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Glenn Lewis DJ Jazzy Jeff
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Congrats to Ronnie and Shamari Devoe. They are expecting their first child together. What's your favorite New Edition song? And Blaque?

David Parker Blaque's "When the Last Teardrop Falls" and "I'm Still in Love with You"... they are a gorgeous couple.
Cj Gillis If. It Indy love and 808
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Faith Evans The Notorious B.I.G. Jadakiss
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Joe Thomas
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Which R&B influenced Pop album did you enjoy more? Ariana Grande's debut or Bruno Mars most recent project?

Nijia Vaughn Bruno I enjoyed more as for Ariana I don't even see her as R&B. I just see her as a teeny bopper who plays around with trends that are known in our community in music.
David Parker Bruno Mars, I love the 90s R&B feel to the album. "Straight Up & Down" is the best.
Catherine Angelillo Bruno brings funk to his heavily influenced 80s-90s rnb sound
Timeka Michele Bruno Mars❤ most definitely but i liked AG's as well
Fabienne Faye B Buntschu Bruno!!
Candace J Osborne Bruno Mars!!
Midnightkoffe Radioshow Bruno is Influenced by Funk not Pop
Ashton AshtnMrtn Weekes Why her debut and not her most recent? Dangerous Woman was great!
Mix Andthecity BM! ✊🏽👍🏽✌🏽️
Lynn Lewis bruno
Raheem Davis AG's debut but both are great
Derrick Dunn Bruno
Brittany Smith Bruno. Finesse is such a gem.
Darryl Ramsey Bruno
TonyBoy KingDutty B
Lewis Williams Bruno
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Musiq Soulchild
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Musiq Soulchild Kindred the Family Soul Lyfe Jennings Musiq Soulchild
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NE-YO Nikki Loraine

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Musiq Soulchild WillieHyn
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Quincy Al B. Sure!

Dazario Bjorlie the only glaring miscast in the new edition movie is they should have cast quincy in the role as his father al b!
Adds LøVë He's beautiful but he can not sing ...
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Teedra Moses
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Charlie Wilson
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DJ Jazzy Jeff Glenn Lewis
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Kevin Ross
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Elijah Blake

Diego Giovannettone srsly <3
Jomil Pilan Camp Pure Fahrenheit
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0:37: Singers who can’t actually sing
10:25: 90’s R&B groups that don’t get enough love
13:35: Keyshia Cole’s new project
18:56: Keyshia Cole blocked us on Twitter?
20:50: Veterans incorporating trap music in their songs
25:08: Trey Songz new dating...
For Some Reason Keyshia Cole Hates Us - YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #40
0:37: Singers who can’t actually sing 10:25: 90’s R&B groups that don’t get enough love 13:35: Keyshia Cole’s new project 18:56: Keyshia Cole blocked us on T...
Nijia Vaughn Ed be sounding like me let me hear your vocals homey LOL 😛 love this videos.
Amber Myá Ricks Wait what Keyshia Cole blocked you guys on Twitter? What!!!
Regina Fisher She can't sing, so what's the problem
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Future's most soulful and emotionally charged album produces tears from the ducts of Twitter.

Mahesh Sharp Check me out
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"These places are not even based on music," - Jay Z says on Frank Ocean's new Beats 1 Radio Show "Blonded."

Frankie Poindexter So advertisers can give them more cash for ads.
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Plus, Future & Rihanna are feeling "Selfish," Young Thug is "Safe" & THEY. demand "Truth Be Told," and more.

Treassure Siyabonga Jeffery
Lauren Bird "The songs describe in a nutshell, the events of my deeper relationships" Check the one and only Tobiah Frei #musicmoney
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As new episodes of "We Run The Jewels" return to Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio, we dig deep to find some of the most surprising facts about Killer Mike GTO, EL-P and DJ Trackstar.
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Slim Shady will headline the combined Reading and Leeds festival this coming August in the U.K.

Marty McKay Returning = doing 3 shows a year 😅.... what a work ethic 👍🏻
Nkululeko Nzuza Fuck #SlimLady... We Thug Life Ridah's We Respect Women #MakaveliTillDeath
Shaheak Choudhury Chenge Garaba wireless special guest?
Mahmoud Madrid King never die 😎😎
Josh Plouffe Who gives a fuck ?
Robb Grubb Or could do a us tour before hes done for good
Marvin Mendoza Isael Ramirez down to go to U.K? Haha
Furkan Genç Sander Csurka gaan we als ie naar nl komt?
Steven Anderson Iv just spoke to him...its lies...he.s in rehab
AbDou BoumaAraf
James Barnett Leeds Round 2, Hope the rain makes a pass this time tho💯‼️
Leon Kool Robin de Boer Jeroen Landsheer ff festivalletje in engeland meepakken :p
Hardip Singh Cheema Emma Pearce wanna go?
Craig Kelly Aaron Norris ????????
Haylei Rae Husch Chris Bartlett
Connor Robson Ben Lowery
Aoife McArdle Ryan Smith
Niels Verdijck Viktor van den Branden
Jake McCallum Madison Chayce
Emīls Māziņš Normunds Spūlis
Raz Hgiel Jay Wade
Mahesh Sharp
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Heaven just got a little more soul.
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Nicki Minaj shows zero love for Remy Ma on Gucci Mane's "Make Love."

Bobby Bracey My comments are based on the track I just listened to. It was weak as hell. Her bars were elementary. Nothing to see here, Remy Ma 2017!!!
Alonzo Rice I don't even care because that Make love song with Gucci is straight trash💯💯💯
Tommy Rodriguez She can't fuck with Remy Ma. Remy will chew her ass up and spit the bones back out.
Sabrina Coleman It was wack so it don't matter but Remy will eat her ass up
Brad Watts "Might" and "going for someones jugular" dont belong in the same sentence. If you go for someones jugular there is no doubt about who youre talking about, leaving no room for speculation
Dionnie Moorer Remy gone light DAT ass up 🔥🔥🔥. Nicki been trash. She ain't shit without SB ghostwriting for her. She need her sidekick back. She need to stop being stubborn. She haven't made a hit since they broke up
Leonard Ene Nicki claims to be better for selling more records, ha ha ha Nicki sit down
Wave Morton Waiting on the response, and Nicki did rip some facts on there.
George Vasiliades Female rappers dissing lmao...ghostwriters are about to make a lot of money
Ryan Keene Nicki will trash Remy if it went there...and I love Rem. Nicki is simply the better rapper. Btw this Gucci song is hot ass garbage
Goddy Samsin Nicki is calling for her own funeral.. Remy s not your average b!
Rod Naylor Stephanie Soderquist 🤣 if beef was what remy was looking for, I think she found it!! 😂😂 nicki clapped back!!
Slumville Mwana Waba Mwila Say what???i love nicki but u dont want no problems wit remy mafia coz she gonna eat u alive
Trent Brookes Gucci lips looking like they ain't touched water since 1986 an nicki better watch out rem ain't one to play around wit..
Jodan Prince Nicki badass but Remy will roast her,hope she knows what she's getting into
Devin Boisseau The Gucci Verse was 🔥🔥🔥 well the way he delivered it the hook was trash and Nicki's verse was a B- the song overall was a 6.5/10
Angela Monique Everyone is saying Remy will destroy Nicki but I'm not so sure. I think it would be interesting.
Aaron Joseph Remy will lyrically destroy lil Kim Minaj.nicki fake as fuck & all hype cause she's with lil gayne
Joshua Akmentins It ain't gone happen!... Big Remy will put the snub on you Odee ! 😎
Tony Spece Hahaha Nicki is trash
Cliff Bernadel Remy is the better rapper! & it's not even close.
Matt Kiesecker Remy Ma Would destroy this Fake twat.
Mike Williams Nicki better cool out. Does she not know that she is not that lyrical..shortie you a twerker. Remy is a monster, son.
Jeffrey Stalnaker Gotta agree with Bobby Bracey nicki is trash my dude
Stacy Wilson He cant fuck wit remy ma
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The model is deading recent speculation around a Drake romance.

Hyzescarfaze Victor Peter Nicki got lyrics? Didn't know about that thou
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"I'm tryna book Beyoncé for my wedding day" - Gucci Mane
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While far from a perfect effort, Mr. HNDRXX showcases why he's currently your favorite rapper's favorite trapper.

Matt Dixon He's not even a rapper though...
Lucho Ayala GTFOH
David Hight Favorite who's WHAT?!?
Rob Ankuma If only I could understand what he's saying!
Rabi Badu lol,what?
Bruno De Oliveira Zolin Pfffffffff he sounds like desiigner anyways
Jayton Tha Mac Since when is he a rapper?
Brad Watts April fools day is over a month away, nice try though
Byron Richards He mumbles though
Devon Tanaka Makotore I agree
B Kountykid Leggins Splash Splash dats all u heard
Krimson Kamen Damn-hoe-shut-the-fuck-up!
Lorenzo Maurice No
Don Hapi Garbage Straight Garbage
Pac Gujsta Some decent tunes
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Future's second album in seven days features Rihanna and The Weeknd.

Mike Waweru i never used to hear what future raps...till am wasted..
Skhumbuzo Ngcobo hgfdrtuihfdrr sippim lean!\nmmmm hgfs bgyu a hundred grams of codine!\ yama yama haba haba sippin that promethazine...on repeat!
Brad Watts No, how bow dah
Phil Morgan Fuck no. I pass.
Krimson Kamen Fuck this wannabe!
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Our partner SeatGeek is giving our followers the hookup for J.Cole tickets! Get $20 back with code "HIPHOPDX."

Stephen Papstein Malik, Saul and anyone else who is going to this
Nataliana E Siapa Aja sih Yang Sering Kepoin Facebook Kamu, Mau tau siapa aja yg kepoin facebook kamu Buka www .kepoinkamu. com
Diana Dymon done !
Miklas Andreasen Patrick Roland RasmussenJebilsan Rajaranjan
Nataliana E Siapa Aja sih Yang Sering Kepoin Facebook Kamu, Mau tau siapa aja yg kepoin facebook kamu Buka www .kepoinkamu. com
Darryn Gillan Jack McLaughlin
Vee Trinh Khemarint Son
Landon Colgrove Oscar Martinez
Alex Mendoza Tayler Howell
Robert Lawernce Seels Santino Diaz
Isaac Lehoux Rob Cavaleri
Philemon Ksor Wang Chi-Ang
Philemon Ksor Mike Ksor
Jōel Dos Santos Pasquale Squalo Giordano
Dustin Fiore Marco Tellerico
Bobby Dee Carlos Miranda
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EXCLUSIVE: "Everybody marginalized seems like they all now gravitate towards each other, because they’re all in the same boat," Simmons says of Trump's presidency.

Nickolas E Sayers This a joke
Abd'll FullAccount Abd'll FullAccount #Respect Homie. ✌👍
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Looks like the race is still on.

Ryan Thompson No fucking shit.. Looks like people really did forget about Dre.. lol
Kiddie Mimz Chikurunhe I hope one of them niggas becomes a billionaire so I can use that as a nugget of info when I get into arguments with white people. Them being rich helps me. Not exactly sure how, but it does!
Kay Leno Dre was more of figurehead for Beats than an owner. Jimmy actually owned most of it and that money was split between them, other investors and good ole Uncle Sam
Mbuso Kunene Biggie Mom to Notorious :What kind of man? A grown ass man calls himself Puffy? This is ridiculous Puffy probably even doesn't have a job himself.
Calvin Chan thought dr. dre became the first billionaire after the deal with apple+beats?
Arjan de Boer Fuck Puffy, he a lying piece of shit. We all know what u did in 96 boy.
Rodney Jordan I still say he killed Biggie and sit back and think he's all that but he's not shit period.
Jerrime Lamar Hill Not yet but hell find another artist to exploit...then hell be good...fucking shark
Patrick Lesley Latulippe What aboute dr.dre who sold beats by dre for 3 billions $$?
Marcus King Lambert What kind of dudes argue over another man's money!!!!???
Prince Mafemelela Dre is already a billionaire,, when he sold beats to Apple, he was already worth 620Ms
Daniel DeWitt Tell us why you had Pac killed you fucker.
Cruz Gutiérrez Ol' dolphin teeth welvin looking mothafucka.
Amo Tabs What the fck this millionaire thinking get in line fcker
Jeff Pegs Brian Davidson looks like it's still TBD lol
Jessie James Fink Dre DAY!
Semaj Glover thank you puffy for playin yourself
Tianda Rose Tavares Dr. Dre....
Michael Beauchamp master p is
Johnny Ninetoes Taylor Dumb ass dre is
Miguel Flacko Let's
Thembile Tipi I thot that's Dre..?
Moshe Martorell Dre this is old
David Austin If ANYTHING Puffy is broker than he was a few years ago. lol
Linda Mncwango Phakathi Phumelele Tshabalala
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Are we really surprised?

Bryan Flores Im sure she knew this all along but she finna get bread off this
Asiphe Manangana It can't be
Tyson Houra Dinah Tito ouch
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Plus music from Audio Push, De La Soul, Young Scooter & Young Thug, Khalid, Locksmith, J.I.D, Jidenna, Ace Hood, Future & Belly.

Keisha Jeffries The orchestra featured in this video is Orchestra Noir! A dope all black orchestra in Atlanta! Their next next event is on March 31st!
Marianna Thompson Orchestra Noir!! Can't wait for their concert!!! Their concerts are so amazing!
Sebastian Purdon Turn up. Love the lineup. Besides young thug lol
Pak Man OFF MY UPKOMING PROJECT #TGIP KOMING SOON ON #WorldwideXclusiveMediaGroup was live.1 day ago

It's LIT! We are listening to new music live! #DXLive #LitnessTest Cool story, Lit. It's LIT! #LITNESSTESS Salute to you Takz Let's get those music likes y'all! @jsrohn @WHUTDOE @itstc15 Where were you guys when Eminem's "Slim Shady LP" dropped?
Lakeith Rashad Dre & Eminem work great together. The albums, concepts, production were pretty much flawless
Natalie Crüe Disney is basically going to sue the fuck out of you for all your top ramen and ps4 games. Watch that copyright infringement
Tanisha Nicole I'm a lengthy dude we can improvise..I'm weak!!😂😂😂🤦‍♀️
Marcel Williams Welcome everyone!
Lakeith Rashad You good Jake?!!!!!
Nina Soo Jake, your posture is on point
Breslin LoganWhite Twitter names
Kenny Castellon What good
Randell Green 👌🏾💯 Khaliph Mustafa HEAVY MEDICATED! Eli Riley 3 months.
Marcel Williams Since Trent stepped up to the plate, tweet us both @itsmetc15 (Trent) and myself @WHUTUPDOE if we don't play your music and we'll give you live feedback on Twitter if we can't get to your music today
Dennis Grandt People say he fell off yet no one can touch his flow just listen to bad meets evil album. Can you really argue that hes not the Goat?? Nah, good work Emanuel TwoniceFourthis Riggins
Aja Janay How do you do submissions?? The links aren't highlighting. I'm trying to share an artist now, don't wanna miss the opportunity. Hey Josefina Turner!
Khaliph Mustafa I tweeted y'all from @That_Bul_Aura I sent y'all Heavy Medicated and Drugs ft Loco(I got the second verse) can y'all play either one of them
Randell Green Ayo Dx live u got some good news I'm doing in internship for a music company in NYC Ima definitely pass y'all stuff on to them real Smooth #family!
Brad Smulyan Need to feed the aux cable from your computer to the mixer and push it to us instead of pushing tracks secondhand through a mic
Syd Willis intro was a everest commercial lol i like the vibe of the song beat was weird...but i dont have that luxery! lol sounded like nipsey a lil beat choppy tho
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And yes, it might involve Soulja Boy.

Daniel Nas Make more friends Kingston... Your list of enemies is growing and trust me things are not looking good for you especially with the game on the enemies' side
E A Hall this cant stop getting beat up time to hit the gym you fat bastard or hire some security or at a minimum get that CCW this dude stay getting jumped
Michael Williams I'm pretty sure he had an entourage shit 1 of his homies shot at the migos so they really just stood back and watch u get yo azz handed 2 u the whole crew takes Ls this nigga stay getting fucked up chain snatch this REAL life nigga u see the migos you and yo scary add crew gon have fight all 3 that's the way this shit work ASK that night that swung on 50 you fuck wit 1 be ready for all..
Ismael Macedo Lmfao they acting all tough for jumping one guy They back down like a bunch of pussies when Fredo Santana threatened to kill them 😂😂🔥
Mackenzie Brown Sean sang like a canary on the news interview. Someone will have a case pending shortly. Smh
Arnold Chisamba Migos ain't nothing to play with. Mess around and Quavo cut your back and get himself a slice of bacon 😂😂😂😂
Philemon Ikechukwu This is not fair Sean doesn't look like a troublemaker why would Migos of all people treat him like that? damn
E A Hall He said he didn't have time the throw his set up wtf does that even mean it's not gang related you got beat up by migos nigga self admmitted & it sounds like you didn't even swing
Nero Purple Actavis Sean Kingston told Migos their chips was trash so they stomped him out with a dab of punches
Michael Ruthless Richard I'll kick the shit out of em Sean member we smoked a blunt when you were in NE Alberta?
Tamika Massey 3 on 1 phunk shit
Summer Withers Sean Kingston is a hip hop socialite 😂
Adam Lee Getting your ass beat by three mumble mouth queers is not a good look sean
Marcus Spears Brenda Lee this is what I talking about the other day.
Adrienne Montague Who's the migos
Sean Hoeksema Selden SNITCH
Anthony Shanaman WHO CARES they are all fucking trash.
Michael Rice SNITCH!!! Lom
Zoumana Coulibaly
Troy Heard he on here snitchin huh? lol
Keith Jarvies I heard they A town stomped his head
Bryan Rogers Mayanja Sounds like another L to me
Le'Shaun Rogers 🧀🐀
Zhoman Nax Virrgo get-out
Anthony Mendoza 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀
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Exclusive: The seven-man collective came through to #DXLive and explained how the seemingly nonchalant producer transforms into a beast in the studio.

Dontrell DontShootem Oh man
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Rihanna scores one of her biggest accomplishments.

Nate Glidewell Tyga greatest rapper of all time
Amaan Syed Akon is currently providing electricity to something like 50 million Africans.
Kass Steven Why does she always have one eye seen??
Brett Nelsen Too bad someone can't get it who really deserves it.
Terelon Smith Congrats.
Matthew Rambow What a joke
Mesuli Messy Gcakamani S/O to her
Amaan Syed Akon?
Ausar King Fuck Harvard.
Aston Rindiminiz Ratilodi jst because its harvard?
Mikhail Mehra Ali Sachedina Harvard in decline
Kenny Jong Jude Nagendirarajah whut
Shazam Heracles-Allah Chardae Winston
Rizal Omesh Omesh Fifty Shades Darker in HD 2017 UNRATED
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EXCLUSIVE: With rave reviews, Jordan Peele's horror thriller Get Out is the film to beat for 2017. Watch as he explains why Childish Gambino's hit "Redbone" was the ideal opener for moviegoers to "stay woke."

Jason Vos homies creepin lol
Brandon Bennett Jimmy Cacho
Tae Maynard Bakari Owens
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Innocent until proven guilty?

Jay A. Lewis I'm quite sure he can think of numerous times in his life, at the height of his super powers where people begged for his mercy yet he completely ignored them. One reaps what one sows.
Michael Catalano Your father (suge) is a peice of trash he deserves everything he gets in jail and life! You a big gangsta in the streets but comes to jail your quiet 🤔🤔
Paulo Aguilar Suck it up buttercups..... your daddy is going to prison!!! He should have stayed away from a place that didn't want him there or else he wouldn't be in this mess!!
Emmanuel Quiroz The things you do the life's you messed up will all come back to you . No one knows what he did or how he did but he is not in jail for no reason
Ben M. Simon This nigga kills people with AIDs and runs people over with carsfor music money. His bitch ass deserves all that he gets plus twice as much, fuck that dude
Mesuli Messy Gcakamani U can never punish a person like that I know he was a badass in him prime but they acting like they God. Dude will suffer when the time comes there's no need for us to crucify him ourselves that ain't how it goes.
Kelvin Osakwe This is getting too much they got to free this legend, cuz he put so many niggaz in the game....snoop or may weather got to do something about this..
Stevie Ashley Jr Who cares ? Karma is a bitch...he's getting everything he deserves.
Robert L Harper Hard to feel sorry for someone who extorted, beat and murdered people.
Alex Galindo Don't make me cry.common we all know that you are a piece of shit. Go to hell
Blaine Jobb All the lives this man fucked with & now he is looking for sympathy?
Kelvin Murire Fuck Suge Knight I hope he will rot in Jail and Suge don't forget not to drop the soap coz niggers will fuck ya big fat ass right from behind #Anti-SugeKnight
Christopher Thompson He is gonna take an L in court... Nobody in the industry got his back and he dosent have enough $$$ to buy his way out the way oj did
Tabo Onyekachi Ngqola he must know thats what happens when u kill innocent ppl and dnt come clean on who plotted the assasination
Robson Nhara Sry young man your father is a piece of trash he killed pac he deserve to be behind bars for life.
Barron Hood-makaveli Mwanza Even a smooth criminal one day must get caught!!! -2pac-trapped!!!
Reggie Scott Whatever treatment he gets I'm sure it's better than the man's head he ran over got
Isaic Sandoval Fuck yo dad
Chris Farinias Jr 😂😂😂😂😂 @ #freesuge lmao let that man rot in jail
Ty Mcalpine Karmas a bitch hey lol
Alek Snyder He killed PAC and E fuck him
Avied Walker III Nobody feeling sorry for this dude. Next.
Brad Watts how do you pen an instagram post?
Chris Barrow Ahhh he's fine
Kyle Ryan Pens? It is a digital format.
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Kanye West gets Jesus Piece'd.

Ejodephia Mo't-jazz Peter This ain't funny. This is blasphemy. You won't find a muslim doing this to mohammed. Some of we christains are deluded. And this is simply a show of no respect to the son of God, who laid his self on the cross for man kind to be save. Kanye is a disapointment.
Kipras Laučys No disrespect to kanye, but his fans are really annoying. They always overrate him and call him a God... And when you them that and say that ge never gets better (never tops his old albums). They get all butthurt n shit
Rems Adeola Fuck Jesus. Kanye makes basically 400x what you make in a year or someshit. It's art, evolution, as well as evolved hiphop. It's his ass so let him do what he wants it's a chick atleast damn. Also. He did produce for atmosphere too. Hes basically a super producer. Watch someone else's life y'all.
Makgame Pro No one knows what's going on behind the scenes and people are like forget Kanye. I definitely agree this is stupid, but who is really behind this though.
Andre Rushing Sure paid to have it put then the news made some award up and say yaaa kanye.. sure if I had enough money they could me on a piece of golden metal
Jonathan Chande I feel sorry for the lost souls that created this. It's blasphemy. Exodus 20:4.
Yashasvi Pant Which is bigger:Kim K's ass or Kanye's ego? Even Hawkings can't tell that
Leland Bamgbose This statue needs to hit the squat racks. He's got chicken legs. Oh yea...this is so blasphemous, by the way.
Teo Valeriano Fake prophet 💯 don't ever compare him to god he never can be like man up stairs
Alex Arambula Fuck man all u kanye dick riders are gonna be the downfall of our country
Derek Djdrex Palmer Blasphemy
Tony Fonseca I don't give a fuck about religion, but Ye is a mental megalomaniac and this kinda shit does NOT help.
Chad Nicholas I wanna see this when we there Sarah
Andrew Barnes Ita funny cause j cole already fell off and kanye will always be one of the best.
Sal Morales This is such bs first of all nobody put Kanye West in any kind of position no one told him to get a big head to get all egotistical or just become full of himself that's all his doing people liking his music is about all that has happened he took it to a whole nother level which shows that he's not mature enough to handle stardom or fame you know coming from a Christian family I would expect more from him then to be this very outspoken self-centered egotistical bastard and the only time it seems that he ever seems to care about anything is when somebody does something to him that he don't like rather it be ignoring his phone calls or not letting somebody's kids hang out with his kids or whatever his rants are about it's just a bunch of BS somebody needs to pull that guy's card and revoke his musician license because he does not deserve the fame nor the money that he obtains for being such a ugly person he is not a star nor a good songwriter or even a God for that matter not in my book
Chris Doehla we miss the "Jesus Walks" Kanye... this dude will do anything for attention now... and we haven't forgot about him supporting Trump either
Kris Gage Last time he made a dope record???don't worry I'll wait😂😂😂😂
Depth Incluese guys im from S.A ive been looking for a american underground artist to make a song with a dope artist please not a lame dude thank you guys.
Tommy Hilliard Disrespect 2 the Son of The Most High, just 4 more fame and worldly gain
Reggie Scott That's blasphemous like a mofucka
Fitz Phillips Hope someone takes a sledge hammer to it.4real
Thomas Glenn Juarez Download all the songs for free and read the bio
Patrick Cannata Maybe they should crucify the real yeezy
Rich Bilzy Fuck Kanye west
Dylan Pattison Patrick Mahovlich only 2nd to rocky and appllo
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EXCLUSIVE: The production duo shares their musical journey and explains the impact Chance The Rapper is making on the industry.
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An open, honest effort for the underground.

Mduduzi Sibisi Tshegofatso Kele Letshwene...This is the album your boyfriend was reviewing last night.
Nick All Us i love every bit, its just me as a rapper.... some rock influence on my line tho
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Surveillance footage from the fateful night might have some answers to the mystery.

Ade Kemp smh
Francisco Ortega Han shot first
Andy Gibbons Rip
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Great night for Drake and Tribe, bad night for Skepta.

Manqoba Youngtshora Ciyi Drake has out done himself he goin plat after plat' Sold out tours 'Grammys after Grammys
Danbyong Caezar Shedrack Drake shall live long to break histroy like 2pac
Mavusana Stephen Wtf
Arthur Green James Kok
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"It don’t matter if Donald Trump say, 'Put the album out.'"

Kerron Alves Henry What he doesn't understand is that he could have had 5 albums out since he's been signed with Roc Nation. There's no such thing as a perfect album. Just put the music out. And expect to put out a new album every year after that. Guy is caught up thinking people will always care.
Jon Baxter No ones cares anymore... this guy's his own worst enemy
DeVante Brookins I hope he never puts out the album, he's been signed to ROC Nation for 10 years & hasn't dropped an album, they need to drop him from the label. You either put out music for the people or don't. In the end he'll be forgotten, & nobody will care how good of lyricist you were, you have nothing to show for it. He needs to retire.
Paul King No one cares about your husky ass delivery and arrogance. .Get your message out .. if that conviction you once had still resonate Guess you too busy hand shaking and entertaining the evils these days
Ayanda Justincase Absolute wanker!! And people put shade on Future for dropping 4 or 5 projects a year. I bet they prefer waiting for an album forever.
Quan Manning He done made good money at Roc Nation but I believe he ghost write a lotta people music including jayz he a valuable asset to Roc Nation we don't get to see what goes on behind the scenes
Magnus Lei Betta watch your hand gestures, before #DDP and his lawyers come for that ass! – 🙌🏻
Darren Myt Collins in other useless news...water is wet...
Josh Plouffe Lol I wanna boycott this dude don't deserve fans with that attitude
Ryan Keene F*** his album. He dont love this music s***. He wrote a few hot verses and sat on his fat ass. Its dudes that have accomplished 100 times what he has that go in the booth 7 days a week.
Paul Green He missed his chance....this album rollout was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 in 09 lol
El Salahudeen El Rahim Its neva coming out,shoulda dropped when hiz hype waz at itz peak.Now ppl are like "ehhh wat eva"!
Ray Mehra Either release it or just go the fuck away! Enough talk, enough bullshit.
Manuel Huebner They say half life 3 will be released when ITS FINISHED regardless of what Donald Trump says.
Sean Garner Jay Electronica might be the only person capable of turning Trump into a hero.
Francisco Ortega Lol no1curr... Congratulations! You played yourself.
Manqoba Youngtshora Ciyi Shut the fucc up electronica nobody checkin for dat Outdated Trash
Ricky Orozco "When it's finished"? It's been like 10 years he still can't get 15 songs together
Stephen Wilson Got a feeling when it finally drop its gonna sound dated or not live up to the time and energy wasted on it
Tsani Dollah Mathamela Nas album when its coming out?
Ronald Bogàč lol he's 40. he should soon quit rap, cause nobody gives a fuck about him anymore😃😃
Champo Simukoko I really dont care anymore...probably wont even bother listening to it when its out
Celeste Hadden Like, he said when its finished or thats the album name ? Lol
Vince Beard New generation won't care by the time he puts it out tho Smh
Marcus Dupree Drops in Neveruary