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#BlackExcellence: 11-year-old academic standout Dionn Megginson has started high school.

Love it
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The Delta Sigma Theta sorority stepped in to help a North Carolina teacher who was facing financial burdens purchase school supplies.

Jean Matlock
Why would a teacher have to purchase school supplies??? They would not have to spend a dollar, of their own money ... just use their celeb status to crowd fund 50 cents from 20 million , since August 1 , for every disadvantaged Black communities children school supplies , and if they did use any of their money , for the advertizing and radio shots, they could write it off on their taxes !
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After her son was diagnosed with a disorder that left him visually impaired, a Brooklyn mom created a braille clothing patch company to help children dealing with vision loss become more independent.

Congratulations what a great idea 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Congratulations awesome 👏🏽
Awesome... Congratulations!!!
Ade Ajayi
Christine Jones
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America's health care system still denies Black patients the kinds of interventions that white patients often take for granted, contributing to more painful, horrific deaths of Black patients and compounding the grief of their loved ones.

How we die matters.

That's all due to White Supremacy and Racism. More Doctors need to loose their licenses and go to jail because if they are not providing equal treatment when it comes to health and not sticking to the Oath of Do No Harm, then they got no damn business being doctors, period.
Stop ignoring this!!
Fitness and Nutrition-Master Fitness Trainer/WilliamLee
Racist America
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77 schools in Atlanta have begun offering free meals to their students as other districts throughout the country grapple with trying to eliminate lunch debt.

I worked as a substitute teacher in Miami-Dade County Public Schools down in Miami, FL for 6 1/2 years from April 2006-Nov 2012 and I remember most if them schools having free lunch programs. Free or reduced breakfast and lunch. The kids would punch in a code. So how do kids get lunch debt when food is the most basic need in existence? Tax dollars fund public schools so why would children have school lunch debt? That's crazy.
The money is not properly allocated . Our people should get what they need before money is sent elsewhere .
If that dont work we will have to go back to this
As they should, if prisoners can, our babies can.
Kids can't focus when they are hungry
Fitness and Nutrition-Master Fitness Trainer/WilliamLee
Stop ignoring this!!
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The 1860 election and the one set for next year have a lot more in common than people might want to admit.

Some things never change . The same damn people trying to be more than they are . Vote them out .
You know the "national popular vote" is not an actual contest, right?
Here’s another. We ain’t our ancestors with all due respect to them.
People are tired of this clown !
if the 2020 elections are on the up-and-up and there are no shenanigans from russia or crooked republicans this MF should lose in a landslide...
I've seen Trump supporters saying if Trump loses in 2020 "Its gonna be a civil war and they are ready"
These people aren’t real trumpeters these Shell company union members from a Shell plant who coherced the workers to attend and they would get paid! They were told not to protest or say anything derogatory! The ones who refused didn’t get pay. This is an illegal practice put together by their union and the employer if I were them I’d sue!
Stop ignoring this!!
drugs was the recreation of slavery, and trump had nothing to do with this, this happen from 1984 until now, and while the drugs was destabilizing all of america somebody left the gate open, and had 10's of millions of illegal immigrants talk right into america over throwing american citizen, especially black american, they have did this all through California, and all these people are masking them self's as liberal democrats .. Yale university skull and bones democrats versus Yale university skull and bones republican because this is the group that sit over america with the drugs and the illegal immigration over throw in a lot of city's ... {trump is the only person to vote for} the only politician that seem to be taking on this yale university skull and bones that have all its investments in Mexico sop they need them here for that, Yale university skull and bones in china making product .... DRUGS AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN AMERICA, THEY HAVE GAVE JOBS TO CHINA AND MEXICO WHILE WE GO IN AND OUT OF A RECESSION YEARS AFTER YEARS .. I'm asking all black Americans vote trump and local government... or vote Andrew Yang!!!!
Stop giving hamburgers" & votem out across the national board! Nvrdrmp; 99% kkkugly45' the face of US' Nazis!
POTUS....Piece Of Totally Useless Shit.
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“This ain’t about Colin Kaepernick’s knee,” Sharpton said, “it’s about choking Eric Garner to death!”

Jay-Z put his own self against Kaepernick. We didn't do that. He did. He got paid mightily for it. He's happy. We continue to suffer from police brutality & other injustices against Black people. So for me, I will continue to #BoycottNFL #Year3 #ImWithKap
I agree with both Kaepernick, and Jay Z Kaepernick, baught more awareness to the social justic issue, there is always a time and place for everything, when he kneeled he got great support, i have not watched a game since he the he first kneeled, but i am just one person and i know that there are many more like me , but there is no one size fit all , we are all different and can not be expected do exactly what someone else does, somepeople can only deal with the now, and some people can see further into the future than others, i think that Jay Z having a seat at the table is great foresight
To ALL COMMENTS: Conquer and Divide at its best! Once divided, ensure they won't agree and keep them divided. We must find common ground or perish.
Since the image and “assumed” deal/meeting between Jay-Z and the NFL was published across social and mainstream media I’ve been saying the same thing.....they feed us info that “they” conclude will divide us and urge us to choose one brother over another. Our question has to be, why? They don’t like the fact that #Kaepernick and Jay-Z have influence over “their” income (black spending power), if they could somehow get the majority to go against either one of these brothers, “they” win! #WeKnowOurEnemy and it’s not [always] a prominent black man who speaks his truth or keeps injustice highlighted! Don’t forget it wasn’t the bullet that killed Dr. MLK Jr, it was the doctor in the hospital!
The problem is that Black people get so stuck on symbolic gestures and lack severely in the action department. Y’all said y’all were tired of praying and marching so I’m sure y’all knees hurt by now.
We apparently are not United. We are so divided that it seems like there is no return. If the word United means one that means come together as one not split, divide or multi, poly, omni. From the looks of things we will never be on one accord. Money talks and some people are selling out .
“All money is not good money “ Jay Z will have the blood of many on his hands. Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and all the others murdered by police. When God start to intervene then he’ll know “all money Is not good money “
Sharpton , has said nothing about Kaepernick, or his programs in all this time, so where did he come from all of a sudden with this ?? I am from Brooklyn, where Sharpton used to be a leader, I say used to be cause as soon as gentrification set in, they gve him a TV show to stay quiet! We need to be honest , a Baller gonna look out for a Baller ! Deed theft and thrid party transfer are serious issues in Brooklyn for the past 15 years and he has said nothing and done nothing, neither has that other Brooklyn son Jay Z !
We should stay focused and fight oppression together and not each other. At the same time, we shouldn’t cross each other for financial gain while we fight oppression because it distracts and divides us. Other races wouldn’t do that to each other.
Y’all hollering Z, what player gave up their salary, and how many gave up their seats, stop watching, and purchasing NFL... That boycott....? Most or saying , What boycott... exactly my point...You can only make a difference inside...if you are inside... I thought that was the goal...
Kap took a knee for exactly what Al Sharpton is muttering about. People, we the people should stand up for our own selves and injustices and stop waiting for someone to do it for us. This has been going on for some time now. Al worked against leaders that were trying to help our grandparents, some of yalls parents. Al hasn’t said anything that hasn’t already been said. It’s people putting them up against each other. We are doing that. Yet, what Jay did was not to benefit any of this. Kap took a knee and lost his career bc he cared about those who lost their lives at the hands of police brutality. Like Eric Gardner, Sandra Bland, Tamie Rice, Philando Castile and many others. What have we done? The time for marching, praying and crying is over with. We are still being preyed upon and nobody will change that but us.
I agree with him, but the NFL doesn’t need Jay to help change injustices. The NFL could have made the changes alone.
How is this going against each other? I don’t understand why we can’t have a fair critique of these celebrities and they’re capitalist actions if they are doing so called social justice work? I don’t see how this is pitting against each other.
Most of the Folks worrying about Jay-Z probably didn't vote in 2010, then complained that Obama didn't get them Do your part. Snitch on Drug Dealers and Keep your neighborhood watch on point. The Men in the neighborhood should be at Community Policing Meetings.. Know who is Patrolling. Take the exam...Marry your Women and Raise your Sons and Daughters.. so they won't end up prey in the streets.. Register every 18 year old you know..
It’s seems from where I’m looking that the nfl knows EXACTLY what it’s doing. Taking the attention and meaning of EQUALITY from the kneeling Kaepernick expresses, to gaining $$$ and THE BLACK VIEWERS back to watching the nfl now that Jay Z has stepped in. Either way, they are ONCE AGAIN dividing us, and the profits go to THEM, not US. However let’s see. Hopefully they can incorporate how to bring FRESH CLEAN RUNNERS WATER to Flint and Detroit MICHIGAN. Or maybe they can PROVIDE resources to clean up and IMPROVE BALTIMORE MARYLAND. In every city that has an nfl team, I CAN ONLY HOPE that they help the inner city and provide to BETTER EDUCATION, and social services to those cities. I hope J isn’t just stepping in so he can pocket money and smother the flame that Kaepernick expressed.
Jay did that when he partnered with the problem and spoke for us...I'm not saying we should hate Jay but we damn sure deserve some answers ...Y'all criticized and disagreed with the first Black President but we can't hold Jay feet to the fire? Y'all taking that HOV thing to far...Nigga what happened and don't speak for me!!! The NFL dead to me Jay Z or not!!
National Football League has 32 teams not one owned by a black person there are also only 2 black head coaches in a league that is 67% black if the NFL was interested in social change and Equity they'd look into their own backyards first.
The NFL doesnt give two shits about Eric Garner or any of us. They just need JayZ to hush us up so they will get good half time shows again.
With all due respect Al Sharpton. Shut up. No one takes that clown seriously anyways
Kapernick settled with the NFL... Let me say that again, HE SETTLED WITH THE NFL. Why is his name being brought up in this Jay-Z deal? To settle means you have come to an agreement that whatever you were complaining about you have SURRENDERED. So what does Kapernick have to do with this Jay-Z deal? What am I missing? And how does Eric Ried get to talk shyt about Jay-Z making a deal with the NFL while STILL PLAYING for the NFL? What kind of new hypocrite shyt is that? And nobody even checking him on that fact. FOH!
This is about justice and Jay Z selling out for money but what should we expect from a dude who built his career on teaching the youth to kill their brothers and sisters for a dollar and to only care about money like a slave master vulture? Why do we expect Jay Z to be a good influence or social hero anyway when he has spent his career doing the opposite? He has spent some of the wealth he made teaching the kids to act like Donald Trump on 'good things' but that does not change the fact that he made his money off putting kids in prison
KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE. Kaepernick's fight is for equal rights. When we as in Jay-Z have a seat at the table inclusion is possible.
Whatever deal Jay Z cut should’ve included Kaepernick getting a good job you take care of your own especially the ones that were in the struggle and lost their job
This is how White Supremacy works. We are always falling for it. Let's just wait and see. But this is one of our biggest downfalls. Remember to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
I trying to figure out what was the next move ? The so called boycott didn't work. Kaep still not in the NFL . He did a deal with them . Now jayz is , I think making something happen. It's to early to say he's in it for self . My opinion.
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Big Sean opened a new production studio for youth at a Detroit-based Boys & Girls Club.

God Bless Big Sean!
Bless the children of Detroit, Revitalize that city.
Kevin Powell
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A Tennessee-based barber gives discounts to children who read books while getting their hair cut.

I love it. When I was little, my mom’s beautician encouraged all the kids in the shop to read while our mom’s were under the dryer. It was fun.... but you never wanted to miss a word when everyone was listening.
I love that idea❤️ God bless him 🙏🏾👍
Thank You !
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The Princeton University Art Museum has joined forces with the HBCU Alliance of Museums and Art Galleries to create a program designed to increase Black leadership in art.

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Jerri Kelly is the newest member of this growing club of violent white people who the cops safely took into custody.

She is the white woman who pulled a gun on four Black Arkansas teens who knocked on her door while they...

The Sandy Hooker shooter was treated better...they took him to Burger King!
They said they needed to question my son my son got treated bad like the broken his arm. The guy did the shooting and Texas was treated better
Arrested with loving care......AND TAKEN TO DINNER AFTERWARDS. smh
This country needs a nuclear bomb
This is why they kneel #vetsforkaepernick
They are coming out 'Evil' we all need to be armed and ready. #lastDays
The United States was built on white privilege.
That's why they call the cops on us for stupid stuff, just to see if we get killed.
it must be a slow "news" day for y'all...oops my bad, y'all don't report "news", just propaganda.
Hate is all NewsOne spreads!! NewsOne would be HAPPIER if the suspect were shot and killed! Preferably shot in the back with their hands up!! Think about how sick that is!!
And thats why I stay away from Northeast Arkansas. Well anywhere in Arkansas associated with North.
Sounds like plenty of white privilege to me.
But we get stopped and get shot.
That's all right, They going to try that mess on the wrong black people!
Totally deplorable!!!
White privilege !!!!!!!!!
I never forget the judge says pray for his family too. Like what the fuck he just shot 9 people.
White Privilege
White Privilege.
No, this is Amerika.
Which seems to be the problem for a lot of black people. Thank you for clarifying the "400yrs."
This guy shot 6 cops and was safely taken into custody and his is not White ????
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RIP to Nancy Parker as well as pioneering pilot Franklin Augustus.

RIP🙏🙏Nancy Parker
RIP Nancy! My condolences to the entire family and friends.🥀
My condolences
My sincere sympathy to the family RIP
May Allah be pleased with her life and comfort her family
Prayers for her family..I still cant believe she is gone
I heard this on the news this morning. This is HORRENDOUS and Tragic. I am VERY sorry to hear this. My HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES to the News Reporter FAMILY and FRIENDS SIP
I met the pilot last year at a Summer Camp where he took the kids flying. Interesting person I tried to interview him YouTube live but bad signal in Lexington MS but he was the President of the Louisiana chapter of Tuskegee airmen and was dedicated to get young black people interested in all areas of aviation
My condolences to the family n friends
R.I.P Nancy.
Prayers and Condolences to Family and Friends 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Nancy Parker and Franklin Augustus
This is sooo sad. RIP :'(
Very sad
My Condolences 🙏🏾
R.I.P. sister God has other plans for you.
Payers to her family and her young children. Prayers to the family of the pilot.
Just Horrible RIP
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Two brothers launched Philadelphia’s first Black-owned delivery service.

Kudos & Congrats!
Blacks can shoot cops there and still be taken alive
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Ben Carson continues to prove he is heartless.

Will definitely have to scratch him off the list of Black American heroes. Sad example of a Doctor that took an oath of "no harm".
A heart surgeon with no heart. 😏
Ben Carson was great in the medical field. I was so prowd of his accomplishment as a surgeon. 💕 However in the political arena he is deplorable.🤐😡🤧😾😥
There is an African proverb which says that the axe entered into a Forrest and they saw the axe handle was made of wood and said to each other we are safe brother and sisters. Until the axe started cutting down the forrest. Not because a person skin color is black means that they love black people. Ben Carson, Candace Owens and Tim Scott hate black people more than the kkk.
Yes, he is an admired physician, who for got where the hell, he came from!!!
Ben Carson had sold his soul to the Orange Devil!!
He’s unrecognizable to so many in his household of faith who once admired and were inspired by him. “Healing Hands.”
Politics apart, Ben Carson is one of the most honorable and distinguished Americans ever! Grew up in the ghettos and raised by a single mother, went on to Princeton and became the youngest ever director of the prestigious John Hopkins Medical school. Haters in here practicing reverse racism!
Why! What part is it that they don’t understand about looking out for the best interest of Americans. They are despicable🔥!
Everyone in that White House sold their soul to the devil. End of time is near and they will weep what they sale. It has to end we the people came to far to go back.
Uncle Tom never have hearts 🥰
Another uncle Tom bought by Trump. How much Money would it take to sell your soul to the devil?
He has a Phd in Uncle Tomism!
I don't know why we the people have him representing us in anything.He might have been a great surgent but he's a mess in every thing else. He does'nt even know how to speak eloquently. He appears to lack confidence I his ability to speak for himself. He seems like he likes being. Controlled by the big orange puppet.
Ben Carson is a BIG disappointment!!!
Ben is a heart surgeon so he is smart and studied hard for that. But his greed for money by any means necessary and doing what he’s told even if it’s wrong that’s the other side of the coin. A healer and a sale out
He sold his soul, so everything good he has done is just a memory
No one is surprised...your circumstances create who u are and he found it easier and safer to as best he could revoke his blackness and everything that stands for culturally
He has such a smug look on his face , I guess his God and our God are two different people
He is a crook and bigoted and liars and a nut case it will not hurt him so he don't care he is thinking about the money he is making 🤑😕😵🤥🤡🤒
He should think if those rules were in place when he was looking for housing, he would be EXCLUDED BECAUSE OF THE COLOR IF HIS SKIN, get a new mirror Mr. Carson, you don't have the same skin coloring as trump
🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾 Ben Carson and his Republican Renegades.
He was told to do it. Not his ideal believe it or not. If you notice every task to do is to roll or reverse all Obama works the 2% didn't like. America is laugh at everyday. By other countries.
What a 🤡didn’t this 🤡 grow up poor , I guess he forgot where he came from
Not happening! #Dems2020' would be in before anything would ever take place! We'd tied that in court just like all the other stuff" were doing' to slow or stop until" a sane" person DEMs. Comes in..
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We honor his confidence, strength and Blackness with photos of Colin Kaepernick looking like Black excellence. #KaepSoBlack. #ImWithKaep

Makes me proud that he took a stance for us.. He didn't have to, he risked it all. My people keep supporting him, we need more fearless leaders just like him..
Love my brotha!
I think he is better as a cheerleader
😂😂🤣😂😂 I'm sorry, but I keep thinking of Kaep and his "sacrificing everything" Nike ad. He doesn't know what "sacrifice" really is. And now, he's turned down 3 job offers? He realizes that once he steps on the field and rides the bench, his "relevancy" will be gone.
This is a strong BLACK MAN!!!! He will always have my support and bcause of him, until things change for the better for people of color......... I WILL NEVER STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AGAIN!!!!!
I always said, thank goodness Kaep is a damn good looking man - still w/Kaep!
You left out the one with him wearing a Fidel Castro shirt. That was powerful and demonstrates his lack of caring about "injustice." Viva Cuba Libre !!!
When will we stand together for any clause.... never we back bit each other, and never unify. We do nothing but will talk about one of us that trying to do something..... smh
Love this guy for all he's done, but cause and effect..Jay Z is now about to attain part of an NFL Franchise something no other black man has done. Kaps protest put that in motion... Now we're here, It's Chess People and now we have a piece on the board. Thank You Kap.
Colin K.
Poster boy for Cointelpro 2.0.
Is he still kneeling for something?🙄
Stop playing with yourself .
Head clown in the race baiting circus.
Ìf only he was black?....smh
Y'all should really be careful with these headlines. That guy is biracial.
Right On!!
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Eric Reid also had some intense words for Jay-Z supposedly becoming part owner of an NFL team.

Wait let's look at the logic of those who are complaining. If you own stock, work a job, own a business, shop go out to eat vacation; are most likely doing business with someone who could care less about your issues. Gentrification hurts those who don't own property, increases equity for those who do. Protest disrupts ownership makes decisions. Why is anyone concerned with what any celebrity dose, that has no affect on your life, greater then your own. Control and own your decisions. What did he do wrong, he has already done more then most do for the community in a lifetime. Should he stop growing his businesses. How would this help or hurt. Buy black; Killer Mike the rapper learned how Hard it is to do that when we don't own enough. We have to own things, so we can, support things that allows for control of things. We are fighting in every direction against ourselves for ourselves we will lose with that strategy.
How many people has Jay-z help get out of jail because they couldn't afford it? We need to stop judging each other and see this through. Y'all gonna eat crow if he gets Kaepernick a job.
I'm still undecided and pondering this whole issue. I've heard interesting things from both sides.
First of all compensation after you sue a company is not a deal, Kapaernich received a fraction of what he would have earnt if he was playing. The fact that Jay Z stepped on Kaeps head to do a deal with the NFL without any provision for Kaeps involvement and reinstatement is the equivalent of what WEB dubois did to Marcus Garvey. People are talking about money moves, checkers and chess not seeing the bigger picture. What just happened is what has been happening in the black community since the white man stepped foot in Africa, pitting one set of people against another. The fact that those people don't understand or refuse to countenance the situation is part and parcel of why black people go nowhere but ever decreasing circles. The majority knows this, black people selling each other out for prestige is nothing new, the fact that people aren't learning is pathetic.
Why are we looking to celebrities and athletes to do something to help our communities why can't we do that ourselves why can we not get together and collectively come up with ideas to better our communities with our own two hands it's not their responsibility it's the responsibility of the people that are actually living in the community is cool when they make it out and come back and help but it's not their responsibility nobody's going to come floating out of the damn Sky to help us we have to help ourselves so the question is now what the fuk are we going to do?
Eric Reid didn’t get Kaep his job back when he settled nor when he got his job back. Kaep didn’t even get a clause put into his settlement to get on a team in his own settlement but it’s Jay’s responsibility to ensure that Kaep got on a team?! Umm, nah! If Jay does get ownership of a team, then hires Kaep, then it’ll be something else for folk to complain about.
So let me get this right.. Jay Z can't become a owner, but Eric Reid CAN collect a paycheck???? What type of STUPID and hypocritical thinking is that???????? I stand with Jay Z... The hell with Eric Reid..
We must remember Jay Z didn't get where she is today by making deals and moves that was not benefit to his empire. The deal made is going to benefit all steakhouses especially the players in the NFL. The players have never had a mouthpiece in the game in which the money made is off their backs. And if they are injured there is no other place for most of them in the game. We all need to stop critisizing and watch how he lays this "Blue Print" for other minorities to get into the game.
I was just reading about this situation and thinking.We all are aware of what racism and bigotry are in this country.Cause we deal with the BS every dam day and that’s no lie. But we have to stop avoiding whites and we better learn to deal with them.Cause they not going nowhere at all.My issues with our people is every time a brother or sister gains some type of wealth.We brand them a sellout for doing so and that’s some crazy ass shit. If a person wants to sit on their ass and not get out here and get theirs.I can’t respect them at all but if you out grinding for yourself I respect that. Jealousy plays a major part in it and it’s our worst issue cause we.Can’t stand to see the next person doing better than us.But in closing I don’t see those yelling sellout out there putting necks on the line for no one.
I don't believe there should be any agreement in place which does not include Kaepernick's reinstatement! It's like announcing an agreement to end Apartheid which does not include the release of Nelson Mandela from prison!
Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the NE Patriots, and Trump supporter is the architect behind the NFL/Jay-Z alliance throwing the kneeling CK under the bus. Jay - Z: " The kneeling days are over. We have to move on" Kanye West is with President Trump. Now Jay-Z is with Robert Kraft that's very close to President Trump. Jay-Z is about to become a member of the billionaires club and a team owner in the NFL while y'all continue to listen to Al Sharpton, and hate yourselves. The problem with black people is black people. If Eric Reid were serious of injustice, and supports CK, he should've held out in 2016 when it all started until CK was hired by a team, but he didn't and continued playing. He is a hypocrite.
Some people can only see what is right in front of them, others set themselves up for success. This is how our own prevent us from getting in the positions we need to be. He is telling you the plan and people still dont get it. The boycott was the first step what's the next? If you dont change who is making the decisions you will always just boycott until your team makes it to the playoffs or until a friend has tickets, or until your kids wants some nfl apparel, or until you trying to win the office pot. The truth is we weren't even good at boycotting because there will be endless excuses for doing what people are comfortable with. Simmer down, be patient. Be happy that people are thinking of the next step that you can't imagine.
Funny how niggas who done way more fucked up shit than kneel still got a job in the NFL and Jay been known for doing niggas dirty (ie Dame Dash). And his team lied about talking to Kaps. We supposed to trust a nigga that shot his own brother? Hahahaha
Eric Reid has been collecting a check from the NFL the last few years, not a problem. Kap sued but SETTLED(collected a check) with the NFL, not a problem. Jay Z's partnership with the NFL, a problem 🤔🤔🤔🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️....Yall losing credibility with the foolishness...#HustlingBackwards
Let me know when you all stop supporting your team. Half the people commenting on this post is pretty much still watching football!🤡🤣
The NFL owners have never given a damn about social injustice. All of them voted for Trump. This move was all about squashing a slave rebellion started by Colin Kaepernick and JayZ is now in collusion with them because he loves money.
Us blacks got our priorities really messed up,those who fill up the stands and glue their eyes on the tv to support that rubbish NFL are even contributing more to that corrupt organisation
I'm confused...isn't Eric Reid playing for those same owners...I wish we would let stuff play out...before we be the wokey woke folks and calling people sellouts & what not...fact of the matter is the only person that should be speaking is Kap instead of letting his girl or his boy...or having these vague ass social media posts's not helping the cause...I mean is it about social injustice or K getting back in the league...this whole situation is beyond strange.
The nfl show you 1 little clip to make you think like we helping blacks....But the owner's like they will fall for it like they always do.....💯✊Our ancestors left you warnings these people will never change period....
This is no different than black “ministers” meeting with trump...a photo op.
True change comes from within. Being part of the exclusive NFL owners will mean that the concerns of the community will get a genuine chance of being brought to the table and heard. People need to get past the knee jerk reactions and look at the big picture. Now your business may be able to secure an NFL contract because of Jay Z🤔🤓
Hold up y’all Let’s wait a minute and see what he has going on. I still an believe it may be a positive step in reconsilation
People love getting half the facts and running with it....figure out why he did and what he's really doing..then base your irrelevant opinions on that. The media does this and u fall for it like sheep
The NFL didn’t have to bring Jay Z to the table for change! Jay Z is using that for an excuse to make money. He wants to be part of the NFL no matter what.
Somehow people think jayz will be given magical powers by NFL. Those people haven’t changed just because they allowed him in to shut people up and bring back ratings 🤦🏽‍♂️
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Chicago’s Whitney Young Magnet High School unveiled a new sports complex named after former first lady Michelle Obama.

I love it being named after our fine, former first lady. I just wonder though, why is it a sports complex? People already think that all blacks can do is sports and singing. What about a new pre-engineering or robotics development complex?
Congratulations!!! #thankhernow
I love this ❤️👊🏾
Name one thing that they did for Chicago. Gun violence amongst blacks started when Obama was President and he and Mitchelle didn't do anything to stop it.
Is it called DICKS, sporting complex? Asking for a friend.
Awesome First Lady influence!!!
Love This
Priceless indeed
who cares !!
Michael and I
NewsOne2 days ago

A group of Black dads from Mississippi cheered on students outside of Barack H. Obama Magnet Elementary on the first day of school.

My thanks to all of the men who participated in greeting the students. The presence of men in schools can play a significant role. Volunteering in the classroom is rewarding and something to be considered.
Thats sad that things have come to this ! You and I never needed that nor did our parents , how did things get so far down??
We're raising Kings and Queens.
That’s What’s Up 🙏🏿❤️🙏🏿
we R finally back 2 our real selves.
This is real. Black Fathers are not absent like that. 95% of all black kids I knew growing up had dads in their lives. I grew up in a middle class suburb of San Jose, Ca called Milpitas. It had a decent amount of black people, no hardcore black sections of town or nothing but enough blacks lived in Milpitas. Anyway, none of the black kids I knew growing up were really poor like that. As I got older, a few I knew were poor and struggling but not living in squalor or nothing. Nobody I knew was living with rat and roaches all over the place and bed bugs and mice and shit, Hell No. Most of the black kids were middle class with a Father or Stepfather in the home or in their lives. Now I know a few without a dad, but almost all had access to male role models in our community. And every brother I know is a Father to his kids and even other people's kids too. That's a fact. Now in many poor inner city neighborhoods are full of fatherless black and latino, even poor white children which is why those neighborhoods are fucked up like they are. Kids running wild without discipline because they got nobody giving them any and I've seen this with my own 2 eyes and it's ridiculous. A solid stable family unit is the most important component of social, spiritual, political, and economic well being of any ethnic group of people. Without Family you ain't got shit. So it's time to KILL THE NOISE ABOUT THE BULLSHIT DEAD BEAT BLACK DAD IN AMERICA.
NewsOne2 days ago

A 3-year-old from North Carolina has donated sales from her lemonade stand to help homeless mothers and children.

Hopefully they wll hear about it and feel the same action is needed
NewsOne2 days ago

This is America.

I can confidently assume after reading this article she will not face any punishment of any significance the parents of the young men will need to hold her accountable by filing a lawsuit.
I hope the kids parents get a hold of her @ss
I hope she is arrested and sued by the boys.
They are afraid of change!, the demographics are changing the face of America, and they are lashing out. Their status at the top of the food chain is being threatened by those they oppressed for so long. The change is not intentional as their " great white hope" would have them believe, but inevitable. In time, nature has a way of evenings things out. Even tyrannosaurus rex went extinct, and he was king of the dinosaurs! After awhile, natural selection kicks in, and the tables are turned. These are the death throes if the ruling class.
She had also been afforded the luxury of not having her mugshot taken following her arrest. One was finally taken three days later following her court appearance on Thursday. Cross County Sheriff David West — who works for Kelly’s husband, Cross County Jail Administrator Joe Kelly — “said she experienced a medical issue during booking and left without taking the photograph. Because the racist sheriff didn't want her face out there, he thought he could get away with it.
I sure hope that those kids parents have GOOD LAWYERS!..sue her and everybody else!!!!..let's SEE how this plays out!😒
Curious about how the word allegedly was written italicized but the word juvenile was not. Truly amazes me how people put twist on these racially charged events. #ELAteacher
So if I happened upon this scene and decided to put a bullet (or several) in her because those kids looked like their lives were in danger, am I the good guy with a gun?
For the last time..
She did not spend one night in jail, charged 5 days later, never got a mugshot the first night, she supposed get a mugshot but she was somebody wasn't feeling good so no mugshot the first time, but 3 days later another schedule for a mugshot may or may not have been taken at this time? Now she's at home like nothing ever happened.
Why the headphones? Judes don't even allow phones in court and she listening to tunes?
It's just not wise to go door to door doing anything these days!! These kids had on their jerseys and they traveled in a group, but it still didn't stop her from committing this atrocity!! I'm glad we're finally seeing what she looks like because she doesn't have a mugshot, since she was supposedly having some kind of medical emergency or something after the arrest! The faces of EVIL!
this witch is lucky she has a face only another racist can love. and wait they are so stupid. AFTER there done picking on blacks and Mexicans... they will eat their own... NOT WHITE ENOUGH, you have brown eyes and hair... not blonde … not pure... STUPIDITY RUNS DEEP
i feel pity for her what,s kinda heart does she have ?
Parents of the victims, vigilante justice is sooo 2019, go do what the police won’t!
While NewsOne would like everyone to think as they do, in their editorial................... this is NOT America. This is one white woman who did a really stupid, dangerous thing and is being held accountable. The owners of NewsOne make a LOT of money by selling the info of its followers. More blind followers, more money. Don't fall for it. If this person represents the White community, then we can judge the Black community by the black people who do stupid, dangerous things, right?
This has always been America!! Just ask George Stimeys or Emmitt Tills descendants..
And we all know what the speech is that's gonna come afterwards.
We should do this to her son little Kody thats creating another plan to take out his school
This is your typical 1950's narrow minded white folk. They believe they are good people and awesome Christian's, 1+1=3.
I guess the old woman was pretending to be detective Olivia Benson on Law and Order and went a little too far , 😬😬😬 give a person a gun they think they are invincible .
I like to see that whole photo of her with the headphones on. She looks like a nut
I not mad 😡 because they were black. I’m pissed because they were KIDS AND WOuld she had done it if they. Were white?
NewsOne2 days ago

Happy birthday to the legendary Angela Bassett.

Happy birthday beautiful blk woman
HAPPY birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
that BOTOX tho
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New data on health across the U.S. shows that high housing costs are harming people's health – and that some communities are affected more than others.

Rising Rents and Mortgages are real. Especially in Florida, they really stick it to you. I had to get out of Florida and now I live in Arizona where cost of living is way cheaper than Florida and California combined. I stay with my family, work every day and pay few bills and save tons of money.
Just another example of the rich getting richer at the expense of keeping people below the poverty line. Where I live in palm beach county, Florida. Rent cost doubled just over a period of 5 years while wages stay the same or even lowered. Most people I know are living with their parents or they just rent a room from someone. I just cohabit, I could afford to pay my own rent but I don’t want more than half of my monthly income to go into paying rent.
If Andrew Gillum had won, his policies would have doubled rent and made housing unaffordable in FL. like New England. Being an investor I wanted him to win but knew it would not be good Floridians.
Yeah. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I have to move. 😢
Jimmy Mac been saying this since 2002 nobody was listening 😂
Jimmy Mac is back! lol 😂
Black families best get smart learn to live together and love one another...Stop loving other races and not your own..Problem solved.. UNTIL y'all learn you will forever be at a disadvantage
NewsOne2 days ago

Ethan Kollie maintains he had no knowledge of the shooting.

I see that this justice system is working as it set up to do. No justice for us just us.
Anybody see my Uncle Tom? My Grandma been trying to find him they say he missing! 🤷🏽‍♂️
There's an old story several years ago, but not that long ago, where the mentally challenged son was in a home with his mother, a single parent, in a house full of guns. He got the guns went to the school and shot up all those babies 2 and 3 years olds, she was the Principal at that time. Now the cops had taken his guns away from him prior to his mass shooting. But the mother had a house full of guns and I know she didn't go to jail. There was some discussion about her being responsible or being accountable but if I'm not mistaken I don't think she paid a fine or went to jail.
He will learn today what’s the color of his skin.
The Waffle house mass shooter in Nashville dad supplied the shooter with the guns, but the dad ain't in jail. 🤔
This man is NOT Black!
What did he think his friend was going to do with body armor? Duh!..he should have reported his crazy friend to the authories.
So, ya’ll don’t show the shooter, but the black man? 👀
Sorry man, you knew what Conner Betts was going on to do eventually .you just didn't know when.
He's about to take the fall...
He doesn't look black , personal of color yes
Black man being held accountable for the actions of whites... Nothing new here.
And the Muller report said 🙄🤔
Why did he think he needed all that?
I call rubbish...he probably knew everything!
Dummie knows now that he’s Black
Bye Boy
Which part of this man is black?
NewsOne3 days ago

Bodycam footage was released of the De’Von Bailey shooting.

This is sooo sad on sooo many levels!! Not saying at all this kid deserved this. I am a mother of a 22 year old black Male. When I hear of something happening to another one in his age range it hurts me! But yall we have to teach our sons! Don't run from police! Don't rob people! Put the guns down!! You are risking your life when you arm rob someone... the person you are robbing could kill you or the police could!!!! Wake up young black men!
Yet they are able to arrest mass murderers without a scratch!! I'm sure they feared for their their feared for other's lives as this man was running away! My condolences to the family on another senseless loss of life!
They love to shoot us but everyone else lives to see another day.
Darold Killmer, an attorney for the family, said at a news conference, “Mr. Bailey was trying desperately to flee from the police. He did not have any weapon in his hand, and he had not shown any weapon when he was shot in the back and killed.” He also said, “He was doing everything in his power … to get away. That is what he was doing.”
and if you a police officer and you scared to do your duty because it might cause you to be one-on-one with someone or be physical with someone then you don't need to wear the badge sorry worked in law enforcement for 33 years never had to shoot anybody in the back
When will people get the memo to stop resisting, running from and fighting the police, all while having an illegal gun in your pants and trying to secure it while running.
Isn't it against the law to shoot someone leaving your home during a burglary? This young man from the tape was running away and not towards the officers! He didn't pose a immediate danger to the officers! I didn't see him reach for a weapon!
I don't know how to pull it up to share, but Dr. Joy Degruy sums up why we are suffering here.. No empathy, no feelings and we aren't viewed as humans... Please google this lady.. This is what we're dealing with unfortunately!!!!
🗣Sad in the fact he was shot, but he clearly had a firearm and was asked not to reach for his waist band. You decide to do the opposite then this happens sad but I’m ok with this. We all know better and the expectation to comply.
Even if he had a gun running in the opposite direction, how was he a threat to the cops? Is he sometime of superhero to shoot over his shoulder as he is running. The cops should take people for fools! They must pay for these murders of Black People!
You have the legal right to carry a pistol on your persons in the USA!!!!!!!! Police can't kill people just because they are exercising their legal right and yes people can run from police. #coldbloodedmurder
Yall can play all the justification games all you want ... their is no Honor in shooting a kid in the back... and if you think so you need to check your water lead level...its takes a special kind of murderer to shoot a kid in the back
We don't have to have an excuse for everything. When this kid ran, he gave a reason to suspect him. I'm not saying he deserved to be shot but since the officer stated someone was robbed by a gun, they had names and the kid ran...
This is not acceptable, Lord have mercy, are our black young men going to live in peace and be able to live a long?
This shyt is sad, finding a gun on him is more important than his life. TIME WILL CHANGE ALL.
You can't fear for your life running to the danger. You have to be running from danger to fear for your life.
And we still protesting, marching, and praying. None of that shit never worked. But yet someone will say pray like that have change things before.
I’m sorry he was killed, but looking at the video and what he had on him. What else was he suppose to do🤦🏽‍♀️😔
It was going to end the same no matter if he ran or not. If they patted him down he would have been shot. So the minute the call was made one or both were dead. period. Look how scary the officer was just knowing there may be a gun
I don’t care what you say.....They don’t do their own that way!!!!!!.....and never will
I'm sorry this happened to this young man but it happens more and more because these kkkops know that black folk won't fight back and do unto the kkkops and their families as they do unto us! They know that black folk will only March and pray and forgive their demon asses!
Parents talk to your kids about what to do, if stopped by the cops-Yeah, He was afraid, Now He's Dead?Isaw a Green Key Chain & NO GUN!Prayers go Out to His Family!
Shooting a person in the back while they are running away is just WRONG! And is why I shed NO tears for COPS! Nada!!
The kid ran... he made a bad choice. But anyone who says that shooting a fleeing suspect in the back is justifiable is a despicable person. "He reached for his gun while he was running" is a bogus statement. And the video actually doesn't show him reaching for it. Should he have went to jail.... Yes. Bullets in the back.... No. Just say this to yourself, and actually tell me that it makes sense: "The police shot the kid IN THE BACK THREE TIMES because he feared for his life, so it must be a justified shooting."....😒.....
As a black man a former law enforcement for 6 years... That will be called a lawful shoot. The young man did have a unregistered weapon on him that possibly just came from the crime of robbery. Remember the black cop who was giving orders to the black man while he was walking away and disobeying the orders.. The cop said I'm gonna tase you if you dont stop.. The guy turned around in a flash and pulled out a gun from his pocket and shot that officer 2 times in the arm 1 time in the neck and 1 in the vest. It's easy to say what the officer should have did.. Now this is both scenarios.. ask yourself.. Which one would you choose if you were planning to see your family!
NewsOne3 days ago

We lost Aretha Franklin one year ago today.

RIP Queen
Continue to RIP Queen of Soul
The Queen.... yes! Rest easy.
R.I.P. Queen!! You are missed!
Seems like it was only yesterday! R.I.P Queen
Continue to Rest Queen!!!
I pray you’re resting in peace Aretha
Damn, it's been a year? Wow!
R.I.P. to the Q.O.S. There will NEVER be another like her!!
NewsOne3 days ago

Javaon Ousley was only 19 and killed by an off-duty police officer in Alabama.

Prayers for the mother and his family, Dear Lord let the truth come to light and hold those accountable that need be. Lord give this mother strength, comfort and justice
So many of our young black brothers life's cut short by police officers like we're still in slavery time alone will tell
I went to college in that part of Alabama, lots of KKK members in the area and KKK members who are police officers. I would be very suspicious of anything the police say.
So no officer information? Who was this off duty officer? Who was the seller? What was the purchase that was suppose to be made? Lots of questions. 🤔
I am so confused by this article.
so police are the judge and jury and executioner okay I see how WP are seeing things now!
I need more information, there are many details. 🤔
His~ FAM" needs to handle, it! ¥
Lincoln is in the county of Talladega Alabama . The young man was killed in the city limits of Talladega. Corrupt cops are from the Lincoln area that is in Talladega Co .Hope this Helps.
Magic city classic, only do business with black owned businesses. Come together and purchase hotels or land for hotels and black owned shopping centers. We should dry out waffle house and IHOP that weekend
The article gives no details of what happened.
This story is all kinda of confusion......Gotta wait on more information before I put my opinion about it..
So the college kid shot the off duty officer in the arm? Was this a facebook sale gone wrong? These kids be trying to rob folks on these peer to peer sales. This is a young dude that tried it and was met immediately with a counter shot.
We cannot become numb to these never ending slaughterings of our kids. We must fight for accountability and justice!
I not surprised that NewsOne is "reporting" on this already, in order to rile up people with their race-baiting and irresponsible writing. One of the tenets of psychology........ It's better to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission. Of course, that does everyone a disservice, but who cares, right? Let's just make up some crap and when we're called out on it, we'll just say "Oops.... sorry." But isn't the title misleading? Shouldn't it say something like "After shooting a cop, Mr. Ousley was shot and killed."? At least, that's what the article says.
No such place as Lincoln, Florida!
Good thing Jay Z partnered with the NFL phew (RIP young brother)
Lord Jesus.
It's under investigation but of course the death threats are going on. Even though the 19 year old shot first and I am sure there were witnesses. But judgements have been passed
So sorry, Please Lord when is this going to stop, who is on our side?
They want us all opinion hes definitely not the first and definitely want be the
What high school freshmen free lanced this article... What in the hell..
If, I said it once I will say it again! Police are the KKK in uniform. They are getting away with killing our ppl.
yall look at this shyt day in and day out since Michael Brown , and you love shopping so much that no one talk about or plans a 30 million strong Boycott of all spending on a national holiday not on , Labor Day, Native American Day, Misgiving Day, or even Black Friday ...nothing not a got damn thing! WTF , yall scared that saving money for 24 hours instead of spending it will give you Ebola?? or Collective Black effort will give you AIDS?? I dont get it the major department store chains are closing from losing money and you still dont see the power of a boycott??
NewsOne3 days ago

ICYMI: The Philadelphia shooter Maurice Hill is reportedly a father of two.

Well..thoughts and prayers I guess.
Tim we need them 👮‍♀️ 👮🏽 🚓 I Agree with you on some of them but less not paint 🎨THE WHOLE FORCE.!! all you needed to see last weekend in Dayton an Texas I commanded the job they did 👮‍♀️👮🏽🚓 SAVED HUNDREDS OF LIVES..🙏🏽👍🏽
What a great Man whom happened to make a little mistake Im Praying for you Mr Hill 😁
But this article is so slanted it’s not even funny. At any rate, WOW this dude was taken alive after all that? Amazing.
What a waste... Another child is gonna grow up without a father... They are going to charge him with several counts of attempted murder, among a whole slew of other charges both federal and state... He will be out when he is so old, he can hardly move or he will die in prison...
I’m pretty sure any gun that he had wasn’t obtained legally. Which is why I keep saying gun control laws is for controlling the sale of legally obtained guns. Any law pertaining to guns that saves the life of even 1 person is good, but the sale of illegal guns is going to be hard to control. I doubt that stiffer penalties would work. The stiffest penalty they can probably give someone is the death penalty and we see how that doesn’t steer people clear of committing heinous crimes. But if it saves a life I’m all for trying anything, because these families are tired of “thoughts and prayers “ they want action.
Gail Jones
I find it unsettling that people on this website are rooting for Mr. Hill to kill cops.... Personally, I don't believe in the "attempted" murder charge. What? You should get a lesser sentence because you're a bad shot or the victim just got lucky? It's still the intent. This guy should be been shot on the spot. Evil is evil. No excuse.
Serving a warrant for Narcotics. When is the law going to serve warrants on the pink nationalists and the kkk. For the mayhem in gilroy ,El Paso ,and Ohio
Black man shoots at police and was still taken alive yall got alot of explaining to do I know this broke yalls hearts , comments below please
He is a hero ❤️❤️ he stood up to the police even though he was wrong and has a long criminal record. Black power
Being a black criminal is cool to the ladies street creds
Damn ! Damn ! Damn Maurice just when we was winning u do this itttch!
He shoots at the police and lives but the police will shoot an unarmed black man I'm confused
The saying Mass Shooting is getting thrown around a lot.
More Proof that gun laws won’t stop people from getting guns.🤔
He can't aim worth a damn......smh.....cops äre demons, it good to see them getting a dose of their own medicine.
Um this episode of chopped is so good rn
He just and outlaw what else we need to know
Stop having babies by these men. 👎🏽🤷🏽‍♀️
Laws don't stop criminals.
NewsOne3 days ago

Jay Z is getting some heat for his deal with the NFL after how they treated Colin Kaepernick.

No...he's making sure we still have a seat at the Commissioner's table. Don't get caught up in yo feelings on this one. Plus we really don't know what kind of deal Kap inked with the league because his mouth has been censored as to the details of his settlement. So, can WE pass any harsh judgement without all of the facts? But it does appear to be questionable at best but just relax homies.
Please note
Wanna see a braindead zombie Look here. Native girl. Singing the national anthem. At a redskins game. With a Redskins Jersey on.... Take all the time you need.
So it’s ok that Kaepernick still want to play in the NFL.. as soon as he get the call, his running to that field. So wait Eric got the call first, you know the one, that was in the lawsuit with him. The one that kneeled with him. Who now plays for the Panthers, signed a new 22mill contract this year. He not a sellout tho, even tho his boy still not working🤔 But Jayz backs him too, took a PARTNERSHIP with the NFL, not playing but part owner, his a sellout tho🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ YALL CRAZY AS HELL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
As far as I know - part of the deal was Jay Z gaining access to a social justice platform within the NFL giving African American players a voice. Maybe he’s trying to help? And probably add a little something in his pocket too? Either way I’m curious to see how it plays out.
Lmao ppl calling Hov a sellout, why? Kaep and the NFL settled their issue, current players and NFL addressed the Natl Anthem issue. Now y’all mad that Roc Nation partners with the league when y’all were just saying they need to have stronger black voices, representation, etc. Our community swears they want change but as soon as black celebrities start making those types of moves they are labeled as uncle toms and sellouts. Can’t have it both ways. Hopefully, it turns out to have a good influence on the league.
Didn't Colin capitalize off is protest from Nike 🤔... Didn't Colin settle with the NFL? Didn't Colin put out a video saying he's staying ready to play? So he wants to partner with a team to help them win that's why he's still working out but Jay Z is a "sellout" for his partnership 🤔 that makes no sense to me. The NFL still employs black people right? So why wouldn't Jay Z partner with a league that has most black players? Colin took money from Nike and Nike is one of the NFL'S major sponsors..LOL...anyway I say carry on Jay Z don't pay any attention to this "niggerrism"
Whatever the priorities of the deal are....we dont even know yet and to what extent his position will be but yet already there is an outcry that he is selling out! This is absurd, and even more foolish coming from "active"NFL players. I agree totally with what Jay-Z stated ...whats next? The kneeling has been done and the statement and awareness has been brought to what do we do mext. It's not about Kaepernick being shut out and not employed in the NFL anymore, its about why he kneeled...Jay Z has a reason for doing this and until then we all should be mindful that Black Men are still playing in the NFL and signing big contracts.....time for the kneeling to end and also the protests....time for some action...and remember a silent burglar is more likely to achieve his goal than one who makes a lot of noise.......move in silence and your achievements will create more noise than imagined
You short sighted negros is the reason why revolutions fail. Jay-z is already a billionaire. He never needed the nfl. Go back and listen to 4:44...go back and listen to his hot 97 grammy family freestyle! this dude has a vision for black America you just can't see because you're so used to black failure. If I'm wrong then so be it but, I think he's working on something major for our black athletes. Just give it some time. Julian Harrison
So let me get this right it's OK for Kappernick to still want to play in the league after how they did him, but it's not ok for Jay-Z to partner with them
Kaepernick brought attention. Now Jay Z will do the work. Simple as that. We cannot keep kneeling endlessly. At some point we have to get up and start working. NFL teams aren't just sport teams. There are places of work/businesses. We cannot force them to hire Kaepernick if they don't want to. We gotta move past that...
Did jay z sell out Kaep....get the f outta here with that bullshit. You know who sold Kaep out Any NFL player who didn’t stick by him or stopped taking a knee.
The fact that most of yall dont know the true amount of what Kaepernick got paid out of the settlement just shows how many people really didn't follow the story.. all these complaints are based of personal emotions and that's the shit that holds back a lot of us.. Be logical, not emotional folks.
I think the NFL was brilliant to make Jay-Z the face of social injustices not that Jay-Z needed the NFL to stand on that platform but the nfl can now hide behind Jay-Z and Jay-z can make money and artist can now say yes to perform when ask for the super bowl and ratings can go back up. I say it's a win win for them both. Now What would have made sense to me is for the NFl to make Colin the face of the NFL for social injustices but I guess that's to much like doing the right thing.Jay-Z said now is the time to stop kneeling (least that what I got out of it) So does that mean the police will stop killing unarmed people of color? Does it mean that white bigots will stop calling the police on people of color who's mining their own business? I'm just asking.
Jay z is smart he know what he is doing and has brought that situation he didn't forget about what keap did he just taking the next step that's congrats Jay & half of yall forgot what the kneeling was about becuz I know y'all still watch football and their still many black men playing the damn GAME SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!
So what exactly did the NFL do; Kaps argument wasn't with the or about the NFL. He chose the NFL's platform to protest about police and injustice. Why should the NFL be punished, if the issue he had wasn't about them. They paid for what they did to him and he accepted the money. This is was not supposed to be about Kaepernick, Now it is.
Neither side looks good in this shit. The NFL wants Super Bowl entertainment shored up, Hov is the glorified entertainment coordinator. All those Trump supporters/hypocrites in the mix, Hov looks like “the Black friend” they can point @ when charged with racism and insensitivity.
We don’t know what the plans or details are yet, do we ? Jay has been a smart businessman so I’ll see what he does with this b4 judging him!!!!
Since African Americans weren't standing together on the reason for what Kaepernick was trying to do Jay Z figured he could come up with a solution. Let's wait and see.
Jay Z put himself on the inside. He is going to make it happen on the inside. He said it's time for the kneeling to stop and let the action begin. He's a billionaire for a reason AND he's not going to leave his people behind. Nothing in Jay's moves have ever been to go against his people. Y'all should be ashamed to be honest.
They did this with Jay only to get their fan base back. And people fell for it.
If Jay Z is a sell out for working with the NFL... then so are ALL THE BLACK players collecting Millions from the! I dont see one player quiting the NFL.. as a matter of fact...Kap mad that he no longer in the league! Get yo money Jay!
Colin Kaepernick, thank you for bringing attention to police brutality, by kneeling. You will forever be the face of selflessness and sacrifice. Now we will have to be patient to see how Jay-z deal plays out.
NewsOne3 days ago

Nipsey Hussle would have been 34 years old today.

And his fam wanted a private celebration cause none of those moguls millionaires and talking heads , that were at his funeral cn=ontinued his legacy of STEM programs for Black youth, nor did they unite to have a Private Investigation of his death and why the police gave cover to the get away driver !
Happy birthday & R.I.P.
NewsOne3 days ago

Streets is watching and Jay probably hears the people talking, but you can’t knock the hustle. Or can you?

I think that's a smart move he's doing 🤷‍♂️ he cud be the inside man that cud mak moves that the average person can't make
Having a seat at the table doesn't change the rules of the game.
Jay rap a few lines for yall every few years for the streets...he not in the streets though...he is a millionaire and his bottom line is money.
I've boycotted the NFL for 3 years and I've been an avid football fanatic for 45 years. In addition, I personally know 8 NFL players, including the Twins. The NFL owners are all loyal to trump and their billions in profits, which is why Kaepernick was blackballed. If the NFL was sincere in their claim of equality, Kaepernick would be on someone's team. In 2019, we're still looking to the oppressor in order to be free. Jay-Z is simply a means to bring Black loyalty back to the NFL.
You can’t change the Game, unless you’re in the Game! Ppl on the sidelines have opinions, suggestions, ideas and solutions but none of that matters because you’re not at the table.
If Jay Z plans isn't to assist Colin K. .... Or the community at large ---brother bye!
folks who still believe Jay-She "is doing something for them" deserve to be deceived.
To say this deal is a disappointment is a major understatement. Jay Z is the devil, Working on this deal for over a year while Colin Kap has no part in this and he should... He should be the face of this Not Jay Z. Wow
So many people complaining about Jay Z have never actually boycotted the NFL. They still watch the games.
Lost all respect for you Jay I truly thought you were a real soldier for in the army for REAL JUSTICE how does working with the NFL help people of color for starters Colin Kaepernick is still not employed that should have been your first order of any conversation much more deal smdh
We dont know all of the details. JayZ is always looking out for the ppl. Always. He makes big moves with big planned out ideas. You have to have a seat at the table to know what's going on. For example, how some are bad mouthing this move but, guess what WE weren't at the table!!!
This the same one who did a deal with Barney’s after that racial profiling incident a few years back... he been FOE.
Shout to Hóv !! “ forever simple minds, forever stay simple “ ... None of his moves have been understood !! Just the results ... “ I will not lose “ ... Has he yet ???
First of all, the black players themselves NEVER BOYCOTTED the NFL. So it's about time there's a bridge for true dialogue moving forward. Get out yall feelings lol
As a whole we need to chill... we don't know what's at stake as a whole... there could be greater things lined up but we are so quick to anger... you can't revel your hand when your trying to make moves.
Jay Z pulled an Al Charlatan/Messy Jessie move. First they protest to get the attention of the oppressor & then the oppressor meet with them to buy them off & silence the movement & in the end nothing gets accomplished. Jay Z had all of y'all 'not me' fooled. This dude isn't about Black empowerment..
I'm not judging but in all honesty I do have questions considering he was anti NFL and a firm supporter of KAP. Being that Kap was unaware of the business decision/ collaboration I do want to know the intent? As Kap knelt for social injustice, still not offered a role, no input from Jay, what really is it about? I watched the video stating Jay Z was a part of the entertainment piece of halftime but if you are standing for social injustice is that also part of the collaboration. I will never question someone about their life or business ventures. I would like to know how this all fits into social injustice, player scrutiny, salaries, right to exercise their 1st Amendment. Maybe it's not? Maybe Jay Z is just adding to his viable income. I would just like to know a little more. Do people know how to have intelligent conversations without taking jabs or insulting the other person? There really is a way to disagree without being curt or crass.
JayZ Did not sell out, he bought in. Period. He is Daddy to none of you! Get ya own issue and make a difference.
the best way to change something is from the inside. I think his track record should give him the benefit of the doubt
This is what it’s about tho. Sitting down with those that got the power to change shyt. We can’t do it from the hood we need that. I commend this man for trying. A lot of rappers all talk but no action. St least he trying!!!! Where y’all favorite lame ass rappers at?!?!?
It's a business move! Period! This is not for the people! Let's be clear on this.
No foe? Kaep shot all of his supporters in the foot when he accepted that bargain. Jay z and others said IF HE GETTING HIS, WHY NOT GET MINES?
I cant knock the hustle. Sometimes I think do we really want to see each other succeed we are the first tear each other down before we raise each other up
NewsOne4 days ago

Macy Castleman and Jayde Landers have been outed as white supremacists.

I would love to see them try! I would do so many unspeakable things to them.....
We are NOT our ancestors. Don't try it with me, it will be a very unwise decision....
This was you three years and this is still you today!
Please, I volunteer. Ever hear of Nat Turner?
Poor little airhead cupcake is only repeating what she has heard at home and in her circle of friends.
Sad sad sad, folks just don’t want to accept the fact that people of color are smart, brilliant, intelligent, go getters, out spoken, professionals, the list can go on and on, and on top of that we are not going anywhere and definitely not going to be slaves to anyone. We are looking at just plain ignorance in these individuals that are bored & nothing else to do but sprew hate!
Read God’s word of. Their ignorance truly blinds them. Those who held us captive, shall surely be taken captive. 2 And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and the house of Israel shall possess them in the land of the Lord for servants and handmaids: and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭14‬:‭2‬ KJV)
What they don't understand we are not our ancestors. Bring it...
I don't think the school system needs to say anything. The parents do.
We're already familiar with their thinking. That's the nature of the beast. I'm more concerned with Newsone posting this information; why give these people a platform?
They’ll issue an apology and their parents will say “they’re good girls that wasn’t raised that way”...blah,blah,blah
There's gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing ~ B.I.G.
Just give me 5 minutes alone with each of them and I do not need a weapon my hands will work just fine. I would truly give you a Brooklyn beat down.
It is so sad that they don't realize that the white woman was also in slaved. She had to accept the mixed child when the master bought his mixed child to the big house. Be careful white women what you ask for. How do you think we as black Americans got our different color
Unfortunately, they won't learn anything, and they will be held up as victims of PC culture by their fellow Nabiscans.
Oh she doesn't know. Slavery will come back and they will be on the receiving end. Prophecy read it for yourself.
It’s always funny until the video surfaces! And then it’s the same old statement...”that’s not who I am” yes, yes it is! 🤦🏽‍♂️
The i have black family members line is old. Glad their faces are shown. No more hiding.
All y’all claiming what you would do but all these police murderers still got their jobs and families-where all the Nat Turners at for them 🤨🤷🏾‍♀️
Scary thing is that I was visiting family at a New Jersey military base and at a party as we were leaving a military officer said “ well I’m off to my KKK meeting “ They are not hiding anymore!! They are making their racism known!! But they will definitely come across the wrong one!!
Them tables gonna be turned tho 😆 we are NOT our ancestors.
Okay. There’s gonna be another inside joke when they catch them beautiful brown skin hands to the face. They’ll realize how soft and amazing black women’s skin is and also how them fists hurt. The moment will be immaculate. But they can’t get mad when they’re inside the hospital in the ICU, ya know why? Because it’ll be an inside joke.
If I was her mother, even if she was an adult and heard this come out of her mouth, she would be over my fucking knee learning what a real whipping is all about.
Yes we should and let them who thinks it's a joke see exactly what it feels like!
She has no idea that she and all who attempt to bring about slavery would get severely fucked up in the process......many of us are NOT the church going submissives that they assume we are............we would see how funny that shit would be as she'd be getting her ass stomped out..........
NewsOne shared a post.4 days ago
NewsOne4 days ago

The Philadelphia shooter Maurice Hill is reportedly a father of two.

Wow, he spoke to him father to father. Praying for the negotiator and this young man who clearly just needed a listening ear. Happy no one was killed!
He needs a good therapist and rehabilitation, then he can be released back out. 😂
All we need to know is he still alive in his cell?
Amazing...he taken alive...
Well he got away from being slaughtered. especially shooting back at those police officers. glad everyone came out alive ,
Waiting for the president to say mental illness was behind this.
Missing fathers in the home causes a lot of mental issues. I hope he gets the help he needs!!
Quite sure he feared for his life, and acted in self-defense, right?!! I mean... Does it work both ways?!!
I'm SURPRISED they didnt burn down the whole city block, remember the M.O.V.E. clusterFK from the 80's.
The only reason this black man is alive is because of all the news cameras around. Had this been a typical arrest, the cops would have been took him out. I guess they don’t fear for their lives when they are being shot at? Only when it’s a busted tail light, a child playing, people asleep in vehicles or breaking up fights.
How much you want to bet they beat him to death in custody and then he “commits suicide”.....let’s keep an eyes on this one b/c I’m SHOCKED Maurice is alive.
Set up a gofundme page for this Black Warrior.
Poor fellow. Have mercy and compassion on him. He must be suffering from Mental Illness. It's not his fault for what he did...😏😏
1st off, we need to wait until the investigation runs it’s course, we don’t know what happened before the news camera started rolling. We also need to know his background, that takes a toll on men, he’s obviously got some mental health issues so he needs help. Also, what video games has he played throughout his life? Those violent games can do a LOT to alter people’s psyche.
Where's the picture of the Dayton Ohio killer?
Well we know his aim needs some improvement
He is mental ill from all the times they put him in jail instead of treating him and he was afraid for his life. He had a rough childhood that which lead him to this phase in his life. I believe that is what is when the shooter is someone of a different complexion. So I am going to use that excuse as well.
That situation was a hoax. Those were movie blood packs. 1. Since when do Black men an women get the chance to come out alive? 2. Since when do they raid in the middle of the afternoon unless there's some type of imminent danger going on...drugs really?!
This guy is a hero so what he had a long history of violence and guns. Set him free
That pic came out fast. Imma wait for all the facts to come out before I make a judgement
Now I will say he had mental issues. The man has charges stemming from the age 18.
The radical, right-wingers are already trying to link him to the BLM movement. Nevermind there's zero evidence, still that's the narrative this morning. No doubt the WH will be spreading the same hypothesis. :/
Did they take him to Burger King like they did Dylan Roof? You know the white boy that killed the Charleston 9 in the AME Church.
I want the news to put out the same information on this black man that they put out for the two white guys that shoot up the bar and Walmart , say he was a troubled man
Sorry for the officers. But we all know, it was a traffic stop..he would be dead.
NewsOne4 days ago

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is demanding gun control.

Philadelphia mayor wants gun control when six cops get shot, but is silent when over 500 people were killed in mass shootings this year. Hypocritical BS.
There's a serial shooter citizen or cop or supremist in Philly bec every morning the news reports a shooting that NEVER gets solved. Always under investigating. Register all weapons and ammunition and charge insurance for each like automobiles. You'll slow then cut shootings/killings/murders by leaps&bounds!
2nd amendment rights!
Wish i could be alive when armed militias go against the system. Boston tea party in the 21st century oh yeah its coming.
Until the Senate and House agree to change the constitution. This will remain a conversation about gun control. We are a country of complex laws that local, state, and federal have different interpretations. So don’t hold your breath on gun control, it something that we were cursed with bye our forefathers.
And anyone that follows him on this is ignorant. Philly has some of the toughest gun laws
Give decent people the straight rights to carry a weapon law abiding citizens all these mass shooting would not happen if the suspect know's that every person may have a weapon the suspects would think twice just open the books of cowboys and cowgirls life
Wasn't he a felon? If so that should tell you GUN LAWS DON'T WORK! It's not gun problem but heartless problem!
Defend your Second Amendment right don’t go for this nonsense
Wait wasnt this guy black and shot 6 cops but was still TAKEN ALIVE WOW YALL got some explaining to do now?????????
Who, from the police???
I see...
They always do when the rabbit has the gun. Black Panthers in Cali....remember?
No matter who you are never give up your guns. Learn from history of other nations that have given up their guns. Governments change and turn on people. I can name 15 right now that are giving their populace hell. Never give up your guns.
Can you say protect your rights and key word out of hands of criminal or illegally owned arms you would get more cops killed trying to take people's weapons
He is right , republicans have been working for the NRA ever since Reagan .
So obviously true!!!!!!!!
If the government is so corrupt why yall want them to disarm us? This should be something that brings folks together but newsone ain't about that shite
Can you say, NRA 💰💰💰💰🤬🤬
Mayor of Philadelphia needs to worry about those racist cops on the force and then about the guns .... CLEAN UP THE FORCE! GET THE BIGOTS OUT!
NS Sherlock
I wonder did he want gun control when the dude shot up the Jewish church?
Texas will now losen it's gun laws after 4 of the deadly shootings have already taken place in that state. Because the way to stop a bad person with a gun is to have a good person with a gun. Well i guess there are no good people there with a gun since its already a open and carry state but no good person with a gun ever shows up.
NewsOne4 days ago

ICYMI: The writing is on the wall but no one wants to read it.

This is America.

The acceptances is real. I’m now suspicious of this very type ... this picture... More so than their kind are suspicious of my people and people of color. My how things come full circle. He’s the poster child of a threat to society not us and society acts as if it’s not so but it is. The truth always comes to the light. When I’m in public now I’m watching for the white male
Everyone 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ I hope they get some help, and soon!!!!
I'm assuming he's at Peachford getting "help". He's likely a troubled child with daddy issues and just needs help. We know damn well if this child was black what the narrative would be and he damn sure wouldn't have gotten bail.
It is sad and my spirit grieves when young black men are gunned down on the streets for doing way less than that young man did. Just yesterday one of our young men was gunnud down and killed while running from the police. He was in their custody, panicked and began running. So where was the threat the kid was running away from the police.
The entire idea of bail is so wrong. Innocent people have to wait in jail because they don't have $
Meanwhile Kalief Browser was in jail for 3 yers over a backpack he didn’t even take. America is 🗑.
Another one in training, no help for this young man.
Welcome to America. Free
He's not lying...
The new face of evil.
Why not ? They are told over and over that they have the right to hate and kill . It’s their heritage .
So what is being done about him!???
Released? Good Lord🤦‍♀️
Horrible! We can expect to see him in the news.
Y'all know what they do but who's the fool🤔? You all for sending your kids into that type of environment knowing it's a whole system that's not in your best interest or those who continuously allow terrorist free to have a chance at a Mass Shooting.
Like I’ve said before, I’d rather goto a inner city hood school ANY day, than a suburban or rural school, they ain’t shooting up the schools in the hood. And his ass bet not show up to a hood school on that BS, all kinds of guns coming out of backpacks...
So are they going to give him the mental health treatment he needs or are they going to wait for him to do it so they can blame the gun again....
Menace to society! Keep your eyes open and your head on swivel if you encounter this dude
Empty eyes . Listen to what he says.
He's gonna do EXACTLY what he said he'd do. Folk better pay attention.
Well make sure he stay in his neighborhood when the shooting starts!
And wait for it..........🤯