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Maxine Jones En Vogue
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PJ Morton
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Mary J. Blige

Wesley Barrett Brittney M. Davis
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We're back with another episode!!

1:55: Tom apologizes to TLC once again
3:25: Thoughts on Trey Songz’s new album “Tremaine”
7:43: Tamar Braxton’s new deal with eOne
13:21: Is Keith Sweat the sexiest man alive?
15:00: Adina Howard...
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Should Alicia Keys be in the YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Of Fame? Let us know. Listen to our thoughts here:

Nijia Vaughn Yes its long overdue truth be told. She has influences many artists and knocked down doors as a songwriter, producer and musician. There really hasn't been a female artist like her in years, probably since Roberta Flack and Laura Nyro. She has evolved and carved her own lane and I respect that. (y)
Mery Joe Yes.
Thabitha Ramashala-Akinpelu Yes!!
Blackwall Street Yes. A great musician
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Should Keith Sweat be in the YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Of Fame? Let us know. Listen to our thoughts here:

Jon Betts Get annoyed by his voice after a few songs, but no one can question his dedication to the craft and longevity. Got some absolute classics to his name as well.
Amber Myá Ricks Come on now dawg!! (in Cedric the Entertainer's voice) 😀😀
Blackwall Street I'm no huge fan of KS, however, as per longevity, I think he should
Betty Ncanywa Most Definitely he deserves it. his been very consistent for the past 30 years and still relevant to the old and current Generation . ❤️🎵💯🎤🎵🎶
Edward T. Bowser Y'all already know how I'm voting on this one...
LaNga Samuel Yeah he should but don't forget about Donell jones.
Derrick Dunn Yes he belongs
Mery Joe Yes.
David Parker Yes!
Fabrice Beuvain Tiselli YES
Michael Kampepule Nyirenda Chifundo Chilalika /^& ?
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Should Trey Songz be in the YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Of Fame? Let us know. Listen to our thoughts here:

Regina Fisher If he was a true singer. He doesn't sing he does between a yodel and a gurgle
Jon Betts No chance. He's getting worse if anything. His music these days is poor.
Derrick Dunn As a fan I say no. He has good songs and decent albums but really one CLASSIC IMO
Cee Dee Rruh Cee Nope
Mery Joe No.
Amber Myá Ricks No
Nijia Vaughn naw wait until he's at least 10 more years
Blackwall Street No
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Should D'Angelo be in the YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Of Fame? Let us know. Listen to our thoughts here:

Clyde Graham Is this even up for debate? Unequivocally yes!!!!!!!!
Qwesi Cwesi Hell Yes
Jon Betts Yes, but ignore his recent album!
Wesley Barrett Heck yea
Brittany Smith Absolutely.
Chris Bacon No doubt!
Amber Myá Ricks Yes no questions asked
Mery Joe Yes.
Cj Gillis Yep
Nijia Vaughn yes absolutely
Blackwall Street Yes
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Danielle Shannon Rika Shannon
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Brian McKnight
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Mery Joe OMG have to check this!
Mi'Kael Henderson Denise Latricia
Angel Rathell Ayana Smith
Mi'Kael Henderson Letitia Yearby
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Daley ♥ Jill Scott ♥

Mery Joe Awwww sooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Cee Dee Rruh Cee Oooh wee
Fabienne Faye B Buntschu Love it!!
Darius Thomas Talented ,underrated guy
Mery Joe Great album! Love his voice 💗
Jomil Pilan Camp Fuego 🔥
William Swing Stevie J on da prod ' ✨🎶
LaNga Samuel all i got is 15 minutes aint got no time to talk just come and break it off, aint got no time for love just come and give some... wonderful joint, so much soul on it..
Jon Betts Not feeling it at all. Much prefer the original.
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Kevin Ross debut album "The Awakening" comes out Friday. Check out our review now!

Fabienne Faye B Buntschu Really looking forward to hearing it!
Mery Joe Yep me too 😉
Derrick Dunn classic
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Mark your calendars.

Zach Popkin One of the most underrated right now for sure.
Michael Timothy Grant Money vs mc willa b the mix tape come in soon aka We at So Be right Promotions like to be the first in Washington state to promote and advertize what our plans are for the current year in 2017. If you have any questions regarding promotions, marketing, or advertising contact us bye young and Rich bye Mike GRANT
Slim Pun Who
Max Faga Matthew Riordan Blaise Quinlan throwback 😭😭😭😭
Blaise Quinlan Max Faga Matthew Riordan skyzoo baby lol
Catherine Dominique Darrius Jackson
Tone Will Kyle Grier
Eric Ellis
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You don't have to love female rappers but just know your XY chromosome doesn't make you better.

Corey Rico always judge the males but i see mac miller and ab soul do real shit and nicki still got her ass out. and as bad as she is, no one buys Jean Grae album
Greta Russell In no way is this about feminism in hip hop.
James Beard Keep misandry out of hip hop.
Jonathan Pouchie Cash-Iz is a real one. Follow up
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Giving away 5 pairs of tickets for the Los Angeles show on April 26.

Lorens Christiaens glad to see DMX in there. when does he drop his album
Ravy Ndizeye
Ravy Ndizeye
Lekid Bienvenue Alec White William Pichon-Roy peux pas manquer ça!
Nicholas McGowan Rebecca Favila McGowan
Christopher Curling Joel Haeggblom
Fedinho Rapper
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Plus another freestyle from Joey Bada$$, a Trinidad James video featuring the late Bankroll Fresh, a weird remix from R. Kelly & a little heat from The Underachievers.
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Bernice Burgos is not here for side chick slander.

Kyle Haines Dillon Upgrade lol
Yashasvi Pant She be like "Excuse me..Am a boss ass bitch bitch"😄
El-hadj Amadou Cool
Yuriy Alterman
Dre Roberts Another video, instafuck hoe making it
Johnathan R. Phillips Who?
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Can the Cash Money co-founder catch a break?

Nkululeko Luciano Guwa The dude run the music business like he's pushing drugs like he did in the Uptown Magnolia projects #EvilMindedMogul
D Jermal Kennedy Gonna end up like Suge
Giovon Gallow Take those fucking sunglasses off ya head if you want some respek. And pay ya bills before someone pays for you know what...(d minor)
Felipe Ramirez Are those tatted or real tears?? 😭😭😭
Yuriy Alterman
Kareem Shakur Damn homie don't like paying Niggas
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Tune in to hear "exklusive" Tunechi.

Chad Nicholas Looks like he's hiding a huge ass turantula under his hat
Yuriy Alterman
Reema Benjamin He need to cut them things off
Ayanda Trilldawar Mili They dropped a classic mixtape
Ozone Sindinkadziwa Gamah Kwiiii feel up
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25 years strong.

Bobby Smitz About to be a banger. You know how Mary do when she's feeling blue
Yuriy Alterman
Terrell Combest Mary got to rapping on thick of it
Justin Bench she should coach
Dario Lamont Angela Lamont Lisa Mighty Denise Simpson
Cedric Suliveres Mariceliz Fuentes
Rapno Tag
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More Life, more postponements.

Tamika Massey At least one thing I could say about Meek Millz he don't never let down his fans even at the airport incident he perform and did his show with a cast on his wrist Drake is a Whole Nut Ball didn't he just get a flower tattoo on him 😂
Mark Meijer I'm from the Netherlands and the story goes that he was sick because he smoked too many weed
Charlie Rogue Jimenez He was on his period
Steven El-Amin "Had fans but you let 'em down, guess that's how you niggas gettin down"
Roman Tomáš Mytus Zuzka uz 3x odlozil koncert, na ktory sme mali ist v Januari 😂
Dominic Rubrecht May be heard Shogunz wanted to battle...
Drizzy Kabango MoreLife 🔥🔥🔥💯
River Kuhn Colby Dobias lmao everyone hate him
Cris Sayago Completely unprofessional.
Amulanga Chinkushova Aitsana - i don't feel unreasonable anymore lol
Sean Wauters Tess Charlé egt nen ezel
Adam Rathod Saajan Rathod
DeJuan Brooks Matt Durham
Aidan Mccrea Impreet Aulakh\
Aidan Mccrea Impreet Aulakh
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Do we get a day off work for it?

Zenzele Simphiwe Radebe 12345, I AM, THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE!
Shakh Montana Ya'll got to wait till 7th April to get your shit together! -The Heart Part IV
Amaan Syed Respect both artists
Bates Oswald day sorry mr.bad ass
Bradley Mayes A day off bro them old school rappers know hustlers get no holidays
Kevin Pritts Joey cool ima peep his shit..but I can't front April 7th is all about taking the game back over again👌
John Digges 6 days too late... 😂
Arnold Arnie Magqaza Disses 2pac but rocks a nose ring.
Theaurty Howard Push that album back bro ..ijs
Sanjeet Shergill More like Joey rap$ crap am I rite Scott Robertson 😂
Jonathan Melo Ahahaha. Bc kendrick is coming for everyone...
Hassan Diabi Fuck u fagass
Don Velly Fuck Joey Wackass
Mauricio Cril It better be
Michael Dunn-Weiss Jack Schlegel bouta be the best day of the year
Vela Maphumulo King is back
Marckus Simmons JOEY WHO ? O.o
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane .
Thembinkosi Sibiya Vela Maphumulo
Dennis D'Enigma this dude better than Badass
Keith Norton Back to Hip-hop we called it Rhymes not rap or rapper, white men called that shit ala mtv 1992!
HipHopDX.com1 day ago


Rafael Lopez Pineda Thanx for these kind of posts! I know that us old heads also get critized for "being stuck in the past" and all those kind of bs comments, but the thing is that we love the classics, and most (not all) the new stuff is really bad, trash, not really hip hop and mostly overhyped. Hopefully soon we can get a new generation of talented rappers once people get tired of the bs. #SupportRealHipHop
Tim Blier there's plenty of heat out now but I will always fuck with the 90's
Wassim Chkair 90s hip hop is the best of all times, rappers nowadays are a buncha fruit cakes, wearing their tight pants , and painting their nails , they don't know what hip hop is , fucking pansies.
Uche Wigwe This is so dumb. You don't hear rock and roll fans saying I still listen to iggy pop or Rolling Stones. A classic is a classic music doesn't age.
Angel Alba For real and now there are only a handful of MCs who put it down just a handful wtf happened hip hop is struggling right now it's being washed up because of these trash ass trap rappers fuck them they forgot what hip hop is and because of these cunts the youth has a low IQ wtf happened to spreading a message
Wylie Stylie 80s and 90s were so classic it makes me wish I was born a decade earlier to fully see the growth with my eyes. Nothing comes close nowadays but there's still a lot of talent. Hip hop I always thought as a kid in the 2000s would only continue to evolve but since no one can even make a solid attempt to follow in the footsteps of the producer on the left of this pic in today's day and age (aside from the Kanye I love 2004-2011) it's been going downhill. We need more superproducers up and coming that sound like Dre, Primo, RZA, Dilla, Ye, Quik and just everyone who's been beasting on the boards since this music started. The sound of quality is drastically missing.
Dominic Rubrecht On April 7th, I'll probably be listening to something like Binary Star, Freestyle Fellowship or something like that instead of the two expected options.
Carl Vrints Ja mor die manne hadden nog een boodschap en die waren kwaad, tegenwoordig zijn dat kinderstemmetjes die over niks staan te mummelen
Albert Davis You ain't by ya self my ngga Nico Demus. I can't listen to none these dudes without wanting shoot my ear drums out. Smmfh
Elrich Daniels Back then we as fans owned hip hop nowadays we are forced to listen to Gucci this and Louis that they saying its a freestyle on youtube but its clear that shit was written tha fuk outta here
Brian Skellenger And I am over here like Kendrick... I have some old Above the Law, Beatniks, Raw Fusion just in case though 😎 Kind of waiting for the Anderson Paak, E40 Bassnectar compilation in 2018, I made that up 🤔
Nick Eassey And don't forget in the 90s it was real beef the east vs west cost that was real Ice cube vs cypress hill now we got fake beefs they be like a female who can't make up her mind!
Victor Oj seriously....hip hop is suffocating... the funny thing is these rappers who are suppose to serve as gate keepers are the one making the most noise....rappers like kanye and wayne...i dont even listen to wayne no more....all he raps about nowadays is how pink his bitch's p**ssy is...big ups to kendrick and j cole...they are the thin thread hiphop is holding on to....
Rezi Marshall Revishvili -_- I'm fed up with 90s -_- I respect but every time talking about how shit today's rap is and old schools is cool makes me fed up -_-
Zothani Deludela Dludla Hip Hop went through the same phase b4 with Lil John and crunk or whatever they called it, until Wayne dropped that carter 3. Gave the game life
Safwan Nibras But still you're proclaiming wack rappers like Drake, Future, Tyga etc.
Sergey Gavrilov Ehhhm Mozart is still famous, so what that trash talk about past and future? Arts of music , stays arts
Jason Grant Been listening to a lot of Boot Camp And Black Moon lately on my work commute. Today it was Cuban Linx and Ironman...90s baby
Stuart Bam Bam Cassidy I am unfortunately I don't think this page is. Seems to promote mumble rap and pop acts.
Emeka Chochoo Odom True vibe...Awesome lyrics...Positive message appeal... All in creative90's....
Sedrick Robinson The Dopest music of our lifetime fucc this new shit! #NoDisrespect to the real MC's of the present day!
Jason Welch Sad but has no soul anymore. Its not about anything its about seeing how turnt up you can be.
Claire Handford Ian Thompson Chris Parry this is you two the other night!!
Jan Haller Paola Luisa das stimmt so zimlich mit dim überein 😀
Banorsah B. James They really move hiphop to the next level still.....!!!!
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The Cash Money boss has been with the company since 2004.

Lee Higgins Aint nobody trying to walk in birdman shoes nowadays...#nomiles
Kevin Pritts Fuck u bird I hope anything u try to do is dead in the water just for making so much paper from your boy and not looking out for him
Joshua X Jones Ummmmm fans wouldn't blast his new Lugz... otherwise they wouldn't be fans
Rush Jordan Holdupholdupholdup Lugz is still around?
Gerald Jamal Jordan He held that back like Lil Wayne Carter 5
Race W. Bizzy Nobody buys lugs the same dudes who buy lugs buy Vasco and paco pants nobody fuck with them lmao 😅 😅
Douglas 'Keeynote' Noga This headline could've been in the stash for over a decade
Joshua Jamal George DeeNino Trump u see this shit lol
Jermaine Lewis 🤔 It all makes sense... That's why drake wore them in that video
Steven Parsons Lugz look dope with some G Unit Jean shorts and a And1 Jersey . 😃
Previn Moore Jim Stout ur ol Middle school shoes we all remember lol
John Carpeturd You better put some respek on the trash birds name 👎🏿
Greg Hennessey I used to have the Birdman Lugz shoes in 2004.
Elhadj Souleymane Diallo Top my best star
Anthony Richards Demetrius J Jones day got da nu joints B! Lmao
Bartlett Sambo He can keep those motherfuckers
Larry Crawford Don't nobody want tht bs
Hendrick Matsimbi Fuck birdman
Jerry Mugusty Fuck ur Lugz u Old Dirty Bastard
Willy Mukuna Big boss
Larry Braxton Devane Hayward
Deadass Bootcamp Stole my shit
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The Chicago star used Twitter to conduct his search and received plenty of responses.

Mel Dasher Roman
Kevn Bergam Andrew Bates
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

How to piss off an entire country 101.

Lamar Jackson When you watch narcos in your big ass house and have no real understanding of how he ravaged a 3rd world country.
Mlungisi Simon-Paul Rappers respect out of ignorance. All they know is that guy made tens of millions a day from drug dealing. What was Wiz Khalifa expecting? Inspiration?
Dom-Ach Billy D-Nut The big inspiration Pablo brings to rappers is : 1. He was poor like most of the rappers from beginning with an ambitious attitude 2. He was milking America like the way She's milking everyone. 3. He was generous to his people 4. He was so smart he always a mile away from security agencies. However it was when he started taking out almost everyone who opposed him is too far. No one can be trusted with all that power. He could almost get away with everything.
Tyson Houra Who gives a fuck,bigger problems to complain about in this world than a rapper visiting a drug dealers grave..FFS!
Frankie Basaure He actually looked after his country and did a hell of a lot of good! Only when the U.S wanted a piece of the drug money pie, did they start portraying him as an evil person that committed terrorist activity blah blah blah. Also at the time of his capture and murder, Colombia had it's nose real far Up the U.S's ass. Good on wiz for doing that.
Ronnie Mugerwa When dumb fucks don't know The full-length of history behind the person that they're idolising Keep that fake shit in America Families in Columbia suffered because of that dude matter of fact the whole country suffered till this day they still can't remove that stain off their shoulders The Government should've of deported him..
Raphael Nelson Why are they mad? He owes this country nothing and he's fucking Wiz Khalifa of all people. He doesn't even matter to their people in any significant way and him visiting his grave signifies nothing but a tourist attraction for him.
Victor Gash There are worst things going on in the world as we speak, unfortunately the ppl that died as a result of Escobar's empire are just that, dead already (r.i.p.), i live in the real world where bs deaths are happening every day in other countries, and close to home, most of you 'hollier than thou' are gonna come online, bandwagon-bitch about Wiz Khalifa and then go back to listening to your favourite rapper....and 99.9% of rappers have 'bigged up' Escobar to some degree, stop acting like this is new, because you now have social media to show everything live....smh get over yourselves ppl my favourite Rapper is Nas, does anyone happen to remember what his former moniker was? Oh yeah 'Esco' ....get over yourselves
Ishaku Alu Pablo Escobar is a genius, shrewd business man, entrepreneur, politician, philanthropist, loving husband and a father, love amongst the Columbians and fans round the World. Undisputedly the greatest in his chossen field of endeavor. Why they hating? Dat guy put Columbia on the map and he's even more popular than Columbia.. RIP Pab..
The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become. Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others exists in you. Remember, life is an echo, it always gets back to you. So give goodness.
Blake Baugher So all these people on here can honestly say if they traveled to Medellin they wouldn't be curious at all to see Pablo's grave or the prison he built for himself? the prison where cops and military werent allowed? shit I would. It's not that I respect what Pablo did but i do respect history and he is a major part of world history not to mention American history he brought America 80 plus % of all cocaine in the 80s! I love history and Pablo is a very interesting topic he was evil but was also a fuckin genius!
Chrisshawn Scales Lol... I'm going to Columbia someday. I know he hurt ppl... But they need to get over that shit. It's been how many years? Let ppl do what they want. The man is dead. Seems like an undying grudge to me.
LeCore Noir Gangsters have always been glorified in the rap world because they were the underdogs from the slums who made it out by any means. When you got kids in the streets being raised by guns and drugs they can only look up to that that fed them for those days even if it killed others. Survival of the fittest. Now as a mayor of the city instead of criticizing this young man, ask him how his lobbying gangsters got him in office? And when they die, will they be shun upon like Pablo. You see this is all bases on self interest not for the people. Are they people still poor in his city where he is mayor? Well tell me why is that? And the mayor is rich? Let's speak real shit before we point the figure at Wiz. The man clearly was a product of his scenery and environment just like you poor self in the ghetto now.
Ishu Shrestha Why are people getting mad over this? They talk abt what ever Escobar did! Or a drug lord would do in their songs He is paying homage to his god
Fiers Tibike There's nothing new here. People have idolized killers and psychopaths since the dawn of time. Finding them fascinating is one thing, but to idolize them is a whole different story.
Sam Fisher There is an ongoing war on corruption in Colombia and South America in general that is connected to Escobar. He was much more than a drug dealer
Isaac Peraza Anybody who watched pablo escobar wants to smoke weed no matter hoe much history he had all of these is just because a rapper smog weed and he's famous
Andre Rushing Get over it all the people mad to young to know why they fkin mad.. and the old ppl need to be thankful it wasn't fukin them on narcos!!!!
Iva Ivanildo 10 tweets can make the world go round, but he also did good things, the government (govern = control + ment = mind) was more corrupt, they're killing people everyday for ground, respect or driving too fast, respect for Pablo, if they want you dead, you go down as a warrior.
Martelle Manigault Anybody saying its cool and no problem. REALLY?? Pablo hated black people killed innocent folks and posting up at his GRAVESITE. MLK GRAVESITE HAVE YOU BEEN THERE?? AND IF SO WHY YOU DIDN'T POST A PIC. THAT'S SOMETHING TO SHOW NOT A RACIST AS KINGPIN WHO HATED YOUR PEOPLE MOVE ON BLACK MAN MOVE ON
Francis Hewlett Who really cares there's a lot of famous people good and kurupt I'll just put Michael Jackson in there you couldn't pay me to go to his grave
Lawrence Certuche III But our Government blew up the Twin Towers and nobody cares
Radhakrishnan Parameswaran what a fucking idiot. got me thinking though, how different is this from nas calling himself nas escobar??
Jay Polo If I'm going all the way to Columbia to visit Escobar's grave I'm cutting up a couple lines on his stone and blowing that shit fuck smoking a joint 😂😂😂
Sean Ramey Of all the things happening in the world for people to get upset about... they choose this? Find a hobby MFs
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

The team has a legendary history that ties in with Hip Hop.

Aziz Mullah Definitely. Raiders & hip hop are so affiliated. Many hip hop verses have referenced to raiders. My head I'd fucked up 👆 so I cover it with a raider hood. #The Game
Korley McComber Krysten I feel like we need to do the same 🛫🌴🎰
Mauricio Cril bottomless article
Nico Chax Romain Chanto : fini le ghetto salut la débauche !
Jason Vos i need to start watching Cops Vegas again lol
James Molloy Dan Stanforth
Dharad Turner Davielier Turner
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Join industry A&R Va, content curator and publicist extraordinaire Dom, and Hip Hop’s Monday morning quarterback/captain of current events Drew as they break down music industry metrics, label infrastructure and the music biz’s latest and greatest as they cover the recording industry from the insider...
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Plus music from Madlib, Freddie Gibbs, Bone Thugs, Don Trip & Starlito, and an interview with Rick Ross.

Blake Young Ooh. He showed them with a sing. Problem solved. Lhh
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

With only Ed Sheeran to break them apart.

Tamika Massey I wish that people get the music culture correct the different is between hip-hop and pop artists is totally two different things Hip Hop is more Rick Ross Meek Mills Kendrick Lamar Big Sean auto-tune artist bootleggin T-Pain is Future pop artists is Drake please stop putting Drake in the category with hip hop. Two different categories
Joshua Felaire Only ed sherran to break them.because rappers nowadays is not really a rapper but a pop singer claiming and dress as a rapper...
Harold Jay Muchengeta Rappers always say numbers don't lie but when its Drake doing the numbers the same principle no longer apply :/
Arthur Kerley Then sweeps in April 7th and smacks the shit outta both of them.
Veronica Fitzpatrick Kristin Monnard doesn't this look exactly like that one blazer I wear to work all the time?
Obaro Best I don't care about sale ,I fuck with ross shit
Ishu Shrestha When u have acts like drake ross and edsheeran! 💩
Scotter Ray Drake the best in the game right now
Ayman Abdellaoui Rick who?
James Godin In before the hip hop old heads say this isn't hip hop
Zenzele Simphiwe Radebe Tell your big homie I'm all for goin ' there again..
Joshua Jooste We the best since 05 rick ross told u thid2 in 05 and khslid
Neo Phuti the 7th is coming niggers watch the space
Ndomelele Kahla 👏👏👏🚨🚨🚨🚨🍻✌💐
Dhammy Akinyemmy
Heather Shaughnessy Hazell Bowman mhmm 😜
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Dungeon Family in the building.

Sean Burner Funny considering km didn't like the legendary bb at one point. But but glad the two legends are on it all day...
Aaron Ahalt I didn't even know big boi was still recording😂
Linda Mgcina Power move!
Bruce Prezident Jr. Aaron Ahalt
Aryana Sharafi Kyle Butterworth SHHHIIIEEETTT
David Mays Shenell Mays
Joe O'Donnell Jay Lambert
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

The Houston rap vet recalls his "wonderful road" with Rap-A-Lot Records.

Ronnie Brown Probably one of the most underrated artist ever. He was doing laid back since day one and he never change.
Hakan Ordu Irrevelant but that reminds me Biggie's 'I'm not Houston but I rap a lot' line.
Rahz Privaj Jnka I just wanna f u is still a banger
Muhammad Wuffe BOT BY <3 Muhammad Wuffe ~={ <3 WE-3.TK <3 }=~
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Five people, including the attacker, died and 50 were injured in the attack just days after Nicki shot her video at the bridge.

Mihai Bumbu STOP WRITING BULLSHIT! Fact check first FFS! What happened to you HHDX? You used to run laps around rap publications. DJ Booth now is the authority, Ambrosia is for Heads and even Complex makes more in-depth news about hip-hop than you nowadays. Stay woke man!
Muhammad Wuffe BOT BY <3 Muhammad Wuffe ~={ <3 WE-3.TK <3 }=~
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Police have arrested a suspect in the shooting after he posted an image of himself to Instagram wearing Wap's 1738 chain.

Gregory Smith So many people wanna be famous at any cost. There's an easier way. This forgotten secret. It's called selling your soul to the devil.
Ofentse Husini Why are thieves becoming so dumb?? another one was arrested here in SA cos of stupidy.. LOL ae .but then they making our world a safer place to live in.
Sean Turner Niggas love snitching on themselves
Musa Ndlovu Stupid nigga, you almost got away.
Lorato LittyBesta Gabonamong Stupid idiot One of Jerico's fan.
Dinho Stifler Trap queen
Rajab Salvakiir Tit For Tat Fucking Gangthang He Deserve Death Penalty
Juan Lopez S STUPID 👎👎
Muhammad Wuffe BOT BY <3 Muhammad Wuffe ~={ <3 WE-3.TK <3 }=~
Aïnhoa Da Cruz Miguel Inaê Da Cruz Miguel
Valer Koço Pandush Bozda😱
Martin Shaw Danii Piggin
Von Senegal
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Gucci Mane and Rick Ross trying something new.

Christopher Thompson I don't wanna watch gay porn... These dudes need to just quit already...
Roman Ortiz That music video was hilarious! when they worked at the car wash... they are actors for
Dontrell Houston Aka the fake Rick Ross who stole is Persona from Freeway Rick Ross I hope this fat f*** dies of diabetes soon
Thembinkosi Nhonho Mgidi Trash at first sight.
Paul Green Sooooo ross havin gucci take birdman's spot? Lol
Andre Mikaelian They can make a new Prison break! It'll be easy; Gucci can act as the prisoner and Ross can be the warden; they'll fit right in.
Themba Boikanyo Day going to give u da blue suit and be the officer Ricky Gucci will be da snitch
Mavusana Stephen they gonna break records at the box office for the weakest sales ever
Achraf El Jari Serdar Pacha Hakbilen hvad sagde jeg til dig efter Buy Back The Block Videoen 😂😂
Kevin Newell I will respectfully pass in advance
François EL'Tiavo Fanurh So now Ricky Sauce suckin'Gucci's Dick now
Christopher Thompson
Rob Johnson I wonder what it will be about? #HeavySarcasm
Franklin Smith Spring breakers pt 2 lol
Daniel Veerasammy about selling crack ?
Simon Townend Brokeback mountain 2
Tony Veldman It's a porno
Tim Pantoja Gonna be hot garbage in July.
Lwandile Ngidi It's gon be called 'Pears'
Reginald Watson Them boys getting to the money
Phetole P Sekethe If its porn I might watch!
Sergey Gavrilov Clowns
Kõkąñè Mãşh They fit for a Mexican soap opera
Jerry Mugusty Can't wait...
Haji Sumbunu Fvckk emm
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Remy Ma calls out her trolls on Instagram.

Cruz Gutiérrez It's clear these kids are all about the fame nowadays. On some groupie shit. When Nas murdered Jay on wax, Nas murdered Jay on wax. Jay was more famous.
Kailen Douglas The only "bars" Remy had were the ones she was behind for 6 years.
Doodley O Shuanessy Burgos This lady got mad bars for days, she can rap unlike Onika SbongeBob Maraj. Real rap lives here if you know rap music hit that like !
John Carpeturd She belongs in a trash can. Yes. I bet she smooch the cock real nice!!
Brian Lamont King Trolls?????? ? Da only troll is dat Nicki dis track dat never went nowhere but unda da bridge! Quit hatin on Nicki's "Fraud" dat hit #1! I told y'all NIGGAS shes betta than remy G. remy need 2 start shakin her rump cause OUR youth is not feelin her trick ass, on ME.
Scotter Ray Fuck remy ma broke bitch
Rochanda Pascal Remy ma hasn't been relevant for years
Hloniphani Mpofu What does Remy and Fat Joe have in common 🤔 Answer their record sales are shit
Cat Banks Who cares use your plate form to help find the missing 65,000 people
Isaiah Reese Sr. She had a good 3 week run.
Nyamuziwe Phiri The diss track to Nicky Minaj is quite dope "Sheather" when it comes to comparison to albums Nicky has done it..
Aaron Hope Who?
Arnold Arnie Magqaza Nicki groupies.
Themba Boikanyo Much love Remy ma
Craig Smith Gotta love Remy lol
Sandro Martinez She beautiful and can rap
Abel's Sniperr Maximum she can rap
Cedric Fuller Fuck instgram make some music
Wesac RipSlickk Wingo Troll calls out troll for town meeting
Alfred Allen Dick Riding Barb'z!!!!!!!
Asha Winston Nicki is still pure trash!!!!!
Muhammad Wuffe BOT BY <3 Muhammad Wuffe ~={ <3 WE-3.TK <3 }=~
Dennis D'Enigma f**k em all! do your thang Remy. watch this tho
Keith Norton Imma keep saying it's Hip-hop rhymes not fuckin rap or rapper ala whiteboy mtv 1992!
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Drake’s latest project, More Life, was expected to do big numbers and has now come through on those expectations.

Charlie Rogue Jimenez That's because those who stream it or bought it love listening to the same boring sound with the same boring meaning just different words thrown around meaning the exact same thing from their previous album and the ones before that ...... drake is garbage he USE TO BE good with lyrics when he first began now he repeats himself.... just like the weeknd... sell outs
Trevor Max "if you go platinum, it's got nothin' to do with luck, It just means that a million people are stupid as fuck.." Immortal Technique
Christopher Thompson I don't hate drake but like every artist you can't like everything they do and with this album I don't really get what's with the hype... It just isn't that great of an album...
Abdul Latiff Biringi King Kendrick please save us.. At this point all drake songs sound the same
Joel Berthiaume Hard to believe! It's so bad. This guy can make an album of cats dying and it would go platinum. Maybe double.
Ingo Certified Haugg More Life and Views are his worst releases... jesus the industry is fucked up...
Bates Oswald 4/7/17
Scotty O'neal Its always fun watching all the "Real Hiphop fans" complain about someone they don't have to lestin to
Chris Gianvito Both we garbage. Why does this dude have a following. He makes trash music.
Thanduxolo Tee Mguda But to be honest that doesnt mean this is a classic album What happnd to drake thou? I miss Nothing Was The Same
Simon Gandia He still got till april to get his shit together with that weak ass pop album he made
Denver Luke David Booys and still I'm waiting for him and The Rap God to finish bussiness!
Rob Clarke When your the best artist of the generation these things happen
Daniel Mushitu If u listen to party next door and drake, they all sound same
Tauron Washington Of course when you singing to a bunch of school girls
Rich Runner Rell Listen to my music 🎶 I'm not do do!!! I got 1 mixtape on Soundcloud Look up Rich Runner Rell Abs Records
Rich Runner Rell I got a album on #Soundcloud Treasure The Trap Prod by Len Wash.@ Rich Runner Rell Abs Records
Phil Williamson Shout out to all the Sheeple
Drizzy Kabango Greatest of his generation #morelife 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
Ishu Shrestha Overrated crap
Zach Ripplinger If it wasn't for 14 year old girls he wouldn't sell shit!
David Gurbacki Does this album suck as much as views did?
Brice Shepherd More life is trash
Kenneth Guzman Yall got til April 7th to get ya shit together!!
Chrisshawn Scales We knew that. shared MONTREALITY's photo.2 days ago

Oh shit...😳 🔥

Kris DeAun You ever said a word over and over until it didnt make sense anymore.. Well i said helicopter 50 times and was like...???.. Has nothing to do with this post but i just wanted to know if i was the only one!! 👌
Lydell Frazier Not a fan of his music seems like he don't have rhythm almost never rides beat with melodic lyrics. Doesn't got banging hooks. Lyrics are all over the place of the songs I heard.hasn't really zeroed in on a subject for a whole song.. Voice sounds nasally.. I haven't.heard a beat I was blown away by yet. Best one my opinion song he did with Pusha I liked his verse on one train. I do respect his work ethic I read an article that said he performed over 220 times in one year.That just can't be easy. I wish him continued success.
Johnny Gonzalez Kendrick and Joey drop on the same day regardless of who you got it's gonna be the hottest day of the year especially if you a fan of both like I am
Luke Wabbit Tokyo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥this is the album thats gonn state why u KingKendrick🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bookmark this comment!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bless!
Jordan Fox For those of you who don't listen to Kendrick Lamar you must not acknowledge a rapper who delivers a message rather then get in the studio and just rap about irrelevant things like most of these new rappers coming out I can't wait to hear what he has to say on this new one #Respecttokendrick
Daniel Mancinelli Katie Alpen buy me the album please and thanks leave it on the bench and don't talk to me for at least 2 hours. Cheers m8.
Chäse Root More Life already dropped tho..
Andrew Wallace Seriously Brooke Jenkins Angel Prine Amy Schulingkamp idk what it means but it fits for what I'm referring too 😂😂
Shehroz Mirza Israel Gudino Salvatierra Brandon Alvarado due to recent events... I think this is pretty damn true lol
Päü Tölëäföä 1,2,3,4,5 I am the Greatest rapper alive! King Kendrick run's the rap game.
Destinii Charlene Suarez If these wall could talk, they'd say: I'm ready baby! <3 XD
David Vargas Run the jewels is what yall need to take a listen to.
Ross Violi Kristina Stepanovic few night time drives will be in order!
Philippe Pigeon Jacob Champoux Radu Urian jsuis TELLEMENT hype pour ça c'est incroyable
Yasin Abdullah Fuck this nigga, Styles P & Talib Kweli are dropping "The Seven" on April 15th. 🔥🔥🔥
Mikaila Walls Jason Finney ha this is probably the one you were talking about
Rodney Gaines He bit that line from somebody else. I just can't remember who. #SOMETIMESILIKETOBITE
Freedom Kimball Fagaloa Brown So if we get our sh*t together (which I highly doubt), then do we still get the album or its gonna get push back orrr?
Rongomai Aubrey-Marshall cant believe everyone here is this excited for harry styles solo debut 🔥🤗
Kayy Senseii Yea Just Like How Cole Said Shit Was Gonna Get Scary In February And Nothing Ever Happened
Charna Matenga Rheon McClelland this will be my new love. Y'all ready?
Oreefe Louis Funny aw evry1 paused 4rm more life to figure hu Kendrick's takin shots at...#lol #KingKendrick
David Ocampo Pfff! Last two albums were weak asf!
Oliver Portillo Drake has nothing on this. No one has anything on this. Kendrick is just dropping hit after hit. *In the actual hip-hop world*
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Rumors are swirling that Dr. Dre will join Snoop in a tribute concert at the April ceremony.

Joey Forrest Jada Pinkett,his sister, his brother mopreme or shock g from digital underground treach from naughty by nature would be good choices not snoop!
John Sangi Treach of Naughty By Nature should do the honors of be included, he was one of his closest friends
Lunga Nkuhlu I think it should be the seasoned veteran Richie Rich, that was Pac's closest friend and they also made some songs together
Richard Lambier I think it should be the group he created DRAMACYDAL also known to most as the OUTLAWZ
Kevin Pritts See I heard snoop and dre had prior knowledge that pac was gonna die..I also heard snoops little cousin lil half dead was the trigger man..I heard lil half dead wanted him dead for years he claims pac stole Brenda's gotta baby from him..over all heard it was snoop that green lighted it over a disput him pac and dre where having..PAC telling the world dre is actually a gay man and snoop because snoop left PAC hanging on the Rosann Barr show and then the final straw was when snoop went on east coast radio and shot out biggie and said he had no beef and I guess pac tripped out over it him and suge even threatened snoops life over it..this rumor came from a guy named Russ Poole ex-lapd who was the original investigator for biggie case when he died he was in a documentary called biggie and tupac came out in like 2001..he was the one who originally thought and told the world suge did it but before he died he actually got a hold of suge and said he was sorry he ruined his life by telling the world he set PAC up..would you believe right before Russ was about to publish this info for public knowledge his old lapd partners called him in to headquarters where he was to bring with him and lay out all the info he had on what really happened..Russ had a funny feeling and gave and let pacs good friend and bodyguard frank Alexander what was going on and gave him back up files just incase something happen to Russ in the meeting with the lapd..would yall believe russ Poole died in the lapd office that day due to a heart attack in front of only those 6 other officers in a lapd office..then frank felt the need to stand up and say something so he and his friend where about to publish something about what happen between snoop and PAC, and Russ and the lapd..and frank had copied this info and gave it to his friend the week before they where to release this info to the public frank Alexander the worlds least sucidal man I guess (killed) rip to all the men that died to get that info out there and it's out there for ppl looking to find I say all that bullshit to end this with this..fuck snoop👌
Andrew Smith Why do either of these people have anything to do with the Rock and roll hall of fame...?
Kenny Robertson Don't like it. It should be Pac's brother Mopreme doing the honor of inducting Pac...
Kenechi Ejiofor Point of correction, California Love should be referred to as Dr Dre's song and not Tupac's song.
Johnny Reynoso snoop dre memberz of the outlawz jada pinket treach shock g etc.
Phillip Acevedo Why isn't the remaining member of the Outlawz going to be part of this? Or Treach and/or Shock G?
Chris Major The Outlawz should do it. Or Ice T or Big Daddy Kane. 2Pac didn't like Snoop at the time of his death...
Pablo Santiago Chavez Pac was surrounded by fakes and sell outs somebody who was true to Pac should be doing it
Tim Jerome Awesome. Can't wait to see the new Tupac Film on Google Play. 😂✌🏿
Earle Tope snoop dog is a weasel
Nick Hubbell As he should.
Chris Currie They should have picked Ja Rule
Christopher Thompson Tupac thought those dudes were clowns though... hahahaha
R Michelle Cooke Hide all your women then. Dre likes to beat them up
Aaron Issott Hyping the headline by including the word "RUMOUR" lol
Marcelo Gonçalves Fuck That shit. 2 haters will honor 2pac? Wtf
Zimisele Bhomu Ngcobo Respect ✊ thug life
Bill Andren Do it
Tebogo Kgoadi What about The Outlawz?
Mulenga Yobe Where is Ja?! 😂😂😂
Cory John I think it should be mike Tyson smh
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

Light one up for the Coughee Brotha.

Nolan Lewin Am i the only one who notice here is just one dumb ass comment on this?
Xavier Leon Isaac Leon Isaac Leon this is that album I was telling you about. Pretty lit!
Han Jeff devin is always underrated
Damion Briggs Banging
Rahul Kumar I try it
Runy @ [347283465352931:]
Ugo Pitagora Raphaël 👌
OnlyOne Jones Noel Brookins
James Evans Jonathan Phillips