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Which R&B influenced Pop album did you enjoy more? Ariana Grande's debut or Bruno Mars most recent project?

Nijia Vaughn Bruno I enjoyed more as for Ariana I don't even see her as R&B. I just see her as a teeny bopper who plays around with trends that are known in our community in music.
David Parker Bruno Mars, I love the 90s R&B feel to the album. "Straight Up & Down" is the best.
Catherine Angelillo Bruno brings funk to his heavily influenced 80s-90s rnb sound
Timeka Michele Bruno Mars❤ most definitely but i liked AG's as well
Fabienne Faye B Buntschu Bruno!!
Candace J Osborne Bruno Mars!!
Midnightkoffe Radioshow Bruno is Influenced by Funk not Pop
Ashton AshtnMrtn Weekes Why her debut and not her most recent? Dangerous Woman was great!
Mix Andthecity BM! ✊🏽👍🏽✌🏽️
Lynn Lewis bruno
Raheem Davis AG's debut but both are great
Derrick Dunn Bruno
Brittany Smith Bruno. Finesse is such a gem.
Darryl Ramsey Bruno
TonyBoy KingDutty B
Lewis Williams Bruno
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Musiq Soulchild
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Musiq Soulchild Kindred the Family Soul Lyfe Jennings Musiq Soulchild
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NE-YO Nikki Loraine

Nijia Vaughn talent everywhere in the family =) shared a link.3 days ago
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Musiq Soulchild WillieHyn
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Quincy Al B. Sure!

Dazario Bjorlie the only glaring miscast in the new edition movie is they should have cast quincy in the role as his father al b!
Adds LøVë He's beautiful but he can not sing ...
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Teedra Moses
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Charlie Wilson
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DJ Jazzy Jeff Glenn Lewis
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Kevin Ross
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Elijah Blake

Diego Giovannettone srsly <3
Jomil Pilan Camp Pure Fahrenheit
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0:37: Singers who can’t actually sing
10:25: 90’s R&B groups that don’t get enough love
13:35: Keyshia Cole’s new project
18:56: Keyshia Cole blocked us on Twitter?
20:50: Veterans incorporating trap music in their songs
25:08: Trey Songz new dating...
For Some Reason Keyshia Cole Hates Us - YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #40
0:37: Singers who can’t actually sing 10:25: 90’s R&B groups that don’t get enough love 13:35: Keyshia Cole’s new project 18:56: Keyshia Cole blocked us on T...
Nijia Vaughn Ed be sounding like me let me hear your vocals homey LOL 😛 love this videos.
Amber Myá Ricks Wait what Keyshia Cole blocked you guys on Twitter? What!!!
Regina Fisher She can't sing, so what's the problem
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We had a great interview with Gordon Chambers tonight before his performance at #SolVillage shared a link.6 days ago
Denny Sutton Oh shit!!! I'm so ready for this!!!
Jon Betts Interesting combo.
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Check out these photos we took at the Lloyd concert in Canada.
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Vanessa White
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Jermaine Cole recently announced a mysterious Atlanta artist who’s been hiding in plain sight would be the next Dreamer he would be pushing. Here's what you can anticipate.

Quinton Xvi
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EXCLUSIVE: The Gang Starr DJ gives an update on his MC Eiht collaboration and new music from Torii Wolf.
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A case of he said, he said (but he kinda said it).

Imoimion Le'Alchemist Imoukhuede I actually hope Kanye said it! I am so ready for Drake to Meek Mill his career. #backtoback2 #sooverkanye
Summer Withers Even if he didn't say it, it's true. Im so sick of his voice.
Michael Cianciotta On other reason the guy is a device accompanied by vinegar used to clean vaginas. Move to Toronto then say he's not overplayed.
Brandon Emanuel He said the song 'for free' was overplayed not Drake himself. Learn some literature idiots.
Ryan Bullock Lol we all heard you say it. Send the cunt back to the mental institute
Art Ish That's the last NEW FASHION,DENIAL in everybody's faces like Trump 😂
Aaron Solorzano Deadass Drake is overplayed asl like that's what's on the radio half the god damn time and that is why i stopped listening to it no variety
Mark Shall Matter Maybe they keep playin his shit to analyze why this lame ass song get a lot of attention ha ha!
Mogomotsi Hendrick Mdidimba he should be trying to beat Jay-Z by making Triplets or something
Ace Yon In one universe he said it, in another he didn't. Then these realities collide, n mix. Only logical reason.
Phillip Culver Lol. Well, shit. Is he not?
Dana Lecocq This clown must be jealous
Beezy Curtis Kanye slow as fuck
Justin Jones Drake is overplayed..
Christopher Fondakowski Drake is overplayed
Nate Driskill He faking
Ron Lona O'Brien Joshua Anderson
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Who knows what the "Classic Man" could have cooked up had this dropped in a timely manner.
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This time it's model Winnie Harlow.

Mogogi Dwayne Morebodi I thought he was dating Jennifer Lopez,is he ever gonna settle down damn?I don't be feeling this routine of moving from one partner to's not even funny no more..maybe its the money all he just sees are whores instead of real women
Michael Cianciotta At least you dummies are off Azealia Banks. Her payola money run out?
Aaron Solorzano Biggest hypocrite in the game talking bout love in every song n shit, but then he move on too fast like a hoe smh. Playing y'all for fools
Paul Green Who cares
David Buck It's not cus of his looks
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Plus a FaceTime video between Kodak Black and the bratty "Cash Me Ousside" girl, music from Local-Mu12, Lil Durk, Your Old Droog, Slim Thug and more.
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Sorry folks, it's not happening.

Travon Trey Trey Cleveland Let's be honest. Hardly anyone actually thought it was gonna happen
Ahmed Ali Pretty weird cause hes undefeated and has more experience than soulja *cough* Rihanna *cough*
Willie Person Why would he..... participate In a boxing match with a d list celebrity.... if I'm Chris I would of never went back and forth with up on him when I see him if it's that's serious and let it be what ever it was
Jasmine Monique He said he wasn't going to do it because it basically turnt until something NEGATIVE.And the stuff with Karrueche, he did stuff to her while they was together the other is he say,she say.but she just now want to say something about it,after all the time.But yet kept taking him back until he had a baby on her..
Michael Williams Chris takes the automatic L anybody but soulja & Bow Wow can get a pass but if anyone of them niccas had the audacity & NUTZ to call somebody out and you don't accept don't Eva talk about what you gon do nomo next time you jump a female niggaz ought BEAT THE BREAKS OFF YO AS you took the WORSE L EVA AWARD👊
Drey B. Ezonem He said Solja boy kept calling him late night telling him when they fight he's going head first for his balls ...I would punked out too
Mickey Dee Richard All i can think about reading this is 50 cent double crossin, 2 faced ass, the nigga was all on soulja boy dick before him and Chris got into it, then he wanna bet against him on the fight, Damn I can't stand that 50 smh
Mark Anthony Miles Wack 100 bullshit got in the way broke ass tryna get money off them but Wack wanted 50 out Chris roll with 50. 50 told Chris not to sign lets tour gets this bag. Wish Taxstone would of checked Wack 100 before he got arrested. Wack use to carry Suge's bags and wash his drawls in the Deathrow days. Wack was Suge's mini me but came out retarded like Brian on Family Guy making clones they were crater faced and retarded.
Tommy Hilliard Wow.. Like I didn't know this, u can beat up one female, threaten another, but won't box one that look like a girl at least..
Dean Jean Soulja Boy said "you are never gone to get yo bitch back." I'm sorry. Ive been on Instgram world wide and if these rich famous MF's are trippin over one chick (that's out for his pockets anyway) then these niggas are LAME AF... !!
T'mone Davis What? Man this nigga, I guess soujA was right, he all talk
Johnny Kush Last time he got in a fight.. he got shot and died.. his older brother went off to college and stomp the yard with his fraternity brothers..
Farid Nassar Dudes aint nothing but a bunch of social media clowns. #smh
Pedro Feijoo Yeah, in a recent interview, he said and I quote "I only fight females".
Lee Robinson I'll fight both these hoes for half a mill
Koen Kulk Talk a bout backing off , why did you have such a big mouth , your a fucking pussy for not going through with it bitch
Cliff Bernadel C.Brown is a smart man ,#1 rule in the book)NEVER FIGHT A CRACKHEAD!,cause they got demon STRENGTH!
Richard Mendez I never thought it happen but really you ducking Soulja? How lame is that G
Kwashawn Elias Smith lmao, man. i knew this was another distraction.😅 go on somewhere.👍🏾
Casey Annett Cuz he's a bitch ass coward that beats on women. He ain't fighting no dudes. Punk!!!!
Steve Jordan this nigga don't want to fight skinny ass Soulja boy but he wants to kill karreuche? thats some bitch ass shit!!!
Jonny Cash Beat girls not men smh Chris man up g wtf son come on b keep it g 50 son this nigga on some real shit b
Ismaaeel Lee Tbh, we all knew this wasn't gonna happen. It was a cute thought tho lol.
Denzel Ulgrayno Fuck yall he is a father now can he please do what' the fuck he likes???? Thank you!!!💯🚶
Jake Johnson Christine Ceplecha I believe we bet. And I bet on BIG Soulja, Officer Soulja, The Soulja that's good in the hood, Superman, YUUUU. So pay up. shared Snoop Dogg's live video.6 hours ago
Snoop Dogg
#GETOUT movie screening hosted by my homie Trent Clark frm ✨👀 Q n A. spoiler alert !!
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Get that money.

Animalistic Luis DeJesus Fake. How Nintendo can fix inside disk tray Xbox?
Ace Yon But can anyone buy zero-point energy?
Emmanuel Kamara Smart guy really knows how to win
Patrice Ash Corinna Holden THE KING
Sherman Bernard Tam Le mogul
Q-nel Nelson Quarmey
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She also says he physically assaulted her.

Eneree Cranford Jr. But.....but.....he actually told yall he would do it. “If I love you, bitch, ain’t nobody gon’ have you,” he said. “Imma make you miserable. Imma chase that nigga out, Imma chase your ass around.”
Eneree Cranford Jr. People assume she is lying even though he got mad at Game, Soulja Boy and others just for talking to her. He's commented plenty of times on her posts....but yall believe Chris?? I digress....he can make good music though right?
Sam Kole Damn if he really did assault her during relationship it's good that she didn't bring it up then. He would have missed out on a tour and an album
Abuti Tee Staytrue Chris you rich,young and good looking... leave that chick and go fuck some groupies
Rodney Jordan Men y'all need to look out because it's men behind these tricks that coming after you. Because of your money all of them are for a beat and a bomb nothing more and nothing less.
Sam Ryan Chris Trump. Lies and blames media. Lol. He ain't have a hit in years.
Jasmine Monique But after all this time she saying this? Why? Because he dont talk about ya ass nomore?
Pedro Feijoo Dumb fucking kid, if you know he has a history of abusing woman, why the hell are you with him???? 🤔 #UseYourFuckingHead
Andy McNeill That douchebag at it again? Get him Soulja!!!! Somebody needs to wallop this fool! Who is she? Damn she's fine!! 😳
Brian Beatty they never learn....
Thabzaa KillerMic This girl needs a life wtf she she really wana be famous
Kysha Aviel Why would u hook up with a maniac in the first place? Just cuz he famous n rich dnt mean he a damn sweetheart. Boohoo
Isaiah Reese Sr. Simp.
Steven Parsons OMFG !! Hurry Soulja !! You gotta save her man !!!!
Eric Chia Lies
Kent Reed This is real fake news.
Thomas Glenn Juarez Download all the songs for free and read the bio
James Singewald Surprise, surprise...
Aaron Castillon You dont say?? 🤔😂
Phillip J. Woods Chris brown is gonna wind up on the ID channel
Damon Golds Well he's done it before so you can't say it's not a possibility
Godsveryown OB Chris's fans be sayin a lie ..r u karrueche's body guards
Kyle Haines Dillon No shit. He's a loon.
Kamarcus Talton Chris Brown is a fuck boy
Erik Snipz
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We are giving away a $25 iTunes Gift Card AND a pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones!
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Who will pop up this year?
HipHopDX.com9 hours ago

Alongside Mannie Fresh, Baby also gave an update on the rumored Apple Music documentary focusing on the early years of Cash Money.

Anthony McLeod Thought "If Your Reading This" was Drake's last album on Cash Money???
Reggie Scott I love the early years of cash money from 2002 to 2017 I hate cash money I'm very glad Tyga left that bullshit Ass label
Julian Carter Pfayira Weezy where the shit at man been waiting on some classics.
Tony Porter Jr. Cash Money.Make Great Music.Baby has an Ear?Tight MC's hella tight Production.Yah Digg.
Alexander Tomlinson I'd rather see an early No Limit Records documentary
Kevin Frank Birdman full of shit
Phenyo Phexzino Bafino Segone last year thy weezy gonna release under roc nation?
Sergi Garcia Gracia free CV
Anon Pakdimounivong Ya right
Tshidiso Shimza Nhlapo Just drop C5 we will believe you
Sean Turner It better be Carter V
Julian Ju Ju Smalls Don't they do that every year🤔😂
Wil M. Flythe Bird man..ite
Charmaine Shaniqua Williams Look at my baby doing his t h I n g, How he doing?
J'honny Luck Josh Evans
Ryan Vanhalteren Brian Wiebe
Michael Timothy Grant As So Be right artist money starts off the New Years with young and RICH promotions on my single song dropping soon you mob (young and Rich hustle) mixed and mastered by The Pharmacy Studio c/o Vita D. #ShareShareTag #KeepTheSupportAlive #WorkingEveryday # #google # #play # #store bye Mike GRANT
Quinton Xvi
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EXCLUSIVE: The Mass Appeal signee speaks on Detroit's music scene.

Bobby Smitz Real talk heard some of dude lycrics, but Detroit underground gets no airplay or support from its local radio stations
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He's used to this.

Dustin Shakespeare Lol this motherfucker putting out a bunch of trash albums to fulfill the terms of Rocko's lawsuit. And by trash, I mean even worse trash than his other albums.
Paul Mahoney Didndjsiudhebhsu djdiurbdjsi hsudibe, thats his greatest line lol
Adam Lee High quality trash music! Retards and dope fiends love his music tho
RaShon Robinson His music is rumored to suck.
Rahul Manik look at all these keyboard warriors...
Devon Tanaka Makotore Future never sleep. Going hard with that Draco 🔥
Thomas Jones Shits gonna bang harder than that time the Falcons beat the Patriots 25 to nothing.
Mbape Nestor I love some his music tho.Big up future
Sam Kole Damn he really tryna have the top album
David Gurbacki Why they use a picture of snoop tho? Smh
Rogelio Gomez But his music garbage
Saul Marquez When u wack u can do that
Michael Kuhn Future is trash
Thomas Caldwell It's easy when you AIN'T SAYING SHIT!!!
Shannon Tennison Hopefully it's better
Killed Kayvn friday done lit,stay woke
Aaron Joseph Rumor has it no one will buy it
Miguel Morales More hot garbage coming...
Josh Mehan 👎🏻
Jasmany Leon I hope it better then wack ass future album lmfao
Jorge Ezequiel Please just retire!!
Carlos Contreras Zhejdb was kdbsksk I'm so used to this
Maleek Jackson Who fucking cares my nigga
Raúl Villatoro Trash
Mavusana Stephen Oh no! Not more trash plz
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People could learn a thing or two from this kid.

Hal Fields #salute to Jarrius and the Colonel P 💯
HipHopDX.com11 hours ago

J. Cole is (probably) coming to a venue near you.

Siya Buthelezi Disapointed he aint even dropping by to 1 African city when he have die hard fans like myself , tickets were soldout minutes after being sold here but its ayt maybe next tym .
Josh Saenger A venue near me? Yeah its across the street from my place actually
Rohan Raj Niranjan Nayar find the Brooklyn show date and peep where he's at before that... Mans playing games with us 😥
Youssef Haisenberg Listened to this album while on the train today. That was j cole's worst album. Zzz
Isaac Strauss Colin Scull Ben Kuhn guys we have to go!!!!!!!1111
Ujjwal Bhoria No he ain't coming to a venue near me. I live in India. 👀
Gurbir Ubhi Tom BlakeBalmit UbhiRichard Freddie ShawcrossLuigi Matias FerreiraHarmz Singh bruh nottingham birmz and london 💯% going
Seren Aylin Rubi Kandiah 03.10. !!!!!!!!! Jungeeeee Abfahrt
Barry Pender Cydni your boy
Tom Starkey Georgie Luke j Cole in Birmingham!
Won Jung Choi His 'world' doesn't include Asia at all😂
Ayb Clg Am 10.05 Amsterdam oder am 10.06 Berlin Vin Pra
Luke Mitchell Wayne Harmer Sydney 5th of December!
Bäńeľë Khàmpèpé Don't forget Johannesburg
Edgar Benitez Showing Orlando some love I see!
Scelo Sunnyb Ngcamphalala I wish he should pop up here.. Mission impossible
Bernard J McDonagh Dublin 18th yesssi
Tony Spece Amber Smith he's coming pretty close to Iowa
UMlamuli Chaotic Mshengu KanjAlo Everybody gotta die
Chris Monteith Not Edmonton what a joke
Nate Driskill L
Alex Fdez Palacios Spain always gettin no world tour from no artist😞
Ariel M Diclo No love for dr??
Sanele Khanyeza I bet this is gonna be boring af
Cydni Patterson 😁😁😁😁
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The pop culture icon turns 29.

J.l. Clay II Rihanna used to be a prostitute on Barbados that Jayz purchased. She sang for him and he took her back to the states and the rest is history. You can hear the story in an interview with Jayz
Kabelo Phefo If tha pornhub story is true how come they aint celebrate none of her previous birthdays?
Jacquees Peterson Corteuze W. Elliott did u get ur invitation for this lol
Ganesh Wirama Sugembong Putra You got me at 'Pornhub'
Coleman Chestnut Cause PornHub probably holding out on a sexy tape 😆👌🏽
Chuckie Santana Happy 29th she still fine Barbadian queen
Kathryn Guzmán Chavez Haha me too!
Mavusana Stephen Pornhub?how come I never saw her sextape?some1 if u have it plz hit me up
Wil M. Flythe Love your work. Ri
Artwell Moyo Pornhub
Habbert Kibuga wat abt it?
Kanmoni Kanmoni Nice
Michael Timothy Grant As So Be right artist money starts off the New Years with young and RICH promotions on my single song dropping soon you mob (young and Rich hustle) mixed and mastered by The Pharmacy Studio c/o Vita D. #ShareShareTag #KeepTheSupportAlive #WorkingEveryday # #google # #play # #store bye Mike GRANT
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And now Gucci Mane wants to co-host the show.

Dylan Leprieur Saying panda 372 times isn't rapping
Matt Suss I have Hosers in Can-ad-a.
Megan Shepard Todd Segraves
Michael Timothy Grant As So Be right artist money starts off the New Years with young and RICH promotions on my single song dropping soon you mob (young and Rich hustle) mixed and mastered by The Pharmacy Studio c/o Vita D. #ShareShareTag #KeepTheSupportAlive #WorkingEveryday # #google # #play # #store bye Mike GRANT
Carl Jennings Lets be honest Future was never a rapper She was a diva And she so ugly she cant take her face without them fuckin sunglasses
Michael Timothy Grant As So Be right artist money starts off the New Years with young and RICH promotions on my single song dropping soon you mob (young and Rich hustle) mixed and mastered by The Pharmacy Studio c/o Vita D. #ShareShareTag #KeepTheSupportAlive #WorkingEveryday # #google # #play # #store bye Mike GRANT
Tobias Yachty Kalvin Ruff Cadacio
HipHopDX.com14 hours ago

That taco Tuesday...😂

Emily June Joey M Isaac This is dumb but would I eat this taco? Absolutely.
Arish Rehan That moment "when you try to be a Hip-Hop icon but end up as a filling in tacos"..: 3
Javier Serrano Alora Harper is this what you had me smell earlier?
Luke Magnia Asama Ahmad (Sammy) your favorite kind of tacos huh lmao
Rebecca Morrow Loraine Bronzatti probably found this funnier then I should have lol
Jesse Cuzzo Soria Lucy Trujillo you know you want some still lol.
Mauricio Aviles Mendiola Maria Ramos ay estan tus tacos favoritos💀
Richie Carter
Gene Michael Wasted all that time photoshopping Ye's face for a lame ass joke.
Christina Queen This will give u the runs 4sho
Benny Blanco Lol😂😂
Francisco Ortega Lol gross
Justice Bryan Lmao!!
Melody Castro Eduardo Jimenez no sé por qué me acorde de ti c:
Armando Mendoza Bet those Tacos 🌮 taste like 💩
Gregory Smith Spoiled my appetite.
Michael Johanson lol
Montserrat Melin Te voy a hacer un momo de estoa Alberto Macias
Eric Porras Masss putoooo
Charlie Gooday Nightmare stuff
Amor'e Andrews Oh shit 😂😂😂 nvm
Amor'e Andrews Omg yaaaas
Jasmany Leon Shit look like roaches
Kerstin Mitchell
Andoria C King Lol
HipHopDX.com21 hours ago

LMAOOO Ellen DeGeneres' net worth is $345+ million. 😂

Allan Aurelius Samayoa People with big money don't flex. You had people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs wearing shit that looked like it belonged to Walmart and you have these rappers who can't compare wear all this flashy shit
Idris Elbert Knowing Ellen and her beautiful personality this picture was probably her idea. She embraces all types of cultures. She's never a hater.
Nathan Calleja
Mont Young She is also by far the oldest and most mature in the picture. These dudes are barely 20 years old. I think Quavo the oldest at 24. Now that Jay-z and 50 cent is older they don't do shit like this anymore neither.
Drew Wizzy Nomatter how rich a white person is. they can never ball than a broke Nigga listening to trap music.
Danny Luis Santaella They literally holding all their cash she pulled out her pocket change lol
Joe McKenna The circle of trust within the rap game must be cast iron solid. If I was hauling around bags of cash I'd be freaking out that someone was gonna kill me and make off with it. Not in rap though, it's a moral high ground few will ever experience.
Lawrence Charles facts and that's the perception or lack there of it people may have lots of money but what matters is ur worth yea u can make it rain that's all fine and dandy but what r u worth and how long ru worth that ....most young rappers/entertainers paint the picture quite well instead of building there brand they live in the now and 5 yrs from now most won't be worth half of what they maybe worth now
Derrick Elliott Umm so what, because it sound like yall implying somehow she is smarter for only holding up 40$. We already know she rich.😕
Jonathan Rolling I already knew she had more when i first saw this pic. The richest one always act broke
James Jones They are young and never had this life. Who would have thought that they would be where they are now in life.... Nobody especialy them. They bust their ass to have what they have who are we to tell them to be humble?
Heavyweight Grimmy Paul The irony of life and hiphop........if you let a rapper tell it...he is richer than Donald trump and has moved more dope than El Chapo and has killed more people than the palestinian and israel war...LoL
Holly Hill Why do some of you always have to turn it into a race/color issue! Quit being petty Ellen DeGeneres ROCKS!❤️ an she's holding up 60$!
Adefuke Adedamola Tobi Money is money.. the only difference is volume . If you got it yo gotti moreso Ellen is evergreen I mean decades older than migos
Alexander Yafet Muñoz Morgan Schaerer you gotta have fun, if you die tomorrow, you aint gone take that money with you.... i dont know any of these rappers tho they probly wack trap artists lol but ay you gots to live your life, as long as you take care of your fam you can do whatever the fuck you want, its always good to invest into some good business too
Rayshon Richardson Uh yeah..she's like half their age so she been around and was probably balling before they was even born lol. Ok so she has more $ and..
Candaş Kırca She's always been humble so she deserves it. Not like these fools around her who'll be way too drugged with cough syrups, skipping taxes and ending up behind bars.
Tihesha Gardner Most people from poor back grounds, don't understand the concept of money, a fool and his money is soon departed, it's a reason for that too, another time
Zachary Thurman Help a brother out,I would give you a song,you might have heard it,I'm a producer too.GOD bless in Jesus name amen.
Joseph Kofi Rappers mostly come from 0 dollars to millions. If they feel like flexing let em be
Tamara Peace She don't gotta flash .she got them millions and many platinum cards that never run out of money believe that.
Jay Polo What's funny is there are dummy that actually think all that money rappers are holding is real Check this out: PROP MONEY Real Looking New Style Copy $100s FULL PRINT Stack - Tot...
Adam David And she'll still have it in 20 years, probably more. Will we even know of a thing called Migos in two decades? 🤔
Paulo Aguilar Don't knock the white folks who hold less than $100..... they got more money than you think!!!
Giovanni Guess Umm she has been around for years... of course she's worth a lot
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

With music from CeeLo Green (NOT Gnarly Davidson), Planet Asia, Camp Lo's Geechi Suede, Curren$y & more.
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

The former James Brown drummer passed away at 73 on Saturday (February 18).

Rodney Jordan R. I. P To his family you have my prayers stay strong.
Khalabo Mothapo RIP
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

The album "FUTURE" is currently available in stores.

Eric Tha Baausse T I blame this shit on Scottie Simpin yeah I changed his name from Pippen to Simpin. That's what you get allowing hos to come back in your fold. Hold this L, and now we know why you're Jordan's sidekick.
Damion Briggs Lol he need to pay them
James Lauletta 💛 Forever
Davor Hlava 💛 Forever
Matt Leyba Stephanie Nicole
James Mendoza David Ulate
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Shocking stuff.

Mark Flores Used to rob crack heads harder than your rich ass. Them niggas will put up a fight, man or woman.
Shazam Heracles-Allah Niggas get robbed every day B *Rico*
Daniel DeWitt I hope more people rob this bitch. Keep robbing her. she deserves it.
Ashkan Nouri Man arr we going to talk about this for the upcoming 10 years?
Mario Vazquez No, I'm serious... HOW TF IS THIS HIP HOP RELATED?
Yulia Gonzalez It's all a lie
Diego Gutierrez "Robbery"
Derrick James Tompkins Who gives a fuck ppl get robbed everyday
Ganesh Wirama Sugembong Putra She definitely robbed Kanye's creativity
Alberto Moli Who cares
Dana Lecocq Who cares
Oliver Coello still with this bullshit? insurance paid them off by now..
Blarf Snarfleton Not shocking.
Gonzo Rivera It's all a hoax
Jennifer Hennig All staged.
Nate Driskill L
Faesk Isdope I'd robb u 2 bitch
Lil Raptor Music Oh ya i forgot. Kim K dropped that fire mixtape back in 09. thats why shes on all the hip hop pages...
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Future needed little promotion.

Jeremy Taylor Everyone that says its ass will be the ones going crazy at the club when "draco" or "rent money" drop
Paul Green Damn fat joe & remy had their date for months....then future hapened lol
Diego Meza Still wack.
Sebastian Stewart Anybody who doesn't fuck with this album isn't a Future fan. They're a DS2/WATTBA fan.
David Buck Let's be honest...As of this moment Future is the king of Atlanta...Maybe even the entire south
Rayhan Rahman The album was pure ass
Dharam Coudjoe 💩💩💩
Umang Desai Dont forget Rocko needs his 1/2
Destiny Escoto Zoom 🔝
Ethan Hill Zach Roth Lets go
Aaron Silverback Nathan Hernandez Adamo Wijesinghe
Lil Raptor Music Why hate on the man? He found a niche and exposed it and rules it. Get that paper yung future. get that paper
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Everything from a DJ Khaled assist in the Dunk Contest to a possible Jay Electronica album announcement took place in the Big Easy.
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The Atlanta rapper is a member of Spillage Village.

Leandro Cambuta just heard j.i.d never and that shit its lit as fuck, not sure if its the instrument or his way of raping but it lit, j.Cole sure can spot talent from far
Pernell Moore Been listening to him for years. He's pretty good. Check out Earthgang too. Wonder why he didn't sign them too 🤔
Chris Williams Isnt this the dude who did the "Decemba" joint for Devine Council?
Dequan Santos Soo whatt, jcole dont even let his ppl shine.... drake make sure all his ppls get they credits and all that, name on the album credits and tracklist etc... cole v havin them on the album but claim he did it with no features, theres a difference.... drake take care of his team better then cole #Checkmate.
Mncedisi Faltein Responsible for the original version of "Jermaine's Interlude"
Bobby Wright Haven't heard him yet but if J.Cole fuck with him he must be pretty good!
Nkosinathi Phora Thusi Can't wait to hear him out! !Dreamville
Abuti Weeknd Mavundla He sounds like Anderson Paak..... Nonetheless that boy can rap, "A lot hair on a pussy i can't see it like Sia "
Yanga Bariq Bera Finally, its about time they hear some crazy dope lines
Wylie Stylie Keith Kaighn yoooo this cat Cole signed is tight
Marcus Dupree Dreamville's Isaiah Rashad?
Babs Yamba He's hot
Shawn X Clarke Best believe EarthGang Next bruh ⭐🔥
Morapela Vinson Thabang Let's hear him!
Thomas Sun Mubita .
L Esia CNyk 😪😴😴
Michael Timothy Grant As So Be right artist money starts off the New Years with young and RICH promotions on my single song dropping soon you mob (young and Rich hustle) mixed and mastered by The Pharmacy Studio c/o Vita D. #ShareShareTag #KeepTheSupportAlive #WorkingEveryday # #google # #play # #store bye Mike GRANT
Eric M Phillips Hey what's up everyone... if you are HIPHOP head or looking for a place to network with other artist come join The Urban Cult 🚨🚨
Paul Smith Jr #DojaAlbum #NewYork #NewMusic #DanceHall #Rap #2017 #Smoke2It .
Lil Raptor Music Somebody needs to step up & challenge TDE. Might as well be Jcole