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the-rickey-smiley-showComedian. Television host. Movie Star. Top-rated syndicated Radio Personality. Father of 6. For over 20 years. Rickey Smiley is one of the most beloved performers in American media, earning a reputation for delivering boundless laughter on-air, on-stage, and on-screen. Every morning, millions of Americans in nearly 60 cities listen to Rickey Smiley and his 6 outrageous cast members on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” His interviews with major celebrities, social political awareness and trademark prank phone calls have made Smiley one of the most listened to radio personalities in history. Rickey Smiley’s down home southern humor, opting to use insight rather than vulgarity to get laughs, is at the core of his success. His audiences are treated to such original characters as “Mrs. Bernice Jenkins”, “Lil’ Darrl,” “Joe Willie” and “Beauford.” Smiley is known for his clean comedic style and his reputation to sell out venues across the country. To movie audiences, Smiley is best known for “All About The Benjamins” and “Friday After Next”. He’s recorded 8 best selling CDs including iTunes #1 Best Selling Comedy Album, “Rickey Smiley- Prank Calls Number 6”. On television he”s hosted BET’s “Open Casket Sharp” and “Comic View”, appeared on “Showtime At The Apollo,” “Uptown Comedy Club”, HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam”and “Snaps”. Smiley graduated from Alabama State University, became KBFB’s (Dallas) morning show personality in 2004, and soon moved his show to WHTA Atlanta. When not performing, Smiley is the ultimate devoted father, single handedly raising 6 kids, the subject of a soon to be released parenting book. QUOTE: “Success is when preparation meets opportunity

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Aramis Ayala is Florida's first African-American State Attorney, and she received a noose in the mail:

Patricia Embry They can't stand an educated African American, to intimidating, don't know her next move, can't control her livelihood, send your noose, fight dirty like you always have. But no one thing, to the noose sender, you can't see who is keeping her, so if she come up dead now, you'll be found guilty later.......God 👀you........and hell, will be waiting on you
Monica Brock Of course its country azz florida. What a state to be black in. Remember Eddie Murphy used to have an entourage when he was young. This is he pwrfect opportunity to show the good old boys how we roll. She need to man up. Family and all and carry like 44th did.
Lisa Clark Dumb asses don't realize that very moose will be for their asses when get caught up. She's the State Attorney😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dash Williams Social services threat. Keep the underground family court scandals not investigated. Or she have temps of assignation an kids put in harms way molested an kidnap. Like the politician doing to me. Keeping slavery alive hiring scared blacks.
Laydee Via Wow and if she comes up dead they will say it's a suicide smh
AC Coleman I don't doubt probably some of those racists right there in her mist!
Nina Mclaurin If people would only realize what you put in the universe you get back double and you will get it trust me
Beverly Lewis R they gonna. Kill all the african americans who have power jobs..Enquiring minds want to know... ??
Deborah Hutt Now let's see how long it takes them to find the Rightful Owner. I don't care what nobody has to say, I've been around to long not to know it's our Fake president's followers Calling Card. We haven't had any of this Level Of Hatred until trump came into office. I found out just the other day, that he Owns Property in Delaware. It's not like we don't have Justifications to have him Removed, Why hasn't it happened?
JoAnn McDonald Bitch Ass Move, Hiding Behind The Envelope. Throwing Rocks and Hiding Their Hands!!!
Robyn Williams She needs to reveal it to the media. Have it dusted for fingerprints. People are idiots.
Deedee Glover Racists are being uprooted by Trump. Instead of sucking it up as we've been doing its time to call it out. Enough of the bs.
Kelly Renee Ppl are so disgusting
Deedee Glover 2017 not 1950/1960s. Not having it. Revolution!!!
Tammara Wilkins When do it stop
Virna Young The devils are always busy; Lord....
Eddie Washington Racist morons, DESPICABLE.
Sharon Williams Get u a gun
NieSsa #Fate_furious8fullm0viesz
Carla H Johnson Praying 4 her we loss two judges last week
Juanita Byrd Hate educated black ppl.huh!! Too bad...
Pitet Kepletet Mletet #Watch2017_m0vi3Str34m1ng
Marilyn Washington Wow that just crazy
Sandra Gilmore Some people are sick
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Congrats Francesca!!

Johnalynn Billups Congratulations beautiful!
Margaret Hunter Congratulations ❤
Eloise Jones Congratulations
Vetoinette Jackson Congratulations
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Bernice Jenkins got your Church Announcements from "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" about what happened when 9 Deacons passed away during church service: #RSMS

Carmel Faustin That's what happen when Bernice caught the holy ghost twerking ...hmmm
Dash Williams Show how fake an drama church really is..a sex predator play ground, tax free an legal.
Jimenenski El Chido Polaxico Danny Ramos every morning blazing on the way to work!
Donna MacIntire Hey Rickey went to sign up for email newsletter and the site appears to not be working.
James Lamonto Hammonds Top of the morning to you all....
Donna MacIntire Got it now thanks!
Linda Turner Lol ☺
Darlene Thomas You are too😂😂😂😂
Karen Walker You are crazy as hell
Faye Gavin I Love Sister Jenkins.
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Sharon Biggs Not after the Janet Jackson Super bowl incident Justin should not be on the list (we sisters) haven't forgotten how he didn't have her back so that would be a no
Dana Joy So where is the list of eligible black man who black women love? Let's celebrate our brothers on these posts.
Marco Marr Look how black women behind this post.Ricky put up a site talking about white women black men like.i bet you would be call a sell out ,coon and their favorite you must can't handle a a strong black woman going back to sleep now
Dori Fortson Gilliam Naw, I can't get with Justin Timberlake. After the debacle during the Superbowl performance with Janet Jackson when she had her wardrobe malfunction. He made her the fall guy and took no responsibility and left Janet out there to fend for herself.
Gia Kirkland I couldn't believe the list , very true. Except Chris Noth, he beat up his black girlfriend supermodel Beverly Johnson. No. And he's too big to be beating anyone.
Deanna Wright well my white guy didnt make the list, maybe next time, his name is Mr. Logan and he's the loan officer at the bank, my favorite white guy!!!!
Mary Ann Gotta laugh at some of these racists ass comments! But yet they call white ppl racists and they are just like them! Get over yourselves there's nothing wrong with the post cuz it's a fact!
India Allen Well Jason momoa isn't on the list so this is totally inaccurate
Erica Michelle I was just making sure Channing Tatum was on the list 😍😍😍😍😍
Melisa Hyp Dont forget Jax from Sons of Anarchy
Serena Hewitt Seen the first gentleman on Power, but had no clue he was white.
Krista Johnson Sorry, none for me unless it's Morris Chestnut, Idris Elba and etc, if you know what I mean
Raiko Godfrey-Smith You can take Tom Cruise off the list😑
Barbara Blackman-Knight Why isn't @Gary Owen on this list, is it because we have already traded him for Stacey Dash? Black women and men both love him. IJS
Gabriel Omar Millines Slow news day, Smiley?
Karress Yvette Tommy isnt married or dating a black woman in real life.
Trescilla Thomas How in this world was Paul Walker not first?!?!
Gyptian J Jas Detective Stabler (he got real fine), Harrison Ford
Donald Presnell There are obvious contradictions in behavior. If black men do it, then we are sell outs....
Jerisa Pegues It's missing the finest ones but maybe they're not white. Is Johnny Depp white? Jason Statham. I know he's foreign but he's the finest thing with a messed up hairline
Norma Durham Matt Cohen,Billy Miller daytime tv has some hot white guys so does the WWE
Tre Whitney I could get down with most of them. Channing Tatum is number 1. #Swirlcity
Dori Fortson Gilliam Can't get with robin thicke either. Not after he let Miley Cyrus grind all on him during that performance one year at the VMAs.
Donna Fuller Wrong, I don't see Mark Wahlberg on here.
Mary Joy Owens
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Erin Moran aka Joanie Cunningham from Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi has passed away... Condolences to her family, friends and fans.

Glenda Gerhardt It's so sad when young actors have fame and then their life's seem to go downhill from there. I'll always remember her in happy days, with that beautiful smile. RIP
Chelli O'Connor 56 is just way to young to pass away, I am so sad for her, and her family~ She had such a rough life after Happy Days, I hope her next journey she finds happiness forever!
Katerry Erica Jackson So sad, was and am still a Happy Days fan, rest in peace Erin/Joanie
Jimmy Dubray She was human before being Joanie..She was human after being Joanie..She died a human being.God has her now...Enough about her role..We are all flesh and blood..So was Erin...May the angels lead her into paradise!
Kyle Abell I use to see her all the time she lived in the corydon indiana area she would come to the walmart there and always talk to my grandma who works there she was such a nice lady but she always said hollywood got to her and it will never let go until your broke or dead
Tammy Marmie I remember she played in an episode of the Walton's she sang with the guy that played Jason Walton she had a rather good voice, May her Happy Days finally begin.
Leelee Marie Tate Wow, We're so close in age, and that's not old. It's so sad. I keep seeing these death reports old and young. It's just crazy. RIP Erin.
Maria LaPierre's R.I.P. and condolences to her family ... Anything else is irrelevant and unnecessary! Learn some manners!!!! You will be in the same place eventually! 😠
Barbara Capozziello One of the best we will miss you may God have you in his arms may you sing with the Angels may the sun behold your smile may the rain be your tears may the stars be your sparkling eyes RIP
Radhica Dauria So sad. Loved her in "happy days" and " Joanie loves chachi". My prayers go out to her family in their time of grief. Gone way too soon. R.I.P. Erin.
Karen Sternin I heard about her death on the radio earlier tonight! Thank you for sharing. Erin Moran was a very talanted actress, and made people smile, when they watched her performances. I remember her back in 2009, when she was also on the Soap Opera, the Bold and the Beatiful. The Soap Opera world lost another wonderful performer! She also appeared as a regular, on the Classic televsion series Dekarti, as Jenny Jones, along with Clarance the cross sided Lion!i Condolances to her children, and the rest of her family, friends, and fans!
Vasheta Taylor Ritter Very sad and tragic a death. What a pretty young actress in her early years. Prayers for her loved ones and her friends. This world is just wrecked with the horrors of drug and alcohol addictions. Please watch over your loved ones and help them to get clean and help with love in your heart not indifference. That may be the ONLY lifeline they may have. Rest in peace and I pray you were saved by the Lord.
Cynthia Hill My husband and I watched Happy Days reruns together. He thought Joanie was adorable and she captured a lotta ppl's hearts. It's enough to make a person weep for the past.
Holme Nobie My condolences to her family and friends. Only the Good die young. May you get all the great parts in Heaven. I was never a Happy Days Fan, btw.
Diana Gonzales I am so sorry for her and for her family. No matter who she was in public life, she should have been able to have a Private life as well. She seemed to be a very honest and sincere woman. May God bless her and her family.
Sheshee Malone I loved Joanie on happy days. She was so bubbly and she and chachi May she RIP and God bless her family. My deepest condolences.
Akcorrj James "Rest in God's holy hands Erin "Joanie" Moran, you will always be remembered....sleep in peace honey!" ♡♡ We are butterflies, ♡J
Niko Lalangas She was very troubled. Partied much. Claimed to have been raped when she was younger. She was the only cast member that did not come to the reunion years ago.
Harold Pierre R.I.P.ERIN Mora with the lord and may he welcome u home you was best actors in Happy days you never be forgotten and may your soul sleep with the lord.
James King aahhhh man i grew up watching her in happy days and joanie loves chachi
Deborah Poundstone So sad. I loved that show. Never missed an episode. Everyone watched her grow up on that show. I still remember a lot of the story lines and lessons that went with them. I watched up until the very last episode, the day Joanie and Chachie got married. Fonzie came upstairs to see her and handed her some kind of bandana or something to tie around her leg. I understand she had it pretty rough for a few years after the show ended. I think she had kind of a sad life after. She is at peace now. My condolences to her Family. Rest in Peace Erin!
Price Joyce stunned! condolences to her friends and family mmay they all heal and remmember such joy she brought to those happy days, God bless RIP
Denise Irby This is sad, my condolences to her family and friends she will be missed.
Paul E. Taylor For such a sweet and beautiful person to pass away so early is a tragedy. R.I.P. Erin Moran. 🙁
Knox Stonewall Johnson Seeing Chachi address the RNC is probably what killed her.
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Enough is enough.

Frances Jones You know they don't care keep on getting a pat on the wrist get laid off bout 2-3 wks with pay #hit, Sit around talk about what the Hell they did an past the time away be right back on the JOB as doe nothing happen the same routine,(what they did was justified,) start all over again,,sad as Hell,
Marilyn Brown It won't stop cause the racist piece of shit ( sessions ) gave them more authority when he became Attorney General. Watch out my people and travel with someone at all times. It's sad society is this way in 2017.
Karen Prater Something needs to be done about this do a back grounds​ check on these Police because​ it seems like they are doing all the violence and getting absent lead with pay for kicking a person's ass...
Chloe Mitchell These stories would be more compelling if they weren't committing crimes when they were "brutalized". Show me 10 times the police beat the black off an innocent person who didn't commit a crime, flee, or fight the police. I have no sympathy for criminals, black or otherwise. I'm not going to sympathize with a criminal just because we share a skin color. That's stupid.
Jamille Fragancia This will never stop they've doing this shit for 100s of years what's gonna change now we protested and marched and riot and the whole nine yards and still coming up short and then bitch ass white folks yes I said bitch ass white folks can go March for shit like March for science and other dumb shit but won't March for this or Flint water crisis man fuck them crackers lol I'm not racist but shit white folks should March about they're asses don't
Monica Young This shit is crazy something need to be done about it it keep happen what the hell we can not get no help for us and theses officers and the ones that are in charge at like they don't see what happen it's got to be a good cop some were wr need help black lives matter shit it piss me of stay in prayer
Camille Angelique Johnson Ricky... you're talking about a serious issue with that stupid article title.
Sabrina Teague Quote: beat the black off someone! Whoever wrote that need their azz whip...smdh
Johannes Jay Hart Oh well back to protest, praying and forgiving again - black america
Sammy Wilson I keep my ass in the house, stepping out can cause such 🎯!
Ebony S. Barton This will never stop because nobody holds them accountable.
Patricia Pote I only respect those who respect me.....more than less cops are racist and hate anyone that isn't white.
Denise Love But they want to be respected! The bad guys make it bad for the good guys!
Diamond Blocker Damn!! Who came up with the title to this list lmao... They couldn't come up with something better
Tari Williams Until the FOP is paying for their members criminal actions, nothing will change.
Regina Hawkins Naw but fr tho😂😂😂😂beat the black off😂😂😂😂 yo its really in the caption tho😂😂😂 but all jokes aside im not clicking this💩
Antoin Carter We all need to take to the streets all around America to certain houses perhaps
Jeanne Montgomery Bell KKK with a f**king badge! Smdh!
Cheri Barren Ya beat mines like that I'm coming for you
Alicia Hall-Hanson Okay. No.
Nadine Hathaway Please post my son's story
Jocelyn Norris
Toussaint Shakespeare First, We Need To Get Rid of These Coons. That Think They Speak For Us, Next, Get Our Own Social Media Network And Get Off Theirs Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter. Next Step Buy Black We Have 7 Trillion Dollars In Spending Power, Sports And Entertainment They Wouldn't Make Another Dime Without Us.......And Please, Please Stop Dating, Marrying, And Having Babies With These White Devils. Look White People Are The Most Inferior, Low Self Esteem Group of People On The Face of This Earth. We Have The Power Let's Use It. ....
Angela Johnson Why did this happen too him and to others!
Lonnie Johnson So sad.
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Another "L" for the airline.

Niecy ThomRich Ummmmm this couple tried to upgrade their seats by just sitting in them without paying when they found someone in their seats. They were asked to return to their paid for seats and refused. That's when they were told to leave the plane. Totally different than being dragged off.
Brandon Rutledge These two tried to sit in economy plus when they only paid for regular economy. Then got an attitude when they were asked to go back to their seats. All they had to do was tell the flight attendant that somebody was in their seats. They were just trying to capitalize off the first incident.
Ben Nutall Maybe i should start flying more often seem like Chinese @ white folks getttin paid O i forgot im black wont work smh legs arms@toes
Kathy Holley Rodriguez If the flight was half empty what does it matter if they were sitting in the economy plus section? Wasn't like they were trying to sit in first class. United needs to chill out!
Tony Masando It sounds familiar when some passengers move without consent wt airline crew then get mad when confronted. Had a lady who took my window seat and got an attitude when asked to give up my seat.
Demetra Corely At the rate United Airlines is going they will have to run super low cost specials to get ppl to fly with them. Lord knows I would never buy a ticket with this company... ever! Ppl have a voice and it's their money in this case, they should boycott and discontinue using them permanently.
Eric M Bounds Try again 😂. Guess your next article will be American Airlines. What Lies Beneath is the next topic. Please learn to get full details before you broadcast half ass news. Reminds me of Alternative facts with our very own Kelly Ann Conway lol 😂
Amber Nicole Redding I agree with the airline if you want more room PAY for it. A lot of times if you make the flight staff aware they'd upgrade you if possible for FREE due to a wedding, funeral, or special event.. But they did it without even consulting with the right people.
LaShawn Nicole Sit your asses down on the plane. Leave your too big stroller underneath the plane where they tell you. STOP crying and screaming stressing your baby out! Stop jumping seats without paying. Stop thinking its 1809 where people honored your disrespect. Different world now. SIT DOWN! How about we all bring what we want on the plane so it can CRASH! And hop on seats we dont pay for. Are they on opiods?
Crystal Reese American Airlines is in reverse. Can't file discrimination though 🤦🏾‍♀️🙅🏾 cause they did sit in unpurchased upgraded seats. They should of woke the sleeping man up so he could get put off for being in the wrong seat.
Linda Borel Yes ok to good to be true let me say this that was bad enough that poor man being drag like a rag doll so what you saying they just don't give a dam that going to remain hateful and inhumane so they want to lose the company well that going with a bang smh god your hands on this world
Laddii Aries Blanco They had coach tickets trying to go into first class. They were in the wrong section trying to upgrade for free. So they called security to have them go back to coach to taken off.
Melanie Palmer People are now going to try all kinds of things to try suing the airline. Smh
Ray Atkins At this rate United will go under by year's end. What a completely incompetent
Angela Jones Oh lort! Not another one as DJ khaled can say! Now everybody wanna get paid!
Scottie Blanks Let rename this airline to trump airline
Ernesto De La Rosa Jr. All these fool trying to get paid
Ov Norful Hawkins All I can say is hit that POCKET again they will get it real soon✈️✈️✈️
Anita Gee Every one done lost their mind
Yeshikya Williams They love putting they foot in people's ass.. 😒😒😞
Yolanda Bacon Hell. I'll just drive.
Antoinette Edwards Rn Bsn Y'all still flying United?! It wouldn't be me.
Jam Gabi Lawsuit!!!!!!
Carlynn Sweetsmile Willis I United is not actually UNITED. 😒
Deaundrea White Somethings just don't change
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Florida State Senator Frank Artiles went on a racist rant, and has now resigned:

Eric Creshun Burgin Trump got white folks showing their true colors left and right. 😂
Neal Tyrell When are they gonna learn... just give it up. You are never gonna win in this age and time!😂😂 We are gonna acknowledge and call out every single one of you.
Lanette Henson Another idiot!!! So many racist are just popping up & really thinking they can say whatever they want to say without repercussion.
Cherilyn Herriott Yes, expose every one of them. A person can hide only bit so long who they truly are. And when they are mad is usually when you see the ugliest side of an individual. It's very disheartening to live in a world where people think they are superior just because the color of their skin. God made us to love each other. And although i will probably never see it, i pray for peace.
Karen Owens Whaley I don't think trump has anything to do with these racists speaking up. They were racist before trump and there will be racism after. Let them keep being bold so ppl know who to call out and those in their circle as well.
Annette Jacob GTFOT.... racism has no place n the public sector in which white racist pieces of 💩💩💩 like him r appointed to serve the people in which minorities r a part of .....they will learn one by one by day
Audrey Kelly Good. Now he is free to lead the KKK Florida Chapter. That's the only job he will be able to get. Now he will see what it's like to pay his way. No more living off the American tax $.
Roderick Avery McPherson Look, the only good thing about Donald Trump being elected is that all the muthafucka's that you thought were racist show their true colors whether the are government officials or his supporters so why be surprised about any of them saying ignorant ass racist shit, oh, and before it happens or starts up like it did a few nights ago, if you are white and hate anything too do with blacks; WHY ARE YOU ON RICKEY SMILEY'S OFFICIAL FAN PAGE?, please keep comments like the one posted the other night too yourself, remember, people will never know how ignorant you truly are until you say or post some ignorant shit.
Dena Reed since trump started campaigning these racist people are coming out of the woodwork.....and that's a good don't let the door knob hit you where the good lord split you. =)
Latosha Mckenzie More and more are coming Out!! Im Glad because if u feel like that u dont need that position. Fair is Fair and Right Is Right! Stop all this racist mess! WERE TIRED OF IT..ALL RACES ARE GOING TO B IN AMERICA GET OVER IT!! Treat folks Right Hell!
Ray Atkins The racists feel comfortable being themselves with their boy in office. I'm glad these fools keep exposing themselves and losing their jobs.
Javonda Mori Dit Omar Did the heat get to that man? He was in the company of Black folks and decided to use the N word? What foolery is that...getting fired on your day off? Lawd, here comes another Special Election down the road. As if screening for Trump's robocalls for GAs 6th District wasn't enough last week! So 1 runoff and a Special Election down, 2018 is getting kinda hot for these boyz!
Alisa Pollock I'm so sick of these RACIST people n they mean EVERY WORD of what comes out of their RACIST mouths because it's in their HEARTS!!! YOU CAN KEEP YOUR APOLOGIES!!!
Tonia Watkins What's up with all these racist rants going on nowadays? Pretty sure they have basically been racist way before now. Is it acceptable now to do this? I'm just curious.
Shunn N Brianna Frazier There is only one way to break these racists.... Flip the script -- let them see how it feels to be called names, and being judged by their skin color. Let them experience everything they bestowed on us.
Redd Drake Cool he resigned but what happens to all those racist policies, and laws we have to live under when these people resign. Now that the motivation behind many are clearly established.
Ologu Prospero been an African anytime i read about racism in America , i always ask my self " whats wrong with the black skin" we are all human for God's sake..............
Ariel Desiree But yet its so hard to believe that the kkk has infiltrated law enforcement
Antionella Angel Anderson I guess all those apologies he made just didn't work out for him
Shawna Grant Who's next🤔??? They are imbedded in all branches of government...Trump just sounding his trumpet 🎺
Eileen Wilson A lot are still going to come out, Donald will probably hire him for something
Chris Drake Is anyone really surprised??? All of them are like this. Don't believe me? Make one of them mad
Ov Norful Hawkins Just keep being STUPID it's more that will get don't have to like me but you will RESPECT ME.....
Erica Jackson He's a punk just like the rest ofvum...flap that mouth then tuck and run!
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A Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o film would be awesome!!

The Law Of Attraction World The universe is always responding alike to your thought vibes without any rectification of it. You are a conscious vibrational being in a human existence and you can alter your life by altering your thought vibes. Your thought vibes should get matchedpositively with your emotion during the manifestation process then you can manifest alike. Never allow any doubt or self limiting beliefs to master over you rather be in a positive vibrational state by applying positive affirmations. So feed your subconscious mind with a dream relevant thoughts and take a passionate action on it for its physical manifestation.
Terelon Smith No Janelle Monae and Lupita would be good.
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This ought to be good!

Katerry Erica Jackson I'm loving the Woke Hov, I enjoyed and was angered by the Kalief Browder story, but these stories of injustice needs to be told
Liz Moore Markey Watched his documentary on Kalief!! Very good about a sad story!
Jennifer Leonard That's wonderful!! I love JayZ!! But can a sista get a new Jigga album?? That's all I want!
NaTasha Johnson I hope it's about what's going right, like his life. I already know what's going wrong.
Dash Williams To to me if you want to know or just keep playing games.
Tangela Buck Awesome
Yvonne Nelson I love Jay Z think this will be interesting.
Jan Hunter Love this guy.
Nora Pinky Garrett Uh huh...
Mawuli O'Kedra His money should definitely make it good.
Zonda Barnes It will sure
Vincent A. Richardson
AnnJeannette Hardin Wow
Maurice Norfleet Yep hate ain't no secret
Vincent A. Richardson Wow
Eric Creshun Burgin 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
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Congratulations to Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams on becoming the first Black nurse to be elevated to U.S. Surgeon General:

Corinne Harden Podawiltz Brilliant! Not only is she a top Nurse with a PhD, & a woman of color, but she's an accomplished 25-year veteran, Army Rear Admiral military nurse serving in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. She's well qualified, & hopefully will be permanently appointed as well! (Y)
Janice Trapp Don't be so quick to think this is so good. What has Trump done that did't have a crooked motive behind it. He uses Backs as scapegoats. The title says surgeon general. Just think about it. A Ph. D. Doesn't mean you are a medical doctor. I am working on getting mine now, but when I get it won't make me a medical doctor.
Deborah Fiorilli joycelyn elders was the 1st black women surgeon general....but this is still good...
George Nowells I don't trust anything Trump does.... Yeah, congratulations to Dr. Adams, buuut I'm conflicted. What was wrong with the last Surgeon general?
Dot Hamilton This lady has a Ph.D., which is a doctorate!!! Also she was Deputy - second in command to Mr. Murthy!!!
Lynda Soucier Who Cares what color she is or what gender she is. If she is capable of the job she has been assigned , God bless her for being put in the position and may she prosper
Richard Hooks I think it is more important to select an officer within the Health Corp rather than bring an outside person into the position. They have paid their dues through hard work and dedication within the profession.
Sansan Cancan Congratulations. This is great news. I love to hear about and see good news. It's so much of bad and negative news this day and time. It makes me hate to watch and listen to the news sometimes.
Sian Phaymemany Seriously a nurse becoming Surgeon General. GTFOH does she even have knowledge about what that job requires and i sure ain't letting her cut into me. We need real doctors not nurses.
Adolph Cathy Carson Happy for her, however he just wants to undo everything President Obama did 😡
Ed Simms Great selection and being a sailor from the greatest navy in the world the Admiral will do an awesome job.
David Brown She's acting surgeon general until Trump puts his pick in. Which makes no sense. He's gonna roll back everything that gets in the way of profits.
Warren Reed Some of you are so darn hateful and full of hate. Be happy for her. Your hate for Trump is so strong you can't be happy for the woman who happens to be black and most of this hate is coming from black people.
Oryntha Crumity Stop being so quick to congratulate. A nurse to replace a doctor? A nurse works under the direction of a doctor. I smell trickery!! Beware!
Steven A. Jakes Joycelyn Elders was the first black Surgeon general, and she was a woman that was an actual M.D. DOCTOR....... This is a nurse and I understand its just an administrative position, but when I go to the hospital because I'm seriously ill, I don't want a qualified nurse trying to figure out what's wrong with me.... Black, white, or green I'll take a doctor please..... But in all fairness I'll wait to see what the professionals in the medical field have to say....
Marilyn Bellamy Because she is brown-comlexioned does not make her BLACK!!! She is an Indian-American, NOT an African-American!!! I am, however, happy that a woman has been appointed to the position!!! I hope that she is more qualified than Trump's other "trumped up" appointees!!!
Nadine Jackson Congrats, but we know why this was done. To replace President Obama's placement. Trump, is a sick individual
Brenda Kelley If she is anything other than a medical doctor I don't understand how she can be called Surgeon General.....but Dr.Ben Carson is heading the housing department
Damon Gordon Burrwell Congrats my sista ....but please get strapped ..vested up..They on some bullshit in government. ..I wouldn't trust none of them at work. .There are some corrupted individuals
Duncan Harmon Whats up with this? I won't take the bait if trump named her. Is this a case of the least qualified for the position amid highly qualified, including other Black people, to feed into some fake afirmative action narrative? A Ben Carson type appointment? I know the irony of Ben Carson in Housing and the nurse as Surgeon General. That em effer trump is a trip.
Joe Dazier I must say... Surgeon..... How would a nurse get it? And who gives a shit what color someone is? Racist fucks need to go somewhere and all hate each other.
Jevyn Mcdowell Not trying to be Debbie downer but a Nurse being Surgeon General even with a PHD how does that work?
Tamye Hanna Google still work. Don't Be Dumb People. She will NOT be Performing SURGERY ON ANY ONE...
Geny Slaughterbeck Congratulations. We know that you will serve that post with dignity, pride resolve!
Glenda Thibeaux I kinda feel sorry for her all she's gonna be is a Puppet On String's.
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Rickey Smiley Official FanPage15 hours ago

We don't need to fight, right?

Stephanie Mathis What's even worse than this is the comments of people laughing that this woman was brutally attacked by a GROUP of women. Had she died you would be calling them what they already are and that's cowardly monsters. If that was you, your daughter, mother, sister or wife/GF you wouldn't be laughing you'd want revenge/justice (depending on your mentality). Damn black people really know how to degrade and demean their own smh.
Robin Reed That's what punk bitches do.. I'd be looking for each one of em separately to get mines because we know those types are only brave in groups.
Joyce Finch This is a true example of learned behavior! Smdh …the girls have learned this violence from family members! Its time for the grown ass women to be positive role models! Teach these.young women how to settle disputes without violence! If you don't know how to manage your anger, then take classes along with the young lady who needs! I'm sure some of you are shaking your heads, but to me taking a class that might save my.daughter's life is well worth the inconvenience!!
Lorenzo Allen I read that there are 2 sides of the story which she was the aggressor. I went to her Instagram & i find it suspicious that she didn't go to the hospital after this. She just stays sharing her injuries. *Shrugs*
Anthony Hamlet It appears the more we watch and consume the so-called reality shows like Bad Girls, Atlanta House Wives, Basketball Wives and others, people think yelling, arguing, cursing and back stabbing is the way of life. We have lost our minds and the children are catching up with the stupidity. Then social media show recordings of brutal fights of pulling hair, kicking and stomping to the head. It's as if the fight is about to kill or injury to cause life long injuries or scars. Yes, it's in our schools from junior high to undergraduate studies. There are even incidents at the elementary school level. Boys and girls, but it seems female incidents are increasing.
Yulanda Vanhorn Its really 😢 that women are so jealous of each other!...its even more 😢 that ur bestie, or ur so called day ☝ really dont like u...or maybe shes ur biggest hater behind ur back...wishing she was u or wanting what u have!...& u have no idea...ladies & gents please be careful with the company u keep...just watch!!..
Mandisa Murphy I don't know how she got attacked that bad but if I get bad vibes/ attitude from someone I don't know, I leave the situation asap. I don't care if I'm called a punk, my face ain't beat in an I ain't in jail
Eileen Wilson So sad we as black women fighting like this, don't care who started it, it's so degrading, young black men killing each other everyday it's no wonder that we are clumped together and people treat us as animals, not a day goes by that we don't hear about black on black crimes and then the shows, basketball wives, housewives of Atlanta , and many more showing how ignorant black folks are especially women and younger women love this and praise these ignorant women
Ben Nutall They need too start giving out sentences too the parents an the kids put them both in the same cell 10 yrs a piece real talk some of these parent's think its cool that their kids are gettin 15 minutes of fame by showing they ass
Lana Spivey I read that she hit them girls friend in the head with a bottle and knocked her out. So they had to have her. I don't believe in violence so I don't go around hitting people.
Johnette Jacobs My prayers are with u Angel. Just know God still got ur back and all involved will be dealt with accordingly. U never can do ppl wrong and not answer for ur wrongness. It's called Karma. God bless u boo.😙😙😙😙
Mercedes S. Jones I'm so disturbed by this. Why are people so compelled to share such gruesome pictures of the aftermath of their violent attacks on the internet? I would be too traumatized by the incident to want to relive it every time I logged on to whatever social media account it's on.
Kia Wade I don't know what's true and what's not. But the first time I saw this story a few weeks ago, there was a guy commenting claiming to be a friend who was out with her that night. He said that she started an altercation and he tried to calm the situation. He said she Shen hit a girl over the head with a bottle knocking her unconscious and her friend jumped on her beating her with a high heel shoe. But idk.
Gilvetta Bryant I'm at a loss for words!! What type of girls are being raised and why they have so much hatred in their hearts along with hating themselves too??
Felicia Edwards I dont feel sorry for her.. you know why? Nine out of 10 times she probably was running her mouth sticking her nose somewhere it didnt belong..females nowadays are mouthy and jealous.
Melvin Thornton But yet and still some people think it's cute to share fight videos. I'm glad she chose to share these horrific pictures to bring awareness. I encourage people never post fight videos.
Nefertari Person That's why u have to watch out because these women are getting jealous day by day..Its more women having better careers, life, shapes , credit scores, education, man etc an some of these women cant stand it an actually want to kill u...So I have to be ready because ain going..I dont know what she did to deserve this damn.smh
Erica Askins I'm so TIRED of women's fighting women's or jumping women's..when will we have enough pride and respect for ourselves that we won't stoop to that level and fight out in the streets. This poor lady could have lost her life and we have people out there video taping people fighting just to get likes on Facebook it's a Sad world out there. We need Prayer.
Brandi Nicole Wilson You can't go to the places looking good, they get jealous. I rather look good at home. Savagery
Jason Lopez tell that to all the stupid girls who like to get in a fight over a man it's not worth fighting and getting killed over what's the point when he's the one who's cheating on you or even worse there's a better way to solve our problems but girls don't like each other
Chelle Ae Honestly all these women talking bout fighting over jealousy... where they do that at lol... not down's a lot of beautiful women here I've rarely if ever seen a group of girls attack a female for looking good but hey maybe it's different in other places.. I mean this is a diverse college city there are a lot of bad females here and they all be on 6th street so yeah it definitely wasn't because of looks but she's a beautiful girl but it probably was a mouth issue because they got that bad here being mouthy.and going for bad even the pretty ones
Monica Hunter Like my pastor once told me people will kill over jealously, it wouldn't have mattered if she was drunk, they where suppose to her friends, so if she was that drunk hold her down, drop her off at home, don't mutilate her. Sad and stupid. Wow seems like this young lady was hanging out with some haters. Keep your spiritual eyes open there haters everywhere, it's not always what you look like sometimes people don't like you because you choose a different path. There so many reasons, it doesn't matter just keep your spiritual eyes open and you'll spot a hater a mile away.
Yvette Miller I'm just so speechless n appauled by this situation women alone in these days r so jealous coldhearted n evil these days it wasn't like this when I was younger omg but God got sweetheart n them as well
Kandy Ealum So sad!!! Life is too short for this!! And then whats worse instead of trying to help her ... Video tape it!! Not cute or funny! What goes around comes around! God sees everything!!
Knockemoutthebox Goatgreatestofalltimes Capri So so sorry...your someone's daughter...sister.mother some foul chit.women jump on you..damn. your all in my prayers..Keep your head to the sky..
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She dropped the mic on that dude!

Shatiqueka Carson ....Black Magic at it's finest!! Educate the people, black woman! Educate them!
Di Johnson Having said what I last said, those guys were a bunch of ignorant idiots. They obviously don't know that affirmative action has favored no one MORE than the WHITE woman. 💯
Michele Gerrow Wth does her shorts have to do with this article?? This girl is there trying to prove a point and you're worried about her shorts!! Gtfoh And by the way it's " yes she does NOT "DO". Learn proper grammar first before you start insulting people!!
Celeste Perry Those of you complaining about what she has on, missed the point. It's what she said is just as important. Oh, and someone said, "vote Republican"... NEVER!!
Tocarra Bryant Yesssss hunny in momma dee voice 2snaps and a dab 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cheryl Fulcher Moore She used her Freedom of Speech very well! Proud of you young lady.
Loveland Pew-Cambell That have to be very uncomfortable to in a room full of shouting red necks that appear to be filled with rage and undo hatred.
Aisha Brock The fact that they yelled out affirmative action lol woooowww.... so why do we even need affirmative action? And it does not only benefit Black people, the goal is to help disadvantaged groups of ppl and encourage diversity, economic equality, etc.... but S/o to her 💁🏾👩🏾‍🎓🙌🏾 Samiah Bethel
Lorna Urbano Always them lil ones!! Firecrackers!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Ericj Smith If we were all truly equal there wouldn't be a need for affirmative action!!!
Shabrekia Neal Ashley Burrell this is the guy I was talking about. I see our sister shut him down 💁🏾
Mr Terrell Armstrong She turned me on by the way she handled them and those lil shorts lol
Elisa Kerr It's crazy how I've heard white males say that they're discriminated against. I'm hoping it's white privilege disintegrating though. Good for you for speaking up 💜
Tayna Burton You go, girl! She shut it down with booty shorts on...I am not made at her! She did that!
Shewana Williams Michael Stewart what's voting Republican got do with her letting them know that they are being racist as fuck?
Sable Cox Stop the racial divide. God makes the body, as it pleases Him. Not man!!!
Lyndon James She shut his punkass down!!!!
Di Johnson I'm not sure she did all that in a diaper. ...just my opinion.
Alisha Young Chiiiiiiile! Huh?! She deserves all the accolades! 🙌💕
Tamara Walker Is it just my phone.. every time I open the link on this page it tries to force me to click links. I have to shut the whole phone down to even exit.. Please don't post links that will put virus on your phone.. ugh..
Teresa Harris-Johnson Lil bit in them lil shorts let all they ass have it!! Goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover!!
Peggy Williams O please ! Maybe if things were fair from the the start! We wouldn't need " affirmative action" . Unaffirmative action is what it really is! !
Stacey Barnett Debate your equal, educate everyone else. She just educated his ass!!
Celeste Perry I take it that, Pepsi didn't come to his rescue... #BlackGirlsRock!
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Beyoncé and Michelle Williams came out to support Kelly Rowland:

Lola Johnson How do you take kelly's event and make it literally all about Beyonce? 🤔😯😕
Ka'China Clemons Loved the outfit and the braids, she does look great. BUT DAMN, can Kelly get her shine on for HER BOOK?!? Yall know damn well that's not right to make her day all about Beyoncé. How yall gonna post about Kelly's book and not have the sense to post HER picture but have several of Beyoncé. That's just wrong.
Carter Charita N Don Have to blame the media on this. Kelly derserves more than an honarable mention because it was supposed to be her moment. Star struck media, tsk,tsk. Focus people.
Jerisa Pegues I love Kelly she is my favorite of the group though I love Bey also.. It's Kellys moment her sister came to support and the media made it about her.. I admire Solange so much for this very reason. She loves her sister but unless she brings her up you are not allowed to when talking about her.. CONGRATS KELLY!!!I LOVE YOU
Dawn Marie First folks mad Beyonce wasn't showing her baby bump with Blue Ivy now they're saying she's showing it too much. Let this woman live and enjoy her pregnancy. If you don't like it, don't look.
Carol Eason It's not Beyoncé 's fault people. She is simply a superstar so everything she does will be all about her. Just the way it is
Tamika Massey Beyonce cannot help who she is she went to support her sister Kelly Rowland and for the ones that's claiming that they don't care obviously you do because you waste your time to leave a comment a lot of people so jealous of Beyonce try not to hurt yourself👑🐝🍋
Shundra C Ford It's only a matter of time before the Bey Hive folks come out!!!! But anywho, Is she the only damn celebrity that's ever been pregnant??!!!!! Damn I'm sick of hearing about her and that pregnancy!!!
Latoya Edwards She looks like her mother but yeah the headline is misleading Smh...I dont think Kelly book mention nothing about her being pregnant with twins 😂
Trika Nicole So the event was about Kelly but the pic and majoirty of article focused on always..tsk tsk
Renee Lynelle Alright already Beyonce! Sheesh You making sure this time nobody won't say your belly is fake. I amm happy for you but damn....calm down.
Ericj Smith Beyoncé came because it was another opportunity for her to get more attention and steal the spotlight . Why isn't this article about Kelly ???
Carmesha Barney Destiny's Child Reunion? Sounds more like a Beyonce sighting. Kelly was barely mentioned and Michelle not at all. Smh ridiculous.
Doreen Pike Alternate thought. Beyonce is driving clicks to Kelly's event. Kelly wouldn't be able to drive as much traffic to her event or book debut. #truth
Katerry Erica Jackson I love her boots, only Bey can pull that off being heavily pregnant with twins, congratulations Kells on the new book
Candi Mcvay Who cares about Beyoncé anyway kelly and Michelle by far are better Beyoncé is not the first woman to get pregnant nor will she be the last ugh
Jason Lopez Not everything is about Beyonce is who cares if she has another baby that's life not everything is about her
Johnetta Milner What about jayz grown son that he refuses to acknowledge and Beyoncé cool knowing that
Jamiylah Smith So it says Beyoncé & Michelle came out to support Kelly for her book 🤔 Soooo...Why is only Beyoncé in the pic 🤔 Smh...
Alicia Carter Johnson I was going to say the same thing. Not even a picture of Kelly or Michelle showing support for her. WTH
Alisa McGraw That Blue dress is #FIYAH tho 🔥🔥🔥. Glad they came to Support My #ChocolateDrop Kelly!
Gillian MsHoney Dean But no pics of Kelly or Michelle smh 🙄
Carrie Denson Kelly boring anyway. That's why she invited Beyonce. Look weekday happen at her book signing.
Rosemary Barnette Look. Enough is enough....she not the only women that God have bless with a child
Snooty Li And once again, made it all about herself 😭 there is no Destiny's child...only Beyoncé and co.
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This video is proof twerking is not for everyone.

Jus Gratefully Favored not even talking about her.. the car was wrong and should not have turned - clearly the car should have waited for the cycle to pass. clearly we can see the car turned into the cycle.. and that wasn't twerking, idk what the hell that was
Cartina Rougeau If the car would've kept their damn eris on the road they wouldn't have crashed! If that's what y'all call twerking than I stand corrected on what I thought it was! Keep your damn eyes on the road and stay off your phone too!!! #idiot
Latonya Mosley Rickey please i need your help theres been a big injustice in hopkins county please help us get this on the radio they are going to railroad 3 young black men here please help us 903 450 2755 please ricky help us these are our children
Celeste Lewis YOU are supposed to keep YOUR eyes on what's in front of YOU, not a woman on the side of the road dancing, I don't care how she was twerking it up.. It was HIS fault, she was minding her own business..
Damien Peoples We interrupt this program to bring you...Courage the Cowardly Dog Show, starring Courage, the Cowardly Dog! Abandoned as a pup, he was found by Muriel, who lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, Eustace Bagge. But creepy stuff happens in Nowhere. It's up to Courage to save his new home! Stupid dog... You make me look bad! Oooh GA bogabogaaaaaahhh!!!!
Lonnie Porter The girls were just having fun had nothing to do with the accident the driver of the car drove right into the cycle without slowing down possibly impaired because the way they turned without slowing down they would have hit something even if the cycle wasn't there.
Danielle Williams Well, what about prostitutes or homeless people who run up to your car and you get scared and your reaction is to pull off, loosing focus and hitting another car? These people need to be off the streets PERIOD!!!!
Deanna Wright Not being racist, but watching white females twerk is very eye jerking, meaning yours eyes be stretching like WTF or OMG or STOP NOW!!!
Nestly Gates Clearly this accident had nothing to do with this girl so call dancing...
Donna Smith Actually it's the cars fault. He turned without looking
Yvonne Tolbert That awful so called twerking, is an accident waiting to happen. Just stop it!
Ellen Hayes Nothing to do with twerking. The driver of the car almost killed a man not a young woman dancing
Ty Jaxan Naw being nosey almost killed a man
Barbara Gilbert Shields Will hold my comment until Rickey Smiley Official FanPage post something interesting
Nora Alcorn Not racist envy BC she is a white girl no matter the color
Anthony Hill Car's fault, veered into on coming traffic
Frances Jones It's called RUBBER NECKING Keep your Eyes in the front.Watch where the hell you're going.STAY FOCUS.
Lisa Hughes Now what STUPID!!!
Shan Tucker I didn't see twerking
Alicia Miller Shit crazy
Charles Henry wasn't her just co insidents
Gabriel Omar Millines That's them blurred lines 😞
Agus Rege #Fate_furious8fullm0viesz
Darnell Garibaldi Ceo Is it ok I laughed!? 😂😇
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Will you be watching Oprah Winfrey on HBO's The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks??

Felicia Sanders Geez...she didn't put it on her network ok. Move on! Business is business at the end of the day I'm sure business was why it ended up on HBO. So glad for Directv having HBO free this weekend. Perfect timing! Lol Oprah did a great job!! I'm not the biggest fan of hers but she did that!
Sansan Cancan I'm so glad that Oprah told the story. A lot of things that black men and women did years ago to contribute to society are not known because it wasn't told. They kept do many things a secret that black people did. We have learned so many things down through the years through our Black History programs. Things that are worth knowing in life.
Ariel Desiree The irony is, this family is saying oprah has not compensated them or reached out to them about telling their relatives story....
Natalene Smith The book was awesome and heartbreaking, her family should've been compensated for what their Mother's cell have done for the advancement of medicine.
Paula Onyenyeonwu You would have thought she would have put it on OWN, she allways somehow collaborates with others from day one her main supporters or mentors were white. Phil Donahue, George Lucas or whomever produced The Color Purple, now the 6o Minits Team so now HBO getring a piece of the action.
Nikesha Brown I don't know if people are reading my mind or reading my post. To put it on OWN and some people don't have that but a least people are getting something with a topping on the win.
Steph Eye I actually read the book. I would love to watch it but don't have HBO. The book was really good.
Marlene Murphy My feeling are the same please put it on own some people don't have HBO tonight it was free this weekend HBO is free
Leota Griffin I read the book several years ago and I hope she tells the story like it should be told.
Kay Boone Mrs. Oprah always does a great job at her craft. My favorite is The Color Purple. It's to die for. Thank you all, Kay Boone
LaTisha Glaspie Harris I remember having to read this story in undergraduate and even watch a clip of the author interviewing the family.I cried.
Gretchen Lee HBO/Cinemax is free this weekend thru Direct TV
Nikesha Brown I have to find out the lady's name from "Saints and Sinners" she's​... GOOD!!!
Linda Faye Flennoy No i will not be watching i have the book and i don't think she will do it justice reading the book is enough for me
Janice Moore You know what I am so confused about the whole situation I think everybody should understand way babe and I feel so safe and I think that should be compensated that's it
Donna Cooper Don't hv HBO. OWELL
Linda Robinson Wish that you had put it on Own
Carolyn Hartley Why wasn't it shown on the OWN CHANNEL?
Deborah Stinson-Carver Nope.. not an oprah fan at all !!
Maiesha Lane Tonya Tanett This is the book I read freshman year!
Shala Clark Not paying for HBO
LeTiffany D. Moore Oprah....great actress...point blank
Bibby Warner I,am watching tonight on HBO at 8pm looking forward to it
Angela Brady Ready
Sevonne Gray Sure wil
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Do you see it though??

Tunya Long-Ottrix No I don't see it.....considering one was born with their features and the other bought them
Marvi Bryant No cause Kylie don't even look like Kylie anymore.... she's long forgotten
Sheanelle C Noragus Couldnt we say kylies tryna look like her? I mean the girl on the right, her beauty is probably natural.
Estella NeCole The Kardashian and Jenners don't look like their selves. They have had plastics surgeries to resemble women of color with lighter skin.
Blanca Iris Guzman-Figueroa No... one is white and the other black. The other woman in naturally beautiful, while Kylie is trying hard by being man made.
Kissy Denise U mean Kylie looks like her cause even Kylie doesn't look like Kylie after all that surgery.
Edward Green They must of been some color blind folks who made that dumb statement bc I don't see no similarities at all other than the fact that the New gf look more beautiful
Rafael Valentino Torres i say that Kylie looks like her since the new lady in his life is probably older and is more natural with her looks than Kylie who has injections in her lips, possible nose job, and who knows whats been done below the neckline.
Maurtavius Maurissa Tyga actually got a sista this time so WE know she REAL.
Will Mall I don't see it I see a plastic wanna be Barbie doll Whose parents are a poor excuse for parents to let her get this done at 17. The one on the right baby girl don't put all your eggs in his basket
Eileen Wilson Tyga is a creep, what does he do would not like him being around my daughter, never knew anything about what he does except getting his cars taken away everybody is talking about Kylie like she has done something wrong it's the little creep that's wrong
Kay Lyn TinTin Hell No. Kylie had work done to look how she looks now. Her real look is far from what she really looks. Thin tiny lips. Long nose and cheeks and more. If anything she wanted to look like her. Lol Now this beautiful gyal u can tell its all natural beauty.
Caroline Moore I wish I knew why people are so harsh on Kylie, actually on women in general who choose to do plastic surgery. I mean obviously she is getting things done that SHE feels makes her look better. If you're a natural beauty, then lucky for you. I'm sure if you surveyed millions of women most of them (money providing) would have some type of surgery of some sort. People can be so hateful with their comments sometimes, I just don't get it.
Carmel Davenport I could care less!! I'm just not into what the Jenners or kardasians are into! It's not my life and it's not my reality.I have to many other things going on in my life and they are not one of them or who they are dating and what they look like!to an ex on or off!! Just my thoughts!!
Radney Tubbs He is going to have to dig far and wide for an upgrade from Kylie. She has done amazing things with her brand and her face/body. He was only relevant because he was with her.
Lakita Pretty If she is all natural then Kylie looks like her with all that plastic surgery Catilyn you raised her to be just like you like dad opps like mother like daughter damm shame
Denise Cooper That chick is all natural beautiful with or without makeup Kylie is not ugly but she insecure about how she looks if she wasn't she wouldn't have had all those surgeries and only a teen
Tiffany Mildred Black women get work done as well... Janet's nose, Porsha on housewives nose ,Kandi breast , and butt injections KMichelle& Nikki lots &lots of breast jobs , Botox and face lifts just because we don't see it doesn't mean they or we don't do it too... ijs... a lot of people with money get it and rich people who are not famous get a little nip and tuck ..
Cartina Rougeau No, she's more real looking while Kylie is as fake looking as her sister Kim!!! Isn't his new girl black? Kylie probably wants to be black!! Big Difference!!
Javonda Mori Dit Omar Well last time this happened, didn't the girl he cheated with look like Kylie or vice versa allegedly? Every time he sees someone, she's gotta be a lookalike or wannabe. Ever thought maybe he has a type? Clearly Kylie significantly changed to become it or grow into it. Whoever he ends up with, she needs to be financially secure enough to bail him out. He's in trouble. He should focus on that debt instead of these girls. #ijs
Dana Sidhu Everybody is commenting like...she wants to look like her or she wants to look like HER! Or she bought her looks to look a certain way! The question was do they look similarly!!! I don't think either young lady ever saw each other in the past and said...I want to look like her. He just obviously has a certain preference to certain body features. They are both absolutely gorgeous girls...bought or not! 🙂
Shala Clark So this morning I took a dump. It lit the place up. I didn't have it in me to check color or consistency. Glad I had some powder fresh spray. I'm going to have to cut back on the foods I eat.
Keys Jones Haha, that's funny seeing as how Kylie doesn't even look like herself. Besides that, this girls natural features looks nothing like injected ones. No resemblance at all.
Doni Graham Nope.... she's a naturally beautiful young lady and Kylie along with her sisters except Kendall are all plastic surgery displays.
Valerie Prince This new girl is by far more beautiful. With that being said girl you deserve better. You are young beautiful and deserving of someone with self worth and respect. Why would you put yourself in the middle of all the mess that he calls his life. He has a reputation for not paying his bills not being a responsible father (dead beat according to B China) the Kartrashian's klans. You sure you want what come with him. You deserve better. Raise the bar young lady.
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Those kids were definitely hungry!

Cynthia J Wesley At least his parents know that, in case of an emergency, he is ready, willing & available to get the job done. Mom in labor, dad's at work, 911 taking too long...toss him the keys! Like Vera told Quick in Harlem Nights " C'mon! Bring ya ass!"😂😂😂
Anita Antiwi I was driving my dad's car at twelve years old. I thought I was young. Wow! This little dude got it going on. Glad no one was hurt.
Avis Graham McDonald's burgers look NOTHING like the one in this pic! Maybe if you mashed it down, remove most of the condiments on it, and use a slice of half-melted cheese THEN you would have a McDonald's burger!😒🍔🍟
Janae Winzer I bet his parents grounded him. Little timmy is on punishment until further notice.
Dena Reed is the secret in the secret big mac sauce CRACK?.....craving a burger?....what the #&@%!
Nikita Kiki Sutton'Benitez LMAO my son would do some s*** like that he's only seven
Rush Excell Give him a license
Patria Jones McDonald's is addictive
Matt Paton This is old news Rickey. Over a week old. Dumbass
Sandra Nash Warrine this is the story we were discussing
Ninan Susan McLaurin Whipping asses for sure
Michele Thompson Lawddddd where was his parents? And parents not Mcdonalds
ShiKita Threatt This Old
April Bell This story is old
Jayson Smith No way
Sarah Lynette Wow
T-Shirts & Hoodies Print Shop haha
Tabatha Johnson I would had mixed feelings about it
Victor Brown Never gets old This Story.
Brandy Zee Lol
Ashley Savant Heck no. 8yrs old. His butt is grass.
Twanna Lotrail Howard lol
Roshanda Holland B
Victorious Val Hendless Dubose 😂
Gershelle Cunningham Sledge Dyke Wayne Stewart
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Barack Obama may take Donald J. Trump to task:

RaShawn Thompson The only thing Obama did wrong was being black all these slick Ass comments is just pure right out raisist look at these mfs will eat a ton of trump bullshit and they know he's a big lier and don't know what the fuck he is doing just a fuck up either take the blind fold off your Eyes or just flat out raisist as fuck Obama this Obama that Obama my Ass bitches we miss you Obama
Geraldline Morris Obama if I was you I would stay out that confusing mess.. You did your 8 years and came out clean... And we appreciate what you did.. Because you did the best you could... You are still young.. find something else to do.... And stay away from that stressful presidential mess... Just my opinion
Gail Adams President Obama don't get involved I know it is tempting but don't do it you did what you could while you were in office they blocked you every chance they could in order to say you did nothing while you were President. Because you're a Black Man they can't stand to see a Black man in leadership. I don't want anything to happen to you remember Martin L. King , Malcom X to bad we could not voted you in for a third term. But we have the Orange one in office and he is going to ruin this country and I guess that will be your fault too. #45 has Obama on the brain!
Monie Anderson Payton He's not go do it, he's got too much class. But he will talk about the state of our country right now and what's going on without even mentioning his name
Desmond Davis Obama, I believe, will not stagnate his legacy by going back and forth about the shenanigans that are currently going on in the white house today. I think his focus is greater than this as a former world leader. Why should Obama verbally contest trump and his administration when he has proven time and time again that he is not here to point out what is different and condemn people for their differences, but to bring us closer together for the greater good of our country and the planet. One thing I have learned from our great former leader is that he does not promote you to act like you are better than or above others like trump does, but instead to be better, smarter and more aware than you were yesterday. If we continue to promote the love and advancement of our people it can overwhelm the hate thats pitted against us.....BLM........ijs
Javonda Mori Dit Omar Why not? Trump says Obama every chance he gets. It's amazing to me if he doesn't call out Obama while having sex! I'm that tired of the blame game. Yeah I went there.
William L. Campbell I hope President Obama doesn't mention this clown in any of his speeches. This clown of a President is destroying himself with his own words and deeds. The clown President doesn't need our last true President to assist him in doing that. He is doing bad all by himself..
Crystal Chantaye Yancey I hope he just talks about the future and what he has plans on doing, everyone knows how he is not liked and for what doing what was right for people..just talk about the future
Doris Pugh Obama I support your agenda! I look forward to you coming back to fight for a good cause for our democracy! If there ever was a time when we democrats need your leadership the time is now more then ever.!Our democracy is at stake ! We need you,Michelle,Oprah,Bernie,Elizabeth Warren,Celebrities,and civil rights activist,etc... We need to stand for what we believe in.
Chloe Mitchell Who cares? This guy is a has been. Perhaps it will be Obama who is "called out" (or uncovered) during the Trump administration.
Pam A Jack in other news ; anybody black American from slaves root go into any more wars for America is a damn fool......... This America allows the black men to fight in the Korea war without civil rights and full citizenship ....After the war, America brought the Korea here as the refugee to collect money and place store in the black community ..... The Black Race never go the American dream although we build this damn country .......fall back all black men
George Pickard Mr Obama please don't make this man look so stupid, he has already proven to us that he is the stupidest ever..
Matt Paton Look at black on black crime. Not just in Chicago, but everywhere. Obama has raised those numbers. You all hate each other, and we love it.
Dash Williams Call out on me having to be black ball s as a formal political official for finding the uncomfortable government funding an secret family count scandal with lgbt organization an social services am family services. It was doing your term in office. So correction an investigation needed today.
Walter Snowden The world paying now look at the jack ass we got now! God bless us
Philip G. Smith Jr He won't waste his time, when you make big money giving speeches, that isn't necessary! #45 goes low, #44 goes high!
Stu Pidaso Obama is a lowlife. So glad he's not President anymore.
Stan Waters He is like the rest of you, can't​ keep your head out of your ass!!!
Philip G. Smith Jr Vote my people, no need to go in the gutter with people that aren't really qualified to be President!
Resha Peregrino-Brimah He should not get involved. He should pay the same respect that was given to him by W. So go back to the yacht and enjoy your vacation 💯😂
Brenda Dickey Remember, OBAMA WAS NO DRAMA. That phrase speaks for itself. When Obama was President you didn't see all this "SH**" on Facebook. Trump will be IMPEACH, then see what you Dump (I mean TRUMP followers will say then) you will tuck your heads in your A**then. Get ready to start TUCKING! Hahaaa
Darren N. Gooden Obama need to shut Da hell up... Bush didn't criticize him at all
Paula Meachum Hes not gonna say anything about 45. Cause first hes nothing and second obama has to much class. Third. Actions speak loader than words.
Aretha Renee Cato I just want him to sto blaming the greatest president for everything. he makes excuses to bomb these countries to make him and his friends richer. I can't stand him and won't say his name. I LOVE POTUS #44
Rebecca Dickens I respect your humble sprit thanks for always being professional and not letting what Donny boy say hurt u
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LOL nice going Chrissy!!

Chloe Mitchell I've literally never seen Chrissy Teigen be brilliantly anything. Saying something stupidly snarky is not savage and it certainly isn't brilliant. She's usually way out of her league when she tries to confront anyone. She just doesn't have it.
Tenika Banks I love her!!! She is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!
Michelle Marbley Lmao ya bestie acting up again 😂😂😂😂 Cookie Nicole
V Man Lee She sexy
Matt Paton She's awhoree. Nothin more.
Betty Simpson 💯👍🏾🔥
Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive You can't change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react and who you choose to be around.
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Headkrack and Da Brat killed it AGAIN on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show"!! #RSMS

Rickey Smiley Official FanPage
Rickey Smiley Morning Show
Headkrack and Da Brat traded verses and showed love to Prince in this #FlowAndGo on "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show"! More #RSMS freestyles here:
Deborah Jones That was Brilliant!
Connie Cocosunshine Gone Girl! Da Brat!
Mattie Porter ALRIGHT YA💪💪
Darlene Wade SWEEET!!!
Lorraine Lewis Live as fuck DaBrat baby you guys did the damn thing
Christy Kelly Awesome flow!! It definitely Takes talent to put words together that actually make sense!
Jackay Loved Child KILLED IT..SHOUT OUT TO HEAADCRACK AND THE DABRAT..Rickey where is that Damn BLACK TONY?!!!
Sherina Ross Man I just love listening to y'all show. Are y'all on Sirius. Since I moved I don't get to hear y'all much.
Crystal Hall That was AWESOME!!!! I love the morning show!!! Brat n Head crack, you did your thing! I loved it!!!
Vivian Sunshine Coleman That dog on Da Brat can just rap still cold ayyyyyyyyyyyy,
Retonia Westray Love Da Brat!!!
Karen Dunnorm They kilt it🎤🎤🎤
Jacqueline Walker-Blevins DaBrat. We need a new cd girl ❤️
Moby Furbert Headkrack and Da Brat getting there Flow On!!!!!
Kimberly Flowers Y'all are great! Da Brat a Crack!
Priscilla Adams That was DOPE!!!!!!💿🎧🎤
Evangelin Harmon Loved it♥♥♥♥
LaChoy Clem That was hot
Felecia Costoso Tiiiiggggtttt
Robyn Harrison Fire🔥🔥🔥
Nyahali Sah'ima Pediford-Aziz Love it!
Rhonda Lucy Lu Craft I❤️them. They ripped that.
Cynthia Casey Cool 🖐🏿! 💯
Tracey Prince Killed it freestyle!!!
Renee Baldwin Yezzzz!
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Who wanted Kim to come back on #RHOA?

Sonya Squires Hawley Not feeling her, when she married her NFL husband, she thought she was better than those "bitches"!!!!! These are the same ones she didn't want to film with anymore. You should not burn bridges when you have to cross back over them.
Katerry Erica Jackson She had no choice to come back. Is her hubby signed to any NFL team? Is Tardy For The Party still on? Let Kim tell it, the reason she left was because she couldn't film with "those bitches"
Jessica Lewis Hell no...send her duck lip ass back home to all them youngins
Joyce Weddington-Porter Kim is BORING and the last time she filmed on the show, she felt like she was too good to be in the RHOA circle, now she changed her mind?🤔 Quit playing around Bravo and just pay Nene Leakes whatever she wants to come back! #OG
Juana Rucker-Keys I'm not watching anymore. Why does Atlanta have to have a token white girl but none of the others have a token black girl? I'm over this show
Shavonne Ce Let her keep her own show that I never watched. She is sickening with her "I'm too good for them attitude" I personally don't want see her on RHOA.
Shirley Rhodes I definitely don't want her back. She adds nothing to the show. Start pushing all them babies out for her money train. She didn't like it before hanging out with these ladies. When she got her Sugar Daddy she was through with these ladies. The guy she married turn his nose up when he was at the gatherings. Got the impression he was racists right away. Now all of sudden its like I'm back ladies. Lol. Naw your husband is no longer in the NFL and y'all thirsty for $$$ for money.. Let's keep it 💯real.
Ju Nie Well she is really married so that's makes her a real house wife of Atlanta. Aside from kandi none of them are married.
Rita Evans Dumb move on producers part...never did like her...might as well bring NeNe back too....otherwise, I'm done watching this foolery..this season has been super messy and I wish they would clean house and start a new cast...I love Kandi but she need to do her own show...they did it for Kim...for what reason is beyond me cause she is not interesting to me!!!!
Yulanda Gupton Come back if she's gonna choke Kenya out.
Francine Jolly I would have loved for Phaedra to stay and bring back NeNe cause to be honest it is guite boring at least Phaedra had some good quotes to mind, with Kim there will be drama,but not the kind with the girls now? I miss Phaedra it won't be the same!!
Sharron Plater Sorry but I can't stand Kenya but she was right when she said her lips like a duck. She needs to stop the plastic surgery and botox. She looks awful!!!
Meka Shay I'm glad she's coming back! Now if they bring NeNe back, I'll be thrilled!
Denise Neisy Lawrence For the love of money please don't bring her back why? We know she need a. Check hubby not working , sugar daddy not around heck I need a check too she didn't leave on good terms so why if the show is none let it be done Kandi and Cynthia and the rest of the will be alright
Debra Scott I think she should keep doing the reality shows with her husband and her children I like that show better for her The Real Housewives will have her upset always arguing and fighting
Yo Yogie SO much negativity on this FEED regarding Kim's COMEBACK .. It's not that serious people!! either you watch it or not!! " Stop the Madness POSITIVITY IS KEY TO A GREAT LIFE!!
Yolanda Bacon She should have known from the get-go there her husband wasn't going to be playing much football I mean do you ever see Tom Brady on a reality show?
Tracy E Riley Not me cause when she was all up on Kory ass getting married and everything she was doing she gave the show her ass to kiss. Now Kory doesn't have a job she needs to work... HELL NO AND IVE WATCHED EVERY SEASON FAITHFULLY...
Kimberly Wade Kim always thought she was the shit cause she had big poppa 🤣 She is as crazy as they come.. This bitch got a chef, nannies, housekeeper, personal assistant and who ever else on bored talking bout how hard raising kids is lol.. Kim a nutt.
Christine Fennell Nothing wrong with Kim people shouldn't hate because they need to look in the mirror first before they charge anybody else say something else the drama queen is Kenya always in people's business and don't even get a man one
Tracy HairMajesty Stratton I knew they had an ulterior motive for bringing her on the season finale! After ALL these yrs/seasons passed and events she cldve attended...they give her camera time while attending Sheree's house revealing??🤔🤔 Her stash must be gettin low...I swear they've bn doing fine w/o her and the other character. #STAYAWAY!!!
Stephanie Bailey Ashamed of the behavior of the Housewives of Atlanta, so much ridiculing and backstabbing it's becoming hard to watch, what other franchise behaves in this manner, losing interest.
Chacha Nelson Maybe she needs money for nre lips. Ijs I personally dont care if I ever see her again. Now that Tory or Cory dont have a job. He can be around the Blacks again. Its no secret he's racist. Andy just wanna give the white girl a job.
Angie Wofford Cline Should have remembered her roots and stayed humble... shouldn't have spent to much and been to much.. just Kroys worth alone WAS $23 million.. She shouldn't have to be going back.
Gigi Sandifer Who cares IF she needs money and that's why she is coming back- all those RHWOA women need money or they wouldn't be on the show in the first place- folks in this thread are hating on Kim cause that's a white woman that can handle her own. Let her come back- write her a check too- toss it up a bit. The story lines need help now anyway.
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Rest in peace, Prince Rogers Nelson...

The Law Of Attraction The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back.
Wendy Lovett A true legend gone, never forgotten, luv me sum, Prince!!!!!
Albert Jackson Just another drug head you people going to praise that
Loquita Jimison Prince you is truly missed. ☕ in Peace 🏆
Lonnie Porter Doesn't feel like a year already! Sad day a year ago! RIP.
Etta Jackson RIP Prince! 😪
Christine Williams RIP prince you truly miss
Sammy Wilson The best ever (to me 🎯)!
Betty Sanders R.I.H Legend
Lonnie Porter Just finished watching Purple Rain!
Tracey King That's my boy just got through listing to him
Felecia Costoso It's still cuts like a super sharp knife 😞😣😢
Pam Jennings My a 1 from day 1 love u purple RIP sleep easy my love he's the man
Tracey King R.I.h
مالك الكاتب عاجل 🎁 هل تعاني من مشكل المواصلات يوميا و لا تملك المال الكافي لشراء سيارة شركة تويوتا تقدم سيارات الجيل القديم مجانا سارع الأن و إربح من هنا ⬅
Yeshua Isiah Mashiach العاطفة / الطموح
Melinda Denise Yasss dis day
Rickey Bailey Rip
Delphine Konaris RIP
Stephanie N. Smith I can't believe it's been a year already😢😢 RIP Prince
Jacqueline Walker-Blevins The best to ever do it ! The best live concert ever 💔💜🎶💯 RIP !!!!!! 😪
Sha Sampson Rest in peace...
Isaàc Mctyeire Peàce
Pat Boss
Katisha Brooks RIP
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Hold up, Odell Beckham Jr. was there getting turnt too?

Katherine Hymore-Bolles Can I adopt him PLEASE? If I had a boy, this is exactly what I'd want him to be like. Music is just music people. Kids are only influenced by it if you as parents aren't doing your job at home. I love this kid!
Tina Jones His dad (or whoever took him) will forever be his superhero.
Bethany Smith Because a kid singing about cooking dope in a crock pot is always cute
Maria Cater Get it baby!!!! Dad is the best!!!
Gloria Fisher Love this little boy
Toya Johnson Johnson Times have changed 😂😂😂😂
Rich Blond Baumann Coolest kid
Diamond Blocker Is he sure???
Nakia Dupaty Too cool
مالك الكاتب عاجل 🎁 هل تعاني من مشكل المواصلات يوميا و لا تملك المال الكافي لشراء سيارة شركة تويوتا تقدم سيارات الجيل القديم مجانا سارع الأن و إربح من هنا ⬅
Patricia Walcott
Kimberly Flowers Janie janie, do you like that so g? Yeah!!!
Lisa Ramos Melissa Cardona you seen this guy!
Rejoice Kay Koko Love
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John Witherspoon says a new Friday film is in the works!!

Rey Cox Jr. They been saying this for years. I'll be happy if it happens. And I hope Chris Tucker stop acting like a Lil hoe and play Smokey
Gabriel Omar Millines They better bring EVERYBODY back! Smokey, Ezell, Debbie, Joy, Felicia, Mr. & Mrs. Parker, Uncle Elroy, Aunt Sugar, Miss Kim, Dana and Red. Too bad Bernie Mac (Pastor Clever) and Justin Pierce (Roach) are dead. If they can't round at least half of them up, then just keep it on the shelf.
Chad Buckley I hope it's not cubes real son playing a,kid and goin back before the first Friday ,,, leave Kevin hart out of it he hasn't been funny since soul plane
Katerry Erica Jackson Now please convince Chris Tucker to sign on. I know he said that he won't play Smokey anymore but have the script written as him being a reformed person
Cherise Darnell-Roy Saw him in Ontario Ca he talked about this, so I guess they offered an substantial amount of money...he said the 1st 1 he only got a few thousand 2nd 1 a little over 450k...anyways I'm ready to get my laugh on
Terrin Clark Put some hot sauce on my burrito babyyyy! Sure taste good to me!
James Jones ITS BEEN 15 YEARS SINCE "Friday After Next" How many "Fast & Furious" Movies they put out already, Negro please! 😂
Monty Black The first one Smokey needed money, the second Craig's uncle needed money, the third Craig and DayDay needed money. Who's gonna need money in the fourth??
Natease Monroe I was scared when I saw his face. Like not again!!!! I know we all have to go some time but he has more funny in him to share.
Rob Shivaz Hold up. Let me check my palm pilot....Looks like I'm free. I wasn't gonna do nothing but get drunk and watch the grinch.
Cameron A. Jackson OK but I don't think Cube is begging Chris Tucker after that!
Barbara Petty I can,t wait to c it I'm so ready for it bang bang yeah Boy MsB
Sandy Mowry I'll believe it when I see it!! Been hearing this shit for yearsssss...
Shelli Aquarius Hollings Chris Tucker is saved and will not play any characters that don't represent his faith for all those who are wondering....he said this himself in an interview and I support that...
Gina Seay Holmes How many.more movies do we need with.out of work African American people stop glorifying weed smoking and ignorant bs
Regina Hulbert YES!! It's time to have a laugh, and try to block out the unrest that is going on in this world😡
Daven Branch The only Friday was good was the first one after that they sucked honestly
Mrblackmichael Smith We need Smokey back in this one, with Smokey it won't need Day-Day
Kevin Robinson Man I've been hearing that from about 2 yrs ago..
Tysonnia Ford Ohh lord I was scrolling and saw his face and got scared. I was like "LORD DONT TAKE JOHN WITHERSPOON! PLEASE! WE NOT DONE WITH HIM YET LAWD!" But its just a new Friday. Yay!
Marquietta Ogletree They been saying this it should be done already Me: patiently waiting
Valida Chriswell Come on with it i use to have to buy one every month im glad I had some friends sho nuff
Estrilita Boyd Yes bring back every body
Wendy Howell Does he ever age though?
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So many twists to this story.

NieCee Ekundayo Scott No story. He got drafted. He got convicted of Murder. He got Life. He got Aquitted of double murder. He's Dead. Possibly Suicide. Some say Murder. The End. I refuse to let this Distract me. Summer is approaching and I still can't Swim. I NEED to Face my Fear. I am an Island girl and I can't SWIM. Pray For Me. First Lesson Tomorrow.
Mia Baldwin I'm not understanding what the hell this has to do with his death?!! so what!!! let his family grieve in peace and remember this man has a daughter that will someday read this foolishness its bad enough he was convicted of murder, good grief!!!🙄
Nickolette Peoples Shame on Massachusetts Correctional Center you staged a suicide you wrote on his forehead a Bible verse who wrote letters one to his daughter went to his fiance and one to his bisexual loverr the sounds like it's getting old
LaKisha Glasgow Even if he was bisexual the man is dead. Can his family especially the little girl have some kind of peace. Her mom may shield her from the bs now but at some point she will be older. This is a sorry ass world we live in
Tiffany NaCole Lies.....they said he was found dead and no suicide notes were found in the cell now all of a sudden they got three notes. Gtfoh with that stupid shit. They killed that man.
Ashlee Renee If he killed Lloyd because he knew his secret then I highly doubt he left a note to his gay lover for the world to know! The family wasn't even told that there were any notes according to an article by the Boston herald posted an hour ago. They have NO idea who the letters were left for or if he even left them. 🤷🏽‍♀️ they also were made aware of the soap on the floor and the Bible verse through the media.
Vickie Knox-carroll I don't believe it!!!! If he killed Lloyd for trying to expose him why then would he write a letter to his prison lover to confirm that he was gay!!!!! I Do not believe it. JMO
Rose Lewis What good does it do to turn this man's life INSIDE OUT now that he's dead? He's got a little girl that will grow up with memories only.
Anna May Grisby Most of these stories are built to gain a audience and feedback. I don't buy into a lot of it cuz the details of that will come out eventually. The nature of their investigation just started so everything will come to the for front eventually.
Tiffany Butler There aren't any twists to this story! This is typical of the media actually...Bottom line he is DEAD. We won't ever find out the truth. We just need to let these families begin the healing process now. ✌🏾
Nickolette Peoples Yep. I try to write Bible verse on my head and it didn't come out so well it all sounds very suspicious to me bisexual loverr tried to hang himself to the window of the cell is anybody ever seen the inside of a jail cell pretty hard to hang yourself not to mention that his check was 8 o'clock p.m. and they didn't check them again until 3 a.m. what happened to every 15 minutes what happened to every half an hour somebody wasn't doing their job I hope the investigation tells it all
Lashes Kym I just think its another secret twist. Someone killed this man bottom line. Sounds to me like a Sandra Bland story. Sound all to formilar to me. The man stayed alive all through it all now this happen. Seems a little fishy to me. I found if you are disliked by the most dangerous guy in the police force. He is skilled to do dirt, and get away with it. Until he/ she is caught. It's how the evil work. Always remember when they get away with it someone in power agrees with the action. When Sandra Blands case burst open wide. Someone did not agree with the sneaky game they were trying to play. One guy came forth to spill the beans. It is why when a police shows his unstability it is reported to have this person check out for public safty... ...
Mike King The man was doing life in prison after awhile those guy-girls in prison start looking okay to him, so he figured let me try it just one time.... lol then he got hooked
Pearlie Sanders This is a very common situation actually. I know someone who went through this a few month's ago. A very big, tall masculine man. You would NEVER question his sexuality. A couple of emails and google searches pointed to him watching gay parn nonstop, inquiring m4m online and responding to emails and how to hint that your gay. He was going to commit suicide with a revolver. In the end didn't do it because someone found out and stopped him. And he had a gf for nearly 10 years and young kids. Alot of men struggle with that reality. Moonlight just came out and it shows the masculinity and confusion of "straight" men that are actually bisexual, confused and or gay or had past experience but noone has a clue but the gay lover. Unfortunately men don't react well when their gay life is about to be put on blast so their reaction is to kill the man they were intimate with.
Sylvia Albury Hate to say this but all of this is no surprise to me there are a lot of I want to say it download bisexual people keeping it on the down low there was just guy on Oprah Show years ago who wanted to come out and talk about it before his daughter got wind of it that he was bisexual don't forget he had already killed someone and was still serving a life sentence nothing surprise me with anyone anymore I'm just saying...
Alicha L. Harris Smh, what does his sexual orientation have to do with his death. These stories are sick as hell. His family shouldn't have to see this mess all over social media . The man did wrong but now he is gone so let him Rest In Peace .
Carol Renee' Dye This must stop with all these different stories about this man, He is gone let his family have some kind of peace without all this mess.
Sophia Sharp-Donaldson History has proven prison life creates gay behavior....too many brothers come out and deny but hmmm this one if three letters is the focus or conspiracy theory is stretching the known facts. He was convicted of killing first man; case closed
Tracy Fields At first there was no note, now there is, & it to a gay prison lover???? Really. I don't believe that he wrote a note or that he had a gay lover. Someone is trying to make him look bad even after death. I would bet that he was murdered. I don't think he would commit suicide at all. Prayers for his family
Marcus Gude Aww poor criminal he needs love too! Sickening, this fool was a cold blooded killer! Let's all feel sorry for him. Whoever runs this page must have a crush on him or something! Correction "had" a crush on him.
Hazvi Hazvi I watched the whole news when all the murders were peeing reported and being explained, analyzed and I have nothing good to say about him. Accused of pulling a gun and killing someone in cold blood because they did what? Accidentally poured a drink on you. I pray for his daughter, period.
Joe Coller While I could careless how he died , whether he did hang himself or not , his sexual orientation is his business , and remember he has a daughter , she will grow up knowing her father was a killer , I think that's more then enough to expect one person to deal with , why come with all the extra shit for , just let his ass be already .
Brigetta Davis Bailey I could care less - however one can't help but yell "flag on the play" as there has not been any mention of him being into guys - With all the scrutiny he's received around the trial etc - Just can't see this not coming out - Pretty convenient now that he's dead #js
Lola Jackson Oh, my no wonder her was all screwed up mentally he had a lot going on. If he had a gay lover he was in the right place so why kill yourself. He was at Disneyland.
Nina L. Baxter Misdirection is the key technique used to distract people from the real story. His sexuality has nothing to do with his death. But the fact that his death appears suspicious, they are using misdirection to take away from it.
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Sheila E. still has concerns about the death of Prince:

Katerry Erica Jackson Me too. This brotha pretty much lived a drama free life and now he is a drug addict. That does not fly with me, you will not smear Prince's great legacy
Frank Fisher You have to sell your soul to the devil for record contracts and to be as successful as he was. His time was up, as was mj's and Whitney. Ask yourself this question - when was the last time a major entertainer died of old age?
Philip G. Smith Jr That was Prince on that bicycle, right around Paisley Park in the parking lot of that drug store, the Man is gone because he tried to follow the rules of the religion he was a follower of, nobody killed Michael Jackson, he made bad choices too!
Ronald Wilson Cracks me up is people are automatically assuming that this man was even on drugs. I don't think he was on anything I don't believe the media for one second
Cory Bradford Man was a vegan and very active with Black Lives Matter right before his death. Do the math, took him out like they did Michael...
Lonnie Porter You know I wasn't going to look at Facebook today because it is the anniversary of losing a very special person, but I'm going to comment on this because I feel the same way Sheila feels. My issue involves one question and one person.
Denise Edwards I feel a female was on involved, need to check that female from the voice who was on the plane with Prince when he got sick. This is the same girl who was around MJ before he died.
Shontaye Drea Sheila give it up and let him rest. He did the drugs a little too much that time and it took him out unfortunately. Rip prince color purple rain
Bates Wells I feel you Sheila E. My heart still hurts. I really think that something else happen.
Philip G. Smith Jr He was also a Jehovah Witness, they don't believe in Blood Transfusions, the Man needed a Hip Replacement, he was in severe pain
Mattie Porter Some thing not right. ..YOU CAN'T SAY NOTHING BAD ABOUT PRINCE.....NOBODY
Sabrina Long Rest in peace Prince, and let your soul continue to rest in heaven
Lonnie Porter Sorry my question is if you have a lot of painkillers that are not prescribed to you then who are you getting them from? And the person you got them from could be the problem because a statement was made that there was a bottle that had a higher dose than what was on the bottle, someone had to know that! RIP my dear friend.
Cecyle Williams I don't believe it either but it can't bring him back
Kindacute Mandela All of you crying about Prince,take a good look at the kind of females he dated and married and had in his videos. Take a look at his bat man video. He had 100 females in it and not one black woman. He wasn't attracted to black looking woman and y'all crying over him.
Diane Stevens Pinkard She could be right.
Marla Jefferson Me too!
Taneka Clemons Craig Me too. Word.
Shelly Freeman I bet me to
Khadijah Abdulmalik Me too
Pam Mc Ka they stole the microphone!
LaTonia Cater I think we all do.
Yolanda Bacon I loved them as a couple. Sheila E.!!!
Trenice Smith There's some foul play somewhere..something aint right! 🙁
Jerri Law Ok
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This might help how much we miss #Obama!

Vernell Howard What have you done? It is so sad you people do not know what he went through. Chicago is not the only city where murders take place on regular/daily basis. Start with your local people to get things started. Oh, I guess you all done that already.
Jason A Waters Obama Treasonous Acts List. 1. He provided aid and comfort to the enemy by releasing five suspected terrorists and former members of the Taliban who participated in or orchestrated attacks against Americans. 2. He violated a law he signed six months prior requiring him to notify Congress 30 days before releasing GITMO detainees. 3. He has willfully and repeated violated Article I, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution by continuously amending the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. 4. He knowingly and willfully violated Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution by signing the ACA, knowing full well it was a bill for raising revenue that had originated in the Senate. 5. He engaged in fraud by repeatedly lying to the American people about the effects of the ACA by claiming that Americans could keep their current coverage and physicians if they chose. 6. He exercised an abuse of power by instructing, through his proxies, agents of the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative organizations and his critics for extra scrutiny and audits. 7. He participated in an obstruction of justice and a criminal conspiracy by hindering a Congressional investigation into the Internal Revenue Service targeting scandal and using Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice in that obstruction. 8. He provided aid and comfort to the enemy by ordering or allowing the sale of arms and ammunition to al-Qaida-linked terrorists in Syria and by dispatching agents of the government to advise and train in the use of the those weapons and in military tactics. 9. He failed, despite repeated requests by the U.S. Consulate, to provide the security necessary to ensure the safety of U.S. personnel and the Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. 10. He knowingly and willfully denied military assistance to Americans under attack at the Benghazi Consulate, resulting in the trashing of the U.S. Consulate building, the theft of sensitive documents and the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. 11. He knowingly and willfully lied and ordered his proxies to lie about the circumstances surrounding the attack on the U.S Consulate in Benghazi, thereby perpetrating a fraud on the American people in order to ensure his re-election and to cover up his illegal gun running operation. 12. He violated the War Powers Act by failing to gain Congressional approval for the military attack on Libya that resulted in the overthrow of the Libyan regime. 13. He provided aid and comfort to the enemy by using the American military and intelligence organizations and allowing the sale of arms and ammunition to al-Qaida-linked terrorists in order to assist them in overthrowing a legal regime in Libya that Congress had not declared war upon. 14. He has repeatedly made war on various Middle Eastern countries with the use of drone attacks without the approval of Congress in violation of the War Powers Act and in violation of Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. 15. He has ordered the murders of at least three American citizens without due process in violation of Amendments 5, 6, 8 and 14. 16. He has repeatedly used the Environmental Protection Agency to contravene Congress and pass laws harmful to American businesses and consumers, in violation of Article I, Section 1. 17. He has repeatedly violated the 4th Amendment by allowing agencies under his direction to continue to spy upon, wiretap and collect personal information of American citizens who are not criminal suspects. 18. He has repeatedly violated Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution by disregarding laws passed by Congress, including, but not limited to, U.S. immigration laws, civil rights laws and the Defense of Marriage Act. 19. He knowingly allowed the illegal sale of weapons to Mexican narco-terrorists that were later used to kill Americans, including border agent Brian Terry. 20. He obstructed justice by participating with Attorney General Holder in a cover-up of the Fast and Furious gun running scheme. 21. He knowingly and willfully violated Article IV, Section 4 by failing to protect the border States against invasion, and in fact encouraged that invasion through his rhetoric and with the use of executive orders that contravened U.S. immigration law. 22. He knowingly and willfully violated Article IV, Section 4 (guaranteeing a republican form of government to each State) by strong-arming, intimidating and threatening to withhold funds from the States of Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Rhode Island and Arizona in order to coerce the people and legislatures of those States and prevent the passage of laws according to the citizen’s wishes. 23. He instructed his Interior Secretary to ignore the orders of Federal courts to lift a moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, which denied oil workers an opportunity to earn a living and damaged the U.S. economy. 24. He broke established precedent and contravened established bankruptcy law, to the detriment of the bond holders and the advantage of his campaign contributors (auto unions) in the General Motors bailout. In the auto bailout, he knowingly and willfully deprived numerous auto dealers of their dealerships for political reasons in violation of Amendments 4 and 14. 25. He repeatedly transferred funds from the U.S. Treasury to his cronies and campaign contributors for use in failing green energy schemes. 26. He violated Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution by appointing officers without first obtaining the “Advice and Consent of the Senate.” SHARED 🇺🇸
Tameka Thomasstrong Why??He has done nothing for Chicago!! There has been so many murders in that city,now u wanna go talk I wouldn't wanna hear u breathe Obama less known as speech# Really # youturnedyourbackonChi ago!!!!!!!
Albert Jackson Yea to start some more shit between blacks and whites most blacks like this kind of shit
Wood Kate we do not "all" miss Obama, he never did anything for the black community why lie about it
Dash Williams Don't get just another black man now. Not even African or Jamaicans get shot an they look black.
Daniel Martinez Sr. Please Don't , You Failed Our Nation Big Time , Glad You Was Able To Help Other Countries , Loved How You Sent Money To Foreign countries And Turned Your Back On Flint,Michigan , Yeah Stay Gone Bitch
Sophia Favors When it happens let's me it go crazy viral trump will be mad
Andrea Alpha We really miss him!
Paula Frederick Miss you 😘 so much be blessed
Ta Renea 😍😍😍😩😩😩
Kimberly Michelle Sharita Necole
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Jaden Smith and Willow Smith will be making music together:

Denise Edwards The kids are young and they can do whatever they put there minds to do. Wish them the best and may all their dreams comes true. Much success.
Lequitha Taylor Sooooo, these kids aren't on drugs, They're educated, respectful, talented etc.... So, why exactly do ppl find a problem with them?!?! Other than their individuality... I don't get what the problem is 🤷🏾‍♀️
Stephanie Tolbert Ok! Well I thought he was a model for female clothes and she didn't want to do anything in the entertainment industry anymore! We all change our minds sometime, huh!!😊😊
Tania Holiday These kids have major talent their mom has had a rock group for over 10 years i wish them well theyre still teenagers how long did it take you guys to find what worked for you
RaKisha Lee-Powers I love these two...raised to be their true selves...have open minds and explore every possibility...this is what happens when kids are not molded to conform to what parents want them to become and this lacking education system that spews out robots
Janae Winzer I see she is finally gaining weight. She looks better. At first she looked like she was starving herself. She was looking anorexic at first. Now she has put on weight she looks healthier.
Tina Johnson I think the kids have talent. Jaden is a good actor and willow is a good artist. They can do what they please. Alteast they are trying to work instead of just being rich kids ijs.
Oshun Yemaya This is beautiful sibling love and acceptance of each other creative abilities. They are true Cali kids with unique style. They're care free, free spirited, and insane talent is so advanced beyond their years. Futurist style of music and I love it. They aren't afraid to be themselves and create positive music. Too much trash out but to see them setting standards isnt accepted but respected. #MultiMillionareYoungAdults #Ceo's #ThatWorkEthic #GenerationalWealth
Taisha Brown Ok people talking shit about them but that cash me outside bitch she all good get the fuck out of here I'm happy for them keep it up respect full smart good kids
Lakisha Dawnyell Ross Sad all the negative comments.....luv seeing kids be creative and live outside the box....
Yulanda Vanhorn So what who cares!!..about jaden & wills kids
Laquetta Grant Ummmmmmm................thats nice..... Hooray for life is basically like this: "WTF IS GOINGS ONS??!!!!"
Karress Yvette Wait, thought he was leaving earth, bc humans was becoming inhumane to him.
Al Jackman So who's going to wear pants or should i say the skit?
Linda Hunter Wilkes Go to college, get an education! Something to fall back on
Dorothea Winn Why not dey r witty n creative kids......Like to see them Whip n
Sandy Weatherspoon Hopefully they will take after Dad because Mom can not sting.
Toni Perryman Y'all terrible talking shit about children. I hope y'all kids be as successful as these kids are with y'all grown dumb asses
Shalonda Williams- S 😂😂😂😂😂rich kids with no talent always want more
Chanel Jackson Yall still hating? Just worry about your kid repeating summer school. Uughh
Jeremy Cohen Willow looks more like will, now that she is a little older, and jaden looks more like jada now
Linda Shitrite One is gay and one is a lesbian. Watching them grow up, seems like they've traded genders.
Neshelle Cortez Those kids are trying to find themselves. It just seems like they are all over the place. Parents to busy to help them find their way
Dell Lowery If any of you ignorant ass niggas say anything bad about this, I'll safely assess you don't know your roots. Rock on y'all.
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She's not here for that drama!

Yolanda McClain His flaky ass was out for Mary's money the whole time. He had a hidden agenda and motive's. Then what real man gone feel up to taking a woman's money. A real man would chop it up and get a Job and move on with life
Denise Pollard He is not a real man, because most men would move the hell on, and if he was a good manager then he would have had other clients other then his wife, I hope he don't get shit.
Miracle Rosser I'm sorry but she don't have to take care of no grown ass man and his new girlfriend that she don't have children by. He better get a damn job. Oan care if his ass have to work at Burger king or a custodian hell!!! Mary J work hard for her coin!! Greedy people👊🏽
Jimi Johns Tell that apparently sorry ass nigga to get a job and spend his own money on his hoe. Oh that's right he is a sorry ass nigga, that's why he is using someone else's money cause he doesn't have any. Again, GET A JOB and stop living off a woman, since you are supposed to be a man or is he?
Carol Johnson While he looking for a come up he better hope the judge don't make him pay her back. Just sorry and disrespectful...I wouldn't be surprised if his stankin ass end up with nothing...Get a job dammit!!!
Ariel Desiree I was your lover and your bank of america, working everyday of the weeeek, was at the job when no one else was there, helping you get oooonnn your feeeet, 11 years, i sacrifice, and you can leave me at the drop of a dimmmmeee, swallowed my fears, stood by youe side, i shoulda left your ass a 1000x
Timothy Sheard Dude took a lot of marrys money .behind her back .that tells me .he never like her or loved was all a game to get to her unbelievable what some people well do for money .
Angela Davis-Meeks I dont even know why this is being dragged on for so long. He has ALREADY gotten enough of her money. The judge should grant this divorce, he gets NOTHING but out of her life. And if he spent $400,000 on a another woman, he should have to pay her back. He is one sorry ass excuse of a man.
Robin Drewery-McDonald She needs to sue him for fraud, faking the game like he was there for her. But he doesn't realized that Karma is kicking his daughters' behind....Literally!
Keysha J Wilson Well I hate to say it but she built him up with her money, kept him with her money, gave him full access to her money and now he wants to take her money. I'm a Mary fan BUT she lost her entire self in him. I pray it works out for her and hope that she never makes this mistake again.
Shawna Grant Poor excuse for a man...Haven't he spent enough of her money? Should she have to pay him for life for helping her up when she was low? He will reap what he sow...
Joy Wynn There are ⚠ signs. I'm pretty sure he didn't just wake up one day and decided that he wasn't going to respect his wife anymore. This man has never even respected her as a person. He's had to have always seen her as someone to take advantage of.
Josephine Hill See it's not going to work he should be a shame of himself that's why in the end he's not the superior one that makes decisions for the greater good . Mary J will be bring sing all new hit songs about this dummy he messing with the right child of God which has brought Mary through she blessed
Marie Elizabeth Johnson Some men are just :-/ ....the nerve of him...Don't know a good woman when they see them...He should not get another a matter of fact, she should sue him as her manager for misappropriation of funds ... The Butt Hole...
Geraldine Reynolds That's goes to show how time has changed and how some (dogs) don't change. That's why it's not good to mix business with pleasure. A real man would've left with what he came in with. NOTHING. If he loved Mary this Dog wouldn't be trying to take Mary hard working Money. Be a Man and move on and go live your life and Mary alone. Makes it kinda hard to trust people. You be do they love me for me or do the love what they can get out of me. Praying you Mary. ❤️💕💕❤️
Rhonda BrownSugar Christmas That money he took from MJB to spend on his girlfriend maybe need to get it back to live on for his dining, parents, child support, living expenses and his luxuries he claim he needs!! Dirty bastard!!
Teresa Walton Praying God will reverse that drama in Mary's life so she can be rid of this leech and those that are with him tied to Mary's pocket
Dominic Berard All these people saying he needs to get a job and move on..... No one says this when a woman demands Spousal support and never worked.
Roxanne Green I do believe he should be paid but you have to be a sorry m'fker to expect your ex to take care of your parents and your other children. Does he have any dignity. I guess not, damn he's a low life. Mary should pay something, she wasn't taken care of her business.
Patricia Anne Favors She should sue him, as well. Especially for the return of the $420K. I'm sure her lawyer can find some legitimate reasons to sue him for. Tie the divorce up for years. His money is sure to run out first. Maybe he'll drop his case once he sees he can't afford to fight her in court.
Kecia Kemp Great so he's a Hottie✔ The Married Man who is a "Hottie" A hottie is a man with/without money, married, and strings attached but, to his wife. No one else cares it's about the dine, wine, money, and time to keep in mind it's not personal or business he's a hottie...with/without benefits. Hotties are outside not wanting a relationship other than time when, he's out on the proul to seek out your money. Well if a Hottie strays and his wife finds out. Then the game changes ending in divorce or separation with your money for alimony. Due to not using a condom or respecting his wife. He will continue his Hottiness by taking care of his children and enjoying the independence of what he wants to do with you no further attachments of feelings of commitment once he receives your money. He will go trick it up with another honey. There's nothing funny. A Hottie can be a good companion as long as your not expecting anything but, what he chooses to give you on your dime. His time, to continue to make you feel special but, when he has to go he has to go spending your money. Caution: Ladies you might want to provide your own protection so your not subject to going to doctors or needing treatment by the unknown. Also prenuptial agreements may be in place so, he doesn't sue you for not accepting the fake. Enjoy Your Hottie with your safe no one should have to experience a man without money and calling himself a manager. Managers are paid and should be fired if your not happy with the arrangements.
Cathy Harrison Creep.... Hope this will be a lesson for both ladies and gentlemen.... Sometimes you have to protect your assets If you get involved with someone who has none.
Jewel Ball And she shouldn't be! Let him man up and go and make his own money. She doesn't owe his ass any thing. He got more than enough out of her when they were still together him and his kids. Enough is enough move on my man. 😡
Jr Mack It's only good when a woman does this? Come into a relationship with nothing and leaves with half y'all funny with the tunnel vision. If the roles was reversed it would be hell of praise talking about good for her.
Carol Jackson Pray she has a good judge that will see first off he is married to a U.S. citizen so he set but he got a rich one. Salt needs to be thrown he getting too dam much
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If Mary J. Blige's ex is spending her money on another woman, that's just dirty:

Johnny Fox I don't advocate violence but if she decided to give him the beat down, I'd take my time to pull her off. I might have to finish my sandwich first.
Darcia Musgrove Oh no he didn't. He needs to go return those items n get that money back to keep him living. It's no way he spending money yet crying but he needs a monthly amount from her. Boy, yes I said it boy go get a job...
Carolyn Joyce Haughton Wait up Mary! Wasn't Kendu married with kids when he started working /managing you? This man had shown you who he really is but you didn't believe him (Maya Angelou). Kendu's ex-wife and kids unfortunately are rejoicing at your expense. Still love your art & talent but some soul searching and reflection is in order.
Deedee Glover F Kenduu. Love Mary but she put too much into him. He played her. Got her finances all messed up. Praying for her. Karma and God will deal with his ass.
Jennifer Way How the hell you ALLOW him to have access to your damn money like that. That ugly ass nigga was looking for a payday when he met your lonely gullible ass. Hell to the naw. He wouldn't be getting SHIT else from me.Ya BIG DUMMY!!! How you not know he spending that kind if time and money on another TRICK!! Next....
Carla Jo Horton There was something about him I didn't trust. Not surprised that he's a A-hole... He'll meet karma real soon.. Stay strong MJ...
Dona Mobley Do she have proof? Is the question and if she does, she should allow the proof to do the talking . I would sit back and be very quite and make him wonder what going on and what will happen next . To much of there business in the street already.
Tee Ranee Man listen.. I'd have his azz whacked frfr.. be on some straight up and for my next trick imma make this nigga disappear type of shit
Brenda Etheredge I feel bad for Mary. He knew every aspect about her finances. I truly don't believe he cared about her at all. He came into the relationship with baggage and she took care of him, his kids and family. For Kendu to do this to Mary is utterly disgusting. I'm hoping he doesn't get the $110k a month alimony but I'm sure he will get something 😡
Yulanda Vanhorn Most ppl dont believe it but what goes around comes around he was with someone when u met him....what made u think that u would be any different???..suck it up karma is a bitch!!
Sherice Byrd I would have had a problem with him not making his own money he had other artists he was managing but let them go because he was Mary manager and husband I would have told him naw don't you dare let your other artists go you have to contribute no matter if I have more money.. He would have to had his own hustle outside of me, then to use her money to cheat on her that alone should automatically cancel any agreement they had and any other money he can get from a divorce he cheated makes the marriage and any settlement null and void
Betsi Dawkins That is why I believe that it is not good for a woman to have a whole lot more than a man she is dating ( married to). I guess spending money on his new chic makes him feel like a man
Cieana Williams Mary should make him pay her back for spending her money on another woman shame on kendu . If wanted to spend money on his girlfriend he should get a job instead of spending the money that Mary J Blige work so hard for
Wendy Holmes Damm that's not cool at all He's a dirty Bastard He always looked shady to Me keep your head up Mary J. everything will turn out just fine God Bless You !!!
Ronda Tanner If he want him and his girlfriend to live a lavish life in his should get a job wasn't he was her manager you can't tell me he don't have profit trust me he has shown you who he really is a leopard always shows its stripes he's nothing but a boy just trying to hurt her actual sad chick for the money!! chick don't have the money
Wanda Selby Mary.....Feeling sorry for you just a knew his situation going in and yet you stayed....what I don't understand is that you went through abuse before in your life, and you overcame that but just to end up back in the same situation married this man knowing his situation......I mean after the first 100K didn't a light or bell go off in your head. Gurl please leave and work on you before getting into another relationship...... much love......
Jc McCreary I had reservations years ago when she first announced this dude! Smdh I don't like it, him the money situation. Just hmmm shame he can't just......... It'll play out. Praying for her to end up on top!
Talecia Hawkins I'm sure he did but there is nothing you can do about that Mary girl you got to move on and whatever happened has happened.... he has no idea the damage he has caused and he doesn't care so hold on to God's hand and try not to feed into his garbage... I'm really saying this with an honest heart that it would take God for me not to knock his butt out at first sight of him
Sadonia Mclean Mary I know you mad wanna talk vent ..but stop talking stooping to his level get a better lawyer make a better album and knew he had a girl habit whatever you got the receipts ..bite the bullet
Willie Daniels She thought It was her money, Ha! Didn't a few years back she smack the Sh*t out of him in public like he was a little "B"? Yeah! I beat he put up with a bunch of Sh*t over the years, So it's time to get paid ask Janet or Ms. Jackson
Asandra Taylor Mary, don't worry about a hole. I know you believe strongly in God. Just take the time and cry ( get it out of your system) get on your knees and ask God to handle this problem for you. This dog will have his day. He might be thinking he's getting over but God has something better for him. We all love you and your music so stay strong black woman, stay prayed up.
Ophelia Davis Ugly, weak, used up Bitch!! Yes that is a special kinda stupid. Frfr, at it's weakest form. Real ugly ass. Now that your spending decreased what you gonna do now Trickazoid?? 😂😂😂😡
Annette Saggitarius Annette Man...he deserves a beat down. How is he going to even do this "catfish" mess. Lesson can't rely on these "catfish niggas" who are out for themselves and all about themselves.
Nina Jackson He ain't shit and no earthly good and the funny thing about it here read the Bible to Mary in the beginning of their relationship a straight con artist and she will be victorious in this matter he is scum of the earth he took genuine love misused and abused her and Karma will see him Mary don't and didn't deserve none of that Black men talk about how Black Women act when they have money look at how this black man is treating her change lanes and find someone financially independent and not someone trying to live off you # Love Yourself 💖
Heather Lyn Samuel He thinks he's untitled to her money when ever need money.. he can get out her account there nothing she can do about it..
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Would he really do this for his family?

Greg Tolliver By committing suicide the family of the guy he killed can't sue for any money...!!! This was thought out well in advance..!!
Denise Haynes Pure Sensationalism! They went from finding no notes to suddenly found 3 notes: mom, daughter, gay lover.
Stacey Barnett He was only 27 years old. Even though he was convicted of doing something awful, he was still somebody's child. Watch what you say about a person when you have kids of your own. Children have a way of breaking your heart. What we know for sure is that he was serving a life term without parole. He was appealing his conviction. Now he's dead from an apparent suicide. Let it go....let's just let it go and pray for his parents and his daughter.
Kai La Or MAYBE he shouldn't have killed that man, and then he could have been there finanically AND physically for his family. He ruined his and his family's lives. Now his daughter has to grow up with no dad. When she gets older, she will see all of this stuff. smh The only people I feel bad for are his daughter and the family of the man he killed. 🙏🙏🙏
Lenora Johnson I told my brother his family benefited from his suicide. His fiance did not bring his daughter to see him for nothing. It was for each of them to see each other for the LAST time. He, his fiance and his attorney are like glue; they get it, they have an understanding and they work for whats best for THEM!
Butch Samuel Not so fast. His contract had a clause in it. Even his signing bonus will not be paid completely out. Thre are several clauses in his contract, that was mentioned by a representative of the Patriots that has spoken of this.
Rick Villyard On one hand I'd die to give my kids the life that that money brings, but on the other hand I know what it's like to lose a parent at a young age. I'd give all the money in the world to have my mother back.
Khadysja Austin It doesn't automatically happen a judge has to rule on the matter...but it is a strong likely hood and at least his child would get cared for as she would have if he continued to play
Joyce Frazier-Turner Rip! No more worries down here.However, U a free man..Now. I hope he truly repented n asked the Lord forgiveness. Praying for the child n families..all that are affected by this horrid death of a young man..who everything going for him..too end like this..LIFE!
Taz Manian I believe it's quite possible that he would have done this for his family....I actually felt that it would have something to do with money...I wasn't sure of the angles, but I did feel that somehow his family would benefit.
Katerry Erica Jackson No amount of money can compensate the pain that that baby girl is feeling, those millions can't bring him back
Valerie Jeune I'm sorry but I feel like Aaron Hernandez's attorney is trying to fleece $$ from his grieving family. Starting with a who done it running up their legal tap for what?? Who would want to kill him for??? #scam #unethical
Angie Wofford Cline The attorney was ready to get his cut of the pie without knowledge of his letters...of course he is a devils advocate for getting Casey Anthony off..
Tray Mac Don Cornelius made a smart move when he committed suicide, too. His ex-wife owned a sizable life insurance policy on him. Soooo, he committed suicide and she got zippo.
Deverah Forte Smdh yall reporting these stories need to stop it. He was not guilty in the first place all he had to do was go to the extra trials so they could over turn his sentence. The family who ruined his life need to be ashamed of themselves because he ended his life when he was proclaimed innocent. This whole thing is fucked up.
Debra Rudolph If so this was a well executed plan. The family of the person was in serving life for can tie the money up in court, however, he is dead and thus found not guilty because it is currently in appeal. The other families can try but he was vindicated of those deaths. Well planned, now lets see.
Precious Jackson Exactly!!! Can't do shit for your family serving life so why not commit suicide🙄🤔🤔Sad to say but; he's Worth more dead than alive
LeJacque Gillespie If he wouldn't remain a free man and not commit murder for his family why would he kill himself for his family. If he refused to do the easier why would he elect for the harder?
Bmarie Jackson What-ever ...any money should go to his daughter and the and the family of the "so-friend" he murdered.......real-talk
Cynthia J Wesley When he died, he was "innocent" because he filed an appeal & in Massachusetts, if you are appealing a court case, you aren't guilty of it.
Marilyn Boggan Sooo he took his own life, so family can benefit and his daughter can be fatherless? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Floyd Twyman Jr. Was it really worth it? Suicide.. and you go to Hell for eternity. Self murder
Jevyn Mcdowell No way he killed his self on a "might owe" he had to have a definite "will owe" to do that.....
Skye Brooklynn Like he did some STAND up G shit? He got the break many minority youth don't...and BLEW it. He far from COOL. Fkm'
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Rickey Smiley Official FanPage2 days ago

Aaron Hernandez reportedly left notes for his fiance, daughter and lover before allegedly taking his life: Do you believe Aaron wrote these??

Michelle Lucas But they said they couldn't find a suicide note now all these notes popping up!?
Sundra Collins Why lie on this man yes he wrong for killing that young man but why try to Drag his name in the mud.
Juanita Cruz They couldn't let him just die, now he has to be gay too?? Geesh.
Darlene Sims First, they say he left no note, then they said he had written a bible verse across he head,...Now they said that he left 3 notes ...I know that he was convicted for wrongdoing but damn don't start with the mess
Shana Kaci Love Cut it out!! Tomorrow yall gone say he made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I cant with yall!
Cory Bradford Now y'all just making stuff up. I mean he was a murderer and all but at least show some respect for his family.
Valerie George-Edwards This man was murdered and the smear of his name has quote on the it is that's all it is! This was murder because he was aquitted plain and simple!!
Debbie Mcphatter Geez, bad enough Ricky Smiley has posted this BS, come Monday morning the trash bit$@$#:; Wendy Williams will put 2 worthless event in and stir around the dirt. This man does have a mother and a child. Geez world show some compassion! Anything for ratings😱
Benecia Thomas The same way they tried to drag his victims thru the mud! He can brake dance in hell for all of eternity fuck Aaron Hernandez convicted psycho murderer!
Nastassia Perry Cut it out thought they said two ppl and one to the general public now his gay lover 😂😂 they keep adding stuff no way I think he would write a note to a man for ppl to find out
Velma Littles That is what the world will do to you, set you up to let you fall! Everything we need to know is in Christ! Everything man made will falter, but with Christ you will be able to stand! All else is sinking sand! Amen!
Jon Scavelli Fuck this scumbag he was sick in the head and thought he was above the law. Everyone that says oh they killed him it's a conspiracy is a fucking idiot. He killed someone therefore he has no good name to be slandered he did it all himself.
Anderson Perez Man Rickey Smiley need to stop with this bullshit. They got beat by this dude because of a seldom used lay. Kenneth lay used it , so there is precedent. Gtfoh. All of a sudden you have notes. Miss me with the bullshit.
Rosa Flippin Let this man rest because creating all this extra nonsense is not going to help anyone especially not his family. People would rather promote a story where another story can be created then to let it go.
Carole Pritchett They doing too much now. So he went from smoking K2, having relations, to writing Bible verses on his head and killing himself? I'm no fan of his, but this is getting ridiculous.
Yashica M. Ford Wow, it's baffling how many people like a murderer. If it was your love one he killed, will you still like him. I pray he made his peace with the almighty. But let's not forget how he played executioner. I could careless if he was gay. He took a life, period.
Sharee LivingProof Birks Ok so 1st its NO suicide note now he lft 3 and 1 was to a gay lover? 🤔. I'm not evn decided on if I evn believe the suicide allegations so I def aint buyn this one!
KenKham Jinkins It's just sad that as human, we're so quick to judge and talk down on someone! The man took his life. He has a daughter and one day she will be old enough to read! Just Stop you are NOT to judge! There is only one person to do that!! May he RIP and prayers for his daughter and family!!! SMH
Kellee King I don't believe none if it. There was a very real possibility that he would be free again and he was just acquitted. Who kills themselves while expecting to come home?
Amia Mendez This is real sad people are lying on a dead man for heaven sake's this man has a mother a fiancé and a daughter show some respect
Dominique Driessen Tell tell signs of someone planning a suicide... giving away his belongings Randy Rich. I don't know that he actually did do it, but that is one big sign.
Jazmine Ellis I thought there were no notes or msgs when details were initially reported. Now he wrote letters and John 3:16 on his head?
Mashell Johnson You know that's defamation of character right....stop with all the lies yes he did a bad thing but to calm this man gay is really below the belt.. making up lies
Neil Olskool Cooper Next thing you'll be hearing is he was wearing red bottom pumps, smoking a cigar.... WGAF... He's dead are you gonna waste time on someone that already didn't care about his own life, or others while I'm at it....
Theresa Granthon This is ridiculous 😳 Let the man Rest In Peace ! Regardless of what he did , please remember he is someone's loved one , son and father 😔 Consider the families feelings and how hurt they are right now
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Tiny talks Tamar Braxton, T.I. and more.

Jacqueline Chapman Someone needs to interview Wendy Williams and ask her about her marriage and personal business. Some things you just Don't ask people! #Disrespectful
Cato Vunshay Wendy is definitely rude, but at least she gets her information from the source instead of assuming an spreading lies. Her guest are 💯% aware she has no filter. I'd rather hear the truth rather then made up tabloid speculation. #she only ask what the media wants to know
Deanna Wright NEWS FLASH: WENDY GETS PAID TO BE IN PEOPLE'S BUSINESS!! WE DON'T. So with that being said Wendy is PAID MESSY, she can ask HER GUEST anything she wants to, THEY DONT have to answer.The ppl that goes on her show already know she's messy, BUT we stay in ppl' s business and ain't getting no check for it!!!
Nicole Maria Jackson Side Pieces don't have lanes .....they don't have lanes, relevance, opportunities for publicity, dignity of any response, NOTHING
Kisha Turnbow I'm over the whole Ti, and Carmello situation, to me both parties were aware of infidelity but choose to stay, now there fed up of the constant mess. There ready to leave. That might be best, and hopefully find something more that's for them.
Rochelle Idontwantyoman Holloway Saw tiny on Wendy yesterday she said the side chick suppose to stay in her lane referring to the post on Instagram the young lady posted ..but..tip shud have stayed in his lane also since he is married.. Hope they can work things out if not do their best to keep things mature & classy gud luck👍
Yonnie Isham-taylor When guest agree to come on the Wendy show, they say ahead of time what they will or won't talk about. Tiny already knew what Wendy would be asking her about, and she agreed to it
Srinna Rodgers Wendy be doing to much, but Tiny held her grounds doe.That part team Tiny,I love me some Ti,AND Tiny together or separated. Much love from me at the end of the day they only human. GOD bless them and they beautiful family.
MrsTina Jordan-Robinson I dont watch the show, but i really enjoyed watching rhis episode.... they all zeemed comfortable and Tiny wasnt dodging any questions. I like when she said "i wouldn't have been at Mariah's party if he was doing what he was suppose to do"
Renee Thomas #teamtiny.....tip...stay woke! And I'm not mad at Wendy. Everyone who sits on the couch already know she's coming, and sometimes she gets served. What in the Keke Palmer? And Tiny did not fall back and just let Wendell be Wendy 💅
Dwayne Polk See this is real problem in their marriage, letting people outside of their marriage in. 2nd if she had to tell someone why did she have to go on this GUY's show and tell HIM!!😳
Dorothy Winters Wendy is super messy !!! If I was Tiny ...I would of brought up that shit with Wendy and her Husband to let her see how it feels....I know it was an interview ..but its the way Wendy came off she knew for a fact that Tiny was messing around with Floyd
Dorothea Winn Gr8 interview....Tiny keeps it real n pushing like A Boss Women !! Dawter so sweet & humble too....Good morals & values and positive ladies....Not perfect life but not perfect world !!
Sharia L. McElroy I hope she know that the side chick don't have to respect her, that's her husband job.
Victor Muhammad Why sideline hoes get lanes? Stick to whoring in private get your little shopping money and shut the fuck up. Too many people are fans of the side line hoe than the wives...
Peter Gaffney She looks like a fucking Martian. TI is a damn good looking man. He probably got tired of her getting surgeries. She also makes herself look a fool on the show. She shouldn't be doing interviews.
Barbara Dumas I freaking can't stand Wendy Williams! I stopped watching her show and Steve Harveys show! Wendy needs to take a good look at her own husband. Rumors are he has also cheated! She just kept it under the radar!
Kim Braxton Tiny is cool. She's like Remy in a sense. When they're talking about someone, they call them out by name. I'm like Wendy, I think the divorce won't be finalized and they will work it out. People were saying Tiny was wrong for speaking about the side chick, however, she's still married & when you come for people, just know, people will come back. When Wendy asked Tiny if she and T.I. will still hook up, I liked that she gave an honest answer. That's still her Boo & the love doesn't change over night. Whatever they decide to do, I wish them the best.
Debra Davis I can understand Tiny's reason for not wanting to hold the title of being just a housewife after all when her and TI got together she had a music career. Just cause she has babies is no reason for her to give up what she loves doing. I respect that she's standing up to her children showing them they can do whatever they set there mind to doing in a right way!!
Margie Highlyfavored They had an open marriage ppl... which means she did shit too... Tiny also would bring women in the bedroom for his and her enjoyment.... It just got out of hand and she couldn't handle it any longer and filed for divorce ...
Adrienne Bridges This is what reality TV people to make money. And keep their name out there. It's all about making that money . Free Advertisement.
Ebony S. Barton If I was Tiny, I would go take a long vacation and hide from all media.
Angela Mason Rickey I love you but, this post did something to my phone and I couldn't even see the video. Be careful what you share because it may have some spam or something scripted in the ads or post.
Mary Greer At Tiny is not acting like idiot about making herself look bad in the eyes of her children and family. She attempting to act like a lady. I am not familiar with their music. I don't call Tiny acting out and looking like fool. She will come thru this junk
Nisey Ball Tamar was only a small snippet. She should have asked Tamar while she was visiting @ her house eating BBQ potato chips during her two week show's vacation (according to Wendy) since Tamar was the one who decided to disassociate herself from Tiny when she filled in as guest co-host on "The Real". In fact, she did the same to singer Monica, this is who she should've asked.
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George Lopez and D.L. Hughley showed how they honored their The Comedy Get Down co-star Charlie Murphy on social media:

Katerry Erica Jackson I will miss this brotha and his jokes. Rest in power Charlie
Alissa Robinson He will be missed rest in heaven (Charlie Murphy)
Srinna Rodgers Rest in heaven Angel.
Michael Stewart Lopez don't like blacks he just like blacks in entertainment
Umm Fatima THANK YOU MR. LOPEZ. ☺😛
Stefie Hood That was so cool . !!!!
Sherise Thompson Thats love
Helen Addison Beautiful ❤❤
Jennifer Dee Benjanin Rip