Yuengling Lager

Denny Sutton Nice! Finally a Toronto based artist that doesn't sound like a cheap Drake copy!
Ryan Mark Keen!
Denny Sutton This is gonna be Thomas Leo's best day of his life! 😂
Dan Bamber Looks like he's fired up at not getting in the Hall of Fame. He's out to prove you guys wrong!
Quindel James 😍NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!! 😩👌🏾👏🏾👏🏾 FAVE😎🙌🏾💯
Maredi Makgobathe Ellontjie Mosuoe come see thIs!
Max Shipalane Jabu Magabisa
YouKnowIGotSoul.com3 days ago

0:40: Review of I Love The 90s Tour with TLC, Naughty By Nature and Montell Jordan
6:00: Whatever happened to Montell Jordan?
8:00: Sevyn Streeter’s new album “Girl Disrupted”
16:43: Daley’s new album “The Spectrum”
21:25: New singles from Deborah Cox,...

Danielle Shannon Rika Shannon
CP SheWrites I'll listen to it because I love 112, but I want these fruit songs to stop. First "Peaches&Cream" and now this. What's next? 🤔🍍🍐🍇🍒🥝🍋
Amber Myá Ricks It's nice
Justin Lovelace Waylon Mattison Anita Talebizadeh 👀👀👀
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#DrummaBoy inked by #KatTat 💉

Carl Jennings Lion is just a big pussy just like that wannabe GAYngsta
Show Time Fucked ur tatt up hopefully she poppin tht puss
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Lincoln Speering Who's this chick? 😂
Jarrod Fox Who gives fuck.. whos the bitch?
Dwayne Major Milline Yeaa that sh!t goo hard.... Leo shitt...
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Caption this...

Mariano Ayala III Im gonna knock foking Floyd out 4 minutes and 44 seconds what the foke he can't even read what this cd says he thinks it says 4:45 the foke!!😂🥊
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane Best album of the year alongside rather u than me
Kobe Smith When you said some racist shit and your trying to convince the world Aye man i foking love black people😂😂😂
Daniel Cook You wanna know how Floyd is 49-0 .... Running... You wanna know how he made millions off boxing... this how he did it
Steven Davis Not only can Floyd not read, but he cant even pronounce words either. He was "hurted" 😂😂😂 sit ya old ass down mayfeather, Connor gonna beat that ass for ya for the irish!!!!!!
Lucas Myname If have a problem meet me in the ring by 4:44 cos I will knock you out in 4:44 and I will name my new album 4:44 don't mess with me cos 4:44 is the time you die
Sebastian Lucas Hofer He'd probably say some cocky shit like " 4:44.... Nice of jay z to make an album with the total amount of minutes it took me to sleep you nice job mate"
Mwale K Frank Bitch niggaz hate on greatness that white trush gonna get his ass dropped in the Same fucking fourth round he quit three times floyd aint a quitter #TMT
Paul Williamson An album cover that Mayweather can actually read
Matt Mangels If McGregor was to Knock Out Mayweather it would be in the 4th Round :44 second in? Illumanti
Patrick Tripp "I'm not white... I'm Conner"!
Eric McClellan This is when I'm getting my arse knocked out: 4th round, :44 seconds in!
Tariq Temelso Play this at my funeral on August 26th😂 Arjun El Rey #15Buckz
Kamara Robinson-Olson "Im not racist, I love black shit!" (actual McGregor quote)
Matt Bolger Mayweather will win four for four rounds until I get TKO'd without a Reasonable Doubt
Anis Chity Arsenal
Mirko Spring Gay z is wack and he is trash
Carlos Wehi "what the fock is this trash"
Kevin Arellano Teaching mayweather to read, lesson 4 chapter 44. Lose, mayweather needs to focking lose!!! Bwahaha
Dapper Dan "I can't pronounce four" but fo sure I'll end up bk on the floor. - Mayday all day.
Moe Long "They call me Jay Elec sonogram, Jay Elec hologram, Jay Elec the purple cipher hidden in Aladdin's hand."
Yash Pithalia ARSENAL Wenger gets a boner everyone he sees this😂
Nicholas Fuentes Let me put on this shit album so that you can dance for me boy!!!
Crispin Francis I like Connor, but does he really think he can win? lol
Syd Willis this album is shorter than our fight is gonna be next month 😂😂😂
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Joe Budden raised a few eyebrows on Wednesday (July 19) when he posted a bathroom selfie on Instagram featuring model/socialite/Slut Walk founder Amber Rose.

Lincoln Speering criticize for him being the "old head" tries to fit in with the new generation, still gets shit for it. Let him life.
Matthew J Balboa Dude is washed up and should of retired after Pump It Up.
Joe Anthony Perez 21 did a recent interview with everyday struggle and amber prolly showed up with 21 and Joe just had to take a quick selfie. Ain't nothing going on
Jesse White Aaaaaaaand cue 21 Savage/ Joe Budden beef in T minus 5 4 3 2
Mikke Cagn Amber Rose looks like a mannequin in this photo, I thought it was a mannequin at first glance
Alrokk Lòpez Lil top in the John no biggie for amber the champ
Daryl Bogosov She likes C list rappers. I'm surprise they didn't hook up years ago
Valerie M Velasquez Cyn is so much badder compared to amber rose why ooh I know they "friends" maybe
Chris Barrow 21 Savage gone be mad af... Then again he probably shouldn't be surprised anyway
David Junior Jay ayyyyyy, thought your girl playing up with 21 savage!!?? 😂 Why she wanna hang with dudes who spit real bars now ae!! 😂😂
Kenneth C. Sanders Jr. Y'all better research Joe's resume on women...he keeps em...
Ryan Guitrau Has anyone known about a certain pic with PAC and faith???? Drama and instigators they want u to fight your own people instead of making money and now hip hop is main genre they gonna be gunnin for these rappers
Gerald Evans Joe really think he doing something. This hoe got more niggas off than Cochran. Not impressed
Jason Jay Ward this nig is messy soon or later he gone be know for the guy that every rapper wanna beat up ... #OHEGONEGETTIDE
Joshua Grayson More importantly than the photo of them two being a thing in the first place. What's he doing in a bathroom with her 😂 😉
Neto Urbina Jesse R. Candray. So when are we gonna start hearing about the Beef .!?!?!?
Lyndon Chichester So is Joe in the women's or Amber in the men's ?
Jamie Ririnui Who the fuck are these fellas?
John Megus Belton Damn 21 savage come get ya hoe bruh she trippin B
Daniel McGuire Amber Rose looks like a dude
Santiago Mellet 21 I WAS JUST PLAYIN
Kyle Davis Amber Rose looks like a mannequin there lol
Reggie James Cyn is way hotter than amber rose
Caswell Mphahlele Joe Budden... He prolly gon hit her when done
Zamzam Timimy Joe budden is a pac wannabe ..so wat selfie????
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When you think of Bun B, you automatically think Texan legend. Better yet, Hip Hop legend. There is no doubt this former member of trill-setting duo UGK has made a lasting impression on the culture alone, creating timeless hit records. While at South By South...

Tejas Mistry Garry Hervey Trill OG coming back with the fire...and Krizzle on that bih too!!!
Joshua Anderson Dz Brown Bun B w/ Krit on the boards 😳
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Joe Anthony Perez One of the trillest in the game.
Dave Gagné Among my top 5
Justin Todoroff Whoaaa😂😂 tego cut this nigga
Ceasarlio Thadon Trill shit!!! My nigga
Scott Austin 📱Part-Time Job📱 💵Need Extra Money💵 💰This Is No Joke💰 http://bizboom.us/?ref=10293
Justin Todoroff Jesstin Lewis-Howard Wood William Hudson look how OG bun talking
Rosa Hernandez Silva Martin Hernandez Silva
Devante Wright http://www.soundcloud.com/thatboydeezey
Love Von Hauswolff Hampus Von HauswolffDouglas Wellander
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RZA’s latest venture might be his most unusual yet and that’s saying something. The Abbot of the Wu-Tang Clan has partnered with Chipotle Mexican Grill for SAVOR.WAVS, a “musical experience” inspired by the ingredients of the restaurant’s chain.

Bryan Thomas 👌good song
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Mary Barry Tf?
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Kanye West’s infamous tweets — spewed out while creating The Life of Pablo — have now come in handy for the rap superstar.

Justin Hayes Kylie & Kendall - Single by Miniblaze https://itun.es/us/xLPjlb
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Cuznbuda Maseko https://www.datafilehost.com/d/31f8cf0d
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Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith stopped by Sway In The Morning on Wednesday (July 19) to discuss her forthcoming film with Queen Latifah, Girls Trip, and wound up talking about her relationship with the late Tupac Shakur.

Renee A. Harris Living here, it's very easy to sell drugs like it's nothing. As you mature (if you get a chance--our murder rate is extremely high) you realize it's not where you want to be. I'm glad she made better life changes which made her who she is today.
Kristopher Seay When I was a teenager I was mad she hooked up with Will Smith. I was in love with her character on Low Down Dirty Shame.
Charles Zacharia I love her character on Gotham she is a bad gal
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Ben Woodhouse Annina Jafer lmao she was a dealer
Jason E. Jones And proud of it.
Lawrence Mbulelo That is what i heard before, to my unborn child
Sbusiso Patrick Damn!!she's a bad gal
Danielle Luvsu Kaykash Unobtainable
Jarvis Price https://www.reverbnation.com/jarvisprice916/song/28239721-911
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Last October, Star Wars fans learned Donald Glover had been cast as the young version of Lando Calrissian in the untitled Han Solo movie. On Tuesday (July 18), the world got its first look at the Atlanta creator as Lando courtesy of a photo posted...

Laura Marie Kay Russ 💜💜💜
Jake Riddell Chandler Bousfield there he go
Jerry Guzman Young Oh
HipHopDX.com17 hours ago

Ignore any reports out there saying DJ Khaled broke a horse’s back while on vacation in the Bahamas earlier this month.

Bob Omulo Obviously Duh!! A horse won't stand if the load is too heavy. But hey, there's a new industry called fake news for dumb people. (I don't mean Trump's fake news which is anything he doesn't like in the news.)
Ronnie Mugerwa Anyone who has been in the Bahamas would know those beach horses are skinny as f**k It's like having a big girl seat on a skinny dude only thing you'll see is his lungs coming through his ribs suffocating to get some air in them No disrespect ladies...
Drew EX DJ Khalid said " We Da Best" and that jackass took one good look at him and tried running for his life and got caught lmao!
Benny Blanco Dude that's funny. You do realize if you didn't say anything most of us wouldn't have heard ish? That's too funny. DJ Kalid is fat enough to break a horses back. 😂
Matt Richmond He's a tool....don't care about him or his dumb ass advice or him yelling over ppld songs...he really isn't the best
Karl Sciberras Andrea Good news. Now I can sleep relaxed.
Leslie Erin Alicia Daniels why are people so extra ✋✋
Malose Digashu The poor horse looks tired.nigga too fat for the animal.Horse breaker hahaha
Patrick Garcia Emil Rath, har du læst dette. 😅
Champagne Hahaha dj khaled the horse breaker
Cátia Rodrigues Jéssica Afinal era tudo mentira ele n matou o bicho😂
Stephen Hodge Adrian Nash I still believe he did😂😂
Bartlett Sambo Another one!
Otuvoh Stanislous Ozest Lol...... Is not even Horse's back but Elephant
Jonathan Monarrez Cool. I can finally sleep now. Thank you hiphopDx
Everett Tucker 'You killed a pony'. Khalid: '...another one'.
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Nathan Dreezy "All we do is whinny"...daamn😂😂 I just died there
Erv Hernandez lol people acting like they care when they don't.
Jay Summers
Cash Molefi hahaha...he prolly did
Steven Lock Somebody please make a meme about this.
Oscar Daniel Oscar Daniel Naw but the horse looks like he needs water..
Asar Tshepo Devenish he killed it....
Mirko Spring Who?
HipHopDX.com19 hours ago

Famed wax museum and frequent New York City tourist stop, Madame Tussauds New York, quietly unveiled Beyoncé’s wax figure on July 12 via Twitter to announce its return to the Big Apple.

Ivan Martinez I can't picture anyone being mad or even phased about this. And if you are and it bothers you even in the slightest then you need to really do something with your life.
Marilyn Canela Ramirez Looks nothing like her but then I've never been to the wax "museum" which charges over $40. That's a tourist trap
Alberto Moli You're a multi-millionaire. Who gives a fuck. People with money. Boy I tell ya...Smh
Harper Sherie they need to perform plastic surgery on it because it doesnt look like her
Tyger C Lee Wax figure look better than Beyonce to me.😂😂😂😂
Mark Szymanski I didn't know Beyoncé was white
Savvy Alicia That look like Becky with the good hair. Man if they dont stop
Rik Roland Who cares about a wax figure? The black race is through
Pacifique Kokolo Is this seriously what keeps people busy and concerning?
Aaron Solorzano Beyhive needs to be put into extinction
Jay Thomas Sad bastards if mad about this 😂😂😂
CJ Grand Kai It looks like a malnourished Mariah Carey tbh
Tevin Senju Who the fuck cares people worship her.
George Thomas Obviously you fuckers care enough to comment lmao
Gregory Smith And this is news? Why? Let me know if she chokes on a fish bone.
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane .
Bigman Brody Who cares
Nyameko Magwentshu How is this related to hip hop?
Malose Digashu So????
Eneka DeJanaba Dennis 😂😂😂😂
Devante Wright http://www.soundcloud.com/thatboydeezey
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GoldLink got a chance to flex his musical muscles when he stopped by the BBC Radio 1 studio on Tuesday (July 18).

Hadrien Meyer Hugo Mantel
Florian van der Eijk Tom van Ingen
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The members of Rae Sremmurd have teamed up with Valiant Comics and will make their illustrated debut in an upcoming project called SHADOWMAN/RAE SREMMURD #1.

Luzuko King Kevin Mkiva Good.....they winning i dnt see why people hate on them....industry changed because of them
Gregory Smith Fuckin tweens.
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Pop star Madonna has succeeded in halting the sale of some personal items, including a handwritten letter from her ex-boyfriend Tupac Shakur and a pair of her worn panties, on an online auction site.

Monsi Tuanquin Those panties prolly stank even today
George Billy Is there anyone she hasn't humped fs just watched a vanilla ice interview she was/is a predator lol
Jae Lee Damn PAC had the drawssssss dogggggg 😂
Tristan Hart Ghost of rappers past on up in ha panties
Damian West "i dont want to be forgotten" 2pac
Dilan Lokita Nunu Lokita das wort ex-boyfriend gehört dir
Monsi Tuanquin
Trek Dillinger Yall on pac's dick bad gottdamn, how much he payin yall.?!
Bahareh Tavakoli Yeah right stop trying to copy Jada you filthy bitch
Thapelo Andries Maseko Nzimande Panties? HaHaha 😀
Roy Gosen Hoe always gon be a hoe PAC pimped that bitch out!!
Sbusiso Patrick Mxm even panties,wtf
Sfiso Zondi Lol ole to the blood gang and crip gang
HipHopDX.com21 hours ago

Chinara Butler, wife of the late Pimp C, has taken to her Instagram to deliver a warning to Young Thug over a line from his “Big B’s” collab with Chance The Rapper.

Modise Ntungamili Deezy Malumbela wow atlist Younng made me know they is someone by the name Chinara Butler
David Hight So we just gonna act like this dude wasn't wearing little girl's clothes, calling Birdman his "lover"? Ppl just forgot all that shit? Smmfh...
Joshua X Jones I mean the line was trash and didn't actually mean anything. I'm disappointed I read any of this. Thanks for wasting literal seconds of my life.
Mike Vasquez Shit dude already wears dresses and calls his boy's "babe" so I'm guessing plenty of different guy's are already watching his mouth for him....
Paul Green Pimp warned yall about these lil "alternative rappers" in atlanta 😂
Andre Kyle If Pimp was alive he would not talk to these Fuck niggas point blank..
Gil GuRule The problem with this generation is not their mumble music it's the fact that none of them respect the guys that came before them. That's the beef I have with this new generation.
Pablo Raul Aguilar There some niggas I respect in the rap game.... and there some niggas I bet not hear sayin my fucking name.
Pablo Raul Aguilar Hide behind the guards at the show nigga, don't like no pussy homosexual on th low nigga.
Caleb Jean pimp c's wife. the statement itself is an oxymoron. stfu..lol
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
MadGerm Solano She need to stay in her lane 😂
Javier Casas how can we make famous people like younh thug?
Twinklw Pro #longlivethepimp
Benny Blanco Bitch on bitch crime. 😂
Ep4 Entertainment Who else loves
Nato Da Don Fuck bitch ass gay Jeffrey
Crescinda Miles Robert
Luciano Sedney Lesley O. Dekker
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Drake fans are evidently salivating at the thought of a sequel to his 2011 Grammy Award-winning album Take Care.

Kamran Tanha Take Care was a good RnB album. But "Nothing was the same" was and still is the best Drizzy album. Lyrically, beatswise, Drake as a rapper, the entire feeling.
Suly Fell I don't understand why. I haven't listened to Take Care but I know it's meant to be great but simply naming another album after Take Care doesn't guarantee that the album will be good, does it?
Thabo Serunye I swear on my grandmama grave I don't know any Drake album,but he got millions of fans so he must be doing something right, not that I'm hating, I just don't relate, I grew up on 90's hip hop, it is what it is!
Wylie Stylie This is the only way to get his hype back to 2015 levels lets be real. But then again it's still just a picture. No one confirmed anything. How quickly we jump to conclusions. Lol
Lungelo Ayanda Cele They Will Sleep On It, Lose You & Do Not Disturb Had That Take Care Album Feel Bt Yall Slept On It So Yep This One Too..By The Way Im A Drake Fan N dig His Lyrical Content dats heart be makes music abt his life ,past n present expierences frm heartbreaks n betrayal .Ppl Who Go Thru Dat Cn Relate too,even kendrick said so while he was in South Africa
Raphael Barnett I don't like the idea of a sequel because they hype almost never matches the body of work. Besides that drake look like he eating good, getting chubby in the face.
Cbo Bobzin Mkheezeh I like da way u hate a 13 grammy winner in 1 night #drizzy makem hate boy
Tony Swendseid take care was the weeknds album, the weeknd wrote the songs. fake Drake is nothing more than a bitch made pop puppet who reads & recites lyrics written by the weeknd.
Marc Millette Naomi CP Hilaire bruh... pis sidenote, comment pas prendre une pause ou faire un shot pis avoir une photo timeless...
Phemo Kingslayer Trey Hip hop is dead anyway Where is biggie big l rakim nas pac to save hip hop
Joshua Grayson Lawrence Kennedy I just want a Marvin's room 2 tbh. "Get in loser we're going crying"
Obaid Khan Hena omg if this is true I'll be so happy!
Muhammed Öksüz Sam Sam 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
Jay Wehrenberg Paul Ros fake or no?
Emmanuel Ejiofobiri Best ever drake album, not like that the album he gave his best on, but just one of those super perfect albums.. thas wassup
Yannick Manfroy Grade A trash part 2
Frankie Poindexter Take care of the same life later if you're reading this.
Matt Richmond Drake fans r all women or sensitive men that wanna b women....he soft as hell.. He soft like Jimmy's legs in degrassi😂😂😂😂
Stephen McPhee The weeknd is gonna have to get his pen and his producers ready, 2/3rds of the original is 100% given by the weeknd lol
Daniel Ortiz Edgar Villa Ooo shit he bouta make me cry again 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀 lmao u still a hoe for that
Dhawal Tripathi BalJinder Singh His best album now might have a sequel.
YomeLela Sixesha Every album since TakeCare been okay if not wack so he's trying to recreate TakeCare
Juan Dueñas The weeknd most of that album that's whybdrake put him on
Luyanda UncleScott Majozi Thanks to Rihanna for breaking his heart again now we will have another Take Care 2 niiiice !
Shabba Dahutt More help from the weeknd on this album??
HipHopDX.com23 hours ago

There are a lot of mythical tales surrounding Suge Knight’s brash leadership of Death Row Records. One of those tales involved allegedly dangling Vanilla Ice over a balcony in an effort to make the rapper sign over publishing rights to the hit song “Ice Ice...

Gerald Evans He needs to stop lying and keep shit real. You got extorted like a lil bitch and now you want to backtrack after and try to say Suge didn't dangle your ass from that balcony. He was nice to you. Ok
Paulo Aguilar And why were people paying Suge Knight because he said this is his city!!! I would have told Suge to Fuck off with that shit!! He is just muscling people out of money!!
Akbar Rahim Another Wigger
Phillip J. Woods He's already told this story, do interviewers not do research before interviews?
Callan Walker Matthias Peter more dudes on here keen to stick up for a murderer than a white rapper ahahhahahahaha
Damian Arevalo Haters out here cause this dude had a hit record while they are still in their moms apartment recording in the closet lol
Lorena Rivas I thought it was Eminem who dangled him over the balcony?🤔 .... or at least that's what he says on one of his songs
Mike Leonard So the country singers must of been safe and tax free huh? Probably never knew when they were coming or going.
Howard Geal Chuck D wanted to Sign him ,said he could could of been the Rap Elvis...before he went pop....
Byron Byz Lol he didn't hang him off a balcony wtf is wrong with the internet? Yoh they trying to make people stupid.
Moe Black He didn't write the song so I would've done the same shit lol I fuck with suge on this one. Besides that white boy was just exploiting black culture anyway and the showed his true colors on the Arsenal Hall show. Fuck him
Alex Gilardino Suge killed pac and big
Karl Probert Big Suge Knight
Bateria Yedi What a nice guy. He robbed me blind. Foh!
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane He be screamin I'm no gansta I'm an avarege man
Kevin Michael He already said on video that it happened so which is it?
Pam Rocc Cause it's not true
Thabiso TrOje Lithako Vanilla be scared daTs Y he refutes!
Joshua Rodriguez I would have told suge to get out
Malose Digashu SO surge was more like 8 Ball,,,,,mmm
James Reigns That shit crazy niggers fight over dumb shit and fuss
Rijali Coleman https://youtu.be/y25ziNjoev8 That's not what he said then( at 0:11:05)
Fuentesaidou Aulasy Saul Essame
HipHopDX.com23 hours ago

For City Councilman Robert Cornegy, who was a neighbor of The Notorious B.I.G.’s in his youth, a feat involving the late rapper has finally been accomplished.

Ke'juan Tha Don Cartier Fuck you gon name a basketball court after that fat ass nigga for...😅😅😅 Nigga never ran a court in his life...🖕PIG
Bahareh Tavakoli If it was someone I know or knew I would tell them exactly who that shit is not fucking right or considered sniching BURN IN HELL whoever the fuck that does that shit to any person FUCK YOU
Angelo Atencio CDBaby.com/UglyPhat
Sabelo Mchunu G's live forever
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane .
Abel Philadafi Lmewa New York should been changed to Biggie York
Bahareh Tavakoli Motherfuckers won't even admit that they killed him burn in HELL
Lawrence Mbulelo Haters gona have to get out
Sebastian Hastings pocketneed.com/?share=15926
Mbekezeli Mashiya Enkawu Mgenge Kolwane Norms Ramushu
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Some words of wisdom. ❤️

Mike Faso Real words of wisdom from a true motivator, an icon, a legend. The greatest that ever did it #RipTupac
Myalelo Sokupa Looool this guy was an actor period he will make you feel him
Maryjane Del Rosario Escobar The big homie speaking his mind .. Rip brother may we see each other in another life form ...
Mikey Novic Dinkum Chinchilla you will never hear someone his age in today's world speak & think like that !
Coleman Chestnut Facts always build a foundation on your own! That way you have something to offer others! Now you can actually help 💯🔑☑️
Andrew Ruelas PAC... one of the greatest 😢 R.I.P.
Aimee Elizabeth Watson Ellie-Ana Morgan you came to mind xxxx
Michael A. Luevanos The realest
Iyke Chinaza Val That's makaveli for u. Always got wisdom to give
Mistah E Fuentez Lesane
Mouhamed L. Kane Rapers nowadays should always learn from this man.
Annimeanz Sarmiento http://piff.me/10dbc02
Freddy Garcia 🐐
Kelley King Brandi❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jean Alday True words of a true thug
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Aretha Johnson So true i relly feel you
Paul Smith Jr Facts of Life
Brett Nelsen Practice makes perfect 👌 👍
Monte Myers GOD BLESS ONE NATION, M-TOWN BABY 765 IND. K'ILLUMINATE 777🙏✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🙏©
Thomas Schrei 360p we meet again
Eldre Baldwin Goat 🐐
Michael Yaskis My favorite raper
Fer Padilla Cecilia Gutierrez que te diga el mero mero
David Ivey #pac
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Too soon?

John James Ness People need to lighten the fuck up. Bunch of pussies, man.
Ernesto Campos II I got nothing back for my "don't drink the lemonade" joke, which I thought was fairly clever
Jessie Johnson Fuck that white bitch
James Redlin It's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard
Agustin Garcia Diplo has talent but is otherwise a bitch
Cristian Ledezma That was actually pretty funny
Liam Corkerry Jennifer
Dj Iceman Dope!
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane .
Isma De Jesus Muñoz Michelle Álvarez-Chávez fuckboy
Mercury Black https://www.audiomack.com/song/new-alkebulan/more
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Kung-Fu Kenny continues to put on for his fans.

Read the full story about Kendrick Lamar and Jennifer Phillips on HipHopDX: http://hhdx.co/2tn5Lzr

Damian Malaitai Got a fan signed march with a wheelchair accessible van
Whoopi McLaurin Wow!
Vijay Vaswani Jaya Vaswani
Patrick Noone Naomi Gibney
Mercury Black https://www.audiomack.com/song/new-alkebulan/more
Mercury Black https://www.audiomack.com/song/new-alkebulan/more
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

From New York City block parties to worldwide domination.

Craig Dalit Simmons and I bet you the majority of it is thanks to Atlanta hip hop. don't skip that part, b...
YomeLela Sixesha Hip Hop/R&B? They the same thing now?
Shane O Mac Steven Colon i found a picture of you from back in the day
Matthiew Brady-Krawchuk 👊 M.C.A from Beastie Boys would have been proud
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Paul Doherty Pity most of it is pure Shite
Lizwi Deecan cphilelirap ekasi
Sherman Bernard Travis Gonsalvez
Dontae Mifsud Jordan Dudley
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Not feeling that "bullpen sandwich" either.

Paulo Aguilar I like how the law always tried to put shame on someone who doesn't pay their taxes and call them a criminal when the REAL criminal is the IRS!! They steal out of your bank account or your paycheck week after week!!
Zachary Norton X be killing shit outside the courthouse lol 😂 he still got it. Fuck the government I know they fucking with you
Yandisa Mgugunyeka "i dont trust humans.... trust a dog, not just any dog... it gotta be a pitbull"
Thembani Elmon Jnr F Hahaha X is the realest.Fuck Uncle Sam.Niggah got shit he can spit from dusk to dawn.
Nikola Stanojčić Milos Rosic moze brat da dobije 40 godina
Ed Barkowitz who cares,x is now meth addicted bumm ass punk
Shahram Aziz my nigga X still got that fire
David Austin Watch the video. This dude is a beast. Lol Jairo Morales-Rojas Alexander Wheeler Jr.
Ryan Stainton 🔥🔥
Julius Ezama One road cross one more risk to take
Usuario Imaginario X always gon give it to ya!
ED Mythical We Riddin Rough
Deejay Sezer The King 💪💪💪
Roy Munyai Thuso X
Abednigo Sandile Mzima They've always tried to put him down.
Nathaniel Tovar "Tax evasion freestyle" 😹😹😹😹
Kevin Holland 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Adnan Rufai Christian DePaz 😂😂😂
Lee V. Roo DMX.., Santa V. Roo
Manuel Daniel Barrera Christopher Larrow
Adam Cross Nick Gravel
Victor Evans Blake Molendorp
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

A longtime fan of Kendrick Lamar got more than she expected during the Compton rhymer’s show in Dallas, Texas last week.

Eric Bischoff i thought it would be a Camry
Luyanda Khulzevere Listen to 'u' for explanations.
ThisIs Pun PH Ladies love kendrick !!
Vijay Vaswani Jaya Vaswani
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Havoc has addressed the pain of losing his Mobb Deep partner Prodigy in a new extended interview with VladTV.

Mirko Spring Mobb >>>> Pac N Big
Richard Legroux P was one of the last NY legendary MC... Huge lost for hip-hop worldwide 🙌
Daniel Nas Damn they come from way back together!!! Rest in peace P
Joel León R.i.p. P ...been rocking to that up north trip an rotten apple..life is crazy
Uriah Thompson We feel ya pain Havoc,I'm still in shock,one of the greats was taken away from us and that shit hurts
Meeklo Quintana Word. Feel the same exact way. RIP & God bless the dead & to the latest fallen Rap legend #Prodigy #MOBBDEEP.
Phil Joyce In Prodigy's Therapist interview he says "pain is my friend" and I can see the pain in his face by looking at this photo
Sunday Ogala MOBB DEEP!!! damn rest in peace pro...hip pop is really dead.
Sangweni Hlongwane Hav ain't change one bit damn lol
Kris Williams I'm sorry ....But my consciousness doesn't get that. I sense envy!!!!!! Y'all really don't understand the hood...
Wandile Hlongwane Poku Rest in peace P... till we meet again dunn
Antonio Greco Nathan Tshidibu bist du das rechts ? 😂😂😂 oder was sagst du Jean-Marc Tshidibu
Musti Kh That's men love, no homo. RIP P. GOD BLESS UR SOUL
Rashedi Flores Shit still crazy to me
Heavyweight C Paul Man..........i still mourn
Jabu Jukantwana Twala If you loose someone you love its hard to handle a loss
Bernard Grant #realfriends #Legendary
Jonathan Hansson Those 2 are a prime example of loyalty
Brian Delrosso M o b b d e e p
Brian McGhee Damn they was rocking a minute!
James L Camuy One of the best vlad interviews i have watched.
Jason Sweet
Roderick Jung I still can't believe it either
Iheanyi Anumudu Fine boy P
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

The singer is currently trapped in a closet of controversy.

Steven Parsons He probably just giving them swimming lessons . How to swim in pee 101 with R.Kelly .
Rooi Bala what ever happend to getting one woman and you and her can chow eachother laugh eat and play... r kelly is an idiot.
Thembani Elmon Jnr F Women,fame and money are inseparable.Leave the nigga alone instead tell your sisters to come home and look for jobs.
B-Low Unbenounced Her mind is telling me noo but her body her body is telling me yes 😂
Christopher Fondakowski He just has alot of Sex
Cameron March Amanda Muse been following this? Lol
Cleopatra Haynes Sketch at best
Aaron Molasky
Brendon Cifuentes He pissed on a 15 year old ....pretty sure he's guilty.dumbass
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Kelvin Murire R.Kelly vs Bill Cosby
Sabahko Ualreadyknow Jibril Sassi The headline LOLLL
Coleman Chestnut Welcome to my sex room huh Mr. kells 🤔😆😂
Alejandro Zarazua Got that issac Hayes vibe.
Justin Walden "Pied piper of R&B ya'll"
Gurinder Singh Looking like a skinny ass Rick Ross
PieterDawid Plaatjie R. Poncharello!!
Jean-Roger Chanteur Rien à foutre de lui‼️‼️‼️ Stop Buz ‼️‼️‼️
Billy Hall Lol
Ceasarlio Thadon How is this news... They were all of age... Haters
Sasha Lynn Johnson Justine Jones lol
Adam Cross Nick Gravel
Mahdi Ali Mahdi https://soundcloud.com/mamanthereal249/maman-mad-ft-toodope-x-rotation
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

#Khalid performing "Rollin" at Forever 21's #WeAreForever

Shayan Dabiri Tim Alim guess he is decent live too
Derrick Summers To Tight jeans distracting me 😥😥😥
Juan Diego Mestanza Alexa Olsen Buenas Noches
Antonello Ussia Stefano
HipHopDX.com3 days ago


Justin Collins http://news.hiphopearly.com/mike-delorean-explains-why-prodigy-mural-got-kicked-out-of-queensbridge/
Heavyweight C Paul Give them another key....then if they still dont get it .....fuck it Break a horse then!!!LoL
Alex Valentin What's gonna say Khaled on his last song? "The Last One"
Wanda Annette Haggins Giving them nothing never
Abel Sanchez Another one
Aaron Molasky
Dylan Leprieur damn whats with him and his cluster headaches? someone give him an Advil
Mano Manuel-lima Why are none of your artist popping you doing the birdrat on your team
She Bud Always a second chance......
Alex Laszlo Gabriel Golasie 🙁
Cordell Macmillan They don't want you to like Good Kush And Fentanyl
Jesus Treviño Sarah Molina Steph 😂😂😂
Leslie Erin Neil Castleberry it me💀💀💀
Sarvesh Thiruchelvam James Gabe Aaron Fox
Jenny Wren Lauren Thaxton lol
Floris Boonen Janko Ivkovic
Karl Woolley Chelsie Gallagher
Didem Gündüz Dilara Aker
HipHopDX.com was live.3 days ago

Let's have an open discussion about Mr. Kelly

HipHopDX.com http://hiphopdx.com/news/id.44075/title.r-kelly-allegedly-running-cult-with-women-held-against-their-will
HipHopDX.com http://hiphopdx.com/news/id.44075/title.r-kelly-allegedly-running-cult-with-women-held-against-their-will
Dell Edwards It's not new news, same story, different year. He's even called himself the pied piper. He's proud of what he's been doing for years.
Natalie Crüe Men need to stop being predators. Check your boys and stop perpetuating rape culture and toxic behavior. Stop putting it all on Women and esp these young, impressionable girls
Natalie Crüe It's not on these young girls to police a grown mans behavior is they're ALLEGEDLY being brainwashed and being manipulated were talkin about something totally different
William E. Ketchum III (He also may be grooming them while they're underaged, then finally acting as soon as they're legal. No coincidence that they're still in late teens/early 20s)
Jay Worth "But I bet he still gonna SELL OUT whatever venue he playing"......"And you know who gone fill the crowd....WOMEN"......"IJS".....GKP!!!
William E. Ketchum III Buzzfeed is a different publication, but the reporter is the same guy who first reported on the sex tape, and who has been covering him for the past couple decades
Treasure LaMark Our females need to be taught self worth, no money holds value next to a woman.
Leonard Dungee There are plenty of chicks hanging out in rappers houses
Mario Martinez Jr R.Kelly gonna start doing them casinos shows now! He won't sell out any venue now
Robert Martinez I don't see nothing wrong .....with a little cult and grind
Yung IsKing Dotta He gne have explaining to do... They aint gone call u a crackhead for 20 years....
William E. Ketchum III That's the real tragedy: he's found to be just as much of a scumbag, while still technically not breaking the law.
Treasure LaMark Trent, GMT Radio in Houston, Texas, started Hip Hop Hangput live, I'm hoping to bring you guys together one day soon
Treasure LaMark Trent , only because you are speakin. R.Kelly is a lost case. He has manipulated so many with fame.
Marvin Rich It's a mind game technically no but it still doesn't make it right
Mario Martinez Jr I think there parents just want in and want to cash the cow in!
William E. Ketchum III I believe it's the same guy. He did the first story on the sex tape, he did the big story a couple years ago when Pitchfork had the festival, etc. Most of the original reporting on this has been the same guy
Marlon Byers I knew who he was..Ever since he said and I quote "little cute aaliyah's got it" on "She's Got That Vibe" Which was recorded in 1991 and released on January 18th 1992 Aaliyah was born January 16th 1979. She was 12. Goodbye
Alfredo Morua Brainwashing is possible with the "four corner rule" if contract law. Through rituals proper can be over powered. He is a wicked and deceitful man. Yet he is practicing the same science this country exercises contractual slavery.
Anthony Gant It's always about money they did it wit Michael so this should not surprise anyone the parents of these girls want money point blank look who these girls look up in this world that showed them how to get rich quick Blac Chyna prime example
Mo Maureen Whether it's true or not, we all know R. Kelly is a sex freak. Will it matter to him monetarily, don't think so coz people have still been down with him since the infamous "Golden Shower" Was this all legal? Seems if they were all of age then yes.
Shon Thomaston OK...we have a lot of innocent blacks in prison for false allegations. If he's guilty I think he should fry, but it needs to be proven first.
Marty-Dena Oliver No under age , an they are content ,,,, what is the legal issue? He's always been weird An wrong , this is the least of his bs if no ones harmed or under age,,,, true?
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

Listen to Run The Jewels in Mike's honor.

Paul Green I cant lol...ive tried....ive missed out on killer mike over the yrs off this RTJ stuff. I just dont like the sound. Let me know when he get back with the BEAT BULLIES
Jahmodd de Ramus Yo y'all gotta word shit better. I saw "listen...in mikes honor" and thought something bad happened lol.
George Benning Well Deserved
Hunor Draviczki Ross Skelly Killer Mike > Kendrick
Joe O'Donnell Jay Lambert
Tom Brawley Amelia Strong