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Usher’s Top 10 Best Songs Presented by YouKnowIGotSoul Ha Darius Thomas. We had to keep it authentic!
Darius Thomas Great list,I checked the list just to make sure a particular single didnt make it😁
David Parker Great collection!
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Stream Lady Wray aka Nicole Wray's New Album "Queen Alone"
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New Music: Tony Sunshine - Close (Produced by Amadeus) (Premiere)
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Watch the Movie Trailer for "Hollywood Hearts" with Bobby V. & Lyfe Jennings
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The Game and Meek Mill battle continues...

Hometown Hitz Nice
Lamiysah M.
HipHopDX.comSeptember 25th, 2016 at 12:20pm

The Game takes on Young M.A.’s “Ooouuu" for Meek Mill diss record "Pest Control."

Robert Grace Game kills it
Jeffrey Pointer Fuck Game
I-j Sosa Yeezus Niggas like The Game they want Chief Keef.
Streezy Máfia Incendiários E Aí Mekiê Continuem a Baixar Leão solto (Album) 2k16 Aqui:
Hometown Hitz anyone adore this as much as me ? :p
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Preaching positivity, one glass of water at a time.

Shabban Kerre Daniels Bloom
Josh Lynagh Water and ginger ale bruh
Austin Austinelove Hello
Hometown Hitz Nice ?
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"Blac Chyna head the bomb, Al-Qaeda."

Ewok Tamati What A Fat Kunt Rob Is.. Could Of Milked it all, Had Fame Cash And Bitchs But Nahh.. Now He Rooting Some Side bitch who trying to get back at here ex.. Dum Muther Fucker
Richard Derrick Argueta dude seemed like the most level-headed of that clan of degenerates but he's unfortunately chose to go all in. he'll witness how deep the rabbit hole goes, i'll pray he isn't the one who murder-suicides
Gustavo Berisso Someone tell Rob Kardashian they don't make fitted baseball caps big enough for his giant fuckin marshmallow head..
Saul Marquez Is anybody really surprised? Like I said Rob leave the hoe bro...and real talk what women in her right mind would hook up with the brother of a women that is with her ex baby daddy lol that whole family f#ck$d up
Bakang Gaoipelelwe Yeah this is what happens when you marry a week you might hear another nigga tellin you how he heard threesome with Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian or even worse maybe you are not really the biological father of that unborn child...
Miranda Renee Rodriguez If a man loves a woman shit like that wouldn't phase him. Really she's just stuck he already is gone but u know it's a long hard guilt trip and child support. It's just fun and games for them for now.
Zackery Kutz Hahahaha loser you've beeeen played...she's only w you for the money wtf...Tyga and chyna.. That bitch couldn't get tyga back so she went straight to robb... after getting a future tattoo on her hand.'s such a gold digger She only got pregnant for the fortune
Brent Vital He could have also watched the Wendy Williams interview. Lol dumb fat fuck
Brenda Mendoza Torres Everyone should shut the fuck up and worry about your own mathafucking life ☕️ leave my nigga rob alone !
Miroslav Hristov Strap These bitches maan, Kardashians and shit, they fucked more than 100 men, maybe even more than 300 who knows
Simone Tizza dovevi saperlo che hai messo la pagnotta in forno a un troione maltese zi, stacce
Noah Harmon Jesse Harmon remember what I said lol?! Robs probably hearing it like "noooooooooooo 😨😰😱
Savannah Born Yea if it weren't for that he wouldve never known. He shouldn't even be mad tho
Cristian Aviles That bar sounds whack af, Game should've added 8 bars he coulda been his brother.
Justin Collins Lol dude looks like a pig
Roana Maiva Roze Tskk can the game not lol
Adam Ward 99% of you haters wouldn't leave her either. Stfu
Cris R Nez 😂😂😂she used to strip what did he expect???
Carlos Valladares Game smahed all them hoes
Jeff Sands Who cares , now Rob keeps getting kicked out of his own house ,
Ishu Shrestha This news is as fake as kardashians as well as this some china
Nicholas Bonilla He is the true definition of settling for less
Clarence Rogers I'm out. Fuck this shit. It was cool, HiphopDx.
Esau Sanchez Rob dun fucked up now he paying for the consequences
Caleb Hueston Rob Kardashian ugly as fuck!!!