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YouKnowIGotSoul.com8 hours ago

It's a big week for r&b music at our favorite venue @sobsnyc!! They'll be having @musiqsoulchild @marshaambrosius @officialday26 #SolVillage and more! Support good music at a great venue! #welovernb

Steamin Willie Beamen Quan Jamaal Grant can you go so I can live vicariously through you?
Denny Sutton Edward T. Bowser What's your verdict, Mr. President Of The Keef Fanclub? 😁
Pax Van de Vliet I love this. That Classic R&B sound!
Lorin Thomas Williams i like the song but something is missing. if her material was switched with Justine Skye it would work.
Denny Sutton G.A.R.B.A.G.E. Tinashe has definitely lost the plot. SMH.
Denny Sutton I know we're only two tracks in so far and that it's wrong to prejudge, but i have to be honest, these first two records haven't wet my appetite for this album one bit. Such shitty single choices, they sound like album left-overs... 🙄
Jon Betts Awful song. I was afraid of this happening.
Chris Bacon
Lorin Thomas Williams T. R. A. S. H. from the Future-esque adlibs to the oblique video
Kewun O'Neal
Dan Bamber Jamie Harris - thoughts?
Bridgette Piggee Love it! His voice is amazing 😏
YouKnowIGotSoul.com1 week ago

New Music: K. Michelle – No Not You http://youknowigotsoul.com/new-music-k-michelle-no-not

Chloe Timbert Estelle Ebenga Hénot
HipHopDX.com1 day ago

‪We have to find a way to end the glorification of drug use in Hip-Hop. We're losing too many young artists too soon.‬

HipHopDX.com It's more about their fan bases. These kids emulate these artists, so while we see the artists dropping now at an alarming rate, think how that correlates to their fans.
James Polanco I say let em do what they're doing. If they die, they die. Lesser dummies to share the world with. They know wtf they're doing. It's up to the parents of their fans to show them right from wrong.
Dylan Grimsrud Stop glorifying shitty music.
Mugulo Polycarp Hainja Snoop Dogg's been doing drugs for about 3 decades now.
Bryson Frank People should have more personality. Stop thinking that because you love a celebrity or an artist you must emulate every aspects of his life or everythong he said LOL. I have never understood that.
Phillip J. Woods Then tell these labels you won’t promote their artists that do DX.
Larry Hulett hopefully all these wack rappers OD at the end of Spring Break.
Adjei Yaw Nkrumah Nelson Too many young artists are too dumb, drug is being around for ages its a matter of choice! We still got our Jay-z and Nas’s..
Pe Qmark Don't forgot that eminem was one of the first rapper glorifying pills (purple hill for example),and he was going to die too, before Dr Dre discovered him.. and maybe we're not drugs, but in the 90s gangsta rap glorifying thug as way of life did many damages too... I won't include 2pac as gangsta rapper, because actually he was more conscious and politically oriented (excluding death row period)
Bronson Raymond Gregory Reti Nah there not really artists doesn’t take talent to mumble on a track
Aaron Dodson In a world where so much information on health and wellness is at your finger tips, if people want to make dumbass choices, it's on them.
Lamont Lee Gilbert This isn’t hip hop.. stop calling it that!🤔
Matthew Rivardo Imagin if in the 80s or 90s they rapped about smoking crack...replace popping pills with hitting crack smh
Timothy Kumfunda Time to stop for real but it wasnt like there was time it had to start. The artists' fan base drive artists to talk about drugs tho, they wanna win, so they put their fans first other than the money.
Janitha Maduranga Lil pump is pice of shit weak lyrics but look at lil peep and lil tracy real lil lyrics
Bassey Ramaube Not only in hip hop but everywhere, one life lost is one too many
Lv Butler Music aint got shit to do with it, we been hearing drug user music since three six mafia, only thing that has changed is the listener, if you can't cope with life and need heavy drugs to maintain, then that's YOUR life, cant blame shit on the music, plus if anything all these celebrity deaths are just cover up ups for them sacrificing niggas. What? You think when a nigga get offed the headline gonna read " such and such was sacrificed today in a ritual" no nigga they gone say homie OD'd off some shit and push it as a use for anti drug rhetoric.
Christopher Funes I'll stick to my classic selections (50s-1999), where the quality of the message mattered and artists tried to help others through their work. ALWAYS will there be the nonsense and comical songs but don't get it twisted or you're just another pawn in a bigger scheme.
Gene Mazolli No it isn't! Life is short and the world is about to end! Stay pourin' up and keep those pills on deck!
Ivo Zaricin Its Strange To See a Picture like this and talk about hiphop .. Punk Emo Rap ..
RocSmoov Waters Now it's time! It's should have been time but at least it's time now
Mally Mackinaire It wont stop until their hearts stop
Patriick Mahase Y'all forget it's ones choice to use drugs...
Kevin Lenihan uhh its the artists who are glorfying it lol
Kopano Lloyd it's too late! drugs have always been glorified but now its worse cause every rapper is popping xans and sipping lean and they not even ashamed to say it on their songs
HipHopDX.com2 days ago


Listen to #Drake’s surprise EP #ScaryHours.

How you feeling the new music?

Kashif Ilyas Since when are two songs an EP?
Johnny Charles That 666 shit tho? Check out the mathematics: 6+6+6=18. 1+8=9. Flip the sixes you got 999. 9+9+9=27. 2+7=9. That's the true forces of good and evil. But the highest level of change is 9.
Phong Huynh Drake is making EP'S and Playlists hot again.. tbh EP's should be the new thing.. just imagine if for example Eminem dropped an EP of like 4 or 5 songs people would embrace it more than an entire album no wonder people shitted on Revival .. I can easily name 5 songs from that album that was decent
Eligio Cedeno Diplomatic immunity
Denis Kgomo Yep. Listening to it as we speak
James Jim Severs That's not an ep that's just 2 new tracks lol
Grey Blakk SA 2 songs or 4 doesn't matter it's a n EP(extended projects)
Tommy Hilliard Them subliminal @ss 6's he got in the pic tho.. These low key evil folks lol
Lwazi Lwazi Why call it an EP if it's just 2 songs... but regardless, new drizzy music is always worth it...
Zomin Yazeed Not feeling it.
Joseph Villaroman 2 songs an EP? naw Single with A and B side maybe
Johnny Charles Drake started out as a trained actor. Why doesn't he revisit that profession? C'mon Jimmy! Stop rapping about hiding bodies, before you really end up in a wheelchair bro.
Benjamin N Yvette Laureano 2 songs? ...... bruh
Robert Watts 2 songs don't make an EP. What the hell?
Ajay Sharma Gods plan 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Laurence Way Anyone notice the 6...6....6 wiring on the wall!? 😂
Anthony Karavias Saturday morning, i'll take that thanks very much 👍
Manqoba Youngtshora Ciyi Fire "drake out here catching bodies
Camron Audsley Na, I'm good
Marco Williams 🚮
Win Maw Be patient U’ll get the rest songs
Johnny Charles Evil Lives, but Evil Lies..
Amiri Hackett Too bad pistols wasn't on this too
Bahe Zrally god 's plan <3
Kai AJ Hus And it’s so dope
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

R.I.P. #FredoSantana 🙏

Pusha KalYafye Mulenga 😂😂😂 why do i find this funny?
Jxsher Montoya That lean shit man, all bad for the young people. Killing us slowly.. shit is the new heroin. KICK DA CUP ✌🏽 REST IN PEACE OG FREDO 💯💯💯.
Marcus R Chavez Damn😥 this generation has no respect for nothing it's sad 🙌🙌 RIP
Rashod Parks Who?.. let all these drug addicts kick the bucket
Ray Mehra No disrespect but who’s that?
Jose A Surita R.I.P. YOUNG O.G
James Polanco Oh well 🤷🏽‍♂️ he knew what he was doing. No sympathy at all.
Victor Ortiz Martinez Let nature take its corse to eliminate the smug of hip hop
Jeffrey Okyere Smh this dude should've learned from Pimp Cs death. Stay away from the lean.
Allan Miguel Another drug addict falls just at 27
Gus Chamale Anybody ever wonder why all these rappers when they are either coming into the rap game or when they start to fade away one of their homies alway dies?🤔 #illuminati
Miguel Arturo Ramirez Rest Easy !!! I’ll never forget ‘Fredo in the cut it’s s scary sight’ !!!!!!!!!! Damn Smfh
Tyler Sparkman I cant believe fredo santana died rip my nigga cheef keef gotta hold it down for his cuzin now
Trib Stax Yoo how u going to drink, shoot, smoke, snort some ish not knowing what’s in it...
Nsiah Fordjour Amaniampong Romans 1:30-32 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bible.kingjamesbiblelite
Ruben Gomez Didn't really listen to him that much so I wouldn't say RIP since that would be dick riding, still my condolences to him and his loved ones. But all in all lean is some shit man
Cody King No way! thats hardcore..i swear to god i was just listening to 'beef' about an hour ago. Thats fucked up..
Taurean Blaktino I wonder if he was still in the hospital from last year
Welcome Percy Khumalo R.I.P #FredoSantana........
Luis Castellanos RIP My Nigga Fredo Santana too Young Homie 🙌🏼
Travis Smith I lowkey knew it was comin just like bankroll fresh😑
Bestock Conde Rip my rapper i've been loved your tracks (double cup)
Fernando Medeiros Guilherme Medeiros Merjam carai não parece aquele piola? Kkk ou é brisa minha?
David Ortiz They doing the lords work
Aaron Christopher Bettis Yooo Fredo ain't in the cut no more
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Correct 👌
📸: GotchuCtfu

Devyansh Gautam Shubham Dhupar we all today
Moss Gary Erika Bell... shoulda been you today lol
Greg Walman Shea Honey you over the holidays apparently hahaha 😂😂😂😂
Binky Callahan Least i ask and dont demand:))
Graeme Smith Calvin Hamilton... That's you right?... 😂😂😂...
Devan Kevaughn Jahnette Divine on my MFN life 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣‼️‼️🗣🗣
Frank Walsh Miguel Ojeda When u be asking if I want my Saturday back tomorrow 😂😂😂
Amanda Rivera Jafet Sanchez Cuando es viernes y tú Boss te pregunta si quieres trabajar el sábado 😂😂😂
Behnam Binicy Armik Khosrovian HAHHAHA bror om E frågar dig på dina fredagspass 😂
Darren P Griffin that is literally a hybrid of DJ khaled and drake.
Tracee Charmaine 😅🤣😂😉
Albert Hurtado Oré Perdí mi viernes así. 🙈
Victor Pineda Me wen they ask me if I wanna do overtime lol Luz Pineda
Robert Dimas Me today Diane Ramirez-Dimas
Dennis Denten Hamilton Bwaaaaaaaahaaaaaa 🙋🏾‍♂️...🤣
Kyle Marvin Kayla Price.... think everyone was feeling this one today 😂
Norbert Tuśnio Mateusz Kaczmarczyk Milordzie, zrób tak jak się będzie pytać o sobotę xDD
Hamzah Ally AfySuperdad Marny SinghBhandal Matt Lister
Kyle Townsend Alexandria Sanders this would so be you
Boston Joey Randy Vicente be like .... Andy Greatness
Ja-Way Wang Rohan Jadvani is this you at snap? 😂
Mauricio Cril FUK NO!
Admir Thaqi Mergina HAHAHAHA
Martha Molu Hannah Molu Marc Liben Tez Hailu Sara Yang Khue Yang
Michael Johnson Shaddy Santi Malcolm Shannon Nikki Ross Nicole Downing Ray White
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Young M.A lights it up with Kandypens in her new visual for her "I Get The Bag Freestyle."

Watch Here:

Stephen Zimmer "Treat my nina like my old hoes, start actin up and im dumpin it." 🔥 🔥 🔥
Josh Poor Lmao listening to it as you posted.
Jeremy ThequietGuy Orr She did that!
Bigrob Blackmon wack
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Nipsey Hussle gets an assist from YG for his new video "Last Time That I Checc'd."

Watch It Here:

David Buck What steroids is he taking??
John Dok Holaday Steriods lmao he is a buck 30
Dylan Smith
Rocky Kante cousin.
Stephanos Tzanetis he got buff af
Dawson Priel Tanner Dibb
Sam Shank Homophobic conspiracy theorist head ass👎🏼💩
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Take this beef to the studio Ja Rule aka @RuleYork & 50 Cent! 😂😂

Madimetja Cyphren Kekana 50 didn't kill Ja Rule. If 50 didn't call back up from Eminem, Bastu Rhymes and Dr dre. he was gonna lose then. Let them go now with no back up. 50 he is going to lose.
Matthew Jordan To be clear, Eminem killed ja rule. And the feds killed jas career. Don't act like clap back and New York weren't fire tracks.
Drew Morisey Best tweet: “Ja Rule woke up this morning and said ‘Alexa, play some early 2000s hits’ and Many Men came on and he said I’ve had enough”
Daniel Nas 50 cent literally killed ja rule's career....nothing to talk about here
Shahram Aziz most old school fans will side with Ja now even though we were against him 15 years ago...
Javier Romero I tried to stop 50 an ja beef from happening fuck it 50 smashed hi. Bashed him and let him have it
Akujobi Kelechi Augustine So long as they Dont get physical , i am down with it . Ja rule droped some really Cool joint when he was in his game . Who know, he might still have something good to give the Hip hop community
Daniel Frost Musically, when was 50 last 'relevent'? Genuine question. 2007...? Earlier?
Dustin Cousineau-Mitchell Bruhhh 50 bout to get the g-unit squad n throw down the 2k18 diss track ja rule doesn't even want to be fronting
Brett Denier Wait this guy is still alive? Had no idea.
Mitchell Sarver Ja rule "My rap career is over, my festival was a bust and probably going to loose all my shit. What do I do?.... I know, I'll spark that old beef and ride fif's dick and make a diss track nobody wants to hear"
Henry Nwokobia ja rule is my man! But *is that you ja?* *Hail mary* Nigga come quick remember fiddy brought *the heat*! the *streets were confused for a minute* because there was *blood in my eye*. *Many men* felt fiddy won ja rule was all about *my crown* fiddy had the place *locked down* They were learning *how to stunt* ja rule rallied *New York* so *I wonder* Big time fiddy was *in the club* Afterall *like it or not the under dog is on top* *windowshopper* from the *candy shop* said the game went with fiddy! *Clap back was fire* ! well even Sean Paul said we make it clap! Jarule was paying attention to *every little thing* with Ashanti Fiddy claimed *he was shot 9 times so he took it and smiled* ... I guess that's *street king immortal* *we up nigga*!!!
Ryan Martinez Clap back was whack but New York was the banger. It was too subliminal though for most people to get it. Songs like 50’s Hail Mary and Piggy Bank and Hit the Fan(by Dre and Obie Trice) were commercial hits that specifically went after Ja by name. I think that’s why people dug Back 2 Back by Drake. He not only mentions Meek by name but also has commercial appeal
Mfez Eko Ja had the dopest verse on "mafia music" remix
DonVerenzano Luciano JA rule keep your mouth shut before you drop your permanent fails teeth unless if u want 50 to knock them down your throat
Cat Rivera Ja must be strapped for cash he’ll definitely get the attention he’s looking for...quick check while his name becomes relevant for a moment 🤷🏽‍♀️
Phong Huynh People act like Ja didnt do anything great .. remember Murder Inc had a wonderful run. I still bump Pain Is Love sometimes
Ja'Mial Story so they still going with that order of protection angle eh? it's been debunked. let it go ja
Christopher Shawn Nathaniel Willilliams Go back to the lab 50 and Ja... Let's see what y'all got fresh in 2018.... This should be interesting 🤔🤔
Adjei Yaw Nkrumah Nelson There’s a lot more to life than Just burring one’s ass musically bruh .. HipHop culture is super alive when there’s no violence.. Tupac’s death made me feel that ..
Victor Mudau Obviously the name "50 Cent" will be the talk of the town with that 🎥 Den of thieves out. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Fif paid someone to hack into Ja twitter account
Steve MT Vu "I smell pussy. Is that you, Ja?" 50 Cent in 2003 "No, it's not. You is" - Ja Rule to 50 Cent, 15 years later
Chris Kingpin Mwazimva 50 jeopardised Ja's career and the feds obliterate Murder Inc.....that's the end of Ja's history in making,holla holla!!!!LOL
Jesse Wayne Raya Nobody wants to hear new Ja Rule music. Dude has always been trash.
Jason Lord All of a sudden Ja is about that smoke huh 🤣🤣🤣
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Kanye & Kim Kardashian West officially announce the name of their third child.

Arnold Arnie Magqaza Why is this news??
Jonathan Monarrez I can sleep well tonight finally thanks hiphopdx
Brandon Ness Stop making babies and start making music goddammit.
Hanif Mulope hmmm who the f#ck cares ?!
Brian Lee Not even her baby.... again.... and who gives a shit.? Only know because they talk about this stupid shit inn the radio
Andrew Donaldson And your point🤔
Caroline Friel Poor child 🤔
Xemza Nevondwe Thily oooh she so fast 😊 neeh no3 now
Boitumelo Dladla hu cares
HipHopDX.com2 days ago

Here is a little known fact about Ja Rule... #DXFacts

Dane Williams Anyone whose been a hip hop fan knows this and definitely not a lil known fact they were even featured on the cover of XXL
Chris Cass Jr. Murder, Inc. (or Murder Incorporated) was the name the news media gave to organized crime groups in the 1930s and '40s that acted as the enforcement arm of the Italian-American Mafia, Jewish mob, and connected organized crime groups in New York and elsewhere.[1] The groups were largely composed of Italian-American and Jewish gangsters from the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brownsville, East New York, and Ocean Hill. Originally headed by Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, and later by Albert "The Mad Hatter" Anastasia, Murder, that’s the original Murder inc .
Wassim Al Kaakour 50 murdered his career...but i prefer him over the new generation everyday....except for j cole kendrick and thoae folks...
Mfez Eko Ja Rule was on his peak before he beefed with Em n 50... Then his record company was under siege from feds and the IRS ....so he took that L.... But not from 50 cent....
Saif Shalan Ight what's the difference between a group and a supergroup since I'm learning shit today 😂
Amaan Syed Doesn't change the fact that his career is one giant L
Derrick Stephens That Murder Inc woulda been cool and all, but if BIG never died and the Commission was formed, would Jay have still been a part of that?
Nicholas Bystron That's funny because his career was murdered
Shahram Aziz ja was shining brighter than both back in 2000-2002. but his pride destroyed him.
David Ortiz Bullshit x ja and jay were releasing an album called murda gram they were murda gram irv had mureder inc ...lets argue
Chance Zarbock Known fact Hiphopdx and XXL can't decide if they gonna cover hip-hop or trash.
Eric Beach His name is also an acronym. Jeffery Atkins Repping Unconditional Love Everywhere 🤯
Sabian Garcia No more like a crew of Jewish gangsters that did contract killings for the Italian mafia
Dallas Ray Camas People acting like he didn't keep things popping with that "New York" track.
Rich Brown Yes it was. The video for it's Murda was dope and Ja 1st album was a classic
Anthony Gibson How did someone career take a L and he still have more than you? Lol
Raymond Longaray Then they realized how wack Ja-rule was and ended it! That’s probably why X and Jay had it out.
Reece Kneller The downfall of Ja was when he called out Hailie and brought em into the beef.
Rob Richardson DMX and Jay-Z was murda inc? Thought X was Def Jam and Jay was Rocafella
Mzie Cuteboy Mtolo Lmaoooo slim murder this nigga long tym ago
Ejaz Jabari Its Murder...dead or alive, Its murda - JAY Z
Alex Cole Truth, i remember this, it was an XXL cover , I remember being disappointed that it never happened
Ishu Shrestha Most of the hiphop fans know this! Jayz chickened out And x was x!!
Roshen Sunder Ja couldve handled the beef different, if he just ignored 50 and kept releasing records he would've outlasted it, he dropped blood in my eye and played right into 50's hands
Kris Alexander Espino Back then i remember ja rule was a super saiyan gangster motherfuxkin thug or a wanksta if how 50 would say it.
HipHopDX.com added 2 new photos.2 days ago

Is this 2000-2003 again?
Ja Rule and 50 Cent beefing?
Nostalgia. 😀

Aaron Rivet What I remember from that beef was that Ja fell off the fucking planet, along with Fat joe for many moons
Jeremy Newmuis Fun hip hop fact: Ja Rule is still suffering from career irrelevance after Eminem ended his shit. He's now looking for someone to end his face. ♂‍🤦🏽
Good Good Notbad Ja seeking attention
Forrest Bondurant YOU didn't stab him. YOU didn't beat him up. YOU didn't shoot him. Actually, didn't you get your chain snatched in that club in ATL?
Smooth Babyboi Ja rule weak af he know my dawg 50 a beat his ass 👊 👊 sense inn his ass 😂😂😂😂
Manuel Iván Rojas Ja who??? 😂😂😂
Tracee Charmaine He has just committed suicide yet again
Steve Tough Doe Rae Mi
Zé Young 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mavusana Stephen 50 is a snitch.we all know he's the one who snitched on murder ink abt the money laundering shit.FCK 50
HipHopDX.com was live.3 days ago

Litness Test: With Guest Host Future History A&R Manager Cameron Dean

Jose Boone First off; he needs to actually invest and get a lease on the beat so it don’t have tags. And then invest into engineer Bc it’s actually straight ...well now I’m hearing the rapping 💩
Natalie Crüe Can y'all stop abusing auto tune?!?! It's unnecessary to butcher your vocals that much. I can do with out the rapping tho. Sounds like you're chewing in dead racoon legs. What is he saying?!. 🙄🙄
Natalie Crüe I hope you cleared that pac sample or aren't selling that. Before you get sued for your last gallon of tampico and flea market house shoes But I kinda dug the track
David DG Womble Feel like luda should have used this beat...but its a naw for me
Natalie Crüe No ones mean. The point is to give people legit criticism. Expect that if you want to be an artist that gets paid for your art
Antoine Mack What’s the best way to reach Cameron?
David DG Womble Trent you said you answer hashtag #eictc....I sent hella music this week...what's goody
David DG Womble That's sound....of the vocals...are over used...imo
Natalie Crüe Harriet Tubman didn't die for y'all to be using auto tune this much.
David DG Womble i need a video tho! all these track visuals!!!! the sample is dope
Jose Boone Could of did without the feature 💪🏾
Antoine Mack How does one get on a tour as an opener
Jose Boone Smooooth, But that production is just soulful 😩
Natalie Crüe Smile Trent. Looking like someone stole your lunch 😘
Jose Boone Don’t skip over he fact he had tags on the beat
Austin Allmostrare Reese If anybody need any marketing hit me up
Preston Bauerle Naw you can keep that Dreidel trap
Preston Bauerle Let’s hear that new Apathy “Alien Weaponry”
Preston Bauerle I don’t think nobody loves you.
Antoine Mack Be on the watch for Kareem City & Twan Mack
David DG Womble All from all from 4 days of internship
Antoine Mack Can’t wait for you to hear Kareem City
Jose Boone That was tags all in that beat
David DG Womble exactly what i thought!!!!!!
David DG Womble I watched the video on mute
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

Do you believe that the Migos & Joe Budden are all cool?

Ste Topping Is this avaliable with subtitles?
M-jok The'Delinquent Dutty Offendah I only got 5% of what they were saying. Joe got more bars than all 3 put together.
Carlos Rafael Burgos Quavo from Migos can breathe on a cock..
Oteng Baepi Subtitle please!! Can understand a word out of their mouth
Sean Burner Man screw the migos. These fools think battling a conscious rapper will get they ran up. Gotta learn how to talk first.
Adrian Aguayo They are mainstream trash for all i know, but all i care is that one day their music will get old and so will they and no one will give a crap about what they make anymore. I hope that day comes sooner or later
Bongani XV Who is Migos?
Jeremy Elliott "He's to deep into Hip-Hop" lol, no he just knows their music is weak af.
Craig King Purser Are these fools speaking words?
Clarence Rogers Does anybody care about this high school girls bullshit? If so, why?
Davan Stanley Dont rock with them but the youngins showed growth in this interview.. they finally realized this was nothing personal ..Joe was giving his opinion on their music.. as he was paid 2 do.. #4theculture
Matt Bolger "he know he know we comin with that flain". I believe the word he was looking for was "flame", but its appropriate that he stated it wrong because the have zero "flame"
Milton Hernandez I never heard boys say a mans name more then these bitches
Hikkafreeman Young What ,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣that 🔥🔥🔥boyyyyyyyy 🛑 if youngest was reading to understand that dumbest is what got these kids thinking they good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤪🤣🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣trash juice 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Ryan Martinez Seems like they spent the first 40 seconds of the video clowning him then gave him semi-props towards the end. Idk if they are cool but I think even they are over “it”. I’m sure Joey is done talking about these clowns too
Cashaun Jones lol just cant be no joe budden
Brian O Brian Even when talking they mumble bullshit 😂
Ep4 Entertainment anyone else love this as much as i do
Van Highland They look at it as if they are the relevant ones...i wonder who cashed in more..imma go with them young ones. Joe had 1 major hit and that was hot for a summer decade ago
Damien Echeverria It's wack. Just dog like and frog schemes.
Andre Friedman Sr. HaHaHa...There was hard feelins when that Nigga Joe Mic dropped you niggaz and walked off!!
Yamir Gonzalez "too deep in hip hop" niggas are whack for that, they make money off the culture
Marcus Reed One nigga got a t shirt one got a hoodie and one got on a big ass jacket
Giovon Gallow I want joe to dissem but they not worthy of gas money
Mutale Mwamba What where they saying?
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

There is no love lost between Migos & Joe Budden.

Brian B Mac McNeill Who gives a shit about Migos except teenagers?? Real headz don’t listen to mumble garbage rap. It’s not even Hip Hop! They have no substance at all. They’ll be forgotten about in a year or 2
Stuart Forbes Mumble, young man, mumble.
Juan Sanchez DoitlookliketheyhavehardfeelingstowardJoeBudden?
Bongani XV If a nigga hating just call him a Joe Budden...lol
Samaila Garba What is happening this days take off is left behind the scene only Quavo and off set are always being mention of
Vanis Drastik Mulumba Migos need to hop off Joe's dick. They mention him more than Game mentions Dre lol
Amaan Syed That's what they all say when they try and start beef but the other person doesn't respond. "It's all good bro, yhyh much love" 😂😂
Wesley Zwep HHDX is poisoning us with news about nobody's & clowns .... give some more attention for REAL hiphop
Zach Lion Now people want to hate migos just cause it's about joe Budden. A minute ago y'all was they biggest fans saying they wasn't mumble rappers and shit like "Quavo got next!"
Butterz Blake What are they going to do, sure they got scared and worried when the game showed up......
Martin Tshepo Rhymez I am a fan of migos but if dey gone fuck wit joe budden,dat'll be a stupid move
Jason Lord Joe buddens has bigger problems these days 50 Cent 🤣🏆💯
Bongani XV Joe Budden always keeping it trill and tell it like it is
Thabo Mooki Lol They were quiet like a mouse at the podcast but dissed him after the show pussies.
Kareem Panasian Joe Budden's motivation is jealousy. End of story.
Andre Ramsey This dude has some dope mhttps://youtu.be/SScw1q4XJXYusic. I think he might be the next big thing outta pittsburgh
Kanye Kanyele Frank Masai Is Joe Budden from slaughterhouse or another one
Given Swiev Fox Bitches got to stop hating on migos and go whipe their ass
Jonathon Roberts Jumpoff>>>Migos And I actually kinda like them but let's be realistic
Anthony Maw They look like they could be 3 blind mice 😂
Jonathan JonSnow G. St-Jacques Migos suxxx
Dejan Medar MeDo Viva la Joe Budden ! 😀
Johnny Reynoso who cares
SoKillah Tsk Ice tray the gang
Selmir Balic Both sides now claim they dont have hard feelings. But they both do but Puff says they have to stop and Puff is Daddy so they all have to listen.
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

The culture needs this to happen Beastie Boys.

Brandon Ficklin Does it? It kind of seems like most of the younger generations don't care about anything that predates themselves. I'll check it out, but I doubt it will make waves with the up and coming.
Justin Brown They were awesome and not just because they are gringos.
Will Allspray We don't want that shit
HipHopDX.com was live.3 days ago

#DXLive: 3 Weeks In Edition Featuring Kent Jones

#DXLive: 3 Weeks In Edition Featuring Kent Jones
David DG Womble I know exactly how you feel....I do so much not just rap.... comedy - produce shows ect (preach bro)
David DG Womble It just makes it easier for more false accusations to come up
David DG Womble They just had that same skit on SNL
David DG Womble Hey ride that single to the wheel falls off
Lamont Vaughan Hey guys happy new sry missed u guys for a few
Antoine Mack Peace to the Scientists @ HipHop DX
Lamont Vaughan The hook and chorus is lit
David DG Womble Either thiz or Pablo Escobar
David DG Womble Reverb....is up too much
David DG Womble
Lamont Vaughan This guy is hungry now for sho
Lamont Vaughan Is he hungry or sumthin
David DG Womble So glad he came on today
David DG Womble Real him in TC
David DG Womble So much energy tho
Lamont Vaughan Jake the snake robreats
David DG Womble Oh I know dudes song now lol
Lamont Vaughan He wild ,but I dig this guy
David DG Womble Bro is geekin lol
David DG Womble Lol
David DG Womble Lol so my era
David DG Womble These words..... Trent uses....
David DG Womble Yo Patrick
Lamont Vaughan Lol
David DG Womble Conditioning!!!!!!!!!
HipHopDX.com3 days ago

Offset got some explaining to do.

Jay Mike Woods Man looking back on it, eminem would have been killed in the media for the marshal mathers LP about 100000x more today
Victor Nkhoma Offset has "lyrics"? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gareth Kaderes Good on him. Hes entitled to his opinion and hes entitled to express it however he wishes. I dont vibe with them either which is fine because everything in the world isnt supposed to get along with everything else.
Steven George How many songs does he have with Young Thug?
Tomasz Mielec double standards of free of speech
Paul Menefee We're here were queer & we ain't going nowhere!!!
Steven Parsons I don't associate with people who i dress exactly like ...
Malachi Murphy When will the PC police learn that their rules don't apply in hip-hop?
Abhishek Vishwakarma how people understand what he says his verses are like ooooooyyyyasdghjjbzfhiihbkoojhgoooooffssseeettttccaarddiiibbbbkllkgfdddghh
Aaron Christopher It's his choice. I don't vibe with them either, but that doesn't mean I hate them, or anyone for that matter.. if you don't, you don't. If you do, you do. The real question is who TF cares?
Florencio Villarreal Let ppl beleive what they want and have there own opinion why bash offset
Craige Laberge This is bullshit Freedom of speach is dead and the Snowflakes are taking over
Chris Bond Thank goodness for that,, because it goes without saying no right minded sane drug free person would have anything to with this amoeba !! Lower than a dog turd in the gutter!!
Abhishek Vishwakarma okay so basically he said he didn't want to work with Tyler the Creator and Young Thug.
Robert Huerta I agree with him... you can't force people to accept perversion
Eulogy Tha Lionhart Fam should probably read a book. His spelling is atrocious.
Craig King Purser Umm if he doesn't speak actual words then how do they know what he said? Besides if he did say that he did nothing wrong. He should apologize for his entire catalog of music, that is the true crime
Noriega Belvedere Wat does he need to explain lmao
M-jok The'Delinquent Dutty Offendah i'm not from America. i don't understand much about America. but i've heard of something called the first amendment rights...............
Edgar Lramos Everyone is untitled to there own opinions...
Adam Hudson How come youre allowed to rap about robbing/ killing niggas and selling dope but if you say you dont vibe with gays then youre a bad person. Lol
Devin KR Lol people get offended by anything nowadays
Ross Gent Coming from someone that looks queer himself👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Wesac RipSlickk Wingo Queer - weird Weird - better than normal Normal - fits in but usually fake af and goes w the crowd Crowd - where fake mfrs are made and groomed.
Tek Luciano You can’t spell discriminate and u expect ppl to believe that you know all the different contexts of the word queer and how to use them....just take the L n keep it moving.
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

‪Our thoughts and prayers go out to The Game during this time. ‬

Akeem Kizart Didn't his dad rape his sister? "Jordan got drafted to the Bulls, '85 here My Uncle Greg sniffin' cocaine off my high chair Mama in the kitchen cookin', pops on the couch baggin' Cousin's loadin' Louie Vuitton duffles in the Station Wagon Fiends walkin' in and out my house in old Nikes Pops used to tell me: "Son, don't you ever be like me The Bloods want to kill me, the cops'll never catch me And when you gang bangin' life's shorter than Joe Pesci'' Then one night my pops came home off heroin Shit changed, I'm glad my mama didn't marry him Molested my sister that night cause she was scared I was too young to help her and my brothers wasn't there It was late night, 2AM, my mother at work My sister came back up the stairs and it was blood on her shirt Blood on her face, blood on her hands, blood on her legs Turned on the light and everything was red I'm surrounded by"
Perez Albert Fuck game ,gggggggg-unit
Katleho Edwin Malakoane Good. He Was A Piece Of Shit Excuse For A Father
Craig Dalit Simmons kinda torn on this one. dude is also the reason game and his sisters were in foster care. it's a loss. but I can't really all the way feel for him knowing what he did
Jean Marc Comeau No respect for a child molester! May he rest in hell.
Becky Osman Sorry too hear the news on your dads passing
Trent Sprecher So sorry to hear that brother, I lost my dad on June 23rd of this year an a year almost later I wanna call or jus have one more chat w him. Jus know he’s in a better place buddy. Keep being inspired an keep writing “in my opinion “ some of the realist lyrics out there. #GODSGOTYOU
Adam Lee Rip Mr taylor! You were great in the streets of compton docu. Thoughts and prayers to chuck and his family. 🙏🙏🙏
Shara Lowe The first thing ppl do when someone dies is too judge their life...he without sin cast the first stone...prayers for u and the family Game
Richard Brown Game a very misunderstood artist. Respect to him. Respect to his pops respect to Game catalog. He be spitting bars. Too bad the 50 beef. I hope Dre releases a Game Callabo quick with it ya heard!!! #EastToWest
Georgianna Williams So sorry for your loss . I know what your going through my father was 66 and I'm still not over it .😔😭keeping you and your family my prayers .
Samuel Oladele Layiwola His dad trumpet has sounded. However, we should be expecting our own trumpet too when the time come. #Rip 🕯👤
Eddy Park R.I.P Games Father, Condelences to your Family, The Game
Chris Neuhoff Like I needed my father/ But he needed a needle Game got that Boyd cosign 8 days outta the week 🤓
Lucian Glover I send my condolences my G sorry to hear about your father...RIP
Joey Reyna I'm sorry i can relate so much to his sad time right now i lost mines too what a deep deepest sadest feeling I've ever went through
Jamal Andrews People be disrespectful AF. RIP to the big homies Father though
Debbrina Anderson Arohanui taku Tau. Ruler off the heaven, has a thrown for Dad.
Quentin Moore That old nigga touched his daughters. IDK how much anyone cares. 🤔
Kwaku SafoL-Vicious Sad to hear this news I remember seeing his Father in an interview with Game in the Compton documentary on A&E. And you can see that Father and son love which so important. My Prayers and condolences go to Games Family Rest in peace RIP.
DaJuan VanLeer Didn't he do some under age kid over sea
Wylie Stylie Sorry for your loss Game. Sending my condolences to you and yours during this tough time.
Nathan Tornato Ó Shea My thoughts and prayers go out to The Game and his family at this time I can't wait to see The Game rock Dublin though 😊
Valentine Wandy My thoughts are with Jayceon.
Ndlelenhle Zigizendoda Njoko Condolences to him and the family.
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

‪Do you see the similarities?

Everett Tucker 50 cent & Trump both went bankrupt. Kanye didn't
Jay Mike Woods They both were cloned? Since Kanye West cloned. Seriously that story of him getting “rushed to the hospital” after that 10 minute ramt is complete BS and funny how we never see Kanye in the media anymore besides that BS kid cudi 1 song where his mic was off
Mirko Spring Thats an insult to Trump. Compare him with a noname like Kanye lol
Edward James follow me
Ricky Sawyer Both are Gemini lol
Bobby L King Loughnane Yeah they both tell it like it is !!!! 💯💯
Jamie Ririnui Yeah because 50 Cent knows his shit. #StickToHipHopBuddy
Jamal Andrews Probably because they're both Geminis​ ♊
Kyle Ryan Late to the party 50. I quizzed my mom about why she hated Kanye and what she loved about Trump. Same answers, just a different spin on the connotation.
Den Scor Pio Both are narcissists, thinking they're far more important than they are -- not only in terms of their accomplishments, but also they each think their opinions are facts & can't seem to process it when they're told they're not facts. They don't like to be challenged or called on their bullshit in any way, and are child-like adults, incapable of managing their emotions. Tantrums is art to them. Aside from that, they have nothing in common.
Ysidro Garcia Zepeda Both rich both speak their minds no filters both are arrogant both assholes yeah they do have similar traitd
Emmanuel Vincent Yh Both are mostly brutally honest No chill buttons Nothing like euphemism in their literature
Robert Thomas Both of them r weidos😂😂😂
Nicholas Twebaze Both a holes really
Arynn Van Sant ive been saying this for for over a year and a half
Dre Tyler Cause they're both geminis duh
Shavon Anthony Well yeah both are Gemini’s. We’re all crazy
Alloda Badeucie nailed it!!!!!!!!!
Shady Watson damn you right 50 i like you
Dylan Smith
Mfez Eko true
Steven Parsons They do .
Ashkan Nouri Yes
Mpho Kholoane Really 50!
Shana Watson 😂
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Does #BobbyBrown still got it?

Bobby dropped by The Untitled Action Bronson Show and performed #MyPrerogative.

Jay Summers
Willie J. Erving I still fucks with Bobby.
Gerald Vounas II Dang Bobby Brown looks just like Scarface!
Anthony Karavias That's the dude right there, if u don't know u don't know, Bobby was HAARD back in the day. King Of Stage!!!
Tommy Hilliard Man what a drastic fall off
Rre Bailang The brown bomber
Donald Lamont Nah he ain’t got shit but lockjaw from all dat yayo
Shawn Quinn I just posted on my page last night that this was by far my most fav episode!!!! If only bobby b sparked an L with Bam Bam on tv they would’ve made it the best ever ever!! Lol
M-jok The'Delinquent Dutty Offendah he killed whitney houston.........thru getting her addicted to drugs
Roger Hastings lol..sound like shit,look like shit
Alix Keller Still got it!!!
Jay Mitchell Poor Bobby he's the man
Mia Daniels
Chris Chase
Forrest Bondurant heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell naw
Edward James follow me
Lacey Colter Jr. Horrible
Syd Willis sound like Luis Armstrong lmfaoooo
Justin Joseph Pos
Robert Wickens Catherine Wickens Tom Wickens
Rafael Lopez Pineda Ilich del Valle 😲
AF BM Hakan Savas Colak
Reese Simmons Isaiah Ray
Matthew Rush Joel Statum
Tyrone Fantastic K'stylez
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Happy Birthday to the Trilliest OG Betty White!

What's your favorite show/movie from her?

Hannah Lifson Carrie Lifson Queen
Charlotte Dobson Deja Thomas she's 96 today. Your favorite old person.
Tiara Nicole That's bae!
Sol Suleman Happy Birthday Betty White
Conchita Margarita Lupita Gonzales She is who I want to become 😂😭🤣
Shelley Douglas Me when Old Hollie McGuinness Kally Katsiras Nazina Zahir
Harper Sherie The Golden Girls
Paulo Aguilar 96 and still going strong!! OG!!!!
Carol Terry Happy Birthday🎉🎉
Jennifer Gray Alexandria Burchfield❤❤🤗🤗🤗
Romina Romina Bianca Moscatelli
Charlotte Dobson A'Leshica Jackson
Jesus Santana Moises Mejia betty fucking white !
HipHopDX.com4 days ago

Cousin Stizz drops the visual for "Lambo."

Watch it here:

HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Class is in session.

Let us know what you think of the picks!

Wesley Zwep Hope cardi b is taking notes...
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Do you think Rapsody has a point?

Thabani Ntini having a common enemy unite parts.. I think she has a point.. many rappers are standing together for this one thing they strongly believe in.. one voice, one team.. there you have it, Unity
Zahire Coates I with her look at yg and nipsey hussle to snoop dogg to Eminem they dissed trump but i think there should be more rappers working together against trump
Angel Alba Hip hop is weak as fuck now though only when we’re talking mainstream of course
Jerry Lynn Graham III It has led to the loss of one of the greats. Someone please tell Marshall to shut the fuck up about Trump and start making good music again
Avery Jarman I am curious to learn if American urban story-TRUTH-teller Marlanna 'Rapsody' Evans has explained WHY significant numbers of her urban-TRUTH-teller peers, including many of President Barack "My Brother's Keeper" Obama urban story-TRUTH-teller friends and WH guests, compose VIOLENCE riddled music HATEFULLY demeaning and denigrating black or African American girls and women, aka the MATERNAL HALF of our Nation's population, as less than human *itches and *hores or "hoes" unworthy of being treated with basic human respect? Seriously, why are Americans who compose, produce or promote HATEFUL, people demeaning music that vividly describes 'VIOLENT anti-social, people and community harming behaviors', admired by so many of my American and foreign born neighbors? Peace. ___ American *(Children's)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Health Crisis; Child Abuse and Neglect; End Community Violence/Fear, Police Anxiety & Educator's Frustrations Tagged: #ChildhoodTrauma, #ChildhoodMaltreatment, #FatherlessBoys, #FatherlessGirls, #FatherlessTeens, #FatherlessAdults, #Sadness, #Resentment, #T_H_U_G_L_I_F_E >>>REMEDY>>> #A_F_R_E_C_A_N *"America’s Firm Resolve to End Childhood Abuse and Neglect”*
Kola Toniq Since Do'nut became a President.. Rappers wanna kill the system with one voice..
Charleston Cook America just got exposed for what it stand for so it's true what she said.
Ben Lemore Not really
Ruben Gomez Yeah she does have a point
Al Story Not the woman rappers .. catty as always .. that's y that L&HH shit needs to be discontinued..
Jason Vos was happening slowly already
Richard Brown Whatever. Define unity.
George Cayoz Mwana gwe your smile ........... nze enkuba.
Max Vogt Jana Geyer
D Jermal Kennedy No but a lot of white kids coming out as rappers lol
Victor Oj Hiphop????....nahhhhh!!
Sandile Ngeyane II Hell Yeah!
Miguel Villa I don't think so just more rainbow dread headed, Xanax popping, face tatted, mumbling fags that want to desperately be a part of the culture
Mauricio Cril More unity between mexicans and arabs
Kadeem Nunes Nope these dumbass niggas still beefing with each other over god he knows what
Syd Willis stfu lmfaoo
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Young M.A Is Back With Her Kandypens & "I Get The Bag" Freestyle.

Erik Snipz Don't ever in ur wildest dream think nicky minaj is the queen of rap. Young MA is an emperor of rap
Ross Gent NOBODY better than bhadbhabie
Jerry Lynn Graham III That bish got a dumb lookin grill.. Fuck outta here
Jonny Cash She’s butt
Anthony Karavias By the wording of that article sounds like hip hop dx co signed the vape pens too 🙄🙄 Anyway, MIGO!✌✌✌
Mel Sparkz Get em outter here..she been done
Syd Willis kanypens? da fuq
Zahire Coates Young ma 🔥
Clayton Cummings Her???? Smh
Jon Stevens Proper
Rob O'Regan Ismaeel DW
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Congrats to Kanye & Kim Kardashian West on their new addition.

Sammy Nwobodo Wow congrat to them. Kenya has finally stop the hoe from moving around.
Victor Ortiz Martinez Who cares 😆
Phong Huynh Great great !! Where is the new Pusha T album Kanye ?? 🙄😶
Samuel Oladele Layiwola Congrats! I'm not a racist but an honest leader. Says by Trump's 😋
Madimetja Cyphren Kekana Congratulations Keep making more west family bigger
Gepetta Taylor Congratulations children are blessings.
Joey Reyna Congratulations
Jay Dub Toes
Anastasia Mavropoulou Georgia Bellou αχχχχχχ ❤️❤️❤️
Nathan Jackson Kayla Joiner
Siya Makoya Mhlongo Fuck that shit tha nigga has gone mad trying hold on to that b***h. How can u have a surrogate child when u and your wife are both that young. That's some white s**t. Whatever!!!!
Corey Nesselrotte Stupid people having stupid babies. Idiocracy is coming true!
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Just call him "PeeNB Rock" from now on. 🤦‍♂️

Joel Rodriguez Maybe because he is... selfish.💣💥
Federico Veronesi Alessandro Para wow
Tim Trotzek normal move...
Stephen Ekoom You can't tell him sh**!,Lol!
Syd Willis lol
Jay Mike Woods I bet he claimed they were racist too.
Storm Pawson Drew Marin
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! May you forever Rest In Peace. 🙏

What's your favorite Aaliyah record?

Jeff Szebz It’s impossible to pick one... so many amazing songs and sounds... Street Thing, Rock The Boat, More Than A Woman, Never Givin Up, Try Again. Old School, Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number... Are You That Somebody... Do you think most of her music not being available on streaming/digital music stores could be hurting her legacy? Miss you, baby girl. Still listen to your music all the time and watch your videos.
Harper Sherie at your best and are you that somebody
Kenechi 'Kelly C' Madu 'If Your Girl Only Knew'
Oliver Charles Ndengeya Lord Why take such a beautiful and talented girl and leave behind ugly and talented hoes all around the world.
Lian Barn Try again, Miss you & Don’t know what to tell ya
Brandy Hart Happy birthday angel, you are truly missed!
Basti Rhymes Rock the boat..
Michael Dennis Ihenacho Keep resting in Peace Aaliyah!
Sphamandla Cyril Philani The one in a million..choose your lover ...at your best R.I.P Angel
Yasmeen Washington RIH Baby Girl I need Revolution
Quashay Keepsitonehunnit Mckee I never knew we shared this day. Happy birthday Queen!!
Sihle Ndlala At Your Best and many more, RIP baby girl....
Kwaku SafoL-Vicious The album that had one and a million that video to me she was the sexiest Black chick ever in that time period she was our Halle berry everything god bless her family RIP rest in peace never be forgotten
Immortal Impeck Are you that sombody/dont know what to tell ya!!!
Dimitri Humes #MyFavoriteSongIs "Are You That Somebody" produced by Timbaland
Curtis Dadoo RIP beautiful.my favourite track is "try again"
Kwayza Flex Gumusha “Back & forth” “Try again” & so many more
Abuti Tee Staytrue Rock the boat my all time favourite
Okiria John Etesot try again, rock the boat and more than a woman
Jahmaine Bryan Beautiful sister!! 16½ yrs since she been gone. I enjoyed all compositions.
Jay Jakoda Murisho Happy birthday fallen Engel
Vincent Barth Age ain't nothing but a number
Wandile Gangada Back & Forth is the jam, an angelic voice gone too soon!
Danielle Crawford Happy Birthday rest in peace
Oleg Ivanov "Miss You" and "Are You That Somebody"
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

Dave East's new project "Paranoia 2" features guest appearances from Tory Lanez, T.I., and Lloyd Banks.

Listen to the project here:

Brandon Robins They need to promote this album better than P1.
Terrance Shearns Right now i feel like hate me now will be his best work
Timothy de Clerck The album is 💯%🔥! Go check the best ones out on my Spotify playlist "Something New" https://open.spotify.com/user/1132160822/playlist/6ONhOUwd9mxLKC7kFsoGpR
Mohamed Sow Jr. Dave east is fkin dope🔥
Luyolo Leo Gilman P1,Karma and P2 solid stuff
Sphamandla Cyril Philani Bring it on...we going to enjoy it
Jeremy Plumpton Aaron Edgley guess we got something to talk about this weekend now haha
Bob Banda I'll be on it soon. P1 is a classic
Michael James Hone Jr. Str8 🔥🔥🔥
Mwansa Mulenga Jr Kaliche Kaf
Sambro Sen Dillon Jay
Riccardo Grandi Mustapha Sma Mesnaoui
HipHopDX.com5 days ago

#DXclusive: Willie P on the Keys & Dice SoHo Slow It Down For "Nah Nah"