wouldn't be scared shitless , they know the truth.
They are afraid because of decades of wrong doing to poc. They should be. They never fixed it. Now its time.
Not is called Karma............
Stay out of they churches
"Well, isn't that special!" ( in SNLs church lady voice) 😇
I have had the occassion to visit a few white churches. Because they were close by. Mind you these visits were in different states. After the first maybe third visits. They kind of pounce. Like because you came to a church you did not know the word. Like you wasnt a true believer. It always made me feel uncomfortable.
Look~ how they put` our symbol" on the dollar! This Why´ their afraid, they know this picture, is our true, selves! They know~ who we are! °¥
What do you think happens when missionaries go to foreigns lands 👀 all gods work?
The bible is all about people of color .... They want you to believe the people in the bible mentioned are white but the truth is there NOT ! Life started on this earth with Black people's DNA. There's not one single person on this GOD given earth without DNA from Africa.
Why because they’re afraid of the big payback. Scared KARMA is gonna reach out and touch them. They know what they deserve. White people we are not cruel like you.
The church is in you. The true church is not a place of brick and mortar. So evidently the brick and mortar their attending isn't ministering correctly. God isn't concerned about your skin color. God concerns himself with your spiritual makeup. If white people are afraid of black folks dominating then they're afraid of Jesus Christ.
When black folks attend white churches practicing there religious beliefs ! Those are the same beliefs that brought are ancestors hear against there will. Know the truth about who you really are and not what others want you to believe. WE ARE A CHOSEN PEOPLE believe it or not.
They are NOT terrified of Blacks. They are choosing to go against the very thing the Bible is about as the true story of the MESSIAH is becoming world known and it doesn't match their interpretation.
Nationalism, they're afraid the same thing will happen to them that happened to the Indians
What the hell are they afraid of? They claim to be the superior race and are angels of God and God is on their side. Maybe they forgot that Lucifer was also an angel. They are nothing but damn EVILGELICALS.
That's why they didn't want black people to learn read.
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Meghan Markle's father and half-sister are desperate and jealous.

U see it's the white side of her family hating....ijs
Funny how NewsOne "didn't cover not one iota of the Royal Wedding", but can find time to write about "White trash".
And why does she have an accent now?
That's just the Honey Boo Boo side of the family.
They better be ccareful, bc they could come up missing.. The Queen don't play, especially when it comes to being embarrassed... ijs 🤔🙄😎
Haven't seen her sis in 10yrs... So¿.. What's the urgency¿
leaved them where they are if the're not family about love cut them loose,it's up to all of us to find your own Soulmate's not your family members.
I'm so happy that she's living her life and not giving them the attention they crave.
And we’re thinking thank God it’s not the black side acting this crazy.
Trashy halfs!!! Just jealous of her. Typical Cinderella story, lol I'd continue to ignore them too, they're not even important enough to respond to. #PURETRAILERTRASH!!!!
Sad they can’t leave the Ditches alone. She married a royal and is happy they like her so shit your face
Dont tell us shyt till we hear what her mother has to say!
Exactly the reasons.
Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy.
Why can't they mind their own gotdamn business?! Yeezus fuckin' krist!
Sad Evil side of family!
Pathetic, miserable people! Wow.
They thought they asses had made it out the trailer park, thinking they are royals lmao
I don't see the interest with this Meghan is a white girl that's got some black in her I've never known her to be at any black causes or events let's be honest Newsome Meghan is a white woman and that's how she identifies herself. Move on
Trash being the operative word.
What is wrong with these mother fucking racist people have they all gone mad with HATE,#45 why dont you gone and move to Russia and take all your hateful supporters with you ,just clean the US up,lot less racism will be going on.Like Rodney King ssid can we all just get alone try it you nay like it, hope you racist folks have plenty money csused #45 is getting a lots of you fools fired then you want have jobs,so my thing is starve,MF starve.
Send them one of the leftover royal blue plastic tarps for a new roof for their trailer. Starting to stink of mildew and parasites...Oh sorry that's the family's odor.
Why can't they act like the good old White Folks and Stay Away
They don't count just ignorant!
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Memorializing Black history.

NewsOne2 days ago

Communities have unanswered questions for police departments...

Then the Black Leadership should stand up and ......oh wait I forgot there is no Black leadership!
Russia wants their prosecutors to interrogate FBI IT agents investigating their attacks. Same thing. Never assist your enemy.
He didn't pull his gun!!! I've read on 2 other posts he pulled his gun, he didn't pull his gun. His hand was on his gun, but his gun was still holstered while he was RUNNING AWAY!!!! She murdered him plan & simple.
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A teacher dragged a Black doll with a rope in another racist incident in #Iowa.

If she is 30 years old, she’s been ignorant for 40 !.......
I dont know if you have noticed that since we have fallen from this , they take pot shots at us every hour cause they think , now that we have no leaders single or group, no national organizations worth a dime and no Black unity , that we are now after all that hard work of the past have become a punk race that they can just do to as they please!
It is definitely rampant, that's for sure. Davenport, Iowa school district has been cited by the State Board of Education for their disproportionate number of blacks being expelled and harshly disciplined. The number that I saw at the meeting was 43%.
Is this a professional Iowa state certified teacher? Why aren't all the patriot Iowans upset by this hateful act? Oh...yeah., right....MAGA...ok ..ok.....
She'll go over to the next school district & get a job.
I don't see a problem.
So again, you posted a link to the actual article which states they havent even said or shown what she allegedly did or even what context, so again a race baiting headline knowing not one follower reads these articles and links
Call it out! Don’t put up with these racist slugs behavior for one second!
These motherfuckers have lost their Racist white minds, fuck up a racist Every chance i get.
NewsOne2 days ago

An Ohio woman is facing this rare charge after she allegedly painted the N-word on a home.

I dont know if you have noticed that since we have fallen from this , they take pot shots at us every hour cause they think , now that we have no leaders single or group, no national organizations worth a dime and no Black unity , that we are now after all that hard work of the past have become a punk race that they can just do to as they please!
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New reports shed light on the challenges African-Americans face when searching for quality, affordable housing....

How about just buying a house period! The Neo racism inspired by the new president , just inspired this!
We spend 2 Trillion dollars each year, purchase your own homes and apartment buildings.
Well get from under the law call.THE COLOR OF be much easier for to be free.
And black people will pay a higher price even with a perfect credit score and large downpayment... Invest abroad... 😎🎉
Same shit different day
What are those Black Politrix doing for us anyway??
NewsOne2 days ago

Anthony Lloyd Scott threatened Maxine Waters and this is his punishment?

cause she had insanley weak protection, had it been otherwise what do you think??
I will be doing this story on my IG page. Thanks for the update
More race baiting but its fine when someone threatened Trump amd was released without any penalty
Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Maxine Waters! Ladies not afraid to speak up for the truth.🌷
There is no way he should still be in office!
In the name of Jesus, please cover Maxine
Too bad we can't get the real Black Panthers rolling again,who does this mother fucc ker think he is threatening someone, he got a family what goes around comes around and next thing GOTCHA! !!!!!!!'!'!!!!'
Thank you Maxine for standing up against that ass clown con traitor to his country, Putin bitch , where Russian money means more than his country.....
Good old America
Where's Malcolm X ???? They KNOW exactly who to come for bc we're too busy "going high".... 🤔😎
Don't y'all let Trump, get y'all ass beat.
The same ole same ole
He shouldn't have gotten shit. That wicked heifer started it. Now she can't take the backlash. She needs to clean up her district the crooked old thieving slag.
Call me.
Not surprised at all
White privilege
kevin Roberts wants everybody to know, there was a white individual that didn't get any time for making threats against trump! Hey Kevin! Nobody on here gives a rats ass! About who's threatening trump! He's a threat to the American people by himself. And you should be on a site that shares his racists views. He's a traitor he should be charged with treason.
We live in a white racist shithole of a Country. Even the woke one's went to Sleep again. You can go ahead and Think their your friend while you are Being murdered and assaulted and Disrespected everyday, fuck that, i Dont trust them as far as i can throw Them. I pray that she has a gun and Protection from her peeps, because They do want to kill her.
White Privilege,
White privilege
Black tax paying voters support Maxine waters 100% even when other black politicians are afraid to do so. Reminder to racist domestic terrorist wannabes..... Not all black people are afraid and not all black people react the same to racial terrorism. So i advise you to choose your target's well because your terrorist behavior can turn out fatal.
Cameron Johnson talk all the shit you want to on FB,bet you wouldn't say it to that heffer in her face,now fuck with that you coward just like old bully #45,he wouldn't be shit without security just a fat ass slob with no real true grit.
That's because white men don't get punished in Amerikkka
NewsOne2 days ago

A man was attacked by a dog before police fatally shot him in New Jersey, a witness said.

Now do you see why it is important to vote! Get up and register to vote in your state and local elections. People in these cities need to be protesting at the mayors office, city council meetings. You need to be flooding all your representatives office with emails and calls. WE pay taxes!! Stop letting them dictate the rules in your community!!
We Do Have One Who Will Put Us In Unity, If Black.People Will Come Togather With The Leader Farrican, And Stop Fighting Against His Leadership, If Only We Would Try Him Out, We Could Come Up As A People,!!...
Dogs have always been used and he was probably shot for defending himself against the dog
Your own article says he was shot and then the dog went after him when he fell.
It's extremely difficult for me to continue to see these types of incidents. Money has replaced God in this society. Therefore, we need to halt the flow of it. People of color should stop celebrating holidays. And yes I already have stopped.🌷
Dumbo (paul ryan) said they will reinstate the constitution. i will not be surprised if they try to legalize slavery.
Wow, back with the Jim crow shit. I wonder where in the hell is the Black Leaders of this country? If we don't stand together we are in big trouble. Wake The Hell Up
I dont know if you have noticed that since we have fallen from this , they take pot shots at us every hour cause they think , now that we have no leaders single or group, no national organizations worth a dime and no Black unity , that we are now after all that hard work of the past have become a punk race that they can just do to as they please!
How much longer is this Shit going. To keep happening
Dogs will start dieing then.
Nothing that they are enforcing is law, only statues and codes of a bankrupt corporation, legalese and they only wait for your signature to consent to the fraud by contract. Sign nothing, and go to there office of risk management pull there bond and sue them in there private and professional capacity braking them!
When they say make America great again, they mean great for them to mess with us and get away with it.
Rin Tin Tin aka for Anonymous and their subsidiaries
Sounds like the 1960's all over again. WTH !
They better used the dogs on trump, no one Black has never ever done what he have. Black peoples don't messed with thosed white peoples the're troubled.
Stop being scared defend yourself do him just the same to you do that dog
And yet black ppl love dogs. Dogs are our enemy just like mayo ppl.smdh But they can’t see it
Just evil
We have to keep those thugs in line or they will do all kinds of crazy thieving and raping. They can't be trusted. I feel like we should put a GPS tether on every single one of them AT BIRTH.
All the black people, needs to throw lawsuits in the departments budgets. And not donate to none of there fundraisers.
Black people should train their dogs to fight and use them when the time is right.
They just uncovered video evidence of Emmitt Till's attempt to rape white women.
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Black Panther continues to kill the game!

But he died in Infinty war!
It's only a book
The wrong one....
Yes!! Shuri!!!!!!
Benjamin Welch
NewsOne2 days ago

This is the inspiration we need right now. Happy birthday, Nelson Mandela.

Happy for him God Bless, him but to be honest, we thought Apartheid meant Colonization! that was the 80s, when we started to not look up things and take things for granted so we all supported the end of Aparthied thinking that Black Africans would be free of colonization and get their land and resources back! We never knew that it was a war against Segregation! I think that is why Dr King and Malcolm never talked about Mandela , or Sobukwe, and neither did Kawme Ture or Bobby Seale!
NewsOne2 days ago

Papa John's John Schnatter is getting desperate. Kanye West has nothing to do with his racism.

I guess he doesn't know that we are done with Kanye too. Smh
Majority commenting here didn't even read the article.
Boy bye! 👋🏾 Your pizza 🍕 tastes like crap 💩 anyway! Good riddance!
I guess when you run out of options blame the black man, oh wait they have been doing that for centuries what else is new why should he take responsibility for his own actions sorry son of pizza maker
LMBO he had a better shot saying Obama was to blame with all the Obama haters out there.
Grade school pizza taste better anyway
Did he really throw Kanye into this? Like we care about kanye
This fool, thats all they do, blaming others for their BS!
How when Kanye supports the same jackass President he does. Nice try though. He is clearly not up to date. He is referring to 2004 Kanye, who no longer exists.
Take several seats and sit your ass down and shut up
Yep, someone else caused his racism. I bet he was very comfortable using that word in his meeting.
Another person who knows the backpedal shuffle.
Yeah, next will be his ADHD, then he misspoke and was trying to say brother...
This desperate person is becoming a scary being!
On a scale from 1 to 10, how much of this is a total reach for this guy?
Not worth reading because of the subject matter... 😎
We like Kanye about as much as we like his shytttttie pizza
Stopped eating there years ago because the pizza sucks.
Must be that dragon brotherhood thing.
I'm Never Ever Buying Another PIZZA !! Wasn't Good Anyway !!!
No no that's on him all the way
Dude, for goodness sake! Shut up! Go away quietly. You're still rich! And you're still a bigot! And you've shown us who you are, and we believe you. Let those trumpsters enjoy your pizza, they seem to have no taste or morals.
Byrdz Eye View he did take the trump way out
It's like if Hitler were saying, I blame the jews for being a genocider.
NewsOne2 days ago

We're remembering Nelson Mandela on what would have been his 100th birthday. Here are a few of his most inspiring quotes.... . #MandelaDay #Mandela100

Remember a killer? Nawww I’m good.
Nelson Mandela was incarcerated in 1962. He served 27yrs and was released in 1990. How did he commit these acts while incarcerated?
What make him great is that he hand south African land to white. He sale his people to be a hero
Truly one of the greatest freedom fighters of our time.
Happy birthday. R.I.P.
Happy Heavenly Birthday
NewsOne3 days ago

Wiz Khalifa got some serious backlash.

But "nigga" this and that is fine? Foh. Don't care!
There's waaaay more important issues in the world. I thought black news outlets could do better than this. You're just another distraction to the people.
I think people wake up every morning and look for things to be offended by.
Why dont he just open up some Black owned fish markets, and dry cleaners and fruit and veg stores, suing his name as a brand! That would make his net worth become ten times over in just 11 months! Dont get mad at a Hip Hop artists cause they got a dumb excuse for rapping something stupid, have you heard the top albums lately??
They reaching 😂🙄
Jeezy said the same thing when he said “eyes so low, yeah, I look like I’m Asian.”
Crock of shit. Your headline is more offensive than his lyrics.
Welp it’s time to unfollow this waste of time fake news outlet
These crappers are a joke! Listen to real rappers from the 1980s and 1990s, they're still making music.
🙄🙄🙄🙄 😴 💤
Half of them call each other "My N@gga"!! They'll be ok
Hes clearly racist
Whats funny is white ppl or more outraged about the comment then the Korean 🤔
La estética de las penas oscuras que nadie sabrá nunca ... De la sublime deconstrucción de las almas, esculpemos nuestras verdades, ¿Qué trascenderá la mente y el Laberinto de la razón? A medida que la epistemología de las heridas sigue creciendo incesantemente hacia el cielo, La moralidad mal interpretada como iluminación por vagabunda impureza espiritual, Donde el sueño del conocimiento manifiesta los sueños acéfalo de nuestro subconsciente muerto. Iconos de la desolación cognitiva mortem que se convierten en prisioneros para causar y afectar, Pozos negros filosóficos en una obertura macabra y sin naturaleza, El Soumen Noumenon que devora la noche y el día. En este el reino de los grotescos fines humanos, Revertir la metafísica de la irreligión y la irrealidad, Creacionismo del absurdo que conflagra las almas de los perdidos. Atormentado por el espectro de la iconoclasia individual y el juicio de luto del alma, Espejos de existencia drenados de todo significado y revelación, Incomprensible y desconocido en las profundidades de nuestro Momento Mori. Después de la muerte casualidad detrás de los velos de un enigma poco ortodoxo, Delirantes carroñeros de la posibilidad nos ahogaban en la nada, Son nuestras experiencias objetivas o ¿Algún simulacro de nuestros heraldos y seres demonizados? Parasitismo ontológico de la iluminación Náusea, Estamos rodeados de apologistas mortales con mentes de serpiente, Como escépticos y racionalistas son consumidos por las sombras negras de sus necesidades ocultas y fantasmales. Sintiendo la carga aplastante de espacio y tiempo sin fin, Siguiendo las ondas de un empirismo más oscuro hacia una nueva voluntad verdadera, Soy el Deus Otiosus de las fuerzas que causan el cambio y el destino, El Deus Abscinditus entre el Abismo y la mente. Desde los Átomos de visión y previsión revelan tu verdadera realidad, Átomo y vacío ..... Nada está verdaderamente escondido del ojo de los Ouroboros, Abriendo la esencia de los mundos inferiores vestidos de serpiente de ser un
Este poema salió un poco inconexo. Piensa en un codo dislocado, entiendes lo que quiero decir. Se mueve como un perro con la lengua fuera. Salivando por agua con una loca sed rabiosa. Sed de conocimiento para el conocimiento es poder. Obtener solo una lección una lección de vida. Escrita en una pizarra vieja, la campana de la escuela dejó de sonar. Perseguido por el gran matón a través de los círculos en tu mente. Pero el matón está llorando y pide amistad. Aunque no recibe respuesta de sus fantasmas de orejas sordas. Llorando como un bebé, los ojos tristes se ponen rojos. Reteniendo el tráfico por qué las cosas se detienen. El semáforo cambia rápidamente y el color se vuelve verde ahora. De pie en el paso de cebra sonríe el hombre Lollipop. Alguien puede contar con un pilar de la comunidad. Pero cuando el pilar se cae, las sienes caerán. Arrojados en los escombros se encuentran los sueños de los falsos profetas. El que no tiene pecado, consigue arrojar la primera piedra. Intente rozar un guijarro en la superficie del lago. Los escalones aparecen donde Jesús una vez caminó. Conozco el camino que conduce a la tentación. La flecha en la brújula apunta solo a la pérdida. Pero tienes que empujar un pie delante del otro. Caminando hacia el Ritmo de un corazón que se hace eco. No soy bailarín de claqué, tengo dos pies izquierdos, pero me gusta cantar bajo la lluvia. Los cielos ahora se abren cuando los ángeles comienzan a llorar. Lavando todos mis pecados mientras arruinan el desfile del Primero de Mayo. Ticker tape snow cae de cada ventana cerrada. Cayendo como las almas perdidas cuando las torres gemelas cayeron Los gritos de las personas son ahogadas por las sirenas que lamen. El Capitán Ahab no puede soportarlo y se vuelve loco lentamente. Pero el Sombrerero Loco sonríe, porque la fiesta del té ha comenzado. Pero su cara a través del espejo parece distorsionada y deformada. Viajando más rápido que la velocidad de la luz, el conejo blanco está atrapado en un agujero de gusano. Tarde para su fecha importante él llegará allí antes que antes. Si Einstein tiene razón y quién soy yo para dudar de él, entonces es el momento y el reloj lo que está mal. No me pidas una mano No puedo manejar tus problemas. Tengo un mono en mi espalda y él maldice mi nombre. Su constante mordida hacia atrás me está volviendo loco. Necesito una lobotomía, como si necesitara un agujero en la cabeza. No soy la persona adecuada a la que debes pedir orientación. Estas gafas de sol que llevo no son para guiar a los ciegos. Demasiado pensamiento profundo solo te lleva al desastre. La respuesta es simple, ¿no entiendes que es tan simple como eso? Honestamente, siempre es la mejor política, pero el diablo está en los detalles. Está todo escrito para ti, pero quien molesta leer la letra pequeña. Cuando las cosas no tienen sentido, a menudo pueden confundirse y desarticularse. Pero a veces así es como podría ser un poema.
¡El conocimiento es el único medio ideal para unir a todos! Solo el conocimiento mediante una buena educación puede hacer que la democracia Efectivo para que todos disfruten libertad, libertad y derechos sin fallas; Tal conocimiento solo puede ser útil para que todos sepan la verdad ¡Y las realidades como realmente son de encima de todos los dogmas! El verdadero conocimiento obtenido por todos solo puede ser útil para unir Todas las personas del mundo se sienten miembros de la familia de un mundo Saber los pros y contras de los enredos que son ¡Separar todo en nombre de las religiones, razas, culturas y todo! Tal conocimiento realmente hace que uno sepa de uno mismo, mundo, La naturaleza y Dios tienen una visión amplia para fijar una ambición para Todos y cada uno para seguir el camino de forma coordinada para ¡Cooperar entre sí para crear el orden de One World ...! Fiel al dicho de que el conocimiento es virtud y el poder puede ser El mejor medio para unir a todos por la democracia basada en la política de Unidad en la diversidad sobre la base de la amistad internacional para coexistir ¡De una manera cooperativa para disfrutar del amor y la paz en la familia One World!
NewsOne3 days ago

Melania Trump is no Michelle Obama!

This Race Baiting has got to Stop! Both first ladies have and had different styles. Bad Manners must be protocol in your family!
She did her time, so why should she worry about the current first lady. She knew what she was getting into when she married the joker.. Michelle live your life like it is golden..
Juan Valdez Ok... Don Juan watch out for the ICE brigade... U 👈 could b next 😂🤣😂 #fakeprofile
Well, she is dealing w the life she chose. They both will seemingly do anything for cash.
Can't touch that...No way.. Michelle Obama is number #1👌👍👆
Michelle ain't concerned about the first porn lady. It would be like a dog going back to his vomit.
lol The reverse of that title "while Michelle's Misery in the white house continues, Melania Trumps is living her whitest life with celine dion" makes me giggle.
trump's wife is not miserable.....she is a "kept woman"... believe for Dr. Michelle Obama, go gurrrl! So proud of you!
I wonder if Melania called Michelle to as her if they could take her with them. She seems happier around Barrack at a funeral than she is any place else.
Yes my first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama enjoy your beautiful life free from stress
Couldn't come close, no way.
I am excited for her autobiography book in the fall! I can't wait to read it! I miss her! 😢😢😭😭
They have NOTHING in common, so please don't put them in the same sentence... #stayaway 😎
Love you Michelle, enjoy your life of freedom!
Juan Valdez needs to follow fox not news one...ijs...
Enjoy yourself and continue that smile. Make America great( smile)
This book is on my to read book list.
she's enjoying her life she's useless does nothing
Amen to that...and on so many levels
Well deserved
Not even
Мишель - умница!
As she should
NewsOne3 days ago

A Black woman saves the day in Seattle. #CarmenBest

Until she says one thing yall dont like and then the deragotry names ,amd threats start flying just like with David Clark, Ben Carson, Stacy Dash, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, etc.
Congratulations and prayers for this sister. Hopefully, she get the racist and bad cops out of the police force.
Awesome congratulations
Congrats to her
Now go arrest some _______people.
What's funny is having black people take over white institutions results in absolutely nothing for black people in some cases outcomes are worst as black people overconpensate to appease white people.. I wish her well but she is in a long line of black people who presence is more tokenism than any real radical change
NewsOne3 days ago

Damn... we can't even play basketball without the cops being called.

So professional. Lol
Cave man...
Fouled Freddy can't play with the big dogs.
This is crazy!!!!!! They need to start siting these folks for stupid calls like this
Reallllllly....they should be given tickets for the bullshit
This is beyond ridiculous
Start giving tickets to these people and it will stop. Conspiracy!!!
your generation cry too damn dont like allthis bullshyt thenunite nationaly and do something about it
Whyyyte people...
He’s made because a BROTHER gave him that WERK!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️
these people has lost their minds!
Lil Mitch!
Lol lol ok ok
Swish Swish another one in the basket
In Sterling Va.
Flash Moni Tajwar
And the cops came ¿ Smh.. If they don't start fining these dumbasses..
NewsOne3 days ago

President Obama returned to the world stage and delivered verbal body blows to President Trump without mentioning his successor's name...

I dont think the people still enslaved in Libya think so , or those who have to deal with US troops, vengeful over Black Hawk down, now stationed there by Trump think so! Just like Clinton paved the way for Bush's crap the brother, paved the way for the Baller!
Well said my president!! Can this be tweeted to that other guy . He is obsessed with Obama. We need help before we go to war over his stupidity
45 would call him out by name. Obama should develop some gangster and be straight up. Call 45s tail out by name. What is he scared of?
Someone needs to stand up to this bully.and not. be afraid.
EXACTLY!...<3 (y)
Why was he really invited, after what he did to Libya? 😞
Look at this silly Ass Metrosexual Beta Bottom Bish!😂😂😂 Y'all can have this Punk Ass Chump. Lawd looka here. Sad. 😂😝😜
Funny and true
the weather way up there on your smug high horse must be pretty good.
Begone Obama you have done your damage with your globalist agenda a i screwed up by voting for you twice ' begone already' you had your time 💯💯 💯!
That's what he wants with his stupid self because if he start a war he won't get impeached
Bet he didn't speak on the racism, attacks and possible genocide of white people in south Africa though
NewsOne3 days ago

Activists and rappers had been profiled on flights.

Time will tell.
NewsOne3 days ago

A man was beaten like it was nothing.

Fckn pussies. Gotta group up to collectively gain the nerve to approach a king! Why so scared?
They always attack in groups like the PUNKS they are.
Why weren't they arrested and charged immediately? If it were the other way around, that gentleman would have been arrested immediately, if he survived.
Thank you for makeing story national news please make it viral
They're only tuff, when they're in pack's! Or hiding behind a sheet or badge. If not they're just cowards.
Domestic terrorism is what it is. Praying for recovery and justice for this man. The government should be looking into this, not separating families at the border.
Shoot first ask questions later...
Over this shyt
Believe it when I see it!
Please share
Wake up black people.... Take your personal safety very serious. We live in a society where your life doesn't matter in the justice system or with racist officials on the street's. Practice your second amendment rights always. Don't become a victim of racial domestic terrorism.
All them cowards for one man
Fuck that put me an 2 homies in the cell with them so we can fuck them up like shank them to death
NewsOne3 days ago

Walgreens is accused of using a creative racial profiling method...

It happened to me and I put close to $600.00 in merchandise in my cart. I had it bagged up and took it to customer service and returned everything & told them the person who followed me around for the last 45 minutes can out it all back. I'm sure the ice cream melted. It was wasted time that was worth it because I put small items from automotive, beauty, food, baby products and pens. This happened at WalMart.
Yes! While they're watching us, the whyte op heads cleaning out the store😂
When I went to CVS on Sunday, I stood for a minute or so browsing, & a little bell kept chiming, & then an Associate slowly walked by my aisle...I wonder if this was the same type of thing?
You would be surprised to know that in black neighborhoods the merchandise is slightly more expensive as well. They say it's to compensate for the amount of inventory stolen. #staywoke I personally shop their every now and again but never duane's reade. They are both too expensive for no reason.
When I was in college I worked part-time in a Rite-Aid and I was often instructed to keep an eye on POCs who came in the store. What I saw with my own eyes was white elderly folks blatantly and openly stealing. I never reported any of them, but these were the only people I saw stealing the whole time I worked there.
I don’t steal in stores so if they wanna waste their time following me then go right ahead while meth head Becky clearing them out.
That alert is set off by a team member when they feel that there is someone they deem to be suspicious in an area "too long". It alerts other team members to watch the area and/or walk through it to deter theft. I see they have now started doing it by motion sensor.
Brother I have an Office Depot that has every red shirt in there following me like I’m in “Rocky” running up those steps with the whole neighborhood behind me. I felt like tearing my list into pieces and handing them out like at least I can put them to work helping me shop!
This happens at the Walgreens in Englewood. I’ll be the only one in an aisle and this alert goes off. Particularly in the hair care or skincare aisles
This happened to me in CVS. I stopped in the store after painting with my 9 and 12 year old daughters. We were the only one in the aisle when I was looking for hydrocortisone for a mosquito bite. I hear an announcement that surveillance was needed in the aisle. Needless to say I was followed around the store, by a CVS employe and security guard. I stated directly since you are following me can you direct me to the hydrocortisone. I also said you can stop following me when I walked over to the card aisle to get Father's Day cards. I was ready to walk out of the store but I needed to get home.
Lol! I'm gonna try it in the Walgreens in my neighborhood...if I experience anything like this...I'm going to gather up as many things as I can and start putting them on random shelves all over the store...might as well give them some extra work to do since they cruising around...make them earn that damn minimum wage!
I am probably profiled when l enter an establishment also but here's what l do, l go in, usually with a list, check off as l go,,, pay and leave!!! I don't care what they think!!! I gotta have what l need AND I PAY FOR WHAT I NEED!!! Simple,,, forget what they THINK,,,
If I find anyone following me around a store I turn the tables and slowly start following them! I normally turn it into a game of chicken where i mimic every move they make. I love doing this!
Krogers is known for using similar techniques in their stores. Their headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio so that should say enough
I didnt know we had automated systems like that. The walgreens I work at has button on the aisle that you can press for assistance, the automatic announcement is made after u press the button. If this is true glad my last day working for walgreens is almost here. 1 more week, on to better things.
Great, next time I fly home to Amerikkka, I'll make sure to smile, give them the finger before I pay for my prescription... Unfortunately this is where I have to have it filled... 🙄😎
The manager admits that it resets itself and that if it didn't it would go off every time someone walks by so its just a coincidence that it only happens to black people and his stores system can not generate a call for assistance so when this happens where are the customers that need assistance.
It's ridiculous walk in the store the girls running behind you can I help you with anything they don't give you a chance to get in the store so when they ask me yes can you help me pay for my purchases being that you're following me around the store
I swear I stopped going to my local Walgreens after I approached management to inquire who's asking for assistance I'm the only one here. They told me about the sensors and since I felt profiled I quit going to Walgreens.
I always have trouble getting my medication there. Its as if they always give me a hard time about something.
This is true. A lot of times when I'm in an isle ( i.e, card ) they just happen to put items back. One if the last time I was there, they came in the isle 3 times. Come on. At times, no one or limited people are in store at time. Go at night and see what happens. Other things happen too but this is often.
They don't want it with me... I'll have their asses checking their stock for items I ain't even buying....
Meanwhile they’re not hearing the alarms on the sudafed go off and meth heads are cleaning them out...
Facial Recognition technology hardly recognizes Black faces so HTF would a Walgreens motion sensor be racist?!? This article was a waste of time...😒
The alert only went off when blacks entered the aisle....yes racial profiling. I am no longer filling my prescriptions at Wallgreens. I dont like CVS either...Im running out of options.🙄