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Mya was introduced to the world on the hit "Ghetto Superstar", and then released her awesome self titled debut album in 1998. Who loved this album? #WeLoveRnB #Mya #RnB

Christina Howard I loved this album. Although, her leading single" It's All About Me" was written by Sisqo, it was clear from the beginning what her sound was. She definitely doesn't get enough credit and has proven to be a good songwriter herself.She is constantly overlooked even with being nominated for a Grammy last year.
Mickia Major Love it. ❤ my first night with you is my jam.
David Parker ❤️
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R. Kelly released his ambitious double album "R" back in 98. It became known for its crossover pop hits, but there was a lot more here. Who loved this album? #WeLoveRnB #RnB #RKelly

Cee Dee Rruh Cee His Thriller album. Almost diamond
Amber Myá Ricks Niice
Pax Van de Vliet Matthew Yamanashi
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Tweet's debut album "Southern Hummingbird" was a great introduction to an artist we still cherish today. Who loved this album? #WeLoveRnB

Darius Thomas With all my heart❤️ Tweet was that "something different " that I needed then..and now
Christina Howard It's definitely a fave.I'm still vibing to this.
Geralyn Buford Always Will is one of my favorite songs!
Yassah Griggs Loved it since I was in the 8th grade..
Ivan Remtoula I did ❤️!
Justin Lovelace Waylon Mattison 😂
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After our interview with H.E.R.

Denny Sutton Premiered this on my radio show last week! Love it!
Jon Betts Looks like it's been removed from iTunes and Soundcloud already.
Del Williams Ain't really feeling this tune...
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The King of the indie soul movement, Eric Roberson is possibly the most under appreciated artist we have in R&B. Who loved his album "Music Fan First" ? #WeLoveRnB #RnB #EricRoberson

Christina Howard I encourage everyone to see him live. You'll forever be a fan after that.
Tyrone George Classic! 👊
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Aaliyah's final two albums get the most attention, but her debut was pretty good as well. Who loved this album?

Brett Costello This was actually stronger than all of her albums - but there is a bit of a seedy element that steer people away from this one.....
Tayon Bell My favorite album. R. Kelly's writing style and Aaliyah's vocals were unmatched at the time. Street but sweet. I wish they'd remaster this album with a few unreleased tunes from the session
Mickia Major Love this album. It was strong debut. Favorite songs are I'm So Into You, Age ain't nothing but a number, back and forth, Young Nation, Street Thing and down with the clique. The intro was dope too
Amber Myá Ricks I wish her team had promoted more singles on that album. Underrated album of hers.
Pax Van de Vliet Pretty good as well? Her best if you ask me!
Bence Batiz Me! 😀
Isabelle Lautier Me!
Coza Leo I woke to this album today
Misty Kelley
John Padilla Jamal MallyMal Smith
Jon Betts Awful song.
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Our friend @edwardbowser recently named Nicole Wray's "Make it Hot" as one of his favorite albums. Who else loved this album? #WeLoveRnB #RnB #NicoleWray

TonyBoy KingDutty I love & miss her doing R&B songs, her voice is just amazing !!!!; Tatiana Manyonga
Kevin K-Rtist Seals Love her, she was definitely underrated vocaly as well
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Led by Teddy Riley, Blackstreet released their self titled debut album in 1994. Who loved this album? #WeLoveRnB #RnB #TeddyRiley #Blackstreet

Arend Bijlhouwer Who loved this album is past tense. The question should be...who loves this album. And the only answer should be...who doesn't?!? MASTERPIECE!
Denny Sutton One of my favorite albums of all time, if not my favorite!!! That's a mean body of work right there, damn near perfect!!!
Dan Bamber Ahhh Blackstreet. I was obsessed with this group when I was in my teens.
William Swing Masterpiece ✨🎶👌🏻
Stacey McCrary I fell in love with my husband of 19 years over this album.
Keith Perkins I love this project so much... Even to this day this album remains in it's own lane...
Yannick Laura Masterpiece. Landmark album. And don't sleep on the remixes either!
Wanda Felder Chauncey Black everybody loved this album !!!!!
Mark Howley I love this album
Pax Van de Vliet One of my favorites!
Kristen Bookman-Quetant Meeeeeeee!!! Still do!!
David G Stone Game Changer!!!
Yannick Laura Nah, the song is a pass for me. Quit auto tuning songs, dayum !
Christina Howard I'm disappointed. I was hoping they wouldn't do the same as Jagged Edge by trying to keep up with the new younger sound. Jagged Edge's new album isn't hitting. I thought 112 could show them how it's done by bringing R&B back with that familiar ATL sound of course. Old fans stay down and new fans who appreciate good music will follow. Just give us real grown and sexy R&B music. No need to change the formula.
Mery Joe Not 112 feelin in here. If that is how the album is goin to sound then I honestly prefer they stop doin music and just offer us shows singing their all time classic hits. No need to destroy a legacy by doin this auto tune garbage thing
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Edd of SoulInStereo.com is at it again – this time he ranks the top 30 R&B albums of the 2000s. What do you think and which albums should have made the cut?

Phillip J. Woods I bought 3 of these - this is when rnb started losing me. Should be noted that Timberlake is #3 with a bunch of songs MJ didn't want.
Cee Dee Rruh Cee I cant even lie. I agree with this list. Honorable mentions: Musiq's Juslisen & Soulstar, & R. Kelly's U Saved Me/Happy People albums were stellar
Mery Joe I agree but miss Joe's "My Name Is Joe" one of his best albums
Christina Howard Tamia didn't make the cut? 😒
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In a recent podcast, we discussed why Dawn Robinson of En Vogue didn't become a breakout solo star even though things were set up to make it that way. Who remembers her debut "Dawn"? #WeLoveRnB #RnB

Dan Splenser she was actually the only one that found some success outside of the group...with another group lol (Lucy Pearl)
Pax Van de Vliet I loved that album. Big up Dawn Robinson !
Jay Ross I still have my cd
Wanda Felder Wow I didn't know this
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#DXclusive: Kodak Black drops his "Project Baby 2" Mixtape

Listen here:

Damion Redz Barajas Does he even know what's a mixtape..
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Colin Kaepernick is out here making a difference, regardless of his NFL struggles.

Demey Mayo All Because He Taking Up For Black People The NFL Is Some Shit
Ceasarlio Thadon A perfect example of had he just shut the fuck up and followed the white man rules he would still be playing...but as soon as u voice where ur heart is at then it's a mf problem... When will we wake the fuck up!!! Still slaves to a certain extent --- 2017....and the real travesty of it all is that some of us either don't realize it or don't give a fuck as long as they're getting a SMALL piece of a very LARGE pie... SMH... Still a white man's world ---2017
Blaine Jobb Doesn't he have a business degree on top of all them millions? He seems set with life.
Jeremy Evans Wont be throwing a football anytime soon
Joel Head Jake Brooks
Chantal Thomas Kendra Thomas
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HAPPENING NOW! Protesters in NYC are rallying outside the NFL headquarters petitioning the league to give Colin Kaepernick a job, or else they will boycott NFL games.

Johnny Mohrweis He isnt good enough to be a starter! most backups are better than him... have any of you seen him play the last 3 years? holy shit
Holly Skivers You stand for the USA flag! Or, go get paid in another country. Why aren't you protesting the fact that the middle class and poor can't afford NFL tickets???
David Williams It's not the NFL that is not hiring Kapernick, it's the 32 teams... this makes no sense at all to boycott the NFL. The NFL won't force a team owner to sign a player
Logan Denenberg Idiots.. he sucks at football that's why people won't pick him up
Wilfredo Williams Kap has something left in the tank. Let's not get crazy, put up stats and ignore the facts that he was on a TERRIBLE San Fran team. He still had solid numbers, better than some starters today. The fact of the matter is Kap restructured and OPTED OUT of his guaranteed contract. I want to see Kap play just like the next person. But Kap gotta let it be known he wants to play. I salute everything he's currently doing in the community, putting his money where his mouth is. BUT, if he truly doesn't desire to play this game anymore, protesters, boycotters and media are wasting their time. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Nicholas Martinez If he feels that the NFL or anyone else is against him for his actions. Why won't he retired and get a regular normal job. My company is always hiring lol.
Jay Polo Half of the league is protesting so if the NFL, team owners, coaches and player union really had a problem with this a whole lot of players would be out of a job....sometimes you just have to face the facts and say maybe lap dosen t have any left in the tank his arm is fucked and that's why nobody wants him
Ernesto Campos II And exactly what qualifies these protesters to challenge the expertise of the owners and coaches who select their roster?
Syd Bencriscutto No one wants to sign a bench player that causes controversy. It's not about whether a team agrees with him or not it's about having to deal a complication for a player that sits on the bench.. these guys are watering down the credibility of a protest with this..
Zack Morris He should of kept the job he had, or sign up for one at league minimum as a backup. He's what, 3-16 over the past 2 seasons? Sad you need people to beg to get you a job. Who wants to take on that circus?
KL Williams I guarantee he'll be playing in the CFL.
Ben Thomas But kap isnt a good QB for his asking price...he declined or opted out of his contract with the 49ers...meaning he chose to become unemployed ...hes unemployed because his pay doesnt equal his play..
Ben Thomas Let a small few boycott the season...the season will go..guaranteed these are the same people that dont actually put an ass in the seat...how could they...too busy protesting to hold a job to pay for a ticket
Ben Goben All these people will have that channel tuned in when the game is on lmao what a joke. And the guy talking in the video 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 really stop listening to fake news fool... trump and his followers want us back in the cotton fields get a life dude stop living in the past 🤦‍♂️
Scott Mullins I can promise these fools that his ass wouldn't be at their jobs HQ if they lost their position...lol. But you want to go make sure that fucker is making better money than yourself?!? And the fact that you want to stand behind someone who wouldn't even stand (while being paid millions) to pay honor to your country...this really explains the rest of the bullshit going on today #SHEEP
Vanis Drastik Mulumba hahahahahaha as much as I dunno much about football and I support Collin's stance. this is some bullshit cause last I checked dude was doo doo when he was given a chance. This sort of protesting gon open the flood gates, what's next force the league to select and start a gay dude no matter how wack he is. I think if his on field performance was good he would be signed and I checked the fact that the way he plays aint to successful in the league
Robert Malave Let them boycott, its not up to the NFL its up to the individual owners and coaches who they want on their team the league has nothing to do with those choices.
Sasha Gonzalez Yeah NFL, hire Kap, I'm sure there's a janitorial job he can do at headquarters... Stupid idiots, the NFL doesn't hire players, the teams do...
Mark Citarella Smh they did offer him a fucking job and he passed I don't feel for him anymore
Lincoln Speering but won't protest against the government 🤔👏
Bryce Koehler Ppl not understanding that kaep isnt being signed because he sat during the national anthem its because hes ass at football. Stop being dumb ppl
Ankit Mehra Brian Robert the best part of this is that the reason he doesn't have a job is because he isn't good enough. Plain and simple.
Luis Ortiz Fuk evrybdy at that protest n im frm NYC
Darwin Handboy He's not that good. 9ners benched him last year before he started kneeling. Smh.
Wilfredo Williams Dear New Yorkers, why not boycott the Jets Headquarters. They are in desperate need to QB help. Lol
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Did Joey Badass cancel his tour dates because he was looking at the solar eclipse? 😩

HipHopDX.com I guess you shouldn't stare into the eclipse without glasses huh?
Chris Robertson not to overshadow this but i think xxx just killed him self. http://reallifemusicpromo.wixsite.com/noxbond/xxxtentacion-hung-himself if you use it i would appreciate a shout out.
Sandile Reezy Reegermottiss Or maybe its more spiritual than any of us can understand
Jamie Ririnui Maybe because nobody bought tickets to his shit.
Chris Amescua Everything bout to be unforseen for Joey Blindass!
Ceasarlio Thadon Pretty sure the eclipse was more exciting than his performance would have been...even his dumbass realized that.... 😂😂😂
Justin Brown This generation, dude has badass in his name and cancelled concerts for looking into the sun. Think about that, let it sink in.
Andrew Chatraw oh shit that disability thing is real. lol dumbass. why him
Noel Serrano Sonny Leuthphova this your mans lol
Mike Brown Joey Dumbass 👀 That's what the fuck you get for being cocky. You deserve zero sympathy.
EL Mariachi
Julian Simpson Denise Gibbs an excuse for no shows at work ?
Joshua Anderson Ron Lona O'Brien 😭
Hugh Mungus Not so badass then😂😂😂💯
Joshua X Jones More like Joey Dumba$$
Daniel Ferry Bullshit, he cancelled due to other reasons
Chavonne Bell
Brian Uecker I hope he did look and I hope it burnt both them eyez
Ronin Sama I thought he was smarter than this....
Alec Raatz John Cabrera he cancelled his Chicago show
Mitchel Foster Joey badeyes
Sandile Reezy Reegermottiss For real?
Pablo Diaz Joey Blindass
Shawn Hulsey Keep your third eye open? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Damian Malaitai David thought he had three eyes tho
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This Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight is getting real 😂.

Who you got?

HipHopDX.com If Conor McGregor has never seriously boxed a day in his life, you mean to tell me that he can beat one of the greatest boxers that ever lived?
Dee Carter Mcgregor gonna get the W if there wasnt any pay offs bet, but it look like mayweather mite be lookin for a ko this saturday to
Asim Ilyas It never was real. It isn't today. It's not gonna be. It's theatrics geared towards making them both as much money as possible. That's all.
Dave Bennett Mcgregor.
Evan Beachnaw Floyd joy Sinclair
Zach Ripplinger There is no way in hell McGregor will win Floyd has some of the best hands in the world there is 50 other boxers that would whip McGregor ass any day!
Patric Lees Mayweather went 49-0 in a sport mcgregor has never even fought competitively in, how do people think he's going to win? Only way he'd have the W is if this was an MMA fight
Bam Young Alex said boy don't get comfortable with that belt they had no respect for you I don't get here how much knockout you did how much money you made they will never respect the African American negro it is what it is money can't buy respect
Eric Tha Baausse T Whoever pays for this BS fight is an idiot. Anyone with an ounce of boxing knowledge knows Floyd is going to win. This fight is built to breath life in to boxing and to promote the UFC. Boxing currently has no big names to pass the torch to, and UFC isn't bigger than boxing 🥊
Bam Young They Don't respect you. It's one thing not to like you but you will respect me and he straight called you a boy and you asked him his name and he said Alex your team is weak Mayweather go somewhere and chill and keep spending money on your baby mothers and whatever else you do because at the end of the day when you die you can't take nothing that s*** with you karma is a b**** team Hooked on Phonics tell Melissa to teach you some s*** instead of spending your f****** money
Lance Jay Logan This fight is happening at the right time with the country in such racial divide!!!! I love it...I'm going for whoever has the most followers in the bar...someone is going to get beat up after the fight ...and it ain't gonna be me 😂😂😂
Zack Moore This is an interesting matchup, because Mayweather has EVERYTHING to lose in this fight. Yes, they're both going to be paid bank, but if McGregor loses (which he logically should), it's to be expected and he cashes out more than he ever would in MMA, AND he's still champion at lightweight in the UFC. If Mayweather loses, it could arguably be considered as the biggest upset in sports history, he ends up 49-1 which would be a fucking bummer from a competitive standpoint, and his only loss is against a dude who is 0-0 in boxing. I, for one, cannot wait to watch this fight. This will be interesting...
Leilani Kahananui When it comes down in stepping in a ring both are winners to me because it takes a lot of courage to step in The ring and I wish the best to both fighters and there's no losers in this ring and the best thing bout this fight the both of them are awesome fighters one of greatest in my eyes may god bless these awesome fighters until then continue to work hard and be awesome leaders for our youth there's many who wanna be like you both
Dillon Johnson I say McGregor. Y'all can say Floyd gonna win but people come out with surprises. McGregor was underestimated many times and came out on top. Never look down on a person cos they're gonna take that anger and show how right they are. Use the "he hasn't had a professional boxing match" all you want. Well you gotta start somewhere. I'll admit that idk shit about either MMA or Boxing. But what I can tell you is that McGregor one crazy fucker. I'd be dammed to doubt him and then he comes out on top again. But what we all know is that if it was a real fright like on the streets or something, and not the sport, Mayweather would be fucked. Period.
Stephen Fuke It's a fucking disgrace my grandad was an avid boxer he will be spinning in his grave, so fucking disrespectful all about the $ I'm British but I want the irish fella to lose he's hyped it so much but realistically he's just doing it for the money but money can't buy you morals which is something neither of them have the greedy pieces of shit .....shiiiiiiiiiit give me 100 mill n ill get in the ring n take a beating , who wouldn't .
Daniel Cadena Floyd is going to embarrass conor and knock him out when he feels like it. This clown is going to find out real men stand on their feet and not dry hump each other until one or the other cums hahaha. TMT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Darryl Williams Dee Barber should listen to the champ,aint nobody can beat him 🤣
Charles Conley Ziegler III just when folks were fed up with bad race relations, here comes black vs. white mega-super star bullshit fight for no reason.i see you,agenda
Justin Fortner Love how his bodyguards act like they are the shit... Especially when he already released video showing that they can't fight for shit
Angel Delgado Daniel "Ain't nobody that can beat me" cause he spenda most of the fight running around and he avoid fighters at their prime (pacqiou).
Paul Williamson If you don't have Mayweather schooling McGregor I have oceanfront property in New Mexico to sell to you..... The ONLY thing that will make this fight worth watching is if McGregor gets pissed, gets disqualified and roundhouses Mayweather to sleep. Otherwise both of these talking piles of human shit will be laughing all the way to the bank for how stupid people are to buy into a publicity stunt
Eric Trowsse HAHA this is my boy Josh Deehl brother Alex... funniest shit ever
Bam Young He called you slavery shit boyeer he should have just said n**** don't get comfortable with that belt SMH
Rich Brown Tell em Champ!!!
Oscar Tragick C LOL... Floyd is going to embarrass that boy Conor. Anyone welcome to bet me. We can do this thru Paypal. Hmu. 💰
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NBA YoungBoy will avoid jail time, for his role in a drive-by shooting.

Obah Lovell Who the fuck is that?
Ceasarlio Thadon Probation for a drive by??? What would he have got for murder??? Community service!!! GTFOH
Steven Parsons I smell a R🐭T .
Deniz Kosemihaloglu Damn boy got lucky affff
Luncuthu Beja This is some clown shit.
Damyan Soto He has no aim lmao.
Ronald Bogàč fuck that guy
Josh Lynagh Is it NBA YoungBoy, AI YoungBoy or just YoungBoy?
Zach Ripplinger Because he told on everyone he could think of!
Anthony Melendez No way. You must of snitched boy..
Scott Kiner You can't hit target and you snitch
Corey Rosette Good luck
Jonathan Lara 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🤡
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DMX is headed to rehab.

Ceasarlio Thadon He looking like " are these muthafuckers serious "??? I love my crack and crack loves me!!!😂😂😂😂
Juan Santana He will go right back on Drugs again is indication. Once you use it you can never go back.
Warren Sokwalisa Dlamini All the best DMX
Mitchell Sarver Rehab don't do shit if you don't want to quit.
Isidore J London Please get clean. We cant lose this dude to drugs.
Jordan Martin Head up
Mario Vazquez Where my dogs at?
Mario Vazquez Where his dogs at? Really though
Michael O'brien Good. Hope he can stay clean
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"It’s f*cked up. It’s a f*cked up thing and I don’t condone that kind of s*it."
-ASAP Ferg on ASAP Bari's sexual assault allegations.

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Tyler the Creator just dropped a new single called "ZIPLOC."
Listen to the single here:

Yvette Alvarado https://youtu.be/zHbxzygl2_8
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#DXNews: Beyoncé & JAY-Z are shining in their new crib.

Joey Reyna Its just 88 million like wow I'm 😲 shocked omg it 88 million like really lmao 😂 so that means in 2018 you will talk about there money there more to life instead of money lol get real
Drizzy Alias Régulus
Shekeya Goings Who cares!😒
Lauro Silva Olha isso mano Siul Dudu Ahcor
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When did it become cool to be depressed and f*cked up?

Lascu Catalin Em did it before it was cool
Santiago Mellet Kid Cudi started it He's actually depressed and not a poser tho...
Joseph Hoody Talmage It became cool in the early 2000's when emo music prevailed... Lil Uzi Vert is essentially making emo music disguised as rap music...
DJBooth The music we listen to affects us, especially when we let it passively sink into our brains.
OG Bust Keep popping molly Percocet and xanax that'll do it to you.
Michael Kinlock Sometimes the truth is just the truth. This new music is trash. And if you say so you're then labeled a old head or a hater. I'm neither,I just love hip hop.
Dakota Moore It's not "cool" and never was. What it is, is real. It's relatable. I feel like that's really why it's becoming such a part of the culture, everyone has their demons. People and artists in influential positions aren't afraid to admit it anymore. And that's giving people with lesser voices hope and reminding them that even "famous" and "rich" people have their own issues just like the next person.
Enso Villano Promesa Devora werent we talkin bout this like a week ago
Eyezic Haze its not cool, its relatable. hip-hop has always been the story teller of societies current state. look around you and ask yourself how many happy people you know? whens the last time you had a genuine, intimate conversation with someone you cared for? i can almost guarantee an unease is present within one if not both of the parties participating in conversation. artists today are just like you and i and there's a lot of people experiencing the same type of issues, due to many many factors, music plays a factor yes but this seems to vilify those who are taking the time and effort to make the negative experiences people face more understandable and capable of overcoming.
Kay Whit People didn't read or understand. This is nothing new, music has always been this, from country, jazz, rock, every type of genre. Even the Melody's of classical without lyrics would have a downer or up beat energy leaving your thoughts to form. The real problem this article talks about is the fact we don't understand what we're listening to. People just sound ride catchy hypnotic phrases in rap, get caught up with phrases or lines said in rock. But all that controls your emotional state.
Sam Kole The thing about XO Tour Life is that you can only understand the chorus and when you hear "I don't really care if you cry" and "all my friends are dead" over an upbeat club beat it makes you think it's funny. Those lyrics "she says I'm insane make me wanna blow my brains out" are not understandable because uzi is basically whining, plus the fact that "Xanny" is bleeped out on the radio makes the listener unaware of the real message. Uzi has made a song about depression a fun song because he's sung it in a way that you can't understand the words
Dominick Clark When hiphopdx started reviewing bullshit ass albums and not talking about fire ass hip-hop like Meek Mills best album to date and Marlon Craft's album debuting at #2 completely independent .... suspect ass media like yourselves play a large part in the weak ass bullshit coming out now
Sal Cirilo Alot of people share their feelings since the fuckin 70's but im not sticking up for new music but the 90's had alot of depressed artist I dont think it's to be cool but it's the only way somebody can express their selves thru their music
Nate Misra Dudes have been rapping about struggle and death since the 90s. Lets not forget Biggie kills himself at the end of his first CD, or Scarface being dead on his. This isnt anything new. Its a reality of life in the hood and people identify with it. If you dont, you can still enjoy it and you dont need to just ride the wave, having a good life is just as good for music
Eric B Retta Playboy the beast theres a real artist in the game that dont get reconised same with jarron benton theses guys slaughter but get nothing in return playboy the beast last alvum self made self paid i didnt even have to skip songs
Joél Barreto It reflects the state Americans are in these days. It's also become more the norm to say what you feel in hip hop, even coming out the closet. Couldn't do that in the 90's
Alex Ray Lol, that is a good question.. Just who is buying this garbage?
Busta Capp I'm not the one buying their music. That's how i sleep at night.
Jarrell Ramsey Drugs. It aint depression, they're just coming down
Justin Wood Because most fans are depressed who find mysic as an escape and love whn they know their favorite artist feels like they do.
KL Williams Depression at an all time high. Suicides are up, the world..
Bill E Michaels who the fuck thinks future and lil uzi vert are raps biggest stars
Alveera Lari Harshit Mittal. Apparently you is kewl. ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ
Luncuthu Beja People are expressing how they feel, you don't like it ? Then don't listen to it.
Michael Elprin TL This is nothing new. Scarface, 2pac, Grieves, Kid Cudi, Sage Francis, Krayzie Bone all have depressing songs.
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This anthem will definitely be "Bad & Boujee."

Sphamandla Dlamini The hate is juss too much n you people dont believe in others meanwhile you dont even know your talent and purpose in life....big up to you quavo we are the future n we are listenin
Jymon Bishop Haters😂
Rodrick Da Bigboy Nigga do Ur thing tho. I heavily fuck wid ya bra. U gettin paper they hate u stay broke they still gone . fuck a nigga let get dis money quavo, let ah hoe ass nigga remain broke. Am outta here skrt....skrt....
Brian B Mac McNeill Nobody wanna hear some mumbling auto tune BS! Migos/Quavo is NOT HIP HOP!
Justin L. Norman Quavo thought the 13th century was 1300 years ago. Smh
Justin Woolfrom This special ed, wanna-be punk couldn't write a real song to save his life, much less be a national anthem 😂😂😂
Andrew David Gruber They don´t look & sound Hip Hop. can´t believe ppl are getting into this bullshit.
Daniel Vincent Qauvo got kurruchi Offset got cardi b Take off got left off bad and boujee😂😂
Joey Cervantes Stupid. Just like their trash music.
Mitchell Sarver Whack ass shit ain't even music
Paul Green No. Keep that mumble shit in ya studio homie lol
Janette Lee Gthoh with that bullshit 😂😂😂
Ceasarlio Thadon Don't hate the music, hate the game, bitches!!!
Eusebio Martinez As long as Takeoff don't make the cut again i'm sold on it
Jason Swenders GARBAGE
Roscoe P Coldchain What in the fuck smh
Kareem Panasian Damn...seems like Takeoff is gonna be left out again
Scott Thompson Garbage
Joe Mobley This is a joke right?
Damion Redz Barajas MumbleDX.com
Chilli Palmer Hahaha I'm done
Eric Carranza FUCK OFF!
Sean Grant What kinda joke is this
HipHopDX.com10 hours ago

It's like art imitating life. 😫

Amine Shakur Homeboy can't shake the character. He played Suge TWICE lol.
Jordan Tarantino I bet a lot of dudes pick fights with him and he's just defending himself
Samaila Garba Dude get your head straight don't fuk with suge coz when he decided to look your way is gone be trouble
Adrian Marcel Pate Probably a bunch of pussy boys testing him whereever he goes not knowing hes a black belt in martial arts lol he would woop on the real suge
Daniel Cook What's next? Is he gonna hang the guy playing vanilla ice in his biopic off a balcony?😂
Jabulani Mthethwa All shit 4rm Suge_ass!hit back on him.
Ceasarlio Thadon He gonna fuck around and get knocked out by a 💈 barber, just like Suge...😂😂😂😂
Stefan Stijacic Avnil Kumar always stay in character
Paulo Aguilar He really taking his Suge Knight character way too seriously!!
Joey Forrest Damn right get out of the suge knight character
Jay Mufasa Taken his role too seriously
Paul Green Suge is in his jail cell right now rollin in his grave 😂😂😂😂
Michael Begay He think he suge dont take it too far before some real goons get ya
Paul Green The spirit of suge knight lives on 😂
Joe Brown UNOT.....SUGE.....BRO
Iavor LIutibrodski A ccurse...
Mohsen Qarqout you mean life imitating art 😂😂😂
Jonez Kalonji lol the curse of suge
Giorgos Grosios 😂😂😂
Craig Goldstone That's what i wanted to say
Melusi Mafu He's possesed with demon Suge
Stone Kapolo Its a curse playing Suge. or dude wanna be the new real life Suge
Tony Short Pilib PJ Russell
Ben Mosley Ed Mosley
HipHopDX.com12 hours ago

Gambino wasn’t taken seriously, overlooked as a parody, the actor turned rapper that wasn’t Drake. Then he became a star. And soon he will be gone, forever.

DJBooth Gambino wasn’t taken seriously, overlooked as a parody, the actor turned rapper that wasn’t Drake. Then he became a star. And soon he will be gone, forever.
Joel Rodriguez He is beyond the rap game
Ceasarlio Thadon Dude sucks
Mgeni Roger Steve Roqua Anariko
Brandon Neal Inara Neal
HipHopDX.com12 hours ago

#DXclusive: Russell Simons reflects on Dick Gregory, and the relaunch of All Def Comedy

Ceasarlio Thadon So he reflected on Dick Gregory and then promoted his show, all in the same breath...Hmmmm 😏😏😏
Gavin Rash A relaunch would be phenomenal. Would like to see new comedians come up
HipHopDX.com13 hours ago

Real talk this is probably lunch money for Beyoncé & JAY-Z

E Hill Beats That's an investment to them. They're going to sell that shit in a couple years for double the money.
Chris Egan And theres people out there that would work just for something to eat..
Jermaine Johnson 2 years later it's worth 91 million. 10 years later it's worth 100 million. #Legacy
Juan Gerardo Serrano Its funny how many people give a damn about someone else's money like they are family members or they benefit from it😂
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane For that much it's ridiculous
Sandro Martinez Wait did i see 202k for 30 year mortgage??? Wouldnt they get a 15 year 🤔
Jeanyiz Medici They so smart !!! at first I thought they dropped $90 million on it at one time which would be insane!!
Evan Beachnaw And combined they couldn't pass the 8th grade. Especially shovel face
Joey Reyna Great now they can sell it for a hundred million its just money like 😲 omg I'm shocked
Aaron Lavow Ion see why people hate on them they making moves and setting the bar on how to turn ya hustle into an empire
Stephen Cooley Drop in the bucket...... 125k per person sounds like a steal.....
Doris Andre Kidd Nicole Golding
Ceasarlio Thadon And we should give a rats ass why??? 😏
Daniel Mu Gwe Waat!And future's out there talking about "the same money you're getting we're getting"
Ceasarlio Thadon A little something more to divide up once they divorce...😂 😂😂😂
Babel Kaniki Melvin Caris
Ryan Neil Postas $250k/mo like nothing
Edward White Waste.
Warren Crawford I care so much about this.
Grum P Kont Pocket change for hove
Jonathan Rafaél López Who cares man..
Sandro Martinez 🏀🏀🏀
Alex Blain SLAYER!!!!!!!!
David Gaudette Tommy Beauregard speaking of mortgage
Alice Jackson My queen B
HipHopDX.com24 hours ago

Bruno Mars & John Mayer both want to work with Chance The Rapper! Either one of these collaborations, could be EPIC.

Odwa Xavane Bruno Mars and Chance . . Chance the Acid Rapper,He a Big dawg now.
David Cassidy Oh my god! Bruno mars and john Mayer!!! Epic stuff dude.....fuck off.
Nana Prizna Chance is a good rapper, hopefully I'm waiting for epic songs from them
Elhadj Souleymane Diallo That good
Ceasarlio Thadon He needs to stop wearing that dumb ass hat😁😁😁
Mark Assad Roy Nassif
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Bronx Rapper Daytona Accidentally Crafts A Football Anthem
Take a listen here:

Jay Are Who?
Christian Enriquez .
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Drake's gives you a tour of his luxurious temporary condo.

Kanoa Morse So weird just seeing drake in a t-shirt, look like some average schmuck from miami
Aya Karma F@#$ Drake
Pablo Santiago Chavez Who gives a shit.
Ceasarlio Thadon Looks like a gay porn star
Neito De Fernando Quintero Dope tee
Eddie Ramos No thanks
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

New Macklemore music is on the way.

Vanis Drastik Mulumba damn! no Ryan Lewis? well aint gon waste time on this but he gave us Thrift shop and that other joint on the ship forgot the title lol
Kalvin Valdillez booooooooooo fuck outta here
Dennis Grandt Solo album???? He has one track without a feature lmao....
Lucian Braxton this motherfucker won a grammy over kendrick good kid maad city will always be memorable that bullshit macklemore dropped will never be a classic
Syd Bencriscutto My guy Travis Thompson is on the new album! You played a song featuring him on my track last Thursday!!
Nick Finn I thought I hated him but he's got some cuts on the uruley mess I've made
Michael Cianciotta I don't fucking care. Go back to Iggy Azealia bullshit.
K.m. Hassan
Sean Burner Kind of think this might be his last one. At least last that hiphopdx plays
Bheki Mamba I like the Guy. He always has some tunes to Calm your Self Down
Mike Hiro Headline should read, "new dumpster fire spotted in Seattle WA"
Adam Carrillo Never heard of her
Joseph Allen Gonna be dope..Fuck yall hatin asses B.Fukouttahere
Tom Jonze Doesn't he have a few pro-gay jams? Aren't Migos famously anti-gay?
Dillon Milligan Who?
Stephen Papstein Wow, that's a lot of features
Rodney White Never heard of him
Shaun Vyse ONE solo song...
Sean Young Kody Youmans
Jorge O. Suberví-Sabeta Cus he a bitch
Ryan Pollock Travis you're on one of this motherfuckers songs?
Willyam Susanto Wijaya Offset!
Bohdi Lee Crouch Lol forgot about him
MpHo KguLs Won't be the same without Ryan that's for sure
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Another accuser comes to the light in the R. Kelly sex cult scandal.

Gavin Crossley Alana Brown
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Xxxtentacion drops the tracklist for his new album "17."

Sean Burner Who is this shift Rapp?! I'm looking at his look and tattoo placement and don't even want to try finding his so called music. Last time I seen his name he got knocked out and carried away
Sean Michael Villarreal Before or after he got knocked the fuck out
Joshua Wairata Ponga Some other media outlet is telling us he killed him self ,.. here's the good part ,... After hanging himself
Aya Karma Look at me
Chris D Qualtrough 17 huh. Sounds familiar.
Jamie Ririnui More wackiness..
Logan Foumal Weak.
Jordan J Rae Corny
Mike Loftus Yawn
Gregory Smith
Johnny Martinez People really listen to this garbage
Javier Ortega Maybe cuz I'm not 15 but I don't like this fool
Ceasarlio Thadon Who gives a rats turd???!!!
Mujahid Musa Omar Abaza
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Syd from The Internet is releasing new solo music.

Ceasarlio Thadon Thought that was a dude
Johnathan R. Phillips Travis Kirksey her first album was tight
Lorenzo Mack Jonathan Grice
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

“Ain’t nobody did nothing to that girl,” Wafford said. “For real. She even told me — yes, I got it on record — that she said that ain’t nobody did nothing to her.”
-Mystikal’s Alleged Accomplice Says Rape Never Happened

Graeme Charlton wasnt all yall yelling fxck mystikal a day or two ago?
Cedric Fuller In today's world an allegation will fuck your whole life up
Ivan Romero That lying ass bitch should get a few years for trying to ruin this man's life but she won't just bcuz she's a fukkin female
Thuong Trinh Free the man right chea
Harper Sherie is this true or has she been threatened or paid off
Gilbert Xtasy Calderon Big fan of Mystikal. Bitches always try to ruin a mans name! Free Mystikal
Phillip J. Woods you all owe that man an apology then
Marcus J Davis "I'm that thief in the night that'll slide your draws off "
Jahmaine Bryan I hope that's the case... For real!
Jermaine Jackson Megan Nicole
Edward White Gotta start making these chick's sign contracts smh
Daniel Arismendiz Cant trust these hoes
Kamarcus Talton Of course...
Stephen Cooley Watch yaself.......Take dat ass
Stephen Papstein Malik Shahbal
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

How many times do you have to come out until your family takes you seriously? For me, it was eight.

Matthew Lumley Any man who cares where another man puts his cock is in the closet for real.
DJBooth "When I say family, I also mean Tyler’s fans. In an era where a confessional art form like hip-hop is often times mistaken as a direct invitation into the artist’s private life, it’s easy to consider the fans a natural extension of Tyler, The Creator’s proverbial family. We share his successes and failures and take a general interest in his goings-on."
Austin Lowe I don't think he gay or ever really took part in anything gay i think he's just lookin for attention
Matheau Jende He's not gay he's just trolling on the fact that people care so much when someone's gay. Like wtf do you care if a dude likes to fuck other dudes personally if you dig his music anyway type shit. Music is a reflection of you so people feel like if they bumpin a gay rappers song then they must be gay too for listening to it
Linden Smale Homos are gay and that's okay. Smh people make such a big deal out of it. I'm straight but I have a couple gay friends. As long as they ain't tryna pull moves on me it doesn't bother me.
Craig Dalit Simmons Tyler is a damn troll.
Niya E. Thunder What this means , can someone explain briefly for me ?
Stanisław Lis So, he gay or nah
Espino Joshua Everyones like " hes not gay " and tyler there like " bruh i been gay as shit and these dumb fucks still saying im not" ...smh the nigga gay man he tryna tell yall
Ceasarlio Thadon Pretty sure they all knew he was already GAY,GAY,GAY!!! (in Dave Chapelle voice) 😂😂😂😂
Sean Hayes Timmy Hoult this your favourite rapper?
Patrick Rosa Gay dude dropped a fire album
Kato Gerald Haha,,cant beliv he's got y'all commentin
David Rodriguez Swaggot!!!!
Brian Z Zisook Real.
Kerstin Mitchell He such a liar
Charles Wracker J Why would one wanna kill himself over one's lifestyle
Abduljabbar Bashir he gay?
Mika Borgmeijer Jason Knollenburg
Jake Byrne Ivano La Grotteria
Jeff Kussmann Miguel Inzurriaga your boy dood
Joey Kush Moisés Vi
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Did the ghost of The Notorious B.I.G. call Lil Kim his "Soulmate?"

HipHopDX.com So wait does nobody in this thread believe in ghosts?
Mitchell Sarver If this is a story about lil Kim, who is that white chick in the picture? Oh wait..... lol!!!
Mada Mcfly Geraldine Vertiz.... so you're telling me this guys has no idea who lil Kim and Biggie are and their history?
Sandile Pretorius The ghost recognises her? Amazing.
Simon Baker Wait, she still doesn't get she was just a sidechick 20 YEARS AGO!? LMAO!!
Sean Booker Shoulda connected before she mutilated herself, so he coulda talked her out of it
David Hight What the "ghost" really told him was, "Who the f- is this white chick?!?" LMAO...
Jasna Muhić Biggie would be rolling in his grave. This is retarded R.I.P
Jrae Hardin Naaaw.....she was talking to Piggie Smalls. That's Miss Piggy MCM.
Lehlohonolo LeBron Nkole The darker Kim maybe. I doubt it would recognise her anymore
Joey Barbieri Here we go.... Lil Kim either on the lean or this bih needs a doctor
Pedro Matias I have a ghost story and 2 people who experienced it with me.
Thendu Nxiba I for one am from south africa ghost 👻 in ma culture are regarded as witch craft activity but i never witness such shit
Wesley Zwep where's kim ?!?!!?
Ivy Radiance This is what u do when ur irrelevant and u want attention so u go to the extreme😒😒😒
Max MacInnes Cory Hanlon couple more surgeries and she will be looking like a ghost
Paulo Aguilar They really need to leave that plastic surgery alone!! 😬
Ra Mona Cassie 😦
Damian Costa When did she become a Mexican trying to be blonde?
Yamikan Mtoliro Kim was just friend with benefit to Biggie
Susan Marie He didn't ask "who shot ya?!?" 🤦🏼‍♂️
Jay McCabe Biggie smalls, Biggie smalls, Biggie smalls
Mpho Be Enuff Biggy probably could n't recognise her.
Matias Jefe She literally looks like a ghost these days.
Thendu Nxiba Does the ghost know who she is?
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Is ASAP Ferg keeping the ASAP mob relevant?

Cory Hayes Dec Hayes I know 2 tracks I like on there gotta check the rest out downloaded it today
Vasu Malhotra Arjun Bharat I'm a bigger ferg fan than most but this writer is wildin trying to say ferg is more consistent than rocky lmao
Aaron Solorzano Twelvyy > Ferg
Rohan Cook Personally, i think nast is the best, but surely rocky will drop in the near future eh
Austyn Parks He definitely needs to work on cutting down features tho I'm not going to lie I wasn't feeling all the features like that. His features from Dave East were dope af tho
Ben Crevensten Nice album, but his last one was terrible (coming from a ferg fan) so...how is that consistent?
Gio Ghafari Sebastian tu as la réponse ?
Chuku Hova Obert Ngwane He's on a new level
Zaker Javed A$AP Mob takeover
Viwe Tom He is doing his Thing
Stellio Nederovique I think rocky still has the top dog spot
Christopher Thompson So is twellvvy
Shaun Jefe ALL THE MOB RAPPERS SHIT ON ROCKY, dude weak af
Sinethemba Phumlomo Chauke With that Du rag that ah*t is irrelevant
Sandro Martinez yeah
Jessica Dessardo Josh Barnes lmao
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Man, MTV f**ked up

DJBooth MTV reduced the role of artists from a tool of social and political impact to something lucrative and artificial. Shame.
Jeremy Baker If you haven't listened to Joey Bada$$ most recent album, go find it and listen to it. It is incredible and very timely.
Kèvìn Knyt Back then we used to vibe on wu tang shid on tv, MTV!. records with solid lyrical content. shame on todays system, even rappers like j cole hardly get played nomore but they new school. I can't listen to trappers cause there is no legit inspiration.
Αντρέας Κωσταράκης Jay -z fighting the system HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Βασίλης Βότσιος
Kjayy Smith Of course you won't see them at the VMAs lol MTV ain't going for that shit. Love all these tracks they deserve so much more recognition.
Blake Tolentino overall, good list, but lets be clear here. Whatever you think of Jay's album, The story of OJ is literally like 4 hot lines thrown on top of essentially an endlessly repetitive chorus. its like 1/3 of a great song. its so lazy. maybe if he actually put more than 8 total bars on the entire track i'd be more mad.
John Dez They put artists like drake at the forefront of rap for the specific reason that he discusses no real issue in today's society. Therefore he ain't a threat. Fucker has like 40 music related awards and for What? His music can't be that good. And I don't even hate on him lol
Grey Eenhoorn When did MTV not fuck up? When did they actually have their shit together?
Phillip J. Woods These labels probably told their slav--artists not to make any political statements too
Steven Williams That Jay Z video is as real as it gets
David Plecher That's because watching bitches get pregnant at 16 is more in tune with the world than people who want to make a difference...
Alante Williams That sucks, I figured jayz would at least have been nominated due to all the buzz about his video
Josh Chi Kendrick probably won't win anything , I guess it's how it is these days
Phong Huynh Where is Peek A Boo by Lil Yachty?
Perez Albert dont worry about mtv, do people still watch that shit?
Bambo Ogunlowo Mainstream doesn't want conscious music
Ivo Zaricin There Is still MTV ?
Dennis Piethe Take note Sophie Malpass !! Told ya !! YOU ARE WELCOME THO
Chris Lyle I mean... They still have the M in the name... Why?
Bryan Dicus oj looked like it is anti black more than anything
DT Degrasse Tyson Love rtj!! Dont get captured
Thabang Mabelebele Joy Ba$$
Batu Erdem Jojo Picker
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Mystikal has turned himself in to police.


Amine Shakur I don't believe it, these hoes will yell rape when they're rejected and Bc he had a prior case they will pin it on him regardless if he is innocent. Smdh, I don't believe it and the evidence ! what evidence ? Be careful with these broads.
Eeliyah Valentino mystikal.. 😳🙄😳🙄