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Jon B

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Lauriana Mae Lauriana Mae

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K.Avett Thank you for the <3. Single available on www.kavett.com
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Chrisette Michele

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Chrisette Michele

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October London Dr Dre

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October London

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William Swing Paul Clifford Vijay Chandegra Alex Jackswing Alex Sander Jeff Wiltord Adelino Duarte Hitesh Vora Björn Hamann Kevin Moore Kevin Ribai William Rarernb MrWide Selection
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Omari Hardwick

Amber Myá Ricks I didn't know that he could sing wow damn Omari got skills!
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Tamar Braxton-Herbert

David Parker Loved this album... "Money Can't Me Love"
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Tamar Braxton-Herbert Tricky Stewart

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Sonna Rele

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Jagged Edge has spent the last 20 years reigning as one of R&B's most consistent groups. Our boy Edd takes a look back at their discography from bottom to top. What are your favorite JE albums?

David Parker Loved their debut album the most but they continued to put out album just as great.
Amber Myá Ricks Is Kyle going back to the group?
Midnightkoffe Radioshow JE Heartbreak
Ish Aam all
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Gordon Chambers

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Aaliyah Smoke E. Digglera

Kristen Bookman-Quetant Love this song
Gene Stewart Hope they get an Unsung episode, so underrated and love to hear their story.
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Aaliyah Aaliyah Haughton

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Aaliyah Aaliyah Haughton

Brittany Smith Who produced this? Doesn't sound like a Timbaland track.
Amber Myá Ricks I love that song
Alessandro Silva Victor Reis
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Happy Birthday Aaliyah Haughton! Aaliyah

Mike Bromley It's Whatever & Never Giving Up I'd add to the honorable mentions list 👌
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Mary J. Blige The Jackson 5 Michael Jackson

Alessandro Silva Igor Oliveira
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Mariah Carey

Darius Thomas It's unfortunate why this song didn't make it to the album because it's amazing..this is a goody
Alessandro Silva Victor Reis
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Mariah Carey

Denny Sutton Wow...you did some serious crate-digging with this one! Not many know about this remix! I'm guessing you know this Mery Joe, or is that a stupid question? LOL 😀
David Parker Mariah Carey my all time favorite artist. This should have been released as a single. I love this remix.
Justin Lovelace When she use to sing 😑
Mery Joe Thank you guys from YKIGS for sharing this 💜
Alessandro Silva Victor Reis
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Mary J. Blige

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Erykah Badu Essence

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Usher The Neptunes Pharrell Williams

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Groove Theory Brand Nubian

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Coko SWV

William Swing Both CDs with different (RE)mixes ✨🎶😉
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Do you agree?

Javi Gonzalez There was a good 6-7 years that people weren't touching wayne. In my opinion shortly after young money got poppin he started falling off but you always gotta respect what he did for the game.
Shane Foster He wasn't ever talking about anything though. A bunch of highly creative shit that rhymed, amazing wordplay, but what he was actually saying was how cool he is, how much money he has, and how he's gonna kill you and have sex with females. That's essentially 99.5 percent of his songs. Georgia Bush was actually about something and was phenomenal, but he hardly ever made real songs. And now he's booty cheeks.
Ralf Rauf lil Wayne its best the best he got the world screamed #Weezy !!!!! Have y'all forgotten?!! L..l..p..p.. anyway who cares about your damn view!!! Biches
Ahmed Fouad I remember his songs man he one of the best and all hating comments on Wayne I wish we back to his gold era to see u y'all dick riding him mothufuckers
Nick Hart Lil Wayne has NEVER been the best, at any period. I wish people would stop with this bullshit bandwagon...
Adrian Baca If you mean best of the little tattooed skater rappers then yes..yes he is.
Paul Molefe Do you agree? How about you give us your views... Because we don't give a fuck!!!!! Biaaaaaaaatch!!!
Mahesh Sharp Hell yea Wayne put in his work I remember 2007-2008 that's all u would hear I mean em alright but he ain't wayne
Alan Johnson He the best metaphorically
Mitch Norman Cause jigga don't exist or anything......
Craig Cantwell No.
Tarus Abdellah Fuck u lol im disliking this shitty page
Michael Bevilacqua Tory Lanez must've never listened to any music at all
Tony Short Who the fucks Tory Lanez? And no Wayne not even top 50
Wesley Zwep never the best...but carterII was dope..after that 😂
Reggie Sconiers Tory lanez ain't that great so his opinion to me doesn't matter
Le Louieteezy Madlala Yes
Dollar B Ebalu truth
Raw Dhani Fuck torey and wayne
Justin Collins Nobody wants to hear E.T. rap!
Chrisshawn Scales Cut the locs and start over GOAT!
Khethokuhle Inno Ngwenya hell yeh
Johnathan R. Phillips No.
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Celebrating the anniversary of a classic album.

Lee McCormack Yeah man the documentary was a dope album remember bumping that shit when I was like 17, ever since then iv always been game fan dudes brought some really dope shit to the table over the years hope he sticks around for a little while longer the rap game would moss him if he retired anytime soon!
Mogogi Dwayne Morebodi It is well certifified Rap album multi-platinum!not only Fiddy and Dre but also Danja,Luis Ruesto,Scott Storch,Busta Rhymes,Timbaland,Just Blaze,Kanye West,HiTek,Mary J Blidge,Faith Evans,Nate Dogg[1969-2011],Tony Yayo and Eminem for their contribution.I was only 14 when he released doing the ninth grade.
Seth Hagan He would thank 50, half of what was supposed to be on The Massacre ended up on The Documentary that's why it SUCKED
EL Traskilero Bsp he is right they both help him out. n look where hea at now good job game
Ebuka Dopeboy Chukwu Kudos to Dre and 50 period. Straight dope shit.
Adrian Anthony Tomorrow He'll End Up Dissing 50 on A Track.....
Ifeanyichukwu Ben IAm #Dope btuv
Oscar Hugo Hernandez Then he'll diss them both tomorrow. Bipolar ass
Sihle M'Sihlez Phakathi And em??
Criss Blaziny This is like 87683839 shouts to dre.
Jayy Bee Bell pepper nose ass niga.
Obaje Patrick Rapper turn stripper
Martins Nistayce Keta Népia Respect my nigga.
Duncan Black Din amen
Mike King Mike Bailey
Taylor Stavee Joe Miller
Logan Watkins Curtis Griffiths
Wassim Al Kaakour Sayd Barakat
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It's been two weeks since the boxing match was announced, but a lack of real details means it could just be all hype.

Darren Myt Collins the fight is schedule too far away..they should have did it at the end of the month...no one will care by March ...and I'm sure the animosity will be gone also...being that it was all over some petty bullshit anyways...
Summer Withers Why are yall still on this stupid shit? Ppl really believe anything these days. Both of these MFs were trollin.
Jody Harris I said it from the jump that this shit ain't probably happening. We'll believe it when we see it.
Dan West It'll never happen, since they're both bitches
Dan West It's not happening, they're both bitches
Delmalsha Adams That's shit was a stunt
Fernando Garcia Neri Both are Pussys
Re Load Shot if no one is their to organize.. u know fuck em both 50
Andrew Craddock Soulja boy is a smart dumby.
Rose Gold Paul Hand 🙄
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He still might want to hire an accountant.

Jesus AbdulHalim I got the same pillow case
Shaun Horvath Nathan Appau dude is actually right lol... or not far off its $4.3
Cédric Grün David Elfatouaki Nadia Oberweis heen kann och keng mathe, du hues nach chance fie rich nigga ze gin david
Chalookinat MeeFo If he put a beat behind that he probably would make a hit in today's rap game...just needs a chorus..
Iman Mohamed I should have gotten that top at CK😭 regerts Ashleigh Tekaisha
Rae Cabrera Paige Nicole Deal 😂😂😂😂 that's you after school lmfaoooo
Jesko von Staden Batuhan da kann Kaan noch was lernen #abi
Sylvain BP You do know hes talking about dollars and not people right? Whoever made the meme needs to smarten up
Darcy Rankin Kingi Rankin he should of said errr1 get twennyone 😂
Mohammed Al Khozai Edwin Nabiallahi I think its safe to say that 21 savage is reformed and ready to start his engineering career.
Travis Howell Is that 25 savage?
Justin Thomas Young savage how you get that ride, 300 million people x's $4.25
Robert Buenaventa $4.25 lmaoooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zakariyya Paruk Ren me when 💨
Nick Cheptea Victoria Breaban tu dopo aver fatto matematica ieri
Ethan Wilkins Chris Sole 21 savage doing math
Lenny Love He's right
Taurus Muzi Kliq TheSoundeffectTyson TysonMmona MasibiAthenkosi Joy MthulamaBrighton Munya MatandaTony KodRoyal Plush Young savage why you counting so hard
Foster Owen's Jr. He definitely didn't do that math on the spot.
Jose Vasquez Hey he was close lmaooo
Leighton Beauchamp d..dumb...dumb....pishhhh
Sahand Nodapl Tehrani Jenan Muralitharan Peter René Larsen Allan Joon Jidhen Muralitharan Kenan Burnic Risto Ogc Mölder - counting them billions 😂
Trizz Setta Trap math on fleee
Tayron Meijer Hij heeft wi bijles van je nodig Meraya Halfhide
Ja-Way Wang Adam Dickter 400%10 = 40 THIS FOLLOWS THE SAME LOGIC ROFL
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Spenser Newsome Tyler Mudd
Lyndon Gibble Guy Josh G Graham
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When Big Sean heard Eminem’s verse, he had to play it back over and over again while in shock.

Uriel Facetious Serna Eminem looks old it this pic. (Sarcas )
C'thembiso C'zZle Gune since relapse whenever eminem released something new people were always hating. My point people hate on the white boy for no fucken reason
Del Acosta Eminem sureeee does look different 😬😆
Robert Moran Big Sean is a pawn and is not worthy to be on a Em track
Thomas Watkins That isn't Eminem in the pic???
Wael Chamaa Mohammad Moussa så må den være freaking sinds!!!!
Jason Vos and he is sober
Robert Buenaventa How come they advertise this with no music. Smh
Matteo Regoli Giordano Fioravanti Stefano Berardini di punto in bianco sto attendendo il nuovo album di Big Sean
Michael Dadson Justin Sean it's gonna be better than (4 your eyes only)
Thomas Maffeo Where can i listen to it ?
Mustafa Khan Shayan Rehman yeh nahi suna tmny jaali fan
Miagi Schrage Jokarbg.tv/youtube subscribe now!! Dont i go!!!
Dan Cole Can i hear it please?
Shane Foster GOAT
Leo Caster Drop the track
Burn After Rolling Lol that was not EM
Kobe Trice http://Cashni.com/?refcode=120604
Kobe Trice http://Cashni.com/?refcode=120604
Yasir Shaikh Prashant Jha Shaikh Faiz
Jordan Arvoy Corey Rice Dan Ervin Corey Keyser ohhh man....
Espresso Martinis Combo Damian Cox
Nicholas Crescente Danny Delaney oh boy
Bernard Cirak Martinović Dominik
Moses Metlege Anthony Bonaccorso Christopher Khraiche Samuel Economos
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Alright artist drop your links! We are #DXLive with Earl Johnson A&R/Management at Rostrum Records #LitnessTest

HipHopDX.com Shout out Natalie Crüe. Completely random. No favoritism. #DXLive #LitnessTest
HipHopDX.com Frederick Philp Jr. If we told you Earl's sweatshirt was blue, does that make it true?
HipHopDX.com Yung IsKing Dotta Nope. We'll check mobile.
HipHopDX.com Where you at Jake Hughes?
HipHopDX.com Frederick Philp Jr. Why wasn't it?
Ty Beats Yes I was thrown off by the rented Ferrari it didn't seem to match it
James Gardin Thank you
JP Reynolds I see you James!!
Justin Grier How y'all know he ain't banking? 😂
Justin Grier Y'all assuming.
Natalie Crüe If I was 16.5, I'd probably dig this
Natalie Crüe Marcel is a responsible driver 👏👏 #Whutupdoe
Kirk Steele I agree
Terence Lee Jr. Daaaamit
Nick Adams Yo man was good I wont disappoint yall
Randell Green Lol Trent do we have beef ? Lol
J-Merk I'm the Best rapper from Chicago! Click link and press play. Enjoy real Hiphop. Peace guys! https://youtu.be/rLT-prdDl7c
HipHopDX.com Song's way too old Johari Perpetual Rebel Palacio
Natalie Crüe If You can afford to pop a Molly, drink syrup and buy Jordans every week, you can afford to get your music mixed and mastered 🙄🙄
Jay Roses Take a listen nuttin fancy def too real for main stream so its real hip hop real lyrics talent in the raw only person ever heard me spit is my momma
Wayne Weigel Chance got a name now. Paak got a name now. James just needs to be next and in that company.
Natalie Crüe That bs drove me to drink. 🙄🙄 This is what happens when you let your mom (and only fan) pump your head up
Marcel Williams I'm not pulling anything from the inbox fam. I'd be looking in there all night
Elvis Escobar play some LILJBTW though the lil homie is locked up, but he has some of nicest bars i heard..
المعتصم بكري Can you guys please select the songs in the order they were received ?
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We are #DXLive with Casey Veggies! About to play a brand new single!

HipHopDX.com What y'all think of that joint?
HipHopDX.com About to preview his new single "Show Off" ft. Wiz Khalifa
HipHopDX.com #DXclusive "Show Off" f. Wiz Khalifa
HipHopDX.com What y'all think?
HipHopDX.com #ALLEYEZONME Casey Veggies
Randell Green That shit was hot tho wiz did come hard with it that's what happens when u in the booth with Lebron 😂😂😂😂😂
Ya Boy ViBe Production was ill and delivery was on point Nice track for sure!! West west
Hydren Owen Van Briesies Casey, love the track! When are you coming back to Cape Town?
Christopher Bigzdaking Barton I need more from Veggie he been here way to long not to expect more from him
RaymondT Flava In Ya Ear Hence The Album..."Live & Grow" Keep Up The Good Slappers!
Eric Bryant Can we get fresh Veggies 2
Joe Jones Thanks for having my Son on your Show...Love you Casey!...I love all of your Music..Pops..
Jose Briones III Dope track looking forward to the album 🙏
Justin Grier Casey Veggie what's crackin cuz!
Justin Grier I like his wack stuff better.
Harmony Slover Young Veggies 💕
Eric Bryant When are we getting Fresh Veggies 2?
Jesse Meyer Come to the east coast 🤙🏽
Jesse Meyer Any work with Dom k coming up?
Richard Write Dope as usual
Drue Davis Where is he from
Drue Davis It's kool
Randell Green Yo marcel tell em to yell Cleveland we did it for u!!!!!!
Randell Green Share with us my G lol what's the formula playa
Randell Green Why my man look like Lebron tho ? Or am I too high ? Lol
Darryll Currie Michael Browne Declan O'Neill 😂😂😂😂
HipHopDX.com was live.18 hours ago

We are #DXLive with Show Banga! Find out what he has going on and more!

HipHopDX.com Y'all wanna hear some music? #DXLive
HipHopDX.com #ShowBanga
Randell Green I smoked some shit that had me waiting at the stop sign and I thought it was a red light lol I was faded
Marcel Williams We'll have a separate stream. When that one goes live post your link in there
Marcel Williams Let's start this off early with, "Shut up Randell."
Marcel Williams Casey is running late, Jose. He'll be here shortly.
Jimmy Flair All I need is a shot I got the best talent in Michigan including RONNIE BOSS
Jimmy Flair T-Money In My Cup@jimmyflair@rareflair16 Rare Flair Records & Entertainment
Shatiek Shannon Check this kid out and tell me what y'all think.. he want me to work wit him
Jay Butterflies Ok, ok, I'm feelin it
Justin Grier It's corny, but I like it. It's 🔥
Justin Grier We need a fat burger in ny
Josh Naija Okeadu https://youtu.be/yWjZ-VPPJH0
Chris Pisciotta U all mumble all ur songs
Jay Butterflies I hope it ain't wack
Jay Butterflies Ok, who is he?
Justin Grier We need another blow the whistle from the bay area. 🔥
Jay Butterflies Hell yeah
Justin Grier You can thank the migos.
Justin Grier King Prophecy
GC Classics Lets Go !!!
Robert Bunty Reid How's you know what used toilet water taste like
Chris Pisciotta U r not a rapper🤣😂🤣
Christopher Bigzdaking Barton Also respect for shouting my name
Jimmy Flair This is the owner messaging
HipHopDX.com18 hours ago

Santino Broderick rejected a 15-year plea deal unlike Shmurda and two other co-defendants.

Joshua Fiedler Dudes gonna be looking back after 10 thinking "man what the fuck was I thinking ".
Jarrell J-Bird Ramsey Who give a fuck? What contributions did these fools make to hip hop? Their community? Stop glorifying punks who pick up guns instead of throwing hands. That ain't gangsta, it's pussy
Edgar Benitez That's what you get. No sympathy for these murderers.
Ismael Macedo Guarantee you that dumbass regrets rejecting the 15 year plea Congratulations you just played yourself (DJ Khaled Voice)
Thabo Serunye "Who the fuck is you huh,you ain't no muffucking judge! Suck my dick uhm God is my judge and I ain't guilty... " No,he's not,I am,yes you are, 130yrs"
Lee McCormack Damn shmurdas crew got played like a fiddle must have over 200 years between them all I think the American justice system is a tad bit too hard if this was in the uk they would of been given life sentences and been out in 10 year tops life in the uk isn't life it's like 10 years or more in America u get life u in there damn till your near 90 year old fuck a snitch
Sam Iron Cloud When keeping it real goes wrong. Wanna do the crime, but not the time! At least dude wasn't like "I'm legally blind, I'm innocent" 😂
Suzuki Sang This is what I ve been saying. I don't know what's wrong with us black people.look at these kids throwing their lives away.
Ty Falagan It's either his lawyers fault or his. If the lawyer didn't tell him about what they might end up giving him if the plea wasn't accepted, it's on his lawyer then. But if this idiot KNEW how long he could potentially go away, and refused the plea, then he is dumb.
Justin Thomas Also ive seen people with 1st degree murder charges offered 20 year pleas refuse goto trial and get the case dismissed, so you never know
Justin Thomas But who would take a 15 year deal when your co defendants got 7 years? He seen them get sentenced 1st. They were charged with the same case if im not mistaken. It was a gamble thinking he would get somewhere around what his co defendants got. If youve ever been in the system you know you NEVER take the 1st plea NEVER!
Kyle Bigskeem Only suckers find it funny when people have to do time for some "street" shit.
Suzuki Sang Is it hard to go to school,not drop out,stay away from drugs,stop looking t hip hop as a career,graduate, get a job at least and live a normal life like most of the whites do? But we black people want throw education away,start rap,get guns,pretend we are thugs in music,shoot each other then go to prison.we blacks are pathetic.
Luie Carrion If he ain't throw a chair at the judge like in dead presidents he ain't do shit lol
Tommy Rodriguez Not laughing at dude cuz it sucks in general to have to do time. But I also have no sympathy toward someone who CHOSE to be a moron by not taking the plea deal. Have fun rotting in prison for "keeping it gangsta" you moron.
Christopher Thompson I wonder if anybody care that smurda was dry snitching???
Austin Martin It's so messed up. They basically punish you for using your right to trial
Donnie Morrow I'm not condoning anything they did but I'm sick of seeing black people get locked up in the key get through away why white boys get probation I'm sick of it
Felipe Taborda Lets see how tough u r now that u gonna be wit the big dawgs. Nite nite. Keep ya butthole tight.
Mohammed Al Khozai Edwin Nabiallahi Nigga probably saw his life flashing before his eyes when he heard that number hahahahahah stooopid
Derrick Lee Talking mad shit until shit like this happens hahahah weak ass "thugs" 😂😂
Simon Gandia He didnt snitch thats y he got that much cuz police dont know who to charge. Bobby did and he still aint out yet smh got all they dumbass
Kõkąñè Mãşh That nigga gonna be out in no time,he has only 130 years behind bars...
Shasmine Chopper Davis They def not tryna let him out now. He'll have the streets lit from built up frustration.
Carter Six dumb little cunt!!
HipHopDX.com19 hours ago

Is it all about the money?

Tiffani Brown I love her outfit 😐
Mark Mims Letter made no sense. Just say you wanted the money because your community doesn't support your music.
Stevie Sims Funny everyone cares what she does now, but half the people dragging her have never supported her career 🤔 people always need a reason to bitch
Dawn Marie If this is her way of being a voice for the voiceless I'd rather she just keep quiet. If she's gonna do it, just do it but don't say your representing us like we asked her to or are even in agreement with it.
Veronica Sallee Th general consensus is that you don't "speak" for any of us.. guess it's the almighty dollar speaking to you?
Desmond Worrell She doesn't need to do this gig. Questlove from The Roots is going to pay her for skipping the concert. But,she wants to build bridges during her gig. The only thing she will be doing is burning bridges.
Terelon Smith The majority of the ones bashing this young woman don't buy her music, know none of her songs, don't go to her concerts, didn't vote, etc., if she would've received the proper support from the community she wouldn't do this, this is all a form of bullying, so all this backlash is taken with a grain of salt.
Andrew Hobson and too think I loved the song shades with wale you did but in that song you say shade doesn't matter heart makes the lover and the man you'll be performing for has nothing but hate in his heart smh
Faab A Tengue She's was done!!! Anyway!! You can't keep tricking your fan base and expect dem to keep buying your music!! Now she doesn't need justification to do a full length country music album!! No back bone!
Nick Ecker It's pathetic the amount of crying over this topic. Killary doesn't give a fuck about none of you ! this just proves the lefties are sore losers.
Cody Taylor She shouldnt have to justify shit. Shes a singer, she got a gig. All u whiny bitches gunna pay her bills? Let people do their job.
Dwayne Johnson She better have fun because this⚈ is the nail in the coffin to her fading career.
Gerald Morgan Jr Yo if you say you would turn down 750grand for 10 minutes of work your new name is boo boo the fool.
Justin Sumner Sucks. I'm a fan of hers but I do not side with her on this.
Goddy Samsin pple should stop hating on this Trump issue, the dude v already won
Justin Tsugio Shudo So she's doing it for the money, so what? People can hate all they want, but I can't get mad at her for making that money.
Joe Hence Why the fuck do adults have to explain their decisions just because others don't agree with them? Get the fuck out of here with that shit.
Lisa Parker Anybody think she's doing this for attention.. I liked her earlier music but have we even noticed her over the past few years!
Malcolm DeWayne C.R.E.A.M So yea. Everything is about the money. It's sad that this is what it took for some of us.
Daniel DeWitt And she doesnt represent anyone other then her self. Same thing with everyone else on earth. I hate the one sided nature. Someone does something unagreeable "Oh they arent one of us." Someone does something agreeable "Oh yeah they are totally one of us." Fake ass mofos.
Victor Colon Wonder if she'll do porn one day.... I mean its all about the money right 😎
Rasheim Rogers She getting kick out of the black race lmao I'm deleting all her songs From my phone
Di Gregorio Gamboa She's going to have a hard time getting work in Black Hollywood but I guess it's all worth it working for Mr. Charlie and getting patted on the head.
Cecyle Williams Had she said I needed the money we would not have liked it but understood ....I didn't ask no one to do nothing for me
Justin Thomas Bitch go get that pussy grab'd up and take some D Trump dick in the jawbone! Trifflin' basic backpage bitch!
HipHopDX.com20 hours ago

Rapper credits L.A. Reid’s support for his choice. http://hhdx.co/2j9ZcXV

Chris Paradine This dude is trash quit calling him a rapper
Ranu Sartors Damn fool.ur his act,his slave u damn fool.and u wack.. and he dont give a fuq about u wow my mans L.A Reid
Jonathan Chande 👎🏼 21 Garbage
Chris Haines Trash!
Oliver Italianer Ocm Bastian Vorm Nielsen
Michael B-doe Bailor Jr. http://CashForInvite.com/?ref=136866
HipHopDX.com20 hours ago

"It's going to be typically and traditionally American."

Jahmodd de Ramus They basically just told Kanye he still a nigga in a coupe.
Rodney Jordan Boy is crazy as he'll because any time he f.. K with trump he ain't shit but a deranged devil and he's going straight to he'll. He knows what he did to his mama that's why his ass going crazy and trump got his as like a little Bitch
Mark Oise Does that mean the aboriginals would be performing? Cause they're the only traditional americans.
Az Rivera And he da dumbass that actually supports that dumbfuck
Kay Dee Truthfully bro,ve bin searching 4 the mega us,or could it Be the Roc is in the building?
Delmalsha Adams Hood Translation: Hell Naw that Nigga aint performing! Muda Fucka is #BatShit crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Justin Sumner What's not typical and traditional American about kanye?
Dan Clarke Because T-dog don't give a shit G! https://youtu.be/UoHiMrDQ_no
Al Major Montana Because his crazy
Ishu Shrestha Who the fuck cares! And u guys have a why aswell?
Justin Collins Because he sux ass
Chris D Qualtrough Who gives a fuck
Giovannie Hernandez "It's going to be typically and traditionally American."
Adam Cannell American?? Hip hop originated in America Trump is that dumb
Маркел Мат https://www.facebook.com/CharlieMatMat/videos/667262100113195/
Gino Picano Hip hop is traditionally American
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EXCLUSIVE: The Latina rapper and radio host has lived the life her grandmother dreamed of and is showing women how to do business.

Gontse Maluka Now That I Can Respect!
HipHopDX.com23 hours ago

"All you need is green dreads, a Rolex and you're good."

Wesley Spain Not Cohens fault. I blame it on 3 things. The first and most pervasive is the death of the black family. 90s and 80s rappers had dad's at home or in their lives to teach them how to be a man. Now rappers is feminine and emotional. Second is the internet. Anyone including Slim Jesus can become an overnight star saying some stupid ish. And 3rd is the PC era we are living, go back and listen to ice cubes death certificate he wasn't promoting lean or thuggery but said so much that would be considered racist, sexist, and homophobic by today's standards and that album is considered classic by everyone. The fact that kids will even mention Drake as a top rapper is evidence of the PC era we are in. Even The top comic Kevin Heart is safe And PC compared to Murphy, Chapelle, Lawrence,Foxx and Pryor.Cohen just capitalized on it
Kenny West Why do 4 guys have everybody so shook? If the oldheads spent as much time supporting guys they liked instead of hating on the kids from doing something different, maybe they wouldn't get roasted for being bitter and out of touch all the time
Nathan Black if you have bars, substance, creativity, dope beats you will create a fan base that will keep you on tour for the rest of your life like the PE Masta Aces Wu Tangs you will never be broke again thats what D Block is trying to tell these punks
Josme Rodriguez Music has to evolve just like anything else in life. The point here in hip hop has loss the sense of what is rap is all about. No hate on youngsters but today's generation are so sensitive in many aspects. You can't blame on one person as a whole, is the society where we live now
Mesuli Messy Gcakamani People are so afraid of change it's quite alarming. Meanwhile no one forces anyone to change. These so called hardcore rapper keep yelling "stay in ur lane" but they can't do that themselves they just have a lot of fears. Just rap n stop preaching what u don't practice man. And stop whining sheesh!!!!
Viv Jackson Music is supposed to evolve and morph itself overtime , into a ever expanding contemporary nature. Hiphop does not need to be built on a foundation promoting street rep and who has the most artillery. As time progresses young kids listening to hiphop, will take those elements needed , however can not always relate to old subject matters. This a new technocratic age were creativity has hit its peak, and hiphop will carry on being explored and experimented as all music genres do. The Lox are still harping on about doing the same lame subject matters, and the old ultra gangsteresque braggadocio bullshit, that makes you yawn and yearn for expansion.
Manqoba Youngtshora Ciyi What in the world is jadakiss on about? How can you blame one man for everything? Wher was lyor cohen when Lil wayne started the mumbling trend
Khaliq Spruill Maybe if people listened to more than mainstream rappers they'd stop complaining. If you like lyrics listen to Dave east or Vic Mensa or Kendrick or Cole no one is stopping you
Kamsky Paul Sigrah Yall gotta chill out and just vibe with the music. Too much critiquing and too little music. The Lox are Legends in the Game but they've fallen out and they looking for something to stir up mass appeal to their brand. And all of you have just fallen for their hidden propaganda.
Bobby Smitz Look rap will never be the same from the 80's and the 90's. What the lox is saying partially true but this is just a new genre of music which technology came into play
Jay Hovahh Anyone remember when lox were first dropping tracks like "if you think im jiggy" cmon boys dont act like you werent rapping about the same thing at one time
Omar Allure Jr Originality and individuality , that is what missing from today rap artist .
Thaddeus Paul 100% and this is why I listen to STRANGE MUSIC INC their artist are the realist. No mumble rap needed to sell records.
Hicham Marrakchi Y'all old and boring. Stop complaining and come out with some heat
Dee Rivers Finnaly the truth
Shamar Boyd Not all new rappers are wack lyrical rap is still appreciated
Nina Ross The LOX !!!
Lester Brown It's true though
Ciaran Laing I agree so much with them.
Chuck Rancatore They 💯 right.
Chaz Williams The best of the new school right here https://youtu.be/k9y-dP-u11o
Justin Donovan I said this
Wayne Walters Or maybe make better music.
Mike Rodriguez 😂 love these niggas man
Marcus Campbell Lmaooooo
HipHopDX.com24 hours ago

It was an epic show of love for the late A$AP Yams.

Corey James The only people on this planet that give a fuck about this dude are his family, and A$AP dick riders.
Ntanga Butch 1 more time 4 A$AP YAMS.
Takuh Taxious Mkambeni http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=5684
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

He beat Kendrick, Kanye, Wiz Khalifa and DJ Khaled.

Robert Pinto Jr. That's because the people's choice awards or whatever is basically for white people.
Roland Horvath The voters are 10-14 years old girls. This award is a joke
Kale Hailemariam Jesus Christ!!! You have to be kidding me!! Beat out Kendrick and Kanye? How Sway!
Devin Maniak Vasquez This is why those awards are pointless. No real hip hop head would vote for GCheezy
Phil Williamson DJ Khaled is a Hip-Hop artist now?
Joel Umanzor Jr. I'm from the Bay too but this fool should be named Gentrification Eazy. That's all he represents in my eyes. The pushing out of true Bay Area Hip Hop culture to appease to the Yuppies and Techies moving in smh
Ramon Ortiz It's called "People's Choice Awards" and the "people" voted pretty clearly. Congrats to G-Eazy and shout out to the bay. He's obviously doing something right. You guys can hate all you want. Big thing to come for G. Fuck the mainstream elite!!
Damon Talley Had no idea who he was so i just went to youtube and listened to like 4 songs. Not impressed at all. Sounds like a white version of Drake the way he flows. To each his own but no way he belongs in a category with Kanye or Kendrick or J. Cole.
Jon Mtz Funny how people calling G-easy a pop rapper guess never listen to his music lol. Yes Kendrick we know never get love at award shows but can't tell me G song was one biggest of 2016. If a true hip hop head u would know. Stop trying act hard on here like fuck G-Eazy.
Joe Whitfield Not to take away a man's success, however really?😑 really!!? Y'all gotta be kidding if anyone thinks this fool can top kendick, Drake and Yeezy
Rohan Cook Not being funny, but a lot of y'all getting mad because he's not black. This isn't 1982 hip hop isn't just about black people anymore. Grow the fuck up, I don't complain when Beyoncé wins an award, or Will Smith gets the best film. Smh
Adume-Odwa Ama-Mvulane Xavane I mean kendrick Lamar hasn't released anything since to Pimp a Butterfly and untitled unmasterd. How can you Compare him to G-easy who has been Active Lately....C'mon Guys
Kiril Ilieski Who the fuck did the voting for this shit, holy fuck if Pac or Biggie were alive. They rolling around in their graves after this.
Sibusiso Ronald Ndlazi When It'sDark Out is a solid album. Way better than Life of Pablo. It's easy listening. Every joint is a banger. It's conscious. Next to Drake's Views it's one of the best albums of 2016. What's wrong people music is music.
Ed Omerta All these culture appropriating leeches.... Shit is getting sickening... This white boy sound like a mixed dude that has his rhyme written by that nigga. Pretty soon they are going to treat black rappers like Bonefish after they finish stealing the culture like they stole Blues Rock n Roll and Jazz. No one really listens to that bullshit any more.
Lance Ulin Sad day. Went from Grandmaster Flash to Run DMC and The Beastie Boys to Rakim, KRS, LL Cool Jay, to Snoop, Dre, & Cube to Biggie, Pac, and Nas, to Jay Z, Eminem, DMX, and Ja Rule to 50 Cent and The Game but now we have these clowns smh. Why didn't J Cole win?
Donald Dodger Zw Marindire Let's get one thing straight y'all Hip-Hop purists,G-Eazy makes music with that 90s sound y'all always claiming u miss.So chill with the hate mail 😂😂😂 coz it ain't nothing to me
Christian DuVall "People's" aka (teenage white girls) choice is a dub. Idk any dude who solidly listens to that corny mf let alone would vote for him over k dot or Ye.
Scott Dowdy Still man ... they Wanna Jack Rap/Hip-Hop...... . that is why for the last decade most of the music you heard was and still is garbage... So then they can sneak the White ones in who sound like the music that most of us Liked and still wanna Hear. We will like it,they will Love it and before we know it they will take it over and generations later say they started it like everything else.
Robert Chacon Umm duhh, He's White and can spit a LITTLE bit. Replace dude with Macklemore, Slim Jesus, Riff Raff and they all would've beat the competition lol smh.. Surprised Drake & Logic wasn't mentioned. #GentrificationIsHere
Justin Reed Sr G eazy can actually rap and has some great music. Nothing like Macklemore beating Kendrick for the Grammy that was a travesty
Keyng Crouwn It's the "people's choice" where the overwhelming percentage of the audience is white youth. They gone identify with a person who looks like them just like we as black ppl do. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Why don't we be honoring our own? We should the most respect and lit hip hop award considering it's OUR SHIT... 🤷🏾‍♂️ Niggas got quit complaining and get to work. It's mad work to be done.
Thomas Middleton Haha all I care about is people freaking out that he beat out Kanye and Drake, two of the worst mainstream trash bags to ever bumble out stupid shit
Cayle Selste Yall are fucking mad. I think there's a different white piece of shit you should be worried about. Dudes lyrics are great. His producers do well. Move along. 😄👍
Jarrell J-Bird Ramsey Lot of hate for G-Easy in here. Kinda weird. It's not like his music is even bad and I listen to old school. In fact, I push lyrical hip hop. Why the hate on G for? Don't believe I do lyrical hip hop with this opinion? Listen to this and tell me: http://vycevursa.bandcamp.com/album/wasted-potential
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

Topics for the 14-week course include “Touch the Sky, When the Aspirant Turns Genius.”

Ron Lona O'Brien Joshua Anderson you so going to take this class LOL
Alex Hutton Shit like this makes me ashamed of being born in the 90's. This is why we are fucked people. This shit right here. This is what higher education is accepting.
Mokgethi Mika-Corp Mtezuka They really tryna figure out this hip-hop thing huh 40 years. and they still don't get it, so now they tryna study the shiid.
Shawn Watson You've gotta be fuckin kidding me. Fuck his politics. He better be worried about when his wife gets tired of him and leaves and breaks his bank.
Paulo Aguilar It should be taught at Trump University only!!
Rodney Jordan Y'all got to be kidding
Tobie Perkins James Carr shall we take the course?
Nehemiah Milligy Gramma 😱
Jesse Caleb Glasgow Oh hell na Tyler Samaniego
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UPDATE: Prosecutors claim they can prove Taxstone fired the shot that killed Troy Ave's bodyguard.

HipHopDX.com1 day ago

A lot of musicians will be in DC this weekend to protest Donald Trump.

Ex Qha they y'all are just crazy.... boycott or not trump is Pres
Joan Zappan Why do people in the entertainment business think they're opinion is more important than anyone else ?
Eddie Kasparian Why are Americans acting like spoiled kids? Ppl voted, he won, Hilary lost, get over it. It's the rest of us that get bombed anyway. Finally, who gives a fuck what musicians or actors think. They roll on cash while the regular folks eat shit for a living so their opinions are irrelevant.
Richard Narh Doku The funny thing about this whole boycott thing is that these idiots are feeling brave enough to showcase their stupidity. America voted for trump and even if you don't like him just respect the office he occupies. The earlier Americans put this childish behavior behind them the earlier the country will start working again
Melissa Wise That these entertainers would instigate this instead of trying to help unite the country is representative of how out of touch they really are.... why???? So after the help instigate rioting they can go back to their million dollar homes???? Are they going to help clean up the mess they leave after they are gone??? They are useless .....
Josh Farrell Didnt her and jay z support Clinton and wasn't Clinton basically a criminal who was riding the I'm a women card to the top? Trump for president must really suck but if your choices are a shit sandwich and a giant douche what did you think would happen?
Sean Gupta PROTESTORS, WE ELECTED UNITED STATES PRESIDENT NOT A KING On Nov8/9th Voters elected Donald Trump as US President. There are three branches of Government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. This system ensures no Dictatorship by anyone. There is nothing to fear. No need to protest. Focus on your education, career and well being. If you get caught in a protest that became violent, you may get hurt and also may see negative impact on your future career. All major employers do background check before hiring. If you are illegal immigrant participating in violent protest you are definitely asking for legal trouble with new administration President Obama won with greater populous and electoral vote victory. He made a lot of promises but could not deliver because of failure to build trust and negotiate Yes, this time we have both White House and both house and senate controlled by Republicans. But they don’t get along well and some don’t like Donald Trump My recommendation is focus on your education, career and well being. Connect with your senator and congressman and participate in a public protest only when you see something really bad legislation is about to be passed in congress. Don’t allow some political operatives to use you and your life for their personal gain.
Nasjey Nàs whats yall prob smdh he won he won yall fucked up and voted him in stop all this childplay trump is here to trump on yall ass,,,,,all this demonstration jus sound atupid go home and find a hobby or something
Manqoba Youngtshora Ciyi Donnald trump is a very important Man now so yall beta put some Respek on dat Name
Mzukhona Mndi Sore losers you did all those concerts for Killary bt still ppl ddnt give a fuk
Damian Deevine Drayton What a waste of time and energy. This man was selected to be the face of this country for 4years. Deal with it!
Abimael Borrero Doesn't matter what they do he is president suck it up cry babies
Elisha Rhymester Bulus Jeez, he's already yo president. All dis shit is a waste of time. So why protesting? Becos yall racist?
Ryan Mitchell Maybe she will get ran over by a moving train..
Wayne Davinci Bey and those fools are very stupid no matter what they do Trump will be prez fckin good for nothin thirsty old ass bitches
Christopher Thompson They should stand for something real instead of the bs they stand up for to grab attention... It's pathetic really...
Michael Miclos Andersen Rune Jensen han har svært ved at finde folk der vil spille, som vi snakkede om 😉
Mark Shutts I am having difficulty grasping the sheer luciferian type conduct of the Democrats against President-Elect Donald Trump and his inauguration. Democrats are inexplicably consumed with intense completely unwarranted anger. Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame. Such behavior as we are witnessing among the Democratic party has, without question, certainly succeeded in grand fashion at the Democrats shaming themselves. Republicans need do nothing but sit back and watch as Democrats are doing an incredible job on their own of proving themselves to be completely classless, childish, and violent. The Democrats are licking their self-inflicted wounds, smacking their lips over imaginary grievances and rolling over their tongues what they consider to be the delicious prospect of their bitterly devised acts of violence and confrontation. They do all of this in such manner that it mimics the ravenous appetite of the cold-blooded shark and its unwarranted attack. Their only desire being that of savoring every morsel of their cut-throat mentality, seeing it as being a feast fit for a king when the real truth is that what they will actually be wolfing down is themselves. The entire world is watching Democrats in disbelief as the continuous black smoke of unbridled hate rises and rides from their cold hearts upon the horse of destruction. A horse whose hoof beats resound with the screams of hell and lead to the same. The Democratic party now stands as the ultimate example of mans own inhumanity to man. We must pray for them.
Quiana DJkiwii Jackson Dominique Danielle Tinotenda Arigurinuwell since Beyonce is showing up for the free. Ill make time for a March
Erik Lukas Hes president already why are these ppl wasting their time with this
M-fo Obot None of the celebrities opinion is important... they're just wasting #Trump is Pres n dts final
Dumauch D-Mask He may not be what everybody wants but he will be President regardless and no amount of protests can change that.
Samandar Namozbaev Celibrities are loosing reputation with involving in politics.
Matthew Daniel What exactly are you protesting? I'm confused
Cap Cien Thought there was a big anti inauguration concert??
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Exclusive: The burgeoning singer/songwriter relives being on hand for The Good Doctor's "Compton" album ahead of her own studio debut.

Newton Jordaan From R.S.A!
Unarine Tshishonga I'm proud
Junior Njakazi She making us Proud <3
Tom Young Man, I'd love to get in the studio and see what I could make of my rap skills, bet there's a hell of a lot more work involved than 1st meets the eye.
HipHopDX.com shared Pharoahe Monch's post.2 days ago
Calvin Coolridge i refuse to believe anyone said this to him.
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: Leaving Chicago for Atlanta and calling Los Angeles home, the 27-year-old has put all the right pieces together thanks to some serious connects.

Roton Hera Axes ex
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Should we be surprised?

Lyrikkal Dayz We as black people would like to say that azalea is now up for the draft we will take Scarlett Johansson as a trade lmao
Angel Mazariegos I'm not surprised because, if you look at it and think about it, she's always doing something that provokes attention. She loves the attention.
Joshua X Jones Who invited the Trump pacifists? "What did Trump do that was racist?" If you have to ask then you obviously have no clue what racism is or you're just being willfully ignorant. More likely both.
Alex Hutton So as someone who thinks this whole election is like every other one, giant douche turd sandwich scenario. Can the black community please, put together a well written, I guess cover-all of why you dislike or hate trump? What is it he did that specifically made you go "fuck this piece of shit" Not even trying to be a douche I would love to hear the point of view from a black individual as to why Donald trump has specifically pissed you off, and if you use racism, pleas be specific about how he was racist what he said or did and when. Please help me understand.
Monsi Tuanquin "Black Lives Matter guys, we should love our own and empower our own to do better. Freedom of speech should be for everyone." "Azaelia Banks? Nah F that hoe. She can go rot with Donald Trump." LMAO.
Damien Russell She should love to perform anywhere cause nobody's checkin for her!!!
Luyanda Khulzevere she was abused as a child and has gone through a lot of hardships to get noted. let's not criticise her, rather someone greater do what Questlove is going to do to Chrissete Michelle (pay for her for not performing a Trumps inauguration).
Susan Chew-Williams C'mon now!!! Why?? For a racist bigot who disrespect, Blacks, Latino's, disabled people, Women, the PRESIDENT, the Press, hell, every damn body!! What's wrong with you people?
Leonardo Gardenzio Love to do anything that brings some attention to her. No surprise here.
Ivan Martinez Perform what? Nobody even listens to this dumb ass bitch I guess it's easier when you have no fans to lose
Juan Sanchez She'll go there, perform, start a fight with Mitch McConnell. He'll spit on her and call her a racial slur but this time it will probably be true but nobody will believe her.
Hamilton N. Makayi I think the most racist thing trump did is doubting Obama citizenship
Ram Reives Of course she would! They have several things in common such as Twitter rants and no one liking them.
Dana Morrow She would love for anybody to pay attention to her. Irrelevance has been tough on her
Joseph Sanchez She's like the bad kid in class that would do stupid shit for attention. If we stop looking at her maybe she will go away...
Jay Polo All bullshit aside since trump could not get 1 big name celeb to perform this would have been a great chance for somebody like NECRO OFFICIAL PAGE to pop up and say fuck it ide love to perform (because you know trump and his people are probally shit at screening their guests and just be happy a celeb would perform) and troll the fuck out of the whole evening by performing dead body disposal or human traffic king 😂😂😂
Jake Drennan No she's just trying to get on stage and then shout more obscene shit lol
Alex Rivera Haven't y'all notice ? She's a fucking troll! She likes to say stupid shit to be on the headlines. And it seems to work every time. If we didn't give a rats ass about what this girl has to say she wouldn't be saying it .
Mercedez Sanchez Not surprised, no one really cares about HER performing there
Fernando Vera Go right ahead. Trump's team turned down Kanye for being un-American and not traditional. Let her get that reality check herself
Rodney Jordan Just let all the plantation niggas perform for him. They need the money bad even if it comes from HELL.
Rhonda Phillips She should sacrifice some chickens then kill herself. Bedwench bitch.
Miguel Morales shes gonna bring a laptop on stage and type contreversial shit to keep relevant, live?
Matt Scheer Well duh, the audience is already there she doesn't have worry about no one showing up.
Spivey Chapo Jose She probably would be happy to perform but chances are trump don't want her there nobody wants her anywhere 😂😂😂
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Glad that's over with.

HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Two years already?

Daniel Jerome Williams I wonder if any $$$ is going to his mom..because when he died he couldnt even afford medical while his niggad the ASAP MOB was all ballin...smh
Brad Churchey You all ask "who" like you can't fucking read or something
Erik Lukas Never heard of him
Monique Walker Sap yams never herd if him but may he rest in peace.
Jose Nacho Stark Jeria Lopez Rip A$ap Yam
Zeb Urbahn Nick McGrath can't believe it's been that long 🙁
Devan Carlos Damn time flew by fast
Alexie Soares R.i.p
Ethan Hill Never heard of her
Tre Lafaele No one care bout asap crew, its not 2013
Courtney Taylor Freezo Yo dude, you got something on your face!
Motholo Moonwalker Johnny RIP nigga
Saim Bin Ashfaq Magnus Walbum allerede 2 år siden
Öpâñzÿ Mïçhîgân Mellôn RIP
Terraboss Vibzcunningham Shout out to Yams, RIP to you my brother.
Juan Spigner Who?
Octavian Lewis Who
Corey James Dude was super trash on the mic.
Madoda Cee-town Sibeko Rest in peace yams..
Rykel Prospere In peace my nigga asap Yams
Sevinç Noir Cansu
Frank Purdy https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XpvCeZu72A8
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

And social media users are behind him.

Robert Hughes All the black people mad at Trump. What has he ever done to you? Like seriously? On the other hand what good did Obama do for you ... I'll wait .....
Rodney Jordan What ever black human being decided to sing for him is super stupid all money ain't good money and i have never heard of her before. My thing is why is going after black entertainers when he doesn't give a dam about us but i see black folks licking his feet that means they have drop down to the ground. Why don't he get his own kind just because he gets some black person to sing the fact remains the same he does not like us period. He can have all these slave servants like he got the two monkies ungley and ungley who he has paid the sacrifice dog's.
Mark Willis You do realize that the clintons have stolen more black fathers out of homes with the mass incarceration Act the mandatory sentencing laws she even openly called black men super predators and black women got behind her it follows her like she was the second coming of Jesus Christ or the third coming or the forthcoming black man and black woman we going to work together or we all going to die keep telling yourself that over and over again and it will reset your brain to the position before slavery I've done this and I am now free I need know European for anything
Max Goldschmitt She deserves to make a killing with her talent because performing doesn't equal political views. Haters gtfo
Nickolas E Sayers Hahah wtf did trump do to black people lol why u mad please share
Rodney Jordan I got insurance cost of living and you have it twisted some of the rug rat's voted for that. Evil sap sucker.
Chuck Mibb How about someone offering Lady GaGa money NOT to perform at the Super Bowl instead!!
Guyanese Tracy Don't her when her record sales drop and no one wants to see her in concert she will learn.
Aaron Evans She may preform strange fruit or something. I'm sure she has something up her sleeve
Geral Washington Just give her a record deal no one knows who she is anyway
LaDarren Barrett Nooo Not Chrisette
Mbongeni Gontse Nkosi Not all jobs are nice. Its part of her job, let her go make money
Adam Lee The ignorance is real!!
Paulo Aguilar Don't be a sellout.
Danny R. Erives Toby Keith is gonna do it chill
Francisco Ortega Lol who?
William Merritt Publicity stunt
Nesha Hill I'm late...I didn't know she agreed to sing for them😔
Jeff Ritchie never heard of her. lol...
Alexis Janelle Smh why not ask his boy Kanye 🙄🙄
Johnathan Isaigh Start a go fund me for this bih
Penny Lane He's paying upfront girl! You better get that!
Mike Williams She obviously needs the money
Juan Spigner Who?
Kenneth Goins Your President is White hahaha
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Happy 46th Birthday To DJ Quik!

Matthiew Brady-Krawchuk Aw the grow up so fast happy 4th birthday
Wesley Spain Quik is only a few months older than me, He changed the underground in 1991 at 14-15 ? That cant be right hes gotta be 45, checking wiki
Dane Williams I turn 36 this year and always been a fan of hip hop lol there's no way this dude's 4 years older then me
Martin Else In safe n sound he says " back in 84 when I was 14" dudes at least 46
Steve Hassan Everything that come up out your mouth is a lie.you spend a lot of time with your stomach to the sky....Loyce Ellerby
Joaquin Velasco I know Quik is way over 40! He couldnt have been dropping classics at age 5
Chase Unkle Luke Mariner 4 years old and better than lil Wayne
James Pendleton Happy birthday quick and many more enjoyed your day king James
Darrell L Colson Jr. Damn I thought Quik was older than me. He came out when I was in Junior High
Darrell L Colson Jr. This is bogus..I just checked Wikipedia..Quik is 46..not 40
Prince Rakotozanany Youngest legend 4yo
Jeri Jackson If he's 46 I'm getting to be old af. That's my play big bro.😞
Anthony J. Matthews Hell yeah that nigga was talking about Sweet Black Pu**y when I was a kid, and I turn 40 this year.😂😂😂
Charles Bellard He was hella young n tight , I thought he was older than me , he can't be just 40
Alfredo Loera Hes waaay older than 40
Tasha Dixon Happy birthday
Mike K Kalil No way he's only 40. I could have sworn is was 40 back in 2009.
Darren Myt Collins He is only 40? Huh? Thought he was older than that. That don't seem right. 🤔🤔🤔
Mavusana Chris Stephen DX tryna mess with u.and it worked,just look at ur txts
Jody Harris I was bout to say damn he just hit 40? No way, he's older than that.
Shalonda Metcalf He's 47 im a hugh fan.... 1/18/70
Gjermund Kittelsrud Dj Quik can suck my dick
Albert Garcia He's 47 but happy birthday quik
Brian Shafton Happy birthday to one of the all time greatest!!