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the-rickey-smiley-showComedian. Television host. Movie Star. Top-rated syndicated Radio Personality. Father of 6. For over 20 years. Rickey Smiley is one of the most beloved performers in American media, earning a reputation for delivering boundless laughter on-air, on-stage, and on-screen. Every morning, millions of Americans in nearly 60 cities listen to Rickey Smiley and his 6 outrageous cast members on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” His interviews with major celebrities, social political awareness and trademark prank phone calls have made Smiley one of the most listened to radio personalities in history. Rickey Smiley’s down home southern humor, opting to use insight rather than vulgarity to get laughs, is at the core of his success. His audiences are treated to such original characters as “Mrs. Bernice Jenkins”, “Lil’ Darrl,” “Joe Willie” and “Beauford.” Smiley is known for his clean comedic style and his reputation to sell out venues across the country. To movie audiences, Smiley is best known for “All About The Benjamins” and “Friday After Next”. He’s recorded 8 best selling CDs including iTunes #1 Best Selling Comedy Album, “Rickey Smiley- Prank Calls Number 6”. On television he”s hosted BET’s “Open Casket Sharp” and “Comic View”, appeared on “Showtime At The Apollo,” “Uptown Comedy Club”, HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam”and “Snaps”. Smiley graduated from Alabama State University, became KBFB’s (Dallas) morning show personality in 2004, and soon moved his show to WHTA Atlanta. When not performing, Smiley is the ultimate devoted father, single handedly raising 6 kids, the subject of a soon to be released parenting book. QUOTE: “Success is when preparation meets opportunity

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Info you may not know about Migos:

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Do you know your greatest strength?

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Conduct T.V.
T.D. Jakes shutting Paula White DOWN and addressing America's hunger and poor issue! Do you agree?!?! Please like and share!
Ya'shica Rochelle Bishop got them all the way together!!! That's why I'll ride for TD Jake's anyday. He started from the of the REALEST men of God out there!!💜💜
Barney Wells Say what you want about Bishop Jakes' character all you want, but his argument here is incredibly valid. The church CANNOT do it all by themselves! But the government, who TAKES 30-40% of our income, HAS to be responsible for helping the "least of these" among us. We can't say we want a Godly man in the White House and not expect that man (and th govt he leads) to act like God would act. "Take care of the widows, the orphans and the sick".
Deanna Wright Bump him and Paula, straight demons hollering LORD. I guarantee you they won't donate ALL that money, those houses, those cars, those clothes, and those private jets to the poor and homeless, always reciting that the poor will always be amongst us bull crap!!
Tina MovingForward Butler I remember my church used to have a food pantry on Saturday to give food and other items like diapers to the needy for free. Do you know that folks was going back out and selling the diapers and food and toiletries. Very sad. When you try to do good in the community folks mess it up but the church the main place that gets criticized the most. The church ain't the only place that can't be trusted. You can't blame the church for everything. Now he right about the government they do take our money before we even see it to live in this messed up world.
Tina MovingForward Butler I agree now for real. Now to give in the church is free will. You don't have to but the government take our money off top. It's not voluntary but every body got the hush mouf on dat. Now with all the taxes we paying shouldn't nobody be hungry. Why these fast food restaurants cant donate the millions of dollars ​of food they waste every day.
Earl Cobb Matthew 26:11 says the poor will always be poor. We can only do our best to support all needy people. Even Jesus was homeless.
Ya'shica Rochelle You are so stupid. We are suppose to be blessed with abundance!!! Jesus said that himself!! The "world" can have money, clothes, cars, and hoes and y'all still go out and buy albums, concert tickets, etc..... Live and Let Live!!
Kavalye Galan Ain't no difference ,emotionally, psychologically between prostitutes and black people in the church; they like to be pimped and get moist by big mouth neggers who talk shit that never really uplift us towards progress. But similar to the white man's homosexual agenda, black punks like TD are instruments that maintain the cause of white supremacy, among us.
Geraldline Morris Bunch of crooks... Bisiop Jake's would not pay a lady light bill after she begged him to...She was going to be disconnected in 2 days...He told her we don't do that... This was a senior citizen...I like Bishop Jake..But he was wrong for that... Just my opinion
Shaun Nettles For one the church is a business. So tell me again, what taxes does he pay under 501c3? He is tax exempt because he is a preacher. And that 10% lol he get way more than that, do the math. He made good point, all he is doing is making himself sound good as usual, literally he was saying, I'm not helping no one, and I know for a fact a woman from my town wrote him a letter, when she was loosing her home, she donated big money too him. Until the tables turned and needed his help, see you can make things sounds good, and most black will Amen to anything, long as it sounds, smell,hear,feel or taste good, real truth. Wake up, black people, you been falling for nonsense, he worries about paying a dam stafff, instead of saying let me help people, and that Potter House ain't nothing more that a tax write off lol... Government funded lol, you been fooled again. Tell me again, what 40% does he pay... that shit ass meeting was a set up for churches to give him more money, wake the hell up.
Vera Holmes How many times had he paid it before. Sometimes when people know of other resources out there to assist them, they use the money for other things. Not saying this lady did it.
Torrie Lee But that's the thing there's more homeless and hungry ppl and it's alot of wealthy people who are Pastors that will give back more to the wealthy or themselfs then the people that really need it! I know for a fact a person im very close friends with we both attend the potters house and when he needed help they told him no! But still wanted him to pay his 10%
Rollin Dub The only REASON , black folk suffere is that we have no place to hide our money... unlike the asian and latino immigrants we have no country to back us black folk up politically and socially
Patrick Bazile Can anyone tell me what TD Jakes did for the black community... expensive suit and a 747 Boeing
Patrick Maxwell Bishop was not trying to slam Pastor White. He was talking to all of them.
Paul Bennington He hit the nail on the head now ask your government that is your congress an senators who are suppose to be but in office buy you the people what are you doing with all this money that's a lot folks thirty per cent of your money every pay day plus fuel tax plus liquor plus tobacco tax import tax we're is it gone ?
Tari Williams Are they giving up that 503c status? No then the best pozi scheme still working.
Shogun Shonuff Sevennine Silynda I don't agree with him much but he makes a very strong argument here.
Kavalye Galan This negger is married to the money that he scammed his audience for. If Jesus came and told that he's not one of his, he probably would've told him to go fuck himself
Charles E Rattley Jr. Most of these folks got a damn runway in their backyard
Alicia Coleman Valid point! Doesn't mean that they don't help those in need. People just want to persecute the church. Do the math!!
Mary Everstrivingmay Carr WOW! Bishop T. D. Jake's laid it out! That was plain and simple English! I got to give him props on this one!
Tavia Bowers He's a mutli-millionaire that honestly doesn't care that much either but whatever.
Sly Calvin So we just gonna act like this dude ain't make 150 million off the word and Jesus made his living as a carpenter and still preach to the people.
Mike Daniel's Jr. He is a preacher and talking by himself Jesus did things by himself poor ppl funds made him rich you can end it in you town and still pay your staff but your life style want allow you to besides he do not pay taxes rich ppl always feel like they don't have to help ppl or stop poverty he can do ,so I guess he will just talk ppl to death and take a poor family 10 percent..
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Congratulations to Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri on being honored by the city of Detroit, Michigan!!

Dionna McGhee When I say that the black community is just unable to see other black folks do well and be happy... just move along! Congrats to these two.
El Christian Rosado In other Detroit news pot holes still Fucked up and crime on the rise.
Jasmine Collins When u zoom in to Bow Wow's plaque it really just says 6th Grade A Honor Roll
Mike Turner To busy giving out awards than fixing the problems their citizens have to deal with every day.
Rain Gray For what
Natasha Fisher Congratulations to Jermaine Dupri he's always doing good.
Donnell Warren Flint still needs their water fixed.
Stacy Stacy What bow wow do for atl
Jamie Long Ummmm for what 👀👀? Fill me in.
Kashia Bailey Really.....
James J Osman Why?
Kevin Lee Jr. For what?
Kiara Webb Straight insult to Eminem and Big Sean smh...
Pat Boss
Gloria Taylor
Gina Surgeon #DetroitvsEverybody ❤☺
Gloria Taylor Congratulations gentlemen
Brandon Fuller For what being washed up??
LaVergie Oddie Congratulations
Sharon Brown Detroit?
Sharika Mcneal People act like bow wow didnt have a career or something
LaDarius Kayla RoShod Korey Lol
Syneeka Williams Congrats u too love your music keep up the good wook
Sheila Graham Congratulations ❤️❤️
Deanna Wright LAWD!!!!!
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Didn't really so many adults still wet the bed...

Rhonda Mortimer Buckner .....I invited someone to visit and they did not tell me and they PISSED my mattress up and tried to hide it, washing all the time? My utility bill jumped. They have NEVER been back. Period. I trashed the mattress and had to purchase a new one for the guest room I purchase plastic mattress covers now.
Pamela Price This is a serious medical condition that many can't understand in some cases it's hereditary, yes hereditary. Waking up to go to the bathroom will not work in often cases the person do not realize until it's too late. It usually occurs in the deep sleep phase. Until someone admits their is a problem and stop being in denial that can't​ be corrected on their own. Medical intervention is required. This person need to seek they​ professional help of an urologist and through the right dosage of medication their bladder will stretch. No water restrictions will cure this. As explained by a physician this will cause a step back a step forward before it corrects itself. With increase then decrease in medication at that time. Then cured from the problem​. I know because I used to suffer from this into my late teens it's not a laughing matter. It's serious. I hate the idea of speaking about this but this can lead to serious depression. So I am speaking up for those who are in denial or afraid to seek help the only way to overcome this is through medical intervention to cure this. It's not too late seek help now. And for those that have small children that still have this issue after a certain young age seek help from a doctor. The best doctor to cure this as I mentioned is a specialist that is an urologist. Ricky Smiley I encourage you to do more research about this yourself and reach out to those audiences that may need this help. And let them know it can be cured. For those that laughed I'm not angry if one doesn't understand the frustration and depression they suffer inside when they shouldn't have to with the right help. Their are some foods and drinks with dye in it one needs to stay away from while going through the correction process. It irritates the bladder as well.
Justine Johnson If man didnt create the toilet or pampers women and men would wet on the floor to....why are we even talking about it.....lets talk about why its happen so women can do something about it and not load us up with drugs
Tarsha Brown I betcha that 💩smell just like ammonia..strong ass pee! They have adult pull ups where them if needed
Michael Coffee That dream you have where you are using the bathroom and you still have to pee while you are using the bathroom in your dream. Wake up and the "faucet" is running 😂😂😂😐
Patricia Scardina Quess it's a medical problem but they have adult dampers for that ..put on 2 at a time for extra protection sad
Tasha Oneofakind-Murphy If adults are having this problem. Why not purchase adult diapers or depends? No need to let anyone know what your situation is!!
Sharon Pace The woman in the picture is smiling like she's happy to be pissing while asleep.😬
Ronda Green If you give birth you will pee whenever lol....I'm just saying
Cidne Wallace Overactive bladder? My doctor prescribed Oxybutynin. Works like a charm with no side effects. No leakage and no urgency.
Admeral Jones Well I rather them pee in da bed than shittin in my mouth while Im eatin her asshole
Sam Jackson I Knew a woman who's organisms made her gush the bed soak & wet,freaked me out!!!😛😛😛
Justine Johnson If man didn't create the toilet or pampers we would we the floor to
Kaye Large Get up and go to.the bathroom unless you old and can get up fast
Rayshell Williams I had a dream i was using the bathroom..Woke up i wasn't in the bathroom
Eileen Wilson So men dont piss their pants
Bee Vert I still piss my pants..shoot, fuck sleep..ill piss my pants wide ass awake
Lisa Smith Incontinence
Chantel Manning Nah homie...nope.
Merritt Quinnotone I want to pee on you...-R. KELLY
Nancy Noel Well, they do sell depends
Bruce Wall Damn u learn something new every day
Tay Higgs Don't use bathroom in your dreams! It's a setup!!!
Tiffany Baber Brian Baber this going to be bj
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Remember the Washington, District of Columbia sniper?? Here's the latest on Lee Boyd's case:

Chante' Draughn This mess had me scared to go up north on the highway. Then when they were caught they had the boy trail in my area. Talking about scared! I was like please don't escape!!!
Kathy Holley Rodriguez Don't get me wrong it was horrible what he did but after watching a documentary on the case he was terribly brainwashed by that other guy. It's really sad.
April Lewis-Banjo I still remember the fear that took over the DMV during this terror event. Still not feeling sympathy. You shot one of our children getting off a school bus. No sympathy.
Catherine Cece Malachi If y'all haven't you should watch the documentary. It may change your POV about this young man. I'm not saying he shouldn't have repercussions for his actions but he was also brainwashed. I really do feel sympathy for this young man.
Edward Aguila It's a sad case, yes the young man was brainwashed also he had no choice to just walk away. It's a sad case. But also his actions was terrorism. I sure he was told about the outcome of his actions. But he didn't have any choice.
John Lifegoeson Williams So what about the white kid that killed his mom and dad the same year only got 4 years and people mad about this for what
Reginald Williams I Hope he will get treatment incarcerated in their if going put him back in society so he can maintain, but if not keep him behind bars so nothing of that nature can't happen again, if man kind can identify.
Daisy Thomas Emanuel He should be given a second chance to straighten his life out he was brainwashed by that bitter man.he needs to return home to his parents
Bill Ed Scruggs He was 17 and he had a strong (not good, strong) role model who took over his life. Let's find out if the damage was permanent.
Erica Wilder That's a shame. The sniper guy trained him with military tactics and precision. He was a trained sniper who was never deprogrammed when discharged from his duty. His wife couldn't recognize signs that he needed help. Now the boy will have to be deprogrammed. He was, in effect, trained by his superior officer. Or else let him go into the military war time, and show what he can do. Prison is not going to do him a bit of good.
Browneyez Mutti scary times living in falls church , va area in 2002 waiting at the bus stop on the way to work!! Every color car they first claimed was the suspected vechicle.. I was hiding behind things when they were
Jeffery Bruce I don't know whether these done state-by-state basis but this guy did kill people whether he was a teenager or not but you ever convicted drug dealer best of my knowledge he wasn't charged or convicted of any murders in Michigan I'm talking about the state of Michigan Richard white boy Rick wershe he was a teenager at the time when he was selling drugs but he still in prison but you're going to consider a murderer to give him a new trial makes no sense to me
Kimberly McCue I think that it is wrong for a judge to say that this criminal's constitutional rights have been violated because of his age when convicted a life sentence as a teenager even though not tried as an adult should still be tried as an adult than to let him go Scott free in my opinion & the point is he violated all the victims rights that were killed & he did this along with Lee Boyd 'aka' John Lee Malvo. This boy knew and participated in that crime what he was doing and he was not that desensitized or out of touch with reality to know that his actions were wrong, plain & simple. This criminal should have to serve his allotted time for that and nothing less or like I said be tried as an adult. He is a danger to society and needs to stay off the streets. Rehabilitation is one thing but a ticking time bomb of a possible repeat of this crime is another. Who knows what will happen in the future but this is a bad idea all the way round just the same. #Ijs
Sasha Springer The sniper was executed. Isn't this the young step son that got dragged along?
Tanya Mosley He was a just kid. He seemed mentally unstable and easily brainwashed and used by John Muhammed. I wonder how much attention was given to examining his mental status.
Eric Phillips I knew it! Came just to read the comments and knew exactly what I would find.
Keith Sumpter His ASS shouldn't see daylight for the rest of Life. He knew right from wrong.
Oliver Wade Jr. Let him out so be can take on the racist people and their deadly attacks on people of color...
Kimberly Edwards-Crawford But he knew killing was wrong... but people want to give him a second chance 🤔. At 17 you know that's wrong.
Tony Cherry if he kill some one in your family what
Tara Hannon That was premeditated... The boy felt loyal too him...
Tara Hannon What is the diffrence between 4 life sentences reduced to 1 or 2 life sentences.. ?? He only dies once... Smh...
Tara Hannon They both are evil and knew what they were doing... The man was trying too cover up for when he killed his wife...
Willard Jones You need to be executed I don't see why they gave him life without parole just kill his ass
Douglas Ruffin 17 with a gun.That's a man!
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Omar Octavious Patterson I swear people here on this comment page are very igrnorant. Africa has a lot of land mass sure. That does not mean there are more Africans then any other race or continental race in the world. Asians make up the bulk majority of continental race. In part do to China, India, and the part of Russia within Asia. Africans make up a smaller amount. Even less so then Europe and I believe the whole if North America had a higher population then the whole of Africa. African population is low due to the fact they have a low birth rate, so many die, and the life expectancy is poor. Only when Africa as a whole can become more civilized, centered together, promote unity and growth will you see it turn. A higher birth rate A higher life expectancy A higher literacy rate A higher value of life. All of that right now is so low. So what are you complaining about so hard? When most African nations can't get there stuff together?
Deaundrea White We've been lied to about our history and heritage period. A lot of people have gone back there to live.
Carol Reed That's why they want to keep blacks divided poor sick and uneducated because there is truly more black on this earth then any other race.
De Wells There are black people all over the globe. They speak all languages they are in every, Yes every country. The have every shade of skin and all hair types but they are my people still black. America is not the beginning of black people...The garden is... and as long as that is the fact you can't and won't ever be able to eradicate black from this world we live in. Those grey skin tone people in Ethiopia, China ect. Who do you think they defendants from. People.. need to broaden their minds and learn something and stop calling people ignorant, then get made when someone returns the favor. Everyone can learn unless they think they know everything. But I was educated way before Google became a thing. I may not know everything but I know more facts than Google and Wikipedia. Read a book people. And since some are trying to rewrite history and facts, my advice to you is get books atleast 35 to 40 years old.
Kekpu Keter Everybody knows the only thing stopping the middle east from being classified as Africa is Israel. Africa is the biggest continent not Asia. They're factoring in the middle east and all the islands off the coast of Asia as well.
Roly Knight You're comparing countries with a continent??? And trust there are more Asians than any others in the world.
Kenneth Smith Did any of u read the article smh! Again media creating anger for no reason and many of u are arguing!
Win Du'shae That's why they hate us so much, if we come together!! Don't forget our color is power, they don't want that to rise up to much to handle!!
Ema Rhymes Legacy As an african on this page i have seen alot EVEN from fellow black people like me
Bill Ed Scruggs When they unify the continent I hope they decide to forget and forgive.
Kevin Lee Jr. So why is the coast of New York surrounded by water (the ocean)
Omar Octavious Patterson Rickey Smiley Official FanPage. Please stop posting stuff like this. It just brings out the ignorance of some black folk.
Bonga Mbatha Only ignorant ppl didn't know how big Africa is period
Andrae Virgil I have been saying this for years.
Shafiq Abdul Salaam It's for us not you!!!
Albert Jackson What the hell is the point
Rhonda Mortimer Buckner Trust God.
Samantha Cox I know that.
John Johnson Wake up
Matt Paton 😂😂👌🏻
Kevin Lee Jr. So I can drive to China?? No ocean??
Maurice Pruitt Negus Ankh Nisut. Dike Green
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Having trouble getting your point across?

Demetrius P. Guyton D. P. Guyton
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SMH I can't with this one 😂

Vanessa Moreno My question is: How did this even make the news? They giving interviews on this weirdness. Is she breastfeeding him in public or on planes? How is it, that the world even knows about what goes down in the privacy of their home? That's the sick part. Keep ur nasty shit to yourself and REPORTERS, learn what news is. This is why we have a dumbass squatting in the Oval. Smh. #notmyAmerica
Joyce Grimsley She may have quit her job but if she didn't have a baby recently she is not breastfeeding. Women do not just have breast milk. This happens with the birth of a child.
Marshall Lewis I'm about people being happy, as long as their happiness doesn't tread on anyone else's....Look how happy they are. If she wanna quit a job to let a grown man suck the ta ta's, be happy!🤣🤣
Vaughn Moore We are presently coexisting in a society of insane people who need to be medicated. Some aspects of today's world seems like a scene straight out of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".
Bobby Taylor She is taking care of her man. I hope he is taking care of her and there not living off governments assistance program. If he's bringing home the bacon and the bread yes sir you can have them when you like.
Loletta Sullivan She must be out her damn mind he ain't that important u quit a job to go this bull u not getting anything out of it how the rent n bills gone get paid he gone suck that to
Sherry Mapps Afia J. Francis it can be true People are dumb as hell especially if you take into account the drug's they do and People trying to get something for nothing!!!
Yolande O'Neal could either one of them should their stupid faces?? Please stop posting this crap!!! This sort of thing does nothing for anybody.
Patricia Scardina Wow I would never stay home to breast feed a grown ass man that a perversion for them just like acting like a baby sorry Bae I'm not your momma
Deborah Denise Street Rickey! You need your behind whipped! Stop ✋ posting this foolishness!😠
Petra Mortimer This is the most dumb ass shit I ever heard in my life breastfeeding a grown ass man. Who can do something like go get a job and the woman I don't think she has a fucking brain quitting your job really both of you'll need to stop smoking that crack pipe or something both of them are stuck on stupid what the hell is happening to the world today
Cardell N Ershiela Dawson Why must whoever runs this page fill our time lines with pure bullshit? Its enough garbage on the Internet without our trusted folks Ricky Smiley adding to it!! Do better Ricky
Sabrina George What them day are over for him his day of breastfeeding is over. How is she going her bills that's crazy
Andrea Houston She said "she has always liked her breasts touched during sex..." Sooo apparently she equates breastfeeding with sex, okay so maybe that's why she "breastfeeding" a grown ass man, to get em sucked off 😕😕😕
Dorothy Jackson I understand she want to bond with her man, letting a grown as man suck on my titi that just crazy and by the way who going to pay their bill milk money 💰
Terri Johnson See people need to be more dedicated in relationships like this young lady. *insert sarcastic meme here*
Trina Hp What in the entire hell!! Never mind I'm logging off 😂😂
Keef Harris Love is a wonderful and sometimes disconcerting thing. If they like it. I love it. Dude is lucky in so many different ways.....and spoiled.
Anthony Capehart I love to " breastfeed" too but i wouldnt let my woman quit her job. Hell, im not paying her so that ass better work. Lol😂😂😂
DB Bundschuh Well here we have to Capable Adults who can find and maintain a job, but to satisfy their own person "Habits" are probably living off the "System". Sad
Yolanda Davis She'll be back working in a minute...Trump in office 😏
Cathy Harrison I'm sure if she have not had a baby her titts are dried out, So what is he sucking, a piece of dried skin.
Patty King Lmfao. These folks on social media is really going nuts I don't know if social media is helping or making things worst smdh
Cynthia Greene Please stop reporting this type of bull shit, it's not news worthy, it's just something to get attention, still a bunch of nothing...,.
Paul Strickland Terrence Lyons here a good woman for you spend all your money on fishing gear and still can't catch a fish she can feed you lol
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Come through!

Diane Lynn Long Hahalolol pay 💰 back is a bitch and she's getting paid Haters!!! She continues to keep those big coins flowing. Her real fan base remain loyal and that's all that matters lol 😂 Slay girl do your thang thang Your still the Queen in my book 📚 lol
Tyran Williams I'm personally tired of these award shows. It's to many of them
Erica Bracken Usually the artist is the last to know when there career has slowly ran its course.😒👎👎
Bryan Mccall Is Remy going too be there, nikki might not show..
Diane Lynn Long Sorry Remy can't travel She's on parole ha
Lorenzo Jefferson Here comes a "No Frauds" performance!😂😂😂
Latoya Myers 🚽
Ryan Hampton 👎🏾
Bryan RatedJersey Powell Her fake ass hahaha
Mary Bell She trash
De Wells What does this female do...really?
Pamela Brown Why?
Estar Martha 🤔
Sophia Robertson NBA awards? Mmmmmmmmm nooooppe.
Kimberly McCue You go Nikki girl! Do you! Yes do yo thang!
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Shaquille O' Neal's feet... WOW!!!!

Sandra Fields-Neal You people aren't to bright. Shaq feet looks like all athletes who use their feet to make money. Also, ballerinas, daners, etc. So do want you feet or Shaq' s money?
Barbara Dumas He has the feet of an athlete who played the game for years. Yes, I have seen some ballerinas feet that look really abused. It's apart of the business! Shaq is a genuinely great person and is judged by the way he has lived his life; not by how his feet look! Shallow people!
Charles Foster Jr. It's a dann shame that a millionaire have such terrible feet. I don't care how much he'd play ball there are all kinds of foot surgeons in the world that could have something with his feet.
Mari Larchelle OHHHMYYYGAWDDD.... y'all I HOPE that was a late April fool..... damnnnn Shaq ! With all them checks I know he can afford a surgery to fiss that big toe 😂😂😂😂 and for SOMEBODY to custom make them shoes.... his feet look as if his whole life he been wearing too little shoes !
Akilah Ali His feet look like he balled hard ass hell. 100 million dollar feet. It ain't easy...they jus make it look that way
Charles Wilson His big toe look like it's hiding from his pinkie toe in a game of hide and seek 🤣
Charles Wilson Shaqs feet look like a Silverback Gorillas hand after a long day of swinging from tree to tree wit his homeboy Tarzan 😅
Evelyn Braden White What was going on with that big toe? Looks infected to me
Shakiema Robinson And those feet were apart of his very successful career so what
Clif Taylor I have two Pitbulls and they ran out the house at the sight of Shaq's feet.
Andrew Dunlap If there is any man that can use cosmetic surgery it's SHAQ. Please get your foot reconstructed.
Arminuar Thompson Omg..... Julie Faulk Grooms! You gotta show Billy on an empty stomach 😂!
Shirley Wilburn-bess Ahh Shaq when I saw your feet made wonder if a podiatrist could help your feet. Is it from playing basketball 🏀 I know your feet take a lot of abuse
Kipp Lamar Man..., With all dat $$$ you have made and still making, you should have enough to buy you a BRAND NEW PAIR OF FEET....!.!.!
Sharon Waters Shar is a big man so his feet are big but when I saw his feet only thing I could say is Oh God. Much Love
Crystal Hall Wow!!! Fix it Jesus. I would have never shown anyone that. But he has plenty of money to fix his feet.
Lakeishia Stepney Well his face is too just cause his money long don't make him attractive
Victoria Davis- Hickson Atakqua I don't knows whos feet the ugliest his or Daddys
Daryl Sanders Damn where's the photo options I got memes to upload 😂😂😊😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Deon Davis No wonder shaunie left his ass
Phyllis Green His big toe looks like a Parana and the others look scared they might be eaten
Theresa Wallace Harris Betcha some thirst bucket rubbed and sucked his toes cthu😂🤣
Crystal Chic Latham Dude on Twitter said Shaq feet look like a Uber driver from the Flinstones!
Pamnchi Can If those feet were small on that large frame, same response.
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David and Tamela Mann will be on an episode of Rickey Smiley For Real and they beat us during game night!! #RSMS

Shataya Jefferson Yesss can't wait to see that episode
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach זוהר / כוכב כמו האור
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Should Rikers Island be closed for good? #Soundoff

K Lee White We need to deal with why he got there. The issue that he didn't receive a speedy trial. The problem with issuing bail on poor people. The piss poor representation of poor people. The problem you can say someone stole something from you with no evidence. Giving people meds that cause suicidal thoughts. Putting teenagers with grown men....
Kay Douglas Closing Rikers prison is fine, but what about the crooked, racist, officers that are working in the prison? I guarantee they will be moved to different prisons where they can wreak havoc on other prisoners as well. Kalif soul was murdered in that prison by the very people that are suppose to protect him in prison, yet they tortured him on a daily basis, and he couldn't deal with the memory if it, even when he was released. I watched the documentary, and this was the saddest thing and it brought me to tears. For all of those officers that treated this young man like scum, they need to be brought to justice. Kalif committed suicide, but they pulled the trigger in him to do so.....Rip Kalif, may you find eternal peace.
Tee Quin Yes because there are too many buildings there from someone that has done that Rikers Island visit three times a week for almost a year yes they should close it. But in reality all these going to do is build of the jails it's not going to stop them from arresting anyone and locking them up they're still going to do it all they going to do is have them in different places
Jessica Reese Closing Rikers doesn't fix the issues with the system or how the guards conduct themselves in the prison or how they treat inmates. Closing Rikers is just that closing one prison but these issues will still remain and these guards will still have the same attitudes and do the same things at another prison.
Tee Quin A lot of the time the actual problem is the DA's that keep the people locked up knowing that they don't have a case that they don't have the witnesses for the case. They just keep postponing the cases just to keep people locked up, and until the judges hold the district attorneys liable for their actions it's never going to end
Yolanda Wilson Get the crooked ass cop who issue with people of color. Closing it will stop the racist who work there. If our government would step up and put a stop it, but it contuine to happen.
Annette Nate Hooker Rikers island os not the problem its the people who officials who run and work at the prison and the way they have inmate housed and why they have people in the prison who have not been to court and still sitting there over a year. I am a criminal justice major and just did a 10 page essay on this prison. I leaen a lot about this place.
Lori Hunter Yes but deal with the issues first. Like why did he spend most of his time in solitary confinement. And plenty other problems with that prison
Pamela Garrison Yes, Rikers needs to be closed. It is out of control. However, I think the bigger issue is the improper things that those in charge allow to happen at Rikers and the fact that the entire system is actually "The New Plantation" as it relates to Black people, especially Black males.
Brooke Hilkston Who cares about naming a strwet after him . Fix the freaking problem to prevent shit like this. Im sure Kalief would have prefer to be alive living his life than a stupid street named after him. When shot happen to white people they change freaking laws and when shit happen to black people we need to forgive and move forward
Rhonda Perdue Yes it was awful what happened to Kalief.....RIP young man.
Mimi Butler Hafford Institutionalized and systematic racism should be shut down for good. Rikers are just buildings on an island.
Erika Jones It's getting closed down by 2020 that's what I read in an article a few weeks back
Clay Jemmott Is anyone that wants it closed willing to house some inmates at your house? How about paying bail for 10 random inmates? I doubt it.
Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive When you make a mistake, don't look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.
Kiona Touchnothisanointed Monique Gods will be done in it all!!!
Denise Miller Jones Yes it should be closed down for good.
Markeith Clifton Hell yeah
Regina Taylor It should be burned to ashes....😠
Patricia Bennett And to see that someone found humor in this. smh
Hazel Jones
Tony Logsdon Then what would NYC do with all the scumbag thugs?
Marisol Anderson And where are the inmates goin 2 go?! Not in my backyard 😕
Yolanda Hinton Hell yes
Rush Excell Yes a new error begins
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Here's John Legend's new music video for "Surefire":

Sophie Guercio I love his music. John & his wife r such a cute couple with a beautiful baby. Down to earth ppl 😍 thx 4 the post
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This is horrible

Yvette Daniels Gaudet I almost went to jail in the 70s after a bridge cop call me a black b*tch...white cops... when they get mad with a black women...thats there words "black b*tch...thats why black men can not disrespect us in that manner...we have always been disrespected by white men and women...this disrespect needs to STOP from our own... ..
Jo Ann Guillory These undercover kkk cops are out of control! The police cannot police themselves! How the f*ck can you enforce the law when you are out here breaking it? You can't!!! 😡😡😡
Autumn Raine The article that I read which included her actual written account stated that the police officer was on the road teaching his 14 year old daughter how to drive ( illegally ). The vehicle in which they were in kept hitting brakes etc. so Miss Texas went around them to Walmart. The cop then followed her cursing etc. She went into the store and then came back out and by then he had called for back up, etc. She was then arrested for NOT apologizing. SMH......
Melissa Cobb Yea I'm from Texas!! That sounds just about WHITE!
Arneita Mills this is sad i hope she get justice you just cannot do this today what the problem is they mad because they have lost the power and cannot just do people anyway they still trying but a many have filles lawsuite and won
Henry Coston This is really getting out of hand we have no help we only have each other wake the fuck up black people we are under attack stand for something or fall for anything
Arneita Mills they been breaking the law for years and before time and a decade now it is done caught up with them justlike in oklahoma city were this white cop raped thease 12 blackwemen he got 2oo years to liife he never see day if more people would do this the world would be lot better
Lee Barnesel It's so unfortunate the racism that still exist ; in this country. Aside from the obvious hate, insecurity, envy, jealousy it is so so sad. They really need Jesus.👋
Jaime Faulcon Cunningham This is NOT OK in any way. No reason for her to be arrested. Shame on this "officer" who is supposed to protect and serve. Unfortunately this is who he is and he's probably raising his children to like him. I hope she gets justice for this.
Janell Patrick Taylor Pay attention. They are comfortable with these acts because they are getting away with it every day. It's "justified" to kill a child because of his brown skin. The "danger" posed by the skin we're in, "justifies" the excessive and lethal forces.
Lisa Brogden How awful, first to call her out of her name than throw her in jail over a parking space. We need to pray and become United because this thing is real. I am sorry she had to go through that but know my Sista everything happens for a reason and God used you for such a time as this...stay strong and positive...
Lee Echols What if this is all true information. It tells me two things. Racist evil is alive and thriving and blacks are still talking, complaining, and being dominated by racist whites who still runs this crooked show of law enforcement. How can you call the police and get help when your attacker is a cop. Just as bad, call a cop for help when you have a problem with whites, Japanese, Chinese, and you're a black person. They'll arrest your ass. GUESS WHAT,,,,,,We're Still Talking.
Stacie Hill WTF? If this is true...They might want to pray this goes away...Kind of like that incident in Anaheim California with the off -duty officer firing his gun at a group of kids 😳
Tamela Willis I didn't read anything about a parking space. It was about him teaching his 14 yr old to drive and this young lady driving around them. A confrontation regarding that passing escalated!!!
Gwen Johnson This story don't add up, I thought she drove around him why he was teaching his daughter how to drive??? There is 3 side to every story..Her side, the Cop side then the TRUTH!!
Kizzy Sorrell Butler They are getting horrible! I went to Texas for the first time about 2 years ago! We were shopping and two police officers were harrassing everyone that was coming out of stores! They were pulling behind people vehicles looking for trouble! It was so obvious! They were questioning people that were walking in stores! I was like, Baby lets go, so i got my kids and went didnt even shop, I wasnt going to let them piss me off! We went to another shopping center in Dallas, Texas, It was better, but I will never go back to that part of Texas! It wasnt a race issue! They were doing more whites than they were doing blacks!
Deborah Monroe She will get her justice, it will come for this young lady. For sure what you sow, so shall you reap his day is around the corner.
Robin Reed This prob happens every fucking day in that shithole.. Sad part is they aren't even trying to be undercover about it.. Its just acceptable. This is exactly why things like what happened in Dallas happen.. Cops being dirty bitches with little to no consequence or justice and ppl taking it upon themselves to get it.
Annetta Moore This shit will be swepted under the rug!! And if didnt demote him for this shit ?What the fuck you demote him for.yeah you know his ass is guilty! Gtfoh with yall bs ass cops ways!!!
John Stearnes they wear hoods because they are ashamed of themselves for treating other human beings bad because they have a different skin color say no way to the KKK
Quenta Walton This really needs to be stopped. You can't even trust law enforcement officials now bc they are doing criminal shit also. A damn shame
Nicholas Williams Im from Texas & been in Miami for years, but that's Texas for you. Trump & Bush Territory. I call it undercover racism.
Joyce Anderson Well I'm thankful he didn't pull out his gun and shoot her!!
Ratacha Flanigan He mess with the wrong one that day, lol
Arneita Mills either way it go i hope she take a hunk out of his pocket and make the next one think
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Headkrack's latest awesome #FlowAndGo on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show"!!

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Rickey Smiley Morning Show
Headkrack did it again--another great #FlowAndGo on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show," and this time he's solo! More: #RSMS
Rene Garcia Ricky smiley did you take a Nike back pack?
Emanuel Douglas And I'm holding my n*** ! 🙂
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This little girl talking politics with her mom is too funny!

Robin Reed Of course she noticed him gone.. This place has been falling apart ever since. Racists having balls they didn't have before, children losing healthcare, elderly losing meals, and losers supporting a rapist, draft dodging, disrespectful, lying sociopath.
Patricia Thomas Programming children, that's what's wrong with the world now! Their programmed to like certain politics, sports team etc sad and controlling!💯 Yup I look at things in a 360!
Donna Lowry Theus This young lady is smart, curious and delightful , she isn't programmed, she' s paying attention. She wonderful and asking the same questions I'm asking my self as an adults
Sarah Allen I know that's right! Donna Lowry Theus. She sure isn't programmed. Children in the new generations. They are very intelligent. They pay attention on a lot of things.
Malcolm Thomas I feel the same way she does! This beautiful baby now see a person that is not her skin color, no young daughters or Mitchell so see is asking why. Million of people are asking the same thing
Nicolette Smith Young lady.......I FEEL YOU!! There are a lot of us who do!!! Dear Mom of this smart 5 year old, It's library time!! This young lady could make a serious difference in our world. She's so inquisitive and quick!! WTG're raising a Queen!!
Reva Jay Barack Obama is the only President she know. Baby a lot of people miss him. How cute.
Nicole Lincoln all kids should be knowledgeable about politics and the history of it. it will affects their lives too.
Kathleen Kinsey We are hoping he will just go away...but apparently that will not happen. Eventually he will go to the lake of fire where he belongs.
Rosie Nelson Children are so amazing and funny but one she will understand why
Twla James I love this baby I want to know the same thing little bit why did he have to go please everyone check this out this baby is so intelligent the children is our future
Denise Childers Awe! She said why? Did he go. She really means why did he leave us with a crazy orange President to run the country.
Tywanna Bailey-Britt Chanta Mitchell tag your friend. The mother of this baby girl.
Phil Jones Kosick parent should have told him. that he got arrested and put in prison for treason. we have a REAL president now.
Corey Williams Keep asking questions kiddo. Never stop asking questions.
Katerry Erica Jackson Out of the mouth of babes, children be knowing
Latoyia Fullmore-Johnson I hope President Obama sees this. Too cute!!!
Faye Hopkins Impeach
Erica Purifoy I hope he sees this 😂😂😂
Princess N Collins She is so beautiful 😍
Catherine Jones How pretty is she!
Donna Lowry Theus Baby , we are asking the same questions to ourselves
Rebecca Cuniff He's not president anymore!
Natasha Forest Brown Too cute!!
Donna Thomas Adorable AND smart!! Thank you parents...
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When will Tomi Lahren learn to leave Wale alone?!?

Eleatric Renee Jones She, is really feeling the Brutha! She's a"troll!" A Black woman, view: Sex her up, make sure you tape it; so she will not cry rape; if it's not taped! Write a rap, don't mention her name, give her that 15 seconds of fame! It's obvious, she feeling him!
Melisa Gilchrist Wale told her good...But we all see it Tomi Lahren wants to try chocolate milk...I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't already...She keeps coming after black men... Smh !! She wants the magic stick... Lmao !! Black men keep teasing the quack girl... Don't give it to her or better yet make her pay for it. ...Lmao !!!
Colleen Bates-Harper Y'all remember that episode of Martin when they went skiing and the Militant black dude and the "Tomi" look a like white chick ended up hooking up at the end lol?? Look, Wale and Tomi better not be low key hookin up on some freakin Island somewhere but got everybody fooled😂😂😕😕😏😏😏
Vida-Marie M. Adams Loves that she replies to Wale's tweet first but thinks he's obsessed with her. Why follow someone who has already dissed you? What's up with that Tammy Lettuce?
Riaa Barnes Cause she annoying as hell! She came for Wale first, and he never sent for her! Her racist ass
Deborah Hutt Tommy Lauren is A Racist and don't have A Brain. So that's why she won't leave Wale alone. She's Fronting for Her White Supremacist Cronies.
Albany Albury Dowe People underestimate this man. He is HIGHLY INTELLIGENT. A MUSICAL GENIUS!!! Poor little hasn't learned her lesson yet.
Emanuel Douglas She looking , doing that AnnCoulter thang, Watch Out ! Wale she coming for you, She think she's a MANEATER! ( U KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS ) LOL
Gwen Curry And the Oscar for "Best Clap Back Ever" goes to Wale 👏👏👏
April Solomon DeLandro Will someone please Black di*k her down already??!!? Ugh
Kathy Pearl She can't his name out her mouth I think she likes him. Idk just a thought 🤔🤔
Ine Splain How she say, why are you so obsessed with me, when she was trolling his page??!? I'm confused af
Kyle Briscoe Tomi Lahren clearly wants that Chocolate. I don't see any other reason why she won't leave Wale the hell alone.. IJS!
John Stephens Why Wale entertaining her?? She ain't got nothing but time to think of a clap back all day😂😂😂
Chenai Johnson I'm old Alicia Monique I really read the caption as whale, not wale. Hahahaha just like someone's grandma
Toni Thomley BETTER QUESTION...When will Ricky and social media stop giving her life?
Emanuel Douglas What the term the Hoe is Thirsty bruh ! B Black b safe 🙂
Demekia Meka London She didn't do her homework on Wale. He is a highly intelligent and well spoken black man.
Jacinda Baker Her response, like them lyrics are played!!#Waleforpres
Katerry Erica Jackson She has a crush on him, but he burned her tho
Tru Blonde Kiah Waaaaaaaale! How you get fired on your day off, lmmfaaaaaaooooooo!!!!
Patricia Purnell I'll always love Ricky Smiley Show I don't think it's on in our area anymore
Carrie Reynolds She needs to change her name to Felicia and go somewhere.
Biggs McMillan Her comeback was weak af
Vee Nelson I love his clapbacks to her lite mayo ass
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Ariana Grande promises to return to Manchester

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Jamey L. Wearing Cta Nothing will happen to him . He now has a little more time to harass people even more. Though the article says he is on Administrative Leave, I'm sure it's a (Paid ) leave... The department will allow him to use vacation time/PTO time for compensation .
Zsa-Zsa Luvelyazz Brown I believe it's time for every person of color to start fighting back. The system is rigged. We need more people like us to hold positions and we need to vote. I will no longer turn the other cheek to social injustice and racism
Dorothy Walker Why was he using a busy main interstate in teaching his daughter to drive? That in itself was dangerous to other drivers and then to demand an apology when clearly, he should have apologize for the erratic driving of his daughter. So what if her story has changed and she is not sure who called her a black bitch, under those circumstances with two officers in your face screaming at you and the chief shouting out orders for his officers to arrest her, anyone is allowed a little bit of confusion with all of this being directed at you. The sheriff was so wrong, this was clearly a abusive bullying tactic.
Russell Miller It wasn't even the Police Chief. It was a School commissioner..the 15 year old has a permit.. alot of judgement.. They were both driving recklessly.. Attitudes on both parts escalated this. How you gonna call the police on the police then try to walk away. You can't fight City Hall. They have lunch together. How bout both drive safer?
Sasha PsycdocSharon Robinson Abuse of authority. Where in the COMAR does it state that a 14-year old can drive? He broke the law in many instances. Racial discrimination, battery etc. He should lose his job.
Wanda Jackson Miss Black Texas remember this is Texas where the police are always right no matter what consider your self lucky you are still ALIVE thank God I will keep you in my prayers and hope our people will too.
Thynon Sykes When we realize we have rights and start standing our grounds and fighting back maybe just maybe things might change ,but living in tx yo ass better fight back
Reyes Marsh Full story is on Fox 4. It was determined her story has changed numerous times and she has confessed she wasn't sure it was even the police chief who said it is which was was later determined he was not the one that called her the derogatory name.
Raychard Duggins What's there to investigate...he was wrong and he knows it!!! Another racist piece of shit!!!
Nicky Ra Petty ass...why do they hate us so much?
Kenneth John Ryrie There is no place in this world for biggots like Crews he should e thrown out of the force .
Jonn Parrei Johmson This is a big lawsuit and a officers associated with it should be fired.
Gina West Lee Merritt, the attorney is helping and maybe you could consider an interview to being more awareness around the world.
Kalisha Embrey In Texas some police like to provoke you to say something so they can rough you up and take you to jail for resisting arrest might throw the charge on you ... Assault on a peace officer!
Bernadette Conley Flash back to Sandra Bland
Janice Mc Clary-Smith lock him up in a cell filled with black males
Lafayette Young Sr. Cops have pass FUCK with Us.. Nothing going 2 b DONE
Bobbie Griffin Out that racist cop
David T Roland Nothing will happen.. it never does
Josephine Lopez He should be fired
Danielle A. Allen As he should be!
Candice Simpson Nothing will happen ....😴
Nikki Leah Texas is doing alot of ill mannered crap.
Marshalle Rush
Margaret Barnes He Should Be Fired!!!!!!!!!
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The album hasn't dropped yet, but Twitter can't wait!

Brittany Bethea I'm so sick of this mess that is played on the radio these days. The kids of today don't have a clue about real rap/music. Nowadays, I've found myself tuned into the white music stations and I'm actually enjoying it.
Ariel Desiree Maybe they will make a song abt their favorite activity to do together....doing the butt😐
Brandon Fuller Quavo stay creeping on migos like go solo if you gonna go and do your own shit got takeoff and offset begging for him to let them jump on a track
Marlon Smith Who
Travis Joyner Not more of that mumble mouth 💩 I hope...
Temeka Wardlaw Who who and who?
Kisha Davis Gay Mumble Rappers... Trash!!! Yuck
Denise Jenkins It will drop keep God first
Mia Williams What's that now?
Eileen Wilson I can wait a loooong time
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Do you think Kirk Frost from "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" should have to go to jail for not taking a paternity test??

MzDee Jay I'm confused why he refusing to take one with the side piece, but swiped the cheeks of his baby with his wife....Explain that logic to me
BJ Williams Instead of putting him in jail, I would place a lien on all of his bank accounts/financial holdings.I think he should do the right thing for the child and his family. If you dove in the ocean without flippers, you might be the baby's pappy. Take the damn test.
Tina Jones Im just glad he is going thru all this drama with the side chick. It was all fun when he was sleeping around on his wife but now he has to face reality. He has to take care of his ex wife and her kids plus this side baby!!!! Black men dont think about the choices they make smh
Cherlyn Flounary I don't like Kirk what a piece of 💩💩..Rasheeda it's obvious you ❤️ him and don't want to break up your family, but how many times are you gonna roll the dice with time he might bring more than a baby, having unprotected sex....scrape that 💩💩of your 👠 and keep it moving.
Sepi Farrokh-Spain Whatever the case may be... why can't she work? She obviously has money for a lawyer... she should take that money and support her child... what did she think that she's getting a promotion. He was hiding her and the baby... I am not saying he's innocent but come one why is she depending on a man?! Maybe she should go back to stripping. Just a bunch of dumb people always trying to trap a man for money and they put an innocent life in this world. This is really upsetting. No one thinks of the children.
Takeesha Concepcion How can a man embarrass​ their wife like this? I would have filed for divorce and been done with his ass✌✌ No need to wait for a paternity test because he still cheated😕😕
Yaschica Laws No. It's not that serious, but if he refuses to take the test and the mother says he's the father then slap him with a ruling on monthly child support payments. People get serious when it comes to that their money.
Anotha Cantrell Make his azz pay child support until he gets the DNA!!!! Guilty until proven innocent...just like the good old justice system 😂😂😂
Dionne McDew-Huskins I don't know what kind of manager he is for Rasheeda but with all of her beauty she should have her own hair care line, weave/wig line, makeup line, easybreezybesutiful commerical and etc.
Donna Campbell If he's so sure he's not the father take the test and clear your name. Why put your family through all the public humiliation. I can't stand Kirk black tweety bird looking tale, you blame your cheating ways on your wife, let's not forget this isn't the first time you have disrespected your wife.
Jacki Foster-Evans Just lock him up for looking like he look.....dumb, stupid, ignorant unconcerned dog.....could easily bring his wife something from them nasty thots he screwing....
Shirelda Velitz Kirk is a ole burnt hoe. Lock him up. Rasheeda deserves better. He already has a thousand kids, then talking bout he don't know if it's his ;which means he slept with her). He won't take the test because he knows the repercussions behind it. Ain't no way in double hell, would I entertain this clown anymore. Rasheeda please divorce him and move on bc clearly he has no respect for you. How are you out here raw doggin these hoes in 2017 with all these diseases running rampant. Boy Bye! ✌🏼
Tamika Turner Yup he trying to avoid that child support. And that's they going to do if it turns out it is his child and she get an order and he still don't pay it anyway so maybe he needs a little preview before he even start that mess. U did the crime now pay ya fines or do the time 😂😂
Tara Henderson Why is it that these females allow they self to get pregnant by these married man in expect to be treated like they special. Girl please you knew he was trash protect youself Dam.Better stay in the show in make some money.
Reed Ann Yes why don't he just take the test,if be wasn't there his name would not of been called, if he is innocent take the test and prove Jasmine a liar but I believe the child is his.
Antionette Mckenney Why won't he take the test?!?! It's rediculous. You've already messed up your family. Maybe he's trying to drag it out until next season in make sure he has a storyline. Dumbass !! I can't stand him
Patricia Bennett Could have just as well been HIV instead of a potential "baby daddy". These situations are NOT cute at all. They are both to blame for this fiasco but I STILL say women have way more methods of birth control than men. I expect a lil more from women because they know a baby don't keep NO man! I still think this is all a fake storyline to boost ratings.
Miguel Infiniti Hill Everyone knows how the System works even when your on child support you still not going to pay so regardless everyone lose. My mom was tough and didn't need that shit back in the day and I came up fine. Living good driving good own house and giving back to my mom for holding it down for me as a youngsta
Charice M Hawkins Ijs Mama's baby Daddy's maybe.take care of your child like a real woman.he will get his if it's his baby trust me karma a bad Biiiish in the meantime take the money you using for a lawyer make some moves and take care of that innocent child.
Karenia Ramos He's a straight punk-azz! He needs to man up & get the issh over with, if he's so sure he's NOT the pappy, then what he got to lose?? Cuz obviously he dont care about losing his family he has. Sorry azz excuse for a man.
Dinah Lee Why doesn't she file for child support? If he denies that the child is his, the court will order him to take a paternity tests. She could have gone through DFACS to have that done. That would have been her process if someone broke was the father. She could have gotten an attorney after he was forced to take the test.
Dominic Jones I see alot who don't understand why a blackman would refuse to take a test for a child who may or may not be his. Men already know bout getting the government involved in personal buisness. Whether he the father or not we need to use the government as less as possible, which means yall women will actually have to put in effort on the guy you let up in ya. It's a death sentence for any blackman to put himself in a system that destroys lives not rebuild. True you have fuck boys and thots that abuse the system but the system just makes men pay for a child it doesn't influence men to stand up and want to be a great father. If anything the system just existing may destroy what relationship men might have with thier kids because of fear of being put in financial death. Especially in america, no women or children should be starving. Men are less observed in the benefits department because we live a country where men are last women and children come first. So whether a man takes the test or runs women and children will always be looked after.
Gloria Taylor Who care's. Kirk must no that baby could be got played Kirk. The girl was looking for a pay day. Her boyfriend in jail,he doesn't have a job. He not even mad with her. They gone live off of love at all.
L.f. Harris-Wynn Atl has different laws n old girl knew she/he/it Kirk was married so that alone give Rasheeda enough to sue her. So nope its a sticky situation here,baby momma just got to get a job or something
Berthley Croal Rasheeda you are too beautiful to be going through this shit with Kirk he has no respect for himself or his family if he can't take the test let him go. When you got you son he took a DNA to make sure the child was his. Who knows sometimes the child is not even his.
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Toni Braxton gets real about her romance with the Cash Money CEO.

Kelly Chartland Sometimes it's just like that,We find relief & comfort in the oddest People who you wouldn't even think we'll be with
Grace Blessings Uponme UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE !!! I can't believe this mess is actualy TRUE!!! Of all men, she goes for that???! A man that has debts, bankruptcy on his name, and openly lip locked KISSED another man ???! Giiirl,what would ur future be with that???!!!
Shirley Ann Williams Bitches stop hating find you a man some money and get rid of that cheating broke ass negro you sleeping with cause I have always heard it's just as easy to love a rich man as it is to love a poor broke cheating man any day. Broke men like boy's also and when was the last time you were in his bed room..I mean a man with some money.. ok..Look at the house Tamar lives in and her life style now look at your's..When Toni Braxton was catching hell with them broke men the hater's were happy and so full of pity for her now talking bull shit Oh how I hate black women who just live to hate cause they are jealous.Some of you would jump in bed with him right this minute if he wanted you...
Jene Tillis Y'all fail to forget there are many men in the world but it's rare to find the connection that's special to you plus you can't be around the whole damn world to meet all these guys .... your choices are for the ones that cross your path.... she's 50 years old so let's just be happy for her.... life is short and many of us will settle and give up on love!
Tonya Webb Happiness after several bankruptcies! Sounds genuine to me! Ask him to happily pay Lil Wayne his coins!
Tony Spikener Y'all need to put sum respeck on dez comments
Denise Gerton If she can wake up to all of that hot mess and really sit there and stomach him daily and deal with his lifestyle and everything that comes with it to keep them coins dropping then handle it lady t😜😜😜😗😗😗 solider
June Calhoun Go for it Toni, don't waste any more time being unhappy life is too short, some of us is praying to find happiness with someone, god bless you both.
Jerry Orr You know what they say never judge a book by it's cover(Toni ) Baby are you desperate or broke.This ☻☻here is a hot mess.Girl you better check yourself..That n***** retarded girl can't you tell???? 🤔🤔😗😗A dam shame!!!!
Carolyn Joyce Haughton Unlimited resources from a Lover tends to yield happiness in the hearts of the receiver... glad she found love ❤️
Cristyle Red She just know he got money and she in retirement 🤣 #SmartMove like Tamar married Vince for his 💰
Jene Tillis I know about this all too kids are the only things that make me very happy.... Happy for you Toni... you know what it is to be alone and go on with life but it's nice to find someone that makes you bubble on the inside and put a smile on your face.
Lori Marie Jenks If this is who makes her happy, so be it! Why y'all so mad?! Go find you some happiness and stop being bitter and hating on the next!
Miyoshi Level If Toni is happy I am happy for her. I don't know much about this guy. I guess Toni isn't looking at the outside appearance, I guess he has a caring heart.
Lejessica Clark Lawwwd! 🙌🏽 I love and rocks w/Toni Braxton and I can understand and believe they're friends. Real talk though! I've seen tooooo many pics of this man w/a man doing strange thangs! 🤔I knows Ms. Toni Braxton must have seen them pics too! Fosho Tamara done told her! IJS,TONI NOOOOO! Pineapples, Pineapples 🍍!
Cathy Cox- Bailey Why do people keep talking about money? There are other men out there "with money and fame" I'm quite sure she cold be with if she wanted too. She's Tony Braxton! Smh
Tamika Massey I am very disgusted with her out of all men why would you want to be with a man that kiss another man on the LIPS😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😦
Tammy Bowen It is weird to see her with him I must say. However we don't know Birdman on a romantic level. He doing something to keep her attention. Meanwhile those complaining about it can't even get their baby daddies to answer the phone.
Lynette Brown McDuffie Lol at the haters comments. Not everyone is a hater just because they have a less than favorable opinion. Please kick rocks with those comments. Black folk always dogging each other period. Shirley Ann Williams you get on her calling people bitches because they have an opinion have several seats ma'am. Everyone else on here doggin Toni for her decision y'all dead wrong. It's her life let her live. Good, bad, or whatever it's their business period. Oh and before anyone thinks I'm single and alone, no ma'am. Married been with my husband for 17 years.
Terrence Tahuti Amun-Ra Trust and believe money is the motive with Toni Braxton... She's a Libra. Don't get it twisted. They'll do anything strange for a peice of change.
David Conrad And fellas stop chasing these young women around stressing yourself out. Find yourself a old ass woman that can make you eggs and bacon and a cup of Folgers. And you know she will pack you a tight ass lunch ( ham & cheese sandwich, a fruit cup and a Capri Sun) in a brown paper bag. And all you gotta do is play her numbers every night and drop her off at Bingo and the casino twice a week.
Keenya Jones Honestly it's her personal choice on who she dates!!!! Hell I can think of plenty shit to be worried about besides who Toni Braxton is fuckin.
Shari Chapman Well obviously it's working for her and let's not forget she has debt and bankruptcies TOO. Sometimes you have to do different to get different results. She is happy so be it. Relationship is more than looks, and he still gets his money. Now the man is not attractive, cannot speak English but she can help him in the English part by listening how she speaks:)
Rapier F Cromartie You see this in real life all the time. Birdman is a sucka and a terrible person to work under but maybe in real personal life he knows how to be a man and be there for his woman. "Whoknows"
Valerie Proctor Isn't she a little too soft and good Girl for him! I love love, but my famIly member fell in love with a Gangster, she is soft God Lovin. Princess. Didn't end so well! Be careful Girl!
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Too many people losing years of their lives after being wrongfully convicted:

Adrian Renaldo Lott Yeah but they let these brothers out after all these years and they just say , oh our bad , anybody wrongfully accused of a crime and had to serve time in prison should be paid at least 3 million for every year that they had yo spend .
Nicole Lincoln thats why the whites long ago created jail, to lock up as many people of color as possible and have a Neanderthal system that is well behind modern times so innocent men and women can be in their for many years. which takes space away from people who do real crimes.
Patricia Scardina Sad but true no everyone is guilty in prison the law has to solve cases so they put on people there this one for you ..especially if you already have a background they figure who cares keep them off the streets their job done on to the next case know people it happen to sad they temper with evidence is that a crime uhh
Justine Johnson If our kids are dying right in front of our eyes by the police and get away with sure we got some wrongfully locked up........not all police are guilty of it.....but certainly the ones that are....
De Wells Many more.... people probably still in prison for outdated crimes. Hell it use to be illegal for black people to own guns. For black people (men) to look at white people (women.) Interracial marriage was illegal. The goal was to just encosserate as many black men as possible. To demonize them. To scare the entire world into being afraid of black people our men in particular. It happens in other groups. But blacks were the main target. 24 yrs is a long time. So think about how the world was when he was arrested. And before. Not how the world is more diverse now. It's crazy I know
John Stearnes only racist whites and shallow people should be scared of black people I love all people that's what makes this country great I was in the LA riots I did not cry in combat but seeing all races kill eachother was pretty bad Rodney king said it best (can't we all just get along
John Stearnes that poor man he should be rewarded outrageously then again no dollar amount can make up for being incarcerated and having your name dragged in the dirt! dam we need to fix our system
Chacha Nelson The system sucks. It's all about winning. Lock em up and forget about them. They don't care if they are guilty or not.
Justine Johnson I think they know and have evidence that they were wrongly convicted but let them rot for years...then let them out...
Sabrina Gibbs Walker May he have the mental strength, and support team to help him to move forward, and enjoy the rest of his life.
Sabrina Sabrina Too dam many. This is why so many Black people are in jail. Smfh
Trisha Rene Barni-McCasland Poor man! I hope he makes the most out of the rest of his life after having it taken away so long!
Wanda Jackson Thank You to all of the people that supported him and stood by him God continue to bless him and his family.
Steven Burl Privatised prisons have to make money so they make deals with judges. EVIL MF's
Johnalynn Billups I am happy that he is out of prison, but he CAN'T get back the years, life, and potential wasted.
Marvin Frizell My wife, Judge Elizabeth frizell from Dallas County, would love to discuss this topic with you.
Denise Francis LORD give them strength.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😑😑
Valerie Jones-Blackshire
Yourvette Brown Davis Black ppl that is...
Anwana McCord I agree Mr. Smiley!
Lonnie Porter I totally agree!
Linda Moss 😢😪 let them out and put Trump in
Cathy Hendrix
Temeka Wardlaw How many more?
Lonnie Johnson So true
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Rickey Smiley Morning Show
No, that's not the The Incredible Hulk. It's Headkrack with JAHLION SOUND MOVEMENT getting you hype for the Memorial Day edition of "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show"! Shout out to Red Bull... #RSMS
Bea Allen
Mattie Porter Go Headkrack💪💜
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3LW's former manager did NOT hold back!

Makeba Webb Naturi needs to get her a shirt made that simply says "Mike Jones" cause we all know......"Back den dey didnt want me, now Im hot, dey all on me." Do your thing ma......tables have turned in her favor!
Ieshia Gipson Hell she apologizing because she know she was discriminated against. The two bright girls stayed in the spotlight & even stole her verses. Now neither one of them are shit & she's a rising star & doing her thing.
LaTeika Gaillard Lets not forget that the "Former" manager is the mother of the big tooted one with the lisp!!! You know the third forgettable Cheetah, the Michelle of the group, Keely (or whatever her name is). Of course this trick got something to say, her child STILL aint ish! I was a fan so I know!! Adrienne stayed YES. BUT the group wasnt ish without my girl Naturi!! What is Adrienne apologizing for?? She is FINALLY admitting what we already knew: Yall wasnt ish and boosted up her head and Snagglepuss to believe so
Nicole Nicks I don't care for Adrienne. She seems to be a low-key Mean girl.. I think she had something to do with Tamar leaving the Real.. maybe because she was too loud🤔
CiCi Craig I saw an interview when they were younger addressing the issue and they were very shady and smirking when that question was asked. It just left me feeling so bad for Naturi. The mama and her remarks are sickening. Naturi was a child you were managing. How dare she not uplift Naturi's beautiful brown skin. It's ok though...oh btw what's your daughter doing these days ???
Kesha Jernigan People waste so much time living in the past. She obviously felt she owed Naturi an apology for something or else she wouldn't have done it. Apology move on. Both are successful women now congratulations to both now move on with your lives💯
Albany Albury Dowe From what I heard, they tried to get these girls to have sex with any and everybody in the industry to get their careers going and Naturi refused. Knowing what I know now about that industry I know it's true. People will "pimp out " their own children for money.
LaTeika Gaillard Yall!!! Adrienne NEED to apologize to Rob Kardashian!!!! If it wasnt for her he wouldnt have gotten depressed, fat and a stripper pregnant!! I blame her!!!!! "YEAH HOE!!! GOTCHA! Remember that "album" you was making with Fabolous?? No. Rewind the tape yall...." Trick. *sucks teeth*
Erica Hobbs Naturi was the ONLY one I liked, especially on that song No More! She made them all look good, JMO!! Adrienne can have a stadium full of seats with that wack ass apology at this point. #girlbye!
LaShuna Hill The former manager needs to get her former ass on somewhere. Now we see where Adrienne former ass gets it from of tryna stay relevant bc her grown ass kept alot of shit going on between those girls with her childish ass.... Go sit your former ass in the corner with the DUNCE HAT on 😂😂😂😂😂
Shanrael Crutcher She said it shows humility that is a grown young woman right there I could just imagine the hurtful a racist jabs even that they directed towards her in her youth It's funny how the tables turn she is where she is supposed to be and that gossip tv host had to sit down and humble herself in the presence of that gods child she has made it through the 🔥
Rebeca Llanos Adrienne sounds so fake trying to show"sincerity" and prove that she really apologize to Naturi... #girlbye! 😒😒😒
Keysha J Wilson Dear Former Manager: It's called Karma. Naturi is winning and you & your thought she was going to be the bigger star daughter are very much losing. Now back to regularly scheduled programming which you and your daughter are NOT a part of.
Michelle McArthur I think it would have been more sincere off of T.V..Not on front street, that would be "keeping it "REAL" ..Means your living in the past Move on with your lives!!
Natania Jerome That apology looks sooooo phony if you ask me,keep shining Naturi💓 Took her ass that long man have a seat!
Nina Rowry My thing is Adrianne said she had already apologized off camera a while back so why do it again if it was sincere the first time. I also was looking at Naturi and she didn't look comfortable with that apology at all. The music industry is something else and I really believe Naturi. Thus girl is popping now and everybody wanna be on her coattail. They all need to get they life and stop that damn faking. Actin like they so proud of her...girl bye.
Demekia Meka London Tse Williams was a bully back then, and looks like, she's still one now. They grew up. Adrienne felt some kind of way about how things went down, she apologized. Simple.
Karla Butler I guess Adrienne want a spot on Power or an invite to the baby shower. I would flant my chocolate ads around like yeah bitch who needs who now.
Rhontaé Taylor Clearly she did something if she felt the need to apologize in private and on TV!!! Smh
Kymberlee Chestnutt I am so glad that "IS"😱 married this thirsty chick. I can't stand watching the Real because she is so fake! Every time she opens her mouth, it is about....IS this.... my husband that!! us all a favor and get this thirsty heffier pregnant.#wannabekardishian
Camille Owens They are grown women now an i can just imagine the drama they had im sure their managers turned them against each other so shut up bitch an let them Be great she apologized cause she knew she did something wrong
Desiree J Whyte-Durant I think that if someone wants to apologize - then they feel that there is something to apologize for. Who is Ms.Williams to judge how Adrienne feels..her tweet seemed super defensive
Andrea Rembert They are grown women now let the past be the past and move forward apologies are not only for the other person but for you too to have peace of mind blessings for all three of the young ladies of 3LW..and to the manager let it go girl it was only a page in the book of life
Toyneka Jones-Carpenter Honey Bye!!! The former manager is the older sister of one of the members! I believe Naturi!!!! Adrienne Bailon is apologizing because everything Naturi said was the truth!!!
Terassha Hall This manager is trying to be one even knows this group...they are definitely not a major girl group that anyone ever mentions..both women are doing well..leave it alone and go manage someone else that no one knows
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It's good to see Adrienne Eliza Houghton apologize to Naturi Naughton from Power after all these years:

Tiffany Nichole Adrienne is so phony to me! Lol....In the end Naturi made out better w/out them two heiffers!
Denise Haynes Adrienne knew she step out of boundary when she came for Mo; this is an attempt to charming up to her fans. Cheetah girl failed to realize sleeping with married men is as loud and ghetto also. Naturi moved on to bigger and better things, so Adrienne can take her stale apology and shove it.
Alicia Drake I mean. I was in Jr. High when 3LW existed... so it took you 17 years bih?? She was talking about she apologized at some party, Naturi had to go back and remember. Don't wanna be sorry now that she's popping on Power.
Karla Butler I guess 3LW wasn't feeling her beautiful black skin. But look where God has placed her on the #1 show in Starz. I would've wiped that apology with my ass. Bitch you took this long to say something. You wanna look compassionate bc you came for Mo'Nique. Tasha is bad & bougie #winning
La-la Brown They treated Naturi awful, simply because she was dark skinned. Naturi was definitely the bigger person in this, technically she should never speak to her again.
Ingrid Harris Yo! 3LW was made up of teenage girls! There is no telling the level of abuse or manipulation they went through being famous and having leeches for mgmnt! The point is if Adrienne apologized long ago and if Naturi accepts respect that and move on. Teens say and do stupid things that's part of growing up. Ya'll are really concerned about a beef that happened between some teenagers! 😒😒😒😂😂😂
Trenice Smith How about she apologize to Mo'nique for gettin' in her business regarding Tyler, Lee, and Oprah!...she should mind her business...we all know it was her that got Naturi removed from the group. Wouldn't be surprised if it was her who got Tamar fired. Not a fan of Tamar but it was pure shade the way it was done.
Eloise Minn Don't know what happened but a good old fashion apology is good for the soul ESPECIALLY if you feel even a little bit bad for misunderstandings​. And usually that's​ all it is a misunderstanding or being overlooked.
LaTeika Gaillard Fuq Adrienne and the big tooted hoe with the lisp!! They treated my girl like dirt and made her miserable. Its NO secret that Adrienne wanted to be the "Beyonce" of the group. The ONLY reason she is apologizing cuz she see my girl Naturi doing be things. When my girl was struggling but make moves, hoe aint had nothing to say. Throw a hot plate of food on me??? The ONLY thing you would get besides an azz whooping IS my azz to kiss
Arela Grate That was such a fake apology. If you apologized sincerely to her in the past, why the hell make it a point to let the world know you did? That was so corny of Adrienne.
De Wells See, all those was riding Monique talking about Adrianne was right. He without sin cast the first stone. Now her bones falling out the closet. I grew up watching this group. Talk about drama...maybe people should really find out what she apologizing for. I told you this beoch was a rat. The funny thing is now look how dark Adrianne is now. Go do some before and after pictures.....Hmm why is that Braxton girl gone...makes you wonder. Jealousy is something else. Wanna be us but don't wanna be us. They all do it.
Drimri Cemayfield Really!!! It took her all of this time, huh? She don't mean it. She just opened up a can of worms for her ass when she came for Mo'Nique. Now she's gonna get it! Now more people will know about her home wrecking stunt in order to get with her now, husband Israel Houghton! Hoe, stay in yo lane!
Victoria Love I don't buy it!!!!!!! She is only doing this because she is about to torn into by Monique if they invite her to The Real!
April Altheimer But if she had already apologized to Naturi in private so many years back what was the need to bring it back up on air 🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒 yeah she (Adrienne) is the weakest link #byefelicia
Beccx Lemmonz I didnt even know who the Naturi girl was and dont watch Power like many people...but I do know of Adrienne since she's on something that appeals to a broader audience. 🤔
Angela Colbert Have Not Watched the Show, since Tamar Braxton is no longer Hosting!!!!
Tonya Webb I love Naturi's response. Never let them see you sweat. She's a winner!
Marsha Hicks That's where i knew that girl from. Naturi was apart of that group. I been looking at her trying to figure out where i know her from when i seen her in the Lottery Ticket.
Cynthia J Wesley No idea of the dynamics concerning Adrienne & Natauri but I do remember that the other member of 3LW mother was their manager so she was looking to make her daughter the "breakout star" , as did Mathew Knowles with Beyonce in Destiny's Child. As the manager & mom of 1, she'd know FULL WELL of what was going on with ALL 3 girls, concerning the group. If she fed into TEEN girls going in on one, saying that she was wrong for them & their brand, they would have went right along with it to box her out by bullying, etc. It was about making money & becoming famous. No one says anything about how the original members of Destiny's Child were dropped & Beyonce isn't chatting them up on the phone. Adrienne's apology was for HER & Natauri, not the fans & followers. Whether either were sincere is on them. Saying that she apologized because Natauri is "hot" on POWER is ridiculous since Adrienne has had her own successes from reality shows to a current talk show. Fame is how you get it & money is how you make it. Most people NEVER approach the person that they bullied as a teen, going on with their lives & not caring at all.
Msbj Miller She accepted the apology, but she looks like she still ain't fuckin with her!
Melissa Drakeford I never liked Adrienne. If she apologized years ago why do it again? This second apology wasn't genuine, it was for show...
Tyneeca Gibbons Oh please, Adrienne didn't have to apologize, it was the producers who kicked naturi out of the group, who cares, Adrienne is a successful spokesperson/host TV show personality and natuti is a successful soft porn star on the show power, where is shows her naked ass for a dollar.. NEXT
Marche Che Allen Funny how Adrienne was about to say "If I did any" and she stopped b4she finished bc she knows what she did smh
LaTamaran Gibson DID YOU WATCH THE SHOW!! She said publicly, they had already discussed this privately.
Jasmine LaCaille She's a phoney judgemental broad just like those phoney ass chicks on that bootleg ass version of THE VIEW.
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Both of the women fighting in this video were fired for this brawl in front of students:

Karen Jones I'm so angry that a teacher let a para professional cause her to get fired. No shade but a teacher needs a 4 yr degree and a para only needs a high school diploma or 60 college credits. Why let someone with less drag you down?? She got beat twice!
Evelyn Brown Not a good example for our young people..How can you hold your head up acting like a fool in the classroom full of students. Both of you should have been fired and never work in a school environment again...ashamed over a man who probably don't give a d.... about neither one of you ..he still working ,dating someone with some sense and two of you at the unemployment lines. Was it that good for you to loss your job but most of all your respect...
Shan Quarterman As they should be fired. If the children fight on school grounds they will be punished too. Out of school suspension, and possible for being kicked out to attend an alternative school. Fair is fair. Get rid of the immature adults.
Mattie Mitchell Stupid is as stupid does. The teacher takes the biggest L. She had to get a four year degree take the test to be certified and lose it all over a man who ain't thinking 💭 about either one of them.
Ava Lewis Fighting over a man, he still employed and y'all behind fired. It appeared that heavy set woman was being double team. I can't say if someone strikes me I wouldn't strike back, either way it's a sad situation.
Gloria Bean Where in the hell are they getting these teachers from? What kind of education are they receiving? Besides doing background checks, they need to do mental health evaluations every year on teachers. Not only should they be fired, they should never be allowed to work in an educational environment avain.
Darnell Simpson Wow how did I know that a man was in the mix of all this and I didn't even read the article just the headlines! Smdh those to ought to be ashamed acting like that in front of those students! Fighting period!
Sheree Fryar What an absolute disgrace!!! They deserved to be fired. Not being able to maintain self control especially in the workplace is bad enough but two educators fighting like animals in front of the students they need to provide a good example for? Absolutely disgusting!!!!
Erica Askins Now hiw in the Hell are you going to show example of being a Good and Respectful citizen to the kid's and you are in the classroom fighting each other and acting a Fool no wonder.our kids of today think it's OK to fight and be disrespectful cause they see adults doing it. Lord have Mercy.
Mona Spells Adou The male teacher they are fighting over secured his contract for next year. He's left to flirt with the next cutie. These two, unemployed and humilated! Can you say SAD!!😔😔
Cynthia Casteel I hate to see them lose their jobs but perhaps they should have thought about that before punches were thrown. They were not professional and did not set a good example for the kids who look up to them and expect them to be role models. There is too much hate, evil, ugliness, bickering and fighting going on in the world and we can not think that this is okay in a classroom where we are teaching our children not to bully and how to work through our problems using conflict resolutions, etc. Perhaps they could get jobs being mud wrestlers or something, but it's apparent that teaching is not the thing for them. It's really a shame, especially coming from the teacher......who is suppose to be the real professional........smdh
Mela Pierce Yeah, there's college hoodrats too, plenty of them. Don't let them title fool you. Oh & these kinds come in thots, of all colors.
Linda Holley These are the types of teachers and mentors that will be teaching our children if Devos gets her way with the budget. The worse of the worse.
Debra Moore Now what can they tell the students not a damn thing no respect for them was he really worth it for u to lose your job and was not u guys husband SMH just stupid lost u guys lively hood over a gigga who is gone about his business
Natasha Russell What does it matter who has degree and who doesn't. Both were wrong and just because a person has a degree means nothing. I am seeing all to often the type of people teaching our children and most of them have degrees. It depends on the mentality of the individual.
Debra Moore This is aweful but lesson well taught and learned should have waited to after work like the girl said "Catch Me OutSide How bout that too grown to be fighting any way but don't do it on your job now they both are done dumb and dumber
Gwendolyn Wilson Stafford They should have been arrested for child endangerment. Child negligence, disorderly conduct...for each child in the classroom
Tracy Evans Whoever threw the first punch should be fired. The other was just defending themselves. Aint no way in hell, in no career, would I let someone attack me and not defend.myself
Carmesha Barney GA is definitely the wrong place to catch a case. Good luck trying to obtain an expungement or seal of your record.They may as well move out of the state after this mess is over and hope the can get a job in another state because they're more than likely assed out in ATL
Monica Gaston What I've been saying about this new generation of teachers...smdh
Ros Matthews What is sad is that a child said they always tell us violence isn't the answer..
Cherry Appleberry You lost your livelihood over a MAN...smh. He still has his job.. All the intelligence and yet still dumb.
Gail Cummings Over a man probably was someone else husband.
Dina Fagan They should have been fired and then fighting over some stupid ass dude how degrading of them!!!
Rita Hawkins Wesley That one teacher ducked just in time and missed that punch...saddddd..
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Absolutely stunning.

Chasna M House Yasss honey!❤❤
Shovan K Ambush She should be the next doll. Shes beautiful
Carolyn Creekmore Beautiful
Kiamesha Williams Alhamdulillah Beautiful Sister!
Altha Griffin SHE'S! BEAUTIFUL!!
Alvin Lane Yes she is
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Say what??

Kimberly Williams-Gross I could hear it not real clear but clear enough without headphones. Ive always been the one to walk in a room and tell someone their tv was still but there was no picture. I can always hear the frequencies of the tv some how.
Mikiesha Horton Couldn't hear
Twin Terabl Clik mi link
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A Donald J. Trump supporter was kicked off of a flight as passengers chanted "Lock him up!"

Debborah Burnett Ummmmm I didn't read the article but why does that matter if he has Air Force one and possibly his own private jet?
Nora Berry His own wife doesn't even like him!
Kerry Rothell I would say that
Debra Bowling I would say that also
Twin Terabl Clik mi link
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Lori Hunter Praying for a speedy recovery hopefully they got it in time
Sapphire Smith Im so sorry i hope you have a speedy recovery god got put it in his hands and he will bring you thorough
Mookie Blackmon Be healed in Jesus name amen!
Peter Lowe All this praying thing. Yah better get some natural Herbs quick that can help you .
Shannon Owens Praying for him
Neacy Scott Prayers,God is a healer
Jet Smith Mpa Praying for him ...he work hard...
Vincent Miller Hope that all turns out for the best
Deborah Lloyd Praying in Jesus name for his healing!
Willie Dunbar Drink Alkaline Water
P Michelle Brown Prayers up.🙌
Darlene Mcclamy Praying for healing.
Angela Colbert Praying for you and your healing in the Mighty name of Jesus,
Jessie Bodacious I ❤️ him. Hang In There 👍🏾 You can beat the "C" 💪🏾
Jerri Amen-hetep Nowww he can see clearly the rain is gone.
Velma Williams Praying for you Daymond. May you have a full recovery
Linda Moss I will pray for you just believe 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Jessica Benz Prayers
Callie Lee Jesus is a Healer. Believe and receive. Amen.
LaTrecia Brown Prayers for him and His Family
Demetria Hall PRAYING for healing.
Barbara Ford Praying
Deedy Red So sad
Yvonne Tall Praying
Marlo Cunningham Tasha Cunningham
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Do you think more powerful weapons for police will help the crime problems in Chicago, Illinois??

Loretta Walker Chain gang...make them do real work in prison. Sitting in jail without rehabilition just is not working. If people could see them on the streets chained together it might make young people think before the react to situations.
Mario Taylor No it won't, lower property & all taxes, create jobs & better education for the poorest neighborhoods, & stop crooked cops from providing weapons & drugs then crime would cease
Monicajt Taft I think it would be a great if the police department can get involved in the community they serve get out and talk to the community walk the in the communities to greet the people you serve build a relationship this is a start then also have community concerns meeting for all to address the issues let's work together to make a healthy and trust worthy caring change
Mary Burrage no, no, no don't we have enough questionable police killings
Prince Prinze This year long Illinois has killed more people in that state than every state in America and some people think that's cool but that is just hate they hate themselves
Nicole Moten-Brown Can we just round up all the bad guys and put them on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere???
Katrina McCastle What kinda question is this? More powerful weapons so they can just aim and incinerate us. Wt?
Katrina R. Collier-Williams HELL NAW !
Marq Hardwork Harrell Lol....thats a joke. What ever the police get theres always a market for others as well
Malik Patrick Cannon He w about putting jobs in the hood not more cops since that Strategy has sent working
Mashell Johnson For what to use them irresponsibly.. they misuse what they already have... SMH
Curtis Smith No,those weapons will just find their way to the streets
Tyheem Gardner Common sense, create jobs, open up centers, show a different way of living, guns is obvious not the answer.
Yasmine Montoya No. They need to gut the community out and bring in the Feds and National Guards!
Prince Prinze I wonder how they get in the criminal hands because they sell them to them crooked cops and politicians
M Mardale Walker Be careful with this... I hear police state in the making.
Karon Norman That's not the answer
John Stearnes good to go Mario you hit hammer right in the nail
Katrina Perseverance Hadley Absolutely NOT!
Ax Dee No nope hell no!!
Darrell Mcduffie A smarter weapon that saves lives would be a better weapon
Rory Bishop Just sad
Shirnice Mackey No
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