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the-rickey-smiley-showComedian. Television host. Movie Star. Top-rated syndicated Radio Personality. Father of 6. For over 20 years. Rickey Smiley is one of the most beloved performers in American media, earning a reputation for delivering boundless laughter on-air, on-stage, and on-screen. Every morning, millions of Americans in nearly 60 cities listen to Rickey Smiley and his 6 outrageous cast members on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” His interviews with major celebrities, social political awareness and trademark prank phone calls have made Smiley one of the most listened to radio personalities in history. Rickey Smiley’s down home southern humor, opting to use insight rather than vulgarity to get laughs, is at the core of his success. His audiences are treated to such original characters as “Mrs. Bernice Jenkins”, “Lil’ Darrl,” “Joe Willie” and “Beauford.” Smiley is known for his clean comedic style and his reputation to sell out venues across the country. To movie audiences, Smiley is best known for “All About The Benjamins” and “Friday After Next”. He’s recorded 8 best selling CDs including iTunes #1 Best Selling Comedy Album, “Rickey Smiley- Prank Calls Number 6”. On television he”s hosted BET’s “Open Casket Sharp” and “Comic View”, appeared on “Showtime At The Apollo,” “Uptown Comedy Club”, HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam”and “Snaps”. Smiley graduated from Alabama State University, became KBFB’s (Dallas) morning show personality in 2004, and soon moved his show to WHTA Atlanta. When not performing, Smiley is the ultimate devoted father, single handedly raising 6 kids, the subject of a soon to be released parenting book. QUOTE: “Success is when preparation meets opportunity

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Now THAT'S dedication

Janitra Loden Moral of the story empower to overpower.
Gloria Ferguson Rashid this is something you would do
Rhonda Inge Yes indeed!!!!!!!!
Karress Yvette Knowledge is powerful.
Faithe Styles Yes
Pamela Y Peterson Cool
Jessica Dixon Absolutely!
Audreanne Ragin Marlisha Ellis
La'Raine Arnold Samieza Obas
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Nothing like Young Obama to brighten up your day!

Love Quotes and Sayings If you’re feeling good, then you’re creating a future that’s on track with your desires. If you’re feeling bad, you’re creating a future that’s off track with your desires. As you go about your day, the law of attraction is working in every second. Everything we think and feel is creating our future. If you’re worried or in fear, then you’re bringing more of that into your life throughout the day. ~Rhonda Byrne
Desmond Perkins Post something about Obama screwing over the people of Chicago..
Catherine Douglas Ogbanga Awesome
Rose Been Awesome 👏🏼
Mary Transon I love Obama. But Rickey, u have to let him go man!
Lanette Smalley Inspiring
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Truly inspiring, way to go!!

Candace Caffie She is very down to earth and generous I love Ellen she loves giving back to her community
Nisey Ball Yayy, good for her. Now, I wish someone would pay mine, & it's wayyyy more than $22,000.😂
Ike Moore Ellen so generous she would prob let her whole audience live in her house rent free.
Marqui Skeins Ellen is always giving to people. Great heart she has!!
Terrell Washington #Ellen is always giving and shows that she cares...#winning👍👌
Angel Harley Knox Loved Ellen since I was a child back, back in the day from tv show Duet, Open House and her self titled show. Wish her well then and now.
Deborah Davis This is truly an inspiring story;thank GOD for people who are blessed be a blessing for other less fortunate people.😌💯👍🏽
Dorothy Dickerson Ellen is an awesome woman who loves people. I commend her on giving back to the people. She doesn't see color or race , she see people.
Carolyn Tisdale Can she help me and my family all my children went to college welfare mom
Troy Gp Witherspoon She's perfect down to Earth person to me!
Sipé Kawalie Ellen Degeneres is an extraordinary human being. Thank you Ellen ♡♡♡♡
Shelia Smith I watched this episode... God bless Ellen🙏🏽
Kiamesha Williams Masha Allah, Ellen is a beautiful person!
Christine Williams Very nice Ellen you are sweet person and always giveing
Esther Loops Awesome sauce
Vivian Askew Love you Ellen. You always give back.
Lonnie Johnson Very nice and a blessings. 😊
Mae Hall Love Ellen DeGeneres
Bev Stone Ellen is amazing...
Tonya Robinson You pay it next 😄
C.j. Woods-Lowry Ellen is Godsend.
Terri Cain-Waring So how many AMERICAN students are in financial debt from student loans? I'm just asking.....🤔🤔🤔
Mallory Clay So kind
Kevin C Marshall Ellen always has my support
DaVette Brown 😏😔
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This is just so sad...

Felicia Blanks She didn't go to a neighbor's house she went to a relative's (aunt) house.
Shannon Crabbtucker Is there any information on the motive? Was she abused? Im not condoning murder, would just like more information.
Ov Norful Hawkins These kids are doing to much I'm just saying start young getting in their butt they might still act up but do what you have to do by no means....stop laughing at everything they do....7 of us my father said it 1 time after that it was on kids now days know they can call someone on you but hell I will take my chance...LAUGH TODAY YOU WILL CRY TOMORROW....
Gloria Yancey I'm not taking sides but the Mom probly told her that she was gonna take her cell phone for making to many selfies
Ramona Jenkins Had an eerie feeling that was the case
Adriene Elzia I said the story sounded fishy damn shame
Evelyn Judkins
Cathy Hendrix
Tya Marie Trina Humphrey-Lillard 😟
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I'm performing at The Florida Theatre this Saturday, February 25th in Jacksonville, Florida with Comedian NOD ROSS!! Tickets here:!!

Ashia Mote I wanna go 🤗
Troy Gp Witherspoon 👍
Cassius Williams Please stay away from Steve Harvey. He is a disappointment to the black community.
Cassius Williams Please no Miss Juicy, she is a drama queen. Gary the tea is funny.
Nikki Brooks Aww Rickey you gonna be here in Lansing next month I live right up the street from there at the hotel I'm see can I make the show
Sarah Reeves Ricky you better make them flo rides laugh their ass off like you did me don't let the coon intro. You he my piss on you and take over your show😂😂😂😂
Catalano Christopher MoorLuv Will Fight Against The Mass Deportation Plan Trump Just Now Empowered
Rose Been Great 👍🏽
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Obama helped this man, now he's giving back! #BlackExcellence

Mecca Recio Peace We prayed for Evans Ray to come home for 13 yrs. and look at what God has done. Never Give Up and Always Pray God is Amazing 💐🌹🌷. My girls are so Blessed to have him home . #BlackExcellence #Blessed #GodBlessedEvans #ProudofHim
Nicole Head no dna match onr person locked up the other on the streets too do it again victim said only two ppl did it he been in ther for 16 yrs for something he didnt do the real rapiest bragging on the streets chris in jail for something he did smh chris has three kids he left three weeks after one of his kids was born no finger prints passed the lie detecter test while chris was in jail they raped another woman the real rapiest name is charles boyd he walking on the streets of cleveland now free chris miller nowwwe
Janae Winzer Yes, but obama did not do shit for Chicago! He just continued to allow them to keep killing each other off. They elected obama for two terms and in those two terms he never voiced anything about what he was going to do to stop the killings in Chicago. It took a white man whom everyone so called hates to actually care enough to make it known chicago is out of control im going to do something about it. What does that tell you black ppl? When your own kind dont give a shit about your neighborhoods but we have to depend on someone white to help get our neighborhoods back together. That is not good.
Daphine Amaefuna Amen it is really Wonderful because the man Got , and he is doing it helping Others like he was helped , God Bless You for remembering the Others lefted Behind
Mallory Clay Obama ain't got nothing to do with the shootings and killings in Chicago
Tammy Tuck-Campbell I am so glad that Obama gave him another chance! GOD is good all the time! I know that he will do great when his non-profit gets going!!!
Karen Campbell There is nothing to big for God. To God be the glory. May God bless you abundantly. You, Sir, are the inspiration for many. Your living is not in vain!!!
Mallory Clay But what I really wanted to say was that it was nice of Obama to commute those sentences
Anthony Smith Im sure president Donald Trump has help alot of people too, but you dont hear about that.
Desmond Perkins One of those guys he committed just caught another case..
Ov Norful Hawkins That's right take this and try to help other inmates....
Darlene Clark God is good
Joyce M Evans Bless u in family
Alice Hudson Outstanding
Diamond Bell That is how you give back. God bless you!
Janine C. Daniel Awesome news! 🙂
Joyce Hamilton Yeess!!!
Tiara Brown Amazing what a great man
Rosa Ford God is good keep up the good work Mr.Ray Love you.
Rose Been Awesome 👏🏼
Latonia Rhodes Ugh I miss Obama so much 😢 Debricka Mayes
LaLonde Robinson Great!!!
Elizabeth Brown Aman
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Here's the video of Alex Trebek spittin' bars on Jeopardy!: 😂😂😂

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It's both scary AND not surprising, what do you think?

Ben Nutall He wont learn until they throw his ass under the jail like they did Oj Simpson ass then his ass gone learn crying an all that dumb shit when they give his ass 20 yrs tired of women giving this clown a pass because he can sing@ dance an got tattoos that hes God 🎁 too the women until he beat yo ass then he wont be that fine asf ass nigga ya keep giving passes
Ben Nutall All the women on here giving his ass a pass wouldn't be saying a dam thing if it was there daughter gettin beat by this dumb ass clown
Tiffany Monroe Why is she just doing this.. The "alleged" incident happened when they were together.
Tonya Webb Please do not believe just because you're granted a restraining order it's true! I had a controlling ex-boyfriend who didn't want me to break up with him, so he went to the magistrate and lied about me harassing him. He was granted the restraining order and I had to render my gun. After I went to court, I tried to explain to the judge he was a liar; she still granted him a year restraining order. These are his exact words: "I can do whatever I want to you now because you don't have your gun for protection." I moved to a different state and contacted him when the year was up and told him, "I have my gun back now; bring it!" He hasn't f£cked with me since then.
Carmen Dominguez I believe her. If she was granted a restraining order she must have had proof in writing or recording aka texts and messages saved on her phone. Police don't just issue such orders without evidence. We already know what he's capable of cause of what he did to Rihanna.
Qionne Bickham Chris said he crazy, but some women love that shit! I promise if he stop, down the line she gone miss him cause long as he stalking and acting crazy she winning! He whipped Ree-Ree, so she had to know what he was capable of and Ree-Ree still loves him till this day too! Just crazy man
Brett Okorowski Dudes a bum anyway. Giving nothing back to society just cause u can dance (and shitty songs on how you love women) doesn't mean you are a positive contributor to society. Throw his ass away like his garbage ass music
Monique Renaud Wait...All of this abuse was going on while she was modeling and appearing everywhere in bikinis? While she was giving interviews with Iyanla claiming she was so hurt that he cheated on her? While she got back together with him? I guess they stay until he stops spending or knocks them out!
Kaye Large Chris Chris Chris Stop beating up.women you need help my brother please don't kill anyone maybe you need to in the mountain alone and thing about what you're doing
Paula Mack He haven't run up on the right girl! Yet! Period!! Please!!! ... There are No excuses for him and her ass either. Cell phone pick it up and dial Big Brother Uncle the Homies and 911 but instead you take a selfie 😱... Smh what ever
James Reaves Not really, nothing's really surprising after he beat the hell out of Rihanna, Chris Brown, is the new Ike.
Netsanet Kidane I lost my respect and admiration when he abused Rihhana. She might forgive him but he isn't a man or human for me. I don't know why women learn from others and refuse to go out with this asshole?
Sunshine Robinson I see she's still trying stay In The lime light under Chris Brown name, girl bye he don't want your ass no more CB, has moved on and so should you,.you had you're chance
Jennifer McCullough Why do people always want to blame the woman for an abusive man's actions? Chris is throwed off and there is likely a lot that has happened privately that no one knows about but her and Chris.
Kelli Wagler I find it crazy how obsessed with her he still is. Maybe if he gave a shit about her when he actually had her, he wouldn't have to stalk her now.
Toya Henry I believe she just wanna be relevant and knowing his past and how the police treat him she could pull it and get away with it I don't believe any of the bs ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼 #nonfactor
Janae Winzer Why keep dating a man with a history of domestic violence? These females like to get threatened and talked crazy too. And beat on. Chris Brown is already scarred for life for witnessing his mom get abused. He is repeating a cycle.
Lexx Collins This happened when Chris Brown was on probation from the Rihanna incident. If she had reported he would have violated his probation and probably have gone to jail for awhile. She would received so much backlash and hatred for putting someone with an intense following in jail. I'm assuming she was scared of all that would happen. I believe her.
Arieana Kelley I'm not making accuses for him but I can't stand a weak as female. I feel she's weak for waiting this long to now come forward like she so scared. Becus if it was that bad why the reason they not together was becus he had a baby on and not becus he was abusive and you not gone allow him to put his hands on you. That's girl is full of shit
Kim Franks If this was my daughter ...Bump that I would tell her go to the shooting range and buy a gun ....I don't take an abuser threats lightly .....Protect yourself honey to any means necessary....No man that beats a women like a man deserves a pass
Linda Dawson Williams I think he needs to be proven guilty in a court of law. People said the same shit last time he was accused. And what happened to that story anyway?
Maiah Ramirez I don't know what goes on behind closed doors but I do know a jealous bitch when I see one.. She's clearly mad because she didn't get to be his baby mama . Bitches love bringing up the past to try and destroy you
Quintonna Hampton It's not surprising. He's got a track record now of abusive behaviors. I just hope he gets some help & she can try to move on with her life.
Dannetta Winstead I think it's all lies!!! Why now? Why wait until a few days after he announced his tour dates. Girl he over you!!!
Cristi Shelton I HATE hearing this because I think he is one of the most talented artists in the world!!! I LOVE his music, and I believe he just wants to be loved. He needs to get help for his anger issues, and just fly solo for a while....just him and his daughter. I really really want him to keep making music, he has a lifetime career ahead of him!
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Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown have been broken up for a long time, but she has filed a restraining order against him:

Tyronza Smith Ok they've been broken up for 2 years and now you're filing a restraining order because of he say she say? She should've called the police and pressed charges when he punched her in the stomach twice 🙄
Krystle Emerald Im no Kurruche fan but after Chris posted that video talking bout he the type of guy that stalk you after yall break up & he'll stalk any dude you try to talk to, i knew Chris was cray cray. Dude lets keep it 100, you was using her for a rebound after Rihanna & you cheated & had a whole baby on why you stalking her? Why are you on her IG/Twitter under her pics talking bout u still want it??? For all yall talking down to her, yall forgot why Chris & Souljah having a fight that quick huh? Cause Chris cant let her go. I say get the restraining order cause Chris got Ike Turner issues.
Torris Phoenix After going back and forward with him for years? She gotta be doing the same drugs he allegedly does. This looks like it's part of petty drama.
Sharon Griffin Stop defending this crazy ass ninja! He recently want on social media and stated "Bitch if I can't have you no one can" yet, she's still being questioned because Chris is a "Star". The world we live in ...SMFH
Ashley Pamplin Why are so many people putting her down? And why do we always give excuses to celebrities when they start acting out? Did we forget how crazy Chris Brown is? I love his music but it still doesn't change the fact that he is crazy as hell. He just put out a video ranting about how he stalks his ex girlfriends and he is one of those crazy types. And that's from his own mouth and you guys still will try to defend him and put down her. Smh..
Ieshia Gipson So he abused u PHYSICALLY and you stayed with him?? This restraining order is way past due, don't u think ? Its been years don't nobody want to hear this, stop trying to stay relevant its desperate
Candice Solomon If you have never been in an abusive relationship you have no reason to question why she stayed with him. Some people think that love and time will change an abusive person but it doesn't, it just gives that abuser more power and control. Stop blaming her and blaming her for staying. Be happy she got away and didnt end up like Rihanna or worse. It's been almost three years since they've been broken up and you don't ever hear her talking about Chris Brown unless he brings her up. Even in interviews when someone asks her about her past with Chris Brown she says she doesn't want to talk about it and changes the conversation. He is ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT HER, even when she has expressed she wants him to stop talking about her and to leave her ALONE. He is the one that won't let her go, she has moved on. Stop defending this fool and his ignorance. She deserves to have a happy life without him. You don't go about making threats when you're known abuser.
Kesha Keese I'm happy she's putting her safety first. Hopefully she follows through with the charges. I believe her, and anyone who had a possessive ex know they just don't give out restraining orders. You have to have proof that you're being harassed.
Wanda Rock-Smith Try to stay relevant and in the news even after being on Oprah show a year or so ago..let him raise his daughter in peace..don't mess up a father with his daughter over pity mess
Diane Taylor She probably was afraid, but it's reached a point where she gotta take his threats serious because either way he will hurt her. He either going to jail or he going to get someone or they going to get him.
Carol Johnson Idk what happened and I definitely don't condone him putting his hands on her if that is the case. But I find it odd that u would leave him because he cheated and had a baby on u but not because he's punching u and throwing u down stairs. Then he's trolling all your pics and no block no restraining order or anything. Now do I think Chris should take this L and move along ,YES but there is no way he would have done all this shit and no one ever witnessed it or went to TMZ with a story or ever had him arrested. Especially when they were looking for some shit to get him on. But hey this just my opinion and I hope he gets it together and leave her alone
Shaune Douglas Sims They don't just give those out. They look into it before before they grant it or grant a temporary one while they investigate. And I saw a vid last year where she and her friends tried to get away from him and he jumped in the van. Just google it. He Cray!
Bryttani Michelle Porter-James Goes on Iyanla: "Chris has never hit me" Goes on Oprah "Chris has never hit me" 2 years later : he was physical abusive. Girl bye. Her 15 minutes were up and now she wants more attention after everyone stopped caring about their estranged relationship. I call bullshiiiit!!! PS: I don't care what y'all think about my about my comment. I will argue w/ you tho 😂😂 ( just for a little while tho )
Charmaine West Sit down somewhere dang. Got all that you have and you out here acting a fool. I wish I did have the things you have because guess what, I would be on the Maldives Island straight chilling and relaxing. Stupid
Necy Bullett I hope the law take what is happening serious. Take what he posted as very serious. People might want to take it as if he''s just joking around. This is sad and very scary. I hope this doesn't end badly. He's very unstable!!!!!
Shana Williams-Smith Every time her lil limelight die down she always do an interview about Chris. This some hoe ass shit & I hope he beat her ass fr since she wanna throw dirt on his name like that knowing he been tryna do right since that Rihanna shit. Especially with him having his daughter now. Smh fucking sad.
Jyreeta Camp Any woman who continues to date Chris Brown is just stupid. You all KNOW his track record, yet continue to get with him while digging for gold? One day he's gonna break someone's neck and be charged with homicide.
Shondon Bezue-davis I use to like them as a couple. I like him even more that he's not with her. I seriously doubt he would jeopardize Ms. Royalty for anything or anybody. It all seems suspicious to me.
Javonda Mori Dit Omar Since Chris independently owns ~ 14 Burger King restaurants, and the chain is buying Popeye's this restraining order perfectly timed to leverage some cash outta the dude? He's young, but he's got his money right for him and his lil girl. I'm not mad at him. These goldies gotta go make their own living out here in the world.
Jus Ebonique Some of these comments show why women hide abuse whether it be physical, emotional, or whatever. Idiots talk about them when these are situations you can't speak on if you never been in it... We all can say what we would do but come on. The boy got issues. Because you can get anybody doesn't mean you want them.
Beatriz Ambris At least you recognize Chris is crazy! Glad she is taking a stance. It's never easy to report your abuser, whether physical or mental. Obviously something was said or done to frighten her.
Marie Collier I think sum of this is payback because Chris has been flaunting his new gf around an how she knows she can ruin him by saying O he abused me too even tho it might be true but y wait so long to say sumthin
Marsha Haley This is some sad shit, restraining order against Chris Brown why are y'all even at the same events. Chris please get some help, y'all do know this is helping his career, I've heard his music on the radio for 1hr straight. Smh.
Nina Simone Davis Girl you have tv show...why you need to remind us who u are...focus on your ratchet tv show
Lori Marie Jenks Look at all these domestic violence sympathizers. Always finding a way to blame the victim... Hop off this weekend nigga dick! You thots won't ever have a chance so y'all can stop all this Karruche hate.
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Another day gone, another day we miss Obama!!

Yashica Hickson Say what u will about Former President Obama & First Lady Michelle, the epitome of Class, smarts, AND what America stands for. I really really miss this family. 😢😢
Mimi Butler Hafford He is missed more and more everyday. I feel like I been living in a mansion for eight years and then got kicked out and dropped off in a trailer park. This is some BS!!
Sarah Bailey And the US congress never helped him do any of it! But consistently almost to the detriment of Country held to their racist positions to be obstructionist!
Anton Smith All presidents had thier shit with them, even this one, a lot of shit that not too many black peoplel care about they just like to see one of their own winning. Pres. Obama had so many thing these racist assholes could complain about but they made it abou this race. All that to say with all the shit that went on with administration comparing him to what's going on now and what came before him he is the best but that's not saying much.
Julie Ann Hurst I all sounds like great accomplishments. He helped 30 million people get healthcare but there are still 30 million without it. He saved jobs in the auto industry but there a still millions losing jobs and small businesses failing. He authorized the strike on bin laden, that hunt spanned 2 presidencies. And what about the victims and families of the people he pardoned. He fought for same sex marriage but there are still millions of christians being persecuted for harmlessly standing in their beliefs. Good for what he did and the people he helped but its not as simple as it seems. I can commend him for his accomishments but we are forgetting all the people that are still affected by those acts. We shouldnt keep it one sided. If she were talking about Trump, she would only mention the negatives with obama its only the posatives. Thats the problem. We are conditioned to only see what we wanna see!!
Emma Jackson I pray for him and his family nightly and I know God has something great for him still! He is surely a tough act to follow!
Brent James The greatest president president Obama
Larry Tate No one wants to give him deserve credit for what he did for this country, with all the nine help of some of republican counter part, the highest percentage of a president going out of office (58) percent
D Deion Hayes Whats funny.. is every day you move more up Obama's butt... While other blacks are learning that other than being 1st black President.. Obama really wasn't shit else. Not for blacks are America.. Waiting for him to announce he is gay.
Tammy Crites This is ron crites. Lol what a joke. How could you miss some one who almost destroyed America and who commetted so many counts of treason.
Paulette Poole Exactly WTF did he do, tell me again? And he sure as hell didn't do a damn thing for black people but be black. I'm so confused by this article.
Elaine Jacot omg, from the class act of the Obamas to the trash of the trumps!! gag...
Shronda Mckiver Obama disappointed me with the Gay marriage but I do miss him
Beverly Jackson Awesome speech whooping Great President Obama always will be still the Real president
Dawn Dodd Love it!!!! Truly what a President who is educated, dignified, and a true class act does! He is truly missed!
Brenda Gaulton But yet he is so under rated by some American people!!!
Eloise Flowers Love you, Whoop !!!!! Yes, she's a friend in my head, I meant to leave the I , off !!
Brent James First lady Michelle Obama the classiest ever Melania can't touch her
Sonia Agnew All this and he created more than 15 million new jobs
Dell Lowery For now on, we will call him Robert, because we miss him. Lol 😭
Suzette Boston Can you imagine the things that family REALLY went through?
Crystal Brown I miss him too and he accomplished his part of the "bigger plan"! So, I really just miss a president that is dignified!
Deb Jones I love me some Whoopi, that sister tells it like it is and she doesn't give a damn about who doesn't like it....let's say it again....#THATSWHATAPRESIDENTDOES
Maggie Ward I'm like Donald Trump, "when he get caught in a lie" he wiggle out the lie, 'and make the one catch him in the lie look stupid' "like they got it confused" I say this to say"I make myself believe President Obama is still in the white house as President, "it gives me comfort!"
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Malcolm X was assassinated in New York, New York 52 years ago today. Here are some of his most iconic quotes: Which is your favorite??

Earl Manning Wat a powerful bro.....I have all respect for this bro
Cynthia Darty By any means necessary....
Robin Reed Oh how times would be different..
Brent James Malcolm x good outspoken brother in American history
Eugene Morris He can fire up a crowd just as if he was here today
Katerry Erica Jackson Rest in heaven, Brother Malcolm, and what was real sad about his assassination was that his wife was pregnant with their twins at the time. Malcolm was a real powerful brotha that knew the real deal which perhaps why he was killed
Caren Seymore Brother Malcolm, YOU tried to warn OUR people. I pray that young men would take the time and study your works. Young women AS well. HE believed in Education. Rest in Peace Bro. Malcolm
Katerry Erica Jackson Beyoncé used a quote of his in Lemonade, which was "The most ignored and disrespected person is the Black Woman", which is so very true
Karress Yvette Rickey Smiley 👋👋👋👋👋 thank you. Something, besides garbage.
Daphney Stewart RIP to Malcolm X🙏🏿
Johnalynn Billups By any means necessary.
Toya Queen They killed my angel face? Or my sugar bear? They must be punished
Jon Mathews Kill whitey.
Terry Scaife Smith
Kayla MsPettymama Evans Faat Kiid
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#BlackHistoryMonth movies that are both compelling & educational!

Fannie Moore Listen, tell them to put Bob's Burgers season 6 back on there!
محمد الجناحي mams isis rogue assassinated Caliph Omar !!! Stops with .. unify Altimih physical Alostora..ostorh (1): God glabrous young frizzy Qtt..sahha }correct it Taymiyyah !!! .. legend (2): materialisation and tradition and ignorance and Tchouh..ostorh (35): sedition .. head of Kufr .. devil century !!!: speak in points: the first: the Orient when the second Alraza..aljhh: Middle and North Iraq .. when we find Wahhabi !!! .. the third: not Iraq .. the Tabuk was not Cham! !! .. the fourth: we find in the literature, history, impact: Can we find a recent designation as claimed by the followers of Ibn Abd al-Wahhab did not have a presence in the heart of Islam era novels as well as the issuance of pre-Islamic era? !! Indeed, contrary to their claim, Adapted from the lecture {18} # of search: "Stops with .... # Touhad_altimih_aljsma_alostora" # Research: an objective analysis of the beliefs and # # # Altarej_alasalama Mr. Hassani Sarkhi 19 May 1438 e - 17.02.2017 AD
Pamela Winfrey Sweet $&@* Willie....
Yolanda Bacon You know that Radio Raheem died last year.
Terry King Fight the Power
Leticia Ktownkraykray Harris Why they wearing make-up???
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Congratulations to Ms. Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley's son ZION Marley on becoming a father, and to Lauryn and Rohan on becoming grandparents!! Here are pictures of the baby:

Katerry Erica Jackson Can't believe this is the same baby who was the subject matter in his mother's song "To Zion" is now a proud father himself. I'm getting old, so now the joy in his world is in Zephaniah. Congratulations young man and Grandma Lauryn!
Roxanne Rannie Eugene I'm gonna be Iron like the Lion in Zion... congratulations.
Lisa Mendes Zion..little Zion.."Now the Joy of my World is in Zion", Zion? Oh lawd I'm old!
Mavis Brown Congratulations
Anwana McCord Congratulations!
Ingrid Lindsay A Young and blessed glanma
Akeeda R. Sampson Oh my time flies
Princess Jesuswillfixit Williams Congratulations
Rebecca Carver Very cool grandma
Barbara Banks Aww Congratulations.
Agnes Bonas Congratulations
Eine Dale Congratulations
Terelon Smith Sometimes I still think of her as that young woman from Sister Act 2 and now she's a grandma!, where did the time go?, congrats to her and her son.
Rock Kimberly This is great news! But can Lauryn Hill be on time for her shows? I so enjoy her talent but she can't be on time for nothing. Ok I'm done venting✌🏾️
Andrea Robinson Those of you with the old jokes sound like you dont believe you will get old someday. You must know a witchcraft doctor.
Dwayne Wayne THis bitch got one album and still making money off this one album that's what you call a classic
Velinda Taylor He's still a kid himself
Juanita Tillman Congratulations to your Successes and Families Blessings to All's of You Awesome!!!!!
Marlene Murphy I hope you show more responsibility for your grand than you show for your carree
Kim Marie Leatherby Congratulations you don't look old enough to become a grandmother all the best wishes for you new grandchild luv u kim xx
Jacqui Phillips Congrats. She's really gonna be late for concerts now
Renee Grisson Congrats!
Beverly DeCastro-Archer Congratulations!!!
Rose Been Congratulations 🎈🎉
Michelle Reed I am getting old MY Joy done had a baby
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People keep standing up for what's right!

Carlin Richards We all came from somewhere! This Country belongs to the Great Indian Tribes, how in the hell his dumb ass, trying to stop people with different,beliefs be it that, religion color ethnicity all of Gods children help builted this nation, and satan is tearing it apart.
Barbara Amy It's not an immigant's an illegal immigrant issue. The key word is illegal. Why do so many folks keep leaving that out or not comprehending? Do people not know the meaning of the word illegal? Again, it's illegal (not leagal) immigrants. It's a big difference.
Shaunta McConnell The issue is not legal immigrants it's about the illegal immigrants. If one wants to be here do so legally and pay your fair share. For every 1 illegal who is employed that's 1 less American out of work. Our kids in high school need those fast food jobs. Our men need those lawn care service contracts. Our carpenters need to be building those pop up communities. AMERICA NEEDS THOSE JOBS!
Toya Queen But are you illegal? Foh this shit getting on my nerves especially for these immigrant that come from violent ass countries you wouldn't be doing all this outspoken shit there but want to come here and do it because we won't kill you for it but your home will lol
D Deion Hayes I don't understand what's so hard about Trump travel ban people don't understand.. They are not stopping people with current visas from entering the country. It only effects people who don't have current visas so government can update their data base to properly vet those wanting to come in from those 7 countries.. Why those countries. Obama was bombing the snot out of those countries and killed more civilians than any other President. So we should wanna know who from those countries is coming in.. You disagree??.. Yes.. Ok. If you killed my parents would you allow me to come live in your home??..
Shana Gardner Sir, please do not say what's right. What's right is becoming a citizen legally. I can't come into your house and claim squatters rights. I have to follow all protocol that is in place
Krystal Marie Lord you people are about as dumb as can be possible ... Stop hearing what you want to...use your brains if you can manage that...he IS NOT BANNING IMMIGRANTS...HE IS PUTTING A BAN ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!he's not saying they aren't welcome here...he is saying they need to come here legally....idk his or why any American would have an issue with that!!! Everyone just wants a reason to bitch... You could not illegally go reside in any country without repercussion....if an immigrant wants to be in America then they should have no problem doing it the right way!! All you morons just hear what you wanna instead of actually reading ...if u can...and seeing the truth.. Yet if this was Hillary Clinton doing this you all would be praising her...Obama did the same damn thing ...i don't think any of you have a problem with what he is doing ...I think you all continue to moan and act like children solely because it's trump that's doing didn't win the election and now your gonna hate everything he does....he could cure cancer or end world hunger and you all would find a reason to protest and bitch just because he did it... Grow up you bunch of racist morons.
Daisy Rougeau Thank you, its not an immigrant thing its an illegal immigrants entry into these united states thing against those waiting in line to come into this country legally. So stop the dumb stuff and letting these Mexican,Cubans make you believe that its against all people. They feel that America would disappear or wouldn't function if their lazy, unskilled asses wasn't here.
Lulu Williams Where do I begin nice people. God is the only one who knows why Trump is in office. If we focus on praying together and having faith in GOD and not jumping the gun because of messy news and sub title media post things wouls be different!! Mountains can be moved. God certainly moved mountains for all of us some point in your life. I believe God not man so that being said what is posted is truly not ALL truth. Get all the facts before fingers and words are cast out to trump because they are point right back to you perfect people. Oops we not perfect!!!!!
Hugh Jasolé Why have people still not grasped the concept of this whole situation? If you're a legal immigrant you're not going to get deported.
B Tini Greer Immigrants should have seen the writing on the wall! He didn't hide it.
Beau Villereal The travel ban is only 90 days for one and f4om the same countries that Obama and Hillary Clinton ban for 6 months eat a duck
Albert Jackson Just because they have money that don't make them rite you people on here are just fools
Olivia Mitchell
Derrick Penn I could so care less about a damm immigrant
Steve Brown Oh, well!
Aisha Edwards DVF!!!!! An icon
Rose Been Agree
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach Amor et gaudium
Evangeline Reaves Let Love Take Over!
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Rickey Smiley Morning Show
Comedian Karl "Special K" Douglas and Ms Juicy Baby have info about next Rickey Smiley Morning Show, but it's just fun to watch these two together! More #RSMS videos here:
Rose Been 😂😂😂😂
John Man Rickey.. let the world know why K Michell singing career is fuck... because she got a lot pussy juice in her mouth
Larry Bolt I told you she was a nasty bull her mama and her sister came on little people and said she was filthy hahajjajjajajja and I've had my experiences with people born in May they nasty
Larry Bolt A taurus the bulls Bay slop around in shit we Apex animals
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#TheCarters might of stole the show!

Sharmaine Montague Johnson They stole the show, game, arena, the city, and owned the All Star weekend.....hell Beyonce might have the Slam Dunk 🏆 in her 👛........😂😂😂😂👀👀😂
Carol Reed This is a stupid post I watched All star weekend cared less what entertainer was there. Hell my boy Anthony Davis was MVP
Katerry Erica Jackson Here comes the pointless "Who cares" comments. The Carters are a beautiful and successful family, stop hating
Kristi Michele The Carter Family looked great. But I want to point out the fact that you 'Might Of' picked the wrong person to post info on your FB page. It's a likely fact that they 'Might Of' not noticed that grammatical error.
Barbara Fleming Ray They Dress her so Cute, just like a normal little girl, Not like a grow Woman. Look at her Hair so Cute!
Erika Be Might 'of' ??? U kidding me right now?
Susan Imala-Pickett Damn do guys wake up thinking about Beyoncé.....smh!!!
Yoni Galore I just wanna point out that the robe she was wearing was a 21,000 Gucci robe. I'm in the wrong damn business hot damn.
Leshia Sloan What does Mrs.B have on really all that money.
Trayvone Bryant People are dumb asf watching n wasting money on Nfl/Nba games. Give you my backyard for the price.
Mary Williams Miss Blue Ivory you are truly daddy's little girl you are so pretty such a young lady thumbs-up to your parents for raising you to be a young lady
Aaron Lewis Who gives a shit?
Karen D Runteldat Gravely
Darnise Jackson This is ridiculous they are people dam
Tonya Robinson Nope not really 😜
Shawn Wright Looking like her dad lol
Jala Starchild Kimono, Fan and sandals 👘👡
Ida Wilcox NOT
Charmaine Moore
Doris Hence Ok n they not only ones there really
Tausha McGraw She look just like her daddy
Jenny Loiseau " Might have stolen" 😐
Arthur Crenshaw Beautiful
Marisela Guerrero Who gives a fuck! There's more serious issues more !!!
Kenyetta PrettyFeet Green Kendrick Robinson
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Look at that, Biden's daughter works to help the under served communities!

Vida Mari Y'all better put your money into black owned business and stop playing these games. We love her but she ain't saving none of us.
Bennie Lockinour Hmmm see this is what a good person who had a good upbringing does!!! Not none of that gold ass spoon in your mouth shit!!!But I guarantee you a dollar to a dime you will not see 45s kids doing anything like this!!!!!!!
Chris O'Brien until us as Black people learn to get along with each other , and learn to trust each other with out having so much hate towards each other maybe some of us would entertain the idea of investing into our own people ! were the only RACE that don't get along with each other and kill each othert daily ! we can't come together to thow a party with out drama so why would I want to come together to do business when you already know what the outcome is gonna be !
Ann Square The bigger issue is that its not so much as her line that she shouldn't be doing business while in the White House. She should have appointed someone else to take over instead.
April Ganzy Tillman she could sell keychains and Id buy one just cus
Brent James MVP we miss the Biden family to he was loyal to president Obama
Giselle Genus A great set of people and their daughter is beautiful inside and out.
Sophia Sharp-Donaldson I'm not boycotting her line; I never liked her line. She is not her father and children do not pick their parents
Malcolm Farley Black people spend 2% of their money with Black owned businesses.If we moved it to 10%.That's 1,000,000 jobs.
Renee Thompson We gotta support our Cousin Ashley!
Samantha Beazley Alternatively, lets not pay ridiculous prices for cheap goods all together, and ditch these rich bitch lines.
Pee Es this is what real ppl do, not sit in their gold plated apt and think about how to screw the American public and live off their money !
Claudell Haynes I certainly will, let us know where i can buy them from, i will team up and with a whole lot of people.
Kisha Davis Give black business your money #buyblack
Tonya Robinson I don't think so
Tonya Robinson Not gonna happen
Tewanna Cleveland I wouldn't buy a piece of gum from her for a penny.
Jazmyn Lane They look to basic and overpriced 🙅🏾👎🏾
Lezzie Harrison AWESOME
Porshe Tinsdale I like the hoodies thanks..
Rosa Appleberry Yea.
Cassandra Young It's a Beautiful Tuesday, thank you Lord once again.
Demario Edwards Hoodie's get you shot
Pamela Y Peterson I rather give her a try
Vickie Flemister How about that. !!
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We spent so much time talking about the Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Tell Em boxing match on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show," and now it's not gonna happen:

Lanna Kaolulo Mabin Y'all know damn well they was not going to fight now everybody acting surprised by these two guys aren't fighting come on now you got too much to think about they need to think about taking care of a kids and becoming much more productive men in society
FeFe McPherson Maybe Chris realized how foolish it all was. Soulja KID is an imbecile. Chris is a hot head, who I feel would have demolished Soulja anyways. Chris has bigger fish to fry & more important things to focus on like being a father to his daughter & setting an example of some sort. Chris still has his issues, but I'll give him credit for not showing this type of behavior around his daughter. They both are too old for this foolishness & everyone knows just how CHILDISH Soulja wack ass is !!
Lori Marie Jenks So Soulja Boy is mad? Not surprised. He's not the brightest. He doesn't realize how much Chris Brown is still making him look stupid by taking the high road and being quiet.... Maybe Soulja Boy should learn that sometimes silence is golden...
Teresa Choyce Violence is never the answer a good sit down with a few people that would be neutral in the matter would be better... someone could get killed if either one loses...It may have left the ring and entered the street...God knows best...I pray they work this out.....brothers against brothers tares my heart apart
Clarissa Thompson Chris Brown is trying so hard to change how ppl look at him this fight would've done nothing good for him. He know he have to stay grounded if not his ass will be in court for something bad enough he has to deal with the baby mama who's sitting back waiting on him to do something so she can have a reason
Monique Renaud Because there are are more important things going on in this world than this bs! Doesn't Chris Brown have a daughter to raise and guide?
Melissa Whear Wonder if they will still donate to charity? Since... you know, it was all about the proceeds for this shit show going to charity. Maybe now these two can transfer their focus from their "training" to their therapy.
Eileen Wilson I am so glad Chris had enough courage to call this bs off I hope this is the first sign of him growing into manhood why would he give some money hungry people to push him into something so stupid, I'm so tired of seeing black people fighting on tv, we are so messed up always wanting to fight and kill each other Willie lynch taught us well
Alonza Nobles While fools are thinking about fighting grown men handling they business. Props too Chris Brown for taking the grown man approach. Even though I still think Chris would've won lol
Darryl Dupree If they really wanted to fight they would I gotten together and did it. Who makes up a contract to fight unless you are a professional. One was scared and the other was glad of it .
Tiffany Grant It doesn't need to happen. Two men acting out for foolish reasons promote nothing positive. Both need to direct their energy and efforts towards more meaningful things...
Gabriel S Smith This is foolish. Rickey Smiley you shouldn't want this type of nonsense to happen or root for it. There are so many more and far important issues going on in this world that need attention. Encourage them both to work it out.
Chana McFadden Lmao, Chris is about to go on tour! Hm....tour and bank....fight somebody in a boxing match with rules that you can catch some other time? Im touring! Lol!
Olivia Magee I'm so happy they not fighting know one should want two talent young black brother to fight we ass black people quick to talk about another race putting us down but realty blacks do a good job at it everyone applauding this fight how about encourage them young men to focus on putting out good music and Chris being a positive role model for his daughter.
Aziza Hadiya Everybody knew it wasn't going to happen when they said pay per view lmao they know where and when to find each other at all times.......they are both big ass kids trying to make the other sound immature while making themselves both look like dumbasses......and how you start something making all that unnecessary as noise then back the fuck out smfh.......true VA kid.....
Nanah Black Media TRICKERY to be relevant. Now corny Soldierboy is trying to stay media relevant. No one coming for him. What he better do is get an accountant and use his few dollars on investments to have some change for his future for all the karma coming his way.
Donna Ingram-Johnson Good the foolishness should stop between these men! Put that money in the communities, like opening a youth center or something! Unite for a better cause, not to live up to the negative stereotypes.
Vanessa Gray Since whn people fight they so quick of using a 🔫 since they are in the industry they put it in their music ths was just a stunt Nothing more&it did its purpose (people talking)🤔
Frank Taylor It was never going to happen. The hype was interesting; but who is paying for a pay-per-view Soulja Boy/Chris Brown fight. If the beef is real will be throwing blows soon enough for free in a club near you.
Jay C DeVolney It's no different than Barack Clarence Thomas Obama and us believing he would fight for black people. Instead we got all talk and no help. Yawl good Ole Dylan Roof loving Christians should be used to this. #GTFOHWTBSB
Ebony Nowlin It's funny that adults actually took this foolishness seriously, and were egging it on, smh.
Beth Ann Isaiah Pleassse, we all know Soulja can't beat Chris. Chris just not into getting pimped just to prove a point. He has enough dough. MORE than enough. Too many unneeded hands were in the pot.
Andre Jackson They didn't want to make a fool of themselves. What type of role model they would be? 2 successful young men allowing the media to make a fool out of them.
Susan Solo Haven't read the article but Dear Lord please let the reason they are going to fight be 'they had some more constructive ish to do'. Just this one time let them be on some I got better ish to do with my time.
Andre Capilongo It's not gonna happen because a States atheltic commissioner is going to have to approve this. They weren't ever going to approve this Bullshit. Both these dudes are pussy
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Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers seemed to feel some type of way when he was questioned by a reporter about his belief that the Earth is flat:

Jay Winslett Talk like that will get ya appointed to Trump's cabinet. #Alternativefacts
Willie Daniels If he believe it, how do that affect any of you? like he said all that was said on that pod cast and that all they can talk about. and how is this news anyway, don't get distracted from what's Trump is doing, He appointed people that are 100% Racist to his cabinet and y'all talking about a flat earth.
TJ Herrin Sun is round. Moon is round. But nah, you're right. The earth flying through space like a fricking Frisbee. Makes sense.
Renae CantDeal Woods Hahaha GENIUS!!! The pure fact that this reporter and we are talking about this today proves his point! How is this news? Its more going on in the world that should be discussed and these reporters care if he thinks the world is "FLAT". There is no news, how does it matter, it DOESN'T!!! He's a smart guy.
Val Jones I kinda think people may have missed the point on this. I think he said that intentionally, to prove a point. He later made a statement referencing the fact that out of all he said, and all that is going on in the world, people want to focus on this one statement. He might just be making a point about where our priorites and focus lie...Im just saying
Brian Bridges I look at it like this, if he's not telling the truth! Why address a lie! I mean if someone's lieing on me it won't bother me! But if it's the truth, you will try even harder to make them look like a lie! But who am I though.
Denorris Dickson It's not the first time I've heard that the earth is flat. I've never traveled out of space so I can't confirm nor deny that it's round or flat. I do know that you can't be dumb or stupid and get accepted at Duke University regardless how well you can dribble a basketball.
Marc Isma Ok I'm sorry to say, but this guy is an idiot. This is 2017, and not 1517. This myth has been resolved long ago. Mathematician prove that the earth is round. Eratosthenes of Cyrene proved the earth is spherical just using mathematical calculations. Others like: Pythagoras, Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo, and Johannes Kepler have all said the earth is round and not flat based on mathematical and scientific research. If fact, you don't have to be a scientist or a mathematician to come to a deductive reasoning that the earth is round. Just by observing other celestial bodies, like the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Mars are all spherical. One can then assume earth has to be the same.
Ashley Martinez Y denie ur sense god made us perfect if u ride a bike or drive a car u feel it move so how come u cant feel it spin stop being tricked by nasa, cgi is not real every thing they put out is cgi all the pictures of earth is photo shop. The blood in ur body only flows vertically if u see a picture right now upside down the first thing the brain will do is try to turn it right side up every thing u was thought is a lie its called controlled of the mass population inslavery, that y a lot of people dont believe in god because they was thought a lie about the shape of the earth there hiding god from the realms of earth each and every human is special notting on earth matter only the progress of the soul thats wat counts earth falls to earth and light raises up the light we are light being our soul is light energy and if u walk this entire life with out ever knowing the truth u will never raise to great light. Wake up people and unplug ur self
Joshua Johnson The earth is neither round or flat. It is oval shape from the asteroids that hit it during the beginning of time when earth was forming. I swear if people just did some damn research they would learn a thing or two
Jay Madd If the earth were flat you would be able to travel right off the edge like a giant sheet of paper let' know what I'm not going to entertain this it's just math. No I've never been to outer space but I have a working concept of gravity and centrifugal force.
Lucy Bell I don't know if it's round or flat. I won't deny that it maybe flat just because they want me to believe that a white man name Christopher Columbus said it was round. We all know how this world lies about history. Hell for all we know this mf is octagon.
Eileen Wilson Why did they keep asking, weather he believes it or not is not important, they just were trying to make a fool of him and he knew it
Wallace McGhee Why does some one have to be crazy because they being awaken that's his choice you people, Do your own research Being Woke is A Choice all this hate over his belief.
Ernest Bostic Somethings are debatable but this particular subject is not up for debate. Every planetary body in our solar system is a sphere which means it's round. You could take a telescope and look at most of the planets in our solar system on a clear night and see that all of them are round.
Rocky Malhotra Anyone who things the earth is flat please jump off the edge once you find it. You're using valuable resources that can be used by the rest of us.
Law Hills you stupid, I can see your point before we understood the solor system but com on man! so the sun, moon and all the other planets are round except earth ? when there is simple evidence that proves your ignorence. SMDH
Greg Davis I ain't never been outside the earth to actually see with my own eyes, so who am I to agree or disagree? I'll just keep on believing the earth is a computer and I'm just a program among billions of other programs just trying to exist.
Robert Ahmathya Yadayad Holston 🤔👇🏿 Isaiah 40:22King James Version (KJV) 22 It is he that sitteth upon the CIRCLE of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:
Alvin Stewart He may have a point, I never been in space so o can't say it's a dumb statement. There's just as much proof that earth is flat as its round.
Johnnie Mance He just might be right about that! Science has been proven wrong before, but then there's the bible!! So until the end of means there is an end, where a circle like a wedding ring example has no end!! So how you get to the end of earth if it's round? IJS
Ne-Ne Hamilton As long as he good at football he can think the world is square,long,short or tall.But you can't talk silly if you not winning any games.
Chello Farquharson Sometimes people will say and do anything for a little media attention no one could possibly be that stupid maybe he should hook up with Porsha Williams she thinks that the Underground Railroad actually had a fucking conductor and train perfect couple
Christopher Jones If you've never been to space you're only responding with answers you were taught in school. Who are we to say if he's right or wrong?
Daynora Lynn Clements-Caul Not sure which is worse, Believing something this crazy, or not knowing (Sherri Shepherd) something this basic. I wonder if he realizes that there are pictures from outer space?
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All that for just a few fries?? C'mon now

Mary K Praise Mbibe Dipping dirty hands in other peoples' food. Who knows where your hands have been. It is not about the three fries.
Brandon Rutledge She might have drawn back a nub F'n with me. I don't even want familiars putting their hands in my food so a stranger doing it is much worse.
Samantha Beazley That ridiculous. He could have easily escorted her off the property and had the wait staff replace his mauled fries. Which considering a stranger came up to him and touched his food, the restaurant most likely would have done, for free. (Assuming this is one of the few places that make on duty officers pay at all) Instead, he ties up police time, and the courts time, all on our tax dollars. Cause baby lost a gram of fried potato... Clearly he is not cut out to be an officer of the law.
Debra English there once was a little girl with special needs that was telling me after being at this school for 8 years she had always ate lunch alone I to I did not want this to be a memory for her so me and a co worker said we would eat lunch with her the next day she told me her favorite food was pizza so we got a large pizza while eating a kid reached over my shoulder and grabbed a slice mind you we where 2 officers in full uniform
Debra English I don't blame him some random person sits down next to him strikes up an conversation and then puts her nasty hands in his plate. I retired from a police agency and one day in role call the officer sitting next to me just grabbed my soda and took a drink WTF
Debra English she must have thought she was just that cute . I was not brought up like that we did not eat off each others plate if we wanted seconds we ask our mother and she got it from the stove and never drink from each others cup
Spratt ON Burnett Ok, I can understand that! I would have popped her in her face. You don't put your nasty, stanky, shitty hands on my food, ever!
Althea Wittock This woman is not playing with a "full deck" she is off her medicine. Forgive her.
Tina Bowser Totally not a good idea Ppl are so nasty. But her going to jail is a little bit to much.I would have told her she could have the entire order
Patricia Wiseman Good. You don't just put your strange hands in my plate taking my food all willy nilly. Especially after being warned.
Susan Scott I would have snapped her hand off at the wrist......... Don't put your hands in my food,I have grandkids for that.
Tracy Carter He should have just pulled his gun out on her. Lbs 😉
Andrea Coleman I agree ..who does that I know its a bit excessive but its rude and seems like she just need to reiterated how manners work..
Peggy Ashe Are we still living in American. I hate to b in the act with this person of law. This's is so crazy!!!
Laretta Abington Why did he not purchase her an order of fries for her self. She must have been hungry.
Bryant Phillips Oh well another morning of course this post is full of abnormal people
Ax Dee So how did he write it up caught a woman still in three french fries off my plate!!
Karen Hamilton Let her do it to the wrong person, and she could end up with a ass whooping!
Jason Erwin If someone is that stupid they derserve everything they get...
Joseph Palmer Really that was a waste of taxpayer dollars if she was hungry feed her .
Nicki Nicole We'll stealing is stealing. Bet her dumb behind won't do that again. 😂😂 ya big dummy (Red Foxx voice)
Sybil Williams Who do that!!! I would've given her the whole plate...Obviously Hungry!
Jay Roberts Stupid people these days
Darren Cortilli People don't always wash their hands. Touch my food bitch u are going jail.
Anne Clarke Steal my food feel my fork
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Samantha Beazley This is not a new problem for youth. In fact, it's probably far better, and more inclusive than the days where kids were limited to very local peers. Back in yonder years schools were a very cliquey environment and fostered a lot of segregation and bullying. If you didn't make try outs for what ever, or fit in with the 'in' crowds, you were even more limited on friend options and would be cast into one of the 'loser' cliques. That, or you became a loner. Back then popularity 'was' social life, but most parents had encouraged their children to pursue academics or a talent if they didn't make the cheer squad or football team. These days popularity has become important to many more parents than in the past, and instead of pushing their children to peruse other things, they enable the child to focus solely on the popularity struggle. Or, they expect the schools to raise their children for them. Parenting is not 100% to blame though, but it is a large factor. Really the only thing that has changed is the structure of the general youths social life. Social media has allowed the would have been loser cliques and loners to level the social playing field, which overall is a big plus for their mental development. On the down side, it has allowed a platform for the popularity obsessed youth to gain 24/7 attention. It has also allowed rumors to fly at light speed, and shaming and humiliation to happen on a very, very large scale. Just like back then, parental guidance is key when it comes to your child's balance. If Facebook is stressing your kid out, it might be time to start getting them focused on something more, meaningful and/or fulfilling than how many people like them.
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. A meaningful of life is not being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect. It is about being real, being humble, being strong and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of other. It is only then that we could have a full, happy and contented life.
Kishonna Kennedy Mckenzie Teen are not on Facebook . I was told it's for old people
Patrukio Mathis Hunh..
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What you do if you ran into a Kardashian in Jamaica??

Charmin Bristol Walk in the opposite direction. There are a lot of black folks who don't and never would idolize them.
Mary K Praise Mbibe It will be a normal day like others. Not my favorite people.
Lauren Wilson Well Khole is my favorite, and they don't trash talk about other's also black guy's want to be with them. So If I saw one of them I would look and keep it moving. I don't ask ppl. for pic's.
Joseph Booker Jr. I was always taught that it's nice to be nice to everyone, regardless of their status in society. If Khloe Kardashian was acting stuck-up, people would still complain. I hope they had fun in Jamaica.
Vergie McNeil Hawkins Keep it moving, I don't think a need a picture or nothing. I'm just as pretty. I ran into Spike Lee two years ago outside of Chicago Airport. He walked right pass me , I said are you Spike Lee, he nodded his head and I kept it moving, because I don't like his movies either! Now if I run into Denzel , Denzel Washington well let's just say y'all would be reading about me.
Mary D Williams I would say to myself, "there's another one!" And keep it moving. They human just like me and visits Jamaica, just like me. Ijs.
Loretta Tribble She is one of my favorite . She is really down to Earth. I never meet her personal but i think she would be the one that is more approchable. Im a fan of her and her Sister Kylie. I think Kohole keep it Real and she dont have no fakeness about herself.
Donnell Warren Just carry on with my day as always. I wouldn't pay them no attention.
Cassandra Richardson Powell If she was standing in my face at a store l would not know her. I don't look at reality shows at all. I see her on TMZ but its like l see her and l don't see her. Because I'm just not into them.
Sherard Pap Richards I guess Black American dick ain't good enough no more they need that island dick lol
Cinta Williams Y'all would do or say something, y'all don't like them but stopped and commented about them 😂😂😂
Monica Swisha I won't go out of my way to speak. I've seen bigger celebrities and either spoke as I spoke to everyone around or just kept it moving.
Shemeke L Reyes I wouldn't care, keep it moving
Shameka Goodwine Nothing.. I hate public restrooms an I don't like them either.... Use, flush, an wash!! 👇👌✌👊 bitch move 👎👌👇✌👊👈👉
Shawana Kandi Edwards Get a picture with her like this lady did. I like the Kardashians. Im one of the few but oh well.
Andre David-Bey Look at all the black females trying to look white talk shit. If it was a whate male stepping or dancing urban you all would lose your fucking minds.
Jeff Patchell I'd fart on her as I walked by...Courtney is the only Kardashian with a brain...
Doricia Rolle girlllll i would talk about all the funny episode of kkwkCassinique Chantae Cunningham selfies all day
NieCee Ekundayo Scott Jamaicans are not Frightened over Celebrities. At least that's how I remember them being.
Linda Hunter Wilkes No nothing! What is the big deal?
Beatriz Ambris Khloe seems like fun though! Never watched their show, but she actually seems like cool people.
Philly Spice Shes the 'normal' one, never hear of her being mean to fans.
Tonia Lpht Say oh my goodness, you r a K. And try to get a selfie
Temika Hearn I like Khloe out of all the others so I would just say hi and keep it moving.
Kan Turner Tha samething I'd do wit anyone, speak and keep it moving. Wouldn't be no selfies.
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Let's start counting down the days!!

Angela Johnson You ain't gotta go home., but you gotta get the hell up out The White House.......(in my Martin voice...)
Anna Marie Get rid of Trump, Pence, Ryan, McConnell, Bannon, Newt, Comey, and everyone else that's involved in this Russian scandal! They are all crazy and guilty! We need a new election, or bring President Obama back until they can get this shit resolved! It's a shame, and a political mess! In my 65 years on this earth, I've seen such a pathetic, train wreck! Clean the White House, lock them all up!
Terron Lemont Need to get rid of tht electoral college. It serves no purpose in 2017
Frank Busch I have enough stress in my life, I don't need this motherfucker, Fucking everything up.? :/
SheilaFreddie Hall I truly believe he thinks he's doing great but we know better. He surprised himself by winning. The man has a lot to learn but he won't listen. Stay off Twitter Trump and resign on your own before they impeach you.
Arnetta Session He knows that!! It was all a ploy to slide Pence right on in. He's no better!!
Shayna Glamourguru Pence won't be any better... it's a shame we are in trouble either way, it's time to decide who is worse...Trump or Pence... Come on let's do the pros and cons on both
Vanessa Hess Hopefully sooner rather than later! I can't bare to hear him speak for longer than five seconds and definitely don't want to look at him!!! I flip the channel as fast as I can get to the remote!
Jesse Cochenour All i got to say is it all you racists crybay little snowflake bitches that think your intitled to everything is whats wrong with this country and your a poor excuses for American's
Tori Tori he could be doing this on purpose because i really don't think he really wants this title
Travis Crater I think it's funny that when white people said this about obamas dumbass we were considered racist. But it's ok and not racist for black people to talk about Trump this way. I hope Trump sees this and shuts Ricky down. #TwoWayStreet #RacistPeople
Terrence White There's no doubt in my mind that a lot of his supporters are badmouthing him in private, but cheering for him in public, which only makes him act more crazy. IN PUBLIC - Mike Pence does more sucking up than a vacuum.
Gigi Sandifer He won't make it 6 months- I feel like he will go down worse in History than any scandal we have ever seen. It won't be scandals it Will be a case of willful , nefarious neglect and endangerment of America.
Sharon McIntosh He is such a narcissist, aka crazy, power hungry, it's all about me type of jerk. That yes he does believe he doing a great job. And it doesn't help that he has people supporting him that are in such denial, who refuse to acknowledge his inability to lead this country!!! Because they are so hell-bent on proving a point. He is destroying our country's credibility and putting everyone in danger with his stupid ass tactics, comments, and whining!
Johnetta Settles STAY WOKE FOLKS!! This is why Trump refused to release his tax returns and why the White House is scrambling to cover up the Flynn story, but Flynn isn't the whole story. Follow the oil money to TREASON. This is what Trump and Putin are up to... Exxon Mobil, under Rex Tillerson, brokered a deal with Russia in 2013 for 60 million acres of Russian land to pump oil out of, but all that Russian oil went through pipelines in the Ukraine, who heavily taxed the proceeds, and were applying for admission into NATO at the time.Putin subsequently invaded Ukraine in 2014, secured the routes to export the oil tax-free by sea, and took control of the port where their Black Sea Naval Fleet is based, by taking the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine by force and not giving it back. This was Hitler-tier imperialism that broke every international law in the free world.After Obama sanctioned Russia for the invasion, they could only pump oil from approximately 3 of those 60 million acres. But now Rex Tillerson is our Secretary of State, and as of today, there’s information circulating that Donald Trump will likely unilaterally remove all sanctions against Russia in the coming days or weeks.Putin will make half a trillion (500 Billion) dollars from that much untapped oil. All pumped tax-free through Crimea, stolen from Ukraine, now owned by Russia. Putin may have subverted our government just to become the richest man in the world. According to leaked docs Trump will get 19% cut (Rosneft stock placed in Cayman accounts in Dec/16). Please COPY, PASTE and SHARE!
Shala Clark Oh please. Trump will do two terms back to back. He has a lot of things on his agenda and he will do them all. He has many trips lined up, walls to build, healthcare to snatch out of your hands preexisting condition or not, and meetings scheduled. He told you all that at the beginning.
Johnny Fox Stop spreading this, getting people's hopes up. Lol. Now I'm thinking it might be possible and I'll be mad when it doesn't happen.
Erin Elena Mendoza-Chapman I'll believe it when I see it. No matter how crooked or incompetent he is, he has an enormous following of stupid people who support him viciously. His perfidy never seems to hurt his standing.
Ivonda Benitez Yall knew all this shit before he was elected this mf shouldn't have been able to run for president this election was a fucking joke I believe it was rigged how can the #1 hated man in America be our president
Deborah Ferrell Get rid of all those clowns Everyone please call write all your representative to have Sessions remove from the investigation of the Russian involvement with the election him and Trump are Bff. This investigation is a MUST but it won't be any good if Sessions has anything to do with it. PLEASE contact your reps
Wilson T. Nicole This was my prediction from the start because 1. He doesn't like structure and he wants to do what he wants when he wants and 2. He really just wanted to win and he did. 3. I really don't like this dude.
Tawanda Shantrelle From everything I've read about Pence, he's a piece of work! Maybe he knows a little bit more about government but that doesn't mean he will do a better job! Either way, we are screwed!
Anita L Franklin I believe Putin is going to get him elected again unfortunately by hacking, although I'm on impeachment sooner than later I won't hold my breath
Regina Cameron If yall folks think Hilary would have done better then we should have kept Bush in office. Rich mfs dnt care about middle class or poor people thats including obama ass. Stop complaining about trump and get ur own shit in order. It did not matter who won shit is just messy as shit. U guys disrespectful towarda trump jus lets white folks see how messed up culture we are. If yall hate this man so bad, then stop shopping at white people stores bc they sure hell dnt like blacks. They racist as hell but yall blacks still go spend ur money in their stores. Jus a lot of black haters and many dnt have a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of.
Francine Joyce He has not even grown up yet the way he be acting and the mess that be coming out his mouth. If they still wanted to have fun they should have left the Obama in there at least he did his job. And had fun afterwards. This is a joke that everyone will never forget.
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It's really great to see Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa peacefully co-parenting their son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz:

Darilynn Williams Our own worst enemies as usual when you read the comments.
Cynthia J Wesley Wow... We congratulate exes for being parents to a child that they made. That's what they are supposed to do.
Kris Williams What self respecting black man would ever name his son some Bullshit like that??
Don Ray W She look like the messy aunt 😂...
Lisa Sykes I don't mean no harm when I say this but I've always looked at her as a golddigger
Shirley Blue Thats right am all for it. people have to remember it about the child not about them.
Padrone El I forgot she was a mother.
Larry Bolt Why you know that room was a true say we just coming together for this son's birthday because he's raggedy-ass shows and radio show people just makeup room saying they're getting back together
Larry Bolt Damn D I can't believe you figured out what the fuck I was saying battery was way low and I'm not proof reading shit
Anton Smith Hopefully she aint dress him up like a little girl
Audrey Kelly Hope they can get back together.
Johnalynn Billups Good for them.
Susan Bullock Who cares
Maria Osoria Nice picture!
Marie Nellums She gaining that weight
Johnnie Mance Awesome
Mimi Bowyer She's an amazing beautiful woman.
Bettie Peaks
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Oh really??

Cordelia Christine Thomas Mariah, Jennifer Lopez and Halle need to chill from dating a while, and find happiness within themselves first.
Kelvin Green Ok Mariah.....if this is true you're gettin way too old to be a "thot". Damn shame....she ain't been right since nick cannon
Angela Williams Some people HAVE to have an intimate companion in their lives in order to feel whole. But if you find yourself going thru relationships like turning on/off a faucet of running water. Maybe it's time to chill and take time for oneself.
Cherylon Godhasme Brown You have 2 children to raise and set a example for. If you decide to be in relationship why broadcast your relationship. You starting look desperate and thirsty not good. You should of stayed with Nick Cannon. You need to sit down and work on the issues and find yourself first. Just saying
Mary Jenkins Until Mariah takes some time to heal, she will not be happy nor make anyone else happy. If you can't stand to be in your own company? Why should others?!. Please find you..God bless
Kim K Everett Why her and jlo always rebounding with their dancers or back up singers
Samantha Cox Mariah get it together, take care of your children stop running around with every Tom, Dick and Harry.You Have a beautiful voice.Im not a hater I love your music, But you are to wild to be raising a family.
Tonya Gordon Why is she jumping right back into another relationship so fast? Enjoy the time watching your kids grow up. Stop looking for love in all the wrong places. Let true love seek you out... Geesh.
Doris Hence Who cares she just cant make her mine up she has children ,, they see different mens keep coming n there!!!!!! N thats not good example. She really need to calm herself down your kids are watching u !!!!
Lyndon James Why can't these people be by themselves for a little while and heal emotionally, it's sad but they're mainly worried about what other people think of them.....Sad!!!!
Nisey Ball The walking contradiction. You want to keep your relationship under wraps, but you're telling everybody. You break off an engagement & immediately in another one, ok. Good move 👍🏽 I guess.
Bivette Stodghill Her money. Her body. Her feelings. If she ain't complaining Why are you all? Maybe she is not looking for true love, she might be seeking companionship and fun. She's a diva and maybe this young boy makes her middle aged jewelry wearing self feel young. Obviously the rich guy didnt meet HER needs. If she were a man, no one would say much about true love and stay by yourself for your kids. For example, Nick having new baby and moving on... he separated from a very rich woman now with a beautiful young everyday girl ...everybody is happy. Mariah has had a sulky attitude lately, maybe her young lynx will help her to a better mood. Ijs
Diane Taylor It's a hard life, it's public that men have the same issues that women had when their husbands were working difficult schedules and on the road, kids too
Kan Turner They must think that being Hollywood whores are cute. They don't even wait to have a menastration before they jump in bed wit tha next man. That's not cute at all... Jus Nasty!
De'borah Kay Johnson Who cares move on with your no singing ass. Your a washed up old thot stop trolling the playground looking for love. Act Yeah age for a change. Trust we will not be around long!
Sophia Brown And none of the opinions or judgement matters bc this Chick & All the other 'beautiful' ladies will do whatever it is to make THEM happy...i thought that was the golden rule, guess not...Fb ppl r so dam perfect with their bad selves! 😆
TaMeka Fox I think something is wrong with her with all her talent and beauty she can't keep a man smh I agree with many of you that said she needs to focus on herself and her children
Latrice Burns He sees dollar signs... She needs something for herself even if it ain't real. It'll be over soon. She should have kept that billionaire and made it work. Lol
Beverly Murdock Got money. Get laid!! These are the kind of folks we encourage our young people to look up to as mentors. Seems like finding peace within yourself and being there for your kids would be your first priority.
Edith Hilt This ain't nothing to brag about! Gives the appearance of being needy. Hope Mariah can handle things more tastefully in the future. She has children now, what used to look cute back in the day, is not anymore ! Mariah, don't give folks the gun and the bullets too, IJS!
Dora Guajardo Life is life,people change,feelings change! Her bills still get paid,by her! So I don't think anyone's opinions of her matter,lmmfao! Life goes on,like yours should too! Older females don't deserve happiness? Shit get you a life,then you don't have to worry about who fuckin who,if you had a few dollars maybe you can buy your own brain,don't be a follower just to keep up with the crowd n act as if you know! Ain't none of you haters god,get the fuck on😂😂😂😂✌✌✌✌
Angie Love roflmao oh please for someone not to know jlo she sure taking a page from her book and he after money. check is instagram out all he does is post the cars and jewelry she buys him, and always caption it with a wink. mariah so thirsty she can't see straight. this is why she keeps getting hurt. I think it is fake she paying him to make james packer jealous and he could careless. and if she so into this guy why she still wear the ring james gave her smh.
Kisha Royce So sick of these celebrities and their pizza delivery relationships. They don't even really take a break before moving on up to the next one. What ever happened to that thing called love?
Cynthia J Wesley If she actually has a common core with a younger man, fine ...but with Mariah Carey (& Madonna), EVERYTHING seems to be for relevance & shock value. From her " I don't know her" comments as if she's the only singer that holds a crowd's attention, to playing the role of " I can't be outshined" just seems to be a reach. She thought that her uber rich super fan was going to be her benefactor for life but once he'd gotten fed up, she attempted to sue him. She got publicly humiliated for not being professional for the New Year's Eve bash. Now, she's with a hot but broke backup dancer??? She may just be jealous that Nick Cannon is currently trending & just wanted to do something to be seen. #StuckOnHerOnHype
Lance Mcbride much money still doesn't mend a broken heart. Ima pray for her, this is why our black men date outside the race, but unfortunately we do it to the sisters...
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Divorce is never easy.....

Regina Crutchfield-pickens Why did they expect to have a lasting marriage when they got together wrong in the first place. Karma is a bitch and if she thought she had what it took to keep him she was wrong. And if he thinks he is going to find happiness think again because the one that he thinks is going to make him happy is going to break his heart. Karma is a bitch.
Tiffany Young-Bowden It's shameful that these celebrities want attention or feedback even with something so personal. Who cares why your marriage failed, or what happened during the marriage. Shouldn't that be private. And remain private. We all know how you and Brad got together, which was awful and you want to share why it ended? Go sit down weird lady!
Karress Yvette The karma of cheating always finds its way back around where it started. Be careful, b/c that same dude you cheated with on somebody else, that you thought you won. Yeap, you turn next. Why I don't cheat with other ppl man. She thought she got the prize. Now, Jennifer is happy and she is well... Tuh!!!
Larry Slater This bitch see the picking out here as for as good men is not good,what alot of women don't get is there are 6 women to one man,the good men don't have to put up with that crazy shit from a woman a man can get 5 good women before a woman can get one good man,with this gay men shit on the rise the chances of getting a good man have gotten worst, so ladies keep bullshit around and you will find yourself by yourself and lonely I don't give a damn how much money you have, peace.
Jamie Barnes I heard a woman who is still in love with a man but cant be together. She wants whats best for her family. I am speechless to the rest of these comments
Bridgette Sweeney You guys are speaking on Karma....Let's not forget. Brad cheated as well. It takes two to tango. Whenever kids are involved it's sad for everyone. Maybe we should not be so quick to cast dispersion on others.
Rush Excell All these ppl are dysfunctional. ..nobody who in their sane minds need to know about the way she feels. We don't know about your life lady ...keep it to yourself and enjoy the KARMA.
Denise Francis After going through surgery to have her breasts remove to have a longer life with him and the kids was a hard decision and then this happen is Sad.😢😢😢😢🙏🙏😱
Katerry Erica Jackson She tried to make Brad look like the bad guy but it backfired. He's looking like the sexiest man alive again. So I have no f*cks to give about Angie
Claudette Berry Did anyone actually think it was going to last??? They got together the wrong way......
Lonnie Porter I don't care what happens or how it goes down, if you pour your heart and soul into a marriage because you plan to be there forever, when the shock and anger subsides it is one of the most painful things you will experience in your life (at least it is for me) it's been four years for me and if I hear a certain song, happen to see a photo, or start to prepare a meal she liked my heart breaks in the moment. That's when you realize you don't want to try again, it's not worth it.
Laretta Abington She is free to do whatever she wants to do. She has to live with her choices in the end.
Cinta Williams They will always be family, but you tried to get full custody of the kids with supervised visitations....ok.
Manuel Herrera I'm glad brad finally left her crazy ass he could get any woman and he wound up with this mess,wow. Smh
Marie Marie WOW. The judgements on this post. When is the last time anyone here looked in the mirror?
Gloria Washington She did not want to be married in the first place!
Larry Bolt What does supposed to be a radio show you posed to help people but all you guys do is wait for somebody to die or get into a fight and collect your paycheck you might want to think about her and zodiac
Larry Bolt Not knowing what you dealing with that's when it becomes hard she was fooled by a Sagittarius A straight-up liar
Larry Bolt Gemini Pam Grier Gemini she was also lied to by Sagittarius and left at the altar Richard Pryor hahhahaajajaja
Pam DeVault 2 children in her bed... where are the other 4?
Deborah Watson Who really cares...........????
Sandra Sutton Love Brad Pitt Angelina bye girl big dummy had it all
Donna Dawson It's Karma. She had an affair with Brad while he was with Jennifer👎🏾
Cheryl Harrison Why are people still talking about this? Who cares!
Rose Been I wish them all the best
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I love Journey!!!! #RSMS

Rickey Smiley Official FanPage
Rickey Smiley Morning Show
Rickey Smiley and Rock-T HOLLA rock out to "Open Arms" by Journey at Perry's Steakhouse & Grille in Birmingham, Alabama! More videos here: #RSMSBootcamp #RSMS
Niecy ThomRich You can't be a child who grew up in the 80s and NOT love that song!
Shanika Moore Love that song. Love Steve Perry and Journey. Alwayz on my Playlist.
Rita Jones That's the Jam, I know the whole song!! Growing up in the 80's from Bham
Nicole Maria Jackson Steve was the MAN
Geraldyn Copeland Love Journey as well great lyrics to those songs
Von Von
LaTonya Willis That's cut!!
Johnalynn Billups Love Journey, especially Steve Perry singing!
Lisa R Green Mr Smiley,You Know Better To Sing At The
Ta-Tanisha Kochinskey Love that song
Rose Been Awesome 👏🏼
Priscilla Astorga Yep ,love it
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When keeping it real goes wrong! 😂

Robin Cooper Nordstrom don't care and most importantly, I don't care either. Ain't nobody gonna buy that ugly mess. Pull that s*** off the line and save your business. F*** Ivanka!
Sheila Smith Well why aren't you buying their merchandise that way ivanka can make her money if all Trump supporters will take out credit and debit cards and go make a purchase and pick up a bottle of Donald wine that will keep in them business and book a room in marlago reserve a golf cart to play golf purchases a cap and t shirt
Nicole Spriggs-Maxie They were paid to lie....Trump is the spin master puppeteer. Who goes into a store to close an acct? They definitely do not look like they shop in Nordstrom's. It just doesn't make sense for someone to go out their way to buy Ivanka Trump clothing; like it's a must have. This is just another marketing ploy for Trump ratings.
Eric Stroud What most don't see is that the clothing industry knows that Black ppl have very much buying power. That being said, they know Black women not gonna buy Ivankas clothes. So they take it out of their stores to continue getting all those Black dollars not 'cause they give af about Black issues. They don't give af about our families or our future, only our money. We don't know how to keep our money in our community. Y'all better wake up.
Karen Green Actually it was Neiman Marcus as one of the first of a few others to drop her line...not sure why Nordstrom stuck in the head of the WH...smh...anything for attention
Robin Cooper You can find a better clothing selection wear at dollar general and family dollar than that ugly ass Ivanka Wear. Who the hell would buy that ugly shit. Go Nordstrom, you done the right thing, you done the right thing. I saw one of Ivanka's dresses at Marshall's, I couldn't believe they actually carried that shit in the stores. Ain't good for nothing but dusting furniture, wiping down tables or using to shine your rims with!
Julie Ann Hurst Boycotting or supporting a business or product for political reasons is silly anyway. None of them care about any of us. They just want money and success for them and theirs just like everybody else. If big business is suffering those companies will change their stance, I guarantee it. All this nonsense really doesnt matter anyway as it seems the country is sadly but pretty equally divided. Some folks just scream louder than others.
Brittany Davenport Most of that shit is. A rip off i could go and find some of that shit for half that price. They don't know how to do business. And trump doesn't know anything about being a President.
Bonnie Jean Henderson Is this what so many concerns themselves with. What about lower taxes, better health insurance and lower rates and lets not forget all the jobs that have gone overseas leaving so many Americans without a job. These are the concerns I have had for the last 20 or more years. We now have a President that is addressing these issues in the first 100 days and has taken action. Can we not all support the effort being made to solve these issues. I certainly am.
Deborah Brooks They said they're going to Dillard's so they're downgrading like they did with President Trump
Kimberly McCue For real? When was her line ever this important? Try never ever when it comes to me! That's alright Nordstrom I will shop there! Lol...
Rachel Warship The fact they really ain't do nothing but pay off their credit cards ommmgg the rebels
Marian Yates Wait the local Thrift Store will have her line. Goodwills, Salvation Army
Erin Loucks The ladies say they are going to shop where Ivanka shops...😂😂 pretty sure Ivanka does not shop at Dillard's!!
Beverley Jayne Tanti I'm not a ivanka buyer but these women are so stupid go to dillards bitches .
Netsanet Kidane I was waiting for greatgrand children, friends, and co -workers! Go fuck entire Trump family!
Cathy Hendrix They're gonna pay that bill no matter what! 😂 They can buy trump made in china! 😂😂
Patrick Fuller You probably wait for the Clarence Rack to buy y'all clothes.
Carol Reed Nordstrom made 117 million after they dropped their accounts so it didn't matter!
Elaine Pridgen Who cares with your over priced, over rated merchandise. Bye.
BethandRandall Wright Sr. Oh well, guess they'll miss the sales...more for ME!!!!😁😂😃😂😃😂
Vincent Miles I think I saw her clothes at the store inside a truck stop passing through texas.
Vincent Miles Maybe Ivanka can make a blue dress with a stain on it n call it Lewinsky wear, I mean she was like that I heard. Ijs.
Charles Johnson You see N these beasts nothing . And I mean absolutely nothing in that store could help any of those cows look better .
Martresa Wheat These women look 😤 like clowns get real, they don't look like they do much shopping there to me
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Do you think Gilbert Arenas' message to "old THOTs" is just mean??

Natasha Thomas But dude you're 35 and thoting too, you stay home and make sure you don't carry anymore guns to the locker room.
Elyse Cason Funny I didnt even know who he was... But yeah he should have several seats these comments are very ignorant.
Tim Jerome Always the most unattractive dudes with the most to say. He is not cute at all and should be thankful folks are coming out in support to see him by buying tickets. Sometimes, most of the athletes are talented in sports, but stupid as hell as far as corporate America. SMH.
Vita V Nelson Well I'm 43 and fabulous...and when I was 25 I wouldn't have wanted his cartoon caricature looking azz then--nor do I want him now. Not everyone goes to games to be thot-ish. Some women actually know sports and the hoes aren't checking for his ignorant ass.
Maryann Blackmon First of all if he has daughters let's hope they never run into an asshole like himself and secondly jackass a black woman birth your ungrateful ass it kills me how some of these black so call men gets out here get a little money and then have the nerve to want to talk down about a black woman it's a shame how much self hate you have for yourself be happy in the skin your in because money can't change that DNA you coon ass fool
Lauren Wilson Well if we live long enough we will get old. It's funny nobody wants to get old, but if a disease comes along like cancer, everybody wants to live forever. And men get old and sick too, one day he may need that older woman to take care of his ignorant ass. And at least the women of the WNBA, are making a living. And not asking him for shit...smh
Michele Salvage Is he the one just went court to keep his wife mouth shut about them STD look like he should stay away don't come for this generation unless we call u 😂😂
MamaDjenaba Villagetree Old dudes should stay away with they half broke, cheating on their women (or child support drained), kids don't know them, erectile dysfunction selves.
Tenesha Brewer I'm 34 and not old just wiser so yep let the lil young thots take yo lil washed up ass for all u worth which ain't much plus us 34+ on some grown woman shit anyway
Victoria Rodriquez Hahaha somebody must have brought it to his attention, he's a fuckboy at best. 😂 Older women can smell his brand of bullshit two states away. Who takes him serious? Lol He probably has a chode. 😂😂😂 Why else would a man be so bitter about women, of any age? Pobrecito, maybe he is sick of all the laughter when he drops trou.
Ellen Lewis Gilbert can kiss our asses.Your opinion doesn't matter case you are a bullshit ass basketball player..He is not at the top or bottom of any NBA list of achievements.His is record is no record...How bout that.
Tonya Whocareswhatyouthink Kennerly Now see here ..... And from that you know I'm 50.... Too many Men are Too disrespectful... and I blame his mother for this she mostly likely was a crack head and never spent time with him so now he madd at older women for it.... Trust Nd believe the older women at the all star games are the same women that the young women there will turn out to be cause the only thing that changes at this events are the years... same players same groupies .... So Fuck this no Daddy having niggah .... He ain't have no one to teach him shit enjoy your young life cause you better hope to our age and men don't do well alone ... he gonna die alone .... Who is this clown anyway ....
Veronica Menefee From his legal woes to talking about the looks of WNBA players to his home life...he has no room to say anything at this point. His comments are unnecessary and causes him negative press instead of the positive press he had received for helping D.C. schools and other kind acts.
Gwendolyn Spen He needs to stop! There are some 40+ women out there looking better than the 20+ Nicole Murphy, Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union (Wade), Jennifer Lopez, Sanaa Latham, Nina Long just to name a few! He sounds real dumb!
Ashley Pamplin He's an ass... however he has a point that women 35 and up would be robbing the cradle chasin after some of these young athletes. To each there own but it seems kind if desperate to be that old chasing a 21 year old. But dude is still a chauvinist pig.
Ireace Parrish That dried up thug needs to take a whole damn stadium of seats. What that idiot doesn't realize is men have to get ready , women stay ready HIS numb nuts will be a spoon full of peanut butter real soon.
Bee Yon Cuh What does he think young thots turn into?? Old thots!!! You had your babies with a young thot Gilbert! And now the mother of your kids is an old thot who's getting your money each month... who's really laughing?
Tisha Hill Those Spanish women have turned him out.. Lmbo, I ain't mad at him... He is always defecating at the mouth. I'm use to him. I just need to see him ball harder than he yaps😂😂
Kelly Dennis No, some of the young hoes (as he called them) need to catch up because some of us (me included 47) look younger than the youngsters. Especially with our Melanin poppin'.
La'Kesha Johnson The true hilarity is he has no issue with "thots" which I have seen some men on the thread say is "a promiscuous gold digger", he just doesn't want older ones. OK carry on.
Dawniece Udeochu I saw this in a meme. It was worded a little differently. This is the second celebrity I've seen this remark associated with. Hey ladies, I think they just want to rile y'all up. it worked lol
Marshel Zphib Hawkins-Msis The mentality of a boy trapped in a man's boy. I guess he doesn't realize that he has to get older one day and women will say those same comments about him.
Dana D Tatman You know what he's not a Handsome man by no means at all. The bitter mouth of his own is ugly enough. Who would mess with him anyway. Sad to say, he came from a woman. What that has to say about him. I've never seen a bitter man but keep living. Cause I am a darn sexy fifty year old. Sit your young bitter butt down some where.
Linda Haynes Just like those "Old Thots 34+" time has passed, so has yours lil boy. Cause them "young thots" are NOT checking for your busted ass. They are on to younger prey. His mother must be so proud to have her son refer to women as hoes, bitches and thots. So I guess, that MUST be all a brother knows.
Charmin Bristol It would be funny if he weren't so ugly. Words of a poorly endowed man happy to catch STD's from underseasoned poo nanny....
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Nothing like seeing our President make something up!!

Marie Gutierrez Trump is dangerous,when the President of the free world is making up story about an attack on another country that is dangerous,it's time for America to start to ask for this man to be impeach.
Benita Jennings Katovu Every time I look at this man I just want to throw the fuck up. This man don't know shit about running this country. He haven't even been in the White House 100 days yet. He don't know what the fuck he's talking about he's just making up BS as he go alone. What the hell is this world coming to
Eric Phillips Our so-called President. I don't even want to consider him the president but he is. Sickens me.
Sunsurae Jordan Everday its something with this man. He's like the Uncle you do NOT want to come to ANY FUNCTION!!!!!!
Jason Booth He never mentioned a terrorist attack, it was a reference to the growing immigration problem in Sweden, which has even been on the news, check "YOUR" facts before you comment.
Raychard Duggins I really can't believe this...this is funny and sad at the same time...more sad because you got half of the US that believes everything he says. I wish this guy would hurry up and blow over #fdt
Carla Bose Now what? Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have passed a resolution that would limit class action lawsuits against companies who kill, poison, or cripple American citizens. This is a massive payoff to the GOP’s corporate donors and a huge setback for American consumers. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
Kim Anderson he's a embarrasment to america and his family,republicans had the nerve to talk about prez obama,now i see who the thug is his name is trump. his kids are not that bright either to let their bigoted father act like that.
Loretta Pond its what he does best,,,Makes fake news himself,,I dont think the man would know the truth if it walked up and slapped him in the face,,,I feel so sorry for the United States,,,
Johnnie Brice Could you please stop saying "our" president and simply say :"the" president . Yes, due the antiqued system used to determine the winner.of the election, he was elected. But he doesn't speak for me.
Aaron Hermosillo Trump never said terrorist attack when referencing Germany or Sweden.. He said to look whats going on in Germany and "what happened in Sweden last night" while everyone(the MSM) is clamoring about how nothing or little happened last night(Thursday of last week, speech was friday) they are ignoring a disturbing trend out of Sweden with their refugee crisis. Sweden has been the rape capital of Europe.
Doreen McCaugherty Just once if this person would say sorry instead of doubling down and admit he made a mistake you might have a bit of respect for him. He thinks he is the smart one. It is only the first month and I pray that God will smarten him up before his mouth starts a war.
Kocco Marjani he didn't lie about anything, he's trying to tell us what's to come. just watch if they have an attack we heard it first. DT always tells you what is to come he also tell you about lies that been told. he doesn't hide anything all you have ever to do is pay attention to him. it comes straight from the horses mouth. ( ppl just don't believe him and thinks he's crazy). lmao. #nototrump
Darren McKenzie Nothing like having to swallow a bitter pill after a major Democratic failure, just because you had no vision or smarts to defeat the man you hate so much! If you showed a micron of this passion during the Bush years there would be NO ISIS, and men with an actual set of "balls" like President Trump wouldn't have to come to the rescue!
Angel Marie His supporters will swear up and down that it happened though!! 😂😂
Michael White Rape capital of Europe. Wonder what instigated this? Sweden used to be a very quiet and respectful country,modern and peaceful. Wonder what element that has affected Germany too?
Mike Ryan You fucking American. You should be so ashame disrespecting your president. Come out of Hillary ass and look how lucky you are to have a man like that as President.I don't believe he ever sleep.He only works.
Elizabeth Bean Sweden just another day at the office oh that right he was campaigning in. Then had to go to is house in south fl. for all that hard work he's done for the week
Grant Humphries Maybe you all should just go to Sweden and see for yourselves... have any Swedish friends who live there? ask them - my Swedish friends have no clue what you guys are prattling on about... I'd say we all do it - let's put our money where our mouths are and take a trip to Sweden - if you think everything is fucking "#fakenews" - then investigate it away from the comfort of your armchairs. Fucking web warriors - that's all you ('we") are nowadays. This "Us" versus "Them" mentality that you Americans brew as a result is completely insane - led to a culture of fear and paranoia, which is how world wars get started.. jesus balls - it's bloody infuriating to watch!
Steve Freathy Allow me to add a little perspective - and before I do let me preface my comments by saying that I cannot condone violence howsoever caused. In the worst year in recent times (1988) in all of Europe the total number of deaths by terrorist incidents came to less than 450 - each one a tragedy. In the same year there were nearly 34000 (thirty four THOUSAND) gun related deaths in the USA - each one a tragedy. But where would your efforts be? I think he ought to start looking in his own back yard before he starts to raise the alarm about a continent that by comparison is fucking Shangri La!!
Lita Ezell He didn't make anything up, it is true! Y'all please check your facts before posting.
Rita Corpier-Weiss Maybe he meant Valentine's Day Muslim riots in France? Sweden is the rape capitol of the world now though. Great, Trump's going to ban Ikea now.
Con Murphy Malmo in sweden is now the rapr capital of Europe due to immigration,Syrian refugees have been arguing about their right to child brides,lmao,wake up
Jolene Davis Cannon Nothing new daily habit. Doesn't believe in the truth or anyone who speaks it.
Damon Hinton its mind blowing this dude still the president after 1st 2 weeks n office.... ppl still support this guy.. un phuckin beleivable
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Here's the story behind the Black people are being pushed out of Atlanta, Georgia sign:

Shae Ayotan They're afraid of the power of Atlanta. You have a lot of black millionaires there and in this day and age money is power. This scares alot of ppl. Alot of black owned businesses are there too. If they support eachother the right way that black wallstreet scare sets in with alot of ppl.
Virginia Jenny Davenport The rich black people should get together and buy all the low income housing and rented to the poor black people so that ATL could stay in their hands.
Tee Mindova Matter Should not have been bragging how cheap it was to live there.. u know clear ppl take everything!! They done took over Chocolate City.. not chocolate here no more... smdh!!
Regina Parker It called gentrification!!!! Gentrification is the buying and renovating of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by wealthier individuals, which in effect improves property values but also can displace low-income families and small businesses. This is a common and widespread controversial topic and term in urban planning.
Kevin C Marshall Well when you claim hoods and don't invest in your community what do you expect is going to happen one mans trash is another mans treasure
Tina Renee Wright They doing it in Chi-Town as well. They tore down the projects and spread them everywhere.. Closing down the schools.. Making bicycles lanes.. Restoring streets.. Putting potted mediums.. Great lighting... All this on the west side close to downtown.. White folks got tired of commuting from the suburbs to downtown and gas was horrific.. So Chi-Town know all to well
Valerie Butler It's happening here in Nashville,Tn certain parts of town years ago you couldn't catch a white person after dark unless they were looking for drugs or a piece of ass ! Now they're moving the blacks out of their neighborhood putting up expensive apartments and condominiums everywhere. I'm all for growth but damn be fair about the shit!
Acacia Edwards Its True!!! And something clearly needs to be done... I moved to Atlanta nearly 3 years ago and it was the worst mistake of my life... I began researching just what Im seeing here and I found out in predominantly black areas Gentrification is happening and displacing low-income families... These people here are literally without any resources for housing support because most of the HA List have been shut down for 3 to 4 years! This causes the shelters to be overwhelmed and extended stay places are rundown and infested here... I've been blessed to have a home since I've moved here but I cannot ignore the struggling of others!
Donna Ingram-Johnson Gentrification is happening everywhere! People shouldn't celebrate this too soon, because our neighborhoods will no longer be! Its bigger than inflating the housing market, its another way to hurt low income people, without providing an alternative.
Pamela Ruffin It's the same way hear in NC , pushing us out of downtown area and housing in the area is not affordable anymore, all they want is all white folks living in the downtown area here in Raleigh, it's sad but true.
LaGina Hunley This is happening I have noticed however there are a lot AA with good money in ATL. The neighborhoods are changing especially close to downtown
Rasheda Towns Just imagine if all of the "ATL" rappers that we support did something... Seems like the only time they really wanted to support the "A" is for that SuperBowl they lost few weeks ago. Ready to throw dollars in the air for that- but what about your schools? It's so easy to claim that you rep the "A" in your songs... but when it's time to do something. .. what are you doing for your community? 🐸🍵
Babs McCants I am a Southern born in South Carolina I was raised in NYC. I moved to Marietta Ga In November of 2000. I see the changes. I sent the changes in NYC as well. I remember my younger years we had White neighbors in the heart of Bed-sty. Then those White families to moving to Staten Island and Long Island. I believe it's a cycle. They will move back to the Staten Island and Long Island.
Johannah Alexander They can have downtown Charlotte and the surrounding hoods as far as I'm concerned. As they move us out we need to stop making every effort to go back in and spend our black dollars. I don't go downtown nor in their gentrified communities for shit. Using our money against us...smh!
Daniel D Boykins and i believe it . its happening every where black people are living and whites see as profitable. brooklyn been going thru that shit for a while now . places like bedstuy where they would NEVER step foot in is flooded with whites . now black people are being bought , forced out and pushed further further outward or to other boroughs.
Willie Daniels Gentrification, yeah that's what it is and it's been happening all over and people know what 's going on but they isn't doing anything about it, the high crime black neighborhood today, is tomorrow's nice white neighborhood, things just don't happen, never do. These people plan for years down the road 10 + years.
Bernetta Gaines It's happening in D.C people who lived there their whole life can't afford to live there anymore,tearing down every landmark we grew up with
Suzanne Smith The city bought the oldest Black church in ATL to build the stadium... that entire area is going to become hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. Watch out AUC, only Spelman and Morehouse are safe.
Janae Winzer This is what needs to happen in Chicago. Take away their section 8 and increase housing cost and rebuild. While they are doing so they will be slowly pushing the ratchets and misfits and thugs out of Chicago. Watch the killings go down. Them niggas will be too busy trying to find a stable home then shoot ppl. Sadly people hate to live with no good thugs or ratchet women. I don't blame them for pushing troubled blacks out of their city.
Frankie D. Hampton Sad. If what's going on is anything like what has happened in (Chocolate City), DC, then I know what you mean. Pushed the black people out of especially the popular parts of DC all around the downtown, uptown around the Howard theater all up around Bens Chilli Bowl and the U street corridor. Sickening to me. They priced the living quarters so high blacks couldn't afford the homes and those homes that need to be fixed up the owners couldn't afford so they sold for little next to nothing to the white person who fixed up and moved on to the next one. 🙄🙄 WhiteChocolate City
Sheranda Lockwood This is what happens when you don't own anything. That allows others to come in and purchase property and Rock bottom prices, renovate a drive up cost.
Steven Burl This is true in every major city. In Cincinnati all blacks and homeless have been relocated out of downtown. Memphis,TN. New Orleans just look around.
Terri Starks Cobb county is pushing out the poor since they are building the Stadium
Nathaniel Green Republicans are scared that a lot of black people will elect a democratic for senate which will turn Georgia blue. Don't believe everything you hear 👂 or see.
Greg Simpson Gentrification is also going on in chicago, they mention a billion shootings to make people leave, while big companies are taking over small areas and remodeling into rich neighborhoods. Chicago never been Great, but all these world wide stories is a Bullshit scheme to take the city back.
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Donald Glover AND James Earl Jones?!

Shielonda Mikle Donald Glover can actually sing, I think that's why they chose him...
Stacy Music The best was the original adult Simba which was Mathew broderick.
Ojesina Omobolanle James Earl Jones is the best person for it.
Alice Beatty Not a Glover fan.. Better options are available..
Zay Morrow Wasn't James earls Jones the original mufasa?
Rose Been Awesome 👏🏼
Wawan YES!!! I finally found the Official link to watch Movies FULL HD 1080P Fifty Shades Darker
Jalesia Jay Shelby Victoria Boss
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Here's what BIG SEAN said about being attacked by a so-call fan:

Niesha Peacot Hull That's sad because there are no cures for mental illness at all. They use medication to so call "help" but people actually become addicted.
Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive If people looked at the stars each night, they'd live a lot differently. When you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day.
Rose Been Wow 😳
Leek Bambamm Russell Naw Sean i aint going for it bro 😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Here's what Anika Noni Rose has the say about the criticism her new BET show "The Quad" is receiving:

Anthony G Williams Do people understand fact from fiction. Good Lord if you do not. The Quad, do not watch. We got remote controls for a reason.
Kerry Hill Funny how a whole bunch of people on here watch Love & Hip Hop Basketball Wives and Atlanta Housewives that's black audiences. but you have a problem with this show can we all say hypocrites
Jimi Johns luv the show
Hellon Moses That's a good show
Stevie Ashley Jr See that's one of the biggest issues I have with us as ppl of color. Regardless of the show's storyline and the things in the storyline. Bottom line is some of these things are true amongst our colleges. Deal with it, and enjoy the show for what it is. Instead we always waiting to criticize the first chance we get. Smh
Earlé Walters His episodes should have balance. Showing black people as incompetent and drama prone ALL OF THE TIME is not fair to the 107 HBCU's that are producing more positive than negative. Shows like this are like walking into a $40 million dollar house and choosing to only hang out in the toilet bowl to get an opinion. All you will ever be informed about is the sh*t in this $40 million dollar home. Showing this ratchet perspective which is not even representative of 1% of 1% is not right and that is the central argument. Be sure and remember that when you collect that check for contributing to Hollywood's exploitative efforts to keep black people stereotyped. Most importantly remember this poison when our black colleges are no more and can not get the funding they so need, or the next of our best and brightest.
Samantha Johnson I love the show. It must strike a nerve for some ppl to not like it!!!! And if somethings about the show were true don't think it's only at HBCU! I'M SURE IT'S EVERYWHERE! Like drama at every job, church, and university! Get a grip!
Lori Marie Jenks It's a fictional show. But stop fronting and acting like these types of things don't happen on HBCU campuses. Hell, they happen on all campuses.
Cynthia McCreary White Yet people love shows like Housewives of Atlanta. It's meant to be entertaining. Aren't you entertained by Empire? Where's the backlash for that?
Kerry Hill Thank you for the show I think it's great and the people who hate it your opinion is valid just turned the channel on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. Central Time
Traci Latrece Tagger That's exactly what they support for black shows, yet folks watch bullshit like friends, everybody hate raymond, big bang theory, how I met your mother. Anytime we do anything its a fucking problem smh, self hatred.
Sharon McIntosh I like it too. WTH has happened to people??! Every post, no matter what the content, ALWAYS has to go left. Mofos, just can't stick to the script. Must we ALWAYS have to start attacking one another over stupid shit?! Geez Louise!! Just turn the channel if you don't like the shit!
Shana Sellers YAAAAAASSSSSS ANIKA! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 She hit the nail on the head! If you can watch Law & Order: SVU and know that it is based off some truths then you should be able to comprehend that this show is based off some truths as well. I'm a HBCU graduate and those storylines aren't too far fetched
Karla Miles Green We are always somewhere wanting to be entertained....Have fun entertaining ourselves, while other cultural groups stick together and guard their legacies and pass on opportunities to publicly air their dirty laundry. We are always somewhere CRACKING UP, while everyone else is MOVING UP!
Cynthia Adams Langston Get real I look at It for a second then change the channel ..people if you care so much about a fictional college then care about a real black institution Morris Brown in the Atl. You let it close down and I don't see any protesters surrounding that drama...
Tedd Batts I haven't seen the show or watched BET since the people that own MTV bought it. I don't believe many people realize that. BET hasn't been worth a damn since Then. Back in the day you had teen summit, they actually had a news report nightly on black current events. We now get the same garbage portrayals of blacks that's on FOX, NBC and ABC.... This is what happens when you don't own your own outlets ....
Byron Nickens In my opinion in the times that we live in line all other shows or movies it doesn't matter if this show was bad, good or great your going to have people that hate, like or love it. Please understand that I am fully aware that this is social media and we are all entitle to comments and opinions just expressing mine.
Tiffany D Thompson I tell ya a hit dog will always hollar!!!! If this fictional HBCU doesn't mirror the real HBCU's then that saying "If it don't apply let it fly" should be the case!!!! #ItsFictionPeople 😧 and a pretty good darn show ☺
Sharon Davis You dam if you do and dam if you don't in this world.peolpe Always!!! Got something negative to say.we as blacks only have a flew shows why not surport the show,I like it will continue to watch it. What's happen on the show is happen real life...good job BEt and the cast!!!!!
Shirelda Velitz if you are not a fan of this show, eat a bowl of balls... it's a great show... it's no different from all of the other ratchet shows out there, so if the story line is a problem, take some prozac and go to bed... i WILL be watching....
Renee Nay-Nay Marshall I haven't seen the show but I heard thing bout. I was listening to the Steve Harvey morning show and they was talking bout. If she taking stuff from today's headlines I don't see the problem it do needs to be talked bout not its not happening. But shows like Different World also show things that was happening on campus and around the world.
Adrienne McGee Most of the people defending this whack azz show probably didn't even go to a HBCU!! That's why y'all believe all this drama is reality... Do the kids on this show even go to class??? Please miss me with this Bull
Kiela Nailah P It's a good show hell...hell if the Obamas can get over the tv Scandal being made surely these HBCU presidents can get off their high horse! ✋🏽 it's a damn SHOW! A good one!
Cynthia J Wesley Yet again...the mentality that anything that does not represent a constantly stagnant facade of perfection is to be " swept under the rug", even when concerning a fictional dramatization of college campus life at a HBCU. Anyone that went to college or hung out on college campuses knows that things get wild, there are scandals & cover ups but , because this show is representing an HBCU, the assumption is that it requires a higher standard of excellence. Allow producers & writers to present their body of work through their eyes and perspective without chastising those that are willing to put in the effort of doing a show .
Tarsha Patrice White universities and HBCU both party. it's a small depiction of what goes on at any university. Stop being so sensitive. This stuff exist.
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Happy birthday RiRi!

Wandalyn Gillis Happy BIrthday RiRi One of My Favorite Singer Always Much Blessings to you on this day & every other Day God Bless You shine bright like a Diamond.
Maria Prevost Happy birthday to my favorite islander singer,my your wishes come true and keep on representing our island people,we love you,and always keep god close.stay bless you here!😍😍😉
Minnie Fritz-Flowers Happy birthday god bless you with many many more years,àmen
Gloria Lewis Jackson Happy Birthday Beautiful. Enjoy your special day. The Queen Rihanna.
Cynthia Irby Hey RiRi Happy birthday to you hope you enjoy your day today is my Birthday too 220
John Monie Happy Birthday sexy young Lady God blessed you with a body and a Talent keep doing you lady your bless
Lenora Peters Happy birthday! God bless u with good health@happiness!Love ur music!
Alesia Higgins Happy Birthday Rihanna wishing you many more blessing...
Brenita Smith Many blessing to you RiRi I love all your mucic, your style. You got it baby keep doing your thing!!!
Joycelyn Burrowes-Whyte Happy birthday Rihanna. All the best to you and May you have many more healthy and happy years ahead.
Carol Saunders Happy birthday gorgeous. May God continue to shower you with His richest blessings.
Shirley Mitchell You are a pretty girl don't let what people say about you define who you are keep your class and style.
Dorothy Dotson Happy Birthday Rihanna this is your special day so enjoy and be bless to see many more...
Sharon George Happy Birthday love your music, fashion and style may God Bless you always.
Joyce Jennings Happy birthday may God bless you forever on everything special you health success love and happiness
Fourgolds Moten Happy Birthday sweetheart. May god bless you with many more. Have a great day.
Jewel Yancy Happy bless bornday babygirl hope u have many more 2 celebrate God's willing
Edwina Cephas Happy born day God bless enjoy to the fullest Ms Fenty..One
Felicia Nance Happy Birthday Rihanna!!! Pisces are the best!!! ❤❤❤
MyblackIsbeautiful Winters HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Lashonda Prince Happy Birthday to the Baddest Chick (RIHANNA)- May GOD Bless You Always - I Pray the Lord Always Keep You & Your Family Safe. Hope You Have a Hell of a Day.
Sherry Brown Happy Birthday
Lorna Lewis Happy Birthday to Rihanna!
Cynthia Gaines Happy birthday to you hope you have many more