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YoungBoy Never Broke Again Released From Louisiana Prison http://ow.ly/CAVv30pmECO

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Joe Budden Pushes Back On Nicki Minaj's Narrative That He Tears Down Women http://ow.ly/AKTI30pmECN

Joe budden is snif
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Nipsey Hussle Explains The Importance Of The South http://ow.ly/sQNe30pmECM

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Will Smith Will Finally Get His Millions For Helping Duane Martin Save His House http://ow.ly/YCSI30pmECL

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Cardi B & Bernie Sanders Talk Police Brutality, Immigration, Taxes, FDR & More http://ow.ly/G8De30pmECK

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Rostrum Records To Release Mac Miller's 'K.I.D.S.' Mixtape On Streaming Services http://ow.ly/IyzC30pmECJ

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Nipsey Hussle Talks About The Return Of The West http://ow.ly/etrc30pmECI

R.I.P. ….sad....lost talent
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Is Styles P Coming To Reality T.V.? http://ow.ly/hwrU30pmECH

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Roddy Ricch Busted For Domestic Violence http://ow.ly/Hlyy30pmECG

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Mistah F.A.B. Joins Jonathas On New R&B Flavored Track "All Done For Now" http://ow.ly/veaC30pmECF

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"Monster" Collaborator Justin Vernon: I Can't Kick It With Kanye West Anymore http://ow.ly/tYCZ30pmECE

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VH1's "Black Ink Crew" Premiere Brought Black Hollywood Out to Celebrate Compton http://ow.ly/m0pV30pmECD

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A$AP Rocky Found Guilty Of Assault in Sweden http://ow.ly/k5c830pmECC

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BrYlan Kerr - "What I Want" (Death of Mumble Rap) http://ow.ly/mh4A30pmECB

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The Response To The Jay-Z / NFL Deal Is Here And It's Fierce! http://ow.ly/Dbn930pmECA

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Meek Mill Responds To Critics Of His Actions To Fight Injustice In America http://ow.ly/vZka30pmECz

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Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine Heading To Oakland For 8th Hiero Day http://ow.ly/tG9T30pmECy

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UTP Skip Pops Up On New Record With Merk for "So Loud" http://ow.ly/fm7S30pmECx

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Tekashi 6ix9ine's Bodyguard Gets 5 Years And A Lifetime Of Medical Issues http://ow.ly/tI3x30pmECw

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Bobby Lytes Addresses Trina’s Response To The Nicki Minaj/"BAPS" Controversy http://ow.ly/iKpZ30pmECv

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Cardi B. Vents To Bernie Sanders About Low Wages In America http://ow.ly/tvGA30pmECu

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Watts Rapper Bno Says Nipsey Hussle Was Bigger Than Tupac http://ow.ly/IJao30pmECt

Lmao this man needs to do his homework
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Lil Nas X & Lizzo To Perform At 2019 MTV Video Music Awards http://ow.ly/9caR30pmECs

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Charlamagne Tha God: We Never Banned Nicki Minaj From 'The Breakfast Club' http://ow.ly/rqOD30pmECr

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Watch: T.I. Honors Nipsey Hussle At The Trap Museum http://ow.ly/TXJL30pmECq

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WATCH: Master P. On Nipsey Hussle: "His Spirit Will Live Through Us Forever" http://ow.ly/F26w30pmECp

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Did Jay-Z Talk To Kap About His NFL Partnership? http://ow.ly/1mFX30pmECo

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T.I.'s Trap Music Museum Honors Nipsey Hussle With A Special Exhibit [PHOTOS] http://ow.ly/kQe030pmECn

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Lil Nas X Explains Being "Pushed By The Universe" To Come Out As Gay http://ow.ly/5GSO30pmECm

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Is Empire Officially Done With The Jamal Lyon Character? http://ow.ly/Bcue30pmECl

Yes they are
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Khalid Reveals The Date For His El Paso Benefit Concert Featuring Special Guests http://ow.ly/YR0L30pmECk

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J. Cole Backs Colin Kaepernick After Jay-Z Announces Deal With The NFL http://ow.ly/UuiS30pmECj

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Trina Speaks On The Rumors Of Beef With Nicki Minaj! http://ow.ly/yty830pmECi

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Offset Speaks On Cardi B's Conversation With Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders http://ow.ly/qHP030pmECh

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EXCLUSIVE: Jay Z Says He's Ready To Reform America Through New NFL Partnership http://ow.ly/QN1W30pmECg

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Conway was asked what it was like being exposed to Slim Shady’s massive fanbase and here's his answer...

A lot of people like him. That's where he gets his money from. If they didn't like him, he wouldn't be rich. There. I'll be teaching 1-10 next week.
This guy. Props on surviving what he has, mad respect. But I wasn't impressed as much as the hype makes him appear. Some witty bars and decent emotion came across. But as far as song structure, variety ( subject matter, flow, etc. ) in my opinion he fell short. 🤷🏻‍♂️
I'm not gonna even argue... I was born in the 70s and though I'm a huge Eminem fan, I support many rap legends and current artist.
Almost everyone alive knows who one is. Almost no one knows who the other is...
Idfg what he said about the fanbase hes dope. I know hiphop and have love for alot rappers from the 80s till now. He can call them nerds but facts is those nerds give him the album sales just like boogie. Most buyers are em fans
Cuz its these new em stans that only know him for featuring with pop singers and shit they dont know bout when em use to feature with cashis, stat quo, 50 and all of them😤💯💯
Eminem's worth over 200 million dollars if that's being a nerd I will be one LOL
Em can rhyme his music is always some shit I don’t feel and can’t relate to. But he’s still a good rapper.
He ain't wrong majority of eminem fans only became fans when recovery came out preaching hes the best alive when he isn't nas is 💯💯💯💯💯
All these people asking who Conway is can't be calling themselves true fans of the culture...or are really outta the loop.
Not all his fans, but I can see why he said that. I'm an eminem fan, not a stan. I appreciate many artists out there.
Conway is a dope artist. Respect for not being PC when asked a question.
I'm not a Eminem fan at all. He's a good artist but Pac is the goat no doubt he can't be touched.
To all you folks saying who?.... He's only from the biggest crew on the indie scene right now. Plus has deals with Roc Nation and Shady....so ya'll must not be true Hip Hop heads if you don't know him or his team by now LMAO! Griselda: Benny The Butcher Conway The Machine Westside Gunn. Tracks with Alchemist,Apollo Brown, Derringer, Premier, V Don. Get familiar for fucks sake! They're one of the best things in the underground posers!
I'm an Eminem fan (definitely not a Stan) but Eminem is old hat. He's past his prime and Conway is just one of them bar for bar rappers that pop up every couple years and then goes away.
Well yeah, it’s not a surprise. They are two completely different artists. Obviously it doesn’t matter to Em being that he signed him.
He just stating Facts.. Eminem fans don’t really support other hip hop artist like they do Eminem. They don’t even care for Shady Records artist other than Em.
Who is lord lemar? I’ve been into hip hop for 30 years and haven’t heard him
He's not wrong. Just look at the r/hiphopheads page for Bang-the top comments are from people getting excited over Em recalling 20 year old beef instead of Conway's verse which is far more listenable
I was jamming to eminem since I was in 2nd grade back in 2001 lol true fan here
They gone be triggered on this one and be like “well if he did this he would be bigger” not realizing it’s 2019 and if u keep up wit Griselda they making money money and he didn’t mean any disrespect but his fans ain’t hood it is what it is
I am a eminem fan an i like all artists soo... an everyone thanks there cool to hate on the best to ever do it witch is dumb an its just the new generation
Nobody: Me: “Bas is Dreamville’s G.O.A.T of flows and literature. That mans is untouchable.”
Only heard of dude in Westside Gun's album, never heard from him again anyway Shady's the reason he even said "Stan" in the first place
You will be introduced to millions of fans, get cursed out by 3 nerds and claim that’s the entire fan base lol.
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Cardi B has faith in JAY-Z!

I'm actually hoping the same thing
After seeing everything Jay has done for Wayne (taxes), 21 (immegration) and Meek (jail), I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for now
Heavy is the head that wears a crown. And we all know what happens in the end. Shakespeare
The face of a deep thinker!
I think Kaepernick got dealt a bad hand, for sure. but the truth is if he comes back, it should only be because he is qualified to lead a team, not as a way to compensate for his treatment.
Why would Colin come back he settled for millions with the nfl and doesn’t have to lift a finger plus he definitely not in football shape anymore.. let it go
I believe Jay is setting a plan in motion to not only have part ownership, but set Mr. Kap up in the front office in the role Jay just accepted. He knows what he's doing, and he's not successful by staying 'safe'.
Kaep doesnt want to play hes just causing drama and so is the media. He just wants to go back on the field and take a knee and get this crap going again
I can't understand a word she says. Colin has a shitty attitude. No one wants his drama. Tell him to be change it and he might get hired.
Never thought it would happen...that I would agree with a rapist about my favorite rapper.
Who gives a fk what Cardi thinks, I wanna hear news like "Cardi B reads a book"
You should be more concerned about bringing fans back to NFL, Sweetheart
Colin's been out the Nfl for a while already... I doubt he can compete anymore.
Why would he go back to the nfl? He never has to risk his health on the field again he is on to bigger and better things.
not sure how cardi b's infinite wisdom and faith in jay z is going to turn a backup qb who wants starter money into a viable option
What's a Cardi B?
I was way to distracted by her mouth
Kap is to polarizing. Must ticket buyers are against kap. Sales for tickets and merchandise for whatever team picks him up would dry up so quick.
Wasn't she a criminal?
It’s like Jay said he don’t really care about what people from the outside have to say or how they see things because he’s into making moves to bring about change... Like my man’s hello Stephen Papstein said above people don’t think about what he did for Meek Mill...or Wayne.... or Savage ....and when he had to do nothing at all... He is a billionaire with influence ....and come a year from now a lot of you are going to eat your words when you see the change that he brings about.
Last time I checked jay-z don’t owe anybody a god damn thang
Cardi B has special ED" music ,
Will he bring back Kap to the NFL would have been the question to ask instead of calling Jay a sell out so soon
After he lied about speaking to him 🤣🤣🤣😂😂 yea y’all trying to save jay so bad from looking bad for this move with the hypotheticals
Nobody wants him back! I mean he was a third rate player when he was playing and disrespecting our country. A team would have to beplumb be plumb stupid to hire this has been!
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Ya'll think Nicki got married or is just being petty? 🤔

I wish you all the best, sister. Let JAH light continue to shine over you.
Your almost 40 grow up 🗣
She is the party queen, so this is a perfect fit. Giving yourself your boyfriend's name is so high school lame.
So sad she disgusts me now
I think I don't care
She haven't changed anything, then.
Don't give a fuck either way. 😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️
What a pun 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The wall was terrifying her.
I dont have even petty time for petty staff
Nicki Petty....sounds about right.
Personally, if I may add my two cents..... Who cares?
So its nicki petty then?
This is a petty post.
I dont give a F
Who cares
who cares
ood name
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His last album sold 300 in it's first week. Now everyone screaming free Boosie again. Smh
I got more ammunition
Back to the Green Top Buddy...
It's just a little weed. Leave the man alone. For God sake.
This is old. he said he had some legal shade going on. on vlad a couple months ago
Why Doesn't One Of His Homies Have A Carry Permit 😐 Niggas Neva Gone Learn 🗑
LoL some people are just suppose to be locked up lol
Damn he got charged with 2 felonies already ? ... i was just watching boosie's interviews on Vlad tv.
Better them hold him with it than they hold him with out it,can’t afford to be caught slacking out here
Léo Ozm Dester ó...
Eddie Carabajal
1 year in jail ain’t shit for a G tho! He gon do that standin on his head yo 😉
and they have 300 legal weed shops in Colorado cities
Be out in 8 months lol 😂
Well.....duhh, in his name he told you he was gonna do it lol
Drop the gun charges, but keep the weed charges?? This country is a fucking mess.
He looks high af on the picture 😂
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After a long, long hiatus, Three 6 Mafia is apparently back in action

We need an album!!!
Fuck with me this song fire 🔥 straight out of Dade
Matt Huard
Danieshia Turner
Conor Karwath
Leon Holley
Robert Altman
Jeremy Lumpkin Kyle Nolan Holcomb
Justin TooLucky Regan💪🏻
Thank god!!!! I need a reason to listen to real hip hop Like some other dude on Facebook said “Juicy j need to stop working with these young rappers and come back to some real hip hop”
Daniel Zamzok
Definitely gotta go see the dog perform ❌🔥💪🏽🙏🏽
A check is a check
Bryan Sorrell
Natalie Noel Austin
Fabio Monteiro Filipe Da Silva
Tear da club up
Liam Crisp
The whole group
The real reunion would be an album...
A lot of drugs will be consumed on this tour. Drug dealers rejoice.
So is EPMD, I know what I'll be listening to.
Maurice Grant Jr. aw man 😭 we gotta go
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

She also likes Lekeli47 and Ill Camille too!

Cardi once gave her a shout out, so it's only fair that she returns the favor and show some appreciation. That's just my opinion
She's just avoiding being black balled by the industry,she ain't being real.. Today,calling trash trash is mistaken to be hate
I love how, whenever a lesser known artist admits that they listen to mainstream music, the whole fanbase, who acts like they have so much respect & almost a deep, personal connection to said artist, crawls out of the woodwork to just absolutely shit all over that artist's opinion
I had so much respect for her but she's lame for this. Tierra Whack and Young MA way better than the two she listed
Ik people are surprised she named Cardi but I think a lot of people feel like Cardi’s personality and relatability kinda makes up for her lack of talent. She is a good entertainer with some level of star quality and there is an audience for her music.
It’s sad to me that when we mention female artists 070 Shake never gets mentioned. I think she’s a singer not a rapper but she has her own flavor not unlike Future.
She trying to be nice lol
Women support women... As they should... male rappers onlybJUST started recognizing anyone outside their crew existed 😂😂😂
Cardi b
I love that ppl like her dont hate on other artist and give them props regardless.. she still sees Cardi as a woman in the industry no matter if she's not authentic. That's love. Rapsody realizes the end game.
Fire 🔥
Another terrible list 🤷‍♂️
Bro it's all mind games that's how it works in the industry Nas mentioned drake as one of his this generation best mc's so y'all should chill..
I really thought for a second this was her top best rappers period non-sex related. I'd personally have Lauryn Hill and MC Lyte in it and def skip Cardi B.
Cardi B??? Nah she only said it so she doesn't throw a shoes at her👠
She named her self after an app.😅😀😁😅😅
We all know thats not true,
She's gotta be trolling
She’s the best chick rapping out right now
So no. MC Lyte or Eve or Salt n pepa. Wow.
Why y’all mad at her opinion? She obviously likes them for diff reasons
Noname 🤔
Apparently she's never heard of Foxy Brown, Kim, MC Lyte, Latifah, or basically any female rapper from back in the day who are leagues better than the hoes fronting as rappers nowadays.
She trolling
Y’all want Rapsody to be a hater so bad 🙄
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We just don't know which NFL team JAY-Z will co-own just yet 🏈

All these negative comments, stop the negativity and be accountable and good things come. “The best to emerge from the game is the watcher.....”- King Hov, copy. Jay is about jay and his family, take notes. If he sold you out he never had you.
I am happy for jigga. He's always opening doors and black people in positions to take advantage should walk through.
Black Folks: We need more Black ownership in the NFL. And NFL partnerships with Black businesses. Also Black Folks: Jay Z is a sellout for partnering with the NFL and positioning himself to potentially be a team owner. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Truthfully I Don't Know Why People are Mad at Jay-Z The Man Has Already Sold His Soul His Soul So What's New He's Been All About Money?!
Fire 🔥
"I be's the d-boy who infiltrated all the corporate dudes / They call shots, I call audibles”
The Jets probably
I heard he would only be in charge of the halftime shows/performances...idk
They will come 4 u jay. if not now in future when u old and retired..
If I had the guess it would be the Carolina panthers 🤷🏾‍♂️
Jay-Z you ain’t got shit on Jonny Z. And never will.
I know he's shooting for a new York team and he's got the dough for it
It's the N.Y./N.J. Generals. He didn't read it was a USFL team.
Chess, not checkers. Some of y'all just talk and not willing to do what it takes to make shit happen.
Kaep girlfriend talking about the NFL not giving her man an opportunity 😂😂 this bimbo forgot she's the main reason Baltimore pulled the contract they offered him sit down lady.
Snake, how you gonna tell all these artist to not do the superbowl because of the black balling of kap, stopping them from getting money just to turn around and and make money of the NFL. Seems like he played them into leverage into getting in with the NFL. That is shady point blank.
Jay playing both sides of the fence... Shit's weak to me... You can't be a part time revolutionary 🤷🏾‍♂️
why don't they let us know which team ?
In Driod bot 😑🙏 news : Jay Z vote for Trump and bring back the SPORT!!! Anthem!! I know you want to LEGEND!! Vote ### 😗😙😚 because of the serious issues you seen that!!! Everyone in the world ❤️ have issues!! yol ol saw that!! American National Anthem nfl
Jay gets his ownership shares. Jay sells them to Kap. Kap co owns a team. Fuck waiting to be called back. #ChessNotCheckers
Dwight Smith
Is funny how black people were calling him a sell out 20 hours ago now y’all re praising him. The hypocrisy is to another level
Black men need to own more football teams, this is a good thing
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Anything for clout! 🤦‍♂️

While I have 1% remaining battery, I'd like to Express my humble opinion, th
I kinda feel proud that I've never ever listened to this nigga's music.
We already knew this y’all the ones that’s forever late
Free the greatest
Wow truth 2 b told this case is bigger than most realize....is it Freedom of Speech or artist liberty or do lyrics really mean something!?
Truth be told the industry is boring without this guy. Love him or hate him his music trends.😂
I’m almost 100% sure he’s not even really locked up. Dudes a marketing genius
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Harlem, New York's own Ikay drops "This Is My Life... Vol. 2" mixtape, hosted by JJevafrass and the late Kalief Browder.

Get a free download & stream it here: https://hhdx.co/2Z7s4nF

Sounds like ya boi bangs recording on a cell phone 🤔
Real Hmr
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Words can’t even begin to express the feelings of loss for our dear brother Nipsey Hussle.

Today we celebrate your 34th birthday! 🎂 🎁 🍰

What is your fondest memory or favorite record of Nip Hussle The Great?

I met Nip and a few of his people in Atlanta, while we were talking a couple fans rushed him asking for pictures, instead of cutting our convo short he told them “hold on a minute I’m talkin to my homie, I’ll hook y’all up in a minute” and he picked up right were we left off... I was a complete stranger but he treated me as if I was one of his folks, you could tell he was just an A-1 solid dude.. the marathon continues 🏁🏁🏁
Nipsey hussle ain't my brother. I did not even know he was a rapper until he got killed. But I went ahead and started browsing his videos and I searched his lyrics. He took pride in saying he was a gangster. Now the westside world is celebrating this cat as though he has accomplished something. Fuck out of here
Crenshaw started blowing up and he made some limited ed 1000 hard copies and Hov instantly had himself 100 copies of it. Legendary
I don’t give fuk will forever be the best for me first song I heard from him
Where your money at... real nigga moves.... last time that i checc'd... victory lap.... grinding all my life....ect ect.. R.I.P. NIPSEY THE GREAT😔
He was a positive Icon and an inspirational figure ...RIP Legend Prolific ..Victory Lap is one the greatest rap songs of all time
Victory Lap, Hussle and Motivate, Grindin All My Life
Hussle and Motivate will forever be his best song
Blue Laces 2 & Face The World😭😭😭
The time he died and everybody started to talk about him . HBD Nipps
His legacy will be remembered.
that’s how i knew, checc me out, miracle, i do this, victory lap, hunnid a show,
I'm so fresh and I can't help it... Feeling myself
I luvd watching videos of him dropping jewels
Fountain Of Youth 👌 Nipsey Made That Track
there no love in this game Killer be killed
Loaded bases, double up, keys 2 the city, right hand to God, rap niggas, last time I checked & grinding all my life
First time I heard “Keys 2 The City” I was hooked! R. I. P. Nip! 🙏🏽✌🏼
Never heard of him before he died that he is a legend.... I feel like MOST people just bandwahoning on a dead people!!!🤨🤨🤨
Happy birthday to a legend
May Mr. Hussle Continue Too Rest In Eternal Paradise 🙏🏽✝️😇🏁
Rip brother
prolific G nepney husler R.I.P 😭😢😭😢
Happy birthday RIP to a king legend
Happy b day Nip
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With Snoop Dogg's 17th studio album #IWannaThankMe dropping Friday (August 16th) here are the 5 reasons you gotta hear this body of work from Snoop D-O Double G.

👉 https://hhdx.co/305snRi

Thank “Death Row” and Suge fo producing two of your best albums that made you worldwide known alongside PAC.
Unc snoop i ain't never heard nobody bring the kind of 🔥 that you bring to 🎶and i know you 4 life been dope on the 🎤 have your people call my people mrs Tierra Wilson being the person lets do sum music together
He should have been found guilty of murder
He said more but I agree thanks for everything we love you and want you doing for our people keep our hope alive !!!
Snoop an ass Trump going to win again in 2020
Snoop you got the juice
That's right. Encourage yourself!
Not humble is he!! 😆
Spitta dropping too ...this'll be a bomb as weed weekend
#priceless #coolkids #ghostsquad #elpasoskydive
Hahaha only snoop would say it.
U got 2 love him. Always the same. U deserve it.
Ruben funny speech!! Luister zijn laatste zin 😁👍🏻
Red Black Green around his neck. ✊🏾. Consciousness!!! Believe in yourself!!!
1 will meet you Snoop! Word Bond! Q
Awesome and Congratulations Snoop Dog..
I love Snoop Dog
Congrats to you Mr Snoop Dogg 🙂
It’s awesome 😎💪🏻
Congratulations Snoopy, Much Love!!!❤
Love your personality
I love love love me some Snoop!❤
Snoop been dropping some 💨💨 lately
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

Blame it on bad business.

My team and I*
Taking responsibility for a situation, owning it, and trying to avoid drama? Is hip hop finally growing up?
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

Does Jay Z partnering with the NFL hinder the issues with the NFL?

I dont beleive for one second Jay-Z is the answer on any level that man is out to line his pockets period. And yes, he is minimizing the issue.
Money talks, kind of sad to see this move from Jay. The NFL ruined Caps career because he was protesting.
I suggest we give him a chance, and see what he is truly doing, some conversations need to be held on a smaller scale. We will see
No. There are millions of people who still don't know the issue. Alot of ignorant people sincerely believe that kneeling is a protest against the National Anthem -- then when police brutality is mentioned, they will argue that it's not a big deal. Jay Z has no idea how the average American thinks. Yes, we should take more actions to actually combat police brutality. But we can also keep kneeling until it finally sinks into people's heads.
Police Reform/Criminal Justice Reform is a political issue. Both at the local level and Federal levels. An issue that can only be fixed through legislation, legislation that holds police officers accountable for their actions. A partnership with the NFL doesn’t accomplish this. Aren’t Jay Z & Beyoncé cool with the Obamas? They have access to politicians, real work on this would be putting pressure on Dem congressman/women & current Presidential candidates to make this legislation happen on day one of a Presidency. Anything other than this is just a business move. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Everyone knew what the issue was when Kaep started kneeling. It was never about people not knowing the issue. The whole reason it became a controversy is because people chose to misrepresent the issue, and the NFL used that bad faith argument to blackball an All Pro. So WTF exactly is the plan to deal with the fundamental lie behind the controversy Shawn?
Exactly. What are we gonna do. Execution. Everybody be ready for opinions and debating and this and that. But come time for action, nothing
I doubt it... I strongly think he has something smart in the works .. knowing him this is the same person that told YouTube and radio and stream services go to hell pay me for my name so we will see
The best way to change the system is to enter the system and change it from within!! Jayz is saying the right thing ,people know why kap was kneeling bt we are arrogant to move forward! His business mentality in problem solving is great cause if we not moving forward then we are stagnant
Very smart man now let’s fight social justice together he already refused to perform at the super bowl nfl knows that the fuck up now they wanna fix everything
People really think JayZ cares about the struggles of everyday black people. He’s only ever been about one thing and that’s his money. Come on 😂🤣. The only thing I find irritating about it is that he don’t even care that the NFL is using his image to minimize the racism within that organization.
Kap should be at that same table coming up with solutions since he raised awareness nationally.
It’s odd because jay z is famous billionaire. He doesn’t need the nfl to fight any social justice issues. That’s why for me it seems as more of a win for the nfl.
Jay creeping his foot in the NFL next thing he will own a team in a couple of yrs
Ask Dame Dash...he know Jay will do anything for the money
Maybe ... Just maybe, everyone should stop idolizing rappers and athletes. Read a book and stop expecting millionaires to be our mouth piece.
Actionable items. Dude, why you talk like a devil? Run out of real rappers to ice you gotta move on to athletes?
This partnering means absolutely nothing.
All he is saying is....we know the problem,so let's get to the solution. It's not going go change anything.
I thought black people were boycotting the NFL?
How did Jay sell out Kaepernick? Cause he took a job? No other person involved with the NFL has turned down a job based on agreeing with Kaps protest so why aren't any of those millionaires being called out? Kap isnt being blackballed he is refusing to humble himself. And by that I mean if he really wanted to play he would have accepted offers from a semi pro team as a sign that he is committed to playing. Its done in the NBA and MLB all the time. He's too arrogant to think hes just gonna jump right back in after 3 years. I stand with Kap but at this point him not in the game is his choice.
He could had answer the question still. Try to walk around the question ? He would had stand. He’s superstar and he doesn’t want backlash on him.
Basically they gave jay z money to put together halftime shows after they showed you they dont care about the fight for injustice.. Jay z sound just like a dude in the hood getting over on you.. I know that tone.. After he just said last year fuck the super bowl
Jay Z has plans to become an owner. Yes, right now this might not look good but think about it. As an owner he can prevent something like this from happening again.
Who sees two new teams coming to the NFL?
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Big K.R.I.T. is feeling free after the release of his follow-up "K.R.I.T. Iz Here," which is all about him having fun.

Here is Big K.R.I.T.'s formula for success:

I just dropped my new single 🔥🔥🔥 “Understand Me” On my page I would appreciate it if you can take a listen and leave a comment 💪🏾🙏🏾 or even a follow 🔥 #ThankYouInAdvance
It's actually my least favorite project of his lol it's not bad but it just felt like random/different tracks with no real direction to me. Which having multiple different producers kinda contributes to. They can't capture KRIT's energy as well as he can capture his own. It's hard to compete with your past work when all of it is so great.
Shouts to K.R.I.T.,,
I would love to have everyone support!!!! I just dropped my new single 🔥🔥🔥 “Understand Me” On my page I would appreciate it if you can take a listen and leave a comment 💪🏾🙏🏾 or even a follow 🔥 #ThankYouInAdvance
I just dropped my new single 🔥🔥🔥 “Understand Me” On my page I would appreciate it if you can take a listen and leave a comment 💪🏾🙏🏾 or even a follow 🔥 #ThankYouInAdvance
HipHopDX.com was live.4 days ago

Crooked I x Xzibit = Crook’s Corner

HipHopDX.com What’s up y’all?
One of my fave rappers.... Relentless was such a underrated album!! X to tha Z!!!!
Ask him about unreleased Xzibit tracks
X to the Z!!!
X to the Z!
Hey Black & X!♥️♥️♥️ from Fort Wayne, Indiana 🙌🏿
Sup X
Lolo dr dre 2001 geetz
X and crook two west coasts goats
That’s deep. A pitfall could be anything including a misinterpreted lyric, or a view not shared by others...
Is it just my phone that ain't got good quality or is their phone?
MAn fuck these videos! you two should be recording music n pay for classic promo from friends n family....still works pretty good...
I heard you say you were drinking heavily I drink heavily to in you were one of the alcoholics and I love you for that s*** this brings back memories bro sorry I'm not trying to be weird I remember you as an alcoholic
Boa noite direto de São Paulo, Brasil, hip hop don't stop 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👊🏼 x-zibit representa ✊🏼
I love this show
X to the z
Two legends
Ur grown x
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

There has been much debate about who is the greatest rapper to work with producer extraordinaire Madlib since the release of his latest instant classic collaborative project album Bandana with Freddie Gibbs last month.

Here is our Top Ten 👇👇👇👇

Perseverence and Champion Sound are way too low on this list
Great list! My personal fave is Perseverance since it was the LP that introduced me to Madlib. But I've yet to encounter a Madlib collab album I didn't love.
Madlib X Freddie Gibbs always perform magic. Bandana is so good that it makes me so emotional I really feel crying when I hear good stuff like that. Mehn that project is a top-notch. I mean 'soul right' just hits there the whole project. Not even 2Pac's all eyes on me beats this. God Bliss Freddie Gibbs🙏🏾 soul right is my most good companion
Dudley Perkins Expressions 2012 (w/Madlib) should be on this list. Hands down. Way better than Bad Neighbor and a few others...
I don't know liberation is better then bandana and so the fuck is champion sound. In fact I think champion sound is his best work with another artist. Dilla brought the mc and the producer out.
Fact they got champion sound at 6 makes this list trash
bubble lips, subtle lisp midget🔥
Madvillainy is from 2004, Piñata is better than Bandana and Champion Sound should be higher...
Nah....Champion Sound is EASILY number 1 for a MULTITUDE of reasons. For starters, Madlib AND J Dilla produced that AND even the outtakes crushing #2 & 3 by a landslide.
I’m fine with you putting MF Doom first. But Jaylib should be either one or two!! And Bad Neighbor 3. No disrespect to Freddie. He can have 4 & 5
Bandana is overrated. Yeah I said it!😏
Madlib needs to keep working with Freddie
Champion Sound should be #1 without question 😒🤦🏻‍♂️
Top 10 GOATs 1. Lil Pump 2. Lil Xan 3. Aaron Carter 4. DJ Khaled 5. Soulja Boy 6. Shaquille O'Neal 7. Ja Rule 8. Will Smith 9. Lil Romeo 10. Silkk Da Shocka 😊
Free Maclib
Madvillain> bandana
Lol madvilliany was 2004 not 2014
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Nicki Minaj Addresses Rick Ross Name Drop On “Apple Of My Eye” via The Joe Budden Podcast

Does Nicki have a point about male rappers dissing women on records?

She said don't bring up dudes that name drop women. Then said "shoutout to the game" ....did she hear Wouldn't Get Far? Dude literally put out a WHOLE song name dropping women lol. 💊💊
Ross probably did give her the benefit of doubt at 1st but after she failed to really be in Meek corner during his beef with Drake made Ross as well as most of us look at her different. I’d tell my potna the same thang don’t trust her lol
Lowkey though now that I think about it, if Nicki really brought up Meek to Obama when they went to the White House, and Ross really texted Meek and told him “she a keeper bro she asking Obama about your probation” then Ross might be a little phony for that
Ahhhh put it on wax, I mean, you an emcee or nahhhh? I'll wait.
She mad at Ross for a name drop but shouts out THE GAME of all ppl?! Nicki is so lame...lol
Fuck rick Ross. Dude can't drop an album without 20 features cuz he knows it won't sell and fuck the game cuz he can't make a song without name dropping 20 artists in it. They both wack AF
Says the person who only comes on her fake podcast when one of her bum songs drop
2019.. and the bullshit in Hip Hop continues. To the subjects involved, y'all wealthy, very successful, talented etc.. COME ON! King Ross and Empress Nicki.. talk it out, hug it out like a brother and sister. Continue to make your millions.
She said that while praising Game even tho he was about to diss married women on his own album
Hhaha well 1 . Ross is the better successful artist better rapper hell nah Game run circles round him skills and all 2 NOBODy and I mean nobody drop more random names then game why people get annoyed wit him 3 I’m sure Nikki fucked game so why would she play him lol
Your songs are not teaching your listeners to stop racism, police brutality etc. when will you stars ⭐️ so called Take a knee, fight for your communities, too much distractions from all artist, singers and rappers. If you don't sing to librate the trapped minds of the people then what is it ya'all doing?
The game making his final album yet nobody CARE’s
Nick is buggin she probably drop an garbage album Friday
The Game did exact same thing when he went at Meek in 2016 tho. He was dropping that 1992 album and started shit for no apparent reason.
Didn’t the game brag about fingering vida Guerra. And make a huge thing of it
She has a point. That record was hard, I still play it, but as a man to speak to another man and hate on they relationship is corny. The only time That's ok is when you seen her doing some shit and you truss let your mans know.
No she dont. We need to hear his backstory as well
Game made a whole song with kanye back in the day dissing like 10 females. She should go back and listen to wouldnt get far. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Omg...wasnt she signed to LIL WAYNES label...???? ...has she hured A Lil Wayne song..?????????
She ruined the vibe of the podcast with all that yelling
She clowns Rozay for name dropping females on his album. But Bigs up the Game ?🤔
All she does is name drop Male rappers
I bet nicki won't ever name drop Remy ma 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
...jesus its starting again..she must be trying to get some new music out. 🙄😒
Y'all mad she's clapping back? Weird people expect others to just sit and take shit.
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

ASAP Rocky has been given a suspended sentence and ordered to pay damages to the victim.

In terms of the suspended sentence, that means as long as ASAP Rocky and the two other men found guilty commit no further crimes during a...

No more tours to Switzerland for a few years, problem solved.
At what point can you defend yourself when people instigate and harrass you?
Even if he got jail time the US wasn't going to extradite him.....So it means nothing either way.
In other words if he hadn't gotten all the publicity he'd currently be a "Swiss Miss" right about now.
He has to pay damages to the "victim" who dropped the charges? Makes total sense
When trouble come, even a banana can choke you
It’s $1300. He’ll be ok. Lol
Boo Hoo. On to the next story 👋🏽🤷🏽‍♂️
If I slap him in the face won't do nothing right!!
Don’t pay shit you didn’t do anything they messed with you and your people
Well at least it’s mostly over
Hello, Would you like a dope art work like cartoon pic/character , logo,hyper realistic painting, mixtape/album/track cover, @affordable prices
F*** that they got what they were looking for an ass whooping they were basically trying to hustle ASAP screw for money anyway
Never going back there lol
Just don’t ever go back who cares
Damages ?????
Perhaps they should stay out of Sweden for good!! Never go back there
Hogy borgy smorgish borgy flordy doordy dooshky . Fuck Sweden and fuck you too .
U such a fuckin fool....upinthehills bitch! Foh
Stoney Dudebro Glad Rocky is home but I got my debut album full of good vibes dropping next Friday 8/23! YUAAP!
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

IDK (short for Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge) is prepared to deliver his debut album.

Check out Strange Neighbours by Dusty Stragglers on YouTube 👍brilliant 👍new ep Dusty Atmosphere out very soon 👍
Is he really? IDK
Thought it was talking bout IDontKnowJeffrey
Somebody is being ironical
How he get verified with only 11k likes? lol
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

🏈JAY-Z is getting into business with the National Football League 🏈

Anything Jay Z i always say "BOOOOOO!!" Couldnt and shouldve helped your so called suddenly care for friends and homies....Nas came back then suddenly you have a heart..
Great more propaganda
He should of looked out for Kaepernick before doing this shit.
100% facts. These are millionaires looking out for their own self interests,nothing more
read Burgess Owens on the JayZs of the world
Justin Graves
Professional Sports is not the place for political agenda!
Jay-Z boycott's the NFL and urges others to not perform or do business with them in support Colin Kaepernick, Only to perform, do business and urge others to get on board with The NFL 2 years later. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Still not watching
I'm 50℅ of du'sse and it's debt free
Big move. Change happens from within. Jay got himself in the door.
Hov never stop making moves. His level of ambitiousness is mind blowing💯
Hov is positioning himself to be an owner
King hova
But he was too woke for the Super Bowl tho??? 😂😂😂
Everybody thats mad let me ask you a question... how in the fuck we going to get change from the outside??? We need people to go on the inside to fight the power!!!!
Fk the NFL. He should hire Kapernick now.
Now all games prove they are definitely fixed
Not bad for A ExDrug dealer
The end of the NFL
Hello, Would you like a dope art work like cartoon pic/character , logo,hyper realistic painting, mixtape/album/track cover, all @affordable prices
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

"If she wants to believe that and wants her fans to believe that, it’s cool.”

Well I wasn't into Nikki way before CTG. I never was into her music.
Just my opinion but as talented as Nickii is...all that goofy mess and facial expressions got old real quick...plus you can tell a lot of times she's gearing her music towards a pop audience.... When she going raw and spitting bars over dope beats is when she really gets the love
Nah wasn’t a fan from the very beginning, trust me I’ve tried to like her shit but I just can’t.
Her time has come and gone.... you are the weakest link... goodbye nikki
well she sure does got a caboose for that "hate train"
He probably didn’t start it but he heavily contributed to the growth of the hate so that, he can even be considered as a founding father lmao 😂 now that Nicki got receipts they are all trying to deny it. We all saw and still remember that day Nicki dragged and disgrace him on his own radio show bro never forgot and Is still mad 🤣😂🤣😫
I honestly feel bad for his wife or gf cuz she must miss having a real man around the house...
Personally I stopped fucking with her shit when I found out about her brother. I'm not saying that's fair to her, but like instinctually its just something I'm not fucking with. Same goes for Cardi for that matter. Nothing about them being women. Rapsody is the outstanding one in my mind
Nobody takes Charlamane serious anyway. I didnt know he even had a fan base
I never could fuck wit Nicki because of how she did Kim. Like I'm biased as shit because I loved Kim. And to see her get did like that that's a whole pass
This guy is a nobody
There she goes again...
Nicki sucks though hella overated I don't think it's hating to point that out lol
Nicki became a thing of the past ever since Cardi came along 🤷‍♂️
I started it, fk her and her stupid fans
Nicki is a poor man's Lil Kim. Dont act like everything she does isn't a blatant rip off of Kim.
Does this dude even like anything?
Tell Nicky she need to rap about things other than her coochie! If she wasn't rapping trash the hate train wouldn't have started even
Nicki kinda Trippin
Monique called his ass out..
Fuck Nicki 🖕🏿😆🖕🏿 am with charlemagne on this one
That music hit different when you can relate!! Can I borrow yall time for like 2 minutes, I just dropped the video to my new single “Understand Me” I would love to have your support check it out and tell me What you think ❤️🙏🏾 https://youtu.be/BbwFaMD2Cqk
HuckleMary they both just bitches;-)
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher have become members of the Roc Nation family.

Will this move solidify Gunn & Benny's takeover in Hip Hop?

It’s s a management deal with roc nation and a distribution deal with shady... ya watching history in the making only type of it’s kind biggest deal in hiphop in awhile. Respect ma’ badge B!! #kingsofNewYorkState
Everybody going roc nation....while it's a good look i can't help but wonder how many artist going 2 be ghosted on eventually 🤔
They’re making moves, not a weak one In Griselda
Griselda Records touring with Jay would be a sick show
Isn’t Westside on Shady?
did they leave conway out?
Is the Shady deal over? Is this a joint venture?
Benny > WSG by a large amount.
Conway is the dopest
Someone need to get crimeapple his shit is nice
Please please please go after these cross dressing rappers that claim to be thugs.
What about Conway ??
No Conway ?
They Already took over
That Griselda crew is a bunch of extra asshats with a whole bunch of hype for nada.
It’ll solidify Benny fo sho! WSG is meh
Just here to flex my Top Fan badge.
The butcher comin
Glad they both got picked up
Great move benny playing it like chess
Look at my badge haahaha
Who are they?
Jayz. Congrats to you both!!
Boom boom boom boom boom!* flygod is an awesome god!
Respect👆🏿my badge
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

“That whole thing was a big mistake,” Evidence on Eminem beef.

It's Shrek with the nice ears🤣
He made listen to his music,old music,soul music shit that can only be created if you go through it i used to get teased for being black,and now im here and im not black enough cause im not acting tough or making up stories about where im actually from 😭😭😭😭
Eminems the goat
This old clown must of put on a bucket of black paint to take all them grey hairs out is old ass head.Duke like 60 still rapping he would of retired as a c.o by now give it break clown port of Miami my ass
F500Media https://ffm.to/m7beo5y
Meanwhile you can start trading forex and cryptocurrencies with no deposit at $1000 bonus with instaforex ,follow the link https://www.instaforex.com/bonus?x=IODMZ
HipHopDX.com6 days ago

T-Pain sat down for an interview with The Breakfast Club where he made a sobering admission.

He put a ton of working ladies As well as the children of jewelry store, dealerships and club owners through college. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
I appreciate the honesty , we hear so many stories about stars going broke and bankrupt, it's been a while since a hiphop artist detailed his fuck ups....it's a shame because auto tune was such a help to his career , u would think he would have realized how lucky he was to have that much success ....40 mil....damn!! but he owned up and it didn't put him in a str8 jacket because of it....cuz if that was me I would be in a rubber room eating applesauce for blowing that type of doe.
I'm in love with a stripper was 95% non autotune
Check it out and let me know what ya think https://soundcloud.com/dawahnsalaam/sets/a-word-to-da-yz-from-the-dawgs-eyes
Auto tune 🐐 gone bankrupt.
All them hits he had and he not getting any royalties or licensing money? I know I’ve heard his songs in mad commercials and shows, he dnt own the rights to any of his shit? Dam
So now he can afford Wendy's?
That’s what happens when you get all that money at a young age. Money management is a learned skill and if you don’t learn it you will end up broke again. No matter how much money you have. He’s smarter now. Rich again and not blowing it on $6M houses and $1.2M cars.
He made listen to his music,old music,soul music shit that can only be created if you go through it i used to get teased for being black,and now im here and im not black enough cause im not acting tough or making up stories about where im actually from 😭😭😭😭 #FuckMonteDavis
Im glad he was able to pick himself back up
To buy Burguer King ??!?! With the money of a combo you can buy a pack of ramen noodles, a box of cereal, some hot dog packs , bread and a couple of Royal Crowns ? Thats how you see bad administration lol
Roger is the Godfather of Auto Tune
He was doing features for free too.
How you blow 40mill🤔
He was in love with a stripper 🤷🏽‍♂️ Apparently she didn't live him back 🤦🏽‍♂️
What in the fuk did he blow 40 mil on? That's in less than 10 years. He could have put away a mil for a rainy day. lol niggas
Not everyone who makes money is Money Literate
Blow more than that when he refuse to sign Royce smh.
Buying way too many drinks for them hoes, huh?
Boony Dock 😅😂
Strippers milked his pockets.
Broke like a mf
HipHopDX.com shared a post.1 week ago


LOL 🔥🔥🔥
Rapper post a video acting like it isnt him who just posted it saying it bangs .... the person who posted this video is the “rapper in the video”
Na this ain’t it
J. PLAZA Stream link https://open.spotify.com/track/5JFTC1lM1gtfYl84T2w0RH?si=4PUHTYc2SymoFNziG3rjqQ
Lmfaooo 😂
Zack Audette gang gang
Jae Dadda William Clark Ceejay Johnson 😂😂😂😂😂
Vincent Stoney
Bruno Bou Melhem
This shit is pure garbage. I don't support rappers who's whole style is based off of other rappers.
Song never gets old to listen to while im balling
Yall have been sleeping if you haven't heard Plaza's stuff! Bars on every damn song 💪
Song is trassssh!!!
Who prod. That joint?
Man I hope you got clearence for that 🔥🔥🔥 KL out here suing Nike & 💩
No lie it’s fire lol
I was gonna share it..then you started screaming😳😂
Dude sounds like Drake
Gifiti Franzua Es la Marca Camby Augusto Martinez Bernardez la risa que todo warriors fan boy ex koby fan odia confirme El Aviador Dirkie J. Dolmo
It’s beyond fun
Bruh this shyt tight tho man 🤣🤣🤣🤣
It’s beyond fun
HipHopDX.com1 week ago

BREAKING NEWS: Grammy Award Winner T-Pain was approached by two men and put in a dangerous, and violent situation.

May the force be with you...

They just violated like 10 Jedi codes in 20 seconds....
I honestly thought he was about to get jumped until they pulled out light sabers. 😂
when did the Jedi start doing police brutality lol
Amongst all the crazy there are those of us who know we're all brothers. This is just another way to fight hate. You attack it from every philosophical approach you can. we are here to reach people. our art is in our ability to house our voice in anything.
When you receive the command to execute order 66
I've said it before we must put stricter laws in the sale of lightsabers!!!! 🤣😂😂
With all the negativity in the world right now its so good to see some light hearted stuff
Great to see grown Black men having fun, laughing and shit
This is the kind of fun I like to see people having
T Pain is awesome i don’t give a single fuck what anyone says
Mace Windu growing up in the hood.
Did he really actually just throw away man's shoes. Lord help us, the force is strong in this one.
That lady yelling thought it was real 😭🤣🤣
It would be awesome to hear light saber noises with auto tune
Electric forest effect in full swing
TRUMP: “we need to ban these laser swords because there is just too much violence in the streets”
Some ppl going be mad it was a joke.. that's crazy
Live by the lightsaber, die by the lightsaber.
I loved when he threw dudes shoes🤣🤣
I swear all I could hear was “ T-Pain... microphone “ 😂😂😂😂
When will the violence end
With all the negative news in the world this is actually kind of funny. It’s good to see some humor. It is funny because it looks like it could end so bad but then in the end it just ends up sword fighting like they were on Star Wars like really wow OK! Lmfao good laugh
When he threw the shoe 💀
They wouldn’t cut it as Jedi.... let’s not even mention... the Sith
Is that you Jussie!? 😮
HipHopDX.com1 week ago

De La Soul and Tommy Boy Records have been attempting to reach an agreement regarding the trio’s extensive catalog for several months.

Here is an update on the matter:

Love De La to death but didn't they sign the deal? I support them in their efforts but I need these albums again!
Stoney Dudebro Hey Tommy Boy... while y’all try to reach agreement... why don’t y’all stream my new album next Friday on 8/23.... it’s called YUAAP! .... and then we try to reach agreement 😎
They are hurting especially on streaming platforms. I need De La albums on my iPhone.
So does this mean we can finally get the catalog on steaming services? lol I don’t give a shit who gets paid what.
Not sure who buys property and gives it back later for sentimental reasons. If you don't want someone else to own your shit, don't sell it.
Tommy ain’t my muthafuckin boy
HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

8 years ago today Jay Z and Kanye West dropped their joint classic "Watch The Throne". 👑

What's your favorite track of the album?

HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

Snoop said “F**k Your List!” 😂😂

HipHopDX.com how much for post dm
Snoop is one of the pioneers he should be on everyone’s list especially if you grew up in the 90’s.
Snoop is a hip hop legend for sure but his rhymes are pretty mediocre and he's released just as much bad music as good so I wouldn't say he should be listed with the top MC's but he has achieved a lot more than most rappers will ever so I'm on the fence with Snoop
Snoop is worth 100 million plus. To say he’s not a top 10 rapper is insane. And don’t bs with the ole what about lyrics or what ever. Snoop can rap!
Snoop out the woodwork and shut all this “list” talk DOWN! To be fair tho, he should’ve been on Ebro’s but Ebro had a pretty solid list
5am in Toronto lyric..
Snoop is on my top 30 list but only as an 'honourable mention'. If I went to 50 he'd definitely be there.
Sadly some rappers are worried about neither and yet make both Forbes and this list...Life isn't fair
But..... is he even on there??? Ever!
Snoop you on mine
Foh Snoop tops the list for weed smokers.
Who the hell cares about some sorry DJ name Ebro anyway
Forbes should enlist their opinion on Hip Hop.. Numbers dont lie
😂😂I have to agree with Snoop
🤣😂🤣 Don't worry snoop on my list you number 100
We riding with snoop. All the list I've seen is trash🚮
You on my top list fa sho...y'all the reason we blow daily.
Lol sounds like what Snoop would say🤣🤣🤣🤣
But he’s rich already so what was the point of this
Thats sad Snoop. We all know you bout gettin paid bro. Thought you was a real ass MC......
Fuck the list and the maker.
Fair enough 😁
I can dig it lol
HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

Cyntoia Brown is finally out of prison after serving 15 months for killing a sex trafficker.

She was in prison 15 years too long if you ask me..
She wasn't even supposed to go to jail in the first place.she killed an evil man
Wouldn’t want to be the first guy to sleep in her bed
I thought it was 15 years she was in for, that’s calm
Lol how many ppl are gonna correct the fact that it was 15 years not months? Ive seen that comment like 100 times. Chill out someone said it a out 90 comments before yours. We get it the admin fucked up we get it u dont gotta be the 100th person to comment that info just to feel smart or something lol
Fire the administrator. It was 15 years. And it was HER trafficker. Not A tradficker
How long is she supervised?
Can anyone balance me here is it months or years?
15 months? I thought it was like 7 years
15 months?
15 months? Or 15 yrs?
You mean she killed the trick she was with? Obviously y'all have not done any other research besides what you see on Facebook. She already had a record she know they've been arrested for prostitution you can look it up online. She was all up in that lifestyle
What about the others that are still there?
Can she work for law enforcement or can we make a Taken movie for her. Damn good job if you ask me
15 years... Not months
And stealing his guns and going back to her pimp.
it was long over due
I would marry her in a heart beat.
Wrong justice hurts af! She's one of a kind
The admin is shitty its 15 years dummies
What degree did she get?
15 years not months
15 years no months... FIX IT
You mean 15years
Super fucking overboard. She shouldn’t have served any time at all.
HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

“I knew he had a purpose and I knew he understood he had a purpose."

Miller John Allison
Its clear most of these people commenting here only knew nip after he died, they dont know ross and nip were close and worked together for 10 years, this is not for clout.
What exactly is or was his purpose? Or is nigga clout chasing 4 the shameless promo Hey #nipsy #rickross #evolonyx THE PURGE - SoundCloud Listen to THE PURGE by Evol Onyx #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/evol-onyx/the-purge 10,000 plays!
He is a Legend
Does this cause album sales to go up?
Ross been fuckin with nip for over 10 years tried to sign him n everything 😏 but ya say it’s for clout, if ya was a real fan of both ya would know 🤦🏽‍♂️
People forgot or may not know Ross tried to sign Nip but stayed doing his own thing..But they have made done dope records together Proud OF That is a dope track by them
“I fuck with Ross cuz he teaching wealth” -Nipsey Hussle
This negro is annoying as fuck.
How are you going to sign somebody that's better than you
Respect King Nip always
That fake rapper should say it before, now hes talking to promote his trash album!!!!!
Looking forward to hearing this track.
I urge Rick Ross to keep losing weight and fix his creepy eyes.
Ross is right. Nipsey spirit. Is strong. Y'all better ride for him. TMC
Is this a publicity for his album or something?
Trîp Vï Toŕontø dig deep
Stfu culture vulture ,FAKE AZZ RICK RO$$
Why must I celebrate a skinny dude who claimed to be a crip gang member? Are people stupid in this country ?
Been supporting Nip since 2012 that ain’t about to stop #TMC🏁
The CO can SMD.
Lol. Publicity. Educate yourselves before you comment. Smh.
Cant believe people really think this is for clout
fake ass hiphop fans ya fags ruining this culture with this clout n dick ride bs
HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

HipHopDX has confirmed independent Hip Hop veteran Paten Locke passed away from stage 4 small cell cancer last Friday (August 2).


Stoney Dudebro R I P 🙏🏽
Rest in peace Cancers sucks!!
Damn RIP
R.I.P.!! 🙏🙏
HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

21 Savage gave back to his community by hosting his fourth annual “Issa Back 2 School Drive” in Decatur, Georgia. Over 2,300 kids were given free backpacks, school supplies, clothes, health screenings and haircuts at the event on Sunday (August 4).

This is great!
Jolly good fellow indeed.
wow, hes doing something OTHER THAN BUYING DRUGS!?
its a start to make up for all the years of drug dealing and violence. you have a long way to go brother.
Jesse George
Should be serving tea and crumpets at the drive too!
Why the mean mug? We get it, you pose to be gangsta.
I thought he was from England....
But he's holding those events in England though lol
is 21 from this community or his from Manchester?🤔🤔🤔
What about the uk he’s British lol
Instead of hating on this brother commend him. Idc for his music but 100% of you trashin’ him aren’t donating let alone giving your time back to your community. #suckashit
21 savage always looked good in white
Put a bloody smile on your face you focking wanker!!!!
HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

Ebro took a whack at the #Top50MCs

What’s your thoughts? 🤔

Half of what Jay z has done is used samples and chorus from songs that have already been popular then he just spits to it lol he for sure is not #1 And this dude has J Cole at 7 ahead of 2pac and Rakim IM OUT ! Lol
2pac is the first for Ever
Em is top 3 Drake doesnt belong on this list, Remy ma really? No Royce no Tech. J Cole above pac rakim and Eminem? NO just No.
No list with Kendrick or Cole in the top 10 is valid. They dont have any body lyrically to compete against in this era of mumble rap. Im not saying they arent great but who are their competitors?
Budden needs to be in there. I know y’all laughed at the first list but he deserves top 50 consideration
Wayne never gets anymore respect, y'all put Nicki over Wayne?
I'm a southern cat but where's Scarface? Ummm, no Guru or Talib Kweli???
Does he have ears?
He have Beanie Sigel, Remy Ma, Drake and dont have Royce Da 5'9, Tech N9ne or Yelawolf. They much doper and better lyricist...
Kanye and Lupe are both ridiculously low, it’s obvious that Ebro has no idea what he’s doing 🙄
And no disrespect but what did Kendrick and J Cole do that Wayne hasn't done to be so high on the list? They all got classic mixtapes and albums. Wayne has more so why so low? Y'all act like Wayne never made a stain on the music industry by putting him on the lower bottom half.
Finally someone put Lauryn Hill in their top 50 like we weren’t all singing about “that thing.”
Black Thought Common and Lupe should be way higher. Of course I’d add some Indy artists most of the mainstream listeners especially today wouldn’t know, but looks like he did give it some thought, so I can’t shit on it.
The fact that Big KRIT isn’t even on here is atrocious. Remy Ma over KRIT? Really, Ebro?
Where is Cassidy? He would crush half of these guys on this list
And this is why I say Royce 5’9” is way too underrated. How he’s not on anyone’s Top 50 at least is amazing Black Thought is also wayyyy too low on this list
Big L and Black Thought beneath Ghostface and Jadakiss? Come on man....
I really like Kendrick but above pun Eminem big l come on man even 50 cent had a better album than a lot these dudes. And where’s cormega should be top 15 no dmx or scarface either 🤔
Where’s Q-Tip? I would replace Wayne with Q-Tip like pronto
Fuc this list too mf got drake and nicki on the list but no styles p no Lloyd banks that why Ebro will forever be a cornball
A bit better than the one from the other day. KRS One I am pleased to see in the top 10 and so he should be, along with Nas and Eminem. A lot is down to personal taste but I would throw Jay-Z out and replace him with my favs, Busta, B-real, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Dre, rza and disposable heroes 👍
Great list. I respect it although I thought he'd mention the likes of Joell Ortiz, King Crooked, Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap and Chino XL.
Wheres Joe Budden at?
No way he has 2 pac behind Kendrick and Cole. He has Prodigy ahead of Raekwon and Ghostface. He has Nicki on here but no Kool G Rap or MC Lyte. Remy Ma is a personal favorite but doesn’t belong on top 50. Meek Mill also doesn’t belong on top 50.
So he took Royce Da 5’9 ,Joe Budden off the original list....I smell Biasness.
HipHopDX.com2 weeks ago

Par for the course, Lauryn Hill showed up unfashionably late to another gig — this time, she narrowly missed her slot at the Playground Festival in Glasgow, UK on Sunday (August 4).

She propably should have thought of her kids b-day before they booked the show 😂
She is way over rated. Her best song was a karaoke of another already hit of another person. Nuff said.
Great artist, shit human. Its not rare, sadly
Why book a gig on her daughters bday?
Stop hiring her. It's just that simple. She obviously doesn't respect the promoter or fans. Send that same energy back.
Still can't do no WRONG in my eyes...idc what she do. She gave me a Top 5 Hip-Hop Album and one of the greatest any genre.
There’s plenty of new talent that you could put your well earned money towards ! Support the young generation
Why is anyone still booking her? Like someone said, watch her on YouTube!
She's not even that good of an artist anyway
Lord how late was she this time
I just watch the videos on YouTube at this point.
As great as she is how much greater could she be if she didn’t do shit like that?
Bought Lauryn Hill's tape so her kids could starve
How about start being on time......dmx does the samething. Wont be going to neither of their concerts anymore.
she arrived at African time
I guess this just her mo now, being late for the party!🤦🏽‍♀️
Snoop dick head ass was hella late to his show in Portland to beware if you go to a Snoop Show be prepared to sit in a crowd and wait for him to show up while the frustrated DJ tries to keep the crowd going he's well known for this shit to I'll never go to another Snoop show again
She been late since she started 🤣
Why won’t she record another album it must be getting boring now performing the same songs all the time
She was eating a Milky Way
My Top 50 list -https://www.instagram.com/p/B0zMr9_HwIC/
It’s okay we not mad😁
Well in her defense the universe🖖 wouldnt allow...🤣🤣🤣🤣