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1:40: Should we talk about alternative R&B acts such as The Internet, SZA and Bryson Tiller on this podcast?
5:35: Tribute to Prodigy of Mobb Deep
10:20: Gearing up for the release of TLC’s new album

Darius Thomas I know for sure without even listening that this is some good old fashioned,uncompromised soul/r&b..I love his sound
Pax Van de Vliet Denny Sutton
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#Repost @mrykigs (@get_repost)
Thank you to this great man Larry Gold, the owner of @Sobsnyc, for trusting me with his precious #SolVillage brand and allowing me to bring @youknowigotsoul into his venue...

Dan Bamber Onwards and upwards for both brands!
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#Repost @mrykigs (@get_repost)
For the past 5 years, I've had the amazing opportunity to book artists and produce the #SolVillage R&B show at the world famous @Sobsnyc. After an unforgettable run, my last show...

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1:24: Omarion’s cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s song “Reasons”
7:20: Mario’s new single “Pain Is The New Pleasure”
10:45: Tank releases lead single “When We”
14:50: Love & Hip Hop’s Tammy Rivera collaborating with Rico Love
21:35: Review on H.E.R.’s...

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Adrian Marcel Does an Acoustic Performance Live in the Streets of NYC
Home Music Videos Interviews Event Coverage News Reviews About Podcast Watch Adrian Marcel Do an Acoustic Performance Live in the Streets of NYC (Exclusive) ...
Eric Boisseau You have to know how to sing to do that song I don't know what reason he had to do that...
CP SheWrites As a life-long EWF fan, I'm so hesitant to listen to any covers of their songs. I'll have to give this some thought.
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#Repost @mrykigs (@get_repost)
Most of my interviews over the years have been filmed in an office or venue. But got a chance to film one outside today with @AdrianMarcel in the middle of midtown Manhattan. Came...

TonyBoy KingDutty Ohh damn great !!
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2:35: Ashanti’s upcoming album
6:23: 112’s upcoming album
15:50: Bryson Tiller’s sampling of 90’s R&B music
21:50: Is Jhene Aiko the R&B savior?
27:19: Culture vultures in R&B
31:25: LaFace Records legacy

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2 Chainz brought out Chance The Rapper 👏🏼👏🏼

Jordan Haslam When an nobody brings out an another nobody
Mavusana Stephen Chance the rapper overrated af
Musti Kh Wtf is they doing... And u asking for the Detox?!
Madro Kekana
Christienne Medrano Christian tiano
Kelly Corcoran Kirsty Wray
Isaac Johnston Matthew Scott
Adam Gray Nuur Hirad
Hanna Durant Ryan
Rok Rehar Emanuel Jamšek
Jeremy Schneider Jessica Schneider
Cagdas Dabal Sarah Barnes
Ashton Ghent Saul Ghent
Ben Jackson Marcus Graham
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2 Chainz brought out Kendrick Lamar 🙌🏽 Real recognize real.

Ali Al-Hasifi I really don't know why people like Kendrick so much man... pass me that Nas Mobb Deep Cormega WuTang and mos def this mufucka sucks b..
Blue Hefner Big Sean prolly flew to wherever Drake is and told him Kung Fu Kenny won't stop performing songs about them two. I can only imagine the question from Sean to Drake is "What we goin do?!"
Jah Hewitt Kendrick was the only performance i was lookin forward to...i miss the bet awards from like 10 years ago everybody was lit
Fili Makavelli 2 chainz is trash am stick with the only real one kdot
Hebert David Blanco Florez I came here only 4 Kdot .... 2Chainz is garbage 😀
Zachary Ransom It's yo boyyyyyyy
Madro Kekana Hip hop kings
Scott Walker Matthew Jinks we gotta do kendrick aswell Mann
Brodie James Earnshaw Tyler Adams man we gotta go when he comes next
Marin Isaj Marius Baci Sa ndryshe live ky Kendric
Cody Frost Ken theirs statements floating around true or false?
Ben Jackson Marcus Graham pardon
Jeremy Schneider Matthew Myotte
Cris Saragas Ashleigh Bernard
Matthias Gattringer Elias Rimser
Adam Gray Nuur Hirad
Savvy Alicia Charles Pinckney Latiscia Pinckney Brian Anthony
Bezhan Sghr Marvin Bhod Josef Debase
Corey Morrison Jesse Robertson
Christian Tapia Olvia Vázquez
Daniele Colavito Michael Age Zeegers
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Kung Fu Kenny killin' it.

Nichel Woods In cases like this I respect Cole more than K Dot. Kendrick blasts on these kinds of rappers on tracks like Humble only to feature on a remix with them? Correct me if I'm wrong but the last time I remember Cole doing something like this is featuring on Diamonds with French Montana and Rick Ross. C'mon Kendrick you got a sound in rap that unique so don't downgrade just for a play in the mainstream.
Benjamin Michaels Why are we still calling him kung fu kenny? Lol
Emmanuel Kazeya Junior percocets molly percocerts-feeling the jam #Africa
Samuel Oladele Layiwola 👉 Y'all that's 💞 shit!!! 👼It's only the living God can judge, not the Dead gods💀.😜😋😝💯®
Steven Gutierrez I'm sure Dr Dres proud 😂😂😂😂😂
Donnamarie Tee 💖 me some K u n g Fu. Kenny
Cash Molefi who the fuck is kendrick lamar???
Willyam Susanto Wijaya eminem is better.
Joseph Prestage Still rather see Joyner perform mask on live
Anderson Chikalipo Legendary Kdot
David James LoL I was wondering what was up with the gi
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane Rather u than me
Shalati Maluleka Kendrick got game
Abdelaziz Eltahan You lost my respect Kendrick
Manuel Morelos 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Luis Rodriguez Joab Garcia
Nervin Sidhu Joyner Lucas
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Reunited and it feels so good.

Luke Cage Tiny can't sing at all
Craig Dalit Simmons why yall tryna play TIP like this, BET?
Adrian Teasley Hiatus. ...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Jose Vasquez I'd tell em to get out the car tbh...don't feel like getting shot...
Oussama Diesel I dont think biggie would fit in my chinese small car
David Buck "50 Cent" Get Rich or Die Trying
Riverdale Bailey College Dropout, Late Regristration, TPAB or GKMC... For a few...
Benito Martinez The best album means one. Why everyone keeps selecting more than one album shows how bad you all comprehend
Gos White I would play Kiluminati the 7 day theory MAKAVELI. The best album released since September 13th 1996. Best album after March 1997 was get rich or die trying. But the album that changed the game of rap/ hip hop was by Kanye west. College dropout. That's a str8 up classic. That wasn't on no gangster shit. Frfr. That mfn album gave life. It was a mix of what rap was birthed from. Samples, rhythm and poetry. The struggle, pain and glory.
Facey Erin Since they died, for Tupac I would knock "The Last of a Dying Breed" by Scarface... and for Biggie, I would put on ""Press Play" by Diddy... Show em what their homeboys been up too lol...
Michael Moran infinite Eminem maybe aquemini outkast or perhaps absolute power tech n9ne
Ev Sheehan I would probably put on the Chronic 2001 for Pac & For Big , Jay-z Hard knock Life Vol 2. Also Wu-Tang forever dropped just after Big passed so I would have pump that 💯
Stephen Escandelor I'll play all those Mumble rapper bitches albums, Drakes, lil wayne & kanye's, turn the volume way up high till their ears bled & tell 'em, this is the aftermath of ur demise, it turned rap/hiphop music into a wasteland, making all ur hard earned effort go down the drain.. It's so sad..😯
Mario Rowe Kdot damn Jcole 4 your eye's only Lil Wayne Carter 2 or 3 Jay z blue print
Teckie Meskel Kendrick Lamar's #Section80 because that piece of art is history. You can play that album 10xs. In a row and still feel everything being interpreted so deeply in your soul and body, that album is a masterpiece, one that should last forever.
Rishi Sharma Tough q, but I'd gotta play 2001 by Dre, Carter 3, college dropout, marshal Mathers lp, Eminem show and the documentary. Hate that I'm leaving wu off this
Bill Pascarelli Too many great albums. Hard to say which is the best. These are just the best albums that came out within about 18 months of Biggie's death. Too hard to find the best album of the last 20 years. Wu tang forever War report Aquemini Capital Punishment Black Star Moment of truth
Carey Morris There's a few..... The Game - The Documentary Rugged Man - Legends Never Die Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP That's barely scratching the surface
Chase Wilson I would probably play Tech N9ne - everready... Not to say that is my favorite album of all time, i just imagine that Pac would enjoy it and probably work with him if he was still alive.
Ja Davis MMLP, Stillmatic, the lost tapes, the Blueprint, Lord Willin, Rule 336, And then there was X, the last kiss, Get rich or die trying, the documentary, Mood Muzik 4, Final Call Lost Tapes, Tp3, Me myself n I, blood $, confessions, urban legend, deeper than rap, Tha Carter, checkmate, Tha g code, supreme clientele, e.l.e, the iron flag and my beautiful dark twisted fantasy to name a few. 😊
Miguel Villa I'd take a joy ride and play multiple album's like Capitol Punishment, Chronic 2001, Reasonable Doubt, The College Dropout, Good kid m.a.a.d. city, MM L.P., Get Rich or Die Trying, Tha Carter 3, Stillmatic, Run The Jewels, The Documentary and Stankonia
Jamal Andrews Def some Nas Yeezy Eminem 50 n Hov albums. Oh n can't forget X's first 2 albums. BTW...The Games last 4 albums been crazy so it's hard to say
Kaliel G De Silva 2pac still I rise, shit if he really dead than well just have to glorify the fact he was passed away still making bangers haha
Ali Al-Hasifi Baq Mathers Murda Music, stillmatic, black on both sides, reflection eternal debut , the offering by KP, Supreme Clientele, HNIC, Mic Tyson , WU Tang forever, get rich or die trying, I would love to see how they react.. and I'd play all the tribute songs they made for them.. I'll be missing you by puff and we'll always love big poppa by the lox for big and Spice one thug in me , yukmouth still ballin,morn you till I join you by tretch, still we will survive by Nas , do G'z get to go to heaven by Richie rich and a bunch more that is forgetting , there was a track that E-40 and them made too I can't remember
David Escobar Jr Paul wall and chamillionairs get yo mind correct underground album of the year 2002 and received 5 mics when the source had credibility
Rana Farrukh Tufail Rather than showing Pac and Biggie whose the best out, Id rather make them listen to some of the most versatile artists out there. Artists who took the culture to a better place. People like Yelawolf , Action Bronson, Rae Sremm, Snow Tha Product, Royce Da 5 9, Kanye West, Remy etcc who were inspired by Pac and Biggie and remained authentic to the purpose behind the movement.
E-Jay James Won't be be a rapper that was doing it while they were alive. Nas jay outkast ghostface out the window...TPAB, The cool, then Late registration
Shaun Vyse probably Recovery tbh...its still relatively newer, the lyricism is crazy (sometimes it is kinda corny), the flows are monstrous, the energy is absolutely batshit crazy. classic album and one of Ems best
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The 2017 BET Awards are underway at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles Sunday night (June 25), which means a bunch of celebrities got dressed up and peacocked their way across the red gray carpet.

Ruben Guerrero Good tribute to George Michael! Better than the tributes done by other awards shows! BET knows how to pay respect!
Wesley Zwep chance the rapper only one with some class... the rest couple of jokers
Prince Rakotozanany Rip Prodigy thats all I gotta say
HipHopDX.com11 hours ago

It's going down!

Prince Rakotozanany Remy Ma #Queen is bacc #Bronx
Markel Davis Who cares
Gayle Hill
Lungani Nyokwana Did J. Cole win
HipHopDX.com19 hours ago

Also, Vince Staples clarifies statements about Eminem, Alchemist hypes up Nipsey Hussle’s album, and Young M.A works on vacation.

Bheki Tukie Mamba What Was Vince Staple's Statement about Em..... Any one help me !
Benny Blanco
Gabriel Ubisse Good solder die young . R.I.P ma Nigga
Jerry Blount Jr. https://youtu.be/GWd_b-n2WhQ
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Go see it for yourself. #AllEyezOnMe is now playing! http://tickets.alleyez.movie/ #supporttheculture #ad

David Scott Heard there was NO mention of Treach, or even Pac reconciling with his biological father
Kimathi Mworia Why so much negative press and a lawsuit coming up...? I need to watch to understand
Gordon Jon-Jon
Lorens Christiaens Klef Ranking deze week kijken?
Keseabetswe Gontse Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Манчев Иска Кадилак We don't get to see it in Bulgaria .... :/
Brian Sierra Carol Marie
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KING K DOT. 👑 ScHoolboyQ and ASAP Rocky brought out Kendrick Lamar at BET Experience 🙌🏾

Vigrant Anthony Kulnarong King of rap matter fact Rap God! Who you got? Drake? Foh. Whos better than anyone on the TDE roster? I'll wait... NYC whos been top? Rakim and DMX are done. Big Pun has passed. Only Joel Ortiz and Nas left. Dont even mention Camel Joe. He's been done since Ether.
ThisIs Pun PH If there was no schoolboy Q, it would have taken time for TDE to be where it's at today....I remember how Q used to make fun of Kendrick's music😂. Kendrick changed and then blew up immediately #GroovyQ #Respect The high five in the BET cypher goes to Schoolboy
Sugar Ray Hijazi Look at all these pathetic comments, people cursing eachother out just because their opinions dont match others opinions. I hope you all know how pathetic and lame you are. Kendrick, j cole, drake, dont give 2 fucks about you! They dont give a fuck who you are, and here you all are cursing eachother out to defend your "fav rapper". Lame! Why cant people just give their opinion on who their fav rappers are without some low life acting all hurt cus he doesnt specifically like that rapper?
Aila Serrano Jasmine Distefano Karisa Le-Paez we used to complain about not living in America because we missed all the gigs. Still the same story 😭
Brian Stu King of what? Def not the king of New York. Def not the king of rap. King of the west maybe? I don't even see that being possible.
Eduardo Menendez A.m to the P.m, P.m to the A.m, Funk!🔥
Hugo Cabrera TDE Mafia Of Da WEST
Vicaress Javiniar ohh so schoolboy q actually meant to bring out kdot during gov ball... April
Arturo Cortes LorenaFabian Javier Ortiz porque siempre me dejan abajo cuando hay concierto perros bye
Jaco Pot
Mark Damons KING of what exactly??
Phil Haha @bigsean
Serhat K-Dot My left stroke just went viraaaaaaal
Lloyd Skanty Moore Of course bitch sit down and be humble
Dillon Milligan Saying Kendrick is god or king of rap is like saying lil uzi is new tupac
Manuel Lutz Leon Ist mit Taschenrechner gefilmt oder
Melchior Matos David shit is so lit is hurts
Alex Gerry Isaac Sowden i would've climbed on stage and fucked him
Maély Dumoulin Sheïlla Thibault on a ps l'choix d'y aller
Ryan New Adam Yeo oh my goodness
Kimberly Torres
Jacob Jordan Mae Johnson OMG read the lineup
Jasmine Nicole Was this live?
LaQuis L Q DesJardins When the Squad unite like Voltron 🔥🔥🔥👍🏽
Jorge Guerra Wow these dudes sound horrible live with out all that edit
HipHopDX.com at NeueHouse (Los Angeles).1 day ago

Magnolia 🔥🔥 #PlayboiCarti

Amadeus Clark This Down South Shit is Pure 100% grade A garbage..In my day we started With Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash , Run Dmc..Then Progessed to Rakim , Big Daddy Kane ..After that Tribe Called Quest De la Soul..The Gangstarr , Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Biggie, Nas..Now its simple ass beats and mumble rap about nothing..Lil Yahchy , Migos, Young Thug, Kodak Black..WTF happen to Hip Hop?
Deiber Higuera Ramirez Wtf is that? Is pop? Is rap? Is a terrible combination... Hip Hop is life, no fashion dude.
Jr Boyd Straight trash, and people paying to watch someone mumble while the song play
Sandro Martinez Everyone we gotta stop commenting on theae dudes so we donr create traffic and they decline
Mason Gregory Kline I swear the wrong people are blowing up. All this fame needs to go to the beat makers. These artists are trash.
Justin Donovan Dude is garbage trash and he's just rapping over a studio track..lazy asf
Mitchell Palmer I'd be pissed off to pay to see him say a few words over his recorded version
Ebrahim Rian Is this fucking hip hop now? WTF fuck carti fuck uzi fuck all y'all sons of bitches if i had the money and the power i'd fucking delete those gay ass rappers and sign real ones with real talented punk ass motherfuckers
Alex Duif Whoever keeps telling you to post this shit doesn't have your best intentions in mind lol
Chris Williams Straight trash!
Wayne Orbell What a load of shit Lol
Bernardo Andres Huerta Garbage ass shit
Joppe Westerhuis Max Mark dit ipv uzi 😂😂😅😭😭
Jarrel Beazley Mumble rap lol
Rich Brown Trash City for real
Koray Hassan WTF - total garbage. This should be called shit hop not hiphop!
John Heerey Flop-plop-pop-drop-doo-wop-be-bop. 💩💩💩💩💩😂😂😂😂😂
David W. Parker Turrible
Carl Austin
Obah Lovell Trash
Armando Pay I've never heard of that nursery rhyme before????
Jamie Ririnui This sound like something of Sesame Street
Errol Newman That beat is crazy though... the south is where its at
Wayne St.Amand 🔥🔥🔥🔥?????? Pfffffffft. Who paid y'all to put those emojis?
Dub Cauthron He should have picked a good hip hop song to do shitty karaoke to.
HipHopDX.com at NeueHouse (Los Angeles).1 day ago


Kingsley Todd-Wakefield Elizabeth Uri have you heard of this singer before?
Harper Sherie I like her style and her flow
Jumar Moffatt But it's Drew Barrymore
Jayden Squishy Nicolas Verona Naufahu Goddess or what? I think so.
Aaron Christopher Bettis Man I love her
Tyree Brown weak sauce
Karabo Siya I wish they could stop sleeping ya, babes
Ekenechuwku Nwannunu 🔥
Marley Lily Beau Lilly Ercha
Amelia Sheffield Nicola Rodricks
Aleeyah Seals Ward Lashanda Hicks
Salomé Y. Teunkam April Noreaga
Jose Andrade Sable Locci Arrik Mcqueen
Jolene Messer Samuel Edward Omari Dempsey
Cindy Eleasha Hill Newbern Twanda Sanderlin
Tahitia Allante Sonyah Eliz C
Michael Morrissey Luke Hotchin
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Anyone listening to Grateful? What do you think?
Playlist in comments. 🎧

HipHopDX.com https://open.spotify.com/user/hiphopdx/playlist/7AOwV8JQBGd4WgTkHKQTa7
Victor Amaebube 1.Billy Ocean ft Fat Joe just Brought back Big Pun 2.Unchanging Love ft Mavado 3.Goodman ft Jadakiss, Pusha T and 4. SIZZLA nailed it with GRATEFUL
Misheck Mwanza Too many trappers!! DJ Khaled what are you doing?? This nigga brought hip hop back with We Taking Over, that was after NAS was rappin about hip hop bing dead, and Khaled brought a huge collabo of great rappers, and we thanked him for that..but now he wants to put Future on everything!!WHY???? Only about 5-8 good songs in a 23 track album!!
Sidima Macanda-Mehlomakulu It's actually not that great. Few good tracks but does not feel like a complete body of work. Doesn't sound like there was much thought in the compilation... disappointing....
Darnell Bradley That shit trash. The only 3 tracks I can listen to are Billy Ocean Good Man and The Nicki and Alicia keys joint surprisingly everything else 🚮
Nkhosinathi KaZwide Too much of that Future nonsense in there making the whole thing garbage...but Billy Ocean is a germ and that Interlude,thats rap...Nas comes in weak.I think the allure of these Khaled mixes was his reliance on these new artists will to give it their all,the hunger was there.Now its like these artist put in half the effort,consider Drake and Rozay,they sound tired or out of ideas,even Nas.Disappointing
HeartBreak TheDon Iced Out My Arms A Problem, My Fave Record, Disappointed In The Partynextdoor Record Especially Since That's My Favorite Artist At The Moment, But I've Listened To Pull A Caper The Most, That Shit Too Hard
Jahmaine Bryan The track with Sizzla is the true highlight of the album.
Damyan Soto it's eh. Major Key was better.
Kenny Anor Lando Pusha's track is solid, but the album is a mess overall. Deleted it from the playlist after one skim through.
Sal Morales Fuck kanye,that little ass crybaby tantrum throwing ranting on stage making people spend money to hear him cry little fuck boy BITCH!!!!!!!
Emilio Camile Saptoe Wack Album...In Afrikaans u say, Poes Album...Still fucks with Major Key but Shining is Okay Tho'...
Edward Tshuma He should have left out a good 15 tracks on that album!
Alexander Paulsen track 6,8,14 and 20 are the only song I think is okei.
Nimesh Patel Shining, Wild Thoughts and On Everything are among the highlights, but I reckon it has too much Future on it!
Giuseppe Sicurella Danielle Bianchi what were we saying about khaled and his son yesterday😂
Sam Dey I saw Kanye's face and read that as "Asshat"
Johnathan R. Phillips It's cool. Like Major Key more, though.
Ulisse Sartor That's why Kanye is not on GRATEFUL! HA
Francis Tawiah Yemoh
Carlos Manuel Rios 3 out of whatever.. Better be grateful he still has fans..
Giannis Aggelos grateful without Ye ?! 😡
Mardi Gras Good Man iz too dope
Monsi Tuanquin That Billy Ocean beat is STUPID FIRE.
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Also, 21 Savage supports Young Thug’s new album, Kodak Black gets a new chain, and Tyga plays with his son Cairo.

Ep4 Entertainment who else really gets
Rorisang Matsoso http://www.datafilehost.com/d/6659111a download Journey ft RO
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Fans who purchased tickets will get a full refund.

Johnathan R. Phillips That has to be one of the most chaotic tours in history.
Curtis Chambliss II Update: Fans that bought tickets have horrible taste in music.
Christopher Thompson Something about this rapper, he has a dark cloud around him, he needs to invest in proper security, haven't seen anybody have so much drama in hip hop since tupac
Amadeus Clark Man what the Fuck is it with all this Violence in Hip Hop Now? I am from NYC and back in my day we had a few problems ..But today its totally different..
Kenyon Kelly Logan Morse, wondering why tf people thought that was funny…
Jamie Ririnui Phew.. all 4 fans are getting their $1.20 refunded.
LeAndre Blakely Regardless of how I feel about him as an artist, I never enjoy seeing news like this. Hope his cousin has a speedy recovery.
Darian Dixon Dennis Skrig Bynum Something wild happening every day in this man life
Tamika Massey See I'm not going to laugh at nothing like that especially when somebody get shot so I just hope that the person that got shot be alright
Byron Byz Lol this clown should throw in the towel while his at it
Daryl Bogosov 1st he gets slept. Someone gets stabbed, shot. Might as well get a drone strike at the next show
Adam Milner By liking this post I would want my money back Fucking wack piece of shit. And don't say Kendrick is goat that cunts wack too
Andy Cartwright Really isn't going well for this dude atm is it Christopher Evans
Eric Wayne Gavin Øfwgktå something always goin. On with this guy
Kobe Smith Gee well maybe he should chill the fuck out with all this rage & get in a bunch of street beef controversy bullshit
Patrick Kemp Before he got hot he was doing allot of negative shit now that shit coming back
Damien Gray Great news. I hope hes done doing music period
Sergio Jauregui Who?
Latavius Zakuani Damn was hoping it said he got shot
Xolani Mlangeni Someone bought tickets to watch this clown
Diamond Ryan All that for a song... Smh #wastedflesh
Steven Parsons Dudes a fuckin drama magnet .
Emmanuel Abel Corona You mean this guy has fans?
Nic Morris Max Berenbrink rob stone is stepping up
Shane McGoldrick People paid for tickets....?
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Plus, LHHATL's Tammy Rivera cracks in the Top 20 with her new single "All These Kisses" and a YouTuber tops Ice Cube?

Jerry Blount Jr. https://youtu.be/GWd_b-n2WhQ
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Also, Drake goes paintballing, Travis Scott travels to Africa, and Meek Mill hops in the studio with Tee Grizzley.

Joshua X Jones Dave looks fucking miserable... like he can feel Yachty's lack of talent slowly sapping his talent out of his body... get away from him!!!!
Thilivhali Richard Nemaungani He was in South Africa...Africa is the continent such ignorance smh
Alloda Badeucie Dave lloks like he is being forced to listen to lil yachty beats
Luke Cage Dave Chappelle doesn't look the same at all starting to believe they did clone his ass
Jarrod Fox Dave would rather De La, or some Blackmoon or perhaps some Public Enemy to show how far music has fallen over the last 30 years
Brad Smith Dave Chappelle looks so happy in this picture too.... lom
Michael Nabia He's got that; how'd he find me...get away from me look...same look dat dead beat dad's GOT.
AJ Saldana Steven Ryan Saldana hah Dave's face lookin like "Who tf let this dude backstage wit me"
Camron Audsley Poor dave. Y'all cracking jokes but I honestly think that man has some serious hidden problems. I hope he finds peace soon. #FuckLilYachty #FuckMumbleRap #SupportRealArtists #StrangeMusicIsWhereItsAt
Lucian Braxton
Monte Plus He looking like "Get this mumbler away from me" 😂😂😂
Mel Amor Donny His face tho.. Donny
Ilari Järvinen And all of a sudden my appreciation for Chappelle collapsed.
Rob Santiago Why does Chappelle looks disgusted .. CTFU
Devin Mina All trash ass shit
Jordan Hurley Daves face tho 😩🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂
Detroit Skippy The American distraction machine
Rorisang Matsoso http://www.datafilehost.com/d/6659111a please download Journey
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The attempt to use his fame to get out of a ticket situation didn't go as planned.

Jeremy Baker If I was a cop and I pulled someone over and they said "don't you know why I am? I am Ugly God!" I would suspect they were doing meth.
John Wilson All you people hating let me put this into context. He literally just got done with a major rap magazine cover story with other new artists. All of us woulda been gassed all week riding on that cloud. Good for this dude. He better be famous cus he ain't getting any trim with that fn mug. Hats off bro do you eventually you get out a ticket
Chukwu Emeka Bitch I'm reading an article about you and don't know who you are 😂😂😂😂
Detroit Skippy He's a Beautiful Black God, and the swine know nothing about royalty
Cody Harwig What a dumbass. This is the very first time I've heard of him
E A Hall He was expecting them to recognize him as the dude with the lizards on his nose fym
Damyan Soto He's acting like he's a Jay Z or something lmao. Sit down.
David Austin Of course he doesn't. I'm a Rap fan and I've never heard of this idiot Ugly God. Lmao
Alex Cole 😂😂😂 UglUgly God fam, I don't know and don't want to know who you are
Drexel M Warren Nigga I don't know you...so why the fuck would a cop...not saying some cops don't listen to rap...I'm saying dude ain't got nooooooo hits
Scott Thompson The only God I know is U-God
Mduduzi Nzima Ugly God is funny AF...I like this dude, "booty from a distance"
Benny Blanco Does anyone know who he is? I never heard of him and I follow rap music. What an idiot. Who does he think he is jayz?
Xolani Mlangeni Yeah we know you the guy whose about to get the ticket for breaking the law
Rasheed Smza Nigga u ain't even a b list celebrity u like a F lol
Denzel Randle Wack
Alexandre Epanya Kévin hahahahahah téma ton fdp de pote
TJ Thomas Who?
Mitch Humphries Kent Alegno lmao, ugly god ain't shit
James Godin anyone that calls them self a god can go get fucked.
Eddie Cullen Who the fk is he?!
Alex P Im a hip hop junkie and i dont know you lol
Jared Baron Spears Lol who?
Fern Velasquez Who is he? Haha
John John Albacete cops ain't listening to crap music though 😂
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"Signs," "No Complaints" and "Freak In You Remix" all feature new verses from Drizzy.

Steven Parsons Canada still running shit !! American are just lil bitches ... bow down to Canada and kiss the ring !! or we invade ya and fill all your lakes full of poutine gravy then just leave .. eh .
Jeremiah Deer Watered down HipHop! Chechout J.I.D - Never. Signed by JCole fresh out of East Atlanta.
Marshall Hawera Aaron McTavish this is why he'll never be in my top 10 look at his pout lol
Pancho Williams Nigga poking his lips out. 🤔🤔
Kenny Anor Lando
Sbusiso Patrick He's a real damn hard worker
Yung Stunner-Lindokuhle Masinga You Can Hate Him But He Is Moving Up
Paul Green Who cares? Its kendrick vs big sean now....drake trash
Chikitin Gomez like wrgaff, dat whiteboy is G A R B A G E, & hes not a rapper...
Frances O'shannessy About time
Wesley Ropata Yet no one cares......
Benny Blanco Drizzy stay bringing flames. Where the haters at ?
Anthony Hudley Damn it just go away for one year please
Drizzy Kabango Greatest of his generation
Geraldine Bastidas
Carlos Hurtado Give me rappers not actors
Andre Kyle Fuck these lame ass nigga..never liked his music
Mike Youngblood Dickens 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Mauricio Cril U mean his ghost writers!
Joey Reyna
Dillon Milligan What does a pop star have to do with hip hop?
Kenny Rdz drake is trash now dude aint the same anymore
Pernille Madsen Karo Kazarian
BigHomie Kiesse Neezy Scott
Gregory Zane Hicks Humberto Corral
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"Meek, you are the biggest pussy on this planet," says Safaree.

Steve Figueroa What Meek supposed to do, violate his probation for swinging on sum lame😂😂😂. Them Chasers ain't on the payroll for no reason, make em earn they keep.
Justin Jones It was two guys. He ran and he had backup. Meek looked surprised getting out of the car but that's his normal face sooo.. 😂
Zeus Castro If meek is the biggest P on the planet safaree must be the biggest in the universe. He ran like they was busting shots while his boy who tried to help him by fighting back got jumped while safaree watches from a safe distance.
Colin Woywoda Lol... Go to a construction site and get knocked out by a shovel... This is weak Meek, and African Safaree. Beef's theese day's. If Pac was around he'd sick Suge at you both.. Lol !!! LETHAL
Travis V Sims The video already came out with Safaree gettin thrown around by some nigga lol. 1 nigga. He didn't get jumped lol
David Hight See what happens when we ghetto folk go Hollywood?! Lmao... P.S.- whoever filmed that KNEW that Meek was rolling up w/ Safaree there. Hmmmmm....
Moe Black I'm still trying to figure out how they jump a nigga that was wearing all white and when they done jumping him his clothes ain't dirty and the nigga had no scars or bruises lol
Joshua Fiedler How you going to call Meek a pussy when you are caught running while your people get beat up ?
에스존스 Come on, if someone has any type of power and got money why am I getting my hands dirty. Hell am I paying these niggas for? They better give niggas them hands on my beehive
Molise The-Game Puseletso "When One Fight, We All Fight That's A family Rule" #Family_Rule by Lil Boosie BadAzz
Steve Jordan Shout to Safaree's man who put in that work while dude was running to the train station
Elmore Otis Safaree is a pussy..he had hid own crew getting beat up..he could have fight back or shoot self defence
Dam Trice Howard Safaree isnt hard on the eyes at all. What a handsome man!👋
Nill Brown How you take a dude girl and ya dudes still jump him? He still walked off talkin shyt y'all ain't faze dude.
Isaac Chillz Chewe This niggar crazy he wanted meek to fight his ass while meek is still on probation
Raimondo Hitchman They're beefing over pussy, they both garbage asses anyways..
Bryan Rasta Cook He calling meek pussy. But this nigga was like a jet n took off
Noell Taylor Why they try to jump him. And end up jumping someone else and meek didn't do shit neither did safaree they both week
Hamiah Johnson Why did Safaree just leave his friend and watch him get beat up tho?...smh
Musti Kh Meek Mill is like his crew pussy.
Raymond Mestas Says the guy who ran from a two on two fight
James W Crittle Jr. Well Meek got a few hits now 😅
Jameson Willard
David Lester That shit was a set up , shit they do for exposure ,
Chris Summers Meek is a pussy tho
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#DXBreakdown: Murs eulogizes Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, who passed away this past week. But what makes P so important to the culture? Let’s Break it down...

HipHopDX.com Full video ➡️ http://www.hiphopdx.com/videos/id.26073/title.prodigys-hip-hop-legacy
Tyger C Lee Is that murs?
Monte Plus Is there an updated post with the whole video?
Miguel Angel Maciel Uhhhh where's the rest of the video??
Sandip Sharma What makes Prodigy so important...because he is Prodigy god dammit...
Radhakrishnan Parameswaran why not just post a link. what the fuck is the point of a 41 second video which gets cut mid sentence. fuck you
Jake E. Maldonado LMFAO they want you to click for full video for traffic.
Rashard Green Guess P wasn't that important to HHDX
Tianda Rose Tavares Tell them what this is Dunn!!! RIP!!
Jose Hernandez Video was cut short 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mike Gomez Repost full video
Jose Vasquez Harry Potter
Ali Al-Hasifi Love p man.. fuck
Dean Thomson I love how Murs is doing this
Aaron Woodburn The link is no good it seems
Michael Avalos How can i watch the video without signing up for bs
Steve Boston Link did not bring me to video
Jack Griffiths Cameron Bowman murs looks heaps different now days
Rudy Cifuentes No video in the link.
Michael Riddim Rapp Marflar Quelle murs look like you
Joseph Marawu Kudzodzose Hove
Jacob Clark https://youtu.be/MKbY_tC3zzg
Yevgeniy Delacroix You didn't show the whole thing, HipHopDX.com
Ryan Dimino Here's the whole vid... http://hiphopdx.com/videos/id.26073/title.prodigys-hip-hop-legacy
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Another day, another subliminal .

Jose Felix Some of you too stupid to catch subliminal lines so hate it when rappers use it. It's actually a technique that shows off an MC's skill and test the intelligence of the audience. Y'all too dumb to figure it out, failed!
Keagan Farr 😂😂😂 he's like "I got Khaled fucking with me" - that's one of the worst brags I've ever heard. khaled is basically like a beat-making prostitute, he'll do shit with anyone as long as it's pop stuff that can get radio play
Curtis Chambliss II That's it? That's what ya'll calling a verse of the year contender? I guess when everyone else in the mainstream sucks, this passes as an outstanding verse.
Eneree Cranford Jr. Yo this verse was cool...in terms of a diss it's very lackluster and now we are reaching the point of who gives a shit. Sean said no name and it was a light jab. Kendrick said "just say my name and I promise that you'll see candyman" this was Big Sean's shot.....he threw up brick. Kendrink called you a lil bitch 80 times in Humble and this is your response??? Kendrick probably heard this and said aight I'm done.
Dillon Johnson Big Sean is good with his lyrics but boy Kendrick would fuck him up so bad. Let him unleash a full diss track and it will be very effective. Would hurt Sean a lot. But it's good to see Sean ain't afraid though.
Tokyo Ntsibande Its beef Sean started with "No More Interviews" and dissed kendrick , King Kunta Retaliated with "The Heart iv" and unleashed fury! Now i guess SEAN DON is respondin again this beef is serious A/F!
Tom Beyer Nice part from Sean but Kendrick would roast this fools career if he only wanted 😂
Clint Haig Well let's keep these friendly shots no on bars instead of on the streets and you know that way it's adding to the Hip Hop Community adding to the the camaraderie love ,the banter between two rappers .
Marc Ramirez Its a weak subliminal. He needs to be more specific now
Olebogeng Modiba Rocca Fela Chain But You Can Still Be Ether'd Sean Thou!!!
Dđămulira Řőgers All these chicken beefs emerging everyday make me sick..if pac and biggy were around,all them bitch-niggas would be wearing skirts like young thug
Dylan Thompson Gone are the days where names were said, where is eminem at the king of diss tracks
Steven Redd Pino Stop with the hoe shit please. Drop some names. Make it interesting.
Dana Lecocq He better hope hes not because Kendrick is better by a mile. He's better than both him and Khaled put together lol
Alukhethi Makumbane If he ddnt mention anybody,s name, it doesnt matter
Puso Tseleng Why are People Dissing Sean, I mean to be compared to Kdot means​ he is the Shit..He deserves his Praise
Lungelo Ayanda Cele Yall Hate Whn Sean Is Not Name Dropping But Yall Dnt Hate Everytym Its Kendrick e.g Deep water aimed at drake, Y ?, Yall Dickride K.dot and Its now embrassin
Michael Wright That's not a diss, plus big sean was on the holy key track too... Hip hop dx tryna make a beef... smh
Apollo Mzamo Subliminal disses are a cowardly act. It's either you be real about your diss or don't do it at all it's a waste of time.
Chuck Taylor Most likely Kendrick and Big Sean are friends and laugh at all you guys thinking they have beef.
Christian Spangler These niggas friends, it ain't beef, that's just their humor😂😂
Ed Reed So, we're going to ignore the fact that Kendrick dissed Big Sean on Control, which is his song?
Juan Gerardo Serrano Sometimes u just gotta say fuck the subliminals and go direct.
Lupe Fourthwonder Gereda sean is legendary
Mirko Spring Who is dissing who? And whos dj khaled? Is that a noname show today in rap?
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Stream 2 Chainz Pretty Girls Like Trap Music
& DJ Khaled's Grateful Link in comments! 🔥

(Photo Credit: 2 Chainz IG)

HipHopDX.com Follow ➡️ http://spoti.fi/2t3x3tW
Williams Curtis Two hot albums check it out
Kevin Greene 2 Candy Chainz is a Fruity undercover bitch boy. Rich or Poor. GPA 4.0 Fag who sells women's clothing. But I won't knock his hustle.
Jacqueline Elena Cameron Ben Upham this will be me when I'm 80... with like 20 cats around me
El Hadji Ndao Yes sir really
E A Hall She thicc
Tom Bongani She's bad
Brandon Shawn Magrum Cindisa Smith that's how u look in the future
Bryan Dicus lmao
Willyam Susanto Wijaya Who the fuck is this white?
Abu Solomons Lmao
Jeffrey Williams Lol
Barrington Arthur Riverdale Rd tho
Maycon Duccy Lolz
Marcus Graham Ben Jackson chainz
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Nine cities get the unique experience.

Erik Priest Nobody cares. Jay-Z has been wack since the early 2000's
Natasha Li Mmmm at 4:44, he is at the party and at 4:45, he is inside me 😉 👅🍆
Greg Hunter June 29
Izzy Barry Marques O. Purvis I was in NY or Philly right now
Marc Anton Brandon Cowan Jay-Z 4:44 Party - LAS VEGAS: 9821 S. EASTERN AVE, SUITE 2 LAS VEGAS, NV HOSTED BY: DJ FRANZEN
Brandon Ingram Jay Z fucking sucks and he has since 96
Matias Jefe Don't care
Winston Mayuka Waiting on it..
Cisco Garzon What are the dates tho???
Mirko Spring Gay z
Michael D. Perry II Kassian Driver IMA BE THERE BRUH😂😂😂😂
Sim Barker No don't.
Johnathan Butler Sara White
Ray Dawicki Jonathan Escribano
Jonathan Escribano Greg McGregory Morales Rubby Luis Rodriguez
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The song retains its relevance 25 years later.

Pete Stewart I have this on a 12" I didn't even know it was mobb deep!
Archive Kold Chillin Been bootlegged quite a few!
Roman Maldonado Matt Harper Tonez Pacheco
Jessie J. Flores Jason Alejandrito Flores-Argeñal
Battle Vinyl Primo!
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#DXLIVE #LitnessTest Submit your best music for professional feedback!

HipHopDX.com #DXLive #LitnessTest 90 Days, 90 Seconds! We listen to 90 seconds of your music; can't be older than 90 days. Submit your song here or tweet your music to @HipHopDX with the hashtag #DXLive
HipHopDX.com Where's the song, Rich?
HipHopDX.com What up Real Zelly!
HipHopDX.com You can check out our #DXTurbo replay on http://live.hiphopdx.com or http://www.twitch.tv/HipHopDX follow the #DXLive team on social: @WHUTUPDOE @jsrohn @itsmetc15
HipHopDX.com What's up Johnny Tgv! #DXLive #LitnessTess
HipHopDX.com Evan Hughes Haven't seen it. Try Twitter.
Johnny Tgv Yo what's good people! This is my second time visiting! Love 💯💯💯
Natalie Crüe You could start by following the pinned directions tho. It's not rocket science
Marcel Williams I hope so Randell. I'm trying to see everyone win and eat.
Marcel Williams Randell you haven't hit that level of growth yet. Keep workin though.
Kelley Howard Johnny GTV look at their pinned statement for submissions
Johnny Tgv Bout to pour a drink .. Y'all critique is on point and un bias #dxlive
Rich D Latta II The song is called heard it all before right....it needed to be familiar in my eyes
Rich D Latta II There's a way to be creative...but being broke is life lol
Rich D Latta II Bruh... Progressive east coast rap...play me bro.... No singing no mumbling lol
Rich D Latta II I dont wanna say anything bad about the song...he's trying
Natalie Crüe The song is a flat and so is the cadence. Boring. You need to spice it up a bit.
Sense Hernandez Wasup y'all. I'd really appreciate the feedback on this one. Thank you in advance.
Eric Garcia Much love guys hope I have better luck next time stay high Crown Love
Eric Garcia Dam u guys should have played me messing up on the highest level possible u guys might as well be sleep walking feel me
Sheffield Younger This is a good moment to play that flight school link... My beats are just a little more amped than that last ine
Randell Green 🙄 marcel Ima take that. But I definitely gonna be in the game one day watch 💯👌🏾
Kelley Howard Kelley CEO of Kelleynstar Promotions watching from Tennessee
Lorenzo MrResourceful Sanders you tell them to listen to other artist, so she can mimic 😂😂
Michael Ryan Really want you to here this Rence x Juliam Lamadrid track
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Casanova is in the building! #DXLIVE

HipHopDX.com #DXLive! Make sure you follow the #DXLive team on social: @WHUTUPDOE @jsrohn and @itsmetc15
HipHopDX.com Randell Green We will.
Justin Grier When they dj's play F boy Don't run. People go nuts.
Justin Grier There are a ton of lyrical rappers, but are terrible at making songs. Battle rappers are prime examples.
Justin Grier A rapper doesn't need to be lyrical though. They just need to be able to make good records.
Justin Grier Tell him don't make the same mistake Jay did with vol 1.
Randell Green Lol true her and nas got doing a tour to wonder how that's gonna turn out lol
Justin Grier Keep it organic. Sunshine was his worst record.
Marco Medici Where is Bizzy
Justin Grier You're a rapper, my guy.
Justin Grier It's a great party record.
Justin Grier He got anything new to premiere on DX today?
Justin Grier That too.
Justin Grier Facts
Drew Mitten O-H!!!
Justin Grier Jay said it himself.
Justin Grier Please don't ask about Troy Ave. 😒
Jerry Djam Miller Yachty on a Target SuperBowl commercial. That's $
Justin Grier Jay Z is New York 100%
Justin Grier Factz
Duce Franklin Do what you had to back den fresh start fam
Jerry Djam Miller Cass don't need to be mic'd 😉
Neephy Black Cobalt True that
Justin Grier Brooklyn!
Justin Grier Cas! 2x